The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, October 09, 1847, Image 4

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;•• 1.. - (eni - ws •in,• easin et .uarccal
• Geri it ratr safags;iscr, air9l4 lower,
. • Or trinity altleld, oar arms ;
• • . Ws nem fad to pro's hi. ?cower,
4 , - • , 11111Tarigt es iris harms:
' The old arch-Send with mw]
- Oath still NU Mil) Se 6111911
Wilt potter and wThse Performer his part ;
•'•• - EartiHr hall an match for Ern.
•• Akv might is srailing 7 srs despair, •
' • Qaiek °versant, wi lh dread:
••••• Bel lot vs sill ear champion there,
God'. chosen Peisle.-6121. Heed !
Ve ' ' " -Who is be; mit 'sal Coarre, whose and
All haaren's high honaobsy 1
Tles, ITILO Saphemer, Almighty Gad ; '
• • Went Swath: wcoldfale to appear,
AU rareaelts to devour, .- •
Ohriet'a petal% Dome .hold jail oar fear,
And deer: to earth their power:
• Lai Satan gliasti hi. teeth, and roll;
- Penni primers of earth and , night,
0/111 wall-kn Own word can make him quail,
And pot his ranks to Bight. • •
.WtEdhatikg &tan that the Word
stayer .
Oar seta, la pitman.' Lord,
1 Hie spirit sad his grace.:
• - • - '
'What lase we if th. *odor seise
(lax life and goods, at will?
Or fdead. lad what of these?
• Oars w tk's klagdom atilL' •
s . iti :
. ' 0:111i511'8 lAUIAe V EGBIIIiLE PINAtla
yIiERSONS deleted with &Adele, Eines En
. Owen, Erydpeles, Old Sorts, thews, Tettar
biennial Owolosse, or my vetoer complateta owning
- hom imp:enure of the blood, are equated to read
•- tralmotilasoa prool of the wonder
noodles .1 the abort ...and medicine.
• .
RE \U! REAM RK4,13:2 •
the sztioni,:neo., basin rotioed ~Ir. for,t
lleiveo, . our lob Dike of Sinn. Roamed and.
331 i ,t•.ortet street Philadelphia, consoler
his 'case the, it iv:mutable one we have env
singed tit hes. •- or s .
111 Z Minn Vias s ol:KOl'ULA, and ternblei - ment
loan •no to nvelve rune conflict With the de.
, b enure roof of tits nomad, Non, Utv•
airy Lip, and looser Lod of the Right Lye have been
&ptrOyed, his lace clearly eaten up, sod part of the
—. Jaw a
tima of hisy. Arid Tot we can •
give ea
..; ,:dineripdirtied a
ca wa m.
• wh ya. tamed' as that in January lut, the whole
'• • of his math, no 1,11 mat of his Dee
eosin or deep sod pool of
• . Ou th•l4th oraory I ale, ho communed tablas
'CEA, which checked the diacaso inssew days, au:
• • '6Oll that Item thecae hu powered without is
• .
Nem &di ha applied th e placiof the deep al
pere iii. tha r = dialigared; hie lace is rod,
health is restored.
. We an aimed that to the treats nt of Mr.
BM& awe, ito bletharials,Oiatatente, ortfasertic
appleatithe Moe beta wad fact, th e PANA.
CEA ALONE, has wrought thle wooderhl ththge
Mild Smith, Beta °sooty, Pa.
Carla: L. Reim* Crawford coPs—
W Jose& ht D South Second duvet, Pala
• Jur Les, Pesthertha, NJ.
• , E W Llrr, 440 Id Fourth, thus podia st, N. L.
• • , ll'eslloegh, Laneester,
• ft AI diteddock,2l North Elereith at 111.01.
C W Appleas, M D 46 South at.. do
; Timothy thddwell, Mute, en. Meant.
Denial Tonkel, Chaeset 1115,Philadelphia ett.PL
Haned,39o High idreet,
Wallas Saalkag, OP U, Camden, N. J.
, WiDSaa Hale, 37$ RP street, Phila.
.7 H roil r, bLtmtractera of bilateral Teeth, lea 5
Shrthiltrasl Pala. • • '
• LA Wetlesandaer, Ed. Phils: Nita:rat $77 N .34
=W Mali ash Maker. 3r7 Mal an St.
r,139 Chaim suety Phyla. • •
A D Puler et Eleudath tteptlst Carat,
Ball, LBs 5051, Phibutelada, (North Ana;
ass ogee.) • •
SawaStha,lslll3loherise Street, Phila. •
• Daniel MeGlawp,llamberSo Alley, do
Asderw Sweateet Girth, N J.
ft 41 Ena 4 nus.
Rieherd FL T Odder, 1109 • Mutat at. Philo
• JetsW ,6o done Sixth Stleilt, • do
T 5 Wiper,•Lithogrephisr, 111 Chant nowt, do
, • NJ Lady, lfl Elerrenth street, do
, • • Peter Oka Smith. Ka tor Bator. E.We., do
••- Jed Bella, Dime nutabotharar. Wolliameteme
• William Staly,Parmispos, Vas Barth to. lows..
I, Cada, D, BaWas,lileas. , .
Rasa' Culled Pasielospa,Eldlulelphist ..."
Thar P S D, Hamden's, pi,
Peter Wept- Market theta, Pala. . • •••• •
Jar. W ICewlin,lo3 Filbert st. • do •
Joke Goad, 174 Sprawl at.• do -.
from Una. Paths, St. Para id. E. Ch.Calhadall
-•" lois Chsaners, Pastor Ist ledep. Cluanch, Brad
. T L Seseen, ?Wallahs,. of Pledge and Standard,
P Sallied, Editor Olive B oh, Doylestown, •
• Mora awl Bend by lotted Walton, Pro
' • V=, 61 'stet St. Pladadelphis• Sellers,
1 et. Fittaborgh,Pa4 Was. Te • -,SI Mar
' tats dig E B remits's, blarietts,Oltios nu e: &
•-• thurp,l l / I yrulla, E Y 1 Jobs W Akimbo. er,Cth.,
Mei SldeD & Reeves, Madison I C Noble; Looni •
T; Maresca & Vetoed, St. Leas, Mn
• P H Near Natchez. Mir, Hudawai It Job. .
aos •Vicksbagh, do; ClialiesJoeldu, New Oiled
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10.4.5 1 — : ti:,.i tal
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eiSta etlk . .- .' •
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AI - ZDiCAL iltD ; 4airsics.t. OFFICE
Bilt. 0 :NABOBS v I
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..'r . - r,:• ' 'Womilistessnamrard• So
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' t , e 1 • 1 6 . /i& t
- / tt Sees an) en
. st. talk , Mescal. ro
•' 1 - • lbsowsserl tom,. foe were
4 il k "line IS rectal plaettee t
. ..•••• •" ,/alltattme . t: * al=
tif•V', ; 1, ptiVlNlllutd . de: .e ' coat
e . ' : .1 ' W . " ' .rh' f b % " : ' , l ,7,
‘610. 4 .
r... „ ........„....„„ r m.141',...-
• ,<.• Meese Iran ' r • . 'NM.* to lad add, add
,a : • - trtalarent es dodo! enlalpl: eh Wenn triode tee he
~ 4 ' lie had emote t wale* NM thethrtA .0 , 0 patent. mai
.• i. , . dataever fall to.* IN of 1:1 ans.*. Oradwa'ded) rrs
) .' aly anal .6e. bus le *tire as ammo , of opeedy. perms
.. • .... rod W.f./en can ...ill aillesed NIS Nagar
s dpcsoet and CI assesses status Ibelyfran.
1:/r. Droved treed to rirara afflicted sea Paola
dowses winch kayo Lomax Wears by Imo or Non,.
toil b 7 14e ase of any of side Nouarar mama of the
day, that ram coaplaleas eau be radsully and for
sasady tared, be harlot new las tares) nitrate, in
Ow Insadmeat of ...Seas., mad soodeoesd ts band redo
af laVanteeeta Cann( penman elletheatereon et he melt
. , atilt bladder, sad Is sad sod sansei wards era mai(
Mk dully Mee erten oder. base caNiporal Stow to
' Isparta dower: Ile paetteatarty Intlted ash or have
bow Irsrsosi aasseeeordidly MINA SY stkr sr rws
..' - ohldao, wins nom arbaltesx• srdlbs Fen tbraa sad
Uses oaarbausszad sa a ( earafal.thoNNlllPlA laldlrsedds
assadsai,pauute oat bI , seteipealrasess Indy lad la
/ eadttraltoo, ch It w Ibr Sore to
.-. . i i .... ~...p., aldnedlelao to via asy :a l = .
e:; - ' ' 'ET Berea. err laptuo— D!. Brows LS* at ,
.... - t ,
peaces oiltrret . wsh ae. !knots" troll, as bo has pa
v. ~. litho Dirwiti=llo rhlek Palsyorlo. Nadal Caall
t . i.: . relares 'of' either Ns UV* al as 1114;sace
: 7
by atrasag their dla la mime. sdnag all ass snap
••- .. rms. as *bads oisro with estrum Ibr soo, by
Cv,., , ..! -,' soliniNag T BLOWN, !S.D. poN , pa.l and web z7 , m aim 1141 Missal Cloy, appoint not ;savvy
li - , Br No eno.'• seder
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Awl u . 6 sive T. asst.
11111swe pray tha dad ~.
2.44 getwie Ow 4 emit -
AH witspars tkrant the &wry skra ad, L
•Tattr 14131 swy you be
_ pad a me of lied ham I
1-c )twwratlarp tgesawas dew.
Selbra le 4411P.I 1111 4?
, Th. www laa maw,
..r Ana 414114.4 1
Awl witch ft Clowned, la 46 y rasa) ,
eppoi Ikaast are , .11.40.
sue www mad,..igia a aaaw,
• - Dr. Dowasta ext -wen tread
• man been Amen saved
The sue at atalletaty pays
sew, astswas, OW; wiege kis valcaltle
11 y a 4
71.4crslt, byWX. 21.011:19011, earner •1
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- IJi , it Wee strlate wassetrantef pepw
zWeS we 44 etia=asl
• seellsiess Mel Is we l t Safly fer at 4 Dr.
3.171•04.YYr isOsses the 4 CAL.
1. Sa7
STIVS, eel VFANCUrpre, 144 how_te
. 4 the wwIP O WZZty 441 tx . sre . ..=
- • ' 1 e :7;:rterealf.4 pastes.. tem 1,44, Is Weismt
y.' " t New T . 9 .11 - 4k, 4 may 4-ya,
as; .ors ba.ULattwtt a trWa !West Ma.
owe ,
rnv-- .11 of lei 4 tee
, ayes,• saA Is esses _
. saws as
5n ,,50.11,4 weaned ta aef eittly Teen
1. .4114401=IthreSsal eseew. ad eeMe 14 r ,
ws WWI Os s 6pad n
maan r p iustlieo L ie . wee
..ate iNa. „,, :i
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441 1 4 Lypectorsat to Ite4wa
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' • ' tesesl._,picrvetinsew thortes i
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re a wee 4 !Met. Pollosary
ossysettrw, asa I bwes eawe
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of IYa Mee "
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•Drsa reslo: TIM bran
ato* silos raw brown f , 1
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nisi 11101 1111th.11.12114.. 39
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F lNl ENspney ''"" ar=24 l =intim the
usry tad soprotractsd ream of the imam; of
wawa wick Astore,.rnin enthaessood by mob
Inane. of cmlind liL, atheadad Yearn be pug.
teed eardiumml , with thin paia,sad valiant ob.
getat i ideepa e darn( all tames la km, obales
ad this rostartsbis Oct, That the wawa al then
contra. ars Familiarly dlibmirn, Ina all ataat
luda, u Skis reopect—Slat they an Geo Qom his
pain ne dashers whin mica tls plead of Prep
wig as °tint di se Basch auk Maited isiboisei and
rick_ Curiosity sad the sash Sorniatille discover
ry prompted Lm to tawalptetb caw of
mutable nontios L. the were trisirto wlick the,
owned lanaaloa are glograLlA sal:lent and the
molt Ira th e diacover7 of Um tact that .asp
cd those contramo were ta the islet cents( Mons
the lath Mahn of Prepany, mortals pints whin
ban the harry te nettling rim de re. of taps
sad Olastictiy Co Ur Noma and Woad •••••Is of the
Wens or Weeth whin wither It to pinform Its
Mean la &Mink satin ampLicity autism sad
treed= frees pais.
It is a insgs.W tact, aim, that the thethiarrames
of !faith Awaits in is a rinamluble names fin
from them pans soden/era of pushasacy sul
bath to which the whits lova. aro ann}octed
Wnstbez they s the me pl. eta as do the wows
of Ana we cannot !till that the fact
moo ices mutatb than trim •
Thu hawed, is now weesively seed tirdegbare
Fraoce antb the mot muted name sad easy fa
male. who wens oace Mire themigh loppratreariose
ce the dashers coneernent to the stMa of Writhes
ue oow by the mow of Urn muluise, warning:
the Wis. MI wives sad mother. with ealikol sir
' Vlat a cs ltd. tote sew ent presmated to an.
ton a Aimee, by Dr liordeloque, Month
role lts
ole sheet, Ds A MORTIMER... 4 be fecle coti
fide at that iserliesecot of its Mine mein it will
minimise itself to the mord part of the comma
lily. as it is folly Calculated to do any web amt
hatrid Orate cd which tome, thomml. feu of pa)as
et child binhore gret). ithe Prod.-tin of Wait
Ws dating.) •
*Ea. &awn, alto inurnable los mindycar
that hitherto incurable disease Bailsman, sod to
almost madam snompaaimeat Flaw Altaic(
earl that rallied 'said Callen slats ol tha Womb
wh accompaales this dense is Sever hilt uU r
the st as of this medicine.
This media's v prepared is stab a ray es to be
arose's,s and pteisset to the Lasts,
Dr A C MORTIMER No 361.2 Lispoiant et. _
New York. kuis bets twpoiated sole sent for the'
11 sited states, by Pt ISontelosios sad is tbe only
person in thts coasts' vbo is rotbortesd to . seed
tare invalsabie medlelim,u the foUrionsi letter Intl
.(71essekdied from . the Prtori)
Pa nis,June 100,NC.
Dr A C .noithtle att.-Dear :a—A-cording to the
,r,ecleut . eatered Into between u., 1 stub oy Una
letter to site go. that 'unite authority to soli
throollthot the Vatted Swat, pit) Remedy
bevles the pains and du,sers tocideat to ptegosory
and thild bath.) which a is neceethr) for you to
have to .nasty the ;white of It. vtonineneth sod p 0...
rity. As you ere'unne the esposore of the smell.
eine to the Ineeence of the sea me obliged toe to
mend it to yes m air tight vetoing. I bag Mottoes%
with n, • speculate of the manner in which it is pet
op io Pero: to lite ethane,' shoold wish it to ap
pear to the United Stoles. , Sue, with real respect I
remold your., P E SORDELANUE,bII D.•
P S—l also seed you • copy of • letter resolved
=tri 'froth the Royal A...euty al Scittece. I.
- •
(Tramlaid fours art Preetrii) :
Paris, Jae 33,1816.' •
‘To M. So no aanstrai-Sit—The comsat wain.
era of the Areaway be.. appointed lie anderarped
trusn.tbair umber, as a oweautse to othartrepre •
the ths 'writs ot insramify laid Wow ea try yew 1
persalieriag the ping tad Werra udder wore(
away and child both.) Lateral •6622111 Sorrows
Maim eatiarictad to the. Acartway the newts of
Win ealwriace is the esa of paw ninety, we Ire
to to lay it berWayow, belierts; It to be tha best
declaim regaidthista alai. to Swim tine, and of to
greet titles, th at athetyw or Oa pablic weld haw
wished. Mawr kitbag.. thia hardy ...y. pos
se, as the waralwra a 4 the profenlos wal exertad
to farther that adoption or WS rowdy la to guava
see, which is a sciwtific diwowty sad no anfiripag
rowdy, it or richly_ &WM.. Apt Physiuthe
baring wed Ow reedcise, oath is ley caws of do-
Limy, Crud It entirely socceadsl la promoting •
nitharludda ads and wry dallawy, fres fens pia
anddaager. With the atheeters of Wee patiants
of Dr Briapertheas ow a partiact aweroity floe
say othersent weaken. or anstatew or of the
three a termite woman wt. had met with a math
fall a wrath pro thaw to &Lowy, .es tate& Lase&
awl, Car that west with a pollee' beworshago,
ihic.b ow with diarist matted.. TM otheir two
wallormatiew et tie pal were to se aim relieved
OrpsieThese law is re mat a nstra
of am are l Mad, , ithew the haidcWl ethi
tocy of raw moody. and bars dammed . to to
goo it that twormiandazioa tad mown! *Welt is
due to Itorad the thirtherows at sem:Wide noir
cite • (Sepal) el INIESCHET, N D.
Com of the ctheirioabwern of this R. Academy .
of Stiewe.
The patio aro caetioned spina wraith this
medicthe flow nay pawn es ruolip of W solo_ogat
Dr A C Atratiwor. 3. 36 1.1 Itwiwod as, New
Tort, when Me witicsw or pet op la peekaps
=Stahl* fro tele, sent by wail w soy part at the
•MC. Two dullard a park:n.l cortathlng tall da
• Perrews detrirsea or nii i , r i , tho Coon Fthowdy
who nude ini • dt014.0, u.,.1.1u an by threwthas
- Ditrnriffnkrt, We April for the U S
.11110:17 Se,NarN iS s itapsiNd o,New at.
11e#X1rerl,FX=51110 PMIIIIIDi.
- IS now ant,.nally seknodlediW to be the 11.
4. VA LLIRLE• REMEDY for Mematisai, Sp,
ad /Ideation. Columba,* of tbe bluelea, Sort
.iiptost sad Qaiul, baget,Oki Wren, Paw ia the
Beek anal Cheat, Ape in the Weald sed Fat.,
.Tdeth deb.., Sprains. Braties, Salt Rhea's, Berne,
Damp, linguae feet and all Names Diamearn.
.Tbe TRIUMPHANT tilieCkS wheel 'bail •i.'
UNlted the oyiolleation of Or wort WONDER) UL
1111EDIL INb. in tunas the most mends cm. of the
&Sweet Duriatiee abate nanbede—eed Lb. HIGH
ENCollll.lhlSitbat Mee bees WaWeiett pea .t;
trbereeta tt has been lath:dead, dieas me the right
to cell as the AFFLIC JED tio resort at once ur
ON. ' ,
Er The lamely unite in nrtommeadinetbe tele.
aced Enema gently, llant's Unmet
Tee follow,aj levier Croat the highly Italian
tibrietaa. ebe have been int/ached to the, Meow
Ilaseaet SIMS Prison foe elUely yen.ll. Ii dm best
erydolret of the edge ad. calyirated LUombeet.
IU. e!Suia , Oceenabes M. 1843.
My Dear Sire.l received year mote mf yesterday,
Wiley my opt. Os is Stigma to; Ha be. ItoOsumi,
prepared by Mr George e Suntom. Fc.ow,• r
its oricicetioe, and bevies 'repeatly used it, i
recommeed it to you aa a ear* 6ateroal Kern..
dl, and to my' npisloo, t6O. belt Liditoeot bow di
Ver7 trey sod rerpectfollj yogic,
Col Petrie VaiiCecticadt. erotica Muor.
IND, impalas la the abase TU4O4.
••• ••••_.••• • .•• Trimaran', Jim. 14, DM.
toply MEW Idtlar, 1 arratld say that V
hare used par Zama& Bawdy, called Hut'.
Liniment, is my paidiriadelsea yoa made emi se
quieted with Us compdaillae, and anbesitadagly
my Una I believe DM be Oa bit Literati Demo.
dy sew is ma lot the campimats match yoo re:
mused it. • Taus respertially,
tt&NJ 0 MILLE. rd. D.
Goo E SUatini:Esq.
11q1amormi the tuna 'orthicon snlens and
eel tr. moved forth at LA pretest day
- e7sele coutry, It rulty •= g to r
s hod
nesting of oo pru, ticsi atulty,
speedy d dermal km Its opernios, oad rt
the sum li me from fraom thus widow eSerli
'width icarr•lly stied poimrlbi rursins. Haul
LialAut, penered by Geo. E Surma A Mu
Sias, ihorp it ht. boas bat • mien us. Ink.
the public, bmi al rudy atotiboad the raeldosiu,au.
rely ol oar Awl "saltily smd belasuln
not oar moot animist physicians All
edge it to be • assanip balm for way of As ills
tins flesh la ban to, seetants the &Ulu limb, asot
by its were otim•Latiag Allseue, bunt g le
cut from tios myna*.
Mr. nruro—Slro-Ssel og you elsontAnuat
or Hut's Lialcumt, I was leduad to try La atlacta
on my en, .ho had to.. crippled onth ..lame
back Cron u hatuti ad U. Is orn• rains&
Irwin:nay to lte ateriamial bully limcnemsa My
ralld, .too is um he yens of ay. to mew to • fur
Fry of mammy, Yous,ac.,
Pon Oast es, Towers; Paulus Ca.
I unify that 1 Le panoulny sortunUd with
W Mars Rued and, sad Walt to. Wear would
be ale la myna that M, we is almost
• JAS W DYRMAIS, • 4 '
nu 5, 1.645. Dap uy Pon Master.
V. S. 1 - weold ano state that I bons beam for •
Lumbar of )ant ms*lnt to irAnut Munn ot tie
Eionantluo, *Usk I. ..ay Irawas
attsztl i to g z . benamon. Too or oppll
cautlm t laruriably run." aII at
forte= of dos Mei. l• uses M lonieet,
Lad eous, too ssassrosa to neaten; It km nil
'ninny prated a eaten !sada. Its miss' rut
only to. aributal by then who lava 'lnn it a fur
The Llaisaat Le said al Wald to eut, par bc4-
No v by LW LhdiPrimpal Dranies mad bhniamai
Notaatimat ULLI eimsay.
Wkdask Age_itta in New York.
ADLEY, PHELPS k. Co, I Watar
RUSHTON b. Co, I i 0 wurnrsi.
A N & D SANDS, main Fallon ad WilSaa.
• ASPINWALL; % Wiliam alma.
Ortien aabtiaed is ma at Biq Slr , N T, LiLm
bi attamied La GEORGE E ISTMITON,
Par Ai. ILL rituhrst by L W I LtbZ wl J
EIDD & Co."Alleproy City, AWN SARGENT
Ilinala&111•40&& • -• ALSO
1.7 IfiG9.--Scrolele le GI rwillollird Arras
whether is th at of Rim'. t. ot eektrirebeets e • the
&ads at hoots, Goitre, Whits Swain& Cerium
•Rbeetitatitio , Caster, dress of the 5 bre or Sete,
or of harm:retry C Frio", ...lota Dos oee
..d the ume ewe, obit& Ir ■ poiteecorr prOtripre
mot or Uwe tihereet In the ha P mint. Thor.
fore. tele= this prlsclpie ca. he dved , Do redl:
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PEAliz STBEILT nousr, Vlasehassokl,
01110—The setae fibers hewing parchased hu•
alte Interim of COl.O Wilharassu, late of Hos well
known establiahuseabbeg leave to size le their (stouts
SO be Fdblld genitally, ths, they have taken Otis
comotedkais Hotel fin a term of years and veill aim
their best macrame to make It a dem HMI. home for C
eltics and City Boarders:
• The Hotel is spaeloas and admintbly pleased An
coalesce; light and au, having • bomber of par ore
erbolrdng chambers, presenting unusual unmoo u.
I k e prescalpropticlon barley bad the experneallog
yips in Mistily andrels...where trope they will he hible
• as . give gimeral eialsfaction. betng determined to gin
=Mewled attention to the house alone. I •
Thelocanoe of the FewlStrect House miotemesonly
eligible. baring front. on Pearl, Wale= ad Thuil
'so that It is equally desirable in view of do compet
ence of basinsu men or retirement for private hauliers.
It Is rear by the Hants, the Yost (Me, the Meiotic
11111,0dd Fellows Hall,and butane moan distant from
Main street and toe squares from the Coy Wharf, dm
timing the grestoe inducements, eapeeially repenter
merchants ;tangentially to all persons man* Gime
esti. • JOHN NOBLE •
meta> JOHN • DUHLE
volananin IIOOIIIIC. I
Charles Ellett, between Merkel and Lombud
Ni...,., Baltimore.
tiTee intbserMer basiel taken the ahoy* Ptah
lishmeat, aim hie services to the citizen* and
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urger the Steamboats =1 Railroad Depot.-411ln the
midst of the we summit Impernag llama—end In
fact, the location DPhil to those mein the city, to ma•
ra . efi , nrenlenees and COSObtlit as t h e mace principal
The tome a now being (tied op with new fellers;
lo pod tests and Style, and well b. open to Ile paWas
on web day of April, lOU. The peopriews Wants Jae
•ermolsong droner* please, .41 Wore to Lim a
pampa of the pablie t
personae, residot as well ae
Leto of the arm of Du k Fogg
Pslionora Arn a, left • osylbdft
ALLE„itANT nouse, ISO /luta
delphla—Tbe subscriber (lataadts lYsallosMn
Hotel, Hart iaborsh, Pa ) lakes Ha method of
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6P H6011E6 Proprietor
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article, obieb we call J NESI) t. , PANISII •Lne
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&honks sseLtleo sad II Imparts to the ebbs a
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De. Jame Amerman, Prettiest ClteMsa a! II
email* says: 'ACM anal} elos lake" fttiManti
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Mee Lb eons • best. .. • ' .. .• •
by W al. //MOON : , tte lIIS Pam sad Ws ,
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Laboring Pm severe years mrirka bneettl, eorassog
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REMEDY. I gave been mum tbla valaablifraddlermi
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ms 7 tome the victor, of "all imaged remedy,.
and may be cased. I bars meommanded Dr. Datican'a
Ezpocattnust Remedy to many of ray Mood,, some or
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Sontemei3Ottio,OeLll3,lo43. JAMES SEAM
7bo lime - mbar of Um Orme s asedielne would, also
ever to* enderalmned pence., who me de is Perry
eronir, on whom asp perms may call epos and be
waylay/it Mal them ate VIIIIMO Mad In ibr above
medicine Mai man bei excelled:
David Culbertson, Somenica; Dr. D. Same, do, Fran.
ola QM* r, Jaakeins 44 Mr. Lerma, des INS be Sr
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ig Jarred Davison, Hocerell
mom sire,, Cincinnati, Obio.
Sold In Pitteberstr by •Wlll.. JACKSON, ES Libeny
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Bacon, Lard. Mater, Mate , aad other'
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• fotoursged .by increased bask= tbit Proprietors
biro added to their mock and extended their army.
went. &wing the winter, and art nem. Pletreulli
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by any other line. noir long expertenteps carnets;
the palpable snretiotity of the Portable Beat totes, 1
and the groat eaparity and conwoltrnee of the ware
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and teem:modem their witotasts—eonideollroffeung
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tollett a erinuntaneeof ystranititteltell LUCY OW,
.1111:1=ar e r I=l A. ?COM sea A
Lading trwitairred free of any enema lit Conanussion,
adtanelng or storage. Baring no interest &reedy, or
indtreetly mad ly mbas% th e interew of tisS' earwigs=
must neeessa be tisk primary owe& tn seupplan
west, and they ',ledge thetwelves to forwwd ill goo&
'eoneigned en them promptly arid Oa the inostoldwistin
March I, 1817 ' ' • " ming
18 411Sia
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MBE labile are respectfully !Monaca rail lista*
Lief') eootieeeee' tenor Emit the Nita mow;
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hareem, placed a 'opener elan of Puha* sad Rail,
read Cars on the roter., - with extra iteetamoomeotta,
P will gin greater combo to sp
A Pocket Boat,srill always to to pan, mop.. rraro.
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For aboulak. mar _at the ,oake.
W &tor iota, ono . Diica
THIS Boattimix's Potable Hostilkapiay bobtxdio:
solved, tbo Ompsay sobs trout Imo articles of Co
partnership under thd name of the 'Boatmen'sLae:' -
and likewise spited to ralit the Stock seas to kayo •
amber of Boats kit, the patpos_o of marrying, pods
shrank it from six to vitt dttys, with eettsiery—od
lost execongell by Ike We:slays( lost you's Wive
so, to make Dora extensive -osmium:4s for die to,
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Anse et oar former pumas. sod refer Woes, mimes(
= 1847. -
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situ TO ; •
110D0 ssillsornessr;.Nrr 07
w.Yeas -AND 'RIO !
. PELuse, say Bossers.
SAMUEL vnoursiert co,
corner Mem street and Canal Bum. Pittsbvergh.
. .41 Is GERHASJIT &
'No 311 S Narks...met, Ildlsdelpilda.'
ELISE4I,GELSTON it Os. Asents. •
- rrrrastrtet-4.. McCall), Oa Atm &OA
W McCully & Co, B Sampit
osCo,'M no itCo.
PHlLADMPRlA—MorriaraneatankCo, Reynolds
McFarland b Co, Sedan It /Ruby, Peed Waled&
- NEW 101111.—Goodha ACo,Tnio.Finidi Co, '
BOSTON—Reed. Hard & , ' C.
.CINCINNATIAdauta A Crank, W W - Scarbor
secb. • .
pr. ri.E.Aserrr, VA -1. A - Madder.
Nestivitzs—p Fleming • •
None,All a:adman. from Naar York and Bodoni,
camped to 'A I: Gerhart Co, Phdadelplua, arallbe
promptty knonodedirraof tormananow febld •
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Goods eoFer ' ked moose tirrber tnewarded ninth
lowest =Mail Me& Mlle of Lola;
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Having a veo large put ecnannadiou wadandoe,
we are ;dewed to Menne (in ndthtion to freight' Ssr
onpmenn) a lugs Omani we Proinee, Ste, *pawl= at
'kW 411111.1111 C AkaraniTY,lo.:
•-• Long:
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Ka FREIGHT between Plobara ßral
Hollidaysbnrea, Wain! Strect,-Peterabalh and
all eten mediae places. •
One &Want lea...elle arareloaaa ore A IdnAltalty
&Qr., Piumbeakovery day, (*adept Sandaynj and
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DAN'L • ROtaßT:iilioDS
.WILLIAM POLTy... ..- •
..1011k MUZEit, Coll 4systoril
It CANAN, Jolamorn • • Agog&
C A NetANULTY &CO, Piumbolit
11IS S6.:: CM, lIICIUGPr MB!
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bm . 7r ,.. ween
land Bearer, and lialdtd and
_ppearager Canal - Doom
_between Bear grand Yrat and eonneeiaii grin,
0 EaddlLine of &anneal Propellors and Iresaela
ea the Laken, will be prepared apon the earticat open.,
of oisvi=: ,,,, ,zarruttorat . Poontrro to
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arantara arab pompom inikillapara.
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ha pnela . • :
' - • " Ite Co, Beaver,
Cor.hankdield Ltd Water att. opposite dm Armloads.
• . .
, • %%Oder, Croaker , a co,puoi •
N Parke k. Co,Dieyfland
laa ,1" inntattong h. 01_ Detroit
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&PCIALT Mesta, '•
Vim .Porrararrowenolesiroant
(kr, Maehelotyre,_Eranshargit, kenos -
John Mannitor, Hantsumn, do
Wien& Atter; Greenville, do
• Craig k. Fnui W
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R-W Connlnaliant, N Cud. • do: mad .
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wry at arid Bearer, and deliver AA mom
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War Armor customers reek cool/taro, knotriap
User foallltles semod A 000 t. • . • •
Apply to or address I
• . • • oft CARTON, Ain, Pinsbargh. •
lux* . • T RICHMOND it Cc C soldeod. •
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THE ameb of ties Mae Germ= d n' *MIMI dolly
Lim of Rome and Cu* [owned by Mementoes,'
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TM, batsmen of Ms Lino la modatiod Emily
aub L ik,..ympialy principles. Aedrinci. or apply In
k. Cog Preiere,.
- • • Canal Duna, Plaabsogli
' • No 17Some, Tidsd Mom Ml=
JOll. TAYLOR*. SONS it t=
No DO NorM Howard meet,
W II WILSON, Amai, • -
- No 7 Woo monLNaer Yon.
DIUJA. 11:0•11.1111NAMMIn 11Alaw.—
UMW, the lean AWL SHINN,* lawn Ir: t rand
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