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173 . TTRAfruti flant)isaco. -
CROni-moßstriG, DEc. II; 1847
try- asi Yrrisst.a DAILY Osuraz is pribluilic4
fkly. and Weekly,—Tho Daily is Sores
voiisr per annum, ihoTri-Weetly is Fore Dallas per
snows Ile Woes y Taro Dollars poraoaum sericay
Mulish's au eitunly requUted I Una in
ihne ferJts Wore 6 I. I,,Mlas early in the day u
Fort,. Co®ac c t haislligenze,Domme Mar.
Hint eur.,lll3lpons, Money Eszketi
gra goartle Page far if Ilseallasoaus News.
Edo anal Coirenionderve or itie l'huounk Oasenst
' eazsiosarrs eizaseuz, te.
Washington—Tian:day night—Dec. 7.
The Ji..nes or I:Waymire:erns met the
taming. with a deep interest pavadrng the whole
b-"'7 upon the pawn of Si choice of L/lerk,--en
a flin, text to ire minor, and bitter In its eme'u.
mei I,
is then tow of the itiplaker, and to which arum
there attach a lose smut of official patron.
ate. in the form of empl 4bisi and 'citaersaw. A
CO tread silence, p• rradint cio Hall, se the members
Tel, coded to their names. i J rho Q noel Adios.,
as was expected, rated for Mt. Fatties, thereby
trdrenaug a pledge previously made. Mr. Gid.
ding. voted for Mr. Bargeot, though cot among
tns nominees, and Mr. fat, of N. H., 'toted - for '
G toga Etat, of Nf H. Mr. H Ames, of S. 0, .
threw away his vote on Mr. Gouvenenr. ,Tbe
Whip, inherence than Merar• Giddings and Ad.
eme, voted for Mr. Campbell, of Tenneaeo, for
maey 'taro a Clerk of the House lln Tenneswe,
and also a member of the; 2b :Ii Congress. The
i battle was Well fought on, both aides, and aided
1 by the mattering note the chanear of Mr. French.
1 Ear a Gate, anamod the but. •rho die, however ,
I Was cut, and Mr. French received the blow be
hid so often furled upon others. Though a
I good Clink, hi Is no bettes than many others.
,- ma as a piny man, believing in removals, and i
1 • practising proscription, he has that received the
' pawned chalice to his own lips. Happy for the I
I• country,—happy for all partses,—if this rotas of
.41 roxnal" for opinion's sake, had never been in.
trodaeed. Thanks, how v ever, to General Jaekson
I for an example so long eatit.fled by p rece d ent ,
that them Is too much reatonto epprehend. may
never have en end. As things now ate, in regard 1
'to the taerkidaip, a score of moo ire apphants to I
' Tr 1 re instated In of lea which they before, held, I
a nd fr im which they were suagnanly remold by
1 L ca Foca Chits. ,
The Meanie left bereto-day upon wit:gird!:
4Sizit th%whid, and ere this has ban laidtefore
the nAdefe of the Gazette. Its unusual length re-
I. camel &peva, rebate the Senate, in a memo.
fat atothin to suspend its i farther reading, and this'
fa ttelnidet cf the 'argument. This,' too, In a
I poly ilea the friends of the Pros-idea are in al
1 Xnej wit. I: the House, that same motion was I
na.delr Mr. Pettit of Is., also el friend of the
' Pt indent, but the Whip bring' in a majority,
, were willing tO hear the i Prs sident through, long.
1 ruinously and noneeewsnly long es it was. Let .I
I the diem:tent soca for itsel4 with all its advent:.
I re of a universal cuculation,--of extra topic.
, 'trim the Government Press, of being printed in
i Miry Moen .6 of being read by ell puma. and a ll
ram Its exaggerations of fectf—tta untmestate
aunts of history,—lts distortions and direalornams,
! all, fike -a he. may travel e' leaf 117 while truth is
paging on his bores,"—but when fairly overtaken
and eubj.eted to the ordeal of the public gets, and
public opinion, the truth will darken the falsehood,
as the light of day scatters the gloom of night.
Had not the days of wonders ceased. one might
be maul at the unblushing falsehood, now reit.
anted by the Executive, that wklexhiecornmericei
1 the star" in which we as engaged. rilteaung upon
1 this nutrug, the whale nerratton and argument
Is mute toleßnform to it, and the Message, in • few
( .. word', miry be summed lip time , e
iYstonw Cr:lien Or -Mr S •Yr 7) House
or P renzetavraliv es:
1 'film is a great coontry,-1 am great maa,—whe
, People gr. neater than all, and enured, capable of
mg tygiveniwket, sod of being the greatest people
Oci 1140. Aar cherished policy is to celowtie
par,. and to eeeottiplub it like my predecessor,
1 Chi Flicsor•. 'I took the respoesibsinv: and 'made
'4 Cr lapin Of One .do k 1 *eat it.mmeter to Mex.
ten aver sit exam l'exas to the Lining, and the
Meal.aes w. re to teamed that they refused to ra.
,_C ere .%tr Slidell
as Ambanador, Omagh he hen
i p -.'e•s to perstams the blesicaa tnth toconaent to
y s d stmt Lee) had boat. and in addition, te give op
i ao a Tory would anther pay thaw debts. ear
was tip thri• territory . I °acted to Make Peace
h Mi Sten oh a, vet she wont+ call all of ire
Ts , tio y 4114 or tee Elo Oran e, T. ras —and is
I 1 "4! lt W e " .. ll .rlr to es e cnal ". us hi t;t: . ro:. d ol t. ro ..l ln b ;Trte oIE..
' I
ens ant men, but they ad the cone...lame ol know
tog they area In a finials teed. nod eeverea a rte
I attire. :Sever Odom bad ikuootry act...ldlers,
aid never b d .oniers • oft a coon ry Congress
( X : "Lntake :n c rt rnw l fi c ' . "
L 10 " o r ;eaetethin
t oiegwat or n.L.t
t•ea. a - hare remec o legislate t F e
Le4islattbe alarm it Was not in semen to Legislate
r• r .1....1 la gegend to the territory we pine.. to
the ro a Mee co, It mod be ea unrest that If die
not la I Into till hands by the agency of war , it
would be ..,re oy means of Peace, to w..lch case we
air•or d hare test the gloria of conquest and the
hourrsof soar As tleite 'could 110 t retain these
Provinces tor bench. 1 deemed it rigat Mat we
Should oceurerthem for ourselves, as each a course
Woolf best comport with my notions of what a great
'Tower and a great people awe to a weak people coed
Ischia tteptitore, like blenco. Monmver. it ore
4.e eyes had not fallen upon Upper California,
the hawk's, eye of •sorne Eavopcan power would
hare bee a stretehed over it, a...1...m.0d have beta ' s
lost to as, f‘es.deat blOttroe_iand. In Hal, that en
townie power Mould be permitted to pin m e w
epic our ateree. 1 said so last i ear, and any so
0 ,0,, moue, I did consent that' England ehould
bees the lion's thereof Oregon, but England. it
must ho resine.bered,ifs 5- n on, while Mexico, st
best Is but a wolf t i ahe FA Morning. Yoe the Mlle
teleor. , l have claimed rew Memeo. It Is of more
TAIBIT to 1211 than to Mexico, and therefore, 'bottle
be mire. ' Possenion beteg the desirable means of
refentioe, both Ptah:ices may be regarded as ours
already. ant :l rem:iv:mead that territorial Govern
ments be established In them at once.
Formilly, it was deemed creamer' to conduct
the war in a Vint of forbearance ' but there meat
be fermata en no longer— , war to . the knile and the
knife to Me tilt. is the way to waver a mice, and
,to commend ounelves to the cleaned and Choirs
l ten nations of the earth. To accomplish all tele
1 le • eatelter befitUng the dignity of this greattmon
ant my adminietration, I call lot more men and for
1 more money, to old me in the proseeetton of my
righteous war. JAMES K. POLL"
- ,Wublegto., Dee. 7, 1217. ,
This is mock itionethan the. tn:little Ma.
age, but it Is certainly a much hum' coo in point
, of fact, in whets rigid ,'of our Mexican relations.
I ikoabt much if Coneress is ready to tot* sup
pi a' tr allying on the war upon such a recent.
mendatlon. The Etecutive ha not made nut his
I C 1 . 41 ,"..0 0 r has he ehown the wisdom, the policy,
or the jolt :a of the appropriation. which be asks.
The istaetary of War may do better,--but nous
e r one. The idea of no tenitary,—of a defers-
MI. Moe, and of the Wilmot Peoviso, applied to
the Lento.) , to come into the Caton, are all bras
We Li the President's Mime of right. Nothing but
war, horrid war, taxation at home and burdens
Wooed, will appease him. We must tam Meal.
Can Progineire into American Telnatkrial Govern.
menu •.nd seek to force the Mexicans into friend.
iy COMmanlealian with' no, by making them feet
the power of ourstrenstb, and the ferocity of mar
revenge. Alas, when will =now team war no
more. _
AU is compsratirely quiet in Um city, though
awry Hotel sod boarding houewia crowded with
viettora. The floprecno Court isl.alrearly hard et
work, with threemoath's labor the Judge.
Newnan' Cason.—Our Obtain:perm of
•the Lortnal reminds uo, that we omitted to OW
them popes credit, as. the source from which we
obtained tto Meetegeorbich ere now do, by this
atneetion. The pirate MEM of the 1:11)11211LI
b shicti4T Matisse was obtained by the int.
gal, and its coot, an cutters of basilic= Of no In.
tame U GUI itllaelL We fo . their explanstion
O thmlisort of the mosso lbrei ritorlefod It =et
ism foe the Bas tie to credit-to uny paptr,
The bang USISI? it. the Mee
te tut we sh a ll emit& ta it 6 1 0
AA: to imply theft enddiebenot M its contempo.
.Tits.VOn*ei W,b4r. an able pape4 W Dow
nude tbeedkodlibt4rge end, Awned. bTD
ZIJM Efi-4., / . 44^ *!
. ,
r.l*.lasiourr.-o+ ll 4 o . 6 4v,ipqa ,
or Oommeol 4 vant oat by tbi Ship iii ,
4 . 44 op„itio
?."•,• •
9triceet. Tulin* in MY
abOtt laia7lli; the .Unim" et Wag:drib= pule
faith Wel maim, thilgood cwaitiun uf the fi•
taiscee, who% notice it, weed by the pirty prow ea
e text upon which a tleelzuhation i ?nub%
be ability of the Snindal officeia. We Lice a
bed We understand, final the authority, that the
Treasury Dome of the:United 8 les aro 8 per cent
Mimince in the city of kleni . This state of
things is most fattinately ado:limed to benefit our
schemes of 1101=4 it will contribute to. us 1
to pay our expenses in that - maid, upon more ad
. 'amorous terms.--Onimi. I .
A. to similar cases, the . Na Orleans papers
correctpl .
eachnonsense by a • emt inquiry like
thii from the Bulletin. ' - •
I 4.1( Tressuiy. note. bear a remloat of 8 per
' B ent, army drafts:MN bring a safe remittance
being granted in didificale ' ought to be equally a.
Talusb a, and die Melon h ad better inquire at the
War Department, whether any net thefts bare
, been aAJ at a Israinlumo and whether. on the
contrary, they are not Getty: offend at a die
mut , -
fressufy notes-reallg us at a madam. will
has not General Bcorr lam supplied with them.
instead of being obligerd'aftually to bonnet , money
for the pressing end '
', ifidisperisele wants of Lb.
army, si ■ awn : egortinnit rata of intwase
I then gives In evidence the following extract
s Muer trom Mr. Kasoau., rf 6th Aug.. pubj
•rd to the Pacayono,Ul the ROth of that mootet
ttGonitary to all ezpectations, the train which
came up to -day did not bring any money, and
hence the poor piovider. for the absolute want. of
the army are Irvine off than veer. As high as
fifteen per cent ban been paid, to-day (or money,
to tars, the daytimes of the abort march from this
to Mexico, and i
me of the holders bere are eren
chaffering for o' teen! Garth are the straits to
which oar Qo en:easter. and Commissaries a.
bandoned as the have boon by the Government
at home, are dna p. Nor is clothing brought, nor
ma any of the necenaries (or the well being of
the army, to say ienthing of the comfort, and hente
all bee to be pint...hand at rates which amount to
nuneue eztottiod. I give you ficts which emit
man hero knowS7comments may suggret them.
selves. • '' .
Fifteen per aid, for Me march froni . Puebla
le Mexico, which war accomplished in 10 or 12
days, we .hould think may b» - justly called • pret
ry -.exorbitant rote of interest" for such a Govern..
.went as that of the United States, who're. credit
ought to be unqnpasched and unimpeachable.
The blunder., mismanagement and gross neg.
foe, on the pf: of the Administration, in the
management o this war, exceed all belief, and ere
sash as woold TO driven from power, the strong•
est ministry that lever existed under the crown of
Great Britain;land if Congress will institute an
Investigation oti the whine, it will elicit di.clasures
which snared astonish the nation."
The preeeding" extract shows that thearroy, at.
ter bating been halted et Psebla for two mellitus,
waiting ;Or antiPlia and reinforcement., was final-
If unable is advance, oven with inedequa.e farces
and means; except by borrowing from eitisans of
the enemy, and the whaleantxrn of the campaign
depended on behig thus able to obtain money, at
most amnions rates. Thi. angle tact spectra vol
.:trance, a. to this manner in which affairs hire
been eondneted hy, the Cabinet at Washingten,
and all this tintei to*, GM. SCOTT caustantly or.
gad to advance , , and narpse. if not: complaint.,
expressed at hi. inactivity. by the Union.
The fact is, the glories of Mr. Walker, and Mr.
. Pia are petty mach fustian and ;fiction. At
Weshingtnn, the Union cries out, we hero plenty
of money, and at the seat of war, one ufficers echo
have none, and are at our wits cad to get enough
of money to advance our army. We no longer
leak for facts in; tbo etdat organ, and consider
the outgivings what the administration wishes.
were the cue, and note plain statement of the case
as it im.•
it !TULIP no HAIM/MS.—By request of the
clean:um of the Committee on Adeline Harbor.
and Rivers, appointed at the Chicago COSICCIIIiOO,
the mayor of Neal York hes called the attention'
of the city councils io the sulject, Sod they have
(ZlD•ed 'effutielutly in the MIMI% Committees hove
-been appointed end wo shall soonhave • report.
Theartrions committee. nominated at Chicago
to Fianna information are la! follow):
. The District of pa ffalo'an . ..l Lake Ontario her
been assigned to Johirti.Mixncer, or New York;
The porta id :Michigan is Devil A. Noble and
'Joseph IL Wiliiants, of * Michigan.
The parts' of the Lake Snores of Illinois and
Indiana toilsome B. Thomas, of
Tne r.r.- • . 'axles to Thomas
Allen: of Misavami, avow. 1101, at Ohla,"T
Blebs co IS Poister.o - , Penney Jamas oat- B Kering. of lowa.
lied the Iltale I hsalters entre Adelina to
Ablerte Livarerne, of Metweebusetor, Alexander
Dunce,., vf Boyle Idaod,k John Pager of Beer
Hampshire, Phdip Itirle,V r arid Thom.. W Wit
dims. of Connicatzut, moti D. Ruggles, at
New Yoh, (:narks King, of New, Jersey, d C
Johnom, of Penosylvants, end Thomas Bitter .
Kmg, of Geirgta. -
The whole Madsen of the coneention is male.
log great pugeess, sad Pa:taboret mutt give ItS
share of inforMatiora your interests ere very great
Lerria vaax Posica.—We tax the
tog estract from a letter yabliabed is the "Pon" ,
of Fag vanilla& :writaa by Wm. Crawford,
dazed city of idwaloo, glib Oct. '47. It gives a
favorable picture of Oactp;Lift, mare ea Mao are
bays yet seen from the Sildier. Ifo soya:—
You must not think that I em .dying for home
—for I am just as happy as any Midler min be.—
There is lots ot, fan here.' ti
can go to • Spacir
Fandango anynight in the week- more particular
ty on Sunday- 7 one bell Amend= • Soldiers,. the
other Mexican &sterile. of difforent grade. of
color, and conditions in life. I have bought a
arils, and we raise a.fandango In our leasers
whenever we .pleasi. We bad a regalia frith
Green Hall some nights ago; oaf in the morn.
rag just as I was psieg out of bed, my head ho
pe •to reel—tlie earth appeared to shake. &o ;
thinks I-1 haie taken too mock of that brandy
last night knit seeing consternation en all the
countenances* round me, and naming into the
street, I saw the Mexicans, in greet numbers, on
therm knxes, praying to the Creator to avert the
doom which. apprised ..irnsten them; It was
it heavy aback el au earthquake. I set it down
acinnethe catalogue of dangers, through which
I have pissed hoc. I ism' to Mexico.
Tps Lrrnat Nrisam-*-Mr. Chine, the 11. 8
Coned at the Cape of Good Hope, has lately rer
turned to VW( his relations in this' vicinity and
has brought with km* specimen of the tribe, or,
as some people would cell it, epectes of Brejean t an
or Bushmen. The people of din name are mid
to be an intoreming link between the human race
and the animal, and are alwayi dwarfs, exhibiting
more of the man than of any other spedee, and
yet something more of the monkey or ape than
tho man. The specimen brought home by Mr.
Chum was exhibited yesterday aftexnaon. r The
little billow apprised to be as intelligent as most
negro boys in !demise and age, clthough he isnot
yet. pedal fli; the Engliah !engorge. ire was
droned in • Hie jacket and troween, and no one
would have taken him for a very peculiar speck.
men of natant history. Severel darters who
were preeent„on examination of his teeth, pro.
pitmen, about. tan or twelve yearn of
age. 116 hifi is pecaliar, being set on to de
skull in knots,•nd all etnly like that of the Dem.
—Baden Courier.
A, Washington letter to the Salliware Panwt
sayo--.41 ear, Clay Is to be in this' etty the tatter
part of the present month, to attend W an impure
tent law ease referred to the,Suprema Conn,—
The eue is that of George Besehl ease of Shelby
of Kraihreity, vs Dar* of the Untied States.—
filed and brief by H Clay and /ashes
on judgment for $50,000 and interest, to mai
pal the. Trustees w exoabit an seeoent, dm, in
the United States Circuit Court for the Eastern
Divulet of Peansylvsela at Philadolphls The
Court considered the aeration raised new and irme
portent; and eratified it without argument upon
a division of opinion to the Soprews Court at
Washington. He will have other cans in the
Soprani WO to attend to."
Murton &&& ic & Sorrasix brou.—The Rev.
Chula Little end wife, destined to the Madera
mission. under the dilation of the American
ESerdl ailed this mailing in the Wipe May
Adana, for Madras. The Rev. C.'l , Meyer goes
In the sante easel, on Ms ream to a mission
among the Telugu people, a short distance from
Madras, soda the direction of the Foreign Mis
aiew Society a the Evangelical Lutheran
Clarth tq the United Stains
TWi minion et Madura was commenced in 11134.
Todd and nes. Heavy IL If Meng.
ton, Sidtb' thins wises, were the Am tedrelonsties
Exited then.' ' It new extelett of 7 stetlo6s end
saterst 10 adsiimutelite. I mils ind - . 10 re.
islets melstent missionaries, - 3 chi ve predmbers
ind 6 4 , o th er =Wm • •
ittu4lohcsi tkilisisliy *the anti of
Vi!stsoit of ths Marines at Vais Cruz
Muni au:sze hu iesated'Nsir Orlaumsi aad
en tbit di, Di, doubt on hi. imp to Wastdogtoo.
We arc au:him:zit tio . state to 'those itetermte.d.
eel the Directors of the,Pittitbargh ena(connellii.
'title Betimes! Company iiiinotkei at liberty I. can*
out the Bee°lotion of the Stockholders at the ' meet.
inz of the 6th loot., thereby invoking. personal re.
epoosibilty to the payttient of money belongin^ to
the Stockboiders; under thcii immediate enc. -A,
bet which, ander the eireneastenue they cannot ew•
some. The rerponsibility, however, of thie Mean
pOintment to the reasoeidge eePeetatiotte of alonit
. mejority of the Stockbhtders; shonld 'lest where
and upon whom in nghrlt belongs, and to it doubt
when the Mrieihtildem are intormed that
formal notice has beet . ..served ipon the Board o
Directors end their Tret.' - nrer, W. M. Lyoo, £oq ,
not to pay over any mottey to the Stockholders.-.
This notice has been given by PI,. I arimer, who
assumes to be the President of the Company, and
requires also the delivery to hisii of all the books,
papers and documents. pow in the possession of COI.
Robinson, who exereises the day of that offazei,
ander what' in cenceined to be the only and exclu
ninety' legitimate actiokoft large majority of the
Stock, whilst on the other hand, the anthoriti f
Mr. Latimer is derived from a meagre minuray t
embracing not over 800eliarea of Stdck levet:lately.
Bobicribeo, on the other hand., The BOLA over
which Col Hotelmen pntaidaa. was elected by a ma
j,rlty al near 4110 Total.. We cider.
rand, likewise, that thklattv Board is prepared to
facilitate by legal sdjudication' in the sherteet
possible time, not Only their own right to the func
tions which they exercise, but, aollar as they are
ebecerned. all the queition. which impede their
action, and such, we! apprehend. is the reason
able wish of oat only all the Stoekboiders of the
Company, betels° of thts whole coMmunity. o„o
Willo Meyers 0.-"—The usetiatiwo of the
Young Whigs of Pittsburgh met en Fildsy even
ing, at Temperance Hall on Smithfield erect,
agreeably to previous notice. T'ho proceedings of
the hurt 'meeting were read and adopted.
Ou motion, Hon. C. Darregh" addressed the
meeting. He mid hevras not pietiared to makon
isot speech—he did not know the objeat of this
meeting, bet presumed . it MU for the rarpose ef
discruning upon the piinciples of the great Whig
party—he had come in from the country to attend
the meeting, because he felt it a duty incumbent
upon every Americaneitiscu to examine political
matters, idiom himself, and vote understandingly
—that the greet . questions which invoiced every' :
man's right and liberty should be durcusscd—that
the Whigs were sometimes remits in this import,
not matter, and might avell - take a boson from the
Limo Foco party, whii were always ready to at!
lend both partisan meetings and 'the pollr.
The 'difference b4weeu the two parties, in
this 'respect was, that the Whigs contended t
principle, while the Omer were always "for d e
primers that be"—to-day, "for Oregon up to "54
.-40,and their abandoning it as loan as the 'Pres':
dent. Today in faVer'of the Tariff of '42, and
then giving the lie to their professions with abort
as much sang' froid as Mr. Polk did the letter ad"
dressed to John K. !Caine.
Mo contended that the war between the United
Strata and Mexico. we. °realigned by the act of
the President, in ordoilog Gen. Taylor to the kit
bank of the Rio Grande; that because the Texan
Congress bad declared' that Raba their bounderyi
them we. no exam (or : invading tenitzsy notorious.
ly.knoteXiso belong to Mexico—that Igo Ne a le wu
the tine bolludatls kuewn before the stroggle be
tweet. Mexico and Taxes, for the independence
of the-latter, and no : otßeial net of Texas, sinless
sho had previously sUcceeded in asserting her au'
Charity. cook] give this 'color of title to the territory
lac:ailed between the Names, and the Rio Omit
The President 40 declared this war for the
piirpoin of regaining in -military glory what la
had lost i Mplcmiey, with Great Britain. ire
had claimed all of Oregon, even to , •5-40."stad
bid coweringly,yieldad 'to Great Britain mon tlan
she had seer caked—raka thsm hid eycr hten of
feted by the Mast 'cite of the
Union. Not only tchtory up to the 49:b
degree of north latiteda hadliero aurreudered,but
one of the best hart:Nip Op t p a Pacific, add the b
land of Vanedo.ver, lsome 400 miles in extent.
triounding in coal, an.: the intend depot : both of
a Rail:cad from the Mitiissippi. and. the common,*
of the Pacific. Mt.' . DUrrech alluded to the an.
n 'nation of 1123t0 territory as a probable milli
of the pesert =item With Mexico, sod declated
that it ought not to kW sneezed without some ape.
dal action to excludir43lttway. He &wanted upon
weldor,. subjects, whin!). :we bays not space to 7
port this morning. , . .
Ma. tttaa c, ef R:',chester, N. Y.. out then In
troduced to the ountieg;and-etitettained the midi
atiee'orith a Spa icitief tome hour and ■ half it,
kngth. We tiara neither time nor apace this to ono
ing Cr give even thiuheads. Suffice it to say it
was Wtog from beginning to end, and frequently
cheesed by the audiesicej.
Der cassis —Se•crafof the Penisrylvaubs Yob.
makers retuned to thieeby on_ reiday morning,
on board the marine "Diadem." Anszeig them
we notice the names of bicEiray,'Parks, Van
horn, kin:iced and Elii.iit,—aU.see tiro informed.
familiarly known id 'Pittiturgh. • They were en.
peeled to atri•e on Wednesday evening, and prep
sections were the firemen; ertio i mseched
in column, preceded '!by ■ band of music, to the
river, foe the purpose of receiving theca, but were
ilisappointrJ, on necrotic of an accideut to the
steamer ''Clipper," op which the volunteers bad
taLinal pnreage.
Ttioiro.unteers aro so welcome to the horns of
their friends and acquaintances, u; they would
hero been lf•gr,ot pomp and dieplay had been
made et the time of their landing. .Welcome
procectleth from the hewn," and many will gladly
hal the return of soldicri from the field of strife.
'Col. Ramsey, of the U. B. Regulers, also mi..
veil by the Same iiteainee'with the volnenacra nam
ed above. .
Now Boonte—tltemoir of Miu Margaret Mer•
eer." from the of piuper Mow* M. D„ tine
vu:. Bur., published b Lindsey and. Blackatocie, of
Philadelphia. ThiVia a very interailing Move
ploy of is rut philardhropist.
"The plesiant art of outlay citadel," to which
is added "the way to turn a penny." This book
trash, of a popular anetinivertal purintit and cuw
not want for resident,
....The new miscellany for gills and,beys," a lit.
tie *sok just the !bug fora preseneat the emu
log holidays. ,
The above are all'for !ale, by Luke Loomis,
gent No 89. .Wood pt., who is also well prepared
with bolnlay booka. : •
HUNT'S hi zienviv's Ilifsovuirs (or December
Is upon our labia as promptly as over, and full] of
valuable miner to the merchant and general reed.
er. The leading 'articleis upon Agriculture, by
Z. H. Derby, of Wis.. no able writer.
Devoanaua.—We visited the llamas al Mr
Porter, ort r Thisd street over the Post et ee; on
Friday, and were ;Ovoid to see the correctness
with which the portraits' of numbers of our se.
gosintances were dellnlared. We have seen many
deputise poittaits,and lame of striking Individs
islity, but noel more so than tense recently taiga
by Mr. Hoge, the istiet now operating at the roans
of Mr. Porter. Thu art le becoming more artua.e
and. cenitim Mule( the iisnds of the skillful and
scientific. • ;
F 0172111 Dean thin named Nathaniel
Oxon 60 jeer. old, visa found dead In a:cornfield,
In Mifflin townehip,toointly.
.00 Thursday the':tpdrof David Cwmise,bam
was found an the hill above BinMnertism. In
itiate were held in: balk row, mid the verdict
,death from expasurS: i —so says the Tilegriph.
ParunnoicAn lairrrears.—The 20th AMA
xersery of this Literary Society, cams nif on
thundiy Dinning, and the exorcises Wen) very in%
towing. .
The meeting wu ,opened with prayer by the
Rt.:, Bryant; Debate, by4deteni Biebene, sad 84
deb, aid the'oratlon by Ma Pelmer.
Wehaio oaf mins* Otis of copamunlostioa
ua Iwiibrroesthith !is - wobla stadlY maks room.
As COnress is now in session, Am* spies most
be doted to ilfw's ifurn:Yirsstlinpop.
ASOLITIOX goktnrvia.-,—Tbs Mititxua
aubssaiUseiestWesii kirw of sipport.
":r -. ..
Correspondence of •Pltt.baKb Gazette.
coma:um/is. _
Com, oodenoo of the Pittebergh Gazette .
Waahington,iDee. 9
In the Renate. little .of importance oenumni,
aside ftom the premonition of petitions.
The death of W. Huntingdon. lite
Senator from Conneettept,_waa announced in a
brief bet eloquent apeeeb, by Mr. Niles, after
which the Senate adjourned.
The Annual Report of the Secretary of the
Treasury cm read in the Rouse, and ordered 6
be printed. 'Afttir some further unimportant bas.
einem, the House adjourned till Monday.
Comespoodenee of theytttabargh Gazette.
O Parr..tna., Dec- 9.
GE130.:11.1 Tareon land suit arrived at Orle&MI on .
tho 3Uth. He l ataa 't.ceived with civic and mili
tary honors. ' , Salutes were fired, the hwip l italifies
of the city' tendered, and a htilliant illaminstian
came off ha the cashing in honor of the chain.
guiatted goeVt.
A letter having been II ddreiled by the Mayor to
Gaucral Taylor,,inviting biro to become the guest
of the city, he replied u fellows:
U. S. Siemer ifoineuth,
Aluentstppi nver:Nov. SO, 1841. 5
Sir—l have had the hctnor to receive your let.
ter of tha.27th law., communicating the invitation
of thwmuoicipal and:mine. of New Orleans, to
become the acieet of the city, while I remain in
I cannot 'but be deeply sensible to this unex
pected token .of the reepett and affection of the
people of New :Orleans. Soperceded as
it is to so many +teristted testimonials of their
confidence, I feel that they have laid me tinder en
obligation which I can never adequately re
I beg you to convey to the authorities of the
city my malt sincere and heartfelt acknowledg
ments for the gnat honor thus conferred; and my
acceptance of their offer during the brief period
that Icon remain ha the city.
With high regard, I hare the bond
friend and ,obedieni senunt.
New Yeas., Dec..
off' the track, towisy, , by which two
ed.—Names not known.
Correxporideocci of the Pdtzbprah I
Cincinnalg Dec.
Gime Faesesi.--Another desists!
has taken place in tha Miami lisecr,l
resulted in the dstraeticin of a lee
properly along the •allay of that river.
'omespoodeose of the Pm/thing:l ',Arens,.
Cinch:lEl.o,pm 11. 6. r. x.
The metketalenerany are with - oh change In
aimportont itirtieular; and business is quiti
li I
elusive Carregitcdenee . of the Pitts . utigh Gazette
-Piii'imiteprot a, Dee. 10,4 p. 1:11.
I P. mining total, and every thirmilia pregnant
.d unmoved. the Telegraph Is delecrive—in.
!!.Won being imixifiet. m corpequenee piths
!avy tains. i
coen,inuidelide or u , •111 , nves ...,,,,,,
Neve York, Dec. 101 3 I'. St.
It is raining today, and nothing is doing, every
.g being doll .41 helm. Thera DI no demand
Phipmeut. Eithangek are easier. •
Mn.. PoM—Limited asks of W . fern No. 1
$l4 per bbl.
Lard—Salsa of iWestern at Bid* MEM
Oats—Modcrato calco at 48a49c pc gi
%%Ike I—Sala at 26e t pc: gal.
111Tus LATE STIUXIIIOAT Dissent —.The so.
1 • t of the dosadful &easter of le propeller Pb..
. on Lake Michigan, was accompanhd with no
planstion of the muse, and left tooth for suspi.
• • that It woe ocfmaioned varnehow thr4ugh Wis.
. • :Avg:nein or carelessness. It jot te , pears from
Iteen:mat ol the Milwaukie Sentioell that early,
tho morning of Sunday (the day 47hich th e
:eget wee burnt) the fireman disco, that the
• • mprwould not work. and that the water in the
• dere wu very low. "The engineer mks duly sod
pettedly informed of the fact, but ref4eid to ex.
I himself to remedy the difficulty, the it to. env
/;, i. e. till the bailers bed become redibot ou Lb.
• et
aod had set fire to thei boat in the ; hold. A
nets! alarm was then given. and atecition direc.
d to the by. which, however, inircold it r.p.
lye. to Mat every attempt to ..arn it. - The
r . sineer. through whom riestrgince the pro le tEa •
' • to ha.* originated, paid for hie fault with hi.
Ifs. .
• .
A lugs 'Tinting was het i nt Wilatlect,n. Del
few days sincb, to Oki =minute. for calling •
313VIKai In for amending the constitutott of the
• wte. The population of &darer. at now about
3000, and I. made op of, eleven aboin 23.000
flambe!, 3000 free colored pen ma, goo slaw -
• olden, who together with their holies and all
.re interested in the continuance of a 'ery, will
mount to say 4000, leaving a, balance% 74,000
kites unconnected with, the iustitotion .1 eleven.
INAIL R .—g marl beg arse
rand Riser oar Zanesville Ottio. , on
It, amtmcdng broken packages of letter
The 'atm bid been robbed or
hey contained. ,The Postmaster wri
maid only lonely letters in tits bag
• nly • emit!) part of what it contained ■
MU the stage. From one of the letters'
• f Madison county Bank arm
.ag M still mining• . .
Lawsirroww Basc.—The Philadelph l
aye the notes of the Lewistown Ban
:tate, are in bad odor, and are ailing
. rakers at 50 and 60 acts in the dollar.
...ark pipers say the batik is discredited.,
We are indebted to the Hon. Hoses
rid the Hon. A. tittewirt for copies of
site of the tresident's. - s-4
December 1 1--cozezirrs se re e.
The Pmrilent's Iltwege—Proaxdings Ccop
rpOution ethe. Ho se—E ditoriar Cot.
pondenceClay meson` in Phlirtit.lphle—
rent llenual Route—Letter from Pueble—News
by the Bribtanai.
—Tbe Martial
_ Age , hfcentig—New
Yerk Cmreepondenee--The Memorial to Mte Pope
--barmy of the Dead Sea—Albert Gallatin and
the War with Mesico—Firtanees of tile .united
States—RlD Road Meeting—animal Lights—Die.
era and Eflahmi—ltems—Poreian
ey Hospital-01watt, from CoL Wynkoys letter
- - -
• 'Latest Telegraphic new., Foreign and
" Comeriercink—A carefully complied R 4
the Markets lor the pad vvenk—The priel
loW city markete—The'Cattle blarket—Tl
of American Produce in Tarim:. papa of LI
—Amount of Flom., Wheat, Corit'ece...
Mice the opening of the Canal—Crihal hum
movements of ' produce—Market in Loaded
City lows—'epirit ol ifiePreta—topionei
from the leading jou:rale on tie interesti
of the day.
For into at ttra desk, sine or in wrap
Price 6 cents dist; copy.
Babsaiptiona two dollars a year In ad
. , •
OrThe lmaels strangely eattne rfi-10 UM
human outlet, (or ski n,) the Sudden Ititige rola heat
to cold, and Ma awoke eau. Yellow,' IMO, C.r.
Compbmioas. Than n la reel:mato that t he plasma( the
dein should be kept epee—that their smooths sboald be
freed front:impenty--hwas Mu the ancient ROM pi Phi
loropnera clued all dueness—they comduteddistt more
Itseases and unhealthy cap., kit thinagh Utelperes 01
the alun,dasts any other outlet of the body It Is neces
sary , therefore, to keep the porn open—all human are
direct's:li thou the skin Cm the ports when th y wash
with Jam , Cohan Chemical Soap. pores,
see hence
the t and oloom CU. of 5.11 Rheum, Er .11.1. h
Uld Pores, Buboes Iteb, tore Head Blogsror ,when
every other Internal and elternal remedy had fatted
Its effect rendering the akin whim, clear nod so though
It let yellow and com re, is wonderful—it mmoreertec.
tram, Tao, Butdm m, Morphs's., anti d mks remrat of the
aktu—but parsons moat be putlettlar told ash for Seen'
Soap—to he had 10 Pittsburgh at CI kI.JACKSOM.II.
of the Big Boot, Pa (liberty st. Price lb emus.
Op•No Corot No Pay! Piles! P 1051—
Dr Jackson'. Embrocation Is the only medic no that
will ewe this so very common and von. tesonao
dime.. It not only Immediately allays path a. d tuna•
oration, stops all bleedina,subduca that intolerable Itch
•011, but ellectually mires, Ina very short time Pennon
whams lives have been rendered miserable for years.—
Its application produces no pain, but rather to levees
ble and pleasant sensation. If perms. adlietet- will
call and hove( the great number of eases thithave
been eared, they arid be astoulthed. A pond man of
this city, who had been ander th e knife et th e &c anon
for two or Chloe times without being cured. b e by c . -
log a [iodine( the Embrocation, be en ersdlcall cured.
It nlls beyond precedent n --(Phil. Satarday • ter.
T ra For sole in Mulbtkutt nt the. Phalli TEA
SI m, 72 Yonrtb street, near wood, and Clip at the
Drug twee of H P Schwan., Federal or All teeny el.
rrimportoot to AellreruseriM—Theiativer•
tisements which appar In the Deily Note Wit f... 3
VArmada the 'l,l4'eskly, th us receives . e . hee.
of the =column-of ell. without any ad othousl
charge• This Jaen adenutagetttour advenlsers,lsrltbout
say ems expense. Atlventsernents ere also lissrted
Pith. ennui paper sPeo ,assemble• terms.
t vs a Foal elle—lf lea have • • 9
'Befir3ton:ulehaef Et
ionee'llalier Tooth Fable.fr3 wlll
mate year breath sweet, whiten you .36014
et Liberty eta .. am • • *V
m Tosx—
Dald and Grey—ff you witM a nib, laxity:ant b.
hair, free from dimilnelf and scurf. 40 not fad to pt.
rggionmils than e Iltalen ,r o e f , t e %nm . :T.. , l , :r . ‘ „ ses ocr, nf halal
have lost Mete bale to - CO years nave bad it teem
im *repeal pm/Mllon by the of Mb. Latin.
smte or cued:ben a pr,ar be en olt•mt:s wtma.
causes Me fiuld io how Yr:M.ll,in Med.:ma
tube to p ld. by whine meanh indasattill talent.,
moo gre "the Acae:ic Eaglel bare had their b
stored to its al l color by th e' rite oftthls o
remedy. In all cites of fever it mill be fiend Ca
pleuant west" that can Le mind. ht fcm
only are
to keep the ha from ( impart
shengthens the rohlr, it never ialki impart
;Matey aPpearatmc. aod n
rte tu
for the
umehaalied; it bold, three nines a. mach as oth
called hair resmateives and ismore efiectual
genuine manufactured by Com:rock &CU, Co
st, time lork.
gold in Pe t, ttsburgh, only ghroine.lty Whl CAP
h 0 Liberty head or hh rem. lit
I lYimitingion.
Careen. ea Sore Croamscble. byßeurtett te . h:
in Camonsttureb, by -Dr Voile!: alto, by our a
every :awn in INV, (r.tio and hid. ovled.ka
frrTo Steamboat Meta and °therm
eil's Magical rain raisacuis—io now filet
. .
edical bun that 'Conner,. nvweat 'fain Ext
stablactured by Cnzu-tofic &Co 11 Commlir.d ,
- .• • .• .
Is the greatest wand.of the Pm Century Its • Ice.
are tray mt actin:me. all painsarc ump•fl from IM IC
scalds. Ire and all external Kaman: a .r.v :Itt,
for its applinalloll hCllllllClbe.fame oft the florid Lenin
skin, learrog im.sear. It I.lerily nt, ficokl. 1.1 nil
kinds at todammmory disease Such It sum h pylon
and Eyea, :Trains. Rheumatism. M' lam SsscPir.. and
Clears, Brumes. Sums. tfbnelmalt sfPrOaa. Rulds ,
Tic Doloreuas, e nalght add as proof to ada say.
the names .of many eminent phylimunr svro of it in
their practice, and hundr.dc of Mel Mato 100.0 p Ise It
lather, people bird parent keep li 0011..13 rely off hand.
In oases at accident by fire; tile may be Lou sraltoat llf
bat by its Ott all burns are ”tnect tans control, ante"
tke vitals are data.) ed. Ca tr0n.1..-Remtnnter and ask
for Conneli's Magical Pain Extraclor. manufactured by
Comstock & Cris, N.Y . and no other
' hold by Wal. JACKSON, Anent for Polf bomb, Ei
Liberty st, band or wand- , • nytadamanif
U.,a`t LOW: deule:reell,thr , , can be ina , c
pear:y whale by one tore wing a box of Jortan' AMBER
'roar& Pans. ft hardcza the genie,' ewe:c.o. the bre:ttli.
&e. Sold at ED Liberty et. . I Ital.:Al:kw:7
T r To the Halt sand Lass4j - Ci - o — nisioeli's Nemo
•tl Hone Liniment and Elixir, is We
•I erectnal cure for Itheninni:sre.
Sold by IV:d. MUMMY, Agnni (or Pittsburgh.
Ileum. Fairer, Perms me through the eel:pees
of Tour invaluabh. paper, to erursu,t the mune of .16:I\
tu: v euitaLle Lund:date :or fbr.M.u)urelly.
Matt la s rat/moan every rray tompolena to fall
the office. For integrity; axisdpaM mid good judgrustd a
be has tow Imprints.. Ili• nomination is sassiest:3s
urged by the WWgt of the add Word, and particalarly
about rho 11.,OUND t;lju Itch.
to ba your
ilj - DlSluicitinti and obeys wiII have' an oppo tunny
of supplying thelillel•Gi wishy good' standard works by
Attending the Catalogue Sale this evening, at 9 o'e,nek
by John D Davis, Anetionee. dell
, O, 1847.
, t train ran•
n werntill
0, 1847..
tint !taint
sthicit ban
amoant of
TatUat.Pil.trirr s l ubCEsS.
Comumptivei, remember thae. it lie '7lO mpmesr
Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood hap-
Ma which is doily effeciing o uch re •
markt. th'a cure., in
Althea; Brunehitit, Spitlingof l'sio in the Side and
Breast, 'Ogre "Ihnat, Ilcartituml, Palpitation of the
Heart, Whooping Cough, ,Critup. Ries, .
/Perron...l remora Liver CompLyint
• ithl Pinson] liddnejts. etc.
IIFIREFOII4 hasn't/of ail aponotis mamma of Tar or
Naptita vs itratatione are ahead,
8 I'. 'I helmet —Dear 8,-1 he .astuouhteg benefit l
bare experienced from the um of 'Our etneptpund Syrup of
it , and Pfspllta readers it my duty to ;infirm,oao th I
had heels bag affiteted with a eery Mil rouglimating at-,
pain in tht breast, with greateyp.est eulitultyoy breath
ing. end lota uf nmetlaa, varibut remecies tat hunt
edent 1 locantesiarnwd, I heard ofqour medieiseSbut be.
doerna to us ing mat a Iserhsed diedtrutes, I thlught I
id adhere to tabs, I had been mug. riading anyeeLf
Lillie; worse a Irleetid tversauded Ity • leuttla, of you o r
preminattitt, toying •ne owed ht vo-turi " I .
hiodiate y reoeured • bottle sod econmehrod sting it. end be,
bre I had taken two bat:es, I was moople.ely to
h i atth.
Sae', fde the benefit of others I Make the glove brief
tatiteent A ray further inquiries ein made at my re
'em., 1100 endue Ile ."
lies7tretiol lours. • FRANC. PRL,C•i.
.bft4 CUtufiter Rtmalok4irk
Car No• 154.5.
I About am Ira ra Onto, to ratooqutt.,,, of Ow redontary
Kure of my buunc,.., I was potoArsl with ...or* ran. In
140 rotrobaloot or ,h• too, ..ritoea btea,h,
othich were woo thtlowod bl the tort. ot
vaittrfithm. at oleo and iwth,l fora yto of my limbo—do ot
.7mptortm al • drrangod spoom boort hottiotott: suctzded
mob .patint.t of 1.,:ood. For .tout cod 'ton I W 0ft131441-
01, thrown b.f., co,e.tous. toiorb too to miftrooto
slate fotebknessolot bor. to nth., my ottod Fo.o, tore
}*tame try • 47crit,51,srert moot loaiottr•f r tuo tt a[
o f
el ihotrosid to, ttich a tto,oe ottil tt • ,tht7... of a,
.7suptomm atora ot augoont,th that hot h i tt. yohr I totm
unable to albrad loatiy L,u,thrta tho too, I tcoahl•
buns. al& phi ohd atlrttattl thttr pr,ottr too..
all ir +too tottmat to 7 IP procure cot rat .1 a,4
al h thr) rogaohol ro7 Trento., ott entott, hopolt” In
thin :soda,. I vw.ot it.4,r,0,d llot otary efftoto of
svolt,.f 1.'11,4 Wool .aroltty Ana
C!fte moo and trolt;‘!. I hol attrot t.r all
oapeotatama ttf a rartnot7 of ' my lotto, loa th 1.7 human
°le.. 7 01 taotilLmtaly at.t.., rd.
al,oala rt‘valladat.h. k: al a to .4,9
I, Ito me 7tetottilr, rot n•thothl am:
1 - m oom SO ft to µhod to bouLbto 11'111, Y• CILC. 41, an
7ilfri HY
Pa-pared ably AIVoNF.I DILA •COA at ...e
toner .4 F. 1121 ab.l Spun .
aid by L. ILCOX. Jr r1.1.14...rj. anJ
Syr bb !sr 1.16 m.o.
agrel b.* thole /mat
tb 1.0 LI
0 1 1INO'S HES 11 lt ete.tatt.t.t, e 1
11.• IA& lay. diettoseelea, ae.d (tescrht.h,rt
Onlt. trxb of the cbcha et lett.. et, um:
paled ittr..shltl• &es, fhte,.n ob. eb4
tyro...neat. by • iht• & Stn , tk, e' .ea
I 0 • CO. LbTl&t, mntt..,n,py.rt ttr
Ititowit .tart. mba'r lc ccep, ~r
ol,stoe. Flacht,tl ' Llte •Itht•ltb• blayet fl.,s
ley, Iferxhel. • uhelye., the,h• tt,
h6Q ,Vb bthto Stbith'. N , tbr Ea,
_ .
Jdluatain 7/ 5:4,,,i, I,vit ~. mr..iled ... la,. :s , be O obrit, vary tk .1., a. 61:,,i , ..:
I f 1 . ...' 111turiAs tri ~.aaetar,
1 “acaL Obrad
Amen.. Ct.., aml
C 1:47.
11 Ptu,tatt, P.
Slll I.have Aid your e ot.t. of het
Pttsburg:, p•pem un.h cm • iint- • , :t•i.,.• 1 find
Liar you , ilvv• cop:ed
no,rope,s.ed yourtotf I .tw.'l tot, tto tt , t to
wlm yoj that 'motto, ~t Cocot , /, o.t eO. O ("01
0 O,IOOIV. er.S I I
Mly'enonasln;:o'4' r .l:TiPitt n p bti that tot,'
person. alto do T. know 0,0 em not
eapahlr ,Anopting my own IttieLtow• rattli pp that I
atil u; , preiv,o ••.-. r g t
Another to tar own oat. I ton, torrrior, oud• r
{aria. o[ as _.n; Cod p'.g. ..... tn , 4
manner 11. tit)%llllN,
falUld in
the 2lth
and Fo
that he
•eh torn,
• n atoltu
le $5O lull
• rt. One
At..tea for ratan., lVa.h.nelna.
Mar All rico...papers have
la,evv• .!..1 r
.• •
N/forrizLie 1111lA all LI H:
/N.l. ItiatUal ANCE ANNUITV CHU IT con
'TAN',, at Phlladelph.a. ,apart pcpaas Bare
b :Statarr.l at tho,roce 441.301, pn , r month.
7 Merchant, I 1 F..on,
Clerks nod Aaa`taretr, I
A unraoys at . Late. ' or utilar
IN these diem arelaiturcd VU)) and ova,
:,5 under,
11.1 f theAc there atelr.sured for 1 tr•
• 7-25
W 11A I'M ELI.,
Liberty Street, Near Wood.
• Two Port Cumt and gnprtainmenl.
Saturday Erening,.Ditc. it .
AA'RS. MERRITT. Ala _ter Atittp , tas MJ. roste r
I.V.L White's Favorite Ann e sod UM. dand Ranee,
Few!lngs, ()vent:irk Waltzes nitd•Slonsps, with arches
kat Accompaniments.
Adams:on Cents. roors open m G e pestoween t e
Io commence at:. de11:11
'Farm for Rent.
burgh, on lao .Itruben,:ie Turnßite; it ckatra in,
Otto., all under Ctintr.,loll. .incre are on Oita° 2
f't cm Apple, Orchards, n fire t sitte two Hoar,
Barn, Core liouee. lee How., Ira he, It ia ad m u ta bly
adapted fur a Dairy Farm. For term. nitro'.
.611 Ar.r.AN lat PITY
• at Murphy. Wt(siot & Co, AA noted
Ladles' Winter Irottery.
• 0101111.
••11M 01
• in the
ie price.
e Union
nen and
IVY cock M of Winter HotteURPIIV amt.
r, , ott altetition to bin excellent
Black and colored casitntrre Nei
Ithrek itched, 'du;
DWI do, very heavy,
White and:nilo4 merino do; •
Black tt.egovra do; •
Blank Airtime& dot
Blae.A.Thitiet do;
Black Loma: wool do, vet -, .11 , c+ivr,
Fleet.) . von; silk do, Ac. tee.
All at the lowest yxtesiblo rimer. dell
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al LOYI)
doll 49: Lberty st
; pßoDucar.-45 .k. dry
aa seta Barleyi
8 bliLs , prime tall Buller Ilandala from 011111
Laka Erie; for ra.a by doll 1 J It FL .I'D
'L)WITER and Lard, la keg', ror vile by
L, dell J .t; R FI,OVD
d :cora brambly ur Yak. by
Cf.P.CIIINtrt 4 --,rleoks for oak 1 ,
dell 1 i R FLOYD
B ° Trtoralrve
'mantic; for sale by
' . 3 ~‘vote=l,,
L E dt i l _i2o4o,'pl p (bd.:l;i Leal!, in E lto n f .„ ; for ri c li! ,, by
! .
rrOBACC7O,4O bhd Kyi. Leut, w!rupp ti , l 614
for .ale 47 ! dell FpaSt Tit ,t CO
lA7l , ll ., T b k r 0 kelo,;tni.;.111.7.x.;0r
: D inATOEr.— bbls Nesbnnnocki. : .
t.l " lied: In storti and for sn'r by
8 ts. W IWHltstaili
S74 °A"—"hb"" lll P ): t in
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htde w fon N.
I OrACCU-'7oole,s. No2r,
doll 351 liberty nt
iitilr,, l t E TLlV:l;:f.'4"..',4",,:ll ° Z`,,t7; 6„,,,. „ , ~,c , „„,,;„„e f, „,;,„,,_
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Jamred by .
eo wood ~ a fl,O ''
."'II it : 1 7 .1 WWl+ COCK A CtY . , 79. jut.7,4.,bis N.B kr x,... c 7. )
....: it ger. ! - - -., ,- i tt----- 4co
Fty"ar7 bbbleffitt:l7l.ll-1611 * ".: bi ll' rty ,: ,. t h' .2"jribilia'—'6"'4l'l ' •11° A 9 0;1 1 4 4
I.4s, : i r ia " gar l-lidi ,lll: 743 fister7 1 8124 . 47"P' 4 * M117 . 11 . I : 7 ,
.r•" ,. R i r.r.te i v
TARN GIREZN-16easeiPplire,!14% tutored usiusza,..„---.4.•--
SITIAIL-1 - 0 Lthde prime old 14 ,4 6 r ; , :r rale by L'"'r".7, l .o l TV:,c.`J:tr""o l .`"''' r 2l "le °Y_l .. '
SAY'iiii '„ co i l i ruo*csiral Gad,* Tiritiy " ''' 'sr
scorr& co t ic i" . ` , nJ" ' -a r 4Ers.,:g . du'
i3d71 . .. - 2co-_--7cc0rfmcc,,§7c,..r:,11.F...-c,T,1.r.3.1:c.c.ic do .
,• 1 TLISEPI. 4
, • —. •
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'''L l';:-........, :7 - .'i r , ~'t,.., . 7t;-.., ; -,-,
H'''' ''' - ' 1 g . '. rf- L.,4,;,-;'-^.4.1,:q,4%,;',-;1.:-%',e.;,;,;1;` 1..
. -.. • .7.--5 ' .2,-; • , 'n'.';;V:2 - ` . ;i' ,- .. ,,, Z.‘f!...7,• - : - C.• , ', , ::; , .1 . ,::;,, ,- - 1 .;;;;.' , ..'Aa„,4.41(-
• ' - 1 • • l' .. ' '.. ' - ' ::. 1 :' ''7 ..5,1- ?:;;1:". 2 i.„.Y.i....V.%;-.g.:;,:: : ;‘,;Vi,11;8;.:V
. •
I 1
• . i . . ,- i.
.. ,',
~ 1 '''
' '', •-•'' .'744-::'''''':.:s'i:;,:%l;s:.:f.kii
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. ' I ' 1 • . , - .
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1 •
Ap..KL!F;4 . 4Ttituau iotacco
r• l'ts .5E
Raz..cll k natanson's
. 'tS " Branches
Tlamsou'.. I" , • •
for salr. isy
, • •
cis it
' l :x °
RECEIVED per Expre•s at ZEI9L'LON
SErtS New Epley Store. t. 9 blarket atteet— , .,
6 sloz Co Rill d Tastes, (or Ladies'Esoats; '
9 " Gents' 4
6 pcs £cariet SHE Fringe, 21 Inca
I inch
With'ge sex:qt . :9sqt of other robes. • del I
L It
! t the '
RECEIVED,by Adam. k, Co's Express
-sMper rimer lizielirb Drub Chain'
Dodolo do rear/ Drab Cloth . for °Ver. bo
took. and ack costs; which veal he mach. molder to
he shoneit notice and moo: niamnable terms by
eell 70 wood al, 5 doors abo7e 4th
DIG METAL-13D ions far s• by
FRI EN 13, &CO
dell re.• rower
1 .......-273bbls freak ground; far sy:r by -
W 61112. ER.
dell .1 car smithrttld k water sti
() AISINS-33 b. ne'sr tor .le by
DO.TATOER-100 !Mr rods for tale by
LEMUNS-2:: Os. frodr LOCINMS; for oale by •
C 11.; e 1. - p i E-400 LT : sins: receired and
AD—CU kegs just received; for sale by
dell W ORP.E.II
, orsAcco-23 keret No 1 Atorisl,Dedge brute ,
1 '
Inning from sum Diadem; for tale byl
N A ItsB-3.X1 kegs Nails, ...cried iizrg
xw" White Lead; loi sale by
dell , ' J DALZELL
B hiie aye
liCl 3 ‘rt
ILK BEAD E pea neer st) le. fancy figured and
L. , serge priers, Jun opened and for .ale by
dell SHACK L.Err & WHITS
- ron.EIGN TOBACCO-60 bales Cuballivanna
.I: am! Porto Rico wrapper Stall 411.7 r IclT Tobabco; for
dcII water et
caner—l 6 bbl, (7.01p' en Syrup;
12 bl'bbls , do;
16 len gallon keg.: recaired per eteamer
Combriai for role by L If UTCIIIOOII &HO
dell •40 water al,_
SILETIAS-4 carea overtop, ark medium, black
and colored Enghrh , thertaxourl receiveddheel from
dell 03 wood at
MOT.loE—Persons hams bills artnittMiteam Soar
VI 'rut/amen,. will present them for settlement ins
me.ttetel y, nt the store of .JAS. KERR, Jr. &Co ,warp
AGENERAL. errertomn of Artiat's Calms, totubeal
prgt recrived Bud for sal* by
V7.11151311-31.tir and rehilteopal Varaivh; ASO
V py and No Oa, just rectived; for sale by
.. dc11) BRAUN fr. RETrF
pltllAti De r!, 14.111) gOttgitoirlialla
d Y cl
rill Doses (large tf t en l i r lskt ale
eor st clots & sts
cn d rai TAIITAR-3 bbl.
Nr i t!r r tl i ty p —s°
lel; K'ngt'tkArUlturl'ldAlW.)
W,9 Ws reestrodi c SoAlW ri by
dctO nrtet
ALT—art, tibir received and by
0 riP—Od bee No I Cideidnati ,o'p, received ibrep
bd'iy; fur rale by F vi13.1.6RS
drill- - 17 littzny ai
LI !I. , Z T - ,, t , i,11 ,m it , e r g , : ,,, N0 brAd i r Irono r rAr t Ert E gyi ,
11;9111f S-40 1, rre'il; for sale by
l• 4clll , SELLERS,
H. lerl rcteivril, for rale by
I /:AD 7 —lbl,o pg• lialrna Lead, reccrvcd pcy Oder
J 1 eme.nden, iar gale by
_ • ___
Clk/l 7 1 1/ EILS--c0 tngs pricce.pcct recta (dr sloc by
dcl 0 L HO rCIIISON b. CO
I AILD OIL-5 lA, •Cheener At Cot; for sale ;OW
elvtc col,,,,teent by
24 watar st
1) K t ic LiEs-17 sek: oCto crop dried Pearl:, to
1 .torr, tor rale by
S wxrElt.tlA. V
er 10 1.
31 water &C 2 ow; sts
E D —7 I,:ip, c ..
iarrr rd; •
la '' Tanotby scud; to 'tory nod for Ault:
. 1, =l. by L ~.. IV ATULAIA:it
[1 1.R.-.14 Me kt En Envy. •11.1 by --- ~ --
ta eto. and for ;We t,
Of":Pll'`: — A:m44Vir'"p . VCV
4r:i3r„.,;;Td; alcevte
P l-7 ,1 1 ti nl'"b-41"”' r' V ' . k f ii;ie ' 74 l rcilEON
.13 1 $:•ro S—'' " .'"1".""4. role
" 1 1, "S to
I)iCioCit /..:%•••1--.15 AA peaTc.l ;,,,1trc...4 for ••,,, by
K.% Frio, clover . for taleby .
171 W ft ti FON
I, ti.r.rizic—.W,bi .A bt,la And kris, tor aA,c b 7
W 6 6 !dc1'111C111:1J:f
dell/ • 141 hberty
...We& Illutersted selltt steel enyminun. b . • ~
'lnc Hoee, or A treetion's ti til, for tel.; edneld by Emil/
Illne.ball—lllustrated watts ten e!eraut steel ungrasinge,
l snort 's booth! In =mem silt.
The l'ambles of our Lord; &most <mods:fel i 51:tithed
book, every paskr;ricnly no unmenely colored, bound m
-...d. LUX s Curved and eoburc& For WO l AD
1,. i:AT II IKRII-34 ark. nn bnn.q: fr.. steamer a - co
et J 101 •
r Prvutylvileam.; Or mle by . 4th , near Mirka
.1,9 I WREN' & CO
1 , XT. 11,16:310.1f —l2 d. 31 jeet rer'd; for
L .11LI) OIL 'vetuo,..air wed rrtni.
eel° 1 JORDAN' E.,ON
t.bis utproor /3¢14 Floor, jut rem
re 4, lot vac by OR UM, AI<GREW & CO
alc9 ' i con...moil roe. I.bgray
T) E. AC ILES —l2u an!. an 16 sena. tart rerained; fir.
1 +:a by J JURDAti S .SOI4
dcO 16 Malty at
(11.1.-19 ball Lard a l far sale
j ai ntroAN t
a, A dr 9
I)URAL—ZOOr Uri a•Aorted bra port, :0 ainre,_• for
.}r;-r;. dc9 .1 JOREltitilr_Sl , L , l
- A— eft I. pure Vinegar fn'm
cr of 1-' ,
- /S -1 , st li
re; for coo
WEAVER and retail
cl or Mini &market to
I ,11,-- 1 4.1bb'n n.redthl na w landing from mar
rifle; for twin by I DICKEVIt
water ir front am
Una POASII-I.oo.lnat Inceired and
apr sale by
()14.V1 0, 1:1 4 b . !! , ar ,s alar wracked Lard l!ikaarggved
d-7 17 taxa, st
Mi a Y 'B T -4h : !,N" lSt c r i l*
c:en, rr4lle:y V Igll
do? 28 wafer ra
0011.111 —n m c
—nu mks in ore; for sale by .---
C_olllil/Clt PEAS—SO acts, in licrer=for sale by
lir iier• S DAUM
S ALSxA'P bbl. for sale .
SF NON a umt y noits - r a co
OS front it
OlL—to lo p Lol oond for sale by
F VON BON rum .fr. CO
ebeera; lbr tole b)
_/ d 7
W. (TASS-10,
7 VOJ riA;go:. 2- Pi. co
- - --
STS-30 caks prime s salts, on consignment; for.
sce by 19 iir REM
dr7 eor sminifield di water sir
rENO/IS-26 bxs w consignmer4 for sale loss to
rte., be . de7 kV GREER
INTJIZE LILAJ)-100 kegs for sale tiy
DEACHEir-100 bo dried, a prime s
by dr7
CRA11116,E1111.1.611-10li for sale
de) or weed le Water rto
QAMMILTUPI-4)3c,ks and IQ Wit .'ar 'oale Ity
C. 3 de: WICK d tdeCANDLLSS
1 ---- -
DO:PALS-14 erks .d 12 bbls for role y
r 412 WICK it hIeCA DLRFS_
PUTT 11 . -7Volbo In bladders; for role ib •
• - . J ICIDVr. CO
der • enr 4 h "wood are
D A. , ~ ,,' - l r e ;l4., y r t zp2, V y t hle ,C o l zu r tp t , r ), ,, I and ,T i Ar s, ,....fu r
‘ l , 3ll,g r et%
by JO - " , J KIDD rt. CO •
Ak ItTIST'S COMM, ground in tubes-75 dor, tont.
11. priring "4 gilletcot colon; Jost reed byptt
.1141 D&C1:1-
IL — J .— Chronicle cony.
Cy UNDI - 11E 4 4-2'All bop prone green Rio Coffee;
0. Ca begs block Pepper.
15 Moroi.;
25 bhls chipped Logwood: jug reed: for
.6 rtrth Weer
RAISINS —0 keg. Smyrna fialeini, rteht per lel
Anthony, ottconugument; for kilo by • er
df6 CARSON a. bleKSll3Yrr
VRINHEIii="A invoice 0fv.4.3. 404131 inch
1: silk Uulbon Fringni,jukt teed: for -alb by
CANTON FLANNELS-3 bides unbleached and
colored Voe Shine and Canton Fliumelbjust
lur sale by
DINDING6-20 gross oloessiessod silk over met
D Wedaogsi joss received br
A pPLEo--140 bblo ohm. won 'Woo, Imadlog
11 from mom fo• sole b))•
Ora WILLIAMS D IL WOKM, n aool et
R AISIN 8 , -.100 la. Dore • Raising: '
• 'L'Obbls NU Tan received this day; for
1$ er. 2a wood at
I kr4T li i ltstctiiivret 7 *;F;T i iL,t
i . 9 - . lA_!ti_llk . ..n . l o, lski . t y lcOW/C/Z&-1 es& &Fin ion
.." '''...".. '
4,0 ' ' - , cor lit and Wood its •
int, fee% for cure by
.p. JON etl CO
Rl . . a fa t lat l lllllolo-1 cam Latit;it reed ,
'& 1 lt A.PMI N EST&
2tution Batts
ny John D. 0111LtS. mutiaaiier
'ON monday Meeting be 10111 Mg at 10 atitek, b
rold-an extranrc amortment. Fortign Dramatic Dey
'which an rtititilitte.e.o4l,llll.4ncre, our.
Nandi Llicowonalta, 14.61 m-on, &gated and Vain apse
leas, black nun for twiny, Mort r
nik,rgreete. tilt read,
farnittur , „manta, &Manta le:antes. de. •
At 2 Cllthock It M. J r
A quantity of gad quality, 11",,Ch &Tie, Young Ilium
"Tea, .Tabbaceo, Sp with Elprs, mambo!, manner,
Orly; Illotels, bud r tioles,. wrg- nod warp% Fdtl. , .
ueemwire, glawarata, Confectionary, &e. Nap, a 'emu
2mM:tent of household and lihehme latnitarm Pyramid
and Oml coal .torn iting,lioalev bowls, 'And barrows,
8 daywod 3.lMairbritii Clocks, eatmaatel clocks
.nI 6/ art:nat. M.. t
A. invoke of mar made trier .enahq.paataftenar, teats,
fin -Mired, umbeallas, boot/411am, awa. otarrectes
as ..
mutant Mamma a, gold and attar . watcher, &cairn d
fork., pin and pocket knfreai r yeetseles ak m uortment
of german Lacy goods witabk kw holiday prmenheite..
deell American 1:017. p.
_ •
Admilr..noes.l.nle of Throlomeal and
• .
ON•Wedcevdsy evening, the nth in shut 6 'WelibelLat
the Conritteriistriales Room center of Wood and Fifth
II be told: •
A large collection of valuable .Thenlioricalrind Mitt
rellincoos Book.. (tom the private Library Of the Lue
Rev. Robert Dunlap, deceased. • •
Alpo, n, aaortnieni of new Rank., nhol4
touch are Encyalopiodia AstaricanAl4 veto v9k.slli 6
folio end geouto bibre4Lcrotac bcolli in great variety,
blank boots, ese. ."*JL - JOHN Is DOVIS,
detl - A:lariat:ter.
ju - Ahierieen copy.
Cats.lope Bee of illlschcal,Theolorteld,'
, Illuetnued and bliscellancoaa Dcoles. ,
ON Similar evening, tha llth inst. st 6 , 0 clock, at
the Cominefeal Balsa Room, cancer of wood awl Fifth
eto, willbe sold, " - - •
extensive collection of valuable Medical, Theo.
10gical,'Ilistarical. and Miscellaneous Heoki; lendtd
annuals •in nch binding; luindsonit al/enlisted wafts,
6tr”"""e6aT for
d 'AVIS, Aut.
Peen Street Peepenr i at /mean ,
• ON Wednesday evening, the iM hut, at fi'd o ..r. ,
the Commercial Sales Roca, earner of Wcod and oth
be *old:
43 ibus ."
Valnable Baildinnissis, shears on Oilier:lr aide
of Peen is, at the canard OeciPs alley; owner Lithe,-
int i front of 24 feet, end the wheining thxcerLote, each
Si foci 6 inches on Penn a s , and extend bach,l2o feet H
an alley 10 feet wide. • • • •
Terms—One third rub, residue in two weitalsinnisal
payurnta, with known, le ba.aeewed by •• bend end
del TideJOHN i3DAVIS, Loot
TUNT RECEIVED 51. - A Anryzirs—h. LIM or
Jules MEIN= ,e bon • Have to Malor Tidurston, of
North Osrollea,l7lo, sold to Mn Melboarndoridow of
Ideal Melbourne of the Brinell Nairy) at Ibises" of d.
years, ftom whom he took his name and obtained his
freedom To.ttiob V addod skinchei of the Lint et
Thomas Jefferson /Ma Q Adams, John' Readolph end
several caul Maar t AlDeneaa thaltamen, beam:lg Oa
OM Leader of Slavery, pfetacea - from perpnal Inter.
e.ew ends the orthicon of this memoir; edited by a lam
;Member of Congress. •
The Constitutom of Man, conaldored In relation to
Er4rall Objecm;tty Homage Comoa.
T he Warpage Ring by John Angell Smogs.
• A Carripo4n Ne w Mexico, with HolortolDoMPbettl
by Funk Edema. a.Volonteer.
The blystenesofthe Three Galen bf Angasnoe.
The Pirate's Daughter,or the Boren of Pp Athens,
by J H Damns.
Ades:dame - of • Strolling Play newt
. • en ' first AMa '
Pontiac, rr tho last Boole of tios Ottoort 41,14 by
good Bradbury. .• •
Llttell's Living A ge, No IS& .
Dombey &Son, Nol4.
Taylor:. Counterfeti Detector, for Dceernbet'. •
• Union ,Idemsne; • •
Colombian Magatice
AU the Magarnes .;•'•
A largo end Tested asiortinentof Juvenile Rooks
Also, a beaautul .election of Ainnale, each as Mon
Rose, Forget me Not, Leaden of' Memory, Lady's Al.
. •
bum, e!e. etc. • •
A new and hum, supply of rationary, blank Woks
for common tiro of evely. description: ' •
A largo lot ?initial Jonsubass and Gouger. for Me
[Weak at &I A MINER'S, Proiddield street, 33 door
from Rod. . del
TAICTIONARIES . —Orooki En6 l 4b.
LI 10a1,111m.. • - •
AolthoW.ClaukalDictionErY; •
Dicuovary of Greek nod liettin Anttquittor, •
Mh:olloogh's Comroerroal Dicuoneryj , • .
Ure's Daeuonorx and .opplenicer. anooitr.afColot
arid mines; • ' •
. te
ebetcrlioecavo Dictionary, revised edition,
Todd's ;glutton's and Walker's Dictionary;
Wercestees Dictionary; •
Liddell acid Sceit's Greek Leelecte;
Destinies Ileh.ew Lexicon;
• Robins.ll Greek Lexicon Of Nei. Temojecot
Leveret,la Lotto LAMSON '
Ainsworth', Latin Dictionory; •
Utt's, and Titibm's Fronch ftedordirli
Doer, Thmlomeal Dictio nary; • • •
Goon Utble Dictionary, • ; .
Robinson Calmer. Diettanaiy..&e. &e '
The above with a roam, tosor=ant TheoloctO4'
CLieieaP tscellancous an dnanday Sebool:Bookx,
wa;o on hand and far safe low.
e LUDT? & Elf GLIM
its . SS market si,betweetild A ith
eau fi¢nilwj
cht ap Library, tin lof mls, for OW IM
j. Lo do • do 4 AO on
The Child's Cab:net L:boary. CO wilt, DO
A gold oupOly of Library Cook , : of an lizeta from
tentr up ro the larit-si elms of Auks.
Crito ones:ion iloakarnata rail Milt
Do, Comm:tire Quertioun on Ma:thesa:
Child`s Sermon, Qwesuous. , •
Union Hymn Loa.lo cents; Mn. Sunday School
Ilymaltook, 4Set'l he Mn.. Stutday School Ity tun Book,
2c; trusday Scitool.Tickeoh }Wawa DOil&O;ssioPlb Mo.
et at the Eastern. Ca:Movie pdeeMcatidortes
fernishod gratison appaution at the Depository. -
Alm, a general ammo:lent of school books, Writing
• •
liVigry th. ot .' orellant, supplied at ; . seal prices tar cash;
or in Exchange h aute supplied
market sr bomseeti n 4 & Ilk
BOOKS—Apoleuidds Rail Rotaeta Stem
Bow Condianiom bug "I'l'orellero Made through
• the Hex Eduiand and 11:thdo elates, lt tonics in the
Imathrut ono Wester, Smith, and also in Putt* tl
r tO/ougoevous and Logramp.. . .
et The Part cur Work+ of Eitz.Gter., tio ll erk. Ent
eollee•oth 4 " " '
Establiihed lk warehouse in the year lea Or the put
yew ar sePPlYnithe City and interior k de with
low Flies—and cab:biting, at all anew=
of Weyear, the Lamtul. AIMOTIMCAt in
11-11 , ' WORLD' -'.•
They are nue Swung Several -Hundred Packages,
- communes every new style of Foreign and Domestic
postioenon, many of which are not to be fisted ebe
where, and which have but been pareltalbd, and are
offered for sale for Cash and short credit ,
per Yard below the price . , of April and flay; as ger
printed Catalogues, winch are corrected daily, for the
otormation of Doyen.
Nsw York, Janyleit f • 2 jy2dissf,
' ghosting Maillsaw
toy MURPlite blemish° amnion of.daalets and
Y . house keepers tolls extensive amoeba% of above
gooda, lately wee Wed, inclod log
PlelnGeld sheetingi,llyd wide;
Wallham sheeting", If and 1k widef ' •
/lam Mon sheetings,24 and 6-1" . •
" 2 yds " • . '
Humbert Jand3 • •"
Lillow cuensinlins, different sues, •
Also, now . Style funi.ture prima, whim arid ieolosed
eoanotpaney aCiett chintz tor cartuns,betrdering for
dwarperter blankets, domestic an, low priced prints Int
comform to. aise goods Minn been boight mita) ,
from the manufacturers Or their MG:" can ba sold lt
.thd lowest priees—at northeast tomer ith and market
Uremia Tower Iron Orte.i —
TbradßE aubteriber offers for sale 300 aerie et
the immediate neighborhood of the Grand Tower,
on the hlmirripM river, Ferry county, Me: The ore Is
Or ltin blown ficnnente, (or, as Dr Klug calls th the by.
drsted boron oxide.) ' has all been entered since the
Munk day ofluly lost, expressly to secure the ore. The
whole lies front i half to one and a half Mills hem the
river bank, and ■ wed reek shore Judie& '; The gems'
tity is supposed to be immense. Samples , of the ore
msT bo seen en the Mown Hotel—also, a diorama of
the entries. •I Will sell the whole torteiherojr tabu to
edit purchasers. If sold nether. I should hove no oh
/alien to take an Intents MORS Inauufseture of the
tr,, provided it that' be eOndsited by preaucel Men.
Tenber for chercord Is attendant. A further desetiption
deemed nautcesury, inasmuch as I presume no per,
ten weed wish to amebase without first hiring mane
incd Mel retailer. It lies from 3to 3 mks pone of the
nem 1 add to the St Louis and Birmingham goon snanit
reenning company,Bon Jane. ' •
de7nhe . JOHN SCIIDDIfiR
rICH—Tai Collectorsnd. other cityetficers are
-LI requested ;to have their respect:se accounts in a
sten at mepotattee abe audited by Monday evening.
the 17th um, at 6 o'clock. cot which core alto enderegord
Committee of Conned.. napolated fat that Itslosei . 1
meet Elbe Mayor's RIO •
,• _Tax Collectors M.] TIT Tegoested to have their
dimheatei and 'accounts on hand ready for settlement at
the Mme..• C HILL.
Auditing Committee.. •
Article; for :ale
Cl: aLEs q "A it K :te iv ViTtl7:Lv. d..f,0a,M,..
the oily tl=i N4„dt2,at—i,T.,M)4,
liddress Shale: et Boonton, Pstroborgit. delOdkwlmT
N. BOWIES a soar, .
Banikers and Dealers In Exclaanie, Cola
and Bank Notes,
No. 33. 11110111 T BTOZZT, lITT3IIIIMOII.
Notting. 14104. Fachaop..Baying ROWS.
i i
New York, N. L.c. , .." , • 41 .
POUodolpolo., • do Loma the, Ido
Bolikko o o., do Et. Lotus, u
_i do
Shro i'All'"" BA I
AL N Z.I;Scr.p sr,:grtd.
Indiana,. Ido Relief Nowa, .do
Kentucy. - I do ronnot , OLrt r 110 cy. "„ do
' us— .
Ylikiroo, .Y do Now
do Whepling, /do Now Orlorow, '.O
Terwessee, I 3do Maryland, ado
delOV 1
~ . .
Oluo, •. ,
. .
' 1 r'Unt .
I atucky, -
- -
Magoon, • ~ .
1 - , ..B.Argot.%
lowma rims, by
Pgir'. d
.l e . . ~ N BOOM k 8 . 41 N
B IL 1.3 01.;• .ILICUA .• ON.—Mtallt 4..lcka ott
• I Thuteraii.,ai.a ~.. ~
Baltimore. .' v • • •
Conttaatlj, fin Milo by N 110LNES & MN -.
dote ••• • I
•• 1 — ceeptan
ce .SMuelnanyponyOeUmmn,eolleeodan
Me den heonkble terms. - • ti0L10.73/ SON
01P - • . IlMarke.
j..-- • - . •
4 U tigm.rn line of splendid pav e ,•
IretinSla‘noweompil el the wr..t, .r ...
filliAted And farnisoed, and roam pewee.' e .r . bye
'veteran( dw:..Weat.' Even aeltenno.Aile ...... , he
[Waal money can Pioe.., h.. b.... r"blea pee
~e ge. e . r e , La e h as been In operationforave tan
--have eakried a niiiilloo of people widow tae Ina
lretry to their penes...Tim beam .l 1 beat le e _.
- Wood Bera:et the day Keyway wiwareni,A. th e . •_.
time of freight and Um entry of paaaengeni tea. , •
ter. In all eases the P. 1,66.3 Maley 5w!..4
. •
The MONONGAIIELA.P.S. Dww. ,4111 .* Patio.
burgh every Monday morning at 10 o'elneki lirla...
every Monday eve nung at 10 Y. M• . • 1 , -"•
. .
The HIDE ENIA. NO. 71; , Capt. .1. lAA( . will
[Aye rill/btidgh 00,17 Tilet4llll,llorning Cl lO pleloolli
• , every 'I newlav evenly, al
4:10' P.
The NEW ENGLAND:NO. Si, Capt. 5. Pooh In.
leave Pittsburgh every WedneadaY sesrging at 111
&clack; Wheeling every Weguissdi Sy [droning at le P.
bli [ -, " I , •
The PENNsTLVANia. Capt. Oray,.fill Icon Pias:
harsh every Thursday motassig atlenglook; W ling
every Thursday evening at 1O P. M.,
The CLIPPER, NO. P, Capt. ersols,vrill Rae Pins
burgh every . Fridaftitorning at lOottock, W eaßita
every Friday evening atIOP.III. - ' —. 1 ' . -
[ ..---• ......................... , '
1 I rho MESS&WER, Catd. Ds Ceolip, will lea PAW
burgh every Saturday ranutlng alltio•eldek; [Wheeling.
* eery Saturday evenlng al Pil.P. EL .. .
The ISAAC. NEWTON, Caps, A. U.
leav e Pittsburgh every Sunday tionutnie at II rloek
Wheeling every Stodgy eve=ns KID , P. M.
May SW ISIL - [ ,
• •
will leave d= Bea_ ver,Olasgerpr ant
Wellsville. a Tteaday, Thirstily,
gnu satunlay of each weekias 0 o'clock, a a. an nu,
on Monday, %Vedneulay and Friday. fte has. * I m . * ,
abed landing between Wood street antthe bridr .. preo -
pared togueeive frlngr a iit i tntittect, • -
elan [... 1 -[i.•No a: E.
wlllievore ID /Davey Margo ,cad
lle. no Mondaj, Wed ay,
glad Prially Pt east week, ate Weleek, a [lla rat ming •
OUTaeaday.Tbarsday and Saturday.' Ike has teat
at the laUdtrig between .Wood .street and the bridge
preperadur rectuge frolglate at any thrui. i
• 0 lIASTON, A ' • ''
oeU I 2
. " ' . Mon II se.
Tao stax and latlynnnux putomm..
. , mania PENNO•LVANIAt Or
o.otay,will leave Or Oneinnati every
y manumi t at 10 o'clock .... x.
and o•oiy Thanday avanlng, at oot le, •
ta• For fra tor gawp %piety atrboard,.or to
toll I .1 NitOIITON /IMES, Aatnt.
• 'The Sea sleamtaat
Ito maims Islnter.saucooveize duly
uma to. Mayer pad Wellsville., leaving Pitt./ arab every
monlUs at I o'clock, AM et 3 r. IL
dela O. Id HARTON Amt.
- . .
wa The hat running coaster
Bean, muter nillgoateraa above this
mulling, at 10 o'citr...4. For trwtia or
• amp apply on board. •-- . - - - dell
FOR NEW oittzemt. ,
• - The fast ntrustes_onsoter
Fine, mazer, will leave 6 606 this
on Eaundaynexr.(i24,lo4 his 4 at 4
O , 6KAP. ht.,
' 'For Owen et panne
apply ea board..: i - . -; t del3
. -
The fast roanimt Mazer -
m a ' '
Kari . ,
ba =Mi . ill - Imre as above
Wm dafat 10 lalock. For frcight or
pausgo apply •st boarl. dell
---- • FOR NEW oRLEAris. . ' -'
. .
n. lest taming nettuu • -
gtevrart. miner, sill lama as *ben
all, at 10 deice,. For frwight *r
pas, asp • I on board. ' - . doll
The uew arid floe comer " -`=
.41151:LRIGA.01. EAGLE,
Atkinson. router, orill leave for above
'remedialo perm this day, at 10
o'cl ocdell k. For freigh GEO tr RIILt or puoase
HERO apply on
P.R. Agent board, or to -
. -.
- . .grili.Dll - (itV NSVILLE-.
.1 ••.. •'
s, t il a TAO Aso sew stair i -... ..
so. D. Cock muter, veil Isar htts;
burgh every Toesdav, ssarssaY LA
y erso , sors, at a o'clock; Ltd BlIAM•i/111 every ,
Ilooday,Wednesday and Friday lemmings at 9 o'clooTs.
For Inn& or pasaage apply on bead, or so . •
~,,pa,rl . .. . : J NP:WTON JONES, Agt
!On tvaLL-r.
Milkronaster, will leave asabore this
tag .10 o'oloct. F. frosittrt ea
lwate apply on board. • o.IS
77 1.1114, WiIViiLINO, I.
ILIZer •
x,l The new and fine M. .
it traspN, .
Affilt. lae, 'miler, has resumed her ne
I r trips and wi ll Inane 'Unbars)
D n Thursday and Mas'..,,,
as above every .
a.y. m 3 Oclott,P. hi • For i?*tvlM.P"
n ail 3 t.nna, •• - .., I• A •
The maw Hemmer I •
• Nelms: =seer, drill nut ablmHdi
ins PivAttag/E eydrridaddA ,wtdi
nesday and EnddY. dt Odldelt, / 1 • 21 1... 0 mame
hela City every Taegu/ay, Thtaday 1112 a SOL Milli. II II
o'clock, A. id- Fort ived ot pudap Apply ort bon d
1.461. TH ; tdMatazo
EardlXottotoriLimoko 'A*
For t elm
-I"l.srellbt . 14 " Patatb:4l
W thO mu on
of to . • spo. D 4D' on tiara
' • • Tao cussr,ligkedrasnin and &arab
nisi stessser• --.. • E.UllB.lta,
Cassias, master, erBlesn as a regains
es between Pinsbosah and Louis.
eine, dosing the season. Bh o lesseal•siday, goober 8,
at 10 s'eloet • ••• - ! •
F .8,1. ..5ti0r :I.B:sas amply e6' board. teal,
/102402141A.FLE.ILA. , 1A011T*: •
oP • FOL. , ANL .
THE U. , fOnly73llldee.Blagest]
8 Mail &smart. constil. - Lenis McLane
Si Fiernters„ are wow making *tibia Daily trip, be
tween Patstiergli and Broernsaille.! The teoming boat 8 rieleek, pridiely; the evening et 4 .
Proacentoorsh to mu- thono• • • ...74 boore,,—Fare
Preen IDnorget to Philadelphia • .40 boors,—.Fare 811
IE7 the tuning beet nvoiengirs will lodge on bawd.
is comfdteble Bode Rooms Owl rot alght,..—crJu the
WontstaVite m darlight. aid
.00p sad lodge In Comber
leodthe nighh thus aviddreg Mitt travel altogether.
ft eltes chartered mPentecto Ware' as they any de.
(144etinre your tickets at ihe"Oike, Aliviongeltels .
Reese, Water. e or Charles Hotel. Wood et. Donis
remake the OlDee._ ; .1 MESKIMEN.
partation t 0 Otko torso!: ttos.
111}113 subscribers are Tally prepared to receipt through
for all merehandise and prodixe destined for the'
E■ 21013 elites, by. the Brownswile and • Cemberland
roan.- ' i
Shipper. and other. will have their goods forwarded
by the proprietors with the cohost dispatch. in the low
est current we.. Bills of Leask:sten dml transmit
ted free of chitty, for eorandmies.
The paummes of the yobbo m 'rerpeetfhlly oe!leited.
To, the P m p ri e mrs , , .Ivna IL CLiftlik4
• • Era arnevill.,
net ••• • Water street. Pittsborela
&MIRA& £ Ctrs,
• FOE.;
Funsberfski&im Wathin,
pkia, Nnp ktrk, Barton, and.all the
. Easton Cities.—
ins inform.
T A/ i
od that Ws 'a the faossistorgaos, eol .di.
thwa Line golo,4a.shhooncetinff with Adidas Coit
Ex_preis duly, at Bahisono •
Through neolpts will hi. /hen re tiny of did obovo
pitch. Merchandise and packages °tasty size or weight
Enmesh closes daily ht 3P.M. -
H 0 VICKERY, Agen;
..i.j ft e St Chula) Moral Boildinos wow st
PERSONS 14 .41 ht out by this neneT
, apes the most nameable terms. from sun
4 .: ft part of Endbutd. 'lreland, &Wand, and
Wales, and le Packet Maps only. lamp
Cottespoodoots and agents of the Br i lab Donna:meat
haeo Ftedoently C.llluoned Emigtints at Home ondiheis
mends le -memo, anent sae mods that an cantles.
Idly mewed upon Mem, andAase always termed le
the well known boom of Co,&tho
Plan Rl' to *Fell. If they witted to he treated wltk
ram.. wko adman (beanies I Bole Anat. lb , Fa•
Binh Ball Una, state .hat Is some, sod tbilt deeds*
the pane, as me ptefesa RI be Agents not only efole
Black Bell Lao, bet every whet rod Line, and We 4l64l4" hesf Ma gh l . m .l° v " th i ci "" al
hied, Itaalaa Scotland, Se. Wt.
army mai owe im•
will e, made not Take tank, aed der,d tee ff
to gel some one else to eeme,tbirettyerusing outtakes
• and details. Let thel3roke ma/a call ti.on *ad vs
emommedete them at Piearleart tmes.
nelatt ath ateee deurl.les
F/1140:1 FOR, A,1111311.11
1847. '
M')7,1:1 4 1:4414. IC IN G; •
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