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Clrfalg corm.)
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_yraz suns. ,
14.40HGE . RAMIE, of Allegheny Qty
":%EtIfIS C. I. NOBLE, of Indiana Tp. •, of Wilkins 'Pp: •
lIENKY.LARgEof hllebu - • ' • •
41.. W. BAKTER,rof PSUsburgh. •
irot Cscunt 1 , 0.1013 , 002151 L •
...t.THoiras PERKINS, of Loser St:Clair Tp:
'of Vrnnlikz Tp
raitArtir Co: maim] haelhgtince,Doviettie
Nevr . i,lmpotts,'l4 9 osy blerkei, ha, eca
T.A.T.Yies Paean:awe has put Furth a winch
rr7 ,- -,- AI id% Wad purporting to be hie own as delivered
."."-' • !pa hlianivalin the ell in response to thit . wei.,
...cone given him by Mr. idceandlew, in the name
:. ~ i ottha .Pritoplek the Masses and the D....,
!Ai 9 ... h: is not the one 'delivered by Mr. Dal
, -. . lie. . lapsiblic avenue of Me blunders has made
„,ov, s •;..';'.
...-,. -,. '?hlint i ptiefol 'lotto repeat them in their worst forth,'
..t , , , '....;;;:. ~. '''':: % hie. ere have them neverthelas in substance. We
wuronly tampon one of tee things, that bi.r.Dal
- ...., .. , ~ , ..•,. i: ' r.. lee la Ignorant of the state of the fmances as given
by. Mr. %Wm:ma, the Treasurer, of the. United'
*66 oklitiA, ai *practical believer in the pros- .
Wes thai .aTtriwill travel a league while trier is
tilli* olt' No boots,' ho ebooen to Munn an
f- - .iugiithwigottaioienand the opposinpity have
. .
i - Vhilfice iresident In his retired ;path sage:
. ' sT4upr ore to of to you that this
.abaaed tariff
.„ Itte'sdreody, at the expiration of the three fast
-quaateri of the first year of its operation, on -the
; - 'alma, August law, realism! a rerepoe little, If any
. , • . thing, short of twenty.six miltioni.”
, .
,Thict is sheer and wilful deceptiap, es we have
'ahaWn from the statistics fu rn ished by the Treu.
-...- -' ,
nrg. Department, and - other wan" Which are as
''the,*fldlowing are the statements taken from
_. ' - iher. Arittrit' raid Septeraber numbers of Hunt's.
-;;.".. Iffehdrant'i Ildegazine, ss the 'official 'receipts of
- ....degnicollected on foreign imports from December
1, Igit,la August .15, 1847: -e
1 . Month of Dec. 1846,
grainer fading March 31, 1847,
Jane 30, 1847 i
Monthof in1y,.1517,
Augers 2 necks,
, Defieliney to b 6 collected in last
two weds of Augna;, 0,174,127
glanithere Mr. Dallas Says th 4 Revenue for tho
month - of Atiout "closo on to,. cws millions of
" Supposi rig it to hare hoctt ell this, and.
it will fill short of it considarably; then the stain
moot of the Wien Pmeideni isprOred to be untrue
upon kts Stmt toidertee.
The 'mamas wan $19,824,427
Add Itk.,Didlasio intimate (o'4 vim; . 5,014000
:;".• -
,„ • .
.4. Instdra of the 52q,000,004 fee the'three quartere.
Again, the Vice President says in his revised
• •
...Retying open the Product of the lost, ninth,
• Ogee upon five millions.) it is confidently enact•
putted that, et the end of the your, we ehall have'
• coiled& from duties on importations at our mi..
'ooteustore houses, en aggregate of not sixteen
'prenty, tier ef twennpriven, but of Tina. ;
• -trdsta,auguens ex Douses!" _
^ ' eta examine this statement a little.- .'
• Prom 15th of August to Dec. 1, 1847, 3 'MM. I
- -and 111 days, there must bo oolleetcvl $10,174,427
• '
.tone the Vice President's estimate good. nth
arooldreedie at least $89,000,000 worth of goods
et 18 per:cent, and ell bo paid for by, our peoplo,l
=Obi enemy to go to Earope. - •
Ittpecember'last the Secretary of the These-,
~xy stothimUslibfrovendo ofrthe year ending Juno
1•:-,110,-1847, at $27,835,731, or $4,672,766 above the
laded receipts, there being $2 ,162,954.: ,
iirsiad here a statement before published sr
its fide 01,000,000 of promised ten.pete,- 7 -a prow:
Le'which if Milt:tined: trill - compel; its. to Import.
siti one hundred millions of foreign nivellan.
dire in the space of As months: .
i , - . .. .4:—.,,.." , -' ,-.
-••••,_-r,f.,. 44-1.r.4.-`
`',ll'4l o :tViP 4 l:l••
`2.4 ~ %
' . %: 1 ; . , Ali.:i : ,,
;P.; 2 :ii; ! i,'' . •:ag';-.IZ; '
.:i..;:q44:- . .. 4- 3 ,1 r. - 10
r ?. 11
'. ''.' ..! . -,•'.-', t - :!:!..1'.:::f
4 . 1.4,.. , .:',....
.r;i''.;:'; , i: , '1 1 ,-:'..- : ; - •'' ; -; , tr'
'''.'.l?.!i L .F:::Z', : •.ir • M'.
_.' ' 3 11 , ,!..f*.t.i':`..k: , -,:•, a• ~
• Ti:::•;•:;:t1;$;•;, ti.1.14i
..'1:i',...:'i:` .. ., : , ' ;' ; , i.,' 4 ::
'4 ,2
!I.'i 1,..,1:•1 4 ' , ..: .
• i',4-.
.j..k . ,,i!!i . ) . :41: ..: ' ?•; . •'3
; PI
,;' , '. : 1• : ,.41ia4% .' i ji
, ' .i, -.. .41:•..eitt
. q t - i;..
:I : ' x.' 4l, i.)4* . lj r" . ' 4l *-
, 0:-.•x:. t''.. -7 .:V.,-, - ; ip, t i
~ E'N'yt.wer. , ,... - •
. RI ',.5,i, , ,,_ . , , :,,,"':• 41 :r,
(4'izi:,..m7,:4;;.A.,. ,
•.'g“.:' , 2g--.. 4 .:;:i%':N;';.
....41.'"•3:,:i: , 4;i:;;:,:.F. 1 * , .,._ 2 :,
1'.;. ; .V.'-i§1,1.,t 'W
1.4.0: , 4•2: , i,:
~4,:...,:i.., , ;.:::•.51,.
r;.:-:' , ...;•.: - iA,.:4 0 .,
; ,',i7L;: , 411:',1',.:4•:_ . 5 ; ?..1.;:f:'!..
~- 40 1 ,L :
..,, ,* :lo;',:j. i .
..; , ',....::•41,::.!:11; ,!;&
1 !... •: . - ' -‘ : '.k .4 .4 1 . 1 ;
~ T 4 `+ll., V
! :i , Okt
t ., , , ',.. , t , . •:' -I''''' , c
:4 ,- f ..' 7 7.,' ) . :..7
';:, , ::',47.40 .: , :;-::::6,:` , ..
N's".A., 9 . ;1 ..ii.„..:4•: , .., ,, ...;
1 ' 4,1 ti-,_P....t'1":
. K-.:. ' ,- "i'•; . t
, 5...
1R...,''' ,, ,. , -•',-ik
; ..,,;_.;;;,,„-,-,:.„::-.5,,,—:
!,1 ..!...;-:,;::11,;.,-.,s , '; f: ;... • 1
, .
% .
wish to:dwell for one moment boor tipon
the Meet of an import of the amount of -goods
mammy to put into the Treasury $36,000,000:
We had eupposed upon cur feat examination that
It would produce only in aggregate; of $148,000,.
WO, but the probability Is that it would he much '
Ikea. .I.i:eking at the Bankers' Magazine for
Attend, me fled that, taking New York for an ex.
esopleohelielial.leoporte were I:Dimmed vastly
asitut any Corresponding enhancement of duty.
Here are tho facie
Aggrigale Itn*iris-for Mc Scorn Months.
$41,626,427 $33,080,840
It 7,988,374 422,178
Free, 0 , 215 , 148 6,270,561
Tea $55,819,040 . 441,082,579
Blake received, 10,780,615 10,549,300
. Average rate of doty under the new trAlt — 18
goer cent. Average nit° of duty under the old
~ tari4 24 per.tent.
/name el:dutiable goceli . in 1847,
(sre Ittollths, 6.836.000
Decresoo - d free geodsl.oBs,o oo
• bargee of epecie, . • . • ..7;058,000
loantweeof duties received,. _ - 118,008
With increase of Imports (Jr the - hag 'year
labiate port Only, at the tate of Wine:raiXieuper
annum; egaivilentio,fitteen - all:ports
ahe.lUtudid, we t tintl that. haarease of indebted.
`rain to Europe does not prodies a toramenstoste
becnetie of rereutie. Under the 'opraation of the
pieta tariff we ens nor only increasing oar debt
to Englindiral the continent, butNie are deriving
CWIi or no good in Vie 'dupe of additional sere-
. ' • Wt iss• . eschibitios titne ter.
a aaasoccairying We disllagaished
• ' 0i1154111 position !ds Dallas. But 'when the
- lt . lee?rulde tat !am politician tithes tha damp,
gal:Saito to Fart.) escepians,'suld irairtia ilk° a
aosiatassat (Owl) tau to POoi.moko ' i public
adtthitiai hicikeeft;an4 to win tie 'people train
prc'MlaUezlNA — L 4
• .
'lthai Winn* -.2 thin, allads
*anti and reiterates
whit is not tp6 if a great potpic:uteasure:whkli
-. /isms imst insruzuntat in dadanykng, and of
lai brbielicame tato cri.4nes by his own vote,
inigagg, of his.
Mate, and Ws own pbNlyeni . hold biz to by
wirottl4 of tlUi pbkce be holds, end on dmeritog
iiii s repect of his felloir,cltlieigit.
. .
Cog. nuns; recently honored tty Mr.
* Polk
I::lnith-iitgetehte Brigadiar , dermal, hes been.
Ocientai inert diagier.efel .to the Anny
7,iand itcandry awhile in Banta. Pa. The htialoarl
!,lopinciition of tdirown putt, do not :venture up.
. ,
. .
•.:! : .1'.;',11 . -i'. l ','.
daaa ExPosit'
' t of
ladePeli ttt! date of Mt of
_,_ • ..,,..- • A icrnii•- pniden , B , l ta Fe, er
•-•'• '- or with* 61, nukr linnatible r,, Nimo
- . -
,a 'in 8 ant ! , a m
1 ... e,
or 6 , Ad, of
mat,/ =ln .
.., IlietA ban been it ita"C.4" anklet , it " hm
~_ 1 - that Pm°. That wata
h a and 4is anti.
`'' I'' . of Glowl.l,_o,_. - v. that,
.00nble irate of
g„, !,,,,,, Ka. 0"--,-obee " From
r.".fr s,ponlkereg‘ and man.
_,.....y -- - ' o r the dell °_.
kt seam Fe hed
-- ' • big *wit
week , appear 41
ot. The wri
:f:, "mare elm, Lao a semi 54' _ .
joie ''netted , • ,
if in .the
101,64 one, eittibitE iled
tuodoso . Am:woo fon"' 6.4 had
licif gilidDr., .14' " if the lgunaa, i n t ° he&
•••• ' ' at letteee,' more thieg "a! j 3,- Tsui,
- '
4.a.alattlE"4 adi" b0.....= suede ntineme,,, Coked
---- 7_,„ ) ta kr --- and :Ft's- Ida limn'
loil"'" , d a , awl
s ea. and
~..... mai
riti....,..,..nt,us•iet and digliP4""`"
lilidiel ......".".. (be, 41"._•1-‘-' the ele, °taw'
itelleleeka, iget°l,^7l.l,! Ex the , ier
-„,. - --, tee 14." aczawar,=. , more dan . a .
--,:,... , f,,,:pasminer, It .---- '
indeed" •" of
~--'• • - 1003434-_,....„-N, ii i m , axe, to the once
Ti••••; - '5.. :•;'. 0F , , , : ..r
to mmoozi
'3r~ '
-- .tasia *hi r°_____,_
la4rik, ,
j,„,,, With . e.r " . to ear Mite
..„611,, aim
agtoon .
4-,,,--,--.-/ a— --, 4,40,0,0 ,
..'. , r .
. ad ii, Th i m en irm
- .. , ..:::,...,.., ,et
, .-,..,
44 glair 'flit
--."--.,” - .
i.e....d.,...4,,-- ;abtrlliala-_,
....n...e - Gat Jr
."..-1 -,,- 7 _,...,.....71,ri./ "au - --,----- t. whim:
,---",,,,...*„..4.rk.77-q,titkif- , ..... - - - Iw o n
Iroodut.,,, A l e **an I,64lkllcicapylklN.
- raosiiißeis 5,,. - 1 1 0' jad Pil4 l t -- - .
~r..x-.:---' '-'
. '-‘,-*-.:_t..5.!..,-,:•fc-::'
~- ' •
~.. e ,,•• •Zik l-4 '
. - ),,,,.-2.,1 •- , ,--- ",;.•,. '"'"ir,,,Out•'"--
.... 1•4.14, ? .. tt.**.f• -. 77:0.
a GAT&
.BRA 611 - 1/11 8200103
(. •
r liwitcar_ltsaareurs have randy memo;
."*" loiotliftt girdbiliat proud "
we iiietnsost:siikinstoknoViviliat Will hi - the up.
ihoto! tho Oveettagis ntedszthy:obtsioed by ear
- Ai We, indent:aid the - chanter
People et Mentor} we ere for [pm n perprzuea_ .
Peace. 'pery advance nude bY General S co tt, _
the South, and. General Teller at the North, so
fat fmm "'Rain(' degrarrim 47.4,1 the efic?
defeating a deeper hatred sgalnd cur People and
I I country. A dogged .obrikiseY infivarattce
ire peculisr . to the Spanish ewer cod this au , :
later has nal been it all imineed by its moisture
With the naives and relied isms of idealio,
have eiweived that jai u laat as one inx4s have
advanced, just so fest 470 theeratioy closed in
upon their rear, and this hasbeen the caeothrongh
inreba . peet. AU ihe great avenues of comma'
1114/iOll have &mil in dui petion of the e n emy'
while thel'elties and principel towns from Fors
Gene to- Puebla have getterally been under the
control of oneo a r own troop. Whenever 'a fortress
his ban vacated, It has been taken peeseision of
at once; andisotheilmet th e strangest have been
rpm a fl oe, in the a= or our odooookis
'We havaregretted the (nobility of our .Army to
infuse coo faience:ann.* thc:cm o Y, bout"' fi t hat
such confidence would do male to wine Peace;
could it he awakened ind - prcserted, than ell tho
battles '; - s end viewing which :Sight attach to our
.arm,. 11 iaona 'nazi ; to negotiate &treaty, and
to sign articles cf Pee at the cannon r mouth,
- :imite another thing to pmeerre Fume with
these with whom it honfinally made. A hit;
,Peaco has rarely brerimade lathe Frannie
of, a groat Army, 6,1,4 esprit:Mai teaches us
that it I. brio ..the Pen I. mightier than- the
Sword?' If oar Aniy should at thin moment
leave,filexico, they would any • , with them Roth.
Lug bill Me execrations of the Meticon people, and
yet we believe that no Inveding'Arroy were ever
more tolerant and Wend toward, a foe, than our
Cemniandeis and soMien hove ban towards the
Mexican. theamelves.
The Pride of e v4l people has been hurt,- and
a Nation beaten upon its own al . Its eirengat
fortresses, by sea and by lent here fallen before
the advance of our troops, as if they were but some
ny broken reeds.Atmy encamp.* bast:ea detested
and it requires something more or iess than a te* .
mon humanity, " to respect those who have been
humbled as in the deist of hemiration. How much
loss have the brat of us for England,
w* remember her Ant war . against the dearest
rights and interests of. our.'Perople. Hew much,
whom in the strength of her power, she robbed oar
ships of their Wks; and improved them into ber
own service. If the
•of as are somewhat
alienated from our once cruel atep-mother in re. -
membranes of the past,What excuses may not be
found for a people like the Mexicans, poor.prood,
ignorant, obstinate,: jealous, and superstitions—
Betelifeelings as these are more orlees the gate.
cal fruits of warfare, and is we have felt them our:
selves; so wean pardon them in others. - Michr
cab:once makes usurers end more regret the folly
of the war hi' which we Ire plunged.- . . •
They who ammo that.war Lathe only mans
of conqu e st Iraq 4, 4*tiOP, Eufrlao mankind, and
tfie'teachiugs of the pest. .When the . Peat 'is
ripe it will drop," and we marvel that our .in:
fest destiny!' politicians have not heeded s tabli
like . this. Nel.'are not althea who, desire tart
territory . thin - Wil have but if we b.& desired ,
more, ired all that Mexico has
, sr? would hero
Wailed .rather the mraceful mutt- of that wide
. spread extension'of set se° and people. that).the
fruits of. a bloody and protracted war.
We confess to sweet of wisdom clurly to die.
earn the sips of the times. When Peace coma
with Mexico, we fear a motional war among our:
*elms, fir like all *pollees, tee shalt gland over
the fruits of couquest. The fate of Mexico Is in
our keeping for evil or Lit good:
. II mi convert
her free territory into a home andtetiztet for
Slaveti,thi? Corms of freed= l end freemen will
rat upon our heada,—:and lot, bow can we prac.
Ideally avert thiaevil, and ssespe this wrung, axe
apt by priserving t.tbe li..i • 9 alit is, One and hi.
•Sepasable;tuar aMlfoniVe.r." . '
G 'autos* ,Tacc Donocaacr or al
OLD uam:4.—We announeed lOW dayisloce,
that ibere had beset . mho diatinbance it a mow
log of the Loonfxo COonlY Conwentharl;ltratia7
aseembledin tin! City of Lancastes.'. We bavt
sinCo eeceisod'a fall report Of thy preettllings of
the , treention, published in the Tattoo cf that
'Aftafthe committee: osk Addtaii and Rambo.
lion bad nported to the :mating, Mr, goadiallter,
olfetid tesolothxlippiOying littlii3g Hon.
Colonel Frazier 'dee/Mod himself 'oppostd !to
thelaissip of the neolotiia a;. and was seen to
ace it urged in thrn•foonventibe.. Mr. Duel:mum
was no longer a citizen of that City; or of- Wer
State—he bed expatriated Mizoolt—hed nddhis
pennitelyroperty in Lenesitie, fir $55;000 and
taken the money akth him to Weshington City,
when he risides;glr thiporpoos of avoiding the
psynent et tun4a hid writtento"the Awes.
sot and CoilectO , of .L"neater. refitOg: to Pal
anismune., He ins - unworthy of ieoreplimen.-
tan snob:dins salts (Mr: Frain) was nay to
• .
Galan' Mr..Frilier. said hi
mad not andentand W 1 ,014940E1 on the . pert
'of his' ridinglie,liir Mud: Orme been . tho,larce
friend orldr.'"Bniratisitheried he was the
6 at to ikib "reniiiisiiie. - .A;edt.
ffe 1040 Mr, P. witarendsizt himself. .
Mr. Fria= oppnielo Mr.
Buchrinan'andto"this nisolutioti!! The Dane;
racy worked herd In this City for hisAlection to
the Haute' ad they ; amended. wee not ifW
first Median o Penterylvales faarrite son
but;l faighteumfolly for him. „Atthe'very. time
Pennsylrata looked forward with pope to him se
the need l i naident; be d e clined 1 4: 1 5 11 '1 18
our lanes errta; and ea ellar4 syeaG in .nit
Dirt concha in reference tO
weak and Childish. The Iforr.;•.llobert :VV . inget ,
soasindthe Inteenti of the' Dom whilst
James inishald einai tbi
Mirk.' Go?3lrge M. Dallas acted ably lo - HMO;
agile" Sinn Hochman. looked after' $6,000
yettrAlaryl ,Ifte iternererary 'slide 'as the
all they bees4-7end being so shall wit:tackle to
one roans oppon What meat dime this oar Croat
feed, that he has grriern n greatr That we shall
obey, and bow to his will, and worship bind :No!
I am no man; and I am not tot James Ito.
charm how! He refused io give anithlng tole,
support of the party in Igen! .11e has refused to
pay his Tearehene: He has no right Wrote here!
He Is no longer.with us, or for os! - And sre we
now compelled to obey his menden, to establish
his will I AM the Democracy reedy to declare
thateelne his friends, when he is The friend of
Ttto resolution' wii paisponod hf aid end, and
thi - Democrary of Lonctuter Eats refused at last,
LAiiTei their confidepeo to favorito ion.of
Pet*trania." • ~•
etsnan Tiarcuan.--The following tale
shows the number of pawanee. canied -col the
lrincipal lathes& in Ncw Yolk and New pato
and, In the year 1846,' The notober this glaila
mach Luger than law year:— .
Milat Nd pone - mem:Pare.
H o d,* Lord( 26 400,880 per tails
Hestia.' Mane 73 460,420 2 . 6.10. . do
Providenee_42 476,512 .7. d0
Booloo,',Worciefet 45 '' 470.31 W 2 ,810.- do
Old Wooy • 37 213,144 2 7-10 -do
'Earteen , '64; 786,750 2'B 10 ,do
pitaw rit , 48 - :827,034 2* ' do'
Worm -' 158 265.664 24.10 '."
L c h s w in d ," 88 J 87,471 2 ,do
Ed 0,103.387 2 do • •
Altkoriy,B6.lkerocledy 11 174,658 3 ' do
uda, Btheriretedy 118 '221,618 do
Specose, Thies • 63 155,4711 . 4. do..
Art mu, apsoturik 36 _105:808 . 4` do
'Aribenr; Rochester . .78 :,142.255 4 do .
Toeswarada 436 - 92,387 .4 . : do
Ardar, BOW° -8703: do-
Bedeck , • .11.2 1.888,486 2 do
• Two - eieteloskele would nese . bri dirifibier`
EnOro, this facto p.-114.. That the *tepee the fiiii
die roost ,06 Inma— t izote than"
,axioilb to auita
oP the-ootiptethe iredoctiotila pricer; aide&
That the New Iteglead eark-ehleh _haetflow
-r ist4 ieeepee more Win the New Tat fyidatbat
dirmand hies fetes;
i'aa'.i::.:r3'ii~ad~: 2 ,•i.T~~'~,<~.'." `~'.~ %:rep:-,-..~:~i '.
1 4. T." 'lila 'PILE, iexx)Sql• 10
Pk zn . Gen. Tavign
Head Waders Army of Occupation, ?
"Camp liezo , Himlacy, July _ 1.3,184.7. 5
Birr=l tome jead the honor tc racriviyour lett
ter eubmitring, on the , Farad' the nominating cora.
Mitten of 'll.e . Midge American Uensention, the
request, to be infonica, of .my.rievra relating to
several point* of netrienal polley, , cntertaiaed
the body of Native Americans in our country.
Limited leiattre from my publi: dutlea constrain
the 'comply in very general and brief terma, - that
to the pointe cited in your letter I de nut feel my
orif at liberty to express my frank opinion. 'My
willingness to, yield (O r the wishes of tbc people at
and to servo them in tha awe of trio chief
magistracy, should - they fully and unanimously
piaci Its .weightr reaponribilitirs upon me, hes'
Wen more than'ence expressed, bat
. I am not will.
tog be' .the' candidate of any party, or to
pledge myself to tiny political creed wive, that
which proceeds direetly from the constitution, and
the beet and pa'rarnirent interests of the country,
and which theYsoleinttly demand. If elected to
'the Presidential office it moat be without any agen
cy of my ow o ,. (it certainly will be at varience
with my. mere cherished - aspirations) end to those
dories I most go turimamelled by party pledges of
every' chaiacter.r. '
.Should ..the People nomimte end elte.t.'(and
there is'ample space for this previous to the time
of election) 1101110 one of the gifted statesmen of
the country to represent It. highest interests, I
should hail - the measure: with joy.
With sentiments of high respect, I have the
honor to auhecribe Mjself. Your ob'tvervant,
Z. TAYLOR, Mel. Gem U. S. A.
Wx. J. A., Esq., ' . •
Pies% N. A. Convention, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Lefler from Hon. Henry Cloy.
II'ASRLAND. 2,1 Apr0,•11147. .
Dear Sir ..Your favor ofthilOth Minna, trtns
mitingahe proceediiix et 'lire American Retifim
tion meeting," nrselted times few days prior to my
retain from New Cricana Owing to my absence
and to a great domeetic allliction, which has be.
.fallen me in the death of a beloved son, who fell
to-the battle of Buena Vista, of whirl:lntelligence
arrived here saverai:daya ago, a delay hes arisen
lot my return of on anewer to your lettere which I
hope you will have'the,goodneas to corner.
Ton enquire of ire; .ot the instance of the Na
tive American committee of the Edith of Pennsyl•
verde,' of which yin' are chairman, whether, if it
be tendered na—and that unanimously—l would
be disposed to accept the nomination of President
of the United Slides item the National Native
-American Convention, to aisenrblo at Pittsburgh
In May nexl,for the purpose of nominating canal.
dattifor Presidedand Vice President of the UM.
tal Stake.
Waiving all yogi:dry into, end the expreadon of
an opinion on tbe , principles and objects of your
association übeiog turaccessary, from tho cots
elusion torrhich I, have come, I mud (moldy say,
thati can kraal...oho public . goal likely to milt
(Mai utj accaplaqco of the proposed nomination;
and that, if tendered to me, should ho conetrained
to accepting It.
I requc'et you niv,att/ieleis,*tiod the othei teem.
'her ut the Executive Colitmitice to he avintird
that LjdatlJ opprceiste the Compliment intended
me ' and to smell Quints for the per. ,
sonsl eandienee: and kindness mkt& prompted
theiiittention to 'be "diieeted to me, .
am; ' with wpett,. Yotir friend and araditn
scrunt." U. CLAY.
Lrrna snox , :Ala:CLAT.—Wo give below the
rasa of Mr. Clay in repiy to the invitation raced
ly extended tohiin to visit Boston: '
Warri Samtui. Sruixes, (iri.)"/
; 31st Ml6.tat, 147.
Gentiemento my return home I received, in
Delaware, your obliging note, addressed ro me et
the Manteca of coy,,,flieritli in 13ostni, and its vi.
Minty, inviting me to visit that obi. And you
pleasod to stile, in &Meting teems,. tho high
emulation •driay,public services Which pia calls
is IferiTrgiand, and the beorfibi which that ha
ieritititig section of our country his derirod from
the policy which I endeavored ta establish. • It is
waif true, gmatleinr-o; thatanynimar in. eey teno
cares which. Vernon...a, were the •good of the
whole; 'et which 1 beliercd all *is might Mail
Ulterrisolem, Boma scenes, aims later, according to
circumstances, but which, at all events, would - trod
to the common good. I can hear witness that the
adoption of the prolective policy. ens entered se
rimer end formidable munition from bfariachu
cue. Sim V. 33 .T:IZ4 that any ob. ta
des should be tateriated in the Tn.:cation of that
foreign careciarrth, ty which oho had so greatly
prospered. tiat when it was once adopted, int
from roekir4 any violent or fictions opposition, she
quietly and patriotically sulanittid to the decision
of the National Commit.. And full of cowriae,
energy and clasticityithe quickly adapted bur in.
&Mg to, thobbor State of things, and is now en.
jiyiog the rich' rewards of her shill, vigor and
economy. Inj ,Ito in the wen carved prespErity
of Now -,Eogland. Artie. the Ispnt of f3nrtretr
years atonal last visited it, tshoulti bemoan lumpy
again to Interehataga friendly ulutitiotas with its
Inbitdforms, and to witness the inierecninCesei
pifirreits which it hal =On MO plsiorkes and
amegdieby Of my rcceploo at. Boston, If I 'could
bevirgone there; which pm delicately antikindly
proposal, Would bare bon] in cram 'Oman:ton.
deuce :with. my wishes. - Bet, gentlemen, I tell
home - far this purpose of , visiting far tho dist time
ai my IVO, a era bath. kin, net:determined to
which I Should repair; bin finally etrneloded to go
ti:Capo,,blrty: Haring - gratified that cariosity', I
dlshe to. ietriro to my Widenci.,geriating
al potable from aho most convenient and direct
route. There are obvious rename far this carom,
which, I am acre, you will have the goodness to
..I must request, therefore , that you willVecelve
iciurselves end communicate to these whom you
repiesent, my-sincere regret 1.3al I em compelled
to forego the pleurala of accepting ,their friendly
inritarton. I add my ferveut.prayere'fdr the ton
etant happiness and proeparity .of New England,
in true and peace, end midst all the changes
whichbevabson or may be- node In our national
i I 'am, with the highest , 'respect, yohr
friend ind obedient servant, if. OLLT.,
'Ocn ,IxesoTaxiwrs.—Frugal' niana .
and 110 if:16'6144 trade, bare kdaneil the public
inipitrreinente of Sponsylrania iq ;math a exult;
tido. that little u no appreheinion b now felt as
txf, the ability of oar State folly sod promptly of
wet all her angigenacits.. The fallowing at/de
ment of tolls collated on the Steak :suds and
Railroads Was prepared by Mr. Thomas L. Wd
sap, ldectetary of Board of .Canal Commiaaion•
lo A 401,1647, 6191,733 II
In August, 1846, 196,312 20
lacretsa; August, 1847, `555,445.01
-Tetal etasoutit of Toll. receieeal from , ..: _ •
. _
1848, to 3ty4 1847, 01,211,372 09
100,11,13 t year, '- 847,201 68
jlcarona in 1847,
It is estimated that the, total tall this, yaw. will
'tiscood Lawn hundred thousand
wham of thirty:4llm and ona.third par reit corn.
pared wittr4be real:ipti'of 11346. ' And iret in the
fah, &Miffsls. gratifying; oar Owe eecurities
orb now soiling at twanty.threa per cent. below
{hair. par Taloa—Phila. Buiktim
Hr. Diensassi is more and more beinsieed at
44, tioathfer his Southern letter. , ,
/kV:UN/IWO VICIVIIIo—WO by before our
readers today the letter of tho Hon. Jame* Du•
chanan, Secretary of State,mpon the subject of
the Wilmot Proviso. This letter is written with
dm! elearnas.and ability which tlittingUishca
We prcsluctioets of that eminent statesman. We
copy this adroirablo tette:from the Pennsylvanian.
It mu written in reply loan invitation of the de.
mecreey of Berke county. unite with thorn in
their celebration of awl:hived Homo, and 'boom
dale two days befoie the limucted death of Silas
Wright.-42 . .ksgh (N C.) Standard. ,
All 'lda is from tbo bloat b. At how . lifr. Da
cboaou i/ . gtccrtled u a •duagb ("lei,' and a (tour
liar for Power sad place.
saarcurr.—Thi Marton Atlas of Friday morn.
Ink gives renturs of ther . voto fox - dovernor in 79
towna Of Vermont, 'which am up as fullovis,—
:.eompared with Iva year: - - .
• ' 1847.. 1946:
Fcir Horaco'Eaton, Whig, 0,922 10,507
Paul Dillingham, L. F. 8,121 7,730
Brainud, Abol., - 2,019 ' 2,759
The Atlas Gaya that - thore is probably , no choice
for Goventor,• hut that rho . ' Legialitturo will be
'strongly Whig , as total •
The IC Y. Tribnao remarks: . ' '
- Ram and - Loco Focolsm formed on'allianee In
many tome with a view to the repeal of tho . Li
'mac Law. while the Liberty party and some oz=
citing local questlorra have had tho .111 , 4 lc:divert
some Whig :rotes Into the wrong chaMal. The
rival Railroad interests have heel their affect. In
orliegton a Loco ha. been elected , on e Railroad,
EAT nu...-:Ttio toes paid by tho N. Y. city
Cdoporallon. to Its legal counsellor. (tom year to
year, foe the last ton years were thus 'officially to-
To R. Emmett,
.triloo: F. Tallaran,
: P. Ai Cowdrey.
'Thrshl anbam,
John Levorbigo,
Tohtl In leo your
-$43,097 or•
Inarktition to,itds, 'issuerT.- Brady, has
presesited a,6111 of $lO,OOO, wad Mr Leveridge due
for goo°, which if paid rill malts the rum, tool
upwards of 4'68,000, •
- . • .-
Raravtavirri.--The'Seurutary of
war has made an:l:Micro* 030. Eardirg, for a
company of volcuatecrs, .to Proceed to Mexico via
lho city of 'Netv Ydrk. — jan Dirmingtam, Qom.
termaater, at this place, has received orders 'for
'their equipment in all things neccsaary for mai.
iiry!neansproent or blvottica Ileariting opieri
wall immediately open modem= in this city for
tha Purpma of filling Mils company. ,
Co*vrorzo.--Wit learn that the two boys who
vrcro entre& in the city, tome weeks ago for steal
log a watch . in Fayette county, have been tried,
-convicted,and sentenced to three months inprisoc
mant in the Jail of that county.
aTiver.incr lioosz.—On 'Saturday lut, we learn
that Maj. Sweeny of Allegheny, was arrested, and
fined 51,33 for keeping stippling house. In do.
fault of payment, ho was committed to tha cam.
mon Jail.
Mn. HZERT Menial:lc—The Police rf Alle.
ghenj succeeded in arresting Henry Richard. on
Friday lad. Ile was:caught asleep hitt., shade.
of, some tree., in rho Allegheny Bottom, after her.
ing indulged tether fretlyin liquor. -The officers
have bed a warrant out fur his attest for some ,
time put.
AISAVLT AND Barranr.—Aldermen Parkin
son informs us,,that Tuesday woe a gnat day for
fighting in the nth Ward, her having issued war
rants of arrest for six persona, who had been com
plained of for beating and bruising their neigh.
bore. A few per.oni - heavily fined by court for
this offence, would do much fist tbo peace and
security of the community. Let the strong arm
of the law be enforced in reference to this offence,
and it will doubtless' hove a . salutary effect in
sheekipg its too frequent occurrence hi - our midst.
Critics Datto. , —Welch'm Circui Bend.. pa
raded through our streets on Tuesday, drawn by
twerity.four horns, all guided by one person. It
seems almost Incredible, but it is true, that the
twenty-four, reins were held, and the motions of
the lIIMETOCIs horse, to which they were attached
guided end-controlled by one man. It we. a fete
we had never before witneseed, - and which but few
on hereafter accomplish. The music maraud.
T. H. STOiTOSI ' II Lscrunts.—l bad
the pleasure of hearing, on nit evening, Raw. T
H StOcktoo, and have seldom, if ever, partaken of
.a richer intelectual repent. He lectured In the
Methodist P. Church, in Fifth street, on the
“Theorl of Selfishness," and though the subject;
considered in the abstract, would not, by persons;
generally, be deemed attractive, yet such were the
fteinatioul thrown around it, that the intelligent
audience, present on the °catalpa, were not only
profound In attention, but highly gratified.
The subject this evening, will he the.aTheery of
Benevolence," and all who haven testator orate•
ry - or eloquence, should endeavour to attend.—
They could - hardly spend a leisure hour atom
pleasantly; or profitably. '
The Rover bete $7,000 in the hingle of Prion;,
Ward & en.,-In the ohs?" of darts, on - Piris.
The Brazi.len elect,, who treor supicoed to
In have made their we; to Canada, lately 'toiled
from Bolton for I . lsyn; go stye the,Dcenxt Jour ,
On the Colvizbis and Philadelphia Railway
$251,032 hare been received fir nine maids, end•
log Actgost 31, spinet $194,479 in Seine time
wevious season.
' Dr. Jamie D♦ !lagers het been eppointed to fill
the their et ehembery in the Univereity of Penn.
syl*le,,milo vacant by the resignation, Of Dr.
TYR . . pgirt now.r.:nerittis ii!tokeser of arkecii••
Thomas Dell. aged abaci r. 3 1 , 2 . pedrd, son of
Mr. Henri Deana, of-this city, died oa Sot
ofiliy night lash from eating some mushrooms on
the tsabbath promos. The father, alaoiod a lit
Ile daughter, were 'sick from the same cause, the
latter slightly, (having eaten Veiy7spatingly) arid'
the former quite 'gamely. They are both now
quite well -Bats Times.,
• The authorities of Hostas, have voted to pay to
car. Townies of Now Orleans the sum of $l,OOO
fir the artst of Albert J.
This the amoubt of the reward originallY °Ea
ed (or the iirest of the maulers, or Maria Mick
fad, but it was not paid because Thrall wu hot
legally.proved to be Lye murderer. kb now geld
es a gratuity.
It is reporteihin the naval circles that Comma
der Alexander, Slidell Meeker:Ma is appointed to'
the commend of the steam frigate klisaiseippD.-•
Cecretarkter hi, eves ones commander or the brig
of war Somers. S ince then ha has been station.
ed in Me Gulf as an ordinance. officer. !Nov, he
occepew the position of pmneaptaim .
- -•The iminOgratientrom Deland to.Qeelion, to the
promo' time, embraces upward of 80,000 pada*
;and from-information transmittal to the Immigrant
'Dumas in Catia3a, it appears that from RO. to 30 ;
ON snore are on their way, and rosy be expocte2
to swim before the close of navigation. Of toe
number, about ono grarteil have died, (including
those who dial on their plow) - -
Da. Horror Oxotscoarx. who resigned the
CV-somata of PonnvilSseia, a few yeariago;and
who was suspended frOm the exemiseof hh, font.
tione, on a Marge of too freely indolging in the
owed' ardent spirits, will, wo understand be most.
-likely restored to Dishopriek, by the Convention
• ribald to sit; the evidence being Mat he his entire- .
ly abstained during the intervening Gem We
hear, farther, that a Church will be erected for him,
by some of the Episcopalians of Philwdelphia.—
N. Y. B.rp.
The denies for the last nix months reeeDed et
the Cuitom House at Philadelphia were: Mirth
9237,458; April, $275,196; May, (543,273; love,
9464161; July, $589,315; August; $460,635
total, $1,772,241. The average duties on imparts
Sll3 differently estimated at from 25 to 23 percent,
Assenting the average, 24 par cent. as the deity
paid, the impudent:int would be fpr the viii ostinths
$7,381,337. For the month of Angesteleno the
amount would be about 91,912,312. -
. ,
A most singular and perfectly ridlculeiss matt got into circulation; in the upper pert a the
Mty, to rho erect that the Chemical, New Yolk,
Merchants', Manhattan, Phecnix, and other bank*,
Were peat etifforinebytho stoma of Prime, Mani
de Co.; and the coneequence has been soromhing
of an excitement, and to some fur► eases a all for
Wo hove aeon neveral of the elneetief Ihnw
banks, and mcertained that mime of theseenumet
mod have not tho responsibilities of rbe house
named, fot a ecut,and thaelume of them are leo.
piloted to my considerable extent,—not vidficient
even, if they ehould he losers, to affoct their wand
It so happens that mum of the city binkii,tsse
a l a rge circulation, or have bran enabled to got
out my oaosiderahle amount or bill*. And sum
If they could, the notes doubly intotte..l, , first, by
the deposit in the handsel the comptiallar, and
:ascend, by tho ulseucy of the 13 nets.
cd,lt would be singular, indeed, if. so Iv* a firm
'bathd go dcwn, involving millions of, money, end
none-shot/hi he carried with it. A genUeman,
however, who has Eon a list of parties that have
purchased the Bills, or who hare mmadeposited
with the Hums, smarm us that he cannot tlismov.
ore namothat cannot stand the lon,iiithiribllibe
compelled to suspend their payments itrcescuus•
queoce of too st mege.--N, Y. Expre.Q.'
Ey the Eastern Magnetic TelegrapA
Gartenpandnoce of the rtmam i ghlitatch
• PRILADYLMIA, Sept, 14, BP. Y.
Flour—Hoilernto 'safes at $3,504,62 per LbL
Sales of Western have been made' at $5,37} per
Cornmeal—Salem at $3,00 per . 141,•, '
Wheat—Ohl Wheat is selling ,
go per ho.
Sales of new . Southern at 105,106 per bet. •
Provisione.,:rhu market Is exasaaircly
with no change in prier*. - •
Tho market generally to quite inactive:
Emlurirc c,,,, , one or Ibo ritloburep Clekiette
. llsitimore, Rcpt: t 4, 4i. sr.
There is no chrongs worthy-of noto in the mar.
hots ; enery thing stands as at former quotation.
tjaito en affray tank piccolo this city to-day in
whichVilliamPerry, a printer mos badly wound.
ed. tin was shot by a man named Knott:
klaLlosive Correspondence of the Potobesch.Gasette
• ... - Sept. 14.5 :x:
Floor— Wa quotosalos GlGencieg at $5,55a5:
81d per bbl. Western at 58.00.
Wheat—Sales of prime White have bren of-
Gated at 112 e per bu.
Corn-48ales of mired may be gaoled at . 65e
per 611. him, Yellow at 70.
Oates— W e quota Sales at 47c per , • '
Rye—Them have been sales effected in . our
market bray at 74e per, bu. , •
Conon—The market remains funs; and without
change as to pries,.
Aroviakma—Wo have no chanie In price or
demand to mention; sales aro merely nominal.
Whiskoy—We quote sales at 27c•pst gallon
Lard—Ar heavyin the market
80,283 40
6,031 28
14,484 58
11,702 05
4,574 44
Cheesa—kr this article a g.
cfixted at fair-priem '
itatter—retaalto ateuti at ro
Commcal--is yelling for s2,+
Cerr•SPO!MS. , "ii
mni,irpoiamee mumage,aasem.
• • RlChrti o l2 ' as• &Pt. 1 .• X • : : •
The Nave Weans papas havi failed to anise
at Petersham, Va. , ..
The Mail Arent inform■ us that th 0413 of be
7th contain no nem from Mexico or the . Army.
aims coNwitanza
5000 :55exlcani 1000 Americans willed
wounded. .
Correspondence of OsFin.botet Gnome
Washington, t3ept..,14. - 0 P. M
Governmect despatches have this moment been
received from the Head.Quarteni of the Army by
the'war Department at Washington, by especial
'Exptcss. •
T The news heretofore ramjet...l in reference to
'tiro movements and Position of Cen.Scott's forces,
is folly confirmed, ! • •
The .Amoriean fut4s,.conaHrtirtg of-7000 men,
met the Mexicans at Carbon; three or four miles
this side of the Capitol.:;
The ankle, were 22,000 Wrong, and elation.
ed behind Immense batteries of heavy artillery.—
' After two hours of a most bloody conflict, our
gallant Weeps mide . aCharge and carried mery
thing at thipoint of the bayonet
The American loss was something less than
1,000 in - killed and woundat—Ddericans 5,000,
amongst wham were:a number of distinguished
Generals; Soldiers end Civilians.
The armistice war agreed upon and 'fire corn.
miarionersappointed . on the part of the Mexicans,
at the bead of whemi was Gen. Herrera.
They had two meetings for the purpose of corn•
eluding peace and were to bare the third on the
Monday then foilowing, 90th of Aug.
Gen. Valencia elicited with two companies to,
Talncgend made a Pronunciamento against Bsuta
Anna and all Peace propaiiiious received from
the U Btat4 [The inference of coarse is that
Santa Anna played falm to Mexico as at Germ
By Breclal.Bxmem, we Imre now, 24 boon in
advance of. the moil, bl tbo N. 0. Pkanuiti of
Bth inst.
!ho Steamer Mary Kingsland arrived at Now
Othoi, on rim 7M, bringing ham data from
Vera Orim
SLa brings accounts of the two victorious bat
.llsi of Conking end earbeteo,—so named from
the field .Works of the enemy.
The -proposition foy . en armistice wu nude
by Scott, summed to hews been at the instenee
of the British Miribter c;( Foreign Affairs at Mos;
' .
(The reports heretofore given that the -city of
Mexico wirs at the ;wrap of our troops,nettoe to
bo unferinand, and diouhl Prate - not foltoii. faun
present nogotianOra, another battle ,nanot ems.
A.kder hem Kt Kendall detail f;ionbato;Aug,
.22;1 states that the Arch Bishop's I!elyYet that
- Fannin, juror occupied bY deulk-oit and e 'peados
of the Amoticen Army,after . defintung the enemy
in two cf tho hatamt fought ' slate thy
pnwent war commence.. I; -
On the 14th a ieueoutte Wok iltseaby CODun
out which =tidied Cou Scott 'that 'a roalor'
extillety conic he cut from Celan to Sou Ayr:*
Gee. Worttes division moral lo that difecticd .
on the 11th ire!, farm/ bi Gam quitviant.
and Twigs,. fly this
. ritarecoent Y new
line of operations was framed on the southern and
western sides of the city Sof Unice, and the
strong works of Pinon and Mealceliestigo, - on
which Santa Anna had bestowed ea mach labor,
woo eantpkiely tamed. ...
On the 16th of Avgatt, Oeccral Worth march.
eil as far es the Hacienda of an a/creole, when
a halt , tau ordered by Gan. Scott, General
Twins bud met alvie fosse of 'this stew at
Cfantral Twins' prociptly the beatieit
gees to anlimber,ewl etlet • few dbwbergwe, the
euetoy wad compelled' ta diopese, 'vita a lose
of six killoJ.
On the 17th of Atignet, Gem, Wonb resttm
ed pie
march, over, bad nab.. By 8 o'clock in
the morning he was in eight of the domes sod
spires of the Coyne?, witheMt! B ?l'
escept that of rock.: istaab hid tiooo round in-
to dui road: and thidikluA which bad been*4og.
This ovidently showed- that Gen.' Scott had
•colon march 1311 Santa Anus. On coaching
this paint a scattering pre Wu opened by the one.
eity—who had a force stationed in an advantageous
poeition. This Ere wu Soon silenced by Colonel
Smith's battalion of wand artillery under cam.
mend of hlsi.filault. ,
. .
. .
Author attack' was ihortly . aftarwaada made,
bat the enemicaplakets oacto iseln driven In with
out low At I ceeteelv on the 18th Gen. Scott
arrived at IdadAuetunine and at 10 o'clock Goa
Worth waidnhillmarett for the. Capital on the
Mid 311 Smith and Truntlatlll, limn,
with enencais and ofStrui, aapportal by Capt.
Blake's tiladren of Drigetuni, proceeded to le•
A masked batter,opened upon the 'enamel.
SCUM 11111 the fiat ball fiam in 18 pound caree
ned° killed Capt. Thornton . .af the and Drs•
goons, beside. severely wounding one of the
Colonel Garland's Brigade was ordered tor:teen.
py a position on the plains Weight of the enemies
battery at Bin Anionle, while Col fitules bilged"
and Denim's battery took their stations close
'There wu then a petty sent ottt.o reeonnnitto
and ascertain the prietietbility of lintiing a road to
Aogelo, 'stenos hold if Banta, Anon. ,with
a ;view to Ito ovelthrow. . . .
. • .
.rho patty hail a byush with the enemy and
tiro or six atidWok as many ptisoitat a, with.
out any kn. on Our pact. - •
'The reault albs elatrdF:f &lion Kord beneficial
A road was conatnieted tharpoint . doatred.
The Mexicans went : distinctly leen in forte
near Browner, and et 'a Council of War, held
that orening, it wee tlehtroductl to make an at
tack On tho folbuing morning.
While tho reconnoitering party were out, Gen.
Worth had csiabliabcd Wired( at tho Paocidiof
Hovers, from the windows of which courtlier'
numbms of the enemy, could ho seen at Work up.
on the hattelles, of San Antonia.
About noon, tho Mixicana - oponed upon the
Hacienda, with both round shot And shell..—
Nearly every shot took ace, hut did no damage
except, to tho.bulldings. ' ,
Late in .rte craning they were again opened
brit were , soon snouted for the- night. Hid the
Oro been condoner!' the Whole Hacienda might
have beertlorn to pieces and our troops destroyed!
in 8 o'clock, the 19th, the battatica were again'
opened on Gm. Worth's pooltion. Giseverti Wes
the dlorharges of artillertthat our troops were
coinpollal to sock a shelter .behind ,the.buUdlngs
but ruccard r ed neve4Olara in;maintalotng that'
The divisjorta of Gen. Tarig go and Pillowiwore
warned to advance, about the diria
lion of Bronteral; Alx;tit 1 o'clock P, Mahe*
worn in full view of tha ormolu battiniiii and
within the rum* of their heavy gone.
The Brigade of CoL . P F Smith was attlerod,lo
advanco directly toward,' the' encode, Rieke—
while, that of Col, itiely,inatthad twit, an*
village to tho 'right for the pupas° of cutting off
each tchiforcernenta as might laa'aint to Vakniii
trot:riffle Oitf. -
A tied:racily° end 4awasutt . Gra was ov a* on.
COL dmit4'a • eattimna !we Oa MAW Were ,
emorged!with tho'*Ws at enemy; driving
'on the Made of their
budinits hu
• [quotations : .
1 •51,G2i ;per bo.
The twelve pounder bilteries of Copt imairsw,
'raid the anointed 'Howitzer batteries ander the
.o =3 l aia il.Pou!" Wender of the ordnance
WpOibetiii , l!ere k pressed Conrad upon qui sae.
lay aid murk expend. . they however
a the enemy with their heavy guns
and soon st! need their battery.
ic P1 ' 4 . 10 =101: awls.
:Liants., Johnson and Callender aro severely,
.-Gemcadwallader.was ordered at 3 o'claehr.
to advance and suppwt Col.
info cements had been discovered on their way
out from the city.
Ge'n. Scarce was ordered at this memo time to
sustain Col Smith. The enemy kept up an M
amma lira (earn their battery:
About 4 ;o'clock Gen Scott arrived, and seeing
the immense force of the enemy, d oneo - ordered
'Gen Shields to advance to the support of Geo-
Riley and Gen Cadwallader,' to prevent if imui.
de a junction al the. forces from' the city with
those in the field. ' •
Valencia,. in coming oat of the City,Uuld see
but few of the movements of our troops, while ev.
ery motion of the enemy could be seen. ',
The order of battle, as drawn up by Video-de,
was most overpeviering. The Infantry was seen
drawn up to support the:battery, whilst a long
line of the enemyVenalri was 'tethered in the
rear, u if waiting the shock of the battle..
Two separate charges of the latter was seen
to be repulsed by Gel. Reily—until night had
fairly closed on their firing: In the evening, the
batteries had not slacked their fire. There had
been a continuous roar for nearly six. hours. •
Gin Scott. reached San Augustine about g
. • • • • •
clock at night. in the robin cf a hard rain.—
Cons Twinge and Pillow came on, at about 11 o'-
clock, completely exhauited. They had not
anticipated the strength of the enemies' works
and thought the batteries could be taken eta dash.
and that our troops could all be comfortably
quartered at San Angel for the night !stead of
this, 048 parttime were compelled to bivectie all
night without blankets, in the midst of a pitiless
Duly on the morning of the cAlth, Gen Worth
was ordered to move forward with a port of hie
division and Garland's brigade to aid in the o f
on Valencia who was strengthening his paition fu
every way poesible.
At 7 o'clock the firing of cannon wee heard and
the rattling of mockery. to a 'hoe time the enemy
could be seen flying towards the city, yet few could
believe that their battens. had been stormed and
carnet!, but each was the fact. Gen Scott himself,
accompanied by Gen. Worth. started for the scene
of action, when they were met by Copt Mason with
the joyful intelligence that Valencia bad been com
pletely routed, alter a terrific straggle. The attack
upon their works was planned by Gee. Smith sod
resulted is the capture or 15 pieces of artilery and
some 1,500 prisoner. Among than was Gene.
Blanch Garcut,slendam and the a etorieus Sess.—,
All their ammunition and camp equippage wasimp.
lured, whilst this road over which tame who escap•
ed fled, wa, strewed. with.mrisketc. .
No des than 100 of the enemy, among whom
were many officer* were left dead on the field,
whine the number wounded was fay greater.--
The works of the contemn are corpletely in the
power of the Mangum.
Gen Scott at once ordered Gem Worth to fall
back on Ilan Antonio, to storm and carry that
work, and then posh forward by the main road.
The main body of thewieny at this limo moved
forward towards Son Angel.
Gen Twiggy had acutely moved a mile beyOnd
the village of Chognau, when, a - heavy fso of
musketry announced that hls di pion was active.
ly engaged with the enemy's outposts, and the
heavy-booming id - cannon gam token that the 2d
'division had atonifte with anther of the Gunny's
strong works. A few minutes, more and a tee.
tendons firing front the right made it evident that
General; Wrath - was p nod, 'acne* - engaged in
the beta and completely tented the ening hold
of the enemy at San AlliClllo, bat terns he was
doing the, the enemy abandoned the place, lea
ther heavy guns and fthingbick on their mond
and stronger lino of works ; Iteras now YO'clork
in the afternoon ad about the commencement of
the bathe; and' Met a ratting of fire inits end
booming of cannon, baieilaciro been heard. This
continued for two hour. when the enemy were
routed end ell, not kilod or: intended, put to night, 1
- , The 'enemy were from 15 to 20,000 strong, and
all fresh troops with -a poen= Of uncommon I
strength. The Amnrians were 6000 string jaded
and broken down by their incessant evertithe toil
and marches, ' - I
'The Mesthana soy that Santo Anna command.
dad in Person, but that he retied tally.: The
.young men of the Capitol from whom et much
was eipeeted newly all fled without firing l a gun.
The - loss on our aide hut fillen most heavily
on the New York and South Carolina volunteers,
on the 6th infantry, and the beneficent of Smile
and Copts Magruder and ,Taylor. • The South
ar a
C 'Regiment was nearly cut to pita.. -
here were ,13 Mexican Generals killed sod
wo r.dcd, end - mote =mitten captured than
Cle Sc ott hos used slow he !mato in the noun.
try _ •. . .. • ...:
ppecidcdth the Officlil Despatch, is the terms
of Commissioners of the two Gavornmiens. •
While negotiations for terms dawn are pa n&
lug. neither- Away la to 1w ireinated; nee build
new dinners, nor go beyond their patent fake
let abet, neither innty am to interfere with met
atter without hating 'LIM hours' notice. 1
Alsj Mills, Ist Minim Vapt Harrison, 'rib In-
Copt Thornton, 24 Drigdocign
ran, 1A , ArtillerM9sPt Qoart& lit ini"2; Capt
Andorran; 2 d indsr . drl: Lint 11COOns, Ist Att.
Attached to Gei• • Vailssolader's tittaft, Lieut.
' , Preston, Johnson, Ist Art; Lieut
try; Lieut Lieolidta an, 16th infantry; ihut Ho&
mon,' lat At. •
Lied Chandler, Now York Reirkrrent, cot 1.
ki Butler, 8 C ; Lloyt David '
Gam,, 8 C.
Col Clack, 6th 19(100 , , slightly; Coy&agap e
bth Infantry. saintly; kiej Wada,Bll screTaly
M,J Brandin"; Oth,hßintry, alightlit Copt Wel
tar, Sib' !thirdly; Copt Phillip Ray, N Y , Id lin:
gra', kit' atm phut OR:
Capt Reynolds,'Sd• Dragoons }tamely. Capt
Craig. 31 Infantry, savinelY: Also, Captaim Ross,.
7th infantryouni J R Smith, 7th infantry, yea se
verely. Also, Capta Chapman and Thompson of
tlirisd rind Captstiolden, Hathaway.of lit infant.
ry 'Uglily, Lt Schuyler Hamilton, Ist Infantry, of
.General Seott's staff. Lt.nollossay, §lth . infantry
stracited to dmltire"irsttalian.: HiCOll . ; 6th in.
5=4 1 7. .• •
Lieut Cadivalidir, of indilianO, but eimtnand;.
.log tioit tiEr Mttery, sevevoly,'Lieut Ii Thai;u3d
'Dragun4 'attached Coltiarismd's, Staff, elightly,
Limn Hendrickson, Gil Infantry, severely. Lt
•Domiton,l4 Infantry battalion attached to Ta y
lor's battery; ' alightl3r.. LIMA • Graham, acting
ivith. — firettingirons, severely!Liai6 Martin ; let
artillery, right army shot alt Lt :F A S'elib,
sthlnfintry,illtached . to eighth. artiTleryr
severely. L. Lugsnivilt; :Adgt. sth infantry,
41ileal, 31 infantry, slightly. Lt. La
.t'W infaritty,
Li Chitndler, Lt
artillery, slightly; Lt Tilden ; 7d Infantry, severely;
Lt NewmanUtklnfantay, Seemly; Lt Gardner, 2.,1
Infantry. slightly; Lt Sprague, :a InfantrYtaligho
ty; Lt Palmer, adjutant,9l Infantry, severely; Lt
Buckner, 6 Latimujr.rdightly;.Ll Cuns,9,Lifat.'
try slightly; Lt Simr.kin, 13th Infantry dithtly
Lt Pommel!, sth Infantry, slightly; Lt Bennet;
15th Infantry,ilightly.
VOLUNTiSILO.—CoI Barnet, severely; Capt
Fairchild, slightly; Capt Brickman, severely; Lt
Swevuoy, soVerely;,Li Jennies, slightly; Lt Molter.
severely; Capt McCab, slightly; LtPonci, severe
ly; Lt Crdfn, slightly; Lt Mathews: Ky, 'slightly;
S C RzeirstasT.—Lt Col Dickson, severely;
Cep* J D Blondwig, slightly; Adjutant Carty,
severely; Lt Bunter; slightly; Capt D 8
,slightly;, Lt. Hollins, severely; Lt B R
'Severely; J W Stole; slightly; J It Davis,. Desan•
choroisbglitly; In Abner, severely.
Zadt . 'i 'mirth !Elwin de Capitol celftnnea--
L mutiny in the N. Carolina Regiment!
Richmond, Sip L 4 I , e .
Letters hem received at New Of -WWI
Inim Tntopipea, lit the email ot. the Nopelleir
titcanWri which left that place on the Slat of
Aue,and arrival at New Ofienea th;Gth inst.
AO Capron haired Iron tho city of hfoxico, at
Tampico, to ibo 30th coofinain the netritreorie.
of of ,Gco. Scott'. artirt# sod rowelling. at the
A Law. pobliabed ) the New Othrans Pica:
ono dated Baena Wahl, ltith 'Aug:, atatc• that
Cob Pirri 3 Of. the. N. CarOlina Regiment had
roaderedhlittaelf obnoxious - to the men under *
Onunfulr'Whit'iiet r e'.dirpoped to molt.: They
threwsloyfAt. tam refused to obey 111.onteii.
capita IrfCII fitini-tint ihots from the rat**
him, wbfle on wade.—yourarrzias.
CorreeyoDdewe~_ D( 11 . 'r+mb.rith Chaotic.
„ . .
. ' ... . : .11asolissier. i .• --,
Musical Fmatoinment . .•
• . • ,
ThiiC.Erening,Sep!. - 15.
Af the endow, when_wilt l.e twoonded n eliO;ce
lion of Songs, Edwina Extnrragenz., inoloduit
the new Ptrze Song..
117Adouttanee 05 cent.
• Fourth: fiight, or 1ir.11. - .11/1111LE.
Poo* /lied of Mr. /NO. DiTNNFoartlt aigh[a(l4/00
• -
Itednuday, September 15tb, 1847,
Will be presented a Drama In eels coifed ' .
The . Tinsels that Triad .
USZilli Putman ' • Mr. Marble..
Adam Conan ." • M. Porter.
Julia ..... ... • • " Kiss Poner.'
bliss ?cut',
AAerthe Dram, 'Miss ANNA MALVINA
•aaddaneo Yu Di Munzor,f ehauul..)
To conclude with the farce of • o' '
THE Devtv TO PLY... • •L
.Tohion " Dian. •
Lady Levewell • ' Salzman;
113"Hoota open at 7, and citOuin Will f1e0,14 114W17.
DEORGABIZAIIDN of the Celebtatal itnt'erightel
bead _
ymnt~tl o ~ of I
E lit MOW, ...111 .11WELS • ,
' and WhlltoElSi
rlio hoe the kitor of anomming to Ote Osit;Only
well aro Of their Idea and ' • ' ' ,
Oa F ri day, Seterday. sal Monday *makes sort- e
On which OCCBlien thRZ will appear la ea maim aMelee
dun aSonp. Motto Tem& Choremes, from theteaut appro
,,g op,,m,aremscd mpressly The.Compaay, _
The insuomental part compriseetwooleta Oar.,
Goiter, Emir Tanaboond &mei urn which the reepecure
performer. awed newhalled,aaderish it understood like& in
ttrtra!tiattd . mtcabits th q
Onnt bandas the
lakes in the eattaimeig tkenoweram
which wine wager bentafao,ia • room than '
anal defy competition.
The grear,portio of this emnpasykeee ionearginieed..
mut' tux rare, and in Wet Owe ham lamakd weer Leo 0..
name mace of
Forty T housand Min . of Territory' '
Their Concerts, in the main IIS. inearhES
_enowded to
suffocation ky - the beioty . keelinmilion of the. maces cllke,
who have bestowed dm WOW ealormes maw Won. .
Tide land ham jos amend from the. Qams My sOb a
Wong resonmeadation to We rammer or the • boa City ,
as crowded homes ead =iambi& gram. latellipat adoa
TM Company OW but Sse the Onte aim specified'
will immediate y start fm' Sadao, Atm, aod New
Took, Coos which place they sill nay* far Ewer:. •
They also take great pitman in rating that Ors thsi rat ,
cable acquisitions bdely made to the Mod they 1114 •
bkd lova the celebrated korable burae co the,
Se owl:Molly .creased by Kelm. Welk sod Beaky, a
DAMN ff. Y.
The entertainments! will moist of them ran— • • '
I st—de the Exquisite or Northern Stqmoritit retrain
3.5-. As the Plaulaticat or Soatbae bakie, ie: • • .
11 - ICardsof .daum..sJ caul md torment enaction
at the doors, Ticket. wilt be kelt far eale Ike pr Marl
r.,==.loasicomit, of • •
tent's i r g r ii=I:OI.7INOSION,Ast.
. .
Vaprosedidated drolly II
?he Gitatest Wender of the lee •
T1133111133310T11 anoTnEss, • ,
SCOTTISH GIANT.. ' , sox ands - Hi 0
Experiments in, Animal • Magnaisn... '
Man Yroprietor of die lgeo leaks= has Orbited An
i t it temeereeut with IAKI.M. and 3LEXAMDFFI3'
knewa es the
' , FAT llOYS,” •
list Dom Semmes Masenat, New Torl4'and ibey ode
appear kir In appropriate geonisheolitosna
nit Evening, Sept.b; 1847. _ •
These boy. are fatly repr.43entke
. sarest wonder
of the day, . . „ .
Chariot &m is art eleven yews of age, and weighs :
273 pounds.
Alexander !seine yaw, and vreasths`32:l
The younger or tbe two Is as excellent subject of
ldavatettems and will be pet thee a elairroyant WNW by
(or any other person skilled balm y oiel
and in this eendinon will tell thetisno by an womb.
describe coth,oranyattleter,blthdlelded,to vestal any
'possible <onetime; • •• • •
The .Fat Bore use vtheamitholed by their 'mother:
• monger brother and sister who are romartable
for th irenesa of person a. the (halts are thr:theireteses
In *anion tie the edema,
• - • A GRAND ,CONCERT, •.
'iritich Bliss Idruee. Mtg. Pail* Slo. ?MINA inA
Mr Recess will Appear:
A dellsenth thre.'!Fal Snyilsed:Cotteert . th the
eine, t 3 emus. • .
To the Coneetideeries th e day , eolith. lee Comm
end other voiresbentus a ustextratkanoWi! smite
MICR pig UkyaIPIANAII2GFL . rG.F..,.
1118 splendid r ev 'an - J a m, etiith•
Ir.( SUR PhILPORMSIM :a/titbit order
their splendid Mks Parelassi, enehaadiostely.
famished fig' the earnfbnahleximeptlen ofd R 1 persona
at Pit= on the IW . /dlit: 1 3 h add}rabt
Indepeedant of. Willis". eelebntted Trent BeerhAist.
company ellll3o Saluted OP their .aribralOtry Mr Yrah:
Iseets Striae 'Boretiplaylng airs from the mostopahrt
In the cremes the parillton Intl he illaminaled hy Re
patent allele Gah Weaned B P Cssion,l6444ealte -
United dimes Neey Department, Wasldegmar ltleas
entirely INI• method, Bring■superior boa hee lama
eft seuserar eilthreita tee Bolt of all other totem" and
carting a beat semeely lees brilhant thrui the meads,
Occult=legible company will be had .16 , JO c.s•
costhoter, who will ride his each admired sewer the
lireniess Buoy, the Thum Sartre- of Slim, and
.ths beßollfel episode of the "prim ear his WM wing; on
R 3. and 4 horses.
Agatutr /sruse 'Hemet the great Amu Pumas
Equrramsoorbese admirabktpetionallons.en a mode
larne,charm and delight all who behold bardastifylng
public opinion Mavranding le bee the lughnosthe. aka
ha s so recersafally held midst a lost of nvaLstars.
CLOWN—DOA RUA the `mirth.promMiag Du; wham
briene IF:trr and FUN, sustained by no rudeness and
solurity, places him hr beyond the reach of itediesim
Mr Homo Nidalat, the PAL= of iting2damms.
Tie Rims Prondroehmtestuds° of talent is catboat
ape/WM/in the weed Chew/Rea, the mos/finished
artist in Ws arrangement and eiceudon of letfts "and
gmanatnie ;roue. Preferfekßfcrn ere=l
of Femme sex that eansorylrito Otter:welly, and
Hires (theinirattable.lartll perks:anis melon. single
horse,. performed before the President and fleualonl
of the United &atm, and by all present declared the
rout perfcet =km of guar el/dram the world reef
Amu Ifer.R.whe cored uLbe thre 1111 rir
thrg,lllld execatlag the Most ddcalt foal baelmmuda
on a sirsee berw _ - '
AVlsaa atm will ma I.l!gae elude amend R - 31.14
4 horseagormleg a pyraud Aye persona,whom he
'will bear above In heroes at Itghthfugutpd..
rideTst?"‘Tedi th e
" ll= n... "" r d e L e t e l g zu
Bann de diable; and hts Golden Peletres,de. Ile
wetalso bring forward boa mu trondetfal fieN whose
ith equatin the Ann.
Mr W Hoisenk the flpantU &rale r, an great
great repreaentiuretif the Ited Manor th e Form, -
Mr Mos Fister,who rides •nreat draramk. seersit,nati
a Greed granary ect; entitled HONOR TO OUR rig.
ROLA or, Xi for ow Onustry, la which by the Md.(
covet coname, he will represent the Oder Patriarch
praying forturturatry,OßN ZACK TAYLOR, at Mom
tent, tluss P nsr aTaalree volume Berturdansto
the anumandcrof Meru° unclean," enththe Puma
or Futoma.bearlng thensmorabkresehret—Aecteend
Taylor. uner sarreaderao.
ifans Reimer, of the 'Chloe 411yespimmaY will imam
dace the *rabbit' Dancing mere r 'eutithewhosts bun.
tied dances far tapes =rhino( the kind ewer yet
brought banre the pabh.. Alathe mule poniet,RM
moo eed jalletorithby their condo dituter seues,hsaps
and emunerleaps, prove their instiactme beat for dml-
Rry•Parents eini guardians May with eon6dence bring
them fanaltes, to ander the watchful came( the pop°•
mar, nothing approaching a shade of vattglnly tan hen
lie way among the Urdu mpresentadons of the Mee.
The afternoon lad evening petfortprices entizr.
Doan open at 7 o'clock t perllmairicii fir c 0 cotC
at 7i o'clock,
. Mon4ay there will he iftensioti Neon:lace:
'Doors open 'at Iheolock;camoteatelog aft{ o'clock -
Deases 44474 mad 4! Medium and
LP good Linen and Table Dowers; also, one case 8 4 .
bleached Linen Damask, Orcruboatnifill article, Jest
opened and brute by " "•
• •pit.s' ! 88ACIEL : L
calved tom LA, 1 4. p 1 .11 . 11 t
v i llr l o . r quality at the Seel Atom dmer Woodlat
Ia ' SObbd.N o,Ssgsn . . _. r .
DO bbl . Mamma Is store: &iSala
, .
inns .'. •' . 411• Mose &ID Groot sto
It cradled anipiiikeiedi:
. bx. Dlt biro for sato kr . •
uu rcaisori cci
rplW Agents a lk.Loull !Mier itnfin • .
FLOWERS PERSONIFTEDNoIf of tbb. beastibil
workjast received and tbr sale by - • - , '
FOURRIERISX-4oya . lir views ;Wine - 'doctrine of
V Chula Fourrier, by parka Goodwin; for ale by
rAINTED-19,000 be Wheas, fix srbisk the bler ,
cal market puce bseasb, will berm! by, .
tl a. NY HA RHAUI6/1, 33 wood at
Clibilifik7-Tabss W s n.ding; wrabby
srtlS - to
•50 kf elms fins rovreherig Teat ..
,„„ . I° ” nl"94"P "}7, T t e arflirt fairTlib!
0 bblo ianstero to fine — ri,.7.
_ BADALET sarrit
- -
, WM II scum r,
.2 , ...ptis Gni ikrreat owlet /...a•
giLICTIAS-01: every.eolor. grade, end quilitf;
eery lemesteekjaintopene.:;lo( sale by
LF7tpris --S ! co p «e Oat.
(1TT03 2 -IEO belosia shire; Mr sale tif •
spilS ' - L HUTCIUSON k•Cli
,Hstrs — "'" 4 .
ti r rAnptcapn—B, 4 blltt.p6
eIIEESS-60bziW Rro..ue by • ,
spit - F.' VON BON NHORIrr k. CO
ALEILATIIIir-lieskiin sale %I
v v
vita F VON VONNigilta i 63
.1• : •‘: , 11)e :r i. o
b apr , ;!iG%zggEi3r.
TACE•ISIIVPAID--A. rcalums -
Ahr Lirvalt,Esq. For sate t . at .
rr, Arthrt 'al .T 1
`VCILAINV:ISCObu Yawned skim for see by
.!'fl .. :. 4 ._ 01-k46saitfi,
•,` Inr.filika D. Damtri.,,Asietleavar'
. Eddye nook at Mama. •
ON Wedrairtlay Droning the 151 E iaat-, at 15 ceelriek,
al dm Commerviat:Ertlaa:&4oo4K4Fr.of
F,1% ru ;min be aold ter eCeeitrit-IVWM sway
Cu,, for euh par leads, 14 wham-1i coek is the Compo.
or • uoeth36 .a...leidge Oyer 'Ult - Alleekelly . .rmer.
•ON Thursday admit:it; Ow Inch' kit, at 10 o'cleek, •
the Commercial Saks Hoom,Contor Vetaad and Fifth
lama ammo:eat of:Caney and Maple . Iffy Gamin
aromas which aro olothromennoreromnaanatdanne- 1. .
hirmandAnd anbleachod met ins, calicoes in great ca.. •
nrd7l efamWid anawlA Maa ham, prahrehae,Acm- •
of canons deaeriptionscite. — '
Ath !:Onneh, r. Pg.
An catonalMtassortatent of new awl neond gaud
inuehold farannts, compering. mahogrry_banwkal
en came; recto*: chairs, fancy aid : comma • 'chnirat,
b c „ip.ada, work made, a day : mild hoar cloaks . car-
twtharr, feather bode, beddin g, mattraT,l,. Mahogany
phao, nehcafand ,lC
lore,wookhecartewids„ macs; fher , ..
quantity of groceries, dasetime - rare', glawarare, lard.
fro. &howls, mambas mid' braes, wrapping ImPerr'
Att 4 7 131 .;0 1 4P , L , • "
w lugs ennecitiii of inlnable Docks in ril the . vari
deparunenu Literature nod reictina. • .Biptlt
septaiber 1!1.F.4 . ).*:vai?, fir •
Junes Bachaljai—Coit •of the:lffar—Dal•
ly P otde of E.
Pittonl-Whig miogaie foi:dina.Oomowoir'
tottei•frop ,Ilpityclayr-Tba Vice Preoklent—
Trotplet,. onong - *:,rf.eio;:cOici;Ocii Me::
loon ; liolateat tia '
tEvento—Froci'Valltualcolini •
_zincturcs -.lXylnityltunlifad—Tbe ctiten DC ;
SpahrCoppitiniffiliciOro—Tlin Rtipootail!".
ty,ticoremment Financco--Tho
Welcome to George M. Dalla,-.11,,Tha. and
liii:Bpeeeh=Bi Monier Cuo.-Sollotikrn:
Lois!' Recalninichca-' -Themes Tionbto In. they'
Cantp—RaW.Road Tratelltat.-4 !lard Pate-
Baettiasit lail Slave44.llaniaseeaatiacti
Latest Telegraphic yaws, romps and Domestic.
Commercial—A. direfully complied Review c
the Marke' ler the iniat'areth=Tbe pried in Una •
lOW city malteto-iTheCattlit Market—The priced
en' American Traduce in micro, putt of the Voids
—Amount of. blear, IVbeati Corn do., received
since thdoposhig df therfanat—Caeal badness and
movements ofprodudr--Mattuitin Lantana: •
• City Nans—hpititol thePreirii•••Coplatts &tracts
Roos theleading joarnali ea en intentating topics
of tbe day. '
• nasals at the disk siaakt.itt ,
Pelee 6 tootssiiiile copy.
Sobseilptioaa two.dollan • you izi• same&
• - lITJ. liAtsow, the liabfl theta the•Fiasaux Ga•
asrra, la'Vemaga °dandy la OlEtt.ty, and aril
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