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nrsq AHEAD.
_ - bog Men •
ayea wouldieldere
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, The e men tad the active
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Push ahead =tottering
Amid the battle's din.
Pi!duet hub* Days.
'ln in article written by the late Judge
Breckeruidge, theca young attorney, and
• published intro firm number of the Piste
- gh Gazette, the - number of houses in
the town of Pittabthgb was stated' e - . be
about one hundred. •Allowing to each
louse five inliabiuros, which is probably
quite enough, drolpoptdation would be
' about five hundred.
In the. Pituburgh Gueue of the 9th of
January; 1796, we End the following par
--'"";he number of inhabitents in the bor
. ough of Pittsburgh, as taken by the as
sessors, during the past week, amounts
;to one thensand three hundred and nine
. ty-five." •
This is the earliest authentic account
of the population of this place.
In adescription of the country at the
bead of the Ohio, imbliahed in the fourth
and fifth numbers of the . -Pittaburgh Gs
sets, on the' 19th and 26th of August,
1789, we fund ' , some statements width
may be interesting.
1. It appetite that there was then set
tled in the town, ono clergyman of the
Calvinistic Church, Samuel Ban ; and
one of the German Calvinistic Church,
— Tates'aitmilly *ached there.
2. It is stated, also, that "a charCh of
intinue timber and moderate dimensions
is on the way to be built." ThM church
stood within the voimil sow covered by
_ the Phu Presbyterian Church..
3.: There were two gentlemen of the
medical family then here. One, we
know, was Dr. Bedford.
4. There were also two lawyers here.
These, we presume, were the late Judge
Breckenridge and John Woods.
5. Carriages from Philadelphia were
then sixpence for each pound - weight.—
The writer makes the &lowing predic
. : "flowerer improval the convey
! ante may be, and by whatever channel,
the importation of heavy articles will still
be mm4ve. The manufacturing them,
therefore, will beam mere an
i olieel Acre
than elseeders."
- Pittsburgh was then-1786—in_West-
Imoreland comity * and the inhabitants had
no travel to Hannah's town, about thirty
miles, to attend court.
In the Pittsburgh Gazette of Septem
bet 30,1786, there is the following ez
tract of a letter, dated—
' "PHILADELPHIA, Sept.ll4, 1786.
"Mr. Brison has jton returned from
New York, with orders to establish a
post from this
. plsee to :Pittsburgh, and
one from Vi rginia; to Bedford; the two
' to elect at Bedford."
Note° that time there was no regu
lar mail to this place — and the then print
ers'of the Gaseue and' other inhabitants
bad to depend upon casual travellers.
' In the Gazette of March 10th, 1787,
it is mentionedihat "a meetirg of inhab
itants of Pittsburgh had been End ore the
let instant, and Messrs. Hugh Ross,
Stephen Bayard, and the Rev. Samuel
San, had been appointed's committee to
report a plan for . building a Maria
Rows, and establishing market. days."
The citizens were also invited to Meet
the committee in the public square, on
Monday, the 12111 inst., to hear their re
port. • Soon . afterwards the first market
•house was erected pear-the comer 'of
Dining the sesaiqnof the.lllAl
of 1786-7, an act was passe!' fey the es
' tablisiment of an Academy or Public
. -the
at Pittsburgh ; and another for
-the incorporation of the church of Pitts
burgh, being is fact 'the First Presbyte
run church.
The Bra act for. the incorporation of
the Borough of Fittsburgl, was 'passed
• on the 22d of April, 179 , f.- The act to
incorporate the City of Pittsburgh, wan
• passed on the 18th of March, 1816.
MODERN Heronsfias.--- I The following
• from the Cincinnati Chronicle of the
, other day, *true to the life, although a 1
mire chart- sketch on the subject
' "There isa race of professed reform
ers, rho, g i st awakened to a sense of
•• religioni o *gations, and excited by the
- first vision of the sublime principles of
Christianity, leap over the relative duties
of mum, and jump at once at conclusions,
which are only possible or reel in the
-world 'of 4etractions. One feels the
' evils of his ownAlndictive passions, and
t makes war( upon-, ger, with a ferocity
which is only pennic:ille in bubiunta
Conflicts. Another has been a dream?,
and forthwith steps out , of the gutter,
mend teacher of mankind, and thinks all
other things nothing in the scale. A
third thinks slavery the greatest crime of
. the' world, and, leaving all other vices
• behind, proceeds to denounce alarehold
_ - ors as robbers and assassins.' To these
eft:inners, a Man who has had the mis
- rattans to leid a pure have etw
died and bred the Bible—to have sought
the knowledge and the performance of
daily - have obeyed the laws,
and honored his superiors and his coun
ty—in fine, to -have lade Virthe the
. , end, and Charity the means, of peace
-Imq, Chrisfian condect--4o these re
formers, we say,inich a MED is a mere
• make-weight in sotiW—one of those
old-faiddoned cow:radios who will not
- consent to- tear Government* . and Na
tions to pieces, for the sake of promoting
one virtue, at the expense of all, the
Teat• • \
WOO as your harvest . shall be over and
your grain, secured, have your gratutr,
thoroughly cleansed. In the first place,
brush the floor, walls and ceßing, and
- burn whateier you thus get together;
then wash each of .these pans with ley
sufficiently strong fOloat an egg. When
the gore, whitewaih the whole with two
coati of whitewash. I -
11 . Cod give thee a email estate: and a
contented bout, it is an well, yea better,
than If thou hadet enjoyed thy desire.—
The bee makes a sweeter meal upon two
or three flowers tlum the on that bath ao
many mountains to graze upon.— i.
The best of tobacco contains a mat
deal of vit, wbicb eventually wears down
the teeth. The oil in tobacco stains the
teeth to a dirty yellow, which can never
be remo►ed.
Be wise;; for in gaining wisdom ye ,
also gain an eminence from which no
-. Walt - of *lousy. and Malice eanjhrol
A Trojan IttottooDorat Liow,all(3 MUTT,
.0.0010. Collo Woo to Boodle= Oho and In
t .'lndia
sod to KetarekliplomPUT ook v l llllll l l okoodod o.
Comodokooor ko too ewe of Panotthrants; tor
DZloes, r 4etro w leon i oostd i te ar, , . •
Carodhsto, Iliyamg. Wmoeig=”ll,
• TVIIIIPOSAITION—The- ee-palmenklp eloßee
• Aya between the sahaterlbeys, meet the style
e• if LaWaUhuaw &Ca, le 47alueolved by ammtal
• '• esesest. Mae besteess wall bet eaeabweel by 4 Ja
lb all 414110!Elwdlea mettle tbe amount. 0(
_____, _
~ , .rd.ic-1.11.4(6.1-=14,1z
W s
: 2:r 44 14"tagiPt-4"b"-
',' - soft
,-:" . ":„,,, i ,
„—. • - 1 I,>'''
,?;,... , ,i,, . ... • ,
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~..._;e: -,..t.....4..ktt.,-4—.....
TO 714iFitc.ire'ingsi"n!""47
cb=c"o" , C.W..Al ll .l , o l locsth z =ez
Spitting Biwa, lkilietaty of
pAn Inqms .. l3lde and Brefsl,:Palpaitpn !fiber'
TiWri,inCteliZaitcp - Auk.. co.tiuni.,
Bore Tlevat, Names Debility, and all
al:a alba 71uoat. Dream sad
Leap; die meat effectual sad -
apeadyeara everkaawn for
Pay of above doe.% •
From ClllOl Advertiser
. .
Annear* LIMO WITS/S4-.Bead with 211.01 F
ehment the wonderful ewe lierformeel by Doethr
&rayon's Compound Syrap of WILD CHERRY:
Pstianitsrste, Jemmy 25,1247. •
Dr. Swayer—Dear Sir In ;mire toyourself and
a ditty I owe to. iambi humanity, I ebeerfelly
• g i se my testimony, and ftelare to the world the
mat maculating elects_ and th e great erne your
Compound Syrup of Wild Cheesy performed on ma,
wader the molt unfavorable eirennatanees I was
takes' with a violent Cough, Spitting of 8100d,..e.
sere Pains in the Side and Brunt, which seemed
to break dawn and enfeeble thy constitution seem
my physician thoiiight my one beyond the power of
medirane,and my friends all gave me up to die; bet
thanks to you aid the effects of your grad disease
7,1 mew feel myself a well man, and.raised forma
mere skeleton to as fleshy and healthy a man an I
hatebeeaferyears,•ands be pleased to give any
information respecting my case, by, calling my
realdence,Meelmedestreet,third door belowDmire
street, Northern Liberties. Jame PAINTLII4
715dinsony is now ranted from all gWolent
. tk Oki&
The following kttars szzesented with a view
of more Wily showing the oas of Ph Wan in
relation tot he Medical oe or Di. SWATHE'S
Dr. Swayne—Drar Sir. Having tied your Core.
pound Syrup of Wild cherry extensively in my
merice, I was respected by yaw Agent, Doctor
Crotchet., to express my opinion in writing of It.
properties as a remedial agent, I most cheerfully
comply, ai I feel 'by no doing, I will discharge, it
debt I owe the community at large, and Physicals.
Is panticalar... As mach to I doted gawk Remy.
dies . and Patent Neutrons, I was induced nom
a Mete of the most potent inpectotants, mom.
minded in oar matena medics .ta some casesof
Moaned Loop, to try your preparation of Primus
Pirelli.. or Wild Chewy. It is sitHeientto say that
Ini Z mlr
I wee so much with the moult of that and
subsselsmit - • than )s ow preecribe it in .prefer.
eau to all other an expectorant is
isdisnit. in *e . Pneimonia .or
Dimes et the tar, la the form inwhich
ittgAlle In Lestsiely, I li es an Invaluable
Is the treatment that dams. To all
who know me I have mad enoagh, bat as rids may
be seat by person. at of the vicinity of-rnuddon,
I t i ntl u gLidd, th at I -hoe been engaged in on
scrim of my p4esdoei of IS yearspod am
a Gradates of Tannlvania, and Dos IS the
dent teat Medicine I ever 'thought enough of to
ups an opinion is writing. ..
3. H. aisles, M. D.
Jung 7th, 11347. - Franklin County, Hy. ,
Paasnrizor; Ay., Jiery 7th, 1847.
The above certificate is Dom one of oar Phyla.
cans lists! a &smiles from here, be is doing g very
good pramice, and is considered a good-Phy acian.
and stands fair; he is, is he any., a Itiglablf Magda;
Droggistnind Apothecary.
natimestiab will never maw.
' From the Temperance Pledge.
Rawl/at Whiter ta upon us with its. anendu
train of Palmonle end Barnhill alechons,Coaghs
Colds, &c. &c.,.we would advise those .athicted in
this way to make Immediate -trial of Dr. Swarm's
Compound Syrup of Wild Cheny. It will never
tall to perform a permanent enne. The natation
of this medicine ha caused many swam tirades
to be pat forth under Its name• ; bat the preparation
of Dr. Stamm, asides being the first ever uttered
to the public, is the only one that ante felled en.
The 'other manure sold for Wild Cheery Syrup,
Balsams, &c., all vinous • and worWm.. and
contain none at the virtues of the original prey
boa, Dr. Severe Competed Syrup of Wild
fans the Sprield Sarum
Of the Monza& of palpated =wive nostrums
now before,the public; bat very few are toad to
pones the healing antes for which they are re ,
commended. Among th e latter we ore pleased to
learn ace stand better ten than Dr. Swayneb .
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry..''ha ated
r ite thh uGr are beginning to use it, and to their
joy thei Snd ns its use their hope bled upon it,
recornmenatiau mole than madded. The afflicted
need not despair.; ; While there is Ills, there now is
Emma the • introduaion of. my article to the
public there hare: a number of unpriacipled indi
adsals atim nostrum which they assert contain
Wild C some are called .Bahlams,"
and era. yrap ot Wild Cherry, bat mine is the
original and ently genuine preparation ever oilrodu.
cud to the pubic. which an be pavan by the pub.
lie Records of the Commonwealth of pesinsylania.
The Only safeguard spin= imposition= to me that
art signature Lon each bottle.
Prepared only by Dr. El. Swavez,,at his Patel.
rOSCC, comer of EIGHT d BACI Streets,
illadelphia. and
All Wild Cherry prepiations being
fictitious and counterfeit without his signature,
For sale in Pittsburgh wholesale and retail by
WM. THORN,S3 Martel street, I
OGDEN & SNOWDEN, corset Zed & Wood Ay.
9: JONES, 7811 Liberty street •
"J..' •• 1"
--•!••••• IV' • e wan • ar ,
Noriaan`Calehder, Meaddlle i , J Harlon &
Co., Erie; hillensw" & (Aerated; Demi*
& Soo, Colombo:5 r. 'Brownsville; Hersh,
Wheebog, Va.;.E B theeinneti, Ohio; Dr .
F. Eimerly & Co., St. Lows; J S Morrie & Co.,
lweinille, Ey.; Awdrew Myer &, Co., New Or
kin. 1 IFS
T?ri 111.1 , T AL WALL 1131INEDT,
Ts now naaversallyne_lmowl to be UM/ ft
2. FALLIBLE - REMEDY for Rbe!matins, Spi
nal Areetiou,Soutmetiona of the Mueles, ,Som
Throat aid Wows benes,Old UleMs,Yarns In the
Rack and Chast,Apie In thel Brew and Fare,
ToothAeha,S , Braises, Salt Rheum, Blum,
Comp, Frosted Feet, and all Vern= Diseases:.
, The TRIUMPHA NT SUCCESS which has at
tended the applemtion of this mtist'WONDERFUL
MEDICINE in earfur the most sevens eases of the
different Dwane above sarned,v;-and the HIGH
ENCOMIUMS that hare been bestowed span it,
wherever tt ha been introduced, gives me the right
to all on the 'AFFLIC FED to resort at ones to
Erns latalty mite is osecanneniding the Cele
. sited External Rem Wy, Basra Linlaient.
The following letter Sem the highly etaineet
Shrine am who have teen attached to the Moeet
Pleasant State Priem for manyyears,is the best
evidence of the nlee of celehrat4 Liniment.
• Sine Sure, Deanne e Z;1845.
My Dear Sir—l receivertycnir note of yesterday;
satins my opiates in relation to Hung, Linlinent,
as prepared by Mr George
• E Stanton. Knowing
its composition, ad harms bemsently used it. I
can recommend it to you as a sale External Reme
dy, and in my opinion the best Liniment nort
mai, Vary Indy Ad respectfully yours,
Col Pierre Van Cortlandt, Croton Manor.;
Sir—ln reply to your letter, 1 would my that I
hue usedyear External Remedy, called Hut'.
Liniment, in my practice lace you made me no
quieted with its compoutlon,and uthesitatingly
say that I believe it to be the beat External Remo
dy now in use for the complaint. for which you re
commendit. Taus respeethliy,
ftEN D MILLER, M. 13:
Geo E Stuten,Eu.
frrAmosig the maw of worthies' articles and
bumbana that as poured forth at thEr to ent day
capon the caestry, it m really re find
something or real practice! utlli t 7,something elm
pie, speedy lad eethal in its operation, sad at
the rase time the from those .lajanoa. efiects
which generally ahead powerful remedies. Hind's
Liniment, prepared by Geo. E Sluice, of Sing
Sing, though ft has been bet *abort time before
the piddle, has already obtained the confidence, not
only of our meet wealthy and intleential attains,
but oar most endaents plimielaen All actuerid.
edge it to be a sovereign balm for many of the ills
that Sloth is heir to, soothing the aching limb, and
by its genuine stimulating istlasuee,banishing die
sue rem Wrote=
Stanttoteeing year advertisement
of Hunt'. Liniment, I wee induced to tryst.effects
on my son, who had bees crippled with a lame
back hem an hitantoisitit is with vented. I ben its wonderhil heath' properties. My
child, whole now five yearn of age, Is now in a ha
way of rearreiy,
_Yeah, dse., •
Pear Orrice, Townszs, Putnam Co.
I certify that I am perm:malty acquainted with
the above mend child, and think the father would
be safe in wilt; that bin ion taboret well. 4
.JAS kirDiflaktAN,
Nov 5, 1135. ' • Deputy Post Master.
P. S. I would also stile that I have been for t
number ayes?" =Meet to freqitent attacks of 'the
Rheumatism, which in natty instances prevented
my attending reel buineu. TwO or three ITO
enticing; of the Liniment invariably remove all tit
ration* of the kind. la saes of Inehon, apron.
sad eons, too unmerees to mention, it has foible
vicinity proved a certain rondo. Ito vales can
eel be estimated by those who have given it a fair
This Ltnimest is sold at PA and 60 cents per bet
tie, by all the Principal Draagiata and Marhants
tieringlaom the eatuary.
Whoksale Avg: in ?km York.
RUSHTON & Co, 110 Dmioray.
A Ii & D SANDS, mama Fulton and William.
ASPIN ? WALL 86 William Oren.
Orders addremod to me at Shot Sing, N Y r nth
be attended OEOROE E -SI'ANTON,
For Mile Ip Pittabirgh bl L WILCOX, Jr, ud J
KIDD &Co. AlleFiteny City,JOHN SARGENT
Rirminsistm,JOHN SMITH. 11M19
Ti., Orglimat hr .rW.i QOs
imeettsro, by R E Seller=
;LBorrow, O.; A5g.10,1e47..
i& you lewd u 67 wan, ow
down oryoscr Lira PAIL Yoorials a:teeny boom
ing more pawns: as a owl*, 1704 poly for Iwo? roar
plaint, bur for Fewer and Ape, and Ilifews albrerfore
generally. Me demand it so grew at duo Uwe, ;kw
we renew wan wall fa4l, - wboo we espeons be in low
O -
n trwat i — m n r e= an *llY. Otber . ptsb,t2n=er'
1 =1: 1
b nlrd be ere a fal e ma ra t . ‘ es 7 a=o
AfF r 7 6°ld , t/ T P. Mb Ward,
,ena D Cary,
SI i.
um. Warmed Worst Opal= ii,, i ic ; i.
T R ZL I ANV 6 #l4l.e,Hlgild atlas= WWI
passed %pow& of .ad jsy,___s 00 of "la
asedidas • Adds* la rust Pslosa 11 = 4 p ne r
A la psi, do ow as pstast soars -
sees. lOW Idine We nom sods. —.. • I E • i,
nistmpy aim oh*Nitall. ittee4 a'
;... ,- . -- • , :e's,:slit...? ,- .. --,.;:zz...-i.:441.4.....,;-.;,,-,..42 f ,
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_ . .llruooP. Comp, Flo • •
1 11=0)41.11a1d EziAlonapuilho
'aupeasor's • do - drd, _
.tocoosatty ea Mod VW IWO& by 8 A PAIINE
TOM &!* 4 6 , rtia of lM nMre,4 !lin"
A ' P A s R EN rt
carisortraitsiiMerEeirsi. in the' Worki.
Th . p, quart bottle@ 'hide toste'l
ef, pknnear, end ..rams uthotiot to eue ney, 7.
aims* Srillast etanttiora . ptozotuolothe o< the ,
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Wu*. BodP., It et one of the eety hut PIPIMRO 4,11111
• SUMMER MEMIGUITYS our thoutt, it oat tally rums
the 'thole end usesithals th e Fusco, bat it. Craves
Rol limpoostPlite Stud; arm:puma by ho other
Maeda. ULU I. this bestbe greed secret of its wiestesful
moth.. p0.5..rd widths the pett two pars, tome
.thea zoo Easee of 5.,.,, Coo. of W 00..; u but 5,000
of these tuns tioesidenediseershie Mon the.
2,000 eau of Muuthe Ithnortiee ; .
SACO asu ofDythe;
Uo then of ChtheforthUlity wed Want of Estem; ;
• 'Velem of difithat Pauli Compleialt;
. 2,000 tosee of Scrofula •
1,500 uses ant* Lher ' Coothi ;
2,oooeues of Divan of the Kidney eaMpropti •
. !
7000 OM of Coosuutiott,
thel Thomeedsof f Discine of 0r Mood, vis Ulcers,
_se, that =Pis:thin" the Face, Sty the. To
with noreoroto cues of Sack HOthehe. you to We
Thi, sole sad Chat, Spiral Alfectioas, &e., to.
are=away toed VP!. it...Ws hot ore bus
lettors thea pb=siotte spate frau all pule of the
Uititod Mahe, as of utraorlispu7 met'. B. Tan
Bo irk Esq.teaseof th e mod suputableetnimiste to Mew
wit, N.J., inferno as that he ea refer to mug thas lee.
la at that place aka.' There au th eism& of cues in th e
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•I nt . refer t.i .to=itir r
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tdire thous. It eadteibtedly thud the lines
asked Om'
- - - .
• • . Vain. Draw. °them. •4 -
Carr. O. W.hleCtasst, or vas Unrravitrerei Nam •
and tee/abet of the rier.Jeesey Leghlature, has kindly scot
as the Wow* eertifeate. It tells ita ovni gory.
liaxerear,Jaa Ti , W 47.
Areas sines I eras takenerilli the Lamina, sad soy whole
gimes kb le a debilitated Asia. I ern induced to try D.
Tremod's tiventperate, end Wier 'disc two or three bott
the, I eras very axed relieved, aad attribute it Wirey to the
amid flareaperilla. '1 hare erstiend takin it, aid find IWt
barter* every dry. I believe II send ley and *mild
oat be *Mout It under toy ameloti.•
0. W. McLean, We U. 4 N.
This certified* coothairoly presto that this Paneparilla
hao mixt tostiol ova the ascot obrinalt • dirty of the
Ikea. Three memos aired in me home is orpretedeauel.
• • -• .
Dr-Museum —Den Str t I loon the Vt.n to barons
7wlitet three ofmy &puss ban tem used the Serii•
hh W th e use of your eustaleut soak*. Tbq were
aided us/ aunty with tad sorespian Getty taws bur
bottle; It took theta avrq, 4 vitt& I Sul arptliender
deep, ingietfilly,
Iwo W. Qua, KG Wooeftr
Now York. Nadi. I. sic
Dr; Toyoama's Bensparills i. • soramo mg speedy
em.6r tompiut Comemptioo; 11erritamm, idommtm, or
Whims, ototnteltd or diffsoolt Illeastroallem, loromhoomms
sr Urine or lardsittiry &dew thavot and for tAb g.••
eral k = tration of Me systest m
mats listhat therm&
or t rums or rum, produced by it:midway; lams
Bothiri ma he mon sorpriairry Mao its isiskon pf
feets on theimmatt fmass. Porsitsson Imakems - and Um-
Ws, from !akin Iy at am berme robost and Ihllietesafty
wader its lidos.. It immediatelyroardsneM the mars
Imam of ths Woad trams, which is the put mom at WI
It sot be exported of m, la ewes of to &Bak • se.
tete, le. miThit eertibmtee acme performed, bat weed
man dm adlicted,the hundreds aim ban bac npneted
I. Several ems vitae Wolk. hen been w bloat AIM-
rat, after ming • k baths of thin . inshathia makciae,
has Sea blest mak laalthg off. ing,
Dr. Dommarnal: My wth king ruby dia t ase! by
wawa and general, debility, apd eawbg continually
by pain ad • swam of Wow dawn, id hag of the
saw), and with other &Metal% and having boo.. eases
when roar noodkina kw effected peat cots- and abase- .
mg ithecommeaded bre ash caws I kern icamrdied,l Stara
oda hottlo of yoke Edna of kanwpardkond Mona
the tined/so pawn ma la o .boot gonad it rammed
exasphsho and waned bar health. Sim grachd tar
she recived,l
tb tkh.e p
p lena k =
sackowedg -
ingi,amtheasscltgi u
G eM.D. Mas•
Many, Aw.l7, MM Cs.ofroat and LAW eta-
• Gamma, &$. 99,186.
Dr Timamis Mom this my emeere—Thit is
to artily that ny Mit mad ass bottle of yea liampirilla
=to Ur ecallammit, ender the most shimiag zed
eircisastadess, bm4 trdebiettyridi
lbw of dm fest, derma ortiose, sea very
tftr; restsuice, ead des metamadatice thew
mite ot, gm tadessil to try it, with little or so
faith; Mr. it to
. asy, the maids. bad Ow Miff and
Mired efeat,not ni the ham of coillituatet, bet after
the ti=a bf t o a/ its eas, IL, dram and eer
heath is am rtsa w‘ thaa " iit ' haithees fie aVtites ." pra kr
I . ll=t.
LC the n9l be et say Jenks to yes or any ma
doubts tie mous tha mdirM, jut sreasdiraly mledm
to It- •
melesenlee myself rem most obeelisat sod sale& sr mat.
8 87110.11.
rhis Estmet of Sinaparilla hot bom_mtpresel7 rtTot'd
ro reftrame m W& tacuplaints. No Female who has ro
len to sappot she ',approachingWCerrtialperk " Tim
tuns tit ' Assad negket to lake id, as it es see..
prevent/. Or may of the nsmarosa sod horrible. dinars to
*Web females mg sobjest at this tine of life. This period
may be delayed br several years by odes thiv Modkine. Nor
b it Wrdsslide to W. mbo are approsehmig . monnalitud,
as it is ailsoletsi to maid age. by the bias/
.and lievigaratiely the syMest Ind./obis media. is in.).
sal. Coe mo of the &liana dimmer to which women are
It braces tbs whale *Mar, root.. penesmostly the voto
ral esergins-My resonsiii the Soporific* of tts Indy—mot
6rmoolatisr Qs eyes. as to prodom istilsopeest re
hush., sebich in the ems of mod mednes tab. ice kmale
meakoms and dims.
boa, wroth •. or Greet are-.4 6 t1 " itrp
• bottle or taw of Dr Towasawillo•wal
elms rawmown Ow fretilbiorelsea, and
giatlvissatioo. sparkliog fps, law *rib. red broulifol
all of orlair_a arr of imerwor solar la molar,.
No Enid or antifseine has trier keen ortmoessid which so
nearly reessabln lb. retie juke or mina la decomponag
Sied and etrlngtheain the organs of digestion, as this peern
ration of Busabosolim
11mn Durairramer, Alltany,Thy 10, 1845.
Dr netonamotn Sir-1 here tees aDomed for several
wyear. with dyspeptia in its worst kens, attested with mar
nese a stomach, ham of petttr, minims heartburn, mot a
vet antrum to all kMdi of food, and for weeks (what 1
mild cat,) I ham hem nimble to retain but a mall portion
.on .1 , stomach. 11,1.4 the amal rcesedin, bet they had
bat tale or no effect in mmosing the 4:copal:O. 1 was ix.
toad, about two moths met,to try Emmet of Saes*.
prala,and I Wilt II•7 With !Rik , but after using
ems tau Wats, 1 bond my appetite restored, sod Me
Isarn Wittily removed; and 1 would earnestly Mks.
mad Me or of it to Mae who hare bein efilictol so 1 bame
been. V 01.., Zeno..
.. • .
Bad the fatherieg, tott doubt if pa ea, thee =camp
tint mace be eared. Thie is wily eta of the mural headted
=see that. Totretaaite Swamped& hat eared
Dr Trosauf—Dear far. 1 was taken, • little peer•
year go, with • rem raw& aid pain in ay aide. It Ow
eared at am wry mdeed. I was am tirooor by p+r
miaow la ban the quick eatannoptiew / rind lap gra •
thin of lad matter, had night swab, rid oinking eery Ewe
my doctor add ha could do far are lover Inns tbe
horignal in hope of being briktw, but was proposed hare
r ramble 1 winnow. groally Wattled al t h e Imp and
could hardly breathe ; I ran beam. road wiweled
to ; was waned to al bed, an d and Wgail to ban
.watetien . irked .1 nowt grre you wq dews/par that
would do prier nsl wad rivaled by lay facade
la be ptr mover: Ird trial a grit warm of re:di%
arad resal NI ;
tom pager I read of . oar rot aw
traria:ay ran perform& by your meresae,
in to tali
poe the truth, I ingraed thew was or Innabw in (bow
gnu wad raw* to try it , I did to, sal an Iraq thankful
I diet: lot say that las mealyera, but as as far
warred r lobe stout ay business, an Lope to be Win.
ly well in • kw weer. lily angle and per is the aide,
wel night arra hare lift ar, sad raw but way litde, and
=fist pis' lag say oral stregth. 1 felt it a lay to gin
yo• • slatanait of my awe, to
if you pletay
Pima Boras, 47 Lath DroOklytt.
Optaloa, of Physiclaisa.
Dr Trmaboad b alsoaldaalyrcatiria' mien from play:
Tin diffenaat putaof thelJnia.
This is Weedily Gika , tomirratood, PhyOriaara of
IlarCityrif.Aftwankrra lak sanalarrous ersr. prescribed Dr.
Thrum:Ws thamparills,:aal Warn alto br ow of tlas mat
',Saab prepeaslacr alas Elaamparitha Or mad.;
! U P Mao, ro,
I 0, •
B B Mao., 'Co,
P EE.uumnotrol
Attsmy,4pril 1, Ida
This is to certit that de, the onderelped, practicing
Tomcod. Phydrona atlas Biqa/Moor. ham frmemt
Itoseribed Dr Tomisend'a Compoond Edna of Seer
pord ad &amity Mom soditire, would recomonal it to
fLi .lsc Gar ...n. 1, morolose, and diode atanoom die
mem a rafereoM to toy of the admatned emostice now in
& W Ittoont, r,
ipe31,1844. - Wet B Bmerrod. T e.
158 Fallon 1, Son i l's Ited.
Bog' TCBtateot Bono; Brod &Ike; I:9 North Bee
and-A Phihoklikom B Honteolomed, Infarct aad by
W i din S.threreW'ra%Ka'g " "
Nona gastsim, mane pal sgs In the dT mmee . hottles,
Ofhit& mato& • mut end sigmed Mt/1(M writhes nom.»
P TOWNSEND, and bison:as Moms co the Glom e
pros the NeeiTadt Dolly Zoom of dpril B,IHI.
Wad pretty ping ward W. ArOrtil yesterday, It ma
ashertinng akar thomptraka Deno of Di Tomas&
The whole dung is gat op to goM beim mom of the onato
• nimtal lemboope pe g nnia g, gemelneatifal,Mthh, tortherwith
the moll work. &a glostening in tbe ma, made a thud
mai meld io Bromism. We take thus swathed, to
de Otero this astrect or tho Naemparill& &mon the
way gnat popabrity dim eccoirod.
Dam You, Mania:, Wel
Tthemeed ....I have been Meted mom or to kn. 3
year., with a dreadful sinkint in the them, giddiness in the
kqd km of appetite, rim an the limbs, and generel
bieeilit an no Meld Wine =Mal heat and eoldt which
Ima sediset to in my MMus seedier. I Izmir take* Odb.
medleinea, too nommen. to amadims, but with link as nom.
00. I was Induced), Mall tares the piper toy t tr bottle
uSanag . frosombildi I band grad relief. l ham
sine. takes seem/ more balks, and I m onhailatingly
It is OW bat mediethe I hem mar takee—the pain it my
dwells gone, and I (mined. a Mame man Mogether stem
I ban tall., yam Samuel. I We. Doe • Ismer amine
-ivr.a. has tthen it with the moo
relahasolts. I timid recommend it as • family msdkine
' aid I feel comineed that Um used there woidd sot
ye thimithiesi there is, and community' nal to mmy .
Doctor's ha; fir whilait restores a ppe tite, It aim e im to
e..10.kb and bough Diets regd., toms it keep tk. blood
*healthy oute,mi that diem is not to likeb' to attack the
mime. And to all Dime whom cot in • hailthystata,l ay
.y Dr Tommad!s
,_ •
e ,
Caidliritla tits Mouth.
Bdifir 1.. aecoantof another child wed. Dr Townsend'.
'garw~r,ll. hat owed the timid lhomends of Maldivia—
n* limier mielithate h selected fisms • grad number
Ifr Towescoth Dew str—Doo 'N 't7f al lr y *lr elold ' A nt i L, 181 :O .
sick with the Pomo io the math out amok Watt gra
gr es:ll l eat da ===riffoot t ‘ ,4,4l thh 1174 t r t
Nor roo lttrfigor,! Toon=l.
Fee at. 87 It SELLY.BB Dromht, Ifo 57 Wood at,
hotline 3tl mad 4th ar t who has bean appointed by tDr
TOWNSICND at. Aral kr 1187hool
A - IFFI andTtilebrated FCald Magliege.
2=o sloildoefosod depot toti•oehl sad apolitati ha
• ie g. . fordeo:4 sciatica of hemically paracartoototo of
on the osettiookqualitits of the Anal pre•
onthota r 4liablo to form omen
=tho ,hoorottor to octb' opott the tabor du
.bash-. Ow olio road of the lad Mope* ioeqoir
Ifel a tt&VOr tfAlt aSnmddof idr jr=oto Li sad
Woos owl Troll mad all -
YorklslSornfins. doom Woo" Sinai sidns
MRTE7I3 Ann,. Whale Dealers In Watches,
b Glasses and toalefialn Jewelry fall deserip.
norm, qualities andpLea, eonsprising all tha - ankle.
eanneeted with the
Cloets, Dixon & Son% lintinia,GermanflOver snd
Silver plates! mans Sheffield and Ilinninglum hl*d
. &nes istielehltadgers & Er/Wand Woonenholm's
EEO, razors, seisms, masts, dplc Knives, kn, WOW
Isandlod table cutlery of llus Amen, medlam st eons.
soon gnalnies:' A large Mom= gold Pros, Sri
focal spectacle., paper muhe /.Phlwod trh l ll
varisani shapes and qulitles, at sedated ntes, ' j old
smell eons and silver were of all deseriptlons Mal
dimmed to olds& :
DICICEOff & CO. baring mein& removed Into the
I hTraT "4 wmmodlena .
Ashhurst & Sam .1 'more enZll i gy d
&althorn & Penningtgo, beg Imre to lawn Watch
Dealer Setae= and Western blerebsets and others
that they &lop boning et all timea en user:meat of
Geeda of them own imismatina wideb they we dr4en.
reined to tell at the lowest rates.
(17"Eery anention will be pud to We pinking of
Goede see to the ezecntlen of orders, the guanosnd
01 will be linty nnaranded easiest all eorpeetion.
J. EL,
• No. 166 North Thirit Street,
. ALOTL lilt' wISKILT, •
HAH en hand, and manufactures warder, Artificial
Viewers, treadle's, Tarlatan, and Face Caps, LA.
dies , Dress Caps, flotdess, Cohere% Ike.
. And eirery descriptionorFancy Cloodti,whieh he will
sell at the lowest market prices.,
N. 11.—Pealbers dyed, cleaned, alteired, and &Waded.
37 2ironh Teleirres,atioet Raererett, FRIL&OELP 6,
OFFER fo r. sale al the lowest pneee, all the article.
of the Oil Trade. Their tuna is varied and eater
sive, and they feel confident of giving malefaction ID
those who cell.
.They have dew on head—
Wigte'VvTtc O rtad Fall lie, Of 'different quelities. •
Solar Oil. _
. _
nter.pressed Lard Oil.
Winter Elephant and Whale Oily.
Refieed, Racked and CcnernonWhale Od.
Taunus' Oils Spann Candles tinarreote-Re-
N. B. All goods delivered in Ent rale order. nled3n
No. 134 Non* &mid Soon, Philadoipaia,
Rides and Pistols, Powder Flasks, Sheri Ilms,Pla'
max Powder, PG7COSSioLI - Caps, Shot Wads, Ha and
Blank Quuidna do. Fn.
Also—Pig anal Rovoliing Patois mid Makeids ra ,
Ono Zdakerii use. -
nutamadeaoNer,iad sepals, mewls, canonic&
EY/7i ,:tifii - ;el7;il7be
'ln the plenum of th e ponhther. , ,
'lllll5. Hammer seesaws many advais titer ill
others—amog which may be meoli o
Its blanamsablenelterspiditity and forted blow
may be controlled with tbe_greatest ease, whole the
hammer is in iodation, and thc !sumac may be E.
meetly *nested and suspended at ear height.
it. Universality, or capacity to execute wort of all
kinds, front the largest to the smallest, hada the Woe
Its Simplicity, Compactness and Cleanness.
Its Acccambilay upon all ado., by the wartime.
All the hammers are made Self•Actirm. . •
The subscribers matinee es emote orders far thine
hammer, of all
pante L 1atex ...11 7 wassonable mum.
IFIn father evan" of
cwi Assimmes s.i of the Patent Ands, tlnited Sulu*
Southwark Foundry; Plallod'a.
Manafeeturers of •
Mk 314 eget\ Wrest leSsoste
Back of 7 A. Wasitdes edinct Were Maxey
ALC orders with S. %Komi the edict , of So
blerchnot% Hotel, Pinsbero, will be tooseedl
attended to. 21008. G. DERRY
settle-dry • . A. C. NICKPCSON
'vaunt OG LE, CO4l CH .:419D
MtelistitNP2lB ,— ,l49ll9'Ghesul et
Pkilesktpkie,lste of tke kess
hen Crni
Walsott. respseutekly Lakin.
stel the that be has wad will keep
coos* co ha ssal kr sole, • handsome assodastel of
uhimeble Cerstegest Velor:ke ofd styles sad desert et,
stade to order at the steeled potato octets, sset cached In
the wen led tassosee, of selected mania Malty
~ ~i~~~x~n~~~x~uy
Wshorce, , D. C. -
?Emig C. Mechanical Engineer and.
1-1 Agent for precunng menu, will proper, the ne.
easat7 Drawlers and Papers tea applicant. for Pat:
ems, sad transact all ether lesalmesa In the : line of his
protean:a at the Patent Odic. Ha can be tarnished
on all uneaten" relatlng to the Petent Lama and doe.
•401111 in the Uttited &aka of Ettregie. Pe toms at a
distance desirous of having ezannamirma laade at the
,g l'''' .,==eratd,=rfra ' Llf ft: /.11:1 4 ,
. statement of their ease when listmetbate atten
tion will ho giv n to it, and all the Inkinnation that
could be obtain ed a visit of the applicant in person]
promptly coutstumicatetL
All tenets on heeler. even le moll paid, end contain'
a suitable fee, *hem a vermeil amnion is required.
(Mee on F. street, email< the Patrat Mace.
Ile has the hector of referring, by petatissien, In
Ilan. Edmund Berke, Commlsain
--- eer Of Potall.;
II it:merles, Illactsinist, Pawn Wes;
• Judge Creech, W
Ham. II Choate, hant 'l =t p e,D &mt.:
Hon. W .111101, do;
I len. B MC, allsoteri; •
1 t 0 , .n Willis Hall, New Yea;
o. Robert Smith, C,
- Ilan. Breese, U 8 Sunni% • ;
Hen. J II Rene, hi C. Almond; •
Capt. II IV Shreve, tdisseeri•
nest. itrcolts, Fort., PlC:Mitre.. myt9
qthlE. pleasisrib[ deputize:ate or One and etheasthieWab]
1 Lament, Lib t 1 st head of Wood, are sow icon and
ready tq arra op t smith., 1. C.a., SweetthethhCate,
limits, Call Devil., and ill the mi.. rathethasenth ed the
The procristhes most relactially the respectalth
citizen...ll=d see the Athowcasi Shennels., sr they
are Wend that u all its different department. it ....ot b.
seepswed, and certainly is tha math Omani newt in lb.
lise Sam dedentanath, both Wise tea Gentiesiseh are
theyealled dor elegance, maths, di anoint by wry ia
<mown and tn. Ldies' Nth. will thatinisi a comparison
riethswihnestansond bethty, with thole of nay anailar
cdthilishowat to be Liandnnywhen.
The prat Salim,its marina, chaste, thel clank
Faint.% is &place or the nwedstrthin prioady.. •
&wow are bud lap at which thenthases, alone, can ban
Laza, Daum and Refrobseratial all Mon of fig day. Tha
peat Saloo n is twassoa In both latiesand patkasea,
et the Two cowls.. Tba Wise Partunsfaeldsth for La
th:sr-estrum at thithiann cothithsui.
M==2=',lltl lllll 7 l T l
before La onille Wed siptn;ed Earle n plank—
and most fashionable Emma° patterns and cokes. Also
, THE CHEAP ROLL, er DmroN BLIND, on hand .
or made to order of all saes, andel all prices.
Country lestrehants and wieners melted to call and
examine the above for Manacle., as ill will be sold,
wholesale or feted, and a Liberal dedeetion made to,
wholesale purchaser.
FROM the very 11ral- encourage
.., the scdnen'ber has received rinse
he has located himself la A ll egheny,
has Winced him to rake a lease, for a
'team of years, °tithe property he now
o c .sin Beam street, laucedlately bride this
• Tuition Church. From the long aryerienee in the
above hosuaws and a desire le please, he hopes to mer
it and teceive a share ofiroblie p
Now orthand and finishing to on=kaway Bag.
• open and top llynsia, and every deseripdon of
lirruges,made I. order L
_Awn seventy4ve dollars to
eighthonaret Issloavrtri• • . JOHN SOU= _
'r Jaime Italian. Chemical leap.
'Cr OR WI kinds of eruptions and dismiss of the Skin;
J operas Pktples,Ellotehes,Sall Ilheam,Searrr, i Heat
Mathehapped or crack Sk and kr il l other dem;
me of the akin ed
respire in,
external remM.tmllis
Soap moth enamelled. It also Casein Freckles, SM.
bent, Idarehow, ZIA and change* the color of dia,
yelkter, or diefistared skis, to a Ina, healthy, youthful.
eteamem. A fresh supply, warrinted ecotone, and for
sale at the Tamed price of We per cake, hasten been
reincier.d, Is offered for oak hy B A FAIINESIOCS A.
Ca, comer Ist aid wood and 11/10 at the corner of sink
enti eedns. • 410
-1.11 mle,) H RR TODD, emaufeetaters Aden; No M Wood'
t z =in, two doom bekne kadooliett the apron= of
of Gentlemen Fumbling Goode to oar Stock of
ono and fashicesdn gods, ...doctored nervy for our
owa sated., worn.rd well made mid give perfect eaftsfaetioni
mid we Woold eaD the anatico of purchawn and oar =Wo
men to ewe mac of ouvarlSoe No I Troy Shirts, Jett mech..
oft maim qtrallty,dat with hoth whit. and stripsd of
aerydescription and goalityonth prime to mit parcham.
nother end them rant Stahel Joust Brand Gum El.
tidSospeedenj. omen widirminto eorts
to nines. We
would solicit the nib of porn.= who ora in Sorban' of
Win( ever the mountain for . s, to call aid cumin our
wod, se we ...Mast so for m poen are =i
e.:reed, CU nine them jihtr, but imam ea anoth
er kelt. all
Patent Moak Opeist, Truant
NEWLY INVENTED—Forth's rellefaad Permanent
Cum of HERNIA or RUPTURE, (Salted to all
The superior claims or this Treat consist In the Bare.
Dentin:leas* with which it may be wore. Tbe 'pad of
wood being neatly balanced on cringe. yields to preto
em pan of It, and thoroughly adopts itself to
M movement made by tba wearer. It can be 111011 i
without intenainion until cure is el:rented. The Wt.
eel iben have rude Inartiyessettslar the mandato:re
of them valuable Tresses, In a sourior ety i lF, In Phil&
delphla and
77 e tlmn~gfield s t r. nlarlirlT,l4l:baj' at
WATT _ •
• MITIZII3/111 , HAT/114
Fourtk,6devan Wood mil Mazket4l.,oppos# er
Ma j.Larinter's Exchange Office.
T i lc E rr irs &i d ko ls . r u epared aecommodato sab•
bath. IlisTewatabLce:4:ll, * ll4,, l at u y e SX. '
tided with.every Ming mama* to render bathing a
luxry. • •
n e w e
The above establishment fitted p assi m mitre e
plan, being renalhaed from the sad the se bscriber
t.COOfidellt that the latrUlegts emstbined contribute
to reader this
et the meet contrattable oee
now In the Mg. ltral3m VAndION '
TI NGS, RINGS—Jan rattd 3 dog Ins of !N•
emoted ledot Rabbet Mega These Hem or
b.tdi moo for Pisit"ir mond Papers and pareelsolaverg
description-in an itutiat me can be placed temd •
packet of pape rs holding !Inn at the Moe,
allowing of addition or re than daction without wt_v same Mes me
h3Paeket Ship Sarsoack, 4 cuts i'Spiineerhin Cut
&nil Filipsopsuprisier ign.' '
Theraisitsliiia of !bamb Per p na ini mid coesonsemmrirall• 7
. • . • LOOANIKE/IniarY
OVEL-Wi bo KIWI al di ree'd; Ibir We by
W. et! Yr. WirliMMte". lol /UM 11
:11-OTE LS. t i ;
FOGO 4•11111111103, Proprielon... -
Tiasestabliabmeaskagandvidatykominss being
one of Me mosseommodirmainilmeiryolltaltimore,
hen ',neatly andumete very ennuis° alterations sad
imprerements. An entire new wing bus been added,
eastalologmenezeus widely) sleeping apartments, and
ostensive Whinges:um
Treldidial'deportemihas also been completelyrri
espstiseA end lima IrP in a east onion and beautiful
style. In feet the whole arrangement of the Haase has
teen remodeled, with a single eye on the pen of the
rr i. mgeso , n towards the comfort end wiltor their
and Which they unilidesoly suers Nail.
i lreir e = eta; y be anel sopp u ed e I ?e n s;e . ry sub.
osroioi and luxury select, the met adonis, served up
Ml°, while In the Imo( ( Wind,
they will net be surpassed.
wi i ir c he leil l"lm andone th ' ea r lhe M i ek" ssiout b ,int g M eti m ni T 'elast "M of th diTi g s
assistants, to. reader this Hotel woNily the eentinued
patronage of their (needs and the public generally.
Thopnces fie bsanl have also been reduced to the
W. =
Z s Ziary •
e IHIS per day:
Getlemens” , . y fin
N. 9.—The Bemire' Waggon of the House will sl
umps be Stand at the 'Car and annieboat Landings,
wb+chwin many bookie to end Qom the Howl, free
of Amp. _
Dirrum IPTRIORP, 1101111.114 Obagmaall g
01110 , -.The subsegbers haring porehased the en
die Enteral of Col.O P Wilhanmn, late of due well
known establishment.beg leaven state to their friends
and the stabile generally, that they have taken this
commodlems h ie s for a term of yews and will exert
their best energies to make ha degrade home far Trav
eller. and Cry Madera. •
The Hotel t. as and inimitably planed for art
mance, Itait mai air, havldd a number of patlers
aglotning cambers, presenting stromaallatuseueas to
The presentyroprimon having had the expenenee of
years to tithed, sad elsewhere, ho they will be ahle
rtUrdS -11 =11: "" '
honel= r°' "
The location of the Pearl Street Math •
eligible, haring Santa on Pearl, Walnut and Third eta,
on that it is equally deinebla in view of the eenreln
mem of Wham censor retirement kr private boarder..
It is our by the Banks, the Poet Ocoee, th e Mamma
Ilall,Odd Fellows Ban, and butane equate distant Soot
Math street and two.atuares from the Cit Wharf, Ante
offering the greatest truitteameets, y to reentry
romelmals and generally to all pent= MeltingLieen . •
• meltS2 • JOHN A , DU B t
Weddell Mouse, Clevelawd e
TIIIS SPLENDID HOTEL Was opened on the
Nth of Jeno,for the reception Mammy.
The althea Genie one hsndta4 d twenty-Lee
cat an Saperiorle., and one kindred end ninety-five It
on Ba n k - at; and COMM over two hundred large sirs
eleuebers and Say private patios% all of which bath
been funithed with the tramemtly threuture., The
drawing moms am swims mid serums in ehra
an ytlung of the kind In the United &mew The
nook gentlemen • parlors, readmit rocas, Mice,
drawer mew me an lerge,alry, and tarnished with
every lately and comfort Stet money one procure.
It In over two yeas slam the corner scone of this
nagothecat etneenuo Ins lald by Plasm P. M. Wed.
gen it Ban. No expense has been enured by these to
etake It equal If ran Impala:to iny hotel mtho Union,
and an manatee% to the eny..
Carriages will be to waiting al at an amen, to Canvey
p rl=a111 16 .1:11=1 "' "VIIMIUM
Chutee Street, betweea gasket and bombard
amid ! . Halibut's.
a. Tea mabsetibei basin taken the dem estab
lishment, offers bus Wiceele the cinema and
genendir. It Le esernmi as
ently situated
the Mambo= and Rantoul Depot-4s In the
et of the more extensive Importing Hoinies—and in
they the Ineamin edam to theme visiting the Mtn en ma,
ey 000•CtlitAICP and eondbrts as the. other miasmal
The beam te now being Amami Mith new !anthem,
In glied testa and mole, and will be open te the pablie
Da the 111 dap et Aped, 1917. The proprietor trans that
anreenteng efforts us reeve to him a
portion of the Wilk pauseless, resident en well en
Menem. IV W DI;
. _
• Late of the Inn of DZA Fogg
Bellmore, Apri kt, 16f7. • • • atyledete •
ALLEUIIANY BOOM, BO Market st ,Phlle
delphia—The subscriber (late of tbe Vgmbingthn
Bettisborgtr, Pa.) tam Ude maked of la
forming his old friends and the imblie generally, that ke
has taken the above mood HOTEL. The Home is airy
and comfortable, and Ms been eziensimby altered and
Myreved,and the propnator hope. by outlet IMCMIOIII
nihilism, and ■ proper care for lino on of his
mem,— to merit and receive a share ofillblie patronege.
The flonso 4 malted yen , convenient (or the Travel.
Wig Palle, being only too doors above the liarrisburg
and Ihnsbargh Depot, end within me Mentes walk of
the Balumore and Weeding Depots. BTABLINO at
tached to the promisee. TerinAtil pit day.
EP BlillllElit Preyolletor
"Allegheny Beam, IVA Aunt 13,1847-eptedin
no. IN cram Mar, Piettelmttarna.
Sebseribe ,re order the Ms of Demote &Warr,
1; ha. parellared Mr.Josse'attesest to ads establish
ment, and hope by the sleet.' attention to the ,grants
and =Worts orate: guests, to merit • coniltntaaee of
the liberal patronage heretofore moved by its former
Vlnte b been thotoaphly renerrated, and repair
ed; we Amara. kel owed we e. welcome oar
friends sad the public to aneentmodettons aloe to any
in the etty of PhlladeVlos. N W BRIDO£2,
_WM! 111 PAT.
GALT 80067 C,
Corner Nabs aid Illtzth_sts,
MlllB establishment Is now Inthe best enter for the
1 reception of the Teaseling Maio, Having ender
tene a thomagb repair, daring Ile past minter, and
hating the non expenenced men In the meet, in the
maim. depamoents, I Antler myself thavall grill be
pleased mho call. The locatontseentral,coromodions
and pleasant. Fare VI per day.
Cioeinatui March 13,1847. W.E. HARI!
N. IL-114V not tautly a neer Bums, it Is the
same—a new Mon the old handle. aped
ARM TII ROCKlllOll.l4Urbko wen!.
II 0 arofte re ea mittia
his old friends, assanne rhea and the onlie,that no
Oren shall be spared to nuke a ll e onfonable who font
Wm with their nominee. J. 1141 y
'bill best stele known for tinning and whitening
.I. the Teeth, orearthening the ass, aweetenent the
breath, ne. • It should be need every night with a arid
brush, and the teeth and month willonly restre•altgh
washing in the morning. Wet the brash with wane
water, or told will slower mat rah it • kw tans on
the paste, whoa eaearh &Dore fee 61111:12111g the
teeth. It leava• Skews tame in the mesh, nod 1911
puss non delighltel fragrance to the breath. Itarands
unrivalled as a pleasant, efficacies, ecnvettieel, and
.bsafe deettilea It is inaranied not to 1111111111 the teeth,
atto proservelban.
BY aster it irratarly,' it will manor° the tartar and
prevent Its aceamalathaprevent the toothache
strengthen the rases, and prevent elf diseases of teem
Chews, phymmans, and the clergy recommend , . it a
dsidedly superior to every thing of the kind in rue.—
Ask for Shermarfa Compound Orris Death Paste, and
observe his ernatera is mashed Welch pot.
Receonnonded by Dr. Canis, Da
ne Broadway, es
eau best Dentin, and by molt of the. old established
ones in the United Dunes, and eves itensively used
by the Nobility of Elegised and Pre,
A large proportion of the disease, t hataldiet mankind
&nectars some derangement of the stomachs bowels,
which a timely are of the Cada ue Lounges would
entirely obviate. Pasted of Lilies habits shoold M
aws have a box at hand, and take • done whenever
they feel the Ism deruhrement ta their health. AM&
Sots sae of these Losers world prevent thousands
F eases.
orsake; With /AMON'S, comer or Wood and
Lisa tiate doe
Who Uaa Common Prepared Chalky are
LI often not aware boor [neurally Illbrio6ll IS to
&a skint bow coarse, bow Noah, how wallow, ]el bow
andanbeabby the aft appears after ostor prepared
ettalk: Iftudea it is Warms, eaotalahag • mg. gal.:
thy of lead. We have prepared a beautiful vegetable
article which we call JONI:EPS SPANISH LILY
WAIT' It laperfeeily Innocent, beingpturfted of all
deletenalaqualtUes; and it Imparts to skin a nata
ral,bealthy, alabaster, clear, hying white, at the mime
tune acting as .eosateue on the akin, making It soft
and moo*.
--• • •
Dr. James Jrnderiern , Practical Chemist or Massa.
ahasetts. sayte "After analysina learnt. aprnialt Lint
White, I End It possesses the most brnatillal sod nun.
ral, at the -same time Innocent white I ever saw. I
certainly eon conscientwasly recommend its p. w 5 3
whoseakin mains beanutylog.”
[nice 20 cents a tart.
Id by W2.I.JACID3OhI, at his Beet and Shoe
Illore Dia ,Bl Liberty street, head of Wood, at the sign of
the Boot.
ladies, Pm asionlrned,
When yea know that yet are promised
• A natural, tiro-like, snowy whim,
That yea will still tow mamma chalk, •
And look a deathly yellowlrish'. •
The theme of Imaginer and ay - L.lh.
If Yon .aroald use a bet - of JONEn Lttly•white, It
wonW give sameart an alabaster yet- natant whits,
and al. theUm ekar sad impairs it. Sold at
JAclit3ON94O9 Messy it.. ?nee 121 ceszts per box. j
&Metall with Disuses Ati' the LIMB%
—This is to certify to these &Meted en* the first pre,
monitory symptoms of Consumption, that I have been
laboring Carnevale] years with a bronchi, soreness of
the throat and hoarseness. I used many medicines, but
found no relief In any preparation of medicine, lull I
REMEDY. 11tave been usieg this Valuable medicine
for several wen, and name find it to relieve when.
ever I make use of Is My occupation es an Auntie
eer, Which keeps no alma t oonstantly engaged, cause.
Fry disease, at times ' to become very alarming, when
moose procure this medicine: 1 therefore take plea
s= to making Ass public statement, that alters Erect
ed with • disease of the hop end expectorant organs
may . Maw the viruses of this "El belling remedy,"
and may be curet I have recommended Di. lameares
Expectorant Remedy to many of my friends, some of
art= owe their lives to this medicine.
Bouteneh Ohio, 001.13, 1015. JAMES DEW IT
Tho proprietor or the abbe° rnedleine would, 'oho
refer to the todenlgned penone, who reside in Perry
roomy, on Whom any moon may tall open and be
penalized that Were are muses foond In the above'
medicine that =UM be excelled: .
David Calbenson, Somme; Dr.D. Blooe, do; Fran-
Ma Oolther,Joekon Ire Mr. Wooer, des Geo. Polben,
Snlthek op; Jemid Devisee, polio well
more mosey Quelnautl, Ohm.
Sold In Pittsburgh by WM. JACKSON, 81 Liberty
bead of Wood meet. • - • IPUMItarT
OIVIONGH. lathy 17,11347.
LLAn mama.). ham a tempi= tall of IL A. Fah.
& Co's Vennitage to say link girl, who is
between lour and five years old, and dating the davit,
pusedlos•large worma, averaging more thaa a foot in
awning Its cavemen this child., then gam • teaspoon
roue heryamMav ether, whe was apparently wallow,
the parsed 37 wonns of equal aim. • •
• •• • • , imam catiorri
Watchmaker, S.oltidield street
Prepared mid sold by B • FAHNEBTBCK & Cq
comer Ist and ward. sina mied and eth tu. Ira
Meg Bream thou, Stains, or Marta thota Maher,
WoolkeS, WPM.. &el and Arend
71=11%.01 2 rg:21W2= i tritr.
• 4=t h is&W i tt i , Me w % i . tr i eeSbr ii t
jea This ilteparmaaa aaaataaiaLlea a Lamas+ and 41a
weal lam Ia Wan, tutu*, saaaa.4 ... , , LasLlY, Ica
erearni chocolate, and all klada a( fines
Pia bi . - - JOHN er~ ,
iIIa at OM Great Bla,dpatikkad' the ege,lest
melted AM llor alp b 7111511 Eloicltica o3 lfor
4 4000? MeV! - .
+' - ✓
411 1 N 4 1 8 4 7 9:
CITIss, Mallon? Minas gm Mg.
MBE improved atellaxl of carrying med by this
do- J.• Tatalaimbed lans, is now so well known that de.
set - imamate unnecessary. Goods ate not touched on the
mote, Mu all tranali t oent cream handling is samd.
• The Boats em of &mak
inform Mato seven ya.
The eagagity of oar Watchcases enablei as to atom
any eonacients made tout. BeeeiviniCstoring, and
la ßes ..P". ag . fally.p o le= k to make Sales of Produce, we
miasmal, solicit eras ignmenla of western Flew.
Baeon,Lud, Bolter, Cheese,
. 17 ool,Featbers, and other
articles Mr de, em which 'Metal advances will be
made and oiler tuna &cilium adorded, pledging att
aches that any liminess entruted to as Mall be as
preunatly excemeal and anon m fair terms as by aay
other home. J WeTADDEN a. Co
.Canal aarglt
JAB hs Dens Pl
maw so and.lsl Markin at, Made
ONO 1847. 'MINN
Fat t .rir po.n., l o 4 fra= 4 t r b tri b .
tie way, and the eassequent n* delay, no
breaks* aad separate= of goods.
BO= 4i CAM
No 478 Market smel t Philadelphla
• Cor Penn and Wayne Os, Pittsburgh
0150NNOlirth meet, Baltimore
W T 76 South st, N. If. 5
Encouraged by increased basins= the Proprietors
have added to their stock and extended their smug.
manta dosing the winter, and ace now preparedtome
wardfniSnt with rogalmity and dispatch ansurpemed
by any other line. Their long ex penenee as curies;
the palpable Superiority of the Portable Boat Syrian,
and the great eapaeity and convenience of the wart-
Imams at each mid iho hoe, are peeelierly ealesda.
ted enable the proprietors to fitl6l their engagements
and acammodatethcir ennomers—ematutendyoliermg
he pest as a guaranty for the dome they. respectfally
silica a coltuneance of that patronage which they now
gratefully acknowledge.
All coosimments. to Tanife b. Manor will be med
and forarardnL Steamboat charms paid and Bills or
Indoor transmitted free of any theme m e
Coninumon s
Mamie-big or Norma. liming no interne lineally or
Indirectly in iltrAllll.the interest of die comma=
t neeetwarilLt g as e their primary object in nipping
IMO, and May p Melamine to forward all gtmit
surrodrened to theta promptly and on the moat adventa
game terms to tho owners.
Marta 1,1947 mare
rinsmistan tm PIIILADA. exti HALTOM/E.
Enhuh rialter Pansanns,
1 MHZ public are netwendly Worm* tam on Iwo
J. will econnemet rumang on or about no hish natant,
and continue ihromnout the aenon.• The pnarresere
. ham: now plated a supenor elan of Paents ern Init.
• end can on the route, with extra amannenntuan
!attack will give greater neuron to tratrelna
* Packet Boar red! Waren be in port, am ins tow
' elhes pubtio me requested wean and Warne teem,
0101 " Pr Ntellgrausa.
One of the Parkas will leave the lanang,toppenite
the United Sates Honda eorner Penn street and the
Canal, mg might ate eteloek.
img dd
For' Information and/ at the otrtee lb %ormtela
Haase, Water street, or D
ear Penn street maternal
TBE Boatmen's Portable Boat Company being dis•
ooled, the Company min went nate articles of Co. under Mena= of the "Bowmen's Line
and likewise agreed to refit the Meet so as to have a
number of. Boats for the Pups. of uomYina goods
threngli in from Mx to e nder s, with cereal:o,2nd
fool encouraged by the llity of last year's patron
age, to mate more extensive WilalrerlitlrO file the en.
We woad thmsfere reepeetfally solicit it cantina,
mice of our timer and sekr anew cassamen
m Meets we tare done begness for. • "
1847. EMMA
Pulmnsunla, Elivrrao., New VoM, ann Banos.
Corner Merry Insect and Canal Bunn. PittAnugh.
No OM Marken/reel, Philadelphia.
EI,DER, °ELSTON A. Co, Alen,
i Baluraoro, Md.
• "'".• '
PITTSBURGH—Jas. McCully, G. Morgan & Co.
W MeCully_ft Co, B A Sampson &Co,' M Allen &Co.
PUMAS JW,PlilA—Moma Patterson k Co, Reynolds
McFarland &Co, Pleaung & Bony, Peter.Wnglai &
Sun, J Illaybara,JorephOram.
NEW I,oltir—GoOdhaa k Co, Theo. Parry & Co.
SOOTON—Reed, Surd & Co.
CINCINNATI—Adams k Crank W W Scarbor
m g. PLEASANT, VA—P A Madder.
Nora—Aß merebandlac (ma New York and Boum,
consigoed to A L Gorki= A Co, Plailadelphia, anll be
promptly knarardedfrotor conanimion. kbls
184 7. MIA
tp-Withoot irritant...CP
Goods canalgned to oar care Inn be forward.' with.
oat delay, at the bleat carrel* mug: Dab of Ladtng
transmitted, and all inspection promptly attended toi
free from any extra charge Garatom 1.1601i4106.
Address, or apply. to IC -A Mc A LTY la Co'
Canalltaana„Sie*l. • -
Havig : 1 = lame and eommodusis warelleise,
we are p receive (in euldition to fi eight 1 for
shipment) a me amount ot Piednee, kn.. on &orate at
lass ream `mead) C MeANULTY &Co
MOM 1 8 4
E x Eliatirr b Y Tea Pittsl=l "4.' rob "
urn, Halliday/4611 ' m1, Water Street, Peietibaigh and
all ann.. inediaty plum: •
One Float will lease the watelionse oW A &Initially
Co., Pittsbuldlt, every dayaexeept Sandays,) and
shlppersean always depend on lomat their goals Ad•
warded yriitaiot delay and at fair num
This Lim war formed for the special accommodation
or the way tmaloomn, moPectiallY
eolith& !iertia share or pamtme.
JOHN htlLLEß,Ru ll tds7.b.t3b /
C A MaANULTY ON Pittsburgh
J 1 McDevitt, John Pukes . , Dann Moore, Bapley
& Smith, PittabaAL. : out 6•
• LAIN El L1N11;
trg 1847.
TLine being composed of Steamboats Lake Erie
.1. and Michigan, memo daily between Pittabugh
and Beaver, end freight ad
_passe ger Canal Boats,
mooing between Beaverand Erie, ' n ' d connecting with
C Reed Lim of &modem Popeller• aad Vetoes
on the Lakes, will be prepatedmon the emlieat open
lair of Haelgathan to catty Fr i rt and .. Pantengets to
'i lerin u g42; noaevy "k in;
semen with promptness. and dispateh, the. oreeMtee
and agents teapeetfally oottelt fmn their Wends and
he panne generally thew palnanege,
C M REFArilrrneSor
JOHN CA If& EY: ITtiatt A ir
Cor.Botitkliald and Water sta. opposers the glomega
phela Home.
Wheeler, Crocker & Co, Now Yak
Geo Dams, eldralo
I N Parks & Co, Clercland
Jos A Annstrong& Detroit
MeCtons Wllliams, n tleraukle
Brimorg, Pallor, Chic '
Wm Powers, Powerstown; Perna •
Cito Machabsigre,Evansbgh, Po
Joins MriAnkor, lionutown ar , do
Wick & Acker, Grecnvill, do
Craig & Frampton, Clarksville, do
Hays & Plactilkaharpsbargb, Pa.
W C Malan, Maroc, do
R W Caratinabam. New Castle, do mars
i gait i . 1846; NNW
B. Claim H. limp. T. I ehmona &th s
Vorwarang t Cintlalaaloa Mercluuttt,
l y o A c t g ed Proorietpn el this Line (so Anew
to the pubbehnrill be prepared on the
earliest opal , of canal navigation to tecein prop
env at ?lust. and Deaver, and deliver the carne at
and Michig an , wr ,,,o ll . ;:at a 4..0. u.k.. Erie
dispatch surd at tcos,•
mule rates.
The proprietor; of dos Dna obeli the business of
then tonna commas with eoulldeues.Siowlng that
Weir facilities ate SeltOrd 10 none:
Apply to or calms
0 IR HARTON, Ast, Pittsburgh.
CLARKE & Co, Deaver.
bull • T RICHMOND &Cc C resin&
.11EMER 1847. nn
TIIE stock of Um line omit as of a doable dolly
Lino of 13W. .and Car.. [owned by themselves]
which are in good order. Tbe subscnbent are papa.
red to forward n largo qoatnity of Merchandise said with certainty and dispatch; •
Produce or Iderchsudiso consigned to any et too en
dorogned, is forwarded free of any charge for commis
lien Ot MOM,
BillaLading trananincd and all itistroctionsposaqnly
attended to.
The bottoms of this Line ia'ertadoeteo ap oth e d,
Sabbodkeepiog principles. Address, or appll to
D LEM II & Co, Plopnelors.
_,Coital Itmln,Pillsbaratt
• , Ll.MCll•Proprieurrs,
No 13 South Third street, Philadelphia
• :JOS. TAYLOR fr. SONSftema,
No 114 Natal Howard greet, Baltimore .
B WILSON; Agent,
'rebid No 7 West atreet.New'rmk
MIL 1847.1
E Mre=bioirk.ell}fit';ll2Blip. otr
tt n a h th
and arrive Wanton neat morning In 'won for the
Stages which tench Cleveland beano night.
-..raascarcra will be retiptaithcooh,secariagbenhs
°tithe Packetsoand scats eagle Nage, on application
boanl wcaintioat Beaver, (learns tinshergb at a
o'clock, a. NJ aria the &rota: ,
0 AI BARTON .ft . C.'o, PillalnwAh
• CLARKE Co, Bearer
apls N TAYLOR, Wrrenon e
Packs& Nap's&M PWLd•lpbla.
misr a gliF i r al 13.4 . 31u010r5, the
tor eampusee or valuable packagegi
mintlamilue, specie, Wet osissOewelry, elma.,
Rowed riming ou Mumar• Kuthle•
An baseman. till be dinplite4HA 407 unlike ChM
nos t Apply D LAMM it co..
i •oiltsmoural Cool .;
,111017161611101111110 4.0.171i3CT VOA
Tblinem lutd a Vond steamer • •
Bro. 0)119111.2111,01
betiliat . leis day 1,
conneetutewnla Plusbarsk and Cleveltui&Lino of CoZ
nal Bosturdaily to Cleveland, ON Werra am
Cleveland Line of Canal Packets and Sow Coach,.
dally to Wan. G reedy renn* Canal Packet paw*
Nett Castleendill ,eline gammon
to Meadville and Erie. ' Moore t CL's W oof
Sup amnies au Cleveland end Wooner' leave Bea-
Ter, daily on the snivel of steamboat /leaver from
Putsbaigh. Apply to
M RATON iCo; ilmbarin
aple CLARKE & Co, Boner
OW 11118 P 11111111. 1 ,1 1 ,14 AND . OHIO CANALS,
EN PARISA. coozwebutd, 6. I ••k. . •
PARIM Deaver, Pa. • Proprietion.-,
• W T MATIMR, Ploaharbb., Pa. 1' •
!MB above Use is now rally prepared le women
Freight and Panama= from Pittsburgh and Claw
lard, to anypointat thaTemaylmona C Ohio and Ono
The faeilitioi of said Line are notedlalled by nay, on
aNd.Eadodi !timbers and eapaetty of Boats, erre•
nonce of Capewm, and pmcoptom of Aguas, to.
One How late. Poubmgb and Cleveland daily. nut•
nine in connection 'with the Stemma. • -I
Mohican and Lake,Ena, between Pittston
Beareti . and a Lino of fast Clam Sicemboata,-
Stio and Sabootiers, on •Laken Eels, Ilmon, -
diktat and Ontario. 1 • • ,
Property dwanuded man y patter the Union with .
dealawolt. • E N PARIS k•M,Cleveland,Ata
REED, PARKS .11 Co, Beaver, Agta
W T MATHER. Pinsbargb, - ,
aidtl Con Water and Switbleld streets
. . . . . .
Th e to Baltueore.... •• ..... boats.
Timm Phlledelphaa.•—• .. . .te •mm •
(Only 73 IldevStaging.)
MDR' theadld mallet's:wing amemersConitol, Lea
-1 Is McLane sad Swam., have commenced reeking
.doable daily t ri ps. Pee boat will leave theldeaangre
hela who every moonitne'pemscly at 8 (Jacek:—
resaengema by theinomailine amve Beldam,
next evcamag in thewfor Pluladelplus Man Beet, or
Rail Road sus. The Mimi Boat win leave the
wharf dailyam dekedl,eBMa Bender , . Ammmage.
by Bus boat will lodpee coMaubla owe
room; km Browdevino • wut emenue . a r t oblocle,
cross tae motletaina ma day nett; rap la I:em
balm& Tim avoiding maid envoi The
preparatioas en, Ude route we awyle, and Po emcee=
complete; ett that DiallemMenem cos deNT will be gm.
tu can ant on the route Sad name thelr
ree=t plasm, end have choice or Ball Rood
or Steamboat betweesi Baltimore tad Philadelphia..
Coaches averred se parties to lzavel Si they deader
&CUM your deluge et the. dim Mor= m tile,
r ebid l or at Charlee Marl; .
6riiiiE 'HMIS
ntotrae IN it Nom L
ACKET Boats Swallow end Telegraph leave
ver daily, at o'clock r. st4eder the snivel of the
morning Boat hoot Pittsburgh, and arrive at Wares in
time he . the Mall lane el Stages, which leave nnthe&L.
welt thereafter. wid arrive at Clenellard atadeleelt,
This mate is the snort erpeddions.Old . thenforiablz
one to
JOHN CAIJGHEY,eamer Water sad esolik6eldstsi.
aptily OppodtethaMoonegsbalaffosse.Pittebusla
tir m a.
TIES Lim coacisectig of frelsit =4a/seam Pack.
rub regularly dbring the' sell2oo4Ktfeeil
Beam bad Gtecnyille P., by which freight and pp*.
scwrcbccween the twopaintc, will be earned promptly
and nt ihs lowest raw.
• i:4l/MA l MOntll k e, Agu
McPARLAND &KINO, Rig Bend, 64
HATS & LUS, Sharpcbargh, thn
vat mAncews, }wad, db;
REED, PARKS & Bone. dot
JOHN A CA UGHEY, corberWabn aid SouihDlA au,
velY Opposite DC hlowlytahcla How; libabarigh
cagrazzpis 1P0 .. /MAUL , posT LINE .
Phdadelplan, do
* , Ai, York
suad Bo • ,
THE encouragement Ilk ho ehas received since
its commencement, has induced the proprie•
tom to inereasethe stock by adding a number of Er
din beats; and instead of giving receipts am hedlo
fore as agents, we will give oar. 010 receipts le
freight chipped by this lint
The boats are all portable, connequently freight
is taken the whole distance without tranihiporent,
thereby preventing damage from frequent handling
on the mate, and as each boat is owned byj the
Captain who rats them which Is a sufficient guar
antee that there will be ,
delay on the route:
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to the
andenigned will be forwarded FREE OF COM
MISSION, for advancing and forwarding; and ;will,
be shipped without delay at the, lowest rates of
We resuectfutyl _
Canal Basin Pitrabergli
• CRAIG, HELLAS & Co.,Agt.
Mead Street, Philadelphia.
• AIILLER, Agent
Plowleryia Wharf, Rana:tore:
Pittsburgh, Feb. IS, MG, • '
1846 • AND• 1847
THE runlersianed are now_ pre io forward pm.
dure,&r..,to th e Eamern.Markets during: ihe.eora
ism Winter, on Ma Winter, most burnable ma=
di dorm route. ,
AB property conowmodlo willbo &avoided radio
lowan Me/ and with despileh. .
Marchand's., meowed h.y Wormed,' prompla4
warded. C BIDWELL, Av.., Pi
O. W 'CASE Bommavilla
E EGERTON & Co,Conabadand
1846 ' • A2ln :1847
TO TIM =SAT aiturniorzwaxo
Tali subscribers !gull receipt forthe delivery of Pro
dace en Etaltignore by the Idarongsbela Slaelferater
at the following pnces—
Attlee, BaeaW Batter, Lead, Lard, Pork, Tallow,
Whiskey, •e, and Ulan —tiTl eta per lbrd
Tobseihneep, Flax and Ilfbeat—N eu per 100 lb..
Mlles, (Pot) Apple., Chum, learZeod, Glass, and
Leather-1011 ete per 100 lba.
likins.l3evela,Wonl-110 eta Perlin Ito.
Brea . Fare, (lawny, and Stukalloot
— All eta per 100)lmt.
All property =awned to culler of the anderviipted
willbe &model widow dela free of Coommisalen,
at above rum WII Bwerestrille. • •
HANNA t WATEHMAII, Yinabargit.
I ' • •
P E. .
1111. INGOLDEIBriI Lae Etpteiricont totem! ma
.lath. had. radial cum whether Islam', atoms
dud e or blittdolot, inr . ithho' aof tha kidnap awl bled, pima fa we brit !wl Obahittalwatiwthetsi twapi
Vali berm i
tswi ttimilacchthiatte ' s bodied
with mutilation Or the honk qt• eattihroPt,act.ll. the
pd. la sae era Lbe Spade ea be aka with per
Feet shirty, had his tartan mond . TIN !pheifie ia . aotri
t ear: t, bus ratirely
pmhggeolegaa.. mud =Et!,
fectly , bathslas la the loot &hat. pm,. L. •
nib if to eerifithat I tam Dr. !aridity% Pal•
b• • outdo cored oh moody. &Anis. it albet,
in•rotoalm soowtory
i moniceo, ix mentro coo,.
Anna lad men com ofilt "a whets it modulo mike
me loamy an. 1r WHITEHEAD.
New York, 14.ty, 11345. Xl4 abott itotet.
I obtotoroDy to do weak lot ado
1344 :Oda of Dr. a Ilmilto,•• I haw it
fotat sy am metiers ototontaoo, to to ioAlltik
toning tomtit mei midi sitcom to moral moo ttt paw, male
New York, May, IMS. 3:l4 . Bketh elm(
M. Dub—Dm36-1 hive the
fear to ay, thd
year osidiebee„Dr.lecksbyvaLlee Syeekedlee =deeper
the me acme steetrosel I airetive ran word
that Ikm brat omprkett et kos it MN Iffy opuisa he
peal. bean her. Eknerver, lea rmw test.ily theme/4
K i m al i p=htlhthide, %do eddie pomi s: alerts
... velgezll
depeol on a eettehtettra.
a Yours wit) reps,
Mat Chaim N. 1 May 15 . 186
Dr. I Dear Bint—Thai yos may boa* Sheet
She,ho may 'as sell at to mesa myrratitade tar
bw Than &need frau the ow of year talent& Spa
I comply with pot roped, sta best do Vft..7
way in savor of hating Gem anal ot • ems atsek-ot
the Piles altar haven mad other midis without ism.
roars Wilk
Bold 'photon& end byWM. JACILSOZI at hie Pal
eat Medici. Warthog; and Boot sal ghat 5 i..., No. Si
Liberty Wee, had or Wood, Pithinuatt. Bob., MI emit
pubes . . •
FROM. tho Rev ASA SHINN, • well known and pop.
tiler Clererman of the Protestantidothodirt Chunk.
The nadernened haying been afflicted daring the past
winter with a Wangle of We momachoometlmes pro,
diming meat pain th the comae k for len or tweivehoara
'Henan mtersalsaion, and. After having tried various
remedica with link Cremona., AsThished milk • bottle .
of Dr DJaynee Carminative Balsam: This ha used mt.'
ca wi ng to we, directions, and foond invariably thatthia
medicine ensured the pain to abate b three or thur
Wes, rod in Wen or twenty atimitemwery enemy
terthation was entirety quieted. The medicine was of used whenever indications of the approach or
painmere perceived, and them. IMO thereby prevent
ed. Ile continued to me
in every evening
and sometimes to the moraine, and in a few weeks
health was so far restored, that the sufferer urns siev
a °premise pain. Flow ex
perience, therefore, hewn confidently repr,....,„4 Dr
D Jar Cannitiatiro Balsam, as a Watery medicine
for ducami of Ilatisbaaselt sad bowels.. AiliptNN
For ode in Pittsbuith MnP A Z e gcr. Wag '
77 Foarth street, near Wald. and .100 at the Thu
Nacre of II P SWIWARTZ, Federal erect, Allegheny
passsrrs USE SELLERS, vEssususis,—lT
LLIII, VA , hay M„
Mr. R.P.Orshim—DcGNlClVarSt Vl r — lperehasedof yea two.
With. e( Veradfuge• and made wee( one bar
de to we or my children, which brought from one IGO
virc me, and hem the other t3O. I recommend It or the
corareenily as once( the best Remedies / have ever seen
or 'used for the removal of
Premed and sold by M , E. BELLER% 61 Weinvot.,
Omen 3rd and Sib era. Sold by ., Dr. Cromal,llM Ward;
M. M. Cem7, A l ivreen7 4 : 31 / 1 _ .• • •i mete
• -
EXEMOICOIIIII74The 'ritual of
JUdoldlletelos sad eliwrisalciu, ix. the at
qmappetiall aa4 oiler dimes csaaot be. tee weir
known..IFC7lXl- bV ," I ' l 7 ° by
Y ikti S mk, b li moat ai *on
is street egar ad, tad Ws Elba Dreg %mil
" i t h NC l TOOftf i l_q l 7,l SOUI
-~' ~ ..':
umicatto =gars, AND raja MAIVS
DIaiIERNA AR Itaa dimmed • warb
so did thalami' wilt take it ree,eit y
mom Be* ki•Jie•ixeik it mead tack boa ale Lutes
•Pot etroeth andr Irk *fish Neeroael is'
'Time La e w s, coal,sges are tha ailatoiost ewe aiviefshol s.;. ,•
• eily kir oge remutsMvors
ma, tighter& ol• dialair sr dint, eld,e/e. 9'himilor
Arm Mown an imams where they did not gm
satiaem. Several themod Imo hare bete old MS is
' kat year, nets* to lwalth poems in Meat every stop
e formemptemwel Mow bdorine imkr the sod
crib rodeos:hi ••• They do mit Mod W dry op theesio, ,
bat Mods it ray, presets apectontion, alb; the Bailors*
irritation, and moms •We prelim's or exessorg • sir.
Ilvey are made hos a coshinatirs Of a and sloablespre • -
bsso...sir owdirlassi,mdes •vadoebtelly sperm to
entry thing ins. far Use ossiaials,• Modred, sew hen
Mee ofeertiiesie have beers 'oared of their win:Aerial vir
tan, gm Goa who kilt been sand gun an mtinorlygvme,
and mimed lorries Mehl by siog rhea
Mae there sr ash pain In Moist or sile,orie of Stier
nano Poor glatirs Phase (ski ooly 1.2/ acetyl Amid be
appoot ram U. part, ._/ worn till slinvd. If mended
. wadi °Shrews, •CM cathartic or knave kens, or sr • •
• mildadivalie BMWs, should be min .site
requires , •
Thee worm looms here been pored is swath. 1,4
Mama i 0
OtO aka to ho imams the only certain
worn destroying
merdisolored.. aismemises fivoi
and masks bog set inivessonferiag, mirror Oath, wittr
saseled; grown perils se sr, efts '
=sad with Mae, and ors dossed fur silos avishints
without any bestir; what one door of these Limoges
• 5 1 ,,,, 0 „,„ "rirraga.-4•lllf . kth ! joiatz or limbs oircla
no breath, &kin at the see, triodes of Os lesh daring
Mapoadattonevapiessaboat the imithished Seek; .
Haien al Ow says gest/ movari matt he amisli, fish • •
es of Maims Se margin tbr body, slight ehrlb or gar •
evilly, headache, drOgra..., vanstroorpor, &sorbed
drams, =dm smithy with
.frvght ast
wandirmar a Oedemas •so ferenslymy thirst,
low, fU
Ind MS is the wendis, =ark bnattiing, part
the Amish or bowels, Stye, oars% seisishoes, vas!
eic. appal.. Mosey stomach or liolearship.
dwell.% pion la tarim parry offis hody, a asset sow •
thing robs in the Mead, =mg oftle was lowish bight, •
Soma desire lo from ash
them dieltarges of Mies sad ' • ' -
They. gis isonediate relief in nestles or Mk headatlis
as,Ldrthe 6orr4 - .lownes of the' spirits, &sonde:my
or putrid thsiet, bowel or Mess eon
YiVistiirstrog, oppresMe or n ammo( inking of Ow thee
eholS, mum, num of Os Pomidi or tryst/Tied
Sher/aro= all autos disease, Mosinee Os - •
day, ad wok fob Nosh the eighS ehokra or drily
raw sorbs, Miserly., =Hide or • waste *Mims Per
travelhaip or atiendhs huge partiei, Seism .
gasslly remiagil helmets hooymey of
wroie the tose oftre sm. goy
say, asi rums Ow =Omni amiss; anise Erna • •
100 five plasm who las bees an Sews, .of
o 1 W habit, wSI Ad tiers rig
. • Theist stsugthasiorphater in thews* mile
rmedy oo makam io the heck, ids,
liado z zrit rhaustio„ leae% y ks., Oaa make •
Zhaisa appiVoa: d Wamihted sepsis to :Ilettersosid
lber orAgarter the wood prleaosakhig aot sly the Mk bat •
the =mot *dorm Ihe world. It as* ridiel is a few '
omplist ait she= hi wore 'ow
!=iroit Ore isms end It will aited di sand
rad. In owes, adds, Mks, ol
=oppression of tha chest or MIMS. Say is
sash and greedy benefit die mast.
aidadasiallits, or thole obligate Masi ash, rte _
dead sappst fres me *fib= tsly. snovirimin
Plryinssa generally seesseod Oslesie.Seferissl• I
ail othars,beeme they stick or Mims betteroint alimigreat
s. stet, Owir org:siy are Since/OS, tirosonil
=They as of crewel} Mires
way SW, • and fres the pates! ot mil
liier who Wombed et . ..
.71 . 1aa Os mod I of i
all Ihmehantedand • awe and Asides,
let so. nesdisted *ea • .
greir4esim have at tho =shoos to ass
•thetr sad Ihmks,at tbs.lmilaiam b a esa lbm
Directions Sr as an on the book leek
iestraile of Dr.lllessan mom lib lyres shield
Map sir is Sisessanrs Pm Mat'. ?SWse tint
the gosaine,aa ties an maxy MISS=
Moat and sold We the Shan.,'. Phony by
'''' Mriscleasie aid stallby W. JACKSOIi at his Pets
IWashous,.No. Likely nosy Sign of th. •
RIG. SOOT. •,„ Jae 14 . .
AP D lemur pri.mie in the inanegementof Iles paper
to notice anythmfiwhteh wo Ind eat, from tenon.' to.
vestitation, lobe or utility lb the mibUe. , Some of Dr.
Jayne% medicines we have end ip Allay for many
years. For butane. the EXPECTORANT, the CAR
MINATIVE, and . VERMIPTIOE, which, we know to
be toed dir the complaints They pekoe 'to owe. We
were on Lake Online Me pats simmer, when several
of oat travellingeompanions, Iran havbst; in Western
New,Trlnink, Dr many dam the limessone seater
of Mat were badly
_afteled with violent Diat
ribe's!, Dysentery. Itr._ll. leaky/resided Mamie,
=to leaving beareoridt hauvei of Di
and in all weep( ire vse, among Ave nude
=coot was soceenfal in edeettng • speedy one. •
The Even:mutt we have known wet exeunt oar
Mende with am] sowing Sold ...led dolt
we shall do a geed act to families lespiwially thoseit
, -sated so th ey Cannel have seems to inunedlate medical
MUM w adobe *cat to keep an hand bath the Expecte
remand Carminathre. The (./peelers:et is believed by
=am to be the best rempe for ?dummy
slim Contains, that has ever-yet bee. core-
Pd -The reason is, Dr. Jayne loot it quack, bat
re m pler, scientific, and able medical procutioner him.
ihelf. His medicines am seed lodes he
i PEidats er orbargh the 'Wade. BMWs) Couriert
For ale at the PEKIN TEA !STORE,
TS Fourth Greet, near - Wmairend Mee SE*. DM 8,6 .3
II P Reimer% Federal st, Allegheny. jelbdterT
IMPORTANT NO Tillll AADlNS—Chroese .
Hair Cr.MO zn i t Utaklell• ankle Ike the Gammli ,
saaktgam of the This Clem, when
pace mpenede aU otter =tick. of the
: now med. Whereat° Ina is d ead, hanh i llto, no
-1 healthy...naming grey, • few epoUeations will make
I the hair .eoft dark arid &if It &beautiful lively
ee; and will elan make lt retain tis liveliness
4 an healthy toter ...see m Yet as all the itreparatkom
which me generally med. Every lady and gentleman
who are In the habit of oils on Mel, bee=
et owe pal:abase a bottle of the Chinese Hair
it is so Comma thatit will not Mime the hair like the
other preparatieas, Om will beautify A and give perfect
moshmtien Moray instance.
POT minima, to its very memos MI mt. see e
figlenriag letter free Hey. Mr.,.CaMwell, to Messrs.
the Wesllesdembon
Mates; k Stretch, Nashville, Heneml agents -
tem . •
Latter from the Rev. IL Caldwell, pastor of the Prey
bytes,. Mach,. PalaskL •
Messrs. Ilendershou & Stseich—Genrienter. I a
ph:awe in addles ay testimmyin favor of the c
PrLion called Dr. Pamalda Ramo LL
. Ontaar-for shoot two ' , eon ego ley hair wee veryd
tnitdy . ;and dummied W come oat bar baying proem,.
• bottle We Qom., and, used It *avoiding to the pre ,
seeiPdon, my hair is now sod, elastic arm firm to the
head.'MaAy.balsasos end oils we applied eseli
ving 'aria& m a Immo wate this bottom. This Ryes= .
however, has met my espoetstikuts.
As ms anklet& the Toflet, my Ince wises it prefer.
este over allothers, beingdeliestaly pahmed, sad not •
&natal w TM laillarespeeially will Ind
'the Chinese Cream to be a desidmmtaat is their preps- „
rai loos dm the toile.. Reopoetkpy, km - -, • .
.• Pulaski, Judy, 7,1917 : R CALDWELL
11: Id esboholde and genii, 7n Plusbusgh by John
. 2,lnssand, No IS Market Mmes. and Joel Molder,
ammo( Wood and nth ; jni4tf
A 7 all its multiplied fbrms,
whether in that of Kines Evil; ealargismesits o the
glands or boniM,Goltre, White Swelling, enema..
Rheumatism, Censer, disuse' of the Skin or Spine,
oral Febnonary Commotion, -mama Dom one
middle same cause, which is a primmer principle
.mom or law inherent in the human system. Therm
"fore. velem this principle can be destroyed, no Mi. •
cal core can be effected, heti( the . principle upon ,
which the disease depends,- is. removed, a cure
Mita /NECeelitT follow.oxtiastteruodEtt shattona
the disease should manart itself. TIM, theroforo
is the 1032011 , Nb JAYA' I ALTZILATITL Ell so 0111
venally semoving eo may malimsant
diseases.- it destroys the vim ee principle Dom
which those diseases have their imam, by entering -
into the circulation, andwith the blood
to the minutest fibre, removing map pellicle of . -
disease from the system.- Favoured and sold at No.
11 South Third Street, Philadelphia. - •
Soln at the Pekin Tea Store, fio:l2Foutti .
G3l . to Sera Gin2,la Paastarm—DlEmtcat
,Unntert—We big leave 10 ea p bUe littleation to
the followiziy, from Dr. Wm. Doan, of W/thsaumlle
Clemaant Ce., sad cap of the WU ISM
the mew to which he resides, mad late &haw Kam
State; Legldatara.. is*ltee.zieg demo Me the lead
ing Medd the refesslea,berothag the *as of Platy...
meal yorheilee, mid saving Mem lie dosi , '
1r: I have mmy pram*, Imes taiumuor You
Glum Amu*, nad, Ue hr, mnikinkuna in iu
effects in Catarthal sad Ilmmehlal Completes". Pleme
smart half a doze Wades—pm them as key 11, yon
am; es lexpect if It commune, modem {merit sat
isfeetion u it has Immolate, to keep It eesemUy act
heed. Respoettellt . apl7 Wat. Ma%
.Fbr ahead ene year, previewer making nee of Mr.
Sends Ilanevating Pillea hive mitered extremely Gem
Xklaecitahtiand an acid Smotaidt. I line dude age of
a great cutlery or medicine wittiest receiving material.
benefit. About three mouth. smee I dommaneed minx
Mr. Seats Medietne,miltlefi bar entirely relkveni rots
from acidity as my sums* and reel:Tod me to conger.
table health. &male( raY &iamb aodaryaumaxer
have made vac of tbe MIL mad received ranch benefit
duel them. I can will andidotice reeinamend them.
JANE A fildg_l7lledre t
..Bold. wholesale ard retail, by /I £ FAME
& COAantecof am mid Wimodond Weed and Mb Mr.
A , a . „....iipiskpei; 1M G , sae. diPora 01/0.
One insertion of Mises 0r...... fin
.T.l) inmertioss wilboat alteration ' 0 75
Three "
One Week " " 180
Two Weeks "
Them " " , 3•1I0
Oneidas% " . . .... 4 00
Two " fall• ......
Thee " " 7.50
Er Langer advertisements In Anne Overtire,.
One nem, 6 months, without. alteration,. 10 00
• 1.7: .15 tO
Eaeh additiosGl square for month, 500
• " 10 CO
One sipare 6 months,renewable at pleasure, 15 MI
Eaeliaddhional Aware for Dimon the - 10 (0
Two ittout,6 nionthsinewableaSpinastne, 30 09
Each aMtional Glitare. B 000 .
One siptare.3 hoarders, • • • $1 2 0
esel additional insertion 37
. . ,
Five lines or ion, ono 3e 1, 4 . 6 00
a a a mit month: 600
4, one yeix, daily, & weekly, 1000.
• a 4 , "" 4 , sit months 4, ._ 44 800
Wliset,tt Lits, One inseoiou, «..*....110 50
co- . 070
....... 1 011
. 44 .• -.Urea rixinths; . .. - 4,.... 350
l i r
ie -a i ~:' • Si t .4- ...i. . ... 600 ,
frau savertimaireigetirre. e l i alied;;;; 01 66, 0.
end a diaeconterlar
to be where tbe
SoatetPr a6r6r#6 ll l . esze*s 60 :t 6gireo
Pe Pr /in.
Fiiirillieeilere_ilo l 4./aertO. o: ^ j6lO
r. r to . ma 'mit; ...epeer:rer r ,, eo• 6 69