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1.34. solumumavirs CatL/LIODI4IIII
WOK relieving the ?tuns and -dengem ioeidaat to
- ,K. Prepency sad (, hurl-Birth . which ineuris the
_easy tad saprousctior proems df the lorictions of
yawn itbitti,.liairrei urban nMilhienced by the'
Miami of digital life, intended Moak( be parlor:
. ; mml at:podium:att. with little pain, and wiMont sub
Bordeloque daring his tinsels in Asti; deem
. this remarkable feet. That the womes of Mom
. : • atria am peeiliuly: h want from. all other
Marsle this they are free from Me
' - . ..paltis'ead dawn whichjocks the perioilef Prep,
• "..:211=1 an objeet ol so mac Anticipated millerisg ani
. Mir. : Curiority and the for &Moline &corm
. .- 17 prompted him to Inv 'Moths cense of this re
merkable escaption to tit rere trials to which tbe
•-.. . earned female, tee. ge ly subjected, aid the
. reeult was the.dimosery of theJact that the woolen
Of three conistmea were in the habit of min daring
tbi last stages of P any, certain plants which
, • Uwe the faculty of im Ming that 'elegies of tone
' 2 tr.....wt0k,,i4.'u3 the mb w a "enstsbilti ~ nets
fiaetiosa in nil Melt native simplicity ofaction and
It is g aiawlne - lam, alio, Mat the Indian women
- - ;Of North Annirlea we Is a rennotable degree Item
flout those ?aims and dinners o(pregnancy aid child
-.--- DOM tow bleb '.the whits, women are subjected—
- . Whether they nse the same plant. as do the mimes
:::at Asia we cannot tall. Vermin it no that the Met Is
--.. -Pe less reins:table than tree. - - .'
TN" Remedy is now ettenevrely used throasbost
• - ..Zirsneowith thr.mostrauked memos and many fo ,
iselormtro were once single through opprobrium=
'or .the dangers consequent to the mate of @turbo
aro now by the 'use' of this coedit-roe, porformmg
Mo, dune. of wires and mothers with comfort*so
It u al this time now,Brat presented to tb•-ww
men of Amerim, by Dr Borileloque, through his
• isolerainnt, Dr A C MOR'PIMER, and he feel. coo.
• • talent that independeut of its Minnie merle it will
• . • • ascoweiedithelf to the moral part of the comma
. - aahis it is fully cakulated to do awiy with that
crime of which some, through fear of .paum
of child birth, ere guilty, (the produetien of prima.'
ten delivenq , •
• . The m,:eine is also 'remarkable for remedying
that hitherto locatable Dammam', da
" almost waded accompaniment Floor Albiat
• tact that relased „and fallen state of . the' Womb
wince tecompanies this disease M• never telt after
the shortest use of this medicine. .
:This medicine Is prepared is such a way W to be
• agreeable and pleasant to the taste. - •
• „ Dr A•C MUKTISIER No .36 Lispenardiri7, -
. New hark has been appointed sole' agent for the
• tuM4 States, by Pr thirjoin•.aad is the only
ladaW4 - thie cavalry, who- le authorized to_venel
v this biddable medicine, sa - thislbllowing letter will
(7Yana/hled!Porn Me Preis L)
- • Dr A C Moatuisita-INarSir-41 - ecording to the
• agreemeut entered Leto between no, I, wish by this
latter to• pn.yow that written authority to sell
• thriegbent the
:United States; (my Remedy I'd re•
lievingtha pilloried dangers' incident to - pregnancy
• sad child birth,) which it le necessary for you to
_ : Mei to mitidy the of itil gendarmes urd
ray. Aelee are aware the avows of the medi.
' cite to the influence of the sea an obliged de to
- seed it to you he air tight vessels. . tone also sent
with it, a specimen of the =neer in -which it im put
rep ia Pans. la like emanate [should wish it to ap
pear is the United Sties. .Sir. with great respect I
• . remain yours,. F E DORDELOQUE, MD. •
• NP S—l aliened yea a copy of • letter received
•by me trod the Royal Aced•my .. ell Science, in
. (7)Writtakginus F;tnek.)
• •-•• Pad.. Jan `Z,1646..
)To M. lloaifeorkuid-Sir—Tbe commission.
~ en of theAcimerny hare appointed the undenigned
, Iromltheir number, as a committee to spat regard.
leg the merits of the remedy laid helms, au by yes
(ler reliedeg the pains sad Ingen incident to preg
' easel road child birth.) Several eminent Surgeons
"haring admitted to the Academy the resume of
_ • their expel - ince enthe on of your remedy, we bar
ten to lay d before you, believing It to be the best
• decishan regardingits adroitly distinction, and of Its
great *lee. that either you or the public could hare
wished. Whatever Maeda this body may pm
_ sams oa the members al the , proGesicia will exerted
" •' to farther that adenoma of this remedy into general
". we; which as a emeriti& discovery.and a treading
' remedy, it so richly deserves.' Light Physicians
having seed this inedicinei - eadi is fifty ewes of do
livery, found it entirely micemehti u prdomotieg a
remarkableande and nay delivery, foie .froe•pkin
and danger. With the exception of three patients
of Dr Briquet there MS .1 prided. unnatuilty Trod
eayardisequent jleaktiess or dininei elect these
11 - 77 - 'onm a laboring woman who had met with • severe
fall a week preview to delivery, wen taken
ateljafter that event with -a. profuse hemorrhage,
which was with dilficalty arrested. The other two
'• malformations ol the pelvis, were le no wise relieved
ofpain. : These few exceptions in so great • somber
of. calm ea lour baudrin),ahow the undoubted e 6,
. • . of year remedy, and bare determined .ns to
give It that recommendation and approval which is
• due to it, and the furtherance of , scientific media
`• eine ' (Signed) AI BRESCHET, M D.
Cos of the Commissioners of the. Academy
The pehlic ail cautioned sitainet purchming this
medicine from any persons weep:of the mole agent
' Dr - A C Mortimer, No SS 1.1 iLivenard st, New
. :York, where - this Medicine is put op' in packages
• satiable for being wet by mail to any part of the
Price Two dollars a package containing Intl .h.
reclines, t
' . Persons &idles of obtaining this Great Remedy'
who reside eta distance, can do ao by forwarding
' • - Two Dollars, post paid. to • ..
• DR - A C MORTIMER, Sole Agent far the LI Si
' Segel 9w No 76 Id Lispensrd st, New York,
-• is now snivenally selplowledged to be the IN
111,, FALLIBLE REMEDY forlthsomatam, Spi
' sal Alfeetions„Contractions of the Muscles, Sore
-Throat and Qum, Lesues,Old Ulcers, hues io the
Beek and Chest, Agne In ttio Breast and Face.
-- Tooth Ache, Sprains, Braises Salt Rheims, Burns,
Llemp,,FrostW Feet, sad all Nervous Dmarases.
leaded the wlieitioa orthistoost WONDERFUL
in curing the most sensate.. or the
metest Masses_ above suuned7—and the HIGH
ENCOMIUMS t h at time been bestowed upon it,
WhereTer ot has Wee intmdueed, gives me the lien
• to call es the; AFFLIC TED to resort st ones to
- • " It.,7Thetfacilty unite in reeemmusdingthe
mud Vaternal Remedy, Hunt's Liniment.
• Too Wowing letter from the highly eminert
Physicians who bare bean pinched to the Maui'
Pleasant State PilsOn for many years, is the best
evidence Of the value of this celebrated Litimenc.
Sten Solo, December W,1816.
•My Dear Sir-1 received year note of yesterday,
tubing my opinion in relation to Boers Liniment,
a. papered by Mr George E lataidoei Knowles
its - comporitioe, and baring frreratly.irmal it. I
' can recommend it to you as a' e Ezterul Remit.
dy, and in my opinion, the heist.Linimant now in
ate. Very Indy Ind :111./Mlthilny mug,
• ,11 In HOFFMAN.
-- Col Pietro VinCortlodt, Croton Manor.
1 folly cancer ii the ahoy*
, • - ; : Yoettenwe, Jan. IS. ISt&
• Sir—ln reply to year letter; I would say that
- have used your Hatervial ,Retnedy, called Hoot'.
" Liniment, in my. practice since yeti made me so
Tr:doted with its compositiod, and anhesitatingty .
say that 1 believe it to be the Nest External Reese
• dy_now in one for the complaints far which yea re
• commend it. - Yours reapectlulty;
Geo E Stanton. Esq. , • .
ErAmong the maw of worthless articles and
bomber' that are poured forth, at the present day
upon the coen, it is really refreabing to And
wheedler of real practical Canty, somettung do
pie; epeedy - sed antes' is ill operation, sad at
-- the mute time free from thole - injurious edema
which generally attend powerful remedies. Hunt's
Linimeot, prefued by Geo. V. Stantoki or Sing
. Slog, though it has been but abort tire before
tits publie, has already obtained the confidenee,eot
. . only of our most wealthy and Lullueetiel atisene,
but our most eminest phwileiesta. All ea:owl
-edge it to be a ementipt balm for many of the ills
• . that flesh it heir to, soothing the aching limb , and
by its genuine stimulating ialleence,banwhing dim
ewe from the system. 1
Mr. - Stentoti—Sin—Seeieg your advertisement
of Hate Liniment, 1 was indneed to try its Olean
• on my woo, who had heron crippled with a lama.
bath an infest; sad it le with gratitude I bear
testiintrey to its wondeifid beans{ properties. My
child, wile is now Are years of Ore, ls now ton fair
way of recovery, ' Years, &c., • -
• Pose Omcg,ToWsicas; Putnam Co.
certify that I am personally 'maimed with
- the above named child. and think the father would
be sale in saying that big son is almost well.
- .• fier 6, 1845. Popery Post Muter.
S. I would alto state that I have been for a
sandier of yeers =Ned to frequent attacks of the
Rheomation, which in many iustences prevented
attending to my heathen.. 'Piro or throe spell
' catiossof .the Lin im ent invariably-remove all al
fecticas of the kind. In cases el bodice, !rains
andantes, too numerous to mention, it bee in this
vicinity proved a certain rented,.- ' lta value Can
only be estimated by thaw whtlbtlee given it a ref
Tale Liniment is fold at 25 and 50 can per bot
• • ; lie, by ell the Yriacipal Druggist, and Merchants
throtighoutthe country.
• , • Whalcsis& 'donee in Net, York.
HOAD LEY, PHELPS & Co, 14: Waver
RUSHTON la Co, 110 orindway. -
.• • Abl& I) SANDS, corner rotten sad William.
' • ASPINWALL, Ab William etnieL
'F.I: • Orders addressed to me et Sing Sing, NY, win
be attended to. GEORGE-E - STANTON,
fissile In riustaigh by L WILCOX, Jr, and J
TIDO & Co.. Ailments) , City,ilOHN SAROERIT
a Hired , • in.,10117, SMITH. •
, -...-.."----
' , 4i 4 . 1111110E0F U" AND . SCROFULOUS SWELL,
El INGE—Sandula in all ita multiplied forma
"Inalwa in thrt Opus's Eeil, ealugetheate o We
, •
pyy .., boot!, Doltre i Moto !Rw..lllngs, Corolla
~. ' i'7tarßo brlie
'•' eri,r;y o= Waone
i. .' ladWomcasn, whichma. pooonona piuciple
'4‘. ,
.: ... I ' l l' s ssUartaberest in the bombs mem. There.
...:. ,-k" . molta uti e principle all be destmeo,oo mil.
.Zir,..:4:,:be...____lebi principle
bat ifjbe pnee
e iple upon
• -_,...5. t,..' alool &panda, la. rawow, a cure
"'.,="` aallow. Do matter ebthr whatlone
...... didC m etheilthe itsetl. ' 71the, th erefore
, , :..„:', • its* we iiviiee:Unithirrric le so sal
+.1. -. .. 404 . 0 .1 . it . etikbemthieg en ithel ithliput
.;,. 16 . 44th i i 6 i =v . th e intheat i req 4 e.........ben
• - •-: ;" : ,." '' ': ' ,. ::: :', 4.11. 1,
-;idol ""W ill lwth "thak ilis SW" 47elsr" --- 5 3
rf An.„,,„„fteatbi i lasoilat WWF-Fariado 01.
1 11 , 7 - Arkka psi i =" 4 ° .kd ' illa.
.. -"--134‘1166r fife* theee 146.71reielbttese
‘-'-o.'-.L.1.-4-7:-.7-'-',1•.=.,--:"-..."-.‘-.„,, .
• -. .„._. _- ,
• ,• - ,
ii.cuLLEres num OICKTIILE meat
MESONS Afflicted frith Semfoli; EMin
Ceseer,Erjelpelas, Old Soree;tlleers, Tette!'
, Norm* Meuse; or any etnerdumelsisti ariung
Inito , briperilles of the %Med, are requested to . read
tollevring untimonlale, re proof of the
Ihl properties of the *bola named medicine. .
• '
. .
We the undersigned, Devise vatted Mr. lam thh Ake ot Mums. Rowand and
%boo, 376'.blarint stmeLPhiladelehiai colludes
hie cue the mart remarkable one we
.have ever
eesedor baud or. - ."
• •
His disease Wu SCROFULA, and ter ri ble must
havea heed' hit twelve years' conflict with the de
glim e r N
al_,the roofer his mouth,_itse:GP.
per Lip', and lower Lid ol
Eye have bees
destroyed, Ids Face stuffy eaten up, and part of the
Jaw Bone carried away. And yet we can grie
description of hi. cue.
• Mr. B. talons as that in Anury tut, the whole
interior of his month, as well as most or his fess
wu • mom of deep and painfal nicer.: • •
• On the leth ofJ num last ,be communed takbui
CEA, which checked the disease tea few days, as,
from that time the core hasps:tressed without in
riesethieh has selied the place of thedeep
.ten, end though bOy disfigured, his tare is weal,
zed Idigestind tiesith is teetered. . •
• We ere, issued that ia the treeteseat of Mr.
Brooke cue ao hlereatials,tholamits, ot , Ciente.
ftr A tt o liviv i Lbee w . 11 =a w fliet, PcANA
Davi Smith,.
_beets county, Po.
Chaise L. ROVabdiMeadvityt, (Amdahl eoPs..
J W Jones, M D Smith Snood Nunn; Ma •
Jacob Lee Pembedon;N J. '
:EW Carr, 44014 Fourth, above Poplar at, N. 1..
'S Lancster, Pa.,
M Maddock,l2lNrirth Eleventh st. Pbila. _
C %V Appleton, MD 46 South st.. do
,l'imadhy Caldwell, Marion co. Misted.
Daniel Yeakel, Clrarnnt Hill, Philadelphia co. Ps.
John Hartied,39oHigla sheet, Mule:
%Villiers Steering, N D,Catoden, N. J.
William Hale .173 High stiett, Phila.
J H Potter,Menofaetiter at • Mineral Tank 109 9
• Ninth street, Phila. •••
L A Wollenweber, Ed. Phila. Democrat 277 N 3d
street, do
Herne W Montt Mash Maker, 317 litaz h at St.
Ezra Caw, 1.59 Chaim street, Phila.
A D QAlatu, Pastor el . Eleventb Baptist Clause,
Jobs Bell, Eno Stint; ligladelphia, (Nonk Amer:
Aaron Saud!, INCeithrthe Street, Phila. •
DathelMetsuilehienter's Alley, do
Andrew Srmms, Caddell, N J. •
EtEsies,Valltrbila. . •
Richard IL Tt, Udder, 409 Markel et. P bile
Joke W A.OO 60 South Sixth gaud, do
T S Wspor,Lithispratther;ll6 Utstheut sliest, do.
B J lessil,ll.MEleaelth street, - do
Peter Sloth Smith. Ed kw Native Eagle, do
Joel Bodlui. (Hass' uthinfthtsuer. Williathatorra
Willi= Steely, Farnsiaguut,,Vaa Borth en. !owe
L Coles, bl D, Maas
Reuel Caithe ,k 1 Phiniolopst, philadelphia.•
Thrum P S Rob y.. 91 0, Hamsborgth Pa.
Peter Wright. 1459 Market street, Phila.
Jame* W Newlin, 103 Vahert •• do
John Good, T 74 Spreee et. do
Vrllhm Une, Eutor St, ratP• E. Cit. Catharine
• St. Phila.
, .
John Chambers Pastor Lt ludeil. Cheek Breed
st, do
T L Sandern r Publisher of Pledge and Seuldsii,
F P Sellers ' Editor Ohre 13-seeh,
Wholesale sad Read by RaWald %t. Mato', Pro.
prietera,376 Markel St. Phißdelphiai R E Sellers,
b 7 Wood W. Pitsaberigh,
Pa.; Wes. The be Mar
ket at. do.; E B Palms, asietta,Ohie; eatoa &
Sharp, Maysville, Y;Jaha W Denenhow dr,
Ohio; Sidell& Reeves, Madison Is; C Noble, Loma
villa, K be Deveroeek & Pollees, St. Loots, Mn'
P H MeG y law, Ratan, Misr, Hardaway & Jobe
stea Vieksbar‘h,do; ChasitaJeakins, NevFOrleta
Las 065
DILLS are becoming so universally popular •
fist, Because theta» prepared by Dr N B bei.
dl himself,* nectar Drogget, Cheroot and ?bpi=
elan or Philadelphia, who knows the lieu», the
quality and character of the Medicines used to his
pills sod their ed*Ptallau to diocese.
Second, Because the public tab take them with
greeter confidebee than most other pills which see
prepare! by peso= ignonst both of alike,* and
Third,-Beeanse of their combined effects, proper
ties not contained in any other pills; namely, purr
tog from the Mama and bowels all unhealthy sub.
stances, and at the Lima lime purifying the blood
and Raids of the body.
Ruth, Because they are the cheapest and best
medicine known—a single be. eosting but Di cents,
and containing 40 gills, suing lopera=s' as many
dollars olt•times. in Doctor's bilD,lmul 'numerous
medicines bought 4a triedon the rectanmendation
of others.
Whenever yes have aeration to takelanyinedi
eine, do not be trilling with your coostitntion by
trues ell lunds of pills or other SediiCiaft , you see
pobliabed and recommended by age awl another bet
take at once ! •
Dr. Leidy 'a Sarsapairqla /Mod Pills
and yoe - will not bane ocean= to tate anything
else. They will *buys be found good in almost all
worms ot t 'dmeaste, Inflamatinii of the stomach, bows
leas, liver mid intentinem• pa of the Womanly
Waterbruh: inward ,v,. fool breath, had
tote 111 the month, SOW ,ti11a.1.1441111 and acidity of
the itottlieb, costivieeni and indigestion, wool of
appetite, billions eget:boos. diseases of Use 'plan
and kidnepAiseues of thr oklb, scaly eruptiobd
dry and watery Pimples or biota.. of the bee one
body, tettey,rmsb,prickle beat andaattrtmem, bead.
ache, giddinesn; fastness., prim oyes ilve beast, ol
the breast, Mies, aloes tbe back and 41.100, rheum.
litl9l is i gnat, resent of all kinds, =MI pos. sari..
lout. weasels, scrotal*, erysipelm, sod to short they
are good is all doeases bowleg their - ratio's in the
stomach, liver, sod Intestine., and inipority of the
Wood .
rrrody Pills in a Boa. '
lr7Tsrentyu6se cents a Buz.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by B. A. Faboestoek
do Co.,eartier of First and Wood, also coins; et
Sixth and streets. - acne:3
• , L.DY, a kw doors below
Wood . reett, towards las
• • R. BROWN,
-4. lim n "f been resolstil ed.
lest dm thensedital pro•
fssion,and beta kr some
4V- got I: =l. s eeder,
• , of thew
'N s st . P PPo
can t on and • •ipeneoce
pecalterly goably tout.—
Elden per ant • moss. th. suety and
manse= of thookonthi • ath, I.:Wog:which dam be
hos had more praetice and tae email tome pumas than
care ewer fel si the lot of asy prime ppneutheter I srs
ply ;sallies trials Orr as s.a.e.s( ,Krma
seatprnd satafaeory rare Wall sillieushrith Settees
diseases, sad ell diseases acting thttofroot.
Dr. Brown mould mains th ere Marva with rams,
diseases srbieb base beeseseebrosie by tithe. apnea
red by the MSG of, lily of the r.,016610 1,1 mamas of the
day, th at th eir complaints tan be rodiully and dory
seedy eartot,he bonuses'. his earefal attantlo4 to
the treatment of sub rases,and secreted to !roared*
of instaneta to tiring mums of inflthouron of he neck
of the bladder, and kindred diseases winch onen noon
rota those wee wbsins ohms lotee resigned them to
hopeless dopers, .11e ponsealarly invites mkt as bare
bora logyand onsaceethfolly treated by others to tan
-soh biro, relies troy satisfsenon Labe sheath® sod
their eases treated in a caterni,thrOyolfb.cod curtLii eot
mouser, pointed list by long aspartame, stady fa
resugaton,oraki ss lsgtosible 'for those engsged in
finiSISI practice! of medicine to pie Lay one class e
"Er Hems or Raptare.—Dr. wn abro thin
persons afflicted with Henna to Bal l ;as Ins pa,
ponied. ancatioa this disease. -
Skin Duress.; also Piles, Pabry, tie speedily 'cared
Chargesvcry low. j
• N. 11.—Paitenth aloft/ter see Bring at a distance
by mass their &scale m writing, petty all th e mop
toms, can obtain =dichosa with due:oons for orso,by
add:easing T BROWN, M. D. post pa: and emelt,
11111( •fee. •'
Office No. 115 Dumont allay, oppostro she Wrest.,
ity- Ns nos. p past detti
i lL ia / c t e t=r o ltple Lt,their d n e ar
i s . tato( this paper
Or hie b rem unionist in.
ustnnuiort, to be of minty to the pablie. Rome of Dr.
Snip.% medielnes wa have used in mu family for many
years. For instanee the EXPECTORANT, th e CAR
MINATIVE, and, 'we Iw to
be good for the complainet neuGE they pmks to Ru a We
were*. Lake Online the put untoter, - when nitratel
of our travelling campanthos, from lump, In Weiner.]
New York drank, for many dire, the limestone water
of Mitre/too, were badly_aunaked with violent Dotr
rhom, an Dysentery. Mr. B. had provided himself,
piesiou to leaving home, with "The •ftrmlaatore of Dr
Jona° and in all cues of ita use. among Ave gentle
men, it was successful In effecting a speedy ems.
The Expociorant we have "known used among oar
intimate friends *, eqoal suceum and we feel that
we Add do a good act to families (especially thoee:sit.
wed an they cannot have ar.cess to lanoodlam Medical
4E4] to advise than to keep on hand heaths Expecte.
rant and Carminative. The hopectomnt I. believed Or
=ll , lyaiclarur to be the best recipe for Pulmonary
ono." Complaints, that has ever yet bee, cow
pouded. The relaon Dr. Jayne le not a quek,bot
a regular, scientific, and able medical practitiOner
eclf. His medicine. ore used by the best OrdaiHO LDP.N ns...-
i Editor of the Phil. Pstordayarier
For sale in Pitts/tenth Mike PEKIN TEA Itrf VIRE-71
Furth et, mu Wood thraP
oeminsamptive. coasetatisa.
DM , debit'f weigh upon your heart,
Orpaive Intel you breast
Try llclAdapuOt 11.14.4
Aid It irittAtre yo rm.
It dean awsy the misty cloud
Demme 911.1 , 10OT tLe
And ertdepere Meath tbe gloomy 'breed,
"Year health gay yes be whole.
Seis_yondas inse of covey bus
ma inland* stun assay
It scarcely sips the wrung dcw,
kkfara It fades away.
The *arm qf Death wino the mess, •
And suenglhaned as It prom —
Admisc. It blatand t In lovely gem)
=lt nipped ;Monk and Mann
Tam Wens of Dunn Wen be dale.%
If Dr. Dansaa's net went trod;
Asd taanrktvely dossels sued •
na taws of an untimely Ansa.
Spawn most, piaskinist, Okia;:wher• kis vslsabla
. . ,
&i -Pittabergto byW . N. JACSBON, isomer o
,Woo 4 sad Liberty . .
I„. wins tromp. • •
Tls: 6 ' eaa .r. ift ati t o,.. - t i t zf dt, L eit" zal )!
booing WI doefirfor col oaAtiarmAtel be . W
orlioloolo or modulo,rosoATlllsolook was mien
rinowilAkzu boa AtosetAii.tet.,fou logoiNol
plalo9l Mouth. Boooboubs goaoloo Made
AISAAA 'Bußßoi :
IIsoLBS sad Amadei wok As•
mod exfroofflintay Afreletne us lie Wald ' '
Th....e.p. h p. quart %Wm: Rum Wm dun,
plesseater, awfwarreated eayetew is sty wad. b caise
• dime wieheat vawitimgatusteg, Wawa at it.
ales mat hasty sea wqwriotily of lila Sereepetilla ower
ell Wear "Whir o Idaho It Essewara Dino. it Liar.
stoats body, II at or of the my beet SPRINO AND
9 Williftit MEDIC:WU me b 00.., It wat only with
the whole meow tool etowitimew the perm% bat it Crewel
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. 400 own of Gland Deklity and Waal Of fawn ;
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2,000 easos of. flesofala;: , .
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U. W.IDCLiur, We U.
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• • -• • • . .
Dr. Tamura —Dar air :
I bar tho plaron to Wad
you Oat taw Way elt/Anto brow Ora add of ta Mao
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abroad on dandy with lad roar) ban only aka Dor
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Maw W. Qua, WS Warta rt.
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sral_ promotion of lior oplra—so maker Mother tho remit
of loiters.% commix ar«y prodloord . by imphrity, Wools
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Dr. Slanssoodr dly asks snaky tistrated
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by pas sal ti s a dist. of Oswalt doss, dm
wash, sad aka ai. dikraltiss. tad Wrist lows am
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felt neramariod doss& amass I lan datarkaki obtain
odd bads of your Dana, of Batqatills, Mated
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basks am roatiad y i aka plosion is Om selooskis
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, ISM. Cars( Onad Lydia sts.
Counittits, Sept AUG.
Dr Thimied? To iaNdian ttos soy soercra—This i.
to ratify the try oak sasd ars batik of yaw. ktrayitrilk
to bar arslissmat, We Us matt dusk% owl
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faith; arlisdiss it Ism y, tits =skim Id is kg", sad
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, kaSt. P
It ilus will M of say lama to yoo or soy on srlko
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6 Jams ot. •
This Trend of BarovanlY to. boo coped!, prepaid
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to qt tift,"theall oegiftt ed. ft is certain
proved. for , airy of Ow samidas ad Med_ is a i
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liable for Of dais &lido dada to did woes are
It braces Oa dad .fine, mann mummify rho Nita
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far dasadiag mats to praise a siftwidoal e
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Gums RRAD rms. ±
Too estiolionYftioporogiftsda s Aitnio s bpM t ho a i d...
free, rontiskio, or Indio; di id " oft ofift Na:
a boar. or two of Dr .Tosinuesid's
amme yoft blood, redo. id. Indies d bkftioo, ad
gin you samatioft.ippsriliag oyes, Lae spirals, and Modal
egioqftehoftzsill of which an of draw yalos easoft,f,
rid dies. .
No 1.1 or triage* hoe ever lees trenered ders
warty remain the gs*ie joke air alia . • la Serampaiarg
food treltheagtheeing the omen ot. ?Ai MAI
nem SapeparAke.
Sent Demarrearr,'Allesy, May 10, 1A45.
Dr Ilrernenesetr nar—l bun bees .teal for erwa.
tears** Amer* in Ito word Co ist,..reeled
wet of tiorereh, I 4yeir*,*antete hresiher* ned •
great memos to el/ °Mod; ma far meltetub* 1
**lll raj 1 hare !® amble to Meta bet a amall retwe
oo stoeseti. I tried the aegal :nomlies, hutthey led,
Let letta or. elk** newels' the easyhtfoL 1 wet *
doted, about two ocothsl4l.B. to try yotur Zatnet of Sen.
puilltood I no.. =jeer* littY eonbdean, bet *kr Nen
=rro Iheter, roe. my amain rake., sod the
tatirely morel; end 'would meetly mom.
and the on of* to than Abe hem*. afiliettol at I kin
Your!, W. W. V. Urge,
Her 92.111411.
ft.d tw followin, oh doubt ill.= ea, Dot remanto
Goo. ulatto eurtil. Thi.boaly o•eof tb• month...lml
awes tbot Towaotalb tbrrpvLb b eared:
Dr Totrosoott—Deur art 1 ono tabs, . but. am,
)mama on with a ..'.'u
<= 4 714 pi• ry It a.
heum on ata wry hot, I oral peosooonti by pity/
to base lb. gab ansumptimr nboiTom.
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to die • but etato...l to toy bat, 112111 vs. 'obliged to ban
moans . Wird 1 moat if re you my aaetiptiott Dot
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to bt pot raewitty ; I ba4 bird • ergot nabs, toomohas ;
awl oil ousel ot be lobo 'tarpon. Mid Or. WWI Se.di on-
Intortlisry two perlbrand by yor4 arbour, sma 1.11
lot. U.. trodt;l suspreta4 there ble Nor humbug to thew •
Bat I Ins iftfor44 la by it .1 did to; .4 r.ty Wolfed
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ttrtrorred as b• Moot mu bottims., au4 Itor to bumble.-
ly trell is a for steak.. illy rougb put in the 6k,
ao4 Wed moo barikft me ; sal rain barnry little,•sol
•to hut gaining thy usual dreg*. .1 fill It a 4oly to giro .
you • durmast of tolt ma, to path& If you plow.,
rem 711Frvne,:17 rt,11r1,17..
• '
Opiates. of Phistelafis.
Dr Tormbesd isSimori islit_rsourisg onkrs from ply!
mhos is different wird the Usios.
MISS so sirrify duo wr, lb. seslorakssi, P/ipiaisar of
of Albosy, Sara is tismorios errs presrabod Dr.
Ton” o s.D. Sas ow et tio mod
roloabla ',slant:. of If.. thinsporDis is lb. =Amt.
l• rotroyi, X
p SI MOON, IS 0.
tr.uumma.. it a.
Albsay.April I, IM3
This is to certify that ms, the lusgereigeed, practleiag
Thooomin. plpkwas oft e My of Ahoy. ham (request
ly preontibed TownsmtPs Compoutd Unmet of Sara.
pantie, sod ham its Icemen qualitiey ' , mold recommend it to
Ihe ;ramie 7w moscurint, ocrofidous, ond Poore amass dl.
ems, in proforma to my of the nitortised remedies Dom I.
A W hemp a, r,
Altos!, ApeU 2,1E44. W. B BTANTIM 1 . P.
.Priammil Whoa, 19dFelton 04 /at UMW, N Yy god
dutg # W Mato at BeetoulDe Dyotattanth nth North Pee
oli Phli" " "' " H."*. thAti%t uttri
Zietitrarb.= • ,
Nem pealmosleso put up hi am larp noun
which m.tam a post std etimoi with the imam
of ti P TOWNSYND, mid hansom bloom me the
Area tie Nom Yoh Dolly /meow 0fd9,1147_ -
prottpthieg *promo, la thit knob yay. mai
the miternsing oh, or Pareaparillolopelmnf ToonsmiL
The whoa, thing is got up to poi
_UM mem of the ma
mental laothe
01l rgetattsv ortftmoutie l rfelt, tartlet: with
rarely equatlesein egay. tall this ! ode
oppartuoify to
my am behove OM Ontsent of the &naps& dames the
wry great polarity it hos acquired;
Myr Tom, hisreb47,l347
• Dr. Towpread:-1 lame bors smitt,4 to. or low for 3
years, with . drewlfal asking is tkoo' chat, giddisiss the
lend; taw of apprelho, psis to the heals, sad gosenil
brought os doubt by du continsal boa tad pelf to which
lam cubjett to In wy bo.ftws Y.dyer. them. takes alum •
medicines, too nossenan to seestics, bat with lisitor so me.
cm. Iwo Wooed by what! saw is ass papa to try • boat: -
'of pa& ssrapuilts, fromeekkh I found poor long. Uteri
Waco tars mend sots batiks, steal art sahrsitstlney aq
it is eh. bets ...shame I have mi. takea—Usif pux to toy
ant Is gone, rad 1 frii• salami ma &bertha rims
Idm tansy°. eststrarills. I bantam" benew twtits
than oral had. My trek Mr takes it with UK csess
dal results I would recownwad It so dusily metiers*
ad I feel corrinced list if to and Dim weft sot
6. hat the alarms Oben it, wed wartessently use to away.
Doctor , : bells for *Welt ratans appetite, le ../so ti m to
the Moor& we brook thou ray* haw; it heaps W. bleed
at • heathy Oats ' s° Dail discus is hot totally to snack die
grim. *ad to Odom who are sot in ■ belch, Mat., I sty
by Dr .Ttrotswodhrfywopsrala
Titai.i !arm 70 Atin, r.
Casket Is Om South.
leelow is en amid of saccierreldli seed. Dr Towthatad , o
Daressuills hot oared thvi threi of desswads of chubby.—
The flellowiag scrtifinder s wlestrel fawn great somber
~. •
Nkw Yak . Aprq 9,1547,
Dr To ad: Darin—Q. of sty Aillwowas as,
sick will tbs Wien is as south ail thral, Waded with
peat ability. hear Isar iyise 1 °Wad sow of your
swelled isisdiciss, sal Stead it Airway, la which lan
wars you 1 allay grateful, Far Yours naattolly, st
Sksitrns Dnaissai .
Yale by WE 89.1.. 5a LER S Dania, NeW wad
lama as 4 4th sts, who has i bees appoited Dr
TOWNSEND Ws Apia foe Allsessay jaitsrlyr
Ildibai's Celebrated Fluid Magnesia.
oh oioll areal oitioei4 sod opinion!, I.
loco porfeet oolotio• of ebookolly pan colloooto of
_lllogoosn pooormoo INglicolpsOitiro of Ow flood re.
=of flftwatoio, onthoo44llablo to Sum omen.
um bows*. beet open Oa moot the
•scomostb told. roomful of Oa 01 Mogoool ingoi•
Jet otrogOiolhalf• tooopooOd lloosodo.
To. solo by A FARNEOISOCK't CO, ow lot Nil
Moo mg Wool sod .
11 8 = 1 41 2. 010 p.Flold Ext.ilansiettll
Amy N
610 dr,
a kind Ma rat Ile 6f M AFARIE
'!'OC[t py ao~lc! of ant ~eo ~vel aW woad'~od
tlnr~a.:_. _. _ .....M..
• • mason co 4
Ar.. go ge.rgis foi i. ,.laess bag. Thad, Seta ride,
TMPORTI3IIII gal Whal=cr• i Watel=e.
' .lWsteg °hums awl material.. Jewelry (.11 deaeri
qualde. Sad. uylis, comprirns all the arueles
eamereupd with •
. .
Podia Dixon AA Bon's Bntania,German Silver and
lifer plated ,vearmi Shedield and Bin:sloth= ptoted
fancy articles, Rodgers &Snell and Wostenhoha% cut
lery mon, missors., amen, desk Knives, An, ivory
Table ?canary of lies Liam, =album and
mon qaahtim. A lam assortment ofirold pees, pod
focal spectacles, papier macho and Japanned traya,
sonata shapes and qualities, at redated rates, gold
maxi. WIWI and afloat Imre of all ,
stunned to order.
DICKSONhamig reeently ismoyed.inui the
Mtge and commodious warebottne fo rm erly 'occapial
by Mews. Ashkurst k Seas. and more recenAy• by
halation k Pennington, belt kayo to inform Wal.k
Dealemliontbern and Western Idesekents and other.
that they design having mall Wets an assortment of
Goods of Simi own Importation which they are deter.
Mood to sellat the lowest IV..
...irrarery.atSgution.will be paid to Me packing of
WM and in the execution of orders, the qualities and
prima will be folly matuntied modest all competition.
If No. 166 Nat% Third &rat,
5 • •21011 K 11ZW !TIME;
QAtl hand, and nisnalketures to order, Artificial
Il era, Festners,Tatlaton, and Face Caps, to.
dies' Cap., Borden,Doliarets, tn.
Ands ery Oeseriptionor Fancy Goods, whisk be will
oeU at Qs lowest market priers.
' N IL—Fea th ers. dyed, elaused, altered, and shaded.
I u 54.30
BMA)! 11121iIMIL
rgvnitl Hammer pomessea many advantage. over all
.I.othem—asong which may be aterniessed,
alanageablesese—Tbcraphlitlry and forte of blow
may be controlled with the greatest sue, while the
hammer Is la toporallim, and the hammer may be io•
meetly arteemdoind misguided at any belgbL
Its Universality, or capacity to agenda work of all
Cede, nom the lawn to the smallest, It'der the acme
Its nimplielty, Compaccom and %mane en
Its AtesesdnUty elm ell Mee, by the workmen.
All the limners ate made Inslf•Acting.
The sabscilbent *meanu to execute orden for these
busmen, of all elx=tio i n tameable MUM
For ranker pante inquire of
4.lB elagoe l ee et the Patent teethe United K "
Voethleatit Reathery, Plolll4'o.
VAN 334 Reath Preat. Ilte•or,
Rack of 7 A. Itiban'aCabinet Ware Manufy
A Lt. orders DA with S. S. Moon, at the office alb.
rierrhattrs hotel,:
rissltturh, lOU be prrortil
attended to. THOS. 0. DERRY
aepladir A. C. NICKERSON
Fiuudimr pcg.T.,_ coacit AND
allip., IL/RNFAS ffei.W, ND Cheated
PALe4dpkte, km of the arm of 01lej
Watemt. resfeetlidly Moms his ft
aml the polka, that he has sad MU keep
emesaa ea head art Ibe We.. Madame roomiest of
, Yehelea 40 Mlle. ead deteriptim
mak to ted= ehoeless tratolle seam and enema a
the my Met mem, of mamma materieL blealy
4.lyltEl I. ■*TB,
•• No id Mod-Third and, Weer /tees, PAitadelphia.
HAS loot received tat addideo to kW former lege as.
lemma, a flesh laid rum pattern Cloets of the
most celebrated makers, such so Ferreateltle Illartefatr
wring m, C /emus and others, havoc ell the asp
tents.ofthe Fight day and Thirty hod Cloche, of the dif
ferent taansfacutres. Also Year, mesh, ship sad *lima
Clotho. Malan ordl do well to glee es a coll. Orders
moliptom•tly attended to. Genf
Waskingtott, D. C.
ZNAR C. ItOD.EDN% . Mechanical Engineer and
/senator procannit Patents, will prepare the ne
cessary Drawings and Papers for Applicant. for rat.
ants, and transact all other bagmen In the line of his
prothatioa at the Patent Odin. Ile eat be cowshed
on all questions Tolman to the Patent Laws and deci
mate in the Celled States or Eatope. Pe sons at •
distance destreas of haring examinations made at the
Patent Office, print to Nutmeg &animation kir a patent,
ma forward (post paid, ettebaing a fee of five dollars,
• c lear lineament of thole ease, vbea immediate anon.
bon will be given to 11 t and all the infonosuon that
amid be obtained by a tut of the applicant in petsoni
malady commanteated.
LIT letters on basimess marls pan paid. and amain
a nitabla fea..whons a Imago opinion te required.
Odlea on F. Orem, impostor the Patent Ofiloe.
Hahne the boom of referring, by . pernassien,
Hon. Edmand Duke, Commiss ioner Panottm
Hera U L Ellewrinh, We do do dog
It nowlim, hf achimat, Patent CtScon
Hui R t 8 Setae;
H do;
Hon../ Bowfin, MC, htimomi;
Hon. Willis Hall, New York;
Hoo. Rabat Smith, M C, ilbooi
Hon. Breese, 1 8 8 Bemme;
Hoe. J H Ralf°, M c, Ahnoari;
Capt. It hi Starve. Idisseern
Emma Ihooka, Erg., Pittsburgh. myl9
REMEDY—Wannuad to more, or the moo.
el retuned. This medicine is prepared from an la.
Mae Receipt. obtained Dom one ol them iwthe Far
West, at great =peen. Thom who hue been
familiar with the ladi=es, know that they can and
do can Venereal without the knowledge of Men
airy. Balms, or anythieg of the Md. The of.
dieted ban — sow :en opportunity of being rend
winos Wm end of Rabin. Thin medicine I.
pleasant to the tame, mad leaves no mall on the
Miami by RO'IVAND & WALTON. sod sold
wholesale stet taut, by J. T Rowend, 51wkit
street, railed's.
For ale in fhttebeTb by R E Salta, 57 wood
street. awl by Ws. Thera.s2 Make .t. togreiwT
before—wes ortigmearapproved — Eutanviaa•—
and mow fashionable Easterapastrrne and n. Ann
THE CHEAP ROLL, or 808 PON BLIND, on hand
or toads border of all sizes, and la all prices.
Coantry blerabanla and others are ittviteal to tall and
emulsive the above for themselves, as all will be AU
wholesale or read, and a liberal dedscuon wade w
wholesale parehasera.
FROM the very liberal erteesenega
0911Vmeat the salheritor bat received knee
he hot bested himself in Allegheny,
hut =daces' hies to take • !este, for a
tem of years, on the property he now
runtimes, In Beaver strees, Immediately beside ha
Presbyterian Church From the long experience= the
shoes bawls.* and • desire es please, he hopes to wer-
sad mentos • Mors of =Olio Wrenn/ye.
Now on hand and finishing to order, Roekaway Reg
gie., open and top Haggles, and every description of
Durages moth to order. from severuyslivo dollars to
fiatit Minaret. (rep]-dtfl JONN SOUTH.
- - -
T. Jams' Itaßaia C Wensteal Soap.
FOR all kinds of Irruptions and diseases of tte Skin:
suet. as Pimplet,lllatebes,Salt neon Seamy, Beat
Spots, akaPped or cracked Ski/hand kr all other doe*.
ors of the Maria, which fentam asmmal nnandles, dna
Soap stands anparalled. It also &ape Is Freckles, Bon
bon, dilarpberv, Tan, and changes the color ar dark,
yellow, at Siand to a fine, healthy, yonibriti.
clearness. A fresh simply, warranted genuine, and kr
aala at the redaced prim of 87k per cake. bas Mat been
received, is tarred far sale by B A FAIINITI rum &
Ist and wood and gm a/ the earner of sloth
and woad as. ,rll/
V H k E TODD, tasuuthstoters Agents, No Al Mud
sL, op stairs,two doors below Sad, saint the Otsubo. of
pa bOOOO. of Ontkreess Famishing Goads to our Stork of
sew fashkusbk goods, essaufastared suisraell in our
orn. man, werrauted well wads nod gin paint satisfeetioul
end we would all the utterstke
No nun
man to ere oisneriae Shirthiust sunned;
on en nuot)stunruallty,do; with both Whits nod stripsd of
eminesipti f se sad Atti l so4h l ppit:==
Wks . istw=ljost ocean with Isrio:Zorts pike. W.
Would *Mint the eel& of partlissen who Y. le tM Wit of
gong over the rot:Wain kr iris, to all end mains our
sloth, se Ws Califidebt 11001112/VBo fas prim ma.
een.4, eau thdon thni to loot further, but basun unuolle
sr bull. all
Milli undersigned have reduced th e prices of Ride
'1 and Blasting Powder of this ouperior manufacture,
polity warranted runaround, age WA{ tow an
IA " pod Powder ran be bought in th e market
itto Drapossa employed at the klapaine will call
evelp rooming on the elastomers to deliver Powder and
reeves olden.
Orders at all thaw will be filled Immediately, on ap
Wieldiest at the safe. of .1 C BIDWELL, Ali .
above the Mendonhela noose, water street
X. D. W. Loon., ApL. P. Co. °ell
• *. Patent Bleak Opted, Tammy
NEWLY INVENTED—For the reliefand Pennanen
Cerro of HERNIA or RUPTURE. (Cloned is al
The euperior claims of this Truss consist in the corn
be mesa with which It may be wont. The pad o
wood being' neatly balanced on oprings, yields to pre
sere on soy part of It, and thoroughly adapt. itself
any movement made by the wearer. It can be woee
without intenalmant, tunil manila °rented. The sob
scribers hare Made arrangements Ze the manure=
of these valsable Trawes, in a superior style, In Phil&
delplda, and bare them now fey sale at their care, No
77,3=10360d st. near liitth,Pittsborgh.
10 INCH, RINGS—Jost reed 3 dos boa of Patent Val-
Al cams:ell hada Rubber Roth. nese Ringo or
loads are (or paper. and parcelsofevery
'description—ln an Instant am east be placed mend a
packet of papers bolding them firm at the BUM time,
allowing or addition or redaction without stay loss or
Sallie' Arts, 'rood of
Dr. Xistaime's Warm Speltle.
Tlll5lB toesrufy that, by Maine one Vila of Dater
McLane's Worm Specific, a child *flume - Shales
pinned upward]; of YU worms, and by the tumor said
' medleine • child of my own 'waited le imp won:m.-
11 is mill , ihe Meal serprieing wane medicine I ever
Bees. I molt have two m ore viola.
• ,
Wilkins Townshis
For sale by J KIDD AP; No CO Wood street, hos
bomb. mrhIPM
aPZNOM6II received, per
Packet Ship Sennett, l easkelliveneeee Cul
Steel Files, comprising • very plural assonspAt.
.TheAlgarglion of Alaclunisui and misusers Relic nally
is invited. LOGAN/. KENNEDY
119 wood street
STOVZI PINT RN/ POR. 11/11.111.-Cateb
Miner, Pastern Pd et, AJlegteny 0114111,W
du pewee: palerne3ear Move. on band saber In wand
or Ire. Mdl Gamer{ nod al potions nude to order.
j, ones keel lad palmist& No . nick on hue
tad make (emelt, wheleetter mullet the Moe
le eoitearket Allow Re
U POLLS—Dau a•a ou—To a
• llag tlurtaaddn•a oribe plateaus/gra.
a; than apply al lbilawd laaaser, sad •
•oriil. be irsaa lo.the bum. Prka lU
:tat 77.:r relit"
POld of • •
amok! • M
ati q Ue a
~ _ y .
11 - 011 L S.
FOGG t tilollatol, Proprietary.
T. 1103 establiehnient learned widely barren u being
one of tee roast ighomottious in die city of Baltimore.
heel recently undergone retT.uteneive anomalous red
improvemeate. An entire new, ;wing has been added,
containing numerous end airy sleeping apartatme, and
extensive bathing moms.
The Witte' depute:mettles also been eompletely
orgenised and fined up in a 11302tItnique and beaatifol
atyla to fact the whole arningemen tor the House hae
hOOO remodeled, with a single craft the part of the
proprietors towards the comfort and pleseare of their
Guests,. and which they confidently _amen wilt chat
kWefrcttle .611 rl i'h y a n ny tir * e t ifpp l ted w U nti e n ;etY
stential and Jamey which them arltet affords,sersed op
M. a evertor style, .while at the way of Wines, tec-,
they will not be surpassed.
In conclusion the proprietors beg to sayoliat nothing
will be left undone on their panond on the part of their
asmstanta to render this worthy the cannoned
patronage of their Mends and the prilific generally.
The pnces for boutt have also been reduced to the
et pek day:
(lendemena , ..... -- lOn •'•
N. B.—The Smog° Waggon of the !louse will al
ways be fond
at the Car and Steamboat Landings,
which will ennui homage to and from the Hotel, free
of elouge
Polllo—The STREET ROUSE, Cllssoluaatt*
tubseribers having purchased the en
tire 'Merest of Cot. 0 P !Williamson, late of this wolf
known establialonent.beg leave to state to their (lends
mid .We Dublin danemily, that they have taken this
commodious Hotel fora term of years and will exert
their best energies to make it • desirable home for Tray.
oilers and City Boarder*.
The Hotel is speck:ma and admirably planned for cen
se:dame light and air, having • number of parlors
chamber, prnenting unusual attractant* to
... . -
The premnt proprietors having had the experience of
years in this coy and •elmisehere, hope they mill be able
to gin general satisfaction, being determined to gore
undivided nuoition to the bone alone.
. The location of the Pearl Street House i uncoamionly
eligible. haying fronts on Pearl; Walnut nd Third d,
so that it is equally desirable in view o th e conveni
ence of busleasa meat. retirement for pri ate boarders.
It Is near by the Hanks, the Post °Meet, the Masons°
Hay, Odd renews Hall,and but one square dneant from
Main greet and two squares from the C ity W hat f, Ilan
offering the greatest 'tenements, especially to century
merchants and generally to all persona 11111tilli Cincin
1=697 JOHN A DUBLE . 2 .
cdiunais ilium's.. "-
Charles Street, between larket and Lombard
Streets. Baltimore.
Tao subseriber hoeing taken the shove esioh
lishmetn, °ten IMF to the elnocus Sod
public generally.. It la cooventently situated as
regard. the Steamboat. and Railroad Depot—l. In. the
mast of the more extensive Impotung llouse.—and in
fart, the location Were to those suiting the city, a. ma
ny ornveniences fad coadbwa u the other principal
The home is now being fitted op with new furniture,
la good taste ontletylti, and will be open to the public
au the 9d boy arr i gril,l947. The '
proprietor norm that
his ouremitung ns to please, will Pecan to him
pon.. Ike, Pgoblin patronage, rendent as well u transteut. W W DUX,
Lot. of the firmer Din & FOP"
lialumore. Apn 19. 1.647. rtsylflna.
ALLEtiriANY DOUSE, OSP Markel at-, Phila
de Iphia.Th e snbscriberlinm of the
lintel, lianisbarsh, Pa) takes this method of in
forming his old friend. and the pablic generally, that,ha
has token the above named MOTEL The Home Is any
and comfortable,and has been extensively altered and
improved, and the Nopnabsir hopes by a suim attention
to hotness, and a ptoper care for the comfort Mitts
We g ko w : e i i s ' u";to d r e e d c :e i ve
%an n en ' ilr Poune,
Pablie,benet only two doors above the Harrignalt
and Pittsburgh Depot, and within two minutes 1•211‘ of
the Datum°. and Dead!. Depot, SITADLINO at
tached to tie preens.. Tenns,St per day.
E P tICIIIES, Proprietor '
AlleshenV House, Phil'.. A spilt tN, tE47-ssitedSar
JOBS.. MT5....,
sm. I:alums:am lain. Pnuanctirata.
MBE Sutucribers, ander the fiat of /Immo & Wm,
.1 have purchased hlr-Jorms , mterat.n this establish.
meet, and bops by the stricteat attention to the wants
and cordons of their pews, to mern continuance of
the :Mend patronage Weide. received by its former
haveTha . has been thoroughly renovated, and repair
ed; we therefore Del moored we can welcome our
friends nod the public to accommodation. equal to any
In the city of Philadelptua. N W. BRIDGES,
• JNO WE , ..t. T.
Corner Halm and lllathing.. 'Canalsmath
lIIS establishment la now In the best order for the
roception of the Traveling Pubhe. Having under
gone a thorough rerdr,derutg the peat winter, and
baring the east experteneed men in the sweat, in the
various department.. I garter myself that all will be
pleased who Call. The ioo.llsolllii central,counnedious
and pleasant. Fare i 1 per dap.
Cinemeati, March 13,1647. W R dARII
N. 11.—Although not exactly • neir Broom, it is the
ume—a new Whist on the old handle. apart
- -
rTGIE proprietor °lllusion( established bowie, reepect-
A. fatly offers his +creme...he cameo. of Finsbotili,
and will assn himeelf to render comfortable fill who
Thisvor him with their computy.
. penal which has long been a favorite one with
the Provision Fm,lers ot. Fictsborah, tea comloQ
seam. present a lancer field in their operations than
heretofore.: from the completion of the Rail timid to
Indianapolis, (amber imothe bog raising region.
nicßidato G D FITZHUGH, FropActor
Laulavigle, Kr.
A TII ROCK hi 0 RTO ft begs acquaint km
friends that he Is again lessee of t h e GALT
HOU 8 IR, Waia.itle. Ry.orkere he hopes to meet all
his old friends, assuring them and the public, that no
effort dial l be spared to =skean . comfortable wherever
tam will their patronage. jauntily
IIE but article kneernefor cleaning end whitening
the Teeth, strengthening th e gums, sweitenhas the
breath, ike. It should i.e used every night with • slid
brash. and the Meth and mouth spltenly require &slips
washing In the morning. Wet the brush with warm
water. or cold will answer, and rub a a few taws on
the punt, when commis will adhere for e.earung tho
teeth.' it lentil &Lewes taste in the Minabi and let
pens a most delightful fragrance mato breath, I twends
nuraralled aspleiyant. etfarair;um. convenient. aml
safe deuirtbee. a
It it warrantee ast to 1N... the teeth.
Maio pees hem.
lity using it regularly, will remove am tarter end
prevent tts accumulates,— -prevent the toothache
strengthen the pima, and prevent all day.. of teem
Chemists, physicians, and the clergy recommend a
decidedly superior to every, thing of the Mad in ...
Ask for Shennan's Competed (AIM Tooth Paste, and
observe his •Ip•{11.1 be attached to mob pot.
Recommended by Dr. Cutlet, Tel -Broadway. ode of
our bent Dentist.. and by moat of the old establielied
over in the United Stamm, and teen in. naively used
by the Nobility of Engnind and Pm tie
A lame proportion of Mediums , . t bet attic ttnankind
arise from wine derangement of the stomacher bowel.,
which a timely use or the Cella tie Lout:gra would
entirely obviate. Persons of bulimia habits aloaisl el.
ways Pave • bee et baud, end take a dam whenever
they feel the lean derangement in their health. APidti
Mons nee of these Loteugee would prevent dietifends
Forsalem wm. JACKSON'S, earner of {Ko&enmi .d
TT ALIIIREI Who Use Common Prepared Chalk, ire
'l.l often not aware how frightfully elation 't to nr
the shinfthow coarse, !tow rough, bow sallow, )ellow,
and unhealthy the sltin sentare after twine prepared
chalk! &tides is iv indirmus, containing s large goon
lity or lead. We here prepared a Wendt's' vegetable
ankle, which we call JONES'S SPANISH LILV
WHITE It is perfectly innocent, keingOndfied of all
deleterious gualidea; and it moans to the shin a nat.
ral, healthy, alabaster, clear, hying white, tithe same
time actingas a corracbe oarthe akin, poking dawn
and wood.
Dr. Jamey Anderson, ?tactical Chemist or Nam
chtmetts. save "Alter analtintk Jonee'ettpanish Ling
White, I find it powessce the mow twaetind and nails,
ntl, at the lime ewe innocent white I ever RaW_lr.
certainly can conscieatunrsty recommend tb ow to all
whose skin requires beautifying.*
by WM cents a hoe.
Id ./AC . OON, at his Boot and Sh'Se
Skire,BS Liberty meet, head of Wend, at the sign of
the Bigadi amt. PIS
Les. ladles,Pm astanisheilt -
When you know that you are promised
A natural, Ink-Itks, snowy w6tte,
That you will still use common chalk,
And look , . deathly yellooaright,
The thane of laughter sod ortalk.
• Iryou "mind ate a bog of JONE'SIIy-ortitte, It
would give your skin an alabaster yet natural white,
and at the same thoe eke, and improve it. Sold at
JACKSON'S, 69 Libeny at. Prune I§ ciente par box.
01511111MIPTIO1 AItItILITMD—To those
alltletod with Diseases of the Longs,
—This Is to certify to those Meted with the first pre-
monitory empires of Consamption, that I have been
laboring for several year. with a bronchi, oneness of
the throat and hoarseness. I used many medicines, bat
Sound no relief in any preparation of medicine, unlit I
REMEDY. I have been using this valuable Medicine
(or W.'Sl years, and always find it to mlist-Wwhen•
over I wake use of it. My occupation as an Auction
eer, which keeps me racoon constantly
my disease, at times, to become very alarming, when
at once procure this medicine. I therefore take plea
sore to making Ms public statement, that others affect
ed with s disease of the loop and expectorant organs
may know the virtues of thin vall healing remedy,"
and may be mired. I have recommended Dr. Doncan's
Expectorant Remedy to many of my friend., semen(
whom ewe their lives to this medicine.
Somerset, Ohio, 0et.13, 1P43. JAMESIIEWIT
The propnetor of the above medicine would, also
rein, lathe enders:geed penons, whu re* de ht Perry
county, On whom any potion may call upon and be
convinced that there are virtues found io the above
medicine that. cannot be excelled
. .
David lie Con, Somerset; Dr. H. Stone, do; Fran.
ela Goliber,Jackson tp; kir.Larimer, do; (leo. Poillen,
Salthek fp: Jerrod Davison, Hopewell tp.
more Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Fold in Pituintrigh by WM. JACKSON, SI Mewl'
Mad of Wood WOOL salad/via
rtrnautton. Nay 174317
L .
T ASS Saturday !ova a teaspoon fall of B. A. Fah
nestoek & Co s Vermifoge to my little girl, who is
between loot and A. years old, and daring the day she
paned 103 lama worms, averaging more than a foot in
Seeing haleftecue an tide child. I then gave a l•S•P•t•
full to her younger slater, who was apparently well, and
she passed 37 worms of equal lips.
Watchmaker Smithfield street
Prepared and sold by B A PA INIMUrCIf &
corner lit and wood, and wood and atksts. Ito
W.lloelß meanness can equal yours?. Look at your
fair yang wife, with her bright sonny Mee! Look
at your own, pitted with eruptions and blotches! Yet
you ate too mean to glee any ants for • cahoot' the
great Italian Chemical Pap, which would entirely ha
you from them, and make your yellow skin clear and
healtify. Goat ouee to Jackeon's Store, fB Liberty 11.
Pittliburg tt, and get i cake. ,
N B la the only place in Pittsburgh where
Ike GENUINE is to be obtatned. Beware of Counter-
irrOBSERVKihe Bijt Hoot eta da In the doorway
PHU MA.olo.ll.ltmaym soAP—For rem*.
ving Grease spots, Staine,wr Maas from Clothes,
ly.d. t d, Carped*, &mi had rendering the vow
where it reapplied clear, Wild, new, and .pollen. •
Hold y 411.1.11 direedoni. rice US cern. a cake
-_..D.Hold by Whi, JACKE4Oll,9)Libarr adae , b ead
Wooed, at hie Boer ..n4 Mbar:, mare, eign of the Bag
tax,r. up v.40111.A, PUKE cumENTRATEEV
r4 Thu prepothaa comaasadates a pendia and de-
Wahl ,
a la ltocola m tote la
l uta nintgulaShuAll" kiwis" r"eTeaa, win.=
.1`;: .'
W I NN 1847 ,
HE improved method of carrying need hs this TEstablished Line now so well known that de,
seription undeteswity. Good. are not toothed on the
route, thus all transhipment or extra handling is saved.
The Boats are of light draught and perform thus trips
in from six to seven dale.
The capacity o f oar eli:. i tr.s . us to
g laore
anT "3.' n•Wr of eh d' nod
Being fall T prepared to make sales of Produce, we
esretfaly_, cAut ., ll . 7m o in i, o t t wif.s.te,,
itaeon, I. Butler, and ;titer
ov sale, on widen liberal advances will be
wads and other usual (winces •fforded, pledging our
aews that pup Mildness . cotrusted to as shall be as
prouptly executed and
j apan WO fair terms az by . any
other bowie. ,
Csutal Pittsbargh
cubit( • 249 and :SI Market st, Philada
alai. 1847.; j 9 vgip_
FOR the
and ue tzmt n . a c t betweenPit:a n b , tt . ert ,,
the way and the conseptent rah O ities, avoiding f
delay, damage,
,breakage and %comma of goods
Propiciam. •
No .37d Market Week Philadelphia
Cbr Penn' and Wayne am, Pittsburgh
0 1/1 1 1 1' 7 4.13 T R A N ' trit e tt a U t, aI NI, ?." } A g e°l*
Encouraged by increased Liminess the k'roprieters
have added to their stock end extended their arrange.
menu dewing the winter; and are now Pen.'" mtoe
ward freight with regulariry and dispatch unsurmotard
by an ether line.lone, Their long expenenee es Canter',
We palpable superiority of the Portable Boat PyMetn,
and the peat capacity - and convenience of the ware.
houses at each end of the line, are peculiarly entente.
ted la enle the propriems LO ffil thir engagements
and *Cf.: ab MCCAW their enflarae ul re—eon e fidenu yofferine
he past as a gueung for the future they respectfully
solicit • coot:amine of tact patronage which they now
gratefully acknowledge.
All consignment. to Tool L O'Connor will be reed
and forwarded. Steamboat charges paid and Rills of
Lading transmitted free of any charge for Commute%
advancing or atorage. /laving no interest directly or
Indirectly nssteamboam, We Were., of We consume
must necessarily be their ptimary unmet an Wiping
meat, and they pledge themselves to forsrud all goods
consigned to them promptly and on the most advent..
genus lentil, to thdiowners.
Marcbt.lB47 wesg
Bliiiga 1847 ' fiat
horierig for Parsimawe.
TOE public are regime:ray informeo nun our Line
will commence running on or about the lbw simony
and continue throughout the reason. 'roe porpweitire
have now placed a mummer enas of Packets aria nail
road Cars on the route, with extra acuuwwousuone,
which will give greater comfort to traveleaw
A Packet Boat will snowy. be in pun, wee we trav
eling public are regoened to call and eiewone mem,
pre virmw4inagia tavulimeNeAsewb
°neer the Packet. will leave the taunted, toppearto
the United Matey Hotel,) corner Penn street .td the
Canal, every night it 9 oklock. !
For Intorntarion apply at the office, tatatongsnala
noose, Water meat, nrW /3 LEECH I Co
mehl3 eve Penn street ana Lana/
Boatmen's Numbly Boat'Fivnipany being din
j. mired, the Oompusyllipliti went Into articles of Co
parteenbip ander the name of the vEloannen'a Liner
and likewise agreed to refit the Stock so as to have a
number of Boats for the purpose of carrying goods
through in (mat six to mght days, with c.o.:My—and
feel encouraged by the liberality of last year's patron
age, to make morn extensive arnmgements for We to.
we've yea,. ,
We would therefore reopeetfiilly a continu
ance of our fonnerpatmos, and refer all new castomen
to those we have done bathes. for.
- 1.847.
• For the usosporisoon of
Corner Liberty street and Canal B.M. Pittsburgh.
No 363 Market street, Philadelphia
ELDER, GELSTON & Co. Agent.,
Dalutoore, Md.
PITTSBURGU—Jas. NoCo y, Geo. Morgan I C G.
W McCully & B A Sampson & Co, AY Allen &Co.
PHILADELPHIA—Morris Penmen & Co, Reynolds
NeFarbord &Co, Fleming dr. Boaby, Peter Wogla &
Son,' J Breyham, Joseph brat&
NEW YORK--Goodhas tr. Co, Taro. Perri & Co.
BOSTON—Reed, Ilurd lc Co.
I.2NCINNATI—Adoom & Omagh, W W &arbor
' PP. PLEASANT, VA—P A idulber.
Noesk—All nwebandise from New York and Boman,
maligned to A L Gerhart lc Co, Philadelphia, trill be
promptly forwardedirm of t 01.1111 1 ,108. feblb
CiWalB 47. Mika!
My -Brabant Tr...biro:tent-a
Goods camped to oureare mtll be. forwarded wlth
out delay,altbo Waren current ram.. Bills of Lading
tranannued, ,, and all monnetiono promptly attendrd to,
fret (tom any antra cattle for Ammar or commas:on.
Address, orspply to 1. A MeANULTV kCo
Canal Dada, Fillet...yet
a aet . ) . lar ' ge ' and eorittoo&ous wareboo
we ll a v re in p rep a red U. receive (in atl4looo in tielght I.
Ph Twat) u tang! amount of Prodwe, ire, on Storage
low noes. tamed) C A Ale AN ULTY &Co
Maga 1847 -11MMEM
EXCLUSIVELY for the nansposianon
. 0( WAY
YHEIONT between Pittsloingh,Bll.llllll,lC,Jobn.-
Corn, CoUitneysborgh, Water Street, Petersbnerli and
all troeinlediese plus!, • •
OSlellollll.ll knee the wasehoose C A Meal:luny
k-Co., Pittsburgh, every day, (except Sundayeal and
sbippesteak alwaya depend on having West Roods for
er•lded without delay and at fair salvo:
This Woe was tomes/ fog the special aecomniodation
of the way business., and the proprietors reelmeanny
oohed a liberal .here of plumage.
• Proyriaors. •
DAN'L 1141ARNE4 HOBERT wooirs
JOHN MILLER, Ilellidaysbnigh
It H CANA N, Johnstown Agents.
C A McANULTY & Co, Manures
J J McDevitt, Mtkita Parker, Roben Moore, Bvpley
namlS •
larrai I 847 . Mika
t PIUS Line tieing compered of the•nthinam Lake Firth
anti klichigan running daily. between Pinsbargh
nod &Rarer, and h eight runnin g
passenger Cans! Bon*
between Ithaverand Erie and enonecttng with
C Ilarieirs Line of Simunboat Propellers and Vervels
as the Leber, will be prepared upon the e•riiest opens
ing of Navigation to carry Remittal and Punisengers to
all points on the Illver, Canal and Lakes.
If.riug every facility far conveying freight and p a s.
wagers with promptness and dithatels, the roptteter
n od agents respectfully solicit (met their friends and
he public generally their patronage.
C M HERD, Loth Pmprielor
REEDS, PARKS/LC*, Dearer,/
Cot. Naithfield and W ater sta. oppoeite the Munn
villein Mare.
Wheeler, Crocker & Co, New York
Geo Davis, Hereto
E N Parke & Co, Cleveland •
Jos A Armuron6A Co. Detroit '
McClure& Williams, Milwerukre
Krivoi & Ponar, Chicago
Wm Power., Posserstown, Penn.
Geo Pdachalmyre, Evanshargh, Penne ,
John Mansthar, Donenown, do
Wick &Acker, Greenville, do
Craig & Framplon, Clarksville. do
Days & Plumb. Sharpstirgh, P..
1Y C Malan, Sharon, do
R W.Canninsharn. hew Castle do mail
1846. -----
11. Clarke. U. Neaps. T. h edosond k Co
iforniording t Commission Eisichants
Tn.f,4'l°."o"-rtodZlgfit,7,orlee: Line
(w faros-
earliest opening of canal fumigation to receive prop
soy at Pittsburgh and Heaver, and deliver the same at
any point no the Ohio canals, and also on Lakes Erie
and Michigan, with the greatest despatch and 'at reas
onable rates.
The proprietors of due line wilicit the tideinesa of
their fernier cusionieni with confident e, knoWing that
their fecilities are second to none.
Apply to or address
CI M lIARTON, Agt, Pittsburgh.
CLARKE & Co, Beaver. •
/Rad T RICHMOND & Cc C wetland.
MEW 1847.
--- - - .
mock 'of this line consults of a doable daily
1 Line of hod, and Can, loomed by theinsebrettl
which are in good order. The sobrenbers are petite.
red to forward a large quantity of blerehaedine nod
Produce with certainty and dispatch:
Produce or Merchandise consigned to any or the en
d...lvied. it forwarded free of any charge for commies
sson or storage.
11111sLading transmitted and ell instructions promptly
Intended to.
The business or this Line Is conducted an smelly
Sabbath.keeplng principles. Address, or apply to
11 I 1, 14111 & Co. Proprietors,
Cons] Bann, Pittsburgh
HARRIS & LEECH, Proprietors,
No 13 South Third Meat. Phtladelpbta
. JOS. TAYLOR & SONS, Agents,
No Nosh lloward street, Raton/ore
W R WILSON, Agent,
No T West street, New 'York
1847. -Mud
LEAVE Beaver daily al o' & r., alley Oa
&Moder the steamboat WEAVED from Pittsburgh,
and arrive at Warren next trannlng in name for the
Slave which reach Cleveland before nialit.
untlbe reeewled Omagh, securing berths
on the Packets, and Seale an the Aug,a, on application
an board steamboat Beaver, lisaMMS tillaburab at 9
o'clock, a. r.,] oe m the ~Sent.:
0 1B lIARTON &Co,Pitistorrsh
CLARKE &Co, Deaver
JEME BALDWIN, Youltertovre
apls H D TAYLOR, Warren
Lances ows
Paekag• /Czarina to Ptelladelphein.
Croat befog now open, the
en raven "veldt lies been es.
lablmbed 105/1114 COWIVIMILII of enfeeble packages of
mereltandloe spoelg_ beak notes, Jewelry, le., eons
seemed on Moakley, March le..
An Doi CENT will be dispatched Daly until the alone
*Ake eentlinkneeson.
:Apply to. _ DLSECit In CO;'
-• yar !Valli tea
• • B. •
• .
sat• The nem andenleadid mazer
• . BEAIIB4,
. .
Capt. Mule. HOW% icanunencen her
regular into , this ftoT, icarmg Pits
hurrah at li o'clock. A. 01-0. 1 Beaver iiii: e't him e se,-
cunnenting with Pittsburgh and Cleveland Line of Ceti
nal Beals daily w Cleireland. O. Beaver, Warren sad
Cleveland Line of Canal Packets and Sage. ONIGIIe.
daily to Warren and acveland; Canal Pricael Linea to
Neer QUO . e and Greenville, Pa; Erie Ellmsion Line
to .Ene. Nell, Moore & Co's Lines of
Stage Coachman Cleveland and Wooster. leave Bea
ver daily on the arrival of steamboat !knee from
Pittsburgh. Apply to ,
G 11.1 lIARTON & Co; Pittsburgh
Melt CLARKE & Co, Leaver
U 108 /1.1 - 11111 T, •
MO* 1847 -
OW Tut raalravayaata SOD OHIO CANALS,
E N PARKS & Co, Cleveland, 0. I
G PARES, Beaver, Pa. Proprietors.
tV T MATHER, Pitteburgh, Pa. •
THE above Line a now fully prepared in transport
Freight nod Passengers from Pittrburgh and Cleve
land, to ally point on the Pennell...Lit Ohio and Ohio
The facilities of raid Line are nor cries Iled by any on
add Canals, in slumber* and espneity of Beats. expe
rience of Capteine, and prornpuldr of Agents, At.
• Utinfloat leases Paribuigh and Cleveland daily, run
ning in connection with the Steamers.
Michigan and Lake Erie, tietreeen Pittsliarah nod
Beaver; and a Line of firm class 'Steamboat', Propel
lers, Drip and Schooners, ori Lakes Erie, Baron, Mi
chigan and Ontario
r.P.‘9 forwarded to arl7 part of the Union With
derpttch. E 1 , 1 PARKA &Co, Cleveland, h art
REED, PARKS AC°, Beaver, nets
T MATHER, Pittsburgh, Agt '
ally! Car Winer and Fralthbeld meets
1847. §]lNia
Imo w N gyjry.EANAaiRBRII,An yo DAL-
Time •• .....
Time o Phil ‘ adFlpkta-7. .. .
1014 771LIceSiaginr.)
llF..endid andfmarasiting eamersConsul, Lou
is McLane and Strinara have commenced making
doable duty y tripe. On'a boot will leave the Mononga
hela wharf every, meaning precisely at B o'clock.—
Passengers by the varamog WM.-rive In Baltimore
nest evening In time for the Philadelplua Mail Boat, or
Rail Road tam The meant; Boat will leave the
wharf daily at 6 o'clock, except Pandays. Passengers
by the . boat will lodge on beard, in comfortable state
rooms; lent UrownmUM next morningat 6 deleek;
eross toe mountainsirtday Hein's,* and lodge Matra.
berland. Thus avoiding ailMt travel altogether. The
preparsAiona on this mute amsompland the LealleCatel
complete; Go that disappandments or delays will be
known upon It.
Pmeerumn can stop on the mete and resume their
seam agam at pleasure, and have choice of Rail Road
or Steamboat between Raltimate and Philadelphia.
Coaches chartered to parties to travel as they deswe.
Semite year tickets at the office, Monongahela Room,
or St Chaste. IlpteL • .1 MMKIMEN
tersoie 1847.
D ACKET 13onts Swallow anTelegra ... ,
h lave
ver at 3 otter k rat., a fter the a rri val of t he
morning Bow from Pittsburgh, and *rive at Warren in
time fur the Mail Line of 'Stages, which leave mune&
Maly thereafter. read Anil/0 at Cleveland at 3 de lock, r.
sti . •
This mote is the most expeditions and comfortable
one to the Lake.
REED PARKS & Co, Beaver, Agents
JOHN A CAVG HEY, come r Water and Smithfield at.
apsly Opposite the bluttontaltela Haase. Pituburgh
gimbal . 1847. LM ga t
pins Ilre K onaistrg D effrert aadp li nger
1 eta will ran regularly during the sernoun betvibea
Beaver and, Greenville, Pa., by 'Audi (religbr pas.
sengersbetvreen the trvopoinborill be earned promptly
and at the lowed mks.
_ 2 .
WICK ARCHER. Greenville, Abu
CRAIG re FRAMPTON, aark Faille, dot
MePARLAND .4. KING, Big Bend, do;
HAYS 24. PLUMB. Sharpsburgh, dot
W C MALAN, Matron • dor
WM. MATHEWN, Palatal, dm
REED, PARKA Jr. Co, Beaver. dm
JOHN A CAUGHEY, corner Water and Smnbaeld us,
spay Opposite the Monongahela Roam Pittsburgh
M1N1M,1847. WNW
Philadelphia, Baltimore, N•w York
and Boston. . .
THE encouragement this line has received wince
it. commencement, has induced the proprie
tors to increase the stock by adding a number of fir
elan boats; and instead of giving receipts es hereto
fore no agents, we will give our own receipt, for
freight shipped by this line.
The beau are all portable, consequently freight
is taken the whole distance without transhipment,
thereby presenting damage from frequent handling
on the route, and as each boat is owned by the
Captain who runs them, which is sufficient guar.
intee that there will be no delay on the mite.
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to the
undersigned will be forwarded FREE OF COM
MISSION, for advancintand forwarding, and will
be shipped without delay at the lowest rates of
We respectfully solitit a share of public patio
nage. • :WALLINGFORD & Co., -
Canal Burin. Pittsburgh
CRAIG, HELLAS & Co.. Agt. -
. Broad Street, Philadelphia,
tiowley'S Wharf, - Baltunere,
Pittsburgh, Feb. ;8,1847,
1846 AND • 1847
Tundersigned are now prepared to forward pm.
duet, At., to the Eartern Markets during the entic
ing Winter, on the most favorable want, by ibis espe
Alt property <Gimped mill Will be forwarded tribe
Waxen rote. end with despatch.
Denham/lue received by this torte promptly fi t r
warded. C DIONVF.LL, Agb.Pattborgb.
GIV CASS. Brownsville. •
E EGERTON &Co,Coinitarlarld
1846. AND •
TO TUE EAST aviisvprnonE AND
Tg subscribers will receipt for the deli very of Priv
duce to Uthimore by the Monongahela 11.1sektrater
ti the following pnees.—
Ashea, Hattin, Nutter, Lead, Lard, Pork, Tallow,
Wbtahey, ted Glus-671 cu per Inu
Toboceut,HistP, Flax and Wheat-91 eta per Milts.
Mlle., (Pot) Apples, Chem., Flux-Seed, thee,, and
Leather—lNete per 100 lb.
Oda Skins. deeds, Wool-119 Cl. per 100 lb..
Beeswax, Fetthera, Foe., Ginaeng, sad Snate!Rool
—PM eis per I 00 lbs.
All property•eonstgited to either of the undeirigrted
will be forwarded without delay, free of Commiaston,
at above rates. W II CLARK, Brownsville.
HANNA is WATLII' MAN, Plusburgh.
r,R. INGOLDSBM rile. filifte, an Internal rem
JJ, -a amanita sad maim) cure, whether soternal, ?stem
bleeding or Mica, alio, kw irritaticsa of the lamps adMid—
as?, purr the back sad side, habitual cortivermw, crap§
Sous, fcc.
Female* baker rad ifter conformal are often trimbha
with eoustipatioa of the bowel. or emitireoem, as well as the paha- In all such mows the Specific eau be taken withinr
fee safety, mid is a mimic remedy. The Spurifir„ is ?,
portal., rad Mtn entirely vegetable remedy, without • per
tick of guaboge,colocyam or aimm—pleasaut to take rad pm!
reedy toroth:is the most delimit
Tlais to eerlify that I know Dr. Ingelditryk Pal . e Spwid.;
In be a certala cure and safe remedy. Having men its ellen,
ralcases, entorapt my finally connexmas, in several con
ermined and semer• ewes of the piles,. where It made an D o an
cure kelvins. HENRY WHITCHEAD.•
New York, May, 1845 • 364 Sixtridrem.'
I cheerfully dire my tiatimoni, as to the certaintul astral
Mihaly effects of Dr. Ingoldsbik Piles Specific, as I kno w it
Sow my own experience and otwenamon, to be infallible;
having earn It sued with success in email an of pil, male
and kink. . GEO. MILLEII,
New York, Mn!, 184.5.M‘2'
Si MireL
New York, Mai, ISIS.
Mr. Seals—Dear Sir:-1 here the Omura to my, Mal
fmedicine, Dr. Inpoldstykrike Species, has =Me a per
t cure to the cue of =raster, mad I now yokmy word
Gist 1 hare been mortised at it, it wee mmy opinion =-
peak b mire her. Roemer, I can now to the =4-
smite es being Infallible, and do advise all others who are all
dieted io thAlike manner, to pram* Me artlete,n, they may
depend an a certain cure
Youre with respect.
Wed Chester, N. Y., May IS, 1845.
Dr. Istgoldsby—Dair Aim—That .yon may bmeat others
who easy be suffering es well as to express try gratitude Zoo
the benefit I harAderiitd Trona the me of your valuable Spa
silk, I comply with your d iviont, and now doer. eny testi
Imlay in term of M, harin been =mid of a wren wok ol
the Piks alter haring use other remedies without mecca.
Yours with respect.
Said wholesale and retail by WM. JACKSON, et his Pat.
cot Medici. Warehouse, mid Boot and Musa thorb, NO. fa
Liberty street, bead of Wood, Pittsburgh. Primi, M t 0.,,.
per box . - jma
VROM the Rev ASA SHINN, k well knowniind pop.
ular Clertvman Grilse Protestant hlethodisiChurch.
The undersigned lawng been afflicted during Ma post
winter with a disease of Um stomach, WAtteliales pro.
during great pain in the stomach far tenor twelve &tun
without intermission, and alter having tried vitriolic
reined]. with link erect, was furnished with a bottle
of Dr 0/myna's Cannitdoive Rola,. This begsed at.
cording to the direction% and found invariably that this
asedieme Minted the pain to abate in three'. flint MISS
toes, arid in fifteen or twenty maititeserery uneasy
sensminn agar entirely quieted. 'the medicine was al
terveantstmed Whenever indiccions of the approach of
pain Ire re prreei•ed,and the pain was thereby prevent
ed. lie continued to are the medicine every eveni aq
and sometimes In the morning. and in a few weeks
health smart§ far restored, that the sufferer was reline.
ed from a large amount of oppressive pain. • From
liurienee, therefore, he can cool/ lend) , rerommend Or
I) Jayne's Carminative Balsam, as * salutary medicine
for diseases of Mammoth and bowels. A SHINN
For sale is Pittsburgh at the P A FIVZ 7 FI I7 46
72 Fourth s aver, near Wood, and also at Ike' Drug
Store of II P SCHWARTZ. Federal street, 'Allegheny
Chum wt, . July 03, 1917. I .
Aft. U F. OrehirmDestr ic-1 purch.taril of you two
bottles of S.cillerst Vet mirage • nod made lineal tine hat._
tle m two of ray etuldren, which brought tiara aoe
watt:mend foam the other 130. I recommend it to the
community as one of the best remedies I have ever teen
Of used for the removal of worms.
. . .. .
. V DWI, respectfully,
i lons Tururvols, SR.
rem d sod sold by R. SELLERR, ST Wood et., butirce a n ''E.
3rd sod Ith ins. Sold by Dr. Llossal,6lb Ward;
D. Illf Curry, Alletb.V-CITY, • • ' sptl6
81.11341117 TORANT-Mo•atrotes of
a this Ow-ion aa4 cheap tattidas for the cam of
• Consatopiion .and peat &nue. moot be too we.l
known. trays:may trims have beta *awl ty
Y. hkrralag Ada*. • • . • _
••. For ash, la Pittaburgket de PEKIN TEA. STORY;
_TA stoma seat Wood, and also at the Dm/ Store
- OA rechiV! , relictllP4AU , OMair•• • • Jar
.• • •
`‘ •
Danratibuv r taw thatorrerod' • tan in make tatincia •
ploastat,tottot charm tont take it trottly.aot ti, too
atom Soc that bit facsiatiot io taut h abotc•
gel, • Tot otToollo hate au thtt back of mit Tlattcrotof
Them Limaigas are the feafra, =dean and etleetvel rea t , .
"if few eolith., eat., ....... I"'"..P.F r r4,_ 1 .....,
ma, tights. of 'lntegre or eke, ett, ea. peopfieloe
Lae mum ha.a ito ime.. yr.. they did and gm pad,,,
sabefactioh. thumb& buses its. beta eat! ...a -
the met year, regain. (a health . pram= is al.. erery stags •
of eimemaphoo,and than Monne ceder the'locetdastreuag
We and coughs. They do sat check mai dry op the tame,
bet render... 5, promote espeetemitios, allay the liana..
ranee, and re.. the mains. or exciting euce.
They are made fnus • comlicalso n of •to
ellie esp.
Urea, or owegli medicines, and are biblanbeadly ever.. to
every thing in ase Guth. =mph... blander. up= hat
duds afeertifamterliere been offered of their wooderful air'
eets, from thou yds" Meek... from to oatimei,z rue.
and mooned to perfect bitelth by win them.
Where them. rot. pale m the brad or alkali* ofSber
. Po. Idaa's P.m fr. oaly 121 cede should be I
applied over du part, sad wean rib rebel... If sm..
with co./mese, • few ember. ow lust. kidney oe. •
mild eadurpe. medirior, !hada be mud u gee.. Irqsarza
* These worm Wren. hue hoe proud in th an 3,400
POO ease to be the only cert. IfOria, duillolll4
methane cuiducovered. May dims. visa goo worms
and eremioa king tad iele.esolferibg, andera death, with
out the erer brug suspected; graww pumas are eery oft.
adlieted Willa them, sad ere floe.. Er Mitres compleima
sp without my liebefiti when see doe* of these 1.... wee w.lO
Speopioncri 111.11.—Pelas fa r the jobsb driliredu, of.
give breath, gado( et the bole, grind. of the daring
ampoule...a pamemabout the timer. gaud elthebe.
bleedlog el the oma,a pawing m.o.w et*. otomseti,ll.l,
mof heat O'er the savant el thebody, alight eltills or die. .
.rugs, - headaelte, droweiowe,.. eiettga, Imp., dim..
dreams, sadden starting in sleep, with fright wed emlamiwt
woulimes • Rouble. e eoigh, fuerialawas, thirst, palbd • •
bee,fits, hed ewe tie the mos., difile. t0...4, f.• at
the etosonell or how., Wig., MM., ilwaudishoma, witeij •
eiou, ppetite, 1e..., tdosied stow. a limbs, gnpiog a.
shooting F.. a two. perm of the body, • seam of emu
thing rumg ta Ile threml, I.e.oft. anus tawanle eight. •
1 Unpin. 4.11. lo pea Katellunt film the bawls eadi mu
times diseturges mate. • - -.. •
They girt. immediate relief is m.ou or siele. Luau..
p=olc y ftp:An lowei= , thie b.. eti i rits, despalelicy „
plaint, fibitmg, oppress.. ar • new of siolii7. of the eh. •
se t
ad cramp of the iftilleCli or bowels, hysterical
fi nd sod all Derma disease., deowtheem
dsg, and wake.. through the.igh. ithaere a dual
en, mochas, die..., twit.. or • own of Sligo. Per ,
sow frevell.. or window large, rralllbiel the Loma
r . really reriving,lad importmg the breeryugaty.tb;..
after diesigatom, they wilt reacts the yin cit. spina goad ,
erallg and remove all the cup...symptoms &ruin 111411
too free living. Pena. who Ito. beat too bwhliestiomil
1b... their Huffed. baits, wilted thmelesmin idj mind. e®paen
SR AN'l3 POOR- MAN'S mania.
This beerstrwagtheciag pbsterla the world, Nada •
n i ...
remedy for cc. wean. in the back, lobes, side,
limbe,lainte, costion, hochago, fee. the. -One milliow •
year wHI act ly the demand. They manual.* wato
log beffire Wan.. ulterior t 0..., end
for e. qua the oriel prise making cot only the boa, by.
theater. in... world. It era. P.M la a foe
hours,c and nuke. roloolehing mires. -
In lirs cemplaut and dihi, it ehoold lie woes eta
f hver. sto. arid it will effoidgad
tier be cove., adds, estbsea, d ...
breathing, • of the dolt or idomach,. dig w• II
medialsly and grottly 1.. du p..... enoes . .
I d ad ear t I . le, fi cr .. thisper ... =to 14.1.= i Ll ma t zo
ter.. physic.. geberalty recommend think he prefers:we to
aile=leeedmie they ebekaeadhere 6..0. affonkreat•
In their irpeatityare etlandleit, haus, end
. a.nodyse. They ars ems of entlrely.lbreat iagni. di
1 exes Romany other, and fn. the semis= of mil
Ran who hart cud them is well air dm ad.* kitb.wi at •
ell the celebrated sad tidied Here end ....., h. .:
he the bust lisellil abil • anediestal - Owder •
Sem. peno. hare d• at the wan.. la rep
their urprise.d theaks, at the almostmineedinueuree td .w
phieeere Mu effect..
Dined. for rue are on lie beck ateme=er, i t • '
fees.. of Dr. Sherman mama: - 'lt him dem Judd '
always ask foe &moo. Poor Ms. Meter gad. then '
o get the gun., u there are marry waded Wt.. •
hawked ebont and eisid for the true Sbammets M.% by
deo/en. •
Sold whole...leand rebel by HE JACIESONiChie Paten .
Medicine Wateho.e, No. 00 Liberty etepet, eV. of th
ssl SAYE FOUND ITsi—Estnika.
• Cioseinommi, 0., Atech 641847.
Dev Sir:—This .. to certify to Is. p.tie, - I*.beit °
well discl of the Lop, or Cosomptio
that in the Spring of 16131 we Wined OM inns, Dahl
which won boom =Mad upoanity Ivojti dining alpha
spaptossi 01 .0 opproschiag Coomentykom Myiosglion
tight had troublemene s attoded with - moloosaight swats: 1
spit up daily a examiderahk Trinity if Mod; mind with
hick dark waiter. My Omaha Meow oesiouSand duo.
Daring this lima f war atteakil . bykroaf Oar mote;
Plipkios4 they did lb. beet I.l„ye.das.
at klith they gave op .11 hopes of My !neon*, icknang •
me that nothing mon could be dosithit . my knits wen
I •HYdimo.dr'und b.i.f.... 1 y; Iwar this persoclad kf
a bleed ain to of r mite a kW of2/6ThinISCSIVI
rant Randy, which my Physicians persimed %aim. toisysog
that Ito, medieoe world do mgood,ad , wmid dill aid,
more Mali surering. • 1 told don it ow my ISM and oily
hope, od that if 1 meat die of dm' Amami, (which war err .
kat to eit,) there Malta be ocifhinglent: . 11. I fiat to the
Cittinnad ChTto and '.obtnined 5 Odin Of this Only Palo
Ilk Makin, .4 eceisomand ming aceording to the dine ,
dons, which, instead:of . adding my milfsmag,iiismediately•
ran me relicE at once inistsag lba trial:His:Ow Coop
easing the *mod 'tiglattios la soy Choc Its leg ma • sew
tile and stragth, whim .1m ettabkd me lola shot &pia. ,
This =dick. manna Ip'gootl walk% it ao aohly
emeoeoed,®all wis made *load mat., Maniac. bees '
molding to my tonna, (upwards of A Yistri)and feel as
healthy as I wish, lOn remnatrande4.Dr:•Donsa's Ek .
pecterantitenedyia many *entomb MOE situßmly Maimed
and it has always Fond nceessful Of. .e I liscrnisiternin •
Oa allseta Aly Olaf is suing this soedielnial . 4noseut, kr a
Dimmedliter and .e .41f.444 isnags,klalult .be
had named with for soma tient; the has Moly mooed
by the em of this medic*, a:giant oilkeirdut 6 bottles -
that I tan with me to-day will entirely con her.!f noon •
o locny that there an nomads of nimble Oncrial . , iadof
way with this dreadful destnyer—CONSUIPTION.— .
Were it lady pod& foe then to procure thi medicine in
4 . 4 ate, biker it I. man limainght besratotqed and
These families ad snakes agile soden& happy. This
nedieinewL girt instant relief. oil atthe nose time .net
thatiol and punk Cough, remote the the Chen
gin strength to the curtailed sal maticiatet finite, and in
modem., lam eirtaio, will perform a pekes tuna • . •
_ J
Muulgoonny,llamilutal Cousty„ Ohio.
N. 11.—Thos who may not be segtotated with me I rar
le th. tunianigued, chinos of ildnitgitanny, Amain. noun
ty, o.,lltey wUat nay tine substantiate Wu abosestutusneahh
Nowt. intowlnot,
• Curr - J.Surneu.
- .non, stint this talustds Afnikins 013 uhraysin abodusel.
Sold to Pittsburgh,. by VAL JACEDUN.Leurnor of
Wont unit Liberty - • uptiAdtw
1. !lair Cream, a leastchiew ankle' ford.* 'hearth,
Beauty and Restoration of the Hair. Tips Cream when
once known. will' stspernde all other articleiof the
kind now used. Where the hair Is dead, harsh.thin, un
healthy oitarainggrey, a fere appliesticms will make
the hole soil nth dark, and give it ateadifol lively
appearaicm and will also make it retain Be Venn.,
and healthy robe twice at long on all the prifarations
which are geuerally aped. Every' Isdy and gentleman
who are In the habit of wand oils on their bide, shoold.
at once purchase a bottle of the Chinese llai r Cream, as
it is so composed that It wtll not lajmuthe halt like the
ether preparation", bat will beautify kb and two perfect
satisfaction in every instance.
For telliatanf to Its very superior dualities, see the
letter from Rev. Ille. Caldwell, to Mesas.
Ileadershott t Stretch, Nashville, General Agents fir:
the Western States:
Letter from the Rev. R. Caldwell, pastor of the Pree
hymnal, Church, Pulaski. •
Messrs, Ilenderahon A Stretch—Cc:Wm:ocm. I a
plenedre in adding my testimony In (atonal the. e
lent preparation call ed all Da. Parrteh'si. Chinese
Cream—ter about ye ago my hair waaveryi
ttly, and disposed to come oat: but having procure
a bottle of the Cream, and used it according. to the pre%
scoption. my hair is now soft, elasue and firm to the
head. Afatty . bilsams and oils wens applied each lea•
vins coy hair m a worse state than before. - This Creme
however, has met my expectations. • '
As an article for the Toilet, my wife gine it prekr•
Coca over all others, Imittgdelicately perfused, h. ,
disposed to rancidity. The ladies topecialty will Aid
the Cldnew Cream to be a desideratum to trielrprePe
ratione far the tralet. RespectfullL dn.- •
Pulaski. Jon'y. 7,1E47. • R CALDWELL
irrtiold wholesale and mtall, Is Pittabaish by John
AL Townwnd, No 45 Market street, and Joel Pithier
comer of Wood and Filth sts. jntlif
For about one year preeloee to malting ate of Mr.
`tar's Renovaung Pills,lh feredellremeOrmi
Dy apepala, and an acid:Stomach. - I have made rue
a great vatlcty of medicine without receivlna =tern.
benefit. About three months mace I commenced using
Mr. Searo filediemeorhich• has entirely relieved me
from acidity at my itennacp, and rector,* etteni.comfof
table health. ' fieveral of my friends end-netinatatances
have made axe of the Pine, and received much benefit
from ent.. I With confide Ace rceoollllteld
JANE A LEE, 317110d00n at
Sold. whfilemie and retail, by II A FAHNEITOCIC
A CO, comer of tat and Wood, and Wond and OM am.
ludic, just receive:Wand for sale jot,: •
• B FAIINCK. it Co , '
comer Ist tkspeati
At tha chi.= Building's, 3d sz, war O. Pail Office.
. .
One insertion of 15 lines, or len $0 50
Two inrertionn without attentions • 075
•""•• • ' ""
One Week " 1 50 k
Two Week. -" " 2 00
Three " 3 00-
One Month, " ..... .. . 4 01
Two a' " . alto • ...... G OD •
Three " .......
5J Longer ailverlirements In mime proportion. -
One squan.6 month., without alteration,.• 1 0 00
" 12 15 10
Each additionasl Kuno for 6 monthr, 00
. 5 °°
One square, o reontlin t reuttrialin It Oeuvre, 15 00
Two apart., 6 month., re'wahlent plenum', 30 00
genre for 12 menthe.:...?..
Each additionn.l square, 6 months, 8 oo
o w n i e. l LL Z: l 3 Insertion.
II Dalt . T. 1. 1 50 •
" - sas h ridditinnal .. ..s. 37
snrtean CAPES.'
Five lines or leas, one year. 6 00
' " • " • nit mambo 500
• .1 one year, daily & weekly, 10 001rIls
pin month? i" 4 8.00 .
For w hoer, or tear, One-insertion, so oo
„ . r .„, - 075
• . Th T : i r re ee e ' ' in_oilhr '' :::, . .";.l4. 3 1 6 2:10'
• w w Twelve . 10'00
rrAll advertivemeate lobe env. ged by theeqoare,
and a diseount of 20 per rent to be pivevrigerothe
=mot of sdvertinn esceede 6040 . 11u:0w 'cu.
Fin hnn. , fr 446 a)
#ampaa,,, 5 ........,4«a. 6 09
_ ~ _