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TBuRsDAY MORNING,! DEC. 80, 1847
010-'Tea Museum 'Daum Oeserrs peteleeed
' Tn-Weekly, end Dallj
Donseepereeesee the Tti-Weekly nee ueueekper:
exam; tie Wacky Is Tern Dollen per am= Unsay
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Crtaansesem at e easaredi macntaa hand is
Gass. lams banal? pa, mad as "vol . 4, , u,
uttlit I:'*ii .- Itariltiontartie War
ilmer Zfrwhirirt . .. M+ , ,FY WArkst, La..*
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Modal Conoopoodecao of de, IPeutoule Ououe
Weamurron. Dec. 37, 1847.
The wieder le very er and the thermom
; Wu hu nth down to .18. "bean smo,—whieh they
4 ;Mal Mr traIINOI abzwe zero was the cold..
%est weethertithe winter of 1846-47, though they
*of iinses when the thwthemeter run down to
and dateen below sere, , Thews is tamest mow
° oak. 101 l 4 4611. - 7 412 . 1 eislitanll
L.a le rare enamtasat. Fray thin is , meta•
miwierdi into sleigh, both coolant hogshead
to a ewer lea end a mockery Math John Gil.
pin% lithe metal epeedand the ride stout as pine
Ent u ble.' Dr. Franklin ! would dawn to be
called Pkiforoyslier. It for zto other remon then
the Muth= be gore of sleigh ride—witting
of a winter's day Rau the Wu of a tab, end heft
ing your feet in odd yam:* Very ezhiliming,
is it. note-and none the better, when, as hem.,
you el often ride through mad as mow, or with
metteitr - not of Orpittm,ithaf rimmed this ithussa
to malady, stopped the Wools of him: sad usede
Tennant forget hie third, but grating like haul
thunder upon the ..tor . .: more menial than
thswinee sleigh tip:Ptti?lthi)Me or ova a utacede.
The worst Of Waeldngfuo. however, In winter
leer apeth it comes. The winds sweep over the
gem of !emplaced distances," es though the
can of the Winds was Jai,. The bibthliter tune
of Stymy Irene im mark meted the Capitol of
the Nation, and people woad would spare may
ci their anathemo, if they.knew the real maga.
tab of the will where milts. Slavery is en
ethieh tmon the ad where It atm, emits
its own cum skies with; it.
Amman'to the funeral amuses yesterday,
suborn intim eery pert of 1797,
11311 wee cotteerguently little tome than lifty yule
old. r. ha been four rem in the Benue, was
:bleu rem in thi Hanoi of itepresentstivert and
four pima Governor cif Mains, end tud serrecima
ny youth prerdrttieW,th public lite at home. ,
The cams end swum of Mr. Paideld'A death
has been the subject of Much spectilstiota The
belief ;Mat miny is, that he died in thelseTunee
of the operation upon hie Uwe. Time hal been
wield modem examination, but with it mutt dist
maces at divide public °Oblast u to the real came
Of his death. The deceased desired a more cone
piste end thorough mealiest ha had previcaely re.
wired, and advised a deeper build= into the at.
(acted Bair, and the inbudon of sulphide of top.
per into the affected path koupwias there
; wee an *hood thebudatheitua paln, which dialed
itself our the whet* gem, and width increseed
until It ended in dui ditholution.
Ibis lank= of Codegreoi c o mmenced in the
oady;part,of the montb;—thres weeks since to
day.—stei the greater Portion of its Mow, aside
frets orgenhation. ham been in these funeral ore. '
done width ham nowlled the deaths occurring
in the ream. The alma of the Camp have Wrack
deem eamember in the meridian et libt, end the
couttmudeation of . Ide death we; the lad menage
from the two Hems oti Compete That of Mr.
Drumgode was OW pnwintts record, and previous
toll, wan announced the death of Mr. II outlast=
of Gortheoticut, and of Mr. apeight, of Misaiwippi.
Ma Is the week of this; unsparing enewength yet
told in fill.Qdors have died, and twee deaths are
to be recopled,--end if pulthe Adieu may bacon.
vetted lob a pofpft. end them death the 'abject
dabcouno, hot muniiin . non , ban wen pTuth
ea dadas :big asap* amps tn. yearjudez.
*imp Mentmelds, Indeed, he - been the whets
Pear for the wade of await. Meuse has Maud
on Pat. ham, and bloody,tlei th has greeted
mob/ludo of °cumin people In sate:it ha—
Matignon perrading mine and the diadem of
war, Deeth bee bath the great victor of the year,
and has:won mate imbeds than all survivor.—
Time, Weed, are bui' ended fore a time. for in
the gnat Battle id Life, who shall 'boa the
trey aim Dolt, the common leveller and the
ezmunian enemy of the hut= race. s.
_ _
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'-iii:......-; , :i.,'• ..t.„' , . , :...-*: •
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....;.•:- -;';':. 5'5:•.44...
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5-q•0i..1 , ,..,, , ,;4;,..;...,,,i , •:' , 42.
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f4dri ;.!:;.;c i t';''C'' s ,
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1:,5 1, , 'lit'V,gitt . ' ; '..k.l.•;;-•i:. .'i';', 1
r i.- ''.': •:. ...:'. . %. t .'::`:, l '.:-`•:f- . I'
'i,...":,; T!'
~t•:; ! ?1 -i k. 44 ;
v9--,.....F.. 5 Vt1 ....,
~...-0 , -,::,.
i, s z i ,, . - '. , : - • e') .: ..:' ,flt
, i ti lL4,: e:l4 i v l: .,: . ' ,-
.. - f...:.. - -.:A,
1 r... ,, 1f . .,',
..+4..,,, , ,:i'.. 1 . , i=i_'... , , , w ...
..,:i ;
~,..e ; " - 4-4-1 ,11''fft..... -r
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.11.....:g4 4. -..,,,
. t n %4Y,,,.'" 7 " -t `
. 7,_?,
il ''.. 4!:l - t " r ' 'I - 4 +.x.
'.::, ;..
g4;;lT's!: 7:..t , t'
1 'Q ` '',.. :.,` o ll' --
; ' 1 ~,,:.i`.
Tam Chas represents.
teas of the Whip mkt os Wsdoesdey end . LIMB
us s ansfidets Mayor,. who is . no sirens
. m end who neadaniietriumendetiOn at our Moan
sobs an polutto'sets, ',Waal of hie csnaility
- to Maidnistar for anotba Alights he
has so AO dirairgsd, for Quettas tarts now elm- '
Sog. Well es he lurs'done, ma Rey lack for morn
sdhast Sitiot.litimi to COON, es birwill ems.
awns 'nth enaides Propmfy2matteged and DOI
ous taken mall tbs diirolder Nita which snaking
Lmocorro bnu =butt; usnr felts to throw hie .ef
....fmlis:„ The Whip of the egging' it to themselves
*obey ant muntefgak eI&M. in th eir hood
hen& and not tOioffer bed diy prennoest to
mini hurls eon s warm =nit io thspiseutry
. ..uwatirtisori tourist shisklhns Wham: of bpi&
tog tMcity ticket sad,ths rade two Mao i full
€l4ll.lliOD of pubirOotgaton, tonftlogli the as.
isetker ef our gassed Old °Soy, whodeserves to
_be 'tag bin easy &matey ns, ttua. is • nes
that sop Per y Etta/ugh with woo at the
pale. • The duty h *mein upon [bi .. ..Whip to
swot the replarly iimatnetodtkkart,end go far
tee Whig !asps iodide counsellors, farms that
the pintail es Well as the politiaHt prefwn
m a n d setersaniwin bee the honor to apt -e
Wfdivots. Let us biesimited sal beuty,ert-op•
.sistion beteresi Nathan of the Whig perry
•fn oar sun* orhkg."eity. Wets now at the
cannistannatnt of scarapdp that will sod in
the sleetirm of tin mat Porsident. Primal wet.
hiss Isay . witoseateenS &reunion of the maps
ittlysfsaite of , isirdirfates, but so the polls, mob
. she most the einnorneosmi. ws . mg, 'raj
born away dsapalrinl Of "Ce.ti a. Bf ratted end
emerptic -sethtn - loans! inks them Aref L rgit
cagenis,Uce op tbsir put is Melees
110 §:tidy as to determined 'opos Meting ths
r.lrod age Whtg 'Dyer. -
Tut Air= ear Martir..—A Mier in
the flti Leads Smln'eindleallan of Captain
Paw, mla Hi wee diddled that they had anew,
Mau to Wake Jul Of 1 0 et"' oac balsam
and thinking that Uthehlef could • not undommued
lien, binfenadted to Mr. Rant diet ha had. better
acme three ath'at wfileh theater midst a sepal
'tea rest m map. They win and In doing
- coo, made wee of thetr tonethaethef. when the order
woe Oat mint on them, which we did;
weeabehm meanwhile in the rooru ihm ar m t!
Taw sod mpg( wry Wald to follow:dm
bedlam with flit, meth and wo obryed, promptly
• ptheniry them two or threOmila t bin not ruing
within gutobit...'Otreas• return, we found they"
dime bed loon Goo killadoind two fokial"*T.":
• The arm wmaledry in the captain's, uven, be
mod nary andother M induce them to came oat
hut without auctie., They had anew enough to
the poem defend thenneetwo spinet treaty men
'oat they had dramiod to did ntbee than ear
meth& The eap* finally, pm indult° the
Apo thae, end the nem, after dome twelve or
theth,iumeded Tbry had
Went meiyalleg io.Yhe shaped elathing,• which
they mold* ChM hand* era'
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A aro sixtotial on as Stout Hank of la&
Imo. sat 40 1 % 1 3 1 4 . aid nry likely ;to &ohs
dole idiomtockillgos fhosooatoo Dow, to
otiesdoff*,*lk lo at lb' tom* at Nos Albsay,
WOW P. 46114: lase Mew 1843. me met 6
11/0e t6l dad te• "and. nod, Ida the
' satanat the efrOkeio • bid. boklort-idmd 3.
7 OiltiV 7 .l 6- se-00dg Inum, 4 •
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eraslbti -ziur:•.4/1/614Plidat6 of OW ham
OEO4 ,thit-thi-Tnairlie,:ollbailton alga,
ail 00111 . 11.**111 toiqllig4 cii/bArdaigiegas of 1
Mai kit 16117, tug": icy .patoaulasiikaxasti ,
.. - ..., , "..11 pi ibaiii*lrad tiopdiasjimaill ar ,
Z niiiiiatiot-pribtr,!= as th• to r 1
' --' :-• Wkiiii.F.' ''. .. '2 , , :: • '... - ~" ; --.: ';.". : ::.:_:.; :i .
:' ...::: ~." .. •:•• 1 , .i . '' ,
~.7•- : ...,.,.."-', ,: ., ..:,, .-
-_.;,,,,. .. • ~.,. .: -: T.: f it. -F;.., .:.'4,-, r.....• ..: , o - i.0. , .. ..... f ,
, - ;',.i:,' ; :,,:q,f.. "...5.-k:*;; ; :.' i r•.=. -.1 •' - :". i-. , / -,.--::
'..•q4,:-!,1,4.Z....iiir-,;4'.':::iii,i",;:::.-,',-.:.;,-,,:;•:, ;,.. , ,
'A im* ,e-, w i t :.,,,; , 11 ,, ,t , t, , !z....' t3*.: .; :. - .., .•, ' .-; -=;;,-, , - •
. -.- .' ; - . 4A-... , --...4•1-.4.-;11.1.-...„,...4,-;:/,,...g.:;.:,,,,.!-- ..,..`,W-...-t.:,,,-0..',.:.,:.,,...--,.'v,,,,...,-,.r.--,,,-.-..-...-,,,,.... ••,. ~.4 -' . -' , - '
a.,,,,,,v>...:._;,a,„;,...,,a.1.,,i;5...,........,...,,,,,'0.::‘-.,,,,--- --'-' . ,÷-.-1.,..-...,...,,-;:::*77%.,..,:.4.,..y.-ty,-.:-•i,-;:.,..-.A..!;2,-,,:j
- .....,.. „
. . . ..
, .
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O A L 4D/014
, '
'Vcsagress. has .eito • Owwer.ta IneLtinte
r, ',AVOW:J4Om, Dec. 270147"
iniai; aliopiiimiof cia7.atthe
` 7 ictdges#i ahe iktpreiie Caurt op*-the itntita
Elan 'of ileiery, both In a aim seal free .oil:- The
impottatpuld 416321 , 4=4 is 1*
\mikrw, rai public information..•z•
'..Toot the National late'firmer.
„ find amide of the Constitution decimal
Whet all legislativelvowers heroin Slanted Idoll
be Silted' in a Compeer of the - United Stater."
foe: This limits the legielative Winn of Cong.
Teo to thl altaegatealy IF: lit masted poorer..
the merino of tile first ankle at tbo
:Constitution; t 1 ie &dared that Canyon .bill
tutu power .to auras° exclusive legioldioo', in
all ma. eituttaoseer, over .4 district, not ex-
coedit's ten mikes emirs ae May by MA= of
particularStens; and the Lceptance of Congeals;
bemire the Wad of. the Government of the trawl
States, and to exercise like 'MOM' overall pls.
osi purchased; by dm cement of the, Legislature
of the State in which the sane 'shall be, ford the
stectio' is of tuts, ma/mines, inetasis; dockyards,
and titter needfol huildinge"
Under rids provision, the wanton of the Dbitriet
of Colombia was :nods, within which tetvitory ,
along had been long sanctioned, so that the pew
or of Compose to institute it Within the District
. F
did not stir, sal no one, it. is supposed,
contwod that within the canon of a non vs
holding Otani for forts, dtc. Wavers could
lisbolaeery. _.
In no put Of the Constitution are does n nerd
or termed to ea PnVerly. they arm designed "
pawn& In thew:old section of the first article,
which apportions repoesentatives sod direct title;
the. words office-fifths of all other prams"
dude slaves. . They are rote/rel. to In the ' loth
section, of the mos arilcle,"Widch declare that
"the migration or imputation of such as
iiir a the States now adding shall think per
to admit shall not be prohibited by the Ven ice.
prior to the Best sighmin htmdred and eight."
and aim in the second section of the (With seri.
, de, 111 edition to: fugitives : from labor. -In no
other part of the Conatitntion Is than MI refer
-1 Imo to slaver. , ; I
In the third section of the 'fourth article it. is
I dictated "that Coe greed shell hate power to die
pose of sod make sit needialialea and regulations
!'respecting the territme or other property belonging
lathe naiad Swim" The' power here given, is
limited*, the regulation of the property of the
Government, and may be exercised es will within ,
'sande ea • Tenitory. It gives no arms power
to Institute a territorial Government, or to adopt
regulations' beyond the yee;& object: of the
grant, Congress are. authorized "to dispose of"
rite territory (land) De other property. Political
power is not," it would teem, within the grant.
This Is exeidend too deer , to he controverted. ..
There le no specific power given to Congreee,
kith', Conwitution. which authorises the end>.
lishmient of a Territorial Government, except that
1 which reline to the District of Columbia.
'The Ordinance "far the gomnment of the ter
ritory of the United States northwest of the deer
Ohio" was approved 7th August. 1787, which
was before the formation of the Constitution of
the United States. That ordinance provided for
the' first Ufa email vides of Territorial Govern
ment. which - eitended over thatttereitary that in
clude. the present States of Ohio:lndiana, Illinois
and liflchlgsn. Bc/Parild ZaniCtrillGOVet=eaS
were formed under the ordinance, en the Presto rl
of population required. This provides for the
government of all the teniticy ceded to the Union
at the adoption of the Constitutiorn and this fact
may have been wappcsed to render any provision
on the subject in the Constitution cmecessary.
Oa the 7th August, 1787. the ordinance was
modified by so 'set. of Congress, lk I so to adapt It
to the Cinualtotion.;—: -,
On the 25th Fltikairy, 1790, North Carolina
ceded to the Union territory which now coned
toles the Stale of Tennessee, Which was accepted
by act of Congress on the 9d of April 'ming.
In the set of , cession, meant other provident& it
was stipulsbal what no regulation made, hr to be
mark by Congress shall tend to emancipate
slaver," and on the 26th May,1790, by the act of
Compere, the ordinance of t 767, withcertain es.
tepees in the act of cewion, was adopted "for
the government of the.teni t
_ag of the United
States swath of the deer Oh :1
The first annexation of foreign territory to-the
United Stake wu Louisiana within which ala
i very existed coulee the Frenc h and Spanish Gov
ernment& Florida, which was subsequently an
nexed, was shoal slave territory. Texu was a
stays State
If any part of Mexican territory shall be an
mixed, as slavery I. not sanctioned in Mexico, it
mut come into_the Union as free territory; and
the important quesiem arise. whether Compose
haws power to make it slam territory.
i No question L. better settled In this country
lan th at slavery exist. in •. •itate by vistaed the
local law; that .the poser r the subject to ex.
r defively meted in the state; sal that Cortgrirs
except u lathe recapture of elms, can exercise
nn powir over It. ' •
The relation of muter and stave is &pandit, t
opon the local law; sod when the slaws amps,
by any means, to • fltateWherre each relation does
not exiat,he is free, unlaw under *general leer he,
may be receptured by Me master. The Canstite
tion, which authoritative reclamation of fugitive.
from labor, is the law bf the Union on thin sub.
jut. There la no principle in the laws of 'nations
nor in the common law, are between wreerelPties,
which authorise. a receptor. of a fugitiee shoe.
These principles will not be dliputed by any one
who has e x amined the decisions of the Comte of
the United States.
Under the Article. of Confederation there was
e provinces• foe the return of fugitives , from jor
tics, but narks in regard to absconding. Waves.
There was, thantire, no obllgation on a free State,
unless Imposed by its own law, to dept., up a
slum, nor wan there Any legal onus through
which this master could claim tbe fealties. The
ineetwergence and collision vrtacte frequently a
rose from this State of things led to the above
• pavilion in the Constitution.
The power to institute slurry belong. ado.
duly to the commul ty in • Which It exists. In
the langtergoof Chief leeks Teems, In Groves
so. Slaughter, 16 Peters, 509, a Siatio.hai a right
to &side for ihelf whither it will or 'Wilmot admit
slaves tnitehreught within its limits from another
"State;either (or sale or, for any other purism; and
also to prescribe the *awn and mods in which
, thy may be introducK and to determine their
condition and trastoseetpand this actionManot be
controlled by Convrt, either by virtue of. Its
power to regulate commerce, or by virtu* of any
other power conferred by the Constitution of the
United States," •'
And in the case of Prim es the COmetemeereelth
of Pennsylvania; G jPetars, 61 I, the , Supreme
Cant say: ...The Mete of shivery i. deemed to be
a mere municipal regulation, founded upn and
'limited to the range of the territorial laws;' and
"it is manliest from this consideration : that, if the
Coruna - don had suit bontained the chose for re:
cepticni,imny nonsidaveboldleigStata la the Union
woad have been at liberty In have declared free
all runaway slaves eventing within it. !Mike, end
to have given them' Weire immunity and prole°.
lion &phut theclaint e f their maters.";
The true ecatattu ' of the Constitution le,
that implied powers can only be. exercised in car.
rying Whiten! a specific power. And this ap:
plies/ion is Limited to wick manure es shall be
appropriate to the object The h an admitted
and rise rule of umaltectbin. It is believed to be
the oily one which has been sanctioned by maw:
men and jurists: Power. exercised beyond this
have not derived - (rose ate Constitution; bat must
depend upon an unlimited discretion. And this
devotion& 1 '
_is Now Mere is no specific power in the Coned.
tothit ' which authorizes the ergs:Antlers of a
Territorial Guam: writ. Such a power was giv
en in 'viatica to the District of Columbia, end it
wan equity neceenuy to regard to other Terrine
rise. But if this power be implied front the spec ,
tic power given to regulate e - Me ifsquirition of the
pub lands, It must, union the above rule, be
limited to means writable to the end in eierw. If
Congress go beyond this in the orgailution of et
Territorial Government, they set without limits.
lioc, end may establish a monarchy. Admit that
they may organise • Government whiebehall pro.
tat the lands purchased end provide for the ad:
roluittration of justice among the settlers, it d
by no mesas follow that they may establish
very. - Title is a relation which me tie cue
by the local sovereignty. It is a municipal rept
Moo of limited origin. It is a domestic- relation
our winches Federal Government can exercise
no control. •And, above ail, the institution of
slavery is not within soy Impliation whkh can•
be drown from the power to regulate and dispo4
- of the public lends or other property of the
told Stews: As beforeremarked,' slaves are not
treated be the Constitution asproperty. They err
madepropeetl by coke local - Lew.
•The Supreme Court of the United Stew bare
decided that, under the Fewer to replete com.
rums stoops the States Congrees conla•not
wife" with, the slave trade between the Slake.
And with how with greater propriety' sod forty
of argument collides* a power be anatained than
thepower to establish slavery in &Territory. In
the letter there limiting' from which the power
ci s be implied, while the fmner i f -admitted to
loath altcoototra4al dirallittenexat 'the Male&
And it was open the Pound that brew Coostita•
Poo doss werelreated. argon* end no t
propitty, that they win held not lo seine within
the orewiertriel pew. UCeslgrns, tinder any
wow power, may *ante sliveiiin* Territory
of the United Sesta, on widek stronger mind.
may they UMW" the momii.elpyinstisvir the
tmositand ae)i'of isles =cps tUfttptes ,
the neritoriell ; oilistitiena and Forth
**llool/00210101,114 sitsot,nt.
elated slavery. 'But as behito rentalt4 sleseti
existed in those Tenhaje s it the time they were
ealeato the United t3tatar, and,. in del , Utstra
ce•dat d Loiti4itia the United awe. bond
to protect the property, and vises with•
in the tasty.,. And it ii singular that this 'feet in
the Irtwestri eontamery was not, I believe, relied
upon by the South. It was the strongest petition
that amtd have been taken of that side of the
question. ;
If free Wirte ry be admitted vol Congress boa
not power to institute &very within it. the Uni
tary must remain free omit the people shall form a
State Government; Men the question May arise,
iu I exercise ot:thie sovereign:rawer, whether
Amery shall be admitted.
Con the President and Smite by et truly es.
tablish slavery in the new Territory? Such e
power is not found in the Constitutiennor in the
laws d nations. '
The ma i by dm stetmee have aerived, bat
bring us little to add to our telegraphic report.
r A Free& paper, the Plena, states that the
United Stares government has punt:art the Is
land of Lyra tom Greece, and waist once pay off
the mortgage des. There is some obscurity about
this.: We have no natal depot in the Mediterrae
neon, end this bland may bore been bought for
that purpose.
IttiEngtish Ministers are congratulating them.
saves upon the Index of geld from the United
States. Bat it is imbed, with much pertinence:
.Bat whence is It coming from, ind ander whet
tirccurotamiesl • From penies in Genisny, Pam,
els, Runiaand America, in order to momphe bills
which they drew rition the corn they exported to
England, aid which bills were dishonored ill this
country. The torn held in England on thew for
eign accounts, is not' worth ten @Minim in the
pound Mats amount originally drawn for. Hence
the necessity of remitting gold. The gold comes
here as an unavoidable substitute.
Will Lord John Russell bare the 'courage to.
boast that by his invited Ind encouraged influx of
foreign Corp, he has succeeded in cheating the cit
izens of the United Stateel Will he swell at the"
feudist to have got patiesaion of their breadatutre
without ogle( for them, and have anapelled the
muebenta o! New Yeah, to remit gold to meet the
diahooorid &attar
Tha Americans, having ban depriitsl of their
expected poetics by this ySty honorable financial
°potation, will retaliate is ware as dos sun shines.
As we have not paid for thi can they sent us,
they will not pay for the manufactured goods we
have sent them., Let the manufacturets of this
mouthy enter this Treat face in their hooks!"
We beg those who have talked of Liddell free
trado to muk thfs. English writers boast of get.
hug our brevlstuffe. and now laugh at their our
cess in getting back the gold which she mu to
pay for it in her Murals.
The news by the overlaid mail is of no interest
in the United States.
The! crops of Egyptian produce taken in last
April and May. were tepidly aiming down to
Alexandria from the upper country. They are
generally short, and that of wheat 14` . particular,
was deficient. Prices were quite nominal, hold
ers prekoriog to ship on their own account Tether
than eabmit to a reduction.
Tim Saahanas. Bleating and Taderalb=
To tAe Whoa of the Pittsburgh Geteette:
More you any fondnem for the 'libations. If
so read Mr. Mceandlnie rigmarole resolution. at
the Buchanan meeting, the whole burden cf
which baFederalima—Federalism—F.Teralistn.—
I due Mr. McCandlcai or any other .rrsponaible
Mend of this modem hero, to deny, that Jams.
"Buchanan cum into political life as a Federalist,
always acted with the Federal party and was at.
way. known as the mestactino and Fedor
*list •in Lancatierscounty, • until long after pe
Federal party caul:ate @rides a party.
I charge that Junes 'Buchanan during the late
war with Greet thitaii. at a foioth of July cab
linden of the Federal petty, in talmster, made
a most violent attack upon the war, upon Midi ,
sottleffenen and all the:leading democratic men
and incostues of that day. It•wa. about that time,
that this saidlsmes Buchanan doelinid...ikett if
he belieeed he had a drop of I . .kinocrafic blood in
hit wins he tobutllet it orst.",
.1 charge that in 133, hawse Buchanan .00
one of the signentta secret circulu urging open
She Federalists of that day. to vote fur Gregg for.
GOTOMDf, in preference so Shultz& the Democratic
I charge that James Iluebanan has d e ni e d an
eia I"tmnaylntalan, that being a wealthy old
:Bawler, to avoid the lliWaia tax, he flu with-
men ill his goods and effects Goat this Stateo.
hiss:ante is not on the Asistssors books in Linear.
ter eousty: that thoughworth $lOO.OOO ha is not
now paying 0130 cent of tat in Peamyl amis. My
authority for this loot statement ii that distinguish.
ad Ismoroe), Rea/amass, made in the Losothco
county convention of that smutty last August.
Now in view of these facts. I think James Bu
chman's preteralans as a Democrat anti as e Penn
sylvanian, viii regaits something a littie imager
than the wands of the last night's meeting to
sorban them. I think at least, the Committee on
Resolutions should • haws soosht for something
else than the slang pitrise of Federalism to sus.
hllDfillrA 11112/34.7 ern DIBT,..ThB revenue
In Indiana it not generally made available to'. the
Tommy before- March. The amount in the
Treasury applicable to the intenst on the State
debt, due the Ist January, 1848, follo short of the
amount required, and It has, therefore, become
neceetary to anticipate a portico of the revenue.
in order promptly to meet the' IntartU.' Thiagle
Legislators, before iu hasty adjournment, author
iced. Ths January, intereet will therefore be
.promptly tool, and no fears. are entertained for
the future. Indianan too piond of her .position
as a debt, paying State to seal her intermit to re.
mein Impala.
For the year aiding lit of. November, 1847,
the tolls received ott i that canal 'abeam( to $125,.
982 71, an increase of $20,225 67 over tho ro.
ceipte of last year.: The relent trustees took
posacerion of the canal the Ist of July, 1847, and
since then the receipts have amounted to about
$76,000, exceeding, by about $lB,OOO, the receipts
of the coneapanding period lesiyear.
The and finished to 'Mal Creek, Puke
I county, 189 miles in the, Btata.of Indiana. It Is
order contract freni Coal Creek to Terre Mote,
I 311 mU.e, which section is to lie finished by No ,
'ember. 1848. The remaining 150 miles to
'rvansvilki, is to be pat under contract immediate.
ly. :$8,143,000 of the Egan 'boode have been
entricribed to the canal .loan of ,$llOO,OOO, • little
leas than 10 per eent.,No mere can be allowed
tortubscribe. The payment of the unsalsalbcd
stark, principal k interest, isnot payable until the
subscribed bonds ate paid.prinripal and interest:
The receipt. fu land sold :by . the Tunnels
amount to upwiuds of $90,000, af which $28,176
liila available 'fonds epplicablet to canal
nous. The first instalment. of hiterest on the ea.
nal 6 per cent. lout certificates le in bend, and
awnl be paid the Ist Jamie,/ next, when it fails
due, and this Intereri will naloneafter punctually
The proem of the Truitets so far, le very
satisfactory, and give WIRII4the of good man.
'gement hereafter.N
Boreini.--A•man in ricer:me Ky., a few days
since Immo:aged Suicide in a singulammMer. lie
went into girrneary in that town and purchased a
bed eontlitforming the money that he l intended to
hang himself with it. This ramark las taken re
mar* • joke. and no attention we. Paid to it.—
A feir hoard afterwards the than was found bang*
ipik dead from the johns of a new building, ban
ins made • slirmome of tha cord, pat him neck
Into it, and leaped from a barrel. No emus for
the act is known . 'l7
The 'Vermont Legit!atom has .passed an Act
pratidifig that all real estate, and the rents, issues
and profit. which may hive belonged to 'woman
berme minima, or which she May inherit during
marriage , shall be eiernUt from attachment or levy
gor tha 'sobs debts of her hanfiand and that no
transfer of either made by 'the husband shall be
eallil,unkew she shafts'', aign a deed." Married
women are also authorized to demise such proper•
ty by will.
Lao* Waaaaarri.—Elesen thousand three
hundred !and ieventeen Mexican bounty land war•
rants, for 160 'acres cub, kayo been ironed, and
1,120 for 40 arses-in all 1,216,846 wet, of
which only 3,620 acres have bemr located. A
land wartant I. worth only . $126 at. Washington,
but as good as $2OO In arch,' 'to j the Western
buyer. They are not good : for preemption right
Huta V,..Taturr, Esq., hu resigned the
office of Mayor , of Galena. As a carious and
taro oocurreue,:we would mentit t thst the oc•
Mg= of Mr. Truett's rear:utile , was his re.
foul to lien an ardirukneac ponied by the Alder.
aalisilowing himself Ellact s year for his sondes,
end MOO for ach 'Aldenasn. Mr. T. headed,
that when sleeted, the people expected they, were
to serve without psy, .
arm w 'nun ; TUX% ARMY
By halt . uishts • we have Intelligence
which ainfinie the truth of the report publiebed
in - our Telegraphic .Deepritchre a day Or two since.
Gans. Pillow. Worth, aid Lieut. Cot, Duncan
been been placed tinder wrest, for violating - army,
regulation; by sending hem letters reflecting on
the 'clisiseter of.cdrausella .the . service Ursa of
contaminants& Geo. !kat.: , . .
The forte ot lissattaa'and ste ,la
pismio !Ed ths'Amaieui Naval tea s. •-- •
"tr , r) ,( ;) , z_
The Convec t ion"to nindnate a . to ha
euppoited ai:the earning election for , i hf il ltyor, by
the Whig and Anticuurais putt. of tsbnrgh,
noet prusnant toidiournmerk4 at two olk p. m..
`on Wednesday.
The delegate. cf . the Third ward presented
their iredentlala, lied were aitiehtei to sesta in
Thu rollosiing is a . rut of delegates rota tho
wawa wasda:
First Ward—Alleri Cordell, If Hap, (in place
of Bamuel Barnes) - 8 F Von Bonhorst William
Ocoman, - Wm M Honk. (in plaeo of T K Liteh.)
Seeorut- Ward—Wm Wileao, James B Merry,
George Humbert, (in place or Geo SMor). J W
Cook, Jamb Weaver.
• Third Ward—Joseph Mattollocgh. Joseph
W Lewis, Jame. Montooth, AndcessMeMattors
and Thos Scott.
Fourth Ward—Wm McCandless, Jae McGon
egal and John Glslishrr, (in vises of John Jack
and F 8 Guinosn) Wm D Graham and Jos A
Fifth IVardChaa Ferguaon. Wm Ruch, J
"Cowell, T K Liteh, (in place of J V Myer.) ends
'John Jaek (in place of Daniel Taylor.)
Sixf/S_Warif—James Lowery. jr,. John Barr,
John Sahli, Thin. Cunningham. and J M Brum)!
Seventh Ward—William Wilson,lemea Roed
Henry Lytle, Alex. Franklin W kJ Arthtuk
Eighth Wand—Jonph T Aferkeßeorge Moore;
(In place of John Allen, first aubstitute), George
Reim Jacob Greene. Christopher King.
Ainfh Ward—H Haulmend,Johnyox, Robert
Hill, Than. Simpson, and William Black. ".
On motion, the Convention resolved to proceed
to the nomination:of candidates, whereupon Mr.
Mootootb, from the Third ward, nominated Ga.
brill Adams. Mr Wilson, from the second ward
nominated Charles B ScUlly, A imitation was
pawed that the nominations do now close.
On motion, the eecretru7 proceeded to call tb
list of - members from the nevem' wank, rub mem
-bor Toting •ire coca for the candidate of his
choke, u his mune ww called by, the octet:try.—
, when it appeared that Gabriel Adams bad 25
votes, and Cheeks S Scully 20.
The President announced that Gabiisl Adams
having the highest number ;of — votes, was duly_
nominated u the Whig awlAntirasonic canal.
date Tor Mayor.
On motion. the convention adjourned.
_ .
' Hoc AAAAA Mricerso.—Tha meeting to make
puklic opinion in fever of the Sec tiny of State,
was well attended, bat the milord re lu a great
measure absent. The resolution. dopooil are re
merkable for nothing except the el halation of one
obsolete phrase, and that, Federalim. After slurs
king the ghost of that superannatid were in the
most violent manner and execrating all who ever
bore it,tho farce closed by reCominending for the
Presidency, one who was while the Federal party
lived its staunchest supporter, and who in feet was
ea clinch Ottacheil to his old aziociations, that he
stuck to the name for;yearkatter the patty acting
tinder it area dippened!
This recemmendatiesi of Mr. Buchanan to the
Democracy on the grohnd of hie freedom from old
Federating," is the mew laughable joke :of the
mason. We hope the ' , democracy" will bellies
the resolotiong, far iti would be moat unkind to
oblige the wire piillens of the patty to prepare cut
a tissue of petty attempts to gull thermic and Gls,
and be cannecessful sitlast. No man who can
teed will be ea/4bl bi ouch a palpable falsifim.
lion of the commonest fact in Mr. Buctionan'spoe
Mica! himry.
setter c'otiedtr.—Dec. 27, 1847.
APetition on the rehjoct of Green .tenet, in 7th
Ward, we" rea,d,refcired, emit to C. C. and the
reference concurred in.
A remonstrance against altering the
of 2J aLreetwae remised referred.
A petition fronsj W Biddle relative to taxes
war read. On motionithe Mayor was directed to
draw hie Warren( for ort• third of the taxes rowel
ed from 1835 to .1844 rent to C.C.
• A Resnltitton authititing the payment of R E
& C McGowan for saviors was adopted sent wet
to C.C. •
A. Resolution for the mment of ono half ant
per Mad to the atalieotllo( • list of the taxable*
of the eity—paosed, and was sent to C. C. •
The bill of the Cu compeny for 'S3G22 for for.
nithing the city lamp. with (he, woe referred to
the Committee on Claims nod Accouota with ins
genetic= to report at , thg neat meeting. Bent to
_ Th e report of the tommi wee on the subject of
repairing the Anneal:id by subscription, was' read
.and tottered at large .!upon the minutes.
A resolution to pat J W Biddle, s s 7,—Wighl.
&Charlton, $7,—.1 L Kincaid. $3,50 and Har
ebell Orr, $1,53, wax read three tiro e, passed and
sent to C. C.
An ordinance relative to standing committee*
wax also adopted,
A resolution relative to Mr Ligtdman Was read
a third limo and adopted.
The Clerk of C Cpresented a resolution adopt
rui by them to appropriate $5OO for the city el
Cincinnati, to twist ju telleving the distress occa
sioned by the latellacid, arida was read, and on
motion amended by Writing out $5OO and insert.
ing 300—and Ineertirig .301.1 for the city of Lou.
Wyllie: The resolution was then Selopted and re.
turned to the C.
The Mdinance relative to the grade of Falb
st, was antewled and laid upon the table.
Adjourned to meet on the sth of Janney,
Ccreatox commuracation from
G W:Smith, was mid and relered to committee on
1111 properly. :•
A communicatiOn relatiee to Gum street was
read and referee, to the appropriate Coramitied.
A communicatimi rotative to a lost bond, was
read and refered to the the committee on Finance.
A respiration reldtive to the appropriation of
money for the relief ht the euffsrere In Cincinnati
was pawed and sent to the Council. •
A resolution seducing the valuation of ■ tot in
the tat Ward, from 55000 to S( 000 - for the per.
pose of'city taxation. way read three times and
adopted end sent to! C.
A reeolutiotr directing the Street Comialaner
to have the sower MU the torpor of Watson, and
Shingle; eremite repaired, coat not to exceed SRO
—Read three time, end adopted and commit in
by 8 C.
A serial of resolutions for the payment of
damages and the opening of Clark Street. were
read and refined tei the Corn. on Street•, Arc.,
to confer with the City Bolicitdr. Sent to SC.
• Adjourned.
At a meeting or the committee for the relief
or 'the Sofferare by the Flood, in the Ohio Riser
the following Gentlemen Mara appointed Ward
euronthiees, and WO requested to report as soort
no cansenient W the; general eon:mitten.
Bar.Aarsta. Cheirmsn
Id Wud. W It Browne, dotal B Guthrie.
2,1 " Wm J Howard, John C Davitt
3d " John 8111ptorh.LMcDevitt.
4th " Richard Edviardt, John D McCord
6th " Jamas Laughlin, James Blakely,
61h L R LivingmOn, W B
ilk " W J Totten, John Harper: -
Bth 0 ' Samuel Caskay, W II Hartley,, •
Bth Wm McKie, Joel W Lelghtner..
K Mcnehen4l, Joinati King
It S Casset, John Morison.
EXHIBITION or, Isurrrao..—The procedre
of the exhibition 1 . 0 Phil - U . llOl will be Riven to
the soldier'. widows of Pittiburgb, who bare fallen
in Mexico. Tha picture., mice they were last
exhibited here have been much admired, and come
back-with general approval added to their own ,
real merits. Major !teeth a nephew of Gen. Scott,.
will we are told. make some remake in the eve
Ring: The object for which the receipts will be
devote.] is a goal One and should 'threat a good
Locoroco CoIIVENTIOX.-11* Locofocos of
•db city beide concentlonyeatordey at II o'clock
A..M. for the porpooof nominating a candidate
for of Mayor. On the third ballot, Mr.
Kerr wu nominated.—The vote etriod Kerr 28
McGraw 15, Morrow I.
WsDoes your hair tall off, does your hair turn gray;
lilt harsh, is it dry, or dirty.' prayt .
thus, you out mike it sett, allay and fine,
Dark antheatthy, and beauteous *A tilts hair ormolu:
" And to have this, you have but dare shillala. to give .
For • bottle of Jonas' Itair Flestorative. •
.ileiler,tf you have had Our you would really be as.
toniabed at the lovely etrekt a three shilling bottle ef'
Jonas . CoLac DLitt ithreoltailva lAA on nut need. but
one intl. Sold ai 86 Liberty at. ' nrlldAwl y
11.7Irellesi Teeth alto amid breath,
Raorigy Gana like rumen death,
Is repalslve and disgusting.
All eua d - to ve teeth wane its pearl,
Sweet breath—bard Rums—sonn or Ehl.•
Why delay?—Nay, quickly haste
And - use alioi Grimm' Loath Paste. ,
It one but ta cents, and is really a beautiful article:
listen the teeth a fine enamel.. Sold hi Pittsbargh at
ffleLibeny eirledtsslY
- 0 - Doet have yellow dukTbeit—they cube coadci
dearly yrlbte by bap tme gain; a box L
ig Jams' dam*
Slams PAM: Ithanlem the pm', wnt swee We breath ,
40 - ...g01d at amium R .• • . an9dtily
Corruspoadilims, , st Pittaburrik. tuisetti.
Withingta, Dee. 29.
TEI Sonata; wal!ialled to order ; ` by Vbre
.Prerideat at du nail hour: Prayer by Pdriattr.
le/. • ,
report fro!DOO B tallaz7 dam Ns)7, »hake to
the oxpeoditais of tit) contingent tututsppropris.
tion. (•
Alm the input of the Secretary of the Temas* ,
ry, relative tolhe pulite lands at Suitt St Marie.
Mr. Cue final the Committee on Military Af
fairi, reported a Mil relative to alfein In Mexico.
Also, one relative to the Volunteer, now. in
Mr. Aituarti,m, from the. Committee on Firma co
reported D ill proviling for defkienciee in the
'Treasury,,for . t eobsistesee and aperepristionr.
Agmnblila pfeldollll notice, Mr. AlMai tiled
and obtained leave to Wing in a bill relative to the
Ptak Lunde, and a tenerallre-emption saw,
Mr. Wescott from the Committee on Osbitita
and the Patent office, reported a bill to Masan
the number of 'examining clerics. . . :
Death of ;Charlie' 0 Stewart member from
i la
. Michigan, w announced and the Senate iajourn.
In the rinse, the death of -Mr Stalwart of
Michigan wee announced, and alter the idomlon
of the mist:mug resolutions the Homo adjourn•
ed without ll'aneleting any business.
Corre• of the PiatabaricOszetto.
Beireatoss, Dec: 29-9• A. w.
The Morit a / a d Legialatdre met yesterday, and
wu orpnizJd. Williati.l. Blackstone, froco.St.
Mu 7■, wee elected Speaker of the Nowa of Rep.
rueok6•a• I I The old clerks were retained.
a.m. Quitman end Shields ere new in Wash.
in I won leave for New York.
Correspondence of the Pstisbarih aareste.
Si. Louis, MU. 29.
The W Ch er ha s been wetnurely cold, until
wilhist asb t time put, and navigation ie now
&Wed on al aides. The rives is gorged with In near Usk The wes weather continuo wet, and
1911IM lot weason. The steamer Messenger
arrived ere from
i lk
hu rn Pittsburgh.
Cones mince of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Loulivilia, Dee. 29
The Portland Coital, which wu closed by mad,
canted by the recent (rubel, will not be opined tor
a week to come.
Dec. t9,-0 P.M.
The Stnge from colambus to this city, ups* . t
tuna Xenia. this morning, One passingst wan
I Thrua are three mails do. ,
Elsla•ive Correspondence of Ilia Yntsbataa Guru,
Philadelphia, Dee. :9, 10 A. w.
Irbe =whew are you dull sod price. in mom.
ly nominal. No oaks worth rewriting:
Philadelphia. Doe, 29,5, P. A.
Flout—ales 'of Gams. Mande, to • limited
extent id $6,5016,624e.per bbl. The 'market is.
steady. but'net settee.
Whist--Prime dial iu.bld, withetit isles at
143 per ho.
Corn--f3Alas of Prime Yellow, at .66a64e per
eotioni—The market is firm, with asks of
Louisiana st 8193 c per lb.
Pork---Sales of Western No I Men at $9 par
bbl; and of Western Prime it 58,50 per UM.—
In provisions, very little u doing to-4y.
Grocerica—Sugamare in fair demszut—Ceee
and Molasses are without change.
Correspondento 04 the Putsbiteri, Cisene.
. Barroutaz. Dec. 28.8. A. K.
Flour—The Martet, with a moderate bonnets.
I. In favor of the buyer. The foreign news le
soot yet digested, but holder. attesting lower pri
eni. Comae, brands are selling at 56,25 per bbl.
Grate-Prime - Red Wheat /a wilting at 197.
per bit. Hales of prime White Corn 56a511e per
be; Prime Yellow at 60a 1 32c per ha. The de
nand for Wheat and Corn is good, bizt the trams•
anions are notlarge. Other grains me steady.
-Beef Cottle—Sala are quoted at 1 $3,00 per
100 lb. glow ,
Pro•6tgo.—Sala are only the supply of the
regular trade demand. Lard la ;dull and Luau,
The markets generally-are without change.
Bannon, Dec. 2'9, 4,Z. M.
Ploar—Moderata'allesef Howard Minn brands,
at 56,1111 e per :1,11,_ City Mille bratide are held
et 118,37,v per bbl.
,eat—gale. of Prime White at 144.147
pct bu. trine Red is selling at I 36. per bo. •
Corn—,Moderate sales are effected to-day at
26a58c per ha. Prins Yellow is selling at 59a
61c per bu.
O.u—,`Sala toe United extant at.3Ba4 It per
bo. •
Whiskey-811es at 28a29ic par
Provisions—Balsa ars mainly for tha supply of
the molar wads &uncut, Lard is dull; and-tend
ing downward.
Lard—Sales of Western at 77 i a8c par lb.
Bantu—Sales of Wootton shoulderiat 6401.
101de. 66a7C par lb. •
Esti estdc--Saks et $3,124e pat 100 lb' grata.
Cormipondeneo or tho.Pataburyb Gaiette.
Naw York, Der,. 29, 9 r. x.
• rectr4-Ttere is no marked change Irom:yater•
day, be the =Asti. if anything more
Them to ■ demand for attipmact, but at low Mel.
Grain—Holders of Wheat are Sue sad bums
jdo not meet them. Corn and other Orate)s am in
steady demand at preview rates. The demand
for corn and oats is steady. Rye la in fair demand,
j but rather dull, of Corn, New Prima White is
Rattling at 70c, and old at 72c per by.
Proviajons—ln the attrace of any speculative
demand, salvo are merely lot the supply of the
[regular home demand; Lard is very firm, and
held higher.
Stocke—The market is steady-and without
E.cluairo Correopuolnce of the PitleaVigh Goutte
Cincinnati, Dec. 29 6, e.
Provisions—Tbe market I. veri!dull lin all
Killed Hose—Sala 4000 WIT. effectod today
at 42,623 c, and 60040 $2,75 per 100 lba. Mani
kat heavy.
Green Meal—dales of Hems at 4e, of Rides at
3e. end of Rboulder• et tie; per lb.
Flour—r Moderate pale. at 1.4.931 per bbl.
Barley—The market I. active sod-buoyant.
deed—Moderate ales at 70e per bar.
Sum Sala of 70 blade New Orbital at 6c per
gfololoot—Siles of 300 Wm at 040 per g al.
Whlgroy—Llmited sales at 190 per gal.
Meluia• Corwpoodence oldie Pittsburgh Gazette.
St Louis, Den. 29.1847.
FloM—Sslei of City bonds ire iffented to-day
at 11585,124 and 5,25 per bid. ,'!
hex --M
Whesixed is selling at 87a9fie per Du.—
Saks of prime white at $1 per 5n,•; •
• Cora—Moderate sales of prime White at 31e
per La.
Killed Hogs are selling to-day at' 82,504.824 e
per 100 lbs.
Laid—Sales of prime at Sic per', fi b.
LITT° Steamboat Men and °there—Cep
-0011.1 Nelms] Pain Extractor-lit la now ooneedod by
medical men that Cannel's magical PairrEstraelor
Manufactured by Comstock &Co VI Colonized at. N.Y.;
is the greatest wonder of the WM emery. Its erects
are truly tobaculous. &Bolles are remoyed from bun.,
scalds, Ike., and all external norm., eta few mlealea al
ter tin applieation, healing the same on the tooaldelieme
akt&deaving 110 Fear. It I. equally beneficial in all
kind. of Milartniatery diseases, mach as' ortel Nipples
and Eye., Sprint., Rheumatism, While Swelling and
Ulcer*, Braise& Bart.:Chilblains. Erysipelas, Lille.,
Tie Dolmans, &e. we Wald add ast proof us all wen],
the name a of many eratneutpliyalmuna with use in
their pratitice,.d hundreds of the clergy whd praise
us their pimple. Kird parent keep Iteonstantly OP hand s .
in eases of accident by fire, life may be lost without It,
but by 114 use all burns are aobleatm Its contfoLuele&
rite Vlllll4 Ekra dcatroye4. Caution—Remember and ark
for Conseil , . glogical Pain Extractor, manufactured by
Commack & Co., N. Y.. and im other.
Bold be Will. JACKSON, Agent for 'Pittsburgh, FD
• Liberty d betide( wood • -neledkarrouT
Ily•PlIss, Bomb, Ake-The Genuine Hays' Lint.
is eh article toomnotly estebnuen Is a can fog
the shove lbws any or all others. ha cares are almost
innutnetsble. gold by Wbt. JACKSON, Agent for Pins.
harsh. • • . ettrlnd&rGmT
Ge-Ladies orbit win /co& npini.h Saly While, have
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Will satisfy *ay non. hold only in inu.b. w h A tki
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the aomillsuoo of N•Jor . .
dela flan WAREL.
. . .
ra.Don't heel a Foul Unruh--If pia have. ale :a
• *hang bpttle er J.... , Amber Tooth we. That will
make your breath sweet, whiten roar teeth; ix. :Bab
al IN libcl"/ el.. .•
nr"Tii ths and Lara•—diuswock'cNcrre
ca Bocci Mamma and IndianlireicutOc Eltsir,l4dre
cruckcfccrcal cure kw Simms
15010 byy7l4:l•oll:2loll,A4ccu !cc
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i. Alm M Amt-bgainusie "mosso( the Ath
grai oset..o Mom. earner- o( Pae stir
spivs streets Ittild.ithntd Ott evening, the ,
Mlikinst,Mtialtrist P.M. bribe moose of Malang
usseas./b.ths, .4 , Mssalaug sastmeupal elease.
Alpena atiadanea Ls repeited.. de.c3o
flaancertdraas,eatraa.—The , ddtma of
the Pittanarsh Hordealtenal Seeley win be Lela on
hie3de , ,.Janstarr 33, ISIS,: it the corner. of eth and
'rood OS, lathe st o re of B,N Wielerabint. A annual
attendance of the tiembee h , feettedmi, as bonne*. of
Importance will be laid before the Seelety. dean
STANDING .the Ilferrliant's and lassislieturres
lisiiksist Pittaliamb, whisk:sllre oaithr bees In
creased or dirosalsbed for %helm sheet, years.
Mao. Rnidmee . AWE.
Abraham Fennel' dep Ap 29 1937 514 SO
John kegs , ; lisl.l¢se 10 1t39 16 et
Daniel King dep Get 71327 1399
Vat:west IldrEcials • deP,AO 1550 5 0
Bt. EL W Morrison dap Dec 1311517 CO
JW Nickeleon bal Mar t2153d 83
•.Divialtdo not tairked pitd anon Dividend Book,und
not yet summed to have ken called for In Philadel- i
3 lt7.' "=:. PV I :j Di.. No lishara. 40, 1
E Lauber• ' . No. 1 31 . $lO
E/3 Mizell. lo SI . 50 55
Thames ,
Paschall 1" 3 45
Thomas Pnr.h . il: 0 6 1350
.1 Musgrave b. fida
Priamtla Basket I ..
I "
5 W 0 ,13 50
Icertify that the above appear. to be the Balance*
and Dtvidends dee to the nelsons named, and whtch,
have remaimmienebtoged for thtee year.
PP 11 DENNY, Caahkr.
Ear= and Inbsenbed De e 56,1647.
deeNdltralma • . Alderman.
NOTICE—POUTIIERN 110SINE. , S: .—Merettanu
and °bets having, buiinew in New Otlesna this
Winter, will have it promptly attended to at a slight
conunimeba. by • gentleman leaving in a few days Mr
that city. Business of all km& will on attended to et.
ther bgying. selling or collecting For further informa
tion apply to : JACOB WEAVER,
deaDdlar lime store nor market and front all
CPAIVRNEBBULP—Tbe eabsenbent on the
OM lnn i amemiatoi themselves, under We firm of
%down & Calbensan, In the wholesale titool7 end
General Rendus , and eadmussion business, M N 0145
Liberty street, and respectfully soled due puronage of
them Mende and %immobile in greeted.
k 3lllll-130 bbls lust No 3 totekerel;
33 do do. Nos / fr.*
htbbla an Not 2 E 3;
65 bbl. No 1 (ebbed hotting;
21 do No 3 Salmon;
15 casks largo iodfish:
101 boo.. sealcd and Not hernos;
Receiving and fin tide by :LAMBERT tr.. SIB PION,
137 E 175 wand 1.
LLETIAS—We have Jun received •
one ease &waned vital quietist, •., ,
a . eery light Oa do; very heavy;
a e a du very flue;
ge'd eel. cub.. a;
" " black 'do;
which wean!! sell lew to the trade.
ntiecuLErr / WHITE,
dee3O , ' 90 woods,
paw:mom-46 kegs batter,
20 baah prime chargur
. . 0 ortko giasoom
• • 5 Ito i hop.;
BS venlig). Oscar
For ulo tdceasi ' LAMBERT t SHIPTON.
ru 1113.1. 3
tbnartigr 4 %;
3 bare. Geneva enrols;
P 0,31414. ID WILLIA3I3,
pewu 110 wood
00/ . 06-4 hide prime New Orlsans;
• • 2bbl. OR crushed;
• • 141 do assortul aoap;
,For sale by I'll WILLIAII2.,
der..3(r• . 110 wood st
" • 2do Pogo Hone:
do Mullen stem syrup;
For . sale by •J D WILLIAMS,
dec 30' • 110 wood ti
COW VA-50 bads prune Rio;
15. do • Lossayra,
5: do • Mocha;
111' do old Ilro. Jaw.;
For oats by . J D WILLIAM&
dee3). Ito wood et
o( gicianttnat counterpanes just received
New Vatic 991 a by _ WHITE
• - stiAcKt.t. - r r
99 wood
COVVEIK.377 bagi green Rio. pan ..iddY
, '4 do . do LodooTß4
/TIMM Rod for solo bx Lemuedr& SHIPT6N
dee.ll/ : I2J & 11S wooirt
rpOBACCOII-1.50 bib and butts, blibibe brtadt
la:Cab,_9s, Its; Ids; 72'; innd spuo,for able by
dee9• • LAMBEItT , & SHIPTON.
nu. - s- TAR—. Mar brown Women DB:
• 34 do bi Tar,
For. ale by ider3M LAMBERT*. !BRETON
y. AMP BLACK-7 casb for sale by
1.1 &OD • • • ' BRAUN A REITER
DUD LZAD-1411011,. Ezigfish red ka4 of a , aP.
riai tunghl )art rrrai.ed amd far aale by
deoo . BRAUN et ItIaTEP:
f 1 OT fine article for family nee tilwaya oa
kandiad tar rsle allLc Drug &ore of
ROLL' 111-ITTER-7 bola prtme roll blateir
reed from Mmi, an d for Pile by
• . JOI)A.111 A. SON.
dee3o . 1 ' 'lB liberty at
DAMON—New boton why .ad thoulde
LP also extel lent family buns Ibt yak by
' . J JORDAN fr. SON
deAoi 13 libetty at
TIELIVD PZACIIIICS-170 b. in rm, and f
.1./ rale by J JORDAN .t VAIN.
DOTAIIII-1U - a d. rareivrJ tlne day endfor. aal
bf • bkenof l'ArkEir
MACALZMILL,-213 bbls on band and tor sale by
'dna° TAS,IIEit & BEST.
PnkCU for sale by
clecAl WICK & 61,CANULFAI.
m(n - cPP7trl'C:tiTT;VSAtil-41
for rah, blee9lll P.IVANULE.,:s._
t yr its -4.l;t.ottiffrAllrir
QVGAR—Ite hbd. prime N 0 super acsive
k7Norther l . l p o 4 l or oble by C 111 PISICN,
; • 2.1 Atm
EMO9il—l4 tails ens
New England, fa CAI.
" rec. o .l by B;
k by
11D..1A1l DICKEY +V. Co.
a ib• - s;1;14 lo alfriVe per EOOl
Ini EA NUTS—fa wit
11.hfer • for sale by
LIMATUWELI-47 mks feathers bk bf rive per swir l
Gerusainven, for sate by
dee= ISAIA II DICkEV tr. C. 1
OLASSILII DAUM kLli—e: prime on imarigir
M Ant far Mk by d D WILLCAIIB.
1110 wood at
ATIMAIGT-78 pc* reed on consignor t, seal Me
Web Waal C ARBUTHNOT,B 4e nwood at
`J".ll*BVroiftfc°4'''' - '
Pi wood at •
Gun ISUPPENUERS-300dos (oblate by
dee2o .0 ARBUTIINar N wood Pt
BUTTER /a CARD-4 bbla buyer; '
• 49 teal and I bbliard, Isadiac l
ham Extglw3d and for aale by
deal water et
CANTOI MANI , : EL —Two bales heavy aa .
bleacbcd—loniti—nap—juss received sadlce vale by.
,tiIIAtIELKIT te. WHITE, • j
dc23 ' 1 • CU eviiad it I
COAL SODA-1 talik. Eng Ilth Sie Soda, but reeeirj
cdand Oar ale by
XXVRIATIC enitiors Ban received and,
twice. rice In Corn and (or,
SUGAR HOUSE 11101,A5 9 173-31. bblv S II =dm
es received per Or Niegra and tut vale by
alecZe . LOSIS IitrYOUINSON k Co.
cu n( • splendid quality sted handsome patterns
just reeeised by ALEXANDMR DAY.
deMAI 75markat at W mar of the steamed
SV PER. VELVE r MANTILLAS -- A few extrAvel4
vet AIWA!. of very Itandkane tlyia jual opened
75 market NIV motel., diamond !
AEIRP.D MELISSE CLOTH—Black; Red, and Blue !
AP reline Cloth fer children'. dreaaes.
dead 73 market at N W cor of theater:wind.
ONO/11/CD--4o bbls NO miss,
114 bbla N O Molasses;
100 bores bunch raisins;
Landing from st eamer Varanst, kr ate try
dec2Blt, and wood LL
'DICPPIint-2.50 bap black 1. - P.p. , in
aral9.o woad at
vn, lbs rags rcyoving ITUM Coo l
sul, and Layeala by [
deelb DA1.243.1..
FLOUR bbl. Kl. dour, dud Urdu Ede, rdeeivi
bur from the American, for dale by
OAP-100 bin Palm map in eloin and for sale
te c lose eepolgrunent,lo ,
. .
_ .
DOT ASII—V Ws for sale by
/._ /etl/1
10LOR11- , ..175 111. flout for sale by
drag , W OREI:R.
ARD—A vlO.ll lot of country lord in kept (or {ille
La - by ; • tder,WlL • W(ittEhlt_i
Lomita Nor I leaf lona foramily ule.foi
L sale by FIUI D,IIII KY a EN,
Oro f . NoS•water et
SN.IGDM-0 bbla clover...kW bap li Dolby seed iu
'Domani for oalo by I. 9 WATERMAN
deed. „ • • 31 ...Dar and 0./front Ins j
PEACIIIKS-5U sack e tilted pettettea In mote arta
• formic lay LS WATERMAN ' I
3111•11.1ef and W fnant at
LAX' SEED--3 omits far sale b
y F}
BRANDY -4 4f pu.lie,Weery Brandt, kond. , 6
'eolo6V4ilaga 4042, to lame, for eels by •
o *IR ree•d th a day; forme by
la dila . TASSEY a BbSiT;
(OVICIIG-150 bags netiviog and for aala af a r
tj dein TASSEY
(* ;•Titi 6Y Y a nm:
Q.O4P--1 0 01ma Cincinnati Amp: -. •• .
•• u • u , mould Candler. in Morel
• • =wood atreri
bbls korebed Wis. • prime sniele; for
sale by ; 'dc23 TAtLIEV&UMT .
WOLUI-iio has 'd •
.b G y ' del3 .11nakinittel.'
IV 11 . 8 : 11 := VieeZ tda t r areg b . ; g2l . .., T'""
Hof Joh3c D. Auet4o.,er
. , Dry Garda.
On Tbnisday Morning, Dec. 36th, at 10 o'clock, at th e
.Conuncrelal gales Rooms, cow er of anted and ble . elf:
well be leglentheat reserre, for account whom it may
A large smarm:tent of seasonable foreign and domes.
tie dry rods, Lc, among winch we silk., satins, w
ens, lane) vendors:sop.% •n - k. pn.u, '
brown yellow, and red flannels, blanketr, • montane
.I,jpcus plaid, plain and stripe alpanew, truth
imen, .ehints robes, cat/mare robes, Terken and Pro
rho &basil., Milt bdlts, super, pilot and beaver cloths
double add tangle woollen Anode, coats, menfotts,Ae.
At 2 o'clock, r. Y. •
lObartils N 0 sugar, gad guilty;
Oaf chests Yonne Hymn Tea; -
1-erate china and queenrware maned;
60 reams pond peper,43 33,
10 dotto coal a conshire *bowls;
7 do; bay and maestro forks;
A largo quantity pronw sod senora band binisebold
and kitchen namture, large and middle site looking:
glasses, 8 day and 30 boar clocks, <wonting - , 16 by 4 nst.
eerie, blankets, Meese' mums binds, tn.
At 6 o'clock, r. r.•
A quantity of aboes'and buns. gale Oreriledee, rape,'
fancy tolletand slaving shaps,colorn, water, Spanish
wears, kniveNspeetacles,rasors, mot stnime. gold and
'urea wnte.bes,elannan fancy goods, rend y made cloth ,
a pent satiety of books,knises, Wks de. deel6
Vestal and Oislatesesstal 4311414..
AFINE eisortmeni of finey assicree,lentoog'srhiei
• . „ ; ..!
HeAdsoroe Crochet Bari. pith entisjilltoul chapel
Steel Bond and Ftench silk.bses, , • ,
Vitt purses, am styles:'
• . i
Ivory tablets; pent osemoesods;
Enamelled and ivorry paper conc.; • • I.
Napoleon sod portle inks; •
"Opt eases, with comb end glaskond mesooreadem:
Book; . • . .
Toothpicks; plain met eases;
Polito; tos; pocket books; •
?spies:mos shale books;
Pane/ boom Berlin iron baskets; ' ' - -!
ler9 die bassets, to. ike. Noss open and for We
bydc2. . ' F B BATON
fri market meet -i
Ohellentroto the World.
TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS will be paid many Gen
who Will produce asp. of paint, green or dry, that
aanot be extracted with Mehra Improved Chernical
Soap.) I have the satisfaction of saying to to n people of
this place, that this article, by my own tropromment on
it, 0.4 , stands uarioalled in this conanY (or extracting
gratie, tar, pite6Toil, palm, or any other greasy ante,
stance, tram 01l kinds of geetteakeWs or Lading elodung,
table cloths, merino shawls, lodine' bonnets,
he, atthont injuring anything that pure water will not
laime. More than one thousand persons - to different
pare; of the country have told me they wand not be
beat it; II It coa t one dollar per coin. In trying tins
Sanon more than 300 articles of light silks, miss, al,
paccis,and calicoes, I bane only found three perm of
two of alpaca. and four of calico;on which it
changed the color; th erefore before rettung it on • light
dress try • ample of the dress fast. I elate this became.
1 undetermined not torecommeed it any MO..' thin
I Mow to bestrictly late. .I.lollorr.
Price, 11l eta per cake. Sold, wholesale and retail
by • ! E ShILLERS,
_1 67 woad
THE subscriber having recently entered mm partner
shipp ander the none of .oallarther, Lan I Miller,
for the Fume of carrying on the Bell is Brass Form&
ina,! and .Cisa Fining bounces in all in broaches, have
tate. the Nand feemerty ocermiad by 11 Clallagher, No.
149 Front, beivreen Wood and Smithfield me, where
they are prepared to execute all orders for Bello, Brass
Comings of every dewerodaa, and Goo Firings, win
nevoiese and despatch. Steamboat jobbinepromptly
attended to. II GALL/WIER; .
ti ire&
N B.—The suentkm of Machinins and Engineers Is
invited to our esti atuition tees], fora reduced price,
_winch has been pronounced naperiOf ilablains,l4
oembero who have oseLber.D. &constant Luddite and
the poetic generally, ate ales requested to call and el
anne our superior doable ' aeons Porce pumps for
steamboat sod dernenn
• ..... ..
T HEpannenhip ntheisting between the subscribed.ender the style of Poutdexter A Co., was disrobed
by mutest C4W114 on the Inth ion; sad the busmen of
she concern wttlinl cloud by H. W Poindexter and C
H Orvit. • ' . • It W POINOKITEH,..,
dee% • C LI, CHANT. • ' ''
TILE sabsoribera sill conhnoe banne4s at the old
stand, No 41 sewer Annoy as octal, order t h e
style of "Poindexter A. co."
;deed/ CII GRANT. • •
roderin a suareary I .DIEW I. peanut.
Late Sear & Viltepard.
i ' SREPAILD & Duse - Azi, f
1 kill the old stand of Seay &Shepard.) ' , .
i .. phakville, Ten: mute, . il
WILL give prompt and faithful attention tattle ..le
if Y of Dry Goods, Grocerlea, and Meteltatulize gen
ierallY. Thew feel prepared to attend to all the tiepin
...m of their hada,. and (dealing 10 IN:.
geode Dr their oven oceolllll)impartiaily.
Diger wM. ellen, & Cot J. MI • Bader a , C., Nadi
bench. deeinitit
JVRICIaII TEAM-- Jaw veggie.' • Maw tho
IV Ptuladelphia and New York . Yekio Tea Cowpony
a prime lot or fresh Green and Black Teas, comonstog
the following:
Green. • Black. •
. . Young Hymn, Fine Oolong; 3 • •
j. J Ex Fine de Ea. Flue do - . 3'.
Silver Leif Hymen, • 3 Oolong &newt*. 3
I Extra finds; Ettigliatt Btrallast , -,
1 ' Extra Eine Geopowder. ?cot , . Elowere; • j
{alit Vane Impetiali Reoo Flavored. f •
The above Team have been !Detected xxltlrg.x.l Ur.
l by one of the beat Judaea to the east, and willbo sold
on as few tannage no be had et nay othellut.loo is IkW
corner of dad and sertithfieLl age
LETTERSTettansentaty were grantedon the 6th
of Dec mother, to the ottbscribets, Exeetoora of the
tart wilt and testament of .1•114 C• SlotAlate of am city' f
Alleglmay, deceased. All perm. ba,ng chaser or
demende again. • mental< Of the laid dececmf, are re ,
vacated to nue known the tame, without delay; to gaa.,
hicoa,gr., at the laze reudence of the Wotan.: In *let ,
ty of Alleghetty. JAMES
WILLIAMf o AD A IIOI a ,r •••-
Penn, met, city of Pitugongh.
• NOTION,. •
T Errots Testamtatu7 bevels beentranted to the
eel Executers of the Net will and testa
mt of noted. I.inford, tau of the city 6! Fauber:la
dece en ased. Ail persotie toectood to the notate of said
decedent, and please mete Immediate payment; end
those having eleims agatost said emu twill precut
them for ...element without delay.
• ht 11/LYAN,
1.1. Person It - novena thentoltres indented te the Eto
11 Ode of the hats A.Drano.Jr, deceased, are hereby
notified to call and settle their acconno,aosi these ha,.
log coitus against the Ela•WW111 Teemed theca defy
anthenocated or settlement to tbo subsestbet, tribe
warehouse oi John Irwin do
of Water ;' •
deltatn_ • JOHN IRWlN,,Eucatio.
- • • • - - -
HAVE provided myself with a rood mole heel
and careful hands. well acquainted with the Oman
and ammo. prepared m smoke meat mate moire aim
froths of those who may give me R Cedl. Charges
low as any house um thee FAA& tELLYaII
dec29 • No 1.7 litidlor as
A BARREL. of lard markedU, weighleg alma 274
tbs. tem taken by mistake (mu the landing on Fri
day larl,24th inst. dba 1 betedult to the .A•Ater
Capbria. Any informatide giVen where item be found
wal be thank:ally Meetred by the sat...craters.. _
Pittsburgh, Dec. 25.14147.
- -
QOllll ABII.-Sncilks (direet (min the 111.0“11.1011 ,
er in England via New Usleavg the same =engin
as that which gave such., general satisfaction) pita re
calved pr y U nannalt, mid for salts on accommodating
terms br • wr. gS AtITCHEI.TREEi
dear) No 16U liberty a
• -
• miller allipmett wil:1 arrive aert moth and thease
forward mullet. Fla • hes.
1910,11:EAtIlING POWDElLlSlVeslo c 'o , f o rr r. t.
XI or geolity, direct from th e ertanaias
y r.a
I"d '
1""'"'"'d per
tea liberty it
A Dr. Wei/10.1 4 11 GIV•I *Amerien Dienonarl or the
English laneueno, pnegttlatp, ...WWl' this . the
former editions contained: ramrod by. Llmimmey d.
Goodrich, Yin( Tale Collo. The mom complete edi•
non ever polishm.l; one not crown quarto. Priec
SIM • For sale by . • • I L READ,.
nth neer workout •
rime subscriber is jaw reeeiriag mow ardsthf 1100
stagger New tiorkßeilLeaiker, of ebedeestsizippa
together with a general assontheat of Leather his
line of business, carrier -1 s wadi, oil, em. All of alder
he will wile. the most reasonable, terms, at LOS Litter.
ty street, (opposite 6th 54).. "
deattin - JOHN 13 BAVAUD
. .
IPEAS-101 packages of Tea; as follows, vim
1 at half Chests YII Tcts .. .
10 Ms do I/ P do '
16 Irlb' do I' lir do • ..
1111:11b do Imp do
1 616 . do VII do
19 •
intrree'd fresh; allof wboh leo offer low and war
rant good. For fea by W tr. I111163UTC116:016 '..
&ea . 136 lihortyp '
RAU S% All.ll6.lloollE—The higher, priori - in dult
;Said btr rood cleats rags; also; enneaw, bee rope,
'" rope, '''lging.,"'"°!'"`.7's.‘rar..;,,vecwi'Or,
by sleell4 moire at between aeon and liberty
IJOUSE FOR ISALIG—The two steps Back
1.1 How., 157, Liberty street, in the mid dls ot.gbe
clothing show aeries the Three Dig Doors, (the not
place ler sellin g clothing) alpressio. no 1(Sr•
pet worebottse, - .by the subscriber. For further porno
•Fs apply In John Thonntson on the preens/.
geese:lt -
T _
YPE FOR RAW [ —The eype od winch theta:cue
Is now primed, Is for mile; deltvemble aftei the
firll of /mmery. The term will be liken] and the
avemidunf counter oopen I. allotted deeßelor
pEpPXR-23 li
lv ves foundjeCaid:
Jmt ma
veil; (dr tdda ' - • W& R la . oCUTCii tit,er EON T.,
da I . 159
BADS -157 gimay 6agy far este by_ • '
dr23 ...W & B Meet/WM:ref
PIITSUUItaII Mumholm.; gekteral, imbibed.
to order of otanobecturere prices by • •
W d,n r .d 1 4 119 1 41- 1 1 „, 00 0 11 , tatrta r
w istoge. xi:. black Iliad
. . .011.1eZjEIT at WHITE'
OPI/1031 INR . PORTER-3 0 • Its In pint and gran bat
LI nes' . tin nide bri• do PC MARTIN
rot tale by. l7 liberty
ril 40W-135 bbl. gutu-e.on commuod
SQuaar P• t—A: new :naafi Of Gen andlAultes COIF
Soles; far gale bath wboleeale and reisull7
' . • . PII LAWN
f•LOMC Cants andTaweti lames Moment as
i deti .EATON trmssi Ikons
VESTSA few Ladle ' Ma
Yew, for 3at
reduced pricea at . - - • EATON'S,
deal atarkeusi
VLOUtt=l43 bb/u superfine Flout;. •
40 • Cow do; at gale. by
IaRPPEII-1 . 0 bag. pot received; mrselely
deft • , • - • UV Libenr
At. WARM: . Vtop.ual. it
as ahli otitelortk *apply of Cogitating dietetic*.
F i gst i rs:le ry l "r=iraltWO " Ntr g , . . 27 wok, satiits
- , • vacranucAtexatels
4° -7
Tn. well koOln link of aidettAl PiAaara Anon.
are la now eomeated of the lumen.- w arniboo...
Walked and fatoined, end mod poweat al tad
waten of the Win. Foal Boxem IMAM, •
fort that money cm prom o,hao lowa nuable4Af
...Igen. The Ltgehu beea in ~ . .naalfor lon peen
inldrr —e,ave oared I soltlid of b e aupcoplat toe hour
to_tbelr period. The nate wil l ) the at
14 cod dyy provioaBloWattillif, kr the temp:
don of freight dd th e CAW n 021 the : 0 4. 1 "
ter. id odes' the rousse Money Malt he paid&
'The ISIONONGAILELA,Capt-Misee,erillleiree Pre*
burgh every Monday martin at 1111 cOelety; Wbeata: al
every bleaulay eventeg at la Al' • •••.
The WitritNlA, NO. U. Capf.',T. ZhaireUr, !MN
leave rinebaugh every TildthlrOOrniPg at in erklenhi
Wheeling everylEneedar evening it AV!. tie
The NEW ENELAND, NO.* Cape: &pax, mot.
an' Pittsburgh , every Wednesday naming at 10
'dock; Wlier.fing ever) Wedeaday evening at Ite P.
4 , litriulDAY *Avian*. •
The PENNSYLVANlA.Cept.OntiorillietsaPinl ,
.bargh every Thdroday =naguloo4behi WheeLlag
every TtharsdhT Ihwniat 410 P. et, .. •
, •
The CLIPPER', NO. 14 qtpt. Cooks,wllthave Pita
tainaim al 10 deloeki Vibestria
every Friday evetarta - , • ,
.-, . •
, lI.IL • I`I3RDAT, PACICEJT.' ; . •
• Me BIEMENGIER, Capt. Do Caw, will leave pit*
boo ..exy =min/0u Wei:kits; rbultits
e'en' Bauuday J efenturAr /0 J I. .
_JIMA() NEWTON. OVA A. U. Asa., ‘m it
lawns Pittsburgh 'every Floaday motalag . 4.1011 t
WheeUmr 0 , .r7 0.+ 4 .7 N , •
' a CALi 13 COPE.
will Irateolr Beaver Olsadow sad
. Wellsville, on Tneiclay, TharadaY•
. w i E. t .d., er edelivreek, at 9 attack. aat reutrarag
tdonday,WeLtoratay sad Friday. She Itis a boas
at the laaeing between Wood sweat mad to badge prV
pared to receive llaidtas 111. any tuse. - . , V
1 _a L'W HARDAVORiAitts.
atilt ' . , Vir 3:1 Ladd at.
• ' I
'lke tires Lambast t ' . - -
. EA,
Ilittees E Clar ß k., manta;will; 4111 liar
nutting Tinter seasedlonake dotty
trips to Beaver add Wensville.leavieg Plitsbatiatwall
rooming at 0 o'clock. sad. Wellsville at 2 &Oat. Y. L.
• dem ' - - OM BARTON k. CO: .ansa
.; The new end fen =Ow paean. •
licenser NEW. ENOLANIS Camino
Ebben, will leave forEmetnind mo
dal manng, at 10 10 - 1.
and Wheelies . every. Ends owning, at 9 Webek,
ay. F. nu& or maw apply on board, .be
4.10 WILEINO, A .
.• ' i ::: FOR NEW ORLEANS. , • •
. . .
The lan &temper ~ • ' . •
'J. J. Perry; lasslar, NyllYlertira fat liot
above, port on Monday the Bd.
Par Irolahr or passage apply on board or io
The(aaw p aAr i itertiamar
hat dampbeil. wdl aye Ga. Lag&
tb.l. day at 10 a'aloalF: Per freight
or punter, apaly on Word. dent.
Th! WiTrrillif,"! .
Cap ta,nrilllma as abolie,this
ai o'clock. .For (teak or gia-
The ha running . RI . •
• • Nogni RIVER, ••
an, Master aria lento ea abnat thlr
=lamb at 10 oklooll, For Degrr
The new and glee steamer '
I Atkasea t iaaster,will leave for above,' .
.imeresediate portartas day, al la;
oNtioek—posarety. ; Far. (might. oupsaamte twill, m•
deltr. 1 - ' GEO B MILTENBERGER, Apar.
• :rho inst ... .tur s uilag A lnkuur . •
/anal, muter; wat lance u dont.=
asoniu at IG o'clock, Ye, f-raOtu
puss • I on burl. • - • —411511
ILEGUL4I; PACKET !rrw HEN rnTeßUlfill
- no. 1:1 Cock, roasici, locos Pa*.
basalt every. Tday, Tbanday
Silllfday is wrung*, at o 'clock; and Brownsville own
klonday, and Friday
F. freight or passage apply on Dowd, or io
• oc rJetf . • INEWTUN lUNES,ARi•
51.111or,onookhorill letve aboos*ti
ruing .1110 o'clock'. For llcit,A Oye
, •.' The Liberian fine stea ,
er • . •
• - • HITDBON -
master, - hie rename - pie=
• der trips and 1.11 leave lh
nivabove every • Thanday end /kw
4116 , toh.leekiP,Al.". For treillit or-panew arty . .
on boat**. 11. •- • - •• • .7011LIAll
' • The new meagre? • '
verlay And EnN'lcl ntr A i W onrmk til e l n n o ssb a O g v i W Lie
ds, o P oc c b ,A.M.,e o ndAonos ea e
hole CA7 every Tomly,Tbeolay
and Saturday. IA I
- o'clock, A. AL R.... Yemen or parekgre apply am beor
• •
; StalPellat . I . ll.leaktitt: ' sad Maser. Me.
e. Packet. -
tithi . THE loilkedgaateaseer.. -
Hard, Maaterovilleavi d.
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to . ate above poet du dog the NM Oar
ei , amialily =board . •
I ..P7 la WILKINS, Agee •
• • , legal &mitt and fast rail,
flier • .' EUREEA, ".•
Crozier, - masts% "salons as a Teinillr
kat between Pittsburgh awl Loa*
ville,darioltha season. Ehe leaves Friday; Ova. 11,
at •
For fremat Or passage sooty no baud.
PORI AND BREW P/Clllll}, UN 1C0111118310N..
T l L E K'eug=t7i7 P° ' l . =" 1 ,Z;1 1 1°41S:
I L cecuPird by Mr. John hlstiold and Mew. J.
h. IL Mel
low, prepared kr pack Pork, Hoeg
Lard and Tallow, to suit the dome - or Foreign klarkers.
They bernentraged experieneedlriait.Worktnen from
kitst,Watenionh.end sisake Ling, short time.
nod boneless middles, prime mess podr; and prime asil
meta de; 'English Mas 7 Pork, and kdia do; Manna&
India Beet ke.'te. AP% pack Lard aod Tallow
suit aoy ntiarket in the World. -. • ..•
" The sdranutges tor peeking at this print are nantetrornh:
1. sir.: • • ,
This Is the !argent Pork Zia - Ike( disulet In: des
State or United States,*or perhaps the world. This
evenly is the target; Hog =ant! in the United Pinks, end ninny. cheaper than Cincinnati and nun other
liertiaanie b, to Inc erder—not fa•tlrd. cut i seo..
red awl exhausted by Long driving; they ate al
and packed in thn SUM concern, and not abused *her
they are dressed. • . - -
3. In this establielanent there is no drayage, being
900 feet on el.', six boots unload at once, .The work
le done better anilebeeper thanCineinnet sornack
humed.aai handleduetht Wore ran.. •
4. Cooperage's generally abssulant i andthiaper that
Cincinnati or other pnima - .saner tpeLitin an goody
or tO Banknocithitt Oodles. •
. -5. !weary too ho shippel direct from thielkarso, via
the Lakes, to New York or loPhlladrlpbiaor Bahia:do
vta Pioabuyeb; of to the Eat or tooth via New 0.1-
• • •
Arrests BBSEIZSCIa. . •
Arrests m Correa& Sonidohn DEarlyJneob Warr
k Co, Baltimore; T T & W Bomber, Sono,- Pidiadel•
plait.; Theodore Perry& Co, Goodhue & Co, New York;
3 Jordan k Soo, Pineal /0; Hamm, Mona &Co, Yu
tin er.SlakerelfiNew Wear, Josiah Gwreoee, Eg4.
Sprinter & Waxman; I C.Hell k Co, Cinnimmes ; Pa.
e Boa a
Baker, Wdy/a ad Brownsville;
ad 8 DOunpbell,l 8 Atwood, Zan, Caslder, A
BrerteM Nye, F.eq,
B dcL ndb o onCO lim
de2lie BL, RWhnmka.
Tolitori DEALERL '••
•a. JORDAN & SON, - •
ThEALESS in Herne fad Ludananafseterizsof Lard
.IJ Ott, and Omani Comas ion blerehanta, IB las,.
ty street, op 's ledithteld,Plagurgb, Pa.
. PiwCWX
attention paid to the atie of
, /..T. & S. have rnsdestrautentente as
he, for
waking and packing Wham and bean the prawn
season; 'tidbit's. long expenetwo to this baba Mea.
them nuance of giving a:Urania as Sue camas
bantam to their care.
There are advantages to be denved tram mo" Mad
rut In Pittsburgh, vat* which all may aos be
ed. ,
1104 i be chipped loofa fro Wa y. point below withal
!Wary; and after Maga. wean/ litere,ean for.
wanted to the eastern ens.. ebbe , by e'erie at
cal, without anshluenent, where it almost' Saar V
wani in lac condition, and generally colantands
intienynarket pnces.
Uy ankeigcmtat Mere Is SaTtnir et eaaliCand
fietgliton saute, which unevoidable caveats.
. awe Saninlotended for cam, markets itt wooled u
points belay,' not taking into account the Stet that it *t
roves Much better older than when packed In casks.'
it will tits be borne in mind that Pittsburgh Is we et
the bee; point, in the Union Far aeWag Baba
• ar.rzairets. :
• • • .
'Ruins & Sw
/met C 11.11 ift, a
Ca I Cinci ß e tu.' •
P. Campbell, Chtlieolhe.
R Hurlbut & Co, New Altaity,ls& - '
Tetudale'& Hal • • St Louis, Mo.. • demse
CEDAR'.KEW .l(q4flK.
Ea ' tablitba a •eareboa.e me *cask/IN . '
t loo thaj l arj .
. P .S.&7fr i al t AlSll VILIVEvEa.. 2 •
prorea—and aziolbitiny,aaLiall , 4olßOne_
'at We yeas glair esl ,
army sr - name apoung Several lieeaFae, ackaglai
morisy, ....asyla of Foreign awl Deatealie.
Pmectionoseey , of ethibb are Co* to be baud eb•e• •
erbere; and rbieb lava bantams patebased, and ars
ofered'for oak au Call sea ablaterbet • • •• •
• I • . !JUICES aspuenv
kW. the pact. of April mod 'Man ab pe t
pnaud' o,l .kr ., " al cr'Tz'fl'4 da• 11 7• gbb tM
• :