The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 09, 1847, Image 3

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PLANSIELS-2rne. I brown Illinnels„ supenor
• - 1 -"• qa•hrirlort ree'd; far saIebyGDDCGCHRAN,A RY
4 for the naaafxrtarar. • • • • al3
CtLAZINELIS—Drown, birch, and plaid Domemtle
Flantteli—ess, scarlet, yellow mad while from els
!. • s!.m mumfamotis!—Attal_l_s_spptymmtm bust m Dry
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11E_;t 9 1,It_o' the Ann Presbyterian antra is af.
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kegs . asiontifin gum' onale tiy
rponACoo-40'bmi Tobieeo, coatis* of Ss; Ei
- - J. Ix*, 1.75, and pcand IttAp;'•s kegs • twist Tobacco
• • tor ale by • A1e0114.,11U13/IFIELD &ROB •
*2O • •'k ; 19113eny
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Y1 4,17 -4' 4 '
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4,1 V , •
CLOVES— jvi 100 lb. Jut tlxetired; Laresilit-
N Mtool . ll
, 737 . 1tFJ1.7!cartoysiost .R nprid; ( orrab b 7
-.lrtm4L-Sp ktallts Y TI;
43 • - Imperial; for 'sale by
11(1,.1F7 !1,111 7 1 ' 01.4 , "an— ashmu st
4 ,ll l4l•soprtracei cholas plum of ilf!up
or Laneolon and wain make.
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7i7 t ' DOW • as*—doo boDo •
" SO boxes MN 200 do 10Ell
' do ANDO - 140 do 10114
DI do :10 • :0 do 7x d for side by
• vit BONNIIURSTk C 0,33 front st
SOICZnMt. REB.-10.1 oaks New York ran
nocelveck &cult by • r - •
• - WILSON fr. CO
(WkWkll-100 bloc cF—• • -
HJOJCP-2:0 bales avpaiar Ma. day, mad ju more,
Po ode by _ lIUTCHISON &CO
. • ... annum., karma q,
Imps. cats 4
43ap for Limner asa-ratrY law far We by
• P aRGLERS.I7 lawn, .1 • 1
;';' , :;: - '''..:•!, , :hii: , -,?.
f: ,-- ;!: - '" , -; - :
. '•;:•;i:t.
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1141,11.-700 pc. Gapers:lr balssossed bums tor bows
sad amities WI reed per guar Pairma•2o &sae
all' oyJ JORD_AN &SON, HI tgbem
bbls Lard — lMlnsbuth ataairmi. •, for
217 - ula 1 , 2 y• HARHAOCHI
SAW—H - 72W. Nol amro - Thersky L 60177. 7 —.
ioßDArth. DON
MuLduancei—tau bbl/V. MoiHg%
20 do 12. H. do: mmm kls sate
;IM 7/LOVIL.-216b1x, • upeeor tnide ie slonn
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L zacuir sTlitT-4" tonmAKeir: co
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t,.. shaker ...11.67 •
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tor 'WWI &bwiesii
VAILCHIE rciu. YALE—YOl . ...t_iong t l4l ft wide.
s. bold,*ki. %he b azimrk co
VA cintilritt m. 51 - . 718,403 fine Lem
o th, dose! oraftrobemt=ath
Bti4VZ.:”Tria;bl;=brced4 for
' ALERATV ' casks
.'.S. . 0 bY -1371 •• - 7 1 /Sgf i it; . A s if i ca °'
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.. , 1 1 114
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17 commercial mgr. Mm
..... , .uff:1 4 14 , 11/1 .1.
bi bnA l ,7llans,foltannek &re
. : jibed - .. :-. - . 7 conaserelal Am. bbeny fti
•- -.-,... - ID -.• Seorebinrin lee'd and &reale by
_,.' &Di - . - It OVIIMINVHAU 144 libel! , in
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Plalf- - 14Viiiiia 4 4;i:ft :
.77 . bowls and groebrs, al dut AI and nylon Foe.
'• -:' iftly V Palk rt. - mrylll .• ' RHODES tALCOItN
. ...
AVIRCIAVALDLEA.-40 tiff bbl, No DiarEe t. • • . , ,
;:: .4r, blZAZELTOtt,eaninkTelaxond -
..:' MED PEPPEIR, L in . bbli: km, ow Loin*, fkCloi
C ' ' a'"" 7 Itl 1071 d Ert 6 t b k :ja N
' '• 11#14 , : ' ';',' .. . No IT PLO nimbi •
taaw A Nahm i tor sale by.
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imas—ssium. orruma; to- at.
i9i hind sod for solo
. 4 No 144 11borty moot
,1 00 tuolOd.
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-41,447 I
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V •:Mtet auee/a=vrevetd= Yu
e 2B 'sap* ad, Goad", 804 Iwnit r f ' aal3
ar m. 1411..ka difanta ,
Va.. e 3!" iMURP - 11Y d Liz • :
• &dyed ware Um%
autadkuttl' --•
SVELEMPADIat; VORIS, ke.—The oaderstoed
boo beater:whited Aorta (or the tele of the share'
artirkaatm by Jobe Purees &Co. All onion
a demote to Na for)aeh vela will receife pump
11110115011 at the lowest moottfiseterer'e once •
.17 , • ~" - OEO COCHILAN.eO • •
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404. l iK-een dZ7 e el 17e:cloak.
Tie Wen, 6f Tonle 'ajar" caul
invited. ea
A.mreerself dim po Cll2l=l be earpaesed.734l
TATER FILTERS, for.purifying WEee for dnnk-
Ing And &scab . : u reneerag h as clear and.
: • luivet Olsp, lug water. ,T se,
hey are Ix very eaisusive use
.• •
In the E•stern eitie.. Eurasia by,
CEO COCIIRAN, 41/ wood sa
DEFER-17057 bundles S.C. &raw Paper;
1 ' Ital amities Aid. Straw Paper,
....n0 reams ruled letter and eap paper; •
dOO tea and rag wrapping;
! ' If ream; Ana white dame piper; Nat Tee
and far see lasei+y ' . REYNOLDS 6 51161!
jylt , ear pem and main ata
. •
OILS -71 goills s niesehedH •
6 bbleranne
lAN Lard;
• 7 bids N C Tar; for rale by '
ale • 0 BLACKBURN k. CO water a
Xi A lIDOMINaI. OUPPOR.TERS-Dr aim% Wry . -
gaud's, Snowden's and ethers for male at the Drag
anneal" - '.l XIDD e CO.
s car ath & sited sts
JINDURCII REVIEW—The July nambei-oitlii
reliable work for sale et
fiLASS-60 buosforted,OzO iolOzli, for oalo by
ligd OUR
bbls fresh gmand flaw lV . Ind
RE rac'd;Eß
aale Ur G
tor nniikdald and wiser
FIE URICKB-LA Ftlperlor ankleof Copkty
on hapd; for We by " •
ACAS—twat Patent Yawn caninnotly on handi
for sale by RHODES trALCORN
27 6111 et
OLDER bbls store; Gar sale by
V - • BELLER-SO? libeny at
COLORS-45 dos of 'ground colors .
compressible tubes_ various stmdlN for solely
J HIOD &CO, cor ' ellsk. greed its
P l f r t 6 r ei tega2 F' lob VrltfN
sr.4l 1.52 !then,
_ _ _
pip llETem10: tons Allestlesty htletsl, Oro Bit
r'.7! winmectmwm
rsaswr.llMU lb, prna7 for sale by •:
OAT6-4DO for salts I,=V
r‘IA r If • TINA: 47 . - i.n II O),C7T7ITTFTri44
4131PH011-1 bid refined for We by
ati • .1 D MORGAN
' D,ll3e.ks Engthh Vabedim Red, pan to arrive
BOTTZZI.—.4OO IW keE faVuli: by
All 885--ito bb l, Moim-se4 b
a3l • IlidArkYtt warrnt& ...xi
Z-10 tiorc. (rob jost reeeivr.* for sad
J :4; +5,..,117NiT1FM71141rr305,72,01A
,IXAMR—Coenteast snd eared constantly- •
Al hand; be sale wholterde • • , lendl.a7
all • OIDAN & SON
T WILING dlAASlZS—Virbelessle ina rehnibr u.
I,ILX FIIII4OE-14.4, th'3, end 4 inch. far sale ly
QTEEL READS-10N blanche. ibr taloi by
eiraOrS PAOWEBS-1 ct Atx rcd; i
(ILOCID3-36babes 30 boar and B day, ree'4 Pot sae
a 9 by . C ARBUTHNOT, Hood ft
0134.1 . r NOS—A bugs assortment or ne
pawns a these desirable geed. Jast opened: 6
• • sale b . FtI EATON.
•M A F ERIg S7I. Irgis i" d No
,pqrbw. 2, •
• - 10 ki 63 2; tar Pale by
MA KUM1,440 DI.
est, Go sale by OR
id, DIcOIIEW k.
liberty rt
BisiIJEBETS-45 pear • Demesn e Blankets
jast received=ranent; (Genie b ' •'
• a:0 - • . G const
wood at
UIOC FLOlM—flash ground hum new ctoi, fo
11..ak at dm Mostar,Land Spun Faxwry, 21 kk n.
ate • lt/iODEB 4F. LCO Li
CIIILESE-4.0 nxe.vailrliaria
dt • ear mithEekt t water •
VIESERIG-10D 14s W a (Reese;
• errant do; tor sale by
• • • W GREER
,140LA88Y8-114 bkts N O Motassts; o . •
kl do; ;WWI
MR- 4 est (1 33 Ibs) prima J =V;
AnADDE mala by ESELI an
.pit • 57 woad
I~INN .2.4. J....ea ; forme by
♦(18 GligETr--I.l' lbspaninnsequaliryje.t reejJ
8R1M 1370 /* - 7W4lbriert ree'd; bi .
UA 126,
fpIi AMMUh for sakay "Mi1.14.9".1111V;
.benatifed mewls, from No t jam received at
MORl36 . 3Litervy-berier-LiPoitall rt. • we
isailsoeis ow= cheese, (some weighing
ll MO/ mg fio
2 / I .lC,litt bull/ ft bar talc 4 - •
8? VON BONNI 101113? &CO
/11811 - 198,011—iebble fur whi by - • -
bb' Oil byy
water si
jut ree'd; tor
ALLSiICII,-Camasaan awl Claus la
. ~~
• Blew Poway roper. ' •
Panama foe Pa Lin the. Vity-of:Philadal;
W 8,4 tour Daily Paper; la be called
DAILY NEWS. , • • •-
rIIRE rapidly - Inciaming business topulation, and
uphal or Philadelphia; the cortneetion ex isting
between Whig principle! and the pmsperity of duchy.
and the presetu position of the Whig pony of Pennsyl
vania and of the Union, have's:slued the ..b.entrets
to mope., the utaldishment of the above
. paper .• • •
The NEWS will ado:mato WhisprinaTina ne origi
nally expounded by our Mrefulters of the uonstitatioes i
'sod edoptisMand adrouted by the accredited organs
cad champions of the Whig cause at the present day.
Thou proprietors refrain Mora Whoa forth to a proepee•
toe the peculiar propriety and Orating neecattly et the I
Pohlieetioe of khold, energetic, and Menem Whig Peo
ny dill city. • They we obvious. - This is an
us or cheap Inelaturei god - will° the poblishers aim to
<stabiles the paper npou the dads of solid menu they
would plaeisit within the reach of all t!! itschearrnew.
As a news, commercial and business papist, the
P ENS shall ha seeded to none of its eardeinporarlu•
The mow emple secarrcl bir receiving the
latew and most accurate lout, foreign and 'Maurine
1111 2ng1;ideliCate eir offeruive to a refined taste will
be Unlined into this paper.
Tugs.—The NEWS will be delivered to sebeenhers
at nix cents per leech. payable to conic, every Satur
day. Mall aulismitiers S 4 per amnia
Philadelphia, Augastg7,lNlZ splldtr
rpuE p'aesnrk, department. tithe duce exterere I:06-
J. Poland t„ Isllerty et head of woad, are now opco and
rad, to IMO up la rends is Creed, Sereetlames Cake,
Fmk, Cool Dank,, and all the weds rafieshmenta of the
either beet m proprietors most remedially inane the mapecuble
andiee the.. dumdum themsres,as they
an Mallen, that mall it. , ateat &perms/um 3t moot be
7, 3 t riamel„ and cm Minty t the roe pleases nwet no the
The Dare eletreals, both Lefseetend Gentle:Ma's, are
denualled for ear, mewls, and coodet by my to ths
and the the Parlors well challenge a comparbon
for ' Ofbtls.,llßll beauty, with
the.. of my Mother
emoblesiment ba fume snywhed.
The vest Stem% wide It. socket, chaste, end earth
roma, is, Is splice of the mew ot• Wag eurioury .
Rooms an fitted op at which anathema, aka., ma hoer
Leach, Illmsternad Reineunows al all hero ofthe lay. The
great Selma comma io both these aad gentkowa dtemere
lathe Toro cordate. Tile Lelia" Parlorandosise for La.
Mes—entreare at thoillt“ cocoon .
N. IL Pathaanoralle famished at the shaded duce.
Isegeortatit7ierthi I..adlor
IA R 2. DOSS nompetintly nithruts the Ladles of Pitts
, &Si. both and desnity. that she has taken merns at
Verner's Temperance. Hotel, near the Post Othce, for
the purpo d.
se of ten, a new syatem of Drew, eating by a meth.manta! rate, entirely her own. It has no
comeetton and bet • ebght resemblance to limit:T.6dt
efairs heretofore 161P01 , 03 upon the. public of a similar
nature. The most perfect satisfaction given, of entee
otnpense relented.
, /al person. however miipeneaced, can be doge
In ono sal. not %elf an hour; to fit 1.11 the moat perfect
and desirable style. and the experlmeed in mach fin- j
prove their min of innogoing inellitating then. business •
—call and mat It Mrs D has, also, I. erainectio., see. I
erob other breaches, among which oa that of dam,
Artificial Flowers, coloring, &causing and renovating
1 1
flumes and Feathers, etc. Term. Itheral to the eg•
trame. Please call and !WOMB the fonrselves.
N. B. Lades coo have linings fitted on petted. ent
for PS cent,
• Poi rOhidiceen Wood and Alarket-et.,apposit' e
Maj. Leerinzer's Exchange Office.
i r r IE L
. 41 " ts, dc" tr; I. J? aff? "4 41117- e" r i a
bath " . ' intact estabashment wan be ' o;sen to-d d
ay, per
vided with every thing necemary to render bathing
' 9ALT and SULPHUR BATHS prepared ar onleired•
The above establishment is fitted ap in an enure new
plan, being 'conflated from she ntof and the sabscribet
as confident that the improvements combined meantime
to render this aatablidiment the mast ontoronable am
powin the city. Jratha lf trnSIION
A T el ' r ' Wand Alirings7b C :; d en titl . n "* L h r '
barge mock of Werolene, seek a.
Broadcloths. French. Amorie. and Rein*
Twilled black French Cloth, of insperier miry'
black Cassimerem -
• Parley do do;
Blank French Doeskin do;
Genuine Weak
its wananted anshrinksble
Domestic Flannels, plata colors and barred, ac..
117 11 7holcsale stades, will find a chotce stock of
ahnost everything to the Ihy Galas way, in the whole
salts rooms up mar.- • spa •
MBE Sa W/HIC STSTORE. liseriber would direct ausation to his mw of
J. Foreign Wines and Liquors, embracing all deserip
tong and 'qualities of dry and sweet Wine together
With a large r assortment In - Waal and Glassy of White
. 004 Red Wfaea 'ChamPatnea-Bordeaua.Maraeillea,
and German Wines from tie Rhine arid Attache, Hoek.
soarklieg and will: and some SW varieties of French and
Italian rangy Cordials.' My suention Lein exclusively
desoted to this hilliness, purchasers wtlf be supptied
with genataa ankles. wholesale or retail.ind at mode
rase palms. JACOB WEAVER, Wine /horn
sot 9 eor market and front Ns
FROM the very nen/ eneentage
Lent the sabseriber ha, received since
arL.,." ha huh:eared dihnself In Allegheny,
has Waned hunt* take a lease, fora
, term of years. on the property he now
lo Heaver meet, nonacintiely beside the
Churl. Front the long expenenee to the
above bonnet. end • desire tsi please, he hopes to :cler
k sad receive a share of trnblle outcome.
Now on hand and finishing*, order, Rockaway Dag
en., and top Haexten and Gem dereoption of
wade to order. from sureary.five dollar. to
elidsthanaret lasp.l-dd) JOHN SOME.
• 4111dENSWARIC Ate
ple/Pliecessed at No lei Liberty street,aline lot
oflacecoaware,Teae, Pickle+, ke, which The wyrs.-
•er iatesths telling at Warted Week He would 10Vite
the sundae of dealers, hotel keepers, neamboat men:
and private famtlies. to call and ezatetne his week of
wares, beam perchaNek elsewhere As then sill
rod nto their advantage, those wishing to purchase,
should call sows soil seethe a barkain, as the propne
twe ts about chrsinghp his swek ag26
SOON—um (or several good book.
keepers, saleS7 ra h
w ool %cache's, coachmen.
mechauka, labore for a 11111111ber of Isma of all
Wanted—Env en a farmer and - no sons.
' Wanted money to. kerma, Warno,l— Good coivar,
teneeksepen rod seine 01. for all anat. Maces for.
a number of colored coachmen, wailers and colored
menoromen and to'ys.
. • Mate arrnly *WARMS'S Agency and loielfigenee
Odke, Pifilist. near: Wood. IN!
RIOS FLOUR for *ate at the Steward etsia
knet=No nth meet.. : Re little ace:lnto be
Et ne
oxamoolte or too value of Rice Hoer in
Pun"' &aging, arida, a wtrttesome delicacy for the
invalid, that we have eenetadel to foretell a hot et
tr=re:l i ciwbieh r r k r o. e i es m tero r d z o b= , ,=
walllea, nat., spengweake, wired calm blue mange,, as ROOM &ALCORN
DINPV.ILS—At the Athenteam— The proprietor,
the,Atbeneetes Refnatitnent armament will set at
Dinner table punctually at .I o'clock, v. sc, each may,
enetateseine on Wedneoday,the'S:th inst. The table
*ill be sappliett with the best that the market affords.
• rk......11 men ale rupee ea fainted 10 tan
A ITORNEY and Counsellor at Law,C/NGINNATI,
.21.0H10. Colloevons in %macro *tun audit, Indiana
and In tonineky, money and GlinfallyAnteade4 in.,
Cantaisatoner br dm State of Pennsilannia; ihr hang
Doarnmehaab.oarkdd.n.= l .l.. .
tam Tv—lion Vlirtn &U At. Hon, Con., Charth
Cambers,lVal Hays, Eon., %%Hoek Davin OS
TATATOHEff, JEWELRY.. Jec—Jaal receiving my
V MU sanely et fine Gold and Slyer Watches and
Jewelry b 'which I would call de &nestled of parches.
ms, es I wined's% tell d per tent &dream outcasts/
eamem prices, and rrillgearsatee every article ae rep
mewed. W.W WILSON
car lth & marketed
VslilliOLUT/oA—The colarasersiThe7airda
exisung between the subscribers. ander the style
of JD Williams &Ca, Is this day dissolved by mount
eouseni.. 716 badness will be mmtbrued by JD Wil
lams.whe is duly mtboneed to mule the accounts of
L b. b d . , p. _ - J D WILLIAM,'
PiUnhand,. Sept t. IRA
nALOCKIIIILII2—SOO kw ItJo Cone . ; . . .
1.7: . .
,_ 75 bail Impala:lo2g Tobacem• p ..
60 IV elms Tamp Upon and Imp Tea;
3167 a Y /I, Imp and 0 r Tea; .. •
I caroms a P Indlpoi
40 bis Cbaeolaiq , •
' 100 matte Caul., •.. .
i 1 Cllk Ombra Bladder;
50 bble mu Leave*,
• •,0 bble anomodkOinaeri
, 10 pelt ti last trod and for Tale by
. 1 8 -. .., : .11 ROBISON t CO. if* liberty at
ONDRIKII-160 bbl. N 0 Maltose
„ bbl 811 Molaawin
10 nbla Leif do;
do Tanner; Oil;
• 10 do Rosin; •
: 100 'kW .pan Bole Loather:
IGO ken row*
100 dawn Cora Bowe.;
cOOO 114 Conon Yang
100 mama wrapping raper. in stare: Or oak,
10 bap 01 , 90,
1.1 5 tlems
3dp tkleroooq,
I' do Idaode,
• 100 mans Caret:
• 10 004 Cider Vamp.; •
100 doz Corn Brooms; '
too kegs assorted 011.00 Nails;
• Up 40,0 Reaver,Buckol..
• 05 0007000;
8 taws Leaf Basin
5 0 101411101zza,
.14.3011*'"'". j gclll.1 P %% 6 447a & ROE
- - -
.F °it "!. as,'" C.:l'lWeicrodittiffoorth _
• 'Tsruso nand
_ • ;Window nub acd Glass to salt; •
,•• Boards,
Loalswillo Lima
ForiaJa byjdAdellAAßLY, Agent and Coottoisslon
itsseltant.Sti it stew Wood.
.. No t CboOO/Oto•tta.l*
- - • No 1 Votos ?MO, do; ;
" • NotN
i pmli do;
orto Coaiolt7 Chocolate.
°opus I supply a lw a y's on hood; &rude by
Alenti for the Blotoolietwor
aCS-4.1, tibia chip Legareeadl_
lG b y.
P ATpl ri e4
I S Win Madder, ••
cc:mg e
le by
bble opperas;
.10 do: Wal e. c backs;
. • Self:este." Uwe;
bbli lye Fleur;
Crab Cider, on egotteienutenCtor
b 1 11) WILLIAMS
duod Pi 0 - ,
• , 5 bbls panted. N U 7•
• 3 do embed;
• 5 6 , bulddrided: •
5 do mall Ledt;
1 due Lodreiard D Ibr sate h 7
O D S/Intri -- 1 b off,Tesi,,tl D WiL
botdold GOY Javd,•
4, 41 1.. do ?dacha; for date by
• II) WILLIAIII4.IIO wood at
1100P2A TOOLu.4hvi been e_pe.'renl *et
A,/ feeling Lae of evlebnued' WOlte
= ll ZOlO.lO t 0* WI sep" ply abbe iesetantly
Ti1e....11*1011/1000-4S.bra Ilkattserimiporw
) 7 4F- A V lA Arg amgit
21 1 *
fA,L 14141 Nett ; • - •
son San I
not.l &
tines I loon &loons
dies pininos,
9 — Tb a u - 74 -- - , ---- t• ! 537 a
10iFliday 1 , , 5
II Saturday l - : : 5 36
1! Sunday 1 : 6 37
13 Monday: '
74 Tuesday 1539
15 Wedoesdoky I . 5 401
670 6947 • .
6 17 7 13 •
6 15 7 96
6 19 8 13
• -
6 12 8 53
6 10 9 ,
M — nof the Oestua Staanteis.
Stearees. a learaine. LCSTO Amer. U, --- ,, --- n,,
--- a,
BA/ 9 MR., Oit lewia, Sept 1 Oet 1
~._t/ibent.9 , loo, Ryrie, Dept 19' Ott /0
...retain. (DO Junior, 011.4 Sept 1
Waq'ton. I Am 2 liewli, Sept/ 15
PkilattelpLia.(krrj . Sept /5 Oct 10
Miseoun,(Frl; . Sept3l- Ate 31
New York iFt/ i ' .: Sept/5 Aug 13
u.i..,(Frl 11 L .Sept 39 Atli 31
-- '
Eastern Msit;vie Philadelphia, doe. A. M
in a&
Western Mai , Cincinnati and Louisville, due 8 P
M., Mines 5 A. M.
Southern Mail vie Baltimore and Washington, due
P. BL, closes 5 A-M.
North Western Ins Cleveland, due TO A. 111., closes
9 A. M.
Elie and Wialtern New York, doe 8 P. ht., closet
8 A. I%Y.
.4teaus Boat !i Pocket Idea, leaves daily for Chi.
einnaooo A. as.
Paasenger Packet via Brownsville to Baltimorean:l
Philadelphia, S a:wand r. re.
Canal Packetidne to Philadelphia, daily, 9 r.
Mail Coach Lite' direct to Philadelphia, 9 a. IN
and 124' at.
Western and Solithern Mail Coach Line,Zo. at.
North Western via Cleveland, doily, 10 A.M.-
Eric aid Wntern 'New York, dolly. 9a . 0.•
North Eastern to Philadelphia, daily, except Son- 1
days, 4 'a. n.
°setae Pirninunow GAZETTE,
:Ilitierdty blanking, Scpteber 9..
The market generally Is quiet, without any im.
portant change in prices. '
.Floor seems firtner than at our last report, and
pricey *lightly in the ascendency. We notice a
sale of a* bbls at 51,75. cash, par funds; and of
400 bbls oo Tuesday, not before lapelled, at. 4.871
Sales by the dray load amounting to some 50 bbli
were made at 55 ts. bbl. •
Rye Floor--Sales of /0 bbl, at 53,25 py bbl
Supply in market quite limited. •
Grain—Tim market 1. dull and sales
implu wag at the usual: Wbut 8.5 to
90e. Rye 40 to 43, Cora 37 to 40. Ots. to llbe
P . rosisiiins- t Tiao mark e t steady, withentehange
In prices. • We note sales 2 esks sagas crowd barns
10m 4 do, embrading country nod city eared at 9 Os
oral 1000 Ito sides at afttlie 1 4 .•
Lard.-Salon of 400161. keg lent at ttiej; lb.
Cheese—This mirket continues firm, witb farther
sales of W It aiG to 61 I. lb.
Butter --Sales of 900 kg. flatter at 9.1 to 10e per
supply is quite limited.
-- Whiakty—Salcoof bbls raw at 10 to 19c; and
10 Ulla good rye at 30c. Regular sales of common
res6fied at 23e; and of old at 30c p gal.
TaJlow--Saica of 600 lh• at Sic t 316.
Scorching.—We quote further ales of 6 tons at
4 cents.
Pot Ash-7 toss wets sold At 4tthi44 cests pc
‘iispowrs Dr nivßa.
WHEELING—Per Keelboat 'Rough and Ready
—95 bbd. usnacco-19 bdl. leather, Clark & Thaw
bbl. door, Orem, McGrew & co-24 kg. but
ter, I boa goo barrels.
STEUBENVILLE—Per Keelboat Wei Flaglo—
bbls floor, Lambert & Shipton--6 crti ware, S
Wightman-62 .k. wool, Bidwell-10 bg. bartry.W
As potato., lot of sondnea, owners aboard-2 bbl.
Pyle, S Gettis—V do do, owner aboard—V3 do
Boor, J W Rele—t) toss clay, Robinson & Monis '
—2500 bricks.
WELLSBURG—Per Keelboat Lewis Wbasel
-75 Ilk. wool, Bingham MI hhdp bacon, Jordan &
Sue-6 do F Seller.-10 do tobacco, J Flack-168
bbl. Boor, owner aboard.
BEA VER—Per Keelboat Umpire-310 tot 'paw.
der,Jas Pit., -101 bra cheese. Cangbey-33 do
do, F Dmen-77 bdl. paper, Wallingford & e 6-11
bbl. wire. S • Stevene-1 c.k Gillet. 152kocrell & co
I 14:4 sand, Fahnemock & co-350 bble doer, H
Satan Privet la the City Illarket.
Wedriadny Morning, Pcpt
APples4Ppek 10 0 1241 tem 4 0 5
3 4 beer. 46 9. 50 7 .14 te• • . .... 23 0 -
--Middling 4 0 6 10ie., bllpek•-• - 012)
--Girard 50, Wadding Lea, pm 50 6
—Dned•-• 0124•Potk i lenati 5 0 6
8 0504 barteli••.• 903 Parialp.P borsai• • 9 0 1
freepeintlb 16 fOtt' ,
eptatoft, ax f• p. 40050
D. do Roll•• ;12 0 4 I—ltre ..• •• -- 62.•0
Do pple. qt• • 010 1 bed p • 025
Bear in hod Pp 6 Fo'o .2.
P 2.• •pk •
40 0.2
..-01146 pike fr 4410 012 )Pairkes. pek •• • • 1000 '
Cabtive,P hail.- 3ft 3•—tried, P at- 40 3
Came 46 blurb • • 20 3, IPiekei,P dos 16015
• Ornery 305 6ea, in ball,,Ppek- O
at...ker. Gk. 4. pr 9t ea' !Sanaap. ,•-• 0—
...... 00k7 i—bant 50 7
- 0 , 1--...Driod • 6 0
Corneal BRIM, ba 045. Tape. Dre 6 fern 11 013
Gleams, p qt . ..- 1-.-Pried • ..... MIO3I
Gam OSO erch• • 0 -
Crabtree. at--- 8 . 1----elaoed • ••
Dunks, P pert 22015, 1 1 1.1 bre tam plb .5
---eltard• • -•- 0- Wallets,♦ pa.• -• 10 Da
Rep Pen. .... - . . 2 / 1 0 . 1
e 1.., • ',4l , 47l'retestp barith•-•0 031
Goterberner.42. qt- 0 0 • Adana 25 C
line/.(:ray p lb- 7 0 8 .rBoekm , 124025
Snicked 8 010 Ta t 66 60 0150
I HeetimP qt 4 64 Ft.ouß—
lkumcowbii.ll...l6 our w6.t.160 et 0)
aiad," qt-16 - 020 .. _.. wee
Led, 11.• 8 810 Gareitire •••
Com lido: 6 0 6'! Tipp plant 4 0 ki
nadaebenico Pqt- 0 -•Toulatos,epek.... s 010
Plaine Pqt .. 10 019 Pellonn, each ••• • 20 043
The 'morning-im pleasant, the market well
Supplied inewell 'attended; with-little variation
in the prioriainee leat.qootetiOna
' , The Weimer Financier, Caps• H. Kounht,
bare for Cincicurati, at 10 o'clock this day. Tho
Finineler driwa only 15 inches water, and is go.
ing out exclusively with pusangers.
Wa kw by . telegraph that the stoma? Car.
am, Capt. Hay,, arrived safe at Cincinnati,
yestenlay rooming. '
D. LEECH & Co'.. PACKET, Pbiluie'Oda and
Ballimore.9 e. w.
senvim PACKETS at 9 and IQ u and 3r r
auspow PACKET, d 1 .4 0, ',4 r. U.
DISPATCH, Nelme, I3rownoille. • •
.o s I row! 4. Iscgt4l aSTA SD
Louis McLane. Banned. Unrensville.
%Vellerille. Hama: Walleville; •
Haden. Ebbart;Saafieb. '
Despatch, Hinson. Atom City . .
Cal! Cops, nb:des, Unl l l.w.
Skipper . , Waver. •
Figsaeter. ream an, Ctn.
.filawert, Hard.
Cease. Bowman. Brownville.
Louis McLane, Bennett. Brower"'lle
Monterey, Woodward, Brownville.
Wellsville, Baran.,
Beaver. Boon Beaver.,
' Lake • Erie. Hemphill, Beaver.
Diapateh, Nelson'Browrinille.
Camden, Ileadrilison, Bearer.
Alert. Gregg, Cia.'
Skipper,.. Vent,
No. '
;o Mary Pitithurgh, Fe.
/i N th c .ffil fr innf t rat*Turvle"l":ll7l7ltTe u ;
have groaned the cervices of John Oarrey,—recemly
of Broadway, New ,York—esforeinut ofthnle estabolc
Tido gentleman having teen extensively engaged is
the custom barium, exclinively, in the Oboes city lee
the ISB/ ten years, berth known by toot fashionable
community and Is einveniallyreeknoerledgert to be a
cutler of great acquirements. • '
lye. ill be 112001k1S supplied with Pa:reign (whines,
whlen will givens the advantage of odering our Celle.
MUMS /IPSO ilia Wren styles. Geode... liibp Oro ,
Modred. of adorning their penmen, can, by calling ail
the Original Mar, be ampernothited.
All anicies from this emablishmentwill be warrant-.
rot in every particular, es no trouble or eapenoe will be
wanting on oar put to afford general satisfaction.
We save Just received a splendid Meek et French
and English black, Brown, Blue, Breen, Olive and Cla
ret Cloths.
Sleek Moo, Brown and Omen Beaver Cloths.
Foolish I.lloth/sib._
Fiedeassimeres and Cloths for Socks and Business
French Doe Skim, plain and gored.
Do limey CaseWerea. •
Alw.• large Lid of American Cloths and Cassiencren
French met eat Yeivete for vesting.
Do Sleek and fancy bailee.
Do 'do no Pihe.,
Do do do Cashmere, and all mudea
pertaining teeny business.
We harem , ndomuagnibinTow ww.s in on Weal
have, being oonneetal with Dolmen both in New York
and VOS/011.111POSSIll keep as capp li e dwith
the Meath. repent splinter needs. •
ALSO—WiII he kept eonwently on. hand a general_
assartment of ready made Clods:mg. • . .
•• Together with a
Eltirts,DroWers nailer Bhinallesonsi,
Whim, OcerPhertssuktiMmos, ' SospessMns as be.
• • APicKER kgar
;-, BOW Maier Sonhs 70 moo g d
- -N.B. All order. will bap/Womb , enemies n . .07
..ermtiaellaretimmis -on St toms
: llsessighlaseisaiatasstlakedasmasiuds
• • .
• •
Mani well known line of aplendid Pesicogee Otes.o
s L mar catenated of. the lanteet, Iter` test, Lei
finished and famothed, and no.t payer ut boat* on On
watereof the West. Every eectunnterhoo and coati
lon that money can Fromm, la. been provided for per
/engem The Line ha. been in operauouror five yea
—pave cartied • million of people unto. the leant
W ry to their pence. The boats will be at the foot of Wen)d insect the any omelet" to pasting, in the reeeli.
tint* of height and We entry of passengers on the rent/.
ter le aII eases the passage nyntey mitt be paid in
•orgb every Monday naornirig it 10 oTleei;
every Brouday evening at 1010.
The /1111 FR NIAS D
, NO. 2, Capt. J. El . itseelter, will
leave Pitiebotgh every Tuesday morning at teeloelt.
Wheeling every Torday evenitut m 10 P.
The NEW ENGLAND, Is(). 2, Capt. S. Detre,vrt•
leave Pettharah every Wednesday naming at lo
o'clock; Wheellog every Wednesday evening at 10 P.
. ---. _ •-.—. - -
The WIPCONSIN, Capt. R. J. Grate,rill leive Pitts.
bush everyThalvdaymorning at IDeehrehr Marline
every Thtrsday earning at Pr PM. ' -
TEs CLIPPER, NO. SI, Copt. Crooks,will leave Pitts
coptpa; Wltsclino
every Fc1711% eF;ridfds'arlVV. N.
• •
. ... . .
The MESSENGER, Cage. LiVird, will leave Pine
burgh every Suarday morning ar lUo'elock; Wheeling
every Stanek). evening ai W P. M.
The ISAAC NEW TO N, Capt K 4. O. Mason, wiU
cave Pittsburgh every Stunday moraine at 10 .'doergheehug every Senday evening 2110 P. DI. s ,
laity SI t:l7
• The steamboat DETROIT, Capt. 11.
CottreDlM!! commence panning be
tween Detroit and the Vault pie
Marie on J.e grit, making erectly
tnps during the mmaituter of the
•eaaon, leaving Detr o it every Taevday at o'clock, Y.
The Detroit is one year old, has a powerful 100 prey.
• engine, and is well adapted to the :welt Bodo
For Freight or oe
P.. ;1 1 1l/E4CTR I NT d da r tleveland
J N F.LBERT. Detroit
F IV LAweos°
j a i
34.31......„ Tho steamer FINANCIER, CS i
draught) Koontz. master, will lea
mat.. this morning at 10 o'clock
for passenacrit exclusively. rp,SI
The new and lightdrewht SLIM.
J Plea , minter, will Wove for ahoy
and inteimedlnte pore re Friday, th
Loh Inn *lloo'o.k, a.m.
For frcixht or passage, having superior acoocomod
lions. apply or J - NEWTON JONES
- 217 Monongahela llowe
The elegant ;111d A r . :Ter , n , IALT:kr{
Alkinno . n, maven, , rll !leave is nKn
fanny at 10 o'clock. For freighl.
Etr . 21.1. apply on pont& heihAl
Thenew, light draught and fast run
:Bog steamer EUREKA,
Crozier, sinister. will ran PS a regular
Itch. between Pinsbargh and Louis.
relic, during the season. She leaves tiamolay, August
21, al 10 o'clock.
for freighter passage ato .. ' ly on board. ' a3l
• Rhlgnilan Beaver acid Glasgow Pocket..
The new and fast running steamboat
Sholes, master, built expressly for this
trade. will ran an a regular Picket to
Beaver and Glasgow—leaving Puts.
burgh daily at :o'clock.... a, and evening to Glasgow,
lovemli of Sandy and Beaver Canal,l on 111 - anday, Wel
nesday. and Friday.
For freighter passage to Beaver. New L,sbon, or the
towns Weiit and Norther New Ltslion, apply on hoard
omen jeS 9ls W HARBAUGII.9I wood sweet
--- #ll l / 9 iiigili . iiiiingaiii/liis — rlsoliiii. - ii
The new and fine steamer
Ebben, master, has resumed her rep
clar trip* and will leave... Pittsburgh
as above every Thursday and' Blon-•
day at 3 o'clock, P. AL For freight or passage apply
m ak
on board. *eat
jaatt, The sew !steamer
Nelson master, will run oa shore; lea
jog Pit' s bore, every Monday. Wed
nerelays and Friday, nip{ o'clock. A. NI., and Mononsa.
bola Cityerery Tuesday.Mt:Way and hatordny. sr 5
o'clock, A. N. For freight or peerage apply on boar d
/T 55
Bleirsaliii — l c iitiskiiiktriiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiii7
THE hght drought 'learner
. 11E21
Hord. Moster.wili maks. weekly Dips
or the above poi i doting the *croon.
• For freight or inissate apply on bor rd
or an are) D sTII.EINS. Ate„
To Traw•Mor..
.rlgaglik FOR grega
I.K.reactissly /SF Nuevo, 1
7 11111 R Canal ea Railroad Items now in excellent
A order. De Packets of this Lint leave await pas
senders au follows, every /light ea -Setae
Packet Indiana, Berkey. Slontsy, Acts No.
do Lonimiona. Thompson, Toreday, Aefal.
do Kentucky. rattly, %Vednesday, Sept 1,
do Ohto, Quid. Thursday, Sept 2.
do luararta , Belk ev. Friday, seal
do Luniattna-Tuinpet.Saturtati, Sept 11,
do Kentocky, Trout . Sunday, Sept S.
do Ohm. Cralt, Monday, Sept 6
do Indtana. Bev key,Tnolay, Sept J.
do Loale-tada, Thompvon. ednesclay: Sept .9
'do! Kentucky, intliy,Thuroday, r..p, v...
Oh,o.Craix. Friday Sept IP
do i Indiana, Berkey. sontrday, Sept , -
do I Lottalona. Thompson. Sunday, Sept It
you,Sestre cheap attaching and eatokinahla Oceans
atotlatten. tenure your Dans as the Packet Offiee,
Alonaelgitiela House, Winer eureet, or of
eNt CO,'
aanama a cos MP
71413ACIIANTS and others .coding pods East, are
iNS inkirsard that this line is thefutew now running
hetweeU, Pnisburib and die East. eoliAtairg• at Balti
more with Adams and Company's express daily, for
all the 06=1p...ft:smut tides. Packages oral! sires
received and forwarded daily to Brownsville per a:cam
era Lnola Ale Lane and Consul, and mane byour Ea
preassieszons which are anderloek t to Caralmitand and
thence by mail train to Baltimore.
For ruiiher panieulars enquire at 8t Charles /Tote.
buildinge, Wood street.
Ito VIaKERV, dent
LAND, Is non. ronninftdally eanh orny, tarrying
7.1%10 of Good. ton Frontlet, between &Ann point,
Alemhezdaso from the Eau is delivered in !Mahwah on
MA- Men of the third day Dom ClMlL[olllll—tontinK
dim the. most expeditions mote for lettnur oat thuds
from the Eastern Chien.
The Aron In Banizoorn will ame a receipt as to time
and eon. I
The only Agenteore ' l C R/DWIU.L. Pittebergh '
G W CASK Orownulo
J R ROBINSON, Nn 3 Licht .1,
'near Posit it, Ralvreoro
Ai • 1847, MONA.
SAVE Veneer dolly at .1 o'clock, P. 311.. alter the
'J./ arrival of the utranaboat BEAVER. Diem Pittabragh,
and arrive at Warren neat morning le anion for the
Saga wltleh reach Cleveland beano •
Mattelfen all he Dee:pied thrreghi Beet:nag be nh s
an the Packets, end seats fa the Singed on appitennon
on board mesenboat Beaver, Dem:tog 'Pittsburgh at 9
O'clock, AL st.,) or to the agents: • I
0 M BARTON AC., Pittsbargh
.CLARKS AC, Dearer
sold M B TAYLOR. Warren
Drug., Cheaper than =nen
Pa lli d l y e p. s=s, d pVl if .d ti,l , i oily, ra ' ro l I :I: r e ' s, i re, " l.ll t=
vt. ens door south of Diamond alley, Pitishargb, Is now
rgnelsitig a large'end fresh supply of Drop, ite. among
which may be found . Me following artMls• which will
ha sold low for cash and warranted. Cislehanles arid
smal/ Squats is Ids motto. •,
MO' Sp Whiting 130§0 Cores. • •
lON venetian Red,Eng 30 nsms Cinnamon
taro red Lead, Emteno l, CO lb Nutinsgs
IVA gal Pods •••/8 cases Crowe Soap
IMO Enema Mew Ado ExcLogerood
411 W chipM Lotwool I cog sep'earb Soda
MVO Camarood.grtstmd I bale h India i co n .
3CGO ehlp'd Fustic 11 eases GI Shellac, No I
ZOO Oil Vitro! , 3 . do citle'd Magnesia
1070 Aquefortis ldo Matt do
30 galls t opal Varnish MAI Cream rotor
600 do Elpts Turpentine g carboys`selph Ether,
38 do Venice do :I do .8o Nitile do
to bb Is white Rain 2CO ito Amir Vermillion
300.0. chrome Yellow 3 cases chrome Green •
.pH JOHN I/ MORGAN, Drugelat
LADIEFI Who Use Common Prepared Chalk, an
/Ls Mum not aware how ffighttolly tinariorm ts to
the skin! how wise., how rough, how Wallow, yellow,
nod unhealthy the akin aopeoto anur tiring prepared
chalk! Besides, it is inharimmiconimohri a large goon
lit/ of lead. We have prepared a lieseliful vegetable
•niole, which AT call JONETS'S SPANIttII LILY
W HITM It Is pnrlictly Innocent, liteingparified of all
dedetettoo, qualities; and it impsns to the skin a natio
e el, healthy, alabaster, otter, tiring "dim, at the same
actiog as a comet. on the oklo,lnaddng Bean
and smooth.
Dr. James Aneerson, emetiettl Chemist of hlsma •
ehesetts says: "After analysing Jones's Spanish LIII2
Waite,' had it possesses themams heaatiful and nata.
rah, at the same time innocent white 1, ever sow.. 1
certainty eon conseiennoosly recommend its gee M all
whose shin requires beasnifying.n •
Prien 23 cents Stem
per Sold by IVIII.JACIistON, at his Boot and Shoe
Store.Vo Liberty Inset, head of Wood, at the Man of
the Die Boat.
READ AND REPLECTI—Don't be so miserly. bet
follow the dietatei of common settee; How may
thostaluds there are, who the the pahry ruin of two dol.
tars, an willing Is wraith deaf for ycarslond yet It is
no more etrauge than true! Notwithetrulding mons of
their friends and acquaintances have beett yerfeetly
eared by the ase of r , eart's Acevedo Oil, and letters
. an d eernbeatcs of undoubted surthority may be daily
examined at the entreat Dr //Jayne, Nob gouth Third
Philadelphia, whew the indistinct le far sale; yet
because thererte • b ire posetbility of lII' thileret theY
CVllllffilli not only to annoy their friends, bete co raise
rattle themselves —PUG But.
.27For stale at the FEELY THA STORJ 72 Fault
Trh.:,:oroinl"..laokili,..-":,14:111:,,...""Yrit:rm,,,4m ar4:l4h,e'halkli . - ',..---", Le:bill:"liExL":l4:"4.":::rotry:°;P•uliaoke,'"Tgegoa-*".4(
"'I a Pagiu4s
8 IP rl "" ca " now l = the
l'would 41k
a -t-- I ' 74 .7 " IL ''''' - 1,- I. a"nb inerum t rumen:, ,
Th. them °lutTo. 0 josES-1:41J1-w.i .. , ~.." 1 4
Aulooiignn. " 4 $ IM° " linma Y4 ' '" lre.ll4' o - z...a.qzm.:. ; ..-, .< . lizailiont,i ,, -
.... 04. ww .x..... • 6l mctit,t.--- ,„ • boa ! "'' APfill , - emcsoFfitg 4-
resogoienm"- ft", l' lt im p -OW : - —... ~ •-'T, • • -...,.,,,-_,
,'.— i? )
, - 1 7 ,
~.. -, ,":,.444:--";t•--c.---
• 1847•
- t. ,
,Mtelusitairfar Pattaratwa• ,
TllS4vibUg are 'Yeaperifely lnformee that thts Line
will commence rartningon or about the tem stunt,
end conlinne throughout the season. 'lnc manners
' have noarplated a aupenor clam, of Paeiew atan nail
road Ewa on the mate, with extra tweaosetawatonei
which will give greater coadott m travetato - • .
A Paean Eau will always be in pun, tux lain my.'
eliag public are requested to roll anal c 1•3•11,0 mean,
prevtoau m engatang pottage eltiewbete
willPU DOLtainak•
°neer the Packet. leave, the lanotag,tomacte
the United 'Plates Dotal., corner Tenn bust', asat the
Canal. Farr) , night at Oyelock
For Infonnation apply at the odtce, narnaraganeha
Ilea, Water auvet,or to . D LEECH &Co
roan ear Penn street KM
FICA 1.1
LE 1 2 .8 C 4 1 7 1 . 00 , 14 -
BETWEEN par:mutton,
1 ne. inock of this line vinsists' of is doable daily
Line of ,BOste and Can, (owned by thentael , mbi
whieh net inkood order. The aubsonbers are prom
red to !Loosed a large' quantity of Merehandatt, usa
Produce -with certainty and dispatch:
Produce-Or klerehatidiso consigned to any ar sae Cin
dersigned. is forwarded free of any sharge for commis.'
mo or mores,
Bike Lading tranamincd and all insfructionspronsptly
mended to.
The business of this Line is conducted an Melly
SabliMh.killeping principles. Addreta, or apply
• • II LEECH & CU. Proprietor..
Canal Buie, Pittsburgh
BARRIS & LESCll,Propneters,
No 13 both Theo street. Philadelphia
JOS. TA YLOR & SONS. Agents,
No 114 North flow. n 1 street s Baltimore
W /I WILSON, Agent,
No 7 Welt mom, New York .
labial 1847. Eitspgt
14 '.?. 11 t‘ , zitint.,°`. F ,'.111 1 :7 - '2,..P"rbniff m k
di„ way, and Me consequent risk of delay. damage,
breakage and mparanon of good,.
• , IDI.'E & CASH
No 279 Market street. Philadelphia
O'CONNOR &Cts,Plrr'tb'altdrell,'aar,i.n.,,,vutbA.o,„
W& J T TAPSaa_rrk o , 7.3 South st,.N. s -4. '-
Id...sad by . increinied hasineas the Proprietors
Lava added In ihms mock and extended their arrang ee .
meats during the winter; and are now prepared to kir.
ward freigat with regularity and dimiatch unsurpassed
by any other liar. Their long experience Ca earners, able u ,hndphegre at s c peronty ofhe Poreble Boat System, apacit and
convenience of the ware
honee. at each end of the line. are pecalially mkt.. ,
tad to enable the proprietors tOMIGI their engagements
and nem:m/iodate their eustomers—confidendyolferom •
the past as a
n ua nce foe the future they respectfully
solicit a continuance Of tam patronage which they now
grakfutly acknowleMse.
All torougnamats to Tann & O'Connor will he reed
and forwarded Steamboat charges paid said tills of
-Lading transtained free of any charge for Coraraimion,
advancifig or mange. Ilaviimano interest directly or
indirectly to AltatTlyontf, the in ertel of the cOnstemnn
must nemorarily be their primary onmet ru 'sipping
west. and they pledge themselves to forward all sends
consigned to them promptly and on the most adv.ta•
polls Icrias to the owner..
Mare?! 1. 1E47
18 47. &Mud
frrWithout Traathipment4al
Good. consumed !moor care w ig bl 2 forwarded with
out delay,at the lowest current rate*. Bills of Lading
transmitted, and all sastruLli.4 promptly attended to,
free front any extra charge for Womge or commtaston.
Addrers, or apply to MeANULTY a. Co
Canal Bute, Pittsburgh
;laving very large and commodrous womkouite,
we ave prepared to receive lin addition to beight (or
altionentl• large amount 0/IProduce, ste... on Storage at
low razes. (mow) ;C_lt MeANULTY &Co
laii=' 1847 . initia22ll
r, XCLUSIVELV for the tranapenumn of WAY
_Le FREIGHT between Pinsborgb,Blainnrille, John.
sown, 801 l idaysturgh, Water Street, l'eteMbargh and
all "%immediate places.
One Boat will too, the warehouse of C A hlcAnehy
& Co., Pittsburgh, every Ow, regeept Sundays,' and
shippers can alWays eepend un having their goods for
warded erithout delay and at (air rates.
Thla Lbw was formed or theapeclal accommodation
of the way tiannew, and the prommora rerpectfully
ollett LIMBO share of patronage,
J011:11 PICKWORTIr "" 1011N MILLER
WILLIAM ruurr.
JOHN MILLER, llollidayaburgh
11 CA-N.Ali Johnstown Agrata.
C A MeAR & Co. Piusburgh
I 1 McDevitt, John Parker, Robert Nome, Elagaley
Pownitrith. rest 6
Llfifi ER IS ASO LI. S.
is 47. • &Mad
old Braver,ene freight and p as senger Canal Boa.,
mown between Deaverand Erie and connecting with I
C Iteed!* Line of Sierunboat Propellers and Vessels
ae the Laos, Will ho prvpared unto the earliest open
ing of "Sonoma:l to cony Frngnt and P 211.1421,1
all Points On th e Canal And Lebec
li ne n, every 1:1r11:ty for wins:eying freight and paru
renters witnproroiteess and' riente, lb. proprietor
and acenta iespeetwOy solicit hen Weil friends and
he polite generally tlisrr pettorige.
C 31 REED, Erie. Proprietor
REED:', PARK: , & Co, (leaver, AM.
JO/1N A CAtr(BIEY. Pinsh'et b,
Cur.Ernolibrld and Water air, oppotte Munungi
gueseln Bowe.
Wheeler, Cmcker & Aspen
Co, - New Tort
Den Davis, Buffalo
E N Part. & Co, Clceland
Lt. A A &nano. & Co, Detroit
McClure & Wilbruns. Itidwatik to
Briatol & Porter. Chicago
We, Pamela. Powersioarn, Peona •
Coo 9factrelmyre, Evansburgb, :Nona
John tole hither, Bantams u, do
1% ick & Acker, Ureenvitte, do •
Craig & Frampton, Clarksville, do :
Bay. & Plumb, "barpsbufgh, Pa.
- DI C Phil., Charon, do
_ :Ft ly Conning... Ne , seCamie, do marl
MEN 18.47:
Itoo • act ASPORTING MtitolitßlM
, • MM., WIT ROUT TttaisstriptaltT.
rrllf. improved method of carrying used by this long
J. EMabliebed Line, in now. well known that de
scription 1. tioneccosau. Goad. are not touched on the
mine, thus all transhipment °renal handling Ms...
The Boats art of light draught and perform their trips
in from six to seven dna.
The capacity of oar Willehoures enables. to glom
any consignment. made toes. Recetviog,storing, and
Advance. free of charge..
/king folly mowed to make sale. of Produce, we
respectfully indica conaignoiente of western Flour,
:Bacon, lard, Butter, Chet., Woul,Fembere, and other
utile.. for sale, on which liberal advances will be
made and other usual facilities afforded, pledging our
selves that any Losineu entrusted to mdthall die as
promptly cretin.' and upon .5 fair terms as brainy
other Goose. JNO AIePADDEN A Co
Canal Bonin, Piontotrth
/AS Al DAV/8 A Co
249 and 251 Market st, Philada '.
-- . -----1 . - 4. - 21ICICElt_i
Bast Bearer Point and Bridgewater,
aaaaaa cimsTr, RA.,
. ' Proprietor and Agent of steamers .
LaWliag ..
IlMit . .
Dada. 1:1111rttt f . PIT - Y.OOIOU In SILLYZIII,
Wll4 Lopiepared on earl imt open rpreanal now
.iptlon to receive pmperty al It letter( bettor
In warehouse', for all pointa on Erie ' Extetooon, Croon
Cut, and Oilin Canal& for all ports oar Lake Erie and
opper Laker, as elm to forward patters, P.m's.
Ira mu. Apply to or tares,
fet,2l-dtf JAB iIiCICSII - Deaver
_. _
s alt 1846. agial
IL clarke.c
LA I : i t oo K .p xE
4 .4
o h l e o hmoad Co.
PO/WMdin' C0Mm1.2104 iierchaata,
Agenta and Yroorietcali of Elie Liao (oe favor
- ably known to the pabliclovin be ;impend.. the
:tidiest operung or canal navigation to receive prop
sny at Pittsburgh and Beaver, and deliver the same at
any point on tho Ohio Canals, and abood Lakes Kele
seeMalin.; With the greatest despatch and &treas
onable ride,:
The proprietor, of this line solicit the basins. of
(bear former eusiomen wilt confidence, knowing that
their faellifin are second to none.
Apply to or address ,
G 151 BARTON, Agt, Piushargh.
CLARKE a Co, Beaver.
lanes T RICISIOND tr. Cr f vsefrind.
/pin Cowmen% Poitatilo nom iihnnpany being dim
1. mired. the Company again!, wont Ono articles of Co-
Partnership ander the mime of the "Iloaimenh. Linter
and likewise agreed no real the Mock no as (otiose a.
• muckier of Mats far the parpom of carrying 'goods
Mum main ma n freer nix In eight da)s. with censinty—and
fuel encouraged by the It bentllty of WI year'. pitman•
age, maker none extensive arrangement., for the em
Milne year.
tYn would therefore respectful!) , solicit a enntina.
anee of Our limner riallOn• and refer aline* ellsaiMell
la lb.. we have done ha I cOO% for.
ak:EZti 847.1.435igai
Forte umiiportalion of ..
air. &MD, Or Istrietrannisig, TO AND gnarl
• Panormeonta,Esmeock. N ass Von; no, Dotson.
Corner Libeny atter,' and Canal Basin. Pit:sham&
.. • A
ar L'GERHART.& Co,
' N 0345 Mket street, Philaiklphia.
ELDER, U ELETON & Co. Agent;
PITM DURUN—Jas.NeCaNy, Goa. MOM. it Co.
W bfeCullY & re, D A !Sampson & AI -Allen & Co,
PillhADELPIIIA—Morria Patictson & Co, Reynolds
'McFarland & Pleraine Jelluzliy, Peter Wright &
Eon. .1 Hamblen, Joseph Grate. •
NEW YORE—Goodkne & Co, Theo. Perry. & Co. •
Ink sT MN—Recd. Hard P. Co.
CINCINNATI—.Adams A Creath, W W'Eem'bo,"
Nash' r. •
Nora—All merchandise Cram New 'Fork end florin s
consigned mA Li Emhart Co. Philadelphia; will be
promptly lbrwarded /rear recurrilmion.. 4405
So w and Waiblonsithslo pat mad Cap st.
(*UNDER theakartegottehafieute,SatithAni•
field meet. • • -_ •
The subeeriber his reciudyestatilidt- 111 1 . 91 0 .
ed himself in the Move besinese in this City, and hos
mw opened 41r the inspecnon of the Public. A Imo
mad carefully eelected assn ent of Mu and, Cepa, of
every deseription, color and rtm
shape,whish be will sell
ibe very lowest eh Prieto • ,
Having made anangements with the famed rlooie of
Deebe & Coster. of New Vert. he .6U elways have on
, hand a full supply of their celebrated Deaver; lilt, and
Noma. Ham. Aim., Russia; CassunereitscounDueswel
I Ashlandlam, of Eastern and Hoots meaufeeturc;
which be will at all times take pleamnein
He Weis assured Met ail tastes will be unified wah his '
seleetion, and at the same MO his prices will snit the
He determined In these
WI to be Immo.. Do not, theretom, kuget the Monon
gahela House Hat etere,.fiellibleld et-
Jethitaprt • W fiteCALLAAT
00HE has reeelved front iVeer York, the Fell
street thus which he will introdnea this day. El:ardor,
wouldM. •A II throe In
of Wood . sad sopener bat
owellto call at No 75, Street, 3d don
4111. • ttglatf
- •
itß t~TAR'B
, .
Sr lM yloGentlementeFlats
will be inuodoced• at ICEEVILeS on Tinue_day
Angela CM., Gentlemen inching echelon, rwshr•
tenable Hat ofrittsberatt mennfaetere aheadof
fashionable Hats imported nd advertised by mimeo(
the trade. pleastieal I at YEEVIL &Co's
atteelltt 151 bend of Wood At
JUST reteived from New .York; the
W Stun
leer Style for HRIB, eoniiitust of hite
Seaver. Pearl and White French Cauirocre Hats, with
Scotilawrs. Thew in want of a beautiful. lien flat are
respectfully invited to call. • • S MOOSE •
EWA; 73 wood .1, :doors above 4th
4 „...191LIJAII DO:WM.IOS has just reechred a
of e Vagrald and Belem Vans Elk
reach Moteskul Rat very low
• jell No w ood Jaren
CONTINUES to manufacture, and keep'!"
• constantly on !and, every ant , ety of Hata
and Cops of the latest style, and pukes very low at
714 Wand street. Fs st yids
Valuable Publications.
CRED PHILOSOPHY of the Seam; inutrating
o prrfaatiou of Gad to the phenomena of abo yOOO,
Hoary Conan. 4 V.
. .. •
vander on leaiah, Commenterg on the earlier
later prophecies of Isaiah; by J A Aknander. of
eion, Ohio, Seminary
Wielyfictes, or England In the 15th century.
ht in the Dwelling, or a harmony of the Love Oev.
arranged fir every day in the year (or family mad,
ilore+ Sermons. (roes the last London edition, o
h is lazed the life of the Author.
hoots by the 800 /antes Laurin, late pastor of the
rh church at the Ilairee.
detis Villace Sermons, nese edition; revised and
eted by the Anther.
• .
shove, together with • large stock of Rebel:dm
'SlimeHance. Work. jam received b
BLuorr ENGLISH, X market at
SW Bono for the Plea.
' V0111ii41,„"`..'%.n..;
Spell Is Broken;
Fmk! of Monterey; •
Will you come to my Mottotoin Ilene,
S er IlAd the Fly;
'I Wind and the Beam lov'd the Rose;
11/ stood bearde the Window•
Vs e La Compoetnen , ..holo and Choms;
Th Messenaer Bird; .
S% 'e Wandered in Dreams;
en Night eonieseererthe Plot • ' •
w • ere aie stow the !lopes Cherished;
• host wounded the Spirit tint loved Thee.
For wilt by (rail p H MELLOR Al wood W
Cheap Popular Literature.
L IVES or the (*Meted:sneers; or in scream of . the
most eminentpersons In successive ages, whebave
claimed foir themselves, coo whom it his been imputed
by th e exercise or magi .' power; by Wm Goodwin,
author or Caleb Williams. etc.
LOW! the Fourteenth, and the Court of Prance in the
17th Century, by Miss Peedoe, besedfullyenabellis/sed
by numerous engravings, contrails, die i to six puss.
-Parts third and fourth just received.
Tales of the Peerage and Peasantry; edited by Lady
Deere—inn vol.
Spank Slimy of the Battle of Waterton; by the Re:od 43 R
Glety revised by the Duke of Wellington—coo:plots In
History of the Girondists, or Personal blemiles of the
Patina of the French Revolution from mpublisked
sources; by A De Larnanine; trunlased by IST Ride.
F y o Ash i azsrative of adventures in the South Seass
fa above works last received and for sale by
sal JOHNSTON at STOCKTON. Market kid na
- Ne w Books. •
Tusr RECEIVED—A !mat simply of Cromwell, a
al Vindication; by J U Merle 10.4ablans.
Napoleon and his Marshalls; by J T Headley.
pledNapoleon. hi Army and hi. Gtmerala,thelranciam.
Military career; by an American.
Sacred Menaniams; by J T •
L. riom Italy; by J T Headley.
• The Works of lam Rey 'loom Hurray blechnep.
Minicar of St Pease. March. Dundee.
ilaldane on Romano; from the s;h kalabspek Edition.
Fof Ciao at the ilooksteiretr
•pt 7 .npou r so. GA market at
Outing manac.
egtROU host won,locd the tt Alpuit
Loved Them
Oh *ere I a Bird; -
Oh Tooeh artin thy light Goner,
Oh Cll.l .Ikaanw . from Thy Aran;
Good Bye.. a rhremel/ Farewell, is a lonely Doves%
Then you II remember otei
I dream I dwelt in Mat ble Hall%
The Lam vein Fin. •
When Stare the quiet Skies;
Oh Share my Cottage. Geode Mud;
Oh, burger nor the i nto vixen delightful, I met Thee;
Jr. Wondoted•ter front We Laud of my Binh;
Cahill Infantry Mmeh. For sale by
egi JOHN If MELLOR.% wood at
SCARCE 60(71:! FOR SALE-4 lame vol. Journals
of the Rome of Representatives of Pa. from CrOU
f lare vole Journal of the Senate or Pa. from EVO to
' '
- .
The A Pioneer In vols.
The heolog mer:ean icat Sketch Book to Y Vat. • '
snips Jaaaisant, and a small varies T of
other waree books
to Ilirrat's New Pittilargh and Allegheny City Di
rectory, •nd a few school book.
Wrotng and Letter Paper; red, blue and black Ink;
wafers and wad.
For sale loot by ISAAC HARRIS, Agent and Coca
Newham, Path at. near Wood. apt'
B A lsaac
Poo rtirPenrwybrattle Reporta.
Withon's %Nark on Angling; by G Calton.
The Ladles' National Magazine for Sept
LibeDo Anga /wr imal iest:oral Chemistry.
Iloltick.a Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology.
Reatnee, the Gensenith's Daughter.
Stow of the Battle of Waterloo; by 0 R
Tales of the Peerage and the Peasantry, edited by
Lady Darns
Graham's Magazine for September.
The Arabian Nights, part S.
Tarter's Counterfeit Detector, With a AeCtinale of
• .
The Mandel Cnehet. illustrated. ' •
Jack Phrpoard, l
Pardoe' wi th 13 fine ensravloas.
Parts 3 tad 4.0 s Louis XIV, and the coat
f Frazee.
Fbr ule at Morse's. 83 Fourth. m
:tow Stook of Platte.
J OHN H. 51ELLuit. el Wood at., la now renewing
an excellent usonment of Roston sad New York
F ir tOr. anlved today and now OP.. for ate. splend.d Rosewood Aaron, nix Octokok.
One splendid earned Rosewood' , six octanes. 300
One splendld mahogaorptano, six and • huff oc
tave, •
One grand Piano,Forte,imule at the factory of
Henri Hero. Paris. an d tally equal la the one
esed by kiar lkt his Concerts, 6 0 0
One mahogany wend had Pinto, made by Rio.
dart, Worcester & Outabain, New York. 22.5
A Amher supply will be received daring thin week.
TORY of the Battle of Waterke; by,Rev. O. R.
akif. N. A.
History of the Girondam, or personal memoirs of the
Patriots of the French Revolution, from anpabliahed
sources; by LaMartlne.
ad aedilth pans of Leats7.lY.d the COCA ofFrance;
by Mir. Pardue..
• • • .
Freak Gleam" or a newBbeaf fames old:Velar
of colmiinontat Vanoce; hp J K Marvel.
Partad,TrairoTroaalmam of lompkine—illmanuk
Tbn above with many other now pahheaLarte
received and for wacky J.L READ
_ opt 9 4th it near market
JOIMITON k eTOCKTON have itibi reed a flab
I.w supply of the fallowing popular works, by.IT (lead.
Napoleon and his hiarahalle, 4 !vie, cloth;
Wallington and his Genttalh. V ye* cloth;
The eaered hlotuttains,in retinue style. of binding.
e • l 9
HHENRY.KLEBER,DeaIarin eattern Pin/11:1Forias;
J W oodorell , a,Na:3ls ThIM Ntreat. The
Plano. may be az unload at a Loan, and them:twat.
bar will be them from IL to It, A. M., and from d m 3,
P.111..044.4 day. Ilttab's,.Ociabar 92, .413' •
. .
the undersigned, ,maid intani the eltizeru of
Pittsburgh and vieinay dist we have unpainted blr. - N.
Weber sole &gentler Western Yannsyleanle, for the'
sale et aur.Piano Pones, from win= they tang be ot.
mined stow awn (New York( ;meas.
Nei N
York.Sep.l,lBlB-aePhalfUNN& & CLANS
21,11•111. - rams, Piaui
A SPLENDID assorapent of Rosewood and Mahog•
Pianos, with miens: Frame,ant
rated aplendid Rosewood Piano Coleman's
celebEolaut attneloaera, finished i nto nano mod
am and for sale ar I , - ULU/JERI
jots Da wood street 2 doors above &I
IniNERAL LA Weer P e orNllLetttlftem the
g;11 . ; Vrtjt; s q rs io and ""i re i rret cc. ?o h :1r ilt - t,t4io o n ". • of
the Bowel& COMI of Pennsylvania. ening Mamie..
lion to said lame, and n cepious appendix; by lames
Denton. For snit by McDONALDM LIPICe.ON
. 507 - SO meshes si
blstialllX large sends of the Cincinnati
edition of the Family B.lile cheap and mach no.
peeler to the Philadelphia cheap Editiori,Jasn receivedi
ornate by
M ici r- orifiri.tlW=aL - pe de low eslaW dos de M.rces, a tea to organioodo y deinido For
las card., antes del Congreso de Melia Republica: y
contraido per lia insigne. antoridades.
A few minim , received; Gir mloby
JOHNSTON k STOok7ON, lkiokeellata
apt car market Aldine - -
al Octave neme.lirand Pickett Forte rhea the octets.
ted factory of Henri hers, Paris, equal to the one and
at bin Concert., which for richneuof tooe and dibilii
sty of workmanship, cannot be im an
imputed. To be mold
i•••i tot calk at , JORA II MELLOR'S
• tit woodet •
uIEMARKein.6 hAft+4QTO In the Itimory of Amen
az ea, by .1 Prostil. t. LI—No 4 of eat valuable, wolh
Nat received hag for soleat , •
1, 42 _ _ - •
.1. ems and
by Charles bier
• tication for reliamir hum auffeting;
Prude.' tpunsuun; an sale by
the Milne .hr of Meaner's% delivered la the
Marlboro , Cionel,Hostein by John Ravel lkolo For
1, 01111 : 10111.- PAP/140-7riesonal.2hahefor Aug.
.weep #l . 4teeeet7lllllll h t ejtr e lasal is te.
int oppoette the Pete Case
• -
jnifiabelLairgt REVerr
AP.The RnMani bit.* !5.. ,
2"8/°17 CALIAVELtiIa
4.4=5AZ Ale mast AO'
L 4 ainr---.7 *l6oe,tri
. •
P 4 b Wa
tert k. i i. tv.77: ... and fav66,ra. Allehenpcap
For famish473oool6 cawing. for Games; tindimd.
do • .4-JDO lb. Serps.nol.:
—do • .330 Pot of 24 inch ireayipe;
do 330. 2O
do 5.18: ", IV "
do two VS Inch stop alli es,
der two la ,"
do two 20 • conk*: . •
Proposals up state the watt to hatelnes Pomp*,
ematplate—to state the amount per lb Gar catalog...l"w
boll. pipes, and stop values-and to Mate oho ILMOilltt
the two .20 inch stop cock.. ,
Poe panicelus esquire of 7308411 T lilOOllE, Sep' ,
of ate Pitabargh Water Works, aid
---- •
S . e'e• Sto Ilhaew de.o: '
EALED Pro lle po.ale will be as.,
ed at th
receive DlSee of
foreehety Centetry until the.Dhh daysof,fpt.
next, fiadaurall.materittls,and erecting att.eettareet
- Gateway and l'orters , Lodges to the Cetnetry. Plans
and epeetheadotte Odle work tan be eeerfoi the oilhee.
By order or the ;hued. JOHN CDISLE7T. •
Wartro • Arad:eel:Ea
Fourth at, nearly opposite the Bmk et Pittsbtwat,
CURRENT •NONEF teethed on Ileposne—geht
Checks for sale, and collections _nude on nearly-nil
the principal poen, in the United Bates.
i c izm ozad i
w e rth on . co . =gamin . Is of Produce, shipped
fiast, en • mid 5
firm of IV A.
.I‘l ° l l 2/7 1:04 sm . dWhl c l uuntßY, e tlateol Eda m :Pa.;
have entered into Copartnership, under the name of
HILL a.. CURRY, for the.perpOtte of carrying on the
Ranking sad Exclumgebustuess in all Its branches, at
No II Wood Mee; Mote doors below Foonh, west
side—where they solicit the custom of - their friends sad
the public deoemlly. ' JOSEPH II HILL
=hid WM. C CURRY
BROKERS, D ' 4T F , sl
Wood creel, thud door biskon Fourth, west +Ha.
Pm - 9Ln= " c ."`"..°2l;;T: l c d ial titr.ll,
United &nes. - .
Bien Exebanne. ou Baltimore, Pltiledelphia, New
Sort. BOSIOII and Cowl/man eonmantly for sale..
Obin, Indiana. Kenmeky. Vonillit and Pennsylvania
Bank Noma, boasht and *old on favorable terms.
Psebang°as Loglasl,lrebuntl, Germany and France
.mew. .&e. , - meids
an nut us u.•
mehllfs. 64 Wed BDw eft d aters Bat sitfa
, Pis Wt.&
AILZI 2141111Z1L =WAND I LAN .
HAAESE £ itenn,
1.1 mForeign and Duaegic Dill. of Exchange, Conill ,
oaks of Deposne, Bank Not. COIO, COM, of 3,1
and Mama moos, distal) , opposite & Choi. Beta
Collectlasta OneintratisLortirritto, 8t Lome end
all other treeersdde points rolthe United 'Stater,
made on aceortmoodarrog tem. HILL & CURRY ..
trod • Wood at fort door to RV° Frame
, P.Wv•thoy Sr the Uhto Indiana, ead 'Men th ol).
Banks wonted at very tv• rilles of dtheonnt.
Exelkange ola New Yorb,
more COnetlinliV in sale by HILL ic CURRY
+I nes.. new In Fnele...Annn
VOR SAlad—nri vatu lC ob4o emote k 9011,0 by tbe
V twee of thaddaekht Vietd,altocoedio IVilktra town
flop, Allygheoy candy Pc Mt:ldes !now I . l.lthutjth
the • no , r. and Dbythe Poo ollosolo
Readicont•iata6SSAcres and 2!) perches. T 404444
of oho but 4 neer boloora. god We whale may be c.d.
There leen the Premises a large brick memotent and
ether improvement., . sevens sprlngs of encellent
water. Shamed on the Monongahela rtaekintor, se
well as.° the line of the great P n4iValnAl Rail Road,
at she point where the naval and trade nom WO 'Ansi.
tie wilffirst reach the mane - oat ruivigation of the ti ea.,
tem neer.. Sammanded . sy roost branby and it:W.l
- Ve warty, by inexhaustible supplies orthe Lest. and
cheapest foe!, and baying' on the pram s Condnace
of coal and lienemoms. Misplace 4 admirably meted for
the site of a great mariefsettinng sebarb.
The Pennsylvania goal Roast Is located through n
passing teeth of tbe mansion kappa ...a through the
battle ground, and is now orafeecontraut. ,
It it also an the Wet pool of the Monongahela sleek.
water and the Brawaswilif packet. and other steams
boats constaatly touch at t: o landing On thill estate. It
is the ranee the or omen% of any properly 'ln
our viciaby, and the best mired for moony cents, or Gar
the si• . of meehattnea Chops or nreat Yuctories..•
As the place in one *lncest reeawn ii /10.11 been vite
ited b traeelleis how ale parts of the -Union; its torn
nipbronnehstudiod, .04 beast y appreciated attn.
necessary hero to Ore a more panicutor descriptiamol
it. For terms entroweat itte Idercbama and blanafaF
tames pink, Pnwhargh. jp3Ositf
Ifraddnokl Via
QIPALED Proposals forlbe mucks,* of TraddOelt , s
1.7 Field' will be reee , ved at the I•4 , rehants and Man
ofsetarers Beak; tote! Monde) , the tOth mat, whets the
hiebest • egret over. ler= will I, necepied: Terms
&mole heed, the balance is tee years. erid, imerest,
payable seatt-annually. ' tty_otter of ihe Board •
spt7dlw - • • 'WE DENN,Y,Cashier•
l 1 7 `4,: , .` k Pjet l 4l2:r;;
.1. sell 16 oars, utree eats, three barges, and:all the
implementsoopes,/ce.,beleagiag—wi now booperadoe
, If desired ,a set of blultamiti tools, bellows, dn. - east
be had. Thera are several booms for the 2..ommode:
tleo of d'~mrtteem, do..
I also* er my Stem itar, with the lot orr which it is
bath. If the coal works and mill are sold woo;
rant them on good tem . ' '
I will sell aloe my Harlem Finn, ether with er with•
oat the awl it contain. No description Is neeemary,
as any penon disposed to parehase Ent view.
All the above metes of property lia down adjoining,
and may be oecopled as • whole..l will mil. therekire,
either together or separate, as may nit purchasers."
• Apply to the subscriber on the premins, above Moo
mmaltela coy, WalhalgtOn county. '
aptldtar • - THOS 11 BAIRD ,
Valuable Coal Propirty nod, Rail Road
aba BALE.
AID Property is smutted on the Monongahela River
, immediately above Lock No X, consisting of Rail
lite, Pit Can, R R Waggons and every convenience
for vonning Coal, all In parker order. - There are Ole,.
houses upon the premises in good tenantable order, and
now mica rentofllr a' geld Road opens
lob an Inexhaustible [ veinof Coal , ,which can Co oh.
Mined upon very reasenable te rm.
Any one wishing to commence the coal businen wig
find thus a rare opportunity as four-fifths of this whole
purehato will he taken in Coal,.
POT paitictibus inquirer,/ the bseri
MeCt.thi beron Clayton..
bee, anidears - I su oll rf eI•T
0111 tT II 7ttn;l b eVill:O=Nr3 t ,TsiWi d sler m e,cpt
Mining intiletel progeny Is toenail golly titnala
Gar die Coal basinass, ha nding ilroad near a n feu nmg,
and deep eater al the la Iltere I. another seam
of anion dirs place, CO feet oho/mita lower,of aaper/ai
:dis Iro Lave.l; qualm/. yd. gush
can judge of its This. property Wont
the raal•property of Mr John. Herron of dots city. and
will he sold /ova If &load of iossiednusl7.. Eng are
on nos premitto, l4on dinner stave
apt! .
• ZiS Mb e n we . e B W S W 3
market- :
lITHE Hannon Martel st. tagarsecardind 4th,
a present oectpkal ti the Lagoetrelmge arabd
lirtuasut of Me_ -tars. Moran IsCoan excellent stand
for business. ra4aaarkal gren immediately..
Alto—The Athentetna Hull, Market at.. entrance by
Philo Hall stairway. This mat is area (undated and
is very tenable far Socieder. Rent lose
Alto—A hand:oats Mike over the. rock Odic.,
telM Mike. market st twouceu lets k 4th
WILL be void Al A 12111 I , e ,, lneaday, September
Ist, at 3 °Week., on the premise. that rale.
able lot of ground kaown as thot'oeng Nay Neale ta t
being thirty feet in *Ash by one hatithed and aixly to
length, renalna thomgh from .3rd to 4th am, near , the
North side of Wood st.. .
A credit of Hum Ain am: rarer yearn edit hr Nrey
. JA. it MURRAY •'
plum yo of Cons en Cite Property,
4I ttllll DIP(0.1.0113 AND nuit.DINGS thereon
beandfully - hewed ' front of She Alen•ion
Hewn, and nreondsOfthe Allegheny Ilemetry extend-
In from the Hunter:old collie _Allegheny Ricer 'wilt ,
be offered tbr sale ar Pattie Anetion on the prenth•es,
an Tnn,,,,,ny . the nig deyor August. 1817, to rector*,
AM 'Aube same deco aundry Aleehtnery and tool.
connected with the rope making •bo.liters A plan of
the tote and terms of sale mill be mote known •
' saga " Attorney in (act for the Prot...ton..
Valuable Real Retails foe Sale.
'TIDE onderyigned being oboutuu remove hie - Fannery
/ to the country, offers for sale 'SIX. BUILDINti
LOTS= Second street, between Ferry entret and Re ,
4041.A11ey. EaCh tot yrltt he vim) , f e a t on 2d
street, and eighty twin depth , The lota will be solo
tingly or the whole together: For Into. ands nu the,
substriber on the premises, JOHN CALDWELL
Alsootto large Room In the 2nd poiy X irdind ant
ker n.,41 present oevalwed u SiLitertrt bepal 1111 d
.Peliodical oaks by lIIG Wm. 8 OUdwell •
• TO L,ET,.—A large,coemodiaosoad, well tip
SOO, Arai may Orlck - thrallioff, an Icon at:,
' half way between Gym nailey and Wayaast.
?mauve eves hameitazely.For pamealatarsialre
at he9Oeo of_ L • , VITALI.ALR.
.I.besetifol Bolide* Lee lahlameleatelibearthe Fem.
xl f et beat by 10 fret tleep.-• It will be told kin, - teed
an eeeommedettes tenee.:. Tow nneteeptiogetble.,
t 9 ,19, FAN ka BLAIRLN, Neetl6tat• Algot
7-2.9210 W
ingt,ris free, :hind sae Cel
• DROPOIIr.A.LS*IIIbe received at Lynchburg.. Va nee
filth° WM ftepseinber next, kr antinomy* ea Mem
Canal then stemma . ..led for, form Lyne hiring upwards
on Junsiiiitieette fslaed. • dtmanee of about 19
mils '!'he'urork emoriresabouteight leas (the loan ,
dmions or.two of *blob bone Net
a few small
an d abutments of severrreed mid tans beide...
and ektit vanished motions (hum belle mile ma elle
loam) of vientralleastetitinteet,' toseng
also two Dams azure imam N ~ urem of /141sland.,
Guest the Coaham stoat 777 feet long uno t 7 feet
hinh; and Me abet lust beton , thaismuthelf Ni
a -
er, about 473 ket lon/ and 13 nxrbge. b ttetifteations,
plans, Ate of.the said stork sent be eatibike m she Ea
games Mee as IN( Island on andatterthe 15th of &n
-umber nets end all needful Infonestien will be peril
at Rey time by On. Asilstani.haulaeor. on the bee or
works aforesaid. A LTER GWYNN
alilZtamtd . • r chief Engineer
q, voi
eel ZIAITS Pollibl D., 1 T.'!"lbandea.
owswarr.ow CAN DX ctrturzfur VIiUIO DK. -!..•
UaunpAp.3 EtrZCZOSAIIT azmicar. - -
' - Cfiioroai o
. i Yattl Jdl lW.
Dear bin —TIM totortitt,ti tie - paiki.potimUtiktif'
Nor a m ield •-•• •
a.. .rareMkt:.
abieh era broom rood um. ei,7 hog.; AM.* the
" 'Pk". '',TE"dl4l 60. 4"
tight =I troablegq., at11291.11,46.1.11,01","*_.1
pit .p daily
..c.1641,' t.i.da, bb,d, stied ra.
lleb dole gram , My aiteatim Mora <Masa Ira ahem.
lieet I WM Maki hp me of rat amt':
ADM thpieram the; did Jab.. tbef orad tor loans at
1 . 4 0 1 . mp 10 bops ot my rettramoitarramt
me PO toPhe Morraoldi I. Mara.' that tal rap rare
tally dimmed, tad terra moray • list Men
1. " 4 •••• ". • u.a:rkt .4).4eani Napa.* ,;;-,
mat RO.Ol .biIiC,„MY r•Trarao.P"." .0"'"441
that ad. atedieiram`ol4ll do to ray ad wadi rat NY' .-
••••• td "Ttlidg . •
I tole Ott. is *le •• 1 7
hope, tad that if 1 matt die of the draw, (.bleb rat ob. 7,
Mot to ra,) Poo raold be , oohing 8. hew.
Ciadanra Odic tftay
bk iced poodiarto the dirte
trap which, Mehra T . 'o@ ! 'm p imorairake
pad are relief, at mot amebae the trrablearao Cat ;-
radar Me put rad Abram la My Chem- &IMP bat a
liG esti Molnar. .hkh w wain.
Thb radar= maraud ita grairtek; ,raddlo it, to nobly
manned, tottil I too rade atomism- _awe rate ram
...44 (.....atq
radio. I rash: I rare nottetrarated Nedra'. Tar
portara.tlhatedy hamar hestoratiothootarathilitdireati
rad it hal ahem Fond momatal ,o&.. 1 hot trimesral -
thereat. 'Sly Omar it pop tratatrachatatporatt.
Difeees4 Liao rad no Jffertitta pf 11e Lamp, witWik •A
hat aG.nd .11 Gr eam. a.ft a. has; only morand
Fp Me ate aLtlia mediehe, .d lam mothrad a. 6 kirks '
that I Ora rah me ioday willeatirclieti. hem" I r ma torty
to how 114 them are 1.1100.1 i op - v toabla Imam mali
any Witt this a...
roftaa. 6 .•
time, bekee it b. ramp Isra atiphilte porloned lad
awl,' feraMo and obikata oath ham, This
Mt , MU ere Mimi relief, mitt the ram ram moo -
d..dymohiComh, room th. ilaatanela Chet
to . arahled sod esaramed frmar,aad
4"." '
"'""*WiII NVT.I.r . J k 7.
F. It.—Theee who may sot be ampratted MP mei rear
to the andemmaedm of bbragomery, cora •
ty, 0., they mita , dra thro eoletarara lMeha.aahsoeata.
Namara Brawarat,
.erne, Idiom shim 'thud& bledinine tan alwaye be '
Sold itl 'filtsbargb, by AC E 8014; emer of
AVond and Liberty so. :apt] 44111n0 '
• " • PILES .••
TU. INGIOLDSBVS riles Specific, in WA:realms
.1../ eeriaist and radial anc, whilbrnatanad, amts _bleali • n or bliod;alto. Ger embalm of lbw kidneyeand
der, pone in the twoic aid aide, Waned aivam,mtpf tm.,
.1 Yawl. bedew =a attar tondaanad 'efts. Malted'
with artwipasete ate' kneels or cosimow, Well as the
palm la all rich awes th e Specific cab tam with we
bat Way,' .o is • arta* mealy. Tbe Specific ie . notri
mania, sad isys entiralyeala mealpi wittnea par
tick offataboil, colecynce or ••-ietoiilet aka NY pmaj
. TLbk to malty tbail know D. bielitSett pry EMI{,;
to be a artala - ctmend eat nnewdy. Having M. Its elm, .1, r 1 ..
entrIiMIGNOIMO•pI 02 1 713:121:4111% immal aft
fumed and wre ma
aor the ' what it wide e...U.g
in ears me: Y WHITIFLYAD:.
. New York, May,,1343.• 384 Bath amt.
cheerfully pint teatimajas to the tenth, mild aim
Shia, Dr: Ingoldsbyit Pan Specille, I , lnow it
from aty own averts.. and olteannoo, - Ita isithbla
having emit used with mode In amyl am ofiet.tada
Fer York, nub 7 231 siqrhi;;4:
4 . LADLES , cHATIFtCATE3 • • .
t • • ' Saatirttaksidei.//313.
,Mr. 1141 . a—Deas ban_tbe *um
your mid..., Dr. Ma, Sp J& hu man
rat a ' •
fat eata UN trotalFralr, arid r earritre palmy vont
'that b 1 ban bon sarpreed at. it„r it jaw tm.tattatalt
leae bth e 4 "" dli 10'
Meted falba as ammer, tha tbe7torr•
419=1 tatta etrattactot._ •
Yaw with a
West Cheneri ~ MeV 13,k/43.
• ..Dear MeThat yes rosy hew& adore
_rho wry ea ' as well as to sepses ray pea
W benefit I haw dented beer the Cer drew wdeabls Owt •
vibe, I comply with raw eNewt, soda do' tre ery tad,
msey oavor of it, Wring ewe weed of • inset week of•
the Pilo dare has* ewe afar
Ysun with
isle shekel& sod reteD by WM. JAC SOff,st blerat:'
am a i n diine .Warelasue,atte Backend Shea Stent,'NEt. .
Lihi P.nat, head of Weed, Pittaargh Nee. be newts
g vONIIIBIPTION A Ter I lacks. .
afillesed with DlSealtai of She' Liatays. • : •
Thls a ceelfy to Corse ideal min . 1 / I ,llwir otte.
11)0101001110( Cons..npdon; tkail'hatic urea
lahor;ekfor .e•Vud.k.illl.i.4 • •
we rumor ato k nand many nweheirtes. bat
Load no retie( litany nnepartaioa of ineelcnor. ,antll I
made' nee of DR. DUNCAN'S
Ifk.MEDY. I have tic.' menials va nettle etteinetne
.;er. several 'years,' and always And . It to Mitre when*
area mate,.. of It Al, oocepallon as; ea; Atteuoi.
ear, which keepiine ntotosteoeouttary ravolol.eanses . • •
my domino; el time.; to nevi:mai eoryurmlag. when-
aline° procure this unehe . ' Ina. thethibie tots Yuri-.
? one makina ibis pantie ststetietn,iltaletkeirs affeet.'
ed with. Siscasnof the; lunge and copttelorttni:arpoir.
may know, Ike ybracs of this "all beafiag, restedVr.
and roaybe eared: have recciainearted Datrao's
Exycnoring Remedy to many ofmf Diendriesma
whoa awe their by,, o See roadie ea - •
ScraerschOide,Oet Id. 180' • ,
The propneior of :the above thediethelanalth the
refer, to the endersteed , persons, whi.sees de In . , r r:
eomty r ors' whom any, person may enkepoo and be
• eoheioned diet there ore anon. Lord in the 'ebony
medicine-that •
David Celbeveen,rSonletiea Dr; Et Stone, dm Frei: •
cis Uoliber, Jankron kr; Alr.,Lariater, de; Pe?. kalben.
Salthek no , JerrodDavlsea, Hopewell tp
mere Wool, Cincineval, Ohm. '• _
noth Pit:snivel* by Wbf: JACID3ON; la bertf, -
, Consuilaptlve , s.Cansolat.ioya.
Dees sickness welih upon your bean?
Orra j tallhat Ton louse? , •
it will clv:yt 4.
It ekire awl) , the inlay end
Dientse spreads o'er We soul . • • •
And whispers throne. the P.M' Ittepad•
feat health arayyet be whole..
Bev m rinde . tr . a 4l it '
• wlttitribg wurp y
it the momiwidea,„,,.
Tbet Warm of Death view T e the
And mreandAulednn A grew— , 4
And when it bloomed, t. Ivy 6e. 1 ,:!;1; .
-It dP➢~uf 6h endthma6h.
'That Worth - af Death might be d40:4 • • •
If Dr. DuneAn's art wean Ufa/
And many lonely dAmsels Awed_ _
he faun of an untimely irrark.
Byeantare Emmy OneinnisA, Ohio; where hia
. . . ,
aold . lo Pinab ugh, by .Wdd : Jeqsara, earner of
Wood and Libanse.a.
GrRONI tee Rev ADA:BIIINN, wereg twain andpop -
.1" ular Chusvmanof De ProtestranklethodUtCherek '
The nadersigned hewn; been all
daring *epee.
winter with a diem:. utilise sitoineellownellwee Pm;
dieing great pain to Iles stomieh Gar tenor t :firs home
wsthe unermisskin, *ad 'alter , brand Iv .. mks,.
' remedies with little elfeci s wee fireis 'et a bottle .
ofDr D Jayee , sCarmienDvi Balsam.. This used to.
Cardin to the direedeos. end foend mvsliebli, that this"
wedelns caused the Wile abets in Wee ov i dper We.'
elms mud le Mien of twinny minetesevery ' awes) ,
sensation was endrely glacial. . The *twit:Die WS. *l .. '
ledwardsitsed whetrever indications of theof .
4,.. iew-la
',sleeps. perceived; sad the pate *enamel) Omni-
ed . He coetinned so use the medicine every evening '..
and sometimes 'mike maraing. ...1 M IL , weeks.
health was re &spattered. that: the suirever Telleir-•-
cd from a large mot= of oppressive . pain. , rola or.
perkune,therefons, he earaeongievuly ve . a Dr ..
I).lavne's Leming De Ilelsom, es • itehuary lee •
for ritseuies *Me widetneh and ord.'s. A 11/DX
Sot isle is Pitteldugh ai the PEKIN EA : , ..S /RE
12. Ponnh ntreeN, "ear Woid, - larel abar at '• • ' Dreg
HSeweef P SCtlWAllrz..Felleral newt', '1 !..,.. ..) •
11134,#ATIIIF..11lti•oaryynae.1 JP/PH !At 14*11.411,011
m Scot •ophiea whet arc urz
it. be a Wilily to Moahan:, &se's* Dn.
Jayne% medicines we beer used n or faradY }Medlar
years. For lunettes the EXPFArruttANT, Mos
..tiINATIVE, and VERAUFUGE. which we know to
he MA for the ...elands }bey pinks* is ewe.. We •
were on Lake °mane .he pest rummer: when Metal
of our travelling wanapartionc from Instant in Wsi.dera
New York, drauk, tor many days, the Itomnene water
of nutmeat wen badli_artaulted withMolett: that-
Mee,. and Dysentery; Mr. -D: had pnrsibedidatsolf,
proems, to leaving Isme; with ?Ise Clatatiumne of Dr
Joyce,' and to all mute of its use maven five ramie
sett, n watt yeeeeteral In creel/1g a ere,* eons
The Expectorant to. hare known used mewl ear
intimate meid. with .qual and s.. stns that
we shall do • toed art to implies (especially th se sll•
noted no They cannot bare 1i1t...1W mentrolammeilical
skni,j m Meow Crew so temp Mt bend Whom Expecte. •
rant and Chtmonsbee .The ha sector.. is b.:toyed
val . physicians to be the brio realise :tor Venom 7
toomomnee Complaints, that ems ever yet been. W e
Pounced The reemn Ili Dr Jaynes bet qact:bet
• romstar,llCirAlliC
_Red able macidmeeo
self: His shoLcute• are wed tt.• b, e
• rditorof tie.rhilsett. resifts) s?...erier•
For sale la Pittshuoth ef the ri..' TM!, rla MR,
7a F•atib sliest, near Wood, and alto Wei/knee"
.f F'OehrltrterFederel...‘,..,taselnds cr er
D/d/ill l lll 0
I .I I TRUe.'
• - Deane . rux; Mich; Apr. 1141043.
11 ENTr,Hallpi.....l hare hwea . .ni;theitabit 13:4111111211'
LT Dew's Medea! Phtsirrio osy,practiee farshe lern
welch Woe /Sate teminy,
corset diocese antaidol with todsamtleach
as I , ldommkte of the Eyes aud Hye brit, Pbtomeemeas
brumes. Fever Mores to its early or: Istdmammery. Ws.
coo. local leastammory Rheumatism:a al ove70(4110 -
eliw attended and,: led Mallen pale end fover,,A.:
faf waiehit ea • In cum mods prerreleadoessfou,
r Os &ram of disease for retch It 'la recommeed*,
consider , wane of. the Meet ; efacsmatai romsdies 'of
labial have any,koowledge. llayjnq been made se, "
Zl?=,lttigel:Peet"is4l:7lll.o.l and 7.,
d, public as a It:ilex:4od end....eitelle.prepairs asdi
uoi , •
. • boot. thrilniMi -
A.m. Burgeon to the HO iNenient evihtoravilla:
• i TeSteueell Hant• YAW. •", !
ei ik,rmorsarox - a meerof •
endweeeeed weed mat SW arecii,'
pa• - zahmeatii..,ziffe l'oak .
HElttaxe few elesulaseetore petted*" or' two"
Weems than the Kee, sod, yet; aehtithitee&
i. Oat *delta has - been outde to,thLelt theme
leei,tfew J..