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WILLIAM CAVEN. of PPlPaillta Tp.
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=gm= nf.e.,tepr., Money Nartei,
We gate an' extract Isom a letter oa Mohday
Isst; 'hawing the matins *Web had opexated on
the weeds of some of the members of the Bald
. mote end CIMO Rail Road, by' which they had
beer, Isioaritoptonaire a connection with ' Wheal-
Wo waitan =mar t to Mr. Alfred !Caney'.
isimMism Irmo sozoe el the citizemi of Massillon,
ICeoten end Wooster, and in the =ran time o
gee both Mr. McLane mid •Mi.:Kelley, by the
foliWwiniattleie from the Massillon Telegraph.
keen en stile review of Mr. Mamie'. Report
spinet a immodest with Pit:An:rib, or rather of
Ws Ripen, 'Mikis is both for and unhurt ouch
Kr. McLane says w the object therefore is
prevent the trade going to Ctereland.” Now if
that is really his object, or the design of any orb
as either at Baltimore or Philadelphia, we have
no hesitation in saving a Rail Road from thecae
having aotpisrpose view, sett to come to
Pituhmer--thence into Ohio IA Columbiana
county peados through Canton and Massillon lit
Stark cesty, VVooattr in Wayne county, through
Ashland county to Mansfield in Rmidand county.
Thence a direct route as near as may be, till it M.
uses the Miami Canal. This Mute would
, being the wed near the testae of the Meat Grain
and Woolgrowing portion of Ohio, and should
it be continued to the Atiisiseppi le needy the
tome direction, it would command the trade of
northern Indiana end Illinois, and unthern Mich
igan which are well known to be the principal
' Gram growing portion of .Ibe *aim To glee
only a MIS reeve of what may be expected by
the adoption of this see, we have taken' the Gt.
" lowing statement from the report before referred
to Slut year, and of only a portion of the ship
ments from this vicinity, sale there to, as to
Dover and this pheefrorn the boob; of ate eel
Adore a , part of the shipments of the present
year to the 23d ult. :
From Falun we have the staternents of the
shippers. in pert and the remainder mot from that
paint se estimate. For VIL• informed= of our
distant readers it may te worth a remark, that
?Shia Is in this countypnine miles north ot the
town end Roar is Tuacarawai county, 21 nobs
south of thia. The shipments' finer, Clinton, 14
sloe north would of course be within reach of
Bailllteed here, but we have' o statement from
these, and can only siy in relation to them, that
they would WA be u large as from Fulton. The
productions here named are from the tr. unties of
Colomblena.CarrolLTsearawas Holmes, Stark.
I Wayne, Coeboetoo, and part of Ashland, a part
of Fisk, (areetemoshipo) whichmould be near
a the Milt (or a road we have mentromd than
any ether market, now seeds its products mostly
:to Akron, and they are not preluded. in the stn e
ssedwe wok
Foe the information of, Mr. McLane we take
this occasion to inform biro, that while scarcely
say snick, we bus rumored as sent from sin.
&Hatt. COluMbits, ZutessAle Or Portsmouth goes
io Cedidand, or would be taken on bi- flail Road
I if be bad one in that stickily, the 'whole of the
productions mentioned In the, table brlori—and
sadly more, go to that place, donut the seUon of
Canal and . Lake meigatioa. We will remind
our 1111111Willlieflat also this while the Ohio ricer
fainiebee an slim nearly stay month in the
year, for the moth part of Ohio. Indiana and ll
the northern parts of these taides, haee'no
. suns of transportation for -*bunt 'five month..
,Should s' railway be maenad through then
imerenes wheat Adds the venue season would
be Mused to the work of emptying the granaries
of OW femme and the warehouses of our met
chum Let it be remembered, that south of the
414 peralkd of latitude, and north of the Pm
tel Road, is, and forever WI/ be, the grain
gureeng potties of the west. It is well to num
theiltuther: that frani Piiteaugh west on the
mete we have soggeeted, the formation of the
coasitry SS.* that a rail way may be construt.
and kept in repair with far the expense, than
Ia gaff peels of the wed ;indeed we venture to
Minn that thereli no portico - 6f this Union where
set a work can be gat in operation with as little
oath, as upon the route we hew somptsted.
Lams u the statement bees given may spirt
te this who have never Meted this country. it is
=akar, small, in refer:cies` to the ability of
. the comery to perdue; far lees than one half of
the land in the es:SW we have named is under
asitimthe end a large portion of that which is
cithilated;thy reason of Imperfect tillage. is not
sneett as . prodoetlee as it should be. We say
whhont fear of contradictiOn by Vey candid nun
who Will view thecoontry end ascertain the facts
in sestina to es productiveness that the mate we
' Awe nemod la deeldedli the mart appropriate route
for a sad wee of the Ohio River, end we here
talue 'imprint to say to our friends in Baltimore
that, this section of country will not long be no.
sleeted and left without a roid foe the transport ,
titian Ober tam= pthdtactione
With the hope of calibre the attention of our
linstengh neighbor, to the imminence of this
mute with specie mtheners to the trade' of that
• city, we should be god bootie, secs facts toner
_ ing that OS. But we totuddefor h for the pre,.
eat neleeating only that the quantity of iron
rewired Has by the Curial last year wee 290,461
11S-chat netareed . by teams is believed to be u
maelsore-Lwith prosifacilities Car transpula
tioe, this trade with Pittsburgh to this vicinity
and wee, say be armoded to an almost indefinite
extent.' ...
Suemome of a few of the articles of produce
Sipple from MaNdlloo, Dow and Fulton Spine
; the Sae* of Navigation in 1844 and op hr /one
See mes Sere parr
~ tiawr i r4 •
, Lattaa. TatAeL .
I. 511.6.14 to thaterel
Wheat laraird, 1,864 rO7 6951141 571,34 u 4.003,82 a
, Cara do 14040 15463 15169
(Vmeresenet , 675 m 14.41431 2 sh
Pork 4a JOU 4.11 CS T SO 4
Suer Seam PS e 8 51.1.7,749 105 97. A0 0 848087
tee 4a 131,3936 ic ell 163 147,767
Swam 4o 114715 114.75
woe, es ISM same Wes
' nemTrait 43,314 Clam gad• hatt "
rah .11 . $ ll
bap Pit.rrle
thow, 7l svtat 15• TM
vo ehow moesething d the &Wu of Roll Road
entstrill - we add the kileiritig 4 the Little Mi
ami Rail Road, Wing the Receipts for the month
of Jtote t
=le7 1• 451;r .
4 46 54 3,108 21
' ~~...•
The laid innotint received for Freight and Pa«
mien for the its :maths ending Jane 20th is is
Freginf. 'Pasar66777.
.0046 12 V:411 67
• 180,216 06 91747 91
below. l5Ae27
Tirs Heap Wtsw. l —We are glad to learn that
de Romigwee Rum Ralem, whom appearance in
thlawity ire mentioned on Monday, haM
mach= interrlear with some of °ankle/ea, as
will prelwidy lead to the *election of Mr. Dopes
aa logiewar for Winning . Western Road
too Denier.
Sass Asa Sweat.— I hese distinguished.
perform misertise is single Conant for tO.M9P
:VW finigeti so Phil AWL They ere among the
irst iitistee of the taiwiest world,--tho ode swot
elated wilt Penenini end isoceaskil pupil of thet
tibtiosti.ooPmfoni.r. end the other with • brit.
rent In Zatope and the Milted Suttee .
To host ihem la a tehriiege not often mep to tre
. 1 of the kitiMito, end ian tu a l i l sum It will be improved
allwbei Ind in one of the most won•
derlitl sod plesdoir of the ecienent.
fisuriuits&- ! -The Iffuhip thus christened,
are edirtrtieed In eat Col/illlll2l. The waters err
.riduedsulided for then Atudiries, and the
uireuery hM the! repahnion orbiting cherming;-;
trice...; the Eectilapia Iv in the Wirdiund
i, dewily* birth the nitration of Western Inset.
ids and thia vita' to pursuit of pleasure.
- catictigao *Lox.
We add to di letters' sheatpubliatiid , the rot ,
lot is' ag front thatiinn• Donal 4abigerrldlicklwas
restiSo the Cohisadlort on *Mt
Idsasimreage.lonti 26:147.
Gentlemen -;-1 ern quite obliged to yea for you!
eery kind owl resprcatul leticr, addomed to me at
inviting - me to attend the 1 -% bingo QM':
eadtee. if my health bed allowed me to contin
uo the. journey; which I wu then prosecuting, it
would Imee brought me into the. North West, in
time to bare been with you the let of July; bat
bang compelled. by Mom., to abandon the per.
pass of getting over the was.; mum>
rca to my power to attend the CODlreiltiOil.
You apish, gentlemen, is term of too Initial
coannesidattoo, I feat, of my efforts in the' ' caner
of intsroal and WMall Goproveroeta. Ivan only
say that these elyta hese Men earnest, Lai non.
(11:111.1, and made from the single desire of promo
ting tho great interests of the country. Of the
toeer of the Government to make appeal:4oone
Ed credit's barbers and. clearing riven. I. ie see
enterteined • particle of doubt. This power, in
spy judgment; is not partial:limited, obscure.• sp•
phcatle to same one, and not applicable to ethers.
to come Stew, and not to others, as seemito have
been the opini,,n of gentlemen connected with the
Memphis Conventrou. For Orii• I reject all such
Car fetched and unnatural did' o tune. la ray
opinion, the authority of the Government in this
respect, rests directly on the grant of the Commit
del power. to Congresr, and this has bean to can.
derstosod from the tweet - deg by rice insist god
best men, who have been concerned' t theadinin•
latrines' of the Government; and is consequently
general, and ininted only by the importance of
oath particular subject, and the dikirction of Con.
I hope the Convention may Jo much good, by
enforcing the necessity of exercising these just
powers of the Givernenent. Torre are no new
inventions nor new constructions by qualifications
of tEe Constitutional power to be totted to; there
is no new pelitical pith to be struck out. It is Sim-
ply fur the 'rennin t I Rip, whether prejudice, party
prepussessions,tuut party oppoctitm shall at length
give way to fan reasoning, to precedent and ex.
perienee, to the julginent of the gmat men ‘ , 11 , /
Stave gone before Ue. had t those - momentoue ten •
siderations of public interest, which now so
peratively coil noCr.ozl'ees to do its dirty.
I am, Gentletiel, with much regard,
Your obliged friend and &Nireo citizen.
A Southern 'speech for Western Improvements
was made by the lien. 'l'. U. Krug, of Savannah.
The Detroit Advertiser gisci the following abstract
of the speech: •
A load call was then made Yoe lion. T. Butler [l
Emig, of Georgia, who appeared Upon the stand,
and enchained the audience, for en hone Cr more.
with ;retch replete with orgumint, humor and
chrquence. The South.. he toll tie—Georgia in particular—was about es unite herself to the great
Valley of the Mississippi by iron LIMel . and, in a
year, the head wateta of the Savannah wtU bq
attired to those df the Tenneste River. and be
looked in the ftely day when Cineionati would al;
so be lurked Witham. They of Georgia would then
invite the men of the West to come in the Wini
ter, when Northern mutes were foam, and .oel
their produete in the open Harbor., and bee in
the orange groves, of itbe South. Ho urged that
all the avermes of transportation that could re
Num edeN (nth and South. would not suffinsto ear ,
ry off the immense products of the West. They
could hot keep pace with the increasing perdue
hums. Government matt interpose: He would
pledewhis vote beer, as it had been heretofore,
, tor Western Harbor.. and Rivera, slid he 'youth . ,
Ivote again, es he had aln-ady done.'far alternate . '
sections iff land. for Western Improvement.. fie.
and three he represented, would act in good faith
and anal runty for the great interests of the Went
to comnaon with the interests of the gigolo Ceielp
When be nt down the whole Convention; rose
with one consent and cheered eaciferoosly.
ooblut 71h. at 11 o'clock. the Convention sib
jawed; orith'a brief and brilliant apeech from Mr
Bates. of kW :mid, the President of the Conarb
In Coinmitteo of 'the Whole' it woo then Be
• That Moises Galscvt, of N V., be requested
to take the chair, and the Committe was then id.
dressed by Gov. nebbnf Ohio, A W Loomis of
Po.,Goil. Hubble of Wisconsin, S Lisle Smith of, Mr Borjultrhant of Maio. Mr. Oen of
Mu,s. If J.Cr Costly nod W M H..d of N.. Y..A.
Vassix or ens Stssusirri.LThe following
statistics were read to the Chimp Coov,ention-
They aro =denied from a pamphlet premed t,l•
Thomas Allen, of hiSssuri. This is the hind .f
trade and nommen:elm Mr Folk Woes with n
1:., 1646 thr -relents from the
tapper country amounted to Si 'millions pfdobaist
the steam boats engaged in the trade of St. Loins
'were 251; and the whole nuMber op the Wesinso
noels oeaely 1190, valued at 16 million' of dbl.
lees, to WA& are to he added 9,009 ben and flat
bon'. Tlth alums] coot of transportation is 61
millume. The total value of the domes:lc yro.
dors put sII set upon the valley is 260 .1131114 n;
sad the value of the whale commerce afloat is WO
millions, being dogble the amount ;of the venni
foreign commerce Of the 'United State'., The watt.
bee of steamboats lost in .1842 was 66;th 1846 Ole
muter was 26. Menthol.' lose of lives is 160.
The snags, it is well known. base caused n -u)
of thew dirastms. But to this commerce of 4014
millions the govesnment dons not ;give even a ri)sg
boat, nor a .4nd:tun light L 3 deargaate; the place
of &ogee:* Nothing is given for this hammerer.
while too foreign commence is protected at en Is
prove of 9 or 10
WaST IS 'MC c•csil—The Loco Fouts hare
been telling as all along that tho high pried of
Wheat and Corn was oiling to the Tariff of 115d6
The pretence woo as shallow and the fabschoOd xi
great u ewer &erected:A the conduct of arOn
scrapaloal parties°. , For t 11 1 ,3 month past the
primed breadstuff. bare been re:oiling, end at the
principal ports of entry Menet without any dinthr.i.
Lion of receipts. Men hue been purchasing Bread,
stoffint high prices under the official and
official predictions that there wont! be no retire
tion. The editor of the lissbrilld• Union, who
oiclued that-ace long as the present tariff remained
undistudiul, the [dice Of proeisioni must remain
high," was one of these, and can, perhaps, explain
to the corn glowers of Tennessee how this fill
was occasioned.
The last number of the Journal of Commerce,
a free trade paper, thus notice, the recent tern -
stun in the corn t rade:
. •The price at corn iv now so Jiff-rent ham the
expectation of the owners far Weal, that the cher
gei are more than the article• is worth. Large
parcel. of earn and 111.71111 other produce have been
abandoccd al the (Awarders, and many carmatts
the Consignees; would s-11 fur the charges. The
original purchase money is therefore a total Icr.a,
and where the owner.; are able, they will sutra a
still (weber, loss.' "1
Well, %Imitate free traders, you tariff 4311846
is in full blast, and yet We ue told "the origliod
prwehame mousy for whew is m total loss." Find
some other reason now for present low prices and
the past high one.. ?ileac a good story,--nne
that, as Hamlet .sys, shall be "as easy as lying."
Baena servos UPI rl , l, PITATIS:II3IIGov.
eminent organ announces the recall of the Bra.,
zillian Minister, and says that. Mr. Liaboa pre.
granted to the Secretary of State, on Friday !let
Mr. Felippe Pereis Leal. late Secretary of Lege
aeon, Charge d'Affaires from the Court of Bran I.
Wo give the hope of the Colon that Peace may
be preserved betwern us and Brazil. and sincerely
desire Chit it may prove a reality:
We am very dmiroue of 'preserting the beat
feelings towards BrezP, and we will not permit
numerate to believe that her government doea not
eodially reciprocate the acntraurot. Mr. Lisboa
is recalled, but no pompoms have been offered to
Mr: Wien. .Mr. Tod, oar now minister.le now on
hie way to Rio Janeiro; and we cannot doubt but
that frank and mutual explanations will restore
our former.telations to the beat footing. II hoe
certainly been the desire of oar administration to
do full junior) to the Brazilian government, with
out compromitting either her right. or our own.
Mr. Tod will, we have no doubt, express this ga
timed in the franknt manner.
" We understand, from the Ecoptreslata official
mange. to tudDepetlee, that he is not altogether
.satistied with the ananiement which was made
through Mr. Lisboa; and it is also said that the
late raiding*, which bad recalled Mr. Luba, have
been superseded by ■ new cabinet. A new min
ister on the part of the United States, and a new
turning on the'' part of the Emperor, will,. he
NW. remove every difficulty, and restore the best
relations between the two' countries. • 1
Wererme.—Thies regulam;and one welcomer
soldier were whipped, had their heads eba4d,
and were drummed out of the 'Melee, nmentij at
Jalapa., -Moho H. Watson, in the first ArP•
key, woo recently collet= to ply dim bah, which
he most positively refustal to do, giving is 'ple
reason that the deed wu abhorrent to his feelln#
- wawa was Conn marshilled, Viand 'find two
inonth'apay, and 41 bonne solitarY.impriseimMot.
for his disobedience. -
Wo add anngiiler lettcr from dot Major. and
, _ •
from hi. ,baluSgtiartars at Iknaningeffle. It ties-
pne. soureitiat at our space for:oti4a,laut a. mons ,
interesting than limpet any other kind?of reading ',
matt, we an give sot tinder•.
Omoningsille. aunty doom 'Coat. •
in the Slate of Maine. flay fi, 1847.
Mr. Galata & Szeroa : My Dear Old Friends: I,
My 'etter to you on board the steamboat on Long I
-Wand. Sound •sras cut off so short by the bells
ringing for us to get ready to go ashore. that I
didn't get half through telling you the talk I had
with the President that day ; and we've bad so '
touch talk since. and seen so much on the jour.
dey, that I shard be able to tell you oneshalf bar
quarter on't in a letter.. It would take a whole
book to give you a good notion of tho whole story.
Hut the President will be back to Washington be.
tore,you can get this letter, for he stated to go
back on last daturdiy; so you can get the whole
account of the journey from him. He'll be do
, lytkitcd to set down and tell you all about it , for
hs's been amazingly pleased with the whole j mr•'
I bey, from top to bottom. He's been on his mob. I
hoel'd boots all the Sway. Instead of growing 1
m irtt atoopin by hawing so touch, it seems as if
hr siOesl straightoe than aver. He told the Gov
ernor, in his speech at Augusta on Saturday olt
seldom happens thst the course of Goy man's life •
is nark'd by ea disinguished a reception adhea
bocci accorded to ma today." Well, so it has been
all the way along; hunching, and complimeoling.'
and firing, end speeches, and dinners, and sop
pen', and shaking hand. On hoaid the steam
boat from Portland to -Augusta we got a little'
breathing time, and had a good long talk.
Says the President to me : Now, Major say. ho.
I lint ion to be•candid. No one is a true friend
to one In a high station unit et he will be candid
and speak the truth. And now, Major, I dont want
you to aster me; I want you tade candid, and
tell me jest what you think. You went along
with Piesdent Jackson when he made Ms tower
down Eut,and bad act once t r see the whole opera
Son ; and now I want you to tell me candidly, t
yob think the people was any more fond of him
than they are of me.
Well, now Colonel, says I, not wishing to hurt
your fielies at 1011, but seein you've asked my
candif opinion. I wont deny but whet the people
are very land of you, amazingly fond, perhaps ae
fund as they can be. Tint atter all, there times
slot erectly ineal•to old Hickory's times.
Sot what do you mean 1 soya he.
Well, tars I, the people alt seems to be emeriti
fund. bat some hew it seems to have a sort tot
show about it; it dont mom to be
so :cal hearty as they showed to did Hickory.
Well new, Maj tr, says he. and ha reddened a
litde when he said this; asp he, ilizt only shows
lioor strong your prejudices sr t in form of the old
Ginoral. But I thought you was a man of a
stronger mind and soondir judgment. I cant
areee with you against the evidence of my own
senses. Did you notice all the any along how
thick the crowds nod:a round me to shako hands
with me . _ .
•• • .
Yea. says I ; but they i din't go it with each
a lathed as they did when my old frond the Gin•
coal come this way. They jammed around ! him
so they had to climb over each. cohet'a heads t.
get attlm. Anal had to take hold s ...theca by
the hour together and help him shako hands
with'ern.or he never would have got through with
or • half of 'em
Well then, says he, a.] you mind hoar loud
they cheered and hummed wherever we come
Yes Colon I. gays 1,1 he aid all that; but, my gra•
cion.! wherever old Hickory made ing appeitranee •
the crowd roared tight out like thunder. •
Well, Major:'saya he,-they c suhln't beat them
cheers that the Demmer ws • and Capt. Hyuders
airs me at Tammany Hall. I know ; thunder it-
self couldn't best that. It'd no uw4llajor for you t t
argue the pint; no President ev. r received ouch
marts of honor from the people become, I MD sure
of that ; I mean the whole people. F. &waists a.
II aa Democrats; that is. if .there it any tech
people se Federalists now days, and Me. Richie
saws there b Only think, the old federal State
of Mawachusetts did the business up as handeome
1111-1 seemed to be •. fond of me as Governor Hill*.
; I couldn't are and difference. You mutt
confess. Major, that even your old friend Hickory
didn't reelect re moth honor in Maaeachuwtts as
I has,.
Well now, nye I, Colonel, I dont ward to hurt
roar (relies. but jou are jest as much mistaken as
you mu when you rent old Rough and Ready in. I
to Mexico. Have you forgot how they took the 1
old Giorrol into Coinbiblse (1••11. , te end made a 1
Bret, of bier •
Who cares for alit aye the Colonel ; says he
turning up his nose, Didn't the Democra , s ar.d
Captain Flyndree take me into Tartmosny 11.111
and make a Tammany of m=! No, no, Major
Downing, it's no-ass for you to argue the pint
against my popularity ; for reo got eyes and I can
see ;end I toll you. end I want you to mirk my
won! , . I tell you. I . :I 001,1-ITlllol 001, tic nh le
woe, ties .set old Hmkrty our rn all Lie life.
He was *cry popular- with the Democratic party.
but I em folly persuaded he hadn't each a
upon the allechoes of the whole people an I hate.
Here the President get up and welted theta
the Ii mr, and second ina deep study for as touch
as fists manatee. At last asp he Msj sr, Imissed
a figger is my speech there at Baltimore *other
day. face it now, 2Mld I don't know exactly how
to get oar it.
How sa 1 --royal • "-
Why. says he, I ought not to bare mid. 'iota
up and down, pint blank, that I Mould retire
when thin term was up. I should only talked shout ,
my desire to retire to private life. I was too Misty I
sod committal myself too 50011. There never
we. a better chance for any body to be elected.
than there Is for me now, if I hadn't mode that
unfortunate remitlk. .152k200 stood faire. nail
Jefferson mood twice, and I @oppose it is really my
July to terve my country as lone 25 they aid—
But if I 'should undertake to run ogle, 1 apnea
they would be throwing that Baltimore speech In
my teeth. •
Well DOW, says I. Colonel, Cant you too year
way out of that! You wasn't torn down Ear
so far as I tan. it's pogrom of a job to gel over
that trouble. • -
i At that the President brightened up a goad deal
and say. he, Hsi .r. Fit tell you what, 'as. if you'll
get me are that difficulty handsomely. when wo
come to have another shufilo fur the offices, you
may chime° any yard in the pack, and you shell , .
base it.
Well, ear; I, Colonel, almut that remark ell
yourn at Baltimore, that you should give up when
tide term is cue, all you've got to do is to got 5f r.
Richic to take it beck in the Union; let. him do.
elate that it war only, a sort of specolation,hastily
thrown out, without much coneideratron, and that,
is far as he utoaratands, rather the President am
any of his Cabinet entertain. l any much views.—
Then you, con go along as smooth and cafe ea
if nothing had happened. ,
Fact, that's it, says the Colonel, otaPPiott bfr
,finder; strange I didn't think of that before.—
Meier, you do beat all for waiting out of d lßcnl
ties ! I believe makeup my mind to go ahead
another term; I don . % ewe any thing in the way.
I'd tell ryna how IthinlCof working it. I've been
reading over Mil lever of 'Piglet'. to the Ciecin
tali Signal. - He's: an old herd, but he ain't
eying to come another Bona Vista blunder over
me. If I don't take the wind out of his mill. be. 1
faro long. I'll engage to 031k2 him King of Mensl
mu. And try him on hi. own trek 10 , rii'!
come nut and declare that I won't be the candidate'
aj no par'y neither; and thkew myself molt the
Prude. I'm enovirad, from what I've erre o
th s that Whigs will go for me Onset to
man. Vim Buren and Wright, who say I'm
not the man for the Northern Democrats, may go
to wan. Igo for the people, the whole people
and nothing hat the' people.
Well say. 1, Colonel. that's the road; and
wish you a pdessant snd prapereus joimney.
Wo had some more talk about the War, before
we reached Ammon, but I haven't get time to ex
plain to you the Preeinent's views about it In this
letter. He says ho means to keep a fight rein
over Taylor, and not let him do much, and when
lin CIO. do any Mini make him report its to the
Government through Scott. I naked him if 13n
afraid of^ miking tiro tall a Man out, I
Scott by placing him en Taylor'. .boulders, and
!reread no, he should look out for that, and if he
should make Scott report to the the Greenman ,
through Mr. Trio.
After j"te visited Augusta, and Hallowell, am!
Gardiner! I tried to get the President to go out id
Downinreille, hut he said he didn't think it would
do foe him no atop any longer this time, though
there was no place in the country that ho we.
more noxious ho see, and he promised. too hear
lemmas limo he could get, to make a flying act
there. I asked him If he didn't think it would do
for me to go out and stop • day or two, as I hadn't.
seen Uncle Jahns Or Aunt Kesiah or any of 'eca
there for along time. He said, certainly, by all
means, and he would' hurry back to Washington
and look round Mole, three day. and hat
was best to be done !boat this Mesita ar bus.
inc.., which, according to the tette rought on
from Gineral Scott,: seemed to be getting into
something of n mail. He said he would here
things all- cut and dried by the time I get back.
along to Washington, n that we .raid rn tke up
one mind. at once what is beet to be dorm. Vnur
old friend, MAjOBJ ACK DOWNING.
Hoo. Etrena r'orirreseas pawed through
thle city yeeterday, with his fetoily. on his way to
Washington, whore'be intends to serum his res•
genes so President :of the Washington Mono.
wet ! We wish Mr. IVhitilesey
abdoduit suesess in his new labers. and trust that
=do his inside:es a bionconent worthy of Wash.
leiguos, artir the Nation to whose honor and and.
far) be so largely contributal, will be erseted it
the seat of Gonernmeni.
.. 1 "*.". 1 - : AIYAIA NETIC EIXGRAPH.
AN ECCOCNT Appear ha one of the New Turk ~ _ _-_, ___
plea doodle(' oromiut.efinfl 4 t4 hlinlea - Karr r: (a Pittsboarilo niezetete
Ookren- She had signed Me, plidvonf toll cob-
r o; - cowew,.i rr iw & i „ - i - ... - - twnu s - 7 - 0 .....4 ,
gi " Lici; "a
' Mrl l nhei af
1 Tem.
peracca S wiay. Mit .1 rim 11 her blob ad ,', ~ 1 -
Pule. , lor hi. bo.inins ap the mamba PI her &- . LATE FROM VERA CRUZ.
cease, he sant for a half pint of brandy; drank.ef Atlricer from Heziaild June 29-rfrom Puebla
it, and sooit'ailer died; the eenbct of the inquest - " to the-301‘. . .
being "congestion of the, brain, produced by intex. Ily the snivel of the snowier Alabama we have
'eating liqoots." 1. , direct whines to the above dates.
Teo Conan or Tarok.—The Savannah Geor- Genend Scott was at Puebla on the 9th loos I
et , ~,,,,,,, the receipt to t h at eh , o f it bar , awaiting the unveil of the reinforcement. en route
cinder Generals Cailwalader and Pillow.
rel. of Flour from Nashville, Tennesoec, ky Rail-
roars Thia was the first Floor that ever come to SUM. Anna has ordered all cosnmunicalioo to
that port from Nashville, tuni it was eight daye on he ant off from t h e "Yeekeees" and Prohibited ell
ha env. Savannah regard. thin ar the er , reet . ota ,.. notice of the state of defences at the Capital. No
merit of an important Western trade. re" ° PP. without authority, and any is
te l'a
who (dotes this order .
The Danville Ps. In filigencet states that 'par. u , ea " a airs ‘ li '
, , The news from the city of !dekko war very
cols of fresh ground flour wens brought from Phil. ,
• indefinite. Gen. Scott had communkated to the
adelphia to that place last week, and sold at $l,. „ re , .
m omen authorities that Mr. Trio , as an anew.
50 per barrel. This io reversing the usual order
lad Agent of the Government, war in his camp.
of trails. I and aothnriaed to negotiate a POEM
WZIESSOET.—The Whigs have nominated Hon.
Santa Anna vainly endeavored to recline the
II trace Eaton present' incumbent, for Governor,
H.O. Leon Karver,' for Lieut. Governor, and presence of a quorum of the utetobare of Cons
George Hovers, En , fir Treasurer. The Demo. geese, to consider Gen. l Scott's eattuxituanattione.
Min have nominated ,for Govc . roor II JEE Paul i t ~,,, ~pp,,,,, that * oh aroold Ittomttate t y
Ddlumbara, member of Congress ID the 11footpelier
march Into Mexico and secure
Detect. SrCU &peace.
Rev. DIE DEIVIET has resigned the pastoral , The cettenehiP of the Mexican Peen pe' s
charge of the Church of the Messiah, New _roota all rusher knowledge at the Capitol of Men
, York, which rroigoatori has been accepted, the L oo &p oet ... ,
church soung that an invitation be given td the - Santa Anna war to leave Mexico in three days
ievoreod condense to preach to that congregsation ~,, ,_
throe months in each 'cot, tind thot !age. allowed eons the °mei to take the field. lt is stated that
the stun of 51000. every avenue and entrance to the city is Mire& d,
Tea Treece Fungi ix CaArazo.—The Ty, but the neces. of the American arms was nut
phus fever is making Bad hayoc among the immi- doubted by our troops.
grant. recently arrived in (lintels from Europe.— G. .. polo .. h Le said, would be
compelled to
file cause of this distressing mortality is the ati
erne. of ail arootore ,,d anort for t h e rot a, sod the contest the road all along with Quoins pantie,
refusal to round to their mama by the &ambition'. until he got beyond Cero Gordo. The enemy
Gee lasi-r o I.r.urta.-.--When we copied the took edvintage of a defilo to treat his proviso,
oleCietton .f a Lancaster eatcmpontrY. that a re- and hit lose is said to have been were in an en.
Cent letter purporting to be from Gen. lasts, and
vigetnent with them.
paraded in the Pennalvanian, was a forgery. we;
mentioned it en a prootible fact. and not became The Government of Puebla was annoyed to
we saw any thing in it derogatory to his scholar. Col. Schou, of thefld Amnia. Alvarez was at
chip. Gen. I avec ma not be the most elk man Jtilisco, on the 14th of lune, with 300 Cavalry.
to write letters, bat fortunalely hr is not a Kane.
rh.‘Ametican Star," printed at Padi l la, nag
—North American.
there aro three month's provision - a in the city, and
'Far Treenail between Detroit and Milwau.
kin iv gong forward rapidly. Tho meow" the fields around eel PO all Reeemer, f.relle
amount of ewe (122,300 Ike.) ha. been ordered, A Mexican hal been detected by hie country.
so well as the register, haunt.. he. The pole , men on the way from the Capital to Pablo, *oh
01 he whale lino from Detroit to Galatea are to drawing.' of the defences and fortifications around
be ender contract by the 20th inot. 1
, the Capitol. Ile was tried sod condemned, bat
Mlle-COL. FILLNONIT, who .left WILIbiEgNII.It
will be remembaterl, a few days iv, with toe re. "eq.°.
moue Kit Catsan, designs travelling tender !Sept.. The Mexicans need every means in their paw.
teetion, for righteen aerated mile., to a pin/ er-to induce our men to ducat; and they treat throe 1
where she has agreed to meet her husband. She .
wno are guilts of such iediscretion shamefully.
is mach of th e nit ro stuff fir an American wife. -
On Soodny the 20th, a patty of eight Amer'
Lx.reesrvi Economic —Tee Convention to
cans, not connected with the army, left Puebla
amend the Coneaution of Illinois hava.fiacided
upon twenty five nemben for the number of the on the Hacienda road towards ' Mesta, for the
Senate, and seventy-flee for that of the Hoots of purpose al purclroung mules.; they were encounter.
s hepresantailver. in the future legislature of that nit by a pity of L .... and compelled to ruht ,
State. All the Annericans were wounded and one eq..
posed to be killed. Flee were appeared to be la.
ten pawners by the Mexican.
A letter in the Armed= Mar, nye the Ameri
can priemete were at liberty and no oue disturb
ing them. It is believed they were re-incarcerated
at Santiago. Gainer and Dareland may beat fir
era; ID to the test it Is doubtful.
The Prefect of Puebla recently decamped A x
Mexico, with all the city funds.
Yerey'e expedition to febsteu was entirely un
stroceofu I.
Tee :Selene' of deaths in New loth lasi
week was, men 96; women 85; boys 12 3 ; Itirbt
Total 397. The todasing were among the die.
Tir.mchitim, coup de, eolicl, cholera inlet:dam.
cme.nrption. convulsions, tee.
awns, druFsy in the bald, dyseniety, erysipelak
(eve, fever typhoid, fever typhus, inturtation . of
bowels, end maresmae.
City ! .w.
Mout 2 o'clack, on Thursday manning, a arable
'Muted on an alley running parallel with Proepect
stied, was diecorerelio ho on fire. A boron in
-the inahle was burnt I t death. Before, the [lre
I .cee extinguished, fire frame dwellings were em
tirely consumed. and two others badly injured...—
The Wl.e beintied ton dray Mill] named Warden.
It is & mystery bore rho fire originated, as the
owner bad no li o hr in the stribletbe precious seem
Th. , Oscar haiiing kaishetl the argument list.
sitj uuned cu l'hureaby. It will terry &Om.
Jay the toaeoe.: to Le., 1...14,,..aad at
other special baeiriess
A 9/ICIAL MEOTISO Of the Executive bish
Relit( Cocentiqcs, has been held, and tho thanks
of the Committee ptesebted to the acting Ohsis.
non, M. Allen, sad the Secieuuy, R. H. Kstr..
The I:Oat East •r ha' b•crl by a
c..:auct•tc (cum VI stlitngton, P..• Put t,n, any
will procure Suothcr engine.
Porso.--Tho hone of Mr. Pollock. which we
nouccd es stolen yctienlay, was ..f.mod by officer
Hague above EtizaSsibtown. • 'the Misr having
turned the bone ic:o the woods, and hid the bil
die and cuddle behind a lag, is supposed to have
got on board a steamboat and cleated himself:
Seim. loo—Thu Jouroeymen Carpenters.
who chuck for en increase of 25 cents
. perolione
on thy 'let of July. have not yet turned ut..• The
BOW* having made tbeiScontracte on the bee a
of former wages, say they cannot afford the in.
cream.. Boma few of the employers, forted by
tie elphatlon of their contracts, are giving the
invested war'*. It Is hoped that the partitawill
meet in the proper spirit, and effect m arrange.
merit runtually adenine:cow, betas they throw
the bricklayers, etoneinosmoi, prasterets, and brick
makers. &e. out of employment.
Fires sun Write Srarcrs.—We pert:vivo
that the grading of Wylie otre a t is going on, al:
though that of Fifth la noi yee Bred. The cos.
tract for grading and paving . Wylie street was
made lase year.and-the cmitractor having awaited
the action of Councils open the grade of Fifth un
til Le think. it no lingo" expedient; is pt.:seceding
the work. II Fifth street as to remain as it !Ilia
is well enough. bit , if public opinion requires an
alteration, then thin work le useless, and a public
lain will be sustained. This matter ought to be
attended to by the propel authorities.
Seiciez.—On Thursday morning a nun wan
found dead m a pasture 'ficid, in'tho DM Ward,
upon whose pe.a.•n were found two labels. mart
.. Poison," end ••Areenle." In hia walld R.
toad the c , rner of a cambric handkerchief, with
the letter. L. IL" worked in red Miele; thin may
be • rine to hn identification.
An was held by' tha Coroner. and a
terdi'Uteturned °that the aeceased who to Ida
death by pima."
irripbaremetau tbnut the
Court Hobs. hekln to look very well Them ire
Ice opiniot,a law yers a. to the 1 . 0012
lain.. Kane Runk they wool:. oOly be lounging
id &CPA for the idle, uthefa think they would ha very
plevant The lawyers htive two Wes to every
Ref.erted ha the eittehorile
The meeting at the Atheneim Iluildinge, on
Thur•,ley, arse rather thinly attended, but tho
friendr . of the measUre thought bent 'to organbe
■nd adjourn, and thus mike a beginning.
On m Mon of R. H. Kerr. issiall D ickey , was
cellni to the Chair, and Samuel Joni" wu ap.
'll.t , i SetrclUX. Mr. Kerr then mad the call of
thi routing, cud said: °Mr. Chaiman, I came
here expecting to find the aged and experienced
of our etrixens lacuna in thin movement, whilst I
leaked on and admired. I expected to see here
the perrona who aigned,the call of this meeting;
I expected to see here my Immediate friend Palm
ter, and my Irish friend ivho has just "run down
stairs. I am envious that this movement should
succeed. Want, of a public library is the dins
- grace of Pittsbargh. We area working and
an eating people, but is that all we see to dal—
We are to have a Hoppdal for the sick; why
not o Library fur the reading? At the meeting
fur the relief or the Scotch. there was one man,
and Ise (myself) I went et it in earnest, and raised
‘thirry•eusen thousand dollars fur the Irish, and
*eight thousand dollars for the Scotch.. If one
man can do .13 much in. such a cause, bow
much 'can wn rlo, although few, to mire a LI-
Mary, I will give you a valuable work, aye, two
or three. I will devour tome limo and • little
money,—this is nut much, but it seems khan •
good deal, when the men who hold the wealth
of our city glee nothing, and are not burial all."
Mr. Kerr then toured lo adjourn to meat In
the some place, on Saturday nut, at 8 o'clock,
and that the people of Allegheny city be invited
to attend.
• . •
Tee Chairman then atattid that tie only con
rented to take theCluar, because he saw 110 much
backwardness amen: others, to whom he would
gladly yield the precedence. The motion of Mr.
Kerr thee prvaited, and the met Mir adjoerneti,
Tut riTteatu M i.-reported to hare .
sunk at Council 81uff..., hlhe wee chartered to
g.) loth., Yellow Stone for furs. and was an ler
return when the aucident l occuired. 'Weverel per.
sons on hood were reported to hue been drown.
We have no futther partlentaii of the accident
on Lake Superior.
.Tne MASSILLON Tecsature,l' ie the title dr'
• new Whig paper jest commenced et bfamillon,
flbio. It is of double cordiam size, well. , printed,
and the debut of the editor elves evidence ,of reat
A rumor was current at Vera Crux on the mor
ning of the depanure of the Alabama, that 'Oen.
Scott had entered the Capital, and that Gen. Pit,
luw bud been raptured ry Guerilla,. The Conger
is fah.; and'no credit given to the lett,.
The 51stamoree Pisa states that • correepon
dent ovet the signature of "W. 8. Walker." writes i
that ; report came into camp, at Buena Vista, en
theltit6 of iota., that a scouting party from Geri. !
‘Vool'i command had been attacked near Emu.
nacion, and all bat our either killed or rude
prisiniess. Gen. Wool enticipatia au attack ,
and to taking every precaution to be in teadinew
to repel it. The tether Anther states that it
OW undentond that Oct,.' Mayo wee coneentia
tine 3 tree br th e uury,,,,, of a:tanking fien•
taybi, The American tome at Buena Vista
he computes at tocuteen hundred men.
Major DM. who left the tamp on the day the
lotto 'was written, brings no contlinution of the
Piatia.. July 15, 50'o P.
A firo menial in Philadelphia this morning; at
I in a grocery were owned by ?down
tboa & tho.conaiiiif &Mils and Ual
i.ohitt *wee% lettich totally dewroyed the build.
ing. An groin:ion °centred from kegs of powder
tho garret of ono of tho buildings which had
caught fire, which demolished the upper stories
so l d shattered adjacent iinues. rem boildtvp,
onS.ath went. had roof, raised by the con.
annum, and fell iota the &arms—they became
Ignited and tit:frond to the ground.
Toe stock a groc:eriee arse bleared. No per
901 hajorrd.
Another bra oecured near Owed Caller, dor
tog the day, by which four darctitaga were dee
Egcty. Correaboandeore of tits Ptsb9ll6l Gazette.
Eka,..—.Bales of Geminate at ss.6* p.r bbl.
We quota sake of Weit.rn at $5 7515587$ per
t111.;-8..otheta brauls at $6.156,11:$ per bureL—
Ma:tot arm.
Went—Sales of prime mast SI,2OaSI SO per
bush. Sales of inferior zed at $1,1041.128 per
ho , soles of pima salute Ohio, at 51.30.51,37 pet
b u , o,, nn ew ea F1,i12afi1,37 per busheL
Perm—Saks of puma alma at Me per be,
prime yellow at 70e per bu. Market inactive.
C,irn Altai --Ssice are mule at $SAfe per bbl.
Prolosions —There Is Ima ioquiri in the mar.
kat. H .Idere of Mess Pak. Western No. t pl..
50 per 100,—Pnme do. Western f. 13,511 per 100.
Il.l , lani Lard remain dull.
llye.—bales at 81s85e per Isnibel.
Grounien--No chastens themirtel. Prices
at but gusted. E . Ochabge on London 61 percent,
and enemy bills sold at show wee. ,
The stock market is without change. The
weather is very pleasant and warm. amines, ae
usual at this sum aline year, la on the decline,
in comamptence of* tenetsl absence to the coon:
try. '
Pisw Iruuu, July 15,10 P. it
Th. Floor market conilonc. Brit, with calm
of Hp'w ard street et $6.56.06.p0r tart. Sala W...
telo brnds $5,7314.87.
SeLai [Pima Wilda Wheat at 120, 128 & 130
Con—Sale! of a toiled lot of White and 11.. d
CorW at . 133 Mc pet bo. Sales Prime Yellow at
Our—'Sales Western at 42sitne per Mu
Whhkey--Salei at 25c.
S t ies Pdme Western Potk at $12,50.
CotrelponJente or the Pttulturilt tticismlte
July 15, 7 r. sr.
Flour--t3also Pa brands to the extent $OOO
bbl.. at $5.5044,62 per bbl: of Western brands
at Y 5,2515,50.
Cornmeal—Halm at $3,25 per
Bales Rod Wheat at 115 c per bo. Salo choloe
at 120 c.
Sa!Anytime While Corn at 09a70c. florae do.
mend 75c. .
Oats--Males Western at 45c.
The Onttion market continues firm with an up
wind tendency.
Whiskey dull. Holders demand 22e per gall.
No nlee.
Provisionr--Nothing doing.
Errluswe Correepoadence of 11w Pittslough Uncut..
July 13.10 P
mat—flatel Howard Wept at k 6,60 per bbl.
. Sales .Western Lard at ne. •
• .Wbeat--Sale• Prime Red at 110 e pee bar. •
Corn—Sales prime Yellow at Sic per bar.
Rye—Sala at 59.9 1e per bit.
Stigar—Sales Pinto Rico
Provision.—Nothing doing. . .
Clovermeil—Sahn at $4.56a4,75 per bar.
Tin Secomo 01110 RLOIYINT, Liept. Ca
win,addrneea a note to the Ohio litatestaanin
,whteh he sly=
By a commuoJeadon Gore the elscretsty of War
I am ins untied that If the reshnent is re•orianixesi
so as to consist of a lame' portion of the old oft.
am and men, Ito services will be - teaised fot the
war in Beale°.
Danwenup.—Early on Monday morning last
a young man, newly married, working u• dock
hind on beard the annum Danube, foil um.
beard, jut above Liverpool, Ohio, and inn
• ' '
Tagslik) maretiat, abe human:it P
god*, D. 11.. PAI. EWE 01110tV1.4. entlmm, I
Misa CORralla C CURTISS, Of N.,
Ptili t o HALL.
.Saturday ErftVag. July - I 7:fr,
OWING a the t er is nl t e i rl i d nu
( N . •cv,n,
Composer aYY
nd first Pianist to the King o the• French
and Myst Pretence of the Con e recoil e of Pont,and
Tlotenly Pepti Parsairtiorill ginnirre 'km° I. 4, i'
departure ref Th eCaaadas,
An Only Coisurt. „
C. Pivot! will pley—'
The Silver Hell Concert, by Paganini,
The fa en. Tremolo, by De Be,"
The Prayer at Mosta . • •
Military Air, ends variations, by f'aganini.
013nThe two lancesoposibass,oodontiredly the great
est and most dilficalt Paganint, will he executed
Henri Hers will play—
Grand Fantasia on Lucia de Lammerukhori
Brilliant V eriatiomt on the Puritans; aux Clercs, (variations di Braman.)
e Last Romer hammer.
Concert will conclude with the Gland Duette on
Win. Tell, by Hereand 41 ,, M;
The Grand Pianofont to from Mr. Here* CM nfnotory
or Pans and has been annulled the Grand Golden medal
degree) by the gam e C moony. • ,
C. 5i.11 , 1 WO. it the sport which Pagan_
played In nil bin concerti. and has beef bettecated
I to
C int by his Imo:anal master. • -
Mr Rollback! will preside at the Pianoforte.
Tickevhone dollar each. Tope had at the usual Fri.
N. B.—Two ttchis will admii onegesttlemen
lodic.. I jll6
New York and Behtim Planes.
JOIIN H MELLOR. el wood.ohhee on hood •andior
sale at senora prices, one yet) . Reweemod
Piano forte. manofactured Chickering of &woo, and
pronounced by the bestj odic, in the city, to be
Also. Roy lartrament they' h”e heard Price 1130% coon
Also. at on extremely low price to oboe consign.
Meng—. .
Hoe mleodid Mahogany 14 octave Plano form. or
brilliant ion.. and in every mope.* very oupenor in
emment, manufactured l.y Ali Gate &Co. hew Vora.
formerly known as the `New Vora nianotaentring Cenu
Also. the following OLD PIANOS=' caprices:
One' octave German ludo e;
o=l •• Piano, made b ga —priese73
• (the " do do orenbanmrpriceSUE
Wine 6 do nearly oe mad In N. Vert%
and with modern farnitum—pried Be
One 0 octavo (tomato Piano,mad Stein In Vim,
no, m good order. and socllcelleril Pi tae, at 8175. on r
err• it or 6 mouth., with good good
dd to
tor I,
eh • I
Iry •le
..1 oc
bet •
Hi E
111 •
ti •e
/01.1.P1A., or the White Sulphur end thaly
ease :Trine, or Leal, county, Cy, The at eve
tidal aro elm' place or summer resoit,is now reedy
to deception or vintoro under the direotion of Ml
hi Kean, I. .q., retitled for many years of rho Lau
rie Marl, Mr. Kean and lady will have the active
tegument of the enure boarding department; Mr
ranee, of the Metro bar. otore, bowleg rialoon,
other arounmentr, sod Mr. Olin of the rp dugs,
, L ,
homey. Ina horses, curlages, An. /cc
en.. 0 111 F M Werdon, Stagy Proprietors of
untie. will so a regular room horse Pon Coach to
Spring, erely Monday. Wednesday and Friday of
semen, and Tornihb hopes and carriagent all other
ES 1.0 UM. washing to 'lra Oveulopla
crsopepreferrang the Vanceburgb mute trill/Sowell
to tette: Pon ut satho packet Y. 410 to Vanceborg on
P may. Thursday or Soundly, when they will find
ours,. and courage, to torward them to the !mango
M T C OtrULD. Proprietor
P. 9.—Por tuber particulars, an W.V., PIO hid e, et
the bowls, weambosts, to., and irthisoe aunt convenient
then tato au ranted the following lieu, viz
Test Enotopla Is nearer the Ohm liver thontthyother
watering place—thoulthas the porestmoontsin am-the I
most delightful cold lorphl 'pukka!, telpher. water
—Nebol vat, eoldest, element parrot, pleat oaten and
most VICIIIOIOO, [bah bate lbactsen in the U. States
dull Ili% warmandd by mountain ...dory, walk roman.
tie, pternerwine ...I Rh...steed, with good &biog.
groom/. fox chasing, deer Maebte, bee.. together
with good eatuarg.-d nuking, alumni, walking:sidle&
done Mg *helpmeet* the .bloes; outgrowing the dpepep
eta, talking Nagano*, mowing fat,lovlnguntay,dreadv
Ing to go away, promising to rome again -0,4110z
(read., ueighbors, Wien, wirer, sweet treacle, be, es.:
end after if it Is cheaper vwying at Escuisma than at
an_y other of the fadoonsble watering pined.
, . This Is the nage of hundred• who bane been Lbw
1 anti mean to_goesaill .
PUP undersigned. as agent of the owners of that
choice mid tahmble Lend in,tho Borough of Mem.
ebetter, known so the •Company Property,' will expeet.
the same, In such portions as may se duetted...if..
Auction, at 30 . 010 ck, P. is- on Elatitriay,suty
This property la Insect! known to need any particular
desettpuon. It will rerommend itself In the midst of
a tht lying popalation. iron]] Trebly remunerate any who
mop purchase either for Improvement or in:es:meet
The sale will nommenee on the premises, between
the residence of 51r. Park and tthe old School Hosme:
Terme Pale—On mob, and the lialanee in 4
annuit I pep:neut. with Interest from the dal ornate, se
cured by bond and mongoie.
DFUDRRDD,94 wend et
JDIIN D DAVIP, Alter', lelndtrin
PORT WISES-31 bbio Pact Winer, cowls:tog
of ::ogle, double and treble Grape, for .010 by thr.
package. Alm, olarge variety of Pod. on draught mut
in bottles at the vi net store of JACOB WEAVER
1111. y of Ibis above Wines I caul odly recommend for
Medicinal rms. The are C ertain Imported to
the United Mates. and' were seleetral personally hoos
stocks of the Importers ftom places of grow h.
ADICIUJk Wlll/81111-3tqr cake saflollll brands
J.V.L In store and for ate by the package Also—L P
Bruee.Star. Pi ota, Bland y. Blau thine, eteily and edicts
on draught Ihr ale at the wine Mr! or
I - (lane geld Jars, conventeet for Prearresorbouliog
Carrie* tor sale at the wtoe store of
W HITE 1111Aff p l er
store Ichy orbdu and fmeste
hie" at the
DOTTLEII--II do. (moor Rook Colosse
owoorted colors, dint gLay. doxdort
fur ..fle thu arint%un, fa' J ACOB EAVEJI
/11 , ruarlert .1 cur UNA
Ni EMS 1111K--huable for the season at SS cents per
/I lb. Ns charge fm keg i , JI. RE! I), Art
rsta • 4th rt near market
Win B. Days. . John D. Daley. B Dealeis in Dry . Goods,
'H canal, Blom napes, Pi nstiarch manotattuted ant
No. 00 ebony D i Polnazgit. ty10.4
V .
RO WA PAPICM-110 maxim full maim is Owe
sill for atla by J01174 , 5C0TT a. CO
7 rtymmoei al my, ' , betty o
BKIIOIII-18 : lattl o s Erg bra
d I sto d f o r
.41 1 . bY lll6 .JOIENT t 43714 Ir. ) Wren " ; 41
HET HOMES OF 'Fit o. FOFT4 l —tionees and
Jlsncta of the atoet CUOMO% British roet`abr Was
Mott tt, i I loomed. I osTrteeired and for tale by
BOV'S SUMMER DOOR—The Boy's ottemaer Llutlt•
de...votive of the satanic, scenery, 10101 life, and
(annoy atousettaenta; by Tbs. any thitty .
Itlastottiona Just teemed at the Book and ettationery
store of Jyl3 3011313F0N & MCKTON
bat a short tinw,9 inch sy:rode r, feu stroke, Iwo
balers, IS het long, LI2 :oche. than:oar. Apply to
j 1 , 011.• \Pr itarrEN
arks prtaat striae Seerelange;
4 do • do Pored,: irrataret formate by
jylt LA WATEe at/O,AI water at (mu at
4 .1111. D-110a bbl. No throned Shad oo bubbly
1..) brat and ler sale by
1113 CARSON A. /JeKNIGHT,6th et
LAUD—PS bbliNo. 1 Lard;
" Pure ()Irate LaJai in store Cor axle
by -j% CARPIN& MeV., la err
%L . /1 . .1 , 110;i . 50 , :x e l y all exes front 7.0 tol4 80
CLAY AND ,CORCIIINtid;—CA hZil Germ. Clay
Ymne pure Sally, fer nle by
(,AT • lor e.
7 8 . 1 1 1 7.14, I 11 x. 61:
Gl.* in uore; ter rale by . hie L $ VVAIERMAN
ifooTOE stibsatiber basSistreeetsed and
hand, bdesnem tae of Boston
and N. 1 urk Piano s ever offend Item._
Aon the rear— _
One elegaat Rosawcsni Piano. rande by.Nuatm 'Yr
Clark, N or aaperiar loge. Paiee-gery moderate: •
One elegem Renamed Paseo, by Caleketiag, liestrat
• This instrument was selected for Me matiscriber, by
in tdr. Chiekesing, spot pr
the lost CrelllVerialtel
is tu• factory. Poor moderate. • •
One elegant 61 am are BO , GWOOLi non - E1 by Nunn. SI
Clark, N.Y •
Sande. sevetal cabers of ration. styles and priers,
rib and without. Coleman's patent atmeament
For sale al the lowest !OM!, pilot s, by
jt•la at Woodwell S.l third at
N. B. Tile poldle are respettfally Invited to call and
es al:Moltke above mock _
- A - CON—StMO los RagOricd for ante by 11110 0 N O Sugar;
jyt S F VON SONNHORST tCO lI d 0 bbls N 0 alolaster,
DRIED third Pestles halve.;
If 1W b. du Apple. in secnei
let Rode hy 4Y1 5 La .. A FERMAN
FLOUR—dobbl. (real Emend Fesallr Flour In mom
V Par tale by IyIS Ltl WATERMAN.
ACON-1.000 Ibp Rite:led (or sale by
DISMAL ASH GlllO for ie.., by
t)l5 8P VON 110VN HOEBPA CO 33 front Pt
ALSRATIM-9 casksban recd sad for sale by
.11 —4l.t bas 1,6 ix she by
41.5 8-1 , VON BONN HORST & CO
IQ WERT VIDEII-10111•1+ Gru sale by •
7 17 i 111111 Fl5/I—.o bbd jun_
...whited for we by
iy7&__ FRIEND. RIIEV & CO, 57 wafer et
A9l—Z3 butt 10).41 reed. &rule by
1333 J KIDD &CV. car wood & 4 di to
("1111.0MM LIME-9 eeke pew weed; for able by
I : RE".411 . 1.b:/wION ff RU P-12 doe 'bow reed; (brink,
J. by JYIS - I KIDD tr.. CO
. 117"Chrewniele copy ad Vie.
-1 Ir. ,".T. •
2... kg Fathers; to arrive; for, sale by
I DICKEY & CO r shater and front sot
LINSEED bbla pure Oil, is tam] older
for ale by 'jylil J DOIDESNMAKI.It & CO
T ARD OIL—II 4bl. best goaloy for sale by
J SCIWONMAKILIt & 00, Ol wood .l
OARIitONATE ArifONIA-30Uibv Inn received; ied
V vale by Iyll SCHOON MAKER aC.)
A L WI-131.1a PAW= Alum; forsale by
SALICItA.TIIII-6eskilogurive; An sale by
014 I DICKEY 3Cq Ismer & from
LINSEI6O 011.-7 bbl. in wore; for .ale by
Fir: wT','lmi
m mace SOUP will E. served op Wale's, Isle
1./ S Mutt, eth et.; every day at l t o'clock.
The lovers of TenlePeep are proclaim rly invited as
I enter mysrlf thetloylrstteannos be sorpasaed.lySgf
!AVM TOW YAKS—enee driven received pea
J. ship Utcontorc; for sale by .
TASSIIY & LIP.ST, 33 wood st
tyliXl46--Paper boxes co all sues great ace OW
1J ean be had u' •of F
— Gras. ckstia. with .
Store 43 market ht
k.. 2 wire and,a able cord at
Ir 3 Trim/int
SI/NORMS —lse barrchalusui
150 sack/ Oats;
• ,m O nsets Pommel;
ta pieces Linton; landing from attar
and fer sole b. . JyS - S baLgELL•
NIA.ISI*-Y5 bow man White in nen and Wen*
LP by WICK it. lienUANDlAllit
he ear lewd and with:flint
9OTTOS—Itn bniee Tench. Cartonln nem and
1 3 o , rlie by ISJI.t/tH MIMI &CO .
ogipatimi—suo sacks Bar*
IS mks Shonspi ieeniand tarsal°
OH AO CO-23 bole. ha Ban'. brand 5* Tobseco
last rod'd by Canal awl Ibrsals by '
)5 J DALZELL.SI mugs , st
LAnn OIL bbl s landing from neuwr :Coe
&stud No! and for sale by •
lye • JAS
• - inAtiaiii6Y DOW /M al . n 6 ror de
P 1111-6 cask , s , r y l i eg. mcmitteitn•
ye wagg e r:4 ,a orrasss
Slartion Salim kYt
• .
• kis. Jo/iiik D Davis, Autitil*er
Alonday morning, the /Or Itik; at
the Cmogoerclal Sate RooL¢S, corner or wut ana
Wankel., kr -
A g and ar,V.Vire g .ho '" 7.6 " , e w' q mp7in s glq.' " ' ''g r. ' b.... e' d ie3 ....4
matebes,arad.rasset. b'd elmornr.slosea.froatir'ni'
parent window blinds A general wortreent of Ueer
and xcend hand household Camden; de,
•. . ,
At 6 0r...0ek, P. M.
A quantal. of poo and pockeakntvee, kaiiresand',
forkfowsiters, opoons wars 'harms boxes,. hill Gr.'
Ul orto (reach .secordron., fat
• pencil, moo ood second - Itaud . w-itehes, • y made
clothing; fine Mum. vsoloty A oode, dr. I fr
Books, Paper and Fare Articles..
On Saturday overtire, the nth Ira, at Sn'elooki 7 '
— Catitercial Bele Boorns,sor 'mood and SW sts, wilt be
sold a' a nd. 112faable collectioh of hO O OO, oio o.
eing .L. works In tho•arions deolrunonto pl il.t..
- BIM* h sin Frew varirty, letter end capon - Mogi
polio , !told pots, tansy artin les, .te..iy It, 7 I
'• - . ,
Famiame at auctsoo
ON Friday morning, tins 16 th irist!at 9at at th e
Fornitare Ware-room of D R Moore. on the aril side ,
of the Dramond,•in tie city of Allegheriy, apU be sold
his entire - stark of Cabinet ware 'and Chair% smarm
which are mahogany hair lent. seas, inithagemy drew
sing and common bureaus, dining and Fula:ran tables.
ladles , wort stands fancy and rammer% chairs in great
Tar irw. Also, one turning lathe. Terms_ rash currency.
jyle • - JOHN D DAVltrs Aunt - -
3 Padding Lou ol,AucCon.
ON Saturday alleindon, do 17th lasmat, an S o'clock
111 be sold on_the iirecuscs' 73 very handsomeTartd .
elibly filmed budding lots of {round acjoinma the 7M
seradol the city, and horribly:es:armee of J O Mahon,
I.lset , a Van of which may tested at the auction robins,
and any informationthal maybe dented call he obtain
ed by . calling at the office of !damn , tabon in Wash.
Inaba. tu 4mat. opposite the 31.30.'3 Ode, or on Mr.
James Terms—One-6ft nail', or an sPnmeel codqraed bale ,
man day P, Ibo,l Cilia. to mat equal arattaak prt)cnnts,
wi h interest from day of sate. • .
13 Jollhr 13 DAVL% duet. _
• • . ITalnahle Boat Estate al AltellOß.
Ohl-Saturday evetnne,,the LIU hart. at b &cloth, at
the Cthathercia, &deo Booms, coenci - at wood and fifth
soh will he toldwitkout jesetve, , thal ra!ushth lot' of
around ulthining the property of B L Footles:Wit; boo
th, a from ortu tee th lashes On Pena •thetereen /land
at •no elk) , end extending back II lt feet.
411.0, th at lot of glotrsd in the teat on the Abaco, bar
the (refit Mehra i:, M 1 an an open court-30 tett wide,
eau-min, back fan, nls Penn a7O fees trait—One
fink cash. telidur, peptide in_ sour equal annual
owns, with ' , fltte Indiornitathe.' - . JJll
tur to the year 1 . 640, for the pup
"rrit'ifiTEE,'.Vtet«WA:tigrTe7.l,7,7P •
low paces and exhibiting, et all Fawns !
of men year,the Largest A rtortnterat itt •
Tlny are ROW opening Several Ilandred
compheing cony new style of Foreign and Dontertie
premed., mady of_whirit one net to be round
where, and climb bare Fel been purchased, and are
offered for sate for Cash and shortrecta, ... •
per yard below dm:Fitment April and .At ay, as pet
printed Catakrgaes, in.nteh arc corrected daily, for the
Iptormatioo Of buyers. .
Nrie Yert,.J . r . t!,19 . 47,_ #teini
iffavrii; - 77
DR: W 00 0 'S Sarsaparilla wad Wild
Cherry new and valuable Er.
times of .Sanspanlia and Wild Cherry has been used
with great meet. for the pennant-ill ratabral of alti
etch diacases mitotic their rise from an Impure stale of
the blood t—it promotes • healthy action of the Liver-
Itreagthem the Nimes and at onto seen malicalth and
vigot to the whole system.
In elle:ors of Jawlike, lndyeetian, Dyspepsia, low
of Appetite. Habitual COplivrocu, erofula , rfeed.,e,
',name, and that Drpretinott of. Spirite, which me.
common a complaint in the Pitting and Summer Selmer
of the year, this medicine ha. not as equal—and aria
ale trial will convince the moat incredulous of its petio
le.. virtues.
For farther particalars the reader is referred to the
pamphlets which will be furnished by the Ageots,sbowt
tog tire ernitnalMa in which Mix minable medicine le
held by those who have used it- -
w...contien in dm Polite .Lt
Be particulir and ask for Di. Wood's AareArtieilla
and Wild Cherry Bitters. had receive another.' 'Phis in
the ten preparation of mere atiOka esAribiAcCl core
offered ‘l3 tbepoblic, and tee great scooter AM nilinA
itsc has induced the imprincipled to comocifen awl imi
tate. As a preventive, at e that Me ee, bark! boto , lllC
words Wood's Saimparilla and Wild Ilhetty
Ins^ pooled on the glass, and thatotteh label-op the
AcAle is signed by no proprietor, 6. nOrMOSI,'Jr. •
sold, wholesale and retail, by WVATI . A.. Klima
AM, general agents, VS Fnltan ,greet, Nerve Yacht
Teo Market street, and Pi. H. Pswvta Evoithfich•
street. ,
Pitolm Pe:, Price 51—large bottles.
jr idea , "Ale
isT. Imes AND UItANDLESTIx. iuvcs,sVi
rpal pose Wines and Prlind:es;are tithed to call
and neassma my latimamek saw Illmore and cellar in'
east 1100 bottles. soos.sting of • .
WINE1•••-etimen rid ports; ' •
Do Madorot; • . •
-- Do Shelties; - • • •
Do 1 onerdral • •
Li hosom
Do_ royals, . •
Do. ATalogas;
L. GermatntiViiii . enan4 ,,,, n 4
seamos from w 1 KIS and It
lIR 6 'Mali,' dark;
!Jo,• -
• DoeYinetCastilhossolatle;. • -
•Do J d thlpuy • do, •
Do Otard.pale; . —' • 2
Do De . ignette. pile; t
• Po Pasaro, pain, ef diffnem vinta
ges, from 1611 to IM ond'l4. • • • ' •
It will trend me much nicotine to show samplesof
it alone Winn. and LlOOOl4lO those who may Peer
meArlth A Vllll 01 my ‘Ti,,, cellar or Lignar a we
it 12 • -'i mrsmiW6etd and (Mot sin •
CIOSITIVELY the Lll4. Week ot Miens., /MEARS.
r MURPHY ad lIUNYLEY, who sal, eppeer in
their seal satiety or Songs, Ac.
The proprietor takes great Measure in wiling :hale
Its, geared the remitted' MLJ P Moos, IrLO wilt lip
pear throughout the week in the erlehruted. deism.
fi let,
nulled IL STUDIO. 'or the Li on s
Iterates encounter with the niemea teaaq in
alt.tudes. 1.1. Di celeste throwing the Quoit. Rd. The
Steer sharpen Mo . his finite white overbransg the Coe.
.puetors .4th, Roman °lstituto, n pieta s Gth.
jet derytngsbe Lightning tortein alarmed
ot Ttetoder 7th Mee/negro. fawning het andal Mb
Remake, nom DaitPs gator; or the Staines. sth. Itc
rotes (ran the mane. Ita, the Dl mg Cludiamr,s ;molt.
Tirane Admisr!ou
ILADICAIt CURE ow Gowns,: • - 1
hostas honor to reform the !wiles and
L .,1 gentlemen, and the. inhabitants in
general, that he undertake , to coma
pletely ezierpate Conte Buttantih'
Mule atod_ every herd Imbalance on
between the toes without eattiagi
kly means of WV Witter of his own
invent:on, ino operatan is, performed mule spare of tee
manioc williont the Icon pnln or thutuer:und the pa:
tie num.y re to ate lor awcapation and 4 rcirt with throw,•
isOction of carrying the Cora* and Root in his hood.
The ra
. opetor tont Ordain alondance daily from h
n. et. nil op in. and from 3 till 6 p, m. at the M.,,,,,g2,
hell !loom Room. No 819. or will attend An patients nt
their own residence if tequirodi ' iyltallor
Cs • Line Sugar;
,TAI bags dark green Rio Cate;
IS no,oons S r Indies;
a Ornbro Medd.;
100 has Tobacco, various brands;
En Walls 0. P,., Mend Ink Tarot'
1006 and LI lb bore.o. P 10111 Y. WT..;
:0 MIN N C. Tar
0.0 " hob; ••
• CO b. Snap; - .
1 n . da Mould CavSer;
•jr:,-• Clay Pipes.,
Toast. r wir6 a general a t sOrlment of Gerseerre•j
store and An sale on aceeortooodalingten..
Jll5 CARSON a Me/ENO:II ; EA st
`,,ANTED SOON—A ritnallon for very experi
cooed Teacher, reeill_eilacated,ot eseeant ten.
iirnotiials, who andeinanda the mathematic, and pr. ,
neat reneging. and b. bad a gm at deal 'of osperiener
Teaching in different pottier the old matey. Ile is a
middle aged man with a Neill., and who wit) strive:to
mire the public and fill any soluble , place far a fair
rimer:apply at ISAAC ItARRIN S Agency a Io-
ta...nen Office:fifth at. near wood. .. . jnd
Fort SALE Itarinaittit I'olpit Aarlstint,..*orld
to coma American Fiancees,/ colt; Piht,ctea Onto:
terfeit Detector, the Greet Fire at Patepurgh,Tayloist
Money RepOrter, a Caw Itibles;Testorr.ents and Pehoot
Books,Slates and pencil., all the Plusburghlooru
ing and most of the weekly, and o Tar rhiltdo , phla c
and Eastern papeirs kept daily an the roomer for sale..
ISAAC HARRIS, Agent t Coso,hterchant
10440 MIA at near wood
VINE F<VlVlttl anoiher Invaceut.
V fine ready Wade 'aid, damns , and wide plaits, Uy
fen and &ending Collarsi.Mcditun qualities,
and wide plaits; a few.desen of those 40 incl. black
Julian Gravity received tins manna& and for talc
unusually low at N0.1.M wood-in (ups.") by If k..E
TOOD, AVMs Mr Eastern Manufacturers. .11.11 d.
curve( Hittites, Cuts, Hams. lbrignaries, Tates,
Pontine, Rheumatism, ke ate Far MI accidents to
/.4,1, the bOrs• Habits, it Is unpmndled. it is alto NB
[animas in the ease of Chalioin horse*. For sale by
jyl4l JOHN D DORGAN. Droggiot,wood mt I
theConquesa of Peru. with • preliminary 'nem °Nei
evilisalion of me lace. by Wm C Freston.. rolrexpo
i eg
ding member of ine -French Institute, of.. he Royal
41dems of History, .Jost reed amt(os
!yl5 . . tOr muketJtaid 860
ICHNITV.3 HISTORY OF ROVE-4." history' of
3 Itomottoin the gladiola lithos to the death of Comm;
us; AD. WO. by Dr. Looming' E- R. E.
loci, tho high school of Egiolotogh,4Jost'receired
rd slid hub JOHNBTOA STOCKTON r,
O ' I I / Lennan "'" ngUletTlir "
and fin 1, 9 1.1 JOH Ntjroal7l:o6lls4;:d
■--4 •me s or sale 14
CBBSltsl4—Tbriala by
M..DFecrDeKv Ta¢ecco—vnrcm .r brnd.
mnd.lse. for Silo 6Y }Yy I DICKEY hCO
i v :a:Z. lkm.. hoe e a .4 . lll ... enesgl panenger “eary
Goiabed and forni.M t and pion
tratersOf the Wen'. linery nevoreenotalion and oat,
fen that matey raft proesue, haatteen provided arpa r
team.: 17te LEnt bas been maperaton years
—bare earned a toitliat of people h e the lean
.tmory to tbeirpetsotte, The boom will he at the ann of
Woodatreet the day Farhatf to sinning: lot the recap.
lion of freight and the ertuy of paenengera on the
r a i d
ter. fa' all .elmes the yurage Malley Man I r raid in
athrottee. , ' .
The titrSONGALIF.I.A,C+IO , - ° •
burgh tvery Monday morning 111 10 o'clort; Wtrel:rke
every Monday everung 010 P.M.
The fiIIIENNIAs NO. D. Capt. J. diinifetur. v;7t
Pittsborgh every Tuesday rotates at le o'clock;
Wheeling p s, Tuerdav evening al th ht.•
The NEW ENGLAND. NO. Ar'Cara. S. Dieu, Iclll,
leave Pittsbu every %Vanes.lay morning t
o'clock; Wheelie rgh s
evetY . W.cvloccdoS, vrell* at Dl P.
• . ,
The WISCONSIN, Cipt:R: J. Srarroolli leave PICA.
burgh every - Thorsdny morning at lUoclork: Wsrchts
vol"lltrrsilay.evoilsx ~st. to r. _
The CLIPPIOt, NO. A, Capt. CivekSsriti tent. Pitt
but every Fthley mooting at 10 *Woe'. W heeling
every Friday - evening at 10
..!!4Tpunair PACKET
The MI.ZSki9GT.B, Cam Linford. - velli knee Pali,
harsh every;NmrdAp manias at 10 &aka k; heeling'
every 6aterday evening at It , P. M.
Tim ISAAC NEW TUN, Capt 4. G. wit
leave Pituburgh et crryy t. , undor mmaman 11.1 o'cloCk
Wheoli.g cite ry Punday teeat 10 P. 01..
UND111369-4:11) bags mos Rio taco', .
'SO half chests ti sod_yosrebor,s Tea:,
ion Wats N. U. Aloleases; r
60b Is sogsr loran Ildoluirs; ' a
YS bloc Large No 3 Mackerel;'
60 treats 5s Lump T0b...e.: ' -
' dO kegs(' lyrist Tobacco; for sale by --
Jyl3 34 //IN 0111}12,Z3 Lben at
DIAPER-121U bundles :KC Struve taper;
' 1000 btuloles Aid. Struw raper, •
ZlO ream. filled Ituer lei/Leap paper;
tl/0 tea and rut wrapping; I
• • 2 mama fine white t.exue paper; jun ree'd
and for ,ale low by , EYNOO.I)S "lIEN
IYU • , . ear Oenn and awns elf .
SII. MOLASSES-3U bb IMPermr Lndu nna
./dstrecriPCll and lot sale by
iynt .11UKUR10116, WILSON' k CO,nnterat
tl:VD1R1116115-11.1 easki slof.11; -
1.7 51 barrels Istasstd Oil;
4 bales Flax • . • .
156 box. Cbresejl=4l4 and Alr solo by
DIGS METAL —ll:ai toms Flanging Rork Fie Ma at,
lost teemed sod for sale b i l;
1913, 111: 1 / 1 1181 SF:WILSON; d. 00
fIARBON/sTkl . CIF 431160:0d-4U lbs /aye seed
bY • .411 BRAUN & II2TEEI
S' SX/1.--111.
AI AB 0/1.-1* Jai oop
• etiorottalkiTlkt rer'd uut
bi ri .!/EAEN a REITER .
I rib!! el/1,:-J-tam . Juvi . ree andor $1 ;: h r
Li BRAUN & inuTe.n
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