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    New CorTespondexe:-
mr - Ed . '•
stor—We have , fairly en
"lntl& -fileptember ; ' , but , the: mouth. has
btirught' , withli•the return Of 'summer
• beat. ~. The past - week has proved nun
rmeomikineble than any week in. August;
said here, broiling under an atmosphere
*Ong to`near Se deg., we inquire, Whefi
- • ~ ..Anerapered. awn area,"
of-N ,. thich the poet has -so classically
' , sung? e They will soen•come-L . -ihe fields
are already 'snipped 'or their hartests,
.-•the sear leaf will aeon discolor ; the. fon
: age of-the (coest-trees; and dread winter
be upon us. We will, however, dismiss
'both fall and -Winter for the present,
though we .cannot readily see why' e
, . might not ;be cooled---nay, frozen,
•cording to some, newly " demonstra ted"
iratistical principles in medical silence,
ftejast imagining co:naives plunged into
depth of winter: •
• , „The death of Silas Wright, so sudden,
.so unexpected, has created quite a sett- .
• nation, not merely among politicians, for
',day are ' scarcely ausceptible_pf•feeling,
erseept where the result of a political can-,
rasa-15 concerned. Whatever may be
thought of his political views, Mr. Wright
win:emphatically a great man—a strong
man in the 'nation—a strong man in his
owe titridespite his - recent -defeat;
for be gained_ more honor in his defeat
• than his competitor did in his success-
"The most: sudden and alarming transi
,"produce bait a mementaryimpression up
_ onrhediist that. breathes. "•
.Allixien think all men mortal bat then:seven,"
It is not forgetfulness, only. How often
de we seethe living intriguing for 'the
offices,- the emoluments, or the honors of
- those whose bodies are scarcely 'cold,
• and whose dust is scarcely reposed
- the quiet grave. Would that the tend
. 'itincy, of these
-alarming strokes of
dance might be to diffuse a purer spirit
into the sphere of political action, and to
breathe a purer - atmosphere upon our ei
' "ecutive council, and legislative 'seem-
New York is the grand focus of every
thing material and immaterial; good and
evil: - The products, as well as the peo
ple, of all lands are here. And, every
year some new rein of -commerce and
source , of. revenue, is thrown oat. A
week since the first cargo of copper ore,
from the mineral regions of the upper
- lakes, 'readied 'this city—e cargo 0f.300
tone. - We had rafter% read of the ".Mine•
:al legions" of the North-Mast, but still
were hardly aware of their extent and
richness. On both sides of Lake Supe
rior the'COpper region 'is over one hun
dred miles or extent'; and thin again on
the mirth' aide of the St. Mary's river,
which :connects Superior with Huron,
, the same mineral abounds. In this re
' 'Von, copper ore in every form. And vari
ety is founk,and often immense masses
nearly pure ; and the supply is.absolutely
' ..„ inexhaustible. Iron has also been found
in abundance in those regions, and
"signe of ailroi;"„ but the aggregation of
~:copper forms their' chief wealth, and will
constitute their, valuable exoort. • •
A curious battle was lodes ira Castle
Gaiden,..a - few days since, between the
~- , Engriah and . the, Chinese — the . &nutria/
~ . and the celestial crew of the Chinese
• Jank. With the particolar - points at in
ane in the contest, the public havelnot
,-> been, made 'acquainted; but the Ching
: . ChingS,' bewildered by opium, and mad
; .... dened to fury by soma real or supposed
• offence, rushed upon the captain. and
emir; and though there was little science.
in the manner'of the onset, yet from the
'.: scratching, clawing, and all kinds of
. striking, the English bade fair to be great
sufferers, in person and in dress, when a
body of the police came to the rescue.
The Celestials, like the baCchanalian
- Celestials of old, were by this time ra
ging like mad bolls, till. use after another
- - they were knocked over, and fell bleed
ing to the ground ; and from thenie some
had' dozen of them were packed off to
the - "tombs." The poor creatures are
much to be pitied—in a Christian laud,
- • - but not within the sphere of Christian
... r inithence-from. their ignorance of the
language, elmoat totally cut off from, any
' lute:Coarse that might be productive of
good 10 them. May they not say, when
Chine:become - a the theatre of active and
wide-spreading Missionary exertion,—
"Though ere.were in a Christian land,
• no one s t ared for our souls'!"
• Having occasion, a few days since, to
look up a little gir l to bp "generally use
ful in th e family , " I was directed to the
• "House of Industry and Home for the
Friendless."' This is an establishment,
on tho corner of 'lst Avenue and 2d St.,
got up by the benevolent efforts of some
ladies, and , designed to furnish a home
for the:homeless and destitute, till places
can be provided for them. Orphan chil.
' dree, and: children abandoned by their
. parents, are taken, and aired , for. !Ho
wards of fifty of the destitute and hOnse
. , leas ones , - hare already been' provided
, -.. , with places in Christian families, though
":'the establishment has bad but two or
three months' existence; and between
: forty and fifty, mostly between the years
of 2 and 12, are now sustained there by
Chilean' charity till places are provided
for them. It was a pitiful sight. So
• young, and -yet so unfriended! We
....'.. were particululy struck with two oh.
tera—the one - perhaps 13; the other 5.
They were from an Trish' family. The
father died soon after sailing, and the
Mother at the quarantine, before reaching
•:• ', the city—leaving these two little girls,
. . and a son, friendless and destitute in the
world. A kind heart, touched with their
destitution and' oneliness ± directed the
44 . 1thans to the "home for the friendless."
, .._. ,
. ' , e children are all active and intelli
- tent: The boy-has already been provi
ded with a good home; but the sisters
remain; and pre all thp world , to each
other. We were touched `with their ten
' --
&mess and, affection. The little one
keeps *close .to the older both day and
: . • ni ght — will drop her play in a moment,
:, w ever it may be, to follow her sister;
-. it seems. asr though 'her heart would be
' --
hinken - by a separation. The kind-heart
,' ed . managera have retained both a long
_ - time, hoping to find them a. place where
they may Sot be separated.- God bless
• •Ind, provide for the orphan siatora. •
' - ... this visit to the "home for
the' frieudless.". FeW place! furnish so
many calls for the exercise of boner°.
, i lame, and ..few furnish so 'many exam
' ':'pies of genuine benevolence, as a large
• .and populous city. A few days since,
- . being called upon to visit a family in V
. iie4on in an obscure part of the city, vit
were introduced to ,a child of aillicuon
-boardimi la the family. She had . been
altiost - helplesa for six years, unable far
, ante. daring that time to - rise from her
'chair without help. Every joint almost
/,- ...
had been. displaced .by rheumatic pains,'
* . . as& the whole body was distorted and
awls-shaped.' On levity, I loathed that
child of suffering had found an angel
, . r
d mercy 'in ' s good 'Presbyterian (no,
Christism) lady, whO.had:Paid her board 1
= . 'sad
.. empplie' d her wants for six years.
-.-- ~ I lhet acquaintance," I inquired ;:' have
eti with this lady 1"' "None," replied'
:--4, 44 ...,50n1y rer daughter, a widow, used
. .;':ici..',wash , for the lady before ahe. died ;
, mid when : ebe - tried; and left tie withont.i
2.:5 arsppottOlte'. good lady took me at her
Ittern: ebasin.... T.. .I..lMve .never ,seem .. her.
... -- -. - .iZ4 • "Fitt, cote, but ;rot prayer. 'will not
Zf:''.,.;'l.t:-.-. 1 .e • • . ",:seirt,riilit' heaven.forhin? 41
i .--',.,• - :".W.41.1t0:: 1 14 - heioeill
:,ie: - - • , ' e'lM'vr" , " . '. -'. :" Atir lite;eateredie.-4 nth
E ~ f ~.~~
.1.41.44 ,Odit.;;.:
A4:g4 :
±~ ~f`M
:‘, 4
, •
.4 . ,
~~:~ ~~
...,, . • . .
1 .
- -...c=*l;c:.
~, : "'Whey the ear beard-me
then' it bleiied nie;;; utd - arhen' the eye
saw me, itgave -witness tore ; because
I delive red the poor that' cried, and the
fatherlesit,Smittet that bantam to'help
him. The blessing of him that was
ready to perish; came upon Me ; and J . -
,caned, the iiridow,'s heart to sing., for
- The suit of the Rev. Moffitt
agaimst Dia. Peck, Bond, is .6 he
tried in the course of a fey weeks in
Brooklyn: The: declaration served . ' by
his lawyers. open the .-defendants,: sets
forth that Moffitt, as a local elder is the
M. E. Church, was in the warof-amass
ing a large prnperty, the houses 'of; said
Church being open for his lectures, &c.,:
but the publication of Dr: Peck. has shut
lum out of those churches, and thus in
jured him in both his character - and his
purse. We will beef) 'yew readmit - ap-'
prised of anything &moment:connected
with this trial, an well,u the_. eoeral
sues of it. We attended the Rev. tgen
tleMan'a .lecitio . on 'Mexico, Ate., in the
Tabernacle; a Week . or two
There were about ten or twelve 1;0004
in attendance. The lecture evidently
entertained the audiencoi whether: any
were instructed hiv it; this deponent Babb.
not. . .
. .
The portrait of the Rev. Dr. Bangs is
now being painted' by Wm: .8. 'Jeweu,
No. 1, New YriikDiiiversity.. The
portrait •is .designett to be a contribution,
from the - artist to the galterrof the Ohio
.Wesleyau Uniiersity.
Mr. Hotchkirrs, who was so,;eritelly
mangled by some ruffians in BrOoklyne
few months s ince, is slowly , recovering
the poorer ofspeech and the rise .of his
reason. ',His bodily footman= has been
much. in advance of his..mental. .11n
gives no - light as yet upon the bloody af
fray, and manifests weal surprise when
reference,j3..made:ta it. Be it a totem
her of thelPacifie E. Church,,in
Brooklyn, and has attended public o'er
vice them once or twice of late. •
Bro. Lore has not yet left far
sign, the vessel having ditiappolitted him
as to the time of sailing,lnit liusy
his preparations and will now. Sall. in a
few days . A preparations;
Hickok, of the 'Gen!.
ease Conference, has been appointed to
the China missionienti.williail in com
pany with Bro. Loomis' for that country.
Bishop : Hemline, I understand, has
received'intelligence; through a Gentian
letter from Gutalatf, that the Bible Slone
has already converted whole districts to
Chriitianity, and that they barn orga
nized circuits and classes • much , on the
Methodist plan.:' • The news is almost
'too good to be true."
I most now close this communication
—alreadf too Ion:. A Goviisierito.
Nair York, S pt. 8, 1847.
TO THE . SIC : .AND 7 A c .ZTED.
ConsamptiOn, Cotaelm,Colob,elmhtna,SoMaitio, Lie
Compla eptumg Ulod, Difficohy :of Drawing,
Pant In tho t!bierand Dream, Palpitation of the
Soto Throa Somas Debility, and all
: ditensea of the Throat. Breast ma
;Amp; Ma most effectual met
opeody mut corer known far
any of above diseases,
• , • is DRAM-AV.:VS
. . . .
Axon:tea LIVING tams Ess...-Read .with ostori l
sheient the wonderful cue perfonied boctor
S Wayne's Compoand Syne of WILD CH ERRY:
YorcanaLrute, January 1.5.113-11.
Dr. Swayae—Deu Sir la justice toyounelfind
daty I owe to suffering humanity,- I el:aerially'
give my testimony, and declare to the world the
mat astonishing effects, and the great cam your
Compound Syrup,of Wild Cherry performed on me,
under tae mon anfarorable circumstances. I was
inken With a .violent Coogb, Spin* of Blood, as
awe Pans In the Side and Bread, Inieh seemed
to break down AM enfeeble my,eonstitatiou, so that
my physician thought my ens !emend the power of
and my friends all gave me up . te fffer; bat
Duks toyoe the creel, el ruirain* diseove
ry, now feel *self "Wwell Man, endsed from a
mere Addeo sad haul* a limn ss
have bemires years and shall be planed to give fuiy
iefouustioe • reopening rur nee, by .eallimr, a t, my
residence,Meehaalestrem :lint doer below - George
street, fifwthern Liberties.- Janos Pancese.
Talialany, porg,accovefificon all 'quarters co
_ ,
The iolloWing , ipttiati lue pnleited'iritb ',view
of male folly showing' the otueioot of Physiebra is
relation to the '41411.1w/1 Woo of Dr. MAYNE'S
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir: Haring 'used your Com.
potimi Syrup of Wild` Cherry extensively in my
practice, I was, revelled by your, Agent, Doctor
Crateher, to cameo .myopimas in .writing of its
properties a remedial agent, I most cheerfully ,
comply, as L. feel by so doing, - 1 discharge a
debt I owe-the community at large, and Physicians
in particular, As much as 't detest Quack Rome ,
dies and Patent Iflortnimi; k was Whited from
a failure of the ramtpoteet espectoranta, recom
meeded In our =tens medics in some eases of
Diseased Longs, to try your preparation el Prunus
Viiginis or Wild ebony. It is sufficient to say that
wan so Much pleand with the result of that and
subsequent trials, that I now prescribe it in prefer
mice to all oilier Remedies where as a:peek:mat is
indicated. : la the much' dreaded ,Pneemosia or
Diann of tbe Leap, in this alrimiag limn le wbeh
L it appease - in Kentucky, I regard it en an invaluable
Remedy in the treatment of that imam To all
who know me I have said earitagh, hat as tidal may
be sees by persona oat tithe tranity of Ftsakfort,
I will pricey add, that I hare been *tinged in an
active practice of ray piefeedou of 12 yeam,and, am
• Regular,Greduate of Trimillvalia; and thht lithe
brat Patent Medicine I ever thibigtat impish of to
1014 , N0t an opinion In emitter:
• J. Et. Egueas, rd.D.
January LBW. Franklin Comity, By.
• : YILLIIX7OIIIT, Ily.,Jaa'refth,
The above certificate is hem one of our Physi.
clans living a fowaillai Dom here, be is doing very
good practice, and Is considered a good Physician,
and stands fain he is, as be mys,aregahugmdmite.
Da. W. L. ego-reeve,
I Dmuist and Apothecary.
Thsfietersidis miff emir cease.
From tbeTompenace Pledge.
Now that Winter re upon us with its attendee
troth of Pahnouth and Bronchial afiections,Coughs
Cola, doe. site , we would advise them 'Dieted In
this way to make immediate trial of Dr.Sersyne's
Compound Syrup of Wild .Cberry. It wilLnever
fail to. perform a permanent mum The, ripstation
of thin medicine has used may spurious articles
to be Pet forth under it, name; but the preparation
of Dr: Smog, besides befog the Brut ever altered
to the public; is the only one that can be relied on.
The othei mittens' sold for Wild Cherry Syrup,
Balimer,Ate.., am all spurious and worOdees, and
contain none of the virtue' of the origin' prepare.
ties Dr. • Swayse's 'Compound Syrup of Wild
• •
From the Smingfreld Express. • •
Of the thousands of purported =native noutrums
now before the public, but very few are found to
pathos the healing virtues for which they are re.
commended. Among the latter we are Wooed to
learn none 'nand a better ten than Dr. Swayne's
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. The afflicted
in this vicinity we beginnitig to me it, and to. their
joy they And in Its me their hopes bared open its
recommendations more than realised. The eglicled
aced ant despair. While there is lite, there newts
Bort. '
[Mince the Introduction Of my article to the
public; these have a number of unprincipled: Miff
'iambi got op nownints which they insert contain
Wildcherry, some are canal "Balsarna,..rßitters;
and even Syrup of Wild Cherry, but mine am the
original and rmly genslne preparation ever Intrude.
end to Oldie. which can be proven by tho pub—
lic Reins& of the Commonwealth of Peansylvacia.
the only safeguard splint litiposition to to ace that
err signature is anent. bottle.
Prepared only by Dr. H. S. at d.
his Plie
pat Office 'corner of EIGR7 and , RlCi Straits,
Philadelphia. All WitACherry preparations being
fictitious and counterfoil without his tipsier.,
• For Sale in PitudreLlt. wholesale and Mull by
WM. THORN A 7 Market street, . • •
OGDEN& SNOWDEJLhoreer &, Wood Ms.
S. JONES, DM Liberty stmt. I
Sold also by J Mitchell, Allestmerf City; Boyd,
Carese & Co„ flatter; Waxer it, Hendersos;hiferr
NOTOMIIi C•kla.ldeadvUln J Biutoo &
Co., Erie; M'Kende & Haskell, Lloveland; Denis
& Son, Columba; Miller, BroweerWel MUlb,
ItU e l; V AL L I:! B S i t i . IM LOl;; C ;VAT ' c 'h o.,
iy.t'llictreir Oliver 'a Co.; New Or.
pliskagED brit E Bellerg •
if r E Sellers—tw t A far, yrZ e r ;31:1 1 4 1 1, 1 4 8 1...'
damn of year Low PIM; Year pllla rue daily wieww — ..
lag man world as • maitre, cat only On low war , .
pl e jet, tea for Fewer WI Ape, - and Wawa alreellons
generally. 7110 demand eo treat .! ' Lbw lime, au
we meet wall Wall fall, when tae eopea so be In yew
CItY. Vows roapeerfally.' • A hicwww.
C&ldifllt—As there wo 'other, pink called lLlree
PM." perm. alloald be earefalle Nei We *endue, pre.
pared awl add by R 88 ,
• Irr . Bold by Dr esiont. Oa - Ward, sad D K Perry,
Allegan - • ' le z,
rrrITIS LI ellftlfY TAU** ow sg Paster
.11.,KeLaat's WO4III a ebild onuses BMWS
awed awards at sems, awl by the IWO
audisis• a child
e a
f wows Pm" /•• = wu " .* * -7
It is aaly tbs =Way worm arar.
seta. /..a ban two arm • •••
• • Willdas Mstaallbs.
rbt 5 00/. jAIDD Oh Pi• le Wood 1004 Pfik
1 11 0 0 bheobtash Wirpiteq,Zna,
• Dast,aalMaayM
Jess assara Whalpalliyar t•
_ .• , !rtlrr!'
_ , , . . .
I - SDltlth.o.ll- !.r.,-=,i:.:
• ' . - , R .-.-..-
S ARRA P AITA A-' .. .
~- A itaig;:ii;ao,medidie:;.A. war. . -
, ii,t iipaip. gait boiuiFiii...i:iiii...4. 4 .
or, ploaaktor, sad onseranted "patios to osi sold. I. sons
' .. diolko**itekat roiaitios poen,l'adow, or d 0,.• -• .
-- .Th. pug lamer d sopotiosity of tkillonopuilla mar
• all miss blooliniloio, tot:Hoeft lioulleatto Maw it hairs.
aka tholkdy. , lli am - of th*rertbast SPRING. AIM
allkLE/L bIiPJIICIIIES ores bon, it sis :alp porifa
,' doiaboolospless mad otroartioss en
n. it Croortao
1 : New, Posavond Sid &sod; opotworpoosad by So
.11edidoe. land in Ohio Haiti: road moot of ib Soooksfal
mecca, , It kr performed:viem dor_ pot toropous, worn
We 35,11:0 roes of &not Coos of , Dissosa ; to has s,tßar
'of Memo Iwo ecortidnod hoorabk. AU, d o : . .
70: 0 0 ass of Cboottic phoonoatio' at. . •
ttlOu sin of IVna;
.. *Mom of Oa* DebolitysOf Wool of Sakti; •,..'
• 7,CCO mos ofd i/knot - Female Comphiato ;..
I,601.11:11*$ of fboLiver Compboint ..•
Dew' • ,
.4.sooOres'af Mateo( tbo aidnej , lad i
' soo:l=ilf tan C.'"' fiV . if ibh i1k*01,...0: lan,
.-klepdpoiss, Bolt Mom, filapirootho het, do, kt.', T*.
totbos with snowcap ems of aiek.Bcoota**,,Pa6 so ti. .
ado otodalost,Siond Alfootisoo, kr.; be. ~ - I ,• .
Wave ono
motoloppou botroditO, Ind op. ha.
klik. OMB pbriems
front*/ ports of W.
°hued ataboonfonaing on of cossonikoospeoroo: • ft:WS
•ROakirk, lioiz moor the mg napootabloofsonisto is flew-
Ask, 14. J,, inketarmitiat - ba pa sofa to polo Ihmilit es-,
is Mot pia:saki*: -'peen .ro ll ho aroma in the
If ow 'Yost, whiebor• wi Morro oritapi*looso
• ' Ines of eintractst. it io Oro but maid= ftc the
eat* ofdlionoo botori. - ' It sadoobtodiyarktlks lino
•f '- , woo,cstrumeerne Pair acsios: '
` t to it ramed the oar of diopoo, an piopiled lbws fo
',:Carr:O. W. AlaCtsaX, or Teat llama STaTICNerT,
aeet atuebar of the
N. Jun) Legillatipvhrvs the Dltotrieg certificate. It tat ita Cox dory._
Barroret, Jas. 95, 1.847.
A yearsiari Itnitakei mid. the lailoron, dog whole ,
oretamikkite a debilitate* date. • 1 aro Mead to try W.
.a fenot !to Wein twce , or itairo w lit
Vfitarsgere n"m7 . I:. I Wm maned Wing 11,triset ,thae:
1 latto . e= B W britoroired BArj ad 'Waal!
aot '
, •11rAlicLig.,1W U. S. N.
evetheaticiawboinly pow. dui Al=nparill•
his lariat seeded over the sto*.obetkoalo dimes of tbe
blood. Throe person =al to me ham i. otapreottted.
Tties Dr. iroirssisit —Dies Sir I bats tbi um I. inform
you WS three of strehtldtss boo bees <aid l b
Seto ,
fola by Ow as of_ your eseellost stediciai. Tloty wore
Meted veey atm* with, Isd stess,.. bars ottli . taken roar
bottles ;It look that .gq, mita I feel opellsoder
deep bbliptios. • Twin, nortfolly;
: Mars W. Quta, IDS Woosat
Mei* 1, aa.
Cupwrmari, *imam.
D. Tcnnuenni% flanseperDlo n• wrap And Reedy
fa incipient Canstnepteen, Derma, Letaxerteo, or
Whites, abetructoi or arm& Iliesotrionting Ineantinnaten
of Venn, or inrolunlary dim:harp Chorea{ kw the pa
trol prentretican of itterolneflar whether tios meek
of inherent mite or anus, prodoord. by inegnierity awn
7 .471=ea 6e sane =reeks Dear its inviritabnizlf.
fans® Cho home fume. on., ell lecolotele sad
Wm, Dos Wangt. et ones an robust le& Mal mew
under it. Ladner.. It immediatelycaostereete the sem
itsneseccffirt Omsk frenee,ortich tope greet manna tinrj
, .
1 1t none meek& of to, ' CMS of no debate a na
ture; to exhibit cortifinaw dams yergerned, bat ••re ma
saws the afiticied, handreilsof mei him hem repor ted
toot bewail ceeee where Ibinitwe bare been without child
ren, after mint • hoe bottle Of this niellnabk. yondieine,
hare be Wog with heathy erring. • •
Di. 7biossmd: .dly nub being in sul t n- g ed by
wankel. and mend &ably, end nontionally
trY wid a annetko bww•mg &Ora, of the
win* m 0 with oil. and hams km. elm
where your Wiediefrralias dream! gran earn; niail aohear
icy it nieranunnidoi for ea& inersai I hare daeribed,lobtain'
a• Inane of Your Extract of
s iberispirille,' and Ebilowni
the dilutions yew itai In abort period mimed
her emphasis andwistonalher In fo.
Being patent. lw
the b.c. she receirint, I tea:4lmm in thaw licknowleilr
lag it, sal recommoiding it the pablie. hl. D. /ikons,
•41Iany, 10ar.11,1814. Coc.ot Going awl Lydia wt.
De Teroneends To all whom thb emerra—Thie
to certify that roy wibt mad aro bottle of mar Sainparilla
perrims to her nasfusestinst, raider the woof Miming and
delicate eitionstanca, beim tEmbledbrith the &mei, towel
ling or the bet, MMUS affections, awl 'regimen debilita
ted-, with ray pegnasion, and the reconmanthitim of Ihnse
whaled need st, ohs mu lamed try• ft, with Mk seed
fidttty tad' tales it to
. say,lhe
to m s aMse had the happy end
dented elfect,not only la the mof centocatent, hat alter
tho =on of one week of its cort the dtmey and
fa now M `"" itaoltlTast hem Eir . he 4 7171 - tbass .'"l pm h"
II Om mill be .6f:loy it to you or Ow urbi
doubts Ow sumeator the millkiee
• '
I Juturrare myself you. sod obudiutusill ohned
Ma Extract of Sanaptiilla too been. expready pirepanid
in ninon. to finale complains.. No female oho Ms en.
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OW aided
nen of i; r," " noon neglect to tab , il, as itch certain
pearentin any of Om amserool and bong& dimmed to
whin female. an Mains at Om to,. of lA, This period
ybe delayed' m
for end limn by ®i itMiannedicin. Nor
tkm raluttbn to non at are apponching stommliod,
at is is rMagated to moist nine liy goirkes.sog On blood
and iarivinting pl
bem. Weed.
Ow inedinen is boat.
ho all of Ma delicstk eltarams to ankle soma an
vab.kct. . _ . .
'an ti beans th e whole syn.* ninon permaneally She sati
n' mangieb—by remoras the impasities of the body—mot
bor munelatiog the system as to pods» a minapant
lasatiom odd& 6 Om mse amid medicinn Mtn for koala
weakness and disease
. .
- • -• •• .•
• Too who bare pole doll oyes, tdoteiso on Du
Des, nosh skim, or Derek leml we "4 4 p h 4 . titeth moo
• both. or too of Dr Tooloesd's • It mill
dome your biosoll; moon its* freckles Notches, ood
giremociontioo. epertlins eyes, dot spiriti, sad tscootiffisl
all of Elio% ore of ismossoie ratooto samsarj
• .
. .
No Reid or stodietee hu ever ham looteeted einelt
early resembles the petit take oe oaks u decoepotiog
food and otretetheeing the owns ordlgtatior o, u this ropey
• Stem Dcroterecir, Atka IS, MM.
Dr Thrum/. Sio--; km teen Ste mast
yeas with dpperia fa its wee! Remy elkoded trek wart
Des of stomach, ha of vottitth extreme heathens, and •
great aversion to all kb ettereloaael far Teak. (what I
eaokl eat"), I hen been =able to glean bete mall pottket
Do to_y notetett. 1 Wed the end re:medley bet they hod •
het note or to cad La rebating the compttott.'. I was In
duchy; &boat two /motto tine. to try year Mance orderer
yerSehond I est mei with tittk lett ott i V e
=s n' oe= mooted; e' ralarN
IS . ...JO m. 0.-
veil the we of it to thole who tom beta 'afflicted et I hate
W. W. Voi.Zastor.
'Bed the islkerin, tad doubt if.,e en, that eoriscon p
eke formai be eared.. ]l6bod7herofW tersralhbadred
emes that TorteueDs Vaud
•Dr 211uncsold—Dear 111.1 eras Wren, a little ewer a
Toe qa,witha more Mai aed prim W wry tide.. L to
eynsia Oti mei very kat, Wed. I wogr. 7b7•swims b bore the +pick cuminagitkir,.
_.r..lmerge b/
lilies et bed similar, bad Wed maim, alai Malriarrory 664
.pans Ma be could AD ' for via. 1 wade the
lia9ittl lobs* of being bet Impel:wooed there
treorabk. • I woo 'M. pally at she leap' tad
moll hardly botaili• ; looms boar asaciatiod,
_tad upeetiod
4WD's; eras eadmed iny hod, sad ma uliled to
Sudan . Sedan! 1 moot sue you ow denerlptise that
wools! dolomite mil se.. Iva summed
[rinds •
" Verts= 'P r nod . of sonsi= di"'
and ,
the , did aad.
did. .1 moot my that - I wields:tidy inIT, hat
recovered so to be oeit toy bum., and bop to be
'', well in s few tura. ray eligpls art pilka. the Ode,
and night meats bare left me, sad out
hot pining my anal iereogth. Whit • doll U. giro
yea • duameat of era, to publish ifro plena
ism Isom!, 42 WI. st, DlPPlaiya.
Opla ref Phpedelams.
Dr Tometaan4 is elocaltearnteeirbig ordm. Dom jay
edam in differmit. wt. of the Union:
Takla leeettify estve, the mdenigoed, rhysida. of
the City ot had ps numerous ere. prescribed Dr.
Tonneevel'. flanapalla,:ad alarm it tam ene of tamed
rateable peepentime of the Samegaril la in am marlet.
• 11. I' Mao, We,
-/ Wudo.O. a,
le, • • '
Athemy,April I,lDthe :r Erial.doll.ll.llllM T
TU. arithy that wa, the Viadendect. , Prectsetaz
Thaaseviao Phrases of the Clty of Albevy.bere frequent
ly prescribed Deranuiend'. Cutspotoid Enna of Suva
pardle, and from it. lama moieties, mould necommead it to
th. public for me.eoral;lLd'darcutareow dis
macs, in peekance le ingot the advert/set remedies now
rw.. • W Itrescaa,v r„,
Albany April 2,1E41. D STatttaa,e r.
reinnaleffece,l93 Dollen et, Buss Building, N . Y.; Ited..
Deg 4- Co Stale st Damn Dr Dyed 41km. 141 ro orth 130e
-04.• ridadelphes; 15 Bata, amid, Daltneer; end hy
WVealrthr"'U* t4'"
PrOthe gauze., mks. pet up in the tap lame bottles
width canna a .M 41 0 ,41 /Ilea VW. the errata naval;
of B
P .TOWNSEND, and haven bknin ou th e Ohmv
From die Narreek Deily rapeem of Aptill9,ld47.
araY Dag waved' in the Anna yesterday. lt was
the edredag cab a thumparilla Ewan. ofDt Tensed.
The -oak Dag is re up io pood WWI saes of the era
natal landsaps pawner ars beautiful, width, teseiher with
atoll area, gratening iv the nu., ands • show
rarely equalled in Breeday. We take this opportany lo
a, me believe this Woad of the Samaparilla deserres Dm
rap pad popularity :that acquired.
Nerviaits Debility. • '
• • Now Yints,March 37, Itit7
pears,TITINUIL4III:-1 bombes. Raided or kat for 3
la w . ` of
tee`he chest, giddiont da
head, of apprtlia, pain ia limbs, sad Faecal ilstality r
biooiht on =doubt by the ecuttititad hot .4 cold to which
las subject to to saybmlnne as •dycir. I has taken other
mialkitta, too ammo. to sonitioa, bet with little or Ns.-
... • I was ladocedly what I me lathe paper to trya bouts
of year fleropertlb, h....Mehl footed peat relief. I hue
111001 lg. instal woe bobby atid I am oeheitatittily say
it 6 CIO beal cociirios I ha. ever takes—the pato is oty
chat is gone, mut I Stations a Oidereut ma above,. Au.
1 ban lialutoperSimaparillt..l hare aowto better appettta
Om era I bad. My mkt. taboo it with dom. !ie.&
dal motto. I would roixosatait it as la Bill asedictos
CV:f ii stal I kel coarineed that If ad undthere *calif Dot
i f the sickaer then is, ead eitt c oeultly set So' may
motor% ite while it notor. ,1
Or gamma sa bomb that regular It baps the blood
at a bialithy etata,so that dim. Is tot so WWI to attack the
.Ides. bad to all tholiwho to Oa to &healthy Piste, Iny
K Dr Tambscod's
- _TWufdtttn, ID Mks
CaskOlitleMensila. • • ,
Elam to on oczocoot of oatilborthild wood, Dr TenantPo
rTloo oroopozolla he seed the tinier thoomado of olsildroa.—
• liollowfag 4:u11 ile:1oY orioetot Dm • gnat imam!
Nsw Inlay Ap49,1847.
' Dr Toirertad: Deg aln—One of nig elellres ray
ilels with the Censer in Abe wade sod Ciena,
and./ with
pat debility.. It Mee weedgier, ; Walsall sem et your
eseeDoef median, end ft eared liglendly, he niece f
Yoe,. nupestfolly,
Wgt•er towel, WS Mame. et
" Toe oJelsylIZSYLLZRODnsgrat, Ile 67 %Vteed
litmus al eel Alte etei los aggcagaA
TOWNSEND sok Agent ke Allegtte el am jefillitLlEl
Dr. J..l l ltUra American Eye
JACKSON ED Mini sutra • •..
I, mei tieseNuais eteeek, sore, granulated and
diseased eyes's! snow, ar eiroreggreeeleil ma al , .
etlnsenekealo ewe, even of llq nate amebic
admits evergatlietkarivra remedy and preeerriptiou tried
44 billed ertruteas. 11 la Wail twins tears we res.
edg ler Adele Is a:Simkins In relieving all external
reneimilestst awl higanttlen, b • kelt oilroblli
blains t ia. Pros Mesas pee hoz. Instead ill ,
moos, seragearee, tat igratalriselj, •
Rry=er`a= p ertf r d trll s4' 6lll 4. 11.
tileiefigoingraNgl i ll
'.101111111020 *lie Oriestilleolier lbelegeileer
1111111.11 1 grairy
41•19h,r11,"5.:! - • - • r" - •
p':',l - , .I.':INE llltili.-:'1'...-.
- l-
' •
r '
1 ..;; 11, ai1a1rb0.74;11730 , 1;
Guam dalrawassiriad,
Let sot 4......a50a,141Dabca0r aNda, •
hakes =akimbo RI dal ratans aablei
To aVersiza tba
MOPRII *dr& *aMantua Maple, .
br are bya L ', amp damped
films re:MlAable isientbon, eh as raceimd t he
• J.. unilearmlemer okollem of the tnedical . Profewbon of
Great Bilthip,eomprisecm entirely new applleation of •
Galoution, as a twassital agent, by means &which the
IHlVA*Galvonleßmates,Ehmkrie and Micmac /dn.
T..te., are mithelytiepensed with, and tke
riociapower of Gellman appbed an-or the I
"oemu which are Ineeparable from . ll; 6 &aeral anode
now in ise: The ariam.loses,and intenels,
whith Glithantern is Oohed. by the ethmas, ham '
bees pronounced, afters stoic and normal trial, to , be
&rid,' logfurfora, and it ens M® retlythis suttee' de.
'fact that doe new animation was prqected, which, af
ter unceasing tail and perseverance,'Mu been brought
to its present state of puked The,Gokwalc/linds
merater all the pummel; of t he ewo.t„etwenelve Ito.
comae, and In en= sevens ire wore up and
'mu. in he damned elect: '• ,
Tha Ge/tessaie used in ornnectionwillitho Mag.
nediThriet, are entry moreintarried” In all diem
ern laid nisi rom me wwheefoit ro , canna. skoliqf
sursrau Mod. mem, and *Om eccoplalms are
among the The y
pang./ and univetial Width's. am
•sabject. They arinoritiont exception, from oneebro
pie eaose—a derangement of the Nene. Stouter,
and It seas in these cams that otbeensiodlee , ha
so often failed. a now sigentvras greatly weeded, which
• hie conldently ballasted, lias tmentimmi Mute tamper
and Judicious application of Gehrealem
The Galvanic BM. kayo bean old With ease sae.
Win In 'all caste of Emmeline, monesselreado,
Vo i tt g il,V h" ntiteits,,s4w i t i n s s r ie fi V i Ntr I = 4 ,
Poolhoo, FOR s viven ,PftV, Osteno
41 !is Ears, Apiodery, Woo of Athos,
FAO! Compaints, Lasadamo Noindges, Prlfeeith
mers,Dirzilm tkr lanasCs folk CAM wig Bids,
Gomm! Wane. cad Plismratlf.
and l tellE l i= ABBRS. In ease, ol
eoullresed Dyspepsia,' witiCh animas de.
rangarnentof Oho ffigestivampactleowUve been Maud
equally eueemend. 71tekr ennsatdmary Wheel open
She la mast be witeasted to lie behaved, and es a
ot.lnpreventive thy the paseedise weenplainte they
&coequally reeesonlenied. • The Mil are of &tercet
prices, being made. or M. int WI vane. ore.
mantelpatterol, rod to tele= MOM nun dallea*
(mule without the le t hloramilemee. In fact,
the sensation It rathec than otherwisty •
The Galvanic Belts.' Bracelote. ,Bands,
Garters, ecklacesOara,
lv Mee uses of a were severe chareetaanxid of long
'Mending, th e power. applied by the
an dGalvannelAirol
is not salfielent west. the :progress of diem. d
ultimately restore health. The unproved modification
intthe Illatraine Belts, dramletn, embely,rewm.
dies tau obiamen any deism of Porn that le**.
red can 'stably be obtained, and att complaint wt.!,
the anger:this t at Galva:nem can et Will fail
to be perm ' , relieved, These • articles are! whip ,
led to
e lite wt.!, anas,wrists,lonbs, and., twAY
or the er with perfect restrestlence. , Th e waivanie
Neck! are cued with water benefit :in mom of
Bronchitis or affections of the throat generally; also, is
cases of Nemo. Deafnees; and with almost Wrenn
sateen as a preventive nor Apoplexy, Epiteptie Fits,
and 'Millar complahns. •
Christie% Miranda Flail
bated= wontedon with the Galmain Maws sepal
their modifications. This untpkoluort has twee pro
sauteed by the French Menem. to be one of the met
musonlinery ductrveries of modem mien.,
hewed to possess the remarkablep ower ofmarlselaw
swam s mdesais action by this moans cam.
Mee:U.1111011er the inflame, on the' mat of disease,
thus wising. saand permanent mlief. No other
composstion cbateimr is knommo pmduee the same
elect, or to impart,. eintithr proper to the nervosa
agoutsymenthy means of. outward Meal implicative. The
Field contains nothing capable of the slight
est initts7; to application leegreable, and if is.
ltatollsas In its upon'... is bensficial its result..
Fell explanations and directions amompany It The
combined forenoons are m every War perfeetyharm•
lent Uterine sold +optic. wimat the reach of all and
the dila-avatar
, 00ly piques:a fair trial scares of
These articles forte another valuable application of
the raysterions Whim. of Galvanino. They are an
imponutt adjunct to the genuine Gel nude Rome and
their malificettioas, acting upon the same principle, bet
haying the advantage of more local application. They'
are eonfulently recommended as • valuable addthon In
the speedy mire of lithemnatine. nate es chronic; m all
nervous compbtints, and as • posnivi remorty in eases
of Pain and Illakiwn in the alms er BM* PON is Pa
Sys, Anleteris Aginienr, and in Weakest or
nag Vats Prihnotany Organ: In Spinal Complaint.
Soar elects are of the most decided character, and they
have once been ned with completemecosa They ate
also of the Festal adenine in Pains and Weakness
orate Dreast,and are hialdy reconmeaded Inaa) , of.
those connilamis to which remake are espeetany bade.
A.. an enema! mean. Ra . astrigtheasErg the nate.
when debilitated with dimmec smother eningu a e'er
tale aid in Oonsauttional Weakness, am a Preventive
for Colds, and all in affections or the Chan, generally,
the Galenite Strengthening Planar will be fond or
great and permanent advantage. It, a few word% it
embreces all the virtue. of the ben loaf, preparation,
grah the important addition of the galvanic inlkenee,
which is smith. impaired nor eibraned, while the ac
tion mamma These &glees will be bend entirely.
free from *lime objections which area earaltillit mane
of eamplanu with theardinam• piastre in genernart meal
Whom t o and totem of HMCo articles
has cnsted them to be Menterfeited by unprincipled
pumas. To p writhe agehott isepomtionr, Dr..Crtamme
had but one autlanised agent la carte city oldie Golan
The only seem to ►
_W. IV. wrLson.
Of the lugbeat and . ram reapeetabie character are eon-.sandy .r.ceiva. regarding the eanntorillaity:ntrai
and success of the. above uncles.. isle Inhered that
in the city of Nee link alabe,:apwarde of EIGHT
THOUSAND PRIISONS,dunng a periodef Ime than
a year, hie. been entirely relieved of the most mined
chtinde din:niers, soma of whielthave tompletely
lied ill former edema of medical art.. Indeed many of
thelestphyalcuois of this chy,. who ; illsappurre of the
Wend* and Magattle emonantly mom
mend thie eppliestlon in their pieettee, turd theez
ceptionion of them who are too preladiced to give o a m
ai, the Lovention haelllealved - ausalmon• favor with
the soon intelligent among the Mantas Penalty. Dr.
Christie I. at ell "times mady.aed mon happy to glee
every facility to pllysician, and all interened, far tee
ing the teeth of his aluerlinto and the ellen,. of Ina
d. O 4l4 , L agency In Pltlablogh, Ceram lith and Madam
utsor4s afflicted with Serofila, !Shift'. Evil
Cancer, Eryripelm,Old Soto, Uleera,Tetter
Memorial Diseases, or any other eoutplahite erisitp
from impotitiel of the Wood, us recreated to road
the following testimonials, to proof of the weeder
thi propertim of the *bore filmed mediedae.
READ! REAM!, READ!!!..• •
We the .nneersiped, brried visited Mr. ham
tintoks, Jr. at thh °Mee 'or bloom Rowed and
Walton, 3 Mattel street, l'idisdelphia, eonmder
his ease the lama remarkable awn ham ever wit
named erheate of.
Ifirdieetse was SCROFULA, sad terrible mut
have been his twelve ram' coldict with. Om de
'Palate, the maim redo( Ids motth,Noie,
cts, tied lower Ltd of the Right have teen
ed, Ida Fare aeady eaten op, aed Put crag
maw Boo ne carried alway. Aid yet we ma ism us
description of his cue.
Mr. B. Worm. es that in .homary last, the whois
interior of his mouth, ...well a. most or kW gus
was a man. of deep tied palatial liken!
On the 14th ofJaceary fast,he commenced Mid*
CEA, which checked Me disease in a feeder., ata
ram that thoe the cure ka. powered without is
New dash has *spited th e place of the deep el.
oats led though badly disfigured, Jul face is mead,
add his general health is mewed: ; , •
We are awned _ th at ie •the.treateWst of Mr.
Brooks' case, es orGatfe
stipbcstiona have been arede—ta fact, Ike YANA.
CEA ALONE, has wrought this wondolld change
David Smith, Bucks county, Pa.
Charles L. Emend, hteadville,'Oraiford . coPa..
J W Jones, ht D South Second street, Phil* .
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, N J.
E W Carr, 440 N Fourth, above Poplar at, N. L.
S fd'Cullottgb, Lancaster, Pa.
M Maddock 13 North Eleventh at. Phila.
C W Appleton, MD 46 South . do
Timothy Caldwell, Marion co. Al 01100,1.
Daniel 'Wankel, Chesnut Hill,Phillidelphia co. Pa.
John liatned,Mo High Trent, Plula. •
William Steeliag, MD, Camdcm, J.
William Hale, Mil Hier street; Phila.
.1 H Potter, Manufactarer of Mineral Teeth, 109 S
Plinth street, Phila. •
L A Wollenamber, Ed. Phila. Deniocrit N Jd
street, do
George W Moot, Brush Maker. Xl7 Market St.
Eva Carr, 159 Chesnut street, Phila.
-A I) Gillette,. Prior Cl Eleventh Baptist Ghoreh,
John Bell, Eno Mot, FhiladolPhild North Ame r
can aloe.)
Arson Sends" 114 Cadistine Street, Phila. _
Denial bferlielehLesslarli Alley, do
Andrew Sweatily, Camdmi, h J.
R H Enna, West Mk.
Richard R. Yourrg, Gilder, 409 Market et. Phila
John W Ashmead, 60 South Sixth street, do
TS.Wap,e.r,Lithographer, 116 Chesnut street, do
B J Email, 123 Eleventh street, do
Peter Shea Smith. Editor Native Eagle, do
Joel Bodine, Glue mazalkoterer, - Williamstown
William Steely, Farmington, Van Boren co. lows
B Coles, rd D, Boman, bless. •
Rowel Canfield Phirielognit, Philadelphia. .
Thomas P Bt - , Id D, HarriatearghPa.
Peter Wright.' Market elm; Phila. 0
Jame. W Newlin, 103 Filbert at.' do
John Good, 174 Sprees et. ' • do
..Wllliaintlne, Pastor St; Poore M. E. Ch. Catherine
St. Phila. • -
John Chambers, Putor let In*. Church, Broad
'l' L Sander,, Petdlaher of Pledp and Standard,
F P Sanely ' Editor Ohre &lnch, Doylevitowni
Wboleuleiand Retail try &resod& Walton, Pro.
ptieters, 376 Market St. Philadelphlat R E Sellers,
b 7 Wood at. PittsborO,Pn4 Wm. Th., gad Mat.
tote,. do 4 EB Patting, bluletts, Ohio; Seaton &
Sharp, tdayrrille, K Ypolut W Danenhou
me, saki' & Reeves, C Gohle,Lovs.
villa, K Y; Deveronek & Polkas St. Louis, Mo.
PLI McGraw 'Natchez, Mlsh Hi:dawns & -Jobe
stint' do; CharlestJeakies, New Ortega
• Lai
AlthlEDY—Wanisted io eons, or the thou
synth:med. This medleine le peepued 'nun en In.
din Receipt, obtaiewl from one of them in the Fez
r at Feu avenge. Times who haws been
with the Indians, know that they eon and
do ewe Vincent without the knowledge' of Mori
cum Batons, or aerlitheof the kind. The ell
tale hull uw I,2 "Plartildq beinj tend
I *WM ose ' medicine Is
=mit°tb. it, WI% a° le "": "., 00 0 1, du the
emptied hi:ow/into a,viALTaN, aid mold
iebeledele mail; by J.l , ifoutenn, , 37s ndwket
.IforAltle R B Ballen , 77 wood
gad* !Mt br 7 1 .• - MP? OULU; R. sera
.. ~ - k 1.. ^
.. _. n.
T1fe . .60 .11114.4 14 .W . t0rs
,74,1,50u1k sictfi
I'MPOMMand. W Dealers m -Watelnh,
LWateh Waseesteld realetialaleensliVrialldesenp•
linnet eseliWnl see mites, comprising all Ike or lcies
elts, Dixon re, Bres Brmii.Germna
enheeted mares:lldterdeld and Biresinglima plated
horey ankle, Redeem Scala and Womenholotrs cat
1., e. t .a', seinen, einem desk Harees,.lte.i
handlei table cutlery of the finest, medium md cam
.oestiss.. luso noon:neat of gold pees, pn
speetaeles, minx teethe end lapannyLln
verities 1
. I . r and wades, Tedated nanal,
match c and diver mune all desetiptiennan-
I - ar
DICiII3WI .01 ham; mainly reeemehl Wm the
endleommedleme eranaleans hmetatr. Demo
I,2ll .4 ounil i thent tu g ae . ne reel=
maters,tombern and Wesurn Menehents and Othets
that the!' deligin haring at all Waes an assortment of
Goode of Wm own Importation .soldok Wit are deter
mined 1./want/to lateen rat er - ' •
Z E N= =Li r a
P "da na li tha lii n tit g ag
pneslTillne kill) ittarateled treenail ransomr°.
.• .; • J . •-• • •
-• /ye.• 150 arortkram.sbed,.
as — civx. eirmnakke,:, r
Mit, car bead, and =make Di* w order, Artificial
AA Pima% Feathers, Tarlaton,sad Fate C. La ,
co , Drees Caps, Dordors,Cohareds,,ke: •'
Aederery deacriptioo orPeney gods, wbleh
PHEW 011,11 TORE. •
111111/41.1 k I,BERLE., * ,
37 North irk... 4 Wow PHILADELPHIA,
rIFFER for sale ou the bhp dll lbo articles
of the 011 Trude. , noir aloe* la varied and even
aloe, and they foal confident of alotat aatlafacdon ter
thollo who ?key hare nowpn hand, •
• • 7.070 Boma •
White Winter and Fall Oils, of different qualities-
Soho OIL
Wintempromod Load Oil. - • •
Wisner - Elephant and WhOils.
Rained, Ranked and Com mon While Oth •
Tonne& 04 Spoils Cantles; Gaon, te. dc.' N. B. AU goo& delivered In Ant rate order. al adtat
•• -• UNii'
• N.. 134 Plonk Brand Strew
lI*N g UIA . LTSRidst and IMPORTER pt 131•1 uuns,
P Is, Powder rub, nnot Dam en
-gluier Po " wder, Peresulen Caps, 151 rot Wads, DWI and
Drank Cuiridwe.,he -
rilsonlz Muni Rereariorr Pirtols nnr!snaterisdifor
Oen gall er'i use.
...f...2ff±* rude U ' Prdlli and u'l,SzP'ut'.4*
[friar GetcarCiatie7l;riarb — ci, ref i 7C deemed,
a the preseeee of the potelmr.; •
- - -
STEAM 1111111401.'
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• Assignees el the ratan (mike United /Wt., '
detel&ty " &athwart Foundry, Pittladitas .
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AWAINGII, tacuso. notritu, •••
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Bael of 1 A. Wilain's Cabinet Wart/Haney
A LL ordeTo left with S. B.lStioo, it the othooArtho
Merchant's Hotel, ritoborot, will be promo ll Y
auendod to. • • • THOR GC DERRY. •
seplo-dlo A. C. NICKERSON
. WILLIAM pry,r., CO4CII Jai,
ti fil MUM= 280 Choral at,
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and the public, that he hu rat Rdl keep
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• •-• I Washinton,.ll. C.
Agent F:ir tr nß r ! na.t i ft 'b PVl e l l i i pr E' s gi4 The "d
sessary &swum. a Papen ; for &pall= for. Pat.
ansiud transact all other %magi& In We line of los
profusion at the Patent HMCo. Ilia too be co
on all rpresdons rclatiu to the ?Vent Law: 4001 •
wons in the. Units&;Mttes 'or Lampe. - Pa, a s at •
distance neslrou of Imola; summations e at dm
.Points Mice. prior to mama opplication dor • yawn,
f0r.".1 IPow
M Paal.,._, a socromog • an of a. e dbilar
e eat Nutmeat of r Cafe, whenimmediate 0000-
1000 will be given in it. and on the Loan - motion that
suld he obtained by • visitor the applicant in persool
promptly onmomakmed.
All letters so basis.* 111011.1:16t you plaid. and coolant
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Ham Edmond Berke, COMEMMIOI34I of Patents;
Hon. H L Ellsworth, lam 4o do dm ...
litrowito, litarklaist.-Pamot Hanoi
•Jvise Crush; Washington, Il
Hawn ammo, Massachnseutt, 1/ P Hume: -
Hon. W Alleoo rr Ohm. dm
. Iloe. J B !Marlin, DI C, Missouri;
Hoar W lino Hall, NucYort;
• Hon. Hobs= Pohl, al
Hon. Meese, IT 8 &Mem
Holt. JH Rolfe. Id C. Itmownit „ .
,: Copt. H M Moore, 111Issoarn,
Emma !hooks, Em.. Pinshargh. mrlEt
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ralidi to tent op to visit., Ice Cr,nema Ihreelmeats,Cake,
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The Proprietors sod reeptelatly ',lnvite the respectable
climes to all and sea the Altesease dr. theme tres,as they
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THE CHEAP lOW or rom BLIND, on , Pawl
or WWI/ winder of &anises, and at all Wee*.
Cosittry blereltanta and whew are invited wenll ind
examose die Morro kw dim:when,. all will be void
wholoolo or rotail,and • liberal de:dation nude to.
wholiwalo porebaaen. •
addle .. . A WEATV.RVELT
. .
• FROM the very liberal encamp ,
Mtmem thosubeeriber has received sinew
.! he hee located himself In Allegheny,
has iaduced him to take a lease, fora
(117111 of yam, 00 the Propeny be tow
.= Deaver street, immediately beside the
Chant From the long espe dente in the
above busmen* mai a &sham please, he hopes to mer
it and lonise I ohm of public patronage
Now on hand sad Angling to order, Weekaway Beg.
gin, °lna and top Buggies, mid every description of
°omegas made as order. ham liven .Svc dollen to
aighthenant fireP3-dfl ' JOHN SOUTH. ,
1117fellit'illulversal Cgaktr Remedy
.A ' FEW battlei of Doer. J. Penn oCanker Just
so long !mown and thoroughly tried,. has been Jut
obtained,' and Is [create by Wm..IACKSON,EO Liberty
slicer. It Is the aura, safe, sod 'pertain tidy . /is It
eases out of SO, for all ordinary OT ' trim ary, nod
Sost aggravated eases of recent or throe mining
ore Moan, calomel sore month, swelled tonsil 1, ery
mreiso, enter rub, incipleut bronchitis end pansy,
putrid sore throat, black tongue, and all execs of cam.
mon canker, In the mouth, throat, and stomach, when
applied In accordance* with the directions annomany •
leg each bottle.. The &nicht waned, le known to be
retain , * Price SO em per bottle ". ' .Iy . n
FOR all kinds elf eruptions nal disarms of the Skin;
such asentiples,Bletches,Salt Rh...titan% Heat
goon, chapped or cracked Skin, and for all other dine.
ses of the Inn, which manure Uterus! remedies, this
&sounds apparelled. It also dispels freckles; San
ban, Iderrphow, Ten, and changes the color of dart,
yellow, or disGinted stilt, to a fine, healthy, youthfel,
olearnesa.. A fresh supply , warnanted genane, and for
sale at Ike reduced prams of 37g per cake.lnejumbeen
received, la offered for solo by 11 A FAIINENVOCK tr.
Co., corner lel and weed and alto al the coiner of slitlf
and wood am._ 440
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purl...too of finale:rot Forobbl* Goods to our Stoll of
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Two insertion! ~ • .. 3 err
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Two 114/1111.110,6 atoottis I,
'pr.hidditiostil Mare, 6 5,001 / 0 , 10
license , . Oa ,i,u-wooir.ex- oaret PION:
One isqle.lre. ( l. itoientapt. . . . ...
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„ •• P.O. dally ISeweeel , to *0
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Voidit,etea"P!ll,ol;Pitkedr_oo,o4lAl, perrpter.
•owsi wear , rewiA.r,lirli 1"
1141 Welles. t lOll- 1 0 er: r .a..) ) .1Flie1
.Q :al souffle ' 1.• vq
, - , - -7 , • tkn!'ira.titrt - ° -
- -
Putout Mock drat., Truss. ,
EWLY IN V IDITED—For rellefend Permanent
Cure of HERNIA or aurvlDE (aelusti to nil
Thenperier dolmen( this Tnneaonvist in the emit,
naratiVe eau with which It may he worn. ATM pad of
wood being neatly bateneed on vends; vialde pro.
Imre on any part of .1.1, and thomeghly adept half to:
any 10/14:11.12E3 UMW Dr OM woury. 'bell" he morn
withoat letermirsion, until a core le effected. The mav
militant haul made samegemente for the' mannfietore
of These valuable Trams, In • superior Myle, In Philo
delphin; and have them now ktr state at their diet, NO.
ThatmlUdledd tot. near ninth, Panther,' .
030 ' D. W. KA U/47dald.
ii=ilmiono Comp ; MO
tst=ll44CP•FloidEz4B6l. Kat
' Townsend's da .dw
Constanity on band and ko add by B A
,k ,l igp
lOCK C0 ., 0w, oonwt L ot and. word and and
' • •a1111 elated • HI. wain.
frigid •••Ad, iokool dorm ••44.41.• •pe,*
be • thilo• of &oddly pure e•thookt• of
Illagsmil tsar dm noodled itiolitio•of tho pok•
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Feint ALB A rainvessoct e kyfrer Ift Ica
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- .1,J....3 -- - - ,:i- : •:. , _.:',..5,11 ,, if,th:1iF.g - 1•., , ,::41-.;:4,, , :. - i::,
Exenviala - ,MOILMINCI rAOILMT./rOM'
- .• V0VW141.121
kiGWri AT:REA:T. .BA - Lintrota -
YlNlCklllllBTON;Troprietott. , , a larr.V!'.l,l § Mtam , tr .
frlMßrataMiehetent lain and widelyknowthest bout • 'Cipt.Chnirlea Iloape. , ecenawitreli
ado of taerrostentnnealiene is the eny MBnldntote. relater top.s this
haft trehdi
AS nn very ertetwire alwrewne e• • bargliat lidelepelc,i.x.,arnl Bearer out.tYeic,r.a.,..
Eptgo new *inn has Beau add • cameo-tiny-Tea Pantnirghand Citraeland Use af gad
. =t s ‘g,== ..1.n.194!tpa, • •,• cr d ot i li w or cizrit,.. 4 o t l:43:7-6 W.ttria dad ' ,
ThO Lnditietki.rme,"br to Warwn and cle.r, cama
Linea to
sty le. and Ina moot uninew ann.neatnifa New C.d., and'Eteenrille, Pat ail Extender, lane
style. In foot tie whole aryangetnen tor thelloneolt in Meadville - and Erie. Meow' & Coir larty• of
been 'modeled,. with a merle eye an the part 'of th • gone
an Cleveland and Weaater.geare
proprimorrtorrardt the . eranfort and pleasure a( Off Ter eat - an Ise 'm rival'f lette,dretti!l Bearer float
ototud width thereenhderuly- anew will shal:
_Pntsbutzt., Apply to • • • • "
, lenge eon with anT Hotel ...the . • hl IIAITION& ON Pitubwah
, Their la will always be aapplied 'nth eretYou - - Rola '' CLARIO3 &Co, Bearer
ir.andal•andlatory winch the nutria affords, served], N lox ~•
µ7lle, while In , the way of W leap, Ite - 1847
they wilkinebelearpswod. „ . t
In conelnsionthe popper.. neg te aaY, that nothing
will be left andOrle On Oen . an, and teethe patter the • oef Tem rEstintyt.valia. any 0/110.4.11,5AL5,' - ',"
nesonants, - to render this Hotel worthy the octal, • BETWEEN PITTS/3EBOa AND CLENfhLAND.
patronage of thiy thepu. ind
oleo. g.". 1 1 3, E N PARKS & Cp, Cleveland, ' ,
• Tho,Prie4 far ba"?..:° 111 , ndPeeet - II 0 PARKS, fIew:TONI. • rt . siiebr.: .
ollowtna rates: , . W T MATHER, Ptneburgh, ,
7; :Limas' Ordiriarj, 111 . 75 Pee deT.t "- above tiles new fah,' prepared to traneport
• Oarntentons , ; .. . ••••••••-•,* 14D,.a. Freight and Tempel, ni Croat Pitts/Ands and Oen,
AL B.—The Banordo win ce. land, to any penitent thereensylrant*Obie and Ohm,
,ways, bet -Lewd Whet Car and Steamboat
' or teeb - convey,,bnainge, andfint...the • The fneindu of enid Line are not eqitilled by any on
a eo t e ter•Nrf.' - said Camas, - hiemnbera - and
e. eapatny of Boane:expe ,
-lento of Ceptain and prompt:nose or Apra, ke.
PEM:U. ST/LE S T novss, Olnetnnatr r
OHIO—The aubscribeis having purchased the en
tire latemrief 001. 1' Wilbamain, late of thet Inn
*mon establitclintent. beg leave to vane totheir friends
and too &bile genmnlly, that therhave: taken this
commodious Hotel for a term of years And will exert
. theirlicst energies to mute it a desirable ha , Mnfnr Mt.!'
alters and,City lkiarders. •• -
The Hotel is spacious milladatiraniTPlatma° fo'nna
yeah:dace light toil sit, having truumber of parlors
'adjoining chambers, presenurd mtiental lutraeltinia. to
faradic. • • ' •
The present propiieters having had the expertenee of .
years In thir may and eJsewhern,latmothey will be able
to give general sonata-tie. being detemin4 int • give
onclincled attention to the' house acne. ••
The location of the Pearl Street Haase is unateamalT
eligible, having hauls on Pearl, Walaut and Third Mai
so that it Is equally clearable in ilew of the MVOS/.
, pm of husluess men or retirement forprlvatebOarclern ,
It I. near by tho Hanks, the Poet Mee, the Mesonie
I 1aH,041 Fellows' Hall i and butane Nimes clistent from'
Main street and two squares from the City Whaf,thalt
offering the greatest indueemanakesPeencllY.ta eadallT
merchents and gcnerallyto all peranur viviang Cuteitt , .
Weddell, litoose;Climeland, ilarl
'lll,..Tll,B SPLENDID HOTEL was opened on the
Oa of Jane, for the reception of company:
, 'Theeelfins frtats oneliendeed sod twenty-L'6
eat on Eloperiovst, and one hundred and. ninalpfive fl
On Sank-st; and contsuns over two hundred largo airy
- chambers and forty privets parlors. all or which have
been ibmialed with the gait costly fornnere. The
arassiiirrre=a are spaeioul and . nipailf elegance,
anything Of the kind le the Unitd Nate.' The - dining
snot, eeetlernen's parlors, readszarroomaelfice, and
amusing rooms are, all large; alry, and , furnished with
every leanly end Comfiart that money can pnwere.
over two years nines the corner stone of this
menificent structure was laid by Messrs P.M. Wed
dell le Eke. No caroms, has been spared by thcert
malralt equal tf not superior to any botel in the Union,
and en ornament to the city.
Carriages will be in wailleg at at all times, to convey
messengers hs and from the boa. free of churn.
Gent d. Jgaz iacifo2l _ s e m s DARNIIM
Charles b eet, brlweeu larket and Lombard
Streets, Baltlinoie.
babiteriber having taken the above estab
lishment, offers his Scryieerto the citizens and
public generally. It is conveniently sheeted as
regards the Steamboaut and Rallnxd Depots In the
midst of the more riztensive Importing (lassos—and in
fut. the location offers to thou viliting the city, as ma
nWouveniesices -and comforts as the other principal
The liense a new being fitte Op with new furniture,
ht geed taste and style, and will be open to the public
on the Shl day of Apri1,1647. The proprietor tram that
his antentitung erne. to pleare, will accent,. him •
poruon of the riddle patronage, resident en well is
A 2).,
)2, 1. 2212 .n.. .of the firm of Dix & Foga
It. A UAL; A NVIIOUSE, 280, Market Pb its
delptda—The enbsoriber Hateofttes.Waablegmn
Hotel, Harrisborgb, Pa) takes this method of In
forming los old friend* and the palate ntee YNly, that he
has taken the above named 1P311.1. Howe It tiff
and comfotutble.and has been extenavelpaltered and
improved, and the propnetor hopes by • strict =ZOO=
to merles; and et proper =MO 101 Wa OfolifOO of till,
tiaras, to merit and receive a share of publieptumnage.
The Hone i• adorned Very .nvenlvm- ( of 1Ye u T...11. 4. _
zjr. :blie,.beT le ggi a ly two clooirs.ritbov.eitb.e*t:.
the Halutoote mad Reading-Dooms .Br4ttnpici et
mehedao Ile premires.. Tenb, fief day. '1
• - E P HUGllMProprietor
Allegheny Maw. Plant- apnea M7-sPt2danl
10v.132. caartxur anb., PaIbAbbISWIA.
TAE goloctihent, ander the firm of Bowan &Wen,
have purchased blr..lovice interest , 41 this eatabliel,
meat, hope by die Itricicst attention to the wants
and comioeu a their per... to berent tt
by of
the liberal patronage heretofore received by ha finatei
The bOwelmsbeen lbeamighly renevated,and reyst,C
d; tea therefore reel t o Ave eon welcome • oar
nicnda nod the public to accommodation. eqval to any
In the ray Philadelploa. Pi W 'MIMES;
. JNO WE3l'.
Corner Matti mod Math eta, Olnetitnatli
11 , 111Uanablialmsent le now In the bestorder (nettle
J..receptioa of the Trerelin6Pahllc. Raving ender.
gone .a thorough repute, daring the past winter, and
hiving the souk experienced awn In the welt, in the
vette. dew/stems. I latter myself that nil wdl ho
pleased who ealt. The location LeCt11t1ii,C1.221304111,03
anspiesuant , Pare 11 per day, • • -
Ciltemaml,Nareh L41:47. W,E N. 10141
N. O.—Although sot exactly • new Ilroom, it is the
same—a new Whist on the old handle. vat!
Loutwilit, Kl.
A, T
1 - 1 R 0 CX ORT N bats to acquaint hti
. friends that ha is again oi! the IG ALT
Haiti SE, lapiaviHe, Ry., whore ho hopes too:eat all
his old friantlh mauling thorn aod.tito Pablid• that taa
cirort shall la!apazed to make olleomfottablo who favor
Lau with tbel,palronago. janlldly
11.01V2fD SILL WATZiI imago arras.'
Llllaswarx—NOlLT/LOUVOS, :ULM
arcueins at leans.. '
tiOrto Wlientstlell. Proprietor. • •
Da. EnwusF nman....R.w.trkrar.
frla djigt= t s i ttli , sh ith av o i l o i tte= r 4abta mile
Ma o o f
shoat 91 Amalie. the CoMentieut lither, it 1
overhiabs. TM grenade wirrotinding the Establishment. 1
constniee about Poly arm, which are entirely appropriated :
to lb. use andplemare, of. the Paticols. Amidst mbeautifel
pores and primithe fermi treciare nomMons Gistpatto,em-
;paddy shealse=d sEridiag beaked and pleasant walks Car
' The apecious. and conothidiow buildinjs ot the establish
meat ere located aped the owderstrom the hilhand
bob ma of the most meloatiog landampes io the world.—
, Lemedbnely in frail; HIM eillege of Northampbm, with its
tormerone and hambome dwellings Mktg the dense iodine
of Idly and overhosting FliftEtti OP to the east am
the rich madomet.frordomploaandliedky, dressed in Me
velvet verdant of dprim. or Me variegated habiliments of
dominer end M 005... Midway; pent oda. north od meth,
is sem dm smooth end glassy meteor or the Counsel:ad,
slowly Mellor its my to the deem. On the web. to imme
diate preapeet Is the ridge of Hatfield with its rkb and
ilimutefal lemtt the eta balm flectrisktiot village of Had
ley, pod elm of Amherst with its Colleges; while to the dia
l... with o . r ad or•tka men en eriemire and
gveMydiverskied cage of amosy. On the senethois se, at
about 2k miles diatom, is bloom Holyoke, io its drew of
•rierdivuor palm and alittle bryood, le wen the pleasant
villageof. dowth Hadley; on the moth: thbold 'at about 4
asim dies:m.2w majestic !daunt Tom, and the charming:
',Mega of Ewa Hampton, with its elegant whoal iditimm—
tier lathe, prtscating • combination of natant scenery oci
urpmeedi perkspe. ego led, by any o th er is the world.
It was remarked by a gentleman, who he. spent some thirty
rs of his life in Imam parts of Comps, that be meth
belidela seem wi perfectly beautiful and machithing.
The ammensicaletims at Booed UM an lertatey mil yin.
• `-
eionsond Ara warty witnetent for iipwanteO r if me ii - and;ed
and Ally patients.
It is provided with an stemdanee of the portal spring wa•
Dr me:term other rophite for the Tuthind peeled applies
tins of this pepulne arid wondrefalli - immoral medium of
raties.rieg /ow or impaired hialth.
Dr. Denniston who resides in the swab! ahinvit,ia a gawk , .
ram of enlarged espernise, was educated in ,Earope, when
he rapped the adawitsgin o f several yo era reseiicre
eelebnited hospital. of.lidenburi and Doblinond has twin
a sweeearthrPrartiewer in 'this vicinily for meant yeses
Ntleals way %atria...opine satire confidettea in 6,0611.1
-re Al.: preview:a la saki* alleadance.• Amen kinameeso
plo *meal well [Wedded German name.
ernes ofDeadLeg, inebnling zed Ind advice elig
tietde will be =with every article * fur packing,
• bierthanlytm. Mir ' Aortae Leh !Mr. all•ace
, ,
L WENT opened On the letb or August, nurbir
care of C BAELZ,attending Physician,. end Ale,
FFlTlmanager of the treading 'Department; hue
been erected exiirmsly.for the purpose, and is well
calculated to accommodate MUM five cadent.. It.
linesman V healthy and the mormending country i. pie•
Wm's/eel the Immediate neighborhood abounds locum
• soft'vrater Spring., Gorr four of which Sib baths are at
Pre rat supplied, Every facility for the renernilen of
health to the invalid where . orfered-‘pere air, water Of
the finest quality, md a sheltered, eool 'Minoan.
.The Doctor reside. in the mmblidtment. 'Coalmen.
damn an the system is unnecessary, as is also no etim
mutation of the diseases curable by water, m it haste.
come so generally known, and favorably received by the
community at large.
Each patent is required to ionise for-the swenting,
and other Novenas, the folterving nubile.: two lame
Mick woolen blankets, three comfortable. or a feather
bed. one coarse cotton sheet, and a linen sheet that can
he Mu into bandage., tamers unarm towels.
Very feeble paitents are ittilllTC4m tiring nn attend.
am milt them, ted whom lgontd earl be obtained in the
;nd ' T l=re, h u r sro7tVe ' lrX, i a ' n d illl " nd " ar r ie w a k ri f n a g r
'the process, board and lodgmg.
Payment to be made weekly.
Board (penny 1...14.r= Inotight by-Patients tarn doh
lam per week. • • ad:AM
• •.• !E3IT/Z14311 ,
. ROSlTHd;detlatas , Mod and Narkahrt, nppooite
• 4114.-locrirsitef 'Exchange Office. •
rlUlßstadershresd Is* prepared to aceemmodite sub.
11 scribeis, sad the public genemlly; mutt adellcions
bath. His nn s/ establishment will be open uAles. Ma.
vi4e.l.wHlt wa y thief LlCCC24l4lio,seader balliiitg a
liters: • • '
HALT and SULPHUR HAT7tEt'prepared if required.
The above establishment is fitted epic an entire new
Plus hirStrllated trent the Mr and thesubseriber
ts con est t histhe lemmermuentsi combined contribute
to render this establishment the meet comfortable one.
nom lit the city. • H VAPHON
qviagNiniveltra - its:
TUST Received at So Ittl Liberty Writ. a /arse hit,
al of Queen.wara Tilts, Pickle., &e, whteb the own.
erhneade wiling at reduced prices.. lie would hurita
andattion of dealer., hotel keeper., rtearaboal um a,
private famillcato call and CXIIIIIIIIO his week of
Auras, bellow purchasing elsewhere. • AS they. will
Sod it to their advantage, Owe wiehlng to porcloute,
'Could call loon and acme a Cantata, as the propne
• r s. pleat nkainittlP Wa. uvula WS,
sal. Jett AJSILI 7 AS IS/PAC/THU ' .
.7 1 11ESabsorlbes keopsoonstantly, gmlusortenant,
and manalittnrca w order, table,_trs, and down
spoons, crews, gravy and moviardspoons. soup ladles,
masons tonss, trattosand Ilsk• knivist,threall[ll and
plalnlorkk: l 4,s bass snots W WILSON
jykil cornarmarket ith wrest •
RINGS, R OS-61in realdt llosbkonteatont Vol.
unused . Indio Rubber Thso kings . or
bands aps • ;dieing pond papaw andportolsofewary
&scrip • • In u one out be &Ned round a
packet of p On, holding thaw Ann at. tilt' sank time,
al/owing or •dtiwalthr rodoedon without any loss or
=mourn • - J&Il PHILLIPS .
agto,6 wood st •
rCPX • . PILEUP—Jan received,
Puk • 82 4 aswltask;daaska l lpetwer l anQW
816111FileS, • sing a very general suortate
The of Nackselsts eassantossluan
Is looked., • LOGAN* KENSILDy.
A/Mb—MU ptimeoll vied,- hi kat* bt
%, - 3V 4 It ilectriciUßtilNitbopt
One Boat learns Ashur 121 ceeland dill), raw
ning in commotion with the Steamers. •
' Michigan and 'Lasko - Erre, between P
o n t and
Benvell . and a Line of fi rst elais itteinnboats, Propel
lers, ftrucs ag u, enLakis Erie, st T r,arr :
'h geris d (Morlad 'p led to arty - Tartar ihr ltninat ;chit.
despatch-- PATOIS & sft,Clerehuni, &gm ..
• • • RPXD,
_PARKS & BeaseALts
MATHER. Pittstmet, , •
.p2I Coy Warm ad VialthiSold
BOWsavfizeAND cuaiskitiAzio.T9 OA
Tuna io.Balninere boarn.
adelphra..,. ... ; .
hOlcodid load fact rondo/roamer' Wink Loa.
• and Swaim, hare
r o se cmmeneed waking ;
dot s daily trips: Otto boat Will a thabrooonga
lola who 'every , stomlog precowlr at cock.
csocrtgon, by ; W ..otsikkg kiss . .. Will &MVO In tkaltiowns
mut evenlng to Um ns lrbnadelplutt Mall Boor, or
:Rail Road sant: ''' Its Sown Lloat . Iwo the
wharf daily al o'clock haat% Saadela Prmanenss
by tine boat will lodge sw Word; in cuttlefish)* state
tooancir.aro Thownsittle sant
op at e a o'clock;
tress me woontalno friday Wit; sop and lodg id Cam
hobo& .71111/ avoiding [rare altogether! 'Tha
preparations as this Woe int ample, toddle COSIVEftIOII
complete; SO that dusappaintiorol or Seim will kro so-
Passeagers ow open It. n
se die' route and tonne Ikon.
rents again at Flatware,
; and hone chalet or Roil Road
or Snannbast between Baltimore and Philadelphia. -
Conches chartered to partici to travel as Owl droll*
Same your helots at the ogee, Moto LDo N
or St Chalks . J
fable .
Irate 1 847 : ,;' diaileal
DACKET Dam Swallow and phka.:flu a shook p.m.;aller Um arrival of tba
morrang Baal from PUrsbarM sad arrive at Wain la
time for the 101 l Luso of Scagem, Mirk leava Immedi
ately thereaftnr,and arrive at Cleveland at3eMet.t.
Thia mate is the met Oxpednlons and Comfortable
one to
Lakes: •
co . T . Es LthiNawELL, Warren, Pri*r . -
.1011dMGELE . Y.t:Per .Bea Water "4 :arl ighbEeld
Oppoorto the idoneniabela Boom Pirobaref:
-PITTPERJ*OIII AND 011,1:1;111:411,1./:
ai : l l ß . j e a ur. e t oa 42z ir i otr,igc le passetti ri pili-.
Beaver and Greelivint,k, by g wltiohlrelokrosr=
Zrant=eo td'orPc!"'.t4ibeegar--., .1P,T10017.
. • • WlCia L_CGPl,Gresulo, Ages •
CRAIG & FRAMWON,Clomitovilie, do:,
LAIePAII.LAND d: F r l" i g 8 .. 2 1
I.l.KR,Shißpnburgly, do;
• • W C MALAN. Simon,. • do;
do; •
REM PARKS A.G., Boner, d•
/OILY A CAUGIIEY, cornorWasor and Boutkllold sa;
apbly °poodle We Mosioneoliola noose. l'ltikoro
. .
Philadelphia, Baltiasenr, Naw.lfeek
THE eneoursgemarit this line ha rercaiiredalide
its commencement, has induced the prtaprie
tom to inemee the Meek by adding !number al lit
elm boats; and band aerie: receipts as beret*,
fore as-agents, we will give oar own receipts tot
freight shipped by ,
. The boats are all ridable, cm: ,
meant& (might
be taken the erhulealudence.without tramhipinenti
thereby presenting damage from bequest handling
en the route, and es - each -boil Le - .earned by the
Captain who rens them, which is a sutSciant
mace that Mere will be no delay eilhe route.
MI 'Prothicii ar 'tdarchendisti'coasignedter the
wedenagied will he faiiraided FREE or COM:.
MISSION; for advancing sad fotinnlittand will
be shipped sailboat delay at ths lowest rites'
freight: ". t
We respectfully 'Mut as share a...poetic palm..
nage. .WALLINGPORD is Go:. .
1, • .
.• --Caul Basis; Pittsburgh
' • 'Broad Strene,Vbilidelphia.
MILLER; llgint •11
• Rowley's.klibuf, Belhaidles.
Pittsburgh, Feb. 18,1847, •
1846 win 1847
rrinE,landanigued are mew preralo.fleVerll
1.. Artee,lre., to the Yeatem Motets delineate l eas.
1.4 Winter, ea the met Larerable tenes,..brthis exp.
All property eortioemed toss wilibe . k;r‘nrlN:datlitt
lowertrates sad .0 despetch.
waNCL 7 71C a BIZA.T.,14 1 , P WL‘" •
I%r CAS& Illownsvillis.
rove . AMMO/TON & Coselterland
18 , 46 •
To-rins mast , 'sr numinous Am)
arilE sebeeribero well omelet for the delivery of Pm.
due to Baltimore by the Moneagsbelalflachwaler
at tbe *aloM)o3 "'.
. Ashes, Bacon; Beau lead, '''Lodi Perk:
Whiskey, • and ets per 10011 M.) -
Tobamw,Reep, Flu and Wheat—W etipar 110 lbs.
. Ashes, (Pm) Apples, Cliame,.FluMeeti,•Pllesa, and .
Lother-10a eta perloo lbs, -
.1 ,
Oils, Skins. Seed., Wool—lllets per 10 0 Me;
Buswal.F.Mtua,..F o ll, GlitoWte am° e.usiditio — i .
-lab cope, looms.
ALI poverty Unsigned ti) tribes 'of the sodoiumed
bo foromnied rritboil de la y (me of CoueMmoo,
at abou rum. .W d ChAlUialmenzeillei
HANNA A WA:tIaRAIAN, PMall)orkh•
TaK Otr , rittfiir. --
5.,/ ea vial prodadng wanders .—Read this Iblllwas
from the Ate, Wiiketialdg fluor of -Man trt.
Mn.R. R.-Sallow:It le Atm nocuseof duty, as well'
as with gaud pleasure, Coat I Was scathes:my to the vir
tue of yourtastly celebrated Vermilion. I meatiest .a
Il l(,.siga and gave it to three deny deicing/3,W* hdd
been. or mural weeks. The eldest was been
years old. the Cour..and the youngest atatitedn'
months. Tim first pawed fin yesiswronew„ the devise
forty seven; and the third a conaidetable number not
dedinetly reeolleeted. Since then they haven ' donut
well, and are now in good health. -
Toots reispee.thilly, 15:71. - mastisua.
From the Ron. S E Babcock, of the Methediat Reim.
Mr. ritere lola with great pleatrare I. old
inform you of the good efeets produced ten :my soder
be of age, by year lastly celebrated Vaud thge.
After Ins bevels onamalmons, I Saws low Iheee down,
when he palmed en elmeat Indedstable amber, from
which time hie mineral health has been Improved.
From the Rev Charles Cooke, of the Meths:lut
eopal Champ:
Pitaurgh;Deeember 14. It4S:
Mr. U.K Sellers: I ceo g y little daughter (betwee
three end for years old) three dead. of sour Vultures%
reontsng to presetipuesh with the Impip.t
The number of.wonus expelled I do not know, ',idiom.
ly. but/twat Jorge. She m now en possession of good
health. thiek the medicines may be confides! m with
greet unreacrvedness. s C Coons.
A. ibis Vermeil:nett. never been known to fail In
i invinnee, when worms exuded, pare=
vlinuld give it n prefcrenee ell other. • • •
Prepared end void by EL E. dElitiEftd, between del
e dib, IVood aural.:
For vale by Dr. Crionel, Fifth Ward, . ".Myl
4111GELDIANS TOOTH.. PffiSTAti.:: • "
r ...114.11141L •
rpHE beat article brawn for cleaning and whitening
the Teeth, strongthetherthe puha, sweetening the
bietult, ke. It ahead be used every night with 'avail'
brush, and the teeth and mouth will only reunite rieligh
washing in, the worsting.. Wet the brush erhiSsrunn
water. or cold will answer, and rub It. lbw taws ou
the pant,. when• choutth swat whiem for Cellneeig the
teeth. It leaves& delicious WU the owe* and
parts* most deligkiffil hugrartee la the bleatle:ltstatule
uurirrJled as a•ploasaak efficacious, toast:them, s m
safe deMiificc. is ...minted hot to Were the tooth,.
bane prownrethem. • f.
By re. - tlariy,:,ll will-
fly using 'it reankirlyi, ft *Returnee the latter end
prevent . RE accomeladon—ltrevent the - uunhatbe'
strengthen the itims,and prevent all.diseased of inere.
%mums, phymetans, and the clergy - remmuuend it a"
'decidedly soperior to tier). thing of the lend in Year
Ask for Sherman's Compound Orris Tooth 'Panto, and
observe his woman, is attached to each po t,
-Recommended by Dr. Caadm :3EI Broadway; sma of
.our-best. Vending, and by reast of the old ~e . bas h ,,,,d
ones in the United Mmes., nod even zwasitrely !mad
by the Nobility of England and Pim
A large proportion of the damn, t hatiellei mankind,
arise from came derangement of Mt a toseachor Wesel*,
which a tireelr 11. of the Coda tie Lozenges Weald
entitily obviate. Persons of bilks% hahlte aheald
ways have a hoz at hand, and take ado°, whenever
they feel the leant derangement tatter health. :A.1•1 , .
bat we of these Loots wooldprevent , thompte ,
Versate at W 111: JACRBOtak3, comer af Itisd
Llberm tits
. • • • • ;Alert ,itt47.
T AST Sararday Aga. o MOPE. A. ;PAS ,
linestook it Cots Venttillige ➢ to my tittle girt;
between foot and A. rearm odouold•V it s day oil
r 05.4100 Suite waists, atooto moot
ogtti olio*. Otis ebiAl itlOßPlO.Argosto
fill to horiOtingetAboort witAIusAPPA.IIII.
'il4Pan47?-rT,PCequies. ' 1. .
.Porpareit•oad *Ad: ApiPA mum* a co
teornocoo mod totwor: ~-•••• IM.: ' ,
-.TUE J1A.Vg1=1.1104.1....41i6=6",,
viriork i r Ake:, 414 1 73 feahrigt,Ala spoio
trie t4 ukTi l l i itte e ttcv neeistr aThil "S & L &
. I, I O II3O,4IIIILEINkry *Fill, 4f
,474444004T10 "411 0•114
'. , ' - .': . ,1.:: . -;'; , ,f-F'.;:6.';t:
- =WATS:D. ii! ) # 21 . 6112, A 50 . 4 4::01141415'1
WAsle =saki.
stssiiiii 7 Ad is, las
loons Sri. Um; his/onion& is. *mast sub bus
its Pat siTisidiTssis so ths Ns_
. . . .
~ kit:kW/WS CtrUCILLOZCIiCiiht, . • . .
' That lacy:tin tht afenotat are tan eigiti u d ~.
erty inr paglis, s;
canceptins, imptin ave, ..:1,
ina Apace ot the kept; . cad, sly ea. . /lb pcyclor ' '
ha tear lucre ut binteektnicre Curtin not gan pain
satitfaclia. ' &mil themand bouslca tea told uttit
the InCjar,rutoring to beatni yams 4 slant tary nap
oteoennetptneondlean 'hnn near din most disccen g
aide seicenshe. Way do anneal:: ied dry up- tanoto, _
bitt anda nay, pratoan apatoebbi, nay Os Canby.
.irtiutioth, cut nacre_ be proiaste or rectiy Cane.
.:They ere sane iron a abbleatioti of a ittec ealsonrk cpc
' tonna. or ant
k. rechrinen,nal au ad:m*ol we:67z ,
:17.: eta. tat . a hut brt =of their caudal Cr•
hp, boa Ilea who baba as bee se canal; pun.
ad vertoned to
hatch by inky nue: ' .. • ..- -
intro bear mill phi in din bait or anti au alba
um'. bar Mane tbau (part nehr 13,1 mica avail be
m n ! era tagert, and. was tillattAng.. It ttlanot
aid." anticenth • kw culatie or baths Inapt , or se
null enbutie mealiden, atoll be men at nacia cyan.
lIIIERMAittiVI9OII.Si I.l2lttatOES; .
. These nroraUscyChert btu Frond Is mote than lAN
.000 etc to to bancinc nu any arms cab ensue) kg
median war denoung. - May daunt an:alma nano
std imam bag and lettusentenity uncut dathettith
out dab /mx buy cepa* grow pa
n cen an 11 On
...Aiwa with tk...,...d ..*iviimi ki• mim
billing ay band)in. net dm et num Lancoges coald .
sanposesit Aterian—bnes is lb 'Ants or lietbi ate
:be badly pelting et the ISCW, grim' &lag of thie tub nub"
*chain scistaapkaatabout tbSparith Autry dab.
btaggyal the anne,sparieg acitionbi be acanchAtila
a et bat ova be mice oche kill, alight ebb a thin'
:Thy, • beneath., druniato, "asst., nepor : diattnet
draahaltite rating /a dap. lib Unit an •
cantina i trotte eingh, kerrinhotc, Wry; p•
lion Ats, bid tart. in be amain, dieleak FeTFlNinv pa is
Wm Camaninar bolds, fitipt,aterti4 eganeiame N e,,,,,,,;
47•theriranwnbib!act illighneUattnartinitt•
intiodeffir Ur/LC:U:44I, bony, stab of sact
chap mat litnig, ewe au cab* sight,
bignat ,slit 1.1
tmadtaabrla r ..0.,",.......
IllattllAN'ilL CAMISOR loitittiti. '
They_ gic isetedialt rail:tin lit' , 4 . •:,cle . en wen h. 4.1.,
1,,,,,th=t,.. tsea 1, .... 1 „I r .:by naYnetez
piety &btu& oppugn:le ors eased rillifleg '- et lb dui
nbelii, m a lly at Ilte dam* oe . - , ,gre. r kd
tratta . ra sa doll. n n, , irovieta lb
4r, aw bbai.theiggit lb. ;Yin; deka or ntelj
.era wow% Ababa, ?wand, or 4 . .... ',tug., ?,....
at may in latetthy tarp punch rill led the pap.
ITS rally mt."' tan bitprtity ibt he
' ntba n, dist
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toe rr.v race ebauynhnittebt
ben- te b p e o u h c U mb .
'ibutaltentbilutintirt h d . lchiti. win fiat thenaleget 'di •
'thfblVls=l*,* rooir....ewptiairrix. :1
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nitatatine,. be. , be..77eea
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1... a wntrattntdiantictiL nutinye lick warn ,
,og belbresert, itheriabbnyieter biliodtamati -
for an garter thinsuent pribckier at only tien. bin, ba
thcibtuptit *Win tbn troth. lt nitoris relit is a One
As tin caybdet ad twat, it alloold. be von err
il ... e=ithe Hector aloweb, and it rill Oen! pet ad
. Mkt: Is coalsi cab, anlien, linear r
=4 orpration ot tic dent ,er nicaub; they:Al ia •
.sooth sittmair a kinit the pbon. ' tenons ei
nectar, WU, at to amd math vita Isellin •
baled seniart ban me et truly tolicybabg eh.
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alleators,leentin at, 'ticket antereletieromd ifordsreatn
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tionscho btu rd. et wil3 u nbt: butai Conical el
.ell duteddradied eitry an Oakum, to
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, wort win r d .sisdiecal - pcm• •
tiatt bkd
1 Scud man bare at the tratebeine le ale
theirs= ad thnale, et net shwa oinaticai yaw time
Dhatione It or an a ths bah Baal piaer, rtni •
lielaile elDralkanatt Anna- It is - . yen Acid .
steep sok for tisenea'n Pow linen Mier L•teena Oat
riga %Ci r ri . 1
4 .2:7l,enrs; .
an bud be W.JACXBDiffet ye tart
- I,l.ginZt.Wartheent, SC ea Lti±rcr:l,4 .. r , or°.
WO. HOOT. 7.-. : •:-', . ,:. • ;.• ,; : . ~ . . 3.. y eti.
I st DIAMOND 41; •
• • ',.. ,- ... : ilk UST, a 4.0 doom helot. •
Wad stlectoewanits thet
. . ... -.•%,. •• „It= be L en t regularly id. ,
te. it atedieal ptoi• •
-• ...rcestem, and teen for mune
1 ' ' Ak\ -- •••*°':=11..',.` , 7. 4, i...“' •
... , ,
.., -._ , 1: i . the
aw =Tr of them •
'... ' , \,,, of
4101(. 4
na ram
Plaints for whiek his appal .. • -
i , ' 'unities and ' -egoe maga
/'' - i . ....0111 110 peenbatly toddy blot— • .
Eleven years assieectaii. devoted w, Ile Mod, and
Arcanum of those tomb ate,Wiring - vichfch Sled lie
to had more practice and bas cared' =ore penents than
tan arcs fall to the let or a:7 Print/ p Caentlenet) am
ply qualigia bite to oat f ae taSZION Ot speedy, yen. •
arra And :satisfactory t ate tualr aglieute wad raced
diseases, and all diseases arising thererreins. . •
Pr. Brown weed utknita those afflicted with prieass '
• duteases odd& have - become chronic , byline, erogenic,. . ~
ted by the ate of tuty of the cum= .nellitlalle. of the .. • ...
day, that their entoplainte awl be statically , lad Otos -
•- - ' cared,he hams given his careful atter/eon to
die unutetent af soch cues, and succeeded ut hundreds •
of Ll:tamers in eating promisor illiillSanOtt of Pe neck
of the bladder, sad ihntrodduasseadlluelortsit renal
.1081131011•11 - CIIIMII0101<kajberi have consignediliont to •, .
beaked dismiatr.• Ile pasucalarty Write., smokes hay. - •• -.-
boanlong sad ansiceeserally treated bred/am to sea
ealt hi/sorban everyeatlafactieniviljbo &entice! and._ '' -
_polo eases treated in stearefel.theimingkend unellticont •
roamer panted oat by long experience, dad, sad fat • , •
ticaugation, width Ma ingoesetdda far dtoseteepped in •
ts . ueralPraolloll At Ittediti2lll mVIM say 01111, CL•3II 0 •
0 lien/Woe Itepttere—Dl, , *oll/11 110111•-• art lae. .
• r pcsmons elicited arab Penna. to' call, a. ho t/Its pa. ,• ~--•
i ' '' ' :•?/, °7-7.7eitTLe eiolther ;: ii. - 4at a Pronto -.-..
by Ats[tair their dlieue in /freltl4, giving Alike amp!
tome.= obtain Medicines wall duecilons Pram, by
' address/tot T .1111 OWN, dr. .D. gedgpall eat i cede . •
' 'l6,..N.:iiihi...iid . igi,4, - eit.ble') . -iiimiv
: Er gio elm a voirt ••-• • L • •i• - .( ; i •-• dile , r -.
.1011,-._ •
.11. Hair Ctesta t ."si - masehless - ankle *eel Owe*
Haigh, 'edifies:4l4km of the Hair. ;Theentaie,vbea
*nee Imsere, will supersede • ell ether anklef of the
'dad now used. Where the hair I. dead.lumehalos, ete.
health! .priaralak‘o o s - firer spell:woes sri I make
the hair soh and and. the Ir ataiddiall Hedy
ee; sad note Strata:l es beelines'
Z . ltaTthy a:dactylics salon...ail tbs. km,uuhun
which are gerearelly amt. }boa lady ead Heaths=
.who ars in:the habitat m.n oils en their halt, ehatdd
es wee Imam • bathe of the Chinese Hair Cm" es
it is so oompoyedskat It willoatialare the hair like the
htkeierreparadaite, baitiWylt, ari4 peer:feet
eattefaelloa In every brumes' • • .
-...rtositstisiorq as !shiner, satieriel qualitii, see the
• Iblieniriak Amer .frosa Hey, Mr..Caldwedhlorhfeests.
fileedentoa.t.Stretek,' Nashville, Game agents fir,
the Wooers - . •
:Letter final the Rai. R. Cahlirell, vases; orthe Pees
llesn.:lferkenh ttt Snetell—Gentleoleas I •
rji'lr'l2.4dbgeredV*PY to
Hasate—,•fer skeet two kears age ma hatr yea serYd •
tritdr,Mtitdistased coate pat 'lad having poem,
st book of the them, and used It eeeeedida le the pre
: ear=
i tir Is nerKetilli etasehaset fine to do
and oW wen applied reek leas
Haskir halrlaikuorse state thimbefere.lida,Crelos
idimintr,.l4. =toy eaprittatleits: '
_..Lai err:Wok* lie Toilet, my wife gives ,It:ptger. ,
nee =l=M a r I ..171 eel
the Chinese
to to be a dosid ' endam el &Lis prep.
'islions far the tedet. Ilespeeifahr. he
etni , I . j
.13 11 IU o
M - 170.111d, NoO Market auto. ant het Mohler,
weer of Wood and Milk t.
.1.7.11 4 (68.--Secrorida. in all its multiplied
. whether MO= or likes Eellsielenttletettee the
.glandreiboamy &ritteiWhito
.Rbeematinte,i.lanter, &swum of the Skin or Spine,
or or rehoonny Commuiption, etsuain..from one.
iWllte Mme eaase,whichine polo:mom principle
mare or lam Inherent in the heman rotem. Therm
fore,.nelem this principle out be destroyel, so adj. -
'circuit/Ceti be elltiated,.but if the. prlitetple spite
which the &sew dames,' care
hit:eta necessity follow, no matter eerier *butler=
the disease should matiihrenittelf. , Ttib.therefore
is ilarl i rensortwiefirrent'ir Avriatartfia'ai
Trn. y stimmfo inneenning woman) malignant i
duos* •It,dentroys the vires'orpeineiple Ilona
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