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... 7 canko f itonsi ingenwince,,Domm;
Ft'"iim, m=7 mato. k. ugi
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Uvfx. ll = quzwrio!t.
tteaed!itnui at the two Uri able
lie.npirdoiut of the Sarni of the liici
; xi, givilo as to the Undies forte of the
...uties Act or 1846, leaves ocr new fact to be
_added. end tad Me to be 'mid ,'upiel either able;
:WO wooldnot reid one ward t o these opirdcms if
~,,,,,,,..iesian4 uncommitted - arm
.8 guseekier Of nth tiagrultade a. this.; The
-,.. espediencyl of law hoe* thief, and the pow.
: 'Sr 'tir load . en force. it, le quite 8 different
- 11'1 thing. , - tlitin Fireorious occeeicat we were - sorry
' ,to ties offee, soy quarter , by expreashig the
'opinion thit the law we. injarioue tithe wise of
' . . l :t amparertee, tett it being our opiolon, and seeing
. ,as we thought. all ironed as, praise evidence of
the unit was doing, weissither hesitated to doubt
• litessisidiney, nor to regrecife enactment. Hot
the now are:—Have.the Legislature a
. :sight to pin each slaw; and haws the mph, a
- . ; right; itusBsh the 11,4164 Itoz. to update . their
'1: two Memieirsil concern.! , 1 _ - - ~
~ . .
ib r ::4
: z ' ' M
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and a t
• , .
-. Ouwool& !PM"e that even in a oetllrY eo
" -'
is Otis is-reant He b ar De antic
.:., ,
.. soli weiddeall 11,—In its a.k.a. than - any
;..:that ams 4ttestiona would, by Ms time,
ha saltheVied eipswiallY those Which else tti;tho
~1 the power or establishing their own piddle
...:. . fit/ untsewl .. reigulatime lonehieg the trafse in
itmitis liquors.. We Will not, however, add
''' ."-... ; 41110 :jilt i... 0 well amend in-the threat
of indite COnlier, whilkfor the opinion of the
. :. ...r! .-Elul. we are free to admit that itbes greatfores,
---.-.: -: an an atoosistkof testimony . to Wind upon, which
.W' may . "ait a diterenei of opinion.. Never.
.., . .
thetas, the . aninhe ewers to tau-one ofihose
„ : decoratus preadtmte which are eakulated,l . if not
. to 'ratan ;gaiety, at lout to make every i tiling
- . ..instable. Every man feels that no laW is wane,
.'• '.. Mod no - rlaht certain,.ihen men are told that the
tie - t , hatm cannot confer:power epic the people
- ...:. -to Rol, and farther, when' 403- may not adopt a
;: • '..' iltinialiel regulation, Wilb,3oi 'f ac h...,... di TcOn'
:'......" .-, ' ' Pr. - clutiligY mama with tho maJoritY.Cf tni
: - 0 '
.:- ... 2 . 1 1. 1 . 1 i 1 . 1 it i° 'rift; gifildleat !ndioat. that the
• should enact ''{ thp,publie laws, hot
•.. , as no ampule= in , te matter. They may
- ' tef r donbtfol gelatine lathe people, and the peo.
..". -,
_pie may pasetheir judgment upon themes la the
. .
• . - - TPs Opinion of the Court,- u drawn hi ins.,
- --;i.e,N ,,- 1 . : , :: ,.. ..t'
'''...•7...'.''.:':' ,
, ~ v. „,....... : ..
'' .;i! . .;4:, -1 , 1 ';
. .;.;-9 . 44t . : ,
. 7 ,.,,...rf
~:,, f 1.., _ , . ..1::',, : - , :jji:
. .
- : - 'ties Bell.' iouet stela one due et readers as po.
— collar. We do not' emend so on it mach became
. ... • •••
• ... w, disaent [welt, as to stow how, widely- ditrir
• •• IS =Me OPiFiOn Wes I,2 PeCting POPCalr and
,„ . . delegated 'tieweiv when placed in authority, and
~~ ;:
tiott'it [dam toned reami
Party, tunny aesuined hither ground in tensor.
log active,: resienteible, dekiated power, fromthe
; people, thirt tin very Opinion of a Court, the
' member* of whicli,intheir paternal and political
predilections, ore; mostly, prestuned to-be opposed,
to any such doetttei.. Theory,
„however; is one
thing, and opinion" on practice quite mother.—
. After the recent ile - eisiOn of the 811Prima Coon.
we v i r tfutil ant :chants Mint the Bench an y
Aug Ine!zsitind for what is' called .Democracy'
free' to moire that we believe the /relges
' be ei far frOot all piAitteslikts,i. it is ioliil4 for
`men to
_is appointee by a pardsin Erecutire, and
far their anechuient to-z Party tom, and party prin.
We re•poblielt 1/ .
,Opinion. of
. 3tulgeo
Gild Ciptltor opon one 11rn and fourth paais, In
orde , to =ha some verbal comeotione, and to
most, die annul deputed for copiettof the two
- 1'...1.4,,r.':.....; - ;.i!".;:.
-i.c::,' , r . ...':-',.. .
.•.f...•' , ! - ::.c. - tii . ,:; .- .:'
. r ,...•
.4 . 4'.i , !%"';:,i..ii;;
...;:0 4 .;*.:'.::4, , ,;:1t , :•5ti
: • .7„ : "....t.:, ; ;,4• 3 •, , :..., : , .,..1
..!,4. , ...74:-:,•:-.5..._,•,..;...t....i..,.,1
..1tf . :;%.1':.J - ,;•1
•.--- - 64
' .....AiZ .,l " , .....0.., ,
: • ' -;;. 4 'it: ~
V.Sit+ •! 4 : ' . : ~.
‘ g.= ',. •4":/ .. , ,, t13` 4
.. ':K......ipt 1 ,, , ....r.: 4 ...,.., , '
mss,' 4 • '..-4
.1........ i
'lt' * . &1.1
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.-14:4:. ;'.
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.. - ..- e :...v
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* , :f441.;.:,•: 1,;;',':::
HuirCur airvi'iaiiins.--W• in; irlai
• le lam lam eeveriburces that the subject cti
4 ; ll o.diotxmr!t . LitiVON on thantdoyi
will b thPMonioin Was and the. Wilmot
. eistr: We have , reached a crisis in the public al
isles tof the couniziAind the opinion of such a
etal i a m tion . r7 Cloy. Woman:eat and fn.
tinsubved, disintdvi, , 'mu
• have eminent !night . t. .aiming the thres:ened
' snip; 1 41.. Clay, it h alien out, will *peak of
the P4: 10 obk,ttof the mise well ee the. ,
war holt The origin and otiact of a tier, - are
• emotion* which rim merles to all oTheriVtir a
people artful lechers° a jealous regard.for thelr
liberties: it G thriAnty of all tore f —Patriothon
demands it, and . COMMUI tense sanedons it f —to
=its the beet enemies of the county to rescue
'the-nation nous the evUs of way, when once war
isaped,tta. ilea. too, any wisely diffm as to the
but mans of accomplishing this, bat the origin
and *Vale of a war. we questions whieli stand
wit in bold reli f. adirrobody is ulponsible here;
and it becomes intallliant men to :tenet out the
• • • -, aurae end tbp sad, the inigirrand the motive.=
• ',We int glad that Mr. Cley designs soda . .
man isbetter Strad for , the task, and no =noon
rtriotic of experienced than hbneelt- • . :
W. find the billowitix - unturistiott bending
• ..Mu editorial Columnof ttor. Liain gton Oburrer,
. .Wednerday. the al brat:- •
• PA: public meeting of the Citizens of - the county
and suchodure as dimes to attend, is requated
it the Man Lexinguot, at 11 !idea;
;2.11:1114 on Batroday the 13th inst. We era so
therised to say that Mr. Clay will whines the
•"' iniethrion the ankircla of the existing wu with
Mcdotv the onsprast of Mexico, rite: annexation
to the Maori States, tic.: and will.prersat resa.
latkicr fir the awrideration of the routing."
Jhyriiiita letter to to boar a distinguished Pill
, senor Lathrop:4 .; felonies to this surnooncensent
- , xamMr. Clay's speech on Me Mariam
' authere wait: Wale and it adds:
tdirdriCiff ;dincrias' could dear Mtn. .Be will
ono tie;oWinions. rindsak Ste feeThigs ofa
'Sfaftiouro.o . Pfdridoriara CHAISTIAN."
, .
I T el,tit,„4 -4 4.1
_rad,' Coihing, who
--r• ------lii Loco Far-qr
• iiiiiiitemit c" eemiheted I/ ice GOT4M4
-. . hie:tend/ be"' thetT'cindiagt° a palsy
le tha erfick,-.9:, Party,
Does 41014,- • - e l ... . awn .
ou of the froth
- pot le 4 14491.. . - -4,,,t0il of I.
4/ all. -
It b l'w-
Whip. peril
left the .
-,•• . • _it th e com pan ion.
who here,
2 • -
.., ia•nombutfrtheen•eui, alais*, —e:
trio .glitt Wila
Thai r,aki h. hirf t e the frt'at
icvroetr c°,!"171,.,, Whip biel Pu t l t"7 their rm.
:...... -. .
hipjittei...... wool! not;' and bones
' • May"Zliaip bestowed
them, uP :out on
..... rot
the 'ut/ who ' riith
. • , the P
- ..001./04!IPz' . Lee cognenced. re be.
robot "it . al l.ji t w isite!:Mal U, first 847
a taw
4*',/ain't's= "4
a ta
' 6rreehereete, an t whe,:win 'the
preys{ metrerlorr.
i.i. hair to pf d.
- ' 41-419 -PreieOtbki Meir4-.Tystecf s7°l" a ":-- Ma"' etle isdael4Bl the
I. submit 1° far.
tame, they ' refuse : l4
toore carry "._
'.. *B4IM lb. wd deirlo° th
: ' 1
! OW'' , Ill'i"2.
ti ' ' ' then's'
!O W ' atif t he l e - sqvuitemi I°-"77:..
i is has
_. i mm , f ., -•-
_The r kith win ftt 'fd :it "
ay had. W
-.7 . ` - `,•;::''.4, 74'.4.,
s+ '';
"r• - `:',-...`•`
-....!.. .''''''Z'
.4f -.".•?;
-.:,...:, ..,
~. 1 „...,: ; .: 1
~,, iss. .,
.;,.,.? , , .
Ti. migegrati,
• sum,- _ ~._ ei .
~Blan 1
to m4ll MAC° KY-'..,._,....
I : C mis
Lt h e mem "
tidy wwitrigen ths swami.
mi ,,, ad u ,v'n, - - bthig s
' • gpiplik )(aka
kt dr"' ble44
Ewing ' Of ' - hir eini
Obi . b Psi
..".,....- th e 'et' with laY TtgW, or
7,00 ta ir• — =. ~........,- 'wet eCiill Ma i _ , . °11 " * "
tow ono ma —.-77" ikt blz - wamem.
-hti..*-14 th e °r114",1,- AUL X
-,- #916,- jiff IFNI be , 11;!le
.7,lllo,Cagi diSt
Ilej'ilnieln PrPTIL- Ha
Ito Zt
~'--*wealli Del._
Vilitri , ,
silaV;4 lii kmitito 'Mr rr.'"...
*2ll"426T T i h '-'I 7 t;fCDIPrC4I( 4
..a....1.A• th" "MI ::
1 d..,;11,1169:41
atoYaow ~ 'Ora iitld r."*.f.r. ea
' ''
.:t'• ` ~,A:,,,aokid".„4-6,2,,4..ip...,,,.-,,,.;.:,
~,,,....,....,, ~,,,.,04,m,i
, -- ,,,~ .,1,::-„ -, .
~„.,_ „ 1 11.4.- ,to - r*- ft --: ,, ,if:,
7 -:-,-". - - virikai , .. ; - # 12,-i,--4-!-.le*
• ~- ,.eL. . , - , , ---.: ; -:, 4 5- --_;•:. ~. ,-. ~ - - -
- - 1 '4 , " '- r• •'.; , ,: ,; c::',:.• , :' , - -
=W. 1",.
Firma - Us Dsrair Gamma II pclaiSkred .
Winialy, and Weekly... The Daily talkies
tinnami tbeTri-Weekly is Pive Milarapee
e Naos ila,Tion Dollars per manna 'Mainly
'•• - '
* si•;o24,alty the [ P . trOPart lfews hst
rcrived; , the ielkwing initiating items iota ,
ligenee. Thelnews jrom Italy is most impratento
end we gio gir It the Most prominence:,
• • - rams mass. - -
We lesm om,European letters and papers
that Amnia Wai brought to terms *Mindy opoo
the following thirsts, which we have, no doubt
'mild have bto -neentedt--Ist. That the Ault.
an troops bo , withantwo(MmFerrara. Backing
ita'request the Popeeent an Anni to Fern, and
enrolled tie National Guard; This dine, he sent
fulhe Austrian Ambasidoi; and minuted the
seam:mini or Ferrara by the imperial troops.—
This regaeat being forwarded to was re
fined. The following late litter tram Rome will
give the sequel: - • _ ,
His Holiness. then, maintaining the untie for.
midabletnniquility, made is further maim:mica.
tion to Count Lubetu to the dint, that being de•
sirens tO ale every peaceable =IDS in the fiat
keitance M obtain the restoration of tallish* he
would lune an. encychcal_Atter, demanding the
prayers of the faithful in all the aunties of Chris.
leap= for the dellweiy of the -Heed .of. Christi.
runty from the unjusc usurpation oc Austria! and
that in case of Lhasa inkier' not being effieacioits,
His Holitteuertriald te most reluctantly forced to
take the Tiny disagreeable atop of inning a bull
of eaconitminication saltiest the Atistrian govern.
utast, and against all civil 'lnd military employees
who ahreild directly or indiiectly abet it in this ag
gression, and finally, if. that failed, that. Hu lie
lion. arse ready to summon two million. of
Christianatti.follow the Father of the Faithful,
and with Gods araistanee, to expel by force those
who should beralready ander the ban of heaven
and earth.
.Anandii was Dot ready for @nth, a riiiritual and
physical war, and "yielded to bar destiny. Ferns
tiaa been- evacuated.
the „Neapolitan - Government is divided between
Brigand* and Insagents, and dlsordeeremos eye.
Is where, and whit is remarkable the - government
treats with the Briginds sea beanie power,while
it 'refines all etttinenuticstion with the Icumrputs
and all redress far theli grievances. A • regular
system of:espionsgelss commenced, end all let.
ten are opened and read when passing through the
Post often. The • Pori' biting g illed upon by
the King orl'isples to interpose hii,good offices,.
promised to do so, if the King wary grant a gen
end amnesty and fallow him in his reforms.
Tuscany haw pot many 'of her proposed rte.
forms into toll prictice end hereafter. the Prefec
ture of Porn:eon:le of the mot instruments of
oppression lit lobe under tho control of the Min
ister. of thnlnterior.
p i , iv ate letters .from Turin of the Sil alt., ny
Sat a number young men hawing aseembkd
outside of the eh to sing the hymn of Pies IX.,
the vier:trio of th 'pokes had waited' n the KO*
e l y
to apprise him o their Intention and take his or.
dere. i His. Mid told that officer to anger the
meeting to go on. "Ifythey ay Viva Charles Al.
hem" and he.. Is a compliment to me, if they
cheer, Pius IX-, it bi an homage to the Father of
the Faithful ; and if they shout far Italian inde.,
pendeneerit is a eery natural manifestation. Bet
you must not allow them to enter the city tumult
tuonsly."_ • . • • . .
Difficulties are apprehended between Rome and
Btegiumc-The Pope and the Belgium Minister
ha‘vion bum engaged ; in warm .eoutroveray, the
Belgium Minister at Ramp has resigcul.
continues in a Teiy &enacted .taro, and nonmof
the Sweedish Provinces - wua slain to &ger upon
the armed aseennon of the Diet againat•ihe 800.
&damn old-Janina
A Catholic Paper of G 613011, 'eye: "The pork
of the Catholic Alliance do 'mot wish for war end
an even ready to dm tilesse, if the thioddess.
60,. ef,-v the sufficient 'patentees of safety
independence and soistelintr"
On the other hand, the pordatien of the stud
Cantons will not undertake war anima t hey are
irreditibly emit to it. The day the entire nm
tionSiall devote Self to its.consideration peace
will be made; for it hail too - gaxl i an eindermstul•
log of its own intermits, to run blindly; to its ruin
Aasocrong intim to Fuses ai ?as
Coos: as Gouda.-The Caulk des Tribunaux
publidtes the following letter from St. Omer of
the lat nit :--i , Coutit Gustave de Garner, who
resides at die chiteau of Wolphus, near Ardies,
committed an action which lug mused great a
-motion in the neighCiMbood. lie wee out idiom.
hire in hiswood of La k ;04 Ir when he poi
aired s poor - child in au ~,ak tree, c!xtipied
brealtiog ofTand cottoning the branches of dead
wood.—He went to him, crying, .White cap (the
chit/16step a bonnet de adon ) s tang time ago
Upioth •-kMIO fire at you, and now I will do it!'
The child , wept, begged for 'radon, soil promised
that- be viould "mend. the, tree no more. Hot
without paying any attention to his pray cur, the
coancsiithdtew some steps in order to lakeis bet.
ter. aim, am! polled the triger of his grn, as if he
"were simply 'booth:kg it a had of minim The
child foil riddled with shot, and bathed in .blood.
Some pinion. who were at work in the
attracted by his cries, and the reporter the gm,
hastened to give himl ;assistance which his
-state called fol. The udidal authorities, on be
ing informed of what had occurred,- itimediately
took the' matter up, and procemdinp have been
.directed against the count."
The Chokra.—Priii.te letters from St. Peters.
houg of the 24th of September say that the chol.
era iontinued to advance, sod nearly byll49lme
route by arrived in 1831. It hsd reached
the environs of Touts (dittant 40 miles from Moe
cote.) Its IntearitY ,diaved according to the
caGties. As formal ;; the greater member of ale
, rime belonged -to. the paver clasm—ebove
thoho addicted to the ass of spirituous Num—
hatit also Attie* prams ineasy circutnatanees.-
I(was believed . hvSt. Petershurgithat none of
'ibe persons who might be condemned for the in...
marreerion in Galeria would be executed, bat the
resolve of the Emperortonsterminate the Polish
nation by Indirect means was flied.
Wirtaato, Sept.—Ls:tan froio Southern' Rinds
state that the cholera there hod made' numerous
steams. - Whole villages had been denopulate&- . a
phew:imam': that did not occur in 1831.2..
From Lemberg, inGstlacia, it is reported, nudes .
date of Sept. 26, that the Cholera has arrived
. at,
J Moldavia : and that a 'cordon sand
'will be citablished along the Muni= frontier. it
is expected thit the Diet of Gallia& will b as.
sAbbled:befote January next. „ P.
Tux Covar Manilas. at Vi'arelniton waxen
warmer nod warmer. The counsel of COI. Pre.
mint hb fethet• Colonel Benton, and, Wm. C. Janes, dirplay math feel.
fi; beyoild that of lop! adOnti.e, all of whh ie
natural enough and to be excused on the grinmd.
of relatintildp and frfendetdp..We4rar 110910187,
• that imprudent ennui nay be givet and inch.
al may injure Colonel Fremont, whom We hare
been diepoeed Is eineml ea a brave and sinful
Om:, amd a maitorionimaa. i
So far, all Qua official lotercoatio botwetak Omar
oral itelmey laid CoL Fremont, has boidared
upon Ate eitiatoo of courted. It la, homing &
of mach to firma a amateur to denote may see;
WM Pod ban betrten the Iwo. . - •-
Thu list interview between Colonel prinxint
and - Ginind ninny is- noted Us follows in the
a •
mespoodence of the. North Marko ! It oc
vaned m Callionla on then7th of is mazy:
- 011131: Keuney said ha told- col. F, "I sm
much °Waken and 'older soldier than' yourself,
I hive great impact . end regard - for your wife - ,
and liendship for your father.indaw,. from whom
I have received nuoy- sets of Wakess. ' Them
imosidendiaii Induce Mr to yolmteer advice, and
that aisles Is, that you iiithdraw and d-stroy this
jean. i I am willing kfaiget '
Cot. IFrekont declined taking my advice, and
-told-me , tlom. Stockton 'naiad sustain Win in the
position taken in thli letter. - .I told him - it was
impossible ;"Cone, Stacktra would not austain him
in diseheydag the 'rears, of his superior officer,
thst If ha persisted heti:mild ruin lihnself. He
told noel Com. -Stockton was about - organising a
'civil government, and to appoint. him Governor
of coilftio; told him Com. &Woad do no
awl thi ng. Mat iiatteihaving'sdresdy ken det•
Wed 14C by the.Presiztent. Hs ARID 111
'it r waVw orrourr urn Oonaaoa. I told him
I sainted to akin Jo the United Sates, laving
shady Inked for pcintieskii, which,l expected to
remits ft:4,7841ra to the Honed thew, and that 1
then.knew of no mason why I should mot do so.
then toLi me he would go to Cam. Stockton,
emit ft he did not oppokt him at once he wold
notoUy and lett me.
f o Al•
iitam on stock of
'at the
the Id bd. I! b!IIT Pad
Up to 15r 1r km., o r 0500• 000 or the Iso ,
dins b o y ha ban issys.sra sa
I ad** to, Aram sucks,la Oriboeilp62llll
fo '
COOOk.loto Iwo isooby the bold. '
MY of - .4* **OP° ofifid•sfooriotDal
wtelo - ails woo Own 011,000" bo
*hoof, fitioiromoilit boo foot onoosol
~ t,,,. . ~,.,1„._..„„,,..
. ..,.
'.: The Return Judges for county of Atleghe.,
ay met at ,the Court House . esterdiy;; and gave
(melanin of election to the hea Of timer
14, and the county offiems. The meet wai
an aijamoed one u, will under ihe Lai of
the Siate. 'Four weeks were lowed to receive' :
the returns of the vote of the voitutteeM in Raj,
The Return /edges for All eny and Butler)
will meet at Bakerstown on tiday and give th e,
Senator elect hi.certificate . ' !
EXTRA coma of the G de, with r a opin-,
lon of the Cent; and the D' nt of le ge Coale
ter in the License cue may had at di desk
Both opinions are well wo 'preservi g. Tha
Court Record, under a law •:,. 1645 1 of con-
Cain the opinion of the minority. - Th ,who vat
ne Judge Coulter's opinion ationld file h. 1
t.. - Astaterren.—Frank Logan,' who attempted to
anessainate Win. Bradley, lastlweck,wu arrested
on Monday, for breaking into the dwelling of N.
rholu McKnight, on .Wood street, last week, wad
taking property to the amount of $6O or s7o.=
The razor with which ha attempted to cut the
throat of Wadley, was identified u the property,
of McKnightoutd led to his arrest for burglary.—
, Hawes committed for trial.
Truss Conners, who we7edischarged from
the Western Penitentiary on Sunday lut, were
delivered to Mr.-Roberts, Chief of the Rocheatee
Police, on the requisition of the Governor 4
the State of New York. They were charged
with -burglary and robbery, in the latter State;
prior to their conviction in thiaJor highway rob.
Tao SVPISXZ 0001 T will rise on Saturday
nest, after a session of ten weeks. Daring this
time, some of the moirt:iteportant questions bus
been decided, that have ever arose in a Court
of Justice,—the legality of laws enacted 'by the
Supreme Power In the State, commanding what is
right, and prohibiting what le wrong'
LAMA Pilule—We were shown a beautif4l
wimple of White, or Lake Fish, at the store of L
Dickey & Co, Water erect, between Wood and
Smithfield. Thou dealing in thi article, would
do well to call and examine, as we are inc. thy
cannothutbe pleased with hie stock.
Cos: , War. R. Joaxemn—Tbis diatinguiab—
eetenua of the turf, we are glad to learn, la Ma•
king a brief wjourn iti . our city. He is at the
Monongahela House.
~... _,...
„ n , 1
. ALLIIMMT Anexrl..—lob B. Hiner, nag,
late CommisearY Of the Army o Occupation, km
'returned from Mexico. lie bu bean appointed
to the charge of the U. 8:I, in thin vicieL.
p, and will enter is u
upon h next weelr.
• TILIZSTILIF;ATA are requeelid to ask at.
tendon to the large sole of property, boloogipg
tti the Bank of lho United &tau, this morning; at
10 o'clock, at Dula' tkomonercialialee rooms, ON.
nor of Wood do Filth 'treat.
A scraLa iscoan.--We ask attention to
of the Executive Irish Relief Commit
to be found in another; column. It is a noble nib- -
ute on the part of Alleghe;ny county, and one
which will forever endear our people to Use liish
nation. .
ffoopoodoooe of PRtaboret. Giulio.
Ortrespoodenee of the rturbargh Garotte.
Cirminuati, - Soy. 9, r. 31. 6
The steamer Stuektuu, paced up the rim !his
There is ••great freshet in the Whits Water
River, sods east atsount of Yropetty deattojed,
the details of which have not.Yetsuched tul
The Feeder dim and stobauktnenta of the White
Water Canatat }huhu; Ohio. hasibeen washed
Bicloszve Corresponduteeofthe Panbargh Qautie
' Floor—Bain of Omens breads at $6.03 'per
bbl, at whicb figure there are more sellers than
Cotton—Tie market is. dull, wilt a dentine
since Saturday of et.
Whiskey—Limited sales occur at 30e per '
Comiimalales nominally at 13,50 per btr.
Grain—The market is at a rand.
Oats—Saks of 2500 ba at ate per bu.
Ogßee=Bala of 400 auks Lumps', at Tic
pal Ili.
tacit:cies and Provision, are without change.
Correspondence , e 1 the Pittsburgh Casette.
Nos. 9,3 r.
. .
• Flour—The market is heavy, - with( sales o
Genesee brands at $6,311. per bbl.
Corn—Bales of Prima White at 73e per ha.—
Prime Yellow is held at 71e per bu.
The Crain market is ;at a stand, with more eel.
lets than buyers.
Thi market generally it without change.
Dealers are awaitiog thit advices by the Washing
ton, whashas been teirgraphed.belon, to-day..
Pinkie:re CorrevendenUi of the Pnekburgh Casette
Baltimore. N0v.51, 3 it. a.
Flour 0.8. brands are sold at 0 1.5.073 per •
• deerturt—blales of 5 . 00 bbl. City Mills at $6 per
Corn Meal—Bales at $3,431-per bbl.
Rye Flour—Sales at $4:03/ per 4bL
Whist—Bales of 8000 her prime White at 125
a 127.1 per im,—fialee of 7000 be prime Red at
11511121423 per bit. .'.`
- Com—Sales of prime White at'sBe per be,—•
deellne,—Balei of,. mixed lot at. 600 per bo,—i
prime Yellow is 'elfin' at 68e per tat.
Oats—Balea at 311 e per be.
Whiskey—Sales et 414293 e per gall. •
Btocks—The market is without change.
Beef Cattle—Bales of 4300 ati2rl6i Par 100
Me gross.
EzulUstvo Corresptiodemou of Ma Pittsburgh 0048110
.N0v:9,8 P. M.
Floor—We dote wales of 7006 h at 55,5,6425,.
621 per bbl, at which figurer there ale - more sellers
ttusa buyer& e•
Mohossu—N. o.lllMaig 25,347 c per gal,
-bat ifie - fairket isltuFtire. Therein a large !ap
ply la Ent i
B aller—N. Q. ougit selling today at, from 5
to 6e per lb for fair , to whale quasq..
Whiskey—Raw whiskey ti selling at 17,je 'per .
Tea Pot Muter "ueiieral officially 1111101111Cel
thai, a tbelieterrimeof of Great Brie
- tato - charges -folt - peataie oo B. moil matter
afrou the Atfintic, eree . when tnnsmitted to the
steamer. Wathlogloo, the mails-of that print
meet will not be permitted to paw through the U, Brithb eoloeiew, 'her Abe I eth tesi.orithoot
payment of, expeares.
Gioners. Lsoisr.oruni.—This body were
gild on the Ist fruit, ind *Wed Wen. H. crow
ford President of . &note, sod leon. C„
Jcokliu Spe.ker of tbit
Bosons ire Waa..- ,, The . Vetion told us a
slay or two since that thotteit ot War was • good
school for theaciebee ofßorgaty, and itte .Organ'
I omitted ,to pot this good dome as one of the good
things of the war. •W. commend the following
picture as proof of its high -appreciatiori of war
and its bettedm ' -
CMS of the Burgeons 'of the Army. (who has
since Wen himself dangerously wounded,)
. writlog
to a friend after tho battles of Contreras and Chu.
rause% say= • '
'Met operating, with my assistant, till three
o'clock in theroorning.l left the building of which
I bed roadie tempotam hospital, to take en hour',
met ht the open air. /I lamed round to took it
my curipulafion taldertonder it roas
aloe 011. AIM ABB LFASIIba /Gain at myself,
I found' I was covered - with_ blood from head to
roe ( :,. I
The - Winos of New York, at last whites had
. SIOXORd ifIZZTO00011;0011, of the 'Aleambly sad
'Lieorocos bat THIRTEEN! The Renate
probOly kind, 2.slValgs and 7 Lieatocal.
,-.TbtEaaptroviof there
' all persona beretmar
1 1 -1114 h 0 P.da 1 fenige
Rausa.m Aar
o ?inf±kthign
118 . tioirsPla; :
Tits cointrrez z met, pursuant to notice, at the usual place, e a t
Seal sudement of the trust repined in them, in affording and .emee'elr ale m the '4l7emee of
/Mond. Tffe following Report glee. a true exhibit of what tame under their auperriaion,—
which was diawn. rip by a Committee m e lt., mi me. ; The account of our worthy Treunrer ,
Larfestr; Jr., Esq., will be sU e d p e th.dy accurate. The large amount collected, (and
which hoe been forwarded,) it a et eng pm!' the rertlitaeril character of the people of our
county,—end well calculated to impreas their brethren sbroad--the recipients of their bounty,
and who hare been redeemed by i s
mime blood—with a high sense of their truly Christian feel
lei. We would here remark, that several churches and individuals have made liberal donations,
which did not pass through the Committee.
The Secretary
take. this occasion to Ida thanks to the Clergy of the county, and others,
for their kindness and utintatme, in giving the we of the churches for holding meeting., which ro•
milted in so much-good.
The Committee appointed at a general meeting of the Meads of the poor of Ireland, for the
rupee' of receiving and transmitting to that country the donations of the benevolent of thin city,
and the Surrounding country, consideein; that their duties bare nowelmost come to a close, beg
leave tore pott the result of their operation. op to the present
Annexed will be found the Report of i gob-committee, appointed to audit the accounts of the
Treasurer, and to ascertkin the amount of Produce received and forwarded. -Details have been
acknowledged as received from time to time; the totals alone are now published. AS will be ob
served, the whole amount contributed in idonej and Produce reaches the large sum of $40,847 22.
The &iced. of the Poor of Ireland, cannot bat look upon this result as most gratifying. Every,
one who had a share in the good work, cannot but rejoice in considering the amount of distress
relieved, and the number oflireo saved, by the contributions which named through our hands,
Though we have Set down the value Of produce at $28.362 121, it Will be remembered that this
being the. home valuation, it ma. worth more than doable that amount when distributed in
This result Must [mire pleasure, both on account of the relief afforded, aid of the generous,
spirit evinced by our community. The promptness and generosity with which our people, in ev
ery direction; came forward, to aid a distressed nation of another hemisphere, will, we doubt not,
be ever considered a bright page in the history of this country. • We have Lemon to feel proud,
that while Pittsburgh was amongst the first to more ii this charitable undertaking', she was also
among the foremost in the amount of her contributions. . .
Though it may appear invidious to make nay distinction where great liberality was evinced by
so many; we cannot omit directing attention to the very liberal cootriba • of the Transporting
Merchant.. •in the moat hurried semi of the year, when their burin was limited only by
their mean s of executing orders, th ey carried, free of charge, an amont f produce for which, at
the current rates, they would have been entitled to the sum 0f,1594 14. This was a most lib
eral contribution, indeed. .
We feel it a duty also to state, that a deep debt ofgratitude is doe to Mani. Ebbs and Allen,
who successively acted as Presidents ofthe committee, on whom the duty ofreceiviog and at
tending to the shipment of produce devolved. The numerous and varied sources from which it
came; the close attention and energy required to get, it forwarded.promptly, especially in cons,.
quence of the annual quantity of simUar articles seeking a market at the seaboard, imposed on
them an amount of labor which few can appreciate They devoted themselves, however, most
faithfully to their arduous duties, and the satisfactory result of the operations in this district, is in
a great measure doe to these gentlemen:' On them, together with the Treasurer aid Secretary,
almost the whOle burdens of the Committee's labour. may be said to have rented:
We feel it our duty also to ackaowledge the promptness with which the:gentlemen connected
with the preas kindly co-operated with us, In publishing gratuitously every thing that was deemed
necessary to forward the charitable work. •
- .S; committee composed of two of the undmigned, (Messrs. Anderson and Harper,) in accor
dance with your instruction, have =retell, examined the accounts of our eieelleot and liberal
.Treasurer, Wm. Lorimer, Jr. Esq., and find the same to be comet. The book containingn de
tailed statement of the receipts an d payments, which was kept by, the Treastuer;with a certifi
cate of its cor.conms, signed by your calamine accompantes this Report. • .
: . The following statement will show th e quantity and variety of produce and o th er articles recei
ved from our own and the neighboring counties of Virginia and Ohio, together with the' esiimated
value of the tome in this market, which were forwarded to Philadelphia, and shipped to Ire
land, via ,
'lbis _ Dour,
Cote Meal
. Rye,
8 6.17.5 en.
" 'Wheat,
C'ke Core 'Meal
Pitt!. Bacon,
1311 .
to all —tons
954, at 925,203 Ilk
By referent. to the fools of the Treasurer. 11 .111 be Mu. that the Whale amount of.t lioxs y 0
Coed &Mai.* from all quarum, bare been
To Oda may be added the value at the donations'of our Transporiation Ilues, to for. 1,599 141
warding manta Irlthoat charge,
Total value
..„, (Party our m th fn a m uta f tt ,f d two i Ilu a n f dg e d and e d lg a t yzz o n f erg% a nd . twenty-two y e -i s la w % cants.)
Ca l 1
- baringmanna/. Iris
to Ireland, a 11111 0( 4401., aril/ Excbaage and Macaw. . • 2.093 00
~ "
.. to ttme , R. ra l f le . teotasolUat of Pailattelpdia, ta be forwarded la Malang exchanges 1 1,515
a time/ ottl,l4:0. add exeltaase on tarrondt cold 125,
Remitted in game roamer a check of (1000, Ex. 110, 1,010
Fold freight to Madam .115215
. "
ITtateman. .1.1.7
o o Ta ffe It Co., 03,03 , •
Toll. reArnded to Tralitportat los LI e.,
Frelabt a produce up the Ohio. and by Ciusals leading here. ate (], drayhs t i labor, 1
cooperna, Ise.. .in, paid d out or MOM] lb. Treasury; and or witch sanest-too y
vouchers are bald.
agates to the bands of the Treas. ret
1110.013 06
Dr. Wit. Lastatina, Jr., Treasurer in arte't, with the Irish Relief Committee.
Amulet pravimmly published in detail, 99,291 43
Robert Porto, Tareitim, Scotland, 33 00
. ..”
Ireland, . 29 00
George e, Bt: Clair, pt. AT: Ake, , .7 ' • - , ' n .5 00
Thames Lewis, Id _. ---. 1 00.
William Gribbin, Robinson Tp.,balance 7 20
Rev..7ohn liteAuli. Cherry Run, AssaciLe Church, Clarion co, ' • ' 10 00
Dr. Ralston, Presbyterian Clmb, . 3 00.
31sdison, Westioreland county,.. . .. _ 43 25
Rev. W Hinter, Milford Chtur-h, ' . ' 400
Re• 11 C Heavers, V 500
Elisabeth Borongs. _ _ , k 600
All of to reopectfolly =Mtted
Robert Cram, Baldwin Tp.,
Dr Wm F Irwin, N.llentington Tp.,. Westmoreland county, Pa.,
Fairmount Presbyterian coegregation, Rev. W Amon,
Howard do McGraw, le full, Id ward,
Copely 4,- MuMortrie, ratan aing , ,
R H Kerr, Secretary. and enadry Individtrals, r7s
R H Kerr, T Graham sad other.,
Jellehael Allen, for other.,
John Patterson, Allegheny city, 1
Lima M , Denald, Ohio,
Rostraver Tp., Westmoreland county,
Jame. Sharp, Sharpsburgh, -
PeteroCreek, Wm Pollock,' 1 ' •
Miller.. Ran, Mr Coulter, I
Thomas Smith,Economy, . i
Limestone Tp., Club's county, 1
Bethany Congregation, • .
Snowdon Tp., Mr Thumper', . \ •
Paris, Pa., Hopkine + McCabe,
Eli...both Tp., Samuel Walker, 1
Murrysville Congregation, . .
Snowden Tp., Rev. Marshall,
Connellaville, Fayette county, Mr Horn, 1
Franklin; Venengo county, Mr Plower, .
Barnmille, Ohio, (Bacon sold,)
Colembianna, county, Ohio,Mr Mendenhall,
Whitman i Co., Tolls 'remitted by State, -
Rev. C McCarthy, Va., -
Wm Lorimer, Jr.,
M All m, Misses Mills,
-Hanover, Pa.,
Wilkins Tp.,-. •
Snowden Tp., .
Washington county, Mr Reed, .
DEG! creek, W C Denny, -- ,
Fragile, Vennago county, Mr Ebbs, ..
Wilkins Tp., •
Deer Creek price bbl. Flour,
Sale of sow Flour,
4 1 ,
Canal freight. refunded,
Sale arils's ; ' 1 • , •
M Allen, M DOugherty,Saltsburgb,, - I ' '
Judge Henry, Beaver, , i
Wm Ebbs, Cuddy, Jones 4- Co. Mill, . .
Win Ebbs, Cub, , .
Cult on hand,
(A•part of this balance seed since the foregoing statement wan made out,)
.January 20th, 1847.
Remitted to Philadelphia,
Dis. I per cent.
April 0. Remitted'to Philadelphia,
Dii. I per cent.
July 10, Remitted to Philadelphia,
Dia. I per cent.
Sundry Checks paid for freight, charges, etc:
Balance on band, ,
I received and paid the Siotch Conamittee
11413 oat of the above,
The fbllowing resolution was offeted by R.. g. Kean, and alter a free , (Marengo of opinion,
we. adopted nonnimorudy:
Award, That we take this occasion Of mggesting to the hienarif the poor emigranh-the
cemityofformirg.aAasociatioo for the purpose of assiuting and coaciliating the Melt stranger
that may comb to this city. „, . •
The Committee will, as heretofore'', take pleasure in forwardieg to Ireland—Money, Clotking,
or Produce, that may be consigned to their we. By order oftbe Committee. •
R. U. Kicui, Serra? au
M. num, •
qTale. CITY .00 011011.11..
Edilors of the Pitablugh. Gcrzettc: -
The above hi the caption of an article to the
Pmt Mooday lut, the imps of which Is to
make the Whig party in this city mimosa - Ide' be.
cause IMO of the members fienithe new. Wards
doomed it their interest Matey sway. Waldo not
deny tbst a Member or members may hard addl.
led ',they, to atop away; but we do deny Unit they
would bays absented theamilves, had it ni been
for local reasons. The members from the new
Wards, both Whigs and Democrats, have always
been oppoeed to the'reduction of their renniants.
tion, and by staying away acted consistently with
their prerirma opposition. While the law was
pending In the Legislature hist:winter, men of all
parties In the new Wards uttered but one oydolon,
and that hostile to the law.. Became we bettered
Mr. Darsie's law opposed to oar local briniest,
both the law and its legfelorive authorlare,
aired cold treatment at ohr bands. A local masa
induced theabeence of the new Wind roe/ahem.. -
. Is it right then to burden the Whig part y , of Mk
city or its lead,,,, wi th Oa wino, it Immo it
can be called! Weald it be right to chirp the
Umatilla par#: with the almeme of the me
Ward "members, bedtime a Demand° leader can
be pri:mmto hail aho adeised this ideuticalatay
log away:. ft each new Ward member who ab.
seated himself, was itaied why hi aid 00, bi aindd
gin a local; not a patty moon. Let thereiprar
then rot on, ma letlividail *age, fix
It is no Whig 'doctrine to leads a law
an attempt In thti.esna erdela to array the old
turd now Waid Whip. sick Atom
, -
~".o-'^>',`w'=?=wiz=~='^,S~ ^.: wu-_.-. -:.,z<,9.._.__
et .540 per W.I.
" 1,50
3, 50 "
732 equal to 2379 bin. LO bush
100" ", 325 " 1.20
3 ". 91" " 50
8 " 26 " " 1,00
780 " 15,730 " " 50
7 " 25 bbl.. CAI bbl
. II bvs." 50 bus
t!• - 445 bbl..
I " 9 bu.. ,00
S lb
BO bus
1,00 ..
$2,072 88
20 73
, H 2,600 00
25 00
1,000 00
• 10 00
4,812 10
• 206 77
G. ADAMS, (Mayor ' )
object is to raise. Oldest capital far the • Demo
cratic nominee incipient to the Msywalty. Thin
will fill. • The Whip of the new Wards are too
intelligent to be duped thus. At the coming
nicipal election they will teach political *Adopters
where their ground la: There is to be • meetitg
of Let every member be at
his peet,partieularly eeery.member (tom the new
Wards.' Let the issue be mat like men conscious
of their Interest end their duty. The law is a bad
one, but wows for the old muds than the new.—
It will plum the power where, the improvements
are wanted, *di: in the Third, Fifth, Muth, Bev.
enth, Eighth and Ninth Wards. Wh'y ahoald
the new Ward meMbers absent themselves! Let
us meet in the true conciliatory 'mirk, and mule
the *hole matter and defeat the mum of Loco.
fonder, which tuks shady sharpened is fangs
to Wm on the spdls of Municipal office.
thy WAWA.
, .
OD' sidtar• Gnaws; Prassemth.—lllanteth
Tosimeth — We ben leave to cell penile attention to
en inithwthrtamle In. Wm. Doan, of Withatosville
Clermont Co., and one of the very first omega:ten in
the thenty in which he reside., and late Senator in the
, State Legislauen, Itts cheerinnthae to the the lean
[ log roes of the profession, bursting Onto:ids of proles.
0)114 priladimand giving aunt us do.,
- "Sirs I have to my practice been ming some of your
elreVa P C n at= l esanZh IrCTene well
toll ' d i l l ' : am "
mob= half a dozen beaten—pet them ae 10w as Yoe
eon; as I expect if II continue to reader as general sot
isfeetket as it has ketewithre. to keep It eognantly on
hand: SemPeetthll7•.' apt" 1 Wm. Doan, M. D
, . . . .
IDPAs silleiused sowing Milts Btocilt slders of the
Pitistittryik and tlmticllavlllo Rail Reed Company will
bs at PAD. Hall ea Illowlsbilis Aiwa November
as 3 P. , snshazzAK,:
, .
st, - ~' i
Plll-11,311,1R811 WEBILIGIZETTE
NOveziliM t 1--cOsremrre to 'Mai.
°pinta:sr of the Suptiente.Conit on the Llamas
Qaestion—MMEM and Ithe on
of 16—
From Matanans--He l ory Clay and t h o War—
The Court Martial—The, Hortindtural Society
Wilmot Plosiso—Ni. more Blue Territory—
New York—the Sesaio i n of Comyreass—the Tele:
graph-Bmm Engine! Erplosions—Benefits of
htannfactating Companies—the Mormon—Rai
Road in Broadway-Nil York Banks-Horrors of
War—Banta Anna in it bad way-Barr II of Death
--Bode offices in New ' York—New York Cones
pondenee,Anti Slavery In New York—Voice
front the Given Mountaine—Quarter Sessions—
Bubdßatine Telegraph—Rail Road—New Er_
press lineßepublie of He 3i—Commercial
Growth arid 'Greatness of the West--Alleshony
filaipe—.Coat! Martial—General Quitman—ltems
Latest Telegraphic news,'Foreign and Diimestic.
Commercial—it carefully complied Review at
the Markel. for th e psi week—The prices in the
local city markets—The Cattle Market—The price.
Of American Produce in 'uricus part. of the Union
Amount of Floor, Wheat, Coro &c., received
Since the opening of the Canal—Canal business and
movements of p roduce-Market in London.
City Nears—pirit of thePrem—Copions Extracta
from the leading journals on the interesting topics
I ter 'l el at the desk, singly or in wmppere.
Price C Cents single copy.
liintscriptiona two dollars a year in advance.
ED' The Associatton of Pittsburgh and for
promoting We interests of Education, will meet at 7
o'clock, P. &L. in the Chapetof the University, lILI Thurs
day the 11th inst r for the purpose of electing officers for
the ensuing Year, receiving the trepan of a committee,
appointed at the last meeting, to amend Article sth of
the; Constitution, &e. Daemon of Pchools, Teachers,
and the Meads of education generally are respectfully
Invited to attend. • II WILLIAMS,
Beep pro. tern.
LUNGS.—The unprecedented eneceas wAch has
intended the ere of the
in all the vaiious (onus whi
names, has Ihduced the it
non to this '
The changeable D
smasher 'slued P ma ß rks our fall end
Isluterntooths, Is storeys a fruitfol source. of
Thew, If neglected, are but the precursors of Out fell
The question, then, How shall we nip the destroyer in
the badt bow shall we get clear of our coughs and
coldd is of vital immanence to the public.
will be foood in the Ginseng Panacea. In proof of this
we have from time to time published'the certificates of
domino( oar best known eitizens,who have experienced
at curative powere. These, woo a Ono of kale:100y.
from all pans of the earamy,—fi ore
Bilpial[ll of the Gospel, Am., together wah copious no
tices from Me
613.264 .9/
125 00
4.300 BO
1,150 50
390 00
25 03
7,865 00
100 60
484 401
07 50
7 62i ,
25 00
we been embodied In pamphlet Germ, and may be hid
gratin of Lrly 010 pr agents throughout the country.
have been nerd in this city.
througboat the United i.itates.ud Canada, and we chat•
lenge any man to point OM •
in thick, When taken a cc ord ng to directions, and be•
fore the lungs had beetlemn fatally.dieorganized, it km
- neer failed to
Why, then, need theed triangle!
by resort to
the ensemble nostrums, Rouen op by unknown individ
oats ender the untamed name of souse celebrated phy
sician, and paired alas Wanda) . bit !Waikato. of pet.
sons equatty unknown! %%thins • ttedieineof
is to be hod, whore vouchers ore at bortre,—naineigh
bors.—mhay of whom it has
In order that this hroduahle medicine may be planed
within the mutt of the poor as well as the rich, we
have put the puttees
ink sea half the astral cost of cough medicines. It is
for sale by oar agents In nearly every town and village
over the wen, wtal are prepared to glee full miormatiorb
release mu T SALTER, Proprietor,
• ..Broadway.Clocinnati. Ohm.
NATIONAL MAGAZINE for December and •
ire/mildewe anonment of new work. received at
M *Mimes.
Calavar; or, The kroght or the Convicill, a Camaro.
4 Maxie., by R M Ruh
Oar Army at Monterey', by TBB Tborye,arith engra
imp and a map drawn by term Benjamin,
The Champleas of Freedom, by Sam.; Wood
The 11111 and the Hamlet, or &ones arid Cnantetep
of Coarory Life, by tV Ihiam itearto.
The ladle. In ht, Wirarartt,or chataeteristies settle
Red Rate 'of America. by 11 H tlebooterae.
The Life and Adventures of Joseph T Hare. the bola
Robber sal lbalturamen, yeah 16 elegant ll:extra/WE
She amber at John A blurred
The boo the Days of Tyranny, translated
ham the trencher Victor liege,
The. Bettabfal Rene It Girt, ■ story of thrillini inter
est, founded on feet, in tea/ life.
The Pau& of tho Nosiztoto, hi Newton M. Cords.
O. the Avenger, by the author of `Gallant T.
The Complete Confront:ne Pastry Cook, aod Bob
J Put moon. Practical Coofeettonee
"Maeltwsod'a htaßtemC tor October.
Lituoll's Using Age, No.lEtt.
Taylor's Money Reporter On November.
A new Songster entated Rough and Ready, wisrt
complete assortment of others, fur sale at
nvl 0 Smithfield st 3 doors above 2d.
5 87
62 80
63 00
12 00
22 50
N. HOLDEN tr. SON, ,
Beakers sad Dealers be liDeitaage, Cala
and Sauk Ni.,,0
No. 55, STlliliti, P/1 71611H611.,',
Selling Hales. Ezekiel, Baking Rale , •
New York, pr. Linelnnen, i dis.
Philadelobm, Jdo Lootsrille, • kdo
Baltimore do S. Louis, .
Baying fates. BA K NOTE-9. Bailee Rater:
Obis / die Co.& Berm Orden, k dig.
!Iselin., kdo Relief Noses, "do
Rentaek7, Ide Pesussylvamo Cy. . o do
Ido New 'York do, !" do
do Wheeling, kdo New Orleans, "do
Tennessee, 3do !daryland, - o do
A. A. Mason 4 Co. 62 Market Sired,
ARE cow orieniag 3 MOM cascs of those rich Cub.
were. and Pmgon Phssde, 21 pee Girlie Muds of
the leer and must denrable'styles; SO tics 000011 oed
sift warp elpsccu; 24 pro Mohair Muds end Lustros.
TIE friends of Temperance who Toted in (m. o.
the "No LACES.'" law, are requested to meet a
Temperance Nall on Thursday at 2 o'clock,P. fo
the purpose of consulting as to the roam to be adopt
ed at the present Important crisis, in view of the extra
ordthary deeision of the Supreme COWL '
A .
N excellent old rinajiher; wbo caa Fre
the bat recommendations, w. •.. a piano 1 •
seamstress. Permanent employ is slestred In some
good family in oe near the city. Inquire at this offiee.
210•10 ,
CHAWLS—A A IIIASO:t1 & Co, Mimarket m Use
meeired the most camomile ausrunut of shawls
to be found lo this oily. In addition to the vatiOna styles
of Cashmeres, Tarkeri, Wool Plalds,Thibes,•nett,
he has reeelud.a new style of French bog Shawls, a
aopetior article and eery faidikinahla.
nLOAKINGS-A A MASON & Co. Ct Merkeirt.
ttorito the event/no of purchasers to their extestei.
mock of 011ee,•n and Black _Broad Cloihs • for
,Cloakittoe, airo to their assortment of &what and
!IVY!. m•10'
$10,647 54
R will open this maiming Vit peso( French Merincesal
the best quality and most desirable colors. Also 10 pea
of Mom very rich Csshmeres. 02 Market et , .noirlft
NO. ISUGIAIL-73.) ttbdifer tale to close consign
. abeill. • FRIENDIIHEY St Co.
no•I0 N 0.67 Water
EIOTATOES-153 bblo recalled per or.
C,iuoodoo rot We by FRIEND, RILEY &Co.
naTIO No %Vote& at.
PPLEII-1 LI) Barrels landidg from the canal twat
L - 3. Yorktown, aid for as/or low to Ow coollanment,
F IRE ISHICIC-20,003 Nam and for min low by
tw.lo 7 DALZELL,
N 0.14 Water EL
$10,647 54
DOSE MADEIRA. (or We, whnlevala and by
retail at the Wgne Store: JACOB WEAVER.
wan SCHWYZ WINE, L. P. Cargo and Carpen.
1 ter hrandz, lir store and for sate at the Winn Pone
.1 .4 1=11 WINE In bbl., Imavnio,4l4oosabr
nuoloz old Amamißodo Sherri Wine, "rale "
the anal Sherri .te, be °Rented, for axle by tho eaio
or sin& bottle, at the Wino dime.
Rev. G. T. EWING
. P. !AWARE.
cllDEK—Wawod >tuo bbls good Cider, for which
tho ewh will be paid by J W CHADWICK,
130 vlO Wayne al bemoan Wantland Lawny.
rILAZIEHM DIAMONDS—A dew lot Jost ree'd
and lor'wJe by J I . lllna Co,
" (Chronicle co • ) 0.10
TUT RECD 360 lb. cawed Jalap, and for we by:
wa3o (Chronicle copy ) J KIDD lc Co
Q, WE IgT OIL-100 gall. j ast red' and far dale by
).3 novlo . (o)nnuelet copy) .1 JUDD 7! Co
CHEMISE -480 bozesjest received and foe sale Ty
tussle , ear Water sad iirefthfieulsts.
SOAP -02 bit No I Poap nut landing (mm slue
I Crittenden; ku Pale b
nOY• W HARD/MOM 31.w00n at
FLOUR -4590 bid s extra and .upe ;fine flour,
inns and other favorite brand., In note: for sate by
SPIGELIA-601)1bs, all rootArmt teed: nale by .
wr9 tor Itt & wood ate •
OIL vvraior-to cirboTsinn'reAN4 for vain by
BAGII—A fresh Lot of Lad ico Cateot and 'Mises
B . l dminaP Jost received; for .ale oy
nye • ), II EATON
PAPER BOXES of asaonc4 i siusuitable wr
norm, IC; Jon 'WS at ! EATON'S
wig Trionalo lam
Arilitar—UN cats of Codatm am, awned colon
and aim for sale wholesale or revel et,
CLOAKS--Qtildron's woolen Cloaks, sank, polkas,
and hoods In Veal variety; for sale by
nr9' ' F II EATON
1 1/ETTE—A watered . Bilk Vlsetto, richly trim
V men, Rn Weo tomminlon at
- -
E/41 1 FLTS—Fasiioasble !bins wish unand Tol
./1 tam Fat m'd from .J.dsost's Polak tabment;
r ark; for We b 7 nr9 F TON
s ..:Tutrrynntim4.43.
'LVLACY IVITI-I.s_cre!s_Nrir iFsd We
, -
Ichirtitatign at the Imp as
•pneicir egaia to call aut.
SODA Ahll--60 oda, avenging Moor - eat - 1, expeet
od early in Dee. other. yht NowOrlearn,
79 oaks of 1,1=11: lumen Inn 000 of the , beet Enstish
onnoactoren,lnon whom wo expect hereafter, regular
topphos, sod eon o*rroaroffoetotere of Ulan sad oth.‘
en to this market some imlocumenia to prorchatra at as
W GLA111 1 1 1 1 :: i. 11 = " 4 . 1 7 frin d -
I wit
injis33 vaNu
te::= am m :tt :
tiCIA!*Ir f!ekVe• FUlsyy " t in ure; for saie by
nth I Comatrcial Row, liberty a
-:‘.iF...;.' 7 ,, 'i' , .-=l:. 7 '' , ,:^thit . *At' , g,s , :; , '&4 7. '''''' . .''''''.
2tutitql Salts ';
,B 7 John D. /011s.'Astetlesser
Fll3O Ehats, Ponta!eons, 6.e. at Aiello.). --
ON 'Wed. tley afternoon. the UM S °Week,.
at the Com.< tete; Sales enrster or •H vat a4d nth
eta, Twat be eold :
lido: superfine Shirts made In French Min lain lake;
20 " fine 6hlrts with Lunn bosoms and collars;
6 " hickory 6bitty ,
1 " fancy Gomm 14irta; ' •
1 . fence rporung do;
30 pair fine ekes/mere and &Weal Pantaloon.; tenet),
et 'nth a gneauty of other Pauly' made elothle.g.a.o.
ne9 JOHN 1) DAVIS, Aunt.
Pawn Brokers `es orkilaek &Os Vertings, Dress
ON Thursday morning, the 11 ill inst., at 10 o'clock, at
the Commercial False Rooms corner of Fifth and Wood
buests, will he sold without reverre
7t yards sager black Baku vesting;
374 " bras. black and figured dress silk.;
1 piece roper black .
12 laid, figured and striped tillpaccits; silk
Shawls, quilling, laces, edging, sewing.log.thaa
with a general anon:neat of fancy tea staple Dry
Goods, Ste. . . .
At 9 OTloek, P. M.
10 h( chsti Toting Myron Tea;
0 GM. N 0 Sagar, good quality;
tl bbls N 0 Musessms;
Sp.ocgari, Tobacco. ehovels,verapping Paper, ha
A large assoruocni of household and kitchen torn,
tare, to. horn a family leaving the city, among which
me mahogany bureaus, sofas, rocking. chairs, tables,
bedewed., work stand, MalllCi clocks. cooking stoves,
coal stoves, 1 large iron safe, queensware, elassvrare,
tinware, he.
At t O'Clock, P. kI
A retail stack et Dry GaAs, boots, theca, ready made
cleating, flaw cutlery, violate, shot guns, mewls, gold and
silver watches, Ire. nob
IrrAmerican copy.
Large Sale of .Reed Estate and Ground Rents.
Orr Wednercuy morning November tOth, at Wee
et the Commercial Sales B oom, corner of Wood end sth
or, will be sold without reserve by order of the Trus
tees of the Bank of the UMied States under deeds of
assigumentof May fu, 1841.
Two Valuable Loti of Ground situate on the Forith
side of Third street,. nearly opposite the Post Otte"
hosing each a fmat of 23 feetf inches, and extending
beck bl feet.
Also, Fon , Lois on the East side of Market street, be
tween Front and Second sweets, eae h having an average
front of 1 t (nettled extending back 63 fem.
Also, That very . valuable Lot of (hound formerly oc
cupied as a Police Office on Fourth st, between Marker
and Wood at., having afrontofxlffdotmoreorte..nag
extenaing bock hi trot. ' .
Also, That valuable 3 •tort' brick Dwelling Dottie and
Lot on Penn at, with enact°. back buildings attaining
property of C Evans at present occupied by Al r. bib ilet.
to. This Lot boa a front of 20 feet 6ioches,aod extends
back 110 feet to Brewery ay.
. .
Also, several annual ground rents, viz: One of fort,.
Eve dollars, one of IlitiMp dollars, and one of totemy
one dollars, lamely; out of p rapt, theit 1,4,11141 id, guar
the Kensir.streviton Weak.. G ram 4r. sole.
if LE, AgenL
45 Building Lota to and adjoining the City of Ale.
' ghetto, at Aucttan.
ON Monday evening, the.lsth iota. at 6.3 o'cl k.
at the Commercial Sale. Room, corner of Wood o d
sth sta, will be cold without reserve, 45 &WM g
Lots in sad adjoining the 3rd 'Ward of ,the city t
A Iliglieny within five minutes walk of the mar
house; rplao'of which may be area at the Ancti n
Room, and the property will be shown. by A r.
Charles, pump maker, residing near the premises.
Terms, one frith cab, residue in lour equal ono I
payments, without interest.
'Asso—Two Lets of Ground adjoining the above
on which is erected a convenient Frame Dwelling
House which will be sold for one third cash, residue
to three equal annual payments without interest
Terms indiamitablo. JOHN D
0,6 Auctioneer.
Last welt of AIM. HUNT
Wednesday,lloeember, 10th , 18.17;
W ill be premised the drama of
Characters by Alm. Hunt After which
To be. followcd by the petite comedy of (1113
The Four Sisters by Miss Ilan .
To cone/ode With a sarietg of singing nod disitenig by
3:pltonrs open on 7, and curtain will risetsi 7g.
'• . littil Oglslll6lCled . IT.
WE p D , NESDAY, Nov to, an aftwoodnand evening
Korman, on whic occwion flew Iktechach
will do through ce the Waled .h
Medina from his hinds tilt
mimals,.whilo in We den with thew. •
.• . -
Wen, each dm', from 1 1•Y to 4 1.4 o'clock, P. M.
Mso from 7 lo 10 o'clock, P. M.
Amasaton 23 cents, children wader lOyeari of age
15 cents. noel Olt
- -
Caution to Um Public. ,
ALFJCAN,DER JAYNE.I is the only .. auttioriied
agent id Pittsburgh and Allegheny mum toe the
sale of the Pekin:Pea Company's Teas of 15 and 77
Fulton It, New York. Any other person in Pittsburgh
pretending to sell our Tc is 111 sits impostei, and deceives
all who msy pononise him. 11 it monotonty known that
the Pekin Tea Company's Teak have proven superior
en all otherThrsetdj, tad Corals reason run, penons
hare diaboWrllY Pretended to hare the sale of thp Pe.
kin Tea Company's teas, whelk they are all the while
vending trash and cheap staW, which they hate obtain,
ed elsewhere. Others noon almanac the name of Tea
Company and Wiliam our package., and threby deeepre
mtg. "
Pre are informed that there is a Immure Piusburgh
selling Teas coder the name of hr Now York and Phil
adelphia Pekin Tea Company. We h tie only to any
that this assumed Comp.. have ad connection what..
ever with Ike New York Pekin 'for Company, as inn.
rumen of Tea will readily disceivcr by comparing the
Snide they sell :with the gem.° Tea sold toy the New.
York Pettis Tea Company, at the lame of A..farnes,7l
Fourth sb
- -
N. B —Messrs. McCauxbrr & I.locmor Philadelphia
have no coenecuon whatever with the New lark ?elan
Tea Company, nor have they any right or privilege to
sell Teas an del' a acme SO nearly resembling OM, no to
have a tendency to mislead the public.
nee 75 and 77 Fultoost N. T.
Prosiasylvanha 11a11,11oaul Oaiiigramy.
DROPOSALs will be reeteval wad Tharsday,
gstth day of November, at 10 - o , cluek, hi., at th.
Town 11.11 Id the borough of Lewistown, for No gra
din{ and mammy upon about 36 macs of the Pennsyl
value Pall Road, extruding West (ma Section 91 t.
our thiLessistoarn Dem.
. • •••.
Plam and specifications of the work can be aceri at
the above named plate fi7t five days previews to tbe time
appointed for meowing the bulk •
Any further information can be bad upon application
to W.. 8. Foster, Jr., Ewa, Associate Easineer at Har
risburg. 15.1 r
Car Builders, CinCinndli, Ohio, .
ANUFACIURES to ordcr'PaiFinger and Freight
/XL:Cars of We most approved de eciipt lon at reasona
ble anent. By deans of the lhanals,RailrOad gad Ent
er, they aro enabled to ship ?pen reasonable term, to
all polio m the W.A. Thu, work Will be 'warranted
easel le all teomeets to any made ire the United States.
All order*
punctually executed. • .
ev9-31n [Formcrip of Boston Mara]:
Ten DoHum EaWard
mama O n i ter hti atu A t i or sa F b ' srgluVl t w o Te h lst Oc o t r obe h t:
I. Box Maps, ofirked •C. S. IVilliame, Cincinnati. IS
lbs.^ This Lox may. through mistake, haembeen tale•
to sonic steamboat or Prarelsouft.
The above reward will be paid on del!very of the box
andeontonts to C. S. WILLIAMS, 011.1.121 U • Or to
nvhdat Canal Basin, Pentist, Pittsburgh.
A Rare Chance '.•
-1: A Retail Grocery and Prodeco Store io a mod !ma
tt. sad Ming a profitable bo.imny for flle.
There is on nand a well selected stock of Groceries
and thGCLISIVATO 'Mock will be holtloo favorable terms:
AOment Post dfficc, Hoe 4'19. . • st•9ll.s. •
• .
B Y 4 omen of active liminess habits, who under.
mods Took-keeping by double entry, and whose
:Itemaird knowledge of mercantile affairs render him
; coo fide of taking charge of toy litt.inese intrusted to
his MIN. The beef MICMACe will he given. A line
undressed to W.S. at this office will receive immediate
attention.. nvitat•
MADAME BONNAFFON ryiectrully Inform her
customers and others, that she wilt open on Wed.
nesdal '
the lOW law, at her store, Placket it: near 3rd,
teases of Paris Boancto of her own impariedion, and
Own of New York and Philadelphia stile, with an
extensive ma:dramatis( Fairer Attlanerycnnsilnin/I of
caps, E , Clllllg Mall., heed drew,. French 63111.011,
bridle dreary*, wreathe; velis,liarthas trimmings, tree
caps, A great earietywf eplendid Ribbons" i n 0 31
E RLICII CORK SOLES— Warranted water. proof—highly recommended by Physic tans as bent'
a sure preventive against Colds, of incomparable an.
girt to Rheumatic andtennsinaptive habitybeing so
.corinzacted as 10 resist cold and minaret they are of a
durable texture, warm, belt and easy to the feet.
Planufacla red and told wholesale by Rerrans k rue
Williamsburg, L.
fall amairunentnif Ladietit slam for Mde by ,
no 9 Fll EATON,63 marketn
- - T
Laing Shawls, Ise.
INT R. MURPHY opened yesterday a few very sir.
VT sperm platd Long :Maoris, a scarce and
very article; also, blank mobau Ludo', rich black, end very
glossy; al., .
Fancy flan do; .
• IliaelsdAnnsalriSeAdo;
Fine blank Parnseno .
!fanatics blue do;
' In., kro x
... do French
de; Ate too; .
Drab Alpacgos and remelt/sr:" .
Mod. Casbrneres, /mho.
to At neithesat turner of 4th and Market sta. nvB
. .
Of every description promptly executed in a cup,. tisi
• manner, by
M. 1: li A N S, .•
Sial Zwildncl, N.& Corner nod and /Yak Strarb,
r•• , top stairs,' Phiaiterp/da -
I / 171*MB can always he bad at siert notice— • •
Armonk Mark Msdedt t ol all kinds,
''tars and Plaint, Door Plates, -
Beals for Banks, SocHies,Corporations, &e.
Ardesaional visiting clads, .ingravc4 and printed.—
Sarleues in Want of Veal, oiftev, are invited so tall
nd examine Specimens and Designs of the Venoms or•
dell of blase., Odd Fellow., Sons of Temperlinee,lke.
tb Gold, co ma V e Va
Ann strra, Non York.
subscriber is p repined to furnish at
east Tyie
A. 'and Printer's Materials of all ids, at short linden
and on reasonable terms., '
.Propriews of newspaper., who ban tar adrenised
for the subseriber, who may pabhsh Ibis notieelofthree
sootabs will be entitled to receive pay In type,'an par:
easing axe toup too azoomi of thew hill. En isit, t rd.
Type taken in exchange for new aineenlsper lb.
nett!- Mita:ATI:A Uttt
Cat. Ara
CINCINIATI - AND . P124611E1:131
- - -
Tn. well known line of splendid passenger Steam
en Is now composed of the Inge.; alr' ten, bee
and long mem al bona one,a
waters of the , West. Every aecommeLation and con.
fon that money can procure, has been provided for pa.
sengers. The Line has beel,..iooperatlon for five yen.
—have earned a =llion o People enthoat the least
lniery to their persons. The boat. will he at the knot
14 pod street the Oar previon. to starting, for the men..
non of freight and tho entry of passenger. on the regth.
ter. In all eases the passage many rant be paid ja
The moNoNu tiELA, cam. so., *init. , . P.
burgh every Monday moraine .110 o'clock; Wheeling
every Monday evenulg ut 10 P. NI.
The 11113FRNIA, NO. 9, Capt. 1. Misefibet, will
leave Pitubotek every Teesday morning in 10 o'clock;
Wbeeling .9:7 Fuerday evening *llO P. N.
The NEW ENELAND. NO. A s Capt. S. Dem., o , t.
leave PlusherOt every Wednesday Ineming At 10
o'elltek; Wheettng every Wednesday evening Cl 10 P.
The WIFOUSSIN.Capt.R...7. Graraurdi leave PM.
'bursa every Thursday morning al lao'cloek: Wh..MT
;very Thursday erenhig at 10 P. M.
The _CLIPPERi.NO. 2, Capt. Crooks,vrill leave Fitta
bare! every Friday morning at 10 o'clock; Wheeling
every Fridayevening
The - MESSENGER, Capt. Milford, Pms
burgh every Smarday routing at too'clockj Wheel,*
everzr Saturday evening at 10 P. AL
The ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. .A. 6. Harm, will
leave /Inshore, every Sunday morning at 10 %leek
Wheeling every San ay eventme at -
, ny 49,,1647.
. The atmr
• will leave for Waver, Marrow and
ts'ellndle. ca Tueaday,Tbarsday,
aud Faiarday-et each week, atolelock, • m. tetnnung
on Monday, Wedneaday and Friday.' Fite ban a coat
•at the I.tiingbetween food sweet and Me badge pa
wed to receive (remittent as tiam.•
wilt ..N033 wood et.
41 eahtm.
• will leave for Beaver, Gogoar, and
Wellsvill on Monday, Wanterday,
Ind Friday of each week, at o'cli+ek, a ta, returning
nt Tuesday. Thurrdayaind Startniay. Mtn ha% a boat
We landate between Wood went and. tlie bridgu
tmpared m OcEITC fratglua at any time. .
- G IlAIITO;Agh,
Mon llama.
The new and fast mooing Wolper
11 , 110.111:1(3.
Greenlee, master, will wain a, above
W v./floods,' evening at 1 o'clock
For uciala os Passave apply on board. ... • nv9
utAAILAK tALKEi . DE' wht.N riklauusuli
The fine new mar
: 4 / 17 . 10 t : - e a t ( 2 " i l i ) ; very k. 'neeiVi77=y r t ' d
Tanana a -Ye ag a o elock, and lirovrmirdle every
klntiday, Wedneedav and Friday mornings ma o'clock.
lilaThe splendid new aleanser , -
• • GENERAL / Etisidli I',
Fem. waster, will Into as above on
the glithianst. , Pin freight or passage
The regular meter
®ci ßal.., master, will leave Pittsburgh,
t ry morning, (Sundays excepted) as
9 o'clock, and /cave. Wellsville every evening sib 4
o'clock - For freight or passage apply on board. mil
kUK FICA ri h Urr—lit.l/ULA a rACKt.V.
The maguifiCcnt atm
Miller, macaw, will leave as atand thug
ruing at 10 o'clock. For height Or
passage app!). oo Wool. ocoo.-
- _
m illat opu
The rev, light and fast rea
ring steamer EUREKA,
Crosier, master, Will ran as a regular
ket between Pittsburgh and Loin.
vine, during the. action. Bba leaves Friday , October 8,
at lOo'cleet: • ' . - ' ' • • -
For freight hr passage armly an board. . octg
,inate ; : TTh •U e ll. ne w .H an KELi dfin e U sicluSer
r Pc.e, muter, bu renewed b•
slur trips .41 will leave Pi:burgh
'day at above .
. ever): math Wo
r fr'ght C.r 2I 9 IVIVI 'PPIY
7. - .4nEk...PUHT. zeitEril n 4 .41) AturitHyliA
- - .. • .
Too new steamer -. .
'Nelsen. master, will ran as above; !e •
ing P4.sborgli . ev! ? 2 , ll . onday 6 M 4 ed ..
nesslay and /Way, at 91 o'clock, A ... _ tl . 7e _
helm Ctty every Tuesday, Thursday ...d Z. . _ Y
o'clock, A. AL .For liven or passage apply mbar a
Eartitar Pius bargh and Labels
Packet. • •
THE light &might steamer .
Master,wi I i make weekly' Irrps
to the alierre port daring *be seas oa--
For freight or paasage apply on boa rd
or to ' ap7 D WILKINit, Ate.
.. The neer .d than draaiht mom '
.JP Kock , master, rcrll leave for above
agiaand intermediate portmmTloanday, the
7A Inn at 10 o'clock, A ot.
For 'freight nr panage, haring eoperlor ocCommods,
dorm-apply to , I NEW TON,JONEI
eta • Itlonormobela Home
e at 1847 -' B_43Phia
For de park dapatck qf Mersiandisr mkt Prods.
EZTWZEN 1.11 . 713 . 0 Kali AND TILE 11571.1111C1711.11
This Route opeo all Sansone of the Boar,
egitiE fam titles, safety, nod caws able rates alhirded
by this Line, me such Mat the Agents ein With
confidembe recomicad Itb the patronage of the
The establlshmentot a Two Day Line of Wsgons
between 'Brosensmlle and Cumberland, renders tt 'the
must expeditious and tellable route between limiest
and West. Merchandise from the Emu is delivery In
Piusbergtt on the evening of the third day hem Cum.
The Agents will give reeeipts as to Brae .d r4!es
and all ptoperty consigned to diem will be Awe/aided
,at the lowest current rues. 3ills of Lading transmitted
and all instructions plAtopor attended to.
J C BIOWZLL, Agent, Water st,V.doon above the
Monongahela House, Pittsburgh.
GEO W CASS,Brownsville.
Me KAIG gr. MAGUIRE, Gawk Gan d.
J B BOBIbibON, No 3 Light st, above Pratt Belli;
_'l3ll tategiug.l •
glint U. 3 Mail Steamers 4os .
Consul, Loma . McLane
Pittsburgh nom making dbuble.Dady . trips be.
ttreen and Brodurville.( The month,' boat
• kanea thais , et 8 delondi preeareln aventng at 4
&clock. &way. excepted. ,
'Front Pt tube rgh to lialtimore. , •••= bours,--Pae MO.
P:ont Pittsburgh tit Ptladelphia..4o liouia,—Fare
• LIV tbe F.vetng boat Paasengent will - lodge on board.
in comfortable State Rooms the drat night,-..ersas the
mental. to 6.7 , 804 sad sap and lodge m Cu.her"
land the 2d night; thus avoldiug meat travel altogether.
Cute-hos chartered to Parnetato travel ea they may de.
0.-Seeure pone he'lrets at the Odle, Ateoraltela
Mamie, Water at., or St. Charleallotel. Weed 0.• Don't
remake the Ole% J /11T3SIMUN.
Traaaponikailosiois slag Akutersa
TIIE subscribe. ere fully prepared us receipt !Inrush
fin all uterebaudiie end produce - daybed for the
Eerie.' attics, by the Brosnan/1W sied• Ccreberlaud
route.' ,
81 dPIhril and others will hare.their goals forwarded
the proprietors wollt the atom,* diermelrost ht , '
eat.smearramr. Hills cif Ladiorr lakes% awl transmit
ted free or charge for tomtaisston.
The patroosgs of the pubhe *emettr.. ll 7
For the proprietoW, WM CLARKIr,
. • -Brownsville.
Water street, PI titbit h.
• •- 41 --
TBEpaDlie and a 4 llMldlatßOpj. fp,m the Eorf
to l'aunlorsti, ore informed that we Lava Jon pat
on a new line Of expres4 moat, earlsmely for Brawn&•
villa. to tnumport roods rocvimb *JO only, and 'w.
will famish TeVeiptll &lOW' = I
CO D Baltimore IQ deliver
goods in ;Way aid home at rittsbargh, oanday• sod
railroad delays only excepted. Receipts for this lino
will also Le Itimiased by Adams k. alb, D 5.... New
York and Yloladelplins. •As we nut the oat/ ezpreu '
by mall ulnas west, ahippers ate Informed ton th
mast posed., receipts at the above offices on y.
• ()Ica BkORE De t, Pratt or. Bata•
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