The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 06, 1847, Image 2

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Ohio; there were , .boat one handfed and fifty
1 edam of:abad heti ionneer.b..whiett i mede..the
voyage - free Poebrugh to Louimilli; acid leek, to
Mt' leettlbe. A. akoVigLi!M inctiape In the isM, !
' That "ruble 30 yea:R.lmo.. and. wed I paws to
'lnquire *bat woMileve'beiro the probable cool. ;
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kind Orcetts or toirny wee. •. - ' -- `• • '
The pioneer" wet a. cane rare; and. well •
they.discharge the part mime, them ; They led'
the, iny . lato - the with:mem: -
. Tbeur opted the
vampire of the Allegheny mountains, the eseceid
td Nee been trotted is bane» screhret.thie. loot.
.t of elvillted men. Thy beat beck the see.
gee arepoweeed the country. Their lime wait
fall of. peril and darky; 'their drab ere replete
'The farmers with
who hare »Wed the wildetleM
ate hardy end labosioue noon, wbo Mn beet welt
designated se the bomb ard.torteueof the arardi.
Thy. Lan ettemfally encousomed obemelee ham
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nee eta& bambeaulablighe to their doam by thro
malt of bide, to what point "roold debt papule,
Ilea and their Enaptenty have then? Without
=We,. without steetaboata: aundi, Mirada,
temple', end other toadies for temsportatkaa,
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Desert and bieondea, they would Mn
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W rich, twource lathed in tha bosom of the earth.
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and teutheftly of Merest Through her toil oaks
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a hint or two on the subjectmay not be maim I
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ember, tharafore. to mope to the projector to
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ebottour to the Onward :Rd iheir rosary [Albacete
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rep to teirgerph your friend over the water, your
"depuldrir I'm Enid sad bi "We SithAtlanlie Amer.
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bona.""_ One more euggenion. As "Waco pipe'
I Mink "coal not be mete to smees," would it
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for :from otair.itipnlatina thee be shall peon tre
the aid of he brothel Neptune to Isythena bevel
What a pip" Whig!
1 We. of marls, eilealated tie speed to. be at.
Wool ott the proposed nliwity„ at the res of the
'11.64t Ewes' Tnatil. . 6.1 thiWay, erbilet et
Wei& them, I will last date a feet or two in
deirinewiteh. commonteated by s friend nmeatly .
.fitif.Egglind. The city of Bristol, 110 mike
'distant , from Landon, has kw deliverim of Weft
day, (Bmad ay eex erpted, of noun) TM Than
lagappei be delivered three times s day--)darri.
fogiOhipa:te.:.,,artd and Evening edition. Bad=
M difSubllutme Telegraph!
. . , ._. . "A Yeesep. ei lersovinauri. .
lathe Editors Of tie Pittsburgh' Gaulle: . ' 2,
' • • ALLVOIIIII I 10111.11.. ,' I .
We see that the Scrip circulated by dm City of
Allegheny has been well atantelfitedaf late, Nod
that huge numbers • of them 'aryl= gam! are
sleet about this neighborbood. rt. commquioe•
of this bit of »midi ht, that hnettbede et Ale
men end working.coma an Impand alma ; and
ma the broken etas that It will be a diddled It
matter to loge the good from the bed when' they
pe esa sod du rty. AA Hors le no tabooing where
the tile hapoitka of the comelier will maim
a deck, would it not be e Oxen. inky 1 / 1 Me '
bead meet he one Bider City would gather La ibis' ,
s'd cuseneen klub. and send abroad ekes oolsefrota
their neeptate to take its pleat. 1.414, the Clam
oilmen on the other side 01 the flea weigh:this
natter seriously, kw it s beyond a doubt, cos of
"great pith and moment" to a city With the elide
end impodag . inllaence it can base of at the
present dey !
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ecZaropeiiii - the kat week,
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,spode, trap 164
part of New Ytile , ;.•
The eteipiot F.Eakrik which let Baton on
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plea vbilitiuttaarspiekiiis attm
math of Oetohee, we» IlaT t in- Pin*
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I Capitedst;Tatt *them weig4 'kern mop
ins the property sd sttised in inother.
1311thit the besd,.4inei liergski bi'reSl Estate:
ens - en 'award it is adored liormetlntliW
iHarsinv+A Wong !sr Is &ski to be visiting
the vititnie Hoteleitilsilthg engaged in mains
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from a il 4l fr
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liitiellke or Cootnistoss is istioritii to the
stiiii)itoor Hfra add
. .O 4 - r to anotbw coirso, (or this ostrotoses
!Clokinia Bissiars—Noy.6ll‘,
Judges. •
4 .: The jury is the cue of the Coat'th as Brent
isttateat a Mardiet of Not Guilty,. and that the
Pros pay the eat. .
.Cocrethes Ju Fahey—ladt Luaray—Verdict
'lot Godly—di'
Sum ea Lui ' &mut and James
Raedlndt for an aMitdt and battery on
Polding. .Tha..parthrs. are ,014boye—lifts were
chimed With hUunithrima mcmes 'tithe N;., ow
of whieb hit him in the eta rendering him blind
.rientlet guilty--sentstme not pronouneid. •
;Bane to d.m 6Dmbu. and A Dacibarrow—
,' Ind forolible any end detanter—vordlmoot gait.
IT& Pramual - Ls Marminti %nigh to pay the carts
Wm il i a ; rilr o ; En were 2
loota.fot lamer spinet thie aft—Verdict Gail.
teae cot
Baum is Henry Mftle-1.011. Asatilt gal Bet.
May. . alstuiraatts ea r.. •Charlotte Naga:
and toper ents." pros. Seutesema ermordsogli.
86 0 16. m. Robed Freliat ihat.--Aemult and
'Um., Noll pros on payment of wets. •
; 1 Sick - mr;O'Briazi',-Italt. Linsey:7Tb° aft
max au old Maid** urltheetiallog tlarial 20
'o4to a athes in the salaam:* tbi.
allt was ecquittearraftleirast for Comm. Brow ma
ft'utuober aftiatita. we:log . 011N the' parts"
appwWE- , :fbe Court dischase'd the Jwy till
Yards,' mcouros at' 10.o'cloct, and adift to wet
at that time. . • '4
Cowan Maim.—Tds following osioed off.
OM compose the eMirt Mania salembled
:111411sIngtoti City for Me Wald Col.FnMooot:
Breit Brig. Otll. 0 11 8r00k.% Oth infantry ,
President.; CoL B: Chtirehlll, Inspector Cleztendi ,
CoL J B Crane,' to artillety; Brew. CoL.hj M.
Pnyne. 4th salary; Lieut. t3oL R L Da Etowy,
corps Easineenr„Ltead. Col. J P Triter., fhabaist•
erre DepanMelltj CoL•8_I Long,
Carp. Top. Eogineetr, Brim. Meet. HAL
Onlinante..Dapattiniori Mika Baker,
°idiom= Department, /dejori D Wattles, Com
E o ewers; Maj. R Deist aid, Corp' Top.E to,
- 601411., itaj E W Morgan, 11th intently; BINS
Saks 0 A McCall, Ant. :A Oen.;
' Copt. I F Lee, of ' be-Ordinance Department,
Jigs bun appointed fed p, Advocate.
Geo. Koenig wad pnreent. Col. Fremont was
11aLautadanee *ad with him al number of the
to*, bold hatted owe that
,prrillod their Urea
midi Edo In ble trogageitents with the enemy.
'Cal. &atm war present, and, a onager of the
Ifileada of both of the two ;Wont sod diethwMa
*dem who are Intereatsd at canewned ha the
I sitoono •
' Balton and M C /coos ippeared u coon
. sel fur CS Fremont.
The Italie Advocate then read the chops
"Mal are three in slumber, Oa: Mutiny, --.
These Manta en ell bend upon attain sang.
ad acts of disobedience, ese..., each charge Wog
based upon the=me ica The chirp of mutiny
contains eight sPettikatiPttr. the charge *4=
motet= thiresTnetiotliter, they being bleed upon
the taw tante as cootainat in the apeaustion
the chute of minor end the charm of -
contains Bee spetzificatiobs. •
The question of piopeisty between Countiodoce
Stockton and Ova. Heamay, oat of which thole
Vele,W4l .tem but **oat ambled &Inn the
trisli that tie damns- will, on won as the canal
mlimlnzriee try crwrr, pad= and efidt oath
factiCand eircentataucce, Will nuke tide Cie.
=nal, extreenboary sod„eztstinh to the
: and pofiticslonannanity : . - •
an. Quenteal aulaguldurd Aces is
midrib have !tibia cotumn of aorta on Chapal.
tepee In perion Before the us tall coataionced
be presented thins wit\ a tag ccompsnial by tae
Companionel tDs nriliottat' deg which Itaw
prawns to yen was given to rot nanny years ago
end I then, rowed that It thould be triumphant
dints then, .Blsok Hawk hse been conquered,
end the denainoleshave Wee ttnquiebed beneath
it. '1044. It bee also Wand victoriously in Its
battles of Palo Alt-I,l2We= de Ihs Paired, Most
toy, Vera Crum e:erto Gordo sod IA th ose 'which
late been 'kasha:firm:a of the 'City' of, Merino.
• I mw svau , otig gn 1 04 f kasfialt. knowinathatra
will .rjoarer open It addatiould earn* by planting
it upon the dieser point of the Clads of Mar t
polyp • .
Thos soldiers spPlastded, and the flag tram the
lino that flattered over the bentruenue of the
Caine. • ! •
Garr. Iltpa , ~A Correepreadent or the is*:
wore Patriot Lc *.n.klog of the lamented MUM.
tawny came' hes dd. article, leyri •
Capt. Drum wee stationed at 'Annapolis for two
.years, whoa he wee ordered to Old Point Coate
fort, where he 'chained wad ha went with others
,to that country, which boa now become ores test
bettle.fiald, where the Isere Lod the cum ars am..
Meal to the and, hatatieta ambition of tsar riders.
H. wu n unrested lentil., and he downed to be
'odor Jalt head wen u.tmo nod wars IL 091 s.
of the:enter, and Naar.. of diepctsitioc,indainle.
tedtowltsway bean. tie traersoefitat to In.
ry rehiiaa of HU, es bostend, fentret mad frUcti, he
mu unswerving 14 Itladsvotlod Meat nod duty;
Sod all hie 'Wow went
Carr. AT ags.---Tba Birrord kwered by. its
• friendsof Ws bleated 03 a. a token of their
high retar d for ble neddetry worth, has recently
bra priesated to his Mother. In izfrot catiothis
'Cc Editor rentarks, •It Lea happy dettlueden
while tai . women of oar Brltahlta ;twat inch
*role as Copt. Ayr*. to its country, It le • right
that tho timetable:la owns die tomb of the tot
asi Wien in battle, &told bit wirestbed tylth the
Moil odd& econntsedoratee his bravery."
NOTIIL Eesctioe.—Tbs •Villege Record,"
of Choker, Ps. state• that the election of Peons.
hors township, In that cosuaty, this tall, was hold
in • wagon t•tibbsd lb the middy of the nod—
loneetoti; Sod' ballot boss, ill
wire to the wagon. In ths eseoleg, on the sp..
pommel of . Sunni, ass Election w •wheeled
or to • School haws, whore the deltas were
totintsd. The al rNairsd the . Election to bo
bald at the Lam of Mr. Laineaster, in that town.
milli,. bat to nfiald to penult tt. Tbis l s Dont
ottzla of Lunching the liberty of franchise.
: : Tbo Washington Union .peas of Ms rloe
kid which is afforded in Wilco for medical sod
surgical mare as oIIS reels advantages likely
to amiss from the we I
Tim fasts soal joignee nt of Ma demo, oas tem
41 111b11.110014 . ,
Wa heard the mord:,
if pan /sill singling defsolad, hot it takes the
IMO dfbo pow Administration to fad an ar
pornii In dofesoO of war, npon am pleasing Fu
llest, that it is good school for wadsnts of mali•
float . •
Bibb, of Oblo, has
Oiled • priidanitiao,-setiog • ifOrt 1110 - nth of
Stivember, se der of theater,* sod prom
rds - dsy kw been warded by the 13 vitiplivii.ot
inatsl the N.lea- •
litit pair of Ilarolrors, razor
phictimol by Mr. Calf, at La armory in Hartford
F;daa., Wen ap 6 a t eta onial of Prodigal
Polk; fie loliboolhor now In Nation.
, .
Vnionno Btorrollo rood of die Vbfusio
row Priky teriaiiing notootly Bp p..
11aralkit4 Vt. UM; Ind
ai•doireniucci Tim bysitio..oak,isins,
put ? d
001 inPrd0 Wit lA4.llokich Poo, vs'
iiiiiiiitoWirrOr of Of *oasis! Morons.
. ,
'BA ANNVA .RE MUT. ED to ptzat
.T coact erg, the-Head of al dreor—?AiNs
l AciiM;icuisoki Dia Guehafkaerity l daiei ,
:lineaf manicaliarr dipitupposi at spew.
_ Co d -o peeped of
3 L '
• Oritifteralcadfellaiiiiiitinai..
IWO/it/FA 2
Th• Plll/ qt1111* * 11:i11111 t 4. morn
ing. anon lot ibiairlptot Ate Ocallin Alabs=
at NrarOtteana„ with Vcm Caw data to the 20th
of October.
Gin, Patti:ice wu expecini to march fur tbe
nuttier on the 94th
.Geniug oLibesty" bag Air of htical•
can papers in tliii7th ult. Profound tranquility
tciiiticrl at the,Cipliot...,,, • '
Ar moo le Ma, Otorrneent of Pau wen fatty
organised:6 fact woe ennonnoecl. and Ma Brit.
iah Mahan recognlred the rii4lsl MIT021r1:14
1 , 32 d 14nalled the hope that friendly relations b.
tweet the 4iia'Griteintimeiliitdight be torinteined•
Gen. rancho Is at ThlatiCittri.;-.ber• be ie
en learOtini to aetabroh a Monarraloal rystuthapd
has tangly made amid important converts.
Oen. Bravo wee In Merino et lop, on Funk.
A semblance of the Mahan Govenament. Mit
at ibentan to 6th; brit then wits no qaortun
ptomain, and no bosineereonht be ternmeted.' The
ftelinp of the ptopia striemously offered to
any eatonmotise. The lading Men and Genets],
foi the most pitt, had gene to Coemazta, 17
lingua +tooth of Mexico.
A Gintieliiiii'who tat tits
. Cseitol 'on the 7th
oh. sweetie% therlheres which ordered Pena to
tik• thvg•itobbjk
ntme Im Hupre: in conjunction
With two niiihhiitei, bed been !traded, thet
elents Artosiiid again been eelled. to 111190 IN the
sol . .the - ecaiizwid of the
Th. iig&fai:i4,•ains:i'ziii
1 . 0.0 . , 0 . . 010 S Oh 'alt, 'feu at
.a town eltaeted ebfrot half way between Pr
1410010: . ' OOIOIIA n 6,1
linksbatedwood.the place upon the approach of
Geo. Lam brio( two pieces of attillery and
ter . priaostopi—tole. yogi mad Iturblde.
Santa Ai* ha 1000 and WM sub's.
glumly tokics .
orced by 1600. Gen. Rirj'e Fom.
mood spin'- took' pomomion of do inert:l,l'W*,
Gen. Lone's depictors., Following labia Tar, be
Ca Gen.
Rey sallied oat from Puebla , entb a.eonsiderabie
nce, &Waiting tine ipproaib .Geo..l4nre.wboo ' s
daik and near were constantly banamsd by lb*
. .
The Piest,Orleese Pseeyeee pobleshee two tsarr
teat eacalsrsfiturrnmittent Peas tad ha Secrete.
or Stsii. iteilite*eitteso of the visTe of the
asw edatiaisteetles..
. The Yellow rimer iv mill taking sa its victims at
klatastons. Lima Jenkins son Rcpt ebatehilrme
limped among Mem. . ,
R‘porta prevailed at Ven eras that Ea tuayanail
haOranaeaptend Glaemilas, gad a Mosicai
lute 114 bess .
.Correasoaticace el the 'lmbue, Gault..
New York, Nov. I.
The Erie Rail Road Company bawls not lea
Roo woo atom/ad men to om.iaw 0a544:7,
sod are . going rapkily abr.! with tkorl.r wok. •
The Company have aimed all controversy is
regard to the width of this toad, by eitablisklln;
the yid* cone.
Mr. Avail., old family attired bars lo day's
as route for Wohiastaa. B. la ha nay good
m. ritilmemb Ovs!th.
Cincinnati, Nov. 6, 1847
. Oo eater* Nov. 13th Howl Easy, will speak
in.Licriotton Kr. oa the Idezicaa ■v, hi authors
end objege.
skii mains is TILLS itAiursnt.
Comspasaman of the Ifrut.e.rit 0,..a..
Borrow, Noreosbu
Ttas earner Caladoals, Captaia Lott, ania -.
at Dom to day:
Liyvixpool, Oct. 19.
FLOUR—Dart Vireatarn Cana Ila gelling at 25
are * bbl; Irtetittiond aarMiiindria roirle
pet Obl; Philadelphia and Baltimore, Marl par
MI; Not °dam and 0td0,12126, per bbl; No.
n Scotia and Canada, 21.1a2 la pat bbl.
WHEAT—Nara 701 b.,
ia 6d.
OATS—Pet 45 Ito USW LI.
OAT MEAL—Per 240 Its, 53424..
INDIAN CORN—Per 480 Ms, 3061136.
INDIAN MEAL—Par bbl, 14614.
! DARLEY—Pet 60 lbs, - 35416 per 504 Or,
•• Us Corn Market is, of muss, alosibly ler
/noted by du stringency in duo Money Market,
and *ow' a poepil decline, parlicaLarly in a,
quotations fat inferior pistols. Jodi= Coro has
a eroded from two to thus shillings per partai,
and cord has alio receded in ulna, and is In
limited demo&
The above (potations topmast dm swim=
prim bat oenselotial forced sake have been made
at rams coculdsvably radar these tigarea
London, Oct. IS&
' In Laotian, on the lath, there wee an extra•
Bier supply of roteign Whig; bat tracesolans
were Waited. American dreerioiecte receded
from Re w 3i. pet nattier, sitboca cy prove.
Wing made In ales.
New °datum ordinary to middling 6la6id, pm
lb,--good, to good biz tHatill,—good to day 7064.
Alabama and Tonnatios, ordinary to middling, 4i
lial,—good to good fair, 61-0 par lb. Moblla ordi
oat, to middling 40.441,-41z to good fair biadd
•—dood to rod 6iteld.
i Mooed Geotva,onlinary to middling 41 to bid
to gad hat, 6iii6d,—good to fair, 642131
Bea Wind magas hots 9 to 164, Do atalood from
6 to 80.
This umskst bar also Wel, participated in the
general vicinity:ides of true, and shows • gradual
buriorttion alumna let Telt:grow/de despatcher
The quantity of cotton peeing upon the roukst
seedy exceeds the demand, producing tarp rue.
rificcs on the pest of sellers, who bare bun war
poled to submit Weiner, conaiderahlp und t r cat
looted:ow for du eke of obtaining cash. Tbi
lake, fur the week ending on the 15th ereounted
to 21,700 bales, of which bat 000 were on goo.
letloa.and 1200 for , export. The s.f aniscilons d
the 16th *mounted to shoot 200 bales, while ma
y seterdey, they reathel to but . 1200,. with a 44.
cline In the Mould from the c=oufecenii . wipes
I iflaiipeal of ell klas wxen doe
able expect Dilly additions alit pia"illy
ember of mate that work at htterile;lendlie
those that close entirely.
Then bees been addisloml fibres:.
Examine Cornrominsiallhe , ettratarib oaaatto
•r!'Not. h or
The Mall qadalklitlPOlgie foiritota prima(
co 'sambas tom pilloptimparts.
The scram was ackigi**l st Boo= a 10
clock to-day, which horn a atop to all hastowo
ttaamalLoas. _ _
Exclarms Oommendaree of ix• ntsbagt GUMS
Nat, 6, 8 r.
Yloht—Waa gra at Ilia tiaciltiw Was of
al O 5 A 5 i Per
' Whatat—thtlei draau bas Riall,•hat atrial
af.TragiWitita'a 77a pa bas
; Ozat-811•1 at 46t46a par ba... •
iKfaimpi--Mcdcroo who al&
Whloksfaila it 20a8la •
"Pratattiww—Thw amain la 'wady, with as
chap a rig,
flte biters Niuellz Treegriplt.
iime t d 4 l 4„,„„..0.,.. or .47r,:uci n e demi
. ...13ALTimoRE MAU:3T. t
4 ...Eleltimare. Nev. 0,3 r.
13;111,—Tbe malket Si without eh
lei pp
,bbt. oales
_of 600 bbh
$ •
somasci•rar - eihrdiestreujigiraid
at 118a131 pet her—, .
63.70 e per .
The upaiketraii-aPeeeetlimiewakoitti6iip.
Dales sirs bolding akw estfonlin me 4'
ONIXAlits MARKET. z...
t rray.37, 1847.
ICothxr-81ncs oar last adviser, the mats'
closed at S button deems of I to le with more
willies then buyers at ttie redostiott. This decline
cootiosed anti( estarday, and: the.transactions,
which mahatma 3000 balm abOried • frisegt do.
cline of id& The ruling rstes is Fie per*.
titoor—liteint of 60 ads et Om aDdllOinw
at gee, In old, we quote inferior et 6'4:Jainism:
fits d 6o4fo a w ir — 6s3se e e n o d f .
oin ebale
at o2icle, WM,
dolt at he lowest hare, -1011 i
ploor—belor of 1600 btle at 64 for Beat; i S J;
30 for Ohio, and $ 5 . 6 01. 5 .7 1 2 for fete! biligkilk
06,1321 for Bt. Louis.
gxo aiwit,tvt G. 4 011.4
licreeintxt 6--e orrery, to '•
Wilmot , PnYeiso-No mote 81are Tieritosy-
New Yarit-ela 8e ion oflrt r_ ee Tele;
graph-Botani Eosins Etp Benefits of
hiontlfeetlifin,.. Commoilee-the Mormons-Ran
RodkOmederey-New York Woke-Homo; of
Wat. , 4llsida Anna to • had way-Smell of Death
-Btateilkee in New York-New York Comw
pot:ideate-Arai Blateiy in New York-Yoke
from the Omen Monotelni-QlMtlet Eleatione-f,
Bet.llletine Telegraph-Ralf Road-New Ex.
raid 'IIIML-Rellettftc br Eliya-Ccs**Ed
Growth and Gnawer of the West-Allegheny .
'amipe-Co nrt.Mastial-General
-Penneylntge eibbliob RetorOO-ELasi
cope% Drweee in New Yink-Elketch of the L*
of. Gen. Winfield Bcoit-Clreular of the p*
Treanorcr-TM Panto Amy of BWiMmlandt-
Grilled Owes Tressory-The American Ammar
noti-PrOm the Plain. sod Suits. Pe-Floiusaii
of Kwitocky-Doopetettee Gam Maj. Jack Dalai;
Ins-Forther from the Ann-Bole at Poe*
-•preighte to Bittabatitti-goo Werranto.liMiit
we of Judge Barrell-Chatauque County Bak
-Western Rail Road-When will the Wendt
Latest Telemmlnc asera,foreimenct Doinetl
Commercial-. . carefully compiled Realm ,ai
the /646.00 for We fen unit-ale yrteet, is the.
local city caaritete-Tbe Clark, teatiro-Tee picot
of Allielir..•• Prater. to mums puts of the Ueien
-Amoaut of Flew, Wheat,' Coro' &c.,-received
since the'apniag of the Caul-Qutal Nielsen sad
cousanits of produce-Matket to Loadoa.
Coy lisano--zlptpt of thaPratia-Copioas &struts
from the lesainag paresis on the interesiaap topics
of the Jay.
' Foe ale at the deb, ingly or In wrappers.. .
Price 6 cents single copy.
Elabuctios two dollars a year in dream
07-11 i) Car I I Ne Pay! P11•13:11 . 1dal,-
Dr Jackson's ggsbrocanno is the sally. isalteusts
will cote this so ;vary easonson and busblaserate
Massa, h rot nosy Lome& at./ y allays pans and Ind*.
"Way stops idihteed lag ,taldssestaisloaslarabla an*
or.~ bat eftwastly canna to a very start them maw
.osse how, Mee been rewdorod maerab le for V..--
Its apppeatioa prods... no pant, bat nukes an ages..
hie and pausal sensanoo. If lamasagLesed artil
call and leas of the veal number or now that have
haat eared, that and be catortistwe. Atanslanan of
skis eon who had been ander the knifeof Ors warm
be moor Woo times oath/set being arnad has by las
ing Nadu the Embeseanon. hewn nadically clued
le sells beyond preendem!!—Vhd. Sitatday Colmar
gp- For sale to Pittsbanch at an THEM TEA
MORE. Tf Pm,* wets, anter wxxl, nod also masa
Drag glani of X P rehowna, Fotletral st Alteglicay ei
tr. ' algrhw
it:our. siamog 7 1 1 .••• 04- -Mtlaca
Tnansoln—Wis Ong lawn avcall , pablic atkailas
the folinfingjase [Sr. W. Dian, •f Withanwalle
Norman Co.. and ono., do cosy inn pnistitlowas in
the calm us which be resides, and law Postelane in ilk
Bak Legislators, Ila cheering Om us*. Ws Isla&
lag owner W pootessaa, bur nArtbe 6011410‘ peeks.
venal pncaullee,and giving mantas dm
.51.11 IWein of practice bemoan, sank of you
Ghana Miami mil, so fat, an well pleased In la
erects Gs Caudal and Pksse
send ass half • douses bottler—pm Ikea.. low as ,or
cur. u l Ca Feet if it COLUMNS I 0 Walk( ea lane r.4 - sot
Is/mass as a has berevians. us keep I i constantly on
ResPesanlll!. ~p47..W0" Lk.. . a".
ccr w. seeds the suentsea et ow reagent aMe as
treariinary earn ef &rade pedeneed by De. CLAW.
bats fateeMs Peeress, stuck May will led these.
.4 in altliket eeltuan of leday's per. The/ are
entbiset debt the mast waseerfal es moue, sae have
se been proceeneed by snaky et oar son le
physicians. The we
e t ' wets ,
entice to visit three et their mew* phew
awe learn nom their own lip.. vensiferfel erects se
lbeendleine. The Immo Reseda Mr lease lb mohti
reM my Le usa duly, betwrops the bears of A. M.
at Lbs. al. et,l . VlA 11 , .., Me Mr
' :
• - 6Assrirs Joe rsurrisei.orrzose;
amsts•maxr.couia ar•aare °Mal ALUM.
OIrW I an eew. pn:PU*l al aunts i* **Wiri er
sad crpeditices W U, .11 kinds et Pas
seat 5.1 Pule Putu*Steashoulitlis, Sal=
Letter Pam r< Wars. lludbills, WU, *P..**
•laa[i AID e•affiliir Pluirrise • •
to say event executed is ihs bat manewaara all
kinds of Palmas dose with "Kelley 'stelae iraoal
AIV.. . .
irrimpiori.iit lutver,
l fl. a lea awl alanslas (WOO
Tai-alb 4µs Weekly, aka maims Usk
e l Oak. an:gala:los of. all, wallow Nay adslawbal
eyrie,. Tam kaaaadvaatagy toper,1•41.0.1
say ca gamma Advenlareasas an alai luena,
a, do mum, papa aaaa rounala/o 14111,
. ,
On Therodoy evonnm, by Jo We. L P. Gatimsd
tot of John D. MePodea.k.op.
• •
inlay sernieg. etter • Wan $d pugall Arai
TINY ablest de Ow of James aad Jadi0•111116
Me MewdAla to 7aro teyeentally /bibbed le
acend be, favenal feu ibe sasbiesee Mbar. 4•1
Asa arce A A dubeby ekbelthiesaseriobatedlebleb,
Vrdbll.l father m Ms. .
. . _
grheilasifoNiata:(o4-1 1 47::,:: •
MAD be psourmed the b
Oradea .. . •
•• I T
VW* ..... ..... 001/: I %Deed' • Was MN%
aid did*: Duda. by was AMA . 11•01114-i
le be *Leered by WI Tabled& Dr
• Dr. Pardee. I Cdo ...... redit, Moak
(him by NEIL JANNION .'441110.
oT/CINEY. • . ,
To coda& end, . . •
Us Tape lit. incr. •
ClTEkles Komi t lad cetuihs dm**
• • Plttoboosk. *lrv. o', 1947: ,
A T opoeusl moan of Vos VIRE .IVAICILIPP .
11.1.59(..T10N,0( riOloberigh.Ostd Noptooo
ma, 0, Wt ,AM Al I.s dicta won duly Coludt
j m ea ple s v io4—
,• , .
•p„ •
f• yotonoo, Lope' do Vmerresideot•
A4am Oeohrogio • s do • boomoo. •
Jacob !Oen, Alleglway Ttowoor.
Parte* geolo,'Plosaso do (Ira sibmu.
Jo El SW, Alleiriollrf •el Mosel ho. •
Loom, Cimi. Srrodir., , X.
• • .1.11111011.' 10' •
wme ui aaa • Wreetav•Plue Porn by Ckickanna, BMW) ' • ' •
NISJULLOno mai.Fraol Plano Forte,NONdwiwa.
lienv7 Hem Par. el OCIAT•7! •
°ltr7Zll:i CO—Ona carved Nooewood, evasive . , auk
by OW & Co, N York.
°waddle ovabodaevy IN mum. • • • .
' IICODAIT, New Yort-0. *Nasal Pram,.42 Oa:
awli s kaa becomal ►aboatooo year; Prow IM
IL. • 1IC0111) lIASO £l.llOll.
adaalkvat *eased band Hama soda by Lod
• Brother.; to good ord.. lOW
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old eloraod moat
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and sections of Cana between the pools of the .dams,
lark UR Locks segreient to overcome a fall of atom
We &Sowing Yea far the whole Maumee, and such
G i sed lade, madams, Warts, Farm Bridges, ke.,
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Contracts will be, ltat the work will be divided 'into
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propaatism..tan ush. Immune- will ba. nude on: ,
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Dock: ilia rash Will consist of theihree L uck. of IB'
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Calverts, Walls, Wastes, Street Bridges, ke., shall
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'Falls, atiltchinerlt.the.T.l.l 414 110 Willis and Em.
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on after the et the .preposets, Weevil{
taken for the considered= Amnia en the 19th of the
home month, on Which 'day (In easethepreposals she ald
be satisfactory) the several jobs er mecum above Le
d. *Weed wUllr let • WALTER OW YNII-..
A - ..Cbier Engineer of the gje.E.Skr;,'
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61 , PITTSBURGH . .., t ah ,
HETDIEEN thine and. fine miles east of Pittabarsh.
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HARDY 0 . 13,1*-Iftiwards of eneheidnd kitten.
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Cos P L .O., near Pittsheugh, where th ey fled Immo-
Wets left With Ate lines Monteath, Omer 'wad
Leather Deitler.Aeas *door= af, 74 and Atnithfield
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I 120,.& Senn Orders, la
Knauss, Ido Relief Nolo., do
Kentuck Ido Pennsylvania Cy. Ido
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ON Miituiay main, the 16th last. at 61 deleek.'
at the Conitaerelit Sales evil& Wbed and
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Term: one fillhvalbilegikel i/VlOll C4K9g)II I .PINA
payments; without Waren:
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Termiledispetible.'-' , ..- ~ 7 OHNLI'DAY4E9
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common chairs, huge gift irk. tOokiti g 10.,
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amtehin, shot gm; pawls, ha& table and pocket
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ON Setardey,e waning, the 6th rest, at 61 o'clock;•
at the .Comroctelal Sales !them, corner .of Wood
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sing anSoentipth. PANACEA - La
Hoarseness can be entirely :
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Catarrh, Or ramp cold, woli; if hegb ;t
consetnplk,n, relicied ,”d
cored by Dr Seetaorh, Panacea.
Bronchitis, if nockeckod, edictoallf lead to
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Night Sweats —Thia debtlitatingcceoplaiirt
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Caution' to Um Publibc
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We are intormed That ante N • person to Phteratlit
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rateipthe Pikia Tee•Coraphoe.' tVe hint pole, to ea
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