The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, October 13, 1847, Image 4

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brow rittafth craidia Abaci% ,
„,,,,, . ..,::,. knipy t Intl CIIIIJILIX .0r IIIMIIM)
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Now. eaddoisouthirnid at - thy word.
..:...• Tbe Illnli withdraws his rape
..; , :iielondi.seitsleanneals his sight,
1' , .7 - Aad 144 griming, feeble, tight;'
• ••• , .. , 111r4enout the stinted dap...
.: The raildirissami now is gone; .
:..-.7 - Afd thnitiii:Mistieeiionurripg on.
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...ilitkiatost l Anisin a ir heads taut burrs:
4or antintneseolde brenthogit doer 4
ST!” o ff er the and dolls— ...,
. linntlessen. . and Of ins; .. .
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• , ,!or hareest-blessings greet oaroyes, " ; ••.
- -- t.... Oar ail the 44,4m0 plan:
. I bow ars therieveli fields laid ruts:
".:;'''Aitil'iiatoni:tiorn with ten, makes haste , •..,
'••••• v . the 'rioter rest to gala
The (We 92101 y the trate ware,
Fit bier/1442pda standee steer.
,:...Fer . oveheadlind flood: • • ,
c :. ; ;Titt dild, sondreet their flitting hosts,
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findirdietihe Oath to destined matte,
. .'••‘... ..-- And sat 4, with needful food.
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1'4747;;Y;% , :;7;: , .'.. •:
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itN;'4' , :r . r . ! 4 l , ,i l ;" •
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--.;'.;„ . t , : , .: , • 4 . t=: N' l' l' ! , .
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t, ', 4:,1,: : :•?1 , '"%.* .
' , .:•, , -. - 4: . : v0-14+;:47 * . .4. VY • ' :
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Nte 2 l / jefn,:ioi . ' .
' tii§,i;-44.:*,•. 4 ;:4V,k ~:i
tit* - 4--'7 . 3 . 4 ` .1 .N4,7'• '
--,.. ''..:". 4 'i .1%. , • '• .hq't
`,.-.*5.t4 . -, S4-- -I Z , 7 •
..-.***-,:_; r ',': . .:. • :r . :
4:;;;1 :3'.i.,;, ~,
. Z sl:.!';"iik ‘, ;'.;' - ‘
.: ~ lAOA,
1 , ;:.:,:?!.•.: , ; , 1:94 , , ,, :..4".;,::
1 , - .-...,:•i:::', .: , ,:',‘i ~ -,.:,'.4:'',
AO •' study told
dosing width time be
mod wore poossoo time
_ asaiiies - 65.1tiikolot7f s7y Pemolq=p,...)
%IWO . od It os-orookto
midi Wilma tit* &Ikea
dimness:sod 0/111semes pima *mktg.: ' 7
Itnroryk road mks= ton allots! wilt, pfosur
• - dasosostodual.komibessomekroolobythooos sawn
-sal by the of dos comma mom= of
ISM dial Abate ems bondteally kw too
• - earsol,los Yang Welt kis otosooon to
' • trisitetitat siekeshosooll 50cw. , .06.1 Is Inmdmis
• . disown kt Clain 'woos inflosooke of ko nook
ether bisider, toil kindred doom orkoolkolko rest
"-eliatinos ors whore Won hoos
pookosiodY la= bast
bookinfliko oitimeemiday ussOld altos to coo
-2sithismiloastiory suoistkesmoo milks Osman" and
• ; tots ossoiskaskoloo assooka,dososskOZd mug.:
• uosionr.polsookost-by keg
sold& ilso_kmono arts . ] t:
„ilcioluusirsein'of the Icy North . ~ , •
Prime w, Migrating wanderers, forth, -- '
-.......- FrOit"oes warm dwellingi tarn;
' .11-ire'disi lima kill our food piepare,
si lent
And in .
.. t hy guardian care
each winter morn.
Ws' ' hind • - today. - ---'
' •
. ..own y from day . •
-- ‘ #ibiii*xlin -winds amend us ;du, - -
' y And wiMMter .mdely Man ; •
.; i.goe tir e y . tdprovidence ordains,' - _ ''
'7',- That both - mart and 'boast attains,...-
" . ...,'.•.:-.'"ik:ith tor:garnered stores. - '. ,
.;'olr.l Urn !armrest thereto& from hums;
7 Aiiirova4 the pier dust throw thine ninon,
Almighty Helper, that ! .
^..-. Rapport i t, es aar strength decamp, -
And let 'in our wintry days ,-,
..........;.thili s ahlie thy lore an now. -, s
,",11Vitli life-taniblieriirg: S wilt than bless,.
It we with':plaus carefuhresa
To siei thy grace engage ;
end he, thakdore his works in truth,.
'... Will trek* have cams to curie his youth,
' "'kids declining age.
voirasoss afilieted with Scrotal*, Xing's - Evil ;
CllSClrrtßriiipdas, Old SOTISS, Ulan, Totten
'llCrzeihiallowsiges, or any other complaint, enitin#
Hess impurities of the blood, are requested to read
Abe totioartisrmnimosisM M. proof of the grander!
ad properties of tb• Mom soloed
having - Visited Mr. lease
Weeks. Jr. at thti elks - at Metwls. Bewared and
Whit, 3$ blviest Meet, Philadelphisi consider
Ma'am* the mart nwearteible one we have ever wit,
gin dime was SCROFULA. and tenable mat
:lane Wass kit twelve yeaue'shatliet with the de
7 1 Ntafilate,ite entire rocd'ofilia mouth ,Nose,Up, I
ot theie ten n e e flat part hareaheit:
Ww.1167. carried sway.
otebane. ? mot yet we can can se
• .lEr. B. Weems is that in Amery test; the who's
kilesier et his mouth, m well u most of his flee
was a man of deep mid paintal deem:
Os the 14th anomaly last be emmeneedtakias
CEitiorhieh dented the disease in a law days, sin
from that time the eve meowed without in
New lose !applied tbe place of the deep al
im times badly Mimed, bin We is mount,
tad hie bunk is restored.
We ue mimed that in the treatment of Mr.
Drools' caos,iso bf erclubls t - Oistmeats, or Caudle
appinatiom More bleS fast. the PANA
. CEA ALONE, has wooed this wondierhil chugs
Dared Saab, Back, eoulyyl.
Chides L. - BesreM; Mead ville„ Crawford cope
•J W Jams. M D SouthStreoed greet; nits
Jamb Los, Pemberton, N J.i • '
• ZW Can ,640 Ntioarth; above Poplar at, N. L.
'3 IWeelloyeal, - Latecamer, Pa.- -
R M Maddor.k, El North Eleventh it. Phila. ,
c Appian's, D 46 Sattlt st. do
- • TheethiCaldwoll, Maim co. Mismorri. •
. Doled_yeakal,_ •
_Meant HELPhiNdelphia co.,Pa. •
• , Join .13assod,Melibli stneet,Pkda..
MMus Steehtsy.ol I), Camden, 1e..1.
Willi= =Ha 3 ' lB
. ill Potter,Maufactsser of Miami Teeth, NS 9
LA - Wolleisreber ErL' - MOIL DiMsocrat 177. N
dPast 'SV Menu _ Maker. 317 Nahei s t.
' Irma • , 169 Climmat street, ;
' A D Dillette;lNlNWol Eleventh Baptist Church,
- Ben,EnO (North Amer;
Await ends, Street, Phila.
• Heide MerthdepAmeier's Alley, do
' Amlorw Sweats., Consden,'N J.
R H sum, menus.
Illehard R. YaappsL,, Gilder, 409 Market st. Phil.
' Joho,W Aahmad,6o South Rath street, do
TB Wiper, Llthoirnmber, 116 G'besamt street, do
,B J lard, IM Eleven* street, • do
Pets, Slum Smith. Editor - Rather er, do
Jord Bodbi, alma manufacturer,- rolizaiume
wifilma Steely,Fundagton,l7in Boren co: tovrs
Coles,M D, Boston,Maas.
RiraslCsalleld Phisiologurt,*Pluladelphie.
' Tholusr f 3 8C4114 D, Harrisborgh, Pa.
pew Wright. .Whet street, MN.
Ames W Newlin, 103 Filbert at: - do
jobs Gerd, 174 Spmee at. - _do . •
Wn Wm Une„PastorSt,PanVe M. E. Cir. Catherine
' John Llmadmor, Putorlet lodep. L'hereb, Brood
Sondem Malibu or.PIMIge and Standaid,
P I' - Sellers,. B&W Olme 13-wwb, Doileatown;
Wbcdosalit and Rend by ftowand Ac Waltos,
.376' Marta St. P Philadelphia; elp Philadelphia; R E Sellers,
7 Wood tinetore, A. Pittla i Pa4 Wm. Tho 1 1 ,.
.ket st. do.; E P Marietta, Oblottmatoa &
Skup,Maymille,ll_l4 ohs W Dumbower,Cia.,
Oldopidell & Reeves, Medians lit;C Noble, Loam.
lt Y; Deveroeck & Yellows, St. Loms, Ho-
H M Wraw, , Natches; Misr, Hardaway &
Ykl*Flit i e chsr/ o . l Oftkim, New °fleet
,coves, •
...Orem regularly ed.
_catad so tlinmadscal pta
jennaa,nnd been Ear :ems
dant tax . eral practice,
triasurnai of nape
and delicata crank
fLlU.&maw H.... if : Elmira uss son _
omess allecog wick Berm to e.. 1.1, o be Mu pa.
IltiomNals 1110,11/41.7, eared
riaina e( caber s 11. fair ox a Cause<
~ stab* Ono= la 'mita.. straw the imp
*big. seellafx. ,c . t.?.. 2 saw. by
adarboulg 11R01471, K. D. poet pa..l bol cub
Dmeasi 81}/Y. 4 .1. 68 vr"sr?
; sew,
• Climamptivs. Cosombglies.
Dr lackarra.eigliermon'yetar I.eant
.. • -
P7 . 4ll.lliipt pow ens r
Jnf /37.74 '
t .14%11 ,k.nd •
• D... 4.17117f1s
And 76.7777 0177.0. 7 7 1 77.7
7 .. 117 . 1 7 7. 7.7 77W..
Illas v r4 l77 now 479.5.17 t •
: /OW 17 aim.
of boal Iru IA th•
ASA .777701 777 . 1 . ,7 17 7 77
tiogr=77. r..,) • .
• - - Wm. Ikm.l W.ltM 471.4
ir Dr. Ankaset aft ...r• Med
ipte. aturcatveM.cwwwogme
*N, {¢..7.377197.;.1.76!4.ria=b14
Mit is):=ltiryWlL - MCKIM . wawa 44
• : . 441 i % .1
DEL way
10101 t teßefuer the palmed dayptelimidest to l
trir -Preipmeerirell3leld ihistrelthe
pall urommiod .plemas of_ heir-does or
woo= wild" , N,atirr„whis:astnitimmeed by, the
Wanes et civilised 6fe, tat ended shoeld be (odor.
teed orpeditiowd with Rule psi', and without lab.
iiq eat
lii Bonfeloose darkihis tomato iaArrto. Macre*
ed this tionedudde fact. ~That the wows It those
cosstries Bare perilliarly differeat trom , all: Clair
lards, is this respect—thatobey yes Croatian LIM
pains and thews which make tag pitied of
sexy as ablest el Comma taticipmed adhering sod
rids. Curiosity sad the isaf forlicilitiOde discover.
7=tri him telemetiplethe Came el Ode Mr
...step to lbs severe totals to lobed the
warned .wain are immorally rabjeeted,. and Me
result was the dierameary al the feet that the soma
of those ematnes west in the habit of mug Midas
the last ante- of lPrepsitcy, costal* plow oddest
have the focally lamming that A legree: one*,
and elakiiity to the arras andblood vessels the
Utanis, or Womb which citable' It to:patfpna its
functions in all their freedom from , native simplicity of action sad
et. a aiaptar ,lact, also, that W. ladies iremei
of Ranh America are is a morterkable 'NOON'
from Mom pains sad diagels of piquancy sad child
birth to , which the white wooed* an enbjected.—.
Whether they use the wee plaale as do Mamma
el Asia we cannot tall. - Calais ills that the feet le
no Iron remediable than' lore .
This Remedy know ettemvelj med throughout
Prance with the moot mated maws and many fel
males who were once single through apprebensione
of the dawn to the mate of marriare
are now by the ass conompest
siediciee, -perfonstart
the duties of wives and mottles with comfort sad
tm at this time reward, presented to the on.
mon of :America, by Delientelorion, tho o ogo/
sole Dr: agent,. A C MORTIMER; and be fee
Mem that independent of its Intrinsic meita
recratineed - Modf to the Mond port - of the
atty. as it. folly relegated •to do away with that
horrid crime ot mhirA.some , feat of poi
of child birth, are guilty; OA production of prima.
•f methane i. also roundtable lor
that hitherto ism:retie disease - Barreeseispeart its
2 1 1 1mit POstini noommellimegg.flear • Albes.L ' . a
fact that Inland -. er`auu;id.the Womb
which accompudes this drams le mese lilt diet
We shortest me of Das tamfmMe.. , •
This medicine is prepared is each way as to be
agreeable andpleasant to the taste. ,
:Dr A C MORTIMER No 36 14 Lispenard
New York, be his. roasted sole agent for the_
United States, by . Dr Rosedale'. eat ts the only
pereou)a this country
th irbo, red
shows authotitad to' reis
th is*
medicate. is the !hilt:mill letter will
(limuictirafrote Mc Fr ash.)
.. Patuidtme 10th 1047.
Dr A C avellintrati—peer gaunding Fos the
.agreement attend into between us, .I..wish by. tha
letter to 'eve you that watt n" authority to well
themes! the Witted Statesaray Remedy for re,
tiering the pains and dasgept„brideat to 3.regesicy
ana staid both, ) which. it ra.occemart you 'to
have tosatwfrt Pnhtia Grim genuiseness 'ad Pto.
nty. Asyut ore aware the exposure of the saradli
rim to the manence of the ma. air obliged
and it to you ia air tight *Motels..* , ,l hove ales lent
with it. a epecdoen of Me manner in whighlt le pot
op in Para. la like main., I Medd wish it td ap-
pear is the United States. Str,with great Impact 1
remain yeas, BORDELO , QUE,
P S-1 also seed you a copy of a tatter readout
Ayala. from the Royal Academy of Seism:ern'
r Iste 11.0 . 1,3.
: Me Paula.)
* • • • Park; Jan 13,1846. ,
L T . M. Boaninceem—The—The - communion.
en of, the Acsamny bale appointed the undmemeed
frorktbetr number, as a committee to lepottnecudi
rag to. merits at the needy laid heirs, is by you
par relieriog the pains end dampen reddest to peg;
sandy mid child birth.) .- Several eminent Sutphen
having sobatitted to the 'Academy the miens .04
their esperiece is the use of 'yoer remody,arie bar
to allay it befont you; believing' It •to be Me beat
deciden regarding its claim to thatisition, and el its
great value, them either mary the public coekl ham ,
wished. Whatever Mecum this body may pm.; I
seas on the members al the profeesioe will ended
to further that adoption of this remedy .» gemast
me, which u %antennae rhocovery and as a afaihog
remedy, it to richly 'deserves. Eight rhymers;
having seed this usechThine,each in litty come of: de.
livery. found it entirely. miscesahil promotiag
•mmaritable sale .aed easy delivery, free from pais
and damer. With. the ateiptilla of three 'patient*
of Dr Briquet Oars was a perfect riantualty heti
soy adowereent wasksese. or dhow, sea of these
three a Ishoriaigwoetan who hid met with Lament
fall a week previous to delivery, was latent mina&
ately after that moot with a If ONO
whkh sots with. difficulty anet. The other two
malformations al the *mei were in no wise refined
°fade. These tee etorprois is so great a 'Leather
d cases as tear hundred, dam the nadoebted ea.
eacy of yokr remedy, and bate - &Wearied
give it that veceenneatation end spore.' which is
. dee to it; and the firtherance: of . acientilic mode.
etas (Signed) : M BRESCHET,.. ad D. ,
Com of the Cowl:M.6oam of the R. Academy
or sham.
.The pablie are cantiimed *visit perrhosialt W.
medicine from any pesos* exceptof the srde spool
Dr A Mortimer.flo 36 14 Lapemid st, New
York, where this ateificiserts put up la pubes,
Imitable for being siat by mail to any part of the
Price Two dollam a -Package mistaken( full di
Pen." desirous of 0h1 , 4k. , .4 this Croat Remedy
who reside at a distance, so by forwardiog
Two Dollars, post paid. to -
DR A C Sole Ageat for tbe U S
eep:37 9w No 7614 L aspenud M.,9lew Yen.
Tallow aniersally senionledged to' be the IN
FALLIBLE. REMEDY for Mmenatisui, Spi
sal Alfenion, Contractionsof the Muscle., Sore
Throat sad fantasy, lesues, OldUlesss, Puns lo the
Beck sad Chest, Anis in the Binat and Fete,
Tooth Ache, Spans, Brans, Salt Ethan, Barna;
Croup, Fiona Fen. and all Hereon Dame&
The TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS which has at-
tended the spediaatiop of this nost‘VONDk:RFUL caring the most severe cases alike
different Disernes dare namod,—end the HIGH
ENCOIIIIOII3 that hoe bean bestowed op. !,
when's/X.l bas bees intredeced, glees me the
a' =Woo the AFFLICTED to resort at otai to
07The fanny unite lit ronnmending the tele-
Med Elter" l ftemadT , Inns Litman
The followiag leder. from the highly eminent
Physicians who han been attached to the Mont
Hernia SUlll.rnsog for masy:yeare is the beet
indents of the raise of this celebrated ment.
Silo Stha, December %,1845.
`MY 'Dear Sir—l manned your note ot Yesterday,
nking my:opinion is relation to 'Hunt's Liniment,
as prepared 'by'hfr George E Saone. KBOWillg
its composition,sad haring frequently, and it. I
can recommend it to you au a safer_Esterial Reme
dy, and in my opinion, the nit Lthinsiat sew le
an. Very - truly and respenfalli Joel
Col Pierre Van Cortlandt, Croton Manor.
fully caeca a the above Opsion. -
. Y011i70111,Jas:14, 1815.1
Sir—ln reply to pear Letter,' would say that I
have seed your Eeterad Remedy, calla Henri
Lathan, la my - practice sins pi made me ace
quadded with its composition, ea. ashaeltadegly
say that I believe lit° be the but Eateran Rime
dy sow in nee for the completed! for which you nr ,
corm aA.. TomaarcUelifL Eß,
the lIIILVII4 Mean and
homage that are peered ford:tat the punt day
epos the coun try ,it m sully ,iefranlog Whin
someddinof real practiaal anasthing Mai
pie, speedy sad edectual it Its opernion, sad at
the sense time free .from thoseinane alas
which' ensrally attend pone:fel remediev2 : Hans
Laciest, prepa red by Geo. E ' Station _of Sint
his been but snot tin. beam
the tobl l rts,elready abased the consisace, on
carol oar monarealthy and attuned alien,
but oar snit .cnatioent Oriente All 'anal.
edge it to be a nompeap balm fbr many of the Ms
that flesh is heir to, soothing:the asking limb, and
by the rains stionalalleg ialliance,binishiag
ease from thespian. -
- Mr. - Stanton—Str—Seelpg your athertiannest
of Hunt's Liniment, was Jansen:l to trY its elects
ovi my sae who had nee applied, with • 111011
back finnan Wand Ind Ina lab .gratitade I best
leartimay to its wendaill healing properties. My
child, who is now In yens al age, is now in •fa
way of recovery, • - -YOlllll, Mx.
, nichnfortc Ni*ssorc
moths Co.
' I eertiTy the I sin personally acquand with
the abovenamed child. and think the haw would
be sale in 'spitz that his son Is almost wall. '
. . FAS w TWlCTditk
Meer, tomato the
Nov 6, 1815. Monty Pont Master.
V. S. 1 would alnostila that I lova been far
amber of yeah osbyect to Implant atluka of the
Rbematim, Erica In many Instracen revolted
my *Madre' 1 my Malmo. Ihro or !brae
Micas or the Moment 'amiably roan an al.
ratio= of the bled In neon of braise", spans'
aid swim, too inime,or to mention, It las la Una
vicinity proved a arta'. remedy.' Its atlas en
oaly ba antisltad by !bone olho km even It a fan
• • .
Tido Ludnest la sold 112 , 6 and 60 teats per bot
tle, b WI die Primo* Dreditete aid tderraero
liroadtthe coorrtry.
Wham& Agent* in New York.
HOADLEY, PHELPS ek Co, le6 View
RUSHTON de Co, 110 broad - way.
,A R & LI SANDS, eerier Massed Mika.
ASPINWALL, 110 Minim !meet.
Opens *dimmed ta se at Slag Sieg„N_Y, 'no
be eftaaded GEORGE E STANWN,
• Preprudor.
For ale la Piadoergh by L WILCOX', Jr, sad J
Eirnietteno.JOHA febl9
SINGS.-6etroltta. is ill Ho ntaltiptiod forms
*heir, 4 dal of Utter Emil, oaLuToottets o Alf
am, Galin, Mato Nrollisp, Chronic
,Llisiorr, ileum. of llbe Sirs or Splay, •
'or or hommily Coonuoptioa, mum, Dom Doi
sod llto *moo two, witch lo a poiamost prioriplo
MOM or 1f iratorrit to Ow hon. drum. 'Moro.
fore, MOPS Ude priscipla cal tri dortroyod, so Wrli•
cal ewe cos be dieted, but if tiro prim:4lo ipso.
Adria as Ciao, dyads,' Is ds noDamd, a can
Poor alecenityMew, me satin In r whet Wm
OadiNowo dock( lassitoot tura • TL.. Umusfora
lithe RIMS elpi Jarrs's Aliftaaorva S • so mai
VWW/ 1 7 .1 webooftl It moods" imo way asallguat
atmoui. It Arotror Um • virmsgm.iplo l'root
*al? UPS: !draw inn Ilmrlf bi•
Ndm tr.ty col 1611111 w iv e=
.w.W.W.I Um* remortog nosy Wick. of
'N. , tlts MUNN. Y sari IC
Tiara Snort,
at las Evian TooStoro,/40,711Paorth oil ct:'
.. ...': - . - .4.. - 44. —, , - ..a.'4L Ci , ... . .•-,1 , ,1 , - *
O- 7
Tr'.. - ...: 7 .
'1.. ,*) .':... .....:.. ... P. , . . '.:.
;!.r.eti.,...,‘Fra't 4.....4"..,-,
V::', 4 ';'''''si': ,, rc;:;- . .;: , .' , -4;, , t
alt. To wReEN
S.X.RS AT_ _ _
. : I I: L.A.
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