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A Pilinchwiet editor adds: were a sin to let
Uri portico. of the Irish fattish in tie midst of
plenty., But charity begins at home—have we a
"PO met"
. *Eno( the clergy, we also observe, disc.:mar
al Mai' conuibutioos, uport
_the double mound
that they were calculated to reate•tbe Irish peo
ple lose all self.dependenat, and further that they
were bound to take care of the people of their
own Parishes, omoy of Whom were needy objects
:4 charity.
'thin the last twelve months, the Irish Ni'
tion has received • charity or relief, at home, or
fromfram 'brood, eiceedhts sevonly millions if dot
'411: Tei millions sterling were eons:lst one,
time by Pirliammit, ' two coillicas station
nurre given akenother. The contributions of Great
Behain sitountito throe quartzes of a million
mots, while the' munificent chorines of the Unit.,
ed Gatemen :estinrauid at half • Milli= of dole
tote They can hardly be less . theri this sum,
when the clicitiatkal forwarded from this city,
nerebothood, amount to mots then
' ftetythoomzeid4ana-03ut princely u have been
tar pablie eid. bestowed, they have failed to drive
. rat the, nicastor of starvation. Thousands opoli"
theism& base 4,1104-ind hundreds of thotiaande
haze left the metatiy,.. l stid still distress continues.
,Ettnety, with:such a otate of foot, Glue are some
intaccht curia of ;vl(ertth the Irish, as well *sot
extent wrong in ths Iptatitnellt otEngland. We
— lntim no doubt; tie Strong is greaf upon' both
side.; end with' • +tinued dependence upon
other people'S charities, intik en oppressive land.
lad sishm;sull'absentoeism, sod impractical re
-Lima. end, enlist 'without action, it will con
tinue until: Ireland depopulated by starvation
and eminaltion .
: To sheer that we, or our eorrarptealmbi have
"ensisetstwil the pre r ifling distress, wagive the
following . .extracis - remised by the Galedonis.—
•• • •
A -•
,i,,;1% • ••
• •
. ry .
' Ai meeting, of Tippera inagistreles: fhe
Eatf&Onnsali deliberately affirmed that 'the
tenants of Mr. Thiel determined no hie blirtg abet
because,' hie children being 'aloof*, the property
Would be platted to Charionf and the tenants
might be able to evade payment of rents! The
Freeman's !wend, says, to commenting on the
trensanocm, wad questioning the accuracy 'of the
eteliments of the Berl of Olengell, this hie Lord.
ship coolly and deltbendely stetedend thentite ,
Meetcrated • pownful airneetion--that • nip
spine{ lied been roped =mg Mr. Rotes tenants
whose consoltationeifor a long time turned on the
point 'whethat the landlord or ble ageitt should be
tesesseimeted.J ••They. admitted (coat/oiled his
Lorden4, -) la, their hellish committee, that-bfr.
Roe wee'* excellent, extremely liberal and gen•
woos gentlemen—that it would be a pity to shoot,
himW -ad that it would lie. better to shoot the
agent. Bit whesi' the fellows had fully dimmed
tbide machinations they came to the determine ,
elan of slawitiog the landlord, which they alas!
' The Limerick Examiner cps: .Dangarvart.
. it present 'drain' mat .evenly from famine
and dypentery ; such is the number of postulents
for that the guardians have been obliged to
' getrilitary and police to semwe a purge for
them to the 'workhouse each toad day. It Is
unusual to have a thousand applying to them for
food. The number of death, for one year have
'.bean calculated at 10,000.".
The Dublin Bailers r Wa =wit confer's•
plate the picture ithlch society presents through.
' . • cotes four provinces—how Fermanagh to Clare
- Galirsy, in Vt'iterfaid,in Tipperary, in Lim
and the Ewes County, without being ho
pursed witk the conviction that the approaching
Winter erilFuhibit bard in • state of murder.
ea en c astir- against human life, and of law.
isms nwistancs to tbeyights of property.
The DOW, Freezes melee that archer mar.
dery bad taken place, owing to distraint for rent,
. ' sitar Fortnum. Frartnen bad been stationed in
charge • of aurae corn crops,' diettained,for not by
Barnard 071ahaty, in the cause of the Martins,
minas, aid on Sunday night,.went out watching
the own, when a number of men entered the
Um* white they wire staying. and attacked Ho..
ran and Belly, who were there by accident, and
Mat than' so severely, tbst one died on the spot,
end the other is not especial:to recover.
A Dublin attorney was, on Thuzsday. commit,
led for trial, fat homing stolen from an unfortunate
howler an on.. of (=penny.
Threats bit examples . of dispersants mime
Ira dherses the people. In other parts of
the amity tuna Meetings" arebeld to maid,
fain whit called tenant rights, and combine.
• tirwisictist to aril - piymoW err Where there
'is an ability , do so. They In the use if Mn
Doe, before to, he wigoad to
hay noun; ho Would neither harms his land
nor pay tan • compensiiiin won offered toe quit
• bur irons . ak4; and the landlord was thin
obliged to legal ‘procesdinp. Therefore he
was shot, while walking On M. - • - •
,:, t `S -, :..'•' , ; , •':4:*
-',•:. I • '.. 4:4,;-; 4 4 . ' t , •
.'! , *-0 4 1;•-1:' , : - ..,!:i •.; ik ,
I....iiii:-,4 1 0,.?;; ;; .; 't•
Vis;i'` . ., ;;;,:.:1 1 .'
4-.::: TAk:if
:4•1• - ..t. a. , :•• -• ••
'!l'. ...: 4 1';*.Ti ,•
..i:::“ .4 ';:f• ;f' .i;?
~ . .), ; t:!. • ; el 5'... , : :0-111.
i'.1.14'..;:j,'4:, •
t . '' ..." 1 1: - . 4 : 1 :::4.4-,; , .: . • , ;
•,_ 4 44- , N,:;',7;.;;;;1i3 . ,
; :,•:', 4 1. 11 %: , :t&i 5 '1„ 0 •
:!,•„1;i4:1,;; ; ':•,1. , %; ! , ... ,
'7.'t!inf,64' l 1 4:
. 1 4, ,,
• , .i;i,:i'!:jrNilit'f.7::..l
4,, . „ 11 4:-
: f;. i.. , .. p .. ..,
', ',..t`:.•, ' 1 t. ,k, 7 ;tif.: .
.... 1 :,j..::+:-.:,..:; •.,::,
-... ..,p1, , ,,-„.,.. . 1 •
41 ..?;:;:,' ' , s , •,. 1'
Wirreiret this resort to Anti Renault to finds
mod, for, ratstjai evils, as the prudes' a/Amor
al erect direst sationinust bs to doss thshandof
It Was'said by a "jai Beenondst, ones upon •
titas,,wheti thank wu • seeming !cushy of food.
tharit was riot that the food wai not plenty, but
thie.sdrpeneas 'were !PSC& Precisely so now.
Yood is both cheap l and plat, in Gnat jfritsio,
but to what said; it fa now silted, when there is DO
5UCC14,;. , 16151 the Moms of the coantry go ball
flas rises gitUle,Oyad.
Tbi 1 . #.4 . 111j1 in Oast Britain, however, Is not
, 4 • I`..}
• +''.:•ii ' L .: : . -;1 7 .:' . •!:- 4 - :*;;:* * i
.•.',4,'.. - -s,' , : , . 0 •1 ,--. •
' . :- i , - ....'.:' , :.± :.-. .,.. '', ''.•::'.7!..
. .
notti,ooottaid to Ireland nor to pogrom. It per
sotiay LA a it... of
. ,
P"T ie • m. usent l 4 ll o*q 4 •Pues a amm:
mut are docressing mod tbe ir*tpFs isseitiatog•
Timpaok to allied arm to relieve the 'lpeiniOni
dYtr.r{,'tutd polatlnji to:,the iv:diked Bunionln
i ts units, Nis it la not abla. And ads palps
bin ion*, co all who know irbat 1?non . the
shiniest of tba operatioat b Batik dab* ib.
.dal ettala. - • ,
-. It btatilambalf to sat the taptd dada* Ea Dri
blet audit. and *Hatt rbtliattaHlyibe..
cow , u diem, the, a mi ty of
,hoturg 7 11 .6 41 6, 1 b. a nd .A
d oda sad Ina! s! mat" *msa= oabugu4
Bilflm r0....,i1umr : 4 7,,,,, 7 su i ., hes boo me 1
6111" 1,...1 ."...--s . web bun. - Mini
cb- F
: arty al .---..,,,. 't, iuml Load= was sr
tild mak kia".'", oil audit And as larkint
tumid Be_ 1 1 4-snal„„ thu ,„,„ Ado , m op. of
it of 1 , 11 1"`!"4 ; '--- Laud soo n , gt.
iiiiikilifital il l ,PlO9l aini t sc tii n th i
bay eid DI . , - .
ersu i s tiod to • , ', % - r
, e- b ! 431 9 1 . . '4l 0 441MN1:14.416 1 ..
e'461911.,"1!v . . tiiatagibtaltrt"
go Vila thialkiani I ', “ ' ' '
:7 4 14 - 4-4‘
o.scr Chmaiirsi Is 'pabilsbe,l
ly Is FivcLhollst. per
suis strictly
.Butt, Mamma Mu
oney Market, Le., aft
Rd within law week
Sawa, from E , 13f00;
Britain. The num
most melancholy of
deep commerdel
"dry end the threat-
unhappy country hod
Of all eahunoties
family that of fondno
niotoinone,lbo er
calked Ina cranny
ith plady,.bat when
laic caw be some
or some thing rot.
*pis than alas&
4 Wily with the subject
leslend,though the
be mash crusted
A' we read, that when
September, ordered a
he poor of Ireland, the
Leaden runes dispateh•
•Commissioner," atsrm•
towards perpetna.
r, helplessness . and
colitinued large impott,:with a age dceressa of ex
ports, mat soon make as debtors to Europe,
Sines the news from Liverpool, Flour Mist be
quoted - cheaper, ay 18 to 28. cents ger mam,
which is about' equal to the sea abroad.„l Other
kinds of bresandre are w eek, l but ltis deeMae IN
not enough Mallow of exports being Made with
a dues of gating a now dollar for en bid Una.
Panniers from the East bring en account of
a roost dreadful ace3dat upon - the ?Jaw/olio/A
Woreator railroad. that took plWeyaladef after.,
, .
noon. When - a ganger train from.Waoater
MA Mr the Iron watts at the Dna. on.
imit. from B4:60, die brake of a car Wok/Nand,
tilling o tine tract , coma the train to shoot
off, end the Waft Into the snag—
The of one ar es= off, and tgip
gee falling open the track, weng,,by the ears tot.
loWint4Pfratif 'mailed to atoms. Boren were
killed, end Dot one. could be. reaadaL ' Mo
rahan Lad, a biother. at his aide, and is na.
paw aka him, bpOh 'killed. -Had.lbe kaki,
which wag 1 1 014 and .week; been . VoBo4 look.
id to, Vitra* - asibtasucident would not an
The: eity has betz' t shocked with the &mile of
flaw garde* tin. pit weak, - whlehlaould seem
Mumga, - but • thia , wond 're ai= to be told._'
frw'"seatiagc!B‘BB:4 o. ' 64 . 1 80 or ■ ":
ilwaysee, molding taer Wawa sina,:was
bur way to we:- . oick; kind, eta :wee wised it
Viiridr.itrest, gag dadthat, who bon her .
Mao:Mama boo gi e:whets she' wee most rah
Isloceele_ eutrieged. , , , :•Frosi the beuissbe eweited
Itiff, belt* Wow: tiwWw,ifld . 44114111-10 give
:p#o4 soy isterirtime,' Wield - Able in the
em 44eeeseWaakinggfoi ibitiElakar:
hes. been Cleo .
Ames New Weed le Qnewleiwenow' vs*
AI flue 41101 4 14 .! Ifl
OPO I u 4 14- bluiflt at
the Ofdelleffeesell'Coaatt .1144k:14 . ..tek#
caomeakilideeteei thelpewirloclu e l.
etk wheekteised'thilteiver?
' 41 * 4 110104 1, 104-' , 4104.:410041110/aiikitayi,
tti:~ - ;:.~t::it.
Euy fandholikis; who timid to defer calling' •
their ditridandi,iatherilirird.irittpori . I bank •
moment the . doors as opined; did ditioaat cBcS
fa • scene of inernsini agitation and , anxiety;
is the sellers of marketable sectiridif Vogl]
dominate ores buyarc„.the latter ars 'Ole to •
chaae cheaply..
03 POV•ep Bank of England
edmpelled to resort to the imago( one pound notes•
which remedy in other disaaten has done some
Wad to mitigate the owatoon tlistrses. There are
but seven or eight millions of specie in the Bank,
and the deereseathoash small la amount,
want- All the °manumit dintsulds, it is known,
ate paid in specie, and have been for the lint
thirty-two years. Indeed, it maybe rammed to
be one came of the enormous indebtabiess of
England, that what she borrowed la a greatly de.
preristeZ paper rcurency, she is paying in coin. .
The news ty the Washington steamer, doe
days later than received by the Caledonia, shins
r. depredation in Breadstoffe and Cotton. tiliolu
our country is directly effected by the distress
which pavans' in Great Bruin, and It is imposd- 7
ble that sash MIMI mammals eiebarriewesents
should exist in England without general effect .
neon oar own country We deejll /egret' the
evil t mos that bare befallai England and Ireland,
end other Farts of Europe; and devoutly hope that
the day of a simnel delivenune is not for off:
In kenos, the Reform Agitation, al it is called
—4hat the effort on the pan of hie millions to
obtain political power—htaxeses rapidly hi
strength, to the manifest vexation of that unpop
ular and corrupt Government, which is about to
borrow 49 millions of dollars toward the advice
of the financial year.
ria:intelligenes from the Coati:tont of Ecurope
is more pacific. I Ths Pope, it appeers, will be bit
undisturbed bids, Austrians, who an 'vomiting
Ferrer& The hisargeanteist the Two &Lithe we
animated, by resentment Spinet oppression, and
trivia notions of what it is that conatltatat
fir liberty ; while the }Gni of Naples, like all des•
pots, seems to think that thew is no better waY of
repnwebiy teroltJ and of limning_ the • affections
of hie subjeits, then by me audio Of ezetiiiive
@eyelids*. 'ln Bwitstedand, wham there is pope•
lax representation, and a Republican form of Gov
ernment, the Cantons seem: determined to refer
their disputes to the arbitration of thenword:
PRONE mew swum.
Cerrespoadenco of the,,:ftimbittigh OuOtto.
The election has ended, ind theWhige left in
undistinted powesdon of the litate,in every leach,
except the Judiciary. The Hen. 31tiVard FU.
axon WIWI ahead of his ticket throughout -the
Stab:Niue! we hire for Comptroller a man who
should have been, wider a Whig Preddent; Bean.
Wry the Treasniy. The Whip are in high
.spirj and well they maybe, for the paired= of
the Legislature just now - le of vital importance.—
Winit fist a general law for - Manufacturers,
undei which sac capital can he ingested and oar
rocchinice compete with our neighbors on ills
east south.. We also want liberal legialatirm
fx o Railroails and eine* and in Short, swill
4on subjects ants the wrens of what we
hire lied for yews. The clay feeling has roods.
eat a j terw impulse, and notices of Ashland macho
dons and clubs, are Peen with a determination
that is mosedpitlearat. .
Matey is more attendant, since the quarterly
return of the last bank' was made, and loans an
be effected on ordinary nudity at viz pet cent.--
The coin in their vaults is eight millions low thee
is ale, a • decrease in the loans. the deposita and
circulation. The whole movement shows timidity
upon the pert cf capitalists and that the banks are
weaker than at the last return. Stocks Ate not
materially changed. Trimly notes hash been
sold at 1001 which it the lowest point they
have touched. -The unfavorable rumor. by '
the Preach ship make, people more iluifiooll for
the Baden bold. so that Meir scoperteeso may be
. 7 .,
ended. nits oainlnon he= among mottled
men is that a prompt mint of the -quarterly
interest, by the Banker sisal in gold as usual
will be Ma signal for p Merisral narmation of can.
Sdetta. -
i n the cars of prime, & ,erd Co there has been
no dechdoe.: ' Nume ro us ildullsrell warrants' have
been tweed Opals them, b4it they certnette hien
ed,..Thest warrant' enemy .W when a debtor In
the opieion of the - creditoiPacteoplates • fraud.
Noce could have. been intended. by this house,
then which none has a 'higher reputation tat home
or thread. — Mil a too - cometton pectic' e It New
„York for creditors to - demi ...,ea debtor. a mit,
charging fAsir 'pretences, cd imltt, in the - hope of
getting a claim through the feats of te creditor.
'OariCourte are rather , dill, and trig only trial
of note:is'thit if Madam Rest& The evidence
is now;• Medi:lL all telling heavily ageu'" at the
prisoner, whom hardly get clear - this time,.able
and cunning is ' her counsel have 'obelisk them.
melees.) r•,
A curious marriage trial has , closed on,
Long Island,' the heeds of which, art «done, and
interesting, si they show tune' lightly a marriage
may tie contracted. A young woman of slogular
personal beauty, was induced to Demerit/a a men of
.some Property,. open a prolZ&e tat he would
consider her a, his wife, which promise was over
heard by the glrl'i mother. The girl soon became a
mother but her child did not ees the light until the
decease elite fatter. The woman now brings an I
action to recover her hinhand's property, some
sl2 00, and has eacceeded. the Jury declaring
this simple cohabitation is a mortises In the eye
of New-York law. It it certain thaemarriagee are
effected easily with as, and no less trite that the
knot, once tied it is as fast as the Gordian knot
Of old:. and can be co; not loosened, by, human
New Yoh, Nov.l, 847.
Y‘. 'Tto r rlong npected Steamer ham come at last
and the suspense of cointoescial men at an entl.--
The general team it - tits news is bad foil all arti
cles of American production.':Coiton la Grain,
and the Money - Market. remain in a mat man
tled piste. Mon holey hembeeirszet
ted; but the ; Bank of England remains rio,acd
hu,beside the prompt payment of theNitionalin ,
term: given material aid to British Meminu4.-4-
The nsws a mans favorable thin was expected,
but lV effect hae been to brisk down GM docks:
and maie capitalists and benteM more muttons!
Tramp Nuke bine Islet to premium which,
. .$
hylts lowest point they have mum sacs their
bare. The fumble debt of the Goremniept has;
receded I per.cent., end holders 'how 4 44.: .
ihiao NZ &Waal ebeks, the bane,
hes bean , and . the rumba ciostS lower,
and weakaa than fir a beg tins.
Merehents ham abindoned the hope of r re.
newel of tie grain trade with England, .rid
lathing 'boat for badness for their versebe—J,
Some Gamitai been shipped-en cancesiccount;
bat the late 'dikes hold out We chance of's',
profit. The Inmate forth, week jitst claw!,
continue lirge, and mod soon have an affect op.
on the exchanges, and send the coin abroad. A
;4 . ',u.'._ , lip , ''"'• , •
about- the Pnocesscellid.a. vfilleren.warrettl.'it , ...
~. -_
may be aiwell to:say that tatissued to restrain a .
„ we goipci4 of anintentionto d4„-ind hat_
_Tag ' Cara- Arroursonzawr 'nut Select
intditOre, .or - who bas done ea Puree, unwell Weni e 4 ,40 illr. ereedoS upon fits 1 1 1..
Watd & Qi.ire arrested upon an affair connect turns of" the- Awessore. - embodying the persons
• n d with; than. mu s i n g bilk of eseanget--, w a g it, the city. Alter , debate they IMP refer.
Whoi their ' paper w e e i”jaii _dishonored., b, led to a edeei.eantionme of four minute= from
I:° '" vid ' ' Gam ° 'k Co, sma f
' the Select Coined and L. from the Comma -
I Ametkan Banker. induced the Lond on House
I n i nniae th e bib upon I . protons that they Council, and the ressolution lent to the Gnomon
should be protested. - This. of cauree, made the c... 0 for .0....
ca. , _
debt coolidential, and it ism. considered by Prhna, The Common O ren
Ward It a tlo., but not by their creditors whoargue curved,
. d
dilit the b 0...... hnnu an t, h a s no right to lowing Joint Committee were appointed to report
makor,any distinction, and ask for the etillwill at a meeting of the two imam 6 be held on
wawa to : compel the debtor to add the' money id o m iy e i min i nms
awned for Meseta Hutu:id, Heernel 4, _ Q 1,,, 4, 14 ate. ItakeereU, Lorens4fllacleend Bhipton.
the mot , ' th it mull be dividel „, °b°° "`,....."1 of the &lett Council, and Heim Cordell, Ma
creditors oteidletbsit Pip'. they °h. tat 4 '..." Cape, Tanana, Hartley, and McKee, of the
*pp rata, but the English house' will suffer. The
Common Council, being ow from each Ward.
cue Invoke. some alai points about confidential
debts, and will be warted with interest. Ufiler the new apportionment law, the mean
Ginner. Erma, the American artist, p&ted
fen the king of the French. twenty Ave *tura
OfAirtericira and . Indian Scenery, with Mesta
bonier Indian life. Mr. Catlin says:—
I bate hid' emend interviews with His Ma._
jolty,' in all of Which - he hu spoken familiarly of
ble ',Tarsi years of ramble in exile in America
Jammu) , with his two 'owner brothers. He
bu relatedto toe many of aka mod extraordinary
end pleasing incidents of his life, several of which
happened while he was travelling in the western
pert of New. York. They ire fall of interest
a matters of, history, and well adapted to the
pencil. Theee;reenes weaned dining the King's
travels from Erie to Buffalo, to the Tillers of the
Seneca lodises, thence to Cienrodalgua, peddling
his CM. through Serdca Like to !thud thence
on fool, with' his knapsack:on his back, to the
nog* river, Where, having purchased an Indian
canoe, hi deseended that river and thence through
the valley of yiyoming. Hi also travelled among
the tnotmtains of Pennsylvania and• Virginia,
and hi a cume descended the Ohio and Mims.
sippi to New Orleana Daring ell the route, h.
and his companions dept ;oat under the open
Ay and minima upon what they could collect
Lom the dna and force?
Eh* Esthogiat Episcopal missuroh.
Accartring i 'to the official minutes of this church
for 1847, as published byline h Tippitt, of New
York ; there are twentplair conferences in union
with the; Clihrch, - of which the Baltimore Confer.
mice !Seethe largest memberithip, sin 52,338 white
and 16,387 colored. ONO stands next Domed
rally. basing a whits membership of 61,684, and
colored 514.! Philadelphis4, New York, and Pitts
burg are next The Veimont Conference btu the
smallest: ThejotalJiiiemberslsP in ,the twenty.
four conferences is. white 600,941; colored 8 2 ,-
901; !Miami 713, total 631,558, There are
296 uswiling preachers:. 346 superannuated,
4,913 local; total 8,555. These statistics do rot
include the southern branch of the Methodist
lintias.Aancrrr Gooes.—The Union states
that the bide for annuity vied., for Indians, Were
opened on Mayday at the, Indian Department,
Bathe contracts awarded to the following gentle.
awn, they being the lowest bidders.
Mom Grant & .Bartei nf New York, Man.
bets andAry goods, dollen:able at New York and
St Louis, No.
Simeon P. Smith, of New . Ymk; hardware;
Wiatitgarol implemects Mid um, definable Ia
New Yak.
Wm. N. Clem, or Brooklyn, New Yoh, banb
ware deliverable in 81.1.eals, Mo. ‘,
Edwud R. Tryon, of Philadelphia, wofitil
_Wert iitun deliverable in Philadelphia.
The Brara offieen In New York OM elected for
'anions terms; Mr flab will 'erre for one year is
I t lentenant Governor, haring been elected to fill
a vacancy. The Comptroller. Beaetary of State,
Treantzer, Attorney General, and State Engineer
are alerted for two years. The Canal Commits
Moms, (three in number) and the Stato Prison
Ineyantors, (also these in number) aro to hold
P their dß:ea far tennis of one, two and these years
ett — ch: •
Vsasoirr.—The People of hie State elect a
Council of Censors once in wren year*, 'whose
duty hie to Inquire whether Any Manchu of the
Government have been ruby of any infraction of
the Constitution, and to propose each amendrornis
to that instrument u and.
may deem eipedient.--
. Me; Critineil cousins of thirteen membera—one
from'emit county.; The ; Whip here just 'Mali.
Mktid.thelf ticket. at thei hied - Of which, le the
Mims of Heti Charles }William., late Chlef
/intim of the Supreme '.:lltut.
';Radiates or BLOOD Finarrosii.--The Cin.
amid' Commercial to;. that leakdays
three blind youths from they town of Ulnae. Moot.
tomery country. were eeni, to the Asylum for the
Blind at Columba. These youths ere brothers,
and in the family which Maoists Of eight members,
five ate ht this melaneholioandition. The came
of this almost unheard of family calamity, in said
to be the fteguantledinof near blood refs.
tine In the family. This, same cam is said to
• am prodaced in the noble families in therpouth
of Europe ' , a atom degenerate and idiotic ram. •
Pon Brims Rossaams.—tExteniive rObber:
ies_of bills of exe.hange, have been dinner.
ed at the Paris Poet Ofticei they have been com.
mined by e a Clear in the Post OfEee, named
Niogrst w ho employed an secompace named Ca.
mime to pi payment for the bills. Both have
' been convicted. and . Niogret hal been sentenced
to eight and Cam= to six years' hard labor at
I the :
W0K21111.71711. TILIONAP/1 seovenzwr.—
The London Magazine of Sae' nee for lea month
dates that the Electric Company. have Invinikg
nynachine which will communicate intelligence
,simultancondY to some forty or fifty British
'chmp—moos them Liverpool. Glasgow, Man
chester; Brawl, Leech, Midfield, Nottingham,
8011. 'York. It can trasenit at once to ell thane
places from one demand letters per minute.
held in Wthaingun, Da.' on Bstorday and Bon.
drg r tha 'fth and Bth of. November. commencing
' o'
at 2 clock on flatosday.: Some of the follolrior
persona will attend the convention Tic McKim.
Loat Mott, C. - IL Borlaigh:Row l and John.
bon, E. Bt. Dar* and Robert Purvis.
Maass Gamma' H. Gammas, U. 8. Army,
l oam him been attached trrGan. Taylor's colum n eines July 1845. aa Qoarter, Muter, his been
Wand to PWladdphia tri relieve CaL Blanton.
Win MAJOITT.S Fine:ones
litsjetity over li
Mr. eeetkad, the State, we
think, cannot- be kw than 35,000—end it may
exaied 40,000.
Crawford Lreuerroar,Esq., of the well known
Eep!nia and Agency -Nonce, of Li•fcptoc and
Wells New York, died on Thursday last, at the
nederies of hls Father, at Lieingetou Mansion,
on the Hudson.
MI.CLAT AND 711 Perueurcr.—The Dale•
Wee lately elected by the Whip or co.
to ttU National Convention, ere all ror Mr. Clay.
Tsz infornithis In Plinsdelphiz and Liberties,
on kis mlnlog of the "Jinn Ina, were—odt3lts,
. . .. 68. Total 132.
hirconeier ekctlcitt took place list week
end +ttilteikt • triompt t 'of the Loco Poen. the
ka i stettal, makingiso effort to canvass the
$ lll •
intim natirasLL's denial
When ai eve , I .it tame,
Thinktne o( the /am and Gone—
White the elect with dreenty tinker; j
Mute 6011/ lOW the thinatee tinge
And the embers, dimly bathing,
Tell of Lite to Net
ThCA My lonely chair mead, j
"Vs ht, a rehmte, Nowtratal *wad—
Witlia mereiroft and low,
Como th e 0 of Lang Ago. •
One by one 1 eocetthein o'er,- •
Vwees that are heard no OMR t
!• Tease that betel Cheeks have weal
Words whew, male lien» yet., .
- fifthly teeth, pale and dilr,• . •
Shadowy laekeof wal ring halt—
tlentle nets end 'Oilmen dear— ~
fiends krtdonen many • Year — •
I Lthe of dewy uagrattee—eyee
bitter. than the sties-'
. Odeds breathed hoof pandits. . .
..lofAnd *agenda shidowe •
ty starauttlat as lay Side,
Till dr teas Indictees) flaT;
All iniauca,*Jasavray. . •
•ii slow,
Austell atew Ws Pau sad utemr,
AIJIMAINd IMAM saG claw, ~
0511110 Ow Glum* °flew Ago
' Pip:l - Maio iquitt—
ipp;x•;quwe EAR. . . . .
De.hicalimegeuthrecilkaiudi• only .ththlac Int
will :cue -.lib the . sem cow= - and theobirithe
theme. - It not 0017 itheoteetelT athiriPthe 'Ai ip . ia . .l
awy ek piths sU b leatheiterth=th aits
0 41 . 14
t aZ d lerrieteri '4 lthitheithiecnith H them.,
It‘spiesthei medico thl Ilf bla nthff=eA 1
1417;4 =7 l :Rinber,at mow that bath
theeth wed,: th e thethothelithe. •th • ii, watththen ..1
theetiwithithithll.thea Illideet Ole .or
zr ......"...,,...i r i..... 4 . r.
rahes= wit uri rttlel 4 M.
~,,.......x t,at' . ...„ ,_
4., Cosna z t ,
Toth* the*
..„1 1 , r _Hrligh _ •
'.., P 1 PP1 411 1 .10 ,-., 17 , 7
. 4z4sum
. ,i.„„: t :: : .,,,., ~..::$,,,,,,..:,, ~.. --.. A
.. •-;•-=;:'....:-.',,':" :':,-,4.:',.f..-:,•:;J-g.;-••:.7.:•.4.----- 2s':;-'2,'•'•-•:-...-;
44,,...,'•;;'*" : !;; ' ' e : At , X 1 1NU4: 3 •• 1 • , 45t - ..4.:v;;4 3 .•;z11 , L,t.;.,-,-.1 , :i- -- ~..
.. . -
. 1. ~ . .x.y.iaz,, -z b.,—t ~...,,,,,.,.) , .4:••• , - )
• •
. .
. .
city: News.
bus or the Common Coned, cannot enrol thirty
members. The present comber is 45.
Frits Brame Oxeye Serrun.—The Com.
mon Council taillight concumsl . with the Select
Council insetting the quition of the Fifth sued
vide, and the law, u it has putted both leartaes,
taker seven feet from thejop of the bill, and edde
two to Pith street on Smithfield, By a vote of 15 to
11, these two feet were struck from the bill of
Commits, and the vote was subsequently reconsids
aced; end the bill pseud as itowes from the Se.
lam Conned. 'There was• very splj - debete upon
the amendment in the COLVIN of thi evening.
During the evening a bill was introduced in the
Conduit Council, to !veal the clues relating to
the ride at the junction of Smithfield Arent.
The Commits concurred lut night in the ap.
propriations for the merit Fire Companies, made
lut week in the Baird Connell.
Accuutarr.—The Erie stage, after laming the
Post Office on Wednesday evening, when our
the junction of Third and Wood streets, tanks
one of the forward wheels. The driver... ate
told, was thrown from tie seat, bet not materially
injured. The passengers also escaped unhurried,
Ecrsoox.—Daeid Ritchie, Eq. hu been up.
gad to pronouns an Eulogy on the life and dare
attar of the late Hon. Richard Biddle, on Friday
awning next, at the Third Prcebynnian church.
The Public may expect an • address worthy the
occasion and the man.
Capt. /tissues Company .31' volution left
this city for SteliCO, on board the steams r Diadem,
on Tamday. A sword was permeated to Lieut.
McLain by the Niagara Fin Company.
ar t r k Rowur's Company. at the time of em•
barkition, was minus some twin ty -Ave volunteers,
all but one of whom were recovered on Wednes-
day end forwarded by the steamer New Berlina,
The 'rondo, man, the one who stabbed a watch.
mu a few nights since, was released from prison
on condition of volunteering, add whipped a non.
commletioned dHcer on Tuesday. Pity le has
ea ut&
Ractornire.--We me requested to say the
since Capt. Rawley's deyarture for the mat of war
with his company of Serpent Banks
to ready to receive recruits for the United Suites
service, at the rendezvous, corner of Womb Alley
4,1 Liberty Street. Those who wish to sere their
time on the fields of McKieo will do well to pre
him their names.
Perrarou.-1050 batrebitof Potatoes wired
in this city on Wednesday. from Alsip . county,
Ohio; They are of an excellent ..quality, and .
MOM to belie lb, report oflhe general residence
of the potato rot in that State. They were brought
to this port in the steamer Brooklyn.
Wai l : F. 'J0111531. E 04.• .But. &min elect,
from the Armstrong, 'Mums, Cambria girl Clear
field district, has arrived in the city, lad taken
lodgings is the at. Charles Hotel:
Tas Supreme Court of iennaylvania, during as
.onion in itda city, bu indirectiy deti:dad that
la= paned by do LeghiaLures;au tats Act bpon
the happening of a contingency, are pnednitittr•
lional'and thetafora
Asp..-311. Sloan, who;eu held to bell not
long since for setting fire to his on Store, on Lib
arty Stied, .1 the heed of Wood, will naive his
trial on Prole, next.
Mr IVsaatez, maim' up the Allegheny rim ,
had bd. arm mach thawed by a threshing ms.
china an Monday last.
• 'Exec.—The alum of fire, about 13 M., on
Wednesday, war occasioned by a fire breaking
oat in • blacksmith chop, near the canal. The
building was not materially Injured.
RATMLOND & WArze's Menagerie hada(oll
bone on Wednesday. lien Driesbech, fa . the
forenoon, rode through the streets in a curia's,
with bit pet Leopard, foil grown, in his lop. Tim
Eleptcros, with the band on their backs, followed
the carriage of the Lyon Kin". The cavalcade
was sod the mace excellent. In the
afternoon Herr Driesbardsontand thitcage of the
Lyons and Tigers, in presence of • very urge
sembly and fed the admali,-a feto:itelckna per..
formed. Ms control over fefociotts Nutt Cindy
McDorton, who was named from prism on
condition of eldi4ag in Copt Roitry's company,
on Tuesday Last, took umbrage st • nonscommts.
'sinned officer, about the time of embarkation; and
knocked him down with his fist. They should
bony his on to the war; his propensity for fight.
ins is too strong.
Acerourr.—A men slipped and fill on the
corner of Wood and Water Bt, on Wednesday,
striking Us head upon:the curbotocus byithlch ha
wu very seriously Injured, so much ea, se to bo
unaxisciou lot eome 15 minutia, Persona should
be careful in'wet weather, to guard tbek footstep.,
especially where pevements ore left ancieszte&
Elmer. the Meyer, on Wednesday naming,
there were six ats,es; four were committed In dr
fault of bail, and two discharged on payment of
tine end costa.
New Books.
J. L Asko, 4th Iruset, advertises the following
among other new books, from the establishment
of the Messrs II
First and second pule of the Life, of limy
IV of France and Nays" by fames.
blticketrue's Mime!Way, in three pests, cwt.
*W.:4 work of greet interest to the mend
Boy's Annum Book. • seasonable od apps.
' piste gift, and illustrated' with place,
N 0.20 of the ktirroalal History of Unshod.
We bare also to acknowledge the receipt of
Gardner's Medical Dictkmary. a Blandon! work.'
Pubitsbed by the Harpers, Mid for sale at the Book
eitablistunent of H. Kay & Co., corner of liana
Wriod streets. The work is revised from the
seventh London edition, and is esteemed urns
perfect than any work of the kind. The Amer].
can Editor bar added revere] thonnod Words.
Campaign Skeet:lei of the War • with Mexico;
by Ca' pb W,B: Henry, U. d. Army, from the
prolific pros ttiepma t and dedicated to Gan
Taylor. Also for sal by H. Key & Co. :,
The last number of he Banker's Magazine may
be found at the agora .• Was. H. Caldwell, Thud
street. ..
• ..
emter 11 MINTS 111 /AZT. l t
Opinions of the Wromme-Coutt an the License"
Queolion-71fellitt en the Wat.-Teciff of '416-
Fiamlfatareaxas--H ty Clay and the {Vac-,
Ti. 'Colin mud, . Horticultural titoofetY
I ,Wilioot Proviso- , et more Slave Tenth:ay-
New York 7 the &Won of CougtewprtheTele.
stsph-Steam Eosins Porplaelono-Bwiellte of
Manufecttuing Companies -the hicemosti-* -Hail
Read it: Broadim-New York Ilenhe4forrora of
War-9ente Anna in a tied wet-8a of Death:
-Ptitiefacie in New YotltNew York Coma;
iondent*--Antl Slavery in Na;. raii4o6:
' *Om th.ltfri.oir monitauain.... 61.1 01 ,—.;
so.muiDe refograptili Sad: - Plifi Esi
prow , Ihbe...4lerthile at, Ito:itioaa l isoiil
niowik'sir'qiiiiiiirst# the .Wee4=MleittettY
E :terii.epotintialacenal Quitman-4*n
'11.6:. 7 41.trc'..*Ft„ t 0 11 3 1- et '
'at Motets for ttte_put-wetrace prim the
, 10 , 4 di , wketi-The Califs Mullet-The trio*
4U/own= ?iodine la nem, puts of Um{ Unkb
=mama - or mow. WW I ; cam fie.,.WwWwnt
Waco the "eft el the Outat-theal WNW. awl ,
•aeareawate of erodatorgditieoa Loolop: .
.... I
. , city zirm....4trit.o4 thoPropineeNafne4to
from the
.ia healing kraal "the letentenag coop
' For et thedaelli eingb ac. -lingailk. i
Pore 6 alittisiogle copy. ''- - ' • ‘ l'. i
111 ° a ° 11 " a lY**: P 1184 . 11
r - i
- . . .
, . .
is - r - r - ir- ,Lt ; n
conesia.k... of the Prtubarge, Gazette.
• New Yeas;Noe 10, 11 • ar. •
The Steamer %Abington' which laftl3ninicn
on thc lith of \ November and Sonthampom five
dale aft er, brutes intPwiant news in tegard to the
markets. •
Tha prnisiontawint had not changed and Eno
were unaltered.
The coast sums:" was mon stagnant and
thsia bad been • :Walton of one 9: two
Wilma? has alto falko two shallop per 70 Ibs
aml meal wee de map lower.
Corrox declined hall y peaty, alter the dopy ,
me of the Caledonlal
The Conusenisl diggers was anmidgeted
The Bank of &gland is extending no nag to
the merchants and the failures continued Eel.
minlshed. Flour was quoted at Li eirpool, when
the Washingtozi Xds
111110 IILLALIMOUll:
Bistren be. Moir upon Ireland anew, and
ttuCateniequal mieurfty as before. Them were
usobs - tunong the people, and MIMS end sanguine
ry collbdons among them smiths military. Nearly
the whole country is overwhelmed with dhturdY.—
Unatempled Misery, it is kind, will mull dm.
lug the coming winter, and there an already pain
ful indicetkes that suffaing may be twat more
Ilium that of the lase moon.
Enema name god Ronda pupae their in.
l lamado° to setae the affairs In the Swiss cantons,
which ware threatening the country with deg die.
a and bloodshed.
t The arms& is 'raging in }lonia. It had also
been tarried from Trebisond In a steamer to Con
stantinople.. Thine is great slum felt as toils
extension. .
'Comlopoodeoce of the Pittaboigh Guano.
Chwinnatl. Nov. 10, 10 P. M.
Another c t
good has occurred in the Big
Miami end WhUewater Rhein. The Canal is a.
gain untmaly injimel. The Atinalect at Day
ton, hasbeenuarried sway and heavy breach
es occurred on plat level.
The lose of property In the villages aloottlie
Big Miami and Wfiltarater riven has loan lm
mime. ilogiy , Coin, and ,other property bare
bean carried 4. The Nose his not yet been fully
eaantainad, in !Amu* to personal ptapgityi
while Real Edam, which has Mee been grimly
denteged, has balm bat barely mentioned.
Ezelosin Conosponchnee *Me Putsborgli Gnats
Noe. 10.4 v. x.
Flow—The - news by the eteenter - hu renderral
the market very nmettled. • Moderate mks of N.
York (Genesee) brand. may at 111,374 e par bbl.
at which figures them are mom sellers than boy
arm 600 bbl. Brandywine brands wenhold at the
same prim
Wheat-t-Hales of 4000 bra prime Red at 128 e
per ht.
Cora—The market I quiet.
Sober—tialap . at 100 Wade N. 0. at •6}e pet
Whirkey—tiodenta oda at 30e per get.
The markets peerage are without any torpor.
rant change.
The Eastern Telegraph is out of order; coshing
therefore from N. York. .
Elwin:ye Corlespaudeace of tee Partabsrgh Osaue
Baltimore. Noe. t 0 .3 F. a.
Flan—H.B. brand! an bidd at $5,85. and City
Mille at $8 per Dbl. with no elks to report.
Wheat—Beata! Now White. at $1.25 pee
bet. 10,000 ba hit Red wu hold at $1,20 Per
Coro--Prima Yellow •salfuleat 811 e per be.
sake of.rHoo Whits attack pw ba. • is -
CiaU.4lalet at Mio *Du.
Whhby—lfodwana rake at tfk per gall
, Bye—Bake at 85 a 87Olpir ba.
Yamada:is continuo without change.
Prime Pork— Limited "ales of %imam at'per R •
Meer Pork—Bales of illaitineur., have been
ludo atlll4 a 14,25 per bur
I Was Basf—Westan No. 1 I. nailing at 812 per
Bacot RUM 4t Modena Wu of West.
an aired Hams at II ie par lb. Saks of Wed.
ern side. at Tic par lb.
llsef. Cattle—Balsa at to satrap of $2.25
pariloo lbs Posa.
- - Killed Hoar—ldodarats Was at $11,25.• 6,44 a
per 100 lba.
Lud...lliales of ii'eatam at 103 per lb.
Exclathre Correspondence of t►e Pitlibargb Gnome
Now: 10, e P. M..
Floar;—The market I qtdat, witbriales of SOO
SW at #4,50a4;56d Pr Dbl. '
Wbakay—Ralaa at lle par gal market quirt.
Salad Hopi--Sala of 373 head at $4 par 100
Beef Catty—Sala watt at $3.11,04,75 par
100 lbs.
in p Gnxpries—,llLs mutat is daU,islta no &Ingo
Tbenris Ito remark so trite and yet so strictly tree
that the present age is nee Impetus' in lesbian" st
epos Me Interest. of the future race of nasal d.
A. the richest soil briop forth at the same tim o
rankest weeds and the most Immrient Duna. at
note or society which is most pregnant with a
1 Canal 01 ViCII, MI yet uan window Its infanta f
good equally great is their power to conduce to e
tappOrt of tartan. Thissellection "mammal on see•
tog the advettimment of Dr. Bordelow in your col.
awns, which according to its proposals has mare
Walt n meat salt and seeded influtoet , and
irtronglylcontruts th the Mimosa and immoral
tendency of the p eerthip •of Mel Rattail and
the like, a remedy hich secures to the mot*" a
patinas", labor and h alahy children presentaJudeed
n different picture to. abortion and marde4 one
which coefirsis the and which by ill hu
mane and moral &matter ' demands the camantiona
*ace of the virtuous and good.—(Com. ' 1
0-Lapeitast,.to Advertssers.—The Ad we
User:tents which appear in the Daily Morning Gazette
also appeuin the Tri-Weekly p thu reesienti the bete
eat If the emulation of al{ without any additional
chute. This loan ad•aaute weer eivenleere, without
any extra esperue. Adverneeatents aro alp Insaned
In the 06.007 papas epee reasottable totem
(Q. lialteea Calms' Paaaieseahh
Taarion—We beg lease to call public Wl6llllOll to
tte!,Rowley. fro. 0., , Wm. Doan, o f Withmasmlle
Clermont Ca, and one of th e very Ant pthethimiers I.
litectently la which he resides, and late Senator to the
State_ Laaltlatoza. It tit cheerittt than to to. the lead.
laymen of the profeemoa, Wraiths , the bonds of prates.
atonal proDidlee, and gl wini mem es due:
!'Sir: I have to my practtealthea as/atoms efl year
Chemay Panacea, and, .o Car. ma wall slammed is-ion
erects US Ciarthe and Dionehlal Complaints. Please
amid= half a damn bottles-1m theme kw Is Otto
eau; at coact It It common, ID made,' as central tat
'ethnical a. it to heretofore. to keep It conmantly on
_hand. Datheatralla anyl Wyt. Sou, a. a
71IaD STIZZT, COll3l/1111 01 NOM . 01111ei
fajaWs are now prepared to aseeate In a rim
MI expeditious warmer, all kinds of Jo. Mama,
nab aalarae Posteralkeamboat Bina Hills of Ladiag,
fiettar Meat Weida., Handbill., Cards, ln., ko.
ti any extent annealed 1111 de betn,snanner, and al
hinds of ?noting done with heenraey and at the lowed
: Erne Aseeelatton or Ponoomh. and ',leery, for
grounding the federate of Eclat:4ll6on, will meet at 7
feted', P. M. In the Chapel of the Utarinity, on There.
y 'ha 11th Ina; for the purpose of el dog °Heirs for
Ole earning year, receivlng the repo if a egnmslttee,
appended at the Anil meeting, to are nd Article 1411 of
po comoomoo, &O. Duterere of booby Teacher',
hied the friend. of t anteater general! a re rupecifaUy
' Jolted to Rued. . H. !Wardle,
: rerrio Itt .-j. . !Peel pro.lem
Trix aitioart4msetingoftbe B.
Piumborgh and Contiellnille R.! •.
• Company will
In otNernettber.
ba held at I,lilo lI.A as Maaday t tha
at 3 p'ektelt; P.M.
Innto Hoot.t ort the Lire end Ch • ter of the late
Hoe. Riell'd Diddle, mil be dei red David Ritetue
Po, before the members ofittehtagh Der, at th;
Tkird Presbricc4n Chock, on Fridaj, tke MU ton.
?o'clock. P. M. Tke - pablie are fall? Imo! lo
PANT, of PhSadelpkrampon Um IS peons hays
beta lowed at gnarl:Mika daring' past mall
1 Professor,
1 Vansor,
of other pastors.
Of these thus ore Inure
Of Ilms as issued in lyear =tom -• 7
do do do ta u I IIs•• • • • • •
ilLtIAVAZ,Affent Manusle,
ova iminney Biadasis,
. To . congraicroits._u -r, '..:
r, BALED PROPOSALS wilt be feeti•ed ai tie Mee
•Oofthe Janis Rites and KetellebeCkeepany,el Rich
! monff. Vs., until no Uni day of December next, the the
itamtnielim of the C.1.P.y'5,121-rovements on James
Leer, nom the moon of North Rrver, to. no town of
geetems;ai distance oftl males. The earveys being
net yel eomplsted. therm" gn been farther specified
m this edvertnentent, than I sit will consi.t or Dams,
and section."( Canal between the pools of the dams,
with Lilt Loch. milicient to overcame a fail of abotit
106 feel, a Towing Pam for timeshare distance, and melt
Grand Locks, Aqueddete, Cedverts,fann Bodges, be.,
• anshall be feend nmessarr. The genie) terms of the
Ombracts will be, OM the work will be divided Into •
eonventent robe or seenons, cook of which . wilt be let
10 the /owns resproMble bidder; oferieg satisfactory
promos* and that cash payinems will be made on
monthly estimate!. of work netually done, wok e 5 e .,,..
vallael of 10 per cent. by war of emonty for the mom
Veil= of the work, rand the time Mall be completed
Recording( manta.
Sealed Proposals will also be received, at the same
pace, wail the same date, for the construction of the
Connection of the Company's Canal with the' tide.water,
of .r.... Lew, al Richmond, throe eh the Richmond
Doak. This week will consist of the three Lacks of 18
net lift, =lone of Ili feet bill intermediate
each ha
an aggregate distance of about half a mile, with each
Culverts Walls, Wastes, Sums Bridges, River, shall
be necesiary; a sm.. Dam across Saws River, in the
Palls, et Richmond; the nising of the Wall, and Em
bankment of the present Dock; no extension of the Dock
a few hundred feet Eistwardty, and the construction of
en pallet Lock al the lawn end thereof, copable of ad.
lettliod the 'Mon reach. a
id to the port of Bleb.
mood. his work will be paid &rut bonds of the Com.
pay, (to bell amed ander no =henry of • recent net
of the Legialstare of ifin&a,) snorting 0 yeah, nod
bead[[ per cent. Interest, payable semeannually.—
Besides the meal reservation of SO per cent. oa the
montil macaw s, the Contramor Of Cotractots will be
tenni to fere maple iaterity,aatlefactory to the Board
of Di Mohler the completion of the work dike t times
and in a manner specified In lie contracts
Phut of the above works will ba exhibited, and spo
Mica ns thereof deliveredni Connector., at the Com
pany% Once. in Richmond, by the lot of December
mac After the receipt of the propmals, time will be
taken kr the conridenulon thereof mild the 10th of the
same ntenth,on which day (in case the proposal* should
he satisfactory) the several Jobs or Seel/OIL shove ad
vertised will to let. WALTER GWYNN
Chief Retinal' of the .I. R. & IL Co.
Richmond. Nov. 0, 1517 intalinDeclo
GRA PIL—As I have now extended the (heat
Western Telegraph Linea from the Seaboard westward
gam/ Louisville,[in the prospect of reaching Sr Louis
below, Decembersbsw, with lines is conneenonalong
the Lakes,) THIS NOTICE IS GIVEN, that, if, any.
where long the whole Mtge Of lines Am constructed
by me say associates, eat' demand, however small,
has accidently lob aoudad by any person cm
played in the constnienon of these extended Lines,
(abaci a thousand miles of which era now in successful
operation, with another thousand ell such forwardness
as to be ready kroperatlon this winter,) such derinutd
4 .
en alads may be Concluded to me Eirsetilament, al
Olen ad
Dille opponnnnies will be When to expreu my Sense
r the ftn..nee and friendship with which !haw been
sustained by my fellow-Munn. enmity, while ow
peed tins extensively in carrying oat a proleet which
hes had to sunale not only with all the ditEctilties of a
new enterprise, bat enth extratudinary troubles that vs
already too familiar m Ma public.
Ci ENY if nelonau Excitant,. Octobe H r. 184R7:31 O'RIELL .
- _
Colones to the Public
rae CO. having understool that terntn persona
in Pinsburgh were elatmlnuthe ezeasive right to sell
their Teas In that etty,weeld sulie that they have aban
doned some ram alnee the exclusive agency .7(1[121,
and that neither Mr. Santa. Douglas & Co, norlany
other eminent has a right to any print.
anti then. Tess. The genhral Agent orthe Coo.
• rtgalafiCj;tily Al:binigilt,''rrallytchrireeei4%.Elegr?.
All Teas sold by tuts Company, ire warranted equal to
any sold in the United Plates, and no pay meet required
until biter. are entirelfsatialed as to
Me (act.
Prinelpal Ware/nese of the Company, No. rid Non h
from street, Philadelphia.
ovllditasrder hIeCALLAIONTIe BOND
Nora New Books
1E Borah and Ready Anneal o 1049; 19 copra. iPtangs.
.m by Henry Howard Brownell.
- Diatys 6r 1949; vantets eiseeaed kinds. -
Byron's Pommel Work., new edition; eemple to in
erne ortavefeoL
Works, 9 eels, in t bean:Uhl rave; cheap.
Boy,' Autumn Boot.
:eland Id parts of the Life of Henry ith King of nonce
.d Navarre.
Metenstie's Alimellaniete complete in 3 porn.
Lelana'a Deistical Wnters.
Caambees Inkamation for the people and do Cyclope
dia Eagltsh Litermare. ' •
Flor sa/e-by
Mk at near E
TOHNSTON A !STOCKTON hare San received the
fo • wag war Books: e
Th Lsfe /teary thetb, King of France and Na.
•611 hy 0P a =el., EN.
Tit tdoselianeous Works of Henry Eakenne, Eoq ;
third •aw, paper, at 3 parts.
Tb Wye' Aataran 'Ewes deserts:Man oleo leseona,
t 7, rural life. and cowry aausseasents; by Tb wen
Mill —with MI illastrationi
s b Wayside Crow, or the Raid of Gowen a tale of
tmheen n 1
e test War, by Capt E A Milwast ot the 3 n
-111 .broniele and Americana.,., ull
. SHINGTON and the Centrals of the Amer e •
Revelation; complete in I voltone& witraik .4.11
on meek OM pobliebed by Carer & Hart
e an entirely amknet work from Hadley's •Wasti
and his titerterals; and by a review 'lO the •Tale•
'fetid' it is meek more favorablr spoken If, !•no
mere newtprper *whim."
received Mid for sale 4 .,
Ce• .
W .1 8 00112—Washistztan and Ids Oenand
leen and Ins Marshals; by J T
, market st between 3rd 4th:
rOlt, RALE.
Ea v irs p tdes=2l.soplaSEes each;
is ' elses sirsde:
• . Looms foi weaves, 44 sbeetingle.
Okras, Press for baling - 55..5qm
• toe speeders, &awns frames, resin,
sold&e 5 gee
re of
allot welch welt low
ma PIC Conon ACE Putahursh, Pa.
Tunas: WOOL, so
li bag. Panther; •
3 " Wool;
4 " Dry App4s,
1 12 bb ” 1 t,o aunr Palo All
water front au
rate; the fined awry so be obtained; tor uto by Ens
eats or mato bottle at the wine stow •
cor market t front it.
WW , —Flee (Ed Pale Carter Sherry Winos. in
:eau, for sate by the cue or single bottle at the
wine more. • lovlll] ' JACOB WEAVER
UPS, GORDON MR Pep aisd Browu &erne!,
lo wood and elm, whether widk R IW lo strive, 45(
Ow <aloud hods, for mile at the wine store.
WEET . NALAOA WlNES—Lehring's Giso's and
Basio's brands in qr este and India bids, for sale
wholesale alum wine swig.
EIMATEIKR3-311.1. now landing fram steamer
Brooklyn; for ule by
nql DICKEY ft CO
DZA ZIITA--11 bay landing from .0 Palo Alta
4 / 1 1414 by JAS DALZELL
13.11 14 'met,
1)10 NETAL-10 ions Tennenee het West metal
isadinglpens the stair North River, far sale by •
evil • , JA: 4 . DALZELL
Logo SHERRI', hh bbl., fur ale wholesale at the
wine more, Weill • JACOB WEAVER
SAN LUCA SHERRY. in bbl., for ulewholosaleit
the wine store. until /ADM WEAVER
DRY MALAGA WINK for sale by the India bb!
the wine seem. 101008 WEAVER
umber, 1£47; puu reees wed ,by
•, 0. 1070411. 33 khda flr We If elms <engin
. meet. • FBJEND, !MEV b. Co.
norlo . , No. 67 Water et.
nW7iLTOES-170 bbl. 'received
_por str. I 1
Crinendca for We by FRIEND, REEF &Co.
ooylo No EY Watet st.
APPLICS-11:0 Banes landing from the canal brit
Yorktown. sad for We towm ekwe coosYmmeot,
(=rib] • JAMI*I DALZELL.
Wag • BRICK—AM In moreland for ..llow b,
ncorto • DALZELL,
No. a 4 Water st.
DOIIII. &ea&la, wholesale 'and by
/lo mad time Wale &aro. JACOB WEAVER.
RITMO WINE, 4 P. Carp and Osrpeo.
• ds, oars and for idiom W Ina Stars.
Lsows maxis in bbl., store and &nude by
PlllOlOl6 old Amontillado Sherry Wine, ..Pale,
V the gloat *harry to be obtained, for solo by the c
Wile, at tha Wine Moro.
Cll2l22ll—Wanted 200 bids vett Cider. tor which
the bath will be paid by J W CII ADW ICK,
. boylo Wayne,. between, Penn and LI hCrIT.
GLAZIER'S DIAMONDS—A neve lot Jun ree'd
and tor nolo by ; .1 KIDD & Co.
(Chronicle copy) - orrrto
f UST RECO ISO Ibb Pogr'd hasp, and for mkt b
.oviO (Chronicle copy. J KIDD&
WELT 01L-ICO rec , and for tale by
noall) (Carmelo copyß J KID 1? &Co
c gupsz—teo lions jnst received and for rale by
sovlo eor and Seni.Mie ld or.
SOAP - 17U bss No *Dip !wt loading ham J
1 , 7 J Crltteuelemi for isaleh) ;
'8 W lIARBAUGII.33 vrom st
.VLOVEL-614 bblssirirn awn sapsrfine flour, Kufrah,
mills and odrar favor*, brands, in stare: for We by
SPIGIZLIA-600 lbs. all root 113.1 reed: for We by
o•o cor In & wood its
OIL ZITHIOL-50 f 3 ar , xi i i2N= r ar r i %. by
BACM—A Nub Lot of Ladles Catpet and Misses
&Awl Bags just rev:ivied; foe .al5 uy
iIIPZR 11030:11 or assorted sires, suitable for
stores; *xi jest tro'd at EATON'S
Trims, store
Li' ,:,:,
YAIIIII-4500 cat' 'or Omar, am, waled colors
and Woos for solo woole.olo or maul at
we* •• • • EATON'S
eslooikKi.—Childsases woolen Cloaks, sack, polkas,
1 1 Vaal varialn.fOr sale by
ow 9 . if EATON '
VIITTIC—A watered Bak Yuen., rieMY trim
NI Z , An do cia comazimbio at . 1.
S l Z i t TV:=2lTratia.4=oMW
VANCIT PRISTI;-11esses mar styles, sad late
plueltase Jam speatm,ifitt sale by
Elial:l7T WHITE. SP woad st
B•00111—HaaL Bides Sboalders kw sale low
es slaw apasigemuo, by
mil • J JORDAN e 5011
LM u tlka ! kiCh.hirid tkvi s x le atkia=4oo.
2tuticm tak's
. 3.0.35. D. Davis.'/Mactioneer
Pawn Drake's Pala of Black Eann'Veningsi Dress
Silks, ke
ON Thursday morning. the 11th ton, at 10 °York - . at
the Commeren2 Pales Rums comm or Filth and Wood
Parcels, will be toad without reserve:
71 yards super black vacs seatite;
204 blue. black and figured dressalka;
1 piece caper black maim'
11l plaid, Emoted and Wiped Alpaerafq silk
shawls, quilling, Imesl edging, sewing' silk, togithm
with a general am, eta of fancy ma staple Dry
At 2 'Clock, P. EL
10 hf Alas Young I ymn Tea;
0 atilaN 0 Erfgar, qsialtin
' 8 bblit Zki 0 blemlasicar
Pp. Regan, Tobace Shovels, wrapping Paper, &a
A large assortment household and kitchen (afar
tare, dm. from a family Macias the cuy, among which
are mahogany bureaus, sorsa,rocking altars, fables,
hedueads, work stand,mantel abets. emoting stores,
coal aloe., I huge huff mks queensware, glassware,
tinwares le.
- •.
At 611:Mock, P. N. ~
A retail stack of Dry Gikads, torts,,,sboe I, ready wade
. 1 0 , 1 ,1 41, fine cutlery, swims, shot suss, pinata, raid sad
silver watches, Ac.. 10,9
.45 Building Lots to and adjoining the City of 'All&
gheny, at Auction. •
• ON Monday evening, the 15th inst. at 6.1 o'clock.
at the Commercial Sales ROOM, COSTIOT of Wood and
sth eta, will be sold without reserve, 45 Building
.Lots in sad adjoining the Sod Ward of the City of
Allegheny, within five minutes walk of the market
'house; a phut of which may be seem at the Auction
Room, and the property will be shown' by Mr.
Charles, pumpmalutr,residlng near the piemises.—
Tenon, one MTh cash, residue in four equal I
payments, without interest.
. .
Atso—Two Lots 111 - Giound adjoining the above
on which is erected; • convenient Frame Dwelling
Heroic which will be sold for one third cash, residue
in threa equal annual mutants without interest.
Terms indispatable,_ JOHN D DAVIS,
ev6 .Auctioneer.
Benefit and last appearance of MRS. HUNT.
Thwidity , November 111 k, 1847,
To commence *ins the
IrI(h *ldol., •
jeclacy /dr..rorter. I Widow Brady. Mtn IbutP
Alla which, a Dance, by MISS rAN VA MALVINA.
To be followed by the petite comedy of
Hans 2dorita••••tdr. Donn. thltnnic...
After which the comic Ballet of the
Simon Mr. l'arsloe. i Nutter
To be Rdloared by the last act of
To conclude with an Ethiopian Eintecti, byy
El:rDoors open . at7, acd cartain will rise at 71.
Ertablished a wareboase to the year IM6. Mr the par
po.e of supplying the City and Ulterior Trade with
low pnees—and exhibitlng, at ail seance.
of the *ear . ,.. the Li mm Assortment*
They ate now °peeing Several Hundred Packages,
comprising every new style of Foreign and Domestic
ioduction, many of which are not to be Round vie.
here, sadwhich have just been, purchased, and are
offered for sale for Cash and short credit, at
per yard. below the priers or April and May, ar per
printed Cataloguer, which are 'corrected dally, for the
informationpf buyers
Afro York Justlffr j
Caution to the Public.
ALYNAM/PA JAYNEI is the only vitithorised
egent in Pinsborgh and Allegheny for the
sale or the Pekin:Tea Compsny's Teas of 75 and 77
Fulton at. New 1"ork. Any other permit in Pittetiorgb
pretending so selloor Toasts an imposter. and deeemee
All who may pumnise Itga. It commonly known Met
the Pekin Tra Odopany's Tea. have moven superior
to all other Teas told, and forth,. name many persons
have dlsbeeettli I/emended m Imre the sate of the Pe.
too Tee Companyhi teas, when they ate all the while
rending troth and cheap sudf, which they hive obtain.
'ea eleewhere. Others again &name the name of Tea
'Company and ientate Our packages And threby deceive
lticare Informed that there is a person in Pittsburgh
ram; Teu'utiderthe name of the New 1 ork and Phil
adelphia Pekin Tea Company. We h Ise only to say
that this untamed company have no connection what
ever with the New Tot k•Pekin Tea .Company, as con.
Ramer. of Tea will readily Manor, by comparing the
Yarticle they the genome Tea sold by the.Neor
ork Pekin Tea thoopany, at the store of A. Jaye., 71
Fourth at
N. II —Mews. kleCsitststria DosseirPhiladelphia
hive no ecentecuon whatever with the New h otk Pekin
Vest Company, uor have they ony right Or pl.facge
feII Peas ender a name so nearly _resembling OW 5, as to
have a tendency to mislead the palette.
covuLass a co
nel - 75,nd 77 Rawest N. V.
PersassylVasla. Safi Road Orinspassy.
PROPOSALa will be received until Thursday, the
alth day of November, at to o'clock, A. M., at the
Town Hall id the borough of Lewistown, for the geu
ding and masonry open about al antes of the Penney t.
cools Rail Road, extending West from VeCi.i. :XI 19
sear the Lewistown Data.
Plans nod speciScatierm of the work eon be seen at
the aboie named place for five daya prevents to the time
appointed for 'moving the bids.
. Any farther 2116141au0n can be bad upon application
to W. B. Foster, Jr; ER, Associate Engineer at HAI'.
risbong. V MERRI
nvarkNovN : :Resident.
Car Builders, Cinhinnati, Ohio,
air, ANU FACTURES to order Pasteexer r and Freight
Wi.:cars of the most approved description at masa..
bit pmts. By means of the Canal., Railroad and Bin
up are enabled to atop Kam reawanable terms to
all prams to the Wes. Tbeiravork will be warranted
equatax all respects toany made in the United States
AllTurders punctnally executed.
, 9Jin (Formerly ed
(Farmerl~of Bonus ai9uw
Tan Dolls.. Howard. '0" z"
LOST OR MIXI.4ID I From F the marches: me of the
tabacnber,aboutor mtbstomentto the Mt October,
I Box Maps; marked • C. S. Williams, CICICIMIIIII,I9S
lbs." TIM Lox may,throolph mistake, hovel been taken
&emote steamboat or warehoose.
Rho above reward will be paid on delivery of the boi
and conteam to C. S. WILLIAMS Cincinnati, or to
Curial Elide, Peon sr thirsborgh.
A Rano chance
Ili A Retail Grocery and Produce there In a good locw
torn and doing a preamble business, ier rule_
There is ou harda well ielicted mock of Groceriet
and queenswere,which will be sold on favorable term.
Address Pon Office, Roc CS; • nsp llwa
Situations Wanted,.
I'3Y Demon of active business habits, who under.
eland. Book-keeping by double entry, and whose
general knowledge of niereanule atirgur render him
cap Vele of taking charge of mu' buqueis intrasied to
hie care. The best reference will be given. A line
addressed to W. B at - this office :will receive, immediate
attention. • : nelkl3o
AFFUN respectfull informs her
customers and edicts, that sh will
open on Wed.
tesdavoke 10th inst., at her mare, Market at. nne 3rd
2 cases of Paris Bonnets of her own importation, and
oilier, at New York and Philadelphia style, wills an
CZICOSIVe alsOrtment Of Fancy Myrinery,consi,tinz of
esp., eeening dresses, head dresses, Preach rimers,
Wattle drams, wreaths, veils, burthas trimmings, lace
eaps,,te. A great sane. of splendid Ribbons m 9 3t
[' Drool highlyrecommended by Phyatmatut as being
a mon prevesscva 'gawps Cold., at incoodpidable ser
vice in lattemnaue and Consamptore habits, being so
collative Led al to resist cold and moieturer they are of a
durable-texture, ann., ligat and nary to the feet:
Manufactured and told wholesale by °writhe it Pia
cow, WllliassubtuT,L.L
A fall asaortment of latdiei' sizes for onto by '
avg PII h:ATO.II al marketer
Of every description SIGILAV,INGI prompdr executed Ina sepal.
M. E NB,
Son Buildings, N. E. Con. df 77mini and Dock Specs,
Nl,ton hiladAis
IX . THERE c always P
bed at s
hort mice—
V Masonic Mark Maals,ol all kink
Luis .1 Plated Lloor . tintes,
Seals for Eta.s,Soef•l s.Corporanions, he.
Professional visiting cards, neravedxand printed.—
%linnet, In want of *eats kw afire, are invited w can
ned examine Specimens and Destruct( the varenstiov
den of Masons. Dld Fellows, Sens of Teroperance,S.
• Typo Foundry.
• .5,1 Gold, terms Ann wen, Nem York.
TFiR subsdtmer is prepared to tumuli hand east Type
'and Petal re* hinienals of a 4 kinds, at short notice
and on reasonable term. .
Proprietors of newspapers, vedit have net advekited
for the sobsonber, who niny publish this notice for three
/pond,. will 'be entitled to receive pay in typi, on put ,
ohatiog fore times tee =Deena their bills Car adirdstia
Cild Type ;Ikea in exchange for new at 9 oeni•Por lb.
A N excel= girl wall qualified, and "unclean lime
the neat.tococentandauons, place Rs
Permanent employ is .leatred In KM,
good rawly in of neat thq,uty. Impute at thin office.
010 '
IAT GLADE -IV 3 bra Bzlo and 730', -
T • !Whs. 10z12 and exit;
hza lell/,lzald and vycns, re
enrcd; for solo by . LAMBERT fr. 5111PTtIN -
nail 1.. 133 3.133 weal st
013:Praelthik.1131114PeZtiisa1seriticre haze
V associated themselves order the firm Of Ilawrs Zs
Stuns for the transaction of a wholesale Grocery and
Catornission hiplines, at Yr 0.12 Front street, between
Main and Walnut streets, South slde,Cineinsimi.
AVM hl 811111311.
A nEWARG will be given to any repo. who .6.1
known o ena the natnenf the indivtdnal who
Cat paragraph oat of the Rao Glietvev Piengosno,o(
the `MO untmo, belonging othe Board of Trade keachng
nvB leaner.
IMILK Persons hano`o Mims minx the County
Atell present them on Tecsday Wethresday or Bator
day. Warrants will not be drawn on any uher day of
the souk. - By order of the Commissioners.
nviltnikwltT .001 BORMI.y,
VISIt! FISH!! FISH !!! —&) bble Tinnier Wll:te
J: now in care, far We by
nyS water &107 front!
QICKD-3 bbl. Mustard Seed now land art from'
Ulnae NowneLgar sale by
wr9 !DICKEY &
F ut ! , BRICK-17M. now landio7: for nil_ 07'
water fr. from as
ILIOPII-4 bales Ist quality. rebbimb Ibruda by
1.1 . ! DICKEY & CO
T o.Acco lit , lobs Wgd's
i tt
0( raperior quality; for ask by
AGOG—A fm woroacat otoy 1L !nelpeend
hoop in mote; for saJi bt •
Tltl well known line of splendid paasengerAhm,
e sisnos composed of We Largest, rm . mat, hes
finished and fonnahed,.l.l most postern beam on dui
levers of the Weil. Every acerookno.ititioa and can
fort duir money can promise, has been provided teepee
'engem. The Lino has been in operation for five Team
—have earned a million of people without the least
'Nary to thei prsous. The bows will he et the foot of
.VlOO4 street t h e pievioa• to starting, for the mem
trona freichtand the entry of Paasenga.
Mr. In all cues. the peslage !cagey must be pa ie
- • -
I"heDiONOrilikliELll,,Cap . t.ioyorilllesve Pu*
burgh every bloudityrzertittg_su 10 o'clock; Wheehrkg
every jkfund•y evening atlo
• The HIBFRNIft, NO:. SI, PapL Sliarfetur, will
leave Pittabargb every Tiesday Dawning Iwo o'clock;
Wheeling every Tiierdav evening at 10 P. M.
The NEW k:N GLAND, NO. >ti cap. S. Pan,
leave rittsboreh every Wedneaday 120 ruing at •1G
o'clock; Wheeling every Wednesday eveam,k atIO P.
The WISCONSIN, Capt. &I Gm!, will leave Pitt.
burgh every Thursday ntoroina e kiek; Wheeling
every Thursday evening at tti P. N. .I • ; -
The cyjyTEA, riCriEcept. Ceieks,vill leave Pins
burgh every Friday eunntevat 10; Wheeling
every Friday evening elle Y. IL.
-The gtIn. , ENGER, Cups. Linford, will leave Pate
burgh every betuzilay morning at In eelock; Wheeling
every Saturday evening it w. PAIL ,
The ISAAC NEWTON, G.Atarree, •
leave Eat:4l.o every euxulay morning at la 'clock
Wkeehog evecy Oaaday everung at10r..1.1. • ,
May 2:1, IN:.•
.The at •
wilt lam for Deaner. Glarsow add
WelNellie, au ,Tueeday, Taandar,
and Saturday a eath week, at tielock,n ta r retunung
It htuday,Wedtwadayaud Fraday. hu a hut
nt the larkuu between wa - irod went and the bridgs pre,
paredm resume aught' at stardom. G•
. • d.& W MA/WAUGH, Ante: -
.Yo 33 wood
thealtur • •
tt: leave for Valuer, •Glireow, and
tYell. N, ve
OP Monday, Wednesday,
rad Friday or eaeh'week, at it o'eNck,• in, rammin g
'nn Tneaday.Thunday and Saturday." she bah a boat
tat the landant between Wool weal and the bridge
prepared to receive &Ashur at any.titne. •
— FOR 'NEW ORLEANS.; • - ..__
- -
Tae new and splendid racioneer •
EnVinneYi mower, willleavo en above
tatarday, at 10 o'clock. For freight
or panage apply on bond. , ~ non
The new and fact running Wenner
Greenlee, manta, will Mae as above' -
n Thanday evening at o'clock.—
For irciatil or passage apply nn board. . evil
simit. The fast renatna ttemer k • .
linel r entlael, will inn IRs above this
day at 10 o'clock. Fee froght or pa.
saga aanlY .1 haasa. nett
Ellit ac. lAnnld.
Tltc splendid Meanies.
Mt,hicDonaid, A m L its L i l ig U ar l all leave as Slows
dila day at 10 o'clock. For knight
passage apply 011bOltfil.
The fine new time •
DAP. ÜBE, • •
Geo D. Cock, master, will leave Pelts
'-Iburgh every Teendav, Thunclay and'
no ,yy even. ogy. at Y o'clock; and Itrovinrville every
llosiday,Wedneulay, and Friday wort:loge etpa'e:oct.
For freight or pasonge apply on bosvd, or to '
Tie splendid new weamer
' GENERAL .I , Ea.SVP,. • •
y 3 r - 'Fame. master, will have as above On
the Ana Inst. For freight or passage
. .
. . - •
The regales paeket • •
imaksirnes, Mister, swill leave Pittabargh,
very oxissing, (Sendays excepted) at
9 o'clock, and leaves Wellsville every evening al 4
o'clock Far (tendons patesee apply on board. oetl2
The magnificent sow • ,
• kI tiler, mast., will Ismael. those this
ming at to o'clock. For freight or
rtafqteapply on hoard. , . ectl2 .
...The new, light diarist/tau/1 fart run
tungutcamer EUREKA,
Cromer, master, will ran act legato.,
acket between Pittsburgh. and Lou.
M., durin the num: She leaves Friday, OmobeeS,
at 10 o'cloc k . •
For freight or passage apoly on board. - 'oet9
Tho now andfine Weimer -
Poe, master, has resumed her•reg
alar trips and will leave Pittaburst
IMIII as above every Thursday lend Mon
day eta o'clock, P. /liL par (melt or passage apply
on board,or w ' , D WR,KINS
splay -
_ _
__ _
The bow steamer
. master, will ria as about,
to a Pd. sears 1, every Monday, Wed
nerday and Friday, at al o'nlotk, A. :d.,and Alooonta.
bele City every Tuemley; Thursday and g.
o'cl 72s ock, A. AL For freight or passage apply on board".
ffsegrsalak Pittabarek meal ZIIICSI tat.
• THE 'met liftmen steamer
AR.. • N*WA.B.K.,
Hard, Llnster,wilimakoweekly than
to the above port durum Me Mal Or,.
For freight orse apply oa board
or to . sda patem
D Agen
The ars and IL drausAt soar
3 P Jack, sneer, will leave for stoic
agaand illterMedi/120 ponsonTharsday,the
id, last atIO o'clock, s . m.
For freight or passage, having . sop nor aer.omarod
tams. appl I to J NEWTON JONES
nes? • , - hiononashela name
Mn =ll.
`For 14.1 quick dapaick Merri;aist aid Produce
EtVortnl riIIIBUSGH ADD Tll6 lartLita ,
1114 • •
This Route Open all liensena °false Year.
trim safety, and farm able rates afforded
j. by this Line, are sack that the Agents can with
confidence recommend It to the patronage. of the pub
lic. • -
The establishment of a Two Day Lb. of Wagons
between Ltrownsatlle and Cutaberland, renders It the.
most upeititions and reliable route between the East:
and West. bleichandire. from the East is delivered in
Plusbargh ma the oveninir of the third day from Comm
berland. •
.- • .
.• . .
The Agents will give receipts as to time and rates
and all propeny consigned la them Intl be forwarded
at the lowest cit rrens rates. 3ille of Lading.transonnesi
and all Instructions peen:mil) attended to. • • .
J C BID WELL. Agent, Watts 142, demo Shen BM
Monongahela House, Pittsberglk • . -, ' ' t
CiEONV CABS, 8r0winwi11e........' . . • '
McKAIGI A MAGlTlAR,Camberiand. ' _ - .-
~.- , '
.1 B upumsos, 3 Light at, above Pratt . laslti•
JIO2IOIIII 111M — A — ROUTR, - 77 r
films u.. 8 ii °nl ail i left 7 glm Man' els. aag Cou•eq j Leati - Maw. •
.L Senna.. are no nnsking . double Dotty ( rips In-'
tween Pnwhorgh and Broaresmlle, The mor ning ball .
keen daily at 8 o'clock, pre-Maly; the evening 11 - 4 '
o'clock. Malays excepted. . • - ' _
Front Pittsburgh to Itshimore.....32bours.—Ewa Ina '
P/00 Pinshargh to Pteladelphim•Mhoors,—Firs Olt
By the Fsenam bawl Penengere will lodge no hoard,
in comfortable Butte Rooms the Ara nwhx—cros the
mounialna to day-light. and weasel ledge -In Cumber,
lend the ad night. thee avoiding night anstret altogether.
Coaches chartered to Parties to Bawd es they may do
sire. - .. .. •
03. Secure your tickets et the Ortee. Monongahela
Rouse, Water It., or to. Charles lintel. Wont Cl. Don't
knisiake the Office. J ME•IKISIEN,
anent• •
Treempertailes to the Naistern Llttes.
I RE nu lose N rtbers are foll A y preparc , dto receipt through ';
It for ail merchandise and Dogiute dectMed lire me' •
stern glues, by the Ilrotenmdle end egmberland
• RIG•• .•
!Stoppers and others will have their gotili forwarded' '
i , the sirop rimers arch a,i, nonost disp.uch. at the low-' •
t current rates. Bilker lading taken nod inuitala
d tree of charge for entamiston. • •• •
The patronage of the pabite a respectfully solicited. '
rF., ih proP ,id.f., . WAI II CLARKR.
• . •
hrosvosville, ....--
nil • Water creel. Pittshomb, - "' "
• • •
• •
IIE Dahlia, and all Mamma* coeds from the East
Putsbnoth, are inkilmrd that see Mice itmt im
el'. to
new line at express waguns i ezelsteciPat
Mlle. to transport mods for Pluaburah only, and we '
Will tarnish receipts at ow office in Baltimore to aehrea
anode ih MUM tin boors at Putsbamh„bunda, • and
railroad delays only excepted. Receipts 1... r this line
will also be tarnished by Adams th 5.4.,.8e5t0a, New .
Yolk and Philadelphia. As we ran the only uprose
by mail trues wen, shippers toe hemmed that they
mast procure receipts at thstaboreiotaces only.
Mee D MO R R_Bepot. Pratt st.ltaltimore.
Pombemb Mee, • ,
II O It/CKEREY, Agent;
Mt Charles Hotel, Mitsbutah
mart' )
ecr., nn
.• • ' •
'pa island Railltnaahannabcen •
Me re t lacy' water; Mc sabaenbers RIII mos.
oe AloAday,lBA October to nut two of dim
p ac ked; rimming passengers ro ue Omer and all imam
teatime .points on Re Eassi and Rail Rome;
pini6.o every Monday. Wedoesdar and Prsday Eve.
.ing 16 6 ot.lock_,
_sad floaidetytbugg every /6onday,
Wednaday and Frifty assuispk,
For MISES sPPIY le.W.Ogichs ifieultiAtelaliMarits
.f~. , .z:'.;~ --,z