The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, September 01, 1847, Image 4

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• • 1 1./ DUIVCAIVS EXPECTOILIIST REMEDY, Cistdnnad, 0., hlaaeh;d; 18R..
• .
•. • . DeaSim—Thia.stoeerafytotheptddie,Fiirtirojall ea
• ' thoto sillier : 4 with a disease of the Leem, or Comcmption
- that in the Spring of 154.1 I a, ittackidwilit • cold
which awn bean. wand `NMI toy ling,, showing all the
• emaptcate of as approaching . thannimption. My cough was
tied and tiothtesoine, winded with night. sweats; I
spit op dally a comithribdo via:tidy or Mood, mixed with
hick dark 'natter, My iitnatioa became minasend
' liming this them i attentied by two of oars..
• skllfolPhysiciins; they did the best thryr coold for aroma, :
• --, at length the, pee op hopes of, my ratiray,mathresing
me that soiling more coal be done—that my 1.6-, were ss.
• tally dimmed, andlieyend tweedy. I .es theapersweied by
a (,lead et mice to make i ot 11,- Litinconie
aces Roney. width my (by..ns minimal amine*, :eying
'• that his medicine would do no lecid, and would still add
mon te my snail*. I told that it was Mikes( and only :
'Laps, end del i(1 moat die of the tinnize, (which.wm cri
•: • :.' me,) there 'Could be nothing here: So l seetto the
'. • ChscaintiO,M. ad obtained 5 bottles of this tinily Value
Medici., and comma.d using sewilding to the dim
• thong, wbid, kit.' of adding' tamy sufferit; haseedi.elf
• gem me ielier i at me arksuni t o troublesome Coisgtt
natioiski. Mdisebll tight...lln my C. Minz. me e user
Ilk and streigth, width moneillikil at. to be abosit emin.
'Ns medians, issstescrest its good mark, which It AO nobly
eceemniedi mail I- as Medi a mead =Be limn don'ts,.
atuiedll tete; /larit..., (oinraids at. man) and farts
the as I With, ~ I base imatmeneaded Dr. Demants Es
• pentorstuthemedy in away haste.ri to those sindlarlystakted•
end it ha allays prated soccrwthi so fir a lhare wlttonted
' iteethicte Illy eider is using stharnedicthe at pron., Cara
' Diseased Lime 'mad est djfmime J as Imam s which she
had suifissed'sSitti bin saws . tiomi die his ant!, mom.
• j ale at this Medici., and lam made. Me 5 bowies
that( take with tee to-d eatiselyeans ben I mi.'',
. - Mitioar that thin m. tbokstods of rateable pynoto wasting
. ..1.31114 with this' inedfol datioy.--.E02 i(MhirTlo,lV.
• • • -• Pow4ile Aimee to procure this onalleitie
time bige, dab. too tat. tosaY lites might be prolonged and
, • , Simi" ismilies gam( "clams again retraced happy. This
Medicine will gin Mether relief, andel the mote time erne
•• the hard end painfottweigh, name the gird:moth the Chen
•. • - eft.strth b. enfeebled and enoandel frame, and in
• . mai meet ant ecf Lain, will 'mimeo tp-next cure.
, . 1 - it/CDREW J. FELTED
- Mon t^otosry, kliateillan Coamtb Old°.
, . ,N. 11.—.Thon v. =foot be eciquathied with me I refr
the undersiped, citizens of hicatimmery, Hamill= co.-
. • •. y, o. i th ey will at any time subsuatime the abort statements.
• , , : , Vox.. fthoweau.,
ousel, when. this rateable bledicine cut always he o6lsiaed.
Sold in ehtsholgh, try. JACIISON. cornet of
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I.LY, a face anent hatter
{road street; towards the
DIU nnowx, •
l i v%Vilo b r. :Zt Y
pro- .
format, and been for some
9 U' ,l. 1 WaTt is practice,
to the treatment of those
'private pnoate and3elloMo com
plaints forwhieb Ida minor
tunitlee am! 02,01 i ...
preuttatly onshfy hum—
Elevistit yeare assts s; devoted to tho study and
moment of thosecomp) t ate, (daring which time he
hshadroore practice sad roe eared room pmumuts than
1. c a
nt ever fall to Me lot of a. ..IPrivate PreetMettml sab
Pk/ qualifies, hies to ell tr se unumee o F speedy, m rem
'.. .lcal.ssul mthlfeeterY tura' mall .aelietod anti itlife.J.
ginase., and sal diwases nristnithembone - , . ,-•
'. ' • Df. Mown would inform those ain„icla vvith POrmar
dmemitawhieh hare become ehronteorht , te areaways
red by
the ow of fro
.o f
the common nommaa or the
' . day, that their complaints eon he radically amigos-
-- --1 7'curetilt he barmy, given his cutest nuentwo to
• -
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each ease.and succeeded la !bands
- •of Instances in mutiny persons of h:test'ttl4n. atm
orate budder ' and kindred dioceses orluch often revel!
, --• rom Mese Calk/ when:ahem bare consigned them to
• .• lopereee r... Le panicalatly invites each ablave
.• • -... bees bag usammufidly mated by others to roe.
:',- - =Uhl's, when vary satisfsettein will be given those lutd
*bait: eas es d In 0 easeful, thoometioad mielligent
,-- . manner, point , * out by , long ex penence, nutty and in.
trestiption, wlesh Ills impossible for those engaged in
-.- royal premito of medicine to [MC 11217 'OM CUM 0
(CP fferelllnr Rap tdre--Dr. Brown' aim mot
',' paean. afilictut with llama to call, ar
t he has paid.
-' - -particular intend. this Comm. • • _
. • San Daleaseisi, atto rllea, Peen etc! , Meedll, enied
: M I -gt i tTents . 0 .. f - eillm r set -Using at a - di ' .
.i . Stating their dues( In venting S itin g all the ma e te e
' . =Us can obtain medicines with dnettioos Ats sic, ey
addressing -T. BROWN, .7..1.1). Pow - pa:l and met.;
. , .• Na 61 Dunned allcy, opposite, the.Waveriy
. 1,. • ,lESolf co einte:n_bl . , , •" . 619 I
~ - ,;', l ltitili- f ol— u al !linty 'True, &tut fliiiiiir
Cuter PILL
.. .. P*Er'Ar4Dby-R F.Sellent '• '
. ..• -.,,, -, - .
.Qesima goproW, a, Attg,lo,l6Di .
•:":, ,
idAtellatietnfliiYmPtilit :War pill:sore daily broom
'. ipg satire popular sa a ourativm not oair fee !tearoom.
'-.lplatat.hof mr Feder and Apo.. and Hunan at khans
-: - geneolty.c.3be demand Is so grout et ads .I.lmeilltat
~-,as squctwcw.esou wailful I, whence expect to tilt hum!
cU i f•l 4",,Zar m eap Zediii . - Pill:', A gna - `UMW
Ittisbibt.. .!- . l ? f - e frairargN e w l ewn e P t.
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• '"144
PI : '
Consc6vumi,..F.l , 4ol,, Colds, Asthma, Broneldthe, Liver
rtg Blood,. Dithealiy of &catki
Pain in the Side *ad ' Palpitation of the s e.
. lthar.lriffuenza.Oroop.Broken .ftestnotioa,
• tore Thresh Novo.. Debtlity,-and all
- , disown, of the Throat Smut and -
Lunen; the most effectual end
• apealyear6everknown for
sayer above
y‘p scuts, ,
• ' Is DILSWA , s
Maras. Linea sir ann.—R=l 'faith paten-
I. Oman the wonderful cure' performed by Doctor
Svrayea's Compound Syrup of. WILD CHERRY:
throanst.r nth, Jaeouyith, 1647. •
Dr.Swayne—Dear Sir: In 'portico to yourself and
*duty I owe to suffering burtianityil cheerfully
give thy testimony, - and - declare to the world the
mart. witeniabing elect.. end the great cure your
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry performed on me,
. render (ha most unfavorable mretunstance.. was
taken with a violent Cough, Spitting of Blond, so;
vete Paints in the'Side and Recut, which seemed
to break down and enfeeble my
,corat4ution,ui that
phyaician thought my case beyond the power ol
• medicine, and my friends all gave me ep to die; bet
thanks to you and the effects of your great &move
ry. I note feel myself a.woll man, and tailed from a
mete skeleton In es geshy and healthy a man a. I
have been for years, and:shall be pleased to give thy
information reapecting' my'ease, by calling at my
residence, blechanlestrect . ,thisl door Below George
street, Northern Libertine. •:Jacos PAIDTEtt..
Telieldo7ly is now recaralfro= all g4arlers o
the Glak. I
The following lethal ye presented with a view
- of mere rally showing the opinions of Physicians ite
relvtion to the Medical thioo of Dr. SWAYNE'S
- - - .
Dr. Swayne—Dcar Sir: Bowies. used your Corn
. period. Syrup of Wild. Cherry • extensively in my
practXmit, I was requested .by your Agent, Doctor
I:hitcher to express my opinion in writing of its
propertlei as 'a remedial .agent, I most:icheerfully
comply, us I feel by so doing, I will discharge n
-debt I owe the community at large, and Physicians
in particular. As much as !detest Quack Remo.
dies and Patent Nivitmms, I was induced • lima
a Mauro of the most potent- expectorants, recom
mended in oar, maims mmlick in some cases of
, • • • •
~ Diseased Lungs, to try your preparation of Prom
Virginia or Wild Cherry. Ito sufficient to asy that
1 was eo much plerted with the rattily of that and
isubeequent triifa, thud now prescribe it In prefer
ence to all other itemedica where an expectorant is
indicated. In the much dreaded ,PnourniMil or
' Disease of the Luogs, in the alarming form in - which
• itimpean it Kentucky, t regard it as an invaluable
Remedyin the treatment of that dascw. To all
...who' know me I have aaid enough, but aii this may
• be seen by personsput of the vicinity of Frankfort,
will brae& add, that have been ergaged ih .an
active practice of myerafenion ofTlyeantend am
n Regular Gradual!, of hareylvania, and this is the
flrt Patent Medicine - I ever , thedght enengh of to
- expren at opinion in writing. • , • '
• -. J. •
lanussi7 I
th, an- • Franklin County, Ky.
• • .•• FILLEICYORTiIie.; Jittery 7th, 1847.
• - Theabove certilthte is fiem one of our Physi
cian, living a few miles from here, be Is doing g very
• . good practice, nails considered a good Physician;
and stands fair he it, is he sr, regulargraduate:
Dropiist and Apothecary. •
Testiaienials'lcal weer atas . e. . •
• • . • • From the Temperance Pledge.
Nov- that• Winter is upon as with Its attendee
:train of Pule:Math and Bronchial ifflections,Coughs
Colds, ik.c.'ikc',.we Would advise thine afflicted in
. this way to make immediate. trial e& Dr. Swayne7t
-Compound Kyrop •of Wild .Cherty. It will never
fall to , perform a emulation' cure. - -The repetatiol
of this medicine hi,
to be pot forth under its name; boPthe preparation
of Dr. Swayoe, betides being the fleet ever catered
eta the'publie r i. the only Ode that cars be relied on.
•• The" other 'mixtures soldier Wild Cherry Syrup;
Balsams, nth., ere 1111 spurious and worthless, and
contain node of the vinues of the original peeper..
Con, Dr. Stray:la's ,Compound Syrup el Wild
• From the Springfield &press, • •
.• Of the thousand, of purported curative nostrums
now befoie the public, but very few are found to
presets the beating virtues for which they are re
commended. ,Aitiong the latter we are pleased to
learn none stand a better test that Dr. Swayne's
Compound Syrup el Wild Cherry. The afflicted
in this vicinity are beginning to use it, and to their
pai r they, find in its use their hope, based epee in
. recommendations more than realized. 'The afflicted
need poi deepuir. While tbere fa lite, there awls
Dope ,
- - -
Er Since the introduction of icy article to the
public, there tame - a - number.of unprincipled indi•
'Meals gar op tiosumms•wtich they .osaert contain
Wild Cimary, tome steadied .. Balsnms,”.•'Bittem,'.
• and even Prep of Wild Cherry, bet seine in the
original and eely genuine preparation ever indrmln
ced to the public, which can be proven by the pub
lic Records of the Commonwealth of reurarylvania
I%e out, safeguard against imposition is to see that
my signature mon each bottle. ,
nepared only by Dr. C.SWAVISE, at
pal. Office,•coreer of Eionr sad Bic Stret.,
Philadelphia. All Wild Cherry pnaparations being'
fictitious end counterfeit without his eigesture,
For Weir Pithburg,b wholesale end retellyy
WM.' THORN, hS Market street,l. •
OGDEN &. SNOWDEN, corner &
er 2nd Wood atm.
' S. JONES, 180 Liberty street. .1:
Sold. also by .1 Mitchell,AlleglienyCity; Boyd,
Cans & Co., Bhticr; Wearer & Henderson Mer
cer; Neiman Calendar, hiccuirille;ai Bolo* &
Co., E . rie;.hilleissio & Clair land; Deets
,& S'Oo, Collunbor, Miller; Brow le; Marsh;
Wheeling, Va.; £ Hinman, Cincinnati, Ohio; Dr
Easterly &,f.:04 Sc. Louis; J 8 'Horne &
• Louisville, Ey.; Andrew. & Co., New
• s
— .l . .... .
.. ~
.•\ Vi r 1
• -.40
•• - • • '.• n.a.••fowrieraros • • •
SA - R S
.MostextraordiniiriAtedic' ine in au, World.'
The carnet Is plop to quart bettertet is or tem ekeop‘
et, pleamm and wananted Maar Cory sold. ' cum
• .•disaur whim. railing,: mixt.. -
"71.4 liut homy and superiority of thin Sarmas illa tint
W Mat ldedieinefs, whil# it Eradiates Dina. it Ito
Ma the Body., It to one of the Way' spaizick
SUMNER NINIONES nor knownit 001. My pails
the wholoOptlion Mangthetwthe palm, but' it ,Croust .
Nan, Pura and Rid Blood, a pima- pommel by lue
Madman. And in this limbo gand mentof Bo midst fa
seam. - It ha performed within the two yam, more
thaw NAM am of Sam Cases of Dame; to leam s,ooothem of them were andilered.ineuratile. More than • ,
2,019 mem of Cliamk Rheumatism ;
411 M anie of Gamed DailitY ind Witt of Energy;
700 MCI of different Female Coniplainis;
2,e40 mes of Ekrakta;
I,SCei ems of Cho Lira Complaint
SAN ma
if Dame of dm Kidney mi Drew,
lad=iif of the via •- Ul ,
r= 80 Rana. Puny es a IL__ ,t Fre he., re To
numerous of Sick /Marfa- rant in the
Wand cheek Spinal Affeenm, ke r :, az.
Mao, we ire room, soutt epywar Ott too
th e
letters front Warr
and ...sem !Mot prate of the
United ateo, informing us of atraordiary OM*. R. Tao
Boark e kki. Mt of the ma toiraabli druggists in
N. 0. , infirm um that he ean arm. to - more num L5ll en
on en tht plea thimmods of
iw the
City 'of New York, Which wir will rtfar lo with vitiator.,
tmd to' men of ammeter. Its tha 'beet' Medicine flo- the
Pmentire of dams kiol.o. It onatioNsilly Ma Melia.
4,040 Crtuizei air Per Baron:
W=Wymmyrt ,, ft , wey4twlrtion
- • Unread Bram Omega. . •
Carr. O..W.IIICCLUX: OF Tea 1.1111 T" STAT. Nay.
and member of the Fes Jersey Legislature, has Chalky seal
the &dining certified.' 11 tells its own story.
• Lacrwar, Jan ^J,1247.
Aye:rex. 1 was takes with the, and my whok
rystein kit la a debilitated dans 1 eras imbued to cry Dr.
. Townsend's Sarsaparilla; sad an taking two or there bot
tle, I was very mush relkeed, nadattribitte it <vilely to the
liaiddarsaparilla. nude manned taking it, and And die
I'mprerre every day. quiets it and my lie, mil would
not he witlice it under vay enneldoratilon.
• l• O. liclaaa, late IL S. N.
&menu Qua •
7141 certificate conclusively proves that this SarsaisuilLi
Lls perks! control 'over this mast ointlaate dine s of de
bkod. Three Os...dared in one home is unpreeedened.
Timid Centimes. •
• -• • • .
D. Toontsmin—Eleai r 1 hare the plemnreto banal'
you that Wee of my ch4dcco balm been cured of the &10
bile by ibe elocliceit medicine: Thy 'neve
afibmni very,sceercly etipi bad ems, bare ouly okra bar
Wiles; It took ttbenialcaj, whith I Ceti inyielf wider
Ater obligation. Yaw, npucttlilly,
• isue W.,Czalx, 105 Wastiii,g.
Now York, hind. It IW.
• • Dr. Touneend's SltnipllrOl 11l a soversign art& speedy
Wcure fix inelpiont - Consueepteon, Darman" Leueuntras, or
itro,•ctutructed or diricolt Mionteuaticeo isecitinainee
uf Urine, or hatolootary diadem", thereof, and toe the gn
-Apron:mins of the minor-so matter .nether the midi
inhemueaar IV cams, produced by isrlohnity linos
ar accideen ,
Nothing ism be snore napalm than its intkos, ir
leas ati hos= atom • Perenos, all I:telecom,' haw
tale, from iakisig it, at ass become reboil. and ibilefernergy
under it. ioluene*. It isosiodiately coostelveu the min
ima. of the Genet. frau, which to the grew- came of liar
• D viand be trifcctsd of ut, m non or sodelicate. as
tute, to exhibit certificates of cores perkosecd, bat wo no
wean the adlientd,that litmdteds of caws han hero repotted
bus. Itereral rows wise. linniato hate ben without thltd
ten, alt. - • kw bottles of it. • iimoluable Median;
hare heat blest enth hesithT ofiloptiog., •• • • .
. r. latotand: 017 teak tn.; ;milt digressed by
warm= end metal delithy v and tarmac cottlincally
by path and a senattion of banang darn,' unite.' the
womb, sod with other ditbentti., and basing kosnew caws
where your =die. bas erected peat cores rand oho hear
ing it retonwored.lfwageb cameo I hen detaibeNichtsia
ed • bark of your Extract of Ellreasatilla, 'and fo ll owed.
the direct.. you care ow Ina rho. petted . it reseal her canplaints end mtg.! her lintels 'Bung grtteful Aor
the hada the remised, I take pew. in thus ecknowledt.
mC N and receteentthdiag it the pablie. •M. D. 'Milan,
A1tniV17.1.1344. Coe of Omni sad Lidius sts.
. • • - throanattrs &Pt.
A Mowed: To an'whota this may mama-This la
to comfy natal Inf. nand one battle of yen haraparilla
to her confinnaant, order rho modalarming and
aalien snotestanan, kintro.N.dttithth• diops .d.
list of On Poet, morons anginas, hod' nay mini Gatlin
hal ; Inn my penttnian, and no rtnernmeindation of th ew
Into had used n, sin o. induced to try it, rig link or..
faith; and nate It no may. the medicine h a d the happy arid
deicedtrest r oot taily In &ohms* of esaftnetarra, bat after
o thxyatotta . of nos
,ont,!. ita.M , Pnktr . r/...i.. 3 1 Tr
health is non rtn 7 chants Tad Dena ko a aims pro.
If Oa will be of 'Ley .letelot b yon et may onyea
doubts the enamor the toediekte, pet angel/rely melee.*
I =brae* orrelf your most obtain:amid obti-ed Kinn!.
rt /mums.
''This Es:D.lof SareparsT, bcrn iispwasly prepwcd
as ream. to kraal complaints. No faule wise b. rea
son ga approaching that criti.lpwsit, The
new% DAD shoal solisetito take it, Is is a wish!
prereatint Loy of Ow assotwass and aorta& diseases to
wbid Dhaka an subjs.. lbw time of life. This period
any be datayed Som.* y... by isciag this media* Nor
is it has makolife )host bo en approotbiatiormariboad,
as it is Meowed to assist wars by qoickeassc Stu Hood'
and insigoratios tha spit. LoshouL this assdinas is naval
.llo kw .11 of the doliesta disown to which Imam are
It born the wfiale orb..era.. pera.fully th e esat.•
sal sasero.-eby mow., the amp.stfis of the hoelyaca
ha. st ,
wshuil e a b li it
l.b e e a sy . t d em a l e.
mdan r . • A=r fires.
weaken. and diva. •.
Yawn, o Ime comp um, da7l eyes, h.orebra m the
a arr.,,rough din, or freed., aod aro .•oot of ate lottle ...tyro of Dr Townsend , ' Saraparilta 'Tit will
bloom rota. blood, mane the Dealer Itr.d blotch., ad
opkit., gat braining
contpleetion—al at *Well arc of loam= Woe to nantary
rind }aim
. • iirsnr.v.a.
No Auld or medicine bar or. been diremend which. to
nearly ...Nes the pttie juice or soli. dbromposing
food tad streagthening titt rap. of digestioo, as thin p.m,
ration of Seruparina,
Its Tateres - titcl ti - i 723 7/ IfX s 6esa lr'' ..7a7 L i t al
ran midi dyspepsia is its want tio utended with weer,
au of etoinach, Lees appetite' ,ea tiense haerthurojand a
great armies; to all kindg foodolad for weeks (abet I
could eat, ) I have boa intable to retain but • mall pinion
on Ely stomach. I Weil gee =cal remedies. but they lad
'bat 1.11. •er au effect resnoriog the
y o ur was in
• der,ed, a
nd two ementhaitioce tu try your Eatzaet Sam
'artily and I man say with /Me mtbdrate, but ear using
l e:; . =r beetles, / tooled my appetite motored, Qua the
entirely removed; and I would eantraily mot.
exact the nee of it to thoee who hare been elided ei 1 Los
beea: Your., rte., W, W. Yaw Zayre.
Noe 22,1846. Staten Wand.'
.exmosr A MIR. ACI.e.
}lead the Mowing, aad doubt if Ton can, that courzonp.•
lion eueactbit curet TWA is only me ofthe lereral hundred
ewes that Tiomnamd's Samodarida has eared:
• Dr Tortaind—Dear Cir. I
eras WM n a little orer •
year ago„ with a mire
j o . t i atad pale is my side. .1,
Crtilabla Gel MO my feet, I was premounced by phy
sicians to hen dm quick ectuneeption• heisted tinge query'
deice:of had =tiff, tied diet sweats, and sinking eery tut
',game:re said he call do nothing for ear I weal rum the
heapital beim/cot being beoefitted, but Inn prooorseed there
nieuralite. WU tow greatly am.. .1 .4 tim to
could hardlY brake ; I soon became eneciated, end repreted
to die; amp confuted to •Iny bed, end eras abed
. to bare
enuebers /Weed 1 coact, glee yam any deactipticui that
weld do jeatie• WM] a¢. I was toppled by tay friends
tabs gag 'lawny ;: I had tried great nuntbes et
all wooed lobe to wrap/re. I read of merle most et
tneordinary morn performed by your m sad to tell
you doe troth,/ suspected there wee soma humbug ia them'
But I area iaduced to try it , I did Icy sad' ate 1017 thee/ tof
• / did. I : cannot ay Mat am ealireJi well, but eon so far
reeoverel as to haat:art niy busier., and hops to be entire
ly well en a' cm 'wet, aly cough :ecd pant the tide,
and sightrercate bare lett me, aod - trut we l 7 Little, and
sin fag gaming say wog elreagth. I filt it •
.duty to g lee
you sauce /eat of loin publith if you pia..
ltaower, Little et; Onioklya. •
• Clpiztltal. of Physic Lame.
Dr Toln:shad is .hut daily recutin ordcre fnoa phi
tscieas•io difereat pude et . the Reete.
'Phi. it toecrtirp the/ wt., the esderettled, rhysicitsits' e/
the Citrof Albaey, lute in touttelous cues prescribed Dr,
Terenettedts Bartaptrilla,;and tact. it lobe OM or the mod
salable peperaticos of to Saraaborilla in the =whet.
P Anton, a
J Wmunr, ao
FR B Baloasot
EEtatiowoudi D.
Annoy, April I, IeAS.
- Thie Ls to certify that we, Ds' uudersivaest, practiciag
Thommaiest Phytimans of We Gigot A lbauy hare frequcto
It xi:scribed Ds. TospasesuPs Comagemod Extract of Saru
pen Dan its known qualities, would reoommend is to
the public far eserasrial, scrotolaus, and other° alllttfAl• diss
ents, iss preference to snot the estrertiesd semedies now In
err.• • A. W actsciA,T r;
' Albany April 2,1.41. Win 8 are.. r.
friumpeloilke., 126 Voltam klitua N Nods
din* to . Slate A Barton; Dr Blatt Soma' 111 North Lim
anCet Plobotelphim tierce s drowm, Demon and by.
West hthas
Ertnexipelttrumuts the gss=hrougt United Shoes'
Now 'genuine, ahka put yip tom hop equaze bottle.,
whleAcomaits • genet and wesed the 'nicest at.litT. •
trtD P TOWNrSEND, and hammy blown on the Glac
Prom the New York Daily. Etyma. of April 9,1:17.
A pretty thing appeared is the streets yeeterdey It wee
the adrattels, cab, or Sumperille Err. of Dr Towatend
The whole Doug is got up in good WU: some of the orarn
Mattel landanapapoossiopera benstifulornien, together with
Dm wdl work, rs gold, suns:Ong so Mews, toady'
rarely equalled I. Broaden. We take.this opportuusty to
lay we believe tab eattadtaf the Sinalarille darn the
awry snte(pornrity Atm ecquired.
Nerve/as Debility.
- •
New Yote,litstit27,l647
T' ' Dr. Tolman:oda—l tarn beta Landed more or km Co. 3
will a Aredfdsbking in the abut, gidalisirse in the
boa, loss of amine, pia in the Inehhand gamel debilaty,
brought mane deebt by the continual heat mid told to airlock
7am tO is anylanama se a dyer. Hoare taken other
maiden, tea mammas beatnik:ln, het with link or mino
rs. lona Wand by whet Imw in the peper to try• bottle
of your Idarmaymrilta„ front hichl found Met .r.f. I bere
sham taken maul more bottle, and I can uniamitatinly nay
if is the bet mediates I hare ever taken—the pant an my
chest ia gone, and I Del quite a different man shogetber dace
I ha. tekeetyourPulayerilia. I hare ran. better appetite
Than tea I had My Trans beat taken it with the mare ocean
nig remake I wadi recommead as • Deafly medicine
end I feel naartneed that if so goad there erdeld not
fiberC ' eicknon there is, and omeequeatly not so many
Dcotan's baba kir *bile rottores appetite, seat alto gin• to
the Meow* Nei bowels Wear regular torictit keep; Ole blood
in a healthy state, so that disease it not so likely to attack We
mimic And to all thous who ant main ehealthyrtitc, I say
try. Dr. T0...0s Sumperille.
Tagetiethimi, :I) Atka
ldowbea wwwwtof weather child owed Dr ToWneend'e
Serrapthila awed engine of ihresuadr of aildre•
Tbre 61knriag eertilkar• b seleded In= • growl ember
Teethed fhb week - •
.• New Yours ? April 2,11117..
Dr rtorpoomil Omni:—On m 7 children ? arm aeei
Web - with the Csisosein Ow moth aid dined. at/ended with
civil debility; It am dylogi I obtained Kane or your
eneolkat mainino, and ifenreil it directly, far ' , abider an
aeon mailed ray teeth!, ". Yam
• . Eltuoura Foortion,Yrnaibronoe
For Onlo by 11. L ezunts Paulen; Igo 57 Wood 1 ,
between 24 anol..4di an, who Ins &tea Appointed by Dr
TO WNIIEND aOdo Amt . Sae Allegheny on.
- No Ouse No Payl
Zis iracinnePires Sednorsalso - New
HERE are few diseaseetnore common or trim
-- blame then tbliPilee,,end yet,notwithttand
io stead efforts have been made to core by the; tise
li fno t i re ' riidte; e od e iftre
oidy medicine wed., A perm who has been enter'
tog with the Piles of the wont kind came from Se
letn..New honey, almost a: spittoon to ewer his
gratitodi for the speedy core that this medicine tmd
erected in 841; rut
!Error sale! lii.Pittebnizh at the PRAM TEA .
STOKE T 1 Poiuth et, aid also Elbe DtekBtisze:
fnetdisttnFederil et. AlleOwny
s# ol l3x l97 l : f. i ,V ill Wrr "" *4
.IDGE ROAD, above Belpilrrood Street,- Ptak,
this eatabltaltinesamay be folandi
e t :maw, melety of Plans and beautiful Paidarna;
for'' IRON RAILINGS in the Pelted States, to;
which the attention of those in want of any desomp
tion,and e
tussled, . : specially for Cemeterier, in partieullyi
The principal part of all the handsome Railings
,os , Rip,-liionuinent, and -other celebtatelt
anmeteriesin the city, and county of Philadelphia;
'which bare been ao highly "extolled br the . publia
pees, were executed at Om manufactory.
A large Slfirenßotim is 'connected with the Wet./
lishment,'Whero is kept constantly on band a fug}
Pock ofteady•made Iron Railing+, Ornamental Iron
Settear;iron Chaim, new style plain and °mama:
tit Iron Gate., with an extensive amortinent of Ire
Poste, Pedestals, /too Arbon', &c: Alm, in mai
Satiety, Wroughtllnd Gast IrenOntattiente,mitabl s
or Railin • and Otherjurpama
The sagscriber; d also state that In his Pali
tern and Designing Department he has employed
come of the best talent in the country, whom whole
attention is devoted to the business—forming alto.
+ether °Pe of the most complete and systematic es.
tahlithmen IT of the kind in the
ROBEIIT , WOOD, Proprietor.
Ridge Raid, above Buttonwood street.
Philadelishin, March 12. IFf4TdSmer
77-- Goons.
Import." and D.leri OWn. Salem and Millinery
Gonda, No. south S t ro ,
I ntS-T,Ptittadetr i t L in,
Attro77ttiltit . GOODS, ;I;74orti " :7l of
which aat theie owe ipartation, "Int
Com. Bilks, ISOrni and
Hound &tins all colon." qualnies.
Pixy Comet and Cap klaltaus, • vcry handsome wart
. •
Silk Felrets, !dna and colored of all quali'Liei.' . •
'French and .Iwri ican Artificial %lowers.
Fancy Lacey Cap StuiP, I Ica Trimming.. .
. Cowart Crowns,Tips Backraniai Willows, &c. •
They Will also MOM. II fig-oral French Steacorr, oxpee
led daily, A very lienuillai enactment of Foy I•cialwriA
drivel km die rowinEtctitrers is taria.
_Philadelphia, G. ISW-taw lin -
• J. JUEL, •
sor. 156 North Third,Sireet.
AlColit /ILK 'MEI;
TIAS on hand, and manufactures In order, Artificial
11 Flower*, Frathent, Tarlsoon, and Face Cape. La.
dice' Drees Cape, Porde.. Coliarets, Ad.•
And every deteripnan of Fancy Goods, which he will
sell at the towels market price..
N IL—Feather dyed, cleaned, altered, and shaded.
T. -NOeih Miarrea Oslo, Rau4nart,
Ooto at the lOsvest Prlces, WI the , articles
V.oi tho Oil Trade. Their moor is varied and eaten
meoand they feel confident of giving aatiefactiati to
throe vabo'call. They hece now an band—
•. Yana dnerrn Oil.
White - Winter and Fall Oils, of differed:lt qtaildita.
&du Oil .
Winter-pressed Lard Oil '
Winter e.leplant and Whole Oils.
Refined. Racked add Common Whale 04.
Tanners , Oils; Sperm Candles; Gaano.trx
N. U. AU goads delivered in first rate order. al 1.121 a.
53.134 Awst Soma Strict Philadelphia,
• it ff.INUI ACl'Uttr:ft 11111/lab:R. ot &lot Gent,
I.lrl antes and Pingo, Powder Flask. Shot BBaapxs, 6*-
perior Powder, Pertusaion Cam *hot {Veda, Ball and
Blank Cartruhrec, de de.
Also—nix Barrel Revolving Pinola arid Materials for
Gun Maker's..
.Gana made he ordo' , and repairs neatly executed
Mrhity Gun which I sell will be ported, If dented,
the pretence of, the. purchaser. ale
Dolliaaarrirs PATENT 1 / 1 13-WCT•ACTIO2I
PHIS Hummer possecies'many Ideentagna OW an
I others—ehrong which may be mentioned,
Ito AltuvageriblenesiThe rapiditity and tome of blow
may -be modelled with the greatest ease, .whsle the
hammer is, in. operation, and. the hammer may be iw
'Orals arrested. and suspended at any height.
- Its Universality, or capacity to execute work of all
kinds, from die Is rgest tbe noshes; tinder the same
hemmer, •
ha Simplicite,,Compsetness and Cheemiess.
Its Amen:tally open all sidea, by the workmen.
.All die hammers are made Self-Aerbur.
Tile .entawritwra condone to execute order. for thole
hammers, of all sixes, upon reemeable terms.
For further particulate, monire of
Assignee, of the Patent foram United *kat.,
dectEty Southwark Fonedry, Phllad'a.
Mane: Laren of
ay 'ma.
So. 35* Sough Front Street.
'llaact 7 A. VW"um'. Cabinet Ware Manufy
Lt. o:den len wiihSiS.Nooo, tOe duo of the
M it 75k• I'
DET„fr P.
fib - ' FLYILVESS aLLICER, Chemot m
• - Fadadelptio, Wm of the Ere of 1:15 . 1 . .1
WOW. nor:teeny Warms Ida •
met the puhrse, that he Lae wad arall keep
mostant: ma hand and gar ode, • handmas smortemed of
C TITc . .
Vehicles *fall stytee and description.
merleankr shortest pamille sake, sad easruted
Ile very beat mender, of selected saMertak,
t.NTED-In /awl: Imal , e a. mra
Pk" 'ePh*" d wt ercfid)
am.= of Werem tra de . an • anat to U,
000 a Veil, may hear of a saunas. addteming boa
/do 716, Philadelphia Post Office, Wia name and seers
Washington, AC. -
sjELNA9 C. ROBIANS.. Mechanical Engineer and
Ls Agent far prowling Patent., will prepare the ne Drawings and• Paper* for Applicants for Pat.
transact all other basme. In the Spoof his
profession at the Patent Office. tie ean he consulted
on all questions relating to the Patent Laws and deei
stons or the Vaned States or Europa Pe unit at a
distance desirous of haring examination. made at the
Potent Mee. prior to molting application fora went,
may forward loon paid. enclosing a fee of five dollars,
n clear atalement of their emir., when immediate ant.
tina will be given to it, and all the information that
could he obtained by a visit of the applicant in penor]
promptly communicated.
Alt letter. on businessman hr Mat paid. and contain
a suitable fee. where a written opinion a required.
Oniee on F. wee opposite the Patent (Kee.
Ile has the honor of snowing, by mmkanm, to,
Hon. Edmond Burke; Commissioner of Patent.;
Hon. If L Ellsworth, late do do do;
11 Knowles, Machinist, Patent Office;
lodge Preach, Washington, D C;
• Hon. It Choate, Malsachumens, 11 9 Senate;
Hon. W Allen, Ohio. do;
Ilon. J B tlnwlio, H C, Missouri;
lion. Willis Hall. New York . ;
lion. Robert Smith. C, Mitsui
lion. 8 Itrecre:U e &nate;
ilen.l !I Rolfe, ill C. Missouri;
Capt. 11 /4 Shreve. Maori;
Laa!ra, lucues.l . lll
' When you know that you arepromleed
A natural, fife-like, snowy wince,'
That you will still ate common chalk,
And look a /moldy yellow (richt,
The theme of laughter ander talk.
If yuf.wouldl use a boo of Jortes Lair.luie, it
oval give yootakin to alabaster yet natural white,
Jtd at Ihn sal*, time clear and improve it. Fold at
ACKSON'S, W Liberty at. Pnce tl cents per box.
Dr. J. htll4l Univenal Canker Remedy.
FEW WORT of Doer. J. Penn% "Coulter remedy..
:el:. long' km:hen and thiameghly' tried, ham been just
obtained, and la fat sale by Wm./ Acnsori,Eo Li bony
street. It is the Moe, safe, sad certain remedy In In
vanes out vf'l, gyr all ordinary 'or ealraoniinary, and
tenet aggravated cases of leant or chronic naming'
Fore Mouth, calomel sore month, 'swelled loud b cry
modal, canker rash, incipient bronehins nod quinsy,
putrid are throat, black-tongue, and all eases of cora•
moo canker, in the month, throat, and stomach, when
applied in accordance< whit Me directions aneumpany
g each bottle. The enact., received 'is .known 10. be
trains Frier dote per bottle. JrAbtat
VOR all kinds of crupoons and diseases of tic Fkin,•
I.' welt as Fintples,EllotehottAsalt Rheum Scurry, P
chapped ot cracked Skin, and for all other dime.
0o of the Orin, which require ea terns! remed,moltis
Snap stands unweaned. It also dlspela Freckles, Son.
burn, htorphnw, ran,- and changes the color of dark,
yellow, or disdanred akin, to a' de.. healthy, Yentddld.
clearaese. ,A hub supply, warranted genuine, and for
mle at the induced price of 37e per rate. !monist been
received. Is offered Ter side by LI A FAIINIM COCK dr.
Co .cornsrlst sad wood and aim at the cornet of sixth
.and wand sis. 420
-I.l.salej 11 a E TODD, aanafaetniers Agents, No /rood
sa, <IP stem, two dog. below 224001ied the attention of
purchase*, of Ciltotloattos Vanishing Cfmts to our Stook of
sew sod fashioosblerodrosinufactored esprewly Ow our
own des, warranted wall snide sad giva rerfeet wilisbintkai •
would nod we call thr at/roam of tiorciassers and oar auto
ing to arcane of sinierfitia NolTrop Shirts,Jtot received:
mit weenoliwnqualiiiido; with both whine. and .tripod of
se ."4 = F 111,70: 1 11°T;f:: r 4.," E.T
tic Suspender,. Jost iiitened with variout tortsswd prices. We
would solicit the aills of purchasers h .onto the Wit of
going merit,. atountelas for goods, to eel and
Noe as we arr eeribdent nothing, so far so priers art coin
cernsd, can injure limo to look further, bat inure usanolli
er arm. . • ! ..I.' ' all
gfijaill — L — A=llriatoPo clomp. Fluid KU
Illosehanths Comp. Flout Exhfiariapar ll lm
do do; :
Comalackht do . do;
Townsend', de, • "
Conamntly ad hand and for sane' by II A FAIINES—
TOCK Co, corner of first and wood and wood rod
Ores eta .
Ihuband's Celehraiiriliild • Magnate.
ba mild' saferad degas britbseld and aperieng
J be. lotted solution of rhemleally pore arboiato of
I,,, Kfanio; prosenee all the medkal omditin of the fined pre
nalathos of Dagoesia withoot ri4liable to bans e num
lima in Ore towelaor toaerlojet upon the ecats of the
etowseh iabk spsonfol of tha b mid Mama WSW ,
' tr io ''' t 11 11:41 1 % .1 •1&=, t r bi l' C i r " ,corn ' er Ist nail"
-Mod and 'flood aI:4M - "
alun !Valved a fresh !sappy_ of s:lionised .Indla
(Robber or Mon Mamie Haw of all Wins. Jost the
article for the FlenComponieo,Sloarstmata, or Hydrant
papaw. ,Theraionnuramod to he opal to loather;
nod fseb'better Winer? fooltett, ord., fondants:a- ,
ad, JA II PHILLIPS s wood et
VADTCtrest e pp. vn Ivo Plll/11111 t
jeseeSsag; telui Heat tee Uo imported
De la, fteg - Wanes vac Tge
etholeeale of retal4 at collo srresseafeerieete. et the •
an woo 04 auto!
' . ." - HII - OTEL&
FoN ic_lllll6lloN, Proprietors. .
11 , 1113elunblivnvent long and widely known, as being
one or the mot ddiamOd.Oas in the day at 13aidadde,
Ints recently undergone very extensive alterations sod
Improvements: An entire new -telex has bean added,
containing numerous and airy steeping apartment,, an d
salenside bathing edam*. .•
. The laulleedepartmenthas *MO been completely
aegonlzed and fitted up In a most unique and betuniful
Eyre. Its Met the whole anangement of the House has
boon remodeled, with 11l single eye on' the past of the
'proprimots arwards the . omfort and pleasure of their
Guests, and which they confidently aseen will clad.
lecf r or u nx i artson .
win zith;ay b Viiix p lag l ie w lilita , . ,,,,i..4.
• mantla.l and luxury whteblitemartel 'afford t,served up
tun superior style, while lit the way of %1i Ines,
They will not be swooned..
In the proprietors beg to my, that umbra;
will be left mammon their part, and cattle part of their
usistarsisoo render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their fnends and the public generally.
The preen for board bare also boon reduced to th e
Wowing rarest--
ladicreGrditiary; Pt 75 periday:
Gentlamene • • • •• • I 60 d
N. 13.-... The Baggage NVemon of the Hoare will abs
way. be found at the Car and Steamboat Loadings,
which will commy baggage to and from lintel, free
of charge. intlYttf
A.RAM, STREET 1101/SE , Clam
01110—The subscribers having purclinsed nal en.
are interest of Col. 0 I. Wllloortmo, late of this well
known eStabllshment.beg leave to vtate to their friends
and the public generally, that they hove taken MIS
coremodiotti Hotel fin • Iron of years and will exert
their best energies to make it a desimble home for Trav
ellers and City Beanie's,
The Hotel ts spacious and admirably planned for con
venience, light and air, having a number of parlors
adjoining chambers, presenting unusual uttruenous to
Tho'lirescnt proprietors basing had the expencnroof
Tetra fn this city and lso where, hopet ey will ho table
to give general aatisfaction, being determined to give
undivided attention to the house alone. • -
The location of the Pearl Street House is uncm...nonly
eligible, buying fronts no pond, Walnut and Third sts,
so that. it is equally desirable in view of the convent.
mice of bueinma metier retirement for private hntinlor.
It Is near by the Banks, the Post Oftee, the Moscone
11a11,0dd Fellows 1101. and bat one square dmintit from
rilairillicet nod two from the City Mimi, thus
offering the greatest Inducements, repeeially to country
merchantsibui generally to all persons visiting Cincin
mrhit7 2011 N A '
jct.S SPLENDID itorka.w.s on the
Vith of June. for the retention of cop pane.
The eittlee fronts one hun•dred ar tsve . r.ty-fire
cet on SupeMotnn., and one handsel and ncy-fise
on; and-contains cedecede two hundred ni large sip'
chamber.and forty private parlors all of which have
been furnished with the most costly farnattre. The
drawing moots ere spacious end . ..mese in elegance,
anything of the kind fu the Coiled Staten The doting
room, gentlemen's parlors, reading loom. mike, nod
dressing moots are all large. airy, end fu sh ed with
every Manly and eontson that motley can p e a
It is over two years ranee the corner mone of this
magnificent atencture was by Itlessrs P. IL Wed.'
dell lation. No expense has been spared by them to
realte'it 611.1 if not SUMI° r to any hotel Unioe,
mid 11810311/410OOlt0 I heOcity
Clirtiagna will be in wailing at lit all limes, to county
to and nom itle Walston., of r ham,
Cleveland—Jill • ErARNI.7?..I
y(vHIS new and splendid e susbitshment, erected during
the' past ,reasen, a now open for the tecepdoit,of
transient and permanent boarders.
The dennind for Increased and superior aecortinunla.
Dona for the travelling public, ronverted to the proem ,
tor the ohno of erecting a hotel. which. tor splen,lor nod
convenience, should be unrivalled in the Union. And,
while he Ism spared neither pains 402 erper,e in the
attainment of this deem:side Slue.. he leaves me public
to decide how far he bus sureeeded. -
This Memo contain. 130 apattraerts, conveniently
arranged in suites and Single mem. The farnnore teat
all made to order with pgru.lar attention to amity sod
ommenienee, OA well 42 style and splendor. All the
modern invention. have been made subservient to the
traveller'. CAM and comfort, and an 'experience of Mt
year+ hag enabled the propitetor to introduce many
Improvements, which, ae put, an:peculiar to dim Ileum.
Located oa the pnnelpal urea; within three minutes
walk of the great Southern and Western railroad de
pp ts. and the bsaints. •244021 et the city, thieved:M:ode
meat contareada aced no the patronage of the bovine,*
and pleasure travel . . L ADAMS
804103, Jurie,lett.' lelSeed:tem
Chula strut, between Market uud Lombard
• 11 Baltimore.
Tan subscrther baring taken the above comb
lialunent. orera ins aervices to the citizens ond
,vp zeg e tegi t t . nerally. !VI
l o . t,t , velnlye ‘ t . 4ng
midst of the atom attentive !tenoning tlousea—and to
foci, the locatten niters to them among the city, so eta.
try conveniences and comforts as the other principal
The haute is now [Mull Sued up with new furniture,
in good taste and style, and win be open to the public
on the sid day of April. 1547.. The propnetos trusts that
his unremitting enva to please, will secure to him •
portion of the public patronage, restdent a. well as
trauma. I,y W Dili.
Lire of the &mot Da tr. Forg
Batuesore.Apr.l4. 1E47. myltif6a
ara US entarravraviterr. Paaa psalm, -
TINE Pubseribera antler the firm of Llama. d. Wan.
J hive purchased Mr. Jones' interest , ii this esutlit ad,
meat, end hope by the 'lnnen uterien to the wards
and comforts of their guests,. to merit a conunannee of
the liberal patronage holetalre •received by its farmer
pm l P h rid
ei t ici ' a'se Inas been thameably renovated, and repeit •
ad; we therefore feel rimmed we eon welcome ear
friend, and the pablie to actommodations equal to any
in the city of Pailade/phia. N
Wftf /NO WE3T.
Corner Alain and Sixth eta, Cinch:math
rrICO establishment Is now In the beat order for the
reception of the Traveling Poblie. tinting under•
gam, a thorough repair,daring the past•niinter, and
harms the most experienced men in the west, in the
various depanments, I flatter myself that nil volt be'
pleased who call. The location is centml,conumadious
and pleasant. 'Elm el per day.
Cmcinnatt, March 13,1517. W E MARI!
N. U.—Although not exactly a new Ilromn, It is the
same—a new Whin on the obi handle. • Apra'
Louisville, Ky.
A RIS TRROCK ETON begs. sequalat
LI friends that be is again lessee of the GI ALT
110 USE, Louisville. Ky., where be hopes •meet all
his old friendo, twooring them and the public, thou.•
effort shall be spared to make alt comfortable who favor
lam with their patronage t iantlitly
Sallee& Wllrelaltael, PT/rider.
Dvx. I.:hereon E. Dr. - masa Raided Physicists.
THlo delightful establishment is sitanord about half a entle
west of the A:Pasant village of Northampton, atelms.
thin, of stout Da) feet shove die Connecticut Rime, which it
ormlooke. The grated. surrounding Me Eitablistuticnl
comprise aboutfxrty urn, whErh are entirely sppropristed
to the me and phmatirs of the Patients. letaWsttta beautiful
vvinsand pennant Zsrestteersarenumeraus yeths,curn
pletely shaded, and affording healthful mid phitamt walls for
nearly four t0i1...
The cepacione and commodious buildings of the cdahhitt
meat an located upon the e:terra brow et thehill,and over
. look one of the most :auditors in the werld
immediately in Cruet, is the itLega SF Northampton, wiiik its
loll tkanertoue awn...WM dwellings * Amidst the drew fdlisge
en h oTh k egun h' iton i antatT, d tots
ssetni Zl7d.
velvet Cordon of Spring or
o u t habiliments of
Summer hitd way fur outer north and south,
is men the month and glasry mirk. g lebe Codoecticut,
Slowly winidotltsi way to the areas On the north, in /6111,..
diate prospect is the g
am t Hatfield with its rid. and
beantifut Wine, on the eam ts the flourishing •114%. a Had
: ley, and also of Amherst with Its Colleges; while AP it. dis
' Mr., with the aid of a claw. may be men an emerenve wad
greatly diversified range of country. Oo the moil, at
about bq dielancit, is Mount Ile , yoks, its devia of
seressilvisg greews end a little beyond is K. the phtedent
villags of South Hadley; ma the miuth, we behold at aldiCit l
Mies distaaea,lhe nindatie
. Mount Tom, and the charming
elf East Ilelap.a, entb ile e event thee! etialkes;-
2 the 'thole, presenting • combination of natural scenery ina.
ittipasmd. perhari.equal cd, by any ether in Ilse world.
It V.
by a Featleman who has vest woe thirty
years of bis He io van.. port,s of Lampe, dm he itexcl
beheld •scome m perfectly boutiful sod enchanting
The nemennualations at ilouod HSI are very I,lr, sal er
cleat, awl are etapi, .ascent gsr upwards of one
and any patients. •
It is provided with
l oonattend of the purest erring wa
ter and mmy other renulvite te Mend
Hem of this pepubir and wonderfully successful medium of
restoliog hot or impaire d health.
Dr Dralistoo who relau. in the niabl:almarot,io
man cif entouged experienee, was educated hi Europe : Mh[l3
he twirled he odranhiges of )eirs se the
celebrated hoepitels o
ur f -Edralsurg Dean, aid has been
• soon wful Praction in this vicinity km several imers—
Patimits may therefore repose vitae Coadtnee in hmskillead
Ample preen/on le made for effeminate' Among thong
.1 well hodructoniGerman hums.
Term of Ila.rding. ialudio =edits', wince 410. Pa
theta will be onyplint with every snide rot iwelang,/ke. a
the eon of the ankles.
. _ .
Plorthmayten. Moss ,Aegust Stla 1.90. .17-3,11
..1 , 11L140: 1 2 TALL
, WATER h.ii C E.. Ml,;A tt l
ve at C IteIEEZ, attending Pliala ' ;,, u end
ORlFYlTllB,manager of the bean/Ina Depanmenti by
been erected expressly for the purpose. and is well
calculated to accoomodate twenty dye patients. 11l
allaanon is healthy and the sommanding country is pin.
armee; the immediate neighborhood abounds In pure
WA water springs, from four our
which rite bath. ore at
present sopplied Every facility for the reatonition of
health to the invalid is bete °fired—pure um, water of
the Anal quality, end a .hollered. coot situation
on reside. in Me estalltslment. a n
damn on the system in on nerearary, ais also an gnu:.
Eilertliol2 of ilia Manse. curable by wcer,•• it hay be e
carnet so generally knawn,and favorably received by the
coinmuntly at large. -
Each patient in required to famine for the meeting,
and other proem.. , the following anteles: two larce
Mick woolen blankein, three comfottables er u (rather mama rotten Ow, and a linen sheet that cult
be net Into bundageo, Ono ale coarse towels
Very feeble patients are req coed to Megan ante&
ant with them, for whom board ean be oblumed to the
Taws—Each Patient to pay aix &Hare per Week for
Medical advice, use of the bathe, sad attendance during
the emcees, board and !edema;
Payment to be made weekly.
: Board for any aastatret brought by Patient, two dal.
lan per week. axwdl ut
ravettrit nestinmee.
9tt'HE beet MOOD known for cleating end whitening
the Walt, strengthening the gnaw, sworlening the
breath, ka. It should be used every night eld, A .110
brim'' and the teeth and month willenly Inquire a
washing le the morning. IVet the betel, emh warm
trp r as ' ; c w ol gen wi c h no '"' aith:illllCi b re h r a h . w es ' a n' it "
teeth. It maces, doll tette la the loo " UtP, D aila
pan. • moat delightful fragrance to the breath. It htlancl•
nancelled es a pleasant, etlileacienk, convenient, dad
sok decal/lea It is
not to injure the teeth,
butte presarrethem.
14 , peinp It regularly. It will Waseca the tartar end
prevent eemanulation-lirce ee , the tou.aeho
etre:ghen the gums, and plectra all disc.'s or !nein
ChemLu, phymmens, and the clergy recommend it a
dealdedly eoperior to every thing of the hind In use:
Ask for Sherman'. Compound Owls:Tooth Dash:, and•
observe hie ongitetare is eneeledto eseh pot.
Recommended by Dr. Qua*, umedwer, one 01
oar best Dentists, and by Mort of the old erudilieticd •
entails the United Eames, and even a , coeively used
by the Nobility of Wend Fadits,
A large proportion of the daces,. t kat Millet mankind
arlee from 001110 de lunge moat of the etonumb or Imweis.
which a think ose'of the Collie roc Lorengeo waled
entirely obviate. Potions ne . balm beim. shokld
ways have s. bee et hoed, and take a dose whenever
they feel the leemderanltement to their health. A indl
elms Use of these Laiensta rtd4 prevent thouude
• Amulet' Whf. JACKBOXII, corner of Wood and
Jalep, Not. hark PrecipiNi — al •
lets 'Mass. Tanale,Artevere, Os tde OinmAJedim
orearustrycitincl, 144, Cant. C a det. ke.. - Jort re.
inr 014 br tfa • R YIv,I.T.IMPI
r'n K - - -,- SYNlp.n, w.tnea (arNb.
.aid;;:", s'?E'a;~ ~::,.i~7y.. _.
illi4lill 184,.
Enlacing:4Am Pomme l . .
TlBpublic ate nmpeepully lawmen Madam Line
commence miming OA Or about the lam sariany
an continue throaphout Me !Ma. flo wwrermtors
ka now placed a supenor clastar Panicle ma
rot d Can on 'the route, with extra ISLounzons,
'w Ertl glee /mate, cordon to tratchiss: •
Packet Boot will always halo pony mime pav
e] ur, public ate requested to call' and eLiaisise teem, Nemo. eaMpine Nonce alsewbeta . " •
°neat the Packet. will leave . Inanum,opposite
the United Owe. Hotel,l comet Pean strict sad the
Canal, every night at lio t eloak-
For inAnmatlon apply at the Mrtee, zamotuyancla
11 Water street, or to • ''D LEECH &Co
metil3 cot Penn itteet ano mad •
lififfit it API Ti.I.ASOPOR.TATIOA CO.
1847. Mtn.
TE stock of Una line consorts of a double daily
Linc. of Boats and Cars, (owned by Hernaelves.4
which ate in good order. The subrenliern are prove.
red-to forward a large quantity of Itlerchattelma rad
Produce with certainty and dispatchi'
Produce or Muck/flaw consigned 10 any or me an- .
dorsi gned. la forwarded free of any charge or 000201110
won 41 strage.
Bill n Lading transmined and all insuvetanas promptly'
Ittemled tn. .
• The business of this Line is conducted,on strictly
Sebbtalpkeeping principles. Addre., or apply to
D LEECII & Cu. Proprietors.
Canal Basle, Pittsburgh
BARRIS &LEF.Cll,Propriersra, •
- No 13South Third meek Philadelphia
• JOS. 'FAYLOtt A SONS... Agents,
No North Howard street, Baltimore
mchlS No 7 Weol, erect, New York
W- ;A • 1847. Eigiagg
Lvoll. transponation of Freight between Pittsburgh
12 and the Allnntie Cihes, avoiding transhipments on
the way, nnd the 'eanneynolll risk of delay, damage,.
breakage and sepal-abed ofgoods.
nntiMia a CASH
No tHenlarket street. Philadelphia
Car Penn and Wayne als., Pittgburgh •
CCCONNOII acs, North street, Baltheciro j
T TAPSCOTT, 75 South nt, N. Y. "5 A .`" —
Ecoged by. increased besinest the Proprietors
have added to then:stock and extended their arnsup•
mein. during the winter, and:re no, prepared tato.'
wan/ 7reig.ll With regularity and dispatch an
by any other line. 'their long experience as earners,
the palpable statketiority of rho Portable Boat System,
and dna great eaprolity and convenience of rho ware
-1/01l•C at each end on, the Imo, are petuliarly ealeaba.
ted mails the proprietors to fulfil their eagegemenm
nod nneOrtnoodiAle :belt easterners—confident:y.4nm*
he past 58 smaranzy for the future they respectfully
robot! a COntialtallee Of thattgartudigkiirtdehtlie7o,old
p.01E111119 aCknOwledgc.
Ail entsigninents m Tana a O'Connoi will be rend
and torwerded. Steamboat charges paid and Dille of
Lading transmitted free of any charge for Commotion,
advancing or stora„en. •Ilavlag no interest &reedy or
indirectly to steamboats, the interest of the consignors
mast necessarily be their primary curet re stopping
went. and they pledge themselves to forward all goods
rewarmed to them promptly and on the moat Marone
germs tenor to the esment.
March 1. 1E47 merB
.1547,i aNasid
• , tEr Wttbout Transhipment-al
Goods contigned Monroe., will he forwarded with.
out deftly, at %/mime. current rata, Bills of Lading
transmitted, and all instructions promptly attended to,
free from any eat= charge for mortice or commtsamn.
Addrem,orapply m . t. A ?delirium - Y'& Co
Cauil 24n, riuFltugh
Having a very large end . nunilone ararettoort,
we ace prepared torecciee (in ninon to fielght for
elninneno a large amount of.? • • net, kg., on Stange at
tWilta 84 . 7
f..”...IIX:SIVELY for tho tranaponation of WAY
VILEIGHT between Yittahargh, HlairarrillNJohru
lawn, Hollidaysbingh, Water Strom, reteraborgh and
all inieriledidieplaces.
' One Boat will leave rho warehouse of C A AlcAnalty
& Co • Pittrburgh.orery day, (except. riandayad and
alripper.ean always cepend on krainog their good. for
warded without delay and al (air rawa_
Thin Gino was formed for the special •ceonorradstion
of tLe way basinerw, and rho propnegns reapeetfally
fol:eita Liaend alive of patronage.
JOHN tri
C A MIAN, ULTY & Co, ripslough
J I Mahm;tt, loth: Parker, Robert lapore, Haplcy
Smith. I.l.lantb. mr6
1847. diffatigg being composed of Simulations Lake-Erie
J. and Michigan ? running daily betweenand Deaver, and blight and pamenger Canal Boma,
?analog between Ilmiver4d hoe aO4 enonzetlng with
C M Weed's Line of Steamboat Propellers nod Vethela
on the LakcF, will be prelmrcil !pop the earliest open
ing of Navigation to marry Ftmaht and Passenger. to
nit point,. o. the Rivvr, Canal and Lakes.
Damn; every turilny or conveying freight &tidy.-
Fengers with promptness and diapoleb, the prOpt/elOr
11.1 men. peetfully from their friend* and
be patine generally their patronage.
C 31 REF:D, Erie, Propnetok
REEDS, PARKS &Ca, Deliver, Ago
JUIIN A CAUGHEY, Pinatilgh do
Co r. Smithfield and Winer ay. opposite the blimongs
gabela Haase. .
Vt'beeler, Crocker lo Co, New York
Gt. Davis, Buffalo
N Parks k Co, Cleveland
los A A nwatongle, Co, Detroit
WC:lino& William., Nihon a kor
Bristol &Porter, Chicago
Wm Powers, Poiverstown, Manna
Geo Mitchell:Evict, Evansburgh, Peoria
John ?dearth., !kinsman, do
Wich A Acker, Greenville, do ' -
Craig k Frampton, Clarksville, do
Bey.A Plumb. shargsborgh, Pa.
%V ,C Mulan, Sharon, do
IliVLCanoittentenAcyCastle. do lima_
raffia 1847.
Ka ASPORT/NG glff i gtfei ffi
improvad method of carrying toed by this long
1 Established Line, is now on well known that de-
OCT Iplien unnecessary. Goods We not touched on the
Mute, thus all iraushi pineal orextra handbag is saved.
1 The Duals ore of light draught am/perform them trips
in from to P[1,12 dayll.
The c a city of our %Vat-chooses ensibleww to store
ally tom' mumu outdo too. Ltheciitag,sturing, and
advances me of chum..
llmag folly prepared to' make sales 'of Postoce, fro
res...tingly solicit consignments of western Floor,
Karon, lard, Butter, Cheese, %Wad, Feathe rit, and other
arbelee for sale, on Which libera l advances will be
roads and other usual facilities afforded, pledging our
sefVen that any Cosiness' entrusted to its shall be la
promptly executed and upon as fair terms as by any
other louse. INO kIePADDEN & Co
Canal Basin Pittsburgh
JAS hl LAM/ Co
amble sl.lllind RII Alarket st, ?Mind&
: End Bearer Point Ca Bridgewater,.
!MAT= comma., 'a.,
Proprietor and Agent of steamers •
ILL be prepared on earliest openiniorean al nay
, Y iganon to receive properly at lila wharf boat or
in warenoise, for all paints on' Erie ,Exicnoon, Cross
Cot, and Onio CADDIS, Zr all pone on Lake Erie and
upper Lakes. ai ales lo tarwudprird nen,
Improvements., Apply to ar address
rebafirlif • JAB Beaver
1846. MOM
11. Clarke. • 11, Maps. T. A cbmond k Ce.
PorwnrdmQ #; Cammisslon. Iterobiunts,
_ , IIF4yER. Pa. .
frith: fig - mI4;IA ProorietOts of thb Lloe (an favor
ably known to the public ',will be prepared on th
earliest iopening of canal' navigation to receive prep
my at Pinchurgh and Deaver, and deliver the Jame a
any point on the Ohio canals, and also on Lakes Erie
and Michigan, with the greaten derpateh•and at rear•
(niacin rates.
prorietors of th line solicit e business of
thou fanner p enstowers with eonAdente, th knowing that'
their Nattier aro second to noon.
Apply to or address
(1 M HARTON, Agt, Pittabargh.
CLARKE & Co, Drayer. •
Dual • T RICHMOND &Cr r
• OE Ilearnen's Portable E
Boat Company being , that
Tsolved, the Company again went into article, or Co
partnership under the name of th e "Boatmen% Liner
and likewise erred torent the Stock so AI to have a
nom her of Rows for the purpose of carrying goods
Ottertail in from Big to eight days, with certainty—and
feel encounter& by the Morality of leer year's patron.
nee, to snake more extenslie arrangements for the On.
intioN Year.
WA welsh) therefore reapeetfullY sedioit a continu
ant.° of our darner putrontaaad refer all new easterners
to this we have done bealneas for. : •
Efliglial 1847. , Eta=
Fertile transfurturtion.of .
Puthentmenta,BALTDlONA, Now YANA, AND IkTroN.
Corner Liberty atrcet and Canal Beam Pittsburgh.
• ; .• Nn OAS Marketstroch Philadelphia.
F.LDBtt, OF.LSTON & Co, Agents.
prrrsnuniit—Jus. McCully, Geo, Morgan &Co.
W &Co. R A Sampson & Co, Allen &Co.
VOILA DELPIIIA—Morria Patterson &Co, Reynolds
McFarland! Co, Eleanor( It Booby, Peter Wright!
Pon. J Biapham,Joiopheatz
NEW YOBRe-Goodhue & Co, Theo. Pony & Co.
COSTIISI..Reed, Hurd it Co. •
CINCINNATI—Adants &Eimer, W W Surber-
PT. PLEASANT, YA-P A plodder. !
N oes —E Fleming. • • •
Nors+-All merchandise from New York and Boston,
consigned to A 'L.Gerbort w M be
promptly forwarded/4r .f commis/um frbld
CO3L B BCIt #,
. - roe Wogs ittipreas to' Philadolol•4
4.1.;."V01fra. — =.; V.
W01.10C4 tor the oottroyaato of:rah:able Outages of
rorolotathoo, opooki battli..ootoo,Jetrotry, ao, tot.
toonood mooing on Malodor, Maroh
As lion tOcalr wlll - betitirooltddilly until dm elose
of We oanollogicootoi,
j ar tO
- - ~ ~.- a ~'~`-,'~'
The In!! and s i hendid Neanter:
Cant. Mirka li eomanenhes her
tegnlar trips this mps
dry, leaving Pitts
tniegh'nt otchiek, IL ICd nellverot r
eennectit*ernh Priasbalgh and Cleveland Line of Cait
nal Boats daily to Cleveland, 04 Beaver, Warren and
Cleveland •Line of,Caoal Packets and Siege Coaches
daily to Warren and Chsvelano; Canal Packet Lines to
New Castle sod Greenville, Pa.; Erie Extension Line
to-Meadville and Etie.- Neil. Moore d. Cu'. Lines of
Binge Coathes for CleVeland and •Wooner, leave Ilea
day dd . do. arrival of sicanilmat Beaver flow
'Pittsburgh. Apply ler
6-111 HARTONA Co. Pitishargh -
~ . .14 ' CLARICE& beaver •
ox THE •-D 01110 CANALS - ,
E . 14 pARKsi Co, Cleveland, O. •
R 0 PARES, Dearer, Pa. Proprietors.
W T MATHER, Pittsburgh, Pa..
THE above Ithstits now fully prepared To transport
Pre ight•aorl Passengers from Pittsburgh sod Cleve
land, to rosy point on the Pennsylvania k. (Wound Ohm
a runtimes of said lime are not equalled by :await
said Canal*, In nambers and capacny of Boat.. craw,
gonna of Camino. and prompuniss at Arms, he.
One Boat Wives Pnabuilla and Cleveland daily. run
ning in connection with the rhearders.,
lidiehi,gan and Lake Ems, bemoan Pinsbarnh and
Beaver: . and, a Lim of fi rst ern. Steamboats, Elope--
leta, Brigs and Schwan., on Lakes ntie, Hanna Ali
chins and Ontario
l'petty forwarded to any part of the Union with
despatch. E N PAtihdh Co, Clerclud, Acts
' • • REED. PARE: , &Ca, Bearer,
T MATHER. Pittsburgh. Agt ,
•Pit • „Con 'Maier and SmlthGeld sancta
8 I 7
Tame to Baltimore. /". Lours.
Time to Philadelphia "
/Only bit Miles Staging.)
THE splendid nod fast maniac steamers Cantal,Lon:
ia McLane and taa, have commenced making
double that uips. One hoar leave the Moaner,
beta wharf every morning precisely at at ireloch.—
Passeugerit by . the mornng late will acme in Baltimore
next evening in dem foe the Philadelphia Mail Dont, or
Rail Road ear. Tim evenam , Boat will kmon the
wharf daily at 6 o'clock, except tmadays. Nesting,.
by thle boat wilt lodge onboard, iv
comfartable mute
rooms; leave Brownsville ne
xt moiling at 66'clock;
ems. one 1r110.1.11A , in day light; ntp and lodge in Gina.
Inoland.,. Thus avoiding night travel almgether. The
preparatidns on this /U.O are =vie. and the connection
complete, so that or eelays bean.
known upon to.
Passergrra Can stop ott the same and comma tbeir
reap atom at pletware.and have ehome of Rail Road
or Steamboat Imawcan Baltircere end Plaladelphia.
Couches chartered to parties to travel cc they drtimet,
theme year Octets at the ofEce,Monongadtela Houser,
or St Charles lloteL .1 SibiSKIMEN
feblo . •
ACRET Horde Swallow aad Telegriph leave flea
vetdaiy nt 3 o'clock r ta, after the arrival of th.
inning Boar from ritiabaratt and arrive at Warren i
time fur the Mail Lilobs Stages, which leave named'
fitly thereafter. sad arrive et Cisme:m.l et 3o'clock, r
This mate is the most expeditious and catacomb!.
one to the Lakes.
COTF.SiIt LEFFINGWELL. Warren, Propel§
REED ,PARKS Co, heaver, Agents -
JOHN A CAUGHEY, corner Water d SrafthEeld at.
'aptly Opposite the hiniumgahela House Pinquirgh
inAsta 1847. r.'„77-7-!' .
Liao consisting et' height andpaweinger Pack
. Lets, will ran trustingly daring the ammo between
Beaver and Greenville, Pa.. by which freight and pas ,
sengeruberwees the two points, will be tented piemptiv
and at the lowest rats.
WICK A. ARCHER. Greenville, Arts
' CRAIG In FRAAIPTON, Chained Fe, do;
AIeFARLAND lc KING, Big fiend, do;
HAYS& PLUMB. Shavynburgh, do:
W C MALAN. Share,, dot,
• WAL hIAT/lEWS, Patin], do;
REED, PARKS &Co, Beaver. do;
.10111 Y A CAM/HEY, corner Water and Smithfield sts,
tingly . Opposde the Metiongaheia Nouse, Pittsburgh
Egi 1847,
ion IllazispoßTVClON 07
Philadelphia, satt.ore. Now York
and Dolman.
THE eneouragement Ws lino has received since
Its commencement, boa induced rho proprie
tor. to increase the stock by adding a number ol fir
dun bottnand instead ofgiriag receipts as hereto
fore as agents, we will giro our own receipts for
freight shipped by this hoe.
The boats are all portable, eonacquently ficight
is taken the whole distance without tranehipment,
thereby presenting damage from frequent handling
.on the route, and as each boat is owned by the
Captain who runs them, which is a aufficient guar
enter that there will ha no delay oo the route.
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to the
tindersi,7ed will bo forwarded FREE OF COM
MISSION, for admixing and forwarding, and nill
be shipped without delay at the lowest rates of
re respectfully solicit a .share of public patro•
nage. . . WALLINGFORD & Co.,
Canal Ram, Pittsburgh.
BrnarStreet, Philadelphia.
Bowiers , Wharf; lialUmere.
i r ittaborgh, Feb. IC, Ign,
1846 AND ' /847
ez .
THE undersigned am now_ prepared to forward yin
duce, dm, to the Eastern Markets:dining. the cuss
log Winter, on the most favorable terms, 1ay , ,t1.16 Cope
lasoos mote.
All property consigned tom will be fOrmarded. at lc
lowest rates and with despatch.
_hterthandise received by this tic= promptly art
warded. J C BIDWELL,'s. Pitatturth.
nov97 E FGEBTON Co.thindeblend
. .
1846 AND
. 4 1847
• •
4-.......:E.. , , , :
. --- ----- .. --f--
THE ,: ~,
.1. r s I
Baltimore l 1 e r s '
en t I ,
) 1 . n a .e m eip lo t . lti n t s. he h alliv . e , liiii w f P . t.. ,
at the following price.—
Althea; Bacon, Butter, Lead, Lard. Pork, Tallow,
IV hiekey, a,a ed
and —e 7 co- per tupelo.
Tobacev„Pe,tp, Flag arid Wheatrig Sts per Bat ibe.
Athos. (Pot) Apple& Chceee, Fla.v.etced, Blass, and
Leather-1w ele peril& the 7
Oils, nine, Seeds. Wool-110 ete per 100 Ihe. '. ltcoparaz,Feethere, Fore, Gineeng, •nd Bootie-Root
— CM ote pe•riD2 lbs.
All property coneathed to rather of the undersigned
will be forwarded without delay, Br. of Coininioion,
at above }ales. , • W H CLARK,Browneville.
notrNd if
FREIGIIPERS. and others wielithg
K, 1 to have Fire , Itrtek. produce, geb.,
brought to thbe place nom oteubcnnlle
saland intermediate boidings, eon matte
oogen:thu. by calling on me, aril I
have a Boat funning metila Hy between Phathergh and
Steubenville. ' Ob.lo. B.•MILTESItEIIICEII,
12114 i Steamboat Agent. 34 IV,nier Pt,
- --_._-.
gill vial producing 'sentient—Read the copowmF
I i
fro LOC Rev. B. Wakefield, Vaster of Liberty et. 31.1 a.
Ch tit t
Pittaborgh, March RISC.
A r. R. E.Beilerte his' front Li OCOPo of limy, as well
as th great pleasure. that I bear testimony to the vie.
Ice of youkjustly celebrated Vennifotte I procured' it
sin& botati, - and gave it with.° of my rbildrcn, who hid
been oil foreemi weeks The' eldest wan seven
years old, dm w neat four, end die youngest eighteen
maths. TA, first passed Shy -ult wormy, th e second
folly •01/150, and the third a considerable number not
distinctly recollected. Biota then therhave bean doing
well, arid are now 'aped health.. w .
Yount rcepectlally, . ' - H. IttalisteLo:
From the Rev. S E Saimacir t of the MethoSist EpireO.
pal Church.
Mr. R E. Sellers: it Is with great pleasure I would
inform 'lon of the good effects produced on my gen of
four peers of Age, by year hotly celebrated Verna/Jae.
After his having conndstons, I gave him three deem , '
when he: passed an Mama increduable number, froie
which time his general health has been improved.
S Itancenix.'
Prom the Rev Charles Cooke, or the Methodist Epis
copal Choreic
Pittsburgh, Tkeemberl4,l6ls.
Mr, R. P.. Pellet. I gave it y Itnlc dauXhier(beisveen
three and for years obi) three doses of your Vironfoge,
according to prescription, with the baitistert +tweet.--
The vomiter or worms expelled I do not know pi rake•
bat it was largo. n She la now in posseraion or geed
health. I dunk the medicine may be confided in with
great unreservednew. C Coors.'
A. tki. Vermifege has never been 'known to
any instance, when won. atonally existed, parents
should give tin preference to all others
and Prepared
W and sold b
o y s R. E. SELLERS, tetweenrid
410, oriWood ' -
For sale by Dr. Cassel, Fifth Ward.
FROM the very liberal encourage
, went the subscriber hos received Slate
he has located himself its Allegheny,
%CANN/La. has indsced hint to take s lease. for n
term of year~ on the property be now
occupies, in Beeves street, immediately beside the
Presbyterian Chureh. From the long experience in Om
above business and a &siert* please, lie hopes to me
It mid. receive a share of public patronage. • •
Now o n bend end finishing to order, Ruckaorny Rog.
gies, open and top Flames, and every description of
Corner:es made to order. from sencery•five dollars to
eight !worst : 40 1 IN 891711..'
Birtio — faiLci viasoF=n4 rcma
i r ni t , ci te ., spots, - Stalin, Or Marko from Clothes,
Woollens, Cwrpets, hc., ht., , and rendering the spots
where it is applied clear, knell. new, sin] spotless.
• Said witfi full directions. rrice 0 cents a cake.
IrrSold by WM. JACKSON, 0 Liberty street. treat
of Wood, al his Boot and Shoo store, oign of the Rig
ItenL .TO
Itt lt enfie E n ' t a t l ffl a tot eei r rott —N o i rre — rratirg•Ttlit r • ' L l' ir ' t7
enaltathicelegunt preparatton. We
heat every-ndere highly opohrn of, and erpecially by
all there who halm made I.IAO Of it, AS greatly etteacinum
atimulatton tint Growth of the ha and
17 many attentions orthe akin. n. Its vatucs aro,
amply end Intheiently provetr—.V. 7, San.
Par tale in Pittaliurgh at the PEKIN TP-4..K70KE;
73 Foarth at, near Wood; and atm. at thel3rag Store of
11. P Sehatatta.Pnleral at. A Ileßbenyz city. Jed
Stiatano's _Viqinst
it to certify that, by Inking mot vial of Doctor
iftleLatoes Worm Specme,o child of Jame' Shaw'.
'paned. oproards -of YU- wareta,.otta try the aro of mid
medioiooo child of 1113 Y 4.tente
11 is traly. the moat atiiyotaWg norm medicine lever
/ meat have two pxne .4
For solo by ADD 41 Co, WfX4 Meet, Few
. . .
( _
, Wha nhemth the as 4.1 y not bo ands/aid,
Vines thy- -fewer: duly mpeerodned t
Let eat d -con, ere adi de, or pride, •
induce mankind toe -Atha 12.3413 aide;
Means which. tho' a , Inge. are by Heaven dent'e'd,
To +intonate the ill., fltutinm ' . •
?map.. ;
_. . .
•THI, remarkable taus ed., which has rffiesived Ita..
untherstil a pprobertien of the medical profess:on of
Great Om., comprises. 1,11 entirely nen application of
Gn Ivanitm, as a rentedta. agent, by meatus a: which the
orslisieryGalvanie Hanel es. GlectrteethllideqelieNia;
chines, ens., are entirelyt ispenSMl With.,and the myste
nous' yo wee of Gaivanu a applied without any of the
obieatioa whiell'arOint nrabic from the general mode
now in rise. The etrtin,y, • lows, MI irreVar intertals,
in which Galvanism-it I pplied by Elva Lachine* has
been prononttecd, inter a ,sir and impartial trial, robe
decide:Up illl3ll idill. and it was to remedy Unsthdicnide
feerthat this new application wait projected, which, at.
vuterething toil and pmeevemuce, has been brought
torts present stale of pa (action. The Oalectrie /tinge
imam, all the purpose,. of the moo exec.:re Ma
t:lnn...ll in many other res pects see moth oafs and
enminin miccomplishing the dred effect..
The Garanießinirr wed in coneectiouwitirtherfog-'
ltole Fluid, are cone:l.lly recommended in, all dime
dere think arise Jean an enfortied. or unhealthy . erase of
tho stern, or citalryitterm and these templateb are
twang the MOO painful mad waiver.' to which we are
subject. They arise. wi th out caccption trout one lams
plc caul e. derunreeten of the Nervous S)' ¢m—
to! it was in these eases ihatotherremciiimil•havleg
to often failed. a new agent was really needed...el:den
it is conadeetly believed, has been (sand, inside proper
aol Judieinus implicate:tact Gaits - Awl/nth j
The Galvanic Binge have be. Irma with enure•Sne-
CCM in nit caves of llllMX•llol,.bentabill chronic, -ap
plying to the heed, face cr Inaba; Cleg g ethaDokerns,
Toodowit, Bithishint,-Vanya,Pknatiet4 ark llcadacke,
Irob . do.i.Th 40..
P.T. ,. . P.LoY. irlyinjwit, Firs. Cramp,-
Palpiattiva of the Heart kvapthey, Altentessef ilidart s ,
Spinal CreVoinia La:Mao; Ahura:gin Ifthrous Tro.
moos, Divoirsol of as 1-1,,t, pain tole. Gist and Side,
GrourallOW4, - .l)lfitiroxy of L'ortow. O.M PA:alas/Eft
orgy. wad ail NERVOUS LItiOnDEISS. to mows of
cunarmed DyMeps is, which is iiinlply a acetone de
rat/gement Of the diett‘tive 0rg2.66, they Save been found
amtally eauceseful. Ts-ar ertiaardinary.effeete upon the system must be wn.thrtmal to lee believed, and as a
certain preventive foe lint pracedigg'complaints they ,
are. egentOlrecommenlvd- 7 , 10 Maya ere of different
litivert. rating matte at a., Miter. toil el yarten mow
mental patterns, and can lie Wean by the most delicate
female -sentient the sttghtert ihmeTivenience- In that,
the Waraunn it robotic-seeable than atitcrwire .
Galvanic Belts, Bracelets, Blade,.
(darters, NeeklaCes, Sac.,
In name care„ of a vete revere clutracteihand of 10ng
standing. the power at applied by the Galvanic Rings
te not sof-cis:a to coyest the prowess of disease and
ultimathly rem. heshh. The unproved, randinention
ta'the" 4/Meanie Belle. drecelets, .k.e_ entirely mete.
dies*to object , on any degree of power that Is requi
red tan readily be obtained, and so complaint which
the triltdrru II • CiLtint at LialyMnsm cna effect will foil
to be permanently relieved, These articles aro mints
trd to the wane, arms. verb., limb., nuclei. or rampart
of the body, with perfect convenience. The Galvanic
Necklaces rota used with greater benefit; in eases. of
Bronchitis or uremia. of the throat generally; also in
cases of Nervous Deafriessi. and with &Moat smiler=
emcees, a preventivnfor Apoplexy, EPlleptie Fits,
and sisaila as r
complaints. ' I t
Chrintie , elllagnelic Maid
is used in mmthetiou with the Galvanic leinge.oll
their modifkeulons. Thil emnpOsillon has been pro
eminent by the Preach - Chemists to he any of the most
extraordinary.discoveries of madmen science, lathe
fievedito !wee.. the reirrarkablep ower of reedy:air a
ntarra WriMitirt ogaleaniertedan by ads means canting
a co
neentrrtion of the influene, an the rear of disease,
Bins twice tepid and penaanent laticr i No other
composition in cheiniatr is knowata prodnee the same.
effect, or to imparts, similar property in the nervous
systhm,by incense( na outward Meal application. The
sy s temic Fluid ecniathe nothing capable of thosligh,.-
en illuryi he impßcatma is tamable, and it u ae
bartaless pi its action as n is beneficial in di remits.
Full explotations and direction. aecompany it The
combined inventions are m every way perfcellyharm.
less: they ore sold at prices wiry a the reach of all and
thediscovereronly requeets a fair trial as a terror
their surprising efficacy and permanent be beL I.
Christatcs Galvanic titretigtherazig Plus.
'tern. .
These articles fern another valuable application of
the mysterious init.:Ms of Galvanism- they are en
'toper: me adjunct to the genthue Galvanic
,RIPal., end
untie nakit4cations, net:nem-son the same ptincitile, Lan'
having the ads-enteral' :nominee! application. They
Are mulidently recommended as a valuable nildnuan in
the speedy caw of Rheumatism, acute orehmitici no all
nervous complaints, and as k positive roomy in cases
ol Pails and Weakness in darChers or Each, Pain ia Ms
Sidr,in Asthmatic Affictiora, and in Wink-norm Olyirea.
non of do Pulmonary Orrni• In Srenal Complaints
then-effect/vase oldie raestitheidedcharacter,and they
hove often been used with sompletelome.s,fhey ere
alma( thee-reenter advantage to Pallittrmd VI/animus
of theist-w. end are highly recommended foe manly of
there complaints to wbitheetnales aro cspemally liable.
As as effectual thenns for terengthetong the eystem
when debilitated with Curiae °rather cam - cal. n ear-
VIM aid in Conetertional Weakneca as a Preventive
fur Colds: and all In cffectious of the ' Chesti generally,
the Galvanic Strengtheuing Plaster will be. found of
great and permarmitt advantage. la a ha w wards; it
embraces all the Virtues or the best tonic preset-anon,
wth the imminent 'addition of th e galvante lee teuee,
hich is neither liepairod roe exhausted, w hit the ne
lienaantinamt nese articles will he Aland entirely
free from those objections which ary a constant .arce
of complaint with the ordinary ;dealers income:emu.;
• CAUTION.' ' ' ,
My- Tile great celebrity' sad emcees of theta articles
S . caused them to be counterfeited by Imprint-listed
To proyide ne - ainst impaction, Dr. Camara
has but one nunidrir.ed agent in eachheit7 of the Union.
Thesplv neentianPiutbureh, VT. It- WILSON.
Of tholuchest and - inno rasps... Ode charactheothe con
tly received. regarding the extract - Windy value
success or the: alone articles. it is believed that
the city of New l'ork alone, upwards- of LIGHT
MOUS-a...ND PERSUNS4iIanng a parind of less than
a year, have Mien entirelY relieved of the Most peiefel
thence dlsonicr 1. some Or which have coniplocciy bat
led.all former aeons of medical art. Indeed many of
the first pays:eta:lA ofthie all irbO diesppmvc of the
Galvanic .and Met:role Machine:, cozy:thirty Mont
mewl this application ashen practice, sunllorittitherX
erption of thew who arc too pto tidie ed to give it a tri
al, thO inVelition liar received unanimona Myer with
lint Most imelligent amengthe American Patchy. Dr-
Christie is at all limes seadynnd moo happy to give •
every (lenity to phyancians, and all intercom!, fur test
ate th e truth °fins assertie. end 'the effeacy of his
Only alteney in l'ittrborgh, corner 4th and Market et
l'S now unteersally acknowled g ed to e the IN:
.11. FALLIBLE REMEDY:for Rheum tier, Spi
nal Affections; Contractions - of the hthiscles, here
Throat and Quinsy,lssues,olo tllcers,l:em In the
Back and Cliest, 'Agee in Um ßreza and - Face,
Tooth Achr, herains, Invites, Salt Ithe na; Dori.,
(droop, Frosted Feet and nil Nervoue Iditeases.
te.nded the application of this most WONDERFUL
MEDICINE in curing the mosteerere eases of the
different Olsen , et Above named.—and the HIGH'
ENCOMIUMS Mat have been bestowed upon it,
wherever it has been introduced, giver me the right
to call on time AVFLIC TED to resort Ist once to
la . The faculty unite in recommendingthe caber
aced Eatercal Reinedy, fluat l e Lintment.
The follnwing Istier Dion the highly, eminnrt
Phyeitians who have been attached to the Mount
Pleasant Stun Prmon for many year., is. the best
ovulence of the value of Ibis eclat/rated Liniment.
Stan 'Sato, Decemoer ,26,1345.• I
My Dear Sir-1 received your note eflycsterday,
geking my opinion in relation to Hunt'e Little:lent,
as prepared-by hlr George. E Stanton.i - IS - tinning
its composition, and baring treocentlylosed it, I
"cso recommend it to you a. a Estortail Reme
dy. and in my opinion, the best Liniment now hi
use. Very truly nod:respectfully rivers, •
• , .Ali
, . .
'Col Pierre Van Cortlandt; Cretan Ithanoi.; ' I.
' I fully concur in the above outnion.' 1 • ~
, - •
, .- Yortreows,Jan. 14,1645.
Sir-4n reply to your letter, J.would ray that I
hare used year Euernal Remedy, called Hunt'.
Liniment, in my practice since yoo made me ac
, s i n i g .,l aio its Monotwitioll, and unhesitatingly
sly that 1 believe it to he the beat k:szeical Knee in use for the complaints ity which you re
commend it. . Your. reipectaiby,
' • .
Geo E Stantoo.Esq. -. , _ •._ . -
,'Among the mastiol won/deer article. and
humbugs that are poured fiirth at the present 'day
upon the country, it I. really refreshing to bud .
•otnethieg or. Ma practical utility, something rim
ple, speedy and effectual in its operation, sod cl
the some time tree from those injurious effecti'
which generally attend powerful remedilce. Hunt's
Liniment, prepared' be Geo. E hanito, of Sing
Sing, though 'it hap Leon hot n:short. ti e before
the public, has already obtained the confuleacc, not
only of our most wealthy and,lnliaential- citizens,
but our most eminent phYsiciant.' AIT lacknovd•
edge it to be is sovereign balm for ',limy 1,1 the ills
that flesh is heir to, teething the aching limb, and
by its genuine atinaulating influence, tiaulsMng dis
case Atm the sylcitt: • ' - ''l .
Mr. , Stanton— Sir -= Seeing year advortieement
of Hoot's Liniment, 1 was induced to be) Its acme
en my son,,blor had-bees ,cr.4 . rplell with a lame
back limn on infant; and it la vrtth gratitude I bear
testimony to its wonderful healing properties. •MY ----------- • - -
childovhe is now live year. of age, is nob in a far . . PITTSBURGH: LGAZETTE,
'way of recovery, - - Yours, dec. I PUIILIS1112) IL
DAY, ii wpm.?
D E SISIOI ‘ I .;V .SII3 KE L RsOM • di Oa, 3a it. won.A.lio pose Max
. .
• POST OVVIC C, 'IN/W if lain, Putnam Co. . nevi{ 11l OP ADVERT,ISIN Os
I certify that lam -perdonalTi ricquaiond with One insertion of 15 lines, or less ' ' SO 50 ,
. the' above armed chtld. and thlnk the father would 'IWO insertions witliontllthmtions, : " 015
be elle to saying that his sun is almost 'tell. Three •" '. - ..... ..... 3IV
' - JAS W DYK64AN,
Weak 50
Noy 5,1815. - -- - . Deputy PonMaster. Two Weeks " • "--. :•_ i . 2 241
• I'. Si 1 would also state that! have been for a Three ' " •. " . - tr _ . ..
'.. 3 CO
number of year: tinbjcet to Irceeent attat . ks of tbe Ono Month, '.. ". ' • .'4 05
Rheumatism, which in 'natty instance. revealed Two " " • . ............. 6Op
, „ . -
my - attending to my business. l'wo or th ree appli- Three " .. it- , .• d - 150
cations of the Liniment invariably' mark° all al- In" Longer advertisement, manna pieportion.
fections of Biel - dad. In case. of InniiCs. spear's (doe square,o months, without alteration,... 10 00
And sores. tun aumerous to MentiOlt, it has in this a a 'l2 ti , ,! • .... .115 . CO.
vicinity proved a certain remedy. Its lame can Each additionial ,quire foie'mend*, .',..... 5 IX'
only be estimated by those who bane given it a law • . - a - to' • -" - 12 -" • ' 10 00
trial. • '- - ' I • Onergaare.6naouths, renewable at Ocular°, 16 00
'Phi. Liniment is,sold at Z 5 and 50 cents per hot- ." "32 " o. • , s ' -" XOO
Be, by all the Priacipal !druggists and Merchants -- Eacbailditimailsquareforitmenths• • ' • ,
10 h 0"
throughourtho country. -
' - 'Two amaaree,6 months, re'vrableat pleasant, 30 Ml'
IVhoterafe Agents in 'Mein 1 . 4. ' ".' Each additional Square, 6 mouth., -8 00
' HOADLEY, PHELPS Az Co. ICI Mater - - 'arsenal . : on' wni.arazzLw Ir 'mini "Pipit.
i'L l6 wroN kc 6 ISO ''"‘'. - thy.) , ' 1 ' onesquare.34asettions,'.....'..." ...:....:'., ... SI /0
'A:lths I/ SANDS, career Fulton aniTilline, I vr - .r, each additional iniertion ' - • 37
ASPINWALL, '66 William aneet. - , . ... iL ,,,, 5 .... c ,,..., ii -,.."*''.7• •
Orders addreszed to meat Sing Sing ryo,„,- Fier tuts or Ica, one year.
.., '.
,-. , . . 000
be attended to. OEORGE E. STANTON;. ii -di : o ell month. ' . 500
. „ ..
onelear, daily tit weekly , 10 . ,
. . Proprietor. “ :
_For tale in mitsbnign by L , W I LCOXJr, and J . le ' .rr --. ' t ic mc ,,,a,...,,
..„• ,r , 4,
.. * . 8 CO” oa
KIDD& Co. AllignenyCity,JOHN SARGENT • ,„.„..,.."..,,,,,' ..... ,„' ...44;.
.Biithingliacto,JOUNSMlTH.. ' .', • ',. : - febl9 ' '''' --'''-''"'"'""“" '" - ••••• - •" 1 . - ..kria• '
• • • gaidi,g,,,, --- i -c--- gr- , -- - 1-- 1.8 . 0 -- Ter L'Olizen; or lent, One illaellinnr - 'sO 50
T - MAT'SanirdaY leave n teaspoon toll Of D. A.' Fah- ' - -''r • ' ' ' -'l" ' . •-- '..
. ''°' 75
.I..mmisseleds CrtsVatmlfase so my' gid sg ifi , w h„, ~ ,
,"--: , ' ", ~ Three,- --" - - - • .100
heaven, lotrirsind five years old, ands:tiring the day she , • ~".. '""'' .'
'fl ' Thii(miiptsts,: " •.3 .150
Penedluned leainrge norms averaging more Lmii a Ass In L.. -", ' a • -.Y 1 ../Sit . ' ....‘.‘ r , '1. ', ........ - ... 600:
• Peyote Ile ifeeteediriiiiieliild:l - ther' i gave a timmook .VAllittlyertiseirtetolie eliageilWses 10 00
r ' n '4242lN's'ta6 '''!'6-'4PA''''"io.`",/i, and cad .diwoliiit cis - - - - be-
shep Owl/nes of:equal sir e -: , ~; -., ..t. -,_ ~ „ „ . p eg lain .to peen .
: „ „,, ~ , ~..._ _. ~........:11pasiRy.clinom - : amount of *dialling exetsedsso dollars par ;eat.
~ - ..•., --.-., ....vicautara. a.ithsole .creel :::,' i - . 7 ::-: ''-': '„ - lo w infli.U .- -cisa,!;.,- '
. PT°P"'l6"l4. b ,i' ll A PARlg 3 sTlexAcc4 . ruoilioiot kit :thx, riiii.l;:.:::: . 1.:..56 . oo
4:9Pg!Litui34lr>o4 an w004=4 follo. ~ --, hg , - .- •• . Au - § I ;
.. ,—.,..„—.. .1139104%. ii.u.iiiiiiiti.... O Oil
:',=:•-•-••'-':-•'• ' . ---: •:':' : ' , " .. t - '••. - ''',..',` 1 . id.'d-.-7, . 4-2 4A ,, 'w-i.•: : - ::::..:•,..- .. 4-4 1 -'•-• :' ': ' '
':.i z:::,:;i•, ';-:,fR..,-.C.. ,'..::;_
. ;...,,, 4:402--.4 ,*:,, : , •• T i1g;...:0 '4 ,. , g .
v ' i •
' ,. ' . ,.1 ...'.!,-.:.,'-;_±,W-:A'.,ff.-.- i.t.9K4V;P . , 4: t '4 . . 0 f-i-4.-'7..V-Z.•;. , !: •• N .ki.V,A4 a.`145: .-•:,.k-.::'4'k.Vi, -.
~~--uru3c'n~, -_-
mrssiggflLD-J.OZTAGES, AFD MOH =Nip
TOLAlLLEaktlati has eiiiworetid
plemanchtleires eta take it madiyand cry lor
mom SU hiaJibe lamat k.kadremitime of Low
rs., a Pot trim Pasta so the but of each Piastre sad in
cam, Bill elf Di
IllakikaPPS colacH LOzzivcr.
Thew Lottsgesan doe asked, mut rare, LW dratial
any Mesterei, ' colds, sosomptmas, hoop' sno t ,
toa, tight.. of the beep. , - 6 6 6 a1t thk .
rusu known en *mom ',hurdle; did us pre puttee
Scresal :housed boxed ban been odd wake
She tut par e restoring toileabb perm Us gaud eery saga .
fccasomptemousel theno latoriog soder the MOSE ahem. ,
colds and unlit. Tht7 do cm *telt ead thecteo,
butrusekr kcal, prewar, emutorisiu,alky the ticking eir
irriteums, cut remote the proximal. o r es t taut.
liwy me audit from a couthireation of a ma 'Nue& uptc
tome, Grump nittlieinca r eml uadoubtedly superior*
semi tissue* metier dm. ukuleles " Hcsdrevelsopou hoe
dreds ofessifeteurs hoot Lett. olfucdof *ear wounded Mr
tuts, from Gut who hate Imeound frail ao catitnely grave.
end mewedto perfect health . ley ming th en. .
Where then it much pun m tla breastorside, one offiller
man's Poor ?duets Made. (price oely p4f etcals,) should be
applied mu die pis, and wan WI mimed: • Wounded with costume; • kw **attic at lesatirs Itrengesotran
mild cathartic temiteine, should be cud we ocautua reigns
These worm keteages haw bun peered in ewe than MOO
000 sues to be infolisblit die only ars*. warm
med.. surliest - meted. Matey disessiesersoo from worna
and wagon Jug aud iatusee murmur., and mei Moth, wed,'
out their rem bung sweated; grown usu. are my
afiLictsl with thus, and me thicWed for swims coat v:mts
any lenctie, what ose dos of theme Lounge. =kid
Spinpatmr J ITorsts—Paira io thejoinfaite Urdu, at*
tire brmi.h,picking at tko thou, griudirg of the troth during
depp, and attunes a palmonagout the !Tsui* Gothed cheeky.
Mud ing at the itose,agmarift mosaics at the somachotaida
-CI of heat am the torus, of body, slight chills or Air .
wain, .hrutwitit, drisrammr, relugo, 110trpea disturbed
dreamt, soda* damn *sleep wide. frigid screamiop
sometimes a trontlemme tough, fivitrithetrai, thins, polled
hoe, lb, heed tests hi th e mouth, dinicult breachistg, pi* in
die btu:each or bowels, fatigu e - muse, wearnitheur e total
eisestappetite, laturst, Masud Musa oslienbs, griping,
chums:gimes eariout Tartest:he body, atom of mew
thiog ruin us the thrum, Ittltiog seethe tous to wards night, I
frequent Cruse to pis trouthhig woos the boa ore.,, and. ow
Linn discharger of dime and muss.
Tiny give immediate nitef *urnas or aid headails
paipetausl alba hurt, lowa. of the spirits, thapooderacy
inelatemeamrp or putrid tore throat, bowel or eustur
&Mu, Shebat, cm:ado:roe a ismigsickingef iSe .hen -'
choke, rusts., cramp of the diuseh 6r-hoed., hyttoical
alfeeSons, and all Lemma diwera, Amman:to through Ws
.day, stud wakefulneas through the aigh4 cholera or dull
liturbee,dimrlues, Litutode or a UMW of fatigue. fen
00010 watches; or seceding largo piano, kod the Lotto
gee realty romiog and =torte; the buopos7 of youth: mid ..
aBer' wiltrutore the bale gate spy. gen!
mally, and mums all the unpin:oil symptom. mese; rumen
ewLa hvemg. Permas who lone tun 46 lush liters, mg
attradoned their dissipated habits, will SW theeal.m.oges ad .
lendbest streagtlaming plug. in the weeld,aiid a umireiga
rewiedp for pd., or wealkussin. the bark, loins, tida l Mao, .
limit, ts, rheumatism, lumbago, ke. ie.. One tallies a
pier sill not tupply the Imond. They require a little warm
s% Itersrcapploadam. Wereauted superior to allot/acre sod v
faroremparite mual price, making mu reedy*. bed; but
the cheapest plaster its the world. It igosibi MIN La iinr
brumes? ataluteutonishlog Corn.
* term cusplatut end dispels* it shaald bet wont our
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intatlung,epressom of dic dust or mons*, they will las
satMately .0. 11 nod pug. y
the Aura. Pericas . o
subsist, habits,vor thou obhgul to isioch, will num
decided support from ma adieu truly m
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Sou who hare teed therk s aiktall sr dui muted teorismuy of ; V .
all thauldrated and dittingoadied awe andphysicians, to
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Dinsakms foe mu tea ms tut gen* pktster,"with
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always ask tar e Sh
or, er:m e. ho Poor Man's Muter and that
hawked abort add aald 2:7l.l:rlra&rtrur,:ymbrid .
. bid •tholualetsuirettiO by W. JACTIKIITat
Medicine Werdmoisc, al7, idberly strut, Sign of *
.Lif air Cream, a =makes article for die Growth,
Beauty and Restoration of the Hair., This Cream, when
once known, wilt supersede. all other articles of the
kind now used. - Where the hale Is dead, harthabm
healthy cements% grey, a few, applleetiorm will sinthe
the hair soft and dark end give It about:dial lively
appearates; and will also make it retain'. liveliness
and healthy color iwlea as long as all the . preparatio ns which are generally trod.: Every lady and gentleman
who are in thehti bit or ,asing oils on their hair, should
at one, purchase a bottle of the Chinese Hair Cream, as
it is to compared Met it will not injure the hair like the
other preparations, bat will beautify it, and give perfect
satisfaction in every. instance.
For testimony to its very superior qualities, see dm
following letter Gem -Rev. Dlr.
,Caldwalh to Massey
llendersion fr:Steeteli, Nashville, Heaved Agents
Wmtern States: .• • • •
—•- • . .
Letter fano the Rev:lL Culdwell,poiefr of do Pres
bless's. Headerehou & Stretclentleated : I to
pleantrein adding my testimony In favor of the, Lee
lent amp:lsaac:a called A. Panish's ChM." I
Cream--torabottl two years ace to-rpm venq
badly, and dieposed to mane ow: • t having precise_
a beak. of the Cretu.atel aced weerding to the pro •
seriatim:, my hair Is DIM F0N7eitt1136133:34.&113 to* ,
head. Many balsams elle were applied etch lea.
ring ty'hair in a worse au:loth. before. '.This Cream •
however, he, mat my expeetatiamu• • •.• •
A. an article filr th e Toilet, my wife Kites it prefer.
enee over all others,
T h e bedel:cab:ly perfumed, and not
damesed to rancidity. ladies etspdialty will hod
thaChinese Cream to be o desideratum their poop..
auto. for the Resp e ct fully &a • •
• Relmhlyleu'l , 7,./.5:7• . R CALDWELL
• -Traci whaesaleand Mail, In Plush:ugh by Jelm
M. lbsemend, No 45 lilarket street. and Joel Mahler,
oometof Wesst and Path - AID/ .
INGS.—Scrolola ut oil ita multiplied forms;
whether in that of banes Evil, cidargemelata a the
glands' hr bonee, - Goitre, White Swellings, Caronic
Itheumatiam,Canser,slitease• of the Skin or Spine,
or of Pulmonary Consumption, emanate
and the same cause, which la a poisonons principle
more or leminherent in the human gystem. There•
fore. unless this principle can he destroyed, no radi
cal core can be elected, hatif.the , principle upon
which dhe disease depends, is' removed, a mire
must id:necessity follow, neiMatter under rotational
the dire.° should manifest .This, therefore
re the reason why Je.VNS'S'ALTEIIATSVF I. SO tint
vernally auccessrul in removing an Many malignant
diveases. t destroys the virus or principle from
whim the .. discuss have their origm,by catering
intwthe ei notation. and with the blood is conveyed
to the re sanest goo removing every psrticle of
disease fr m. the Iran. Prepared end sold at No.' .
South icd Street; Philadelphia, : • .
Sold at OPekin Tea Store, No. 72 Feurthatree
Po.tothern . mchSt.
,pn •a nmsi ate
of yoar, precious to =akin* timer Alr.
Sears Reararaund safferedestremely from
fly epepsta t and no need Stomach.. I have Mode are of
ercet react; of medicine wirhoot retemnag Material
benefit Ahout three months since I coptemeced suing
Sears:/dedictue., which lia • catireturelieved me .
from acidity at my wornacp."and renora4 me to comfor
table health: Several of my friends and ecOnainumees
have made am or the Pills, and received reoch t benefit -
(smud ant': earrwith confidence recommend them.
JANE LEE. ni7 damn
Sold, wholesale and retail, by A
& CO, earner of tat eadWead, and Wood and 6th sta.
le7 ..•,.
- IJETIIOOE lacunae-es can equal 3 - coes! ' Look at_youe
fasr younqicife, with het- beinhounny face! Look
- at your own, puled with qraptions and blotches! Vet
you ate too mean to Ova - Any cents foe • eakeo( the
peat Italian Chemical Saki:which would:anneal) , free
you fosse tbeee, aod make you yellow Skin clear and
healthy. • Go at one, to Jackson's 'Opp, Ea Liber . ty aL
Pittsburgh. and get neake.! '- • ;
N -II Jackson's Is the oulyplsee litleD6lgb where
.the GENUINE is to be ob4anod. • Beanie of Eolll2h,
rousEiory.the Big the doorway.
Potent /limit ~ laprlagg 'Trams.
EWLY I:gVENTE,II,Forthe relief and l'crtnanent
I'4 Cato of MIMI& of FIIIYTULIE.• (Suited ha all
The superior elainia of dustings gantlet in the cons. •
enrollee e.go with which it may be worn. , The pad of
wood beton neatly balanced on gyring., yields to prew
sore on any port of It. and. thoronghly adapti itself to
any movement mode. by the wearer. It can be worn • '
without intermission:l=o4[ore is elated. 'The gab
scribers bare made arrangements for thi.seanufactme •
of they valuable Trusser', In'asuperior style, In Pada
delphia, and haat, their now en sale at thug erne, No. .
77, 'eralreld at. near Ltlxtb, /gusher.
• tss; ?r
Prr n s
n z na m n;Febr a u d
.fieo i.. e Ql
was expreaonof m aid men who bled ter , Symp.
hlr. Mornam-This C y a =PO bygafced •
'with a anibtesame cough apnea ume,..l boater • boulo
of hlorgenrs Coop!, Syrup, and hePP7 ton, Otter
oehmi, repeal:ph le entirely:rued.. 1 pp:mooned your
Cede. BYrup the best medione I'--here orcr need. No •
ra.edY ohould be wide., this nimble Medierne.
• DAVID . MclSClßEßMAllegbeny City
11:,..This medicine hi prepared yr bolemde 'end retail
at the Drag F• JOHN • D MORGAN
Wood crew, one doer below Diamocul Alt. .
Price emus per boule. . • febt
l ulna of
sedefeep meAmine.for cure of
Cansoreptieti and ether' diseases cannot. be too Well
known. 'Very many lives have beet roved by
Y. blaming Atlas.
Far sale An. Piesbargb et the PEKIN TEA STORE,'
72Fourth suety near Wood. and ettlse Drug Store
el" schwans,rederal lel,