The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 13, 1847, Image 4

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heti the liatunlii Cearl.r.
' o,Jet ailave loch other, •
The Wale while we mayr •
We mat* tell how soon from euth
Some may be celled away.
deism we lore Wad cherish moat,
With all'the soonest fade, .
hy pale Attnina's mildest hand
'lit death's cold alms be'laid;
Ara 0, 'twcrald be a happy thought,
•• When gloom his overcoat,
'That i kind smile and a tender Word
- Wo . gaiWthorn 'to the list
0,34 rutin' each other,'
Forget each word unkind ;
And let 111 thoughts—save gentle ones—
& bathed fnim the mind ; • •
Lei no unientle action .come
To MUMS the bitter tem;
Remember, this is not oar hoine,
That ..we are bales here,"
Yes, sailos'in a limner land.
Far from oarl'athsr's 1;all, •
And°, we need levee silken chain,
To bind as one
A weary ;Menage
'twould be,
> - As thrOliatti* world we rove,
Were we deprived of life's best gift-.
Pure, strong, r and genmens love.
• Then let as loie each other, with
'Affection deep and fMt—
let a kind mule, and a tender wool
Be given to the last.
. . .
If 'tis tine wklore each ck e het 'mid
Life's sansbhU and its flowers,
Our attachment should be stronger ia
. Itsakd and gloomy hours i
' If the light of love is round as in
The fleeting time of mirth,
We should cling with closer fondness by
The lone and sorrow* health.
'A gentle word heti mei& power,
To heal the wounded heart, •
And oft at one soul-speaking smile,
The test will cease to start.
:, Then let us love Met... deeply,
.., ..Amid sorrow's Chilling blast—
• Alow newt to think a tender word
' ' - Was Spoken to the last : ,
Alas! that anger, scorn, and hats,
• Blum1(511 the human breast,
meek affection—like the dove—
I Can find 'no place of red;
0, In this cold, unfeeling world,
Cast not 'the gem away—
No treasare g tat the earth can yield,
e'er to repay.
How can we ever fitted be,
To dwell in heaven above, '
Where all in radiant with love's smile,
And God hims'elf' -- 4 love.
If we In coldness two away,
When human weis,..we see,
It . Were but just in God to say—
' ." This is enplane for thee."
Thee let us lave each other, till
We'. addles and tears are put,
That surrounded by love's purest beams,
We may mettle heaven at last- 1
- • ' ' ' Tana Ora wt. .111hrertlastronat.
TOE Leturfeif the It Ilea of re itlillit al. tr and
: Smarts tany's Canal, Wang Jame. Soler to
Tirgiade, between, the roar of Irani Viler and the
Tare - ea Seelastati, Msora. *dye mad m into plate
*a the Or If Dapearet rail, Is postponed aura fanher
- Sealed ITrposabi wall be intact wed at the. OS re a
- Idia geld Clitlapatig, in Illogianse, rout she 151.1; ar Lk;
'amber satyrs re cenotroanen of two Soar Dame
. withliver Loeb, ker Sara LiA.Loak., and three Ike.
betw e endo for revert %yaks Jar ea tac sera Casa,
twenLhbonet and the soar of Sr* Slyer.
. Omar the Dere lad bee S.fert leer nod St feet hgh,
"and the rico 2111 Joel box art 14 Ter Slat. lo.
. lOU balm separably aura lower nspeaabl bidder.
Sad aoltpayrotna will be ado doltaferia• ' near
arittlare ad wart sentallY done, aid. a al
--JO proem by way a( seatully re the romp rt( the
Twat, maul tJr some aril be, eargdoied to
. . • -
- - Dried Iterela ardl elm .be arta
are Cleat with Oa .' • rater
• Ra mLW, il noddy dasmulib. .-.• • • •
sids mark rill sessiot al iha *tee .4 of 17
Ilhat !LRAM ran of IS feetkit: larressfiale. • • ale bar
sra regyagan distaste. of It COW half a mile, a • . welt
Cents, %l! Wa r ft., UAW
be tag - ale maiis dOOl DM Ocrowi James ILI -, la the
',TOMO:. • She rams; a( *silk ails • • F.n...
terharaltd dot Maw Daalada alarm= of , . Doak
-afar Itiresed kat OtroxfadlYi tad ISO
t. C trout .
• tan r Omar a the kooks nd thereat; topa, .of ad.
larges t r at vessels e
actin to the port ( Meta Thia work rill be paid trio ban& of .. Caro
...y,((era tot . tla lotted soda . re anthorsty-of • - -at tel
if goo maf linguae.) mooed ,0.7 • • and
Maas; Oa nos al pea art.
r ignorer, paada. It
• al. —
' ./loados aserratioa at pe l f eat co she
araddyeartaar tyre Contrattor or Comae or rill he
' grated mane sarlasearity,ialieletflrylo •E BMA
•at igneras, for the oonttplatio' (the work • - liar
' .
tad ht re mannerrwl.W tnt:e coroner
plaid the arse works rill be exhibited, - • • ape.
dideetiens thaw( delivered In Contractor. at .. Oak
• Furl Cars in Siehroond, by the la of t camber
. arr. Alta the receipt of the to operas, too rill he
tarn be the earrideration there( argil the I .of the
rad toonsh,on which day tin ease the pro. • a ahoatd
bet tangent:nary) the several Maier or warns •.e ad
' scalar rill be let. , WALTER OW NINI.
Chief Engineer of the J. R. K. Co.
MEWS' IhSPERIAU - COUGH 51 - 91. •
cheap, nary to take. end t0;617 dae-w!. • •
• =adz.. cirri Much 19.1617. •
: • ../2‘.22:1Z Sellers: 2dy children, lthellthert, 4are Levi
71011kiet.1111uoebleaame canghsoutd having nun ddlere et
remedies to very liuie purpose, id tsdneed by on
advertisement Meet ins eingh syrup, Us 'DWI% a that.
Item Um two of my boy sosed also to nit gambler,
1: rr ..ttimes,..ll tt has never tall+to do so.
have ed to my . neighbors, do most
• esmeiestioady believe don it is the best e gh snub
. 'Mae thar - has ember:9 opted us the pablie t
TIIMUN sioald 'not nowt their children to uffer from
• ailegins, when they maybe enrod by a7+ cc- bottic on
?reposed and said by 12. F. 5E1.1.1199, Woal
Memmen ned and 4th su. Sold by Dr. Cassel thWenn
. ...IL It Chum Allerem Citi , • dcB
• Pat ratieMed of Dr- Tmonoend'• tarn
anitaiirsoaliturry onediiiwir in dm 'meld!
macs bpi ap la quart bottles. It osix ti
phiallina, sad wanitated superior to a.?
, WO. bran withatit infauliqr, pargui,g, st 1
dlianatadal dr
LIM mislic_=:—UaminciPkil be wits lux
Copied oar Mbela,mid pat' anmedicine Ind same Min
pad ladle. Poe Mat each Lini:tn km We wrdten Inpu
• weed 8P /*awn .; • " , •
1 E SELLER, Draggieb No 37 IVood - , between
fill Mid tat it Dr Townseners only e and
'ma aa fat ritubanif,o( Idiom the yen ne wick
6 Skaryiltacloin , appoirqed de sole t for •
• allay 7, of winds the ammo article can
W. , mind hrsetne. was Pal • ted, Ann]
Lady 1801:whieh l
y a Wew,or great derabt
wad sad oLciew, Jo Ilittioluity Fear by
dite ease *WI teei,lni 'rat which it is use by e nter
Belaa wiWtW In lawitibly destined to se trede al,
Whereat* ..ters for general one. It in • t supplies
• deolderawni "Weis Wu Wag t•eeo wanted • rottenest
Wediern awed, Lorwhile stew. less • one•teadt
or the price of tie lowly Owner - knee ye ••• can seen
earn wlds IL an test as with say. For sale' the 'Seed
11/4aZr""" W" . 6t6
8N WI ' • •SHAM
vag.-Canua &Pod;
i - -
- AtWpm plastar;
ina. MASK _ " i• ;
' . ."
...,. • - i
' • - r m.'.
klair Tonic; r . ' i
-4t, ,
.T own Pilliteri ... •
• • LIMOS Casco, ocamon;
'- • . 4ffoas Caastir, Penn ,
IIK"e81.1a" bra
. - ' ...,,,ea im et, Wood Ns
D 41.000—US DuJ Wirwkt l~:':
Joks Rauter,
fa a 111„ .
w. AD slp' ;1 ,
. am •
LL. • 11l
le.. 111
11111''0.....itirsim. IT;
W ... uieTh%Friialar. 1, 1 • • .
4 "'a la tida g L•r•bang. Va.
01•111Mati Com WI ” eAcktrAMAN
WIMP.% Cicala DT,
• wavl 4 04 front at
Llarg•grUSollg. 00 4 1t4S Tt sg i t s rl
1100 0 W. 0 ve
bc• D Laws Last &gar; 1•'•
13 61,104 1 1 vesti ••
No 4 •
1.00 0 1 1 0 4 • , •
•if • , •
LSI if • •
011 • • . .0
• 25 • ,
W DI•n00.1 •
0.001•0 •
I .11,0 00004 prises.
0 1 . 111 . 112.
t o lo s . '
HA arliked refird'
111'A bible refum;d•
• ma y Dom ‘"'"r'
-.No= ibb°4
t' C ' lll4l 4:440.1A,,.. 14 " k a1444 .
' '
• I laPQuraos. . • !' •
FBOI,I a pabliithed cant of. fileCallmont.nt Bood.of
PloladelpMebtbe public world be led to believe that
we blerbecii!elahnill. a privilege we had to right in. td,
That "they bakee abaudoned some time since We eget°. d,
save agency oVsterst” and trisit,We have no right uselaim
t . crelusive powilerges With their 1010 I never mien- •
deal to sell the teaser this spinetor concern. 1 have y
bee veiling the Mae of the New York Pekin Tea Co
for the last Mao years, as the !public art aware, and P,,
have been tol New York four lanes in tout Woe, and
never heardof this neweoneern until lately but us wool o
• I '
Toe Tea bis4ters OCNleßallmont re Bond is about 8 for
months ord, sad their astumption of the Pekin Ten Coon.
tarry'. name is because u name IS open or my man or t o ,
Or. m •.{1 e,t541 the fort intended to imply thereby,
that lacy ha e any connection with the an vaned and he
well known Pekin Tea Company of New York M en.
tirely fataw..7l ey having been denied even an agency m,
Porladelphta for the New York tom an that Comps - •
my baring t need,Plln thus (Sr to confide in them. I id,
kmw not w at bled of wool they keep ow what kind
Team lam y certain they keep or obtain 110. ar the
.Pekin Tea panB 'a of New, lark. ' ma
Any pee m rrading then card will aee the grow 4 8 .
ception they wild to practice on the gmblic, and to the
rotary of umlbosinew. tdeCallmout it Bond are wool
dealers in Philadelphia and have sent a o agent oot here ,
.to pull wool over the eyes or srme of our gorrnlarilmn. Te
Lookout foe black sheep. ALT.X. JASNI~ f ry
ovlntlrmatf, , Ttfourth at th
Was/almaigt.osa Branch Agency,
Foe Procuring Pasoan and Prosecunsp Qaissm at dis di
;rams, Departments as Washington. di
Mar. under:pied having assochned himself with
j George 7 tiomas.of Wmhingurn oily. and esrab.
list,d his ff in Ma the nil) of•Pitisburgh, is prepared
to poo=oe Meats. prosecute chinos., and mfecide all
hmatess co ected with the 'Departments. at Washings
Persons a distance, desirous of hoeing exam.a•
nom piade r ist Me Patent Office, prior tomaking engem.
tea fora tent, may forward (post paid. to this city,
enclosing afca of fine dollar., actor natenent of the
ease, whenitiornediate attention will by given to it, and
all the int...nation that could' be obtained by a run of
the applicant in person] promptly communicated.
Ile will prepare the necessary Drawings and Paper.
for Appheanis for Patent., and [MISR CI la alt other hie
sines. in die line of his profemion •t the Patent Office_
Ile e a t be tonmacd on all questions relating to the Po
tent Laws and decisions in the United States or Europe
Office 1.1 door in Gassands buildings.
avlatf Market st between ad fr.4ib .
loos. Butes ,formerly Of Benny, kr.if ens.,
„r• ...... .-• Cinenuoin,O.
/No. A. BUM lanesslll,l3.
C.o. 0. Cos: 4 , iew Chteann
O ona reg.] Commls.lo* elt•nts
• Nu. 31 Peyeirar Street, New Drleans.
Messrs. Martin ts Co, Bankers, j
•" flolca Illkiregor tr.C4 $
" hasid While tr. Co,Mailtsoo,.ln.
a Marton, Ilank. 4 •//,
Jk. Prater, Cineinna
A M'Kensie,
• It N Nest:lcy, I,g, Banker,
ISlWDonald A Co, Wellsville,
Parts A Co, (leaver, Pt
J W Ott. 8.,. heellog, Va.
Sl.Clurkank. Co.
Jt . Akt hineheliree, $
Patmage from Great Delta
to Nome Woe/Laud Pit
I,EFISONS trireme to engage pss
I can tweet e eatwortalito scot.
en tame an heard of splendid Fa•
the Cabin. Feeonn Gahm, or rite •
arum Liverpool, Glasgow, Bellow
and the sabwoher will ' , eclat pod
resideati d suture, soma to any o
Tickets famished moliteh will On
from Liverpool to ritoborth;
Vork,they will be fonearded IMO
It Co.'. Gaily Fast inne," thereby
and Fri:mole.
Good 'berths will also tw.e.ogat
pool on Loard Me New York vied •
Refer to timers. G. Local fr. Go
T • anion. at tbr Fow-
Pel Stop...cber to
• ge; wy
So, to New YurY.
berths for Wow. Who
• the above ports.
lg polsonsors ant
n tOotr orrloal at N.
• timely by •- Leoeb
'ing lunch troutoe
I to ;aid from L
• • Milli
Bank* in Eng lAn
66 Col
Drintl*Lalued on all die *mai
eland and 6 , catland, on the mo.
reasonable Irma
.n. toner. s
' to.
..ntmstoil those. 'mottos . to r
Rouses shaving compound;
- I kola'. rose and almond area
Taylor's chniring compound;
Whirhata rose and almond ere,
Brigata Liqaid compound.
rations LE shaving may be E
had -1
I '
i.e.,. et endard prep.
tiotesele or eclat) of
!1.LER5,.57 veed
PILLS are becoming so
no, Tersolly popular
Finn, Because they are p . m .ored-by Dr 14 B Lel
dy hinnelf,a regular Druggist Chemist and Physi
elan of Philadelphia, who k . ows the nature, in , 1
quality aid character of the Medicine used In hi;
Mlle sad their adaptation to di.ease
Because the public can take them en,
great r than mud other pills which orl
P=d by persona ignerant both ut ined.ciur . ant
if ird
Third Because their combined elects, prone I
lif • lint contained in VII 41.01 r, 40111 namely. par'
mg thou the slouch and te.laris allot:healthy out„
dances, soil at the same-time pur.qlll,7, the piot
aug loot. of the body.
Fourth, Became they arc the cheapest and be
medicine knovra--a single bin mating but 25 tea .
Ind containing 40 pill saving ii. nelsons as ma.
Malt olummes i n Dectorts bills, and :lumen,
su edi Ines bought de tried oh the rect./llamado/. .
01 o f rs. .
iVfiemrer you bass or- •- .- .., mho oily efrx,i
tine, iiii• `trot ba trilling • . r COGailllll o o by
Up', all Yu& oi 0.1... ...... witainillea 3 , 41 •1 _
poolillod sod teCOni.L. :: aed by One WWII:MON' h
tale tenen
M. bef , k's ~,:•• • Blood Pills
and li., will Ilul ha. ace " to take ythin
elm. 'ility will aiw....• be gaxlmalmoit
1•01111! ot in•••.i., I idatnati of the stomach, bo
els.liver and intmio ea; ps of the stornac •
colic, tifaterbrash: Masai .fter, foul breath. ti
taste in the mouth, Star eructations and acidity el
the stomach, costiven...a indigation,..want 0
appetite, billion. afiections, diocese. of the mile
and kidneys, &seas°. of the skin, scaly eruption
dry and watery pimples or b utches of the Ince an
body: letter, rash,prickle b atami salt 'bona, head
ache, giddineas, lemtnes., Pain s over the heart, o
the breast, eider, along the back and spine, rheumi
rim nod gout, fevers of all kind., small pox. eotio
loidl mesael., amoral*, erysipelas, and in short the
ore good in ail diseases haring their origin in th
I stomach, Jrter, and intestine., and impapty of tl
blood t
frrTwenty•fire Cents a 800.
Said Wholesale and Retail by B. A.' Folnestock
& CO., Corner of First and Wood, also corneae
1 Sixth and Wood streets. ' • acpc...9 -
It is our principle lathe management of thispsper
to notice anything which we find out, frnm permthi
intimation, to Le of many to the retitle. ttlame of Da
Jayne's medicines we-have rased in out family far many
years. For instance the POL . DITOLLINT, the CAR
MINATIVE, nod VERMIF JOE, which we know in
be good for the complatrw asey profess to cure. IV e
wen.. Lake Ontario the past summer, when several
of °unravelling tompmtiona from having, in Weston,
New York, drank, for many; day s, the limestone water,
of that region. were badly •tiackeil with vaii-on Mar
tinets, and llyteumry. Mr. `lt had praviued
vet/ion* to tearing horse, with TLe Cal ruottnive of Ur
layer," and in sit cases use. atnettg tre .
men, it was successful in nienting aapeedy cure.. •
The Expectorant we have used manna eut
intimate friends with cqual•verceast and we feel lt,al
we !Mall ilo ft good ant to folailittf lesfncially tho. ,
eated en they catittOt have mates , . to immediate ounlical
akilld to tide/set:win to keep an hand both the Expect.
rant and Carminative. U pset Theurant tit believed
goad physicati. the recipe ton Pulmonary
Constimpitve Complain., th a t has ever yet been COlll
pittlatiltd. The reakon is, Di. Jamieguack,l.l
regulet, se ientifie, and able medical practiUntier hon.
sell, Ills medicates are OACII by
EZRA 111 the hest p OL hy siDEN cist..
Ftlam of 'tin Pia. Sainnlay corer
F. sale in Pit.burgh o the rt:Ki N 6111 H K. 72
FourOrma, near Wood. .prZ,
WHOM the Lee ASA :5111 NN, et will known and I.p
A' else Clergyman et the Protestant Metbodot Church
The paderstnned hasane been afflicted Moine the past
winter with a disease °filo' sumach, immetimes pore
due In geat io la al the nn for or twelve 'lour.
without intermission, and Sher having tried varioos
remedies with little effect, was furnished with a bolllr
of Dr Dlayno's Canniest, se Balsam.used ac
cording to the direction!, and found inverinbly thumb's
medicate vented the pain to!abete in three or four ma,
rare,rind le fifteen or tartlet) , niinuten early 0n , ...)
sernatien was entirely quieted. The tneff ielne we. of
unearth. used whenever d ie of the aypiourh 01
pair, were perceived, strut pain was thereby ptevent
ed He continent to lose the medicine every connote
and sometimes no then tat, and in a kw ev.lrs
health woe ro far restored, that the enterer waarotiev
ed from a hart amount of oPprenive pain. Front er•
penance, therefore; be eon cunGlently Di
Po Saye r's
" A Y STI ' ItI4 "
Alleghen_y thy. lyff
For ula in Pittsburgh al the PEKIN TEA iSTOHE
II Fourth street, near Wood. and kW, et the Drag
litirfp r SCHWARTZ, Federal ascot, Allegheny
1_)151.11101111A.RY BALSAM—
MeISM. Heed t Coder—lferl d a duty I owe to
asy' fellow creatures to mate someth nig more respect/as
your Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. Uince I first wed
the Balsam, about ele•en vests ago, the happy effect of
which I then gave an account of, I bavehaii .Verul
Severe complaints and attacks it my tongs—one a few
days since—ea d in every instance I hove used the Ml
am alone with complete and perfect 'Lifers , . It has
effected relief and cola Id a very few dope. It is tee
tainly a safe medicin. I not know Mot It will cure
Baal coOstuoption. e Inst I believe it will be in many
cases a preventative, and prevention is better than cure.
I do therefore, tor the love of toy fellow own, earnestly
recommend the USA of this Balsam. in all pulmonary
eomplo Mx. I ant confident that it hos hymn the means
of preserving my life to this day.
Iles/tate Pamicete.
Boman,.Tunn I a. 1F45.
t3a4l b} A FAIINESTOCK a CO., corner of Fl
wood: alb awn. or Mb and Wa.l ma ocean
leiCiS.—Scroinla in all Ds multiplied forms
whether in that or King'. Rill, enlargements is tl
& Ads or boors, Goitre, White. Swellings, Cn rot.
Rheumatism, Call.r, disease. of the Skin or Spine
oral Pulthonsly Con.mpuon, emanate from on
'Oahe same Maze, which is a poisonous proteinl
more or less inherent in the human system. There
fore, nub= this principle Mn be destroyed, no radi
cal core can be eoected, bail the principle upo
which the disease depend., iv removed; n cur
moat or necessityfollow, no matter ander whaflor
the disease should manliest Drell. TM*, thereoD
s the reason why Jane's' Aiernaine in sour
vaulty !successful in removing so many malignan
disease.. it .destroys We virus or principle fro
whims o=l diseases bale their origin, by entcrin
into the cite ulatloe; and with the blood is conveye
to the Mieuteat fibre, removing every particle
diocese from the ilyetemp• Prepared end sold at N
It South Third Street, Philadelphia. • •
Sold at the kekin Tea Store,No.72 Fourth stre .
IV HOSE imexonoos can equalyoo. Look alyour
Max wifooritla her bright =nay fact! Look
ai your own, pttls4 eruptions pod blotches! . Yet
pm us ice wangive Ufly eons for a cola of the
great Italian Clmieul Buil; Iv kick iroolA comely flee
ao r e, tux aots:a=lellow
,st e inz i l t zr ty lo , : t e
6ni oulgoistoloe, • o , • Io
rrittobootesliellimelY Sm. irattstsbOrtfildulro
Abe GENUINE is to be *Mane& Oman otCOPuir
,110!CRIBIll"!* DOIL,a 4. dOrw4
2t:f;.4'.:4;:.:•14:.1:,.'11 -..';'
• , . . . . ..
P I.L E S,
11 l3gii3iN.D9lllP9 Pik , . Specific ,an internal rem
• certim sad hilimil cure, u6dicrMitersal, mums
ii or MOO, Om, Lir irritatice of Ow kidory• med OW.
j• . •
is tlui tuck and elle, ii•trileal rcatirmem, crup.
before and ails { conGabseol an Olt. tro;ged
..In iov - d-r4 05-03. 6, .....!,... , !.1 1 ,...n.
r„ ° ,,,,,:nra,„ B 4l.l T . — Th t n a l:t 1 7 ,
',..11.... , *47=140.M.4.:
fg..61M,01.V.".." notikeadrul
. sis to certify thel I know D. logoldsby'v Pile Sperik;
be eertain cora and sale remedy.. Haring seen its e dee.,
set nd eases. amosaist sny 7 4,. cousaraions, in severelcon
.. , aled enema. of th. • , where it made ma WA,
elan ewe. ' i ' NAY WHITEHEAD.
di w York, May, WS. . .364 Iliath arms.
I werfully give my testimony ae to th e met= and aston
It ...Huts of Dt Inguldsbra Pilai Specific, es I know it
• - my own et peritnee and ?beery..., to b. iis.llible;
I . ' _ wert it used with MCKIM is several eases of pd= ma.
. • monk. . i OW. MILLER,
If w York, May, IBM., 364 Slade street. '
Few York, 11ay,1646.
r. Besle-Dsar 63,-1 have the pleasure to .14, that
ou medicine, Dr. laroblaby'ePiles Specifie,has made a see
eel .• in th. cue duty sum ,r =I I nowp. you ray word '
.a . I have born surprised era, as it was an my opinion on
.• • b. to Fuse her. However, I can now bestsfy to the mel
•arbrang havilible, and do advise all others whom, of
. in the like manner, to procure th e article, as they may
ca on a certain run.
toura with respect.
' West Chmmr, N. Y, May 1,5, IBIS.
•r. larldsby—ticar Bir:—That you may limed ahem
• may be nalleriag, as well as le express my gratitude far
• benefit !hays derived Lem the use of your valuable. Spe
. ,I comply with veur request, and new •
do give my testi
in weer Grit, limbic been cured of • severe attack .1
Piles .It having wed other remelim without aim....
l' Yours with respect.
. Ad wholesale and retail by WM. 3ACKBON, al his rat-
Medicine Warehouse, md Coot mid Shoe Store N. tad
• rty amet, head et Wood, Pittsburgh. Price, ' SO enti to
~ toe
yen 14—dly
THIS IVe Ph Won imprneene
now been in use about twO sears, and wherever it
a knew., yreterted to all ethyr Dendstead.. •
Fen eheapnees, strength and convenience it best,
and cannot be eyitalledi . ay 31 i. decidedly the
rtiespeat and most convenient Ord/teed in use, and per.
Rely proof against Hugs.
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and tell the a n Al there areepu g rrees
cles and imperfectomatiens In the market. patella
nee' would do well to PAJne thn 0301 iron plates on
whirl, in the genuine article the -name of die pate tee,
E. F ri a y.tu, to invarlahly h prrofof ell 1, d
cladned for (Husain` , Ded.temly, the following reoifi
lents from . Coign mit rim well known in Pittatairglinnd
the Wc.t, to .obuintrdtri the
We, the subscriber.. prneheal cabinet mykera nod
Itedsies , l manufacturers. ot Pie eine+ , of Pittsburgh mid
Ilechrhy, do bedti Mal we hove boneln
to tnnnunteture ilea,ls rents G3z.nes
and ~,,innlet the •anlr tuper sot to o u r
futelulres wl\l‘ which we vise aeon :tinted.'
!nine. Lernen 1 John 51Orrew
T It Young 1 C Hebert !Yunnan
J It Hartley Anew , It Rare
John Idegett, Jr. Jut Lowry & Son
',sue orhin • Riddle Dnentlan
'l'hernae lions.ey.Nlll`Ctellsidt
Dv,d Laker Moles ltulluck
Haigh Wallace : Kobetta Eade
J Moyer* Ja. Vionderell
J Nechnnse Gencry Snyder
Itos:c• lI
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A m a te”oll
For Ri,glll4 to mate .411.1 sell the above Iteestrail.
• -
giotr,D P A.T . EN
Wimhin. C.
ENAS C. Rt)BUINS, fileeharuna/ Engineer and
coAgent ter procuring Parents, will prepare the nes
coast, Drawings and ray." ler Applientita for Put
rearnmes all oer business to lhe.litg , him
phut...aloe at the Patent Orrice. Ile can be consulted
en all gyration. relating to the Patent Law. and d
a t a ep
Patin the Hutted Stains or Eutope. Pe sons
clislanCe - ZellirOut of hailing examinations made at the
PatesirOlfice, prier so making applicattou for • patent
may forward (post paid, enclosing a fee of five dollar.
elesr statement o( their case, when Immediate anrn
1100 Will be given to IS and
a pel infonuation thr
could be obtainnl by CVicit of We pplicant in perm/
promptly communicated.
41.111r:item no business must IS peat paid. and Ponta
• elntable fro. where a written °polio° is required.
Other on F. suceLoppusim the Patent °Ciee.
Ild has the anon ofseterring, by permission, to
Edmund Burke, Ctiartus.s,onet rif Patents,
Hon. II L. EllYworth. late do ilo
'Knowles, Machinist, Patent Office;
Judge Cruntilt, Washington, D C •
11.. H Choate, Idatsachuselts, it S Senate;
Hon. Vi Allen. Ohio. do;
Ilan. C, Missouri;
Ilea. Willi, Hall, New York;
llors Robert ht C., Illinois,
Ilea. 9 llnvre,lJ Sessions.
llon.J H Retie, it C,
C.Vi. II M.Shfv.r, blireouri:
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'n and Ireland
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and moat flebrottable Ealorin pastern• and color. AI,
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The undamped long been Appointed Honorary
a.ccreasnes for i'ittalturgh and a.csn'tty is prepared to re
subecriPwana •
Ttutte washing to become menthe , . will forward the
Enlcrrats of Jti., ,ocitl) , by dome . as 100 n as may be s cAt.Dlyr.t.L
3rd street. oppecute the Post Office
with; tor whorl& 6th sun
II h% W
K Itoden, fie+, Clerk of the Goan of ,L,ldatter tt.ess
1 , 0 , 11 . of ibearer coutay. •
Ma. K. K. Scr.b.cia—Sit: Some Cmc in ho Wt.'' , my
ttotta :vas afflicted with a I•ctort and dletreetto,g roach,
and Le n rod of pier myaluable Coach Snap. I parch*.
ard a boom from T. TAca . ..l,
and tatar takdre a itorlion of it tumor - Oder essomar or:
pond a !tett, rhe found horded:ate rebid; as atti seven al
tr , rr, ti•e been rot cord to fa yore lam thaw
lore raturred that 11 i safe.and Yblosittle Inedtettto. and
would rettrountectl it to those who ,00 be :telt, tl watt re t o v,rlt•old.. %V. K. Pubes.
hlarrh 1 , 1 .
Tsr syrup.:. Pt. Op I, v: r.nt I-oitlen, en thti n may
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l'irpor..l and H .L 7
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roy p.a. by 1,r.i:,.•t.t..5a$ ward, n.Olll , 111urry,
Hl/1.2.4 w 11', , rn New Toro
growth of to
Mot, It 114.1 c.trin N 1", early pickcd, no.
01,0" , :n. moor. ,nunty.
The gettcral I:3Etern rtop al the nen.en s• now Ite.Pg
rrr , vr..l. Itr.,ary, n:ners up 110 P, writ fin , 0
sourh to boll advardagnio uluu, the.r oopply info the
0t01er.0,....1,.:0. t h e ydormtioo“liout : a... 30
at New ,inek GEO.VII .
oce.arn P.l..bstqAt Brewery.
ving(iresse S:utnß,br Marl , from Cloth.,
Wonlh.flid. Carpet., hr., he.. nod s:ndentut
whey , 1, appood ..p.01.,c.
Poll with full dl rrroon, Vro,. t.iccuto rake.
fry-5.14.1,y W:11 ACKt4OI.II.K, 10,01
Lu llont nod :. , 1.00 •tgo fl.,
titockltulder of the FAIIIII,, ' Pepoen Hank of
Pdratntratri intend malting adore:mon in the next
braitlature. tor rush alteration of their Charter no w
core diem Ilona ing erivtlege, nr ri &tinted exp ed ie
walnut to La oteoryrorated nit new Walt.
Ill' order of board Lament ,
trartirawrirn TiItIMPO,N 1iF.1.1. Caithirt
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thcne great puttirrita roe nves inn band either in vm.d
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, liTibtsl HAMMER-
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Ile LI mvcrealny nr eumeity to execute work of all
/Inds, frau the !urgent to the cutullert, order Mu sante
Its eritnplleity, arnpacturies and Chen
It. Acceasability upon MI M 1... to; the workmen.
All thy tamale.. are made ,
Cde tubecribers continue to ricrac order. for thee..
hammers- te Of Wlrase% upon reuennotole tem.. •
For &TOW N
A.slynees of the Patettorthe Upited ewes,
deelte•ly" • o liouthwark I...ottadryrrlalllod'ute
swiutrotorer. at
Diteooli - en/Nu
X. 3114 Bonita recast PI ttttt
Hack of .1 A; Cabinet Ware'Manuf
LI. ante ra lan with S.D. hlooti, at tire Other , °Plc
AMerchant's lintel Pittelitirch, will bo ffrOOTtlY
ettended to, Tiles. G. MIDDY
fetpltrdif'A. G. NIO!thIRSON
B.OLVESS MAKER, L.. 0 Gltenitil
Philetripkio,bdo of the anti et Ogle*
Natosail-.; Wellati. respectfully Salome hie Groh
and 11M Dist he has sad will keep
etwilasitly ou hand sod fur sele,• headroom asetestrand
asldonable Carriages. Vehicles of all styke end dernipriput
suede to 0,40,1 the shortest pomade woe', .4 exestalil sp
he yerybeet meaner, irf wiected minds!.
• ' VITA HAIM . F 111110:
Ill:r would respectfully invitc Dalt-sand
.1. Ueotte,ocn alma vilinlog Pliitrulelphnurtad to want
of FANCY PG DP, such as Alias. Mae, Tippd., Pee , to
'ice win call before ratchet:lig elsewhere,as.they will
find 0 to their culvantage and Ito tnietakc. All order ,
shall tie faithfully attended to at No SO North
Third et, afore Arch, Philadelphia. '
thrltufralo Riihne •Iway• an hand nettaf
Wielded Wiouiht trop
SUITABLE TO( LOCOUloll , 4o.lllrilla, and othireleum
Engine Doyen, from 2 to IS 'oche. diumeter,, Also'
Pipes awaits, Steam, and other purpouth:auln won;
Tube for 11=11e. rtalitl; Ltollour !Islam ku . -Pungeo
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Must 'extraordinary Medicine in tAi
Thu eitrartif put up to giart !ditto ass as iihte• asap
ar Samoa, sal 14.ruacill superior to sajdold. ts
discus wahoutnsaUin, put&C Or d.
~Wlitatmrihiy iii.
The ;vast beaukahaid superiority of this Sumps, illa oast
all otbei 2.Delitice as, while/it Eradiates Disease it 41.1,01,
area the Body. It is of tA. eery best SPAIN° hIVI3
SUNIMEIL MEDICI:IIM ever Immo , a tot only pure,*
the "hula systestood streogthcos tbe pare., but it Cruets,
New, Pore end Kith Mood, h power poserescal by m other
Mediate. And in this lee the grand secret of its woodei
soros. It has performed within Atie psst two years, more
Dan ;15,00.1 cum of Severe Case. Of. Disease; at lent 4,00 u
of these wet...whirred useuralk. Mora thao
3,000 eases of Chronic ktbotonatiee ;
2,000 ..1 of Dyspepsia; , ;
400 cases of General I.kbility iod".Waut of Easily ;
7,VUO wee of different Fettedo Complaints;
- 2,101 cases or so—fu's;
1,50,1 cuts of the Liras Complain!'
240 0, msse. of Dam. of the Kidney and Prom ,
3 . 01410 =meal Consumption,.
and Thonniudeof came of Disease of the Blood, thee.,
.E.reles, Salt Rheum, risniples on th e Face, he, &e. To
getherpip with numerous axs of Sick Headachy Pam in the
essle and Chkst, Spica! A &GUMS, 14, A.
Th.., we arc aware, must appau mesiaihle, but we. hare
letters tram pli)sir-tans &mint, tigeutt Irons all karts of the
United States, informing us of estroordinari cur. IL. Y.
Buskit k v Eno.. went we toots ~..v.vtomble druggists hi New
ark, N. 1„ informs us that he min sere. tu more than ISO me
ers us that place alone. There ..thousands a Min hi the
'City of Kew York, which we will 'refer to with &mu •
anl to' men of character. It i• the beet medicate fist the
ricectitivr of divntsc known. It tuadoubtedly saved the live
of more than
TM !
As it remeleil the maee of direue, and pteriared them fo
o . 2e=l=l
G. W. hlcCteen, OP raw UNIT.. STA.., NAVY,
ad member of the New Jerry Legialature, bu kindly wut
a the follow i ng ceruficaur- •It tells its own dory.
itattray, Jen.lls, *G.
A year time I aro taken with the Influenza, wad my whole
system left in a debilitated Wats. I was induced to try Dr.
Towneendht Sareaparillai.wad ails taking two or three tot
au, I wee very much relieved, awl attribute it entirely lathe
said Sareaiwytlla. I, have cautinwed taking it, wadthat
I imyve every dal. believe it weed my life, and wculd
wit be without 0 under any aeadderefiwa.
U. W. litcLz.,km... U. B. F.
Thu certificate rot:clue:rely prow that thle Sarsararilba
Imo perfect cautrol ever the.owat obstio al
e dimare of the
ileml. Throe permemTux. eared' in one on. ts nprecedented.
R. Tutvvaaap—Dear Nir : 1 bare the plearore lv Inforo:
that three of my children hare berm cured of the Set,
rob by the um of your excellmt medicine. They were
afflicted wry *erectly with bad soreej ref poly taken four
Mules; cat took ttema away, for which I eel tapolf nude
dery oblige:ma. Yews, ratretfidly,
lerao W. Cluta,lo3 Wooster .4
Neer York, Mamie L. M.
De. Townseetsi's tt • sorereigu .11 speedy
cure fur utetreett Comettrtroo, Itareettrese, Leueotrbts,or
Whoet, uhttexteted ur ditbeult Meuttruatiata. lortootiettrettee
°I lletut, ur utettlontuy doehazze thereut .0•1 for the inl of the ”stetst—rto cutter attellter the result
et atm at mem az eates,itttotueed by Irregularity. iliac..
• Lendeutt.
Nulltiog eon be rwre surpris4 thau ttorigurattegrF
ter.* ou the Luau. [nuns. Pertuttos, all resetkuu• anti tat:-
Cult, fruta Lain it, et utter Lwroute nAttot laid full of etwto
.der ato Ittlltmgact . It ta11...1W0, coutitcnorta the mile
Itettt.. of the rentals teat., se ht
te the great rums of hurl
It oral not be cepecbal of ea, la ne. of as delksta • na
tio, w exhibit cenitrates of cures performed, but we can
assure the elflicted, that hundreds of roam bars been relented
to Seen - alto. where families have been without child
ren, after awn a few bottle, of ttne invaluable medicine,
Wee beat blest with healthy capelog.
Dr. Toornsimd , My wile bung grotty diStreawd by
wmilinew and general &tidily, end vaden
bum end a mesuatiust 4 bmring down, W ing of the
, and with other ditirolties, end harm( k1.b01.5 awn
where your medicine, haa•lfected great curer ; aid also bear
ing it iecommended 6r suc4 Hass •.% I haveduenbed,lubtua
ed a bottle of your Ennul of liareeparille, sod &Bowed
thwittreetiona 'mtgs. ma In "hurt penal removed
Der onowlant. and rtelorod her health. Being !inletsl fur
the betwixt she received, I take pleasure in ties ockuitilg
tog it, and trrucconending it the public. M. D. Moots,
Albuy, (or of Grand and Lyalos ws.
Cornmeal., Sept, A 1541
Dr Tomatolad: To all whom thia way cootine—Tlau
to - verb!, that my wita mad ow bottle of you elarsaparilla
Warn.. to bar ,ossaftmaamt, .der the to. .barman and
&Licata ercabostaoco, baba. tromblol with the drop", mei:
limy of the frbt, nervo saearned., and eery much debta
ted ; with my parrnasid; 4 the recoomatudern. d Uwe.
oleo bad wad ohs my lamed to try it, with Idtk or no
fade, end malts a to my, the madiebaa bad the bapp,
desired 01.1,04 .1, is at hours of coot...urn, latt atter
lbo emirateoa of coo tamt of its urn, the dropsy .4 corn
eons aSeettod pro way to ao ostubtahtua /egret, mod her
health is moo WM. than it had been fur • Liu, woo pre,
I If the wit ha of rny . Barmy to pm or say we oho
doubt. the .131:(tIS or dm welkin., yw aroma:urn, stela.,
to it.
1 mibaeram myself your mad °hullo:dud obliged' , mny
This Ealract of Sarsaparilla 141 bra eaprtmly parearto
ra escuraest to Doubt sotoplatolc. ft. Mauls. who au nu,
so to sons* slur taapproulnualLat critical Rivera!, "T 4
MI of We," =Oat to calm st, u 0 is a esp..
itruetni. far toy of Um suaransu tad bort tble Aire to
ha frosles aro subject at Usti Dose of lefe.. Tblitiatiod
muy be delayed for usual ran by aumug thistaulisma 11104
11 11. lea 11•111• Wla. ere apencalt tog arotaloluucl,
IS raxakir.l at utast urs aatcloatog tac blau ,
t d
the ',sum holeed, /44 metro,. ts otycl
tultie tor an ol . Dte &irate 4,wicca übalt ratan. 11
•11.111 rel.
It brace. Oar whole system. micas puraauseol7 Out tutu,
suerpta—by es...ran Oat .put puss of the del) =out
as fur staaolatte, watts% as to produce. 4 - sobstequult re•
lasatioo, which as the auto! lowa osculraaso tales foe [mak
arab me and C.a.
Too who hate Falccutaplii-toor, dull eye, blolclout co the
Dee, roue. skua, or Deckka Lod arc " out of vizita;'• use
bottle. it two of Dr Town... Ds DaettartoDba It arttl
elms pats blud, nouns tha &miles u.l blotch, and
Ins Y.. ....alio.. Wilrldts; sluc“or sputa., 4.1 beautiful
uatplectuat—all of aloch us of a value to ultra.;
Pio Runt 07 ratchetne b. ever bees dint/tared wtoch
nearN ra.* ble. the pane jute. us valsoi'la decompasna
foisbanii strengthening the orpns of ilivatiou r as arts rapt,
raven of Sarsaparilla.
IS•az ltataaratarr, Libany,May 114
10 Tronntricif., ittr—l Lava bran smiled tor arveral
,rare with tospoa ithil* wont ntani,ati..nditi with awl,
ot siouta.a loot a appt tat e, sair_hnie brutiturn, aritl •
ascii' tu krsolit of 1...4,at1it week. (taloa I
could say l hats twee uttabie Ina-stain buts tonsil portion
nti:mach I tried the usual remedies, but they bail
bob lade newel:list in maireir, tits routplsant I was tri
ducat!, about tat. ruiradit noon. to ,tee r Ea tract 41.'1*-
i ...1,114,u./ 1 sang say with little roulitlence, but tiller tan%
unarty two boti;es. I (*teal ray apprtit• tatt•tecl, and lb.
licantbunt entinelysennivetti sad
earnestly noun
nottil tiat. et u those who hare been %Misted as 1 hairs;
been. Youti t W. W. V•it ZANOT
Nat tr.; !MG t Steno bauttimi
- -
'lead the folluattai, and doubt tf you can, that commie
we al caged. .1 has a slaty vac of the witrallauld.4
ease that Townsend.% Sarsaptrubs has cured:
Dr rusconentl—Dear Sir. I was dated a Mlle we
year ego, wall a metre coudh and pain in my side. It in
creased cat me ace) feel, m4..1 was pronounced by phy
ateitos to ham Me quick co...caption I mond large quan- •
bties of L 34 matter s bad tight. atata, and waking very fad:
my duelor asul L. euuld do nothing bar use. I weal into tee
hospital to Lops of beta; benefted, but war pramunccil Mar.
aa tocurtddr. I .o ouw gmady dim-rued at the lungs and
.o hardly breathe ; I meat became anneinenlonelexpected
L.• di.; 5. manned Ma my bed, and teat obliged to have
wa.chen itid..d I emu. pm you soy &megaton that
would do Justice to my ease I was supputed by my.Crtmads
to to past reedery , I liad tried nprat number of temetbm,
mil 311 .er I. be to uo purpose • I reel of mane must ex
tra...lm.y cures ptrnamaaed yo. untliciur, andto all
you the truth. I suticetell flame was some huitibud in them.
Itut I mu teduted to try it , I sod so, and eon eery Inmieful
I did 1 cloud my that lam mantely well, but tam oI Car
meovered t. nine about my kunst*, .4 hope to Le entire
ly well m a kw earl... .317 coupi aud pain tune
and ntr,hl sue. , lude ha me, sod ea» L. Tory tilde, and
poling my usual I ftlt d • duty to , ps.
Welt if ma plose
u lTnee '''. o . frilnd t ;lo Little at, Iltlitlyn.
Opinion. ot,Phy.loe!nu
1)r Townshenil is.alnntst Jelly renewing ostlers Isom lazy:
atria. dttlerent 'srut/ the Union.
Thisreedy mat we, the undenigneJ, Phydrian•
the City of Albany, have to nuttnoasus caws prescribed Ur.
Tow usrad's Sanaparilla,'and helmet. it. lobe our of thermos(
valuable ingot: tans a de rlasaayarilla in the market.
IIP roux Is u
J tuna', rt 0,
IL l'l ipIIGYI., MI D
•1,01 ? Arr.l 1t,45
MA J. to certify that we, the Woderalgated, making
Thumouou, physicians of the City of Albany. !OM Dust/tut
ly pnacrihed DrTianartid'a Cutaway! Kstrart of Sam
eglla, and from its \hum. 41111Ittall s would rerolossrud ibi
tit s pulolw fur mercurial, strolukaa, abd Who'd muumuus aro
eases, io preference, to auy of the advaktised tooola
wa. A W !Ical. 1r r,
'Albany April :I, lt4l. Wa 8 Itgaiwrow,T r.
Priacipalurec, 158 Fulton at, Sim N Y; , Ned
odits7l47i="4,,t D,7,`„„"?3,re'..1,
V iar ..t /tdrmatt h rirallyjtruttgliaut the -United Plates,
Nowt surmise, wAtss paltry. in tha large pours bottles,
which cantata quart sad wiped with the writ.. sgnaer<
414 . TOWNSY.N D,asid lomat. blown uo the Glass.
Verna the New Yurk Daily Ewen of Apr111 . 41:47.
A pretty Wiwi, appeared ialbe sweets yesterday. II was
the ad reataisig cab, or Sang/grlle Ltpreas uf Dr Towasend.
The whole Doug is gm op good Lute: some of the ant,
meats! laudwaps puoting• re beautiful which, hardi with
ra rely roll work, tu gobl, glateuiag aws, wade ..bow
ra equalled Broadway. We take this opts/A.114 lo
ray we Where Was eattact oral.. Sarsaparilla Jennie the
wary great popularity it haslarquirad.
Dorval. Debility.
. Nu You, March3T,lll47
• .
114, Townsend:—l hats been afflicted tameor I. for 3
with a thendftil sinking to the chest,' giddiness la the
Lead, lots of appetite, yeti. In the Ilutbs.aud pawnt debility,
brought ow uod4otit try the continual heal awl rOld to *Well
un subject to in my basitoss as • dyer. I h.te iskenlother
torditioes, ton outlier.= to mention, bat withllttle or ou suc
rms. I was Induced by what I ems to them.' to try a botUe
of your liarsopard , a, from which I futuidgemt relief Ifare
since lien =vent more bottler, and I mu Owsitatingly m 1
it is the best umbel= hare ever taken—illen. to my
chest is gme, mid I feel quits • different cam .113gmbei since
I have talte.your Sarsaparilla.' I.bats now • better eppetste
Neu se erl had. 111 y wife bat take. it whit the.= 6...h
-eist malls. I would reconitoeud it as • family =edict..
generolly, and I feel cooshieed thalSeo meddlers wou ld not
be half the sieltoes• there is, mot eausequently not rso =any
Ltoctor's bills: for whiltit restores appetite, it aim gives to
Om stomach atolLuwels lbw =solar toe:it beep UM Mosel
in • healthy state, so =at Jinn= i. nog al likely to attack W.
system A.J to allthow who arc tat. healthyslatr, I say
fly Ur Towineod's Barsaystrilla.
Tout. EMU, 70 Dim at,
Canker In the Aloultz.
Flame ig an aer.aosit of atoll...child saved. Dr Tivoriseod i
Sarsaparilli 4a. saved Mt lives aT ilsougasssis of children.'
The 4illnglog certifiesde is serlittrd from a great ssisosbe
received this 'reek.
(OS Yong, 41612,18 V.
•• Dr Townsend: Dear sic—Os of coy cbsidren area wry
sick with the Cause In the mouth and thrust, latesled with
great debility. It ease wear dying; I obtained ass or your,
excellent medicine, sal tt eared it dinsly, Co. arbklo I can
...V I. I led very rueful, yow n
a:Loam-is Yawata, 27 Desbrouss .1
For .1, by Ds Y. tiELLallta Druggist, No ID
lowinsw itl and 4th stoi s ob. boa been appoints' by De
TOWNSEND sula .Igent do Alkilway on. arilddlelYr
Iluaband'i Celebrated Fluid Magnesia.
wins Sartilld, wife and elegant anti-acid sad aperiSt; be
ing • perfect eoliths or chaotically pure carbonate of
klagswais pores, all Om asdical q,mlitin of the finest prei
Ft , r a t .. of Mapes* without beiug hal& to Cosa sews
Sas Ws th.bowel.idr to act injorionly ups the coda of tin
Smash Os table ooftil of the Enid Magical. Sequir
W Va l lt i"g biglTPATlN t rT ' Altrectow IS aid
Woo akd wood and dlk ' • all
•t Dr. RiolgsmoliWoren Spool:Mo.
ntrus is m übttry lbat,by takingono vial of Denier
11 MeLane's Worse fApeckbe, • child of /woo, IdbawUt
pasted xylem's of 70 warms, and by the use elf said
•mediciao o child of my men passed It Isommoisso.— .
.4 it traly lb. most outwit= worm medicine! ever
seen. I mast balm two more vi 01...
T lo •
by J LIDO& Co, NO NI Woad mrse4
=---------- -
L FOIIWTAIN isozir.,
FOGG & THURSTON, Troprietctri.
Tollgoettgl.aish.ntefat:a4.' and,yrt init il%ly ci k ty no o w aho n Its
.. belf!
ha recently undergone very calcite - tee alterationsaa
improvements. An entire new wing has beceadded,
containing numerous wild any likening aptutorrits, and
eatensive Laming rooms/ , i ,
iTee Lathes' department hes also been completely cc.
rganned and fitted op in a moat [maple aria bonertful
ole. In fact the whole ansuigentent of the lipase hair
'been remodeled, with a single eye on the part of the
the comfort and pleasure of their
b ee ., and which they, confidently eager, 'will chinb
with any lintel oldie Union.
1 heir table will starers tin sapplied with every sub
amnia' and luxury which the market afords, aerrid tip
“i a superior attic, while in the way or W.f., ?cc..
they will not tie sarpussed.
In eouelu.ion the proprietors beg to ray, that nothing
will lie left undone on their pan, sad on tie parte( thou
i.sistarne, to render this lintel worthy the condoned
p g nonsge of their (needs and the public generally.
The prices Inc board have alto been teamed to the
allowing rates:-
!Allies' Ordinary, SI 75 per day:
Gentlemen,' - ...... -- • 150 J n
N.LI The . Waggon of the Mao, wilt al.
lera, s he Bann
found at theg Car ands thenmbeat liandinga,
ortheh will convoy baggage to sad from the lintel, free
of charge ottaillf
IyEAILL STREET 110 .111 T, Cincinnati,
r 011104 The subscribers boding purch.ed, the en
tire interest of Col. CI P Witlidason, late of rite well
knownsmblishment beg laurels rte to ta ke n fnds
and th e publto generally, that the yhavethis
commodulto lintel fat a term of years nod will earn
their best oaorgies to make it a destrable hon. for Tnv
vilrn Daimlers.
The Hotel to spimioris and admirably planned for eon
eenicoee,l light and atr, having a number of porton
gidminingich.obers, Preventing 111.1.1/1 attractions to
The present proprietors hav int had the orpcnence of
'toin this city and elsewhere:hope the y velll be able
give ghneral satisfaction, Lem& determined to give
undivided attention to the house atone.
The lochtion of the Pearl Street House is nneOLotonly
eligible, e.
fronts on Peart,]Walitut and Third sts,
so Mat it Is equally destrable fn view of the Convent
cone of liminess meant retirement for private boarders.
It Is ncOr by the flanks, the Ph, st Other, the hlmainc
Ilall,Orld Fellows Hall, and kat:enema:ire distant from
Alatn strtet and two squares (Rim the City Wharf, thus
Miming the greatest inducements, especially to country
merchants and generally to all persons visiting Cincln
natl. i JOHN NOBLE
no. 122 ertmlacr samosa!, Pita.o..lllls..
fjvIIE Subteribers, under the Orm of Iltimom &WM ,
j has purchased Mr. Jones'interestrn thls establish
menL and hope by thy Buctesti attention to the wants
and comforts of their guests, to merit t continuance of
like liberal patronage heretofore; incensed by its former
'llse house hi, been thorough !), rhnovated.emd repair
ed, we therelbre feel minced we can welcome our
Isiendv and dm pablie to acconniodirtions equel to any
In the city of Philadelphia. NW BRIDGES,
) rArif ' . ! JNO W EST.
Corner Mean and eliztlei to. Canrinrncti
lestabhsliment Is limy In, the lest order for the
1 reception at the 'linvrfitte Ytlhl,e. linvinqindcr.
gone a thorough repair, tiering !the past witasr, nod
having Mc me, experienced flutzt in the west,:tn the
varinuil department, I natter nty.lf that all will be
pleased AllO location is central, coo:m.lmm
and pleasant, Fore per day.
Cincinnati, March 13,1517. W E ?CI R
N. IL—Although inn erectly a, new Broom, it to the .
I.lllf—a new Whist On the , handle. spill
•• • • - - -
on/I/rich:lr loog nstablivbed holm, respect
fully offers los services bathe einzons of Piushurgh,
and will exert himself Kr rendez contiortable all who
tarty favor him with their cotareby.
This point which has long been a favorite one with
the Provision De de'rs on Piltiburgh, will, the coming
'eaten, present a larger fieldifor their opirmucite than
heretofore,. Dorn the: crimple inn 'of the Rail Road to
Indianupoliv, :Marilee (umber nto the bog ralsiolt
eptantlart G D PITiIIUG/I,:Propnetor
Laub/villa, Ky.
A T II ROC IC Id OAT ON umg• to ;wallah:A boa
ft (meads that he; to amain 'lemma ot the II ALT
110(1 SE, Loutwalle, liy...ehere he tweet to meet all
Ida old fr,rmle, amturmg there and the publle..that no
edort idtall he .pared to make all eamfattable who favor
him with tlael, Iwiteatiltge. ;
Opposite the Rail Woad &pot. Pratt at., Balt.
lIEIRY tn. kMITu, Pssit . tisest ,
(lam a the ilreartf e*ntl St. Chalks ratsb'g
Hllll3l{{llT'S CillienCLOW IL LILTING
PLUM --Intiodied.s theplitomage of th• pablir
fur thw article, it as hat right and Fcruper 111.•{
tot hid. the alai= Lot wapiti". in berol.shoold to fully and Pear
ay pet forth and telbta Uwe. gutuuntres belgned that therm.
mutiny wilt no• be inipewt apathy ustai it.
lo 11. e Pest Owe ts well heater, that the gesntrality of
black tlnk. , n
and oeed ofpreopitatc, held together
by gum hyahte. when the water, either in whole.. part
ip evaporated dot gus and precipitate are left as • puty osaw
h. the pen or 14 1.11311 which Youulua i.•, It in Jo common
to add einem . to the Ink. mature to make noose. Mod,
which ...ere... the evil by acting on Ilse pro, if • *Wel we,
corroding at through Itt • tery short tine :guar. the- Web
tang Fiord .. differs (Kal n
on no{tures to every restwel, es
ow • *briar, itotitt qt nourtng no 'twat =Mori to
f l it
tie titer ,t4rre Lay cl ueter and bring .cry fluid
• iarg• quoataty Pool ftun thr pen into • given lace eery
ling dreier into the Pins of the yore oultnag • more rrtea•
nutty.. and noe k.• essay tooted by attni tongue if it was
Lary plastex•l ua the purEste. lt Cott coutuutno that
Lao an stkaily .of t iron; therifore will not cumPle
ow{ peu—it will act btoutd, wad although it verttes of • rotor yet in a War boon II become. • drtp black
Irtorli veal endure toy pp. It IP l ed wtprrior to Pm
Ate ulice known by the maw of oArnottlte Weston,
Pkoh,4" tool ww-th lei twee given Gig the mac price. Am
• gualanwe agasaw seirwanntof soy bud bring attempted
the following recomittendstbits ware, u all mutt he, that the tame* attn. given You'd tot bolt been o b.
Wad by air meant tar an unworthy p urpose.
r nwonantend t• IltltbettlGbeopieul {Writing Mid , to
the latronege of the',publsc, &Lett rata article at 41 rep.
petts, it Poultry* from the pen without clogging it hap awl
in the mune of • kW boars brume's deep twit, black.
IS It r 9.m k Co. Wick and hlctaudlrss •
I V., Moore i lotto Parker,
Lipputroit , le %Vi
• ghtman Co.
ble(gurscons 1),.41.• I Frau*
Rohl MeTall; C A NI, b. co.
for IV IV %Wallace, •
Junkta 14411101 de, Aug XI, 12347.
Ile Thua.h thbert —Drat Sir. 1 ha. been utaug gone
Chemical Wetting Fluid and find ft a first rate article kr
Use Nitre, it flans freely Irma the pen .4 bro.ra jet black
a kw LOU.. You's Ile.
T II TUTTLE. Bunk.kerpef
fur 114seella ta.tlemple.
Pittsburgh, An 29, 1847,
.Mr T K Ilibbef i t—Dear Sir liming procured • Wither
your W Wring Elaid,Weis thite weeks ago, I cuasder it fat
ly equal a sot superior to Arnold's or .yuther ink now in f
w, I knew of. Ilespeettul:s, • 1
WILLIA.II STE W AR T, BealrldsPer •
for Antler Nicholson 4. Co
Pittsburgh, Sept 11,1rd7.
Mr T . k Hibbeit—Dar Mr. I wri awn .your tumid
Wetting Plaid, and Gail it to he • roortlesevactit snide for
Meetpms, as it does adelag them opliks the prinality or
other - mai, it lowa free mid.becomes• esp deep black in a few
' / WILLIAM CARA, ectfu llßoyok.keepet
. . •
(on John John Parker.
Preparedand add Wlsolessif mid Rene' by Thomas K
Ilibbert, b iggest and Cbowo.o confer of Liberty wel
. mithgeld emits; Pittsburgh, Pa, ' 0 :
l Oahe .
, . ! a inmate* nverfuste:g.
' : T r rr: best artiele known for cleaning and vett:teeing
• the Tenth. strengthening the glens, sweetening the
breath, ike. It Would tae used every night with • still
Orme., and the teeth and mouth will only empire a rligh
washing. in the !meriting , \
the rash with wlern
rentor. or co ld - veill answer! and ra hit e row news On
the pa*e, whet create* *bit adhere an e.culung the
teeth. Is tensest delicious taste in, the mouth, and ini
parts ft mart delightfalfragrence to the. breath. [vestals
norivalled as a plans-ant; efficacious, eonvenieln. and
Safe dentritiee. it is antrum:at not to inince the teeth,
'butte bre....-ervethem. '
I • Ily using it regalrofT, lit will remove the tartar and
prevent ' its semanultelon—preumit the toothache
strengthen the gams, an d prevent all diseases atthem
chemist*, phYselisns, and';the clergy recommend it a
decidedly suptirer
to wgery flange( the kind in tom.—
'Ask for Sherman's Compound Orn• Thoth Paste, and
oliservethis signature of *snitched to each gm.
Recommendid by . Dr.iOnstle, Jet Broadway. one of
on, hest Oentisth, and by most , of the old established
ones in the United State; end ever' atensively used
!by tars Nobility of Englund mid Fro ea
A large propernon Of the disease. t kat &laic t mankind
arise Rom reine't)zrangentesia of tilt stomacher bowels.
'which * rnol• re of Ilbe Cal tie Lozenges would
cotirelyLobviatif. Persona of bill 'es habits' abould al
ways hive a VP., at hand, and t ke a dose whenever
th e y feel the r . derangement. their health.. Ajudi•
Mut are of ese Lasenges wnild prevent thousands
of tutee. '
Serails at WM. JACKSON'S.! corner of Weed and
Linear,. derS)
I A /Ulits Who Use Comonin Prepared Chalk, are
often not Karate how frightfully injurious 't, is to
tho shin! how coaribb haw rough, haw sallow, )rilow,
and rah alp the akin appears. atter using prepaivd
chalk! Itesadei, il\, inthoous, A 11111.1.5 • faige 140011
My of lead. We have prepared, a beautiful vegetable
tide, which iwe JONKS'S ISPANISI/ LII.V
WHITE: It is perfectly imiociit, beim/purified of all
dcletcrioua qualities; and it thyplins to no akin a natu
ral, healthy, alabaster, othar, - Avlng while, at tho mune
time actingas! ts COSll*'pe on the skin, mating it mil
End 'moor:•1
n . ..banes AnocrrAn Practical Chemist of blaathi
ehusetta. mays:: .After 'analysing Joneithi Spanish Lilly
Wane, I find it : pos..lot* the most Ithautiful and onto ,
ral, at the saute timAiumment white I ever raw.
certainly min eimacientiously, reurnamend are to all
whose 'skin renuires heout. ( l9lti"
Yrl d 45
Vold ;17V.IATIAISON, Woos Cook and Shoe
Sor, file liberty lthan of Wood, at the man of
die Big Soot. :An
• !Adieu, ladies. rill
When you' know that you are promised
A natural, life-like, snowy white,
'Phelps. will still use common elthlk,
And look a deathly yellow fright,
The tbetne'of laughter and of talk.
' If no WOlllid use oboe of JUNPS billy-white, it
would give your skin an alithaater yet natural white.
d at the &mantle., .clear sod inimove it. Fold at
JACKSON'S, Calaway M. roco 25 ticnte per boa.
rift ETTER, MOH, SALT RHEUM, he—Who world
tor a omen day seratch, when marketed with Me
Item, Itch, Or Inhekdisemell of the akby a they knew
wild would reflood:trident° Met%
rh horrible to be obliged to rub and scratch when
alone, bill morn harribl° to RFD. from n, [for denefir)
rake,l when M company, Let ot be remenatit red that
w.i.tnors 1 - gi - rits d ITCH OINTMENT Is the
most efficacious of any ot her preparation In existence in
mating the Teller, Itch,lnd otter dieemes of the skin.
Al all disc...ea of He 'kin mutt trier from the impurity
orate blood and fluids of the honty, and where .0110 dis
ease be of lung stendotg, and the conotitution +Fleeted
theieby, if Dr.i Leidy 's Sarsaparilla Mood P. 14 he umd
with the tliannent, tbej will cure any masa whatifeeti
and if they doom, the money will ha renamed by Dr.
Leidy. Most c•sea, however, will be rationally noted
by Dr Leidy's' 'ratter and Itch Ointment: ante.. the
whole'syment 'la itapreknalcd by the diseased humors,
which:will!. Vempletely c•rrie4 foam the aysteMby
Dr Leidy). Blood Pills. and the surf:tee ofthe skin heal
ed by the Ointment. Price of Dudek:lit Rd Centel. hoe
ink by t U A FALINEITtICK & CO ,
octrnl car woOd & (Font Ms
IVIOR I/ AN '8 'COIIOO SYHU Y.—lt proved to be the
great Panacea m , euring ety,ehild's distressing
From the Temperance Balmer. Nov. 3, '47.
Cocoa 31[01,—Y. e are pot in l the habit of paffitig,
mach less talkie, relent hledie tees, hot we feel disposed
to recommend Nergultlymp tp Mose who are afflicted cough. I After havers Hied the oseal remedles to
remove a eminent and distre.ting cough, that had for
several days tamed one of our ebildrett y wlthoat sag
e.., we were induced 16 . a. umtithHT . ,
and by ttrellif was obtained ton fe w hours. II moved
to tes the pomace le Wm ease at lent. ,
prepared wholesale and retail by We predrietor, -
awl woo 4 r Wow wangaG ayt
i i mu►
door 4
1847 .
. put, T urst 4 PORTING N • Ais runt, tIx
• cITI XS; ik tit:lob* TltA n• it IP s. tuT.
IpHEimproiedmethodofcurryingumol by this long
A Established: bane, a now so well known hist de. I
striplionts unnecessary. Good+ are not touched with ,
route. th us all transhipment or extra handling is staved.
The Boats loco( b i ght draught sod perform the.; trips
in from six to seven days.
Tile topsail/of our.Wsuchouses enables no to r pture
any consignroontsatmth m
Reeying.suiring, unit
advances tree of charges..
Being folly prepared tq mote satin of Pralued, we
mropectfally sditen consignments of western Fleur,
Bnetst. Lard, Buner,Chee , c, tvool,Fcataers, and i other
wild. for sale, on wlitelt littera/ advances will he
[nada tmd other usual thealthes afford:ld, pledging our-,
*elves that . any business entrusted to on shilll be as
promptly •executell and upon as fits terms as by any
other house. JNO 111eFADDEN & Co. [
Canal Basin, Pntsbargh
'JAS DAYI2. & Co
249 and 251 Market et, Philada :
1847. • ittaiNE
VOR the transponation of Freight between Pittsburgh
Lstd the &Huatig Cities, avoidickilyromhipments ojt
the way, and the consequent rt./ Of delay, damage,
breakage and separation of goodi.
no=rl; & CASH
No 27k Market street.
Ckw Penn end Wayne stn, Pittsburgh
C N ) N; IPTIAftSWV:=I; "" t i 4
Encouraged lip increased business the Proprators
F e
added to their stock and extended their arrange.
memo during the winter, and arc nois prepared to tor.
ward ercigin oath regularity and dispatch unsurpassed
by any other line. Their long expesence ea carriers,
the pslpableauperiorlty of the Portable Peal blyincm,
and the great capacity and convenience of the watt.
houses ateacb end of the Itne,Sare peculiarly calcula
ted to enable the proprietors to fulfil their engagements
and accommodate their customers—confidently odering
. he past ns.a. guaranty for the future they reOpectrully
solicit a conanummeer Mat patronage veltiCh they flow
gratefully acknowledge.
All coo :contents Taalio A O'Connor will be reed
and forwaxtled. Steamboat charges paid end Dills al
Lading denduined free of any charge for Commune:on,
advancing or storage. Raving no Interest directly or
indirectly in steamboats, the interest of the consirnore
must necessarily be their primary 011nret in snipping
west, and day pledge themselves to forward all goods
consigned to them prmptly and on Me most advent.
gums teni , to the ow o ners.
March 1,1817
. . _
Nt llemunen's Portable Iloat Cromoony being die
it the Company again wealth.; articles of Co.
purtnerstuo cadet the name of the “Lloattneo's
mist-Jikoorme agreed to relit the Stock an as to have P
camber of Seats for the ouroom of eat/Tot/I Pod.
thmagh in front sin to eight days, With eerteloty—and
feel encouraged by the liberality of.Mst yerirla patron
age, to make uliare creosote ormngememo for the em
sumo: year.
soce therefore rnpectfa R.:rant:nu
ance of our ld
Muter parroaa.and re ll fer y
all new c a err
to Mom see hoar done bin ors. for.
MIMI 1847. alitiaM
Far Ea tronsportalion of
PILILAULLITHA,ILkurneoro, NOW YORE, eon Honn.4.
Corner iabCrly street 41./1 Co.nal ario. ratarargl
No 365 Market wort, l'hOod u elplair,
ELDER, UEL.STON t Cn, Agents,
Datum:lore, 51d.
prrrsuumiii—Jac McCully, lim. dlornan & Go.
I,V McCully &Co, R A Sampson & Co, hl &Hap& Co.
Panarwon A Co, Ruynolda
McFarland & Co, Flcaong & Booby, Eater Wciert a
Son. J Rayburn. Jooopb lAtata.
NEW 1 ORK—Coodlluu & Co, Theo. Perry &
BOSTON—Rrea/. Burn A Co.
CINCINNATI—Adam.Creagb, W W Scalbur
• ' 1
'T L.
Nora—All mereltmulitm from New.Vott end Somon,
rotimgrmdp A L. Ombart fr. Co. PlqlaJelphia, 'milt,
promptly unviurdell fin of cum:umlaut. • . (rid!,
. •
•"7- . . - 7 .= 1 8 7. Masa
Withoot Tranits, • -
Goods corntsgrted moor cArc artll Ito forarnAhrl with
nu 'delay, at Me lower current rater, • Bslls lording
raosmated, and all tartirnetron , promptly. atienderl to,
fret Item any citrahltarge for comee or commisrtan.
Allmrryorapply to L. A McANIII.TY rt Co
Canal Ita,n, P.:though
I.amg a ... bare and coonmahnus wreliouo
we are prepared
dto re g crtve addluon f a
•Ilipsornilli large amoont of Ywd00r....., a:P5.43114e
low rates. inaarGi CA Ale A:SUL:I"V tc Co
&Saga 1 847.
fa XCLUSIVELY for the traniposarion of, WAY
1.1114.1(illT hrtoroO.n PashurglSL.roollJohno.
t00dt,11.111,4-,yrhary,h,.Warer Petcmtrureh and
all s Met airdidie
Oan ffrYst , o , llledor the rowel:nose oft: y MeAnulty
A. Co., Pittsburgh, early nay,
alopperarr. nlwa)r dr:frotal nn Ouvrag their goods for ,
doled without delay and at fair rate,
'Me hm. formed for spectal accomodation
of the way bll.lbUt., aod the pmprotors resp m ectfully
solicit a liberal share of patronage.
• . .
JOHN 1 111.1.1:1t.11011i.lai.horA 6 1
It 11 CANAN, Joh.n.nown Ateal.
C A AIcANULTY & C41.1.4141.0rgh
J J McDevitt, R.I. Faller, Robot Mu , str, flunky
& Staab. Pat.bur&le. &utifb
1847. gsfitaA
1'1 1 ,7
an d rkaaer, and en
trial 'me.. neer Canal Itonet,
tanning between !leaver and Itr, and cencte entsg mat
C Point Line of riteanitatat Propeliero and Vettaris
on the 'Ake.. will to. prepared upon the earbet , (opett .
mg Navigation tO ClinT FretAht And Pa...engem to
alt the Ritter. Canal and Lakti.
Ilavina every faetttry for toove,rtng fretght anel pasr
penarta ortiL
and dlettateh, the prat. tutor
and naertto reapemfully soliett from then Alvan. and
he pithe. ge)rallz t , h k etr pa!runt!ge.
REEJ). Erie, Proprietor •
. REfilleS, PARKS &Co, Ileaver.Aats
.10111 A CAUGIIEY, Pluitt'gh do
Con. Smithfield and Water Its. opfto.ite the Itlonor.g a.
gahela Moose
Wheeler, Crocker tk. Co, New York
o Geo Darts, Buffalo.
F. N Pinks &Co, ar." , and
Jo A Annettbncts Co. Detroit'
McClure & kViII ame. Mthroul:e
Us istol &Putter. Chtrogo
rn Porters, Pocrernoseht. Penna .
Gro Aloe holtuy re. Kranst 'sack, Ponca
John hie Arthur,Gaßstr,
own. do
wick & Acker, Grehn tot ville, .do
Craig k from ton, Clarksvlite. do
nays Plu m, Olarriburgh, Pa. •
W C Mulon, Ehturon, do
R W Conntnoltrun. New Cottle, do snarl
- _
1846. Eliitia
•• -•• •
11. Ci.tke. IL Hoop*. T. N ehmond k Co.
Forwarding & Comm:Malan Itlertialatit,
Agent. add Proprietors of this Lion (so (s'sor-
IL ably known to the public), will be prepareil on dirt
earliest opeitittg at canal utlitughliOn to reeed•e prop
only mt Pittsburgh Dad Deaver, and deliver the mune at
any point on the Ohio visuals, and also. Lei kr.. Erie
and Michigan, with the greatest ile.patch and at reas
onable rates.
The propricom of this line solicit the bitiTiess of
their fanner eumonscrs with confidence, knowing that
their fireilities art second io hone.
Apply to Of address
Id lIARTOII, Agt, Pittsburgh.
CLARKS & CO, Beaver.
T RICHMOND & Cr C ,•eeland.
aikelqi 1847. -111 D-00-
s Lxxc7L & 4.A.Pals
I , IIE stock of this line ennsats of n doable daily
Line of Roam uld Carr.l.oveued by themselves.]
which are to good order. The subscribers ate
red to forward a largequantity of Alerelinnilia, sad
Praha .° with eartalnty and dispattal
Produce, or Merehandise consigned to any or the un
der•igned. forwarded free ol any charge (or i ents...
bills Lading transmitted and an instructions podia ptly
Attended to.
Thg business' of thin Line is conducted on strictly
Sabbath-Seeping principles. Aiiircra, or apply to
D LEECH& Co, Proprieinrs,
Canal Basin, Intishorgh
lIARRIS k LEECll,Proprietont,
• No Id:south Third Howl, Philadelphia
. JOS. TAYLOR on SONS. Akenls,
No 114 North !Inward street, Baltimore
W 11 WILSON, Agent.
meblS Na West street. New York
tIRA V&A, WAILDAGN & cLar.vishanu
1847. iggiita,
CA A .Alll,lll'S TELEti Al'!! & SWALLOW
RAVE Deliver daily at d &clock, P a., oiler the
Li seaside( the steaintiout BEA VER from I . 4.inirgli.
and arrive at W arra next morning En seasOn fur the
Igiages wch resell Clevelnd befre niht. '
Pirordw hi ers will Ire rereitedthri o ugh,R g ecOriNg berth.
on the Packets, and tents i n a the Blares out oPyllootion
On Ward steamboat Iteavor. Ileairoig Pittsburgh et
&clog k, • .1 or is the assn.
It Al IlAirroN &Ca, Pitniburgh
cLARKE & Go, Beaver. '
.114 , 1 1 1 d. lIA I.DW I N, Ynangstown
apls 51 11 TA VI 11/I %Vivre,
. _
184.6 AND 1847
rymjE, undersigned rare now prepared in fairreard pm
dueo, Re., to the Eastern Mirkets dosing-Did ens
Mg Winter, on the most favorable terms, by this cape
didons mute.. •
property eonsigned M us ovillbeformarded at th •
lOWC. rate. and with despatch.
Membandiso iverived by. roam promptly Insr
warded. ' C BIDWELL, Alec.. Potsborell
ft %V' CASS, Itrownwille.
nosofy E EGERTON A. Co,Cootherland
• .
TRIG Llne.eonsistiogof (fright and passenger
eu,willnm regettallt doting the ,enoon hetwron
Bouvet and. Otto:odic. e., by which i'totithkend poo
tcnityraltetweeit the twepointomill be carried promoli
•ml al the lowest rat,.
WICK k. ARM ER, Greenville, AgU
CRAW & FRAMPTON, Clot koville, do
McPARLAND & KING, Big Botta, do;
1 v
. 6A C IS
_ AL LI/MB, bbovpsbetrigh, doi
M AN. &mod. doi
_ WM: MATHEWS' , Pulassi,
I : • itEED.-PAIIKB &Co, LiOilMj. •I • dr ,
I.IOIINIA CA UGHEY corm: Water and Smith‘ld W.
IsSly Opposite the Matti eta House, ring:sup
The nevranda
E: o il teanier .•':
Copt. Charles Ilevim - connueneein ner
regular trips this day, navin• I
buret at 9 &slack, A 'e.t.a Braver of 2 o'clock, r. „
...tinges. Blubber:o and Cievela. Li. of Cod
nai Boar daily to Cleveland, Od Betty., _W. tren and
L olly - Line of Canal Packets and nose Coatbell
daily TO acid Cleveland: Canal Panset I.tncs td:
New Cavtle and Greenville. Pa.; Erie Extension Line
to .Meadville and Erie. Neil, Moore A. Co's Lin. of
Stagetoaches for Cleveland and Wooster. leave BUR ,
wee daily sin the. arrigal of b{C.2olbDat: Beaver .ftenn
l'ituddirgh. ;Apply to • . .
_ G lit BARTON A. Coy Plusliargh
Wolf. I . CLARKE& Co, BeaVer” - I
MOO • 1847.
E d'PARRS & Co, Cleseland,ALlL . ?I
. R PARKS, Reimer, Pa, TiopriehMis. ,
W T ?OTHER, Piasbutgb, Pa. ;. •
THE above Line,ts now fully prepared to tractipori
Freight and . Pas senge rs from Pitisbargh • nd Cle re.
hold, to snrpoint on the Pennsylvania &Chios/AO/di
The facilities of kedd Line are mit eqmilled by an,' an
Raid Canal.; in numbers 'and capacity of Boats. eApe
rienee of Captains, and prompmk.t of A. 6
One Bon) lOW ce rgh and ir c‘•04111.1a alt111;11ln•
nina in connection with the Steamers.
Michigan and Lake—Ene, between Pittaburek sod
Reeser; and • Lille of first Mass Stemllsiats, Propel , .
lecs, and Schooners, on Lakes Erie, Iluron,-Mi
ehifran and Chdario
I lbrikak forwarded to an; peat of tbe Union 'With
derpmeh. E Pi PARKS A Co, Cleveland, Ago, •
REED, PARKS & Co, Beaver, APS
T MATHER. Pitubargh; All
dog : Cur Water end Smithfield curets
-- TlThileVfifiLAlllllTchi.;
• 1847. iStESENI
111P.011GII IN %V& ItCP,UHS,
ACKET Bost. Swallow nsid Telegritph . lesive
yet. daily, at 3 o'clock r a., after tho arrival. of the
MOrlllog Bozo from Pittsburgh, and &critic at Warren in
time fur the Mail Lino et Stages, which leave iransedi
atcly thereafter, and arrive at Cleveland at3o'clock, r.
aa. •
This route is the most expeditions and comfortable
one to the Lakes.
_PARKS & Co, lkinver,AFenta
JOHN - A CAtiGHEIL comer Wafer and BrtilthGelihrsi
apxfy Opposite the Efonbingaheln Mesa. Pittsburgh
X 1847. NM
. .
!• • ,
IPhiladelphia, Baltimore, New York
mid Bartow. : t . • - •
T -
Clattinalignment this ripe hail received since
Xrtocommencement, has induceg the proem
tonto increase the stock by adding number of fir
class boater, and instead Orgiving.reecipts es hereto
fore as agents, we will give our own, receipts for
freight slopped by this line.
Thdloists ore all portable, conao r quently freight
is taken the whole distance without ininshlpment,
thereby preventing damage from Irequenrhaudling
on the route, sed as each boat is ' , earned by the
Captain who runs therm, which is a sufficient guar :
enter, that there will be no delay on the route.
All Ploduce or Merchandise consigned to the
undersigned will be forwarded FREE OF Cab!.
MISSION, for advancing and forwarding, and , will
be shipped without delay at the lowed rates or
height. .
. .
We respectfully eolicit a chore PI public patro
_sage.- WALLINGFORD & Co., . • .•
•. . Canal Bann, Pittsburgh
- CRAIG, BELLM & Co.. Ago
Bread Streef,Philadelphia.
1 MILLER, Agent.
Bowley's Wharf, Batimore.
Pittsburgh, Feb. 10, ILO,
1846 .A.No•• - 1847
Tllll eabreriben will reekipt hurdle delivery Of Pro-.
duce:tolnmate by the Monongahela Slackwate/
at the fallowmg . pnces.—
Agher, Itatarn, I 1 I'o Lead, Laid/ Pork, Tallow)
W hi / key, and Glngs--M1 et4Ce r 100 lbs., 1
Tobaene,Rentp, Float/lid Wheat•o4 etg per 100 ILA
Arles , / Wet/ Apple& Cheere, Flax/Seed, Glare, and
Leather-10n et+ per iCK/ lbs. •
OiL, Skim. Seed., Wool-110 Mu per 100 11/A
Ileeewsz.Featherg, Punctiinsengy •nd Snike:•Root
—llO eti per 10016 r. .• • •
All ploperty conrigned to either of the undereigned
will he forwarded without delay, free of Cpaunisaron,
at above rates. W II
MANNA & WATEILMAN, Piugharglr.
nneob.,llf .
Da. siva Taxis -
A ccruiiff nod cure for couglti, colds, as m
. .
liver complaint, spitting blood, pains in the aide, •
or breast, nervous debility, whooping cough • k .
broken conetitution, CONSUMP.
Tior; or any diPGRFC nt thnl.ings or
lirt.ast. Header are you •statiming
• with.a cold or diteasela lb
.lungs, try this remedy, • 1 *
you will not pg..;
, hat. regret it. • .
It will : arrest. ail those disagreeable symptoms which
strike Such tenor to the mind, do prolong your date.
tinware of all preparattona purpoiting WV:ail/111
Witd r:berry.eicept that beanng the aiguature oltir
II SwoYeo on the outside wrapper ol each bottle,
as they arc Tine liiiry deatitutt in the article from
which:they borrow a unite: •
/Lead evAat it hp lane!
Would perhaps he a aunt! eadmate'for the ravages
of that dreadful disease in a single year; then add.
the fearful catalogue of those cut off by. IndaMa.
of the Lungs, Hemorrhage. Asthum, , Coughs
Influenza. Bmochitis, and other diseases of illa
Lunge and Liver.
And the list would present an appalling proof of the
tatshiy id these two clasie• of diseases. flat it Of
stortmot to know. that nearly of this dread
waste of human life might base been prevented
by a timely use of Dl'. SWAYNt'S COMPOUN D
This medicine has now born belore the public'
Some eight year., and is the okiginal preparation
from the Wild Cherry Tree. Its reputation as la
remedy. for ceughs, Colds, Brobchitts, 'and Coo..
soinp non of the Lungs based entirely upon. it.' in-
Inosm merits, owes but little to iodated newspaper
'those who rove it o. trial, being benefitted
by it, recommend it to their neiglibent,mail thus
gradually and surely basil gained so enviable repo.
notion and worked its way into 'Sgencral use. One
bottle never fads to cure a reeept emit or mild,
while with stria nuenticin to the directions that QC.:
. -
company each bottle,its use in pulnionary diseases
of lung standing and of the most atarmte; eharat:
r, has always 'given relief, and in very many
instances has effected complete and perniarient
eaves. •
"WA YIVE' . 8 Celebrated_ Cpmpowad go.
upof Wild Chan.
Flifad the most remarkable corn of Consompticei ,
ever placed upon record— 12
Dr ts'aiFne—Dear Sir: I feel it a debt ofgratithde
due lo you—and a duty to the afflicted generally to
oiler my humble testimony in basin ol yourComs
pound Syrup al Wild Cberry. I;Some three yeah.
since, I was violently attacked with cold and
motion of the lunge, which was accompanied with
a very distressing cough r pain in the breast and head
—a very considerable discharge of offensive mutes
friim the lungi, especially upon cbarlee of weather
however alight. At first I tell no - alarm about my''
Condition, bat wag pretty soon convinced that Immt
rapidly going into connimption I grew delly weak.
er, and at length was ecarcely able to walk about Or
sped, above a whisper,- such' was the exceeding
weakness army lunge, Doongtlini hum t had tried
airtime preparations and prescription., but Mond no
velief—griming all the time wrlpe. Jut here Was
advised and pomaded by a dear friend in Wileslng.
ton to Make a trial of your Syrup of Wild Cherry.
1 mot confess that previously.g had been melodic
ed agamat patent medlcinen, aMt I am still
thou° coming oat- of the hands of enpirics, bat
understanding your claimi to , the profession and
practice et medicine, and liafirig impbcite faith in
the saying 01 my friend., I forthwith purchased 91
Dr Shaw, one of your agents, a few bottles end
commenced As use. My disease at this time War
of twenty or twenty five month.' Standing, ceate•
gauntly was deeply seated. I (pond, however, con
siderable relief from the hest boor or flit blytgefs.—
Elut being a public speaker I .frequently attempted
to preach with my increasing strength and thereby
ruptured thoeo vessels tout had already began to
heal; in this way, doubtless, my core was greatly
retarded. to Consequence or acting thus
dcntly I had to me Id or IS botens before f llss
perfectly restored. - I hare no rfuestlon,. a Much
smaller number of bottles wiauld have. made!Me
sound, but for the above indiscretion, .The sy r ep
allayed the feverish habit, did ...fey the dietreieieg
cough, put a Mop to the discharge of matter hem
the lungs, andgave them and the entire eyelets good
, health. those deferred offering this certificate till
. now, for the palteree of being perfectly-satisfied
with the permanency the cure, and now that I
feefperfcally well, I ages it with pleasure: 1,-
Dublin county, N. C.
fAIIT/0/ill CAUTION! • 1,• '
Avoid all purities preparatians'or Wild Chin,,
uch a>4 kimoomo,lllittoo., syrups of Wild Cherry,
Pill. p, 'porting to containCherrYi'dse',*e,
as they are all fictitious and coenterfeit,aod contain
none of the virtues of the ortipal and genoinispre
paration as irreparnd hy Dr. wayne, nod theltirst
ever prepared in this,countrY.. Doctor BnltYne•
C,:unpound Syrup of WILD CI IF.lttly is ei:unposed
Of vegetable ingredients, the Wild Cherry, • and 4 oth...
er. medical imbalances ertally as efficacious, if ; not
more so; the *hole arc so effectually concentrated
as to render it beyond all doubt the moat ploimat,
strengthening, and effectual retried, 'ever discover.
ed Inc the cure.of Tulmonary; consumption, and all
di.eases of the Lungs and Breast. The "very fact,
from ita having such a train 01 ann , inua noßOlve,
standrto prove its great curative properties.
Therelore, invalids, inquirefor toe anginal Urea./
ration, each bottle .1 winch in enveloped iu n 002 U.
blot wrapper, svitli a likeners'or William Penn en
graved,therconi also bearing the signature of Dr H.
Swayrie, the counterfeiting of Which will be pun•
lathed as forgery.
Prepared only by Dr. H. Stratus, N W sorrier
of Ern MTH and Race Street; Phpadelphia...
For sale in Pittsburgh wholesale and tetail by
\5'M. THORN, 53 Market street, • ~
OLDEN do SNOWDEN. corner t!nd & Wotd su.
It. A. FAIINe..TIOCK & CO.. corner el Ain and
Wood and Gth and • Wood streeti.
S. JON ES, 180 Liberty street. ' .
JOHN ,MITCHELL, Allegheny. eity.
And by all respectable Druggists .and. dealers in
Medicine, throughbdt the United States and Cana
da. septtla • ,
Ve.R.MIFUDE, l consider beTi r r
1. ambers. , • -
octobet ftt1,1647. .
Mr. R. F. Sellers:—My sou q mouths old,beingiery
readers at night, arid having iamb feneal tiene.4 eon.
chided he had, worres, and having heard' egress dent
aWest your Vermilege. I height ['vial and lave. aim
dok...loo , ccttrelled Mvery t ite wortnan-I consider
yrour_yermifngv better than all ewers.
xj.i4404 , i40
b • .kkarar ,4l: PX, w iir o i
Sold try Dr. Culla; fith war*** D . gr. Cdrl4;
ihea OLP - • H 'yew
' M. 12 in c 4 IL
, 1:1110.
DD. Fituriun.
Ithweeticto that children will take it. readily awl re,
mare. rev thithieJaexhitile is around
go, lerot orruotli rikste on the Wei 4 t r i, ma).
• • •-• c ert
oven iozors_ •
Loungeswellse idiot, 'moans:ire - hod wiateell , •
myfor °mem, cob* coosumptioos, whoolanuotglic,a&
m tighten. of dor bopor chest, ete, Wes proyelethr
has losown an houses where they dal oot pre perk,,.
litidectiero &feral thisusand bummtavo bconwohl.ww&
' e oat year mewing' to hoed. perootiiioolment mmy sok.
or conmenytLei,ood those Mboriopuniler dm mod disowasog
rola and coughs. They do not fl
arid dry hp tbstiohgli,
but louder - it easy, promote espectonstion,wilapthe fias* or,
irritatiou, pal ninon Use prosialliba. exciting
They we mad. haw a combination of &mod valuable erre
Went, ofeangh medieion, and are undoubtedly toposoo
every thing we ko those onnilairstai Hundreds Noss fat&
llrodsarmors:atm base beat aired of their youdreful obv
two, irons Awn who hale bOti eared hoot an onliopi, • Sr,
moored la perfect Isolth by &Wig
Where there o much pain iu tohresstorside,dere of r
rmat's Poor Aloes Porte, ( price wsly 1.1 ern%) rho
'applied over W. part s seed =lined. if attebde.l
meth costireoese, a tor Owliartie or imatim 4 ,
cathartic milldam, should b used as irommom mt. Wrti
fillEßsl'All'S 'WORM LOZENGES •
These worm lounger dim bon proved b more than IX%
LOCO cams to be infallible; Ilia oily mita. worst vlistruyliws
übra. vor dm-mem& 'Many diseases Wires Irmo outgo
msd occasionkingpod intense suffering, and Men death, with
amt their.. bag suspected, goon personi aro wry alga .
ievedwitb them, &odor. doctored tar whom tompialais
witlio o tany beoefit; whom ona does of these Loon, wend. speedily mare them.
SympOmmastf Warw.—rains the joidll'or wiy r otlu
dm loath, pwiti* at the woe, grinding of Washed during
sieep;nitat tinny a palentasabout hie gushed Ousel..
bleeding ai the now, a glownwaewatiuu Osil atoseseli, ANL
es of boat mar the surfing &Wm body, atighlachigaur oldr
mings, headache, demob., recur,
mo d " dreams, sudden martiog watt (right mid isermusihig
sometimes & trouldmone linevibmom, palbd
hue, fits, bad taste in the moth, iiidlealt big, paean
' the"stomaeb or bowels, Gripe, Sepasishalcusas,. 'oral
' riuto appetite, lemma, bloated siumaeh latoiarspisqa.
sboutingpeins 1/0/0111 p. 41 Of the body, idiom of urip
. Wig ruoag i. latellmeat, itebbig ado anus hoards &kV, a
frequent ileum lomoll
pass muing from thiilormie s onAi rot.
time. Aim and awns.
- ,
They . give immediate relief in banana or sick lidadmise
leSpiratsca . a MD. heart, Imam of the spirit; despoodarry, •
telmanatory or putrid Ma dont, bowel or Puma
ear -
plaint,faiobop.oppeeaioe m a *me of &Waned' the ,best'
done, smuts map of the monach or bawds; hyslreirel
.&cti® and MI nem. Mama, dromaines %bracts Da
!day, I mlefolocis Droller the nightt.eleikra- 'Mall
I era maws, Marks; laadtirde rie a emir of Davie. 'Pm • •
eooe traallinv andiog by panics, wailful the Loan
. 44 1 7 01. 4 11.b. 3 . 2aPnaki
Mar Minpalion, eri mime Go tom Da Foca pat
ersify, and Mane .1/ur InOtaaaal sproptomaraluit Dan
tot Da living • relanne who brae boo. too DO
atnindnand th
t air diairdbabiia, will Did thia7.l.4
The heampigiliadairplister in the eroril a anilmomM. •..•
f/tardl, for Ptts/“. mama to the lockjaw, DU, Pea, •
liabs,yotath rimenzeisoi, lambageice . De.' • One nation • r .
year ealardeupydy the &nand. -They motive a littlyaMent
arg befareappleaLM Warranted mama Dallothenotad
bran. ilium th e mai. peke„ =aka, ea only are Mt, but
Declaim/ plaster . hetlit 1/ affards: •
holm, and DOD astooldlict earia. ' ' 4-
In liVer acentadat elyerpaia, it Weld be irons
I . ll=flif i rc i oz s=h,2l4l:llLlDad oi &M
breethistr oFfo , '" , ds a 6. tf.s.Fir 1 / 7 'IC. •
ma/rarely =ay Scot times ea
decided eupret from one Tese Indy stresetali.V4 . . "
ter. • Physicrans vanity reasonend dono, paternal
ell othrarifstame Way Deism adhere lat.:emit adard . preat
cr relief. In Dear orate they are etnenteat
rowdy.. Slay ere com of entasty dlllFerent •
fraaany other, and Inn Man lb. DM seal .
Dons who ham used Dm, as Walla . Da amend temliseiey of
the celebrated .ad distapdabed dm end phyieleSti to
the room mad Ma Mealy inirdiemed MeDe • •
Smell Fame ban mISM 'at the methane to.iyis
Deis sur= and. Make, at Ilutalinatiiiirmilemmenis tam
Directions Dr ma an ea the Yak of iereji :C , ide a
Ms.:Ole of Dr.Sfienna. rearm. 'it is • y... 0.4.1• ' '
allay. e
lb. st 'Sir Shaman's Poor Mani Plaster and stie
an ipirddnitrnr. •
. 00.,
b,Lw:•'Jr iixlzi:i.ll - r-,16 ..
Medici.* Warehouse, Lsberty areet, or th
PONDUMPTION CAN DE CURED itz_uaurri'Dir. . •
GYwawsN, 0., Dlthehthif
Dear tilik—Thid is to certify to the plank' warilesditillW,
those afilicied wilh dimwit of Molnar,
that lathe Springor 18471 was Orli with• mire ! Oil '•
which eme banana naiad uyant y tam slilreriogrAil the •
systawkins of an apprekehing Ccainimwtititlll.lW„etogitii,thr
tight and tharkthrosoe, Waned with emit, dirht sweets; •
spit iup daily if considertilith gustily or bled, - shad kith
.. •
hick dark matter. My eituiliem brareasiidliilsiso
iv: :Dating this Mai I r an Mended
skilful Physicians; they did the but they Mtn thrsos,sthen •
at korth they garejth all Mins of ry,iviiniry,)isarp4ll •
me that nothing mare coon be don.-tthat jel_ppivym,fir •
tally diseased, and beyond rethady.. I war then pcnovid4
a fried of mine to make Amin of Dr. Ditneasils -
rant Randy, ;which my Physician pa • nisied aganktoiyieg
that this =Mild. twould g61 . 1;•60 - :',Odraii
more to my suffering. t ton mean it:erasMy tae
lewd, lad that if I must dintot the doom, rlthth ifef4ri
•dentio me,) th ere woad Mum onw fin I Setif inTChe
cioamiri oak. obuloas bow. or 1ib644 'tap '
b69fedieme, and knonocomdl lairs =cording to 1.10 dime
lions which, instant ofssitkowAtiosy:stnering,imiliftnelid
gammainiUrc ma' atrating the trosthllmothe. Citag
ming the Pain and fightessekrary Cheek, wiling nutria*
lib ml Mantis, whielvoicm enabled me to Ise about
This inedielne 'continued iti wood work, ulna, WM nobly ._-
enimorned, mill I wee made a tomd mast I had Ninth keen
Stir-1433W 3.sfrey lan ni onis,litong. or 3 yeassilsnifthel,m '
imililly as 111/611.: 1 have exciannenddd Dr. Dmican's Er t
peetanotßentedy in many instances Millithe akintiyaillitts3
end it las Slays proved mecessful so farm I haressitheekid . •
ik effects.. Aly sister is using Um osedidne at preiesil; ' " '
Disexuat Lira and as ectien4lo Liartipoifikh
• had suffered with far mime time; Me has nearly !misdeed .-
• r•
the me of this medicine, 'and I am ethildent the 8 hit..'
that I mks with me today will =Veil' dam ker.:• * fa's; pity . . •••;•-•
o know that there are thousands of rahnik wsniOns . ristiuti •
way with- this drodfal destroyerLCONSUALDTION.- , -
Were it oily pcasible for throe to prosier Mir medicine
time, baton it be too lath many liver might be prileithrd itank •
their fmtilim and relafiLie again rendered hawk. 't This'
medicine will give instant relie4 and Mthe m. ti.g.W reo .
diehard and painful CO9O, restore the them:Mails die fthm
wire etmagth to the cambial and mitheiated tome, ova is .
moat ream, I amthittin, mliperionsta perreet mire. • ••
Ildrettgoseery,Hemilson Comity, thblin
13.—Those who tray not be aequatated with me I refer
to the midersigned, Minim of Montgomery, Wilailthe ems.,
ty, 0, they will at any time substantiate the above sietrineeti,•
Noakin Ithowernts.,„. - • „
CA.- .1. !MOW
. •
'DB. DUNCA wsrearfroivicz, bos t i.4.6 . •
meet, inhere this raluabh Medicine cen Miami be Mminid. • -
Bold in Pittsburgh, by %VAL JACKDON. nettle} of
Wo- and Idbeit• .. aptlCtikAir
• - - •.
I.llair Cream, a onlettlese-artiele .for the •Gtoartb,
Beaty and Itestorailonof the Ilair. , Thu Ceara, when '.
once known, will supersede:loll tither angles of Btu ,
kind bow used.. Where the air is dead; bush lb Iti
healthy . or turning grey, a;fear applications win - take
the ha oft and dark, abd give li. betintlfuliiyely
appearaceet and will also Sake it rends-Ito InrelL*.ss
ad healthy color twice as lag as all the lapin:lions
which arc generally need. Event Isdy and a ,- attatt
who are in the habit elasing oils ear theft bale; Id
'at once purchase a bottle - of me Chinese Maresca a
ie so composed that it all nd itnere the hair lata Ma
mar preparations, but will beautityit, an d give arrest
satisfaction in eary instance. : L t.
Fat testimony to as veer superior qualities; iee.tha
following letter from, Rev. Mr. Caldwell; to Midas
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