The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 28, 1847, Image 4

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..,"•. ~..; e.e:,, ..,_!4', COLOS 'AND COOOI.IB.
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aeoected in haul reds
• ifierstasswe Is emits* ptomain eriatlaotation deo , Met
of the bladder, arid itiadteit diseases which onus womb
> • rise diva easel *Me Mbar. Lars matrixes Qt. a k
• hopatwo despair.. lie parsicalarly tricot, lath as ban
• • bewail...and ansacteasfally treated by cabers us each
eta blosi when awry salisheizna a6ieca thesapria
. . - 'l'..thetreatoktreareal to a ewers!, thor ..ghao4 tatelligeol
• : manner, pesottel bY • Wog copesnee,stdy wed ia
stestoraueio, which tits itspiwartilo Car those easapil to
general pimetice of cmute, to grva wry one cLui
• • , , •ET Henna or lailituit—Dr.' Wawa also taw
pampas aeltoiod with llama us call,. as ha hal p.O
particular attention thla ilaw, •
: eats News; alao l i fiWa,t . ablyotteti- spie
-• d • lly eared •
• IC- --roam. of abler tea Ilviag at • distaste
• by utsuag their Lwastala waitiayaimg all ihis
10111; can °bullet ene4tioes with
fro MO, by
.ablreseano - baOlyN, M. D. pow p..l' and swat
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. eam No. es 11-ausead allay, IpPosite . Warn
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. • • .Y 1: dom. is emoted bya pan:ruse eczema.
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thoonly certain
• • hlogroeness no be entirely eyed by a fuss an or Dr
• rOotante,OT COMMIS <Md, whach, if cegleend ° maid
•- ~
Milt sti e Stemmer's Panacea.: • • lernto to esaanmphoo, ofeetePstlY releend red
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••••• • :6 Thcasebtal 1:0qMINT110% bet a tensely.. at Me Bores
fee. ranaerllrli! CGIOIHT CUR It
s' .;.. , •InaMrosma of the Tamils or Yon Moon—This
, •dmeasee ;Peen to tubas corarmseneres fros e.
• &moue, as saermeion of Um Ikons un• the, Ent
•:. , ..wyptom. Ur *tenures Panacea should be pro Oared
'Coolest and (IMO hod iherelte teMedy so Dr
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mase.matme, aged Memos are 'abject Sit Dv
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ttoss,ondel arc • mash or cold. ' . • • •
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Ostesempoon —lf on thrift./ oppearance of eassomps
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• whoa the Loods, Ms Windpipe, or Me Bauchi. i
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Av.. • g•i!ON*01111 , 41043 AILIKINKTIDO—To these
o.loolstent arlitiDleesnes
. rat the Lenge.
.f*nL tooen4lYo Moo .inteted stun tle Gra pre.
syrup wort of Oramnptisnotast I bare been
• Lvxmag for wr era . Tam 'nth'. , broncltt, soreness of
„ „the tbroatorrO boaronteza. .1 mud nutty tanli&pe, bat
itbatet no (SI:el - In preparation O.:alining. all I
~AJPIEDY. base been eupg ads salnablOinedictne
• for serer* years, axe slersy• find it to relies when.
. eye: l mate steOf tKettpation as a. Asnieres
at. *Viet scep sr= x!oiost.astantly congaed, COSMO
: • ray disease, at lased, to become eery Canning. orbs* .
at ooco pro Vi
cure this ed:tin& I therefore-tato ele*
Sire in making am palm ststeinent,tbia atlas alteiF
ed tlt• diseue of the !sox. and expoctoranlEns
• ..'..may.konor tke,s - ii:neo of th is tan beatni"
-Antony be care& t bascrelneratirded De.
Expectorant Remedy it nmay'sof bry Ploodksloneei '
wtqa, ewe dedUrt. torbitronosttle. •
JAMES firm
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soelsoloentat cannot ba excelled: . •
;Dasid.Calbenseadjamenteo Pr. &Sinn& fna.
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! DR. /erred Do . rosat} Hopewell tp.
. Snore overm,aincintrat“Kat.
Sold In Pitobercit by WM. JACKSON, 0 lAberty .
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,:-..••••...1 • 111. JAYNE'S Is'Afff MY 1111:DIOLNZI.
•. .' ~ .• i.f.. It/sant prietraptc in the easnarsteniof 'Wapner
::. -• , r•:, . Or ranee any:thick snack we Sod on, rte!talef tatutal ta•
. , 'Male of Cl,.
:••'!.... ' • ''..,'ens'el'ilitViaroily (*muzzy
nwrn Fu nutmeg the F'SrECTORANT, the CAR
.......• :• .. •', •• Miff ATIYE, and VE.R3ILFI: O E, winch we knew ut
::- :. • ...z. •• be owl for the ecestelsiets they mares to core: We.
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Sir never:Ohne rernessubts. fa no Wining. in Western
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....., : . New Yert,drank. for assay day% the limestone Inner
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' • •,‘ •• - ANS. bad Dyrentery. OD. D. had prorneed himself,
• •"-• .. , f , '-: f Teener
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rpeely i cere.
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; /-:•:: ••h.i , - Intel so Wry canoe% has k e stress to koala Isle =thee/
.......... .... f ' • . ' mhill 'gr==.47: "t='''',.V." 10:::1 L 7.
. _ .. .... .. ornici.., .be the best recipe for rettabnary '
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I. ~ • • se Complaints. that h . yet been 'eon
- ~... r - r . "he moues is, Dr. Jat is not a qatel, bat
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:.:‘, . ' •. • ; MIL •Iltearefrelaes ere need by best pbbsieibitS• '
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" ..."•• --' ':: Disemayeestoe'cr rout,
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&Ad. Piustmln, by .711 W JACIMON. corev
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And siminiliened as grew—
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0111N0 , 11 TERBIATIAL GLOBEIIi. *Mihail;
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paled bior Banes bed LOA • Okee; diV daisies ad
lamgrby Maio al tad& Redid by Row& Pub.
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NO: 31. Poydrai Street, Nay Orleans. : ,
Mar. K Co, Banker*,
Junta AV(I rev, k. Co, )
band Moe /a Co,telaawoa....
. Elhetr. Morton, Baakreat, ,atil
Boles & Fraser, C o rk
II II Kearney, tsq,illanker.ZUSasYttl49
D11.1)nnall .t Co, Wellnllle4ll,
• Keel, Puke& Co, tletver t ,Pq4
)4Vbark ea Co, 1.,*
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• CV Buikieri;.Cirkinnati; ,
pANOFACtUALS Oak, Nem:gee and neight
caraof tae wow approved dt se opopoju moon.
la pow... By mans at Um Canalat Raibfad
tens ty, 111y sot enabled to abip opoa reaasisnota to
"ell pants ta thet Weat. Their weak will Os watronted
ow* la In yeepects to any wade ie taa United State,
AU nadap pawn:wily <reamed.
Wortat(ly oe Bowoo, New.)
• thlii;preerV. Awl sta, New Yoh.
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J. sad rnineits Maseru& of tut kinds, at .Dort maim
natio isaslinable tenna.
• Iteprieson at nametape., who.haea not sdratnani
fit introttber. rho may pobltak Aio make foe three
amen will be entitled to nen,' pay tyr, 00 rmar
oboaMilivo tn!. Ito onion= of &if r wire cu,
l' llType taken In cadmic for new .I O coots per lb.
• nett ROBERT TAYeaett
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week or wen npenor Wine. and L rra Importedd
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phsarn.A inns by • • C MARTIN
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SAVING Cll2llll—lerra's C 2.111 sapontle;
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10 ° pure .3.3633 btaln; .
10 0 _ black Ma.,
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0210 CARSON 11321041011 F, 0.
SODA lall-60 eels, avenging teepee erest,esocret.
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OLP NADIA 18,108RE14-12008 Posetthills
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BVERAL nEAsopia w 11 y.1)11t:
PILLS an becoming so nuirersally popular •
FAA &cane they are preparal by Dr ft 11 Lei
dy himenif,s regolorDruggist,Chenust end Piqua
cram of Philadeiphin, who Wert the nesero, the
quality and ebancter of the Medicineatmed in Ora
pills sod their adaptatiso to dwell*. ' •
Second, Decauth the public can take them wilh
it ester confidence than most other pats which are
prepared by persons ignorant b , !. or medicine sod
• - -
'Third, Seizure of their csi- id elects. piper:
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and fields of the body.
IFoorth, Beneath they rue the cheapest sod best
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sod containing 0 . 014,..anag to rennin so many,l
dollar orblimes in; Doctor's bills,sed OOrtle.oo,
medicines bought ds tried ea the rec-ounconatiaa
01 suliers.
ItAeneser you have occasioo to • take an y tordiii.
oleo,-00,1101 . 6*tnaspg with • year cemptiteside by
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polished mid isconimended by one tied asothir but
tate at ace ;
Dr. Leldy's Sarasots Blood Pills
aid you sot 'bare otivioa th, late anytking
else. .Tliey will always be found goodie aimed all.
wens of 6se, Is&mation pl the stecescp.beeu
els, liver and intestines. cramps: of the 4N:with;
colic, Wats:brash: inee:d peen, fool breath. bed
taste in the math, Seer ersetatioas road acidity of
thnstomacb,coetivenese tad todigestioe, want el
sprints, billions adeelioni diseases of this splice.
sod kidneys, diseases of Watts, beefy 'ereptiond
dry end watery pimples Or liototacii or the lace Ins
body, letter, rash,p nckle belt sad salt tbeelltiOldb&
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tionind ret, fevers ol - email Pot. sane.
fold, 'muds, scrofula, erysipelas, and is short they
are good is ail diseases having, then oil; a, le the
Stomach, liver, and amenities, • sod linearity of the
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• .13:rrointysfirefeente ' gat.
Sold Wbolwle and Retail by B. A: Islinesteek
& corner of First sod Wood / tiro eerier or
both and Wood Assets. ' wept. M.
1.3 INGS.—Sarolula in all its malliplied formai
whether in thster gine, Evil, inlargetricets ri the
ode or boon", Goitre, While Cermet.
It hcooiation,t;anser, dneasce of the Sloe or Sine e,
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disease from the eystens. Prepared Inn% wild et No.
050.011,1,4 Street,Philsitefphia.
Sold at the Peels Tea SION Plciltreanh strei.
Pittsburgh • • , . me. 1131
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ta aals:
Ana tie Temperance Danner, Nov. 3,11.• •
asaay.-11,e are not in Ow:habit of pang,
Owelt lean Norm aledielnee, tool we feel datum!
10 Inveavanaa Almon's tlyrup to theroe who are alb wied
WWI. ineglb Mat /mina tried the amnia Ml...Jiro ro
ggeured • carrion, and diem...ling etergh, that bad for
real days ata.eierl ono of our children, without Are.
ggt g, we were induced to iry. Alorpo'a Cough Syrup,
toad by welter 4110.1.4 in • &velours. It pioveil
the p0....ea in this clue at k . 211.
• Preparnl wholesale and retail , by the probricim; •• :•
JOIIN bRZOAItiDi, west,
act wood at, / hvJow diamond q,
roll 1„:,,,p08.1310 31 .tcer,,,t/r..L.JI:.-
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eruption to num: evisnly. : are nut touched Onthe
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advances tree of charges.
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Briensb Lowl,flutie tThre,r, Von I, Feathuru mut Oth
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promptly einepunt and upon its fair temis nr otiy
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Canal Basin. Pinsianxh
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(Alter truutpottattne of 1 7 re.ettt tele:ern I• . ,te•iturt••.ll
1: and the Atlnntie Cate, roe:edit; erent•ternettit ttn
the way, nett the consequent vett of delity,
Itteekage and separsentt ot
BORltttlltatiS eAgli'
14 , 270 51arket smrt. 1•11.:1.ielplus ;
TA/Lk - VE . .4f WONNOR
Car Penn end Wayne eta Prurbtugh
O'CONNOR k Co, Nana vitect, Pal:wow. Agen t/
WAJT TAPPOOTT, 7S Ponds rt. N.
Fuicaurnged by Lucre •<d 111,1110, the. Proprietor.
be, added to their hawk and este:mita the.n arrangh-
Notts during In, Weiler, and are novi prepared on ha
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by any other line. u r long cip.qtr..ea as cannery,
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and the great eupwity end vonvenienedof The
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Led taciinble:the proprietere To fulfil thni,engagemenic
ueroinnwalitie theo cuolowOn--vonlidenilyolfernig
lie Cent ay a guaranty for WE lathethey respecifully•
Stirle tae ontinuant, nf mat patriot :1v which they now
gratefully nelnowleugu.
All conouglinicule To taidlle feConttor L will be reed
and forwarded. Steateliout rhergui pante:4 11111 U id
Lading !Meat:tined free of .any chhalc for Condinwtop,
advancing or barrage. /laving no into aldeutly : or
did/airily in KV:tll/1,03., the utterriA of din coneignera
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went, and duly pledge theinselvv- to fordaril-all good , .
consigned to them promptly and on Ili- MOIll
ge0.1.1111. ILO 01C111 . 1 . 1.
Tan " rke i tt " tTle ' VLl ' t i M a n n n'ut mpacy
.pattnerahity malt, the name. vf the "Jteatmen'a t r intii"
end !Newt.: aereed refit the :Mark •o to hued a
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•thrOttgll ill Mena six to ogle Alnye, mutt mmminty—ntel.
Mel eneouraecti hy the. Lheral ity Irt•t year% ration
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. We wneJti Ow ,,, ferr lenectrelly .oleit It Pontine
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In thaw we Eryen done
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For thortannoorattoo to
• LI, 111.41 Or MEIECHANDILE., TO en( , 700
P.Oll/1.11111•, ruitMnwa, Now TOIL, an Pono&
e&rocr lOhetty 'Aunt and Connt Pooi,nrgh.
A I. raw:inicr. l / 4 e,
No ,O Market Ayori, l'lntadrlplo&
11.0EIZ,GELSTON & en, AgroN.
rITTS!IIIft6II-1.4: MrCatty, p. AlOrtnn &Co
W & A Sump., & Co, 1,1 Allen & C,
11.11 Las:lA . l4 A—Nlo trio Poocrwn & Co, Reynold
Alernrlunil Fternmg & .11.uLioy, Prier Wrtgbt
Sun, J
NF.W &Cu, Theo. Pcrty
110 , f ,, N.-• Reed, I &
, -
I.9.V , INNATI—AtIams A Crragh, lY W
posh'. •
PI,RASANT, VA—P A Alart,,r.
Norm—All Ifin• Nen 'Valk aild Cwt.,
eastsiKned to A I. fcrhsrr &Co. 7:01 •
connua,.... 11 . , 15
14-1 7 11)1CP.1 , 1NDeNT POItTAIILV.
Saga 1. 8 , 1 7.
•ND MENCHANDP.O: TO AND raw; I'll 3.
ED-Walloyt Tranat,ruputt-n1
floods coastroetl tome can call he roTwaTiletl
oat delay, at the lowat currant late,. Billa af Lading
latironmea, :and all tn.trataiona protaptly alleattlad to,
'rasa ai/ e itre eltartte for atom , or mt....l
addtesa,nrapply to L A hie AISIDIAT
':a 0,
l'lnvon, a cell larr. nnl nannotous 'carrion.
are art preparrd tae adtbioat to I,nro re
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law ices. 111111] C AIcANI)LTY
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1 , , , XC1.U51V1.1.1" for
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Wan, Streq. And
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1,41, ai hurtled fur ihr spe,s; nemarnMatian
of the way ta , int...r. and, rexpe.ll . 6lly
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It . 11 - CANAN, 1;11.01•Ionni I.Age
C A ?ilea!: ULTI , " Co. rittilourgh
Jr` " ~, b
J I Ate De . iu, John,
& Smith.
1847. • t
r( II !I;•: nernt rnmrn.. - 4 of , ztenntbn.6
..111 - 011 Mtro,o, ton., rtt -00tt,14
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rwoung belwreo ver and F.r.e coon, c,;l, vyttb
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on ade Lak, at. 111., pr.pan d upon the e:4,1 beet oven.
;or of Navlgnunit to early Fri , Attt And ra-iertet, to
nu onin!son Hive, tranal +mot Latices. •1'
• !loving eve, 1,11.1y.t0r ron.eyom freiglit and 11111.•
setmen with T.:impure., and dtxt , co-lt, the prof. it.tor
•nd ta.ert, ieVectfulty .01,1t1 Oiond, Ann
I puld,c gcatrally inoa
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E :age.
C , Prnonctor
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41or P1T611.6,1,1ml W wet .1.. opt , ,wrft the Al.lollgia
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Wheirier, Crocker & Co. Nosy York
Akio /11,1/Ido
K N Pork,S7 Co. , loyclood
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ht..t. & IsMan,, 111.:oraukie
Porter. Clocogit
War Power+. LTIWITTIonn. l'enou
O ro M!,,obchoyro.Evaosidorgb, Pro.
Johr hl e Aland, I luptodown,
Wok h. Acker, G rort,dtd, do
Coot & Frampton, I - Nark...6llr. do
Hay.k Plumb :Shorp.d.olgh,
W C :gluon do
.1k hY Conomtbom. N ' rw ed•ale. do moth
Alit 1846. Emilia
11. Clikri.c. 11. lbw*. T. F, almond & Co.
Commluloa Mete 12 IA Mt.,
prrpamd name.
onrlorst opening of
It nErs_n,•oooo fCCI3 ., prop
erty at P 4.141,111 and Iteaver. new deliver the tame at
any the to canals, nod 1 , 1,1 e, Erie
and with the grven•stdr.t.nielt and' at rea,
onahle rates.
. . .
,The proprietnnt of don ill. HAW le Slat i 111.011,4 Of
taw former cumoolcra with confidence, kaoaona 'dint
.theirrocilLara are second to aro, '
. • _ . ,
Apply to or oddroAr . .
:6 Al ILARTOCL Act. POO , I/orsh
' ' 'CLARKE ..T. CA,'lleocor-
JenTl T 11.1C1151Uti I) &
1847• -f
I,llerwEEN pi rr, nu Rum;
glut; mock of tiro Into consort , of n table daily
A Line qt Ponta and Cam. horned by itui..ll/0.1,)
which ore peril order. The sabre Awn: : arc prorra
red 10 foriffartlA lama qoanoty of oleo:rano:I:v. old
rookie:J*lth cocaluly and 4i:roan:ln
Produce:or Atrrettandtac toor:groul to auyi ot toe un
do-a:locating folvardol Dee el any chroactOr euorrore
c or OM,
hill.Luaing tranranued anJ all notructionb l
•Illendeg In. .
The bia.lne.olo( 191. Una't, conducted on aonorty
Sabbarlckeeprort principle!. Aaidresa, or urtirly
D EF.WI A. CO. PrOpr;C:al.,
enrol Dario, Pito:Lerch
, ERIS h. LEECH, Prop - door, ,
No I.lSouth mot morel, Phllarblllibta
; JUS. TAV LEWx•ONS, Ancrori
No 114 North Downed euret.lralumure
mouth No 7 Wear rireet.New Vrarh
18.17. Cat al - a te
EAVE Kaye, •Intly ni the
J, arrival ntthn meninboar DEAVER from Pelqiureh.
Fool nom at Warren neat eio/ling in 0... rhe
Sin,* which reach Clearhand lor. nrc mein. '
Praeo Barra will be recelptedrlrrouqthrecnbitg
on the Parke., andaseno to the ,Slnge, fl. 1,11/1V.1.1
Iroard ate. nihnnt Venvcr, ilenving 1 . 41.9,fgh de
o'clock,A. at al ono Ihr agros •
1: hi II A ETON k Co, Pitialoarjh
J}: is PAI,DW IN. Vnungonwri
anti; ttl II TAVL R„. Wag reit
1871 , AND 1847
xi, • . 1t
gifin I:Ode/14;31rd arc now Ferrara:44o lot w.. 1 pro lEn.icrn hlgthgla during 190 .100,-
leg Winter, 0111110 trloolfilvornhl W.., by 04,.., 1 ,,
ditiou. route. - •
All property conersned W be Ihrwairled at, he
leant rate', ' 1 i
rierchanslitc regelged t.y lilt 'route prompily Ar
worded. ' -J CRI fAch
CAt4b, Procaine:inc.. I
n 0.27 E EGERTON at 01 Curttlic 'Fool
1841. L...
'rims 4, 0 egwoulint niffebybdandpasuenyer Pan
els, will run wnularly dunag We arinu m eu
&naves and - Greenville,' Pa., by which rieighi end pal
and at din louwal
. .
: • WICR A.AltCiniß. Greenville, A gtel '
- ' - CRAIG A FRAMPTON, Clothe vd ie; do;
MaPARLAND &RING. Dig Bind, do;
II AV'S k. PLUMB, Simerrloissb, do;
• W O:ISIALAN: do;
• • . • do;
• •
Beaver, do:, t
JOIIN A CAUGIIRY; eorneiWothr and Smi th field sis.
&Ay Opposlie tho Monoorthelo lilifl4e 2 Pittsburgh
- BEA VT. 11.'s
, • ' 13.1vIA.VETt, •
'Capt:Clintleo Novi, avorninelteea
rugularmps. skits itny, leaving Cats
-basalt at SI o'clock, asata i abi flasiveratt Watt[
connecting wch.Plitsbarali and Cleveland Litwin( Cad
nal Doan: daily aCleveland, O. Deriver, Warren and
Cleveland .Lined Canal 'Cattalo and:Nage Coaaties
daily rW Watren and CleFettnn: Lana! la: .
New Castle and ClreenViilt Pa.; Erie Frmaiori'lSue
to tlendville and Else— N ' e'tl. Moore- Ca's Lines of
tae Calcites au . lagelsaad and Pirzioalcr. leave. Hea
rts doily on dierrird or min - min/AL I.l . eavet'fitant'
— Cltiaintrtsii. Apply to'
G Id 'CAXTON &Ca, Pitisliarak
11,41 . CL:11110-:'&.
UNION LANE, .' . t •
,1847.- ' • 4t
nnrwEEN virrsnunGrt - ANT CLEVELAND.
• .. . . . .
• I'. N. PARlaldk. Go. Gieeddrril• 0 . /' ' '• .
R. G reltrld. Llcaver,l'a,. ".. 1 Proprietor , .
• W T AIATHER, Ilarbergh, I's. .• . ' '
TII F.. aboye Liner alsaar fatty prepared to , tranopors
Ercssla •...,1 nilf e110,r.-froircPlUsburghtind C/eot•
land, Isany posses the Perantrandi& Uhis and Oars
The fnni lilies o raid Linn am notequnited by .I.OT 0.
said Canale, in numbers and rapacity of Dosts.espa
rienee of Copthlno. anti promptherwof -lige..., de.
:Due float !gavel Putiburgh and Cleveland daily run
ning in connection with the &milers. •
itl'chig33 and l-wiro berrtern PitUdiuryti and
Waver; and n Line of first data giteamboata.,
and Fehoonere, on' Lake!' Def
etugun and Orna On • . ,
I r ropcitY forwarded to eve part of the Vain, with
duip,teti. E DAR liS di Co, Clereland,.Agtio • .
W 'l' MATHER. Pittsbargb, Agt,
ap2l. Cor Walit and SthilliSeld Weep..
1847. :Man
• • •
PACtiE4 Mi n s L U ZIL I e N niV . ißgi ' l : leaie Rea=
morning ENO Own Powbutith:aml arrive at Warren is
time for the alail Line whith Dore
theteafiet,tuni cativo it cleveland ut a o'clock, P.
• This rooie is the marl expeditictsti and eottif,ottnlble
onc to the Laker,
OUT A Y r opNt
I:.VED, PARKS A Co, Deaver, Agar.
101 IN A CA UCHlEV.eorr , rVirgoerand SmithGe:lll4o.,.
ape:y. . (*polite the idosenihela lloara Pittsburgh
Phllodelpetioi UsiWalesa, Now Toile
. • •
~ and . neatens. ..4 • i .
i ,
r[1111c: encouragement this line hai receisedeinee
J. ita commencement, hos in need Abe pm
fora to increase the stock byaddi ginomber , ol fir
clam boatifand insteril orgisin receipts so herein
foie as agorae ; we will glee ou Ty!: receipts foe
freight shipped by this Ve. . ' • r i, 1 •
The boats are all pri table, e isequently,'lleight
is taken the whole dial; en wit out' transhipment,
thereby 'presenting daroogo Boni Irespent haedling
on the .auto, and asi each . heart IS owned •hy the' .
Captain who , runs them,, whieh is a sufficient gnaw
miter, that Im
there will no dela y
on the route. - •
All Priallece or AlerChandi consi g ned to the
undeisigned. will be forwarded FREE OV•COM
MISSION,for adraneirig and forwarding,•amil will
be shipped without delay , at the lowest rate. 'of
height., , .i ..! ,
We respectfully wilicit a shore rd. public pates
; WA LLIINGV MD & Co., '
, • ', ,', , Canal Lawn, Pittsburgh ^
CRAIG; 111311.,AS & Co:, Agt. •
• , Broad Strdei, Philadelphia..
",, PIMILLEII,..Agent • : 'l'
' • ' Raiders Iliad', Baltimore.
Pittsburgh, Feb. It, 1847, - • • . : .
1846 • AND '..1847
OUR) .ItAllit.POrtD.
rl , lui sn'brer , liert Will receipt (oldie drlivcrtof Pro.
/ der!, us tinkle., by the Mono trAtila Shickwatcr
lit tilt' tallazaing prttles.— : •
Arties, Paean, Honer, Lead, [ •Lard; Pork, Tallow,
tVlllokey. • ••, rend Graerr—•Fakis kaki/ Ina,
Tokneee, Peen, Flan and ii'bear-0,1 els per 101) the.
• Arbor. (Pot) Apple:, Cbeere, n4zzEcs4, Glate r and
Le 11 he r—lnG ern per lOU Itw
Orlx,3kinrr•Serds,Worl-110 ri .pe r ibo lba.[.L.
Bre•wraz. Prather., Fare, trin;edg, and Snake•Roor
—len eta per WU lb. [' r• I
MI property ennergood eake of the undersigned
aril! Ire forwarded waLbat deldy . , free of Coadearam,
at above rare". CV If CLARn, [ ' '
' tiIiVATN.i4•II ' • I •
CaAlPOUl , llltal'ttull /41.)
A cormin nod tale cure -tor euutbe • . cold, • isthma;
liver complaint, .pining Womb pairm 'tithe title
or broam,nervonadebiltty.tlitoolongconb •
brokro collat . /tut - inn, OCIN SIU
_ . .
TION or any : disease olithe Inapt nr! I
hra,.t. !trader are you suffering
o,th n d nr ducats of the
ca :•1 .
lungs, try this tenfedy,
• you win not
It oral arrest all thisae disagreeable symptom Which
stnke such terror tri the mind, de prolong your days,
Beware of all prepsrations pUrpoiting to captain;
Wild Cberry, extent that bearisgsheisignaltire : of Dr !
H Sm ASS,: on.the outside wrapper a each bottle,
..ylicyarermitelsketyyitntl•Wrhelittieleffrifin .
chop the burrow a. . •
. Riad tr 4 luis• done! • . •
Wouid perhaps ire n small esti itiate far tbrt ravages
of this dreadful direyr.e in a Single.veari, thin add
the fearful caialoaa, e of tb.s cutoff by lailasta.'
two of the Langs,.l. - ferourrliage, Asthma; Coughs
Influenza, Bronclutis,and other diseases !of the
Lungs nod Liter.:' • • ! •
And the loft wail.] present an ippaling proof : of the
taality thenfitvro:o22,e 2 of diseases. :But iris
ciponant to !faun!! Bout nearly "all 1. this! dread
waste of human Ide might have been - prevented
by a timely sire'of Dr. SIVA VNB'S COMPOUND
YI:UP OF fYILDS.:IIEKR•I'I. !• • ! !
l'htt mediade had now been before theipublic
some right years. out audit the - Miginal paticiration
from the Wild Cherry Tree. ;its reputation' asla
only far coughs, 13,.actiiti,,; and COO.
.tir2lio2 of the Lllll2 h o bated entirely upon its
tri lime merits, ewes bat little to inflated. new:92pci
pulls. Those who give its! trial, being benclitled •
by it, recoinmeud it to their neighbors, and thus
gradually and surely hasit.guine,d an easistilefrepa
lotion and worked its .way tote general, smelt One.
bade never bald to cure 2 roceut CO4ll , 011C010,
.I,lle with stria attention to Buidirectlous thpt ac
company curb bottle,its Un2 in!ptilmniary diseases
or long standint - sed• of-the nnakt alarming dttame
ten, host always,given relief,' and id very; many
instances has effected' Cemplete and 'pertnantfut
ures. •
f/r. SsV.ll7.E'S'eelebrated Ce a{l Si
)r. S W .117. E 'S ' Vele rate Compound Spa
Itianf Wild Cherry. '- •
Read the most remarkaale'eure.ofeeattemtien
err, placed upon reeord-4 ' • . ;' ~
Dr Swarec—Deartiar: ; feel it a debt oegialitede
doe to ;.00 , - , -MOO 0 duty to theeglicted genially to
oller my humble restiroody, in favor of yoriit:otas
pound Syrup of! Wild Cherry.,.. Some thred years
since, 1 was violently rittachinfiwith aid •maillinflar
mania of the hings,wrecti was accompanied: with'
a very ilistamirig cough, pain in thebrent and bead
—a very considerable discharge of offensive inucui
from the lungs, crpecially upon changes ofweather
however Magna- At rii.t..f 101 l no alarm .aboixt my
condition, but was pretty soon convinced dial wan'
rapidly going into comminption. 1 grew allyWa
el :
er, and at lengilawas scarcely able to walk *tout M
speak above a • whisper, such Was the acceding
weakness ofir.plungs, Dunng this time I hail tried
various preparations and prescriptions, but turfed no
celjer—gowang all the time Worse:Jar:herd I wan
advised and musuad. by a dear friend in WilhaloV :
ton to make a Ulna of your Syrup of 'Wild Cherry.
/ must C 0110•01 that previously I had been prMudie,
cd sprat patent maim., and leen atill•against
those coming out. of the 'hands Of - empiriMi, but
undenitanding your Claims' to , the• Prqcssitia and
practice of tomaine and .having implicate faith in.
the sayidg 01 my Imelda; l'torthwath .parchaed at
Dr Sharr,• non of'. year agents, a few' Lades and
cominemacal its one. My disease 'at this time was
. ,
at twenty or twenty five mouthy' standing, came ;
quently woo deeply vented.' I found, baronet., con.
orderable relief from the tarot lonise are Witka.,....
But being a public apeaker 1 - frequenily, attelepted
to preach with any increasing strength sad llierrhy,'
mphired those vessels trot hia4already began to
1011; in this nay. doubtless, my rO/0 I. s greatly,
imardpif. In consequence' of .anting• raw dope,
dentlY I bad to use It or 'About. heroin 1 was
perfectly restored. I Sane .0 ques.o., . a much
smaller number of bottles 00111/1 har e m 0,4,....,,,,,
snood: hut for the above indizereabs. , . ,, Theßyrop
apayeal thoiererish habit, did May the distressing
coni, di, put 0 - slop to the dischargesof .riatteV from
the I ngs,•andgantliemaudthecutitacyale4goral
lwali a I :have deterred offering ;tar , e.nificate till
cow , for the purpose; ot being .plrfeetly. seashell
wahl the permaiiency'of the cum, sed,uow chat i
lecl Pertently well, I otter it with pleasure's. ,
r . REV. J. I. JORDAN: '
Dublin county, N 1 C. .., .. .
. _ ,
Aunid 111 spurious, preparauenir of Wild ,
oo,h no unix..., II lorw; Sim Pi Of- Mid -CliotrY.;
Pills purporting to contain Wild Cherry; &.e &c,
no they are MI lictitious and counterfeit, sea contam
none of the iirteenid the originstandietuine pro.
paratiori es prepared, by Dr. hwaync, and the lint
seer prepared to this comfit), Doctor Swarm's
Compound S"ruporAVILD•CIIERIY In com Poled
of vegetable itigrediCuta, the Wild Churry,ind off:-
cr medical nututanone eqnfly as • efiiincious, . not
more sti; the whole arc en cfle,!thally concentrated
' an tr. rondrr rt beyond all doubt the moseplealaut,-
strengiliening,'aud elfectuatroteedy ever,diandrer.
ed lor the cure of Pulmonary
, tunaumption.„alad all
-diseases of the-Luntia Mid !Smut. The - ifenl lac",
flour its haring such a train erspurious imitators,
stands In prone ila grbat curative properties.
l'hereiure, invalids. inquire for the tinging item' '
ration, car b bottle q whicli is,ettrolopel Ina bean.
tile' wrapper, with a likeness of ,William. Per n en•
graved therconialsdhcar lag the algnature 'of - r 11:
Swayee, the counterfeiting of which will be min•
hilted as forgery. , 'i •• ~ • -,_ , _ . ~_
hollered .only by Dr. H. Swahrta.LlC,lV corner
of I.:went and !taco Streets. Philadelphia. 1 4
'- Per sale in Piltaburglrwholisalti and retail y '
_WA!: THORN, 53 blarket street, ,: ' • i' ; •
61;DEN N. SNOWDEN, Contact:M.& Wood etc.
H.:A.. F,II tWPOCIC S Co.. corner . of - Ist and
' Wood ind•fdli and Wood streets, I;
S.jONF-S, lOr Liberty street ' . -
An LK MUMMA., Allegheny '••
'And by alt respectable Droggrata and dealt/a 'sal
'Med i eine; througboatther Unued :lotto nod Cana.
- • • • *ars, corodder better lii'ttn
ip,l7:ll:ittiphean co.:. Pa;
bee2ad,l6o; ;j' •
Mr. B. it Selle.rO , ..4„My.epn 21. months old.belargreii.'
rettleaa at nigh!. cod 4.elt (OM IttIMCNIVOIF
eluded. be hod verorrn4 4 and baiting heard,'" gmkt
about yoai cnnituir, beinght a vial and gaveirdm
hcaprijed diver, larne , akrrnra - .-- '<Calder
yonkr,erno!acc.bePer thaa . ollothen= t•
Prepared and lold by E.E.SF.E.LEKS, adF3xl at.
Sold by Dr. Patrol, 6th 'rag; and,D. hlr Ails Ibati ditl• r 'OR •
4„i11.1.1i1t,! Vni
I ember"
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See that Ithfilasithith is,aroand nth b050 . L....
gee, • rot ofTooth Paste tbe bo th of lath thiesa,.•ad
aut. Bill of Dinar.. • • ••.
enza.mAres cowl{ Lozr.Nak,
Thew Lawns, are the whet, mint ettre and egie14417.11
edy Lir cong•ar .Ide" recdttctt i wan
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the list par. mstaing tn badth persons in .bast riera ••,„
of cutuusiyiwn, sad dime hbortng ander the mot dhow.,
wed eetighe. ' Thep do not meek nod 44 op thew:ow,
bat.e nder h.q., pranoie capretereditn a tatiey the lathe, or
unwationa avd neural, e pommels or manta catw•
T . lap ve scia24 from • Ab
tindithation * meet reliable tepee
threat, or cough medientee, mud are niidoebtedlj wiper* h.
every thing io oekrlbormmplaints, ' klesotrods open he..
deeds ofcertificates have been aired admit ...ireful ta
to., froth dn.. trio hnebvsaanl Sun wa itidienet, rare,
and annexed to erket lisadli by wan
When there ni moth pthi in the break or , aide r eseefSber '
melee Poor Slues Skeane (price ash. 1.21 mew,) 'lhtiai ke
VP," t ort' w.s of reliewiL If enrhdol
.St teatime:to, a kw cathartit or:bairn lantare,',or an
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witliosit any beach; when One dour of
L theid Liontige, woe ld
apitedelf eure them
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siva brewli r pieking at the now, paladins of the teeth diurnal
eh:vivant arifte,es • pahnion abont theLpyritlitathed chalky
bleeding nt W. now,.N.whlteruiignSt Oicolowsch, Sash
ee of hest neer the aordice of the hoes, Sight shills exchir
winia bewinche, denieshane, vertago r %depot., dialoetied -
&twiny sodden ethrtiog eitnpa with • Inert aa4 senthatteii
...tin. a trouble.. math, fewriebneti• thind,
low a fgh hod tete la tie. inewth, birtathiogonis
the shiesach air bowels; Wipe , . imam*: waiwniaktices, vonij
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abooting . pains udvaraotte fart. the beidy, aline. of some
thlograwor iii the Smash alchlecofthe anteldwarda tied, •
inoportat desire to pete itenethang how tbe bane", soda owe .
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Thrj bird Moth. •rttief la mom eerie! he I .
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or par sort throat, bowel or. meter roes!
MiotAintoijippertodoer wt. Moo( Wakhri of the Met .
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offretions,od all retro. dbeers,'llioweimi Wont. lb . •
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:rota total.; rer Ottor4l .4t orge mt.. MI .4 the Lost.
neallyysmagood the benorrednolk asei
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the elm. 'plotter in he world — It ORM tag Li arm
Moot. wakes
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thengion oft. _ -to M r Womb, tot it will arord grott sad
.tonhhiteg relict eon. eoldei slidieulty at
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welotary habits, or shoo Werra la weact mocto weltroun
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their orroond tholls; at 1.e.. mliereslottreme IL
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Dirrethas for ore an on Ow i..k aorta: iWetter ; villt •
fosharle of Do Shoo. cram:: It is importentroo Mold
always ~b ton fthersola's PM Motes Plerter, etell esre .that
oo tpotth. genemc n thaw mMOO ,
Lurked shoo.. 41 br.t.rhows, hj
'Medic., Worthen.; Phu met, Stye — of to
11H1-1100Ts— • "I.
, 4 HAVE. NOUN IT.”—Etinka.
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Bir:---This 6toesiify t 014 thiie,:pl
lhailiaillieted "at • ilisi.mi of Lilo Limp,Or Cain mptia•
do iha Bpeiigof 180 I ••••iiailid witi • winre cold
via& p.m :beeme seated ape .my limp; eiholeiiq tha
cmummellun. lily MO was
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spit day a eultelerable' ja>nlltj td 41mulos[i4d
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thy me' up .11 !wpm of q teearaeloarenuOir
me that aothing mere elmild be duile-..that q litikieee• D.
tally ai'......l,..lbiro4nimay. I qpiu Pieradllel bt
ti friend of tin. in make. IsiDl of Dr; ZatinweirErogra
thai this =did. , with - da no goial,And would dial add
mum to my Dowering. , J told Wan It orDs say.libi Dial only.
hope, aud that it I minx ilk yr the dame, (triatioris erF
4.t b rer, ) b,n would he rolling Wt.. did d a so ili•
PintineallOinv and obtaisiadsbottlea yalon
16 /Wilkins; and . ! ..6:4a4 to ma diaka
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This !Dearman. :tend aiotii;:aff solar
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give kiangth to theetiSktiled - stid DernektaCtiont; and
most rams, I oil .
rekiriti i paid* main.
. . ,
• •. • • ANDRCW.A.:
N. 11.—Ttoerietto may not•be ativeleteberith Mt I refer
to the ttedtrO•ped ; cilium of Mootposetil.eteilloo.eee
ty, 0,.,1107 eel et eerie. robetanuete the jestomeau,
Amnia eagwaeu,- -
• et.toet,'whent this ulnae/ eleekloalooi sleep be
Bold Jo .rlitshergb, by INN. .T . ADDRUN; corner 01
Woof' anil..Lireny ate • " • - eerlezditer
isIVOILTA.Wr O TflE LADlSlV , ‘Ch — mese
Hair Oran:, a matenleas article for ihn .Clowths,
Beauty and Resiorationof the Iler. -- ,Ttdi Crean4wbenv -
once lcmant, will sunemeile alt Other article; of the
hind maw mini Where the hair is dead, liarshightnons
tiesidlY or tanning grey, a Cowl applicaupwarill male
the hair loft and. Jut and- g.p. iti beautify] lively
Mal beal or oiro =tap it retain mil liveliness
y color twice as toalya. all the preparations
which are generallp need. Every laft awl/gentleman
eettdare; to the hearer ulna oils 04 Melt hair, should
at once parch.. a bottle of the Cittame Hail Cream, ea
- it is ae.eompated that it wrll nol'intare the Mir Jike the
other erperations, hat will bestattfy,it, and eve perfect
ssfaction in every instance.
Von teitimour.a. tha
folioed:in letter from Rev.' nu: Caldwell, to Nevus:
Ileadershott & Stretch, Narhydle, Oenerallitgents fen
the Western State.; „
Letter imso the Rev. IL Calderon, gamut of Pot,
bytenan Clutch. Pulaski. liendershon &:Stretela—Cientleasem I a
pleuisre leantemnlin frwor of Max :
teal preparation
- called DI. Parrish% Chime. I
Crea4l—tai about two yeara age my tour was surd j •
tv inly and digitated to tome am e. brit ,shun procure.
• bottle of the Cream, mad audit Unerdink b - the pro ,
ymmimin my hair-is now eon, elsalleaarlfflento the
heml. litany balsams and oils were
ore. lea
ving ley ter M a moron state alma befitio. This Cramp
however, has eget my rap,Mmaj..y.
la imamate lar Me Today my len& Klima it plate.
care over another', baling del:newly pirfamed, and NA
Mee:skit to tumidity. -The &dice especially Will Mid
and ~3iue. 10 he a desiderit.t tes 'lairs:apar
t:aloes fur the toilet Raspeetfally, && -
•• Pulaski, 1ara 1 y.7,1847. ' - • - -R , CALDWEIL •
liD - Seld ail:Menlo and retalLitaPinslaugliby /eta
M.'townsend, N 045 Martyr street. ond.loel Mettler
corneae( Wood els j,.. J.
Tiara Re
pmoniicitar-1:... •
.v. Cgrain4e Amanda Awn' : ler +Limon% f
Crane: ala Rem, tor shames; • •
Alonmoe Cream, Superfine Itoune,on Pacelain standin
e lert ritsicent bop, put:toted with Laiciaderk A nal.
Deasinful powder part, of life:UMW; •
Eratimnicil toilet holt.: Mitililiaing fragrant sfifEia
MY the bandlteettlefl Meat beg, and Miler reps. Met.
&hie kr orments. • I •
',Penns& or Milne.: powder; " ' •
Indian veertaele hair a 4, r •
Il!ar's oil , m (Quay or count= wiapperi,..(niee seem ,
losses' Soap; Nymph Sena; Rose eitiQ -
• Cold ageism, slag-amity est opl
Pare paler soap, su bars and eater;'
.ae Nide im4pougeiher with
. sAlmiallyaricty
of fine perfumes : v ond gr t tr . - lAl e 0
1 . 1113.1811f1D DAILY, 101-WEEKLY WEF.KLY
_ _
..11‘ Givcay tuoraincteartrin f .
E S OIT alDlf IOT 1 . 0151 ti.
One Insertion of 12 Upe. or .. 50'
IN.° fosnrtions U
I'hred•" • 1 . 00
Pno Week r.. 80
Iwo Week..' i" • " " , t , 0•••• - "
•f. 3
• . 30
71:1trce ." • •"' OO
Ono tlonth, " " • .„p;{00
3'"° • ” • • • ... ........ 00.
Three "[. - • '7 50
r e . Lo o te r adverliiernenta In !Me prqp . O . roOn. ,
One situare,6 mouths, without alteration ;: ... 10 00
te. 15 CO
Each' additinsul mallard foi6 wohibe '44 '
... ".
One siinare,• 6 rooniht;renolablkaaileditti 13 CO
. ; CO
Each Ideitiorigtoquaro for 15. months • 10 OU
T. 40 agoar,es. 6;tpl.Sairj, SO CO
Eacltidditional equare,6 months, ....i.L••• 0 00
•Ir/..X14T , 0rt
One ...gnarl. 3 innertionf, ‘ l4 l.
• • 'each additiontl insert...a
Five linen or lent; unclear. 6
,W• "- mouth. 310
" ono fear, dail '2 y 4 k:weekly,
.I 0 00
tit months .7, Cl' 800
itieseevoinszais ' or cowls _rues. •
For !aline., or tes4One 'SWUM ..
Three,." 100
_ ' Three F. 20110111 ' 350 . :
I.'l l `.eive7 . ... .to co
riliu . advertitetents to be ellaikii-407..Q.squato
and a 'demount of ZS p itiv eseotoeuogivelvivbervi thi
. vitiottet ler:Ml6's* vizeieds 50 !Mien "or you;
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Five lines or ler Owe year,: .
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