The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 23, 1847, Image 3

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• mops.
TITS paw v saaa_pad4a. all 11 aideren
graces of clean Waalbed Wool A lig• ; • -
_ • musirin LEK, •
Olda‘ol•airelaase, cor Lxlany al sad, Capra alley
• 19.1kItlf • -
PP P .liiic of.. ATE; BILOZIA, Ige—
Baker's Not Chocolate:
ct Prepared Coto.; - ,
t. Iltranat
Cocoa Perri -
No. ht.k Co. No I Chocolate, receiving this
Irmo .Lo Ir. the Insnafactracrs,and for sale try
OY. 11A1i klat.:Y tr. SMI Tlt,sawed t° wood II •
, I , l3.AThe sahectilit r has lost cceetreci howl dill i
1 ream Tea Corapsorn Mare in New Va.*. • tree. ,
ru,l„ly 01 TS...Aaiun hoported. consitaing of aft the tea
s ;ens., front 371 rtn. la 111.50514 lb. A JAVINW.,
2.4:2__ W , A...f. , !! 21_.--------- , .. h y• N ''' ""
4.21.1..%11 ILI Ms —.to bags greeo Pio Code,
I , 73 half rhea. V. II .10,.. and Powehong Tea;
Inn ;ibis N. 0. Molasses:
a L'lr L :•• ...Isar I OtneZdolaSler, _
•: We. Large No 3 Mackerel; •
- eel knar• 5c Laalp Tobacco;
GO kegs ti 1010 Tottacco; for rale bp
)113 t JOHN CSIF.B,Thr ILOrt_7_,SL..
1) A PKII.--Icao bundles S. C Straw Paper;
tooo tweaks
SwirAIIII rated ierier and cap
• :311/ I- a and rag Plopping - ,
tinA Gar viala fraotiEeed
La .ale bo ors %ck
ear ran and Irwin Ili
UNDRI -11 cauto.Pot.. l 4
13 Intrrvi. Lin ;red Oi;
,„r sod for
St , DB I lag —to ntrrrio Flour.
taa oar kr OaLri
'soar Pommel;
picot , Doran; landing front .In.
C.ll.l!_r_ella mud kx22.ale J IMI.ZELL
/ 010 TIETAL—Ioo ton. Banging Rock Pig Me
to. , t l,t•ricett cml Ita salts by
• :yl3 UU WILSON k.CO
yActi 011.-1 ca:411051 redibaAto; ttg a
it COI st ctair
c o ccrrvit A IsE-sllte celebrated Falkirk Ale; for
17 .41 , at Ittc Nt tat :Awe of JACOB WEAVER
303 16 market.;, car front
t'AN NTS (a. Al,E—Jast raccived and
1 tor solo by , .be Itit.le or dozen, by
- , 1 • JACOB WEA4 ER
. _
U 110'N N SToCiT,ae.—eotelmace• gum and
Loudon POl.l. by tbv dared ar taal, received
of or rale jytt JACOB WEAVER
".`"&nr.; Tk.TZ;Vtg ;
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lri car woad and water as
IThrdlliidenite:ii7nereitkadii77.7.are ...d
eat vale ty DICICEY e
orate , cad (waist!
Stlolollll/01S-14 sset• Urant
}sacks Storm to tam als
aid tars,
r[IOIIA,CO-121 Wassail& Hates brand Ss Tobacco
J. tom ret'al I,y Qatat and Sarnia by
J DSLZI , I3a, 24 water st
LARD It billslandadg ter. steamer New
Farglaud bud and liar sale by
1./tS Da1.2F.1.1... water at
I_)LtILI COTT.3 lIIILIICO—A.sevr =pp!,.1.03
sr...l•••ye4 te
0 eel r sale at SIOILSCS. A splendid
ane. rai • n at it.
• ' talt V r iV7 7 l l .l , lllbill GER, Sa orates sr
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ei — mo to earth at the Tturri;
I . - .27the 3tutthid and :Vice Faculty
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0 :Oa/LEA-1U bo.n. augs;
1..., ill &urine'
... 6 - d Pow; la ode lor
.."A ' J U WILLI/016W CO. OD wood
unT4 -4 _ - 'r - •P;P,bL M. ec...w•
R.Waiting for Ante by
11 S lSJIMR— b fo assortment of
l Fa
p y l ,. ,?. Cloth ev_
bav, fig e..iLee. pew seed and f
.I. La ,o
e. Ky. 'af. (wrapper.. and fillingb in Hort
Ull.l (or saile by FORSYTH & CO
30 water et
0.010 revel eed and sty saie by
lytg SO URIEIGIL WILSON /t. CO, water It
hIATILIAItd.—IWU PP li6lo Wevern oat Teen
Jnd for sain t.y 0 kILACKBI: COlle
ear water at and cherry ay
WIIISIC.Sift51;1;1;;;Id Monongahela Rye W..
kn . in two and fm •bie b/ la *3
liT aIIC aKS tns dry Peaches for sale low
coto l guaLeal by G ODCHBAN
Nola wood la
OlL—t° bbl',
rallllllorett below Ferri street
i' 0n.—; Linseed Oil, Jai reed
_Li eotisigutorut nod fig Mit ta o .
'An ANVASS--.: isseised sad Fr
!,,s1 , N 0.49 wood West
WEED . X. —A reed atioruccatof new -
1 received and ler rile lir
- 2v:tIACK LErr 1 WHIM% wood
1i16.1.-6 cn Peut: , i
10 • Score:ow; d i d kr sale
11 11
W HOKE V —275 by
1115 d 115,451'
Sack for 5.11_ 5 Y
11 3 ,7 rurrAl.EY k.1011111.19ene120
`TANGO --So box, Fol4lCiocioo.lll Selbb4l,,
obl, A No.l An c :f s le reed tr u T aTEWEB alb
caTe-Ci:REaWW. d — tp
11 poem and for sole by ALEX.
51 lilt! , =a 1051
flOTT014: DlAPERS—Teoearea. bleached and:
brown Canon Draper...s extra vod k •ruele.lasa
reed bud Car We by ,jett+ SISACKLETT WHITE
.171 D DRILLINGS—I care heavy blue Drills
B iuu me 41 am , for s,!e
~11/16CLF:TT a 'WM IS
Tneoli-511b1,1, krge 3.hf ackeral, IR7;
F" c... 1 Bann
•—'W bta. oporyioh Oirocto' wont far
VV 7 sel l ; !leo °, and ear;iitge 6pl DkSZY h.-PO
wale, ond (root sts
00VRICE—Iloassed and Glostud, Gar steamboats.,
bottim and {recess's° the Mustard and {pica F.,
wry, l'Ottt st. - • m9ll . RR
ttlidflt 13 bblt Xoltneoaset. rhad;
r A I.f "
:pr bbl tNo Herring; for tale by
East tide of the Memond
INAPOLEON A HIS 0137:11ALS, by J T Head.
k4"_."7 JOHNEFTOII eirocrroN
f re, Vil
ARO OIL A prime article sir 1 td
snaestently on hand and ktr 3stieobiDAN
NI to abaturers, 210 18 Lawry street
MVIM:UM, NlCTTS—Nairere and lor:de;wh4
plata and grnea swpp y rec.!
D—io7l—"E"-4—bzo & Sou's
V J.& rre'd 00. for solo by R E SELLERS
57 Irro_ort_lL
- 1.11.
7irc " 0n1..0 TIMILN
.rta SHODEry wee%
voyld .
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g rr i g t.. r i d o ale
r, by
Edit cde. OrDiamond
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PO 0 W D 1411.-1 0, It flga Acput,ol fitiLl.kro ,
.E4l/14.Y11: _ _ I I: ALEELL
MACK KU kaa—bo blab No 3—Large,
154 bf bSI. do, for sole by
jr3 /NO I" PERRY
('IIIISEMB-1 bee W. R pnme shipping order,
laiandieg mid int Pale by
ItObri ;MIZELL le CO, Liberty et
0 1
SII6AIL-21111. prim. White . it• ratat4
ie.* iiNtll)ßEt!iNfrf4d,lBbl
ea r wood st
- -
NU—. -It3asted ,or Customers, at the Mama ,
A and Spice Eat 1.. r), xi-Fat tret.
otyla ROODd & ALCORN
I,,trozr• and tmelpae _
and for sale at Or M.S..' %AA it A VA
(2.--if-1..1-515-ZiVCiEll• glad irlatillri •
N... W i ld A
k+t stic . ll ga° M Y 7 E,fth .ueet
W.-1'466# 1 ""-I;j4 h lfs 1. 1 3 4 1 g, foi oats , t y.
Kira • FOiW
firerin -riurs—nazirblefor L> -Z..
r ways on liana ond for sole al 'ertrz i. .lll l 7 . ,A
prime Vella* Coro on rn
\36.6irottni; and ' Lilo
111 DOW oraiss—pou ir!on.rln4
Ilona and for solo by X 2 ' l
rarkr in store unt.ligs.7l,t ityrion.
cur nl 111.14t1P.11,
ic t --I 1.114 Raterir:v,,,;,c le
by )e" . . H TD IIA 1 11421.1 : ALEX. GORDON
LOIln:4601.1.14 91. V.: LAM B a y se .
, .. BUTS -
, F• • - il a wning FurnllCO. I b
—.Y , 1.Y0 d ,„ ; f „, c _
2. Y Jilt ta•UltP_
ceveln mgliiiiraTEßL co
rIVALII N CLAY-30 tone wee'd and_pe vabe.,
VT Al% . • TAbbTY fr. 131,8 T. ab
Vl by
43!1:rib1e..14 —Lai bill. in a
°IL=I bbl
''"Virtirrra; ER
?TM le tee sale by
j) 3
71,Letft. AT Vl4-10 ca,ks c'd d'fo sale by
floBACCO:-10 'Cc—a"
X Cowes. Tobsecorate received ima
bile by
17 A MUCK. D—s bbla ev corturtrotot. for role tg
jyr . ]CBI W cl..l_,Ag o r, wow, ot
liffetrilit AL -45 bblr irr grgandl.ll r e sra
for 'are
, irt • C BIDWELL
_ • _
LI Ali -la' ,
A 7 Jc:a - -
1 " ) ? S—" ""n
"d i
ligaitiC-1479 jam reed sod for nlo by
TIE 218 Mo. " tot
by 10 LE 111
n um F .D ra trtir_ lt r dried
• _,)713 •
'SIiP--11U Lat. No. D. R. iP Note and for eate
lIIfESD OIL-47 tibia pub Oil, ii_t_tbides
ood ,
for ule by WI ' =MONO AllOo CO
. _
‘ lll)l9dllvaqf F lIORPIII EE
NEW 111:1111C. ,
No. -
1 Ift -. .w.r.: - .4.12;1: 0 ,2ent*...t. f .°:. th . •
.1 V T ",.. aais." ' b y YU " 1.1 . 1.1EL4°11 ' n. SI Wa'a ' AT a me. ' rug of th e Jackson Montstr.elit Comsat...
...PO dn , /1 held 1•It the Bolt 1 0ne..1 was uortnitnruasay tesolved
Mayy Bbne, J i m Crack C00n, 07 W e d., li t ...,, ii r ~ I that the tatomuncrit to /nen.. shotdd he Mar ed to the
d .goor?, Dandy J.. hose of Alabama. Praline Mir, $ enrol l' 01°) o . ° 'Sm . .: m the city m IgoMmem..
Sing Dark,. Sing; (Minna Mend. , •fid 11111 .0 peuena 40.11.1 Or • mod block 0( 0001; and
Ibur and Popul. Sortimental Sang.. the mindroigned cotontetref wore inatruried tO advardPo
Midi yo o e o , m m y M oootom n o ., n, g ~,,,,,, 1 ~. a ...1.. o rutiosli and debt.' at.oi square • rock
modese Window; The or lloospartel Woodman io • • t° " -
Lo t he Pr'''""r t .' °P t . .b ...
T erry
The y Boom; Ile deed, ell things
r to he meetad the rolo.hat limn. rquestram mat. et
The Ferry Hoy. The Petry Dells; 'To, bliduiglit Hone. 1 Jaele.ort.
lattuner's LVtld ' Hunt; The Grpnest Festival; Ah,
ehauge r Thw ts. then - Mem is gve nonce that rested proposal.
the Hoop I
love,Come,Oh t came along with me; Star I will be embed by the undernancil conunatee avian.
ttpaoled Banner. Eno Is my Home; Thee. DO 1.0111 , i ..d ll .l 1 . bl. 01; 10 , 14 0 l• a.' 01 1 0 1110 5 oh AllOO l . 01 ,1,
like on, own; Mary or Argyle; Flow Gently Sweet' A 5 tile fur thrlithe rind deb oaring to the r.oll. m LolOYmth
100; Ily gone Hours, When Stare are inn.' quiet Oki , . I Siort,re• ot ~.. erlY•bY the let do) rt , Month brat- t.
Flow on then, Shining Rivera, livening Star Wall . mt.. rode, rink of grotto , . etther tlonalile, eto.r. or
N Yost
. . g . g . ogghh ...n„ ; 1.. .„ ~,,, Q .,,k is,,, 11114 i between tats and I PLO Lima in weight It that
waltz, Item tberek Step...v.lTM , Gallopade; Pete. I melt a rock may hir uhtaned on the PestennacnyeL near
11.ghlood Mareln Golden drop %Veto; Rodeo Baden 1 Mai ray "The 10101 or th. rook ono; he sorb os wit;
Polka; %Polon.° walla.; 11.11'0 Minsk Step; OraaMop. be snstab t e for the Ithclosesot the 1 . 0111111111 ,, . 011 which
Orr welt. Vartglion• to La Partaienn, dy Molten. the.' wag d ' '''''" b.."'" r r t. th r thl. .
Llomlation ala robe. tiy Welwr, V•nationa. from 11, propo.als oral slate the pfl,, tor turnaltunt and
Beatrice di tender, by Dueritoy; Air A Demand, vane- delryertne the rock
r ot he r e . enne of Lafayette Square,
twos by outen. Swims Drover Boy, variations by Omer- " ,, , ,,,, . , .. ,d . 1 ',.',' ode
,'. ~ . , , ,
lap: DY(111,1:11,101101011101,11he ;SOflom Faintly .1.211.
cube place Morell will he Poth OP. t he denim , o f the ruc k
lelt. t t, e place armee named; butt/q will make
Instrottron Boote for P rone F0rt...1 ' advance.. the t ontradtor, AM seem. a• the t rack
Ilan Bormauller t n, Corea; Haim 11011's; will . progress... to its 11 <r of dhimitahon
ilemrehr: Flommeithe he.. the . n a. The undenogned c0nain;t n 0 rt . : , •ef . m. 1 e , .....0 ,, .,. ,
..,,.:,,,,, o f
-pri g iiii"' '''' iL"g‘",:---- 'oll,oo"pl.:lll.l'.`,.`'i,niu'd',`,L.'...),,-;; ,',,',".„.;„.....„,:.1.,,,a,
Ue EUEI VEDAt•ht A MI Sere- , . whom further information . Ilte•ulisset mar Ire had ir
.11. Graham, Illsfinnes for August. Pons Fashions, th .,,,,,,.
Godeyte I.ady le Book. do do; . Waslimgoin cit., I mall 1•47.
Velem agemine for July. veil I. edited by Mrs. CAI 1111 FRENCH.
Kirkland. The splendor of ,thro tromorne, wrll, .. , •10000. ItHIN C RIVPS. i coutterita ,
doubt.give it a large ruloreript... , io mo el • 3111 IN NV NEAL Rh',
Isabel of !hernia, or the t WOlllOlO. a Frnner, hy A - - -7- •-
city - .
Deena. lllispensuery•
,li Th ,
„ If
. Se . c r el-7 , , - . It una L or the IL.. e r end Ibe Curd. 1., A 1T:1 ,, ,,, P n 1 i .5 .. :3 ,, A n 1 , t , 1: ,.:,:ii ,n,n 7.2.17p n pr ::,„ , 11, , ,e;.e.,t0 n. n.0.. 1
C.t.ltr i, or W 0.... Love. by Aletander Dumas Hotel, and irounng Dr Chap.. , OM e. llour• twin
Mexico and her 3111itary Med., from the Ilt vo ' tr. to •o • and 4 ,"h o . r 0 . 1 7 .
lotion of Hidalgo to the preeent rime thustrated l. 1.2 1 All
po r t
and cogravrap. by Fay Robinson.
The Glmtey, Or the 'Lubbers al Sal , :es, by Leal , ur• ! .0 . 1; 1 7 .,,,,, “ n 11
~,, , , ,1 1, 1 :, 1 11, , ,,,r , h1 1: 1 06 1 . 1 • , . , ,,,..., 1 (or 0,,
1 0 ,, obtaining blethers., ort revent opportune. will briar
it Wood
I'Lk"'"' or
o ''''' ' the
""nurY.bY M ' . • ode them an order from same Methen I rentleatan or
The Unfortunate Ha the M,.er'. F.,,,.; so rdh . '''`P' n . lik 0210 th , Ithuttg the) ate 0010° , !)' needy ."
tale by Cant P Otshaugnessey. - - lf destoute of male)'.
Lord Elwyn,. the Double C oo n e h t p, I. ) si t s 11, , Ur. Chapman who Los 10 . , . ice• for
Sommer. the preclent as Ihrpetteary I tit aleallt. OJ/11 111 tar 0 1/.
For sole all A MINER'S, ontithfield at. DI door from ' httertirra• in be present It the bores Have mentioned to
second. t Iti I Sive meth advice a•pote.r. ins) . 10, 1 01.
- Sive Yoe& andßisaton Planless. •Ii iv al., desired thanthe N1tyht.,:1,1,,1,L,:.,,it,i,r1,..,..1p.,,,,,,11,,v,i5..,
wood-n, has on hand aud Mr 1 ih',.i!th.e,g.r,,T...r.Y„,..glth. .'reek ' •
° Pi atnaolefo'ri‘r7ni"a'nrneraViu're'n'bnyobelvii7leeiii"ng7t'llaß*Wo"TWrind , ''''''.';`.°°ollri'.';;;”"b" al '''''''• ' Mira a ' . lii " ''
, p o ro . t n n oya
d r I. , n y
tuilj:s h i , o , Ae c ii h y n ,
, t o n ha. cLro b r L i , , L I i,..Tc',,1,,,1:.,',7_,,..,"1,,%?,.,:in't,. r . cJ ,`,.,r),,,,,,,°,:'.07,,','.',,,,!r.::r'..,D,,"::.,',',7,7;
Also, at an extremely law price US era. colmign. , nhy...,..',..10`..;,,,,,,..0 nh,. ,,,,.: ~, ~,,, ~,,, ho „p y
ment- offeied their terarces u• ennoultirm I'lly tool.. tY , MI , r ,
fhie splendtd Mahogahy CI octave Piano foe, of __----.--------.----
brtilrant tone. and In every respect a very sup eritt in- PEA It CLOTllliets STORE,
strarnetn, mtmuractured by A4l Gale .. to. New loth. NO. 10 WOOD sTitEET. PITTSBURGH, PA
formerly Itneurn as the •New York manufacturing Cuta A A NCKER 1, !HAVER wholesale sod mt. dealers
pasty.' , £1 .n Eastern Ready-Made Clmlimg. would Diner
Also, the following OLD PIANOS at w0011y... prow , lull: tate thr • meth. al soheiling td. attention elate,
One 0 netaSe German Piano forte; , enstomers and the poLthe generally', to the follow , ng
One LL " Piano, made by Bobrdck-PirceSss too. or the, steel in node audra.rare thern al., that
-w-r- 1 .. 3 1 " do do gro...ortm, Prie-Sta , they writ roll as ettrap r I nocchrstrar than ....dim
I) ELUL •TELEIGT lIIONSIE. Clnetnnatt, One G " do nearly new. made in N. VOl.ll r•Ilbliehl0,111 0 the coy Our tomtit...of purelowine
OtlllJ-The mb.ribers home. purchased the en. and with modem faronow-prtec 8125 and ittartsbeturme goods., ore meth poi to enable us in
tire Intermit of Col. 0 0 Willmoboo. late of this sr. ythe 6 octave German Piano.mode by titte , n In Cleo. ail tone. In to,. n toll armintment or tradY mist ci0 ,. . 1,
known ertablialiment. beg leave to nate to their (rends as, in goad order, nod. eaecillent Piano, at 8173.00 A , ingt, st leas torres than they can be obtained el rah ie
and the public gencrali) . that they have taken this credal of el months, with good security. fyla 71, preen, .torl. oi. hand C101...11111 in pan of die MI
rammed...o 11.1 lot a orn of )can end will EICTI - NOUN NEW HOOKS! ' Sowing de....tiption of goad.
their best energtee to meta : !, a desirable hotse forTra, A T MoitsK . s LI ft-MARY:Ia:POT , t 5 Fuurt4 sr C lid black moth dma. coats, lento 610 to IMIU
,lien and Cie) warder, PM da tlo French do t 10 -71
CI. Stotkapea.,e sod tds Friends. is the author of I. I
The Hotel it , Poltroons and admirably planned for eon. T00k ,,,,,,,,„" ghg .. be goo ., ir,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 70 brow. and mble green .In 1..' rah
sentence, light and /If, hl,llll, a number of parlors Ighh ., 0h .,„„,. , ,,...,,,,,,,, h,..0h, French, i gg h ,. No roes comma.pdl made!! of eigicl iii , a , , , ratl.'
admitong chambem, presenting onnattal allfer'lama m e s t moje t Dom... " b. P 7 fthth'i °‘ . 11 ' i ) th ' ''' i p i -'
famthes. r
, 'the Lire and Adventuresof John A Murrell. Wt Crest ''' W° . v " "* . ~, ;'''' d „'''';,.,,..,,,, d „ " ,,,,„„„,:,T,,.„,„.,„ „.
Tbe Crew.. wrierP e . ' . ......1 b.a 'L k. ' .ir .r.. " °° ' Weatent !sand Pirate, with 22 cheat. asta sported ett.
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The location of the Pearl Street House 'sone°, ...only l .1 i t'.,.,^e..,, ,, , ,,, ,1 0 _,Lt rk ,,,,,, I present rwarton Merchant. and others who nee it.
climb!, h•ring marathon Peer). Walnut and 'fiord Os. I ch l oho l._”. ny .L 0g ,,,,,,,,,,,,... 05h , h. ,, 0 ,,,,,,,, 00. No ry . wantof clothtng cannot do looter thereto erre us a call
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warner TRIUMPH, t M.,..moret sad two Noon'. Om the CO' ' V b. , . B. • Rory Cilfore Ly Somtiel Lover, author a Lrend. and pnmared Mr the acemoniodation of voider', by the
AffiliGallniy. Master, will leave es ak.eve . 0d , .q . e ... a . .. ,. .!Zfvtr 1 ,..f, e 0 . ' .. ,, mi"Pe.•,,,u,1,.',,,°.'n"7 damns or irg.. . 15 of tit,. month
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1 , " Dr Y tß i h ' t 'l si; Plo'7•4',..°Z'rry'on".,---"md,,y:' 7.',L,,,,,,, genet: l 'lstp.; ~o „ ac,„Ei r. N`i' - ro - l„. - „:‘,..,. -- ° July, - seer well and wide!!' known, to nquireeitutsterot 011
, 1 - -- wearies' itowie, ctoioloww, to. Noooa, aursa,,. i., Jul ).
Lady's Bonk. ~ rrt D2l au a cold hi t.porthe
Tla service. of Mr Al A RVI hl, whose aelmoy. en,-
1,Sis.r..l.}J.:ll.tuLl,..thror....:L w a U co ope rnp Led ,. . the - - N h . , *-- „, i. ,,,,. -
, ' The new and splendid steamer
GONDOLIICR, ,,iy.abodi,.ham.,,:nh,ich,.l,l.lro..:,,,,Strin,,,r:c..t.e.„nusems..grr:L.ll•oll,,,,;
'The edifice fronts One handfed and tart. five g0.'"aPhn'01ii51",.::,1.::i0V,hg.Y7,,,,,..,:1y: g,:yr, i f i , g '. " * " . Y . favorable ,cared of Ike patrons ot the Spring. darrng
I 1 .,.Y .. ,...1r i r:'L,.., ~.",,T1,."..,,,5'Y',.......1' feet. Sapeno.t ...I one Mandrel and ')'-fie A ... . a h ,, i $: go ,. ' ".' --- - the too la. gunmn , . have Loren engaged. I . ..Pertens
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blematreof the Libor Rev Charles, thomen Id. DU.
..'Y " .r '" .. "...""' '''' -.' • I chambers rod duty private parlors all of who. have ~,,, .... oh .. n .... h .. g.y ,..„ .. h 00ggegh,,,,,,,,,,,,. ;;'l'bFe,.:‘,sl".slt,a.7..,‘.eil":::::::::::,,i'::::.:::::.,
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T. near held demi. end fa•r run anythorg of Om 1.1. tn the United game. The din ag r _ Th.,.. 0,... .. 4
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FURS' A office am) ',
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PAW MI1) Gth. all oteloek. ' ....Lee. ettamseravao 12.4 by Melon P. 111. Wed. I galled ..'" • .
For fretcht or passage so. on board i llogalskyts hoiden •Prea•unr
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gICDSON. I al.sitosent offers h....ices So the ca.rens trot 'YU Wal.b will Le completed In twenty-four tar, Into
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aloe tr,p• and mantises, O's ts b a rg. i regard. the Steantheatt •ad Reload Depot-1510 tbe ly colored. and 24 pure raino , r-05 .. ., I .we M its I au, opened the' erms stable
am above er.,, rio,ay an d M o . mot. of the more event., e Impornor looset-and .a 7he pper-1a of the finest teat., tram. been made , u:L k. , , , ,,, ,, „ 4 -_ , , , , „.. t . , ,. , t 4 ~, , , , , , , ,, , ,t ,,, ,, , , ,zne
day at 3 o'clock. P M • FOE ifvl,ol of passage •..yy lam. Ise ...on *Tore al
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RD; 1./ LA RPI reimuflo l i 51 Ili in 1Y lICELINI. ', "..r h0 h ' 1, ,,,,,,, ,
~. hg.. ,, g hg ,„, op . ,h, new f00 ,,0,,,, , I 5 1 0 b h ....5, i h t, , ,, ° nb h ,,, , ,,`... 1 : 1 i '''' e nb.l ' r ' in "it'r''''. lock '''' I loose. ot• ilt an ortae pew anal oi 8 0r .,. a ,,/ Co t r, I
1 Ililir illill
PAP: 1 11
T rs ow . tr... h.` , ... stl...thl to. , be ON'. to th e Pr". For ,a .e iv W s CALDWELL. it hor Post tit,. , . „ ... , y , ,„, lig , ,„,,,,„ ,
am , er rt, be, qua et a.rd too-. en h.- 110.100 tem $
I ~:1,11,
. 0. 1 LI, ',Ltd, II Arl ; list 7 nal. prapom re ream• dm. . 1•11.0401 I. 301, ,
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' ......• '' Sm•th ...tee. wt. rthmut -r t o " .,,,,,,,, e ; 0 ., p .m, p 0,...,,, h ,..,,,.„, „„ asg ,,,. , DRESctrflw. Cobalt:2st OF I.E. tr - 11,,...?,,:i D1,':,%,,.'1.1.:f,1, „N,,,-,.T,' ; ', - ,,, , ,',',„,",..,r,'„ - E,,;-,';,;;:'7,70; ' O ,
-- ' • , ".".-.." , - , -r , - , --- ,,- ~.....,., . tv w Dix. 'L ' lOr ' , dolor ., of Pool- id • gri'l rem., v , . •l • c o rm oesam 3 Wm., w.... d....tved 01, 1601.11 opitanh
NEW BOAT 9. I 15d1 11114 , 1,0,11; Ititurbsegh mem 1., e .rd.... , the toe.. t , r wm C Rene ..or. -. 1 .... .. by m mai eon.m. R. A Connote - mon I s-14ifonr,Oi, SI
1 hlolldoy. Wednoday ad Friday, at 10 o'rthrk, AM . Roil ~,,,,,e . A . ,.,,,, , I li g o 'i t: ni. a. `, Limn ' I" . n b .tjt !'deg member of We Frenea triwou,e, of the Soy., ,"., ~.„ g „,, ~./.,,..„,,, .one ~,,,..,,,,,,,,, t a ,,
We give below a lot .f the new Deal now harsh I &ovate Wheeling every Taesil.y.Tkuratlat and Satur , -r - -,- --,-----,-, -1 -- r Aeodemy rat Iliston . lonia Mmind... Jo. roe'd and Mt 1„. RoITY A CUNNINGHAM.
;at at, our wharfs, and deslgnel priacipally lon the O•Y, . sr , o t okack, A M. For freight or paathge .101 '', JONES' ROTEL, "
1.. i:f2 011011Vf stager. 1.1111-4 ' olllrolo.' , sal l;:g ' j'HINsT°,N., An
k ''.... ' rki ,; kw 13° " im "" 1 ' SA hII'EI • PON XER
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• tun 1 , ...• . taell 1 t
Patel:Nigh tade:- ' Pt rry nu Krill AND WOES:LINO PACKET I TUE Sfd.oftbc ra oodt t . toe gr m of gam°. O. Wtmr• r VirESIRERISM -Jun polilathel, a work e tit.cled . ni o ..._ B:',fA. Er.4,N..,1E,,,,?1,,A„:11::,‘,..
Tbe North Riser, l e a pt. Dealt. ,HoI, by rureers The .I,l,.§,daad fast mourns ausir A. breve Porchowd Mr .theore'.....,thtillaestretiltels- i ..1 • G •s nl,er, Spat," a e a. of er• .4 ~,,,e 0,, ..
SEW kiNtal.. AN D. I .•"‘ .., h"r". h r t h- •.....‘ ..°. r° . th th e atth r• ' ...nil!, t'o'n the Gerthan o• n ~,,,- , , , -
cabin. by &Klinger, ongtnet by Leal ri, and panning . .„ • ....inr.„. . r...... cc re I
fri . th '''`"'• " thrl' t • thtltth m c o et Ise ...mon or .o• mar m0tt0..., .nt, , - ISE hitiliTe- 1..., ~, . .
. I.*P''' " I.".
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r ' ' s. .of .r„,s. , AI he 1 0 bur gm:, .1. Id. hr....m.0... oro , „.... m ..... t .
Sy Spear. , ut . n .,. . 0 .‘,..,. , ,•$„..., dey o f ;We t iimal patronage heretamie ter.. ri rcl ..• .mum I ... ~,s„, 0 ( i t , ~.o „ . y
Pilot, No t, Capt Owlet. flail by Crislostr• cabin .. Match, I. as 04 Ihnst.orgh rye. I omit' , tor. hire work w. ie . fe.0.1 Wllll 'north avolr 3
' $ Tuesday, Thursthay anol Saturday ed In orcloik, Aal; Ts h., hambeen thortmehl V rerithrated• Mid , ls .- ~t hish e by W S PALM% 1.3.1., mod wore pita.; a terit dr I , II 1,1,1100. to ,•,, .. t ... L
ley Howe & Roo.engine by Elehbauro A, Sample. i and ',among WheeLathesem . bbmda). IC ed o e.clat and , e , d• orethe i refore !eet ...tared , ...mitt welere.. , ; .r.1....17 DI door, Post Office
jr ,d,,.,„ ~,,,,,..,ir.nr5.,70..:,...,
, r...., , r . ve „. .t , t ,., b ,. : , • r
;Mi. :
1 Frtday. att. oteloek. A Yd. 1 ''''''''''' " 7 r° , ' - -"---:3,"‘ i'"Y OTIA3I TO STOCKUOLD RA.
painting by Speen._ . ; The N,....1.!„,,L,d i., ~,,1,,,ht e mere,: v in, the lor the ear of .....ladelylr.a
L.dyal Hatansb, Car.tJuk. !101l by Semi Walker: I trade, and wilt leave regularly as atm. For fre enter , t hIT.r
I . ,
HOTNEypi:b.,'"”wLsTDGES-. 1 3
R . .OIPI s. CF. „ of th , ....C , 1es eland anal Protinrgh T . G,ID. r1dthirty,;1r11'...,..3..eArri.‘1,1•0t.,,,t;;;;;,,,m,„.. ' ryt 4 f
Wau.stro... June IS, 1.47 -An moo'. V INT IC ATCIII-2.. JEW 17.11 Y 511.9 . 111 Ig a hr. 1
cabin by Bootie & Mu.; engines by Eiebbannt A. I oT:N.aPPIT on bard. Of 10
.}..LAck.. As,
.r.' 0 Cream ./- Moo and INAS, 7 11001, ! mein of ten per eel: t Oh , tit In. shaman on • LAMPS, ac -A torte mid vt , , l t - treiett •th , h al.
Sample. .
REC:I7I.AII PACKFT Toll W 1: AND l ZANKAWIL.I.E, 9: . , 1 , 0 ..I,•er.pliou to i 1,.. gamut, . rock of the ,asat • oil hold at the Moe. , tote ,
Skipper, Copt .Stoope. Derved for the Heaver ! I , - r Er DENVILLE IONEPIII STACEY .111001111,5 to the poiar .oa, , eo ., or . • rerinsirted to I, pawl's,n or lesion the to
.. I .
~, ,
trade Hull by Baker & co; eali , a by Benno &Ma , 1',... to w no. , e h, ~...„,,,, ~,,, sl b• bale .I,l'. a 1-111$ of ...r• she e emu al ~ o f As g „,, sou u.l e t. h o hre,s to ai , I ~, a„,..„, ~. ~. ~,,.
.„, y,
~,, . h , _
wyggxyysurgush ,oola .. sowers, k inrm ~..., 114101.0 o" eJ ,l•,,li•fl 0 ...II i.e.) 10 3 ti• G 1.a.-....
P.1;11114: il, .1 P. o. or, ..•
gall; engines by W hile, Haiti:pee & co; notating by 1 Ohl. iseeviri•. roaster, leaves Pros. .... i rho Imo,. h.,. m r o 11 10 111.Abl, repatied. aa i Rohm - won A. Co , cornet et Jol aud Wool street.., in ,clo
W. Lawn. • 1 ~,„, ~,,." .. w,., 5 „,„y„ \ vs " it . the ..., an houses . be. The Prop. - or:Mr I Welt...lie, to Jac Alen. By . ordcrof the Board -
IA Y b Pht. EXPIUCTOILTLNI- 1 lo• • ;Cu;;;: 1
. n d F A ,J o y ~,3,,, , ,,,e . , o Li_ w stec . 1.1...0.tre. th, , uhlto t bat no sllan will Lc Apar. 111 please i t odidtsagl ,g 4. GATE ',
.."`t.r.t.r7 .1 th, eLcarrou7 and cheap nimbroie 1..1 lb, erne id
De Witt Clioton,Cept Ilenneey. The Noll ha.
.1 Sleohedville every Turoloy, Tburidal and galurday lan ..° roll ar t.° I ' m ' Tiasgibtogheny riavigationi.Co. Cmtnimpram and ether AI•11.11...11 rat nit I.e. la,. 1•,11
jest arrived from Um yard of Hammel. & Cunning-
bo at . e .... o . eloek, A. 31 For far rah, or P0 . oPYIV .1 _ g.,.."°.•'_."..-Ci.b.'nhl°k. i 3 i °42-...- ". I DC/ok, , (of receiver robeerrot.ons to the `rock or the known, %rely man; II yes kavc to-ell oar el ht ,I -IN I
hem, Elisabeth. • devil 1 CIALT 110171 E, Li Yeughartthenv Mao Co will Le opined at the lrou. , y mr,.., e . ~,,..,
51C Is Et2-.Ptret 1 , ea. LA lIE IOA N 0 MIJNO .13A- Corner Int•iin sod 11011. ain, Elwriwwariei e . cll .. iii . .Pitr,,,,b:if..ll,•.oiib,e„both,e7,ll,l,,iin.Aklr,a,a,c,il.:l..7lFic,i,:raha,,..nicp,..ii,,raoh,
, at ta s e li p , 0... i 1i: 0 15 ., T , i.:. , A ur ti , V , i 5. i , R 0 y' r ....
Carolins,Capt Niaoo. Hell by Walker, cabin by 11ELA CITY PACKET rinds establtehment to mono 11l the best order lot the 1 or o
Tld Carotherr, engines by Lee, Preaton dr NleOo The 4[111,•./.4011, • teeeptton of the T 1111,1.11, PIII.IIC. 111141/1011 under. 1 NecriZan'rar'od it tit e Bowe of goiter 1 1 ......• Meant nr II It Schwan, ...leen! . Al . cmbetry Ca r,Lin
IDESPACII, s ad I Pleasanton the Pled day ef Auras. ond et/auntie opt°
-SAICSAPAILIS LA-80. ,, d . Comp. El. Fla t
abr. The Caroline was originally m olt for the 1 Nelmn enakter, will as abuse, b a a.r.a; trTes'rtio'.'sKtheZre"t'le'.*:.l"niorredr'in'tre'r'ci'rin ' the , ( mt. tor 1?..d.07...fti We 3°l d " , .' S4 V
od d
p. . tug I . 'l...hurgb cr,gland olll. Mr• il ' venous ace.ult. I flatter myself that all will he $ .1.1P1i„.M....4,' James May. 5i1t...1,2,111a. ' i
Pearl rime! trade above Iseksonibut run fora I
rie ay an it ay, . oelock, A ,and }Bottom s- pleased who call. The lostabon l•reopial,eominwirou . 1 + J.. . 1 . t . .. , i7. ,. , • John D DZ., ' %le rehambi Coolll Vl:l.d Est so...yam* ,
tame between Pittsburgh and Wellsville. bell City every Tuesdoy. Thor...4y and saiurdry. at e ahal pleasant Fare SI per day. Alelander Plower, Can...orris da do,
ote n loc z k, A.. 2.1. For freleld Of passage a t mly 0111,01-1 , 1 C IO LLOIIIIII.MIIIIriI 13.1.-47. WF. NAIIII I , lytiZternil - ' ileac. Rdabt. Comneekr. do
Pelice Capt Hermon of New Orleans. Detizned
for the &labile tade. Hall by Walker, cabin by I Allegheny River Tradis•
' " a I nV lt * I (./lUPTlTigritttlileillaTO T
FROMI.CI.I . 1 . .. ( %,.. -. `,"l ' ' ' ( .. ". '
0 ' l n :"':' , l'
~1 : ..., . ..r . 1: :. t e r.
,t o '' , ", °e ,,, o b I l
, B . A nd F A O I , I ''' ,l, l ' ',
-'- - - - - I ISVILLE. Solmenbere to t h e ahnve sloe, re
gh., , ,
Jam Millergger; engine, on the low presentee print:tole , ' The fin, 0,14(0., Steamboat TUROCKEORTO3I% GALT 1101111 E, i i .,,,,,,,,, i h, cu . are requested lo p Joshus '
by Knipp & Totten. . Capt. lofn /La t ft .?ro W , ' veill eenin ii Rld T ROCKi L. lro y a li s k t N lL . i' gri to sequel. hiv j '',. ; ,.a, a4 ... I, a , a i r, Ig, of • , 6 ,,,r e f P a o g Y j a jd ' re ni t .re ' r n :(l. 2° Co r' in ' A
Michigan, Nol; Capt Gilson. flan by Porter, ii• to run . o Regular Packet du-1 ri. fr,enbi that he is again lewee of ' he OALT ' Y;.`„' IT, - It ~.7,,t,',F,,tr- ,, !...,d, ' :::;., -; , : j t .; ' ; .
II O'REILN , i orce small girl to go titor nor. two ruin!
children. Amo,
leg th. ....1.t..°0 rtt. b . t7 l b 110 I: or LoalsnlM Ky artery h hope. to meet all Ithn?iy .. . o u,, or mud 1,, several goods rooky, chantbennards. mince end girls
cabin by Megeri iroge. by ' fine l . o d p r00 k.i,,,. F o , i n , 0 ,,,,, ~,,,,,, o w, on m.o. h „. hd `,',;. hg, ~,, ,lhooy .worm „oh o , t h or 0 .1 2,),.. 1.2_ /?ii.. car Yaii"a . to, a n w or k. AI ...ever& men for tar.. and har.
Nelson; painting by Sims & Biddle . Thtsis a fine 1 °evil . etrun .liali be spared to make alleconktrtahle wlto bye! t , --
- low WiliiiZis. Places wanted for several tonl..l..pere.mles.
- .
-flegulos Pittsburgh •nd tenealllte. em w,II their p0.1.102/0. I.lldly I THE ...ether haslust recemed and r ,,,,,,„ „h e, yi... plea. *poly at ISAAC
boot, and will he completed in a ;bort hare, when 1 Packet. - na baiid 7 ib ' baiithagi'4i lot a ' 13° ' ' ' ' I 11198ln:3 Agency and lotellrgence thrie, sth et near
she Will take her place in the Beaver trade. TUE light draught saner rINE WINES AND TIRANDIER-Tho toyer. ofl .I.,%•,,,,‘..r,k,.,,,"l,•__."'"ff'''''''''' i wood. IYa
_ ..
'Holmes new boat (001 yet named) Capl Heater. I
iiato NEW IL, C good pure id , tun. and Ilmother, are trimmed to call i no . . y ...., n ,....„,,,,,,, ri ... ..d, by 1 ,:,,,,„ A •,
Iturd, Master, wth Make weekly trips and ea... my lathe sloe. into Ilistare and cellar to n , hhh ,
h a ggpo o ogh „ e. N oe eeT y mo d e ,.
11011 by Pringle; cabin by Malinger; envoes by F ee the above pondering the sx• on.- e ...., h o rd e ...eon... of- -
. 1, 11 g i•
c L E A rt IL A IL N I D Ne ,
051V - 11 - .9 . : , '10N, '
Sul:dawn & Minas; p ainting 11 Speer.. fre,ght or passage apply on bored WINES-Choice old Ithetti Oneelegi. Rosewood Plano, by Chtekenng, Boston I . ' 'IVITYISI4IiILt(!..IISTAA:SI.TI°'B.:No 5 9 Water sot et. ST LOUIS
11 LVILI.INS. Aem. Do Madmen% This lostnunent was .keted for the Pubeerileer, by $ '5lO
Nearly all these , boats are in rapid progress of '""° Mr. Chickering, atul pronounced thebest Goetave Piasio , Re ire to Lyon. Short, 3. Co. and Anthony Ike'en.
REGULAR PACKET FOR NASHVILLE In Elheriles; • •to his factOry. Prim:moderate. ' Ef•11. P• 001.0.01,. Pa p•its..C.u.
completion, end will be ready (or ranntng tat a lew Do leiter:Gl;
The new steamer
week. at latest, and some of them tn a few day.. IN YODIINO, . 'Do Lothar"; i Ci th at r k e r ' bi lq-- . Y " . '6lOOlOOO
1 LlAllcßittpaoitoofaLr-ltrileno'f'lla''plibli.natr.;" Mi n i trep " rr. r d " l!
Do F•yalr,
I I Modes several others of various styles d prier, • execute all orders for llmt arucle Then Oil ts of the
,D. Malaga.;
Tate NSOUVILLF..-We understand that the C'h„P',',.J,°,L'"„F,,p:l•,,,).,.„w:" c ,,r 1 ,„, 0 ,., 00 . 0 ,. lend I with and mtg.. , g° 1 ° , ..... P•wo l .... I.e n itl r . "' I beat goal.ty• rind willl, sold at the lowest market rate.
earners of this 111..lited boat, contemplate rebuild. , Monde y. the C. instant, at 1U o'er lo k,
~,,,,,..,,,g„,.y.„=.l)g.TBT,igna...tqfj'ff'''''''''''d - I FOf oath at the lomeol ...M. Pri..oll I The attention of Druemate end roce re ta req.-MC. O Y
sr F r freight or peerage Onn , Y .. lthord or m
1046 We are pleased to hear this, mad hope that i•-' - ° J W BUTLER h. JIRO, AP. LIRA NOIES-r-Old Otani; dark: . ~ O .En E ,my °).u; J 101ib.r. , 1 k .`A)N, IS I. , be , Y`, '
I ac h y! - ----- Do Lema.. do, Ivl3 al W.dwe11 . ...1 thin, et t h i ,,,..n0. Opposite heed of Smithfield
°°d in
making "c° °"°°g°°‘' " --WELLSVILLE DAILY PACKET.
will enable them et onus to commencelhe work. The nev4 i griEllivlidiatirell et c o 0n,0hc..,,,,,.. 4 . d , ,,, ,, , . 1
.;:5...11,....T.hbe.p.0bi0..1ie ore
. respectfully invited to call mid
Do J J DopoY tOral \11177.'„1.111,--TORY OF ROME-A htstory of
I ---ligaiii..--y-g.------......." -""------ i..) . Rnine from the ' maliesi time. t , cs the deatbo_f Comitt_o
Do Othrd, pale; .., A D 192, by Ur . I.ennor .otrtita, FL. S E
The stammer ArrOWline on her fitharip to BeaSer 1 10/114 II MELLOR. No. M W00d..t., b. mode or.
, C..C. Calle. master. was toile ex- Do Seiviette, pale;
broke her hog chains, and her hull bolllg light presaly lor th, node, and will make , no
..,,....., p0.,,0piff.,..., g0 ,.._ g y h00rm00,..,,,,h m .. yi. sgyo -11,e, Cora ~,,ply °f, il::: . e , tr . : . of lieh,hlgivrtooiroofHlNlalsiTonlin,roh,,
„T. Ju ,c at z r e i e b.i ived
I hi. Puoto Roan howl los ulanufaeMry. to Poets aud wth i ' t axle , r I
was considerably injured. We are mr.....i. haw- r ,„,,,„,„,„,,„„,da,1,'„, 7,'17 d."nr , ',",!,‘k h 7 et.'it'd"Thie'll'sys:'l?e- 47/.7.7ll.Brerb'd me :174'f:tune to show samples of receive 4... dismal two weeks (tom dam already 111.'1'1.SAT-A eiwee sale...lion of Cutlery. mt.
boy Wines and Liquors to those who may (war I arrived m New Nod- . l...irrunild sin! Budding Kuoars, of virgins pattern,
:6,111:014,,,,4°.°.:',rd°17. d". '°Pain'a will
PO -e'
:r".7.7,,°,?l'jeg.TP,t,gr''.l'.,'W p T r, ti...g".,,1:,"11V1(.17.77/11; th me ' with . ' a
rt. , al my Wiae eller or Lig
_uor Seam. ' A Sna p tad Plano }ode; of Rosewood, Of octave[ ...We for notheryroten . and gardeners; alwi, a large
° P C MARTIN with die moat elegant extetter. and of munlar tour lo aisoranent or Pen pod I ockmlinivc.,o superior article
It wag ee ponery t hi. mon d.g ( ha ~,,, r a g o ., :(0- „.r1,; ° , 1 31;::, ~ r e t i ., fl utly ~, the p,,,,bur i
_tyll . i cnr_smitlifir Id sod front sts the otie exhibited by Ma Ile. at his concert. to do. 1 _'arm
IVCCIVed awl for.. low, ot the ponthargh Seed
aml Agricultural Warsrhous No 131 W ood street, teed
I:Mentors In this City had failed, in consequence 'of arf to rercire Irenthlllim , gro 'gem Owe ). 0 o Iv C,Hoo-biTiIICS-1;0-hads N °Sagan le? S N WICKERSILAMII
the intelligence brought by the Rtiteneia of a heal, .I.2L_____________A..l.`_loBA_E. A_g.f.'lll.*- he bble N 0 Molawee; • . . - i
I n lino-A superb Roam.. Piccolo Penn Forte. with ] it. of foh.
dieltne in breadstuff.. -[Phil Sul. To Travaliario 1 40 ".., Leaf Solar, 0111 21 . 7 e . rb m. the ....mmitigi"...”" The
!Stan I CiIiPEIII.IOII,CUTJT-01311CCO-- --
wie de one al Pittrbargh as New Torh• . ll2_ m _ . I i") , MY bee fine cut CliewingTolthreo.
ill3ll bags dark green Itio roger;
~ - ----43-L-TiglialllintATlGcls :Obis Ihrd Eye Smoking dot
1 DOMES'III: MARKETS. ' lueemons 8 p Dube.;
yule. to' Mg ---'
. FUR Ulla a Ithele Ombro Madder;
100 bur Tobacco, various Mande: i fourth,betercen Wood and 3farkel-st , ippo.ile '
ror e o, b l t a s. f,: r ;‘
los . „ , I i i t o o .. . 4 ,, , ,, ,,.
hloj. Lorimer's Exchange (Vice. 1 4.lresOCllßsNthrolod street
amen.were 100 Dbl. al $4l 100d0 at 3,874, receipys pialy,Aol St birchen O. PV 11 and Blk Teas;
amol. Provbto”-F7OllO lbs country pared side.
at fle pltd. , Whlakey-Sabe 19, 62, 40 and IS bble TUE Cut 1101 a and 13.1 b bo xes 6. P arid 1 l .Tea... 1 rrot,ni's,'"iirl thEitiutlrrn7nder'snllls.'''imitlill'dderic'io'ds I Vy . :
, A , T s 5 ; 1! i'llt.llTlLta,,, lorre . ifyltr. WaLer ., f . o ,. d , rtz , .
50 b. hi U. Tar; I bath. 1410 new establmhtnent will be open to-day, pro. Ir . r og , _
_ v . '
.! w !....t.._ . 4.,, :'l.`7: 7_,L, ~‘,,,',.,,,..,:,
at 17e; 750 do at 11c. Cor&--A wile a 1000 ML in 1 order, the I ac t Rollin; I s "‘ l g ad ohg ,. '" aY ''' Y " i " iii'a.'"'iq' i '' '''ba"i l, a l, ii7tl„:i-t.1'X,.."`r,„,7:7' 1-.,;.`.:1:4''" "
toga at Atlu. FrO WI! tte f u I fal " Pitch;
Packet Kenn boa soap; IN
.. _ GED (1)117111LAN . .1 . 4 rivand . tt ..
ST Louts, July I'll.-Floor-Bald tat btlth SOI. do Ditto. ' DO "do Mould C ,ndles; . 1 T l : i h:e . A • a L b b rove En; c d . ,... S ta:b i l :ll: it . ' a i i :7 l :l ‘.. t r i
• A ,
b fi r , i i i
, e 1 lii • P f p '
. 1. r . n . * . r a , 1 11, . c d. i
. 1 r t: r! F
, I i f l b,. r * d ss , 1 , i - C
s P p r o N c e , 4ll , 31 ... F ., 1 0 L 0, 15:4;;;Tp
. . , t p , l , re . cl .
c ir re ,.,,
Oaf Spring, sod IGO bblz Vermillion at $4,15. 54 do India 1 .50 •• Clay Pipes.;
bids Greed al 444. Grain- There has been.* de- do Ifin, ToVellor whir a general aksortutent or 6,111,141111 1 111 ,„ , on fid,.. shot thy tmprovemente combined conterbu T le i alai pd,..., eoto pr,..og as ery general assurintrut. .
more and for sale ou arecomrnodating tete:4 l lY
is t ender this establishment the most cOmfonOhle o. e ' Th e o.:moo of hluellairsr ,R ni , l A d
..i gnosoniesa g •tresaby
c ioe in all deseripuon.. Sales Wheat On Monday , d„. 10 te h e . t . e 1,15 CARM____2l • l2?________---- , Ml'""n.'fith st
.. I now
ill rho goy. h y sclu st 11 5' AS11(IN I I Is i tt rowd. . . 3 1.F.NN1.D5
and Teesday reached only 4to 5,000 bu, at 851.904. do loth 122 wood awe.
Sales of Spring at 6,06165 e, and of lilt fall at 70ati5. do 1,,,,,i,,.. DRINTINO PAPER- I i
-Journal. do Kanter: / 5 Rea. Aaeoned Glared Median , ' 10C/I, I g)I7TLEVCI7I.F.NYP3IIRROZI7NWSY°II.IYLVA: l A . N L D IN re ' 3 'III E I I - 1 , 11 3 N, r9 1:tti r ki,MITICiN W AN'fl7e D A L sl , . Sklldi
Now °ovum, holy 13.-Cottors-salea 660 bl. , do Oh.o, 10/ do News Print.
50 do do On ' ratn.7. 13 I.ANU, is now lunnind daily cart, way, carrying .I in learn the whetem , out. of Mr. J AES. lately
Vial 7 000 lb. of tioodsand Produce lietwen above points ... roe , n o . m..,,,, 1 1.. „ „.. 0 c „,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
-FIOIIP-Sales IDXI obit Illenoil at fi,.10. Cornmeal I .7, t a _ dii . 4l'
el tow 40 do do do 24.7; . . almehoult. front the East ia delivered in Plusioreh on a purl ~ 5 . ,,,,,,i,, .:4 .1.1.51 h. OCO
..- ° A . O Mils at 335. Corn-34X) she mad at 62, and i4he , „ 20 do do do ta 03 4,. • the inert 'of the third day from Cumberland-maklng 4l wow( et
. . -
Mil White at GB. Oats-167 sack. at 34e -ItuI• no do do Jo Ij i .' •" - ' ' ' ' ' ll• ''''' gl . '" " .. r d.-- ,-.- for .-,..,,.---- I , 0%1 ,, EXTRA EAMON TIME II- 1 0/0111CF ran
lil do do do 2 ~X.A. ; natal. ma.tent ill,.
Iv do Tote Ileok.
do do do do
Ili 00 do do 24 1 , 4 ,1r... ,: i I .
. 7 4 hi ro A ,,, g i e r n
A t ii,[l.o.ltaimr..olreewnilli
ortviverat.riirepiip,,t,l7.::hti roc I
o g-__( , , ,..,. :i ,h, 7 1 . ' h i 0 .2:',7, -
~, .;, ,,,. ., " i g.,,,,7 :i i .d r ;h: ., ' ;, ht , ol h i :iihs : h. .: liir i g ,Li rtl ,s i l : :::, : 7
30 do A•sortml Colors, . 1.24. l II W CASS, Urownsvillr. Win ItleCoteltmor Robert 31. thrichrou
24 do do do 21036; , - MelIAlO fr. LIAGUIRIi. Coned illiT &E. Mee UTCIIIIRON. Wholernlr Gra
Id do Yellow Medium, teor2.s; I ),18.16. JII SOIIINSON Bultimore. Va . errs. lbalee- or Produce. Imo, Noilr,lilam ard
. ... - ,
ind flortichrltotal lutplenwoO Potsberelt MoOrtfamOr cr • et . , / . 174 Iclhe nf I,reeti
Sue SIT' Moon
JULY. I me. . e.. I '4"
,2211149.047 4 41 125
23 friday 4 49 7 , 24
24 Saturday 4 49 743
25 Sunda, 450 7 2t
26 Moods, 4 50 721
' 27 11.444a41 4 51 7 ..10
•.° P1ed.44d47 453 119
Movements of the Omen Sleamers.
S,eamefe. Captain,. Leave Amer Leave Faro,
Britannia, (Or) neural, , Aog, 4 , Jul) 4
Ilibenuh Ant I n July IC
esmbe4..(l3t) Sept 4 Aug 4
Wa•letos.lAtn) Omen, - July t o
Puiladelphia.irt/ Aug 15 July IC.
Seel II
Sub 31,
New York..lF.l , (F,) 'Seel 15 Aug 15
Us'on, (Fr) Sem:o
--Noe Ip I Mere June . 20
...June I
•- -
Steam Boat Packet Line, leaves daily for tin
cinna.i, 10 A. N.
Passenger Packet via Brownsville to Baltimore and
Philadelphia, It A.lll and G
Canal Packet Lice to Philadelphia, daily, 9 e.
Mail Coach Lihe direct to Philadelphia, 9 A. >t.
&tong N.
Western and Southena Mail Coach Line, 6 A. sr.
North Western via Cleveland, daily. 10 A. st.
Erie an 1 Western New Yark. daily, 9 A. 0.
North Eastern to Philadelphia, daily, wept Sun
dm a, 4 a. IC
Eastern MA vla Plavlelphia, due. a A. M„
12 M.
Wntern Mail, Cincinnati and
M., e:mm.s A. M.
Southern Mail via Baltimore.
I'. M., cloiea 5 A. Al.
North Western via Cleveland
grip and Westere New York. clue M. close.
8 A. AI.
urrtee Intevsannen
Fnday Morning, July t 2.
The weather, yettenhy; was wild and plenum.,
ith frequent cooling shower* of rain during the
The river lain evening was about feet 7 inch. ,
in the channel, and falling Coady; but front,the rain
which fell late in the altrrinon; and at the time of
going to prem, we may confidently expert, a rise in
the river.
Floor—Marliet Mons active Aan at our last
euotatimis. We quote a sale from more of 511) bide
at $4,10, which is the largest single tramaction •e
have known for some time. In addition to this, we
quote other sales in didarent lots, at prices varying
from 4,15% to 400. Than it will he perceived the
Market is still in • very unsettled state. The article
yesterday wan sought slier more inquiringly than at
our last report. The receipts contante light.
Wheat—We hear ova limited transaction at pri
ces without variatioo from previous quotations.—
Sales from store at 8.58901 from fint hands at 1304
81— very little in market.
Corn—Ready sales at 45 r Mi. Market in,
•• .
Coruuteal—We quote ales yeater.l4 liotud.or
at 45050 e r bu.
Hye—Sala at 7558 ,, . 14e Flour at I
• ' . .
Bacon—The market quite insetire; receipts were
nett, * sod des limited. We quote sate of 10'00
lbe of bog round from store is tlifferent lots at tor
mar quotition.—pries. ranging . from 6 to ag cert.
r lit
LitedTbeie is bat little doing is the article. light
;ales at Sege r lb, to kap.
Chasse—Sales of '2O be. good at 6116.0 4 e.' Sapply
'of 3:0 bbL. IVO at 3 crato
Groceries4market sod sales limiteL
Iron and !tails—lo bar lion the itoelis tentless
large. :Sales CO leg, nails, atiorted, at 51,31.tik4,:b .
ileeiatta bar p lb
Metal—Market firm std nricn same as pron' , '
ly quoted. rip 53 r tone blooms at la
Astiet—eSalet of Y toesiPotash at ti; and 6 hies
Scorching, at 41c..40 p lb. The article la not
much eoright,aftsr,,the market'licing cell copplirol
and the demand light.
SUNFISH—Per Rhode Island-46 lolls paper, 1 I
bah, acts,
~1 H Mellor-25 hhds tobacco. D Leech
& co—l 4 hods do, J A Roe-9 do do. ei sks wool
H Grifl-45sks dip, l bbds tobacco, Wro Bingham
bbls flour, kleFaden & co, 1 In eggs I. Stern,
1 lot cast iron wheels and shafts, Bisset & Semple
—l3 lolls paper. I. Loomis-16 bbl. MAK, owner
CINCINNATI—Per Prairie Bird-35 hhd. tobac•
co, Watson sr. co-5 do do. Forsyth & co-6 sks
wool, S Wightsono-12 sks do, Wm Barker-50 bbls
r oils, M lle, fic,Krekolson-168 do dour, owner aboard
/-21 Its ssooT,G W Morgan-1 ba J Mizell
ST LOUIS—Per Fairmount—lLK l his cotton,
Fneod, Filmy do co—lObgs leathers, I Dickey &
REAV V.I: —Per Arenn,-,1 1 has cheese, Thom Red
poth-3 slim rap Ibis apples, I do pooches, It Rob-
moon & co-0 dour. owner aboard-10 wicks
wool, Clark & Tlltit.G aka oats owner aboard.
BROWNSVILL ' l'er Consul—St bbl. doer !
Englisk & Bennett-133 do do, °wrier aboard—to
kgo rouls
bo oßarbride & Wilano—k hp d,,..,,g, „.,„
or aboard—lS glans, J I: Bidwell.
EiFtregeriulf-4 oh. l'ealthfter:77PTrille9rrbitir Pe%
old copper-1 WI Sour, J Haleeralt.
WHEELINO—Per Fnendahlp-21 alra wool,
Clark & Thaw-7.1 rolls leather, 3 Bayard—lQ boo
gia.s,...c. 1 113iilwell-11,bdIm prieliog papr, 133
do wrapping ti, Ai do writing do. Hill & Browne
111 WI. dour, S Waterman -70 tibia do, Smith &
Sinclair. . . .
BOAS/ 4.sekviso THIS vsv.
D. LEECH & Co's. PACKET, Philadelphia acid
Baltinkiro.9 P. P...
P. N.
BKAVEK. PACKETS at 9 and ID a N and 3 r■
GLASGOW PACKET, Glasgesr,4 r.
AMERICAN, Louisville.
CAROLINE, Maas, Wellsvillo,9, • is
T/6=7 I I7CHId-NLLiI O,
.. .
Consul. Bowman. Brownsville.
LOUil McLane. Ben:ten. Brownsville
Camden. Flenrieksop. Beaver. /
' Wellreille.gallett. Wellsville.
'fiodsoo, Ebbert,Sontish.
'Arrow, Atkinson, Bea, 1.,. , ,
' RIZ ' : c l h s . l ' a N ri ' i l l ' Sel l :s l o o , t ' t Zia h
llllll , riendship, Davie, Wh cling.
. • DEPARTED. ~--..
, 1
k '.4iiiil. Itowmao. Brownville. V
it.euis McLane, genoeti. Brownsville
, I Alosterey, WnodvieWl,,Brownsville.
I 'Web Cope. Sholes.,r;lnsguw.
!Arena. Gull, Beater.
Camden, Ilendrickeon, Beater.
11'elleville. Catlett. Wellsville.
I -.wallow, Wilson. Cio.
' I ~.peer, Moore. St Looms. ,
1 I sroline. Nixon, Wellsville. ,
0 57
1 47.
3 W.
'Rises Fall tonort
The steamboat urrat)rr, Capt. 11.
COUTCII. R,ll f6l/1111COC, running be.
wcen Deiroit mid Me Sault Ste
Marie on June YE, making weekly
Irma goring the remainder of the
.ention, Detroit every Tucoday ate o'clock. P
The Detroit ts one year old, has a powerful low pres
sure engtne.and in well adapted to the Sault 'rude.
For Freighter ostage apply on hos rd. r.r Id
ri RRADBURN A CO. Cleveland
d N ELBF.RT, Detre.
F W \ LAWSON. " '
The eleg i lni and i far '
i Packet
/Beller, sal '' , R w l .4l ß le ß a D ve aa above
n "%Ordr merninn WU o'clock;
For freight or passage apply on board. 1y73 1...
The new and light draught sour
•• Nixon, roamer, will TUII between Pats.
burgh and the above Porn during the
iat:a ft Nal iwr of logic‘e.verr:oslndia.y,_
WedneAdsy, and Frtday. mil o'clock, , sr . aFd W e lt,
Ville every Tneaday. Thursday, •nd Saturday. ag ed
Clock. A. a. For freight on paseage apply on h os ,.
1 Aalle new aad Om running steamboat
Sholes, mow, boat egpreesly lentos
trade. a •11 run ila a regular Packet to
Beaver and Glasgow—leaving Pins.
burgh daily at 3 cieloek,r .. and to.inK to Gltogoar,
Imola of Sandy and Beaver Canalyen Monday, Wed-
nenday. and Friday.
For 'refight or pa ..... to Mayer New lesbon, or the
town. West aid Norther New Liehen, apply oil board
or to red S & W lIARBAUGII.3I.weaI -tree,
The new, double engine euenger
''""tirraoghtSonly ih 1n..)
Capt. Cox. will leave on Mond., . the
.ikt instant. at 4 o'clock. e e.
Cincinnati and unerrnerbate porta and wilt perform
her Buts regularly during the kW, water warm
For feesightlardo_aole apply on board lel
The new and splendid steamerTRENTON,
Wonderer d. master,lll leave is above
regularly throughout the ...own For
freighter pooge apply on board
. '.. alert
LOUisrille, 4.108 8
and {Washington, due
duel° A. close.
• •
do Ohio,
If you degur
frlixl3l.mis, •
&ogee t it elt I
Pas too ,
on the?oche
on booed eX
otO k
L"%iCTILIAPIIti or the' White Sulphur Sod Chair -
beetterprinp, of Leiria county, Ky i -Tisahatwes
deltghtfal waning niece or mugger rewort i ligers reedy
for the receptionist 'utters. ender rho dirmiorhof
chael Kean, Esc., late and the teeny , Veers of Ma Lou.
sidle Hurl, Mr. Kean nal Lady will have the active
management of the entire boarding dspartment; Mr. I
Hitchcock. of the tavern, bar. More, bowling . uloon,
nod other , amusements; sad Mr. 811. of the rprimrs,
bath house., stable. berms, cartiues, Sc. kg.
Mein. , o M.ft Weedon,Shage Proprieteri of
Mayiville will run a regular four horse pout Cuach,rto
the Springs every filiYuday, Wednesday and Fr idatof:d
the season, and furnis hater and carriages at all other
times to those wiskong h
to visit F . ...V{1130A
Perseenprefe rrt ng the yanechurgb mute will do well
Tuesday. Portsmouth packet to en
Tuesday. Thursday or Saunas), %Len they will find
norws and earriages to forward than to the Springs.
M T L GOULD, Proprietor.
P rt.—For o th er partici:Late, see lithographir hid...
the hotels, steamboats, Etc. !audit tht be not convenient
then tate for greeted the followoig farts, 1 . 11
That Esculent. is nearer theOhni river than any other
wateringplece—dot 11 has the purest mountain ate—the,
most delightful, void, limpid. sparkling, sulphur water
—the holdest,coldese clearest. pore Pt. pleasantest and
most clicactoua chalibente fountain to tha.U. Stems—
'that it is surrounded by mountain scenery, with roman
tic, picturaque eud diversified. with good fishing.
shooting, fox chasing, deer racing. are. together
with good caner, dralring, sleeping, walking. riding,
dancing. sleek:riga!' the 'bleu,' outgrowing the dysper
...taking. laughing, AIS/Wing fat.lorter to ate), dread.
Ina to go away. prosaiing to conic asein—a
frJendo, neighbors, seater. vrivab'sweet heart.. tic, /sr:
and slier all it is cheaper • eying at Esculapie than at`
any other nf the fashionable watering plates.
This is the moire of hundredi who hare been there
end mean to go masa jyr.lifnw
flrtllS establish ,Lelll long and widely known an being
.I. one of the mortrotnruielaus In the city of Baltimore,
leas recently undergone very extensive alterations end
rinprournents. All entire new wing hat been added,
ratan/nig numerous rind airy sleeping apartments, and
extensive bathing mom..
The Lathes` department haa el. been con:picric re
organised and fitted up in a most unique etith-girtatifol
style. Ist feet the whetp arraignment of the House hu
been remodeled,with a single eye on die part or
prac toward erss the comfort and'leasure of their
Buena, and which they confidently sert vrill chat.
lenge comparison with ray Hotel in the Union.
Thar ca ble will always be supplied with every sub
stanual and luxury which themart et affords. served up
in • superior style, While in the way ar.%ifinf 1,
they will not be , amassed.
In conclusion the proprietors her, to say, that nothing
will be left undooe on their rut, and o n tbe part of their
assistants, render the Hotel worthy the continurd
pettenare of their friends and thepublic generally.
The prices Gut beard bane also been reduced to the
following rates :
Ladies' Ordinary, at .73 per day.
Orndemetts'' 1511
N. Id f ound egon %Vague of the House will al
ways hen et the Car and Steanthosit Landings,
whieh willtconvey baggage to and from time Hotel, free
,r charge. " • myX4l(
atßxe!wird, for Pawnees]
and Railroad being now in excellent
i Packets of thja Line will leave wttlt Pao
lowa, every night at o'elog a i
ky,Truhy, Monday, July 19
laig,Tuesday, July 9JJ.
r g. Berkey, Wednesday, July 11.
,innaThoinprion,Tburvday. July 21
,-by, Trull, Frlday. July C.J. ,
:tal Saturday, July 24.
in.t.icTi4tro)Ohlo'":23.L.',,r.l: 3 "„ 1 ~,
:k,' n:. : l A:', : " ll ,` , .. :: `; ' „ l :,E'','!";: /, '; ri ii 3n
raig, Sammy. Aug i•
hemp travelling and rontfortular arcane,
rum your ticket , at the Perk. tidier
Boost., Water 'l.l(Crt, or of
D LEFICII & 110. Canal Ream
tS47. &Mai
aver daily at e o'clock, le lki„ eller the
the steamloaat BEIAV KU from. Pittsburgh,
I Wettest next morning in beason.for die
+.each Cleveland before night.
will be receiptedthroughosecuring benhu
and sons in the Rage, on application
lthorn Beats, Ile/Lyme Pittsburgh at It
1 ur to 'die agent•t
0 XI BARTON & Co,:Plttsbnrah
CLARKE & ea, Better
.195911 BALDWIN, brinorm l9 .
M B TAVLOR, Warren__
dgip—A place tor • neon and his wife, who
Ito tate chalet
ho of . garden, or earrisge and
'ad to keep use Also—wonted; tweet al
charnbertoulds and housekeepers to re.-
lint in town and country. Wanted p;sces
of colored men, women. Wee •od girls
for • number ot boys of dttferoot Re
wish to hire good salesmen. warehouse
; E
wen, school matters or hands to help
i nbus business , will phonic earl of Mr
- , Agency and Inteiligenee Office. jy2.11
Plag sc . TT'S Conquest of Peru, A vol., hen.
1 - The Ababa.. of Xenophon. vrith English rotor by
Char. Antilop, 1.. I. D —Map and engrovtoes
New York Clair. Bunt. conipersive Davin, of the Cite
netaphy and tholori of New York, by W ni. B ol e tell.
onth numettets tuarb(andengravtago. MS
The Doi , dumpier Book. Descriptive of the season.
seenery. an country unnowsnenw, with AStllustrations
rirt. ASEletonst history of Eagland. I
REA sa D
4tle by
.1 h st
(ACP.AIITNBII.IIIIIPThe undersigned bay
V In cassociated together under the earns and style 0
dots A Barley, for eke PM po.!• of tranoacung • general
Dry Goods', and - Groecry busIISCMI, VIM to inform their
friends and the public generally. that they will ke ep .
On hand at 101 l times a goud assortment of goods in their
Inc. gin h. sold
he purc sehol
hared eetate
ls owhr retail on as good torus
a. they ~
eAD eere.
Wig 8 UAYA,
120 liberty nopposite Bb
AVANT ' ; 1
and nor.,
rod coolro,
jar • Bombe
men, book-ti
dawn so Wei
LAND -70 Stone Jars, pot up espressly
use, Rom: to DO lb. rurcliegr6-VDtittgE
on itandrod for s;1; lip - IO11: 1 1 II 1111Z1-611. i A . G . R icui.tußA,.,
No ht Wood street.herdeeen . ~,,,, ....._ Putrhurett.
PIP 'Diamond Alley trod rifilistrent i c„,„ lik,„Oh,. OrvbCerioni wxx PMl's drieli - e ' e to ihn
, l pre... residence of I . IION I ritit EVANS. who left
11015 T 0 N 11 , 110 D-- -Ni OF —l----113ATING1 1101.1.• ii l'imin And u 11... Scythes; '
LISES—Mr. U. Dexter,of Boston, bat arranged and ; Socatbs and Crud e... ltd. canary about too ,ent• a r ..l I: .. rusnocert Ile .•
Any tniovithure , trap. eltruf torn writ Ire Omni.-
relented a plan for heating honker which has been sue- , teyttree Stones and lige.:
iessfully used in Boston, New York, he , and wherever ' Hoes, Hakes . Spades, tibovete, fntly received. Addriss S BLUE., 1 runt,lo.l. %%TO!,
Ipplted. has .., die decided. Pruning and (Mailing Saws and f me..., _i v 1 0 _
Slow, Furnaces, /kn. Its advantage. are—
l''''""' once ', Baddittit Entire, t , hwer Sei.vorsi I . iViiii.V:kikv A iirt.l ii131.171. - li-:.1 0 TAXe . .. 11
1.1 Great regularily trfTcropereture. Ptant Sy 1 oiler., limes *hence. tee. 1 • pellet whist'. Illy/al.:I Suesr•Prit reeerved and Mr
end. Freedom from Smoke. lIIEVIZERSII AA( J.' , bl . ' .I,!'°' '" 11 !.1 ..V.R '• RI CKKr-. !.'--
Md. No unpleasant [Dyne.
Ch. Vanity attended to, nod not Subic in I e 2O
\ corner of wood and street. , NSW SA PI,ERY OAR n‘s APIs MIL, I.
.....: °O., DiglfilfOO OFUCIfo PKgl3ll—i. die ..r7 1 ' 11.1C11AltO T . I.INECII. JO,
art M.:dee - or elatletery Hardware and.
Gat. limit Dethlardy. ' . S son has ram commenced for Making Bricks the VAPOSTER_ ai .
of ;
,A full "MAY on hand and fr N sa , : ,
A Model toil Specificatiou maybe seertignd the ap. f i r i t.; m riltr..h . l s x d long:, agoa,i,ni.torecryalut.t,hfooamttearnblinnt
—of t om a.e . r i r n re i e .. /..
s'i.,ritlnutzer.,,,.‘„,,,r,,,,:. emnec.,-,,,,t0,,,,, ir,:i.
"r°r°' °U°°°°°
WN Co. VIC ..11 ° F .1 2, 1 '1 , ,na. ' s r t
° A ° rt ," ° R'e . will worrant it or ilir ' l if not Alperin , to oily otter ' e . ..... , :••: . ?!..i.itnnaoMetor;:•,..t...:: 1,,,ditm11,.,,,,,..,p5r:r.,,,,,..... ; •
her. Wore' and Nl.vt.rt O n .. Berk Premed' the same price,. now in o.r .
...,.... . 1 u
,2 11 et , i con u
We have a number of certificate! of their pert . . ._ ..
-an., which occeps too much •pace for advertAing,but B N"-6:-A p rt,e, o f r t... (~,,,!,,,,,,rof 1.,,,_..p,,,,,pe,..
c. he seen stout office. Conquest of %I esieo .1 ands E.
cr e w " . ak."100 m•PeetfollY invited to 10 ° , 0 0 . • call I Prescott'. lintory of the Reten of Ferdinand end lac-
w"." our own '"'m°'"° foe
r-o sit ° l °.-°"°°°°' 1 4° l lo re.c 3 :tot'''. 1ra,,. : mplieal and CI rticni hileniellsoier,
rr°°‘ Clara
Co°ll/11V;AOTefol;ADFiftl& CO , 1 ve1... , v0 Fee% is
nal Lavin peon A ' ) r i lilt near marker street.
--"1"*--.73'1' ----------.' .E.---'----------- t ,Urinilliell-.1-4 .um I.elfrn.ene
1115110LUTION OF YARTN RSIIIP—Thc rare tar ilo reatht Is . .
LA tieriatip heretofore exng under the arm of M & ; S
I Sloan.. t till. day dmolvol Le mutual convent. All '
~ ,n, ihn,,,,,,,,... ~...L':.,,,r,:".Aiytiniri,....lKl•ti:‘...‘lat c f , :m ,
a. vy said firm to he Paid Joh. Pl'llh il t ..i d 'll ~I le
water welllli fent" Wee..
debit Joe lute AMU, be If CVIV.II.,ii ysti%ni,N
QVNDLIIINS-11.ecl . V iathei. ;
JOIIN SLA;AN. i 0 st o
_ ' 13 , Giti.eng;
rt 3
0 Mils No.l Lush
1 tml platmeed; new Welton Crory sr Daniel
((Simon •nil for - talc lip 113 I DIC#VV ACO •
DONSEAL'O'N on-PletinCjiati-.16
1 glass quart Jars, cuevrairot for Preoervitherboaling
Chrerieo for oath at th e wino Pore of
- arrltifirafirWra.PPO ßEV7 k lFEEr:-
' 50 reams Cap %Volker; . . •
' WU
do Clean
by ,-,' i Yllit ----.
F"" - %tha"1;'":gg')•""1,7 1 ;
13 loblo No 2 opt' •
10 MIS No 1 N R Salmon: hardirot at Mr
Camel; for sale by ' 'brit, iNo t phRRY
F BALTISIORE, et the wlicirl.lo , l of numeroat
friends, bee concluded relocate Molten earn:toga:or
ly In dim city
lie therefore offers hie profcestortal wrvices to the
public, and reepectfullyreoliche a there of patronage.
Particular attention given to dia.:ales peculiar to we.
area and children.
Rorearrce i—Pmfettor Sowed Chew, Baltimore.
It Willie Mercy, `.
Dr R. M Cochran,
Pr. n. W. Lawrence.
• orrice: Sainlifield area, opposite klerchenta Hotel.
Resident, Monongahela Bowe. lett(
'P. Josses* ItilialsCliiinTilerat tlea a
FOR. all kinds of eruptions and diseases of the Skin;
suck as PimpleaDlotehm, Salt Rheum. Seamy, Beat
Spots, chapped or crocked Skin, and for all caber disea
ses of the Shin, which require surreal remedial, this
Soap nand+ unparalled. It also dispels Freckle., Sae
barn, Morphew, Teo, and changes the color of dark,
clearness disfigured sk to a needfit youthful,
learness. A fresh aupply,.wanmit genaine, and for
sale Md. radiated price of 37k per eta., has luau her,
Clete le offered for talc by A PAIINENfOCK
CA, cornet ler and wood and are at the carnet or sloth
' and waxl Ms. 1,40
JAllrarch without the eddition of any greasy imbalance,
' aid for predating a trrilliant pearly Owe on th e e Ike!.
Price cents. tern(' ankle should e every
house, Pm mile lye RE SELLERS, S 7 wood in
iusborgh, lei t 3, 1:817.--/Y 1 -
110120TITOIPIrtielp hitherto <2.
log ender the style and firm of Lewis, °Warn 1.
Lewis, is this der dasoltred by mutual consent. 114.
(Pliershewn; disposed finis entice tnterest to Robert
Detzell. Tut bosoms oithe Is. fimt mill be settled
by Lesela.Ralaell b Co., who ate embalmed to use the
name of the late brut for that
EtrussE LEWIS!,
Ou Isis Iron of
"T 16W111, DMILLL 01, Csse- Manufacture all
.Lesites of BoilerwObee:.Bar Iron and Mango( the best
' Orden
rry al. Of i: . ;l ' ZVaterro en, the
wale r * s f t. R or?l ' reVe ' ie l e
prompt attention.
E Bso
Fourth 71, nearly opposite On Rank of Pittsburgh
CURRENT MONEY received on Dept:dote—Sight
Checks for vale, and collections :made on nearly all
ale principal points in the Ended Stases
The loghem p rectum paid for Eidetto and Artie neon
Gold . •
/Velvet. marleonrontitanments of Prodoci, shipped
East. on liberal terms radii
• te. nciidefiirdi — i — sc — -
Hauliers wad Dealers In Exchange, Cain dßiM at e, and Bank Mates,
Senina Rates. Esebanne. Busing Rfike 4 .
New York. pr. Cipt.l/1111111, di.
831136E40., do Intorieville, do
Baltimore, do , Vq. Loots, , do.
BLINK Rates HAL NOTES. Burns Rau,
0100. din Co &Scrip Orders, I din.
Indiana. Ido Rebel' Notes, Ido
Ketitaely, do Penns ew ylvania Cy. do
Virkirod. do New York do, (do
do Whectitte,' do *N (Mean., Ido
tore M
Tenne. 3do aryland, • Ido
toySitf .
OSSEPII 11. HILL, (low of the firma( Win. A.
a/ 11111 & Ca .1 and WM C. CURRY,tlateas Erie. Pa.)
have catered ta to Capartner.thip. an& r 11.700010 01
1.11.1. 6 CURRY, tut am purpaae of earlV. l .ll ol . l h
Pant nod hod Eschauge huaihro , m all braacheo.
No tA .Vnonl .treet. three dean. Fourth, weal
side—where they saliva the cuohns of their frierolo and
the puhla. generally. P. 0 1 . 2 .11 11 1111.1,
tnehl: , • Wlll. C CURRY
_ .
Join .. MILL. us - n. C. CURI.T.
N 065 Wood Week third door Anion Fourth, west side.
13A It Foods and Currency ffeelved on Deposite and
cullechons made on all ilie principal eilial. in the
United Stains.
Sight Exchange on lialiitriore, Philadelphia, Now
Fk. Boston and Cincinnati constantly for sole.
Ohio, Indiana. Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania
Bank Notes.ligpFht and sold on Invondile terns.
Exchange otil..ngland, Ireland, Gennans end France
pioeured. A.c . Ac. , mehld
CO., WILLIAM A. HILL ec C 0,.,
A .
No 84 Boyd Soak one don. abort Fourth, 101 l
inel,Pi' Pittsburgh, Pa. ' (41LNI ,
Llin Foreign and Done. Bills nr Eschsurc, Ce ife
tales of Decosite, Bank Notes and Coin, Miller 1 :1.1
and Wood streets, directly opposite Si Cimilcs II cl.
1110.1allian. liana:may. and Palma. landx;
O"COUnty and 1,"3. Ord.ra purrhaoad at reduce:Arno
of ill,ocrons. by - N 110011-I , i , a. £4./N
der& Erchanee Woke , NS Alas Let el
. .
Cllectiona on Cincinnati. Locnictilci St. Louis
hand all ancesa.ble ponds in the t, tined Staten made
P7,14'4' ,otirs
Nripii Market at
('lolleettowion Cincinnan. lnao oh , ll St Loom:tad
ll •ll giber aceassilile points m tLe l lined States.
made on acconnoodacing terms, ll ILI. kCU RRIL
al yt Wood rt. nom door to Eagle Saloon
, Phdalielphia. and train
E7nobre.roilj'initry'f7r‘ii.ale h; k. CU RRY '
Wood at next door m Untie Saloon
Csa i L k t n e7 an..d 1,„,3 r
c w poftl i :eolitir . Ipdiana, and
W riro
Wood at. noel door to Pottle Saloon.
dr - IU IU. .Isedlanhe. and tfteethitley theul
Nome Fathered et lour .1..4 by • -
N 1101.M - FS. & SON
Nn 55 • I arlgno.t
Paprr A.lllll for Sale.
UV •titire of a deed of toot foam William 1..atu1..1:n,
L./Christopher SLaintalin, mod With.* fa% I wrath,'
and their wirer, to the undeaugnell; 091011 .he alst ids)
of Oetialier. 1:41, and recorded, in the Clerk's Udfrl tit
Ohio county, Virginia in hook ht. page. 111 owl 412.
alto!! expo.: to rale, id rubble mutant, to the bight , .
ladder. al the nom Joet of ,t.couil 11,.. , 10 W ~ ....I.
mg. Ys . on the FOIIItTEENTII DA Y Or A ll'Ol;:er,
10-17. 91 3 o`e loek. r. oh. the fallowlng described proper salt: Late menbered 1 0 . 19 and ill, in he inter. ,
plat 0111.0 town of South Wheeling, oalrhielt If erected
a :rterm Pryer Itlill. called the attitgreis P•per Mid,'
poiroher with all the tenetuenuand berrditumentathere.
'nto belohgtha or in 10,..W11 1 0 apportionig,. emivey.
ell to the undermigned by said deed of tram ofrold.
'Yerea• of rale, to wit, tthibn cards, and the balance
sn eight equal payments. in .10. torelae. eighteen. toren
O lung. thirty, thirty-Mg, foety-toro. and (Orly-eight
mouths from the d•y of •alei r i emit deferred payment
hearth' inmrosi and lin anemia upon each of hell in
be paid senti-annually lion: the day of rule. The Ishole
to be scoured by a deed of Oast upon the property
*thug or • trustee I rhalt eonvey only the Idle wetted
in oar. though the ii believed to be nen...noble.
Wind DANIEL LCUS.T.u.tre
. .__
PROPERTY IN YOUNG. , Irat , ' N. 01110.
itt TIII: advertiser 141.1 for side a.apleindid Desch
dwelling Itouw sitiaald pit th e Nona Cam earner
of the üblic &mare In'. Youngronoth. Idolttanng
eounty,Ohio. It.. large, commothous, finished in ea.
eettent style d and ia the tart tregarion In Youngatown.
either forte lie:riling°. public, house; attaethe.l to st m •
paid, with wato, wittiltog, arid mll'olllol conventences
al band. • .
T, r town is improving 'tee - eno;iry, di dtaaltd tat•
to .1/atelier) at... 0wn,... ~..... various Fri nave.,
II :On, !.1.1 , Si . 110•• • • ...• .10 ~..1(1.1. a Dili
`,.. no. rn-t nt h 1 ..,• • . , ••eri Oil 01 .110
.41 he sold low far rh ...:ton tote. or egeLaa•ed
fo properly II Pot-banth. Fo p n•nculani innung of
I. 3 1. , WICK. eorner of W Wird Water 11, Pirts•
l,u gh, who will sire all informal... oe9dkrtl
- Forei
A CJJNIVENII:NT three ..ry brick dwelling
Ilartar with n good Int•terneol and bark balldialt
at the rorner of eb.. and clot ins. kit the Gill ward-
Th , a ritoprne Wtll be rented eery lod to. good en
ant 11 t.. 0 0,11,11r.d that two fainiGea in:eht oeettry
•;. • • ,no glyt a untneLlialr!y. A nit.; 11, ;u' pc rt
mtporonq We tibove. ,y 110.1" It %V RA V. 51 D.
r nERPONS drairons of purebostrig boto tbis error
,ry are rrferred for infonnation to the tsnaperiutent.
'141,01101r pounds. or to Thorn, DrUggist, corn.,
Per... nod 1111,1 nm-e t ,. Pittsburgh.
By order ol the Doord, _ J. cinLErr,
dectt-ibkortf ' Poperintrudon.
. „
Vagina!bin Meal for Sales
rirt lIE unders.gned being ataut to remove bis Tanners
1 to the country. ofkrs for sale AIX. BOILDINIi
LoTe. on Second street, between Perry in reel rind Re
doubt Alley. Each lot will be twenty feet front on Ad
street and' eiglity.feet in depth. The hoe will be sold
singly or the whole together. Foe knits an tilt to the
sobwreher on the plonnes.• JOHN CALDWELL
1,11 1 1 . 1. 1 :1;t ri lVg i
. 7—A will ores
Also, We large Roo inithe tad Plnly!X Jed and mar
let si., a Room t
present oecup:ed as Literary Depot and
Periodical office by Mr. sVin Caldwell
!)Nell! . Sif 1) GAZZAM
___ _
2 A large three very hoew on Fourth weer be
tween Vanabbold and Grant meets. Room• on
round 6001,nitablf , for Orme , lhataession ean be gje
an Immediately. For Teetnr km , apply at the beide'ze Galle
•, u .
.sci -- COUNTRY inz - sio 'NCB..
lIA VINCI removed to the city, for eouveumnee
tato profesoional liminess, I wit. rent the Marmon
Mm., and Rs Mooted ate enclosure, situate on the bluff,
of the Monongahela, one mile Mayo Pittsburgh,
j ant I 3tavrti . .. - 4 AMDI tt CRAFT
"- - . BUILDING LOT 1 7 --
N NIANC/IFTER FOR SALE—I have for sale a
Iheaunfal Boßding Lot in Pilanehesurr,near the Forty.
23 f tel fr ont by 'Weft deep. It will be sold low, mud
on secoinmodating terms. TAMS , unexceptiortable.
myth JAN BLAKELY , Real FmtatA4ceitt_
leaee7lll:3Strity Brink Warehouse, No. 51 Water
.trt and No. Itrs Froth oh Immediate posrerion
pyra—.apply.on the premises.
FOURTII sT. LTFTI4-10`feet4Itout by 4A . ,.tet --- . - R - JP
d °imam the OIOGN.Cor am. cm/tithe of
jy3 . UURURIDGE, WILSON A Co, water of_
(.-Vrti ) or e N t7tti t av0711.01f1e11.141%. well
It; e o l l ' teVe d
and to. sale, at the loweet prices, by v i w 9
• m O. a nurranre of adventures In tho biotite rear
by Herman author of •Typer.' Just reed
and for vale by it ii JOHNSTON & STOCKTON
IXT 111
of thi N'S TEL:ET - 411A: LINAMENT,forthe
I' V cure Bruises, eels, Borns. nevrottns, Titter,
Sprains, Khramansta, he. &c" For all accidents
winch thr horse ja liable, nit unequalled. It is alio etre
cation. to the owe of Cholie In Sows. For sale by
/113 JOHN DlifOßtiA N. Ontacst.ltrinel st
New and - IP.ihl iimbi fill met cab
44 U NDER tlre , Monongehela !ludic Smith. a:
field stieet. •
oulemriber li Reverently estunliete
cil linnet( in die above bosuns. in Ono City, sod..
now me net for the inepeetion Mei, he l'oblie A lge
and catelotly eelected ...nor dor end Ceps,.
every dercriptlon. color atid - ihapo,wlnilt he wid men
attho vet .t' low , earl , Ps• •
tinning wade arraegernent. with the famed Howie of'.
Beet. Coster, of New Vortelm will "away, have nn
liana a full eupply of their celebraten Beaver, Silt. and
Nutria Ilan. Ain, Rama. Cane..., Cony,Onsr one
A.hland Dale, bother Ealgella and Dome manufectur-i
eliirli he will et all tim-e Inks. p'easnrc in ebowing
Ile lenle allured that ail Mit. in'irt e d with I.
erteetton and at the mime ume his price. will .it the
twin ecoomnicut !lc in determined in there yeepect.,
not tole beaten. Do notibectore, lo.gel the Menotti
pawl. Dom. I lat. mine, Smithfield et •,.
• PI
lellittapil tt IdeCALLA
A r tle " l S .
Mind& eieatlidintent. in New ent:noclphia
the undeonned tate great plea ote in being enabled
iwnottitec to their owner. a friend. and
genet allv, dial we arc prepared to taipplY all who toel
favor I. with a ea! , witlethe fashieualtio dial for the
.te•on, comprising Beaver., Nominee, and cilia fine
Moleekin Itate, either wholcuale or entail.
Ati MOORE, tin, Aid - Cap hlanufactowt /1916,
on removed to No 25 Wood Wert, three door. atm.
Fourth street. Ilia met continue of every..uancey of
awl Cape, de' ma nns. latest ettle alvo.Perteemn
Leghorn and Pedal Straw Hato, whotertale and
at die loweet price. 661000 E h
.pl 6 d door alone FOOTL..
ikaiithisikiem, DAG.
BEEBE& COSTAR'S SildeGennlanen'olllete
will be introduced at' KEEVILV one on ere/ay'
Antal leth: Gentlemen wiented•ch'''''P• (..) "'
• iambic Mite( l'ineburgh caanufarture tweed of
whionahle Data import,' rid, udvenised brume of
trade. pietas call tit rKEhVII. A Oda
IN?. bead of Piaui'.[
New ilOr a p or rt..
.11 e A_T:
JUST received from
Dar th
r l l ° ( 0. 1 Ti'reg ! ela,Canattere toJllsin!, of will.
wan et a beentifel,lied Bat ore
Ventilator,d c all s . • 818088
vneetolllT • 3doore above Ul
WILLIAM DOUGLAS', has lag received a
afresh supply of leing r pid and Mena Vilna tlilfi
Glazed Caps, new styles.
llsua fine French Molesila Mats, al very low
• dell No Maya street
p ae.l.±
CONTINUES b inikaNelarts and
antiumlt Mad every inWittuarlOsa
..dCap•of the me a t nyleoidfirit!. ..15"Fic , a
pbpa llNG3E s iG 4de * ' •
lit..,extroomfogary 3kirsiisse in Ms
retrace ;spoil* en gime totiMs it ma term:Mew
er, pleameder,ima warranted serene So ray come
Mona without vomiting. ponied; neiMons or de
aired. body. tt me of Me eery best grattlVO AND
SUMMER. MEDICINES ever Simms aom colt
° New s , h' its eujite d d Blear ,•eli pater ' but b . oenre
Medicine. Ands this beanie gored secreted as y er:ed ' es dal " ;
mem.. le hasp fonised Isidro the msa rro Tears. mom
Mao 25,000 corm of Seven Care of Denim; al boa *OD
of them dery considered tocsireedr. Mcie Man '
3,000 mom °CChem:de jilreninserm ; • •
040 aboesaf Dyspepsia
400 clan of Gonn - Debtlay god Wont Emmy
7,10) ears of different Romig Complois,to
,Lte taw 'of &raiz; .
100 cases of the Livor ;
0 ...500 mom of Dime. of a.. fikb.7
3,000 cane of Gonsumptent
Avid Thalami. of ems of Diesels of die Blood, rig: Linda, '
Erysipela, Sale Rheum, Pimp le the iba•e, .To
getbec with n nun of Pick Headache, ram
side add Ghee. spiralAlreceos., , k , biar •
bat ore hare
This, we are aware, must appear incredible,
inters farm physicians and oar Kann frean all parts of the
Veins" Stato r mforming as of ciarmordiogy came R. V=
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of nit In. napetble driving Jo New
ark, N. J., wings as dial he can rein to mote than kilo-
Lee in that place alma. There ire Manmade of egm in Ile
dity of New lark, Ida eve will refer to wanonm.
sad to men of character. It is nio best enedlelow for the
plaintive of drama gnaw. It undoubtedly eared the li n e
et more than
5,1,00 CuLuntug .6e . PAST anASOS
A. it mama the cave of diernme, arid pegged them for
the Seseamee mama. •
UNITED Seem. Dents. •
Ger, 0. W. McCeuele, or Till Uneven STAT. NAST,
eml member of the New Jrney Legishatne, bre kbedly gat
as the intoning certifecen. It mile in cent dory.
!Wm., Jan ;
Par sige Lens taken with the ludoensa,andmy whole
gal= kll in • debilitated Mate. 4 was induced try Dr.
Tow. eel's Parapet ille,end utter taking two at Um, Doi
du, I wu vro mods relieved, Lod altributm et entirely Olio
ght Pangaea. Lave treatinwal taken. it, mad And Ow
I improve every dal. I believe it raved my li6e, seldWoald
,not be wlthoat 0 under muy o nst m li . d .
N. •
granola - La CCM , .
This iertifesit. maielmitely proses that this fla:rnspeMe.
bon perfect control mei the most obstinate abeam of the
blood. Three persona cured in one home le mprredmed.
:Dr. I but the pleasure todadarsts
you that dime of my children have been cured Of the &so
lisl. by the um of yoor excellent medicine. Tin VW* .
Aimed very smartly with bed sores: Mee only hams foor
bottle, It took ahem army, for which fret myself muter
.deep obliptiou. Yours, respectfully, Camp, Wiamer M. •
"few 'York, Muth 1, 1847., ALE NIE.InCI Ai Ale
Dr. Timm/Ma's Suumpasilla mamma and "end,
cure Cur illeirintt Corwomptson Dar renness, Leueonim, or
Whims, obanuected o r &Stoll ' Altostrati/ion. Imontinensce
of Uri... or Meoltadmy discharge thereoG and for the
rrdlp,..ilitua of the systmo—no motor wheihm the molt
of inlvermat muse or nonce, produced by irreguimilyiillness
Nothing pan Wendt< warming Wan its, invigoradma of.
kW on the human (ranee. Tereotts, all weakness and hwar
tude, from taking it, at once beetnite natant and fo of energy
under its influents. It immediately emnatemcis the awe
fewness of the female frame, whirl es the great Mom of bar
It will not be earreted of no, 11l taws of no debar. • na
ture, to exhibit certificates cretins perAansted. but aret
w ted
ore Ns &Mimed, that hundreds ores. bum been repotted
to os. Several caw where Condi. hafts been iill.l
ren, after ming feti bottles of this imaltudileeWset"
have been blest with healthy nSpring..
Totretsevid: NV wife being greatly distressed by
weakness and general debility, and suffering continually
by psin, and
, a sensation of hawing 'down, tailing of Ms
womb, and with other dirEcollies.' and - having known run
mime your medicine has effitted great cures ands's° bear
ing It terownended kw such Menu I have demribml,l obtain..
ed a bottle or your Lott-set of Sametperilla, and Aglow/el
the direction. you gate ow la a short perhd It rrenewe.l
her complaints anti restored her hearth. Dying grumfol
the lostefits she rim ived, I take pleasure in thus ackninekdg
ing it, and reeistaninding it the public. Al. D. Moons,
AlkwaY7.Attg.l7, 1644. for of (;mud and Lpline rt..
Cos•Acine, &pt. 29,1{345.
Telananwf: To U Iglu= lids may cowers—Ws is
to certify Wat my wife used our hurtle of your Sarearmilla
pre-vils to her mammon... oat, the rood alarming ,ad*
d e limde eimemotaums, Leap: troubled wills the drum, *Wel.
tio orthe ft-et. nen... a reWuv, end very marl. detilita
`ri rift. perwowiUn, and We f132.1121.4451A of duo&
who Lad used st. ems isolated t. try it, with L a p or no
amf to say, We medicine bud tho Lappy avul
dmirml effect,..ol.mly in We Iwo,. of confinement. Lot
o after
wa .. y " t i o . of
an ill
We tg l re l e and Ler
health is halVI better ildait Lad me iong . tiso, pre
If dot will Le of - my seem?. to you, or my nor who.
doubts the ...memo( 01, urthe.e, 1 00 an. ent.rely Icon,'
LL' t ‘ iutorrilm .elf 'dorm.. obedient and otaliged letelkagl.
• •
This Extract or Sarsaparilla Ism beep •eapressly prepared
in reference to female comphinta. female who ham ma ,
um to suppose she approaching thaieritiml peeled, ss T N.
Europe"! bfr,”.should - neglect to tsbe it, as tt is a
isoses atitain
preiennie for any of the numerous end honible d to
which fana;cs * subject al this dine of bre. This period
easy be delayed fOr several years by mini thisosene Icor
is A loss saluab.e id those who R aproaching . womanhood_ ,
as it is mind...llh, aimst nat by s t ennis Ilia blood
and los tcorai..- r.stsut le.tde.dssttis medicine Meal
itabie fa all 011ie sli:teats d o wasks to which Immo ere
soli et.
It Maces the who , l ± eren renews permanently lb@ tato
ra eon - aim—by rem y , tog the *aspirin. of dm Itodf—out
so (se solowdating stem as to produce a sob...wont ea
lamaido, wltkh 6Nac of moo Mathew". taken (or
VtiklieVl and nonsser- •
Ton who. havelpoleoomplexions, dull sycy blotzba On the
ttio' •^..
Lee, rough skin/ or freckles, atui'aie use
. 4ntle or tw of Dr Towneeturs Sarnprifla. U
claws your blitod, Fatah. the freckles bloteleu. - and
cite you maisuatioo. spubling eyes, fine opiriti, sad beautiful
couiptretiouall of which Ingot isueuente value to uemar
Itiu'lluid or medicine LW ever been discovered which so
nearly romtbks the . gestic •juice or Goa in decomposing
food and stangtherting orgius ofd' gestion,. as Mis prepa
ration of Sat oparilla.
' • Clang Dcr. trro coy. Albany,May 10, 1845
"tol , la 2:r. I It.i c Min afßaled for .enemy
mo of aumach, loon of appetite, • Moon Lesaboin
E ast Mellioo 10 all kind. of, Mod, aid Mt weeks (what I
could eat,) I have. tam unable to retain but a email portion
nastomach__ I Mad th e' mad remedies, MA they bad
but l oth or no awl toremariog tfie einat - plant. I ino in. •
dmed, about two mouths Mom. to try your Extract of Sam.
parille,and I must say its little molder., but idler Meg
nearl too Inotga. I found my appetite , rewired, and th e
heartburn entirely removed: 3.14 . 1 - would emoently mom
mend the toe of it to Moo who how been 'Mated am I Imo
been• ••• Yours, 4.C., W. W. Vera Zaarr.
Nov M.,168. Maim bbisaL,
Read the Milo-wing, and dada if you eaa, these consumpw,
tim amot be eared This is only fthe.wealhuodred.; -
wud Toanovars Soroparilla has eared
Dr Tionosemi—Dar Sm. 1 101 l laken. a little Offl
paw no, with a severe eozgh ..d ol._ min my aide,
c e iu
anned on so ea) .• was by phy r
sicism to hoe the og .maatempona
reed laige go:so
lid. of bed cotter bad night meads, and oohing rap boat
my dada . wa be :0,44 do 000 the
Impital in hope of being Imitated, butane prommeid them
incurable. 'was now greatly diormied at the Mtge and
mold hardly hicathe ; I am become emaciated, and repealed
to die; vas cooked to - my bed, and mu In tom
lewd:ars . indeed I =nut, give yOu my &religion that
Would do ;mace m) mew Ima supposed by my fries&
Mta'pot ream eel ; nod tried a gaol amber of orsiodias
nod a lt seemed to be to no mimeo I raid of loom moat ea
eaMdinwryo per by your mcdichot..a to tell
ro a o or the moth, I slopected Mae tiro awe Mt/Mug In thaw
Ded I Ira induced to try it I did eo, and on eery thankful
I did. 1 Moot ay that . lon entirely well,,
bat am so fir
Jammed as to be about My businas, and lam to la mitre.
ly well a a far weeks: 1141) cough nod godn the nide,
ond night Areas hare left me, and raise but vermlittle, mod
um fast gaining , my wool strength . .. I
it duly . I. giro'
P" '..l'•'l7rTat.'6ltr4l7l.Tt'll: r se, k r Addy.
• Cipisteas of Pkiy - Octal.
Dr Toooshend is %boo. daily
_noticing orders bon pby
stria= in difercnt cs.ts of the - Unica.
Thio is to certify ilsot sq, the underugards Pbisieisa of
he City of' / th ou, have us noserroos anrs prescribed D.
Tasnsernd , s liseseperab'end belies* it robe ows of slonsont
calualdr psepFationo of fbebersVi. la in the corbel.
Passe,K o, •
J Wwas,K D,
FL B Bamos,m
P EEtattnoau, x..
AlLauf, A Fit 1,11N3:-
Thia is to certify that soi, the undeseilesle pthetieSos
Tltharothata Physician. of the City of latrina,hath fret
ly pnotribed Dr Townsend's Composted klitnaet of -&siii
peril's awl from it. Ws" qualities thnthl.rocistnthel Ste
the public for mercurial, throfalous and of assumes die.
eaves in preference to thy of the toliersithd remedies remit.
we. L'W RYSsigLI,II/.
MIMI 41.61%V-44. WY I/ SITaSTas Tr. •
Principal offies.,l2s Polo, th e Butt Builtl6s. 11l .11; Red
d log 4. Co State at Boston: Dr Dyott ..floaa•lX ffinth rleeu
owl el Philadelphia; 5 S Hancs druysid,
, Intores and by
V.-i,—o-u‘' • •,,,,. S W .. •
• ....
None violas unless pot up in the lop equare Wies e
ofTOWNS quart aid signed' with the 'nista: ,
of 14 P TOWNSEND, an his - name blow. co theVa b a " :'
From the 1:fro York Daily Dares' ilf April 9,1547.
theAldrl"l7olugh '74Pnt'10mf2.V...1",".L.V.
I The whole Snug is 0 up at good Wu: wow of the onal
theatallthdacapepouthip ate beautifhl, labia/staidoc
the ifyrollOilLitail slithoiv , i t i s te 5a .. 4 mode e e b e ee
I thy orlicliere this eat. sea oi the Sorsapari ‘b. 'llMotort7ift:
very peas popularity it ha. thquire4, .. - ..
-- .
Nervous Debility. - , , . ,
New liees,DuebSl7.,l B l 7 ,
Dr. Townsend i-1 bin betoo eikt.a more. oesinw.Fie_7
) .ore, with • readful sinking in th e thee, of
in I. /he ,
head, lon of appetite, polo in the limbs, sold general detelitys 5 ,„ ,._
brought ow ao doubt by the coutinuilltent and <old to whit !..,
I 'abjec to in my business ai a dyer. :1 h a s. Mtn other ~..
medicines, too numerous la mention, but with little anent NM, ft.
ern. I was induced by what I saw in the paper to try. bottle' • .i •
of your Wanapariya, from stltithl Ccusol great relief Thant . • . b. '
' eitin utiles. tenni more bollka, nail I nos lathed mei ;,_„. ,
e il ihr beg medicine 1 boo <err taken—die run teeny :•::,su,kgoz,voten,dl.feeimplu4ittue • d r tlf m ere , :l e sons vr. a / b....... . 1 . ,
then ever I had old] nitre hae:lakeu it with then.» ..<11.•
dal rewilla I would nemomend it its • family wsorsetrite
nerally, wed I fettl,eonsioced the al so cord then woildnot
Lr; loaf the oichnead Mere .i. • , and eouseynally pot to
Duetorts bilis; for while it ne tores . appetite.ll alsti th gtms bi Lu
the stomach mid bosh thew regl4Le .....1•1.y k eep •
• . te .0 et. djoilue te aokeolikely to Wads Um
° ° h"". ' 'intim.whoare out its abealthynate, Imy
s)stori Awl M 0.. -
e wareatnrilla.
teY "..T"'"'" 4. • - Titintes .9.nrro, 111 Mks .1. '
Canker In the bldtdbbho •
Ibis , visa arcking of stiodierrhikl words Dr.Trenromors
issisiyarillii said duelists of thoisiands of ebildrink•-•
The fols,wiu6 rtriiikkir is from • 'grtst tombsr
rsseired this 'seek.
NKr. , 'roux, Apri19,114..
Dr TO1roiroil: 1:tosi411-:-Chir niy 'yid raj '
sick Triliethe Vaes" . in th e o
ood throat; idlisoied sr
tot babilit it aims war dykiti I authoris of yaw
Ecilkot ioivit i sod it rived it dimetly s .kir wid% ren 'I
amors ke g wry rrodsfill, • Yam respertkall •
ELILSIrrIi owbrai VI Disbrow. lib:
Far by E ibELLERS Drunia, N 057 Wood st.
Ina o sod ith IA who A l a loortr sprobad• by Dr
V kikErilD vole Agent for Allesitisny co. irkikotlyF
lIAS Removed to the house on Pen .
street, three deers odevO Maud Meet
"'bete he may be found front 0 o'clock
ll lss• a • A.m., until .
As Ins Is desirous of be:ng ernyloYe d . by note boo:
lb*. Wee Will MAO letinediele Fele:tele orithoot the
necessity on Ids yes of colleellog , sotuld Invite par.
t i e eter attention Wine [calumny terms:All bill* left
unpaid al the esptraliou al thirty ddy t, will be .charsed
at the Worms rates—
For Fausetinglkoth, SI
For Palimg,lrOte Id pet cavity. .
All other opcnutoos In the sante properties.
All eases tn . ',tech ea kagentanta Ale NIA. eteleleaee.
lAD besseneldeoed fsecendlno to Out shove
11--Tbsie ere 11K44. Indebted to blot - Wlekle no
counts,lispt pad homied.ately, : be placed ti th
kszkorairroper *Steer fro coliecusti.. , * opls43mArtfi,