The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, July 20, 1847, Image 3

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I N--1 raborrib,t kat last received rzoto dal
von,. Teo rerepneite note In New York • here
op 13. TFA + Juft trnetett,ed,C.Mtlinff 111111.3
(goin 271,04. in Sinn fterM• : , A AAVNIZEI4
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PP7.111-14 S.C. Straw Paper;
. Paper,
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aid rag wrappittg;
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rear. . an Ikea train as
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§.o.t received and tor tale by
11.1 BURIMIDOE. W11.5.0X krt:X.),OrAter
I.?AS C V , ISLISIKICTII—Card and Fran banketa.•l
JL • white atal Waal. Benin Dan, brawls willow want
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F,ATIRM eon., in all
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:CIO. Cnrw, and 7or *ale by . J PA 7
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& AI. Dank, Plasbaglx;
• ti i Iland ot. Bridge, (um met). Ap
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B ehoulden, exits,
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queni by 0 00CIIIRSN
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La sr: lias ..11.-44 was ow teddmed sad fog
_ , .did.l)_ • ,,,, JE_ AILLER t. ELICLETEON
i rx: Table M . Ja rej and
B triiN ) 11 - I.A RD—I. cask assorted Swam
' i bblital Lard:
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IacCAN and to _DLEN._side_
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GI 'RUN —Snati Imo for sole by •
rd - OiT}ow reed andl ter sale by
0".-1".b6 k. ukv&AN.
Fewili street below Fenyilyeyt
tu 11.
and for bbls Oil, 3ast med
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airs goal Cazbram received and •
1,-) • ble by ' tlil ACILLXTT & 14M3
TIOI9 lewd meet
VrY.D.3.—A,VOd asearuntat of tzear slyleTweads
tereired tad tar sale bL_
SyACKLINT b. WHITE, C 0 wood at
S ilbdB east P aro; •
.41. to tau
reed and for sole by
• _j)l2:_____4_ll:l;c9lllNottAlll,
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1X711811.181C,Z5 Ws raw NVOlakar,o_rorkracr ,
1 . 1 d r j‘vEAv"
-Dvuncar. sTOOK-1 7 Ayes Iliad meet &Aye
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STAVllliasTal=qpieralrtgrilenttlet ortlirle
by 8 181t3ENBEILGER
Iltigia—tiO bale. d 0.2 deeprented lentp at eon
stentsent and for tale by dtEr - GORDON
ten • 154 'rater tad tOS (rent ate
norrolr DIAPERS—Taro eases, blearbed and
ay brawn Lottatt vain g , e4l stria, last
mob)" Jet, 311ACkLEPT k R 111 rid
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• - H CLARKE k THAW. Canal ItaalLt_
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(101/PlPMFReaseed and Gracia, far de),IIIN F MP,
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tury,VVIN st• • "00k2, RN
bbls Po rhatoos tiVl4;
bbh•Nol Itesrukr. for age bs
` Eau eida of the Dimond
12111111% EISVANNI, 11V01.11-10 boxes an
_ WV paw" White Havuolia Ommam no
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ark ;14 lErm' gra
ley. , •Por gala JONAStON .rgrriorrw
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Liaw—trar7-A.• prima Alta Vi a
caastatar on hand and *m J t.
RDAN scm
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Tl9l—ti. .rowan.* ve.dewl....
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jasaFtetl:r.a rfsale by' It SELL
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CI_KOUNLIP. I'EX I 1--------------"L"" ' " a
PIKS. jo bb !, Ile
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N.. 7 voand.oad cogroontiYlEttrear wt„.„,
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. • Nor IPINI Nueva
IVlA.tit.lilligllta Walt MunroN
- : I'l"P"Eist lode ofDiatoond
pow DEEL-50 s Mon . le let ,
104 ale
blits N
' Mb(o
.ds, tor br i t
0 IV rot
j r -
ringiCllE-00 bit W. 4, iz pm,* shipping order.
Viartdirl lor stile by
COOT 'MIZELL & CO, Liberty Ga
A frairssiT
_ 4_o
YA T —lloassed etenoptees, et the Mawr
sad Spice Feettiti 70 Fifth *tree.
1j liar, bole , tad swalit.
i mac. tth
.41 in sale at th:011/ h. a um_
/1 ROUNDGINGER-40 bbisoand legOrk hard
ki and for 14 51.11 DivsaALooltri
No rime
--el5-13U els bit%
1it1..91-DOW (ALA b,
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111 A a_or:
1; b""" r" fr". ,‘VloTrit#7l.l.ACCi
out j itcllaer Cote ea eon
- u•sit C.BIDWELL
IBIDOW 001111-1 X) bls wanted .gyms o W n
yid and fnr phbY Yt MIT
10p1idi—ia clubs ia porgy for We by
.1017512:ia.;i1;i 1:—Ci:0-fan4-:4;17W:27
ItiromairoctsZeigliitziLoa hi-n*4mnd
atm. bosool;
"4 1";r:Z°
le Lc
5"4 171----J11,400
hoo,g Pain la
•• 1,7
tal d4g J EtoVLD
R.T. _ „
RA CI 11"-. 17 larks country mired. rayal a ce
sato try jets
GSRMAtir Caarr.-30 ions tee AEI
- ler! - TASSEY
01;&&1114111-1. 111 bats la stare 'tor male tr•
ILIV OIL -.4 bbl ynu
TlLE—Ote:nixTaiisle fog tee by •
b'S • • • _• • t DICCSII aco
ziTairsjim. 1,4
*3O • WICK aleCANL ' elll rr'.
ITO ZACto=irbo - iiii -4111-o * -14.1faiii T.
vas Tobacco lest remised sad for Isle
-• , 11311.1.F.11. nicirrE
101../LLIZILD—s N. eensiplocnt..for yabJby
J gl A it 2 r2c r
rIORX !red ground Ott ree'd bud
V for sale , by, ..: •HI J.CNIIDWELL
zoo io oars for ado ay
UoAit ead•vr.lll4n co
SIDWBUOOX.-109 snu fit Morn and ton rain by
raddildlliC—ta boxes•
ICC va nee &
d sad ON sale
.- • "
W --- M.14t8 • 1 Mo.devo•mited Io 6n
'~~to tNiL ~~B' ~ UtP~ } ~ ~.68
uv 19dt
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lrliSD FaVIVI:11"
fca al. by !In NY L .TER;tar4
- 7-11477 - I , CI R 441
. . JULY, Irises 1 leer
15 Tkansday — II 4 41 Ifs 914
16 Friday 442 729 941
17 Sae:nisi 444 788 IDI2
.111 Saida, .. ' 444 728 10 14
19 blenday 444 731 11 11
39 Tuesday 445 7%111 43 I first quait
21 Wednesday 445 72 51 morn.
rfirsita BOARD or TRADIr.
pvirliOCA. • JWO. lerlDEl l . I. LORENZ
28•46400a1s of I the Ocean Itessairs. •
Seamen. '')dtplalne. Levee Amer. Leave FAN? ,
Caleduet* QM Lao, July 19
June II
,oaunlA Me) Hewitt. Aug 4
July 4
Ilibenua,(l3r) , Syria, Aug 19 July 19
Cunt 1 , 6 4, 110 1/ ' Judkinu, Sept 4 /011 4
WAVlcut. (Am) ElevortL July 10
PlaludelpktAlPei Aug 13 laly 12
Mi..oon, MN
Ne look 11,1 Aug 31
Vept 13 July 31
g 1.2
Salon. (1N Sept 20 Au` 31
LILTIOT 10119.1081
London Joao 19 I Ham hoe 26
Live • • • •I ..... June 19
Steam Boat Packet Line, leaves daily for Cie.
clonal, 10 •. ■.
Panetneer Packet via Brownsville to Baltimore and
Philadelphia, 8 a. r and 6 e. N.
Canal Packet Line to Philadelphia, daily, 9 r.•.
Mail Coach Lisa direct to Philadelphia, 9 a.
. -
and 124 ar.
Western an/ Southern Mail Coach Line, 6 a.. n.
North Western eirrellivelarid, daily, 10 a. N.
Kris iSJ Western New Park, dolly, 9 A • C.
North Eastern to Philadelphia, daily, except Sun
dap., 4 A.. 1.
C.v.= Mail via Phlladelphia,dee. 3 A. M., closes
12 M. I
Western Mail, Cincinnati and Lonisrille, due 8 P
M., closes 5 A. M.
Southern Mail via Baltimore and Washiegton, due
8 P. M.,
doe 5 A. M.
North Western its Cleveland, doe 10 A. M., closes
9 A. M.
Erie and Western New Vork, duo 8 P. M., closes
BA. M. '
Orrice Firessintou Users - sr, t
Tuesday !doming, July al.
The weather, yesterday, was very wum and dry,
with but little peeped of rain. The riser mod at
about 2 kelt inches in channel, cad tailing slowly.
litosinese along the whirl was unite brisk in the
ficnopit. The receipts of pulse* were large, and
business generally through the city, seemed to have
raised considerably Uwe our lest report. Freights
are eery low, and we bear of ehiPmenu to Cumin
' nati at 15 cents per hundred.
Floor—The market yesterday was exceedingly
dull; and we were unable to obtain toy quotation:,
incepting in a small way. We heard of • sale of a
good luticle on Saturday, not mended in oar last
report, of 93 bbla at 54,60, winch was a higher price
than the same article would have commanded on
yesterday. Sales from store yesterday by the dray
load at $4,5304,05.
Whest—Sales from store yesterday at 85093 c p
bei no sale on contract to be shippeJ to the east,
at 51,10. Very little in markil.
conttszettl—But little doing in the article. We
quote sales at 450500 r ho.
Coro—Sales have occurred at 40045 c r be.
Cheese—We quote miles of 50 bus good at 64c
p lb—e common article was sold at Sfilt/ cents p
poued. . .
Bacon—Sales uf 8000 lbs hams, in ditlernt lour,
at 8488/c; and one sale of 10,1100 la hog nand, at
prices varying from 64 to 84. Market inactive.
Ord—We quote sale of p Ibis at Ble.
Linseed Oil—Sale from store of 30 bbls it Goc ivr
Metal—We quote cub sates of 1110 tons Mg me..
tal at $3O il. too. One lot of 53 ton bloom. at $
P' ton. _
Oats—Market well suppled. Sales since las
quotations of MO ha at 2.4 e r be.
riali—We Oath further sale' at prices unchangeil
boa last quotation.. Salmon 117—Mackerel, ir
3, 7,2.587,50—Penierg 6,25 . 1. bbl. I I
Fathers—Sala ysaretdry of '2O aka at 53:230c;
sr it,.
Sale of 530bbls Salt on the Canal, 105 e r net. hi
ahes—Market doll; sales yesterday of 5 ca e
Scorchinvi at 4041;3 do Pbtath at 4424/. Yra lip
ate quiet at 6;864, sad Salinaue at r.6. - -i 7c r
ib l
Sodas—Latest arrivals from the Won ladies
i i,
gin es the ialoreation that sugar matiag la i rft
drawing to a close. Is setae of the Wanda
amount made will fall a shade below, sad in otb ra
it will be above the leverage quantity.
In DOlllinie2,the weather has bees so eseeedi ly
dry 111140 iajure the young plants, and the man ity
of near will be far short of last year's return.
in f/renada, 520 Mal have already been mad
The crop id one has been good, although ali tly
inland by the dreg/ta t • . • !
Is Tobago, harbeen made as newel of al to
..%84 Mt& of sugar, and 2243 'puncheons of oto air
D, /ONES h. CO
In Trinidad, ii is' a:Petted' that rum 30 to 35 I it
hbds still hare been wade this year, winch it .'e
'tamest quaeuty ewer made in: the island. ,
Fans:a Lao Gnain.—The quanuty of F —r,
Wheat. Corn and Barley kit at the tide grater dn.
ring the second week in July, in the years 1846 ed
1847. is as Idlows:
riallf. Obis Wbeat,lau Cornba Bade lia
1807....19,560 158,891 333318 13311
1846..•. 83,873 68,717 46,701 l' s6° I
Inc, —45 'I.V. 91.74 na i. c 4751 ,
' - . '
, f
The aorregate quantatyal the sane eruct len
at the tide Inter Iran the einamencenteut of ki-
Tattoo to the 14th of July Inclusive, ie as toll i
ilrearkihls Wbest,bo Conk.' Bari ybo
'1847 1,797,731 1,983,138 1,085379 255350
1816 .1,148,196 451,654 643,035 118.427
100 553386 1531,484 4.,419.314 104,52
in 1889,:the Brat caw:tor wheat wu shipped rim
Chicago. The lOilowlog shows the . incense rim
that period: 1
Beef 414 Bre
Wheat Flfflar Work 111
842 ss6gcri 2,920 16.819 11,303
843 628 967 10,876 2.1,492 te..4,50
844 891 894 6,381 14,833 96,633
843 ' 953,830 13 le 13:169 2.1 6 616
846 ' 439390 "W 045 31,269 11„Be
LOCISTILLE, July 13—Flour is dol l at o r la.
quotations, bat famiy Floor is retailing at $ ,EO.—
Tobacco—The marketis still satire. 49 itbda weer
sold to day at the. highest prices of the season le:
vitalist qua lities—[news.
• Core xxxxx I, July l6—Floor—Sales 50 sod i
bbl. at $4;100 do at 3.95; 030 do is four lot. .t 3,
50 do at 3,90, del; 100 do at 3,95 clear.' I' 'vision.
A as of 115 bids country pkd bless:irk at
/MAS;SO do do, at 14,50, and 50 do prime at Ft.
UI Baton, 19 bbd. Shoolders were sold at 6 , pad'
bdo coseenoa Hams at Sc, hhds extra; .2 o • ems
Sager wiled do at. l 10c. A Sale at 1010 I rims
eared Smoked Beef at ge Whiskey—Sal sof '
bbls at 174 r, 154 do it 171 c; 103 do at VA ; 45
at Vie; 34 sad 51 do at 13c.—Guette.
tatrowrs BY awing..
WF.I2...SVILLE—Per Wellnille-1 6 n , a l wool,
L S Waterman -10 do, 54 tin, 3 bbl. glare ware,
Aln Bingham, 20 hlf Osseo's, Bailey, &o no & co
—2 Backs beaten, Canon & McKnight-197 sacks
wool, Bioghuo- 1 cab bacoo,r & c0....3 do do,
Jordan & Soo-4 kg. eggs. 1 1 leather, IStero,
9 Wlo paper, Guette-53 .b ' wool, Wic & Mc.
Candleso-2 aka bacon. 37 dos broom, J ,May-19
eke wool, A Beelen- 50 As do. F. Graff d.t bbd, 1
bs, 2pa bows. Jord in & Son—iB7 bbb Mon
Grall-14 bbl. do, I lot flu 2 akirags, .1 Black &
co-5 kca oil weal. SlWrie-- 3 an woo . Ripley'
g = Smith-9 bbl. Sour, S•• W Harbangto-4cab d
peaes, R Daludl. j '
SUNFISH—Per Rhode Island-0 Wok tobacco,
D Leech & co-46 hbda do J'A Roe-1 , hit& de,
R DAUB & co-6 hhds do, 19 aka wool Bingham
S Ulla paper, Hooter & Bates. • . i
CINVIND ATl—Per Comet-40 hhda bacon. Jor
dan & 50e149 bhla whiney, R Bell-1 boo, Ito
bacon, Cleadnoing-30 an wool, Butler & Bro-3
sks do, Morgan & co. .
'Per Dover-1121uin wool, H Grall—f r. 2o bollalo
robe., A 134414.-1° bbl. Sou,, Jordan ' S°6-25
lors OIL, Vaskirk. . I
LOUISVILLE—Per Lady Bunn -1 n lodge, J
• W Black-41 hbds tobacco, Forsyth
feathers, 7 bbl. lord, 1 hlf bbl do, Ca n & Mc.
BEAVER—Per Arena-135 boo clic ;
tilar,Oltoer aboard.
F•er Arrow-6 can benching., 3 inkwells.,
I. S Waterton —3 undo, S bleClork4o=-5 do ea,
R Dalsell- 3 ski Ilas, 9 bits, 2 kegs oll b topper, J 6
I .
Peny- 5 obis penlaah..l Cooper-200 lo doer, S
Wightmao & co-14 hhda tobacco, 0 annols
dos novel handle., Day & Crofts-21 ha oau, 41
Has daarkg' Voo Bosabond.-1 24 no o, H Gni
14 ktbds cco, 61 Aliso & co-3 p o tash, 1
cab ialeratoa, Spug 3r.. co.
Per heel 'b.t Old Sam--1,500 pen Storm ware
ownet abur• .
whiney,'SAFalkers4 toss meul, L.
crr' ,ll halls iron, E Evan-1 lots
Baltimore. 9
GLASGOW PACKIET, Glasgow , r. ■,
WELLSVILLE, W* lll ' ll 4o
RIO GRANDE, Umlaute.
MT vERNON, Ciaelassu.
SWALLOW,Ciseisaa l .
CoLI. 80.16101. Beenandrille.
Lcdia Nelda& BenneXi; Brownsville
Camden, HowieMoir, blqierrport.
Caleb Cope, Sidles, Glasgow.
el/Salivate. Catlett. Welahlic
Umpire, round, Beaver. •
Arena, Goa, Hearer. 1
/Urine, Atkinson, Beam.
terreth, Nelaan. N oe. City.,
.Vr tIIOW, dam C
, o,
Atary Ann. Duncan. Cincinnati.
Cndet. Boyd, Cin. •
Friendehip, Dans, Cia
inva Chief, Moen, 'Judaea' , '
(lineal. Borman. Brownsville.
Lisps McLane, Bennett, Broarnuille.
Monterey, Woodward. Browneville.
Caleb Cop,Sholes. Glasgow.,
Arena. Golf. Beaver. ,
Canaan, Hendrick s on, McKeesport,
Blellsell le. Catlett. Wellsville.
Umpire, Yout, Beaver.
Pilo Alto, McDonald,Cin.
Ameriure Gherty.
Ban Rush, Hunter: Louisville.
Dispatch, Nelson, Brownwrille.
FOR Tarr EAVLT iSTF. 111A1,..--.'s
I Tba amamboat DETROIT. Ciit, 11.
Cottrell. swill commence mooing to
n Detroit j. sod the
th e g att e lt;
i tnpa datin_the remainder of Me
• n, leaving Detrod every Teesdsy at 2 o'clock, Y.
a Detroit Mona year old, has • powerful tom pees.
*or en i girm.and is swell adapted to dm Pauly Made.
/ or veleta or Pasvage apply on board, or us .
• C DRADBURN & CO, Cleveland
J N ELBF.RT, Detroit
ml34m P W LAWPON, v
The elegem alelr
-11 l leeTe a •bove
M le
Sntne/13, matter, leave u.
Wednettlay mottling, at 10 o'cloct
pcktaat apply on Nand. /YlO
'n WOW
. inNABNON ,
hi. MOlniirt:ro.l72ol7.lof"trZ
ma n e.r . ..P.PlToribaud. _.. •:._______ il'l'D
The munificent meaner
Wilmot, master; will leave as alum
this morning, Cl lOo'clock. For freight
rummy., OPP 7 .. hoard. JY IS
maim moeolw
1 ,
Mill::: i tl l l 'i r, D L ' frealleCieNatc oboe e on
lI iO o'clock. For
` , tight or Pnamge apply ou board. HA
The munifieent packet
AMCrtioks, master, will Imee as above on
Timulai =victim', July 510th , at toteelk,
•. at. For freight Of parnips appl es r OD
mud. ,
-- _ —_
The MU I gg iaaN DE,
Cimnolly, mum,, Will itIvIO as above
is morning, Jaly SOM. at 10 .elect,
0 la .11. For freight or paMnge .SPIT onboard. HO
Rogge MltgaMseketblargla mindllisaimereelle
Tim new aitil i M c il r om j jrat aeamer
James F. Boyd, maw., will runes •
1 1
me e. Ilavi;ge p acket, up sad
I famished m superior wyle, the y Comet tilers dot finest
aernounodatioo• to pa...enea She will leave on
Monday, Jai) , SM, at erielock, P. M.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
_iY 3 j WILKINS, Alt
Relpalse Beaver eyed Claw! , Packet.
The new and ton filarisng steamboat
Shale., roaster, built aapressl.l for dos
trade, will run as • Mai. Packet ti•
Beaver sad Glaspoer—leaving Pitts
burgh daily at 3 o'clock, e. a. and running ID IllaProvr,
(womb of candy and Beaver CautaLi on Monday, Wed
nesday. and Friday.
For freight or passage to Bearer. New Lobo., or the
men. West and Norther New Llsbom, apply en board
or to jeS /3 it W BAR/MU/311. 51 wood street
Ta m e .7, doubleME A te a aweengrer
IDratialtonly 13 ineh..l
Capb Cog, arilllt.• on ody, the
Inh int., at 4 'clok. a4l t far
Ciewinnati and Intermediate ports atul will pertorta
regularly doting the low WIWI' seam.
For Neigh, or
apoly on board . le4
The new and slendid steamer
Woodward. trtaster,mhleuva as above
regularly ifirouphour the Oran.. For
feaght or pawage apply no board
The See and mooch light drarwlo
nurser TRIUMPH,
Caffrey, mover, will Ware as above
regularly Mroagbout Om wawa. For
freight or pomp apply rm bawd
The new and endid newsier
Lyons, mister, was hails ezpiemly
for Ws nada m,d will leave. rein
tarty daring the wawa HIT r r l r !Te
will be adronised hereafter.
- - --
Tao norre,kitit dmadd sod fast ma
niac steamer SHARMA,
Crosier, master. will ma as a regolar
act between Pituborab end Lon.
vine, daring tbesearon• trim leaves on Thursday ere.
ping May 6th. at 4 o'clock.
Far Isemblar pasiareenlap my
hoavi. S
FOR iANmiu.e.
'The light draught and fur running
steamboat • RINGO CHIEF,
Room, mister, Win ply as a nrgalar
tot between this place and Zanes.
villa. For fre4lttor pare *POT_ 00 board cr to
ED MI sTRNRR R. • Akt.
riltammial sad mo lds rsallusta,
me new •nd toe sltaaser
iilatEbbert t MA', tam renamed her rat
alar rr/pa and sermonic riarbargb
as above earn! Ttlaraiay and. Ron
day as 3 o'clock, P. M. For frrighl or paaaaga g g ly
on board.
Mt, The Stem.
Same Itatillt,resstetnll eoeumeacv
ramming as a regular packet about*.
10th WIL, karma Plarbargh evert
MoutlayWededay ea Fraley. at 10 o'clock, A. M.
leaving Wheeling every Teerday,Tkaralzy sad Sam
,day, at a *Mock, A. 14. For freight, or passage apply
U . I ols board. Janie
1 The splendid and fast =mg goal
ptala U W n, commence
sting as above, on the td day al
Easel:, leas ins Pittabargh every
Tuesday, Thursday and Nataiday, at 10 *'Jock. A. Id.;
and leaving Wheeling every Idpaday, Wedncsday and
Friday, at 9 o'clock, A M.
The New England has hoen bought expressly Or the
trade, and mill:all raganirly asabove. Far freight* ,
pnletr"l" W."
The neT w i a r naillittuiii:ime
co jat 0. N. Stevens, ouster, leaves Pia.
lh \
brush every hlooday, wednetday
1 and. Ft iday at 3 o'clock, P.M., leaves
Steubenville every Tuesday, nasality ..ISairaday
us s i c, A. M. For freight al - passage aPPIT en
ward. nal!
g T" ""Trill'AT on.
N• 1••• mAst•r, will ran as •bove, 4 •
do Ing stnargb cre7T blocrd•T, %T• d
otaday and Fttdayi up o'eleek, A. 51., sad Aloanni a
bets City vary Taes4.l.Tharsday and Satarday. E
o'clock, A.M. For fist& palsage apply on bor
11 25
Allegleeety tilvor Trade.
The fine and Net Stembeet
610 •1111. 0W ..1=1. Alkill•On,.
•nll cootie
at to run u s Regale( Packet do
sing the *eaten between Pittsburgh
and Franklin. For freight or pao,age apply on board.
TM elegant and hut Packet
jailltealhoon, mute. will lent as *We
Malady thwagbeat the wawa. Ft
ftslittsteha_a! geppy on haunt. myl2
INLegalar Plitsendi tk e and Zaisen. Isle.
mitTIIE behmlnNM/AWS,meht *arner
Bald, Nester, will make weekly mpg
11 . :m_riutTvy, Alma
nerd ale; r ar nise
a i Capt. John F. Rays; wOr
a coeonnerloce.
her trim to the abo ,
Monday. Vth lottont, at IU o
41. Y. For trtighl or pusage Imply bo.d . .
1.1617 BUTLKR Ik. 0, Ad.
7be one ' MtA r rtazt ic Pu . eh et
- C. C. l =met, War built 4. l•
prewl fist this trade, and will wale
dattV trips daring the season, lentils
rowboat, rem worningat 9 o'clock, and Wellsville
even evening at 3 o'clock The W. to farniabed anth
even patent magnetic I.7ater (Nage." For Milo
Agegetril:ant is constantly at the Pittsburgh
ad to receive freight, and the agent always on ,tlt•
spot, A MeBANE, Ascot:
'DORT WIN MI-33 bbto Pon Wines. conolotiter
.1 - of single, doable and troblooGrape,..lbr sale tale ,
o attre . :.lnlne store'"VY f .IACOI3 MIEhkE6
Many of tbe above Map I eanlootly reasonnend foe
Methanol asea Teel are ao
the United Skates.and arm sateemd polymath ,
mocks of the istmotteto from einem 01 fact
e-2 WI.
• I t Jews &
11, Church &
fiIICIIESIKAISX.--.tate pablished • work emitted
• tiewd‘sh SPtots." • case of sisals with the
world; from the Gamin of IL Werne
ot rgv•
Log an accoant of the ease of a seennambalist, n en.
like that of the Seeress pf Prevost. At the ores. ,
nate this work twill be read with mach avidity.
reesale by W. S. CALI:MIMI,
1!17 Pea offieeesikilark
PA(lelvbis sod
a. N. and 3
Vl7 sUlttati The troy's Soseser Seek'
13 Sewall,* of the smelt, seeseryortral liferebtl
ottastry sotaresterns; by Th.. Milks, reiii Ihnty els
f ie. Jost reserved st the Book and Stationery
Jyl.3 • JOHNt"TOCISTarf
Moro% illpsusted. lima rer Igor uale
, _1115T 01.4 _ 9TOCIW. N
5 - 4 Win awe;
r for b , . 103 L 9 W ATKRMAN
Dagsssrurousik SAII43OAD .COMPA.
NY-IWIICE 10 CONTRAaltuf pro
poi!. bwitieired CTURS—Ve July IS,
theßotOughof Henitburgis and until 111VIII0).V1
July TS lath', City of TitoPtorh, at In loe U, A , SI t
Mu °Rcca! the gi mess, for the grudiregard tatnutiti
upon dyne man ot the Teansytt anis Railroad, cs•
outditur Wert frt. ItutrisLutg.and 6llers:lmila of; soul
Railroad ertendiug Zest trout Pitutturgh. The grading
will include very heavy sulk, and the unworn of Ma
loony. including the Pieris and Abutoseett of the !Ridge
aeraar ihsftvluehnunut I of :ength. %rid be
unusually huge Plans and vprelScutioas of the work
ea. be .en at the Etlgintf care in etch .plaCe, let
ten dayv prevutur to the time appototed toe receiving
the bldg. Any further inforrnanone en he bad upon sin
plicatiou the Chin; or Assoc lute Engine,.
COIdPRACTUEIS-!-Scaled Prop Oral. will be've
-1 exteed it the office of the Pittsburgh and Cleveland
Railroad Company. to Wellmille.Chat;anul ,
A. M., of the P7.h osy of Ju1y.1617: for the grading:
bridging, and preparing for the soperstructare si i f that
portion of the Ime,between IVellmille and WC/mke...
mill, PD mile.. Plans and specification. may be riam•
tired et the office of the Oammany, at any time from the
likb to the :nth July. Contract , will be let to the low
est bidders A further letting of that portion or the line,
from Diguilken's mill. ero.stng the Sandy and Bearer
Canal, and eawadint on the New Linbol2 and Canton.
road In the direction of Cleveland, will lake place early
in September. By order of tbe k
Board ol.F.rr.f Director..
0 CA
MM (wile': of the Cleveland and Pituootßa
Rail goad Company . ..
Weativiata, June 19, ISt , —An t
tnent of ten per cent Ulla intr k e 4, l l , ° , , l ;
. the enbteriPnon th . :
lte4Folre. lat da
el m A
.an_davar 8.9,1r:Av
will lo Jolt Gt L1.f.k : a ‘ n r. d r !::1 1 1,',.,,,,, 1.
Robertoon &Co s corner of Srd _ a
Wellsedle, to Jas. Alfa.
A Bt , *ge r ,. rg ,.n„
'L T
Cesar Hellen* Galilee, &bratty & Zamora' Claesmal
dos attaa the Pig. with directions forsoiling rotk und
curing Bacon and llama. tilecrated with engravings
drawn hold life. by Wm. Harvey, Erg. •
Weee of the Queens of England. from be 'Norman
Conquest, with annotator of thew Coorir,&e . by Ag' es
A Treatise on the Law of Contracts and rights anti
liabilities P.O Connacht, by C Addsron, Erg et the
Inner Temple, Manistee at haw.
Select Surgical Works of Sir Benj. Brodie,cortaining
Chemical Lectures on Sesgery, and nwrgical Olitterno
dons on diseases of the Joint,
The Life and Religions Opiumnr of Madame de, la
History of the Conquest of Peru with • preMmtnary
of the Ginn:num of the locos, by Wm. Preece.
History Of England, No.
Josephut, • new tratielalmi with Mies, explenstiory
earays,Le N 0.2. Harper k Brother r
Oeorge,or the Planter. of the Isle of France, by
Alexander Dumas. 104
TIM? received by ,HHIN MELLOR, N 0.191 Wood
Negro ALlodies.
Slaty Blaney' Jim Crack Corn, Who dat
de Door'' Dandy Jim; Rote of Alabama; Cynthia htlei•
Sing Maths Sing; Guinea Nast.
Newt cad Popular S cam t sr Sapp:
Will yea Mena to my hlounthat Home; Mr ;sue o m
side the Window; The Ursa, of BoMparte;
that Tree; Molly Bowe; Ile tomb all tongs well;
The Fairy Roy; the Fain Hells; 'Tie !tat:vett Hour.
Lamle , . Wild lion'; The nipples . FestorabtA change
in the thongs I love; ome,Olt come along will &Rift.
Spangled Dinner, nrot la my Home; There's no Home
like my own; Nary of Argyle; Flow Gently Street A..
ton; My Race Hoare. Mien Stare are in Mt quiet
Flow on then.Shoung Weer"; Evening Star Walt.;
N York Serenading waltz; Lore not Qatek at Bird
wattm Hers Quick Step, Strophic allopade; Fr.'.
Highland March; Golden drop Waltz; Haden Haden
Polka; Watheso waltzes; Ilalits Llaick Step, tits.l.ol.
tree wall& Venation. to La Parisienne.hy Houten,
I:levitation a la anise, by Weber; Varuntot. t ra m
Bounce di tender, by D rover r ey; Air Alientand. rms.
taus by Hymen, Swim Boy .vanatton. by Caen
art Daelh,Timiatione from the 'Swim Family, tiy
fontrumma Reek. les Pis. Fat..
Iluntea's, Boritmoller'si_Carem Hamilton's; Willie:.
Howes; Fluatinelthr.A..2. . Jr. Canteen., &M. 'AIMS.
-- ; L. Toorwsend: To all wk. this coy ....-Thnie
VINIE .WINIta AND 'IRANI:AV.-TM. 1..* of , dun
k . that any wife toed one book of ' , ow Sartemnik
l' good pure \y, es nod BrandireAlar twined to call . m. to ber .nfineriont, under the most akendag nod 1
and riato.e
to home stock now loam,. land ~.thor in &knee Oreille..., 1.1.C61.1.1111 lb. drory, .Id
•..1 bottles. , 005 , uiag of- 4, 05 . of Ow feet, err.. onion, and ecry morn drlulda-
WIN Eta-Choice old poem , ..; with my peressalkm, the recouningendmi m
of th aw
". Do Modetra•. ' who had owe it, do was induced oo Wy It with Wile or no
ttheniri. Soda, and sta. it to say, the medicine had 11,A loippy and
• Do 1 enenfho. . doired aka, not only in the fours of egmfoemea, but an d
• Do Lisbon,
shoes...non of o. weak of its we, the Mop., sde r .ti
Do Fayabi, . mt.. ado.. gave wey to an astonishing &me.,
Do Mali..., i berth it now Law th. at had be. for • tune pre-
Do Gerannfoithiitoedote d ` ..4 , Oa°.
M.E.J.1.1 1.1.15 in tskt an./ •14 • If rho will be of any •Crfbet to yOfq or any one lobo
turanniptto-orgi enitethseark, " doubts the moment the sorekno, yam tom ...My wrleme
Ifo Ite.gtotte. dot to It
Do P. net Ca • Union. dot , I ...toenhe ;myself your man obedirotand obliged fem.,.
Do J) Donny do. 5 5 Jomern.
I. Chard. e;
, Do ... Iron. pale: ! TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIF-a.
Do ,Wets; of dyrf.... , ...z0. Tan Emmet of Saneparilla hes be. espr.sly prepared
gm)... 1035 lo real" and'lll I in reinsure a. female oomph.. No Werner who ha. ne.
It mil afford me aura Meese. to thew aampek of t sou komp.:Jae keep...bine that a ne nt peried" The
the above Wu.* and
qunso tot.. who may Swot I, giro of ilk, ' Mould neglect in, labs at it it • kettnio
me with • rial at guy Wine cellar or L,,quor So. ~ prTT(UIn for any of the nnwro. and ..ably dime.. to .
r red ' • Lich females me 'object so Joie one of Ithe. .Thie teriod '
412 eor sin.;;;Seld and front ~• i may be delayed for emend years by using damned.. Nor i
f i ROCERIKa 000.. s. O. .., •te it l ea ral.hie Q t 's why WV approaching wom.lind,
kJ :AO 1,01. N 0 ti0'.....e.. yk, • es.mbaled . WWI' by umekrume the blood 1
40 '' Loaf ?upon, sad ..m.relsug the system ludend, i n .,. totdo , ..e . ~,...I. ;
uake for all of she delarate io. to whi,. ad.° a.
3.23 bap dark anon Ito Code, ,
10 censors! A' loth.. . tab) rt.
I bbd. Orebro 'Madder; i It braces the whole .)ram. renews permanently die esta
te° bee Totoc.,.roo•
Hie: .1 georgics-by reamerog 1.1.. impugn. of the body-sia
kohl( c
0. P.. Y. II and Hie Teem w, far sinmestang the mew= to. on produce • ...quoit re
bantioe whkh Laths moor coot taken tor Souk
100 • and 13 lb boars C. I' and Y 11. Tea .., ' ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ~....
50 btils N. C. Tar,
SO 'I R..; i --.
SO ° Pitch,
:Able Roo.. I Toot who have pole cound.ionr, dun ryes, tioiehes on the
PO "en M.A.: C•rt.l.l. . . ' fa., thogh thin, or (mike, and are ' oil of eirif in.'. tor
a Wale or two cf Ur Too meads & i mpolite. It wall
50 .' Clay Pthe.
, l char. your blood, ottoote ao freckles and Mulches, a.d
Telletlot with ...mei mat, o l l e"at 'lli Unlaa".. I gitt you your el. fine open; and beautiful
tokom end Son took On nerametealding . ,1 . .ena...r.!1 r y ..‘. : compketion-all of which are of immense valet to own.-
1 6 Reams Asooned Olared Sled ma. 1022 h
gag= iNo livid or tordicineiarrr.PrL4k, disenered which so
JW do New. PoM.
SO do do do ottg . wady resenolda thy pate juice of "lien in Mo.:posing
40 do do do 34e32, - kneed die ferns of digestion, 53 tho prep.
20 do do do .Ilth ration of Seisapselia.
So do do do 2103.1, ..„ .„ .
al do do 4LI ' ttr . . l; , . 1 . 0. T....... 1.• ...-1 Lee been slaked Mr en real
O. h Demerara -, nom.. 3:23, . 1 1. 1.40
is do Fine Book.,
40 de, do ,do 0 , g1 4, owtowith diem.. igi it. woro forms, an, Weil with way 1
10 do do do , 24 gq*, nee of stomach, los of . sprain, <ahem heardroraj and a
SS do Assented Colors. t o r ytt. , peat aversion to all katod. of fod, and for •reka (Mot 1
14 do do do 2403 k could ray 1 have bon unable to condo but a moan don.
II do Yotiow dlediorn, surf/A ,mf el ethotadi. 1 toted the toad talaabta, that they bad
On baud and - fen sale by JOHN H MIELLaIR . , tut little of. no Ohm in reaming the complain- Iwo he
No a W°''"''''''' ' d'l" b 7Y - ',..'7: 6 ".Trilure le rm F' tf i gr ' .l l!..
.1..7 _ . 1) i ... A"r! and F ' " "" 0.1 - rear ' 4 4 n o Zile . Ifn.d my appeite. , rel, ood r ill
- 0 eflEidlite HATarng. ' I h Ahern entirely removed..d 1 weld woody re..
between Wood ad .VarketWl , °notate 1 :L i at ,„,„. 0 , ~ „,, ~,,,„ ~,,,,,, ~.... b .,,, ~,B kth„ , . , ~,...
. .Val. Larimerd Fechrge 'Office. I been. Youra,4.e., W. W. Tao ZANtrr.
tr lig undersigned is prepared fro a.cogroodate sub- I ACLE.Seroldand.
1 Krlbers, and He Anne grnerally, with a eclieloo. i .570 ?-1, "3 ALMOST d MIRACLE
bath. Hiv new estsblisbutent nein be open to- ay. pro. Be. the Stlkotelgt ad_ doohl
. i lf Tm moo the ....y.
aided with every thlbs necersai to lender bathing a boo.estoodi.m.emsda,.l no lf 0% t for Ltt i s , esemlbmolred
h lifAIT gird SULPHUR PATHS prepared if required Dr Temelmintlad Sir • I on. oket. • fiOle inee •
The above eatehlinhinent i. fied
roof and
is an subsea new mr ago, with a gagers esolb mid i pain in my Ude. It be
,plart, being 'festinated from beroof arid ther creamed cm ner very .dead. lns ik by
jt cog/dent that the improvements ennebincd contribute nylons tot's• the qgiels cansmartron nese I. ou fi a:..
ID realer this establishment Ille most emafortable One buss of bed f.der, bad nag. see., sod nuking vary
yaw id thaelty. lyilliffen II VASIION my honor mid be .old do oodung for ow. I went into dm
ECLIPSE oTIPirO OAT LINE," Itotpital itlhOpOof being benellted, but was pronounced there
DETWIMI BROWNSVILLE AND CUMBER- rrb,,,.%,,,,,,-r...Yr.cni_q----_,,L,dt,,-“,„:,,4
. LAND, la now ra.log daily earh wa caerying . dt ,.... ~,,,,,,,d ; .„ be,obb„, to hoe .
7 1210 lbs uf Goo. and Produce between above ponds ' ... 0b 4,, . ~,,y . ,,, y ~„,,,,Sj P , 7,,, ..,,io. lle
iderel.dsse from tbo East a delivered . Pitutiongh on I
I woutd do justice to an caw, I eras sea by myirri.dt
the night of the third day front Candtelland-making ,top, ~.,,,,,,,,,c , .. 1 1.4 t,..,,,,,,,,,,,,0r ~,
thi. ti......1..editi0. mac 6.... grtung out G oo dss - ..,,,,,,,,,,,, yy y„,.,. no p „,,,,,,, y a ~,,,,,,,,,, ;,.,,,,., ~.-;
ftedatba Eastern in.. I trwinlioary cur. perfonaed hy your medicine. and to tell
The WU in Baltimore er di v. a ',mend . to time
you the truth, I sintected there was souse humbug in them
.nd °°.‘" llut I was induced to try It , I did so, end am very nmithful
Thn only Agents are J C BIDWELL. PllUblollb I ~, , , ...., „, tt .., i ~,,,,,,i,,,,,,, ~,,.... 6 ,
0111c1CVA'Itr\II/s trOUIREITGioId lii"ia,lia,l: fe ‘L' a L, tk"::"Lybu.'"*“ .... / d hi....P",,t Ante
.161120 , 3 n HogiNsor:i , u.w . l'"" . atm! night sum base left ow, and rake but very little, one
A ORIOULTURAL and Horticiih.V.l' Iroplemeide ‘,„, kg pipir, .y 131031 strength. I felt it a duty to gi.
ri. for the seam.- you • statemeed of my cue, to publith if you please.
Corn Ploogh ' Prima 8K.., 47 Link st, Brooklyn.
- .
Grata .d Grow Scythes;
Socaibe nod Coed es,• opinions of Physician.
Scythes Stones and Rifles; Dr T01f0,1.111 is ahnosldaily necking order. ham phy
Hoes, Rake', Sodden, Shovels,. ' meims in different yorts of the Union.
Punting and Cloning doom nod Knives; This le to ramify th at me, the .dersigued, Playticins of
'Badding goiven, Flower Scissor.: . the City of Albany, have in Manerint , eons procrthed Dr.
Ph.; 11 2 t ifillea.l3 rasa tehrore ar. I Townsend's Sanapoilla,.d belie. it lobe one of the soot
3 ' r di ..PI"Y on red ii•lV.,,tpic' ~.,,,A, I talon Ale perpostion. of do. ~..rpitlt: market.
Solff corner of wood and oreerk I j J %Vinson, 20,
Wdrallaletvii lialtlibilllAlAGlll.-A• lac ;17
R IS 8a1005,111 tb
son ban now commenced for tio•log ks the 1 Albany, April I, 11341. P EEtsagoota, so. •
submittal beg leave again to roll l lro anent:on of i ----
brickmoken and others to this seri, NI machine.- This it' to certify that wc, the .dcroired, practicial
We sell warrant it equal ir To eaperior to any other Thom.nion Ithylicians of the City of Altany have Prom...
Ilnek Prers, .flee tam price now in Of e. ly mtecribed Dr Townsend'. Conot.:d T ..... of r,. s
IYo hove a ostrober of certificate, of thrikperfor. wills, and from lb known 4 .fittrs, sou d recocrunaul eto
ancey which occupy too much
edveruning, OM the public kr = work', ...heals, and .there ammo= du
cats bei WM tit wit *Mee. - cote., in {inference to any of the advertised ratotdies now in
BtiCktooker•nr! ....Holly Inotted to give as a call ow, A W Reesam.,7 0,
We wild give OW awn guilflaaCC for the terformancr Alb.y April 2,1E44_ Wm 11 STA.-ran, TC.
of the Pre.. .Slue or County Tie. for sale Prim&sdoMmi 11l Falk. ot, Pun Building. N I% a.a.•
JOHN McFADF.N &CO diug* Bode st Boston; Dr Drool 4.20na 132Se:ell, See
it.iirp..coon.a.l tn.. k. fleartal_ .d st Philedelphim S S Fluse , e , , &Ur ~ ,1 1, , a1ore . 71 ., by
en principal drowns generally aro. , g ing e t o il e dea,
THE sultocribew kw toot re celved and rr••• 1.4i.....a 6 . c..da •
on hand, the handeorneat lot of Ramon ; Neer ~........,....rt.,%„....1,,L.,,e,.,11—,,...,L1::,
and N. York Pianos ever offered brie.
I 'firP couam
TOW STAND, and farm. blown . the Arr.— .
A..,,, , , it, reel- From the New Vont Daily Eamon of April 9,141.
One elegant Rosewood Plana rood, II Nod.. it. ..... _. ~,...,. ~.._. it ~,,,
clit. Y glir,r= '; '' it,..:.`j TgLrngri'dtt,, doAor=r.r.g 00t.,=.g..41, E.I.Z or 1), 7 r......1
Thi: l ii .‘ ~. ,ore,ti for h tbe •ol.ncribor, by The ehde Mtn , . fd "P 1. 4 t. da ' r a'a ° a 'h . ... l a '
MinrhiCb. f?ekroVy7.l'llro'drePerimf""'e'ran7cd. '''
r'''s rhen.Vrolhr wdrrloP:inTodld'rglWisterearin7etokbh:'VuoadraTide:
One eleoant dioemer Rommel Pone; by Nunns k .edl ena- . la Btolaltol• Wa Haas IhO "Pladooitl k
Clerk, N. Y.
may we Wk. this estact of the Sanapaella drone. the
h '1 it Inn weak..
Besides several others of various .yioo and Melee, i, 10 Y E nd IM'a - " 1 - • .
with ond without Colernon'e patent teoltan annehment. 1 ....
ISIWPOIM Debility.
for sem at All lowest eastern rriominiLcomit New Tong, Much 27, toff
N. 11. The palibe are re. p‘olc‘rilly7uvilee'dBflo''chbrdll o o l nd I ;
a„,„•Dr":•lT,l'Fb:fr,,,,,,tlre% 1,.,,A1t,100.::.it0,d0:"C,1f thi.:,,Z,..'h,tEltriditotrirtki "a...1:U.:.
''''!.._'!"----- ,------- - '---- 1 knout. gm to doubt by the continual heat and rota to whir;
IIAYDEI I tan abort task
Ss CO ALE. , IMA oubjert to in my businits. as a dyer. ILI. taken otter
FLOUR, PRODUCE. AND IJENERAL CHM 31 1 ,- i medicine'', ton , numerous to oontion, but wtth link ern...
SIGN MERCHANTS. , c.o. losoloduad loy r7`pork
11.. 10, liinlili.s IN hart, Baltimore. ,,f tour Sarsaparil'a, f ro.noc Ifound gree h rebef, I ha.
0 Kt talethoar Fr. rt: ..a.: Ma
n'il' :Xi e'i:. d g
eF fernry , . I . i t i'' ':,:re, 0 1..:rn:e1 ' j e t. 16 1 1. roar a itaTelartre w part7ll, Ty
the Haltimma IR ark. and from thel r extensive sequins , ..,..,1 I v s. • different oar gtogrther .1,,,,
mace among purchasers and thiPlorre, can safely war. i 1 hoe aro year Br. I Itio! now • brat appetite
fool SilfbleY 1.10.
of will con.laittly i ... it en rny bed My wife h as take, it with thename beanfl
be pt ket advise
of the state of the Starkets, A r , , ciall re.lts I would nemomend oas • Cosily node..
TO.-Mt.M. Wm Wtleon k eons. Lane Rey- , rrotrally, sad Tool moo.. that If waned there wou. not
nerds i Soo, David.. In Sounders, Reynolds A. Sinttli. ' le half the deka. there ia. and e•mourstitly not2o
. many
Kiosk. Cdroyt Bodo.. • . • '. Doctor's bills for while it restore + appetite, it al gins to
2 inMer. Ca dwell A. Engl , h , Philadelphia . the stwomli eed bond. their orr sole` keep. the blood
H.gorny, Drord , r A Jones; New t Toch. Tort . . 'to • healthy state,. that disease ; .re nt kely to snack the
Ikhoo o to Janet'', 19.17. - ' ''11. ,, C. , ' worn,
T A Ad to are 0 , ..1 in aralthystow,l my
PASCAL IROTC WORKS, 1 I 'T D "'""" i" 'r""T:',....F.r., 70 60. st.
---. • I
Welded Wroairhl Iran Floss. . :Caniorin the Month.
SUITABLE for Locomotive, rilarinc,•Ad oth er mann ,
Ent , . Wilt , 8, from 2 to 6 inc..' Olmsted... Also 1 ~,t or, o , ..ilbt toe tot, th e boot of th0,...d. o p ,1,,,,,,,, _.
' Below i. an webunt of mother child weed. Dr Tommend'a
g. r° 7 Om Met..
Ming Ponnuggi6l,. rumps The 6 Ilowiog certif. , e i. olected from • greet numb.
Tube kr Urdraul lc Premien, Hollow Pelona for rumps ~,,,...t„d ~,y,.,,,..
of Steam Engin., &C. I liaw Tong, April 2, 1011.
Idarnaktelsteed and for .lobl
Waveform. S. E. corner Tls ' A ird BK an E d B lelt.nlinutOß.RrclS'el '' l
suko.l:,"..,rrt C.m.%:),,....':.°.1.,,,,:°',41k,0.'11'1m0ti0nitam11h'..'"A'27”"1:17:7L1:'
IL.adeshio ' ."7 ' racellen medicine, sod it it directly, foe IM. 1 eu ,
1-11Yi-ElThll TONIC.--A Der going this mtiele ant swore you 1 firellegi greed, Irmov rely,
sl trial we aohmitatingly prone.. It robe what It mile. A.l.ti•nrrti FoalAß, Or Drama? t.
" -ll* b*4 n"kk. a... 1 ..7 ...Pa., I" no. led.. Tor sale by 11 E SELLER., berm, N 057 k ...I
fostorationood prwrredlou of roe brown Lair. We know between END 4th sty, who has been appointed by Dr
of ansaiona instances where hair km ...rstored to heads rlWNsuk Ag.t Ine Alltetheity co. yeAtteelyli
which M... bald Mr yews sod wie think wecannot do .
Anat•Afe•Cir than to recontstiand to an our readers wbo ao ,
latiag their balobba maim a
of tau Tonic a n.
Booboos MO-
For mk in Fittdoorgh et the Peskin T. Stone, No 72
Foarthetrocar Wood -
_• - wor3dkur!
11 - 1 — :011 1 7Z.
riniTmerbegfer=Farorrro, Der Rook of
giLtOodjor stub ot.mlrA " gar ' , Ch..." ' will
sin ibm .kiTtg rivileps, or le &mood ex ' grdient.
.111 ask lobo Incorporated so a new Bank.
by order of Loud Dieeetant. •
/oinlorrNot TII ONIHIN LL. Coabirr.
EIZtIILY "LAR N.. lats, oP eoPeiool 7 far
r fhour no. 710 Wed each Jor—for ogle by
~i~DlChi, ~.~-...~_
abdrziwwr.ry Medicine in ties World
This eland Is pur47. , Muth bothee st to in tor.+ cheap.
er, pleasinuer,thd warranted sopetior any sold. earn
disrtle without soss'tae,. purging, thane's or d'
bitilatiag the pulmat.
Th. gnat beauty and superiority of this Smut. ilts ars,
all other bledimas is, whilst it tradicthrs Dithata it 'naive
nth the Body. It Is no. of the my bed KPRCNO A - ND
STJAIMEICREDICINEff mot harem, it taw only purifies
the while ardent and strengtheos the pantos, but it Genie,
lino, Pura and Sieb Blood, power powered by De o th er
Medicine. Arid in this lies the grand went edits wonderful
suthers. It has performed ;within the past two yearadoore
than 35,000 cures of Seethe Cans of Death; al least 5 000
of these wcre co.:widen - 4 ineurable. More th an
.1,000 cases of Chnouic Rheumatism
W 0 eases of Dppepriak
400 MAN of General Debility and Want of Energy :
7,000 caws of different an Cothilaithr :
4,400 n 0... of ficrothla;
1,500..... m. Liver Complaint
,tomtame of Discos of the Kidney and Droyuy ,
ram of Coanisuptioa,
dead ildsmands of eases of Diem , of the Blood vie: Cloth,
Ermipalas, Salt Rheum, Pimples au the Fare, las., to To
gether with ousters= 'roma of Slob Headache, fain to the
sidethdChest,llpithl Affection., he., ha.
This,we the aware, outh appear incred ib le, but or. have
'chore from -phylicitho thd the agents from all Earle of the
Waited States, oxfaiming to of ththordinary cures. R. Van
Rudd , k, Rao. meet the moat's pectable dnig;ggids to New
ark, N. L, infirm us that he can ref. to more than 150 ca
ws di that place alone. 'I here the diatomite of caws in lb.
City of New fork, which we will refer to with pleasure,
and to men of chancier.; It ie the Itht medic.the for the
Perventith of disease known. It undoubtedly saved the lint
of more than
A. it removed We thaw of dhow, and r e t p th ed them Om
the Kummer wawa.
Uttar, Boom Orrscath
Con. O. W. McCue., or Ton Dump STASIS Neer
and member of the New Jersey Legislature, has kindly een
us the foilow ing certificate. It tells its own story.
ILARD'AT, Jan SS, 1e47.
Ayes. sixth I the taken with the turbientsi and my whole
))stem kit in 11 debilitand state. I woe induced to try. Dr.
Towthendh Sanaparills, and aft. ankh' two or threw hot-
I' Iles, I sear very much Allured, thd attribute it entirely to
it Elanaparilla. I ban continued taking it, and dud that
I hooves every day. I believe it seed my life, and would
hot be without it under any consideration.
O. W. MeLthrt. hie U. S. N.
Scrnrtu COL.
This certificate mocluticelp prom that this Itantaparilli
Iwo perfect cenanol mar the mod obstinate ditease of the
Lkod. Three persons eared in car beam is unprecedented
Trau Graeae.
tfr.Tourxmom—Deou Sir: I tram the pleasure to inkom
Itiu that three of my children ham boon eared of the boo
tols by the um of your mama medicine. They mom
emitted rely merely with bad poem; haws only taken four
bottles; It took them away, for which I feel camel( order
deny obligation. Yours, Insp.:o4y,
Isaac W. Omni, 105 Wooster st.
New York, Mash 1.1617.
Dr. Townerad% Sanwpwitta is • wocresin .4 weedy
rorelor incipient Consuecitson, Bummer, Leockirrba, or
obetunded or dt!. Iklemnruntsoru incoe u re
of Uri., oretneolontary diwbalie thereof, arnt in di go—
t. prostration of th• oporai—cto oat. whether molt
of inlarrent cause or csona, produced by irregnlarityC
or . accident
Nothing can be wore earprinieg than its iovigon rf
la. on the king` kw.. Paseo, at weakness en
toile, from taking it, attar. beconte rob.l and toilet corny
U. Lao.= ,ostuelpitely oeuntaracte the w r of the Gun k fume, which u the great cause of bar
It will •M be opeeted of us, m ewes of eo delimbe • us.
tun, to exhibit mamma of emu perfumed, but we cm
more the sdlicted,that haudreds of run ham beim repotted
to sm
Several ems kmilies ham bem witbaut chil
ren, sffier using • kw Mottles of this isirtioable marine,
A ave Men blew with holthy oaring.
L.. retrissend: My wife Ming greedy distressed by
eeku.eland;sacral Mbiliry, wafering coo illy
by min and •
d l of
dowa, Bain of the,
womb, sad with other &amities, and barmg haulm mum
whr. r your medicine Ma eiketedgreet mum, sod also Mir-
Mg it reecausinded for sunk men es I hem deseribcd,lobtabr
1 via bottle of your Tstreet of Sanaperilla, end Werra
the i:kase you gem me la • Aura prnmi it remixed
mosphints trsd her hadth. Being grakful gle
b awds
ebe remised, I take plamcre thus er,kstowledg
Mg it, ma resroomriding it Me public. M. D. Moon,
Albany, A. I 1114. L Cor of /land sod Lydia, as.
Wholesale Drest_liVerehenssa ELesaeved.
HAVEetectede eetenstee *at:shone. the conic,
of WOOD and neer *trees, to which they boa
removed their Wholesele Intones., where they . IF 111
always have on bend an eetensive seserunent of all
the articles In their line, 'Welt they Welt. the taw.
tion of the public.
The Drat bootees* will be continued at theatm elan
-roe of ash and Wood es.
'• •
Stra PAIIILLA.:3GO ballet Di. Tolitostod'e
10 O r lifgra Itsitlrta'or Iltat4. and gives ive tit ' st ' s
tleavarrifeernmr &rinnOzti recal led . and for
Ott Wale Agent
for alTegtteay parr• /17
---1 " -: ` ; MhStEL •• QITS.
svrpw f Beak tit 2.000 Itlitio for We
IPrirdeottal.of aim Jetolgrn Mottoopeot.
A T a mos-113.0t thir . J nekton 311pitaoteto. Committer,
belt' oo itto tollt Jaw, it Vie manicotti& 4f refOlred
itoethe cooortatot to J.kton tboa;tlp:ated tn the
centre of Lat.yeno equate.. the 'rift at Washington,
and 11,414.1...1e5t. Aimed bea onnd.t.loe Sot rack; and
the unnensaned contnuttee were ,nsteleted to
for atososals ofordiahadd del.vcr so,dttelltre
of soil alrie ennensions tot rho pedettal upon ottleh
..r• .re redosnal bronze equestruso name of
J.JOU' .
Thu give ;pilot that smiled proposals
will be merived by the andemianed committee until one
o'clock r on Tuesday, the.thaid dnf 0 1 AMP.' or. ,
for furl:whim and driiyeriegan the centre of Lafayetm
p2ll*, in, eit y by the lot il•y of March nest. 'e
Sid rude rock of granite, or other durable same. of
bemireeo IfiM sad 1,01.0 tom in weight It is believed that
nook a resist:nay be obtained mi the Potomac nom. near
this city. The form of the emir must be such as will
be stumble for the perfumes of the carmine. on which
they will decide before its rernoiml.
The proposals mill stme the price for (critiquing and
delivering Ike rock to the erotic of Lafayette Square,
mud the kind of none offered.
The Money will be paid upon the delivery of Ike nick
at the plate above named; but the committee wilt make
sdvmsees to the contractor, on art
. ent, Its the rock
progresses to its place of-destination
The midersigned itorsuMuce rererdes the right of
minima all proposals if they should ritit be satisfactory
Proposals to be addressed to the endernined. from
hom further infOlTOMliall eti the soldret may be had if
defined. ' „,
Wmblogton city, Jane 31. 1E47.
3011111 C RIVES. Committer.
_iy/Bautt JOHN 'aff MAURY,
CUT Dispensiky:
A Dpni?PenElNslVaitlfieVsta,frposifctlthe';lfgetTantosf,
Hotel:and fronting Dr Lliapmin's 'Office. HOC. Born
ti to ISO nod 4to 5 pat r Daily.
All medicine requisite for disease. and reemontended
has been obtained
a d dill be dip
Persons visiting the Dispematy for the
wi ored Coll•.
obtaining Medicine, to p-event imposition. will bring
with them an order from ream Illedicel sentientnn or
tespvetable Citizen suiting the) are nettially needy and
destitute of money.
Dr. Chapman who has kindly offered his services for
the present an Di.pemary Phyaician„ mill mate it his
fussiness to be present at the hones aboic mentioned to.
pee such advice as patient may iv:attire.
It also desired that the Mayor and Council will
it the Dispenmry once a meek to ascertain its progress.
benefits, end results.
An account of number of eases, notate of DIN..
IC., will be made out every month by rho Thspettotry
Physician, mod published in the city Popers. nook/eel
of the Dispensary alone is for poor and destione.
Two experienced Physicians of our eity, have kindly
Tried their sensices as consaltint Physicians. il7dlot
a t' fi
V.PAIITEVE9' sa lU d j at °tall PA.
Ain Fatrtern Readydnde Clothing, ld respect
fully take this method of soliciting the attention of their
customers and the public generally, to the folkrwing
bait of their stock In trade. end ...are them also, that
they will sell as cheap if not cheaper than any other
establtahment in the etty. Our facilittes of purchasing
dimesuang good a are sorb as to enable to at
aII t In keep a full as.wortent of featly made cloth
ing, at lees prices than they can be obtained eleewhett
The present musk ond modiste in pan of the fol.
Moo description of go M od.
Ito flack Oath dress coats, from $l O to SIO
Ito do do French do to e
70 blown and invaible green do IS e 1 .
MO sack nuts, splendidly madet of good material.
IBM pair pants, of all styles qualinee and one..
OM vests do do do do
lap dozen Lancia plain and stitched bosom sturt.stocke;
mark, craven.; bosoms; collard; ator.nderat was;
drawer*, and under shins of every variety; all of
which have been recently perchinted and adapted to the
present Merchant. and others
be who are in
want of Clothing, robot do better than gins 11•• e•ll.
"p. 13
111661W11.1)lllaltU AL
MR ANDERSON . Proprlelph reepeetfully i ilU
IV/ths public that this .taltlithruent wile opeued
and prepared for the actormosidatioo of vie l b iters, by the
Ibth of this month.
The attractions of this fashionable Watering'Plece
are ion wetland widely known, to require enutueraton
to • card to the public
services of Mr. MARTIN, whose ea ch n
gy and amiable disposal., no the manager of an
e•tablishment, have hitherto commended boo to the
favorable tegard of the patrond of the r 7rlngs daring
Mc two last sunitaleta, Wee been en.. . Enema.
ced and attentive toucans. and a One band of mune,
have also been stet toed.
"he road from Cumberland, the crea
the tern term nut of
Italumore and Ohio Radioed, and from lballidaye
burgh. on the Penney htani• Cant, ndllist ßai iritte n roed. to
western tenni.. of Cumberland. Colley
&Omni have Levu much improved and •re gon or
Imprieed Gran:lrd Magnetic Mrain,
sOMPACTI.V armaged with the Bat cry and all
nverasery appltances. put Up in nest rosewood c•-
m e, Accompanying each are kit dtmetionegrganling
, • usoo ad nation iron. This ointment is an Antoine.
meet over another *lrma of mann feature audihat teen
adopted by the binned Peoliestan generelly in the
Kau, aa being die team cOnvenicot nod efferent Mar
ne, aloChilla in use Beery family ongl,t to lie sup.
plied with one.
Bruce Sltind 012 eacti,..e.eording to sine and firtoli
010 Cl Of WILSON, rot eth a matkolltl_
MEDICAL NOTICB— A proleionnet Arraneemrni
Wawa hero made between Bre Speer and Brook.,
eall• and tniaaagea wall be Treriincil at gm( reithertive
They anti attend at Me office of Dr. Brooke, Third st,
Park'sbudding., (mot Still 9 o'ciorl. A . And al die
office of M. ,pe.r, Penn siteeh I I till ll o'rlock. r
p'Plit,er,lr reno...t. de c-element' of 3 i
ain...2lm ti, on hi• '+....e, to i. it d.or
Jane 14. liii7 J AM k... , SPF:ER
Mornotsgathela—Llie-iti Stables
!long - II PATTERfiON , a g
has opened the lacy. stablel.l,,
on First m, rannlng through shisi g gigkh e r
zo•econdst , between Wood
and Southfield mreets, In the rear of the Monongithela
Hone, WO an entire new reek of Horses and Carat
ages ef the beat quality end latest ttylea. a n d kept
at neery In the lie. ensnner. While
fhISSOLVI lOS--Tiir partnerohy lietetoforr ca
ll mint 1.1. ern the auldertbetti artier die firm of
Conn righlmi A. Boozier was disi.olvedoO the let M.P.
by mutual consent Ft A Cunningham v. ill cantinue •it
must at the o ld. and, and /wide the Madura , of the late
OT A. WM3131011219, Whole.a . * Grocer.
RDealer . Produce and Pinsburgli, Mara'
1914.29.-1! __--__.--.L._ ___
1 NTA„NTrens'.'t"aelal-411r'X„'ertetro'sytetrii'e7f "-
itinowal- who under/ands he Illitilrl. MS add ins.c•
oral sorseying and has had a vent deal of eorperience
Teaching indifferent poems at the ohl cowary He ls •
middle aged man wits • fondle. and who n ill snare to
reeve Me public and 611 any mailable place for a lair
Please apply at 19A•fiC HARRIS'S Agency and In.
tellsenee Mee. fifth st near wood. jy151.111
r fine ready made Shins, nano. , and wide plas,lty
roo and riuudin• Cellars; Medium qualincs,Parrlve ,
and wide plaits; • few . dozen of those 40 ;nett Wart
Italian Cravats, received ibis =minty and for sale
unusoally Insr at No. VI (op sum.) by II &
TODD, AgeaN jyl4tf
ARET Vr INE—VJO eases claret wine, lidos each,
V pints and quarts,Bt Julien, et J mien Med°, ',tenon.
Chateau. htsrgesus,CLateas Mittens Ls
fine. Family we, John Durand & Co. Altman's, Burton
it Gainer's Latour Blanche, rilsromarsort, various gnats
ties rimerices on hand
for rale wholesale or tor
the WSW at he wine stow of
ijOCK OR URINE WINE2-11tor 2utetue, Hock
-1.1 beirner,Rodetheirner,Geisenheim,Jobwitiobarger
and Mosel 'Muscatel. For sale by the ease or bottle it
the Wine Fiore of Mel aabsefiber.Persons famfailia
with these Wines and the genuine brands. ueed im t
dim notice. jyttl JACOB WEAVF.R
QONDEtIER—R boxes Lard;
If FtabeTti
1 do Ginseng:
I 2 do Flaxseed;
I do Deem=
I do reaches;
, do A~VuPpP'u.
' bttak!ta iShitotn.p=
Tri•ColoClWinre.raal Grane the f°"!,Veimbra,llll::mtindrery,
sick: Crown, and Cock and C. 0,111, M pints and (matt.,
various vintareti, for rale by the basket or bottle at the
\Vine Store of Jyt• JACOB %V EdVdR.
CIII•CLEIT d. HITS,Pit Wood awe, Pouttureb,
ore rec
0 eivlnl• few caws of desirable end scorer
gor whleh w ill now make their steele very complete
awl est raordinmit goods for thin PSIMEM of Me year.
Th s. rey have largo ems:trauma of fancy Prints, dres
weal, gtharrta. mbar goodr, Gingham
A LAMPS, rt.—A lane rind *ell selected awl, al.
tvo)s oo hand at the {arrest pike:.
Gold Pena. ReuelWand ?pent.leA law supply'
Jost received. Watch repainng dgqn4tkvseotTinest
1. • . • •
- 11.17 IV & 7 r v illik 1 -- a c'ff rigiiill—The v muu at
u tbii e. Maw
mid cheap medicine for the earn of
Coneumprion •nd other dieearam cannot be too well
known. Very many firer have been sward by it —N.
V. %fortune Ana..
Fee pale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
7i Fourth meet near Wool. and also at the Drug Store
or II P ficherszts. Peden! at. Allegheny City. rein
C., ILVICR WAREToble,Ten, Deovert.and Soup
QApoone, Fines, Segue Tong., Borer Kolar,. Se.,
manufarturea and krt wle be W W WILSON
lel. Comer Ith and Marker 0,1.,...
WailigrAANT,VillioTganteArN.P„Tr 141Ttli014S.
Kr fer to: Lyon, Short: & Cu, and Anthony green,
r.r-q . Pi.tet.orgh, rte. . _ -. teleem •
1 - An trott;.:4,--;,.:zica -,- ; - c.v , 47. 4,, ... - d -
LI dm reottafeeitar of Lard Oil W.' no , rf.psred to
men, sll'order• for that snide Their Oil to of the
Ee•t quaint end telt Ito •aid or she lowort marten rsone.
. The attention of Druntior nod Grace”Jt return:fully
reenerted. J JORDAN & ziOS, IF: hitter y. RI.
111Vnli Oppo..te head a Rowleirll
_. • - _ ____.. _ - -
QCII3IIT.T.'S 111STOHV OF Itnst g._ A, L 6. , ;„,.. of
1 Home Own Or ritliett tin, lo the death of Hoinmo
dos, A IS IPI. by Dr. Leonard ardente F. , R. S E
Kett rof the high who& of Edinburgh Just reeeived
and fl asie lie jalfi JOHNSTON A . t STOCRII I N
, . ..
k' '.
nova. RI —A atoira wleanan of floilary, 'to
IL/Priming and lludding Kitiera, of interior peolam,.
rniv'e for norsery Irtin end gerdenres; alto. •
woin riment of Pre and Fortis Knivra j a runertor ulna le
Jo lecrived sod for tale Or Pittoorgb Pra t
end Agrienlioral Warahotaw. No 131 Wood Hia RSHASItt, er.
net of oth. at: S N Woo d
tYPlLltitift-tVe.filiiiittiy7=- 1
mi ta. fine cut Chewing Tolatem
Nibs , Ilird Eye Smoking do;
able fine do do; ,
For sole very low to claw • consignmensfir
jaS GEOCIS2JIIIA N. si•i t oresvgill _
8476getflirl'it•it:O;e. for :, ° 2: l l Y a nti d r`To k, i
•.en .• Spline wan, They err In very a ilellaiVe YO•e.
66". FgaWCIIRAN,SS erood L
- _
. COPICSICERS Fv—ima session!, pet
SJPsekst aldaElarsnack, 4 esaksottp. emcees" Cast
Pteel Files, comprisisa • sissy 'anemia ssoonsosat.
• The sttenilon of hlnclunios sod ransom.. seseastly
Is insist& /MOAN& IMIINFOY
IS wood street
Aro' aubsettners
L to learn the erAereaboet. of Mr. J A , LtALES. lately
returned freest Mexico. He WAA Volameer Lout the
northern pert of Vlretom, ALLEN (XI
lig „waters' FLOUR-Famlies can
tf JOHN 0 DAVIS, etyr wool & Mete
OW/ 41675111—• , m 7 Ipgto_og well ~a4raid
Getoek of the beet brands or (hol d. r
&W ow ulo lathe towels priol7,,by
1Y Haman Melrdle,anabarof.Ticara Jal,Rt
Q and an aala by jal3. JOalaigitON la rraeirrt.
'T.TVIMGETROVIIK.." . ki .7.
Fourth et, nearly opposite dm ISank,of
'CURRENT MONEY • reeelied oa Deponad—Sigto.
Cheefiliori sale, and collections nod, oi:
nea+lp, all
the principdd pod. is aired Sono.
Thi - hijOiewprerni r ema paid for Fore' En and /Work..
Advordwd node 011eOlOtitndlerilf of Wallace hi peed
Eaw. on liniergl term. erclils
Baullierg nod Dealers In Exxl:Anage7Cnln
goad Bank Notes,
NO. RS, lusgrt STREET. rrrrseciathr.
Selling Bates. Embalm, 'EMI log 800,
New York. I pti Cincinruh.
Pnitadelphis, I do . Louisville., • I do
Baltimore, 1 do Rs. lame, Ido
Saying Rule. RANK ?iOTES. Buying Rated.
Ohm, di. Co & Scrip Order, I dir.
Inag n ua,. peon do Relief Now, /do
Kerdekw do yenylvenin Cy do
Virginia. Ido New York dn, do
do Wheeling. do New Ortega.. do
Te.nneswee. a do . Maryland. 14n
TOSEPU U. 111.1.1 e, Ilateof the Mao of iVut.
J Hill &Co ,) sued WM. C. CURRY, demo( Erie, Pa l
have entered I nlO Copartnerellip, undo . the name of
lill4. a CURRY, for Inc purpose of carrying on the
Knnhioß end Elcheny hi:Comte in ell it. his:oche", :::
O 45 Wood filen. Rove door below. Fourth, ov`l
sidi,--where they solicit the tuatons of their friends and
.he Rehlic Re:smelly. JUSEYII II HILL
metds WSI. C CURRY
rosartt H. HILL. WO. l O. chant ,
No CM Weed street, third door below Fourth. wee side.
PAR Fonda and Campy-received on Deposita and
coliseum. made on all th e principal Chas in the
United States.
fitiglat Excbanse on 'Baltimore. Pbiludelphiii. New
York. Boston and Cincinnati constantly fnr sale.
Ohio, Indiana. Kentucky, Mu - natio and Pennaylennia
Bank Nolen, boupt and sold on Insorahle terms
. Exchange ookk,igland, Ireland, Getmany and France
plocured, ike,&e.i • . tochlk
No. 64 Wood &mi, area door acre Amok, F.nit sfde,
meMPI Pittsburgh, PS. [Pa. A
•bitit atrawlta.. Tl3Viauti soup"
11.61.AJTEE & RAISE.
kith Foreign sod Oninestic Mlle of Exeliands, Certif•
razes of Depettne, Bank Notes and Coin corner of
sod Wood *MOS, direpily opposite Et les 110101
01110, Indiana, Kentucky, and Patna fondc els,
Coonty and City Orders purchased at reducedriate
01 disponi, by N 110f.lES & SON
deed. kliehanke Broker. 55 Minket st
Cenaction.; on Cincinnati, Louisville, 55' Lucia ;
and RR KCE•Siblin in Ole Carted Slams made
promptly, and pun the lowest by ' •
N 110LAIEM& SON, Exelimea Rooker,
rneleAS. N 063 hlnrkst et
atiluttletotou th,f Loris
sii;other accessiloe patois.; tha Cooed Stoles,
mode on Pcoomordsting Nona HILL & CURRY
ape Wood lib neat dyed to tagln Saloon
ELirelenee - On Neve York. and
13 , more unwieldy Itr elle by HILL &CURRY
/apt Wood at next door to Eagle Salop
'arromey of the ohm Indiana, ond
V Banks w e or very low rams of discount.
apt ! . Wood at. next door to Fatk'SalLu , Ll_
n 1110, ludtaui, and Kentucky. Dank
3 , .-X Notes parehared no love rime by
No 55 Market et
110118E8i' IPTS, FARMS, 16,:. I
V inane of a deed of trust yam Litntbjlll,
BChristoplwr 8 Lambdin. and 'l3 , tlllem 91'g Landnltn.
and Otter wives, to the under/in:lied: ;lewd 01+ 31, illy
of °Mabee, Ito 9, and—reeorded In the Clerk's Ogre of
Ohio county, Plink.' in honk Rt. pnees .111 sod 113, I
shall to sale. at public auction. to the 'knelt ;
btdder, ti the hunt denh'nf the Court !Muse
1.1,17, at 3 &clock: P. a_ the tullounng deter:bed proper
ty, ty win Lots noubered 19. lb and to, In the ongma I
plat of the lowa o(Ponth Wheeling on which is etc et,'
a Rtenot Paper Mill, tolled the tViimnia Paper 911:1,"
toge to ther with all the tenetneutsend hereditament. the r te .
un belonging or in any wise appurilti now. as etinvo•
ed to the undersigned by said deed etre.: nfotesaid.
Terms of sale. to witll93o in cash, are the balance
elghl equal payments, in sit. twelve. eighteen,
ty four. Mirky. IhlrowlY, forl3-twn and forty-eight
months (ram the day of role; . each deterred ptycroi
bearing interest and the 'utletest nPon nch u(
be paid setni.annhally Ism the 94 of eats:. 'Ow whole
In he secured by deed of trust upon the prenenv
Senne es a truster I Awl convey only the tale vett; .1
to me. though the title is belayed to be trr pur.onftble.
TV i: •,,,Iverl...ri olfor• for +r:. a ep's ',0.." ii• ,s,
adweibnis lioll'e F:l2ale 4r11./777 277 77177/1 1747 I sanest
of the l'utilte Square in lout:pion , Mationing
nostuty,OLio. It is large, commodlon. fittl,stssil in ex
cellent style, and in the best location In 10011a4nni,
either Car t L . Welli.6( or public hone; coached to is
yard, with water, anima, and all other conveniences
This town is Improving very rapldty, is simated is. 1 We bare Leen informed by Mn-Nose CI acne per •
medimelY. the Etstalthatal wheel! , ' , ask.. Vatanc•si Totaled on her Ly s tigs Jaynes Ala ey nt Oreyvvnich
'WWI ill ~ now Ife. , ' ',. i fLe rompleted, tell I Lions as supetlorny over every other remedy of anc
being , enow floni•hina nor`" ' • :i -
n, ar 0! ,,4, ' , lk,nd She he been tor the Int .ixtren lent
hd be sold lose (or . .: st.- n. s, .. f.l .s , alt IST.Clityl . :n3 or %.•.III•IXIIii•SWIi•LvI.I= ardcendde.d.
tsIrJTVICV,TO2'ert S'• tood''.-4';ll!'i•*.i.t:L : t . ;4 l % , :t i gi ` ,ll ', :. ' l:a n o d y • s ' et 5 . ..1 st ' s " c lir rrtt Et elistr ' n AM.
burgh. who will maelsllltesnat•-••• oeb•lAwn . the iroutal hone ot the cranium, Cm. both bee aims,'
.--- wrtsts sad bison, and trens Loth ler, and atom gee teat
y , , 11 1: 1 -r .i ar„ ii ,1,1 Property,heal
Emoteslae for
near Mu t eSl:.le be,, , , . . te k s , o r r . .l
u tio m a ti o„ and r fl o o it i t
p rsg , 1;: ;, 1 , •:1 , : .
1 ,, , . i :, ,,. :: , r, i ii ttl
1 directly 0,6rr0 the tes , leecb 7 J .r,"::,. A ,!,'„ 4 ,7..,, `".. the skill. a tanner or Mc not estninnt th) PO IV Iwo(
~,,,F".1•15,.";,°:.?&:-;,47,1°:.3,b,'°,;TI,01:;;;--(m"-,,a ,-,. 0 chi -daring meat of the time her stinting , horn
—-- - ----- - - "'- -- "-- ' a '-'""-- tern cxcruioting and deplorsbie Al.ofit thfersnonlhs
neut. It will be mad together or &rind. ~.,.., s h e W ., ~,,eed to try Dr Jaynes Attentive,
Also. • lot of round eltgatily situated in frnin creel . '.,._,._-__ ,_,
crater _
_, _
opal he r,
besseeen Penn ,syret andshe A annoy . Riven At feet i e•o'"•st a •:'.7,;,,,.i.,t,,,,.,.7,7,..,,),,,..,.7.1?,‘,:,
,‘,.,, i , j
~.... • - ~. , ,,,' l. ith , 0 i.' ''''" l ...a '''' r • , .:,.,.:;,. ~..-.:,,,..11..,; c•.,...i5..... lin gentalnalth
I , fisuns i to make Inset are iftiotmed 1 ~.. br,r,,,,miiiiiiid_,.„
ri, ,.. ,,
~ a .,
that.pottions of that fine property in Allenhcity Ind i
is .
i .
____ iii .,f i,c
,i , ,, , ~ ,,,i. , .„.
blanches:es, oared by eampny in Philodelphiaostll I t'll' a T i ..l7:4..; siii . iiis yi .,,,,,, iii .t.. i n ~Fr„ l'en,t.l i ,
be offered an the market as HYnat asLhe 11<C,8•1‘7y . i'.
Fes further in.ortuatinu,ilaprt of.hlts. R03°,1%0 , 121
Lrangemenut can be made,nd of - which due notice will F ., i ,„„ 1 , 1 , 1 ,, L ,,,,,,,. .
begiv.. Apply to GEO-SRI:ED I _ . •
Erect • Far she it Ifift•lforgh, ache l'Ell IN TEA ST(/lIE,'
}radios at w° "' d '"'"• i - s Fourth st nsarAVedid. .Its
r ----- F For Rant. ,_
lou,whoss teeth as cosTllffss
jaA CONV basement ENT three shay btick dwells:lA You, who, nal is stark and gallon , - • .
Hoff. Wall a good basement and back buil.. I , you,whow, ho st , s hunt, and ~,,,-T,•
as the corner of ter and elm ta. In sue ash ward. Plusty,dtsty red or fitly-
Thiepropertv wal l s be muted very low to n good ten- • You, w i,,,,,, ,-,, „,g,,,,,,,,, ~,,,d, , . •
ant It is ea constructed that two families entstitorsupy u,,i,, s ,„„ ii , i s „ s „ mid ,i,,h.....
it. .. i , You cemld Lave- boy, tam of girl- . I
PoSSelsaan !roma auscedlntely• Anil . . the suncro I , •p,„,s, , ‘ „,, L , ~,,,,,w,,„„, _ •
her wbontatlt the ebeve• iyinq .‘, P“" 7 M..p. , Breath • sweet und costing ,
I Pureand white and 1711177731.17 Mill bcautsful,
I And ha's e oh. Sdkv,dask ns slse,
By readitty, whet i• said lielow.
READERS. any of 701Ienti has, the a hove by (60
than 147:Lathing but tram) ning car Loafr Jones's km
tat flair 117.101.1iTY.7,781 n t,... lat /man:*Audiosu Tooth
Punic-snd - 4* cake of Die gent.. ioner's Italian
Chemical Soap. • The aria I s c777417ut Ltd, end you
„see animal that the foll Owing an
at,i real Ininflarf.:
I' Tne tornh' paste elves tbe bif 71771 TYE Yet 111.1,, while
teeth. and pro:servos thojeeth. Ac- The Inn stuff all
know to be- the too. eat/natty Ilif nn - sser made Lot dreg
'log, licautifylng, and carom the nondli of boar; and
1 the soap, Int the genuine Joan's thsup, Ininill will cure
till eruption, freckle., he and ut,ke dark sellow ,
...him, clear and hoe All litre thin. are soltflonlY) -
tit W I ACESON'S - (tout and slier Store•and Yytlent
Medicine Nyttvglnouse h? Liberty el.I __, MYT •
ERsONBdestrotteof purehneing Lets inlitteCete
Ptery are referred for oiler:nation in the-Superintend
ant, on the grounds. or to E. Thorn, Druggist, camel o
Penn and Hand linear , Pair , erg/
By osier the Wined. LI 1:11I: L 1:
deell-dlareif nnten.inut.
laable Ile.' Mutate for *ink,
Ttn the
!ors on Second Dyed, between FYTTI vreet and lie.
dooll Alley. E.ieh lot will be twenty feet front on ed
street and elighty feet ha depth. The Into will be told
tonal) , or the whole together. For trio, epoh to be
subotriber On die prciniaes. JOHN CALDWELL
-- . . h . tared used -,- ;., . -- :- . r 4 .- piii,, , „
titl,. tn.—A-
Alto, the large Ramekin the Ind store X :inland roar.
het st., at present ...reed as tt Literary th pot, nod
Ilenotheal offtee by Mr. Wm S Caldwell
jytdtf • s: MCA reIANI
ii.— tlllLlVrriariCiiibtlfitlE7 —r— .
' HAVING removed to the city, for eons's:dente
to professional bustne,,•l tvll. rent the Mansion
llonse.and its immednwe enclosure, situate °nth< bled - ,
of the Monongahela, one mile attove Pittsburgh.
Janl4 :Mont JAME. W lIRAFT
IN MANCHESTER FOR SA I.C=l Love for •ralu •
J.Leauliful thrilding lan Mauchestet, neat ihti Ferry,
23f et (toothy FM fort deep h will he ,old und
onsateontrtaulotion terms. ['emir unezerailonaLle:
myla • JANIFA BLAKELY. Peal E•tar• A¢.lll
TIIE BS r) Warehouse. No.:A Wulur
grey t end No HO Fro a vLI meA r05.1,110re
gl;r4V n ""
VOU wrif 73 ie.:TT — ken
L . =beto* We l)DROIsl. far uale' enqu,te
jy3 itUllllll4LOß. tYll eft Co, water .1
STEAM ENGINE Volt BALE, hu,log run
Lut a than tho,U ipet, Cf littere, ltj frrt •Itoke, two
butlers IS feet long, inches diunteler. •
ONO% to
HI 'dive , UNAI• o ToTrvx
PreWiiisfsrfiltti-ArSikH.-4tirto a c ,
AU N uttn the Monongahela I loot et,s..n.i.e-
field street
The rvh•criber fiae rer,ALIT e4sry lir), ",...
ed htmself in the above trine..l in Hi. Pay. and 113..
now opener let the tti9ii , i!l•cal at the Poll re A lame
and easefully scleeto4 aamettn•nt or 11.1. and trio.. 0!
every dewy... cot. ant -hope, whish he 1.1 4:11
at Iht , very Lowell rash privet. ' famed
lIA•i9A nkneht. tooth 11.. 1.1.1 1, of
Ere. A. Cade, or 1\ tt . e relit he will a.....a), hare on
- "" P MI vuPPIY mr.Meir recto et. Dery er. Sir v. and
Nutria Hap., Casr.nete.,,ot.y.l),F2l,o
Ashland Ham, holi,or 1.:4.1Gia .d HomomvulArt a r . ! .
hich he will at all Hines take peashrein •IsotVing -! - xt; ...,,,,, w
~,,, ,
1.51 •
.... • O..
Ile !els 'soared GAM AA wil I, .1 iird .:. I, ! -„, „.,......, ~,,.; ..,..,,„,...;.,7%,1.,,,,c,;,,, :, ,„,
.4.t.,t:0n. and si the .sme hoot 1,...v mice. win Gt.l. I. I t
,:':, , J,,,..j:','',„',,,..„. , , „ttio,d A 1,,..
to fin i" .,...i. ' ". '""". " .1- "' i " l .. ~.1er......etmitt1.e.....1.. tou - s. es nms pili
.., to he heat.. Do 1101.111,iflar,..10ivy.Er_Alanlos Zr 7 . 3 LP,., Alma.
it i. , r.,.....„. .
...., , i mf.
ashels House Hat..., hmillield or.
jrktiliap.l ''_.„.. G w hfccm,,,,,m j rewm. Pisee.....m.i It. sere tari.o....pere , mt r s .
Wl/11.1,011.011C11, QC, 1.1,,,..., ~,,,,,t 4,, ~,,,,Al7
si A 7151'11ATS i I ISOLT s • tit nt.i ., A ...). a t . fiel;:gross I.trzr.,slA l hear
A 17111.4 be.ncyhe day the Sprott FaMion MA, I 11 .,.; . .,. --- - • . I , .
Hats will .Imroted. o( the moo I.• 11. , __— .-„-...-...-,-,-.-7......1-
ninable eGallishments et New.) ark nod I.httaie Mt,. i I lISSOILT T10:5 dE VA IT I h.l-.lthtil I -The porh.
the undervagned mtg.. , P eamm m beme eitantel t. 1. , netelor hetet...., andcr.he firm of M A.
to anhounee to their otowocht Ariends .d M r .... I sluoo, ts ihi. Osy J' n- ITV . coronet CAatnt. All
IStn.,A.O. 5.,....,!er5,d ma suppil oil ' , hp ..r I de'.lo..lee hy Alia, fittn to ho r. ,, 1, John filann, and 11l
favor Ir. with a call will. lha. fA.h.01111.1.1e 11,111 , 1 . ‘!,. I de, 11,,, 1,, firm ~., he leceie.d ry lint •
..A.A. c!..t...tiA Heaver.. ;grlllft3., sod 05110 Cole , , . . / M UT t L N ° . 6 t • j" g t
i A ti.
Motesk in 7,4 Ham, MM. trlinitr-ide Ar ~,j, .
' • MeCOltil a iciNG . 1 1 ..h.0 . kht Joly /3.1h: 7---- /Yir..--..-!.-....
tosistf -.-- - --- - •
I . ~ '''' '''''''''! ''
D IEISOLUTION Th parlretshipilithella
ltsuiditlVAL: ' st - ; ;„ 0 ,,,,„ Ihr .ty le WO Gflo.ol , 11.. a...
401, El 510 R. Hat sod Cup hisoufsdiutrr l i ,•,... t ine .I'y .1.0 , 01.4 II mama', la..
motored to N. 75 Wool stleetAlpee ..ktor...sw , :, ~ (co A las ttacttorrmil of GA etire. tnmrest to Reber
Ph.rbsheet. ir's.nP7k.• al'inli .sl. every , . . ' It 1,..11. Tie 11,1,1:1A11 of the r late fmtt will 1414.014
dais and .spe. mage .13 Ow listen style s also.l'a ileum I , v 1,,,,,,, DIM .11..4. Co., who are nothoitsyd to use , the
Leghorn and redarStraur Itot.; OCIDIeIAIe ;Ad re ,, ii, 1 nauff. Al 111.• late Ow r.y Het losepom ' ,
at the
prier., S MOORE , •• • siIORGF. I.F.WIS,
kplfi 75 Wood st.hod door shore FOWI,I, 1 • . • JAM V, 0•11 Alt A.
—ll7ins;. 14.16;7 ' tii .Liw.__t__...,._____________—_lA ME , I: LEWIS.
iiBEEBE , it C07 7 7i1 R. 13 tityle Gerolemro's CRIS I -
twill he tam:Wed at' KELVIUS oo Thursday , r
ADll6ls7th. tterulemen 7/Laing a cheap. MA. •
amble Ilat of Pima/ m{6 manufacture Ithead 01
6011.100Ablq lists lropri ad lolraiiple,,= vi
the t%i s t , l l , pt... 41,• 0,. 4, ;,i
of w,....,, ~
nstrissikrt----veseurciis pre:
JUN? riceired frogs New ork, ?sla m
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1"1" "'"'
ene i''sett'ig".ll:rrlVws. with
sio ea be . ..Va s t :x i:s o % ig are_
"""., ‘ f.lll 4°6'l wood. 3 doom 114Ve Ith
ORAJLI: Ism jar rres,red a
f,,,bssoplk of Illegtold sad Baton V:rs Milt
bw:ed iNpo, new etyirs.
Fstra Ike French !en' low
ACIILLINNIA-1 1 •13 ' 41
5 sittirt6l.l4l. PcaC •-•-- 1 .
• a MA. NO.l Lard; • •• ' . ,
I bht Flavond; hoar lariatmr.frona str Dan
pri .q . 2--- • * t. .... k ." 3 . 0 " • • t foe onto by til '• I 'DICKEY t. co
• , ti••i•n+.2.ll_____ -..._ .
Ivi----.- .... , A.° ign 1 ijitoi.Eitots oa•PicKiaraatts•-•Iodo..,
A 00- ..UM -- " f a of Oats ; r gla,l euattlara, Plat
hkrtencrleser honk
...may= ban , rail., , 1... a., . C.;nr;on tor nal le the eitnte,atell, iii. imem . Eß
a Wool etroet,Eattandi.• •• , . ..➢,.
Ayd Coneensplaso. Pan tattae .teuns arid Slight I.lWIRpla
Wheeptiag Umtata PalptlaTon w tefiVtArts.,
Liver tameplainteUrenchi le. poi a.fettel
the Miens idPgs , lll.4 an et, otemd-iltista ,
mas t •eAt Healree - •
RaisinghtkOof awl . coustp.:Ffitat.
hhLNr Umider io ..ralalleVed •
YYllwith eniaing Linter rol..tra-ed the
ride, and the Moue( trauma.... of consao.poon. Ile
cmp/ored two or The ph, th , did him no
good, and and h e be COUI.i. NOT LIVE.
nearing of the evonuvrim arias pact cirtml by Sher•
xe anti at 111 o'cluuk at It aht to !Ric
11nYes 139 Token et., and mis a eonlo 1: operated like
a charm the bitenng and cuch! Helms he
anuttaken one Won: be wee ante in ae a n o n, nl• w a tt,
had SAVED LITE. Id. egtm.tmedma 1111 f •
Kurile Avon', can M.. 111 •
Mine Ann :Amnon. ot illiams'Aureh living iii Tenth .
near Soith Fourth. , ears.— i hdßaite bad beet uctaled,
wigs a hacking cough, end ain tn chest, fer a long
nme, which , 4 tall became so !satin: wt was obliged
to give up her school lot Loom thee a yeat. :et, the, •
eotrilacneed taking the Albllesang 'lassos; Which soon
alleviated her :radiants. She is now fasirecovering,
lid has renamed her 131.1'100t i ecepation as s. teacher,
his -TOM O'Neal, 111•11 avenue andsilt sr, sodeted
with a cough, raising ol oblekna a in in tea Ode.
cosl.l get NO Itt.LILE he trice the All Heade(
Balsam, which donee the pain from hte aide, alloyed mho
aelth, and bro
ta ught the . ...meat,, upon the Minuet; and i
lu-ford he hod ken three boor. e.ev ,irely cored.
Pleurisy and Consumption..
MrS Reggae, a letup tipsea . de ol 70, tc• !die g carier.
bee for earn beet soap or to attack. at IleT.
liaising of Mood, severe Cough. Short:ices of Errata.'
fain in her Head and Tarim.• panne.' her hay . Iler
friends believed her PAST SLAT/VERY. Tit All-,
heating Oaken/ re'leved her at once oi It, alma:t
its e) tuparean. add the 3. ow aale in attend whet work.
,t,lathola and : hooping Cough. -
Mit. Lucretia Wes. 111 Clotette et; I. S Beale, IS
Delenecy. en, Wm It Youtge,.73 Weis it, koore
the value of tide greet
Ask for Merroso.a rollellah and Ica that
his schwa signature. I..oatach ,
Price 2) cent* mid II per bottle.
Dr Sberraan , s Worm dna Cocill Corteges fold is
• abort.
Principal Office lull N 6,1.... N. Y.
Sold oboleeak sod retail by Win Jaelome,at.his Peat
Witreltiete and Boot sod Shoe SthreiNo/SI Lam ,
l atneet n head of Wood strest,Pittsbugk. Pnce jll . per
t • Jr 194.
I TAR AND W.Ouu :NA —Tee .I'vrtiord
(Me) Advertiser sayes—."Clitt remedy haa tern mote •
meeeasful than any medicine we Lavery, knownt
its numetous Burn Se pni• maples - La Spilling blotal,pase.
in the Side and Drent.t.Betheiiite
Cougi e, IMetieni•m; Ste 'ltem; Ithloansion_Saf the
Ilemt.W heaping Cough Croup,` ervous-tremeraiße.. ;
ladisadnals or the lbgbeat respeeishitit, iss thir any bear '
ample kat:away to im resent end tflicaes. -in this clam
of Illieleca
Among the leatimonial. to thesualue atm al4ve cued-
iue. are ssreasal teira dimacui. bed ple siestas.; or mt.
odelphia. Read the futlewiti. from Tilt losing, the
eminent oculist.
Pattaßstrine, Jon. lEt. 1947.
used in my practice. ne well as la erg own
family,.rhoturieou's Custipmed rapei'lk. ,and Wood
Naphtha; 1. base bo heemban tof mg lint tlntn i.ea
beatpreperation of I'm k ind is at, fur pret, surreriug .
from ConsumPtion,Cotigle. use' aft alien lions of
the Throat, Dreamt, ray, to premsent ea thia .toofin at
the }tar. •
{Vero SiCno,nt. , 152 Spruce al
Wo hare loon aishin a few day sthe meats whop.
the follows.; ernibeam. Ile re mama well, trial per
fectly Lured of hit discreet
Pintanste am. Bounty 3,1317.
From et tease of grebe..., an a dmita that the •lhe
led may hare leFOUtte lo troly sneaks .he medicine,
wou'A 311.1 t that the bedelis I have e2peresteed
die zee of Tainnp.on's Compimad Syrup of-Tar and
Wood Naphtha- pore, soli years 1 have been %®u
led with a datires,og re. lung catch, accompanied nrnh
great opilft,:on and &die, is if iseathasK,"'o,l teen.
ration of tiglmieis at she etee. Hemming grsie
alarmed, a friend who had hien suer h lienefaied by this
tardietne, reeeramended e' I:1 o, 1 and in •a
very Mort titan rue y alareratic it mrsis 2
I my Motet...boa hemrsit. tree, ab °panes. , Jail,
in y co ugh ce n.edi and to a few ass 'Wile able togo
OUI and anted lousy ha:anew. Any rather
will i.e Owlet - a:li iceren there allieled, by
coiling st my residnce, No Itst.w. e
This invalualdeanedieine it ompured only be ANG—
NES' h DICKSON. at NE earner of F•flt and Spume
ire PillhAdeirbla. 2'11:4 m Pateaurch by 1. WILCOX,
Jr Cute •40 error civil per
CAUTHlN—llewate el the rimy et:a:eeriest. that
ore now edam. The uneempdthie ore ever ready to
deceive the mow,. ' ..05e6te
_ _
lIE A LTSI, 11E/llall •• -
11 It s AV ost U` S Seirssiiiirilleil Dud-Wild
LI Cherry LL' -- Eh, ei e - nod ',tootle Ex.
Vaal of Sartain. Ile oat) Si ;:d Chtsr7 h - it I tot: Used
with grrits selectee
tar. 11. , actalaaVal 1.111 , Val sa all
eel; tliteesca roSc ituir , /root auptaa ' vat.. Li:
hr. blood :-4 panto:to:to it. all:. <lc's,. , at the I. s
ufts:it, re the I`trriiio. oast at titer ....CUM! hrelth and
r;g6r . to the who ht I. ,,, eiii.
lo ell 0,23 of laatro're.loilieztiion, Dttpopies-lrel.
of Appel,. 111,,sittrel Co..uvrtieto, ~c Motile, I trectiselie, '
[limbs, and that 11opse,iste or :Tuns, whet sit -0
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