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7, Trl•Week 17, and Weekly.—The Daly IrleeLa
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P'lA. PA. ,
t.., tor cagivunn , count!)
t'+ : - .:GEORGE DAN SE, of Allegheny Qty.
LF.Will C. . r. 0ut..., ofdiana Til.
g .- .: : MsetmiALL rAVARTZWELDER, thllhhergh.
1-'4 . - HENRY LARGE.nt ALIEn'tV.
. nnn - Imoireg Tena•vann.
F! . : J.j.v. IMATta, of puisbuirb•
4 _TO CMINTS o.3oltelloillia.
'lllollwe VERKINR,ai Lower 13t.Cilir TP.
. R.A.•01,11011.
WILLIAM CA VE.N. of Verlaine. Tp.
TRONA% E FKANIKLIN, Lonakster City.
• JOHN c Diophin County.
• , T 1.03 11A0 DUNCAN,
70011A0 0 HAMOI.X.Vork..
W 116 1 .4 1 .0 0 M miaTT2 CamhOrtand.
JOHN WETBERlLL.lliladelphit Co.
&BORAS MeGRA'I 11, Paladelphia Canny
.!• THOMAS T argENNAN, &Ilea/alum
ANDREW .1 OGLE, Someteet.
. „
&AMMAR DENY. Allegheny.
JOSESH 91 BOHM; Wearnorelan.l .
O J RALL,Erie. •
H D N WELL. Nashanaan.
B SALISBURY. Snagnehasna.
„;. HENRYS EVANS, chaser.
ROBERT T NM'S, Alontanciary.
Pm LATER Coinnomnial tpleihgence t DomeetokMar-
Briar Nowo,leoporis, Money Market, &0., Ste
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f *se . foarth Page hr Miscellaneous News
We have reed with en interest called for by the
sentbnenta - expressed, the proceedings of a body
of the cilium of Booth Carolids, upon the occa
aimn of the celebration of our Newell Indepece
dents. "ills principal guests were Mr. Byrum.
of the U. 8. Senate, en able and amiable gentle.
nut; and Mr. Bear, of the House of Represen
talives. Frog the speeches of thew two gentle.
men we give the following extract.. Upon the
"Wilmot Proviso." Mr. Butler earth
"The imagination of a disrupted Union appal
led biro, it overwhelmed hW mind, and left no rea
aim to determine the canna to pursue if this cc.
Minted treason to the Coostitution (the Wdmot
Proviso) 'hoold be enacted. !rpm the counte to
be I. unwed in &assent of this or some other sun.
. tin porno being enacted by Congress. he bad no
opicion to "uffer. He confused: his ieuthility to
propose; and would kale it to thous of more wit.
.dmitandoi 'longer experience in. political life to
determine the counts of the Booth, But in his
mind, there were two methods to send the ens*
The Brat wee, a holy anion of all parties in the
Booth, eon wield make this queethin the great
volume of their political creed until ills danger
bad pummel away. Hut this was impoedble. And
the .ocoad Wae, to state distioctly to the gorth our
determmation to maintain our political right. mt.
du the Constitution at any sad every hazard."
, Mr, Scut mid in substance as follows:
I.he stir. in Ibis opimoio, drew nearer to a
do* that - we may, make a peace on parchment,
'but the mad Spanish insincibdity, we should rather
lay insanity, of the Meticanpeople. will still keep
us at daggers drawn. He contemplates the most
oserious issue at the Close of the war. If territory
In acquired, then will come up the alive question
with mint appalling aspect. :The North tnect will
be fairly upon the South with her greatcosjonty,
which Mr. B. assures co: will be mod to thafran
chile the Southerners. These opinions the pm:
pie were requested not to forget, but to treasure
them op as him prediction."
The Mercury uys lodge Butler was careful in
not erpreising opinions; ha gave only his senti
ments. To give big feelings on the subject, be
quoled Mentor's reinatka t t Telemachus, when
setting out on big trivelt.--"Voo me I tremble
tutu matting into. du - teem - hut 'Men in, you see
LOO n i t longer tremble."
Upon Ws . momentous question of ti6very end
' Slave tonittry, we feel an iDtiTtilt , corresponding
to its irepolfinee a. connected with the existence
of the Union, and the perpetuity of one free inen.
tatious: The Whles of the Free States didfreat
bk &fah entering into tAt denser, but being in
_they trenabk ncamgcr. They urattred Mr. Ty.
hes Administration which communed, and Mr.
Polh's ehich coommunated , annemnion, of the
fnuts of this disastrous measure. Mr. Clay, io
molt truthful coloni, portrayed the artsioty of
the corning storm If the deed was done. A bun
died Whig apeecha, and a thousand patriotic
warnings, foreshadowed the consegueoms of the
act, if pentisted in.—and when done, Mr. Polk; in
hi. ruessige to Ccmgresa, hauled of •the bloodier.
_.schissetoeut” In which be and his Administration
had been JO instrument& The South aeqiir need
in „all thin, and by the aid received from those
Northern edough faces," yclept .IVorticm men
.with Southern principles," they accomplished it
all. They posseesed Tee,., a nut wintery, over
' which So.sithem ma had control, and upon which'
Ilk. the t.! F te tree,, the inetitation of, Slavery was
' planted and ite shadows spread forth. They ob.
tained annexatlon -- moreorer -in violation of the
sidattudy,tuulerstood provisions of the ad of Cot.
gram, that Sabatd be divided between Free and
. Skye Buten The 81ave.bokleni, however, Were
ist authority, both in Texas and the United Staten
With an armiciotte raying for power, they made
it an agree territory, ena worm then this, imposed
a bonier in the Constitution of the State of the
Mane Star," which forever hereafter practically
totted, any deliverance from the terrible captivity
of Ser vitude. The Nosh one cajoled and cheat.
bi this coesithre, and though the mod guilty
awn in the commision of this blind were from
the fine Suites, yet its, benefits were designed to
acme to the South. With the South it became
a (melon of power, of self4e4 anteelfintuest.
and. wa could, and put pardon soinetbing of the
zeal . displspid where such passions one et. work,
controlling the Wien' of mankind. Nem:thalami
1 Ma feel called upon to moist each Equisitionsand
the mint:lom which gate tree to them. The Coo•
gestation is span our eida,—.Llberty is upon ow.
LAN and that trairphilantbropy which looks for
lewd to the blessed tiom Imn the beery hardens
chill be undone and itei oppressed go free.
pia Limitary enemy acquire from ;tibia) must
be bee soil. If otherwise, we could pray that some
deluge would corm it beneath the deepest waeee
of the sew. or that same shaft Gem heaven, or some
eartheptaka or thunder bolt, directed by the power
of v.. Almighty, world tire it asunder.
to this middle of the nine.menth centory, for a
ciriksed, Christian Nation deliberately tdeMsbliah
• Blom Colony upon what is a tree foreign pro,.
bee, is to Jo that which ought tamable bathe& ,
at fmt6 the ropoosi and the doer into s shade
• me bled se °hematitic iii*twar.
- •
we wientking amantleas li.e. and apondisti
eonntlers mamma an OW travail, war wilA
Sear-arra all for what! To plant war al.
sada wpm the bath,a of thaws Grata* or t ip m
Ilw them of eat Pude. lot war. Www.ol ti..
tines! Jagua r. as rowans for :14 .and:Prrannal
' Lawny, our If.: F - 4, inue+ - r: rktn
which ought to be, tigrish to *and a:.11 SIT' n the
Nation. of the earth, forbid Kith a , 1,;1 er1:1443 of
ea mutt lowed. and ow tuatara dole, Jn .ki.
op them can be no cotornmhott with f!favery
where out tes duty s to km, eneolottweed seoldr
the b module* of ri41.1011, the very , nucleus el;
whoa Weil it • asseetj for net, otta's rights
Sea to essay clan tleA t...Ulihina r( sepsis. The
Ilan is Ilston, and we We Naked to be putioiSe
tont la the Inotic. We eri No.' . The Unmade* ,
ef Blum will be mull fa which the freatUste.
now sods for all time to some will be respopeible.
it isultuvLewmeei bees, thew 'hall beam was,
freedom ova tho Pei& so, upon the Esofetr,
Lotto eisitus of, the Morino Iniee. kk„...
of Heaven to they took dawn oar own iS A s a
wee thesialathst out a OesSoil, a free
, ••••!..
nfns Gam If th is sit , °` A tw, lot Wl'
Its nests ertsielehs Le, and u*,
be,by seetteedeleilitatto.„‘amido.dmi
divjointed, the victirtiticldilinwi dwpotivm
deindei.favwdeeLim, but ]et
--eke will be unmake.
*IL .isnd willsoosord vdteieveQ9 buy or " 11
I hif peeple No gertievn teir:torywr What we
her, ti Lu as Ore* es New England:
v.niu. or
tLeire , v . ; of the free Pistol:Of our - pfs.
rioat Lit:limit Let every Ponca freetien • • •
..tiPcifast is this faith, laid kith* end. hiehall
not only the Union preserved, bittALFlewimPai•
given. to freedom arson& mankind.
p. 8. Wince writing the above, we hare teen
a lap letter from John U. Calmat, denouncing
. .
the "Wilmot Proviso," in ortmeasared teTtee•-.1
Of the Pews involved In that , great principle of
nett. be says in a lathe to his Mania hand, lust
thing his Pro4illarely views,
I hope it is the pnecureor to the mann dial
parties with 01 to repel an oatregeous sod novo.
yoked mama on Ite—ons thst nvolves our seal •
rod abet of the Union. We `hens the Cccii 0.
two Meaty with to My nevolotions bale bat
availed and denounced, but the Pub) of the
priumplis. es they abed, remains uncontesipl
and utcontestible. In delending them, we not
only defend ourselves, bat the Uonstitutioni sod
in defending; t, the Utmost itself, 4 which it is the 1
We most not be deceived. The time biscothe
when the question must be met. It can no long•
et ho arontod--nor, if it could, is it deattable..
The longer it is postponed, the More inveterate
scuidatherteis will become the hostile fating be.'
teteen the e lereholding -and nonwlawebohling
theta. With union among, °unitives we bare
nothing to fool—but without it. crerything The
Await. is lan stare the party . qUallialli of the
oil. He who pt not for eels Nana
-.-' Yoe :tour lona eipteetion of feeling tasted:
"me, i n n „,..„ w „,i,„ir . ming the rtholutton, seceth my
'sincere acknowledgment. 4, b ' 1141.14°U5.
TO. Miricia Tanya—We hateasken 0c,..
Sian two or three nines to show the operation of ,
Mr. Robert Walker's Ideticsit Tariff upon the bet
eines, of Mexico. 'By the operation of exiating
laws, according to the commercial cotrispondence
of the N. 0. Times, silk 'goods, ...wing silk,
crepes. dec.:now pays duty of from $6.013. tog 10
per lb. The tariff nays $3, but directs the growl
weight to be . taken, Including all oiiginal packa
ge., amounting often to three or four times the
nett wgight, and slams to more titan double.—
the Mexicans made a more acnrible distinction in
silk goods. charging tan the nett weight only $3
per lb. for common silks, $2 for goo •ilk, and $l.l
for raw, while Bland and Tall paid $l2. The
Time. adds:
All manufactures of wool, or of wool mixed
with cotton, &c.. with three car four unimportant
exceptions, pay 50c prr yard. Hence Mnuoseltne
de limes, Nepolitains, Satinets, &e. pay from one
hundred to three hundred per cent duty. Toe
Hui an tariti, supplanted by ours, cilantro! on fine
cloths and ...memo from ill to 01,30 pet yard,
and on all common woolen soil worsted menufac.
ones froin 16 to 19c per yard. If cotton were
mixed with the wool, 15 per cent additional MA
On Iron of certain qualities, the Mexicaus char.
gad less than three per lb. OE4 weight. Our
tariff charge. four cents gross. -
On Sardines, &c., art closed great consumption
hencolhf:Mexicsna charged five cents per lb. Oar
tariff; twenty.fiee cents.
On Hats of all kinds, our tariff charges $1 each.
The 51exiethe red a common sense diatinc.
a., charging the finest at 53, and all others at
30 per cent ad natorem. I could make the fist
much longer, but this is sufficient to show the
principle of the ihiog.
The Port charges us with ignorance tot what
we hare said of the Maxicin tariff. We feel our
drfieleocieo esdly we coolers. and yet think it but
fair that those who bout of their wiedoia should
either be able to prose our ignorance or show some
special wisdom of their own. We give something
of the operations of the Mexican tariff above, and
now add, upon the authority of the Metam wax
Flag, and American merchants in Mexico, that
the effect of Mr. Walker's tanff ban been in all
respects &outruns to basilicas. The 'New Or
leans trade has been injured three millions of dol•
lus we are assured by Mt. bra:ker's act. The
American merrhaute who with t; encourage a di.
real trade between the United S. tea and Mexico.
declare that the law in its present fc.6a. gives at
(east a. httodrad per amt, sdurata,ge"Lo the ncvl
chant, in Mexico, who fECEIOe their applies di.
rut from Europe, and while they pd eon this ad
i vantage, our own people rano Titer into comps.
bon, unless they resort to i 'co source for sup.
ptics. As confirmation of ell . .we have said we
quote the following from the- bletamoru Flag
coniplaining of discriminations made by our for
riga losing Administration, against Americans
and American commerce
• If the pert at' Natamons , famishre a criterion
to go by, (end we cahoot see Irby it should not,
being inn commercial importance to but
one to Mexico) wo are justified in saying that,
po dimes ate being c Alreteit. Tne-mer.
chouto Maumorsa—the AMOttC4II rol•relfstits
at lettat—hare coned to import. They are grad
ually working if their old socks; and we cannot
heor of one that will venture further Mycelium:its
Heavy order. which had been sent to the United
States have been countermanded since the imp,t•
anion of this huff; merchandise that has arrived
at the Brazos, in more than one in. lance. has
been reshipped to Now Orleans. It &tinnily
W atkcr iould hat we, the stalnation in band.
which hit scheme has brought about, and the
wring which it I. waiting upon American citi
zen., we mount but believe the immediate
:ion of the midi would be • consequence. It is
not asked tir expected that the tariff .Dodd be'
done awey with altogether, hot it is asked that
chinos of the United State. be gut at
law upon an equal footing wokiforeiviern, if not
discrimination. mode in thehrbet.alf.
Ter Haaavx or vie is a duty in
cambent upon everygood citiyans to guard what
Ciaelor ) :—to be.aetive during Mill warm melon ofd
the yeti, in removing every known cause of pick
nem, and in addling to the general - cleanliness and
emoted of the city. If acme arrangement could
be effected with those who have charge of the
watts-work,. by which a sting, of water aafci•
cot to thoroughly clean.. the streets; at least.
rthree melee • week during the summer month.,
many causes of ill health would he removed, and
the streets rendered much mere tolerable to the
The greet libject in constructing !rho water.
work., we appiehend;nru utility r -46 furnik at
as low rate as possible, all the letter 11/11:011117,
for the me of crty. Revetme was but • sew
ondary object. I( , the works field a revalue to
any considerable amount. nano moderateetainlons
for water, it is well. but cue should be taken lair
in looking after revenue we forget the pa' .
object of tbeir eoctorumionf- It. would bilitier
Shat money should be cinkroteir by direct iazation
tote, toy deficiency in the expensed the water
smite, thia-thstour citisens;stiould be inaetrated
by &mew for the want of " sufficient amount of
water to cleanse the heparin.. Irani the public
Saito caLO iove--;Di. Dickson of Alle
gheny City, operated on the eon of John War
den, Morgan strut, Allegitney City. on the 6th
Jolt' 71116, fir et me in the bluLlet, ttor ulna wu
extieeted, and the. boy entirely recovered in
twelve deye.
Oa rbe 14 of Augrsti 1848 Dr. Dreksou operated
on Ors era ro W. Ch /inhere ra.letral rtmer
dbAny .City, hied 7 yrso., fart iu tW bLuldat,
the ittoot wacramaasal. amt Watery war own•
plotwi r Oftrosi dap..
?nese operanone wen not coy entirely snetewt.
fit, trot were Anne eitilfoUy and promptly pWena..
ed INattett •41 weal they are acme the lir
lollP•rtnot, and we preetzt therm ea •aret
add evidence" of twee skill, and it coder ht .how
that 0 9mUalle of We load em-be yariarmr•l
will at home a• abroad- Dra. Pollock on: Flower
• as prettopt *heathen (potation. rave perfeesisei
ant aro are tadebtettt to ,et .'another. gerdietwat
of the prategion for cotattastveatuyi tta fads
"rko editor 4th. Concionals ErAtors..3y. b a
uriimo•ol. oet 1.k.e.1101:1141st, bee 13.1,,,y
Quintal:Nan qmdital 11 Differ ben
otlkyl to Washingtonto inforabnims
` his accounts, end MAW. 4,3 410' Mal ,
sons epptoptillioosoithe pubilo tuner.
BAJO: Di 710 7, lb—The Haat etlitierouri, K 4
ter setting oz*, per war. u a ever4went fund.
her &dyed o &ricked of ire per 4riro• ler tht
Ire six ueuthe
I.:mecum ttr Hass AID Filiolll.-•-nlerlfVf ,
VIVT TO 1tC030,11. Ere.
Haa . ,cos Hassievroort In a letter to
...mi. the Home
s l um...m oist
a tiri f. llian .
.0, 1 wee with roblage i.
the of iraw -the of beaut ibenm y aid tn,
Journal repent. of ba n
rinc gm-- 1•7 -- -1:. M or la 8 ., / otigitytialltinibitenesd.4
Mai boweva An 2 7 r "l ..,. ,
-"dilute? ' " We o_ de lel
gi" 4 fun ,..5.4.1 t t0,00t 0 * hot weather. ta_winams tie 5.14 performance ef_i
for the rerantamar, nor for the 55.....•-• .- - a ./.t • t e , -`," .
~r. our di 1
in the following them rhsungukhe,i ar e o po, talootoy ,
~ l tirown out against amuttlion/. , . h .,, or o o d mict io se a brad oersted= fqc musical.
abut team her letter. Thole who on mow
, iiit we** dispornest4a thiedr. that it is wonte
.ol, t haw victims Us. 3 . 46, ... ...
. what"iinder, foiceitainly during the visit Of
aPilmi Cupid, =lo.3lllo7"Chliljaremou:none Ind an ineomMthio
old maul will germ 7NM • en gentlemen we hem shown that we ire folly,
~.. o r th e g i n . amebic' of eppredataig, to its full extent, thin di •
I never
ri."9"Cti'd pm"(
• b vet it is mMetated to extent ,
in third
iris of my recantation, however,' shalisull fully vine art, w ene
" tto timunth of the mai& appended to "A in s tance, by those ersothy of calling ifforth.
F`` b " . " " c°2 " rabkibm ' b Y t
eedPdliar bathe Mr. Hers and Stvori played with their acme.
North American I milli indmagard, with
unesigitated horror, the idea of Mailing My dm- tamed adllina Milli n g* Mmaal evens g. That
tiny on earth, atone." Happily for me I le.r ootte they gave great delight, was aboodantlfrouanifest
log of the kind --believing that there will ahem. Eb y ,
, the enthusiastic bursts of appleme which fol.
be 12 . 1 ' , Pare'ng°„ded.Pni•l'b"'tha' ibt ' llec ' WlL lotted their emend performance.. Our acconi
even “properly enucated women to bear me cods lobed _ _ .
__.,... . e
fear of the P fr , otc r. Nu , u••• I. 1
p at o g p h y t: re li p e r a sa v cil ustvtaecu'etiedfttnomalCOirldial of Ma, Piano. We are nye that the public w 7 I 1 IM"grat
made losable by characters of unobtrusive goon- ,fi„,i to boor th a t thew, gentlemen Intend paying
ne . ' In ••eurr circle ciu,..,, soc iet y, 7 4 , , t w • l '',"l., 4 1 : os another visit before 'Faecal' the country:
While upon tale subject, we beg true to call at.
"7: 4 :y` :o n , b : Yd ti t ifil , ; : r o ' li ck ";:o - ::::n ---% :.: r
a; g :::::011 - 6 - m - Y
• tellu.'n tq 'h. ■Ptendfd icetrument use 4 by Mr.
erabliebed by tbeGernian,G o emge H e ra. which is from his celebrated manufactory
certainty, for bratty and richness
Rapp, mo o, war since on the batik te of the at ,i o
at Petit. It
Wa o,dF it a brie.' visit c.l':". dap I _ .
,_._ml week. _ so d i . e .
(,tend the voltage as ever, neat , fi ob - zroue goo pe-
of ,me, exceeds any Piano we ever heard. We
t i o o that --el of them will be y , for aria in
utilise The inhabitants wore also their character. '2 igo 0 ems._
istic look of gravity and heelth-M. canosint our mty in s few days.
with their own lot, and of supreme indiff,rence as
tq the affairs and opinion. of the rest of the
1 woill. "
The Patriarch. Rapp, is ems livine., nod with his
I quattt garb nod flowing white beard, re a mow is
eprotaide and Abtahlueish looking personage.-
Hu must be yirrq old, and has been quite famous
in his lime;-hY the wary, I believe Byron speak.
of, him somewhere. _I once saw him tak'om an
I iilnoy in hts carnage with his datlghter, or grand.
'-er. Mies GyrtrAe, who, it is said, as ho has
&tugs. "" `st he FatIIIMAra. She °P
nn Moil heirs, two. , "' - ouraniii. Were
perm old enough for her onus, - ow* ,
ahe younger and t dandily pretty, with ne. ,
cal name and very real expectatione-a grand old I
mansion, fine garden. and profitable vineyards
and the aerie of the estate•-h nv many an inter
eoing young gentleman would auddenly take to
German-how many. . spendthrift to Economy 1
In tbisunique town;rhough there is much io•
dust'', there is no bustle,-all b order and quiet-
nem, almost Bobbatb•likei ...repose. Ftom the }
peculiar legulatione of the emit ty, the motor hem
meth, with no a ererriomestie arenee-rmy go
through the length and breadth of the village with
out L•falltng into the bosom of a whole family," to
use ono of Mier Robles's.° Crusne's expressions -
We bear not she musical laughter and prattle of
childhood-nor the blowing of peony trumpet.,
nor the beating of tin drums, in the wide streets,
is no flying of kites, no shooting of marble., no
moulding of “terrestrial pier ; "-bitt fruit yards
and melon perches are unmolested and wild bird.
brood securely, onterelt of their eggs. Alt. no
the sweet children may not fill litmus ham s with
love and gladness, because .they are net : " hot
then there is no trembling care for the safe ma
ting of tfiktb—ack nervous dread of the beeping
rough and reetilese•-no fright froma tumble down
stain, or a pluage into tbe cistern, and theta no
father is constrained to otter worded sharp reproof
-no mother to place herself in thatmost unlovely
of attitudes, laying ofl the angel mid laying= the
There are no dances and frolicking. of youth.
and maidens on the village green. and no happy
young bridegroom may he seen sitting in hie porch
at evening. serenely mistaking his meerichaum, his
blooming Katrina no placidly knitting at his side
—but then no weak creature is there made i the
dope and victim of a Quilp, a Bikes, or More
miserable still ot a ilfantelini.
In the chill night, no injured wife wonder, with
out, flying from the brutality of ineixiated
hood—and within, no poor fellow is remorsely
Candled for the day's offence..
lilthlettol Destitution
Cornmeal Room.. 20 Hanover Htreet,:i
Ednburiti, 1710 June, 185,7. S
Burt Si,—! have the pleastve to acknowledge
the reetipt of your letter of the 29th of May.
corrosion a report of the proceeding, of . a
of the coasens of Pentodelphia, and an addres
circulated throughout Pennsylvania. As amu
aificient result of the exertions; made on that:
ocrasiori r and of the be art-felt sympathy with
which the appeal has been res Ponded to, you amid
us bills of lading for 3146 Wrap kaki dries! corn
meal. 398 OSISSIF floor. 170 .bags and three barrels
coin. 44 bap whist. miaow ban rye, to be appli
ed by oar Dowd for the relief of the destitute in
habiumha of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
You mention Chet a cunaid.rabl. portion of three
coonibuturn. 'come from
. citizens of the interior;
witrcially em the rirostern y .ee •of the Slate, r. -
mined through thriller. A. B. Campbell.
To that gentleman... well es to the generous
members of the Committee, add to the contributors
enmity, I new beg, in the name of our Board
and of the eaffering people of Scotland, to return
our cordial thanks for so noble an addition to our
tuna' 'Hach Esamtifol entrphes not only, enable.
as in point of tennis, tee rebate the wants of one
et ffering countrymen, but. by the sympathy and
confidence which they convoy, the liveliest en-
SOuraselioect it cvnln3l3tilesicil to the Commi• . tce
In the arduous! labours they biter undertaken,
and which: by G.A.. blessing. bare bean as far
succeistul, that theta has been not one instance
of death from stervation, although much privation
must have been suffered; but without the aid that
hat been giien them, it is certain that scenes ,t
minty would hoe ensued in . the Highlands, only
lee, appalling than have been wdoessed m un
happy Ireland. I have been much struck with
the impresaiie .and affecting language of the tan•
chiding. peat of your addicas, in which an honor.
Ole a testimony is borne to the peculiar chafacter.
wiles of our Scottish peamotry.
lo on fu as those noble contributions come from
natives of Scotland or of Soong° descent, it is n
noshing to us to think that the kindrod blood
makes itself known by these out pouring, of ha •
malty—and in so far as they come falai citizens
of America generally, we hail them as indicatione
of an enlarged and comprehensive beneficing,
and as tending to draw climber slid closer the
bond, of onion between two great nations, farm
od to esteem and ta hooor each other. I beg to
assure you that the sympathy shown by Amer.
lea on !his ocoasion. bas made on impression au
the public mind. With best thanks to yoarielf
individtially for the tams in which youlug bad
the kindness to make . this communicstian; I bars
the honor to be dear sir, your obliged humid/. no.
want. Cartons Foam in Trouvirsr.
TO Ro lilt eocrri Jr . .Et
Highland Relief Corivniffle. P adelphr4
• Nina Item..
MIZOLOOICAL ntsettester.—The Boston Trans
cript andentambi that the Rev. Jametr 0. Rich.
mend, of the dame of IC& has mot an makable
cbellepse, in the manner at the old Uoirenities,
to the Proeident. Profaners. and students of the
tinhanity of Cambridge. more especially at Di.
sinity. Halt to datum with biro, orally the there
Christian doctrines of the Episcopacy. the Holy
Trinity and The Atonement. .
Cczarce.t..—Res. Wdlao Buadarde, of Mace
CArach, Philadelphia has been called to St. Lake's,
Rochester; anti Rev. C.l) Cooper, of Willtestaure,
Ps, to Trinity, in thew= city. It is not mated
that either of these gel:Weiner. heee,iiccepted The
According to the new Directory' just published,
the neunber of Chu/thew of nob religious dereint.
button in the City of New Pmk is es follow.
Protestant Epeicopal.4l; presbytmisn. 33; Meth.
Min. Episcopal. 31; Bennet, 20; Catholic, 17;
Drab Reformed. 134„lewitti, 9; Cominationet.
7; Unitarian, 4; Untvernltet,.4;• Friend*, 4; Lu.
theism, 3; Meoclate Presbyterian,. 714 1 Amociate
Reformed Presbyterian, 2; Hero:mad Priebratian,
13; Welsh, 2; Methodist Protestant, 1;' Mogen&
neour, 12; Total, 227.
FRANCOIIII4 roamen.—A habil Ran Primo.
n 4, N. 11.. dated the 13th aye that lest Sakaiy.
the 1001, the mercury roes to the -Made to one
hand ed cridteno dower., end the spirit therinon
enr is 99 &gum.
CAS Gianni' LI 'KOMI . * remains nnlfell in
flacon, on Thule/lay sod the ledy um &rented
under tt.e !hone Chapel until anendemenninaubl
La alvie hit its eenevyatire' to Warne*.
Toe ?Inn nl4 hen* in Preble nanny. (Min.
teatati by tin Vntou lbyrnter, at
49.00,sisinst funk lay than 31,000 tut year.
The bomber aliened in 11.11 art cowry, thin yams.
b 34,2111 and /0 Clennont °aunty, 40.900.
Fe erne on TIM Worit• —A OXI2-
iricliUtalioo in the H iritsbori 'refer ape dreeloaes
rani° ioryortatt rater/A. tbeteztpeyent tattle Cont.
comirealth, eliovring that for year,' peat enaromus
frauds hate bee. panning./ to Lo ner,lod ort,aboos
the public work" thronat noslelt or, wow.
totem.) , o(dte yobbo amok Thareleywh rays
•, there le no doobt in the mina of done pogo pinto,.
inns thee donduet of the State agent. lett year.
that the El'are anis datraudeel not of slsibthin rr
11300,000 theottati the idleberti or disbour.4 of et
agents. The alettlon df %fr. Power tut to a eon.
trojetable cp.‘l4.• 44.11 piondert
tad will elo • to the Maio the print year not lea
than one hot bed and fifty MOUlntld donors! And
tyro elartlab o 'nadir Refarro tandidite, Juice'
W Prmrds .. inerosso the vhf, we loofa no
doubt, to du or• moo rata or 011 0, 1000 onnuslly.
A mattes; IN. ..noortant write tsioreotr of ton
ryas we! bort • ill not be Irrhottan, A team
oboe snood, Arts e 110.000 a year to drub, end pro
mlaaAo or, intlo3oo. itehey do their duty, is
worthy of *dr Ones*, a and their eq.."
Laceona.—We call aitchton tol the Lee.
lure to be delivered te.oorrow evening In the
9havel of Sr. Paul's `J: hoot liaise,• by the' hoe.
l'iqateouhlcCagry, of St. Mary'. College, Std.
The object of the 4.c.;;tr t , au hi &ruling
the expenses of the school, sod hoer, the 4iatin.
guithei reputation of 'the lecturer, We are, astir.
fal, cytrl from the meritorious object; which are
to be promoted by h, tha; a ;use aUdience will
I be present on the occasion.
grtgor.--Tir Unpaakittes appoiato3 by a
laYlitb=4"f !ko nYi k Fg h Bar'
- tai.loggptpcp
for the porp2se of .electing • ~
• eulogium upon the Ide and rharactefof the....
Ron. Rkhard iltddle, have. u wa era' informed,
r ‘ qaeraed the 111 n. ‘y r iem to.pettorna
that duty.
Tat papar h. been enlarged
and iinproeed by Vie iddilion of Mi.s eolomns of
matter per day We will that proprilituralltlC!eell
in their renewed riot. t ' •
Fran.-013 Tueeday morning the , alarm eras I
occasioned by ■ fire having been discovered in a
frame house on Washington st , eet. i 11 was ex.
tinguished before much injury wee door to the
building. This is the serum, time the house has
been 00 fire- e yilthin the last week such
circumgauces gTonlabut d e as of its haring
been the work of an incendiary. .
lain Vi'rrisa.—Tbure la real dangei from a too
free indulgedre of this luxury in bof weather.—
We have heard of two death. receidlY, and eery
suddenly, (wait. five use.
Gaeta Coe. made its appearance in our
Diehl we bellme, for the first time this year, on
'Tuesday fut.
RAILROAD LEI-m.o.—On Thursday, (to•mor•
row.) prop:ale will Go remised fee aonstrueting
In miles of Railroad, out from thiaclty. We
understand than are many strapless in Ibis city.
owensibly fat the purpose of biddinglor work on
the Rail Road and tome from the &tie of 1111-
mak. •
Hoirev.-1 fine "dick of Hottay.; worthy of
the famed Ilybls been, may be toyed .at the wore
of Anthony Meer, earner of Fifth street andhlar
ket Alley. To praise it more. would be adding
■ perfume to the violet. and we. therefote, kale
it to prove its own sweet qualities. :
ACCIOSIT IN Azaasnriar Cret:—.oa Their
day morning. as a vr0132.11 wits returning from
martin, she wu run oar by a hone, and 1013:10.
11/11•I's,131113.3. bot we ine happy to hear, not eery
Jottazotratear. Baler: Mo.nzas.—On Tonality,
the Journeymen brink mbar* of Pittabegii,tutb-J
ad out, for an.tooteasa of "Paseo. They - enatetue
in a body to the =lute of the fife and antakdown
Hand :treat to Allesbeny City. Thy. 'aelt:guit.
the wage, of ordinary heeds Khali be raised to
415 per month, girl the monictcee ta't got 14 'P ' ti
per month.
Accinssrr.—A young man by' tle name -of
Wm. filiahby employed at the "Cominarcial Jour
nal' ance, in this city. had his toot caught to the
machinery of the steam pram, ors Ttreaday mow
log and eras teriously injured. I
To Mc Edlors of biz Pillaburgh Gitscife.
Pasant la --Knowaseez me Powys."
It has given es the Steam Engine. the Railway.
•lotte Telegraph." and oho will restate to limit
na onward entree ! It elevates min in the kale
of being and is mighty to produce geed 6 COMM
terset eetl., It is progressive and diffusive:and it
behooves every man to increase his able*. Imam.
ledge and to aid In the ascension of 'Casino' his
fellow men. How can we better erect this, as a
community than by eatab ishing a Po Lir Li.
L albeit we have one or not INO bear
not to be that I. the quenion"! and to meet
decide it. Our duty Is plain ; shamalan us if we
prove recreant to It. dictate*. Wa*camtaar.
Dixie - acre. t---At Alton; Mimi., on the W.
ins; a young lady au `rosily insulad by 'Limas
anent of the Illinois sclunteern Her tiblribse
I=l left the room for the purpose of ! calla?' upon
some (muds, alien the Lieutenant! knocked at
the door and entered. - .Hot tries Nought air/ to
the room before the scoundrel accontplistit4 hie
design.. The brother of the young lady lopilhl
the (tinier, immediately after his retaft4 ' and Bur
ged biro. Ina rhea time afintaerde three or fair
hundred of the volunteer. atirounded the Hotel
and thrtitened to mob the building if the yonog
man wan not delivered up. ge was diregteuni
and sent to at. LOW/
It is (.ir to immune the volunteer, Wire VOy .
qualoted pith - the ciictiinitariees, or they Penes
would base been guilty of such conduct;
theility—Commrece Of :81. Lnda::
P.tbb.,k,f4o!ctPfnioralte,_ atl - Apad West.:
!' "Ilia-F . C.iirl3"M r m P i r i h ° . l7C i lli m il t— n eal":l7":ll4 d er tt l e r-i h l iel l ° ., y p r—lud: hi e '. l 7-4 1 2dr ead t a —'11 1 1C.alu4S w alVilEta i iii7 n ft l er:Pe i llighefi t mli: y r.'lnd i :e : j oi r"l"dC . 4 lt q m :B ,. . —N the land: p Cil i e ro pi tn .gr e..i lli s ieUic e lt a r:l24"u'klb'"alM m n illiniP e ler"l:6 ,.. '
ial the .. . el the htisstrippl.eLetter
from Major Jack protein—lnteresting letter from
a young Artist i u Itilly—Sialt Ste Allane—blasier.
Latest Telegraphic news, F oreig n and Doaseadc.
Commercial—A .refully . complied Review ot
i the Markets for (beano, areek—Tbe prices la the
i loco dr, eavdrets....The Cattle Motet—The prices
of Amencia Fontana in serious prim of the Union
1 —Amount of Floor, Wheat, Corn dee., received
moverients of prodoce—Alarket to London.
' . City Nows-! pelt ol therrees-.Copione Estrum
fogymie tithe &Pk, wiggly or icier . appwre.
Price G centesingle copy. ,
1 Submtiptione two dollars ,year *Advance.
Now /ternaries...A Machine is said to have (
. gaiter.
been imrentad in the Nato of Michigan, tir hiu..:l 7,. . T ~• i Olivia& IPostanear—kleurest.
T„,, here b ~.11 p„r„1,0,„,,,,,, r.
vesting, thrashing and bagging-grain. A gill of , r, e •r,,nr,,,,,, ,—,,
,fir. or, War. Pan, of Wubsaisvolte
silty sous Was bareested, Washed, &r., in two i Corniest Co, and woof the very.eist practitioners in
Jays time. The mashies mu drain by inst.% , the timely in whieli be resider, rind lore Stream in Me
b,,,,, gritted by b,,,,,,, and
biz 'v., y d . th . thod, l fame lanaltlatate. It-at e heeone Ikea re aeon, lead•
t oas .... .of tar pmfeloton, homing the bordsofpeokno
4 - I . eatte.l and put op to 04.1 ouniltlon: Gar the mill,„: . .
. 900 1„,,,,,,,, ona * t ont . , torn', a. sot,:
thee' bushels per insoate. , . i'fur I hare,st on r memo beta tolotta ottiate of our
' t (:tnovng racers. sad.oe Air. tat toontaneasvol itt no
In iliti mettle. pipet me And so account arson 1 trte'tar la(!onotritoi sod Otto Xi Contplatato. VIM..
ItorldatlOll rirealY median* by . lirjCbarles LI- i /tend me italt o 4nren loaner . -pot tarot t at M. . Sea
imitative ./ midi magnetism, who lits; someded, to i fist comet d 0 feels... to 'awls , . V.." 1 ..”
oevenl Mt...—. .f.; .. .:*•-••9.4 to tiait(: IMMO .!heir 1 is.sstioe...o , o hoe brueloMo'r m Ion? II .00 kumif t . t.
hosting. These espentoetthrktati turrei'lardo mita ' -......7. ......„,,- -... !..1 1, o elWit Mra v. n. to
wonderful succors in Lyon., and bull* at the lam ' .
accounts, recently ~lied in Maaseillnk Whowilis • IG - TeeAeomou of -Xsii . . ' . osiccede. l nf *shit
ismounavi his intention of temening - hie loped- r,,,' ' ~' r ' i rt j j' A ZT,' af,,, " ., ' ; '" ,,,,t147,tr 4. , ,Z r.
We , * and atlefol.flog the reofinahoneffwerinic Ili deierind isputanon, kir us ',gest Age,. In et e.t.a./4
II tl'o deaf mates who mt., apply for all. , tau dot...suing volatnotnt. tn.. Elevator) . vt at) )t0..1-
1 nui rem edy, and . qakaitet y retuned tram a Ittorooolt
•nso o tjtett..oLobe gangs. a !itch .odotsc tat: ponnoot
The Wuhieron Union is out fern ileinecsigic
National Convention, es the only mean, .of outi
dog the party with reference to that s•elPieeltiatiL
cy. The fay lor fever tuts aidsntly, alarmist the
-au*, f.i the safety of Sis own party . _ Fa :6
Barton Post ie equally ellanitied iJscs. We *lnk;
under all the piteuccistimicer,Oat thi,Lici ,Faw .
will bare their hands fall in presenring the - union'
of their own party wiihocit Wasting dancer rodeo",
cei t
bons upon the Whig putt' . hfr'. Polls Is ,
to be sympathised with in plating
,s ' man'' •
bud of the Army. whom the people so mareb ists
esteem than himself.'
Tea Consiexectunrr of the Pnilenlipble Ca
kite of Medicine took piece on lam . !Tharshey.—
Toe President conferred the device of Demo . of .
Medieino upon students from several, state*. The
Honorary Dever wee conferred upon Dr. hams
V. Branch, of Mi. Morris, Greco Co. P.., sad
Edward P. Hall. of Washington, '
The Veledictoey addrais is mid In have heti
excellent. and was delieered by Praetor WON*.
al 41LL.. (100.-11" w lints do we kncisr,.
tiov taile du men eve bran op know,lhet, there
ie sta element Owe,. gnomons; in Otlir i eigieulaWw,
ewe-he we seldom llw2lt of. a o b Wfieh we r.: •.
en ere anwtaannoglee—the will of 414 !• That
whit , ,ovetnehte a • 'awe enigma tharmigie=
trans, and knees human whimper ead
pap aw. bot ea bubbla 'Wanes in tha eanattne,
Weak when they bawl had then bOur.
E7PRICIVILIT.:...TWO Of dine barteis of pon
tos) of spontaneous man* Werf iskan from Brant
eo Ennist4 ks min or an Ruttish noWeena.
sad rested; sad the rm Fended ammo their
radars to s my .ebb entenl.
Ceirupesslsseer St. Pittsburg* . Ousts*.
- %Nsk neared os miss ii:140141 400,
tViscis;tes 4Ahs turrn_ 11,13632,
:ithid;:ips hid,. yestadayO
1 •VI info at T ALtillokifiA. -`,:-...,
4 Troi.s..6o,h,:its ..puip..";4,r the 25th iii.
.e.Nifiga the ilictkati.lit, tail Kway to the
,caranisos, &aid at Mantelreyovlatotilasett
lass Be tells the people that the Prcsideht of
thirifitiferfStates h.; appointed. hini Clotni tiller,
of ,Califomii, and that he ardently desired to
PitiSnOiti — the igie4st'ditii ii.iii . 4iaa of a Vii:
... - ii fie pro pi:Protect their religious
h ,
• utions—the persons end p;operty of peaces.
tie citizen., against foreign .ana demesne ene*
4iNi u d hritei thecolo_ 604 10 ma1n41i4 3 .%
tht'ettptextutof of the laws ~Y;
The Govestunent of the Vasil SiaterkhCipays,
will procure fr. California a free government;
arid soon invite its citiras to ozerrigi the thibts
of free oxen In the choice of Representatives to
enact their laws. The existing laws not rept&
i mint to Ilia Constitution of the United - Ititstax - ,1
will remain in force until trivolted II cofopetent '
atith.rrity; end public officers, by tatio6 qn 403
to suppiiit,lhe • constitution of the United litotes,
It still cantintiOn Ito caereisr of their functions
---'-- ''...ts tom O . 4I¢IiALICA
Be ebsorbea the aun--;....,,..
to the Republic of Ittexkit,'=conotiders them citi. I
sera of the United hltai . ta, and Wiliitrßtish th I
r iy. am golly of traieOci 'agiinst theo9oierrwe
• Ile tells the people that when Me!lcat Weal! ,
,usis a mu. we had not time to invite the flat -
Ponians• to join se, but were compelled to b
poeseeslon of their territory to present r,oropean
Governments from 'tloin' no. Vilif 4 T , " ba. 6 1i•
feted from civil ware, but . the fool:teeing (Fore
ertren - cr leaned the r blotted rotors of dircord, are
now diled opr-the dap and &filial now Boat
over Pstiforrtia,—and se long as the ton fhi 13Cf ,
I they ettall pontintio to !lost., ,
. "'
-- "“o r! e'P'PP't ir u r l 10 P7C i ll-
Oen. n 0,.... .- ' Arilsoioutaratian,--
motion by the authority ot -• •
There aro some things in it poIPaKY bet-eh:o o x.
and particularly the charge of treason" for.-dafaud
jog or Laraine a eduaity srbich a WA iti'fila
e3oscienee regards u hi. own.
Constracs or 43r. Lects.—Prom a table of
inparti which we observe in a late Bt.
per, it appears that the eavniberec of that g Ml 4 irt• •
land city is rspidly increasing ' There task-been
received at that port more the first of Janniry last,
oparanlS of 300,000 bble of dour, and 2,
bustle. - of wheat; which is a very corisiderabte
advance over the reevips for the same period last
year. Pro it has been with the various articles of
impartation. During the past year upwards of
900 buildings bare been erected within the-city
henna' 'The tarriided debt of the city.: piyable in
arieqnsl annual instalments, In the period oftwens
ty jean, is $978.396. Of tine. $6 3 3.4 00 is
bla In t h e city of Nan York, $60,100 in St. too.
s, and $t93,896 in Philadelphia.
Tax Wino. Weabingt to County, at, their
late Convention, nominated the following ,ticker,
M be eapported by them at the cadging genefal
Fur Azetni bly—Doorio V. Lawrence and Geo.
Meloy. Comm/signer—Andrew Got. Audi.
tor—Jatoyi Hughey. Director of Me Poor—
bow Pat. •
'Mr. Livrtom ,was one of the representatives
of this conuty law amino, slid acitniiwi a high
reputation for Air inautuy awl talent. %trashing
ton County, are hope, will give evidence
that they appreciate hi. worth by retouch:l# bite
to die Assembly.
The Hon. Daniel Webster hay sent a aettoml
kits, to ttnoChieago River and Haltom Conyers
Lion, drisilioa Gis , iirets on the fiver and haiboi
goesdon. It IS published to lull in the (ZINO!
pipets,: and oesapitsvaniar foru.ot Avahadmisma.
We - have Fro blighted Mr. Webetares Brit hkver,
.121 he I. known to have been from the Notatti as 11,11
'Pr;Thld bl bit letter, a vrholi !leotard Mend of
Internal Improvement,
Crao . lll2lTlON.—For the purpose of inducing
the free ascrom of Kentucky to emigrate, the
Colonization Society hare determined to send out
in their expedition - next NOTCIIMIXT; several free
negrace, to stay a year for the putposo of 'gamin-
Mc the condition of the tommuy, and make ty
pal to their constituenta. The toktred, persons
of naval town. mod cities in Kentusky, have 24
ready chcaen 'delegates, whose captures ale to be
defrayed by the inhabitants of the place from which
they Ito sent.
The Locums cts Matz Doter, we ate info:
left Cincinnati, last week, without the mail. nod
anivpi there on Saturday morning, without the
Southern mid!. The Cincinnati Chronicle says,
it wee done for. the purpose of rankings trip In as
I short a time es; the oppoCition line. Such wilful
neglet should be punished.
- Caors is Nsw Exotass.—At paper piety!!
at Stamtfonl. Comes:kat, stated that the crop of
Wheat toll Nye `ice promise Of a r!op
The crops of Hay, Co,. Oda Om ore alto good.
+Crops of ',Teri dhieription," my the paper. "pro.
wise a more abindact basest than seer we 111.
member to bane witnessed in this vicinity."
Peas sr xestils - mite ImM:4—Only sixteen
thoosand dolisnus now reiptireil lobe paid in. 10
obtain the chaster far this most important work,.
This slim will be'Paid to daring the present week.
The road will be pushed froward with all practX:s.
bis dampiltit. •
July 2Z -0011121.11211 iu VAST.
101 , 1 ‘ 1111 , V alent ' I
Shako! reri, .44 P. lit. lalrtot, elnuthOld
POI•hl,Or • Pr', I p.r.rot. isls6ller
$51 00. . rovavis .BOOTS
it.iarr,' 00.
ettara POWS' OP I , 'CI: AIL EV.
711 E tabt., ..ntur req....v(loly .inorui• I. r. Oe '
larjsa creaggenced 1411 intomstanai.4. .14 r%-orleto
.Soorg. of gooi roOterial and siAte.rtairabla
whit it he oral warrant eopurlor loony Boor crer MA,
lu remoberith for lie pr.., net. h.adreme non
.1,111 be Mode Co WUXI., sod ..r•tv.l ilea so repro
geoord, snag . gory loyoprite fru nye DOLLARS
CAM. Cemlf voro regoe.ted oarl <aim
ft.peo. W 11 RVALVIIL
• '
um. chturv... emamajei r ,mieg,..4Pdali ire!
110:44)2112IMIIPITin 'Sea Ja:l etiorat *al
ptltse Chopelattached -Talar.l
. 9 9 11.X.MPF=4;"4=tintart=::
tirt1.1112,4-I,=.7.l7,4esitr..Thii Walt:
Roam arzw
£I.T-1101115EVUTEWARTVEMYT;eo ww.
Ottaknewet cod Us Friend.. hy the author erne
tioathoi Shannon% The Scent Passion tte.
Issue( ofecnrut,tenstated fraiwthi French, by
crane Dawn.
The I.lre aml Adventures of John A linnllobe Greta
Weems Load PintilwritblEfOltfhattitCoplrixtert -•
17. ;47 , Cuitriarida cor,iait• i•
4 4 :at reoZer i fet De — lector.
- • Clustbere Cyclopedic of EacluthLiteruare, 1013.
Joecrien Renew an hay . . - .
hogsto the Plroto of the MAL -
Yago(Constolatios, by Mrs. Soder, lin g..-
1401764h0w t w iStionel L ' Aney, anther of beget&
hod Benin of Ire .
(knee. hloWnitle for Soly, aontstniet, two hand
ful illtututniune.
National clog:able Or July.
Lidy's Mak. '•• :1521
NEW 41 . 601E5. -
Ilium of the . Conqueat of Pent with a Ec_elinanacT
ie., of the eivaioanan of the /ay., Inlnna .
• rewatc, ini .
alenants of flte Lifo Of. Roy. %atlas,' &cocoa aa
with a lelentall (cantata arcdings and'aniesponneneo.
pot t d by'R o , Arivrims.lllo3l4'ellf
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. Botal.kT's Golden Treasury.' .
The CI nstlan Reosembraneer. • ._ .
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' the agents. General pot. fer 'he mind States, 11.
Winchester's 11.81060 ail:Now York."lr,tls/riti._
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ble building low, waste oil
label+ River, opposite the font of Liberty .
a which may be nen at the Mann Room.
Tawas.—Une Fourth Cab; thevaidue in rase equal
annual payments, with lateral and approved scantily.
MARCO/SULAM / I.:seamye of the Estate of
BOya BLACK, SARPL //LACY. naki...
Joan U. Dava att. X2l
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PRESCOTT'S ConqOest or Pero 9 'roar', Sod.
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Ch., Ando., I.: D.-may tad entry {s.
New York OA. Book. emprislog °Me Ge
ography and Illisurtyor New York, by. Wm. gmodl,
wok kaarCardesirarooro. .
Theß Book. Desenpuve of the seg.,
sensory, sod toootw
smoseineot., with.% illustraf:o..
No. p Viktor.' illosor, of Fa Ah.d: For Onto by
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v The Anther of the Complain: 4k re re; —Preteen's
2) CauSlOnst of II si ma,.3 vols. Et.
Preeentee History of the Satin of reni;Lnisedipa Lr
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trot. Fro. For Sale by J REA P.
4th near mat kel Areal.
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aale by 1) 0 00 MILLER a: lUCKRI`SON
WINDOW OLARII—OR bows 2by 10; •
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20 doreu Bearer Dockets:
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iTC , • J Ntr F PERRY
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• • 1110 .. •, . JNOP FERRY
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DACON SIIIIPICAoISOO reed and I r sale by
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Refill DryGo:4 atom at Bowie. •
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the Commercial Sale Rooma,cor wood arid sth sw, will
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mao iet lam" kitchen furniture, &o i l pair - 41 •
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Clili Wedoirday the Rlet day* Aoki no Ictotaleek,./0
hi , at theottiblisbment of AdifreikideVteiLaaa Pit
-ten and Cdandera on Sat - 111141d*. betwettnAllds stand
Diamond rail, aoldtlogrFenthe Meek of Gas
Piro, rekapit, Dracketi; Viler% Antis Clatlegs, 0.
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'agreed for wale for Ca. 6 and Ikon irediyat
PRICES nEpyczni • •-•
per yard below thelices o( Apri lacod Nay, SP per,
POW! P.otodeer, forremdd# 17 for the
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1 „ Loplatana, Thompson; awpdazagly
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If 7c.o.deaire cheap traeoldog apdlmmomaolo. IMMO.
sodadow, secure your tickets at Ilia Pootekytkee
/1.. Graham's litagarteea Aggisal, sigma,
' Coders Lady'. • itill
Union Maga:ins for 11,1 vol I, edlle'd bylllra. Cll
Kirkland. The spleadogo this ms,gegirm, artk sr4hoed
doubt. give it siarge rubstripadi • ' •
hitter of Donato, or ILI iFhlWieler of ii*e,
Tha tiae;el Tribunal, or Ile Dagger sod tie Cord, hy
Cecelia. or Wombs , * figivaiSy AlexanderDomar.
elder.* sod bet,olitgias, fmrsl the Revo
lution of Did*, to the present time. Id e'vla by It
portraits um] engravr:ll FO ag. 1 .4. 61 ‘7.. ,
The Gtpaer, or the Robber* of Napist,liy gavii pviir; •
n Wood
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i • The throne. te'Sraid.ot , the tdiier's Pat: ati Trish
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For sale by %V SOki.DwELL;ledfiacir
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• New l'orkozid Boadont Rlnotepun
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alJell, at an extremely low price cipne..mtnailfee
One splendid Mebetrany Wave PlariMfOrim of
brilliant zone, anti to evert' relpeets'erni in
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formerly known as ttre•eima Yeilealeactemnee; Con.
Atom the fellowitna or LI/ PIA titAfal trarylkoir yokel:
One noctave German Vince tone; ' 7 '
One G.. Ptamk ; made by trabcock—price VS.
One .51 " ilimenbarrpti price.ll4n.
11 06 6 6 " L 64.; atiti.*W. Illadetiti N. ,l'ork,
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EMMITTBBI36II, • Md. , .
TIF. ANN 44 SESSION °tilted lea itthle lestite.
doe euanneades on - the rch or Mixon ' Rodents
should. If prectlcatle. enter belert aver deco . -
Iloccd and 'Canoe, illCllVllngtbe entire Clessie and
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deog lAA DOCIOC• (erg, 6I per annum. -
Pet:nuts wee TectO•szocal It In advance.
Moe acid rattle': are gri.,k%rx.,o*ch No pet
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A pre•pectus of the Collett, explain's; the Gemmel
"ltaltc•cottlisitt for intilitecee Raccoon eifnicipllne,
will be sent to any-person 'pelting for
_it,. ; . •
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1 lIAVE combated the matte mock alba WiallesCle
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tetetrei Li offered for sale by B-A FAUN , n , A.
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• ugra's ria4o.lrance.
,MEI;4011; No.- et Waid,4l..iilA itcadono ,
rofteownw with Id• LIMP Hints, ix • googly of
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rowing donna the titat two nooks front doom olteady,
A Sent:-grand Piano Forte; s or Raeirood.6l acmes.,
.adtb . me nom elegant 021t007, and of sander tone to
dm one exhibited by Ida. lieu at Ida concerti la We
94 / 6 —.Ha .onetb Rorelioa4lOb6eeitiPtitte4ern4 .
'lf octave', (fop the 11,111131 e manollkelore ra. 'Three.
'will be the game al ti Pdub • at Neer York. - )21)_:
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blrKeopon. at the .houte of David 81.cadove. West
Newton, and at the bongo ad Robert Hiveheasa. Mown
rie.santrn the Inrd day of Almost, mod coollatte open
Dorn day to day unit! tili, 3rd day of tleptetabet.
,Toaeptltiat*lr, . .JazoesNay...
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: 11. ' 'Alm alkyl!!
Joeeidt Ciorfer, ' Alexander Owner,
Ale 1271+4'. Masts Ra'Alna.
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a &Salley, km tke pot pest o( trassacting general
rDip,Goods and Grocery business, wish so Inform Unit'
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Imo. rill be mid ‘rholerale at retail on as good WIWI
as they ten Ls porkers' elsesserks. • sr
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Ybe AMERNDL NO:14 Coi J. littneetiv ,
km ?maw** every Tuella, morellos a ID Weida;
Wilookag every Toted. 2304.114 at to P.
- ,
The NEW ENGLAND, NO.s Ceps. A. ' Dem will
leave husbargit ono Groddisday Armes t lo
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