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• ' Td.Weekly, and Weekly.—The Daily le Seven
Dellsesperatassu; the TriAVeelely is Five Dollars per
• exam the Weekly is Tao Dollere per annum avidly
• • /Settee te...Advertfsers.
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.1 fIEORCE BARBIE, of Alleihony 9.'1.
Vre i c22.T.'
- LEWIS C. J. of Indiana Tp.
CIIRIST7AN•SSIVEL ,of Wilkins Tp. •
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lot cOrirri TiMnrCll2/1." .
J. W. BAXTER, of Pataborgh. -
- 001100LSOF CoMess..lllll. • . '
TROSI/J3 PERKINS, of Lower St. Char Tp.
.• THOMAS E FRANKLIN, Lancaster Coy.
. • JOHN C KUNIIEL,DsuiphIn County.
• , • • WILLIAM IR
S I I VATTS, Cumberland.
. • ROHN I , II4IIE S R E IM I tUIeIpItin
• :;g3ffilf R CHANDLER, •
THOMAS MeC/RATII, Philadelphia Counii:
ANDREW J OGLE, Somerset. .
MAKKAH DENNY, Allegheny.
• H KUHNS, Weimnorelarid.
0 J , IIALL,Erie.'
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• r ratiataaritineesieresal laielligenee . ,'Doenessie 3 ,
l i tt Rim ,Ifelsi,leaports, Mosley Diaries, 4S.c,'
•POl IC6 Atm WAR.
It, the costomdo war for thoso.. having the
appointimat of Armies to sekct men for rex.
' - vim who have &rim some geed ' evidence of their
quelillestkneitseree. Politics daring the highest
exelleammti have rarely run into the school of
' emirtialiereies. Abtoad, we believe never, and
at home only 'daring the kesent war withlfixi
' " . ko:and , the present was'the
: . east= Of Napoleon to bestow eagles
'MY front rinks of the Army,, and hi the eery
,moment of victory.
,England did the same, and so
fawn of old have all the great powers ofrEnmpe
liewowed their hanors..- - .lt hes been' indeed bet e
confide:tat in the great maxim of giving u,hcnior
go Whom honor is doe."
The President 'having no confidence is merit°.
:••aioaeactioosetimPt when regerikill honor upon his
' Wrey, and limiting onlyio glorifiribist,"coin.
• - Maid the War . 'by a usamaratlon of parer,
• Auld all the prominent events which have since
I :tranapheil, have been in keeping with the orighial
-- - ~ . , Thew where;lander the net of May 1846, 1 1/as
Regiments Mutid - oili were entitled to *heap's:ant
" moot of their own Generals, they were 'Met by
•.. appoinMwour made by the President.-and in all,
legally and illegally, the. President has had the
. '' :satiatnal of as Mucosa number cf men. EU
will hie bean supremo over all appointments ems.
' ..... . manna from the Executive or from the Executive
- , .Thcertnients and the Autocrat of - ihnerbs her
- " _- hardly heektnotepower ener his sobjecm than
• - Executive. The legitimists exercise of the Con.
' atitational power of the President ought to satis.
Ay the &Babinec of any ono man but more - than
• . metuanhical, , and absehtte soeeriegoty has been
- eirkted and exercised by James K Polk.-
.: - ' Charles .1 len - reriel said to the net HOPEI of
itspriantaticia. 3
1 -
. 'That when - the Congress hed given the Prod.
• - - dent the warteeking power, Mal power rem as,
prat as tbe power ofllsr.Aulacnxt of all the
tlliiii . •l,, Of the Sultgn leahnewedor of .Nopokon
is Me unwed culmination of Ida authority ; and
. .• • 'Mani wits a greet mistake to %oppose, that Mira
ww, in that tomeet, any difference between the
aommiguty of the European Despot, and that of
• „ she President of the United Stater."
• Sad again -;"The Automat of all the RusAs
. ...._ the Mahan' Ifiduomad-hivit no more sovereign
than thud which vrad now In foil exercise
vwaging the war with Mexico."
. -
. _fitarting upon this uramption,"the - Exeetitire,
• ' ' . :. 'as we teve . shown, not only braught on the War,
• Mgt pcmacuted It in a Intlmei rer.rdiesti of the
• . sight" of the Army, and the co,oraidato branches of
:. the Goventinent._ The Post and its party would
aka the Pembleint'a binnacle upon the ehmilders .
. •
d Other men:but having absolute power, se Mr.
_ -.
:Linnet chimed, who but the Executive is iplear
* reapoimible for what i. done. •. '
Weil:epee now,hoWeeer, to glance at the injus
- • the deem to the Army, through the appointing
. ' . power.. Who have been the favorites of the Ei"..
'ectitivel Have they been 'of hied capacity or
Ism they beam chosen for their cervices m -the .
...„ Arielaant party. The Prices in New Medie and
ebs Morita Old, hero been exalted over coca
. ' • mtio Imes petilkd their lives in the emigres! ser.'.
mice, and whose ,preview training in pasts' of.
' ..' ellßstiPe. ilanbtlatatly stied needier skillful and ifc,.:
.---; asi weliee. Of eight (fences appointed by
. _ ' :4he Preident in May - talc. (two Major Generals
.'.. . ' sad all lariaidari,) bitie one had seen see ice, tad
- . 'ilf wen Loco Poem. This wu the beginning, and
:.. - ihiwbalo program for • sixteen months Ins been
. • ~.. Atlanta* with It. - Congress, or rather the Pow
, -Mest's Mode in Canifraw, wo remember, talked
- ,• by the month to shoe the superior fitness of the
Hinklibts to arm and equip and call out and send
- *int troop for war bat look now to the rad of
•. . - ell thia. ' Ham the Government volunteers been
v . - "as efficient as thole selected by the the regiments.
. - : .'Whore coon; Mr Polles selections tuiTelhoro been
Men liki Wm. McKee, MoMphey Marshall and
,'.,.ilellumey.- fir hli Clay,' Mier era:Maid . 01ph., , ,
. •.:' ; • /bit Mrs ;12 polOttelli. ldrita. Colonel,, !deices
, . ' weal McLane In broke beforeMr:Polk iommenc.
.. • .wilawshoWind almosf wiry min 'woof doper.
2 . elm Slam; The Mandela of meth with-Mr. Polk
• - - : 3 a° b° 1116 . 4 De 6 deileY." and if his 'favor
. Slier:Mild 'anti see ,is aunt of • , monshOw Ammo.
- siiiiih'.'ln tbeipenaon of a whig, why then LIC Wig
. .' thi &kg ZPOp to 'titbit' World fore fight. It is
* We awane.he has. robbeCtite - Arly itself of
that which it oleo wide*, make of divine,
- "Woo and fear in ream for danger' pact and vic.
runes IRO& ' Bah • soldiers - as , Worth, Wool,
. - ; oreniai and neii bone compatriots have Mien
3daying second fiddle to the Crusidnp end Pillow.
d thattesidente-ani more and wane than this, I
- - , the Mowestin would have placid Colonel Beek
~_ . '.'eta the wade of Ekon, Taylor,Wonh,Wool aria
nil the Only Brat men of the Army.
- The rah of good sense and fair dealing, and
mbei we Itoald Mom -a practical Domor47.
. . Asada that In a 01mm:wont of the People
otos' the eithene ars the natural defenders of
It's had. there should be a resit to them, toned
- ' 'emmaiwidere for the earam. flif thi People With
- ' . 31r. Polk wean a Party, and he who has been the
- _Aldo= 'et the polls, and the brawler In the plot
. Isessr=4/Be whipper•in „of the easily enemata,
.. _
and thotehippeoont of men who occasionally rep:
~- ettim to Odra foe thenwelree, the maim of all Be.'
„aka, Maenad Mast worthy to coroneed. dii4'
' ..
.siinsi Med and clothe, en Army. 1 -.. ''
' - i .
.. • ' Th ai has teen sof vDmaremey”- '
"heed', Mousy , by the ope of Rome, in the
osliemktet . of Ohs defenders -el the ,Pipe! See hem
elommeiomilmatinte and Austrian Invaders, thanl
Ai jiiiimA,„ Polk, NtipOleCiO - yea inert liberal.,
•. :, 42101 mi -i i n )sit lair a! 'adjust, in the choke. 1
of We tie of the Empire. -He went to - the Em..
out trotit to s faction . , to And Metiland reamird , 1
lithe-Marna of the pillio Otwicaln - hebelf of
~..': . ighikeima Girad,'' - who haws amen iddirenniblele
. ' ..-• my tin isfeeremorniting ladder or military promo,
.... aitsi k awitiltsf whet this thaitia".- `Thera are:
--..' jell 11 , the Simi :who how ever' smoke ethmea
eiareff*WilliSM not weak *lizieo , wPigaf (It
*m - ' - ,h4ilatel in ate and blood, who - mat
.ail M s 7.. l' -c guri .. 14. ! "1; # 44.4 4°
:?;-,. 7 ..Z... ' 1 / 4 444 . 1 4 11 04* ,* 0 086 ' ,te t- ir *:'
1011 : 14 itesaaljelt4Oe.'.lo#sfe ofd and 24Oim;
trri~Ml4'lhtiritay cod the dewsl
6 :- .4 - '''' r, -4,; -.4; ,2„,i'-,iii.t....ierQi,...r.Q,-;i:,-..„--•;,i4ir;:1:„*-4;,,,,-,.nit-'1.-,-.,-,;,,,,,?-_,,
- - -
:! - lii i .c==4 - . ' . '''' ' - : •.- - • .-
' - ' . .
of He
mud bock itt'ilipee.—viatnean nOpen—
who lire Wait Pilloioid isi cue l and Ctithio;l
- *mg.
Tare is groat personal and pabllicc . wrong in
all this,tcybrpantened; Tempt:ft by theater . %
becility of the Executive, for upon what other
ground can it be excused. We know it has created
gnat diealfection in the Army,. and contributed
more than any thing else to the dissbanding of
Volunteers- originally called Out,in May, 1846,
and who refined to re-enlistwheniomtA injustice
PuToudY committed by thoipArbohaa the
power In their own hinds,We know,too less than
eighteen months g u n by three /intuited thousand
menwere at the service of the Eriettlive, when**
now his difficult even with land bounties and
money hounties to procure three thousarul, We
have given the c*uormn part, and one of the Fiat
cancer which hu disgusted so many with the
anise. .
Mr. Dallas's statemeit was, that if the reeeil 4l
for the
.fourth quitter of 11147. should continue to
be u greet u those for the first put of it indicated,
the dotes on imports for the present yisai wonU
amount to about f.30,100,000.—P05t.
Begging the Post's pardon, Mr. Dallas said the
Revenues of the country would be 1130,000,000 the
present yes:, and if $38,000,000, we said it would
ecquire afertign itepertition of $200,000,0000!
_Eluch an aggregate of foreign supplies, may well
dam .reety man in thecountry; since it would
requite an enormous shipment.of specie beyond
the annualexpoth, and thus bring us indebted to
Europe to an amount beyond ourability to pay. - 7
Eiperienee, by this time, ought to leach our 13°"'
eminent the effeet of inch foreign bodebtednetist,--
The liMotodiate canes of the suspetavion of 'Peels
payment' in 1837, was an Importation of the
value •of $160,000,000, and '43!ate indebted.
neas to Europa cd5200,000,000. If ire are to
mire 830.000,000 in imports, worse .than this
state of things awaits us.
. The Port defends not the Sic:wary of Mr
Pius, but chooses to impugn ttie Whig Comity
Address, and ups
''we do not choose to hilieva this Federalfledg
ling, in preference to the Public °triton of the
country, who have the means'at hand by which
to come to i correct ,Conclusino, who Wei Oa later
ested in- deceiving the people; and who moot be
detected in their eflirt: imposition, if they
should attempt to practice it."
•lb was Mr. Dallas who 'earterted - the naked
fact that the revenues of the country, Cinder the
Tariff :of -1846, had yielded 826,000,066
for three quarters of the year. ..Now
the untruth of the Vice ?resident; =a have.
shown it to be each - by ''the public omen. of
the cortnity." Mr. Della:, In the mein time, per.
lists in his error, by determined silence, and the
Pont defends him, the unt ruth and all. In doing
aro, it impugns the accuracy of its own public of.
gars; for the sake of saving tho reputation of!dr
Dallas himself. • •
Coatted•toi,—.ln speaking yeaterday of the
recall of the Bptiviatt Ambaseador at Mexico, and
of his Intrigues to establish a monarchy in that
cottony. and to place Lb* Due de Montpensier on
the throne, we were made to say that the Gov
ernowents of both FIRLIO3. and Esi_Eland had die.
avowed the 'echeate. ft4ettould have read "the
Governments of both France end Spain," dke,—
N. 0. Fie, %FL
This humbug of a foreign prince s upon the
throne of Mexico, mu a mere whom,' of the Tex
merundationtsts, afid nine hid even the shadow
of a reality. President Houston of Texas, in his
biter to Mr. Tyler, announced it to be ..
a sheer in
Tendon, and it was one; we cicada no t, gotten up
in Texas to deceive Mr. Calhoun end the Execu
tive, Whom he officially saved. For the last quar
ter of a century ttterehave been periodical Anglo.
mania explosions among curtain politicians about
a French, Speitisb, or English Prince upon the
throne of Mexico, or one established in some other
fienth American State. r Mr. Polk, eve remember,
when in the Lower House of Congtess,' asserted
th.Vpincipli that ne Eurepean power should pfd
160 t upon the :continent of America. He mot.
sewed it in ontof his • Manoger; and' then, yes,
WA then, after decla ri ng tb.- whole of Oregon to
be ours, end outs by "a el • and onquestimudde
tide orgotiatisted tailor .4 away to one first and
*Mummy, the pritist, ttaverimsent!
We publish whai'May be Tamaea A s ilmosl
the. bun word, of Silas Wright In the sob:tante
of the Address written by him, and read before
the State Agriadtural Society of N. York. It was
read biGeo. Dix, his warm friend:and biessilf a
very able man. The subject of Agriculture can.
not be too highly appreciated, and the Address we
quote dots not Piece too high an estimate upon it
en important branchothusinees, nidi,usuad
droved his high epPreaation afthepursuit en
gaging in the labor himself. The iisfy. Lout labor
perfors+l r by the' anther ern upon bin farm, and
invite ptactical exemplification of the doetrine he
taught.d. tinder ihe cionnosterwee the Address
came, to peculiar force,: and .ve can well
hiegeve left a deip impresden upteithe minds of
thehearera. Tbb N. T. Courier recanfur
There are marry within that Tent whose beats
swelled in trdei—unfeigned vlef=to.think th
the rolce that would hare spoken to thencsraisi.
lent Comer., Tbere was a tinge of real redness
about' all this Eociderdln dey's nrosoedb 2 S l l —
la f ro nt of 'General Dig, was a but
of Gar. Wright, encircled with roses, and by , Ss
similitude to the distlnguisheddenessedoccalhal
to ltima; frievala ihe most vivid Mxistioit.
CI7XIiiILLIID *AGM iccrniew.--41Mrga Via
cent, is the name of the persowyrho eras killed by
the'iecent stage accident afthe bridge on this side
of illa'rillailialTamberlii3d. He wag a merchant
in Crainssilla, Erie County Pa, and wee no his
return from the Lut, when ha bad. been purchas
ing hie fall stack of goods. It is Mid by the pas
I senior ,this he attempted, ea discovering that the
coathwae.going Ores the lea; teigraps chino
tbo window ; but was'eattght 'by the coach In its
resohatiii making three beam* landing at the
foot of , tholill—and was Midas] beneath.'
Gad sho ut 142 hour after these:l4mi , 11i•YiP•
edit 1'4'21414 . esteemed among the community
uhichle 'Phi gni :infonned , that Mr.
Bruno, Mr. Hodge and Mr. Ladly of . this city,
were trawmagers,butnot seskundy injured.
Piaca.--Tho Mai:published in the Spanish
paper La raffia, hag pronxiAmfainde,i, iml we
kw that Peace 'meat off/Thatirwwith Mu
ted is" well ohareeterited anenonattual one"
Generel seo r tt — , and no amount . of glory won in
such a tern ani . ettoiontito for the lives tut, and
the evil rpediele of two great Republks at wad
The N. Y. Earwig comes to coin mourning EX
!bit terrible range's committed in the N. Y. - reel.
moot, and we cannot hut feeithaiihen mo mmy
warm hearts are ina4r to bleedfmro the tragedies
ot: war, no one can Sod - .plasma in recording
aeittory won at inch aaaezifwe of liGs.
The Parr swam upon ellasionto pettifoggiog
while smelling the Whig. Gnats . Auras The
I sneer comes with en Migrate &no the Democratic
, /*army of the General 00, eitUnent• allan who
tiring. In'ahnost a daily fee against Undo Sam,
ini,the shape of Post Office and Department ad.
*tieing. What Tahoe, Indeed, am the public,
4wrb in 'Mob Attotneyeldp, when the cootie(
speaks am he lo geld, and Nostra pijos to melba
The Post realm the most UMW feel fur Int do
faMie of the" AdMinietmake, and !o be val*
An ettpletbred Witte Neit: ORA& Cosintildi,
to be held to theAtth ollely01148,;6"
ded by l3indnnati conmpoodentof uNirionoiai
hitelfteneer, _ We Ai' Itti the tecoeibieeditib*:
Tile ilmie appoid#and*alayinchitiottiNe.'
to the,
fiction of the Whig pal*
Than' 104 10 b plated b, die 8 03 11 100:go .
iindutte it 44/mai:an arelooollosicat &goat;
hied the Orkin am, ?wpm. fir the
Xticelithel Xcetumaase hod Rateasi ci them..
gsappl Yam comptimin g tfut Naas at ;lull.,
eS:ethlp h yl,_ B mnperoil
Bi ale r ' o3l Z•H'DaY. 6 • '
Pb.! Cica*O'Ades recothiaiiihoi4
lak K.twoot ato nom
atltltesitAxt the late gloyenser Ws.kt.
leSan AT wares, Tirsoe,s. r.'
Its Paver/jog chant* ( Ohl , Mg' end v ital
interest ,however, ice intimate emeneetke **the
;eta% maxis, and interests of every men in es•
cry - employment and calling in and its con.
trolling relations to the commerce, manufectons,
auheanGal independence, and general health and
prosperity Of our whole people, prraseat abUndent
subject, for contemplation upon =maims like thie,
lirjUloot attempting to explore the - distal", or to
define the piinciplea of a science so Profound. and
to the uninitiated, co difficult es is that of agrieut.
Agricultural picAnction it the eabatratent of the
whom superstructure; the great . dement Which
spreads the sail and impel, the car of commerce,
and moves the bands and turns the coachloky of
mainfacture. The meth is the common, mother
of ell, in whatever employment copied. and the
!Mite gathered from its bosom, are alas the MB..
peMable nutrimentind support of all. The pro
'ductiolf. of its - endue and the honoree 'of Its
dines, are the material upon whlclathe labor of
the agriculturalist, the merchant, and the menu.
flamer, are alike bestowed, and are the prise for
Which all alike toil.
Yet our agriculture is in its infamy almost eve.
rywhere, and at its maturity nowhere. It Is be.
hewed to be entirely safe to ammo that there is
not one single agricultural county in the whole
„Union, filled up in en agricultural eenws—net one
curb county which has not yet land to be brought
into cultivaticui, and much more land, the unities.
tint of which is to be materially Impaneled, before
it can be et:eiders,' as having reached the . mess.
ure,of its capacity for production. If this be true
of the best cultivated agricultural county in the
trnimo, hew east le the proportion of those coon.
tiel which hale entire townships, and eif the
States which have not mealy twenties, but entire
districtri,`yet wholly unpeopted, and uraroclaimed
(mettle wildemess steel t
Wheii to thle broad 'ante of the agricultural
field' of our country, we add our immensetereito ,
ries; ergsnixed and encoganited, whom Matipati
the agricultural capacities of thellfited Mahn, or
fix a limit tothe period when our surplus mind.
oral productions will increase with increasing
yeses and population. Compare the canine of
1830 and 1840 with the map of the Unka: and
'witness the - enemata 'of' popolation In' the , new
States, which are almost. exclude* apicaltural,
mil who can doubt the 'strong and reedier Well
nation of oar people to this permit?
Gamma with these comiderathant of astral of
country, diversity of soil; vaziedisof climate, and
partial and imperfect cultivation, the present agel.'
cultural prospects of this country.. M'itnete the
rapid' advances of the last:dozen yarn hi the char.
acter'of our Cultivation, the quality and quantity
of our productions from a given breadth of lend
and tha improvements in all the hiplements by
which the labor of the farmer is assisted and sp.
plied. Mark the vast change in the comet of ed.
mated mind . of the country, in teepee to thispur.
suit; the,
awakened attention to Its high . respects. .
bitty ass mansion, to Its safety from heeds, to
its healthfulness to Mind and body, and to Its pro.
d et: ironies. • Llaten to the call for Information, for
education, upon agricultural subjects, and to' the
demands' that tithe education shall constitute a di.
partmeut In the great and all pervading system of
oar common school easel:oloe, a sabjeM alds
moment. receivingthenmecial attentien. old Indult
pressed forward by the renewed Xnergim of this
society. Behold the ;rumba of protegees, honor.
ad with the highest testimonials of limning eon.
(erred in carrentuatry, devoting their hew, to jeer
logical ;and 'chemical researches Calculated to
evolve the tows of nature connected With egrkul. ,
tend production, Go into our college, and kW.'
metope of learning, and Gnat the young mantel..
log Indueritnailt fur their diplomas, to* qualify
themselres to Meanie pra cti cal and artmeenfot far.
meta, already coreanced that equally with' the
clerical( he legal, and the medical profeedon, thit
of agriculture requires tile:wangle and syatematlq
educatien, and its successful practice, the men
char of an active mind devoted to intelligent study.
Apply these bright, and brightealog prospects
to the almost boundless agricultural fed o! oar
counter, with its varied and salubrious eihnee; Its
fresh end unbroken soils, its cheap lands and fee
simple titles, and who can hope, if hezrould, to
torn the inclinations - of our people lima this fair
field of labor and of plenum! Here the Unveil,*
securesecertain independence is sweetened 'by
the constant and constantly raging ezhibititme of
nature in her morel lovely fauns, sod cheered by
the most benignant manifestiona of the wonderful
power and gooinew - of Nature's God. Cold'''.
ed by the resolutoluinde and enlightened mind. of
freemen, owners of the soil, properly satiated, al
farmers-under a wile and just adminiatraticar of
a system of liberal public insinaction. *boom and
will bo, and aided by the researcher of geology and
chemistry, who can; calculate the extant of the
harvests to be gathered from this vast field d
wisely directed hainin industry ? •
The present sulpha of bresdetuffs of this awn".
try, could nut have been presented in a more die.
Inlet end interesting !upset than-daring the Fe.
outyear. A famine in' Europe, as wide spread
as it his been del testing and tenible, has snide
inediatand. upon American sages, not simply
to the extent of the ability of the suffering, to
porohit, food, but in soperadde.dappeale to Amer.
Iran sympathies in fever of deritette and Amine.
Every .call spoil oat =Ado has b.Xlo_folly met,
.and tho heart of Europe has been filLd shut
warm . and grateful respaance to the benevolence
of our countrymen, and yet the ranee, of tom.
mice are filled with the productions d'Alene - lan
agriculture. Sturdy thertonsumption of this Mon;
try is now equal to its a/tic:Literal productions.
If such is our surplus In the present limited
extent and imperfect conditlectof our agriculture.
Mu we hope that an exclusive domestic motet is
possible, to famish a demand for its mutate Man.
donee?. In thie l e iew of this greater end growing
interest;eau we ex a limit to the period. when
the United thatee will present, Id the commercial
=Wee( the weed, large emplussee of all the
varieties of breed-stuffs, of beef, pok e bOttiff,theiri
cotton, tobacco and rice,beyond the tosimumption
of our own country? And who, with the experi
ence ofthe last few years before him, can demist
that Am time is now at hand, when the two great
staples of wool and hemp wiU be added to the lit
of our exportation.?
These considerations, and otheriof a kindled
character, which time will not permit rue to detail,
semi to tee; with unfeigned defiereure, bpece
that the agriculture of the United "teir, fee an
indefinite period yet go coma, must continue to
yield annual suplies of our phnepeal staple", flu
beyond any possible demand of the domes* mar.
het, and roust therefore - remain, sell now la and
has ever been: ao exporting interest. Ain& it
must hare a direct ;cutworm ha.the foreign trade'
and commerce of the country, end la all the regn.
lations of oar own and of foreign government,
whiten affect either, equal to interest Ina staple
adequate market.
lithe concluelosibe sound then Oat fanners Mud
surrender the ideeof a domestic market to furnish
demand, and =lsola lb! value of their pre.
ductions, and mint prepare tholneelme to meet
the competition of the commercial world in the
market! of the commercial world; in the rate of
the beim of their labor'. The aunts of commerce
must be theirmarket,and the damned and supply
which 'meet:ln 'them routs must govern their
prima. The demand for home consumption, sal
an 'element in that market, must directly and
deeply interne them, and shoold be carefully cal.'
tinted and encouraged,' while all the other ale
manta acting
.with It, and **Whiting Vrgether the
demand of the mullet, should be studied with
equal cue; and, so fu as cosy be In their power
and consistent with other and paramount.dutlee,
should be cherished with_equal care.
The American farmer, then, while weal
stodjing, as be should not fall to do, the nand.
ties, the wants and. tuts► Of all classes of COMM.
men of his prcalestions Jo Ms own country, most
not limit We researches Co at market within those
narrow Ile mud extabd hbiobserva tions
along rho avenues of commerce, u tar as the cow
mercy Or him country (dreads. or can be extended:
sod 4E:mired' himulf at to the neeeeiltla, end
tales . of the emututnere of agricultural prodoelktus
of other couhties. He must awes attentivey
the coarse of trade, sad tho MUMS calculatad to
elite a favorable or adverse Janson upon lh
witch closely the comenrCW police of other coon.
tries, and gaud vigilantly that of his own; atom.
mode., hie manakins, as far se may be, to the
probable, demands upon the mutest, and under.
stand how to prepare them for the particular Oar.
kat for whfch they are designed. Not to the pro.
deletion of the best ankle at the Cheapest price, Its
presentation In market In the beet order and most
inhmg condition; is important to mate ' "
farmer • midi and reinatierathig minket.
!hope I may offer another ,petalon In Ihla en.
canton, without giving ofintlis, or toinuattn DP.
"n the P"Pdeiloalif the plow end 'minion. It
thafflan 'nitration in Makin and trot enonaellou
Wm:en the agricultural, thentannitbd, and the
manufacturing interests of our (=Wm equate
and impratially illuminated among the clanged
chimes ami6"id to each of note gnat batches
of labor, would effectually put am and to the jest•
codas too frequently excited; de:manning ton.
ery -mind,. so educated. Ma, to far treat either
bring in any degree the 'natural antagonist of Ito
other, they am all pasta of one great and nett.
rally harmonious nstem or human industry; of
which a fair encouragement to any . put le • bab
e& la ail; and that all °Milian and partial an.
ctmiagemeut to any pot, at the unmet of any
caller laic; will pore' to an ,lajtuy to
The amain pnyckeed, will de tip that can be
dour-to malt the um Hie between the natant
indliesithfal inoeuranotant to Mtn Wan*
intiniut• nalto atleimpt to arms any one, at
Ituriaptuak daruulteCtgrotaoh,. Wultalt - Prt'.
~sui augural and ttl&ldAtdatlonand
actkatishitit alma - MI to wait dlataieluatkt.'
ali T,T T
Abort $lOOO,OOO. baa keen paid in tornado the
taetrtietlots of the Verniont and Ibisssehurette
Siam&::Thin toad term thi Banton and I'4ll
- road 1,1 nebbire4 priaathroDh=At O,
CasuintliAt River,tollellowsFalG , etc.r. The
.Atumthimmu. palm or it b ander contract,
and Ibi Mot of tonstntalsiii Is pm* rapidly
4 •Z'atz•; , ‘ 74 ;:.•2•! ; ••!;!-.:;4!zez4o.;;:ri•r v 7,, , ,.. - ..... , i ,,,, ,,•-e.i—' - •-4 , •••• •
. .
Is 1411 5 6 9 17 e ?. 1 . 4 4. 9 141 e f iC 9 W -.! 11111
Aired bet slightly in tho foredo- , carp "and jai.
Manion patronage, which have been liberally ex
tended to, calumet* and ZaallafaCeare.. tar to it
believed that itddiionel public expenditure lane.
army to enable the Btald to do all.that can .
I reasonably' be required of 'it, fiemmplish this great otjett.
However confulonly the opinion may be, face,
tetanal, that other eireummances and reletiOns
might preimt a promectfor the agriculture ofour
Owe :and country more stable, iedependent and
flattering, certain it is, that the future here open_
ed le fall of cheering promise. We see in it
the strongest poesibla security , fOr our beloved
country, - through an indefinite Period. against
the scourge of famine. One soil and cli. I
mate and agriculture double this security, as
the diastase end failure of any, one crop will not,
as a mammary aCalletinanea, ?retie r any dual of
our population town °epee - Me.:o death from
hunger. We see also, in addition to feeding
0021abba, that our surplus is almo I. if not at
together, sufficient, if faithfully and prudently
applied, even now to drive famine from the length'
and breadth of Etitcpe. And that it is on our
power; by faithful mental and physical applies.
into to make It equal to the aspeleion of
hunger from the commeseial world.
Manures, (Ga.) Idept:.l4, 1847.
To Me Msyorof the City of Pittsburgh Pa.:
lEo4—Having observed in me nowspapers That
an offer is made by the authorities of your City,
tin addition t the $lOO offered for the best meth.
od of consuming smoke in ordinary household
stouts and cooking apparatm,Gold Medals Of PO
each to such person, as shall within threw months
present the most auisfamory results appli.
'catkin of a intake preventative or nuke comm.
apparatus, in a (arum or (uteri, and do a
sdelainboak" I have determined- to addrcu yen
with a view 'ef ascertaining. from ritirself, the
'nature of thOpropositione made by Trim city.—
Having, as I think, matured a Om which, in its
application to household stoves, cooking apparatus,
furnaces, rectories, steamboats and rail road loco.
motives, will folly answer the object, I em deal.
TO= of bringing the same before you.
Masi respectfully, jour obedient servant,
The reward referred to woe not offered by the
"city of Pittsburgh, bat by a friend 'of the city, an
entesprisingend intelligent gentlemen, who with.
eti Mate the smoke nuisanco abated, and who an
thotised the Editor of the (butte, as a friend and
code:war in the work; to offer the ;Divan] quoted
above. Mr. Taylor may be swore& that the re.
ward will be his, and both 100 piofit .and honor a
•mach greater ono. the moment be shall give Fu
lled evidence of the seams of his discovery.—
That thing can be done, we know, end vro hope
Mr. Taylor will forthwith visit Pittsburgh and give
his intuition a trial. ._Coming from tho blight and
sunny South to the smoky and sombre Mountains,
beirill at once appreciate the utility of a smoke
coatunier, and find abundant Me fur tinyfeariblo
means to scatter the clondafricri imam
Flax.—The covering of 41flarge brick k ilae
belonging to Masao Beare & Co., near LawreoCe.
took firs, and arena destroyed: on Sunday
last &kraal parsoneendcavouring to extinguish
the Ere were injured by. falling timber.. Mr.
Malden had an arm broken—Mr. Warman. Mr
Taney and a school teacher, bul.their hands
mashed: By extraordinary exertions on the per.
of theiworkman, the Engine House coat sued.
Hotericomrnat Hoer erribe.—The 'annual
atlinlition of the Pittsburgh Horkultural assOci.
'iliac, commences today, at Philo Both From
the: preparation. which have been orwalisby the
mambas, we anticipant an exhibition of plant.,
shrubs. dottier., worth acing. All who feel
interested In thneHmts of the Society to improve
the growth of the fruits and II mem of the earth
should attune
Teti BMILI Hairroxiers give their last Coo.
earl this erening, at the Attutunium: Ttwoo who
desire to hear them ahould embrace this opportu
nity, The* have had full bonus thus far, and
parmail abOul4 therefore go early ia poi, to se
The Buan,ck F/L/4121 cutxbas Ikea rola cdr
18,600. The ground Kid covered .775,
CII&DWICIL ore, of the Tek!graphic ape •
satin recetitly anisged hi this city. b. gone to
Cincinnati, for tho porpcee of taking charge at
some Teiegrsphie office wen of tbot city..l4lt C.
is 2 levy teenturolating man cool me am 'inform.
ed understood', bid bailee= well. We pie .DOCI
to hen Gam tam. .
Ekriu= .Cocirr, SIJ2F. 19{ 7.
Commonweahh Er•relatiooe Jamas
bau =mu Judea Resets &Demi ihkokinion
of the Coed, Meta remanded to prison. ••••
C, Comnfotbam T a ßnijrnin Patton
Error to the Utica CAUL Jwya thualtzr
limed the opinion of the Court, afliroino
judgment of the Conn below. •
. .
. .
Email& Douthitt, et ali i$ Audrew McClure,
Jr,oid ti, Error to the Detrict Court: Argued
by Mr noward and Mr Mated( for (Ws. in error.
Mr. McCandless and Mr. Woods for D. ill
Him Sproul es Joh C Sterrazt. Error to
Dkrict, Court. Argood b 7 Mr Soldeo for
PIA' la mar, Mr McClure for Deft io orra.
Warman Corritt..—The large maws of Cop.
per, of which we hare recently spokes as Irom the
Lake Superior country, weighing 3100 lbs.,: end'
in two pieces, wu;faled and rem into Mosel the
femme of limas. KXILPF & TOI ran 4e week,
That experiment was
,completely sucer..afeV The
copper was turned out into pigs, and with , a withal
of not toots than two per cent. The pigs` were
attnetatde tam to the tolling tell, and tun into
bit , . dof muse it. endy for the founders.—
Seeni forty or day tonic( 'Copper ego learn will ,
be brought to the city from the Cliff miner, and I
prepared for demotic use. We look ere long for
am thimenee Copper Insinen between the mining
co o mtf7 end •Pithiburgh. end Pittsburgh Mtri the
Wotan country. •
We regret to announce tho death of Richard
filmy Wilde at Nevi .OrMutant' the promiliug
Mr, Wilde long sines took high rank Vase
scholar, I Pout, and jurist. fie was ono of, the
not elegant and accomplished writers of nor
countryt well yawed not only in English 'end
American literature, but in the lose of mon 'ol
the nations of modem Europe, •
• A tow months ego Mr Wilde was appointed to
the honorable poet of Profs-sour of Public [Wilma.
tional'atid tioustituUonal Low in the University
of . Louhdans; end it wits while ardently, menu.
tins the itudies neconmy to prepare him for atio,
Course of Lectures to take place in November,
that thie child of geulaa Was Mrickon down. . ;
Manus Ruresz..—This woman '
again' op.
peered befell:the Recorder yesterday Own*.
and lull William Day ; of 25 Duane iv.
This person tattlfted thatbe was a prima, aid
worth E 20,000 to real estate. Iles also acknovil;
edged that he wu to be well paid for becoallOg.
the bill of Madam Beaten. (This woman,
might mention, was - brought not of her cell, ajilett•
dldly 'decked eff. in Inc, silks and bolding to
home a wall filled smelling bottle.) The Dis
trict Attorney spike quite severely pianist these
wealthy persona who am In the habit of Using'
their wealth to countenance the mon enormous
crimes. After along discussion of the .iestter,vhe
decision of the court was that Mr. Day shouldto
'draped to ball to the gam of i110,000.HV.,:17.
Under the head of "emanationslism lit Vet-.
wont," the' Vermont Chronicle gives the statistirs
of the denongnallon in that State, bribe lut 18
yam& = Flom this Nalaarn that their has been a
flea deeresse for the lad three yesr& The diintmi
tioc iram 1144 to 1845, wee 56; from 1845 to
1146, 208; and from 1848 10 1 8 4 7,178. The de.
nominetkm now numbers-less than it bus at any
previous anemia= 1812. thieh lacy u these are
truly tiletrewhig. The populatioti of the States
has, ptobably Increased in this time about 2000,
yid onset the lading denominelkine in it stands
now, in respiet to whin, Nit where it 'Mood 15
pus egos
.„ hi= TIC AiItIN-A letter from VELA : IC=
ewes that Col. Miles commands the troops there.
Major Lally. at /elope, lum been 'nightly wooed.
ed, end his had some diffically with Mat. Wel,
ker. ' The latter was mai to Mama Major Lal.
Ifs but ai retching Jalapa acted tether: indepen
dently. His depedor officer oideinl OM in sr.'
test. Walker refund to *Lei, and withdror his
command. ABM luring Lamp* be orelhauted
Medan party, dispersed then; and mesptured
mall taken from Lanes train : ,
.1 I:
" 0 .1/ 4 / 4 -011/irg6 of G■aotto.
Con'espOtkence of the Patebutitt Gattne.
• Nay. Yoax., Sept. 21.
GhX{.? PA3re. u Nam. Yona—Formazna,
Fartaram, &c.l- . 4w0 Eoglish hewer &Mg bus:
inen in thin City hive failed (or tarp amounts h
cool games of having - thcir!billadishoitore&
There has alio been a hap forgery is Wall
!treat today for forty thomaild dollms. The for
lorn wit an Ohevill & Uuuifl, Lod the Phoenii
Ban jaid the money.
We hare rumors of other failure% and there le
meat confusion in our Market today and more of
a panic than for a long time put. The great
business failures in Englaz4 . most 'Of them deal.
era in Steadatuffa, and to an aggregate of twelve
millions of dolling is the cause *of much of this
New York could net fail to b affected by such a
general upturning Mbuainen. We hope when we
hear the worst that !twill not be to bad aw is now
:orreapoodenee of-the l'ittabargh' Gazette.
firemen - sit, Sept. 9(-8 e. x.
The Southern well is in. and brings no news
from the Army.
Draths at Charity Hospital in New Orleans on
the 13th inst., wore - 137—Lifayette 17.:. •
Exclusive Correa
>t the iiii.Zurgh Gnu.:
Ili, Sept. 21.- 4 P. X.
I of Wesaam it $5,31.'
. 5,37 per bbl...
' Cornmeal is held at $2.50 per bbl.
Rye Floor Is held at $3,50 per bbl.
Wheat--Srdes of prima White at 1100 per hu.
Sales of 10,000 ten prima Red Southern at 104 e
per Int.
Corn—Moderate Wei of prime Yellow at 68a
70e per ha. The receipts of Corn are large, and
them are morosellers than buyers.
Ono—Sales at 42a45c per ha. -
Whlekey—Moderate tales at I7e par gal.
Cottoc—Some ioquiry prevails in the market,
but without sales..
F.sclerirr,co ' rrespondet t ee Or the l'insbVrgh Ossetic
. 1 ,
Balomore, Sept.'2 4 r, w.
Flotir—Sales of Howard 'at br at $5,25a
5,37 per 1,5 - City Mills brands is selli gat / 5 . 25
per 61.1.1 nett is an increased denund In the ,
market, and price. V. ett the adveneol • , I
Wheat—Sahn of prime White Whist at 103 a I
II I per bas. Primo Red at 104a107e per teas. • ,
Corn—Prime White is wiling at 56e per hu,
sales of prime Yellow at 60e per bu.
Ito market is generally dull. Dealers are
asreifing the receipt of their private loners. ' •
Stoclue,..The market Is without change. •
Excl.ive Co,rtypondenea of the Pittaburgb Gautl.
Sept. 21, 4 e. er.
Fklu—The !dulcet is quiet • with moderato
este: at $0 per bbi. .
Coen MeaL—Modetato ales at 62 621 268
. r bbL
Pate—Bates at 46 a 47 per bu.
Rye—Limited sales at 75 pa to.
Whiakey--Sales at 27f per gal.
Couon—The Aftuket is heavy with a slight la
cline in prieer,'4nee flaolnival of the ateamer.
Prueirions—are nominal. We quote raus of
new beef •:$8 75 per bbL Bales of mss pork
at $l3 50 a $l3 75 per bbl.
Tho Markets. generally continue without
I,lssow FisrAst.—The deaths st New Orleans
from the first of July to the tooth of September,
From Yellow ' Fever
Other disarms
Total 3,101
The wholenumberlor thdeamo period .
in Lefeiette,,were 146
Other diseases
Fenn TIRE Ceram Alisiurrar.—.A ournrpoo,
dent of the St Jouiii Reveille, writing from West.
'port, upper. filiseouri, under date of August 4th,
etatii that John IValker, the Monotata Guide,
and Ave others lee theinon the .11 hut, for Vol.
snd they say they will go through. The
writir . iitatrie that be has known Capt. Walker for
twenty yrnitt, and what he undertakes he will per-
Mstaa'7:Tho. Lew-Foca hold this own in
this elute. The delegation In the 30111 uin the
29th - congteas,will be I Whig and 7 Loco Foes.
91aliennebee ramie" al trite as reel.
C kr - r. ,}1 trams. roses. I:missals, in tie Ntw
Regiment under Cd r . Burnett..--Prii!ats
Isom are rerwrised which / Lite that the less In
thew sampans was my ream. Every third man
was either killed or wounded in the two tattles
before the City of Mesita.
• Tea hltastax To Narau.—lt I. stated that
the "'anent mission to Naples has Wee ofrared to
W Meddl, the present (11113321:1b11100tt of fa.
dian Affnirs. • •
Thee...tie of bilge Wright I. bat ten
thousuili &Usu.
j Septembfr 2 3--ccurrnrrs ; asi PAS
The Leco Pe co Meeting— fi dorge M. Dallas—
Mr. Dallas and his Second Public Appearance—
Prraidential—More Candidates--An Example to
tillow—lVhat 'Silas Wright Said—Finther foci.
&nta of the Battle—The Killed in the Anaj—
The Battle Ground--The Dead New s, by the
II liritannia and Union front Europe --From the
i Brazos—fliscr and Harbor Meetinapreius
Court—Polities and War—A Stage" Accident
—Whigs of Alliigheny ,. —lnibletati of n paseage
from Pitlebingh to Cincinnati—Prime„_Ward dr.,
Co.—New kind of Cotton—lllinois COnventiiti
—The Armlstice—A Mob—Tlin Lallt.,Battle;-
An article In answer-te' the editor of the Post—
The Electioni—The Reawstiof . a Child or • But.
1y , ..-Gen. Taylor—EMU Wright and Pile Toni. 1
tory—The Tariffer '4G and flasadstalfs—Breed.
tuffs In Ireland—Prices 4.r.woolorelsnliewx.
Latest Telegraphienows; ; Foreiga sod Domestic.
Commercial—A , Carefully complied Review 'el •
the Mayhem lor.the. nit week—The prima is the
local city marketle Cattle Market—The price.
of American Produce in varier. part. of the Union
—Amnon( or Floor, Wheat, Cern die., received
since the opening el the Canal—Canal business and
Movements of prodece—Market in London.. ,
City News—.pmt CI thereon—Copious Extracts
Rem the loading journals on the interesting topic .
el the day, .
For sale at t h e desk, wit* or in wrappers.
Price G cents single copy.
-- Subscriptions trurdoUans a year in Linnet'.
• Opp-NO Care I No ray! Pilaf Pelee !
Dr Jackson f e - Erahrocation is the 'caly medicine Mat
will cure this se eery - reentruen and • troublesome
disease. It not only iinnicilrately allays pain and inns.
mutton, stops all bleeding, subdues the t intolerable itch
ing, bat edectunlly tare., in x very short time protons
utoselirce hare been rendered miserable for yeah:
11. application produces no gain,lnit rather an agreea
ble and pleasant mamma If perm. afflicted will
call and Pear of the n. great
aa number Of case! that ;are
been 'cared, they wl tenishea. A gentleintut et
ail, City, w ed bad - been under the knife of the surgeon
for twour three Mee without bring eared, hug byw.
Ingo Wilmot the lifertbrocation. been ceadiaaUT cured.
beetle beyond precedent .—I Phil. Selardey ent.ter.
Ory• For sale.
Pittaburgh at ihe PLICIN TEA
Fl LIRE, 72 Fourth near wood, and :: dk. at the
Drag Monier It P BeliwarterFederal skAllegheny
Mg. galten'a Masson, Poonacesiv—ltiloomet.
Taruaniv—We beg leave m call peddle attention to
the following, from Di: Wm. Dom, of Wittionernlle
Clermont Co., and ono of this very Stn proinitlenten lo
the county to which he misides, and jam Bement 140.6
Sulto Leglelatorei 1i is cheering thus to sea the lead
log men of the profession, billeting the hoods of pines.
naval ptrjud ice, and Airing room its doe:
"Bir•. I have in nay prance been thintrimiwof solit
nnd, am well pleased In ip
ems in Catarrhal and ffroachnileanyplalnta. Manse
Nandi:no half m *I low s, boa
can; as I expect It It continua, m render as gaunt aat
is/action. as (this harannbri. to keep It eonatintly on
hand. . Respectfully, ay!, ' Wm. Dogs "LA.,
,S5;00 s,' BOOTS • '5 00
..o. B•0178.T11 STILX,T, . •
THE itrtmarlher eetpectfollyinfoona thciptddle that
he has commenced the manutomnin ad .
FaMionablo ikon., of guo
'chi c ', he will wanton Mlpatior io any Bookeverecoado
rtuaborah - for the puce. • Thaw Waning Doom
w,lf be made to ancaaarc, and warrant them u (WO.
thd am) , km puce or FIVE..DOLLARS
CAW. Gentlemen are reoocatid to call and amino
spat( SucecclAtio W wpm '
. .
. . . _ .
•11 9 . ,
Teta Yong Shure Mot , caraz Tra m . .
al•XlCg. ig Dr. *en le sa!actiberi (trek Ihke
cagfall in bliZeakAi Illieldatia, opposite, Malin,
~, sprALTI --, - : )101,IERT, PRIM tWilfeetetarr
• Al the . re!irlenee of hied - ran d parents in
Wkcon . T I 3 h inn.
WI/. ,
.14 IC. woad #O , l or
H44.f1r4µ 7 4441412, 64.4 31.14.444 QttwaW. '
( Z Y,S~u 4y
._:xw-r~a,;~.•:~v-.ay: ~M ~,'S:+~~
. - -
• -
. .
swim , eiLLasaltllT COUNTY, Hog ji ", . • •
V PURSUANCE of the proer of the Sthiectionnf an act of the 6.4imi Autiiily oithe Centitelesrnmdth of 'Penneylesais. puled the nth
day of-M " , - A . t 4 / 84 /..t&rComnianlonere of the County of Abeam! .pnbastrthe gained Statiment of theyealue of all ;Rowe, ....,,,d
for State and County pirposcs, the number of watehe; end the amount uteme d u r k k Pilaw; trader,
4 Pr*
evSkstins* of office. and moneys at interest as returned by the•aeseseore of. this - nail Weeraorourthi, end Toiniships far the prtaratiienad p,,,,
1847, at tho rate per cent= of tyro mills on the dollar fur county purposes. THOMAS ,PERRINS e ~ ; - .
___2 •
, • , JOHN, /IfeDOW,EI4, ,• ...'1 ::lCetie t, .G "'" li°hfle •
ITATZthlißilT.' .
County Commis...lei/cell Office, September 18, 1847.
. 7211.136d0bts ',. • • WATOFIES. ' -.
•• 2 1V 8 -9 91 . 9 111 18 069
Ilotsosk Trades; . ?oral- CO7l- Emol- doe, by 00l- ....Gold Le:. Main Gold Plain 5i1,p...4. UM...4 la.
433.2 ?tofu's*: lam. *get. morals vent debt- 2112: mm 121133 2. , cur , .-,,,c, y; s' 3
• SW song 4:7127,, 400 - 1,1970 -' '3325 • • ' is • s '. ' ...• ' $3,037 W s2 , l / 507
- 2235 • 64,110 1,6 00 - 175' • • 25,200 " •28 : 17 " .• ..M9 77 45:15
4,221 1342221 1.760 645 • 2,461 33,070 •43 17 • • 49114 34 3 3 23 81
• 5 ;61 116,91 1 11 MAO 5,770 . . 1144145 • ' 102 `• iO7 -•-• ,'• - 1331/9 .-, 7..•422
'' ' l34 1°1453 e. 9, a, 4,64 '• ' 2 7,779 ' ' 18 •, 0 ••'- 6 ' u 2 ,
,53739 ' ' 191/ 00
1922 80,782 . 2,748 -75 a .. ~' 14,475' • • 8 • 1,/1311 ' --105373
1,714 27,966 240 62 •• . 18,120 . 2 1. ~ , . ..... ... ,•, '5 5 8 s :i , .48732
• 417 56
267 . ..3.05 iv
.10;717 53220
. 0,420 2,2315 130,67.. , . 14 6: ',',... • .-. . 2,94110- ' .. -- 1,553 97
12651 51,20 1,420 2,06 • 4,200 10 .3 " •- • . , 7,261 ttt 4 1 753 26
3,518 6.9,771 . 1,30 953 121,425 • . '•• 9 4 ' 1.. 1 417 14, - 12 04 12
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. Trada,Pmfos- . . ..- '',' •' - , 'Dos*. lloosysst Isler- • ' '."
1 2 12 16 f 413 -.
2 116.4 4,1
,Ifones and 2994.ich.... ir.m&- ... . 'rids of Ist, lboodi;lsurt- „Ito: .4 ~ i Stat.., , - County
psliialk, ,- • tenr:... Carr' •01129: ' 22221; 4e." 19•21e1192' - ::, ...:
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- • 15109 ; - 'll9, '1,900 ' 1,000 ..L texas. • • .1342/ . • 9 156 42-- '• _ ... 1,998 19
320,567. i - 613,762" .: 1 9 ,960 :' 14, 1,930 . '•. . 973,014 , 167 ; ,
.27,110 67 , '10,434 24
- '
No - re.Of tho assersod softie of the reel estate of the Ist end 2nd ' wards Sof'theCity of rittshinsh iti oboes elated, them ii the stinef $1,41 ‘ 1,800 '
on which no State or County tax is chorea, said real cattle being exonerated bY an ad. of •Aarembli from the prying:ilia saki taxeenntil 119 leer
1849, in .cousequeneo-of the destruction , by the fireof the 10th of April, 1845 sae In the' at ward ;496,800,, in the 3il Word $940,000; olno id Ken. -
sirloin or 9th ward $4,100. '• ' • .
Journal and Tehwsph copy. . . . .
. ..
Wsirdr, Boroughs and ToarnehJpa
First. Ward
Borough of Birmingfraoo
• 1 ALLEGHENY. • 41:15
all 575
341 1 350
• 50 GO
145 u 55
• 907.134
211 s GJI
511 i 552
IN7 7/5
131.0 1 17
. • 116513
245 7ft
H 31,9511
P ea
IV Akins
J tenor.
Ma a
Poo den
Upper SL Clair
Lower Clair
Voullt F . yen
Horns aye.
P Ise
Weal Deer
Past Peer
lad ,ma
City of Pittsburgh
City of Allegheny
MORE. NEW 1100 . 68 AT MORSE'S.
RV Tbe Simple Suny, a new navel; by Mrs Ine , bbald
Tlas Iron Cass', a play in 5 ants.
A Story of .tbr Hanle of Weleli00; by. Rev O R die ig
.1120E10.s Geometry, for Saha:eta and Colleges.
'Draper's Natural Phdosoplar, roar hundred Marisa
• liowitt's Natural History, Maturated.
llownes Tales in Verse, juvenile.
Louts XIV and the Conn of France' by Miss Pardon
Tbc Nursery Rhyme Foot; being a concertino( sports
Sataq rb,merand tingles—with
Living Age, No. 17...
Taylor's Counterfeit Detecior; _
Ladies' Natio-nal Marre. lo October. •
Godey% Lady's Doak
Otahurn'e Magazine
Ardent Pranglitoto by Caps Marryall.'
Jun received and for sale at h/OKSEM,BSFoanh at.
between Market and Wood. .1•122
15111 HOOKS-llhoriof the Grnek Rev
olution, and of the war. and campaign, uritung
mot the atroggle• of the Greek 'Patriot. in frananelpa
ing their country from the Turkiah Yoke—in two vol
• meo-vplen id copy with numnrona map. and engra-
Leners' ill trance of the reign of William IH, Huta
15.6 to 1759 ith fine &man., to 4 vela
Compmon to the sonic of tha Holy teriptucts. -
tHan. arry hlowbray, thrillng romance, with 50 engra-
Tour ii the Hely Lund, Freneb Staitx and 'numb
h Chits.. Just reed and forst& by
spat HI market street
Cap* and rout
Lc ENS' and Boys' Flit, Cloth, and Glazed Ccps ass ,
INI ery dtscripaos; Muffs, Boas, Waived •lioads sad
Cravats, for sale on lissora Ole terms by
sprzatta , N H OMR, Sai market sl
Autumn Bolastats, RlblTassa, *o.
'PALMER jun melds fan sapplysl.Straw
alas a ll nd fancy brsal has
Doorfers, rich stark Riltbass, Flow
en, Se, tithed to tee season; ter sale at law prices.
*pH,' His
WW. It.. 111TRP11.1f has now open a full 11110nral
I' abate desirable port.; warranted aubriaka
blr; also, Milk Warp de, i llariee do, and a :Orr men,
menrof white add colored domestic do.
BA RLltli iITANTILD.—fIeat Moe Barley will
be taken in daring the moon in the Fon Pitt Wen
et,. 'Aephen men, near the Toll Gate. penal Avenue
on Lk at. Ewe, for which the highest price...Ube paid
ut cash. eel.= dl wanner -• kt KEOGH.
C0 . 1112r. —2)4 Rio Cof:r;
hhits Ali/idea;
2U ba,,-s Proper receivina; far vale by
MEE, 13 A LZ ELL, al water sL
, KAS-30 ht elvgts l 3 P Tea;
113 NU cluns hop •
6D do YII Ten
• ls do Black Tvo reeW; for lisle by
BIDIOO-1 carom 13 F Indlia;
I la Mail de; •
S bay nmenlo reealviar kw sale by
sp . ll J TrAt..2.o.
/ 11,114.0 tle Jo tahosiluna
tau dodo Zinc; 7i do Ilrassersa44lll.l set:caved aua
for sale by ' JUAN 1 , PERRY
IT= cur lawny t irwat sts
L O&V MOGA73 ttbke worried numbers for as
eee! p 57 water et
OIL -:o abb. Tanners' (titian we'd, for sale by
%I - W-tiIIEEK
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- . ear etnithfield &tattler et
GALA PLAIDS—A refe pea of above bloods
headreste panents. reliable for small bop' we
jaw teed at ere covet. house or
Spin IV R bilikPll V
SHAW LS— \v filllßt'llY 'tomer the atlentb•tor .
tbe ladles to bbi aseortmenf of tong l'lrod btotrie,
lactating • fete, very supetter. • eftw-Ittl•wP
HONEY—WI. iha comb jussrcc'll; forsalc by
WICK k hIchANDLail
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DILLS-60 dos Wnyld's ladlon Vrietagla
orarmoted grooduhrost roo'd: for ordeby
I 1,11111411. ViNAGAIL-20bbLsloxperior article for
N.../ recrived and lor male by • '
APPLIZA—I 30 I. big green Applesjunt reef for u
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bbl prime anseCli UltjUst reed; for gale by
byttl SFA.LEA.I.I7 liberty A
ARD OlL—lu DLL!• this fall otssninet/ reed;
spbtl for •nle b i • P IitiIAXES
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OLD eg.IPPlslll-44/0 itajLpt reedi fur Wei h
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'plat PLATIEs-4G4 his p 3 but charcoal brandli
.P l 4l h.? We by JOHN P PERRY
( 2 1.11 K-1 EA No I extra whoa joAl rend: for sate by
DIAIBIBTOBS-2bblY pun reetikir rata by
JJ xocl • • • Ft E SELLERS, 57 wood at
TARTAUJO A01D2130 lbs Just recbt• for sal
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QALERATUS—:2O can Cleveland . :41.1oraint fin
F., • ,crl sale by %VICK tr. !deI:Ms:III.MS
PRA n Eitatias-4 Lf4 reed and for •We by
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FANCY b, tamed lor Winn"
NIITIMMS—i 641 freah ferule by
sptht lo WILLIAMS
QNUPP-1. thancil , s, m for all bladder., , sale by
vas • . WiLLLAYAS
QUAIL CANDLICS-141... fur cal< by
epEtt J U WiLl.4
W §
MACKSILEL-3 bbl. Pio 1,1E47, !or gala by•
!pp itt • . J WILLIAJIIS
•Is prime large ' ' Just mired
.12.1 for eahrby 'WICK J.' McCANDLESS •
Aserlar, svosa-6 Lobls rot etip
CANDLES-40 bzs R.I. sale ber,
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• • • km IliercUum.
1.71•444 sale;Ay B. A. PAANASTOCI: ACo
' t ' I Anna Ist& wood at
.0-160 mg, al .,
—, vim! ,
.L.4.1.174116e4 &co
12:;.1-:'..3,..T,ziy-,.::::fi---•••'-:2,---=-.,v--,,t-,.,-; z z.-7, .:-.b......--:.4.:4 . 1:; . :', , :-T.:,-,4'-f-F: rf ,- ;:i ,
... „ .. , n ,,,, , , ,,-,;:,a,,,,,,.......,„„,,,,, t A4-7----,,z.4;,..,,
- '-.,-. ~-' 4,. •,.,,..
. .
. .
. .
2~~ ~
lite EARN
$6,931.33 4
Auction S,alts
By lain D. Darla; IR.tlg er
Large cottage Hoare and 29 .Bnading,.Leb,
N Saterday, the dd del or Ootebet. at 2 oklelet,i.
Id., be sold ibe Frae.: elllnna.lstwe•.
the Weshantion and Stesbesieine turnpike goads, ad.
In.n Tempetancevillc,lpaoplleildlna Lateltleba'
Ids n. bunny end noised reitdonces of goose sepia
in the
w e of ritteharelf and Alleigleny.
ad ean
by meo ferries be reached in lees dm isif ad hoar,.
Abe. dux headset. and *patinas frame. Cbtter•
House, at present occupied by des.lle• C Jennings,
Adieu:mg the above Le4S,Neilh Moot. 'one end a . hall
acre. of on on whieb ere about. RIO 'eluting :bell
tree.: shrubbery,. excellent well of Waterotatai,
Each Lot will be accesehle by convenient • wenn I
plen of which may be seen a
the Auction.
the es operty Omen by tie peeprialololl.lhe presence,
Tide indispetstde.
Tenns—One-fotirth rash, the reeidne In threw equal
annual payments, with ml
be e amt tooaaaae., Y.. e r ee,by bone
aptl6 roux D rkey!s, AlFlionent
Building Lou in Latoreacevige,yrAudidn,
ON Saturday iherneamtinOSidiiiiit:it j 3 o'nloakwilt
he sold on the prentisie,taro valitabla tenant peanut
situate. in the Borough of Lannonevilla, having each
a front of Z 1 feet on Bader 11141111r22111Wft bank ISO.
feet to halal alley,arkieh 610 katyrida• ihde pan-
•. .
.Tenta—One-half cash, balance In onayine,veiti iu
lama, to be incated by bond and au:linage. Title in
ditontsbin • rETER 7ffei..ARTNEY
eptl7 • • • • JOHN D DAVo3,..llnot'r•:
Lease of !Irk'. Howe and LoLa( . iltielion....
/IN Frlaax anenzoon, Doi IlMa inn.: al 3 o'clock, on
the pin:lnnen st the corner of Webster OM Elm .to
win be .old the unexpired term of Lesse..harnog
non never, yearn !apnoea a Lae pf.Ornnod. noul
on Cool Lament Welkner st,aod orteodlog.bast aboot
05 feet, on width iorsened • two norynnek Motown
Dwelling Ilaino, arFftwon °envied by JasenNeCen;
mil, eet to ltn animal ',mod vein of banana dol
lars, payable hal( peony. Poseessioo gmm,oo
Oefobee non. Tense at oalo.• • • -
no • JOHN DDAVI Auer
Extenstan Salo of Dinka. , :
Wedneada) tpo add.titaraday liodkrditad estf'
arday the Ledts Inst. at :o'clock; the Commercial
Satan 'Loos., earner of Wood and dth an, drill be sold
Unihourf tone, a tote nodeedoo aryidaitbls Hooky
plc ree't from New Yerk.'embraeingt gnat asaonsah.
of smodard worts, to donlogy, Idatorrand trasala, po
etrf and the drama, mai:time, arehrteetutr, and of
brunches of aoloolos and Wonsan*, books in 11th and
eiegant biading,aaltable for prawns, too library edit
tions of otandard work., fiddly Mann. Una, and cop
'arising 'paper, gold and meal poo.blank book., to •
apr4 • JOHN D DAVIS:Aunt
• . „
OR Thenday morning, the 11 90 1 Raailflegke
the Commercial Oaks Amen; comer or Wood OAF=
sis, will be sold— • ,
An extensive assertmentof Nab and semean4le sta
, pie and fancy Dry - CioOds, 4 cues Gingham umbrellas,
Ames, eexr , Ane cutesy, to
et CoCkelr, P. M. • •
I largo Iron bare foi enintleg 11101320• '
aubsilluttlO Barouche to complete order, with shift
ing top, suitable for =ear two'horme., .
A,gounity of (Irosteries, Idu“steentre, °Literae,
Shovels;lmmdhosea, wrapping paper, he.
A large aseonment of boasehold and kitchen. forni
ture, embracing tee mock of a Cannily who is dochouti
A lip/Cilia innannianionialliabloi saw bdo4s,eumtal
standard works in all Wa TaS I depanlianti or
Immune and lilanitate; Rho, letter Ann nap Writing pa-
T EGA Pl! RID. .' •
11.111A610I'•••••` • .C. S. PORTER
-Third night of the engagement or
.11.11 r. A Ng 1113S-WLII VISS:
Wediusday;'Sepraisbir*4 nit "
bo mewled the admired play of dtir - '
Lady of !.yona.‘ •
Claude htelatate - Idr Oxley.
Col. Durese•Mr. Waters: t Pasilai•Blits C. Waajn.
After which a Mmtti Mimi Ay Alai ANNA Iy .. di-
VINA—To esatel Oda selth the'Corea ,
Peter While ••••••...:...:........Yr. Dom i.
TlTDarsrs opera at 7;ind aw ait. will rim ps a past 7.
TN eenutpteeee a the' contained' uteleatenet of the
Isewhen this enwpsw luive bow indwell Y prplong
their May to tide city An the pupae of ittetstieressere
(them lohoitable enontalaments, ludo A'IllEnIsEUlll
HALL. oo Telmer Aso Witaxemae .Etreathes,teept.
IrrCto a
nt le i t t ethelishon; ante..
tit.C°'e 1jt0"mii.:1711301.13,
,P , Peu •
•• A. A; MAION'it CO. • .
es Market, men, WO mut rousqh Sind*,
yg recently received aawardi
_of ISO Guam and .
.I..a.pach ages of nob. foocy aadataplo Dry Goods Mama
teoaCasakkaabla atylea. Oar common and the puidie
generanz era reopectlally Invited b call aad caesium,.
We have on bands great variety of rich Dtenifkods,
Rich !mated Cubalaic. and Da Linn; . •
Changeable Mahal" Pialdsi
Cretan aid Calihmia.lo;
Plaid black and mode cord Do Lanes; -
French Mannol.-smooted calms;
4lpseca Lastres and Ilootbosines: - .
breach and Eietilontlinoanisu '
Calicoes and nearihassoodageneraityi: •• •
14eb black DIVIN and Mantilla Silk.; '
Itieb colsl Dieu &Ike In Kraal wariety.• .!,; ; •
SIIAWLS—New Paris dads. of long and soused
Cakssera Shawls, Median. and low priced Tarkish
mod enamel. heavy and n o b Scotch' Plaid, blank and
mode col'd Tbibet Warned and Bilk' Fringes, and salt
ay alberehawls.
. -
HOUPERIO2IIIO GOODS—Wkitoey. Do Meld mad
Point Blanket*: vary heavy' kliiaalltaa Quilts; Fame
Sim Matzen Dimity; nova Bolus Linen Takla co..
Nns Stale Linea:Linen Shirefing; Pilknir Can. Lloona;
apliMr; &Main and Table Dirge; Wilt% Linen; an
extenasva amonomm; Monocrue Diunailaka„
corroN,Goo_{.l.4-11rown sod blaanbed from all Ike
igr.l,..btri . ..rdd. - 4 3 .37:01tuttXd.3Alftutt
of every altar, kind and .quallty; alio, fancy arilcliss,
Hosiery and Moots
TABdei ILORS. TRUCIAINGS-4.11k Berm, Worsted do
Cambnes. Banns •of aviary' dimenytlon,
Illadmin., Thread*, Sawing Sillr,Tarim, CaartuiPad•
WOOLEN 00013;44liati. Plumb, sae imirisan
Wooklyed black sod Racy Casaimeng . Rana,
Cuticle= and Velem .Veatlmpo • very lama mock of
Caßstallai bean' IRMILN Beasrom; Nampa pa.
laving a Rouse in RAW York are will bet coartanily
receiving the newest and lalOt ra.OxOOLOIO !Ilion Or
mods. and at lke knout prices.
Mordants In= all pawl of am itoantry, aroliroimo
io examine ocr noel whdeaalc Foetal ap maim.
iti HAMLETT A WHITE. I* %wt.& *ION
'oDieroond Alter, Pia•bialk waaldlmne the boo
oteity end moony been to their very lam n,d,
they have nrcerdly inushosed at low ratcepont the
tern hlaeofircierer..
Our stock i.e.. eitd compete. connutong
nue and desirable gads which ye didlealt to and oboe.
where; all orwhich wdlhovoid al every wall edwence,
and as low Awileof can be frochwad of the Hugon!
litho Wald m Balkh—The absentia', at a heavy
xpellee, ham aecesdee in making brick I. machine.
ry, Ma am notable tostreno the eniameMPiusbiegh
an lunch, meek sacrist In evonnexespeee, as en dew
Whey. tenacity, bond ofmamr , Leary. ameaneas, tee,
he. We refer to theme *Mays tad ad an al/mail
them— • „
Allegheny-3 &A Paean, he R•loot, .Tokei
von. R Itrhdrnan; N Craig. " • • • • •
„' • t:
Pritiebeeill— Wee Si Wpm, lolen . Laystla, and max
others ion mi• • nces. a Mention. ' .
(10-PARTNERakar)* ElLUP—llaary Allard sad Kirin
I Q / kres dds day amonam armadas)) kepi *
eri ander dm style dad Ina at llamas Beam kV°, dd'
dr, paws armada' bock; by saarkiasty, bad sada
Masa do Animal. ea dr AU *Wry
mom Nissan uscr—mminsa br
traded tar Onaroal AraihrolO lorikroprio
vak , F o Zpitt .
i mit los pr a. tp!4
or may thr Pty Stem Brick •
C vas.livigiarNraoits
`, sir 1Y - Fr - VI 9- - sq - `l..
1 +z; '
Moseys ida
tow, man.
pool mocks
f lOlO O-4 eue Vanilla; l'eWmon
Mthredi for sr:L
'al fin DOZ. MODS ARID BON ilETßrovore
bvi; mr ; • C
nOMPORTY-3dodtte Coaarts Val , wool
V len. for sate by C AItBUTLCIOn-
thima.t reed ziid Gr
1.3 sale by . C .I.IISUTIOIOT,
Elieer Bad buci,:linid Perlin
, • C dßntrniscrr
CCOAZPIZONS;-1 eise dimet l°- by
, 'fall •
UACEI.A.IO, 1111:16.1NIASFA . larii • a...on:arm
Vag • J.t.P..ed by C A KlStrnitior
TILIVS 0/L.—tcsksJost recolved;'foi sat:, VT
29110; t St SELLEKS 47 woekrst
'MUT o.lll4.i—lCOLijoit
J-N Vag • • • ! • ..AItAFZLERfI
SC Ibis Eat. Venedosf Eta jut s cr. , d; for sale
''sepltO ft vmugatl
to.a rs~.,:jT~6~+-+ ~rrliß'~fl~r. f~
r __
``VENICE TORPENTINX—t 1411 fior'sale,by
• do• • • OHN D MORGAN,
. VILITEVU-0:0 bbls bit eali by • . ;
OPPEBAII=I.2 lm rale Li.'' ; 1—
0O " a ?I' I.
I'W'W °°7otgrilligliGlAN
D-4 silks F glib Yisedin, Ned ( bit wale by
..Ptle • • - • . AN
. .
VABSIBU—rbbt Patch Mack - Yu:lien - 7i% tt
fut armlet for Varnishing Iron, for sthrty.'
' Nall • , •
lota mien mile Copal Vnalth cot
nlos.oY. A.R4WBOAKe winds
- QT rohiele copy.
2.1C - ALIIRQAT - 7 - 0:4 - 11113 - J: liar ill 'X' 0 for
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