The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 28, 1847, Image 2

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es they are in fact win the caution of ,
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ypbn the iNtIXI to by upon the table. and We
' *Met tig a vote of Ito 10. The minority.
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, all Whip,. and all from the sew
..homiter . izk0 .,,,,,, d, „t x er ,tocky, who
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mud es ha 61 to vindicate .
..^lO - joa twits to be comMent with the
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' . 1 60 action upon* , subject of Idiew3', though , the
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'll6°ldasin. to emend thin httitatlat.
K ,. coepw q o f N. c., a young member, who
lewd lithe Mb Commis. and who will be re.
'.*mi • bleed for his duel with . Mr. Imlay of. Ala.
bMi, in • oretch: ruspeted for fluncombe,-and
4'13/11the way he eePerata th e Batum i** abittietc
- ` ;ma to 'place tho South Won abbllM
r - ' s :-...;gfbitid.ift PS IfietlM t 3 the teritulmhith may be
summtli.i the Illeted States, in conseptence of
' 1-1 ' Ihri;rar with Meow. He said truly in some
. .r.,Amege, and In one M. patients:vet:lM was that
' , Tolitt 0. Celli= and his band of Pinilidars wore
oowdMe - ' far - much of the ultra Abolition send.
-......... ' ' et whic h peres od the Mott& The! we**
.. - MP- &pa and in pubrec action went
,A sitters at Ms i
"" "'“ heal a hind witt 010111 Agitators at the North. -
commenced this . combined - action : though
1 * :, -Irner lorctreme Oats. With the; F. 8. Telegraph for
MA: o gun. in 11Mil, and ths7 bad soon on Mee
:..41.0 . 9; hoed In hind ht their war upon the 'Union.
,:.- . ".. egoeiat ads Ultimo, end owe other M i m i *-
-1 v.. L . was, there wee not much to make the speech .
1 l i't. -r .ciiiimi'endahle''. It deU o ded the t-leteetitailm 'a
t _grwaral but umlauted that the !phis of that
! . .1,. ; ' liokei required titi freett tem to acgrdesce 1
14Y-'::f2iii'44linoetatiott of additional Star Tomboy
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lam lt T . ,: coed Coustitutson imbedtied to the S , wpm
1 :'... sectilan.alge It " V II ' /lam* ll .' s
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no:a iktticd of the Christen mai d . .. am
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. / . 1 r„ -, fc --rd4 m thet.rvittf th" "` " .4°0824 goof:
‘7,- . ;,.,;;_irdi't ma gaiit - is - i - so - srsawsted Two 1
' ...;... It ' iadad Imre Mailed; ma Would h*
;....1..--, - me. .
.s . ll , ;goretlit Why the South, and by , owl State In ,
e :: 1 .. tha lioutb, mato what might. Enemies at
- 1 -1 1 r,:.:",th th we ggee abroad, should lenient this, not men
~M it ' bet deemed t lluMlea to aztandnate the..
•- _.': 9 - -I tit - as the Mew Eaglandate did the /W*4 to
f .7.••us thenSWifear. 4ol pineratiOn by the ;way
' ythl Mows to-ithat deli Mat. obi to 92 7
- r irill rrn. t e 4haa rho Slave insgui th = e d ,
1....„ , iwoot.ielni WU swa.teal,soid
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~ 9isitifelieris neither taste. nor,
*3--: ; mry - Mike defeeceal the chills of ,ih a B m ith * —
-*lilsidMisuallgeto sdiuspitial looker on that ate,
' 1 1koCsea tea tmeetatelli which this tretell'al
: ; I*4l ~, I d o not ex p e ct that Southern
i:' , . 1 ' ' ;: i . 5 '.• :- . 011***1 " ..- Lim i tat i on of gieway in
fr.4l:y =. 44= :146,pi loot upon th e,
r.,,,.... ~.kba light as nett:ern men.but this cosy br
-1 - 4 , :-/.` - "1 4- 1- :•. , Mmthem Totes &Wind 514 t.e.
~: .--- if-- t! , -- -- - .' .. ,,,,,,1, .oba.i.bich theiNgwie .d aT t .
, ‘---- -• .. ' P "'"
,c, it . p4lbi 'Pm% coil ... c r.
--__.v.,ii,,:..i,„.,1,p,....i.,..1" in Isf"s4r a
t3:Blatra fa - i r6 " 64 1 4%66nk "no lit Ptak
• - 411tanafg imeordini IY- ,If they e i;u t -ti ~,,,
,gl, l4lroa. Mann ibb NO , ' , ~,
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......., .' th odismenei be It ett.-7
~-.ll.l" l l' ''' t° ifudnitell move ' nimble
.:- 2 .-
ae.tra* ull 14 - s.l et t h e pmer of emancille
''''''''? Mien : Memekeitet,. ln ie Ave theth thet.
.1.r. -1 : 41M:
.. l eilicaP s. em'ael"D"., B the coluoUt
........,,,,,,, ~ • u s of Moine& ut
(. . . .' , I,' . ef m ew , i s s wum; so numenele.
1 ca . I ki
res a le 4 .i t o f the ass, and
..,...4e , Es
1 - 'l , /'"-,4- 4,. t..-t- - walla *I P B th, t e ktite&
.'j , i, '-'zr. ttbempoitat It cannot for amoment _
1-,S,r„. -. :., ~ .
it ; ri s u ...... thig =bit"; CA It il
- r.:' ' . ' '" 701:61114 111 ti so ktiOW'Viae7inil WIL
' ', C r, , •• • ''' , Minigelol , of t 65 ..11. -
'er , it ~T hb.... ?Mi d "' P I alai with ., th e pur,
:-11.444.0•Nra. ,an compli ed .
f••%'• ,al4.l3,tabeelniteln'arob;lNP°4-
'' ..-- !-4 - 1711 . 0 , .p5ic 'foe that 'm a mba " bests ~,...
--":"' 4"7 tneein . ~ - - o nnudiiim of dall" theft , &emi t, '
'''' ' ' ' .L. -4 ,,, 44111 ee ..4 11:41 = i"1i' I°
Trmm . Ms is mill we
11 '
''''. . 1 " -- '_, A ., ' me g whole deemed Mumeati, not
.„r „.„, „ " . the ;with.' but thgthethith,thawme.h
ha p ro mptly voted to sustain the • public
' I ' l ll ' , lna r a .....,1 M e et',
i .111011S3 be With . your Voi r 1 17 k in
‘..-1q;.4 isi k p.tauta, b. Pittsburgh, of e'en,— Z.
~ , - -. 4 6 th e 8,0.1“, k, . -c,— .E.
not do this. I tam el kW hop
mz,--, bg as . Y ro s y . . ~,..,.... th en, are
, i -::;.:. id . ," de*Mideas ot
) L - ::: ' ,.. - ,„,, b „,..
::, , 4 " in Wm 1,0 tbar ,
'''''''' ..-
' ' '''''•'' tftig toad at resit adoptio n. _s, a.
ak7r++ , ' , l:-; , v;".5
:Zir41 , 34):111 ; k :
11€1Wir 4 . 1:` $:
ve.„.:11...,T. •
V ~, _
-k -,
- 31 , iscr„
~..!, -li.ysibifittoo' gii.Ehiriasui
l ''' ''''' - - Mr . Webaa hi* ~,.. Co . 'I
.. ',
~c - ,iiiion•,-- - .-- coot for
•Y•'-'' ' • ;wed= w •".• - to'
I, x-•-1
..M-- - caceie# t!II!
• ''`.•:- WWI ba! ass al -th• -- as ne
-i';7,::1.160141* .. '' h!ts.lo
doom*. cowl!
:,,I.,•;:-.1-:-..i!iikeepsoa pedkvbill h i
*a' -, Xi.. W O! , I ban iiiudtas i
:4 0M., , . A • ",' in th e ilmth e ii, ii, i e's Mr.
~.4gieror.. - • itit 'Dow
trdsy. _ vs .
•,,'; ;•-;:',.iii3Otig ' F':,l ranilb!PFY• hjoi—doll•"1-
fr 1•'"!):14 " •• ditiorit? heig oi '44 11 '
•'.',•`;ooaciiiikia,ws.• ' 4'oo " UentL •'- dis co.r#
;Z..; %. -- i: iii,foi's g m.4. p ui . • u m , leelol - a i m - as&
-,frkiinirdis irT his a M°liar
....i f ..,idlich sir., ._,.,-* The aso
which rgeskiniip.
1:-. ::-;.41iili.,i1110101. o f ebw Tort. 6,3„,,, thita •
11L :--;-, * l 4* • ',. A dibimio 441"
th a 1 pism....
i , ; 7.5 ',..t • , ;•*.g#o.-- :•mionen
'. ',',,- - , 3 3 ffirr' rta ic chc h h .d, ,
, ► sa
. .' .. 4 ~., ..' ' ! u-,•r h • * mei C DJ / ' the
. If idg s t ou l
-,:...t,ii.,tr:*.1116t,,-. okl,,
.64 far , ..,,
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s ...441911.4
....i.,"figh*1..,,h..:"-.itte!.l47 S!'.l;._ 's4 WQ€6l.lon.,
i otillialjba ba n f 1171.• i -1 0 1 4 0
::-•:. "•:,.•: 4:llfr 7: - ' -,:10440"' ize, kis 4 44'
fig&i::. - t4,_, • beivar.m.....,')" _
•• •,•'l - ::::... -:• •.:•-.q.iF. . OPPYT 1310- 11-: `i;-L'spasel if,"
.':.;.--,`.:Y:c °ri,',l4;" "—ii`al tal. '"011", thwocilit**.
ax ;co
;%•• - 2:::` 1 •• , ;•r-:' ii 5( . 07' , i t ‘i i iiiingm4
i+T'-' -.-; ....,:,,,Fl,-k! Mff ~ ,--iat to iwY
~ i l* chaxo OM T' .
I ••-• ~,•;-',',': •`-- '- • • '•,- 34'1014% .inevaliszbAta°6:l
liit7- :.*Ao4.*'''''-'irIIG.'••4111011.
1-titztiiiiii,..,,i vaki .
z.-a.,,,770i..1610,„- 4,400.. 'f , !: ,- ~ , *::.., 4 ,.:v:: :. .:...:
kq;- 0:::-_,-.-z.,....,e47 '!: , :%': , ?::: , :'...:; , *t.::.: , ..;;;,4;ii tt -Lq.
. :,•-Tt,-,i14,, E - .:tii.: , . l ifi -, f , t7..t.i...::t,-.11';‘,..:: : - .
.:.- -
XV' 1CRA.7011,11
YoOrigige ' Belli ke'_.lie fliiiiel4 - cities to mitt
iheeiL:ileptieki ft* tiiiinduk /f Cuper•i judd
take &Um* claw Of ihe Übjett,ina .iiiii4 , - .
fir ! ily;',:judiy, end•iiiiii 4, Urns .fiserihtliol'n
es mr!-Yfebstir,' the , ,lttatimi Might el;1 1 4 ,1 itie
questkilli to ereinitiew. `Bon in Esidemi;ef es tore
loco minded alit: Polk; wotßd - Pulebirtsks 1 1 '
Into hie: bead to veto each' a bill. I. thick the.?
Court will panes keg tams they inedible to the
r H ause Abe eight of 'Apogee a tan thus tlatictea '
for the *lulu welfare of that elan of rople
IMr. Wilbur said. tour thinp of neural in.
totem hi id: incisions tiAsy, end partkowly in.
a ranks which bites thre!opposils eminsel, Mr.
.1 atm Van Buren,—for rite remark that the peOple
wire becoming rienuilt4 tit thi life tenure of the
lodges of the Supreme Bonet, from the fact that
they were infusing more end more of modality' I
lota their decieloni. Mr. Webster 'medal this
arta lib banded sort ofa compliMent to the Indus
'upon de* Beireh, and Ohio al welt of resPset.
for the Judges Who had filled places now occupied
bi.4l'in• - The, early hob's; he al), warotain:
tilled withthe cOnstitatioa. • Some of them help. '
eat to Maks 11, and ware a put of;it. . : It was lens
I bud.into their eat n a ture, and with the barons
lof 60h:we= Court. The memory of Jay.
Ellswonh, Story, Iredell,lThoinpuo, Baldwin'
Berhotte and etheis, driersed 'no such reflection
Their num would outlive the bonstitntion itself.
Mr. *theisr, hi the +um of hie argument.
1 bad etenisitsito anode to the football on of Bluely,
I 1 0
i which had bout referred by emerald upon the
lotion sidr;:. • He would not discuss the ' topic be.
fore the Court; bat remarked, that Upon investige.
tarn be had not been, side to enlighten hii own
Mind hputthe sib**, Uri he could not hope to
enlighten the Court.. The peculiar thing had en
mister:ice, rind was reeognized under the Oman.
tation. There it was, eird so lug u hens there
be should not lift his hand to disturb it, and near i
would do so until those i t who bed charge of the
1 Institothon. theeseelies ought prmer 'to disturb
I it.
t l ' • , •
Though en argon= in Court, I base thought
it not improper to piers Mr. Vehrtei - in his own
t iros light. 'Ho belle, i n =noon with perhaps
nearly ell . intelligent v
hie,. that Sheol .is a
litnete Ininitation, our i whielithe Genera Guam
mint beeno control in Bte Beater, and Mi . the is.
knonniof wbl - free State I. rispon.
..,or.' Dec. Se, ISM
The National ljate ' cot has s soy able ar.
tide, enebahOns the • espresso:l in my letter
of the 16th,linieldng .BupreitteCourt end it.
decisions cum the Inshtution of Slavery; as well
satire practice.' twins, of thew Wilmot Proviso. The
,article isittribited;as I heir. to one of the Judges
of the Supremo Carat. If so, it is not only high
solhottty, but &Oa sheens weight to the; position',
assumed - . Thismiestion will ba discusted i.e so. I
ay Joao, legislative, - judicial 'and : Intetnahonal,
during the ieseion of...angreos. - .
The two Houses o~ Ceograw adjourned yeast.
, day, to blandly, after the death , of Thomas L.
Hamer ' member eleetof the present Cevograse, had
been stsswitteed by Mr. Allen in the .henste, and
Mr. Mons, in the Hausa. Mr. Ifuties I knew
well in Cengices +a he wee a leader of the
Democratic party. He wai an able and amiable
man, of veal plea+ worth, and` well entitled to
the diet:inch* civil and toMtaty, which he rontir
ad from his conetitnimis and the President. He
staved during Congreises, and the pree
thre4 ab
, ent,
had he survived ;he diseases of the amp, would
have been his fa tam of Novice. He was a
Penneylsanian,bi .too, though catty leaving
his Btato to beemnai a midget of Ohio, wtomr,by
hie grad petsonal malt, and by dirtthf hardlabor
and 'perseveziog esergy, 10'1mill:deal the ceell.
deuce of his frierals end the speck of ail who
: knew him. -. The House and saaati have both
'adopted the usual nwohitions of mipect to his
Correspon,ati of the Par:garret clarrua
- - *law I - tk,Des.:4, iill7.
. The delay in.the Ittri •.o of the 'Steamer Ira ,
Li' 4, 1 0 4 -. how.nut Yetta/ days. nussli a aull .
pir,l_k to 0ti!0 , 43. - I t&. seidaik -, azia A ai.#tetit'
tion:to riermachlan , the put la( eaphaa tg. :
_' ' ' . An
taprataiort - prarlda-amOng*, .: bit 0. ._ 1k1i. " .a ..,..
actlatertgal ana. litat.the atawaser/4. '.. • 7 '1. 4. : °.^
tat turmajlt mail •to ths- rrar;;''.Y* kot - 'i . "'
dealers it4ratarc hers utabiali-ibs a
unts in sad „, + ni l brill ite,Mer of the 'lath
0 r.pp,,,,,,06,,,edn b e b.ff mititesinstl.- At prem.
ant. prime of gran 0 not such,as to warrant sa
extended ibis:tent bat as Pro,,, ,
Il• corn OA be '
.14* iiyirwapcculetion mil torlnant for
insides of th,l'aillici of ' last 1 0,110, qis• PIA I
n ve rlf:esta !is
,AAbany, the ; boats ham gone 1
. . , •.
ii,b, i ier,quartem and, the, North Oar ailed
. . .
%hp v air !oohs Oita abatalaaerl; -. .''--, '. , " I I
..,alght Wain last tip al'ankroai'liad mewl= , I
/Abe' town and'ettlihraied the lualing of the I
pilgrion m rare: di „,, . , .
• The Dutclaitikate met st the Astor Goose. I
and after the cup bad inn the rounds, bethought. ,
themselves that mat New. England Yentas' at , I
lansAdyn, were also estebiathig • the Wive.. So
n &klub° bearing In their hands a pitcher that 1
tesakerreein the Msyllower fi lled. with Chem. I,
piglet ensitist.Fheificereof thsßtooklynaociety,
though fie; anise ;ethane to the present, were
tied - down by• ',shot eo&e'qeiolution, and sent
biciatha'apprilthng Map, attended by a pitcher of
.! 4 eit , mectia,77sodtbeir toomplinemti. : St: Jon. I
*than Inereot *Strong hold here, end cannot be
divisoialiY73tlDertnie;t3t. Felder., St. George,
Qt11•111thilold resident flt..Kniektubootee
' Our idly atameitchtvi invited Genera - I Tailor ,
end old Wlfbit.lto attend a pobfw. dinner,_lnt
hi will pt, Is soother maser. Should
the Germs' ehotes to mite,' be wal get the watt
welcome aro always extra.- Ho thud not feel too ,
migland of ii,foribe atm euesplintent is paid to '
dnele end 'inessesttotldng in thiond. W. Re 1
chow, and get anweicomm Et attic notice.
rihstut mestl*.wee bald yetn afternoon,
gibe Enduing* to la - .what could be dock to I
ontodyllis blandas of God Johnson. in . regard
b,•tbg expaceni mall, which now Iles by, south of
Weabloltoti to: atop. - String roil:know were
adopted and the' Pest Muter Omni will cornet
his tad managotnicar if yob& Opinion an met.
1 him dott. .
.........ire this weadt—the &stings
at the, bank have fallen or, and their shinty taat
amid: The reeelyeethle month am kyr, , ,
to this the banks an. AS from! inaktot .gg
quarterly eavitiets, and .int GUregaired to ,
in. tolnak• up a Womble atatemint. ;Joan&
pressrun, the. Imo now non** for two aniths,'
than have beenno Alb:tree or Wotan&
- ' The holidays weapons's, andEttoek Operatma
es usual, ant aakt:
' Sales - of Pennoylvarda b's wen made, at 74,
which isles imperrement upon: the pries* of the
lest sale: Readthe Bondi declined' ft Fanners'
Tread i; Reding
If Shares i; Long Wand }Nand.
• • Four
of lhe booed Oad Felloirs Rill
arose of Centre & Grand" have been coropkted
in the most superb style,thspillsr.fseinge have re.
ceinsktbsii lagintouilpdosigned capitals; and it
is easy to fonts an ides, from the punt state of
the edlAct, of.thbanicte issr4eur it will peasant
•-• • idiots.- . . • - -
.. . -
7,lll2usfltorivortair mr Ltnt.--The Stelity
tam as tbooTtne Btothattearloated on**
btnki of the Ohio, ow Cioolnoati, molly cm.
tot i Iwo Welt bwildtPit, which WO 1 45" ed
be pitesstutowat in which mini of the inhsbi•
tattti at the turroatiatog emu, to* tittle da
ring the late Axe Lug Widow* iparnirg,
amnion t and 9 o'clock, It Id, I rig or ruins,
menic to eh. pest weight of wow upon lie root
and the mow of the *awn. Ttken wets fhb
tputo woo its the bottaleit it the bow, of
*hi= bat ifttrowrot Ted.
, Silas: Owl's liariaflorrlL—W• hive bun
WWI , thorn a lotto freasthe Ham. Ham CUT,
* *Warta' arty, be will lain his resideaes far
W!*lt.B2-Pt3C in A few OrYrr ‘ r , ? 1, 4 on burf•
irata ,Tirsibi idsoald bi alai tappi tr) wisitrittr
.sl4ll;iiiiula thiiiiiher icings, eat in,* ifo.
cikFillll9o.4irral ha amiont tad° so arithaai
pit* fa the pitt:of rtitlial. triiiiids in his b •
bialt; aar iiill flir;arimaat taidaisrailii,befag milli
1 4,94 6 *.r!fi n Y , Padfc4.4O34sUISIDIL . J .
—. . .
,mar tiddisia,ficaatobio s . 4 load 6 a l l ln
. 11 010. 4 : 011 the :S.ls4kinsL.4llo ,1;10463,
aisilidenaldkott, 11,!°::1?!ts°913
isstlot Thauldif. "1 '
The !Amin Relona= tone offeired :by the
Ma J MBotts of'the 1101010 Of !UV•
cewctatitbs of this United Spines um the 214
ti' .
'l..Reioired, That among the Mghut duties
that eau dutive
,upon the reproreattatives of the
e, the present dein of the national inter
'Thy, a strict ebeenanee of the liceitatiom of the
constitution, and .a firm resisturoo to lihnecutive
;oncroachattent. ,
Biaaked, Thar eny .war. which hu for , it.
object the: acquisition of territery . by ..congoest.
brings into questhoi the national chancier, Win
violation of the constitution of the. United Stales,'
in conflict with the genius and spirit of our institu
tion,. and ,dangerous • to the perpetuity of the
Union.; ' -,
r 0. Resolved, That ;the ant in which we are
engaged was not brought on b'y the act of
Mexico. 1
'4, ResalvakThat'the war with Mexico was
( -brought on by the unauthorized act. Pf. the Fireeie
dent of the United State+, in ordering the army,
ender the commend or Gen. ;Taylor, into err.
Ataxy then in possession of the Mexican !
6. ResOlved, That we have per right to claim
indemnity for the expenses of a war brought on
by the &advised and unprovoked act of our own
public fuctionaries. .
.13. Resolved, That thehonor of this nation does
not consist in exaction territory froth Mexico, to
which we have no claim, and yielding to Great
Britain territory, the title to which - was inserted
to In oclear and unquestionable' and" that to e.
rade the strong Ind pursue the weak.ldorre not
mareat the honor, courage, or greaten. of our
people in their true light.
7. Resolved, Critst to eruct indemnity from
Mexico would devolve upon as the of
making a similar; demand in all; future wars,
(which would Involve us in interminable conflicts)
or of surrendering a principle now insisted on as
indirepenulde to the preservation of our notional I
Resobed, That no now territory can bo en-1
ceied to.thi United Butes by virtue of the war,
without involving the agitation of domestic di&
cedes, begetting sections' animmine. end Week. I
suing the tie. that bind us together. -
0. Besafon4 That if the. batmen of territory
is not the object of the war, coo ruin perceive no
good reason for continuing our troops in the heart
of the enemy's country, bywhicliyheir five. ere
unneconacily'exposerl, indoor resources
ly Upended.
10. Resolved, That a' conquering nation has
nothing to apprehend froman exhibition of msg. l
nanimary end lenernity to a detested for; and that
a vine:Was away may retire
.from a prinnit of
auxtege and slaughter without incurring the ire.
potation of retreating from the scattered and die-
comfitted forces of the enemy.
11. Besotted, That the most ef6sierat if not ,
only Means of restoring a' sporny, end honorable
peace, would be. under proper preliminary err'
rang moon, to withdraw oar troops, apathy con.
•1 1 . 1, eitit glory, and surfeited with to I
the true and legitimate boundary of Totes at the
' time of its annotation to the United States.
12. Ranked, That our insininions ;foonded
on the rights of man. repudiate the doc tr ine that
.'might make. right," as the freebooter ' s ' plea and
the pirate's bur end en long as we offer an up
fear to the opp ressed. and mortise .life, liberty,
end the pursuit of happiness" a among the uln.
alienable righta of man," we cannot, insist open
'the dismemberment of an empire so in price pf
pesee. ; r. 1
13. indent, Thu if, upou the restoration of
peace, the necessities of our commerce shell re.
quire a harbor in any port of the Moth= tear.
tory in lagdomis, we Lie able', mid should be
willing, to pay therefor as would Income a great
and an honed people.
14.:Rcarked, That if it shall be determined by
the people, through their reproointatiires, that Mte
way shall be farther momentum" in. Wino, it then
beauties the duty of all parties td protect ear 111.
tional tag old bran surly, by frimutting ell need.
supplies of men end money Co csny it on with
vigor and effect.
PICIL/D7.1111/lMsar.AsluiPtThe Plailade
i s pi*s o f the gal are
. allediorith aceormwr of
tbadoings of an inuagof EisPhoot , who ono
thmweeveral aps, killA 'kellpori And
beanie meat finimealla ootont 000 lo•
Ha MS &aye:amid by dropping a rune none
f rom the top who dented the building, into the
ring, need dmemg this, when he entered the ring,
lavers lege While Ibiza entangled, in.
nuking ewes towards thrill on the platform Ind
in tbe . Atloon above Not, be gat into the narrow.
.eat ot IPoiw‘i• leadi n g to the topper door on
wAtunt sweet, where by the effectual application
e l the barpocm, he was goaded into submission,
surrendered. .
After fastening hiir tusks tibia fore legs, and
eecuririg *LA's together with Wrong chains, Herr
Driteindl, made his appearanio. end *leg the
subdoet liesaeinehenm,drove him in winzeph into
the iin~, WhenateiWzma?an;to 6o down in pew
Tba truly toured retie listed from a varlet
peat ono until Ulf pool font:P. U.; during MI
of-whtels time a fishing of the most intense anti
prevaited.-abiktnci wane coeentieneee (snow.
ed wee indeadfertunate, end may ba considered
estmiabing. Perhaps a more thrilling event, or
one fraught with more denier hu seldom, if seer
happened in Alatf lea, tn.thei exhibition of
A inverse in behalf of the sufferers by the hoe
Rind in the Ohio, If aihald at tins Coati Rouse on
the • 271 h lost._ Timm . object 'ot the meeting was
stated by the Meyer, end MG s J. P. Pears offered
preamble and resolutions, the purport of which
wer4--thst the towns slang! the Ohio had been
shined by en ad of Providence which left many
, ,
of the inhobitants in destitute cimunestaners. and
Rust when Pittalmrstchsd been scoutged by the
gnat km of 1845, the people of Ohio_ bad kindly
extended a helping hand, thenefine he offend _the
following imolations, which ' Were IMOptIMI
&noised. Thatthe &loci and Poramon Corm.
cite he impectfully @elicited fee direct. that the sum
of live hundred dollars be remitted to the Mayor
of Oindonati, out of the unexpended balance of
the Relief. Pend, tobe - b7 hint applied to the ins.
modiste relief of those families who, hare been the
heaviest sufferers by the late: inanditien.
• Resolved, That These. Bakewell, R. W. Pain;
dexter, and Wm: Ebbs, be appointed a committee
to select two gentlemen In each ward of the two
cities, to sews as' collecting committees, and that
they be requested to set proMptly, as the sufferers
at title Inclement season require immediate relief.
Revolved, That the above named gentlemen be
and they are hereby appointed an executive com
mineg,la reeeleif Mtn forward tU antteibutlene;
and that they are authorised to call further meet.
tags at sues dime end plefee!se they mardeees ad
visable. •
Elan WASDr-Al * 33j0IITZIed meeting of
the Whip of the First Ward,lield on Thursday
evening, the 23d hid., the 'following ticket wee
Dominated far the support nf the Whip of the
ward, et the election in January:
Coerues Counicif—B C i flawyer, John B 'Bell
Charles Craig.
:Elections—Jaecor Caldwell
' G ag. Wi
-DryDo ll;
,;,.—Wai Wilson sixii
Consak—isMett eh.rpe_
:On motion it was resots,ce, that it any camiidste
&dine the nomination, hleptate shall be eopplie4
by the person remising the nest highest number
of merge.
On motiar i s Of Mr Gtseey, a committee of alai•
lance; eamisting of tem, was appointed,. This cora.
,mitten iambi* of James Greasy, Sonnet Barnes,
Geom. Allen Goble% /ios Mackerel,
Wm Mato. S F Yon Boil:met, Wm Getman,
flesuyAmie rrnd Aparmlbvib.t.
B C. SAWYER, Gh'n.
GI L B Fmmiutan, Se:o, .
. ,
WARD MRIRARAL—ThR Omar/ Dmatinag
of the Democrat., were held - li the saSsril wards
co Moseley ettenlau'tat the pupal* of electing
delegates to Opacity conesitiou; to take up a eq.
Mats to be Supported 'tri that, party for Mayor.
The delegable were kistriseted as followv •
First ward . for itidercoan Morrow.
2d " ; McGraw
sth ."
"f. " •? Kau
7th-3,,' (or Kerr, Sod 2 for otcaraw.
Bib l""Morrow,.
Tint Fatirrsi'm arallen on -
Friday night, at
the Errhange Boleti wie bu ay. attended by the
craft, 1 well 'u by'cior liwoninent clam e.
s notat
neabtl withlhe eh's& :w." The sentiments and
ipeeetwe on the OCCllllol3.were anchor:cline when
ask *nimble., and
- t6e~ meeting
wiU long be twnembined with, aniehlylearna—
Fhfi iiionlittilition "offy".caueed fry the boll
drys, Yoshi& ;note retendid notice: , .
. , .
ru m & EtZenee.--lig"e mite that ter Paintings
cettiet sat &eau In Matta by Mr. Ooffiin,
*44 be aabibtled at Mille Hallttenonre sew
Thin ganitinge:lasto tat clam forth _ .
)eitt fiviweiki Indifferent pats ?t: gist otit ema d
Cazz•spondeseis ez
ARRIVAL .OP THE .111111/11illInt
smetere bans uurn anon senora.
Impinvement the( • Blaney Market-
Correspondence of the RittaberoGniettt
poniG, 1847.
The Repel Mail steam lip Hibernia, Captain
Harrison, arrived at this tlert to day, after • to- '
diens pangs of 22 days, t psod by heavy west*
erly winds.
Her news is of a cheerio character end though)
'the failures conthane in England, and though near- 1
ly fifty houses haul been tazetted'2 in the past
fortnight, confidence seem s }din a measure re.
stored.- The rewire since the 27th el Nevem- ,
' ler meats to have abated much, as im shown by
the reduction of the rate of interest by the Bank
of England to sir poe cent. This is an enormous'
rate but still an Improvement likely to hUe a
great effect upon - attire. The money market with)
private capital H easier, this added to - the.fact that
the Bank hem £10,000,000 is coin, has even a
grater buoyanajr- to all commercial affairs.
Manufactures ire improving upon the ettength,
of 'this easier money market, added to a farther.
declile in cotton which thoughi, no unwelcome
feet . to American growers and holders is • matter,,
'of great importance to the English spinners.. Be=i
fore the Caledonia reeehed Liverpool, cotton was
slightly higher, but the letters by , that.ship, pla
cing our next. (present) crop et 2,200 or 2,300,000 1
bales, at once put prices down. Another fart
adds to the prosperity of the mutufactetrers of
England, and that is the fall In breadetuffr, which
enables the laborers to live without such large calla
upon the parish, or upon private charity.
The British Funds have farther edvanced anti
close firm at the improvement. Upon all sides, a
llCife . favariblo state of. internal &Skil* seen and
it is hoped that the crisis has fully paned. The
news is.favorable far England, who lass . her cot.
• I
ton and bread to boy of the United Stater, but
ctofoontble for our cotton, which is yet to be told
at the reduced price, as well u nor other produce,
which must go at the decline of it all.
Ireland remains In the Milne end condition. In.
correction, aseassination and violence in serious
forms. sulks acmes the country and Parliament
has already given its attentions to 'the subject.—
Tho result will be coercive manure., rigidly ear•
flea out. Charity will'agaln have a slide field for
opetanione and still not bo able m keep famine
in check.
The civil war in Swine:llnd has coda), the
Sunderband hu, been dierblved and the Jo.
niie, the masa of all the commotion will be expel
led the Countrlitlithoot further violence. Lucerne
has surrendered to the Federal army and Swim.
inland. true to herself, remains
Italy has been tranquilized and the civil bead
of the Church is prosecuting , his referent with an•
abated rigor and suecess.
The Asiatic Cholera, it is said, has rached Prln
sis but this is not attain, and it is hoped may not
be confirmed.
Parliament has been in seesion seventeen days,
and were busy upon various scheme of finance
and eacinternial
The II ty el Bank of Liverpool has' . femme.) op
erational upon favorable terms and will not meet
farther &wag.
Lissaroot. c arras aemmurr. Dec. 19.A.11-
buns ciditialy to middling 3f a 4 fair to good fair
414 R good to fair 6ia7d; Now Oileirns ordinuy '
to middling 3* l s4i.
Lirsocon team scar car, Dec. Dl—West
ern Canal that 2/349.1 pet bbl;-Philadelphia and
Bs Odom; Now Odessa sod Ohio 36a
7.7 c Indian Coro pot qoartor 32136 r. Indian roe.'
per bbl; hyo pot 70 ins Salt. Whist
rates at l7asthilltrld for orbits sod rod.
Catrrepeate of Ow Pittibtuyy Gaunt
• , . , CONGRESS. -
• Wuhington, Dec.s7, S Y. it'
SX SZlaTl—Mr..briultall, of Moine, uneou- i
red the &mien of hie colleague; Mr. Ftlrfisld, on I
,Fr;day Last, H. paid • wry feeliEgtribute to the
maniorl of tke ebecused, and ioraifollowed by Mt
Niles, of Cannecticus. who refined to . the warm
personal, friendship which bad 'existed for nun
hewen the deceased and himaelf,--to his pinto
worth, his open character. his integrity, dec.
~.. Moan Niles Derriere, liteer.,. Dix, Crittenden{
and Green were appointed a Committee to make
'the oWeereary . arrangennints for the funeral, which
late take place to-morrow.
Hoses —Mr Jones. of Tennessee, offered 111 De.
ries of resolutions, directing the Committee on I
ilevolutiapary Pension. to ue into the expe.
dieney of authorizing the , retuy of Was to
employ additional clerk. to attend to the applica
tions for boonty lands.
The .object under dimmed= au intatupted
be a menage front the Sonata.
Mr Hammond announced the death of Mr Fair
field. After the adoption of Dm nniomary wax.
lotions, the Hoare adjourned till lo.morrow.
Gozreipo - rui - e - nee - ;1 - lee Pittetmegh Gazette
It is aseMserineri here, Met the New Hope and
Delaware Bridge Company have tilted. No par-
Correepoodence of the Ilits . lstitt Gentle
The Ceara is closed at Louisrilld by mud. am
cloyed by the flood. Tho Upper Aflorriesipid is re.
ry bfalt and full of in. 1 ..
CArreepondenee at the P7u - sbettell Gazette
Cincinnati. Dr:4M, 9 P. M.
Flour—Sales bee., been elrectal at ssa
5,127 per bbl.
Wheat—Prim Red is selling at , 105 e perbu.
.0 "
(Corn--Seles of prime Yellow at 31433 c P
blab. '
Whiakey—Moderats sales at per gal.
Cktifie--Paie Rio is selling at Sigh per lb.
Sugar—Hiles of Now Oilcans at 4/a4gc per
lb for fair to good
Moluses—Sales at 24e per gal.
Killed Rev—Sales of 3000 at $2,5042,6 2 :
Meet Pork is bebrat $0 per lb.
Lardtdalk of 600 bbis at Die, end 1000 kegs
at sgssic per lb:
Aggress - as of the Coal Trade.
During the Present year tho aikido amount of
Anthmcito Ciel• gent to' market, from all eminus
in Penneyleapia, is as (clime:—
tichuyikill, Railroad, '
Do ' Canal,
Mauch Chunk,
Iloteadate, about
Pi aaaaaa Erton toiletries table
exhibits the =mad of live Stock. width hese:rose.
ed the Ohio et Ptekerslntreh,datles thspastsset.
Beef cattle,
Block de,
Sheep, '
. •
Ws regret to learn' that during lbe bermY Pl.
Of Tharadey, mum dam Iron brume of the tall
meet whiah mureounto the dome af the Capitol
and 'auppnrta the large gatiantemluva way lad
in falling broke the {lin of the akylight.
Fortunately tha gale lulled arum-alter, or • it la
feared the meet end lantern would have gone by .
1 the board.—Nal Int. ' •
• Beroass.—Two elegantLsword4 presents for
Gans. Wool ant Waft. are now be sesnat the
store of Bali, Tompkins &Black, si Now York.
They 1100 both 'geld matted , at for Gen.
Wool was °doted by the Troy Co mon Connell,
and cOut POOO. The alai , Hodson and
litoderhock. ordered that kw t.. . Worth,. eta
, ~.
• .
Menne'. Contemn—We &tut day or two,
duce - tri inanificent - doeittion at 0,000 nude,
by Lynn Burling of Coloolbun, o,n the Medical
c o llege, We twee - since seen Ir. 'Menne ,
.Deed to 'WWI% be dieignetee Trait* of the tuna.
By thkAslatipillaiss to
_.pup the torn of•Thirtg:
Ttuxisand !OWa within tines pus.
• •
Tcr..rox basainle us silles.4ll6hxdie
borough of .Erie, Pe.
' ,
t ..Y AM MEEtlai. ; li
The New Otiose pepareet the Igth lauttesses,
the' thi of.** Mary 'Batt- *US Vats :{Cree l
dates Is the sth; and Vasa the tapitid to e!,
171 h.. - : ! ,• ' • , 1 i
The Mexican eJaho to hive pined la aria:
tag° over a fortackuwent Of'America' ii who had
tended sl Thri tomtit all day:hotpot. ,
barked at nig t. ,.
It la stated that a ectolitstaleatkto babe= no
' aired hoot Becrwar7 of %snail& Lexarket,
rxwerina _a Protest from Lod kabimenton wt
gainut the forcible' laying of taxes upon Britt
WI Itoddenia Lia Maio , truths wIPPgn d
war. . I
.1 . 11 0 Oita. M the atd;otattes of a dlaiiitichthi .
lowa, •in extra on Monday. Wir
hoes had Vent I .bruz dottat to the ith;and mono
mention • f thii, which could not lain ItoolPed
the 'non— of the New Odoans pram -
Tint F
But ar . Vntotea-j-Vcollts
0 1
tettail fi ll dollar now, on this inatitntion'are In
circuital in gichavatst, Va. Oas of ths 'tea&
est way . , t detecting the spina= tarns, ['by oi.
&mina that 5Q appear. six times ont,fiuX.'of tbs
vac, while it 6 not • the cue with the genuine.'
The deaths: in Detroit, fot the quarter. , ending
on the 30th of November, were 70.
The man perrelent diatenee,:were4iertitins and
Consumption: .
A now Roiling Mill tW bean etsciod in Noith
East, Md, for:the Emanafsetars of sheet and hid
(inn. It in ripw,in active operstinti..
. Hex. Etyloae,td. C. from tie Staten( Pi 7f., -
f il m gone borne to recruit hie health.
The arzeni of Gana Pillow and Wettli. ie 4 6 .
credited b; ttie caned at Wael4gto,n.
Cape W F Samar., Mecum skeet. from Phila.
dolPhilFAkety. see understand is trkpeeted uas
t= from Itierieo and take his "eat In die 'Lee*
Into., ibis aviator.
The Hoo t
liabbatd,l iodise of the flu
preme tow' of Mieeiehneetts, died at Bostoii da
the mominti of the 24th. II I•
B, B. Tauzir, Chia Justice ol lb* U. Matta
Court, in sphkan of in cormactiim with '• 00411
minion to Rome: Hs Is • triti9hcr of the Roman
Catholic aborcb. i . :
-The iaaaphlal taiga of Pationybnuna
A . norn :than oaa.ball of all iha ictbra
Pita! noviiin operation In the'lCsi!too•
beaa chuttnni by laic:tont Leeds.
show that ~
binning ear
State, has
I•cu Efuxc, anion of 3d !uadSmithfidld Oa,
hut just reie . ived, =AIWA
We relit t o his dvalltansenc.'
- .
itrre, cuithau-ht aaangcly ^uWctnd to the
human etercle; for skied 'he subbstreittno !row beta
to told, and the smoke emotes Yellow, Mre., Come
enceplesiesis. Then at Is requisite that the porsaof the
•kin thou Id be kept open—that their Swaths should be
freed hbee,lreputity—hwas thus the minient Hoosas
laophers eared all daeases—they eooootedd mem.
.liresses arid unhealthy repots left thumb thew.. el
the skin, than any °dm ohtlet of the body. i II themes:
swy, therefore. Is keep the poresppea—all Imam are
dispelled firs the ohm ftheo the pores, what tbdy. inn
theJosest.ltslaw attemital *Dap. I hash west Weave
the worst sad oldest tens of San Rheum, ErVtipatas,
tMe.bores,Harbar's Itali,eore Head RWIP....=
every other Seismal and titans! remedy, had
. e Crert I.4wag the *km ulnae, clear aid soft, though
nbe yellour_and comae, ts wonderfuha magmas Prea;
kles.lan,abuthem,hlorphew, load dististanatent of the
sktn—but pintoes mast be parursdar and ask for Joao'
Soap—lobe had la Putthavals ups'
of me Mgt Boos, 80 Lawny sh Priest 110 Witless
wly : • i t .•
OP- alelifses Mince' Eitassiseroldsolesi
Tssrasonf--Werbeg tenet to poblia attention te
the follogqing, frail I.4:Neu.Doas; of Withimardle
Cie moot Co., and cite of the very Lint praelltiOners la
the county at which he resides; had late Renato: io the
Sum Legislature. ft eheenug thus to see she lead
ing rnen off the preferrion, horrors
1 1 l of posTes•
tponal prejudice, and giving merit 11l doe: if
•-84: I tom to mrpraeueebeert using seisteof Tor
Gint.eng. ?W.., and, so fee, aot well pleased
effect's in C.atarrbei glad Bronchia/ Complainu4
tend toe hell •slosen,boulee-4fut ties an WO no Toe
can; as <igen if It eoeueoes reads*. general sat
Isfecoon• as a has heretofore: 10 keep It condo:alp as
hood. Itespeetfolly: serf ..Wse, Muff. u. o
00•Nei' Care Ida Part Mod Pilau
Dr - Dicta:TN ErebrOcalion li the only toodienta that
will cure this so Very emotion sad Ut.4161 , 01116
it not only PatneditlNT allays pant aud rope
motion, slops all blnreline,tuabdaes that intolerable deb.
enwheat hep,..c=rote.,,:gle,==llr:rsots.
appitcation produces no pain, bat rather .4 &gra.
ble and pleasant tenstsuon. petals aldieted
call end beam! tboareat nateber,of ease. that have
been eared. they wat be astonished - . • gentleman of
this city', who had heel ander the keldtaf the tarpon
for modc three titan vridada ceicd, bee by as--
ma* bottles of the Isetbrocatioa • been ersdiesdll wed,
It tells beyond pre cede ntl!--I.Ph &garde) , Courter:
pa- Per sale ItA Po
et, at, the Pk A ILIN TEA
n011e.,11. Panne Street, war wood, and Ow Who
Pm fibre of II P eekVILISL, Fe 40 .1 et
..'l'..ll.aarTearhasa Vt6d-Tors•ll4
.StartA7 ran:slaw cram dIS -
repalsiva and ••••altall. :
All ecald hive icetlorkas as pertil. I
Sweet bniiiii—itard imp or
W Cr delsyr—Nor, corekly Dirta_
Atm use coat of Joaxe toms Penal
fpft, bat %Centll, and is really • bra:tad article.
It 'tiara ice teirli a la* causal. Bold. Is' PiiistAtillt at
.I.rtiotr ..indidaMY
D-D+nq kers yyllow dark Teitt—Joy eSa be wade
deafly . ..Am by oat wog suing • box of Bola' Ansi
To.y.u . PAym It hardens ib• fluT , ,,rweetenstbe ra*
ac. Plaid at 'avillkitle
whiohlies who use Imes , npahisli laly While, Wore
idwiare • fine white trattepuent Akini. ut this a liftwill whiff any one. .E.ltonly in lI Lai.
My l, • • I.
Edime ,AlloT v e ihione:year
etigl TZTJ 1 4
.L e Y, Dr. 11 • e il l=t 4 c: tot
the mjegrinuon of Mayor.
Pon't haat! a i'oal Urea You Live, , ase
•Avuo6 bottle af Janes' /Mbar Tema Rana Thal will
make your Wrath! araea , , Tear' taatili b
at fa , barly-at.
anft:LA rare Id Ind 1 KID,I:
So d
by core for kberuseors. • •
Sold by Wll. JACKSON, Ageo!krihtlAKAKlA
(kt the 1111 ition-Ponlin4 llB , Air-Biwa Yunt
sass, aced 70,
Niw Voss, Dee, 27
011.41,21:csX1111111TIONS .
Urger/Law of NM
My .* Nano -
V[VILA. be eshi n for airs night only at rumo
ri HALL, oh Teeeday the lath had ,[
M t
Taese. pairuirips dove la natinberi and represent the
principal aebievevents of car Armies In Mexico They
arc penned on f at, of carman, and lave been
designed and es ith era care. to enable the
eisitor. to farm a n e t tidea of din fermi ealmr
memehlueb they, redashtned to Phonate.'
Adminance, IS cents; chil dren
ender r years ogAte,
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Pittsburgh, D aie.'26, Intl.
DA A 51.1-0 cask. (direct from the y nulalulatiap
Ser in Ragland via New thlcear the same mscasth
as th at vrhleti imve sack general aidasetion) /ea re
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cal=ler Oloves,itosligryi La.
MURPHY bar on band an oteMkat moon.
. .ment of the stows /Dodo; toosbolog la put of
Ladies Me rtno Glows; Men'a do; Lodi,. Plosey tilt do;
Man% dm Menh Lased Balla do. tadiMiThibbed bow,
!Wow% and Lamb's 'awl do; Morino mid Alpaca. do.
Woollen hoods for misses, Caildnoeto plaid wool bac;
'Awn mociw do.ko. All at low odoca II dew!!!
939 889 ,"
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A w veal, me
end is lt ' end drawer. to
titod at dry tooth, boom il,ti It MURPHY,. be
dicl3 • N E come, of 4th add muter em
Li boys, alto WO dihisie,romnsod usatimsni
bs. found at, the; store of • I a MURPHY
i desia • siklissoket
2,U58,676 "
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Rate athelo of blue Wail" cis bo sited by
galling at NoW blarketati wheretre have gieedo ,
Tr tick ‘! f a ! e ja*" iimisNoist &DAY
N W cote the diamond.
to a splendid vent, end Madame pauanto
} vat received by. ALEXANDER b. DAY,
dead 73eseitet stN West °Me elassend
'vet blimillos of owl mamma. milel. l
. ' • 1. 'ALEXANDER &DM
y. "
(lea! • '23 mirketiVN NY tor ONE, dismood
.1, 10,411 -„,
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GIN W tor of ibediasiorut.
11£O —lOOO lb. sig. reir teci i isuesqbai!Ooo
deggj'h4 for ..le hi &14R9 DAIARLIZ
Fyosrn I h oo e bmubl.lll6,l:4lltiawi,aent4dldo raent;
Aecl9 • ,•• • )Alrle.B DALZELL.
CIOAIP-100 bss cis Paint mei to Moro sad foe sale
oto close comas 3
ty.tit, by • -
• ; ded'e • . : • ' JAMES "DAUM.
po r . bbla fin 90. b!
s rl e l3 : ."476l'bb . 4°.1 (61 bY W GREER.
kw ferkskr
-1 by l ' -'5411 .( 4"f r i r
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L'41.11.11 Daneli No I leatiod , NrNildh'wo,
, nlo ,•., - , l usirzq
decNl ,;• No o WINTN
Tam .IrOstmul Ow Sal..':
m?, oars fisr sale, In Peebles/1
alletsta. 7 emu's, elm nom,
sock Om elrataatter us sates; on our of them there is
goal nom basso, large boats barn, two crawl; with
Entalbst of other inlystrrentents.- nate is an ob..
donee at Oted oath. other two; with about 30 'ten. Cl
lasadow , On tbe third, isbourlng the futros of lion.
Wahar throned, and:W. 1300sast, there is a sood rum
hone and barn, and two or duds orelesnis. Teo above
farms will be sold au or oboot the Ere of February
Seri For Inaba panicalars tortoise of the subscri
be's. MAW/. Eter PLZMING,
declo.3o Peebles township i Alla g bany ea
sassaor sienna.'
/ORM t. 011.1n1D.,
e =AIRD & 117NCIAN,
• • (at the old &and of Simy & Bliepard)
Neakeillei Tennerree,
INT l Fr . rgy iv =t •a Ameari fL e:at fu tPhr m. ereh Th ltVt e
orally. Thar Teel prepared to attend wall depTt.
men& of their tautness efficiently and (dealing it, tto
good. for their own
trot )
Refer to M. & Co; ! T. W. Buller & Pitt.
both. • ; • • • dee.261.1
Flfutl o i l l' z tri'c'ry: 47l . l r l
a prime Mt fresh Omen sod Black Teas, e r,,l t i
the fo dowhig: • •
Omen.. • Blatt.
Yowl. Eirini, , ,FillGOoiotl4 .
•Ex Erne do; , - Ex. Fine do
Silver Leaf Bison, • Ooloog Boueboag,
Batts fine do; , . Baldish Breakfast
EZII. Pone Gazpowder, Peek. Plower;
Estmßihe Islawriah . 'Bane Flavored.
The above Tees have beau selected with great ewe
,by one of the -best lodges In the east, sad will be sold
oo as adr terms as can be had at any other boas is
4. this
ett66 tifrACJi
'comer of third and safithfield sir
ellanalow to the
1 PEA CO . : havnureodermoi that cenain persons
Pinsbagh ware arguing the exclusive right to sell'
the ih
ir Team la thoi cp, would stale that they have abut
dotted some twee niece the excluive agency system,
and that stank,. Me. Jayees, Douglas & Co., nor ally"
other orient bar a eighth> claim say exclaim.' pun
kin wilt their Teo.
All Tear this Company', see wamited areal to
nilsold in the Milted Hums, and no . the t required
hams are entirely misled as fart.
Peincipal Warehouse of the Ompany, N 0.35 North
Prontrunwt, Philadelphia •
nvildirtavaer . : • • MeCALLIVONT & BOND
Stray Gave mad "loafer, .
nCAME to therealdenee of the sabaeriber
•boat the n first or August, a brown cow with
a while fre; suppened to be seven year,
d. The hatter is white and red, a part of
her face wham, 'specula - to be two peon old. The
owners are tenneved to come forward prove p
pay chants, and take them away, or p rove
will beds
lased of aecording to law. ADA cpoN, , .
deaf:Mar. .. . Versadles township
snows novas.
HAVE provided myself with , a yowl stroke boom
JL and amoral
to well Iv-quieted with entir e
and a s morOareo to make meat to the WA.
raCtiOß erth oa Ewbo may give me a call. Mateo as
low a, as spy house lathe oily. FILA. tiELLERS
deaf, : f NOT 7 litany st. •
RAptliatFrantriflF•lir, gb"Ti,efirrie,'
CM rope, awn, COCO , Rc •
dreSl' Wayne between perm and 111.irf
QOINDILIZInst reed at tSO LabenT
.I""a°i'd ' l ridadder
I cut nuper,0,...,,
rior biukim
to g ra z7:ll,llB =go Pilsen
"°°""P'rk4'he".l V n t R MCCITCI
dead iRr
S OY/—A good asoortmeot of toys, fuel ankles.
.Llllteltat =lone far wale love by!
OLOOKII-441 eases plIT : on kaad and Coe sale
Jaw bY.D. 4.ft, ' " 4104 . 14F KENNEDY, is
ear wood Lath Its
Amorted nand boolna, coostmuly on toted .d for
• owner atm nod 'rood MA
'I au, alWaya ce. hand al du Drug gore of
deers . , noR wood ft
DOTA•11-4 eas for ule by
ma y. b. SMANDIAMSN,
r i eg "l-g2 bbh. m w
AILIIIITA ° 1"111 BM USPIP-940 bladders mule f by
' _1,.1 - -.keg H • ' WICK a WCAIY ULM
POW Wi1&11 , 4 piece. Or We by
.L • dcal • WICK lc bI.CANDI,n3S.
bbls tallow; 9 do grew; 2, lazd,
I do Deeo
STABADIR6O bolo supcnoe Innernareh In s,
=Mr sale by 1,13 WATERMAN
dec24 31 venter eus3 6$ from 4.
r_ll.lllllA3lo—For ults kc vicx k
ti dm.%
irrarrx, BLASS-84 bbrrels for We by
4.14 . WICK 3 M'CJINDLA.9
0110EACIX1-311ektri ma tobacco; No I CT.
R/0 001/01/11-03 hogs joor feted and for writ
152 libeny at
D 11.11017AL--GED. W SMITH .te Ca, beer, re.
- .10. awned thearadiee from Penn in, ra their new brew
ery O rid st. and Dialler= Way. deell:d11,"
RYr. Firol7B.-1.11 . bbis rye Dolt_ jert rreeired
sad for &Ada by s k, W lIARBAUGH,
dela' :
rifbfrtalre:64-1.9 toxe i l i fa l i =r j titand
duel . .13 wood at
P°R" - $' , "7,..b4k,=2 b y
33 Irian
Gl/.11111311 APPL Ell-45 bb Is peen apples an ez
Us antelejast seed and kr sale by • •- •
' 8 a,w fIARBAUGII,
33 'rood ft
DUCKS:TS & TENS-60 do Mar. bdekesr,
1.11 3do du tam,
!we and forsale by
6.14 • i
DlO COFPZIE-1111 comomrn. fir la
Ave (or Welty AT WOOD, JONES &Co
Itcatt—' " recd
33 wood st
]yriSTAL-3) tons p
.44 i""k'bl . 31 vrotnr antlat front so
QT. ' S:LDS-0 bbis elmswed; 20 bus li on‘by seed
10 Mamma Po alit by L 9 WATERMAN
deal - .. 9l.uer and Os (rout sn
=3 WARD.
•-lillACtlltEld--10 Wake dna& pewit. in time and
P• far sale by ViATERPAN •
dada 31 water and Gi (root at
Eirdel was for sale 14'
V &ell W ICE M'CA N Kra
Bah.llDY kr pipes Hennesny Brandy, London
color,' vintage . of '42, to arrere;, for vale by
detl P Ca4AUTIN
AnIIIII—New. reed Lb diy; for gide
riCIVIPEZ-I.6olDap reetiving&nd for rale by
ij 4E13
BPPir t ll-15 bogs in stare; tor sale UT
dela . . TAS , SEti & DEEM
SOAP -1110 ClnelFiati
" 1 1 ABSEY & I3E3T
SALTS-10bblc &combat calu,a prime cuticle; fir
sale by den TASSEY BEST
TVCILMIII bxs aged sizea r • in .Wre; for
.by .by . 403 , TAMMY & DES , '
IU s " w kITT. 4 " eCt iv/ TC%i 4 L " O:I "
dal ; • •
8.11.011-157 soli.) bap for sale 61
dal W , R kfcCUTCHEM
pirtshotou u. (=bawd
order el avusfutdrenvria m.cliTcomoN
Ij[TADDIIIO-100 Jas more lone tin black ilized
V W.ddind !Nu ree'i for br •
d<2ll • aIiAtALETr,
LOllll,-0011b64 Iluento
40 Mut Aber: le mom -km sale by
- .1i OAXFORD &
' lnhen7.t
Man.blamab HOBERT FINNEY le Library A...114unit."
41. math I al
O IL • b 1
II; .
, lb 4.1 1.1.4 011 ( , ) (orinlor,) one consiangr
*wadi). • den
SO/IP-110 bra No 1 Soap: •' •
190 weed Candles;
10; ^ War Candles, on eanszgrunenn•f•
Web dot) . sELLE.9.B
OTAILD Sft ANDY-45 and etahll, pipes
Owe Mandy, dart and pale, eh, ages from 1t33
mo 1014; for sale as monad by
BRMIDY;-elf and gT plpm!Saieple
Cma s" fl.° ' lan Ia 41, i.""I°MARTIN
B a tir r-6 "4 A B° . 4 '"" eth a a Pitzl
T ICA lIPLUITS4 puncheon; for role in
4/ cptandtlentoad • dose VC MARTIN
- ---•-•
pipet 1,1.1A•16 [1 . 1111aCt m
fiGlin. Cr, Web P.O ,lARTIN
JI ~11:,1;t3111;PMAP-LiMIIMEMIII1
N PORTER-4 et aln 'pima and !pan boa
tlei; for AIN bY .dart - PC MARTIN
Sam ul
d . 3 P C A I iRTIN
csolEll—Aiss. supply of Oants aid Ladles Cook
t/olas; los Ws bosh wholesale sad solullgt-,
fILOA ar& and Turals-A anottment at
dall ;• EATOWS,TrimmI ; Sump
‘7IISTS--A fen•LAdleto., Memo P ests, far sate at
- V redlacallprices at I I . EATON'S
F btl•L;
. tlin!Frlz arr
MIL WAVITIIIP•4I..orkii be .
e terellfee .
at tkia gees foi a fipply usat.aaafth
it 4 4 . let t P 144.41 . 1; & IL . W Olin' !I'
W tingle.
grOirl; PIPXS-130 bks Gar uds 1
- W . Is4etrlatt'reenti.
tun , ichtd
~,.,..:.;..,..: ii:,.„,,, : , );
Dy Jobs D. D#lFls..ll.u.etiii.v.i'.
Dry •
On nand:r mernw,Dee. 3ethottle eeket, it the
Cantuteretal . We. Reamer= er of weed .04 W..
lin II be eoLI beet userre, forum" itiobi. tt may. .
A large Maoitsumit of temotiable (Melrose:ll domes.
tie dry goods, teu., antortratich are silksostins, set-
Pirnir 'u f, itZ7er.r.erergils' ,11:MVr!..'".speti;
cloths, .times plaid, stein sad stripe Licee ll . l,
Itnen, chintz 'robes. cashmere robes, Totten arul am
ba shawls, ok haw. super:pilot and beaver cloths
doable andautsle wadies ods, cos* comfottsate:
• At Yo'cktek,v..M. •
lobs:relit N 0 seem, gold tlattittr; •
3 hf chests Young Hymn 'Km;
I crate Ain. and one stmeriett
YO Marne prnanirpoper. ad by M. I
19 ddsen coal and Devonshireehosebe
. 7 do lay and manure forks; •-•
A lirge . qoantiry of new end seelledhlted houaebold
and ktychen foretuire, large and middlejam king
glace*, S a... no hour clocks, cammting,i o b 4 ss'
perior blankets, moves of +tartans ! •
At 8 otlock,r. • • v•
O quintire ' of oboes nod boots. stun °Semmes. dsPs,
rainy Wasted slumultshass, cologne 0rd ... ;01 . .,. Walton
s a =wa k tl e st=u re " o r esdl P losdo rkth'
mgr o
grealsatietyof books, vµ inks/ie. :deed!,
. .
Ilousbobl Feramt, Queen. Wale, ,
• /tactic&
• O. W.d.e.de9 =rams, Dec,S,M ID &clock atom
Commercial Sales') Rooms, career of Wood awl 5M am,
%rill be odd Ike enure aloe* of Wambold aad korstreu
&mime of a gentlerammorho (Meads mireaTMS from
thi..-4.1.3:=9 which are Spred balreloth Oral mu
Cane east, fancy and comma' cbeirs;
breakam nal kitchea mblCo. eaPerior.biSh lOdlow poll
bed-meade, bedding, lanttraaeN reaboaaby ha
marmoreal, nude, parlor, chambereal Mak carpelloit.
looking jelaaka, willow cradlee,Venidaa 'imam nada,
,mama l elocka, kiicben foraiture, !Le:.
Ain, a gramma pelf Waits's, Oiiesumn
9 are. ke.
B OADIT BINDINGSBoodor Damper tho Valor
toot of Myren._ ; :
ilia non, or Offering's' Gift; 12 steel come :mg,
Arattiesa Wild Flay/oil to their flee hoists. -
• • '
31 W. 1.111 and al (roll its
pripuirtule,oh cosmic raent;
for nu by F VSLLF.II.B
, 17 liberty
Pia—'titan reeetved; for sale by
. I 157 Lamm s,
rese/ a Elertteracoara
• Guis " •
4.11900,WE/tal - -
t .~
..,41 ,
~,,..—:--L--, , , ~...„7--..r.-.T.r__.c..- m r, ,f , r ,, ,,. - -I .„
' , i . ' i ' . .
, _ .
'lndian Saw
The Pnow Flake. '
Myrtle and other Take. ,-
The Poetical Works •of File Green. Halleek,ow
Stet collected; ineetrated with steel enamentit.•
published.. . •
The wm; by las Thompson engraved ills.
cations. £ new and most splendid odtuotG Turkei
morocco ud other binding. . ..
- The complete LondonEditionOCHohert works;
coautirusehis poems, mop. and correspedideace;
Virtuele.edmen,B so. • , •
The complete Poetical worki of :lama hiont=!Y,
Moore,. HYMN new: edition; Pouilmy,
Mitten, Campbell,' Eta:, Dante, Ta m, Hem.% .4
other uion, eibbone ant m merlons blodisc%
...I •
• Har.,•ris ielleatraote2.l3mhtr=tZZeinji.v.eil..
book.. For:sale byJIHAD
- N .
th et, none market .:
. . .
BOOKS to., u eistaro pricesNNUAL§. •' ,
Letitias of memory, 'hod illoadotted umaal for
Gems of tips season for 045.
plasan PtlSLltlified, dtk
Rose of offecoon'e gift do. - 1
ChriAtaxißlossolas.. . •
The Potables illaminaied—boand Bentairon.
Poems of Pito (I th
resa Ralleck—embhated."
Booth od Read! obn l n*e. • ' "
Thompson's' stossont7elegoboy
Goldsmith's pt,ears do
suo.uaeaa Woad.
Sans'' , hoofs of eloldkood. •
A 100,04 poetical storks--splendully illasua;ed and
Splendid pent folios of cap, lone , and note uses..
-Elegantly bound pocket and farm Bibles. •
Rosewood wittiog desks and work bd,ass:
Globes of 6,10 and 12 inellesdiasnotor y
Por solo by . /OLIN ifuEuma .;
dec22 • . .st at
• mire. , P. sustAuvr, -
N. 133 North 3d at: alto= Bare, unickt . itt Rrandt,
• Philadah.ll, •
004. WAS constantly on fend a lam assortment
of her end fartnonahler Capita( ell kiwis, to he invite. the *Ramon of the Trade,.
and who has for the last eight years been ena.3.4 in
tins particular branch. and succeeded In bringing it
spelt perfection as will be seen by the following t . 9.3.1met
from the Report of the rounnittee on the Enkunttion
the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. • • .
e. Mk Men and Hoye! Caps by Vim
li Pt:Thatch,
No. o
f f, North 3d st. Fluted's; *ell cod. neatly, Mule:.
.050 of these caps deserve sow mute on acapout of
Its convenience; oneUide is ot cloth, sad • the other of
oiled silk, and eithereanbe wpm Made. at the plea
; sure of the wearer. !This .0 tor as ,dta Lodges knew,
s the first instance of truck; all Pb. 4
zaps" , I d •=a+r=
-- ' aloe Mal wad Orssaissessral Silas.. . .!
A 'FINE stamina:teal pf (*cy articles, among which
flambe=Crosier Bags. Tina and aritbosi elaspig _
Steal Bead and French .4 bags, • • - . .
Slit purser, new styles; , : • . . - ••
Ivory nablets; paar1....i..d.1 ' '
• .
Enamelled and rfOrY raper aonara; .. •
Napoleon aadportableirdtr„.
Cigar oases, srtl, comb wtd glass and asercoranduai
Book; ,
Taodasielic plain cigar costa; ' . .
Portfolios; Timbal bookr, 1 • • '
Paelores; noodle
book •
• -.Faory boxer, ikrlia iron basket.; •
Willow busets, ke. , &c. ; Now open mill k , r sole
by II P4TON ..•
. , . , - .63 market Airco' -
A Challenge an thy:Worlds
TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS will be,pald to any one
who snit a spot if Paint, green or dry, than
cannot be extracted with Holt% Implored Chereleal
Soap. I have the noisfactkni of saying to tan people at
this plar-e,that this artiebs,basat own =prevenient.
It, now needs Unrivalled in env cOOOUy for extracting
arease,rar, plink eil,palat. or 'any other greasy sob,
stance, Irent ail liedaefgentleramea or ladies , <Whets%
carpets, table cloths, et.° shawl., ladies' bonnets;
he,v inlating,anything that pa. •••ut.iii 00 ,
blocs than sae thoosand persona indifferent
man of the COOLITri, have ;told strethey 'meld not be.
anthem iu if It eon one dollar per cake. In trying Dna
Soap on nano thou 300 articles of lgiti sides, mama
patens, and calicoes, I have only foetid three mecca nt,
silk, two of hipster , and Your of calico; em Which it
changed the color demfore before Patuagit on a light
Md. my escaplis ' of the donalifia. I gram this becmie
1 am determined not in remartmend hazy artenster Man
I knew to be attictly ND Horn.
Prue, Ilk etc per calm Sold, viiiolesaleand . retall•
by- R E . 15S.LLERS,
ITBeiMA.BI4I ilitiONAlll7 BALSA3I.-- - To
the Ve Belases;-1.
am sodded that th e Vegetable gs
Palsoceneyth ts *val
uable medicine., Ithas been used ia this pease/1h with
obstinate complaint of the Inny, attesided wth
a severe cough, loth of 'owe, and the taxiing of oath Mad.
oLich bad previondy resisteeh zwayrxred tetheriptosto
• der using th e Wasp aue urea th e roseetthorsed, ,
and be ma enabled to *peek audibly. Th ease amused'
rotas time glom, and dts= I, girt sward cot aalj us. at...!
tine bet in laborious telsiothe Re.P.ffArirl" ,
Concord, NIL ' 8.11,00 Nd hi D
Sold to Pittsburgh by ti, Vahnestaki• • it Co, swath of
firth mod wad, ales else dads] vroodth. •. • . leed4
. ,
ri PT:TOR/bra is wilarier to all other remedies Par
Conghs.Consoseptao, Bronchitis, asthma.andedher Pal coo
nary effectioia, irthat the same parse:go who oommeneed the
tor of illn thar'frmilies lea yeas ago atilt pr.kltt
other remedies of the kind; and where May hare ibeen induced
to try 'other preparatiotis they tim aca
e cia iniariably beat
disappointed In receiviog the benefit !which waa ramarabil !
anticipated from the high prabeabestowed bribe proprietors,
mid have returned to the use of Janos' E.ISICT.I•Pri,
dy that las [AT er fated to nine than , and which
Probably Caret lad its et .4 in arrestangrocary dams.
Papered only. by Dr D. 4a3ice, Phi Fa elphia, and wild oo
b4"..PY hY .! • ALEX. JAYNES ! .
deaI:MAW 711 fourth ! •
WANES PLEaD ractuons.
HAJVr.,IN.G d p lgen m y th u ' lNfla j et ktg:
extensive variety of Foreign Wines and lsquori
woad aad 61us, .1 will be pleased en wait viva my
(need, by bbla, qr caski,plpea and halt pipes, la
ens, eases, decadoaa or bottles. - •
:'atom; ear market a nd eta. •
. .
abss•le, psi LAC itootof fateigo - wisiei,
nod liquors tolde Jototrwcirer, I .vroulerovirtMar:
recommend mg oostamen to tom for Als C sr figure aspplr.
d•c2s , : , • ; .10104 arTLE, Jr, r
60111:111. • ; • ,
Lrff TEEM Tosuunownry were Owned on th e 6th day
of December. w • the wobwriews, Hampton of We
lon will and tenement or /wow Rom Una of the nip of
Allegheny; deemed,. All - .pew= haring thane or .
demow4again. :maw of ilia said dmedent, ans
11! a e l i i., " nT 41: re re It= a ol ' re =t e n & t
. 4emE9 awe; Jr,
Penn met. city of Pinelwritr.
• • • -
1 - IETPERg Testamewary, haelre lx.a 10 004 0 th e .
witteeribere, Executors of the hut will and' tests•
went orations= Lintnid t law or the city l'sttehalltht
deceased: All peewee' indebted' w the estate et seed
tleeeeent, will P lease Take Immediate paymenr. a.d
time Lanr:g egalnet seed maw Teal, Feral
t h ew for w tlew withouyeltt 3
R Nt.
•etail** . ,
, .•
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• i • TUESDAY pAcrtvr:k:J - .
The RIBPSNIA; NO. S. U.S. jr• h r - e i r4r;
leave piuMatith every "Nelda INXISIXIAS r 14 . • r
• Wheelitts everyealat F. % - •
'' The NEW triaLaNck,_NO•sh C*Sa". 4 "_,___ ; 0 . 1 " h
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The 1. ENNSYLVANte. Capt. Omy,wl/1 loan Pato.
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• SUNDAY PACHiter. •
The ISAAC ravrrom, Capt. A. B.4gdex,
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Wheiliag irearyhtazday army sale - y.IC
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morning aid o'clock. and Wellsville at dakieli, Y. W.
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FOR ;iEt! °SWAM.' ,
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..• . • The new sant las isaamer. . , 1
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• The new steamer
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recently occupied .by Mr. Jatut Milaeld and Iles= I.
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lard'end Talloaroci satt Wa How or• Paregittdlarkeur.
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The advantage. 6.PaaLllgallkteggintalgalsslc...i
t. le the largest Pork cad Beet &mist la ita,
Sate or. United States, or perhaps Ike wodd
revery is the largest Hog curly .1 the Batted Bales,
and 'Sway. *keeper dun Qaelanall quid easy other
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To Lakes, so P44W - Yott or to Eldagelltinl" , h u m•
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attention paid to the newer Banta, '. :1- . .
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/main C Baltic C., I , •.-I . ).
.1 P Campbell, Chilmetle• _." ' ' - . ';
RII tluribc it Co; New Albany, it , . ..,
Teas:Vali. & Kaleatt, St .Leala • '. 40 . 41 .
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