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WOK *tiering the penis and dangentineident to
jv Pregnancy and Child BiSthcwhiclainaures the
• _rrwry and unprotramed meccas of the functions of
ereeme which Nature, whim! uninfluenced by the
oteerdixed life, intended should be perfor
..d sapediummly, with little pans, sod without ash.
sequin. indispoution...,'
Ur Bon'Moque during his trarels in Ama, Muer,
eci this reinarkable fact: That the 111019t31 of thoie
cuntrws: are peculiarly different lrom all other
bads, in this mimes—that. they are free from the
pains and! &agent which make the period of Preg.
=My an Lbjcetot so much anticipated mattering and
Mak. • Curiosity . and the zeal for Scientific diocese.
ry prompted hint to inveinigatethe cause of this re
markableexception to the severe trials to which the
warned females are genemily subjected, and the
Molt wu the dimormy of the lam that the women
• of Ramie Countries were m the habit of using duricg
the last stages of Pregnancy, certain plants which
have We faculty of -imparting that degree of tone
and elasticity to the serum and blood 'easels of the
Meru, or Womb which enables It to perform to
flanetiOnt In all their native etroplicitior action and
freedom from pain. •
lt is a singular bet, also; that the Indian women
"of Ranh America are 111 a remarkable degree free
from those pain. and dangers of pregnancy and child
birth to Which the whits women are subjected—
Whether they use the same plants nano the women
of Asia CC Cannot tell. Cermie 31 is that the fact is
no lea remarkable than true.
This Remedy is now extensively used throughout
France with the must marked success and many fe..
males who were (111C11 single through apprehensions
danger. consequent to the mato of marriage
'are now by the use of this uredidine, performing
tbo duties of wives and mothers with comfort and
It a at this time now find presented in the w 0. .-
tnen' of America. by Dr Bordeleque, through his
solo 'agent, Dr A moRTIm ER, and he feels eon
intent that independent of its intrinsic merits it will
recommend itself to the moral 'part of the commu
nity, us it is dully calculated to do away with that
horrid crime at which some, through fear or pates
of child birth, are putty. (the production of rein,
tura delivery.)
'fins medicine ie also remarkable for retnedyind
tint hitherto ineurable disease tlarrennesa, and iii
almost constant accompaniment Fluor n
'fact that relaxed and 'fallen state at the Womb
which accompanies this disease Is never telt alter
the abortest use of this medicine:
This medicine is prepared in such a way as to be
evocable and pleasant to the tulle.
Dr A C MORTIMER No .t 1-7.! Lispenaril at..
New York, him been appointed sole egret for the
United States, by qe Sunteloque and is the only
person in this county who is authorised LO 111111 d
this invaluallle medicine, as the fallowing letter will
- shows
(11-artalated from the Freireh.)' '
, Panie,June 10111,1817.
Dr A C MOIITINch,--Dcar Sar-According to the
- agreement entered late between us, I wish by thin
letter to give you that written authority to sell
throughout the. United Slates, (my Remedy ler re.
- tiering the pains and slangent'incident to pregnancy
and child both,) which it .is'hereemry for you to
have to satisfy the public of its genuineness and pie.
rtty. As you are aware the espusore of the medi
cine to the indurate of the sea air obliged me to
' send it, to yon in air tight vesicle. 1 have also tent
with it, a specimen of the manner in which it is put
up in pans. la like mummer (should wish it to op
peer in the United Sates. Sir. with great respect I
remain yours, F E BORDELOQUE, M. D.
• I' S-I also send you a copy of a letter received
I ... by me from the Royal Academy of Science, in
(Tranilated franc the Frrneh.)
Paris-Jan :0,1316.
I,To M. Romachniker-Sir-The commotion.
'-, ens of the Academy have appointed the underrogneal
Inim,theirnumber, sea committee In report regard.
. lag the menu of the remedy Ind ticlore : es by you
(fur relieving the penis and dangers incident to prig
nancy and child birth.) Serer l eminent Surgeons
baying submitted to the Academy the results ot
their ceperince In the use of your remedy, we has
ten to lay.d before
. you, bolienteg it to he the hest
decision regarding ate claim to nofinctioin and of its
great value, that either you or I he public could have
. - wished. Whatever Influelme this body may pass.
nee no the member. of the profession will exerted
to* further that adoption of this remedy into general
use, width nun scientific discovery and on unending
remedy, it so richly deserves. Eight Physicians
' .- having used this medicine, each in kiln cams of de
livery, found it entirely eucenedul in promoting a
remarkable sale and easy delivery. free from pain
and danger. With the exceptuurrif three patmnte
of Dr Briquet there was a perfect immunity from
any eubeequent weaken. or disease; one of these
three a harming woman who had met with a coerce
. • fall a week previous to delivery, was taken itumedi
. ately after that event with a profuse hemorrhage.
which was with difficulty arrested. The other two
mallorma tines ol the pelt., were is no wise relieved
offal& These few exception. in so greet a number
of cam. as fourbundied, show the undoubted effi
cacy of yoorjgniedy. and hare determined us to
' give it that recommendation and approval which is
due to it. and the furtheranee of sclentific medi
cine .(STeed) hi BRESCIIET, Al D.
• Com of the Commisaioneer of the It. Academy
of Science.
The public are cautioned against purchaeing thin
medicine front soy persons except of the tole agent
Dr A C Nonfinite. No 36 1,2 Lispenard et, New
York, where thismedicine in put up in packages
suitable for being sent by mail to any part or the
country. , ....
Price Two dollars a package containing lull di
rections. ,- I
Pemons dttirous of obtaining this Great Remedy
who reside an distance, can du so by I ,forwaiding
Two Dollars, post paid. to
• DR A C MORTIMER, Sole Agent ior the U S ,
. septet - O.IW No 36 IS. Liapennrd st. Sew York.
61EYEltAls REASON et WHY OUR. Ladd
.l..3 DY'S SARSAPARILLA ll L 0 0 D
PILLS are becoming so unmertally popular
First, Recauee they ere prepared by Brie B Lei.
dy blemelf, a mor e lar Druggist, Chenitst and Physi
cian or Philadelphia, irho knows the 1131111 E, the
viably and character of the Medicines' used in ME
pills and their adaplatien to dime..
Second, Because the public can take them with
.greater confidence thau most other pilli, which are
p p
prepa by eons ignorant both of midicine and
ato red
m. .
t .. ra
• •• Third,'S use ottheir combined efiects, proper;
tin not con ined is any other pills; namely, purge
tog trona the' stoniach and bowels all unhealthy sub.
stances, and at the same time purifyitiethe blood
and fields of the body.
Fourth, Because they are the cheapest and best
medieihe known-a tingle box coating butts cents,
and containing 40 pills, saving to pereons as' many
dollars Mt Dines in Doctor's bills, and nornerania
<- medicines bought & tried on the rem remendatton
t ollotherei
---.., Wheneverlon have occasion to tube any me di
tine, do out ho Inning with your coututution by
trying all kindled pills or other medicines you me
published and recommended by one and another but
take at once "
Dr. Leidy a Sarsaparilla Blood l'ille
and you'erill not Mae occasion to take anything
• --elm. They will always be found good in almost all
worms of dinette, Indamstionnf the sternach, bow.
Modiver and - inteetineet. cramps at the stomach;
colic,•Waterbemlit inward levers, foul breath, bad
... taste io the mouth, Sour eractationiand acidity of
the stomach, costiveness arid truncation. 'lrani el
appetite] hinnies Oltenia.. disease. of the .spl cos
and kidney., deem. or the skin, scaly eniptiond
dry and inter) pimples or blotches of the lace anti
. • body, letter, rash,pnckle heat and salt churn.. head
acbm-giddinem, Itl4llllllO, pains ore,. the heart, of
the break, rid., along the bank and spine, themes
. • Gam and goat, fevers of all kinds, smell p, rano.
. lied. meischn•crofela,emzipelain and 1011104 thry
are good in oil damsee baring their origin in the
- . etemuM liver, and tactile., andunpurity of the
blood ]
frrrIOEI3IINrIVO COOL a Box. •
.•,.. Sold WholiteGe end IteMil by B. A. Falinettock
dr. Co., eorser of First and Wong, 1130 corner of
. Sixth and Wood streets. sepe.:9
S r UtiiiiilLA AND gClit./Fl,Ltatirs ow 0.1.5.,
MGR-Scrofula in all its multiplied forum
- , whether,in that of King's Evil, enhiremente 0 the
. gland. or bones, Goitre, White Swe lling s, Cermet - .
Rtmemetism,Canser, diseases of the Sea or Spine,
or of Pulmonary; Coneumptiod, emanate from one
• sod the same mime, which is a poisonews.principle
roam or lets inherent intim human system. There.
__- fore, Wiwi this principle coo be destroyed, no radi
cal cure 'eau be ellected, but if the principle upon.
which the disease depends, is removed, a cure
, - Muster necessity follow, nu matter under what term
- the diet lee should 1141211.1 itself. 'flits, therefore
' is the reason seby Jar n c's ALT kinATIV In is so um
vermeil) yacetewful io removing nn many malignant
dioceses: ft destroys the vitae or principle Om
wince them diseases re their origin, by entering
into the circa latioa, and with the blood is conveyed
~,,, the e t ieutMit fibre, removing every pertiele et
disease (rem the system. Prepared and sold at No.
• 8 South l'hird Street, Philadelphta.
- Sold ai the Pekin Tea Store, N 0.12 Fourth wee.
PittabsKh ' LI . :mch3l
-- "'.,__lfiCleetTCll.':eliDlt - ATCII. - ' -
ertigryr.ft, ITCH, SALT EllEttel, ae-Whe would
1 f oe e s ingle day serroch, when adheted woli the
Truer, itch, or other diseases of the tin,if they brae.
- . wan would relieve end VIM them.
7L horrible to be obliged to rob and 'match when
alone, bat more horrible to abetain from it, ((or decree;
. waled when in'company. Let tt he Irmemheted that
Dr. LEIDY'S Tzrr Ea and ITCH OINTMENT is me
moat cream,se of anywise, prepara non in existence in
taring tic Truer, Itch, end other du of the skin.
As all dioceses of the skin must sal, from the impurity
• of.the blood and fluids of the body, and where anon din
--ease be of king stendine. and - The constitution •ffeeted
tive..ten,l,f DreLeidyht rlareapa rilla' Want Palle be anal
wato me,Ointrfent, they Will tour any case whatever,
_ and If they do nbt, the matey will be relented by Dr.
• Leidy. Most eases,. however, will be effectually cum.!'
... by Dr Leidy's Totter and Itch-Ointment, anteee the'
-.--- whale morel is impreenated by the diseaaed lornaorn,
Which will be completely earrieied from the system by
r Dr Letdy's Bloollens, end the *efface tithe at in heal-
ed by thelthetment. Price o( Ointment ID cents. Par
- melee/ 1 II A FAIINEeTOttIf lc CO
_ oeMO I cm weed k front Me
' — l - 7NO CURE NO PAY.
REIREDY-Wariented to core, nr the m e n.
. fire r n a re .4ed i, T ot i l s ai m arl ' l c ev i % i o n n P e " tirti 'd iCet r i c r the D Paz '
_ 'wed, st Mat expense. Those who hare been
- (=Rise Wth the Indians, know that they eat end
. :do etre V 'tercel without the knowledge of Alen,
eery,. BSI m,pr anything of the kind. 'The or.
- •, dieted is se now an opportunity of being Mired
• i Withal . ithe .due of Badiam. This medicine is
. • E =it to the Mete. and !Cates po smell on the
• - Prepared by NO WAND & VALTON. and sold
' wholesale and retail, by LT Rowand , ..77q Market
•• street, Sidled's. ,
For sale In Pittsburgh by R E Sellers, 67 wood
IPM. L 1,114 be Wm - rh0. n.6 . 1 Market et. 'oefelaT
' "t7-7-aiw-laf-eiSiiii-eli Aiiis'i.iii - ii - p - eifetis ' : - . - 7 - 7 -
fillflStemeerufy that, by taking one vial es(Doctor
.IMeltene's Worm Speethe. • child of James Shaw 's '
'lmesed onwards of 70 worms, and by the me of mod
-medicine a child of.sey oWupassied,l 4 incite murex, ,
',wit it Indy the mast sorprieiniewomumodiditt./ ""
. . "ex , IMa helm awe manta mak..
' .... . ... .
ilriA GILM
E- . ..
. r ..
' M. O
. . .."" .
• IWI bi ) I.IDD kOhNo Op Wood smel t Fine
,: ;176- ,
IS now nusversally acknowledged to be the IN
1. FALLIBLE REMEDY for Rheumatism, Spi
Sal Affections, Cole racuous of the Muscles, Sore
Throat and Quiver, lasues,Old Ulcer,, Faros in the
Back and Cheat, Ague in the Breast and Face,
Tooth Ache, Sprains, Bruise., Salt Rheum, Barns,
Croup, Fronted Feet. and all Nervous Diseases.
The TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS which has at•
tended the :Indication of this:noel WONDERFUL
MEDICINL in curing the most macre cases of the .
diflereni Diseases above named,—and the HIGH
ENCOMIUMS that have been bestowed upon it,
wherever it has been introduced, gives me the right
to call on tho AFFLIC toscsort at oboe to
UN. ..•
. .
GTThe faculty unite in recommending the tole
ated External Remedy, limit'. Liniment.
The following letter from the •highly eminent
Physician* who have been attached to the Mount
Pleasant State Prison for many years, is the best
evidence of the value of this celebrated Liniment.
Sins Sinn, December 'ZS, IBIS.
My Dear Sir—l received yonr note of yeaterday,
asUing my opinion in relation to Hunt'. Liniment,
as prepared by Mr George El Stanton. Knowing
its coinpmiton, and baring frequently need it, _I
can recommend it to you a. a safe Etterual Reme
dy, and in my opinion, the best Liniment now in
use; Very truly and respectfully yourn,
Col Pierre Van Cortiandt, Croton Manor.
!Cully 'concur fa the above 'opinion.
• Vonarow a, Jan. 14, IRO.
Sir—ln reply to your letter, 1 would say that II
have used your External Remedy, called Hunt's
Liniment, in my practice wince you made me ae
quainted crab its composition, and unhesitatingly
say that 1 believe it to be the best External Eeme
dy pow in use for the complaints for which you re
commend it. Yours respectlully,
Geo k:Stantop.Esq,
frrAmong the mass of worthless articles and
lintOugs that are poured forth at the present day
upon the' country, it sr really refreshing to: .
something of real practical utility, something aim
pie, speedy and effectual in its operation, and et
the saute time free from these injurious •ellects
which generally attend powerful remedies. Hunt'.
Liniment,_ prepared by Geo. E Stanton of Sing
Sing, • though it has been but a short time 'before
Um public, has already obtained the confidence, nut
only of our moat wealthy and influential cabanas,
but our most eminent physicians. All achianwl•
edge it to be a ioimeign balm for many of the ills
that flush is heir to, soothing the aching limb, and
by ass genuine stimulating inllueucc, banishing dis
ease from the spires.
Mr. Stanton—Sir—breing your advertisoriient
of that's Liniment, I was induced to fry its effects
on nay s on, w h o bad been crippled math a kale
back from an infant; and it in with gratitude I bear
testimony tar its wolidedbl healing p . ronertimi. My
child. who is nary fire years of age, is now in 6 fair
way of recovery, Yours. &c.,'
Posy Orrice, Tows r us, Putnam t!o.
I certify that I an personally acquaint. if with
the -above named child. and think the father would
be rate an saying that his son is almost well. •
Nov ft, lELS, Depots. Post Master.
I. S. I would also state that I Lave been for a
number of yeats sultjoef to liniment attacks of the
Itheminatem, which or many instances prevented
my attending to my twiner,. 'Von or three app.
Catilltil of the Liniment invariably remove all at.
fections of the kind. In eases Cl bruise., sprains
and sores, too =amens to mention, it has in 'this
viepoty proved a certain remedy. Im value can
only bn estimated by those who have given it a fair
This Liniment it mold at tls and 50 cent, per bot
tle, by all the Principal Ltruggi.ta and Merchant.
throughout the country.
. . Agr nts in Neu? Yurk.
HOA DLEY, PHELPS & Co, 1.12 Water
RI /SITI'ON !Ir. CO. 110 ~roadway.
A 11 & It SANDS. corner Fulton and Willorn
ASPINWALL. Cti Wdl lam street.
Orden. niklresheil to me at Sing Sing, N Sint ,
be attended to. GEORGE E S'PANTON,
For mle in Pittsburgh by I. WILCOX. Jr. nod J
KIDD diJ Co. Allegneny (jay, JOHN SARGENT
Itirmingbitel.JOHN - febl9
kVaskisiglon. D. C.
7&NAV; C. IEOI3EII9S. Mechanical and
Agent far procuring Patents, will prepare - the ne
cessary Dreivesuss and Pape. for Applicants Mr Pat
ittr, nut! transact all oilier business in the lino of his
pion:taunt at the Patent (tike. Ile can be consulted
on an gammon I! intillg to the Patent Laws and dee 1-
n the United States or Europe. Pe. satin .tit o
diviatice 11,,irous of having examinntions mode at the
Patent ()Mee, prior to making applicalaan for n patent,
mat forward loon paid. enclosing a foe of five dollars,
a clear statement critheir case, when immediate anew
oon will be given to it. rind all die infonnation that
could be °Wanted by a‘visit of the applicant in prison)
proniptly communicuted.
All leiter* on buSitlrlfl Mar k post paid. and contain
n suitable fre. where a written op•nion It required.
(tuber on F. uteri. 0r1 , 0611C :he Pkwat
Ile has the honor of referring, by nermisamo. to
Don. Edmund Burke, Ckonnussioner of Patens;
Don. 111. Ellsworth,lam 40 do do;
II Knnwles,Alochinist, Patent Oilier;
Jadgc Crunch; Washington, D C;
Ilan. Ii Choate ; klassachusetts, s senate;
Ilan. W Allen, Ohm. do;
Hon•J C, Missouri;
lion. Willis 11011, Now York;
lion. Robert&nith. M C, Wino.;
lion. 9 timers, U Stkena•
I l beft;e—made on the Olnallaitproved Eastern ptunaL
and most fashionable Estero patterns and colors. Also
or made to order of all sues, and at all prices.
Country Merchants and other. are Invited to c all and
examine th e above for themselves, as all wilt be sold
wbolesale or 'math and a liberal deduction made to
wholesale purchasers.
HOPS—Por sale a few bales Western New York
growth of ING—from ti to 10 rents.
Also, Eastern and Western Y I', early pinked, th;s
year's growth •
Prime Ohio do, Belmont county.
The genetut Eastern etop of the season lbnow being
rereived. Brewers and *them using Hope, will God it
moth to their advanthgt to obtain their supply irons the
undersignd. ns they intend to sell throe hour the re noon
no New . York. pester. . GEO. W. ENSITIIik Co..
act:dr.:li Pittsburgh Estterry.
- -
No. 80 Masla Anat/Tee , -
tours Warr Third, Sau.tA side,
IMPOIIIIIIS and Whole* ale Dealer. In Wate/,,,
'Watch Glanerand matrral., Jewelry oiall de.eerip •
Josiah, and Pi)lee, renapfonlg all the artich,
ermoreird with the trade.
Cloelg, Dixon A. Son'. Iffinania, German Sliver md
Sliver plated v. arc' , Sheffield and Ifinninghoon Owed
/alley nrunn,a, Radler, a your and WoatrAholld'a cut
lery, raLor...e Clll,lll. ark Kairea, fro., room.,
handled table caller) of !lie Limn, me r lon and cam.,
mon qualltica A largo asoortnent of gold pens, pm
(bent rpretaeles, paper Tar hr and lopormed tray,
aou. khapea and qualn:e., reduced Miro, gold
watch cam. and ...floor ware of all flescrlpoorof man
ofanured to order.
(I . bThf CO. having recently reauteceinta the
Wee cottanottious warehouse eannerfy taceupted
Ity Messes A.lihurett& sons. and more. recently by
&shims. & Penn/none, Leg leave to intbrin Watch
fletiler.,Sauthern and Westers; Merchants' and other.
that they tlestgfi haring at all times an assortment of
lie& of their own tinpurrabon which they are deter.
mile]tt Intel( at the lowest rate..
. tto
IN - Everytte ann will be p2d t the puling of
Gut& tted to the executton of ordrfttotte qualities and
orteett wall It fully goerantied all coutprution.
No. 156 Worth Third &rid
HM. on Land, and mastufactatrenno nraler,'ArtilSelal
Flower., Featlicra,Tallatott;and Face. CAps, 1.1.•
.I,cs. !hers Cap', !Corder., Caliarria, de.
And every de.etiption of Fancy (loade r snth Le will
.ell at the lovre.l market pnee..
N her dyed, clenn.l, altered, and 'hatted.
useam ER.
!Jammer po...cope• many adaantnges aver all
others—among, which may Le mennoned,
It. Al unaccaldenex.—The. rapiatllty and
May br committal !with the greaterd rate, while the
haanner is or operation, and the hammer way be rm
•tdotly arrested, and riurpendrd at any hrogLl.
li. Univcreality; nr capacity in execute work or all
Lind.. born Ilse larteet to the.mallest, under the saint
tor Saopl may. Vompoemen. rind Clionono•os.
It. Are..r.otlny upon 01l udn by the workmen.
All dr hammer* arr. mode ,Oslf•Atong.
Tlo..l.sortbersexerolo order. for the. •
lakunerr , , of oil eirea, uponream:.6lo terms.
For further parOvoluro, ;Noire of
A.aignreg the , Pment for the Uniiedt 4 talev,
tl•et , ly :"01.114work Foundry,
Manufaaturcrs of
No. 38* Bouith Front. 8 eeeee
Back of 7 A. Hi/eon's Cabinet Wart Manuf y
A 1.1. ardor. lon with 0. 0. hlOon, en he office allot
Howl, 'Piuslntrgh, will be promptly
'lntended to. TIMIS. O. DERRY'—
sepia+ltv A.C. NICKERSON
nitaddpkia, law of the new of Oak t
1 74Caaje . ..: Wawa. respectfully lobar= hit bum e
and the palm, that he has and Mai keep
coostantly ens hied zed bar sale, a Modemme assodonat of
subsumable Carriages. Whacks of all styles sod dace:prima
made to order at the shortest posed :lanolin, and eseekted re
the very boa mama, of selected mama fektltkly
JAMBS N. *Olllll,
No at nbrtA.TALdh area, tutees Rae; Plalcurdplan.
HAS jevt received in addnion to hie former large as. .
antment, a heat lot of new pattern Clocks of the
cowl eelebrated cookers, re* es Forte:net no Mane:fat ,
toting 6., O Jetomee and Mien, having an the pat ,
limner the lintht day and Thirty boar Chmlte, albs dlr.
intent menet:manes. Also rear, moth, ship and alarm
Quake. Dialers will do well to glee um a call. Orders
b .ii! .. qPPl . P9r.tieadSdY' -1 .-
~etlt Ito_
ribe . g=l iti re i spi;e b tiattte I.:dreamed
ran ' ilesu
of FANCY ;ORS. snclt flag. Boat, ' T . lp " pitslk . e. ' rti:
give as a call heron pesetas:on ebewhere, atitbev will
find it to their advarnage tad no mistake. All orders
received shall be fatikially anutded to at No SO North
Third a, above Assn./1an...40W.
JAME'S angry
01-Balitio ahriqs band; 9o2:4(
d l
Moiextraordinary Medicine in lA. Work!.
This extract Is put up to quart bottles: rt is us ineu e y e ,.
et, per, and warraumil superior to any wild. t. cures
dis Case without vomiting, purging, sicknus or de
i bilitating the p via.
The gnat booty and superiority of this Ataxiaparillaover
AU °Mei . Medicine xs, whilst it Eilidicato Disease A 16,3,97.
ales the Body. It re one of the eel best SPRING AND
SUMIHER MEDICINES ever brawn, it not only rein..
the erhdle system and etrengthens the person, but it ere..
Nnr, .60. and Rica Mind, • power passesse4 by no other
Medicine. And in this lice the grand secretor its wemderful
succus.j•lt has performed within the past two yew, more
than 35,000 cures of Seetre Came of Disease ; is lout 5,11.00
of thud were considered incurable. More than
30:10) 1 usee of Chronic Itheurnuism ;
tAltxuses of Dupepia;
ru onus of General Debility .d Want of Energy;
3, cues of different Female Complaints;
'2, wen of Fkrofols•
I ' uses of the Liver ' Complaint ;
2,50 t uses of Disease orthe Kidney and Dropsy,
:1,1 euesof Couumption,
And T moulds of mimeo( Disease of the Blood, vex: Ulcers,
Etysi la., Salo Rheum, Phoplu on the Fur, Ice, , Lo. To
gene, Rh 011101000. Clll. of Sick Headache, Pain iti the
wdeen Chest, Spied Affections, At., fAc.
Thri, Ire ere ewers, 011:121 eppur Mired ible, but we hare
lettenlirom physicians endow . agents from all parti.of the
Uni States, mforming us ammo:dinar, cures. R. Van
Dusk . , Es q . one of the most respectable druggists in New
s*, . J., informs us that be can refer to more tlmn LW ta
us in t piece alone. There arc thousands of cues its the
City 0 New York, which we will refer to with pleasure,
and meiti=te ... r. leis
o :h o e r,. bes s. imjlic , ;lie for die
PICIT lite of disease booms. It cutdoubledly saved the hits
of m then
Au ' removed the nose of diwase, end prepared them 1,
the Slimmer wmiron. -
•• - ••••••• - • • • .
I thorny &tarn Orman.
CaS. 0. W. !UCCLE.; or . .ran Unrrnn I'd•va,
and in saber of ha l Nee Jersey Legulatuir,la• kindly rent
invite following errtifoate. It Leila its 01•13 OlOry,
Rumor, Jan. 23,1647.
A year vince I was taken wi th the lidlutuaa, and Iny whole
eystet left in a debilitated state. I
hi induced to try Or.
Tow. ud's Sarvap•rilLii, wad Oar taking two or three bot
tles, I was prey much relieved, and attribute it entirely lathe
kaid tianap•rilla. I have Ca 15041144 Lakin it....0d And that
I improve every day. I beliE4 it avcd toy life, and would
out be without it umlrr.q madatrath.o
. CV W s lic:Lami, late U. S. IC
This certificateconclunerly pma that this
Las perfect control mar thr noon °Latinate climate LT the
',kW. Theta:vet-mu, cineJ in °tie Intone ts unprecedented
• • „
Dr. Tutvxmotn—Drat Ski: I have the pleagure to info
three you that or children lore been cured or thr Sur
Fula by the oac •your excellent medigne. They let
althcted very severely with bad gong) have only Llj.[Ll to.
bottles; It took them away, for winch I feel toygglf kind
deep übhgatinu. Yaws, nolockfkky,.
Woo 11' Csor, ius W 00•1111. rt.
Now York, Musk WM
D. Townsend's trnruiparklla is a sovereign and teredy
curelfor pient Col:wampum, bareemers, Lecortho, or
IVhiter, obstructed or dacult bleortrunhon, Ineaunnueuee
„art.lleine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and fur the grn•
tninatration a the system—Do matter wnether the result
of irititedtd cause or ream, 'induced by irregularity, ithaess
or aeoideist:
Nothing ish be - mom .nursing thin its ineigo s rating et
kali on the hum.i frame. l'ec.uw, all wreathe. and WU
twit, from taken it, at once become robot and full Of energy
under 1. influence. It immediately comae's. We terre
Imahess of We remelt frame, vadat We crest eau.e of teal
It toll awl be expected of us, to ,awn of au delicate na..
tear. Li cabala certificates of cur. pedalling!, bat we can
assure the afflicted, that heal tedsof eases have lama repotted
in us. Several cuts where funalea lair lam without child
ren, after using • few bade of this hashotbk medicine,
bac htin blot with healthy °twang.
/fr. Touquend: will hero' greatly data-surd by
mediates awl general debility, and auffermg eoutatually
may Item and • actuation of boxing down, tailing of the
and with other difficulties, and having kronen tuts
whale your medicine has effected great coma ; midst...shar
ing it recommended foe such casemate I hue docribed,lobOin
ed a bottle of your Extract. of Sarsaparilla, aca followed
the dumb., you - pre me Ina alotrl penal it remaed
hero:4l,ostate mid restored her health. being grateful Cl,
the benefits die Affthod, I lake pleasure a thus •eknowleda
end rootratandwg a the public. Al. D. Monte,
Ang.l7,lbit Cur of Grand and Lydtue as.
Coevecittc, riepL
DI MUM."' IS Li Ma ell whom dm may concern—Thu ic
to certify that my wife oled one bottle ,d )out harwparilla
prerion.lo her naniMement, under the namt alarania, and
delicate eirtutuatancra, being truulakd with th e &navy, rival
limy of the feel, nervoua acclaims, and sr') 031101 Jrhtlnr
too; with my perwimion, sod Litt 1eN1.11[111,11.10 Oi 1,10./
whO had anted it, .bt was induced to try it, with Itttlr ur uo
Lath; and warfue it to say,the medicine Lad the happy and
desired 'Sett, not only in the houis of connuenveot, Lui eller
'hit capitation or one week q its use, the dropsy and nee.
cons allectum gate way to oh astotoshang degree, and Ler
health is now totter than at had been tor a long tune pre.
110Y1. • .
If this NI Ito of any service to yoti or any ale no
doubt. the Duna of the medicine, 100 are totally wciro •
to 'lt.
I sobsenbe mywif you most rtan
Thu Extract of .Sarsararilla has beta exittkooly peerared
In refemuce to female cootiiLunts. No Asnale attu It. rea
son to the iu ant-inching that critic-Aliened, tt The
turn of, dife, m
"thould glect.lo take it,. it u a fer.l2
Ivrea:nue kw any of the utilizer.. mil nonible diseases to
which fames are subject at this tote of Itfe. nit lord
may be dela)ed fur several years by' using thlataeilichte Noe
met Ito taluakke to those. who are upproechiug istointualo.Al,
cornilkted swat nature by quickening. the blo t
'still itteiv, the s)steui. ludeed,thot I. total
tall. for a llot the delicate duns W alitai women are
It braces the whole gateau, renews pertuancally the .lu.
ral<neves—by removtag Ille taiptinti. of the lady—not
far ststaulsaittg the system. to produce a subactinent rr
lautioo, which 31 the am of tookktnedicines taken for female
weak um and disease
Yon who ban, pale complations, dull e) es, blotch." on the
Can, rough skin, ot. freckles, *ad are oat of tore
bottle or two of Dr Toarolend's Ranapanlla. It will
dean.e your blood, noloae the freckles .o bl,,tetas, and
Ore youaionnti eparkhng eyn, fine eptrite, wad brat., ful
.Ntoplection—all o on. f
which are of tanciteves raid< to outuarg
ried ladies.
No fluid or medicine has ever been theensered which no
neatly resenthk• We pow juice or alma in decompaithe
bodand strengtithnimy the tern" of digestion, ea this preps_
ration of Sarsaparilla.
Dr T 6' ;! t"7:1 - o.
years with ilyeperwia its ita worst firms, attended with math.
newt of wouseen, has of•
•ppetile, ethrente thartborn, end a
gnat avetsion to all kinde at food, and L., weeks ,that I
maul , 000 I hare. been uvaloic rstain fiat • mall portion
on my gonad, I hied the usual retardn, but they lad
du c t,otla or no, effeetii. rentitimog,the Teplet.. I was in
duat!, shout two laced. since. to by your Land of dams.
pertils,and I must my with little confidence, but eller using
erarly b. lzo .. izs i t m u i cp n l fim i l . nivippe tate restored, .od the
lb I would earnestly recant.
Mend the use of it to those who bare been sell:elect se I bar
been. Yours, fa., W. W. Van Zsairr.
Nor' nwv Staten Wand.
Heusi Bic BAB. doubt if ,miL eau, that dim<mutiny
cannot be emu& Vim is only uuc of the antral huuderd
time that Too mead's SereapariiLa lim mired:
11, Townsend—Dear Sir: I eras LaktO, a Mlle 'ever
yr. ago, milli a severe cough and pet., iu mile. It 11,
mama! um me very Cl,ra imleed. I vim prummuced by phi
uu 11.• kale the quirk CNISIIMptiw . I raMied Jesse yban
titiee of bad matter, Lad mitt seines . , said maw; very fest
my &Mar mid Le CUULI do minhilig fur we. I went Mow the
laupiral su Imps of being berietilmd, but emir prommuerd don
sa ...Mile. I isim min greatly distressed at this and
amid hardly breathe ; I moo became ...mud, usid unmated
to die, sem coullued hi my bed. and Inas obliged to here
Mothers imiced I catimit grr you any delemmi. that
isbulal do petite to my emu. I Mom surmimil by my fnamil•
to be pi. maser, , I had toed a great manlier of mused.,
end all seemed mi ymrlent _Jairad a some most et
4Murdmai s y rm., reform,' by your - Enedintie, mid to tell
you the tools, I siolieried ,e mime humbug , is them
But I um milueed to try a ,1 did ou, and am eery Bottleful
I 'did I eauird say aim Imu entirely well, boil um or far
as lobe atsUut toy Mom., atid heir M. he entire.
I, well itis few vii.eas. My coa,, and pun In the
41.1 Light ..ratabase kit auJ mite bin !cry little. and
am fsst gait.; my
usual I tilt it duty lo vie
summit of my nor, to pubbita if ). pleme y
Pa - iiit BROWN, 4: Little sti Briu,klym
Opinions of Physicians,.
Dr Towns Lead is almott daily retrain; ,mitre from phy
tic's... differrat tarts of the Units.
This. in tertity thai hr sinelersiprd, Phytirisat n
tl,nCity id Aldus), lave in tamer., eases prestrined Dr
raalrad'. Asa salerille,and believe it tube our or the was
satiable pleparathea of they an:wab in the market
It P Pcna a xi,
IVitadis, a D,
1 It II pillage, w D,
Albany, Apral 1,16 LS
111.1% to reftAfg that me, the 01)4.1-Aimed, pracutlng
ThOomououl Phyunans .1 Do. Lily of Albany hate frelom.
ly 1 t...nbed_ ... D . r1: 1 0 . v ! n0t ,.. .1:...1.15y.and 7 , 11: et of Aut.-
11741:uhitr 4 f. r n
. pfrferruce 104, of
the maD4rtiae.l rrlatilit. MOW 10
Albany April 14144 WA 0 0001 1, T r. •
P toclulothre, PA/ 1 , 4111115., Alm HuAloug, N Red.
41,4 4.4. Shoe A f10a1.7.4 Re Djoll 5444.141 011th Nee.
and in l'hxDAtlphau More, gruggult, fialtooreer and by
prmltpaldrunDta geheralFg throughout Am 141,1. 4 ADD,
W“t ludas oat the Cauhdo •
1440 e geautoe, uoleta put op io Ike W ` wry..r bouts,
which motion • quart owl atgoe4 with tha f altre
of 71 p TOWN 74.1.14 D, and Wawa. bluvres uu ODA.
Prato lb. Near Yurtc Daily Eyre/ of ..Iprst 9,1-47.
A rutty lhaug *plowed LIANF , Is petterdey. It vra
ihuadverup ell, or Surutpor rew of Dr yuwUwrod
The whuk duo, w pox up to we : *NM of 04 won
ental luudarape iftillt/pi. arm Iwuutsful,Usa,logetlitt wall
Ike .troll wuth, in soil, Own., to the en., wade a slum
rarely equalled Ilt Arm..., We tale lbw up,riumig to
ler OulAve t h we at ,art of the SurpparAle &um" the
eery great pupularap W hue ac q uired.
, .
Dr. Tow - wend : I Lam been afflicted more ur lets W. :t
yema, with • dreadful pauktng in the rhea, coldmese au the
! 100 .1 appetite, vain ma the lend; and •euerat detultty,
br.taht ou to doubt by the euutintml heat mid cold to whteh
I See subjett u. iu my businme ea • dyer. I bito taken other
tunnel.; tot; uusuertrus W menu., but with little um. me
ern. I arm toduced by *l.ll ea.,lu the paper to try • bottle
of ;our Sanuirmilta, trout which I found great rehm. I haw.
pints (Men emend inure Mulles, turd I MI tushnutatinaly ny
ti I. the best crietheine I bate emr taken-the pm mu my
I. gone, and I feel quite • diffrnot mattaltorther. ante.
I Wet taken your tlartammlll. I hare now tr• better appetite
Mau ever I bad. Ply hae taken it with therm bead.-
Mal retain I would recommend it ar • family madkine
grundly, and I feel convinced that if MO used there would riot
he half the nekuro• there is. and nmeequently of so many
theethee bills; for while It endures uppetile, fl afro girt" to
the enamel. mad bonen thnr regular toomlt keep% the blood
is • healthy 'Late, mu llut diteam i. 001 Ai !Maly to attack the
tyttem And to all thom who are red in sheath] 00,1 my
try Dr 'Townsend's Sanaparilla.
Tools. Extrci, 7U Allen ot.
, . • • •
Delowu so account of another child and. Dr Timnittir
till.. prat Les raved fi res of tisousands of children.—
following certif.. is selected from •me maw
received di. melt.
NM YORK, April 20547.
Dr Twinned: Denrsir'—Crue of my children war wry
sick wnth the Cancer in the mouth and threat, attended with
gd ',came war dybr, I obtaieed some( your
ee ' llet:P ' medieine, and It awed At directly , for which I ems
sewn yea hitt
row You3rpeet t =l , , , L ,
For rale by D E SELLERS Linger!, P 4057 Wood rt n
between :Id and 4th who hea "tien apprUnted by Pt.
TOWNSEND tole Aural for Alkghetty en. yalitittelyV
IGYYICTUI[ALIIT_2t nn value* of
Julia efficacious and cheap medicine for the rare el
Cwimaeoption wid other diseueu cannel be too well
known. Vary many been have been weed by IL—IN.
V. Morninirittles.
For sale m ?nudism], at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
72 Fourth meet; near %Viol, and also at the Dreg Store
„r tt P Schwrawc.Fetlrral
to—lou grows ralebseeillver Paha Camay
L mueliams will do well bake homes wanly Ottani
eolebraied Ma, they aro own hewn .4 onsveably
approved of by show who have bed diem. n IDD r rale by
• /K &CO
Tki, preparaima comadielewee a ;wool* awl de.
lightfol savor to Jellies, ewcuthoweew, pane, tee
Cfrinfil, chocolate, and all hind, off Wade tOtWary,_ fin
tale LI . II4OROAN •
- 24-
A ceriain Senl wifecure for coughs, cold., asthma,
• liner complaint, spitting blood, pains lathe side
or breasit,nersous debility,whnopinz cough
brokrn constitution, CONSWIr.
TION or any disease of the lungs or
breast. Reader are you suffering '
• with o cold or disease or the
longs, try this remedy,
you will not per.
haps regret it.
It will arrest all those disagreeable symptoms which
strike such terror to the mind, & prolong your data.
Beware of all preparations purporting to contace,
Wind Cherry,escept that beanng the signature of Dr
H SWAYNE on the ouuide wrapper of each bottle,
as they are quite likely destitute of the uticle from
which they borrow a name. '
Read what it has done!
Would perhaps ben small eatitnate for the ravagea
of this dreadful disease in a single year, than odd
the feartuleatalogue al thuse.eut off Ly
non of the Lungs, Hemorrhage, Asthma, Coughs
Influenza. Bronchitis, and other diseases ol the
Lungs and Liver.
And the list would present an appalling prool of the
latality 01 these two clauses of diseases. But it in
important to baps" that nearly all el this dread
waste of human hie might have been prevented
by a timely Use of Dr. WAYNE'S COMPOUND
Thu Medicine boo now peen before the public
soma eight years, and is the original preparation
from the Wild Cherry Tree, Its reputation no a
remedy fur Coughs, Colds, 'Bronchitio, and Con.
'ouumbon of the - Lungs based entirely upon its in•
tnnic merit., own but little to inflated nentopaper
pads. Those who glee iLe trial, being bnclitted
be It, recommend it to their neighbOrs, and thus
gradually and ouniiy buit gained no enviable repu
tation and worked its way into gendrar use. One
bettle never falls to care a rEcent cough or cold,
while with strict attention td the directions that ac•
rontpany nett bottle,tts use n pulmonary dionse•
of long Mending and of the moot alarming charac
ter, has alwnys glean eeli and in very many
instances has ellected co. plate and permanent
CI.I7.7J‘WAYNE'S Celebr , ed Comp:mild Syr.
upof Wild s /terry.
Read the most remarkable cure of Consumption
ever placed upon record -1•
Dr Sway ne—Dear Sic I f al it a debt of gratitude
due to you—and a duty c allicted generally to
otter iny humble testimony n favor id your Com.
poun d Syrup of Wild Cherry. Sonic three rear.
sauce, I was violently attacked with cold and ion,
natiou of the lungs, which was accompanied with
a very distressing cough, pain in the breast and head
—a very considerable discharge of offensive mucus
from the lungs, especially upon changes of weather
however slight. At first I felt no alarm about my
condition, but was pretty seen convinced that I was
rapidly going into consumption. I grew daily wrak.
or, and at length was scarcely able to walk about er
speck above a whisper, such was the conceding
weakness of my lungs. During thin time 1 lan turd
tr mous preparation. and prescriptions, but lotted tin
teliel—grou mg all the tune worse. Juni here I was
sit wised and persuaded by a dear Inend in a/timing.
tun to Make a trial ail your Syrup of Wild Cherry.
I must conies. that premusly I had been prryudic
ed against patent medicines, and t am still tqtaunit
thom.euuting lion al the hands of empiric, but
understandoig your claims to the profession and
practice of meMeine, and having unplicite faith in
the saying of my friends, I lorthwith purchased ol
Dr Shaw, one of your agents, a few bottles and
coinnieucrei its use_ lay disease at' his time oat
of twenty nr twenty live months' standing, minse
fluently was deeply seated. I found, however, rini•
anterable relief trona the taut lour or tine bottles
Bat being a public speaker I frequently attempted
to preach with my increasing strength and then by
ruptured these seaele teal tad already began in
heal; in thin way, doubtless, my cure wa. greatly
tetardod. In ronsequence of acting thus itepruf
dentiv I had to nee lb bottles before I was
perfectly reamed. I bane ; nil question, a nitwit
smaller number of Minim; would have made rim
sound, but for the above indiscretion. 'l't. Syrup .
allayed the len meth habit, did away the &steer:slag
tough, put a stop to the discharge of matter from
he lunge, and gave them and the eat/respite:a gime'
[health I have deterred eltenng this certificate till
w, for the purpose ot bring perfectly satistled
wet: the permanency nf the cure. am! pow thattech „H er o, .4,1 otter it with plcasete.
Dublin county, N. C._
, . . .
Avoid all rind-ions preparations of Wild Chary,
such as Hainaut.. Miters. Syrups of Wild Chem+,
Pills purporting to contain Wild 'Cherry, &e, Sr,
a. they-are all fictitious and counterfeit, and contain
none of the armee of the original and genuine pre
paration no prepared by Dr. tstyne. and the taut
ever prepared in this country. Donor ldwayne's
- .Compound WILDC I I Ell KY is comprwrd
of vegetable tngredients, the Wild Cherry, and rill,-
ea medical substance. egally as edit-acmes, rt nut
more so; the whole are ho etlectually concentrated
m to render it beyond all doubt the most pleasant,
strengthening. and effectual remedy ever discover
ed lor the cure of Pulmonary cocirumpldin, and all
disease. of the Lan igs and Breast The %cry Met,
horn its having such a warn of .pun oma trnrttura,
stand. ter prove rt. great curative propertms
Therefore, invalid., inquire for the original prep.
ration, each - bottle of which is enveloped. inn - beam
blur wrapper, with a likenen.a William Penn en
graved thereon; also bearing the signature of Dr H.
wayne, the counterfeiting of which will be pun.
tatted a. forgery.
prepared only by Dr. H. Swains, N W corner
or EIGHTH and RACY Streets;
For sale in tbrisbernti %boles:Ile and retail by
WM. THORN, 53 hlarket street,
OUL)EN Sc SNOW DEN.eurner & Wood .t..
B. A. FAH:\ ESTUCK es Co.. corner of Ist and
Wood and lith and %Wood atreets.
S JONE:.• ILI/Liberty street
JOHN MITCHELL, Alledtresy nits.
And by all respectable Druggists and dealers in
Metheine, throughout the United States and ran.
da owpt:l9
- _
YE:R.SO4N Sof watt Serobila, King's Evil
Cancer : . Erysipelas, Old Sores, Ulcers. Truer
Mercurial Diaeasea, or any other complaints analog
from impurities of the blood, are requested to read
the testimoula/r, in proof of tenovauuder
Sal properbea of the above named medicine.
We the undersigned, haying visited Mr. Isaac
Brooks. Jr. at thh /ace of Messrs. Rowand and
Walton, .37G Market street. l'hdadelphm, COMllder
hi. cam the melt remarkable one we have ever lett'.
nessed or hewn of.
His diseaae ma. SCROFULA. and terrible most
have been h.l twelve yea& conflict with the de
. .
frisralate, , Ye entire roof elks mouth, Nome, Up:
per Lip. and lower Lid 01 the Right Eye have been
destroyed, his rare nearly eaten up, and part of the
Jail, Bone earned away. And yet we can sive no
description of his rue.
M. B. intones us that in Januory last, the whole
interior of hut mouth. n well seven or his nu
was a man of deep and pamlul Wens! •
On BIC I llh ofinuary last. he commenced taking,
CEA, which checked the disease in a lew days, at.
Iron, that time the cure has progressed without •re
Pier. Hach has eepplted the place of the deep
CCM. and though badly tatigured, los lace is Mind
and his general health .1 rdtured.
We aro assured that in the treatment or Mr
Crooke' ease,. Mercorials,Ossitments, or Caton .
applications hare hens usevl,—inlact. the PANA
I EA ALONE, has wrought this whodertel <Mang
Dmirl South, !fucks county. Pa.
Charles L. Rowand, Meadville . , Crawlord col'a..
J W Jones. At If South Second stMet,Phila
Jacob Len, Pemberton, N J.
E W Cur, MO N Fourth, above Poplin at, N. L
ti !olinugh, Lanciathr,
M Mathlock,l:B North lilleventh M. Phila.
C W Appleton, M D 46 South st do
Timothy Caldwell, Marion co. Missouri.
Daniel Veakel. Chesnut Ifill,Philsdelphia
John Illuned,39Ulligh street, Phil..
William Steeling. M D, Camden, N. J.
William Hale, :1111 Iligh area, Phila.
l'otter,lttanufarterer 01 Mineral Teeth, 1119 S
Ninth street, 1.1,11.1.
I. A Wollewneber, Ed. Phan. Democrat 117 N Jd
street, iin
George W Ilftea linaah'Makex. 317 Market St.
Errs Carr, 14 CINN.t street,
A I)Gilkun, Pigtor of Eleventh Baptist Church
John Bell, Erto 2tnitt, Philadelphia, (Nonh Amer;
can °face.)
Aaron senda , 1144:atbarine Street, Phila.
Daniel Mel :inlay, Gensler 's Alley, do
Andrew we am; Camden, NJ.
It II El3llll, Weatlehlla.
Richard It. Young, Gilder, 409 Market at. Phila
John W Aelimead, 60 South Sixth otreet, do
S %Yagaer,Lithographer,ll6 Cheanot strata, do
11 J Kenai!, 113 Kleventb Wenn, do
• •
Peter Shea Smith. Editor Native Eagle, du
Juel Bodine, Ulan manufacturer, Williamstown
William Steely, Farmington, Van 'lvrea co. lows
I, B Coles, D,•Boaten,fidass.
RusaelCanfield, Phisioloanat, Philadelphia.
Thomas P S Baby. M U , Ilarriaburgh, Pa.
Peter Pitight.:69 Market street. Phila.
James W Nowlin, 103 Filbert it. do
John G00d,114 Spruce at. do
Millen. Uno, Paator St, Paul'. Sl. K. Ch. Catharine
St. Mils.
ohn Chambers, Pastor Ist Indep. Church, Broad
Et, do
T I. Sanders, Publisher or Hedge Ind Standard,
P Sellers, Editor Olive 1.1-Inch, Doylectown;
Wholesale and Retail by Ittorand Walton, Pro
prietor., SI6 Market St. Philadelphia" K E Sellers,
67 Wood st. Pittaborigh, Pa.; Wm. Thn n, Mu
kat at. do.; E Perkins Marietta, Ohio; Beaton &
Sharp,blayorille, John W Mukha,. er,
Ohio; Sidon &Roeves,dtsdison lei C NobleXotio•
K Y; Dererotick & Venom', St. Louie, Mo-.
P H McGraw, Natchez, Miss; Hardaway do John
doe Vicksburgb, do; Charles Jenkins; Now Olean.
La. ocd
llusbaad'a Celebrated Fluid .11agoesla.
frill al le a mild. sofeaod okra asta•eldbad sperienh
tog • perfect solution of climb:llly Imre carbonate of
hlspesia; paseeses all the medical valid.. of the Antst pry•
panto= of hiegsesia. without beliklao to focus tonere
dont is the bowelsior tout isijuri opon the coat. of th e
stomach 000 table reel of the oil Marieeialseq.shr
afoo Tstit•V UNESTO Wpmo NCVLl,Tonser Ist and
aid and . ; ' al I
S - K1BWA1111.14:-linstolio imam. Fluid Lot
Merokom i s Comp. Said Endarsapirilla;
Commixes . do •
Comatockis do
Townacod's . . do: .
Coasionily on band s a for Oslo bra A pAripitaxi-
TOCKilt Ca, comer el drol and wood and "meal O
t I.l.ZatY Burl eV nut . . - tiara salloseaaa to
AJ12111.1••21111. W. T.,1,1517.
Ma R. Z selleiri—Ertekned I mad thfruitotuttetroar
merlialas rola. hateloal4 all of the lialtelial Booth
Nyntp; and a hal (PTA eathakehen to all prbo rued
Bead sae three er low dorms mons.
-Ware reapeetrally, _
Prepared sold try R E SELLER& Na 67 , 11terta
oh Bala by , Dr, Cauar. Saryfrapli Cany, AI.
.. . .
.. ..
• FOGG & THURSTON, Proprietors. VOW THAPOIPORTING Alitireil ANutt,tri ilk,
MTH'S ertabilotritent tong aad widely known as being 1 TtvEEN HITS BURGII AND niE EAs*r ERN
JL oue ef thr tn."''''""'''''""j'n d , , if ba , atin , '• . C l ll l ll, V- VI HOOT TOO trllllll,l, V.
ItOO reernOv undergeria very exir , nal, ztheral I°ll4 owl Wm,: ~,,,r„,,,, :hod ~, r „,,,,,, c ~,,, ~.. 0 , ,,, ~,,,,,
unproven:mints. An entire flew win Ilan been added, 1 ~..,,,bb ii„ .,, 1 i , „ 0 „. „, ~,,,,,,,,,, dc ,
roollitliorrotortoom.arot 111, 7 altering ap.... , ,..d ' ~,1:0,1 ,• unneeer-iiiy. tjwid• are ear tow lied online
'atenaive battling MOMS.
11_1 , Ina 4 all tninOrpula • nt ...r extra b..o:olhuk .a , saved.
'•71.,-.6c6'.. 1 .---4,-bren Ut.Pkidr .'" "' Th e e ' BO:. Ore a light draugat and perform bald trips
, f 1
otg !zed and fine up in, a oat unique and beautiful m y r ,„ ,„, e ,,, ~..
`,F I ' Ini. "` th ` twh n . '" , ''' g"'"'"Un"Sounel....' 1 The capaeiry 01 one Wu i time te • mal e Ito to atore
b" rentodeiril, witii a tingle a - he op the pan of the . t on , „,,,„,,„,„„ ii i i . ms,l,- tut, Itect:v , ng.-turna,, and
pie elan toward; the et anion ithd•pieawire of their y,itu,,,-, rice of rbor,o.
GU tg, and whishthey yor!pently port. rt- 1.1 ' 1 -- ---
'en e r t
--• wh , S , -...-., -• .-----m4 . 5,, t ; ' 4117;:i " I 44 11e7MiaItieprep;r4 to make val. of Prod., we
lent eVanpartvon,arnb any Hotel in 11, Union.
, remmettufly Len con,gurnente oo we-men Flour,
I mit' Mblc .01 Own , he FuPPhvtl the o'm;Y"..'" 1 ltado , ,, hard, Butter:Cl. cw, IVwd,Femliers. uctd other
stanttal and I.tiry winch theutatltet afford.. ser ved up
onlcic. too ~,,,. „ w .b„.i i I, era! iii i,,,,,, w ill be
th at e si y
~e ttu p l e , ,r o l ot r , : t. y . l r e p i . l tid l e. . in the way of Wtoes, Ac., i 00 ,,,,, ao ,, ~,,,,,,, c o la! , - „ oi t i p i ., atr o pi n !, „t e ar i ng oar
, I wi..s that uny bti-me. entrusted to 114 shall be as
Iln conclusion be proprietor; beg to Fay, that :uniting ! „ or , o„000toi, and 0r ,,,, , foe terms by any
ar i ,ll be 101 l undone on their part, and on the part ofthea promptly IN° Ile FA DDEP: &Co
a ma n. to render thiv Hotel ;von. the continued I ' Canal Rum 11',Pdt:Fhorgh
pleonoge of their foetal; and the e r g ,puhh y i lAS NI DA Vi z ;&Co
047 be rem.' lor i board have oleo loct II Uet.i to the m 0,,,, ' 249 and 'ZVI 31 whet dt, ?Lando
loveitir rates:—
Ladies' Ordmary, 15.1 75 per day:
, Gentlemen,' .• ' ........ -•- • 150 ..!3. LL—The livegage Wapeon pi the Hoagie ;vlll al
be found ot the Car and Struenhoat I,Lndlort,
which will convey bapeoge to and imm the lintel, free
or eistage.mrdttf
DEARL. STREET HOUSE, eincintithiti,
Having purchts47.l Um en
14eollerrst or Col. 0 I' Wi:llatmon, lute of I.IIP , tvril
khowo c•tublislitnent..heg leave W ...Into To their !nude
and th e public gener:aliy. Cher they ow,lekon tin,
commo4loo• Hotel fo,. t, I'm of your, 01111 SVIII einrl
their 1,41 rovrg te. to mak t. it av_./ra home fur Tray.
and C, Itovrilor,
The.o.evit at: and mien; rahl planned I'm eon
e. light tilia '24,,lmvtrig a:Wm rof ludo,
a!djoinnix oLwmLetl plerming to
Th e preruu prop rieton , ll,llG had the rap,lcors, of
year , rt dub city !Inaclorohen, hope they wfli Lv 1.0..111.
tp givelgeneral ~, f artam. ',lug &attunes} to toe
uStsityttle,l ottani'. to the Louie a:one.
Tbr locavon Prorl lloww ie onrot_.,wooly
Laving (floor, nn Pent, Wol:•ut amt Tlo.l
*0 that a ie rqually de•itable in view of Itic convent.
,of lu t .•• ; ,•••••• ; tore rebrelywitt for,prwnw board:-rt.
II Is near by o r wok., tto• ro‘t 111 e NII,OIIIC
II:111,0dd relloww H.:. and I. on••.•,oar•• maul iroin
Maw .ecet and two .guarsmon the Ctty W half, tl•w ,
oirering grentem inducement, ciperially w et:ountry
Mera.nto and genet ally Io ail pclwouß vuoting Oncto
litai.: • • JOHN NOBLE
n , r , • 2, " JOHN A DUBLE •
Charles Street, between 3latlict and Lombard
Screele. Baltimore.
2 Tux . 1,4,
W.. 1, hnving,mit .. en the ahnve e.thb
h.hment. npern h:• ,ervaet, 10 the en,e, and
pulthe generally. I. ivitarmently ,tusted as
rfr,ard • the Stratahont, an.l Itailmad Iterni—l•lll the
itt&l of the ittore.eite,lve Ineparttng tlmiara—and it
ruct, the loeuttnn otters tt, Vl,llll, the rm . . n+ma
ny and'comfurt+ nt tine otheeprinclital
, f
Thr itOIISCI IF II ,FI brillK fi1t...1 up wali 111,. fannturr,
in pint LIFIC an ntyle; and w:Il he opt, In th e public.
°II 111 , IM dIF of Ipnt, 1 , 17. Thr proprietor in)... that
14, , Cori. to p 1,,,,, wal ~..,.tire• in loin a
ffrun p r of Mu ..11.1, , patron:l,p , , rt , i.lent a+ well a,
1...0r of thr fittn nt I/tx rogr
Rahintnre. Avn 1 , 17
A I.I.F.I.risANV 111)1•0K. 2e.11 Market •‘ .
.lelplttu—Thr 14nte nl Ire U'dlingtott
jiCL lintel. 1 tart t,hurvh. 1,1 1 tukro 11.1. method 01 dt•
1010.0 lop old trietol• tool the pnhi,r pvue thot he
ha+token the above maned The /Inv, I. +try
and et.mtotuddo. nod Iv, heti. viteo•ivety alteted lIIId
Improved nod the 111010010 r hope , u Ariel nttemion
ln.inevv, and proper r are for the comfort II(
io inercl and rece,re .hare of poldu• pntrottude•
The fluted. u vaunted very movement fur the Trnvel•
ling l'uldo. I.rme only IMO door , the Ilurt,hurd
nod Putvlairgh Deput. nod vrittun 1111.0, tralk 01
t h, RAtunnre nod I:e.ultetv 11eonv. Al11.1NI:
.11,1 to It. ptrual-e, 'roan.. t• 1 V)/ day.
1i IlLl.lll.:S,Proprtvtor
' A Hedhenv I lat.., Nora- A ugovt -17-,p12,13.n
o irprot•iscr
IVI. and hope by th, ,ivetet.t ultro,on la the warn*
um! couttoits ol their eue..t.. torus roolutotole , of
ho tAberal iottrounte e,reLved by Ite (mon,
Thr ban, Lu• ken tinnunghly renovated. and repair•
wr therefore fr. , , U. 1.1 we ran welcome. our
fr:emla nod thr public to acconnuoJamon% equal to any
tho dl of Pluludelidm. N l\' 11KIlXl}J t
jyt...41 JNO WV.T.
Corner Main and Sixth ate, Cincinnati.
r I
rol. lohnient I+ now in the H
°er for the
lever...n ot the Thveltnc Ilavtng anklet.-
guar 11 thonnigh Ihe past winter, and
havine tooq expereneril snen in the seem in the
vagJou. depwrnnent,i. I Ilatter Inyxell that all will he
pliia,a who ca!,. Thu locnuott in ventral, counandioun
att,l plearnnt. Pare VI pior day.
Ihnrinnatt, hltirrh 13.1.47. IV E MARII
N Although not exactly ,t new liroom, It IS the
einm—a new Wluolon the old handle. ap«lf
rplIE proprtemr oft ht limo e,abli.hed lano4e...rtlpert
.l luny Id., )11 ',IV/ thee:tarn. of l'itiAmfgh,
and .11 exert lomaell io trader euminnatile all Who
'WV i.tvor sum with their company.
Thy. pmet wish boa long been a favorite one with
th- Prov,on ler. nt Plusburob, will, the corning
arnion,ilKl/1 a:larger Gehl lof thstr operniino'then
hen limn the completion orthe, Rail Road to
letlilotaigite, X miles !pith, nip the boa racing region.
• per.aillm G D Proprietor
Louisville, Hy.
Rlut T II RUCKMO R't ON seri to acquaint Lta
fnends that Le is solo issue of the U ALT
SOUSE, K.,orhisre he hives to meet all
his old friends, Ouuring 'hem end the public. that no
sdon shall be 'pared to make ell comfortable who favor
loin auk their peronsge.
Oppr i. ite x trgp , it Road Dep o t. Pratt Batt.
(i• 3. of Ilse Exc Wog c 1.1 St. CL l Zflo ri tcla t ,Tunlig
1 . 611Y1L DENTEMCI.
TIIE best article known for neaning.d whitening
the Teeth. altengtheulng the caw, aweetemng the
larath. tee. It 'Weal be usrd e richt wilt a sag
bro., and We teens nod verydtgh
washlog to the Wrt the brash er,th
water. or cold will answer. and rah a • fee Ikaxi on
the paste. when enough will adheie (or ccutung she
Welt. It leaves a delietouc lane at the mouth, ants lm
parts a man delightful fragrance toile breath. it staid.
unnyalled aspleasant, efficacioua, convenient. and
cafe dentrifter. a
It i• warranted not to refute the tent,
Lotto prrerrvethem.
urang it regularly, it will remove the tartar and
prevent is accumulation—prevent the toothache
strengthen the gams, and prevent all diseases of meat
Cbcmacs, physics., and the clergy recommend it a
•deculedly superior to every thing of We bind in ate.—
Ask for Uherman'semapound Oen. Tooth rule, sod
observe hi. a:gonna. is attached to emelt pot.
Recommended by Dr. ensge, tiroadway. one of
our best Dentine, and by most of the old established
ones In the United Slates, and ever ateosively and
by the Notably of FAgland and Feel.
A large proton , on of the daeuse. I katattliet mankind
nii.tfront mote derangement of the • 12 , 11aeh or 1.14 . 4 t
which a dowry use of the Oats toe lounges ernahl
rintieny obvtite. Persona of biticua babas Airmail 4:-
4iray, Intlß. a boa at band, and tote a dose whennirrr
they feel el Wan derangemcntanheir health. A jiult
name.e of lit , e iwantSca attahl prevent thnuatods
of cows.
• .
For raleat JACI:SON" . ..., corner of Wood and
l r ilraily eta deett
I ADIIN Who U•r Common Prepared /Toll, ere
14 often not aware how fratolully lemma. 1 or le
the aloe haw roar., hour rough, how tallow, r
and unhealthy r
ise r elOo appear. after °tong prepared
Chalk! 'tootle, it it injunnue. coma...tutu a luta, groin
OW Of lead. We hare prepared a beautiful
atticle, whleb we call .11 , ,P1e SPANISH 1.11.1 f
11 - 1111TE`. It J 4 perreetir innocent.beirur paneled of all
dale-tenor. , vulturr; and it impart. to
it rain u stoic
timehealthy, alabaaler, clear, lortng white, at the stoic
arala( Oa a kVaTial.. air. elm, malting it nfi
and smooth.
Dr. Santee Anderson,.Practical Chemist of 311.. a.
that..., 1.3 y. °After analyriog !nee...Span.. Lint
WAR,, I God it cntreerws the me. Iwoutiful and
ryl, at be 'sine how Inboren , win. 1 ever row l
tertninly can ..
.tenuously recommend ,to
who. skin tor." beautify
Mr. Price 23 re.. • box.
o . 7trold by WA'. JACKSON, at hts Fl.l and elhoe
owe.. falbeety wornt, head of IVowl, at Ale slap tit
the RIO Root. 4 ,1
.I,adlea. ladle., rin twonnithed,
,When you know. that . .ut arepromlre4
_A natunah life-Ithe,rniorry white.
1.1111•1 you end 1.1;11 ore common elaulk,
And look a deathly yellow frlghh
rho daemon( laughter hod of .tk.
lit you would axe w bets of JONl , Sl.llly.whne,
would glen your wkm an alabaster yet !natural who.,
and as the lam, data clear 111111111101 frill. SOid at
JACKSON'S, tit I.lbctly ed. Pri o :Deena per bog.
rankled with DI sssss of Dia Lungs.
-jilts is to certify to those *Mime) with rho first pm.
Monitory syruptents et Consumption, Out I have boon
isiboring for several year. with a bronchi, sorthess of
the thioat and hoar...nes,. 1 Used many medic:nes, but
(band an relief its any preparation of medicine, until 1
ILENEDId. I have been ming thin, ithluable medicine
fur several years, and always find it to relieve when
a I make ere of it. Aly Decimation •• an . Auction
inlyothich keeps roc elmestethrtantly engaged, rouses
cry disease, at times, to become very alarming, when
a'onee prorate this Medicine. I therefore tit h e plea.
mire in making this public statement, that others of
ed with si distort of the hangs and expectorant organs
may know the .virtues of this healing remedy,"
and may he eared. I have recommended Dr. thmenn's
Expectorant !IA:led) , to many of my friend., some of
wham owe their lives to this medicine.
kkornersthOhio,OcLl3:lPl3. JAMEIa 11EWIT
The prOpnearr of the above medicine wank!, Oro
iglu rrin ulliktingneri porsona, abr. node in - Perry
county, On wham any person- may call upon and be
convinced that thero are maces (band In the above
-medicine that cannot ho excelled t
David Culbertson, Somerset; Dr , IL Bane, do; Fran'
eta Oollher, Jacksinftp; Mr. Larimer,slo; Deo. Tolbert,
Solthek tp; dewed Davison, Hopewell tp.
more states, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Sold in nuabargli by Wall. JACKSON, RI Liberty
header Wood street. - apl9diterT
Perrsataion, May 170517.
T AST &tartlet tgave a teaspobn of D. A. Fah-
IJinebtock Co Ver . :ultimo to any little girl, who Is
between four and Ave years old, and during the day she
leswrllo3 large worm., averaging more man a fan in
Seeing Its effects on this child, I tlieit gave a - teaspoon
flail to hers, ounger slater, who was apparently well,and
shin parsed 37 worms of equal size.
Weitehmaker, — Sadthfielistreet
Prepared and sold by' 11 A FAHNESTOCK A CO,
eainerlmand wnnJ, and ovnMondlllll ma.
WHOSE raosubess call equal yours! hook at yom
YiY fair yomly wife, with her bright sunny faced !wok
at tyonr owu, pined with eruptions and blotches! Yet
yon aro b. Olean 40100 Any cents for a cahoot the
rod Italian Chemical Soap, which would eattrely flee
yea from them, and MOO your. yellow skin clear sad
healthy.. GO stance to Jackaon's . Metre,® Marty st.
Mahwah, and get a cake. - •
Nll.:lacksorda.istha only place btrlttsturgh wham
thb GENUINE Is Who obtained. Morin of Connter•
h(ts. %f
• irrOBSEILVF. the Dia Bout•minds to the doorway
2.11132 21•1214:1 SUASIVE SOAP—Far rem.'
einitOreue Vote, tJWea, or Marks from Chathea,
W001teh1,C 2 4. 3,3 h &24 2 4 , , , e4 mewing , the *pots
w&. nu fi led *i eleu, kept, peer, and •p0111:41...
Bold with l direction rice 23 emits cake.
• nprEeht by Whi t JACKSON, ES LibenTstreet, heed
Weed, at hie Boat sad :Moe sum, lip of do ais
r Via:_. w
1847. a l vAlp
14'"angd?b'retz,z.',',7xxravzii,1!,"xirwatZp i 'sn'Taitnti
die wny. nod ennEetpent riEk of delay, damn,
brcalacc and A...par:nom of goods.
No f. - P.Markrt street. PliEttriedthta
Cor pviin d Wavne ats, Pittsburgh
1174 - 1:i NOR A. CA, llaltimure Ag,cols
&J T TAPSCOTT, eotith st. N. Y. •
Encouruge.l by mcrea-Erd busittena the Proprietor.
hove lidded to their nook and extended their arrange
/news dorntg Willie, and are now prepared to W
IN:Let frrn; A with rccolarity and dixpatch unsurpaased
by any outer hoc. Thmr long E xperience as carriers,
the palpable superiority of ;he Purtable Boat System,
slid [teat eaparn, sod convenience of the PM ,
hasch end
the line, are peculiarly calculi.
a n comm a th proprietor', to fulGI their engagement" ,
and adate their rustomera--confidentlyoßenng
le. past 11, M guararny for the future they reowcifully
•olicil SI Conlzrluanceot toot patronage which they ortse
gratefully acknowledge.
All conmignm,nin to Tea& Et OConnor will he reed
and iorwerded Sternal/oat chargers paid and Bill, at
Lading trati•tained tree of no) . chug.: for d ir ect
advancing or Etoragx. Having no !mensal directly or
holt/holy 111 swatuldonte, the Interco of the eunsianiopt
most ncreasarily be their primary °Nevi to /snipping
orcat, and theypledge themselves to forward an goods
ermaigned promptly and on the most ualvanta•
grow; tcrinE In the owner..
March I. IST]
1847 ertar9_
Matta oitili
PirmunouT tw iceIILADA. A. BALTIMORE
Erthey for Pawner...
:e r r ' r r o7l . ..i ' art i ll ' iro " u n t ' llse tr ltto ""o
nod roniiint , throughout do+ oc:r4on. The sr,r,r.c.or9
boor. now plinoed a i•upenot clot..
oad - Carl on ihe route, with nstm semourusuatiotu,
wino). will Ail/yen-Ater emit.. to trowel...
A Prick. Final will IIiWTYS lie in gnu, 11.111.11111 C
puldle aro requested to call nod Clellignla MOM,
1.01,011. in cape/rig pri , snAeelsewlidro
-emu; ONLY NINE DOLLAittn.•
One of the Peekett will leave the lasussog,tepppette
the Ututrd htnten MlO,l CO., Peen ttrtet tutu the
1. ,very midst al °Wart
, . .
For tnionnotion apple al Ina ulttee otonounincla
I Ina., %Voter Flreel, ur to 1) 14:114:11 k
nteitt3 nor Penn curer onu canal
Ilaatmen's Poital,le Ikon Ipany . !ming . dis ,
1 mil red, the Company ogum went into articles to Co
larliterttp under Itoname of the "ll:mimeo% Liner
and Itkewan are to relit thntitock to of to have n
i.under of Boat. , for the iturtome of carrying muds
iltiougn in from Mg to eight tiara, with certelmy—end
Oct encouraged 14 . the Ithernitty of lam yeat'u patron
age, tom altemore rutentive orrungements for the en
raiiir yea, •
We would thetefian torpoctfully +when a noon:m
ance of our rower putrorm. and refer all new t Loma.,"
to thorn wo have done bar nem. for. •
For the uangportatiott of
l'LLOAow.puta, Houton., Now YORK, o'RODOOOs.
Cotner Libroy Prot slid Canal lkom.Diuoonrgh.
No NO Market moo, Philadelphia
Dolomore, Md.
MorronA Co.
W ttleCally & It A? arnpson & Oa, M Allen &Co,
I.IIII..VDF:I.PHIA—MorriII & Ca, IteTsualda
McFarland & Co, Fleming & Raahy, Peter •Wtrght &
Snn, J Bisphato,Joreplt
NEW YORK—CoaI lace & Co, Theo. Perry & Co.
utrsroN—Reed.lll2.6l & Co.
CINCINNATI—Adams t Crcagh, W W Searbor
PIXASA VA—P A Machiel.
. .
Nora—All merehandice from New York and Bonn,
consigned In A L Gmbam tr. Co, Philadelphia, will be
promptly/oen.led fro of eon:Marna. rehts.
illial6 184
4 7. .
fp-Without Tratialnytnent.daj
Good; Mowed +Dour care will be Rewarded agallt
out delay,at the lower; current law. Rills of lading
transmitted, and all tuttruetiona promptly attended to,
(tee (non any extra charge for amm utable°.
Addrets,ot apply to C A MeAN utTy & co
Canal Daito,Pinabersh
Having • very large and roromalioun wnrelloorr,
wr are pry pared to receive (in addition to rieight - for
iduprouti) a large antouut of Product% ou Noruge at
low raft,. Doan/ C A JleAtifiLTY ft Co
- pleiiwouvu s cci , s
araMl / 8 4 7 Rad=
EaGLI/KIVF:LI' for he.trantponektion of WAY'
FREIGHT between Pineliargh.Blatraville;Johns
town, GoilidaPhatgli.,llVatur Street, Peters:lurch and
all inteiturdr.da placte
One Boat will lea.: the warehouse oft) A Mc Analty
Co„ Putsburgh, every day, [except Sunday.] nod
shipper! , can al ways ifspeod on hawing their geode for.
watded 'Without delay and at fair rate,
Thi. Line waa formed for the epeeial accommodation
of the way hurdlers, and the proprietors rcepecGally
witch it liberal &hamar patronage.
II CANAL% Johnstown . AgcMs.
C A FicANULTV A. Co, nusbargh
11 Metiovity. John l'alker, RobevOlaroro, It:Tuley
l'inotatrgb. notr6
M,ip. 1 847. tha ti iiiti
Ta n tt ' l It I ' i n n 71 i ''' ga t tZ g r ' n n ; r :In 0 i 1 1 vire 4 n 3 l` l" hl tat E.
and Ikarer, and height and pir4;a • or „,
'mutton; between Hearer and Erie and ennitrehng %yak
C Itto-d'a lane of ttreornhoni Propeller. and Ferseir
on Ilia i..ateo prrporerl Upon the rather, open
ing or rVirigittion In cony Freight and Porrengors
alt 1,0,111 , 0:116c Mee, C 1 1 .0121 and lathe*.
1101.t.0 , ve , Y tor coos...rot; lieight and pita•
.engeta tent prouiptnr, and tlirpalrh. the nroptielor
and swats se-peetfultt ' , Ohm from the , fricnds and
Le puhlle e,earrail,/,1111•IT pationage.
CRMID, Erie. Proprietor
Cot Fouthfi rid and Watcr rag. oppwa wrong a
gatieln I tow,
Wheeler. erre kor k. Co, Nov York
David, Itudato
E N Park. & In, Cleveland
Jo• A A rot•trotm & Detroit
.McCluro & hltiontuk:o
& Porto, Chteugo
Wm Power, Power... To. Peens
' rim Moohrhuvro. Evawl. m h, Poona
John Me Arthur, illiClilol4ll, in
w,.• & Arlon . , Greenville, do
Cram A. Frampton. Clarlavtlle do
hall? & Plumb dharpalmigh, I's.
W Mulan, Sharon., do
Clioniothogn. New Coed, do enord,
11: Clarke. 11..110°p, T. T chtansul k Co.
Vorwardhair a Commalssion -Nerehasts.
rplIE Agents and Proprietors o( rho trine (aiii favor
"- WY loot.n to the Ottlirishrioill be prepanolon the
anthem opening or eatinl navigation tir receive prop
any at Pittsburgh nod Heaver, and deliver the KMe
any point on the Ohio canals, and able on Laker Erie
and hti nt
chign, with the gyeatert derpatel;
a nd rot.
nimble rates.
not proprietnn a/ Kos line ' , illicit the business or
thctr former cowmen with confidence. knowing that
their lit". •re second w none.
Aping to or with".
O M CARTON, Agt, Pittsburgh.
CLARKE A. Co, Roarer.
1847. ; , 111EM
11 . 1516 * I IEECII 4:0116
rrrN, Durum_
1: stock of tbos lino consists of n doable daily
Lino of thous and Can, folioed by themselves,'
whi c h are in good order. The subscribers Sr. pMea- ,
rcd to howsrdo large guanlity otohlerchandtu aad
Produce vet hi certainty curd dispatch:.
Produce or 31crchandisc consigned to any or toe on
dortligned. is forwarded free of ley charge for LOCUlple
con or,torase.
Hine Lading transmitted and all irrarllet , Oaa promptly
%Hooded to.
The business or MD Line Is enndorted on strictly
Bedrd...keeping principles. Address, or apply to
D LEECH & Co, Proprietors,
Canal Bum, Pittsburgh
HARRIS & LEECH, Proprietors,
No 13 South Third sired, Philadelphia
JOB. TAYLOR & SONS, Agents, • :
No 114 North Howard street, Baltimore
W 11 WILSON, AgenL
No 7 West stroeLNIIIV York
1847 •
.I; l l.`;i v r E .ll. l, ll7o`o r te d anl it tron . dav, r a k hop . :Fiebe: rg fir t
arrive al Warm next morning ft,
Magee which renettClevelond before nOthl
l'alscnovr. will be reeelpted horogh,soruring her on
on the Packet., and scat. In the Stage, on application
on board ateamboat Seaver, Demobs Yntsbutsb at S
cl'elock,.,ll.,] or to tit e agenntl
hl lIARTON &Co,Fittabargh
CLARKE A Co, Deaver I
JIWSE DALDWIN, Yourigitown
- Piatkage Maxie.. 'to Pkillnde
Willigitias E a n sess " .:ll44:;r h t
mingled air ine couisevanesief valuable packZe
merchandise; specie, bank nom, jeareiryi Ste, com
menced miming on Thursday, blush 18; •
An boa Cum 'grill bedirpate bedlaity *ninths OM
Siam eanatingscason.
, - Rey So n Med &Ca:
iMlnin 'album sad Ciasr
The new and splendiE R,ld nealutei
• Cart. Charles Hoops. co.neneen her
mel, tr , :p. Iltzs day, leav,g ems
burgh at ti u'elnek.•• 11111 , 4 Bearer ait V &aloes, p
CQ.II,LIII, TAII/1 l'ltt,burgli and Cleveland Line of Cad
nal Boat, dady to Cleveland, 0.; Beaver, Wanen and
Cleveland I.;ne of Canal Packets and:rage Canon
'daily to Warr‘n and Cleveland; Canal Packet Ltnea
New Conic and (3teenadlle, Pa.; Erie Extension Line
to likadedle and Erte. Neklailare k. Co'. Lines of
Stage Coaehe's for Cleveland and Woostereavo Ma
lady on the arrival of steamboat De anna ftom
Patsbingli. Apply to
G M lIARTON & Co; Pilltdiargb
ants CLARKE & Co, Dearer - I ,
:1847. tEtit
en THE ran norLiaista Ant. WOO Vits
' - E N PARKS foCo,Cleseland, O.
RG PARKS, Beaver, Pa., ) }Proprictore
T MATIIER , Pittsburgh, Pa.
TIIE above Lluo is now fully prepared so ,uanspOrt
Freight and Passengers foimPiusburgh and Cleve
lend, to any point cat the Poinsyliatua A Ohio and MO
The facilities of said Line ate not equalled br any or.
said Canals, in numbenrund capacity of Boat., ekTv . •
r nee of Captains, and prat:opine. of Agents, dal
One Boat learns Patsbargh &Wane:eland duRY.Tnn•
nine in connection with thn Steamer.. . -
Michigan and Lake Ene, • between Pittsburgh and
Bearer,' and Line of Relit CIES. Steamboat , ' FtnPal
len, Brigs and Schoonerd, On Lakes' Erie, Haien, mi=
chnvan and Ontario. • ' -
Propeny . forwarded to ans part of the . nlon with
despstek. EN PARRS & Co, Cleteland,Agup-
REF.D. PARKS &Co, Deaver, Ago
%V T MATHER.Pittshorgh,lAgt
Cor %Venni and Smithfield sneets -
Igrafile 1847. Media
ACHET Boats Swallow and Telegne. ph ieetree Bee-
ver dully, et 3 Web:lts et, after the arrival of the,
awning Bow from Pittsburgh. trod 1117iTe at Warr= itt
time fur the Nail Lane of Sotges, which leave immedi
ately thereafter. end, esti* et Clevelea et ;o'clock, r
This reute le the. soon expetlttious and .cousfoitable
anewthe , Lekes. .
COTES &LEFFING W ELIA Warren, Props's-,
REED, PARKS &. Co, Beaver, Agents
JOHN A CACI:HEY. coshes Weterend Smithfield ms,
ayely Opposite the Monongeheie Hon. Pituburgh •
MIMI.. -184 •
Mils ! f ine cotiviatiegoffieiahrandpasaenger rack..
.L ea, will ran maalarly . n
dang the seattoo between
Deaver and Greenville, Pa., by which freight and tau.
seegerabcDreen the wombats, will be canted promptly
aea at the lowest raw. , • • .
.. . ... . • . .
WICK A ARCHER.Greenwille, Ars . •
McFARLAND & RING, Big Bend, do,
HAYS & PLUM B. Shs rpliborgb, - do; •
. ' W C MALAN. Simon, ~ AN •
WA!. MATHEWS, Poland; • .• • . do;
BRED, PARKS &Co, Beaver. do;'
JOHN A CA UCIII CY, cornet Water and Smithfield so,
nobly i °ppm it. the Marongalonla Ilme, F./tuba:Mb
MUM 18 . 4 7!. MOM
Philadelphia, BaMasora, New Tort
THE enenoragement this line has received aloce
its commencement r isis induced the propels
tors to increase the stock by adding a somber ol fir
eh:nabs:ens; and instead ofgiving receipts as hereto
fore as agents, we will giro our awn receipts for
freight shipped by this line. .
The boats are all portable;conseqeontly freight
is taken the whole distance without transhipment;
thereby preventing damage from (req uest handling
on thevoute, ands. each boat is owned by the
Captain who rani them which is a sulkiest goat.
noire that there will be delay on the route.
All Produce or hlerChandiso consignerfto.the'
undersigned will be forwarded MEE OF COM.
MISSION, for advancing and forwarding, and Will
be shipped without delay at the lowest rates of:
We recpeetiblig solicit a *bare of public patio
nage. WALLINGFORD dr. Co.,
Canal - Basin, Pittsburgh'
Broad Street, Philadelphia.
Bourleys Wharf, Bellmore.
Pittsburgh, Feb. 18.1847,
• 1846 =. A " 18471-1.
mile enderrigned are now pripared (onward pre=
1 dime, An., to the Eastern /Uarketsdaring the nom
ing Vtnteryon Me the,
ilkYorable toms, by thin gl'Pe.
dooms oate.
All properly conrigmed tons willbe forwarded Mae
lowen Tatea and with despareb.
Merehamhie reeeivid by Dos Tanta promptly for
mudell.l C BIDWELL, Ag't., Pitreburgb;
G W CABS. Brwornrrille. '
tiorgi E EGERTON& Co,Cmnberland.
1846. . A/5D • s 1847 ,
itat, MIME
T , •
HE soliseriOers well receipt forth, deUvery of Prte
dace to Italthiore by the SI 0n0n...14 :Gather.oe
at the folioed. g pnees—
Sebes, Damn, Boner, Lead. Lead, Park, Tallow,.
Whiskey, and 0 hor—Ml eu per 100 lbs
Tototeco, Mete, Flag and Wheat-94 to per 100 lbs.
Asheit,.(Pot) Apples, Metre, Flag-Seed, Glass, .d
Leather-106 ets perlCo lbs
Oils, SM. Reeds, Wool-110 err per 10104.
!keels...Panther', Fors Ginseng, ends linake-Root
,PAlute per lOUlbs.
Illsroerly consigned to either of the undersigned
for p wurded without delay, free of Commission,
at above rates. W H CLARK. tlnewnevelle.
HANNA & WATERMAN, Pittsburgh,
norgAltf 1
H113118.D. T'S CHEMCIAL R/lIP I N 0
FLUID—Io soliciting the patronage of the pablie
Hr this snide, it ie but right and per diet ran , ineranott
which the claire for suPpol le Wand should be fully and fsir
ly ect Lout and also wow 'wankel be given that the Com:
inanity wilenol be inippscd upon by wing
In the first place AI o w ell • known that the generality of
black i'kiks. are warmed of a precpitate, beld together
by goo Arabk. and wine than water, either in whole or pert
eraporated the guns and precipitate art lee • pasty snag
tha pro" or nkstand which contain. it. It lo also toms=
to a,ld 110.- g i, to the - ink ea Maio to mate it awe fluid;
which increases the evil by *ding ea the pen, if • noel oar,
corroding it thruogb in a very short thee - Bow- the," Wei.'
tiag dierrs few these mishit. in every revaatt, as
it is • cbeertiol solid no requiring no viscid inane, to hold it
together.thrreHr. will never gat tbiek, and being eery fluid
a targe oaantity firms few the pro lima given epsecroefive
ling &ewer into the fibre Of the paps seeking • inclement.
neat tataland one less easily waned by sari.oo than if 1t was
may plawred . on the mortice. It es.. cootshatio wit. that
awalfinity for asetatie , , therefore will nut corers&
strel pras—it not Wald..wil although it writes of •
bluish green eokry.t is • few hours It becomes a deep black
•h eh w,ll eadan ,, for sera. It it wanacted superior -to the
fute artice known byUte . mune of ‘• Arooid's Writ
Feud,. and oue.thinl more 5it . ..4 Hr the cam.
a gnowtte against intpasitioo of [any .lr.d being attempted
the folkiwiag recotariscodations jell gallica, ea allinsist be
aware, that the awes Were given coal not ha. twn ob.
m tied by any awns far en unwoe'thy purpose
We recommend ei ItibberVeClmmice 1 Writing Fluidwro
the paktmege 'of the public, eta drat ratearticle en all em
pires; ii flow lice tam the pro wilhout clogging it up and
en the emelt of akw boom Manatee a deap brigke black', .-
13 A &infante ilieol I Wink and MeCandleas
.' •
• Robert Minor. 1 . John Paeker,
Wen Lippincott& Poo ft Wighttna; A. Co. ...
McQueen= k Pinks I Franc • &Ilene
. licht II Metall, Bnediplr C A MeAnulty ar. Co. . •
Ler W llf Walton,
Juselati7lling Mille, A erg 20,18 W. ••
Mr Thm It Ilelibmeo-Dear Sir: I hare Nem tlillil; yeas
Chemical Writing Flu' and fool it ar fint rate &deck Fa
thecae... it down freely non ibh pen rod hemanes jet black
In a kw ISOMYours Ike.
- Tlf T LiTTLE. Bookkeeper •
lot Dimas k rkmple.•
. • .
' • ' pilkiburgh, Aug BS, 11347,
Mr T 'IC ' Illbert—Dear See ;ring procured a bordeof
jo. Writing Fluid, room three ha ego, I mama.. it 101-1
y .at if f kA superior to ArMild .or .7 eerier ink nine in
104, I knorioL Raspectioty,
fire A Mimi. liieholwat f-Co'
. ~Pillrburgle, Sept It. lE-1 7 .
Mr T IC Iliblwri—Dear Pim Y am along your Chemical
Writing ,hid, and find it to be a mod errand article for
steel pima RI itdore not e 4. rho liplike the generality of
oCher auks; et flows free abk-heconiela deep black in it few
hours. taus,ltesretfully. ...
wilmeyr CAR
t , Bookkeeper
. • ' • GJI. lam Parker.
P1tr•1246132,1 sold Wiralmale and Retail by Theme lC
It ehhers, euggist and Clineektr, corker of Liberty mil
Smithfield Serects.Pstbbergh Pa. Ort4dGto
P I' L E S', .. —....
' -
, . . . ...
Dn. INIBOLOSBY'S Piln Specific, an ml rem
J-I • certain and eudiend eon whether dilated, Wens
Mental; ar pindoilio, kr irrit ation talkie kidneys and Mad- !
dei, yams en the back and . aide, habitna/ eguiticanese, trop,
time, At. I
. Fernake hekrei Ea after confinement me 012•13 1T09131811
with conitipatima of tee boucle or walkaway to well as the
r t.. le all ruck emu the Spark ems be taken withpir
mot array,' and lea certain rete4Lee fereido it not,:
permed. an
, d iritn entirely, remedy, without a per
tick of gamhogn, eokeynceor t to takiandgml
featly barmier. is thee moat delicate mace.
This io to certify that Ike* Dr. logoldoby's Palo Sporillj,
obe a tertAlo son and safe reeked]. Having woo *arpt.
fiill several man. amougst my Sadly tomnions, mini Mat
rmed imada omen manor the pan *ten it made aas Intim
NlT.itl CVO, CV. • BEND!' WHITEHEAD. • .
New Ydrk, Miy, 1843. X.l Sixth otent,
ehevallally give my testimony as to lho at and alto.
isbiog elects of Dr. logolalsbyBa Piles SpiMas, as 1 kaoW it
Siam toy from expel.** asaa follow**, * be Might*:
baviog sem =A with SOM. is *aril ansarmof poles, male'
and fe MILLED.. - -
Y Took, SlayoB43, dam_ixth**,
tem York, Noy, 01...., ...4 Sixth Mash
1 .. .
g, N . est pk...... lfork,b u ley k ra ,
yom medium — , Da broldsbet ra. orie., t.....a. 0p.,...
reclitire ko theme of my siimr,md taw jive you my 1113.4
ay, 1 f ~,,. 1,.. h ...riled at ii, ka it was in my apt.* b..
zies blit,H,ozejder.,Lcz:ol=tafy.tol.the med.
die li ' Mie Of 42111wigery,eta.r.wpr, ocur.iirms...they:rmtir3:ls:::.4l
de -ea a esttsia mite -
D. togoldeby—.Dur Bin—That you may bratty others
~h, t aey be suffering, m mall m. t‘ . . imes* toy rabbi& for
the eat I ham derireit Um ma arrow minable Sp.
tale I comply m u ? joat h mestLat i osi o i . r . do
vn gin my tali
t r,
Oi= ' La t h Zed lithe: ',maim trithouT=°:
BON wholesale sad retaillNlr2=3l, at his Pab '
ea {Mae Ward:goose, sad Boot mil Mum Btioni, No. b 9
Liter ' t ha y give?, head of Woad, Pitirborgh. - Prier. 50
pub. ': pm 14 , -4ly 4
: pr
„4 ". P . ::::. 9, : aani E F I S t ER:Y:Yir , II .II. VERI4 II: . ' I ,
l' ,
U :::: . lb , .'
m f..11. P ty .Grooe.m....oorrarr— r pm::: ~,..,,,,, ,
. pi lea ifitiel d
no t —. -- I
mad VA a a ti501:0 4.......1 7. 1 :1"
....two bt ar to . y d e ui hild
m reo, soki vrhi b elt y
op tooo .
cuw fbr Dom
t, aud lhoo the other 130. - 1 tenotrtieml it lit Die
', ' - 71 100 Pii Min i
Pr . 9 , n73. 241 4 1 4 1 4 MI/ ' 'PO
. - •• .
M n = = r 1
DIPICATED LOYirtatiri AID rook
TIB. 15 HERMAN haa din:limed a nay to aralionniina•
litousat,ao that &Damn will Wm it mina! aunt,. 14
nee that hisfnefianint Drown each boa of Loma •
m a rat of Tooth hate on Wonsan of rink Mat", and y
coma wzrawth , .. •
' The Lorrages me the inks, most sore sad esEletml rem
edy Au toughs, odd., oonnoptmos, erimpol u eoestts, anti
ma, tight., of the subpar! Magpie, me:- propiatm
hat rimer komm bort.* airy Mids. pre paint%
satisfied's. Sierra Maenad Wits hare brie mid iedu in
t. lost year, moo., to heehh persons isdead nets .1•0
condouptent;del odd ' colder smostslistresomg
colds and mash. Thesdo ton c mad dry op the ewilit.
but render finny, promote, poetesstiooplby ttehtm•
brit:alio% stri - mope • thpratiamte or combos mans
'MI are made from • ppbistalioa of • mot value. ease,
toriaL or nosh ave r and are eadaddestly superior le •
'gwry thing hs toe for those romp.. Hundreds upon h.
dreds ofeertificetes bee tamed of their trasderful Mr
tom, from those who ham beta lend freer m entireei,y rons
mod mmeedtopnkct heal.Sy ming the.
Where damn meth pie is the hrs. areklepee ofSher
mon's foor Ma's Mater. (Pim ebb laj estess,) Moskl be .
;Tidied aver tee pry and wade lilt 'threw]. smudge
With Medea.% • Dm Meanie' or lanwges, or aw •
ettildnditartie medicine, should In used es ae.sem ..:trier
• 1511.ri 1 h1APP9 WORM LOZENGES
'DM nttnekseo here km proved b mom than MOO -
OM COMM M m4l4We; Me only addle word aentaoseet
oteddeouna &dowered. Meat dien nee arise@ hod wares
wed masks bog and Wised eefin*r, and sun death s bith .
oat their rob bring suspected; grote pop., are very...
' &Nicht.% with them, mod ekweoral he rums complaide
wideatdany benefit; when one dote or thaw Lineepte devil
ipeedily eon thew. - • - • -
Siorprourri: Irermi.Z•be So . joiob or Ctrby wren,pck . isc et the' one,pindiby of the teeth daring.
skrikoodettintempkiebstmou the Spot. Midted Maas s
bled, at the onseppowiesheosatica et the stommth,ftdr,
f Mat ami the waripeehlthe body, slight chills, de side
eringe,' ..botaiteche, drawable, radar,. s i•whe
dr.., sodden' naming MM., milt frlght aed sermanists
rap ern 2.l29lltionaae met fennishaew, third, pallmi
bun, 6W, bad tote the mote, dilleett lowthing, pato
the *tamest or bowels, alto% aura, nemaistseet, eom4
don mettle, leatenne, bitted mama. or Nabs, grtydap s
Moods% yeista a winos Farb of the body,- a wad of into • .
thing mortis the throat; dektegoft. matitagranis Gen.; • ;
Snood slain lo pen meoeiturts from the booth, reds OW,
They give radio. relief /a rayon* or reek " headaches -
palpitation dna brash Imam of not apirits . damiondeney !:
unianunatory or putrid Warn =bowel ova we cam r
pair; frotuag, oppremkat or smear cinking of U m robot
chola, spasms,. cramp of dm or bowsh: hysterical
adterizmei and all mamma dimaaes, drowanawilaraugh- Gm
d, wad wakeful... Omagh Ben. sight; chokes or chalk
_diarriano, lassitude or. a swum of fatkaue.. Per
aloes to wennan or as parties will had *chorea
gra many year rewind isapm the bowymeyof youthl amsi
eller diempawm, wan nutmeats tow of they ystem gpi
wa140104 moan .Oa oaplaimat aymptoms roan from
Imo fies living. Panama who haw boon too lath Ural, awl
abandonrcmmiel their disairted habits, will Bad alsesal.mmyta ad,
.It ' 13 POOR MAN'S MOTEL . ' •
Tisane ' the world,
woad . y iar= o Vl' : ' =fn ' ihs back, hatte, " = " '
limbs, visit% rheumatism, I Re. ate. 0.. m i nima.,
year wall not aappkthe damn& ;apart,' a lane Mamm,-
tag beton appinatum. Warr. superior to WI othera,and
Ile ow quarter Um Offlia/ pm., malady Di Wel, bat
the draped phase in tha world, It and. gallant • raw,
bows, and makes astmaisbinat c .
ha hear oamphint and dyape " it should .be woes pen"
dm maim *like titular , and It will aril grad ud .
wunialsing Mier. . lea. roughs, colds, mama, diffaulty cal
braathang, appear:Lion of the chest orstomarb, this will hi
analiately moth and ready befittba parlor -Persona re
mdentaly Arany or thole obliged to awed mach, ill' resin
decided support from one d eem truly Arenthwq Mau "
or. Physamans generally ralmanusien"d them, inpearroace le
another+, becanat they slick or adhere bettcr r and adordiarah
ar rebel. In their o peration they a* atimakat, lowe, and
mod*. Thay we came .. of saintly dinferest impala
'eta from any ether, anal from ths aaperiencal or art
.lions who hare tad Gum, no area as the muted Inilmony of
all nmeshbrated and distrogunhal claw and physittatea, to
'be the...l amid and highly autdicated plaster . !
. &read paeans hale calkd .at tho , warehoom to sops ! _
their surprise and thatar, at the abanitratiracalaut cum Oa.
piasters bare effistall.
Directiom kar no. are anlhe beck of rub Own; 1 aith a
Dear naibe of Dr.Shermana • mama. It is haponantyou ale add
always ask Far Mamma% Pour Men's Pbarrr,-. nod as that
you rat th e gamine, r then an Mai .warihk. Wait:arm,
hawked Ghat and odd Da the true Sherran'a Pb]...,mby
aropmamplat dad..
. Bold wholesale and retail by W. JACKSON a Lis Para
Medicine Watehouse, Na 31111 ! Labcrty Area" alma( th
Cfl.oNsintirrioN CAN BY IN DR
Chicieinsti, 0,, Much 3dt UM •
Owe, Dirt—This isle Witty to the te
elllicted with is disease of the larogs, sir Coosimaphos
tint is the tieing of 18431 wee Marked senli arras cold
-which smet hems Meted 'upon naykosp; Mowing ell the
Saingaudy!el m sippisithing Cootwaption, idy , cough o.
tight sad troidsksisee, Wailed with copiotesight sereens .
wit tip daily • comideraidi eastity of Wood, wised with
hick dult MOM. Idy situation' lamer anions tad 'alarm
tler. • Desist this tinsel was attended by two of our Mesa'
dulfol %whims: they did the ben they weld Sti Ineoestte
et length they gave sip MI _hopes of my tamely, i attain
to thathithing wire mold thee—the my hap eme di
tally slimmed, end berm! remedy. .1 was that puseetled by
i (WWI of mine to make a hial of Dr. Dllll=o/ RaWeedet
rust Rowdy, which eel Phydehas prnisiedspinstorgsng•
that this medicise trosibl do so gicd,sud *bold still at
more to my nem*. I told them it was toy but end
hope, mod that if I awn die Of the dame, (whirl wis wit
dent to me,) tbs. would he Whim WS. - 8o I wet teffie
Cincinnati Olbee aid obtained Ocala. otthis hely-Wei
ble Medicine:had eonueireced mug eicinsediSgt to the dins
C, indeed or adaq to my sofa*, hissidiiudy
-pre. or relief,- et mat wrong the treslikieme Cow
itotieg Me rein and tightens in my Cisme, skin me a yew
tit. and unugtkostikh rem enabled as to b. aboui Apia.
This stedides matiamd it. good seek, which ft es nobly
commend, mut I was made emend ma.. I bate since been
attend:eg to my besiniss, (apwards of 3 years) Mel feel as
healthy as I wish. I jun reconsweded Dr. Doeum'S
• ..pecteranatereedy mutyitistwates mtbotesinulerlyetileeid
And alias &leap , pawed notesehl to it es I hew whammed'
:it. effects My sister is mkg ths medicine el messig s ,hi
Liver and ell • A/oi. of tbe Lamp, which she
Itad ..Mud with kr RIM tar, she has musiy Mitevered
Yyteedst of this medicine, and I Au costing the Shone
Mat I take with me to-day win entitelysere her. Ime semi
"it Wow that there are thousands of valuable mew, ending
hay wills this &wad deatroyer—CDNSIThIPTION.:—
WMI it only pomade kir.those to. resume Oda estillelpe in.
Ilene, before it be too Wootton, thr e>f ". peoli,eg.d red
their fainnits 'end rehikeis spin unutessif ham. This
iedieise wel gist iststent rulteL endd the nits aha aia
Stsliard end ?alb I Cosh, remote the tighttemln the Chet
ithe strength to the enfeebled tad tataitisted frwee, midis
mesthesti, I ascertain, will parks= • rack cnie -
!' ANDREW J. mai- ,
Alastromery tismilka Comm. Ogle.
{N. 8.--Thm who say sot b e "
. 6„.4....k. . .
alu rdste4 with tee I rag.
a. th.Y=.7 tin. rdstaotiatre 11,.a n : "''''''' rgi
• Alan/Sum On he abased.
i,,,,,,,, ... d d t rrtAl .Al' WAL JACRAI,N, eIPMe, Of
'''' , .!, - . - . Aprl4.4lkar: .-
Hair Cream, a. matchless /IIiCIC for the Growth,
/Puny and Rusturailon of the Hair: TrnaCreass, when
' gf; alr "' lo6l:vb .. .=:ig ,feih.t..:=.1,1,".. the
-healthy or turning grey; a few
will male
'die hair soft and dark, and wee a a hammier lively
appearmem and will alao snake it retain tut tivelincia:
Color twice at ham no an the preparations
ria ore generally med..- Rawl hnO and genikriuse
Also aro in the habit of using oils on their hair, shouhl
at once purchase !honk of rho Chinese Hair Cream, as
it la so eomposed th at it well mainline the hair tihe the
other preparations, bat will beautif y it, and Ve perfect
satisfactlon in evety instance. • I
~ '
For V.StielollT to ns very superior quail ei, ore the
fallowing kite, (root Res. Mr. Caldwel to Ream.
lleadershou k Stretch, Embattle, General Agents (on
the Western State.: - _ .
Leoer foot the Rev. IL Caldwell,pnttrc of the Poet
bylerme Chareb..PolaskL •
!dewy. Hendershot' & Stretch—Gentlemen: I:a '.
pleasure in adding my Madmeny lei limn of Alto t•'..
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Paluki, Jaiey. 7,1977. ,l CALDWELL'
Sold wholesale and retail, in .Piusbargh by John
M. Townsend, NO 45 Masher street. and Joel Molder
corner of Wood and Fifth.. ' Jalfig
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a great variety of medicine without receiving material
benefit.- About three months since 1 commenced usisor
Mr. Sear's Medicine, which has entirely relieved met
from aridity ad my stornacit, and reward mew com Mr..
table health: Beveral of my friends and aegowntancet
havo made use of Me MIL, and rcediyed much benefit
fogad em. I can with confidence recommend them.
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Sold. wholesale and retail, by B A FAIIINESTOCX
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