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, Tti•Wasktypitail %wkly.—The DakY Onva
par drogiw illerti,W.....ldy is Five Munk pee .
smooM Wifialal TV! Dollar* pee upon mai,
__SX/PEX OLIITILILL 1101111111 T -11111.
'JOHN 0 11.011 2 1&DamhIn.Onirl.. ,
4=11111 4 6iy;••/.1"
DANIEL. N 10111M „ Adams. -
JOHN P WEXLER! Phlladelphla iy
PUMAS IiteGILATH, PlUadelphln Calmly. •
DILLER Ll7llllBit, Decks. ,
wager m BAM 4 lOlll K''' •
7110111ASIIP NAB. W 1 .4" , 1 1011 . •
I LF., flosenet. •. •
HARMAN DEN OG NY, Allegheny.
IICHAJID 111W111;Venangn.' ,
.10611Pli XURNB,Weinnerelienl.
t i lt i rlA ki Nrlll. lbl %.ll . 4ollleptan.; 1 •
B BALIIIOIOI_,Y Basoplehanna.
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irbt LaTIBT CaMortna haelLsgenee Mattalt Un
kali." rig " /* Wm.' &el K 1
"Adieriimitents eiliwded oat Ibis
:WMA Caadkjete for Canal Conim issiancr and
Bankiupt Law
. •
Sept. 9,1847.
lh Lie &Mar Of the Pain. Telegloph..-
&a-4 haveisarned .that Jos. W. Patton is
&stud by same of his political' opponontrwith
deframilng his creditors by means Of the Bank
. rapt Law. Balloting the charge to unfound..
ed acid =jut, and hating an Intimate knowledgo
of the rimed he; pecuniary diffirtitica, I have
thoegittitoper, u as act of justice to Mr Patton
to make the Wowing statement:
In 11131, I outed - ons third of an Iron "dab.
Illshneent In Cumberland county, at which Mi.
Pattooltad managed the year preceding. Mr.
although Wird, without capital, was in.
dated by the, sedicitaaloni..and liberal offers of
Ma m a front thaowner of the other two thirds,
cd the property, (who was anxious to have his
- unites in thiemanagement `of, the concern,) to:
PMthamlbllteemetfor fi23,lso;beildusueoieg.
tarty ray Mrs of the debts than .owing by the;
'lwelacern. Sometime slier makiiiithe perchatel, het
dieoursHilhat the ewer was very much 'ovule. -
in_Poi?gmbiT &Smith; mei, that it
. woukt•
moot arey:Mvolvo himself. and prevent Mtn from
WWI for dwJeoPortY. He exploited aMA to
will oat, tan did not scuouted in getting a purcba.
nor. Lathed him to go on and do the beat he
mold. • The next year his partner failed, 'ma
from that tbra Mr. Patton carried on the works
Waren ender rimy difficulties ind embarrass.
mute until this fall of 1835, when he hiled. I
then dated to him that if he scald pay tae
lance of about WO, of unpaid Wrest, I would
take be* the real property and *Medea him en.'
Mealy which he was then not able to do.
He geld while be held the property, the yearly
„ intammon the pardon amen (excepting the
;BM) 1t2,760 on occounref the:prizw.ipal,•
portion of the debt due by the concern when he
. waned. - lite permal property was-sold-far.the bandit of other mallow and the real erat4
. was taught by Me at Shemin sale for about
tioanthousim d dolkes lese . throi he was la piry .
onion M. In lellffite pad out Me Lakrux of
dideref doe at tie limeade faked, and I then told
him I would give him a rakese at any time' he
midis& it impure that as the' judgeteckeirre
stalumethdet he thought It uoptemi terogtUU
the - amount of twelve thou and dollars in ids
shtkeret of Sabi&ties" . ,nlMieugh I sow' intro
; akieeking ill* a payd. Mr. Patton watryceuig
end arergetio, he end easily beta embrace au op.
• Oaended Boxed. it,•ef
: . ~ • t•• I iiduiredotAtv:lLtllr-
L , .
„ , .. 4i , , ,,,,,, 1. .....
, 4 N.” '' il
.., 144,:a.51:.14;:i.:;;: ! :
1 _,,:001,1,014::::,
: .k i:44"i f4, .4 , i,j;• :: : ' "!,..;..: 11*4.. 7 . t:,...•
71: S id!t 4 i :' ..t: : : :,
• # 4 ... t• ' .. ,: 1 1. 4'' '. .
•.,', : .... ' • ::; . 14:..:: - Zfri.,..a . :•!
i ' . I.4 l : ? . ? • lb 'i ah - '
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10AVIft , fli '
14 Tiq,Af t -k
c..., ..',....ingt:
, i tQ 7 - egg
Lyo4, - .Ts
-, V 'll , X#N•Nci: , ..:l•7 ,
it...4',M /00.2,I:.
.c,i!',t5*., , i4.-.. t ," .4 .
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, ;,.•
% 1 •,:i;tfiLi.t.t.,,,„.T.:ii
i r
, i..?4;t;s:L..„';'A ,
ti.' .11k=
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...,.,it., . 4 ,,,,,,,,,...
i. --,..,...
‘• --.-•!: •••:•i. , ••,,=,:
:,..,it:•;•,:.1, 1 1g . - ; - A. ,, -7,,
gro-j'e7 • - -
'."•••:: :r• -, , '5r,, , 747 , ,, :i
-,- it, ..... • : -4.:-. - 0 , :!.,::4.,
y71,•3' :':• . ;. r . ;!..' - l'- ' :' • • -• ;•'%fi .4 '
• '2 4'. : :: ' :•;% - jelZ -- , -, 7 '. .k
h! : . :'-:•:•': - '2 , 1 •;.,.-
1: 1....-7."--:; . ;',I4.•••1"
4:: P:' , ::: ''••••1 3 •;f
il'' .::::•'`:::::-,-:
:,; '::.-••
tnioconce44. , . Patton ante
to Use with
loss upwards 3waaijyamaa aga, a ymog man,
and rata tae In ambit on 'my Iron works,
taiMost st 4 limning for Nevenal years. 1 can
r otate makpkilstars the LI tarsi had in my ern.
Armed a on toilksarsoas now bat:alphas.
- -•-• • • my testimony as to his
isdatitalbasitiety,intarsly. and quahjfeations
Ar hum"' at..IIALD.EMAN.
~~ = ; ':.
'~~ _
, k •
/ •
": 7 74 1.,44 rY`
- . .;:.-7,1•1•• , !•:".;F • '
..01111: , -.1.X.XXIII VIE
:„.4011PAVAT " .41=1 1 0NEEt;
. SAPS' lin .."•TTOX. -
i .alesintolat
, bea
GEORGE DA of Allegheny Qty.
LYW t 6 b. L tnia l iq.or wuks.ip.
IIaJtAIIeat m VAKTZwELDY.2, routough.
ihlff ova tower ntstrane.
• . BAXTER; u of Qnstotryt.
_ los omen onnottoonto.
' 74lplIAAn PESUCINS, of laintspt. ask Ty;
• Ingatal CIATIML, of Tamales Tp.
tin6lli Pays fee Ilimeallaskeolui Iswr.
Ms Ito ettfify that when 'Joda W. Patton
ktme.liebkt for him to the =MS of about
two theniend &Uwe, from whieh - I wu relieved,
by tbe ade: of ; hii - personal property, with the.
, of: about - sixty dothno which he
afire- and, although differing
liE nw po s i i iracrinious With M. Pet" I non.
alder it doe Oita to my that Ibis coculact to.
wards RIO wan 14itti honnersbk.
v ( m. moon.
. - .
ltru.umereur; Sept 0. 1847.
Wiens Aral W. Patton failed In business he
inn indebted lo the linvi of J. D. Paxton dc Co.
gad alma kthared doliaret_ He made several
=l l s on siceaunt, amounting to about nine
• dams, and Inning a balsam unpaid
d two Wand dollanOrnovring that the =am
'arpitying Ids - debts Was to be Acquired by his
llama siniiiont, I think he merits TRAM for
miss hi has
one, rata than Cum= because
ya liss not been able tally
,ADexs Courzy, Sept. 7, 1847.
• This is to eartifivbet when Joseph W Patton
ABM bi buaLeen, he was debt far hauling
wawLitist be made mama, letabewent time,
oaeeeaao,bot befixe ao,l sinA:o he took the
beedt-of the Beeiropt Law, until the whole
liburressamte, Bop& 4. 1847 - 1
► The is to isertifj that when Joseph W. Patton
film! lc buboes, tvs ins imply to
' "Thaksitme then be has made ma frequent pay
' Amete.sesseeding altogether to abet:aft/ken hum.
sleediellers.Ons at two payments went med.:moon
ofierbs modied the benefit arch. Ilaihrupt Lew.
Belo gill otosiderably In me debt.' .1 bore al
ewe bad osolidame io Mr Pattm's disposition
Iktribb debts wbenever be would be able !tido
so, sod els confidence halt been strengthened by
ide fret alio imakb4 psymenti whda nothing
. gotogmhbi 'dor 19 # so, bui lii! Eaten kings and
Miogoty; • . PAUL MARTIN.
~" - flatersanono, Sept 4, 1847.
. _ - 7111, Lilo oettlfy that Joseph W . Patton wea
Wboartikaty dollars to my debt when he felled in ,
bwieser: Thal about 2 or 3 year's ilter, when I woo
,=•lel by heti • health tram attending to my
: - 1 nal my amount against. him to - •
T ied, ta whom. he paid the full amount. Al.
rm. Mains from Mr Patton in toy politick!
I deem k due toldni 'to thus certify to
Iminalsbk =dud Jouxuck me. . - .
. . ,
' Burrassouna4aMt 4,1847..
Tide is to estify thetvelsen Joseph W. Patton
emaind the - -bandit of • the Bankrupt Law, be
rowed ate fidi • doilant. That lad then be rode
. Mia,sevend payments until tie whole (with thi
somptiola et. am dollar) haa bats paid,the.lot
.r dbetas made cm the tat Yeblituy, 1846.
~ ta that :I hid - . been offered kelp dollars
' fog my dela but refused . it. b6lie.iOG initbe ban.
, we mad homey elf Mr. Pitted. and that be would
yhtiolvew Bins his power. I Bove not
&grimed. I hem generally voted with
-the Dessoccatio party. /pHs BUTTS
•;- • ..- Ifrwr Airy Pinumi,Bept 4,184 T.
li. do cortif' y thit wham Joseph . W Patton ie.
whoa Mx latmellt of the Baakmpt Law . he wu
lin my AAA Dr Oiling wood; That
it* *el has Made ma thitipayments oa ae,
maid, Mil I ti coxAdmea that - Mr P: will Pay
lig dmr. wheorrar he may be able M do so.
, - Yawata= Couray.fiapt 4, '
Thhili to cen/Y that final Joseph W Num
//nodend distant& or the soobopt Law he hai
pa( oll'!4kal blamed roe, and I esly &Ma
roa to pay we more .booster be;
• • r 11147..
+L'..lithiOjaijajatiO that whoa hoof& W
ibe IlizacraSTior
1111004 ID Tbst thwibeatittirs
&am geolms.-
bs NB loss mother p Mold itaar.
= dilabsar
~.loss being paid,
g AMA MO Nall" . ta
igapot tbe kat aitavi!peldai
46 Pitithicharticiefc‘ 30 4iPit,*/ .61 * .
:. ,_nra
pra ... rty woodtreated as a cliuM, — wpowsix'
celltrcit, air Jima& or clinaii Inin wis rude
the mind of otromen. But for some resew the
cherecier r of Mr. Patton has' been particularly as.
perned;and that without the leut respect for the
good name of an tuadhuuffing citing', and,without
the lent regard foithe'nexads c.l truth;::'
Mr .: Piston bra bean walled as teMtgaidnutte.
pm of the BobnrOpt Law to psi hie, iidebleaftem,'
sakwith defranag his media= oat of their hot.
est- dies. If all this rre,lnte. It would. emit ,
with in ill rine foils Low Few patty to it
bob. him, since without the influence la vOiii
Of naszibers dike derninant party it coirld weer
bareWM. a law. ':Ne. , awa man In the Union
Wanted se Strong an hrtiotone in favor of ihe law
as gni pew: It Sperctery of the Treason 4 wiuh.
legion, end time hive bessa more eager to take ad.i
vantage of the operatioos of the let. Shall 'hail
who coms,for thee/unit pattY purpasse, seek ititake I
adivulrngs or e'. "very hos fn the `enactment of
whielt they were= instrumental,
.ventore to an
mica: one who has shawn himself =pular to the
law,inannuch es he bu paid; or is paying every' '
della l• he owed prior to the =titmice of the eat:
:-• . 'like above facta Flask so clearly foe thernielves,l
and give io broad, complete and unanswerable, a
`denial to. the asperiloas Of the anomie, of Mr.
Panda, that
. we need add but little tit= honorable
tan snider:ma of runty virtue. What mon atom '
all the unfortunate in business his done as wallas
Mr. Patton by his creditorsl And how few have
'dune beital Is it yeti, sir, whahave held him up to ,
14610 reprobation for his tnisfertune you who
herd slandered him as doing that of which your-'
sell end year put,. triends have been guilty' ''
iWo take sincere pleasure in vindicating Mr;l
Patton from the alandercre which base' assaillid l
h in, and all the snore uwe have giyin each ono. ,
whelming evidence of his honesty of purpose and I
The first milkman who rivet hie willing teiti. , l
mony as to the eindustry, scibriety,tetegrity and i
In:ditto:atoms far isaines." of Mr. Patton, is Is. i
b 4aldentin, i 'pattern= of the dominant 1
Fist', woll knownthroughout the State, and ber
g a son who is the candidate of the Low Fame
f. the Sato' Legislature. Mr. Haldeman's own I
of what *was duo to a political opponent, so l
arnefully aspersed by his own party, bus prompt. ,
him to the statemcot which appears above.—
.0 er opponent', governed by a reuse of honor,
3 ,
h o also watributed their testimony to the good
duet, of tho Canal Commissioner, and no man,
It ever pure, elevated or esteemed, ever received
a ore satisfeWny evidence that. his conduct had
n all that because 0 man, a citizen and • friend.
We commend his example, backed by testimony
of fitness foi public office, never excelled by any
man called to a responsible station. It would he
s t ur u idection upon Pennsylvania herself to suppose
such a man could be beaten,
The Harriaburgtt Telegraph,. from which we
y the above letters, introduces them with the
f. 4 owing remarks: • • ' .
Vex base received a statement of the return of
,14 labilltics of Mr. Piano, together. With the
',Mount paid by him since, and the amount now
do, whrth we annex: . - ' -
Idabllities returned
Daunt Mr. liablonuat's claim 1,100.....: ,
1 o since paid aod-
In tsustfor which he finds him.
, elf not liable - 0300 '.
It ron in his return since discover.
Leaving hi. own liabilities
Paul Wane, (of whicti certifirates
- i show upwards of $3,000)
Bounce still unpaid. 319
Now we ask if them is any man who ime been
b+krupt at any time of hie life, who can show a
cleaner sheet than Me With these lade stoning
Win in the face is them any moo whe duo cbazie
Jescph W. Potion with owing twenty thoussad
ditlars, °twill, being • dishentst man? We in.
siUt 'Otto real the following certificates. and - asy
wuether Mr. Patton Is not a greatly persecuted
We should haws mentioned in the statednnt
above, that when rift.Titroit Went into bsuktupt :
ei he showed knees to the amount of $8,909-
• adnarned by dint of some , spplication
cis.7, had the iiz - ,;,1)
I to 11344 which oesvouted him tram making
ey snd paying off mach 'of his indebtedness.
his M p r ri P'4
te " a bos bef mw b rie . p c Zint i hoe being
dyne rebtrantli; but we are mistaken if the .to.
tea of Pennsylvania do dot administer a severe
n bake to the authors sea abettors of each pm.
1 ''Ccutkm
After a vitt of two years to the Contiocat of
Europe and soma months to. the city of .Naples,
hapzoved in health, manners, and knowledge of
the world, Mr. Wm. H. Polk returns home—and
ftr what! The Philadelphia Spirit of the Times
Nuggets a reason: beams it was inspossibk to .
Ere in Brave onJhe salary attacked to Ike rah.
den of Nopke. Thia M the &wiped reason of a
broadly newspaper—an organ of his party, and •
eulogist of himself. 1 ' .
The Colon would have eta believe that Ms
Petra brother la n edtbe Ariny for the sake of Pa- 1
trothro, bat would he have gone without a Ma.
We Catumition, rind as it right to give that
seez e
Commission to had seen no service? -
IT4 Wn Wyoming County have nowt.
n Junin Edwards and Mast Comedy as
llt h ßepecientatives of the - Wyoming Ind Sus.
q rums District. Rcaolations were adopted
commendatory of the Whig candidate" and in fa..
Tor of General 13Cott for the Pretdoney. The for
was adopted: . - (
Roared, That in'tbe magnarjrnotte itlPPoti et
General Markle by General Irvin, andlif,Geno-al
kiln by--Mr. Cooper, we hail this spirit of bus
rFtriots, and that, in 1850, James Cooper's pra,
e t position will not be forgotten.
laCiu.'s ou'reirillseenro 709 i Farsamel"—
, Trouble is brewing (aye the 'Notches Courier) I
-:=,ticob Thompson in his CIDILIII for Can
aliz:lion. Several of the democratic
Pil_, pets of the district , which lately had his Dame
laying at the head of Its column", has herded it
down and salatittifed that. of Rolitt Jossilyn.
1,14 r. Josselyri went to the warlabd served out a
c•mpaign. Thompson stood afar 4 sad in his
scat in_Congrers proposed stiJ sotd a cloture to
General Taylor. . ) 1
The Perinsghxmion lemurs the its Loco Paco
friends in Beaver county, are sive:king like-Ben
in/a.' We are glad to bear this.i for should the '
election day storm be repeated, the 'delicate gen
tleznen'will douldiess 'take to the ' hater!'
I It is believed by some, that the icason why the
p writes carried a member of Congress in Rhode
Wand, was becartee_Mr. Polk did .
not go there
ihen on his late tour. . , .
nem:lL—Do Monday morning, Willican Mal
in, sentenced to tho Western Penitentiary for
puieny in Armstrong cortniy, weir discharged by'
lesion of a Psalm from Patch IL Shook, Gov.
WIWI of the j3lata. We are informed that
lints for which the convict - ass I:deuced would
MoonhaNe csphed. Pardon trou t the Executive
restores the convict-to fniPcitherithip, and votes
1411, soon hist to beCallt for etihf.msgistracy of
Comatomnialth. Of courselift Mullin will
remember Mr Shea on the da'y! of the election.
The Pcm seamed to disttuat tis whim me said
Ittmtbreadatultt had Cahn one.halt, he r o - is ad&
.. . . .
Atonal madams of the at :. -i,
1 The bialacat prim at which beat American Etna
lima been sold in London this year, was 54ii per
'barrelwhich is atmnt-100 per cent . above what It
I ,I__
was last year: ' At the hu.. w,..tLilitt war abOut
Toe Moreno Tossoure.,The novices
of ital wonderful 11101111 bevel etleiiitli been rail.
ed rectisitko for the purr:Uwe of the prem.
The second' edition' of the Msneluster Times of
fistanlsy lug contalu t report Of a public meet.
ins 'applied by the shore unismr, end this, we are
informed by the proprietor', is the first dmit that
the electric telegraph hes hews' wads gullible for
melt pugKlW—Loguks Atheneum, Aug flit.
la tide earnitu, the Telegrsph . hos been used
for snore the two jean, ee a :aegis of aorartitutl
wing intelligeru?s faiths Prees: Yet, until with.
Ili a few waist; put, no au whatever. has been
made of It by the rinegsh Yre a or People!
. _
bp! biat pOrtial mturno Vow
- thitinide; -Tlie vas ew . b•lnnr:listnellot
Mig yap:, ma doiAbolltiorilsto, me
aged. the elsettow of a ;number' of Loco Foes
ussbeni. As-fir.o heini from, hareem, Mom
Le noliang to tist VonnOot lc' anything
Oki! thou s Whiff Maki, ' _ • .
- ifeleanithat Mr. S. V. litaaarce, has retired
from the management of the affairs of the film of
Mad& dr, Torino, of the &athwart Fonoihr, '
with a clew to devote his time to the Pinittsylmo,'
nia gamed Company, of which be le President.
Ail. who are Nam/dated With Mr. Xenia's,
name, and the great and prosperous menufseturing
establishment, over which he has ea long presided I
will, ripprrociate this as en act of determined devo
tion to the Lamest' of the.Pennsylvanis Railroad
Company, for the site of which,-Mr. M. is will
ing to make sogroata personal secrifice; andel! will
View It es en evidence of the somas that most
await an enterprise, urged forward by energies . on
resolute and spirits on devotaL—North Amer.
Tai,ieCelpte of the Ilthea dc Schenectady Ran*
road for the month of. August, from all sountee
are upwards $BO,OOO. - The whole eaminp of
thisroad last year were $428,395,08. They will
tarn this amount this year In the months of dune,
July; August, September, October and November
—leaving nest six months es a surplus over Wt
year's business,- during which time they will re.
cobra $200,000. unit e s their fare is reduced by the
The annual report of the Boston aid Maine
Railway co. stales that the receipts condone to in.
Tomo hugely. and that the prospects for the future
am very encouraging. The increase for the hat
three mends Is over Ally per cent. ss compared
with the same three'roonths of last year.
.A . naxer Iturzu.—The fit. Y.COUTI.
CT ghee the followieg particulars of a ease which
is excite notate attention:
Some weeks since the Mayex twelve& o letter
. from &respectable physician bit:lunge county, in
fointiog him of the condition of a young-female,
* patient under hilehafge. whoa constitution was
entirely ruined by her , connection With Mrs. Ree
tell, and he requested that- bigotries might beih.
enittitod. The Mayor accordingly, after consulting
with the Chlarof Police, despatched officer Bow
yer to Orange County, where he had an Interview
with the unfortnctata girl,. whosnatory 'bora the
attire impression of truth. The girl cot:mating;
eke was brought to.tbiri.titY,.end'ho been kept
'metal at the expense of the city Until the meet.
Matti' the Grand Jury on MOnday. '.Ttoi 'District
Attorney, who meanwhile had - prepared. the pa
pert, laid them before that body, and the result was
the prompt finding of throe billx,mut against Mrs.
'Bested, for manslaughter .in the second degree,
one spinet the ecdacer of the unfortunate girl, a
wealthy than dee:neer ln Orange County; veto sent
her to hies. fiesas, and one against his arrant,
who accompanied the girl to the den. The two
latter are not arrested, but as Bowyer is aft&l ihe
principal, we Ellifi be enabled to Mll2lO him to.
morrow. As iron as the bill was found, a bench
warrant was bawd for the arrest of Mrs. &which .
was given to Itoorecr, who served it as the accu
sed wu alighting 'Outlier Clllliige, in which she
had been taking her morning ride. She was taken
to. the Tombs, when bail woo demanded in Alia
som of $lO,OOO, failing to procure which, ehs _ is
still in custody.
Mrs. Rubin has a notorious reputation for het
skill in preventing the birth of those whose Gela
tine:o would - be the fruits of an illegitimate con
nection. She ii a hold, bad woman, and ono who
has hitherto - gono unwhipt of justice in conic•
pence of the depth of her parse, and the superi
or ability of her counsel.
- -
Bari, dic.—A message came to the Commie.
eioner of
.the Alms House, stating that theleaden
water pipes of Bellevue bad exploded, end the
tech rooms were becoming ,deluged with water.
A plumber wee inishediately - aent bp to repair the
damage, when it was discovered that the pipes in
question had not bursted, but bad been gnawed
of by the paupor rats of the Institution. We have
seen a epoch:ova ,fif the pipe, which is more than
a quitter of an inch to thickness. and it la really
amine to seethe cunning displsyed by the rats of
New York.—Express.
• Pittsburgh can'best the New York rats name'
physically, skilifally, and altogether, and
yet we lire told them were no rota here.until civi
-1 fixation c ome in the elope of steamboats.
Mr. duns Auu, of the firm of Owen. and
hull, a gentleman known here and at the Eut,
was murdered and robbed by a band of Meeir
cans at chihushus, en the morning of the .
of Junei The culprits stole $5,000, but were
afterwards tarestid and put in jail. There is no
hope of their punishment, however, every thing
being In the greabrat cenfinicm. • Mr. Ault w ee
highly esteemed by. all who knew him, and his
death has been the subject of deep regret. Vol.
Owens-died at Banta Fe, net long duce, In a re.
neontre with the a
hierth*... '
, .
been mended, and /10 donits so inwllerant as
theme who havejast tamed Saints." . -
So says Laren, and to this truth - we !nay at•
tribute the zeal, of Mr. Dill. and Mdlinchan
an, for IThealrarel they once denounced. Mr Hu
chap= has suddenly fallen in love.with Slivery
and Democracy, and Mr. Dallas io love with free
tusk, and i out of love tarith the Bank of the Unit
ed States—which he once woishlpped u same;
thing more than the mammon of narightenumeas
. .
Wasuratrvou, Sept. 13, 11347.
A letter, from one of the highest, eouroci in
Berlin, with I have just read indicate. .pretty
plainly that there will be, no treaty between the
United Stites and the &liverein. As a wawa,
it is std ei that Prussia and the &therein obtain
from the anal States all theywieb without a tem.
ty, and are notdispoiod to enter upon entangling
commercial alliances which ma; tie
..e their hinds in
"mother q arter.—Pub. ledge?, •
t irt
. ..
Cazusar., Pe., Sept. 7,.1847.
The Co .
tuts this day ponied sentence on the
defendant, convicted of participation in the late
riots in this place. . .
One was sentenced to ten day's imprisonment
in the county jelL Another to six months' in v.
prisonnnit, and eleven to three years in the &tit
an Penitentiary..
Sews Items.
Bocrensar o, Taxsu—Col Davenport has
written a letter to Lient Weld, at the mouth of
the Rid Orande, declaring that the left bank of that
river is the botualary line chimed by Taxa., and
ttud. &Aim most be collected from vends engaged
it tho transportation of goods from the mouth of
the river to pointUabove. All goods brought Into
the deer are in Mexico,
And 'object to Mexican
duly. The Flag differsfrom this construction' of
the boundary, and biota that an appeal will he
taken to *superior autharityr-N. 0. Dec. •
El Arco Iris. of tie 36th ult, says that Donk'.
an Ahurto, the. most active of the guerilla 'chiefs,
after Dirunta, dial oath, night of the 24th ult., of
a freed, at Paso de Ovejas. He had been recently
engaged . with Major train: at the Puente
Hi:Sot:al, where be captured six of our wagons.
The Sutures of the Southern mail are attrihne
tad to the heavy rains. The; Savannah Republb
can ot Montlayi says:— •
great part of the low country of Chorea Is
under water. The corn and,enttori in low and
moist satiation. are whollyor partially destroyed,
aid tench - of the rest, more or less Injured. In the
State genmeoy, eoujeeturecautiniers, and predic
tions aro at an end. The certainty of a short
crop - of orttirn is now present to or. Upon the'
weather neciree'deperida the degree of shortness.
A correspondent of . the Baltimore San, writing
from VI ashington, says:—
•thisjor Robbie has met with some impediment
in Ida negotiations with France, owing simply to
the.want of an official introduction to the proper
department, either directly from his government or
through our new hithister to France.
A DEPLARAOLa and fatal Madly between a
father and son took place on Wednesday morning,
last, at Patterson, N.J., which cast a gloom oval'
that town. It aprs that two men father and ,
son named Camp bell, had a severe quarrel, during
which the former attempted An take the life of the
latter. The son, to escape from his father, took
theriver, but the father Furled him, and both
gettisi beyond their depth, and not being able to
swim, sunk together in a watery gram
A zanv, says the Syracuse (N. Y.) Journal
visiting in one of our Gra. &milks, who ware as.
stating in maklog arrangements for a wedding par.
ty, a few Jay. since narrowly camped death by
tasting the oil of al monds. Having uncorked the
vial and merely touched the cork with the tip of
the brogue, the was suddenly seized with violent
ileums and severe pale, which continued for nev
i, 24 hours, notwithstanding the utmost effort. of
the physicians'l -
Saone,—%Ve learn from the Providtmce
Journal that there was en illegality in warning the
late town wean at Gloucester It. 1., which may
pooribly affect, though -It will not endanger the
election of Mr. Trouston, p.,) to Congress.- -
Although a clerical error, it may cause the nice ,
lion of the whole vote of the town; In which case
the return would give Mr. Updike (Whig.) shwa
the vote (Icarik out Gloucester) would stand :
For Updike, 2370; for Thurston, 11177;: and for
Hall (Mob.) ,'s9.' Mr: Mumma, we presume,
could easily attain his in . Congress, nn due
proof thqwra• the only mot committe d,
John Wai4, the' head of the- bowie •of John
Ward & Go., ' consequence of connection
with the house of Prime, Ward & Co.; retires from
the weer bailee, leaving Ws partner in that house
with a capitol or $300,000, who continues bed.
pen a Ward:64.
i ~
cwr, znr.wg.
Thriinttmncedit.sal faU ain Uozex ce e ou vr
u.d i ar n o_ ma inf rain ormed „. co d.r m-
Teri favorable auspices. The' number of students
ip,sahl to be increiaingonad tlto Penalty every
way ouzlifzrd to Min charge of their clorsical
cation. We Tellico to hear of the prosperity of
institutions of ,leanolort, 'Led more ctriticilY
theme in our city. I •
iti'imen's Crazes .Company has succeeded
admirably, we understand, in rendering satisfac.
(ion to the public by their superior Excerins,since
they commenced exhibiting iriour City. They per:,
form this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, and we cannot .
help 'arising those who arelfond of this kind of
emusenicat to embrace the present opportunity of
paying them a visit. I
Turf Yarn Men's Mereentile Lihrary Ass°.
aation, hate laid a copy of their Conditution on
our table. Their reading roam is open this week,
we are informed, they are fully organized, to pro.
coed regularly with their business, under the
Conititution. Their object', ea set Lett' in Mat
document, hi, "the promotion and encouragement
of general Information upon .commerce, manure&
tares, and the mechanic and acct, arts—by the
establishment of Popular Leetroes.—the formation
of a Library Reading Room ,' and a Cabinet of
Models and - Mineral,—by offering Premiums, ex
amining new inventions, and by other meani.—
The Library and Reuling' Rooms will be open.
from 8 o'clock, A. M., till 10 P. M, Sundays ex.
Gummi Lim:lsis—A Man on Fourth st, was
arrested on Saturday, and bold to bail in sgeld to
appeu at Court and answer the charge of keeping
a Gamb!gig Horse. Hi■ table and apparatus 'for
swindling unsuspecting penions out of than mon
ey, ars now at Alderman MCMeiners MEM.
Escave--HcCarty, orlio!was sentenced to the
Western Penitentiary for eight years, and who
had served cam year of his time, made his escape
On Saturday night lard. by toning the iron plates
from the sky-light of hie cell. Out of hie blanket
end shirt be condo a rojec to loner himself from
the 'window, and to assist En scaling the ounhle
walls—ell of which he effinted. No prison ha
yetbeen found sufficient to hold him. • He • is an
old offender.
Auturr.—A rum named Cameron, was arrest
ed on Saturday for having minified a Drover out
of his cattle through Was rorresculation. Ile is
now in tall awaiting his trial.
Guiana M. Dacus.—Than who have nothrul
an oppor unity of a persons! visit to the Vice Pres.
idea, can see his miniature at the - Deguerrean
Rooms of Mr. Porter. A spleodbl portrait of his
Excellency has incently been taken by Samuel
flop, which deco eminent credit . to tits
of the accompliihed erti.t. as well es to the dir.
tbsguished genticmsn who command to bane it
Thie picture is ono among the many good ones
recently taken by tho improved process of thisici.
note operator.
arcomplishod 604 tal.
anted telegraphist, who spent the greater portion.
of the last winter swilicsi in the Telegraph office
in this city, we are glad to Item has again Worn.
el We understand it ii his purport to remain
here for sometime.
lataao Tates.—Thelpliis coresurr-
Mal, has unconciously erred in copying our ac
count of of the goods, sent East hem Pittsl:prgh.
At least it might bo inferred from 'the manner the
figures are arringed, without explanation, that the
amount chipped in 1816 was only to the Slat of
August 'of that year, whereas it was fur the
Inhofe yeart.and 1817 up to Ist Augur'. .
Emmaus Coeur, Elsr. 13 1817.—Ptimont all
1 the Judges. •
At the meeting of the Court this morning, Mr.
McCandless, in announcing the dcsth of !Ir. Bid
dle said.
• . _
Mr. Chief justico.—Mu. Donors IS rten—
Thle Court room,so often toad with VA music of
his voice, and animated with the wirriogeloquence
peculiar to himself alone, will beer him no more
forever. My Ilretbern of the Bar have deputed
to me the solemn office of aunouncitik this cad.
amity to the CowL
.1 do it, may it pious your Sinnott, with pro
found sensibility; for no ono chorisitiTa deep.,
reverence for his prefer/signal opinion*, or a higher
estimate of hit pert-mat cheracter then myself.
Re was the model of a lawyer. Learned, pro.
fonad, unrcmittiog; he never Levitated to examine
even before yoUrselvea,sour Honors judgment in
matters =Leda' to his client. Knowing Wile, four
Honors -alleys listened to him with an attention.
Which I know provoked the admiration of Mr.
Diddle hinneK
For this Gond 6 had the hightut word. I
havecften. hyoid him asy,thstriu ludamlicipatal
the legal learning of England, So :demos
rnercaralielate:antk I...yorstripinkantWOn/ds4li
ticha to AU
wants, is for . bis kind to mem, deso
tonudithiyounier min:ahem orAbortencor—
. A strict sense ofluinot was to him an uodtepets.
Whin neatifunktionin lwriee. If this•wss
sent, be wee untiorthy to occupy a position thit
give him the - command-.of the parse, sad some
tinies the'deatinies of men. -
HI hex. " thst,
di* c.lrner here, War marked With r riomphe t.,
scarcely relit° the lot of professional men. With
a /airy, lie was omnipotent He entered the bar
with the famiU riry Of a friend, and if there was
an obnoxious member, who seemed unsatisfied,
he oinied him by storm to an adoption or his
In the higher walks of his - profusion, be was
pteetmhoent. With the Year Hooks, tud then!.
der reporters, ho was as inn:auto as we are with
the outside of the legal and epbrital productions
of the day. .
Your Honors remember well, how he illastrat.
ed amy subject that ailed fik an .examination
with the sally authotities. Not one of them es.
coped his notice, and if he knurl none baring a
proper bearing upon the antiject under discussion.
hie own N 11 0 ,3 Pad:6l6l supplied-the place, of
what fl wu expected would apneas in the books
May it please your Honors, we lament his de.
cease. We cherish his memory, and hope that
we may all emulee hien:ample.
I now mote your Honors, that the proceeding.,
of the Bar may bo enteral on the minute. of the
Coort. . ,
The Cant ordered the proceetHinge of the Dar
meeting to be entered at large Upon the minutes.
Samuel MeC!token us Andrew Mc!Widen, Error
to the District Court—argued I3st week. The
judgment °Ethos District Court was affirmed. 01,10.
lon by Justia, Coulter.
George Dann. ra the Commonwealth. Ernie
to the Oyer & Terminer—segued byAlden and Ma
Goodie= for Plantiff in Error, Megraw for dm
Commonwealth. CMG not decided. •
Moaeniatml* Navigation Company es. Adam
Coon, et. at., Error to tho District Cond. Argued;
by Thos. Williams (or Plaintilr in Error. plot
concluded at adjournment.
The City anthotities have suffered the owners
of stages ind omnibuses to occupy Third sheet for
such a length of time that they thick now that:
they really taco a right to do so, but we hope ear .
friend Mel'Wain will attend to their emu Tho,
street is as linpassable, to ill intents and purposes
now, as it was previous to its having been paved.
• - A Crruzisg.
General Camara, of Massaihuoitts, bu writ- .
ten o letter from Baena yid., In whleft ho saye'
that the Northern mailers boar the elimaie moth
better than those from the South. Ile date
I ant will occupied here with the front division
of, tho army under General Wool, an excellent
officer and coon. Our potation is interesting
one, both in its topographical end -military cola.
tions. Our camp is situated on. vast plain, which
elopes off from the mountain. 'on the left hand, as
you proceed from Weltillo to tam Luis and Mezi.
co. This plaitOtself is a smooth lad, with abun•
dent cringe. at Ito foot, but wholly without trees.
Of course we have a hot gun by day, but with
Gash breezes, which blow almost constantly from
the gorges of the :liar*, and become quite chill in
the night, end' wo have a ehower, with thunder
mad lightning, and a rainbow, almost every Orr
The Origado to.which I am assigned—sparkl
ing of tho Mississippi, Virginia and.Sorth Caroli
na Volunteers,-7U a strong ono, - and of goal Ma
taints, but with two or the roginsontaWlLlsissiy
pi and Notth,Carotina,) Tory much we:Monad by
Mohnen. t • t
New lay LIITIoN.,-We have Mien Infoirbed that
an engineer of Philadelphia hos applied for s paa
eat for a new system Of Railroads, Its object it to
nan over different 'levels. and aeon mortnteins,
whatever be their height and .rleclivity. - It dots
not require any change in the- material, from that
wed on the common Railroad, and is exempt from
all the expanse, danger, and inconvenience of 'D
eltoid plains, the use of which it le destined soon
to sopercedo. We shall hereafter refer to thin in
vention, probably meta io dotal!.
Rivet to sail for Europe, where ha will:spend the
winter, Tho Matale state* that he goes in our.
sonneo of imitations he has raneived to leetuto
in some of, the European
The New York llinnitr ;Intake tbst. Carlyle
reelpreeato the compliment by Wilting the MIRO
hit stated that Gov. B9bb, of Ohio, had not
boat notified tbot the gonirromene had called for
theme' , regiment from that State, when he renz
ed to furnish it.
. .
BY : MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH. 1 ... ! ...• • Ikavollers. •, L ...
ozzesuess.purr PAGUE'II LINN"
WINN . -•
' "ii
_ Vorlariedy YU Pasomprs.l
THE Carat and Ralkad tuna, nom In excellent
=decoke Packets of this Line will leav e with pas
sengers as follow, every night at 0 o'cl ock:
Packet Kentucky . , Troby,Ydooday, &Lott,.
do 04,1,,,C . ,7., TV4_ay,./Sep4l4. _ •. . .
ro Li e
=air i lla arT701 713 ;47,We 1 y 5 1 . 10.
do, . Keztacky,Trohy, Friday, Oept 17.
do OUNCrug,Patarday, Hoyt Id. ,
ISO Indtau,Derkers $O O "Yr &PIM
do Losislana.Thompacm, Macau, Out Mt
. do _Xotonteky,mhy, Tuesday, &pt.,.
do Ohm, Craig, Wedneoloy.eot fa .
'4. Indiana, Harker', Tlunday, kkyt 23.
do Losistana, Thmlloort,Frldar , Dept 2L
..; do•Kentackyi Today, Bartmlay, Sept 25. . -
do Ohio, Craig, Send ay, Sept 95. .
If 7a desire cheap vaulting sad comfortablemum-
Uolations, secure year tickets at the Packet Office,
Idromogshela Hoare, Water street, or of
91 • ' D LEECH fa CO.Canal Dash,
150 bouts 5s Lamy, Henry it. l m brood;
do ON .
BO " 1
900. " 51 pound 410
do DJ Warrick da;
30 " 03 ' do do do;
MI 0 1 do - doioe,R B Wani do
45 " - 13, ILO J 1 D Reed - ek
best do; ;
30 " 1 do do John Marvell do;
20 0 I do saperlor D J Warrick dot
30 0 IL - . . JAI Starmard ~ do;
50 0- 5. Junes Madison do;
15 " as R W Crenshaw. ,
6 0 , -1 do lamp imp-John Rocker • dot
13 " 1 do d. J Haat - "dm
Inure of consagnment direct from the otionfacturen
f Lynchburg, by
and will be sokl to the City Trade
t Eastern paces, by _ L 5 WATERMAN
sptl4 .., , 3l maim k 62 front ats,
Consrgoiadomico or elf.tsburo Rama..
CAM' OP'. Ii111111:AL TATFL
• - . c.,...p.d0c. a th;l'ittsbmi Gazeire.
itleingoir &PC 13 ..
By the emral of the steamer Tekvaph at Now
Orients, we base Brazos dates to tim •Ist crillept.
General Taylor his hued Wets, to obedience
to inetanotiotts from our Government, and all the
troops wi:deb could be spend hoh his column
hue been withdrawn. •
They consider the Ohl.; and loins memento,
under ocanound of :Col. Lane, the 18th Infantry,
and the Mawachosette regiment, under Col. Cosh.
They anrordered to repair. to Brun bland—
thence to embark immediately for Van Onts.
Capt. Dawn Battery atmonipargea rba klannin
setts regiment.
liar's TeX.' Rangers ate to embitt Tor the
samO destination.
- dermal Taylor will then have ramairatr be.
men Bruns and Baena Vita, 5560 mon, rank
and lila.
. A letter from Corals°, maritime. die Nadi of
of Dealer, and the deticlualent undo: ids ti)irU
which was supposed to . tuore been cutoff. Their
swipe was almost mirsculone. Thirty of Om
wore attacked and captured by the Mexicans, near
Corals°, but were re.taiten by the balance of the
escort of the train. • •
There ore farther accounts of the attacks on the
Wain by .o[oo dome of Mexicans.
Several deaths from Yellow fever had occenlyd
at hums. Capt. YAM': of the VirgLula regiment
died at Salta) on the 14th oh.
A letter from eslit. John B. Dotter, gain that
ha aniwod io Camargo, on the WM oh., and rs
ports that Orders had been received to march from
thence to Mier. , • ,
At New Odeetw, the Interments from YellOw
fever, for the 48 hours ending on the sth of Bep•
teMber, were 123, Charity hocital, 40. 7 -
Exclusive Correopoudzsee of the Pausbarg6 , Gazette,
Pnttacacrar►, Sept, Id, 8 r. x.
Flour—The Market is doll, with sakest $ 5 ;-
5045,62 per bbl. ,
Of Grain we had no salesto report. Southern
Wheat continues to anise freely.
Provisions—Meat Is him:titre, and other pmts.
101111 without- change. So also with Utoarids,
which t =thrum unchanged.
VottouThe market continuos firm, without
change in prices. .
Tabs.:co—Market quiet. with mall mks it
previous pleat.
Fat. 1.114 Cotxrpowleoeo of thaVittsborst Galena
Baltimore, Sept. 13, 4 r. w.
PlonrThe market is quiet; without any
silo worth reporting. Dowsed street brand, vs
held it 50, 33 per bb4
' Wheal—M oderete Wee of Prime White Wheat
at t IGal 19e pee bu. Sales of Trine Red at 104
alo7c per be.
Oorm—Sales of Milli, mistrial,' rim, at GOr
per bu.
Oats ate oiling at 38a4 te per bek.
Whirkey—Sala at 281 e per gall.
Stocks—Thera Is Mote activity in the mead,
with an upward tendency. is the Anniversary day of the Defence
of Ilsitimore, in consequence of which very little
is doing in bonnets. The Weather la cool and
Onmwdeacc of um PluAtatrygtk Guttte
dept. 13,4 e. x. •
Flour—Tho market Is quiet with ready Islas
Corn—Sales of prime Whitest 63166 a fret bu:
Prime Yellow is doll, with sales at 68a70epar bu.
Wheat—Tho market is dull with no males:
Rye is bekl at 75e per ba. •
• Pork—Bales of pride Weston at Slt,bo per
Mess Pork--Saks *remade at $14,431 ft/ bbl,
Proritions—Thats is an increment demand In
the market.
Lard—Wedem lard is sans at Gin per lb.
Groceries ars without change.
• Thar min at she ladit t vietay of thoorslßetAt,
unpimadthelSeuoptmteika'Nei rook 1t.:4
ems gc..l gall to the Wets. We an hardly
eatata al say thiswoore tantereting than giallo,
• held at themrr7 d war, pelts -end wig .
awl =WO it
Yat.Low . Fla sit.—Thie epidemic is Indies
featful haioc imam the Printers of New Orleans,
II well as among the citizatte generally. The
Newspapers have been forced to envied their
dally lames, and FAH& ttl•weeklieN mi =mat
of the death" among their weekend.
Tba liationk Maoist= otriatio America=
(aajlamal from P . ittrattrah to Philadepttia. in
May.) bans niratad a Floatation to aoiport Gen.
Taylor is 1848.
Doovrato.—A of Bishop Alszvoulor Vamp.
ball olDetbony, - Va. was 4.lroomodou Saturday
Wt, lu Itiffato f4pek.
06.- Sallee& Glinae.mkg
TriMOVIT—We beg leave to call public masonao l
the following, (tom Dr. Wm. Dow, of Whkarnardie
Cteratont CO and one of the very firm practitioner., In
the county to which Ito reside . ., Send Isle Senator in the
dune-Legislature. It la chewing dins to we the lead
ing men of the professtoo, baesilngthe bends of profes
s:Deal prejudice, and giving MOM us dna:
`1.31r: I have to my praeuse been wan acovehf your
'Ginseng Panacea, and, so lir, amvaeilphaled In is
effects in Catarrhal and Bronchial Complaint& Phan.,
.end me half a down bottler—pot them as• tory as' 1011
can: as I expect 1014:entrant-a toroidal att general sal
ivfaction ai it bat heretofore, to keep It eonotantly ore
band. i!Capectrally, apt? • Ws. Doalt;.
thizirrtst JOB rzunfTtau °winos,
Tins. Pram sr, COMM OP earl . OPTICS SLUT.
• 013 -Ws. are now prepared ',sesame in • daperior
and expeditions manner, all kinds of Su s rums..
sod, large Casters, darlaboar Wllti Dais of Lads.,
better Sher! Circulars, Handbills, Cards, ars, at. •
NOON AND riaralre .
10'. any meet ex aeolvl In the best manner, and all
, 11:1;: i tef Praula Olose watt uctattey ape el the iOWCH
Cay.are - Carel Me Ply* Plleul
Dr Jackie:'. 'Esehtecatiors la the only medicine that
will cure this so very mom= awl troablmaine
Moque. • It settee* immediately 'allay* pan end hairs
aanioa, steer all blerding,subdares that Inmlamble itch
,lefiestellttsre:4lltrythort Can perwasi,liw,o 2ad irable pan.—
it/ application pasha,. an pain, bat rather ea *great
bin and pleasant senrattom It pelotas &glided wiil
call add /mower the great number of casco that' have
been Wed, theywhl be asionishog. A reasksaan of
this city , w ho had been under the knife of the inergeen
for twoor .three limes witheel being coed. has by tw
ined bettleca the Finbrorsdlent been Medically' cued.
It melts boioad prseodent:l-41.4.11. Sattuday Comae.
go. Fur sale. m Pitubergh at the I'EKIN TEA
Sit/DE.7I Feerth stmet,, near wood, abd also Mate
Drug Store of II r Schwartz. Federal at Allegheny-lty. al
prr We Invite the attention of our readers to the ea
troordlnery cutest)! Scrofula petionued by Dr: Coigne s
Panacea, which they Will end raeord-
rd. In anoiher 'column of to Paaer. 'nay are
without doubt the men wonderful on record, and bare
ro been pronounced 14 many of our wow orepwlab le
ohyote inns. The afflicted andothent Intereited, are re
que.led to emit them at their lovers' place. of abode,
and teem from their oont lips the wonderful drove of
the medicine. , The Stough , named le idr IsaaltDroolny
oho snip he awe dadyibetoron DO W a l t on,A. M.
end 4P. id. at the Wheeled atoorwid &Dlo •
Market et, rbileda. • 04,18
55,00' • i • 5,00.
so p ounTzt ocer l
TEE subscriber respecifally InGwam the public that
be has commenced the manufneare or OecalernerN
Fashionable Nome of good snmecial and workmanship
Which ha will wairato, seperlor to en 7 00 .? made
in Plusburah for she pore. These !madame Boots
will I.e made to measure, end ...arrant them
as repro
sented, of the very low pore of FIVE DOLLARS
CAW. Oenilemen are mmested In call and calamine
eplitf • Suormasor lo W ERSKINE
Mrimptittatt to Advertioots.—Tbe anew-
Mor e h h apcar In the' Lilly Pontius( Guano
aI so appear a the hi-Weekly, thee reeciimg the ht.
eG t of the emulation .4 . .0, seldom' InlY etlenleml
'charge. Thl. Is an advantage door adventserreenthost
any extra expense. slidverdscatents NM alto 'laserte4
In the country paper upon reasonable. terms.
Mr/. Eisow, the Poblishor of the Fuatitt 0
aures, in Vonsstro oolow, Ps., Is in our oily, sod wi
',watt on tho rderchastr tp orlisit advertiAng. spiadlir
U3' Tao Funeral of caph , iato. P.-Ilse will take
.place thee afeattooo at 3 o'clock, hum the retedence of
Capt. Jot. alcOaratll, above the Widget to thestuitehata.
yrictols of the asap Kee leaked to geoid. .ap.l4
Lenin:lrma ana the 01rjaot of WA.
A T !=i% Rao.
Ihrea In number. on the ObjeCt of Llte, lathe Methodist
:Plowman Muter. Fifth n. shore Smithfield, ennll2.l
• dds gamma. Monday, and continaingrineday and
edneaday °annum 113 I past 7 o'clock. MVOa
• aenuu mama tlekata for ono pommy IM eentµ
'mune natter for lady and g , entlardac."l3 Genial mans
ho tad
o d ;r3 1 7.0 " ; . ; 0 . 01 :,11 4 .1!'„ ir ws°,o= l 2S 7,l'd
• a arllleapies limey a1n0..28 at.
pThen Pal-
m:ea Wall roper POMO Market at. mad Dr
allrkns Rom emorr of Faderal al and the Wound,
,gkesny Ity: •
_ • .
WINS—VT baskets 'Chore
a., p ane n
Wines, in pints maKeyd E
quarts, of the following
Cook and Closest Tri Color
CM/ Boor - Cordon 131 no
• Omar Grape! lieldOlck
ihromes'aßiliery Bollumettr's Anchor
Mame. A.nebor UorP,Oeli de per drier., or
Parunimera Them Wines are not Imitation brands,
being poreltued dtreet from the role Imparters ht tbo
United dtaXs, last receiving and for rale et the rirlec•
mai nor front and market its
RHINE OR HOCH WINE:-46 eases of the
bnadc— •
ilockheimpes, 111311 , Mot= &On
Hoekhatiner,lB:l4r, Henkel! &
Redilheime; 1 , 34 ,
Goisenbeimer, 1912 r.;
Mosel Muscatel, Leger:
Joltattaisbetaw 11 .921) , " 1
• Sparkling Moselle; ' 3
ttarkling Ilackbenaer; i.. 1 raaaialaft and for
ale by the cue or single battle at the Wale Mote of
Vaunts' and P ay [ - copy. j'''''°D
bROPPMD—Toro Cheeks on the Ezehorke Balk.
One drawn by M Allen, km: of Allen k lidutt for
SEW.. The other drawn by All• 0111. Allen k. Co,
of M Allen for ONO. The
win Ws rewarded 1
herelinu to M ALLEN. Pay meat hobank two been
stopped • t 14.330,
rro 'FARM ielti-4 good lion Bum Nemo', well
outdo doisobld for Cider makers; for mole verylo.r.
bblo pore 'Land Oil; endow., of TlLOhlAtt
DAFT, eds vranlonar the dthot ton Kato.
• • 01103trArIVF
WANTED—A yonnc man nrho
Sls follyeornpetent In the knI1•11 and Griursn.titn
gnages, writes ascent barmen band, andtinotolealre of
Book•keeping. Is tlestrous ofa snaatton in a store or
Merchant's Othee."
mle taldrensed 'E. It., Office, or therGazette, , will
receive inattedtate 04411.
L}l/ENDS S L.ippare, a work
word n none of bet former eltol4. J•st wweived
and Wr sale at AIrISK'S
•at • oorih st
01.til90IL , PLOUGHS—Jett received uom the East
0 and for sate at the Vutahumb Implement and Seed
Sane, corner of 'Wood and 6th att •
.—A fall sopplyof time Justly cebearated Brown.
skwet: lugs coariandy ess band and for Neat ;smut.
mars pnees by SHACK - LETT& WllltE •
spin 99 wood st
OTASEV—A yaks Ast leceiyed, kw We by
od4 iIARBAUGII,23Ymod
NORTH&Rith R.Tiovo Cyr A '7
, v 1 ijAtirT" 4
4444. 14, ad o opp . o . eits M pod
F!MURK'S UDR/anti—A =suably Journal of Aa
rionliare—the &In antalterlast received at
iotl4 MOW 'S.
GOLD AND SILVER COlN—Taylor's Gold and
Saver Coin Examiner and Coanterfen Donator. Nr
Ti. int received and for sale./
amber Jen received and Arc tale at
seta • SIORSEM
of thiotroly valstabk work; jaw received; ar
optl4 MORMI9
OTZTAL—A reneral sokorunent of cut, sklea:i Gas
k, wan, spring, Enkhoh sal A IS Steel in storm (nude
WGLASI-4zB, 71R 8110, IRMA 10314, 10111 ,
.10110, 11310, 11018, and IMO in store; km Wes
Dap Rio in sum; ants Dr_
spilt • . I.IkWAT/25.1.Ani
T. 811.6-60 bf ans and candies of Y. It, Inwrial,
Gina Pandat. and Black Teas in atom; lb , nab by
QIUDLMITZ 211.X211111111-100 lbs loss resel
1, ,d; iressie DRAWS te RIOTER,
Webb - ' cos instals k. liberty Es
CAIIIUGHFIAOURI—HO tee'd; for mile by
VILIIOIIOTE-75ozinet received; tor sale by
ap{4 BRAUN
X NVITAUD 1111=113-1 c.k eepetiot lame erbile
INA ebedjeid received, kw sale by
optl4 1111illbr k. TOTER
emiozn. ROOT—IO seis fresh -
spUi On sAle by - BRA UNs REJYER
rIALLVD MAE/BUGSLIL-10 cue.)ont red; for
ea • Ill' sala - BELLISRS, wood tt
TALAP —1 cue p6lnlentothui yard; for Ablis by
al bpll4 E ISELLERS
DUOIIIARB—tembe poir'djau teed; lot pale by
.pull . ISELLERS
yed; irecei fo by
10 •04 • H eeILLERS
ULM VlTSlDL—lLtalbsibm reed, tor sea by
DOSE bbljeip received; for bt _
aw slat R SELLERS
CilliEllllE-00 bxe large reeetwed
W for sale by -
eor awititfiald and water t au
F L0 1 :1 4 1-73 bble
r = o. l,4ansl Flow, trt
fint rice:yea; for s i V oehitEpa,
T IL I - 4 4'"""h t'UVKIE
Ott.—to bbl. rannen' Oi I.oot read; for aale by
DROWN STOVT-3neattaaa'a Dubl4n Drown
Moot; plot bonlislo Paeltases of 7 do‘or 6143 - ;
Jot stoat the Wine Mon of
S ToT r° 11 tes i tTutTa V 41,7 : .: l o 70 1 ),
senbe. • • (4.1131 JACOII WEAV'EIt
-AJWILIhtiIALLZ-60 dOI of . Oils celebrated AI
Fto artier, fee tale at the Wine Slate of
- J. ED lons Iron, mooned;
37N Imp pat'3, dcr„ to more for ralc Lp
• ' ' • • 31 water aftfrout
TAWR I MUO ACID -990 Ilse join 'reenivedtf;r .
bolo by , -, BRAUN ik. REITER
. .231113 :. ear et claw & liberty obi
011.-40 bekt• voitdior Olive Oil Mr sole by ibe bakt
or beide at JACOB WEAVER'S
spin - Wine Store
:ENDUCATION—Mounded on die Naito of iia73ssy J
•E• 0 15 P4 1
.s:4 4 hM *. r .J. •
• LIT • • 11088E'3
MUIR CASTLR DiIAVO—A new nanl; 49 Mr. Al
J. I. Ehireoser, for 1411.10 at
wok jartroceioolli for sole sr
oprla •
spd3 and PI opmet• the post clime
lat• by R OAKFORD tr. CO
COM Merebint.libeny
catt3 st
NIMMIERISM—Dud's Leeteree on the rhilo•Ophy
hleanierlion Mr sale at •
DaIENA VISTA—A thrilling wry, vrtth tllustrations
J_l Just received and (or Wen
.. _,113 •
GEO. LIVPARD has baited &noir story, in *be cheap
form, cambia the Ron of IVleahfkect for Intle at
'-5"3 mORSE'S
WIARVIEW—The Sept. Numb! forvjaArs
TB I lORTICU LTURISTomd Jammu I natural An
and UAW Tana. September number Mr sale by
' O LD inlpr t a V tl A t= B llllT a e, 3 1 :rene d Ir attri
Ile Post are. .13
WO b t).! WOOL. ! ! —Cash p i lid u l l i t irgWdriffofl
spaallw• libtrty aPP.iI. gitt,
.1\ XAOHNIII,BO4-100 otoN Nom No »wreremed
0.1 tbe lobby. BULLER & RIC if ersoN
• tor litrom & inirm N.
I. cat pateat retail; for sale by • .
•P ° : 71 111 . ! J D MORGAN
WOr o a k, — . llr hist.ima lat
oann .r d ah. will bey 1 1 1
Wool; by " COtTra i Vri b , '
28 wool aa
UAIRS T Ragar eared Mamas sale Ly •
•.1 JORDAN is - SON
is lifimrty ahead af sad‘Lield
Gll2l COPlll.—Three mei Angola ll* mi.elTed
and gm path by. _B. A. FAANIAZTOCK I Co
• septli . - eamqr Ist h. wood ets
DOWDSUED • IMAIVIL—Ai: eases. East
Indta, just receiralnd for solo byy
comer Ist A eroed sn
c rit to 111a011136.--nreo mt
"ifeu.l ei FAUN iSTOCke. Cs
JO4.ILCKWOOD—Tba Aiywi autabecialt tveal , cdt
for sale la mak camber at _
' • t • • - N0R8E , 9 7 9344 n
NE.ll"."Mat.blek —"e e nk . m*.J,Jratrz - at.
nalaattfor ailti at • •
tattil ',forams,
ANOTHER—Green back and red blames. Wallin
mass by Darley, very.eisake. /a thalagnadnn aryl
of popular bled reading. -l'er sale at
24 1 * . ficOk't .:i.'..i.•
'Hy Jabs D. Dwells. Ascialliser I
Buser Bridle Beak . 54 . 102,0 •
ON Wednesday evening the 15th inn., at 10 detach.
at the Commercial 0.100 ROOM, CUM, of Wood
Falb ate arill be sold Gm aecoant wheat it =a
ecru, for'easfi par thadr;l4 sham week in the
sty for entering a brake *war !i , rf r
sptlo JOIIN D Anil'
oNimmon , ummi.g.thil6aa.u_,,
the thasuacreial Woe ilowe r natner Jot Vird andral
, will-be will— • '
A large moron., of Caney and sup My Grathril
among which are eloths;cauinisrea,eardatUa, laziness
blearned war unbleached thaslins,calsooss in greater
nety, splendid .bawls, sena do taints, wabrallu, boo
nets of seams descriptions, to • , - . ,
, An cithathris asioriment or nevi and aciank. hand
tooseholdfornintre, coseprislog mahogany bateau so
th, clam, rocking chairs, Laney and cowmen claim
bedsteads, work stands,a daynad 7D hoer 'clocks car
peting, feather beds, bedding, mattrasses, "tabegany.
drtuaaagl(bnrean, dc.
Also, hen thrnitaro, cooking salads, vOrw,,te..;
a newaity of grocerflesigneenaware,glanwthth, hltha
ware, gavels, marabes, band boxes, wrapping paper.
At 7 COCIeek.P.
A large collection of wsthabldlliwkaiit all the sari.'
row 'departments or Literitare and &them. . #PIII
Third Night , el
.71tird night of air. JNO. DU N N ANNA UAL
VINA Wei appear: • -
Tuesday; semtemier 141 h, 1847;
Wilt ha peraumed the prlia Coma4y . ol
lihasally 214 i.
Jlelob elms
Kaftan ...
• ,Widow Deb
After which ithiney Yacseal by 11lac . ANNA D&AI L
VIVA-7o conelwe Ina • • ,
_ PonEsT toss. ' •
Jonaillan .
.. . -
Mt. Matide.
111 ../ 1 . 4 --- ' ----- ...".... 7 .:"....:::r; ll R' arrr .
1 1- 7, - ,::7.: - ::::: : .:. ... .. . ~:- . ....x1ia ftvi.. - -
I,y( -.. . . . . ... ....miu parer. - -
irrDoota open at 7. and curtain aill 611111 at Ippa7.
VngriAeleated DAveltyt
The Geotiestifoitter of :the Ate. .
SCO77llll' O /AIMS. /1011 i 2D11 , 1011'66
Esperiments Anitisal Magnetiing.•.
par. Proprietor of dic.ysxkP/lOorf h_staalle_
Ow ststl
n th atrilst AuLlM A'Aa '
Junmm front lis
en imu F m's MiNl4O4 Neer Y
appear for rare pars oats, in appropriate Newish cps.
Afternoun, Sept. 14. 1847.
These boys aro pwilrregitirded as the resat wonder .
of the day.. • • .
Charles Stewart is alien .Ttissr art and mule
&73 pounds. •
Alexander is nine years, and weighe 113 pewnsW
The yennger of like 1•0 Is an excellent adtdeet
Mammy. and will be put into clairvoyant mate br
his brother, par anyother permit aldlled theneleated
and ro
te this eondluonarrill tell the thee by any muds,
describ oin,or any aniele, Itlindfolded.lelwavelnani
passible *Dilution.
The "Fat nor' nta acesnalatnied Er e heir iiwither.
and n younger &rather and slitter. who a rentaritable
far thittnen of person a. the pants are •for •their dame
proportions. • • '
aadi. w the Idars ; , •
hn. Bram. Mies EharpO, Abe Phillips; and,
Mr Keens will appear.
Adtalssiou to the "Pm Bays. atul Oennert ist,tee Sir
Mathe r Concer t daring Mode% to tents. lay arena
and othe refteshinenn at an earns eharce. matte
Pilladtiphili: • • • •
T 1 4 9 ,7= VArilo i tt 00
EvA l T 'y m• axbditZtl l 7;
their splendid War .I*,q) , 1416117., em:xlionalyi
Minis:sealer the comimobie reevon o(aoaperaeol.
.t Pittsburgh, on the IM/s, Ilth,.lMh, 14th, tab ani:lath,
or September neat ,
Independent of. Winiso Celebrated" Brew tbe
company vrill be Witted n n thelemvhral, by Mr Wal
lace's &thy , Itaxd, playing airs front the =ape/war
In tbe organ eg the pavilben bythe .:
parent spirts Gas, mewed by B F. Carlon; Beek of ine
United States Navy Department, Washington. -lateen
new method, mama saperler,tighs. free Boar
all ...oar offeebs, the emit Of MI Mbar attempts; and
casting a tight scarcely lee. briftint Stan the llorendny
. _.•
. • - • -
„ • .
Conarltating this company Wal be lboad lr 70 Cid:
toretkan, woo will ride fire mach admired - sewn( lie'
Elusion Sway, the Thaw 41 a fietrow giwar,an4
beannfol crowded the DON ...01t4.4.i% NI
3. and 4 hone.. •
Modem Zottra• Howard, the veat Mena Yriaiiit
gammas, whams adarirabla personation.; ant mngle
horse, charm and delight altwbs behold her,Pmslifgarg
paha opinion in awarding to hostile highperinen she
ass AO sanersafallp held airdtlat abets of-nval .Wh.- .
Goad--Dwaiaa, thenairtliiinrinding Ihtne..Whose
hal/AO:11W and FUN, wisuainedby mamas sad
vulgarity, planer bon fai be y ond *arena% of inthasigna
J6.llorties Niaores ibermare of Ring Wasters.
The law. taxon anion Of talent is anemia
parallel In the worid..• Char./liens - 1M twat Waite
- .lin told§ arrow:sea! anti eeestion of wraneiNall
gyare, . --- TreisaitiSieasprearess 74 — nry
er Pelvis. act eartearptith try tonekrousditicienl
lOWleizeithble.l•lllpelfean Idea/gm e , ehlee
frantise p . orformed bethre the Prethieet
Masser T Netille,whelis a lilted dee rare .i r it of xL I
dug, and executing the neon damedt ket betkoreede,
OM a elite& hon.
Mr Dm Stout *ill ride hle dee elude eels on 11, n end
4 horses, fonninn a pyramid of flee perpos. whoa. lee
well tear above nza herr,al ligheoloc 'reed. -
flignier Gernmai, the adithey halloo eqqadeinee . will
t'de we Incredible necromantic went% IndotWeineLee
batons fly disble?and be. Golden Pelefteen,te. de. He
will aloe bring bnerard hot two ereeektfol der, 'dome
ate withoet opuarja the Arena._
Mr-W.H•pard, the Spaniel. &ode inder,"end peel
Teprewneative of the Red Iden or the Rmert..
Mr I:7eat Pow; who rides • great drumlin acene,ind
a Grand htilleiry ate; milted HONOR TO OUR
gengLe‘.4 ;.4 . * ener:Oneedry; whierbrthe ail of
enema to make,6g arelLrepreeent the Clef Patrlarch
nrayion Whey eountry',GE,YEACrl'A R,at Moo
envy, lbiaie Rs= h•yantoo LO
daent we,
u....e,endecockenieo r eenteJoding wtthta Lbselen:
oißezetane, bearing dee toetooodde ratotire,Cleoeral,
WWI( IMILte anurnderea •• •
Mem Arians, of the'Cirolie Ghislploise; odd; loin dem therAxabiait Dewing elate, tOodelme,' whom. bees , :
Wel ileums fax =(paw oarloott graho Pm. , g 4
beooshe before thepablee. Also deereondelonles,
oda and Jedietoaell,by d . our wade dime* seems, leaps.
and coalnedeans, etovedeeir imam:awe bent for Aro).
SPacente inieituddione an erdieeedideneebring
QOM fadultes, ea coder the wateldat eine Dewi
tt', aph=pf t oreld=tgo o eMea .a .a Rod
.The atm*. and evening Rerforelase , X elth2r
noon aped at 7 oideelte7Pteogionco " - a "6.4.°
at 7i o'clock. .
Oa Monday Own will Da aliciaaaa • r• ••• •
Doorsapen at 2 tioaknlt.coatalaacing at de lock
pangs, -
A 8 gnat as Gold Pau... Eiglama Gaeta Cans. cp.
Amin CI Pero. with a good Pea !War.
Pen.N9 t. aaluddeior naming Audi , . • '
5•.514 Ertifisb 01555155dr;
- LadVailand. .
Each Card coalairel Maly eacaortip spot PCP
The PCA Ne A is Writlei and
kawina School..,
The Feu Nu ,for opying Marie, to parcel,
The Pea No ands kw D. Note laostaten, as
these Pena never fa paper. however line,,or baw
ever heavy the kudos) , be. • -
Idoney refunded In all name where the . abere Peon
do not lore attlefaellon. - • _
Sold or .101iNSTON dr TOCKTON, Unallsellue,
earner of Market and Third sta, , -.w3
E,acu'f' l ic . iNsEggiltanr s 7PirThZ k th eo i
ruarthit ore near ' rpe* Arrthe reception o h-
Urdu:4 and Crendeacc wirlito . keipalre • boornife.
/and-writing-Mr A.frrea kis tong eirrnnuce
log boo on hcatotmnla inaraniceing 011wato bOokae .
i lfir " e P ri lh i: fir oT i o e rm Y ilu e lit !lar g o:72 ' 4 ' *ids drip
811 politic Leon:lento tw howled to too pupil •
°endow.= can write Imp hoar between 8 rind It
o'clock, fair-11=1, and between. 3 sad 6 orterrioon.. A
clue, wilt olro +nib condkillibung. -Ladles will
write al o'clock. atieraccur. - ...• . epnl4,l2w.
• --TheCo , partnershlpextmeg be.
JJ tween A hl leeway of Idayseilla and [teem II
Taylor of mdor the Aro of/meaty &Tay.
lor, o Otis day disaolved by malted consent The Nal-
WU PC the Sna wiU be sealed by Georre If Taylor. ',-
A 'ld JANUAR4,_ •
spin • II TAYLOR
• In =tiring (Mahe above fink I tate great Armin
in re...mending ea my (dead. and the paella generally
my late parmor and his neer •asseeiste gentlanen
every way worthy , liar confidence, and nak *clime •
earitmlillanCe of the plumage extended in the lam lima
CO.PAIII.TFEBISI2II. 6 -o<ollTATkalw...W.
eiamd. with hitu,Mr Thew 13 coml.
cou and forward' merchant at flasburilkoad will
. .
mutilate the hualnessof Ma Lateens of.lastmry & Tay
lor, soder The style of TavfortoMonse,Ven9 Agency.
Connalmlon sae Foneardlng Nerelants;Nolf sort
Columbia a; a few doors west of Mem:" a. c iatad, 0.
They rememfully offer theft services to , thavublie
thitteapaelty, OEO II TAYI,OO. - :
rptlazf • . TllOB 0 ontostrim_. ,
ADIIIININTIt&TOBalt 2110.T1 1 014. .
TIM subscriber having team out liners of Admlare.
tonkra myth* estate.of.Deniseris, lattS(
the' musty of ntlenkeey, demurer& ammo, itveabol.,,,
b all penoall larrolt orAessandrlealast
estate of. the said dc.q.4l34,madt.Rwri Po:hams b
.' ell perms knowing themselves indebted IS lb; saki
mate an .)Matta 1.0 - Calved souls eemsma.
ipt7 awEr • - 011.21,0411 i st,Pl t sharah •
n ARLIET WAATIIIIIK—PIisf Rate Patti, will
Otto sates la during the waaonartb. Volt Pi4Erew
,";s4,o,..street, soar Om Tail Gam, Peas* Avenel,
Road, fur whlehlke lushest prammlllbe paid
seMll di w&erta 81. 1200 H.
W ~.7q.aimaZ;ruft6 11•%want on
who eon moo Well.rrtiommeoded ors perms.
amot.luwo"; bY*41:4'61.11.
fedhrol rt. AltewhOniehr,
.septil die
.11%--thalcre 11,1knuotent Magnesia tr DT.:
papal& or Ind:lranian,' Nervous :De G
ileast4eSs,Aaaday at gm Ma. . Mala Mai Quin
n.% Gataneoas Damask Gaa4 ticaval;:la; . Mega
wahsed es a sande. amain' Pulsar& froind by 11
Jam received - a:l4 Meade by ./MIMMILithg
Kr. OW NlME,CONCltirrigwrkzkz ,
euts 11
lef "1418"
Vaal "gem • mly p.wrok,
Mrilby !",!a• 44`
GF.N. TA YLAR—A very pretty When bUeseßy
re Bleetaimee, ler tale et . •
.... 1 44 1 0a1 0 -4..0 . ,Wg , ...,
- -.
'' :'V A' '-'- 7hl - ' : - .11:1* , .. - - .
, . 7 1.',4 ::: ;±:i '. . Ai . :: ,:,,,'.. :.. • .
1547. '
11 , 00np rr ar , 1C r 4 43,
:conk. serrd.,'
rIrAVE received theft datliEnlitil•of Hem,
WM* tho auc. , ‘fiar CM.
MN= Weed area,
I readmit
Ot=titee meth a T.'
Bayerelvillreeelleeriheideelind.exelesivelydie Hed., • r*,_
idler), Hardware thaw sod Ca e reTi ' iecmc. -amid
'thereby Measures that daddy ate to deff
OltiLney sal lodge** yoerselves. Spa •
MeOtILLY k Ow;
of Vials, Bottle* and Wi Glens,
Ova fmnia bun now, la fall operation. We we
prepared so execute. orders in oar line, prespdf•
Darla, dm law muss erdbane adopted a new planet
&awning Window Mau, (We Wed NNW.'"p l e a o7.l .
wed hs the out) by -kick we tens oat a superior att.
ela Owe &Deiced on
Ware! is perfectly !reel' and
ind,,ftth s_TCry fine ainiereand Walden dew...
dial. ate
. respinsted and exandrie br . Ae Went-
. rltto lc rltt o g Hamboon
5. 11.05 , s laimp.
ID do Elwell /F. Robison's Sa lamp, (toperiOr)
• . ' d 4 O .
1 1 1 5 do Jose& I, ' •Is lamp;
4 . ; t go ter, Gage &Brothers o.l7risl; •
10'10o Pittsburg],
• -5 kr, wkiiv aim, an hood. for *ale by
al p_• • J& R FLOYD,III9 liberty st
‘11;225-2 bblo &balled Almost% f
lbbiii do;
a P.: e
bolo Sontosaz -6,4 •
.I do 'IC Wobol
8 do Pea Nola: •
2 do-.llstoog N.L., Go sale by
• n , l p ..1 O wtt.tJAms
Yr. Uub k.
?dux Petrie.
Airs. Salzman
SVADII.II:-: k r i lt y ea , ;
' j.B bids Flookrecelvid per keel ball Gal l
&Oa 631',1p1) br. • . - DtiLaEtt
F' 1811 711:1=" .
. ) .10,18 r n - dor tor sale by, _ s
IrCT.N anger •
TN onfolo fin Oreolimod Posebes c , : i. he Fr!dte
k " e a '
I rearr;/ 'AVER!
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