The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 18, 1847, Image 2

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Glory; in the farm of eo many
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. Wu; too, &u m* opium inioLve a inocinle
Vitrieurgi, and he who does not &incubi
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Us oder 'alma in;a either thespatu of aPPie"
:dating dim truth; or tunrilling to adroit ita
..aturY. Tha Bub' of the pecuniary Writers
oet War are faU of n:roe and jast thaniatinations,
and alltul Infonn,us that ta leg of conquest ia
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lort‘x tits trod ii!stiirosi.' It is Ow wawa SElb•
~1 .14100 6 of Mexico, a country . which,'bowers
niotradieconoicii„ ar Sadly delinquent, is . 7st eim•
Wild at omits:mit, to thst consideration which is
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to.makiteas a—
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41110-' Ralc • n War.
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' TiOs• LiaarirrailtirrnitH•The gnat Whig
*oft upambue as i l ia:boon, at - 11 o'clock,
.A.y . /4.: on Ihamday, l 18th inst. IfOstitn
' Oman dot loclosoom dills "mania thii Stilt.
TN lom. Xinotocky-'-48 d immediate
of.Lcfoit= sa vicinity, awl silos
-4" tl 040,064 sod_fat cff statoc:`woo
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,_ big witiaat w that meat' '
---r., - Is It attOOP
of the Pe°P by Gen. Les.
4,1:- C',4 • 1 7:0 30 ‘satendattir
caw to Mae' '
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by worm° d
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tathea.__' cb7,1,-.'"- noted M°
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probably far the
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etiesze,eipiciait thlthettitt*eli# 6 ,o l a- 1 kik
litallalltalkiskillveteila*-1 iti this pinys i wa
bifttligassiiia •a istecansaipo
disregard the estates in each came made andpro.
videl. .- '. ' . • ' ; '
lhaltat estiety_st c
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ittinciitatly.fromthe towboats lane of iiiiiali . tai4
rheatiman . miti Myertleinced rune& inainvemencs
fot tenni
. .k a milikiall, amount of the redone,
IDafals tea mower Unioetllzonirst ts or a atri•
- cintile,Mosessrail and' . businesseonimunny. It Wu
'IMMO° remedy, thla evil Mailman billawere pro.
Mhited rue ahroe; by bar Legislature. , Have (we'
proceed nwit . , they 1.:, We aciMoittiagn,that
the bins of cal Mils tends ,to , drive gold . Mul
sitter from eireelatlem sod; that If suchln' policj soi
ours could ha 11404 by * surrOundin Stahra It
would be wise, aziedkatt slid mail. Bet we Un
ret control the etivereimoties which bound lie cot
all.ehiee, ea;i with whom oMperipleheve deify
. :M
tarcraitse in the bonnets Urn commerce for w hich
.Pennsylwuria bas become notable's among the
stow of the bardadailey-46 MO= he{ Coal cud
Iron t ' resle: . .Via anal notes of; Ohio, Virginia,
New York: Maryland: Nevi.lemeOelevrero and .
'w Elide; we exchanged for the huger bills of
PenrisYlvaila Banks, and whili3he latter
luisinled,' or returned _fee ipeile, - to suPyly the
tritightmitig institutkme, tie fanaii circulate free-
Finnan% our People; constituting their daily hu
sinus medium ; : Is it right Lir as to Fame -4 ,
policy, an disastrous to the capitit gird wealth d
out Mite' t who' iithero ma .blind ;and' .rapid.
that he cannot see . thatenett: n tailey,hlne.pner
eitea,. must capplit. our wiled isistitutious,lnd
reactor 'them subszt: ‘. lo . Mom of neighboring
Statist '. •• , •• . .. - - . -
1 _lt will t.; • iigmasiea'hat 4tlellg - the crisis
1 inthel Money Motet, (broathrupott the 'lee&
try by :the war of.. the ''gantral Government
[on .the/Mlrlo4 sysertn,) ,an act was pa..
4 bf thi Pennsylvania lafitelalura::Maring . .the
1 /Italian -of 11140; Compilignir the bii.o. to. 11,
lanune simile MyMeats;ori and situ the first day of
Isnuary.lB4li, and inflicting heavy penalties op.
on all bathtubs:is disregarding the injunctions or
Ibis ,:t..' : • • ' . •
. 'The 4etlke, sif" neighboring &ales, itilet the
temp of the above set, became notorioni; gent
tint agents to exchimp their small bills for f!enn.
*lnnia mimej. Th. suipension of their !links
wasiegircted while ones were forced to. nature.
Themisult was dieskoneko 'Ur capitalits and our
- - Li one Week attar
the resompuon, a.-
=rp m
."4 1iiiii - Ba:lit d rone, "e irhilst arl thor wp fml of the t te l!h ri ll or .
were Utiotedietecsta. . Thu [Mit weal wea a Walla '
1 tiMi lar f r i lat i 4U6M ofsioxie PSZineCti; Du.,
ring :this tine; the stash hates of other Stites
awe forming our circolaling medium: •
.. The imakeen6sercial distress occisimi t ed by
this second rim, Ma sante Pep* of the
Mien!t on the Steer debt, and the:, lividitit. o f
&militia aeaitois indriad the pie Sage of an act
it - the. Session 1841, anted:log the bake to
teens one, two .and three dollar billi whia, eve
sbiekbeen conuncedy, known as the 4th May
!Wei Win.' This iii, to a great extent 'rearmed
the cosuninwealth, the people and the tanks.--'
Itse llsei by foto—the iteond * a medium of
Tazhange ireWhichthey had coidamee. bona by
banks With which they were et:instated; end the
litter,bylteepingsrithln their vaulti PMekmametels
saffmient to redeem their he while then mull
bills, instead of retaining - lately Ito their
treater Peised roily from t loin& r
r .. .
_By,tlt, act of 1843 the SW*. reamer was
andurised at certain period. be ,fanci I
thb iiinecend in °beets= to act, the great
er portion of it ha been destred..llllqvroutl
be well;ir it twropelled specie to Eke the piece of
the uiperthus cancelled and destroyed; licit the
es ra ,
"troth ii.pidly uit is withdrawn; its place is
eopplied by the lane* of the pecking Inititution
°futile State. $o true ie*s, that you we
tunaireds Of .per =my bunt abrowl,imong ha.
sinus men.Of this stab, whore you scarcely we a
ft.e dollar bill ofthe Woe of Penseylviiiia balks.
, bit Pod Fa*lto 6 all'l , - - , c teallck.:ie issue
huge bills; tube Intelud up i,./ c.piteruts of other
stale in exchange for t4eniteleil note,, end- Per -1
Mit ouitieldWto he withdreern, while their
. itenei I
,from bend - to hand among our peepld for
1:60111.115 and years before they!ire returned to their,
Permit 1 It may be, butt it strikes no that Uitil
other states agree to prohibit the bum of bill. et
a leas dfree,ntenition then free dollars, Pertesylvs. ,
nice neglects her Weisel+, and fade to protect her
ahiccace; by attain to each legislation -
' Rev. A. Cmassats,,—We base noticed the
persecutions whill attended this diatingisished
distort; while Sn. &Wand, 'and -.the !Protestant
Unionise has two. letters Lam Mr. hie dough!.
ter. Clarinda; gi 'sing the account of the troubles
between himself and, Mr. .Robertams, who cams
to base • shown any thing `rather than •
sdniat' ian visit.. `
.. After being penrented
Mr: 'IL. Mr..Vempbell wrote a letter, offering to
clones ikis :l3l aSet7 quasar, which dared thee :
in either, way, meet any gentleman
whom they may ealect--aren Mr. Robertson him.
self--provided only, that bebe not that Reseiend
James Robertson who wu publicly Cenannid—
and excluded from the Baptist Church. Coe violat
ing the bth commandasCat, in referehce to his
morber,of Whour I baseboard something in Dan.
Thee point of this letter led Ito a - snit; for
damages, of which Mr. Gempbelf, in hie letter
to Ids dioghterrnyc
The saisity of the opposition to. my indoenbe,
warmth rut to call for the following letter from
Dundee. -An a single sentence in the list par
agraph, Mr. Robertson swore b damages midst to
mon than $24.000; ffsd I maid that be was the
person as ernellad, I knoSnot what the daring
es would base bmnt for wbeceniif he be each a,
aren't, so detrimental, who comi!aseem the dam.
Igo of she is such a man!! .;
Humana? L. 7 .—Somer of the Pristern pa•
pora are militia for, ths reunutment of a general
Bankrupt Law in War to reachlatich Callum kte
that of Prime Ward, de Co. • New Pak'
Herald' nye that thin house, in order to pioteri
their, bilhi'of exchange upon Lo 'don, conveyed,
before dial failure, 'a large propoltion: of theli,
property_ to the °dug aide of the iAtlantic, leaving'
!bout fog; hundred i;rocurand dollar?' of depos
itor, and mini mother four hiandred llioarand
in ordinal* debtri,which will be, poorly provided
The Ga i ly noon with the home credllors; has
been.. re i urt to what la called 'the thillwell Aet, ,
which iv deigned to prevent twine creditors from .
being defra uded ; by 0441,4 the mean of PIP
runt .booe d. ln thin on.. of !Prink., ' ; Ward &
, i,
Co.,' we Preautuithe only wrong hu been a pro.
Cameo 1. 4 fen*, creditor., and 'uctir•=6
think that • law like that of Greif Britain would
serve th. purpOsei of collecthi irlich'abuies. ,
A QsaanasT:—..ludge Kelly of the Common
Plus of Clueland,bined a. well of 'Habeas eorl
pus, to Inns' before him,,the body of 0130 goo.
nelly.. 'While awaking hie detision, another
habeas =spas was lamed by /Age Reed, ofthe
Salome, watt, to try the validity of the same Mir
limas, and Connally wee taken before him. The
former Judas remanded the'ption'er, and the LW
ter ordered his discharge.: Th e Sheriff wu a
dilemma (Mtn theme coati ido+lons, but wa!
reamed foitis — time belng be. allowing the Priann'
er to ran at large.
Among the kaunmons'esmitd . 'tee fa the
dewer. -J2kwiteie . M:have thetw, end =haw;
Ottrinitia thefollawilitherough 'going mezOire
Oettio EnOSsity.
_NW:yobson Perhaps expects
antmlad=furelemrpk of popiihuity in hie l o ove
of mw,ied 14,1#01 ; men, however, will
birdly Gil in (Mil; shkOld Bacb=r4 main&
=its eitbeS ' -
1. • 11.1001 , 4 1.1 TI C M .
For Peneident--Jelize BCCIIANAi. of. Penn.
For Vice President.—Wg.W.Kra ,of mamas.
Tn n
Lain anima
hi a annual
La i nput twarandaout!... liolfeAmpMs
bulb whith. nl . inm that
an °":"
of Copsbis f oaooo. and Min
sok e
I j.
cEsTuig. - ...BAnatem).4
t'.4.4l.3binson hat ingriddresital antinteresigg
ittter!bli Datil 6. Brrii4.. Egg ! !of Plilte6 .
l'iverfind It in the Nostle — iiniezigirs,-a6B-extreek
ties* pirrthisis uf ;hie crisligragt 1 0
Our readers. The Jotter is bated open an entitle
tho )14biligh
, ,
F!onn TU 9PrlytqFkr ° ireS4-Potiood•
After . 'peeking .of the extent of the IWM, eon.'
frcim the Central reed, Mr. R. say.:
Lot; in:ihen sea what will be the result in hams
tffcred for the accommodation of travel wen • and
tasarcim Philadelphia Logo, Ohio river it Pius.
borgh,.cm the partial completion of the Work.—
Tram Pittsburgh 20'mile. Railroad tact to Mut.
ramnilla, houui thence 50
! miles turnpike In
:Johnstown; 10 hours; thence Pottage Raildad
. 38 mile'. to llollidipburg,,3 hours; theme to
; ;Philcdclphle; throligh Maniaburgb, ft.3mile, 12
hours. hinting' in 911,26 hours from the Ohio
'river to the Delaware at. Philadelphia. I presume
few .will vacation this estimate of time for a good
'road arch en One as the Pennsylvania road will
tscit is rather over than ender the time that will
be oMupied. Thus, then, a train of ears loaving
Pittsburgh at 8 o'clock in the pinning, will me.
viva in Philadelphia at 10 next day. The ibortest
pirMage from Pittsburgh Jo :Baltimore, ii never
lest than 34 to 36 hones. A traseller, then, from
thii West to the great nitratione cities of ihe Eut
will haziNot only the advantage in point of time
of .10 hews, boil lie will alai have proceeded on
his - journey 100 'Mies further towards his object
br taking the. Peuraylvenievold, than if be lied
prixtedeil via Baltimore. This would eppesi
11l ut avdri,nopposing from Ike - favorite , Point :0
Mr. ktel.lane , a aspiestione (Colombo. Ohio,) theei
woe ectuelly constructed a Railroad to him peopiei
aa lamina, Wheeling. (adliah,ltlaging fraln my,
personal knowledg4_ of tpo lace of the country
from Zee villa in Wheahog. I look apore as
preposterous;) - and Supposing that which is much
morn reseonable, the constractkin of, a toad,from
Pittsburgh through an aimed unbroken country:
to the . city of Cola s—and taking hie own ee.
amens of thiffiret Wheeling arls7 mike, and
the last att27 to p Coburg% which it is nor, bow
'would it then' a with a meiotic!, at Columbus
peceseding to Phi olphia„ Now York as Beedon,l
1 antoiing that both- roads were completed teepee,
I livallite Philadelphiacodra Baltimore,
From Colamka 'la Pittsburgh, 227 mike ad
ded to 928 makes 555 mile. to Philadelphia. On
the other. .hand . a traveller from Columbus vie
Wheeling and B itimme; would proceed 1571
P.M* to Wheeling, than add 204 to Vomberluid,
and 187 IDIOM e, unkior.s4o Miles to Balti
more., TIM pome sort el a Weedlike would trot
fail to discont .he had taken "Me wrong
track," and that hid just loot the labor wider.
peons of the die ce between Baltimore. and
Philadelphia; or so etliing like 100 mike, in time
and money both. Hoc mins tardier., think
you, wonid be divened to this bolstered op and
boasted merino of Mr. McLane's Gam Columbus,
the point of, divergence common; to Philadelphia,
and Balihncrel Why jut not one Sane man]
woman or child. Who woad be seduced to jour
ney via. Wheelirup, or nth Cheek' ind INIII, I
'more fei Philalelphia, New Yolk. Ilona% ate . . 1.1 01
the biter and expenea . of near 100 atileidifferenee,'
but each whose bommes" impetasively demand
them in Dahlman'? The same calculations will
hold grad frontevery other point west of Volum.
hue to Rt. Leonine Neon city. ' , 'A .
•It cannot, therefo , fail to deka the ictelligent
&kepi of this crest tato of Otio, that their we
avenue to the chief ties of Me . Eut send North
by Railroad,' must through' the very centre of
Pennsylvania from OhloAßate line. It will
prove not only a sh dee lino to Philadelphia; New
York, Boston. lor E rope, but will also save a
miring of time and openm, comidaations which
neeminetily enter . to the calcalailies of every
business man. and t is mainly to sock that every
grad thoraustAre must look, not only for aliment
bat profit. '
~ 1
' .1 hove thue,sir
loges of the road
view that he who 1
and eiill close co '
that others more
Nether end fuller ,
that the people t
reminded that Pe I
them her vigor° .
the bonds of rod
folly your Oahe
W. R '
It is said that
._recommerul tti
throu:houritui.l ,l
tie in England
firw Law or
I project of a jaw •
toms bits caustd.
appointed adA4e, and which will be pram:Kai to
the Stathing at i nest utrition. has jort been
published. This girojeat, n establahes, an actual
egniEty between ell the ehildroo, wire are tow.
herd to Moll portions, while according to the
prdient law the eons' portion is double &hat of
& R eam '!'hie km been received with
great satialiction. .
branarriso T Vorce-ratet—The
the Advertiser soy that the .Cornanaioner' of the
General Lend OIL- nu written a letter, in aihich.
he states that the 'Warrants awed to the Volun
, tsent May la It -. ad on lands which have not
bees offered at pa ic sale, provided the volunteers
tholuelva audit' h,a pre-emption In their own
right, bat diet t. cannot be toed by assignees
for that purpose.
Esouroos 'Er' iriouss.—Sir Robert Peel is
said to powess an mt. valued at ninety millions
of doltars. Ela ridfather wail in quite ordinary
'aim vers. .I. father win a . mston spinner,
and mix mulated portion of this 1111111t1180 estate,
which t e son since int:m=oy judicious
invostme ta. 0 y three generations have warm
'ed to rai acm restively obscure limily to tank,
opolenceilstid po .
• Nlririell PROcres or SNZLTING Corrse.—A
consumer fin Birmingham informs the editor of the
London Milling Jowl& of 0ct.15 that this new
process costs under $l2 per ton for Producing the
Copper; the\ walks are in operation' on that prin.
ciple to Ellirabre I and London; and that the capper .,
is very supcnor in iiiiality. and is for rode i n ,
Birminghwil i hurl 2 ° M .°-° - °°- Ho inks °°l
explanation cif , he protess.-: - •
Srim, As au Prsser.—On e I gth of On
loin?, Mt. IL d, of London. the "discoverer of
' Iris, discovet another small planet,' near the
War 15 Orinfii, of the size of a star' of the ninth '
magnitude, with a blueislifight. On lOct. litt 6 ,s6'
I 22n0 275, its A. li. was 5h.3m..41 sec., and north
I declination 14 dm. 3.1.2 min. :1%4 11l the filth
planet brought to out knowledge within the last
fifteen months, viz: Nephine;l, Helve, Iris,
and the last—and the eighth now own to exist
Mars and Jupiter.
A new paler hubeen commence/7
in N..Yl';l:ry!
Mr. Chase Barney, sidled the i•Aris(Ocutic Moni
tor." The editor ssy•
,he duos not "write for
the people, his paper m for the artstcerats," and he,
intends to .peek -.only of what +poems their
pleuuter, pastimes, and the vett a cacias that
jabs place in their exclusive circle."'" tlio opiMple
,ser too poor" to taco hit paper The price of this
extrumgantaheet. which is to reciird suctwgrent
events; is six cents a 'number , end lafified with
notice, of ' foreign fuldlerm and, lynch dancing
' ' girls! , ' \ '
,Idsunieri.—lo 211.,, , Pleasant, !Uri, on tfie
morning of the llititictobsi,by .1 Tiblorian, Eq.',
(height six feet Owen inches) tutucl Walks Egg ' '
of Warren County, 111, (neight :six feet four
inches,) to Mee. Mary Robin of Mt.Plessut Iowa;
(height six, feet one inch,) Auld% a total in
' height of sir yirds.and eight inch . ' ' '
The "height of their heppin=i is not alluded
Tura usse.--In the two yearelending on e.
first Monthly of October. 1847, there were received
into the Treasury of-Tennessce, trim all sounxi,
$710,907,61.1 Ins the some perio3 there Were
paid octet the Treasury theitom of $642,314,32.
The cameo of `receipts over rapendstutes, wad,
therefore, $68,593.29; and the cash balance in
the Treasury, on the fast Monday or October, was
Wm, C. Rives, p. l . bis been appointed, by the
Governor, one of the Commiseionere on the part
.vf, Virginia, to mottle the borindary DWI between
Virginiaand Oblo.
Hozsoes or Wit: The Charleston Itfacuri
aisles that of the gallant South Carolina regiment
which left the United States nine Imitate ego,
nimbeting nearly _cies= hundred - Men, betieen
iigb - ty s and ninety only tae left to enter the - city
of Mexico. • 'll
'A TALL WIDDIIIO.--.W6 hove often heard of
"toll wahine but not being conch of the order
of wading goers," we. hardly knew what it meni.
Una igeorancehai beetdaniightened by thelolloi.
ing. which is chicaticks) in • paper of the West
the great W eat. -
, , •
.1 Ifirren Breese Beirrow.—The.Govemor of
CaidWetieut kas appointed Roger 0. Baldwin to
fill the endear, io tho Senate of the tiaited;.Btetee,
ocenioned by the deathof.r. W. liontizigion.' .
• r
awn nestasse.--Ooly (=Ram Rea mar
1518,060 arwth of floor hare been destroyed 'ori•
Iwo of the New. England railroad, during twit
Boot oir,Liasz*Ltzr.-10 tbo city ofl'Jost,;l2'
at year. 4,281.248 dolbuo ware.giveu far the
goOmodott of ottolakilli icd 2,1172,90 . 0 1 &Airs
farpiipisio of amity: . • . I
.ocri Poisiotatzarbsihrnobtug Argus
im of opinion tltt.llNOmitiO for WO oa tier dote
- aOttlol,obi gosh:fat cf0110,01,,00,000,
moka Pie•e
ilkitiß7i4 A
Prg•ldPx# , P
ono fatofy t
Whilititto c
well petal
'm 4 4 6,1 1
stmt - Lids
Smoke pr,
94 a of Pla.liast populous, mila buineu.cibits of
,ohio. Inue !otits la 'tageti waded t the citliaps
the Etat *rya naiad, and would pay ;vrell
.the. •• • ' banatoining the mil Than
was on - a daily mill to Ohlo,itia Haver, but Tar
• came Hr. Van Bnrab otdarad it to be
will he
the gm"
endeavored to place the Mien.
through one own uite. in
runs may and mainland,
communication hi suggesting
mly lend their efforts to •
expwition of the .abject. sod
the Valley of the Ohio may be
•nejavacia Ls Stretching towards
e arms, to connect. more closely
and itaereourre Very Aspect..
BINSON, Jr,'of BRUM:4h.
o Postreater General, is anon
introduction of Cheap Postage
ion, aioilar t 5 tha Penny Peat.
OCCIIIIIT4 IR Noaway.—Thel
maceraion, which the govern.
tampon& by a commission
wen " oalr clags,a. arid bore andltsre a Drs
might be sera jsking ourylastreigltilar Uansparr
faaLaa, by Wier teats dayi thesaur. --,
Etre !phi; aseraidloiniseste drat am pail.
arks were shoat else* for rhs realsira. --:,.
' I ,
VAULT Gaazuoe.•-6w of oar mod eatima
b e dlimailarusemielybrulaed,by fining through
nit bolo on Madiet 84, ea Monday amine,
the iiatimg bad barn liken c and.the
4: We alma& all dim who ainaioniiil
limbs, to amid at night, walking aver them dan•
Core'gs T. J;lter Beneir...—On yrigneidiy :
morning. after • short pnes, the Jary,ta too
abot4 ci l i returned • !relict of not gailly:ind
that tia, pew matter peg due eat. Tho ands .w .
it ie said clearly showed the innocence of the rte.
mint ind that there Were no good 'grounds
t ro
Maul a prosecution spinet biz. -
' --- --" -"'"-- -- . '
Slot,/ICU , .Air en. Co. who was burned
L ,
'on Totality morning lest, was immed 'in Like
Daley. L Insurance eimmeny, id i i syin sent'
{a core the greeter potion of their tiee. . .
• The rend Jury of Allegheny county. at ill
Simi. • found 298 troer ; billa--1.30 agiiitat
plug • octom — t! 8111* - 'Gamitling
against • common gimblata, and 08 for mbar
. .
Barons the Mayor, car, Wednesday, Were were ,
it ases,—fire writ to the hill, and one dor-hugs
el pon payment of fine and cost..
New Illooka.
e bale reeelved from the publishers, through
tho hands of Mr. Luke Loomts,•• copy Oa new
wo for children, entitled 'The New Miscellany
trio and Boys" edited by Mine Cornelia li.
To ill, It b beautiful/1 embellished, and coo
tai a very rear iariety, of useful and enteas
ing tter,"edminitily calculated to instruct Soil
'lmp se threyciang mind It is Woad in mon
1111lbers. 1
manias RsTrzw,—The Nowinbei number
is our table. It cot:lisle,' • very striking pbt ,
trait of Papa Pius IX, The reading matter to ss
nodal mod decedent. We commend this w .rk
to our nionds generally.
• , U. S, nano--The aurrito . ro eppointed to • e
digiribution of the ftnitbiln the bands of the
Trutcog, under deed of emeignment made by the'
Bank of the United Statio, May 1,1841, • age
reportad a •fintber dividend.' of 10 pet cont. • •
the balance of principle and interest to dune! 15 ,
1847, on the poet notes provided for by than arg
Bivalent. The Doter entitled to the benefit of
this eananceent, ern dl .dated in Deceniber;lB4o,
and each In numbered anthems of the dumber', in
a gerieg'from 7,543 to 9,844, both Inclusive. '
Bonin Hui.. Wrrii.Craz,—This beautifid
eieeklimiiment, lowed in ffettkuunliton, Nue, we
aro hut, hu pleeed,bito the hands of Dr
Bunnel 43. Howe, the well ic k owa philenthrolut,
end Director alba , Institute fin the Blind stiles.
ton, and Dr, Dermistortn. tie,pteeent able Rest.
dont Physician it Dr. Howe his
bocomis en inthrwied lis the more of cold water.
. 11111.8.
Pistons Mail via hiladelpl9a, die, 3 A. 61,, cloaca
Western OR, Cincinnati nod Louiiiiille, doe 8 P
Southern ail via - Baltimore and. Waabiligi
M on, due
, BP. M., elven! 6 A.M.'. • \
North Western via clevaladd, doe 10 A. M., clon s ie ,
i, Bl
Erie and W . }.. .s. •. . ,/,
elton • PleX Tart, duo 8 P. M., cl
Staidi. Boat hetet Luie lineal daily 9ir Chij
ciataati, 10 A. N. ' ~., I
Passeart Packet Ida Bninassille to Baltimore
PhiltBelphlt; 8, A. at and 6 - v. X.! I
Canal Packet Line to Philadelphia, daily, 9 k e n: .
9101 Conti. Lae `direct to niladalphia, :9 A. X
• eaters 81 4 na Mall Ciatish_Llne, 6i. at.l
North Waidatia via Cleveland: daily itl , s. vii , ,
Erie and aideriliew Vat), dAlly, 9A. tr...,_
North to Vidlaalalpao,: daily; ea apt z .
, . ,
- bAZET.TIL maid oinnaz, •
TO "D Iran'itAilrill. W.l.= caries' •
aaai fa aro
I x. l°t? 4:'''fais m tfaiu a l
. ,
ambits larie Poptareiettest itals,Billf of
Litter Wean's!'" thaidi?jAC.74l4 1 41, ke.l
• ' . msocf-Jam I , Ammo
to tat erlesiltzacca bestAinoisar, aid all
klaastg"Talftgelluse whit amasszaadatska)ainua
: : . '",.:j.:,'-' , . - .:::::: : ' - . ---. .... -,- ',,:•: - ;I . ::1
- 44 'News:'
nt.i . ! itnevort les Tatelgpt
at Plaint* to state thA: ilqpr••
11 h' Cd:'fiaae'mYde`trief DY"th7
egtuc4,o4:. TkilezpaaAbi 2
sly euecesefol, and to ealt!tie
reotrllos • htutiele of
Heys Of the neighbotiiig f
4 !Gaan Jenks: 7 climb lil t black
r eitined the aitnoentotte of one the
• iklainniet &ye We hoe imetit. the
nice in the cotton [Wog FolUlre
oniedleil the pinkies Of stookii that
• , like rain kern other points around
adopted is that of Mr. Wil of
of which we have geld so mach to' ibc
lt,cone bnt a trifle and wfil sire, es we
sons ertitdishment, 25 bit. of coal a day.
entire the expense twenty limos in oCe .
Fe do hope now, that "the good woik
4ned, that it will be prosecuted with
rOtirgit erg, artd.will , b!, a Jean qty.
'1.64 and:rejoice. All thanks to the
1,44 Allegbiam city for commencing the
..C.lpablic 'thanks to those .who Will
iUliT '7xabla T h 6 ' k w i nitl bl l
the number ;tasLeschwaak.
• ezul is the basis upon 'which the rep.
, 11 in the Dommost Councils ha; Wei ap•
Taxable Labia, niembata
734 . 3 : 011 et•
1,691 6 •' • - "
743. 3
1.620 • 7 24 -0
• . 311' 1 _ 123: -4
333 1 • 126 C.
• 870' • 1 61 "
ppottiosimeol mattoliteoftodea !ha i
stul elb Wades ba permlited to electewo
inattauch tt; they hare, over half
whieki would eittitle oath of them M , an
dal mamba.
Musa-,-Tho citizens of Ohio ore Pal-
Cowes far a lasr to' ettablistr slaily
, to (toot Pitisbure, to Maasflokl, to :that
this Palestine of Is Honer, , to bi.
ukklilotlyillo, Salem, DoznoCul,m, Igt,
Csiton, Masilloa and . Vioitir
: .. The totem& of the Past ItifficS Ds.
t, int/the public, Pow - demand Its tines.
..• .4. Vs cope ' the citizens of our City
• tO swell dis petitions ' tot this %Algot, as
ing Pqn+lico sa d , toed. olltho WolCiS
Portent in a comma:Slat Isnes,,and . il,
lai oat , --Tha CatAi Boat Ueo. Mathew.
• at ps Monixigaliiela whacn .Wednesdays,
/@reload with about fiirry tau of copper
- the PlinsMorgh Lab Baperior Mining
•Y: Biome 4 ii. heaviest piiiewi weigh
Iwo bandied pounds, and ao.t of 'than
di tweedy loin:land.. Tigi ecpper Im very
• • •gh net as pure ai some that arrived a
• ago. This C l apper ore his bee . 4i Seat
Illy for the proPoile of manufaitine.. and
aril. w Prawn_ tad byre tor.that O:upon
'• •go we long Mai, it will beecana an im"
• twateh of owe business, aid the greet fa,
. offered for its ehlpoWnt has; to oar eastern
I ii a reason.why preference shOttld be given
'itabargh ini4 aboOd any other point we
. C
,s,caois•--Tio yrstonlay paid s'vlsit , to iL
84 - All was doll and qtdst, but lair
wars qk port, and weaned ,to, b rosilog no
;. • fat deprondre Warwhoossa
• r
`• •
BY )g*tie TELEa h,
" F 110.3 Mg:Wl3.
t riltsbuirti Gazette.l .
;4, - B
+Peal ortaitOw . e iii4Natii Wails: deco
thilltb;warillaa Cm : lotto ithioat.
Ttio N-9 Picayune coatains a Jut of the killed
to wounded at dui alegeof Puebla. ' 1 !
Leaf saw,- tha beim a 4.psith. lb . the
Le,reti o? l'Wai; esooe iinkiwoget to New
(Mama 'Heim escorted 011bill , W10; hoot Po a, company of Mei:rail • :: Wes employed
by , Gen Scott. , i t' •
' The Glianillu order =Aid 'of Father - Sa-
Tanta and Cellebell:l3avo had a battle, Um...kande,
the former wait, Tietotioos, Jarunta,ttad 40
OP PusnLe..
stun re. aungssr.
E Wick, Jobn Prim, E H Joni; Jam II Oil.
Moist, John Herod, F B Imes. a I RoMilmsn,,
James Phillips, Wm A.Phillips.S D Semell.Wm
Smith, D B.Demq, A Vandyke, Joueph.Wilsonr
Samuel Tioger. '
LIST OF AvqpniED, ,
. . 71,!1.1. PIarrITTLTIA lipnrllarr. -
_ Gawp Rosheberge - r,'Sactici MCCateheon,Lthn .
H //OMNI, David Lindsey; Henty Lynch, Maw
.field Mason, Jame' ;Bowden; R. Wiliou, .10bu
Howley.: Chides . Colman, Johd- Dl l l enm • D
wratiolt, f arms HMI, Dononiniti ,Da Vasty,
Luke Fihed; Capt /ohm fletrO, Then:asp Fur-
Man, A H Manhilli, W C Mimbiddle, R Reed,
"dylrestar Beetle. ?obn Mceleihmel, James Lan.
_. ' xtegoi..l '' '
John' Lotigulf, M Stemmer, Hoare Bunting,'
noildtolsttiii oo ; ;-- W,
~/oeit John-Bier.: -..
In tbe 2d Pennsylvania pertinent, 1111 Tall of
the volindein wire .killed; .. . . 1 .
(ft will be men; 'bj the abo ve, th at our Vitt&
burgh troop!, slwaya ready far a fight, ham at
lut had a bruit with the y enemy. We regret
meet reply, to sae the
a Of Cent John Her
ron (con of Rev. Dr. He anima the woiftt
ed. (id: hope istlist the mind if ilia. a serione
ono. and no it, in cuto i l diAldngui*ti tie.
twn the sivetill y mud t sligb i 1 wczoded,jt
0 pzobable thit his . mime is- not • mama—
We, sympsedis! aloe with ?then mimes our eit
iximeu well oaf other. Pette Of Ms state, who
tia . vo-loit their Maude in Mexico. ''i'l'ho means
of life is the price of battle. .• our rooldiers have;
done their duty, and the respOnsibi l ity for therm
a incurred, lin at the door or the xecutivo, who
4:nigh:min! this war.l,-Eoa , , ,
Fselwrte COrrespondrner of Ike argil Goutlo
. . tiov. 17,4 r. - x.
Flour—Hales of 600 bids Getweems are reported
at $6 pHs '
Wheat—Hales of impeller . Wldie at:l2oe pot
bu.—Good prime Wiiito 4 bold at' 130 e per be.
Coen end Oats—The Market is quiet wfitt ao
oaks i 0 - report- .
Coen Meal—Moderate lialt4 at 3,13$ per bbl.
Whiskey is ruttier snide, with limited Wes at
30e pet
Err:mire C...foopondoo,a of tlot PHUbufe ,
&H e, Noe. 17, 3 r. a. •
flora—Sales r 3,73 per bbl,. 1e of 1000
.1144 city milk at. reported at $5,75 per bbl.
(hart—The amply of ink is#ll--salas -of !
prime White Wtteakat.l23o.3le bu-3000
int prime Red, were sold at 123 e per be. .
.1.:om-8ster of prime White at 4158 e per bu
—Prime Yellow is selling . st 681650 per Mr.
°Ms.—Moderate Wes at 40e per btu .
ifee.,—Sales at 90elper btu
Whakey—lfodenti ulna at 28,1 e per pIL
kloisarafiales orPotto Rao at 30is3tie
Per La •'
Baton—Rales of Western Repotand. 77 i1e 7 i0
per lb.' '•„ •
Prorkiera—Thero trioinierrapd demand in
the market.
r'Coin:slander= at the Paiaarrigh Queue. •
', • ' NEW 'YORK MARKET. '•
• . Nei. 17, 4 r..g.
- Floir—Sales of. Genesee, at $6,121. Weston
-brands are selling at $6,0 Per Dbl. Market hem .
with. more alters than buyene . .t.
Coro.—Sala of Prime White at 73e pot Mk
- Paa—lifitalemu i le a at ble
?dine Pork..4aleiot:Wietent at‘to bar bbL
Mem POrk—Elalm of We rera Na I.'M pa;
175 per la Niece firm. . th
?dam Beet—lWeatern No Ijaminor, si 50.371 e
Iper bbL
: The markafgeiterslly is eyitta•
Amami- Southern Threat-4in Clay'. Opins
ions-Proceedings of
. the Reif Road. Meeting,-
Centrel Rail Road--Zoiopean Money /ifarket.".
Trill Of Cot Fremont —Com Stockton - - Coates. ,
skins and 01:nervations of Edward Lyton Belem
—"salt Directans.,Canif lisivlgailon—Otficial
Despatches from the Annytrittsbrugh Foresee
Props St Troxim-Mailato RestelTiCase—lteme
. .
—Unexampled Diettem—Siars from Europe--
Ness Yak Correspueulerice—Senator .1 W Haut
isiplozi—Emreet from the minutes of the Medics.
dist Ey'al Church for 1847--Oeorge Ca din—
jalreting fthe Patriarchs— T: S Uremia Quenon
—Virgi a. destined to be Free--Young Whigs—,
Foreign Idisollany,i4ebn Q. AdainsPiewit
Items-- at from the Rouilt- , -The Willi:tot PIO.
viers-, 1 -114 inhumane Election Roads West
i /Mesa Telegraphic sews; For and Domestic..
Commercial—A carefully complied Review of
the Marke' for the
_past week—The ,priees in the
loci city Marketii—TheCattle Market—Theprims
Of Aierlean Produce in cation; parts of the Uaion
--Amount of Flour :Wheat, Corn dm.., received
since the *Diet oekhe Canal-Canal baleen and
malamute of prance—Marlin ill Leaden. •
.• '6O, Never —tipirit-oi thePreaseraue Estrum
frtim the leading ravage on the
i ntereating topics
of the day. • •
Far oak' if kho ask, sinab or in wrappers. '
Price 6 mote single copy. '
Babicriptiowl t j(AU.r. • le': in ndinuiati.
W.; do Curet do Pmy I Most Piave !
Dr dickey's 'Embrocation is the only medicine that
will edre this, no, rely common and troublesome
diseneta: It not only inunedunely allaYS Pain and
mation, mops 01l bleeding, subdues thatintolerable iteh
Leg. bur eflectually cures, in a very short time persons
baselines have been rendered miserable for peen.—.
• Its application produced no pain, bat rather no agrees
.. and pleasant sense... If persons nrilieted lit
mall and hey.' the . great number of eyes that hove
been eared, they mot be astonished. A gentleman of
this airy , who had been under the knife of shanty.%
Or two or three times Witbout being eared, has by.,
inga boules of the Eadao.tuon, been eradieally cured.
It sells beyond precedent :!—[Phi, &louder Conner.
• Odler- For sale in 'Minn.:rah at ear PLEIN TEA
STORE,I3 Foonhitreet, near wood, land also at the
Dray Marne( P !shorans . , Federal st Allegheny oi. -
• aletlibw
Qfp.llla!tees Ginseng' Panadeav--NlEraciai ,
Tavrosoiry—"We l • wave to call pukka attention 0'
thefottowmg, from lir. Vial.- Doan, of ,Withastaville
&normal Co., and one of the very fits:practitioner, in
the endnly . in which he resides:and late P.emtot in the
State Lefalltu re. 'lt to cheerier aim to me .the lead
log wen of the pavresavan, hauling the hoods of more.
prejadjee, and giving went no due:
"dirt I barn in my penmen been owing mimeo( roar
Oieseca Panacea, and, so•fer, sin well pleased .in its
effenta in Catarrhal, and Bronchial Complalitts. Plead
outdate half a donna bottles—put them as low ps rpt
Can; sal expect it continues to reader al Moral .1
iemaallOa as It tag heretofore. to keep It constantly on
hand.4 . D..PeetfulliC'' Wal. Doke. rc
I • ...' *, TO CONTRACTORS. S •
RAPROPOSALS will be received et the Ogre
of the James River and Ranavrtut Company, in Rich.
mond. Va., until the 13th day or December next, for the
. 0011•1111G11011 of the Company's Inmost/meats on Some.
'River, from the moeth of. NOIIII LTV, to the tows of
Bachman, o:distance of 20 =lea. TIM surveys beteg
sot yet completed, the work can bean flatter welded
in this advertisement. then that it will cantle of Dam%
and =sextons of Canal between the pools of the dame,
with Lill Leekisufbrieitt to overcome a fall of alma
UR trot, a Towing Path for the whole &risme, and such
Guard Leeks, AvbdocU, thavens, Pawn Bridge., &5.,.
as shall belated neeeesarr, The general terms of gm"-
OsoUsets will be, Wet. the work. will be divided into
crammer:a jobs or sriettoosi each ef *bleb will be let
to the lowest responsfild bidder, offe ri ng satisfactory
pratheolla, and th at cash payme nts will be 'made en
month 4 estimates of work aeteally done, with a reser.
enthral of Mt per tent. by way of security dOr the Co6l
- of the wiraltentil the tamer shalt be . com pleted
according to.contract.. - . --
Reeled ,Propmalt Inn Al. be reitedved, at the same
tete, Mil tie tame date, for the coetueption of the
neoetionef th e Conthrany's Canal with the tide -water,
of . James RIM. at Richmond, threenth the Richmond.
Dock: I Thii work will coastal of the Wee Lech% of it;
feel BIG and one et I) feat lift; istemiediate Cant for
in ajdfretateraistaneo of about half a mile,With seek
Ceil=kll: Werva r ratreet Bridges, ht., sa shall
.be ;. a ma. Dam urea James .River, in the
.Iralla, at Ri etk' th e raising of the Walls and EM.
hutment filit b esetu Doek;the aimed. of the Dock
a few tam red Eastwardly, and the construction of
an Oadet Leek sot ii lower end thereof, capable of adi
editing the largest vessels emiiiadso the pan or Rich.
mond. - Thin wark will XI fur In betels of*, Canb .
luny, (lo kb isbuni 'audir e *tallowy or a neva' mt
of tart Ligislatare of Ait I mostod X 3 Yenta, lint
beratiet 0 per tent. interest, payable matuquitmaity....:
Besides the mad, rearsradoesof4o per amt. en ooi
conldrisolsooles, the Coeuictor orno4=l/1 OS
efit uta.ct
, r
See °v i e w alTe a i: i ;I " t i gi o s Vreekra= Rs them
i PA= above bibilb WM D.7l 7 kiba Millik .
elitcdott ft s ... N4 teCootiodooor, So dm (himisi
Paffedi OdhMillif - by gimp* oCikasisber
,11.111 e - r dilf . of dm:10.000 1 WS-0.0*-2
taketitittho messimpilesSoof IMW tam ISA ga t ' s
stOCOmatkMiltliellAilli#o,ibliPtiPlialii ,
be lllShAidern the mmindpbeA uti ntr a b a "..
.' ',l *illt, i tlei : rigijtOr di J.. aok IC. ON
iticijoodod,Norii,lBlj,d3O: .:,. "
. ..
L 1
ilyiduiceaniOie tpiee to the roikesistOil . 6!
kt 4 otitii4, to Atitium.fmoiliie Ped n iCa 6ir ooti
yottqatita LAitort.pooeioitt
,E f! the P.usb e t s b Gazette.
There s Walla It name in the annum , ' Male,
la herbs gluts thnterer nightly blow, '
• di theatab the spiritior the air and wad, .
der dananier's bier in lamas of deepest woe.
Ante, not ye windt •ea mad sweeping by,
' ;
S h an F L lattli9s •a
ara herjoyeoe train .
h abell Mara beneath a sailing sty.
And Lunde all be Twirled again.
'Wtmsged wither, in his icy oar;
. the WI of seasons in Lis col Ands,
.11nvioe gesuol oink and ahowers afar.
With =tin WOWS and too pose force.
. . . „
tet soonorill Sitting in freshitens Inn&
And vannolali by her touch Ibis chilling hoc Fie ; •
Each bud, and leaf, cut at her cononand
&maw Life, waked by bar genial pores.
.- ,
15Iriaio sot iad Ants= then, in areneping by
For vantiolded Summer and herloyotta to
Sxen she'll return to gladden earth and - sky,
And all bn bnght and bearailcl agato.t ;A. M.
. .
(Dritabst siV Colusaltotta—llsta Tome -7o the
Bald and Croy—df you Irish a nett, Ingestant head of
hair, free from deadmt arid aottr *snot fall Wart:vans
V emt . ine Ballti .. l2o l l n alt; t hlt4l=f r
have lost them hairier ennui *aye had It restored .0
its ongisal perfective by shwas.' of this balm. -Age,
state or condition appear lobe no armee 1•4111allma tr
also cause. the void to Low with which the delicate bar
tube is &led. by which mini thoasseste (who.* hear
vu grey u the/maw*. Eagle) have bad %berried,. its
stored to Its mons* color Wage an 01 . 4. Wu/mails
remeds. In all ewe of feserilt veRl be foetid th e molt
Osamu wash that eau hat sea' A lbw applicatiOint
only are treccuary to keep the halt front falhogoirt. .11
strengthens the recut, it raver fads to impart t rieh
glow appearance; end ss APO:late. WA* t Ol / 4 h
antal.dla.l It holds three Ogres as Mein to other
T he
gated ham restoratives odd loom ereetaal. The.
ge Wirer orannfaenued by Coe:aloft CoollOstanlited
add Vittsbargh,enly ieardst r ts,hy IACKS4N.
fa Liberty st ; head of Wood; in Waeltingtenr r by
Sweeny Eon; to Brownstlit a Z . Bectieu It Crocker,
C....absalt a by ix: V ' ,by oar seems ha
every warn in Pa , ()bat and "avll3,lllarfaiT
- -
negrraigett Pan ' t itt cl l. llls c . tineedert . by
Sacdleal ; man that enattePamagiett. Firtrllolofr,
ananntaiUtred hyena:mock:3:o ,11 Cowtlaad at,
Ls Me {Mattel wonder th ISM Arthur , -Its ettieti
I are traty na•actloss:.kllp annoyed from barna,
watts, an... and all extemalso cm, In a few intones af.
tar as applicatioa, healing tha mason the most delicate
sklie c r
i tazLear. l i t 4 coo..ll3,bonslieial nom N lif ;el
bl and Eyes npralas, Ittleon7art4.%Yhl:StroPini P anl
Ulcers. Walintl/. Barns, elt4ldaius 'Erysipelas, Biles,
Ti erra.
Dolomatir.i.c. Wo Watt add uproar to allare Say;
the namel or many induenYphysiciane who use It la
their practlne,mad hmdrediof the clergy who mate *
to theirpeople. gird parent keep ltiaormandyon bud;
in cases of :widens by my ha Irat without It
bat by Its me all bane am subject to as medial Wass
the vitals are destroyed." eatition—Bentember and art
Car Connell , . Mamas! Pain Extraefor.mamfaalmed by
Comstock a. Co, h. Y. , sal wi other. -
Sold ky AVM: LaCratoh, Aasint Inc Pattbursh,_el
Litany ay haute( wend ' ay! nclitsweruT
frr liapartarai to AOrrartasarse,-.The' rarer ,
unementa vehleb appear in the IhnlyalotainigGasens
alto appear in the I`n-Weektrithai reeeivlng th e ben •
eSt or the csTcolatlon of all, .nhern aay Manama"
charge. This II an advantage wade adrertnersorithout
any Ezra expetue. Adiertsements an Oa, mooned
n the einurni.p.Per 0100 reamthhtn lame.,
uffr .To' the Ilalt and Liaise—
• d Bone Liniment uld lndma Vegetable Elizi4
• t elfreinal ewe for Ilbensoad:rtn.
BoM by . WM. j•CiD3ON, Asent for.Patibargit..
Genuine ,Haea'
U1e.04181111 ankle IMMialliZ tedlrltdd ILL a cure Au
th e above th. or any er ad are. Its ewes .are aimed
tenesnerable. Sole by W&LjACIMON,Agent far Pitts.
On Wedne.l4 .30r...R01..1641 inn JOANNA
AMELIA. leant dtagnter dr John and SAsn•IIL Ne
ro:ten: Ile funeral Trill take ;act this day form the
ft.icnea of het parents, ream pi near Mod, at 3 Welk,
P. 104 prethoely. The friends:gran family nrirevect•
rally =vied no stun* Irthomq Amber noun*.
Largo Boles of Ariiiehest tr. Let.
A T Dornslde's Auction St&e,ln Alteration on Bator
<No mow& Now. VW, at 7 s'efock.
At Oasis' Auction Rooms, in Pinsbarah, on Monday .
ind Maculae Esennre. Nor. t.kt and lad, at, o'clock.
The Lots ere naked and nambete% and diagrams pre.
pared, copies of *lda . eau be la of !tali dr.. Co. or
Townsend A Co., at. Karam:ter, at Bornsidets or at
11Arr4t Anetion limn, or of the sabseriber. , '
• Paruei Inshini• parthas are iervited a eras'
the grolad Wpm sale. ' GEO BREED
.1640 , • • ,94 wood •
SHIRTS unt Drantrera—A ruIL asaormteat
day tet'd, laeladany but aod wore wilt, aasa
ay, met= and dawn inarioaa g4sativa• Car We ;OW
byYl & E TODD, at their FaraiWag Ware llnnm, sa
wood it a , mat below ?ad. , arta
13111T1I—Itestistd this day—SO do: ire Ittld mo-
dlant qualm. 'gals Pains, wide and nu , — ' - tts,
Tenn Upon and standing cotlats; for • - •
• nab
lat Its.lasome afire ore:A.l4N
SA.IIOII-11* bits Fez . • CuCetaritc per Wy;
mar for ale py. • BAGALE Jc S.lll
Y M 1
tete IS Oc.IM ireod et •
C MEDLIN, to—ti:o b!'s b=eibbllkA , .
. brisk by.
atC .
CUJINBEIIRIES—It b6l•Ccuberrlis; 7 •
- 09 tat 'Cheese: :a.naittal rat
13.110ALIKV re. :•1%1111
OI Ulm larloth tlowleadirit bola *liar Viria.
cmunt Anode try • • IDIOCEY k 00
a.lB maw k (mum
vgATnsits-43 .ek, nair , *thos from in
conitai for • KU, by -
'‘"r"i/'6 bgaNM.
FLOVII.-1200 bl, . sopeiror lassaly nom: fluid
log from 111.14 Z America; for sale by.
Comialission Merchant, libody or
nen eart Waitifteid t water VA
OtK i rit. r t ! T . ,tm.7. ctt l ei rer r. 411 413,.
AIM Balla and Stilt Cravats aadlica, rac'd llama - a;
for date lola by kJ ETI3DD
evita • 26 Woad r; a • stairs. below tad at •
VLOVII-16 Ws chola, rodiaibmfingfrotb
.1: Ames lb!sate by DALZELL ,
_nY/EI wawa'
CIBABIELEILLIEII.-11 bblirpeigur teed and Oar .
br, W irtt hIecUTCITON
ktvlti ^ , .lslltberty sz •
VGAII.-19 bb4.aew crop N obcgir. landleg from
mar Roscoe; for sale by
nvl7, • •• • te 21)*Iod si
LOll l / 1 ,45 bbli (unity Am: landing from mama"
New Log fm sale by inn DALZ ELL
nVI 7
D IG LEAD-20 pip Minoan Levi:jut roooirea
Per Will Doren for nakoby 4
DARXTEII-7 - iods'Baryter guidable fii.lVlgh,
JOR Lead iaandlUemtets; reedreed and riIiMITO by
dal7 - POINDEXTER R.O). al Traler at
• C mw ail •
nougattala . for'itala by I DU:KEY " ArCO r 51°'
'4107 Warr AC trout tareett
OTTOSI—SO W 'ee new rop MM. Cotto,olf vbC.
IX fine quality: now. landeigfrom n r Cilhl r f
sale by . aril' I Ditsxm, 1k C 0 .0 TUX P,IMI4C—The undersigned agent Or
. ~ Me Talladelphia and ricurTori. Pckia Taa Can-
La Ana en -3 b l .ll Lent . ,• j y, basinset lied lank surprise at advertisement in
- 33 set. Feathers; son Maim from air Ao Duly Dareb, and other men in *realty width
Culver, Mr este by nvl7 J DIMES' e. CO Onelesto er * ibe astertion. 6
.Taere is no met ' mama.
niiieToiiii-40 bm. iii.. -.--z----,7 ,L 7:: Ay as dm Philadelphia mid SOW Pork.Pekiu Tea Caul.
.1 -- , r tore; y 0y ..,,, b y C -gibwavnc2... ...Y.llBllll 4T.. W . F.:A . 6
~ Dem( the agent Sir whoa:Weise
nyl7 : . "74:41. 8 . t air .
.ler,e . /F.t . :.:* Pb.A. WOW. gliAltned la al plainly,
i libmil It netresury to take this sattlo2
I" L . A:F:IIIED—IGIbIy: juisreeld- for issiri try . - ;, to afttin empealnadluolift th ere :mob aComprioy as
. • - C Dips% smtz ' !Um Philadelphia:and New Volk Pekin Tca Company,:
flonar—GO bu prime yelloi:4malx: in illdilp by : :both in re%ni li w m id lif t 7audpnet. - q , anY.rr e ilti
- - - , , :.3
G.. LA.OB = bZII assorted sixes,, atm Yalu to S able to suppose the public bare an eaelastee right to buy
for gee by. - , nvl7&•:z.. l V 1110WhILL,
letwt those who falai/110sta wtth the best Teas, at the
rIITEESSO bu w itt loom. to ~ • b — ' l9'"4 7lZ:a inr ' reha i s d ertra" t ia a w u ' o ng":""wh'
vs amp.),
I,_, o, 77 t ._, • •.• • . f :J C'ttIOVELL i ! —. 73.... DYrts Jrtlei. &melt. Watery k keret...l oto.
OYP— lb, oth c , ii,w,i•T i .—,—...,,,,..„---ii, T i---",n, F N o. Atio . tb eq . ; 'Clod Grow...sites:lenity lo rituibotitt.
.",:a ~ • . . WILLLINS o,7lLihrZtait.. . , ' - JACOB 'lt STOCKDALL.c
. us ~.4 . . 1 volfaltaartbs , .' AO Phil...and N Y Takla Tea.L.ol -
. . --
or d e re r
C • 7- . YI I"dW C 11A11TN
♦ le earmnlthtal"±oqiLta
pe - e mat .
Cambria; for We by,IIILTTCUI6ON A. CO t •
aria t Agent St Louis Yaw Refine •
EDIP —I baln pram deir ioued: just received per
stmt TagliouiVor safe by '
BATHERS-18 mho /Leah:ay Feather= real
per slter Tagl law; for sale
trAo/LElLEL—w&bbla line No& in store; for
112..a1e by .
_LEAD tal SIIOt-200 pigs al= I.e.d;
keg.. asOd Shut; tor saiet;b) ,
Ovid LISAVI S lit
LANNELS-75 pleas rid and brown
for ...le low to lab .11egnateny by
.16 ONLI G ditB6lY. S 6 mrbod st
ronscoo—so kegs 6 turiet,Tobacee: Net reeei.
red ter We by ATWOOD, JONES dCO
S T. G T —1 :1 6 N 11 - 1 11.Tv11871, Mr 3 for
ONFS it CO • •
. .
4' IV "`"":&' " " " 1 1611 1 7T °1 ; 141;
U.RACO.a.—A few eues,Essiqualitytparceeival
siO a thq ware awe of, • .
ARASQOINO—'A taar.tatei lit qaallirj oat racV
for iala at Om Irian atom of.
11008 WEAVER i
Vt SI,TTE )11 . E !It V4etto, tle6lr uii
C ORA, 9 / 9 .-IZI
9 Oats, • .
• 3 bbl• Bauch l!uling from steimi.
prt".sif aqlertall I 'M. app• • . .•
°" 3 ' • • • • I.
F.). , . - virryrrnmmikt+^ kTry-V•
Bt. /4 1 [-1Y Wild
LACK WAIDEPING - 4 6 .dd1 or =dim% lad
t4 " I O"P" .. CV
Inwood it
Fx -=Tsorkiarge
;819e4711,15t iieeivelkfor mai;
wale iture. • JACOB WEAVER,
6* Forni-IWdpvint camas' *gay
Dr • 10 DW . , 18. 6 Aimed Di..
. Amsted Gmee'-
.Tins6,6;ietymfe 61 6 / 6 6.0146/636,
Room, Mnocf of cou,dth 16-, w,d be cold without
• 11, bey e ee of the, lilac DoM
the die of the ICth mt/. •A 166,6 bbloll 0 6.MM1,..4
gee.; 16 chats Y Dyson Mask Tec 6 OacteDl
Wet: 110 W ...tidlYelotheri3roeoriet worm. 4
.18 ' , • /Mild D DAYIS Attet
, .
' • ;Dry 1366d0. .
ON Th. e .,60. moodni,the Ikbout, MO c'eleet,
the Commetemi Wee Rooestramsof F.dh and Wood
Streem, end bo sold eriMoot emerre,l6 elou, cormird.
.6,,en0. • wee ospedoetu of ommomi6lo atapk, and fumy
Ury Gcoo6 do. 1••` '
.At cmia;r. at . , • • .
• ,
glit quantity' of N 0 ;calif; andauna, Y. b iea; tobanen“
?Panne , aagara, anPlitenamayi glassware, qucenswata •
osndboaal, wrapping "Ipper, , pdatlng.paper, mo Ape.
parlor gralca...• tannqsantirp el new . and second haad •
banivtaild fa mime, anal mores, cooking woraa.kaclrni,
atamla, maulal cloaks, hall ;LW
:at FI MI . !IFk, r4si i.T
. Ap emissive eallienan at valuable . Vheeleeient, his
sandal and onacelialkoat NM's; vesielk pest,
. TFIY _ ATBE'.'
4 ,14 41 ,1 0 lolons'or /IA.RN6Y •
To csonsserie with thei , ' r .
- :
`sad; " Mr:Donn.
... ..
Atir whieb,a Doitiri.bilMES ANO.3sid A [NINA
3, To he !Oho • .• '
• '!'G I lit M.llaCk, DO ys.:
Peed) Mr: B. 3v
To,ithlie RSVI6TF. I. . 33 .
l t proej D4iyiiii.u.4
fErlkaoso open ni37.s Od Oortain will rise, it 71. • •
no. fttvirogatef+di MlCrexte •
k CO Cin4unuiLi,
Inv. nnrn:;•4 •
'eau. G. ... ;
' ICATTB, BROTHER & CO.; , • :
a*: ILL OP& MS mitt ait. It • re la Out
•• • . 70/1.711. 4D LE AND roniaaattea_oe
1 Na. 2 ,Poliqrtu Prat, Orkan.r. , '
aims- 31.411-B:6A fit
Jam. M'Oreiterk.O.;s .• • -
- •David White keo?daeiaeii, la.
EtliageMeibm:Baln . •
••• limes Fnutr - •
A Wr4.16, ps,- • A • •
• , N:Kearney, BtN, Dunker. Zeneirilla,o...
,;,,AtiOnaald k. Co, Weltaajlle,O.
% Palk. 0. CO, Beaver. ' • ' -
JW aw; Fey, W Yeetyl,
8 Sl'ellukarjte.,-',; IPidebaritY Pa . •
' &WM , •
Wasl:ttatittoss Braisek Agency...' •
,por:frostiia, ?amass oad Proareathsse Cala.. as cin
• ~ ,j :Tdrsossiihparaassaia at fratliaa
nal ea Mains asteated lame f
T PT l SseisiEouWiabi and
lished himself 141116 the .eiry of =h;ls prersated
. tat Mean patents; prosecate, elalgs, and ateenic. El
hawse, pastactotaritAt the r ,Pcpartgasaaeat Washinr.
Petiotis at:• ileatiostrs disaysni exannua.
Vona malh at Ilia Papal 011540,p tioito maniaanat..
'lion for • pateatOgay forstant [pail ostidsle Ons eny,
enclosing" Teo of tae dollars, a cleat stateltltt or tba
oasi s ' she latasedtald atteatirn will be given to iyand
all sho infatuation I.lsu could ise obtained 133 , a visit of
the applialit in peOonl promptly obroasaniessioL • . ,
Ho wlllnrepara the neceasary Drsarings and Papers ' .
be Animals brPatents. and transacts all other bu
shman In to linear hit profeuton at the Patent (Mee:
'He eon 6.01251111 a on all 'qrsostionst tolatina ta the Pa
tent Lend deeptoni the Untied States orrerrooe.
• • -•- • • - - • DSCAR H,TISOMPSON
ai the Moiontaholalloase
Clottaug I Glioth,lyeg I 2.
VV E dl E l 7 : 47 C h Z;V=chtett ! : 1 1b o e f
reasonalx terergroonastsung of— •1. • • • • r
Eagl hlack,btoqu, greca and alley &avert:met mil
paalithfrown awl blue Pilo . 4lWlp,iaek boAiness
Siglish nd
Pienglplaek, blo • wn, liflse green .lab
Sara boa fitit and o7resetu.`
Black blue e179qt12 coets. ' ;
Bain ad fumy Nick Malian." Pasta.
Paney,pun mud Atfiped , • •
Black ad Lin Saulaett •• I '
Black ad fancyt
Duet ra Vest,
Flu:wind ' -
Casumtesot slitolot. • I . .
slrpa `staits
4.1 0 C4 .4. , reoMivath pockot .bdidik socks, nocko,
..g.P , FoOke• • ..k.Narxe k MAYER , '
. M. matt &
st, 5 dans &here 411 v
. . ,
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Rsiber croak Ost plat ar . O. k il. l,
ever eked id' maikei. • • • I
1.9 doticatlnsuts. India' rubblipmsm: -•
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2 .> G31313.333.5atrag, not .
Eins . 4 !...infilx* thi•atticle t.cit. is I , isite n d
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' doors kr theas.l L
Ellade;ef diferral e4pres.lT for, this Li.
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122 ,1c.P 2 P.+ 12, 4 4 ...
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awlextut Pas asircid. la •hw daps* ei VI havolae
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NT-oScoONo,:73Waltutt, save; 111,1122cfplaw
laorporised A4C.I/30 , —% 221 , palms 1., . _
cual*".Banilmra..riciimicitm lleteMndise, siad pro:
jut peoorally.phiccr -1.62.,eity as country, lyriFizt
14 at danais by froosrpataally odor limite d cnoda,
favorable ter*,
„Tetd, Sergeatc; •Avenel C Mono;
j .Wllasas 4 oeh r • .. . Adolpbu Peries,
Thum Athlone, George abbot,
i • John j.auvi Brady;
r.ttlias Jetiviwt, Abertvy. ,
pram frav Loserabee.' by th e eberte Gway.ay
welted by tu,PoacrliEh". "a"'"7h. .
, 0 ,/
arto GEO tAX2IRA.II,WIw et
llabliatied a arhebanae mew year Ibid be the par
r Pa i l Lat'oPEVA:rgic i a .
. kea pne,e4,-eaud'oolabislng, at all.aeatooo
of tbillLiu,..i . ll4l,ll . Egest Assert:room la ..
1.104- wORLD• - ••
aoiaapeapi &areal Hatelealiaeiageo,
COCCIa ' Or wtTet of
!; ' dlief,lt'Whlch bare i tiaai f a - enVelled, eel ! ,
Plod 63ovale_hr Cislimd abort amid, at
ier Tad Min.le 'prim of.. April. and May, as per
Weisel... • r *Web •are totreeted Or ace
al:m=l%ml of bityem
MIXT WittilliCßOUSEd
WelisTrirkfusm i lN2.. -5
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National Mogan:to for Decciabes.
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• WEDNESDAY•Tt.!___ -
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The MESSENGER, Cap!,Adafirdi e rdi lease Pies ,
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um Saturday eversug at Al f! AL, ,
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I . The ISAAC - NEWTON, Capt.% Af . Mum; wtq
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IhVbeeli4, every Sunday evetereg etlh P. N. -
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o'clock, A.M. Far Pretabr or paaaaa_a,pply ba twit
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- Ettitular Pittsburg: . lustrZassest SIIS,
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MINE U.S' btail Bteattiert. MoLalla
Sorla tit* ate mew making 'dliablel , Daily trips b.
*amen Pittbbargh and aloararville. Ms Rotator boat
leaves daily at 8 o'oloeltiLprevisolyi Mai* vatuag at 4
:'clock. today* abeepted.... „
'Erma Pansburgh to tnata4--Fato
From Yinshittga•loPhiladelphia- , :40 lbsdra,—Fare SUL
,try the Evratng haat Paateugera litilllodar oa . boattl.;
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'magnums. at thirlisba and aayiaad lodge. is Comb*
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For the - : IVX " "Alt";
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• • • ••. , • ,FORSYTH & DUNC/N,
net .' Water greet. Pitt.baset
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will famish =aims assets erica ia 141d:tame to delira -
goods: in thirty six boon at Putsbutalt,,zamiqa sod
railroad ways only excepted: - EMIMS for ohu Ira
will also he Adams Bowan, Now •
VOA-v. 4 Thasdolybss. a•.wo nos the only topless
by wail India wow, shippers ate inferacd shad lbw,
must procure tees*. at the abotoottees only.
• • - GREENE& CO. i
°Alai II la 0 ItlVßettet, Prat M. Beldame.
-Pittsburgh Mee,
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-STChaties Hold, l'itub.rgh
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PERSONS brought out-by this sweaty ,
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stortestworteouland Agerds of the Blitish Government ,
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friends In America, against th e frauds:oml are scout:wt.! ,
1 0 npOrl Moth, and firm at referred to !,
.knotiont house 'of aopa. th . •
plate for all to apply, If they wooed be treated wins t
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