The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 10, 1847, Image 4

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i adianhilt , ndfic Witidti the.compc troll o ices:
iif;,.., , httieivilionetiont- ' '' - - 1 ---'--
o''," ' 1,. .1 IISV• all bsbitasr, regard for Median ' nf
~,,..;....!,,k1.,1„„ii.d.rib,,..----w,..i..1.,.. 1 0,4,1
..:i..,...,.. :1 4.......„.,,,,„,,,,,..6,1„,„44,..„ Ito jud
..r.t ~:,- idiom* aural the last. that would deurato see
~. t. . :, strut* would be theft:ld right/W.ow people. .I
:,.., ... , witi ~,t aroi,but what the legislature might Om;
,''.i, 'ably abuse tbileghl.itivia discretion in this Aspect.
t ',' . Se Meg might ht may other department of legida
.,,' '...-..... , deo, befl wißilot 'impala to them sochl abase
4.,:•:... kg* PlirPoeser kiltidier Opm that laentiMption
-titterrezneet spinal MS lair, holiest end knell.
- ,.. - .,.T Ord nem= of their power .. - The plea which
,a ei.,..,. we mho our great political bleestep is that the
t - : - , -
.: E°llft ”eh 1,114 ill:Stli . agents may be 'aboinet .
i 1 .. . -, 'eia, I .w
os i tl .
I V , coca - abase 'occurs Cans' I a -
,%:...-::. sbnaga in tosast i ln s . taumaltnoui the.Pm tire e
AIM Pro Pele, diectlas and enact the Ism.' Till
• I. kiPlemhide in our Commonweallh. .:1 •
'The loindature dorot reminder their thief b
„:„,.4 - _, the ber a er consideration; they may repeal iti
~--;,- - leedtry it. cooties' it orthey see fiL. The vote
pea le at the ballot tar, smatling Mannish
...'"/..". -- w,.
In nnatorn td,lhe fair,lo the mode deneth and all
'larded to by th e -law Itself, color of
....„, me dein rub or a altneison of oar rePeraent.'
._...5.i . ,1 , „. r i r i l cidiul tur ai g:iterra i irat... l i :fi d elm .i denvee of
q } l
Me" -awl legal
t'" ill s It" ' I' M gn.l-4"
or, pans Twit not nig at Wong. ,
to thiie thrtelents. . All lam &rim their force to,
, -.-
It t ett ' llq i "n tan t'e trzdT.,l2 be opftl e t Ple itt: d tl i t h ea r
-- " - fore owe palter: that they shinitt conforio to,
• ,
_ - and be approved by pahlic spathe/it.. . ~. .
And when a toravithylffo change is proposed in
' ---- long ratablithed customuit is with and prudent le•
Bienia , to ,COnsvilL public opinion. • Such roils the
: A n tret n a i r t ti o od th e er_co Se rld l'ili7;n74.:Do'Shi I.
_,..,,, glued to elevate, enlighten and - corroborate the',
.public nnod..the othir duigued to portly, enlarge,
• - , ,-illid edam the phbliiinioritquo ay to make the pen.
ple of th e Commonwealth worthy reclaim:ant. sod
-sure pardians or the great pneeiplea of religioas,
. imorat,und political tro th committed to our - carc.-
But Unisri tommethels to truth,litierty, morale and
. • public iestnictioe, which tho legislature, with the
-., .. • smut of „the people; have erected, this court fa in
• 'Midi* destroy. But perhans il this court under
-, , .', Cats tir ledge of the mode end nianner in Much the
„: . .. 1 1oglalators shall exercise itadiscretion initiation to
-At .. 'vibe public volley of the comma, sad sot the' molt_
' of UM discretion, span th e rights otiodivideale, a
Mugu appearanes of destroying the equilibrium
rd the depart/mount governinast say be prolleat.
~..... ed thee is snood@ by the taw in gummier- limey
...,":": beal a eged that the aunt well idtimstaly.become
- • , anchor/My, ohms invade. and tote away ferule.
'' 'f - 11141, - discrehoo,snd thaw dialro,ys the ricumersee he.
_tore of teerepubbeao
Aeother aignmeat he, tgat thetas is unequal' and
. ' ' operates in spots. Atm sorb has been the m a nner - of
''' r. , von Irrigation' from the beginning. The stray law
. ...erthersdo hi operate Mame "counties first; a. arts
-. . alth the law rerpoctint maim running at large . ,
• 'Poor Muse* - are natellintwed in some comitiesnth
• , -,-, new in o th ers.' The Mechanic.', Least - law is locil
"../.."-' help confined to: certain - empties. , Tbeiaw. ton'
among Game, are loial,embriming certain Mutsu
oafs,; , 1: 1 ‘0 Fe the lotto ri.pi.use Sabin- - The
• ; !,,,, -law n contemn. equity miners. fp .the Courta of
~ . Cemsorin Ekes are local aad nate ti ts. The.
...,...." =few wo local, the city and county of - Pella. /
..., , beinglearJuded, they bailor - been . peer
..... , !.,,,mulytraniialweil withe "plena adapted to their • ith
es. l'he. the legislature Koran for the mats and
..., wishes utile people'et erery diatrkt as far and as
' ..aelleil they can.. And why should they not do irri:
'Ttie baati, silencers, wants and Mahe. of the pee
..'„,...,a pie of a .laurecommunity ail" Merest in different
/.,.,turctioat, ,Aad a lath lawgiver alwaysedopts - th e
law; as for as may be, to the wishes and weals of
...I , the people' tiorngor of lava em twee into, entire
--. indbmaty the Make br canto Or the people. of dll
. ~.Screntlestalons, goy more than they can torte them
• "fiy• speak the sere language or worship at the same
.. , 'iltar., henurnymeal of government all Wiser MI
---'....f.:•:- " '- ' 2- -I ' s4iwl"eteleie f .fil :, g. , b , i = Cdililat m - ,the od °"Ut yzi Per,
e h 'el ph y " : l l2° 7 l l , 4l tni i ett at : .
..• bawboleraccerdier to the wants of the rim.
I,:' 49in a i ry bu irt i f i efirterbr ad) la oTirg 7 o t rie . ; biN i bj.y see itinctinf ot revenue derived from the limn to sell
tili7of ac t l ha ‘ o tha ld t l the ar: U ma n y ne ui r :e'equi:r:ill'blin the
- w." 1 " - anno thing' eisy'and
a n Oreurred ' ' in Pe ne toenail
,' ' '2 : thine may he one et an tau *seem, : ad% tee, P
coatirsomi one there may be.a ' dgn. ' 'Thes neat
:tact beenttormity, roe i4de ads, under*. old eye.
tent. anon - th e cants *ad who of the people cd
ths several' tolerant' or Ws • -If one is
. ...., .'.moat th ita another it aby ts own voluntary act.
~y. - w-,-thiroyairluele local' taw is the innate of' \ film
. .'..- , • filth, 1841, whichw provides that in'oll cues when
.. a!benhaufOrMlier, at or personal roonerty, brdestroy
. ..-.:; id, in Philadelphia coootv,,by thy mob , or riot, ' the
._.,,.: ••••-• ortrisitf the property may the.the county, and \by
'.... _ , a matintiary . procoodiuj, recover the value thereat
.. , ... This ostlers remind the indicant unction ot this
- .., :.COMI. • A great devil et oar lee/tattoo respecting,
roads and brolgal II local, sad may statutes maths
' '_. TO fq medulla coanues,welting different Minna..
. hog different Dumber. 'et "fewer. Marred
0 or &wring damage., different, mode. of
-., . • " - Mfg thereloirtel Widnes. Ate.:. a.. 1 refer to a to
L 'Act el 6tll April 184.1 w. act or ism ny s ii trty/, y e t a
; 1 1 th Much' rhltt Ft ii 411,. Pehnotri 1815, and th e
. j
..,,.. set ofltb Apiff'lBl . 3 .. , tonthrelog . Mciaqmierlann
.;!.• fildoroe coenhis. • There is a particalullaw on the
• "bj euwa7 f4 B ( nit tametk4 pate
° _ .. ta -Hl-- 1 3A ent
pose ,.. ; , ttst these tbs. are I 1 nal Th ''h '
• • ''', ~ near toaadation an common sew and eta's, and
heath"are • common,. -now and hence" re. Lead
.....; " .:
"".. - i ls a wlif4r ' Pa V i ttle d V:e a d ir ; wi fe fue' gr un t
teral catch*
wal koram,.Loid Cote riires,Um one of the hum. -
' - ' ',',- . • - Attlee' el jfidgmetit is England, tbecutoini of d,
tersat Owes as oabeaslet; town, Noah, wtyiktenor
'lloinere; kindred - or twenty., (:o. I.ittleuni,llo4.
~ ,,, ".., W .;011d-tult;.filedant, dial I, cap Id. AM these
r a 'f:, ;-.i.ia.eirstonsheut ben reeognized by repeated act. of,
V- - ".d . ...puitaine - st,and autainita by the courts, as the*
"-:, aloemdttioneflegel indgeseets: I might cite lumen
liinittlYea:lllen dinette the auto= of Lendon„
~.--,. '' ' -ilffllichantheo lagelyinto the ailministratiiejusuca
. . -to retitle& to property-in that city.... - .
.'.. ' i ..". .yieslithollas &mina Shies, as I behove Mt 'I
poser of estatniehing laws Aunt repletion" per.ulia;
I' , ' , Se thetuelteas awl tor their own benefit, to greeted
-.. . • '- wilititi , to the ttoroi;er es we' ''al* them trvrli.
...I, A...y*l mapower time granted,.
.ths Tad
', ' '.' •by Icor eneeleeeeilo be !deli *la ud a nd reedit
ntho sappseess, secnrith and prosperity of pet.
:,..--.,. TbitlCOMlies In litusChstsettatie divided In
. ''-..'-.- '..tar • wenn luirwerlag to' oat 101113ilhipl. ~ Bided te-,.
:, ' - '• :. :'' mind enditarrliii.:Ath,lB36, • the power of Mi.
town's= Inscribed. :The purple ere to asarenbr
annually either kith" mantle of March ,Or Apri l
-:. • !
.and ea oder afterwards se the "affair of 'the towni
; wire; seeording .to rapletiona set keth'in the
UM ' . Whir theirserdde:ehejaled a' tooddio I
docatine' n which alictiontha town dub ideal*
%TM moderator peastwitinderidetides as to who
' .... ' entitled hispeak; end the.megiWg iiitiepown
; , iTtitielewle any' yeeson - initty of drooled, held: ;
' Moe n ' ita 4inibizo;Doc aicoihn . twieaty , dot'.
;„,,lana,„Thit tour have dower Mud kid aneetitie
, • {Dram and vets mirk manor toonag'in they
shall jtatd,Pwiceinitifor : thiffillo Wing tripes&
*.ilia IWO" at town Bdrito4h is the 113 PP*
: -.. -..,?,0hel Inahltehronee of the - Phor,f ior.bural armada
.• ~. , 'thafii ainthestiecesoary ebargee tutting he 0 1
s '' f.,raniainiris.' The loin ineetinge,diall make sue
-.L - 1 ' i ... .. atereury.cedenr and laws tor dim:akar end none
- ": t . yegirtg tianprodeittial alTarnnt the town,' is - the,
'; 'shall jedp most Condocive to the peace, tool or
der indwelfam or thesaroe. sod they may annex
Irealdee not . mailing twenty - '4Odsia. , I cal
. •• -..,,,. idetnnopt to enumerate all the perm and dulled
'4l( the people siounbkd in lowoboatieri it iii , ,
.`.., - . .,i:Mlktian to - 14, - that by the octal& Legislature l
' OfgliCillt AS ititite ligiehnize, torti n non each @nth )
7., , ,;-...-.... - • . le it:bullied to the ilecialu of the teem meeting.
They -- luivi a right todetednintydsoibethior moot
they Will head
har repteentstivea to the generel - ar
21 4 it M. -: .. - ~.;-. ,-- . -- • :
, ..000
',...,,.,;.. i-,-, :;" - If tame not T been eb b to procure n copy of i
loft ht liditsgathu** New . Hadistore aid
i';'.....J . .. ' . --. Conaidieut, boat han mallitubLhow can in
.' ,• ; .. :: their. books of repcsts,that: Melt laws tor heady
4 . ' I . Ate lime: ..Thew M thew kites, eteartoint may
'FS;- : , - . .:' Iticit different laws enable to itostr;demeee n l
and enacted by the PoPti of th° talon. to kwf
,:•'.: I- , beetithr eisnotded, yet Ode "data ttlei has I
psoducad,triL These Males remain bin si Meld
grialte a reek upon the mpoblican 'system ape.
unlmenterelthengh they maw Nato the peoite;
teeth •of - • time' kabuki legielstkin ' suitable -to
Welt saddler. Aka inantinicis of theme:mu,
:J . . ,• - . Arrest dr hradeue of • the people, give
`.;.... ' . them the befit of horeeduthid public attain, of
gornilsolusg ma wawa for Malmo-Moa, and
contribute lugsly : * that pecniiitity of ;huge;
'....;-,-,''. ".. .... iiarbich hearted@ the people - at that iiicden of
' ; .... ...i . .';. dill Mateo,dietiogstietted end reinwitabie
'-r:Adet Of the civilised world.' -- - 7 - , ,;,,,
,-. : ' ' .; .•., Abetiest :elith the foremost of nem nation in
''.: '.
" • l : -iadot, oB . laid litaignrai thdr. tudlotione afford
'.' • .;
.itrUidadamalat erstif with !Web the people
• - mtey he 'how.' .Tbit grant "aldslaliavis . power,
In dirMi,P.iintditntiortideodolged7 dal odltue.
v... , 18-abinithr.ieme seem 7eiiitUi hili a right
•aluist nob tioimorestinufse higher - parent
-•- -_. hi, the ' peoplei. ef ,_ dieted' ' dan,' thin.-:and
, and,
' lideblishing lir@ erliiiihinnifee.idt la deerent
',...."'',;"; -, . ntOdaisd measoriii in coatitroma dietticts, ad '
~ .-' • . whirl. - infiet; '-"ht,Olfelf !o : th er hPle mach of
therirbintWidhltatetioa, tiara deen unction.
ed and'arporedhr the sweat ledge', wed most
` + '.= .: F.far airing 'Staterniiiin, that aide re my other_'
• „I. - 2- • - .. - eolintiy i hu picatinted - .. I refer, generally, lethl
came orStithries Kiimpteisil3 Mum 272;Iiii.
'sass redeye 7, allnitiliitr, 41FitIViOtiborry ye
1 - . -- . • - Huainan; 6 meherisc, WI; - Medan ve. Milford,
7 plitoritigh.le4 17 Yielterhig;227;.phickholrn
..,Tchib#4 o 4.DrWalic4e; 9 rickariat; D 4, and
, ....,-. i .. I ,,,ii e diy.. :m id g ,oitara. to establish. that, such
teittahalleett.beett ilva4akied, aid iii mode des.
..-,-... '.. ..
sets go,,Fhitat Ihe onset °III,* pthrere of lawns
','-', r , a Zli eke ef filrthel M wonky
otlladomadate OM An& haamthlcts
et p i r =',"4..' e Arj s i V a g Ia W L° F.• U. ,
'- f - ",.f.‘-- :'•-•,,,•'''',:.. nag
cunNli atf l ear Coasts, say, - ali, t to
a t ar s to
lea:, Um
• • ••." - ,'..iiTgrvpsll * * o(.lllFfintlYr *UMW *et:WILL Atter
- ,;•,'.i,%'-;. , .., , ,.. ,- 4111140 _ oedqem“. 34 g a ." 01,6 :1 , ' ° l n t i att
Idetreart erear ..... ..ate fe t T on= .-
, .......i._ -,....,...-;:e•-ani.,...."01Md4,.
'''-'- = ',;..': - .'....;:::. - ' - ......4,4i1;:i. ,, =';::.:;' ; ',. - int';' , '..-.:',.'.: ; --. 'i •' ;
4' - w.friavink - tem.**. lot. boo
, ; , kf-f . . . ''''''"l=l:l7(krrt
a l V4<t4 moif : itnaiwz% ..gbw
044 W
'. I
`t` _ _ ...
;yw:-.: ~..~
:: .-7 'i - .:;. - ..: , ..,.._.
0 4 4cAlittie
. .... .
- • `T:o:..'le-:31,1; ' ' • v . .,
i . :4 0 . -% 5 4 ; 1 4Z . 1L1,•,•::•.!
4 5..,...014,47;!t 1 / 2 ..
a1._,,: 4 ,
~ ,I 0 ; 4.,- ~,,,,:.:
-- 4 :, A
. + ,T, 1, , e; , . -*-•-,
.. ,(4 ,, ,,, t ,.5:-:. '.. 1
-44 zzl'••• - - , --4'. • 0 .. in .,
, f ,. . p- kni :Y .lNk';4•l' ,
, .... ~.. - . , _-- • .., .
11-•*. PNI:s"---7'
A ,,...tin t it t z
" • '' " :,... "r§:
I : 4 '
• .:11.tk1 . '7 .1 W , 1;:t
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.•...7i ,, .:4:-.::::i.7-....e. :`-...i.:.:
i 4
F_ r "`" , :••••-,
' ' '
1 "•
; •-•
; ' .
r 4i; • '
• • •-
2 I 1 ;kl E_
i~lßle~lfaW W ei'l@i
-`CI4 I L 0' 'Err R T. 1 4 ..
Mt 11011DXLMILV AncLsnsiATED
vait'retievisithe runs and clingers incident ti 1
R.! - Prognaitcy and Lhild Birth, which insures the I
easy and anprotracted process of the functions of
woman which Nature, when uninfluenced by the
linunes of canned life, sounded should be perk.
med expedluouly, with little pain,and without sub- '
nefiestindispormion. I -.- , •
• Dr Bordermine daring his travels in Ana, observ
ed this remarkable fact.• That the women of those
canateiri are - picallany 'different from all Other
1 Dads, in this respect—that they are free from the
1 pains and dangers which stake the period of Preg..
uncy an object°, so much anticipated Mitring and
risk. Conesity sad the seal for Scieritific diorama
1 ry prompted his, to inmtigate the cause of this re•
makable exception to the severe trials to which tbe
married female. see generally subjected, f led the
• rerun was the discovery el the fact that the women
of Mae countries were in the habit of using dorms
the Int mares of Pregnarmy; certain plants "bleb
Aare the faculty of imparting that degree, of tone
and elasticity to the nerves and blood vessels of the
Uterus, or-Womb which enables it to perform ,its
' fu hennas is all their native simplicity °faction and
freedom from pain.
I tie i singular- factodeo, that the lidilo.iropeo
of North 'America are ins remarkable degree free
from thou pains and d gen of - pregnancy sad child
birth to which the wh s, women are subjected—
Whether they not ore the • plants as do the women
of Asia we cannot tell. 'Malan is that the fact is
no less remarkable than • a.- - '
This Remedy ii now itannely used thioughalt
France with the most d mimeos and Minx fie..
males who were once sin la tbrinaglrappreherrmans
of the dangers eminent) t to the state of =Mtge
are now by the use of is medicine, performing
tbe duties
e• l wives and •- • there with airman arm
happinesi. •
It is at this time now t prevented to the wo
men of America, by it Bordeloque, through his
sole ageekDe WhIO TIMER. and he feels con
,fident that independent f its intrinsic merits it will
recommend itself to th morel part of the comm.
nay, as it is lallycalcul ted •to do away with that
horriderime of which e, through fear of pains
of child birth, are god (the production of emote'
. Tbamedicine is also remarkable for remedying
that hitherto incurable d ' Barrenness: and its
almost constant aces • t -
, elamiFluor Albee.i a
trot that reined I
and ilea state ol the Womb
which accompanies this disease is never tell ,after
the shortest ase of this edieine. ' • :--- •
• This medicine is • • la such a way is to be'
agreeable and element the taste: .
~ Dr A C bIORTIM 'No 36 ka - Lispenani at ;
New York, has been's, • pointed sole agent for the
United States, by Dr Ir • eleque. sad is the only
person in this clammy ho is antborivid to rend
this iminuable modicine as thefollimiag letter wall',
! ! (Tranala4 f• m the-French.) .
' - ' Panta.JUne 10th,1847.
Dr A C Alontint i r Sir—Ameniting to the
agreement entered into tweets us, I wish by this
-letter to give yea Mal. written aathont to . sell
throughout the United tate., (my Reme d y for ro
tiering tiler pains and dos era incident to pregnancy
and childbirth.) which t. • is necessary foe you to
knee to satisfy the stabil of its genuineness and pa.
ray. As you are aware be exposure of the meth
. eine to the influence o the tea air obliged'ase to
send it to you in air lig ve ssels. I ban also sent
with it, a specimen o f e manner in which it is put
spin Pans. le like annerfehould wish it to nip.
pear in tbe United Sties.. Si,, with veal respect I
!main yours, F E BORDELOQDE,bI D. •
P S—l alto send yoga ropy of a fetter received
hr me from the Royal Academy of Science, in
• , ,(Trztnolated the Prench
.Paris. Jan l -
'';To ht. Boni:mime a.-Sir—The commission
ere. of the Academy bar appointed the nederitgned
trum.their somber, as a nuadtee to report regard.
jog the merit. at tne reedy laid before iu by you
Our relieriag the pains ad dangers incident to preg
v and child birth.) Several eminent Surgeons
baring rabmitted to `Academy the mune or
'their -expanse. as thecae of your remedy, we bar
tea to lay tt before you' believing it to be the best
decisiou regarding Its aim to dtatinetiOn, and of its
great 'aloe, 'descants to thefublic could have
wished.;, i acne* this body may pa
sic on the members the predisasion will exerted
to ferther that adopho of this remedy into general
au; which u amen discovery and an unfailing
"remedy,- it so 'richly acmes. !Eight Physicians
having used the mei!' 'nit, each in lest., eaves of d e -.
livery. foetid it eatirel succeed:ll in promoting a
remarkable sale sad delirery,-free from pain
and danger: - With th . exception of three patients
of Dr. Briquet :hero was a perfect minium from
airy sabseenent weakeem or discase;', one of these
three a laboring„woMan who bad met with a severe
.fallf creek previous to nelieery,'wes taken immedi
ately after that event with a protest,' hemorrhage,
which ins with diMealty arrested. The other two
mallormatlemol the peirm, were in no wise relieved
of pain. Therm few exceptions in so great a harmer
of ease as lour handled, show the undoubted effi
cacy of your remedy. and .hare determined as Ito
give it that recommendation and approval which is
doe to it. and I the furtherarme of eventide. _ me dia ei!iti (Situo ''
) ',... ht BRESCHET, et a_ ,
... i . I,i'MAGENDIE;St II
Coil of the Comroissionem of. he R. Academy
• The public nre elottioned against pnrclosinethis
medicine from ady pennon except of the sole agent
Dr A V 610 No 36 14 Liapenanrst, New
• York, where Mi. Medicine in pot up in package.
suitable for beangsent by mail to any put of the
Puce Taio dollar. a packs', containing 101 l di
rections. •
Tentrisidesitoor of pi:dale...4 this Great Remedy
ho rends st a. distance, I=A*. so by forwrodieg
wo l'nrrg paid w
DR ei• , Sole Agent for th6u
sepd'7 9•1 Liipeisard .t, Nem York.
I, D. D.C.
aeltanteal &Wine !had
envyilt• prepare the -no
lent for Appbeanta cor Pat-
A. business in the line of lus
Ogee.. Ile ent be consulted
•he Patent Layftana dcu
armee Drama,
eau, and transact
prokalian at the
ea 211qm:edam
mat the be
damage &sin
Vasa= Mee.
mai fanned
eWar sauna,
CUe will be
1:01114 be
Campos. Parana. at a
,raminahicats made at the
-aolication On • pawns,
a fee of fro dollars,
'lan immediate anat..
ihelnWtstation that
applicant in person]
vales is reqatied. •
'otter of Porno;
H lusawb
Jaddr ,
Hon. IP. Mow%
Han. yi/..441e,
Hetts.i H
;.- Capt. aear
H "'
rrrllE Irreotart and
A. before—Mule ea r
and mom raddoaalde
or made to order of rdl
elamiae die above
wholesale or retall,
orbolesalo parrloist7
api illy •
.er oirered lnthL edy
waved Easternplans—
neves and rokllll. Al *a
'ON !LIND, on hand
I at all Niece. •
we Invited to toasted
.hea t( es all will be sold
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• Western New York
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received. Brewers.
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A uignees of
k.TOWNt4 .
the United Pta •
"wiry, Plidlad •
..w#001 , 41
Bath of I
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I strait,
Wire Mamety
'ebel tr..
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I MUMS` (you; cam' 4ND
=WWI &WA le Chows s
•• njoi4O/o, Iwo of W. Om of Oti
1.1.4mA' " r lij s ro leo or PaLoop
ooroas loud mlo,• losthosoo =WSW of
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' to. 10 Sono rd exoSOrkroo R. ,PAATshiskii.
Al 4.. t ~trend ia ammo+ lo Ivo 6 met Mrs. auk
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1•1411 " red woken, aelt so consoloWe KLING* :
WO( .aandoes ase ahem ImamW M. pas
-10,0101012/001 day sod Taro hoar Oaks, asa dil. ,
MOM sso. Atm Tear, mats. Alp oaf alone :
Coda ~ 0,41.1* nil de sell So sloe so • tat Onion
inosiod so. • salt la..
Jim!!! •
abletwaltse Pit to, mad ns wool ilits - Dooo,llpints,
It er •= t46' . e"" : l l=T' as lit e oZoil
r a d =o no 10 Boni
• . 141 .1 ' 111 " 1:7 7 • • usirsitinsf
' 10 16 1 10 ! AOC ) hu k
• -
.•'-. - ' - 1111A14 , 141, IIIILWL11.:. ' :
A LEXANDER & DAY , 73 Market at., N. W. eruct
,DA:of the DOUnondihavo now received from the' large
'auction Wiles et New Yerkand Philadelphia/the at
and .own rplendid assortment of Shawls, which they
bare offered is tine eiwarnengwhich may tic kturf—
Splendor!, French Terkerri, of dui handrontut idyls,
and knelt nealitiesnaptined.
_Splendid Smells tall wool,) NOM of the Awn quail
um; and mom banana! deeps ever offered in ULM mar:
Splendid. Tenni French Plaid, (all wool.) a now cod
heitunfel aniele.,A
elipeTalND , plain' and embroidered black and
norde cob ny en Wavy: bullion fringe., a superb ar
?tact M emo, lain • and embrordedblack and mode
onion, with heavy tilt fringes: . • •
eloper Pans Caineleen Silk, very heavy, and unser.
pawed for richness of style and quality... •
Super black Wan= Silk, neh aniele fel:plain pee-
A large amortmeni of eheay heavy woolen Shawls,
plaids, plate and mbmldered=red to mutiny sole*.
A large are of the above slam bete recentlyy .
purehued at the large peneminortrAliCtion pals ill N.
York and Phil !pea, at remattably low prices, and
will now buold a great reduction for regular p aces.
Th. 1113.121.110 f lakule buyers is invited,
. ' Gentle WOOS Varnishing Goads,
H'a.E. :KID have this day received direct from
4 the at... 4 mm., =diger for sale at New York
ease of those Zaire Siiperfine Shins manufactered
mode. unready to oil own salmi and warranted well
, .
•1 ewe of 51120117 and Miami under Shim, wrappers
and Dnisserii, some very fine. ..
1 ease Belem end Collars, includiag Bosoms with Col
tae annelie&
1 ease patent Heise! joist Samenden, with other Goods
tee nurneroris to gentian, including bit and fancy
• adjuring Smoke
Paull., and plain Santillocki. - --
Dembisledbow and plain Itonsb.uine Stocks.
Silk and Sado Ties, nth silk and smin Cravats, with
eon moo of low priced Shins which we an tern in
quality have never been surpured In price in this city
We intend to clews the above Golds off by the package
end would tall the attention of Purchasers to our monk
of Goode, knowing than low pnees will insure them n
aped., Sale. - . H & ETODD
• oceM 'A, 10 wood st, up stain,,2 doors helots Ides
A. A. /MASON te..0r5.,.,
• 2*. MI Harty snort larwerw 3rd and 44 Omer,
.trevg just received per recant orrnrala, in addiuon
IA to their•already hew aad beautiful mock of Dry
Geode, the kargrinnartieles, via: ..
170 pe " e nob st) ha Cashmeres; • .
166 Mous Jr Laltem
40.-" 6.4 galia Plaids -
• 16 n rich silk do;
160 nCalibrola and Oregon Plaids; . -
70 ". mohair Plaidri: •
10 " plaid iressSilkr,of rich and desirable styles;
VS' " Ilea and blee black Saks; French Menses,
all Won, very Omen shades.
I.yea's Nut Silk V0W..., mohair Inures, plaid me
rinos, raw silk and plaid ilpaecaa,Wasemeree,•PariMan
Longs;Tasken. Thibet. &hotly, Plmd antlother Shawls;
Sun yours rose whiting. and bath Ibuthets; sheeting,
diapers, dames, table covers and currant mods; 640
wrought collars and kaps of all qualities; wrought
bdkfa,lntrut rambric do; WO to thread udgings,34lpei
bonnet Ibbsiols; sap Broad Oath and Casein's res.
' . Wbilemle Roams, Second Story.
oceN ' ' .AA MASON iXI
• . Previeti•Cainmares, as. •
W. R. AlllßPillf his open this moral°, Some bead
, V swam my il2. of French Cashmeres. purchased at,
Auction Palm of Preneh Goode daring his mecca visit
to Eastern Cite, which two be sold at mach reduced
pnees. Also, handsome styles of
• • . Plaid Mogan De Laine%
, Neat bed slot
'Jenny Lind` French Plaids;
Changeable ;uric Sado%
Embroidered ikado.; •
fin midi nodal supply of
Tarken Mimi% sod
Paper Plaid Long Shawls.
Amadei supplies of maple'
-kg v sash as Flannel%
Plhining atusliu%Stieeti t
4 =211 1 .1.. 8. P : "P 601thalla comer of
• - D"alds far Ladlies..Dresses.l
lligfreceteed by capers from Philadelphia and In'
forltdi luta user - mein o f the followina new sip
dtWol itiantia the (anew qualities and mos* benaidu
styles, lit prices greatly . reduced;
Jew Lind
Silk, Tait.
, Cashmere n
,• ALEXANDER & DAY, 73 Wake rt.
nYi • N W of the Diamond
UST Iced from New York by Erpren at
LO KINSEY , * New Fancy Store, N. al Market
. 10397 Frtages,arsotted colors;
110 rods lluttona for Lees drams web •
Carl e la orgither Trimming.
AINk 4..P.1111 Silk Glovers SO woolen taps for la.
drew and enema. 31 dos Comairts.
-Ali • lease Goods am of We 1.1.4 iOtes, and will
be sold - „ teed
Kars RTrb..b Of Batas.
117 Ri MURPHY has open a:eddy—Very low pried'
Y embattles, for chi Wren's winter wear;
rienny Lied' Cashmeres,
liveable Plaids bright eleirre
Coboel Crolec Marmon blue and
Orel /Opted Lasser
Rtert painted Cashmeres;
Plitia Nat. blue do;
Drab do,
11,. Changeable Tort Satins;
' Toseq.phiwb, Game very riabh
Beeson assorimest of Lee Capes, n e edle work mit
keponoct *suns and Eddies in
- "P . M , oortiheast earner of le and woe.
WE,bas we . 4 ,0 e. an r d s p len d i d Lot of aothiss, which.
'/Klek, hereon and fibre Lieet , Zrods Oar and
Olsek. brtninsblue and green Peek and Reines Coats
Super Cloth dark and gem Coats; -
Met and Mee Clodt Cloaks; .
Pilot and blanket-,
Yeas of relines, ihnpe• d M
PersJoreslif all de nsrand' eierythisg pertain
ing to the Leine* . • •
otr36 • 1• ,. • ANCKER ar. M I TER
1300011.11 131aek Alpaega Leo.;
l Wined blank ralpaemi Lamm;
RCM - do 'mohair I do;
FrOa. nnlled P•ranAu. MD.;
[Hoek indium DubmeF“; •
Do F:ngliph Merino.%
Seger French Cashmrle D'Entisse;
Fine English de;
ma new style Macy do;
!lees , and neh Paris gdoltuclitte D'Lalne;
Fide plaids and fancy do' 'do.
A :'UtTndrTra.l7ra b'"Va.""'''"F nod
6• a
uk, +ieAK.
WOlTE.otion*st so
BLAiscETS—J.i.ti.cehred direct from th e Idmt.
aficiareri-- , •
Genital, Wee Blankets; '
• • - Whitney,: 11,11 l3'and.laqoarter Blathrtat
• . Rochdale ben tasty dm •
Fllefalkind (Mach hest family do; '
Gamey Tette i . de;
Common plaid arid ohne do a
Negro atut llorm I
13eabove are decidedli the brit lot of Blankets that
have niegbeen brought it rambarah. calf and see
theta, 00 ,! • ROUINPON'd
tiv3 i '' . Pak so,one dam below wed
..----,--. i
Aimee:ens and Cashoutres. ,
n PEN this evarning:Ty &oda Home of W. R.
1.../ 111URY/41', , corner of th and market sus. one let of
low priciest printed Caa rya, very cheap; also,
Blank Alpaiviu; I ' •
i Patin sistped Pa ms:
I Barred black dilpaceas: .
. 1 ' :
± ili n e=l:= E thi. ' I •
• FOrßeel ' ila nom receiving datlv. Bo g gle arillPlesse
13 a° 44,Anif i f T118—' .., * L T 1 1.1 . 11-Pr lse n rc'n't:MlC ho e
Cloth. , k i r .a.uos o ki b n o i,l2l 'a c
in. otro b inf hand sive ' r
Pasch .Clotii.d, ne black for [W i sh Cosa, ;witted
Freachicaskiateres,plein and barred Fkrialish aa: 1 hex
pawls haying been bought very bur will be sold accord.
olitl),u . __, , .. °eV
~• arab
M. MURPHY has now open a fu It nasortna
lyr • of ',above desinible 'goods, warjanted aushrinka
hie; rilao,',*ilk Warp do, Gans° do, and a large assort
ment of *hoe and colored domestic do. • sptir .;
DLL4OII plllNGiffrft—Vie have nor opened a
large aswonment of it 9, ti,9, 31 and 4 inch blast
Silk RolGao Pnoges., Aiwa Whett.Sket Head, (Amp
Bead died Silk, and two body .'nrwesa, together with
an rissortnient of ant tlijk eolornli
_for ;We by
nyl ;. ' I ; SIIACKIXTT h. WHITE
etril d llril m :s i ft reset, ed a small lot of brit ,: bleu
Overand BosininsgaZ,jw nd hre;i ' vVil i l! ' be v ni ' LleToo ' r l d " ei
in the auras styli,* by
*ear; . ;
000D6--boy., Sail Mines Sick
a Costs,• Cloaks, Polaas, ?clarnet, Clifton Caps,
°peva Cape, Tippets of every color Ltd pattern can be
secs at [ova) ' • IKATUNI4
SE-tadiis bit /Opium Hose; aloe, lambs wool
and.Cashoiere do; Woo, leEcy and spud silk do;
Wino Lion{ add, Thltiet do. very ourpor. .its ands.
men 'snowopt:L*l dry house or .
Inas"lulu sad Sheeting..
i R. MURPHY naa received a large imply , '
goad.—eraniating of common. inerlorna
and irri, raper., Blankets and Eleenaga Manama t •
three Vards. at nordi-cant corner of Foprth and Marini
ntreme ,! • and?
I., , LANDITELS—fIed. Drown and barred Flannel..
/la additiandlaupply received from the manufac
turer.: AI.o, info!. pee. low priced Caminetts; for
gpill3 Visual et
Fourth Sired, bdiqien Wayland N
arbt, nearly
• 41pasile Ladino', Exchanse o,ffice-
THIS oolitic-ill.' hat Wilde the moht =pie erreng
teems err the ton Ant of those who orilibthe 1n..,
of baitqof &ent/the Winter Ware, 81eree. or tropic
dtpoohottooe have been 'pieced le the room. of the Bath
Howe. - • (team). • - H VASUION
. Foreligut Ezettriags,
VP 114.8 on England,lrrland..and . Bmtliiidlitinght to
any &moult aide, - Current Rate. or Exchange.—
Atto, Draw payable In any pant of the Old Count Wee.
from it at LIM-o,ot the tate of 03 w the - .L.-Sterllng,
without - deduction or dlueouot. by JOSHUA -BOUM—
SON, European and Ofnerst Agent,oolce; bdt none
dor...wowed' wood °etas!.
.I)IjAPTIED-40000R• good clean Rigi wined.
It Y for * th e t:::ril:rirrligra l eallt P rirffpleb ''
• .110 • warm et betwien peon &Alberti
• 3%. 113. Bishop, VA:filmy can
ba . frod at bls ilaroaPiocing &WM/ilia:ten,
• !r ,d aeon
• 'ealswiOnialbas L 1511 .6
THE subseriber will run his two thunlbususevery
11 der (Sundays excepted) to mid from Leennus
tine, leaving the' Diamond (near Warm .41.1 file ha.
eared.' doers and eery auendon paid as pueiringenv
Tbepanueugeot the pebble to re•peelnillY 11/11010 . ,
4.119.1101. ' L' JAMF,IIe DAM
- - . --
.L'ltL 44 Oil GI/464; •
.314/ AWI .; -p6t.
(roadie 69 , 111iptrille Factloril for .ale
4t oat wire MM. 6 1rt.44
A ft 1 . 1. i • • r J PIIILLIPEI,I wood at
OTOU./1014--Tbe ambantlberbavtaglearied theism
1.7 warebotse acempled by Pt. C. o.llasecy,Ne. pc.%
nscretallrow_ sae nay prepared to morn on favorable
lama. 'Poodavfonid Irak • ••. are constantly covered
by Instance. ' z . JJOBDAII &SON
• ongil 1111tbirry sb, • • bud of Inuthleld
absees tiZ
Imeionb:;eat .nick
rce% sad kr sale al lean Ranee/
- Wi WWl' Ow Weans !Sea area.
is • • "
• '
Moat agraordinaryAtaticinelia tAi
Tina extract h in
put up quart bottle.: at Lb six tone. Wrap
es, plrannau, L ain warrant.' .oaperior to and a d d.. , . cum
discus without enuoilanp latEnoro admen eV de
GREAT' spiatriroiruiris
The gran beauty and aspericrity of this Seinapailla m
a/.I other bdalicioe i. "Win it Eradicates Damien !ar
um the Body. It le one of the very best SPRING AND
BUNMEB. MEDICINES rote known, it not ally pant.'
. rise whole system' and ottuolicoa lb. pure, but it Cretan
Nor, pus end Reel Monti a poker pcesrmed by oidottott
birdman. And la this lib the grand sent of it. woodeofal
moms& .Ithas profaned within - the put two years, wire
than 35,000 eons of dame Cana of Dina. •:at taut 3,110 n
of Wen were conantand incurable. blue thin
;OW manor Chmnic Bleuserion ; •
BOX* macs of rime psza•
dais Bane of General Debility and Want of Euro; •
• 7000 mace of differ.. Female Coo:planate
710 0 0 ern of Scrofula;
lAntl men of the Liver Complain
SA t ;
. RAW ens W au of Inseam of the Kidney end Dropsy,
of Womuniption,
And Thou.& of eau of Dirac of the Blood, via: Ulcers,
Ihdo.Ftheon., Pimples oe thHeadache, r e Face, lac.,
inner with numerous eases
. of
kick k Headache, ain on
ade and &Mad, Bp i . al Affeclamos, de., ha.
This, we are arose, meat Inner incredible, but we hare
lattcn twos ployeanaos end oar agents from all puts of We
United Malay mCorming mof canard irony coma. It. Van
Banda, h.q. one of the most respechbole druggists in New
ark,. J., inform. la that Ise can tyke to more than lin ra
ms inlhat place WOW.. There am thousands of men in the
City. of New York, which we will War to with plcuurr,
ood to moo of character. It i. the beet medicine for Ws
• FUmntim of discus known. It udonbtedly raved the hies
of snore than
. 6,000 Ltutow rut Scloos
At it ratittertil the eaar of disci., wit piqued thcsii
Ike Butitater cum.
Can. 0. W. St cemuw,or rasUltrrzo Bt M Nan,
enduing= of the New Jersey Legislature, has kindly not
us the Waning eartif,cate. lt telh inns - story.
OWAY, Jan. 2..1,
A year lane I Win taken ' , kills& Wants, &ad my whole
system lell la • debilitated atally. 1 Inn indund to try Or.
"Townwoulle Sarsaparilla a0440r itskivc till or San bot
tle% I was eery inch relined, mai attributeit entirely to the
'laid Sampan!. I ban maltase& taking it, and food lhm
, 2 , fr: i e it •Zni,d:t i., Lili=eit soy lila awl until
0. W. MoLus, We U. S. N.
This eellifkMa marluam/y pram Mal thi. &nowtlla
has pmfect mand ova Mo mat Malaga diem thd
blood. Them puma cam, is id !am u oapromdanal.
Tat.. Cattama.
Dr, Tow sup —Dear Sir: I t h e plcutwr w isiforat
yaw that thin of my children hare bora mod of the Mow.
law by Ws or of your enalient medicine. Thry. went
atilieted my warmly with bid mar; Iwo only tarn krur
batiks; It took theta sway, for which 1 rail tayailf ander
dray abbotiwa. Town, nywellilly,
War: W. Caata s lo4lWwwwr
New Tart, Mud 41/Hrt.
D. Towtionadle leorsoperitle is a sorerogn and - epergy
=II for incipient Conana ilersehoitio„ loosierrbee, or
Whitaa, otoarocied itigie ption, ult gleastroation;lneontinuetiee
of Unhe, or inrolositturtieehiogo thereof, and for the ro
wel prostiuthat of au ryeleto—no sailer lei ether the mud
Of. inherent raw/ or 0001 pore:lora Oy irregularity, Muss
or oreldenr: . .
enNothiq he mum surprisiag than it inviguratag tr.
kets on the human (none. Persons, Ellcraniums and lam
inae, Gum taking it, alarm booms robust and tall of energy
mike its influence. It inunarlintrig counteracts the tut,.
gamma of Lisa Sonata frame, whit& is the great cams of burl,
It will not be anointed a as, m mare of m Mike. na
ture, to wertifwatim of cum pmfunned, bat we cm
maim the aided, thil hundreds of awn ham been - repel Ind
tou.. timeralmara where [milks ham been without Mild
...oAm ming • few bogies of d. Innlaablo
bare tem blist wbb healthy al/spring. •
Dr. Mwomend My wif. being greMly disarm/4 by,
'rehirea mil general debdity, and all - sing saunimilly
by pain and • mosalion of baring dam, Wing offer
womb, mid with other dirficulties, mil baring Mom
wiurio your inslicine Ma effected great runs; aodalaolwAr
inglt recornswoded fur such ores. I Mrs described,' übturo
at a bony of your i:mrart of flaimparilla„ sad fiillormat
the dinictims yon pm to In b Mon period it mamma
boo complinhila sad restored bar !mitt.. Ming rueful fur
the benefits the .mired, I Wm ?Mauro in Am acknawledr
log it, and incommoding it tbs public. .111. D. Weans,
Many, Mg. 17,11514. Cm of tinned and LOMB stn
COISACIIII, &pt. 03, Mi.
Dr TM/SIMS: To ell Vime this my emera—Tliti is
to tatify that my used me bottle of your If areemilbt
preview, to ber mamma; undcr tho met Merton alut
delicate einewmtam, brmjmated with thi`dromemul
ling of the feet, main amioes, very Mat /eta.-
tali with my mid the reeotimodmiou of lbw.
who ha used it, Ai me Mora to try it, with has or to
faith; ad matea it to my, the madam ea the happy ad
desired am e rsed My Os dm home of teammat e but alter
eapiratieu of me week of its me, the Argo md Err wreak. pm way to be astoolaiag t, ead
btelth is tem bass them it had Mu ix • Mg Me pm
If than will be of soy motel to you or ••J owwbo
double do mooed tho amelieise,loo %mesterei, welcome
I saborrito myself your road obedient and Alta I , rvuoi.
.. 3 87anau.
This Extract of Ssrasparifts km been terra-01y prepared
mfinnseti to kw& compiainta. No kande who his roe.
riai to sappw: sh•Mapprosching that critical period, The
mris qf should intact to .• attain
mower, Le any of the minimum mid Oortibla dimwits to
. which (multi ars subject at this time of lib. This period
may b &bayed kirrorreral years by wag thimedidos. Nor
'lx it les• raliiabie to dime •bow approwettin_ womanhood,
uit is ca.melated to swig nature by •welien tb• blood
and haw:waling dm arum. [wised, ibis wisdinna is Ines/.
wait het al/ of dm deiicate diseases I. which semen as
= linen Ilia r setiote ;reit:gnomon°
sal Mier —hy semmisql Ma impardies d the body—wit
fee ausimbiling th. ”mcia as to produce • sedirequent rs
laratiee, which ts tbi ems of mot met:eine. talus for female
wallw.* and
Item who karelale complesioos, dull eyes, Moist. ow tlw
fed, Jua, or beck kk and ore e• oat of kr," use
a bottle or two of Dr Torroseod's ssroa.Wa It wal
actor your blood, remove Use freckles as,' blotches, Wad
ayou &amoebas. sparklisg rs. Sae spirits, ad beautiful
pteetiow—all of wbicl, are orcaracome value to uravara
ried Maw
Ito fluid or medicine bee ever km diettreered which' m
thett4 reattneldes the gutie Juice or saline bo decomposing
food and amerigthentin the ergs. of digestion, as Wie prgpa,
ration or Sanaerilla.
Dana Dwaansemet, Albsoy,blay ID, IRS.
Dr Ibmeemenstu Sir—l ham been ranted lur seeerel
yearn with dyepepria in Me menet foam, altrielen with emir)
ee of nomorte, has of appetite ; tretee heartburn, and n
peat amnion' to all Intros of Lod, end in necks (what I
.sold eat,) I ban been nut& nantein but • small faction
on l satiemeta I tried the meld restenliee r . but they bed
but link or Ell, erect its remiss iag the complamt. ' I war io
domed, lb.. two months since. to try your Emmet of Sam.
perillmsed I mammyes-ith tittle memeleeme, bet alba suing
neariy two boot:., I Semi soy eppetite tutored, and she
hmirtleare entirely removed; midi! would cannily mom
mead she am of it to thou who ham been Wanted ea I heti.
Yuan, /ye, ' W. W. Vat Lamm
It. 92,1616. Staten Islam&
Bead Lae ialkaiag, and &rata if you eaa, Out er 7 oanaap.
tali; cloaca ba awed. Tian ism!, am of the mend huadred
amirthat Toonanars Sanalarala La
Tormena—Dear Sir. 1 boo labea, a Bak o'er a
your siert= • ern= =Rh sad pan in my Oda. Ii ta
teamed aa ma way fast, =dark I was prommaced by phy
deka= to ban tb• pk amaamption I rumd nue quao•
titles or tad matter, halo lnht =ca, and ankles very ficac
stydrotor mid Ito could do =that{ Mr nue. nand tab the
hoopla; la =pa being benellaid , but Ina pronoumel them
as =curable I Ras saw grotty /intruste at dm leap and
amid Unity bombs i 1 110= =maw macialtd. and =pet=
to die ; was atallned to' say bed, and am obliged to bale
watchers indoor I anal pm you any di:K.44ga Illat
lamdd dojos/7 to my am I Ina eupputed ki lay friend.
b• pal moray; I had tried • peat numberer tuatbdt= t
cad 011inetee4 bt to b.) r 111•3011. I mad d lOW M. 44.
.n.nik.Ll earn performed by your =dicier, and kr bell
=a On moth, I Imputed =cm mar mm hu mbug I. than.
But I =a =ducal= try it , I did so, and am mry thata fa
1 did. I mama my that lam mainly well , not ma= far
rammed ,m maaboutsay Nolen% and bop. to ba =art
y .elll.. re. weeks. nly cough bad pain ieabahide
sad =Pa bred= have left me and Mile b. eery lilac. bad
4 k . 4 .1 1 141 autt!',lll. I fell 31 • duly to got
you • Among of my ere to palm= if put pkme ;
Pnalat IlMobra,42l.atlle at, Bromblye
oplialliasof Physicians.
Dr Townahend is atonal daily Armin ariltra Goa pbyl
a Aciata is antenna 'tarn of tin lima.
This is to art* that or!, Abe sualratigaed. Phyaciasa of
the City of Albsay. haat An mammas cam preecnbett O.
To...ran Sanaparilla,and believe it lob. ma °Cala moat
taltabla praparatiow of tins Sarsaparilla iaiM market:
R Prvaa, to a,
1 W
Albaay,4Fil 1,1843. P X Mammals. sin.
• This u to eartiO , that wa s Dm trialerilsoed, making
ThatmosiianPitymmans of Dm City. of Albany. ham femptent
pemerilini Dr Townsend's Conspoond Pao-met of San.
'paring, aad from its Yonne qualities, mould recommend am
the public for oiemaria, armful/ma, aisd other.: utanamis di.
wan, so pmfersione to any of the ashortiseil remedies Dow in
• W Uranu s ? 3..
Alba) April 9 ; 1.41. Was 0 fratramn, r r.
Trinosalollee, 146 Fallon 4, Son ouiidi N lft Red-
Co Sum el Dodos; Dr Dyolt Sue• MI North Sm.
' OrWat Philadelphia; S 8 Hume, drimpist, &him.; and by
L reorrally thrmighoot the Union! Maui!
Now tenable, oak's fat up in the lairs alum bomb,
Milli contain ••quart ad sicced With the smut. inyuMum
of 8 P TOWNPEND, and hie ma blown al the OWL
From the New York Daily Eamen of April 9,1,47.
the 'o art t ai i' ug a ll7r P r; 7az "i sagil:VgaVin'Osmisen l"" l
The Mole thout is rat op in goad maw of the ma
mato/ taxiway. pantimp ere beautiful, which, together with
the moil work, in gold, glinenim tha ime, made • ohm
rarely availed in Broadway. Wit Me this opportinoty lo
my we believe WOmime of M . Samaiorilla - Mertes the
gman popularity it ho. enquired,
Nereemi Debility.
Non. Yntim,lllarehl27,l9f7
Dr. ToWnsend:-1 ham
the Wanted took a, ilia for 3
yom, with • dreadful AIM% in the Mat, giddiness in dor
bead, low of eppeths, pin ha the hrobs,aogeneral
bronht on sada:din by thew s ti! heal - MI cold to which
lain subject to tom bul b as edit, 'lbs. Minn aiher
medicines, too unsocrour to Mention, but with lilticor norm ,
cm. Ims Muted by what flaw in
m erei ity • Mlle
of your limayanlia, from which I found &ot relief. 1 ham
itnle taken metalware bottits, and IMM onhesltaUngiy my
it le the ben medicine 1 hare ever taken—Ma pm in my
chest is gone, end feel quits • different niall altogether since
1 bare Men your thinapuilla. 1 ban now • letter appetite
than cm( bad. My wife has taken it
. .l, the gam knelt
nial milk 1 recommend it s family medicine
c=l.insti I . tel grasineed that Una omd u titere would oat
melt et Cheri and mnequen y not so many
Doctor's billr, for while it restore. appetite, it alto time to
atontach ad. , mb Mem reOlar tam it keep. Webbed
in heathy stat e, to Bat disease net wilikely to attach the
system. ituil In all thaw who are not in Y healthy one,' my
try Dr Townsend'. Samparilla.
Tivoli. ELM!, ID Allen at.. ,
Below is as mount of anotherchlld aired Dr Townsend's'
ter.pp•re • ll♦ has saved the tiles of thanseads of children.—
The klbwie< certificate is sdreted trots • great another
received this week, • '
- -
Nisi Todd, April% 1847.
Dr Tenrcsach - Dear rim—One of my chgdren mu veep
:dick with the Commie the mouth eed throat, Minded with
real debility. It ems Mt dying; I bid goose of your
pseelked asodieineosed It rend It directly, for whirl I ase
mean you I Delver, grateful, Yoe. respectfully,
Embed cra Forman, IR Dethrones at.
For isle bl R E NW, IM Dnespist, N 0.57 Wood at,
hawses DI seel 4th FM, who hoe been appointed by Dr
TOWNSEND eels drat fir dikabeny e‘k jssl4luslylf
this airiest:loos and cheap medicine for, the core of
Consumption' and other Meesers cannot be too welt
known. --Very many lives have been saved by
Y. Morning Ada.. -• •• "
For sale in Plinkorgh Kittle PEKIN TISA STORE,
Foonh street; near Wood, mad also at the Dreg Store
of H• P Schwan'. Federal st.Alleor.ny Qty. jag
1311.11.1i—lUe gross hleLane's Llvaililla — Country
r merchants wind° well to take botne• sopyly of those
celebrated Pills, they are wall known and enicemally
apotored Of by Clow whi have stied them.. For sale by
This pcepesation emarnenVeatee • peculiar and do.
lightfol kw f Pam, cuallardaikaadea. ' , omit we
crowns, chocolate, and all Nasal - Nair motes, Jr
' •• "- •
-: ~Stk.~fil4~a+"r7V++ifitv.:.l,::yiu. a''b'~."^"
. . .
.:.y•t: -1-in.r!.S
. • FOUNTAIN 1104. , -
'FOGG. k THURSTON; Propriekuv.
t"' h ":`,l, l° "tolt, I t i dgrolVd b Ll
tidy undergone very extensive alteration. ant
tavern tn. An entire new wing ha. been added
6aar in i r !
Ili I uneious and airy sleeping apartments, Wad
erten ve bathing rooms.
The La es' departmc nt has also been completely ye
organised and fated'ap in , a mat uniorpe and benqufal
style. la fact the whole arrongemen tof the Room has'
been remodeled, with asingle•eye on the'pin of the
preprimors•mword. the comfort and pie cstme of their
Nnews, mtd.whlch they confidently amen will chal
lenge comparumn with any Hotel to the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with every sub
stantial and luxury which the in erect afford. served up
in a superior style, while.,inxbeyray of - Win., dc.,
will not be rammed. '• •
In conclusion the proprietors beg to son'that nothing
will beef undone undone on their pan, and on the pan of their
unstants, to render this, lintel worthy the continued
patronage of their fnendi and the public generally.
The prices for bosid have also been reduced to the
allowing rates:—
Lasti es! temi ,llr •
dinary, SI 75 per day:.
Uentlen -• ..... —•• • 50 "
N.A—n. Baggage Woggonthe Hoare will al
-.ray. be found at the Car and Steamboat .Landing.,
. which will convey baggage to and front the Hotel, free
of charge. • mysltf
01110—The subscribers halting purchased ihe en
tire Intermit of Cot.O Y %Viihamwn , tote of this well
known evtablialiment. beg leave to visite to their friend.
and the . paiblie gene rally, that they have taken this
eanntodroar lintel for 'a
-term of_tuni nd will coon
their heti energies to make it illevitabln home for Trav
eller. and City Boarder*.
i The ifetelve session. and admirably planned for4con
venience, light and air, having a number of parlor.
adjoining chamber., preventing unusual ittlACllo. to
The pewit proprietors having had the expenenee of
years to tide ettp and elsewhere, hope they will be able
to giveryeneral satiethetion, briny determined to glee
undivided anention to the house alone.
Thelocation of the Prod Street House mance...wetly
eligible. having from. on Pond, and
Walnut ffhird at!,
so that tt it equally desirable in view of the convens
taco of business owner retirement for private boarder..
It la near by the Bunks, the Post Office, the blazionic
Hull, Odd refiners }hatband hat one square distant from
Main street and two squares from the City What!, thus
offering the greatest inducements, especially, to country
mcrehante nod generally to all penises visiting Cinctn
mehlu t JOHN A DUBLE
cow:lima - AC nousir.,
Charlet Street, between Market and Lombard
Tug substrate, having taken the above crab-
Hutment, Micro his mmtees to the citizetioand
public generally. It is conveniently situated as
regards the eteertaborde and Railroad Depot—is in the
midut of the more extensive Importing I lourec—and In
fact, the location otters to there visiting the city, as um.
ity conveniences and comforts a.v the other principal
• •
The house is now being fitted up with new furniture,
in good taste and style, and will be open to the public
on the ild day of April,l9l7. The proprietor trusts that
his aurentitung aforea to please, will secure to hint a
portion of Um public patronage, resident as well u
traumal. tt W DIX,
• •
barn of Mc Grm of Dm Pc•Folrg
naltimorc, Apn 1%4E47. myl6l6m
itA LLEtiti A NY HOUSE, MI Marini st ,rbiln
:delphia—The subscriber linen of the Waabinguto
Howl. Ilarrinbargh, Pa I tater this method of in.
lama/ea his old friends and the piddle gene rally, that ha
has taken the above named h (ay I. The Mouse M airy
and entefintable. and hos been extenalvely altered sad
maprtgred, and the propnetor hopes by amine attention
in business, and • planer tare for the comfort of his
gorstato merit and receive yi share of publie patronage,
the Howie in situated very honvenient for the Travel.
hag Publie,licing only madonna:above the Itarrnanak
and Pla•bllrgh DCpa.aindwalrinlven manlier; walk of
the Mat:raore and. Reading Depot ,SfAIILINU at
tic prenirmta. , --Te rms. el par k ay.
Alle•lienv Udine, Phil's. Augunt 2,,Ati17-nrirrdain
twit:stens:inure Pittrt. PRIG% nights.
TE Sobscribera, ander the am of Ilmosild Wm,
have purchued Nr.Joneal tntereafn thls establish..
meet, and hope by the outmost auction to the wants
and comforts of their guests, to merit a continuance of
the liberal patronage heretofore received by Its former
p7 l F ht ' lrs ' e . .te hatbeen thoroughly renovated, siul repair
ed; we therefore feel assured we cart welcOme our
friends and the peblie to aecomusdational to any
in the city of Philadelphia. • N W eorm
.jr4tl" J NO WFST.
OAST 'anion,
Corner Main and mush sta. Cincinnati.
• , rillo establishment Is n w In the heat order for the
reception of the Travel ) y Public. Having under
gone • thorough repair, durhig the gist winter, and
having the most experienced coo the west, in the
cation. desiartmenta, I lire myself th at all will be
pleased who call. The loc bents cientral,commatioas
and pleas:Lob Fare PI perday.
Cinetrututi,March 13,1617. W E
N, 8.--Ahhough not extetly a new Brom, it la the
atone—a sew 'Whist on the old handle. apatf
THt:proprimoreithis tong established boos, respect.
Pourete. his services to the Museum of rombinith,
and anti exert himself to render edheonatile all who
may favor him with their company.
This poim which has long been • Donnie elm with
the Freemen De lets of Pittobureli. will, the coming
mantictrterent a larger field for their operations th an
beinolore,„ Rom the completion of the Rail Road to
Indianagoilm,:lomilesfunher into the hog raising region.
spiffatlm G D FlTZlll:6ll,Troppmc
Louisville, liy.
ARIB TII RUC IMURTtiN begs to new:mutt his
,triends thal.lieLscsgala ismsee Abe 0A LT
HU US F., Louisville, Ry..orhere ho hopes to meet all
has old friends, usunng them and the public, that nn
eßon shall he spared to make all comfortable who favor
hint with ihe.r patronage. ' jantidly
Oppotile the Rail Road Depot, Pratt at., Bail.
ulENalt M. ONlTll.ProprietOr.
(Woe of ide ifaend.dgi and Su Cho .Oofcl, Pitisfq
lIF. beat article known for cleaning wd whitening
the Teeth, strengthening the gum, sweetening the
breath, M. It should be used every night with a mid •
brash. and the teeth and mouth veil/only require a sligh
washout in the morning. Wet the bow', with wain
water. or cold will Simmer. and rub tit a few timed on
the paste, when enough will adhere fee craning the
'teeth. RI dente., taste in the mouth, and am.
par. a mat delightful ftagranee to the breath. Itsuinds
marvelled a a pleasant, etteariow, convenienh and
safe denuifige. It is idarrauted not to the teeth,
butte prwervethem. '
Ity wing it regularly, it will rennwe the tartar and
prevent Ito SCCIIOII/1111r0..11 the toothache
strengthen the gam, and prevent a/I Mew. a lIICIII
(*beaus., phyor tans, and the clergy recommend it a
decidedly superior to every thing of the kind in
Ask for Shernien.Compoland OttislOoth Paale, and
observe Ws sagnaturo ...M.A. oath pot.
Recommended ...Dr. Cwt., Bioadartry, an e ol
our beat Dent...and by ma. of the old established
ones. , the United Sutra, and' even areneirely wed
by the Nobility or England land Pram ea •
Al arge the therm. t kataltliet mankind
e (ram some derangement old. statnachar
Mich • amide age .of the Cat. tie waald
entirely obviate.' PCIIOII.II bilicus ban. üboold
ways have • bog at hand, and take a doge Whenever
they feel the least derangement In their health. A raili•
eines as of them .lanentres would prevent thousand.
of awe*.
Fatale atzWlll. JACKSON'S, earner af Wood and
Lamer s. • ' ' deck.
L*DIEN A ho Lre Common Prepared Chalk, are
Moen not aware bow frightfully titthrious I M to
the skin! how nearer, bow rough, how sallow, yellow,
and unlienhlsy the akin appear. ague .01. g peopeend .
chalk! ildmdes,:it iYinjurionti, nontatningolatgequmi
lily of lend. We barn prepared 0 4[0.11111611 vegetable
emele, which we call J(INY''S SPANISH LILT
WHITE! It it perfectly innocent, being mut hed of all
deletenoutiqualume; end it impart.. to the slim a natu
ral, healthy, alabastmeleat v being white, at the mom
time acting as a ematiehe do the skin. staking It nob
and smooth. I•
Dr. intone Aneeneon, Practical Chemist of Moms
chosen, 'mist ."Aftir analyeing Jones's Spmieh Lilly
White,lLfind It potwkoce Ike toted beauti ful and natu
ral, all the name ti e innocent white I ever me, I
email:3y can nonsei ntioesly recommend its two mall
whose skin requiem; enultfrhig.”
ID•Price AS cents boot • • ...
D -Sold by Whl. JACKSON, at his Soot and Shoe
Store:l 4 [ 2, . 3 1' tt bead of Wood, at the sign of
the Ble Ban- _,-,-- --,_ _ „ f29_
Ladies, Indlen,P intonlehed, -:
When you kno that you see promised
A mural, e, snowy white,
That yea will
. MII ore !common -chalk, .
And look a a ll
yellow fright, .
The thicetekif laighter and of talk.
If yea would moo: a box of JON F'3 Wllywhne, it
adwould giro your skit) an alaba s ter yet natural wade,
at On' same %line 'clear and improve it. tlold at
JACXWN'3,tiI leideny u. PtteetS cents per lox.
- atra
CO/1511111PTION ARRUSTED—Tof that.
afflicted with DI f the Lasso.
—Thl. Is to c milts' to': those ailleted web the Lem pre
monitory muipterna of Consumption, that I bare been
laboring for several :ye/trawl% a bronchi, sorenvm of
the throat and hoarseness. I used many medie.oes, but
found no relief Want preporation of medicine, until I
REMEDY. I have been acing this valuable - medicine
for revere! yearn, and alwa).Snd it to relleve'when•
ever I make use of lb Sly mculiation a MI Auction
eer, which keeps me almost coititatitly engaged, cause.
Midisease, at times, to become very alarming, when
at once procure this Medicine. I therefore take plea
ram in roakinithin public statement, that others affeet
ed with a disease Of the lungs and expectorant mons
may know 'the" 'duties of this 'nil beating remedy,"
and May be cored. I bare recommended On. Duncan'.
Expeensant Remedy to many - of my fricedromme of
whom owe their lives In this medicine. : ••
SomersebOhithOct.l3, ItJi JAMES 11 EWIT
The prepnetor of the ahnvo medicine would, nine
Tee( to the undersigned permits, wan res de in l't rry
county, on wham any person may coil upon and br
convinced (hat Mere ere virtue. found in the above
medicine that cannot he excelled:
David Culbertson, Somerset; Dr. D. Stone, do; Fran
cis bobber, Jeckson Ipt . Mr. former, do; Geo. Polber4
Soltlick tp; Jeered Damsels, Hopewell tp
LUDTO street, Cincinnati, Ohio. • -
Sold in Pittsburgh by %VAL JACKSON, 9 liberty
head of Wood street.. •ciDdavif
Parserahu, May 17,1517.
y. AST Saluda?. Iptve_in teaspoon lull of A. Fah.
JUneamek &Co a Verniiince to my 110111 girh who is
between lour and five yeam old, and during the day she
paosedlo3 IRMO worms, riesling more MIMS foot an
&Mei its c treats on this child, I she,, gave a tea-spoor,
lAM heramper sister, who was App• rally well, mudshe
posed 37
of equal
I IINRY Cl/110111
WatChrnaker, Prouhfield street t
Prepared and sold by AFA IMF:STUCK &CO,
.corner Island lorml. mnd arnnol .11110111 jeS
llOSEirnemmemean equal yours.. Look at your Vlfair young . wife, with her bbghtsunny Men! Look
'at your own, pined with eruptions and Watches! Vet
you are too mean tn. glee fifty cents for a cake of the
peat Italian Chemical boap, which would entirely free
yoU from them, and make your yellow skin clear and
.healthy. Go !stance to Jackson's Store, IS Liberty it.
PittsbaralLand get a cake.
NU Jackson!. Is the only plaee In Pittsburgh where
tb,OENUINE to be .
obtained , ll:ware of Ortinters
yiSrOPSERVE the y
Big Dorn sus dir in the doorway
alegGrcase vow, Slain., or Marks or -Clothes,
Woolicas,Carnew. Ake., and rendering the spina
where at is applied deer, bright, new ; and spotless.
Mold with lull directions. • Price =orals a eake.
np"Elold by W. JACKSON, fdt Liberty meet, head
Wood, at his Boot and Shoe store, alga Of the Big
::i:aY `~i .u:: , 6. w........
CITIES, af 11 HoUT TaaustitrlSEST.
MBE improved method of carrying used by this long
Established Line, ia now no well known that de.
aCtiption to unoccessaty. Coo& are not touched on the
route, Mos all transhipment or extra handling' spaved.
The Boat. are of light draught and perform their trips
in from slim seven days,
The capacity of oar Warehouses enables us to store
I.IIyeOIIIII[BZICIIIS made IDYL Receivutg,storing, sod
,advancea free of charges.
• &j ag f u lly preeared to make sales of Produce.; we
respectfully solicit consignmeom of western Flpur,
Bacon. Lard, Dine Cheese, Wool, Feathers, and other
articles-for Wei 011 which liberal kdvances ruin be
mode t old other usual facilities afforded, pledging oar
selves ilm/ any , business .entrusted to us shall be as
primpily eaccatetkand upon an fair WT. a. by any
other boas& JNO 'll.le FA DDEN & Co
. • Canal Basin, Pittsburgh
mehltf HP and ga Market *4 /Olinda
_ .
1847. AIME
n Pittsburgh
F o an k dtrerlTnl. 3 .i ' ett es, °E.F avoidP4 t t ann 'c lipmcnis en
the way, and the .conscgoent risk Of delay, damage,
breakage and separation of goods.
No Tre Market Street. Phil
• TAAFFE & O'CONNOR adelplaa
Coe Penn and Wayne sts, Pittsburgh
O'CONNOR & Co, Ninth street, Baltimore tt A " OL ,,
%V T TAPSNITT, Soma st, N. Y.. I .
Encortroged by increased baseless the Proprietors
knee added to their attack and emended their arrange.
meats during the winter, and are now prepared to tor.
wand /r 6'.s. with regularity and dispatch unseryiassed
"by any other line. Their long experience us carriers,
the lien/table superiority or the Portable Ram System,
and the great capacity and convenience of the ware.
houses at each end of the line, are peculiarly calcula
ted to enable the proprietors to fulfil their engagements
and accommodate their customcni—confidentiyoffermg
. he past as a guirunty for the future they rropectfully
solicit a continuance of toot patronage which they pow
gratefully ulurirletur.
All consignments to Taaffe & O'Connor will be reed
and forwarded.: Steamboat charges paid and Bills of
ladatg Unmanned free of nay chaise for Cominumon,
advancing or storage. Having no inserest directly or
indirectly to steamboats, the interest of the consonant
most risco/warily be thrlr primary omem m swamis.
west.and they pledge themselves to forward all goods
consigned to them promptly and on the most advanta
geous terms to the owaers.
March 1.1817 , mar 9
MEM 1847 Saia.
pzmigsviArAzus CANAL
Ezelusively for Posinimm.
XIMIE pnblio •in toupee:folly informed tact tam gang
will nommence•ronning on or about do:Tulin lIIMOI.
and continue throughout the mama. ThE prowatemn
have now placed a superior etas. of Sagami, moo nail.
road Cam on the mute, with extra ammutwousuom,
which will give greater comfort to travel....
A Packet Dont will always he in per, an. In trav
eling Public, are requested to call and omuinot stem,
pm,..• to engaging pairago eivewheie r
Once/ the Paekets will knee the lannord,topporne
the United Sumer llotel,) earner Penn Mitzi awl the
Cane: vire ry POI et 0 o'clock
'TIME di DAYS. •
p .
Farrarrmation Noels It the office,ntooonsaneln
House. Water ffireeL, or to I) LEWD k Co
inchl3 eor Penn street Ina 1..ann.1
TIME Bowmen's ?rumble 8021 Compmy being dies.
.1 solved, the Company again went MD articles of Co.
pannership under the name of the "Boatmen's Ldoe;"
and likewise agreed to refit the Stock so a* to babe a
thmber of Booth for the porpose of carrying meth
toogh fromair. m men days, with emeiniy—and
feel encouraged by the liberality of fact year's patron
•ge, to make save extemiec arrangements for the eil.
suin year.
We g
would therefore respectfully aolich • continu
ance of our formes patroM, and refer antic.. CUltoMcnt
lo those srohaeo done bat nee. for. • '•
1847. -}
for the transpdnauou of
PYlLADnrwaj Ratammer, Now Yomr, AND Boma.
Corner Liberty street and Canal Balm. Pinsbargh.
No 363.Mucket street.' Philadelphia
. IMlLmore, Md.
prnsaueuti—Jan IlleCugy, Geo. Morgan tr. Ca.
W McCally & Co, B A Sampson & Co,. hi Allen &Co.
PIII DELI!!! lAir-Morri. Patisserie & Co, Rkynolds
McFarland A Co, Fleming A Booby, PiterWright&
Soil. J lliapheni, Joeeph 41111.
NEW liOßK—Goodhuo & Co, Theo:Perry & Co.
130011)N—Reed, Maid A Co.
GINCINNATI—Adarns A Crtagh,' W W Somber.
"Pi. PLEASANT, VA—P A Mnehier.
Nora-411 merchandise from Near York and Boston,
consigned to A:l. Gerhen & Co, Philadelphia, will he
promptly (emerged fres of comatiesion. 11.1.1 S
, .
184 7; &Quid .
-Tri, k i -7 :77 SPORTATION OF rRoDucE •
irrNitobont T clwj
woods romped to oar ear will be 'folwarderl wittt
riot delay, mu Web ment cum t rates. LIEIIB of Latium
transmitted, arta all inlltitleti 4 promp or tly attertdrd to,
free from any extra ebarge fo atoramernomitston:
Abater.. or apply m C A ti 1.71,TV A. Co
Canal Iltrain,Putstromb
Haring a ecn large and comenothous warehouse,
uee are prepared to 'coerce lio addition to height for
ornament) a large amount of Produce, Ae, nu thongs. at
townies. •Innatil C A gIeANULTY ft Co
------ -
lagegaa 1 8 4 T;laWat
XCLtiAIVF.LY for the teamp.tewhon of WAY
town, HollidayChureb, Water Street, Peterstrurgh and
ull infer medial l
Out Boar writ leave the warehause of C A Me &nutty
& Co., Pittsburgh, every day; Concept Sundays,'
shipperrean aherryinepend on having their good. for
warded withaal delay and at fair lutes,
This Line formed lot the apteiaf Recommodation
of the nay Laciness, and the propriefors respectfully
solicit a liberalhrhare of patronage.
•• • - • • .
JOIN MILLER, ItultidstYsbusgh
11 II CAVAN, Johnstown Agent&
C A hIcANULTV k Co; Pittsburgh
J I McDa•in, john Parker, Robert:Moor., 8.R.1 , 1
k Smith. Mini;
LAIE ERIE AND micatomt LINE. •
ILine tieing composed of nbaataLake Cs.
and Michigan, rountng daily between Pittsburgh
add Beaver. and smught and egssenger Canal Boats,
running between Heartland brie and connecting r th
Lil Pgred's Line of Steambout.ProPellers and shrs,s c h,
on the Lakes, viral km proposed upon the earltest open
ing of Navigation to carry Freight and Passengers to
al izi , s .an k, tti r ; Livg i, C r o ar na . l
tampons With prompsnem and dispatch, the pr n.eying freight
and agents respect Polly solicti from their friends •mul
he public generally them patron...
C REP.L Brie. Proprietor
REEDS, PARKS & Ca, Beaver. Avg
the Cor.Scolthfield and Watelsta. opposite the Monuoga
gabela House.
Wheeler,Crockerf.k. Co, New York is
Geo Darts, Itada g •
F. N Parks & Co, level.d
Jar A Anustron A. Co. Detroit
fileCloreA. Wfikams. Milwookie
Bristol A Pone t. •
Wm Poise., I • owersuourn. Penne
Geo Machelmyre, Evansliorgh, Penne
John MeArther,'lluntstown, ' do
Wick & Acker, G rev Ohl., do
Craig & Frampto Clarksville. dot
Hays Plumb, ad n, mrpabutgh, Pa. •••
W C Medi% Sharon / • do
It W thinningham. Re. Castle, do
.. ,:tharS
1846. nage
IL Clarke H. Hoops. IT. 11. ehromei 4t Co,
Porwourdlet* k COMIIIII•111011V Merchant.,
'THE /tenni and Proprietors of this Line Ire favor
'. ably noswn to the pub he), will be prepared an the
earliest opening of canal navigation to receive prop
arty at Pittsburgh and Beaver,' and deliver the same ht
any point on the Ohio canals, and alaoon Lakes Cote
and Michigan, with the greatest despatch and at rell.
unable rate&
pr ipriclors of this line oohed the business of
their former mimeo:ergwith confidence, knowing thin
their t o ire second to none.
Apply to or address •
..• .
HARTON, A6y Pittxborgh.
CLARK}: a Co, Ru•xr.
T RICHMOND k. Cc C ',rand
lial 4PL RICCI! & CO'S.
TEVT,Tkitt,:b...„'"cl.7." L a Zrbyn o b c e 1 " .
which are in gout! order. The rubsenbera are proa•
red to forward & largo quantity of fderchandlu nod
Prodoro wah certainty sald dispatch;
Prodnoo 31erchandmo conamned to any or me no
de:matted. i. foraranled fret of any chargo for commis
sion or Mane.;
/Jillaladlog traumata and .rrnetsondprowp tly
;wended to. I
The business.,&
of this Line I. Inducted On stitrtly
Sabluall.theptng principles. Addreis, or !Bpi). to
I) LEECII & Co. Proprietoph • ;
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh
! BARRIS & LEECH, Proprictom
No 13
JOS. TAYLOR k SONS, ;A gents.
114 North Howard Brent, Ilalumorn
W B WILSON, Agent, I
No 7 Wen Street. Ate* York
.1847. ' 1112102
L EAVE tinnier daily at J o'clock' r. 8.,. after din
artivalorthe ineatataat BEAVEII ortFtsthagh,
and arrive at Warren nest aiming I re n (or the
Stagrawhich reach Dthreland benne a ht.
l'antlizets will be thceiptedthnoakrecaring tienh4
on the Packeu:and scats to the dugs, on application
on board ateartitioat Deaver, Eleavihg Pilliburgh dl 9
o'elock,a. tit.darta the agents:
0 Al lIARTON it eo, Pitubsnh
j' CLARKE &Co, Ileavci
JESSE BALDWlN,..Votinelown
915 ' I AI II TAYLOR, Warren
_ R
Pas tage E.
—......... ._...._ _
Paskans *annuli to Phllarlairy.
Tilt: Canal he~nß ,sea
boss napalm which., haa
t•Plialid/ or w e conveyance of valuable pa
merchandise, specie, bank notes, JawalrY,
mimed manes on Thursday, March la
Al box Culat will be dlapalibedlailyantil
ofthe O.IOM/ season,
j 317 to D
ior Pap stud
-:~:-. -
The new and sTrlendid Chimer
Capt. Charles Hoop. coalmen.. hie
rer,al. Irma tbm Claa, !tamer Pam
burgh ma o , ehich, Beaver at - O'r lorl, •
ing.* 'Pittsburgh and Cleveland Line of C.l•
nal &eats dilly to Cleveland. 0.: atwari, Wametrand
Cleveland Line of Canal Packet. and:Nage Coaches
dolly to Warren and Clevelana. Canal Pactel.Lniea to
Neu, Comte and thecnville, Pa; Erie Extension:Lam
to Meadville,
,and Env,. Neil. gloom Co.&' Eliter.f
Sow Coacher for Cleveland and Wnorter. liar's Dea
ver dolly on the arnval of tileautboar BeakeeF Morn
P.tutmrgh. Apply to . rs
G M ItAFTOSA. Co, Pittabargh
no. .CI.IItI:E.A Co, Deaver .
1.15105 1.15. E,
EfEl..ll :1847.
tor 711 ~,,, YLVANIA 11.1) cam VA. ALA, •
E N PARKS A. Clevelan4o. )
U PARKS. Ream, Pa. Proprietors.
. •
. ,
THE .bovo Lino m now lunyprepared to traMport
Etright and Ihm.ermem front Pitpttramb and Cli.m.-
land, to any point on tn. Venntty Imut to & Ohio and Ottto
d2nals. , . .
The facilities of raid Linn are not equalled by any on
said Canals, in numbers nod capacny of finals. expe
rience of Captain, and pumpkin.. of Agents, Ao.
One Ilnat manes Pittsburgh and Cleveland daily fun
ning in connection with the Steamers- • • , •
Michigan and Lake Slim. between Pittsburgh aod.
Beaver, and it Line of first elite.. Steamboats. 1i4p41-
141 - 4,,1tr1g. rind S.(110011(311, oa Lakes Eric,Alttron,lll/..
amain and (!niacin
Propeny forwarded to an: pan of the lJnion.• with
Aleoroola, E N PAR/ZS a Co. Clerelnud, Apo,
RF.EII. PARKS k Co, !leaver, Agts•
11' ItIATIIF:lt, Pittsburgh; 4;4i
aptli 'Cur Water and timitltteld 'inmate
---- • ----•—
.1847.5 . a1ia22
PACKFT Boant Swallow and Telegreph lenge Ilea
ger daily. at 3o'elerk r Y, after the tire:lvor ot the
manning Boat from Pittsburgh. and arrive at Warren in
time Mr the Mail Line of :Bugg., whienleave immesh
amly thereafter. and arrive at Cleveland at 31Pelock,.r.
This Mlle is the Most expedition. and tomfortithle.
one to thr Lakes.
CUTEzi kLEFFINGWELL,Warven,Pnipcht
REED, PARES &Co. Beaver, A gents
JOHN A CAUGIIEY.COnIi!f Waier and Smithfield ma,
apnly Opposite the Monongahela Itouse.Dittquivgli
THIS Lineconcictlng of freight and passenger Park;
eic, will run regularly during the seance between.
Deaver. and Greenville,. Pa.. by which freight amt pair
gangers between the two points, will be earned promptly
and at the beweet rated.
WICK A. di RCIIFIR, Greenville ; Ars
CRAM &SRAM ETON, Cla te, do;
• hIeFAIILA ND de KING, lug Bend, do;
DAV,: lc PLUAIII. Shoopetin risk, do;
W C MALAN. Matron, .do;
WM. 51ATIIEWS hilacci, • -do;
REED, PARKS bo, Deaver. '• do;
JOHN -A CA WI IIEY, Corner Watec and Iliitabfield
iipGly Opposite the hlonougalicin Hansel, Pittsburgh
MOS 1847. • *FOP
. THE Toarisrimrprion or
Pldladriptda, Baltimore, New York
riIHE encouragement tlOs line has received since
its commencement, has induced the proprie
Sum to increase the stork by adding a number of fir
elms bests; and instead or giving receipt. as hereto
fore akagents, we will:give our owe receipts for
freight shipped by tbis line,
The boats arc all portable, consequently freight
is taken the whole distance without (=shipment,
thereby preventing damage from frequent handling
on the route, and as _each boat le owned .- by the
Captain who runs them, which is , . mdficient guar•
amen that there will he no delay on the route.
All Produce or Aterchandise consigned to the
undersigned wall be forwarded FREE - OF COM-
M ISSION,Iiir advancing and forwarding, and will
be shipped without delay at the lowest rates of
Ih tie respectfully aolinit a share of public patro
Canal Rerun, Pittsburgh -
CRAIG, BEL LAS & Co., Agt.
Broad . Streer, Philadelphia.
F' HILLER, Agent
Rowley'. Wharf, Baltimom.
Pittsburgh. Feb. 10.1847,
AND 1847
slat wiligiggui l a
I , IIE. undersigned are no prepared to forward pro-
Mice, ire., to the Plastem arkets during the ensu
ing Winter, on the most favorable terms, by this cope
linnets mote. •
All property consigneilso as will be forwarded at the
lowest rater and with despatch. •
letshatidien terrived by tins tome promptly for
warned. J C BIDWELL, AWL, Pinshurgh. ,,
0 CAsS.
novV7 E EGERTON A Co,Cumberland
1546 AND : 1847.
- • . - 1111Mtgag .
rece.p, forthe delis of Pro-
rditte:crotob'Zircu'o 4 s7by the hlon ulabela Slur kwdter
at the fallowing prces.— ' .
Ashes, Macon, Butter, Lead. Lard, Park , : Tallow,
Whiskey. Glass—e7l etc per DM lbs.
Toliares, IfsinPi Flag and Wheat-01 els per Irkl lbs.
Ashes. I'm) Apples. Cheese, Flag-Sied, Glass, and
Leather-4(16c1, per 11,0 lb.
Oils, Skim.Serds. Wool—llo et+ per ll* lb.. •
Beeswar,Feathers, Furs, Ginseng, and Snake-Root
—l2O ci. per till lbs. j•
All property'consigned io rnher of the ondersigued
will be forwarded without deldy,. free of C011111.610D,
I at above rates- . IV If CLARK. Ilmwitsvnle.
H113131C11.7"14 VIIE.MCAL .W 1111 1' I di 0
FLUID —ln ;odic tint the palronne of the pestilie
for this article, it is but rght and proper that I'. merits.
which the claim for .appal is based should be fully and kir
ly se-Land; andldro smse guarantees he elms that the coot!
=unity will not hs i.npwN wpm by tting it
la the first place it IS well kionvo that the ge neralitj of
black oinks" are composed of a
l. ,preepitate, held together
by gum Arabie,and when the Var,cioher in'whole or part
is ['Omen./ the gum and precipitate are fella/in pasty mam
in the pen or inkstand which contains it It Is also NM*mn
to add vinegar to the lbk set stare to make it OlOrt
which loareases the aril by acting un the pen, if • steel one,'
corroding it through in a very short time Now the 6.Wri
.ting Float" differs from these maxim.. in every - reanrct,
its. .chemical sit.ot on requiring no viscid matter to hold it
together, therein, will never get thick, and beim TRry fluid
• ;sone quantity flows from the pen ;moo given space penetra
ng deeper into Wic fiber of the paper making amore permit
went .taia and otat less rati/y moved . by attri.son than if it wet
ms y plastered . the sure.... It aso contains imamate, that
has an affinity for Damage into, therefore will tai corrode
not mould. and although it teritei of a
bluish green rotor yet in a few bouts it !weenies • deg , block
what wdl midote for arm. It is w.irranied mpirior to the
fere go aerie e Imown by the name of s• Arno;d's Writing
Fluid," and...46lrd more given Csr the .ame price. As
• Ruvate< against imposition of any k od being atiempted
tho remonmernlations will snake, m all must be
swan, that the mars there given cou d not have been ob •
tailed by any meant kr . unworthy parpoile.
We recommend r. Hibbett'sChensical Writing - Fluid' , to
the patronegw of the public, yea first rataThettiele in all res
pects:it Bowe free from the pen without clogging it op and
in the course of a few Loon &comes a deep begbt Wick.
B Antipasti& Co,I Wick nn4 McCeadlen
Robert Ifoora:4 John Pettier,
Wes Lippincott & Soo 8 Wightinan 4. Ccs
&leQuewane S. Douglas I Franc is Setters
Robt B NlcTall, Bookp'r C A bleAnuity k Co.
kor W W W o lace,
' Juniata Roll'm Mille, Aug un t tei>.
Mr The K Hibberr—ldrat Sir: 1 hate been teeing your
Chewing Writiog Flaid and Rod it • fro rate arteele
the nthee, it news freely in= the pen end hereon, jet Sleek:
in • few hoer, To n Ike.
T TUTTLE, Ilauk.keeyer
• for Biwells A &mple,
Pittsburgh,,A ug IW,
Mr T K f bbert—rear Str:
,Ilawtog pn.cured • boat.*
your Writtog . nor three weeks ego, ...der it lol
ly enhal if sot eupctior to ArtudiPs .y other Irk now in
we, I *now of. ' linrechul y,
• . _WILLIAM STEWAItT, Itoolt-keeper
for A rthur-Nicholrou* ra
• l'ithAturgl, 541.11,1:97*
1. 'tang
T K Hibbert— Dray Sir: I mu wing poor Chrtnield
Writing I laid,sad find it to be nowt excel.ent article for
stre pros, as itd°. not el. therm unlike the genettlity of
other tutu, A Ito. free and becomes a drop Mari is • few
Lour*. Yours, Ile*. rtfolly.
for John Pater. .
Prepared and irold Wiardariale and Retail b Thomas K
!libber., Drools! and Clarmizi; corner of 'Librrty and
Smithbild meter, Pritsbniglr, Pe. Ortradm
D R. I IVOOLDSBIPS Pales'Specine, au internal red'
certain and radial cure whether internal, aztriad
bladi • n
or blind, alio, few irritalion of the kidneys and blad
der, pante in the back and aide, habitual cogitates, crap .
Fainales befiire sad after coofinenvent are'oltea traubled
with constipation or the hivrels or coati...ay we well as the
pile.. lei all Ruch caws the Specific can be taken with per
feet sakty, and is a certain remedy. The,Specidc. mir
purgatite, and iv an entirely vegetable remedy, vrithoat a per
agile orgainbogr,colaineene akies—pleaanit to Wu and I.!
rally harmless si the moat delicate aura
This is to certify tha I know Dr. Ingold.byYrilettisreilla
lobe • certain care and raft mined', fi nk/ seen its stem,
in several caws, arnonpt my Emily connesions, in want.,
firmed and serere rams or the piles, when, it made tom:dirt
cunt in merry case. WIIITEHEAD.
New York, May, IEII ' Sixth!, greet.
I cheerrupy give no t testimony as to the certain and aston
fishing et:frail or Dr. logoLliby's 19k. Specific, as I know it
from my 1211/13 etperience an
al observation, to b inEdlible;
haring /emit isseil ',Winters:la h. seseral eases of piles, male aml female. , 1.11:0 MILLER,
New York, 111a77.1843. Siathwreci,
New York, May.lBls.
hfr. Deily -Dtr Sim-I hare the pleasure to say, that
yourmedieitte, Dr. nFoldsby'srilm Swam, has Male • per.
feet cure ha the not of my siater s mul f now give you word,
that I have beta eiwprisrd at a, on my im
istoible to rum her. However, tress now testify to the med
icine as Mingand Jo advise all others who are aft
Aided in the likemanner, to meats. the article, as they may
depend on • certain curt
Yours with relpeet.
West I , ltmter, N. Y. , May 15,1847,
Dr. 1nu ,. 1.11-Ikar F ir.-That you may benefit others
m mug. m well as to repress my gratitude - Cur
m. benefit I have dented Swat the use of your valuable Fps
rifle. I comply with your mque.l., end now dolly. toy. testi
tron.y in savor of it, having Met, cured of a rearm attack of
the Piles atter hasiog toed other reined in without sixes..
Your, nal. respect •
B - . 111 wholesale and retail by W5l. JAC h SON;at L 6 Pat.
eat'Aledietne Warehouse. and Mast and alme Store, No. ea
Wally room, 10.1 of Weal, Pittunrg4. Price, eta.
pert= • i yen 14.-dly
itErglat. UPh: . .VF'. HAI t IFUfi E !- IT IS T
liemeatessir. VA July Y.I, 1847.
Mr. D. F. Grahem-Pear Pir-1 perch:teed of you two
of of Pellets' Vern.ifuiro• end madtt use of
. one bal
d. 10 of my children. which brought front one
t h e
warm., and from die other lath terothnieust ato the
community as one ef the hest iernediev ihase e settee n
or tried for the femoral at worm,
no e
Prepared and sold by R. EmEuxips;37lWood
*tweets ard aod Ith w. Fold by I,a,p4Aeul,da, want;
1414 ; 1 71.4 1 4 4 K. C i 7t , • Nllo'
_ .
....i.,..:,.,•,,..;',,,,,...,,-,,,,,..:.,,•:::,. : „...',.-:,,, • ',.....,...,....,'-,,..:
.^mot=l -i ~ r: "'w~i W A?it!l ~
t ~l.~}: :...
TA. SHZ.II.IIIII ha. di:mm.4 • co y m male medic,.
11 poise
: 'So that...dime will take 'it many mi my ko
lei.. • See dim hirfaermaim is ensued men boo of Lim•
gm, a Pot of Tooth Yeah oe the beet of each flamer, m i d
cech Bill of Drew:Mo.
Them Ilardges are the saint, wet ,
L un g ed elfecteal nor
dy fuemegba, Ply minion mighs, with
on, fightnea of_the songs or, thestoity me— prop:om •
has sever known in minima where they did ant gm rebel
ditierantion. Serer. thousued booni ham been sold ...We
.the Imiymeremari. to health penman almod. every cap '
• Ofcemsomphon,ead those laboring mider• the most ilionismag
• MI. ied They do am Mimi mil dry op the cough,
bet nod. Deasy, promote .preminitioo, allay the Oaks:lgor
irritation. land remote the
. pros min a or catalog cone.
'They are wadi frost • condiment's, of • moo taloa* cape •
torant, ot . etWglietirdieinea, end are undoubtedly superior to
retry thing mute kr those compLiato H mated& Lome bun
Seed. of etrtikostes have beta offered of their monied. tie
tun, been thole who ham Imen mired from ao t
end endured In piirfeet health biasing dm.
; Where th ere moth min the Mostar tat t oo. of Sher
Pore Mae, Plasters (price may eems,l Minim be ,y
tpplied oar the pol e and coin till Mimi If etwodeel
with eisareneii, n•Mw tithartio or lama. kneoges, or as
Mild cathartic enedicim, thmild be mod ex cora.. repines •
811E/111 - 4111.3 WORM I.OZENOKS• •
•11O.sitmo looney hate keen peed io 'OWO thin 1,400
.000 cane lobe intalhble; the i aay e.t.a worm etstropag
meioses ...door c.d. • Nosy diatoms mime from WWI
need Ocean= hang - and imervetoffiring, and ens death, with
' tthev benlympectedi growl/ psnoto are very alto
*Mood :F i n, end am doctored io various mawkish • -
withouten t• who Moe of time Larengia mield •
speedily dime . .
Spasms ef Wortnee— Pai n in the joie. at limbs 06111
site breath, pickiog to the note, grinding of the meth dmiag
tients•palemoisomt the lipeovith Modied dimly
I.Dedieg at the moe,•pismog - teasotion at the momech, Beth
es' of boo over the cacti tithe.body, tight elitlis or shit
ori=p, headache, • demesne., ' vertigo, torpor, :disturbed •
- dreams, sodden marling in sleep, with fright end mmaineg•
time. trontihoome moth, feverithaese, thine, postad
hue, OW, had tame in the annvib, didkult broiling, pate on
,11,1 monoch or booth, harpy name, apautuaknets ten,r - •
00011 appetite, lams, bloated Mama or Imbs, gnpop.
•thensing . paito 10 mime parte atlas bedj, tame of moo
thing roing to the therm, tithing of do ma leinneth , eight, •
froptent &the to pass aomething km the bowels, end. oat •
tim.dlichergra or - slime madames. . , •
• They . give immediate relief n i ec=es te aisle beeidschio : •
palpitamat of the lout, lemma of the mi.., despoidthey. '
miistemainlyn putrid sore thmet, bowel or soma. coati .'
0.411, fshitiog, oppreerkin an acme of Makin of the chest
eholk, spumy creep of the stameth or biorttr, hysterical
oroctioos, end e/1 nervous damages, drowinnem thimagh theft
soy, - aed erskethhime stomp the aigio; thole. ,d,sl4
marlins,: diarrhica, !mitotic. • ecaseef Pee
...hogn etGoding large wlioe,.wiu And : thLOW.
pi reallyretrong, end inimehm• the Inandeneyof look mob
alter disoratioo, the lfeemws ebs tOOO 0(160114M gey\ .
rillp,,and now, eu the anpkeseat symptoms mu." Dom %.
'no De. hOn g . Pawns who hen been lan high livers, as.
.o:widened their dimipeal hails, will Gad theseLecespa
811EAT1111 6 11:1011 MAF , B TLA •
Tht best sirmigthenhisplestar is the world, mole netatka
remedy fir pats, or meekest irk the leek, Didee, math,
limbs, joints, rbeumathen, hembego,Oar 0/11r1011 •
year toll misapply the demand. -- They moire • little temy
mg befaremphestos. Wm:mated mpeeier to ell others,ead
'for oft gmrter the anal permoothieg welly the heat, bet
thethespat plaster ita the world. It aerie le akw
boors, end snakes tistoniakilig conk
In liver emaphint and ineptly it shoold be was One
the mmo cram liter. Mama, end Bea aced g re a t • niteisWeg. fa
coops Mbh whim, digmally ed •
breathing, oppressim of the eliest or etnemeh, wdlim
medahly soothlLbmilt the patemt. •
iedmeasy habits, or totimd melt, will melee
decided support from n. of than tAly aireephealeg Tie
ter: Physiame g btn urrelly le reeiromend
b thentriferace
• le
.1 . 1 =2 , InTbeirelpe Wittilleads 1104
enotipa. Thayw of etaindj difikesto Merali
ems Om soy odor, mad ban the elperimmi of mil
!Mosotho hate toed them, ea cell.. the • united Medway of
be the celehrstedend dimiapiabaf .ekrgy and plapicime, to
he the moat metal end highly inedimied phrase
ficverel polkas here eared at the werehome n
their sorpeme end Hooka,. the Getost mlnealem cons throe
plasters boat Akita.
Direetions for me ere an the back °feeds pester, itith a •
Dr Meath, of Or.Bliceman same. It is Deportee you Road
sheep mak for Sherman% Boor Hestia Hater mad me OM
you g. the Lgatione, ea them me many worthies hatietiona to abot!iLacid kir the true Bhamm . 'a thfient h/
Bold wh=d Stied by W. JACKSON.% hie rot.
Madonna Wei, No. BB Liberty grief, dip th
-. _
BIG BOOT. jea 11 illy.
• 01 HANK POUND IT.”—Eunka..
Cittchapif#, 0., March Mt 1611.
Door Sirs—This at tooxiii4 tote peke, ye.te t horly to
then afflicted meth o disame of the Lunar Comomptin
that iu the Spring e! ISO I woe Worked With a mere cold
which mos ben= mated May bIEgS, thawing all the
eraptentiol eat appeceeing Coneumption. My cough was
tight nod, handed with tapioca eight seat.:
Spit up doily. counierable quality of blood, mixed with
hick dark matter. i, situation became mai. snialsems.
ins. During tie time I was att.d by two of one.:
elulfol Phpeieieo. ley did the best they could for me, was
at length they gone op ell hopes of moony, take.,"
me that nothing 0101. could be door—that my lunge were br
tally dierind, and bee. needy. Ono Ina permedd by
• friend of mine to make • trial of Dr. Dunn. :Erre.
rent Randy, which ny Physicians peeked apmnstomeng
that Ohio medieslor weld do no good, and would hill odd !
more to my enteriag. I told them it moo my Del aid only
hope, fed lbal 1(1 most die of the dean, Dente not mF
OW to s tset then would be milling lost. 8o I sent to the
:Ciaciamati Off end 5 ionle of this truly Vol..
his Medicine, and comanned ming anordiag in dine
liens, which, b.ed of riding to my ..Ewing, hionedietely
pee relied al oun Owing the troublesome Coog
miting the pen and. tight.. in my Cheer, Ong ne a new
life and hicogthi whisk non enabkd me to be about men.
This medicine meinod its good work, which it no. only
commend, whil I we. node amend ISM. I harshen been
attend,.; to my bench, (uyeerdsisf 5 years) sad feel ale
healthy as I vials. I base niconoseaded Dr.
preieentßonedy nanny isuroons to thosiehaelarly
cod item heye proved necesellt oo it in I have whon`d
ite hints. My eine:Oho' she. anditharot. present, for
Mama Lim and ma Area.* at li. Lamm which ehe
had eutend. with for none time she ham net
by the ose of this and I no coefheat the 6
tell take with me had. will entirely num her. r l mason
o knew that thee an thounads of ralebk penhos westioi
way with that dreadful destroyer—CONSDMPTICRI. , -
W., it ally penble for three to pee. S. medicine. •
time, before it be too leteonny Lies might be prolongd end
their atoSies nd rel.. mph. node. happy. This
medicine will give intent relief. and ti the owe time ern
the had and photo I Cough, remove theUghtnen Iv lb. Cins
glee ...gib to the enfechkd and emaciated lk.e,aniin
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'hlontgomery,llamilka County, Ohio.
N. 11.—Thow who may sot be aeon.. with an I mkt
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Con-J. Seem ' •
erect, werethis valuable Medicine en along. he
Sold fp Tiusborgb, by VIAL JACKSON, corner-0i:
Wpod and Liberty eau aprl44k.w ' !
Hair Cam, a matchless e" the Hrowth;
Beauty and Restoration of then r. Thts Cream, when
once known, Will wspersede all other wales of the
kind now used. Whore the hair iv dead,llarshalon, un
healthy- or turning grey, • few applintlsons will make
the hen -soft and dark, and era it • =satirist lively.
appearance; and will also meke iffettill' its Irrelines•
and healthy color twice as beg =all the preparations
which are generally nied. Every lady and gentleman -
who are in the habit of nuns °Raba their bum, should •
at cue porch.= a bottle of the Chinese flair Cremnos
it is Ito compared that it wdl not imam the Mir like the
other preparation., bat will benallty it, and, give perfect v•
mnisfaction in every instance.
For testimony to as very saperier wand., see the
following letter from Rev. Mr. Caldwell, to Messrs. t
licadersholt & Steete b, Nashville, General Agents OH -r
the Western Stile.:
Leuer from the ley. R. Caldwelli pastmt of therm
bytenanC.horch. Pauli. • • ,
Mears. Ilenderthou & Stretell , -Gentlemese I a
pleasure in adding my testimony in favor of thee e.
lent prepayable called lit. Yarriatt's. Chinese I
Cl.lll—for .0.1 two years no myhurwasveryd .
bandy, and disposed to MAO out: but having procate, .
a bottle of the Cream, and used it ateordhig to the pre
ieription, my hair is now son, clarion and firm the •
heed. hlony . balssum and oils were applied each lea.
sing my bar iu a wave slate than Leine. This Crean
however, has met my expeetations. • t
As en article for the Toilet, my wigs given it Plilw•
are over all others, Igaingdelicately perfumed, end
deposed to rancidity. The ladies especially will find '
the Chinese Cream to be a desiderata= on theirplepa•
mans for the lona. Respectfully, &a ' '
Pulaski, ISt It'CALDWELL
137-dold wholesale and =tall, In Finable gh by John •
M. Townsend, No 43 Market street. sad Joel Mohler I
comer of Wood and Fifth as. •
'Tot aboot one year, p wrier. to main:COM Of Alf.
Steel Renoyoung Pills,l have onfleredestremely. fleet
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a great variety of =Alicia, withoar reeeertog mewed .
benefit. About three months state I commencea Dying ~,
Mr. tear's Modietne,.whick has entirely relieved me
. from acidity at my stomacp,llll4lOlONOd OW to moray-
table health. Seven! of my triandeend amittiontancea
hare made use of the Pal, and received suveb benefit . .
from Item. I ran with tenSdence recommend them. .. . • .
• JANE A LEE, 317 Mayon n
Fold. wholesale and retail, by II A FAIINESTOCK
A. CO, coiner of lot and weed, and Wood and 6th rm.
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