The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 13, 1847, Image 3

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besamo. -C•Zst. Lease
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.Vssal Ficlot i tios ta tlllAdellyOlook P. tily, 9 r.AL.
Mgt .t:Oor.b. Lino dintot*WM l4 •o o 4 9 A* 11,
WS.IuN aM Soothers Mail Coach iso, 6A.
North Wooten via t3ovolaud, daily, 10 A. lc
&to is! WeotetaNew Yarlt, Jt.w.•
North' Easters to PliklAdelplos, dalWeiceept - Soo-
"RIVAL ANDostrarrnazi
tauten Alta via Philadelphia, die. S A. 111„ doom
• : Mall, Cincinnati lad t.ottletitts, 'llse' aP .
Meta Mail viallattlarte and litaateagtoai
Erie acel Wester& New Wirt, doe 8 P. M., cl*"
. . • • Dunes ran. assorts./
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er sestinas. were,:aad gar ries6,theirsh on the fall,
grill oder in ono and [wait, to the reds, even Ix
yeed the amount of beans= due in Uniquely.
floor—The sale. of the daj wen Vile snaffle,
• =lea vitizaly to reply trawnetroes. Sales of
small logi wearied at the Inlial Wass I eni ea by lb.
.dray load, Qua $4.50 in s4lt. and sa . bith an,l4:7d.
Tonsappyliesiiiei eiritinitt to dwindle, aid the
shows *ulnas are gnu as bin. with in Suomi
tirata:.-Notiing ciecirin worthy of • note, sales
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- thring—Some activity is muifeated, and ales
frailly awn it last oiotatioes. We Dots sales of
6 - byes Una at 9e fit it, - 6 de ' ihnaldus at le, oo
tout reignalaat tomb. Sidon Outlaw Brut, and
usual lote ware saki at it 4090 g., lb.l ! • •
Dried Beef—Sap of* Mae at He P lb.
Climise—The onkel crostini*, well supplied, and
sales Dir as lad quoted, 610z61t - p. lb. 0 being , the
reltgg rate:..
' ..11111diney7Stiadiesielanied , Ina last Nock—.
fee eld; feet good Rye 374 e, memo* resoled. Vie
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BIZ/ AND Poor,-lag late member of the Saga. ,
lo owastareial Advseate, we fad au twee :Sag
atatiatteal UMW, presestlad the prices 01 Beer sad
kat *om sported orls year& Wo . 41Cell sot per.
read' to eta a mend view of the table, but rill
aueils the wade et new port, which nay be taken
1 Pt a IbisthiliP lll 01 the shier* is Wien a 4 " mbar
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Vane IMO to ItalS,a period or are yew., the pre
ea varied two &Um op the babel. Dann So
nut lite yaw up to 11011, the MISUSE was the
wartime ISM to 1137, the pekoe varied taa dol.
lan as dm knelt New int to 1847 mares
vow trades dollars hem 11eat paned op to NMI the
varieties eila Om &Um es the Yaed. • ,
Tbi"1 111 ° 1 Piga reth llo4lllo ° 111 3 7 tie IV3O
- hes 519 to 513 par Wad. 'The lowest
1 Imes was Da WM tie 1160, whin the angels I
eassouded ally 1190115 per bbl. The merge
pies for the "logs porta& it $111". Tbs pre.
sat pries ter the ortiele in the New Vark wankel is
515.75 par bbl, at which Spree the Wide his stood
will bet died modem gain the rawest news,
We leers few" a New prism pipet that the IT
0. Sweat Cal. VW. width use Stied oat at Pols.
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emend yak. The Its. Isse Inds - with eleislasd
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igolg mg gp figs 48,649114,1•3,1 31 , • • lb.. tildes
Wit melts kani beer as 1,11.011111 3 1 4 3,8 4 r 1 lbe, or 5/51 toes
lath, 74'06,00 Ido se )304 -do
1411, SAII DM 'so se 5 13 0
ism - 8,90 42 4. or 'l5l do
1 116 1 , 51. 55 , 908 do es 'do
Maw 01 stwo wave, 1,422519 the or Sill thee 1
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&Tomas 830 Ws is *s. worn wad at 'c
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at 51, sad SO What tett and to day. 100 MIA
Cteisey wes wadi. City leas li It 051 .
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Ars& unipood 65 to 411 c; prise pew 6.3 66ei el d
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omit 106.5 4e; M 1414417 do; Soot, WM de; Pig
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vow vius terror BTIC MARIE.
.• • The steamboat DETIOIT,:eapb It.
• Cottrell. will commence meal nrbe 6
listen Damlt sod tbe ttaalt Pie
Marie ea lime SW. melting weakly
. • a.m. Ilwjemeleder of the'
sesson,leaSiok Detroit eaery Tmbpday et2oleloet., P.
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rgine. aid Waren adapted AO tpe Ann trade.
Fel Vrelgbi PitoakOma On beard, GI to
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NELUEHT 'Detroit
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and' in Interiediita ports tbia day at
lof P, ■ kor freight or paaaatke applyopLoard,
• , FOR colcuirtiett—ttfiGlVlLAßP/iCKET.
L. •
The elegant p re ;r i der packet •
" • entapwe'' 11, master, grin leave a‘obnre
• day at 10 &dock. 'Far [(call et
patellae apply on bond.. :____. - ,
' • ' ; - FOR Lamt.& ':- , i
: . The Llabt dzeoala and Tut manna
ateualwat .„ MINGO CIIIRF;,
Moore, Miler; rill ,PIT a.:l, reel
parka between Ibis place and Um
•11 . 1, 4 For Itnight4r , l7.4.lf i rspol i. v e ta .,a, l o g,
pitts..lo- sad 11, Pacpsei,
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aigai. - Ebben, msuer, btu
MPs te•gmed, Ms rer
star ps sad will rnoborgla
so Op.. Thonday land •Ifloo.
ta) ua o'clock, P. U. For rmstrt er pasetldc apply
Tee neve r light &night and Cu neve r ma -
Ring Ammer • EUREKA, •
Crosier, swan. ten wie reviler
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4theobetl e tim eeetol. - Efee:luves.Wedor - der July
•Forfreigeter • • • -'ePolren:boerd. I
aerobia . Beaver and Glinsgor'PA.kill.
'hesew and fast mantel% atearalgtat
fl)tia r, bath exvcoiy . f.
Trade, wit! eas a molar Packet to
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and. 'Pao
lank daily at o'clock, r, and. runalos lar_govr,
lmoollt of dandY•ad Waal/ c•FlalJanAlFfaUT• wa 4.
For (Irrigator want titicaver. New Ltaboa. or Ja
towns West and Piookof Near Lisbon. apply no board
ono jes 8 W AILBAUGII. Yl wood strew
541AlOeljA,SBAAr,WAL.... ---- .
nanintat • regalru_pankei Oro tad
15JLot, *alma ,Pnisbura6 every
'Maid. Wednesday Ind rrydtly, sr la o'clock, fr. al
leaving Wheeli n g everyTeesday',lltarsday and Sant,
dayon Forfrotaat.e• payttatta apply
et erniillatall
- - Tut epleodldand fast ittentng soar,
• t ' . 1171111 Y. RAGLAND,
Cknaia <I W Ebert, will rerantenee
an salaams, on the :d day of
• - ..ay area, gem sag Plasaarala every
=trY Mond and Illatarday, as tOteeteet. A. 144
If 1ar1.0044 iMrAlloo4ll),,.Wo4aertyky and
'taint. at o'cloer..• A. -
Thit Mew bean arOltia_spt_
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milat. O. IL SOM.'S& ewer, testes Pius.
Aid WO, At3deloeir.., P.ll, Inv.
IliaborriDe .Irees4.7,•Tbaroday - Duanlsy
atfookisetyA. F.' " ".* 1"...7.1Ar
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. CLAAKE LM, Onset •
•- ' I • ' JOSE BALDWIN, limmtmormst
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'Dint Cella and. (fathead being wed Oa excel:en
/ order. Ike rackets of Olt Line arid teare arid, pat
00000 u filliollo..awm night al f o'clock
racket Indium 4,411. Idetetay. ar
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do ladiana, Perko, Friday. •
do - rettirdai do O.
do: 0104...Coirrrooy, do 13. •
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de -Loatrissa,Tbampron..goaday;dOl3. •
If god desire abet, travetting and, eandartable ikeioni
rodalicou4-aceore year Octets at the Packet Odle.,
Norioagabela llogae, Water rtreet. or ,of • •
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w . ti,,m r mej mat tine - Ilia lte titertrineet atm manias
Wanton: lidebarah and *OF...At, coiitatiing at • Bali!
Wm midi Adam. told ('Mona) 'a Farce...lady. far ,
ad die ptiori,bd Emu , ' n elike.• Parket,: o r a il .4,. r
lathed anti forwarded dairy to Uf.rifasviile per rieluo.
en Louie NeLonertad Calmat, and t ranee by env Kr.
press Wane. Whial are anderitmk, to Cumberland and,
Ocoee by snail train to flalilmenk. t
', I St Clittriea lintel
For farther par,itmlars eratalri a
6.11,11;:fL v.woO'f "'"''' • 11 0 - ' VICIfiRY
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doe trawportation of inereatodiza; packaoed, and
anseles, (moon edeered I Tho public are
that wa aro prepared to n Trormd by maw
twos OintradAll,afOolea ant med w oor oar
glowAtip Waal WNW!. ODA
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swami? slier arrival la egglonal, and &Iwo all pack
ages &Ow Cotelonati• for Pitta or If lotrostod w oar
u ibarlos hotel balltiago wood at
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1:10:40 a at r. Top% moothroatte apt., Wo r.O
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Irsaat3Caan,Emy pertaaatapdaa 4hetielsdibr atennyeareof tha
0111.1601.14 . 441 r. Kean and
e ill Ins 'vise
management of 'the boittheg ii,paeti ale
llitcheoce, alike Meant, Isar. more„, bowling saloon,
and othet antOmments; and Mr. Was .r th.
bath bonne; Fables. horare, carriages, ne. te
M .Wereden,fttage Freprlateta of
Marselle, will rue a regular Mar horse Tort &Mes to
.tha ft/Fringe slam Monday. Wednesday bad Frida y of
• tais soneom and tuna saborros sod earragevaltalatho
.amen to those arishieg us visit Erealvia
Persona preferring tha.Vancelnugh tome Willdo
aatagathe Pertamouthraeltet demo w. Iraneeburg on
ransday. Thunder or ..Satotiay; alma they will And
tomes and earrings& to forward Mem to the tspnega
, • .ld TM-MOULD, Propr b ietor
s—ro,otlier g etlealats;bee lahormaphie ids. at
then take Mr ma Mamsboals, 4e
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sted the Mem, vie
That Esealapla lanearerthe Ohm river Man arm other
. watering plaes—that ham ihe plutelmoontaia atr,tha
• most delightfel. cold. limpid. Martha& sallshar mass'
mildest, oleatest purest, plesmaiest nod
root eMeamonaciodsbnaie frammin in the U.*tates—
thal ale iorreanded'hy moans:sin scenery; wtth Tomb
Algegletstreaspoe and diversified, with Rood &hint.
AMoodug. , lat Laming,. deer radar,. to. ins to ether
with Im o- ...Mag. drinking. sleeping, walldne;eoling,
- danelnCiltaking off SW hlans,TeullMmiog sue arslmP•
ma, taik mg:leaguing; miring fat, bring to stay, dread.
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_away. promising . so mem again—w bring
fneod., neMhbont, doers. wsvoi, sweet heave, he, de;
..and after &lilt is ehnsper a eying at Eseulapia than at
, a n_y flier of, the farlasuable watering plum.
Then is the, some of bandied& who have btmt , h , :re
yid meats to go exam-,
ennt long and widety known as being •
ennui trte MOW enettMOMOVe is the city of Bahin:se,
bas recently undergone very extensive alterations end
icognnrements. -.An entire new wing Wu beep added,
containlognuntensasand airy sleeping specimens , ' and •
extensiveheimingrooms. •
.The Lidice &game nt bee also been completely Iv
wegrtubsed and fined up in a wort unique and hematite!
mYlet.• In fact tbewbole artangesnentut she House has
been rentedcled. With 11, single aye no the pan or the
proprietona towards the enteort and pleesure or their
1111.111, and whielmhey 'vortbdently amen wilt chal•
lenge etintrueneent with any Hotel in tie Vaion.
their table wHlAlways ,ba sopplied veldt every wale
elantled Ind Meaty Which 'hematite( erron/_served
lAW.stoperior style, while in the way of Winee, We.,
Alley wall niel be surgewred.
•- In etanclusbn the propromors beg to say, that nothing
will be len undone on their pert, and oneue pert of their
asentante, to render this Hotel worthy the emanated
Patronage of their rnehda and the pubbc generally.
Thepecce for board have also been teemed to the
° lk 'El:MrliTnary, si 75 per diy.
• He 150
N. 8...-The Baggage Waggon of the Ileum will al
ways be (nand at the Car and ntratiboal •Landinge,
Which will esenvey tmest, to and hem the Hotel free
embargo '• re v.
`I I Aft Ith Tte ble la ir r Tart n i g L All C erasv i d . lre t n h i
;Ord Interest of. Col. G P Wilbanwom late of Ibis well
known establishment. twig leave state to their friends
and the:public ;oenerally. they hove taken this
commodious Hotel be a urns of >ears and wilt mat
their best energies to make it a desirable home for Trait,
ellen and atylloardess.'
The I Wel is spacietts and admirably Planned for wow
,sinlence fight' and am having • number of patters
`adiralrilng ' chambew, prerenting annual mascara's to
tarot ei
reJent praPrietors Miring had the c openence of
learn an this city ani cAr•Wbere,brape they will be able
lartiztr.a.l,lll..sfacttnn. lt. thtt e , torli c Letstautled r life
TfieloCalieta of elle Pearl Sweet IloMits Itheolatiam I
having front* on Purl, Wilma and Third a•
to that it Isequally, dottrel,* in viewer the convert.
sohle of Muria. leer or retirefeentfaff private boarders.
It Is near by the clank., the Post Med, the Marmot
Itall,Odd Fellows Ilan:end butonetqaare datantirom
.11Arat strut and tweiriparet [tom the City Wharf. than
elfcrlng the creme* iroluomwenutresPecially rerano7'
mercliants and generally to all persons ylotingPnern.
ADAM 110011 X. 50011e1X:
thli, past aesses•r• wow open for the remptiersof
transient and permanent 'boarders.
The deemed her increased and e•Prbor
Ilions for th e It - Melbas perdu., suggested to the prom,
'the the plan of Meeting • betel, wrack. Mr splendor and
tonvemeace,theald be unrivalled in the Union. And.
while be bats spared neither part nor expense in the
.aba:nmentof Ibis desirable Meru. he leases the publie
to dec.& how lathe kaartreceeded
TRW Hoare cortialos ISO aperintecia conveniently
arranged In goiter ant Single memo The fit amine was
all made to order with particular altenliaa fa 111 Way tad
eflelltaielate. Ml' well I rk and iipenaer. All the
tato/efa illetlllioOS have al.
been mode subservient la the
lfallealtell *lgoe and etalk/11. and an Nape rienee Of 30
years Ism *tabled Ow empties* to totrodme many •
-ipilvittWyea h4k. aa yet r weprenliar talkie name.
f.deAt , d 011'1142 pouetl.l elfret. iriatie r lblee Minter"
• walk of the great !teethe m end We sthril rofond ea-
Kea tail t m he e nbdass ine c s h s
, oration
p e a f
o th n e a t g in e y f hOiws w
'b i a rtb e la e * . *
and plinsuretra wet I. /MAMA
Cones. Jane, WV. lelsead3ra
Weddell Ilensff, Clearslead. Ur
A 19.LP:titan iiOrELwu epenrd on the
ROA onealor yreepaned
The eddies fatted one leashed and tenty.five
net en .deperioe•L. and one audited and sedly-Lra ti
on Pealed; mod contend tier to latuddii 'arse airy
chamber. and 051” pew., path., all of *lath hare
been fatadlart limb the sod 'stray unitise. Ild
drawing mead an IPKi.• sod rtryatd is eirgago.e.
lb, l e ad in the ratites. rid ditare
mac, static . ..WA parino, tealirg estot..afa e, •nd
! demo' roma •c e ell ate , . airy, and rot at , the • ti.
every laden and ...awn that mosey can morale.
• It d IMO 11.16 N.< the camel smile of M.
rearailieeitt structure deo laid tip ides.. P. it, Wed•
dellk-lhe%relpoido law been awash! tip them's,
elate iteq not superior to any bout in tie Union.
sad ißarsamtnt lathe ray
4,oledalysi wig
be in amain al at all ones, to convey
pademasts to and fits tbe Waukee of charge.
.....aatr...Lt#l. ° AC !. '! .1 " 4
Tocauv asni IlOURE•
Chirlei Street, Oclisteu Motet and Lombard I
Street*, ttaltlenttret
Tel atbaenber Lly.4 tate. the.ebe•Proel...
ligLotenk egeta bin firemen to ow salaam and
oprrally. hi. ettoseniently Wanted a•
[ fro= lteatabeists sad kattraad Lsysn--as doh
I data of the sore ettenade ”stems lirdsr• - • - •nd - tat
Irata, the toed,. add to thew steads ad atty.,. ma
ny COn•CIinCIMIN C 00114.1 .8 an the e.setprtneTel
b1ei1.. , , . • •
. .
, TII, MICV It no, being 600 op veal area Cm nawa,
purl 1...t0 a. J .irte, opl aril tw OP* a .4. 1.. ,
tlw tf.lay at Apt,. 1,17 'I Le peopret 'atm.,. taw
a. ...CM 31 , 1 W am . s la. pleaw, veal weer, a WS •
pampa cf the pabhe platue.R.l. ',indent a• well a.
itanz.. W V, DM,
4.e , of tbe {moor Dkz a Fotlt
Italamora. Apnl2 WV. _ milWl.•
•rtits ivinentroett lowa of dot hoe proortelor.
firenen - lian the tibtfertion of inhnoting that
Soane' son th• path( get:orally, don no Hotel tot
antt tannshiy Own. ad Drown, i•astosii•o h,le n,
Wortinneton hat, hp MI arniogratitt t h
roux , ono fan ptation of
il l annertigoetls to tole
owner, eon thin they •lotte wilt tercel.. eatinort
extentme and eratiortnintis toiablaboseath liter p•Otio
Anntelen to ate every exertion to apland ibe kirk
repotation sod retain the liitioinereirylkicti is boo
hueydere prenniell; anti they contrail bona, by doe
laprernateni•He totiltkoas matt the iteerinam
Hannifin 'dent to too made. tinether win. • eihri al
ountling 11,11.60t1 a dot moron or their gonna to
=eat zed roceive 114010 Ingo ahem of puthie pain w
ftxge with whir% it hot to lanai W. 1110 1 .0 . 4.
Wodiloinanb D l.l7—iytwo _
Maio Sired, a foorodatiro; the Buffalo Rail
TRU Rao is tamsay Ga. OM. ohm dole the
1 new tout yaw ed. optic to appranwe awl asifersawl.
the nova Ik. bow. kat to We mot Kepi oftlieotrat
Comsat —llw lima Itself being bearer to this pnat. uf
Ows sity wine bout aide Falls
Tb. VltniVtes of We Rowe lscantsip nen.sod doe whale
how. kw bow hued elp with •w.l a w n.
F.:rya/Pelee Willie paid to the comfort of visitor...l
N 11.171iten In the Falb nut errata mins bl tie week
on eunlarele tense, • .
• .• . !lij!l th r F".'r Pe boy
_ffiaprall{l*.Avirat 7,041.0 t
Cheuiut -fitrect,-PkiladelphlL
ATlOVErerenth•treet. nest door re l • tlawonla Hall
TtallinoU known anottdolunerf him weevilly been
great 4 eplersed, anal nckly Ind sostl.i ItttniWeed. It la
situated in the mom fiwitionahla part a? Chesnut Minch
• atni in the Itrunedialc teeintlf Plae •
Rfflo.iagent" - 11.spropenlor, greeful for the earclinc•
MI pet tortapolotewtere tur•townd,epos no din,.
reodrf bin heave every way agreeable to I. l *
ennynnett slis". I. ntili!ts2 .. ylqi
. no. IX entente , sonar. Putto.nat emu.
!VIM Yptoerlbent.ondet the Armor Amnon.
' 'll.O ourcha.ed Mi..lonra'lnterert In this ratahlist ,
anent, and hope by the r.ricteet suety ton to he wants
Mid Conant , of Welt mos: to merit a continuance &
,*.41 aril patronage tee cored by Its coiner
• Tha beam hat been Iherollolf
7 . re
tuts Re do
.l; we theft/pit foal assarid jape tuts welcome our
l h ion& lOW tho puhlio nectuinnotrotioas equal te any
In the'esty Phlppletploa.: .N Nil I Ft•t,
Iraq • J
GALT 1.10111116,
Cerngrift•lga auel !lota . atb ChltiPlfllti•
estohllsbineet •Is now In thn loon elder for the
1 - reception of the Travelog - Public: lliving under.
gone a ihorodatt the port - winter, end
having the most expetleneed ova in the west. In the
•oriou. deparUpenta. partrrtnyOrlrltml .11 soli be
Pleased who call. the loceintn i. central,cernitodiou •
and pleasant.' .111ted In pee day. •
Catenation, March 1:1,1,47. W F. MARII
N. It,—Althotigh notes:KOH a new Broom, it is the
sow —a new Whilton Ilse old handle. epdtf
• '-?-1611[11013.7011,1r GALT IHOUIF.,.
Lontfvllll*, Ky.
Itld T OCH MORTON I.egs to acquaint his
friend.-that help twin tepee of the OA IsT
HO U OH, Louisville. Nr..erlhere be hopitoin men; all
his old friends, swering thew sod the peddle. that no
effort ohnll - be spared to wiakeoltti.nrortalele who Moot
0 Ono ,
ettw vAim.f iteRnwAHK.IIOUti}4 • • ,
.. • ~• -11IORA 'l'• LUZON, Jit, ' •
Tairoirrra .4 oler In SoolOtrry
.1 itooloo , r , ' on ,
I.elliTlopo .Trliatnirliti, li , now In•rci‘otitlato
Ik.. WillYi otoolt,'dorely (MA . Illetninenon a nd the
.eM1411,1 AlPllrlys.rtisp,lCl whirk.ho jcrperfaily inviic
tiriigitcnotgl'eK,coAsinacti!thd gpilett pugslly., , ,
• ..**,.,..: :•;-:.. - .7..-"i • ; - 1.',,,_' ,_.... ,; ~..., , ...5?...:. . i -, . - -—
$ Cepapaiiiis• visirz—luk fw,
SP e s ' Po 4 Ship N,annck, 4 riksitetipenceean Lad
•VieoF Pilei tom' , ri3Olig • •erVICOCrZi 111. 4,1 D. AL ' s
,•,111eouomk?4, oilllnehmi.l luta eonvonoo a 7.`..i. tray
0 irifted..“ , •• ' •.: ' ' ' LogAN a KlK:satkiii .
D:.l oil dart be eurpilod with • yen Pipet turqualoy•
of !Volk groand Moor ibe Itobbriu bl . ps. by .
-I.,4,Avatirsa nictTsso lagn supply of N
-damralatlisßubber DiNigpe uell4x.hosa !•11
'de , Jot rreveed ood.for vale bT .
, O! t t r pon,f,lPiN
.Oiftette% r tyle 4 o fr ia ' rei l .: 4 l'
~'4 l e 4 tr" "s !oonTrlin o oliTiu, W. i 6lir
s aAcip aad Mia .k. WM" Iretriwkos . ovely !too
T~pwdii d4ilf~le~tle~dd~~ib RU M n
- w~Yad atWDIY I~VMofW Y YU--HY,
Ism ash BSA. seise Millis
dare Dal., pipetaintst y•Mr,e.e
f. ~,,.a~<Lu. L
• Tabiable filandarti•.Works.
RANOWS Drcrcory.otii—A Hetimotry of lad:.
IP escreAscrawriaoiii.eaorkiPi thibtginoicsigiptim
moilmicalibe primp as of tarry bromb of banamtltm
anal the drairarion sal &WIN. of all Or team lia . gistrat
tam, Mimi by 18 1. Dramas, FitB, De Illowirl by ans
taeron -
Saone& North /writs. Atlas,mataitainbraotfadlYml
ood Diva of liorth Amnion Gamin Fmk, Canada ir..,
Nom Scas, Nem Droasnick. Ifne them Two, Near Mrs,
• , Florida, Two; fibroma* blmita,_Csalml Amara,
mstsa, Il bat bons lam& and all Me Maass •Ati Terriaa
NW'. PoritasuarAlis Ilistori at Ma Pitritaar ranso dm
fammits to 1317,15 W ressiatian'ar 1118, sampriaisg an
scopast of tats s, kr, Ac e by Darnel liml,bl A,
reriatd Irr Jobs CI Choito, ni EP, vith mar portraita an 4.1;
hi tara it
Tlas am of tbs Hedy is Maim MA. Mind, by (harp
Mow bl 1/, emankr of /b. royal rollw of Pliyaciims, A 4
Javezill• Woriu
3 / 1 16.1t1. sum Math. Ot which Win tl ,aow, • airy pop
abliJitraiils mark. • •
i fails or
.to., to., beim, al - reling oamaliMS or Oa itormka,
to .. . .
Romall's Speak . er—TM' Januar Smarr, rompriaing
clostrataty rum sad max V ima iti daclsmatim wllla a selec
tion of paws Mr practice, by mecisT ltoimsl,introrbr in
tlonniomit Mmes.
Tbs U. works moire/land for oar by' ' : • '
sit 1/4cAssrlers, tor moist mid 381 .1.
JOHN H MEMAIR No •I W•• h•• r••
ceived a new Ewe kof ihe followin MLitati Band
liptrazecou, ,IV
H•ns Tem, 'orb . 'she. is F, wink E flat mot, •
llmsTabas, arida 6 vars. ... ...
new sad very powerful ban inaratnent.
Irombacelkm to P 11 dab. and E dot, made by Graves
and Co.
Trombone* in B dot; with 3 valve*, by °MVOS & Co;
Mang MG dal, do do do do do do;
Rem lea. Eendall panern.E h.. 13 flat do do.
hy op hie •ra in Baal, with tonui' g of tba Lemnos!.
&germ In ease*, Paris muds, and Very superb),
Troarboirenwnh town,* clule and ror, tram psalms
and omen improved,
Concert, French Elm*. wi,b 4 or el .erook*.
Chidden* In B. Chad E dal
Flute.; ViMismCkliars; Firm; PlaserilelsiAteordiont;
Vinlineellos, floubtellasperbfirrions, Reeds, ABMs P. ,
per; Moyle for every Instrument. ' 193/
Now York analloolon PIaNINI•
TOIIN II MELLOR.BI woodwt, 'melon hand and far
at pale at eastern prime, one vemeleXent Striewer. l
Piano forte.manurnetered by Cb Wkering Gomm, end
prottooneed by the - beet Judges in the e Ity, to be mpertor
to any
Alm, t extremelydot low ric consign ,
One iplendid Mahogany 61 octave Piano lone, oT
brilliant von& and In every Alpert a very supenor
simment, etanoramered by A II Gale & Co, New
firear y erly known at the 'New Work manufacutring Com.
pon. ,
-A. the Calloanng OLD PI ANOS ai vary love prices:
One 6 octavo Germ. Piano (owe . ;
One 6 •• Paw, made by. Clagtoek—mtee $73
O. " do do Rosentment; prierllM
One 6 •• newly new, made in N. Work,
and with modern 6,ll4re—once 11175
iOne 6 eaten German Viambroade by Stein in View
na, in good order, and as excellent Piano, at Minion •
credo or dmonth• with good amarity.
SECRET. FASPION, by the , author of Shell
A pease and hie Fritood • ,
Gheptun's Atalric. Dnatiod Book. Nol.
Menton, of Modulen Oa duel u 4 of Madam Ro
land, by Mrs. L Maria Childs.
Union Magnum foe Atripst. • •
Blackwood's Negate tor Jell. ;
The good Genies test tuned every,thiag into Gold.
Pornourr Toote,Orlftnesof a 'traveller tbtugh ulna
of the m'ddlo nail Northern Stoles ;
The Counter el the dormer Chutes. t;lty Mn Gore
Fluttelltor therlay• Charley et by GP R James,
Gonotbor the Sinus, byautber of Lame, de.
Listogdge, No 169.
Blauehe Talboie or the Meidenle Heed.
Isabela at Baran., by Alexander. Damao.
Koiebt of Gleyane. by ember of Heal Loffeqpnr, de.
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The Oudot of the Otage a WePent Monroe, by
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Age. 101 7 .
liankong's 110, yearly Ain. tract, Joly, Int 7.
Week - shoos:Ps Maimed. Ibeittls.
10.11learra, a novels by him Elicit Tichlteshb ,
Cisater Mice to Siettutelt7. and other Tales, by W
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Chandser's Cye oipeed:sof TAelish I.lt7ratere, No I.
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A Coupeohouro ouraarile lAA. by the lam JAN
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No 93. dral-rn et.l Mreortreino. • ford 4
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awl now open for We, a runertentse and
ahalf octave hew Forteowler red from Mr. Chteker•
urge await. kr 11.•
tine and bundled worloint•
• ell; For dale at Mr Chicterinea Factory nr res.
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Old Pale,Qowen'o Pon—for In oslids—awol wine.
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WI ah. front the Rhine, Marone limas, spatal'ug rad
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Sal doo p:aying cards;
D basso. llave Oa;
• Pepperateel
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3 doom. Navy Como, Of a esperior kind;
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store and fob esle by •'I it UTCIIISON ACO
an Agnate *t gratis g et:U_ , lfttser
Imparted Botha' etc.
Ti lei Tobacco, aro resme l•
folly wfann that the oobscriber los Joel received
aelleumva amnia.% of Ilta mad taproot* brands,.
ann. g ;km are he tollossing.gr4
Victoria, r Plantavon, Pr.skeipo. ••• sta Stopple,
Regatta. Pagano's, Phone's. Co Ve mma '
Alen.* fear boxes ortEgabter's RNA Oelebta, tobacoo. I JOEL. MOHLER
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every dereriPl:ol.l.oo l ol' and shape, which 4i, wilt cell,
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Hari.g made arrangeniet , with die filmed Ihntie of
Ate 1 1r: d= thou, or New York. he will always have
lama .1
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Ailllod Ilas, ba,os d
Baste. and Itransenanarsour y
oLich he will at' all times talc Weilint e.t . a thawing
Ile teals availed that .11 tastes with hit
aeration, and at the acme time Ms rtlceA.'orliElniii
01011=011010ielll. He i.deiermieed in thew riolyeeto
not to he beaten. Do not. tharetore. fis get the Notion,
/Abele Home lint store, Smithfield in. - • • r
1.4 '4.01 • • (1, kV MeCALLAM
MOUS he'ng the day Abe Spring Twthien of
Oats will be Intrabeed;by the moat Nth•
amiable establishments id New York sad Philadelphia
the tanderaigned take great 'Pewter , in being enabled
10 I.lloooDee to their namenar fnenda and the Vtallir, that we We prepared ti”upp)y all Arko may
favor na With a calf with the Lubionalite. Rat for the
anasan;oomprtaing Heaven. Nemeth., and runt fine
Sloleskin bilk Hats, either wholesale* , retail.
bIeCORD t ONG r:
tgltglaB MOORE, Cat and Cep glanufaeturM:o l l - ‘
es removed tally ID Wood span: ilime doors !above
Foarth street: Ots stick toadies of every "allay of
Ilan and Cam 'trade in the latest mylei aleaPanasts.
Leghorn and Pedal Dims Hats whatnot& •ndrutuil,
at iho lowest price. It MOORS
RIG 75 Wood at. And door above Fourth-:
Fair ~1046:
HERE & COSTAR'S Swle GerstlemeiNllals
itwill be introduced at KEEVIL • B on Thorsday
August 27th. Gentlemen wishing cheap. &A
tonable Hata Pittsburgh coanufarorre ahead of
fashionable - Han imposed of adeenised by some of
the tradaDlease callot REVD.& Co's •
...Psi Lir up. ',gad of Wdod et
itißT received frovn New York, the Saw
8t le for Inds. co unsung of "low
Deaver, read and Whoa Preach Carniiwere hats with
Ventilators. Those in want of a bountiful. light Hat art
respectfully Invited to call. 8 MOORE
75 wood in 2 doom •Love 4JWILLIAMDOUCII.AS has justjeceived •
L itfresh supply or Ringgold and Buena Vista Silk
Glazed Ci pc, now sty Ringgol d
Extra fine Preach Moleskin Ilatv. at very low
Jell No 7nwood street
.04 commuklig tit wanufacturciotad kEeplit
f<llllollllti y on han, every t
i r es of Ilats
sad Caps of the latest style, snot prir es very low'at
IS,HI awl rtrestillastside. NUT
0W.0.15. allAtrallagat. 11.11 . 1Paaa.-
A ANCICER & MAYER. sebolemle and retail dealets
Ca in Ent
is Ready.made Clothing, mould respect..
fully take this method of all the attention of their
comment and the piddle generally to Me foltowing
t he y or their stock in trade. and Secu r e them a
they tout sell Alk cheap if bin Clomper Man. soy other
establishment in the city. Oar lioes of met Asil:ls
and mantifseturing gooda,. are web a. to enable/ ds
all Otalf• la keep a. fall 114Ortalelll or nearly MAO., cloth.
jag, at lean price.. than they eau ha obtained ellkaewhe
The present mnek on hand mittsts in pin of the (at.
lowing desrelplion nf goodm
150 black erelt dress coat*, lima 110 to 570
IVO do do French do in 12
70 1, tamp and Invisible green do 1.5 0 25
Oat .c Venom, splendidly made &of good material
Ilion Pair pante, of all stytertnatities mud mater ial
lanes plain andsthelted Winos Ants:mocks;
Vol* Grain.: hops.: eollniii:mastianders; snekm'
'drawers, and under shins or every sanely, all of
which base been recently parelmsed and adapted to the
peewit season. Merchants and others ntlin are in
ranted' dodos*, raiment do borer than bi - aiVOWI a Ca"
- - • -- ---
110110li3D SPICES.
Itlau.s.l;:spirasillasarg Lee:lA/a:6,ICA
ca Mrs tat for
on hand •nd for sale at the lorrslinnte• and =Kama
auslatlng Wart, a large 1110.MOrnt coadistihr lb pan
chile following. vas:
./t4pace In lases. containing f and Ilbinclai
do, do nu n 011 a
baleen .
eune Prpper.
Chocolat, mperine. Extra ; and I,la bouralllbe
Cinnamon, par do e, In Ye ti the each,
in boatia.l and lib plaprnil,
do — do an So ad 10 lb fin Mint •
Ginger do Na lin kegs td ild each.
'award, it anedran in 5 and In mom
do do in fume, and 4 Ina oath.
no do an ,sand{lb ran,
do Landon, to O ionl 10 lb gnat.
Pepper pule. in i tth lb beg% „
do in beam I and ib Paper - ft
do do ho 1. in_Loses, and Ilb paper,
MillaEltiliir_CAll#lll4:SU. ear wool arta at
Fourth.bdteeen. Wood and Markact , appoeile
Maj. Larimer's Exchange Office.,
TILE undersigned In prepared accommailme sate
nribtra; and the pulabc generally, unala a dation.*
bad, ills ediablastinent will be Open tolay. pro.
#141.1 with every thing naermail to tender bathing a
1'14'41.d SULPIIDR RATH , . PcoParti K n een
pimp %Ave eitablithisran in., ;
en ...bra trit , re nem
ima_ ding centiliatral Senn be.toul 1 the oubserther
is eusSilent ahr auprerranend cennLimdcornribthe
miador na.t e•a5.1.1.• bar Trle. cre
tmy. '' 11 VAIMIriPir
ROSE 7...E1A011114 WA.GTORIS.
llabetra isr....ce;ry 1 Illaglani,
trIlE Subscriber et tbe motet of bit cos.
.1. Wet. vireo (Geed ft ineeeeenteet te sot Fee
se , the presume room frete tkk W. 11 Alnhy. eon. ,
st Peewit. and Matteyeteeele, Weed.' vtr4 stivirtmel:l
of his heavy Outline, see ate:att. 'OH be kept es lewd.
and is 11. abets:l.,. tees. will IetMINI by Mt Jares`X
Butebtlel4l. erke..eas be seen et Mr Alutphy'" Skot?.— snek et :h.' firs or dwelt:en tk.....1.7
Vo J• it 14.7
L ll •I• r.
HAMILTON icr n r
A1......etta ter s ke.le
,(11 DR. JOILN 8. - 0111.PDIA7jF.
' RALTIMURD, at Lae solicitation ot tiomtroos
1-/fritods. Is. concluded atlneateltivasel/ pc m.o.:is-
ly in tlsts cup. • -
, '
Ile th erefore Infers his pcoferatonal services to the
public. and Noy:tenons volts its n abate of petrology.
rattiestv atiesson given iod meows pernlies to lye
eta and ccildren. . • . : • -.. • .
Ilareuasi a: - i rdf..or ..:.irinet C`ptic. i 01tr.i.:,. •
- . ts 11 , .11,11..N10;•` . •
M. lt M Cochran, • - 1
Ig U. IV. Lasso: .. ' `•
Cent: Smidateld min, oppon act,te diesel:mils nottl.
Itemnenet, Motown:Oa ltortm.
__. _
_je r tif
• J. JUEL '
i Na. 11l Nrth . Third Stag!,
/15071 SOW lITRLIT,
Ptill.glinil.Villn ,
U - An on I. and. 111141 manafactarte to eider. Anitigial
1.1 Flowers. Fetal:vv. Tallaion. and Face Cape, la
dles' Drs.. lYis. Dossiers. Collate.. Ste.
Awl ovary dentin lion of Fancy Goods, witlel he will
i salt at Me lomni watt( pliers .
1 N K.—Feathers dreg, eleatd, alter ed, and shaded
_4__. -
From Picatiage riot; nen and LortivesTs.
UUSCRIDICVS to the abetggqqqq sierk.resitting In orator
t§sMe city, site requtsmtl to ay to Joshua Diana. Alt
he Comp instalcasn ofdo per nem on the 11th
inst. Ity mder of Met:Napo y IV ONSEILLY . •
- all roosts:oos Mt the c titioNion of said Line
Velsighlipighiar /Favitall9st-c.
CY /KS for scream og Num vat ode to No stung *Ake
OVritylsosh. or Nay. Co mai lie optoed at the hoe.
of 1.1 Wessel. Postbsrals nt not hour. of .N A leastoJe r:
1 .gccidott et Om 40,.., lor Valid Shedder. West
Newton, intil at tun house olf Robert Iliirlitani, ?doom
glrataitton ilot •tiiin dot of iflagatl and cootioad open
nom day to dim mail Cie 11rd ilsy of September.
Joittpu 'Wolin, James May,
1 nom. Prll. idea U Darts.
JomParnfsg , .
.._ Alta andet Plumes,
iele as, Ilt Viotti ty •ddsv
mils l'lldlfilnY CA' tls I I-ItAILOAD (;ONIDA,sI'
I give 110.1kte lisSfall DU cv.r. o r e pow prepared to
Ucdt with M AND FAD II ft l.:Rii for a A I L RO AD,
LION dcllveraLle in lf./I , nrisl Ifsl1), to au amount not
isseseddlis noon Di.tan Tons. ,
For inlosessildo apply at . he ogee, No 70, %Velma oL
iro RA'
Divot sTiiiis - Oni . s. pSiels- , to —lirß — AlDiPliti
I'4 invites the Ons stion of linens° Oto following goods,
auk resolve Dross flinghosnoSocond bloorniod do; Twilled
Tarn. , finndhsone L'ondon Dastinte re Fools n eat style
Alen and Orange do. 11000, Irinonel.Loodule Nankai%
Alogono New, Week locos'; Muni Bonnet Ltdu
bons Rant
113 1 . nonh eau ear dab add maikes on •
luAlitm9icTrltluir vim — A - cco. -
3 bozo , .1/ Hods fs ore. area:
13 lb •Rsomell A Roldinon'e dr de-,'
DP do .Loalres Mil , Gi do
]ado 'lore Ss do •
ti din 'Drones's roe il loop de
CS do 'Cuomo , ' Ul do
32 a
' do '('Haman .' , '('Haman .' s
CS do 'A Cuban. , ds do
On consionn Mina orlle by '
1-15rrit.SAATINTED, itr.e.—A reopteultde
11. small (panty living 0 miles 'row Pittsburgh want a
Mee mat I girls o go arttl arse tam small eltilthen Also,
several go-ads rooks. Ibetmaids. nurses and girls
for all wmk. Abo, os• ia , men for farming arid hair.
vesting. Places wanted I r several Issol...lierpersoiales•
men, warehousemen, e Please apply at lug Af;
It klltllsrd A geas7 and Intelligence U@eq 3111 at near
ward.- --- JV' d q_
- nonotailik• as 1. - Icneig.Stabiii. -
11011 C U. pAT rldßitr4is ~
Jerk. 46. Optlltd lon largo autliie •„,,,i .. grpt_
'IPA tgg,d";i :1, I g r w l ' A N•gtr i P- 011- . - - '
and tbnithneld streets, in the rear r ( the Monongahela
Hoare, wtth an enure new &ask of Barrer and Cart ,
ages el this best quality and IntVit Its lea. nooses kept
at livery In the best manner. , i 53,1 19
filtglinllG aslailLATlrsl) fairy prickroc.
I HUM PA PER. for the damn. non of disc blorqm,
./,,. :old ~,,,uni.eit,...‘ rs tollbig .1 MOURlialcv
anal Agent fat tba V SOWN at beetle-1m liook bad ra
per estaldishmeat, 11l IV Imams. st eh Baltimore.
DtIINGIIONSIOILIPIR o ld, bah partof•oheet,
well saturate It Wilt wate, and Is) a in any past ors
loom where Alta a m be a mom nusuctoira
.5 SIITAiII Omen from a I "tarport e ftli and proditeea
nearly 111111111111111ffIll s teak sale by
fr 312"111L1.44n•
n'""elise. l .rgerl f l e r
anal lolOrl wiraao.hrt, k.,,t0 p, ho ar
~c as prlrchnorts tart o.l.llollllmoin FOptifor [flair.,
parted In wand orglasis Any grime uOS Stahl mitse
i i satisfaction, wttl Al All titer to rlebauged I
, ,n o , JACOB hVF.• VIT.' .'
111U 1 . 1 . YOB. SA • • ,
okad, Abonnilo ipoivapourotioo loZop '
.010 II MILT M •
Wow • ' ' Trottronr.t EMBER
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opoons. want• ivory rootardnpoons-000p loAlet r _
andwaar t?''FtiobtoirrreY'rtft4
pr e kat , j
-1,1 CAlifirontoodbooribet all Monday, 11dm
of Jaly. ivtog 811 1 1 township, A Broke ,
eattnyomo Wig I suer s
not mow to ;utensil nlovier,
op'ionitisted con3Ol6traili,tlrto piy,t bat,:
litmul*w Lor, - ..,:.. • . .
T N . la ANCHESTEtt ,ilrtjyALF.—llivre.&;f:i.);s a .
;Vet 4141,1tVitarp,nrfra"Ild,r 44:11
. ' an Mcc***ating lefut•. , 71,•fito• tnipeepiiaM•lif - -
• bII itjk V C0 . W.....agm ,A, my avammity, ',LL . .Ia •al . n______„!!„_„.........r,lisal KUM* Ament ,-:
7 M
t weeks *oat m middle mist 11, laml*brialla• -,,.., • - I - •
' . N''' ' ' Nt Co* with -6•14 ' Ilk Mt, d ...., It -- - , . won 1111111P.:' '''. ''. '' .
~*, , . , ,** • . 1 .• .. ,T}l33sm,..lkielt , Watebamto Na,114 Waimi,
•••• • whats 'pots ora Ilao Unmet parl of **bat*. , am ..., mm d N. - 114 FRAU .1.- )
tam u t u a %mud, , ma r
. 7 , b4t wa ymare i l i maL L ati s old.: ... "
.r.., ,. , ; , ,. .„,„7—r---.„-1,-...o"ALi4ivair, • , ------- ,,.1 „ „
•.' - ltir — me bitamar immdlaiiiiiiii Sterat, , E mo lr uaTifle, frnft::ll. all",--..,i!--
CO s illi Var at amiable& and FruvatreMlLMMbir* CCU El . .4phygg Ms oDFAm, g a ,o. 4,„„„:.
..:=-;:rgc::::,......trzezart.._ JO • 01,llillICK;l:entli...0V 'Coo*** MI
aantr immanam&:' atima is leti!lithr vesatuly - _:. - pp.°
. 41Nr.1r.,er Vol . 4 l LAir—ii 04 1.4 *OM
' -.' "- -- '-'" -- '1." 21 1 4 1W.M . .• ,-.8 4 . :1,.-. .:. -
_F. ilikoiewzipi)tcp.7 -.
ciiANta: .13119KFAis.
--1411saWf.,,n#Airra, A CO,
&.I'R utAutits trOionsidN AND -
- ocrimgric xxeitaNGP:cfirriVlCATti OF liFe
• posrrE, miNt: TAYits, " •
Poling it, 4nely erponite the Ilank . ieTandieeith
CURRENT AION Kr ceived on pepneite—tilght
seneenifeetine. • •
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°ILL & CURRY: for We porpase of earrytorchn the
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.tiON, F.xebange Brokers
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No SS Marks a
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l•LlCbristopher PLatandin,aud Al% Lambdin,
thrir.ven to the sodomy:red: cased then/4'day
of October. 1b32, .2 theorded. lb. Clark'aildnee of
Ohio connty. Viz.. In &sok DI. pagos,4lo 412, 1
slue rapt.. to•the highest
bad., at the boot dndr of the Coon llome in • %V keel.
on the•FOlitalgENTtl DAY UP AUGUST,
rd•l7. at 3 o'clook. I,riotho tollourtne dethribed privet
to•wic Loth nuortscrod It& 111 ind 20;in the eagthal
plat of Motown.' Smolt Wheeling:on tablet la emoted'
Paper Mill. sailed the r. \Neg.& Pap. b 1111,"
together, with Oldie lemonents and bermthanarato them
in..longing or io *no veno , apponoonaa , oa
ed io the andentigned bq raid tkelf of Moo aforesaid.
Tem. of sale. to ant 11200 in 1./Land-rho halance
in right road poenecnno in sit.tioeloo,eighteentteren..
fond WirtY. thrttyaiz, frorrptien quail bonythight
mouths from-the day or sole:- meth doL, w ,POYebtht
balm`` inlrrest and the isttennue upon o. al. lama to
he Pohl ....non) KM the day of sale. The whole
lo be wormy by to deed of the . property
ttel/ing as *tram. kokall bp.. only the title yea.
3 . 11 tn. though the title in believe' io he at qiikstaniable•
it • • • .. • •••• r.D&IRF.L. LAM O. omen
A DNA triirut.T.;citikfiiirgiint at OM:LAND
ri t th. Ltte RllJeneenfM &Loire* FAO eltumed on
reensylvsnis Avenue sod within Mil. of she Coma
11.1.M.IskitilftVeft serkend improved with It
dwell st yl e
.nsassNYLielt spaenets•Plilenintpient
in sesrent e Yeah eollsooJe !how,. etebie arid
canine Anise, Spring bOtoe, ac A r.;•
^The ground. aro stoke pod 011nesnost ertittslA•
yr,....ds of hundred ytwe Sod sten. e fruit trees.
Wins eseeldered one of O. resat desirable country
so edenees tr, the 'teeny of PinsourAtarepecianj for
geokrnan 410ing en,einsse for
coy; to II Is MIT of
seens et sileessonsorthe ar,by Abe tbet.unnelke.
..F.rlelllll air •tote of On manseebert. No
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1• zi A DDUI LI thereon
heentifelly -indired . .in front of Ibe Alanslon
tlimonand monde of ten Alleginrity Creamy. emend/
log Mee the Dotter toed to the • Allegheny Blur. will
te offered form& et Piddle Amnon an Meer-moires;
on Tereany the Mid Jiver Await. 1817,05 deek,
A M Attlee Mine limo sundry Meridiem . ..l
erdaneried wife thelepe making oiminem A plan of
Melina and terms of sale will be made gem. by . • •
. • • • r I: Fa)COtIINAY
Atm moyin fact gar the Proarirdore
•• • -
A• CONVHNityr theee vier htieli dwelling
ilaaett. with gcod liagement
In heed haddille
at - thei - enrnce or vel..tet and eideetii; In the till teard.
empettv velit be tented eq low to rod ten.
ant It in
eannweetiel that telefandlies wit tdeeupy
l'oYetsylon Aj.ui molt diaftly. Aply m she •Abyey,l
bet .°"i'* me above: - Weir'' K %WRAY. M. D.
)maw,r:sate x= l .: ;i . , ,: nl...trng oa t. u:4 l,l ia ct i, i c: t t.tore d
0 . 0 , 1 0
Penn nod
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• Nslambi* lteal.lartwia ler
. intdarap.ibeinasteetustrassehislenesiT
1 la the: sessury. , atere ela sale SIX- lILTILIANU
(Moo Second! ien.: homes . Perry assessed Its ,
Estates Ain es swamp teal frestes
slaty •ftet is d rpsh ...The•losi Ise sold
smell' es the 'abets •pri..•the
.4-eeriest oil the la-miss, JOHN CALIONHI4.
rrirlria.l7lTeTraVs - eil r btiTs
• •Also,slie large Illnessinshe2aa kiniy:X.Gra lava ear
• kea .pfe.ent ;severed ar'a 1.-Hreity Uslessamd
Olßee by yr . . Wii - 19 Csasnet • ; c
haat( • • • D HAZZ Air
TQ),l4l;o,4l{4p,cotsmodlotts, sad well Got
,. &Orli. , dun - n. ,tat
way.lwirrott lintttwtalkf to4NVtlytti n 7.
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liM thpkltf,
a rrke l !!r 7 l ? !T 4: ;l .
Jutsa , ._, .
EVLICCTIC , iIIe.DICAL laarrroviss.
~.- 1-e 1_ ~, .. ; Lunia.. .
%lax anAlin ma vender mum Of' Lectern O.
-I: %silences iniket institution , on (Yellen Monday lax
N . eveinther. dad - Oontinues , foermanthe: vehicle is Lean.
ilmiep'fseeeedvd by the Spring. and Sammeraenedea..
nide ril. C 011141044 Fear : months, 'A alttliellonsPm^ .
lord ry inane commences eq the drat Monday nt On
tohe .auSeetninterr ore manor • •. ' ' . "...
- - • • ' , VlClals.
D.I. Iliti, hf D. Anaimitir and OPiratiTt Sammy SIIMM
L}: Jones M rt.Matena Medea.- Therepeenes •
mot flotedy. . . . •• . . 10,00
J II tih re r M,D, ple-tranty.m.4 'PharMacy MAO
Or Death MD. item., Mel Clinical Medicine Mal
All NT D. d
chUnmet ric ldrenianit enema-. el. -
• , wornen noi. a+ ~' I• • ......: moo
J R Doehneas NI Ir,-PhYthetioxY; !widows of-::. . • •
. _ r — Medicine and L - 10
T VMortner M D.Pithovray,Theedy nod -. • .- ' . 1"
.. . Pusedec of fileeMiee , ... Li. ,__• ~. 1 1 011
. ' MullenlattonTicket gi...,lltreeiffreley rm . '1311,Q,
Mien fr. SUL . Demonstraun's Tleltef lityttpdattal
• it IM Paid °nor before the foot Monday ill November
nest; will be received ibrinitten ,. in relief onestatkett.
or &Moeda by the Ist of OM. next, will eseenstaill dm
tickets ior one fall .coorse; the Peasoommters Whet, Librarrand Manicalatkm licked excepted. ;Tim
lasßytterecetved in Chaner to 1F45. , The eallexe telt- •
Ice it,sittraled at the cemer.of Chrettied Piers •sti-•
The coarse of instruction win mobineee==,
on:bolo:own and mato' In the- Old Mad
0.1 well as the Ilekemed and Ditlisticaldcflel of Abe&
eieve. Six at seven leennes will be ate.. daily •
Board faun 119,50 re 84,00 per week. ,5 'seamark*
stedumionfin addition to the yielinunatitenh of sotqi
mint hen attended two Antedate* M matAleteilY M. •
corporated MenhcalColleae;the last ef Mi. resod he In
- All lenters•eitening tenter yea
to ,or comarsittet .
money R>r the Fttertity, most be addressed to the nada- „
eigmd [pompaid.] Stotesofeolvenittankeof um Mates
l irf ' l ' ! l e e s ."'"" teal'
' V b . :17M417: ',.' ,111Z7`
'..•. ,IQ, Isst Ard, Stroit, abot4 Thivinwil, 5,,i4:04
rltll plan permed in thht Intel, atimn.evabracesall OM
J. higher branch.' or' an' English: eaten. whir
instreetion in M ee he.
e m
le end Latin Languages.
The services of the mole <mitten* Professorsitte per
manent'y secured, and enrol Wilk/ OM MAI Mr
aclithirag the different Laramaree,balethor Alm *her
The year
o il di
e divided late lint testis of ewe esaion
each, contuse ncirg on the tat of Sepionokr, MA ending
The eharge Gte the Beholnatie ticaref ma menthe, is
JAMo, payable her yearly in adenine; vrittomt ;Anent
1 eleept Menie.end Dewier, .whlell ere at
prices. 3 hem cosameneing any time within the tenta,
v.• 111 he charged setionlinty. • • . ,
' If It is Monett desirable by parent , orkeardlan* of
euplis from e. dstance, they eon 'female darind•Bas
ettmater 'giallo°, when all doe artennoo will be;mid.
EilkW. Erg. Lr R M PuttHion,i),S McClain.
Roe. Georgo W Tokind, rkiloaelPii.— , RAMP..
H 4oie, lion Ju RelfFWdThempeee.St Louis,
Thos SlTlcsitan E.q, Florence. I.l*—Witih
Rio N o—Caltb TNartellt N. 211;
°,'N.67-11innts C.
Nesbit V.sq,Hrush, GtO—Rev Dr Spodgras
91 m - New.
York' 04a
assoice„site comostax. •
Fakes, os.r.reeeeieith rksaspik.
• •
.The Annual Course of hodoetion in this InWitstiag
ill commence on the pan Monday in November nest
end be continued entll the eniming first ofillf arch. Tim
Pscally Is constituted follows:
Dkre!h, A.—Principles and practise of
Jahn Wilthankrbr,D,—Obstetrica, and ill.cosoo of •
mamma god ehildren.
Item Et Patterson, M th—hlsteris Medics sod Thar
W R Grant. 1411,—Ahaionry sad Physiology.
DartdOilbert, AI D,—Prineiples sod mace of Bars
Washington 1411.1 en,
The dosoomies l Roans will be opened so 1110 sa
Monday in October, under the docent/a of. Pofess*
Grans, .1,1.1.1 by A F !delays°, hIP, Demostoolow •
of A otomy_.
frr AU Per). suendins • seeeid Cams ofLesoires;
(so well those received aid condom, as those -who bees
*needed their first Course in this • lowitation,) win be
furnished with a ticket to the Clinical Liniment:et alibi, -
Pentop raffia Hospital, Pine meet.
Faso—Matrignialiou, AA; An each Ticket, ilk grad.
swarm, is.
• • HENRY t PATTERSON, Registru.
Phlladolphlas,Lirsgew No BI Ara &met
prtinneti, O, famh :di 18D.
Dar silt—This i. to ' certify to tbe public, particedarly m
Mow aticted ath a disease of la Lemnos Co suseptica
that in the gringo( 16131 was attacked with . oath cold .
which iota became armed up= my lam Mowing 11/1 Me
symptom. of a approaching Casamption. My cough ores '
might aad troultkame, kttaded with copious night sweat 6 .1
slit up daily a somaderablo quantity of blood e naiad wilt
blot dark maim •My Mutation batairc simian and alma
big. During this tints I was :Wended by two of oristarta
15555 Fhpicians; they did tba beta - Des, caudal Ittersti,Whfo
Of kWh they pa op all harm of My reartary,ltt6ta6hit
ma thatwothing aware eakl ha done--tat my Imp.. 6 , -
tally Mitered, and beyond randy. I tra tam penman' by
• hind of mine to take. nisi of • Dr. Deincon'sjispecta
rani Remaly. which my Phynatmo reffida agmasytaying
Mat this' earalchte would do no good, end would mm add
atm toayallaing. I told them it som My lasi and oily .
hope, ad that if I mat .1 Il of lb. Jana, (which wai ash
dad to ta,) Mere would ha labia; tool. So I sent to th
Ciro: . Mee and obeSical 3 110111.• of this istay Yahoo
ble Nakao, awl cansmoard wag wardlng to the dine ,
tka,which, i.e., or adding to ntiyasterisr, intmediat,ll
pea tae relief, at are ansetin the tritablawar Cap
the . h omed • Lam ta ars_6lwkletilittaltgali—
on • • rr .- • — •• 't ~ sopp oi.. Isol. to be Matt again.
Thir meeticia aoudad its gallant, with It a ably
/onward, emtill was made a emend man. I ham AMON..
Martha, Maly Mat., (aatal of F years) and Gel as
healthy as 1 r i.h. I laL ! e ranneeended Dr. Daneat La.
patorantltemedy,inam, induces io dae einulalyafllicted
ask it Imillways prated somata% to far as I have stltinewed
its Circle. Ply sitter ie using the nendheine at gamut for a'
No rial • Lietrrend a Afertion of the laingej Which she
i had .....t trd' I. NI Cos ono- time; .10 hot nasty ratans&
hp throw of aa. u ndid., ad -I I. cooltdent Ili 6 tietilre .
that I take with ma to-day willeatkely cure ha. I ant sorry
to know ilut Mere are lama& of salable pence, ..sting'
away with Mir dreadful destroyer—LONSITPTIO6 I .- -
Were it oily pomade Co. throe to proms at medicine 1.
lay before it to too Late, may lira might be protoogrd ad
Ark families ad Malan again reaMird happy Thie
ramekin, sell give atom miler. and at Me, same doter use
the had and painful Cash, remote tha Cigna .ki the Cheer
glic'etragth to- the rambled awl eacissed tram, sad ia
want eats, I ant catkin, will perform aantra
1.16D6EW .I. ITLTEI6.
Ilordgliatery, Limit.. Coati, Ohio.
N IL—Tlitme who may not be acquainied wi th ow I rats
. tha undenigned ciliate of Montgomery; H ' atailina masa
ly, 0., they ails ay time sulatan N ate Um alma Matcatents, -
rotnaje yaownaoh,
Avec', Ivbxes thir raltabla Slaking am ahrnyz
Sold in, Pittsburgh, by WM. JACKSUN. corner of
NVOnd and Libetti 11014 Styr
A GREAT CURE;pertomml by tbt origiml wad aelytrirt
/fend gamine Uter prepared and eildlof IL Z.SEL--
Monet Faeleiti,Waseenieland Criermi i 1 i
July Otli, 1847. y
?Jr /Li N.• &Urn rem°flutymlouana thee/100
induce , me Medd my limbic .01.1.1 . 1 3, 51.brayobriabll
iebreed Li tab I ham date red doing so years
alierim la Mei Crahettb maim, ••be tass pm .. rkk4
ge shed." himt of die seem preptratkmi elm* to
md T arim, boded to the ikkorart tmk kite Militimisime
year Wee Pi ts ham been °Eared to the rib le and itadeeSt
belies they.e.ll.-temim, them 1A.,. Meyer, tit tiltet
r ati; P art i am th tir yoltikbVir been emitted
many mama pLysicamo, to whZ Void meth m
bees - wombed tad physieked elematte iheitht.
0 teed 5 or di, aim, and &tally gent tip at tommtbik • la
1E34-7 I tme indite-die yourkiverPab, mad SOONG*?
WELL Om bon of 'Mich ismer rifficinittia krep me deer
ef in OW tide :sod ail tba other. mopes.. for at least
'0 ameba . Your . rilla are liettratkertie mer mak
beim. norpipiager ge mesh tiekreaa et Ma *me
10410 girt amtimeli neat 1 kme !matt/ma mien More
ar :years; .44 heart& of! bout. and boo serer
linel eemplalet mimed by any aee who at mei
them. ley bass tupereeltdattemt els rytelmr pill is Sat
miglibothood, end in a tharttititt taidOkeis al/. I
•tanitely remmeMS -Ikea to Tenons
htlber for Liver Cannyklitt or Jr.-Ikea' I enm
fm tepee, to Cidheel 'or the SkirtilL Reeled
bey yeers, J L Menu
LIVTIOII—At Mere . eri.alber . btlet the *SM .
ciamv Leer Pals pence. who melt the OVIIINNZikeneI
eak Enid take m other time Sem prepired and mild by it
SELLERS, No 57 tr.a.4 betxecb Thad bud ?wet.
'4lMilitr,C4B4,slllll I) 51 Cram . , Atltglkeiy ,
• lIAIS Reg/ner D d
tattle house On Pon
:sweet, three doom' :bore Hand awes
rbere war beariod from /o'clock
• — a. tit. Until r. is. • I
ilecirotic of being emplaced Op acne tut
/wee who will make immediate payment.. whkoot• tho
itiveg.try alibi. parlor .110C1/1C 11t. argold Invite par
ticular Auteniicat to the Foilowww;
,teno• ; • All bills left
uotiola elpieetios ol.thirty days,-wilite &hulled
ot the Colkwotric raw,- •• • •
For ExtrartiszTecih, SI • - •
For Filling wow fl.lo 63 per
• A/other ape/a:oils - in gelatine proporjlso.
• All carol in ;which opcogentents apgi 6 . lllllllLed
ball. will Le eorwidered doe accord iokTo the ;theme
N 11.7—Thero ore /ago Jadebted - to him whore to
coact.. it not paid imiveiliotely, will le. ploced lb
daotda a a ,,l=rit'
No Core, .Net Pert
th.Jiiskeius t Pita . Faile
rill I EDE aro dssates more Corneille Cr 1101...
1 blesrune time the rile!, sod yec. o,4oittutink
log crest ellorts have bees made to the eta
ul ' eleetuanes,llsitosets, IS:e , all were tattle
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