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    affSßUltiiit GAZETTE
lIY ERMSTUI3 - 1[12001.14 t Co.
• . _ Twa Prriatr!unt DOLT GAUT= pubilsked
Dalin Tri-WreklnAnd DailylsSaama
Dol4zrper annum the Tri-Wc tly is Flee Dollars per
an anoon:;• the Wealt.Yis Two Dollars per aaasost aria!,
.- , .
r ErAninistuas an aunt...te reqeened t I o hand in .
doer Avon; before I e. • , esti as early in the deY ....
pneskeble . r . '.:-
For ins?? Commercial %mil:pica, Minnie. ?di
kits, Rini , Num, Importi; Moody gait; ht.
Vsliftnarth Paw Var *MeeWaxes vim Arum
Editorial Conerponiaaca of lb. PinsOarth Gaoatta,
. • . Wasbingtv; Dec. 'V, 1047. k
, The equnHation of the Moues was attended
With on nodes outward excitement, bat an In.:
tense Areline was . appaunt among thelcoembers i
neceithatanding. :Tim number of =maws su
pitied, all with the trial tenure by which a hope
May be suspended, when the object in expectation
L office A good Many hours after I Felt Pitts.
lintgly—sixteen at tenet, -a party of members
same galloping ante the moontair.s, and mind at
Cumberlend just fifteen minutes before the cars
Wt. They had paid the driven tome faun dol.
Iwo for this hicry, sod taken at least this amennt,
out alto horses, fmwhich the Stage rroprietor
mart coffer. I MitiMna,however,bta =Ram the
*devoticet of Atte MeMbeie to the great virtue of
pociannity, one of the noblest In the world.—
But notwithstanditlg' all this bard au of hone.
flesh, end the loud call for members to be early
upon the ground, 'eight members were opara;—
end watis than thee, If possible, three .from the
Pena:an:a Waged to vote for the Whig nominee
"fOr. Spe'aksr. .These were Mr. Paltry, from Mu.
Warkineetoe, Mr. Gidelinp, of Ohio, end Mr. Tack,
'', of New Hatofs'at i o 1 When tps House mat, suchl
opposition was hardly dreamed of. In cane',' '
, Mr. Vinton hid declined the honor due both to
• iFres State and tttir greet 'West. By general
vaunt of the WUP, Robert C. Winthrop was
'named u the nominee, end' the ft= ballot* gave
hi&101 votes, the second 109. and theihini 110
-.lust the necessary
to race his election.l
To be remanded the house of a !nand,' as Mr.
Winthrop was by Kr.' Palfry'e eme,—to be Mabb
ed by each lows is these from Mr. Giddinp end
Mr. Tuck, was a 'species of folly, if not of fanati
cism,-,The ground of opposition wu Mat Mr.
Winthrop's Abolition eentiments were not in lea,
mony With their& i •Tlungli an out and otitAnti-
Blavety,ma*-thotigh ea Wihnot Provieo' mu.—
though opposed to 'the extension of Slaveryjn.apy
and every form, it did not Misty thesexintleinen.
It was he who tank . such strong ground against
the =tension of Blum; both in Mexico and Ore-
, goo; end Who, 4.0 every Mussehrisetts man, I
would rid the country at once of the evil. Hit could,
be done, but it pleased not this trio tobe satisfied '
. with such en opposition. - 14. Winthrop, too, is a
Prod friend of the lUoi l on - , heartily devoted to its
prosperity and its greatest good. His langur.,
to-dey, was; after innhing the blessings of the
' Almighty upon ite eiiilence, that not a stain
. might rest upon its eseracheou, nor a Star hi
. Shuck trio the conikeliation of Stare • •
It yam commorteonotry and a common. cc=
• elatation ;winch we ell entryed, andone establish. 1
ad to form • more gerfect union r. to establish jilt'
tine, to provide tar the common defence, to pro!
'mote dotheatie nuMimiity, dm. af. The Mill.
mend of the Speaker's Address war eminently
' national. end stiel: se bccanie the man elected in
personify the will not M i s s Stet; care party, nor
• 4etior4 nor even! any .MO section of. country.
Knowing Mr. Wintluip it I do to be able; digni
fled, imputiel, and Wail a man of real moral
=rage, and deco de 'MI the hest good 'of
' 04 . I rejoice in ilia llieoPPention to
' - sluel b Its and 1 iinhatif: but his love of
the • Dote,, will not primpt him to ataiuloo the
because °thins bale wronged the Union and lib
err, .by nuking IM4vatione open he interests.
The election -of " Speaker formed the principal
' business ofthe dart!' the Rome of Represents- i
'lfni. - Mr. - Whdhirp was conducted to the chair'
-.. by Mr. Yarrow, of . Ohm and Mr. kfcßair, of N.
4:4 and the oath to =pi on the Constitution was'
r• . - ; received, ancerdiag to N ew Eirglend custom, with i
".` - opMted hinds from 5:. Qmscr Ans.)!s. I.
....,...., 1 ,4 kiacmeiand saiteii, t tivassivbraight to see
&securable ex•Presid tt, himself older than the
Comititat'on, impart the oath of office U his Jo'
Dior and' colleague, airsachmetis arm highly
-, • iionoted, Most in the ve entail siren who admin.,
' Jawed tbo oath, and 1 ; ilea dim:cadent of the
memorable' Winthrop .; It is but eassiabilly
. such bonds of Ma= weer the put and Prei.
run t ,
ant age of oar histOry yresent thmselses; end
-•- they deserte to iii ' :d is "a green spot in
. lawmory's waste," - 1 ais hot Just In the city, and
' Marfae net yet ej newentengiti. Judge. Gil&
liaised to-dey, end Mr. Win our late minister to
, Decusteth. Is In town.. !. Hampton I observed
early In his Place today with every merehte 41
the Pennajlienla piles lies a a. a.
Cargpoodem of th,'
1 Putanugth Gixecte. .
Vireadogtoa, Dec. 8.
£itereza...-The ISma&mg Committees trill t*
_ . inflicted on the 131teloit.. ,
.11 movement_ ...
w." is favor of cheep poet.
ego by Mi prnentatl of memorial; ordered
'open tbotable: • , 1.
li bill mai pined f the relief of the beim of,
POI Jghis, ami the :: noel of 1%000 non- I
. 1 4,...:fe1fp mm of giber , ' . .
.1 liferias.: , —Nothlog do `lest balloting KO - seem
by thipakiembenk:.....,,
. _
- CUT /1130 Piii.MaDlLllll4.7 ,Nortb
itrignitan sisisi the gathering on Monday night,
was we of the largest most enituuiastre;erscr.
het& In the nity. Tiro 'tion of Mr. Clay : was
[any aust - eined. Should a gegaisition of territory
beknetsted apon by the t as Wise,* misting took
.' the - Ipond that "bates r put of California be
~ l inlisit:desirable to this catty, in the aspens' us
I*. 4.l•l4oiula•res as • crt slime poser, should be
st*ered,rf at all, not by he iobber-rAti eon ,
;Oat, but bottle fair des og and
cation,that ewes, far 'all \ received; j end r?
quitable erlaisalent, •
That the policy of the palled Bratsk
:/ . 5'
Or' tin Fru'irr: the. aoara 61 Director, of
Uplaa Hack at Ifunillon Ohio waa duly or:
paiaad. Dr. baac £4eaa waa chosen hide,
tridDabutiari Brainerd, 'Caster. •
- Gams wan? indebted oa Wed
Denby rdigtt, far Neur Yolk mind philaddpids pa,
sb4d °f the mail.
Tn. Cineoinati Daly Bi
*if paper will eine to
it, bat will ire comainced
Tag'Tel fi g n o
Cdambli and tea.
, ok , ch —l O4 um. Amanu I
'pea me!, tor , the
- . .•
lj .
i 1 i
_-. -;;~'
!dlte first Anotial Itopm of the . f!annuivonia
RatcHwid ttompar4,Waitipide orriimullY
of wigai we - Mika the following sitilract.
repart,te, that on the 'Juniata Bsetion .terentyktrti , - ;
miles were la in fitly, 'Which Cie nojr
progressing towards conipistion.. „- Fo f ty,
further ia Lewistown will be lig on dui-tn. th
cod it u beliived'ittat
of gamete= division, to the base of theimon.
Was, Will be put under contract early . in the'.
_ .;:,..;
spring .
, The surveys and location of the wanerza
ion cannot he completed until nest -turbroer...-z,;' . .: -
Length of raid from Hortsburgh to Robinson'sK, -- ' "'.
ridge, fmtof the Alleghany.l3stuilci—with
tending grades of from ten to twenti.osta feet per .2, 11 •
_ _ 1
From Robitsorie ridge; divides the 111.1
de Juniata from the Frankslinen Emrich. north o
Brush Mountain, the asnentnf Allegheny to own
merited, and overcome, (with the gee of Immo.
tins power) by itgradient of about eighty feet per
mile In thirteen miles, without emenntering any
exissorainary difEicultim. This wash will be left
fora felon petted. and ,in the meantime a limn
don will be h;rmed with the Allegheny portage
by a branch line, six milep In length; front Aobiii.
son's ridge to Holldayaburgb, or some point fur
ther west. From the summit of the Allegheny to
Pittsburgh, the line will pus over an uneven
conntiy. mulling maximum gradients of fifty feet
per mile In both direethins. The whole length of
the rood from Robinson!. ridge to Pittsburgh will
fall somewhere between one hundred 'and tun to
one hundred and twenty:miles,_ .
The Board anticipate being 'able to run their
ears from Hurisbargh In Lewistown before the
close of the winter in 18419.:—'49:
The Company has contracted lot fifteen thou..
sand toms of Iron for the ; autism division, at
s6oi per ton, with David Reeser., at ten dollars
less than the ntszkei price on the scat;osid, at the
time of the contract:
Of the twenty.siz hundred eribecriptious oaths
the book', eigta i taksurdred are far fire, abatis and
ender. The d recommend the emit efficient
promeritistf of the wat, and are coefident that
the three 'minibus now auberib l ed is eufflcierit to
put the road in operation to thi cast of the
shay, end connect it with the State Portage.
Tna Company Will ask furthir Legielitirs aid
In amending the Chatter requiring the Company,
to pay eerni-iantudly sa interest equal tamper
cant. per annum ripen all be:ailments as Milled for,
(a charge of one per cent. a Month, being now
provided upon detteguencim,) which interest is
to be charged to cost of eonetrucilon, andio SM.
it the moms account with ill cueing' until they
amount annually to a sow of sufßelent.te pay di
widen& to that amount. -
This is the plan that haa built the best i ,roada in
othar Stabs, end the Central Road mast be great
ly benafitted by the adoption of the rule.
The Treasurer repines that be has received thy
far for Stock d 1 ,0 17.725,00, suldexpendets64 •
421,14 leering-on deposit d 9,53.303,80. The
prospects of the road ate of the mast flittering Met
and give renewed Issuance that we shall !Man
have within our own State an eery ices. - to our
commercial capital.
NerviYork,l)ec. 6, 1847..
149 stearair yet . to give activity to connucCial
affairs, nor any thing from' 11raihingten to itelp
oar money market. The seder! of Stocks,. ire
samii, acid Treasury notes May Iro quoted at par
to 11. preminm, Illinois bonds clam at 38, and Remi.
Mg at 7031 cub. Om Banks !since the 'specie
panic has armed, have counted out their coin, and
they have six &Crone la
It; that they have
lost the anoint they At first ealenlamd upon, on.
2 Millions. Fear liMdepetru6; and me looklor
good, news by steanier. 1 • ,
. .
The Legisletare hag. paned - the law requiring
the hanks to Mika a quartetly report rd their con.
dition, upon a day named by the Comptroller.. 'A
bank fidthig to report, is, fined •11100, the semind
Offeuee, works a forfeiture' of its charter; when a
fa!aa , return to anapecttd, tho ecroptroller order:
another at the expense of the heck. redivide.'
hanki an in be taxed on the full amount of apt
aitually pad in; or eseured to be paid in, as
such l'eaphal by thus severally, at the actual mar
ket seine of each securities,. to be eatimited by
the Comptroller, withoit any dednetien for the
debti of. snub individual' beaker or banking luso.
The capital in
nor , • be estimated eta
loga sum than the cvnau.., o. 1.113 riecchliag AtOle•
delivered by the CL.mptroller, and latat. tett:tried. id
biro. ' .
. The CILIUM the =Am Ham bete Saidse,d
11001..!,.1:418d it is niprottai that. - i I
, The surepte .101p,0* fat iwalre months end.
lag Nov 80 bars lx.r.: , • ; -
- 1647. 1046.
Ll ' o6 goods 79,534,070 - 27,567,006
Fteecoodt • • 8,180 652 11.136,124
total mticluindise 87,714,722 6 8 ,705.128
B Pecie 8,783,382 782,879
--'--- Total
98,447.104 69.487,908
Aferahandiao mai:housed 2 , 759 A 28 •
• Total 94.708,539 c ,
Via be:rained duty paid upon three bairns has
been $3,918,464. Tbe.autount oft free goods bi
ported bag decreased about $3,900.000, We
liable 'Etude have icatise l i $22,000,009. not In ,
chaffing the quantity in everybody! $2359,008
Tttit ariports for the urns period at this port
D0i,449e estrelliad is. '' • 47,960.696 1 ' 10,1971,121
Foreo imshaadioe, 94. , :69.121 7e9 741
Foregm saerha4l44, 4149•144 - 1,576,497 , 2,24:64
. .
Taal seerclandii• _
93 1.514 - 44 MVS:t 6 0
, 3,2645 DJ. t„see,bot
Taal 53,4,901 . '31,224646
An increase of about 60 per cent. The 10CtPai
of imports is shoot 3$ per ant. The increase of
&Minnie Merchandise is $17,600,000, emit of
width has been field for Europe. • . • •
Same benevolent gentlemen have made done.;
tine of ssoo•and 0200, to the Aioetican Tract,
Boelej, to aid 111 supporting in Mexico, Coition.
Mars. ' A large quantity of Theta have been ant
to Teri Oro* by the Tract Bociety,lat the request
of some of the American offwere.! .8o mutat;
indeed;- have hum little publicaticrea become in
Vera Crus. Mal the Catholle Bishop bse not ontj,
approved of them. but ordered one' to be printed i
for genial circulation.
i , The Eut India .hip Helena, which attired here
on Sattirdsy.. was Waged by , a enema party of
Maley Pirate., some where near Jose Meed..Tbey
were gallantly repulsed by Copt, Eyre and his ae.
tire crew, wi the ton ,only of die cook'. ear;
which, i how w, wee owing to 04 conepicuous
part•thet di tety 'assumed in the fteke.
0110 LiGlSlATOßS , • :l llll , o.l,tll 4 getlinsl on
Monday', at Columbur Tho fkii.inq Iwe the 0 1-
Omni of the Legislature: In 'the iltettate—
Hon' Chic B. Goddard, of bigskinguro, Speaker;
In the House of Repreeentativps
Hon: Jo seph 8. Hawklis, of Prible,epeakm.
• The urcerago' of .Gov.. Hebb ur brief. The
Etude Journal in noticing it says "there is no por.
torn ' : of it to which we yield the cheerful, core-'
served, and hearty assent of on Minds more frog
ly than that which, in the authoritative niece •of
the tlisais er Ottao. Gov, Buil
,decluea for nal
neeention of lerrinny forcible
dismemberment of the Republic or Meric,*-atid
thwirbitairer tanitory - may be'addod to oue re
public, Wheihu by purchase or tY notion it shall
be eacredly. dada:steno Freedom for all to
coma: . If there. be any one quilt= oleo which
the people of Ohio us tinily and is.dhssolably
united, it is upon that, and we Hite theYratzt and
notilittak . able team In which ., the Governor her,
on this appropriate occasion, given Whinnies to
Met sentiment."
'e, bete .
I of hi
r which
tiri, et the
both ph.'
ter to
:rt the
ille on
Rini', TO Ma. Coat.--The meeting in con.
tradistincdon to that bell cosier the auspices of
Mi.' may, came off se annbanced at . Le zington.
Ky., on fitamniay week lest Robert M. Wick
liffe snot* in connoverefen of Mr, Clay's pceltion4
and icke Staled that - be RIO , courteous and kind
bwaids . Mr: Clay througtout.( The rased titiolla
take the lima demomallegtound in ndation to the
war. exprese confidence in Mr. Polk, and favor a
loco fimilnationel in:Teraina for tha nomination.
of a funtre candidata.
PITTSIOII2III Voszawssoun—We !tun that
m u t. Diakinnar, of the. Dommum• Crays, is 1,.
ingot the 'Hospital in' New Orleana sugaring
from • seine sabre wound In hla aim, which will
in all probability ; made, amputation tummy.
_Thomas Thombtulh, of the alma Company, and
lain ,VeCntaltectn, of the - Blur, wettienpenual
anise :Emu Yen-Ores on the 46th OIL .The
yt m eb ',already Hai* Cap• How*, Jeff New
Oriesna ost itt• mown( of, the 141 b.' 00 'h., 4 . 01 '
ei Fakhract 'fik TPA Cnig.lh7tpdtba
- . ,
• •
suss! innusuests that
• • published u a def.
c a
Passzims;-41.sasy• ad. to saintly
kaolin thstiridoini .1410 oteetha4 Noy 1" 4 4414i24
Olt Minh . , 1844, omit of which
timid an thsasy ot,Bl4eizgyer tut are entitlal
la tetiorilat,tboir purloin for trve .y ears, zu3-
&tan aciplarid at itiolitimmilip 11 Csoreas.
. .
New Xorktistimik
• . .
y .,
• PailuiFixotu; At.c...9, 4p. m.
font—The steinierPeliewe has produeml no ma ,
twill change.. The markets are nominally as be.
fore. •Salcs of Western brands of 0.50 per bhl,
- Cornmeal—The market has increased an Ilimneet
and the anklets held • $0.35 per Dbl. ".
Corn;. - --alea of pogo bu Prime Yellow at 41n pei
Noah., What—Sales of ,prime Red at 140 e• •
Whishey—Litniied sale. at Die per gal. •
Pork—There m lets movement in the Rork Mir,
*Oaten...Nothing Is doing, the market being very,
quiet. . .
. .
btocke—plc market IS dull, with i downward
tendency. r •
• r
Pn • web Cozen.,
Now York, Dee. 9,3 P. M.'
. 3totkit—Trozoory Note. ore down-I.lBp° cen
dieceunt. - •••
Flour—Tba foreign now. has failed to pinti4n
,aty material change in themarket, whrch canticles , .
Grain.;-I%.'market is eta itand. Prime Tallow
'Corn is velcing at 80,c per bog prime White la held
: Pt 1.1a78c per bet. • '
Oatiw-hfoderate sites hire transpired. at 49.58 e.
- per bet. , --
k7e—Prima it inhir damned; and erica. u last
quoted continue nerdy. 'The market. ur gale, and
nosier. awaiting the receipt of printa letter.. •
Correthmideare of the Pittsburgh Ussatte..
HALTIZORS, Dec. 9, 3 P.M.
Floor—Tbe Foreign
news has productsl no
marked change. .The market Is nominally u Le;
lore. Howard . 134 brands:ars held at 99,26 per
bbl, and tity mills brands at 96,37 per bbl. ;
Oraint-There Is a fair inguiryfor good samples
of Wheat, brit poOr lots are doll. Coin I. In
steady demand, mid there Is 'staid deal doing in
the article, with sales of prleenFellow at 70e per
011.0 ITS in better 'demand, with isles it 381410
Provisions.r-Thar 'market is .dartb, Pork, and-
Beef. The oaks of piker sztichipresent littlo or
no change!.
Whlaksy—lifodarato nhaa tVlB} per gall.
No !notarial chanooln &b rains article, not:
, eortespondentay the Pntabargh Gazette.- .'
9, 10 P.m.
Flout—The mar* is quiet with moderato
giant' E 6 pet FAIL
Molasses arid Suger--Tradeintyinglpstibily;
mirliselishiliag. Care. ' , Motif:atoll..
Riesft-Lusretiles or Rico at violations—pl.,
Whatit-A larga ijaantity la being shipped.
• Tlie Logrkel venially le withal:it cheap,.
I ~~
. ,
Gtr P sow titliVit"-;:tainas".477l3.
—The hums ditcher dal after all' write or agree
to this lacioni letter. The New Orleans Pica,.
rum sips oTbat the original tosnuruipa. whit
amenditions, interlineatima And marginal notes,
bilmfallen info the bends of General Bcrtt.
production will demrnstrite the agency of Gen.
Pillow - ;in its compoeition-tit will more than yes.
,tain vein ill that 1413 have *aid. and show' that
when the . people deemed !Minis Earning down the
enemies of his country, this modern Gideon wig
backing his Sword into the cemMamlitenta of
The above -statement of the Picayune a not
canlY confirmed bat with the 'addition, that Quoin.
tarlineaticins 1 1 1341111/013111110tes are In the band.
writing of G. Pillow."
It epposusAhat the fair copy of. the feller;
which wee pnifinhed - was fcinwudisi by the Brit.'
iilt courier. end got sofa through, bat the brat
draft, with lion. Pillow's emendations. [net with
a mishap on iti route. and fell into Chong* Scott's
. .
BAD Aectexter.-7.1n J. bfeJlepry Boyd of
Baltimore, who attired at Philadelphia on the 4th
itb hie bride, 'having been married that taming,
met . with a sad 'accident at the Baited Men
tea, where he tee polar* ap. He went to hie
trunk and was taking ihepatebstien rap ell a
pistol, when it:was dumitarilbd, and the bullet en
tend his body near the groltraind lodged war dm
spine, Dr. King U. 8, A. who wu at the Hotel,
was seubmotied. and : extract,* the bog, but M.
Boyd still remains in a very !Critical eitostion—
The egoajof the young wile tan bird!) , be pie.
fared. Mr. Boyd, it is said, wilt remover..
• - _
A Norm. Srecrecs.C.-eiTile New Haven
(conn.)-l'elledleim states that during the trial of
a case in that 'city, the other. ; day, the intermit
leg sight was Oesented of en ei-Geremet. off,-
ciatieg as judge on the bench; and another ex-
Governor maneging the plaintiff e _cut, white
lA..present Chef rifagistniie of the thate - ,was
counsel for the defendant. The xiiniplicity of
oar repoblican habits and bintltutionsrwu per
hapsneyer more forcibly exemplified. •
The Cumberland Monniainier says that the
Lena Iron Furnace near thatplao, which ressolll
pawed into 'nevi, hand., is in toseesefal operation
under the traparintendenee of it. President, Oda.'
mute Beall, Eel:
A loan of $1,100.000 Ise been recently mach
to the Michigan Central Railroad 'by ita stock
holder,, pro rani. The rate of inteieet was B peg
cent and it Raab a million extra could haws been
7eisitteblained. 'The stock argils road, we benne,
it principally owned is Neer :York city.
The Washington corrispondeuit a the i'hila
delphia New. has a report that the Cabinet hate
it under consideration to appoint Mr: Crittenden
and two dirtinoished persons of the democratic
party;to zone Commissioners to MMticoto make
peace. The wOter states that he understands
Bishop flugherhas been considted on the sub- -
- drIA, Costsor---Werinesiay was the Ent
day -geed open by tbo • Directors for reeei•iog
applicitions for the sdmission of options into
the College, and ire anderettOd thit a very large
number Were preemenied. The Diatetors will meet
on the .16th hub to ,eleet a President. Matron,
Stimuli and reisehers of the huniintion ; sod the
_College sable opened on the In dentist, for the
reception of orphan., under this piovioiono of Mr.
Girard'a Tftior
By the Elutefa lesietle Telegraph
. -_,
oC IPlttsburicte=U.
jti ',Correeopodetse off Atm Piustuueb Gum. •
".No 'toads hose an, south of IPilluisgs
tau, K e.,—nothiog, therefore, from the mit of
. .
STE/11.18111f! • BRITANNLI. •
; •-• O!iresporidiale . e of the Pinsborgh' °Moe.
Borrow, December 9.-anon. '•
The vteumex Britannia, Copt. Harrison. has jolt
-- si.Mbetl her dock,,haviag left Liverpool on the 19th
Making her Outrage in 20 dopier very rough
news is, decidedly favorable; not; so .
omen advance Its any article bought of Os, but
icaawithe Money market ha. become settled: S 4
it panic subsiding.
iThe'Bink Englead maintains the la l ts of in..
:rest at 9 per, coot, while private ,capitelim are
. .grid in their deineed for 9 per eent.r; The certainty
being able to get limey at 'there estortiori le
ties, gives more confidence than the shuffling OW
ar•lower raM, and i , uncertainty of getting MO.
4 in Breadstuffthore lint been no advance, but the .
eased, espeChrily (or Corti; has increased, sod jre
•, hay reasonably l ook for soothe.. demand Upon as at •
hoe peeing tit navigation; perhaps! before.. • !
yarliafecnt met on the 19th of Ncmember, teethe
impatch of &wines. j •
„ Another and most heartrending accident u sea
?u 0 00 erred, and•ther lees of the elegant filrlN York
,Ind Liferpool packet Ohio, Stephen Wh!teti.C.Pl.
- ..•Phonipson, has to be amounted. She mistook the
)ght ofr,Cepe Clear, on!the 190. of ProveMaar,sa.
• "yentaittore broUlaide,on going to pieces in ten mils
One or a 'eompui,T
. of 110 or UNA creiw and
Sausage's, &I were drowned. Mate, `let
i single rust or • !teeond passenger aMed
tee • Passenger , drowned wu Mr; friccnied,
al Ohio. The ship is owned and teamed in New
lork." •
From Ireland we hale the most harrowing
iconnte. ,
Thrdighout thOwhole extent of this roost
unhippv count:in:um! making-rapid work among
; her poverty str icken peOple. TA. Midler& hive
been sot upon, and the knife of the areassin has been
doing its fetal mid silent! work. No bureau power
ran pretreat the re -enaction or. tbe and scenes of
last year, and the charity of America Will again find
a wide field for its ezere ire.
la brief it ma t be said that general trade an 1
monetary 'again hare sensibly itariMved, though
people' are somewhat datepened by the baton of •
Mestra.Trnman & Cook ,the emineni London bra.
1 1e1s,..rhose *Wes are placed at £330,000,nr
sixopoo..•Th panichis been arreirted, aid the
Merl are brighte , al is shown by the, price or the
&ads, Web are'higher.
The French xteMer Unien,Capt. Moron, will net
sail soul conaeqeence of the la Sleaded .
repairs .he neediislter the &rouble on her homeward
a ;
Switzsatsrrti. 7 'rhe fianderband have enacted
'their perpore, and plunged thin country in a civil
Stake.—Comit Prentiss. the /unbundle of
'Prance at the (mire of hirfilsiesty of the two filct
bee, his committed suicide. blendohlson,ine ear
Wiest compares., is dead. •
Lissimom7l4eraw Riggs., Nov. 10.—Noe
bile, ordinary to middling:4lB4f; fair to good fair
4141: 'toad w fun, Slab IC O. aid. to mid. 3ga.
4 t; Mina good, good to any 61a6i; Ten.
nellsee,,Prdinary to nuddlihrs, 4.41. The market
advanced Id preilorts to the wrival of she Cams ;
brie, when a fell again, afid elan languid.
New NOM Maii Beef 94.20, for 100 Ibr; ordi.`
nary 70120; fair : 4o646a for 200 Ibr, 30.42. for
Prima. Prime Men Pork, new 55.64., old 402
" 30 Per fitd of SO lb , : niers 62a685; prime 40a
43; old ham., ditty paid, awaked and deed. 3 IM I
40, per cwt; middles, salted, 311a58i per can
Motadas 20a3Ori camel* bane, duty pad. 3 0
a 37 s; dry 5a1ted4 . 254.7.5•. Lard, duly: free, fine
kirk, 65529 a per met, per cwt, 62656 w, bbls,
onlinuy Sir ,
4800 r; inferior ind'greue.
191324 mewl. I • I
LIT/AMR. Mires hiLOT. Nov. 19—AuMr
lean pig lead £l5 toe tc.El7 per ton. Bar lon
£9 per ton; %web fig £3 10n.C1 121 per tap.
Ltrea.Sooe Tcisicen Maher , Nov. 107—Leaf
to stem ,Ijasd per, Ili.
Lvrtiaioar. His* MIAMI. Now. 19-4Ptize
dew 'rotted kis bstinitakci at .47a28 per t o o:
I.7larook Coisr kin Fume Risser, Nov.
10.—Fimr, American Westeibi Canal is held in
bond mi 298.3011 per bbl, Richmond and
Phi. U. 6 4. sorCC*.lo 665271-per-3bl. Tedirai
Corn 33s for 420 lbn meal 13144416 6d Per CI.
Iwhest. 7. Od let irbste, aid 6s fir SW red:. per 70
lb.. The markets an without poeitimi tdvauev,
but thee is • finer demand, Width is on the in
crease. Coen Is Farriculaity wtive. I
F rom tell. Clfrja 014errer
Speak geatle i to the !ittreichild, .
gollelma and w free,
Wh o , with a ittoatrat, Itingheart;
Pete confidence lei thee.
Speak not th l p cold and cirelem though
Which time.has hiaggt thee wa 11 ,
Hor breathe ai word Whose bitter unce,
Metres: alight seem to tell.
If op his braw l
there nem a Hoed, I '
However b i ght it be,
Speak loving !words and let him feel,
He lea friend in Hem
And do not send him from thy . eidei
Till on his fate Waal] rest
The joyous beck and penny smile I
That mark the happy breast.
teach bine, air should be his elm
• To cheer the ethics. heart,
To drive where thickest darknatie reign.
_ Some rediii4ce to impart.
Te spread a peaceful, Antal calm
• Where disSeSe the nein of strife
Thus 'doing:ea:id and blew Legal! • .
To spend the whole l et life.
• I
To love with pore ifteetion deep,
All erentoreegrrat and email, -
And atilt yalyger lava to bear •
For luo3 *ha made.them all. I
Remember, 1 ii no common tack.
• 'TA tat thielo thee to given, .
rumor a spirit! fit to be - s fi t:,
Tim habitant of !minion.
Liacht DeTqatcs appointed is attend: Ms Gan
seotiod in Miswillon 'cm tho 13th lost., with p . :iwer
to.add to Ito number, and fill : , aitnciew I •
Wm[ Robinson, ie., Tholnki Bakewall, J X
Moorhead, Frederick Lorene, Owego Weynisn,
Geo Dania au Woods, Alex Gordan, Jahns:ono
Salomon Splmier t IVehord Edward; .Roberts Me
Knight, Jedin , Bblpion, hisjaC Win. Lailener4o,
Alexander Wallies; Dr. W H. Gooch 4+osl
Gumboil, John A. Foraitho; 'James A.. flutchl
&Tates will Was this Sunlit,/ or Fr iel
morning, via Welimbs, whom convsym ico can
behml to IdasalUon.
CIAZIETTBi JOlllpaulinvo
_I III OfrOVIZIZT,CONIaIIf Of rdn 0/71C1 A1.1.11 . f.
IQ Ws are tigr pieplited to dreeate In gpesior
and expediting mama', all kinds or Jo. ruffian,
gob" as large Puaters,theartilatat Hill s, 111114 of Lading,
Lettit Sheet Ciretilart, , liand6lll4, Cards, he., hr.
poom #Nn rixonisT itlolloo'
to any extent executed la Abe Iteginanner, and
kludge( Znaling done. tirldt accuracy and at the losses
fi7lseportant fe AdIMIXIAN.I.—Tne 'dyer
tisentents which appear In the Daily Morning Oarelm
aloe appear In the Tri-Weekly, this mealy tag the ben.
eflt of the erreplatioo of all, without any additional
charge. Thislannadsantagetooarivlvenisera ' without
,any extra expense. Advertisecortna are also Inserted
s n the cunntry paper aped reasonable aeons. ,
W-Doe, your dalr fall of, doe. inor half tan inky;
le it ha rstioi it dry, or dirty.l Nay? •
y"e. Wolfe 6014 CM:
tk and sod tieauteepsas
hare this, you base btu three
For a bottle of Join , Italy Restored
Ir ban amine
billing. to gl
'lleader,f you bora had nalt you would really be as.
tontthed al the lovely oder: a Unto shah*/ bottle • f
loaaa•Coaati MIA Rearalrwrx has on 14 It needs 'b • I
ano trilL Sold at 19 Libeny at- orindawly
•IVll"Don't have • Foul !heath-I('huip,r•,,,4
lolling Mule of Jona , AmUrr Tooth Fact.. Tt DI
Ake you breath meet, whiten your ~
%oath, he: sow ,
ut/Lbert 7 ' ' url9dkrly
• ' •
111 . D.1.% hove yelloorduX terib—L . lbeY eon bo oaf -
yearly whoa by coo to= 'slog box of J0y . .. , AMR • •
foam Pllllll. ot bardouttbo gums, siooolooo
he. 11.41 slip LlboltY rirlikliwty
• . PlttstlMrabi December N,1844.
:.TOG Wh4 and dri-matonir.dinve - Mtee of Bees for the els 7 of nneMMeg, met in the Commni COMriell
&mime, the iresidoem JoBM i cia . ir
The Seeremry betty [ ibsent, V V 7 Cede,. Iroilip I
On nmeon I n Moe II •
:Itesofved, thaf the Ulnas and Atiti-masons of tho
ievetal Wards, Met( CO Petard:y.lh/, tech Mat, at
oleloe,,at the meal ptheesofhelning munary,meedmeat
'thr the game. of elevate five Delegates fret each et
the several "aria !who shall meet in convention CIO
Wednesday, the gig. Just, in the Comeau Conned Cham
ber, at R o'clock, p. nt. to nominate 'a eandidaat thr the
Mayoralty. '
Resolved, That me emir adpann -and predeed se a
Comminee ande Mernegthela Wharf for the purpose
; e xpected
welcoming those of oar citizen. who mt
to arrive ibis evening, en baud the reamer
Clipper No ft, on thew setatn from Mexico.,
• 11 JOHN BHEILIFF, President.
Tat—fr W. Caszer,Seereiney.
N. D. Tle Whigs and ADOMMOCIS or the Bib ward
Will mem attheofftee of Thaw • Dad, Esq. delta(
• -
; 117"Balan of Oblunabla—lian TodleO
Bald and Grey:-.lf yea von a nth, luxuriant bead of
hair, free from dandruff Mad scarf. :Moot fail to memo
the maim Liles ofrnalumbid In cases of baldnen It
will more than exceed your expectations. Many who
'have lost their bale kw WI years have had it restored to
ite onginal perfection by - theruse of tide balm. ;Aga,
rata or reetbuen appear in be he obstacle whatever; it
,also canna the Raid to flow with which the delicate/We
lobe is filled. by which mean thoesands (wheedle:lr
was grey . . the Asiertie Eagle) ban had the, hair te
etered to as muural color by the use of this invaliable
;records. In all cane of fryer it will be friend the men
pleasant wash that can be and A few applications
only are necesaary to keep the hair from falling Oat. it
'atrenothen, the it• none fails In impart a; rich
Rap appearance, and an a perfume for the toilet-la is
- unequalled; it holds throe times as mach aa other mis
called hair restoradves 'and is more effectual. ;The
s ge r, New Tort. nuine manalletured by Coantock & Co, 21 Cornliand
. •
Bold in illtaurgi,onlygenvine, by WM JACKSON,
Libeny head of Mood; In Washington, PA ,by
Sweeny A &so; in Brownsville, by Howlett Croeken
In Csnonshoteb, by lir. Panel; Men, in our Wm. In
every lawn Jul, Ohio and Md. ' nvbilkossainT
It r To Ifteastabciat Men. and °there—Con.
nelPe blagical Pain Extractor—lt Is now conceded by
medical men that Cannel'. magical Pain Extractor.
Manufactemd by Comstock k Ca , dt Courtland st. N.Y,
is the greaten wonder•of the 19th centitry It. efecte
are truly mi. melee.: All pains are removed from berm,
maids, Sta. and all external sores, m a few spleens af
ter as application, heal* the rams on the mondellene
dna, le'anag no Mali It is equally beneficial in all
kinds of inflammatory diseases, each as sore Nipple.
and Eyeu torah., Blimentism, White Bevelling and
Ulcers, Inane.. /fern; Chitbluns Erysipelas, Mice,
Tin a.L. , We might add as peso( to all we my,
the names of many eminemphrdemas who me jt in
their practice, and hundred, of the clergy who pndse it
to their s peoptc. gird parent keep iteonetatulyea hand,
in caves of accident by fire, life may be lost without
bat by Its are all barns singable/it to Its cannot, unless
the yin's are destroyed. Caution—litememberandask
for Connell's Eagles, Pain Eznacior, otanufactered by
Gomstsek & Co., m other. .. •
told by W.ll. JACKSOPv, Agent for Pitubb*, W
I.lberty at, head of wood. • . • neledderT
humanl . o-The Climate—ls strangely dolmen." Id Se
n entiele, (or sklnd the sudden chinse how heat
to cold, 0114 the smolt. causes Yellow, Dark, Coarse
Completions. Than his mulatto that the pores of, the
shut thou ld he kept open—that tbeis swims should he
freed frum:imparity—hwas rhos the sweleun Rem* Phb
hnopuers eared ah dweires—they competed that atom
Jove,. and anbealthyaapers left through the pores trf
the skis, hnz any other outlet tithe body. It is aches
'oo,7l therefore, to kerp, the poresnpen— all hernontere
pp. lied from the skin bout the Porte, when they Wash
watt loses' helmet Che mic al Veep. hate seen Aden
the worst and eland eases of ban abeam, Erysiplas,
O roh., Outsets Itch, t ore Head .
every other tntemal and external remedy-had felled , .
Its effect rendering the Out white, Clear utd soft, dough
it be yellow and coatrei ts - vrenderfulkt restores Free .
Ides, Tan, &taunt, Morphrw, and ear" rement of, the
atar—but persons must he particular end ask for Jaen'
Poop-intro bad in vattsburghp JACKetON,stin
of the Mg Boot, FA Men, Si. Price SO Center
Wel!to Cure I Xer - Pay Plloal Pllnal
DrJactson's laihnacatban is the only medicine that
will cure thin .0.- very common troableterric
&sem. It not only immediately allays punaind was:
mane% atop, all bleediugolubdues thnt intolerable I teh
py, bat effectually cares, ins very lawn now
enure lien hare been rendered miserable for yearb.—
Its application prod..nn pain, but nther Ilirten.
bit sod plcaraet wawa. If perms afflicted Will
ball and bear of the great number of case. that hare
ean cured, they veal be satonished. et gentleman of
thin coy, who had been under the knife of the surgeon
be tamer three times without being cured, bail by,Lar
lag 3 boultrof are been ersdieally mated.
It Della beyond precedientl!—eYbiL Sartudareourteb
Oa , FOT sale la lbasberych Pk.filN 'TEA
Founh atreet, near s
nood and also at the
Wee gam of II I . ,Schwana, Federal at Alleglaentel
• •irldkw
Salter. Olsson; Passiteetae--31wat
Tammosnr—We beg ;leave to call pablie attention to
nie following, from Ur. Wm. Doan, of •Waltamsvllle
elan:tont Co.. and one of the very foist mac titionere in
Me county w which be resides, and late Senator in the
Stale Legislature. IS to elWerilmthas w ace the lead
ing men of We profession, banning the bonds of posMs.
sitowl prejudice, and aisles went ils duet • I
"Sir: I have in am practice been inoing some or Miff
Ginsenguranocea, and to far, am well pleased in tits
effects to Catarrh at sod Ittonchlal Canptaints: Plea s send me halt doten bottles—pat them as. low . . 1*
On; ant eipent If II enettnneelo render. general lal
isfaetion as st has heretofore. to beep It constantly 'on
heed. Respect:MlT apl7 War. Door, r. d
i rr-T. the Halt rind Lauss—Corsstosk's Pr
Pons Lirtimpt and bt= pcgrusblo it
•Ist tarGIOIII cure for Pktvar.&lAA.
".fogg a tti.IACKPOSS, Agent for Pittsburgh.
13791Teastre. Edam t—AISAr me through you! halm
hhte "paper to soma to the Whigs, of rituborgh,Sso
mime of CiIAS IL SCULLY, Est; ,as iesodidshs
Ihd noistmototi of raTor
li EN
On Wednesday eve•ind, 111 les JANE CUDDY,. the
ard year of pee U. , The amend will take piece en
Flimsy momma, the iihrtutst.ei I I o'cMckddrom per tall,
ufantt 1.2 AUASSerty Cdr. COMA of Last Common and water alley.
Oa Tiered ay raming, the 9,h inet,TOFIN
latest lam at Amities. and Mary Lacalt.eged* yea. add
9 enenths- Thy friends of Me taamy ememmed AO
aimed bey isms:o imen the , ersidence er Bic Father
deader' :v..erter., Alnakeay else. at 2 Wendt this d
XialTlCg—Taz Coll.. .ire and eller my officers SIM
LI rms.n.4 to have .ifici• mptCY.e ACCA.64IA in a
sum el ;impedance to to; audited by Monday eveairm.
the Vhblinst at 6 ev't. whieh time the nadvergeo d
Ceasminee Of {named, stemmed for thee sags:We; vr I
Meet at the rdayet`e .ffice
Ttz wk... Psnrsteaddarereyeenred to have their
dapileaute wad aceonats oh band ready Gm sett-team. t
the time. SCIIIL.L - I
Dallas—Cam. Seed;
ddaesive Maine,
lthre mast; I
Spant4 raffiron:
Jayne'. rxt eciarali;
Jayne'. 111 m l -fear, .
I , ,eneb IreaCl
CO.( •
!anat . CAMIt,fI3OIII/Oni
Lahar Caeltlf., pare;
/art receivedand for eare by
, car let 1/. wood
hare , witiociated Liu:mires In the procure of La*
in the city of Pit Mike, Foonh at, Ixteree&
filiffiret and Wood xis, forroeriy occupied by &haler sad
•ddress Ehalei & Sionioo,Pittrborgt.
VOLIECION TOLIAOLOi-60 be , * Cabe, Darwin
V and Porto RICO wrapper a filler loaf Tohobeo, fo
ale br
S TU 'P— grbl? " .4. l
le ten ' allon kr
Combriai for .ale by g
ir«< , r<Aper ~<..
t U tC111DU:1 LCQ
l 3 wa[<r
eILETIAII-4 caeca Nom
IJand colored Y:ogliell laUac
lowerlets by 241A4
ion and medium. black
I ail rersived 411,ect non,
• 92 wood si
baying bills against Steam Dos
" • b•man," enti present them for settlement int.
mediate' r, .t.the store of JAS. KERR, Jr. a Co 'meter
Ar t ..7 . CRAL rPoi or Antal% Colors, in tubes
VARNISH—Movie and while Copal Varnish; Pop
,Pr lnan Pint prarreeelyed; for Palo by
D EFIIJVI Art Bark I) jila WV and fur male by
1 don i • BRAUN *. REI tkR,
•7t A
~ 0 1;) 1. , 1[11 Boxes (large tf t e i gu i j . o , l7; , lt T io , r gala
dPI9 tor st elair &liberty au
tIREANI TAILTAB bbl. 'or sale by
VITA lientucty 111 u rd Iln ;a.)
for sii , e by_en,' Ilet A VISI k PEI /
t ALLOW..4.O bole rbeelyed; for iota by
• elo i .l JO ITO: , S m ON
S A LT —.lou !Ail! recel ver nel . fir j u i l t a i pi N a
COAP—OU boa No I (%I . Fleillllllli 10.9, received 1114 1.) day; lot bolo bibILL
L ARD -160 keg. No L, (adding Now Ytukr renboil
'clic lay sale by delo F SELLER!
AlNlRS—do . b.ity M 14' reed; torsale by
al del° 1 • FBELF:RS
AAOLA:4BE.I4-11 LbluS if, jun mum •
den) i • Fdlitcalfat.b!
p°' amr
delo , I f_.....EUTCOISON/c CO
- 7
LAUD 0116+41-bble-Cdee n ee toreid e lo w
""" 4 "!'"J1171lOON MAUER k CO
dell • d i water et
_ _
P t a rf; f l o E r re — le lyR k t. TlP‘Vrdr.raiihe' In
dell mute & from au,
seed ; in •'-
Bead; in non and fot sale
11TE-14 ocks in mein nut for sale by
11 dein
; L 3 %V ATgRMAN
APPLES—so toldsgrecitii in MOM and 4 , r.ule by
o •
LD - PAPICAII—A Nice quantity of exclianee
. deft/a
1./papers can Lie had at ttlia otLee fi r a moderate price.
teI.AXEVERD-4Catorhurrer , O; for
I! ;dolt ' IL IL Noel/ TeIIF:ON
E A $6-10 Inr moll orbit.; for sole
by y
. deli) • W &R tiIeCLITCII6IN
P I I Zbu eia •
eclr •
dato-zs yA, tVnceaaos.
10A.011105 7 13n. pear., lua reed• for sx.le
- -
SEED -40 Lis prima elcrecnimil Au sale ' '
0 dal° . .•• it.R
BIITTEII-300,1i. In bbl and Ittr'for saleby'
dr/0 . • . • - ISt liberty s
rei2s.l; for,
A ma. Patna mad Coal LeLad t i i,
• .. - • '".
LT PRIVATE 1111...E. , `, 1, -- A,
rrEflrsebscriber often tot galo a Pam, alma ill =
' I Uo ' bn .lowiedeP.'Wasblemen. county, ft, war
naiwrire, conatauts 170 ante, nodes pot tiguThi
Han. TIOs [sand a eras. beingtrakty, mil all Wahl ceto.kgeo s. enar.dr.AT.c......3, Ristaisg,
and also adapted Ibr ruing parposes....About,la acres o Illestnuedned atecollateons *etc
J....,4..d There are two Umenier Houses o Barn" ,
- o ' t , r d ' 1 ONI Silents,' evenleg, th e trill lett, at g recloct, at
and other necessary bieldiorg also, • good .* g . .4 Pala Rog. mime f
The whole Faros also hes on a splemard sou Dr first a ''' 7,1!.... . ' r. W... and .71,
al' ir "I''' deep ''''' °°4 °° ' /°" ‘ °e.° ' ° " d I° , l '; "' Miura Collect= of rat 4bltt lUedl ivrtm•
nemhborhood of an extensive market The peal it- illAa s
.1( ...nth tenon dem is tam:lnn the Tame., . IseHtl.."o'4" 111 " °°". " ° 7 1 6°4 "w k*thd
of not aid all *Amber. n will be divided into nos to 1 stemma in melt llinduer; handsome i =rated ohs,
mu purchasers...eon:ling an excedent opportune) , a I k5 i„,,..,...,..,„, ~..4„, t..del,
more saleable Coal Lot*. 1 i — .l '— - • . ithin; D H . AVIS, daze
The terms of Hale and eondltions of payment. will be i -si°
made karats either by Me anbaceberemdingain aides
~ _ . „,,,,,,,,,,„,„.„„„ A .,..., . •
Horn Pittsburgh. on the old Washington Fmge Road, or ..., vi . d.
. d , , b . 2 , font, 017 .,„,,,,c., 1
by Levi Fteley,Em4Finleywills, to the vicinity of the I , "
.. t . , , ,JAktos I LOCKHART i t.° Cass a l l Ys slss / 10, °‘ sm. ' Of Wind - .
°°4 "
delOodesT .
- -
, - N. natatz• & 30N,
1 . _
Ilawlkoro sold Thalia* In , atokkancoi Calk
mod Dant Notea,] -
. .
' toi.,AS, 111Alirr 'Talc" eltrs I. .
Newle Rite& Iteonike: ' - Bet i r ciL
York, f tpr. Cioeleneti - in- hint
Pelladolphia., ! • ... do' Loolayme:: "
I do
Balthoore -. ' do' St.Lense, . id.
1 4 1144 late* 'BA IC NOTES. Buyiurkutk
. ' i die - Co. & Sena
lonleno, ' : ' I dor Roller Noto h (44l" '" P. i Z
tirsekr, .. - . ' # do ' P.m.pnla ey, 1.. . t a,
nOrea,___ , ~ I do : New oft '' do; 1' ... do.
Tenteeey wn . ' I re: ja.,.. ew i. ° Lt h ' ud, 't' do
ddiOtt - . ' • 1 . 7 - " --- • , , ' ' °dor
'ziur swami—
W zsor
padeltl retued at tb. HOLMO3 WIN
or Nogr...44lllCheeki,
Expall on
New Y°'"ihiudo!.., re. 5 m
. • Bald= a go
N g0L,99 Leta
twotly for Nile by
ArLidiCOTlOSs—unista, Noses, sod °A.OPPtio
kf eea, payable in any past of the Voloo. collected en
the Most favorable seemly N HOWIE-67.150N -•
4140 - • •11 market at •
ON HAND—A Ivm Lod . splendid mock of Codes,
Mei - in metn s44 a V ylo on "12 *i nn nab:
tern* byo ' ANCrEIt t MAYER
dot° • • 70 mood a ~ 6 dean above cf.
• LA.12:1; 01.11okookiado mad mall 14
ZATHICILS-49 stk. now !MINI' from •swanai
l am, ,Go . male by • - .
Vlioo6-441 bbti a4penor 41441 . 04041 w m 4414.
ve4, 44.14 by 0R1714, 1140 M W CO
40 • . • commercial nw,/iberlY 41'
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Thomas Jefferson Jahn Q - Adanti,• Jahn Randolph and
several other =loon American Statesmen, bearing on
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view wish the menus of tats memoir; edited by . i. Ode
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• The Constitalan of slfaiii'coniitleSid relatum
External Object.- by George Cont.
The blentom nista bg John Angell James.
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The MTnnce *film Time Cann blt Antastios
The Armee Seminar, or the Ronne of the Atlanno
Meantime of a Itiollink Rom; drat Antentatirdi•
Yontiae sr the lan Smile of the !Morn Chief, by Oe•
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. Anthon'sliPzusical Diction .aryy • - ' . •
Dicuonary of Greek istei ItosiatrAllUntline
Wcollsogies.Coauseronel Dictionary; • •
lines Dietionary and toppleateor, sus; erisnotiiiiires
Wobster4oeiaro Diets:mem termed •
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Worcester's Diettouary; . -
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Greek Lexicon of,ZiewTeltstornii - • ..•
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