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: ' •
Cormo,endeaeeor4. Christian Advocate.
- -- Sketches. -from:Arkams.
• - PANTUER tridNi.,
The morning 0( was keep anti bra
cing, es,,Well.. mounted, with trusty rifle
in hind, and keen edged knife in belt, I,
with two:othe r etarted• in pursuit of one
of therm anim le—an old 'offender, well
skilled .in g eniba warfare, and on
whose head t price of vengeance was
already set. - is haunt lay in one of
• these - old hurriCabes which so frequently
intersect, this country—a jungle not to be
peneweted - on: horseback—a wild and
desperate spot, where hugeries lie
Misted and torn, and.athwart ea other ;
' wherethe green-briar andthe t blanket
base _ woven a : thorny net, and here ev
ery species of obstruction lie, grow and
spread theMselves into barrie of inter
teticulated.intriAcy. ,
1,. ?
Gilloping across a prairie in Indian :
.file, followed by our dogs i the same
order, the vapory breath iss'ui g from our
holies' nostrils, and a quick rk or two
from the dogs as they crease some re
cent deer trail, we began to eel the ex
cttement, arising, from our approach to
the enemy's ground. ' ,
Arriving at the hurricane, t he chosen
lair of his Panther highness, we dis
motinted; choosing each a select sapling.
to which we fastened our steeds, and
then with a meaning whistle calling up
the ,main : leading dog, we gave htm to
understand what we wanted him to do.
•• Old... Car was a famous - dog, and bore
on-hie body the scars of manyAl despe
rate encounter. Twine in the, grasp of a
• furious bear, and once in a teeth-to-teeth
battle with a huge wolf, he not only sur
vived his wounds, but; seemed endued
with i double hatred to these ;races, and
a superior sagacity in following in their :
No sooner was' the word given, than
off went old Cap, directly into the deep
; thicket, the rest of the dogs following as
fiatikers, while •we cautiously advanced
as best we could, in ihe midst of many
impediments. •
From the difficulty of keeping togeth
er, we soon parted : coinpany, and ley
companions being better weedsmen than
myself, soon gained the 'advance, with ' 1
all the , dogs . ; their yelping and barking
increasing, and their speed becoming
greater, as they became more heated, or
as if sensible important Ores was ahead.
I could 'also: bear their /encouraging
• cheers to' he dogs; but every moment be
coming fainter _arid fainter. They had
also taken a course more to the south,
while I, nothing. aunted, kept on in an
' easterly - direetion, consoling myself 'with
the reflection that perhaps whilst they
were fruitlessly pursuing larger game, I
would knack over a deer, or some small
er animal, as a proof of my woodsman
• I had also gained a more open ground,'
arid. being relieved from climbing over
the trees. prostrated by the hurricane;,
• 1 caehl advance more rapidly; keeping e t
sharp look out, howeeor, for something
or other, and now and then pausing 'e l
• hear some stoned from my eager corn; 1
,tadeal An hour Or so may have elapsed; 1
• '. and 'coming rather tired with the some-I I
what . unadventurous sameness of my I
- walk; I eat down to rest at the bqttom of
a branching oak, but had not rested long'
, when the 'crack of a rifle, faintly heard,
I. -.. far of( to my right, made me jump to my,
_ feet, and hurry qff in the direction of thel
i - sound. , -
I had , no' proceeded far *hen my at•
r = ` , tendon was arrested by a pile of leaves,
recently scra . ehed up, as if for the put
, peso of concealing some object ,undei•-
heath; ; ;; Knowing that panthers thus hid
the remnant o their feasts, reserving iit
• for a feriae meat, I uncovered the. rub
blab, and found theremains of a recently
. : • killettdeer, more than half eaten. "The
old eillain must, be somewhere about," 1
was the first half-suppressed murmur Of
- ,my lips; ; at the same time,' I candidly
:::,•. -;confess, a certain undefinable feeling
stole over me—a certain "ye vie sacs gvei"
.sensation, , anything but comfortable or
!• agreeable. Far out of sound or bail, and
I not being exceedingly desirous of a pri
rate and confidential interview with his
feline highnese, I inwardly wished. my
.. • self safe with my travelling companions
and our canine allies. Continuick my
.....7-., - adrince towards the spot . from whence
issued the rifle sound, I had scarcely
• . : gained two Inindrell yards, when, utier
- pectedly and suddenly, with a prodigious
• ~,
.. - --yet graceful bound, a large and formida
-- ' ble looking panther leaped from :the
ground into a tree close by. Now, had
I been a cool and practised marksman, I
would have shot him through the head
with as much indifference as I would
00 fired at a target. But I was just
f dm
ithen particularly nervous -,fur there' the
„ .1 .....1L?; animal lay, crouched in the fork of: the
tree--bis huge paws expanded, his terri-
I•r• - f•-• ble claws ripping up the bark, his eye
• -: fixed upon me with a watchful yet un
s'.- r easy glare, and . his long' tail vibrating
• with a quick and restless motion.
Conrinced that no time was to be;lost,.
I raised my rifle and fired. With 'a
frightful scream, he plunged t headlong
from, the tree; wounded and bleeding, his
right shoulder broken, and now ferocious
-1; frotn the pain. Crippled i.e he was, ha.
broke right upon me, his hi n d feet tear
' ing a great &SUM in the earth, and leat;•,
tering the dry leaves far behind him.
Not having lime to reload, I bad birely
time to spring behind a tree, and draw
my bright and keen edged heating knife,
when he made a pass at me with his
other paw around the tree, at the same
time uttering such frightful yells RS made
• my rely hair stand on end.
• It was a -moment of thrilling danger.
If ever he taught mein those merciless
talons, he would have torn me to pieces;
and I, .breathlese, yet watchful, waited
for a lucky moment to plunge my blade
into his heart's blood. • lie - "Waa evidently
becoming weaker from lose of blood, but
stain a state of terrible energy and ex.
chement - ' In the meantime l- com
menced reloading, but in the eagerness
of My haste my ball unluckily choked in
• the gun; and while silently endeavoring
to extricate myself, by a fierce and 'angry
lunge at me, lie, caught hold of my left
arm, and w ould have pulled me down,
had I not 'thrust my knife with's quick
and forward motion right into his mouth,
at the imminent risk of cutting myself
' Smug by the p#in i he shrunk back, hie
, eyes gist* with a red and revengeful
fury, and crouched down, uttering a pe
cater and distressing moan. I was
fearful that Some of his comrades' would
come to his - succor, but determined pot
to lose the adveniages of my pesition,my
rifle lying useless OR the ground, my arm
' . smarting from the gashes of his teeth, I
a 'till dresded to attack him openlY, fear
ing that in ihe last efforts of his frantic
rage, I might be more fatally injured.
Thus we remained eyeing each other,
Ile as if couch:els the death struggle was
yet to come, lend I nerving myself into
all c o olness and self-possession' of
-iny-oatnre•.l . . -. . ,
Al that . Moment there broke upon nay
:ears the • gladdest and •most welcome
:Sound I ever heard, With a thrill of joy
- never to be forgotten, I beheld "old Cap,"
with noellils to the ground, and bristles
all erect, rash tiger up, and with a growl
of.dnfying scorn, leap boldly. to the res
cue. The contest was over. For thrice
in that deadly grapple did I blare .111 3'
keen-blade in his warm blood; and as be
Witched out in his dying throes, I felt #
hitiateven the.
sennation of. triuin
conq eror of many a mOre bloOdylaattle
field might envy. Here, too, came on in
hot haste, the whole team, every one of
whoth took the most satisfactory revenge
, on the body of the -now lifeless anim&l-
Theti my two companions, with breath
less inquiries, hastened up, at once abu-•
sing and congratulating me.
It seems immediately on parting from
me a young bear cub was started, who at
oncii l betook himself to the most inglori
ous, ight.:, he was soon treed. and shot,
whiCh was the sound I heard. That
fearful of my being lost, they had already
'turned to rejoin me, when the sountl iF of
my ride added fresh vigor to their speed.
We remounted our horses, and sped
blithely home, repeating and re-repeating
to e l ch other the events of the day, with
that zest and freshness which only hun
ters know. .We brought home with us
the, panther's skin. How long it mea
sured ftom the tip of the nose to the end
1., of. the tail, I cannot no sat , with accu
: rani ; but this I know, for a long - time it
hung about my hOuse, ,a memorable tro
phY of my first Panther Hunt. %
C. L.
Arkansas, Nov. 22, 1847
pilOhl a publiebed card of ItleCallrtiont gr. Bond, of
r .rtillndelpioa,the pablio would be led to believe that
we have been claiming privilege we - hod no right in.
Thet uMey have abandon6l some time 'Me the ceche
InVi ag , system. , told grit hsve do right to eta int
erielasive privileges with their wan." never preten
ded to tell the tens of ens sp ew eoncern. have
been sellout the teas of the New York Pektn Tea Co.
for:the tart two year, se the public ars nsiare, and
hove been to New York four time% an that time. and
never beard of this new coemern until lately b m set wool
i?'he Tea'bosiness of klegitllinont Pond it about fi
months old , o their astitroption of the Pekin Tim Com
pany's name is bemuse a name is mon for my men in
firm to asmme, hot the fart iMended at imply thereby,
that they have asfyrsonneetion with the PO milled and
well known Pekin Tea Company of New Volk is en.
liirly false, they
No been demedeven an agency in
Philadelphia for the Near Yolk Com Pant • that Comp.•
knowhaving rotated Men dim farm confide in th rill. I
know not what hind of wool they keep nor what kind
Tom; I am only ceition they keep or obtain none of the
pet in Tea Company's of Now Turk.
ilia) . person reading their eanl will me the 1.M.1 do.
orphan they with topraenco nn the potille, and in the
,yWdury of my bminoss. ItleCallinant 'fond are
- denlero in Philadelphia and have sent an me oat hi
to pall wool over the oyes pf some of MAT retid m Olin
foot out for a blmti. sheep. ALFA. JOYNIN
rivflidharif :d.Fourth •
'uos.llxerrs,formerly or Beatty, Nei:ens.
, & co.. •• ••-• einmonao,o
'..fro. A. Burr( anesville, e
O.& (i. Cos, Neer 00enn,
0 - BE:Aryl% BROTHER. 6r. CO ,
o &&&&& 1, , Comloall••iOn 811 ore halal
FOR nig FALL •RO roftwauslese or
I WI:STURM Peoritck.,
1 No. 31 Page/rat Street, New Drkarer.
Mania & Co, Booker., N p .
limes ADDregne & Co, •
.Ihival W 6 ice & Alaenatn, I.
Ellis& Mecum. Henke:,
Bocce & Frazer, Camona
A :11`Kenzie, Cr
It N Kearney, Lay, Banker, Zanesville, 0.
I) & Co, Wellsville,().
Deed, Parks & Co. Deaver, Pe, -
J SW Wbeellna, Va.
WClark. & Co, 2 PrDs L ar6 h , Fr.
W 2c U Itlacheltree,
Passage frOm Great Britain and Ireland
to Few Veer and Pittsburgh.
110 FAISON:3 wi.long to engage passage for diet r friend.
can etcate corevotable steconinentation. at the low.
est tate; on board of ettlendtd PatiictLthcf
the Cabin. Eccund Cabal. or Steerage; aort:r
Isom Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast. ate..., to New York,.
and the sotweriber will smart to alw eth•for those who
rettide eit.a AlWance, going to any of the above nor;..
Tickets famished whiat will brute passearcra direct
from Liverpool to Ilitenturch; and en thetearrival at N
$l - prk. they will be forwarded nbaielY Ly Leech
Catty Fast LIDO, ' thereby savitrg,thut tottottle
Good berth. will also be engaged to and from Liver
pool to lotted the New York and Coma Steamety.
Refer to kleetr. U. Leech tr. co. Catabaratt.
NV )1' It 'Ult.:et/N.
Id Cedar it ,INcer Yotk
- Drab. obtained on all the prtneipnl Bent. at Knelatid
imlala: and aeodairl, or. the mMt rc.,onable wros ,
qrs. to .an thote wishing to resew. $ Asl Leuert
ay 15 tan
Type .
Gol4. none/. of Ir." itlva, tine I".;rk.
. 4 111 , 41,1 4 14 114rpn I
.1 rl.ll, 2LI t. ~.•
of ncvrrp.tper, Tv:al tor, ”ni
op •
'• , er. who mt.,' i.u1.1,1‘11 , . , ono, tot :hr.,
OA will he eptitled to S C (CITf pay 1n
me: the tananatat ot .11ca “:I,rctt..
' •
Ind Type teken tpezehano
• 1 Lard Oil. • •
f 'II E underCdovi arc now prr , reil to (=id , MOO
.L enwoovr• •od dm pothr n• ily. with . ding
nwl. of I.nrd Cld of In. •,rttick
ta- y wail Wilms nersminol. . Tboly Otl [trey
M left w b,. 2 . rn.ld n• 5n,.... ... .• Li, wukr. •
way b• yew reed .. not gd.
_Lain •¢d G
I•.tn r
S I:L , A VISUCII.I4 • d %du poodle,
r . c • , 'loll & do do.
ehav Co
Wr.ghC+ro4 wad nIL Crt3ll.
liriget Liquid coospee.ol Thee standard prep'
.ret,ont ter ebreeng may be had vrholreel , ret3tler
PILLS are becoming so entversally popular they are prepared by Dr N
L' Lei
dy himself,* regular Dolgstst, Chemist and I•ltyio
man of Phdadelphia, who knows the nature. the
quality and character of the Medicines used in Ins
pills and their adaptatian to disease.
Second, Because the public cos take them anti
greater confidence than most other pills written are
prepared by persons ignorant both of medicine and •
Third, Because of their combined elect., proper:
tics not contained is any other pills; namely, marg
ins Isom the stomach and bowels - all unhealthy sub-
stances, and at the same lame purifying the blood '
sad fluids of the body.
Fourth, Because they are the cheapest and best
medicine know u—a single hoe vasuog bet t 5 cents.
and containing 40 pills, raring to peewits as many
dollars olt time. in Lioctor's bills, and numerous
medicine. hougfit & tried on the returnmendotion
of others.
Whenever you have mouton to take any medi
cine, do ont,be.trifling with VOtir constitution by •
trying all kinds bi pills or other medicines you see
enolished and recommended by one and another hut
talcs at once _
• Dr. Leidy's Seoloparillo Blood Pills
and you will not have occasion to take anything
else. They will always be foiled go - Pd in almmt all
worms of disease, Inflatcration of the stomach, bon•
els, liver and intratioesi cramp• of the stomach;colic,
Waterbrashr inward levers, foul breath, bad
taste to the Mouth, Sear : eructations and acidity al
the stooatteh;eostirenees and Indigestion. want of
appetite, billions adecUons, diseases of the spleen
and kidenyitdueasesSif the skin, scaly eruptiond
dry and watery pimples or blotches or the lace ann
•,body, letter, rish,prickle beat sod salt charm, head.
ache, giddineist lemtnem, pains over the bean, of
the bread, sides, along the back and spine, rhcarni.
awn and gout, levers of all kinds, small pos. Carlo.
lout. toes:telt!, serofola,erysipelas, and in short they
are good in all diseases hams their origin in the
stomach, liver, and intestin., amt impurtly of the
blood : . „ t
• EFTwenty,fire cents a Bon.
Sold Whfilesale and Bead by B. A. Fahnestoel
& Co.,corner of First and. V. also corner 01
• Sada and Wend street.. • ' septr..9
La It is niaprample inthe management of this paper
to nonce orlytiong which we hod out, from pereoncil
csugatton, to be of unlit} to the rotate of Ur.
Jo ) .es teed ,tines we have used in our family tot Otto) •
you, For insitnee the EXPEI'IV RANT, the CAR-
muinTivr. and VERIIIIFIJOE, which we know to
he good for the complaints they profess to core. e
Were on Lake Ontario the past summer, When several
of ithr travelling c0mp.1.,.,,i ,frons having, in Wecern
New York ,drank, for massy days, the hieenine wares
of that region, were badly attacked with violent Dins
aces, and Dysentery. libr. B. had Provided Moab,
P.c. , to leaving home,with be Calinurateee of Dr
Jayne," •nd to all eases of its use, among five gentle
men, i was successful to effectors a speedy cute
The Eopcntornnt we have koown used among 001
tabulate friends with equal caeca., and we act that
we shall do &good tat to reunites (especially those
sated so they cennothave access to immediate medical
to advise them Lo keep on hand Loth the Expecto
rant and Com um., The 1...at0m , a Leh cited la
good physicians to he the Lest recipe for Pulmonary
Contain.. Complam, that has ever yet lieu' n com
pounded The wallop Is, Dr. Jayne to not a quack,lial
a regular, liewntihe..and able medical praentioner him
self Ills Jaw:times is. axed Ly the best physicians
Fddot of the Phil. -meads) Courier .
For sale fat Plustipb el the rt..KIN TEAL STORE 72
Foallth arieetalV ,
L , ROM the Rrr ARA toll'uri,.. ,ll known and p o p
r aloe Cleric man of the Pralcebint Churn
The an•lemmed bassos been afflicted daring the past
Wallet , 01 a disemie slake sumach, sometimes ro
ducing!. et pate hi the stomach (or tenor twelve ho p urs
withoet tniusSon, nod after having tried vers..
id, lode ed U
eci, was futesshed W , . a bona.
of Dr ft I:•3 ore Cattemative Saloon, This he used se .
t ordlawii pie direasons, and Wised itaciably thetthw
Meidlellip ceased tho pate to afiato in three or tour min•
ova, !lid in fifteen or twenty.[MOW. /vet,
c cociiipia wee e 001 el)• (Meted Tho medicine was nib
tersestd(usetf when.. Indscattons of spronel, of
ain ors pe Salved, and 411040 its thereby prevent
pd Ile eentinited to ale tire medietne every reroute
and yam/etas. In the tnotnlng. said in
a nd Ira... far restored, that the carerer was rd..e
petanceed from a large amines Of oppresove pain. From ex.
herefore. he Ha ltom, dlijy frcomme , J Ilr
D Jai nee ?Lattimore al a ealdtary Medicine
for di... , of ate stomach and bowels A SIIINN
Allegheny city ,yal
For sale in
711 Pittstait gt the PEKIN TEK STOR
Finical racer, ne• Wood, end 1.11.0 at th e Dra
tytoreaf II P SAWA TX, Federal creel. Allegheny
meanoesaean equal poor.! Look no our
V V fait younustife, with hltbrightsunny face! Look
al your Om, otted with eniptia. aod blotch.' Yet
you ate 100 mean 10 vii , Vi sem+ kk , • Poke of dal
Real halloo Glleuu“l map winch would ceatel e free
yes rem them,
roakellUlf yellow skin ele. and
bealthy.l Go of mice to Jackson's :Moro, EY LibenY
Paiaborthand get * ooke
N D Jaeloonl 'att. oulTplace Plitsburab where
Lie GENUINE La to baobialooL Beware. of Camille r•
EITOBSF.V.VE 13oot suumb la the boorwoy.
INGOLDSBVS Piles Specific,. inter.' rem
a certain and radial rare, whether uiternal,
bleeding or btaid,al., foe irritation of the kidneys and kW
der, puns to kite back and Side, habitual restistuesei
Boas de.
Fe ' rualeabefirre and alter ceefinement ace o p en troubled
wid, ...lotion of die bowels pr cogivenrw, 31J Well as the
ree k t .. .G•t n y, ' . " r! a ecAit h i e n "'eViry. as L'kpelnob per
and is. entirely vegetable wino/ ape,
tads of s:educe, colaryuce or alaw—pleastait to take an d pul
.feetly hurintsia is the N adel... exact. •
Tlais is to certify tha t *new Dr. Irisoldsby's Pile Sporifij
he • certain cure and are remedy. ' flaring sera its ace.
.wee t -aleaseit, loweaget my family comalions, in several eye
finru.l and beset.. eases of the piles; whin it made en cunt;
cure ID
ew every car- HY.NRY WHITEHEAD.
N York, May, ISLh. Nit Sixth street.
I chafelly give my fa-alimony as to the vermin and .ten
Whine edketa of Dr. logoldsby's Pik, Specific, as I L know it
frees my no aspen.. and ahicrvation, to be infallible:
bluing weu it uwil with success in several emeenfoilits male
and kande. • OKO. MILLER,
New Tar k,'slay, 1545. 3.Blfilisthrtniet.
New Vint, Mar, lit:,.
Mr. Beale—Dr. Sir —I have the pleaaure to may, that
your rixdierse, Dr. Irivildsloy'a Piles Specific, has ramie • pr•
Get cure inflames at my easier, wad 1 uowgive yittinay word
Hial 1 have born surprised at it, w, a sew snarly Opinion in,
possible to.m her. lia ttttt I ran now testify to the mod
wt. as being infallible, end do advise all ahem who an al;
Bitted in the like manner, to precuts the article,. they may
depend no a certain cure
Yours with napes, -
West Chester, N. Y., May 15,1815.
Dr- lophlaby—Dcar Sin—That y. & may bow i.en
who may he suffering, as well at to repreas my gratitude the
the benefit I
liaT. doer cd from the use of year saleable epee
cifie, I comply with our ropiest, mad now do nos my Leah
my in mar of it, aving.been and of • revert iturk Cl
the Pile s afier hat i toed ether remedies withdet seam.
Year* wintsuspeel. '
'MIJw n retail by Wkl . JACKSON, itt his Pali
ant Medicine W a
re! nee, and San and Shoe Store, No. ea
Literty street, head of Wood, Pittsburgh. F
Fatten yen
ueizM I A 144 - 1111'.131.:1314T
THIS N. Plus Ultra improvement
levee veto beta in ow about two years• and wherever
it known, preferred to all other Beadswads.
For cheapite., attroglis end tiOnacnienCe it has not
and cannot lie equalled, as it is decidedly the beat,
Cheareat and Moat convenient Bedstead in nee, and per
feelly proof against Hug.
The principal Cabinet makeer and Turners in Alle,
sheny cite smil
in. Pinehangh, have accused' Right. to
manufaciale and yell-the arttele a _AS there are spurious
articles and imperfect %adenines in a.' attket, pa par
set* woe. do well in <karat. m the east iron plates on
which in the it - rmaiue article the name of the patentee.
E. F.Hilagiall. in insatiably cast. A• proof of all. it
late for Gaszsm's Bedateads, the following certifi
cate from Cabinet makers well known 01 Pittsburgh and
the m in, :
to attlitnittestto die public
Wc, the subwribers. practical cabinet makers and
H e dwes a y in uounwterera of the cities of Pittsburgh and
Alle:gbetty, Pa., do hereby certify that we have, bought
the right
tar 1 hedatead , with Hamm . , Pat
ent Fastening, and consider the same Jumiol any
lasteainee with Which we •re
James Lemon • Jahn klYirew
C X ll k *nag A C i Hobert Fairrnan
J R Hartle) James 13 Bart
John Liege. Jr. Lotar "Son
Towne A &Tian. Riddle h I y .-atian
Thrioasa l'arleY BarstanY sCClellarl
Davy talker Moses Matlack
Ilugh Wallace Itobetta Kane
I Nechanan tleorge Snyder
Wye Hasten J hic Mainers Co
Ater niler Lawson
Cot Rights to teak and sell the alcove Bedsteads
' 'apply w F.NEZF-R , F GAZZAM. • .
Woakington, D. C. ,
J2NI AS C. /10011 INS. Mechanical Engineer and
LI Agent for placating Patent*, will prepare the
erasary Drawing* and Papers foi Applicants h e
<ma, and trans ac t all other beetle,* in the line of ht.
prole a: at the Patent (Idler. Ile ran be consulted
un all queistions Teintlng to the Patent Laws and deo
soon. tit the Utl 4tatcp or Eliseo , l'eat
distanceof having examinations suede at the
Patent Other, prior to'making application far a patent,
May forward (vow pold. enclosing a fee of five dollars,
a Ors,. *Latent< el of their when immediate tor"
Lon will be g: an
ven to it. d all the inunmation Uz,
Cmitit Lc oldantra by a VI Sit 111 the appliCalit in pc roan
prnitiptiy conimcnirated.
Ai; tellers a m t huenesa visas:Ls poi paid. and c.a.',
aistrible lea. where • written opaiien ge req air
a ed.
(Moe on street. app o site th e Pmer.t Officr.
Ile hoe the armor of retsina[. by,
Edmund Baste, CSlZiliii,ioaci of Pinta%
110,11 L late do'
11 do do.
linnwies. Machinist, Potent (Mier;
dodge i•catich, Wathinrin. D
K Choate. Alassae 131.PUZ. S Senste,
Ilan. kV Allen, Obta. do,
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anl hearirg of ye
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sed, a tonne horn S T •Tronhle, , Ilridacwater ,
and after taking , a ponoin of It two nr three cv•ning•nr.
gon& to lied. gage Wand immediate relief; %. sire •eirinsl
inenJs have bon rel.eved in reser.. emelt 1 trm nem
fore nah.fied thud is a rode and v.luskiile medicine...l
'mold reenmmenit it in thine who may be alien &with
arisen...nag!. and cold. W K. Maim.
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Prepared :Ind Nolit by It P. woad me sale Dr; Pas•al, hits ward, and DSI Carry,
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Dorm New York
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The general thistern
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M New lark pricer. (IF,II. . &10.,
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1. ,ng Stains,or Altirk• frm Clothe',
NVoollern, Carpets, tee., ho.. and nottlenna the 'pot.
where it is applied clear, bright - , new. and spate's.
Sold witit.oll directions. Price.... rel. a cake
Sold PP Whl. Ack3iON, eV LILICriy Meet, demi .
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store. an at thr.,,,lig
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1 rithem—runong which 'nay be mentioned,
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Welded Wrought Iron Flue..
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Milt:fat Hydraulic PrrArce, Ilullnw, row. ior Poropo
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.11031 extreumiznary Mcdieine in the kVoria.:
Thisrsvact /4 int up ILL ti,..rt hati.: oon tuxes chip-
€r, pirasalcr, and riarranud porroor le any sad. 1. tutu
m. rridawl vomiting, parsing. 'lanais or dr
bilitating thepc
The great beauty . and superiority of is Sanapirrithrostr
all other Medicine is, whilst it Eradicates Disease it Inure*.
area the Body. It is ont of we very Lest !WILING - AND
BUMMED Al EDICINES <Ter kouwn , A not emly punks
use whole 9).0 and tiren,thens the perom, tout a Creams
Nnr, Pure and Eich Blood, a Ismer pusses...l by nu other
Medici.. And in this valid secret oftU wboderfol
worms. It has performed within the past two years,
thaw cores or beecre Cv<e of Disease: ss !tau s,lAtu
of , were considered ineurabli. thsa.
J, Wow of ehrouit Ittuumustilm; •
UOO., ewe. or Dpiwpsta,- ,
400 ease* of (intent Delulily and Want of F.eUrro;
,UD 0 ca.. of Alfrcleul Veusaleliemptaints:
emu caws of ticrdfola;
140 rams of the Liver Ceourplaiut
1!,:dal cases of ltWase of the xidury and Prom .
;lOU ewes of Cousuroptieus,
hod Thous-sod-sof caws of UWesre of the Ilksod, ris: Meer.,
for a. Walt ILhetsw, halides. the Fac, D.., de. Tu.
gether with w omen,. ewes of Wok Headachy, .1 . 011. to !Ise
Spinal Affeetwos, 5w.., row
sce are aware,apprw isOwedsble, but we hare
letbers wow I.ll.iesato and our weato from all part. of We
UtUted Swtre, suforidne us of r sumord Wary cores. H. Y •
Murk's. k, of tlre mew n u pecusbledruiziete to New
'art, N. J., inform* ui that ht cats refer town Wan ISU
eVI. us that Ore alone. There we Whowod. of caw pa th
-City of New York, wlsieh we will Irefer to with 5W wort
abd tooleo of character. It is thu best ..m.e4sewe for th
Prevetstise of distaw Wow. It undoubtedly weed the her
'of wort limo
5,000 1.0"... Till Palk.Sita.Off! •
A. it removed We <woe of duotwelwd prepared Went fo
W e Swam&waxes.
'Lliorsto 50.000 0 ((cwt.
rant'. (1. W.1.1ce1.10 , .. , Tux inrcuSTerus Nay
aud &numb.... of We Nior e Jewry I.(g slatury, has kmdly sr •
w followsol, crruiuute. 111016 ' wet. story.
Ittbowar, J. 1547.
A year sirAc I eras taken with the Iniltruia, and my whole.
Tim left in a debilitated OM*. wes induced I o try Ur.
/ul.lscA.l.ll taking two or three bot
tler, I was very mach relieved, and ittribute it calmly' lathe
said Sarmparilla. I have taking a, and find alai
I Improve every day. I behave Wafted my life, and would
rat Ire without it under Cl O. ation.
W. licLnan, bite U. 8. /V.
•.. - ,
This certificate couelusively prows that this flarsapanlls
has perfect mcarol over the most Obstrinde diva* of Me
Md. Three piteous cured in one house is imprecedented.
Mir :Oka Towaatmu—Dar 1 hum the plmours to inform
you that three of my children Mari barn cured of the &so
fas by tie use of youremetic:at medicine. They went
elided very *merely with bad sores; have only taken CM
bottles ; It took thu tom, Gr which 1 feel myself nude
deep obligation. Yam, nparully,
luaci N. Csam,lo3 Noma O.
Pew York. Mad 1. 1120.
rJariAT 71.1 , 01ALK 111EDICIrita
Dr. Townsend's Sartrywrilla is soecrergn and
rare for incipient Consumption, aweetnswits frmaedrThot of
Whitey obstmord Of ditilt Alinstenation, loroatinuence
Untle, or involuntary discharge thermal . , and for the gen
eral prostration of the systena—noknatter witeher tha result
of inherent enure or causes, produked by itregalarity, illness
• • accident:
Nothing mu be more surprising! that its inelgoestssig ef
forts on the lironin toms. l'eres, all wesknua and law
unit., front taking W, limey beco robust and fuller energy
ander its iniluenee. It inswediatriy conntereets the
Irestreat of the female frame. which Is the grut ans.
It will rot be npreted of us, at caws of delicate • .s
-lure. to exhibit certificates amens preformed, but as am
tenni the afflicted, that
Of eases hare been reyeated
w. Several tales sailers families ban been erithout child
ren, aller wing a few bottl. of this invaluable madmine,
have been blut nth boldly &spring.
Totrucend: My wife being greatly distrund by
weakness and general debility, rod suffering
by pun and • rensation of be.ring down, falling of the
womb, awl with other allfienitiss, mid hawing known caws
when; your medicine hu effected g - r.t.a. 4. hear
ing it tecommended for ouch mesas I Wee aseeribed,l obtain
ed • luck of ya. Kan. of Sarapurilla. mad followed .
the directions yon gave me aL Mo. period mewed
her cm:uplans and restored her Width. Bong viten' fie
the bowed, she Warted, tale pleasure is thew aeletereikdg
mg it, and recommending it the leads , M. D. Mcuz,
Albany, 1ag.:17,11:44. Cor f. 4 linad mid Lydia, sts.
trmancxts, Sept: `A
11. TbsoLund: To all whom nmy conceni--Thia is
In emu:, that airy wiM used oinlottlot of yam Inarsaparilla '
prima.. to her confinement, older the mem ahirmilmr and
aelieste circsmatancn, band aroilled with thi amps y,
of the fed, narrows &Minimal, and rery mach &bad,
tad . with my permesion, and Me rmaaameneation of Moat
who had umd it, eh. was iadored to my it, with Isnle ho
faith, and mace d W any, the;inediona had, tha lam and
desired arms, not caJy in die thiors of itinhawineut, hot alter
tho aspiration of ona weak of its me, the drop., an 4 awe
, arretion mtmaishian degree. her
1 health now n iter M. it id b.. for awn tow pr-
If tho. .11 to of Loy orrvoo lo you or may ®r
..toubt.• tiko lona. of the ,odic , .., you ,racottorty sylc.
to it_
1 sub... clyolf your ow.. obcdorot old oblovol'•
Tbs. iNt.rvet Narorarsdh Mo ns.pessay woo , .
rstfrethcsr w halala cuompLchth. No /1-m4e lobo bah re.
Mat to ruyihtvass....pplhihtiah.• th, erthml,oried, "
ikon of IV, 'WWI EngUrchl this. st, st so • crm.
prvounso , thr a. ashianAh tohrishie rhooesoes
Loch 1..5h,v0 arm sot,. 1.1.
'Rt. Iwrwt
• dethy•JtA sorwrol 'Soo) te...m...isrum
• •s. s• . . to 'ht.- mho .sonro,eihst; snothosh , .. , .
•• cshrulhool 14h.A. yuhL.aohC t OO O 4
• tor &II A the 4..0.e.•.!t055..... W wLKE vsoauru sr*
ter., rl
lave-. •Lele rruf ifule.r.eattly Owe ule
11l .rr..c.pre- - b, re cteourc 'me nsapal ille• the tal,
ref far annotating lb* 111traut: rt, L1,r , •1.1 • tubergurela re
Walt., ea /a kelt al aro era. .../1 2...lFrawre utl. ive total*
.1.1,14 .ad Plr lllftl _Y IIEAD 1111.
LAT? 1.41 t trettle , rea the
ee, ree4l..lre, et If •rll.l, are eel of I, •.' um
• sti Ira, a lar ioetra•nel s ..I.r..apitnllf. r
le ”ur nee,. i• - •• 114•••
esatualerre. fra.r/.4, o r ., flu
iismsaarter e ei ra.ts, sts.l
cumplellina —4ll II •44/. are gl.lO. ta enema
fled 1.1,
Ahlil'ala. •
NerIMI or teetheure rm.. Lem durmered whah m
Iwerly remtablea the taw., pm. or . dermaimm.
4.4 min utengthetity nisym. ul Jarmum. et tine Freya.
M.. of Swelyartll.•
Bata Vlestrviim.", altrioy, May 10. Int.)
T..nsend._ an• I h... b.e afbeten a umrel
entl. it all oret fo .1.4
my. of summeh, of eryetne. .a wa r e Leseinurt, Mel •
t re. metro. ,
.1: md ...a. I•bat
cooht un I hes. r....1b .1 411.41 rub.
un my noad. I leted the toad renuoln , bra the, lout
bra Intle eu etrect remc...4 11. cceartMot. I um.
almut two mouths wt., tr try yr,. VI "tarn
,rll44, au,: I man my .Ith 1.111....1atce, but atter ow%
warty two tent.m, I fourid my err... restoll4, mid 1.10
busetbare motetly mauled, atJ I m.. 1.1 eareeniy erre.
lamed the um ' h. beve Leto Whetted as I tre.
No. ?A, I NIA". L.Luld
A u, I.hIOST A )1111A 1 I.V.
• Wed the frllemg, 4...da Oral
tum eanuot. en Thim.ouly our of the omemd bou-0.4
came ,het I.4emyam•La le. cured
T.temewl- !nee . I 1.1.1 taina. a Life' um •
year Our
• 111... cough anti run ~ iay
mma. on tur ter) 14.1, roared I eras remouticea by phi
skoato u, lave the ranch oclumplem I Mud Imre araa. I
lilies of bad ...Wet, Ld roe. , motets, .5..1 mak.; very ladt:
ray 4,101 mid be canthl de mall., fur me. I we... Lb. '
inleure of Ming Interfiturd, bet we. yramorypord there
arable. .1 um Iw. yyrestly duenueord et thetme and
road lewdly betathe , I emu berm. emacuteJ,
to die, •es ermfunn totoy lad. and on. obbged tu bow
ameltere nAmd I cambn gem you way dm...TU. 1111
IJ duyraure to my rase I erm eupymed by my Cruz.
b rut remarry I hid ...I • great numb, of reseed...,
mul stl emenl4 to Da 1v t wym.,..
treorramry cure. yweforterd 'by riur medwilre, and to .11
you the truth, 1 empreArd three um .am.h
me übby, in tbs.
But I am nelorrA I. try 11 , I did to, aed mu very thautful
I dui I reetuthmy that 1 NIP mainly urn, but am ro fee
ree....ured ma tow Mout my buinem, mad hope la be cutire-
Is well • few week., dly tough aaJ ran. in Um WA.,
trul MAW MM.. hare 1.11 cm, .r.A raim but mei War, MA
eths. genneg my usual elnuogth. 11.11 it • duty to it.
you • ibteruent efray tam, 10 publiah if you pkwy
47 Lin. st,
Opinions of Phyoleinao.
Dr Toorsohrsal ia alocol daily rrirmg order. from ibi
'l:t'etrZ; t rnrl, t t U u:l u rnigord,l'hyaicias. of
Ifie City of Alias:7,lw* uumeroua mam preacrand D.
Toa,stsrsd'a Saraapartlla, sal Ixlwre tuba mu of the moat
'table prepratious of A. B uT pi r la y. in: o : x majbet.
J %Witson. IC 0,
11. Ilmmu,at 0,
P En.assoozz.o
,Lanny, April I, 1615.
This ta to em 4 7 that we, the' undersigned, practlcing
Thomann. Pliyuctana.of no Clity of Albany. bare frequent
iy prneribed Dr Townsend% Compound Eatraet of Suez
grille, and from its known qualities, would recommend ltd
the public for mercurial, wrofuloul, and utberc utaneous tiou
taws, in preference to .1 of the - advertiwid remedial Immo.
A 41 , ' AbiSt.l.l., 5 ed
vrr Albmity April 9, tn4.l. 'Ws 0 it. Mi., T O r
Ymicirduffice, ILL Fulton st, S. Builtliwg, N Y; 'Red
ding 4. L,,, State et Clostou; Dr 1/yott 4../Soo•?1,1.1 North 8.-
on , et Dbibulelplaai 8 8 Ilaace, drugzist, Baltimore; abil by
prumpal4nwpsts genently throughout the United Stat.,
Mat ladles and glic Canada s
None genoineotulaw put up in the Large wittare bottles,
which contain a quart and Opted with the *Duro signature
of 8 I. TOW NSKND, mad hie name blows on the ithos.
From the New York Daily Erpreis of April 5,1:17.,
. retty thing appeared in the wieeu yeneralay. lt silo
thenvenom, cab,. narsaparilla Ls Fres. of Dr row nd.
The whole thing is got op tu gond taste: eome of the orna
mental landscape paintings are twat.ful, which, kr.. welt
the ocroll work, in gold, glutei., en the sun, made show
rarely equalled ot ilemilsouy We take IliD oprirturitty to
say we believe Dila .4.1 of the Siirmpanlla Bmiers a the
very great popularity Ohm acquired.
Nervous Debility. • '
stew Tole, Marrle27, 1147
U. Townsend:—l have been elected mom or Lem for II
years with • denulful nuking in the cheat, giddiness in the
head, ,
lens of appelete, prim pe the limbs, and general debility,
brought on hothead by the ....renal heat and cold to which
lam subjcrt to in my business as *dyer. I have ladgen'
medieines, bso numerous ire sometime, but with little or nom,
cur 11. I .10 Ind Gerd by what I eaveau the purr au lig u bottle
of your Sursaperills, Irmo which I funnel got relief I have
gime taken sew...lmam Mattis., wed I ego unhesitating al ly say
et Id the beet medicine I leave errs lakeu—the paw Oil
.cleat is gorse, and I feel quite add:fano tam thogether since
I beet taken your Shammed's. I Lace now • better eippeute
then ever I had rely wife hew taken It with the same Liners.
cast results I woul ommend 11 •• a Genii dicing
genemily, uid I reel con inced that if m used there w uld not
be half the sickness there es, and euturemeatl not many
Doctore• bills. Cur Millit 11 reslunre apruule, 1 .1., k ,„.,„
the •14.111[Ii•Ild bowels them regular tune; it kelps the bload
in a healthy state,ero that durum e. not whitely to attack the
• system And to e nthuse who err not 111 • ht/h.h,11.1E, I ray
try Or Townsend's Sarsaparilla. 1 s
Timms. Ektrrtt, 70 Al en W.
In the Month.
Below es. akessuntof mother child eased. Dr To Wend'.
Sarsaparilla bat erred the li,se of thourends of chi dren—
The following resells.. is retested from • real number
received this week
Now TURN ? April 0, INV.
Ur Tortmend: Dear mr,—One of my children mu ver,
tick with the ewer to the mouth md thrust, attended with
rrat debility. we beer dying; f obtained wne of your
cantina medicine, and it cured it directly, for which I can
wore you I letl eery grateful, V.... empectfully,
Fowtzn,rapiabroosue at
For ..k by RE SELLEIIS Dnarant, Nos 7 W bb d
between ad and 41. h as, elm h. Lon,. appended by Dr
TOWNSEND sole Slant Le Allebhenrttu, yethht•slyW
linsband'Peelebrateil Fluid Magnesia:
'rills I. a mild safeand .le rant anti seed and aperient; b..
I. tug • parkasoltitam of e1...c0011y pure carbonate of
Alas • pourers all the medical m01t... of the finest pre.
parents. of Slayton, ',Abut boor Bahl, to form cm:mo
w tha bowelii,or toast atjurionsly upon tha masa( the
stomach One table spoonful of the b laid Bl•etti4 negate
>lent ta artneth le half% teaspoonful of Itlapoott
b o.. b y 0 A WAIINEsTOCK & CO, comer Ist mud
Woo. and Woad end 6U_
• all
Or. Mc Lane's {V coat' /pee-Ines.
Ills is to certify that, by taloolf pose and of Desttor
hie Lane's WWII] Spaeth, • child of Joiner Shaw's
upw . yd , o f 7. wo rms, and by the OP< of Paid
medicine • child of sly own
is only the most sororities worm medicine I roar
semi I must have two moor el Iti
Mims Townsbio
For sole by J KIDD KC., No C.KWood erect, Msw
h. ractli
FOGG di .TIIGIISTO!f, Proprietors'.
nent long end widely known. being
S. one.. toe mrstereartiontous in the cigar Ualumme.,
has recently undergone very atensive alterations and
improvements. An entire new wing hes been added,
containing numerous end airy sleeping apartments, and
eztelisive benzines... •
The Lathes' departrnent lore all. been completely re
organized and fitted up in. a most unique end treenaill
style. to fact the Whole erranerment of the Ilouse has
been remodeled. with a rinele eye the part of the
proprietors tower. the meat. and pleasure of their
6.010, and mitt. the Y rattlidently A ssert w ill c h.'.
lenee eornpasson with e 4 110101 in the Union.
Shen . table will always lie supplied with .ely sea
steatial and Zuzuly which limper h et +Nerds, 'rested op
si a superior while in the of ilr,oe%
they will not be so rptiloled.
conga.. the irroorielera tri say, that nothln
will he len undone on thew oar% nod on the part of Met r
10 'Ander this /fowl washy that continued
patronage us' thew fr./cnds'and the'outrhe generally:
The prices for board hoer also linen reduced to the
1..., I /slam y,• ••• •• fl Viper day:
Ur tablet:es • •• • r ••-•—• I no
N. IL—The UMW.. Won or Itle 110.0
ways be found at the Por Steamboat landtnesr
which will 0000 y I•mti•Ke Is N 4141 from Wq BUIrl, tree
of charge ntynfif
0010--The subseriliet• putehased sheen.
bre Inlrremi of. Cot. fl P late of oft
known rotalitrylintent.bettliinve ro tante to their friends
Ood the Pohl. , Renolnlic, ilim May have taken 11119
commodson. Motel at n l. no CI year. mut will c.aert
their bem eitergtel. 10111111111 it ilestml.le homeitaiTmv
eller" and City Itoindet•
( 1„,,.1,. opnetim.mtdrultutrably planned for eon
venience, light awl me, turfing number of 114110,
a di g tn,pg pry...ninon iintiwal attractiona
The present Plow ti do.. haring had the erpenenee of
year , in thiiiiirry tittlsewliera . .liope they will be able
r tumor a one.
The locsunti 01 till• tatteet tsuncolainnaly
eligible, having itonts on Pratt, Walnut AM/ Thad MS
so dint it is enbelly (loanable in grew of the convent•
Itof butane, meow retirement for privain hoarders.
It Is near by the Banks, Mr Proa Oflire, the hlnunite
Ilull,Odd Fellow.. Mall. and but one !opiate dictum' irom
Main met et nod two vitiates from the City What f.
offering then reatest milucements, especially AO country .
rebinds and penetally to all per.. vistong einem.
' .101 IN NOBLE
1011, • JOIIN A DU81.13. '
151 marmot ono, Putma:MO.
Min: :Subscribers, anther the firm of thunaus Woof
h. , ' purchased Mr. jams , wrest M tins establish
menu and bore by the strictest attention to the prom
and comforts of Weir auema; Jo moot acantinuance o
the liberal paironate itertvothre received by. US thane
993 1Cbo '" u ' ir has tiara dmroughly rennvated,and repair
cd; the therethre feel neared we can welcome ou
friends and the public In accommodation. equal in an
no the toor,op radadelphm. ' N N ORIDGES.
Corner Oman end Meth MA, .CIALCII3IIaII.
TV,p7i:VoTT:T.t.74 P.A',°..b`ril:;l l rs . LonnL b r"'
gene a thorough repair; the pall winter, and
haying lie much
cayerlenecd men in the weal, in the
006.0 department.. 1911101 myeelf ,tot all wall be
pleated wile call. The lormion centigT,counnodioel
and plctwant. Faro el per day.
..Cincitutati, Much 13.1E47. W MAIM'
N. ti.—Although not exactly a new Broken, h the
11L1110-IMIVI Whine:.
the old handle. apiat
- •
TIDE prop ric toroftht. lo ng eltatilislted bouee,resPer ,
fully Germ hi. service. to the Ci 111.1,06 oflhtetti erg h.
and will eXert hon.elf to render comfortable ail whit
man favor Tint with their company.
paiit which has long berm a•favorim one widt
the Proel%rin De •1 eel at Pittelooth, will, the cooling
smooth prosent a larger field for the it operatio. them
hercefore,F from the completion of the Rail Road to
Indianapitdi., 30 mitt" farther into the ling raising veginit.
Spetaila • U D FITZIIUUII Proprietor
" •
L0na...4110, Ky.
0 scrotum'.
A R IZ tTtl i d i !ta t ! e h i rf (LlR..tro t
G null
Lowavtile, Ky.,where hope. to meet 111
his old frVods, t o them unit the Wale, that tw
effort •hall be Rotted to shale alt coottortuble who fis tor
hist arithdhcir patronage.
.Oppoutite thi Ran Road Depot, Pratt at., Ball:
HENRY M. !HUTH. Proprlator.
Ilatie oldie F..actutite and St. Ch.ittcs ,totem, I'.luh'R
ear thtt •rttetr, tt ta but r'ght and p pert tat OA otertmma
what:it...enemas Ate mpyrarte•tamord •hould pe luuy eml en.
ty let 4. tl. atul a.. norm guaraettem be gm. that the cum
mud, •rthrttotim ausnufil urna utfit,
I. the tun OM. ars Ithoom thut the onnaley
black ••Ifili• - •••• coutpmnt of • prat Wald'. 1..14 fits...,
by gum rer•bse ant • Mu Me 111/0 4 ,, either ...bole .r part
m aymtiatnt the gm prcrtp•Mt• are hu as; k r torte ram
tad latt ttr Ifilmtmul winch ommiam tt, 11. lako tkink•kO
to add • .per to MY ette. et atom atab• ...try fitted,
samtt th• reel by ',mg ofi pm, tf • mrleur.
mo'n•trug thrtmett ah•ry Item httat the
IWag eld.l" tltn• ts rtmo in. GOGalf • GO r•ny ntpert.••
Ittta • 11.4G6GroG k• oG ••••, •• •nrut mattn hdld .
un:t tter•er get ttnek,tatd bet, nry Mud
t•rtpr qaint, dd.. I t m. Om pd. G4GIO Vfoll •Ibk • put.tra
umy amp, mut Jim fibre Om imp. Alma te, • more aria
enht•Matmi oar Ina rant, sudyed by altntudt thant d •••
es'y plaMend mare., It ahm noutiam emauttne that
ha alfauty motalad thartfid• fide ant commie
sts-I pen •M 1 tme enuntah •••• etbough •• •
beimb pre. aohr , ,trt toe. Pm huun Forams • t in.? black
otsYtt mit ill" *art...tad mparne I,ltor
(Si artlck nom by tbr tamp Anttedh
14•11," and :tad Ontd n•r• Gt. lb. mum p
1 • pualmtre Itgartnt tartyntitmool •sy tad ton% ttra,nd
bdltm, r, t hmsammtat.mi• vitt ntra,•• all halt La
atntr., %het IGoOntuater Lion gore. ly b um . Wyk kla •
unl by my era. uutamhy pitr,••••
• lt
0 , ,41.,•• a 4.1 rt. art.k trt
rata. 0..1. 4 (ram 0.
ga a kw ..6...aa Jecp..4r.4l. 14. - 4 •
H 4 Swarm • NV. awl Nlrlaa4H.
Mb,. IL.. /a. Yul.•,
W. H 4, .4 NV. 0 ...4 4. V.,
Sleg.rnmalk 14.041
141 i 0 ...Tall. 0.40,11. ASh 5..U111 h
4.%V C.
}WI., A .4
• M• Thus K 0••1 Str . I "L•s• ~..g
Wraw, VI.J, uJ 4.1 g. • brill ro•
In.,•th•., .1 4... th• 1.• ber..tyt tA.I,
e • imo 1••••. ,
bar tri.rll•■Sloplo.
EettelFwVe, Aog
Air T. X ILEA. et-,l,ar Ser. Haven proctored twAlsof
Tour W rad% Flotd.wor there're-4e d.r ti tut
ly exeut of oed wide... to Aree.des dr adyedlerr alb a-4w.
w. I kw , . of.
,V11.12-A , l STEM A RT,lkeek bore*,
We Arthur N:rhells.. * Cn
lettubdrxl4 Sept 11.1-:.
T l Ilelldre -Dear Si, lam et-m; ,”or Chwom - s1
Wrltateg hod, and Lod it bra moot tat-aryl ortette
tent prox **dd....Wad than teplel• grurrokty of
caw tulte, A dude Owe owl brevsnrset derp bloat to w
bowl, lroarx, Ilrer ctfitely.
Ttyparrel arid all ‘%'ltddtowld, and Re i; by ThEenw X
dde.rt, lettexpst and Inotoirtt Mriaer: of LArrty awl
fienethfield eqrrew rdeaborgh, le-tdoldtte
A r trauma niterturn. '
/rit e :ben Miele known for eleartiog end sishltrnins
1 te Teeth. •trenethrning the autrois sweetening the
:breath, ti.e. It should he used every neglit :with a sufl
:brush, mil the teeth and mouth wil I only comma
;washing in the morning. Wet the brush wile warm
water. or cold will storms, and rub tr • few times en
'the paste, when enough will adhere for ceanisig the'
Scotts * It leaves* del:toms taste at the mouth, and on
parts* most deli/Milo! fragrance to thri breath. Itstands.
unravelled as a pleasant, efficacious, convenient. ard
safe deals:lee. It re warranted nut lb mium We teeth,
using it regularly, It will remove the tartar and
prevent. its d
arcamulanon--preveut the toothache
mrengthen the pros, and prevent all diseases
n ot them
Cheemett, phymcians. and thr clergy recommeit a ,
dersledly sufmnor to every thing of the lilnd in uses—
Ash for Shenambi Compound Orr... Tooth Pure, and
otoerve Ills signature is attached to each pat.
Recap:Mend. d by Dr. Cast/e, ICI ttroadway, one in
oar best Dentists, and by naost of the old established
ones in the United States, and even •Mnslyely used
by the Nobility of England and Frei e•
A large proportion of Me disease. t afflict mankind
arise AVM Foote derangement of thi a mooch or Imam is,
which • bmelv use of the. Cad. tie Lozenges Would
entirely obviate. Persons of habits should al
b ove a bog at hand, and take a am heneAre
they feel the least derangementin their health. A
i ds
oAe of these Lozenges Mould proven thinom
of caret.
rorsale at WM. JACKSON'S, cornerof.Wood and
1 A IMIKA Who Use Connuott Prepared Chalk, ate
IA noon not aware bow frightfully ovate. 1 us to
the skin! how coarse, how rough, how hallow, )ellow,
and Unhealthy the skin appears after ustng prepared
.d i ikt i Besides; It is tnjuttous, eontaining alotgiqurot
lily of lead. We have, prepared a bountiful vegetable
which we call JONES'S SPAY:ISIS LILY
KIIITU It l• perfectly innocent, being purified of all
delnterulus quaint.; and it imparts to the skin a natu
ral, healthy, alabaster, clear, hying white, swathe emus ,
too t aeons an ia cuameLe GU the skin, utaltUla it son
and smooth.
Dr. Jaincit Anneison, Practical Citemtsvof Massa
humus.says: . After analysing Jones'aSpanish LillO
White, I had it reosesse• the wort beautiful and natu
ral, at the .stilir bate nnnrml i whim I ever saw. I
etch/tots can consmentmusly terrinid its tire to all
whom shin remits. beauttfy
ißre-I;s'Z'h2.Y..IIIII.I.VIZSION, at Ina Boot and Sian;
Sloce,tal Lihertt street, brad of Wrmd, at the sign o
the Uig Boot-
Ladies. ladies, I'm astonished,
When you know thalyou are promised
A natural, life-like, snowy
That you will .11 tow cOollooll chalk,
And look n deathly yellow tright,..
The theme of laughter and of ilk.
If you would use hoz of JONEIS
would give your alto an alabaster yet natural white
and et the sane t ime clear mid imam , ii. Sold
JACK:SOW:I,th Liberty M. Price IS cents tier I•as.
•. . •
/V EMIR, 11 . 1:11. SAl:l' RHEUM, ac—Who would
for • suselb day scratch, when afflicted . with the
Teller, Itch, or other duces. or the skin, if they knew
who would relieve and cure them
horrible to lie obliged to rub and watch when
ate., but more horrible to obstam nom it, [fur decency
cared when stkomoy. Lot it be remounts red th at
Ur. I.FII /VS IKITE on R and lull caNTrat,lT is the
ttrn•t carrot:tn. of ally other pre paratHill In existence in
curing the - fetter, Itch. and other diaereses of the akrn
So all dr..ehl of the skin meat arise from the turpority
of thabli.l.4 Rattle of the helr6 nod where each drr
ea.e be of tang standing. and ehen cow...rots affected
dreichjr if Or ;ierblY'S Sarsaparilla Ulu. Pills be wad
with the Ointment, they will card any mate.whaiever.
.d a they 00 1101, the enoney . will be returned t.y Dr.
Leid. Mort Cos., house., will be ton enmity Cured
try Ito betty's Tetley and Leh Ittiontent, unless the
w h o hyllpo[lll impregnated try the drsetwed
g o o ds will bat 'eampletely carrier. oil limn the 1101001 by
leterrol 1 dL.snd the •urmee of der skin heal.
ed by the enclinentr PROs ofOrittment fr:i cents. • For
Bate by 1 It A FAIINRYTOCK re_ lit
.Rl.l cut w.ulla horn ate
MORGAN'S COUtiO SY R UP —lt proved to be the
gryar Pan.. In curare toy Huhn. dwrreeeing
Coug h Fri. tßer Temperance Raoner, Nov. 1...17.
Cocoa e of in the haltf of pit.,
much lees taken, Patent Madiclont, bat WCl,ldiaioaed
to reemursend organ's Syrup to thaw w m
ho e tilnLetest
wit h nought bl
Alter having tried the usual remedies to
remove a conclant and disunesirdaeoUgh, that had for
several days atteted our of oar, thildten, without our.
eels , we mem induced to try blorgonbt Coirch .11YruP,
and °relief was obtained.a few hours; at pier.
to It, the panacea in this ease
'Prepared wNHeeitei and relailby the proprietor,
wood wei dooi below dtamand ay,
154 7 . igligWVß
FOR TRANSPORTING :111.-t.:riANI/it . .
TWEEN errystßawli AND TOE
TBE improtcd method of coming uaed 'tl lit' long
Established Line,' is now so well konw that de-
sctiptton to ann,ecoffity. Goods arc not touched ontiot
tattle, thus all transhipment or extra handing I. saved.
The Hoare arc of l'ght draught awl perform taut trips
in.from ox to sevenday,
aparity of our 'Warehouses enabler up to •stnre
any mist gnments made to us. RceC/vtag..lorine, /..d
lalvances free of charges •
Bmgfully prepary to mak? sales or Prodnee.
eully steinn consignments es wertern Plour.
Beam, Lard, Rutter. CheYtc, W ool,Feathers. and mher
aelieles for see, on which lib,m adv.ote es will: be
outdo and other usual facilities afforded, pledging Our
selves that any lA.-loess ctitrurted to us shall hit As
promptly executed tool upon as 'fair term. an by any
mho house. JITO U r FA UDEN A. Co
Canal Hawn. Pittsburgh
mehltf PAO and st,
1847.1+ and tl.e All &AIME
the wfty. and t c Cruel.
he consequent rtsk of delay, damage,
and Sepat'ation_ol gond,
Propfwtort. •
1101thIlIDGE & mall
NO Tie . filar Let stmt. / . 11/;411e1011:3
Car Penn awl Wayne so, Pittsburgh
OICIINNOR A. do, North site., Haltimere
IV .t. TTA PSCWIT, 75 South 10. N. T. "^' "'
.I•locourogrd by increased business the Proprror•
have added, to the...stock and exicinled Ilene nge.
melds during the winter, and am now prepart d In 100
ward with reeuhriay and diePateh unsurpassed
.atry other line. Theirapertence Ilr Carr unsurpas sed
the palpable superiority of the Portably 11001,Syetetst,
and the great cup.") and conveeienee of the ware.
i 11111 ,4 L11[(1/II end Of the line. tore 01,10111.r1y
led In enable the proprietors to fulfil dn. en.talremettu
and • Acrommodate the. emonmer.--rontidentlyodepag
he past its u guaranty te n te More they
polled a roam:nonce amy l
palennav which they now
patently oeknowledge.
••All ennsignnienig 'ramie A. (Wenn., w,ll be we'd
and forwarded. Stray:llmo charges panl and hills of
Lacling trYquitied-frco of any charge for Comentwon,
tidy:owing or storey. Marts 110 interest directly Or
indlrretly nn otramtro., t h e ..ntereet at ton
Must lieerinlneily be their prilnary ornert et onfrping
weal, and they pledge themselves! to forward all goods
consigned to thent promptly nod on.the 00051 edvanta
geoin,lenTl4 m lile nwnerv.
Mnreh 1,1[47.
TO TILE' eurnao.
TILE lloanne . n's Portable Goat Company. bring drab
solved, the Company again Sent ono articles of Co
partnership ander the name. - of of the ''Lloartneu's Liner^
nd jikel4l3 agreed to refit the :Stock +o to no hese a
number. of Goma for 'file purposie of carrying Send".
through in front nix to erred dupe, orrth certainty—end
feel encouraged by the !liberality of !art year', pursuer
age, to snake snore ealcarsive arrangements for the en
suing y en ou r.
We would therefore respectfully when a enetrom
totheeose of eur fa me
done b r putro" ond n
fo it all nese rammer.
we rae
Meal 18 aau 4'L
• 110ATTIANS' LI N E, •
For the iratteportatron of
Putbabm.rina, Ilabrraroan, New Voltz. erg. !talon.
Corner, Liberty want Aud Canal Marg. Pittsburgh.
No Nh Atoll, street, Phrtarleipara.
PITNBURGII—Ja, McCully. tiro. Morosn
W McCully & Co, U A Sompott & Co, -M
P 1111.AUEILI'l II A—M otos Pooctton & CA, It
McForlorol & Co, Firming k. fluzby, Petor
:on. J Ettgrhoon, Jooopb (nom
NEW VORK—fiuodhoo & Co, Theo. Pony & Co.
BUNT , IN—Rood, hold & Co.
CINCINNATI—AtIeono &Crongli, W Soart-or
-Pi. PLEASANT, VA—P A bl;teltlet.
NOTE—AII merelleml,e from New York nd Ilokton,
coneltted to A L Po. Plailadelrlvo, , oral be
promptly forwarded fi rue of commw,on, re 1.13. •
117•DrstI0ot TrAttOkiprocM.—al
Goo& con,gnetl moor cArr Iv II tic forvranfriliNsali.
oat the lowrot corrrot rap , . 11:11. Ilnclmg
tr.anemtned. and 11l 11..11[11M31. promptly
Der from Any extra r lour for norerr, or ~.momnp...l.
Adilwas, or api.ty to I, AMnAN p y
l'atstm 4,
ell .1 De,u.rgh
s'lllll ,
11,,4 o very large and ammo/vim, avar.Nott , . ,
ere r,r,. po.pared to mre,v. rot ortJ,non to fi,tht
Mammon) o mfr. mato 0: Ae ace a
tow rara Pa „•t
C A N. NUI:r1" A.'4l
• • •
& CO'S 1
x chtiqV ELY for hit 01 ;IVA i
rtulmfr I.etesern I., , mrsl'lth •.tnei
al. .0.0te.1. I
On , 11.10.01 leo , int r,arrl.m. , c ain
ti . p,n.noirm, t,ery .raz VlOO , rit•tvr` , l am ,
h,pp..r.r an ILiiioo),,rrzuf hay:, ,r gotel,tor •
word., hest
d.iay am, t.or rvie.
vv. tor tie-ti the -arrematiolat.on
1 1,
ot the tva,. hr,orts, und , the potor,rior• re•ti.e. iron y
M,e,su shire nI oretnenage
Per. ,
DAN'L 11 lIA R NE , Kt itt:Kr
011...i.t AM El!1,1'.
'lt/iiN ),
K II CANAN. John•tr,v Aor taa,
C A Sle,AN!!!;r: A Co. I'on+l , urab
11.0.11/110111 , 1 0.
1.1 Mrlir• loan roo,r, Mteire4llaoaley
A 0.0.11, • • 1110 Al
. LAKE EKIE AID 311E111E11 LEIF...
I S'i
a: NI tr. proi. „Lita
An the wilt ptepar.,l.ll.lll rare ..•, opt's,
0/110 Fr,hl a,, , 1
at! poott• 00 Me 11 , 001, 1; ~f 0114 1.01. c•
avers Met , / mr n..!
.encert with prompt... , and yr,,p1,10.
urentn iron,
n ,r .
' .11 1(1.11'. Er,. I • loilife.itlif
i!Cot 1,0,1,6,1,1 And ate r •il
I 4-t. oppo. , te ,Aln.innea
;',O tN
Wh0...1, 1. '4 0, k , A CO. New roil
eo Doc, ItoilAtu
Parns A Co, CI. si.init
Je• A AMS. , to' , .‘
Airi'itllr W roam., Nl.llvaSta, •
Itnina A Porter, rtnaro •
Wm rower, Povieratrown. Penns
giro Marhelmy le, Ilson.t , utet, Penni
John Mc A rthur, IlitoP•town,,
tact & Acker, Greenville, do
Knit & Frampton. Clarks still, do
floy,k Plumb, 3barpoltorga, Pa.
C Moto, Shalom do
W Cooninaloots • Neve Castle, do mar.
H. Clarke. D. Iltylps. T. A combos & co.
CLARKS & C 0.,:
v....raw,' A R
EAV ER 00030111111i011
abet' kno ts w r
artist of,ntng of coned novigutton to receive prop
arty at Pittoiliorgle and Waver and deliver Me 00111 i. at
any mint on the OhMeatual ' s, and'alvortie Eric
'and Arrehigart, arith the greatest devateli and at teas
The .propriotor• of dna late
tonliJr solicit 01..1 liumers of
their former eustninrrs wslh ntr, knoarlig that
their ineiltucY ore great,/ to'nollo.
Apply to or sdilreys
tiniVroN, Alts , Pillsbury!,
CLARKE A. Co, 13cu0er. '
pnA T RICHMOND A Cr C aveland
WitileTE•tlft TRANSPOILTATiIki lepT
18 , 17.
rpm': stock Lof con..iLts of a double doily
Line ol Menlo and Cor, !owned by therrwive•.)
which are in good order. The •ol , .eribeen
are pr•o:
rod Ire forward a large quantity of Merchandist. and
Purdue° with certainty Qua thvirtiett:
Produce or Alrrehandow impugned to any ot the me
derargond. forava”led free or' any charge 101 . tonna,
Ann or mail,(.r traumata and all ,ostruenrtit.MantinlY
attended to.
'roe business of ihia Lino is conducted on *Mealy
Sablinalt.keeping prtoriolos. Addre, os• apply to
I) 1.1a:C11 A Co. PropWrlinrs.
Catml Danin. palsbargh
11A RRIS LE., Proprietor,
No la:tooth Third eves Philadelphia
/On. TAYLOR & SUNS. A4eltha,
No 11.1 North I toward airect,,ltaltanore
yt W11,!(IN, Agent, I
on 1,15 N o 7 We, Vlreet.NPW York
Lig&V&ll7 WAILIiK ' it oLEinc.i:Ariu
14'17. gi ft dl,ol4sl6 i
AN at, t•AtaiS d 'rEi.r..• HwAI,LoW
rout urn, lit Warp.. neat meriong nt .o.t•on itor the
Stave, Mitch reach Cle.veland benne night. ' I
ite.r. 61. re 6-pled thnueir,seuringl.ertha
on Me &earls, ortil ae.rt. to the Am,. uti tom
on board 'wombat Itlaver Pihhar,.th dt
reeloek,•. at',l or to the agent , :
ri Al lIARTON A Co, Pdtlhore.h .
• CI.A Co, Have ,
1.11 W 1 N, l trong , tri‘vr
•plf, M It TA Vl.teli. ~arrert,
1546 ANN) 1147
__ •
.... , . •
ri l t, ' , l •ri a V •' nf the ;Ts nrlta r ;fr i I I
L ' i i ' l . g ' l ‘. l . ll7c "l c re; •
toe, Wsoter, on the moat Cruel able sem!, I.y 1145 expel .
i .
dOAllnels route. 1
plOpertr con.trneat to Ile will he forgeft - ititil at the
1.1 . c. [IV, and with deepUtelt.
' hle.rhuielite ',rely , ' by Itil• mute .rd
wooled. J 0 I:1111V ELI, .10.14,4.w/0.
at CASS. Itrown.yi tn.
nnYl7 II 1:01IRT‘IN A en, Cu lirrlnnil
1847. LE - 1,„„ - -- - -L°
IrIIIS Line conriatito; of Height:lnd parwn ere Sa r i,
et", will tan Mpilatly during Sir Ar .1311 between,
Dower and Greenville, Pa n by which Height and pis,
wager, between the two • points, will br r pi rip! prolliplly
and at the It
v dr i e e rates:t rate
A ARCHER, G 0,,,,,,,, A ,,,
CRAIG &FRAMPTON, Clatter dre, 'do;
MeFAHLAND A. 111 NO, B ig ;I t , d,
• II AVS d.,PLIIMB , Sheep burittt, a
VI 0 lIIALAN , Sham, .1
REED; PARES A. Co, Deaver. , do;
JOl IN A CAUOIIEY, carnet Water andSnOthGeld ate,
nally Opposite ttka Jlouougahol a Howl Yguaburgit
.. .
~.„ .
, i - ;.
~ _
1&—Gbi.11,111. MORNING eAGIS.I.IT 1 , 011. 1
ri t Tao oei , F mby j n2Vlll:ttrim
o,p-t.intor,oa Mop.. entrum,. lire
regator e , Mot lenv,og Pdtv
bargi , :09 d'elock. a- .and lieaver at o'clock,
evan-onn,,lvotth Pooloo'gh and ooveland of Cad
at Boat. daily to Clevc:ond. 04 Bearer, Warren and
Cleveland re of Candi Poekeia and:Mane Coacher
dal iy V,' men and tneveland, Canal Ponta Liner an
new tta,l and Urvenaille; Po; Brie
Barerlatan Irene;
MeMtiilk and Er. , sloare & CesiOne. of,
rook , Cnntiliea.for Clevelar.dland VaoAct. leave Ben,
vet on We arnvol- or atenduboat Beaver holm
l'inalmreh Apply I •
BARTON t Co, Pinnburgh
ano CI,A KKK & CO. Roivor
iRtrE4-A 'i'. 1847 J
.131•W ' F'1'; ' PriV; I VR ' G n It AA'
• F\ I'ARES.t Co..C;ovol
G PARKS. Bearer, la.
Poo.burnh . ,
bt pod
land lo an • y position Ile yennvylv
L- • •
The famlitiev of raid lone nee r
said I.Cnini:v, n, tiondo - la and ea,
ICaPront, rod,PrOtoptne
One Bon, inaven Pda-norrn amt.
node mcOnheraon with 11,0 !tram Nlilltrin and Lake) Erie, boll
Beaver, dnA n Una of 1,44 eboor
leta,-.llrtiv and .I. , el,nonsra; on 1.42
elnean and Ontario I
Proper-G. forwarded m in; ef the Cairn with
dosondokiz eAuNs. Co, Cleveland, AM.
REED, PA 100 , & Co. Bearer :4 0
• I tilATHEß.Ptltabargh, Ag ,
ap2l I Car %Voter and Yin:Wield meets
- TO ;0.; y 6CW MUTES:
l 2 1847. iffESM.
7111:01t1111 IN 2 ,
DAINFT Boors Stvallotv sit
1 ven alaily, 012 o'clock r
1110mItile, Boor from PitGaurcli,
ILI the Mad Lave ; 0! Sine
afely taireoner. nod ar/vent
2 •
Thi%nottrambe mart erne
opAly Oppovac MOnonga
011,T1ZF.1519 POICTAB
MOM 184-
. „ .
Proprietor , i!
TCp.2lO 10 tran.port
ittzbargh alad CI eye
Ohm and Olin
eitrall Pomp.nY on
it.; of expr
of A &r-
vett, l'atiburch and
Steamboats, eropel
r4 Eric,dluroh, Ml-
'telegraph leave Hea
hi v e afivnl of the
a nt Warren in
which leave anneal:-
evelatal ea:Airlock, r.
1.1.. Warren, Propea •
I hver, Agents
river tsU
nod Stnitbnehl ts,
llaute. Pit.lti±rgh_
fort site TRLAite
Philadelphia; Baits
wad P.
rIIBL encouragement lb
_llrte chinuiencement, h
tom to increase the stock b
class boats; and instead or ,
fora os agents, we will gi
freight shipped by this Ito.'
The boors sie an perta•th, consequently Night
to taken the whole Menne without transhipment,
thereby preventingdimag from frequent handling
on the route, endue each •boat, is "owned by the
I Captain wits runs them, w deb iS a sufficient gear
unite that there will be n delay on the route.
All Produce or hlerchboilise consigned to the
undeisigred will . he forwarded FREE. OF. COM
-111 kiljlON, for advancing nd forwarding, and will
be shipped is all4fdela at the lowest rules of
Ireient. •
reopeetthilysolicits share of patine patro
sage. WALLNGFORD de. Co.,
Canal' Resin. Pittsburgh
Bread Street, Philadelphia.
F hl 4.1. ER, Agent
, Rowley's Wharf, Baltiinore.
• Pittsburgh, Feld
184-67 AND • 1847
New York
line has received duce
• induced the proprie
• dding a number or fir
ing receipts as hereto
our orn receipts for
011'10: RAILROAD.
rFll oplarer , beni vi,llrreelpi for the deliver; of Pro..
Ilatamnhy the klopongallela Sloekwater
at ihr. lolirionag
A , hen, lraeon, llativr, tread. Lard, Park. Tallow,
Wht.kri. Glann— , 7l els per ILO lb..
Toiwerr It evvik Fin: and Wlivai-91 eV per 100 lbs.
(Pot, nod
1.1,,her-105 rio phrloo lb.
per lhe lbs.
Ilen , war,Fenthelo. Furs. tnoveng, and .Ilake4loot
per •
AI , property robAnined tor,rher of the undersigned
forwwderl ~ V.lll,init delay, l'lne of i ,
"at abovr ram, 11F II Cl..k Ilonvo , ville. •
. •
DR. k4W ' AICI I IIIC . IS .
4,1011 . 01: ;N: I'/ ' :I \ 'IMP OF WILD CHF:U.IIV ,
certain and .:a. m.. , IF ern.tgtis, colds, a.thmm,
ht t c.mild.mtspitiln, bl,,nd, pal mitin the cide
I, ilfettni.n MIS dni;ility,sliosrptitgeongh
1...4 en rni,ttlitmn. CCINNILIM P.
.1107.:• ii . hn. C.. 1 -rr ..1 Or limp ~ r
"Th•• IA ,' 1:e...1cr 3fC ,1111 i.utlCrie g
.sib 1ijc.,1.1 or .11......, • ‘.l tlic . I
. „
• Wing, In this ,einedy, '
)mt u r ill not per. •
1 .. lops regret it.
It will nr.e‘t :,Ilitii.lle dicagreral/te sy mtantra which
e I Ma . ouch tetruc to the need, t tmulong ymirdal.
PO . W.Iff . nil all rict•paratieina initycnticg to contain
' %V cd I 'berry. except that treating the •ignature of 1/i
it .. , ....,....v•,i: 'on 11 c mihncle wrappet 4.1 each bettln I
I a... Ihr r •i, frut4,1 , ..1 . .I..titotr o: th e 3ii , CIC from
key 0. , ,ci1w .. mon.,
I:,' , Fd what a hat done!
Would iierlianellie ;mall estimate for the ravages
~t drratqftldiseave to a single sea, then add
the lesrfnlr Alttlogne of Ow, cat Off toy Inflsstas
bon ot tee Lungs, Iltnnorrhne, Asthma, Coughs
It:Vora" flionchatn,and other diseases of the
Lungs and layer.
1,-, ts ,foftl•pre,ent an appall Lng proof of the
lanv ra their. tsar, claiscr of 111,7174 , 5. lint it is
t.• kbrsw lOat nearly all 01 Rua dread
a..te f0t0.% tilt tuffflth hare been preventeM
l on macif i n d aof Dr. SW t CONVOLfDiII
S . l'lllll'lll VVILI I:11E1MA%
'Fltt inedlctnc has now Been hcloro the public
se right years, and Is the original preparatian
lim om n the 'berry Tree lto reputation as a
remedy for Cinighs. Ilroncliitia, and Com
; somptlon of Chi , Lunenhraned entirety upon its in
torn., 0W.,1 but little 10 Ilonaleti newspaper
Iputle, 'Thinestflot give the trial, being benelitted
thy it, recommend it to their nenglannv, and thus
ratio:lllv and ttordy horn gillePti an enviable typal
; and woried Its' Way IMO general um. reps-,
; Made ecaer fatly cure a recent cough or cold,
f watt strict attention to We d treelloos that ac•
company earn vise to Pulmonary diseases
of lion! standing and of the most alarming cl4raci
bet, h. always glean relief, and . Set). many
t n•tnners has ellertml• complete and pertnallEut
ettrell. •
Dr. sWA VIVIrS Celdirided Canpinind Syr.
opal Wild Cherry.
Hind the most rentarkable CUSS of Cehasentiption
ever piaied upon record.— .
Dr Swayne—Dear Sin I feel It a debt'of gratitude
due to you—and a duty to the alllitted genereltrto
otter my hatable testimony In favor of :vela Corns
pond Syrup at Wild Cherry. Santa Aired years
some, 1 was violently nautili with cold nod inlet
motion or the lungs, winch was accompanied with
a very distresstng cough, pain in the Wrist and head
—a very considerable discharge of offensive mucus
front the lance t lapccirilly open changes of weather
hot...ter :eight. At first I lett no alarm 'Await my
condition, but was.pretty soon convinced that I wan
raptly going into consumption. 1 grew daily we..
or, and at length was scarcely able to walk about or
spell, above, a whisper, such was the exceeding
e ihacss clay Wogs, Dermg Doe lime I bad tried
vrioua preOratious sad pteUcuptions, but lotted no.
relief—grown all the time mdse. Just here I ...
advised and Persuaded by a dear friend in Wilmingy
ton to mate n trial 01 your ; Syrup of Wild Cherry.,
I Meet contelis that prevent ty I had of,
en against pXtent medicoee and I am stilt
those comitig out .of the hands of empiric.. but
understanding your claims to the profession and
practice of 'emilleine, and laving implicit faith in
the septic ol my ['needs, I forthwith purchased' of'
Or Sims, One of your a g ents, u few 'bottles and
commence 4 Ile Use. My 41iSCIISS . at this time 1131
of twenty OF twenty five n endue! cunding, eeuto
(Neatly way deeply seated. t found, hitivercr, eon
y.literafile relief from the fast four or Gin. bottle.—
' Rut being O public speaker t l frequently attempted
to preach with toy tnereasieg strength and thereby
• ruptured thOse vessels tat had alrezdy began to
• heal; to thili way, doubdess,J my cum was greatly
retarded. 11l consequence of acting thus tiepin'.
&idly I had to use la or Di bottles before I was
.perlertly rdstered. I have no .question, a much .
• smaller naibber of boldes would have made. ma
round, but loir the shore indiscretion. The ?pup •
• allayed thd,feverish habit, did away the ihsticsaing
cough, put 'a stop to the discharge of matter from
the lungs, and gave there and the entity, syatem good
henith. I have deferred offering this certificate till
new, tar the purpose el being perfectly satisfied
with the l'Ounssnoneyot the cure, and now that 1
feel pettedly well, I otter tt with pleasure,
Dublin doubt), N. C. . • . •
- _
Avoid MI spurin.s preparations of Wild (Theory,,
itch as lialtsium, [litters. Syrups of Wild Cherry;
ills joirporting to contain Wild Cherry, &e, Sc,
um they are all lottitious anti counterfeit, ;mil contutn
nnue 4,1 the 'Minim of the original ana genuine pro-'
natation unprepared by Dr, Sway ne, nod the tiryt!
ever ['repair.] to this country. Ifindor SwityneV
n'ornpouoil Syrup orhVlLit CI l El:K>j it compoyeti,
01 vegetatile iogredients,the Wild !berry, and "".
Cr Inedicalaubstancen civilly or elrieSennir, it hot.
more no; lila: whOlo are no elleclually'eoncentrateif
as to ri•nder M beyond all stoat the anott pleas Ont,.
strengthebiiii,t, and effectual remedy' ever diccover•:,,
ell tor tlic, cure al Pulmonary xonsumption, and
dire:urea the Lungs and Breast. The very tact,
from its. hailing such a train of spurious ininfitOrel,.
manila improve its great curative properties.
'literature. invalids, inquire tor the original prepnli
cotton, wish 'bottle 01 ts envelope. , in a Iman.',l
blot wrapper with a [Menem If William Penn ele.".
graved thereon; sleo bearing the signature of tti .
Swntne ;the counterfeiting when will In purii;
When as forgery.
rinpaind only by Dr. li. Strcent.fil W cornet'.
of Era fieit and fixer. Streety,
tor sale ,in Pittsburgh wholesale and retail by
W 11. TLlOltili, 53 Market street,
01 IM:fil SNOW corner & W0041{4..q
IL A. CA II N ESTOC,fii as. cis., corner of list ',and
Winwranit hilt : and Womfoimem.
S. JONES, 1710 Liberty ousel
JOHN Allegheny Oily.
And lig all respectable Druggwts and dealers in
Medicine, throughout the Coiled States unillSani••
la. I I
VT. - et - aft
CY uthi•rs.” -
Afiltrrtrilie, AlkgAeny Cp. Pa.,l
, • October taii ; l6l7, S
Mr. tr. Sellems—My MlWl'mondtrold,belitgreiy
teonleSn'n'l night, and having mach fever at Inner,' con
cluded, be hod worms; and having heard a (roil chill
aboard.. Vennifuge, I knight a vial not gure uhol,t
doter. rly tiled &tray largewor 11..1 Oonsoltr
yeti Vrituduct hcurr thuti allothers. •
• . Sintos.P.Sannen ,
SELLRIISi a 7 IV u.d
sow by', Dr. Cure, Cith ; thud; and D. U. Curry. AIM,
r t SIIRRNIAN hat dimorema a araf make am/wet •
..11 s.j that thalami will tale it re -L ad4 and cry tot '• •
Set dm! hisfar rima is
g -arousal rich
Rsboa of tenets
, r , 'Leath Casts od L
ho bud of each Mader; asal 10 • 'Bill of 1.111001.10111.
Them Lode ugts am the ,afar, moat sure and'etrectual rem
ea.) 1 4, e‘otths,-colda,rimantottliony Oloroying vonghs, ,0110 . •
teas tightness of the lungs tir chmt, tie, Vt. Th. nrur . teloe
LW WA. knows. an itotante tolsers emptlid not gat rotten
Naistartiort. tomenst Ilsoutrad bozos ham been sold writ to
the tot year, reltocuag to health pemsdis in almost terry day;
frou_sumidw,a.att done laboring ender ex mod distre.log
curds amtroughs. ' They dknot cheek and dry op thr
but render itmoy, promote • spertaration, talay the trebling - or
irritation, and remote the tooth-nate or .citing .u+• , •
11ay an med• Yom a entuleinAlna of a mod rd,able uy k .•
1.011101 Of cuolll ~diner., and are nadouldtol ertor
every ihirg riay tl u re I I..disesls upon huo
ands °Frannie - ales Ima Wen °tiered attn. 'rootlet l ttro ,
Li h eir irmo thare Lam kin sated lions nation-S. r
and reshectl In perfect hrahlt by isting.them. - , •
Where them is moth rain la the breast . , ride,lle , Ther -
mas 31. - s Mager. (price msly erntsiit,yhould .
or. the part, tool nom hit mire-iv!. .I% , atnaide. l
o seen a, a ksv cathartic or I.m.stite hirers aa
111111/ratlarbe tar dicier, should hr used 'as tegasion reo.tms
These nerrsit icamgm hare-Lem proeisl in more th.1,10 , 1i
Mad easel lobe tribal/Isle; the Only a ertalti worm amtroting
turihrtue met iltsmered. Many di:mat:arms nous Murcia,
L ana stimasion long and to troar staterusgond tern drab, .1011
out their cgs, being tuvertra: grotto rens.. are 'my ollen
afllitted with them ‘ and are doctored far various numrlaintt
r t thottlanybestad; rhra ewe datr of them Lotalqrs could
Speedily cure them. • '
• sv.ri.nie irn.ts. -- roitt s : .lbe joints, limb, earns
siM Irmath, picking at the. nom, grinding of tto• tetib doting
sIMp, and at timm paßnmar about the lips,w ills gushed climb!,
Fhlirdtog at die now, gnawing musatimat the stomach, Ilatb,
st d ir . Eacz i nt die hotly, slight or t o
drealo.; sodden ingßAtirth W flg= st d rst . titi,
sninetinsea a troublesome cough, fiterislimas, thirst, td •
hue, tits, taste in the madly difllculr brestbitcg, iota tu
the stomach or bowels, Eltigl4l / 1/001.00, Nrallllllbloo., sure,
tiosti . uppetiy, tramcar, bloated stsiimeh or limbs, grtpiar,
par 111 various °Clair body, a team of moot
thingrtstug in the throat, itching of the mans' moan!. nighty,.
frequent desire lo polo comethiug (rum thc tuorch., um!, oue.
hiluccdOchorgoo ors ,
They Ai' itoinadiate Mir( in /Ad , hesslarlirs .
palpitation °Alm heart, loosen of the spirits, dripoodersey
intholunatury or putrid sore throat, bowel or snowier rota
faintsng, oppression or sense of sinking of the chest
thd. nerrons diseases, droossioass thh
lop, usedlaskefuhleas through the '04111.; choler nsiga or cholj
era ousels., dihrrhira, lassitude or • sonar of fatigue. Per,
soul tratolln or attroalln, urge partirs,.wilt find lite Lete/1
gar eallYrovaring,ausl impartuag the buoyancy of roads; toad
.for diaaipsnoo, they willreseare the toss of thssiletessi seri
erally, and minors all unpleasant
to o Kraig, InUtt
too tem tiring, Prelim Who lure bees too bigh livers, ssi4
alsaudosei din" dissipate/habits, will Gaul dim Lerorns s Wl
S lAN'S roan. istAws iLAErrEn. •
The bostativegtheuineplaster in the world, ted a rowels
rimed,: for jades, or Wilkens is the back, lob* side, sank,
limbs,yobga, rheumatism, lumbago, Ike. Ilte.•• erne miOlon • •
year will not supply the deemed. - They retrain • little um"r
tag before epplication. Warruated .ferias to all othulroml •
for on gnawer the usual prior, asekang not oely the beet, toot '
the cheapest jaaaer by the world. It adorda relief le • few -
'boon, nod makes astonishing maw.
• It liter comptaigt and' dyspepsia, it Ayala be wire over
the region oldie liver cri stomach, and it mat era
sztonWring wild In coughs, colds, asthma,' difficulty ot
breathing, opprtith,l, of the chest or stomach, - they wit uo
mediatelf tooth wad greatly benefit the potion. rert.VD
rdrattuty habits, or those obliged to wand much, will rewre
decided from one of them truly streagthening Flu
ter. Physicians generealy recommend them, in preference to
all othnn, haulm they wicker tolherelietter,andatfordreat
cr relief. In theli Opera/We, they are stiroulent, torge,and
anodyne.. They ire Op eration
or entirely different. imaredi
cots tram any other, and Inown from the experience a mil
lions who haw used them, is well as the muted terimun at
a..thecalcbreedivad distingluishat clergy and pbysichus,
be the cunt useful ani highly medicated phater • •
Screed penow Imre nned at Um rutabagas to we
-their surF:se and thanksial the almost miraculans tl use
plasters, hwe effected. , - t •
Directions fort use argoo 'the ka - of rd. vilb
Gm simile of Ille.Bbennen sum. Its ireportyou shard 3
sloop ask for fihermon's Pair Mates Plaster ma ees that
you get the gennine,se there are may
w ations
harked about sad sold for. the tr. aberseares Neaten, 14
wiprimeipted '• •
bold whelesala mad Wall eyW, JAcKsort at-e Palm
Medici,. Wareloan, fict. aid Liberty great, Siza ttt
J. H dly.
YOUN i t ITiP—Eirrtka.
1,0100 Dit
g Cirgginmad. lil,rcb IBM
Drab a, to certify to tba public, porticalarip la
I . l,umelllieted *vile a disease of tbaTaarghar Genstecepeitee
that is the Spiag of 11743 I Ins attacked with a entre aibt
• whicksoare beeeme seated npat my ions, shewiely all the
•rymptimm . el an approaching Conatimptimaa My sough woo
ligbt :and troublevome, attended with copiononighi tante; •
slit .4 daily a cosulderthle, eimantitY bloo4 - Mised with
hick Mark matter, My situation becasseWe, impend
,Doring this time two attended by two of our moth
skufuYPhysseimv; they did the Mat theY conlatthr mievrtiese
at loth they gavg op all bopre of my mowery,infernaing
me Urat airing moretwild be dom--thid my Imp were fa
tally diseased, and beyond remedy.' I was then perthaded by . •
a riiind of ft.( tt make a trial of Dr. Dunconle ErPecld
eon 'which my Physicians penithed against, thythg . •
Uutjbia undicin . e l . l truth' do 'DO good, and would 11,11 aild .
muslin my joilemay. I told Wtm it woo my hat ao4 beg
Loin; and tll3 if smut die 0:11. disease, (abith was Lei
dent]. me,) there would be malting snit— So I tent to am •
CiarinthtiOthce and obtaised 5 bottles of lhm tody . •
hie lleasriae, and empuitmed using arnording to the direr •
wbith, instg-th elf adding to my mitfthiseg,l.6 ,4 4k l 3 ,
A. , relief s of thee arresting the trothysthe co%
'using the 'pain thd tightneas m sty Chest; giv tug me a bele
life and at ength, , whica 1.0 . 1X1 enabled me to be about ayain.
Thiisuedieva. Continued iM gcrad work, whith it tO nobly,
tothenceol, until was" made a sumul Man. l i bace dace Ines
athribl mg : to isty,busibm., (upends of 3 year.) mid feel as
hoSithy sai I wi.h. 1 Wye remarnmeaded Dr. Datout's Ez:
psciviraut litethily bmay thitances tu thole Weatherly athii-ted
and, it has al sayy proved Immured rir far as I bate wltnemed
• Mater is wain ~hr Medicine at present, pea
kti;eniertLicer:aral an Ape-lien of ths Lunge, which she'
had antlered with fur Some`tiene; eh* has nearly recovered
62' Ise ase• a 04. rto..lieilo — cTiod I ow ethEdant the C ballet
that" I min' with ine to-day wig entirely mire her. lam wry
• o heat shot them WV 0.0114t1d, of valuable permits sooting
way with this dreadful ilestrojer•CONSUMPTifi:i:— • L.
Were it only pooible for ibow to, procure thit medicise iy
lime, be fun it be tow lam, Deasy lives might be pruloogesi aud •
lhiifr families end relathrth igain rendered , ham. Thia
trilseene will give instant rehe f. Oodol the.WlLOr4iae sore.
the bard and peinfu I Contiaaentove tholie,,AJ.ialerhv. •
Eire otrength 4 the eufaabled mad 'eMaristbal Creole. asnl
[2.1,,, I ant certain, will perform a per feet com.
Nloulgonirry,llantiltou County, sdbiis
• , N.ll.—Thour whcithay not be sego-Misted with.. I. reg..'
scribe ed, Cadmus of Moutgunsety, Iletwltot, mum-
tyi U., they valet my time solotantithe We abort alathmatdas • ••
Notaaa U/011W)11[1.1
Can' J . g Booo+{ L.•
DR. RUI`Ve, A N!4•WESTRItIi 01 , FIC4.1.511.0"yeamora.
etthet, where this ealuatde Medicine can alone bat obtained.'
"Svlth Pit*burgh, by WM. JACKM a ttd, corner of
Wood and I.thcris an n0r14.4g.m
(SI POE:TAB/1 TO TlLliri LADlES—Laine*s.
.1 flair Creain, a masenlesa article. for the', SWSiwths
Brainy Ind litistaraiientof the Elk. Tits Cream, Whim, -
otiee known; will I sanerseds sill other aiticles ef thir
•liind now aced. Where' the hair is dead, harsii,thin,
healthy or misting grey, • few applications wilt make •
the hair ro ill and dark, and give a a beautiful lively
• Oppearacce: and will also make it retain as liveliness
and healthy Color twice as long as all the preparations
which are generally used. Every lady. and gmillemtut .
sisho are in the habit of using Oaf on their hair, sloodd
silence purchase nbeinle of me-Chinese Hair Csedin, as
it is to composed that it will not injure the hale, like the
other preptuntioni, but:will beautify it, and glee Yerthet
Cansfamion in every instance.'
t . for testi oiony tr.t . ts very tie lbw(
figlovrisg leiter from Rev. 3lr. al ,fo Messrs.
Ilendershott I & Stretch; Nashville, Ucneral ravels lb.
the Wevtern Stater . •
Letter from the Rev. R. Caldwell, pastor of Mr Pros
hymnal% Church, Pulaslm.
Ale.esm. Ilimderabon L.Streith—Gentleraem I a
ileumrc in adding nay terumnny in favor of the 11 . .
tour preparabon called Pt. Parriala's (Nacre t •
Ceram—lor about two yaw ago my batr was veryd
lon4, mad aispostd to come oat: but having procure..
a honk of the Cream, and toed iraceording to the prd•
veription.•trty bait Is now sofl, 'elem. and finn tothes
Mdny . baMome and oin, were applied roe!, Itvo
gmy 'l2ll. an rtS4l.l.lle then before. Tbis Cre JJJJJ
bode,. er, has metray expectabens
4 Aran smelt for the TO3lcl, my.wife givea it prefer.
Tw . n over all Whets, being debeately perfumed, nod ~et
.pitrpooal to Youth/by. The ladles erp. molly tollbod
'Me Chinevel Cream tu be a desideratum rn the:, preps- f
, Yalion. for the toilet: Rospectfully, Ac.
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Almonde. Cream, do;
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Embossed tonet boxer, containang fragrant eiTrarM
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Persian. or Chinese. Powder;
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