The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 17, 1847, Image 2

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By saurus swots.% 91,
AY MORNING. AM:Mat 7;1847:
w Deaf
y ° ,2A7 g ia b e' a 4
Dollars pa um; the Tri•Wek*ls
ansum ate Weektyls Two Dalanmigmetua ertaly
~ • 7 1111rabfrineenkeiut, neeore Iniemon, aboald be
• hawaviiirrAtto'clook in the afternoon. Allmon
aorilb=get of our.eiralendarsoreakt belmnioe
• nuc'oovnehron. • "
e - Or tures coo - vv.)? , •
9.~ GEORGE DASSllyetalk;silemy•Cirr:-
Nis l b, l . _
CµEIef7IAN:I•^IVELY o[ Waktaal . p.
MN AUTZWELDER, Putsthalth.
ity—ILARGEof !Lain
- •
3 1 1, sArrea„ of Piookoniti: . '
7 7ti.u/145.1YEAKINS, of Loorarrtaait
.`..,11ti CIVEN of Vemilles Tp.
!ha List Clamierclat ekteltigeace;
WWI 4. 1 . 0 , 1 ,... Matter k. eCa
virciestorro.rplaqtraz LAWS
. nr Tb suers nacre.
Mobile Herald of the ' Lt lout. Says that
,„ aSamaistrate has committal to jsil eleven bee men
cob; composing the crew of the Assibeandor.
The captain mu obliged. to My the cat., and
the Welt nun of Stow to carry them
' !on fley_Crout thaltite:er,cording b the lane
"-mid.aod provided in such cams. The CM** of
tom mbar - Maids have aloe been Bent to phi= on ,
dm skean etreunimances—aw, whole number 'of
thine and "oolopiw o g 2%,.- /Ravi
' r loaottifooceoVis,ig,t? la. . be inMeted on
pees moil if they »tuns to the &ate...!
- Thba Irene of theStatot •of the Arnaihn n lin.
tiletidaihsre. ell the • ilettei theoretically so.
kieteelinfo the binding fore. of that ' Constitution
...which tarn th at-citizensiof anyone State of the
...Mina shell-be entitled to all the: privileies and
of abase la any Mbar. A free colored
man belonging to the Gee States, is entitled to
the stile peoesetikett as the free white cilium. Thi
-low of Alabama is not only an unconstitutional
bat io lawman This tame thing of imMial
(gibs jriho crew 'of
. or - O of 'Pait (boo., and
a 4
inn the etioki.has bean triedhafare,—Orost by
Lonialana and ones by Bondi Canslina.
' ... - chinas lactposed:to appeal from these declaims
~...t...: .7 1- of the State Cant to His high Moult of ths Un- ,
'Jon, Te that mid she sent to Smith Ciirolhis,Hant
';',ltel Hoar, one Of bar meetienuable and distin;
--:: Agukiiiii Jurists. He- war Teethed with inialtr,
and but fa, hie deitlitter, vibe .ehdrary" of the
Palmetto Stets wou l
lisao treated him en th.a
;,-I„reiatied,riir and - -As kern, be was' ON
ate make ekturrl , canape from the Stat4'and
lams matinee colleague, seat to Ladd
vu lo lri.
1 ' eilia.iot found to hi gone open a hootless Cr. '
;oind,'lllla wa s e to like Melilla. Tta I.
..:Atieriipad.l6;rwn in . tirsipteee for the rights
of the aborts of, the flee Stites, and in .04 see
and for the Gomm of law: They tramp% htiman
_,' ay; .00; and live al coder foot. If these things
..: Mem ocattinos, recd' doe will of I:testily have
_. ,tabs Ouroßedto,,Thei ants aiid - mmtalos wko
,'find:' their Mirei Gn &coed' . Demme there are
" ,1 . , .klact' a 'Mmiemene Me will .denomd that redress
-_-_ at home which th fall to terries In ...later
- 'B64;Otel guitlie.Opi ' n, once aroused 'beton to
. 4 ,
-'.... : the enormity of this o nage at the South , Vomit.
. : - 'em ItMln Mij End twelves , impels:end hero
- ' under retaliatory tair .-. n
The laws of some elf Me nee States recognise
--- • faun= es a citron regardless of color- There
ass cordoned upiet Mato mind" the privileges el
~ -inuMittse, and we hSve seen four more of, them
voting with wit:icemen for the of of the;State
.and fieosial ,131mastments.- - We deny both the
•..,._ sight and nseemita of Lthe .s flOuth lei' moue upon;..
etserard ar rook the in he among ate South
, ~ , tarn port; and we nisil the dir ta," not. 41:"(Iiient
'..' iiiiiitsElimuhein Mitt Tit aeo Met injustice and vl.,
O, .. _ ,
pium Ofgloi act, and abacdomit. Hilo ally shams-
Nat dui exiosau gwyoiiolisoO :Of impdooiwout
eyo . wwitit id - ion:di - wall ma the iiibbeti of
' ..... 111,10 which tietctattb, to the employer mid the
employed. : at 'al; Dews ' glean/ we bate ,
, . . hard td_ we know. now facie thsikthie. . '
' • Tologo m Pitubiusk.
Tha,Z of the Stara of Ohio and
12tallaiuni will be +membered, have chartered
.4110.11offalo ate! Idisweappi &limed Company,"
- .kr a ink road from TOW* in Indiana to Chicago
in - Wm& The who kngth of thin road will
ba g33.Milas, and will COM O"M*. 'wording
go riSialtlosateirof thri Engineer. -
The nralaniroute from Mingo to the Aasssio
is sums Leki Michigan to 81. Joseph, thanes by
Ihi *whir= itsgtsli to Dctroicand by lake from
taßoffskr.. -Talon:into is mmusUy . intenup•
! 0 0. airookPcon of tha jiar , and hence
!be. niseituity of a maned.
'The' &tutor flout' Toledo Buffalo, down
Yorke Elk, hi 370 railer, and from Toledo irrYitur
burgh . but 100. • Testa+ trade at Toledo seek
fug the awdroard. is 70 miles newt Pittsburgb by
thim it is to Buffalo by water; and Pittsburgh.
rsliitioi ' PlakdolPlibi by abOut eighty miles, than
. Barskr is to New York. The adore from M.
eisgo by naiad to Piiladelptibi le therefore about
: , 15(finika lees, lbaci Io New York, by %Mal
end .NaTtiginiocri
,Thitrada of ths Welt might Wily be made to
pr t6roogb'otti atatlilo Phlbuktiptile, instead of
York,: Tbs aim of constructing a railroad
kosTo I kl to PAW:ingh ;Wawa in round
110)11,1Kie. ' ,Tha facilities far trans.
Ern) Firiitious
. ) 4 *.terun' N 44, norms,
a lmPortaas
- kotimilio. to
X! ~
u,~a w~.,... : .•rak. ..-y;t ~.,a.,wa;y+ ~L +.. 4 s.:•%:::;.. , K ,e...~.. La. ~. .. - ~..
- -'• ... - - - BY MAGIBTII I
To i he zoo, s
of ilie i. ,, twursh d. ue. , Conte or Deente—We ta ro sum this picture ',..,..- --,,,,......, '
,irtieuWea, e r p ireilp et or teuy . 6 .4 a meted and third time emit seitheipaeuerilelpt,
eiloileol,'.3lttithh Balfbiore I ;ita Ohio R e itge e d ellikl . , qit asi work of mt. then is a thirAta.
is to go'te Whadient Oh s put o f iii iiiiii ng
./.= ikaile etNeet, an :indiitiduarity of 4tines. ' . 4.- Told
theente.por....4cierni.4 I 2 .41. 0 „ tieithanden pottra*,4 - -power bathe Cor bw ilef k
to knotilow the ioiiiiktk, ails the Oto 4 s''''” coons a° one rat Il i .
_ b tu. n.44E6 '
to be kept vp. • alt Wigrad;wo d itti.44' . rifa - tatifief lad drePere.t ni p re terl ... Vl '
, n _ :. ,__
_____..... militia,
... w that river all yoga. Than are chareeters in the scene which --.
e7r i liteniqTr - Tlihrtiga- to Perna ' hme.eheltlittlt9Slhantl4.ll.9.
the passage of Rail Rad can. The Wheefing le" to the thcet "tit ° lighl : C e ett W etien t .
people nin ... 3 It . , row= with much
awn _ Famine, Penitence and Wiciars h ewn 'tricolor*
'thiato;iiiieltibtaVilit" -- 71% - iiiftra .1. r..... , ' • • • "' iiteellikli.DiegibtlZUegenkkunt.
of about Oft*.fife:kift high and tar we I " . F i tnruft . .. l3 ° di, Aje. fleasapt . . and Faith. Or
tar,, inthe oh i t,-: . that the hap mud be about . fhlito eastilidati the infinitities 'of Age. : Even' •
hh,feet'''•l"O*l4.: hi teri etitier of. Oleil fin the ils l i !a ,l) rt b O i l dt t. a its sentel let/
feat above low Water mark, to allow ateWelvideli ''" ,•an ' t ' 216.1 . 3 1 OFOtt itself with none of
* e ye all
. .,.Thee t ili e e r i hub of the tho... 9 • lti 3 9;Pf_litiH ,* it 9..
_os=o° tin,., who
Ohio:ars about !Ott :fittier tity.feet above. lair 4.'-**.s..thit.tliftlf w hi ch La o is no waling.
water, so tkal a.blidge to Pernik Weandente MUM - l ' `..t h4 , .." -emiti l 4kuiaka: rather to attract
et hith 'weteriOl*OrzcineAde otthitiver; the i th etilePet lb. h ehaid e r ''' Ttlire is OdelicasY ' sa . ti
up about
i i i, iii,,,. t h e t in k
.. . r d:di m 4 tette duleyed througho u t the . whole' picture, and
opih : th iw titi nt , . t i n - '
.. t h in
n i......: n. , nr i i i.. .
,'Otriall ilia not fultless;yetit Anti Waal to.
tie Ohio to ghat' Y et ii h ezi g ro d'eti t t • My i i ik , itolatit or totOatinagroa:beinientiniehistic
or thirteen bumbled sal fifty fait, wide at rater '.. felh e VaiN. and arne !'deNo lo ll . it with iiiist
r,,, t i kti f e ni .4 e a-. =mit rare-tat?s,. h i Larek"-•erbieh all are forced toackticiededge Mot
'lt kola* mid +Witty-SU hat.that Is)* he I t but ni r e bfi.., .tie!. ° 6 * '7l . l ml7!ftion I , that
w e s t !, 41.; riv e r, and & fet a ifi s, , lu i mut theta ere :characters 'M i tts piece, which .would
--- oath. - ether Wit is node/wry Urination that a O th E'. fae'aialit i ' ‘l t h smili&f.'"id, mailers,
Aso "Of "eighty-lout fest in a title is anenormous "4
eodut 0 0 • Eli9.lhud, to ourittei_any Intelligent rope wo uld be greatly 1429 , e'ihy such a : picture.
Man that sesame of humbled and fifty-two Thera tear • moral to the story which lends a
6 ,4 ih a mile i e .., at a w n i ttn ... • - . real cairn to the picture. and it la . One which
The' Wheeling p o phthh . in :inticii. over makes it worthy the special attention of all who
thus at - Fob Caviar Fishing Crab, in rm. no: wOold.etriP &edits Ihit.tertoi, with which it is
noc i .
~.r hoy i,.. , a ini c; told , io startfr om generally clothed by the maw of mankind. Those,
Wee. sti a de T nt . - 14 all - t - h;', way to theu . mum. _ whO lies well Dead hat no. fears of dying ill,
,The is too o ur t h e i r s h e i k so v ie t t h e P
iout mesmerists:rt.—A woman by the name
.nil mi t t A rlh h4 B. .stl P° l4 ble olientege 'in over- or io n li King. made information on Monday be.
cooling luerrkUt Obstacle. It bu mit tei rise up for! Alderatgo SUM, Witte' Oho!'" Robetti lad
One , half the wadi et the river,. and then tiSecend.. !Tide : Multi. ustehtUn, foi seizing her to her
the other kw. lett m atec i ee . it, &swa is dwelling without.wanant or Unto of offence (as
Wheeling, 'MI continuo Joa 4 a 0.... sot to. do allege.,)and & 1 1104 her Unmet the Ores%
formed, a a ands
of ofiarp and one and - a half In iiiitle and violent Milner; on Saturday lin
degrees to libel, Wand, being ekthe nite ef &Vain 'UM dusk; Sholanher wales if there had been
two hundred 4 altd fort] fUtin the mile. - NOw, anycam of ouselektt spinet
bee. she sue will.
when It is itaelthat the sagli - of our Port• tot to officers to the Mayor'. aim
age Rill Reed le only Rua dogmas, it roast be ob. ' '. • • '
ifs they w ould give her time to adjust her apparel
Timm that the two end caw hail 0•11 the Ohio .,
ther,not on the mond ground, tat through the air, h h t .. r this e ri e
_ ftith ' e d . . i .
eidery tale jurii•kiw arafar jaisE pad b e me w. I she was rescued by the chition from the watch
;red a entail alitiar.4; though riot s o , great uat •Hatiesit, it is:nbAlleged before the Intim The
The Wheeket. folks' will dimes immortal' i h _, ..,..,,tmed,.."raa"* sod
tuitLai.. ir they ;,..0...1 le, tinting • bridge de. 1 7 ------ ' . : •
wending throughout its maim With, and uta4l4l. I Lancsom—A woman by th e name of Labelle
ell to accomModitte wagme. biases , eat* trot. 'smith. and '
pi/wingers, tsirderi eon, paseengu aim and k,„ i. ,!eu united .. brought before too Ma or
eon:babes. I leant that the man eta Fe* at : 4e . i . i .tel d l y ._. manti , 2 _ P i .: eheill. el „. .. let...ith toms.
.Wheeling, preserve ouch guarded i ik a „,,_. to Eon unmet form Wlia 01 a tni . . JOWL. oad I
the plan of Milt bridge, ever Wpm the Ilittimoni was committed to answer at the next Curt . of
. ComPanyd termini to =ski.
_Wheeling the ter; gustier of &mime for the e MCC. ir - ' -
zinni .
a tali rad: Wbg, the eostatnicuon of opt I
inclined plum wee a grit work, but thi a . ac t. i . Anarnea.—Chs Monday offiZer Hague,. of the
of an inclined plane and Midge our a great river; Independent Police, arrested *roan by the name
90 fear ebeei e. /0 feet Weasel water, Ind calm- of Wit. Manion shoe Henry Mar well, for break.
Wed for wigoa bonearan, draws data, nil. ' e• a trunk and abuse
00e- d i
road pars, n ind locomotivie. eumeaus our. great. --• • - e etettee"-,„ sot
portage *al 40 . about In it. aiiii: pow. odter weluehlie he/Outing ta the ' OWner. ill a board.
000 that.", first rib tllllll.ille road steals alibuted. Jig, house our Batch 1 1 1 1 1 idelher. on that
Path thrOugh a: 11 /oduneee, Let the too who atreet. • The Won was brought beton Aldenn' an
not conceived this nuorraficent project, enema It , 0,.......i • •
bl Patent °P° 4 ,..Patetor' if netwesarlt but let the ''"'
the " L i"- l ' imautt°ato i di. to =ail his trial f 4,
world know bow the thing is to be done: . _ oho*. ' ' •
:Ls there to be a natio - rimy engine in WhealioZ . '
to haul tip and t down the ears? . lathe way for
onhiutry travel • be atiMreor Inlow, at idong side
of the track 01. ears! - • There has been a for.
beiranas to notice theloogress of the work on the
Mau um UM* the. Dineen of the Baltimore
Company decided to favor of Wheeling. 'We do
not teddirpoard to tab it for granted that a friend
'of ours no. corset when - be pronounced the
ttOdee -'
to be a mere Pons Asinoruns; and that
ewe the Baltimore Directoes have decided to go
to veheeling, the citizens there will permit those
Director, to minis, some plan of getting tcyood
that place. . . : , . ..
Bane pennon ire ill natured enough to think
that se the Baltimore Company here ervalkneed
the Bridge, it will never again he wen.
Bat 'opposing that the Wheehig fonts shoed&
be In earnest; end intended that the moth talk.
el of bridge ahould boa reality, and not • more
Pone Auttortme for the Beldame Dina - ors, lip;
Faring te to be , bout, end to be some sixty feet
higher tn . Wheellthe tlum aelaidgeport,: whkh
of these fdaCti will be tb. point for receiving
and dieetterging mereitsndize itad prodneel—
aniportallosi of:1'1114'u between throe pleena
moat be 'el exisoths, if it is more ezponaire
than &eying - ap:the eitraishrty . ket to the level
of th e rail road hi . Win , Would
chandias 'gang wait by - Abe rail Mad. mop in
W begat* when. by Mowing dig ivia to Briars.
pat, it roald be tu mach nearer the Inel demi
I would be pleated to know M. vbiriof the
editornfthi Wkieellng Times on this subject
, . .
Ti. Taniesseste :ea &iota
Gazette, speakhm,of the
. ..high sources!! ..froin
'which the Dirtastre of the Salthnote and Ohio
Railroad Compel', obuifig4 the information on•
which they haled the deeisionto go to .Witeelisitt,
arys,thit report of the Committee beers unfairing
i testimony to tha fact that Mt. Kelli nigteildgl in
them with tmost profound teseectfor
knowledge and abilitete':' It elm says ;.. , •
that 'tektite to `
this extenkion',of . it jul.
trey thttarek.Ohio, The informintookndsihed,hy,
gig Repot I. &baptist gisgasi tad igiage-- •
jog each inforgatigi a. might Ir iglagfor .
aidettowthe interned mann Argo *birth it wee
methered. 'lt would ha toe 'Wish to say that tioi
hire falsehoods 'ant easerted,- tumult moth Went
not intended; bit, mistake the Central - line is
one pigsty and the Southern another, so moth are
the Undo In *Anna to lb. Ma' sailed,'
CoMpleteli, are -thole relatthe tithe other kept out
of eight, that the Wads of falsehood Sr. prodac.
Tas bumovseturn Wzrr Pitterroit.—
The BOoka. It will bo naiamhand am to be Opem.
od next week tot the Improvement cf the roweb..
logherty Mthis pima. Ws moot doubt That the
musamyr sun to build two damsr..p Mat me
biprompili sub
gaited and the wait at Ram palmated to comy
ins chop aid news Iceprinteawnt;
iud g aiirie open to' Pittabiamb • new miner of
..wrelth.ahoold Nagano tismi bum conipleta -
The liatortgittelaprevigatlonCompsoi hare's
aiiiiculibiry Literal in tide quitioa,entlttleta r
rill should sows; to induct them to posh
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.CougeWaiile. Theist* sum to &hue to
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to subscribe tparards their completion. •
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et will not be filibtated 14. tbe 1:1001beror I.eglb
of the Srad. upon the subject latistod
Famseents 10 la def. Omit.. The robjerm
me at Tut public Mazer% s • man M 11:10
dill width tb. public parse owe. la the Stile
sod oimmonity, prompts lb. •tl.nlioa wo Lave
bestowed opoa thew Ttu time win came whorl
we mu with propriety lam etstaloo La ligtosi
bat tat pow.
i Wesia Coss Erramusmatzw,Northampron
' Mn... This beantifol 'alga has Awn arks:tad by
moms of iha Hydropattiara of Now England a
%.... f
thalr favorite pawn. of radar, mf half It kr .11
lit Is repaautird to b., hi „ adwutisement which
lw• ptabLke to dry,- 7 0.1.1 al • sisestsst cwt. In
Au New England, and mow agraible for a
relirlerta for am will man or Om invalid. Of
. ha 'bin. or the Witter Cara am know oath,
rig, brit half the •Unars of cold WNW, have
• ~.yat y.t bra. 'withu or arnartad of. What
,mold watch' to the liana awl we know Kis«
( thing by espalancr, bet "rah happy., la on.
, the dimmed body i. not a wall crowd. Ttra
odeatiart. aa gatianan sad what Assayiley
Tairsiorm.—Tthp dation of th. Whig 0 or
wow In ifs Path'. state swears to bo ramiend
donbly arabn by its 'molt recwit'adviewt.—As
Ms Poll kw grata ?marks. at boa. Ii 5 a fair
liglication that bb mamma arm unpopular. The
opja , (iies that dadial Qs, eSholsix• of a forsks .
iiiii4oljiisso dm ban chore Ansa, b - -IM.
•iiiiii/i/e4k . a T ipai . tiii4s4.4,..d anwili;,'
.141JLITAIRTIIIINVit Y.-43aL 1301:1!A 'Molly
applied to for the discharge o f Lithe; who heJ
enlisted in the regular - army.. . Tha General nut
the following brief and chancteristicTheply :
lizszatransaste or UT.
My Mrai.Bir..-1 howl received the two burrs,
(ace from the Rev. Mr. Angler. and the other
signed by Mr. Van. %Vyrit.) sating, ou savers!
go:mods, the discharge ofJammTbootpaort, • psis
vats °tribe &coal Regiment of Artillery. in—de
bas,sines hist enlistment, rammed his hsbits. This
is en Fontenot In favor of hissiseing oat big time
lea he should relame, disci:l2*d, before beige
toolinued to bir reformation—aditare discipline
highly favaraasfonntion..24 , ;—tre has become •
pious.. This mho, him et occii a beau 'soldier
cod a better minced fortunately we we net With•
out many plops officers so.! mole ow tanks; bin
.3d—ft is elleiredrhat be bee imbibed comcimits
doussaupkeagainapetforothur military dory. If
themes bowed be ein tegriacbluTMOCl4ll/71031e•
omilleat to that-effect-.but if ha has only tamed
pseud, we hive ample meths of pabilehing hips
ilbe ebodcl, when rmlentl4 wheiti to Igba,
I rerunohe lawny= enclosed, end remains 0 4
dear sir; with gent anew, yorirr, truly,
Witteszto &arr.
VitiiirMer wu *Mimed to Ilia. Millard ill.
Won of N.Y. Ad/niters so we ere of 0
Liont, and opposed as theMices letter le
ma of the many agtorepayen, in which we awl
wen it . publiabed,wet regret that; the hut mints • •
should have • been written. Slimly man ms
have stcasucientiene scruple:' against Leming
maw without Wog subjected ta the Imputations
of cowardice or. insanity. The "scruple," we
MANN in 'the OW of TUNS Thompson, came
redoes late, hoo ir since*, theY are not to he P ,, t
off with a slight. The great body of Qualms en•
terrain thieliectirPles. and =regarded as neither
wanting in woe courage or knee.
Comtpondeace ord. Ptltsb , argh Ccuite.
Nsw Yams stirs, &got 19,1847.
Pattapa you haat noticed In wan of the N.w
int papers, • anuoirot coriairting the tumuli.
U. pawn., of a urathantatiaan in that city who
'adds. alum% taltiptict, divide. and minas LU
mar soithankal opaniona with • rapidity that
menus ante miraolotta. A. lam that perwth, g
Will aneanal to gin yowl a correct sauna t of
the facts, eiblch I hope you trill poblidt, Flat, let
cnlamo of figure., ay 3000 in length, and from
40 to 60 in breath, be placed bet r. nut, and In
la. than 5 ...a. of time, ileth gill the r 4,0
Sobld. Itheae cntonannot an the left hand side to
writ. the azalea down.' 1t canna net, what
forth the canna 6, or what nadtt., I will gin
the an total, a fat as the kora can be within
down Nat Ist a earn b• wrttan is tooltipfice•
' DOD, with woo Oruro in the athltlplier, a. ma
ny In the unaltiplacand, and I comma= OD the
tell band .Id., ad Mite the product undenneth
ibill In we. las a. fan as In Agora. can be writ.
tan down. Nut, let an= be written In date
hn, with Lay iltr• uziwat far • dirbar, and I
Tam. - writing the teirudtidet: Out, that the
wing an t Interest lastly per CDDL:CIU3 be perfato.
lia the am. memo, without acing_ Loy extra
lioraia. Traction. of every denonthation, can be
# l.l.
toed up instantly without ndocitur lam to •
danoninathr. Than nth. can be learnt
In .15411 half beer, bi . aey pain having tar
inatantlatut . Pirrachl. Damao.
Itr.llnlacag ray. he (mina, hi. work, of in.
abilAcnon fur PO and with then teal coo can
d. all he l. capabliof seccapliniag."' .
The whoonar Otlane was run Into off Brook.
bas., L. L, Ws -wk. by that siasener,flay Basta,
add rank. Ms conclusion, thonali, it did no
i ian ta i s to the Bay tltn. , Mows In itua lasboiud
.ids ins whotatar, making • bunch into her
cabin so that atm went down •in shoot fdlean
mienttea, remains with her asarythlni tan bald;
Oa craw, alum In nambar, sand lbsli.litess by
uerioying on houd that eassain at Itiarloassent
ol the cr sh, and the Osptshi sweilpid ingia
Ti t o parroau. on board the litesaiet esaiiia bp •
pane of Osoo dollar , to be Uravily dirkirid moor
thi w criw, Who had Lbw; lost their persowartifieto.
i '
o loom awl Liu staambott Maly ArdA, en i4/4
apprani tap from Or. Louis, libel:I rev ~tatitiCif
*OA • rock or anal sod auk rooral fief. Tb
Hirt Ann had as put of her Insight meow two
tirOohorl and Warty balsas of Hobos toe Hooka,
scf. or 1.114 •1 09,044). W. bate
41111 aro practbes.l rvkl.rmoo of po 00100 of
th`.4`'Pdk &Liu'," the attitopt . to rtmors whicto
nos moftl by Mr. Poi; Tip plory Ana arrhod
11!2 obi Sunday oleic"'
Eta 111111 nui Into' by du )4110Von NA
ibibirmo iltbi city bisd &p.m, by *bleb bier same
iris lora arry traxisabbib4tosaso:amil tut tuill
Oistztty LoPared. Bb. Y now bt rigkolim =air!
goki ropsb*.
4444 t 7 4ZY a 7 11Iniali417 . 1111kflall l•
1 r.. 1 . 4 , 111.11,k . 11 : 11ber u1 4 141 4 1 # ea w
boa iraie
• kali% ' .4 " 4 1; 41 / 4
VtAtt: t i
tr;:; • ' - Ijy.
-' Neer Og
received at
I i '
• .:Th,°!•ir.,4eFlT, 0 11 ,1" 4rrisld itsthis city al
aitiud4 from and stertedthis, morning.
for Cape ...The 'realest eniliudarm urea
evinced for him—thountudt were present at,
racism and st his departure. • His eery mine
Lai a life in "it;.and., thinish one of. the 0.0. t
treated toeniiti the'etmntry, no man has more, or
mere disinteteeted friends. .
raurespondeoce a Alin Pitisburgis.Gaur.i
• Pal eine:, *4. lath: 4 P. M.
The Soutkiiina.mail in as, but brings uo
. • •
lion] to see of .war. - Sixteen lenths occurred in
New Orleefis 'froat . Yelleverarer - eel the Bth inst.
The Demeetate of the Setae! COngroesiollll
hieriLuill, hive nothica'xii Mir r,
] gehi .
wee T.,i,Coagreli., •
Exelorre Correorodeaceoribe PittataNhilusue.
Pataaziar.rata, Aug. 10,4 r. x.
The merkef •Jup generally. Dealers are
awaiting the receipt of prints lowa by the wenn
ets from Rarer. •
EteloolvOCOlTrapoudence of the Unto.
Baltimore, Aug. IG - , 3 r. u:
Stocks—The market is dull to-diy, with a
Flotit•Thire is an increasing demand for this
ankledlowatd atreis selling to
day at 11G per;bld.. Bales sr 2000 bib Baltimore .
City Mat quoted at $0,25 per bbl.
Wheat-80es of prime White at lade; 10,000
bar prime Rad saki at 125a122c per bu.
Coro--Prienetellow iv gelling in market at 75e
per hu.
Cats—Welquote saltaat-30.141c per ho.
Rye mad present quoted at n 4
per bbi—market quid. . ;
Provisions!are without change slice forme
quotations. !!.!
Bacon—Tkere hare been moderate ides at pre.
raom S'EX ICO.
The follcrwkg ars items from Ideriesti papers
and letterset' gist Mat .
A new taxi has bee levied, en a ll - rho Mer
chants of Mexico, was mire that which you will
han seen has neon L es 'lad in thlt &ea, the
exactions . rating in pacportiora wealth, from
four hundred Ito tivel , 4 hundred dallstt per mer
cantile establishment, rad embracing as Inn for.
sign enuchan4 as &made. ' Thie citatory ham
induced '414'.4 prot+t 'Rana the foreign mer
chants, many of arloci7 s , , including every Franch
boon in the city, have remptorili refaced to pop
the lax, and measures have been tab to com
pal them to do so. 1
There are More then twenty-five thoaitand men
in Mexico, to which are to be added four : thousand
which General Valencia It bringing from San Lir
is Potosi, with fourteen pieces of' stallitiy.
It it nil alio, that Mire 'were 9i.ato thousand
men stationed in the 'environs ocilfelleo. nod in
directienof,Pwebla, so as, to toter ail the i
Podatit Points'm far :as hit Rio Frio, where the
firm eocowatarl would Mike place with the troops of
Gemini Scott ? in ca. 4 of to march
open the capitol. -
Sant, AIMS has bought his strong corn down
upon the mem; and hie proh;biteti/ Maintain (n
-ine of eny.ptper inJbm city, except am Diatic
Official. The imprrsnon of this paper of the
29th came mat favor of pace, and that I fency,
may now be rrgerded as wOmernment tinware,
'Wed •of all the - gtorails titan *lath i Imp° rf
racer is`hand,-, this
.11111:11S'. to too to be the
X'•Jetta. to tbe.Kew.oileiei Ti nix ,n c:-
. ..But lam confident that peke is 'at bind. I
havi new before wen the Lonna to Might ,
and ill the promises so . fsin
WA2 Tsi--,Coodtoodor3 Percy has inched tLe
following notice to tho officers ander 'hi! com.
• . U. S. Flog Ship Aliian t rip' 1 ,7 1 tl
Acton !Allude, July tbB. tilt'. S.,
Notice to given that the 'Yu uI tai rer
cent. ad volorins. hitherto icupittetron *spot banana
the pens is the Gulf of Mexico. occupied by the
Naval forces rt the 'United Stank:is tautly or.
dered to be direnntinnett. M. U. Tette T.
COAL rea Gas..Tbot LsuirriNis .11,U rf
Wednesday hut states bit a barge laden vtlib
isoo bashes of Pittahurgh noel ems nuijadiig u.
the !corer end of the whuf. ,This Gas light Con.
patty brie contracted for' 1 . 5;000 bushels, tuiraty
ut by be quality in annparinin 'with ihe.
ikas of liflinnuri lad iltlnnis, end tithe ono Wt.
wering their pug:4l9lmA of, muse the:pre faux!.
Wax: IT Cosse—Theeeplaiacifibe Patch
steamer Philadelphia gagged oee of his hands radii
ataneeifully, While at Sea. The flagon mica the
defter, before :one' of the Cocirts of - Siew Teri,
and recoacied,,ilie sent . soni of ',(591:1 to heal his
wounds.. The Captain .hai since sued the hand.
fa:disobedience of order,. . , -
Barear'Flawter..—A Rev:4l7ll Man wee per.
• 'formed alibi:, Cathedral of the Holy, Crow,, in
Baotou, bat week. la eoratnennoration of late
ep Fenerick, being the anniversary of his death.
The char& was hung with blank. end aSidendid
Cerafalgai erected la the centre aisle: •
.Two handrail Cabal Slides troops, atteebed
the lb h Regimana, tinder the eontraand of Lienia.
riekland Ketcham, waste leave fart elating ea
the steamer Tigliatil for N. Weans.; •
Moran rata roa CarrOar.—Mr. MeQiirisr
stated in ea 'deice before a committee ef the If Goo
sommone,List month, that in the cortme'of tha
hut turenty•fivit years England hai paid.. for cotton
atone, t 0 tho IL. State., 208,000.000* starhug,
timlo,oou. 1 •
Collol.lllCrievierrases —One °rout ebtatel
County rumen, (toy. the Viliaga Round) who
keeps a small daily, wu.oooyed for uveral weeltd
by Boding tbst nno of his COW'S we. recularly i
milked (mm day to day in a most mysterious mw.
ner. Too milkmaid would 6W • bet work done.'
and no orw was ibis to account fry it. idupieloo r
we ruppue, as is central l tub mu. began to
futen upon honest people in inighbubood ;
for um It Vas tbat some acme agent suit b.
inicesiod iriplunduinclbe cowed tux milky . !realm
'm. At tepid' the comet wu dlecovatedi
Ste or .11 mood.. old was direr:Mid in tha i stt of
IMAM( the eow, ',bleb with vest docility sub
Wild to tba operation. We haul baud orsiutilu
user —of pip sacking cows; bapialleye the in:
stances era rm. One in paiticialiiiida width . •
sbomsker wits atopettad of milking a noicbtior's
cow.; bat the Japoiation of the homit pais 111111
aftararard. triumphantly vindicated by the diaintodiel
that It was the aldieunker's pig.
A guar To Lam]li—Tbe Philadelphia rani:.
eylvealeat pobruhes, from the pep of • lady, the:
followist remake up drew
, • .
"BiPeeidaitallbmietg. I wiskpeeple would dun
benevolently. I law .' lovely girl to.
day leottat Onkreily mat caluyalale • beemeaheir
=calm dr' le dm 'aflly starched, to LT dean Mt
kneter.—kl, lactoelms Mee In vain to pereuageetee
Into the Sebum, enstom.• To wy Mild, • wor
mw .Could *leafs look se soft to the touch u •
Lisw, and as pen. All.hargarmate steiebthe
made of the Covet mad corms matesisl Met will
'May dhipate itielf into - fold', Isllinj trieefelly
annul her; mad mot by. tdieg liable to staid&
every moment, compel 'bee to stiff. epode, cud .
elambial demeatior,deaybatber all haul allocate
and leil; why, gni r ..ery wards would gime peke .
cod peeled, um Ito woo e dam, attach doPtill . •
did an flow ai potato for Its Regality."
A amber . Ch• Wesfiro prow ate outooAlfrid
fir iropMitlitipao lb. Doltleam and Ohio
ColiPST—mAkips Wrm waive 'ult
imata sonic Wiesen Vaptlips
mei the pr:M ectibla nrie- 2 ,zirAlcb, two 'rev
LIU* mart koptsalcabli lifil*.isthacitoota propo.
sod. • /4'41411 siaht., bowairjr. t &rig; bdui Fsrge
amovatlif properly in tad 'beat Z !OW it
I. Eat 411 t twat to'sbackt[opium:id in loans.
ix( !b. Witl•Oholith X ai.e-tho aADPETAW :
/64,4 - rpindthatualtddoilsiis =lv dm Wham tams
thiaitkrbiiribioithtlirooo ..E*t.n.iool4lltt
vinwo—uot la the nup—topt da isseig all
c a wilset •
,• • • . A:4 • • "
. . . . . . . . . .
;~~'^ :~:err:d.43x`Y.~~iiil~x3i.?.:i~`.~;.
- , -
crarrstiu. coasaiiitics.
istosus R-eiIiNELIN. Unman C. •:;
IUIIN t: KUNIML. DsFilial County.
li N tt ' 4:1714 1•• • ,* g - - 4 1
4 llMA* l l l :CissiberhuO.
4•14 111 4.1 1 3MAdattc- • '
WM'S MULL:I%IO4h Ls Citf.'7
LELll9$l,* t• ; 1
: m IteGRAT Ih4Otila boura/1
•BARD. Fmklin. •
• 4 Al T
_AJLEY:Sasqueb•nns --'-'"-
1t YEV E. EVAN'S, Chester.
It..9#KKX - W..tOrPsE4orugmery •
ajz BET, Wit!Cil BAFFLES mei ://dn
Til E mitt obemat is l6e Unto,
.tßathetrerChiatm.ifeitattiSorp.. Tbamaarexcellept
Meld/ xierMitt repining from the rut remnant, pimplercblotehe‘perlitee t caring
T r e ' tt e etlL Tl64' 'ric i h n ly i te m ai,l a t i s " ind ' u 66 eed rrP ehrnati 1 1 1 . 11
perm a( the Rh Inn to .attempt tomptallyre moperdeet
all reknit& combinalmant Ude tralnableponp bat
fin all their. attempts. No matter bow repulsive in op
pexranee the complexion May bei. thepennine Red
way', ChilleielihU , Cated See), never reile in terror
all exeremertem; and reridenne..the chin Jon, mewl
a nd f plan% •nd health). Sold for 2Sete per
eake. retell take) Idd cent., by Wm Ittekma Lib
erty rt, Vittsburith,J 11 R ALIWAYI2 Counland ci,
N hug 3.117.
03 , •Ino Cares Men. Part Plient P 11•11—
Dr Jackson's Ecohrocarlen is the only medicine that
will cure this se very common and troublesome
chsense Ii not only Oilseed:M.4y allay. pain and infim
rniat ion; mops all Meedingroebdues that intolerable ach
ing, bon <demean, titres,: in I Very Short time yentas
mimic lines have been rendered miserable for years.—
Its application produces no pain, but rather in *green-
We and pieWallt .1161.10.., It penal. &filleted will
call sad near of the trent numbee of, eaten that bone
been eared, m
they n be. astonished.. A gentleman of
this city: uro had be en tinder the knife of the surgeon
for two or three lime, without being cured. has by w
ing 2 bottres of die Embrocation, been oradically curse,
Unclip be) and preerdenlfi—l finturday Conn er, rW.• For sale in Pittsburgh w a d , PEKIN TEA
ETOILC,7I Fourth near and also at the
Erna store of 11 P Schwartz, Federal et Allegheny ci
ty- al Idkm
fly IVI inure - the attention Of oar readers to the ea•
unordinary core, or Scrofula performed by Dr. Cullen'.
radian for noble Panacea, whlch they will find record
ed, in Mutterolumn of neday's paper. They are
without doubt din most wonderful on record, and have
en beta`pninonured by manY ar our most rer . cctable
Pitrtbtans• The afflicted and others interette are re
quested to stoit them at their serest planes o abode,
and loam Dom their own ltp. dieavoudenful erects or
Me medicine.. The (intone named Is Mr loose Brooke,
who may be seen duly, between the hours off A. M.
sad 4 D. Al. at the °Leval" Roarand it Walton. No 37
Mattel. rhilada.
Mt, Dances! Gllguieng 'Panweest.--.llowcal.
Tal.anlna—Wn has. leave to call public attends In
the felltivetng, from Dr. Wm. Deco. of Withantwille
thuntiont Co, and one of the very Ant prawitioners in
the'wonly In which he wind., and late Senator in the
:41110 'Lep.lttore. - It is cheering than to see the lead
ing menof the profession. bursting the bond. of proles.
wettarpr-judiee y end giving went its doe:
.Ntre bare in my practice been chief lose of Soar
Gniseng Panacea, slid. so far. am well pleased in it.
effects In Catawba! and Dronchial tharnplainia. Neese
Aendlin half a down bottlee—put them as low a. von
,soj: 11S I ravel if it continues to render. general sat
isfuttion as It hes heretofore. to keep It constantly
hand.. Respectfully. opt? Was. Max, at. D.
• [lXlmportant to *dvernserMTLe adver.
lieut./01a which appear in Die Daily Morning Darelie
aliks rlpprAr in Do To Weekly, that receiving the hen
ett ne; ihe•airenlation of all, widow say additional
thou°. an advanitge toonr advertisers, withou t
to,g gaira layette. Advert/teen/its are alto inrerted
it Ilya country paper apooreAsanalda term,
arRIZT. Marra or root (Wrier ALLOT
nr. now pr e pared. ezuOte In .uperior
and <zombi:ow. manner, all kin& of Jowilturrora.
sue< •. large Porten, Stuunboat BAIL - tall< otLading,
Lefler rS rrm Ctrenlars, 111<aribilla. Cords, &e., tc.
• • • NOOK AND PAXPIILIT rlllll . llllO
in anJ extent excelled in the hew manner, and LI
kin.wr Pnnting dnne with seeurney and at Ow lowen
iir•Ct VOu.
Bpoo4o O FF ICE
Tllhrmhseriber re rpeetfully Informs the piddle that
hr him enmatenved tho manufacture of Gradated
Fa/Mil:rt.-ft Boca, of goal materiel and workmanship
whlrk hevi:ll warrant superior many flout ever made
iu ridltbutelt for the price. Thew .haadocao Boot
will Is made to measure: and warrant item as repro
untod, at me very low prtee of FIVE.-DOLLARS
erndemen . requested tomtit and craw
ae tkc. aro -
18 Dew,. t Del ) Ilon.tkL 111D1ELlt. • diedngueshed
eifieo De;arrare, /a the G7d year of his age.
In PSUattelphia, ALEAANDEft HENLEI/agent 81
'ln'n , f-ffoirop, on fit. 93 nst, Mrs. MRIIITARLE
cr44os• of Dr Ellett troller of me
Is , <:pr rAnry.
Ar t e.p CT= t op thr_eph Pit rrcr Qp•rterfr
Nffp.SNll.lll, ife.pras boned wah Prilitary hoporl op
rike PrPh.
al . 11E etwuring olepirttrwiti of dila be audutriniutalab-
S Librey 5 :krill of Wood, art WI opal owl
ringi in tune up b tatters, In Crtutos,,
Fri" Coe: Druilts; and UJe various retrodwata of the
Tha Rcpt.:ors oastaaaatthlty haat the ropteitabli
aids.* to call sad 1.1 t: the tar,dannostera.. del
YIP Z•litted that itt Ili depotaento it meld be
tepatod, Taal tettain:y p 7 of rood be theatty.
TO RCM d. armed', Wit Zadiell'ONl thatlaseahs, are
addaallod tar sista no, rota., Ind mood* by any in do
roantty; and O. Lake Polars atillehitlarego a Kiriltailea
tdo rithost,nrarttess,and broth *Walhalla—at any similar
ostottislanestt la he fool of whet,.
The gr. ot Sato., Isi.h its orient, chote, oat e:assse
Yana:tau, ilk a laws of thot oat *hiking eariody.
Roam aro dandy* at arbith tientboas, ama ran Lao
L. Ittar.oictit Relleanotatial. all boos isttie ' dayl The
Feat iseatootto. ladisLationol pnannen, cahoot
the T*o eat..., latliteltrionseoltasire tar La
dies—aorta. at thertranta van***
riNtiti great and Magnifiteat *Mies will be vzhib-
J_ lied a rew day a an
PHILOd evnings°. artabargb,
AT /Leila.
Cesontenringen Wednesday . irrettleft Aegoat Mb. •
The Palut./ 421 fret on by 13 bosh. covering 312
M eet of elevatethere ere 23 figurer of the rize
.41 is a work which to tut doneep tiou uude.leeouoittio
the harmer ales proportestmthe beastly arid natural.
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nod Ithprercon, !row. M:tensely upon the wind in
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the Palming every evenh•gi Thin served and third visit
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ITJL will appear for tam., nlglas awe, and
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mac Pep, rittiolidan Refralat; and k:ansaaaansa,
alateramn, helm'beard:'• " '' • • •
illitt•fitt 111[111PIIS dadi of ice CITLIP.
Inn rrotrined Inners ham Mr. PHILLIP/3 and Mr.
HOLMAN, late Of the Begnin Opera, in happy to ati
immune, lieu Aro appearanne in Finnan-Kb wick IN
nor Olin. Inn ti NANO COMM/IT fer two nights only:
en Thormin• and Friday evenlnga, Augirm - Ima and
Mb, Inn. For further partieniarn see htll. of the day.
ATIIIO.IIMUSI 31, 17111CA:11.11.11.
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Utmit KNOOP. th e firm Inollocelt4t.
11 SIGNORA KNOOP. Gana/Ist land Vets
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do Ford`sostra meals
do Layton's • Ss
A do Henry &James' Ss
4 do do Ps
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Vs. do" Henry & James' Is
• • 'do Matrices Is ' .. •
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haskes appointed Agent tor iloloatolif On
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by . • • • • i ••••• waltzes
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m name, Geaible dom. •
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• • Allosieti histstr •
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apw ldbeilkg is timeled . ..W t & elfnlY M 4alfstatike
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te!Reumeli.d.Mattm• of OM nta. A... Rare beautiful
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*riiiy kall al& a. . .
'mitt art krated npms Orearefit brow of Ow sad coin
look otse of the most esiclantieg landripes In the mild
Immediately in Gout, is the Qtrs. a/iartha, with its
Mmenius tad has dwellings, arniAM Ow dame foliage
of lofty and dm: Farther ea to the east are
the Sal mamksers of itmwd-fiku.
8 *ad *ulnae./ Midway. fon lath end mmtb.
•is mai kaaal,l gluey vpae lofy *lab( ti ray to thie - ecom On OM orth. la Munn
dim wpm. is the • of.Ratbdcrerith Its rich and
beaut. - Ito Ltrms .the tass i. the Parlshbovilloge of Rad
-1.1.4ttd oho of rithia Cabgest while in• the,dia-
Urn with dr aid of ghee may be mar au eikerre•
greatly diversified eomtry. Oa the soselniamom
about ilk -, milts didarai iti Motet ifttiohy ju In.dreas of
stret.lirw greet:soak a' it begat* Irma the Omuta
nage of . Sou*Radimi; oa the ma. teholwaf about 4
mites distant...the imatestie Mao. Tom, sad the charithig
village of Eam Hamm. with itsrltzed Ithaca edibeam,..-
tha pmealmg alombisatioa of =total .emery str
•sisrpassed; perhap. at...1=144 by any cake hi the world
It was rmerked bym gemlemaa, Who lum ipeat mar thirty'
mrs of his ak in venous parts of Lamm that he erm ,
baltaid a roue so perkily beautifalmod tack-Ming.
The aorommionstioa. at Round Rill aro seri airy auf ipn
Mout and are amply sufbriest fie upwards Of nts hundred .
It Le provided riuh so abastramet of the purest wpring law
sad wry other rat...bite far the Maud p.c.. afplien
hrm of thin popular and - wonderfully aucteasful manna of
tvalo-ring lost or impaired heahh.
Dr. Daunistou olio midis In the csiabliehment, is a pain
Mao qt. adasralisper tool, was educated I. Europa. when
he pied Ike admin. amen! years pismire I. the
Celebrated haepitalv of idenborg and l üb,*and hai him
• 36mi...fel Pm/diatom in thsoviriai4 Sr imam! years
PatieuM my therefore mow nen coaidauria hs Ma
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Tams or Bawling, i.thaks...timi .d,k4,511).
liras will Iss soyplied with every astiolo kw pact big, 4w. at
16. owl of dm articles.
Noslismorisoi. Moto, Aural
JUST RECEIVED at MORSE'S Literary. Depot, 85
Fourth st. '
The Complete Angier, or the Contemplative Men's
Recreation, with plopaphicsl Preface, and coition
Now &
,by the American edhort—Wiley Putnam.
The 'lrani( Paul Jones, illustrated with numerous co
vering. horn original drawings by Jas Hamilton.
Hunt's Merehaute /Ragan. for.Augutt.
Farrier's libiary
Horticulturist .
The Mater and roltA4lol Medical Review for July.
Westminster Quarterly Review.for July.
Loudon Quancrly Review fortune.
Lieiag AingirgitNtolltri
H en and Lord o! the Manor; by 11 W
Ember De Medina, or the Crimes of London, with il
lustration., pan 3d.
Wagoer,the %Vela Wolf; by 0 W Reynold; part
Old Si Paul's; a tale of the Plague, by Wm 14 AL..
wont, •
looorth Rusbbrook, or the Poacher; by Copt Martial,
R. N.
The Lost Ship; pr the Atlantic &comer; by nte author
of Cavendish, Fly thtteb emu, eft:
Rory ()Wore, • Na ing
tional Romance; bps Lover, with
alum - miens.
Yankee Muriel, by Judge Ilaliburton—illu suited.
Per sale at Morse s,H Pourdcw ii?
North 27rid St, oboe. Arch Plallhdolphin
MA LBJBABIURER and DEALER in el reryneserip ,
Ott of fringes coni‘tarrelo, ffney trieniningsila.
era. gold sad Elreibellows, e r ['Oporto the attention
of Merchant. visiting this city, la Ms Mode of New and
lhainelde tioodronantsfactared and relieved expressly
ter rho:Ball Trade and which he &Bent himself will
compare with any In the eity—coniurting of 'every de
.cripoon of silk, cotton and wonted feints; cords, tar
reds; lacer; he ; with a large llit•ftllCM of fancy trim
mings of every bind. -" ' •
N. B.—A completer assortment of every article for
w.ofiretoriog Rogalia of all kindh, sock no c, .the .
towels, Tangle., gold and saver bullion and lice., he.
16, EttaltkOm p 4..4', naltlsmare.
r i DER WWW lILIVWWI to klerehardi And Partners
Q the WO et near, 0,11111 And'hoenee generally, In
the Baltimore Market, and from their ektensiveneenoin-
Ml= among perches." , And shippers, can safely am
nia satisfactory Sale a Correspondents Will Mal/lady
be kept advised a Lb. rme a the Markets, Le.
Run vo—ldessrs. Wm Wilson it elms, !Panel:lei
nolds le Son,linrideon &paraders, Reynolds &Dona,
Ring k Corey: Baltimore
Iftgity.Cridarell & English,. Philedelphic
Downy, Draper k Joann Weir York.
, Daltintore, 241 Sit
frilE Stakholders of the Pinabergh and Connelleadle
L SAS Road Company, are hereby nodded W attend
mnotikttif the OwidielY, ia Le bald at Philo Mali, on
Tuesday the diet of Aeon et 3 o'alock P.N. Ibr the
adopt, tia inch meisaree In're laden to We Charter, n d
may be deemed most Racial to the internals of Me man
menity. 3CA WITHERS,.
j:rdßearld Fee'ryof bomd of Diremors.
Wise Cellar up Liquor Mare. . • '
110 RN ER of Smithfield and Front enema, where i.e
el waya Le had pine Wince and Lemma an kinds,
ho einnotied, and w emoted . to give wee maw, or . the
17) , Ler returned. Ear lute quaniittee M MT. bf
OP PC MaltiflN
M eLABl"—i rt2rl:7; . !+?_re: for
MO by . ENGLISH & toI...aNETT -
T)Tm FLOVEt—aibbls, ■ geper:ot anicte le +Aare .
- 11 nig far Pleb - WATEIL‘I&N
C r a4" " "'";
4. 13 1 1 W A -Min t AN
VL01N:4790 bbls aapettfine rectollo. SONIC kw sat
JL' aIB 1, .. tVATERN AN
BUCKETS -6U &II Beaver INeketiin . nre: tor
DtrAS-31 bbls imiltiVlute stow. Cor .al;r
13800/11-60 Oas Com Biome lure.;braala4s .
&a (testa and ore. la 14.-
L ;a i r ) SCHOONMAIMU &
ale N woad at
L11,1151E80 Lb!• in good order F. We by
- .
LARD om-s fi „,,
bbl*Ch n
J 100Nif A Etat & CO
600 A—lo gnat boilles - for purify &set rooms, cella" vaults, &c. and reeerMy
toroausleaded es a rare cuss An borer, and
vale by'
TUB b 7 the ee.l . and Pewl'Asb t retailkf
nIL-I0 b bit Lasee4 Milan reed; for .s2cby v
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Qt.i.t.i.,-Silt, Mikado DA, jast mew jar sa
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PIG METAL-4W torn 11 Heat' reed;
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tit Iluaiacajnat ttedper stint io aas.l
■liq'] lORDAN & RON, IS &Wm .
SAI;7I-1"1.!!ta' & 80 N
NIIMP-00 lbi Garrett''. &omit Bsaljttst Neil;
- far see by. J KIDD& CO.4tb'ec 'modal; .
.G`l.?"' DuadoNm,-B,..lngingT
CnicEsz ptitne W &Jon 'reeved. ror
all mac by WICK & eIeCANDLL.4B
b&leTtlat ree'd;•kie
A E ITc ---
old • • VIISKet
TORDOKIIII- 1 1iTios la gra Cora ifrootaa_oa band. Or
.Jl_Peatoby WICK & ideCANDLIII&S' ••
• - • • • • • for wood & water me
VLOLIFS.--160 b b ;' , AkvetirMilla F-stra Family.
Flourjan reed; Neale by"
all ." • • • Sky IiARBA U 611,33 wood at
DACON—KaI lbs choice Slate. put tar-NI; airmails by
4) ale
11/ACIigREC. , -100 bbl. Gig, Ne . 3 blackeirl just
slYree'd, lot sale by °RUM, bIcOREW kro •' ,
• bbany n;'
( ILO 3 /LlTFAlilliAdienlir:looo,vanteseatub
L 7 roto--4bo blr ir I Mrill!..T.Prrbu caber cash
. all
RUC PLOO/ . 1-15 bblm (nab irimmod la more; for
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5 blf NO3 itsl . o4 . mes Lelier....ocalei.ifeiiini, run f
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ADDER-2 hltdsus store . ; far sate 10 , 0 b
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• • eel - eons r utleloiv Lys
• .• • • IiNGLNII t DENN/LIT
AIIKET/1-4 ddatutzki4lillrnets;
I do Hamper, fbrsaloby
S—W dOi - Zo7o' Unitas In nioil;:for ...le by
X1A1,41/110cbrublr 0, bp !And bartriAl Tea.;
late; Wail. by ENOUbli t BENNETT
I,IIIANTED- 7 ,ri . ecil but/ single Desk. Apply
•- CIREENE . fr CC , * EsOns. Lace, a caunw
II •
ILIZSIC=IP tau W R.Cbeesc Just reed asa for
:au •
•. rate by I DICKEY A W.
CHAD! StIAD Sittaht!t-1014:11 *debased Shad
terat#rariat rate by ICIAIAtaDtatES dal
ale %, • earmark-101 heat t 4.;
bx.W R large p4sie
reed' ibl• day,' for phi by • • • - • '• • •,,,•
It 4 " • • ••• • -- frASNIRY DES? Mileaold•sr:'
AILS—SEi Seri NS - sted qm. Jordois %Come;
for sale by HES r •
—I) ,uals4 Meek fanseckpig imam,
'OALT-1U ease+ Table Balt }ia.ieseteed' Lir ale .
--m4; • MILLE* k. 1111,0111'
Oil 1-164—r
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n-L:noo calla unbleaelind ?oann Oil pow landing
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1741 tibent_•!':
received; 'arta :ix
yyf ; ' •: : Cor sitaiiiifed Atwater au
HANS.-15 efts pm° Cu bait
sir Alift-iencetulairttiNt
' •alin . as 'irastets,
_ — r ~: - m ~ ~tee_^
. . . ,
~ ,„,,-..ferJ. ileirestsw*A4 . • .
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Aatibtile of vahu M liu . .' . • ' -
ifirr rtionte Residatiip of etilietion.4
irritedsp. Am en 3 ii,lil 10 - Veto:A:re - VI 4ns.
no/4'mill be offered Mr min istPublie`Aatti - gm
the weights, 41 Ilatleine tow a 0 llmldlnen 1.. -..
besot/Oath ntented'Sw pi ewe d.inge Lk lio,llll ihe
ElanmsatiOcessa std itts43:ll44ll.lthen7.Cmsol37,
extending frtm e Nam alio the Alleiheni Illsm •
steed ' gm wirlaismenewsll/etnewit
the ljnit.4l St* s Animal. At the stew time snare
emehmery and I* ..t . CIN :wth the, rope whirl
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II lUttered IC II Von for stye 2. ........, ~- ..-
erms.ef sale,wne.fourllt int at the um- a .1.,
.est, l tr A e Vino tt r inild a ts I ln risige sm me prenti. 7
wt. ; A Vino( the lots can berl snot marelsoose
of.Gto t.Eitan nottietsBlllN t Mame Ranh.
. ,
Fsf t Cor Flank of Pennsylvania- .
iorA mbs.myta.......
. .
.. •
ON Thursday mom/Imb. Mds Inst. at Id o'clock. ci
The Commercial bale. boom, cone of Wool and bth
cc will be sold an evenaire aluonmanl at ample and
3la ell.o Young Ilya. Tea! '' •
4 4! bit Virginia gunman. tired Tbbaced :71 . • •
70 tail OpMilth and comaint Cigars: • •
60 berm band boxely3 esc beet.
Wrapping psper,' watches, *hovels; queenswale,
glusWare, confect Unary, de I ' •
A qoannty of new .and second band Imareltald fur.
mince among winch are mahogany centre tablei, option
seal Boca, fader and common Chairs,. two, llama.,
/ugh and low bedsteads :mahogany mad tables, candle
stand, looking alaases, mantel elalts,fealherlwals, nut.
naues. d.e. 3 pief es Ovum eirpeongibangsenue pal•
Ready main clothing, fine 41irta, new od second
hand lamella., v.olins, accorded/al, fifeig.fine table and
pocket gallery...llooU, shoes bale, caps, gauneta, para.
anis, arcbtellas,peginin fan cy Coeds, ace, al:
-• • 4.l ? st Alialle
Maturity?, for Prusenspral
Toliftle,lllllP"actlettifitt Lb.r&tirlrliea?cifflVpleasW
wingers as follows, every night at : fr o'cloek :
Packet hentacky,•Tre by, Monday, Auk
do. Oh;o, Crate, Tuesday, AtyrlT. , • •
do ladman, W,key, WedneseallAag .
do Louisiana. Thompunt. Thursday, Any IP.
do • Kentucky. Truby, Friday, Aug YO. •
do Ohio, Craig, lasundaY, Aug yl. s : •
ds Manna, Derkev,Runda s l,Augni. '
do Issuisiena,Tltompson, Monday AIM W. -••
do Kentucky, Truby, Tuesday, ADAK , I . •
do Ohio. Coale, Wedtmtd•Y, art 00 " , I
do Indiana. Detke7, Thunatay, Aug 06.
do Louiwana, Thompson. Friday% nue V. • • i
• do Kentucky, Troby,
do Oluo,CratA Sunday. Aut.., .•
if you desire cheap traveßing and
,eontfortable arentu
steam your Deka. tke racket Waco,
hlonottgultela House, Water street or of •
std D LEECH ft CO, Canal Resin
b 0 : 101 / 01 1(1 - 40s.
• •
.IN the =swore( the 'Administration
coma of .lohn • Admintt
.tuts rretor of Robert Duey, deceased, No •
• It. March Term. .•
: •-•100.7„: Alll4, in -Me mattero f the 'sale of
• - Real Estate or Raben Baty. dace . iii.
• ed. No October Tema lein
And now In Wit. Ohmbeio 14; . 1047.
.0a =eon of A II Miller, Esq., the osunappoial C Dor:
o •nigh, Ent Auditor to distribute the proceeds of Mamie.
lof the Real Estate and also the bliituice dtm on Admits
istrattott account. Hy the Court ;• •• ' • • :
• Notice is hereby given to all perverts Interested tame
dianibut lon of rho fends of the Estate of Roben Duey - ,
i.eceased, that I will aped at ray °Mee. Orant'Etrect,
Pittsburgh, on Thursday the et. Augast, /SIT, at 10
w C of mint day . • • r
_ T_ C CURRAN. Apditer
37 sYerl Morro &two Raeoserert,
Otre.iaf....ftt-Thltr'r4to r Ti e' s
.toe, and they feel confident °Airing salioncd nriedtna
on te!
those who call. They hare now on hand— •
Pare Sperm Oil.
'White Winter and Fall Oils, of diferent:Anal ities.
- - .
.• • •
Winter.pressed L.M OiL
Winter tJephant and Waste Ode. •
Refined.Rneked and Ceinna2Whale • •
Tanners' Oily Spann CandletiCileeeth te•Ae.
N. B. All pals delivered in first rate order. aledtor
• X. 134 J,' SeWhoir Sorit Phllidolpb la ,
A ,rANU I ACLU HER and 111IPORTP.R of :Am Clime,'
Rdl. and Pistols, Powder Plosiiw Shroßase, do,
perior Powder, Percussion Cam Mot Wads, Ball and
Blank Cartridge; ate we. • • •
/11. W-1 iz Barrel Revolving Pinols and au wrials Con
~13ena made M orge ,and 'eepaironeady'exemited.
grAtiy Goa which I sell will be proved, if destted,
to the memo. of the porehmier. • old
1 - VAULIIIGINKS CROMW.P.L.I., a vindication; by tiler
AB whore( Hiotory of tbe Reformation
' Fint False Btep, a romaoce of LIM Londeo. .
nowt. PorSooteed, 3 ,..bectolifollytilostrnied.
Pother Clement, • Geo:to awry-.
'Rnigbtof Gwynn.—lrcift supply.
Rovsell; by G P R
Rorton,vyrlie n i feMov—froolt cuiTtY,
For sCe by
- ,
GULIAMR MACJAVNE,,Ieat resented for SlptllSl-
Irutlebc ' Rough al'; bi n • .
Manta ibe Foondung—lllastrated , .—bi Earnest,/
mriße supply of the Modem Standard Drama and
them ats sew issom—Follle•
of • Nent, by J R Shuttle ant [Alm tie tabtirer; by
Jobs Lbtekstonn. 1 •
Alen. on- bawl nil the late Inman from the pmas
Kniedot Gwynn—fregb &apply.
Rnmall,: i y James do;
CrSallimu`a Love do. •
For Mk a; MR NlNtßlSSeubtoSetd-rd..l.itl•or bora
Seeond. . •
iponacco- 7 . .
Ise bores/is TobaccoAlsory 3./ionsis brand;
30 do es do ' do do; -
f-0 do I pound hallo do . dts•
NO do 3s DJ Warrick's do; •
ao do Ss 'do do;
. 73 do I do It 11 Warricit's do;
30 do Ss A D Read's best do;
00 do • 5s Jag Stadia:in .' do;
7 do Ss ,1 M Stow:mid... do;
10 do . • R W Crenshaw's do; '
, I - do • 1. /lon's% , do;
- ' ' 'do ' do'`john Rocker's; do; • • .
In note and to anise , to a few days, or bleb times
received. ea coasigroeteoil direct dam theManufacto•
tnr7le l ;It =linte l'
~I!7' -a ' "1111/ coy
aid ' •' = • • 31 water Add Ooat ll'
DEAD AND.REFLE 6 II—Don't Ins so miserly. but
OAlow theArAtes At einison• sense. Hato many
thoounds there are, isrho . isr timpani.; sumo( tsvo•dol.'
lass, are milli/110 reins= dent en( leers, sod yet* Is
.ito loons strange alto hoe! 'Notwithsteding ettatwof
their friends end aeonsieninees•lorep been. perfectly
card by dm ti.o of L. , apa , s Acoustic' ON and letters
and eertiLestes or ionSoobusrattlbority may be.dooly
'Snoutedat theAlore of DrlVBiyith,.l , to 8 Vouth Thlri
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The WISCONSIN. Capt. A l Crave, writl va
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UNDER SIIREIINGS—C9 yards el' India Rabbei
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