The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, January 10, 1848, Image 1

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V c 1 '■■■■”
\ 1 i • LFKANDER GORDON. Comim«*ion *ml For*
\ A-wwdui- Merchant, 64 Water and 105 From at*.,
k TWOOD, JONES A. CO- CoramUsiem and Forvrarrt
■ \A inff Merchant*. have Wluriied to their old «and.
" ' Water and FrdM Ftrecu. Pituburgh. oc'J2l_
i tnonn tur.t. -■ of-ort-it kxitxb.
*a>f|A.L7f k RI-RTHR. \\*holc»ale and ltxihil Druggist*,
Kror eruf Liberty and t?L Clair •:rvctn, Pittsburgh,
, ■* _ , » • mayl4 _
PAKNESTOCK t Co- Wholesale and Retail
, I -uggista, corncr_\Vbodaiul ijfj
I TJAGALF.Y k. SMITH, WhoUt»ole ; Grocer*, le wid
If‘JO.WoudMrrct, Pittsburgh. t
CA. XIrA.NUL.TY & Co., Forwarding and Commis
• (ton Merchant*, Canal Ua*lti. I‘ituliurgh, Fa.
• • ■ mctiß
G- ORLANDO IiOOMIS, Atiarney at Law, otllee on
« 4tli atrret, «bovt» SmithfieM. • opl7ly_
’'vk-wldux ' ;ou« r. rr.\M\«. u».'V.iuiuux
COLEMAN. MAILMAN, 4. Co- Manufacturers o*
'Carriage Springs and Axle*. A. B. and SnriugStecU
\ and dealer* in Coirh Trimming* of every
''manufactory ou Ft. Clair *t. Warehouse 43 \Vood it,
opposite St- Chnrle* Hotel. ' ~ jan?J
“ row*cissct. : ~ ’ STVxtttoiir.
G ARSON ft McKNIGHT. (*ucce?t«>r» to H. Coutier
ft-C0..) Wholesale Grocer*. tVmun;‘«icm and Fur*
vraniing Merchant*, dealers in Produce ami Pittsburgh
Manufacture a; Sixili (tree*, between Wood and'«ny,
rituburyh; Pa- octtl
YEAGER. Importer, nml Wholesale and Uotnil
1 .dealer in Fancy mid Staple Vnriety (Joo'l*, itgti o;
the Gill Cotnb, 10? .Market it., near r!. ITNftr.-.tli,
-,Pa. i • . oe:n
•J»*73 DrXtOP. ■ ' J. lLUec:«')S *EW XU
DUXI.OP ft SIiWEII. attorneys at Law ; .otuci* <m
Braithfield. tiruvcun Sd and 4m >u.
Edward heazlitton. wholesale Grocer. east
side of Diamond, second door from Diacuon Alley,
Pittsburgh) , 1 • . mp 4 •
V *H. KWAt-T. , JUJU OEmiAhT.
SJUVALTft GKIDIART, W)sotr*ale Grocer*. dcSh-r*
y in Pnxlure nod Pirubutjh Munufucturcs; corner of
berry and Hand »!>.. Pittsburgh. l*n . fcl>l7
tvic. a. Kcousti. jAitiO- l. M-Wtrrr
ENGLISH a UENNIHT. llnto lingli-li. Gallagher A
Co.) Wholesale Grocers, OomiuUnion and Forwnnl
tag, Mrrclirtniic. nnd dialers lu Produce and Pittsburgh
Manufacture*, No. 37 Wood betweeu 2d and lid
tUORWARD ft SWARTZWU.DF.R. Attorney, at
’ J?" Law, have removed tueir office to ttfe South Aide of
Fourth *t_, between Cherry Alley ami Grant street .
*• ! : ap-tf
\ r. r. rsiETD. nr.o. oitey. ;ameswood.
FRIKNI), RHUY & "Cti- WLoiswlc Grocers amt
Commtsuon Merchants, rnul Agents for Brighton
Cotton Yarus, Nos. 57 Water, tutd ltti Front «t»., i*ins»
burgh, Pa. '' , f»bs
Fni.V.MF. Piano Fono Manufacturer mid dealer
•in Musical Instruments, 112 Wood »U, near sth.
IjIOILSITII A Co- Commissi cm and Forwarding
* Merchants, No: 3) Water Pitubnrch. my!4
3JRANCIR sra.LURS, Grecer. Commission Mer
/ ehnttl. and defier in Prodnco. Cordage. Oils. 4c..
4<L, No. 17 Liberty rtrret. near iWCuual Borin, Pi:t.v
N.- B. Oakum, Pitch, Manilla Rope, Ac- always on
hand.' tnyStt
3JI 11. K.VTON. ; D«*atrr in Glovi-a. Ho*ieri-. mul Fan
cy and Staple Triuuuiugs, Alurkct *t„ Pit>htirgh.
Ct AUJVniIIUL 1j1.NG.4 MJLUia. Bell ami Bra*.
T Founder, and Ou Fitters, tftl Front, between
Wood and Smith field sto-rts, Put*hurtrlt. Pa.
rt7*lhghc*t price urvoa lor old Copper arid Dress.
dets ';'
o*D. Moaisx. 'i WATUraAte palmes.
ft EOIUiK MOKGAN 4 Co- Wholesale Grwers and
VJT Commission MerchauU, IDS NVood iL Pittsburgh,
Pa- . atm 11
OEORGF, A. lIKURY. V-lio'.csale Grocer and Com
xalsSiou Merchant, ar.d dealer in Produce and Pitts
banrh'Munutartutes. • No. TO Wood st- Pinshurgh.
oxo. w. liaru. M. a. taown.
GEO. Wi - SMITH A Co- Brewers. Malstrrs. and
dealer, in Hops, Pittsburgh and Paint Breweries.
Perm and pin its. '• • ja4
GKOBGE COCIiIIAN. Commluion and Forw aniing
•Merchant, No. 36 Wood street, Pittsburyli. ray 17
TTYiMIY WOODS. Brickmaker, Moaongahela Rir-
J 1 ef. All order* punctually filled. Address by let
ter through the Post Office. a'jO-tf
TTILARY BRUNOT. White and Red loratl Mona
rl fketurcr. Point and OU Merehant;corner of Libcr
ty and O'Hara sts- Pittsburgh. , je!s
isAtAtt Dicxrr. ' *v . rnttrgr mexxt, is.
TSAIAH DICKER' & Co- "Wholesale Grocers. Coro-.
I sunion Merchants, and dealers in Produce; Nos. 55
WaUr, and 107 Front streets. Pittsburgh. nor 3
J [ R.‘BLACK, Merchant Tailor, Exchange Buildidg.’
•~SI Clair »u Pituburgh. julOif
JOSEPH KNGX, Attorney at Law. Pittsburgh. Pa.,
has resumed the'practice af hi* profession in hi. of-
7, Bakewell's Buildings, (iraut .1- occupied,
dttnnchUabMnce. by T. i. Birham and j. Chrl»ty.
Estlfc . ■ jardAwtf
JOHN D. MORGAN, \\Twleaale Dregcist, and_ deal
er in Dye Stuffs, Points,’s, Ac-
YVood street, one door South of Diomoud Alley, Pitts
burgh. , janl
JAMES KERR, Jr.. & Co- r*uce
,Q. Davis.] Ship Chandlers. 9G Wi
JOHN 11.' MEL LOR, Wholesale tuu? Retail dealer
in Masie and Musical Instruments, School Book*.
•Paper, Slate*,' Steel Pcnagflnills, Pruitts’ Cord*, and
Stationary generally, No. el Wood «t n Ppsbargh.
P~gßaf« bought ot taken ui trade. «cpl 3
JOHN SCOTT ACc- Wholesale firoVf-rv Forward
ing and Commission Merchants. Drafttr* in Produce,
and Yinsburgh Manufacture. No. 7 Co*<nu’N’tal Row.
liberty eft near the Canal, Pittsburyli, l*a. octTJ
, No. SI Woodatnrct Pittsburgh. ;
XeSEPH-JORUAN' t' SONr Conunisaioif i»n,l For
ty warding Merchants. No. ,1S Liberty st, (opposim
BmithfieM st-) gntnpsons Row. .-anti
JOHN L. GALLATIN, Attorney at Law/OiEcc on
4thst- between Grant and Smithfirld, »outb side,
Pittsburgh)Pa^'will'also attend promptly to business
jn the adjoining counties. * ocitr-ly
JOHN D. DAVIS, Auctioneer, corner S:h and Wood
Wood sts. Pittsburgh. j_ . ocf'
JOHNSTON A STQCKTON. Bookseller*. Printers.
and Paper. Mantuactorew, No. 44 Murk-:: -•. Tilts*
bttrgh. i • - . ,’t-O
JL READ'S Rook Store. 4th. dear. Market mi—.*t,
• Cluneal. Theological. Ilirtoncd, School. Mi'cd-
Jancpus. ami Methodist Book* and Stntionnxy. aptlfl
JW. ROBERTSON & Co., BAiikers'oud Exchange
corner of Wood aild 3d *U-> Merchant's
Itntel ftuilili'i;:.-. Pittsburgh, Pa. c*i.'
tTT*Currciicv purchased at the, nrunl rate*, octll
J” OHNOIUKU, Wh«.: Grocer.tleuicrin Produce.
Pittsburgh Maonfnciure*,-Tia Plates. he., Ac.' No,
332 liberty-sty Ptttsboryh. ■' - jau3
johx riotn." • etcjiabd flovd.
~ T A R FLOYD, [late J. Floyd & Co.,J •'Wholesale
« Grocers, No: W± lil»erty street. , iT£_
TAMES DALZKLI., Wholesale Grocer, Commission
tf Merchant, and dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh
Manu/actares.-. No. 34 Water st,, Pittsburgh. janlti
Oora* ata Iran Wozlu,
T EIVJS, DALZELL k Co, Manufacture all «ize* of
!♦* Boiler, Sheet, Bar Iron and Nails, of the-best qual*
’ ity. Order* left at the Wuxeboase of It Dalzcll A Co-
Liberty *u, or L. S. Watcrptan, Water st, will receive
prompt'attention. ' jyl
T 8. WATERS LAN. Wholesale Grocer, Forward
-1 «nd Commission Merchant Dealer in Pitt**,
burgh Manufacture* and Produce, Nos. 31 Water *L,
and 03 Front at j"-T
T AMBEKT A SI IIPTON, Wholesale Grocer*, For-
J J wardin? and Commission: Merchant*, dealer* in
Produce and Pittsburgh .Manufactures, Nos. 13 and 133
Wood st, Pittsburgh. f tf bj*3
7ax. d. K’anx. x i. irsjrrtELD. wabteb a. bob.
"Vf f GILL,KUBHPIELD A ROE, Wholesale Grocers
Jj.L«od Commission Merchant*, No. 194 Liberty st,
Pittsburgh* : | jysfl
K. ALLZX. ! kVtX. MVtCZ. VTjt. K.mSICK. ■'
M ALLEN A Co., Commirsioa and Forwarding
a Merchants,'Water and Front between Wool
and Market st*. • , jauQ
wjs. aiMi*s. ' v. **. ju, .
MILLER A RICnJFTTSON. WbolesaMAJrpcrr* and
Commission Merchants, No. 17b, Liberty it.. Pitt*.
b, Pal' ■■'-••••' 1 ' • jatiH
MeCORD 'A KING, Wholesale and Ketail Hat and
•Cap Manufacturer*! atul dealer* in Fancy .Furs,
corner of Wood and Film st*. ___ _ jan'J
ÜBPUY, WliS<)N A Co, AVholesalu Dry flood
Dealers. No. 5 Wood »t, Pittsburgh. -sep*-^
o. 55 Market it-, *econd
fourth, dealer* in Foreign
rtgc, Certificate* of Depo»i
• door from corner of #<.
sod Domestic Hill* of Exchart;
It, Bank Note* *nd Specie.
Er Collections nude ou
ihroaghoal the United
all lie principal ciliej
MrOIUSW ti Co, Produce- Forvrardnut and
U Commu*ioo Merchants, No. ti Commercial Jlovr.
liberty it, FitUbtirgh. Pn. , 1 ?P l 7 .
*. w. wcrojrimcjt. *- ccmebtsox. • c. u.
F)IN'DEX.Y*:R& Co- Wholesale Grocer, unit Com
oiwkn and Forwarding Merchant*, No. 41 >' oter
street. ; . *cif*
IOBQtTSONA REl’PEßTtProdoee Dealer* & Corn
bmiwton Merchants. No. Second Pittsburgh,
T>ICOARDT. LEECH, Jr, Importer «v»d JX-aler in
JEVPoTdraiand Domestic Saddlery,
Carriage Trimminr*, ofAirdcscripUofli, No-100 Wood
■ ■ ■ nr2l ,
*DICIIABD BARIX Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
rLV Leather, -Morocco. Sliocmnkers’ Tool* and Find*.
Inga, Tanner*’ and Coder*’ Tool*, and Tanners’. Ou,
No. ICO Wood »u Pituhatgli. sepUi
lomr notmos.' r iusin. b. buhn'MT,
! T> ROBINSON* Grocer*, Prodo'ce
J\i* tod Commiujon Merchant*, and Denier* in Pin*-.
Sorfh Manafaeinm, No. ItO Libcrtr aL Fiu*banh,
; Pa.) ' jaiilb
13 OBEKT DAGZF.U. * Co., Wholrimlc Grocer*,
T\rpoaunTnink>o and Forwarding Merchant*, dealer*
CT- Prodace and Manufacture*, Liberty *U
! Pitubprgh, Pa. • . . • few*
»OBT. A.'CUNNINGHAM. Widesale Grocer,
UDealer in Produce.and Pittsburgh Manofacturv*,
i!44 Liberty >l. • > jyli.
! "BOBEKTiMGORE, \Vholc*a]e Grocer, JtastiiyiaK-
XbDiriHcr; dealer m Produce, Pittsburgh'Mnmifnr*
i and oil kind* of Foreign an<| Dome*tic Wines
•Bdliquor»,’lVo. 11 Liberty *«., Pittsburgh.
' I17"N. B.; On band « "rery hrce stock of«uj>erifir
OuTUoooßfffthela WbUL'ry, which will be *>l4 iuw fur
tuk ■ i myhT-ly
• 'J~^O-Ttn7roLM-
TD.EYKOLDB ft SITEH, Forwarding and toiuui..4nn
JLWetehaau. (or.tin; Allegheny River Trade, denlur*
» Oneeriri. Produce, Pittsburgh MumiUicture* and
Chkmde of Lime. .
in cagh. paid til alt times fur Ann
°T wtg». Comer of Penn and Irwin *>*•. jaiuU
BOAKFORD ft Co., CommUxion Mereln«i*,l.ib
»erty,»t» .opposite SmilhhcliL Dealer* in l-jour.
Virata andiSccilsj also Duller, Lard. Ac. »l‘tl*l>'...
ju c. nucrunr. —•i**- n n’lint.
CHACKU-Hr'i IVUITK.-WboWfl* '^' : ‘} cr, i "
O Fotalcn tad Dousaiic Dry (Jowls. No W V.-on« *}-
flttitang:: - •■• '
CWITH, BAUALEY h. Co- Whole.*!*- lift-. ’ ■
O Produce dealers, Kt».2£J Market street, Ikl wc, ’ :i ->in
padtli,North tide, rJiilftdftpMa. ,lov -
Sk W. UARBAUGH, Wool McrclianU, D. nU rs in
• Flout and Prodnce gene rally, arid Forwarding and
Commission Merchants. No. 33 Wood st.. Pittsburch.
SC. HlLL—(Successor to Hill 4 Browne) Importer
• and manufacturer of P«£rr Hangings am! Borc«:rs,
rod dealer'in writing, printnig, and wrapping paper,
•it Wood st- Pittidturgli, Pa. Rags and Twiner'. »cni|>«
purchased nt theTugcest market price. jut
SF. VON KONN'HOitST & CoT'Vhole-nlc Gro
• ccx*. rorwardiug % tuiJ Commission. Alrrclisut..
rv-ulers in Pittsburgh Xlnmifurtlires nnd Western t'n>-
dnec. have removed to their new wnrehoux. (old stand)
No. 35. corner of Front st. and Chancery Lane tur.7
SAMUEL M. KIEIL Forwur'liuu and Cotnini.—!■>•-
Merchant. Dealer in Produre nnd Pittsburgh ni.' tu
faetnred iirti--lr-<. Canal Basin, near 7th st. *v v d'Jl
Q N..\YiaCKR.'iHA.M. D-tnlcr ia Se-d«. Firmer-’
k ’•Fniit Trees 'and Agricultural Implements. No. i:r.*
Wood st-Pittsburgh. •> frbtl
ML\S£EX 4 BEST, Whoh.'«n!e Grocerx amt Commi
l sion Jlcrehauts. and dealers in Produce. No ::
Wood st_ Fitisliutvh. -jp-vi
T'HOXIAS KENNEDY. Jr. lAvkiug C 1:,.. Matm-ae-
X «‘t#W and Denier in Cloeks. ComU, and Vmletv
(jooils. corner of Wood and Foimh «t«. jpi
T- r. rogyrnt h. j. ronMT.; .
r p P. kOID*YTH k Co.. Coniini**ion
X • detdets in Suit, l.uinlirr. Groccrn-i. I'roduce urnt
I'lUsburgli .Mauaiucturra, Canal liasin. Jjberty streei.
PittsLuruli. fajit
wax. M ccrcur-iv i>.,>rr M'lTintEov
WA 1L MeCLTCHKON, Whole-ale t,n>or>\
'+ Dyolcrs m Produce, turn. Nails. naJ
\trgh Mmiutactuits cenenilß . 132 l.' l, erty sirret.
U 'v£b ' j>l ,;
A\ ; •• '• (sueee«...r. I, .\ J 1)
}\ • tVliote-ale (irorers. Forwurumv r.f!
Ltufiiuis»:isi MerelnuiU d.-nkr- m lr Na:!«.
tuition kanis.ami I'm-tiur-l* Mnnuiariare- .encradj,
corur- m! nnd n alr-r streeis. IV’t-l'tir.-ii*
X\r R EITU'HV’ invites trie l«dte« >'• caii and ex-
T 7 . amti.e In of French Worked fcdlars.
YirtHTMORE A WtH.FF. lmjv.rt.-is and Wh-.r
-»» sale Leuit-rs in Hardware. Culler.. Sndd.-ry.
4e„ No -Vt Wood sin-et. I*ii'.«lnirgh. _ :i,o-
\\r W. WALLACE .Mill'stone and l ur..t«h-
M • No. 2lt ldbertv .near tlia
canal. maria
W O. 11. ROBINSON. Attorney at Law. tin- re-
T f • moved Ink olfice to the Exchange Building*. St.
Clair »U next dour lu Alderman Jot-e*. m'i2d!iu
*\Tr M. GARRARD. Dealer in Fancy and Staple
If. Dry Goods No 7t) Market street, Pittsburgh
\\r W. WILSON. Dealer in J.-welrv,
f f . Silver Ware. Military Goods. A.- ,No 57 Mur
kei SL ‘ mu-:
R. MURPHY. Wholesale ami IMml d-nt-r tti
if .Foreign nml Domestic Dry Gimml>. nortii'a*!
Corner of Marker am! Fourth «t« nug'Jl
J BRYAN. Rectifying Di«lillt. and \\ i.olccde
. dealer in Foreign and Domestic Wme, ju,i Li
quors, No. 114 Liberty street, and jlj Diumnnd Alley,
Pinshurgh, Pa. jytr-dlv
"11 rAKRICK SLVRTIN 4 Fo . Danker*. D.-«b r, in
f V Exchange. Hnrt\ Notes ami Com. comer «.| Ttnrd
ana Wood streets. Pittsburgh" Pa. imvlh-dly
a. u\ wiLLtatgtv wm mt-w'
■\iriIJAA.MS 4 SHINN, faucressors lu l.owne and
f f Williams.) Attorneys tuul C.wiisellnrs at —
Oriire North *ido of Fourth street, above Sttmhfio'.d
1H 4 M. MITCHKLTKEK—WhoIesaIe (Jroeer*,
If . Rectifying Distillrrs. and Wine ami laipinr
Merchant*. a!*o. Importers of S*tn A»h and Bleaching
Powder, No. THU Liberty st. P|tt*b'g. lu. jani'.lv
ouvxa BurxKrtx. , iuuhue b jhm\
OBLAfIKBI KN & Co- \h.olemie - f s «ml
. denier* in Oils. Boat Store, uiul Pittsburgh Mnu
ufactured article*. liave on hand, at all ttiaes. u mil n:M
P'neral osstmtaent of c<seL in their line, Water *tre- l
urar Cherry Alley. Pittsburgh jjni:i
DW. 4 A. S. HEI.E Alt..rt»ey» 111 I_ivv. olhr'e m
• Stctvart's Huildiug. I'ourUi *L, second du<>r:ilMi«e
Woo,l street. Pittsburgh. Pa.
D. W. ISeiL Commissioner to take lV;ic*;tii>ii«.-A< .
knowledgmeut* of De-i Ls. and other itutrutm nt - mr.
ting, to !-• u«ed tn Missouri nvl2-dm*
JOHN M. ToYvNSEND. limggist tm-J Ape-th-ean.
No. 45 Market U.. direr door* abovi T!urtl «t . Pitt*-
Imnrh. will have constantly on hand a well »c,e.-te.! as-
sortment of thr Wat nnd frc.*h«-«l Medieinr*. w Im-ti h
will «eli on the mo*t rc.uonaMe term* Phvsietn.,'
scnilinc -order*, will lx, j>rinttptfy attejnted u>. nnd -up
plied mth article* they may rely upon u* gentmu-
(Ijr*Phyrieiiiirs Pre*cnnuons will lie arcurutidt a-i-i
neatly peejiarrd from the beat malcrial.*. al uay hour of
the day or night.
*Uko for sate, a large stock effrrsb tutd good Perm--
W WILSON. Watch Makrrai:dJewrl>r ~,x-tV
tV s Iter of4th and Markyl A large sod w-i:
selected stock of Watched Jewelry, Silver Wv-- :n„)
Military GumK Always on hand, ami at regular «••<«-
termpriccs.tioh) I'utrni l/ v't, full Jewetird i\ Mrli-.,
xs lO'-VoS s4!*; Silver do. Wtilnlir*. i>« h>w n« tl-.
Getininc Cooper. Tobins, Jphn*ontuid uttu-r af.;.to> *
make of watches, may he-had at u *niuli advouev t. ~)
warranted. .
Uj-"F*wc Watch Work dune m the very bc-t man
er. . r _
Tit S-AVEITZKIL Attorney nt lar.r.i.thr.- a;,:.. >r
a pOllfc Sl. CiinsV, Hotel. I'lU-illirK)!. Ml 1 i:j-u> *lt
tpud finmimJv to C«>Me?uoti*. in’ \\l‘ay« >t.-
anil I l n.
' ' K£7KR TP
I3tack«u>rk. Hell A' Co , ")
Church it Cnrom<-r*, J-Pauimf-;,
B. T. .Morgan. j tx'AMly
EJ. HFINKY. Attorney anil Coimc-ilnr
« Ha\». Cinrmuati f“.:-
« i* taw. Ciiiriilliflli. Obio. n South'-™
Onto, •»>;•.! in luriiniKi. jm' in K-vutlct. arv!
r-.r-:.,i1) : ::<• jil- «t :•>. r-.u.,n r Y.r i .
ii>r ackaowlc.] •-
ujim:-. .fro.
Klvkh to—Hon k Son. Ourti*. Church
Curother*. Win Hf»y«, K*tj,. Wiiinck 4* Deis:*. nii'.
17AG1.1-: COTTON WORKS, Manufnc
j tnre Co*’un Y-irn. Candle Wn-k, Ihinin;.'. Tv. :n<-.
Cotcriet Yam, Chain. Wnri''.'£-r. iu.-.
{<■ crua-nt- to Arbuckles A Avrrv.)
janS Proprietor*.
I "LKDOUXf Co. No. 77f\.iinl «rret. New «'r
_il_« Irani. Asunt* l'or J. li Armanf* flxteti*ivr Simm
Sugarßehnejy. -Always on hand a large s-.'k-V' uf
Imnt. Pnv. ilcreil. Cru.-hi'd- Clarified am) daetnri! S'-icnr*.
i;a Titirox* and Barrel*. AUvSngar Ho-.iv Mobile.
PrjfVj lih-Tol. a nil a fuir allowance made on nil -ale*
-.i- .'hi barrels. - m«*hM
C»Lw. ” -jilTll Sr Co- Brewers, MMsU-rs,'imd
T Hot. Pinihurgi, and Point Brewt-nr*. r<.r
-• lej-ol' liai . ..s) wii! Penn street, ami ion of l’nt
»t.. Pittsburgh, P-~
71. r '.ibsos. . s. i x(.sv i-.s.n.>;v
H Manufacturer*oflJ;uum-r
-• rd S*hnv£b» ntul Spudrs, Hons. Hay and Manure
Fork-, 4c., Ac. Warehouse, No. 11 Wood *t.. Pit:*--
hiir'S. ... * ■ marl-1
T. 11. BISHOP. Vetcrinery Surg-on, can
'>c found at hi* ffor*e Sliocittp l>taUlr• hrne
jy»*Jy near St. Clair street 1 Bridge, lately oceupn d.
*»f xi liv Messrs. Carr 4, Rowland. uvidotn
ia H. tiATON, Dealer iu Trimming* and Variety
JC a Goods, Torto'ts Shell, Ivory n:sd Horn Cornlu.
Woollen Yams and Worsteds, Hutton*. Needles, Pin*,
Tapes, Braids, 4c.. No. Cl Market street, between Din
moml and 4th *l, Pittsbargh. . jygudly
PICKLED AN D PRESER VF.S—‘2 e arcs nulerwood'*
assorted; 4 cases Doughtygiicasea Peach Preserve*;
H case* Tomato Catsup; for sole by
nv!3 ' J. D. WILLIAMS.
AO WAREHOUSE—The highest price incashpard
for good clean rags; also, canvas*,bole rope, grass
rope, bagging, woollen rags* cotl/tn wruta. 4c.. by
‘ 4b J. W. CHADWICK.
' dccJl Wayne «t- between Penn ami liberty.
r D cn,isl ‘ bacing made
such arrangement* m his
Coni business that he can devote his whole time to the
duties oflirs profession, may be seen in hi* office, cor
ner of 4th and Decatur streets, between Market ami
Kerry bu- nt any hour during the day, from s x. m. ull
y r . & ' * JygHy
HAVING replenished my stock from the best sour
ce, both domestic and foreign. I take pleasure nt-
Oimuncing u» consumers and denier*, Hint 1 «m I'W*
pared to furnish them with ail goods in my line, on still
better terms than heretofore. . , .
Buyers will recollect that 'dealing “exclusively" in
Saddlery, Hardware and Carringe Trimming*. I obtain
thereby, advantages that rnatile me jo defy competi
tion. Call, see, ami judge for yourselves. ‘P 17
or rrnt nrsctuiTio.v nuianlT executed li s scrttios
Monxxjt, ar
Sun Buildings, N. K. Corner of Tlurd and Dock Streets,
(up stairs) Philadelphia,
'tTTHF.RK ran always be had nt short—Ms-
Y\ sovtc .Make Mudals. of nil kinds; l»rus« nod 1 In
led Door l'iutcir; Seals for Hunks, Socictic*, Corpoxa
tiou*, 4c. Profeesioaal and Visiting Curd*, engruved
: and printed. SiK-ieties in wapr of Scuts of office, ure in
vited to cell and examiue Specimens and Odgus of itm
rurion* orders of Matons, Odd Fellows, Son* »<i Tem
perance, 4c. - novtd-hn
ritYPB FOUNDRY, at Gold, corner of Amt »U
X Now York. The subscriber is prepared u> furnish
iuiud cast'lY'i'6 and Printer* Moienuis of all kinds, nt
short notice, nud on reusouabln lerei*.
proprietors of newspapers, who havn not adrr/tissd
for llio subscriber, w ho may publish ibis notice for three
tnonliiswill be rntilled to receive their pay in type, on
Ipurehnring five time* the amodnt of their bills tor ad
vertising. ~
Old Tnw taken in exchange for nsw nt 0 rt« per lb.
„ QV -i,‘ l llomißT TAYI.OIU
ATTOBSEY at I* aw,
JJtithr, J*a.
vtcji attend to collections on 1 all other tu.-i-
VV - lies* entrusted to him in Bullet ™'l A«a-.trm»jf
counties, Pi*. Refer to r
3. it It Kloyd. Liberty si. t
w. W. Wallace, do { ,^^>.s,.
James Marshall, do 1 ■
dly Kay 4 Co., VVood *l, • L““?.
L duwasKtcmtfd with hnn, John It- M t.unc. 1; li- •««-
;tjJr Imsines. will he«aftcr coiidurtcd u«rf.-r the
firm ofWtn. Young 4 Co. •
ti' 4 Co.—Dealers in leather hides, ic.
• >Y 143 Liberty st. *. unj:t>
irrf'AJ PEKIN TEA "2 Fourth
!|-V- nWV neur WOO.I-AH ijuaniuies Ol f.teci and
ikltltick Teas, done up to buortjr, half, uml one
liauirtitackascs, ranging trum »«IJ. f cr lo
&I r V). |>y A. JA YN KS, AgU for Pekin UnU«J_
. v. n, mows
l yHoVvN &. CUXDERTSON, \Vhnle*aJc Gjo.
JJ i-rr». hm<l Comuiu&ioii .Merchants, No.
si., Pr.irburgh, Pr..
sors to Ijewioiutciii <><>llA Co. Cotumissiou Mer-J
i haul*, and Agent* of tiic St. Isroi* Steam Sugar Re
iuier/. No. 43 water and « front streets, Pittsbergh.
SMUKH HOUSK—I hare provided myself with a
good smoke bouse and careful hand*, well itr.piainl
eit with the business, and am now prepared lu -moke to the r.mirc satUractiou of tl.u>r vcnn uia>
I'.-; J tail. ' (.'liargCA as low as any l.uos't ta tae nty.
, deed), 1? Liberty »f.
C. It DxVßsuiuvxa, J. Kf-.xsliw Sxnk.
No. 3) Stmth Wharves, and No. 117 South Water xt.
T)F/iP to infnrm the nml dealer* generally, of
) Pittshurgh. that they have tnnde suehnrrttttgerieips
With the Virginia manufacturer* and the Grower* of
the Writ, West Indies, and other places. u« will in*ure
a large nnd eoiistaut supply of iho fallowing dr*cnp
tiin:« t-fTohaeco. which ivill be sold u|*on ns nceou/-
tiiiultitiiig.terms a*'nny other home in this city or el*e
w ln-r:,, hud nil good* ordered frotri ilium wilVbe wur
riinlcrl eqnul lo tvpresentatimr.
11-ivimn; St. Domingo; Conn- i")'
Yura: Porto Ilico; p.-i.ji'a.;, >Sced l^afto-
Ciilm; lituiiti \ Florida; j bacco;
AlgsOl—Bniiieli's celebrnred Amiuntie Stag Cnveu
di-h, with ti large uisuruucni of oilier popnlur brand*,
nml ,(Utilities of pounds. Au e*. PJa, 1tl» Xuid Lump;
"Ss.Jl*. -* and DA Plug; Ladies’ Twist; Vircinb Twisi.
A-'., sweet and plaiu. iu wliole audhnlfboxes. «ot*d
am! tin. together m tilt even- variety ofarliele iR-longing
to the L-ti*. • jclA-dly
CR AIG, BELL AS & Co., '
Flour Factor* and Produce Coiuxnlaalon
IHHKIIAL enth ailvn-ire. innde on rece.ipt of cotl
j xigniiient* 'lito*o .hipping 10 our aridfc** uill be
• ihtet-fourtli* value iit ndvum-o in ca>», by apply-
'te«*r« Wnllingfurrl 4 Tailor. Pittsburgh.
-re-.r* The* Belt* 1’.,.. Jlritlgepnn.Ohip.
i i.tiiitlelphiu. Mtiy I*ls. - v 'tn)‘27-tf
N it All rrotli.'-’- eon*igiied io u* i*iii<uretl \Wchi in
nn- A\ nr-lm.j*.- of WnUitntfur.l A Taylor, I’iU'burglnt.r
•tl our »i,-iC i:t Plullitlelpliip. it. 4_Go. *
Cun: ial».l«m nud Forwarding Merchant.
N-* tfl w<xit> '*t.. nrrsmin'-n,^
/ 1< ‘NTINIDIS tr tnvn«aet a general Corutit«*ion htui-
V. in's*, e.porit,lly m the* piifehn/ui and sale nl Ainert
ejn Mntiulaelures untl I’rotluee, uttd in rocririug nml
lurM t-<in.i. - n.-.| to h:» enr-- A* Avnt for
.he Mahnlaetucr*. lie will lie enri.tanU) supplied .with
the prmetpnl nrliele, of Pittsburgh Manufacture nt the
I"'*'-’ wholesule price*. Order*utid c*li»egi!ment* are
re»pr.-rfully soheite.U. _ ;27
Balllmorc Produce Commission llou*e,
»;UWABII t LAY Itl.V. Iniß S. I'lnvinn fc Son* lt«
X j lombard *:. WlioleKoie j Viler m Uutier. and t\,m
uii**u»n Merehnnt Having fur tire Inst ten venrs devo
ted his attention to the sole nf Butter. « til tiuw rceeiie
butler, laird, and other Produce lor stile on cmuttii/stun.
mul llruter* himself that from In* exjierienpe and iintne*
r-si* shipping eiulotner*. In- will lie able to rive *atts
tnetioti to all who uiay cuasicn produce to him. Refer l
to— I
M*«ri. F W Ilrun- 4 Son;
" Wm Maeott 4 Son.
•* M'lthiitgtun 4' Eisttnan.
T W A l. Ilopkmt.
A-tnl the Merehnnt» geii»-j«lly. tlcll-lm^
Produce, General Commission and For*'
xvardiug Merchant*.
t r lxiimxs c. <r. a.\dkk.-«»'
l ate ofPjttshureh. ,Pa Ijitr of Na.-hvillc. Tnm
mv * rgovT stxeet. a .t>*vc n«uvi'\v it. n spins at t, o:r u v
Rclet to Mereiian'.* generally*, in Pittsburxh spgt)
r WALTER 4 Col# 1
g~ *t»;t n ii-nvigii-rarT. r«.*«w itiatrr. BAinnuac.
K,-lef*o—D S|>ngg. Ca-bier. T Cro*., F.*q .
ftiO-i- r. J-Luud.trrei 4 Sun. Miser 4 i>n,gh.-n> .Shng
hit( II En«ey. W 4S \\ \ itian, .(jbngluff 4 Dvvnc*
.l2t fitllS
. IS,ere —, r to (h A Hi,;,a.l 4 .Mean*.)
Xivtair-.d isN>u vn rit «»*■- fi.A vtxb'skavs. MXwcnTi.-nrsv
rfßcl'-r to—M Allen i. tlu,. Kiev. PrnmM-k A t'«
:.V*» \ ,!,*,!
i lI.F. COXWAY & CO.,
T jOirU-Mol TtJ. t>•:»... t.:„!,rai-<.mi ami rurA-tnli
1 .Mere'M.e. Product- Du.-,. ai-r.i-te,:
• 11.-. fa „l f;,- titvn M„H-t‘un t..*u-h 4C„ .» *
U huU.atrlirucrr, (lommlalon 4 Flour
DK.y.OLpr,:: k„
Tm. JV?V;.u>-vT
lOHN HNNi:\ .Jr. Agy-U nt t*iU>lmrsh tor the lad
iwmi. Mutual >n:Vf; lusurunre Couipuny of Pud-
•i.lriphla Fife upon htlildiiu-* and merohanihre
(•f *-.rery dr-rriptme.. und .Marine Rikks ujn>u liulls or
cargoes nf ve»*cb*. taken uivni the tnosl favorablr terms. in the \Vareln>u*e of IV B Hottne* 4 Bro.
Nr,".,-7 Wnt-r. m ar Ma/kr.t *Uc. u IblUburgii.
.N If—The-I’i-r--** <a thisCotopaai finite ll.r ejtal'-
fur !.»* ha* l.ceu ailpt*l>al. lully wurraat th« event 1:1
u.vitiiig Hie coalidencc c:til patronage ot his tnrml* amt
Hu- rommumt) ai large to die Delaware M Sliwininre
Company, while it tin* the additional.edvnntage. a» mi
ir.-'i'u’ion 'h- ino.i doiin-lnng.iti I'Uoiidi-lpiua—
r-.i-ou vi it* ciitirtcf is i-OitstnntU im-rra.iiig, a* yield
;• - I-, eai ii pe.-.,m insured In* due *h»r« of the prufi;*
;,i;>-<. whnteri r nud llifrclore ar poo-e-simr iho Mu
•. . /• • |.ii* dn e*ted of every oLuo&ious feuture and
rj ''K li'-i::*'.ice t'ornii.iii y 01 North Am-ntn. tlirougb
J[ ('n.'. :.,iir.-.ri.-*d the subscriber; offers to
i.u'i’ p- nri3- ; *'.t ton' imiiidd ln«iirsiiec on property, in
i:-i- . t ««]"].►. viv. :y, uiid on shipmeotA by thu Cii-
i' Pres't Samuel Brooks
Aic-x. !!'•>“ •" t'harir* Taylor'l W Jones, Sein 1 F Smith
Iv'xvani Smith Ambrose \Vhits .
J<> 111 .\ Litotyu J,.-nb M Tlmruns
Jclui WbiU- John It Nett
Tim's I* Copo I’tch'rd M’ood
Win Welsh Arthur G Coffin. Sec
Ti.i'-is the oide*t In«ut3ncs Company 111 Uie (.'idled
Sim'-', having t>«en rliartrrrd 111 ITJ4. Its e.harter l*
jvrp'-mid, am) irmu u« htgli .standing, long experience,
ni n|,!i. ui-niis, nud nvoiiling all risk* of uii extra haz
ardous c!i*raetr-r, 11 may tie considered »* offering am
ple f.-rtirtiy to the public MOSKS aTWIM>D.
At the Counting Room of Atwood, Jones A Co.. Wa
ter and Front ‘Hcyt* Pittsburgh. apidju’
fifHK American Fuo liisurmiee Company—Office,
J/ No. T'J Walnut street Pbladelplua: meorporated A.
1-Kl—Charter jK-rpctual.
liiiure Buildings, I-tirnitnre, Merchandize, and prop
erty generally..either in the city or country, against
lot* br duiiitige hy fire, perpetoaliy or for limited peri
ods, on favorable term*
fniMts D JiKVtEiu Secreuiry.
Orxler* for insurance bg the above Company will be
feccived and‘insurances effected tiy the undersigned,
icent for Pimburgh. • GKO COCHRAN,
novlr-Sm* 20 Wood tX.
riIHE Franklin Fire Insurance Company, of Phdadel-
X phia. wifi make lusurniu'e. p-r luauciil and limited
on every de.wripiiou of pro|*erty. in Pittsburgh and the
surrounding country, on lavurabk terms. This com
pany ha* a perpetual charter.
Capital, $400,1)00 paid in.
Contingent., Fund *ax).ot)U
Oiiice comer of third and Market streets. Pittab'gh.
r - FAHHItJN ID!! AUTUMN. r~*,
£& M.conVy-.c.v«, J 4,
con'd: or wntm aMt «mi aruixi*. lunsni-nuu,
n.VVK received tlmir Autumn style of Hiit», to
which they reirpcetftiL'y inriie the atteuiion of
ihtfr cu»to:rir-rs tuid citi/ens, generally. *cpi-l
I S ;ii»l received n l*-iiiiliiid stock of Byche A Co<iur*«
cSaLFall dtyle Hat*, jwlueti for rirhnr** mid lustre
cull i„,i be Mirjui*—'it i't<l)iit>ili*llniStore,Moiionirn
hcl.l House. riitnih{i ,- ld »t T n!iil »gc them. octlit
/ SiTtKIA l.A'n.R AND fl.\T I'fIOTKfTOU.-Thc
cßStsitbseTlher will intrfidiicc on Ba'.urday. Oct. Olh
I .••i.uuiirn wishtng :i li:U tried will* this di-sirubin urtl
rlu v* ill please c ull nud cxtiriiiiic.
ALFRED IHUvVR- Practical Halter,
. ,x-t!> t I .Vi head of wood at
FALL FASHION.—S.iIiKJRF, lixsreceiv-
I jf>- d itcini New Votk, Bn- Fall -vyle of lln;* which
will iiitrcnlure Ibis day. Saturday, Aug. 2-th.
All c/in.e hi' w nn! of a mint and *u;*-rior hat would dn
well to rfdt at No. 7j. Wo»d Sttcri, >1 door atrfrve 4th.
aug*i*u 1 1
/:i/1 gt.Vl'AifS Sty ;e (irnllc-itten's Hnw will l*s* iurro-
ui licKHLi on Tbdr-day, August 271 h.
(b-in.etiteirwisliutg k rhee-ip, .funhiuiiablo Jittl of Puts
burgh inunufii.-iiiip. nln-.-nl of liuliiiiunidn Hat* inipoyl
cd and advcnLcd by Knur of tin- tfude. plcuse rail ul -
41 j KKFVILA Co.'s,'
migtShf ’ w / _ IW. bead of wood irt
JL ( sT rcruivrd from New York, the Sumrnrr
Style fur hats, (-/m*i*ting of White Beaver. Pear!
and White French Cii'niinm- Hula, willi Vcnliiaturs.
Tni-r-c in waul of a beautiful, light lint nn: n-hpectfully
invited to call. H.'MOORE,
maytw Tfl iwood at.. 3«Ioors alxive 4jli V
CIAPS! CAPS”—Fine fitter. Seat and Mu»k ' ul'*-
; jr.*t to bmid at MH'AI.I.AM'S Kaabioiiable. Hal
Store, Mqiion/nln-lii House. oetß l
Cll.Umi AND GLAZivD usson
> ruetil and great variety or «iyle at M'CAI.I.AM-S.
House. t
LKATUKU-Tlio 'uiwrrilicr in juH-rrciudng up-
V.anl* of 11« J of NVvv York H- d I*uifn*r, of
Mump*. tog«*i!t«r*u’it?j , n groerut onnoriumai '»r
l.'-ptlicrin hin lii.r of l>u.«iiiti*r, curimm* iiwU. oil.
-Aiful uliieh lit* Will !■«•» nil lilt- «Wt rca«oiiab!o u*rm*,
“\tort" t, ;":': rl rT.' n lIAYARD,
Dr Orcstl American Dictionary of the
I- l-u-uuuir*-. L?!Jin.itu«a.ti, ciMiCititina nil that tin:
orfi‘‘r revW.l by tflmnnrcy A.
llmmlrich. I’rc.i.Vnl* Cotlcffr. • Th- nui.i complete one vol. crown <)uarto. Friro ?»i
i?? L,„. iv • ‘j.uniiAD.
o . 4lli «t-, near Marketat.
•• 11 tlirj. IUUUII'UL -
M. Allen A C„. ) _ „ . . . >
M*iupton. Snntli 4Co . \ 1 ‘- 1 * '
ll:,v !*;•!,. S;itLi,tlfir.< 4 Co.. ")
John U K-mditll, ]. UahunuTc.
Oet< Hugh JctikliS. 3 ,14wly
At.v-H**. J 4 c.t
Brtwn. Baitcj A k'o
llertr. Gtatf,
!» T.- e, *, 4 Co ,
Clark.- A.Ton*-,
*ul Courts i > Produce. Cc-pts-r.
n-rCT.-ii*. Zuit . Bu-.a
■ 1r... . Lull Itr-d Naif*. Whir* E-ml. IKrSI-.f
--an. 4e . a-i.l Pituhnrgh Manufaitltire,
Liberty and Iru in iti-r ot. pm-*-
•■v m Cadi or G,*od», ntml.
- IX.MIKA.Nr-E. -
•y vi -.l»
Jolut Sereemt ' Samuel C Morton
William I.ynch Adolphus IVries
•Tiienas Allilmno- Georgy Abl*n.
Joha-Welsh, Jr. . Putnck Brady.
—IBOOKS, &c.
r „ lri . _ . NEW BOOKS.
I iT* s^ onv| rh or the Hypncriu; Uutnatkrd; by G. P.
X R. Joint*, l-Nq.
Jack Anhore; l.y E Howard, author of Ratlin tho
; Ihe Star of the Fallen; by Curtin, author of Block
Plumed JLflemrn.
•,;, n ‘ r , •' ,a P p Head, or the Lady of Green and
“‘“Ti X, l C| ‘larey. of the U. S. N.
•Sidnev^ 11^11 * rl^c ’ or l * lc Maid of Saxony; by Loui*a
Stanhope, author of‘ Striking Likcneiwr*.'’ Ac.
MijaT^.ltc 11 " anJ * U ‘ tU,J Mr * Woodbrulgc; by
Ijomlon (Quarterly Review.
Union Magazine for December.
Lite of Joseph T llnrt?—a inrge supply.
o^ lp .M*\ ul ‘ UVcr >Bg Mother, by the author of *jHi»lory
WUfulneu of thr *atne.
Ihe Old Commodore; by K Howard.
Jrnnetie AlUnon or the S'onng Struu'berry Girl—a
tab- in Sen and Shore; hv In-m't-im
K;mm. or Daylight, n j.'nre'mi,-; uyj S Robb.
Sir Rowland A-hton. » volt by Lady C Ixnig.
the xiv 5 ' ‘ >nt ~r!‘ ol mul tito Court of Loul»
Flower* l’«Ti=oitified, No«. f) and 10.
■" l».t 9.
jimgarives. .Ne\v*paper». rtc.
IjOitrlcni Punrh uiul Pictonai Time*, per ln«i .strntrier*.
Brother Juiniilmn. PJiiiadt-lphiu Courier, am! Yan
kee Boodle Pivtoriii!*. Eor»iilehv*
< - rl ' l 3*l st. tijip,,.«i!e the Post Other.
lyj A A C p J Cmtmnaii. the tollowunr
ticw ant) valuable Works—
.Doniphan'* Expedition— Containing a>*ketrh of the
hie o- c„| u. D,.„n.i inn , ;i„. Niw
Mtfiteo (,en. Kcntti-)Averlamt Exjiettmon to Calt
inrniu. Ikiniphim'* (.'nnipuign lignin*! I',-: atul
uml the \ tjirTttiKMs ~M;el!.'pr,er\n''s‘n',\ ; f
Map am! Eigravinf*. hv John T llnehr*, A B of the
J*t Kipineti! oi Mir*oun Cavulry.
Ht«ory bf henturky—Jt. Antirjinur* nnd Naiurul
C Uno*me«; Getigrnpim-ai Siatt-Utiti unit ttfological
description.; vvnlt nn.f.bue* n| P,„i„-,. r * |.f| P% al|l | m, (l e
than one hundred Biographical Sk.-lr)ie« of dl*tlilgtilffi
ed Pinreer.*. Soldier*. Siutr.mrn. JunsLs.'lotvv yvrhDi
c"' 1 "?* " l , ' n> ' " 'rii forty engraving*; by Lewi*'
The Twelve Mnnih*’ Volunteer or Journal of a Pri
vate m t!iO'Trniic..«»ce Regiment u t Caviilrv, in the
Campaign oi Mexico, during l*-U'*-t7. eoniuming nn ac
count ol tile March of ihe Regimeni to Vera Cnir, a
tle»cn;,uon ot thv Country pn**cd OTer; manner*, can
tom*. Ac til the people; Skcteben of Camp Luc; ac
eoutu* ot all tho action* of other Volunteer Regimen!*,
ami a mil History of the Mexican Wat: Lt*t of the Kji
led and IV minded. Ac. tliu.MraW by n ltirgc number of
correct view* ar.d plan.*, by Gto.C. FnrU.r, 1 volume
octavo > d-d
(jeui* «•) Sn- rcJ Poetry: a rplmdid imperial .- vp.,
with lu-autitul i!lu«tre!!nn«. oij. »tecl. by Snttain, andlTr
iliumiiiitied twig,-* by Schmitr and-Smr|«ir. richly
henittd jn Turk*') inorocCn aml white tail. »u|M-rt>!) till.
The Christian Kerp.ake, an annual for t-l-. with
oplendht mo//ntini engraving*, b) Sartaiu. 1.-oiunl in «j
-»be*r,to' moriH't o
Chfi.bnt.. Blossom* tod Now Ymij* Wrr.-l. :*r
W". n ttiiii!) quarto soli.tnv, primed on flrovv vvtatr p».
per. ctit[-vili«hed with *plcndid uierroiir.i engraving*
Hu* i»-by far the m»»*t beautiftil juveiule annua) pub
ll«!ied in-the I'iutcd State*
The pin-ticH) Work* nf Oliver f Joldsifilth, M U.. wttli
nuincron* esuisite dr-ugn*. h> ghr Club; in va-'
rmu» «tyle» ot Innding
Thompson * S -WHI*. with *ptreaty.«.-«#• drawn*, try
Ihe Etching Club in vunon* *tyle* ot lundiac
Die Poet* and Poetry ol Atnrru a. t.y R W (ira-
The Poets and Poc.rv <tf An.ieiif hv'WiLiout
Peter A M.vupcrKv u.und tn Turael n.-tinvc. ~.:eod
i■ -;\ ' •
u'nli. * Poem., in van..,l* *nj.-4 or Undine
Gray * Erg r iitu.:r«i-,i
lieman'i iVe-tn.! Work*, in v&nou* binitu-v*
lain) ))» -
Shak*| * - -
Heilnd* and oilier Po,-ta».'!>\ M-rv llnwui
I’lVmiln Ain-'tn
Headley » Sarn-d Motinta.i.s j
in »i>-,ti-li,! * I v ,c* ol l/tioJiug, iutra-.le hit lor
.It *HNs'ril\ 4 Sl l u’KTfvN,
Bt*is.i-l:rr». rnr Ma;*-; A ,vi .*
Vulujblf Slaoilarti Works.
niDM'K.T );\M I l.op USA-A D f».*..*rj <.t e-»-
lJ«»e-,,[*nr*f:r» «.nl */l rnsj-f- trg th* ht.tar,, tie»rr,|-ti.>a
and .et-iot.lie prtori{> r* -f e»»ry br«Vich of iMjKt.ultnwUdyfc.
■ tlh U,» d.ntatni and d»fiml».iu ef alt the «*-n»l i» erncrll
I tb.wlr, th 3. 4-e JligA.--.Uu r } t;C
mtrotit »Tijum,iiig* .h> !••**!. :
Mor**’* \on» Amrncte (lia*. et-etaii.r-j, ‘-aut.i-.;:, «•..{
pint m»r» nf Niwilf Atnrne», E>*t !>■•>** ll,.:.
Vur-*!*;i n v.l |.«!u'l.t».-v!. 4*l 11..I 1 .. e.-rt^
'Ktmlfr I
r-iril»n»- Tt>« bi'tnrj -if th» frvifii ih«
r»A<rma>xHi'iu l.» 7, to t)*t rucJut uu *J ITbA, coreftru.w At
Ilf l- t IP prmi-if.u», Ar,t>ci hv IfcSifl JV«wl, hi Al
mixJ bj John O * 6, with «i»» |*>f»r itlj no
1b two tijiuutt > j
Tcctiwuf tb« Body in rrUtjon in the Mind, by ,
Mworr, M D, mxtßDcr of thf rojal retley* of PhlttciXO*, !<;•'
Juvenile Wtirkit i i-
IfVolth *i.J Jl'iMli oi which Buko th« rua, a tfry jicp*k 4l
ufc»r Jn»nil» »->rk
Per>i> of tli« b»ug tffeetiar o»rT»two» of «h n*rrrki,
if 4 •
Sptafcrr—T)>« Jortmlc SpcaW, rnnpruiuc
tltwtnlarj turn (o-l tirrriw* m iltcUiulita. with a »* »«
t«Mj uf junta fat i<», bj FraatuT Humcl!, mstroetvr in
«k<uuoß at Pnixrtnn ■"
Th« abott worka rterivtd and &'r.aalc bv
johnston a Stockton
B'«ill»rl)rn l f-<r airkrt »nit 3rd ill
DICTIOXAIUES, Greek, EnglliU. ( >■«•
■ leal, die.
» rii-M.-ui UlriKmar/j
J>„ i.HMi.rv ..r«,fr--k 1-hJ Kom-in Ar,r. liu ,i,
• Ummirr. iai l>.ri;<m a n.
I f. * :wiT»nry unit uts*. u,2nu;tu'ur'
\Vrl.«trr • ( V-'nro Dirtiwinry. rrvi«p.( r.ii->rri,
-J0.?.! - .1.-h.-wn-. n;..l Walker. Incuoimr.
V.'oh'-.i-r'i 1.-iionfirv
rv,.l: Vl.r-.'k UlLion,,.,-. t.r-.-S, l«rnrw.„..| Sr* TV.UIU.-i.t,
Un-f.-r. l-u::n
I.JII . IHr:irm:.ry,
Fir’inmr-? n...l liiiinn - . fr'trrif-Dir'.immr)
lU.c k •'l'iii-»»‘nyiettl Uiri;oiu«rj,
Ifcninnwry, Ac*., Ar.
t‘- eUi.r. «-ui, i. ..-i-ii-ral'Kxral.
:hml << lW»».n.-
U.l.liH'l- A KN1.1.!.*!!.
:> liniict uiid ri.f
dc- -Jt, Murk*-! -.1 . Let «*eel. -kl A ilh.
\X\i ,U.S itud (• IFT BOOKS FIH’.TIIE
:—lwotlei* <.! Mentor.', an il;uu.iuiU«i
Aruiuul li.r If*-, edited b) 11-yarU ihiuir., M J»
‘Hif Cb'.rm. t» senvs *.f graceful anil elegant colored
Oroii;,*, draifrord expressly for ihi* work i
Tj.i l Ofli-ruisc of U«-a.Uf, n presem lor ull mu-wu**. c.n:-
brl!i*hrd with eleven engraving*, edited by Amelia W.
l.a wr<-nor
Friendship'* Offering; a Christina*. New Ycnr, ami
jlirUnlay |ire»rut. .
TV Garland. or n Token of Friendship; a Chmtin**'
tnd New Year's Present, for l**ly
Tlie (iift of Friendship; u token of Remembrance, for
Tile Gem for isle; edited by Father Frank
CbnsUaas UlotKitii* and Now Year* Wremh fur IMS.
Thompson'* Season*. ilimtrnW, Harjwr'* edition.
IbnicJulr l knotty. or the Parlor Hook of FJi.wrr*, cum
pri»ing the hi*tnry. description nml rnlnred faigraving*
Of Cl Elutic Flutter*. 24 wild Flutter* of Aiiierirn. and
|-j tree* with fruit; illustrated \nih itSo enrrafrtu,-*.
The Tint, and other Poem*, by Wm. Cow per, with
lumrrou* i!lu«lrutioii»; Turkey morncco.
Campbell's Poetirnl Work*; illustrated. Aeklr.
Togethet with n large and splendid n<«*riitft.'iii of Ju
venile Hook*..with colored engraving*, many of which
ne just published. For mle at Hie l<ook*tore of
drCO 130 Market »t., Viwi-ru .'id ftltli.
Books for the holidays-in iw>
GAN I’ IMNDLNIiS-iilouddir UiAuity,.or the Par
lor Uook of Flower*.
The Ro**-. or Offering’* Gift: Vi *tPcl-j , ?.s.’Tfivins*.
American Wild Flower*, m their native hnunt*.
The Snow Flnke.
Myrti* add miter Tale*
Tli-j Porticul Work* of 13 u Green Hillock, now 6r*t
collected; illustrated wilh Med cugruv lug*. Jn*t pub-.
TUie Scn*o»«; by James Tlinuu*»oti. with enernved il
ftittyatam*. A new and moil splendid ediuuii; Turkey
motocco and other I.Hiding.
The complete lamdon Edition of Robert Durr.*' Work*;
containing hi* poem*. *ong*. runt correspondence; illus
trated, ftc.. Ac. Virtue'* edition. * vo. 1
The complete Poetical -Work* of Jaine* Montgome
ry. Moore. Uyron, new edition; Southey. Co.'lur. Mil
ton, Ciuupbcu, scoll. Dnule. Tasso, Heimiii*. amt other
Vurinu* edition*; and in various binding*. I
Harper'* illustrated Shnkrpeare. la :i splendid vo!*.
The glaive. with other*, and a largo ttniip'v nfJuve
tlile book*. for Bate by J. L. HEAD,
dctEJ 4(h it-, near Mutkc t. _
Sew Boqka Jiiil llceclvril.
TTT.AVEN upon F.arili. by Juneway. <*»•■ -.<>l
Xi'-'hiimoekV choice works hy ijyiningt vo.l '“•c
Cniririncidenre* of the Old Tihd New Testament,
by'llev. J. J. lPunt. 11. D.oun vnl. •M’.Ji
Chhlliier't MisceltuiiW. Poem-, K««ay->. Ac.
Select work* otJauirs, Venn. Wilson. Phillip* and
Jay in one large vnl. for tint Iflw prior of l-'t*'
Tlie Free Church Pulpii, h voK . W"
.Modern Inhdeiity, by Sniuck<T; J
Ltfrof l>:»vid. .* : 7--C
ii.-tily walk with Ciix'l. Matthew Siroug,
Circle <•( Human I.ife. by Thn'm i..
.Mcninii of Charlotte Ultrnheth,
Tlie work* of Frm.<:i* Turreutic hi tin- original T.u<-
iii. to |.<r i-omplelr in 1 vuls SI vol*. now ready.
Willi*’ Poetical work* iimplnulnlTi.Tki-y ’■ioti-cco.
The above with a urvut vuti* !> of new
received. KI;I.H>I’I /»
jatlfl I Pint copy I .VJ Itmikc.l -t I—: .veil n.l :• " l.h
Ketr V««r»* Prc-mW
V Wuvcrley’NuVcU, 23 voi«...>‘, I'vm. i .m-ti.
Me* HherwW* Work*. 10 k.N i!ln*mned; ■
Mi*» Kdffwortli’# *• l f > . ,
Harper'* Family LUirary, l?-’ vol.-, roiupieiit,
do UnyV nud(iirl'» “• ; ‘
Work** of ,Shake«[H-nre, 7 vol.« Sim tm- bemiutul
‘ ton edition, finely bound ; - '
llutler'* Jdvc* of the Stunts * vnl*. elognnily Hoaml,
Hannah Moor’* Wort*. 7 vol*.
Pixplnriiig li*pe»litiu«i v ', ,u ro 3j al ”, v 0
do do ,
llriti-h F.-*oyisi«. S voir, lurkcj rnor. bn.-k*.
Tlie ul*ovc. Mtacih* r with * large n**ortinrnt of cic
panUT Uniiid l***Y B ". rt cl .
l*r»ycr. all ♦if* and tundmmJftil of which will be *ol.
lower than ever offered in dus/markrt, nMhe <>M *'and
°'jal . eor 3d fcjytxal *1
nIINUY KI.KIHKIt. IJeiilerineu>um Pi.uioF»*ne«,
ftt j' \v.. Wnodwcir*. No. AlThird Sircel. H>e
l‘iaro« esonnned at a|l hour*, and l!m sub-en
11.-™ <.«.«. 11 "Hiiv-'!".,'. 1 *
6, l’. M. each day. _ . l'Uteb g. O.m
\ r t } |r umler«igi\ril. would Inform the citifen* of
|hrt»burch and vicinity that wo hnve pppointed Mr. H.
Kleiber *ole m-ut fur We*Kni Prna*y I vanio; tor the
vale of oaf Piano Furtee, from whom they may l«e üb
,oi„cd V«»| pn-- N;( i c , ARK
Sew 1- lM<Wt'j2dit j ;
~ ' Ilrtalie ffainr'Prano*
f^rWj Ki _ym A nxeoriiucnt of How-
wood nud Maliugany. grand aciion I’i-
J j 5? I I • anus, Frame, ju*l Ciu*!ivd nnd inr »nlc..
A'o. two splendid Hotewood Finnu-, with Coleman’*
cckiirated Xnlian timichtneiu, fmi*heil in the most
modern tiyle, lr *r sale nt F. Ill.UMl‘^>.
IPJ Woud street, 2 door* ahovj: itlt-
C _ mi'SHKD AND FFIA*FJUy.KI)'sn;.VU~f2} bid*
i Cnuhtd ami pulverized sugar, ju>t rve'd and for
•oJe low by UtlJ. HHOWjf A CUI-LEKTSON.
City of ■>,
LN ucconlmuf with the provision of an Aft of Un*
General Av-i-mldy of tin* Suti»? of Pemtsvlvunia. pro
viding Cot lha incorporation' of the Cite .if Pirshnr* |i,
and o.f the *ui.p]rmeut« n> Mill Act, l.Viuhnc) Admin,
Mayor uf said City. do is*ue tin*, my Pr««'hiui:ti:.i!i. u.--
rlnriin; that on t!< i- Sir mil Tur.'-lay of Jiinunfv, |>
I=4S, Luim; tlio -eleventh day of Ilial moulli. "liir fr» c
men ol each ward 01 -aid City," tjunlirird n> vote (or
Member;* oi 'tlie House oi KcnreKrulutivcs of this Com
inunwcultb, will mod tocetlur «i tin- ut-Ral plnrr« of
boMinir election* iii their respective ward*. mid rl.-t-i
by t.nlloi n citizen of tin* City qualified to l”- rb."'i.
dl n uirmbcr of liir HoUrr <>| Iteprerciitaiivn* of this
Cninniwiwouhli.'io be Mayor of said rny.
Ami (but on ilia ■.aim* ilay. in conformin' to th" beii.r
rented authorin'-., m,.l nUo. u. mi Ordinance ol t <.uu
eils. districtin',; Mii»l (-1), passed thu J.iih .bit of. Nm..
f"A. D- It'-tr.—ill" cjlucua of thy Vint ward will r;fl *. i
by tin Hot ’l'uiti.t Mr-niu! of ibt- Sromt m r.l Ti’tiws <u
tbr TinrJ ward Six; of tin- Vovttli wanl Tituzt-.; if: tv
Fifth wiiril Sk.ix of lb" 'Sixth wnrtl Tuiiitu; oj' tin- word Two; of the E>t;'.lU ward Two. of t::,-
tfi’ith wanl ll\i; curb of wbom shall he ijunlilicd t*»
im v in* a mcmlx-r oi the House of Hr|in'i<-utativ.*s oi
lii)* t'otnmoiiMcaltli; io be lumbers ol the Common
. Given miller my hnn.!, and the seal ol .»u!
5 T o ) City n: Pittsburgh. tins Ul»t day of Drcctu
< '*** ** } bcr. A. I>. I>l7.
jnril-ic fJAimtKL ADAMS, Mayor.
ZLNAS C. Koi*Cl\S. Mnchmiirnl F>ii;mrrj- ami
A(,TJit lor. pn*cnnuz Pmerds, will pr.-pnrr-the n.v
ressary Draw iutf» amt I’ni-rre lor Applicant ior Pat
rut., and nil oilier businr-v* in ibc hue of bis
prolrisioii nt tliti Puiml Otiicc. Hr can be consulted
•>n nil questions Telu'im* lo the. Patent Laws and ■!< < j-.
ions m Hi" I'nitrd Slides nr Kuni|»v Person* at n i]|»-
loom- dcsiron* of l.iiviiu' examinations mud. m it;
I’litrni Oilice. prior t« niukinir upplictmon t.»r u p.m-ir.,
liiftv mrwHid (post I*«i<l. findo.iiitj a fee «u five d.dbm)
ii dear statement <•< thrirense. when iniim-diatc ultrn
’io.t will be jrurn lo ft. nod all the iiiioriniiiuni i!n*t
eonld b" obtained l y n vi«it ot ibc uppbeanl m person
promptly eofimiumi nted.
All irtler%«>n bn-i um«t »po-t paid, and contain
a ler, wlu re a written ••;-u.iou i. rr.jmr.-d. '
Olll.V l 11 V. strefC opi .le III" Pnlrin t llliri*.
u- bus the honor of r-ferriiiK. by to
ll.m i-slmiind IliirkiM rnmni'sioin r ol I’atrnts:
lion II L llliswortli. late (to do
'flydi;.- Crat.cb. Washindon- D C:
Ibinxjt Cboa’e. M:i-»ncbn»dt«, l' S Sauna
linn. WSAUrn. Ohm,
Don. 311 navylin. MC, .Missouri; ,
H-i'i Wili.fc IfeU, New York:
Mini Koi'fil Muii7n-M C. Illi.iol*,
S llt.rc*, L sXlftiJe.
lion J II IMik, M C
«‘n|>! It M Msneve. .MuM>uriSv
Krn.iup Itroohs, K.-*|_ PitisburaliN.' inavla
Great uoubkuv-'93000 reward.
The I’re.ideid of the Hank of Cbrstrr C.iuhl* wa.
robbed on Thurrilny ait*-rnoon. D* - rrrnl'er "AkL afHli"
\\V»t t'bi strf Ilajlroud Ib'imt. nrej the conn-r lla.ncf--
ttml liner streets. Philuib Ipbin, of Jiis'lrunL or vah.e.
ronuu'.uej upward* of J UT'S TIJOI.SA.ND jmL-
I.AICS. *il tile Note, of this hunk. utnoiiy:*t which It is
hrlrev.-l lit" the fonnwni", VI/
One ofSJUti. No :J|. dim-d Juste at l-CM •
- No “l.dun d Jen- •.>!. J.<tl -
Nu Julie W Wil
Ait • !.«lijr>n! “I’aj ?<• tio or.’-i «►/ Inl-t'l i Co.—
Wiu \V '»itn «ip !e(W I) nl«< r„i}..r*r.t on
:>■> ll! ri..;;, JJolr AMI Wttlc of !lo! loloHVini! mt)'
U llllW, T 7.
■f -N* ir*.
U..C <•! .\\ { 4!. *la!»‘<l June ->l jrfU. »u:ue k-m-r
ia'.ej June ll), IKU, witii the
an*«j No II <!r.:
umi, Nu. J„
'•>r i,; *£!'.>. na June «*v witii -he inn
I> oa iS»r L-icX.
t-' 1 N.. U JunilT. KH.
<>' *■> "■ rrj .'v.'ci July a, WM
v- >. »--7»—i:-Vr* <
Sn r.| : .I,:• i.- u.: :
-itr f,i -.a;.,.-,: T
• i
lI.IV «il
l . *•"»
• .•••.. ir«. u; «Os.Vr -i:«- ,r
U v‘ ; MAKI.INIVuiN.
.-0" ' -I <iir - I
’ f> \\*r» I«H\ NSLN'i. ill
impout.vxt to n.\ro\ nr:«*.
j \ M>\ r. - 11.
i i AS [.MV mm!: f,. !,«■».•«..
- .N-c-M
i. u: m:.C tK.TI.-H.
H H ltiifi !■ ui ft r.. N- w Aii-imy.
v‘-n iiahpkn * CTO’s*. Passage am
gjr> STA-MT. <'ll II I- |V r .«ou» i.'TT, l:" !
if.tu :u.) ir- Sc-v.^l
:.J» r- j\ i .1.
».: « 11 „1
• : •‘•I «!• u< n tU<-y \*vl:.-.i
«!*■• t .lacrinr-lv*-. tiiir 1.1?
1 > j i*ii;.o.ii
an> of ih
.r «.f !rr-
U'r »|fr.w own Ki..
tin.! it. .hr
liro Hi Hu ‘ ;.I . ;i.r in-
Ill'- IN .'ll I. >u.-ri < lti|«iris tllKiilkl*
l.r[ ill.- t'l.U. t- At i,]*!!! ns. ulul \\ e
Hl.-sm A ItOi.l v.-li\. F
I Oil AN A KMN.M.m have tin* d;iv
j v.:th tti'-m ill the Hunittare Imsin-—, I'liilip Wtl-
*.ut imil l'j!tt;»rU,t;uiii:. 'l!.o »n oi tirr.i will here,
after !,•• Jm-.-nn. \\ ii r o,. ft Co. Thi* arnmge : ne:u ren-
iI.M- 11 tiv-iraide to emw C,e otii l.u»me»* im soon n»
jio<*il,k All u i.o-e Imbiirti'-. have tnslursd.
lire c*p--<-inll) rei;ur*t-.-.l tu make immediato. payment.
Pittsburgh, Jan. I, lei*
*l* OGAX, AVILSOX ft, CO.-ltnporter* or.d
Xj Whole-air Llenlrrs m Foreign nml DomeMie'
ware, t'utlery. Hadiliery. ftc. iao. Waul street. Pitt.«-
burgli. an- now fully pn-pare.l with u n otlv import
ed .-lock ol Hunlwurr. Ae . to oiler vrrv grenl
mitiiL-.-m: n:s to wt.tern bu)«-r*. b-m- determined to
compete in prier* w.iij ,uiv oi the Atlantic etiies. A)-
*»i on I mild mi extensive a...ortifie„t i,i piu.hurgh
llardttur. . vi/. Sf.ovels. Sjisdc*. Fork*. Hoes, Virrv
ftp . all nt which will be. Mild al Ihc lottcM tqauuiac
lurcrV prices ' janl
r PHH ('<>-i'urt!|er.r.ip o. liie n.tisi-rilir-r-. under the
J. lirtti ot lhi U-liiii-o • A Co., i.- this d:tv di
*,»ived li) imitiml cu.i.u.-n:. Fiil.rrol >t« will att-nd to
Hie ,« iiienieiil ui tiie i;u»t;i> *.s of the Uri.u and uw its
name lor that puniovc.r
l/pilK audef'i.-n-d utitr :l.i* ituy torim-d a .-o-parmer-
X the lit A. Hutehmsou ft Cl*..
tor the porpo-e in eiuiti" idie t.u.n.e-s hercioiore
carried on by latwi* Htn- ]•■ a;,,; u coti
iinuaticc id the patroun:;.- hitln-rio extended to the
hotl-e. - J.kSIIIS A HinVUINSON,
Pittsburgh. Jan. I, I : l'.-
THI. sii:.-i riti-r» mu fn:r n i-<-mly eittere.l into
i ; 4 punnrjvlup icub r ftin iinim- of GallugUer, la*:i/.
ft Mi.i-.-r. (or me putj....e 1.1 earn Mg on the Hell
liras.* poumlms: n..d im- Piis»».i b.,. ;! „ in
a!i its braaehes.-tmve mk-u mini iftanrrlt nem
pied by 11. l-Md-tglii-r. No !• "i Fn,.a -ir-n. I.’et.u. ..
tVnad iltlip-sillltllhebl :• t s.. wllr-te the> :ii • • [iroj... <-.i :
I‘iri ute ad ordept tor ib-iis, ot .-very
patcii Msaiui.ihil jobbing prompt.)’i. t-n-b-1 -o
' - a (; \i.i. \r;HriU'
»•. h^mh.i.f.i:.
N It -The alien:*, n \m. hmi-’.s ami i
ttiiu b Mi., 11, .-I-, .-.t *ai|,.-rinr m P.iibb | i; -u;
dec 17.11)
O' ISSOI.FTION • The pa rt tier-lap l*nl*> t•• u x i-l •
lajj the Jl.'e linn ol \v{,-l„m,m ft Hitl
is ;hi-- i1i.?,,'.*,., t.-. mvtunl .l.Uin ln.l
•ctl l.nvi'ii d-p „f hi- . nun: interest to It \\ .Jit
m.n. I'll- ! u.l!i.-s« Ot ib-lm« hrm ttdl be o-itb-.l te.
II W ighimtia.'tt i.u-d ... ,i,*-the mu ttt.'
Im- !u.n lor Unit ||. WIGHT.MAN
-pt-ACNv I *l7l - J. PAI./Kl.f.
TIIK SnbseMb. ris Low pared in m-mtini-nir.-
k'li.l- lift ..linn nod Wooieti >(:«■).. f). HI the .bo*"- •
i-.nee i luk-r- I—ti nt U. Wiglnmaa's 1 Imjiuf! Slu*;- • <>r
.l-1 l.iberi) ni'd U'liii-t Streets, will tn-.-r vve.b
.iti.'innm • || \\ ii;|| I’'.A V
l.s.ieo'. vt . lictween I Vih iul and S indii' k\ m
•jil’.Hsliy AllftJi'"i> . it)
TIMII-. r,vnar)acr*)il|t to..- . voimc b-'i« >•”!* !»'*
X sot—erMfMUndeMhc iirtu ol Wtllliilil ift Dllu.-idi
tt ,S dissolved nil OK Ist m*taul. b) iin.mul ev.’-'-'t
J *s l)ii\turtli,,iu \vhouiili,-»-til,iii.iit,.i t!.i o:dt-ii
m lie:itru-1-,!. will eonue.i- it.- Me gr.*<- .;
bustue.s- at die util stand, ,\u. 'J7. wood •;.
- W.M. 11. WlbliUMS
janl JOHN t*. l)lMV«mrn
n‘ OPK-For sale » b-.v bales Western NcwN'ork
grotttbjtf WiH-trotn .“ to lu e.-nts:
AI-O. Ihtsfcrn am! W-sirrn N Y, eurly piele.l, t 1..-
year's growth.
Prime Ohio do. Hcltnorit enmity.
The gi aerul hiaslcrn rtm* ot' the iscm'ot) i* n(*w bruit;
r. reived I’r-wef» nJll , ~'het* using Hop-. Will find II
u.urli lo their tn!vaunt):*' IC* obtain their »np|ilrir**nj’
Undersigitrit, Us ilu-. mieinl to «'’il llirungh'vii t.tu *ro
so:» at N-'v Yuck pte. c* O. W. .''Mil'll A Co - / • ’ Pittsburgh Hreweiy.
)llll» iMraidiiol nriicle for Clirirtnnui
>ptr*-nt».—Faney.fine ami common finger; olw.Ca
niirv Hird.i of fim* plumage nud song, by ".be pt’Jr or rid
j»|f"one. to suit purchaser**, pau Im obtaiucd nllhe
PiUhhurgli Seed Stuic, Wood »l. ~
rmm tn.* Mcn>auti!c JouruaL
W k license thee tor so much gold,]’
Saiihhey "'ho filled St. lVter's chair,
To pul away thy wife. who's old, ;
; And take om* that is voting ami fair:
hor pnbiir ;i dome .
1 o swell, like heaven's. for us at Rome:
“ For vn rnttcfi ‘.•old \\e I it en«.p thee,”
>o say o.a-la l .-, •'•'a draught to sell.
’I n.-.v- the strong, enslaves tin; free,
An-.! opt-.?- u ale liie gates of llelli
For y-out! requires that.some, '•
buna; many die, should live by KVM.’d
e civil lathers-! while the foes
Of this destroyer suize,t;heir swords,
Ami iioavea's own hail is in tlic blows
They 're dealing, will yo eut the cords
Thai round tin? falling fiend they draw,.
And o'er him hold your shield of law I
Ami will ye give to man a bill j >
Divorcing him from heaven's high.&way,
Aiidwhile God «ayg “thou shalt not kill,”'
Say ye for gold “ye may, ye may?" '
Compare the U)dy with the soul!
Cmqpare the bullet with the bowl!
In which is felt the fiercer blast
Of the destroying angel's breath ?
Which biutl> its victim the more fast}
Which kills him with a deadlier death?
Will ye the felon fox restrain.
And yet take off the tiger's chain ?
The living to the rotten ;
Tlie Gnd-cotiiehuiiitg Tuscan tied, ;
Till by the or on hia bed, ;
poor corpse-carrier dropped anil died
Lished'Uuml to hand, and face to face,
In fatal muNoloathed embrace. !
la's- cutting, the thong \
That to a Ivtutlung corpse, fur life, i
Laches in torture loathed aud'Jup"
Tf.r drunkard'*. eiuhl. the drutikartW 'wife'
T.» clasp that day. to breathe that broathp.
And no ewape. Oh, tuat is death ! i .
i e \e not taliiers ? When your
Lu»k *vmi lor their daily bread, •
are ye i'i mockery load with stapes/:
I he table that lorthetn ye spread ? 1
ows-an ye. liopo your son* will live.;
\e i>'r lislva eerpent give 1
!n'H Cm:| ' Jot <ih iru- ,
I‘r» "ik-*;* r ;i .’tujj-* t>ro;v'!v iront abovi'
U we nt- -,, l r r u> .
Tin* t.f ffu;ii a:nj lo\e
~t: : l m<w
.ir -• .%.*« o*k Tnt'iui*
T.wn-jh i : |!v ,i'. yen *|t-iruu\4
•trillion 11 -hm .'v iMi.u-n-.itnn to-night, yuij
■•‘■ill naniju :nej ii 1 occnp) a liuK'i morq
i/ill'i tu\ Juno in \mp snmif
•*i iin* 1 Appuarjner.of lint
>T"or;'« Tli.w- who. Inr lh«*' first
t.*rsf. u,«- Mm.u ■» Miri.itnr through d
n.l nN U- aoi .ri'.WVs hr :.lxsap-j'
jm >*.•♦•l i’i •• 'rho* arc m’nrhtyi
«.ii.. ■« - and deep!
i t i = >.-- ~o.iv- jH-'i.ap' !i!:eei>.'t>vvutyi
• fu-n -i\y ni riiiinriler. and
'j.Ni- : , ie v-.irav.-,': aiuj rigid
"i> ■ ''* *■: ' * * .’li y n.H-k^j
til*’ ’ ri.-op bili*. k shadows
Hi*'-:. N-i,nv. .-Vii these ibin'.s ard
'' in • >fU on In. ■km'; a;i thfiri
t.ifni'_:. in.- i.-i-- i-opo lor {hi* first rime. one
i«- k.v;-' J'iv • - mi enniiotsee
isioi : ’ !, :»:.'!> .1.- \ ml »•»■ them ill lliu II iljlJmicfi
**t ,‘\ew York \ i-.i « ;ui'iut .see tilt* gray
rocks p’-niivtieg mi U*a«!i(ully at* you behohj
Un'in «vi Himu eanltiv mountain
.1.-memt-er. alter your trle.-cnpo has carried
V'»u mi: .is tar a.-* you <*an reach, then? ip yet
;> vhoV hundred miles tu In? overcnmq.
>•1. ic *;>ile it! all yon i..ui do. and with ail
t".i* aid you can bring, you are a lmmlroii horn the object. * ■ j
But. io we know nothing of the Moon?
An* we mi lar ml that we can tell nothing i\t
tin* ut its surface! 1 answer!:
we know that towering mountain* lilt tho.ijr
U'’:y deep cavern >i yawn, and tlierj*
are vast circular elevations* resembling the
usual productions of volcanic action. And
how do we determine these 1 By fhj?
lights and shadows which show themselves
to the eye we measure the* heighf «;f llies»
mountains, by remarking the relative pos •
.(ion of tlie Sun and the , Earth. We mark
the extremities of their long, deep shadow*,
and tin J that as the Sun slowly thje
shadows by decrees recede towards the
lum* of the mountains; and when noon-dajy
arrives, they entirely, disappear. Then as
the Sun b“gms to decline on the othpr .*i«hj,
the same dark shadow* are cast in ithe op
posite directions. Wc watch them?’ move
ments till \vb ascertain witii perfect certaiil
tv the character of ttio object which casts the
shadow. :uul wo measure its height ’
are reliable facts. i
But the (juestion next comes: How is »t
possible to measure ihe depths uf tlfose deo|p
eaveirs; It appears a- il immense lakes
limhunce filled them, mid J'y :-.*ruo extraof means the water luul been evapora
ted, leavingthe interiordn*. hanl ami sterile.
We iiiul these deaths iti like mamuir ns \ye
ascertain; tjlu* height of mountains. When
the Sim it« first rising it casts its light in(o
these cavities of the Moon; we see shadows
cast by dn| sunward sides, a ml the limits pf
the Cavities me helmed with a degree {if
accuracy stirpassing anything upon the sur-
Uwo of liie Ir’.arth. Kor the shadow* are nht
here so black as upon voider ..rh, Tietv
ate mitigated am I di.-perse«i tto- •,:!i'l:.e iji
ll’tence <>! mir ft:.nap! ?V
Moon jliem i> a., .urim- o .• 1,-t nit*
IK? 1) :t two ••• t■ ] .mhiiimio :•» : -vr'i mu's.
Till! Mooli's lliufSjjllflr. ;! ii.'.ji'oii it
im*-.. mm tv mo ili'ix'i t)i;;u tho ostronio v
rartltoH air !•*!» m tin* roost porlool vacua u
vot prodiuv.l in on o.vliui'sum! rcoc’jvor. It
ran hoi sixain a-ama! lit**—it tMimotstippi tl
rlotiil.' uoriM'i it \n|l,
|oi iJic iisL-nn lli.ii Mi.' Alim:, lias no atinU
s-phiTi’. is ii" ur.alua! failing pway |)1
tin- a- lli. Sun .i-vjw: bfimv I hit
•llii.i/na—.i-> r-.:li. mini .ual W\ol. l'';!: *h‘.
sr.-!i a- '•lirilsHi .'mil .-.‘nijirtv ovrr o(iMavr|i-
ii.;i I. Uic tin*- Sun.
;>v !!.<• uil'lh ol Death: jei.l Ur.iken-HMI lv
lh- • i'.-') -lire/eretl mum,' slowly! \va\u y
tram l.iiii; mumU m lnhil'm liii! lujim** it.
i!*«> ttay-«pri!!;!—but startle inert liii* ve y
/if tila« k;n , s-» i’V : (lie if
1,11* Stlri s mendum “liny. t
A Tin. -a. . — A !;.it‘ foredm pa
|u*r 1 he Hurln-' '** .Yicnlfpse shot,
«Ini-i iti the M.;r»;ui- i.ii I>.iwu;Uli:uhi’i» fiir
eM. l>)tu :*j1 1 •'11• 111 1 !‘ih iliree ot thiMti-rovtu
v.nllrit,.. i ri t»rst*ra!(! style, full
<’• - 1| " At.,l-1-1, vaHly :?i r
‘, a -it'ii r i*U(v : \yns Ut \K\Vi, uul at
lit.) vv-- "i ..!{•• v.ay, ulter-.jtpme Bub:;Uiuti:d
r«»nv*‘wieii-.. none the for
her bat the'purpleJmC* upon her
-t.ieei. ;vt osa-e denoted-such Highfaml Jife
aureed with tier.” • v .
Twenty Dollars for a D intchh —ln i7HI
the continental money had hedonic so dimin
laiirtd in value, tlwl’by an order of Court tho
charge for dinner was lixed at twenty
•—breakfast and supper at fifleea wjllanife
The modemto sumj[if~ iliaj.
charged for half a
0 yes, indeed I take care
whoever else tna' be negll
the hopes ot the ( hurclt
It is related of Dr.'Ariam
tingulshed Irish eommentnl
remarkable inapti :udc for tl
knowledge. He ! truggled i
of his intellectual lonstinttio
with the forbearance of hisj
was eight years o! d, and ml
done so all his lifi •, but for I
a school-male, which awaj
energies, ami lie became l
the school for hu proticior
a preacher of iht gospel a
as to wear'the ride of “
.Clarke was dislin fUished it
indefatigable industry am
resolution, received man*
lions, wrote' sovei id valual
after a labor of lorty yea
Commentary to tl e world,
for neglecting cl ildren, b
alow to leam.
“Take erne*’ tl at the clii
to read and-understand, ar
Bible. It is a char er fromt
sealed liy atoning blood, ai
believer, pardon and sane;',
nal life. Sir Wiliam Jot
of the children.
4*cted. . They are
c Clarke, the dis?
i or, that ho had a
L le acquisition of
,vith the langhor
i in; (and no doubt
i teachers.) , till hd
ght perhaps have
he reproaches of
limited his latent
die admiration; of,
r cy.. He beeamu
it so early an ago
1 little boV”
i Inter life for his
i. unconquerable.
llc volumes, and
»rs -presented his
It'is no excuse
i xaiiisu they are
klren are taught
d revere ore' the
i»* hands of God,
d secures to trie
icalion. ar.d eter
es, the greatest
orieulal scholar if modem Knrope, and a
distinguished statesman ari& philosopher, re*
curded the follow: ng noble icstimory on the
closing leaf of his liibla * I have carefully
and regularly perased the.*; holy
and ain ol opn*i< n ihut li e volume., inde
pendently of its d vine orig n. contains more
sublimity, power, morality- -more important;
history,‘and finer strains of eloquence, than
can l>e collected from all other books, in
whatever language they nay have been
written/ 5 De To tquevifie, the French pliib
onopher, on visaing a Sabbilh school in the
United Stale's, ami seem" [he Bible in the
hands of every clnld. excla med with enthu
siasm, “What a inf uence it will ex
ert on the nation lj’
••Take care ** that the cl ildren reverence,
and sanctify the holy Sabba ill. Teach them
to feel that the day is no their own^— that;
God regulated his own con' inct in the 'great
work of creation villi reference to it. The ;
labor of a religu uplv ordered Sabbath, the!
Christian instruction, soloir nly dispensed by
a-'pious parent on tluit day, will cling to the
.soul train inianc Mo youtl i, to maturity,/to
hoary age. The proper observance of the
Sabbath is one of the strorgest defences of
the Christian religion—ami should 1 God so'
for.-akv ns that its restraints were tlirowii ofij
well might the Clristian tremble,lest those
abominations, at which humanity revolts,
vWhich were enacted at the dawning of the
French Revolutim , when th e representatives
of a'nation decreed they should have, 1 da
• Sabbath and no Lod, night be heard re
hearsed on the sq 1 cons-ccrited by the pray*.
ers and the ashes of the Pi grims 1 ,Let the
Sabbath institution fall, ant all holy institu
tions will totter, with it it to ono common'
sepulchre! i 4*’ • ‘ '
• Take, careijhat theM* lildren go to the
Snbliath school, jl’lierc thoywill be taught
of God! ami all the wonderhil attributes ot |
bin character-.’ fathered into tyie Sabbath*j
school, are thu-st v v. tip are to watch on thr
ramparts ot /.urn, and ttowi who are to ro:i- ;
.my liuse’who arc to |
:he’ post: ol our ‘poh’iful |
who ;[re to dctcruiiae :
ii... ,mr *=■»—is lit*
tfci'duirt. .i id :nc
jur natio sal. liicnuuje fr.r
rue!. 0 let the: pruieii»h‘6
refather*, the stern..i:!\utr
o; moral ritzhi.’ be s/raven
ii* sweet- budding season:
nr far le* of lire upp;ti!in;i
nilu crirn •.? or the “dau
ieari '•instikiilioiis. ‘ r-
tlio idiarj.-utr of'
ilfm?r.uion,> to ix
oi our i’unlau t<
itemble yirinciplc-:
•on their mhi!s in I
a-id -we should hi
•• uierouso
uer " ol our reput
of tjie children,;-
in. his arms, and
Jesus (-hrist
—lie •• irnthera
The scenes of
rarrie* them in
te wsurreedon,
.<) fus own glo*
< ielhse inane. of C
the uenr prospect <
•rate them from
rious throne, eon
his care, and he r rnde it u. first test of holy
love to'nirrr, ‘* Fe< d my lan iba !”
Christian paren . if the fe jUngs of parental
love which God baa. implanted, swell -in
your bosom tow irds voai child, we have,
little .fear'that yen will no' ‘(take care” for
his temporal waits—-that 3'ou jvill fail to
lead, and clothe, mul nurs him, and edu
caic liim in human science :But, Oremem
l*er, that within that little body there dwell*
an immortal natn t\ dcstirt d to an existence
long as the years of eternity? Add the .sa
vor and powers < f vour prtyers.-m the do-,
set and at the family aha , to diligent and;
pious effort; am by the blessing of God.-'
you will be able to say m 'the (lay of final
j .adjudication. u l.c, I. :u*d he children thou’
j h:ift given me ! ’ Ann the J;;«lgo shall reply
ito you, - u Well dune, good an’d*r
! vant. cuter ye ail into the j >y o- your Lord!
1 — Con.
In one of__the recent h
Lieut. Twi-rgs nceivod h
itdes in
is, death’ wound,'
oni. save me.
mblishes the fol
which had been
•d by bis sudden
1 a .pleasing evi
aihaltem had his
it subjects. The
tiior has tuso re
ing a tainilv thus
exclaiming as h
The Episcopal 1
bus pen.
re rcvaili
liev „alibr
•d on rig
lowing lines iron
but w<
exit from life. T
deuce iiiat the
thoughts exercis
i tented at
) ude. lea\
father of the lai
cirntly fallen in b
doubly bereaved
The grass wither
words of our Inn
By tHe mower
Sbou tlid gn
All its Vich lux
All its verth
ult fiuloth, lul the
lor cvcr. r Isa. xi. r*.
;ut down,
,v itliereth—
t ni nippin
lie flowere
i ’ blast
». ‘s lovely bloom.
By the keen ra
Touched, thl
Fades awav. ils lustre
Lost its fragrant, rich
Thus earth’s glories He.*-
All its pride and pom
Sinking info s id decay,
Like tike withered gr.
> uml power
ss and dower.
But the word
Truthful, tit
And-his* crnei
Soul* that !:
ing never—
u«aims •'
ji for ever.
'I he ludht* of
;:om >■* i>i mu.
T. v rove to U
rs'dtv wi
bl’.rV, t‘-
:w uod. ii
prove that oecupa
:« most of them
•on about nothing
employed. \\ it:
trourify developc
not turned to'ivtov
re.of positivo-.evrl
;nvon:it, Wl!' 1
Inge, that *r idleness
-Children should
thus veriuin” i.tu* old ;ul:
i* ilu* moLlu-i of mischief.’
lined imo: ptfiiurinj
ilittlc* office retaliv :
ire capable' of pmj.
la* t'lii'mitagfO,■ <>r< it tutf
to ilo it. -*H)uUI Ihj dUcipli
iuir lorMmmsel es everyil
m tin* toilet, \v) ieh thovi
•should i{!*q keep their cwjt
:r pivse ’in neat order,
themselves whatever' tliej
•they should learn to be ajs
tho.PHrvieeP oftfiUten} as pos
m alike to make a qo<vl Use
nl to meet with lortimcUt auv
ne that may Ivl'aH them. :1
i. ho\vt?vor t'Kiated, in wliicji
vould not prove bonclieial.—
■mntitin of Ckurs.ctcr. |
clothe* and oth
and fetch lor
want: in short
iMli'pemloiil ot
sihle. tium" tin
oi a
reverse of torn
know of no ran
such it system
//inti on the l'o
V Inquuy.—‘-'May 1 not hopo,
John A. HcekweJJ, of Conneq
litciutj the death oi Senator
' In* House* of Hepivsonlativea 7
i %iU'd sinnalv of OUT mortality
iewkat the lurbuieucu ol my
lut lead us all to the adoptfoji
Jo ui the discussion and deej
oiiaut questions before us. iyi
> ‘tost of that tribunal I'cture
if our mimi»or will probably;
the 'session upon which wiy
ftir,” said Mr,.
tiout, in auitoi
Huntuiijton in
‘shat these i«p •
may. chuck now
ijiy passions, ai
ot such a courts
rtion of the inijji
will stand tlicj
wiiicli sume
anpea’r during i
h ive entered. 5
Sekk -Kftowbmeßw-^' Wise men lay; up
i- l lemwletlgef 1 rthe heart lhat,-hatii unrfet
> [wiping-'neekdih knowledge"! heart
’f3g*'tfoe 5 -prudenj getteui knowledge;*'' -tl(e
wifi! »i*eketh knowledge-".’ “ by.
"fralge flhail thy diambexa be tilled'with'
“ a man' of knowledge increaecth
*bj 7 1. “fools halo knowledge/' u !
•y6l. xy. m i3i;;
From the New York Journal 6f CommerW
In 184 G one or the' editors .‘of this
planted potatoes-on land .manured with'TpOr
roeco' tanners manure,- which contains a ,
.good deal of. lime. 'The‘crob was’healthy
and good, ‘while Other Bolds lii ’the vicinity ;
were diseased. . In considering wtutf it yas/ - •
in tire tanner's manure, that protected the •;
potatoes from disense, he«uno ; to the con-
Aiision thntit was principally the lime. Ac* -
cordingly/in the spring of 1847, after jus po*.
tatoes were up amt ready far the, first, hoeing, ,
bo.put about a pint of shell lime (slacked) .
on each JiiJl r having, previous _to plantin'',
ploughed in a moderate dressing oi'Yfjible''
manure. The result was, 200.bu.shels. of the;
finest potatoes to the ;
—on land naturally poor ami Vdndy*. ‘Tlicy •
continue sound and- good. We Werc'ibouf 7
to state these facts for the benefit of ' otlfcrs,
when we met with the -following in '■the A- ’
moriean Agriculturist for Jahuany 1848, (inst
issued.) . . ■;••->’ ■ -
- '‘Hero is a remedy against thc roL which, .
so far as we have, heard, has proved mfajlb:
He'. YVe have published h ;wieeYlreadyiii
liie Agriculturist. b ; ',t uo* one farmer out'oi "\
.a thousand seems to. have, yi't'.i:card r of it;
for the special benefit. th‘’rcfou;. oj theigno
rant nine hundred iiitiely ahd rilne, we in*
tend to insert the remedy two or ’thretrtimes
more. It is turnph* diis*— -
“When the seed ii» dropped, sprinkle about.',
a pint of slacked lime., oyer it in eadh; hill, V
and ihen cover it; ‘ , %
••There is this value about the lime, if if '
does not 1 •n-ehtThe.rei i'i. the potato. 1: will
be worth its cost and the labor of application ’'
m fertilizin'* th.* land.”
The mode of. app'ring the lime, of rather
the time of doing it. recommended by‘--the
AgricullurisU'ia diiieioiu from oursj audrany
possibly be the beat, though we are uotaure
of it; >Vc would prefer that the lime should
not come in immediate contact with either
the seed or vines:'.'ln addition to.the*.je
raark of the-AgricultUrist as to tho value of
lime as a manure, even if it does not pro
tect frnm’diseasp, wo would observe; that'it
is especially adapted to the potato,'impart
ing to thetuberstnat ingredient which makes .
them mealy, and which is particulariVmeed
ed oa sandy soil*. Potatoes of ibo tiisbqua
lity ore now worrit 75 cents and upwards
per bushel,’ tmd will probably be a dollar, in
tho Spring. At these prices, they are. we
most profitable crop that can l*e raised.' Bet
if the application of lime is as efficacious- as
we suppose, and if it shmitd bo 'generally
adoptetl, the price w ( ould* come .down-'to
nearly iis foftner level;
I will stale, a few things that ! have learn-
ed, and they may be of benefit toy our read- i
ers- A horse; th/it is driven on hard roads is ;
liable to get sti(l in the .joims. . Jn. 1833 1 y
had an r animal which,-after driving three or
four days, got quite Farae. An old Baltimore *.
ibid ine to .wash the inarehj legs in
a toler.iWy sdt brine, wliich-was done ;u-- .
conic ’jjynhrce mnns a dav for rite balance . .
o! th* l joiimev. "I‘lic stiliaf*- rii-:ip;n'.areri
in a-Jpw.hiy-j and 1 drnvn in'* inrire ene.
ttnni-aini ionr ljUTaired nuics aHen?,\rd, ami ,
lliciv \v;j* no III*►;•- ‘ion!'!** t;n
Wh.s; aiiMS'-,; me n.o-u -aa.-, ;i;o man: iagia
had I-..01' tn.Jiohl it RUit.*, (Vll-’u l li‘>
1-jitll*' It wnVsb.f iV./ak .*
•mi •.:’•!! a i;an.vyfs*}'.U in. Hri! ;t cu.-.v
getia-r at ew.-v , A li’jck>’Uih» m
.N’p.v England 'rcttian.e-.i :c .iiie't.:)al ,t:t;r' - iyl
had a >i:’jzuiarrapjisir:i;i: c y u hi'f.'.'br
it was -wt; an.t it'i;i
tliis wav:-stil: will tutraet moisiure irginf rim
.atmosphere, which keeps iiu* fool-moist ail
the time; and.salt h;is tiearly the same-ei-
! feet that crease has on a foot or piece of.
1 timber, ~'l'he drippings from salt oa a:lioor,.
|if eontmued long, caimol be” got off:, the' ‘
wood becomes inoist and tough, and so* with ’'
a horse’s foot After washing the legs t turn
ftp tlie horse** foot, cletui the''bottom, t pqdr~ V
the hollow! full of brine, and hold for i'fpw \
minutes to soak the bottom. : The practice
of rasping tlie fcot all over to toiiglien-if, is
abominable.—Farmer and Gardener. : - .
.On every farm there - should bo art ice
house, c.ohvenienUv located, and construct
ed oh scientific principles. . i" , . .
The cunvcnieneo bf-tliese.'structures -can
:,evcr bo duly appr<yiat«Hl-hv sire
ignorant of the many advantages they aißjnj'
tor the preservation'of-butter, inc-ah Ke.ydtv- •
ring .the. warm weatho,' of summon whop
fresh articles are prinic - a;:iriv desfrablis; dr.d -
when the luxury of iced um?er is so rofit’ah' d
ing’m those who arc noressiiridl evposcd Air
tmmv hoars in ltd bold* to tdo direct mvs ot '
itm situ dunrc; »f««-.! . ;s«. pars am or me day.
I ‘ It v.a." luiliicii) r*-.g:.i:Jed th'.u'.L-. ofilO -
small diiiieuhy to euustfTwL -.m- ice house, and
great expense was olieu laiiLout on dutniU .•;
of no essential consequence whatever, an faj i
as the keeping of the ice wa?. concerned.', ’
We have, new, however.'See houses, 6r
repositories rather. in our cellar in the open
JieMs, even in oar burns and
thu cos»-of which, frequently, does/.uoie.v
coed £L'. and in which, icri..perfectly aouhd
anxl good. mav U-. kept the year round.
Farmers who have dairies or who are in
die practice of u:arlt<*i,:nf meat, milk, eggn,
■butter, trait, Sic:, will ti.-ui.'an ice hoi’Se,.ca :
! pubic of ci.:;::di;ing iVoui four lo r nv cord's of
ice. and which util re: ro-r •more than 'ten.
or twelve dollar*, includim; the tilling, (thfc
first year.) wortli twice the amemnt. and 4
source of no small comfort to the family - tit
hot weather.— Gcrinmituu'ii .Tdc^ruph.'
Hr. Wise.—Stave to bc« i**, because, ‘fij
man i.-» commended according to his wis*
doin," and wisdom U pioctabie’.*
He that is wise may be profitable fb him
self;;’ moreover, “ a, wise man', sluifl.'attain
tmio wise counsels." Ho wi.-,e,
dom is the principal thine.'' and thb foot
(or unwise) snail bo servant unto the wise.?
Br'wise. because “the Hit* bfdhe,wise 1 , shall.
preserve them/' ;Ot(k“ wisdom Ftrefigthonwh
the wise more than ten .mem" ;Be .wiso,hir
•■•wisdom shall be the atnluiity.'of thy-trials.’f
Bo wise> for ‘(the price of wisdom w- pboya;
rublesit is a defence."; and ;• >•» better
, than •.strength,” . . ’ 17.'
Be I.nmjstiuoi-s.— v :Bo-not slothful indyiEs
iuess“iheslodiiul shall be undef. tribute;”
-ho that is slothful in ids w,ork v IdbrnthbrAQi
him that Is a ureal waster f 1; idle'soul
shall -uii'.M hanger.”.. r ’ l -
(V'w;:*v; Fstn.—As *jri:n ehhpp*yj
g«irs tari-ier than when'* fed- vvhbtc, byvay 2o per con:, .we i<voimi:en<.i tfwr alf
grain led to horses ajjui cuttle* ijiuatlii bn-iieJs;:
prepared and mixed wiilu-.'n
Tiiis siving in the c>>jsn?uT , .’i-»;i j t i .g'.'.'Un.Jij.
wordiy ■<>'. tjcmy atten h-u a.-.. .it f-
dinner fa *•*-)!. mj.-ci.c/* f>nr-r !i> >n. li*.
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