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    ~.; •-•,..-,-- ?. -, ,- J.L.' . . - .3.: ' -..
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, --•-..d.'
___, R
;-,ros. 04:pitoszams . caLati k 4 isp
::..,---,;....;.' , impfut rebering the pentrand dahgentwidnit le
'- . t '.",‘ ". -.V , !wpm"' gadVbUd Bert, 'Leh imam" th•
' .... - - 1..:.-- '• - '•" F m,f l "
whCirCP.rtali a f l an fitaction of
• •. , . ;,. ,: tanoed by the
. . l e ntn et mated f i fe: naermed sheshi'be pilfer ,
'. ' , ' sarmenitidiumih with littlepainjand without web.
• ' . .oermeloqueduriag bis &vele licAni;observ . .
-.. ..a ii :Z mu rearartabte fact. Tbit thenoireedof than
. ..., - cosi see: pecoliarlY diffireit.Rom all ' other" 1
is this nameci—that the ar e fete Dom tie '
... minesed" dangers which make the period of Prep.
..,-. . , mac In objeciel 'so msetrettielmted ntleriog and
..., . • firm iCurinity sad dismal /or &beatific discern
:_„, . ry ben to Innedgetethe come of *hie re
.• - . ... . a exception to the mom bins to which the
"Mid 61 mblea Dei ilimeralfyi amblected wo m en
,- " ' . resultrms thediecovery el &sleet that t 1
' • . of these mantneiv were Mihail habit Musing doing
• Die litlit litinFte:Or l!nammucy, !certain pleats which
.. „, - - havelbe . famity of Imparting that degree': or tone
to the eaves and blood vessels el the
: Unfree, omb alarm h rendes it to perform&
...- . anti le all thenihative samplinty erection sad
. ' •• ' I ias armparar hict;also, - that the ladle. w e . , • ln
of Ante Mia are
in a remarkable Mine Die
• than pane and dame o m en — a m um asd child
. '. bi to which. the whits . sahjected,—
lbw' the/ fwe theme s plaits .e do the women
of we cannot tell - Certain Rio-that the ran L.
_TPia Remedy la atm extennrmy awed throughout
....- Frame with the moot marked miens sad many re.
: • who were once slag& through 'apprehension
- ' '. of t e dangers conseatoentle the state ri marriage
-' are by..she use of thin medicine, perform
lbe ties ad wins and 'Mothers with comfort o
t at din time now Dot permuted to doe wee.
. men of. Ai:aerie"; by Dr Rordelome, Womb hie
sole Dr A C.MORTIfdER . , and he feels eau
' Sleet that independent of it. intnume ments it will
renanmend itself to the moral part 'of the commo.
laity, es it is folly calculated to do' ewer with that
. - - horrid crime of which some , through fear Of pains
of child birth, are gadity, f trm ptoductien °Comma
. tent delivery.) . .
- - - -This rftmerne lit also remarkable for remedying
that hitherto incurable disease- &Tremens, arm its
almatemenutt'neeompanimeat Fluor Album/ a
fastest raised add ttOen state of the Wonib
: which accompanies this dbesse is . aever leit -eller
.' - ' the shanteet use of this medicine. ' - "
Thiessedicine ie prepared is such "a way as to be
-,-:- . • evocable acid pleasant to the, lasts. _ - -
~ • , Dr.A.O MORTIMER Nol6 1-2 Lirmenard at.,
/merlin* Ma been appointed able agent for the
Ulundi Staten, by Dtlionfeloque, sad It the only
• , pure e this 'country who is • authorised-to veal
i sab medicine, u theft:Do - Wing hatter will
' 1 (nermitted flow tati - Fresuk.)
, Pants,June illtha WC,
&W. Moinisism-DenSir—Aceording to die
I mre= at entered into between ra, I wish by this
- ' letter give you than wntten authority to _ sell
ith t the Um fed States,lmy . ftemedy for re
,Ile ' pace dangers, lamina' to pregormay
~, ••• . end bank) or ch - it In enximuy for you to
'hove tiify th blao of it. 'eminencies and pc.
• nty.' --- you are ware tlin'expearre of the amen
- 'nee tot e isle e 6/the sea err oblimedne to
-- - - hermit maple" ' ght vermin' I have also seat
. 1 1\
." .. . with it, expeciman the MUMS 111 - 111hiCh it input
up is like 'ermine. Isbormi wisti it pap
. .pear is the United 8 Sar. with meal respect I
- • lemahrriall. .: :: -IF RDELOQUE, ad - D.:
iai P S—l Roo Mend - a copy M a letter remind
by me from the yal, Academy of ' Science, in
Clierask&rifnwri Dm Fresh.
`Ts M. 43ormistimia•-•34—The coma an
„no of theActidemy bate appointed the apnea/nod
trormtheir number, seanmmittee seato To pa regard.
--- . ----- ing the taniteet the rimedy lard before is by you
= (for relieving the painamd domparsuacident topreg
mane. end child birth.)! &went eminent Sorpon.
.-. lownig submitted to The Academy the fen& an
-• their equiriamein thine of your remedy, ire bar
tes to by it belneyee,beliennelt lobe the beet
deckle* nmarmag de claim to distinction, and of its
gnat v 01.., that eitheryou or the public could bare
• wished. ' Whatever indoesee. this body may pm
-7. means thi memben of tie' profession will exerted
to father that adoption of this remedy fate general
tee, wlakhea a wend& dracoveriA b ni an unfailing
rereedy,itt so aiahly deserves. t Physician.
Laing used than medicine, each is lit y cases of de
liveryjoned it entirely succes.ful is promoting V
~, r _ remadoble sidemal emy delivery, five from pain
.: ...Sal
danger: , With the exception of three patients
soyrivet there Ms a perfect Immunity from
my anabseqeent weakens or disease; cute or then
this a laboring woman whohad met with a severe
Ibis week previous to delivery, was taken imam&
only Aker that event with a profuse bemonfiage,
which was with difficulty
.swested. The other two
• mallomeatlons oldie - pew, wwein me rmie relieved
• ormha• These few. exceptions in'so gnats member
- elthees ulcer boadred, !bow the undoubted eifVl
• . acy
eofoar remedy. and have determined us' tp
ga .
ve at t h at reammendatton and moment which I.
dm to &earl the furtherance of ...Lenge medl.
cgs; - (yigned) hi BRESCHET, MD. i.
i -..-- •. , L fdAGENDIK, AI D... i
_Cam of the Commissioners -or the R. Acadenz
- 'The public ar e cautioned against porchasim th
suedminekon any persons except of the sole agent
Dr •A• 4,.. Mortimer. No 35 .74, Li.peinarm art, New'
Yeti whemithli medicine is' Pit op in. parJrages
smitaile lbr• , heiagseot by mail to my part of the
--- Prima Taro, d?flars o.piokosis containing 101 l di.
i 4
.'.." •
;4 ,
...,-; ':i.t . ,-:•:' , .::', - - ,- ,t •,•:!,..,: , •-•.: , ..:•, - i:
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irti , :' , ' , .... , : - i,% . ,-...... - ::,. 4:4:
- . , ;:::•.: , .:: - .-.:i' , .::.,i 3 ; 1 ' , '-
. 4..r 1:: ;..i!i, ; , : '
.'.:..:..i - ,;1',: . 4'.•.:..
.... .... ...
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. ' • , : '.: ..' ~
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~::::,_•.:",;:-j '-i-l';'f,-;tv,li
,„,•:, ...
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' 10.11,t1i Alf:. -
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.--3rd.i# k . • 4 - 0:: i.;,...3..i-.
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L571.;?..,e, , %X. ;! gA.i .:.
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1, ,Y,' .
: 4 .Th :-:,, , I
-:? : !,4filik
24 , *. , :- 1-::,:1 , ..z• 2 .;; :- ~ " ii:
'..7%:./.: ~ :4! p
M.:': , ....q.,...4 , ,... 1 •s•
:11. '1 .-
_;,.,...4,,,,*,...,..... ~. .
.1.,:5. , 1 :?
4:AV', --''
~ .=.4.1.;-;
so , ,* .
e:,, , ii:ci,,
...;tA.;li: - :;. !
• . .::t:; ., :::-..:4:1i' -.- -'.;: ,- 7-•;.:',.i l
'iii-,,r.;! , -T:.* - , - .. - ; - . 4 ...•t;t,
-''U.. , -1:4
!'. , .:).'!. , 1,..;.-,, , ,.i.,.:::i7i.
k..:•;' , . , t7-'i:•*.4i_!:•
'. , : -. ,•:'; - ',.. , .:;'9P, - :.i•:i' , :: , .' . ;....-', - ?•;,
z•;•'!;'.-:i' , '.f''''.-F . /.. ,. •.:.'7 , .!4 ! T:. ,
i! , _-: , .'.;i . •;1. :,-i ;''':''.. - :1
.' . :i - ....!;. - ;.'..' , 'S'.- .- , - ;:•:t . ;:
1:. :. •,'• „,-.;i-','!:;.:;rj'.'i,......;.'','.:i:''.;4-.
1. 1..j:'.:7 ..-'::',..;'-';'''..:..:..'''„.::::.','..'
.-.-'.•.'': ..-:l'..':'-;7',‘.';'.-i'
Perm*desirouseof obtainerit thin Great Remedy
what Mar At gistatixr, ets do , Sateardrait
DR• Ao' 0 UdER, Soie Agent for the U
.e l ert rie , ries
.14 friatooArd New
~ ' ',(O •' • . . • , Ofthi, Whl If laft. Ilinl
• . . - *".DIVIL•BAILtiAPARILLA Blbo 0 D
, . 'ILIA are becoming-so menially popular '
• . Peet, Because they are prepared by Dili B Lei
dy himself,* meta Drugged, Chemist and • hysi
.''• elan of Pluladriphin,'llho knows the eatorni the
. guality'and cheroot., of the Medicine. toed la hi.
pole and their 'denizen to demise.
6eCol4lßecanse the poblie can take them with
- gterstascordidenris thawed other pills tibial are
. , preparedperms, ignorant both of mediethe and
. ~:. • Tie i.
d, te . ot their combined abets, proper,
Valley e trifled in • any o th er plum namely, peg
-- • Wei*: staunch and bowel. all unhealthy an.
.... . slum, ad at. the iamb time purifying the blood
- • ,
_Nom* Ramose they ire the cheapest and best
. - wardirothe !amis.-a single ban casting bet 25 mats,
• . arid eregalnem4o . plUs bang to pomace as moo
' . thilleei, oil:times in axes?, bine; and ausnema
amen & tried on the recratimentlaticin
- ___.,' •'•1 ,• WHOLESOME. ADVICE. .'
. -• , _ wam
you hue OCC2IIOII to take any medi
cine, do-art be trifler( with your colatitudes' ny
trylag4llbah el pills or other medicines you see
palliated and recommeaded by mead anther artl
.• . : Br. 444 BrnigstrajjniTend Pills, : 1
sat jimi 'vitriol haw occasion •tor-take anythl
eles..linty pin alwspthe rand good tetaloput ai
• . lam Of ftmise, laftastete of the stoarich, boar
• els, liver aid Latemineg cramps alba stomach;
.' . •col ic, Watellitate lama lone; i foal breath, bed,
lota is the gala, Sat cructationsand aridity of
- - the atranalecostivenerm and indigestion,' want of
appetite, sfiecteme disease/ of,the iPlcn
kidneys; .of the skin, maly, ereptiond
_. dryad impla or tolotelree' of, the laden,
- - 4 L -- , body, tatter,pnv.kle beataad salt dmeta,head
-iche, giddimmed , et• never, sada over the beat, of
- i
-, • the breast, eider, ahem th eback and lane, rheum. _
- ., 4 .; Om lad goal, ram of all kinds; email -- poi, ratio.
...7, , ,. .., aid, essasehr, arofnla, molted% aid in abed they
L__ are good la all disarm hang tbeicarigia in the
, 'retriermkrlver, sad ialesenes, and impruity of the
, iMoTwee eats &Rem.. ' .-.,-- -
Sold WWooloead Retail b ) B. A. - Falraestock
' & Co. earaerof Florae's! Wood, also Career of
- Bath La wool:tarot., , .: -.
: ; IMAM
CRLITULA AND . etaturuDous MA,
' INoB.—Amehtle isr its meltipliee forms
whetherin Watof glees Evil; eslarpments
sr Maio; GoitniWidte Swelliropt, Chnser
or ist
Ceases,Comes Com s es of the Shut or Spine,
relimmeg . Ahes' , , eressate ots one
*rum cuss; which if a polsasoasp ft tiscipis
arises Diming is the house systeso , There.
us, ague die priscipts as bedisuvasiiss nun.
pus am% allectsai Sat if tbel.snaelPl* upoa
Ur disarm Swage, is ressoras, a ewe
oessersirytaftssiso tauter vader'what form
disease shooid masitest heel: This; thruster*
theism° wi JLTRc's Atintsvieri M so est
y reeesrfel tisanes - Tog w mitetm dipaal
=it. destroys -the virus or Sliest& from
h theme arouse hive tbeiroriga, by entering
the eircelation, sad with the blood is conveyed
rehir.miestett abase, moods' every. panicle of
"Dos themstem. -- Pigpens:l she old at NO.
Tlard Sued fiahatafpals
at *areas its Maio, ttals.Poirth Stens: -
SO TO t., MOIL& ciFl
t , gro P at, rraLIIALT ILDEV/I,Ae—Whe meald
• *fit a, sill& darmnuel; when startled - Ira ib.
..,: -.. ~ - i
AN; or other &eases of die akte, if tae.
Imola se, be Ababa tomb sad ten wheel
. ' tell
' tt . INTe Itorriblii ft!atedent from d, Dor dame,
,al Ts earayi, f Let It
be remembered that
" Xa. sad ITITIOINTOIINT-he the
011ay other plepantam in Wanes be
ea mar, Iteh., and mho Mammal tie AM,
.:.:As Mammas eirebe Ada mid adm from the homily
lef Veal gad Addeo( the body, and where met die
s be of Mad at . aad rber meadtabee 'edema
; Me hi( Dalmidre Ila Stoat Mai be mad
.- .J. Me theament, they wt ewe my am whasemr,
•.1 sal .lA4 do amok" many IMO be retitnetd by Dr:
y WAY: mem ammadiermer,erdi Lie elands/if anted
p Laiers T sad itch Mummy maker . the
gawk is by tbe dimmed lawn,
k TIP ki„... ‘ . ...flier - wit... tile mica
-••••••. skip L eaf.
,rt Lasihr. Smite* eche
-ea by as twit, hire otOhomost awe_ Poi
RlDLlCDY—Warraeted to esor, or the tope:
estereed. Thiiiirsiliciee pretend illllo to tar
and" oetehoed 10e1 ow oi Meade* Yee
'Mee vbo hoe been
' l - 4 5.- I=katee that they earn Mid
Gi ro yeeereol yaw the kagpsli k t r
iree , erre =11 1 7 1 1 4. =mired
~ ~ '~.:,.
i --.~~ ,~. u :offs
.srairrowir Exaleaskumeirear,
• I cALLico.:
Ts ems andrenedry. acknowledged the IN
FALLIBLE REMEDY for Maturation, Sp
nal Affections, Contractions of the Mucks, Sore
That sad iluiniy; luau, Old Vlcent,Paine io thit•
Beek and< Chest, Agne it the finest mad Fate.
TodtbAche,,Sprahniklunme, Salt Rheum, Barns,
Creep, liostW'Seet. end all Names Diseases;.•.
tended the spitball= of Satemost WONDERFUL
MEDICINE in cuing tbe most severe eases of tbe
'different Thieves shove namedrgasti the 'HIGH
ZNCOMIUMS that bare bees bestowed upon it,
*harem at lax bee• nth :dated; gives me the right
.to tall on the AFEUCPED too resort at *ace to
TYThelticaltynniti neixaMMidingthe telt.
clod External RemWy, Hunt's Liniment.
The &Muni letter,frole the.highly eminent
Physicists who have beneattsiched to the Mutt.
Plumed State PrisoiTor riany lame, is "Um test
engeoceef the Wilt atlas' egGibrated
Sine Snra,Decemner 26,1845.
My Dear Sir—l received your 'note of yesterday,
mime my opinion la relation to Houle Liniment,
se prepared by MiOtteres E Stanton,- Esoeteg
its 'composition, Gad harlot iregnently sued .41,
can ;recommend it toga a ale Externelfietme;
.ty, pad, in my ophdenohe beat Liniment! - now. is
usel, ' ; Nary truly and reryeetfigUy yeses,
covPiemt Yea CortlandL.Croton Maser. .
folly, center le the abegernot. •
Jaa, 14; 1845..
Sir—ln reply teyourWarrens, letter, 'lnlaid say that I
barb used your Entered Remedy,- called Hunt's
Liniment, In my - practice Since you made meat .
geajuted with Its compositios, amEnnieritstiogly
say that I believe itto be the best External Ream
dy tow in tee for the complunts for which you re;
:commend it Yountrupeetialle, •
Gee ESteitton,Esq: B "
13:PAmring the snivel ' , Sudden article, and
humbugs that are poured forth at the present day
epee the country, it is really talluating tolled
sonnethint of real precticafebilty, something aim
phi; speedy and 'Mutual in its.opention, asd at
.the: same time free from those injurious enacts'
which generally atted powerful remedies. Hnat's
.Liniment, prepared by Geo..E.Stuton of Sing
Sing, Mouth it has - bee n beta dant time before
the public, has already obtained the confidenee,not
only Weir most wealthy and ialleential edam,
but , oar most inolnent
edge it to be a sounign balm for many of the ills
that flesh is heir to,noothing the aching limb, and
by its patine stimulating , letioencesinniddisit din
' s Dom thegstem.
Mr. Stanton—Sir—Reellyoar advertimmeet
of Hunt's Liniment, I was; cad to styles edema
on my no, who had been crippled 'wills a lame
, beck Dom an infant; and itie with gratitudel hem
testimony to its wonderflal healing propertied lily '
child, who is now live yeanol are, is now Ma fur
way of Tel:angry, • Yana, Ike.,
• DEMIdOI4, Ncssoffi
Posy Oence,Towines, i Pen u i.
I certify that I am personally acquainted with .
the 'above named child . and WA the father errata
be Hie is !raying that his goo is almost well.
110 - 16, . • Deputy Post blaster.
• P. S. l• would'also lute that - Inge been lbt a
number of yean satjaet to Deepn' attacks ol the
Rheumatism, which in many instanter prevented
my attending to my bedews. .Two or threes ppli
cations of the liemsent laudably remove all al
feetiona of the kind. In eases ei bruises, !palm
Ind sores„ too numerous to mention, It has milts
vicinity proved • certain remedy. ,Its value can
only be estimated by those who have given it a Cur
This Liniment:le sold at :Hand le cent* par botg
tle, by all the Principal Druggists and Merchant,
throegbout the country.
Wisoktak Agents in New York.
HOADLEY, PHELPS fic Co. 142 Water
• . RUSHTON &Co, 110 n o oway
A B & D SANDS, comer Fulton and William.
ASPINWA ,LL 86 Will weft.
Orden addresse d to me at Slog Slay, N Y, wtn
be attended to. . GEORGE F. STANTON,
. . mor.
Far sale is . Pittabatet by L ,Pro pri• lad J
EIDD & Co. Alleritaay City, JOHN SARGENT
Rioniagtiam,JOHl t SMITH. (MO
; • AOZNOV VOW rienurra,
• Walthiegkin, D. C.
'7 AB C...8.0111M1NA Mechanical , &Mincer and
LI Agent for proci2 Pumas, will minim the no
esemarg: Drawler& Paper. for Amite:mu roe Pat•
ems, and tramaet all other Moines lit the Hee of ha
pmfestiect at. the Panay Oise. He ean he conothed
on allottemions relating to the Patera Laws and duel-
some of the United Slates or Drente: .- PILKIn. at •
distance deoirone of ba ri made at the
Patent °Mee:prior to wheat:lon era
may beamed Leon mud, ene a fee of lee
a akar matement of their ease, when inunediete anon
met mill' be - even and all the Inforatado• that
eoeld be Maenad by a obdr of the applicant is pemeal
promptly. comnardeated.
Alt letters en business matt be prep pahL and eontale
a sellable the, where a wrmen °potion is Imputed.. •
Office. F. meet, opposite the Patent Mac
Ile hae the hooor of referring, by pensimon, to
Igoe. Edmund Berke, Commissioner of Patents; .
lion. II L, Ellsworth. late do • •do do;
Knerieles, Machinist, Paiento6a4 . • 7
/edge Crumb, w=zo
; It Chaste, US Senate;
i W Allem Me. . dm,.
• •
B Bowfin, M C,Miumni;
Hon. Willis fall, Kw York; j
IlentllMertlletids if C.,iHi
llost. Breese, SBenetr , peu '-
Olen / Rafe,
Sinevo. hit•o-
mat ~ppr~erM
and Rua dulkalable Eastern aid cabal Alm
eras& to ordei of all and at "'lariats. '
• Comore almobaats aad • ate tavi:ed call sad:
examine the Owe for tbauelvea, u aril] be add
wboluale OW, sad a 'liberal dodaedoa made
arbokorate pan:U . •
LTOPE—for Inle a OW . bales Woman New yolk
11 grew ibeflB46—frogn 8 to Weems. --
1 Abo, Eerftil and WAebene NY r early picked, dui
PeisawObio 11 4 13 ebeetedeenrt. "
The general Ease= Clop of We eeteen ii tune benne
re need. Brewers enetnibere using Ham eon Sad n
meek ee Ogle eileatnege le obtain then gamey Goa. the
andereignen,se i., they ieueedno ee ll flur . .&,eetbe teases
U N., York p 'eee.• GEO. NW alarm t ca.
CO .
4i.. so 1i.44$ • • • jitr•e.' ban. Aiiii,sgh >f4,
„ apn
liiiarth GI ;i d od W astetials../ewi ieaale gol l attl . rft
tied% pustules . tad S
annotated with u at”, GOlMprilißg all the •anicht
am ks, Dixon a..l3sre• I Sntaida,Gena int fere rand
Silver plated wares Sheffield and plaint
• fancysinfeice, Rodgers kffati's and Westooliebsta est
' lery,eworsi sr.' Wow, erasers desk 'Rams, tn., wary ,
'handled table cutlery of the Mew, median and wow
mon q in.. A tarp woman of gold pees, per..
foc.l t Spectsketell, paper macho and Jimmied trays,
'various shapes and qualitice, at redacted nues, old
• waleh eases and tint ware of a/Sdescripbons . man.
.4 .
nfoctared to ceder . • . . . • r -
•J) ICI 7 I t , • hewn receadv rimmed int.:lllp
byand s warehouse nireserly *Welded
.by gdessra• Aalthairat g., Soon end' more 'receu_tly by .
Ashburn k Pennthgton, beg leave to Inform Mod,
Dealers,Southern and Western Re:chants' and o th ers
4 4.4.,.
that. they design ha an d
at all Limas, an assortment. of
'floods of th eir own si ',thigh they are deury
mined isweLl at th e em rates.' • _ •-
LP'Reery au. ' will be peal to th e peeking of jjj
Golds awl in the e a Alma onSees, the qualities end
pneas will be folly pretaktl against all ancpetittam
, •, J;, JUEL,
~No. no North Third Street,'
11=13 ,4 dr=ltddlbffe . : 4 10 ardor , Atlideial
diede Dress ems, Boness.Coluntis,
Feu Cap. LM
. .:dad every dateriptiosof Fancy Goods willed. Le will
all Id dr heat market prizes.
it — Fe.therg 414 awned, aliardold shaded
Yl'lll3 Hennes penmen essay ssivantsess owes all
11 ahem—sness wkieb nay bo msatiosed,• ~..
Its Maueresblesese—Thetspldblq sad famed blew
mayflasessuoiled wish theltman sass, settle the
Wismar is Is spatulas, sad "tba,karrerass may bs
imp, sad supesded at say Sleight.
:its Unison/day, or espselty to MAW Mut oriel',
EMS. ra.M Umfassen ist smsjlestoider the wan
. . . . _ .., ,
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do voryiett mow of motorid.- - " - *MI,
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HAS ,hie! iitecived in ethlitioe to ale *moot Imo i t o
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senosefillr ik•U-1,14-ead WM ilow Chie_cis,44 alarm
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Mick,. - Dosterswill dowel' ityttlee is. Wt. %We
1 2,21. =.'F - __ . ! , : • • self lin. -
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SZ - it;)SAPARILIA . ),
the 'Mira 1
Tki =tote knp gian st c;2
pleadantar, utd poi wariassed superior to dry gni, tahoi.
- vithoat Vomiting pawing, net.. no,
arid •
cint llil Gar iUIUBYBByI6IBB,
hasty MI lupttieft OtthideortaiduiLi over
alter Medina* is, oblit it Eradiated Dimwit /One.'
ales tbe Body.' It on of Um way beg 11 1 . 1112113..A.AD.
SUldillit&JlED/C1N123 mot boona r it paca onlyperifo
IM nbole dram and danalettes perats, bat is Cbstudi
Maio, Itoneand Rick .Biarft *bonr pressollry so caber
Medal:lnn Andes atio tha stand mentor Its drorderil
aided. Him performed valuta Ino put hro en, Awe
.11.W35)Xlaceteett.EamonoCudo of .idn; bad 5,10,
of tits. wan eansiderediaeanda.: Mina than . , .
;Mesa of Cara*.
yspnt nsadataatinn .. 4,llobram of D ry_ ;
Ovens Of Gamed Deadlityassd Was of Enemy;
...;;MIXI mesa digenst FenanCoaapa t bs. ;
&d. 4 .
M ' ; ;;Abfat sign Lira Cootarra of Dion of Eta • and Drop,.
* .aatriboaaandsof eon *Mims. of the Monk en: Uider
play Bait Itlanwpwa.tda Fade, lay no. So
ilteldr with' =Lama. MO of Sick firdarle t , aba. ilta
dala lad Qat, Epinal Alkali% kr, •
11iy.. an .work, Meat appear intro/Ale, bOt w. hada
Idiom nos piparidna sodtaar wan foam all .parb, of the
MORA Sad% ninths; ns of extraordinary cum R. Vaa
Blank Eq.: one ofth• mat he. peetablettnn fa Nevi
arq N. J.,iafanda tit tine be. iabeir Limon akea LW co
ma ta Oast phal' - Thant %a thou . min of tae i. do
C of Heir 'York .like ere .ill refar to vita tlitainnt,
1M1C312 301131 cif ettaraeter:' II i. Ile bee m.dram Co. tkr
haematite of Wawa balm: . It molgalbtedly lard tha neer
• 6,oo6Limani laPm PirAIM !
As It eammed'lbe uam ordian!,, nal Pelted theca
1111r11,11' Srilß. 0711Ca._. •
Carr. G. W. McCain,. or res I.tormar dawn Nam
and nottabor of tho How demi Icliithdadt, has kiodly not ma tie Cloning otildlcatr. ll Wawa dory: ,
• year Cloth I Ina taken ~0 tan Whom, cad my whole
moon left Lc debilltatad data war Wooed to iry D.
Tcronatod% Mratp oad abr. Inking two or three hoc ,
ilos,:1 war ray too& Wisr.4, tad ottriboto It lath* to the
aid Ilarroyanda. lor taking it, sad dod that •
rZa. 1 71 ,4,i 16
. ttina nered.roy yr, ad :would
U. W. St cLaut,hda U. B. N. •
Tido cartilicatr cooclocaly, pricer dal Banana:ldr
hat Oudot% control oror Dia oda abdicate Croat of UM
blood. -Theo parses mod in , one hoodo is asprocethavaL
Dr. Towanda—Dear Sir: 14n Cho lo lama
you riot three of my adds= hare be= mod of tho 8cro•
by. by Um ow of roar oncellont otadichat. Thry wan
alined roc, wordy with lad ado; hare ooly tam b.r
teak.; It took Wm area;, f. whiei I fool motif pair
tarp oldiptiots, rem, impactfolly,
Woo s
W. Cad% 103 Wrnotor al. Xvw randy limb /6 NG.
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caul . nbull mzoicutz.
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arre so al r ier a ,
gn sd rare kw Inpiat L=a y
White, oberwte or'hlteweton.
Or Una% or isriolinitug &wimp Winos{ amid for Do pa
eral of Ow igetas—no *attar another tharewill.
of ' t ewe or mow, peafowl by inegahrity, Dhow
or exiihatto '
impursg• Lbw its larigo
' betl=e - litil . flaw. errsons, all :weaker and
ode, from &alum woe become robwa and foll of warp
nobs , hi iagnon . / t immediately iwaraincto the sae
H of dm fowls Come, srhish u the great rent f barg
; 11 will mot beemeowl al u• ia ma ao delirate • ►na
tio*, to exhibit earn/kat. of ecru prisonsd, but we ten
ware Dm Meted, hwatrede okra haw. been re:potted
to lot ISereral owe where Dailies hue been erabout child
, ran, law Wog • few boolea of this hooka& medicine,
has bow haat oath Wahl , albsaiw
• Dr. Iletwomeg: sof, Wing greatly distrewed ; by
maims Woil gorwal SlaralltZthwally
by pia awl a iewation of dawn , of Da
wow* awl with ether dikkoWies, W , harass twin ewer
when your wedieasa her &Sewed pad cane and beer
Sept woorbesgedbt web crews I haradwoibed.l obtain
ed • iambi of par gatrael- ard *WWII
De directions 3.0. pre we 4a n• nionwed
bar owsphinta awl outland ber health.; grated .for
amallarbo remised, I tabs prawn, in this sckwoledg.
big it, and zwiewarawling it W patio. M. D. bloom,
cor. or ckma and Ly dins W.
CRISACII; Sep. *1313.
Dr Thomeradi To all wheat ash may ea eery—Ti
t1:0 gwytify that my erlh wed Ole balk or par soramarilla
to her osatheemeat, teach the molt alarmism a d&am amaommon, boom uttobled lath the /ropy, emel
lag of pla feet, amroas Wuom, and vary mods
tod with peroamoo, oted nermatamateace of them
mho hod mai st, she eras Wooed to try at, With Ws or no
Wilt; and 'mace it to ym; the mend= had the happy and
/mind de:tow oaly the boon of roadatmeol, bot altar
tho =oft of am melt of as thte drop/ mad arr
sad ha
to bow EIVTL I I. ' III.I hem treg , lisr
if lbn eriU Ile of say terries to yoa or my ea who
doubt, the mean of the walk re, yoa wmtiQy 1“1020010
11/ lt.
Isobsenleirpelf par mat obalioat sad oligeel . trtrst.
3 El Jarb.a
.• To zarrurasAirmimatzo tams.
Ti do liainel fisnapartlis M. bad esprissly replied
la ramose to knob Solopkials.. No twain ado tam ra
ms saproi impiamililair Mass:Midi Foriod,:
iambi mead
predating so mg of Ur monsand bang& ellrues
%mks an soloed* Mb dm of life. This midi'
ray* ids,* Sa mend pinfirf Mat dismedisim Nos
it km raltable so those lobo are
it is idiciddeil to assist Won goiskatisig bk!
mod inswordise sample. I. this madame is lardaabls for odd de &Mods dooms uo 'dish moms ste
it brads ea oda. Fetes, maims perammady wa
nd eadjinssaossag *iks or ills bially—mt .
so fir stosiddiag do dolmas to poodass s sobisomat so
isiasiasotbacitis dr <mot mot medicines takes f. imals
. . .
I GIRLS 11 , 140 — THIS. -
• Yea oho lonspale OD eyes, Undo. co the
for,nogi, skin, or tad an, ...o . • til
..• twar no
Daubor lters, of De Towanseill It will
clew year. Moot, now the frotkla, sad
ere yoasokeatioa..sathliag eyes, d loin* eat beastiful
ef which an of Woo value to wort
% .• , ... 66... 1 , 1: , 1'
m ILP , RI b L.
. r..... 4
aihrly Ile vette joins or olio Is draw.*
• kol end lit the orpme of digestioo, olio repo
ono, of
Baez Deranracre..ellemy,Mo 10, 1543.
Pr 7lnewenetn Illir—l bare bee. Mooed few moral
yore with dyspepsia in its woof funny atleaded with ear,
see or stomach, yule of appetite, ounso heartberai and a
goot annuals to an ItOO of Rod, aol fir weeks (abet ' 1
mold eat s ) 1 have beau WO to retain bot • ..In portioa
o, my Name* I tried the aniat reasedies, boot duly bad
bet lOUs 'woo edat is noorioy lb.
nosylool. I wee is
doed, stoat two weal, won to try our Zone of Soso
paralysed 1 oast Say with(little , bat after rotog
i r=wo hotneei „. lltwkiery appetite rotated, and tha
d; ad I - +odd weal) neon
lead do oMtelbeee who lon hees, aLleted so I hare
,bont. l • Tors, te.,N. w. v.. Zoom.
No Se, MM. • • •• " Matiolshowl.
Rod the Mllowney, sad doubt If yo ea, Oat esauessap.
thanteseen he mod. Thine °Ge of the onerallolodsol
non Out ToinseamPs ' los tend: , •
or mowed—Dear. Str. 1 was taken, . bide am •
yr. sao , with • wrote =radios. is my aide. It to
ga sla TO) hi,
,1•11 proawand . • to Isao tha Teel ocatoopther i Mod law T on
tine. of bed Outer, hod might soots, awl Oiling toy don
my &Oar and he maid do Was( de we. • I mot ilea the
=hope of being tesedttel het ma rowed there
, 1 too oser pony doOmod •t Ile hop and
Plead hardly breath .; 1 too bow emented, mad expend
to die; Ins coadoed to ley 44. .4 we elated to hos
mitten, iodeol I moot - ;m patany deteriptiso that
would &jotting to 111.1 nee. ilea suppoed by any Nods
tote peat nonisiary i• bad tried a gnat whoa( noedieeS
asel an mooed lola to us/purpose. I odds ilae MOM .1.
trbainly camp...formed. by your saelartz r el la lell
you tio tnaly• I respond there sot tor h Otos.
Bet 1 Ww, Wood to ta ild did so, and as eery thethrol
ICC I owl say Dud 1 em Wisely well, but am eo fir
noovered a• to be aloof - thy bathe; mil hope to be emir.-
ly sell is a ithe woke; - Hy conk wed pato in the AA.,
'sad ',tight notablaielit ma ' am( ono but very little, sad
aft fao gad* say sal strength. I felt it • Joy ta fire
pot i etationst of MI thee, brain& if yon piney
• I • -
• , , - .1 , Yarn Re wx,Plauk syDro974..
°plateau est . Phasictains.
Dr Townehael elsodslesly tweeter 'orders fro; pill
mane b eased peed I Unka. • .
TIM is Weedy Uliot do• undersigned, Physicians el
Da City of sa ..moor emir posersibed Dr.
Toinsendst Ideraparilis,:ead bakes a sobs owe( Iht
nimble seventeen of the Ilaresseelle in she earful,
• Ai P Pouno, 0,
a B Ilarairpx
Alberry.4prD 1, IBM • P Ettetameme a a.
This a to =Mt .., OM asbnped
_Thoenuu e p ollhe rorADap, her .
freement •
preersihed Dr
f. Lossnad's pawl renal of Sorm.
=Ese I. klemaid, I le= 1" ; eel Ware :lir
alms laansfrreare agar the edrathed rumba now ia
amp . W Brensts.,o r,
ABee, April 2,1544.' Wit B beerrost e.
care XIS Felton st, Bee ilsahliee; X 'lt; 11.0.
Bream Dr Drat *Bow, LIP North Be.
4 Pluladelphses 111111eare, dm* Bellmore sad hy
rx ii telern i "th.gerllashroo the Wed Bleas,
Nase pooineoreia• pot up ' the large were e
thiel easels a not aad Aped wish she weals,
or e P TOWIDDIRD, end biome Wen on she
• Front the a,
Pe Daly Korea of April Mee.
A wetb Bat apparel i• the shwa y
sheednlthing raker Sereparille E. or
The whole Omer ra op lagood Boa some of the a*.
. nt.l
lodate peratragsa• betotsfulorlueb,logalserelith,
mon work, Pupil, glotasiag la Ms sue mde nacr
way aped' la Bresserey, We to
this mportaos so
ay we Where thie eelsart of Dui &tape:ilk desserts
eery grad pesalarity it esquires
:Dinbillt - !
Mar Yosaddireb 270617 '
D. Ttitnate4 bee Metal or k. Ster,i,;
re% with • arei t l inkier LI the ebaargickiteese la
head, lon of vague., phi is the lambs sad panel &Whir,
broesta at aoliebt by Ilaetauagal beat sail cola to Labial
Ima akeet to ht as •am 1 here takeaa:
teeilklara too narrow to made% bet stab tittle or Noe
tea. .lereshalseedam Ls the ppm to aye
of par IteruperDie, Dom akkil hued rest relief . rhos
lap Islam errerel mare WU% ad I eta
. mill
Mle the beet medlar I bre. ever tam—the am
gas*, arl 1161 vats a Canal era altogether am.
I bare alai roar Deneperilk. IWm row • better tie 1
them gm I had My Ink tat hike. it with the sue 6eaea.
els! mitt. 1 male moored It ae a &any retiree
reenaDy, it 1 w aiwribeinftliet it. ired there woad act
be belt tie itchiten there ma tly pet to nay
Doctoral/4k ier'ertille Uona • la it alto elm to
the glom& end bowie Wer t meter tomtit keep, the bloat
so a healthy Mau. to that Came le set ea Ditty to week the
Totrae Ad
rtoeela aflame who en la* la a healthy gala I my
try Dr Lartiaerf
Ta naL mes Ern e 70 Ante M. •
. • •
Canker la tigiliegall
Selarrie mieeleattof mother .
614 .reeld Dr ?meter
es Lee emit tie Um of Umetah of AU...2
7 14 .5.1.4 =er ai.. eettilleste t . ft telseladtte• • great limb.
.. , .
Dr Teemed: Ihnu r of my dative wee r 0
Nek with the Curer l the nowth sod threat, 001 4 040 4 with
NreN dthibilY, Demo sear d • 1 obtained was el your
eatelket earies, Net N &reedy, foe whki I en
Nowwa_yea awl veusledid, Voi n ne=6 .t.
Tor eabi by N.:NNIZWIMN-= Nos! Wood et,
Wows SI mad Alle ets, who low. We. "afpointal by Dr
TOWNSEND ode Aryl thr . Alleabear jeeddhelyr •
• T AlllNl W — Marlitiltaball'D=Ta e singes al
dais alleseiou mad cheap medicine 'for the ewe of
Dotheneptioa and other diseases cannot ato well
known: Nen , ataxy lives have tame saved ley
SAlionsiag Atlas. •
n Feweilt as Pluabough al the PEITITCTEA STORE,
strew; new. Wood, gad altoU the Dag Arne
P 11 drirana.Famlarel st.Alleihaav r. Jae
131.11441.-lee awes
aarrekaate osw /avail io Nike hose ..pgr Mese
rAtZtr'e4Ll47.:lZl74 F.12:14
E x TlL,"= a i n lr".'.l?`.t.T4 - 4
light*Lar eusimhoorn,lpaitryme
lataiimealleil dad* .4 fuer soft% for
,aVitPoin4Derfauvopwmpaisaiir; '
*A:certsie sarione ki,febigbs, erlids,'Pahia,
,limaampluai,spittiag Dioadrriguirthf fpkie -
or tweeet,sersous dendity.whontncougb
broken constitution, coNsumr.
MON or anjitinne of the firepor,
• , finest._ Reader are you 'wafering
With a cold or &inn of the '
'2 • ' tr 7 thle-fmnell/r • f
.yolawill hot per. t
imps regret Ct.
;It wall nowt all then diaahrelesymptomi which
strike such terror to the mind, do proton par Ban
I Beware a all preparathin, purpoitlng to contain
Wild Cherry, except thit basing the aiguature tit Dr
Swayer on the outside. wrapper of each bintle,
ea they are Trite likely destitute ad the article Born
which they borrow a nano.
Readtaftt it has done!
• -
; Would Perhaps be * small estimate for the-ravages
of this dreadful diseme In • single year; then add
the fearful catalogue' of Mote cot off by leflama..
• hoe of the Longs, Hemorrhage, Asthma, Coughs
fefluenza. Brencbitis,aod other diseaies 'of the,
' Longs and Liver: . .
And Ms list would resent an appalling proof of the
tatahty ol these two p dusts of diseases. Bet it le
• Important to know that nearly all of •this, dread
Waite of human life might have been prevented
•by a timely use or-Dr. SWA ENE'S COMPOUND
This medicine 'hie now been belore the public
some eightyearr, and is the original praparayipu
from the Wild Cherry Tree. Its reputation ae a
'remedy for Coughs. Colds, Bronchitis, and Com
enosphon of the Lunge based entirely upon its
trinsle merits!, owes but little toisfiated newspaper
;peas. - Three who give it s - trial; being benefited.
y at, recommend it to their neighbor*, and - thus
gradually and surely basil pined an curial:lln repu
tation and werked its way tato general use:; Om
bottle never fade to mere a recent comb or • mid,
labile with strict attention to the directions that ae.
company each bottleite uee in pulmonary diseased
of long standing and ",,pf 'the most alarming chaise.
ter, has always levee( railer, and in- very many
Wideness flu effected complete and permanent
Dr.SWAYNE'S Celebrated Compowid l Sym
wild C,krry -
• Read the moat remarkable cure. of ,Coitsnreption
everplaced upon record— - •
Dr Swayne—Dear Su. I feel its debt of gratitude
due to you--ind a ditty to the 'filleted genendly to
Oiler my bumble favor of your Com.
pound Syrup of Wild Cberry. • Soma three years
wore, I was violently attacked with cold and lota.
motion of the Ivey, which was ILCOOMpthied with
a very distressing cough, pain in the breast nod bead.
—it very evosiderable &octave of affinitive linens
from the lungs, opecially upon change. of weather
however slight. At first 1 felt no alarm about my
condition; but was pretty soon convinced that 1 woe
rapidly.going Into consumption..l grew daily Weak.
er,land at length Was scarcely able to walk abater or
vett - above r whisper, such was the exceeding
epgnees °Noy lunge, Doring . this time t had tried
'tripes preparations and prescription., bet found no
'relief—growing all the time worse. Just here li wow
advised and persuaded by a dear Medd in Wilming.
too to make a fetal of your Syrep of Wild 'Cherry.
1 mute-norm that previolialy I hid hien prep udic
ed'egainstpatent medicine., and 1 am still against
those coming out of the hand. of empiric.; but
understanding your claims to the profession land
practice of me3leine, end baring Implicite faith in
she saying of my friends, 1 forthwith purchased of
Dr Shdw, one of your agent., a few bottles ,and
commenced it. use. 1111,y disease of this time was
of twenty or twenty five months' standing, cobra
quentlywas deeply seated. - 1 found, however, eon.
.side fable relief from the brat lour or five bottlea—
But being •public speaker 1 frequently attempted
LO preach with my increaning strength and thereby
ruptured those vessel. that"bed already hew to
heal, in this way. doubtless, toy core was rattly
retarded. In eorsequence of acting 'thou mpg
dently 1 bad to use 12 or 15 bottles before I, was
perfectly restored. I have no quution, a much
smaller number of bottles would Nee made 'me
sound, but for the shove indiscretion. The Syrup
allayed the fereriari habit, did away the distressing
cough, pot a stop to tbe discharge of matter from
the lungs, and gave them and the entire system good
health. 1 hare deferred offeringelus.ceitificafe till
now. for the purpore of being perfectly satisfied
with the permanency of the core, sic. now that
feet perfectly well, 1 oiler it with pleasure.
Dublin county, N. C.
Avoid all spurious prepanpons of Wild Chinn,
ench an Beams, thump. Symp. or Wild CliefrYi
Ptlta purporting to contain Wild Cherry; &e, &e,
as, they are all hotitious and counterfeit, and contain
none of the virtues of the origiial and genuine pre
paration as prepared by. Dr. Siesyne, and the hat
ever preparedAn this couitry. Doctor Swap: .'.
Composted Syrup of WILD CilEftßY is command
ofvegehhle intedfootaithe Wild Chatty, and alb
er medical snlietancee Nally u effleammia, if not
more; the whole are so eflecteally concentrated
u to renderit beyond all doubt the most pleasant,
Atenehosiog. and effectual remedy ever discover
ed for the cure of Yulatonery .65Mo:option; and all,
dineases of the Loess and Breast. The very tact;
from its baring such a train of epurions tomatoes,'
stand, to prove its great earatire properties.
Therefore, iambi:ls, Pamirs, for the original preps
ration, each bottle of which is enveloped Ina bean.
WM wrapper, with a Menem of William Penn ea.
graved Maroon; also bearing the signature of Dr 11.
Samos, the counterfeiting of which will be pan::
loud as forgery.
'Viewed , only by Dr. H. Swans, N IV comer
'of Eran Tin and Bann Streelli.hnladelpnla.
For sale in Pittsburgh wholesale and retail by I
WM. THORN, 63 Market etreet. •
OGDEN & SNOWDEN. corner !hid& Wood eta.
B. A. FAHNESTOCK Cc Co.. corner el .Ist and
Wood and nth and Wood streets.
S. JONES,IBOLibeny greet •
JOHN. MITCHELL, Allegheny city.
And by all respectable Draggmts sad dealers ifs—
bledichie, throughout the United Stale. sad Cana
da. ,
DEMONS *Meted with Serial,la; King's Evil
Griocer, Erysipelas, Old Sores, tllcen, - Tetter
Mercurial Biomes, or arty other
requested to
from immune. of the blood, are requested to read
the following testis:male* In proof of the wonder.
fel properties of to ahem named medicine.
W. the undemigned, haying visited Mr. lone
Brooks, Jr. at thh office of Mean.: Howard and
Walton, 376 Market Weft, Philadelphia, consider
his cam the unit remarkable one we have ever wit.
nand or heard of.
His discus eras SCROFULA, mid tertible must
have been hit twelve yenta' conflict with the de
HiaPalate,tte entire roof of Ms month,Nnee,
per Lip, cud lower Ltd of the Bight Eye have been
destroyed, his Face lead, eaten up, and part of the'
Jaw bee carried away. And yet we can give 06 •
desenptiou of his care.
I • Mr. B. Informs as that in January last, the whole
taterfor of kith month, na well as most of his thee
;was a. mass of deip and painful ulcers!
; 'On the 140 ofJaeuary fart, heommibd taking
CEA, which cheeked he disease in a law days, a..
I from that time the care harprogressed without in
tennissiou. •
I New fiesh hoe sapplind the place of the deep 01
cen, and though b a dly diafigured, his face is sound,
lad his general health restored.
We are assured that in thh treatment of Mr.
Brooks' cane no MerceriaLs,Ointavenle, or Caustic
; applications have been asedr-in fact,.the PANA
CEA ALONE, ha. wrought this wonderful change_
David Smith, Beck. county, Pa.
Charles L. Roamed; hleadville, 09140 M cora,.
J W Jones, M D South Second street, Phila
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, N J.
W.Carr, 440 N Fourth, above Poplar et, N. L.
S M'Colloogh, Lancaster, Ps.
It Jd Maddock, II North Eleyanlh at. Phila.
C W Appleton,M D 46 South at. do
Theo*" Caldwell, Marion eo. Missouri.
DardelYeakel,Chasnat Hill, Philadelphia co. Pa.
John Harned.39o Phila.
William Stealing, M D, Camden, N. J.
William Hale, MA High street, Phila.
J H Potter,Manufactunir el Mineral Teeth, 1093.
Plinth street, Phil.. • -
L A Wollanwebeir, Ed. Phila. Democrat 277 N 3d
street do
Ueorge W Morita, Brash Maker, 317 Market SL'
Ewa Carr, 159 CMaant street, Phila. •
A D Gillette, Plater ol Eleventh Baptist Church,'
John Bell, Eno atoost, Philadelphia, (Nosh Azle'
CO* ell,
Avon Sand., 164 Cothozine Street, Phila.
Daniel cGiney, ILesslar's Alley, do
Andrew Sweats.,H Emus, WoolNdli Casulao, N J.
Richard R. Young, Gilder, 409 Market at. Phila
John.W Astunead, 60 South h'ilth Wets, do
T S Wagner, Lithorophor, 116 Chesnut watt, do
J 1M Eleventh street, do
Peter Sten Smith. Editor Native Eagle, do
Joel Bodine, Glass manufacturer, Villiamatow.
William Steely, Farmington, Van Buren c.o. lows
L 11 Co(, es M D Boston,Man.
Rowel Canfield 'Phisiologiat, Philadelphia.
Thomas P Bftt, M D, I larriabeigh Pa. I
Peter Wright. Market street, {'bile.
lama W Newlin, 103 Filbert at. do
John flood, 174 - Sproce at. do
WWiam One, Pastor SI. PauraM. E. Ch.tiatha rine
St. Phila.
John Chatriberi, hater Ist Indep. Church, Broad
et, do
• 'T L Sanders, Pabliger or Pledge and Standard,
P P Sallies, Editor Ohre' WI oda, Doylestownl
' Wholesale and Retail by Rowand Walton, Pro.
'primes.= Market St. Philadelphia: It E Seller,
67 Wood at. Natalia*, Pa 4 Wm. The 33 Mar
ket at. do: E B Perkins, Marietta, 06101 Seaton &
Sharp, K V; John IV, (No.,
Ohio . ; Room, Madison INC Noble, Loots;
E Ye Deveroack & Palloei, St. Louis, Mo.
I. II fdtGrow; Nalehez;Mhor; Hardaway & John
don Vickabargh, CharfesJankins, New Odeon
ilaiband's Celebrated Flah ■ ipesia..
mats I. • lad, ode sad </opal ma odd Rod operion4 k-
A isqi • corkei .olotioo of death:llly pun cubcouie of
14.v.i.r-Fa i rmo all dm medical valid. o l f o lhe fined pro
r 1:-... b ooTtlac. 4l :=s_y lig . pot th : °" Terti:
!dumb • Os. taWozooodol of 180 MI! tdagosXisegoi.
• Fl i4 s:lr 4l l h l3 - isi :PA il =tl 4 E 4 C:=Wlll lOW
Woo sod WONI d 11* .
• More Bena giat's Comp. fivid Ed 4 8 Orosiarillo;
Camonteed do dot._..
Camotottk • do do;
ToWnsesid't do do;
COt %study Oa bind and for xalo by II A FAIINE.I-
,oin k TOCK I Co, comer of Ent tad mood .4 wood and
- r
S aLLmary am uki byxur, “u5,...ja . „, ‘ „ k „..
. Afqw.ogc., W. T., 0 0:1,1817. •
Mr. R. E. Dellers—Kocloseal I send the amount of veer
medicine silt 1 have sold an of the •Iropen al.Ooogh
.Byrap,V arid n hot giver, oadefeebee hl WI who wed IL
hilted lap three or roar down Item. . - . •
Years reweitally.• • • ,- • ; HENRY FEM.
Price b cents perbottle.
- .
. •
. Prepared sod oral hr it 8 ISELIalts,. N 0.47 Wood
ALMid br Dr. Cana; adi Ward, sad DU Com Ay:
11 0/ 1 1 11 7. • i • own
• ITOUSTAIX 80 11111 S., -
F o6l * , TlMlLlTONltoptietin;- :
elpillSesiablishann long and widelyknowa Nabob;
.L ono of tne mow en:nun:Maga the elty of Italawile.
has meal oedemas very email,. Marshals • ad
Mmisamenta _An entire am wing ha* keen added,
emainiegamagroas and any Blaming nparmem, and
hosanna Mang ream.
Th , ,Ln.has i degianinenthag aloe Man emiletaly
iirmainsiannd fitted np in a lam nine°
]Mart.. . I he aboa. Maimmentof the Haase bee
been reamann, wit h • angle eye en the pan alai
awards the eman and pleasore . of
u, And which they.wanidently sawn }Wankel
wiejemon My Hotel in the Union.
le g
neir le wni !brays he 'supplied grub Maryut..
small mid hawywhia the market afford . oorred
eityie,• while an the my of wpm, An,
they will nothe smagawL • •
- fa conelinion the mamma beg to say, thaVnelhuis
will he left undone on theirsan,and flu pato( thelr
asullatanr, to reader this Haul 'mar the Caninned
plumage of their filen& and the piddle generally.
Theyrltel fathead tom also been redneed to the
dbwtnn6g rain: — LadtW Ordinary; ------------ SI 73 1.'
ueademens' ..... Lee o
N. 11—The Baggage Weston of the Haim - will al
ways Mad at the, Grand Stessateat Lanham,
which wilt convey hagrigaid and from the latol,
of MM.
EArti. STREET 1100112, CiaoWaage,
01110—The so-beer/hers having purchased the en.
tire interest of. Cot O , P Wilhattoon, late of Una well
known establiskmeut.beg leave to nate to their friends
and the public generally, that they. have token this
connoodiom Hotel fora tent of years and Will exert
their best enenpm to make it • destrable boom for Tray.
entre and City Borders, ' • , -
The I lotel is spacious and Admirably planneifor con
venience, light tad Mk having, number °rotators
orUoining chamber,unganal SUraellen• to
• The Mmtem.PioPtielara having bad the experience of
years in this coy and olsewhere,bope they will be able:
to give general aatisfaction,temt determined to glee
undimded auention to the beam Con...
The lomaion of the Pent direct MOM isuntmLaionly
eligible. having fronts on Pearl, Walnut and Third Ms,
so that it is equally desirable In ',tower the conceal.
nom of bonnessinenor retirement for private boarders..
It Is near ny Yhe ttanka , thy Post OM., the -Mame
'Hall, Odd Fell*e Dall,and linionestmare distant from
Main street - end two enures from thelYtty Wltarf,theei
inferonythe manes indoemumns, especially ut country
merchants and generally loan Pomo= al tiet z atatmc
nod. Roe
COLit — if
Chula Steers!, Rub! andlambut
Tits subschbet bavimg taken the:shove ands •
arms aerrieci to the. citizen j and
n r.s t v c .ra t z a . t . !:::ui -ooarceile gr ittara/f t t:
OW of the More extensive - Impo t rag,ll=and in
feet, the bail= odors to those monism the city, Li ola
nirtr conveniences and comforts as the other printnpal
The boom to now being goad Op with new funntare,
la good Uste sod otyle, and open to the publiti
on the day of Apnl, lett TlMProprielortmats that
his varmint:Um otone to please • will seems. to him •
portion of the pablic.pat_ronake, resident &swell as
tnnstol• W, 11 , DIX., .•,
• I Late . ortbe firm of . k Fogg
ttlymore, Ann /2, 180. ' tayleddni
........- - - -
a AL,I,,EUHANY HOUSE. WO glarket at, PloW
• delphla—Ttie sobseriberfhtte,((lbe Welthlegun
Hotel, Harriablogh, Pa) Isles this method of in
reunion his add friends and thepablic generally,thashe
hes token the abovenamed HOTEL The House is airy
and coinfoitahle,ad hes been ostensive) altered and
unproved, and the propnstor hopes by entries attention
to btalnesi, and a proper care Per the comfort of his
and "COMA • share of poblie patronage.
The House is slated very convenient for the Travel. I
ling Public, being orgy two doorsaboye the Harrisborg
and Pntsborgh Depot, and within-two minutes walkof
the` Delmore .and .ReddlOg Depots . STA D LIND at
tached to the premises. Tenns, SI per day.. ,
E P HUGllES,PreTrietor
"Alleghetty Phils. Alaptat f10,1647-spddlen • =1
TRE nSoubmarbourrsranrr
ethmon P o
have purchased hlr.Joileioterese Misestablish
mut; slid hope by the strictest euention to the grants
and comforts albeit. gems, to merit a condrumnee of
the liberal.perionsie heretofore received by its former
The Muse des beenthernmittly we smi repair
ed; we therebm feel mimed' we can welcome ow
(deadened the poldie to ecoomazdadons equal to Ur
in the city of Philitdelpht. N W BRIDGES,
_jytelttf _ • JNO WENT.
GA.LT 1101711/13,
Corner Anima and BLit& sta, Clwelawsal
cwabliettnern le new In the best order for the
1. reception of the Trawling Pihhe. Having under
gone • *womb repair, darLw the
winter, and
hatond the =at experienced men 'in the wee; in the
various departments. I flatter myself that all .11 be
pleased who can. The locauon is central, eotatiodietth
and pleasant. Pare PI per day.
tho W w e trthh 17, tea. y
new W.6
ai N ne—n A wWim e” e ol d • andl E yt na u
tRE proprietor of
entablished house, respect
folly °fees his aerviceslo the throe's of FittsbaiTh.
sad will exert himself io render comfortable all who p
mar favor him with their company.
This polo' which has long beta • favorite One ith
the Piovision "Do.le re ot Pittsburgh, will, the coming
warm, present a tartlet field for their operitkias boo
hewasiows.: from the completion of the lead Hood to
Indianapolis, 7b miles Amber lino Ma host ralaial teem
‘ • 0 D FITZHUGH. Pro • •
1611RocKnonTivii - novst,
a ille Ky,.
A RIS 1 - 11 ROCLe wisv
IC Al 0 RT ,
begs io t bu
fnends that fie as again lessee -of . the GALT
HO V 814 i LoSisvalle;Ry..oriere he hoped to meet all
bis old (needs, gaming thus and dos publieolast so
elan shall be spared to make sit soutConable who lkvor
hat sriat. their pateorl•L, lasitdlT
° P,Mae at Ad' DePO4 Pratt at, Bait.
nrarair A. mam a. Plymouth r.
Late ordie Eathaste sad Si CialLak Hallo, PauL'ir
ratan= IMIRILIZIL. •
erne beet aniele beaten err Weaning end Whitening
I. the Teeth, strearlicaine the gam, sweetening the
breath, te. It should be need elarr night with a Kid
broth, end the teeth and weigh will oal r require • nigh
waehind in the morning. Wet the brash with wane
1•110 f. or cold will annex; and nib it a leer onus OA
the pear, when muesli er 111 adhere for ...gong the
teeth. It ;awing debewee taste in the oftethoula
pans a won deliektfolfragrenee hs the breath. Itsonada
unrivalled as • pitmans, 'efficacious, convenient, end
safe definite. It Is warranted Delta tidare the teeth,
hello preserretheta.
By cling ix regularly, Lewin remove the tartar and
prevent tic accanntlanon—prevent th e toothache
strength. e gums, and prevent all distal.. of them
Cheroots, piquet.", and the clergy recommend it a
decidedly superior to every thoog of the kind in 1111.- ,
Ask for Bhemsan'eCoememod Orris Tooth Yana, and
observe his miniature IS &flatbed to each pot.
Recommend. by Dr. Castle, la Broadway, moo of
oar beer Dentists, and by moat of the old established
ones in the United Saws, end revert ntertrively used
by the .Nobolity of England and Farr .
A. tarre proportion of the disease. t lostadlliet menhir:al
arise from mane derangement or the onnach or bowel.
which a' timer •se of the Cada pa Loxertge. would
mind) obviate. Persons of bilk. habits ehould al
ways have a boa at hand, and take a dose whenever
they feel the least derangement us their health. 'Aludl•
clone sum of those Lozenges. wooed prevent thousands
of cum
Faresloat WM. JACILROPVS, cornet of Woodind
Liberty 04. deria
T •41D11141 Who Use Comma Prepared Chalk, , are
.1.4 often nor aware bow (mentally :Mune* •t to o
w the skin!' he...roam, how rough, hew *Wow. y e now,
and tutherthhrthe vine appears' after Using prepared
chalk! Dem ea, It is itnertotts, contalelngalitsge quart
thy of lead. We haveprepared a beamifel vegemble
mule - 'which 'which we call JONES'S SPANISH LILY
WIE! Iris perfectly Innount, beingparified oral!
deletenocensal Wes; and it Imparts a the akin a nat.
rat, healthy, alabuter clear, hying white, at Melanie
time acting a. • **lent on - the skin, making Itself
end smooth.
it. Jetties -Andensen, Practical Chemin of M.N.
eh nocun. says: - .After analyaing lomat Spartieh Lilly
White, I and it possesses the most beautiful and oat*
7al, at Ike SUM lime innoeent white- I ever eats. I
.certainlyeart coeseienuessly recommend ilo. Oft ball
*hose skin requites beaatifying."
0 - Prica IS Crate • box.
MrSold by WIC JACKSON, at hi. Boot and Shoe
More, to Liberty slice, head of Wood, at the sign of
the Illy Boot
Writes, ladies, Pm anoulthed, • .
When you know that you are promised • •
A natural, life-like, snowy white, -
That yea will still are common chalk,
And leek a deathly yellow frh
The would f laughter and . •
If yen twee a bee of , ONE'S Lally•wkite, It
would give your skin an alabaster yet neural white,
and at the wee time clear and Improve it. Bold al
JACKSON'S, to Liberty at. Filen it 3 crony per box.
• •
C 0 P7l ON ARUJIMITSD—To thew)
wltk Dlmain of the Lamp,
lam certify to those Woad tank the Ant pre
=ohm umpteen* of Conneeption, that I have been
laboring for several years with a bronchi, softness of
tee throat utd hoarseness. I used many medio:nes, bat
(rood no relief In any preparation of medicine, mil I
made -use of pa. DuNteros 'EakEcTonAter
REMEDY. I have been =lag thla valuable medicine
tot revere' yeirs, and always lad It to relieve when*
tier I make ose of it. My areupation as an Aacnon
eer' which keeps me annoinaosanantly Queued, causes
'cry disease, at times, to become very alarming, ashen
atenre procure this medicine. -I tberthre take plea
erne in making this public statement, that when affect• .
ed with Odisease of the hunts and eaPeolowtot mitten
may know the virtu.* of this healing remedy,'
and may be creed— Ehave recommended Dr. Doom%
Eipectosant Remedy I. many of my friends, some or
whoa owe their lives to thin medicine. •
Boinerset,Ohlo,ON.l3, 1815. JAMIM
The proprietor of thy above medicine would, atm
fele, to Me undentignmt Pomona, who reside in ran
coney, on whom any Peron may call upon and be
convinced that Men mo 'mom Mond in the above
medieiue that cannot be °allotted;
David Calbermon, Boonton; Dr.D. - Mone, do; Penn.
cis (loner, Jaeinon tp; Mr. Lorimer, do; Ono. Polben,.
'IIeDri.4III I B D a4WITM4,I6., 150 Bye
.Mreei, Cincinnati, Olno.•
eiga in Pittsburgh by IVM. JACKBON,.OI Liberty
bead of Wood street. uplßd&wT
, . /Wrestles, Ala y 17,1817.
T AST Saturday I gaye a teaspdon tailor IL
Janestoelt & Co'a Vennifnee to any mue sm,
between lour and fire years old, and daring Smiley .ha
aeierllo3 i■IXO WOREIV, averamag more man a am in •
boning Ito effect. on this child, I ihergava a teaspoon
fall to bar younger Wilier, who wasaspatently well, and
she pawed 37 ',armee( equal
HENRY cistircrrn
Waiehmaker ttatlihdeld at
Prepared and sold by R A PAIINENTOCK &.CO,
-nar lot end vomed. and vend and ilth'ata. Ind
• tiVtiOSlt meaneem etto yoars 'Look ak pay
a w y
Orr ' Xi ill 1:1 " :411: 1 h n
ay " turi'a re ' c t
Toe ate too melte to give all meta km a eake . of the
great Italian Chemical Soap, which Imola cattuely the
goo from them, hod make your 'Ohne akin clear aed
healthy. Go atom. to.lackson's Store; ybersy,rt
• PittsborglL and got • ahhiL • • •
N 8 lackmet's la Steady Mese In rittabeagh where
the GENUINEIs to be obtaMW. Dement of Carter.
Ult.. , •
(137 00 SERVEt gig noel stands to tie 4.4.. .1,
r RAMC IliaßaalVa lioaP—Fer naso•
I,,i a meake somata/mow Narita hoot Clotho;
Woolkoo,Am, sat readtothit oPoto
whore tt to 'ROWbrtOt, ono, soda Wank
Bold with dintetiou. me* News it care.
11078 old by WALJACKSON,BILIbraty moot, his' 4
%V o& at Ills Boot wok Moo Nom Vicar Ws IN
• ,
I 11.111;JUL1ICIC romuiran-soAT •
". igllllotlY Taleiglltagnr.
THE Improved method of tarrying used by this long
Esiablished Lme, is noveso writ Annum Mat de
scription to anneeemary. Goods are not touched entire
rano, thus all transhipment weave handling I. oared:
The Boats am of ligitatsght and perform their trip
is from six to seven • / • ,
The capacity of oar arehouses enables to m Moro
Reeeivina,storing and tiaM l =el7 ". o6 l°". . •
Being tally propam Is make sales of Preduen. we
Pipet - V*llg solicit eausignmentli of western Floor,
Lsa,Botter, Cheese, .Wool, Feathers, loud other
.anieles Gn• sale, on which libeml .adrane es will be
Mode and other usual faeillues nfotded, pledging oar
.selves that any lassitle. tIIIMCed to os shall be ns
proMptly executed and upon as fair terms as by
other boom. JNO adePADDEN & Co.
• • , 'Canal Basin; Pinsbargh
9hr and MI Market st, Phllada
F vrmenttrf,tift„Tti — x,P"-int
the way, .nd eonsegeent nib of delay, damage,
breakage and sepnation of goods. . .
• BollllMeitE & CASH
No 47S hlarket street. Philadelphia
• Cor Penn and Warm sts, Pittsburgh
Wit/TT ° ritlNV, l '. ue d
flooltt gt, '.lr rd A O" .
Encouraged by increased business the Pyonleetre
have added to their stock and extemled their Arrange
mews daring the winter, and are olio prepared to for wand fremio wult mularity and dispatch unsurpassed
by any other Ilne. Their long espenene as earners,
. the palpable superiority of the Portable-Bons System,
and the groat cenaity sod convent caeca( the ware
houses at each end ash., hoe, One pecans/1y calcula.
led a, enable the proprietors to'falll their engagement.
and accommodate their customers—confideadyerenn
. be past as a !mammy for the future they respectfully
solicit a conunuance of mat patronage which they now
gratefully acknowledge.
All consignments b Tufa & O'Connor will be reed.
and Pirwarded. Steamboat 'chimes paid and Bin of
Ladingparundued free of any charge for Commission,
advisor-mg or Menge. Having Sal interest, directly or
Indirectly in steamboats, the Interest of the consincra
mast necessarily be their primary °mecum shipping
west, and they pledge themselves to forward all goods
consigned to them promptly and on the mon advent.
genie term. ICI the other,
- Marc/11.1SC ,
taX •
.poblit • Excludesipfsr
teatrota tease
or abant the lw6
and continue dinlighin;juie n reason. - The propnesini
-have now placed a superior class of Pinkish, a.t.iudl.
!Told Cars on the lonic, with noun aiscossiwoons,
which - 116110v. greater comfort
in or.,
A Packet Boat will always be port, am is. pay.
piing pablio
ace requested to call and skean, teem,
elm, • Meer the Packets will leave tbe lanoten, 'opposite
the 'United 5t.e. 110, 4) venter Penn' meet sad the
Canal, every night at 9 o'clock.
Pbr Worn:anon apply at the olle . e,tansionna e la
Haw, Water meet, orb - D L EECH Js Co
nsehl3 oor.Penn street sea was!
mi. .... THE PUBLIC. •
loszea's Rumble post Company tieing ( ti . s.
partnerahlit under Com re'Yna'renlYtret2=n7slinee;
d likewise arced to refit the Sleek so as to have Linea
of Boats (Be the purpose of carrying goods
thtough in from six to eight days, With cm - minty—and
feel encouraged by the liberality of last year's pa:ton
g"; to MHO raore extemirc.arrangements for the Fa
nnie year. ' • .
We would therefore it:apatite/1y solicit a cantina.
saes of oar former palroomand refer 'Anew customers
to those we have done banew for.
abilla . lB47.llMa
n0.*.•.., ....,,
•. : .For tbe transportation of- . .
Pietnneumta, BALD:110H. New You. non Boston
Corner Liberty tout and Canal Baca Pittaburgh.
'• A .L GERRART & Co,
No3llMarketsirem, Philadelphia.
ELDER, °ELSTON & Co Agent,,'
PITTSBURUAz4as. McCully, 'Geo. Morgan & Co.
W life Cally & Co, B A Sampson& Co, M Allen & Co,
PHILADELPHIA—Moms Pruserron&Co, Reynolds
McFarland A Co, Ffiemulg A Busby, Peter Woght &
Pan. J. Ifisplismareephltram.
NEW lORK—Clocalkste &Co, Theo. Perry &Co.
BDSTON—Read. Hurd A Qs
CINCINNITI—idams A Creech, W W Searber
NAstivnax—r Fleming.
Novo--All merchandise float New vadi and U 01. 1 .012,
eonsigned to A I, Gerhart A Co; PhiladelpbJa, Will be
promptly (awarded fist of emanation... . , (obib
UCrWnltoat TrambirmenL4:ll '
Goods amdsued looareare will be forwarded 'nth.'
oondelay, at the lowest carrent rater.. DID. of Ladmn
tranwainod, and all uotraetionn promptly attended to,
Nee from any extra amnia for stone_ or COII2OA.IIOA.
. apply ID le A MeANDLTY A. Co
Canal Dmin,Pitubirgb
Hoeing a very large mod eentesoLons "meg
redo receive (in addition to height (.
Int amp re
Produe de..onStera
.t.P.....°A hls"nu"1" CANULTY&R.
/avenues. =On C A M. `
- •
abillia . 18 41 Mean
VXCLUSIVELY • for the ussisperranorggsf 1
.1:J FREIGHT between Purshargh,Slairsvdle, oVhAY
town, Hallidaysbergh, Water Street, Petersburg and
all true osedLue planes.
One lloatwin Leave the warehouse of C A Meg nutty
It Co., Pittsburgh, every day, regeept Sundays,' and
alippen can always amend on having their . mods for
warded without delay and at file mien. -
Thls long was formed for the special accommodation •
of the way baldness, and the proprietors respectfully
solicit a liberal share of paloanage.
JOHN MILLER, Hollldaysbargh
R H CANAN, Johnstown Agents.
I .1 McDevitt, John Porker, Robert Moore, Dagaley.
k Smith, Pittsbstrgh. • •
L a r ai t 1847. gasi b ia
and Hiahlgmi ...ttrlafzipttziabtutike Erie
and Heaves, and height: end
u n d erpasseg Canal FINg.
running between Beaver and kne n emusecting with
C Reed% Line of Steamboat Propellers and Vessels
an the Laltes, will be 'prepared upon the earlieldopen-
Mg of Navigation tircarry' Freight add Passengers to
all polritson the River, Canal and rag e ._
I lamas every facility for moseying freight and T..-
:2.74Th g v2 g ,. .:gie=t11,1;71:
public and
he c
generally theirpatronage. '-
C REED, Erie, Propneter
REEDS, ARKS k Co, Beaver, ACM
• JOHN AP CAI/CHEF, Piturbrgh do
Co, Scrag eld and Water ow. opposite, the idonongal
• mugs. In
Wheelor, Croaker & Co, Now York
Geo Davis, Garrido'
N nuir, (.1"; ca.v. l ..d
ho A Armstrong & Co. Detroit
McClure & IPllliaw, Milano]. '
Bristol& Porter, Men"
Wm Powers, Powentown, Peon,
Geo ldaohelmyre, Ennsharah, Penna
John Meander, /how° wn, do
Wink A Liter, Greenville, do
Clair& Frampton, Clarksville. do
Hays & Plumb, gharpaborgh, Pa.
W C Malan, Shawn; do
W Carotin dam. New Castle, do
mak 1846. MUM
H. mute: Hoopc T. R elimand
• " CLARKE & C 0.,.
rerwardlakVattars.ra Nerelsares,
...e..Artnta and Proorleton of this Line (witaver•
ably known to the pabliel, will be prepared on. the
earliest opening or canal navigation to receireptop
any as Pittatmeth and Beaver, and deliver the wee at
_point on the Ohio canals, and abet onLakes Erie
and lilehlyan, with the /crewel derpateh and at reas
tbmle rates.
prop r ti o e u tors,:rit theli,onsdieslof
the:rhodium, are second In none. h,
And/ lo or address
O M !CARTON, Aft, Pittsburgh. _
CLARICE & Co, Deaver,
/WO " T RICIDIOND i..Cr C.eveland,
ilitgrA /847
"FOIE mod 'of this line consist. of a double daily
A Line el Roam And Oars, (owned by tkeinselvesd
which are in good order. The.intirentiers ens roman
red to forward a large enmity of Merchandise red
Prodace with certainty and disown;-
. •
Produce or Merchandise consigned to any at me un
siondersigned. Is
rag f orwarded tree of any charge for commis
or sto.
BillaLading transmitted and all instructions promptly
intended to.
The business of this Uncle condaeled on atnetlY
Sabbittleltaeptng Erinuiplest Addreters or WO to
D _
HARRIS & LEECII; Propritors,
Nol3lloath Third eireeL Philadelphia
'tio 114 North Howard sweet, macre
No 7 Wen aireet.New 'York
-- __
taie/k. watt, iiV*llll.24lll t CLXVICLAND
.LOSOk - ,_... 1847, •. ' ilifibid
y KAYE Beaver daily rd <o'clock, p. 8., alley the
.1-J arrival of the vteamboat BEAVER born Pittsbargh,
and arrive at %Venni ht.!! mining In. velum for the
Sieges which reach Cleveland bechre Wed,
Pascertgery will be rebelptelltbranth,veca t i a p bent.,
on the Packet. and Beata In the. Ebamt, on application
on board atestieboat Deaver. Deems Twaborgb. at 9
o'clock, a. vr.,) or to the Wm.. - •
.., ___ a 111 luarromi co, I , iii.w.roh
cutu: & Co. Deaver. .
.. N. li TAYLOR, Warren •
--- .
kiwto N.:press is eausdolibli.,
' . •/lIIIE Canal being now open,
.Erpreits winch has been ere
tor to connyanee of valoahl., packages of
earelawlise, c ia o . pt bank new, RweJty, Le, cm.
almwed molar i, March L ,
An Me Clan will bp l ili wail I/Wolof.
oaks causallwpwawn.
.1) LBECII &to ' '
at/ill 4 ,• • • ' OW TWIII it ial %Sal
ran,: • • • -
‘ , " ---- .7 0 .^ 2- ••••<•7: - .*•••••••- - -- , ....vo- ,, sW•••=, - 1 7 - An-A•
• - . • • -
10.MOVLASt. 310/3.81110 ,PACK/LT,JTOM.
ail The new and otalendid it. L ean t a
Copt: Chailes Holm ettwatesiee.;l,4
.Oebala. n , na laka ' mil
burgh at o'clock. a. x., and Beaver at. 9 o'eteek,r .14-
cettnesting won Yntaargh and,Cleveland Line of Cad
nal Boats daily iv Cleveland, O. Beard% Warren wid
Cleveland tine Of Canal - Packet. andaCosekas
daily to Warren and Chlelwar.. Canal t Lit t :
New Castle and GMEATIRAr Pa;:Erie
to Meadville and NO./dr:ora & Can Line. of
to Sta ,apaches for Cleveland and Wooer . kayo tie
yop :the • write . of ineakdboal Beaver' Tiny
Pittsburgh: • Apply to •
M lIARTON en; Pittabater ,
arid • . CI.:ARYX .9..00 3 Beaver
EitiON '1847.
. . .
rtallsiLTalrte SIrD OHIO Call Lail'
N. PA RIO Co, Cleveland:O.
• R PARKS.Beaver,Pa. • •• ' Proprielors.i.C.
ee LATHER, Pittsburgh; a.'.
to +AY point on MI ge 'l n tvania (thin and Ohio
Cunals. • • • •
The facilities of said Line are not eonsiled by any on
said Canals, In numbers and capacity of Boats,segpe-i •
rienee of Captains. and prompuseis of Agents, An.
. ',Pan Boat leases Patsbargi and Clesahmd daily, mu
mug eonnection with the Stamen.
Michigan and Lake Ene, between Pittsbull
Bearer, and a Line of Krsi class . Scrambea(s,'
len, Brigs and *almoners, ins - LaSes Erie. IlinoW
oldgan and Ontario. • •
Properly forwarded-loins part 'of the 'Unieis - With
despatch. E N PARKS k Co, Cleveland, Ants
REM, PARKS AL- Co,.lkaver,CAgta
• W T MATHER. Pittsburgh, Agt ,
WM • . Chor W•serand Vutithlcld twe ets
• - •• THROUGH IN 1114 C , 8+ p i11.3.. •
DAGKEP Oats Seralkm and • h leave Rea
•l- ver da il y. at 3 o'eteet ft ,afkr tarried or the
mornlng; Roar Dole Pittsburgh, and arriee at Warren at
rime for the Nell Line of Stager, which leave nantedi-.
ftely thereafter. ar l orriee ft Cleveland au 3o'ekwis; P.
This more is the moat expedit:oesand coniforosble
one to the Lakes. .
REED, PARKS tr: Co, Beaver, Agents
JOIIN A CAtiGHEY, corner Water and Senthiel4
eerily Opposite the Mcmeagaltela IfOose. patshorp •
41111611 '
ellsklSnAeCeKon;istricope'frei4ton-diPlati '
a; 39.1 regularly daring the aeron betsvee ' %
Deaver and Greenville, Pa— by srbieh freight and pas--
sengersbetween the two points, will be earned promptly
s and la the lowest rates.
. WICK Ss ARCllER.Creenville, AgU, •
CRAIG RIUMPTON, Clarksville, der;
l lng B A , PLUMß , Sberpsbrirgb,:' de; -
W C MALAN. Ohms, . •
• WM. idATHEWki, Palasui,•" do; . -
REED, PARKS.& Co, Beater.. sku
JOH N.A CA HEY, corner Water and Sauthaeld Ks,
.apply Opposite the Monongahela lipase, Pittsburgh
aggma 1847. BEM_
Philadelphia, Baltimore; New York
• and Beaton. i • •
THE encooragemeot this line has received ante
its commencement, has induced. the proprie
ton to increasethe stock by adding a number fal
clue boats; and instead orgiviag receipts as hereto '
fore as agent., we will give our own receip ts lot
freight shipped by this line. '> •
The boats are all portable, censequently freight
is taken the whole distance without transhipment;
thereby preventing damage from frequent /fondling
or. the route, and as each boat is owned by the
Captain who rune them, whichla'a eufficient
antee that there will be no delay Olathe route.
All Produce or Merchandise ioal4ned to the,
underairced will be forwarded FREE OF COM
MISSION,for Wincing and forwilding, and vain
be animal without delay at the lowest Oki of
S' e roapeettally aolicit a aharo of pihlie patro
cage. WALLIINGIVRD& C 0.,•
Canal Basin, Pittaburga
• Broad Street; Philadelphia.
• F !HILLE R Agent
Wharf, Baltimere.
Pittsburgh, Feb. III; 1847, . •
1846 AfIF 1847
TO THg 'MT .111.:1101101 - 0111ELL ROUTE,.
MEE undersigned are L ern L e &
pre C pared to forarard.pre- ,
dnee,-ke.,th the Emmet Motets doling the cam
g Winter; on th e roost favornble thou., by thin erPd .
din.% nitre.
All property . eonenoted to ea sriti be forwarded at the
kisrert rues and Wilk despasila
Iterchambee • thee.ved by dog route promptly .
granted. ...I C BIDWELL, &et, Yiebergb.
W CASS, Brownsville:
E EGERTON & Co,Cunthertand
ANLI • -1847
T HE subscribers wll ineelpt to delivery of Pro
dues us Baltimore by the Illooongehela Slaelmater
at the following pnees— ' • • •
Asbes, Bacoo, Bauer, Lead, Lard, Pork, Tallosi; -
Whiskey, .:;and Glass37l as per tott lbs.
. Tobacco, Karp, Flax and Wheat—Kets per Ittalbi.
Ashes, (Pot) Apples. Cbeese,„Flai.Beed, Glass, mid
Leather-IOG ens per ICA lbs
Oils, Skins. &Into, Wool-110 ens per 100
• Beeswax...Pea:berg, Fars, Ginseng, end Boake•Root
—IVO eta per IVO no, •
All propeny eonsygned to rather of the undersigned
be - fontrarded eel:bout delay, free of Cotaraissiou,
at above rates. .AV 11 CLARlLBrtnensellle.
uosoNdif 12ANNA & WM/T./DIAN, PtUSbmib.
-Lk FLUID —ln mlieling the petreaage of the patio
for this article, it is bit ries/ and proper that write me
which km claim for •uppon I. hoed shoal& Ise folly and hir -
ly mt fulls and alm woe ton ten be 'given that the meal
=unity wai not be imposed Poo by using it
la the fitst phce it es well known that the ren...lProf
black "LAW ere compased _of). pree beld_tovels.
hy gam denbicand when the witcr,eitherwasekok or part
as ...prated thegam and precipitate are left as npestysame
is, the pen or inkstand whkh contains it. It h deo comma
to add mow. to the Ink sowturc to make it more fl
o uid,
.which. increases tha era by wont oa the . 'pew, if a wad
corroling it through in • very m ilt time Now the" Wei
de, nod' , differ. from these .f. in ceery nape.. az
il is • chemical aulest on rpuitiog theist matter to hold it
together, therefore wi..l never get thick, and being TelyelUld
a large quantity doers front the pen ihtmeriyezi vire p.0 . e...
ling deeper into 4bre at the paper making a mnartad.
mot stoma. toeless molly moved lay earl]. Usan it it was
oefy phishred on She sorb., It rso eoutains no atatterehal
hie Ma amity fur morally Iron. therefore will..aut carted.
.1.1 pate—it sill not mould, o awid although it Mit c• 'of se,
bluish vete color yet hie (ter oOtte ht. - Mesa deep hhek
„k e „, u 1, is wo trailed superior. Lathe
keep artime known by die mune of -o strao.dle-Wriligs
Fluid w and am-shied anwe given km the razor price: 'At
.nutr• sonless mwpootino wly
Wag attoupted
the lbllowhic treceatneedations will
to se Altman be
re, that the names there given coed
trot hr. besn
tan. by any means for an unworthy puepwe , '
Avaiiim' aid . 4 ; Ifitthera'a Clientica . I Writing Mid" to
th• patiory of Ast public, ea • I4st rata atti•lo ;it nil mi.
pent; it ows Bat from Lae pm without dwn; up•ad
iv thlitonnw of • Air hours • ..ea a &lip I m i=". •
B • Summit & Co. • I Wielt ••4 -
Robert Moon. • ; hrlker. • ;. •
Wra Lippftwou &Boa s .Wightetait •
AteQueiraa•••Dontai Franc • Bellera • •
Boat B MeTal•Booliter C A I:Belt:mit,. k"Cca.
HoD hi CU, A og SO,
Mr not Hkbete—DearStr og I have peat iisiaglll %
Chemical Writing MA, and Sod it a pr
rate for
the eimn er.dy ham du pert =a 6namnjet block •
lo . a kw boon.
T H THITLE. Bookkeeper
for Damns
Pittsburgh, An SP, IM?,
Mr T K ILlibert—Dear Stu Having pommai • bottkof
your Writiag fluid,rome threaweeks ago, I eamder Hick.
ly ritual if not superior "to Arnold'. or up other Mita= in
tut, I know of. Itespiettuhy,
wiLttam wrEwAnT,B.k4.p.,
Sot Arthur itirkolsoo *Co
Pulaborgh, Sept 11,1 SO.
Mr T Ilitthrt—Deer JUSI using your Chtaimil
%Crain }hod, :ad fad It to be • layer ,ht ankh fa-
Mal pass, &mado. not e 4 them iipliat 1W gratthltly of
hther lab; allows 6a thibecomess deep bark in a kw
alm Timm, Respatrally. ,
• WILLIAM CARR, Boolokseper
kr !Ma Pular: -
Prepual and told Wlelmak and Hetet by Tthinias
Il,bb.rl. Diagght and Chemist; comer of Warty aad
Saul:Astir:them, Pgrebaripb, Orttallat
• ":
PILES . • • 7","7
D INGOLDSS Vtn•Prlen Specilleon inerrant rea
• certain and • radial rum' whether anterndi alma'
Menthes or blind, she, Ire ireitakm or the kidneys mid bleat
der, puns in the beak ma early habileal anetinneem a erupi
nem, /era
Funks beSme and nrter etefimemat ana elicit . ttn - inbini
with mentipalim of the bowel , eadirmee, ai withie the
pale. In au .
awe Specificnrmedy. can be mien wittiper •
rect•seßty, enda. The S ill noir
rgaliee, and is ma entirety tible remed, ni ped& thont •re
atimeborie,nainerem or t intalierni pea:
featly humble in the men delicate mem
This IS to neetlfydbal I tool Be.
beraldebre PAD Bimeid.rt
lo be • cure sad mate remedy. llmmg men its alrea,
in mesa miersodemAret my Dreit i renetions, eereselcoo
drama imd mere rases of De pi - where it made ea mitiri
rUft 11 '• HES WRITE/LED,
New YOlA,ldayi IRS 364 Sit% mem.
&wildly glee my taitiemmy es to the ecstasy mid mks;
isbleg <feet, ir Dr. - . lnsoldsbei ran Apmille, es. tippet
Dem ley own .rs Alma, be iniiIIMA T
lumingsmen it u,l leiW comma is emend eseesiaMrth..
mid hark. DEO.
ay, ins. • • 334 S
Ng. Yuk, May, 1 . 81.1.
Mr. Beals—Desr Slre-1 ban aln Snubs to toy, fit
your . soblienu, Dr.lugold.b74 Piles bpecite. kit mods b per
debt e,b b je, du.. orbq bbaroad I oculibe peg . ..y..4
that I ban bsca surf:mud at (I, as it was ID mr 0p...
possible loess. bey. limner, I ma mar dewily I. %bred.'
4=4 4 Ibbim, kddlible, awl do *1 , 6.4 ethers w h o on el
:dieted in thelike somber, lo proms. Out larbekos dui lay
'depaal on • tendon. : . • •
Toon "Rat eae.
West Chester, N. Ye, &lay 1.5, 1813. --
Dr.londleby—par 13 b1 , -That yoo Üby 1.1141,00;1lb
be msyle suSaior, as well as Wimps*. ay mikado bar
abb Lomat! hors derind trots dab. ans of your Womble! iss•
elf*, I soapy with r , nte:, sad a
vrd r t r . do Iri. Nary bad:
W. an :a r t; =other rtmedies arrILI "a °I
Yours stalk
bold who/rads bed WWI/ Wbf. JAZsatt, at kis !U
-na Menden Warebusa, and Bud sad not toberildb,ui
p.r lout Überty• bout, bud of and, Bud
hi, 5k.,,,
• • • Omeatrroms, Va ally
Mr. R. F.Graltam—Dearthe-4 perehmed of
beaks of Sellers' Verialfaitet and made am 1
tle to two of my etldre., which Woven from
worm, and (mm the other 130. I recommend
communlty•as one of Ott host tentrysc. than
or toed Ito the removal of womm:. - ' 'e
Prepared end ald by R. it liEuxsus;saW
between 3rd and lilt EL elnd by Dr. ca J[ D. ig• cam Auethen oth.
- ,
MtDICATW Larsson, rnroos dicta
1111, 5039151APr a*".U.A...4 • .4 to inki.4-.'
- ptenawothat eitaldreanni=ntrltty...
antra See last hapsettannt a m e w
Wit!' . /...ita
m a Pot otrach Paste sr no back otr i nd, !a,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, .
'''s , ' IHERMAZOI3 COUCH. 1.66N0ZW.
e4b.... Longs are the farad, nogg mad os o t,„
oly In gob, coin, eamagga s whoopaLowslos, .111
ma, tigicarattche toga cog, tie to pennon
• ag. nog amotate where they dill halm gnat
onaletion Soma thanadions tin ben odd lonia
do gym, restorg to health gams la dog enn oboe
oinsoomptata,ant thossidorhoirr to mood dscrog y
Coln and raga They do not sad dry or nerawto,
but rioder it eay, promote n ywomaa,allarthetintiag or
IV4I/' mod nag in aroban or cad mmo.
4. llmosanAmil. a noggin argent tango "pro ,
t 0, 708 gob, again, mat are matontedly amour to
M than too greethoonooplog, Hudson oyos hn
doe ortenigta ban ben cdrered or their gaunt t or
toes; from tine who bare betwared boon otagoi,y run
:and rang to yernotbagly lag theam.
.Wlare then mo mach pan is the Intone . ,-
-ma's oft3er
ma's Poor Man's Pastan (ptieessoly Idi moo gold to
. myldni toter 4 M isol, sod, rota till sabered 11' ottea4r4
with rooting% a in t-Aarto or hag bag, ... sa
gang/tie toeing, 4.4 d ito coed a ono.. retro . .
,Amfmla hi M Wald IMZRHOPH
!- i Moo wons ledenonn e log prom ialllGAdiaa JACO
000 esegais goo* no ally yonata aura aog"
median nordarancaL - granges fon worms
nd gag /ogled ' an ern death, won
. oat their era bag MIMI* povra tang are Itl7 aitoa
' atlioted with thon, sod are domed kr egg goadosts -
gig *7 10 ..0 when Porno* a tha1i.....v...41
~s./ gt.m..—ra. 6 thookter a ma s
honth,Ring a Ow bilhgriadiag of the to& dans
alool,sad ages apagagloagliporithAmobatehena,
awis i gati o ago gong against the mionch, don
potion. orer the gram the booly, alight in or !lir
mai% hewiwthe, !towline mtg. Monad
dmoo, mad. gag ago. wand with_ian moan or
omegas a agleam cog" grocasa, thir, paint
Sae; lb., bed tog is lb
e gab, alkali inathhm, go ha
the goon or town, Wipe, sans, nandono on.rol
....apatite, lentent, bkosed stanch or timbs,grainp.
simotgpon .1 , mime pet , of the body, • cam of ge
&grog ta tho throat, fiats/ *Me um. torranlr odght, to
Omni deur* to pas ontethog bum Rho bona, mod. ge
ga Habana *foga an motor.
They bases Maria seam or min nogg
pal anon of tl: Lee% /tamer of !h tpirity dosoodeoey
patriot sore nag loonl or noon an i
inhoctintay, gonna or am eg of tiany of the clod
cha e lk:, geow, od 1:1111311. of Ma gna d t or bowetlikyoteriod
afenal, to mil tomato es, s.
day, aB4 wantons tig dag
"dee , mi rown gh4- dogs or lb.
en mhos, dings, bugle or mmo. of loge. Pet
an tanDomo at auseliat bap puties, nil/lad lb. Lag
gas reatlyncoriagit &gamine booparyorytalc ant atter gonna, mango in goof do sag gni
in au man the Oarphyd. t OTIMPOLN entrap kw%
loo&boo Perm who have bora ha Itoolauersoall
thew rediabits, WRI And aboonLawar ad,i
: The teL .... =ho t t r be waitz a,t ,,h, at=
lialw,ins, nogg% toga kr. Ist: ging
year woll intern doe deratod. - Theyrnotin Made ong
nor Won shcas- Warnatad gator to sbotharoad
far on sager do gal gee, aakig actady the Ng lon
:thetheapat pinta in the world. Ilan& raid la •Ine
tio ofthe tom or stommattd it nAationsmal • "
' Mkt I. cogs, mg %We% es
, 1 . 0 . =, oypettor or &a gat oa lk aiigh, 47 ' it
sedating bVis, or LCl4=B awl ." a,41, will gin -
denied gym Gm aro a trely Zenthoong Pia
tar. Pbamanagotamlly nogg tiom oprohynn No .
milabglogoagy sign adhere Worm! afford gat
er Mee la &air opeatheyare oboooot, lag, owl ,
agne. Thor an epot or estirelydaltanal [weal
ant &men other, nd ham the etrroates.l WI
licess who hare met llur% as well at lie caned terthoosy of
an &misbrand mat
idtearitkor elerwzphpleins, ts
litorilithena, loan'oad ot tha warehouse In ors '
'th'their wal !way at the anawolatironalere eurankow
Direetkom kw ma are ea the book ea l Jo a
far slain orDralhaaamose. Abler . shale
`abrmys alb, Maga% Poor Man% Piga, ad so that
gend ot , ninon
ran abonor'old kw th . e .' lrao Shargm's Mona, loy '
.1.4...1...a ,a.s r, W . UMW/ at his Mdes
•Wageon, Ha. Oa long nod. Rita or th '
jot H ill.
, •‘7. HAVE POUND 1 2b ,0 -=Mmeha.' ," -
• Ciabatote Pa lamb 3d, DO.
Der Die.-21u
_a 'We:may t.u.ragie,",,u,kyt•
thorn aatistet is& a s
dist:sat this Loa, oe Ceasapda
tet is Os Spina( NCI I vas Steal with a sea
whick'Sat hienialested im Maw all a.
vopt... of is .ppmehiatty Comaiita. My mei i.. - •
Lea atddemsne, staled tint aim night rata I .
sid dsily itdasidishL l aaatil p o f Mod, miffed with :••
.Sick Mt xueete.,• My shade. Mrs macs ad slum an
ins: Dorice•akis La I• e ottested.'hY beef_ Pe._
altars' Sktyikies; e en . ley mild ...09,0t0 •
'al Inge they gee op ill hoyeadey emery, setnest •
es. tat =the; ram add ?etios—that an •
• fried of Ma b amt. • bid of DwIRSIIVI
/MO ibid. by Dyeasiptesiste agast a mysi
thia adieu add do.o goad, sad mid SW Odd
WA, to by tattaity: I told theinit as my itedabintly
• SM. and land last ak , Lie driad. (mitieliaras .d..
Mato sad atis irald sae( bd.: Lib i sbt . to th,
Cbcibtll3 ilukeeta3.3 3 bates litaandy Ulm
by &ki.4tirse-, L sadsomakessedoo tanlist to as dm •
bidoa et eldiag,tomy alLsimiotesdiesdy
aii telk4 uee amen lemblesnaComy.
Mesa lbn nod teams In sy ChM ghee en • ne.
Ill: stmatikutilith Sal eatied us us - he ahem itose..•
Thor eater maim! it - ae mit, tea it to ably
eameed. ma I ta.m.d. mond mat !I are sta Lea
*lean to Sibusiam, a 3 Yen) ed MI as •
healthy ti.h...ina,•,„A hare manmade' De, Deana% L.
'mane Ready may WM. thersienaily Silica
-10,1 itlw days ewe easeesal to fir es I hes witenal
'Maras: My thais staff thai mediae at pram, a •
Data Ziei Sid -as guz.,N-h - whiela She
'hid Ward tilt do me Dm - sh. 6m nsay Miami
by the a of the medices, end I as semMest dm 6 bow.
est /asks with se allay elleolintlyeart her. I its arty„
a kneels thee as Staab or Wadi? Yersiainatg
way....ith ft.. dralfeS Mayer—CONSILIAI
• Wen it•ely pal& Le dee b proem MS edam is
ea. it be too bste,finey Breed& be mimed did
their balk. =a mai m , spin
. stsitessi happy.. Ms
adicias Ir . Rl gin babsa enlist, sada dm nat ate anis - .
,th•hard alpha' Catqh, Mete W. tightmet. the Chas
stisith to the ..k.bua'.4i,d.ted -
sod cm, la case, IQ masa • mat ents.
" • Moolgoesey a bLailton County, Otis . •
N Ds—Theemberay at be sereated with a I see
• to thajmo,oed. eitims of felattomayi Haile. am
ty, V.; they,,S" m 'any hat Motinate the sbare lastommai
C• 11.1. J. Ihron."
dad, am the Made Alacinien mese bipedal..
. doll in • Pitteatth; •by •WM. JACKSON, corner of
Wombat Lien, sta apcl4alkw
3. /lair Cream, a idateniew arhe Otowth.
kilkauty and Reneration of the Hair. This Cream, when known. will supersede all other ankles of the
nd new need. the hair is dead, harenthiu, un
healthy ea turning grey, a few applicatious Mill make
Me hair soft and dark, and give it a beeatifel h eel.
appearaneet and' 'hales make it totaill SS beeline.
and heal color twice so long as all the preparations
which are a
neraly used.' Every lady lairtleman
who are :e the bibbed Ow:gall. en theshould
at once paradise a bottle of the Chinese llair Crease, as
it is so enamored thou: will net injure the hair tike the'
otherprepannions, bat will betraillyit, and gme perfect
sansfaktkan ht every instance. -
:For testimony to us very amerier qualitier. see the
lbilowing letter. from Rev. 34. Caldwell, to Mean.
Deaden - holt *.litretch, Nashville. Genersd Arms foe
the Westirn States: . • ,
Letter (ma the Rev. R. Caldwell.paitor of the Peen
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