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Teesewarn.-la Rothenet, N. Y. parer Et'
wow that a eenUeman from that city is *bent
• L to rep& to Qui:lmi to take dates of the Tel
tem Tide wa think. twat be a adetake.
4, - • _ ig. K. Zeollywho now hi. chop of that station,
i , ~, -: i ii o w al the bad opii . intwe Inds country. -He
• '":„ '',;', '' an eilpabitiodent of the %Mutton and Net
, , , -,-, ..." y ol k No fix it kenedzne snot - he oetuentation,
' ''2 ' ..,- -` ' ~ ''i k eloweibli pea= WlKltitaimitied MS Wye in
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' ! : - ,- -'7.-.A 'f.t j '''' '-,-, ~ -- - bait oh npalsoa to tam eflef'
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By MASTRO 13R90F,S 03:
rryTws ternanura Dan.r Warm is padated
r Noy; TrOVsokly, sad IVakly —The Dairy is Sew.
• XadawsPer amen theTri-Weeklyrs Vise Dot Lars per
wawa; rite Waekly is Two Dollars per =tom cried/
! .Xetleo, to . Advertisers.
iZt4dvetunementli, In . secure msereon, sinned be
u by. Zoe eeleek in the afternoon. Aftenuon
Or silo en the part of oar customers, weak be prod=
tioeoessnstual benefit.
- awn covm.)
ertnawin 0:01MIT
GEORGE OARS'S, of ilkelexty Cay.
LEWIS C. J. NOHLE r ;of Indiana Tp.
7110 K AA rimaNs; Tp.
JOHN 0 UNlCEL,Haaphin County.
• .
mows, C HAMBLY, York.
WILLIAM IA WATD3,Cuntberland.
JOHN P WETHERI Philadelphia City.
THOMASMeGRATH, Philadelphia County.
THOMAS M OGLE , KNNAN, Wauhttlgtna
ANDREW J Somerset.
HAMAR DENNY, Allegheny.
JOSEPH H [ULM' , Wevaioreland.
.1 RAW_
H D NIAX.V.W...LL,NorthuoPton.: '
KidEj uI AILBE I Serebann
ROBEEP •;• POTTS, Montgomery.
- Fat :Atm Commercial intelligence Domestic Mar
ti rmsrlicors, imports, Money Markel, te. eee
in Ibliartb Pu? for Misoelluseous Kew&
••• Saipan thit neon the arrival of ..Eurros-,
Bacons 4 Co." in Pittaburgh, we should publish
en ankle halm paper, making an appeal to MU
chines to insult them wherever they appeared—
• to treat diem with "silent et:enema," kecenso of
• their .thrsien impudennel"-- Post.
yen, tans pretty . much what the Post did
preceding the spiral of the editor of the Gazette
In the city. It endesiored to excite prejudice
• egainunit and the Gazette, by ar.enting what, if
• ft knew anything of, the matter of fact, it knew to
.• , Ithlinteoric that the Gazette "had been sold to
'en adhering Mason, and our readers were kindly
end prejudiced' in advance against any
• each abirgain and corruption." What does the
Pat think of this story of its own, made oat of
. Whole elkoth, and heralded to ourlfisadvantagei
-Aratnow • word of Mr. Dallas. Ho war' in
" Winn as a fertizan, he Immo hero as a putt
' un, he was publicly received as such, paraded the
streets se each, and made a speech as such,: in
which speech he &smelted what we are carry to say
- spin was notoriously Untied
. All thin has been dome upon the eve of an im.
Portant State election, and es we benne, and the
• public know, for party purposes alone. When the
Vies President forget/ the respect duo to his word
es a man, and to hie official pagan ei an officer,
it Is simuldeg too much to expect that men should
- pey ii&delket Whim runty bosun he is the rep.
nwentative of power. Meibinffice must prove
themselves entitled to public temped before they
- iiact it fnen their fellow men. It will do in En
' nu for Princes end Potentates to command obei.
• sans from their humble subjects, and Ahe wee,.
• wed head; the beaded knee, and the prostate
form, are there sometimes the exaction of Church
and State, bat not so here. The Vice President
- was a citizen, u it were, upon yesterday, and
wffi be one again to-morrow. There are no he
,reditay hernank—no "Princes of the blood,"—
wake , indeed, to exact ohedience here, but a
needy exercise of duty, a just Stunts of truth
• ind of Public serviee. Had the Vice President
*WO Pittsburgh as the Vice President of ail the
people. and not as a more party hack, we stundd
have taken pkasare In paying him the reepect doe
Arebkollifwbetasihe Public Pees has something
• •; nee to do than to falsify tut by recording cot
totrobstoi, and to tooopoteta not nhonat.,
tco whorl honor is doe," but hdpor where theniis
no merit, respect tel a pawn whit shows none for
himself, none for the people where he is, end none
kor the high obligations •of truth, we have but.
shad die mirror up to 'Plains," that the public
might behold the true reflection in the glue.
The Post aye
But theme editors of the Gazette, chiming to ben I
' "height puticulir stars" in the rads of the party
that arrogates to itself "all the decency, and all
the morality" in the land, recommend to the
- ens of Pittsburgh, among whom they have but
nattily taken up their abode, to insult—basely,
wantonly toeult, the second officer in the United
Stated If a spirit of this description woe sane:
Sowed end ensued generally by the' people in this
ealulrfrit is fearful to contemplate the nomite.
Family ties would be cut asunder--the axial re.
• - Aide= would be destroyed—end the worse feel.
inp'of human na would be permitted to run
It makes momehittle forbeannut to tun all
this se It statures to be treated, but ere we thesn'to
and ell occasion for a personal newspaper dia.
. Marion. and not to run away- open new Uses,
,Van sassier that all the Post here aye of the'Ed
- ken of the Gazette is entirely untrue in fact.
.11, bite reasons we bare given, to maitre the
; 'Vice Pemident in silmce es a Tinier, or to ra
buks Unlit the prase foi violating two of the cm
. miembe of , --the decelogno is oto joule, bawdy,
. 4rentoaly insult the second officer in the United
:: ,,, ;14lutas." this we plied guilty to the charge, hit
etheriehis. We base recommended no par.
wad dbcoasksy, and should bo sorry to ape any
glean—cameissuckae ete Dernberala themselves
soar guilty of.whenittk more than a year since,
is this eery City of Pittaburgh, - they aided in
lisinefiek him-in effigy for the very vote he gait
/hew; of the Tariff of 1846, now so much
lauded by the Pait, though then assailed soil
:Daiwa-atm hero became hoarse in uttering their
ansibmail spinal the act and, those who wire
grallty_el giving it birth., nail we !mini the
raeteds* the Exchange Heeling again,. or of
the ;Siting at tbs Tdismoied, or open the files of
the l*or go to the " Daemon*" I,neistantre
of l'enseylvents, or to the unanizooua vote In
, A ,Alliturnietl The Twin* of tgAZ.weala perfect
luemetttll then, pi the Truitt* of 184 f Li the per
fect immure nowt 'Modern Duabwracy can thug
be*iiiiitfery end slimy u on
It wire is sari wires oat,
And leaver tba . pablac will in doubt, ,
Whelan. lbs make who took the iratk,
L going Omni oar:min back.
Vii 4 not =unbind all thews tertatinge end
iambs& Noe rtre they to be excused, though
acestituid in the ponce of .the second officer of
tho railed &atm' -
Thit Poerdoee Entente Brooke & Co" too
moth boom In asecocialiott their ',DAMN with Mr.
Deltas. We feel the distance of the =toot, end
appredate the motive which prompts the allusion.
11 hum Re mid, that t , our alma who are
proiorbtel' for their ktodnees and lactation to
etnagers,-bave extended to them every connoty
and tegact, they ccadd reasonably enact or de.
It is We very .axattsy and reepet" which we
have teceived,w'nkh have proarpted us to vindicate
elf rePubltice of Pittthiltet, for iti, ictelliience
tepid for truth, by eipodog rho wools Sad
. of a man who, had he any reel respect
the people where he is, would hare blushed
ishibited himself here end chowhere,in
.theeboacter hrwhkkhe has appeared.
To thi Edihrs ofilaTitisfrurikassaffe.
Of a Pauage from Pilledwrgi to CinciWpalL
At 3 o'clock on Menday, the 6th Wt.. we (left
,Plttekutigh for Cincinnati, in the light steamer
Umpire, Capt. Crooke. Before startieg,. there
semnivil to be t Omni distrust in the ability of
any yawl to ions down the deer, owing to the
low water,' but from the feet that thbi vowel had
made the previous trip in eight day., a 4zge
number were induced to engage pawage. On
leaving Pittsburgh, we had about one hundred
puma:rpm It le now Thursday noon, and we
are erne twenty miles below Marietta. We
have Wet with nothing to interrupt our passage,
except where the channel has been blocked by
other vessels. At Beaver Shoals, we ■topped
1.5 hours, the channel being blocked by the Dan
ube, Financier, and Zanesville Packet.
took about 50 penengers froni the Danube,: and
about the same number from the Lady: Byron,
a few mike above Wheeling. At Marietta le
land, we waie .detained one night by thesteam.
er Mitre. •
- - W° . are now under full sail fa Cincinnati, in
high hopes of reaching that city M.-morrow night,
or next morning.
With two hundred passengers on a mall boat,
all desiring the best accommodation", It requires
po small share of patience on the part 'of, the
officers to give goners' 'satisfaction. Rules 'and
regulations that conflict with individual interests,
have but little weight. The main difficulty comes
upon the Clerk--and I an testify that be is one
of the eleverat fellows (hi the Yankee sense of
the term,) I ever met with. Although he can
not accomModak all, he cut, and does please all.
His urbanity and . good humor are the subject of
mineral remark. The Uiptain, although a giant
In person, is ea gentle as a dove.
Tuesday evening a mad accident occurred to
one of our paseengers. An Irishman by the name
of Patrick Higgins fell in the hold, and fractured
his leg.both bones being 'broken just above the
ankle joint. Being the only physician on board.
I was called spun to set and dress the limb. -I
performed the office u well as I could, under the
einnunatances. Profisasor T H Perry of the U.
S. Navy, who misted In the operation, upon in
quiry ascettained that Higgins had formerly been
in the U. 8. sulk*. Ho went out with Professor
'Perry, In the U. S. Ship Independence in May
1837 from Boston, and returned in 1840.
Although not perhaps legally entitled to Hospital
money—Higgins had an extra claim upon oar
charity—he was poor and destitute. On arriving
at Wheeling the next morning I went with Prof.
Perry in search of Hospitril,or Also. Home where
Higgins could be taken, and placed wider - the care
of a Surgeon. No such institution could we find.
The Collector of the city Informed no that Hig-.
gins could not be kit there "unless fifteen or
twenty dollars were raised for his support." umler
these circumstances we returned to the beat, mad
the money war contributed at once. The Capt.
gave In his passage, and gus 'clerk (the good fel.
low) contributed five deThis towards the purse.-
No money, was ever given more promptly, or,
more heartily than this . twenty, dollars. &We
felt the truth of that proverb. "It is more blessed
to give than to receive."
Friday fpoon 10th inst.—We are now off
Gmenupsbum—and shill arrive in Cincinnati to
morrow morning if not interrupted by the fog to
night. We should have been there ere this had
it not teen for the foggy nights, compelling us to
lay by.
A Milt Laughable SCCIIO occurred liet evening.
Between 9 and 10 o'clock, the passengers retired
to their bertha and cots. Them happened to be
quite as many pamengets as cot., or even pia
me to lay upon the cabin floor— conseeptently
there was no litde .trite to secure places. Even
a quilt of a duet was better than nothing.—
The clerk, with all his bland smiles, and .mles
acd regulations,' could have but litde indnence.
A night's sleep was the .allelmlextint thing.—
In , the general conflation, a superstitions Irish
man, from the lower deck, thinking a night's
lodging in the cabin preferable to that open the
deck, succeeded among the crowd, In wearing
• cot and quilt. A. soon as obtained, ho meas.
wed his length upon the floor, and was soon
miming in the most profound slorp. gen
tlemen—the last, more modest than shrewd, could
obtain nothing but asked, with • standee, or the
barber's elude. He chose the latter. Robing the
heed-piece of the
chair to. Its highest notch, amt
wrapping blend( in his winding sheet, he re.
dinedcomfort:al:ay in his new podtloti, and drop.
ped to sleep.- After all was mill and quiet, the
lights turned law. • dim glare stele through the
apartment—the oilmen ..cath reigned. At Ibis
moment, the. Irishman '...Ling to study himself
that all was safe for La night, awoke from kin
pretended sleep, and took a wormy: Obsemiarg,_••
the man in the white Amt, he jumped
feet,--m ghost a ghost!,' bellowed Pit-Var
eyes atoning from his-head. The passengeri
started up, and • general roar of laaghtee follow
ed, very much to the chagrin of poor Paddy.
- Saturday morning, 10 ,o'clock.,We are now
within twelve miles of Cincinnti. We have
made the trip as quick as could be expected con
sidering the foggy night, and the delay/ °cession
ed by the blockage of the channel by other boat.
Where we have hod ckar milling, the low water
has not interrupted ow puma a single lam I
can elution heartily tern:emcee the Urapire'to
those who desire a safe, pleasant, or .expeditions
I ewe with another lad incident A poor Ger.
man girl by the name of Elise Ulrich k.ll off the
guard this montirtg about 3 o'clock and was
dentinal. The officers of the boat used every
exertion to imam bar, but to no avail. She was
a poor orphan, and had coma from Germany. to
'fire with a sister in Climinnati, and was within
eight hormi of her happy destination. She bag
gone .to bar long home. How inscrutable are the
ways of Providence. a ln the mWst of life we
are in death." Truly, - G. Q. C.
Tae. Sus TIIIIIIOIT Law.--We hare alma.
dy and many times pointed out the charaMer of
ads law, as recently method by the Secretary a
the Tretwury. The man stands thewt—Pablic ne.
seedy requires that 9,000,000 should be placed
at New Orleans in Specie, and Mr. Walker by
the law is 'required m knew of no pepee:trans.
actions Mending this men cy from New York to
its destination.
Thelon, of the law was made most obvious to
him in the &charge of this duty, end • he un
dertook, therefore, to put it at dellarfce, which , he
had no right to do as en officer of the Govern
ment. To mesons the appearance of "ding ac
cording to law. Mr. Walker, though - all the time
violating it, took the two inflame of specie, de
posited It with a contractor, end_ allowed hire to
keep It thlrty•eight days, on coalition of deliver
ing it' at par in New Orleans, at the expire.
don of the time. The cantrectoramied the too
neflo the lank—deposited it--gotaclusth—and
sent it to New Orkendteos it arrived In tight
days. He then is allowed thew. for thirty days
of two millions of money, which he may loan out
in Newmit at 8 per cent, or in New Odeaus
et ten, thus declaring in the Ant Me $13,006, and
in the List =TO' than 016,000 by the operation,
all of which might have been sued to ate Oitv
eminent but for the enactment of the Hub Treas.
my law. -
What the contractor did for the Government, Mr
Walker mild bus dew ;beet, but for the Bab
Treasury law, and might as wall have dorm, so
violated the law . in the manner in which we have
pointed out, but them the 813,000 or E 16,000 dot.
lam would not have been put in the pockets of
10 - 11313 Glow:mime favorite. What renders all this
the more outrage:ea, la the fact that oar troop in
Mexico have been makes severeiyfire the wanted
funds thus kept beck for weeks when they should
have been forwarded for the paid:Mistake. We
observe thia no Wee than twelve millions of dol.
Lan in specie have arrived at New Orkin' on
Government account, sod to say that the manner
oft Its being ant there has coat the Government
$lOO,OOO would boa low estimate. of the real ex.
pease: , ,
The Whip of CILWICIRD and Velum" hare
nominated as a Candidate for tho' Renato. Joseph
C. 0. Kennedy, a good cilium, a One friend to
the -beg interests of the State, and ono way way
competent to discharge the duties reposed in him
by his fellow Mama The Whigs of the district
shoal,' not despair .of placing their candidate' in
the commila of the Slate. In • jest came, with a
tree faith, nothing is drepiate. Ken WC( know
their inner till they try the energies they pos.
saii. It will rejoice all hearts bare and throughout
theljtate, 'to know that the Whip . Of Ifermitgo
and Crawford have done their whole detV
The Dumber of &situ Ist Nei Odom hype,.
low feeerolortng the week on the 4th kr.
Au; at tho.u., wasfout latathuf sod
avers. The thuthir of disitAte;bi the *dm/v.:
dorihig the previous week was aree Aumuuf and
. ,Isysiumanto with the execution
,of legai ar.
reale in not quite 93 safe 99 many perm' kn
eeler. Olfieer Scott,. of Allegheny, went on
baud the Steamer Pacific, on Tuesday, to cx.
teats a warrant upon a person who was em
ployed in the hold of the boat. The date fm ,
bid his entrance into. that part of the boaki,—
said he. was 'in-authority, and no ono shouldlit•
trudeierithout . his -- perminion, and even took hold
of the officer to eject him front the boat. Mr.
Scott made, complaint beim Mayor Adams, who
had the mate arrested, and after a hearing, hold .
to bail in three Waked dollar, for- obstructing
the °Meer in the execution of his duty. •
Tart Yr= Paunizaz is advertised to Aimee
at • man meeting of the Democracy of Pittsburgb,
tirittatardsy, and was advertised to appear On
Wednesday, before the 'party of Washingtoo,
Pa. We suppose
. by this time the farce has
been played out of .a visit to his relations."
Ctzens.—The last exhibitions wID
hike OW this afternoon andevening. This ems.
pony have been better patronized hem we believe
than any witch preceded it, and its exhibitions we
think, have given more ratisfaction.
The Psuetwrisami Sectary have their Jun&
/essay meeting fhb; evening, at the University
chapel. The address will bo by C. McKnight, and
1-11. e subject 01* the debate, "whether the Comilla
tiosilegalizes Slavery !" :
SCIPILXI COOK; Seer. 14.—Tresent, all the
Judges, except Judge Bell, win was absent by
reason of indisposition.
'Philip Keller vs John Cunningham—judgment
Mammal, case reinstated, and procedondo award
ed. • -
Mon. Nav: Co. vs Adam Coon, et al—the ar•
gamut of thetas, postponed for the meant, on
=mot of Judge Dell's indisposition.
George Leslie v. Mon. Nav: Ca—argued by
Mister for p!ff in error, and Thos. Williams for
dft in error.
Geo. Beltshoover et al vs Z H Colton—the ar
gument of this cause, (after a partial argument by
Mr. Dunlop,) postponed until next Monday.
John Harrison vs Andrew Solos—argued by
Allen for plfl in error; and Woods for die in or.
William Brown'. heirs vs John Niekle—orgaed
by Wads end Dunlop for plff in error, Mahon
for rift in error.
thryssrnan 15.—Bresent, all the Judger.
. Commonwealth ez relations James Wilson, ha
beas corpus—the relator was brought up to obtain
his discharge under tho Bread Act, being in prison
on i Capunad Reapondendum issued on ajudg.
meet obtained against him of $750 for seduction;
argued by Alden for relator and McCandless and
McClure contra. Curia adocrsari cull, and rela
tor remanded until tomorrow morning.
Mon. Nay. Co. re Adam Coon et al—Error to
the District Court—the argument of • the cause
was resumed by Hampton and Loomis for dim in
'error, and by . Mr. Williams in reply.
Wm, litcblutcheon vs Margaret Firmaroe—er
rot to (ho DistractCowl—Smith and Mahon rot
pill in enor, and Mellon for dit in error.
SWIM Wilkinion, Tntstee of McCoy, To For.
mers and Mechanics Turnpike Road Co—error
to the District Court—argued by McCandless and
Dunlop for piff in emu, and Craft and Forward
for dft in error.
Ws routs from the Cumbarbuid Mountaineer
that a fool murder war committed by a woman
upon the peewit of her husband, mme few days
ago. This woman is the same identical Mrs. Frey,
who was accused of being accessary to the mar.
du of a former husband, (Mr. Frey,) in the upper
part of Allegheny county Md., some two or three
years airier, and for which Wm. 8. Cris° suffered
death upon the gallows. She committed the foul
deed while her burnout] au sleeping by pouring
hot lead into his ears. This tut tragedy was re
formed in Pennsylvania, and near the Maryland
line. She Is now confined in jail to await her trial.
Moos. VATTXXARi.—This gentleman :mined
in Now York, on Tuesday morning from Maine
and Musschumitu, where he ham been for winernel
weeks engaged in the 'discharge of his resent
minion to title country. He has everywhere been
received with the govern., cordiality, o good eni
dente of which Is the 'fact that on Ws whole jour.
.ney he has not been allowed to pay out a dollar
'for expanse.. He brings back with him shoot
13,000 Toiames as gifts for various institutions of
France; at this rate ho will reams the Ocean hill
banded. Ho brought out books to the sales of
$BO,OOO ham France, most of them the gift of the
King of the French and the. French Government.
The Governor of Isatipana hia &did not to
act on the acuttolity4itnutty•the Wer...1404,
meet to tli, two companies of moinitial men, air
the Secretoq of War, coupka the authority with
la waif= that the tow 01114 Mild for amam
end famish their own home.
Paasem P. Daus, ENT, lately editor of the
•Globe,^ Ls aid to have delivered an able Woe.
Ma on the character and union, to thaa country of
Hon. Silas Wright, Washington city. The
sonioty before which this was done pawed a reap.
Intim sppoipting a committee to confer with Hon.
Thomas 11 Benton, and to ink hint at some cm
veniern day to deliver en Ware' as in the duracter
and Political Unica of the deceased.
QUITI TAIIIL—The Northampton Gazette
layer Thai* quite common among pip= young
pen, that they cannot fulfil their n•t of good
lo mankind without getting into the potpit , has
filled the sacred deik with a - great many poor
Ono tat of tidier bullion wu stoma in a St Lou
is watchouse recently. It belongs to Santa Fe
traders, and in on its way to Philadelphia, to be
columned into legal currency.
Cason unowtanos--A gentlemen belonging
to the Country, says that learning is of little use to
a boy, and be accordingly , loathes his Dm real
practical knowledge, as be can get 's living le—
nds is; be hoc kept hint timing • grindstone fur
about fire year put.—Roth.
Conrenenro,--In a very old copy of work,
now extant. on necromaney,is the following quaint
passage r .Qtication : How to raise a denial 1—
Answer vContradkte your 'qtrs."
Prince Albert has contributed the sum 01.C2.50,
the Queen Amapa has also added £lOO, and
the Corporal= of Watford anotherBloo bririuda
purchasing the bitth•place of the Bud of Avon.
The Boehm Post =dental:lds the Rev. Mg.
Bantington of the Booth Comegational dockty.
has received. call from the Bev. Dr. Dewey's So.
clay, of New York—ealasy 10000 per annum.
This is the third colt he has waived 'from that
Isaac /flit &Kdwell at Concord en the occosion
of the 'bit of the Ancient and . honorable Anat.:.
ry Compazif of Boston, in a new characterc—as
the enloghenf Oen. Brooke, tho al' federal gas.
enter of Measachtnetta,
Col. Rao inform to that all the Mimeo but
three who i lataly eaceped Gorr Providence Jail,
bee beau'vetakenr—and that wawa wero belie".
ved to be'cktee at the beak of the rent.—Eaton
journal :4thirday.-
Nadi; two nsi/Come hunts of wheat flour hero
been received at New Tork since the opening of
nesigandii this seamen.
Puirmagn.—A butcher of Rouen bas been an.
kneed tj three manlike imprisonment for making
sewage/ of luirseflesh, Instead of beef.
The Indiana Legislature, u appears from the
official Cotten., stands as follows: —Senate 26
WhP Intd 28 Leers; House t Whigs and 46
The ,recelpia of speedo' at New Orleans since
bit of Sept. 1646 have been 56,680,050 against
$1,872071 ramp time year befoul.
Baum or Letvuert—The eaten of Leather
which ;hare been made hi, Bathe, within • few
weeks have been it admixed prime The market
is 6m3,lend there is bat a light crock in the hinds
of dealers. The tanners in this 'Vicinity, although
so much encouraged by the recent adrenal in the
prime eif manufactured leather, that they have
commenced with renewed energy their Wawa
operatiOns, are nevertheless prevented from reap•
leg Anil very emendsl benefit from the improved
state of the bathes market by the uncommonly high
yid of there haying been but a small guar•
thy be: night up from the Eastward the present
season, by the coasting Yawl; most of this craft be
lag aimed in rieighting (amber.—Dances
(Mau.) Courier
- - .
Funites LCD Fasci.—A magna ant fancy
ball mitt oil et Newport on the 29th August, at
which ibe whole world of fabler) wu prerent.—
Wo ought not to have said •qhe whole world," for
if priiate reports 'peak the. truth. there was ■
grand Social quarrel s, to the thou the Ball should
-be held On ptuty beaded by Mn.—, of New
York. was for the 19th olt,=the Wharfed on by
Mrs.±, of Boston, for the 29th. The Phila.
delpluirw and the boutherner, rallied to the sups
port of Mason, sod "the 26the" rattled the day
wharallt..Mee ead more than an hundred of
the ltllha" decamped "sod weal to the
8 1 6 4 •
Az Edits eatoner.—A way large eagle was
atagtig' at Redly, Hue, - ea the to inst., ha • bear
trap.-The yoweifelbild was taken alive without
the indareef • bone. /tie wine distended new
des 7,ie.t Mr. Nash had bet a sheep the day
-previous' and supposing that new. dog was the
u irderiethle trap for
II .
PillNig, WARD C co
It is said this L a me vraethe principal agent in
an incomplete , negociition for the sum of about
one million - of dollars, m be furnished fat- the
completion" of the Chesapeake & Ohio ,Canal.
The New York Tribune aye—lt is under.
moo! that they hare made large advances open
Flour and Grain shipments to houses in England,
which have and are to tam out very dilate:roar
ly. The London houses which have recently
lailal, It is hoped will be able to pay twenty Ail
tinge to the pound, in which ease Messrs. Primo,
Ward & Co- will twee comparatively little.
The New Turk Sun has this paragraph on Inn
subject. - Their honor and integrity were proverbi
al, and their Bills of Exchange as =trent in Coin
ton, Lembo and Paris, as in Wall street. The
event Is • public calamity, while the attendant Or•
cumstances add to it a degree of national impirt•
lance They have not fallen from mismanagement
or indiscretion on their part —They are an‘ Amer
ican sacrifice to British repudiation!
The New Yetk Tribune of Saturday morning
aye—lt is 51:114*.ed them= of the parties who
have bought bills of them may be emburused,
but an fir u we can learn there is no danger of
any farther failures. It was reported 'that one of
the interior banks had depoeited with this house
atom than its capital. We find, on inquiry; that
thie Num so. The Bank in question has $lOO,.
000 or half its amount Of capital, on deposit with
Prime, Ward & Co. and whist the keg, what.
ever it puy result In, ha a surplus of $25,000.
We leant that the Albany Banks will continue to
receive the notes of the Bank alluded to.
The following paragraph describes the emit
of an enterprise of which we have heard something
PLANK R0.L11,40 company with George Ged
des, Erg. we lately enjoyed a ride On the Salto' a
and Ventral Square plank road. Thin road, In
cceistruaing which Mr. Geddes was engineer,
was completed dating the past year. Its length
is fifteen miles. It is decidedly the most agrees.
Me road to aide over, that we ever saw. The
canine glide. as smoothly as on the frozen our.
face of a lake or river. The plank are hemlocks
eight feet long and three inches thick; laid Imme
diately on the earth, which is table , perfectly
smooth to receive them. They keep'ilier p • •
without any futening. .On one side of the roa •
there lea good ground track twelve feet wide,
made exactly level with the plank, on which car
riages tem out, and which In dry weather is a good
road. .The cost of this read (including; both the
earth and plank trasks,) was $ MOO per mile, and ,
it is expected the plank will het eight path. A
team will carry about double the weight on this
road that it will on the common loads, and a horse
in a light carriage will readily go Gong at the rate
of sixty or seventy miles a day. In section
where plank can bo cheaply prOcuted, we have no
doubt that these roads will be found profitable.—
A now Kroner Carrox.—Ono discovery often
leads to another, and science, in seeking to test
new experiments, has not unfirquently Wien upon
hitherto unknown and exceedingly valuable m
ulti It rums that this truth has very recently
been fully proved in the proper preparation of gun
cotton. We learn from the Medical Journal, that
a physician in Georgia, in recently attempting to
prepare gun cotton for a receipt sent him by ■
brother physician, was unsuccessful, and found to
his astonishment that his cotton would neither ex-
plode nor ignite, being anti-inflantable. ' On hues
fixating, to find not the cum, he found that ha
haul not weed the right acid, murtafic acid we cop•
pow. He repeated the process, and the result was
the same; so that ho claim to have discovered •
method of rendering cotton incombtratible. He
soya that this cotton can troprepared with little or
no expense, as he has tested the matter sufficiently
to know that it can be manufactured into cloth,
'the lint and texture of the cotton being not in the
least injured, but upahle of being nude into
clothing - with no much ease aa from, the common
Tug Paranasev.---Several letters appear in
the law number of the Native Eagle of Phi Wei,.
phis, from gentlemen whine names have been
mentioned as candidates Mr the Presidency. The
letters are in answer to others from the Nativo
American party, asking whethei they would ae
ceps the Native Nomination. General !Taylor
replies, as usual, that he will in the candidate of
no party. Henry Clay declines the nomination,
waiving the expienion of any opinion upon the
principles of the Native party. Own Stewart.
also declines, as unwilling to encounter the high
responiibilincs of each an affirm. Ogden Ed
wards Id.* declines, though be expresses his
approbation of Native principles,-
Mr Di '
ntrair an African traveller, presented •
pater at a late meeting of the Royal Geograpbr,
cal Society. of London;contaleing an account
of a recent journey into the interior of Africa
490 mike, where oo European: had ewer berm.
fie .was kbdly treated ty . Molting of
whir - twinged Irla views: Amoog otter thing.;
Ife'Doiroiliremitioiel dandle of
Dory establishment. • „Elie bodyguard mutated
upwards of 6000 women, armed with inuakots,
abort sabres and club& This g r ata Wale) dB•
cored by women, and ,the vinous ars Waited
prindpally on account of their height and bodily
dimerodons, corpulency being absolutely . emential,
to that in fact they are all perspire of ozesiderablo
A terrible an of secidental poisoning is repot....
and IA the late London paper. /a whole
save one. (the mother.) aorta snot ore father
'and Are chililorn, of nee ranging from 19 months
to 9 you", were in the comae of ar haw boors
hurried into eternity by the effects of a quantity
of ammio mired In a rhoubarb pudding by a young
sister of the mother of the chiklem, who robnecik
it for flour. The dreitlfal Zak OCCUrikt in the
family ot Thomas Richman, mauling ins cottage
at Kemal, New Town.
The .IIsion: of Thuralav night, apparently C
arious, because Indiana has shalt 30001 400 Whig
map:wiry , op the popular vote for Cougnata, under.
takes to cipher out • Loco Foca =jinn, in Kea
lucky, as a wet of counter balance: But, to do
this, it Is obliged to place in the Loco:Poen col
umn nom 6307 votes, coat for Cott. Price, • rival
Whig candidate for Cowes, in the filth disisid!
Bravo for the Union!
A MULL Busizzia—A New York paper say.
that while. Gen. Tom Thumb was ahliting at
Hartford, lut week, he offend $5OO rowed for •
child ea short as' himself who could walk. Mr.
Foley, a woman of that 'city, thereupon presented
her little daughter one year old, end one inch leer
thin the General ; yet she could walk elem. The
reward was therefore fairly worn but the MID of
small dimensions created out of a null hole and
said he offered the amount for • chill of such a
description, and refuted to pi,' ankss the meta
would gire him the infant, This of coarse she
would not do.
A CLD.—K little boy
ten years of age, in the Manx; of °enemy was
lately siesed by en eagle at the 'moment et which
he had taken some eaglets from . a nut; ..the bird
carried him tot height of apwaids of 600 metros
the summit al a rock, where luckily eine shep
herds were engaged who horaiidiately.ignoged the
faxe boy. He bad sustained no other injury than
a vicdont fright, and the. profound Impression of
iha eagle's claws:
Batman taxed—Alfred TADAJSQO 'lb
has boen sojourning at &her In bad L. No
one thought it moth 'his while trneolL*o him or
to solicit his acquaintance. The Quetritudnina
hearing of it, paid their reapeatato hint without
delay. No sooner wee this known than Tenni
son wrs Inundated with au.h and imitating:lr. The
card. ho retained, the imitations he declined.
The organ of tho "vote yourself • fans^ party,
"Young America," flirts gloats over the failure of
Prime, Ward, & Co
sPrime, Ward& Co., one of . the ostigast" Arms
in New York, have stopped payment, owing to
floor speculations! Great lima ahead/ Gland
from under, and took to the Lard/"
Seremben 16..-COITIVITIO 11Ir
James. Buchanan—Coat of the Waz—Dai.
ly Pdait—Firemen'a Parade—gpeelment of Rn.,
Hastinge—tiopreme Court—Joseph W.
Patton— , Whig Candidata for Canal Go' madssion•
a and Bankrupt Law—RMl Road Movements—
Letter from Henry Cliy—Tho Vice President—
Troublaa among the Demomacy—Oar , Mex
ican &Winter—Our Improaomenta—Rats, dcc
—Parsing tEvent.—From California—Woolen
MitinfaMerea—Dirinity itaAal;—The Qom of
Spain—CopperandttilesiOre—The Ramona
Flasacia—ThoHriath Tara—
Welcome to thango H. Dallas—Mr. Dallas and
Rfosch—Si ardor Marriage ease—ttallot Box
Local nominiseermas—There's Trouble in- the
Gawp—RAl Road Tratidyng—A Hard Cue,
Mr. Bdcbsaan and fliaaary—Maniago 0010111Chl
Latest Telegraphic newi, foreign and Domestic.
Commercial—A carefully complied }{4 , l4W
the Market. for ; thepold seek—rho prices Is tire
local city auutetv—Thethittle Market—The prices
or American Produce in nrimm parts or the Union
—Amount or }lour, Wheari Coro, &cc., received
since the opening ol the canat—card bushier sad
moveraeats produce—mow le London; -
City Newi—.pelt of thsPress—Copious Extract * ,
from the leading jonmahrin the Interesting Umies
Far nip at the desk, idagly or in timtppena
Nee 6 coati single copy.
Ratratriptkata two dollars s intik idiom .
Mk::_::~t:~ .ems;. ... .....~. ~:..t,e.
y` sSt:M;~~.::.J ~`~Mr:.c-~x"'i~i:~l>;iSr~Lt._
1100 lac,lean lined and. Wounded.
One hundred and three killed in the Neto York
til>loll:lFisjy - ki‘,Eßiiiipseil
Dissatieaction with the Anntitia—Banta Anne
proved a traitor to hilt Country.
.11nrin0.d..;,of -- We . PinilLargti Gazette.
Philadelphis,Aug.l6-10 P. M.
By 'Oriel express of the; Phil - Ade'lptja Ledger
wo hare the New °flame palters to the lith lest
The Picayune =Was a: Kato of letters filled
with statistics of the battle, end with lists of tho
killed end wounded..
The Regiment of New York Yohmteers loot Ib3
of its numbetein killed and wounded. AMong the
officers killed was Lieut. Chandler.
ii r eatichd:—CoL Bonnet, serenely; Capt ha
t:Md. Capt. Dyelunah, slightly; Lint
811 " e'ne it i c*ltift ideni iminiat, slightly. Lient
Cooper; of the 7th Regiment, and Lint McCabe.
serenely;' Licut Potted, serenely; Lints Griffin
and Mwbowsky, slightly.
The matted ion was In the attack upon Santa
Anna'. line. The brilliant expleita and necadof
the morning, had inapued both annum and men
with the greatest courage and highed enthusiasm,
and they anahad pall mall upon a postilion most
exposed, when they were mowed down by ban.
Oar own loss is bat Maki abort of 1100, out of
6000 Dien engaged.
When the works of the enemy are examined.,
onenuarally wanders that Gement Scott'. entire
force wu not swept away. Pat our troops in the
sune.position, and the entire force of the Maxi
ern could not defeat them. '
& letter from Mr. KetalaU, dated Tscuboys, l
Augur! 25, sus that the' srmistHee afforded ani
venal in tits Army.
It is regarded ea one of anta Anna's! old tricks
to gain time to plaCe son.i new sebemo of trick.
ery ineuceestfalnparmion.
Mr Ketitlall does not believe that any. hcidora
hie Peace will grow out 01 it. and In tile opinion
ho is joined by many officer. of the Army.
Mr Kendall thinks the whole scheme was plan
ned by the Ktitiab Minister, who leads Santa An
na in hi. course.
It La reported that Generale Puede, and Brut- 1
limeade are both approaching the Capital from
different points and with Wong foram eich deal
ing death and destruction to the American for,
Tha number of deretters and fireignera taken
by nut: troops and fightinkagainst us were es,
A court =dial was in SCE3IOI3 with Colonel
Guiana as President, for the trial of those pre
dons rasada; and it was thought full justice would
be done them.
Roily, an Irialiana who commanded them, o
penly makes his brags of what ho has done and
cclarea ho expected no mercy.
General Scott au r ounded by a grape shot
which grazed and slightly injured hie legs.
It gam him so little pain at the time that he
arid nothing about it. The wound ha dace cau
sed him much uneasiness.
Among the prisoners ere three members of the
Meiloin Congress. They were liberated to par
ticipate in the delibetetfons of that body upon the
question of pear. !t,
Another letter dated et the place above 0010130.4 4,
i/i ,
on the SUM,. ye that positive information ha. received, at General Valencia arrived at
'Coheres drunk n company with his eidolo-csml-
He IN mid to her'e been drunk dating the battle.
Prospect. of Peace are brightening, and the
Meziran sublime are venturing to return to their
home; but quiiri aest-fillen. Many of them fled
like orwanle fruit the field or battle below they re
naive& a shot. They are gradually becoming • ra
tional Peso:, patty, So great was the panic on the .
2Gth, that 013! raL9OO f-Ot 00! ,400 w
0104013 - 0 b eno
,1110103011thi flifoll 'without*.
Rumors from', , the city have it that Santa Anna ' 1
I. throwing up breastworks end constructing bat
teries, and Roux: think they en to be manned by
American roldiets, to protect Santa Anna alpine
thrum who oppose him in =Mies terns of Peace
General Salmi aeknowkithpis that he wee totally .
defaihnl. ' 1
Escldsive Cotrespontthuto ofthonest.trglt (Wen,
PkltattetiatA, Sept, 15, 7 r. a.
Flour—The Min today have been moderate et
15,50.5,62; Weetetzt . ha acid at 55,37. The
market is not active.
Thereje no change in the Grain market, and
prices are generally much deprweed.
Provisions hire untkrgoneno change amour
lut quotations.
Groceries have acid also at preriousquotationa.
The Cotton =int continues firm, but cua7
thing eke is dull. ••
Exclusite CortainionCenee of the rinatenin Ge.ette
Baltimore, Sept. 15, 4 1. x.
Flour—The market is quiet, with moderate
ohs of Rowan! at brands at 415,25 per bid; City
Mills hold at 115,25 per kat
Wheat-Moderate saki of prima White 119 e
115 e per btu I -
Coro- 7 -Seleri otpritne White at 60r, prime
Yellow is in fah demand, with Bake at 63a per
Oaken ielliog for 37a410 par ho.
Rye is In Railed demand at 70c per ten.
hiskey—rt;leireat 2616271 per galL
Proviskinii— r Then is kes inquiry in Sur mar
ket, and prime are wady nominal.
Beef Cattle.-Thos mortal is quiet, with sales at
59,50 per 106 Its gross.
• Killed Bop—Sales ant made at $6,50a7,00per
100 Re.
Btodra hare incmasod In demand, with in up.
ward tendency in pais:
NEW YORK Otrinepondetiee or MARKET. me httelmigh Onette
, Sept. 15, 0 s. w.
Fleurs of tilentiolek from now wheat at
65,60 • .415 1 8 7 e, at w the market.
continue Ar Sales of B More if S brands'
at 'l 9 ,67.lter r hhit
Com—Modinde sales of prime white at 65e
0116--Idtalted Wee occur et. 470 a 49e per
Rye--b long at 74c per be.
Wheat-- e'market is doll and heavy with no
sales to repos..
PrOviSomd—, Them Is Ina inquiry In the mu.
ketkiniCbe nansinaL
Lard—Thy market is leas firm, with no ale
worth tenoning,
Tha Fre i Market is quiet and without
The En:lingo Mattel is suite inactive.
GIOCIACII re without change.
The market morally is without change.
Orinarmil , srenta Tazza!—Tremendoue Haul!
—Un thlunisy afternoon, under • warrant, U. B.
'Wanted Rabertsmi, accompanied by Deputy U.B.
Marshal et Hulse. and of Flannary, Vance,
Jenkins, and Ruffin, proceeded to a boom in Fel.
ton street, & with some difficulty and danger, ar.
rated three of.ho gang. named Harrison, Wyall
cad Hollud.
In the house were found dim, moolds, and .0
the appendix of as extrmaive eontisfeiting teneb
lithment, also a large amount of .parlour coin
Of andenoadnitions and nearly all nations. Mat
of the coins Were cut In plaster moulds,,hy a
Foam shillas to that of stereotyping ant wore
astonishingly Seeurate.—Cin. Cons,
Oanareow am Datrocass.—These two ale
bested experunitus of the ultra Abolition faith
made their appearance in our
city on Satanley
evening last. Their meetings, three in number,
have been attended by a large concourse of out
citizens end people from the surrounding country.
Mr. &teems announced his intention of set
tling in Cleveland, and wo understand it is la
contemplation to remove the Anti-Slavery floglo
hete, of which Mr:Douglass will be proprietor
and editor.
DaaAaa ea AAPAllL—Ciptala James , Wilson;
of the Kenton !Flange* was killed in COlinfrUnk,
on Batunlay,by,a Lieutenant hi the company,
Mr. Phelps, There tau s personal &Darby bee
tween the two origination in rtrahy as eandldates
for Captain o f Rangers.. Thelpa the drew •
bowie knika bit wade no we of it.: The giraffel
grew wanner, end Phelps then drew a nearer,
and discharged the contents of one binel into the
right Input of Wilatiti,—Cin. Cont.
$5,00i• ••.' BOOTS. 5,00 .'
• •
.TIIE sabscriber respectfully infarcts the pablio that
be bee commenced the manafactare of Gentlemen's
Fsslikmable Beets, of good material- sad workmanship
which he will warrant superior to env Cam ever made
in Pittsburgh far the price. These hatelt!stim Soots
will be tnade to 0..41C '
and aratrant'dian as mete
sentedott the -very tow peen of FIVE DOLLARS
CASH. Cattlemen ate renowned In call and examine
&WI( getecessor m W B ERSKINE
. .
flplettportstot to Advelitseno—The ndtter
ilsentento which appear in the Daily Morning Gasene
4 .0 Illnl"." - W.cklY, that receiroic the ben.
efit of the circulation of ell, Without any intditionol
charge. This ism adynntoge moor advertiser., without
Foy extra eine:tn. Ardrenieemenut ore oleo insetted
In the country pope, - upon reusonable term..
Amainalay.—Mto fiittrth anniversary of the Philo.
=the. Literary Lihielety anti h celebrated on Ws
(Monday) evening, lathe Mopel of the University, at
I pan 7 o'clock. The pablie are revectfolly incited to
=tend. optla
IS published in the Ciiy of %Yoshi n, cut's . day. at
.1. 3 o'clock, r x.—Sonday eierp ed—and served to
sulmeriben in the City, at the Novy Yard, in George
town, in Alexandria, and in Bahinune, the some even
ing, at Of cents a week, payable to the Sole - Agent for
the Whir, G. Gillehorst,Fbui ,or his order. Iris also
mailed to any port of *allotted Staten for it per an
num. or 52 for six Months, payable in advance.
Advertisements of ten lines or Rut inserted one time
for al/ cenM, two tinsel for 75 cents; damn times for at
one week for el 75, two week. for 11.175, one month e 4
two months 57, three. Ineatti. SIN aiz meotho ill, nu
year s3s—payable always in advance.
The MAW :CM Wnto ts what Its num indicates. It
speak. the untie:mum of the Whig party of the Union
on every qaestion of public pol,cy. It advocates the
election to one Presidency of %/MU' TAYLOR, satdoe,
to the decision of a Whig National Convention. It
makes war to the knife spun abs. the mea.eraa and sea
of the adrainisimtion deemed to be adverse to the inte
rests of ft country, and cumuli without fear or favor
the corruption. of the party in power. Its edam. are
open bream men in the country, for 'the disc:Wotan of
political or any other questions.
In addition to polittes.• lame space In the Notional
Whig Intl be devoted to publications upon Agriculture,
Mechanics, and ether useful arts, &boo, at geom.!,
Law, Medicine Statistic,, the. Choice opeennens of
American and Foreigo litteramri, will taint. given,
including Reviews, he. A.weekly-list of At Patents
limed by the Potent ChSce will likewise be published—
the Whole roma jog a complete family newspaper.
• The Weekly National whiff,
'Doe of the largest newspaper. the United States, I.
made up from the columns of the Drily National Whig,
and is published esety Saturday for the low price of RI
per minus, payable in minuet. A double *set of
eight pages will be given whenever the press of matter
*all 'miry it.
The memoir. of Reneral Taylor, written expressly
the National Whig, are in movie of putilicouort.—
They commenced with the second number, a large
namber of copies 0l which heart been printed to supply
calls for back umbers. CIIAS W PENTON
Proprittor of Natitinal Whig
Washington, Jane 7, Inn. Jeledltawam
IN the Orptimbi Coon of said county.
, In the matter of the Pennon of Merge
n,( ' ret MeMullen,widow and Administatrth
1 . .\ ~ v of Daniel Alehlullen, late of Wnltins
" r.. , Township in mid aunty, doed, (or the
zv,„„`„,!.,- vale of Real Estate of said decedent, de
, scribul an suld pantos
' And now to wit, Pcplember 4, IN7, the
Petition having been rend to open than Pad filed the
Court order ad army Inter alio, that nonce of the said
application be omen to all persons interested in theutd
Estate resident without In, county of Allegheny, by
puhlttton in the Pittsburgh Wanly Gazette for three
armament weeks, that they be mad appear before this
Coon on the 10th day of tardier nest, to show rouse,
If any they hare, why the prayer of the said Pennon's
abiaild not be granted ageeeably thereto.
WillltllS my han dand the Deal of ad Coon at Pms•
burgh, this 13th day of Pep:ember, A.D. 1047..
sptillerniT .lOll .3; YO ONO. Jr, Clerk
I li the Conk of Common Pleas of Allegheny county,
of Jane Term, A.D. 1540, No. lan.
In the miter or the account 0r10n . %
• :1 ; 414 c u t t t th fn t ' t eVoWokPtr and h
ro i L T o ' h=
". 131 P • son, a Lunatic.
And now to wit, September 111 b,
* l - dpeoorer DC, the goeonnt of the Constance
' exhibited to open Coen, conform the
nme.nisi and order not this confirm
ation become absolute on Wn Ibutrth Monday of Dekker,
A. D. 181:, unless exception be bled in the wrownwei
and it In also ordered toot notice of this order be given
w all pardon interested, by publienuon in Ibo Weekly
pitubtugh liaxottc,by three tnsettinns in the nine.
By the Court. lIDUM DULTZ
aptlgespt•P Prothonotary_
IN the Coot of Cornsmin Pleas of Allegheny county ,
& of Oewuer TOM. 1e47, Vend. En No. J.
Percival k thence.
Robert Metinge,
And now, Sept. I Ith, A Ii 1547.0
Mon o of A. 11. the enn
„.1..1. . e .. nproomt C. Dattunit, Etni., Auditor t
• • ni/I.TZ
AU persons interaerd on be heir
billion n( the above bale, ere nutilied that the Audit
will attend ethic othee on Grant .1.. Vittaburgh,tnt Fr
day, the .h Geuther, at 10 o'entek, A. M.
epliUwuil' C DARRAGH. Auditor
°groin the covet Mass, dfarinn, Oka.
imiletstgned Micro for;mln.undor Drat!. or ern.
T ens/ Moron. at Lir Laud Odice,--wiiich he hat
kept tor 31 years path Many thourand acres of Laud,
to his own nahh—titte malomated, of cowl soil. well
Umbered and wate red—and in trams 10 Salt purchaser..
Ma lamas Lando, which are located in the counties of
Washinvon,Morgan, Licking, Alton; Hocking, kleigs,
and Gallia; ore cam nanny Moms elligible simations,
large and small; some with goal buildings, fences, and
orchards—others with less and km impnwernentsi
down to a katy acre lot, with cabin and five cares
Prue* moderate. Terms liberal.
S Lances, post paid, will tuctive attention.
• - -
Gliaurrnua, VA July Z, 1917.
Mr. R. F.Graharn—Dear purelmarder you two
lhottles of Veimirage• and made ascot' one bot
tle to two of my children. which brought truce one 117
worms, and from the other Ile. I recommend it to the
,Matuounity as one of the best remedies !have ever seen
lora.) for the renteral of worms.
'Pours, respecaully, •
Joss Tnelaireent,
Prepared msd sold by R. E. SELLERS, 17.W00d at.,
between 3rd and ate. Sold by Dr. Cardial,3th Ward;
Grey, Allegheny City, sptl6
No. 10; Smith's VI hart; 11.1tIgnors.
MI , PER th eir services to Merchants and Farmers
the sale of Fleur, Grain and Endue; generally, to
the Baltimore Market,and from their ertensrre acciaain.
laden among purchasers and chippers, can aafeig won.
rent sansfaewn• sal.. Correspondents mid constantly
be kept advised of the state of the /darketsi &e.
Beret re—Meams. Wm. WINCILI it SRO, Isaac Ru
mble& fonelraridson & tioandem. Reynolds & :tenth,
Xing & Camy; Baltimore
Tingley, Ca...heed & Engreh;
Haggerty Draper* Joust N ew Vint.
Baltimore,Jan. 2 1, - game._
FLOWERS PERSONIFIED—No sof Una bountiful
work, Just received mad for nen by •
' 110118 E
FOURRIERISM—PopIIns view. of the doctrine of
Charles Foamier, by Parke Goodwin; for solo by
21115 • MORSE
Glllll6 - 4114-253b.ts W Know landing; for We by
sptls 18.. t Di wood st
SO id ebst. fine Powelang Ten;
130 conies O aupowder Tea, land ing; Wank by
BAGAI 4 EY & 0.11.11'1l
Allovii - fora Timm& Oil in fine on,len., landug nom
.4.1 annali Gar sale by .
BAGALEY & Smrrii
wpild . Ant st between woke& woad_.
8 - ILE.TLAS-01 every color, grade and quality'
very huge stock janopened; lor ode by
_9116 sitwelitawr &
p WAD-600 pp Galena ',cid for pale by
,L 4 YRII4 L 11U7011S011 It. co
fIOTTO/F-40 bales in pare; for ludo by -
4.1 • tpall'• - L HUTCHISON kCO
jr 3l—"° bal"
P 110 dem-rou d;
IM for aaleUr
.rdls to lIITIISON &-Co
.TII6 PARRICIDE—UIo red eo 1a iblackpio,
I. tnror—u [pndon nory; for ule bT MUl4.'li
W formic; by
.08.3 '8 V VON 110888088 T &CO
. • --
S A v i p I UT AT"— M k grAt i aTIORBT & CO
A 11AXIC0-1a It wu, u l i t v isa r Ltm g l ariTo
IVlbe; for sale L.
DAZITOUREL, or the Foreeeir of the Mountain; for
role by MOFtbE
JACK SHEPPARD—A romance by W Ilirripon
Abtimmtb,Ery. For dialo by
rIALLANTOM, or ika Przilf of a Sailor; far sale
.pus by • MORSE
fW. TA B 9 - " I V =Wi 1 .,74 glll ° & .
OA PER !ILL N -2W meld; far sal
I - spill, by R E SELLERS
DlTCH—leases, Llargundy tort received; for vele Lp
ortri H E CELLERI4
11)1%14 , 71 slaudgenulna lluregmly iti,lll.3%lEns
MACK/AUSL—IOu 1.1.14 larXe Nb Aft rbbrsmf;
• far salp by MILLER & KICK ri'f'SfJN
sptlJ an. liberty & Irwin 1,14
YT*6ll-1 ett plue at recoil; tor wen by
t/ spol J DM/ROAN
alliS.. —Stlyar cured Duns obr bale by
beptll 111 liberty bl bead of cmithGala
AI COP Aia•—ThreCtiget An lajn.l received
ki and in ode. by D. A. EAANRATOCK RCo
corner 1.1 it wood nu
L - India, Jnzi rocciveiCand Ibt pale by
U A FAME...ACM: & Co
.eptlt ninon' Int &wood at.
MADODVIS lads Juat
carted and for sale by . •
aefall corner I el trArrood 0111
vuucATioN—Foanded. the Nature of Mao; by - 5
Spurahhie; her sale at
rime. CASTLE UltriVU—A new uoydli by Idrd M
I. Sweater, for said di •
dral3 M 012903
jo • fIAMBER9'IIIISCEI.LANV—No2of lhre vallostala
waskjan steamed; for sale .1
. TdEkucArr itnv
. .
.3nl [Trail te the Root °Mee
LOUIL-01/Üblitsfithonomplirl:i Fia - ur, in now
ula It 00[1 , 0/WS. Cd
8 '
.c.7 7 .ltVantqlbertuti
- 114 Pn° l J DCS'ILLIAU S
OVIIGIGIE-21X1las prom W It brn recd; tor sal
~-- ~~
tunrrisa—so bbl.lmt ;Ted We
vv 11.111 "- it A mei wrothc co_
nvria naicK-1 ease cztia Ow reed; for Wei
JJ • opt/4 , by JOIIPI D NORLiA
•IlsMus , reeW; lbr age by
J. .pa M l
mu.,uan 11110KEIVON
- Salts
BF Job D. pails. AskoAway
Large Cottage Roan mulig Bisikiing-Lots,
At Alumni:la.
• •
ON Saturday, the wt day of 0.44.4 at 9 o'clock, P:
M., will be sold 04 We preintreal situate between
the Washington and Steubenville turnpike Roads, ed.
Tempetancevill4 9 ebeap Ilaibling Wooten*.
ble tiff Manny and retired re:admen of those
the enure of rinstiargit and Allegheny,whTeretn
by swam ferries be teethed In Ina Man half an hear.
Mn,h that handsome and spacious [tam 'Cottage
Haase, of
preAeut occupied by Ow Ray 9 C Jennings,
adjoining the &nye Lots, WILL . about nee and half
sere* of ground on which ere Wert lin choice frail
trees, shrubbery, en egeeke well of vrater,wable,
Each Lot Will be aCcontible by convetuent AMP; •
plan of which may be wen at the'Anction Rooms; end
the WUPnr.tY Owen bribe pmpriewe on the preinlaita
Tale indispetable.
'..Terms—OriSourth cash, the Midge In three equal
annual payaserts, with merest, to be wand by bond
and - mortgage. • i -
uptld JOHN I)
Ilarintehe at nuctunt. -
ON Thursday afternoon al 3 &chick, m. (pat of the
Commercial Sales Rome, corner of Wool sad Falb
su r will be sold one rood second hand Banntehe,
ahk La' ono of two home.. MoomPloto order win ah nhdl•
Me on. I JOHN D toA.VIS
.aptl6 Autumnal.
ON Tbundity - meaning, Um 16th lest, MIO o'clock. at
,die Commercial &AA Boom, corner of3youd and Fillb
as ;will be sold—.
large annulment of Outey end Maple Thy Olaf .
among which ure eloths,eassuneses,sameetta,llmmels,
bleached mad oublear_hml muslin% ealmod In meat va•
nety, splendid shawls. loom de Isines, umbrellas, bon
or uter venous deieriptiouSdka ; • ,
Ai 2 &Clock, P. • •
'An extensive assortment of new and peened hand
bum bold furniture, comprising mahogany bares... so
ts, chain. reeking chairs, fancy and uommou Cklani
bedsteads, work amour, n day and an hoar Meeks, ear ,
'retina, feather beds, bedding, ournrassos,, Mahogany
dreamg barrens, to. • •
Alm, kitchen fanarara, soaking menu's, stoves, rte.:
a quantity of mneeries,queensware,glamarans. hard
ware, shoreisonatehes, band bones, wrapping paper.
t O,Cbek,P.TC
A large colleen= of valuable Books in all the ♦eri
ona departments of Literature and neience. gale
EAGLE EILLOON.—AnitsI of ths Malin Amin
Jußs mmuirrr, . •
Who wiil oppg. on 111.1.Frizy resnia6 &ping*" 13.
• night of therms Drama written expressly for Mr.
Marble walled "A mom Di ran ti= "
First appeatanee of Mr. OXL,Dr..4NO. DUNN
Peter White—Miss ANNA MALVIN* h a favorite
Thursday, September 16th, 1847,
Will be performed the new Drams of
' ssh. name is the lareet.,”
Mabee% Babbitt Mr. Manila;
/no. Wilson Mr. Oxley.,
Thomas Wilson... Mr. Oraee.
Mary Wilson ...............• • - •Miss Penes,
Tarrimthy --Mias Petrie,
, Aber Caecomes, by Mist ANNA MAL.
VLNA—To be toitowed by the Wee of
Peter Whim Mr. Dem.
To conclude with the WOOL DEALER.
Denteranotny --•Dlr.
Capt. Oakley
M. Reynolds.
Amends•••... • .. • `••• •DlisO Porter.
Betty • Anderson.
Ire Door s open at 7, and innate will rise at I put?.
DEORCIANIZATION of the Celebes/al And original
Mod of
molding of bt.m
w u et:peva, J 0
// M 110OLEY; 8 A WELS
Who have the honor of saalienc hig to the pudic that they
will give arm of their eclat and • •
RT AtT 711 K 4711EN.41EUM •
On Friday, hatarday, end Monday weenier nest
On which aossaion 11,7 will appear la *eclairs new selec
tion of boor, bomb, Tram Clemens,
Casa the met appro
ved Opesaa,. , Figrd mprewly foe the pany.
The in tenet gem Lamprey. twolViolkot, two IWO.,
Guitar, Cone Tansho,and Bone., wpm which the rape..
performer...l unrivalled, and with it understood _that
dirWmlly oreollectively, ...regard. style mid esecetioa they
hereby rani/mete the weld! . !
Gnat care he. been Weft io the eeleetionof Iheoeme,wa
Soap' ice., which will be swim hertofore, ins maancr that
must defy competition.
The greater portion of the-' -
pets, have tem organised
nearly ye years, and in hp them have timeliest over the ins
-7-T A
arty °wand 11 . of Terrilosy. •
Their Concerts, in the maw lime, mulishly crowded tO
ffocation by the beauty esedl Baloon of the whites tithe,
ri ha have bestowed the higiem eulogiems an the
This band ham just armed from the Qom:i.e.:Cy. with
Wong MCOosseendatims to the Emmen. of the lean City
wded homes mil untmended appheme of Intelligentand
discerningr audience. can give -
he Commuty do
ts, wrima hot for the tom akare
rad will immediate stye for 'Braga, Jitney. sod Now
York, Goma which place they will maw* for Europe.
They mho take great pleasure i• Mating thee frowthi val
uate k aeluisithies imelymade to the they am water.
, bled toys. We celebrated lawgenti a he on the
A • origionally arranged by Moms, Well Mtd Nueßyi d
DAWN /f. T•
The entertainments will ambito(' three partseo.
Isc—A s the' Essaitit. or Northam Negro, with pop ier
Wl—Aa t a e
BA& Dell Bngen. _
ffsle-as the Plantatine or Sootlanw Darkei r iv.
edars,liettyral . iro=eior wed/ USW . prinripl
Reale slore•Ota.
No gulaponement ea emend of UM melither..; . •
For farther pirticulars
mytts Ast•
will. e=hWit under
Their splendid Werer Proof AMMON., eismsoodioludy
furnished for the eorrarrable meeptem °Moo Arnow,
-o f the lOds, end:Unb,
'Of September next
Independent of WSW celebrated Nisi Riad, tbe
enterer yrill be @elated on ibeir errietd s sY Air Wel.
Ism o Amex Band, playing we finns the toostpopedur
fri the evening the meal= anll be illarainated fly the
twmuirki; Geri Invented by F . 011330.0, S 9 of the
United Senn Navy Departraenl.WaaliinVen. It kin
entirely new seethed, giving a 'aperitif 'light; free from
all nerateras effleria lac fault of all ether attempts, and
carting bght eandely lona brilliant than therainuLy
Consatitleg this company Win be amid .1/5. Cai
vealloltrvrho wio , rile his mach *attired tee of the
Raring. Bean the 2lnent afa Serene VAN; and
Na battled wankel the Apgar ad Ms bet mac, at,
83. and 4 hones. •_ .• • -
Mame Leas Mae* the great 44ami FEE=
EqpqrMWS, whom ainiable pasonetiona en a angle
loan charm and delight all who behold ber,nortllytner
paltc opinion in awarding Other the higkpotalen ens
has so imanandly held aaldn a host of nut ears.
Cams—Des Boa, the 'airth•prosaling Dan' abase
infinite .11:Tr and FUN, misdeed by sr rudeness sad
relearn 7, places bat far beyond the rpsch of iseitatier
Nr Homes Maslen the Princes( lausadasters.,
The Akers Inarily, who. union of talent ii wlthoitt
• pantile' thq Chas. Riverrtto tonallanhed
crust in his asnutaseent and execution or arenas and
xylneatie groups. Fratenkhßiens presents entry bad
of Ferelan aetthat can surprise by novelty,and Zbeland
yrn;eqAtielniatitableM will perform Weasels a single
berse,as perbaned before the Preeident sad Senators
of the United States, and by all patent declared the
most pareeteuitm of speedo dad gran the world car
Meru 7.lfreGli, who Wu &maize:l : the rem an of
ding, and eyeething die moat dtacalt kat backwards,
on a aingle hone. ,
Mr Was stow [ will ruieblelnstelasskt acts onfti and
bones, farm ing a pyramid of five persons, whoa: he
will bear above Ws bones at light:deg speed. • .
Sipper Gerearsiohe nighty equestrian will
tido his Incredible oesrootantle stews, inuodecieg.Les
batons do diable:and his Golden Pelelon, kn. kc. lie
Will lOW bring forward Ina two vronderfal doge, whose
wearier:an equal:in theArsaa; . • •
Mr W Hosea, the apanlsk Beanie nder;gnat
real lepmentiukre of the Ned/dam of th e Forest. -
Kr Chas Mau, who rides a glut drantatie weft, and
a Grand blillnuy son entitla, HONOR TO OUR MG,
ROES,Lor, ear • which IT the
correct cossame, he will represent the Chief Pattisreis
praying for his eountry,GENZACKTAYLOR, &Mu.
term Mum Stirs, a yankee volvutoesollenth Ansa ;
the eammenderof eonelnding weak We docroaa
FIZIDOIL bearing the tocasorable relletvek.Cienerar
Taylor near, surrendersY
. Delia.: ,of the'Clnpse . Glyinsdque; will la tra •
dace the Arabian Dancing :dare, Waal& whosobaut:
PPG dances far sopa* snythlng of the kind ever sys
brought before the public...Atha the condo ponies,
illce and Jelleim ifl,by them comic diner Nertt.i
and coanterleaps, prove their inatiaeune haat fon die/.
W.:Parr:ma granankane otaurithelorifilr'
their Urea
mar, swth mg stomaching • abode of valgernyelin ;
ice way among the eboicereptr.sentations of the
The adamant and evening performances entireAr
rind. .
Doom , open atlotsoek, Performance to eminence
at 7i o'clock.
On Illoolloy then will he an anirootas performance.
Doom open at * &clock, crommeacing at gi deb*,
_ 44
rtstablislied a watcAottes tome y i etz , l64lS + for 2 . *I
pose of ClL l i e co c g ° Pictuliva l v, w al, :
—aml °einholen, at all mamas. --•-•"
of the' yea, the I.Amest Assortment
in ns.
The l are mew opening Several Ilandnat Peekeges,
comprising every new style of Foreign end Domerstie
production, many of which art not to be fewnd
here, and which have Met been parchmen,..o nie
on red for gale tor Club andel/oft creditr_al •
nucEs nEuucEu -. •
• FROM .
. .
. .
. . .
per yard helm the prices of April end May, es per
primed Metopes, which ere eattened daily, sat the
information of buyers.
MINT WAlt1L1101:1111C, j .
Nen YorJune.lBi7. 1 • whet
P. AIIa3WORTIII respemfally anstamon. tp thg
ma'am). of Pivabaisb, UAL hot 200.10 in, Baden'
Ito ddieg, Paurth-se,.are now open Gar the recrptloo
Ladle. and Genthunen who with n sequin s yeaatifat
'hand-writing. hlr. A. from his long exparbnee in unich•
Mg has no flexible. in soaranteaing to all who become
km men a complete Mi. of Chinography„ •
Every in) le of ornamental hand , end ay bowl who
fill politic emulate will be imparted to be pupil..
Centimen can. wine any hoar between h and is
o'clock, forenoon, and between l sad h sfierowan. . A
elan .will Slim write at mule Win will
wnte at I o'clock. alletomm.
rpo FAIIJULDIP-4 good Dori Sum Presse•Owell
1. =de; nimble fer. (War ken. Aar We very low.
ria bbl. pare bud Oaf; =Rita ot memo
DAFT NI ward nen the 4LR Wlpte.
- 11.13138—aupb Aceiiip . Korphloe,'Ettl
J• nub.* 3. l .o..l.uweboa,Gama.N Hropetaffie,
Delladepa, Buthinasinae, Bark, Pad.Wearulk - poop.
Jaa matted fink ,a 0 pod; for Pale by " •
.PU 3 . • IP 101 IN UMIAK
rall:—llibittalmartior Wrath!** Waal , * twat
‘../ at bottle at . JACOB WHAVEN •
rpUO_- ' Wan tiratti I
Corner of Word nnd Fifth & m t.,
r A
ibOida= *we of 11.ta, to WWII
nen e5tm...11....•••• •
;.- • LICIItiOIII.4e 4
N 0.121 Wool otnoo,linolhortii,
triVINO wirksisissla r amokfmathetrwisseene
Li loch domestic sad I take ptic i Lag
nommlictimecommerscad • prepec i c
to famish deem with air goOdei . t . } l o l , Du . 441 I.lll#
thryereWili reesilleetilutt doliseetielosiveljec.i.i.
Wert, Morelia mad Calttitidti Witaiti
thereby adwourcee that enable Imo ad) orMyetlite.
W i wi" wed Nage fat parsehef,
lanufatinrers it Viili, Bonin and W. Clan,.
rio. tlp w ucip z •
calla factories bong now in fall opertaiso We are
prepared of exerau, orders la airline, ltmestPtli•
Darin the last annater we Yawe adapted sinew Dian of
!Mumma Window Ulan, (the oast apptoved plan army
axed hi easta by we ta cora sanat tar awl
ale. Ulan flattened an U.. plan is m
perfectly level lad
trae:with a very foe loans Palms" mail kakis rett
emillt an matitened in call and manna la Mew.
'Cheap Geld Watikies. •
JQS? received a handsome blot Lskies , Gold Nana
Lever Watebes a /ow as fiery dolkas,..wah fan
paid cues. nal Inflamed to keep &Owl than. Alga
krge asanuaezadalsker paced ones, unieiklalkel hex. c
tofore in beasty end Quin?.
Also, Lathe Osid Watches a( koalas= patterns as
kw. Ika and 1133,00sarraateiL
10113 W W WILSON
./Sl l37ll 7l 2 b b Xr . t iI'IAIM Z "' 4 4.•
btds papersbon doi •
1 bolo Boolesoz - do; •
1 do E Walton:4
II do Pea Noir
• " 4.4 b% 6
S FMMU ST•e i rs a llt e rler . CWI / 4 ,
10 bbla Ploar, 1.0041* pet lteel 6001
Iketo Au ale by J/1111011DALYELL,
0 '9l rater •t
Fuu - 11:1=7 , - •
IRON .11111 D ,
SID kqrs Arauls, 4o; ' for sole by
rptl3 - . . 31 ioniser Clfroat
PRISWIa•Mfe kart rserdiraf a Imp a*
kortakatt of Mamas!, high coforad, and vita /fancy
Mao o[. wan laLriati of p nee. sad (amanitas. for
Ode effhplUXrr& wiarks
ÜBSOIL PLOUGLIS4aIt. rea',2mid trop *a But
CI sad foe We at the Puisbiugh taplestealuld Seed
tlacree,cotur of Wood and Oil so.
VVIIITS I. I , ' -lOltallD ..-41. norm,
anklefor proonning Pomba, sod2,Otior t rafts:
on,drooslal awl tarsals at ilsoWloOSiors of ,
. .
. ~ . . , . JACOB . WEAVER
.otio .. : r • , " '.'l6 cot morlion' front us •
ooen-oVII Malty st. berweniVfosel ind 711.,0na
rtAILIOI sad Umbrella. llus mamma have than
MTo,7l.oBtAll CO% Gold'ind tloiver paw=
oloyer Walchosonlvable , Sof paulookeet owl Wks,
ot =woolly low pneos, sad wansated_;al the Wosclu
nul Jewelry :Nom of : . • W W WILSON
•tl3 •• • • .' eoc4tkklesartet as
VIDENTING AND Ilaulmelos4A. excel
-1,3 Font moo:seat of 34, 74,14.841, b4 v and 64 low.
papal, mains, and glite apeoffsurt sod liongyp, Aoki
ufinil 6r We by ,t eascuaTr& wars .
SUIKETIZIG6...A nimbi anyply 0(14, 71;H,
5-4 and 4-4, lien and Wary Bums abeeanix ase.
bm and nal,. Ina Elrogn tqdrtswatsapariar natal
*ln nsaeiring llnta EuLysn Iffmgacumarn 'for de by
app , • • 151(ACKLICIRA:WHITE
rpOTJAOCOS—SA pep . now landing, Piosprung
A fail smarm= of lavorue bnyxts. inul #1.3 Rich
mond Tobacco; formals by- , :
• _ _
lAMII.II-4 eases 14;74 sad 11144dellions and
good Linen end Ts le Dlepang also; oho ease 0 4
blau, • Linen
openedand *erode b • IW
C3i3NTUA3 01.313.11C3UVPL013U1111—Jia re
calved from the Yen a cepply eta very
otpenacqeality et the Seed *AM ...era Wood ++. l
oth vp_ey . S N 1Uar.13314&11
Ia. EOM& N 0 &mug
Ito ebb Meiselee ht vier% be ea , by
cpils • ' • ' 43 vrafri , tr. SU !mei us
91 in YARDS,6 yds wide F7edxool
ClOtho._aew: d ty y l i t
tallPLlor pattemo pad maed n finto n dto P
at wids . rocod,s Wood Da.
ori kl "* .
.. • ' •J &A PHILLIPS
400 YARDS iv wide Floor:Oil Clotlivish border,
receed hoar Ploilipville Cotton.; for alio at
mer 'rumors, SY/ood .6 ••
OATI am4l BRAN ta storei for uhliy '
fOLD'PIiAII—.IO.4 re.4elied • kw* addluonol
lT supply
.of Premium Dimond Pouted dad Pensall
wpm tad, andat the lowest knees,
Ent We v'"
r -
need•VPIY. • ' flow CaMightebtiew"4
11P7OOL . r .,, Tlie bi.•Obb bibie ebb bal be pod
VV- Ibr eban,ints 'Coo fier bbod
Wby • , • :• • _:,ero. ectaiut4N, •
DIMMED 21170411118 . •
900 bbls Loarenthed sad painated;
• ••• SO bzs lt law Lodi fault by
_9115 Meats M.& Lends &mar
EV EA IrlIZUS—.100) hve Goarkagabers
lag frost If I.lsenteos, far. oak br , •
2.55 . •• wen benreen woad 'be
rfri - 60&sof T nr . -•
kar sale at tie Wise Smear
1111110 RZVlEW—Thel3l44l,ber to: sale at
TALAN —9l aim *man City mew WltiM PM Ca
xsa4 for sale by CIIIDW ELL.
5111 M--41, new.log Hal Calionownempook
andoihem for salety ,'.111.1111110M
Arr i vr.
.‘/.11 00
11*-411 on • • • Oil Ckabs,
. past variertof Patiersioedahrod Goa naive-
BEZ WA26r sale by "
-.pup _ wici*NecArrou , s3 •
Flen-7O abb brio No 3 Mac Luichng
_from ear
600 sae kr maker DAISSIAL
1 ud aux! Tam, roptelober isrobto for nl4l
Inquire It
! be Gl,stte- 9111a.44,14 next claw to
„.. .
Tawrmuo A 0111644110 iblijusi,. received; 6r
sAle by • -.IIMAIJ V* tunes.
Apll3 • : ••Cor ch. &liberty
aumniezt • • Wia,Cia
10.ann4Optlagi ' lalfiUstt 4 111$116111111 1 Me7 ferule
C1C""XL743)1.411#1/?lnAterh h •le by
1711111411—Y0 bf tibia •a &Y omillos at Th IL,
.L. Gan Yowler, aubi glib:LT*6a at il,bge; Waal* by
'l7±lACAlia. lELOOT I / 4 -10 Vets freak int received
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