The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 11, 1847, Image 1

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Altrartir niigaillerea"aUnt,drAtter=trCarority:,
A-7 1 "'"' J "" "
lorseardres Merchants, have returned to
,d Front streets, Ptusburgh,____oeoll_
and. .veer
pmma unca.
irjmit.. "' Ss. REITER, Wltoksale and Reual
jo - Lww .t., earner of Libeny and S. CIAA 69. 4 1 A,
13 A. FAIONASTOCK,& 00.4 holesale tr.
tomer W mod sat dth sts. IT'
BAGALIZT 41. Whotual MT*,
ems and Produee Beaten, No ....3 . J!tas t al
.trees. he
sth and Gr.
'7i—A:/114•Tir a. CO.Fors m "
kl•Comartalon Alercha.rts, Cada Nsmd. .4 patc7r
ORLANDO LAOINIes Attemelt _V.! ,
. Geo on 4th urea t often no_ .
Wm le
man. man. John P. Jenntars.
coi.r.nisar. linual&N &csuye&L.7l7,7i
or Caruso Borings and Axles, A ._
Steel, and dealers : Coach. Ti.amv. .I...err/ .9 . :
trnotan, manufactory on ta, Oak,. ,Varwrms tt.
Woo d Ft • oppo.lie .51 Charles
tuna cawoa:
caFo s . 7ox i il i n e T c pio
and. Forwarding alerhiants, Doalrng iattid*PA,'"2";
rittabargn Maniaracturen. Kith Arip!, Wien
Mid Pivabutsh,l4. _ •
-Ir EAGER, IMponer and 'end .reta , l , i i
dank ia FMK,' ma Supla Variety awn, gig
Abe Gdt , Onab, Alutot auto., Daar Lamor. • It.
owith. . °an
J. Harden I
le leir!lL.r..
"rt SEZlGia,Ll.ll......AuogirPat
JJ Office* • on tica.
eers, dealer. ul lorde. , and PA
Urres,eornerof Liberty and Mad eea.,,P00.010., Pa
wx. ^ . Sallart.
.12.4 Giber tr Co.) Wholesale Goners, Garnatoaton and
• Forerardorg_Slereanta, and Dealer. m' Produce and
• ringer:rib alandadtarca, p . Wood . &vet baron=
Greond and
tal i ; p ° i f
MI L Z & W err !Ile " t i lt aou 'un d?
aldo m ourda atA,betereen Pi
Cherry Alley and Grant
• 4,1 L-Send.S end. • tieo.'Rbey. Jam. Wawa.
fitit-SnA De VAS Y & bolus& Grace*
'ltidrolf=?L'eannrt'Vt"r :rirlilAX:rt
ILN 8L11111174 Piano Forte Id&afatuer and dal.
~,V .7 04. .t.;/4 Wood streew
Commission and Forprardlta
FOtteYTH Co}
Merabants, No: SI Watt i suTinith ma 14
a m= 6.1 91
....nipiisELLERSI,Z%`; amiss% t_t
itope 4,4o,llrzY_Lp
t 0.% " Fitch: It.". •
N. B. Oakum ,
.11.'kULTOS, Lealpr inPloveh
e 0! t
N • Yowl and Staple Trlo.lllop. MAr.. LW
aro. MOMIAIf.
Gtomir mor
Caami ntr e = l 3s . ' o N y t a le r :i
aad Cam,
G,ls U M I"In e T M V !l .l =, wv_ in Prod.e and
liec.AV Smith. • • .„,t' i f
6 1 01 ' 4
W_ SEUTII d. gts.rcn •
AX deiderx in I lops; Fiusbano snu Ptt
Vies, Petal and Pitt elects.
Wnna mem and For- I
Cr - Waidiiirtac C lora , No• SS NY ad .4c. 4PiW"nh '
i •
mlivl7 .
~ 1
•aaa a3utf
live!. Ait order*P
' 00,1%1.04h tkoloot oot
I.ltY DeelOn Vain?'
UAW* & UAI _
Db..,itt& L., , , 6 11
d asonnforforers of WZ
"11"7'" No. tc , Woo.
rape.' tieueral
creel. Pdisho::.
, 4, g.42A :
-I Wren! ttoorottsgt Ate-eallal pustmagh
1 . 1 .'9
JUL llansfastatti.}. &Oil gerehant, corner Lab.
(Pllsrn c u ,P
LA/AIIDICILZIP Ir. Cif, Wholioisie Grocer.,
Ocatunissien Meiehants and denler4 in Vcoatne, No.
116 Wm.' noef
fhb .r Longo M
108gPrl KNOX. AUDI." Plaq,Urgil,
• a Ps-, h.* res=d the pmeuto of his ptoresslos
'moth° , No 7, claret's Buildinp, If rant .I.thes.oe•
copied duruhc his ab.eueo by T. Bigharn and
• Chnsti=.. - Z. 4 • •
TODD D. ➢IUAUA3 Wholesale Doanlay and
Jdealer m Dye Mae, P3llO, Ws, Varno.hes,
Holt Wood street, out divr ...7 , 0ui1l 0(1)13e:end Alley,
MIES ILIUM J. & Co., rsoce — ors to ! le
(.1.1:N0_23 Ship Co 1
WS s. IA) holesale and Hand deal
al% in Mode end Maslen! Instruments, &boot
Paper, Slaier.,steel Pena Raul. Printers , Cardn,
flunionery generally, No. *7. Wood s4 ittsburgh.
Rw t.4414 ,, j tam in_trside.
Tann 4, Co,
in [For
d warding and Caramissiou' aleithaan, Dealers
day, and Patsbargh blanorseturesi No 7Commercial
aas.rLaher,V• near wo Can oet2
TCIIOO3III,ISZIL •tr..CO. wholesale Drag
J • gists, No. a.l, Woad s , st.,Plttal...
TOSS PII JORDAN tr. 130Ns Commission and
Forwardlig 31erchatne, No 0 Liberty et, toonte
id, 016..c4
al 4th bewces rant .4 Batalat.
rigabl at , t43 , 4 prim.
3, the • . .
Car 3 n. ''A''Vlg'/LIICTIONEEIi, coma Fab
land Wood Amu. husUu3Oxt3_
ATOC..---LE.TON, Booksellers
. fers s.n4 Piper monfootorers, No. 44 Narita
J tuttlArlotiLd*a.;l.l;Vollgx:
.W. UODELLTSON, CO., 11.kers and
. •; amt. Brokeu, comezjfWood and Thini gmets
+!* 11142.ehant's Bailding Pituburgti,
T*, w e of die sm.! noes. °cal
crail Grocer, ant. in Pro
tiec, Ptitstough mamsfactares, Tin Plate, ar-
L,ll. lark_
John Floyd: - : !Laud iloyd.
T & 17..FL0T 13, pate J. Flori t What..l.
TAMES DALZELLi Wholesale Grocer.
ercluni, Commis
slat &A.m. Produce and Pinstraran
Maniac Mnual YS ancti. , jaitin
JihNVI?? I n ts
or raettrre b :l . l
lathes Of goutiittheei, U. atrlnt
t - Ord., lea at the warehee_
1 7,11 - caty et ; ea. 5 Waterman, mate at. wu,
V~~~ auentloo.
id: WATEIVIVIA, Wholesale G , or-
nielf F '
' . warding and Coramession Mereltam. Dealer ia
Igh Manafactoree and PrOOCC, Non .5t Water
f ...... . 62 F 2.1.
1 f KW'S 111JTCHISOS & Me!os Wholesale
1,,1 Grocers. Forwarding and Cootensmon Merchams,
and des'eroln Pittsburgh: Idannractares, em.,.No. 45
Water and 91Front ets. ; • ur3l •
Henry Linien. John Salmon.
y ... Is .11 EMT & SEElPTON,WicanaleGroeen4
/LI Forwarding and Commission Merchant!, Dealers
7106.15% nd Pluebuigh manofactores, Nes 0 and
gldWood M. Pondont ' _ reltirl
11.1(1111.9, • C
"ILA--toib vrw
IirriAUVICLD a, RE, Wbalesale
•Orseers and Conannion Merchant", No 104 lia•
Jl Ol
A URA. b
41,14=krniaakm .nitronwims
M. 4 ,4,,,,hant5, Water and front sta,betweest Wood
. and lilarketlft
s "IR ruciorrsoN, rlolesale Gro-
Commi.sioa 31crchants, tie 173
RICOELD do ICING, wholesale and Taal Bat
and Co ousaufkonwors,aaO draws In Panel
i.V.pd au:Wirth as. jut 2
Grocer. Dealer m.l‘Ptdoßee sodond.Forwardi or and Commit.
oion Widow's. Nos Sl , Laretty, and RIO Wood r% f.
ILEUELPIIIf. WILPON k CO.. Wholesale Drp
.01 .(kods Pealem No 6 Waal stmt. riusborgh
61,4 '.!
HOGIDRe & SOX.Ito. 0 Martel Wen. tee.
N. pod dvm (pm eimner of 'roan), Dealers m For
clip and Dornertir. n111,:f rach...150. C.6.54Uns
I VC l jV 24 :Zeola nt. r i.ireed.a...4
Vet tir !
'GRUA. MC GUIGIN & Cow Praise, Forwsrar
I.F.GGGResneniss.on Mods.% G Csistrerseeisl
ibsers..tberty street. flues_
IrVirfTrs aeiler77;9, If Gleini
•Doismorryst Whslissle Grocers
*PG rr'srs'... len • rfe. g Mere/. sloe. ?Go 41
bIOII.ILII.D' T.llarJr.,Cll, Jr., Imparter and
Dealer in Foreign and Demesne &dainty Hard
. wank end Carriage 7rinenting.,of all d,}Gliptloos,
Weft Pitte l s.urell.! • alad,
TUCHARD AU, otrholendi and rend dalt.
Ali in Lordherildioneo, alibi...ln...ll"foot* and rind
taOliaztry...r.dLary.iersT,uols,..and Tanners 1341 , ,A0
W .
1011116011 ii.. a. sosismr.
ir130131103' G U r,
Wholcsale.nacers, Pr,
ania and Cavannasiaa Iderebanw, and Dealers
lilsneactares:Pio. l n Liberty streq, P.
083:1121 . =Li—ZELL }Cory Wholesale On.
cer.Coannliston and Poro*.ling bl.r.b4Do..dnn
on m Nod.< and Pinaborgb ?danufaeturca, Lawny ,
ionom Funboto, Pa. • , fetal
TIOD'T A.Coa ni
puo LI 111, wholevaie Groter, ,
Al. Dater i..noddco and .11asbArglt liyutafatiorcsi
Lai,errpoi. • • . our
; •
. .
v.s •
, . _. • 1 .
. . -
. . . . . .
. .-• • ,r, .
• ' . .
. . ,
. I .
~ . .
.. ~ • . . .
. . .....
. . ..
. . '
. -
.. .
. „ . .
--- ' ' • i .
. .
~ . . ... .
. , r
. .. .
.. • .- ' 1 *. ', '. " : '.-. I ....* ' " f . : 4
.' -..'
.., -. ' ' '.--. .1 7 - ,
. T ...
. E ... ......,,..._.-
_.. i. o
. . ,
7 .1 .,..t
i ~.....
. ' ;. ..
I AI .. 1.,
~ • .. •
, .. . ..
. .
, .
. _
. . ...
•, VOL. XV:--.. 2 .N . U - : :. ., 1.w` v7 ,.. .... * l'
: I . • . • • .--- • •• .
jak aa . m il e Byadmr, nearly InTioutae
fto BERT 5100ELE, Wholesale °nem Reedy
Ins Dirtiller, dealer ut Pr?ddea, Pimibur4h 11421u
acmes, sad nil taut,. of Foreign and I?Grocaue
• saperie
via awandtaktela Whairey, which boboki law Co:
L. O. Reynold. . J. L. nate.
ISTBIOLDP rh RECCE, Forwarding and Cau
lk unman Ileretania, far Ilia Allegheny River Trade,
dealer. httronerie.Prodnee,Plualirgb hlanafaetares
and thlaride of Llme. . •
The highest prl.l,' in sub, paid at all times Alt
Connery Rao. Corner of Penn and Irwin am • nual
RO/01.1708.D & Ca" Osountraws Merehanu.
. Liberty se,opposito Smithfield, Demers in Floor
Grain and Seeds; also. BMW', Lard, &o.J spttly
C &seldom • .!! Thos. R Whtto.
UAID/KLETT k VI/UTE, 'Wholesale Dos.
rots to Foreign end Domestic Dry Goods, No 99
Wood most, FaUsbl,gh febl'hf
a; W. Wool Membsets." deal •
la en us neer end Predate eets . erall d -
mina COClLtilldiOn Dlexchanu,33 cod
}a street,
• nt
AMU . PA.1.11101., Amy at Lave. Office
to Breed's btrildusg, No 61Foutth street, between
Wood sad Smithfield:,- aoldatert•
P. iO3l -801INUOILAT & Oo.s W bolesila
4.7.l3reerm Forsrazdiste and Committees Merchants,
Dealers in P.ttstmgh Matuditeurnes md West= Pro
dam, have rimmed to then new warehonse, (old stand)
.No 35, mem of.Frootst art4lOtartmr. retvl
I Salt,
Sap,Prat " m d an C gT`
Wel=am:}te=lasteelre 'I C.. Basin sent 7th st.
dal _ ;
6. Nl9l33llllllyDemlor in Veed s, flow
VQ4; Q .Fl::Trc.tdteollrlbilp lemensgo
~r.r t
T&SLIMY & &ELIT-;WhoLciale *Morels &
Oonamtsaloo Merchants, and deniers In Produce.—
No SS Wood ettee 'Nue, h
rpm& lEF.NNISDY,Jr.,Looking Moo llamas=
rer, and Dcala. in Clocks,
• Cooritit, and Variety
liooda,oornar of Wood and Fourth Meet*
Fonyth.i , : . -R Fong*.
P./PoB.lllrTill Co, Gammis4ion derehano
, J. .desdars irJalt, Lan:4l,o m erle., Prsdoce.
Pitts!nugh Mannfiitutreii, Canal Ruin, Liberty wet,
Pit ebll9
Wm McCant:au Kober; bleCtushcce
W 11, XL, 111001:1TO1116015, Whet:cep G n ro: a
er lo Produce, hem Mai ,tii
PlustWatanufacturer, leuerall,l2l,Llbrdipetreeti
lITIOK & WOh3Dg.CIS, Weer...ors to L
T DWick,) Wholesale Grocers. Fororalting and
Vonnission Merchants. dealers u Iron, Nalls,Glaos.
i Cotton Yana ort Plusbergh Mitoesetares gonemlly;
esrooroand ostinorb. whit.
VWg. Virgarilrif lovaw Ne I
w rs a toc co all li sto .,: d
V . exassicrie his stock of French oa
some ss tossssl
lactizza; pgdautg
gad ilitsbusgriCullAkuroi,.' and of Water and
likuntideld en. Pittsburgh. P. _ Old
WITLTKOS!. & WOLJTV, Importers an•
lesale Dealers in Ilardware,thniery, Sad
diernt.e,eornar Liberty and 81. Clair streets, Pins
V V .Gnseen, Pieatace and Commisslcat Merch ants st 7
.sod cc l7oo
wAuraolc, mu mono androall furolstr:
I • thig efttblistosent, N 0.914 Libeny aulineu the'
caoaL • saaZ
VET i..EL.R..114T013.141,T1ME, Wholesate.Gm4
brarcimaT,Ne. u.'lV.T.r:top";:sftetzl:4
ftitubn . . ma 19-41 •
H. 11.01131ASON. Anorney Law, tin
• removed tus awe to the Exotatuto &Alain%
St 01•6 r atteetottit door to Atdoe man /otitis.
11..0AUDJUID, Dealer w Fr..Y ood IRoPlo
Dry Grads. No II idarkct olyee!, Par.sbollh
WW. WILSON, Dealer in Water..., Jewelry
. Silver Ware, Military Goode, /at ria. ar Nor
Set street. . nor 7..
,n. MURPHY. wholesale and mad dealt, I
V Forelgo and Domenic Dry Goods, pmth caste°
rot' rket and Founts an. augal.
_ _
UM IlltWulf. Jr. hay er pmehmed the
V Drug Hereof Vdrar 'Uwe. meats of renh and
Hued streets, slltacep a ....stunt supply ^. • .•••••
me: e•:•e•,pculumety, re.
rhy..4.1..11'11 preperphor.s emetully eou.peu:
hirlleme.C. he heel at •I• DIJIM of the tugh.
V lf .Fißh sweet, tent Btal4.field. Col'cern ,
des and other bosoms attended to with pule , . -
•• • i
Bissaltsb Bemdo. Wm. °mem, E.q.,
B A Fattnevnck .Tabo Homo, hog,
Cant, Lindsay & - C4o, John Wflght, EM,
James McCully, Esc, Mu). William Lamer.
jc2l-1 '
qmaies la
voilliem & BOSEETIC Waal k mimes,
No. 114 Liberty rt., and 53 Diamond alky,
Bastian, Dealers in Eanlanga, Bank Notes ea Ceil•,
Comer of Tinra and Wood mac.,
novlakSta Pitt.burh, 'Nu
U VI Wlltrmt., Shun,
(Salem.. to Lewis* WO
Fry-Office North side of Fourth ut,ubovesmithaeld.-60
• febl7.l3mrtyr
Oliaerßlackbarn. George B. Jones.
an ba th e ir! times a fall and general auorunent of
. .11 in line, Water street, anat . Cherry
David W. Den. • Algenwo S. Bed. SI
r, w. fr. A. S. HELL. Attorneys at Lave Office
Si Stewart's Building. Faulk •4•eL seeped door
above wood st, Ifiusburgh. Pa
... D. W. SAM, Commiswoner I take Depesidons, Ae
knowledsweents of Deeds, ma othtriastrumeets of wri
ting te be owed ip ?amoral. neleAne
JOHN D. TOWNSEND. Ditiegist and Spathe.
call, No 43 Markel It, Ores doors above Third st.,
Piustihrgh.will have constantly on hand a well sclict
cd 14.C/ILIECIII of the best sad freshest Medic idee.schich
he wilt MIL Olathe moot reasonable M.S. Physicians
oendinuorden la promptly attended to, and aop
plied with anules they may rely upon as genuine.
117Physicitios'Preueripuotts will be accurately and
neatly prepared from the best materials, at any hoer of
the day or night.
Alto for sale, a large meek of fresh and good peril,
W. south s alPd i llage=. l" A v ierge jattd
*elected stock of watches, Jewelry. thlver.waro and
Millar, Goode Always on hand and at regular ens.
tern prlces,thed Patent Lever, fall Jewelled watcher.
an law aa111411; Silver do low sail&
Genuine Cooper, Yobias,Johnson and otherapproved
=leaf watches may be hod at a small advance and
7 .'Fine watch work done in the very best manner.
°free 34 11. °Nadi* MGles
P 1 7RURaII;
• ILT, also anend promptly taColl . ectionson Waal,
TVington,Fayo. andliMau 10 reen Coonu a, Pa.
112. itaskr.oek, Dell k Co ' •
Church it CarothersPlosbargh.
D. T. hlorlPsn oct3dlr
' . Ai. 72 Fourth strut, low Wia„
u:r All qualities of listen and Black Tex.;
dotas lip in qsaner, half, and ono pound paeltaires,i•or
ging from ducts per po u nd to 111,50. A JAYNE:a
irg • Ase - i for Pekin Tea en
.haeins male tuck arrange t inen e te m, in
1 . 1 Co w al linime to the nt tha
Mt he alesor aa
hole ltine hiv
; si , may be seen in hie °Mee, corner of lm and Dee..
tar final, bC11,1,40 Market and Ferry 5111.0L1 any hour
unto[ the day, from 8 A. Y till 6 a.
S. i. nzaray,
/s . i i TTORN P.Y 1/4 CostelloSoros Low,CINCINNATI,
OHIO Colleetsoo• in Wensthern,Phso I n tended Indiana
and in Kenteky, promptly and easefolly n to.
Conseil...toner fos the state of Peons) leansa; (or salting
Desoto ornaoteknowledgernent .,
Mina so—line Wm tion,Cortts, Church &
Cisothero. Wm Hart, Eq., ! KMOC& Ulgis._
•• _
Cndle:OMß, RlAtilog, Twine, Cow .....
. (Umtata. of A.tbiteklu&Arary
lote ,)
I Prarle
40 77 C ANAL sTHErs, blibyt ORLEANS.
oordered, Cru.hed, Cilltifitil and ba.•tre engar.. In
Tst.tex• Ba nds enst, half
afo I
r'cro , ',bank and • km allommec nada no •.
of,Or above, totl barrels. 111611.
Cornar Baskets Alley and Tann at, and r.ot of
• Pittsbnrgh P.
7.81;0.10,1.. W.
nommio ; l 4 . lloncrtght.
:wAßzeurfrx;irt.:::?:o,Alpedoroo .„.4c
a whith they will dimpoye
of at low Prices nod on gad Term*,
oCEI lit ,
. ~..." Dancer P.
• N f on:FAA:runt-RS of Ilationcrod t0 0 ,e,, . n ,
llyl ~,,,0,., Noes Hey and filwiure Fork., he.. ex
Worehooee, No It W004104tVe1.i.41.4141(44. 41403
..--- - ---------------------
... T. D. Illsteciln Petelinory Burton, ea 4
7 :, ~
be mood h4..110445e444ittig Kates imbue.;
fif;o 'n'Tdt,',?lt.l.°lZ.:ll,`="l,47.;
V. it LA"' ' `. Tortom
IDEALER In Trimmings and ViarteggioA ,n,...
' Thenjwory and llomeconbs,Weal..._V _ .
VVorstedo,Bittlotte,Ncedleo, Pspza.T.,:d.,,,,r,
r Nn 63 Ildarko Su between th liidav
if 5 K .,.. 1.131 u t 1:1 F . 13-1/2 . 12 m4 E,
4 * DouleAL , .
2 * Peach .rt
Y Tom C42r2Ps .ar I,qlLAJAkva
' tr.l2
Clt Danenbower, ' 11 -•
genaida *ant.
TO•B AC 00'
.C,0611(881.0N meadldrag,
No. 59 So. %Char...and No 11l a... Water at
BEG DO infer. the trade and dealers generally of
Pittsburgh, that they hats made seeb arrangements
with the Virginia manufacturers. ad:sh e Growers of
the Wen, est Indica; and oilier One. as will insure
a large and constant simply of the thllowing desenp.
tons of Tobacco srhieli will he .1d upon at accom
modating tan. as any other house In tti.a 60 1 or 1111.-
where, and all goods ordered Irom them we be sax.
'Anted &pal m represeatationr-- ,
Havana; Nr-Dosniogoi
Tara; Po. Rico; Tenn's.; SeedLetf To
Cuba; • Igumit and Florida,' bee.;
• ALSO:.-Braneh l s celebrated Monts. Etna Cavan.
dith, with
ana alarge assortment of other popular
5s Gs brand..
and antallls *of pog; Es
Twin lileginia Twist.
unils. As Ws Its, and TN Lamp,
&a, sweet and plat, In Ws.. and half buses wood
and tin, together sent eau', variety. of article belong.
lag to the trade. ;. leltOdlY
J. 8. DiCKEY,t
FORWARDING & cumnssiuri inaseturd
• Paint. and Bridgrtr,
ftoprictor and Agent of otemers
pa= iITWELI rtTitstrnau ,AND BEATER,
' prepay On sorriest Openngof canal nay
, traiou to resolve property . ps his arbarfhout or
ih warehoose, for all pair, on Erie Eotrn , ion, Crow.
Cot, and Polo CahSIC for all pampa Lake Erie pod
upper Lakes, as also le lororsrd produce, Pena's.
Improvements. Apply toOr address
fel24-dtf JAc NICSEY, Erasner—
J. O. W;- W. C. Wilson.
& CO.,
Anil Comm! oil on Plainchants,. .
pARTICZia% nno anon poll to !eonsi ‘ griments -
Stigarsllll•, enginoo, or other articles for Opelonsia
ud AnakOpas. '• •
REFER TO—Messrs. Eiltetrield & I.4shilow, Mr. Thn.
my Llserlek; Nese Orleans.
Mean. Lmotrn& gettersoD, Zlr. Z Zbenoy;
Menlo. a aosert
Wif.htinzn, Roll
Axmetrong& N iehol ton; :Pinsbnign.
• Means. Reran, Todd 7k Co.; Cincinnati.
Mersa. Ilynes & Cnlgeeul. Messrs. Edwards &.
Whitson!, Ilan. Zenon Lobanve, lion. John 001100;
PI .nactine. La. .! re 115.1
Net. 16, Smith's W IvirT,,DaltlmareS
OBRER their ...ices to Merchants and Farmer!
the sale of Floor; Grain and Produce generitily,.in
Mei Baltimore hlorkebuidfronitheiregienspre acquasn
=re vtaonk purchner,stoppers, can .fely war
nun ...factory sates, Cotreopondents will constantly
be kept advised.' the state of the Markets,
Bun go—Meame. W. Will.. &Sons,ltaite Rey
notch & Son, David... &thunders, Reynolds & Penn&
Bin Carey; iimumma
r • •
ingley, Ca diarelPtc : Fingl is. Philadelphia.
Bowen', Den per &Jou.; New York.
Bultimore./ anh 21,1547 ' . %nerd.
LCORRAL cash lidatutoos motion to4lal of eon
signotents. Thiwe shipping tenor address will/.
ram three..foortim vane in advance in Caw, by apply
ing to oar friends,. 1 ,
Messrs. Wallingford &Taylor, Pittabangh.
Mess. Thos. Bell & Co - Bridgeport, Ohlo.
Philadelphia, May 3,150. mar.M.lf
N. B. All produce consigned to os• is ...era when
in the warehouse of Wallingford &Taylor.Piitshargh ,
aria oar more in Philadelyana. C. B. ft Co,
I HtTdl.7, 0
to consumers and ' dealer, that lam prepare
to faro . .. theta with all goons la nip line on mu bete
1,1,1 S than berctokre •
Bayers'ailli recollect.. deaiing .'exclutirelye in Sat
here tlardware and , Carriage Trinini.nia, I ootai •
in aneadvanis that enable roe to defy compel..
II !al, roe end ane re: Toots-loos toI7
. ,
10111 r e. KENNEDY, -
Nul: 1; INOoti S .
RE now in thOL'oone of reeemuq. large Idq•on.
. to their extunelve coek of Hardware, Cutkry. .
?t I .1,7. Sr., ',Sob harts; b e en parclowad on on
advantageous arms in F:ugland, and direct from
Jo' !I a nutheturert la dna cannily, c•.‘ble• them to of
fo: ternuasarpasaed
P by
tunicnon oti equalled by
fe' • urchasers roe respettfuliy s torsli•
• et 26
CONTINUES Ia : VW/SEEL a general Commission
Busmen ,specially in the purchase and sale
of American Busmen,
and Produce, and in
receiving and 'forebnling Coeds consigned to his
, care. Al Agent for the Mautilactarers. he wilt be
conslamtlysupsilicd. with the pritscipil artlelCE al
Pittsburgh' Manufacture at• the lowest wholesale
prices. Orders and COEsignateral are respectfully
PRODUCT., 91,,ii . T..Tt r it I AND
',,i v iiiii:ii - .ii , :':.ii:N . ni . " --- gi..e. IN hat(' naltimeiTe.
RUS./i4a.•l • •
. Il l at l ll ' ln n n k . , . , efi
niah ' 1 , . ~,,,' . 4 ( Pin'b'"6.
DISIWI.,Aundei. 4! l LO,l
John It MandiVl. Dolman,
Gall' lluno Jenno,n, ,
...----. ..
.1. n. 1C1011.4 C W. AIIDIMSCW,
Late of POlttiarea, Pa. Late at N.hatlle, Teem.
CNtlsllaStfra NI Plittl IA 'TS.,
AV. S Front Strut; B,otutteay, C.tacivanall, °Va.
Refer Mereloant• get:m.lloly. :a •p,lO
• _
rEaCa •1 , 111 GRAIN
Aral DKAI,EHN VitimUtl.l
No. x.. 5. sowA HotriarMit . 0./11more.
Run ,Prig[ r C. 0..,
Calimr.J LarlOsiet ,Soa. 111. I k. Dateglierly,S:tig•
101k:rim, & Wyman, Similar &
jur.... 4
• ( CCIASOA To 000031.. 1 & Nitkl.,)
. . , FinTrordine. Commissio4 LArrAent, and'
. t CotAos broktr.
A7amAt.,l door Smith ut Naomi,' flank, Dca.phis.
itzstr. pt to— Alit. k Co, Kinn Pennock k ...A.
Lauren) t. E 'I Innl,nrun.
fyIIITSIIOUTr I, Inno, Comm:when and Forward.nd
Aletetrant4, seri Yrentuee Dente re--atonal...linen me
Purchase, Fale and e1.1,110E01 Of P , g l &c.
krzn TO,
Atwood, Joney Brown' Bailey Ir. Co
Co Itey God
Wel; Lon4rey Ic Co my
I) LeerMl A Co
Lysro.Fkorll in CO Clarke .111 aw
arnstollik i. , deans dfaw
(Late OF the tom of (Osiris'. Leech k Col
Whetlesale Grocer, Coast:Liston a &lour
p i Esx.Enin oil kinds oi CountrY P
l ,rirlare• CoP .
g.rehr4;' Tre'nfitro"ll' Ta'Z'"l::;ars,
Dye Stuff., Genoa= Yarns. Salt, 22._, sag nitsintrge
Alacrufaciorea genes:illy, Corner Of Liberty and Irwin
streets, Pittsburgh, Pa
. 10• Liberal agranees. n Cash or Gcods, made on eo 3 n.
stguntents al Produce. ter nty
l' ' AND
• '
OFFER *sail at either eatabliiihrtienb • kind. of
Maebandir it Rio lowest rotes ,of Commit...3ns and
ire lOgarapFepoOd to male advances. The twat oi
refereneca given,. if molted. 1d: en add:coed to
ebbe, 'loofa "nil be protrptly attended to.
_)77 dl7
. SANAS ilinatriaql. W. n. C• 11.1.3•11.
Awl dlonalactarer• of Llasecd Oil,
- /T0720 Folts;Ta; :S T ir7cl,
(rirCllie PAID Pox naipzia,C))
sep23-1)^, •
11,tieTAIliot Jon. I Co., or 1531111DOIE.)
roydras Streei,New Orkans.
o(7•Pttileiliar illranoo 1.1.1 b tib forwardoo, bry
Foqiiarciing Meidiant, Brownsville. Pa.,
PMlimilasly to Ike roma:dingy( P &Woe ci ie.
any farther Information apply to runny&
DI. :Wit f 4 ., antler °MIS
D. W:./KATIIkWii. T.
N 0.48 Water Street.
Sr. LW: to, mo.
4" ,f 1 give parttcular attention to the selling of Prof
tktlif a. ordets for harassing
RcscallO—George Morgan 31.0., Pittsburgh, Pa.
sir I
J ArKerban. C I/Culbertson. '
dam'admian and Forwarding Merchants,
&,95 SOUTH ST.
lan27ler BOWLING'S wilAar.unlt.insore
• Nos. 8 nod 9 Light. 81.:
131ApTIDI0R 8 .
0'640 latent:co , yrdlbe made en eensimunenl to
hr brave ad fflt sia, by
lan* r 7 CA lb‘ON & MeKNI DT, Siath Cl.
Commission •Plert
AREnow P.Parrd to reerive and forward as kinds
n(%lerebende em v'lmbling on the Juniata. Mani]
and Wi•al nrnnrh. xnl7,l,•,sonle. 1e31,(
ItIERCIIAIST, No 59 Water tweet.. T. LOUIS
Hefei . Lyon, &boy& & Co, and Anthony Bee , ent
Fn. rirtmhorgb;ra leifklltne
ta HUUSF:,
JAMEII.I3r: WOOtrelafittel .1,1
RlTruatmette illaxlmenn Wan/ 1001,
1 5
ZA LAW:Wand splendid
uswinment of Furniture.,
suetable for-Steamboaub
h otels. and salaam revel- ' • ':
lines. constantly on band and madam order.
The p reacot *loc an nape cannot he excelled any
!manufactory la the treatersteounla. Per r
lo purchase would do Mk give! gmo.k
ill. as am
determined my prices ratan please. Pan of me' a , oca
cattailu en
-50 tofu with Flash sad goverq•
• I
'2 dor. Mabogani Nanw Churls;
It pair Divans; t
It don fine mahoganY Mawr:
12 mahogany 11 ork binds;
- 3 dos mateeemany Rocking Chairs;
15 marble top Dressing bureaus;
b peter Omen its; ' •
6 marble top ork Randal
Itt cherry 13 ork - Searedst
Mahogany. Maple. Cherry and Poplar .fiedste iof
eseriplions; and a large a of C*61:10
.Fa rneto re and Rime is. vio name rote to mention.' - I
i'dt.:W HAKL7WAItt!---a) nkl.
Corner of Wood'and 2d gas ,Ilsinonca gb,
HAVING wittidaten from the a:dr. - to of ...111cent
Woodall, on the let of January, 1i47, Itke
piens. ini
° in annocimit to my friends in We eit nod
cllnlltgithlit I have opened my new store at the , re
named place. tinting purchased to) goods for itsiato
and made noranernedit with manuMetuicrs id this
country and ot Forme m lie constantly supplied. I ant
fully preptited in' fitrunth illardware of ell kind.
pod leers •od .. Moe at ani blare tan or West.—
Merchant. and other,. are re tpiterfally invited td gal
The examine my stock, before purehnnitut elmmbern
The following compriret a part of my nort,_ I.
Ftenmhe at and entddlery llantmare, Gan Tam nos,
Files. Saylor , . irel, Cutlery, Fide Tools, Mail ~ Vt.
ees, Lack.. Latches,. Sickle., Scy. Mahoganyl get,
Hereem,,Union taetnry Pitmen/3.m I ludo
and veneer., .andall other articles eostnteded wi.l. the li
... tachll if
X 1 , e eubscrihen hovaugobisined a patent. M y tU
4€44gt. ft Ile.. Brick Machine, and basalt; slo, th e n
Moro ishlytested its ability, are now prepared t sell
rights nod clnitract to deliver machines to any pgit el
the I! aced tmtca. The Machine is designed to lainte
''Jack from credo clay, and. will make. 30,500 ad
=se firm brick per d ay. mac lenity bard to stank op
in th e bile; thus avoiding the expense and labor gf pre.
p the elan drying and handling the litickl after
wattled. Itu simple, strong. not liable to gm oat
maul repair, and is constructed that ;scan be to to
pieces and put toyetber with great fiseility,thes lends:s
ing it unable. We are now buildg mactimmis, and
can term shthem on abort notice, Fora fall stesceiption
wow - old refer to machine now in earcessful Opera.
eiont whir - creek creek bottom, near the Weet end of Eighth
meat, where we shall lie
whinyh io explain everkthing
connected with it to all ay call. We bale at
present no aullsonsed Agent, AO letters to our addmss
soil hrp"Zg.a.%Vii'ovedit.LfiNl & 4,
open on Monday, Apn Pe
i 3th. four floor. (row W' at,
and neat door to Jaynes kin Tea Store. rs 'd
A splendid assortmentof Fumy Ca ke, Confect/imam
Frau, Re, fresh an the counter every day; antaaiwldah
are the following :
Macaroons; Poand Cabe; LemonDmc t;
Pantry, !pone dc, Pepper Nate;
jelly Cake; Almond do. Malawi. Pi Cake;
Ginger Now; Wafer /ambles; Sponge litsdain
Federal Cake; A. P'•; Sugar de;
Orders for Ice Creams, Jelly, Drides' Cake,francy
Confectionary, etc., to., executed to a mannift one.
quailed In qualEy and be.mty by any otbelasuilbltsh•
meat in this any.
Frethtilread. Twist, a.k.a.. to. ntallaraCtatetinolely
Poor lYlina Wheat Flom. and free from all drugry
morning. • spa ANDREWS .
D. Dester.of Boma, bps arratnipd nod
patented a plan forbenting houses, sateen has :teen suc
cessfully used to Boston, New Tort, , and wherever
applied. has race yen 'the decided ',referent:le over
Stoma, Furnace , to • Ito edvantages are—
, lot. Great reaulunty or Tecupetatitre. -
Cott. Freedom from Stroke.
.1 , .M 1 No unpleasant Ilfynem.
4th. Emily attended to, and not lioble to getout's:
order •
lab Great Durability.
A Model and flpreincation may be seen :and the ap
paratus obtained at We thinner and Ttoware tictory
WM. it SCAIFE, Firm navel,
my^.slf her. W taut and Marto at:
flarderare Clattery, Saddlery,eee.
IMPORTER AND DEALER in Foreign andiktmem
/ tic 118rd:rare, would respectfolt) intounlDS friends
mid the public generally, that be Is now recet4ing taw
spring oupply of Dant vrarr, at the old standoff A siker
I t Woottwell No en Wood street, whith be will dispose
of on the imal reasons ble'terms. •
f le will he ourinnually reottinny frcch •anplteetlireel
(ott thr Slaunfuctsruts in VAJYOr , end IL,itetuntry•
It,,sit ,nahle ant to compete with any It ontl.h
atcnh.eithcc I Ain or Wen.
' •Nesteto klerchantnare invimd 10 can aadlsstamioe
his stock bu.fore numbering el...where 'earn
. .. • 717
NT T----':‘....1. enderCv*getritnaLrehobere'd• Into ci•Varme...
i V ship for 1110 pripoge of ovivveuve n ;PMtnlitert,
Conurtusion•nd Forsvordlrmbastomm auder the awe
of ' OILVIII. lieolllE‘V & CO., 1 -
and have taken the warvbease., No thnomertial Rove,
w he re street. formerly ...rented by Mr. W 4 prey—
he all ho•inesa entrusted tu oar chart, will be'
promptly and fanitfully attended to.
MORRIS °RUM, formerly of ?tailed Iphii
TI1(413 •l 1 bIiAiREW • " GnuthG 14,0h10
FIND LEY ti Mer3REW,". 3 . lij V
PilMbargh, March "1.3.1e47. ',, j ; hanb2.3
((IF the late titas 'of (,Ile. f.. a Kenneek i hooktrg
h/011.• Manataetuter and dealer in telor ..Comen
and V.v.,. Itoos. leen; 00,1E103 on 11 nd, to hot
oOn menuf.tentre, rent , drsertottoo ut 33•1 t. l ohOran3,
mud Cotn,L,ll, Ixtolv ne G... , ; 1 .11 . 1 4..13 illawr 1
rte:cts ' , lam nod olomeneal port • i;t frame
Al: k o , sl. et Co?;. 1 rap,. to 4,.., n sea. nr
. 34 , ene; Connta. Totted.. and n genera I as tomcat of
ar. Good, arhoTe rs us sa , e a: a .cuan (Inched on to.,
IZed , end oth•-ppl, l will; Pm re'• Chd•rtv., Co.
vNer , Pro., and
_tll Iy r
_ 14 , 111. 6 .erip , ::' , 1 i , ..w ., .1 . 11k .. 1 , .1ifc•
~,,,, , IN, —.....------
ii0ne.,....... L....., 6,.,..
• llOlt Oil. 'All I F:R,I.IV , • i*
San ni , ...nrd the larT.e .110,:e .....,71.1p •
on 1'1,41 A., Tkillfrfilt , 1 ,,, gt , . sji i itt
to settood it, brtw,,ViArel r
and -*Truitt...l nirrata, in the rear • f the Nrat,o,kahe le
How, v.!, an .ont.rr now sfo.l. of llorecni And Cm,:
aer• Cl the i en, quaL, and latent etylr. . {lot •r 1
1 %rin
7 1 7 . I"o''7ll:not'':::• j.,',,
C It . r• WI /t ;I ''W;i - w is.
COR all Imo, of rrapt.on• tn.! d10r.n..... , ..f , . t e• 'Alm
P sorb , Ihmotesithrehea.thlf Rheum . curvy, Heal
!fro., atiapr ea or erack , l ,ant. und for sfar mer•l d1...n
...• of the Stitt. semen ',van eau d.., ihin
~,,a P
o. ¢h
It hl.:, dl.pi.ts F rata.. Sun.
burn. Slotpbew. Tnn. und chnnres the e for of. d.arl,
)c o:v. or doficuted kM, to e tnr.ornlt Outhitif.
e.earite.. Afrealt 'apply, marlantrd
t tan, and fer
aa•e. at the reAueed rice of VI per cll.. as me. heen
r , cc,vcd 1, .A.-red for ..alc by 11 A FAII. I.:Art/14C A
tro . corner In and wood And go r lo at ttwerimcr or • t.llll
lend ern , . eta. 'l , , It
Illtavlitsa'and Ilait eiresslng !Lotman,
R L ta l r " at '', . ' nfan . 1 KZ ; I : te t i . r l •4 7 t a ' a n nt
~ ,° : lf tr. d',.'-',',: it:
Slum...n:l.n nal.mmln tat mud stoats.: 6...1i0r y enair r ed to
o r gruttemen et, with hum, caelf , o , Ind in.P...te . .
Tory an greatprr t wait en all that may cal i without ffeh.y
Thattit fat ,ast , fvoellaaieit a etatauna uf thr
same, ur Saloum, iumer of Union eAreat.tal 11. P•aaamd,
(Weft af a r leaulder 4. Day, Dry liouds Stoll.l ~.._ an
0•161.•1 ••Iliolinror ili•ein..
P X i'O,RII.•,,CF) a tr.: or ne tad a balf
A II 11.10.11, b111,',1 IP. ill polymer INa araede on
ri,ar A fur , iforahait, 1111115 r.'olljlll/C , ^lll , i :1:1 1tt,•41, ill
Furnace* Prfee,ll,4l:lra.:ll for boat Ir..fal• of lh %I
ton.. wood , . a., Irrarr• thr • rood gnat.,
11.1 . .v0r IWO, will be elrcot...l n , Fit , rr NI, o .., .
+ire , . witlwnO gw.rrafnet• .A ot•wa of thfir.l4. , al.l , .
re.retellw and fin 'ale 1111 the were 041., , 1.fe1i
Whetf,' 'Canal I.lahin. by 1
~‘ ~I SI I A %V !•ICI.AIIF.Pi
.--.1—,:.- 1 oi Iron Works
0 AUTION 1. oir ti , PUBLI —The oubncri
1.,/ ber, by varittin contract with Ilie 'rare ',IA CO.
ban lit exclusive risht to ell thetrles , in rthaburab
and Al:rgbany antra Any! yet.on Par farina to sett
thew Teaa, except procard'ahndata lA•ff fa ftraetia'fat ft.
decf•pdurtt nd a (rood upon the enblic and their state.
men. arc not to be tetted on.
an , / t ' A IAVNIFA 74 Vozrh etreet
gillit ir,TIAVTASi liZJit NI e. rn a :1,,11 r 1 Eti:- ,
Jun reeeived from the Far. Mee 's atraar CUllef.'
ainelotr f a Cy tottlieal culler, n 'or)" .otort‘d • 00 . 1. . 1 "
the U hque cotter all of . wtuch nte of .• very• oupertor
quality; in, sa,e at the rittaltatsh See and IMpleu . nt
w ord
corner of 1% cod and Mk at
oett 6 fd 11 C1(1'.1151 . 1A31_
TOEI. 111011I.ER, 1/ruggiel and ApuilicctrY. N, W.
J comer of %Vood and CtlrAts , l'ittdiurgh. will eep
.apt l y on band, Droloq,Plinte, pd., Dye-indef.;
ar.e. •
N. II —Playticitudo prooetiptions tomNione
ed from Droi ben inaleriolo, at any hour of the day or
welt. uiporiment of 'Willowy; boa Toolli,
oud Cloth•Llrtirlies,
low for etre. may
nnoobuTiorg:4l,.. co.rlirloorobip lierenifino
all, wider Do
of J illfumo it Duo ei.iy.dtioolved
comient. boo.. 'rot D
boom who duly outlorrised b ocuie die oerOonio
the late Goa. 11 1•1111.1.1,01 6 ,
Pasha rob, Sept I, 11137.
COTL.EII V —A choice sylectien of mike, v.
Prin.* and Balding ii 0I•C11. 0 'maim r.,...
vu tab'. fnr nutter,' men and yardmen.; 11 . b, Ili Wye
arsortment of pea and pocket anivrai• anPmdlo n "
tart received and for rale ken at Mr Vidalia. en ~r ed
and Ayriettturid Warehouse, No 111 Wood st,ttantr
of OM
~. fft! , t I' , '' M YIS I I----- ‘"" --
---ZioNilistp.siorEett. Dv .Dr.r.vs ',
A T MCI N N Al I-, um .tritorwed ny he tie term ,
A nf Pcneaylvania id take nenrirmirdommrs otvall an
viroracnie of writing, mint <Addeo, and deposition. of
' reform in [Min, tone 5t1 .. 0 , r , recorded i , 11 .. r1ti:!1 c ! . .. ,
en'i'ennol,l(Vor;. 9 00
" 1.11)I4 e RT) ';'' C it ( I ) , rie 1 t o. '
„twiy•F Aw...y at LAW
I - - 1 '
'OOlOOO l'or...:::t;',Zelg'h.M.lp",7-cp..1„114,%.,:„T ba
Alwar. no
p bend, every descripti l
on of Writing and
Wgarring Party and ni o cet,, u m ,
It CY rnithEPY k SIICE
Corn, Penn and I rntin Mt. Pilt.hurvb
VINING 'ROBES, blonthiy Notes and Eget
erect', ,!ke etutable for ploNtittg in Cemetry'r
a. be foroirbed nn mote:woo et the reed otore,
from Ner.ertesof Joe. Watdrop, Illahemer.
•No tat ratswo
G OLD AND SILVER WATCllES—llveetteo en
lora! , Flock or Troll end Sliver Pas I
mlevr W ettnelde i•or Lndire and Gentlemen
--of the' latent and 111L/114.:1111con pent. Yll3 and of the teat
Inunnfacture—warranted :and for sale at eerr lo ‘v Po•
era )110 W WILSON
'I3IIID CAllE.S . and Frio - nto( earioueeiree , constant
JJ ly on hand. and for sale . al•redoerd POeeN . I ‘h.
Ptnetengh Seed Store:No VII Wood tweet. corner of
Cab litre.. • jet •• S OrIFFILIi,RS!IAIII
ICI CREAYI FRF.F-7.ElIS—Joet reed. a loge floors
1 trent of Joborotee eac' Patent lee Cream Free
zers, eattablz for Houle SteantleLity and private 14 nu
lie., at •JOHN DUNLAP
. I Nn I, m.rkn at
0 TOR AGE—Tbe ththoe r thee linci no leased the throe
iDira rir.eopied ny Cr. C. C. bto they, No 9Con..
,9etr..l,,re on prepared Co store nn No
Irmo. Cools atom/. conk Coon ore consonny c
by nthothance. J JORDLII /r. SO
Kg' le liberty n, oppopto bead of smakield
- 1
Y. L'lTit AIRY.
TIS institution, nadir the train of Rev. J. Id
Cessions Ann Lao,. in whir)" all the solid and or
pantental branches Of a finishedledseation are taught
7; w oi o r:l4tr,. "he a.7,: c a; ° ,7 , l=Ty Stiaens
between ad and Churn.. Thd Sinned Seaton will
tornmence en Monday the MIA Augitst, and it is
important that any who may design entering should'
tn. present as rotas practicable hythst ume.
; They have accarrd the. eel-vices: or Proresior RHO
ROCK so 'teacher of Music on the Piano and Caltar,
who, is too well known to deed recommendation. A nom
prices French teacher will be_employed
Prnt.HlNC , llAfil will bare cbargeof the Depvtmeni
or Vorn s -I
Prof SU:iII:ISM will bare din:46m of the Artiwie
Department, and wilt glee in drawing. sketch
tug, and painting. beth in oil ma water colors. Prof.
fi is a nompeteni teacl4r, and it recommendations
from the first men in Parope end the United
1n...a150 been. a teacher a thefrit ussittutiona of the
For terms entity m ibfi Princi al. els(
iNe. HO Ards sm.:, otter rentensa, Rona
Thigher , branches of an Ennb Fduaaann, with
ettrection trt the Freceb.halien g and untie Langwrce.
ILe *emcee of the mdat eminent Protestant are per.
manenity secured, and emery facility given pupils for
i1ey6,127. the different Languages, facil
1•Ilk other
The year it thatded tato two arms of her Nana*
each, commencirg on the IntofEepamber, and ending
on di. neta of fore.a
The charge for the Scholastic Year of ten months Is
payable half yeatly In advance; Willtoul enter,
tICEPt Merle and Dwaine. whine , ere •, 1
prices Time commencing say Leto WOW We term
will be charged accordlugly.
tr It ts thought dea•rable brprellt• or guerdiane of
poplin from a d,
, Rna,hey can rime n during the
dimmer vacetlon when nil due attention will he pa..
Hu-h ElhotLEsq. Dr R 51 Patterson,l)r II McClellan.
Ilan..ocorge kV actual, Phitadelphia—F H Morgan,
Sun, of Loots+ lion Jos Haifa, Wm Thom:moos, et Lau*
Mo. Mot Mauna Esq. Florence. Ala—What itch .
ton GO., N o—Caleb d: Morrell Erg, Nashvillejeua—
Ilan Rachard IC Call, Taltahasso, Florida—Dr arias.
Lenoir. Marleana-4 F Pallet Ent, Li o—'Thomas C
Nesbit Esq, davanah, Goo—Rer Dr Bricalgnact. New,
TOON° LA. slaw, 117 , .11 • , •
"VIM Institution andel the dlreedon of Ili: N. W.
J. ha:relit:l', to stillopeo for. le reeeptitui of Tuella
at the : . . . 4 • ,
Corner at Sandusky and Strawberry sta.
The 3ceond Session will commence on ideedity,tlept
Those designing to e.itter Will find ago their Interest
to &sons ten the ab taunt of Ike Settliall Ito posaltdr;
though pupils will received et aly tune dorm[ the
session. II
The Services of c potent Tescheri will be secured
for classes that , r.tay wish le receive Instreethres In
Drawing, Palatine and Music.
For panic slant alcove to, nit. coarse of hastractiot
.terwi. At. consult eirenlar et , apply te the Inionseter
A Ilegh.ny. Jul. t, 1017. .1_ ,
dr 11. P James, Walnut eireet, between Fourth
and FifM,Cluelnimill. I.
Claimer, Gibbon—Tee bietory of Me decline and
fall of the Reiman Empire By Edward Gibbous,
Esq. Anew Editioe,remeed sod corrected through.
ont,pmcerled by a preface, and accompanied by
notes enticil and historical, relatinipprincipally to
the propagation of Christianity: by M. F. Owlet,
blunder of Public Instreetion for the kingdom of
France. The prelacis,notea and correction., trans ,
hued 'from the French - erprenly tor.thia edition.
With a notice of the Lae and characterof Gibbon,
and Watson'. Reply to fthbon. In S vols. imp.
Sao, 1075 page..
• NapierS'Pettinsula War;—Complete. l vol. imp.
q,..800 page's,
Hallam's Middle Age. Chamber's Rebellion in
Scotland, Robertson's Viiginia and New England'
Russell's French and English War in Amenca, and
Remaly'. American Revolution. 'I vol 4m.
Li4rary ot American History--Containing nice;
holm from the beat auttiliWon 'American Hl.tory,
Biography, Tinsel., Cornieeree, litatiatim,lndans,
Revolutionary Battle., drei &e. Aro. Also, Anec
dote., Poetry mad Mircellannoes articles. Wears
toil with more than 500 einitivinp.., I rol,unp Biro.
640 pages.
tlniversal Pictorial Library—Contalmng valuable
'poems on critics subjects, comprising Natural
kliitory,'Notoral Sciences, Agriceluire,Rural Econ
omy, itography. Fine Arts,!the Orientals, Travel.,
'Geography,. Botany, Plike'laneon. reading,
&e. I rot imp Ova 6411 Pp. f Ii aheep.
The Family Medical library—A 'Preati.e on the
t6,..ventlzo end Ghee of IDiseroes, by regiMen and
rimple innimices. New,editioo,reVited And eclat
:rd o itb the add.tion pi a I:tamable hlaterla Mod,
m i , poinung.ccit the virtues, preratiens ed..l4osos
of war most volcanle nstria medical plasitsJand en
w ill
'of Anatomy and :Physiology. Illestrated
wiib was hundred Enivivings. six of which are
' colored. By .1 G Norwood, M 17-664 roger See.
Autericvn Flower Garden Rompzerso—Adapted
In the United dt,temby ; Esiwant bayers.L4pds4Ve
and Ornameotal Gardener,. IS mo,.third edition,
revised, enlar g ed end illitetrated.
Piro Oregon, Rocky Mountain., &c.
Teamment, Oetavo, with and without
Polyglot twin, end Psalm* to Tette.
Rice nod Pingroe's Dibate. Banes Works 1.‘ 1 7
tithe f.oko. Lana Wrath. krioro's Private Davo•
too- 4.0"•olto Bah!.; Cheep editioos of van..
works is parriphlot faro - tad=
Valuable Standard corks. I
Dft/INLIt'S ENCYCLI:IP,EDIA-.A_llttiortary
LI r4e,lntrrauge and srl yroKoroolog th e hisloryStoec:ption
and prthrip to of co ry Orunrh of Ithoyink Yrooviledie,
woh thy. ofortruhos nod drait3ott of 01 U. 4 too la ersocral
we, ordotni by o. rlirtodi,y ft s,4e. to
mr.. tw-roop 00 wout
\ orth b.ob rod,
ort4 n4ro Of Nor th ArroFtool,Cototolt Ea. Cypsda West,
Nona Scotia, Nes Orunroorb, N. dam Yew, Net 4
lie, Florida Ton, Califart , i3, C,Lal America,
Yoaritin. frest lola 1.14+ *l.l all the `rover red Torn
in the llootoo ,
It?.yzwy..of the Ploritteto from tba
relonnottion In IS 7, In theieSols , dn me...P.4V Le
aroonut nr ttetr priciptn; ke, e, 07 Dowel ries4 A,
remc4 by John 0 cheutee, 31D, nth woe portratlallaiteel;
10/A V ' .
The or the Body in eilation to theooote
dlonro, NI I>, ineotbot of ebe.ioyal solkee [hpiesso...e.
Wealth and froitk ot •hish main Ns maa, • •erl P•i^
ortenile vreot
Alt of the SeN beta; nititting human:a of sh
; •i
elmentary led rtmitc. to dttIiKAINO, laid. se or
tom a 0 ... G. ! floento, by nanelsT Roassit, tr., torn
Th. lab,* voi,ks reee It . 1 . 4 kr .1. II
134ohmIlere,our omit. wad pfd .to
‘ . 4 EDICAL , 0001.C8—
Oil loonolmon , otonZio,ll.l..b ,
Comm'. I otta-te.s of >144.4 he;
i 'proofs A notooly, , I
... P00...4 iti,er.laild!oi
plan 'a I.lrn ent. of rai,ioioty,
11.4....... N. I'M 1.40;
Wolom's i do; I
Ebe..lls n
Fr.dO.. 1
I...eree Oefl
roof. , on I Irma, :
F1av01....... V. 44. of Parlual4,...
Plow on the *Di...4of .
1....1.r W111,4 . 441' a c 1031.4 ,
ii. re. hl .4.4l.lllilithanvii
-Cis'., Pere.. (
4 S ••• •• in. 4.4lnry—now ed...
The • 41% , With 9 , 4eral ....rm. , of C
NI moan:leo. Book joyt rere...g and for ....lo I to
if ELIA k . cr Ir. F.Nfi1.1:4.•
...19 , he t00.k0f.... hell.. and .4 4.11
L Econatios and a...harping.
Stlutdoch'e 'Molts... •
Liddell en, torn p! tend Eogllsh Legit..
-Dritinc . • Notate! ,ittlowpir. ,
Juot rim d awl fin lisle by • •
opts% Ofc DON tt I.D tr. BEESON. to market tit
lllVNlDlLTllll—Buiiffri—ins oti of the Gm* Rai.
sl:d °Whim, Imo ofithe wore end campaigns arg
o , he struggtes ra•the Bieck i . OlOOlO in Ernancipo.
tilos uteir costim from the ruttish later. Dad col
cines,splencid copy with name.. R1N18.7. 1 call.l .
61101. .. .
Lhilersi illosirattle of the telgn of Willem !IL from
laid In Tani—wills Jim portrel, • ,b in st cols '
Companion to the smelt of dm Hely ceriptarie
Derry blonbra) tithing romance, with Dr engta•
lour is the lloly l L.A.-French Siege, and Sketch.
in China. Just hell aiiclinr selc by
• hie ill:i ALB tk BEFSON
__,,_ , to market street
20, - 01toolin of Photos.
11.0 , 11 11. MELLDR. el Weed st le sour receiving
J en excellent attainment of Boston sod New Verk
tlenes,•rrived to•Diland fon eale.
1•,%-. , 0. mild 80:41.°d fol.os. V.% tiro4•6 4 , 6 2 V 1
.I , lle splendid carved Hosea - mat sin octaves, DM
',Cue splendid mahogany kism six ands half...
• 3.50
- •
• more
Übe grand Piano 'Forte, mode al the factory' of
Own tiers, Parim and rally equal u the one
hoed by him at his Concerts. goo
one 'mahogany iscond han I Po., made by SM.
eaten' h Denims', New York. VS
A further supiily will be received dosing that week.
New Lot of Eiespasst Plano.
j Xl ‘ l ' h ' e ' so ". l7 lo th' r r°1,T.11..",7,
hough' in toe east,,
1 hie elegant motionany,6 octave. made * try Minns &
Clark, New lork,ol genet pourer and area... o or
tone—evremely Ono priced.
One elegant toreentod Piano, made by Checkering .
Gorton, and selected to Gm as the best increment to
the claw in la is fitewo Pore very moderate.
Dewitt* r a nantber a *idol s ot all prices and styles.
romans the most eawnsiVe or!cetiot. eve, °feted here,
No , tel,lltd-stAtt J W Cr onnwonw
BoatoWeind NOW %rock Plano..
fffli i .ll.)llPS 11.,bik 1,1.05 G, NU el Wood at, 1
ties reeeivwl ann offers for sale—
I One splendid Itwevrood Piano Folio,
WWI 61 octaves, iron frame .11 new
sc•le. Med , brichieleriny, of Groton.
One elegant not,wood Plano Forte,l7/Iti crellivat
omlirontnme .;Mode by Chieirering.
One elegant l'ilaltigany Plane Porte—made by Gale
& Co, New York . ,
the snore will ha fold at remurfeeterer l e prices.
Also. far tale is above, i amend band' Piano Forte s
stub 5 oetaven ; i ,
Yi 'STORY OP 111153LIGO—Jest published, hy
Li JA&UP ;Giles Cincinnati,
THE utsions UP riP,ZICO r her ej•il Wars and i'
Colonial arid ReliolUrrunary Annuls, from she panel
lie eritiowtt Cojnpiest. to the piewni time. liel,
incliolota ant ne aunt dam War woe rherOniled Mates.:
In. cUlttt undi Military Achievements. Ity
Young 51. 1.1 With wroCopperplete Maps, and Wont
Flugiavings of Plano at
Battle Grounds, &e. One soli
aloe lir:taro, fivn hundred and erstyifenr pagea.
inl4 , .
d 0 , 11; d 4t14 ,, 2 , 1C0-51a g pld . e v Iv I Er fi d e i :
cot Valirlf:0601: 4i.Crll(tClollo'de dieha Rep:titre : TN
commute par lit 'heroics amoridades.
A few eopiei tenoned; for solo by
JOHI4STON &GTOCKT--- ON, Gootirellaw
mato& 3d Gs
rIEIIII /1100111111 1 -HAM !DVI/1 • Fi.r intro.:
i . _..ogy Avoid, .• 1.404 NW or . limy Hsi o Wrt
( k tato, otit)pot dOn out ri
------ ''rlitkitAkt SOUP.- - -- 7 ""141 1. Tl . l+ fall di ' . tok •Ai IC I " tht
rkoliE I' OINUIPLCS OP NATUZIK. I. M.,. R., . • i h. it ... 41. .
. .
.re , CI , s . by. LW ce is, inll
L obb, and 0, o t t.t.oit, to blaultib4 by int 'womb irr
, biItTLE SOUP will be ...Relit -grit
. Ik . ii , l ji . bath .;• • • _t t ,... , , •.•+ 7.• • , ~. • •
-Amara* looksito P4`,,,•• „ . ; .1. Ukt Dant .4di at.; every dao till &elm .-, ... - • aorntold by WK. JACKSON, at his Patent sdkint_
1 Aninher loi of twig Wonderful Hogan has Wen rebid The I °.'n of So m' ini..* lol 7•h“ mina.uasa. fit LlbetyrislOysiLin k iLsioywkw ,•6,.
: bill' L ivi ri •. WM lil eAmovirigA, -•- *Met PPG .11 . 1=W ei0.9 0 I PC . "...- ••• ', - .40/Italt . ',4oPt .'f . ,' ' ' ' ' .'''' 7 7 1 1,
... ,:[ • .A . .
. ..
~ , . . •
. : .. ~...,......-. .; ~..• il 5, .1, t , • .., .., . .
R 11. 1847
COLEN lIAILMAN,*. Co., hawing completed
their New works, are now preyarexi to ats=nrae-
Mai every description of Coach and Eliptic Wings
Imo gal., Amermanßruner, apriug and plough dtsol,
',and all sized of small square and round Iton, which
they offer for sale on liberal term, at theiI.W6TOAMSO
N 0.43 Wood mreet • whomthey , aim ke ep' n head a
oamplete and. e uaorunent Coach
rm. 1..9-
.! ,g1 /""r"e' 1"11"b, I..,su?igst d roe, *
C. H.& Co , ha= made, arrangements with ?desist
Day & Cram,
of Shovels,' Spades
Forks, do., and will keep commantly no hand =or,
trticle made by theta. Dealers am respectfully
cited to ce pricesand terms will be madeg d-ST liberal.
Pineal:len. Ps.
JOhNN - WRIGHT 4 00. •
P. RE prepared to build potion and Wootlen.alachin.
cry of every desenplion, stab erc-Carding,/ila
chines. Spinning Prattles Speeder., Dram . ag Frames.
Raftway 'leads, W rapers, Twillers,Spom• Dressime
Prunes. Looms, Card I.:trader, &n., Wrought Inn
Scaldng ton ed all tares or Cut Iron. Pathos and
H Inerrant the' latest patterns, slide and band Lathes, •
and tools of Mated.
•Castimos or every desenption ferniabier o short orc
tics. Patterns made to order for Mill Gracing. Iron
ratling,km . Steam Pipe for heating Factories. Cast
Iron Mends , Cash, and fancy Camara generally. —
Orderst en at the Watchome or Ji Manner & Co., Lib.
eny street, wtil have prompt Mennen: •
iDlackstoch. Dell & Co. J R ?daddies , ' RUtas G
Warner, John Irwin It Bonet Pitalber[b•
.113Ctr.311 Warner; Dtenbettaille. Nal/
W. STEPHENS of Wheedled. F Sbnentier
E. ger of Juniata and J. /L. Satekton of Siusbures
have tete efly dieted LUSO eolsilletship ander style
and Gnu of Stephens, Shoenhenger A. Co, at the
Aerhor Iron W orker Wheelica Va.,for the papaw pi ,
eitatufsetariag - .den SAS coil. Of. enrylie*Cilp ooll .
E. W. Einsarom. S F isnernsaarria. J. A. sTeertot
• • • Mailing. Va.
Matalketate all Medea( bode.. shee r bar iron end
ntily A w l' steel caste springs and asles Beteg can
ted Shnenbenyees Old J. 11411 Wort.. ma ea.,
offer an article of Jam:Halton (braided Sheenberger)
equal to any made in the country. • 'Alter whichwill be
sold at the Pittsburgh price:. Ws:donator the Works
re L fn , .r mere end W ter . fuel
koppenr...a. John D. %Via • L. P.. Meted.
St F.EI. it ovemend ffpades. Ases and Hatchets.
Mill pg Ca Circular and Gin rases; Hey and Menu,
Fork., Hoes Mattocks. Sid, be, be.
Having completed all their arrangements in the eon.
streetion of new machinery. and in creating the boot
workmen: from the most ealebtatal
e•tahlnhaettu el
Me EMI. WO pow seenufectartag and wtn keep con
inanity e s heed sod for sale all the above erne rs. hoe •
Mt availed themselves of the latest imp.oseasents.and
are determined that In workman IP andJ l .3
will not bet d They promise to pe r lateles,
equal, riot superior. to
Coo had to th e Eat.
They triode the aureole Or dealer. to an
or eciefainabe
of their mak before purchasing elsewhere. n, they e
to Meths) will be
Sloe SO ell orders in their
lee to Ibie entire
at of purchasers{ Watchcase,
, Water ss'4 &ors Weld blosemplitsta Hasa, Pittsburgh, I
Pa N
• . B. Person, hiring twines& vnth Wm. Lipp men
r. Son, will please call on Uppeneou &Co. prindi 7
1111 TAKES tbm method us inform his (tends
. and the innate it lame that his Eery
en. , in fell opernooM on the East ..0
. el the lhadmed, Allegheny. when a cool
' stant supply or Blinds. el emit's* mlots
' smdenalittes,ereeanstudly keptoti hand,
else at No.ll Wood et, Pinslettalt,at J. 4
11. Phillips'eil eledi envenom
emnau lettatten made to order in the hest etyle.
Wilds repatred at ties shortest ocalea.
N.. 11. lig Blinds will be put up, widget% miy addi
tional exrpuse .0 that they enn be removed in a e,
meet In ease of fire or tor washlng, and with.' the nid
of • ems de n oei4dl yesslandr
• iIL. FULTON, Bell and Brass Found.
- . e?.. numbed% and commenced basinem at
aid r mend. matte be woll be pictured to
C__.; e his old mummers and (panda
'l7 , obarett; Steamboat. and Bells of every
pa7t.m bo sTof tt? ' "'CI°
PW ,P . orTs " :7 ,',
e most appoirst m e -•.
- iwarrauted to be of the 6. 131
'ltem! lt 'met Pump , Counters. Railing, be. be
nantbef en even - sattet7 of Bras* Castings, a feilitts
ed. tamed ithd finished in the rienlcl4l2l3lllllcf. ,
Lt 7 -4. F.! is the sole ammeter -et Samuts Ada.
ATTLITION Mtli,L, $0 if stly cclabfatati fox tbe sedan.
non of Sittig:a in tannin:al. 'Ole Cal. .1 CO.P O
eden canl.e bade( bite at ail :Anna ient-ti
- -
W. W. W
9STbeE,Oll.lllll,kl WOK an,
No . t 4 anti 1$ Liity 311 [IL lam Ms rano.
ALW AY don hand and madr tinter, • :aye rot
ty; of Marble Mantels, Pier, Centre
Amend Tapijomb Smoot, M al ti .&e; who
being made of t),, career ratable. and azahanrator
priitmralai be minbinery, wallet trold low tor cash
N.reowns wishing to purchase Mantel. of. •
informed that it is henceforth unnecessary for theta to
go East, as I can furnish timm with an alma in all
ranee... good, and (freight, iris mance, an. eionsidor.
ed.) as cheap as they can pair-hose tt,(...0 ititintar
East. Call and see.
coprzu, inEET IRON. AND TIN .
No B Market street Pittsburgh, Penny
PNE subsesibers haying mile great laannusearents
I in Me construction of them Ctttri RIG' MVP S,
respectfully I.,va persons hu",iding etemnboats Le call
no it
t ...mine Ware em supply them
Anti Drat Stove., reeve, and every o•hre kind or
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron wort necessary in furnish
mgae also
e mke
to order on tba shortest 111101 ICC Sal
Tubes and Matal watt for Alen tAinbv^
and every vnrsitr of WW ,n ti" ".e
Rannfarturerz of V tali, Ballet Gins-
- no. d roat'a
UUR fa mein tieing no by full operation , we are
prepared to eteeole Onleit in, OW lint promptly
Dorms the last Sommer we hart adopted a stew Mau
tied u.
tobit meow Glow,. (ilte to rn
app ova_plan now
In Wt. ram.) by v. bleb we torn out ..ipettur Int
t.low &melted on toy plan is perteetly into one,
aye watts a very Em lustre Paints.. awl ot alts den
ei.liy are reqatoled to eon and ram:sine for Meat
wives. ! - R
unii-AsivARE NI alaurAcTuße..
Birmingham. linear Pittsburgh') Pa.
Nardi/,at, No. 137, Wood Oriel, rillsburgh
•W ILL corsslantly ikeep oo hand a good gluon
en rm of M are, of muli
olio manomemee,
, toe
mpeoor goaloy. • WboMeale and country Met
- aroma are reepeethpy kawited to call and ex
•none for theenableoa as ere ake deternhoctY he Sell
ebea r Y ::.'sa Ma ever Infest been offered to the pole
(Cr Orden seat by mail, aecompamed il the rasa , i ,
coy eefeienee er.o be otemrolY aMaaed M. Mid ,
`treat I , h:item. Butt Binge i' , :eilifittOrYt
A Ch. would infurte ihe made t
R. they et c owninnufnewiting the Utol he
eeerensde In ate Unnedettnies. As tkie to our prince
t i oeirtew. we intend to send out as complete 41 ar
n ele ee can pownily iro 'made. Mho.enlisted
in in 0..
hordwoie inide, we thins. will find it ineir ter.
to )or Dune All order. Co
in te nded
tuss A fIARUNKR ACo go.o. ot, • ormin
• •• •I JOHN sill IghltfY t
'Co., Nos. W•Saits V 4 Instil st...
• i A
_ _ Buss autt W.* Eta
,vevs. 644.1.4 of- 41i stew. yaw
/I . from the tete, nsposed psi
terns aoo ventenated equal
any Also, Ms. Cavell
[withal if (veered, UV. Fit
--- Wig. (Al Op promptly vn.ltv
' a••• tee-eramie teems .
. eve IV4II 1
errnatumb,..lKEL AND erktlNto
MAC .10:110.
gp " .
4011 , C11
ANUFAtI NEAT • of eves Le Ulutot.ffieet
MSOO Steel. Steel klougb a, Coach
•Eliplle Swells IlsAuStereel Imp Axles issel dealt ts
Ssilealne Cotten., el.e ruglor tan p 4. end tore
comer al amass From meets
Phisburgb. Po , spea
1110 S .0 Naas, Shovel., a.. (or we at ear not
I. Wareboase, No. 54 Water street, rm. Weed, ,On
tong a, Fran, •
AIN, Fran`
at Lae old mad, DlrNaster
Oak Ltbertl street.
Oaring made great skattaryag to Or. Rohm[ BUIL a
orders cap be E.SeIl
- morel
• - .vuricwArrontans of
aud per . .
Pa.. Makera r ...Points, of =tow description
Wilco No. 2 21; Charica Bowl, rd *true. '
P. 4..7E7UR:
sieiuuy on band Cul: alonaledand Parisi FLn
in all its varienSs, at their Warabouo, em
nof Marino. wad Water Orsers ,
On, Works continuo in full opernrion and ;//e a
,idlotan ly adding to mattock, orniztt conlrles Into fi
I orn,rs sorb ',garniture. Pureliaiico. arc revocUoil
itrd .11 cod dgamitio prices aid trona.
IVltaleiale Variety ore and Larking Glass
Comer of Wood and Fourth , Piiub argh.
lis A on j m u e t a " t tr v u ' r d i e ` t g y o :Is, :nal :I ' m% Cloc pe ' t g. , n '4,
dem., Pins, Needles, Cutts. Caps. Cooks and' M,e
Cutlery and Comb* of Prier" pattern and psalm -
Western Merchants and othe rs are req.:wed to call an•l
examne tt fare purchasiag •lecaher , or anion
All k i nd. of Nth. Mahotanv.and common Lkok,nj Was
es nianatamared and mod at lantern prices octal '
- -
the very liberal'ettioarage
e . mem the subscribes has meeired since
has located himself - Ix Allegheny.
vreangmo.s has indseed him to take a tease, for s
wren of years, on the properly helium
occupies,. in Beaver street, immediately beside the
Prerhytenan Church. Fromibelopg experience in the
above business and • desire tay.Mine, he Awes to mar.
hand refieive a since of:public patronage.
Nor on band and finishing t oder; Buchan:my Beg
s-ins, open and top Buggies, and pray • deieription at
("Arrives madam order. from seventy Ave ,dollars 10
tughtlumareL 1011,14 MOUTH._
, 'BOLIVAR' Fill*. g 4LgiK. • ••
37 PlltW ßßlCK , maputaemmd by-time'
saw artlele,M store; for sale Itt g alL
coed - • • ean :lAA,. • Itn
And Consumption. Yam m the Side and ,Ntakt Brows;
Anhui., %Vitamins Cough. Palpitation of the Sean,
Liver CoMplarist. Smurfit:a, and all diseases of
• • ' tin:shrew-Over end liver nand h7Mier-
• an's All.lieiliarg_Balsmn ,
Raisiiig Blued .CoitetirtsfiMuS.
LIB. MILNE. Budder. Smoklyn, wan ettiried
IYI. with raising blowl.followed by a „vitgls4ain in the
side. sod the usual grammar of conatimption , He
employed two of the beet physicists; they did him tut
ge ld
and told hint he CO t WINDT LI Vt ,
arles of the steederfal toren acre rern‘dhy Sher,.
stanre'Llalsam. he item. at 10 o'clock at night to Mrs.
Hayes. ID Felton aL, and east, • Watt it operated ltke
etiona. =Toed the bleedin, aed couerl hr .
had taken ate boule he ass tole to be about hi , mutt
It had RSV HD MIA LIFE. .11la datimer.tmining at IV
Mt nle Avenue: cm hums it ' ••' tiara 4 n Tenth
Mm Ann 'dawn or Williamsbergh s i
bear Math Fourth-moray w—Tion she Isabella tl
with a backlog cough, and pain in it. chest, for • lon eer
nese. which et last became so bad that Silt Msa obliged
to give up oer oehuol ha men than'. year,
commenced taking the Alt-Seabee Salaam Watchman
alleviated her "prisms Ike ia ribs raw Iterneung •
dud bee resumed her isboriouseacoaaum ay a Wither
re YEARS. ' •
Mr .John O'Neal. 10.1. avenue and Slat It. andered
with kecalit• raising of phlegm end • pain ill his at& ,
tie mind rt NO.REI he tried the All Hearn g
Balesestot bleb drove Me' pain hoe, hot Ade, /Waged the:
emote. and oroimat the diware. upon the eitnere. and
Orebro he had rakes three heettre,wm calmly cured •
Pleurisy end Consumptive!
Mel_ Haggai, a lad) alma da of 7u 'witting Mare,
Wing Yu tor
*Opel Sinnott. oratleurley.
! Musing of Blood, mem tease, otionudattaf Breath'
Fein in het Mad and canon. passer her,tettly lier
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