The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 18, 1847, Image 1

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- 'ukcx.asulsn. CSOIADOM,' Osmisiweli land
FunorstApchAacts; &Wiper end liOarrottris,
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of or LJ U L ' eny aad fac Colt
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Wbolowils A
fowl Dn.. cotter Wood and Oasts: hi .
s. 0110A1. Klf Ilk. NUTTY Wbeleaila ch..* a
• LP- and 9u Wood airect, P . loborgb. •
Co., vieowed Om
eon owl Proluce deolen, • No. itta Market IhrOdit be'
wenn end alb. North r Phitatiolphts. • • nor 9.
C.' '`,22 - 5 1 ".7.1..1 r=, I
ORLANDO Wont% Ammo Liw;of,
N." s-dea on bit anee t,att dran
an. John P.lenaines. - J... W- Madmen ,
f - 'IOLIGRAN, 14A1141CAN & CO, Idanabetturs
V of Canine Stertnp and Axles;
,`A. and - epntor
steel. and dealers to Celt• Trimmings of evert des.
eription, manufactory on Pt. Clair m. Waren.* da
Woe'd st,Lpo pd , slir St Mules Oat& , Jaardi
O t rl4 :
awl re ' rw rd ' ang derekants, Dealers I: ? Prddded ndd
Piosbergli n dluntartares. Simi street, Waren. Wood
and Libenr. Pltlsbonin.PA . "
IMAGES!, Importer surd whole-Side ead,retall
ler dealer in Fancy mut 'ample Variety Gooda, moo(
be Gilt Comp, los Market one, near Liberty,' Pines
Jo i e. Lunt J ._ yartl~os Be lt D olffott• i.nitb.ll6l, balms XI and 46k us;
ITIDViAR.OH.B.II.ZELTOS,..Wboic rik4aiI t er .
A mat aid., et the thamond.lo.l.l diSIN om
&wad Ally ..1111..b0 •h.
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41t . tisillt&llTt , Wbelenale: Oro
cem dealer. prod and Paisbnrilk vtatrafat,
tares, 'tomer of Liberty 'and ILand sw, - Fittaranght Pa •
• '
MINGIABEI-1 Ea%lisle, Gal.:
„Es lobe, & Co.) Wholesale tirocerr, QUIIIIIIIIkuri and.
Yon] lambastes, and Dealers la Produce and
riushargh Meadeetures. No 37 Woad dreg betweea
, ,
JAL Offies removed , • WI door. noun Grua alreel.
ratto L.tor,' have reeteoed the wee to the; south
•• ' side of Pound sooty between ettegrialey atill,Orato
„ . .t oeEtr
Geicßu t . saes Wood.
013-305 D 1111110 It It. CO . Grocers.
I.lderehants, lutd
ec 4o.olthr Bri PUY?
COUDIS Yams, 110.64 Forrand 103 Fiona *r tu b e
L. own*. rune Fyne Meat,lecturer WI de
eer is Molest insmaments,lllW9od
vonsirria.a. Oi Mawlnkeeras4 • •
MerelgailicNce.X/ ja Wwerst,Pll• • •am 14
Fittr,a s t
FH.IKIATOVI, Thnier in 614mOlofiel, and
• Fan£jand empte Tnmm up 63 Menet
szo: xatiair;'wAYzzfatf LI3X I.
SIORCESIIIOnCiAN'iIs, CO, Wliekoala Ott.
aud CA:naafis&lon Oneloan, 105 Wood stroot
Pilt.bordh , • . . , asmil. •
DlCRlSTWbolddide Moder add Cos•
dar memo Morebud, and Doslor a Produce and
Pinot. rEti Al•oofsemrd: No If Wood et, Pitubolidk.
• Geo, W. Smith. • • 1111..3. Bravais.
Cl/W. W. sniiiit a co.
VI and &lateral. Hops, Pills/an& lt l td W..'qa B".*
eries,Pene and atteelao • - • laittl •
GZOILOW. Coansdiala ' and For
wording ficrohynt, tio.9AW odotrear,rll l,
mitalr.Vvoo • miaow_ ' tor klooongshols
• ./liver. All ord.:. ponewalty Alla. Macao' by
leperOmagh tbo root Office.,
Woo. B. any& • • •
PTA , Ts dr, BAIL ET, De.ieisltl4 ." 'Go uiU T
• :Aften=4.l'="4"="s`.tretF
t. - Lieu. 0. Browne.,,
la - ILL At 511.01717N51, Hoiddp
.I.Ld.Brovraej lakponoro and moo Roarer. of Wall
vapor and General Pow Warchood, No. EP Wood
zooroad Roerow.a.,tior Cana boom. • Pimbilikk
EPE l V2 Cir factsre. Pena 111.0i1 liestbard, tam' aa• - •
eny .41 Oglnas l'lnsbarat, • t 7 • WAS •
isaust nteNAT. • • *MIST DittlT,4l.
J. Mamie Merekania marl dollars in Prodace, Noe
' o ‘ Water sad 107 Shoat meets, PitUbargh. nOTO
• -
TOSIGPII KNOX, Abomay at Law. ,Piatbargh,
J Pa, has resumed the prudes of M m
profession in
Wm eke. No 7, BatewelPs Ilnikhnizo,Grant buseL oc
cupied •dannx ablebee. by T..1.` blighcs bad 'A'
TOWN D. WLoleMle DpRP•4 and
ad dealer la the &la% P6l/14, Va. Varioehea, ao ,
No 931 Wood Elect, ono door &toll of [Nomad Alley,'
i, ..•
TOM, 1111CLLOIL, W holanale and itand dad.
al ex in Mask and Nankai Instroments, laboot Beeksi•
Paper, Many, Owl Pon QuillPlintend Cards, and
danalady, No. Wood In, Piri
. d • . denflit en taken in mid. se •Id
• • ,7 :11O • ' 4 CO. •• es •
st W
- - -
TOSICPLI•JORDAN t'SON, Co=lssial .ad
0 FororardioB Nerchants, No 19. lobetty 81.,oppotio
Bouthfichl8t.11.10818 88 e•
B. •
lOU L L. GALLATIN, dummy at Law, Mee.
4th et, bwweea Gnat wad emithlicid, walk
. sida,
Piugarigh. Pa Will Ala Lund .promptly to Osman
w - ewnititi • • oc9/3.1
OE'S D. D/I.Nrith"AECTIONI 3 ES ice' rase Intl
end Wood auvets, Mobs*. ' - oste
70133.0. BIDWELL.' AgeraLWtolonala Gro
el mod Co:misslea Aleretauli; Water street, 2nd
4°..,•beft the b10....0 1 . 4 maim Vitubargh.
171,ed, rail', Ohm, 4. at mann Mauro"? pries.
Printers and Parer meareauuera, Na. 44 Marta
La ELZADII Book tam, 4tb, sea Barka. m.
. Otaleield Theological, Bimodal Behool,.lßech.
Wafts ad Richt:dm Book* sod Stemosery. - . ' Nal
T ROMMTIIOII4. Ilsaken and Ed
',rt dlun4l./Ynk colact *Mood and llnrd syeeis,
7013 6SIIIDB , Wbokinie Gnmer, dealer in Pt _
dem Ptissiostik mu...fumes, .114 Mi., a. Itch
14042 Liberty .t.• Pilaus". FIAT& - Floyd.
& IPLOYD, 1.1 4 1014 C 4.1 Wbolesale
.6 Grow es. N 0.190 L ama area. - septS
'DALZELL,MloolesaleGroeerComml .
aka Mentactoutd at Pfochmealld Pitub9o
imanexeuire. No 94 %Valet 91.1 . ittaba ' 4 hullo
_ •
• 41tatrr Works.
ilk COe—litaautif:ture the _ all
Waterman, water eL
. Willreeei . • e
rimAat, - Wholesale .otocer, For
"r ni a ne 'r ald CoramLnio Aterchaat,,Dreler
31 W i ller
root ats.
XlinS 111.UTCHISON 4k. Cap Wanlassie.
'GrOCT(II, Yuminding and Coantanion Merchant&
p ind ;keen la Mama"' Idanathetinea, Zia. an
Water and PI Front vs. • • anal
-liVorl k sktirroig, weokka.c.r..
Jirmwsnitai and Cosasssica• Marchants,'Desters
a revises adTistibusan - snsmallr!!!"/!°!• 13.0d
"P • 2-filj' ROSL
•Ar iettsilArllCLD 11.0103.1nagsmlo
G 1
14m and Commission lassebs 1709
, 11.
*My striustisasts • - .
l Wm"Thrwllig
. 1.411 u
itirW'us Water and F a. imi
et. ••t.e.ts,betwedn rood
.re• ne.
v■. iIIDrVW." NO" .14ri
M i r=
amt. PirWeigh,P.
11/PAXIBD-4 11.11110, wantrande . sad ,retail Rat
and , i nnundleneran: and&aim in raVY
.Para nnalood •ndFinb • - d
‘ul.—t. Dealer* us
dee iggi=at al wen, L 0
•• - _
' HOLIED.II4. liON• No. OA Mirkagamey roe•
• • VI• rod doorironsonrorof Frio* Dr .:F.! FPI'
•-• Gip aad,Demenie Ildh a ricking% wtµ fates eg
ifsh/vt amp
IINVELPILTi INTL11014: 004 Triolosile Dry
• 1.13, Drodo Duals, No. • Wood otreerCrsttrberP
-••• • o •
' • inaestr.r. met,: • • r rut
. •
rPsi OISDSZTZ II3 . Co, Wholesale! - firma.
f - Costeilation sad Prretntaing Natan t.,mite No,lt
• ; A. .
°WATSON & 1118PPIULTi Plithige Dild•
Como/sake oierrisix*Xo Ilidacoad
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Zlng. Ammn.
sZIO _
,k ge r •
Detkr 4."3-60•44,"-7. •""
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.";!'•'-.lllDf l'"tijigiy.Coi vn. 1 . 0,1 °G 4 . ri e :Ad„,., sisd
.111erekaap, and, dealers . , batik' dlthnfacums, Llber7 .
.:1•44..4. a.. nubs . .1 . . • •
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- . ' - lela Cil Leathar AßD ,Mome r ee nAßD :s= a6 .o "d Tools nal asd i d r ' Vad " :
- '.` , a., I, l6 . Tannerf ...d c.ani.i ii 'now...a T r iimii.r. oil, No.
-,' 0,:q11011.101 . 1 , DALSIALI. 6. 0," tsu wimitgjeci 0...,
- LIN i nf....= emod Pittletv i sul l u l liney aZ
' 3OllllOll - ~ : IA.IeL. I.
11.01141164. :
- . i''':::21 ;;"" . lil l C . O . atiON ii , 113•4 ITholen.le Oman. Pr..
• ---",•,.. - - *lea mg :Ction - Amilon Ilerchasty awl Ditid,ers iik_
A zolt
Nam.recoatio, No. lea ;misty ilismi, Mei*
-....,---: '',:."- - ;,,,t-',:-, - . 1 ..:-, Z , ' , .• - iY -- :A...''''':_....' '.% 7- ''' , ".. , :•: -, -- ---- - -. ''
1) H. HAWlLL3ll,'Anorvysi si,
• 1.1.. BAcyrelr•J3Wldibp,.a.ty'oproalle UM
Cog! House. (
OililitT,NOORE. Wholesale, Groner, IlenuPy
log Distiller,' dealer in Ponke, m ean.
faeorrea,and all Mode of Foreign nag e Vinuns
gni LArinore, No It labeny urea, Pittsburgh.
glOrg H. Od hand a Toy tam meek o perloc
Old Miononplels Whirikey, which rig 1r.,:01d low for
L.. tt• Reynolds. ' J. L. L.
tozinsoLuv MIZE. Funneling and Ghee
.L 1; tniteten laereheets, for the Allegheny RiVVlTrzide.,
&Y oh 010Celitt.PIOLIIICC.,PitablUgh
. .
and Cbloride ofLime. •
The highest pricey In eisa, -paid sL 'Soak.
Omer, .Mar- Comer of Senn and Irwin eta. : laeSl ,
OAKPORD a. Co. Oornatssias Stardms.,
R. Libeny oppositerianithnekl, Dealers in Finns
train and Seeds; alas, Setter, Lard, &a. sptaly
°NOT A. 471121111111111111A41, Whokale Oroeer,
D. Dealer is Praluee , and llusburet 1141maradarca,
141 Llben on. • /Yll
Domestic Dry Goods, No 99
Wood Street, Pittsburgh - febritt
iELARBAOCIIi, Wool Morahan% .deal - •
C .
ers tot Floor and Produce generally and.Forsrard ,
m g and Commission Mordants, No 33 Wood street, -
Pittsburg-6. ' • - iaM
1.. t 4 • F••1* ;ley at Lim. r;;;•
is lima% bitililmg, No 8 . 1
~ Fourth preet.betwen
nod' and Smiiblield. riaol3ditwir .
P. vi) isossnosum whcA - -
o.oroeent %hewer:lnv and Conuaissioallerellents,
Dealers is PdtOmith hilaufeeteres end Wet Pro-
dace, hare removed to Um, new warehouse, (old Ma)
/10 eonier at Front. et nod Chaucer: bane: - noel
dAISIJEIAIL 1131t1cPonrasdlaip and
1.2 sum Metehant4 Dealer to Salt, Proem , ' awl Phla.
balk maasfameed Miele" Caaal Basin, mat DILI'S.
Q B. iN/OKERIIIIAiIii Dealer in &ea., Flaw
N i e v ,l: „. • PatTrig=d ArieaDaral haplealeafrala
" & MlLllT—Wbolesalo Orocets &
• Commission Mordants, notedealors in Produce.—
No 33 Wood street. Pitisborgh. sP23
rpm& IMNNIXY,Jr., Looking Glum blanufatrm
rcr, and D.ler la Mocks, Combs, and Varlet,
liceds,toruer of %Vineland Fottra puests - iP
TPfßailErTHAA:*poolOssiop_ Mrre,.n.nto,
.ifeslers Ist Salt, Lumber, rjal s
Pittiakaglk Blanufacturc,., 0.1,?1 ble ‘,
Pittzbargh. -
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& 8. NeOI7TCHEUN. Wbalesaln. Gra
. celkDaa/art *Nue., Iron. Nailt,Glaas and
,• nigh Manafaetares, gen I.44l.lberty.tree;
Wholesale Gro
chum% IggitiliSn' "d'?"'" and JAW,' MeN
pi.b s [oppositegiatik sirceS]
aciai./MID iciarnsin
WICK 11 0 CLIML ESL (successors to L
V V J.Diglek,) Wholesale Grocers,' Forwarding and
Connissilsoklerehlinte, dealers in lion, Nails, Glass,
Cotton Yarns and filiudiargh hlanalhouires gone-rally,
OrxnerotWood and Wow sis.diiir h. Weill:pi
$ll3 PUT invltes the ladle.° and
as t oeumtki. siz.ckot French_ Worked Ad
ooze km a.23.eents. radd3
r a !"111 onle 2 ban 6
.ei I?e F aler P i 4d . a n e:
and Tinintaghlklnnufannmi, - comer of Wit. and
Southfield sta. Pittabnodg. - . npl3
TATTHOLLEI d Impoers and
V V Wholesale Dealers in Hard•raro r Cutl rt ery, Sad
dlery, as,eorneiLiberty aad St. Clair streets,
• - • are'?
OLMNN; Bookbitider: has remeeed to 0e;
iriteie7.l: r ptp w =r4 m . ,, V7l=a , ? . .P . R.ltTi
ood va
ve;w4 . ..e.0r., Mi r II stone and Itull fumble.
. tlaabLtalument, 0.1/44 lawny stet, flea, the
Merchants, No. ARO La Deny I s l tami (opposite Sink st.,;
• • me ,1141.
tA 0. U.. 110813180114 Anus of as Law, h.
VI • moved Ids elan to the Exchange Buildings,
*Mut rates, next deer w Aldeonsun Johan.
61.1111L1L8.D. Deala fa Vane, olad
W. Dry 4:34,,0ga,N0. 79 'Market street, Panburgh.
nyua..iuts k DU.WOILTH. (trouithe bang
iV. ltAl Daali V et.).Pll NNi ugesala Muer" are voar baud at
5ta..112 Wood at, wheraWrior gala II law Ram
, lilandaeta - .
13 , /Os, p. at Worte' ltes, Jewelry,
Ware, MilnatT,Goods, k ,- i 0.57 Men
Yet street.'
ElLlB.Plllreatolesate and [null dealer la
W . .Foreige and Danseada Dry Geod., north awn nor
nerd' Idarketalut Rama nu.
urvi; r.,rawaN, Jr.. }um archated the
T V Itret, Stare of Edgar Them, comer of Peen and
Hand streets, will seep. eausuat .apply of the heft
madielafflailfedmerfr _
Thrlelaal ptesenplams carefully eoraposaded.—
Mathemes east be hada* all. boats of the night.
Walllogront ' • • Joint F Fintir.
IVALLINGFf/ILD It Co., Cononisoioa and }or.
Inidiwiferehonts, oFpl, od•tr Wood- moo,
4keOOetl*_"'Y _u Lew
Imoirledgmentand pm. of Ikeda, Lease., Coutraers,
Depositions, or sal ahm, writing (ender mai erne;) to
be oseal OT recanted in We theta of Ohio. • aon
Wed eireet,ohmeiioin•Letel: : •• • je!tet
1:4'.117017111111.4.0011. 'Attorney al 1.
TV EM siren!, near Smithfield: Collecting,age
ales and 01.110TPOSIDCSII attended
,to with punctuality.
~Dimlts C Semple, *nu Croghnn,. E. 1., •
B A Pahnosuhot I Co, John Herron, uoi •
Grad, Liodhay I Co, , John WriihhEiq,
Junco facCally,f.sq, , Maj. William Larancr.
XU wm0t5......a. musi.
114 Liberty st.,.arid 53 Diamond alley,
rirrsetucau, PA. •
• fil7.4ty
Ilvarps, Dodas Exolatlgt, Rani Nolo awd Coin,
Corner of Third Wood streets, 7
0rm11141.7 Plittsburigh. P..
It W - 51, , ill uw. • Wm. AL Stium.
• ISumemr b laniri• 4. William...l : .
(10 , -Offtea Nor-hoiden( Routh at, above 6oOtbaela..oo
feb17411,171 , ' • ,
G o. 6LAOBBRSA a ao4 tp , Jonea. •
Graceund E
r r e lLr m a 11 ,1 011 . 1, ,h lta i a r t
OA hand neVl - =: g fallasTll general ‘
InO C AOlor::
'lhm: Water Mat, mar Cherry Alley
=ugh. _ janla
JORII M. TOWISIIIZION Draggle/. and *penne
. earl, No 45 Markel as, thee doors above Third et,
l'itSobergll, mill Pam ennaandy on haad a well 'elect
ed asearempatof the ban ma freshest IdeciWide
he will saii•e the moo reasonable It ?Matches
wadi.* *races will be prorpttp• =waded , to, and sup
plied rentliartielerrhey way rely upoi as Osman.
(17!Phymeianl i Preacnotleas snit be acternicly and:
stall/ prepared prim the Wm materials, many: hoar of
the day et sught.-
Alm far cede, a lads mach of freehand good Perri,
W. Maker •& Jeweller,
V V career Or 'and Markeysts. &large and well
selected meek ptarmehes, Jewelry. Silver. ware and
atilnary Goads. Always 'on 'llmad and el regalat
tern pmts., Geklrateat Letrer,.rwi Jewelled wEeWy
makelaw as ND; Steer do *glebes, as law well
Gemair•Cooper, fobina.Jobasen and Olher'appn . rved
m of watches may be bad al ;a meal( advaace and
Cl3,;Pine march work dorm in ibe very best.istenner.
Miles 34 lliepposlto Obarle. HMO,
U7llllackstaelkll*- CL. 1 ; •
• ClEarcb h. mhos. Pictabsrgu. lnelJdl
• ,• ,
• r acrairovirLAP, •
toirur.e:cru lea of Tin, Copper, end Sheet Iron
Wa,' end dealer In Millennia and . Japanned,
)11171:11$1.71:11"I'ol ' 4,7—, d •
Coning dealers, utd others, to kis lerga goerof maw
elMetared.Tin- end Copper Isere, wit ling anon-
Pr =eir b i stle i =dr4rla l e=rera
led so eall. • • .
LT:L v ralT i t , A;ll, l7 P , tut t rtp ,
Canmi Of
G.l.6.o..uwatiwi'iOnsorather *num .
lenelnieti °tamed in OM t , SUMS e 'WM UCKY,
INDIANA. VgiriE33BEEodlSsotial and tom,
"serkeissdik,44.l. - .
- : 7 ; =non: - & co., - •
• 'vrolr carom gaits:cr. - NEW ORLEANS. .
A ocia&ofs 'LEArtsauth Eztenaivp Siesta Nun,
Ilsfixtea7. • Alwayienliand,l large siaekolLoal.
Powdered,- Cragee,,Cßuilad and Illlgardra, fe
ileresi and Barrels; - Alm; Brapir iiotll.l
Meal liberal sad afar albwaeeS atade
srAcerrous , AND , tIOP DEAUM
~- l trygmlitgg MID roil! ju i timum .
, .„.. . . .
. •& & SERIUKT.
.WlVrum s/ 24r4grod"reyttil "`
of Wow Pad sod on coed:Term: -
P. 2111C1410. & '
ICir ids stawf-ind:
/110 , 15pades, Hoes, Hay tad Maguire Fors? tee.
it wand strect.E! , .10/3
timithfieldMoat, oPll.ll*Mercluii" FJotel
Iteektenee Ellopeophels Holm. • ' , Mir •
tkosOurre pow as onsEsiell WSNsIt fhw.
WAI wilWilas srlas Duliss ageralßNßlAthHolty.
Ihor 4 Sad OWE, coma of Wood =I OIS
""R., 1 "97. 11 ,!!' 1 . 4 P 4 17:: .
- -
- •
A. M. Wal. Job. r.
In 4 .
U F;C:1/ i" I I A 11.17t1FC RAN D
• PVIVSBOII.OII 11/11:1127PACTURMI . -• •
VVXAIIIaItiUSKS Second =vet, near Word and
Canalßain. Liberty street, base on hand and tar
ale-160,000 lb* assorted V. inn • .• , •
Nan, ss ova can,ftet Ms:wend Gennan tool;
Josiesctr. a/aloft Asa. /Maar Spring and Fork
tall des Sbarcts, Spades and oaks ; •
Carrior springs and Cals.: . • • • ,
-Anvils, Imam 1010 Viet% (pawn nal ecennataa
• Sedges, Madge Moulds,Cioarnarsi •
Famine FU.Bar*, (Juniata lion;) , •
Mauotts,sMay and Coal Padua . •
• Aoun,saythas., Made , . Log Cbll , ll, &a- to
irrValantander Ilia Proof. Safes. Imo, Naga, Glass
sad Wier Fit:abuse, Pdantilattitnas sold at' the 1011464
prima. • Cubtli
• J.ltenaldo Sank.
T 0' BAC • -
C OEIIB 81011 111131LCHillt!!,
to South Wharvei, and No li7lOath Water at
DEO to info= th e trade and dealers generally of
.11Pl ith P l ittsburgh, that tleraya made mach an t rgelt . ett , t
Tte,Wdt, V g L e ' stlldies, :fir other plaees ut inmate
a largo and constant supply of the followingdetenp
twos of Toltueo which will be sold upon tut ark:oat.
=ditties wrens as any other hot:mein thin city
where, and all. goods ordered Inna Them will ba:war •
or et.oe.
ranted equal to represattlatioa,—,.. . • .
ti ll arni ”a"; Otto;: 'oas" Pcon'al Sateen( To
Cuba - . Igtung and Florida, hut%
celebrated Artanalth Stag Caren
dish, wri th a huge aaaorureut.of other popular brands,
and qualities of pounds, Se Es Its as and Ms Lamp;
do Olds and it.
.Ladiear Twied Virginia Tlrial.
&e. aweet and plain, in whole and bolt beam sword
and tin, together wit i arm variety of article belong-
Ins to the trade. Ied:HUY
Late of Pittsburgh, Pa. t Lila of Nashville, Tom.
Lln tIIKEII & ANDERSON. Deakts In Moo
Forerarditrn and'Comenission Itlefehnots, No. 8
Front streht,nbove Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio.
l'il Allen &Co, 1
Dander & tsbtuitt.
Win: Bateau,
Semi & Shepherd, -
Marlin ir. AlcieJister, .1 Tom.
Vaunt. L Arnoistenti. •
W F Lane & Co., Louisville, Ky.
flpfinger & Whiteman,j Coteitutsti 0
James Johnston & Co.
Hewett, Heron & <w-Orleans. • „.
Maggrszor kNortis, NeerYork..
Duvall Neighkr & Co.. Baltimoto.
i. 4 inith, Cooley It Co.; Phtladelphi. +rt r- 2
Daniel Deshoni Dosn.n. '.*4 l
J. U. W.. Ledaracb, ... W. 0. Wilson.
J. G. W.•LEFTWICH•& C 0.,,
inre civi l .M=74: l 4 lNur f
PARTICVLA ausadou paid u cousiKamaate ar
Somsr Enema, or other ankles!. Opelousas
sad -
REFER 10—Messrs. & Weans, Mr. 1 . 130.
moo Limerick; Plow OTICIMS.
Messrs. Lunon& lialcusou. Mr. Z. I.L.Fuerler La.
un Lea goSin
ifigitmart. Arrostiong& Niel°loon; Pittsbagh.
Me.srs. Roy., 'Calif.& o.; Ciooanatl. '
Men. IIynO• & Craigkood, Alessri. Ealmmis
Whlteall„ Hon. , Zenon Labouvo, 800. John Mason;
Plaquemine, • etlß-Iy
rr lIE deMcribers having established themeless in
1 Baltimore an der the above firtit. for the purpose. M
Prosecuting:dm Commlsmon Prodnee busmen, excl..
toren avoiding all tranthetions on their own-amount;
and being Prepared with the most ample facilities for
doing busmem A bur loge to tender their mmices to the
men-hams or nall611(Zil, rNtiling meth an Agency irt
toe city of MMus. G:R AV ALBEIT?,
Rirtn To— • .
Messrs Hempen, Smith & Co.,
•do t• Atwood, Joneltr.Cmi- Pita ugh.
- d o ~ So;
Me, Join Grier. •' •
gleren.i. generally.
• ;cum% H ELLS & -
T IBERAL can& advance. made on reielpt of eon
-LA pgrunenu. Those shipptag to oar addrew will be
MD three-fourths value. in advance in Cosa, by apply,
ing to otii,friends, -
Meaux Wallingford & Taylor, pin-4=lk . •
lodessia..Thos. Bell & Co .11ndneport,,Olo,
Philadelphia, May 5,1645. - • • maY274l
N. B. All produce conligned to of le intend ',Awn
in the werehouse of Waltitnyford & Taylor. riusbensh,
or in oar. corn. itiThilndelphot. C. B. a. Ca..
' ffo. to Wood Strew.; .
P -mammoth
A IMO,* in the coorso.of recomis3g-tares a4ditioni'
to their extettfire stalk of iff.ol!!!_
. Catlely .;
the Monaufactuferolo this country; etobles then to of,
fey oodt'ois tenosaorposacd by none sod equalled 11
Plirclaserfore rovocifally•inTitelf focal.
°swum vacuuml,
N 0.•% Wood STRtET, PITTERVIICari.
CONTINUES to trancacte c entral Codunialon
Hudson, especially in the purchase end mile
of American Matfutaetulrs and Producer, and in
reccivicg . and forwarding Cfnerfs consined to his
care. As A;ent /or the Manufacturers. he will be
constantly capplion with the prmeipsl articles of
Pittsburgh Maccfseture at the lowest wholesale
prices. •Orden' and consignments are respectfully
solicited. ,
, W ALTER &-.03..
No. rl meth Borentor, /oleo Marko, Baltimore.
Rm ro—D rpritg. Iq, Cashier. T Close, 'Coq,
Cashier./ Landsoret re., til•crit northerly, Shay
lad& Eater, W s • , 3 Wlrrian,SavglerthOerror.
- (spec Rana TO OOODIIAN & irnatts,)
Escrierng,Fortreirding. Finntaiirian' Arerchroti, dad
Mons Broker.
Milo-51.,1 door South or Planters' Clank.Rlcoapbta.
Ragan ro—E Allen in Lb, E, ng, fbanock &Co.
• . Eat
F Conway. L. E Tondinso.
1)01trillf rUTII, Ohio, Commlicon and Forwarding
Merchanta, and Ploduce Dealers—alsoattend to the
Purchase, dohs and Pnipment or Pig Iron.Onal,&.e.
• • OLVEII TO, •
• Atiopeni, joLION &Co - Brown, IhdDY &Co
Lorene, Steeling aCo Deily Ora . .
0/• Liodsey it. Co . D IA ech kO.
Lyon. Shore & Co Clarke &Thaw'
lanriodil • Mullet .. • , . demee
OJ F. many..
11..nie of We 6rm of tilalecitni Leecli&
Wholesale Grocer. COMMIIIIIIIO & Inbar
riIEALER on keole-Df Downey -Prodooo, -Cop-
J-• yeti Tin,. Tin rook- TinoneeTools, Com, Lead,
Rove. Dbeni"lrone Don sod ' Thauf;
Dye &WU; Con Naito. Dalt, ire, and Piiodoilicli
Manorteinyee pneray, comet efLiberly
mee Pittsburgh, pa. • . •..
adynnoccinCash . or Go o Miaow, eon•
oliomento of Predoc4.&e. n‘s 3
OFPEK to.soll et miller establiphatenhall Itmds or
Idelehuldise at the lowest rotes. of Commlnsiboa and
Are Ones prepared to make ads:tires.' Thar beat oc
mfeeettees•somen if seemsed. Letter s addressed m
.jthos slam wdhokoomd.eiffraded tr/rr• 1 !LL017;,... -
.711 - 111 . 0 C I
No. AO %Vit.TElc Er .. OP Os T4 ; ctlEArntin ,
_ r SALTINIOILE, H. • . •
WINDOW . Maw,. Glass Ware, Otted t , fail, Deer .
• . wat,ruirlOotottry Produpe. . • • • . '
LAdrartees made go coashowtentS., irdlifaetor, ref ,
arena V'
LtsWa •roustnOa: w. ft. esswasm..
' ' TuompsoN it - CAIIIIIMZLI4
mut.stimatutar•roaeLltaseitil Oat,
No. 20. Columbia Shall; -1 '
. • 'lllO.
o:Telaa raw
' '
COMMIV lON 7k:YOßMlMlDlNO'ttencirAnl e ,
Rataittl fattest, .Sl4 Wood, ' •
TNEALEKS its-Ilusanqb blanalaciares and 'blur
Ilardware;—wlll•kespAsovaaaroaasad a Moot
of 'carnage spribak and alles,banom, scythe. and sick.
Jest S. paw asoutoaoiloolom,blookunOMO hollow&
aledgea./se..&e. toehltr
T. ?recs.
1 / 9 ,481"1" - ST Lobisoiro.
WaligtVepartsttlat attenbon the selling of Tn.
dace end borders fir parchanten.
auks to—George Ming= & Co.. Titrapergtli
aohn Celine/ch. J WIE001•1, OLCalbgtuaa.
Camadoion and Forwarding ,
9i091. 93 & 95 SOUTH
ranfrle BOWINING4 I WllARF.Usnliftestre
TH09;31: - CJAAIWN — , aocw ,
/km Y udralltatilloar.
_Er . C:reli al.:::::v • ra urinr l be reads en 0 0 0 :17:::
Jae] ly CARSON& mama trr, eau'
nom' PACTOIU3, AND ORAIN ANT I Prrymn....
consmission maratnnows,
Allll now prepared b receive and &mord all kind;
al Mercharreire in any leading entitle hullers, No,*
and Wnt Wendy. nen Weenier Meals, pint
.I.littek, _
g MESSLIANT, No 51, Water street. ST. LOWS
ind Anthony Stoles,
Riau' f.)
a: aswTbe
111141P??qg 1 111 n A i!L •
MONO N A!!iglititMer.
. .
=X i of GromandiEsek Tou
0 44. 4400 MIS 1100',,aiwyrip •
11.1' ' • 44119 C
• ...
.1 r
PITTSPITAGEv'SATiIItDA.Y..i I- 1416101.1RG, ' , SEPTEMBER... .18.. '1847.,
ammo N., WOODWIGILL; .
PlyMenu= IttiOiTimi wive soma, '
. L Ma Si THIRD STREET,-, ~,,,, , •
2EA LAIL GEand splendid .... ~,...,-,.,e,.,
attainment Of FS mime, ',:1i..C.`7 , -. - K - .„5.
suitable is; Steamboaas, :--.- -, :
llotels, and prrenteDoel- .
linas,teononntly =band god madam k
The present stock on hand cannot be excelled by oar
znanufactorrinthoseeslaraonotg• Pe .. "''' tht "
to wawa seonld do well by grams rut a X o
deterromed'my pnces shell Please. Part of the stock
consis3o tofu eith Ploalt and Ualr-cloth coveM •
, !don Malsognar Pima. Chmrsi
14psdr Anus;
1g dos fine mahogany Cl:dim
11 ...barmy Work Stands:. • . ,
3 doz mahogany 'locking Chairs;
15 marble top Dossing Bilreaits; • ' •
Erpotr Ottomans;
• i marble top Work Stands; • -
_ le cherry_ Work Slam* . '
Mahogany, Maple. Cherry and Poplar Bastin& of
all deseripuons; and . a large aanoursent of Common
Furniture and Castro, too numeroas to mention.
Corms. et Weed .sad.2d eta Plttairsterghi
LTAVINO withdrawn fmm the old firm of %Venial,
Woodwell, on the Isi'of Jemmy, 1617,1 Jake
pleasure In suanonneing to „my friends in the city and
myentry, that I Macaws./ my Deventer. at the above'
named late.. Having purchased my goods for cash,
and suede arrangements web manufacturers lit this
country and In Europe to lio,constantly supplied, I tun
Wry prepared to furnmh IlOdsvare o( all kinds, on as
good- tensor low a. any-house East or Womb—
at-escheats and others are respectfally. invited m CIF
and examine my each, before parchnsing elsewherc.
The Wowing consprlseS t partarstay Meek. "
Steamboat and Saddlery Hardware. Gun Tummi_es.,
Filesirtlaylor's Steel, Catlery, Edge Toot.. .UMW. v t
ees, Lock.. Latches, Sickles, Scythe., Butt Hinges,.
Serestre,thdort Factory Slaneri,Saw• Mahogany board*
ned 'tater*, and all otherartielers connected web the
Hardware business. mehtlif
-1 - • inreved oppecittion us thisieveng
r. rt7rity, a o . Ntreb r l h e r : i m " t i trera h on u ts .
and Allegheny city, ne a Sternum!:
onsestornershavthawslbe.. l ..
above the vulgar pit:ludic. , against ken intentions, nad
bury give Gatram% Bedstead the pmfereuce.simPir
because It deem being the &or, fvongaa, and we
ansosaiew Bedstead In use. The followterbattimettiel
speaks for inters—
We, the stmeribers. prettied cabinet makers of the.
sided' Pittsburgh and A Ilreterry, R., do hereby ceri
eft Omt we have bought the right to manefactue bed.
needs wi th Guam's Patent Fastenings, and mese.
the lame superior to ens famenlino, with tablet we are
Jame Lemon /Mow • ;
T leant& po Robert Fern= '
llarday lames 11 Barr
Jahn Liggett, Jr. Jas. Lowry & Sot
Lome lc - what t; Riddle A. Diemen
Thorans-Fsrleynage H Wallace '
Duce Luker ' Ramsey& hrelelland
Hoch Wallace ?dates Bellust
, • ; David Way .
For Rights to mate and sell the above Bcdneade
P A TTl l , M s eN tiblete li rs bestia l :lama patertt
IMAt ra Pi[4l Brick Mecham, a:d he 'lig duce then
timer slaty weed tis ahlbtnene mew ;grace' to an
ent. anti contract to deliver machines to tiny part of
the Voted Mate. The notables , deiced tb reale
Beek from erode clay, ere will make :MOO real
Paces fire trick per day, srNmentlY hard to each up
in 'Miele, Au alai/14411m expeuitSand labor of pre
oleo, repair and meonsamcicd thnt it can be tai tom
ren m.
peen end rid together with great fntlity,nrerender
ing it portable. We are now bedding setachines, end
can lerntshthem en short notice. 'For deception.
we wr old refer te machine now it successful opera
non a Mill crock bottnaancar the Wee esd of Etch%
Wo ng where we shell be Lippy IP explain cverythiug
connected wi th It tO all who may call. We have at
preensno eettionsed Agent: All totters to astaddlV. ,
will bepronspily attended en
BOLIVAR Flail 131311316
EIVENSIVELy tested sod approved daring the past
two year.,hrthe prlner Iron mansfeetertesin
the wreathes country, arid roughen the. interior of
Pennsylvania, will lie mad} fittr delivery' on the opening
of Navigation. .The materiel ea which their darditlity
audsupenonty depends, le selected by expericaced tan
ners, brought n• Maryland, whale the discersery was
first made—the Cosh's matter, with which it Is Imbed
ded„ is carefully separated. They will be thorouably
burned end compactly pressed by machinery, and mi.
mute allembongina by Menu. Harley A Ca, the FFro .
pe pp e ee lers,l l a y allrespects to maintain their aeknowletiged
E UNera by mail orotherwise, will he PiumPtly execu
ted, ori application to I SHAW MACLAREN
mare Kewanee,. Iwo Works
VOW FOUID.TII STA& DV tsAblenit 11(;
open on Monday, npnonn, rout doom from Wootint ;
and Oat dodr Ur A isyne's Pekin Tea Poore.
A splendid assortment of Fancy - Cake, Confecttonary;
fresh and. coonterosery day; among widen
are Inc folloong; •. .
• Mnearoons; Pound Cake, Limon Dtscia;
.Pastry; *poop do; Pepper NM.; -
JelltiNke; Almond den Monty... P. Crgtor.
- 'flinger Noss; Wafer Swank% PPmnfolkneon*
Federal Ws' A. P 4 ;. Sugar do;
Orders for lee' Creams, Jelly, DndeeCake, Fancy
Confectionary, PF., At, exeeele.l m a mummer une
qualled In qualliy and buteli trl aa7 elder ost!std.nn•
cant in this city. , • • •.
'Preen Dread, Twist, Rusk, he. mans(
from Mum Whet: Moat lead t-4,, from fac MI drocs,every
caorning; • • op, ANDIRE.IVB
tll Dexter,of Boston, has agraugni and
patented • plena Ca r heating bpusesovhiel , has berm sau
ce...rut rhed In tkArns,..Nlere Vort: he , and rehrrev..r
applied. bas rese.vad the ileented preference ever
Sweet, Funnacee. dm Its_ advantage' , run—
let. Greet regularity of Temperstara
Pad. Freedom flow earoke.
ded. No anpleassAt Dryness:
Easili r Amended to; and not bade to gel old of
311.. Great Darobillly..
A Model and Ap:Ntlo' c opper
W" eb".4'd W ' MCIFF., Fan Wee , '
ba. Wood and blorket go
hardware Cutley. Saddlery, We s
lIDPORTSR AND DEALS:WM Forman and Demers
lie Hardware, swam respectfully into.. his friends
and theroblic generally, that he is now mectrine his
Spring surely of Hardware, at the old stand of Walker
Wooderbll, Seta Wood street,waich be will dispeme
ofon the moat reasonable term.
will be Cominatillyrecerrinx fresh rape ea dire,
from the Maaafatrerers in Serape and thin coantri.
which will enable hint to emspeie with any essabbal ,
anent. either Fast or heat.
Western Merchants are invited to diall and examine
hi. enter before owebarler etWarbete - • .mets
• Cop...2l*mb
1)17P- the anderetnned, have cowed Iwo Copanner.
VT slue for the purpose , .of tm.tutartiog a Produce,
Cobontmon nod Forwarding burer , , undo , the rtyie
of - cram, IIIeORMW •dt. CO..
and have taken Ike warohotwe, No a Coo
.Lib•ny amyl, folperly.oecepie4 by W 11 P.Kl —
all ttswlnen entrusted to oar charge will be
promptly_ sod fithifelly adendrd to.
- 040/21Uft ORUM, antnerly Thlladelphin
TI N It /4 edifir,W,
Pinsky rgh, March IH7. tnehsl
I.llolllAll BIt.NIBII6OY.
UMllle fele ifin of tiflleepin & Kennedy, Lonang
tilass Manufacturer and dealer to Clocke.Conslo,
and Variety 'ficood•. keep+ croon...lly on hand, of Inv
ewe ranonfacisee every delusional of Ma MrthogrenY
nod Common LoOklng Masses; I, Z. 3. a and 5 drawer
Toilets; Nan end ornamenad portina (mews
MI kind•of Clocks, Tray...and Waiters. In *errs or
dozens; Comlne.Threade. and a genera! areorthrent•of
Faha Ge.dh,wlmlasad.ala mall a/ sauce on eon.
Pedlars and others supplied win l'helO's Choi's.. Cur
rises rants, 10.14.14 hanks 01 New York prices,
'' • ' ' •No al..eor wand and Sin
tletrittainthelii-LI• Stable.' .
;Mhos opened. the Doge stable
=°allot et., tnniung through nap
hedonism' , between Wood
and Eraithfteld street., In the rest .r the lonongshels
Itonetheeith canoe new rock of Ileac. end Carn•
ekes of the hesAgttality and latest styles. Roues kept
at livery lathe h oer manner." , ' lylelly
7 7 ihavisigand State Dresstinfifiatooti; •
DLACASON de FOUNTAIN. Tontelie Fbeleson,lnde
I, eepetated sad fluedupUtelr Shaving, litdr Deeming Red
. Bhasepooniugflekesa ht the modern style, zed
prepared tu
'tonal kentlonesht uses, with tam, comfort •nd yttlitterte
Ivry an perpend entit•••ll that my cell witheuidelsy .
Thankful Ihr rattle..., we ..licit • cdonlnuanec of the
Nam, st our flakemotortter of Ueietestreet sad the Distuund,
(hack of A kseader &DN.', Dry 6un0.1174.
081.106 : DRUIDS, ' • ,
je l o E t n b nc li tT VIM and ' Mr ' , pb, will
'oonnanll)• vn • hindi Dra[•, , faints,' Oa, 'Dye-sup.
N. —Ph ysielirthr preseriptlerni earkally
( nn Or
ellfirm the best PRIM Malty hour of the es)" er
night. Alan, an awortment of Per fine Tooth.
Hair, and Cloth Brushes he. he , which he will salt
low for east,. • may I
Candleuihrlek, Batting, Twine, 'Coverlet
(fhteenntors of Arbiteklm &At:cora
• •
CO - 101111510NICA DICEDS
Il.of Pennsylvania to take schwa/alarmists of all in.
srmmems of wrAting,nlso affidavits audhleporonalt
parsons in
O f , be used or rewarded II Perassylva•
ola. 'Ontreg,l door. Raw of.the MELVIN'. Ofßee,Ont
einnovi;Olno. • PTIWARD ff•CRANCII
...fikat WANTED.' - ~
' Los CO NTRY MIX E D RAGS wawa'
100,000 tot which the highest price la caelf ,vii Iv
Always au Arridl , c c h ? trcilption of TVTRltia.aad
7!!'PP'" / : .P '! " ...• !I T R * RYPILDS lc AFIRE
. . .
ticha. .. Corner repo sad Irwin sin. Pittsbnrah .
-- 7fitiarlir P 81; atonally .6.i tc : t l;r;
mens, kc, spitabie ft* ellnilne !ta
elm l'arnAed sd
aptlleattonst „m ibe
from NOSTRllCSalMWAW s alitzlia tiai
I enr wriest setlPh e •
• lietiOlf
OLiVAND SILVER WATelltl3:-Heeemea an
tiaddltion lotey Ilan meek at Gold and ellYcr Fat,
eni Lever Wambe*.eilmble for Ladles and Gentlemen'
-of the IFUP.nd hembOmeet palter ne dn./ of the bat
gsmg.inettre,alllTaOled And CO t isle it went lowntl
new, • • • 140. .•• WW
INF:ALF In trim:clap awl Variety GwS,Tortinse
Lumn. ivory aid !lora co
Wootton ~ nsl
- wmtedo, Ruitertk, Needles, Pals, T10.413f.........
NsMatkat Su between Dituuoad and Ch 'Medi
Pit*oprh.., . 10 5 117 .
1(01111088183 Oki ailra ri oas fists. comma
UgaVt4.rb i rl . , f
s, i gt 4 kg r141 1 .=
818418 0 . 1,: ' ", • la 8 N.WICICERSIIAAL
TCF. CAROL VUFZZERE-4ist Teed, • 1.0 Rao*
1: mutat JelineeoJ:opellent Peenslee Cron
adyible Mots, qtausboats and ate 11•21,
Ifae, „ 3911Prin SUP
. ,"
J.lily. Institution, ander: Um due of Rev. J.*
°odium do LADY. in which all the solid ind. of
Manna! IJ...richoslif a finished edam:Mao are might
I rafrsl . : TrTl;:a c * ' rg r Eit= " 7 '
1. 4 ...c.uau.d 4111 med... The Second &mien will
oliemeace do Monday the . 30tli of ' Augalt,' and Ills
lamortent that 'any' who ntay.: . desipii .m ler o ing ihoold
MTh`.. (nett
Met tf P I ; ofa;m R II 0 :
I..aa teacher of Music on the Piano and Guitar,
o is too tincll known to need recommendation. A cem
ent Preach teacher will be employed • , -
Prof. BING IJ Alit will have charge of Me Department
:Vocal More. , . .
-Prof. S. UhIINSXI will have diseetien of the Ards! le
paprnent, and will give lecatoa, in drawing,. Ah
en, and mutual, bcth In oil Totter colors Poet.
It a competent teacher. and h is recommeadation s
ficim the
eac h urope an the United State.. Ile.
/UM aI.Q been a tcer so the first mutation. of the
amain, . I •
,:Por te rms app ly to the Pnocipal. i . , a2lll
' Jerk Stied, chore Thistnentld South side.
- ' Philadelphia. -
1 1 I1Egian pursued in this Ins. hatless/ cmgacesall the
I hi es , branehof of an - English liducatiotri With
(psThraend'nei'; t he
Ile en m c o h it " e 'i nim .n er kot i.n .
inanently eared, and ever' facility given pupil. for i
acquiring the eiFereet Languages, weeder aim other
IThe year is divided iota two teem. OrLee months
dwell; manmade/no the tat of .September, and ending
8r the Mahe( lane. _ . •
I The chaser, for the Scholastic Year of ton months, is
dtdo, tiayable half yeasty in advance; without extras,
isairept Mot nod Dancing. which aro at Profiteer*.
pricer. Those .6t1.1161111e my time within the ter*,
will be charged accendlogly.
-Ili It la thought 'des treble by cambia or geardiatta of
Papas •fmm a sliflatteo, they cut remain daring the
diummer vacation , when ell due intention will he Peid
xxxx x x ices.
; llagt, Ere; Dill Patterson, Drs McClain°,
Ilost. - ricorgd Philudelpina—F II Morgan,
Egg, it Lea*, lion on Kelt, Wm Thompson, St Loam,
Mo. Thal Ilirtmart 'Egg, Flwence, Ala—Wash. Jack
see Esq,N 0 ,- Caleb C Norvill Nashville, Teen—
K Cdl, Talliiiitutte, bifida—Dr Thomas
hegate,faliariestool—J F Phifer Keg, N o—Thomaa C
'Nesbit Ese,Havonah, Coo—Rev Dr Suoderaws, New
York. - 1 '
TZ.-gar,.7.ll%°,''7ol l ll,Vzarrtim.` . ll;„`l . ,
tithe• ' • • •
Cartairot Sandiasky and Strawberry,stas
Tbenecond sendoo will comnimde en 11 0. 1 .315e/ 4
These deafening to enter find it to their intermit
Ode Ita near the ..opening of the 1C1.4011 as possible;
h penile will Lc - received army ume during dm
• Tho aervices of compOtent Teachers will be smeared
for classes tbat may wmh to receive indructioas in
bririring; Painting. and boric.
For panicalars relative to the course of tastmetion,
lanais, conaull circular or apply to tho Ingram,.
Allegheny, IWO% 160. • '__ tf
ALUABLE NOOKS *Published by! J A
&,U P James, Walnut street, betwebn Fourth
Sad Fifth, Cincinnati. ", •
Guisot's Gibbon—The history of the decline sod
fall of: Unt I.lornau ! Empire. ty, Edward Gibbon,
fag, A nesrdbi'liticite, revised and corrected through-
otit,proceded. by al:reface, and accostipanied -by
r notes' critical ind hibtorical, relating ;irate:pally to
the propngition or Christianity: by M. F. Gana,
!Minister ofTeblie Instruction for the kingdom of
_. The prnlar —des nod coirections, trans
Franca -. prefaca,ala ...nicer._ _....a5, ka..-
hded from the French expressly for dam edition.
With anotice of the Lite and character of Gibbon,
And Watson'i Reply to Gibbon.. In 2 volt. imp.
.---Ntrilr's 1 enimula Wett—Complete I vol. imp.,
Hallam's Middle, Agri, (Aamber's Rebellion in - ,
Scotland, Robermun's Virginia and Now Ragland,
Russell's French and EaglAsh Wu in AMerlell,..2l3ke
Ramsay'. Atiaerican genii:don. I vol Mo. .
- Library°, American History—Containing Mee
' Dons from the best hathonr on Amadeu History,
Biography, TrareJa.Coonnerce, Statututs,lndtaits,
Revolutionary Battles, ice. le. Ad. Also, Seete
intes,foetry andtimeellancom articles. Blasts
led with mote than MO engravinp. 1 vol, imp 8.0
. Debrecen! Pictorial Library—Contalmnpaluable
papers on! redoes aubjecu,-„comprising Natural
History, Natural Science., Agnaultare,Ram, Econ.
:way, ittoan,„ phy. Fine Arts, du Orientals, Travels,
Geography,_; Barony, Mteeedaneons reading, 'A...
ice. I vol imp:lvo 640 P. fell sheep.
--- The Family Medical Library—A Treader ma the
Preveretion and Cure el Daseasm,by mimeo mid
simple medicines. New editton, reused and enlar
ged with the addition of a Vegetable blateria Med.
Ica, pointing out the virtues, preparations and doses
of our most minable native medical plants, and an
outline of Anatomy and Physiology. Illustrated
with one hundred Regard's...La of which are
colored. By J ti Norwood, Al D--864 pages Bro.
AITICrie.. Flower Garden Compmme—Adapted
to the United States; by Edward Sayers.Lartascape
and Ornamental Gardener. 12 me, third edition,
tevieed, enlarged and illustrated.
•. Palmer'. Oregoo,Rocky Mountauts,ice. ice. • ,
Family Testament, octave, with and withosiC
Polyglot note., and Psalms m metre.
Rice and Filagree's Debate. Burn'. Works. Lady
of the Labe. Lelia Rookh. Moro'. Private Devo
tion. "Juvenile Rooks. Cheap chimes of , various
works in pamphlet form. , mchZ 1
• Valuable litandanr 'Works. 'I
RA:CO6:B ENCYCLOP.F.DIAA D:etimary of &I-
D eues,luermum eadart.munpriaing thabateci,ducriptaim
and scientsfiwprimares of every branch of human knowledge,
with the &nation and drfinitioa of all tha tams fa general
am, by is T Drat% le, F it S, km !Smarmed by un
meroasM enararmr on eruod.
orsel, .N.t. Atomic. Atlas, eaulaimarbmattifully col
mad mar. . of North Leonia., Cmada FAA Canada Wesl,
llama Scot., New Drunswick, Nen them Tem-Slaw Alca
mo, Flail., Tel* Caltfuraia, Mexico, Damsel A illtliflk,
Yucatan. frot India Istuads and all the Diem. mod Tenc.a.
rim AU the Vision -
Nears Puritans—Tim history of the Persians from the
wertatiou in ILO, to the meal. 0. of .e
of m
account of their prmeiples Or, Ac,hy
Seal, M A,.
revised dbyJohn 0 Choate., hl D, limb mac retrain ammell
to two venoms
The cm of the Body in relation to the Muni, by (Dery
Moore, .» D, member of the royal college of rhyomma,Ae.
Jovesolla Works.
Wealth and Worth ot which makes the man,. very pap
illae Jammile work. I
rent. of the Sea, be' tag mural MS of eh perracks,
Roost'. Spaer—Tha Juvenile Speaker, mourning
alimentary ioita sell ..mime ht d«lamasen, • ith a 'elve
n°. uf puma for pra, by Francis T Itamelt,iostrsetor in
ekration al Vrakeetm.
The .bat works met ',A and for mli by
all D.kretlen, ear mut. and 3rd ets
± l l. 7 b . yr e T a rtil l e : t " rt:ir it Y ll ° ;;U ' i ' i i l ' el ' lrlet C, N e e t ne n !lirn!
revised and enlarged, with the athlainn of a rartlble
Alateria Jifeßen. palmate out the venues, preparauow
and On.. of our mac valuable. native, medical plump,
and an appendix, illuorated vet* 100enemungs, of
which are entered. By J. 0 D.
'Eh! oluvet of the came work W to give the history,
elownetenatie aympir.tna. pawn. and. termination of
all common deseuset, w cerrectoomple and intello
Cade asp owiltle. to
in Pic opaeloc• of all
who ought. in nay cocci, to undertake the treatment of
a disermeon the tunionatton of winch human life may
be at stake.
The treatment foliaged by the generality of practiore
era, toot (natal mem loth erica!, pert:retort y in be Di,.
caeca Endemic to the *oath And West. bas been detailed
wills much minute:ewe end great care.
The Funily Itledirahl.ihntry, it Is believed. hat given
more general tativirietarto than any tarok of the kind
eitnlll. Ily it, 'lamlt and pewpiromoi dit , ello•Pe—n . •
11.101 wnitethet; and their proper dines, any one Of ouJi.
cup tmelltgenw, will he anat.:et' to treat many eases
of diner. withoultbe neceasay of canto; to a phwarian
We have been toMmied by heed of families, wife have
in their howw that/ could they not anthem mtothei
copy of the wort, ten Mc* the ea. Wald not patella
I Ih—hiring dronently armed MOM ltralithall, Unelea
; by i 4 mu.
Agents wanted to yell thiv work—a Itheml• commis
'sten allowed: J. A. & 11. P. JASI/12 , ,Publialmts,
fe&l Walnut at. het. Eat and s;h, Cloc
New Lot of Elegant P 1....
lea ju.t received the.thliewing new
HPianos, which will he sold lower than tan be
boogla it the essh
One elegant tnahoutey,ll octave, made be News &
Club, New York, of great power and tweemess of
tone—a ruentelt low priced. '
One elegant roaewood Puna, 111‘tle by . Clair/cuing.
Melon, and selected by him ea the bc•t ....uremia of
We class la toe factory—price very moderate.
Ilcsideto a number of othem or all price, atylea,
(tiraung the tnostetterrove selection ever otered ‘ hetc,
No tot. 3rdot at / Woodwellig aug4
ew Hook..
OR ' , ale at Mc DONALD & URRSON'S 10 /iftthlct
History of the G trend WM, en Perronal fifemolrs of the
Purim , of the French Revolution; by A De DriflAmo
nental Oleani
Imrope; ttp,er new Shen( from the old Fields
Of C.ontl hy J
/Rory of the Ilaulo of Writerhio; by it., li R (Rein,
JE—I parts.
D ee the Peeragkand the Peasantry; edited by
Lady Daer-2 vela. •
Tales In Prowl by al:Dewitt. ;
- .M utiionA:ll49TiitiniFiiiiT6. •
J(111N It Na al, Wood creel,
_has :lust re.
celved a near 'tack of the fallowing blithe/I !land
Jostromentv, alrl
Tubes, with 5 valves In P, with R flat croolris
new and very_powerfal bus instreatenh : • . •
iitornbacellos In Pit lint, and II flat, made by.Oraves
Trombones in II a t. with :t ai acs,. by Orues &DJ;
Trantheatino,sat. do d do :• do do . do;
Kent Bogleri, pntient.F. Il , dO do;
' Ophlelldes laDflat; itla inning tillac t of thebest gush
Goirie ill in eases,PPri. made, and Very superior. '
, Triernhooeswith Lome elide and key, new patients
and mach Improved,
' Conrew,Frerien Iterns.wlib 4 or 0 creeks: i
l ' til 4 ;Vfei l lni!%3 C ortil d ni• E FttiFlw•eri„ lets; Artindionst
-Viol ' lneellosi Doable thasecilluinge Reed., Mune Pa..
ror etiimlniniument '
ril'll l ie r - iiiioss wriginiiiViOtlassos. "'IL
~ i 1 • ,J0114 4 / 1 .41E1.1.04, No 61 Wood si,
tine received and otters for ealo—
One splendid Rosewood Main Forte,
. .
with , la octaves, Iron twine and new
ie . e. 'Maki by Oileikering, of Malan. - -
°Pt unbent :IloseWood:Viano **one, with 6 octaves
lied iren Creme. Made by tlilekerina.
: One oloyant Matitartiny Piano Fore—made by Gale
ihCo,Pleor York. 1. • .
' , rho olipie will nevoid at monordererer's Meek 1
, Also, as mime, a iteeand hood Piane Forte,
WO Seeley.. ', - - • . joie
ILI lISTORY:or-glibilCO=liiii published, bi
- 1 - 1. , j A Je U P James. Clneinnall i- • .:' ' ' •
TIIEIUSTORY OF 111311COr , her Civil Warr and
oslonial and Resolidirmarf Ann.% Dam the, paned of,
th.. 8 P" 1.1. CMWOOSt.• IMO, to the mien% base,l647,
including an aeronnt Of the War - with the'United Stales,
Its haters and. Military:. Achievement.. • By . Philip
' Yormg,M.D- Web wentftpperplate Maps, and 'even
Ratanssinti or Plant eflialde °monde,' to One vol.
Faroe oelaro,X. Are handV and ality-fort4 pases.• • :
Nl lslMOCWl3oo#7l4tto , Alitchaillh i fimegra:
Yillies ObPsiOry.' . " . .. - :: : .v . ' 1 ' .v.4' ,•.:','..
s7PlesidagVo lida% liiiliimtlibloretioitrr
N{, . , v:•.'.'..',. ,, 110119$44MILORSION•
.2 , .i: , ~.,:r.:,•...:.:....,.:•;-,,,.,,,,...i-,':.",.7.;,..,., i.,j..,'.: - ,t,:'
~ .',. :,
• =
. .
works; are i .,
SPairio,, Asue, • - rem, # IfSO:4 0 3 Sts
Go a t , .gla lIAIL3IAN . , le ltasing
spired .dompltd
tare . every . dernripuon of Co an d Eliptic arida .
Inn isles, American Mister, g and Steel,
te atd &daises of naafi mime toned ...slack
they oder for sale on liberal their makers
E. :I3 Wcod street; Index th e 'also loco an band.
mplate and Madman asomnent of •acti uSso.
..• Carriage hardware, malleable casdagaciiiils
„ ..
'1 1. 1 ,7.1 Co., bade made airingernints arid, Maisie
Day? & CronsonanaMetarcrs - of Sliotels;;EM rides
Forks, &e., and Will koep . constantly on band even
'article made by them. Deslets are remeetfally ser .
shed ui caU,as prices and terms will Le ml•2sdT wadelibetaL
Prrmauok: PS: ..
RD pre pared bolid Conon s
tems oollen
cry of every deseriptioarm Mulls.
arrllng Ma
hines, Spinning /loamy Sjqrs, DlS•r4f ate/,
Railway leads, NS arpers, ers,Stsos,t,Dresang
Frunes LOOM, ' Card Grind Wrooght Iron
Shafting chased 611011 o( Casa loon,,Pollies, and .
Ilangers, of the latest patterns, slidO and band Lakes,
and tools of all klnda.- • • ' ' • -
Canines of every dosenpilenlartaisliall on Mort res•
nee. • Patten. =de to order for Mill Outing, Ilan
nuting, At. Steam ripe for hewing Paddies, Cast
lawn Window
and loner Castings generally.—
Orders! e ft at the Warebituse of J. Palmer to Ca, Lits•
arty Street, onll have pampa attention.
Blaeltrioek, Ball A Co., KTo
Moorhead RCS, 0 I
Warner, John bwin Sons; Pittsbargh.
G C ei 3 II Worn!r; SteobersTille.
DIPORTER and Manufacturer of Cutlery, Sarah*
and Deno& Initraments,'Saddlers mil Miners , hand
tools, Taylors , Edens blears, &e. &co: Also atanageta.
moo Trassea.flupponers, he, in great variety.
J.C. Manstacturer and Importer of Pea, Pocket and
Table Cutlery; Razoni,lietwors.Files,Saws,Tools,ke;
hardens:mad to
V 3 'WOOD STREET, Pittabargh, second door l bot
low Diamond Alley, -
And his lately rerereed a Igloo assortment of
Pen & Pocket /Calve. K.UITO• di Perks,
Also Rodgers' and Whougholmst
Ellions.Ralgers:Wade & Dutcher% Itazont,Seksow.
RarerSuops, aro.. Bantam, and Wile Twut
Allca4Colt'e and Blanes Rdvolvers, Powder Flasks
Shot 8011.. (lune Dap, Walker`i& Coes Extra For Caps; Donde, pork and Ilianiag Knives. - .
Toolsoweh as Callipers, Dividers, Flyers, NiPfnalo
I hand Fite& Squares. Rules, o Braces, Bata,
Shaves, Stacks and Does. Wire !tad Iron Clasges,sauth
' manes , Instruments, fee,, in very great variety
CV -Jobbing and repadiax neatly and paantmlly
done. loop%
," •
E W. STEPHENS of W i tleelirg. of Strobes
bane rs ' la r y ju e n n i t . e ' rer its:; 3 co:partnership nder style
et Stephen*, Shoenbesser t. Co, at the
Anchor Iron Works, Whechnn f o . th. of
manafactoring iron and nazis of every dexrspnoa.
E. W. Rerentems,F P Snosrtaksas
3. A. Itioernall ,
Wheeling, Va.
Manotactare all kinas of lodes,sheet, bar Iron • Aid
nails, A R met clime wings an PILO!. Betaken.
ne_czed wish norm beret's Old
(brandedos we ran
offer an arnele or /aroma Iron tlkkaz4zhcrltkkl
keZvat 5a1 , ..01e n , a...awry. All ef winch .11 be
sold at the rat,sharek prices. Warehouse of the Worts
corner.f Monroe and WSW streets min
TAM this method to Infant hl. Dien&
and the public at large this his Factor/
phi. ow In fellopersuon, on the East side
of the Diamond, Allegheny., where • coal
want supply of Minds, of nations colors
andeaallilee,areconstantlykepten baud.
. also at Neht: Wood st,PieshariM,at
H. Phillipsloll cludiartreroom.
coition Shutters made to coley, in the best style.
Blinds repaired at the shortest notice.
N. B. His Blinds will be pet up,' withow any addi
tional enconse en that they can be removed to a mo
ment m ease orate or tar and without the aid
of Aelest dr e ooldlyk.wlatitlY
,1:10111MON, Bdl andntri7S - YMi - a
• er, has retimilt and commenced businew at
▪ hiaold stand, wpm he will be pleased to
- • see his old custontlerareid friends.
Church, Steamboat. and Bellsof every
nine, from 10 to 10,MI mends, cut from
- patentee( the most approved model.; and
warranted to be the best materials.
Mineeel Water Pump*, Coo tem, Railing; An; ifie•
' onetime with ever, variety of rims Castings.'"
eti• tamed and finished to the neatest manner. ,
Irr.V. P. is the sole proprietor of Dauseti AYH-.
Ammon iltiOtaL, so lastly celebrated finithe redac
tion °fiftieth. In machinery. The Doses and Campo
suion can be bailor him nail times.
Nu. NI and :Id Liberty stria, soar Us Cattat
LWA S on bud and made to order, • Urge
A of Marble hlantels, Pier, Centre Tables, and
Buena To Tomb Stones, hlonerneilts„ Am; off which
being aside of the choicest rouble, and manufeeturod
principally be enc hum, will be sold law for cash.
N. B. rufous • anshlng to purchase Models, are
Informed that it it henceforth Platcee•eary for them to
go Past, as I can furnish there with an antele'm all
respects issued, and (freneht,ursurance, he, eonsider
ed,) as cheap as atop eu prathau Um for lathe
East- (WI and see. . • Ices
No B Marled swam, Fittsburgh i Peurim •
TIIE subscribers having made great Improvonenti
ic the conatruction of their COOKING STOYM,
ropectfully invite persons building &rainbow m call
and examine before purchasing, la we eon supply them
milk Deck Stoves, Forges, and every other kind of
Copper, Tin and Sheet lom work nccessary in furniOr•
Inc a Stalonwat.
NY. alai, make in order on the abonest notice Sad
Tube. and Chamber, Copper work far Steam Engines
and every variety of work in our line. •
Eirealtsghasta. Inner Pitt stirreggild Pa.
Iluschutur 11'o. 137, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
iFWllleonstantly keep on band a good amen•
went et Ware, of oar own manutactora .d
inthettorriankty. Wholesale and conntry . Mete
chat,. nth retheentilly Invited to call and ex
amino dot themselves. as we arc determined to sell
cheaper than has ever befoth been odered to thra pat.
lie. •
117. Orden sem by mail, accompanied by the cub
ei nr• r.ferenre. mil he ornamtlr it , htmled ro. febY3
.treut lYcittra Butt Binge Manufactory,
A GARDNER Co , would inform Me wade that
11.• hey on now manufacturow the best Batt Hinge
evermsde td the Coned Mate* A• ter amprincs
ple bonnets we Intend to send Out completwanar•
bele on tan pownbly be made. Those ensued. me
hardwew truth', we think, ill hoe it to thew mental
to see our s.(. Rne All ordempromptly attended 10.
m ,SARDNEIIt A, Co. taro! * mom sts
Slk E subscribers arc raw enlarging them establish
/ [111•111,41 , 1.i am prepared to make a kiwis of Cotten
and Mach]. rY san Oto mast maalktoklo terms.
Peters addlemed to us tad! meet with prompt attention
',cock street Allegheny City
Wightmun, who hoii n patent for • very
Important improveme ia on the Cant, and who has been
engateel for the last fifteen yenta in nowg of the most
e gleamy° nod successful Cotton Factories of the west,
will giro his personal attention to putting op, to the not
in:tenon or those concerned, all machines ,nutto no thin
establishment psiahlly
Co., Nos. 03 and 91 Front an,
lianas Form:seas and Chia Vu.
raw Berta of all sixes nut
from die lairs imp owed pat
terns and warranted Nord to
any. - Alwi Liras* C•stinvi,
finished if ordered, Gas tja.
ring+ pat op pecnnytly and din
reasonable terms. , •
Young. • C ;lenient. 'F Plunkett.
TAYARKIIOUSE Nos.B.lWetcr and let First street,
V I Pittaburgh. The Glass innuotictured by as Iv
willequal to any In the country.' All ' elder.
will receive prompt anention 4111.1 filled on namable .
terms. klerchants and others visitinq the city are ere •
Gerd Unroll before parch:mug elsewhere.. 4414 •
I R lti N orF „ ttZt:lVZte k r:a b c4trrtlal
TOE 10 o rout.
Aldo on a... Tweet to the old itmd,
Having made groat additions to the golltoo Mil 4 all
orders can ho filled promptly: "
- - - •
BlRELiallen TACK, FACTolii:
• tiamrrAcronau '
Iron Azad Copper Tack.,
-rquern Make& Eoiiiis; of every description.
• Otßre No.
MAC ZONIS • • /Ma W. MN.
'JONES A 417100; ' •
MANUFACITIKERS of Spring and ister Steel,
Plo4oh :Med, Steel Plough Ninos,..Votkekt and
rdto t ' al IV dndu intra i k'm an ' t= 1 17=1 " np d-i rdnlgir
corner of Hose and ems =ear, Pitubttook, Pt: ;-
felak ;
P. Mokvinr. hawcr—
FLINT CLAM/ ItsTAnLyinnlicavri
MULVANIr do LEDLIE manakkenareaadtery eon.
Joann], on hood- CaL alottlded• and plain Flint
Canosertre, In all varietick,at their 1.V.0h0p., cep
need Market and Neter streeti, Pittatmok:
Oar Work. conthloe in full operation• and we ana
c0n ...1y nddino to our mock. which enables Rs to SD;
o ni c ro with prornotnekk !Nadia/Tilt aro tovettfialiy
volielted to eon and tiakaine prices and Irma,
_k_nqt/ y
O.PJLILTNRIRDEIIP—Tho andorsigoOd hair.
IRE emaciated ingather *odor the mar and style et
lay. lc Ibulay, for the pea oftrantacung notion!
)ry Goad a and thocory.barino.., what to Inform their
Acad. and the gable, gonCrellY,thol they 111 keep
a hand at all time. a Rood anorunentot glad. in Mom.
I ac, vall bawl. wholcsato or retell on ...good tenon
Li, wog con Le
,3011 N lIAAI
Mg. ; 2 IP:DJ libeny oppof te7tk
(UST iniejecd a fresh silkily of vulcanised India
al Rubber or Chun Elude !Wm of all shoo:. Jaq the
.artloki for the Fins Coospanies,dscaniboals, or !tenni
ra u irrfa% • I n Xtft r
e:111:=1 1 4 2 b p 9 ! PVlu/s k r:a a t
'ad.' • alil • &LI Pai t
AVAMtiIIiCOAUS &C—Tea ortwelre bnutda
ImPrie4: 4 ** h•Pon.i PAicippi of all.misty of
Jam Pang. Boat god-.BeIa.CPIS: b i :r
wholedude et s! aq to sayeoseespers
Yttee eloa of • • - • 7e,C00 WWOW,
ind boatmen, ' Pain In the INde and • Ntelit Sweats,
silathalmWhosedog CMOs; Pelfelelese et We limn.
Liver Coroplsimlllooehlue, and all disarms of.
the Wont; longs end fiver - eured by Shee
' I
&Inv BkoodaVborisomplwrn.
M k/MUM Biltder; B o rooklyn, woe Moteke e
side; rtlitllthe utti f°l pteati b lf t eTestpl " ile
=MOM. twerof;thabest physteinem they.dtd * tiot,oo I
gem, and sold hoo be COULD NOT LIVL. 3
Hearin of thre woodertaLcores performed M. Sher.
Min's holism, he sent at 10 o'clock at night to Mrs.
?lea TM' Waer., and got a bottle; It operated 1110,
eumM watired Me bleedom and • adore be
had taken ono Male he area able to be Mow his woik.
Is had SAVED 1118 UPl's: I W &Mtn, residingal IV
*Me Avenue can awn It. •
• Miss Mastettof WllllemibitMli,living In Tenth
near South says—That she hod pees tteabled
with a Melting tooth, andrpain ,itt the ehem,for a king
Dam which, at best bad dm sae was obliged
to foe op her school, foe more than 1 year. I',. ince
commencesttekingthe All.llealin6 Balsam mulch soon
alleviated her ,memente: She Is nom, Mumma
end has reshmed her taintless becepothst as &teacher,
Mr. John &Neat, 70th avenue and Mu at, suffered
with • melt, rel.:ng ofzphtemo and - pals lh his'alde.
lie could get NOS. , Ivir. WI hauled We A llayed
Balms, which drove the paln
e ms his side, allayed We
eaultbr and Mast
en donate mom the , steam and
before be hut taken three bottlesoree entirely curedi •
Pleurisy and comma option. • i•
Um Bogpm,st tamale. of klkreridlog abc , -
if, Yu for yeara bete subject_ to attacks ot .
Raking of Mood,
Shawnees of Dreet,
Isis in her dead and series. pewter bar bMy. ee l ler
friends believed her PAST . MBOOVLIW. TM All.
Dealing flatus Mental her atones of all her alarm.
leg my ragtime end she is tow able w Mend w her work.
Asthma and Withapiar Cough:
Mrs. Lamtia, 115 Christie.M; L a Beal. to, Wm It Yit,7S Wilma-n,Mo* We
' the vele. of Wig great rm.
Ask for Sherman's Sll.llealing Daleam, and we that
his written gloaters, W on each bottle.
• Truce= cents and St per Mule. ' .
Dr Sherman's Worm and Cough Losengei mold ets
PrinelonfOlece lW Nissaaat... N. V.
Sell ',Wow Set ratan by Wm Jade* at his Palest
&laicise Wareksiass end Book Sol SbieStors, No SI Lila
itiowt, bed Of Wasielmet,Tillsbegh. Poe* .1411.:
TWOIIiPtIMOS - lUP — der
advertiser - L‘r, Th. remedy it.
(Me) Advertiser says.:=. Tlus rennolj lam Itmen wore
snecmsfel than any medielne we have ever known for
its amenerona sites W Consemption,,Bruing Blonl,ptin
in tb Side and Breast. Bronchitis, Asthma. Obsonste.
Coljes, ,Hoarseneas; Bore .Thmat, Palpitation of the
Hein, Whooping
11111 C re=t r' strl v t;rn ilre?t r yllar '
ample tesumny to us power anti etlksey Min *IW
or dimmer..
icing ere several Irma disungaisbed phyeletans of Phil-
Bead , the following, from Dr. Young, the
connent ocalist. • • •
• f Il i enr=l sal. funeUee , lenil f t t ‘ lt v tr a
P a tTpl, , I ha P r no t = i n B lnZing is the
best preparation of the turd Maio for pease. if
from Co
ot, and WI 'Llitaioart of
the Threet, Breast, an, ect prevalent IL'alif wariug of
_year. N OAD,II. D 11,Sprace st
We loos Sena within a Aser.daystlmperwns who gve
the Billowing certificate. He remains well, being p en-
Bellyeared of his disease V. • ,
..Pstitazor.rntsjaiteary 3, Intr.'
Front a aense of gratitude, end a Mmbt that the Arlie
cod may have resew. to n truly invaluable me
would state that the benefit I have experienced from
the one of Thompson's Compoun d Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naphtha . For several Years I have, been
ted with • Martuing reeking conch, =coeval:tied With
great *acme= and clificeblef breethlr4f, with • Sen.
;Won of lightness at the chest Smoothes grotty
shunted, a Mend wholtad been
benefined do
n hi
medicine, recrenatended me to try 141 did eo, and i a
very short tim e every alarming symptom divappeartd;
my expectoration became free, all coons:mut left In,
my cough ceased, and mu
se few days i. 11211 able tri
oat and mood te my busines wenn.: Arty further
mine:mum will be cheerfolly given the aftheted, by
calling at ray residence,'No.lo3.B:Pront •
Thin invalnebleMmßeine is ',revered only by OH.;
NET Ss =LOON, at MECeomer of Fifth and Spruce
am, Pluladelphm. Sold In Pinaburgh by kiviLo
Jr. Price le cents or St per bottle. - •
CAUTlON—Stereos of the alley counterfeits that
Akre et,* afloat. 'The instrapalens ire ever feady
deceive the sersmory. • • m'actern
AJMOIMID/13141 JASCtl y.
JACRY—A Blessing! ''tt Miracle!! Wonder:!
—To care Erections end Die cements of the Skin,
Pimples, Freckles, tlaubanr, Fah 'thence, &ern) Fn.
Fear years ago loot doges*, the capital of Frioee
eras astonished in consuyeeneen .f a made by
en halm Cheatuat.. Many doebted—haeraned Memo
ao that anything Made by the hands of
am, mad han sloth o r powers as that claimed
by Antonia Vesprin/ for kis Invention. 31. y eluded
birs and Ka Invention as • humbug. (and Mee! eteel
foolish persons_withotit Urn do the ern.' enwil - el
length, after testing It I, the hospitals, the Itledicas So
ciety of Peri. Ldse best chemists wt. worldldellvered
the following repretto Signor Vespyinh
"Woken now same!, and canifany examined the
singtdar inventions( Vnprisd. We have .saalysal Its
nentparts--we kayo toed it In lineal eates,and
wo =IL le prptionem it Idle Italian Critical
Soak'oo a great. blessing, and a tritlytoronderfa lt.te•
dy toy on meal= or dletneat of On
skin. Its taverner we .wilder the Anto phtlanthnspist
of suffering mankind. ' • • •
Proatthe Inventor bbnielf tootapresentPropnetor.
' • • PARIS, Nor.l, 11340
. In antsidwatiesi or the-gom ofd**, I have divot
get, to Mr. T. 'Joon, resglitot Indio eity of New'York.-
N. A., the whole pmts., of auoitifscuaing, together
with a statement of the ingredianta composing lay 'ltal
ian Chemical Soap.' lk worniaradietore it for We in
the United dtates only, sad ID hone the Pnnfr-g. o f =-
mine it"Jones , ltaban Chemical Soap."
Wttrasc Seery J. 11oldsworth.
C4Jodold by W JACKSON, !Whig Patent Medicine
Warehousth ES Liberty etreet, bean of Wool, at the
sign of the 1S Boot. • • • • • )53
The-only piece in Prnshargh when the GENUINE
can be obtained. All others are Counterfeit.
A GlMATCultArTibrased by lb. imigteal nod only tn..
Zlasol gesnim,Lfrmr rill, pnopared rd sold by 6 F. BEL
Moira , Facroar,Weetatorcland Co,
/My 1953,1847. ff
Mr. IL E. 6.11.=:—A sense of duty toy. and the atlicted
induces me bold my huusb:e t=omato) in floor of yourYtntly
celebrated Linn' Pilo. l hob detateed dorm ro for rears,
adhering to Dory Creckettrimi Mat my you ~.rghy
that N ahead." Mon of many preparatims of etoptoes
md ;Lurks. lauded to the's ha, Lava node hit. oblivion Ohne
Rr Litre Pia have twee offered to tbe public. and, indeed,
line the; NI 'marital Mein all,. as they are kat! what
you trpreamtlboin to M. I hen been &Sided with Liver
Complaint am oty . yooth; mEtted muck; mmiloyed
Imayornitteht phis ...mai, to wham I paid much man; ham
low mods blood. beat malted and phyucked alma to /MIN
dented 5 or ilimee, end DmErgtro op an tamable. jlo
' 105;7 Ina 'oda:cab try YourLerq•Ells, and SOONC/OT
WELL. Chubut of which is bow OsEasient to keep:Meteor
or pain I. tha side. and all t eeb.rsyuiptrom. Gr .t taut
IS months. Yoor Pills mil afro the bestealltartie lever meth
be tad, not griping or giimg much Arbors/ at the imams
aetlot. gin =couch rad .1 have kept Meat 10 my .tart
Air I or 7 pin; tohLbututrieds of Mum And have serer
heard m eiog e.complaint attend by any one who has .nand
rhea They ham sopereeded oboe. envy ohm pill b this
neighborhood' and in a short time will Impish theta aIL .1
eammatly recul gem. to all persona Beetling. physic,
whether ssr Liver Cnesidaiat or Blitious Athol/ma 1 cam
shirr them far mrperior Calomel or Um Blue PM /Impact
folly your., L MMus
LAUTICIN4II. May an other Pill. before the platthe
Cammoldnelhila permits who inattiteGENUTEEthoold
auk for and taken* other than thus( prepared and sold by B.
E 8 /t 888 fro 57 Weodset Imams Third and Fourth
! g old by Dis Comm., FM Ward, D M CCU; Allegheny
We boar heerrlntbrused by Mn Rose of a tart Der
formedaaber he Dr:retries.* AltaraUssi which I
proms ha .eaperioriti over mom other mealy of the
kin. She has been afflicted Binhe hat azimut years
mitt ateeritioas wed mkobaratt of swims bones, da
tine which time many pierce bam ham awhanialßom
lb iroatal Mae al Me traaism Oat both' her ants,
watts a telhaods, and Max both legs, tad (roskthe left
for oral tam, and from tke cleft Mee. beside* palatial
alter. se other perm of het person, vrbith balm baffled
the skill at • ember Or the wain mimeos pkysielme of
car tit. -along moot of Um a.o her miattnes km.
been extraiateg aor depkwsble. Abet tbs.. moths
Mies she. woe tanned lo ay Dr.Jarnae Alterative.
which by had an aostaiehinelthappy erect apse her,
y 7 remaalag ell ax beg tied tM
aW sue
has amailic tt
omplrtelymWared, ro that lit MIN weighs
M Its moat than she der helbra bit treammeed the...
elatii Doty ralaaalaprepawa.—Dagt Era. ram.
• . For &abet lafisnoutoa,la•pLLlV or bits. Bova, No. M
Father! U, Philadelphia. •
Pbr Mk la Tiasrgh, the PEEN TEA STOAT,
71Fmrat et, Mar ba
Wm.!. , - • . lib
.lrea,whoati Weds . foolud yalkw—
Yea, wawa ls dark and as haw—
Yea, who.e halt la harah and whey,
Itosty,dmruell °eatery—
on. whose elle a/ensue breath .
Unpleasant le sa utrid death—
Noe male hare—bay, wan or OS— •
Tate ea svelte u sum tw pearl, •
Breath • tiney reset, end en nide
• Pore and *AM and mewl and besebral,
Aed oft. sillty, d ark as Wog .
By roadies what w said betel,.
READER& uy *flu can have
bawl above by Wad
%kW Is nothing bat auk) using•• at e of/awes co.
sal Hair Baooratteenst boa of Joness Amber Taaa
Pattur—stad ls eats ,( be gum. Jones'e •Itshan
Chealral faartp.•• TM %Melts sem bet InAr, and Tau
aia Waled atat the halialtaj an their Rai qtalataem
71a math pasta gimes. the broall• mut odor, white
teeth, and presdr•es the teetkike. The bolt wet all
keow as be tie west etiolates thing River ludo ier dun.
alb a. beuttrynnt, estAsursing Ate growth or anal and
the reap, (get the dentine Jones's @nap, wind) angelus
erelnisaa, Reales,' JIA, end nuts dare) ellow
white, clear. and fair. All Ow dilute we sold tonly)
et W JACO:WNW. Bawl and.nban I.ltine sad Patent
Medicos, Washes* Lawny layr
ATAL'ailitale:VllC.—Mter robe Ow Witte
Wed. We waweitititettrproiwoweew tole what II pram
ee-I.lw boa Wid, *Femme mit eatevoioth is we, Roll.
moonlike sad prooneetwe ate brawl hotr. W. bow
of pantos Immo Akre hair boo lows reteon4l to Imola
whisk kank her bold toe yarnwed we Wet two mutat Ow
meter Low Um to retotasotod *es realm edote et
bass their twir e to mato 4dof We Took imitate!,
Blum AUL
For eli reskiVii /*Alb San; N 0.72
IL A. VA .11141:14CIL t CO ,;
HAVE erected aselleasivt ware.lase. discerner
of Wen and bus wired, to 'stitch they have
moored their Wholesale harness, where they will
they! Lave on WO•uenalre assetwent of all
the melee In their hoe, to retool they invite the wee.
Ilea of the peddle.
The Drug Ludlam will he coahnetal at the Imo ants
earner of Oth and Weed es. • • IRKS
lbe rk=
Ilrown or tom Z ealot. widow diV i choj airthe
O. Soli with toll arookor, Prip appilpi or U
4:l=a by Wit rain*
0411 Wool otilrs , WA of W
sAitibar•azia.abt bow. nombelooki,
= 1 :11, 1)4 ' m
=O"4-144 6w
VOL."XV:----NO. 36.
N C E!
Ssll..ty /111111.11 Mair Company of Phlladona
FIRE RISKS 'Ton buildings and diereluuldiso
of every dnactlpt/on, and - MARINE: RISKS
upon bull. or cargoes of Timely taken. upon Ike
most favorable tense.
pg" Office in the Manhattan id W. B. Holman
&BBee., tit0..37! Water,i &whet attest, ritta
t K B. The mittens of'btai CoMpany slice the Mud.
lishment of the Agency in this city; with thommagamm
4.1.4 blonatay with which every claim limn diem for
loss has been adjusted, fully 'natant tha o,ln in
viting the confidence and pueott oof hls&enda and
the community. at lane to the. Delaware (it. S.
rano. coralmaY: 'Mlle it has the additional adcantapsr
as an Institution- luncingtlin most liontialung in
libilad'in—u having anample paid ineapital,ythieh
by the operatiorinfaticharthrtsconstantlyin
as yielding to parson thawed his due=
the profit" of the company w i thout involving 'him
in any .raspomibility whatever; and thernlare at
pommingvhe Mutual principle divested - of every
obnoxious feature,na I in it. moat Mt:active Vona. •
Tlif. imamate Company of North America,
through its duly nothorized Agent, the eabseri.
ber, offers to make perma nent :"and limited Inane.
mee oa property , in this city sod viciaity, and
on shipmen& by the Canal and Rav&s:
John C. Smith, Preet., Samuel Brooks,
Ate:. Henry,: ,Charles Taylor, -
Saud. W. Jones, • Saari. V. Smith
Edward Smith,' • • :Ambrose Whits,_
John A: Brown, - '1 JaeobAl. Thomas,'"
. John White, ' • John It. Nee;
Thos. P. Cope,.l Richard Wood„
Wm. Welsh, Arthur G. Catfin,See.
This is the oldest Insurance Compriny Jo the
United States; haring been chartered is 1194. Ate
charter ni perpetual, and' from its high .mmlll4,
long experience, ample meane,- and avoiding all
risks of an extra hazardous chancier, it may be
bewildered as offering ample 'Dmitri& to the public.
At Counting Room of Atwood, Jones. & Co.,
Water and Front streets, Pittsburgh, aptliN
by .
Ag dnat Loss by rare—The "FRANKLIN Fire Inen
-. • • ranee Company of Philadelphia, ••• •
ITiLL make Inatuance, permanent and !flatted,
on every description of property, inPITTS
on favorable terms. This ibmimby liaa pupetruil
charter. : •
.. ~
»xOO,O 00 P
paid Is.
• Office corner or Third and Market Eta „
AZILOriGIUI liarislisaurasee Closputy
CIIANIZR P1214,1 1 / 1 1.. CalT/lt. 111701 Pal LIED IN.
o,ffice in./I" ,,4 lvAia: No. Rah* SIMI.
- • •
,•_ ON, P.
PHIS old and lyell-establiahedyompanrepolmsen to
it Bolldings,Mereltnaanle, Forenoon andprop
any notorasreoun haranWoa elmactehogalutjose or
lannige by Are. •
Application loi , inaoranees In Piosbonak..and to
netabborboodiwill be received, and mks taken either
perpenoolly or for !looted periods, ad faeorableterms by
' No ga Wood'n.
N. YiiiVAlivka—usetffits
ausa , PROOF molt
. . ...
1 IIE subscribe. beg to call tbe amnion awn...
in ill roofing, to their UALVANIZED TIN
PLATES, and to lute satutc.sdratatmes Which they e ,
poasetsa over all mitotic. an& raahataucca Intheno
ward An this purtesse,po lastlltaida, the attength
and lightness of Iron Indigo' timaltalleltat,bnnutir
now been tenni carnal y..p., In sant neonurl and
in &trope. They aro alsot halartalljfeglitlaapanalon
and contraction front anddenobangesalthalontoghere
than common Tut Plato,Tmo, Sloe, kd Fit ihy other
metal now used for roofing, and conseqaontly awe a
much better and tighter roof, requiring tar lea frequent
re • air, whilst the firat cost Is bat a trite mom
he subscribers would also cull the summon a al
dealers and welters ie socials, to the many °sheens. , .
poses to which Iron thus protected, :can he
In geueral ten. it M applicable to auricle& of iron.
,which it tr desirable to protect frorathe action of the
atmosphere. And they would espeemily calf Ake at•
=donor Mem interested in TE.T.F.GRAPIIIC LlNat,
totheir GahrunimdiVira which is now elmorderowe
ly tued its Europe, and w loth =wen every purpose
as conductor of electricity, only. Mann one
hall m touch a• topper, and pOmeaslos estaalaureblli•
ty with that metal. I •
. - Having latedy created works in dos sip for thePer
pose otmdmossitz4::, spike., bolls, wire, ke., they
will be able to to any ankle which may be des..
red. A supply ef P co Imanudietored Eolopea
coustandy on h,ftrust MI to 3:lustre mgr..
GEO. B. bIORKIV - 000 . am 16 Waver st, IIEW- Ton*:
• Tim Pate, Right for this. mete has been amatrod
Sortie United Slam. astern im Went Britain, and other
European emmtnes, and all lineal sneasarra wW by a
lma to prevent en 7 lafdoileamot by imporataldioN
.••• NEW. GOODS.;.,
zron PALL TRADE or" tt4T:'
77 Willi Mes an Cherry, and .110 .Lalerty Earn, Nem York.
A RE treehring by every — arrival, additions tones!
large !moment of Dry Goads. They bais, made
arrangements waTar to country merchants and &Mims,
an rtlearigre and dasirable smek:of goods Or thnTall
By steamers and packets will he 'shelved dta'roaat
approved, and rend cyles of the English and continen
tat mutate.
Their or moment of ..lkonettie Good. let cotoptioa
very aryl, woohy of the Pollea of Om Trode„ all of
Each will be offered on Um:ad term. al can tie obtain
. . - .
. _ . .
Enefah Clothi—Wool - and Finns lye. and Fanny
Colors, of varims. qualities and Fornenor &alt.. •
French Cloths, outman and One. • •
Twili'd Cloths, common and fine. '• -
Dominna, ot Me bast manufacture. •
Antennas C.uths,of all Ameriptions and colon,.
Fancy CoarimarecEnglish. French, and !Merman,
of superior style and patterns.
Beavers, Pilots; flashing., and other heavy woollens.,
Twoeds,browa, gold nuz.and other fancy Myles.
Satinetts and Foll'd Cloths on every descriptson.
Vcatings—fancy silk velvet; woollen.velrota,,Vale a.
man, Fanny Satins and Silks from km, to Aim.
Valve", black, broWn, and other fancy shade,'
. Blaek and fancy Cabot, large pad. Coo
twill • • • = •
WOruca Serpent all on:dines androlOrs. S •
Silesia., English Sod American, awaited and plant.
Banana Cord., Bindings Threads, iscAlce,
And canon. °rhea ncw and de .trable goads 'adapted
to men's wear. - NEW TOBd, 493 dam.
Wholesale Drug Wareham:Sae:
'CI A. VAHII I.:STOCK & Co., N0..49, John NI.
JL,I• ' New York; offer for sate a large mid genera.
acattalmeni of Drag. and Medicine., Dye Stull
Pant. and Oils of, every description, which thy]
are prepared and - ditenruned to sell low. , •
Conan Merchant. and Dmggist• ors nquestedt i
to call and examine their aItICICIN Orden executed
with futhildnem and despatch.' B. A.Fabilesteck's
Vermituge chmlantly . on band;. •
. B. k Fatiumlock,
. B. 4 Fahnestock,
tLb. W. Fahnestock, -
. •A. B. Hull,-New Sort, • . .
sk . r •
IkUVILLIPIO SLlStjawerfakii.
i_iyflUE W. FIELD . Mien lot saw aa;dta.learaal
• Ittaeoliehrrers , pleas a very optaaalva amen.
fra-at of PAPlX....rtnn eaerj poulble
atl . tramT,
apted to the warns ea eaastanera la all natio= slaw
eounaly. Paper of all kinds ataaa to enteral Ilan
I Lie mock or PRINTING PAPER lillZll/0211i Inge
&panel which le of veryßennet Onehtg-__ • .
every detcription, Imported end kept constandy on
lan" Peiongs„ Mate Ca* Ponnlrlnin Wins,
Itleaching Powder,
ennui, flak Rope,Beggiitg,k . e., An"
purchased, for when the highest Oen tit Cad paid New yort, .IslNl6Ol.
_ •
lhiadwsew ibuevita.77 -7— •
uninatoatta WOLFF bosom removed freak the •
TT comer of Liberty sod Et Claw sweet., so - No SO •
Wool wen, dam doors abase tit Mules I lowl.woahl •
reepeaddly osk entontion of buyers to their moot •
per Mops .Boreask, Pionongebel• and Rssom, dirtel
from me manefactorers of lingModbod fleossup. •
Also, toppites et Americus Hardware. boot Oteprds,
9.11 mensiactarcreaf Itesehervern ante, •
- Their owe being enemy new and porchwed open
dm best tense they feel great eon/War. In being Lola . •
sucressfsliy to tweet eon:ponies from any von.. •
whether can or west.
Tree hardware billiZellll Will km. 0301121.4 at . dm
symd. air
IT Market event, is nono.receiving kis spring
mock of llosan—Farnisiging Hardman", lintrusnia, •
consisting is pars as toilworn:—
Ban Japanned Ware; Enghda and American; .
4 bas Untoosnia do .• do do,
2 easing EAglisli Toured datiespann;
I do Oval loin; Icam Tnle and Woitar g
1 do klissinetivl Ware; •
I do Pressed Nam I cask BO& Rae;
Hog mooned Carver, 70 plaltsTineed Coniern
130311.Joluata War; •50 bitTift Plater ap9 • • JOILig DUNLJU',I7 Motet at •
it t E e m lO
o 4
va.l or p . ood
t r e a & e E d r S t s g a o d rTo,es.,s
NlrSoyoond MosthosbsEnbEheo,ioo te
sztv c.
hemossosod d
s ex gthem ... foloi. s po bom, mor
. •
Vimorm, .Ptinshoo, • rrsoolpes VcossEestlia,
ittEshs. Fisoms, &ono's, C ow
Also, a fe.bapi, or'biaitee's Black sEelebss
SD • • • •• • ' Disalm, Sib & %Mod ats
LARDOR.--9lie elibrenberckannig enemeneed
Übe atunfutarn of Lard OA. Are now preuredee
elector" alio:dere for that mitre. !heir Oil not '
best "ALLA), and will be gold Ai Ale krerestrafirlet rues.
The auendon Drouists .ref Grows is unuetillir
recurred-. J JORDAN AWN. JO Liberty
sprat • ?prelate bud of
Jam_Dr. DAVID bar
're, nude seairturzenniete in hi. us
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