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    -400 L. 'e T/ 1 .29
I . " ll Egan of c 3 anW rrd 'ca. ' 4 . al ! 1 . 1 ' disk "
. ktuapiii . *
Old Imol wirehause, coe,L2 . beny
and Ceeir• alley
VGA It bbl. doable refilled Pnlvenzed;
1 bid doable refined Credned;
Ir bbld inserted ' do;•
I.lelte 251..5 •
10 big* Itrazu;
fibt. Clunfied;
• bnda N. 0.; fin sale by
.., _ J DWI WAIIs k CO
••I r-n. • areda .It rum`
do Ira-portal Tea;
do fhapearda do
L. , 2a,ly laa Y. II Tea:
as no 'SuperAr 1(.11. Tea,
do Ponrhong do
Pr:or V. 11. AN
received And fora low by
N .:AIL/14:P ATtlitrlrA—Bristarn Comp. Said gal
• :llcreo.e. Comp. Fluid alit.Parsaparilla;
Carfrentel'a do • do;
Comatoek'n do do;
Tr:m.o.l,4'c do dm
Q....iron hand and for sale Egli A FAIINIR ,
OX:g A Co, C 11,1.1.1. of first and wood end wood and
s , c•lt CP. -
ISacoLAT Ej k V
Peke ta No. I Casoolate:
Prewar.' Cocoa:
• Coen*
io k Co. No I Clacolate, receiving Ibis
at. (non onoofortwen and fan *ale by
).9 At: k Id and 20 arood at
r vgckig_r:,,, .J.,eceiber 613 }Car a eccaved from abh
.1 Pram 1,. Company's nomin New York. a brae
sine IF a••• TVA , just imported. consiningof all va.
.lie.liorn n7l 'la. ao Sl:Ober lb. A JAYNES.
nein Anent not . dba cirr i No 72 gib kt
1 101,LAND .tr, ,
1 ,piritc;
• •. t l / 4 .'otc , h Whieker, warranted rare and
m..a i 10. MARTIN
1 .
, Altitt—ttratnitot prat{ and ivory Pans—varyinirta
pie. Porn r tot •orre dollars—and any quantity
tr• 4 Pf.t . o dnxn w ttaatny Sae rents. at
EATON'S. 63 market et
rpm) et ,1•1 t:c1• Id nano hutches, bath white and
.'roiored, ni;ipper, talehein, ♦teal Bead,
1- F+• alway. on 11 , 0 , 4 nnd can lc. made Inorder at slier
%VIE .pd Uiuraer. to Glum, Of . 0,0 ry
arich' Ynd price—loresin aO4 dotnestle; for oalr
10 market 01 eonie r (ppm
I) LAID CAS,llTEREfitant, and white
.1 int menet Ca , tdmerea—fatitionattle 41_2 le—lairly teed
e Ury Gond4 horse of jttt Wit MURPHY"
1.-4iltiCit-22....SKET.21—Card add Frott baskets. I
1,. uttila tun innra Beritn Iton, brown wino. taollt
lAA., and u noted style made of lid; cotton, in al.
enn Ite no..aitted at odd _ EATON'S
UNDII I kit-211:nneks limn;
, 42.248t0n.
ltarrels Float; land to 2 (toll Muff
1.7. re, and for sale by J PALZELL
24 wader at
et:cre• 11. M. Bank, PaPAugh;
21 . Hanel at (.....“.0010. AP
J C tIIDWELL, Alt lower at
B ACOX- .rele.4era,easira,
o BA
r J
do li•J3•• ca reed per 5B Rower ;
•3J 1 . 31 - rlne Jrdl Jammu, JON Ets & CO ,
Vaf.A . l'llEEZ,s—.lo../0 lb* Mil,. WteCril }oil reed
0.1 ,ab :47 11111,ACKBU &CO
- P-41 car armee at .d cherry alley
Co. Corn Broot i, ; . r . ; s tore
d i i !V for
le k 5 Noe WI wood and g liberty et
II tkild.itt bble old tdoldwzottelo Rye Whir
Ley ot •1••:e rad for axle by I '
DELI' PI: AC II ES—ZS bo Pewete. for sale low
r w•e tvtnatent,Or 0 coculanN
No VA wood ..t
QIIIAII-411. , 15 N0..1 to ornvo and for sole by
1:1 IN/R9b Tit& DUNCAN
I lA7.Z ND 4.111.— , 34 44133 plat fem.. alai Is'
1. 3 ty3 33y i. WILLKR & ItlpliCETziON
ALT-10 enies Table balLjost reel and lar sa
/riL l ' BULLER & mcKrreopi
LAUD-1 tkzntedß
az d.
bb,. Minuted Oil in cote and for We
1 - 1 63 WIIKt McCANDLE:IS
Ij 6pOBI8—,04) dozenseore e and for oala by
LP /13 .
WIC la !a IdeCANDLF.B.9
S ° r —49"
. 1 Ay
for sale b)
T 1 IRON— :dmall An
• &RATRA—Far tole by
U [L-Ilbtd• Lord Oil low reed and Poi Pale by
Fourth street below Ferry ntroet
lIISEED OIL-30 blila Linseed Oil, Jaw reed
an `""*7° . '" r" .Z.Va4OD. JONES &CO
g 1N VASS-2 1/13/54 good Conroe, reeelved end b
jog! No On wool mew
EEDd—A grad asnortmen t of new style Tweeds.
.L received .4 tar •ale by
Ic2l SHACKLETE & WHITE.% vicod nt
_MLIES—G veal.;
10 Seerebtay= reed tad air sale by
rlyl2 R CLINSIN011:161,141 liberty al
AAT (t ISKEY-275 LI& raw Whir rev, nrcr ;woof
for isle lic 01! JACOB W SAVER
BRIDGE BTOCK.-0 elates limul Queer Bodge
2doock for sale by jet
. 1 DICKEY itco_
Fp. EATON has jot meemeed by Empress from
. Pew York, Linen Frinlte, Lace Blown, Boys'
Leatber Beim, and other udders in vent demand at 63
Martset at. " jy7Der
UGAILI4.;4OO bognE lute Bram I donors:
nO boxes Ilarenna do; for male by
Iy7 BAG& LEY & IP and to tesin
OTAILCII—N) boxer 1 . 0e6 (coovt.) r(tatchon
to A No. I tinkle reed per 4tr Tolicrnan, nod fur I.
by yen:: B 5111.:11 , ,NBERGER
HZIIP-110 baler Mo. derr..rotied Ilecop, on con
isument o vd for colc by ALES. GORDON
J ' I 54 orator nod
,10.5 front its
enat rearhed and
rued and ior sale by " reV§VA e aw. E It % a r lfi ' flir
LUE DRILLINGS—I elm Drill.Leavy blue
iuel reel' and for yule by
I i d ,de • NIACKLF.TT rE:
F u
r A . , :,: k j; al, 1E47;
A R at. THAW. Canal Man
117111 T lING-1 bids Hpanisb Wbitint in store C.
Y snit at cost and carriage by I DICHET a. CO
watts and front au
- -
(10PSEC-,ltowned rtrtd Groud. an
notels and grocer*, at the Mustard and Spice Fax
wry, Fthtt cc
.F 19141 b h l i ttlorrnitam.Td; •
Y) LLU 1 . 4 ff"Tinl'
tall East •fille al the Mammal
lIAVANNA F5170A11-10 box. so
11[110} keno lievanoa Sligar.joet received and for
silo by jell MILLER ic RICKETSON
I ,T cr D°W
" • LA 65- 15 h t ". lo t y y
50 10 belt for sale
by je29 , t!F - VONIONNHORST tCO
MIK , OIL—A prime article of No 1 Lard Oil
.Litionstobily on hind and for oa J O RDAN J by
je7 ' , sLasinfacitircre„No ID Liberty Stitt(
M - -
USIVITOSETTII—Namow and iii6dei wad
plaid and grren, > idipply reviived RI
ITARIAOATED 110/LP—.4 bia lidl & Sotea
V Jun reed and for sale by RE SELLERS
brotbi bi
G R gt .; ! D PEPPER, in bbla, ke g s and bones, nosh
Na 27 FIN. street
CIACKEITE-161tit lame AI; byN Fi &
_ g
aile of Diamond
ID 0 WDI67IL-- ITIELIekPoI./dr;
)nll • rorole bT J DA/ZELL
01E/..ER.LL—GO 3—Large; ,
• Mb( bbls do. for sale
ley ./NO : PERRY
. .
117( H.USE.+4* has IV. k, in Immo shipping order,
Peg 9114 .01' oale by
DA LZELL & CO. Libeny st
Si.ltiA U.-4u pm* Whom !lacono, -
*beef *Rail; for sale by
jet ENCLIste !L nd toroodtl_
I)II.tSC ftittonitied tot condoners, aitbe /donor
and ,57tdo rtte'or7, n Fiftb street.
alytt RIfODE. & ALCORN
_fib U. NU .T.C..;;ZPICE, Cinnamon and Cloves kJ - li..boaes andpinall paekages,eonatantly on baud
and for tale attire .Nitodara and evicte. Factory.* leittb
RI101)1.73 & ALCORN
GII . OUND GINGER—CaI bbleond Itch kegs on band,
and for rale I.y a/101103k •LAWRN
No 47 Fifth tweet
VV "Mnif ' """Sit Irt i t% an ale by
FOAA.Vrii A DUNCAN, WNW and front is
plATAWartAailita---g No iaTan;i7i;. ll
, nays on bandana for logo at No 241 tAbony wool,
veer otnaL W WA lA.A
LORISI-1500 ansanto prim. Yam.. Coto Y ron•
. 22Finarat ani . 42Ltale h 9. 1011 F.LL
Ur bis wooded pus cm
" ha" and hY . TASSEY BM'
POTAIIII , -:•16 ensty la wpm mad for 'alibi
)41 , TASSE Y - Y 0t.."4.T
11K ICAtit.-1.. pot t
Usrerived astol for sale by
Ljettl 111.7RGIODOV,WILSON & a). yiso, it
111.ACON-gift/i the Moon Ride. Go Yale by
.1.1 Hi W k.R. MoCUTIRIEON
14voiVAITLiCct. Ihi kirk- Wid.t.. 1,...ina
'o,r:h• by ten. ALEX . GORDON
--- —-.
FLOVII-RIO Nil. 8. F ott tond Rol for sale by
la, it URGRIDGE, WILitON tr. CO
F . inoN..Maboning Fto . n . nCe:
~ _
2.t '• Rat meltert .0. s ot .4. ,
.. .16. R Lq.OltD
ACIS-17.nrkstrountry mixed nun teenived and
4"4''—'" '_"rfa9VTll a. CO
kk part reed and for saldby
041161entgRLTV5-1° ''
.Io by
— 6LANAIIFED—Sbbis on co anmc A
;0 . 1471 MAL —IS bbl• Ire;llgrot3:_dii!it
tor nle Oly •• r.
011.10/11;=1C0 4GEr away prux in note for sale oy
km, FOASN'TiI &a
•re.• .r saiaiby
141114 ,
+-; 4 e t.a /do d • din UELTTI•
1, ouL, SAM,
000 "...719441nir 2""lii
1047• 1 Sun Sun; Moon[
JULY, 1 rises 1 sets 1 limes
133 Thursday 1 7
441 '7 J 14
16 Friday 4 42 9 41
17 Saturday 443 7 4 43 10 12
IS Sundayl4 44 7 22 10 14
19 Monday 14 41 7 n 1 11 11
V) Tuesday 14 -13 7 11 43 first quart
21 Wednesday 14 45 723 morn.
PICSNOCX. JNO. 51 rfnlß. r. Lot.
.._. . . ,
*gamer. Capinin. Leave Amer Leave F.uroe
Caledonia. (Br) Leo. Joy 19 . 1 Jame 10
Bricenotru (Br) Beau, Aug 4 , Julys 4
111Innua,(11r) Kyrie, Aug 10 July :9
Carat:rig. Ilk) ham., Srpt I Aug 4
Alireouri,lFri - 514y::1 Jury 10
Wroh'uln. (Am) flew 11. ---July i
ruitte;(Br, - July 44 . -
--June ID I Barre....
Loath , ..
LireT • I
Steam Roat Packer Line ; Mayas daily for On
cionavi, lo • Y.
Pstaenger Packet via Bromovville,to 'Lattimore and
Philadelphia, 3 A. It and tile at .
Canal Packet Line to Philadelphia, tinily, 9 P.N.
Mad Coach Line direct to Pnitudelphia, 9 A. it
and 124 at.
Western and Southern Mail Coach Line. r, 01.
North Western •ia Cleveland, daily. IP • M.
Brie and Western New I ark, daily. ii • .. w.
North Eastern to Pniladelphia, daily, except Sun•
days, 4 A. la
tern Mil Vl2 Philadelphia, due. 3 A. AL, dole,.
12 M.
Western Mad. A:intim:at and Louismile, due ti
closes 5 A. Al
...there Mail via Baltimore and Washington. due
/I P. M., closes .5 A. M.
North Western via Cleveland, due 10 A. M., cloves
9A. M. -
Erie and West.cro New York, doe 8 I'. AI., cloLet
9 A. Al.
Weuesday hlorning, July 13. (
The weather yesterday was very pleasant, and bu
siness scorned to revive somewhat learn the lethar
gy or the past week. The river is in fine navigable
order for the genitor and middle class boats. thero
being a rise of ?inches since yesterday's report, and
the steaniboats aro arriving and departing with a,
tivity, all seeming to he well freighted. 'there has
been little or no change an the prices of any of the
[eating articles of trade riven last quotations. It in
hardly necessary that we should present our readers
with but a short report of the markets to day.
Flour—Some inquiry was manifested, yesterday,
4ilithout, however, emoting any apparent change in
the prices: We quote sales yesterday of :10 bids
from store'et 34,374 p. bbl. Some sales in a small
way from hilt hands at S4,l2.ift 4,25 . rr bbl.
Bacon—Very little doing. We heard of name
light tales, yesterday, at prices unchanged from last
report. City eared ham. are sold from store at 8.1
84e; Sides. motet ShOulders 64u.7c
Lard—We quote sales at 8584 c; not much in
Cheese—Sale. from more yesterday of 30 boa oil
choice at Cc t lb.
Wool—Sale of 10,300 lbe at lama, rates; prime
33a full blood 30; j do, :Be; h do :fie; ¢ do at _lc
We give below a cumparative statement of the
imports by the river of breadstuff.; and other leading
articles of trade, at St Louis, for the I; innntha end
ing alth Juno, 1847, and a corresponding penis] in
1816; which show., rapid Increase to the trade in
that growing eity•—
I 5.(1.117I I .i:40.4, 0 .1
•Vn2.-.5!. • ?..;:r1.1;73
Barley 15.6.11 I`
Pork, lb.. bulk. 81.3.113 1.8:3.480
Bacon, 945.1 11.439
'• has & bbl. - 437 1 (8,0
"lb. bulk. 774:88 1;9895n
LEAD —The folloning is a table of the -ale. of
.cad, daring the clout!, 01 June. an the St Louis
market. for Biz years past
June, 1842.
do 1843.
do 1814.
5 2 tr.i , t.:1(Y) It..
75.:67 do
2 9r.rb: , (k) do
do 1815 • 43•13 tel no
do 1816...._...........3 Sto3 .:Ja on
do 1847 3 45413 5) ao
The following are the receipts of nil from wn i
whole flatteries , of the United States for the 2d goon- j
er of the present year, with the nnleilndr of vessels
engaged Ia the trade,— I
. ships barque,. brigs therm whale, ,
Total '4 77 4 82.403 209taid
Irrired let quarter 81 7 2 1.4.853 Al irt.: '
The following cluaraoces have oven .o.'do from
Slarvillomfrom 3el April to let July, 1817
Wheat. bus : 9/1.371
Floor, bbl. i 1%1510
Port 1 044
Bacon, Itia 43453
Lard 40 ILO
• Batter
Iron Ore 1544.C61
Pig Iron - kill •
Ent 11 Cl':
There Rat received dunes" the acme Wu,
Merchandise lbe • 112 - 2.3.4
Coffee ,18,521
Sugar .19 410
Aloinsace 1119 471
Pobaccn 61,078 .
Iron and nails '825,08c
lp.m 3411;J34
ake Flab, Olt, • "393
Retail Palace Is tads City Market.
Wednesday Nlcriiird, Jr'} 7.
5 10 5, P pa , . • •,16 a :Inatome ...4.. • a a
Owl, hot cuts. te lit U 0 0 ;tits. #' 6 . • • • •
—Middling • • •• • 5 O 7 .o.w, hif pets •• • • 61/
—Coned.. • •-•tt 0 5 yet:lams Liver, I r e• IL 6US ".•
—Dried—. • • •• 613Vorle.Lestrute • 5 el 6
Bente, kir pea• •.Al 6 :Parrnipo.o bunch • • Ia 4
Better, fresh protlb 15 Oa Pommes, new te be 0100
Do do Itoll. 1U deli :—lied. • ..
Do Apple,qa •— Fat
4 1. ph :PrteM• °—
Cabbage. p h,34• 36 4 —POOI, ••• 4 0 5
Garman IP bunch • • an 4 Palk, 4do t84!1.0
Cdkrl• • • ..... 0— re 4e, lAI 007, 60(0.
Chicken. lire... pr 25 Sawn. ta he • • •s 0—
__elitaned• • • • • •37 850 sire d • .....
Chenteta. —Dried • • • es . •
Cornmeal sided. he 020 Ton.o Beef. wen 01 614
'cherries. p qt• -- FP 5 ed • •.• • 311637
Docks. lite. P• pair 3:1044 Veal best Lolaao
—cleaned. ... • 0— AValemts 9 pek • • .10 014'
Geese, don, iewh• • 0371 Perch 4 , Itmeh• • Ord
p qt— a Iffalmo ........ •• • •25 0140
". 4 .6ten, lip. 70 si ,•thalteret. L , • • ••••• .124043
nook. •• • • • • • 8 010 Cot 0 0150
Haniey,ffe qt 40 6 FLOUR—
( hank, if• lb• .10 031 'Wt. op —63 ret
—stait.," stt. •I 8 ONO Rye.
Lard, ptaid,"
6810 Deckwheet • • • -- 0- 7 3
Tomatoes 13) p dos. Monodic. 2.5037. Mat.
berries ie C. qt. Black Cuirants 3c p qt. Markel
abundant and attendance
lII.:IiULA It PiTr:sett:RlM AND WiIk:ELI:SG
Tile steamer
L H.' .
nl WHICH:VIA. a i
iotoel *ro, , lt master. ..11l coratr,n,
moot no a, a regular packet shoot the
I 'AI in... 1, leuvotg P.ttohorgh ever,
Monday. Wedoeklay nod Friday.. 10 o'rloolc. A M,
!raying WbrOlong ever) Tur•da ,Thuriday soil chno w
day. al &o'clock, A 11. For fre.ght or pamage apply
------- -.. . ,a,,,,,t
CINCINNATI-Per Yankee-9lbb's whia t ey, J j FOR CINCINNATI;
.... Tss el, gent wr.l (nu Pori, 1
Bryao--10 Mils, 4 half do cornmeal, Jordan & -on IP' 114 ANDOWA.
-1153 OM. arlikkey..l Parker-1 M. I/ L-reeb &co ' ~.g,,ilgiall r•, moo, w i ll I,,ye . a 1,,,
-10 blida bacon, I , Sellens-I0 balm linseed oil J i......---...... ngularly (111.1 ll.• ...I. For
Kidd &co-. 6 Moves, b 0 pea cast iron, J Park &co fretght orpa.:ore aprill on hoard myll
-3 bidm blue ilk water, Ido vrloskr,. '2 ale COO 3 ' Regular Pll taws rsta mind Semen. Dia
skies B M Jones, II aka bacon, T G Odiorno. Pocket.
LOUISVILLE-Per Pambe-I I bhda tobacco. TIIP light d rawrut a..e.are.,
Bagaley & Smilb-1 bbl indes, Clark & Thaw-I '''' At . NEWARK,
I:: do W Bingham-I do, Hampton & Smith-14 ~ Unrd , M"tx1nr. ,,,,,, took , .r.ek ,. .. tom
hbda tobacco, Atwood, Jot. & co-13 htida ticot, .0 , h5...r , 1.0 ,, do, .0 • , ...0
4' Sellem-I1 Ws wool. H Griff-1.1 dW Barke•. .. ._ For irr.gtat or ~..,, n oo k ~n h. , r'
an 7 Ir , V 11.1 0 ,,. A, ~,
W ELLSVILLF.Pf I WrileViilo .1 ac t dm, J F ''
Perry -I ha mdse. Myers A Ilunter-1 rat bac n.
J F Von Bminhorat-4 do pow', L S Waterman
-50 Mils Boor, II Grall-I0 bbl. do, 13 bl. wool, I:
act corn, .1 Mcraden& co-b 8 We flour, Catlett-
I bbl butter, 1 to bacon, I sk beam, 3 do Bat, I bag
timothy seed-3 aka d apple., C'S Waterman-1 bg
w beam,llaks d apples, ft Dallell A. co-33. sack
corn, McGill A Bushfield.
WHEELING-Per liodann-37 hhtla tobacco, W
Bingham-114 aka wool. l. Laurence-Id tilids tro.
bamen, 87 aka wool, J A fine-211 hlida tolmeco, 'J
tws, D Leech & en-2t aka wool, • lark & Thaw-
11 661. km.' 111ePaden & i".-13 ht.l. do, Tassey
A Beat-3 Ws most, Wan Bllnlrom-lb toils paper
L Looms-Ad tibia flour, It. Dalaell, II Oa wont, 0
& W Harbaugh, I Md. R Wightmar.-1 lisle coupe
yarn, B A Sampson A no-9 .8. wool, C Slade.
.CEVCINIVA PI-Per Ringgold-31 bales wool.
Wm Barite r-e .5b....1 aka d peach . 0 Whiteman-1 ,
' bla 1110015. 2 0 a k , 4 1 tale, Atwond & bag.
heathers, 43 aka wool, D Pitsinimon & Son- , 16 kge
tobacco, It Daltell Jo co.
ST LOUIS-Per pigs lead, 61
Allen A cn-20 bga wool, la bl. lam end 0 ino, 60
pits buffalo robes, A Beelen-1 I hhola 10.4CC11. lira
Wayman-I bbl, 1 bla wool, D Leech& no--I hales
wool, Poindexter A co-b ark do. D 'l' Aloman
-3 bap wool, Wm Binglum-I I bla wool, CocLran
-2 b.. It Gra.
Per Swale
cabs wool Iligaley & Smith
-509 pipit/411,MM. A litekriron-1 t ark. leather,
I'o'lode:ter & CO-4 bas specie, 2 bls U Leech A
co-50 Midi bacOn, 1 bre leather, Clark &,'f hew
-13 bgs cotton yarn, B A S.nopsso.
D. LEECH A Cog, PACKET, Philadelphia and
. Bilinnoso. 9 r. In,
BIBMNSVILLE PACKETS at u 0. r. and 3
RFLWEIt 1'21:F.:17S at. 9 And 10 a M na il '' ' "
GLASGOW PACKET, Glaugow,4 P. 0.
.WELLSVILLE, Wellmille, 9 a. az
TALISMAN; St. Louis, 4 r. w
SWATAKA, St. Loma, 4 r. in
.k .
iaddtti. to my law stock of Gold bed Pharr Pot•
tot Lerer Watch., suitable for Ledlce and Gentlemen
—Of the latest and handaoteest patterns and of the bent
roanablerirre—warranted and for sole at very lora a t t.
etc lelo W WILOON
TO razwrzns—The advertiser wi•bo to obtain
a Initiation as Connio•lion in n Pinning ninon
mnnnoily, if possible, Onion • nun of tinily, and
in • t• nide in Pitabangh. I Applf 141 dm , pm.. al. alibi,
Waters Flout!, wasgr4n, 1y14421
Corm!. Bowman. Brownsville:
I .no:s blet,xne. Bennett.
Monterey. Morrison. Brownsville.
Camden, Benrickion, M'Keospert,
id e o Rope. Stinics, Waggon..
Wellsville. Catlett. Wellsville.
Umpire, Voting, Beaver.
Arena; Gull. Beaver.
A Frew,' Atkinson. Heave,
Pacific, Campbell ;Cin.
Steam a, Cox, Cin.
•Nlistrirm. Coles. Sr Loma.
Ringgold, Hay, Cie.
Consul. Bowman. Browneville.
Louis McLane, Kennel, Brownsvire
Monterey. Wriodniaril. Brno fluidic.
I:rtiets t‘iine. Slrnlea. Giant/ors
rcna, Coif', Beaver.
..rnden, Ilendrickson. McKeesport.
tuella,lito. CAI lett. Welleville.
Umpire. Young, Beaver.
B. mi fi c . Cool, t 'in
Avalanche. tVillian,. St Louis.
Arrow. Miller, Beaver.
The mcan.ont I Er nOIT. , apt. 11.
rosinter.rc 31111C1/11
rtrn Soled and the Moult Sie
out.• no 31111 C 31 . 3.1. Ino,no
flO•All.mak Ike rlaloolder olllm
•cavn, leaving Detrvil rucedny at 2 o'clock, P.
The Unroll 13 one your old, hom a powerful low pre,
•urc nrnl I. well adoplod Co llie hook trade.
For Freight or l'u.a.e aptdy on board. .r to
G URAL/RG[Ol & CO. Cleveland
J % ta,ueer. Detro
)1112.1m F I,A SON
The elegant Packet
. .1 1 ; . !•• •• Coley, inamr! . .tlll B l. , at \ ::n. above th.•
mouttoK JatlF 15th. at JO ticlork. ork.•thy.
For tre/ght rn Lour& OKI
hi The fight 11mh4nr ,.
Cox. muter will 'nave aa ohm, this
-01=EfFanglgE , ttt • toorniug. July 10 o'clock. A at.
For fmght erP xpyll on boArtl• 31,5
sllis , Thc line sinir
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r. .a COWIN , ATI.
The fAst running
Campbell, ma•irf. will leave n•
OP Fr.dny mornittc/el9 Ibthnr mope..
5t Fese)'n,.7l.; or PlA , Aase apply boalid
Regular Plttstinegh end Zanesville
7::.g., Tie...' °=rit E lia . neht steamer
James F. Boyd, master will nap ns
recolar. park, l,..toiteen Pousbureh
and .4nesville. Having hatt ber entdna hard op and
furnished in Fastener II) le, the Comet Ode,. he !inert
accostatodahons to pas , rnerra She will tuns, an
Monday. July SM. at t.: o'clock, P. AI.
For fseigtaior onttare npply on bonrd, or to
jyl D wet
The new and f.tto ;Ironing meanitroat
Shales. maeter, built ea preset,' for tine
trade. Willrun an n regu'ar Packet to
Hearer end Olasansc-I,sving Pt,-
borgli das:y at 3 o'clork..e. m . and running in floe-ow,
Mouth of Sandy end Heaver Coml.) ott Monday. Wel
nreday. and Ertday .
For irnsaht orPaeeagr toßeamer New the
towns %V col and Nnsili of New ',hon. ripply on hoard
o e In i f s S A W HA 1111A17C41.11 wood etrert
11r new, double ratio pas•cncer
' •ex nv.r SW ATA RA.
(Dram:lll only 15 Inehm)
• '•. - Co, wllll.nre on ~o nday.lllc
" -- `7.1. .n.aml al 4 o'r:o.. 1, r. u . for
Cinelonal, and Intrrna...:.alc p.m nod will V . A.. ,
hr r irip.. r,..lnr'y Or low waif, >ra.on
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The new and apleFohd steamer
iVnalwara newer woll leave- as Owl , -
gularly tirnulhoa he sra,nn For
pvs.ser apply nn loard
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IStstnnmer ' 'I IlIUM1 . 11.."
Ci l', 1 . will nn, ns o 1 'n
s cowls tin-yogi:ow Illr scasou For
fre.nnt or passn, :To, on board.
, r 1 7 2 73 11.'
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i.uonexP , " , 3
Pr4l-ialt and will Ira. , n-ry
'.lel dor.,
:hr lirrdm
rni - RET
nr woe, I.•io .soMo ,d rou•
urxuu.noo. ki
Crtmnr, orill run n• a regular
nunkrt t..! . x.rnen Potsbureit and Unto , -
durror•nn nor Iravn. on TlModay•rr.
ne. May Olt. at 4 °Work.
For (mato or pa ..... •Pnis On bnnni. tnpS
FOR 7.n , F , V11.1.E.
fnu" — .
vrol 01, n. rrgo a,
I.rtareon Warr and Zone..
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Plitaburin and Scunllol Pack•t:
The newaud n 1., .leamer
s gat t,
F.L.hert., manirc..• re Aumrd her rm
kilar mi. and.vtil 1,a., t' , ll.burgn
a...,0vr rrery Twincln) ..t.l Mon
- l'o, fr •:f,!, 0- 0 , 0'40 0001
11E1.A . C1I'V PACKFTF. •
Thn new .4., I/1,
Nc.:gon run
ving I.lnagri vry slnnrin v. d
and Fr!•ltt. al Elio 'r , ot I.A M.. and AloPent
twin evrry Tur•dny.•dely Sattipla;
eir , o,k. A. NI 1; r Irr ••••,, appA 0.: Icr t
Allegheny Mace Trene•
rit< Gnr 4,1:',n S,alubmt,
~...rra Pg .•,,I. Jana, Atkrnvrn, ot i' nt:n
tp- in un.. a 11,,1ar I . ,carrt du
and Frankhn. rot ire igin or im..ar4t• ant, o.: :Ixtrd.
11,11 i Cam Parket
tee! I.ldi ••1
prgld:g tog ‘radn. and wo, ff ,ggg
ap, tt ogrlng the lenv ng
rd...bureb r•cry gmr,ing u, 9 ~d 1..! L. and 'A eli•v
evealing gl w,.n
• Futtur,Pairnt mgrgrt.c %Vat, Gus, " Fur (2righl
of paggag 2 dt. 127 V
„Ef A to i' l ' 4 . 7gga r y ' . ' „7l "r tt h g
ggget.. A Ale 11*.Nr.. Agent.
. - .
'f t, new dranz!. quit
0 M tna.ort.
t•nrgh Wr,nt
and Pt slay M
Stutmenell;r ,rry.tnonlmy. Thuroday un..lS.r.tmlny
A. M frerKti Of pa crape apply on
ItEol7l.,Aft )....(10.T 1*(1:1 N.1.,11V1LL1...
' : .. :., j ;;l ' n " r 1 1 :',.. " t,.:: , .„n ~„17m"
Slurtdv,. Erie ',Ca :n•.:”.1 q' Icl dr;crel,
F., frriqb, ni pa• -Pr , . 1. 7 v ., ~,,. 1 or .
mr-lil: I Iv i11,1.f 'II fc 1:II/ I /kw.,
'No T.
!OR Maria
i.dosirvty 1.0 to.lons A
e , r
nroilt:, Carol and Itadryad hc.4 norr . , zrf.l , ra
I order the (If I.• 1,1 , Id 1, , ,, , , Woo po
...,,,ra a• fir 1.0..••. C.,...) Dirlo :t1 9 • , , , t.. ,
I've:, lodtens.euirt• It-rkct. Ilrorder, Jul.:. . I
d o r,0n,...10 0, l'ln.rn,r•on, rue..dav 3 t,,
o f
IC , nt.r to , I fa., W....,0n /al> 1
do 01..0. Cr.ittr, Thu r.., r t . J,,i, ti,
hr Iddmon. Hrtlt..), l'lsday, lot, 0
An h ,„,,,, ~,,,Thoropmon, Saturday, Jut, 10
Ott Kent°. kr Tr air). Om, , r , ,, , July 11.
kr Ili. a. CO kg IC. Marld.q. I.dy in.
do Indiana. 154,2.). T11...A11, . .1111, i . l
do I.onitdand. I [merlon , . 10 ...our.erlay, .1 Ll' y Id. .
00 14erodf.kv. Truitt .Tro•tr.d., 301 I;
do Oh o C'rn•r.. I r ,,,, ,• Joy II
do Indiana, 10.0400.Suturrlal , July 17
do Lott,olann.Thornit•on rtunday..hilr IA
II you desire cheap traveltral noel C111:1A/P.,, ~,,on..
toodattorto. Iterate your Uclteto at the rocket Mitre,
1 Monongahela Ilnuee. Water tdrert• Or 0 .
, 3 .0
~ • • it 1.0 , 111 Ir. CO, C.lnul 11.1 am
, .--- . _---- .
- Monotstatallielst /Avery gamble:
MOW r ic.rAT VEIP' O , 7, .111 -
1 It o.1)- - ras opened ate largo sUdttei:. .4;! ... 4 "
nn Ftot ,t., mooing through
, crorri •t 1 ,betstrerts Wood
owl .nit'shrld ern* tr, to the rrnr r ( the td o oot.notarta
lion , . mai . lin curt,
ruck of Horses arid (lo In'
ag, cf the Irror nom try and ißlatPt 'Tyler Hotsee kept
at, livery in the Item manner. iVNIIy
lIISMOLUTIt/N Tot, parincroldp Itetetofdre ex
-1../ hollyr!te 0tt1. , .. ~i,••,‘ ur.der rite firm rd
ti,y1,1,1.11,,1,10g.i1iAc13..&,1:4; n r ii r 1 4 0 a c s
u d n o n v i o n l i t t :' , e . d . , . , nn the i,l Ls
, 1 . , ...r5 . 14 . : r , t , t .
rm.! at rho old stand, and /role (lie harmers of the fille
ROD'S A. OUNRCROD AM, Wliale•ale (4 6 W.
Dealer in Produce .an rinaburgli filazialactisrts
Ili Liberirst. Iylll
IjOCK OR R 11114 1 4. WINEIIW Same 14
AL Cleaner, Rudorboisner.ficostnbrisn,i b r ri k'
and Motelfilusssarel. For sale by lee cue o r
die Wile , Flare of the .üb•oriher. Persons ' familiar na
Wior. and the genulno brand• !wed no far
I ...Purr/6 orithoal the addition orany greasy aatistande
oat far producing a brilliant pearl,' elan on th e he."
Pere lel cents. lErThia Veda alsoald ha In every
boss. Far who by jyll A S FIELLEAIS, 67 .fterlit
Jamie will be reeeived nouI i WERNE.DAY. 113,
in the Ooloorthof ihnsubutgh. en ; until • lifißg i lit i lt
lair UP. ut no City tit' Pittriburph at Id o'cleult, 6. St.. af
the office of the Ping;ll, re, for tee grading and iteasoury
(limn fithren of the l'ene•ylvanta Railroad, cs•
tending West from Ilarrisho s.aud fifteen moles of 0.01
Rondox tending East horn trinuborgb.. The grsdsns
tredl include very; heavy work, and lb, gosoni t t of Mari
sonry. melodies Ma Piers and Abutments of the
b eTast
•11,705) thottniusurhanna, S o f a intl. in iength. li e
unusually lets, Mins and speerftentiongol the ork
end bt seen St the Eggineer's office in each pla, tor
ten days porn.. in the tura uypointed fur ree iutue
h. lA.. Any further Informetton emu pc had up any* plication ache Mies or Asuotiate Eustne
real 1 . 1 V MERFOCK, Pre.'t
TO CON ritACT. /RS—Seated Propuals will be re•
cetved at the office of the. Pittsburgh and Cleveland
Rai/ronti Company, in Wellasetle,Obm.untd le &eine',
A. Al.. of ti t s 17rh any of July; 1011% for the grading.
Lndatne.and jerparmg for the uperstruclure of ;hot
ponon of die line ...amen Wellsville and Al gailketie
mill. fill mile.. Plans and sucificanonamhy be circle
toed at the otter of the Company, at any 11100 froth the
I7th to the 27th July COIIIMCN will gee Ire to the
n biddem. A farther letting of that portmn of the hoe
nom ACQuilkenfit mill, erusing the Sandy and Behr,
Canal, and et:end:ow on Ilia Idshon and Canton
road in the direction of Cleveland. arid take. place euly
to strectenmer, Ily order of the Beard of Darren .
ice :4 a• A G CATI.E IT. See'',
o; the tTflethlinut and Pannittrgh
RI il Road Company.
meat or Inn prr cent I the Yrt instalment on
iltr •nds motion to Its. capital flack of no,
ortnrany nnot,trd to tie pool on or lwrorn the lot day
Mau, tel Siorkhoidrrs in and near Panting die.
Ohio. pay inlets I word: in Pittsburgh. to f W
Rohertson & CO , corn, of and and Wood flrecic, is
Welirs.lic, ID Jot Men. Eft older of Me Board
plocitougt •
PLANS and Profiler of the svork on the fifteen miles
of the %Western Division co the Pennsylvania Rail
reml. to be put under contract on tee P 2,1 of July.lC47.
muy f ,q) at the Engineer's Office. Fattish or above
Smithfield on trod after the 13th tart ~erbere intontionon
on the vuldeet mny then lia obtained. iylo
Selma:hers to the Smel of the above Company, resi
ding in or near this city. are emturtncd .PdY the . 11 0. 1 ' .
ing instalments to JOSHUA HANNA. Agent for the
Company. vet : -
TO per cent on or before the fith June next
at let July
" 15th
By order of the Cumin:Hy 11 O'REILLY
Contree.or forth., cononuation of pion Line
jl9-n3i and on June 13,14, 15, 'Jo. V, 30; and July IS,
4, and In
UST received Lyn/11N II NIELLOR, No. SI Wood
J km-et.
Mary Biotic Jim Creek Corn, Who'd do, Knunkin' at
de Dom!, Dandy Jon. or..e of Alabama; Cynthia atm;
nog Doren, 5... Gain, Meid.
Nero pod Popular S ki Lim. di SCIPIO.
Will you come to my Mountain llome;IWo stood he
rode the Window; The Grave of Bonaparte; Woodmen
snort. that Tree, Molly flew-ti,-Ile doe,L all rLinaafWall;
The Fairy Boy • fist Fairy 8011 , , rriv M i dniglii liner;
Laterite's Wild ' Hung 'I he Gipriva' Festival: A change
in Me lon I one; Como. Oh' come along with me; Star
Renner. mr,n in my Home; There', no Rome
like my own, Mary of Argyle; Flow Gently Sweet A ,
ion. UT gone Ileum When Stars are in ihr tinier Ski.;
Flow on then. Shining River.. Evening Sire Waltz;
Von Sarenwting walla; Love uoi quir p rd
k Step. Bi
wade; here quirk Sic], Serephie Vadei Peters
Iliehland Martin Golden Imp Waltz;ullo Haden Haden
Folks; WCIO.O wit lige.; Had'. Gmek Star Grumman.
per maim. Varotiennv in La Pati.lenne. by gulden;
L'ltivitution a la mitre, by Weber, Varianopa. from
Brawler di Pr.& r. by thivernoy; Air Allemand, Cart.
don. by Bumen, , w-,.a Drover Pay variations by Coen.
ay. Duel...anal lone M. the 'SY... Family. by Ben
/natriation F.ooks fur Piano
Hatton'. IM•lOl,6lBCt'.. Earn'.: Hamilton; Willi r,
Howe', Ines and Liquors:
TACOS NV EA VILLE, 16 Ma tlet-ro corser of Front.
•1 offera for sale at 11111Ufill, prier. and terine.the follow
wI,II.WVW ru tetyof Wthe..d Liquor...elected 1.,'
h on ...,,r—ol i rcra t rdu ror the firma Sterelt Sr. Co—in Ihr
Eastern Cote, Iron, Ent o ndt
Lrlfer I , rcre Co;nat and Champagne Ilrambes; J I
Haim, Carl lb: old Slnglory • Vas taut Chaanuler.
Prier s Sciee Chardc. Dopoy C 0.4011
.411;11.01] oi-nn a
Co—Vi nett ntage, m Ic4B 1812, rabinc.rg
ail the Vochelti and lkodeaux tlanor•, :n half pip'..
quartet , ;out 1,torl;;, or by retat;.
Holland Gill.— l't•ti AncLor. Cross Keit,
~ t eders, `wan and Hour brands—new and old
Enctand. Cro,l Lanai.
crt.lBP very n 41.11.,;(11.
Wlnatecm—t,,ll and I,dt, Monongahela It:,c•
land., Co Cooll.
W• 1 ,0•-514 d- 0 a , , Tel, rat LisLon•.Shetrie , ,c •
,It . SLAnt , Pon.. I wows. veLlte woo, -!urels. Champagne, and Stater.
11, lod,n 1 , 141... rl ostler e•k• 1,1,da. dethOolt ,
I.mues A 11,181 reflueo.o , , mndn to the Trade and
ort,me•ale kuyer. upon at toternent 15
I , N r'
S ' e SI L N • ei
4.411Z1.1;1..• courclar or
Iw:es:rine. brand,
c Ala.ter,
8 SI do
Do Woven do
Ito Enloe,' do:
Ram so Port mann ,ought for U.nrope ,
L NI do,
Trento Grape Port;
Pore /tore Jo,
A Lew —Triteriffe. I.A•non, Faya;, dr, ond -cocci Ma
lacn. ~nutty olerne, and athoe and red woo , . Peres •
Ina!: ely cetung a pore tame., a• the , are
isst tar:..e. o ,:u , ,,we B mr au , eV ,
win I,y k rwagh .lia,•. Inr•Ir• and an. 00t ,0;11." 6.•
- Louie 01 - .0 of Dr Townsman. Sarsaparilla. It will
/9 a . 5 % B r et s ta G sArro A rretrlj ß ls. :7 x d g m th asl7.:Se l Lpr ua n v ls z :aad::lac ht aLar: ... 7l
ISO do Nee, l'nt.
SU do do .I t o rra bass.
'AO do e 3 (10 .Xlsl7,
0.0 do dn9ll
50 it, do do 81131,
d" do do 111S1,
I- do Foe Hook.
VI dodo 1.104,
In an do do Na.B,
.k.o.1,1%;;; C:,( trail.
I,i and -d a a I \ o,. o
s l.)11 , 12 , 1 r t hL. , LAM
V„ rl Domottd Miry cad rifdi suret
M.HA, !Wu:pm Wood and oppoeilt
Maj. Lorimer's ExrAegmze Office.
prep.o.4l neronoundnie .at.•
cr.,.., .3 pol.tle gent, kot W:th • dein. too. new ent•ti:wwnent w,II In. opt n to-t•\ • pro
wet c,cry ttong nv tender 1,11P•el,
, SAL ury
T an 4 SUL.7IIrII 111% TIN Inc pared:, 0 gaited
The wan.,.l:Eurni 1• . Cot.11 up :a an enure new
awn. •eing veal' I at..l .41 be too: agalhe •üblentwe
• conful,ntl6.o the' wprewement. elno,:nedennwihaw
newlbw uutblwlTownl the efonabin nee
nnw ill., city. rixt3a• I!VASIWN
LA ND, ix non. runnilg [lmply curl rreT,
tot, m,a t•I Good. god Pratt" a Itotween oho,. gonti.
•terehat.d...l tram the Vast IS dchrered to on
It.gta of the find dal Irmo Cumberland—tooling
tFe mos , eittettainut. tn... tot getting out Goods
ft.. the Kaaiern t!
Arqd ,n llaUddare wolf n ec a rree,p: vLo I.IIIC
Th. only Ancnt• are I C BIDWELL. :moargh
0 IV . I t . k Brunfmnifile
ddeKAIG.k %IAGOIRB. Caned
11 1 :: 16 'm - B ItOBINSKi. Balnulore
A s tiNCUl:l - Un.ll. an 4 11,i, , 11 , 03! In,pl , darnia
f 3,1111..
(inn, and Cita. S c then,
t.nea-1,. , and Crud ea,
Fe ythra ,0111, and Rid,
Bora. Rai., Soddea, shoadle,
humnd and G 1311114; Sil,ll and Fruvra,
Bd'lding Ipnv.., ['Player tdev , .< , •;
I , ant f Grua
A rnd •app!y ,on Laud and wr .mn
C 7
corner of woad arta street•
Qatilrolustir irtmicik
r.. 1 arm him now commenced for otnltmg Hrtekr
sortircribers beg learr ava , o to rail the attennon of
Itrtek maims and mars In thts very metal machine
We. will warrant it equal if nut outran. to any other
trek Press, of the ca n oe prier mom to 11,
We hero Mt lumber of centrieatt.s Irma peeler..
atm, svitteli °coup) too much spore litr sertoong t hot be seen at nor °Mee.
ttriekm - tyerr are ..e•pecitalty Inett,l to give ns ,al,l
We .et'sl pre our own ausrantet-tor tilt Performance
of the. Prem. Sure n'T . Ganntv rightt.or ale .
JOHN Sler - ADP.N A.
pr 4 o. .l&.tatamr esnal lova, k peon •I
A filllL4l , l te.—A respectable
r!1.11110.10 i, Ing 40 miles t'non Pittsburgh want A
nteesmall girl no go Anil nurse tyro 'matt children. Airy
,k., ,kt, ehaniltetrualdn. tunes and
nit all Not). Also, sevei a wn for farming And bat
t reo., ritoce• ee l
to n esttot hook-keepera,salca
warrant:semen, tar Pleura apply at ISAAC
110 Ageney and loMiiieente they Zth at near
woad ryldll,
‘;tl EtneAr. pro( ;;;;“,n.
VI lottin?, been molt , between Da elver, and Hroolt's.
etri tel Ineamtgett wilt reeeirol at their rest:teethe
Tocc will allow! at 11..‘orrtcn of Dr. Brook . T hird N.
Pori , huildioel, halo n 0119 o'clock. •. u.. Anil et lite
11, Spec:, Peron fort. (10.9 I fill 2 o'clock. r.
antr , er2lmr rrquert. lien ..Ittlrrnent of *ll
vi.nunt. doe do hi. 1f... dct,
16 10,7. 1 h NIFS SPEER
nTrti , * t.Cltt L
elleec mama', owl
True end Crowing LIVER PILL.IIIe
PrePorr , and said I
ny SI:41 ERN, 57 renal st
NIDN •ni .I.•nniorn. . ter;finn dun Ins
soggrely g.aneked 1.1 April lasi, w.ith
• ornplittol nod 1.n.1 A/IVIIIe al .1.
tr•gl feel - 111, WllllOll l pinlueing oily goal ll'
feel. 1 ,11.. pg oi rs' parr/as...di
whi •It g was greatly tall/N.4 u ',rood bra
p.ortsred whichcomely co•ed her.
illgi.sOlgi./Tlol .l i—Tpe r..10p heretofore ear
1-/ bag stilisenhers din boo of
la, n on Siewnr, le .1 , !lug t ho..ulged by memo!
Th,g 0 g0,.....0: the !Dorm, will he settled
hidh•r et Pie Pun... Ali..ther , eity. Jule igt.-1,47.
lIA 'llll.l'llN nt'w urr,
P. S The murk IllalloCtetorr. l goods will be sold
on eel,' reusanollle lentos. IVbetwo
—Thr punershii; Iptnerio exigT
tog under 11. , style and firm of Legirts,ri'llara,&
' , wt.,. thin day dtssolved by ountal Jas.
rfittrn beguile tb•nsed of ht. entlre to Robert
I) -Igen. The I/Ur i nes!. of the Tate fine will be settled
hy Lew,. Dairen h Ca., whoa., iininne med taunt tine
nutnc of the 'ate firm for the? purpose,
Ci7yoalaga Iregi - VVOrka. ---
r EWIP, DALZEI.I4 & CO.-- filanufneture Fin
Linter of Pah, Sheet. Ilur lino and lei's alb. best
yogi ty. nit at the warehouse of It &
J en ,Itnerly o. L $ Wstgrienn, watt r rt. Wln Mee.,
prompt riten,.m.
-- NSW SAIJI.ERY llft SSW site MISSES - 7
Infroirrvit anal Dealer In Saddler) , llatdtrave and
Carnage Trimmings, in now receiving WO addl.
Sown to ls• airenk, directly Illreninghant and the
cartes. Manufacterma, to which he reepectfolly invites
the attention of consumers and desks; generally.
''' .. Cip,_ 111111-11 eacke Feathers; I
0 .
'lJsacker:mar Peas;
do 0.0.e0e;
y hhls No.l Lard; i
• '1 bhl Flaxseed; now lauding ftom Ft, Malin
inryn,,y an., few •xl. by IVZI . I DICICVY kro
riCILD'POSIII—A very Isle and well .fleeted
list ek of the ben brendn of Gold Pend, Just opened
and fo n t mate at dkolo,vdt prime, by ,
jold IVd WILSO`i
Moat extraordinary Mettieint in Mr World.
Tbse <meant h put up an quart hoer*: u.. sae tears cheap
er, pleaennter,eud srarranty4 Impel Inr to nay sold. .• cures
disewei without ',anion. ?Engrg, sickens or 8.
Ullilating the . patohn
The great heanty and superiority of IliaSarenpeoilla ores
all name btraknoe in whilst it Eradicates Diemen it Levin,.
neer the Body. ' It is con 01 the seq . best Sk'ltl2go D
STAIAtEIG ,InEDICIIiTs ewer known, 01 not only ' , urines
the nhole sperm sod strelegllscoo ehe persoo but It C. l entes
New. to,. and Men Beard, a ponere..posselsed by to other
M edlriae. wed in thin !Seethe grout see,et of ita Inadreful
pe.forosed velthen the to.. two years more
than .75,004/ cures of b[TCIT Lases of Dewar ; kart 5,7 u „
of these sore moldered ionarable. More tim,
<oleo of Chronic Itheuscatisoo ;
00, cares of Dyperio: ..
40:t caxt of Cc".eml DeWitt, and Wont of Fang,
7,600 cursor dacrent Fero. Complaints;
• `9,, IV caws etScrofttia
• -
cams of the Lieer Complaint;
2 aura of DIA.. of tho Kidney and Drop,.
30 00 cams of Zutumaptiou.
And Thounusda of ammo( Disease of thr Bk.]. vie:
,Dysipems, Soh ahem, Chap,' on the Fan- he., etc To
g.. wt th•onanerous soars of Sick Headache, Pain in the
side and Chest Spina ntfe tions, &v. he.
' This, wean sun e, mum appear ineredib e, but we hate
lew es tnam physicians and °, anent+ from alt parts of the
United States, niforminn us of e sinsonliony cum, It. V.
.I.uskirk, I up me of the most respeemble d, °mists in New
ark, N. J., informs-us that he sue rekt to owns than !Zoo ea
in that pan alone. here are thousands of czars in the
uity of :Vise York, which see obi nfer to with pawn. and to men of character. It I. the best medicine foe the
f ctore wreathe of diarase known. It unskuMte.By saved the litre
o tit=
!Oat Lummox sun Poet Saason
As it remand the cause of disease, and p epond theta for
the Summer season.
Morro STATaa Ormuz...
• -
C•rr. 0 W.lltCuati or inn Valeta Sk - vrae Nave,
and [aerobe. of the New Jeni Legulature, has kindly tent
,us the Gs.bwing certificate. It tells its own story
Hattwae, Jan in. It. -c.
A year since I was takep with the Infiste.s.a, acid my whole
•rystrin left is a debilitated slate. I ma iodured to try Dr.
Tow sends Sarsaparilla, and after taking !no or duet .bot.
Iles, I was very much relieved. and attribute it entirely tothe
said Sanappnlla. I hare cootinued taking it, and find tha,
I imp rote aies7 day I believe it saved my rite, and would
.nol be without it loader any consideration.
. G. W. 11cLux, late U. S. ti
- -
Thu certiGote conclusively proves that this Sarsaparilla
has perfict control over the town obstinate disease of the
blood. Three From, cured in ono boos. is waprecrtlemed.
Tux. CrllLnitarg.
—DewDr. Tuursaextv e Sir I have the pleasure to inform
you that three of my children have been awed of thA Scio
foto by rho we of yourezoelient medicine. They were
aillirled 'try severely uith bad sorer hare only takro tobr
boulet: It tank them arty. for which I fool ovreelf auder
deep obligation. Your, respectfully,
luau W. Ovate, Iris Wo.tar
Nese York, Muth I; lbi7. ,
- -
Dr. Tawn.send'a StinapatilLa is a noreresgn and speedy
.eurc kr iaipient Consumption. &manes% Leneorrbo,o.
Whites clawed or datolt filenstsuation, Inemnionencr
of Urine, er involuntary disehaszr thereof, and for the pus
mal pens:ream of the systeen---no matter woether the mutt
of inherent came or mums, produced 01 inegidarity, aunts
or accident. . .
!: Nothing cm be wort surprising than ita inaigorming
kets on the human fnmac all leukemia and lam.
'lode. from taking it, Moors become robust and foliar energy
;underite . iiillucae It immediately counteracts the ne,re
of the female frame, which is the prat CRUX of bur.
It will not tk expected of to, in cases of so delicate& u
, thee, to exhibit certitendm a cures perkroard, bet we can
',aseare the sillicted, that hundred, of au ham bnen repotted
to us. Several oars where families bus been without chitd
1, mu, after ming • kw bottles of this inralnabk medicine,
, bare been bleat with beakhy offspring..
D. Tormund: Aly ifs being jgrutly. dndmmed bJ
tvweaknew and general debility, and sudi nng continually
by pain and •• sensation a boding down, Silting of the
womb, adwith other difficulties, and haring known ear,i!%. 6, e your eneslkeine ha. effected gent cures , and also hear
ingeracturended for such amass I ham dewribed,l obtain.
e,fa bottle of your Fauna pf flanapai!la, mid followed
the dimetions yon gam me In • short period it removed
! her complain. Mad system! her bawl& Eking cranial km
the benefits the receive/I,i take &mum 11 111611 nekttowledg
-1 ,
st, tn y d recommending it the pat ... Al. eons,
Al an. r. kqdrus eta.
Comaccia, Sept. 59,18 Z.
Dr Townsend: T., all . wham Ili. may rosimn—Thu i.
to certify that my wife used one bottle of your Sumparilla
pen lamb her confinement order the met Oaratin; asul
delicate arc . ..tam, being Moublrd 'vial the dram, sled-
Ito; the teet, nenm• nratims, and my mach debilita
,, with my permiasiem and We recommendatice of those who hatinsed it, I waa induced to try it with h. or an
Csith, and slather it to say, the medicine had the ham nod
driired rfect,ont only in An hours of confmetnent, but aner
pi ame nee, aLe toe, the d ) and o,
:Lom°llTrr actor
a m ' aennialting d ' rree, and her
hialth Low better than it had been L. ;long de.
If ISt. will Le of ...nice 1.. you, cr any cwt. re,
dote,. ti,r , rucnerror ly. methetat, ywn are entirsly
to it
• •
I gubrrilv my-lf your malt obethrot uoistul.rtvr.
Tlos Ealrart of harsaihrtlla has beets e sprees!, prepared .
in referent, to female mouplarnm. No female whohas mu
mu to suppose she sr appronehint that critiml peered. "flo
terra bp," Mould emir. to tale it, as nis ee.tarn
prier:mist far an, of Me sonnemota and tom Mit J.., to
ea Lich hem re me mb,ect at this urroc of hie. Thrs pen d
may be delayed he smerel year. by ram% dimmed,rane Nor
r• , D.. sal,. • r, the. erbo Jar men no.. nolo.,
as rt es ra, otrhd
r soros tat
emlo, woorreorror hla
n, rot mumtom ery hem Ihd, Mrs nooltriere ...neat
632 all of the derie. &snares to e Foch ea., are
It bourns the whole eysiern. 111.8-Mll permatmelly the tato
eherihr•—try resooong the trop sues of the bedv—tant
wfar armatattog the syttem at pr idles a tutnequ'eal te
1a.., what h tosmre of anow osedternee takco Mr &male
*manes. and dr...,
No eOid or modicum bar err, born droootereol which ro
rororly rootroOlos dm prim jai, or ...Into lo
loud mad rtrontheron, Uv orpor of Ifirrtorr, thir prop..
row, of rocoroporillo.
he as Ilr r 'lt •I. Muer., , a) 111, 1345
11 , l+,r—l lure been altxtrol fur wrsral
ernes ersth drop-iota WUIII Gut, uded end. heor
woe glossach, toes of appetite, eitne, brartbum, and •
greet Me. u.ll 41 all k.als of fraod. and kr weeks (what I
I.ohb eat,) 1 hate !mu tumble CO retaitt ben • wall puns
or. al stotnael. I tiled tt.e tonal re,dies.. but the, lad hot little are. VC/Slaptlng the complalat. I
4.ace..l,•l,ttlmo r tchrothr since try 'our Estratl ul Si ea
peed., and I moat say e• kb fink confideare but after us,
°early te, h01y... I kland mi appettte. reate,, and the
hese.b , reenlttely removed and 1 elkeveatly 12 , 1,121-
mind the toe f ,Cl eel. "to h,re bet.. antsete.l se I b.,
W. W. VA* Zbeter.
Neu 1.?.. !bit; SI deo
Head ene folloartag, mil doubt if ymi mu, Mal coofamp
ion mama be Med i his 111 only Oat vf Me rani handrail
0,4,16 Tomacial's Samayarfla lim<l4,l?
Toer.a.l—Dsar Sir. I am Mani, a litMmar •
'ear Kin nab a metre coo-ph and min to my side It m
ei... me very fart, itiumia I rim pry by ldsy
to Ems the qua+ consamplion I canard la so 1,14.
tine. of bad matter, had eight sweats, and viola% lorry Ma.
ilactor meal he could do willitrig ma I went nto the
loomtal in hope of Mulct...malted, but au proodonced Were
as imeablo. I greatly diamond at the luny and
amid Lanny Meador ; I tom became emacrated, =Jemmied
1., dv,bentd my bed, sad sem obliged In ham
ma clan melted I cannot glen you any description that
would do justice to my cue I was suppmed by my friends
to Ice rst ronoses7 ; I had tried • viral number of imagine.,
anal seamed to ha to DJ pg. pose mad of mime melt eit•
trmrataary curia performed yo or medicine and la tell
rut and am ee.y than a6l
I nano. my them I am
k..., well, bui am m
and se lobe Maui my btainela, and 1.. r. to be entire
ly in • few •calui, niy a
nd and pato in the tide,
mid Med it• Al. left e, and Mae but may and
ato fut pining my mual stromeith. I fell doily lo goe
you e thienicet of my cam. A publah if
Benw7F, 47 Lank it, Brooklyn.
Opinions oY Phy•lehosa.
Ur Tonotond b Joao daily oolong onlers hum ithy
/miens diSereat outgo( do Vela.
mild, tTut ere, the undenlpril, ithytieiew el
oh. City of Alt,-p, Lave JR 0.n.0. carte preetribeil Dr.
Tnalterad's Solopeolls, aid befit.. ft lobe a. of lite o.
reltathle popknow. of the Sathapenlle the owlet.
ecos°. o
11.110 N, 1.1 0,
It B Betace, e
Alth.,.4pril I, IMS. r faxviounr, aO.
This to la entity that en, the onderelgorg, practicing
Thonstionian thysieuns ad.. City of Albany ham frequent
ly remnant' Dr Tueramturs Cutoimood tan". of Samm
twills, and from Its known qualitset, would recommend Wm
no public for inerturml,tentfillomornd °there utaneous die
eses, in perfereure to any of the tads • mistral remedies nun/ iu
A W KrusatA, e, .
A Amoy A Wet D AreAroa, r
Prenripaleukti, IX Veil. tt, Nun N 1 Bed.
!mg* to State A Boston: Dr Dyott ¢ Nos. North IMe
tetd A Philedelphim A A llaore, droggtst, Baltimore.; nod et'
pii,..i.n,c,trldtr,strstlr:wnrallL.throughout the treated States,
Noue genuine, wants put up in the large etputne Maim,
w lerL mettmt, a quart and sinned with the written r.,.
of I' TOW N • kfli D„ end hisname blown no the lam
Yr.°. the New Vora Daily Es'press of April lt,
A prtwy Dann appearnl in the ate., yesterday. It was
the easement.; smb,tr Aorsapi . rille i'Aprres a far Tuweemol
The whole Door ie rot up in good nom mow of the on.,
t 1 . 17 see n, t i It o ta , n , e
i ny e nte: „ lll.l , l . .lll . 7 . h .
u w . h , , e . r nh ,
run!, equalled Irrandway We 'otos this opportun aunty to
uy betiree,this ext net of the Sunspot - LIN deten es the
.try greet popularity it hat ampiirml.
TAN MIMI - 0 o
.1 elticaciose end cheep medicine fix Die cum of
Cosoimplion cad other cannot Lc mo 11
Lamas. • Vet y fie:, bent een paved by it.—lN.
V vornmc Ana.
Fer cola Ninot PEKIN TPA . STORI:,
FAIFFItt M . -More, and al.° it the Dilig *tore
of P Schw4rm. Frderdi Cr. Alleglienx )efif
L ILVER An.E:-TiMliT Tea. f end Soso
Ciiieneivi. Fest, Suer lohis, But er Knives At.
iniodaideftifed eel ...If Nide liv
Dr. Tneweed•-1 time been amend mow foe 3I j..!!:
riervon• 13.1.111ty.
N Yo., ?7, 1,17
1 . • a , •• eih iip-adful *mail.; in the chg.. ;zinnia". in the
tred, hat eppeno., pelt, tu the heats, and grwral
I ~,,, io tiodaiitit by the continual heat and culil to which
hem e l tnit et to iu ml linemen at it dyer I hare taken other
minima., too nutat roue n mentauti, but with little or wow
; r. 1 stet init aced 6, what 1 taw in the paper to try atiotth.
: air )our Sareapud'a, from I route) great rater I hate
the, talieo mere ootttri, and I t an unheritatiugly sty
it it the beet medicine 1 have ever taken-11,e p.m to
beet le rue, and 1 Itrel quite a different math altogether since
I ha , taken yiete those rarilla 1 hat eat te a better appetne
then etre 1 hot •ty wee hat 1,10 , 0 it with the sac hentfi
ob i t rrstilit 1 wauld turiatin,nd it at • family medicine
Generally, and I feel cotveitired that it et eted thme temthl met
he half the •ickneu 1b.,. ',rand eotuequently trot so
. ..ay
hetoe's for while it :canna. appetite, it al. gots la
the ankbandela their jegular tour; it aiieti. the blood
a healthy state, be 11111 diet-in it not whitely ui attack the
'.7.000 And hall those who a. nut in I loullhildaar, I sew
try It, Timuerod's tiaroparilla. .
Tao*. flairrn, :0 Allen st.
In the Mouth
low is az account or•nother child used. ,Ur Timmactid'•
f.'arsailla Imo ased th e ti of thnnmando of shibirry
ive Colossiag
•alt. eradicate is selected f • great encuber
reced per Chi* sr
riaW Yowl. April q,154:.
Dr Towneend: Dearsir—One of toy childran an eery
sick with the Cancer in the mouth and throat. attended with
greet debility. It came nese dying; kobtsincil wane of your
meellent medicine, nod it mired it dimity, for whirl, I can
um re you I Del see, grateful. Your, respectfully,
Xttanarkw Fawkes, .7,7 Drabro....t
For el. by It r SELLER.. Druggist, Non tt
hetw.o al and eth W., who has been appointed by De
TOWN%E\DwoId Agent for Allegheny cm je9deterlylir
Wholesale Drug Warehouse Resuaredt
.[SAVE. erected an extensive warehouse on the earner
1.1 of Woo and nese streets, to vrtitch they have
.retooved their Wholesale business, where they win
always hove on hand on extensive usaturient of all
'the tittle!. In their has, to which they Invite the idles
mien of the pubtl.
The Deus huelnees will be continued at the ace man
Owner ei linhsed Weed el. sere
AItiIAPARILLA-3m bottle. D.
OtteteepetillaY which the Doctor Wrortantaittpetior
to ether !the's, Wirers.. utt* end niveilledneees
the ottatnitifer the sem. price."- w ilest melee...Vend in
sale hy BELLERS, 31a 37 wood umel,eole Arai
tot Allegheny Ceezny. . /37
Pry la for k Meek at 1,000 toes far the
Pedenel at the Jitelliella naname at.
m.t•nnrot th e Jackson Stlonorarni Committee.
Acid.; the lUta Jose, it arts ourtniososly :noised
Nat the no , l4llllttit IV:mei:sllra thOuld plat ed iti the
emus to Lalsyettri•anoste. /111 the eity ‘Vs•Sltteato.
asd that to pedettal should be a salid bloat of trek: Est
the Undersisead coosnittre were inetroeted to adeeruse
to Email and deliver .at said situate rock
• • toespion• ft, the pedestal talon which is
•0 • •..ed stoles-n 1 hronse.equeetstan stelae of
therefoTe. :o give mance that sealed proposer,
wilt be teceived by the underaigtmd committee madame I
o'clock r on Tuesday, tho third tiny sd A gloat nett,
(or firit.hing and delivering ih the centre of ldllayette
Socart. in Aliacity. uy the lit day of March next. a
heed rade rock of granite, or other curable stone. of
between Can ace 1,01 0 tone In .eight It :a believed that
wish • lock may tie obtained on the Potplirtac nye, near
this city. The form of the lock mast be such Its Will
be suitable for the purpose* at the commute. on which
then will detide before .w removal.
The proposals west mate the . price for furnishing and
delivering the rock in the erotic of Lafayette :tonere,.
and the kind of atone offered
Alaimo will be paid upon the deli very of the rock
at the place above named; but ter commie, will male
advances to the eoaieseotr,on ateount, 23 the tuck
progresses to it, place of detonation.
Mideraigned committee reserves the nght of
meet 4211 proposala if they should not be sett rilie tory
Prot 0-ale to he addressed to the undera.gned from
01 hoot farther information on the suWeet CMs be bad if
Waslungton city, Junr YJ tat:.
JO. C Veil, Conunitire
.1”11s; 1V MAURY,
Gay . Lthapenthers
2k DISPENSARY Is now open tor the receptton of
Li patient-. on Mediateld a oppentth the Merchants'
Hotel; and fronting Dr Chapman'. ltfuee. flours from
to ID Y.. and to 3e. , Unify,
All medicine requisite fin disease, and recommended
in all she works en Mateo Medico has been obtained
and will be dispensed grads.
Persons mating the Dispenaiy for the purpose of
obounlng•Medieme, to resent thpasition. will bring
with Otero on order from smith Medical itendenoth or
respectable C411.11.6[1 they are m unity needy and
dentate of money.
Ur. Chapman who hag kindly offered Ilia services for
die present th Ilispethary Physician, will oaken his
business to be present at the hours lib., mentioned to
give such advice anomie.. may
Is I. ONO deeiled nit the Mayorand l'auneil willvis.
is the Dispensary once n week asiaccrutin It. progreint, results.
An account of number of C 3.11, nature of Dimas*
itc-, will he Mode nut every month by she Dispensary
Physician. stud pthlished tlicesty Papers. The olmect
IN hes Dispensary alone eit for poor and destitute.
Two experienced Physicians of our city havakindly
offered them services as consulting Physietans f }giant
Hushissa Taut for City Purposes.
N PURSUANCE of ordinance providing far an
I increase of Revenue of this city,"
thtt p rased the
April ,
ped, IMO. notice' is hereby given, she City Asses.
r has left in my ogee, for exam. anon by all persons
in:-rested, a list of the perverse doing business which
dm- city in conformity with said Ordinance.
Sac. 4 If upon egos:anthem of said lirt. any person
shall think themselves aggrieved by she said thsessrnent
they shall slate the same in an affidavit, which affidavit
shalt also contain a statement of the tree amount of
her soles, as near as tan be •seertmnedi said affidavit
to be made and Intl with the City Treasurer within two
week. (min the date of the first publication of the notice
Sec. S. That no appeal shall Ito taken out by the a -
davit of she person or fine aegnevedi aid affidavit a
ne conelesive evidence of the soca stated lo relation to
the amount of 141.141. JAS. 61 CH
TreesurylST Y
V-Officie on Fourth street, l doors , above Smithfield
abets.l MldSer
.•• • • .
AANCEER & MAYER. wholesale .d retail dealer.
in Eastern Ready-made Clothing, would respect.
fatly take this method of soliciting the attention of their
custotnem and the public generally, to the following
fiats of their stark in trade.. and assure them also, that
they will sell a.heap if nal cheaper than any other
establishment in the city. One facilities of purchasing
and manufacturing goods, are each as to enable us at
all times In beep a lull .sortment of ready made cloth
ing, at Ica price.. than they can be obtained elsewhere
The present stock on hand eon.. in pan of the fol.
lowing description of goods:
150 black cloth dress coats, from En to ED
120 do do French do 11l "
711 Woven and inettuble green do 15 " 2.1
210 sack vial.. splendidly made & of mil material
1900 pair pante, of all Ryles, gasitties and pries--
24N1, yeats do do do do
100 dozen Linen plain and stitch,' bosom MA its; stock.;
areas; cravats:
at e;m collar.; suspenders; aneaW
drawer.. and end, irt. or tenrY aartrty, rill of
which have been recently pareita,ed ar.d adapted to the
present aearain. Nlerchanth and others who am in
want of clathung• cannot do better than 0,0 LIZ • call.
!T V
l e n t k'te'n ' nbllhn pa c
and prepared Mil the seracurnoJauon of gthiters . e.;ablr•hmnnt 11l bra ,
by the
1501 of this mouth.
The." attractions of shim fashionable Watering Place
are ten welt and widely brown, to require_ enumembon
in a e mill to the pa title
The .trices of Mr. MARTIN;whow setio,ty, ener
gy and amiable dthocattion. as Ike trans.:re of mach an
e•tabliahment: Mow hitherto ,atom ULM to the
favorable legard of the Introits,. the Sunni. during
the two last 1,101:11t s. have been etsgaged.
eed and attentive set i
and a hste band of mune,
hare atm linen am med.
cad from Combertand, the weetcrit term meat
lbe Idaintnare and Oh u Itarroad.•nd Winn llnntasem
Laren on the Penn.) I eanat C inn t. and Ch iinnerrtiurgh.
western trunnun , of Cdtmarn.and Valk y Hwltral
ftrrnord base been cinch .ntproved and ale in maid or
H AVING made arrangements rook the 0100.iee trope Log tlouses in New York armor time
bark for my limply of-pore Wines and Liqu', and
who are erne Agent. of Me following Naomi; I or n
and the hand of alaile:tn. 01 I.llanl Repay dt r4I en
any Sszer.c. J J Dapo) & Co . and A t•Cknelte's'ltran.
duo.. /Macy, ',ebbe" A Forrester. *I Forreaicr
tl'ebbe, A. I,g:el. of X.eren: 0001 00000 .0 CO • ot Ma
delta. CrU.P a Ilerankeid , Claret. JINLIA.S.Or, A Fills'
Champa.ene 00' ne. Then !i.e. innstly non"ented for
ro. to P.', Tu. Le, ,r lo oltrtur ,eel I On,.
reer,ed and aro arcs:lllßa a laagr rupply uf came.,
and.of Wm. , and I.bqinol, which I am preparedto
1 a pare stair to tber.e 'oho want at I.llr prices:
Tbankfol to my It ends and the P. /m. 0." P.
I hope to mene a comituranre of their a M loran,
tronage by
nuentlon To bacon... P p
ear .mAfiell mat from Fos
K 1014 TOOIIS —4 ust ,le cued al No•en %Vocal at,
IN-oprtatts. • fear dozen of tho.e ccrl fine, a.litona.
I,lc. an - de plait Trny manniaern red Shin, ernh 11 ron
:Intl.:amt.', collar.
A few deren firm ala F.:o,lre St.rpendlrt, and I ea.,.
of ane zonal , ' inanuracturnd by it Watesr.ury Alan.
Aar tor w te gCo . Curio -
Black. main tstrlped and Plum Sat. Adjusting Area,
very narrow for summer. A Immo:nil amendment ol
emon Cravat, liglo and dark enrore.
One rare elle %VII,. and Ikursels Carpel Raga, Am
ere , reamed this morning mul for sale at Forma pd..
ens. by K Tr DD
mg] Agents fj3r ' , Astern Maonfartueers
Improved Graduated 111 — aanelieTtaehlue,
pONteACELY arranged snob the Me cry and all
neres,sry atenitancev put up in neatmerewood en-
Accompanying each are hill &metrons regarding
and upplic.•on Thin m.1(411.0115 534 implant
at over all other nom. of msnufat tare and has been
&droned by the Medical natation generally in the
East, a. borne the roost convenient and effectual may
art e nlarlann A ben Every family ought to Iro sup
plied with one.
Pones Moa./ CA each. according m sine and finish
Diu W IV SVlLdiON,cor 4iti &market eta
lijdit - R
. - ,TW k.
i : 1 -Eiti caieir - laret - su inc.,
•.-Ipints and qaans,St Jul ca,gtJailen hledoe, Mader..
Chateau. Varraui, Chateau Chat.. La
d... Family urn. John brand & Co,lle Bart,
A (ini.ter+. !Amur Blanche, Mannaront, various quoit-
Le• and onnr.. on hand and for sole wholesale or tor
Lae work bottle al the twine mom or
Blt ANDY IN W(100 AND 01.. ASS-.
I I halt pd.. pals and dark Brandy, vintages I•MJA
ti ~r dsi ' do Legi+,
nit dor I,ratlea dn do do do ISO
.t.tag or th followin m g
d c e A le S ated brand. Clan.
, gnus.
.1. ranted pure (mot under Canon Noon locks In N.
fork. and shipped' here Ly the Importers, far Bale in
quantities to molt up • P C MARTIN .
it I eor snuthfield and (rant at.
SONllllike S— , / bole. Lars;
In snots Feather++;
4 in llinteng,
d du Flaxseed;
I do &wawa&
I do Peaches; •
• do _
!4•• iondins from so /OPP . .. w
reutgrichanna and for solo by
'4lO • I DICKEY & CO. wmer & from sit
CVt ' n ' e r t, '" o ' f 'l d t :C tr ' ratf:l 7. 4,Kry.g ' roTa P t rya
Tri-Color. Meal GVIIIN,Ane ttort amms &Very, Held
sick. Crown, and Cock and Clown. in pinta mid quarts,
rococo vintner, for tale by the batket (aide at the
Wino *tore of - JACOB WICAVER
- M ee N.w Goods.
II AC1.e.17 b, WHITE.Wood street, Ptttshorgli;
are pro tring a few caw.* of de.tabli and sauce;
graide, which will nowinakc theirstockaverycompleirb
and evraordinarY goods far thin moron of W e y ear
They has- - c o large natottrocot of fancy Prima. then
samr,surnames wear, shawls, white goadr, Gingham,
antlTweedt. jedd
I.ASIP kr —A lacer and well related stock at=
sways on hand at O. lowest, To Itcs. • ,
Enid Pons. Pcncos and Spectacles—A law supply
pot ',cis. J: ‘Vatch scpamng done in Ito beat
11261111 f IV IV WILSON
to. ncc Uh and ntalltet ail
on n....ith and rrrrr na
ilia 1 , ,
II 01. F. it I.k. Mittel:it no - oimisstov,
hll-111CAAN'T, No 59 StS"er ',tryst ' , T. LOUIS
Henn . to , I.yon. & co. ttod oar 1h en.
Fey. So Shoran. Co ' jel , "tin.•
LARU hAttng Coll.l3lCllft
the tononfaxtore of Last 0.4 am now o•oparrd to
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be., qu•ltti. and w be told 'Sam lowest nooketamet
Thr intention Of Ortinal,to •tlit rinneerail reeprettaily
retnicsoni. I 7080 AS &SON, IS lobar yo 4.
mr1:11 Oppesite herd of Smithfield
fIUTI.F.IIT—A „ bore ...lemon or entiery eta
Pruning mud Mow, Knives. of vurion* p,ittrn,
in:mince for nursery tireit unit ggrdenerin alb, a large
Inienriment of Pen and Poeiretfinivetnagunetiontrnele
teceivcd and for 141 C law : at Ito. Pitothurgh Seed
and Agricultural %Varela/tow, No 131 Wood gtreet.too
er nth. le7 .S N WICKER:M.9f
cUTtroI3ACC . O- -
IJ 33 has finis cot Chewing Tobacco;
- . .
:Oboe Itird Eye Smoking dol
fibla fine,..- r do shat
For sale very low to plow vonsigntasnt. by
Js ONO _ COCERAN.Un orate/ street
10,05WER-FlE'll.ll.:,gireahiying drinT•
tog and family us. readorng it as clear and
ssrevi assuring wale. They arr very ertromv6
In the &talent cities. For sale by •
le4 5/FA) COCHRAN. VI synod at
iegiqiNCEl3:9 FlLMS"—Jostroceleoll, per
rook , t ShipEarsosell. 4 roph•llitpene elle" Cam
Stool Files, <proposing • sere general losortmeoL
The toontion of Macholito and calumet. peeentlly
ie invized• 1 . LOGAN A. KENNEDY , 1
WA( ON wood street
. thi - LTIOIr ISI-17"-.
ANED—Toe .T w
to learn the whereabouts T of lEs., A ...them
DA LEN,lasely all
ratamed from Mexico. Ile On, a Volemma km the
northern paw of Vi into. DI ALLEN &CO •
tra = watai
FOR lIIALI3—C9 into of Are dooblo Pipet 1363131,
130 dozen 7 9 3-10 911943 Rod 10-14 oledownititi,
3 gram of innteben,ito woody:l6olW,, Lotnivitle Urns,
by the 3 , 61 or retsiL • • 1811)1011ARRIS
Jylodlt Afeent and (km. Moicbant &b.t
A VIP'S EXTRAFAMILY FLOllll—Familits can D
ai all ditto baaoppplkd with • van impeller que ,, Y
of gr osniFtear freak Ibe Ilild•rt• Mill. by
171Htt JOHN D PAW, ear wood A Ink aia
A 80151116Y,11AN561 i C0,,.`
DAD 1105149, EXCBADIG>d - nuovurits,
fourth o, marty ofpos.te Me Dmk a ernsuurgh,
CURREN DON tY reale •I cm Depornte— bight
Cheek. Dr Me, an eolfeecons :made on natuty all
the principal porta:sin the Untied n
Thelimbempremenspo d ler Corti r. and Ame
ricu s Gold 1
Advances made an C0.411122e111 0 PrOdliCe, Alpe.'
N r ' IFILLIIIES it 5, ''''ll[l..
Bankers and Deslusrla Enamour., Cola
and Bank Notts,
so. 65, mosET .TREAT, rirrsotron.
Scillies amok Eneharree: Damn Elem..
New York, _ 1 pr. CumiEssE. 1 ,6 .
l'ulladelann . 6do Louisville, do
Dallimme, 5 Co' 51 Lains, I do
Buying Rolm BANE NOTES. Bhying Rama
Ohio, idle. Co /glee" Orden, I b..
. _. . -..4 Idr
,do RebecNoies, ' ,do
Kroweky, f do ' Perawylvatua Pyi do
Virginia, 4do ' New Vock, do, Ido
do hoelme, I do New Orienne, •do
Tenwetee. ' 3do 31aryloodi • •1 do
.w 1231(
. Caporal...riblps
JSEPIJI Ids RILL; (late of Mc Snit of Wm A.
Ilill re Co,) and WM Pa)
have entered into Copannemhip. tra der the 'tome of
ILL et. MIRKY. for Ito purpose Of viral:ingot, thy
Parra mg and l'selorage Mistress m rtl Its broftettes. nt
Ort tltma street' three doors Wove Fourth, writ'
side—where they solicit the cattiest of their friends and
the Nadir generally. JIYAFI'II II BILL
month _ • , M. •C CURRY
No 65 Wood meat, third dixit belov Foonh,areo
PAR Fonds and Current). - rceelred en Depordip and
collrolons made on all the principal Qua In, the
United Pores.
Sight Exchange on. Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
York. Boson nriAcincidriattrortarkally (or sale,
. . .
Ohtn,lndinna: Kentucky,
Bank Notes. bousta favorable terms.
Exchange on England, Ireland, Gennany and Frinee
pnxured. do ace. , - : • onetilS
. •
No• 64 Wood Sind, ono door dews Fourth, So il side.
Inchttsbareb, Pa. (UAW
&.t.ttli IMAM 'EDWARD lA=
cl i or i ggn and ,
Irr ath oest r t i e o ti . lll . lFac4=Ce , :L
-aud Wood MIKIS, dirceDy opposite St Charles Hotel.
01110, Indiana, !Cantonal, and Pan. lands; also
County and City Orders purchased at reduced state
of dist:Gant. by N HOLAIESiSODI
• den 4 Kuban:se Brae, SS Mutat Ist
- - -
flolleetions Cateisnan. Losterille, St. Lome
V and all secessible echo In the United Stases made
proesptlN, ind spun the lowest tense. b 1 ,
N HOLMES k SON, Exchange Brokers
tneh2s ' - No IS Market at
olleelloss'enietectoneti.Lorsvitl..... , atrus..
all other accessible polnu to the United &arm
wade. accoonnodaung terms. HILL &CURRY
spa Wood st. next door w' le Seam
E. 3a
icaange on Ne 1 mt. Philadelpb, and 11414
w more nontianill for sale by, HILL //eCUSIRIC ,
ape Rood 41.1.11 door 16F -ogle Saloon
L'smutty of the Ohio Indian.. and kentorlEY
flanks wanted at very low rate* of discount.
opt 3 Wood at. next door to Eaxte Saloon
OAndlama, and Keatencllcy Sauk
NOtC+ pitch:trod at lovers:ea lty
N HO LD/Flt 3 @ON
No 35 Marko. at
soon, of u dead of roes from
Christopher S Lambdio. OteHrillisos 3Phi LasobtLn,
and their wbred to the andeolgneth doted he 31st day
of October. in% and recorded 'ln the Clerk'a (Uwe Of
(thin codety, Viteinia. in book 21. pages 411 and 411, I
chni/ expose to 'rale, pt yobbo auction, to thr highers
— lder.wohe wont do* nf the Court House in %Cheri
ing.VA. - tin the FOI7LITEENTII DAI. -,
1517. at 3 n'clork. r. 05.. the tollow pisper.
H. to win Lots nuotbererl It In and 10. to the origitwl
plat of the town of SouthWbeetlar on'which is erected
a Swim Paper Mill. called the - Vittinin-Paper 31111,*
wpoker with all the tenement% ar.dha rednameuto them.
unto belonging or in any "tiro npperunning, ar conve;,-
ed to the undersigned by said tined of nom Aforesaid.
Teems of sale. to witt'..,son is rash, and the balance
in elght equal Pat mews. in sizYwelvv, eighteen, tvien
ty (oar *Wry, thiny.etz, forty-two nu.: fotty-eight
month'. from the day of rain: each detected pupncut
betrtog itneres , and th, internal open eneb of them, to
.be paid tionhottionally ,rota the tfar of ono. 'the whole
tn I.n secured by a deed of trust upon the propertv
oat wow, I shad convey onry the title ve„.4,1
tit ma though the title la believed to be us norm:oat:6lo.
Hsdid DANIS3: 1.A31L1 'foto,
ritt,rt , :ittv ;NI\OrtTOLS11,011:0,
2 THE adeenizer offers Gsr sale 0, splendid Brick
derelLing llamas, situate on the North East rotner
. of the Public Square In Voungslosen, Mahernint
county, (Thin. la is large. coatniodious. finished to on.
sellent style, and in the tacit lotalion in Yruingstosen.
either fur a welling or publisbouve• atraehral In It is a
yard, su,lb arater,,stabrag, and all other ronvernenues
at band.
to situated trn
.hot 1„ en the Com,- • • ~ varevrtree•me.
Kolbe* Mel. :Le., mu • •• e
ore rempleted. ,
be the moat 00Un•Itilla reeben of Ohto.
It will be onld lam for ea.!, or oo 1111/f• or eset:togerl
for prorny to Pimburatt. For particulars imam° re
Lab Dll/ ICX. renter of Wood and Water its 14a.-
meet , wM will aloe all lornmetion• • neltelamir
-- Real 'gelato for bale.
, I , {IAT heausful prepeety, shone near Ala4ebester,
I d malty opposne the ...Ideate of Santee Andersen.
feentiarl4sfeet on Ma, Lane and calendula back
:ao feet u, Anelteld street with lieu, oral improve
mn , . I: ccdl ho sold together or dry Ay!.
n let of gentind enetbly Situated in Irwin street.
between Penn street and the allesbotcy Rivet; GI feet 5
tneltes in front. by 111, feet in depth to a 19 Mot Alley.
Persons wishing to 'malte investment, are infprmed
that pornons of that from property in Alleahcay ano
wiehester, owned by a eunpany to Philadelphia. will
be anted tit the market as moon as Ma neeesiatT ar
rangenwints con be :undo, and of WthMh doe Wont. will
begsven. Apply to GPO.
jeEld . 64 wood Seat
FOR SALE trlt RI il4l—A three slimy brick
building. VI by 27 feet member with a frame Ea
ne. flame. Goa Goias, nail El nevelt erected
and iperfect order. situate in the city of Allegheny.
There it teat attached a email Siam Engine ra ine
running Enter.
Toe establiehment is tailgated for spinning 13111101$
or the m en aure of Cotentin geodyy but will .011 for
many oth branches of manufacturing Mama, The
lot nit which the build.irgs are erected is-well pirated
and is of surEtient sine ro fleeing tendert additional bulls
ding. if required Apply at rile °Dee of the Pirtehmeh
Gazette.ji alit*
• Ai - Gail Iliniff - t CirEArkatlf.
I) ERSOINS. desirone of parekaing Lola in this Cana
I to
are referred far information re Ike Superintend
ant, an trez grounds. or me E. Thorn, Druggist, corner o
Pan and bland cram. Pittsburgh.
Hy ordeal the Board, • J. CLIISLEIT, •.
— 7l4,4ltable Real guano for Saki,
e( 'RE undersigned-being taboulto resume his TennerY
ll to the' country. offers for sale BIX .13UILDINU
LOTS on second street, between Ferry crest and He.
ddobl Alley. • Each lot be twenty (retrain ao LSI
and etghly feet In depth: The 1011. will be wad
singly es ate erbole tegraser. For trees apple to the
seemed:ter on t.Ye preauses. JOHN CALDWELL
ell fintrhed Room over Ithilo
Alen, th'elarne . Room lit ibe.lbad story X 3rd and mar
ket 11,atp,reeent weepier; so a Literary Depot. and
PerierdretalotEce by 111,1Vm Caldwell
_O3O , ' )31) GAZZAM
141 -7-coiffmn-nxes-rirgyar
it..viNG removed-to the eliy, Gar emleentense
Maio Pralbmiortal bounce,wilo rent the Mansion
'Max. and ate Mimed ale cite loam, gammon the bluffs
at' the Mottanwthela, one mile above Pittsbarlh_: ,
lent; 3tawti JAMES )5 CRAFT
Abefolllll3uilding Lot in 1114.1chr!
elfiont by Ito het deep. It will h read law. 'and
Rd iiceoulutadeling berms. Tends eteezeepticatable.•
BLAIR - MX.Real b,tate Reem
THE 3Story Brie¢ Warebotap, N0.T.4 Watir
street and MLR*" poVetsion
green—apply au the premises., _
Wahl' _ A Ibb....N.C9FR GORDON
I,, , OUIdieSITAL- - 104ret !raid by ES reeideCP
gubtrimog 011E0N, " u ,„ or
i~a. RIIIIIIIGE. WIllpON a Co. water Ji
Iliitti - Titi4ilitahloloitkirealual
AVIV DER the hgoommehellilloose,theith.e..A.
Held strum
The eubwribee hie reernilvertilliWill.
ed hitotelt in the above lawinetm WM Cap.
and her
now opanek for We isbitiection
Ihr Pablo, A /Mei
end eurelutly whicied e•kmitto tit of MD end Cape, or
every detetlpt:ow color ond /halm, he will veil
et dm very lowen each prim, .
Hwang wade onetikemente w the fumed Debi, of
,rwebe k Coutur, of New York. he vet nitro* have an
h.m.l nn
of their tieletitele4 Beater, Silk, mid
Noma Ham Aka, goteia.tistmetrreit,raty,Oitcr wid
A ealond Dula to hot rktieinond olenolactor.:
A bah he will at ell times mkt p'eimare In uhawilla
de le/delta/wed hit ail e l* .• Dial! With MA
e on end of *ante. time his ptitait 'will MIA the
conow;cal. Ile dclerrniiirti In thew Teets,
.1.110 oc ',Alen Donut, We Mom.
unlicle Intro Dm time, Wei:ll4old ei.
TMS being the day the Sordid tfarhion of
Hats trill he iturielated,h , pthe bon lash•
tenable establishments in New YdWi mid Philadelphia
tandersixoed take peat. p•extere being en t itled
Inaidener la their soditentew mond/idled dm pubbe
warren.. that we are prepared to .upply oli whit may
curet with • cad with the fwhirmaktes listfor tie
er•-nn. comunsing BeßVer., Neatneib-and extra Goa
Moleskin hut Heist either wholemle er rend.
A • 3 10, , 0RE. rtat cud Hip Masofieturer.iliill e
Fs remora to Pio 73 Wood street. three doors Mama
I mink Meet. His Hark coostinirof estrykranety of
Hats and Caps, made io the latest style: 11913.Parill.a.
feeithara mid Pedal Straw nape wko4aale lied retail.
'at the lowest price . ' .13.010 RE • .
atilt! • 76 Woad its dord diet Mane Fa loth
Fall IraohleoslB46. ,
Lyra! be intredoeed ar RIDEVILII on t.
'August 271 h. tientleatea wishing setssart. dub*
inuable II at of Fntsbutga monorartorn ahead of
fashionable Ilata.imooried n t d advertised by same of
lb.""e;l7 l Pnionalf . REEVIL SliCo`s
_ analetf , 121. bead ell Wood or
111 5UM1551511, FASIIIIOI-rfarh 5111JTISA
AA-JUST-received tree New Verb. the
mer Stele (no Rau, ...unng of Mime
Dealer, rear) and wane French ClllllllWri Hats,isith -
Yentilittere Thaw in wont of , a beaatifulaWHot ars
respeetlelly milted so call.. 3b! g 4•: ,
asyr3 73 wood sh 3d1%.1111 , Vre th • •
hal Jait received a
*fresh supply of Ringgold and Duos Irma . Silk
Glazed Caps, now styles.
- Fstra hoe Frenah Ideleakii Hats. at vetyleve
prices • Jell .No 78 wood street.
. CONTINUES to cesstufaettate, arid keep*
, i
constantly on hood every sleety of , • .
...taws of the latest in, 1144 price, way lenpitt o •
75 Wer4 Imo; .
. ,
- itE.DJC4t.r.,'::: - :.'4
'• .••• - IT. N.EVER - FAILBI
. .
IDERSONI 4 Sero Kb:lolE4f,
C Cuter, Er,eiptles, Old So Ulcers. Tette ,
hierrorial lbseater., or , any other enmplamts ttrieimt
from impontma Mt blood, arc read
the tolloa,Mg t6tioMoial;m proof - or•the
fat proportl6 aythe above oornEd metbeinc. ,
. .
We the uziatriguril, Javier, . dlr. linole
lirooka,Jri at tho oee of bterara. ROIRia
fi76 ;ki arses street Philadelphia, consider
his nit the toe at rernwhoble one we have etre wit.
nesseder boil of.
Hit diaeone rum SCROFULA:and terrible stunt ,
have teen h ; twelve years' conflict with, the de
stoner! . •
IBSPalate,' e entire roof of his mouth, Nove;tlpW
per Lip, and lower Lid of the Itgchaye have heew
destroyed,lin rare Dearly eaten op, and pan of the
Jaw Bone carited away. And yet we tan give et...
deserthoon of , his case..' " • '
Mr. B. talcs= as that in Jainal last, the whole
istarlor of his mouth; as well as swot of his ftes
was a ma. of deep and palatal nletwe _ -----
On the 14th of.leinnari last, he commenced tailor •
Dr. - CULLEN!S INDIAN 1 .1.66`t1 !LE DANA.
CEA...which checked the disease ep a .ostlays;atw.
ram that time tbo Core has progressed ',Mont i 4 •
termiedon. .
• New .oeis6 tax mir o ed the place of the deep id;
cert. and thoughlad y di:flret, los lace it bound:,
and his general heal is restored.
• We . are .assured that to the treatment • of Hr.
Kraals' case, no I'd ercarials,liinune cis. art:nude
apphtatiana nase.heen used,—Lin Mel, the PANA•
CEA ALONF:. boa wrought true woodului thane.
David Smith, Becks county. Pa.
(lariat Roamed, tfqdvilte. etzwtorefeoPa..
W Jones M D Soattetiecond ttreet, Plula •
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, Pi J.
E W Cie, 440 Pi Fourth, above Poplu et, N. L.
S 144:ullough, Lancaster, Pa.
II Dl'Middoek.2 North Eleventh at.
C W Appleton, M D 46 South et.' do'
Timothy Caldwell, Marion co. Missouri.
Daniel Yedkel, Cheanst4lilt, Phil delphie do. Pa:
Joan Harned,39o High street, Phila. -
William Steeling Canideo, N. J. -
William Hale, S g High street, Phila. • .
J H Potter, Manoraeuirer ol Mineral Teeth, 100 S
Ninth strelig, Phila.
L A Wolleivieber, Eii. Phila. Democrat PH PI St
street, do .
. .
George W Mentz, Borah Maher, 311 Market St."
Eva Carr, thfl Chesnut street, Phila . .. -
A D Pastor of Eleventh Baptist Church,
John Bell, Erie Street, Philadelphia, (North Amer,
Avon Suilv, 164 Cathririne, Street, Phila.
Daniel McGinley, Kemler's Alley, do
Auditor Sweaton, Camden, P 1 J. ' . • ,
'II 14 Evans, West Phil, •
Richard R. You', Gilder, 409 - Motet at. Philo
John W Ashmisd,66 South bisth street, de '
T S Wsper,Lithqgmhber, 116 Chesnut street e • do
8.1 Broad, UN Eleventh street, • .r do-
Peter Shen Smillh. &liter Native Eagle,, do
Joel Bodine, Glas: munfacturer, Willismetoma
Wi.llact Steely, Farmitserta, Vita Beres Co. lowa
L B Celee,l4 D, asstoa,Mass. •
Russel Cadistd Yhieslogist, Philadelphia.
Thomas PS R M D HarrisbaqM, Pa.
Velar Wrt.' Market street, Phila. •
James IV Newlin, 103 nitert at. ' 40 • •
Jana (i‘od, 174 Spume at. do
Willim tJne, Pastor ot. Paul's N. E. C.6.l.:athoi p s
SL Phan. •
John Chuth, outer rot Ir.dep. Vhareb, Eked
at, , do .
Suites, PahSitu: of Pledge and Stood,,,e„
Phi a.
P Stalest. Editor Ohre .13 Doy Logout; ,
-Bats co, Pa.,
Wholuale and farad by Ratted ' Pro-' :
prieterv..3l6 Market St' Pluladelphin• K E Saes;.'
h 7 Wood at. Pletelsorpb, Pa-; Wa.. Th • -,51. Mar- I
kat et do,- E kr, Perim., Matted., OhiS;3•votoo & I
Sharp, Maysville, Kl4John W [Mutate. ,
Ohio; Sidell & Reeves, Madison lett: Notde.Lood.•
vine, K 11• ; Dave:ouch So St. Loots, Mo.
P bfeGraw, Kuehn, Hardaway& John
Mani Vieltaborgli,oo;CharlonJeoldoa,pleortmsed
• oes
ale) Adecnicer sup t—t - 16.3 fraud) has been mole
siectseint then en) medicine se have ewer crown tor--
iu .11.01.1• emeoin Cmtmmplinn.tipitiosi biood,ptha -
in Ms .3 Bout moose., Asthma. Obensatif -
Conchs limn .eucci, lbeent, l'ainnaiMs et tin - .
rf Looping cough etemp,:ildreotisiretinOTSAM .
orthe Memel scypeembilit, thie city Sum
semis ir3.loity row,' etheeley is Mae ehos
of dhemes
Among the tegimonial. to the valor of the ahoVeMe4-
i sue SCCerallfataldisurgoohed phyaienuaa al Phil
adelplitet: Send the following trout Or. 1 sung, the ' •
• Ihtuatnetzula, 3,1,1E1%7.
Having ated-in my yravote. at well ea in morn-.. .
(mealy, "rhatiapeon'n limppaitd Syrilf of a a wad ateat
Naphtha' have to beeltaanan iu sayin,3' that it is the .
loot preparation canna kind Weft for pettwot autrethor,
from c.,,,,,emption,E,,e, Cold.. and all al! Ll:coact: ' •
.he Throw, lireast,.ge . Ca prevatera al Una .taws of
the year. can at. ,13.1ttprucett
We Waco .cen'withet a few nay' menet-oat whniavo
the following erratic:l alr trialattla well being per
fectly cured at ha maw.. a
l'au.goact.tata,.Tantawy 3 , 11jS , ,
From a senor of grautude,ann a doubt that the afthm.
led may have resonwe to • vary tavola h n medlemet
I would state that the Desalt I have experienced IMP
the .uer of Twat:op-arcs tattiapotual Syrup ea -Tar sad .
Wood Naphtha. Far wvexat years I betel ern tate
ted with a dotreseingtac big comb, ae rompanieu pod,
Won o p o p f r ea ig tt h io t n n e a s n s d
a n t t etheett I tc,
, a realte a e ' e az n , t rg ge ntly .
alarmed • •
• amend woo had beta mach In aerated by Ova
medicate. recommendep me to ny t. I dot .o. and •in.s.
rely shoe time eve y alarming *year, OM emappeared;
expeennatiou became. Ire, all opptewlbu flaw,
m a y congla cowed. and an la lace day a •I was WOW go
out and attend 'only boUnettx a won Man:. Any farther
format on will Ite theeetelly pee. - the afltcic 3 t bY
calling at rep reenleace. No. ISM tt. PIOUS at
This invaliable medicine is prepared only by ANC- .
NEY DICKEON, at NE corner of Ftfatt and Spray*
m, l'AlaJelphte: Sold In Pittahtllatt by
Jr Fake/0 centshr St per halt , • -
CAITFION—Oewate of the many coonterfetts• that
dre user afloat. The anacrupaloin are ever ready to
eceive the unwire. . • ' putga-gen
11air Cream, a niimalesx. article tut the timwtb.
Beauty and Resterallanufthe lay. Thiirres when
once Moen, will sapersed all oiler - articles ni the
kind row used. Where the hair is acid. harsh.olo,
healthy or taming grey, a few appticadoim will snake • ,
the bay mit and data and give it a heitutlfal lively
appeararee, and will a lso make it assert tls filmdom,*
and color twice as tong-as all the •pa pension_
which a% geuerally rived. Every tidy and protium
who nro in the hahit of wing oil. on Weir hair, •:'
al ease parchme olame nt the chatese Ilairttesta,as • -
it is so composed that it will ant injure the bait like the - - 7
other preparations. borwil I banality it, and giver:rims
sansfactlen in early lustance.
• Poi testimony tons very staterigt the
following letter from Rev; dlr. Bidwell' to idesani.._
IlendetshOtt Aol lob, Nashville, (Fettered AZI4IIIOI
- .
We Western:Mame: .
Vetter from the Rev. R. Caldwell, pasted of dm Pita-,
b ytentut Cliarch - .
Mminrllenderibon & tilitemb—Gamtlettien:t :I. hake
plenramin adding ray teatintony in farm of dm eaccb. .
tent preparation called Dr. Parrish's' Chinn.
Cream—ror *heathen year. age umlaut-Wax veep dry.
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