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The Comuoundthilit the &threw Court of
, the Woman Dania of
Berndt „ Pannsylvania.
Gibson, Chief Justice, delivered the opinion of
the Court..
' We ate told that biascertain he hopitimate will,
the safest course in adoubtful case, is to consider
the old law, the madder and the remedy; end it
is proper to prentim . that as we never had. strictly
speaking, any previous statute on the subject of
quo wamourt, the remedy stood, with us on the
toot of tho common law modified, in s measnre by
our own customs founded in analogies, drawn
from the 9 Anne c. 20, which however was not
attended, ' u a swan to Pennsylranii. What
dam was the old law 1
The greatEnglishcornmentator tells as that the
writ of quo wamusto lies at the common law for
the usurpation of a franchise in violation of the
right of the King ; and that it 6 in the nature of
a writ of right for the King: consequently that
no one elm can sae it out. The judgment on it
=chain of the right even tusk= the King
himself; and this, together with the slow and
unwieldy mare of the remedy, had made it give
place, in practice, to the note mammal& end lore
• decisive method by promotion by information In I
the nature of a qao warrant° filed by the Attorney
- General in the King's Bench. Thus studs the
common law proceeding the English coots.
In our own the maim= law writ of , quo woman
- to ham never been attempted; bat in plus of it,
recourse has been had to the information Witte
mann of a quo warrinto as It stands in England
at this day, notwithstanding the tenth section of
the ninth article of the Constitutioa, which 'de-
.. :.clams that, "coo , person =all, for any indictable
offence, be prcocedad "gaunt criminally by rotor-
NUM= except in cues arising in the land oraa
0. val threes, of in the militia when in actual service
is time of war or public danger." In the CoM-
Monwealth en. Brown, 1 Bent. & Rawls 882, it
no bald that an information in the nature of a
quo warranter, being not a criminal but • civil pro
• aiding to try a right, was not within the toostita
atonal prohibition. Though this decisionwas au•
renstionably founded in a =and coutraction, it
still appeared to coincide with the letter.
These informatics in the nature of quo war.
unto were found to bees convenient in England
that they were allowed by the 9 Anne to be filed
'by leave of the Court at the suggestion of a pd.
Ovate relator for the determination of prints di.
• pros between patty and • party in which the cao.
roman) wee not involved, and in which the name
of ths Attorney General was retained only far
the sabi of forma That statute, se I have said,
vies not exumded to Peruisylvania by adoption,
and sanctioned as a binding enactment by our act
of 1777 to nun the laws in force before the Re v n
010:1100, though the substance of Its provisions
wee assumed as parrot our own common law, for
the heath of such aninformatioa.
Thus Owl the law at the enactment of the
statute before us which !supplanted it; and what
were the defects it was intended to remedy!
I will not say that the incompatildity of an
Information with the !letter of the constitational
probibitiothwas one of them, for the Commisdon.
as who reported the have not said it was:
still it may have leen= object withthem in pro.
vi&ng &statutory writ, to amid even a found la
=amok'', ,Bat the substantial defect/ were the
want of statutory authority to gin remedy
in aim identical with, or similar to, those
-provided for by the statute of Anne—the want
of power in the =mann court to try noes
of feet in the country, and the delay produced by
the remedy to it. Did the Legislature
go farther than merely to remove theml
ani bound to takithre law from
the statute tool, we are at Itherty, in ewes of
&Otte! intent, to go behind the scene for the
motives and objects whidt led to the enactment;
inT in tin induce we have not to deal with mere
fetnedelq and =ejectors. The Cittalltisioo6 , ll
who admitted the ill= of the law proposed to
give the Brun= Court power not only to pro
, • COlld by writ, but to send is of fact to the
crud) court"; and for greater. despatch to gin
. dna courts concurrent jorialieslou in mom of
usurpation. or forfeiture of county, township or
' corporate franchises, °tikes, or battle.: but they
, proposed no provision for an allowance of the writ
t at the suggestion of a private relator. That was
sada, howerse, while the bill was under discus.
ono in the chamber', but limited as we shall me,
=those cues of which the county courts sitordd
-,hue concurrent jurishabn.
- ,The foot section of the act authorises the So.
prams Court to thaw =Us of quo warrento air
" der the damns wherever they her been betted
at do amnion l a w; and consequently in coos
Blunt= prune Bo much of the second seed=
es glom rise to the quiaton, is in them wads,—
dint of quo =manta in the manner and form
hter provided, may also be head by the
"..1 several Crum of Comm= Pitts concurrently with
the thsumos Court in tba followiog PM. to fib
lo was any ream shall usurp, intrude into, or
unlawfully hold or exercise any c o unty or WWII.
office wittthi the respective comity. 2.14 case
any pens= duly elected or:appoint= to any such
ado& gall have done su ff ered, or omitted _to do,
In/ act. Matter, atilt:vs whereby a forfeiture of
his ars doll by law be wasted. 2. In case any
. question sfiillelJn concerning the curd= duty
voce in any,. conetatirms =rood by authority of
Iset,:and bob* the chief pleat of bunion; within
- the respeolivo• county. And In any sue? eau tbs
1 writ aforesaid may he is upon the, suggestion
, of the Attorney Gomel, or his deputy in the
reelisetiv • county, [or of any paean or persons&
skip' to prosecats the mans.”]
Now what are we to understand by the words
' 4 207
each waif' - upon: every principle of obviate
imaming, and grawsucal Maim, we must intend
that the legislature had in view be cues contained
in Os same section and 9.capi imusallately pre.
", Coding the flast4thuse.
„The words in brackets wets judiciously added
the Legislature to provide for cum in which
the pablirointesest might not to Medved. and in
which the Antonin General might not , be bound
sW. , For all cases within the exclusive
jn of the Sununu oZurt, the wand= of
auth i provide= is evinciniof a design to leant
the kontrulo, n of the writ to the regulatiou of the
Cream= law,xind to pat the control of it enclu.
deity Withicithepower of the Attorney General.
- An te. remain for inch a dispatiske of do mat
_ ter le an donut one. In the usurpationof *mu.
Mein' or corporate office, or retainer of one at.
tar forfeittina Of the expiration of the ineambeat's
term, no fro:whim or libertyof the Commonwealth
• is knead or withhabLead the prerogative is not
to be Invoked for the redraw of a grievance not
bre over, bat es then may be invasion of private
eights of a corporate or municipal nature, it was
mosestry to lotroduci the provision of the stat.
Ws of ABDOr modified and enlarged for their pro.
action by writ of quo warrant° subject to the di•
Medan and control as well as the risk of the
taldnitn t 'l
4 de a remedy for lin assumption of an rune.
• tin (demo* in other wards, an office which can
be logithithely NW only by llar smointmerit of
the florintor, or by the choke of the people of the
"Ifteticelfes statutory wilt of quo wimnto dandy :
ern may thing but the Gem of it, stood the
writ of goo innwito at the common law. The
the lawlas wasmortal by the Com.
mi pi
asionate put It upon the same footing even
Ws a raoady fa the laud= of e private right;
end do Intornation of a,p ale prosecutor woe
not exthaded toll u • remedy thr public Wroar
' The Commonwealth has her own law officer,
mho'is =mod with the protedion of ha pro
- man siebtm , and abedid not allow ,bet fano.
don to be meamsdpy • piing pecoicakt. ,
What Induces the mind to pima as to the tea.
• sonal&nem of this coodualon, is theitamidention
• - that as the Governs ' , controls in awn omen.
, she lied= el the Attorney Gaseed, who 6 &Pot'
dent = him foe in hisAfflearan Oa:
COolltketigall appointment by that Executive may
be without renal whale the law officer of the
'" - Stele to bemanness of his duty. The
'however, that 6. will not disregad
- and that Undo, the House of Riipmentabo
will Imparh. and the Benito cement him. This
priewmption itifart of the theory,of oar 0011/12t
mat, miff it k Woe in '6d, it vim gni:wow=
svila that framed tho Cooatitation
ikeLegidstwithl ifi a gwa th '' ,4 " o - 1 "
INT;rlOilttrlikkt 'lt is our basimu,
~l'o'Pt.'Vet.'"l..****lisliki• rutieglo 4 sE,cts,lFal pro
' 4, 4 ; Jew as we find it; end meting whblit
• xx r
tolitt*Okt ml 1 0 1 ":.•
f,fith klartenteinlhist writ. =then Imam ait Po'
V.e,t,7,44,1{11.,-aieisfraittion a Pam kw oreit
-rt4111,,,e,20,„-712:27e -'",!".2764glisehlllitsitelki the Coaniotstaslth to Pow.
190, at cars nay much like the corer
411,7 7 / 9 1/Mtfr
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:1•451:11,I.V .
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::',.,;:, 4,...,1' .: -. i.:! f • ~:
' 1 . ,- .' l ,;;;' :'.-..• :•ii.: : -,z
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e.;:q. - $. . 1 .• i -4 ,: i i : r •
;• oli,' it, ,- 'co,: ..... it•
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. 4 :' ' 41 .1.: C .'• - • -,'; 'ilt.
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... ~,..: ‘ ,.i . : F •,, . .i.',
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=',:.'Nkit.e..l7,o, .-• 1:
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`lli , -;-=.'• , v , . F ,
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Dsn.y ♦ el publisu
slid Weekly.—The Daily iv Seven
Sikkim per =lug thetri-Weetly in Five Dellaraper
ashram the weekly I* Twe Dollars per amain unsay
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*ECM 0.111A1M;OP40D0111 111011111aLL.
We bed designed to all. further aturation to
the tali declaim of the .Bopreme Comt, irt
oat of the Judge of the ; Taut Judicial Medd,
bat the vety aide , anitment of Jelp, Quainter'.
dire itWoueeeesary. Old se same of theeJUder
as, imps they will lire Ibni mouth tone
the emir they hoe committed. he4ed,we
the &dice wpm*. es much for the disrespect It
is calculated to cream towards the Judiciary mkt
the wino( drum by the illecon IteelL
aseraird the pow* . a odiehl deem in Maas
awed* the -Haws - of asymmattativest of that
&am adopted I mariaffim equidne
Geostal crab' &kiss Oscura4o file sultrier
Markin giblet him in: U name of 91 0 Wm'
canto. The Bolicitm General tiled such an infoo
melon; rearing the tea:anther lie it, and_denisiing
that he acted in obedience to its mandate. On a
unction to quash, the question was whether the in
formation wearies set of the law, officer, or the set
of thenopular tan* end the Court very proper.
ly held theta the forma was bound to set an his
own resgithriffilY, the informal= wet his set
sod the mega' I mem outplusege. '
• It le nieffierie to ay that bad it been deemed the
Act of the "'Boos of Bapresentitives, it would
bus ban quashed., Bring an encutive officer,
it would have been a legislative ariripstioli of his
funutioirs, to direct the course of his action. To
say no more of that, thedseision shows Val deem
ly that a ease like tbs 'prim* in' the 'bones of
sped& mrsritoseat, stands cm the regidation of the
Common law. Wealthy first section of mutat.
at. refers for the extent °gibe jurriedietion of the
ildriprome Gaut, to the Common law. But it is
very far from eaudn, that, an equal or greater de.
,grse of inemivenienee would not be sufficed by
exposing every adoisterriatur judicial officer of the
State to a writ of quo warrant et the suggestion
of any one who might choose to test the validity
of his commission by menial experiment. As the
judgment In a previous instant:, would not be a
bar to Bah prosecution at the augpstirm of • dif.
fereHot relator, if the writ were a matter of private
right, the incumbent °eighths bemused to death.
In the Commonwealth vdDirlingum who died be. 1
foie judgment, and in theCcaumonwealth vs Cot.
lies, B Watts al, in which there was judgment
of ouster, the writ lamed at the suggestion of the
Attorney Genera nit reported by the Com.
mbeioners was bated on the law as it then stood;
and the amendment of it in . the Chambers, was
limited tospecific atamerf which the present is
'not one. It could be ithad only by a snit sued
out at the suggestion of tte Attorney Gentral.
Writ quashed.
. I
The writ of quo sustain° was anciently lamed
at the instance of the King through his attorney
gaunt 'for the purpose '\ of 'sizing a franchise,
office or estate, to the use of the King. Some
time terns the English *dation informations In
the nature tithe - writ of quo warrento were de•
wind by the Engible lawyers, which were putted
and allowed by the Kiwis:rich upon the religion
of • private individual, - who was made liable for
costs, If he failed to establish that the defendant
wax a usurper of the office or franchise. There
is a cue reported int Lord Raymond 496, where
the. Court of Kings beach allowed Sir Samuel
Miley to file as information in the nature of the
writ of quo wanento spinet the Mayor and Alden
men orde city off( utted. The 9th of Queen Anne
subsequently to , this provided\ that the informa
tics in the nature of • ink of quo warrant.) should
hue epon the relation of any indisidua who
chose to prosecute the slime and give security for
costs. against any persafilistaping an office in
any Borrengb, City or town *pinata co:pennon
for the purpose of declaring it void. Thor writ of
quo waminto wooled probably still be the NOW,
in England, to be leered by the attorney metal
in order that the franchise might be seised for the
Kan. The Menne* in the jiulunent in the two
cans to, that in the writ of 4110 wairaato the office
or fnuichiee' is declared forletted and is seined for
the one of the King. The judgment an the Warn.
don of a writ of quo warranter is that the delete.
dent be ousted from the office so that it may be
Mod in the manner appointed by law. Thelust
geoceeding nom was used in Pennsylvania pre.
tons to our Act of emembly. The litter was
used although the Statute of Anne wee not con
eidaredm force, but the proceeding we adopted
to try the right to an office merely as a civil roma•
dg, either u a remedy at 60215011 law,
or under
the provisions of thi act of May PAL In some
hutenne the writ was issued in this - t herend the
name of the attorney punt med. he re.
fused to take any put in the proceeding; it not
being his dray, and no fee being allowed; and tbe
Coast enstained that: cower; and in the use of
Ibifutdica vs Griffith 2 Dallas If% the Court said
the name of the Attorney General must be used
profornea,lxit the private relator must carry tithe
prosecution. It was declared by Court in theme
of Republica vs Prior LYests 906, that where the
ado - roey general officiaLty. moved for an informa
trod, it would be Ironed of ammo without.hie
=toting into reequissom for coma but where it
wu =red for by an batiks!, security for caste
most be flub. •In the Stale of Ohio, it bat been
risked by the Supreme Court, that if the attorney
gegenl or hie deputy declined to Make the unfit*
Lion in a proper cue, that tbry will makes per.
amptly order for him to proem' or appoint some
other puma to do it. Hammond 24 9 .
It MN rated inn& /kat, aniondy to meta•
the, that granting leave toile a quo warrant° in.
formulas weediseutionary with the Coon, I S.
tad R.. gm But ths.. --met of this =don
walla mum to establish -ines our statism, as
well, as before it: le and is. in the diseriettenof the
attorney general. In this, stets offices are edges
fished for the bettedlt of We people, end ere
called the servants and semis of the people, end
hence it would appear unzip and incongruous, If
they are not allowed to say, that they ere filed and
occupied acisording .to the Constitution. But it
sumo power must strike at prime, emanating from
the same snorts. The people are incompetent to
move, and must trust to the attorney general as the
consecrator of their eighth. Before the peewee
of our act of Aswan* of the 14th Jane, 1839,
there Engirt hare been doubt whether tLe name of
tbri &mousey general ought not to have been used.
es • mattes of form, but dote the plow of that
act, all difficulty bee venideed from my mind.—
Mte must suppers that the authors of that acetate
(the mimes of our statuary =de) ware aware of
the thfileuldee in pearlia. from our having no
well deriSed wane applicable to our political ht.
stilatkina and that they Intended to supply that
Want. .The statute, being in fawn of pubbc right
and liberty ought to be liberally expounded for the
acciesplithselat d that end. The let Amnon of
tha actprovides that,omits of quo warreitto . may
he boned by the Bauer Court, in the fors and
miaow hatelter pleaded in all cues where the
writ of. quo warrantees Common. law may have
been issued; or where the said Courthay hereto.
fowl premed the power a( panting inkinnations
In the attire of quo:wernaito.". The sumod wee
lion eases that othe 'mute of common Pleas shell
have power to hue write of quo remnant* in, the
form widisarintrAereinafterprovitkaconaurient
ly wiskiithp suptipe,Court, in the following cues,"
and then enumerate the usurpation of Ley ma
te or township office, or any dike inany comorn
does created by authority of law,end then pros
wide that in any such ease the Ait afonisald may
be leaned !spots ttie nureestiou of the attorney gem
oral, or his deputy io the respective county, or of
any *rows or person/ damns , to poseeate the
same. waken father provides that the writ
may be loaned spar any corporation, who ham
no laid authority or have feria* their haa
t:hies, which writ shall be prosecatird,lgthe attor
ney gentoil; his deputy in the county, Or itny
perms mho shall desire to prosecute hie same. .
The third action mum the dray of the eau:
raj piteritto persecute the writ against a cape
rata, when be believes it has no lawful suthon.
or' haw.forfelted its charter. The foem of the
writ le then eet Intlb lathe fourth section. Other
section! provide thit the writ shell be issued only
upon application to the Ursa Court in tams
time, et by the Casson Plea during Wm, or
to soar Judge oldie Burnam Court, or the Pr.:
slant oldie Common Pleas them:ado* In which
r'application the facts tithe ease shall be folly set
forth en verified by the alb of the applicant; pro.
vision is made for ousting the psnoa who maps
office, if Judgment is readered spina him. The
writ of Woodion Ls directed, which, If disobeyed,
shall be enforced by wilts ofaltachmeat or seqoeis
aka. These are the_materid provisions of the
act. It le manifest that the legislature intended to
rondo an entire alba ad by the eet-of 1806,
m ell care. where a MOW/ PrO or say
thing directed to beaus by any act l ed, semb
:.the direct em of said ect shall be aMetly panned.
• Now, when the fiat section d the act states that
the Boras. Coast shall an the write of quo
waminto ha all CUP In the MOM herithalise
provided, what is mural Does it not mid to
the mob end manner dating the writ enjoined
In the after random of the sett That manner
is that it shall be Wad at disbuds.= of the At.
tom, General, depty, or arty person who
shall be desfraris of permuting the same Bat
the - argument of the defendant is, that the words
any pawn deoirwisofprweeuting thesarea,i.
fere to aunty ',Sees and wep_otations only,
which leaves the writ, ae to blether tame, that can
be Weed by he Supreme Court alone, without
any direction as to form or manner of burin
tiwo, when the mestion positively leovideeithat
they shall be hued In the /OM Opt manner sp.
aid in the ad. We ought sotto impute to the .
Legislature a, vein an act, es to provide minute
Induictions - for issuing the wit as to =all cdfi.,
cem: but as to the more Important, lease them at
Jugs o the remote analogies Rant from the
royal pteintratire: But by tide eoustsudion. the
feat and leading Mare of Ibli Meats is madam!
`toothy makes, merely adenine on the Court
the power which it aye they possessed before, and
earthing from:, It the redly, operative w o rds that
the power shall be necticed sat the sienna Art.
Rq inernekte. • The winds In the first section.
1d du. ortood tind fano lioviodom provided.'
and all the prosisioneln the sampan Oita set a
'Saito "Abe form ad manner; mutually connect
themselves, and *Mate each Woo, and plena
tbe manes; in whichlhe Setheeme - Gotta shall
ttofitdsme° 0 1 ; oak "69 the
powse coo'
- : - ,Nat ortiookfier a teatient to the pada= hi.
roirblehlhe'seueseantetidad for by tectiefend•
ant's eoonsiioeld dim &peopled Weikel.
No Information could beessepinit the AVOW) ,
Goad himself, no maw by what Wool won
he haki his Am And, pethapi, r in essay Of the
cases where the validity of the appointnant,, in
tended tube enquired into, he blinalf, is. the k.
gel wisher of tbeCkhernar, may .. bave ciamedied
the appointment. If a judge, should hold over his
tam of office; micifiten, nor all the cinemas of his
district, could Tuition his right,ly &meow= end
rocas of law.; If the Governor appointed an
individual during thonmees, his commission would
bat until the aspiration of the swam Of the Sap
ate. There would, therefore, be no octant vacancy
in the office until the Senate had Tian. lf, in
snob me, the Gamut= declined to nominate to
the Senate, and filled the office Unroll atter the
expiration of tbe amino, in such case the people
of the district could not question the constitution.
slily of Mho appointment. That power or privis
lege Is reserved to the Attorney . General of the
Governor, who_ made, the appointment. Or it a
Judge stioidd be Impeached, and the Smite find
him guilty end deprive him of hie office, how Is
he to te exclodedl The Senate have no power;
their sentence is on paper only. It le the Supreme
Coast alone who can issue a ,quo wartime, Issue
a writ of Injunction and attach- and sequatrate
the usurper. If, however. the Attorney Genetal,
who gm no fee for his trouble, should omit to file
the information and pursue the Writ, no other cit
izen can do it. it may be aid these cues will
never occur, and probably they may not. Bat all
laws are made upon the supposition that men and
officers may do evil. and made for the purpose of
restraining them. In the workings of ambition,
the exacerbstions of party and the tendency of
corruption in all governments, we canna tell what
men may not do or attempt to deq and the safest
comae is to have vigorous law in . full vitality to
prevent encroachments on the tighta of the people.
It gems to me that the construction contended for
would strip not oily the people but the Senate of
important rights, by taking from them the means
of their enforcement. I cannot perceive any valid
reason why the free citizen of a free State should'
not be shandy to question the lawfulnesi and
constitutionality ofjodp's cffice, who exudes'
power over the lives, hattnes and teputatice of the
people, as well ache may di; bin the case of a
Piottionotary, Sheriff, Commissioner, Tcamibip
officer, if henbooses to encounter the trouble and
the hazard of payment of costs.. I can very well
perceive the tenon why the writ of quo warranbe
in England could only be sued oat by eke Attor
ney Genera; becalm there the whole proceeding
was foritie benefit of_the Men, who seized Abe
office, fiencbiee or setae. Sot here the proceed
ing is for the benefit of the people to oust officers
who hold spinet the Constitution and law, so that
they may be constitutionally filled.
Ina free state, ever citizen ongtit be allowed to
vindicate the dastitotion and law,by doe course and
process t pf law; and as hamble Judgenteel, the
Legislatatc, when they teamed the statism under con
sideration, Wended to give that power, I would not
ithnW it. The armee-et so strongly erred, that high
ine th e
The Lastest are not above the law here, nor the lowest
lir o n i s Irtt " and brtry:el ' ae t i tACellifr
Does annyanee. The writ eon only be granted by this
I Court, In arm time, or =oj:dr ,
i t: 11 ;mo.; sod I
' ZriTeTi n bytt c l7fooot believe eh:T i e:l% l
or any Judge of it. would grant the write xcept on col
orable Orres.nablegroanda Thu Cain is a branch
of the government to which the people look for the tale
pendent administration of the law, so well from the
stability of their °lace, as from their removal above the
local, and wasdone excitement of the people. !ditch
the Mamma as to unisons the w elt, t. more safely
lodged hero Dan IS the aboralute will of the Attorney
Genesis %Without intending to intimate the slighest
opinion on the Consolations! ensestion involved, 1 may
say, that as the meadow regards the learned Judge
whose case is before Con, , he hoe my good . I
think him amply emopetent te tbeonice. At is only when
teeny-loot/re eptashiagthe writ which was duly allele
al by the Court, bitillite it ill Dot atoned on the appli
canton of the Attorney General, as an authority and
iTe 'd ' a l=l l 4 "l er:e s lit y ab I I try IVelv:
denss of the won tmesses.
- Bowen In Nieitle—.Pn Cdrituni One nrdkt in
ILO OilCllninir in whkh duo question was vmortage
or no motleys, and payment," is not =elusive, '
bot the frame quad= may be tried to a
The set of = let April, 1846, relative to welt
of ejerszaents fa enforce the payment of pn
mooey„is confined to eases vwherein time bee
of the Mende of Abe finding of the jury; ' the
spa& case of a plaintiff vendsr,who haß v
end a verdict for the land, and whom the Jury
givenths defendant time. to redeem.
lioniOsm to Kerr (Mersa tio.) Judge Be :
Judge Burnaidee dissentients rAt a 111E481 ale
by the Sheriff, tho bidda is not bound by hi, bid
after an adjournment of the sale' on the Sit ' •
MOM motion, although each bid woo not sap Indy
retracted before the adjournment. . .
Bricker o Briiiker.—Chief Rustics Gibson. 1 1.
petition iumained by affidavit, filed in bum in the
Common Pleas of Westmorebnd county, for the
purpose of ea:yelling' the ramondents to in
ane an oath tooehing the eupproplon of'
father's itill, isananiftely a petition in' the Or
phana' Gant.
Although the Orphans' Court cannot
• bill efdtmorirr, it can reject an an.
ant to it petition containing the inbetitaes f
bill in equity.
An agnemeat to convey an smite by will, not
within the letter of the maws to edam deck,
denuteentraets, but being wi l thin the.
Naiti and
spirit of it, will be embraced. -
The infante of frauds, is no bar to the intention
Of such a tea foe, although postnatal was noaa
ken in Puma= of it, it wool tat In writing, Mod
although loot, its contents may be proved—C: P.
Wins. 242.)
Prayer of the Petition—"that the bill inayl be
' answered wording to the Una meaning and i b;
same thane!, wee equi.eatinn or mil
''end that the Coati y do what equity shall era
, join," is in Raglanee a prayer for general relief,
end the most compnitiondn that can be imagin-
Hnosy Clark To George Thearpron—Jody
Itogem—One exception to the rule. that a team
may not dispute his landlord's this, occurs where
`such meant has the legal this, and senate mother,
hens fide, and without notice of the trnancy,wpw.
kicilY where the landlord hue by.same time, with•
out salartlng !delights, and valuable implements
havaitimin made by.the lama. Another, Is when
the term has expired —Port.
The Daily News, at Philadelphia, rightly arg.
the application of individual snosprise to the
coommunation oldie greet - wort, and farther the
connibitionof the Peannylvanis road to Pittsburgh,
and beyond Mahan& to the West, before the
Beltimore aid Ohio Ifni ihill be under way.—
The News adb: •
Rona fact is somswhat that Phila.
&lob's blembants it this time dependant up ,
on a rival city, for the means of transpotting goods
to their western' antoriers. Surely they will has.
ten to improve their position by a liberal and
Prompt application of. a small portion of their
wealth, to the constrection of • road that every day
lemma more and mote' work of necereity.. In.
diffsrence note Om. such a eobject se this, will
inpors us setio . uslp In Mon ways - than one. It
'Will not may 'retard great improvement which
the West is act slalom to see completed, bat it
Will encourage the opinion in that quarter, that our
biplane men are destitute of that enterprising spin.
it which is 00,68" O tqadvantsports and succue
fur trade, and without which our city will mem
to present 'attractions to dealers from other States.
The Paineybania roacisfssuldbefinished before
Me Battinsore roost reaches Me Ohio ricer, that
we may be able Mascara the first connexion with
the Ohio immorements, by preventing to - Molt
ptiOctors superior inducemems, to any. Mat can
be offered by the Bathroom and OblieVotepimy."
. ,
The way to scrumping: thbr is easy enough, U
there is any unity of purpose inning the Medd
phis aphelian. That city has • the means of
building the read from Nudge:eh to thie city,
without *lists lt, and the only manner in which
it mould ever be felt, would be in the inmeasect
resources it would bring to the city. Public prom
pithy and individual wealth are the certain re.
wards of a wise expel:dime In our public inn
prinements. The Philadelphia Bulletin &mum
es eguonably upon this branch of the subject, In
the following paragraph:
. -
When all we striving for the ,palm, we need
not point oat the danger of trade and um/feet.
ding down in the. new &tangs thee finned,
through the want 4 this very identical gork, the
great baek4one lint of the Tar West. The
o m iersiu Market, Srocradatiird and Front street.,
the fang stores in Chestnut greet,. the owners of
shipping, and though lag net bag, the landlords,
lore severely by this 'ratan:mate • state of grain.—
The remedy. is pliable. Let all porn in their
emeributions, sou to litable, gui Board te place
this entire line of road to Pittebrugh ander con.
tract,Nxinditional jar its compietion by the'lefof
January, 11350. Look at Boston and New York,
and the Inference is Jingoish's, that their sag poi,
putty is solely owing to their wise policy In di-.
vetting Soto our market the tradethat once was
an. Follow their example, before it le toolate,
and the retired eapimliet may enjey ample dig.
decide, while oar mamma and real estate will
at oneepalize a magic rejanintion through its
his giving lagagnee. Sloes wilting the above,
we hen converged with cue of the Engineee of
the Railroad, who mom then nail= our modes
rata statements of last Elatordey. Thus we fled
that the miles of the road, belied *lnn, are now.
wady fat the rails, and eat thi completion of the
Susquehanna bridge will alooOmment the bathe
lbw between Hargsburgt: and. Lewistownrig ,
weeded over by the middle of mut eammir. .
, . ,
It hum beeti mil the. vigil lamed u p; .4,
'fora odd BanlWAnnee faw,,dist kfr.TME-coo
'elndiel to let Panatela whittles ass.--/Ibto or.
*am Natioud.
xxoWit.wrs or Tat WAR.
; drew 'az errs of =lnca
When Gen. Bravo to presented to the Annul.
an Ostiseal•beZhisf he was thus tainted.
- NI deeply rani meeting the anent Gen..llravo,
in misfortune, I have long and favorably known
bim by time. I trust we may won be friend's. II
honor and respect him as an enemy.". 1
Gen. BM° uprising hie thanks for the ear. ,
esy extended to him by the • Geneill-in-ebiat, the'
latter directed that the fanner be taken in the
dudel and furnished with se comfortable q ,
is the eonanienses of the building weak! admit
- .
7 0n the 171 h 'of September Gen.fieett tepublish
ed his puma orders, proclaiming mental law in'
pieces occupied by our troops with impormosted•
ditkers. From these orders we copy 'that portion'
by which coittritrations our levied upon the espial;
and the reasons therefor . assigned:
14. For the sue and safety of both parties, In
all cities and town. occupied by the American
army, a Mexican polies shelf be established and
day harmonized with the military pollee of the
said forces.
15. This splendid capital, its churches and re.
Woos worship, ile convents and monarlmia, its
inhabitants and property, are moreover, placed
under the special safeguard of the faith and honor
of the American army.
le. In cornideration of the foregoing proms"-,
Son, a contribution of $150,000 is imposed on
this capital, to bo paid in four weekly ismtaimente
of thirty-seven thousand five hundred dollars each;
beginning on Monday next, the 211th Institut, end
terminating on Monday the 11th of October.
17. The Ayantaminnto, or corporate authority
of thanity, is specially charged with the collection
and payment of the normal instalments.
18. Of the whole contribution to be paid over,
to Mammy twenty thousand dolkm shall be appro.
printed to the purchase of extra col:dons for the
'wounded and sick in hospital ; ninety thousand
dollars to the purchase of blankets 'and shoes foi
gratuitous distribution among the rank and file of
the army,.and forty thousand dollars reserved for
other neemeasy military purposes.
The next coder we findls dated the 19th, and
assigns to the troops their different gelatine in the
I city. That portion of the order would possess no
interest hew bat the following. pareVaphs are of
a 'ratifying characters . .
7. No private house shall be occupied by any
core or officer until all soluble public Imildidge
within the above ranges shall be first fully mot.
pied; and all officers attached to troops shall be
quartered with or near their trams respectively.
8. No rent shall be paid by the United States
for say buildings occupied by troops or dames
witiont a spedellidirection from general headgear
teri: nor shall any private bonne be occupied Oa
quarter. without the consent of the. owner, or
orders from general headquarter,. No deviation
from these injwctions will be tolerated.
9. The collection of customs or duties at the
several gates of the city, by the civil authority of;
the same, will be continued atleretafore until
modified by the civil and military governor, (Maj.
Gen. Quitman,) according to the views of the ; bet supplies belonging to the
Qurtimnaster's and Commissary's Departments
will at once be exempted; from all duties.
According to the Moniler &pub ficano of the
27th Ultimo it was intimated by the civic autborl
ties to Gen. Seen on the 25th that the contribution
of $150.000, levied upon the popnlatioe. wee
reedy for him. The amount was raised bye loin,
so as not farther to distress the inhabitants.
liero aunts or Ciuromnrse.--Oni. Bravo' in
hie official despatch to the Mexican . Minister of
War, while a prisoner tutdei Scott, dated Sept.
14th, says his whole, flow in poison at Choy
pultepec on the 12th and 19th init. amounted to
892 men, rink and 61., end ten pieces of Artilk
' ry—three of heavy calibre, five snail and two
mounted Flowitum,-387 men were stationed to
keep the lower points and the roads of the hill. end
the Wince kept the heights.
The enemy nommeoced their fire on the mem
ing of the 12th, and continued with Out laden:Wenn
until 71 o'clock in the evening. At first owing to
,Imperfect aim, little injury was dare, bat so Cor
reeling this, the edifice was much injured and the
"artisan 'lessened by killed and wounded. The
wood work of theron was too fields to resist the
artillery of the Enemy. .
In reference to neinforemonts prondadl by
Banta Anna, (len. Bravo says:
olle offered to send ms sootier WW ll= that
very night, in order to maintain the position In. the
wood, and Wanes the genie= should they aged
it. I Insisted clothe onoemity of its being procept.
ly done, gating to his Excellency that , with the
troops then there, it was impossible. to wee w
the battalion from Tabus had nearly all denoted,
and that the smell form remaining badlost al
word courage, from the. easels of tbestuthe on
that day. But the President concluded by eating
that he would not .sod them Immediately. es he
did not wish to crmeintiite too large a body of
troops in the fonnere, and thus remits Plater
body mike power of the enemy's u.
awing me, Wwww, that we would be succored
in time."
The premised aid was nct seat. Daring the
night of the 12th desertions cmtiousd. sod out of
one battalion of 450 men but 92 retained on the
rimming of the 13th. So that on that day there
were but .500 men in the principal part of the
fortress to resist the assault of the column' of the
Eneiny from 9000 to 4000 strong.
After the repeated offers of tmothonsand troops,
by Santa Anna had been violated,Gen. Bra•o,
called upon Gen. Rangers brigade which was
stationed mar the Frei, but mu artswird that
they could not move without orders from Santa
- At g o'clock, on the morning of the 131 h, the
Enemy protected by an active fine from their ant.
lay, commenced entering the wads on the side
of Moline del Rey, and advancing by the Tantba•
ye road. The enables; of the forces that Cover ,
al the abundant trenches towards the wood.-for.
as that had bent diminished by desertiono the
night befori—let the enemy advance with Blight
angels' and take possession of the outer white—
n being proper to observe hens that' the koops
who had been batten at these points did not fall
back on the fortune so ordered. •
A mina had been prepared; and an Engineer
stationed to set dm to the train 1 . 111 soon as ordered;
bat he left his position and tine frusratedl their
intended effnt. This circanntanas on the one
band and the large member of the enemy on the
other, and the want of-all help and the falling
back of. the troops that defended the outer erorks,
spread tans emit:gat the edifiers - men who had
not been woundell, and they fled from their Finns,
and sonfaslon shortly communicated to the fiw
soldiers who had kemakied, so that no earthly ef
fort could canal them, and 'make the enemy's
triumph dearer tri him.
The enemy, hder, .ever sustained a propellents
loss to the rWstebee th at was made, and though
It and the remembrance without doubt. of that
they experienced in the action of the Stir—the
malt of which hul considerably dishautental his
troons--tte,was men toe acilitate in the aeaoult,
notwithstanding the manliness of outings and the
advantages he had 'gained. Therefore It a n
amend, that with a little more help In the way of
reliforcement, with which vie could. have Koko!
gad the defence fog MUM time, the anon. baton,
would hll.O retained to his camp in Tecabeya to
put in execonon Oho retreat which • kw dike be.
fore it woo reported had been determined upon.
We give all this for Whet it is wortl4--not
doubting the brainy of Generni Bravo foe that
bag been nankin•tly tatted. Nor do *doubt
the deoratioas mentioned, oe the broken promises
of Banta Anna. ; All those are In character. It
is certain - however, that if all had remained at
their paste, the.kneticans would have gone ahead
and occupied die place, though doubtlen at •
much greater Ices of life. -
Erratum: so nn nn .—At Philadelphia on
Friday, information was lodged before Mayor
fiwift,.by Mr. Geo.l'litt, a resident of Wotan
reonsylrania, that he had been robbed on the pre.
show night of his pocket book, calming bani
notaslo the sakoe of $4,700. He went lo the
National Theatre, and after the pertormance,"while
in the crowd at kba front door, wu robbed--hie
breut.pocket Wing cut, and his pocket book, con
tattling the atFe amount, unused b3t some
adroit 'Man. bile in the crowd, he felt him.
self, as be thoug t annecessanly crowded, sod was
at one time nearly thrown down. Hedkl not die.
corer his lore until about half a square on hie way
home. The money consisted, u near as Can be
iscolleeted, of einem $lOO Dolts, chiefly en Pit*
burgh banks; 'ab?ut twenty $5 notonon Pntiburib
and Williannp(nt banki; fifty notes of $ 2 O each,.
one hundred and twenty eight $lO notst '9 O the
Waynesburg,. Fattaborgh and Erie 'bank., and
about $3OO In Pbiladelphia notes .
CIIANITIre,it lady at Bann, (KO liesatly
called upa lha ‘ies'y of Ow FaauJa Orphan
: lam and turnlati him • Wu conufalg twaildd
lab, with a shigle Has awleanelas that it
ra &madam" 'The lady wu dandy vailid, • •
yak unknows!,:,
. . , ..
Mi. Wage= left BOODU an Thanday - •
him for biaimuiiireinklia, N. H. Ha 'tom
tangy had • Plight touch of lumbago, which
glum Mit to a report that he mai guile Old
1 ..
Isreaszenzon.—An the installation of the
Bev. Nathaniel Wed u Puler of the StliPreeby:
hided &arch, Nathaniel,
Bay:Mr. Spark, preached ibe
Onal mum Rae: Mr. Toner presided, and put
the eonnhutional quest*/ to padar and people.
The Rev. Dr. Waddle &divined the cheep to the
Pastor; and the Rim Mr: Mow the thole to tier
Chareh and Coaennpitican
NSW BIOWINTRII Picetsr.-1b fi sBWm
Boat Danube, as will be !perceived by nifwercie to
our advertising coldinna, b to ply se s niedit
Tradie biterein ebb 9'o end Brotnasville. Addle
dons' fiehitiee of ine*ourei his • been of lite
Muth wanted on thiinierigation and we brio"
&ablaut the Danube will meet with &full shire
.of patronage.
• Kinaaa Irsiona,—A, trio of Kamm Indians—
Sd &Mr of the tribe; Pa.baroa
let Captain, and Costal-.b, Interpreter,
anived hare yeataday iM the Lady Medina.—
Ttury are on their way to %Abington City—and
an rappmed to be a delegation, from their tam to
Our Government.
Dear! or A Vostrizes.—A Nita received
in Ws City yesterday, from New Orleans, stiles
that Mr. Josiah Jewell,. Son of David Jewell, d
this City, died at:th at place of Intendant fever.
He was we of the Ksittach7 Voloateanforaler
General Taylor, and tithes rigour by the Meal.
cans at Entalmseire—eiueschsapd, and so his
way home whist be was tabs dd.
Bazar. sr IRS EsM Ermarow.—We ham
that a easy anima break haa weaned in the Erie
Enellli01:1 canal ow ete place wham that lm.
prose:mut Mamba tram the Ohio cm= cat.
;featly a mile has basal washed away by • heavy
final produced by tho late mlni.—Aascricms.
The Common Coa4il postponed the coOds,
mien of th. Ordinance authorizing the Water
Committee to amply the higher pmtiona of the
eity with water.
Taxan was nine ciao before the Mayor on
Wodneaday morning. Six wars cotmnittad far
want of bail, and the balance ciirchugad upon
payment of Muria emu.
...FIRM' . Ben," IS the title of a daily en•
nisei papa about to be established in this eity, by
W. A. Kindos. The Ant utunber will be ismsd
on Monday oszL
• Geresspistlesee et Pittstratab awls«
Correspondence or tie Patsburgli Gunge
itirrattras, Oct. 27. 3 P. N
Col. John B. Painner, fat many years Poet
Muter of this city. and Assistutt Poettoutte Gun.
oral under John Tyler, died tait night.. Mr. 8.
hem been In many ways coonected with the pub.
lie Prue, end win at the tints of his death editor
of the ttFarner's Journal ^ and the ..Sporting
Magazine." Me was widely known and respected.
Relent J. Turner, who was Indicted for de.
trending the Mechanic's Bank of Balthnore, hut
been tried and acquitted.
Correspondence or OH Panderret Genoa
(Need News hew Florida.
• Riduhood, Oct. ST, It A. M.
The Southern Mail has arrived, bat bdop us
new. from the Army.
The Whip have carried ■ olejority in both
breathe" of the Pkeidit Legidatore.
Exelows Clurespottdate of the limber& Gana.
Parisi:Liana, Oct. 27, 4, p.
Flour—Moderata 'saki of Western brands at
16.76 per bbL There its more ethers than bay.
en at Otto figure.
Cornossal—Sate at 13,50 per bbL
Res Flour—Lieorted oilsn 25,25 per bbl.
Wheat-80u of Southern Firms Red at 135 e
per bu.
Corn—Prime Tallow at 76,77 e per bes-Lcian.
kit drooping.
Oa False at 45e per bu.
Whiskey—Wu at 20e per pd.
- . , 41016,--15sher of 1000 seeks Rio et 7467/ per
Prosidows—Theer is lags Inquiry in the mu,
ken ,
Thu market generally L without change. taut
en am boldbm oft' fea the foreign calm
Shebal. Certespeadmee of the Peubarah Gamut
Baltimore. Oct. 27, 3 r. x. '
Floor—Sales of 000 bid-Howard et brands at
116,875, and 9000
at Ciiy Wale at $0,12$ per
bbl—beld generally t $0,25 per bbl.
Wheat—Prim White la selling at 194191 c,
std at 136a139e per bn, is in quality and germ-
Sales of 5000 be at 123a1310 per bu. Mat.
ket =may.
Cam--Balss of white, sot. strictly pima at
64a66e; prime Yellow is selling at 70a per
date—Moderate sales at 40c per be.
Rye—fiales so 115 c pm
• Whitley—Regular aalie at 31e per gal.
Groceries and PrOvilkalill c aetlaae without
'chugs. -
Ezell:me o;rramoodenea of Ike Pittsbarytt Gazette
Oct. 97, 9 r.. K. •
Flom—Owing to the Eastern demand the mar
ket is filmy with some activity.
Wheat—The mean is active for - good, but
rather doll for an oidioary quality. Balls of prime
White at 1500 per Inn
Cron—There is a seedy demand in the man
kit, sad holders an trying to force an improve..
nat. saw of prime White at 790 per ba; prime
Yellow is wilting at 76578 e. per ba.
Previsions—Then is We inquiry lot Provisions,
and the market is limey.
Widdrey—Etaln at 323 c pm pl.
:IX:A(1W In, 1547.
Cottaia—Tba marital la qulot. with • ellibt4••
• In prim.
Elogsa—flalo of N.O. fair at Thc pet lb.
Motaaso—Rosalar males at laja pot gat.
Coro—.l3aloa pans Tallow at 6So par ba
Hymns emu or limmass-7Thi.Hoston
Ttamapit mykthit soma instamem 'of alma.
tion otanhod produced by needing dist details of
the Pmelin gamier, are mentioned In IM Fameh
papers.. Oos young may, mostly amnia& bolds
tbs husband of her tholes la molt dead, Mat ohs
barricades herself in her chamber by AP, and
repels all his advances by day es so many at.
tempts at amaadamiota and their honey mow is
not yet, ended. A magmata' EIL Eames was
suddenly attielan with madams altar reading the
horrible amounts if the Partin tragedy. Placiug
Unveil before a Mirror with • pistol, he shot at
the relliellan of hbi Mem, azelaimilm, going
to kill myself." Then et tha report of the pistol,
and mewed with fragmental of glees, he LH to the
loot, crying ormltlead." He has sea sines been
ander the delodod, that be be In the land of spirits;
and when food le offend him, he aPpelelt, with the
roatult;" the dead do not eat."
A foreigner. ia letter addramed to a comas ,
eied house. and Warted In the Pianism, maths*
the AlSiefiellA 113111etime the army quarrel Puebla.
Is about 4000 teen and 170 comadadoaed aims
GerteraloPillow and 813iikbr were both merely,
wounded, elthough by Mr. Kutdall'e hair of the
nth, the Sumer mu add to be nearly recovered.
Tart Rsersgs Tarec.—Twalve parson 4,were
this morning moan se jurors for the purpose of
loins Madam 1461411. The crowd of expect*.
tors wu greatly incrsased; sad the excitament,se
the we procuds,',will probably be say pest.—
The primer mskes her personal appearance la
the cant room richly &weed In black esans, wad
with boanet.—..N.: Y. Expos.
Roane Data Owns, ths War of tha Danko
critic party, has written • long lona igoindtha
admission of any now ear. tertiary into the
The English summer Maim, from Yemen;
hiving on board 0140.000 'ln yetis antved at
Sams on the 7th Into,
ocy- lialgare etneestg Posattese—Mitottat
Tostneons—We beg tease to call public attention to
the following, from Ur. Wm. Mao, of Walnut:settle
Clermont Co., and tine of the veep lest practitioner. la
the atom ut which he tutees, and boo flettabt - e In the
gum Legislature. It a cheering ties to Pee the toad
ies MO if the proftostod, bonnet the binds of prates.
song {melodic., and giving isent its dee •
"flirt I have in tey peewee been lining sew of goir
Ginseng Panacea, ;old, ao ger. ant srelloleased in its
elantit Catinbal anal Bronchial Contoktrap Rem
se.nd n hate • doses bottleSinat then u lost as TIM
vin; u I elpeei It It I:Dammam reader as mend aid
Ideation as it has heretofens to heap It consauttly ea
hood. Respectfolly,, 1447 Deane
i .
, Or. nitrite sad Properly Ilellen,
Pica: PO I ' 6 l:lllnat i h e = tl LI U = mum ibt a id
meaner a imitable Oa OW Regeely__ of +Wilt beep
a lease will be teteb. JOHN F I N , Jr. Clen
1 Amps Wigan, actor y . .
a.~. 1,~~
°ember Si—coamys u• Pali
Farther from Matien—Santa Acne-4I edam?
Coenomalon--Basiners of Pittairtunh—romian
Miscellany—New, York CorrespoiNlence—Qoo -
Wuranto—Seal Estate—Lc Irons—lncidents In
the recent battles—Governor Shank's ProClams
tkm—Decitions in the Supreme Cant—Court
of Quarter Smaions—Scientific Association of
Western Penmylvonla—English Specolaticm—
eneral Afannfactafmg Law—Texas—Baai
toss Itentr—Binninaham—Oh for a Railroad—
New counterfeits—The Bight Spirit Abroa-In
clans from the Army in Mexico--List of the
killed and wounded in the Pennsylvania regiments
—Character of a young Lady—New Invention—
Llama Law;—Britiak Lon Manufacturers—Ye.
rarity' of the Post—Further naves in Europe
Latest Telegraphic news, Foreign and Domestic.
Commercial—A carefully complied Review of
the Mutate for the part week—The prices' i n 'hp
local city marketa—The Cattle Market—The pries.*
of American Prodoce in various parts of the Union
—Amazed of Floor, Wheat, Corn' &c., received
sines the' opening of the Mal—Canal bulimia and
morementa of predate—Mutat in Louden.
City Nion—L 4 parit ol thePress—Copimi Extracts
host the leading joorsals on the interesting topics
nt thistle). •
For ale at the desk, singly or In wrappera
Pries 6 cents single copy.
Subscriptions two dollars a year in sd•snce.
ETNetles—Tbs You Yens Yeassitar Unary
Antiorieuie's altd Xrckanicr banal:ate beang now looser. ,
tionossodd respectrally solicit &wok= of books, coo.
=Y. mineral specimens, models, tte..; the public
morally. All dottatioas will be dal yaoltnowlaigoil.
pa-kuseaatrt dionau.—Persons having business
with the Alit:away neaten, will please eltu at the
aka of .1 FINNEY, Jr., &emery, Nos.W Water et.
a ft* •
On Wednesday rooming, the 27th imn.,?dARY ANN
daughter of John and Lydla Mospare. The friend , of
the gamily are invited to attend the Amend from their
residence on Front. between Wood and Smithfield this
morning, at 101 o'clock.
MBE subscriber has commenced In the city of Pitts
.l. burgh, the manufacture of Primus Ink, in all as
various branches.
Printers throughout the country who ace to want *f
lats, would do well by calling on the subscriber peed -
cos to !emptying themselves, as they will be sold at eon.
Indeed% rodoettem faint eastern, prices. They cannot
Its egeelled in point of beauty, richness, or the-excel
lence of material bum which they are manufactared.
The subscriber cannot bat believe where a superior
ankle is offered fora lass price, that a saffiehmt indoor.
mem Is advanced to secure the Patronage of all who
one Printing Ink.. He is also satisfied that bis Inas open
trial will corregpeod with the above reoresentation,end
weld there fo re solicit the custom of those who feel
disposed to encourage the onnufactoring of th e article
to this city.
Orders directed to I BIRD, or Wright k. CLarnon,
Printers, comer of Dimmed and Market eat, will be
• • madly discharged. occglif
SELLEIiP VERMIETIOS, nonc er bent, limo
all other."
Itydparidtd/regleup C., ia.,/
lobar and, 1847. S
Mr. E E. Bellew—My eon 91 month. old, being very
wallava at night, and hang much fever at umcal con
cluded he had Immo, and baying heard a peat deal
about yoar Yertaltho, I bought a vial and rave hies Il
dose. which expelled 59 vary lame worms. 1 eonaidor
your Vennifode better than
Sine P. Byroad.'
Prepared and told by R. E. BELLES(, 37.1Vwd nL
I Sold by Dr. CSllla, oth wart and D. M.-Carl e.
therm ehy.
WE havo.2rg .Fleudid Cot o( Clothing', which
T wj ondDTfßlookrov lakaer
Cloth, Coor and Business
- -
Blsek C,
broom blue and green Seek and Bedew Coats
Doper Cloth tfaa. and ?alto Come;
Blank min Moe CUM Make- -
Pilot and blanket
Vane of all khan, shone sad forms;
Footrace. of all desenpuonis and everything pertain
ing to nos twines. .
occen • ANCKER k. MAYER
WALLETIF-311 dos India Rubber Tobacco Wel.
leis, wholesale and rend—a splendid ankle for
rentlenten—Dtet wed and for tale at Indian Rubber
Depot. I t it PHILLIPS
li. B. We eon sepal! the Wallets to any anoint.
-15000 yds 44 Oil Cloths;
" I yards wide, teary article;
3ao # ^ Irak bolder, of amain, pal
laratiaal reed glom the Pelladelptia newsy; be cats
at per ware now, S wood at.
V/AALITLAtaI BLINDS—Jam received aa ■ aon.
ment of best article of Venetian Muds horn the
well lawns istabliaturiam of J A Broven,.Alleabisny
city, on tonsignmenn for sale al our wan men, 6 wood
at. bode] J& H PHILLIP'S
to American copy.
JDTVIT TINES-6 pc. super Reach Mayan,
Inman, Clothes, Violet. and Bucks, at a staall ad
vance, plane or yard, ellrect earn saandsztaterai
11.0131N00N, 'option,
oedEld3g IPtal at,
2 4 1:&1 4. 11.AGIE—Tbe sabseriber Mei eg leaxd the large
oecaplad by Dr. C. G.Hateey, Na
mental lbw
_, are paw prepared to store ea (Imitable
Mal Ocala eland era* UM are coiniantly armed
by luatrabee. , J JORDAN & SON
oar la bbeny el, camomile bead of muddied .
FRCINGIIIM—BIack BoEon, a ti, 3,31,4 and to is•-dk
teed; lot eale by
oel2lll , - C ARBUTHNOT
rOLLZOIONs—Drafts. Noy,
e...C7lthht . 2. 7 Pot of the U
the nun werable Wm. N 14012d m 1 '23 & I' 130 "41 "
«as 77 marker st
VXolWlNaltiNoiff York, Philadelphia sad Hal
timore constantly for gale.
J U X= EI ZIIt . jrt =n2 ~e.n➢e.
occo A:Wittig t if Aggikft wood*
CLOTBY— Just veeelved thab Blue Pik,
00111% yrbleb will be made, lo order by
.FtiPBOOT-111:06 lb. !Amalie tem= or Pent;
st for We by Itti PHILLAPS
6 wood Meat
1711dITIINGIL-' Another Lot of Damao dat NNW-
V mtgobret received, wtkA will tn made to order by
oevio ANCKE3C4 MAYER •
17,L1T.C . 2 splendid lot of French Caney Ve
V newton reed, which be made to order by
AIIIIMIEELIES-4Vacy =I plain CaoMmorrajost
todeolood, which will bo oxide to order by
ST RECEIVED—P.ney end plain Doe Skin Caw
ewes, eybielt wee be made to etderby
411/IJIZILIG-4 lot or Imlemhd Cashmere Vet
drisjost reed, winch Intl be made to order by
may ANCKER - d. MA ER
I"-60 bee superior perior bloc and black, rec' for sal
cvaisear diamond ay } wood st
DLACHLING-3 tibia blames CU name; br
SSPSII IMMI-200 dodimet Gm the mseafse
eerie% for sale by
HOODS, to-11110:: Intsloo Hood.
140 "black Wadding; forsale by
oettfi C ARSUTIINC/r
QIIIRTS and Drawers of Lambs Wool breaks by
TIISPY.IITIdm-16 bbl a apiria m good bided
onoxl at
DIBPPIPAS—Ahiem Bud Peppers to Do- - en
far pickling or poppet sauce—for sale by
OAP-10 bud's! qualirt Palm
cat3/1 ' • J tICHOONMAKEK k CO
OLOON WATICJI-11 bra ratite 'Patin'
tad Oakes Anna; for Ws b
tern 1 ykIiIOONISAKER k CO
SROT —lO Yep Shot, No. I, II and ;jut road; for
°eta 43 water tl26omW
F LOOR—I 4 extra Rye door an de by
oeVO 35 flow street
lITTII6B-5 bbl. Tall for sale by
eet27 9P VON bOeullillOßST CO
-17 bbis prime N 0 Sjsgar,:
35 !Ads N 0 Molasses, in good order; for sal
'on usammodailag terms by
oat* 160 liberty west
(14111111.11MILE11-11' use new style Macy Plaids,
•J Nei opened; fel sale 1 ,
eau! SUACICIA.IT is WHITE, N ;mei
a4lll-6 paws any balm ;and fide doable
a7cdavool black Beaver Cloth., Jacl reed; (prue
, rece*nefor,k b 2 , ,y
S n oet2B -1° kgi ri IMTALZE. MI, y
121111:13-40Da 'l)sootiy In i ttneilLik: i t co
1..3 *call
CH=EID-4Olzf Wain; for Wei by
oesls N DALZELL it CO
HVTOPS-6 bah, lot T . .red.m emowstment; for ode by
BLIRRZLIA-1111 Oak lei:dames Barrels jut reeM
orL eorksiammeat; for oath by
SZIIIII-4 be Clover Seed;
- ba litilailly-Aleed at. onsienmeot and fa
cor ATI le liberty vs
WIIIIULMY—Boostsin 'Whiskey for ule lOW
Wecr Mali by
ISOLA/IMO-00 Obi. N 0 ID non; for rile by
VA.11.11111/1-4 OW Ewers Copal. Vann* , N 9.1
and I for sale 11r JOHN D . MUICOAN
0c913 9311999 d st
SP. TI = M 3 TINZ-10 bbleldst rooldt for We
bone b
SP. Baownr-1 yak (IN lb.) mita by
CO PPERAI-12 bt!..fapialer
LOO W00A93 MA. ebi
6:1? silo toy
CIAXIWOOIII-6 bbls me! iLs sada
11111/13111AT-4 peas Nim sallow [Jammu
oalil kr sale by: JD MORGAN
LAO Dlllll—i. bbl 'roma for nle
HIM—L P Madan WWI 9n &might and in Ebb Wlot sals et tie wurtvicm
=m u .
S~oeP..;~ r.
Hy Jena D. Davi Auctioneer
5 hhds N. O. Sam tlanore and TwO NOM
Carriage, at Anetnul.
117 ILL Ls added to the sale of yore ries quesalwar
ST bossehold foniture at al, P. 114: on Thurs
day, th e Oath iust.lit dos Coro oral Pales Roam, cor
ner of Wood sad Oh Us—
d ands good nashry New lea
lo second hand two bone Coon
Oaleanle Battery, consisting
after Its manner of Um Telegrspho
or? JOIO
..Dry Goods.
On Tearsday mantas the fah 11121, al 10 o'clock, at
the Commercial Oaks Rooms corner of Fifth and Wood
Streets, willbe mid without reserve,melose a.coneem:
• An extensive •Agottmeril of seasonable - fared. and
. dontestio Dry Goods, Iltm de.
Ai 2 Varlet, P. M.
24 Obls New t*leans hlolassesi 1 '
ld " n Sugar, goad natality;
4hf claw Young Al ton Tea; , ..
I 'erste awned china queenaware;
A oilman, of Mien', hardware, Ircapping
bad bones, =tete., sturrels, kn. A gerteral sugar.
mint of new and monad hind hog id
and kitchen
furniture, among which are mahogany bareinsoprtng
seat mahogany sofas, chairs, bartalmds, mblm, Lathe.'
.101't $llll4, venetian window blinds, Re.
Al elk (Meek, P. M. t . •
A retail amok of dry goods, ready, made clothing, fine
shots, gold and silver watches vsolins, main hooks,
doable barrel shot awn : a handatims tamostosent of Ger. ot
man fancy manta o. <m.
Water linen Propeny at ARCLIOO.
ON Wednesday eeenlng, November Ird, 119 o'clock,
at th e CommeretalNales Room, comer of Wood and nth
sm. will be sold
flat valuable Mt of Ground situate on Water st,be•
tween market and ferry see. having a front of 35 It, and
extending back 80 ft, leas ton 10 Mabee by4o feet off
the back outer tke lot, adjoining the warehouse of Joe.
Tide mdeble. Terms. one-Mini emit, residue t
three. end am isp
TVJaeninterem, payable easy.
eta • /OLIN D UAVLS, Attet
I 7:133321711
Fifth night of MRS. FARMS—Fourth tight of MR
' Thursday, Odder RBM, 1847,
Will be pnenenied the thrilling Drum of
Lucretia Borgia.
Lucretia Borgia— ...... • •• Faroe.
Gowen. • • .44.7amrari. I Selma& •• • • •Alr. Oxley.
ever whieb,a Macy, by AlistiANNA MALVINA—
To conclude with the petit comedy or the
. ernErrs
Clermont ••• • • • • Ur. /ma'am:
Andrew Kr. Dona
Lady Charlotte . yin Petra.
111.110011 oven at 7. and certain will rise at 71.
LECTURE, being the seeend of the come, will be
21. delivered by ERASTUS BROOKS, Esq.,on Thurs
day evening nest, Mt the Hall of tblnaiunion,
St Paul'. &boot Readings, Mb et, at li t o'clock.
Robjecs- 0 The Morale of iles Press, Its alas, abews,
duties, &a"
Tickets of Admission ma* be procured at all dm prin
cipal Book cores, and at the door.
Single Tickers, 211 cents. Tickets *demons two la
dies and a gentleman; SO cents.. oet4s
m at 18 . 47. gliAla
Time so 8e11111201 . 0... • ..... •• • - SR lulro.
'nut o PhiladelplaVi.• • • • *.-- ... .40 •
[[OnlyT3Miles Steglag.)
HE .endid and lielmmnieg ineamers Comet, Lou
M - '
is MeLane . and tilitasars, have commeneed tusking
doable daily Imps. One boat will leave Me !Beacom
halo wharf every moming precisely at B
Passengers by the sorinumg Ime will *moo In BalLitdOrti
neat everting to time for Ow PkdadelPtua Mail Boat, or
Rail' Road ow. Thwomaing Boat will leave the
wharf daily at 0 otlock,oirseptßanCam. Passengers
by thie beet will lodge we Weld, mcomfortable state
mow; leave !Melamine Best stomp; at 0 o'clock;
cross um mountains Misty lekt; sup and lalge The
balked. Um &readies st& travel el:owner. The
papaw/mu ort this fOOll9 imple,and the connection
complete; to this disappiestwito or delays will be on
known upon
Passengers can stop on the roam and resume their
ems again at plemore,and have choice of Rail Road
or Showboat between Baltintoraand Philadelphia.
Poach. chimera! to pintos td.aravel as Mel dense
Bemire yoar tickets at the offee,Morummthela Rouse,
met ,Itarlee Hotel. ; I
. Alrat MEN
8A11411113 Engiati Synonoines,l yell, It ma; 81,00
011muimrs Gem= Gnat= I 1,50
Adler's Darman Ream I,ou
Cidenins , Helms Grammar; by Rodger
(hum , . Himmy oy Civihmuon, I rat. iSI mm. I,oe
Artugd's (Antilles an modem kartory 1,95
011endorrs Framb Grammar
Bowies modem Freed, Mader 75
.. .. .
Colbert Dramatic" 1,00
Pim" elementary o o oo
Sorenna's French Dictionary 1,30
Kayo to French oad German Gramm—
Moods. Wet; Coarse of readm 75
Beath o ,
Enalish Dictionary , -
?ayes wort of modern history ' IAo
atteient o 1,, ,
o o to I vol,complmo • V. 25
Arooid'a amiss of and and Greek Elook
ylost reed;
br Wary ,', ..lonN It id9e. -
oetifk - .:. • - .FI mood at:
Fatah •INILISIMIEC an the year tga.lkir the par
pose of sapply lag the sat,' and taterierTnith, with
kne pnces—and entailing, at all seasons,
of thajpir_ t the L. Amortment fa
They are now opening Several Hendren Packages,
ernapnenar style of Foreign and Demesne
pnarectsent, many of which are nor to be round el•e
:here, and which have just been parehased, and are
feted tbr sale ter Cuh and abort credo, at
Nialigaaft . iA
per yard - below the prices of Apr if and Mai, no per
pointed coal ado& are corrected daily for the
mforalanon of baTers.
Noe York, Anss,l9l7. 5
RAW 11111./01011111EINT11. , •
Wl.• rung
DA 1' 81/a to .
rlifilleillatan t' d Roid barn:oe= repair...dilate
the meant 'WO water. diefsabacribers 'u n.
mance on kleivelay,l6l October, to ran two of those
packets, carrying passengers to the above and all inter
mediate podua on the Canal and Rad Road; gearing
Pinsbaro ovary Monday, Wednesday and Friday Eve
ning at 6 o'clock, and Ilialidaysburg every Monday,
"Wedneaday and Friday morning..
Foipusage apply le W. Satan, aloamohela House,
or to . D LEkCII & CO
iS Canal Basin
New York, Havre, shad Porte Altellso7. ,
rpHIS Ageney now fully organised and co:Oilseed,
has offices in New Yort, Mao and Paris, and will
COCOON oh ostler., no matter how lop Of small may
be the amonci, for the hlerchants,Tradeonen, mamas,
&e. of Piusborgh. •
BOoks, Clothing, mole. fumiture, pima, ra0...6.-
vingsdkc. Os, purchased by oar &put to Paps, at the
lowest rates; hut pommel aaention being Arisen to our
heal:leo Lamm, redo:enc. mut perealsforwerd.
od with eqtal care and dispatch. Leggageot
canoe to the U. S. particularly , attended to. All pods
to am, loused at the New Taft Caulom Hoare.
Orders should be accompasued by romittences to the
moot or nearly
_of tVINGSTOhe via. of the CIVCIG reiolred.
mains" No.lo Wall a ., Nevi Vert.
tIRSU ANVto pnblie miles, a meeting of minters
and directors of &cheats of the cities of Pittsburgh
And Allegheny anis held elf Thenday morning, the girt
lost , le tbe Chapel of the University, when, after tan
interchange of wenn:tent, It was
Resolved, But Prolesaor Thompson, Mr hi B'
Kr /eke Kelly and Mr Daniel C Holmes, be •
Coonsitme ioloquitc into the mode or orprozing and
conducting leachers associations and immune* m other
aides andantes. mid report to the next meeting.
Resolved, That each member of this mentor be a
Committee Id inane mCh practical teachers and - direct.
on WI are not presentoo attend the next meeting
IbndroaXhot Ws moues winner, to meet spin
e in
the mime place on Thursday. the Ith of November next.
HERMAN DYER, Chairman.
Koemtera• octZttd.
WABITED—PIaces for wade. and. to hire out to
town and country, for n large =abet of Boys of
all ages. AIM, for several agents, clerks, salos men, la.
boring meo,lostiert, coachmen, and men ktr work In
town and country. A 1..•, wanted several suns of too.
nay mbonow, wanted place. for a number of colored
menandwrcien, boys and girls. Wanted meant farms
and brows to rent. Property to rent, recorded tow.
l)p.All IMAM; of .deenems atteaded es. at moderato
charges, (Mice boars from t pail 7.1 n the tohrolng tik
6 every evening. Charges moderate and to be generally
paid at the time of applicatoo. All Leman (post paid)
pnunptly clouded to. Ofice,Sth at.., near the Keelung.
Bank and Wood at ISAAC BARRIS
• Alwacoaa uH Ciaahoseees. •• •
OP . = this morning at Uri Goods Loose of W. R.
MURPHY, corner of nth and market eaa one lot of
low 'priced primed Cashmeres, vary cheap; also,
r. Blank Alpsecarl
- Satioamped Perenial;
Barred black Alpaccas; • .
Patin Bonnet Ribbons. .
.• •• Rich Plaid Unwiring do, rec.
.. , 114prw reitelving Boyery will please
AL. ocitt7
Fix;rl bdivien Woodard Motel, nearly
• Wasik Larina F's Exchange .. Vet.
sabeerthes 4tenlitade the awes ample arrange
-1. meets for the comfort:of these who wish the tunny
of bathing deriah the Witllfil 1110L604. Stove, of ample
dimterions have been placed in the Mime of the Oath
Heuer. foetlai
A Handsomely dumbed keens ouldarket strut,
lately occupied es a Hadriernotypo estabWh•
meat, by blormtd & Co.
Alro, a welt detailed and well (crumbed Room, nail•
. L ble for wartles, adjoining the Hall of the Mereartillz
Library Awomatioo. ntUsuta at PhUollialt.
. .
Office market at. betwaen are ac
Elactio • alto Telogliaplu
A PAldeliMihruitat bur a braf andlimple expla•
nutrition of , the mode or num:awns ocvq - by ma=
of AU new rerrention,ilhodnued with cdu and. dia.
roma by lame* Johnson, Telographishlrmiw 6r sale
H lb. counter of the °Men of the Werern•TelecrePb •
and by Ma office messenger. .oeCl7ddt-
B •
attention of baser. so one case black and OPV.
Moths for Cloak iagdast seed. Alsoott hand, riper
Paul Clo th o, rich black, for WM ; lbws, twilled
French Caseloteres, plain and batted &Wish do. lhese
;clods baying been beaghtwery law Mllbe add 'accord.'
for sale by -•
Mamas% • .
Forwarcring blereiscost. Braintniac. Pi* a ..
Fur suy_fanktu , mk rt autli u apply se
ocg .
tiff bo Whew, boar.
y Al" ba oley, for
masint pries in cub will be_ wad ' < zi,Wa
• wwll7, W ItatElsk.uu •
airaitz*Bilana in es ow. 00, br .,
Ourispartllos, fro NIA rolteleralo or rraol w'w
store ea= 'JACOB WEAN/ ER
rutin well known lino;of iptendi4 . tancoger Swan
ere ia clew compewed,
.( Ike I t f •
Waned end hateeked, and soott pewee al boa. 4. 0.6
ewers of the Wen. . peer) , eery:macadam and cow.
fan teat 10000 CM Prer?rel hal t Pr e nape.
WPM.. Tiro Li= PM
ea Jo opetatee ter De* years
—have carried • mill ea of people .
tt wit he hout AD leant
. 1 4= r th eel ' are r - re r rav At k*"l
yy P
tion of freteht and . et conT ea IWO*.
ter.' la all ems the paavage money anal be in
( six cups, got IT
tit . l. DAVIS, Acct
The MONONUAIIELA,papt. Moncariltleaaa Pala.
Inagtievery Monday soonunit at tO o'clock{ Virbenpas
every Monday a remit al i 0 Y.. M. -
The HIBERNIA, NO, a. Capt. J. Eli Aerator, mein
leave Pittabaigh every Taerday - morning at IQ etkiek;
Wheeling every Tuesday evening .110 P. DI.
The NEW ENGLAND. NO. Se CapL G. AOlll, Rs.
leave Pntabarsh every .Wedneeday morales at It
O'clock; 'Pitmans eve, ylVednesday evening .t IS P.
The WISCONSIN. Capt. R.J: Onsee,valli kWh! Plat
birth every TharadAy panting at no'clotkt Wtteensg
carry Thotaday ev.mag at II) P. M.,
• • •
The CLIPPER, 110.2 i Capi Crecleoltill leave Piro
borgh every Frielqmornlng at 10 o'clock; WheelioS
every Friday evening mule
• 11:7 - : . • P 41.17
The MESSENGER,' eget—L*l'lrd, will leave Pais
buret every Saturday marrungu lOotlock Wheelie;
every Saturday evening at Id P. N.
The Vitae NEWTON,• Ow, A. G. K., „ill
leave Pirrebrugh every &tarty warning at lir 'clock
Wheelieg every 134.4. Y 0...h6 el 110 P. M.
Mey 21, 1817.
The sear
will leave kir Bearer, Glasgow and
Wellsville; ea (Tuesday,
and Saturday of each week, at
.on Moday, Wednesday and Friday. She has a beat
at the handled bemoan - Wood street sad the bridp pre
pared to remelt Seethul at ny_tiare..
W 1161/11AU011, Mt.
octl2 • . :No Zterced
: ai Messner : BEA
for Beaver, clasgawoing
Wellsville, on, Monday, 'Wednesday,
end Friday or each week, atlr O'clock, a at, returning
on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. the has a boat
M ihe laadtag between Wood awed and the bridal
prepared to receive freights at any time.
. Mon Stoat.
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. Campbell, mamea, valllleave a: *mays
due mommg at 10 o'clock. Fa Fre
peueee cool, onboard.. • CletAig
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Campbell, owner, will leave at atom
hill rooming at 10 o'clock. For fra: 2 l44
or paaaaao apply to board
Tho sp:adid aus mum
Parkinson, muter, will leave as aboui
this morning u lOo'cklck. For freak
or passage apply on board... • ' neva,
1 • The new and itabstential suer
John N Dania, muter, will leave in
the al ova and all Intermedotte port. ea •
Thsusday. at-10 o'clock.
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Oats apply= board. Ate ta
... - FOECBT. LOUIS. '
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Devinney. master will leave us above
Fu Thursday availing, al 4 &cloak.—
or freight or p.uast opply 00 board,
earn - Mee, hrouongstiela House
- • The fine new awe
it` "'":7_,A• Geo. D. pnk, maze, .11 leave hue
--burgh 'every Tuesday, Tamale) and
ay e Trauma. at 9 o'clock; and Brownsville every
ydonday,Vrednesday, and Friday morning* are o'clock.:
For nalghtor passage nook on beard, or. to
ocoMer / SW.TON JONES . .
Tae Sae
Car, wager all! Ivrea for the abate.
sad all interioedlate parte au Thareilar
ramming, at 10 &caret. Par frefeet•
pa...laa apply elfltleata. • oe
Columbia, Monticello;Jew-hail. ColAirge , and '
Portoon Pearl Rie.
' . The new cad fan rennin; emr t ;
Baposeller, will leave for tie abeve:
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very 2301111111 r, igandayi excepted) arll
a o'clock, non kavea Wel IeVIIIV every enema. at , I
we,* For freight or passtlie .P 9 17 ee load. e=o",4
.FOIL klteal OLIN—KW/SLAB 241C.1(k.T.
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...!,,,,....„....- as above thas„ . .,
ng alo ereloek. •For freight o
'passage •••ly on bd. • , Gale I
• „Tile new,bght draught and Vast eati-. .
. . ning steamer • EUREKA, A
.Crinia, master, will 1 . 911 al Il
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*clot b etween Piusborgh and 1,014
Mlle, daring the mason. re leases Friday, October
.4 ..
at 10 &elm* . ..
_ For freialt;Or puma,' Mgt on inelrd.. " 009 A
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' • ' . The new Mesmer
N,elsou.sauter,willron maborcilea2 ;
= Frastrargh.orveyy Eloadiry, Wed . - t
nesday and Friday, sleek o'clock, A. M., and Kummer*,
belt City every Tuesday, Thursday and Satardayou
o'clock, A:M. For fres& or passage apply on bee. d ).:.
• •
Trieffsalar islttsbargh and 7"32011,111/10c3.
Paokot, .
• TAB !neat dnught aliamOr ti
Bard, kluter,mlll make weekly argil
' to the above port durieg am Sea an....-,..V.,
Fee freight or imasaeo apply on boa rdr.
orb - ap7 . D. WILKINS, Anon,.,
. • The nem and iEtht draftbt guar ti'
1 - 111 -01 . • LOYAL HANNA, ; `.i.
JP4ack, mules, v ,li Ira h en at:MN
. arld Intenmilalet ports o•Thursday,loco
Mt Awn in 10 6'010014a mt.
• Fix freight ar Osage, taoinktuperior eme ON asomxbr' r4
11000 , 0 P 14.9 to J _ %VTON JM
ma . : • . • .onmicahela llama
FOR WHEStaNO: . -.
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The 13.1,4.1,4141 e steamer ,• '
dak i . •:- . 1,10113103 N, ' • -
1. :.
Poe, master, has resumed her
abut trips oed selll leave Pia, ~ • •
ea above every Thursday sad Mene 4 l '-
day at 3 ii , ekrek, P.M. Far (pawn or p....xee wto f
on beard,Or hi: . , : •• • • D WILKINS •
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• Title athlete opus all Ilmagosta orate Voter.
HB famliiier, Wary; ant Lam able rues
.1 by Ws Line, are each thart. the Agents can
'confidence ftcommend it le the Pe...0 pf Ma p
• The establlibotem of Two . hey Line of W
between Brownsville and Camberland, renders it
most expeditious and tellable route between the
and West. Manhandle. from the Eau le delivered
Pittabanth matte eveningaif We third day Dean Qin
the Ageemwill glee iecelpta ad in time eel
and ell property consigned to them vull he for
at the lowed current ntea Of Lading tm
end all instructions prompt i l, attended to.
siftwgrx. Ascot, aternt, V doors abate Del '
Monongahela House, Vltttbough: •
GEO W!C4.s3,Bletermente. •
PIeKATO k MAGWILE, Mahe rind. " '• 1
I g p0p1NE4331,1.N0 3 Listen, above Prat:anew
• . .
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.MOlll I' .
rrt IlEsoblle,and ail those wading goods Emma. A ,
to Fasabarah, am Infamsed that we base Imo pa
on uevr line or emus aralyousoarlsiirly tilt Brow* .•
Ile: to transport Roods far rinsmosh only, sod
will famish receipts at oar awe la Baltimore to debeet
reeds ie thlny aU boats at.:Pnv.bargh.;t•Mays nai
railroad delay. only excepted. Receipts for thus
Yorkalso be famished by Adams & Co,s, Booms, New
York Mid Philadelphia. As we not OstieolY expreie
by mall trains westjahippers ate isfartned that Mat -
mot procare reeetpoot
& CO,
Offiee /I &OltßAela4 Pratt at.
mameit Me,
VICEP.J2EIi, Agee;
St Chw;es How. Hustle*.
• - . IL/EMDEN A Cob - .
pAILiONn branch on: by thas Ate • . .
- 3 ,, open the mist reansaable terms. from ~
4 1 '•O V ' irstgattrl lL ser:tgl i Pstry b .
,saugtleals 424 mews , of the ,- Erinsh Gorernetwat
y.,,,;•ii a , a heasty eindweed Emigrants in Horne and .
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.117 p,sutised epee Were. and have always Wand
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sui fit WOO apply, If they welshed to be treated •
pOnetaility sad kindness., •; . . , i • .
Pun. Wba edseruse themtelses Sole Agentsferlltg -
~.,,, 2 0,Lio e , UM 'Prim% is =rile, and Um de7TA
r palt i ss u e: . Ze i w ur to
. b i zt r r . 4. d . mould ,
Cesard's Stews Line. . .-• •• e ' • I
1 1 Xheeefr Par s ' orN imirnbi ettotatt e ll .. k n a r ef a lte 464 •
land,..EnElataL sews edi se -. we dra ow owe EA..
asap. we Ille ant DEO IsteesE end *cern to go Este
to so wane one else to IWO. thereby causing wheals
ond delays, Let the Broken, #W- ealLopoo es, ad ,
will mewl:modem thee er Now i azt rates. •• L .
- --. • EcEIWANOBIN Metopes. AgesC. ••
: • oegtt( - , , : •_•; elk close behrw weall.
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