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(Cr Tata ermatnna . DAIL, 01 SM. 111 published
. Duly , Tel-Weekly, and Weekl¢.—The Daily Is ?keen
Donnie per sham, the Tri-Weetly is Ft Dollazeper
fsnaamMAGl the Weekly is Tuna DeLl Down per annum mu*/
:ErrAnyerrozos oto earnestly requested to bonfin
then . favors Aienne 6 P. Y., and as'early in Ito dot os
practicable.. .
For LAMM Gresmeretal Intelligence, Demme Mar.
tat, River News, Irnparu, Mona Market, ,ke, see
tkad page. , • !
See fourth Pogo for lthoellaneo Blow&
By j ...aL of the Buda Lnii4sturei, shirty-tun
iota of diioreeznent Wale recently granted. and
' Ws State not oats of the largest. Several pentium
ware thrOlta out, we befill.g. Ito_ba-actad upon
hereafter. Abe facilitiei, we darns, are hooondog
every - year More and mote common, end the evil
more encl tio to extensive. ',..T li ti marriage =tract
le some violated for the.saking, and we mi.
pent that sequel Ammo are often committed a.
', • mast the ioliat of all human ordinances, In or
, der to find l'excnees for this violation of the obli
Italians 'mimed by marriage.! We pee some.
thing of historical experience upon this subject
thri other diry,wbsua ,we questioned the power of
Legislaturet to grant divorcee, regarding the act
as we did,- eimpairing the ; obliptice of tam.
tracts" In manner the most dangerous to public
Morals. e have since beard that opinion con.
: -
earned in b others, end labia, items suggeited
tollll , on of the most intelligent ea well es one
of the purest jurists of the country. Neomity,
I the mother lof inventions, arid the tyrant's plea,
we suspect, if the onlj law td the case y and what
may have been-regarded u tight and expedient
in es* case, her become an 'eetahlished precedent
La every loolteeding act. I 1 .
• Oar courts ot law very propitly Tigard a mar.
time promise as • very mimic obligation resting
cipon the party making it, aria - every few (layette
bear' of heavy Anes impf.esidK upon parties who
have broken the' promise, or even given signs of
' . . their intentlens to break it. The written or verbal
protons is interpreted u an obligation, and its vi
olation taanisbed by extreme penalties, while a
' , Legislature isi ready to step; in and break the
bands'Mid., before Heaven 433 d before men, the
. parties pled ,ed theMoolves +ould to presorted
Inviolate, until annulled by the hand of God. It
'.. is batter, we erstoldi that diemedant soul. should
.. be separateattan to be compelled to,eoeitinue hite
' . union, to w hich neither the heart nor be {be judgment
will longer moot. ' It may be so,. but how much
better that t is heart and judgment should first a
: sent to that union which ouglitto be eternal And
how much tinier, that there Should be Luny at•
tempts at reconciliation, and many sincere fors's
. news ofirjarics, and manyaffortr to Pollen as
perities of temper, and to smooth differences of
opinion, before resorting to that which must make
'a truly sensitive heart Mud ; in nano* u long
; as there is blood coursing in the veins of maxi or
wiimen, of true pride and prOer affection. We
lay nottung 'of the wrong done to children by
such siqvustions for Ufa, and: byoubsequent mar
Sages, end yet what child Mathes grown to man.
hood and womanhood can have a tme rapid for
• that parent who has violated the most tender of
It hu bun Izaid that the Mosaic 4air snowed
the Jewish Unhand to pia avian his wile foe Offen.
7 Ca, cot k has also been.6o4,-ond we think with
more force, that the 'New Testament is the mo
thotity or Quin himself against the nineties. The
mopyrori or,o44hozoid women, ender Certain dr
sumstancei (end indeed we Mtn fisornii inception
to the circumstencesi Is pronounced a violation of
one of the conattandenentwae load: !
Tha tailoring taita wa think, ought to to
I preached upon much moo fmunandy than they
i mastic, yew= ceariia.
s Ye, Misaanta shill a emleave hm father said mother
mad cleave to ha - ".
ea they twain shall be one sea; and so then they ars
- tm more limn bat oa Bah.
9. What, therefore, God bath }Died tegetliar,/M tis
. ' l t. Med in I . IM hems braasked hiss of the Mtn
ha: with =to bin, erbeaserer dull pat
his tole, and marry .sawn r, ecaataiLlat.6 de/Mel ,Naar .
12. And if a amman pat moray lict hasband, an be ma
' rid to enotbar, she menaiittetti adultery: , .
If the Goostitiation'of'doeiwuntry Bees notfor
bid the ioiadon'Of civil contrite ts, we bold that the
, Bible does; 11.1/1/ the proof is no clear, that he who
wins may read and underotand;
•• Firrsacie or rue U. td.-4A Washingtan lii.
ter writer in the Erprere, wino says that he bad
the opportrinite of examming4l:4 ilcuutatly return.
of the Secretary of the Treuuq, .totket the fol.
lowing report of the Govardinent expeoditureff,
from the lit July, 1846,404ba.20th September,
1847, exclusive °line realeMlition of Treasury
_ Notes:
lit July tolloth Sept. 1846, p 14,026,564 45
Lt Oct to Itlio Dec o 11,910,105 bt
Ist Jan to Id Match,lB47, 11.601.184 07
10 April 10 30th June, 10,11411,722 45
'lst July 30*fiept • “
••• 14,027,638 26
• •
Total, , $72,148,104 71
; •
Taking the expenditure of former seer. ex a
bests, the writer leaftestes the tedium' expendi
tnm of the Government - for the above perio!l,pl
$29.076,279.31, which Will Irnve 143,071,985 40
I - oaths diebureementa Made on =omit of the war.
• ,
1 . Tint 31,2e111.111 of the Philadelphia and Colima!
! . bit RA !Road, ap ! to Ow lit Dpierobir of the
lomat year, aro ' I 1329,195 97
„ .
Lint year, ! 288,843 -01
- $45,352
Thleebowa conclusively, that the Weirton rus
the Improvements of oar Stati Is rapidly bursae.'
lig. • , ,
E ftou,--TheEestoit end Ai.
Toad, or the uWestem " u LH. more Uttemllll
korawsi, December, declare a diritlenif of
4 - per cent. It hat been determined to lig a lion.
441 track from Springfield to' Worcester,' to build
four hundred and fifty, new L'Oght amend tares.'
ty seven loMmotives. It to also contemplated to
bsild a now freiglit depot opposite Albany, $OO
feet loss, and to commence it it once,
PEISSI11,171011:74. .word taken bona.' Mai:
Imo, is said to be now on to way to this citY,
intended for presentation to Mr. Ihreld Smith, of
Allegheny. It wart forwarded from Sable hy
Lim. Col. illack, formerly of this citytio a;.
the Poit.
Partanaziara Tows Maz'aiaro.—Ths Whigs
of 'Philadelphia dity and coaniy aro to hold a two
meting to-night, to explain their opitddrat 11th
NUMMI to the Ifezhan War, its conduct Ltd
aiods• •
Tax crnizzo of tialontcniii, Pa. balks
h3g oaths 27th alt, over which T. G. Erring
• pratided.../s I &Sided sand was takau isOust
• .ths of ths Pittsburgh sad Coanelbiifle
Charter. : ' I:
lacoanotauoxia.7At the' last had= of the
Psorts7lUnia Legislature, ao set was pared re.
quiring'hult's and other eorPo!sations Paddishis o
list of urtelaidied divideuls, TM; law "hada
remembered u thofiscal 3'141'0:84u
purpose', is rapidly drawing Us dose. 1 •
• Eacels.—lßendolpti Mimi; who committed a
bigot,' in, Lawastax county. in Jane heti wu u.
• reeled lut lord, Fgette copnty, And ;while in
custody date officer, on WI , way to Lancesteln
dousped ttitoh the *mi. pool of an 'oat house. ,
to which he wu permitted accts, attsehel to
'mill. &Nigel in the lootultaliw
4,3ecr trasi—Dtuing the'present and 7pproado
tog mocitiotio Rt. Ray Dishep Potter, OfPa.; t.
to hem An Natural fieltdiett, betme the Leweit
lotting*. •
Diistmate -Esscrlme.-7The Stockhoklitio 9(
the Ps, Itsillload . Comte am to bola aaelec-
ioil3l:4lMtere MLitt@ steel MM.
cApt Qtriu, if "Am" Volution; fa HI
al bit•orill inositioi testa at
/ tfr toted
. .
no N. Y. Exeas wt" that Mt. 9,1‘ kis
- • I* lit Wohipit#l-.4#0,
- --, •
"nom x_ toxic -
Coneoloisidenee or the Pipobalifidaiatte
4 Nair Yews,' Dee:lol47.
• The steamer goes from Baton to4aT. and tai
the alarm about an extended Flupount of Coin by
her, is ceded. The iostonlotunal of last eight,
say r—TherAmelia, which leaves this port to-mor
row, will probably carry out a much Ices amount
of specie than the two pMii3Cli steamers. The
amount, it la mild, - will not exceed 5300,000.
. The menet for stalling -enteral:a' dosed at 9it
I_ lo 2. but there wii no disposition to buy 'any but
undoubted signature'. Bank of Charleston bill,
' wad at 'and 10* afterward bid. .The great
demand Is for beak bit',. Franca ire dull at 5 25,
and ell Continental Exchanges are heavy. The
present price of Francs will arrest the specie ahip
mean to Havre. Stocheclom at par for Treasury
Notts. Ohio 6'4 98; Puma. fie 23i; and Bead.
hag Bonds 70*; with so improvement in the list
In Freight. there is a fair degree of activity . at
previous rates. To Liverpool Flour Is 18d, Grain
sda6d, Cattail 4J.„ To Loudon Flour is 2a6,1.:
The attempt to make rile Italian Opera very
fashionable and excluaive, has (ailed thus ha; nor
are the performances of great merit. The audi
ence end dunes of the Wilts attending the thea
tre, have been the most interesting and convicti
ons part at the movement. As • whole, the coup
pany le respectable, but no more, but as a place
(alma &sea and genteel people to congregate
an a cold evening, the opera house seem' •
use great avantagat, and ought to be managed
With • good deal of skill.
The Washington steamer is as succeadul now
as unlucky In times gone by. She was ipoken
on the 22d November,lat. 43 44. lon. 60,at MOOD,
Sable Island in sight, going off at .a rapid rate,
with the wind fresh from the West. 'The Wash.
ington left New .Yorlt on the afternoon of the
Tax Alasernsur To Tia Pora.—The
lag is the memorial adllnmed by tt • public meeting .
at New York; to the heed of the Catholic Church,
'catkin be raid with . interest .aa one of the lead.
log religions, and polilimtmoveineats of the day.
To his Holiness Pope Pius IX:
AAAA FAISIt.—Tea people of these
united States have observed, with profound inter.
est, the decumstances 'which attended and the
events which have followed your elevation to the
Pontificate—an interest which has ripened into
sympathy and unnemeured admiration. On be.
hell of a partici% of these people, we tender you
an exception 'of those sentiments of regard and
emphatic approbation which ire cherished by all.
We address you not as Sovereign Pontiff but
a• the wise and humane ruler of a once oppress.
ed end disconumted,now well-governed and grate•
fed, happy people. We unite in this tribute, not
as Catholics, which souse of n, are while the
greater number are not, but as republican, and
lovers of conatitutional freedom. decent as is
our national Origin, wide at is the ocean which
separates oar beloved land from your many Mime,
we know wall atiatitely wan in the proud days
of her unity,. freedom and glory—what she has
since been while degraded by foreign rule and is.
ternal dissention—and we bats faith thata lofty
.end benignant destiny awaits her when her Flee.-
pls shall again be united, independent and free.
In the great wotk of her regeneration, we hail you
tea Heaven appointed instrnmerd; and we ardent.
ly pray that your days may be prolonged until
you shall witness the canitunation of the wise and
benficent polity„irhiChl is destined to render your
name immortal.
Hot, Venerable Father, we well know the path
you have thee= is one of extreme difficulty and
peril. Our own immediate ann.= dragged
through an age of dangers and privets= to
achieve and comolidate the blearing* we now no
eminently L oopy, though floored with a leader
such as has but rarely teerrVottriesafid to a
people striving to be free. la the world we now
Inhabit, it is divinely appointed that virtue shall
be tried by adversity,. and that enduring glory,
like freedom, shall be accorded only to such es by
unshaken fortitude, no ler than =unicorn, efEnt,
prove themsalvez wrathy of the 'redoes boon.—
therefore, the count of Washington
'and Fruitful.; of Adents esti ..friftetson, me vir
aware that yob did not enter the 'couriesjim
bare drawn without& deliberats renunciation of
ma, of wouray and of aristocratic favor.
We let ow that you mast bare arced; resigned
.yourself to encounter the machinations of the
crafty. the betted of the possidul, and most pain.
fin of all,. the coboonceptions of the wall-meaning.
bat delude'. We know that you must have
calmly resolved to ammo= the =tiring =eat.
ty and dread of all the =just or tyrannical rulers
who sesame to lord es. , ,-v portion' of the flir t nab. peninsula—all , aw r y that social order
consists la the emisnon...ora for themselves of
the al Gocatiliona of luxury end sloth in which
they hoe hitherto usedowly exined—all who fear,
or affect to fear. It= religion mini perith If not
upheld by the Eating breath of Emperors and
Kings. And, more 'mandible than all these,
yourself to encounter and by Ood'e help to over.
come that fiefdomwo and ingratitude of maltitudei
just totem= from benumbing bondage, which
could clamor in the wilderness to be led back th
' tho fleah.pote of Egypt—which among the ore
temporaries and moo followers of. oar Savior.
could leave Him to bear in solitude the. agony of
His cross—and which in your case, we apprehend,
will yet mutant iteelf In =reasonable expects.
tione extravagant hopes, impotuous requirement.,
and in mu:mutinge that nothing has been earnestly
intended biceme every thing has not already been
accomplished: Tbstyou will be guided and shield.
from on , hieibtsl=ttarging the' trances:fent re
liiidlie Ourposition, we will =waver ,
they trint: j,. " -
And; - Verie rabla Father, dart as the clouds
which envelops the present may be, we do know
that the inualtine of the future wril sonispowei and
dispel theta; To say nothing bite ofthe clear as.
atria., finit:senthistd , bY th e Eternal Throne,
that no pnerobrideed or endeavor can inn be
really defeated, or fail of its ultimate rawer& we
sere you, front joyful experience, that the •bles.
sings of .constitutlousl fiefdom far outweigh all
the perils and sefferinp through which Makes
advance to their achievement Short as our na
tional life bee yet been, it bra shindy demonstrat.
ed to awry thoughtful observer the imitates so
perk:silty of liberty to despoils= as an element of
national growth and /Gall well beingdt haled:4o
that the rights of memos= Property may be bet
tar second under a Government which gamin.
teed righri and powers Milli than under any oth.
sr; that the egindlomendieseleadmicdstm. which
are Melds:it = human frai*or briostice tinder
any tom Of government, are far less frequent un
der own there .ray other; and that whatever. dan
gers May assail or threaten rut have their origin,
not IA an.excess of liberty, but the - contrary. So
Much, at least, we feel that we are amply sadn
fledlit saying in view of your position, the peril.
it braves, and the anticipations it justifies.
.. Indian. of eripedicial appearance, we do not
apprehend that the kosiled cohort, of deeporism "
are about to be set In motion against you. The
age .in whirl we live ta ono of moral rather then
physical - warfare—inwhgt the artillery of the
pram onnmande and silen that of the:lamp—in
which opinka is •ino k na K 2t that bayonet,. We
Owe, th erefore, that age any direct and open
remit to force and b you an shielded by
the panoply of good men's &Oradell= and eyrie
pithie' a throughout the length and breadth of
Christendom. Sat shotthithese expectations be
dliaPpolota, bit the nah4growor beware! The
first @belayed in Web • last: will reverberate
from every clime to atendifotth sink* injustice
and oppeendon, to stand f spinal injure.. and
kippreesiree, lil flak for O4 ulantiod: In
such a contest, no coo liar with th e history
Or character of the people can doubt
that their sycoOthiese arill be active and not
wholly feting.. That Iraly will he oared the
devastation and Chritendddda the guilt and scan.
dal of each • contest we will not harbor • doubt;
but in any cue we will hone that thialtestimonlal
oft= into= end adatinktis with which you are
regarded by twenty million* of people will not
hove been wholly in rain.
We are. Venemble Father, locus most truly.
The teadiog of the address elicited many bursts
of approbatkio. It was adopted by acclamation.
A TiIIIIII4EXIITIZ cd Win.—Mr. WOllllOll.
of Hanford, Cremeetket,'has.,,msde some Mit.
factor] eXpUltDeute with hie send calibre rids
which be invented for the uss of the army. It
fired wren balk at a Anglo discharge, and threw
them 'with about double the from of szt Oniinary
rifle. At the distance of forty rods he placed two
date Well balls la • nhilloch target. The balls
scatter to the armee of abdut three feet in forty
rode. The experiments , were made in the prew
inc. of MG Bragg, GOTtlebilmectoc of sans.
This i s beyond all 'd rthe mod deductive
wespori over injected: an in army well provided
with them, and a good en ply pf Colt's Revoking
ristell‘rxmld easily eat u aimed amp fore* of an
diem. Mr. Wade 1114arged thirly•flm belle
ho ow adrultsend tea . ds,
..)4arnma To - throat Ham' Cur. --Pno•
PUII6IIII In now waltl4lti New York for the
purposa of tasking arrangatairn to hold a rand
mai owing, to Mfilalfilir their approval ;Chit
aaatlmmtauttrothtittps resolutioas and. aparch
of Henri 0 61; 1 1 ,1 the bN 110441 of iha pooh
at Lasitatais,l4,, and la **pada" which hi
haa saturnalia smut • the;
} the a key) to the
mow or woo ow
an dour burls
. 2 dclotMkt!
- "
Thi ;Cations' Intalligencor in simiceing this
nththtiftesixpeditioa, remarks that
We agree with several of 'oar edit° rill friend.
that the revolts of this enterprine will be looked
for With very great general interest! The baton
and'association. of that remarkable and bet little.
known Lake will invest an authentic dercription
of it with uncommon intermit, Nob aro wo pre
pared to question the - propriety "of the enterprise,
u undertaken by our govertitnent,sifigular es it is.
for it certainly plume. the merit of originality.
But hoe comes it that It is conceived by our.Gove
expel:dint to be within their cluopetency to fit ant
at the public expense Sr. eipedition of this nort.
to survey end report Kau in lake four thousand
miles off in the boosom of 4sie, and yet uncon
stitutional to. expend the .public;money in
Waffler service upon our own lake', intimately
connected u they ere - with all the tinniness inter,
eau of-the country' We do not Old any thing
In the coastitutien to authorise the MID in prefu
mice to the othre, and we believe that the .Resolu
lions of '1:18 . " are silent on the enbjleet.
• An Exploration of the Dead Seals about to be
undertaking by order of the Federal Government,
which, though it can not, as now administered by
its Executive bud, find any authority in the COn.
witutim whereby it..exists,- to order explorations
or impriovemenh at the common Charge to our
own country, ba■ no wimples about Wandering oil
into Palestine, there to make reconuoissancee and
solve geographical problems and: to elucidate
ancient history; as beretofore,it toss found no con.
ethutional objection to fitting out !and cooling
out, at great expense, an expedition of discovery
in the South Sue, and of survey and exploration
of the onus of South America in both seas.
Da we allude to Utah enterprises eatheso in the
way of complaint or comdeintuttion! Far other,
wive. vifeappladd thelibenil spirit which prompu
them, and only lament that the same reading of
the constitution, does riot hifiaencertheaucutive
in regard to the 'nearer had more prUninta of
our own land,
The Dead eras is to; bo eiploredhy American
Seam—that sea of Marvels which, airier engulf
ing the guilty "cities of the Ogle—has been
ever since invested, to the imagination, with art.
lot and Supernatural eharicter. A pestikatial
vapor, it: has been said, rise. continually from its
watered fish cannot live in nor birds fly over them,
iron wilt not .ink in them; nor have they aver
been narigited by ship oribuque..
Such slight examination Sioccasional travellers
of, more recent day! have : given to this bitter oes.
his dispelled many of the:fables, bet still these
deep dark ' waters area . mystery :to the world.
They have been faint to antsin.ffas accounting
.for their extraordinary specific gravity, which led
td, thetas that iron would not sink in them-4l
puts in a hundred of salt, a Much greeter propeir
non than that of the sea, and derived from entire
MM. of th in mineral continually &heaving on the
southern shore. • Bitumen also ride in abundance
from the bottom ant , fioati on the surface—and
hence these water. acquire a consistency which
enables thorn to bear tip bogies that would sink in
other waiters.
The Rev. Dr. Durbin, late President of Dick
. C oloam ollege, (Pa.) gives the following Must's.
lion of the density sal them waters:.
..1 waded carefully to test the oft:repeated ante.
menu of the great specific gravity of the fluid,
and reptated the experiment =veal times. The
uniform reault was, that when tit water row. ai
tare mj: arm-pits, but not over my shoulder.; my
body wig balanced, and I amid not touch the bet-
Loin, bat my feet tended strongly to rise and my
itedflp tem:end. When I turned on my back and
drew li'my knee., 110 as to balance the body on
the surface, I lay u atil U a knot. of wood, my
head, knees, and half of my feet out of the water,
and so long as I was perfectly still I floated in this
position. These experimenta satisfied me of its
great epeelfic kravity," ' :
The Reverend DoMor adds that his hair was
matted With the bitnMen, which, on being pressed
by the fingers.' coveted them withe - sticky sub
stance. I ..: • •
Josephua, in his fourth hook • of the wars of the
Jews, Mlatestbat the mantle of the 'Deed Sea
pod on the surface whatever is thrown' ion
lake, and cottitme tits relation bj the fact at
Veepuian, to convince himself Oi the truth: of
amatetion, ordered Bridal, with their
kande end lege tied; to be thrown Into the lake,
end thit not one of. them *inks.
Dot is is Um fiveerire Or nofetelproblettot etich '
as their* that an exploration of the Dead 8.4 by
compet4nt and scientific hammers is desired, than
to ascertain its actual retinae to; the wate of
the MedinommeanaroM 'which it is distant ]not
More than between thirty and fasii miles; yehe
level of the Dead Bali' died to be some hantteas
of feet below that of the Mediu:maws.
into the Dead Sea the river Jordan amptin
and bads imelf. Desemaing from: the Sea of Tl
beau, which :is, In fact, a shallois outspreading
in the fashion of a lake of the deer, some .sty
Milaiin a winting - durse, the Jordan die spears
in this deep and. asphaltic sea, which is about
twenty-four toile. in length; from north to moth,
mod not more according:tie recent travellers, then
six or wino in breadth.
It is comparatively; shilkiWat it, unchain ex-
nemity,..but its general depth is reputed to be un
fathomable. It. lectern abors, on the side of
Arena, or Moab, is one pit:digital black wpm*
titular welkin which there is mire summit or
`the smallest peak; its runnel or Indian chore is of
limestone and sandy cliffs : of varied and fantastic
fermi. '
All, however, but the mere titer/id appear•
arms of this dismal sea and ha dreary shores, is
Bigler of conjecture andanciptaisity; and hence
the greater stimulus to. iniestigation. •
The U. S. 'store ship Supply, being bound to
the Mediterranean with Worm is to be employed
under Lint. Lyncht es her commander, with
Lient Dale, who will ; to Cobra 'pickily charged
with the scientific reconnaitsrmas.l ,
• To effect the exploriMon of the Dead Sea, they
will, itie presumed, land at Acre,' and thence di •
vent their operation' BMW the annient plain, of
Jericho, 'end the point of iiierarcin carefully lev
elling thlt intermediate route, in order to determine
first of all the relative altitude between the two
4 .
ly provided wi th instrninents—having
Metal of light crionstniction add all the moans
and ap ',' for worming and ;sounding—we
May jattlf anticipate. from this expedition I scan
feta information on point; hitherto wholly con.
*toned, yet. invested whit deep interest.
ft is o&of.this patailieriiin of the waters of the
Deed itlert.ibill 4 although so dame and bituminous
it le pmf 44yarenskieent. i'
It is ffrigulu that a Ginremrarid of the New
World should In the first; to explOre end erify
the facts concerning a region so intimately con.
weed with the common; faith of I Chiimendere,
and the witness of one of the most awful penalties
of transgression tinder the Mould dispensation;
and we cannot but hope trim this eopedition what
will gratify natimil and; intelligent enrioliity,
'While confirming the original record of the Bible.
' The' greet Obstacles will be in the jealousy, Ti
pXcity, and evil piripensclles . of the wandering
hordes who inhabit or,travemei the deserts in the
vicinily of the Dead : Bee.! But oar sailers' will
find some additional imams of relief in en dpter
prise of science that 'tarifa. with it come danger;
and they will doubtkor the care to have arms
as well so insimmente, and keep es chirp a look.
oat on their lend cruise aa they are wont to do
when 'infusion salt water.'
We shall I look with, interest for the Xesu of
this expedition, which, as we hear ; Is confide,
competent and reliable hunts. ,
• 1
1 ; .
Extract of a hetet, from' Col. Wynkoop to Lt
Ankrim, nktesiting officer now in this city.
eW L T havitlhad *action at Ls Hoy.. 1 took
250 , blander .Cipt. Walks?! rifle; end we
fought land whipped off 1500 of the red docile, by
the time Gen. ttadwillader . atrived en the ground.
Theis ctente the parsilt and slaughter. We bitted
100 aritt wounded lemony, more, your company
bore itself bresely and weedily a. It always hu,
and the meth after a day or almost incredible fr
ague and excitement, were delighted with their
taws& ' •
r baron the melt and get back to your poet
as q • ••• as you can, Where your friends here wish
to see ',cu. . .
80tH. I blare; jnet returned from Puebla,
• went witb, ,Gen, Lane,. we hare bad
siUm),lthe fint;lgrasacilusmantla in
7rallant_Capt. Walker 614 the second
a ha 'which IS own of our ,compasy were
d' the third at Atiacco, wo whippet the
in each place; and in the latter place killed
theist iwlth the loss or hut one men on our
I •
I- --
Ethtors of the Piltabures Gaz6tte. •
I •
alien* noticed 4 extract in your pa.
the Philadelphia Bulletin, misting that
dal licluential citizens ,of Allegheny
data eultecription fiy that, city of 1,500,-
• Central 141 Roa:d, amt ;w• have since
133e4 that the Bogliteere are now sue.
route cei the oppcmite side of the river,
arftiakitig the thipat and termination
14. ' ' ,
"4 1m
000 to
in that
if • 'aro facts, it will Iv neolasary that Ma
• in the Conuelleallle Company who
.are d • • .orcoungicilug this city With the Wert
illy a sees , uotte Rail Rood, Viand who ant not dits
posed to - • - the welfare of thi stimoky Ci
ty" to hai,come ariatocratiO neighbor, should N.
led a Dosol',of Directors on Alondey nest, who
&tumid fo the hums* s4o , tterpnity of
Dee. a '47. . Pirrozwm,
Te lir Yark=Comier mica the death of
Psoip4dttil. Eq., editor *at P 4116,7
Was? Brim
\ '
City News..
WAR MISTING .—The great 49miStretion on
the part of tlio "democracy," =M . dIT on Semi.
day night, at the Coot House.--and will enable'
timorgaa at Washingtm to claim • noble support .
of the war from the old Keyetooe State, The
pregame of other matter. upon our columns, eon.
fines u. to a .ketch of what, under other Cif4INN.
stances, could be extended for the amusement of
them wbo wine not present; for such a noisy, I
good natured, rquabblingscene,;ras never before ;
dignified with the name of a deinceretic catering,
After the otganisatioo, and while. the Committee
was preparing their resolution; Mr. MeCand;cra
addressed the meeting in 14. algorism style,. and I
warmly sustained the adminixtratiou in course ;
going (or the whole of Mexico, and ere long for
soother K, Caned; with a suggestion that Cuba,
California and Canada, were ultimately to be'
clam With his eepech closed the dignity of the !
meeting, for upon an attempt by Mr. Perry to make
an address, the usual ahrieks eras, and a diaposh
Lion shown to °put hiMout." Hewas soon hoot.
el out of the way, to give place to Mr. Kerr, wbo
told them it wok of no use to vitriol there as to
who wee fighting hardest in the war, bat they bad
better take cars of the starving volunteers' MM.
lies here, concluding by offering a resolution. to
the . effect, that they should be cared. for, tepee
which no action was taker.. With ; a porting kick
at beaks in general, and disclaiiiing thitha want
ed; anything of lick spittle., be gave May to the
Committee on resolations,,who in the fulleet many
ner endorsed all the doings of Mr. Polk, and es.
pechilly the war, and the general prosperity' of the
country. Next camo a minority report: from Mr
Scully, who gave, by way of Preface, a rep at the
first resolutions, flying they were'untru; to a great
extent, and speciona. Hero tho row role once
more; iirthe pauses of which he reed his resale,
lions, which were to the effect that the Mexican
war was a glorious one, vire of cod
diplomatic' blandacs of the government at the
Here the din became Curious, but be went on
u resolve that the admission of Santa Anna into
Mexico Tim not gotta tho thing,. bat tuber colon-
lated to glee illst f o l comfort lathe klexicins. Up
on this, down e the wrath of the mietingt—
a garb wan mrrd for his resolutions, which won
disapperired. A ?Loh Woo then made for the
used, and Mr. Scully disapj eared. front the hoods
which was soon filled by other and morn
Me worker. in the Democratic cause, the most
prominent of whom was Judge dbalar, who spoke
upon the adoption of the resolutions, and very
logically silenced the meeting, 'stating that Oitae
who intorruptcd the war meeting, were iithei no
pauiats, or no gentlenierr, and politely naked
thou' who, by making a noise, thus clailised
themsolves to coma forward at the close °Obis
remarks, upon the stand, so that they might he
identified. Upon a person in the crowd reinark
ing that this won not the war of 1812; Mr.
Shafer silenced him by laying that he was a
traitor, the eon of atniithr, or one who had co•
coped from the pencientiary. 'lf he hatknot n•
coped from that place, he had not received hie
&sorts. The unittsons manner In which ihis
speaker wu silenced, was most wand, cheered,
as it was In keeping with the patriotic Conduct
of the honorable lipeaker. in relation to the war
of 18 IS, at which trine he hoped the bona of all
Americans who went to Canada would whiten
upon hared.
After the speaker, in the crowd, with the trouble.
some and long memory was phoned, the speaker
went au with his I ogit,and argued thattlicriewho oyv
posed the administration, opposed the people; that
the people made the government, the government
the v(ar, ergo, tho people made the war.' Of
course the head of the government was look to
brume, arid all who opposed the war, 'milted the
people who mode it through the government,' which
by hie showing, can dorno wrong, because it is on
ly the creation of the people who areralone re.
epearible for its eau. (ft has generally been soµ
posed that the government Is responsible to tie
people, bat. komp.! . democracy. tms, wad.
heymod thin old dogma, and the g - leak
of all cannot u we bum all along argaed.: is the
caw.) After some further remarks lutendedjui
"bow that the dertiny of illb democracy wee to -
extend our institution over Mexico, and that wo
had the rights of conyaroon, em wallas rakers, be
concludedhy an earnest appeal to the Ineetklf, to
eopport dirt administration,and moved the adopt Lin
of the resolutions which wens curied'autd the
meeting men disported.
iliatrrao.—A number of Priciton
• rap:emoting all the offices in the city, met In the
bark room of the klayor's office, last thleaday ate
temooo, according to previous notice.
Mr. John Roth mu called to the CI ind L
A Clark, Esg,-ef the Telegraph, appointed Berea
- ' •i
• - The fallowing gentlemen were appointed
Committee of Arrangements, to make the actin
eery preparations for a Pnnteei Supper,.to be
given on the evening preceding Christmas dsy:
Mesas. Sheridan, Hari. , Swaney, /telly, Ste.
rick, M'Harra, Connelly, W B Meany, Myers,
Wilion, Lewis, Glare, Mclqaughton, Rgatall, and
The Committee will meet thin evening allover'
o'clock, in the publication office oY tha lllisPalch,
to make the necessary arsapzellienta.
WRITINY.—Wo wouldrecommead to ailltkose
who wish to obtain a beautiful style MPtularen.
@hip, to cill at Mr. Ainsworth'e_roome, Barke's
building, Fourth erect. Ladiejand gentlemen
who have attended hie clue's, testify to his Wbib
ity so • finished instructor in this indispensable,
art.He not ; only writes a practical hand ;
self, bat hU the faculty of Imparting i eplendid
style of chirography to others. The importance
of acquiring a good hind writing wi need 'not
mention. His classes meet throughout thi day
and evening.
Bt etc Pazsurrazioir.— About 1 ;o'cliu.k on
Saturday, the Pittsburgh Fort Dogewar and other.
Divisions of Sons. of Temperance, pnrceds,i i by
White's celebrated Biers-Band, marched up Third
street and down Market, on their any to Law.
reoceville, to attend the ceremonies of.the preen-
Igloo of • Bible, on the part of they Ladite of
Lawrenceville, to the Division of ihri,Sene of Tem
perance of that place. The procieirden made an
imposing appcuance. The daji wudoo , and a
prge concourze of the citizens of LaierencrUille
acid vicinity, were present at the time- of tho 'pro•
contrition of the Sacred Valume.
Altars - v.—A man named Brophen;Crane wu
arrested on Friday, as a fugitive from justice,
from the State of lilinois,for peering counterfeit
money. Heim committed to await the regui•
eitioncf the Executive. ' •
Boaucaaai—Tka store of Georgei t 'F. Dann
on Market street, wiui entered by is felon, on
Friday night. and $l5 In money, Mid several
Miele of goods were carried off.
Itemeroos—A colored wail was! inested on
Saturday, and taken before the Mayor, for die.
tarblng a religious congregation. He was fined
s.Vend the costa. His ponishmantahoulet bane
been caore'senere.
Rim-RG.O ?fern 1111."-We ht.. boon favor.
ad with • correct repo{ of tha.pientwo delivarad .
it tho Baud .of Trllo Room., in ibis 07, on
Thunidny evening Ica, and shall iibliatiihisini
10.11110170 W.
Posica.—There were wawa eaaje before the
Mayer, 'on 'Saturday --two ent to iho bJL
trrT. steamboat KIM and Others—Co . n.
nell'. Magical Pain Extracurr— l, is now conceded by
medical men that Cannel. magical Pala Extractor,
manufactured by Conmiwk A Co ,flteowland at. N. Y
M the treated, wonder at the 10th centary. • Its elects
we truly mi actions. Allptdas are rem*ed faun barna,
maids. te.. and all external sore., ta a low minutes ta
tor as application. hraline the tame on the most &Haien
akin, Manna no tem. li is equally bit wee efietal to all
kind. or inflammatory ditewee,mich Nipples
and Eye., &tartar.. Rheumatism, AVM dwelling nod
Uleera, Brumes. Burn; Eiiipalaa, Shies,
Tic Doloreaux, lc. raight add sap ( a, agave 'ay,
the names of many eminent physthis who nor It 111
,theit practice, and hundred. of the clergy who praise it
to their people. gird parent keep iteonatantly sin band,
in ewes of oceolint by Gee, life may boat wallow it,
Ina by ja use all barna are subject ton casiroloiniesis
the Muth are demroyed. Caution—Re ember sw/ialt
to Connell), Magical Pain Extrachm, ufactured by
Cammack ten, Y tiO other.
. told by WM. JACKSON, Ageat flog Pittsburgh, PO
Liberty' st, hocid of wood. lrrledkvriler
m.6l.lrhistoor hair fall off, doe's your bale tout AT i
liit hirah; a it dry, or dirty. I pray? I
If 'thrums, you eau make It eoa, City and fine,
Dark L aud healthy, and beauteou s air dela hair of mine.
analo have thi a, you have bat thr:Tilhaga to give
Ford bout° of Jong' Holt. Paziorati e_
Reader, r[ You have had hair you Id really
tonished Ihe lovely <Seel,* three abillog bottle
Joa Cu.& aZATINUM/1 11,1 t needs n 1
one Uiel. Sold at 20 Llbenj to. • avthda.ev
irrYelleir feella eau pumae
t r r "Is
tpeary gums like tonne death, -
Is.repolslve and ; • '
All eduld hsve teeth wane as pearl; • F'
Seines brealb—hard trams—ran at 'hi.
Way delayr—Nay, natality aane .
. And use a box of Jona' nee" Pas/A
It .sta but 94 eves, and la nap) aa kt
asant:a esne.
II vv. the teeth a Ana euaratl.., nald• Plitaburnk al
19 Liberty an • S arinlinely
. ,
Op• Ladles wbo' tua Joutifiliintritileblarihsve
always . Am white Inuliparceit , . t/t/tio thili ilia
will sa.t:ty any one, ekild only in Yilaboillii dll .silii lilb•
To Lie Cilinens of Pail/ , . n 44 iC , AD mu Strie
holden in the Pittanitel land - Coluselloiffe
Rail Rani Company:
The *Tiltr of this eases not; if the Mcoangthie
la House and the Bt. Charles Hotel, should, be ,
made to play second - fiddle ts ;the rgehange, and
if all three no Made. to play their ineffectual fires
before the brilliancy of Hails et a Depot of
the Philadelphia Rail the upper put of .
Allegheoy eq.. and Ohio Had. of surpering
magniflotini a the-Depot of ,the Ohio Red Rand
ikte city of Manchester. doer he' care if
handfed* of olitadid ommlicilera and hacks pas
through from the two graraildepote in me two
nighboriug cities. The people end property hold
en of Pittatiorgh have been warned of unanuniat.
able attempts to depriee them, not only of the
Baltimore Rail Riad, bat, as; is believe!, of any
Red Rood; but they would ode be warned. Now,
that it is thought' by Phsladeiplue that the COD.
nellsville Chatter is given tqq we shall see what
we shall .
The writer of thi• will :total in the prosperity
of Allegheny city, and the rapid gro win of Men.
&cater. diongb he may deplete the folly that in.
'dead their citizens and dine of pittour g h to
give aP a charier, which Would have' been for ell
time to come,* check on the scheme. of Phil/dd.
phia,—* charter, which, if preseied, would act
Only inure the constriction of thel Philadelphia
hail Roe! to y Pittsburgh aid not :mend it, bat
*fold hale plead Pittsburgh sod, Allegheny both
on that pthaelisof idep enderrl provenly intended
by Nature, which, in making Piteburyth, by the
course of ther riven the great creasing between
the Latin and the Adanue, between the Atlantic
end the Ohio, intended that men should improve
all three *aeons, nod surrender note.
The saisdoia of Philadelphia whth must need.
arose the !Alleghenies by 'pair of lairs, and &-
the, oar fright to make Rail 'Ronda by our own
Water conuit;has galcuid the. day,with our colons
*hollering adopted the Cisincianlicy of Phila.,
delphla, are by a coons of deception, and forte,
fib69t toliestray the indeptedant preeminence,
to which' ilittelfurgb4by her rustural,pontion is, en.
The charter of the Ventrat Rail Road Co olies,
not require them to bring their road to Pittsburgh
and basing thrown officinal enuffin the eyes of
Pitisbnighen to blind doh importance of longer
holding the Connelnille cheater, the Rod of .An
' ion in their own hands.thePhiladephia magicians
rill sooner lino it in their power,
do ea they
please." : Bat perhaps they are not yet out of the
woods. and they ,may yet rouse the Lion in his
lair. The small Stockholder}, the people who are
not Objected to the .harry atmosphere of Bank
parlors, see very clearly, dui lhe Rod which has
beretcfoirkept the Magician, of the Rut in sal.
atary cheek, night not to Miyake* now, or an.
Will the' large. Stockholders rill refuse the fair
compromise affeied, of relining them from their
ono iptiocs if they will than their efforts to
take from their fellow citizens, • the tights
they have vested in the P. and C. Rail road. The
d.inpot this day, will tell iPittsbingta end Alle
gheny ciiin..—Alleglieny okay, and all Weitern
Peonsyleania, are deeply interested in preserving
for the Western Metropolis, the right to improve
the surrounding canary, in any direction, and
eitalli by the shortest, chiapesi oddest mole.
who Whit to pannein chatter, will not
g to Ph t o Hall. but to the room,adjoining where
the election of Directors is to be held.
Correspondence of Intestrarseh Gaulle
pm:respondence of the Patabsigh Gneiss
New York, 4, 1847.
The s eamer from Liverpool for Barton, is now
in her a itectah day, with trews to the 19th of
- November. Her news twist looked for at once
A Hine packet ship hie arrived here, with
news dawn to the 3d of Nimembor, which is a
little War. I •
MA :aka," Copt. IlesMo, would not sail one
tit the tlOnstead of the 9th, having been do.
tamed fdi repairs, which stiei much needed.
In thg Cotton market, Mire had been a fall of
tali &Mies per. belt Kale/Taupe, altaaa9 at
841 f:
Mono remained without amage, not could ro•
tiefteeMpaitii3.ti99l99WM9l94trtient9toUT ,
the thalami. The French impel's contain na
ter nesmirelative to Papal;skin, or the movement
in Algie s. •
Baltlma,, DIP& Al 1147.
Flow Ths wealhar hail butane want moil.
erase tority, and the Mute I Mere Redly. with
Was of ale* tiandrad MAN it SOX pie bith hold
etsmenerally, taleeTer; iii abut $6.37 pa bal.
The elated is In rather an nt .. olled state.
Ryt lanr-:-Bmall asks ler at $5,73 per
Cara meals In fair demand faith dales at PM
ock beat Flew, la gookd at 51,7542 per .
100 the.
Whwat—atles of prime Red ant taada at 155 a
130 c pet bat., 'Of prizes IS b fat 140i145e per
Killed flop are ming .1.5,25 par 100
' Bsef tattla—Sales at 2013,25 par 100 Ito on
the howl oval to 4i56.25 net.f
Lud÷tialea of new, at 1 tallie pa lb.
Cheeis—Ohio is seine freely to the trade at
7i4e pelr lb.
Hatter—Weatern is tak U fiat az it intim,
at 1 lislajo in kegs, and llte In bbla.—Pabid.
Correspoeleace or the 4,....,eree (hurt..
New York, D.c. 4, 3 P. 3f.
Flour—Sales amotuiting,io tome 4000 bbb at
$6,2586,18} par bbl. Thant Is • weedy wade de.
mend, bet large-Wks could' tioi be wade, excepts
log at a concession. The (demand for regular
brands, fropth, is good, but othaV eaalitiew are hes.
vg and neglected. Prices are on the advance.
Corn—Moderate odes of !Felme White at 72a
73c per bu. Sales of 4300!pruns Yellow at Tod
per ba.
Wheat-Sale. of 1500 19 pelts Red at 130 c
per be.
Oats- Liadtad sales at 464494 ba.
Jos—Lion= ea.... ----ire per
All the other markers us qinet,riealere aro hold.
illy off for foreign news by the limit eteiuncr.
Correspondence or Ile P;Stlburgh Gazette.
Cingiamitij Dee. 4, S
Doe. 4,
Flour—Balm of 300 bbl at 115 por bbl.
Killed If ota—Salra in a iwidentta way at $3.
181 riper 100 lb,: market steadj.
Grotimies—Tbe market met, with no elMnio
in pima.
lard—Saks of 2500 kegs 'atplc per lb, and 100
bids at 6o per lb..
Bulk Meat—Sales of 1,000,400 lba base be=
effected at the following rata,. kis. Haim. Sic—
Sidee, 31c, and Shoulders Mkt per lb.
Cbeese—t.Modesate erla lare reported a 21gc.
per lb. . 1 l.
,'Tea learn hit the' heavy rains
Isalptalt mused sambas WM, freaks in the Ja.
nla,The canal again =Owed to same umlaute
the naknows near Lewistown, Ind has sin= been
repaired; and navigation open al far as
Newton Hamilton. A spanl of • the bridge at
kliftlintown, which wag being rebuilt, was canted
away. I
The West Branch Canal is main navigable as
tar as Lock Harea—lnteUfrenter.
December 4...- COTTILIiTsIIII PART.
Clair of the Fiscal year of :the Pa. Improve.
manta—Board of Trade—Meeting of the Pitta,
burghßoard of. Trade—General Mandacturing
Law—lnternalimprosemenn—Rai Road Blake.
tics—Plank Roade—Basiness of Pittebugh--
Extension of Empire—Wrcas of thevTalisman--
Protrat—lretter from Col. flobinsorr—Blisir Vi
tae—Central Rail Road—Delegates to Massillon
—Whig Young ISlen's Meeting The Temper.
acme Reform —Deese ry Cepa nment.,Letter from
Cot B W Black From Vera Cruz—Pittsburgh
Young Min's Bible Society—Meeting of the Her
—Proceedings of Coen• ' 'et Court of the
United Btalci— Public 0 pecie of the
United inure—The Thiniiith Congress—New
York Correspondence—Banks of Ohio—Daily
Mail Weet—The ,Presidency and the Moon—
News from the Army—Great Flood In the James
Riser—Particulate of the brindng of the Propeller
Phcenix—Speech from Mr IWebster —Lola and
Gain.:—.War and Glory—Rail Road Meeting
Latest Telegraphic Dews, Foreign end Domestic.
Commercial—A carefully complied Review of
the Markets lur the past' rook—The prices is the
local city markets—The Cattle Market—The price.
of Americas Produce is earkrno parts of the Union
—Amount of Floor, Wheat, , , Core &e.,. melted .
since the opening el the Gan z-Canal bullies, and
movements of produce—Market In Loudon. .
ee •
City Nrra--t , pirit of thePress—Coplous.Eatracts
from the loading journals as the IstercstiNg topic.
of the day. •
For sale et the desk; singly or to wrotpplus.
Price 6 coots ainglo copy.
. Subscription' two dollus a yeas in advance,
Op- No Curet No Pail' Piles] Pales I
Jackron`a Embrocation Ls the only medicine that
.will core did so wry common and uoubksome
throne. It not only inintedounly allays pant and inde
ntation, mops all bleeding, sundaes thatintolerable itch -
' 2 l e na g i ol c l i ta u :agnin . de a r:d=le i t ?Z.=
apytteation produce no pal Ell bat either art agreea
ble and Worsen, emdaston. Myers:ors aldleted trill
tail and near of the UPI number of ems that hare
bean eared, they mid be aetoniebed. . A an of
thie eity t nrbo had been ardor the knife org=geon
for two or dun times edthout being ectrA t haa hy
ins boniest& the Emldocation, been audit:ally cued.
It WIN beyrtnd PeeeeniPilb daddnejtammtht
ihp" For sale In rinaborgh tbe PAAIN
STORE,YdFonyth Etat near ward, and alio at SU
Drag &ore °CEP &hinds, Federal at Allegheny el.,
17. . I !lOW
astimisi• Yanikas ColitAir.-71e Asp.
anal Illoottme et dm Stockholders of this Coen portal/ ;
be DeWitt Mmday,the Rh day of December' neat, at
the Offiet,No.ll)Wa nut stat IC o'eloek, A 11., ea
want' Ra pa:mink.. of the Charter, atter arttleh an
Elernonantl btitirJo be thirteen armors toacree the
ensaioa rears the Wit o eles. at 6 edam:. P. M.
arthinit Geaar Penna.—Fame Copies of
Car. lam Bskeeh on the War usa Slavery, (mule
al tide Office. Dien . citizen shealtd file a copy of tots
perhaps tae laR Stteeett of the treat AMeriCan States
rarta. . .
jris Use Balt wed Lasats—Cootoock's Nerve
Litthms , Itttd felon Vegets.bla Elixir, is the
Imo effeetnel eye for Rbentriefoxe.
Bold by WII. JACICSOIf, Ages' for Pitasbargh.
=oviedivifeerl ..• ,
frrDooßlsea yelloordszt Teeth—they e. be weed
pearly Fyn e one tuna ruing • box of Joxas' Alum
Pooh Purr. It herdens 'be geresiooreetero the breath,
Ake. Sokl WO/Liberty et • ovlo.4tr.orty
rrDool hero la Foal Oreath-4f yo., hare. area 2
,haul Wale or looes• Amber Tooth Fame. That will
make roar erratlt sweet. wk... poor tomb, Sol 4
at Eli Ltbeny at. • nerlatharly
117PIIIis, &.—The amtsittc nap e Lini
meat, is an article more jastly celebrated as a care for
the Lase ihaa any or all other. , Its totes are almost
Innumerable. Saki by WSI. JACKSON, Agent for Puts
: astAlkorl3mT
ir,mrtise of sitedry arils of Vandal= Espoiras, I.
Ll acted oat of the Court of Common nets and District
arms of Allegheny County, and to me 4/remedial:l be
capered to sue at the OMIT Mouse, in the city of Pins
burgh, on MONDAY, the :glib day of December, A. D.
1847,1110 o'clocti A. M., the allowing dractibed prop.
city, to Witt
All the nght, tide, interest, property, elaua and de.
amid of Orme , McElneny, of, in, and to, a certmn .
piece of land satiated in Fayette • Town Alp, 24.3ilaing
lands of George Caen on the east and south, by Lind of
Robert Crawford on the west, and the Pittsburgh and
Stenbennha Turnpike. On the north, containing about 4
octet be the same more or less, Loden which there rs
erected a small time dwelling holm. Seised and taken
in execution .sate property at George MeEtheuy, at
thy a
J tha Of Ja on mul and John hicEJlteny, for use of-An
• '
lAll the right, title, ioterest tad glans; of Jacob Beller,
at, in, and to, all that cenan piece or parcel of ground ' ,
Mum adjoin' us the Bonsughof Birmingham, nod being
Noe 11 and 19, and boanded 'by Manor aunt. by Lout
Noe 10 and 13. by grounds of John Brown... ofaind
Lots being 20 feet In front on. Marne strut, by 100 feel
deep, and being subject to a mortgage in favor of John
for 113u0, recorded tomtits/se book IC, pap 312
Seised Mt taken' in exeentionaa as property ofJacoti
Keller, at the snit of John Pinker:
" ALso, , . •
• All the right, ti l de. Interest and claim of LOWIS
to;a11 that certain lot or . piece of.eroandt
ellute in Pitt Township, Mom ic the
_lot marked and numbered in Colwell's .pl. of
late, No 171, containing lo hoot too Malberry sum mud
pl.; 90 kat, and eiteitipog back the iame width along
Overbill Meet, • 'distance of n feelll int/163.4031g the
name lotYonvey,nd toDefndt by Henry M Collins.
aid and taken ini cieection. an the property of Lewis
JIII9/4[lo, at the suit of Thomas Mellen.
Altthe right, tide, interest and clam of Robert "Odor.
ton. Of, in, and us; and out of all that certain lot or piece
of glee.. shame, is thaith Want of the city of pat.
burgh, flouting oa Penn st.l2 feet, and extending back
by the tame width; 100 feet more or leas to elulbeny
alley; bounded by property of Jonathan B Biddle on
the west. and %habeas Mimes Lowry on the east, and
on which la erected a three story beet dwelling house..
Seized and taken. enrollee as the property at Robert
hlonon impleaded with Therms Cbe 01., at the suit
or illartimon k Miller, for ose of David and..laretnicla
All th e right, tide, interest and claim of Peel' RatJalp,
of, in, and to, all that certain torso piece of ;mod, m
uted to the city of Pittsburgh, on the south indoor Grant
street, and (mug; on said street x 0 feet, and extending
Intel 90 feet. on *hick is canted a three- story Wink
house, and is bounded on the eut bypropery of Bar
ney hlegelfand, end on the W.III by Themes Flood.—
Petted and takersdn execution as the property of Peter
Rang., at the snit of Warrick, kluun & CO.
All the right, Itide, interest mid chum
,of •Sanceel
Thompson" 01, IN and to, all the Gellowmg described
tract or piece oil land, situated in Wilkins townatcp.
Allegheny county containing seventy two acre. more
or less, and bounded by lands of Jobe McGill, Edward
Pedden,— Daberat and Wm Oranikerty,brang Mesa=
tract of land now , °teamed by the defendent. m Which
is erected a large dwelling house and doable basic, with
the enoirlensecea thereanto eeized and taken in axe.
eaten on the property of Bmmiel Thompson at the sail ,
of W IdeClimock k. Co. And to be sold by
_a use's Omen,. December 6,1817-1134 , •
YIW /10810—What's a' the steer lawmen
1,3 1 hareems. 'from a happy lands
.Born in the spot of • mule.; •
Would Well with Maw '
What enehnotto cm, by ital.= Picot;
Queen oftoy veal;
Pimping I dreem'd lova ,
The Aunt Day;
Olt give me home If ora lOreiga Good;
/flaw womb gales, dun by Loden
Forgive bat dank forget;
Good bye, song;
Coma Swum fresh Bases to my her
Palmetto spolti;
Cast that shadow from thy brow;
_The fasotain of pssrlm__
" May Qacem I:
Amami and format, by
hIELLOO,III wood street
P. a Several Yams of (Michelin/42nd Gale's man •
afsetava are now on the way from Ma eillat and will ba
recalved lai feW days: ; del)
CAME to 110 nrsideues the aabeeriber
. the Oh October last, a ertnurGow,whit
rower ,r• en bar abler and a portent of
ear... bitten , 'apposed ro have been done by
&dog: The owner is reepwased to come forward, pay
charts, and taker= away or alto ANA beds. ted,of
necordlog to taw ; ,
drllwateF 1 Lower Tp
CAME to the residence or the subscriber
on the 20thOf October, in Lower Bt Clair
rowliship,3 tulles west of Pinsturge,an We
Washington Turnpike, a red Cow, with white face, and
harm mired olg. rThe carrier is requested to come for
ward, prove rostte, pal Charges end take her sway,
or she will be dalpelM el lteuseding mho.
deewot•F 1 . Id NA NOSItURY '
Man= TO STOCKHOLDER-3-1e porn.. of
TN the prim.. of the chancr et an corporation, the•
annaal meeting of the Stoeth,tders of the -
Ne•itelent toOP.OI, WIN be held o 0 tdoodey, the
lkl day of Jannary,lBlB, (bens th e ilrOhlooday of the
month). the Mc* of We Old Colqi.f, in limed , .
Penal% Routh Won, In the eily of Yttleberals, for the
n.. oloetiogile cams tr . the enealeg year.
.dettd Whl BAKEII, ELL. beerrorr.
'TAIL ROAD ATRICTINO,—Th. Staab°ltleia
Aug the rittabarait Oa Comte!lndia Dail Hem are
reatiadett that the .0.11 maitre and eteatioa takes
One today, at 2 o'clock: at Philo Hall.
tleett WM. ROBINSON, Jr., Prat.
DRESS GOOD6—%V. have lest received b, ex
pre.. a Teti, bandsmen lm Ladies' Dress Goods,
Cous!rdn of — !
Super embroidered Cashmere Robes;
Do limeade merino . do;
Vine pbsin Ceehmer beautiful uncle;
Cake and Cache:lure plaid,.
dab :Salaam st. tor of the diamond
QIIALWLII—* raw •et' superior. all weal, Blythe
bwir gbawle, *tech we aro selling greatly below
they've! prime.
L'%GLISU MILIELINOS—We h”ejett reeewed
JD a large aasoitoteot of black and colored English
Ateromo,'w which_ we Invite the &mai. of persons
needing the ariie t e f i as we are aelhog these a peat bar.
lisle. d ALEXANDER & DAY
V AIRT6-10 no fins meow& aad Lomb's Wool
0 &Ins and Dr wen: last received by &liana Limp
for gab by SHACKLETT & WHITE
dee 99 woad at
&FN . DILI 17230 bags prima nem Rut Cadet;
bZ,ek Pepper;
23 bbla etuped LA:onto& bat reed, to
sale by CARSON & hIaILNIG HT
dell rizth street
*gs Sisyna Rams% roc F m,
Mu bony, on boassudons for oala by
'do • I , ; CARSON & NeRNIGITT
VRINCIES—klirgo invoiea of 4,11,3. end 3k Inch
Silk Dalkon Frintes;lest roe'd; for .als by
nANTON nalicarst.s--5 bales oublembed and
colored Doe atm* i id COZIOLI Fyannel.,jut ern
mg: far sale by:
INDINGS-210 grou: mohair, mai ,it over cr,
Wadley; just received
ATa.m ix t,
n b . b Lft le utz en apples , landing
Wetlavllle•'foraale6rr --
dM • . WILLIAS it, D1ZW06.271c00 , at
RAll4ols—Mbis MOOS Matto%
50 lAN NC Tar; reee loc.!! thio arm for
Kale by
: IR& 20 'rood or
VICATEUGIII-003 lb. lo More; for &Co by
• ISAI&11 . 411CIOEY & CO
de:6 wiser & front vile
etnatbesx-4co bss to more; in ye. by
aoe. I DICKV.V k CO
nTIAMOSILZ IPLOWXI3.I-1 est fresh jay
V received; far We by
LI A. rAnNE&TocK & co
deb nor la and wood st.
REF. mei English Just Iced,
for sale by , •
"DOTT/rall MlTOBlZ—tvt.jort rac'd: for gale by
SOAP-19 cues Castila s TVl;i=el . B l e z
Fil" — ""lo,lll,l3l;gariViliert
ad, 5 101 Ithetty
LimPS-A of COich and Bogy Limps,
new atyl“,jost recidi (oriole - by
OLE4OII 1144•11, in dosenkand sinippeJ, read,
1,7 for usei tor. 441414,
dc4 R T LEF4II.Ir
rlit &IS HOE BANDR—A 'lam. Int, auctried
LP size., received and for eelc by
ded ft TIEECH, Jr
VZILTUICHI.I..IS licks nor landing from me arm
r Nan; for aala by. DICKEY a. CO
dna wawa 41. !tont sts •
bbls Stelants.
LEL • . ;- Macke Feather= um landing
from emu blesecoan tar sat* by -
R 4
1, easiest% bean rim grass tope,
Ab ,
Cattarlll , and old tope, warned, to!
wWeL ""'Pe"
ad • wayne el, between peon a. liberty!,
• --
LOW'S" - - . -Cle.Thutsdey treeing, is Weed or Penn et
a thug Phu 'Alias, melee's!. P6/1., and muck eat•
ued by dm biter as a beepealus Wet urdl be lib
erally rewarded by leaving the U.= at Wit 015<0.
THE- WESTKINLSTER SSYlh'W :—) ennaon k.
&Daum km jun readied the Westmatuter Ha:
vier. No Pl,Ociacer, int 7, • : • dea •
ImmoAft—sts bbla 'pod ablbr 'famish Pia ga
V *bind; to sala by
MILLER a alcimrsoN
B it e N .l7.l o nspesior 91¢ Pcactißramly,l!t .
.43 . nume*.svacicupoN
. .
TIMPALLII-11S molasses barbican eba!lyatbliU
far sale by - MILLER lb RICK= •Wri
•li z y • ' • On Irwin !belly sal
R/1 4 :1:1—aZts
ily Jai!, D. Davis.
• ,
Penn Soviet ft Aeodott. ' •
' ON Wednettlay evening, the t2d ism, at 7 O'clock, at
the Couttnereial,dales• Deem, mt. of Wood and Stlt
ma, will_ be told • ' • •
roar We/noble Building Lou; Clown on the north aide
of Peon nod the corer of Cecit'a alley; tenter Lot havv
ing a front of et ,ert. and the adjoining three Lou, each
de feet inch. On gem et, sad extend back ISO feet to
co alley In feet wok. . ,
Tenna—One third cash, resid: to two Nail anneal
pap:wine, with inteneu, to be t eared by bond and
mortgage.,•Tltle indisputable
vied ' JOIN D D.tVIS Aut.
Made's - writers dole of Mry Goode..
OM Monday tiaornior, the Sth hut, at In O'clock, at
the Coannelesel Males Ikon, cortkr of Wood and Flftb
els, snit be sold *Ahem reserre-+ • •
An entensiwe assortment of Uasonablo My Goods,
'An, among which are saykctine Cloths, Heaver cloths,
.K.Kmatus, mohnenS, KY s, Jean red, yellow and white
flannels, blankets, plaid and pain alpseena, mons no
twine, calicoes, bleached and Lunnkaened manilla, p
tent thread, snann, ndkfs, needlework, coats woollen
hoods, kc.
At O'Clock,
Ys bbls good quality N o,Edgan . '
to •• N klola,ses:
3 he chsti Young ltysen Ten;
Glassware, flag car...aro confectionary
• A large quantity of nem and secondhand household
nnd kitchen Yarn inn e, /mune, bads and bedding, ear
peting,looking klassea,Mmpsisraileta, men mg stone,
pyramid stove; ne.
At 61 &Clock, .m.. -
Ready made over coati, pantaloons, vestiano thins
l drateemauld sneer. clothing, gold and sinter fratebea•
fine table and pocket midery, wipe nor gaality rams,
speetacles, Stamen fancy goodi, suitado toe the ap
preaching holidays, variety goods, Ac. • - • .
de3 3011 n D DAVIS, Ancl-.
. .
Variation og Advertisements ' ' '
THE Leumg of the ktt miles of the Janesalong River and
'Kanawha Comp any's Canal Alver In
Virginia, between e mouth of ,
North Jame s
Diver and the
Town of Buchanan, heretofore ndverustil to take place
on the 19th of December pcan,la teerponed mit Radice
Notthe. Dat
Forded Proem'. will be received at the Oleo of
the riald Company, in Richmond, until the lath of; De-'
...1., pexL for the consume. of two Punte , ,Vasaa
with River Locks, four then. Li Locks, and three Sec
tions, and for wets! smaller y on en the same Carol, between and the th of. North' River:
One of the Damn wall be= fer n
g and me r,,,, nigh,
and th e other 168 feet long and 1 Set high. - Tbmelo
will'. lel seleritely le the lo a respoailble bidder,
gad each pat aunts will he math, themfor, on monthly
estimates of work mentally done; with a rescreen. of
ra per coot by way of seenrity for the completion alike
work, cad the same shrill be cbmplethd Recording to'
contract - • .
Sealed Repose's will also received,. at the same
place, until toe same date, forte construction of the
Connection of the Ce'impany's Ca al with the tide -water
(,Jansen River, at Ittehumnd,ltioash the Rlehmooa4
This week will..lsta the three becks of 17
feet lift, and oats of 16 feet lift; I immediate Canals for
an aggregate distance of about half L mile, with cock
Culverts, Walls, Wastes, Miceli Bridges, ac., as shall
be necessary; a Mane Dam acres. Sums River, la the
Palls, at Richmond; the raising Of the Walls and Ear
bankment of the preterit Dock ;the extersioholde Dock
a few bandied foot bthalwardly, and the construction of
on Cadet Lock at the lower end h ereof, minable of ad-
Mining the largest vessels emu to the porter Rich.
mad. This trait will be paid faun bondsof the Coen.
gret y rZa b rslaT 'd' on l . s r=l 'l 4 " rfglig ol. l ;.....4.-.1
bearing 6 per cent' interest, payable matosenuunr.—.
Said. th e meal rem:ninon of 20 per rent. on the
onnuhly estimate s, the timuncior or Cotractors will be
Di rect togive ample aceprity,satirthretary to the Booed
of Directors, for the completioo eft. work at the times
and '4l the manner specified . lathe contract.
Plans of the aboneworks willibe exhted, and spa.
1 eibeation. thereof delivered to mamma, so the Cana
-1 pony , . Mee, m Bickner., by the let of Deeember
next. after the recem; of the repose's, me will be
taken in the consideration thereof until the 19th of the
same month, on which do y lin ease the propowns should
be satis(uetory).the several jobskr Renee above ad.
yenned Imbibe let ' •W LTER OWYNit
1 . , Chief Engine& , f the J. R. ic C. Co.
Richmond, Dec.*, 1647 tDeel3
. •
, • .
eausolished a warehouse m the year ISM, for the Par
pust of eupplying the Chy LIM interior Trade whhl
law Psea—iul exhibiting, e 1 ell WA...
. of the eat Ike Lirel AllOttalitta ill
They aro - ,
~THE- W l u RLEE
now openg lien I Ilundrti ee - ,
eampnsina every new elyle o i rloreign Mad .D 01112.613
proM ea mtioMmany•of which eel ' to bd Awed el.,
where, and. which have Joel en purchased, and ore
offered for Water Cub and Moil credit, al
i.t ,,
per yard the prices or 4 ril Kea ay, as ,
plated Catalves ; ed.!! are acted daily, for the
Nr.l= '. B o al t - '1 • - • -
Hite W.418C. 1
' L 17dise"
A Chance for liar allogii.
TWYsTr, o v ,tif i egtry b c l O ' y n , , ,!, S If
t:tra*Z i orlit
prod by Robert o. Cassa .d tt oso each mutinies eight
"'" ern sty n" le, au . d 6u mau iP pT 4 Thog C:edr•Teranyttencts,"ode
offered for sale as pnees and art terms I vuderici them
bargains aronby ofatrendon. • Each boom will 14 POW
small* feet of ground in frobbauning back 410 feet
sa Park or, for ordYlinnt more the building mine
owner; or the purchaser may take I Imam and 40 (tot
of pound,sn a prier 5700,1essitbso the beitaing eau.
ohlohney 'brooms th e 4u feit Inc iota the bargain —'
Tbeie ire the best Mitsui,. nape caned to the ;dahlia,
bad are desertung the attentlqapf those dosiroas of Sr.
.ammo cheap sod goatee/ d liana The • beams
am to prime order. Eutittire of the sobienber , mho
can be seen at the Ohms the Clatelle, * testa'
Mrenoon betoreca the hours ale brand tan, end at Irh.
er uses as his rams at &trail irs boardinghouse, go-
Unseats Dem Now, federal st. Allegban4 Coy. - 1 .
it N:WHITE, - -
dole 1 .._ Agt. 4tr the earner.
T 0 11: ff . l o ;llll . T.S cr J Warwick, 2: :
. do do, • 61, •
65 ^ 'fermi & 6.
-J I.lStaad, • ar
• 13 ^A D Bead,
11 Ifettry Janes. I
15 " /Warwick, • • -
R War:lmi; tine, 1.;
40 "' Jo
hn Noreen,
7 Warsiet, enperior, Is; _
4 " Jotm Rueter. Im •
Consignment from manufacturers of Lynet-bonerf.a
In slam for sale by 1;;5 ITRId6I
114:9 31 11Altt& 64 (mot et
LEWIS 111.1112.1119019 & co , No. 45 Water and 92
Front 'ln, Amu for rho &t Lonis 9ionor Ragar
Refinery, hare in won—.
SI Ina D R Large Lae Sar,ar; •
13 bbls No 11.11 •
15 bra No •
163 bbl. No • •
185 •"
151 " •
90 • •
58 " D R entailed •
45 • • ponder."'
50 • •e•erashed •
For wale at iedueed
A lOalet FOB AUTUMN:, A.
' 1817: .
' M ' C• 0 R D & KIN G:
•, lIATTratS,
corner of woad and Fi,t4LStrretr, - .
HAW:received their Mamie style of Hat; to eel let.
they respectfully invite the attention of their tome.
Loers and citizens, generally'. ; - . . rpt4
'MR lame:and canTebtent. domain boom ea
redema o...,AlleittenY.fonnerly occumal by An
Ann Ge.u.anf. Rent low. Vomenion given ou tbe 41,t
of April-near D GAZZAII. ,
Immediate maseesion of the &boll.° beim tea be al;
mined by applying to hi. crelith:on, at the canal ware'•
boom of Olathe &Thaw. ea •
.Ohnagoablo fiatiss, 41,0.
NIT it. MURPHY opoticd yesterday a tow pieces o
y • Changeable Taro 9atina , for dreirsea;
Block !WY, for 015.4t0 sad eardirtyls;
ateny colored. Flocnces; _
Scarlet kialcoltioo.:: •
Cherry siwni.
Shaded wi Rlbbo*; • ,
Totted Idiom's; , ••, •;. 4
.rh nl be .t.u tgh t a - iNts, ac. &n. -
.. • e'
co"" or th Alaska ;N. -
OP the followino brands and 'intim—
V/S B Aladettn; ' Bonen°
LM do: LM -do; 7 . •
linnlntidn DlMelga; . doi
Faye .do; Truk
Tenerife; Lisboa[ ; 7 •
Palo Sherry; lloot made;
m.. 11 doh ' DrY MOW.; '?
Golden dni Sweet 'do; vlntagesikenn
IWO to 1E41. - h: fiats and eighthpips,tor salt; as unpon
ed, by [.161 PC Iht AMIN
ItEPINSICD Socta—• • • •
icobbls Loaf tftigar, No 1.
100 , • . •
led 0 '0 •.' 7, 4 1 •
112 bxx doiGlerofin ' .M,
30 bbl eruhe4 , ts • a
!V" • A. •
/0 r, ' V'edl,5 1 / 0 !OAOL'i;
11i1 0 • A il l ;% W eil l 1 1. n t k r
Reba .
akzu FRUIT,ac —6O bssoevrerof I,olt - th Raiktiks
f 6 frula Dates .
• t 6 tunA;
(Ads *belled Air66l4l*,
10 bx. ANo I oetiefit; • .
50 bro new snlia Henvg: recel,6,l pc:
stmt tastily for We by . • •
mis st
New Goods.
4. MAYON is CO, 6 Steckel t 4 hsva jun reed, A• NI cute sad Pantiles of New Owes, smea r
which may to /owe'. chunky* Stock of Sheltie or
every .vaneryoints goods of.the most fit.h•Oushk ki n d s ,
cloak Gas, fancy ankles; house keeping_ toads, um ,
Sines; Mew, nhboxl,, Sc. Sc.
Lone wad liquar• shawls:
AA A. 31A2suN Garr et st,hrn . q.urec,i,d
per Ezpren. ISO of theme' very xlek &alum.
ble lour and wpm Raid:Walt]. . - 4
.. - .l7ede p pre t A"ES T,...
30.114 0 Alcdasm ° 10, big.. omen for We
on areommodatlng term by ,
°ern • 160 liberty meet
BAx -
tat& wad Its
- -
441CIFEESIE1.-13 tir bbl* extra No 1 ldoekerel,
LOl deed lot (*adz 113 t; Gr sale by ,
• del - I • • I DICKEY &CO
T°lgliES &.‘"'d'-.l kt4r r i ffikEY aCO
DEMUO , UNe,ofanWic”i l rat ogc
CgtiSHk.D and Palrathad Silffl 111,6 r ai - the
wino Kara: ! lAOuB WEAVER.
Q.&}11011101,..for axle by.the halloo ease, tin, Of halloo um:
OO arias abre -. dr.l .• JACOLI WEAVE lt
.F.LPV /4 7 -4, bbbkbk bbobt; kabala by__
WICK tr. bleCebbilLikl3
cog water k wool tt.
S—Agared n 4 plain Inds itaibber CWltfu
> i': :. ~:
. .
TulB sell known line Of splendid Passenger Steen.
ere to now compoited of the 'largest, woe test. bee ,
hoiehed and formatted, and moth power id boats oath*
wawa; of the West. Eaery amitaoramation and erne ,
fort that money can procure, has Wee provided for paa
eswert. The Line has beta thi apemen bit fore Tows
—have carried a million of pcoplearithaat the leaei
injury to thcir. Wawa- The boats will be at the kot
Wood meet th e day pienteas to atailiag, tor the
titular freight and the entry of passengers on tke7.
ter. In ell eases the passage money moat be pal in s.
, .
The hiGNONO.s HELA, Ihreaseilll <a Pitts
burgh every Monday morning at.lo erloeltpybeeling -
every blituday evening said P. X. 1
The HtHpttNlA, Mlll, Cent. 7. NtiowiA7Art 'sot
karts Pittebroilt everTTneeday otorbing at Idea:tele:
Wheeling ,evetT - Tirades . evening `at Id P. 11.*
The NEW MLA ND,_ICO. 9, Capt. S. Dam, W.
leaveNattburfir onri'W.lncodoy don:act
o'clock; WhccLos eT y Wedocadoy evening MIA F.:
- - - - - -
The WISCONSIN, Cipt. /L J. enses,vill kart Plum
bulb eircryThursdaytilontirttoulOe'eloat Whc.hrlir
even? Thauttlay eirentag•st to
' IinEUDAY• PACKET,i . -
The CLIPPER, N 0.% Capt.
bore, 'every Friday motton at 106 , elott; . WIeLlita
cr/ry PritayerentricatlOP.Bl. •
Rise .11FS8ENGEK,Capt : ThecarporillJesirliAtte•
burgh every Saunday tocenung at ithAkid; Ybeallag
,Suarday evpzung at 11rP.M:
Th a i I9AAO NEWTON,- Capt. A. G. Nano, mill '
tiara Pitobargh mom ' at In
!Shading every dm everung 0110 Y. M.. • •
Nay 4S. 1817. ,
• will leave far He_ ,aver tillasgal add
Wellmille; ea Tatmalty,Tontaday,,
and Fatenhty of each week, at 9 o'clock. a Isl. nuanag
on hlenday,Wednesday and Friday: She has • Kea '
et the lumina between Wood street Sad the bridge pro. -,-
lined to receiveftelgrs a at any time: :.
x, Z.
W 11,11111AU011,
mat ,:: • •• . - ' • i 210 33 Fr" ' ,
—T— • : : -
. q T he '" Bgts -:." .. : _
will kayo Mr Bea " , Glateser;olo
en Monday, Wednesday,
rind Friday of each week, ate cieleek, a m, tentrulag •
en Tee May, Thursday and Patarday. ne boa a teas
et the landing between Wood. street sad tlmbrialge
prepared to receive freights at mit time: • - • .. -
. i . Al hi" lialtiONalet,
omit • • , •.. , - Itan House. - •
The arm afflt lett 'enrol parseropr
Artesturr PENNSYLVari/ A. Cain. IL
. U. Of eroailllean feriae:clued every
eel Thursday
it 10 ifeloe.Le.. it.
and Wheelieg <ten). Thursday evening, at e °the*, g.
x. For freight or passage epplj oehowd,oe, go
, . J NEWTON.JONM Agent:
n, • The lasi numb, atehmer
' • • • GENERAL Jo3sup .- • e rone, rnast,, will Ica, as toys this
day at 10 deb. R. * frel:ht of pas
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