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WOOL, WOOL 1' • "
PARE highen mien In.u6aid ign All the diger=
Tiftilt tr. 12. - •
Old wool warellonse,oor Lamm of
and Ceti Psa:loy
/ PERS—A large imams:lent agent tiondr, at low
..ter. al the Dry Liao& liaise 'V 1111E181'11V
.I.: • northeast earner of dilt and mother am
NETTS AND I.sfiCEILV 8 Merphf watt.
; • intyrr• m 100 t at his eseelkat artronmentof above
• . Cepa, Co pea, kn. rad
GINGIIAIIII—% large saprtment
1) alrtolro Goods, from cerits opio the firust quail.
I.• naudiSlyie. tO fOlgul •: th e Dry bloc.
„ ~„„ jell W R MURPHN
511011T110 GLASS PAPER-40U teams N. ,
:I- 11. I, 11,3 and 3 for •ale low to sealant by a asap
.111 . f , otr •uperiar to the common Saud
pnpet aced Insouwelurets. For sale by
1 101111 4%),catiAlb and weal''
I/ and • I.l.erts Tgb , e. !Rapers, and Dain•k•—• hrs
. gm..l an..., (or Stemoboos, Ye —Ree'd
•...1 tor axle 1, 4.:11 RiIACKL(TT WIIFFF:.
42 . TEA)! RNI.INE FOR ISAI.R—A !Ream Engin.,
or , Fc.a.c . 4 ou.te Cylituler.3feetstroke — boile ,
aiameter—complete Trilh e/11.
—to 0r.... week. DENRI WOOD
4 mike. Op Alonortokbela
OSA T14—.1014 b-4 11.wdblovlito
Ki.l +nick and kwipeces—justrecemed
on pale
4 ' I A CIELFIT WIMP, 99 wood
L i -
NIIIII of lour pnreal, madman. and
rya .'orlon and l•manaall tilnbrallaa—opened and
011ACKLRIT Will rE
AL r o olepec. roan , ' Lump rum will Ur
...A .etc low ei et. , a conueeiiiieei by
1: - .% NC LI %WC ETA—C.4AM Fran baiikets, I
I and Berea Ima,browtt willow wore
navel .1) le made of rid, region, to all
0'1.1114, al : jet.% F.ATON9
tAi i.O Ma.— :an aarko Hian;
turn I. }lola, lad i from Seat
( 'out. et • J O ALZELL
24 'raw et
TUC ILO lOU r4A Lid—
& N. MIA, Pursbrigh;
el Hand al Ilridte, (new neck). Ap
d 1C HUM` A r e Lw ver .‘
Ail4l3:3—to bl. Loaf Ourari.
lirls A'. C. Slolawks;
nes Na 3 MackereL jun received
a... 1 for:¢trbl ielll OV 3 000. JONFia Se CO
` Italiirtiere. by this Eclipse line—
r will el:wive, ni chart my awl reasonable price,
loaf'', Amy by Ibis expedcions 1,004.
- r•-,lira No. Mackeiol; -
. 10 Iterrinr rot oale
-Na Lamp, 12s, 14, and Dal
] balore Plug. ob &nal and for sale by .
]IACON - 11. .4. L. SentAiers, e4la,
7 Ju do;
Jo ilalosjoslree • J per S B Roscoe
an .I for ire; ATWOOD, .19NEs. tk. co
Vie.wriiktt.--1.6 ms prime Western just.reeo
and fog .o-e 7 &CO
cot sruet,st and cherry alley
• _
1 )11.0031d Corn Hnsoms an store and for
dl h. J SI..OAN
?aw;:1 wood and d lawny Sr
1 •
KI. S t!. uld Itonmagshela Rye Wbi.
, Le, •” tot Ida by
I t ..t INg La dry Pooch.. for sale Iwo
.11 no ~,, inn I,y 11 CO. HRAN
No VG wood.
j , )l. l i. 7 • l d t . ' ‘..l ') ... l r e lits; wilt, be dtld to ch.. eon
sp,n•twilt I.) d&W
() IL —to nbn , 1.4 (64 01/ Jun re - n'd and
lifor male by
Fourth street below Ferry otteel
b y Oil, tun meld
on tonogionen, end for Kele by
bales good Canvays, received end fo
• oHACKLeIl i wtirrE
Nofffliened etre.
/. AI% VAb•,—
r WEEDn—A end neon Deer a new myte Twee&
.1 received Ina wr .ate by
re 21 tqIACKLETT & WHITE, 99 wood RI
4zpertcsi—E6 Isaias Fus's (Cincinnati) Staten, an
/.7 A 'Nu. I .niece reed per PIT Tarn an and fur oak
by j
baler Abr.
,devr.rotted Hemp, on ono
I signisent and for rale by ALEX. COR DON
. /_sl r •raisr as} 105 front sts
/I it Altii: f i rrlft 1 1.., ' for cala by
3% ICE in Mae NDLESS
IiUTTS.S. 4 bort nesn lyr a a )_
Sr ‘ ' ls ' Ali- ' CA NDLESS
or sand and vrnier rs
1) 10 OA
nib KIILY—MbIIIg old Reafied in sore and In
I We by jetfi AI J SLOAN
Lr LOVILOO Obi. Fsnily Flour in mire and kir Pa li•
J.. - by . jeSS M .1 SLOAN
t y CKEItEL ) ...t Glib. No.ll in s i oT . i i tn s d i r ., ; , al
1111 - AID-10 bias No. I in suns sior
fur sale by jr:ls 111 J SLOAN
TANNERS WIL—IS Catieli Malta
LS Bank dm receiatis
by canal and for 1.10 J DALZF:LL
I\ACINEI4I/11.e-23 tibia now Nci. 3 landing nom
canal and kr sale
rrOBACCO—OO kgs 6 twist Tobareci 3 Onges brand
in I.lola and tor sco by ^ Jes3 J DALZI.I.I.
F W.I. N 0.2 and 3 blank omit;
'a, • NO. 1 timings; In story and for sal.
LI ir.23 Ji R Fiki'D
IL 1111/Al.-13.0 Obis for saki tir
V13.6.111 . C11 0114111.3.335—Ten7. cues newt.
and I.selsion Gin.llllllll., nut reeeared and for sale
by t JeDl SHACKLE:TT AWHITE,99 wood at
/ 'OLORED 0/131BRICII—One ease slate and
• drab colored Cambric.; ion opened and for We 177
isHACIELLTT & larn
(10TION Lot A PF.113/I—Twoeasee,laraeltrcl and
lJ ',fawn Canon Haber*. an Viva if!l4l tarbcle.jet
sera and for *aie by je:a 311ACKLK/T tWIII7•K
I)t.Vit 13131.1.4•11136*-1 cue leas ) bloc Drills
tust recd and for sale by •
11511-51/ bbl.l4tge No. 3 blaekeral,lE47i
SO " Harlin.. for a/Ha by
el.a &THAN. Dana! lists
li "lTi l;1T l lIg k r l a r; k"
ca:l:altYgi r a
••4 MMland falt
VIEEBE—s.` u bon e+ now lamb ng Rod will be .old
%cry obeap ho jelo I & CO
Q1:1111AR-1 blollfor *ale km to close eoloOresnent by
Ert2di a .e. ',', .. " %.f.T:n d r, " ol ',l . 7 : ll7 . s" rtsyrd "'
nod *pi, Factor,,o F,llb urea.
lorricc—lt ot•led and Ground. our atenntanata.
aj howl. and grocer, at the Mutant mud )'pace
tor v. 17 A h .t. nay I I RHODEd ar. I,CORN
F ISH -2i hh.- Vu I Trauma.. *bad;
:Al 031. \I, I Ilernne; for slilv hv
,411 h'.•. of 1110 I.sound
LAC K BUI trrss medium Late
I:oliffg , tot ict.r.ldge•••••, at
th Tr
store of F II KAl,,:i
I AHD wade asucla of No I Lard Oi
laaatudaatly u. awl lor sale by
eo .unfactar.ts, No Id Lit., suns
`/ A ItIAGAT EP - OAP-4 bz• 11.0 & So's,
V ,Lot ree4 •11 . 1 lur catr by it LSEIAAms
• 57 wbod rl
GW411[414 r gr•ER, in L6ia knp and bonen, heth
Rmund nsid cm bond for sale.liy
14 . Nell F'ink aeet
M ACA 6; iNh; L-100 3314 No 3 Le nips. f.r .ale by
.46 • • Kul inde oflAmond
keg. Alob.b. Kleeßock Powder;
r I ,
Fu Ate by J »ALZFL
I bls:l4,3—Langs.
'J. Wt td bbl• fur•alab
It lIG •W. ,;n prune *hyping orda
landing and no •aln
DA la ELL & CO, I.tbr rty
°OAK-4M tee. ; nun., sh ~,,„ it .„..., ,
su te.g• Lbasil; for see by
tel 7Nleielu A. lIRN N ETT. Iy, and vi sneul et
• . ir, :iv N-'lt nod 111, Lettermen, at the Muster
and tines Fee. ., )...f.; Fifth street.
t i .
r TROUN 0 A i ... -Tit:l, C,nstrunon and Cloves to
h .le. Los re ....I sin islt beehive!. toosteudy on band
nd fur sale Attu. sle,tard ali7B7:g'eraAtig7)lle
' met • {. 9
:tiittiONlA i:IS , ILI2 -SO bids and Hoke``s on bend
7 sod for oa k he RHODEN !S. ALCORN
1..04 - Noll Filth sueet
W7/111/ i ile ASS -17 U OAP WO;
IN) tits PAM fur 'Ale by
irn FO I- I' i'il .0 DU NCAII4 ',LAT( and !nun sts
0 L Alitia i
..._ II Alll-Seltabl tar ad, ae. &
parrnsl. ~l m. WVA L
i - sonul-thus h. shse prime Yellow Coin iseLeria
' e •Annient .... .a..4oshe jell 1 CBI DWELL
__ _ _
INDOW as4iOlii-30 , ban waned Mina of,
hind inn 4nle by 1824 TABSEY & BFAT
OTA 811,-16 sok* in more sad nasals by
liikll3ll4-11.11,” iu. tereired and rnl Dale by
I,_ frio . &i. stiII4IWW.,WILFSON ;a CO, water •
.1470211—u ut u 114 llama Sides &a sale by
i.e W & a ateCUTCHEON
1 , ,,, ,, y , ( 6 ,&• iii.. :n bbl, - No No i, jr , l l 7s . d l ta t Viepl i a
LCOIIO ii. iv td.l2, pori rrrr i r eat andloi .Wl - 4
.1 KIDD b. CO, ab wualst
. .. .
lOW •Il H. :V —OO dot. good qyali.y._for
J. ,yll . W& R II'EUTCHMN
FAH 1'AP.1..; A MU-1 y ' ase lathee'd ond for Pale by
i...1t0 R E ZELLERS ,
V VIR AVLIC CESIZR T-10bIds on hand riz4
, y.. ••iy by )er3 ALEX. GORDON
IA),O—:41, 41.:14 S. r, on ba nd and ksa
m ly by
lc . RON— 1 11 11/US Alabooing Farytyy: '
7. .. Ray mew. dee, for .1 0 by.
-- -
,ititi-17 sari. country alio ea l eat ocinged and
_jets POI DEXTFA k. CO'
r . •' r i .1, f I.A . le r 7 1.0
r .r — ., v. and tar ~,,, hi
• ,
. . .!
', l !-' !i . ' '' ' ''',E - c::::.._ . '',.:::. 1.- 4 .---- ` --- ' 9" .:::: -'.. e: 1 :11 22-. P 11 ;: g r i sa. C le l Y
_ . v lo . _WICK & XeCANDLL2I•S ,
la A .I:slti —.5 LW§ on coign= at. for tale by
;,1_ 1t; MOW .61r. AWL wooer et_
• DUBE RI Elala —l5 bale Irth ground tart reed alai
be rale by jrt , .1 C1111:01VF.Lle
. .-----------_
pomm-0.. 4,,d. smetly prime al cam , by
. . ; je3o
112 :15.400.334:-.l:4loacis acstala arta osale ,T
V. I
. . 1 DIIV..
, j 4,
.0 w p—v 1,... iee bin dew rraea In stare owl a
teal* by ]'l , LEWIS limrctliMlN kCO
. .Aft WOO!. skCFS, fin fade low .
• S )I.l l Li myivawrifF AIURPIIV Y Mr
ciniMEilam, gE(010
. .
A 1111111 DIA C .
Sun San Moon none:
511 .en rises . phases
1 :16 733 150 .-.
457 732 tt 17
438 7321 3 7
,1 438 7 311 1
439 731 1 sets new man
4 44 7 301 8 6
441 7 501 841
- 71817 -
31/1.1 ,
8 'llturnin
t rict.
111 Snurday
11 Sendai ,
14 31oodly
13 1 merday
14 11,!ednesday
411.11Valsieill• at Ida Ocean Steamer.
}helmet. . Captains. Leave Amer Leave Ea.,.
CaledOnia.(Bri LOU,, Jai) . 16 -. 11111- 19
Wa•El'ion. (An.) Hew tt. - 'ld,. I
11;nurinili. (Uri Harr.Pur. ' J, 4
SAW. S.ande, 1801/w.P.0.,
I. il.lllOOOO. JAO. 0 . 1000 F. coevss
Boat Packet Line, leaves daily for l'in•
10 A. r.
ler Packet via Brownsville to Baltimore and
. Sc. NI and r. r.
Packet Line to Philadelphia. daily. 9
Mail Coach Line direct to Philadelphia, 9. 0: 0.
and 12,1 as.
Western tog Southern Mail Coach Line, fi
North Western via.Cletelapil. daily, In a A.
Brieanl Western New York, daily, 9
North Fastern to Philadelphia. daily, cscept Sun.
dats,4 a. I,
tern Mil Philadelphia, due. 3A. M.,
12 M.
Welter; Mail, Cincinnati and Louisville, due n
H M., cloves 5 A. M.
'Southern Mail via Baltimore and Washington, due
8 P. M., closes 5 A., Al.
North Western via Cleeelood, due 10 A. A. closes
9 A. M.
Erie and Western New York. dues P. 51 , Hiles
9A. N. _ _ _
Orrin. Irtycssu now tiasrris. t
Thursday Morning, July It
There is bat little doing in business, partly-owing
to the season and partly to the low stO2E of water
in the mom, which is now but two feet nine loam.
It will be seen that some accidents have happened to
one,ol oar steamboats, and so insreased.stage 11
water is itecessairy for the large boats. Their place
hosier., will speedily be supplied by those of light
er elraught. There is some prospect of rain as se
write, and it is much seeded, as well tor the riser ca
fur the land.
Floor—There has been nu change worthy of nate
in the prices of dour since our last q .otations. We
Maid of sale. of [Ma bbls yesterday at S kVA.—
Sales in irmall way have occurred from wagens at
prim. ranging Irmo to 4.374 i bbl.
We noticed ymterday the receipt 01 ...semi lets
of flour by the riser. but as these arrivals from day
to day do not seem to effect the prices of the mar
it is supposed a large portion at it is destined
for the eastern markets. There are ill more in the
different canal w arebouies. seine I tiartiU or I',V°
blab; floor, the greater part of which it designed for
Wheit—ln thi. article there is very iittle doing;
a slight deelenition in the prices has occurred time
ourllaat quotations. purchasers bring one thing to
give more than 8041811 c fp hu.
Corn—'l'be market is quite lull of the article. and
sales have been made from wagon al :roc. In I from
store at N.le k° bas.
Cornmeal—We hear of no change in the price al
thin artjcle since our last report. NJ ibis of meal
mriaed yesterday by the river, wloeh, wan it rintity
already in More, will make a fair supply m filar
Bacon—Little or no changeably, oecurre‘l in Me
iCes since our last report. Toe supply in marks
is Ilmiteri and stands firm at the prices quoted.
W. heard of a cash sale made yencrdaf et .700
Ite at the fallowing ester.—for Side., 4 3
Shoolden 634Gic p lb. A sale of another lot of
4000 lb. of bog round at Ile ls lb.
Lard—The supply in matket is slim, and saki in
• Small city are made at tta94e tr
Putter—it/wing to the warm eather, at pa r ley?
but little is doing to this article. w food roll butte
it worth 9aloe; fresh prior do, I.ltt Itc Y lb.
Cheese—A gund supply is !narks! We herd u
isle of 100 bss yesterday :) frie 1-+ .1,,
Feather,—For this :nide there t. a lair demand
Oats—Safer Irom wagon at t:tto. tint atone :le
ticorcbings—to this article We hear ..1' norinlis
worth) ci note; prices remaining lirm at !miner
quotations. •
Molasses—N 0 Molasses is sold at :Vie r gall, S
Fitz Bneks—This 'article is held at 515590
;wool—This article caulkect firm at former qui..
titian., which eras at price, varying according t
mutlity..from 24 to We 0. lb.
ILomber is selling. for clear !it); common 10 f
IWO It; from water at slltr 16 f 'Bre (umber
market is lull) supplied.
Whiskey—Bat little is doing in the article; prices
remain without change from last tioObliOng
Bran is mold from wagon at ie stnte
it Ilk 'tt ha.
STE•I4IO.I.T AlMort:T.—We ie.rn the steamer
Ffinancier was sunk to the Trap, 11. mile. below
Patel:iamb, Toes ay allerniKin anent 4 Weinck
the New England wanilying hid in the Trap t the
Fla Mier won on tier downward passage, and in en
denoting to pats the channel, ran against the New
England. turned scrota apd sunk, completely °h
emming the channel.
In consequence n 1 the obstruction caused Ly the
sinking of the Financier at the Trap, OM Beaver mut
t ake Erie were enable to pass op on Tneadny eve
mug. The Cinderella and the Arena left here fur
Bearer yesterday morning.
A large'lnt of Height was brought uir yesterda,
hy the Cinderella from the Hibernia No 'l, and New
Ermined Nog, both of which are row lying at the
talip, unable to get up from the low ...NIP u 1 the
The fact that the obstruction caused by thr sink.
lug of the Financier at the Trap, will account for
the small list of imports by iriver to day. the boat.
from below being un-ble to get up.
The Rhode is and ou her way up yert•rdar worn_
g had to leave pall of her load there and return
•r It tu the aftern.u.
The amount reeeivei for Tolle at the , ollentot'e
Orme, at ttottala, during the 4th week to
/QM', i. seix,9
Same period is WIC 35,.5(17
• .
The amount received during toe human or June,
t the vault, office, It $.11.1,:the.1.0
Odom period 10 IBM; • 1:18,635 Sri
Increase SI 0,77.4 ?A
The aggregate e•ono at recetvett at Om office from
be commencement of navigation to the 1.1 of July
two month•,) t5...., 5711,Gtd II
During the tour. 6,44021 of ran ti
vigetitat to 1845 483/433 41
The Watertown Journal of Wettneettay aayr
We are authorized by the officer., of 04 book to
tate that they hare perfected their arrangemopm
with We Comptroller. and that the 1.3111 k t. ID go on its legitimate business. Their bills toolbar to
redeemed at the Albaur Exchange Bank. and are
now redeemed at their own counter.
THY ?RICH, 0 OHCAIHTVIrrs 10 yllYool.
Atha 3.
Her Camtn.a. ao.o4uus
Floor. ..... .. • •43 0 0 4.1 0 40 U 0 41 If
Atileticom W1,,.' ..12 0 13 3 110.103
1011111211.701 t, •• • ..14 11 1 0 0 , a:a 0
COM Meal 2 , 1110,HU 1 11100210
The following steternent will show the tool
amount and v.lO. 01 t 01 the nrtiolne
eaported Irom ome
Win lot .1204217 to 31.111:
June, 1847, mei ow',
591 91111
Flour, tads,
Ship Bread,
Wheat, our,
Bark, bhde
thee, cut., ' 1360
Naval Storm WM 7,1t4
'foul .aloe,
last ell Pries. In the City Alarket.
Wednesday Morning, July 7.
APP IO .4. Pe 19 vr 3el 5
Beef. beta eta
ng s, ylb 6 0 Clab,f 51 I
• • •5 0 7 Onto., irdt..• 012
--C.." 6 0 5 Pudding Liter/ 011, 6' 0 7
—R outers ••• • • 0 8 ?orb.
3 0 6
—swan 4 0 5 '''
0 s Llf pek•.• •5 0— l'oestope, 0 bond,. 40 5
Butter, priallb 11 air. 1eam0n,) , , , , , bo 0100
On do R011...9 Olt .---Redt. 050
Do Appie, qt. • 0121 —"wort
—Green," pk 51/Zr pek .. . .- -
0 0—
Cabbqe, find ••• 3 0 4 .—Drird, qt. •4 0 5
.Carrcas. b h p • • 0 Tickle, 0 d,rt 11015
Cellery • •I'e non, epee—
Chickens lon, fr 10 25 011 *nie,. 0 . . 4
Cheoiate 0— —Drod n
Cornmeal bo 040 ~Torigtors.llorr,grrello.l 021
Metrics, 9. qt. • • ;--1..1 211037
Corn ....... 0— Tut keys, h., esch • • OP 50
Cranberries, 0 qt• • OEI ‘--elesned• ••• • _
Dock., live, 0, pnir•27lo4l 'Veal best rota 4r lb CO 0
—elesned• • • •-•-- 0— 'Walnut, prk• • • •I 0 015
Ear, dos 012 FISH—
Ornla, chow, each • •. 041 Perch. bunch• • • •25 070
linoneberrres qt— !lialmcto ....... • • —25 0150
Hams, green, 4' lb. • 7 0 9 Sackers , •• • —121025
—Slanted 010 iCat 6/1.•• ••• • .. 030
Hominy, qt 40 6 FLOUR
111 . 1 .7 Cowbr P 1b..1e11130i hot, lon IV. --- pa on.
—•.otraitard , V.• Casill ..... • .
L o dr 7 . 91 . 4' /b. • to a- as
The market Ina Leen well attended and tales ac•
tire. Tomatoes hoer been added and sell - 25e tot a
dozen. .Cucumbere 37 pet doe.
3' OF RE; Il
2 nit h9Rau CI.WATER
flowmtt. Brow:14011r.
Inu Mel .111, 1.10411101. littorn.ville.
NloMinvy. Mormon,
litvidt Wand, Dorton, Sitnlidt,
Csnidea lienrickson, :Witt eeporl,
11. m In in. Itrownovellr. .
I ane{ Mt Irne, Hrnriell. Itrownl,tl.,r
Ratniiler Ilaughton. M.
I;ongi oho,. Lynn, I.naln.
I.ady :1101er. Um.
koterlea. Gbaykey,
1;roog lyn,
StIA •H—Per Rhodt• 1.1.1,1-13 hhda tobacco,
%Vm Ilinitam—ls A boe-1 , 3 dn. D Y.
ro—V.4 b Is Moor. li A B. rry-38 do emnumnl, 325
bola flour.lowner aboard-9 Neka ilotatoes, I bbl eggs
owner abcur.l
GL&SdOW-I', Cop•-71 hble flour. ti
& W mt. cure, 1111c6n1 & Ilu.lield
—7 via ' ool.Juu hicraden.
NEW Wbos•linc. IS A
D. lA:Eiji < l / 4 . Phi 1.940. an.t
it:lll.inore.'J P. H.
I . II•KF:TS . 4. and
HEAVER PACK Errs at 11 and to A n nrul r
ULASGOW I.AcK ET. (n...w. 1
wELLisviLt.r„ Well.,lllt, 9 Pr.
•KHOOE ISLAND. Suatith. 10 A. u.
ZANEVILLE PAcErr, 111 i. et.
The .le.att.h.iett I4:11101 - 1'. cum. 11.
lIN Cott tell. ,vtll commen, rum., 1,-
....NO: .. meets Dem. outl the loch Ste
~,..-zrit.„. Mare .1 Jut., .....t.l. multinc week ,t
tr.p. drift, the rt cutiouler,tor lbe
.e . s.ti, Hav;ttg Denim ever, Tuercht rit 1 ose!ctek, P
-.— .
The Dr inll Ix one. ~, , P.I. het` . r 0 " ,,, U1 ' o ' Pr , '
ant, .-thliar.and l• well nd..ptvd ar thc ',R. trade.. '
Cal I I. Lr'W or l'a...aar a nn' r en board,. r 1..
I - C 'MADAM: a CO.
J a. , 1:L11 FAIT, Demo 1
'o'2-14 I , W I.A ' , SON -
Regular PAttalbeargh anal ia - wev• iitra
The new adlllll } 4aught iw.amet
'-- Jam, F. ,I yd.
torwin: w.a run •
11 1F 1 7# 1 .
.arj, reantur pnclet h-twern 1,,, , t,1,
and Zwiesville. 11avau hod In, anio.. 1,4,0 a, an,
'1.'1.1.4113a •up,rwr to) ir. the Coot, uffer• the tiTl,-•
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- HeinJar Braver and Glasgow Pack...
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day at 4 rdcrek. pII for fr• so,ts • or pa ta b rm.IM,
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' The hay arol IX.I Stracntordt
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,g Jim,- 1w.,1 eon,'
o hot oo a Flegul3r P• r 4.-
rm.; the ...Aron between Par...ltch
and Franklin Tot trotted or 1. , 1. , x , apply 0 ,, ~,,,d .
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or , 4.1.L7 , 11.a.1. IrAti.t I • At cal, I .
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•p•t. , \ 11c/ 4:, Agent
-- r• -- --
111.11111. AR rACKI:r 1-1111 W1:1.1.` , d11.1. 1 . A NI/
:+1.1.1 i:r.Nv:T.l.v.
I The n.w ood i ell ,f ra .C.t • 1..1t
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an I I, olny to 'ln`elnek '. NI . Ivo re
sreur.,nytl:, army l'adolly, Thurrall, on.l4oord ay
at -o'6ock. A. AI rut Irru4ht Or ro..age apply not
1,1,01,1. A 14 rri• a ,uulcl AND Sit 111 rid,:
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will leave , whityr
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1 grni•ar y,'l rurry. Jul, 7
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J"I, 11,
groat. Tini.).Tluaguluv. Jul
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!Wilda!, Flnwet
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(all r amt., tat band and tor ante by
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. citrtter of arrtral and otter.,
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I ,11%1: /C 11.311 1 ,,, JEW V . 1.1.1 .% w or ,
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w a aon 11.04 at the lowest pi
bared Pert, Preeila and h!pecturles,A
itHrereivol. Watch repairing W hhhtV hhe vry . hem
comer lilt and mallet_
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- Metalic fralm;
% SPLENDID Pl...ttnent or nnactvood and Malt.",
an, trail actin. Piano., with Malaita Fratue,j.l
filh-dam, ha raid
Also. two •alend,d Part-woad l'innoh, with Coletnon'a
celebrated .11,/i3ll fat!rheol in the Mort nod.
ern rtyle, and tor ot• r 1111.1.1ME'd.
1 wool •.r..t-Ilttnaraitltnae
- - r--- -. -
Olt BALK.—A •,,e, et Nletlte'ne.
Wtndavv Oath. A. .antaantate in a lonal s in Sdoe
astw rood shlwl wait !be rfl fru! For lab
tl' ye is bya P ml to pple at lliZZlriTA " ZlT;; '. ii " e ' t:e u ral " ;;:n . r . ;
and tidally/nee °Mee 'dal It twat wuud af.dit
I NY—NOTICE. 10 coyrkt,v-n)tt, , —ttehlea pro
potato well he veretveal until Mt LOSENDAY-Juty 15.
in the Roton,h of I 1,-...burgh. IVO
July 22. In t.t• t . tty at . Yitt+ltUra h at cielttela. A.
tAtre at; for , .ilattt atql
upon tern na:l-.• to the ream.) , tot,s
',Aline We. hhllt 11.tri•lautte and hneenm le• at' ias, Ehot ttiana l'alt.t.htgli The attralang
will melt.. very heavy wurh, un 1 the ttmanati of Slts•
MO.1 , 111( tnr Pier. and Attnianeuto a the Bridge
hero, ahe Sal•hiarlstintaa, I an' ht.t tia .ettgth• will
01111 , 41211) la age l'lvnt and s pp, firahost. ni the work
ba the 1-higihret E.lll, at an reth place, hit
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I. Any teethe, Illiblnt.t.l ran he and upon bp
-I..tcn.ion 10 nip Clt, Of A•70(11.1.. KI:g111 , r.
).41 S V hIEHICCI(
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-1 otelvod at the ottOre tol the Volahookh 310 Cloveloool
illt•Iroatl Cots, to %VtOlar tile. ulna. Inthl lU ,
A NI of itto.o7'h totoy 10 Joti for the go oultnr
LotJ:toc, astot 101" tho rort of .0.11
portn! tho Otte Itetworn -otiteratutAl ure
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onot Allbollseitho eroraitor the SU1111) tool Itravor
thotonh lopl, r eateudtno ort.ll, N o I..•hoo and Conion
frlolllll the threetion of Plrvebta I. to I take piton, rut ly
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41/7 2 _ Ww.1.1.,:t.1t. Jure In, 184:
turn, ala, ilcr cc. In , 2 d ...ha... , an
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caravan,: I 4 rcnurracti I2Fudul fa .1 re O. I.:
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w,ll gray 10 Jur G Lar.wk: ~.1.11.1, J W
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CI y Mope alsary.
I , I:3PIF.N ,, ARy is /lOW p - 9 rot the t<t t epr ort tt:
it.oentt. on ,ttottrfteldtor,oooostrt rho 31orrhatt:• •
Ilolr~: and ftoottog Chopm.'• 1.41.t t 0. Hour. tram
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in a: .or/. ha• oren &mutt,'
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l'ortnott vw.rtint thr It,to t stAtity ior rho pontos.. or
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Jest , of of moor,
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Dr tll:at.m..l. aria, /1,11. otl r • t. , 1 , ..c.1 arrinre• lar
the preorlat il,penartly wat "ca. ,. ht•
1.u../••• present at •h• hour. awn, tue, um, 10 auch advice a•ple *
It '4 Oiw de.ire•J that ,1,.• ‘l,• YIP/ 14.1.111 . . i
111.. aary ca., a wee 1. 42 - ..4t et tan. oa prcatte..;
he l ot to, •ind rea
- All ...ow.: at a•onl•r a: •. allure of D,
Sr . tit I.e gaa•le nu: e.e., :loath 1 y I/ .art,ar)
am. attd ater l'ape.• the Waren
I . ,O,1.11T) elope •• to• poor.a l d,oalt.e
otrelr, the t ";011..
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t'ourtr .1 , , Mat
~` r
us,ra , .II; a ranee U.V
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or up the
The I,lu•Erated Fro, Ilawe'ers
thrmr,h Mr ...11 dr•rmiMon of
I famaml m.t.0rm.,,....ta m mm.ia , ...1. , 1 • ItL(
1,•113,1 6 141I. J 5.11'1,1
3 , 1 Jm, coat, amg n‘cu
~r a ama, ra rraa,,..
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Gem ra'• 1 a ..I:+n d , LM
of Vac v.treau• thr.g m N.,•eo Lgv
I. Ile.v e prr.e.n.
'i lie •
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en era . : nuiurnie. o reef co
'rite ',tura. • 11,star, °I Gent 1,,
ini't Prtorio,
iisorih, Illustrated
reervirtal and for.,ale Min , r'• I. ..1. 1 Pe, 0'
LIAll:SI. 1014! I•.< 111 , 0. • Ile,
•., 111.40.101 T 11101.0. 01 . Now la 1, 1,1., idor
bad., .or 110 010 pure at rte. too, I.o4nore. nod
ate (11,11••• CI t 01.1.1%. a< 1001301 01
sad me 111111,1 an a...dr.:0.001,w 11
I•,01i es
• .••, Nose r,r.J J 110,14 4 1 . . . 0110 01 . 3 tit 00
tl•r. NV Pilike N, Forre-..'•.0i Prom rioareior
1004.401 N Ctn.. N 1. 0
drlra. Via.... N. 1 leriddie .1'• , 1401 .10(j1,001
ch-,nita ~ ...L. v.
',oared ard 10/11•001 , 0, a Late , •ezir tier a.nivo
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it di • pore •dlai 11 roil ....A, intro/.
1., Int 1111. die on In. air oa., taro,.
Inior to 1.1•01..1011•03•110••• 010,1110143,0
r, 300111.00 1100310— • 41 UtTIN
1, reir d .1 •i•
Ng. TAVFatri.
Clinton, Alleatieuy County, Pennsylvania.
r l , lll - : •rou.l, iidorn.....• • ~/vis• 01
L 131. II3,••• eloto•orr ;noon. ,a
ii0U•••• 00 their ow, in On. /. lain\ :err, re..lin.
L. 1.. too, %nor now II•nel iii-rell, oldie
of the and otrior , ,
1, 0300,, —• ..• o. ,
111 , onostgalael• I.trery btable.
li . r 11. r.,rrEK,oN
to Second , between Wocul
mud Southfield merty,An the rettr :4 the Monnt.ibela
Dow , . w:th on entire new rock rt: Ilar.e. nod Cam
yn r-1 , ,
jun. Fs IN Wt NAP AND G I .AS
IN :3 , ...,4. nr 1,4 T.nt , aze• 11.1:i
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dot told. eouoixt,../ ,he to . insvlng brand ,
1. NI do es
I)1 do and other , Lrnnn
ri'e Sherry
Do wow,. do
lire3.s I`S. , 111,
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tat—Tessetstre ss. .ssi a•el se• 11.
I o,•, Slaw ti uteme N., was, and resl a- l'et.n •
rs' 1”1,
th a pa, orbeta. Sta ths, ate st tees she I.a•ssl• e Impasses, I from , 14tt the
Itnase sa Nemr.'r ads • .1. t,,,JaPet6Ltr•
:Is +sat t,y reMa R'EIN
:ut.ttrtotcrt ttt eltlm.
\Vt- wtlt ttrarratti t ttitttt t tt,tt •stp.,tt
the :tow
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trt 3.1 .1 11.c.:11,1 Iwo mat It 1 1 1 3/ e Ittr u.. rri.,otte Nut
t tte 'ter tt 31 .1( 0110....
K . k.,• 4, • .to .0 give u•
•••:11 frve, :Ise ,itos111:1sla,
Ft•••• ort Count
NH . [ilk/14% — J •1•11.1 ,1 1 , 4 1.1 P;1
p fest (Inf. .12 ;
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i. 14.1 rre ekariunx•ulecl '1 0:;‘) " 1 " 471;
.11111 ulllirrirol,r.r•
af • nevr,inel , r iplat lry Wav•ri.ori
.41 S org,
101 ,4 1( t 1 1 ,3
•r) TIMTP . OW 11111' {lll.l
.u:LI dark
A for r V.1.111f..1.110•1,1
~, 14 nit 1 1 17 .
, r , :rt
I 0 1.1.11 ~ ns wah mew:, iram. ,
•au.•l min. wirwh r•tr Juraroltly,
trt..l tun. arr. , wiltranzed r roil to rrtr) mnUr
let rOtll2 r, rot •31r. ilk,. rtr,
111•11 ME
S. lIJ w...e 2.1.r00r n141+,150. .
I. "TWO DA jig?'
7WO t. ProJr.r hri,yrrn *bort. 'pon.
hol.tti.• IMMO. /'..141 Ie dellvered I,ll4bulgh nn
dyy from Con,hrrinfid—m;Ling
11F.4 rn".l rA
T ,41 tIOU• Oqie fog gr./1g out Gmod ,
nr dee.
A^ wilt givr o rnre,l t,o,
ILe Ageta , .ll.- J 111 AV I:1.1. Vitt Anirgit
. cASA,
SIA1:1 , 11a:
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I'WI.I I\vl'.\'rEll-I'ur llu n•l,efnnll'rtn , unrnl
L\ Cn•.• , •l 10:11\l.a or Hrl"rl:63: lun,lcd in ill
rut. • 11,1• Tru. Ow en,.
ma) s
.1,111,g• ),r:11. , ro pre.-
•./, 111, 1,4 n am, thornugh/r il , ll lc,
'MS ,11,,V,111.111 :a, 111 .. we ow ❑c.,,, worii
•00.01 . • r TWO ,
Stu 1.01•11,,,,..
I) V I:Art.1,10;
'''''' .'"'' ".' "',' ' ''' ' ' ''''' "' I
' '''''' ''''''' 1 orAA,"Ar'Y:tall't;:c'll'l7:;;; AEA fli 1117S ' y ' Zi!! ' :71i7rre n ;At
01i ,,, •
1'e..., ...:1 attend at :i... 0th , ',... , 11, 1t t ,,,,k,,Th .r.l ,t. i ..r3 treat le,,,,lLdity .litAlleenuired.
furl. td,uhrix.. Iron, . U i.1...,...1., • u1,,,t tel the I
. her wont I/ebillt y.
min, 01 In epee, Pena no et. lod A ' o el.n.x. r ;
telndl in I Nev.' Yosta, March e7,:847
, Dr. Towown.l - I It•ra here 'altlicted tent. or lets far 7
I ; i•n• • U.f. r , b., nevi 0...,., I! e j A:1 , 1::: : 1A , 11 1 1 .
0 14 .1t ti all: 1
, ) : : n.. . 1. ' ,, • ; : :: ' , :. : ::: , : 7 d E 1 1. : ( : , .. 1 ).1: , ::,, , , ,,,, ,T .,. ,.. ,4 ti v ' r : ,. .:1 . :1 in g . f r d:: r r i,..,, , A ,, i t 1 ii, r ic ,,, , . :
...mot. do.. on 1,,, , t,t.., 03 Ifil• At,
Juile OA I..ii
Fir . ~,,,,,,,,,. -' I ati, 'object to to ro, ,X u ties. ss a dyer. I hat! l, other
l iedletori, i.e.. tonorr,... to ...howl, bat will, hide or Porno-
I ',I, 5,t,1l- A gA. A Ili mr, I'll lAlilri AIICIIOO Fir,' . 1 w ... ,I b. ~,, I .., , ,
1 ‘ ~....... ''''.. . .'.... '''''..' '.i .'' j'.‘
I 7...(10,ir ase.aparll'a, (rein ',hid, I fl ' n;rrrat ' re in li ' el P. llll:l -k e .. .....
.. , 1' l's , 44, ""' ' ‘" ''''' "' I ' ' l ''' """'' s " . "'' ' ".":
.., tl.ll ...re1.... Dttie, tool I mtunhe.itatiouly imy ' tr 7
.-.‘ QUPP.It ..... cuT Tuu ‘ceti--
~...,,,,.., ~, n,.... , . , 0.- , — ,, , , i ,, ~ --, ',...' 1,. ~,m 1..., mmiqw I Italr tree takru-the r o -
P ,'• " 1 " . " r '• '''' . " ' " ' '''''''
r ''''''''''" ,. ‘' ''''''''''''' e1.../gon, rwd I we] quire a dilfrerat tom altotr ' et ' lie ". .im ' Li '''' , . , •fi." rt ,,,,,, w1..cT01.a. , i
a t .npirti..ot erne cut unraratu• II artan.e.l to .pil ~ , ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,„.,„„,,,,L, i , I. x • ..... 11 , 4/Smoking de,
re.pret , . 1'r,,,......,t, Apia,-'n P.M IIATI: , , l i . "" ' ' •• i . '‘" '... a l'•”"
ea '
1.., y,,,,,„„ tr,,,1,1,.,, N o t:t. t0r.t.,, , ,, ,‘,14, that..., 111,1 .0, .$l, ~. t.. 1., re, tt won, Ow .ante her,ra ! , ... I.*
•Al 1..,41. 1 ....AI rer,,lotorad it a. a r.., I tord r I r. '" '.'... s ''' ', '.'.. ''''' •
"''' . 1 '" 1 ' 1 ... 1- " 4 i ' v
PIO Intielph..s.
:„...,... ii, ~,,, i ~, ~,,,,,,,, ~, . 1.,,,. " ,1„. . ,, ,
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lon T. 11,11•%. , Iheo'. 1.11.,1. , e whale et tr,,n. lipuntlx, it ' .11..1 ,i,e• tl. I , , lnal l`od n•lto'l U. , len.let art . 4 . 4 . 'l" , all'
Nu '.I. IVAAArgeon ,t,t/ xr., Ph iladelphia. , the ...I b . .. • lyllo! .. lrallist ens", it lerp. the bleed. ' !..,,,,,... •lotlla `....., ' ll, Y ...e ltl vet"' ratert-la or , .
rrizi,::',"„T'gr,'„,t,';."-----"-----" :;:r l ::'"tP„',:il„.t.,'"ho:„'•„,°.,l,n l ;,`:. l lY.l7.:::,:rl'.h• ' ', .4'''''''''''''":"* - ';'27','„'T..‘,,,,....._,,,
In. ... u•io,l rexereting o.n...ter. term, , 1 / 4 ., , may he I tr, Ur Toost.etal's,Sarsaparills. .. --
1 4 4 tOPENCER'S 1 , 1L104"—Jo.1 received. per
oldx,itrd at this oda e, et It) al.plie:ltiou lo the Vont , l Titua As .. 1 41111. 7A Allen ,11 ' CI rat k 114 hip Seruouelt. 4 rust s ••Srwitece.” La.t
pal - .., e Xttriera .
tee' rilet, rornprimur a arty redetal allaortnt , .l.
1- _ _ ... The atinationt of Alrivatoixt•and POilnltlleill ge•Ar.l)y
I. Inv Ind. lARIAN & Iir.NNEDY
AMU. 14. .! rend IV
nd AA, -
1 - 1 01.1) MINI:It WA I'INIES- `t on
lNaddnion to toy large stork ut riold end Silver Pat
el. Lean , IV...hes. otaitable Mr Ladies unit I lentlenten
-el' the lalrst and h00d... ext patterns and of the ht.
tnanufacture-wsrtained and ter sole Cl Tern low on
to,. jell/ W IV W I 11..0N
/'OLD PENS--A va r y 11.0. ..jai well stlreted
11,ourli or the he., Inutots or llold felts, rot opened
and for sale at dreier, IR viler', by •
C 1L 'V ICA NV A HE. - I's Mr. I ra, theosemano Sourr
Ottmain*, g
Forks. Suar Wong, Rut et linters An
manufactured and for sale I, IV W WILSON .
.rlO Corner 4th and Marker RIO
" •
I /WORM ATION WIAN 7' ED.-.1 . 1, •,,haerilorta xx.,,h
talcum the whereabouts of NI, J. A DALIDX, lately
returned (tofu Mexico. Ile was A Volunteer stemthe
northern pan of Virgtuta, NI ALLEN & et,
irl 42 water Ft
SMITHS. frond win Union. ...Oh rtesay Itstitit.
tan heat of pod sr ages and ellnAllkilt (lllplOyOlGrit by
pnlvlne al thug <de int
.01 1 / 1 1 4 4
134`444 SILT 16-6.. rem. 71 and . 4
DU/tarred ‘loniubo Nene. Irou.lltuaLlY and roll leap/b
rerelved and Oar ode by :dial:ULF= 4 murk:
Wwoo angel
1 . • ,• _
. ID•rellear In the Month. '
'Dior, frees - (food*: i •
SII A::11.--,11.t ) . 1 . , 1 , 1 .., 11:) :. 1 .. r.:
. 1 , 1, , '.. ; i : i . .i , i , ii, 1. , :. , , , 0zh .! I
s. fi r. l,,: r imnee ,.. i . it i of it a ... nia . e . %cl i. ii , ll= . ❑ n :f T, , ,, ,, , , ,,r0d ..1
„., wt”, ..,, „,,,,,...k..iiii.i -tii.v. idity complete, Th. i i iildwitig certifies. I. wlwied from a grew ii o o r lrr
and extraordinary f c.o. lor ilo- •ruviii of, dm tear reword rail. owl..
Tbry Mare u low aworaiteut of fancy Prom, the, Naw YORK ? April %1247 !
g.V...,;,'.7.::,:',,,:r0,::::::‘.":::':::::_70:,...:10016.00 d e i k lr er T it o h " l ' Cl.:trv ik ti ' s r ulh o e — mou °' ih o net " d r droa M t d .7trZled . ur " ; "' ili
greet debit(, Dewar weir dying: I obtained row of your
INI . nr ' r l l- I ;F C‘ a a n A .l " De D nf l :r . i l i ' t E, o E itil C le il ry , l 3l .. a. r... - ure i •iiid.. l ::::::: , l' , ‘ : ll ° ::::!.:t h U il , ' , • : : , l. l d r , F:ii i i t..l7:• ,. : l " l::7 , l . r ". . " , www• l'l:ll6l : n
k ' i''''" , T '' .. ”"'"'"' " " w ' ''''''''' l ' r " ":'. 'F ode by It Evet.11.13114 D 't X •••• t cod
iiii, to t i . wad 1, directly frxdo Itinnioatiern at id 1,.. s „..
.''''' , , ," :sr.. , ;2l6:::: :f ii__ L: .. ,:p. -
i o .r.i i ... t b - - y,, iti , '
roweru N.0.2.1,3,11,4,1° whieh he rryprelfuni invitr a 1 i i i ,1„,`,:".,D.0,
~,..". , lii, 1
lIIT uotron.on of coiwornets and vilbalcts genera iy. ' ' ••• ._ A'enY wi wild4wely )
iTRTL.E 20)0P.
el )1 IITI.1: sou i• w,tl he served up at Beale's, lett ' mr R
.. _ l...arron, Va.. Juneill, 1P47.
1 U S Dane. ill, , eyrry day at II n'el•ck• . E Tiellern-1 shall perhaps be out of your Ver.
. ~Nee before. I can get nnather .apply. Plerpie send
The Moen of Torilp Soup and part'culerlY ll'•'!.." .. ~ w o g,. ...on . meal e .
111±1!" , my . .elt wiNi my hoop cannot lIT I . 1 , ~,0 1 ., r . p ii r, ,,,,a,,,,, , ,t; r3 ,
. 0. ,.. 01
~,. 0 .,
CIVNEIRIEs— I t ~... Fralh,,, if , delighted with . effect, and •lloogh 1 hose Pah-
C) ' spark. "wilier P. u., , nexirdik's.Conwtock`e , Perry'iv.d • host of o hers,
13 do ti•ii.coe. . hardly toy 'I• wilted for hat your.. Vow, Ar
2 I.ltlr %., I 1.1, ' (Helmet of fetter 1 JlllWn...on.
I Lid Kin I. 11,V from it, Dlitiel I Parent. shosld give this Verrtufage, in preference no
ildir o vii .oil for •.i.*. 0 i 1 DK,: i'V k I'll all othery; it never fail, to .ape( Y... from • Child
noy se .r .le. troubled with them. •
14.", a coop ..di hr ., F.,.4. it n „, for Prepared andlotdoorholessle and remit by fl £ fin.
r „1., ii,.„ Ito. F . :,,,,,,,,„ ~,,,. ,„ir, c ,,. i t.ves,sl3 Wand onset. Plltabill), and by Di . ..CR.ISW
_L—f._ !rad), • NN tad, val.l in A Utightby by i t Clarry. • jet) ,
, •
•• - -
mcmi extrannlinnry ill.dieine in ih Werhl
Tin. rat o put up to gust Loot.: tt sla bu'rs , lithl.•
te s •lnrusanter and vnerldAtfla•Yrrricir In any .ofd. :• cores
d..-e without suasion. puling, ur J.
bilhatin the patent.
graat beaus and suyariatity co' dos Sans:L.lday.
all oda. ?Osamu< se, whi:st Knolaates D:wase tgor.
atsitlts Easty. It is out ut the set): bast St'lllNG AI IS
SUMMER. ,or-DICINES eser known, It not tatty purities
the rtluste system and swangthrta the person, but it tbeatts
Noe, Pare and Rich 114 . ,0d ,• po r pauessed by to uthrr
Aledwitte. Audit/ this lira the gtand sea t et of in. gra:J.llW
It baslerfordne4 whinh the ass taw years snare
u. &thanel an of-dtrere eves of M i aur ;at lean
of these were ontaidtraJ Incurable. More than
:10.111 tall" of Clanak Itlannaolinn;
OM ran. or Ilyspepsta:
100 cuts of Grueral Debility nod Want or Eeetp ,
7,400 taus 01 dateent Frauds Complaints:
2,‘ OU cases of Scrofula;
1,.•:01, cues of the [Ater Complaint
tl.Nhl cues of Does. a the Kidney mot Dropsy ,
3Plq cases of Corauroptiuo.
and Tboomads of mu* of Disease of the [Meal. tie: Utter.,
Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Punk,. oit ,It. CAuea b.c., n e To.
gethat with numerous caws of Sick headache, l'aiu to the
stdc and Chest. alphas] A ffe, Lions, No.. bor.
This, we are starve, must appear inermlib e, but ter have
letters trout physiciar,s iod oar agents from eh parts of the
United Stites, torus:ming to of esteem:dowry cures. K. Cu
Costal k, Kwi, one of the most respectable druggists in New
ark, N. J., talorow ns that he am refer to too, iliac la, ea.
.0 tie that Ida, atom.. 'I beer are thoutands of rises it, the
.Citf of New York, ',huh we will refer to will, pleasore,
and to men of et aaaaa trr. It is the best medicine Lor the
laeuntive of . ..list:au known. It studoubtettly red the lives
of Wawa than
. • -
CArrsli \V Alatuttaa or mtellagram 8 - reign NAvr,
and member of New lenity Literature, has litnttl) resit
m the twlowtrg certificate. It tells tt• own wing
RAUWAT, Jan 4i. 1 , 47.
A teat Ware 1 teat taken with the Influenza and my Inhofe
tgwein left iu a drinittated .Wt.. I was induced t. trylli.
tgownnend% Sareapartila, and after taking two, or Meer bog,
Wm, I nal eery much mitered. and attributed entiretylo the
said Ramp:ulna. I have continued taking it, and find that
I intreine nee) day I Mime it rand m Jae, and'artnittl
{WI b without tt muter my mwsideratica.
Si mos cts CoatlS
Thiscertificate moiclisisely prises that this Sysmitanlla
Lae perfect control mar the m.l obttirlate dtteme . the
l'lmee persons cornd in one hoitsr ra uniiremlon.ed.
Thom Citarttis.
Dr Townes SIP - treat Si, I hate the plea oi inform
too that Wrt. a my childron base been coital of Om Soo.-
tots by the use your excellent medicine. They mete
adia..;d are" “rarsala salth bad floras. hare oto takra four
it kali. theta aaay, for which I real Laralf under
a•ac ix, IDS llodate,
S. Vdrk. Nlut h I, 1547 .
. _ . .
" "" Ibll
•'• • .
/VE:ll'l'Y IN VL: NG,11.n% N. 1.11110,
I II1k:A r Fllll ALE 4:DIGI von WALE.
.. , artltin and Toedy •,,, advertm, offer. for rode A Pplenthd
11ad'r,..,...1,0c0,rb0h u, , dwell•n3 film, filtrate on the North EII.I corner
Wh01... °bummed .1. difllealt tratruati.m, lacoatitnuacc of rohlre Squate rn Voungoown. MAtioron?
of erndh or tn..ltndar7 41 ar.-lonVJ.ot rt d 4n „d rdr th c minty, O h o . It I.largth conunothoon. finAlcd In cid
" Pr....". of U.' the vomit ecllcut Atyle, and ta the best location in Yonne tow].
of 'ldu."°‘ rare orcurer, Yrddt.'d bytrrgWarity, LMm. I et , hrt lot. Ivrell.stg or politic house; attached to gt i•
24c . idsol. yard. crab ,, and all other onvennAkcro
Nothitia tea lit awn ....Truing tll. its it hat.a.
Leta on the Ism.n frame Der.on., all ...aka.. and last- ' Tha. me-n I. ,mproeing very rapidly. Is !Rattled 1111-
tude, from taking it atm...become rob. , and halo( allergy I ot. the eenahund vibratile VW.... FortMee.,
under sts miltware , It immediately .uoteraets the now neon, Win ate emnplrted : will
tessato....l me female frune..eherh u the cause of Lam . mo.; goori.hoig ;dare rh.• summit of Ohm
It w.:11.• low lit, d.h.or on time, or ex changed
It will not be ealarod of us. so caw of u. delicate a • t ot property m 1 . 111•:1011:1: parnroluit ILIUM" 1
1 . d ... .."1 & 11.1 WICK. eon ier or Wood ml met so. rots.
wore d sillitted,tbat h.dnalsofe.e. hare been repotted . harsh. who all int . ..lT:lmmo 0e9.1.1.wt
to us Several cases *here families ha. be.. widow. chtld• • - - Valaable Real 14ototo for Sale.
anti oang a Sc,. bottle. uf dos onaluable piedlrine,
' , 111 . !' beautiful pripe enuate near Manchester.
Ira.. Leen blot nth healthy offspring.
threctiy oppo.on inn retitle:lee aflame, Anderunn
m"in"d'm7 wa.`,,b`i`f riuuttnt Raterloit o Wino and eßieridlng hook
gram' debd'
1 31141 feet in &mined tweet. with House Itted onrfeve
717erTat:o r liits, tr ' sug '
m u ads i°••• Z ii
oho. your mII will Le rvlJ tnßAber or d,v,drJ.
edium.. bait edit-tad great tures, mu, also hem b o e t. r. Ve t o. creet urd the Allegheny ILver..ol ccet
tug late .amended far toe!. caws as I Lased...Wadi 0b... , - •
• I by 110 feet to depth to 20 but Alley.
ed • bottle of your Extra[ of Summar-Pl. and folkowed I ...a.m... aro naorined
ga" me • di "' h I 'mons a that boe'propertl in A ' ,h.. " , ri•i
,ht rvmy,lmo ad
h"ati"dhh Mug gnnful for
rhnster,•waited by a entnyisny ut 1•Ioladelploa. wilt
•-°• " " . • h • . .... "" • 17 1i d 4 1 : " ‘ ra
li . : " "a ""• ln r•",7l.e r "lnTde "
sag az
s of wh•cb due n"tn a Will
Aleato, Aug. F. ICFLA Cor of Grand and Lydio. so. • G ro . ,REFD
baryon &Nay to
yealtm 04, won,. .Tippet
T. I , tr awl 1 , 4 all athoCurtli'ir.fro7yi t\
6 7 : : ;
d 7d" .• e; .ta t er county The 10..0 is
r"e"." L'"j".
dded4r .a.„ a doell.n . g, nomedt
titlf mely tot the Erie 14.
deli..., Lein; troubled Owls the , .
of the fret. urn.. aneetas. .4 very much debllmg
tot , ~erst ;m.o. and to the .n.idat cr a rich fatinnig do.
I.l . t.. " as l" ir e s d n.l.... 's t to .."' my ' , " re erw "" dtruse ' ltad "n th th e b toT e pp ' i r . ' d " • and lot "f
ddstoal edict, not only to tic hours of COnfwealetll, but Orr aneovsl , Metre , t o
• cot
du, e s
of one aseL of as 'a., the drupay ad tot ( di a
ddiididi"., do r' cod to ' ' d 'id" DICI.1:1 - A. Co
health is now ;or th an n had bon Ito a og Rao emni.-antat ltim•
went. Tend fpm •V
emus • ""•
It tho .111 be of .1 wow: yuu, or any nue ah.. IMO LANDS FOR SA LE •
of hoe
doubt. the woe.. of Ihr torsion, po V I.andA tor e.ate no lan Ruecoott its.. so
, Inhtmx tux ets. thou lan vie,' Rod on
I subu•rtb.. myself ',sue anal obedient and obbged sant der cultivation. There ...on the prom nes .1 dwelting
S Jnots,i. h0u5...1 large hart,. iirtllf good noting laud never-on,
water. Whole togroier xrll he told for dor.,
T. NIOTHEItS AND NIAIGUED LADIES. five hundred doasr• or d r dud If..o.lnorreasere.
'rho Elam, of Surunarilla has been expressly laujored i tle rtuarntaterd. puyments may l,r ns& to colt, nod
.fiteure letnak essinpLunts. , toss•yortoo Ear molter it . f
am iv somas...hats approachm, that emu-a1p...1. •• Th e cultic bf llw NI PI II
rue.. cl Pft," - ihould neglect to tale it, at it I. a curtain myil• wind 1.11,•1
moresstot for .r of the numerous and I an.6l. di!rves m! r ALVA ESL It PIMP KILTY FOR S A LE—
are ...bp. at this rime of life Tios pernol , V ode. for a Lt• to sin , par
. del,ed few sent pars by ..rie th.smedseme R Towo•lor.
." "'•• • • i ' ••'•d "'" .14-k—mg wale, u; St w Rau
•"•• •""t"r•l'f, toomediet. ! pass th rough prm.triv—and w.dl for
ihr ni the alf,ivale d ow.. to aloe!, a.m.. are Rotator r'or potato Ilundszik 1.4)10 Title good
term. est..y Fawn' , a PETER Dort .It
llt Mar. Ms olode rystren ten.. perrovouply the .to , ; ray. N oe to tut; Dim
I entegos—by re..., the iceman,. of tar body—pm
Im far sonoulatiog the 'piens as to produ. a subseuttem re.
• • -• • • • „
. Patel.. Ma. Alteration 1
,ems Fr lit tvAt.F.-Iw. , stbrel ',trek Derlti, !louvre
MIII A leat.eny e'ty. a .Evan distance a!ntve the N
. eenotool. Itrtweett Federal ant! Sandusky , bre Earl"
GM,. lIKAD THIS hot., ennravre eta tor me and a Lull. will anLearrl ear.
You , wt.. hate uelr r.uupletroe•, dull ere. lt terl.r. , rl.. rrt I hr•r tuut•re urr eery it.rsrunil j et, ar a. corn
4,-. , ~..uo..kiii, ~, 1vert..... , are uut of virile • utte : tuttu'l , t , e .t` ..• .'..‘" "'" . C ‘'`''"" ''" " a "...
• bottle ur tat. ...f Dr Tuwaetture Samaretvtlla It will j ...Lou, walk of Outer. ttlair and Ilitrit! -irr, Erttlgr
riroute 'our blieal, win.. the frerLts• and 61001, atel ; Merrtteutatttotttete unaltirti to travuh , te ii hvt`` , .. - rnv
Cie yea animation. 'pellagra ryes, floe spititv, and beautiful , tre.tieuvr. will find it to their truereet to Fry, due die,
romplecttun—all ui athieh art of ournetter value to rm.,. Unturtlate • :era au. $ Cl! l'ltllv.R7
vied ladle.. . outhitic4l tt between !ut and Fit
. ... .......—......—....
twit r...mblrs 0.. pour frier or u!ola tirrompart,
rood strrogtlietoug tlo Om prepa
Ul•4 i/14,1trIMNI. Allem, „NI.) In, It•hi
I , Tell, ait—l 'Este tee. wrlsetwi.for 'cereal
texi• with simirpiis io it* worst Lino, ell oiled with rooil
&cis of ittoimich, Iw of appetite, me heaributu, and &
rll ,11N1• , [1.14311 lb all .
Lile xtrea for week. tielan 1
rug at,) I hate Leta unable to retain but • wall pardon
oh whioaeh I 41.1 the woad reinolice, airy had
d l4Ol xr etiert lu removingthe compliant. las lit
ebniit thonthi eto fly Tuor 'Extract er
of 5.,.
soil I mutt of with little cesaideoce. but after usihg•
ueerlti !awe.. !vocal nay
append. reshiird, and the
titxri rrinxi rd. I wool& winiesity .
&what the Use of it le tlinwe Who have tiece afflicted es 1 twee
W. W V•• Z•ferrr.
• On
1..“4 OW"
~,. ,~.~
Iliad the follouoit, :Ltd doubt if you nut, that ...sum
mut fad
bliword This mon. our of 11.• ws•ral hundird
rues that Toßuwsultsfrentapart 1.31. cured •
;nun —Dear Sir . I saws lakes.. • bole sore •
fear 11.30, with • seven , mash and pant its my wile. to
ns 40,1 sir, fult, iadeed I was pennouneed by phy
ono. to s hare the finch consumption I met tale h iss
lines of Lad matt., ote.l sweats, mil within; nry Ltd:
gas aos aahl coold uutlitti: for me I went thin die
lowpital to L., a benefiltrd, but was peunioured tiarlT
I,uraloin. I ereatly distressed at the louts and
nottl hardly ; I 1001>breasue emanated, and expo:lea
to die; .f. rd tay fwd. art.t was 0b1,..1 to hate
el fib indeed I raw 'govt. you my de ..oWA
.st pollee to toy nee was supposed by frond*
luta recoseey I Indheard a gre-a. usentbre.r
said or secant lo lit I mot of wane twist es•
,urt• rlar.r.l by your men. ost otd I
ut do it ant, I -"spirted tberr was wine litir
oiu• the
Ito I ss
art tr, , I did to,' toad am 'rot thanaful
$ I d$J. nom. slay ll.dt I ISM ly well. but uut so far
..need mto b. alsno Insieseas, sal Lope to cattier
ly °ell In • few weeks. my rough and root t o
the side,
I mad night sweats hoe tell me sod pow but many tall, mil
lasi pfitimg usw.l stow:alb I felt it • au. tu Gib•
you d stntemeol id my rue to publish if 100
I` \Twit Claitivri, 47 Link st,
• °plutons of 'Physician..
Dr Town.heud it almq daily peruDiug heden from phy
• ort.o. itt dafercut 'ans.( the Union.
fur. MD that vet, the uslersigu.J, I•l4,•teuuto
the Coe et Afueu), hap. , iu utureertme ow. preertibed Or
Neleerertlla, , ul believe it tube uur of the aut.
I n, p.r.tuun .f rite Sar.eperilLa mthe u“rket
It l' l'Clantl, X tu
J lU L 0,
p E Elan:D:001a, O.
.4pro: 1.1,1
Tio. wc, the undcreighrd, ruffle.,
Thorroomau %quit.... thr City of Albany has Imp... •
pceiaritad I tow nwied'a Compound b:Cract of Nair..
i ot ilia, iitol from it. known qualities, would rerionotrud it to
tn. .of f o eirceortal, armful., and othrre timorous eloo
raw A
mi hitray la auy of the stlicrlited timed. now to
o „. AIV Itairtstat, r,
t April Leal. IVat II Staten. r
MI Fulton al, Sun Buil4i* I't
r iled.
Sta. 4C11.410; Dr 11yott ¢ Same IMPi t irin
oid et Philadelphia; S S Ifoul, druggiit, Baltiotorr; and by
prmetpal itruggote generally throughout the United States,
if. et hone; matt Om 01112411
None ge .... mar. put tip in Ito lair< iquarr hatter,
tor It eimiciti quart and doted with the mince signatio
le , N,e EN if t .noil lot panucblulam oct the Obis..
Crum the New York Daily Elm.. of April 9,147.
a no, tinware-el' intim satrati yesterday. It was
th: ' olce " tiettig
it aor Sonaynrilla Esprcas of Dr Twituud.
Tfie thing pit up In gout taaw Nome nf the urna
nottil imiltrape iottutingaarr beautiful,crhirlt, anvil, with
, ...roll work, 1111.1, KINIIIIIIIS lilt tun made • show
nod "n " -.• rare ty r o tialled Broodweiy. o ff lake do, ' rtm It • i
Near a Mit leaahlsimabla Lida and Cap Store,
i t t UN td. It the Nfattottgahell Ilvaae,Sthith-ft
briu •...4et
has reeentlyema niab-
111.11, 111.11- wee, ammese to one /sty.atal
' ."‘ I,maPeetem o tar Pall , e A Loge
atm t reat re; ...tented t/—o,tto -iyl lima and Clara, m I
err dmerietant...emor /old •nupe. wlieb wstl detl
at m•• low , . Cobb prme•
', a .m.', tarok err:tea/mend, with the famed Ileum of
Derhe a. Career. of Ne. Vink, he out eisesq have on
bawl a ail acpply of Weir eolehretted rearm. Sit), end
Nuirta liar, A rio, Ra.....a.Co••lnwre.,.;nt,,Wer and
Ashland' that, of Eadtrib and flour 111 . 11,04 e.,
...bait be will nt all hums take {Pease; te ehownig
/le testa...tied that all males svP I he /ached 1.1010.
rele..tion and at the mane prices PIJ 1 ate
11104{ e,o.tweal. Ike I. determined in these rt seer..
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TlitS bring the day the Spring rashmn of
Hata will he introduced. I+l the /oh.. ( "ah ,
indable e t tatottahments in New Dort and Philadelphia
the um/emceed lake great p'etrau re .ot local cna.Als4l
Inallllll4lllE, {ll their imam . .. hien& and Me public.
genera/Ir. that we are prepared to supply all who mu/
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roinnrkr.ll; Ileayere, Neutrias , and extra fine
Maceshoi :NA Cats. either wholmale or /Mill. ••/
matfafwood and foth sts
nitmovAL ear ,
ti NICORE. Pot and Cap Manufacturer lit
ha removed to No 75 Wood street, three door. share
I ouch•toel: comma of every hmiety nl
Ilata Sad Laps. made 111 r also.Pattraga.
Leghorn and Petal Straw Cam, wholesale and retail,
aythe most pore. • 511108
apls 75 Wr/ed eto Ft/ door shove Poach
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Pall Petahlan. 1!140.
4 ,m.„:,...&„,,,r„„ . .5ty1e isentlemen's Ilem
kill be totrudocee ot KEKVII:p on Tbo.&.Y
August :Mb I.elolemeo wohin!..<'br.p fissb
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the irnde. plesse cal rat kEKVIL. & Co'.
augleef Its, bend of Wood .n
117.5 T reertvrtl irnm Nevr Vol/. Sumo
to la for rcs WWII,. to , " ' IO
Berni, Pea r I end Wlrte Frent lasrirne • 112., iv;th
t VitilatoTTlinae 7 t , 6 0
want Of a brau l l 1..11212r..
,n,citetl S 5114/111 ,
ut321.1 75 wocd 11411.40rP2 1, 0vr 4111
Sr DOUGLAS stun - just terssved •
frersh supply ul it,uggold and Vuena V • It
aves.% up, neve sty:sr.
Extru Frrttell Molrskitt Ilntr. ni very In..
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,I I No 79 wood strs,t
CONTI NUE:+3 to manufacture, sad kepi l in
eattetutoty au tom& every ea, of lints
awl Cap. of the latest At, le,,atol priers vele low at No
7. Word e,rer,..oet.toe
PR.R.X.NP desirous of purchasing 1...0 0. sln 0 Cru
Irry Sr, referred lor ttlfornelpon 1 , 4 thr Puperintend
aut. uo gruuuds. or to K. Thorn, Drucel... earner.
l'enu and 11..1 'tor,. Pt.s4orgh.
4,11 .11%ult sttuerotuuolnut
\retinal'!" Real E ttttt for
1 , 11 V. uotters 'Ned About In rent •re N. I 211rtrr.
I meowory. ofers for axle SIX
Lars o n
Oond weer. between Ferry • reel nod E
olotlht Alter. Fllebloi will be tweloy feel from ox:;.
and eiglav feet depth. The wl.l he
.Fog'y ‘.l. the whole together. For
gob.erihrt on lbe ',mai.. JOHN CAI.I)WELL
victl ti.alahed atom ova, Via.
Al., ihe large Hama in the c't.l aairr X 3rd and mar.
kat .1., Al pia.. orruptaa Al a Literary Depot and,
Yrr,oilical arice by M. %Vat ;4CalJare , t.
Otlti AfZ
Ming sit room., a good cella ! Y.\ I vault. ord. Ae.
the ward on .4,41.1.m:et. PoSet 4 sion
given an the Ist ni In'y nes —rent *l2O pet amino,
8 cuTHRK.r. Smithfield st
lla V INi: removed to the City. thr onoveie
proie...trial lizoi , iiess, I sail row the !kimono
i Inn at, o
and its 'word ate e.leiosuer,ri . tuate on tho bluff
of the Nlnsionetheln, one mile above Pittsbareti.
Itinll.l ataoll I &MP- , S
NCO-Tic FOR SALF.,I hove for .alc :0 h• o'er ,9 . , "^"Fc'TY:
Al f lam" by Ulu will and
..c m 'rem. uneirerr ionnble
91, 1 9 A %it', 111. EI.V. Raul
:171 h rti ° ;:: 4 . 6..: . ;. t
Kll,llupply premlxes
111.F.X ANDER GOR no N
1200 Htlt I.o'N—it/ feel (rm. by fert deep
r .J,utnin g thr (WK.'S!, •Wo of
1311111 G 1C11..01 a Co, walrt at '
•p ti :4tolthoykr• of the FArtneri , :lott Hank of
I 'ittliurh, intend ranking aproteaf to the next
Cam, tot aneh alteration of Me . aller AS Will
e.v..rhrtn Itanktiig piteileas, or itgleented expedient.
will Arlin, tororp.ano . .ls• A new Wok. :
11 1 Linter of board ILTerION.
1 ,1 ,Ca•hier
I Ll , lll3 th r e o l ln:
A. tI klcbt.oo. voi,etion• by thr lat Her. dna e
Arita, A at ~I'. ~f Catl.../e. and
1 . ,...410 ,S 1 Corug, I . tuntuldre. ruts Fur
j-. 13 .11 , /I.NUTON •TorlcroN
11.T—tioo . Vonlro3, the tS h sae, Kahl diunelo d
,iieh K ey,the finder wln
loy 'ray ine It at this &fire. in ott thn store oil the tuto.ero
her. fen e,Ctotnenerecul Rum. I.ohey,
jet) Fy II NIerRFW
1 1%)7 , 1: ,
t r:: , 141 ‘ 4 . 8 ,5 . nt ro
sale by 1111011 NI A'lt
0 O
30 even •r n 1 St mar anaria
d I-Purty et
wtti , pl•.l.-1 , 4 A F. GROCER ANLe COMMINSION
MORIN NT, Nu 51.1 uner o LOIIIS
14 roe to: I )CO.
ARO - 6116i- I Au. cr •nor -c.;
11.1 in Plin1111(.11ire Of I.s. I ut t, - epurc.l to
I ter 11, mar .•tor dint. nn...le (Id i. of' :he
be.l qu.ld 1, tuitt yr II he .old ,hr ;;;; mt.,
The wt.:sit:on ei - llYUgrl.t. nod I•
.Fronited. J JORDAN & ADN. 1q 1 , 1 , re r
myrtf 1Ippo , o• ne.d ot
.... e , uve.) •
l'rming end IludJilT or v. oil. Inver!
•a•Illie row tturs,r, end etlenern. I.r
ste•or :nem o% Pen un.l l'orlicIKIIIVV• .uprrit
iren.vol awl for •.ce ml 1 .. 11 , •Ut1f:/ ,
and Aee , tllturel Wei...l:nue.. No 1 , 3 Wood •Ircrlo,
EXCIIANIit- IlltONgii,'' :kei
nusista% C 0.4 •
l'Onl I E I.IANK AM, t•pkcrat,
Fourth or, nearly_appotile rhir flank of l'iltatmrygls
ct;eRENF-SIOEll * rived an l?eritraiOc--Srlia
Checks An Fele, ettWrallec ece liona made on nearly all
the principal points in Me tlititeykattarea,,l
The hicAcorpremiarti l pard for Tlnici,n and American
ArleanCeo madronconcimintertta Pntiluce.shipped
KaA. on hrieml Irons • srachlS_
N. i 101.01 1 ,115
Banteirs and Dealers In Wantons., Coln
and. plank Note.,
an. GS, Man[kr STREET. ramevealr. '
FachaiiKe. . Eluting KslrK.
pr Clorinrtatl, , . 4 diK
4 oo lookoalp,3 . i do.
:Kco P 4 Ip, , 4" ido
DANK NIITEK. Aksping Hue*.
1 dtA. CO K. Scrip Orden, 4 di,.
Seqtrir Rates
New Vu.k,
Ll•dt.m . cice. I
thlytliK Ittn,
(H., •
4111.v0 410
Jo Peonaa
ey. 4110
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o, W rel , n, o Noo ()rie pn , s, sdo
'lrsows! er, • A 'n NI cd, tdu
10, MI
11. HILL. (11ir of the firm M wm. A.
Co Jana WSJ C V,,;.,nr P.. I
tnttr, .auur roputtnersitry..untkviku
"ILL a. CURRY. for rt iolopwu of ram tog on the
ranking and rachangel,nuntrp. in 611 an iTtutiellee
norWoo,Optreet truer MATT. below Fourth. Wr.t
uidw her e They the yr:Monica their Imo& one
the public. grue{ull) • di e t
1.11..1 , PRY It /111.1.
. C
Jpsl,ll 11. 111L1.. WIC . , CUNAY:
1111.1. A CURRY,
NoS3 Wood .”.,,,th,planostteinv Fourth. west side.
P A it Funds and Cunene) rseeised on Deposit° nod
enoti. insure clot all the principal the
Untied Suite.
thot d i nnise on •Haltunore. New'
Tom. Hoop° and etneninno roneantly .n!e.
Ohio, Indiums Netinick), Y,rltui. mad reitit.Ovania
Bk Notes Isaight sin! .0W on invorthle term. ,
Fzehange on Lor,Tand. I:Cigna:v., and Front r
pro. red. . In. • rnet/l1
• •
. .
N.l 64 D..: Sa.., oru dear alert Fourth. Ea•r ride.
rnehl.2 Phtobiargh, Pa. (dam+
110tANKIM. , AND KXCIIANI:F. HR..,KERS.draler.
n Vorrigesutd Unroroir Exchaoir, Certs
coteA 11e, 0111, Bunt Niltt. and Coin. Wilrlitr di ad
dud wm.d ..Arte,dJrecLl, opio4det.,
(11110, licalacky, anti Mans. Natio; al."
County and City Orders purchased at reduced rtl6
dl.coatit. tt) UULNI St ft :lON
, te , ft I.:2ct.tart.,llcoltar. 0.5 111.1kti
roltcrtion• on Cisieintoiti, Low,' Hie, itiit .140111
cud all it iii the Coiled tnaies wade
prixnpilt , and MY.n the towel.; lerlAS
N & SON, Kiiihaner Brokers
No 5.5 Market tt
_ .
tiollectiononn Loutoook. fit L. IS WV]
.J alt whet accrosibte points in tha tstateo,
made on oactooonodattog tonne, 11l Llo &CURRY
Wood et meat allot Kagle Salons
Exchange on No w
Vara. Iltdadelpttis, and I 1 a 1 :1-
000lantio tor aide lIILL, LLIZRI
opO Woad at next door to Eagle Saloon
li , iiit;eney the Moo
owl Kontoole)
Book. wanted fit very , o‘o raw. of di i0.141/11.
o 6 Wood at. neat door, to Earle Saloon
Indtana, mon* Kentucky Bank
V Note.' putotoottd et Ww me, I.y
No 55 AlovkH
Citalnes* Tux for City Porpaara.
IN I; RSI/ A CH of 'lan ordinance providing for an
wereast of Revenue of city,".p.owee the lOth
ANIL runic, s• hereby pits en, that the City Ante..
our lies leit in my other. for e tanit Wiens by all per
v4l. o Ito of we person. tlolng business which
the rot, to nformity wah said thdmanre.
S. 4 co upon ri9lninallust of aid lot. any permon
than itonk il.cruselvel nacre:eel I, the its dtaecoement
Mey shell teal. the same in an affidavit, which al/way.%
-hill alias t0n.4.1 a statement of the true amount of
the r a• near us can he sprettatnen: mid anidaVit
su 1. ns•te and 1.11 n ith the Pip Treasurer within two
aratk• (SAS the date virile f i rst publication of tOe notice
Ste. ti Tie., no .topeal tint is he taken out . he the afro
Jaea of the pero.l or firm aegoc,ed: mill affiasit to
tic ennelostee ev den. of (he sact• Alined 1...0W . 0/1 , 0
.Le alliount of sales JAS, 51,14 1 1.111 V
Vey Treasury
frrOrtit 7 c'on .-Thal,: doers :Move t.nothheld
we • jy MINN
NO. 7U tS 000 I. PA.
AN. •1:1 - .12 tr. A V FIR av Ind..ute und .I•Art•
1-I,lr tt soy shade ..tothi..,
• .3At. naell,od Dieu . ..l.lolX u.ion 01 11 . 4.1.
i.toutcro and the
n eddie Gen b the tolbwtne
1. or et .rotk itrade nod them alio. that
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they will WI lth Olean if not chenner then ewe other
esteoluthroent in the eily. Cur forilthea putthesing
end mannfdenthine,Fnale. ere 4uch lo us at
NI omen In r lull ether.nthnt of lend) . made Na
th e. a: lets pre, than then oan be damned elsewhete
Ihe prenent stet on MO slu pan of the fait
town:, dent riphon of am!
I:oblunt r 41m. 1.-,• •A. .1010 VII
11‘. ay Frenr• - • •••• ill • 41
.nown and tavw•ld• • • •• • .4.
tital sack co Its. spletnt•ot, ...ter S. o , good tomer ial.
Its. No p.m, ot . all es 11) %ow tttes and prtres. •
Una , rafts do rto do do
Pal down Idarontninrid sulcbed bow. ahlrlal•Wk•ll
woofs, cravat.; bawl:tic suspenders. sock.;
drawers. and under atom nt over, wartety • ail of
wtorh haw. been reeenlly perchawd and adarard to the
prevent 'Warns, blercharni and oilier. vho •re n,
VCIII“ of clothing cannot dotetter than le gi Ve ui a call.
1 ,',,,'„71
and prepared
for the secolumodanon'Of.RWlery, by the
luthei villa month.
The attraetiona of thin fashionable Waterlog Place
ore ward
1116..1 widely known,. wester etionterat
tot nod to the politic
Theeervte, ot Mr. STAMP:, whew netivity,ener.
ga - and amiable titepteetwd, acme manager of atteh on
etitahlmbroem, hate. hitherto counatehded Olin to Mr
law:treble minted of the neuron.. vi the Sprogr during
the two law 141111f1/[ Is. have bee i t
n' engaged. Capren
red and •111.11. /ell anti and wine nand of mese,
have at. been set uted.
lite road from Cumberland, the western terminus of
the Haturoore and Olin Padre:tad, • Rd Isom llolitday•-
toureh.en the Petntrylvaniae.,hatodelnimheranargh.
Neaten, tem.. of Cumberland %lathy fiailWad. to
Iledtord have been mach implored and are in giant
II A11111110:1E8 CULLIM Biaxial:rah 1)1.-1tili
1/ ,C 4113,1.4 Ho m onu ellellNG —The Week Ink, la.vra
more Ilerly the Verb rives *Writer god more..
dUralt, calor, and cor ro des anal peal Way_
o th e r knninn. It is of Urn quality tot all parpossa. • •
The Copp. ink fne.he nrertrutta lettere
or ...frame if 1.1, 1 01 whick &transfer ropy i• to lie taker!:
It watts freely ifer• a copy perfect ko the .
.1. aud he. n f lila: Stinky suustattec common to
other r. py ins onith
The Ffeurirt Ink giver a itch mellow• pearlet, and fin.
prort• tr. brlghtues4 on 'be paper
fan per nasurti 01 rotor three Inks Cully eq.! if oat
flume 5...11 others re
ter ef hen the color is o•fee .et ea the
paper,• II 4711 i 11. ' 1111011 lf u;Hn Nrit I.llor eget
litre:red It. Ca), and for .ale .ts any tersznity,
It MEL , On. nroul't
I:ni . rho . who w.pi to try th.• luk can have a ((..tile
gra. lead
' ----
IF/ III:ACK, If EU and :CA Tai 1.. k bas been
already in u.e by the 1'er.3.1.1 of tbe United tattler. Fn
the Vepartmenta. and both 'loafer of lamp - es... lay the
Governor and Leuiskttuf esti Perisylreural'and [tenser
oar highly erputab e fartitafinur,courentr, and ind.e.d
Ttus lob hoer. wore:free] y hoot eta pen, improer•
the paper, and cum:dr s HeelPettaleS. then any othrr.
Per penesafruee of ro'or ilterelnis fully if n•
e s. u It eilvta. fur tehenalte calor e• once Teton LAI
'effete II wilt remain onebenerd lon alra
Jura rr r i.rfl and for Mlle AI 41.11111 i,, 14. i. pu t .'
chn•F. r,
jell • .1 I. 0r.a.1.
Fauna near a I Imre.
TIIIS limitotlaa ha , but teeenoy Len ope, ed nude,
the mount of Alt W.:%leiceif., at the
of Sandusky and Strawberry all.
The ILLIVCO• 6 01111'4 lin. int attended tto.,ehool,
in tit e•tahloliturtit mi.! proves, h. fit:l eq..allell the
expeeinhon. of limenetor end Prnrirint, and row
tont. the hopu.ilati he will he suArsturd inh, [aorta to
render it a dectahle Inltitutreti tor the e.turation of
Young I.ndie• Atleehen) and virtutii.
The Fir, of the nett geudenve l nor. will
nit Monday. Feb Oh.
Tnere are yet it few aurnne:e.lo be G 11471.1.01 tig the
umlaut, of pont , irr limited Si, t.titly appheation
Forltattienlart,rolatiVe intern.,
Cit , tit. , •oe apply tO the 10.1rne tor.
1. 5 Remo, ....Pored 4,11n2ed Mod loin, 19 nOl.
ILO do New. I'l.te„ . 1.,r37:
00 do do do tfe.e:ti
40 do do do s4KT::
L 0 do d., do 2104
Lo do Jo do i 22.r32,'
20 do do do • ' 21021;
10 do Foie Bonk, , . 21007;
41 do do do '. 1.094,
11l do do , do„, , r.'400
:A! do A ...atird Cotor!, 10004. •
24 do do tin 21051!)
10 do relsow Mrdooo. . 0 , 01 : .!
On hood 00 , 1 lot rale 1,,
~I t% ourl 41 40110 , ler ll
i.l. 514.e twe. o
1 0 7 400m00.1 Alley nod P. 1.13 -4,00 -
WALL PAP/KR A XII 1301411161.1%.
1 011/1:111 . 4 103.114:4:i/-11 , nusns 1•111G1cr. 'Ai Mar.
....lift, I,twernll.l 4atil 4 It .44,,
41Intoro , • in rtto.tee lit.l h.. pre, rt vot oi nil I
I.4prtlets of hi, on, ~ .•1iiaf.41,14 very es. '
v., .11.1 iAte Inlay tO WI
latt. in.,.l,rd —to Inesorn.: ..lend p. er,s Also,
, 4.4lu.sittled..lovt of FY...fled P4)0,414 11*//lr,s.. . .
1144414 trer4ll) rnlur.o lies iormt, pi the Wove
at tisk s. Land inire/s. INlrs liile.lll , lll.llmetaicil.] be is
tor 024.01, 11 , 4c1 - 44 4.4taltb.b.
oat glad, Enq or %t e.“ of thewiatintainu.
rPLURIXIER% All . ll 144CittivisTs:
ii„. 4ppowed Agent. filt
Mews. J. fr. 11. Jonits,nt I hilryinlelswoiellensierls.
.aivvi/ 1,4 l'ltlinbefs apd 31velnaline in the Cowen% en.
ies)—for Sin role of their Innonfactinest arr'ness ptepa.
reJ to fulni•b Plumbers tomb 411115 e ratiod• Inn& 41
brat. wink used in Ilse. hormone.
Als'i,every. vaneiyof (fobs.' and S.einn . Corks wed
by le.roinotrtlamit.m..tily Engine. Bolide". ineln.
ding Oil s'swko, Oil Cam. ac. est and whieh they will
tell In the IVettent raw siontil Iltiltilers, at Ens
tern 1 . 1 . -Cor, eXcul•lVe.'Ul'irr /Ott
1 .4 411.1 , ti L KINNErir
lea Woos • Vitis !nosh
PITT:411(11LO. ,
10,htur,estrIttlr. Orli - ON VAR:V.
c .. d i e .wsess. Dotting. Twine, Coverlet
YARN, CARrer NV,u(rs, a e
I'll:VNO(IC tk.
Potees.ort of it heckles /Avery.)
ista • _
dr , Murphy Intl es the monis:mat Ladies to lot e..
"" 13.7117:Ole r h11171 ' 1 , =1 . 1ef ' 7 "i.P
Nein Atones. Stored do, eeterel as Preece towns,
ssry_eut.ap, add nevrio Kilo; Dae:d
rote AI he
or OntsocsislrederG pilots, at konliEssteetster
GosrsunirrioN cart lit CURID HT USING DR.
Crtmessnati, 0., Nanb 3.1111g 7 . --
Dear Sin—This is io certify to the,publie, pmficaliallt•
Moses 1 deed meth . disease of the Lammas CoasamketlOM
Mal in Me Spring of 184.11,ense sharked arid. sense Mad' I
which ham 10... onted open o 1 akef
tight end troublesome, attended with Mmione Melt seriabs, I 1
To up' daily a coustdensbli. ruitity of binaa; mated with
hide dark Mauer. My sit4atioa becameseries and kW.,
ink During this time I was attended by ter L'or.l, mom
skilful Physicians, they dull the best they could prMet whim
at lenth theyssee up .01 'topes of my renewer,. teir.i*
me that main mare cdubPbs done—WM my Saari Plata 4 ,
tally diseased, laid beyond Meanly. I was tlinslim edbY
• friend of mine to make axial of 10. Duane/is! -
ant Raney. ',kith my Physfciane persisted myiik L
that Mi. medicine would 40 U 0 ViOd, and *Mad, 11 add
more to my suffering. 1 Mid theca it was my lad % , 41 -
hopc l , and that if I must dl. of the disease, (witick oo .ti-•
drat to me,) there would 't'te $. te n t to the
Cincinnati Ofice and obteMed two‘ks Med, -
bk Aledieine, mid tosnowartsl minrocenrditti in
time, which, instead of adding. in toy tuteria4, Mien
gave me mild, \at awe al mono: the troublmomell7•l4l.
easirohe pails tightur.. in so citran big lac w r\CL
life and strength, which r 1 . .044 me 14 be almot
This medicine evlturreri ;Trod vs..rk, hick it. wnobly
tomMetsed. will I w o.a made a eound maul 1111easiner . bryi . , j
attend off to n.y opmas - 4. oi 33.1.).4 (ea 031
hrthby as I .oh. 10oor recommended Dr. Duvet.
pectoral's Remedy nmo) in.tatmer. thou Ilimilarly.lided
and it has always prol'ed . oflso fsr if I Imre witartmd
itsefficts. Agee is using Our fd' •
Pip.. 0.1 beer Mid so dyferficurlf MrLtings cable'. she - •
had suffered with for some time; Melt= *early neoreeed
by We sue of this medicine; end Imu confident the 0 battles •
Mat I Mho with tole to.lsy willeotirely cure her. lam semi
tuotr Mat Mertes," thousand, ..n valuable rm.os wasting,
sway with this Jrradfal,dratroyei—CO.NSUNlE . TlON.,;,
Wert it reedy possible for thaw It:procure this mediciatin
tram, before it he too late. marry Its es might be peolongml and - -
their families nod relations and ordered happy: This
medicine will kite irimant relief. and at. me tome time aur a
1 the loud nod iriiuful Conti, remote Me tightness in the Ckest
1 give streugth,to the rafeehled and 'emaciated (ramie, and is.
mest caws, I am certain, will perkirea iprr feet rare.
sTooPzonery,Hamiliott Counly,
N D.—Tbcoe uot lK nrquatidtol o no. I nifer
to Ike uod,od,ned titirrur ul Alopgooiiery, Ilaleullomcobo
ly, 9 , th, a Oho oily time .olounti.ole Ihrubows Alkteminis
N.3.lam littommu,
CarrJ• Sturm.
“ r oti, obtrithi. toluable Medooor Lc yllaine
Sold to by WM. JACKNON; - ,royoer oj
Wn. mt.l Lawn, • bpi 4-OLw
t , IIO.II.PSOWS compoutrre.synut. OF
L 'PAR AND WUOD rittPIITHA ~The Portland
(d(e) Advertioar sayitt="l)us remedy has been-more .
rueeessfei than any . medicine We have ever known for
is in...tots mite , 1C..111{111. Spitting Blood,pal ' .1
in the Side :tor :heart; AetlimA Obatinaie
ticattetima; Sore 1 brow, Palpitation of this -
Roan, R hooping Couph Croup,Riertrottarremoni - te.
Ind Aridnaia of the higheatseepecialiiiity in this city bear ••
ample it aumany to to i povrcr and t Pitney in th is clam
of ditaisea .
Among the tastioton Wl* tone ire hie of the above meg;
atc several from dist cattle hrd physic mar of Phi r
adelphia. Roof the Sollooltig floeu Dr. Voting, the
mutant °collet.
Paususamute.Jiric 118,1647. ".
nation used in my procure, as well os in my own •
fatally, Thompeon's Compound tiptapofTat and Woo 3. .
Naphtha,' I .have co !levitation to saying. that it is grit '
best uregarabou orate hind in ate for persons sugaring
(Toro Consompitho,Cough., Cokri, and all eflectiona of
the Throa4.llreast, ge , ra prevalent at that season of
the year. Wu. 15t.... u,151 Spruce at
We helm teen within a few days the nelson who gave
the following certiSeare. Ile remains well, being per-
featly cured of his disease
Pi111.1.01,A 3a mat 3, CAT.
Flom &sem. of g nute, end a doubt that the Willie
ted may base resource , . atruly invaluable medicine,
I would state that the benefit I boor esperiemted Soto
the u. of Tbonip•olis Coiopound Syrup of Tar and '
Want Naphtha. Far severer year. I have been afliie
tril with a distressing meting mpanienwhh
great oppression mid dalieulty of breathing, wpb a een
tram of lighunc co at the Own. blecoining greatly
alarmed. a friend who had been mud ' , mermen by 14.
rnedleine, recemmended ate to it y it, I aid 16,11111 In st-_ a
ve,y:shon time eve y alarminesvtapicm tht.pp..4;
rip °spear. anon becasec tree, all uppresaion left tee.
toy camghedased, rod in a law ilief 11.1 was able to go •
out and attend to toy bus/nets a well man .Any farther
toCurmatnit will be eheerially veva the labeled, by
calling army ...cane, No. 19t. S. Front et.
This invaluable medicine 10 prepared only by
NEV ga DICKSON, at NS Corner of. Fifth and ligruee
sts,.Philadelphea. Scald its Pinsburgb by I. WILtNaN,
Price 50 tents Or Sr per bottle. . ,
of the many eounrierts ihn)
are now shoat. The atiscrirpulous are ever reedy to
deems. the 'sacristy. ,enliotim
'IMPORTANT Tei Tile. LA-DlES—Cbuie.l
.1 'Hair Cream, a. inatettlers article tor thC tioowth,
!Moony and Rd.ontut ion of The limit. Tobt erean, when •
ante knou n, Will ruperred • all other anielet of the '
li-d bow used. Whore the bait is dead, harolbthuumh •
healthy or boning grey. a few,,Upplicatioun will make
;be hair mit mod oath,and gyre It a beautiful lively
am rerorre, 11111, Orai Hon nixie ir resin ll:liveliness
end hell•hy ruler twicr• a , :tog a. all the preparations
whoch are gener
ally owed. Every lady ho,dgetodeman •
whoa re in the bah. of home oil. on their hair, should
at mote purchase a battle of one Chi/1 , 5, Ilaireream, so ,
nit. composed that it will not injure fie hair like the '
other preparations-hub will Immo:nig .d give perfect
•A11....1.711 ill every 11 . 1illY1Cf :
For testimony to au very mmeritor qualities. Pl'e the
follorriag letter from Rev. 31r. Caldwell. to Nessus. -
Heudorohatt & Hormel. Nashville, General &pepsine
the Western Slates:, .
Letter from the REV. lb. Caldwell, pastor r( the Poet
byten. ehoielt Pulaski.
' 015.11..11endersboto &do reit 4-Genolentowo, 1 .lake
pleasure in *Aiding nip testimony in farm of the eieco.' -
mrat prepaoation molted Do. Punish's Memo HMV
Cream—our eaboid.two )ears agony Lath was very dry.
ill ittly, and oltapnaed w crone nut:-hut having,pmecoed '
a boobe of tbe Cronus, .d usedlt according lo the prc.
coiption, toy hair it Julie it, elastic and brra us thy.
Mouy . loaluates and oils were applied each lea.
[tag my lair on it Worse BUIE thaw before. This Cretan,
however. hoe nun my expectations. ,
A . :r.l ~.i o•oc :or 14ero.iet, , 01V xvire Ttivea it pt fee'
e .loe, al: w ...
her• ( , t, o
del doelY perfuroud, anti
I 1
.1.r.-rd ...arid., Trio !udirg e .11. eitlly wir fowl
the Cli.asse Crrstn abe a demdernhosso sa their reps
raison. for the to , lrt Itcryectruity, &. ' • '',
Pulaskb Jan' y. 7.1611 li C&I.DW ELL' -.',a
no — odold wholesale nod lentil, hi Pittsburgh by John
M. Towomend, No 4.1 Market, teem, and Joel Molder,
canter of .Wood and Fink sw. , inliof
We have heeniufermed by Mr. Rome( time per
formed either-be Ur: Jim rat'. Alt erallee, which
motes its reprtioriiy over every other remedy. of the
kind. She hat Wen •Inicted for the loft .mean years
with .74:010:t6•br F . :LUNGS, attended
will ulcer:Moos and ...foliation of various boon. thm• •
• tingyettich time me uy pier.; have leen d•weharged (men •
the initillet Wee Cl the cranium, from troth her- mum,
wrist, tad hand., and Inure both left, and fronalhe left
to • oral bone, and from hc right knee. letidet painful
Weer. nn other party of her person, which Tare battled.
the akin eta number of the matt eminent rhyoicimt of
our cit —donng 111301 e of the lime Let sufferings bare
been errrolattim and deplorable. dhoti, three months •
rifle she iggs uldured to try Dr Jaynes Altmetimr, .
which.hati had an
ecconantngly harpy ettget nom Le . ,e
by till Dein mil swengs. and flefellr•lbe
• 010,11'0 heiVvelele tithe same time her f eneral health ,
hat become completely rehtored, So that she 110 W weighs
lie mom thon she did before ate nommt tient the use
Of Mit truly vahmtdc prepotton.—(Sat Mee. Pottl
For further informotien, inquire of Nis. Rose, No. I thit
Fdlest pi, Phi:ado/One
Por fele in Pitudmrah, at the PERIN TEA
711 Pogrtl!. n•-ar Weed.
' II AS Removed to Me hanse-on Pen
—street, three doors above Iland tweei
where-he rimy be found from a o'clock
~,,,g, ohta
Aa be is desirous of being cmfdnyed by newe a
this, who w.ll make immedir.M payment sailboat 'be
tweewity on hie part of.rollecana,he would instil/sitar- -
ander miention tat the renown.; tetras: All bills lett
titipaul•t the capitation of shiny dayr, will be charged
at the following rateso
•• For Extracting Teeth, SI
A l Falling
Mt to pm cavity.
All otter °petal:ens in the •num proportion. ••.
• All ewes In rhlch ettaagementr are not (T 1,111701 4.
kills will becorfoldervil due MCCOIJ,n, to above leg-
Matlono. • .
• .• •
11.—There am them indelit-il to Wmo wlowe nee
count*, if POI paid immediately, will he placed In Ih
hands of a amtier earns - for'enileethin ontSitilnwofF.•
. Nicw 1nk.;,7
- . -
fienticroen: come seeen or e•glo months Mare. a son- .'
:mut Opnn the bottom IN Ow ol My 6,1, whirl, watt
very ;modal. I commeticeol amilt lit the u•dal rcuteille.
Mr sore.. IPA onmrem•fiely. :kr. law (.010:Rlied K 1 tel
dee kr. and spread in tee 111, 01 the palm. toy handl
I lon linty had the advice of physicians. but toed all We
salves and pain ex , metore I could hese of, and not min I
of them Owl the effect to re hese the pate ar arrest thri
progress of We sore: there am couttunt inflammation
to it. and It lessee and perhetual ram; sod it had wiled
ofnwo Into a regular fever sot.- Mr. Spencer Steffan
of We city advised am to tap Vttlb"tnictli 11 .404'1
at the ',tea, but upon his urgent solicitation:l concluden
to v)' it, and to My gjeal irche(ralld - 1,1010.h10131, II al.
tonst tattanlatwouely relieved the ittiii. tedt,ced tin
Manicotti... and comincocedhenttng slie sore, vat irli '
i• new newlywed. • . . , -, •
I do eunGJently nod Mom reli Itelleve iliel'itetillet4 l
any fever sore, it thoroughlyapplied, ,' , -i. , •
Ilkspeetfully ynurs, . it PAIISOND
Ens sal., tic It I. SlD.l.liiiilit,S7 Wand m. --- Ica - 7
, --- k
DI BIEWIt'CADIT relleMTkett-1 - !.,r tottikvinst
• nu letter Dom Dr. bricham. of Lowell. Man., HA
speaks the unifortolanguage al acetate,. of otherphyci
emim, who have tried, mid ilmtsfora know new IR sp
• pfteth! lsyne's Expectotatit: •
• • Lowit.L Mem-Jtm. tf7.l.cle.
• Dr Dealt Jarce--Dear 0.1 I heir. we your mei
eine, so univetsally- known:by' tan tootle of. Jayne's
Elpecloz3l4; IR lay practice for a numbert.l.yrnirra;
Inail can Inn tnily mty,that I have bee, tooresuccems
lot Mete one of that as • tnihkeete and iery thormigh
likPcelOnotl, 1/110 of sky wise', I have rem- te,l. I,
vie hest for the fotlowiam °beim. , n n'odc , It 'loco
lint if emir 11 in plotter dose, nreason a ditagrecattln
rnlia•ra. 11 e 0.., lama eg I, lungetutil prrotrete Ole
ty•trin lik ire. other I.:specter - cos n, i a ,,,, n „,
Mall., it abate the oppmer to the patent, like nun,
l , sa.eanma-mad',mnca, which have W en Rya, I.j . the
Inertly. Inn word. it is ocarle or tune the thing wilt eh
has bet n watitit for tea , oto lb- 141011 y Inc
IT, . I MU.n enure, train stilt;),
Li' titEo 11111EllAhl, M. D.
•1 •
Far cite in Petshinch at Mr ri :MN TEA ' , NM I%
- AI Fnarth street, nem- Wont; and at tactlNN( .Wore Of
1 11 I. , e.rans. Federal .orect, Allegheny Cziy•
tatet. , th F
•.. . .
rim TOW NSW , : h , t3 n Eetrart Wrik
.1/ rAmlf.l.x. a.ri nl...flit' et . tit Age:
titetkixtruct I, poi up to norm 'IX•
cheaper: ptentuncer, unit seetrante,! nr tit Ant
ro,l, It eur.,,Mitut vtint;tted, pereete, u:e1,1.J111, or
detniatating,the 'patient.
• The great beauty an,l 4 uper , lnar of hit
over el. other rentedeit teilehtm it cent/crate, Matson,
st invtgootte. the body. It ie used nuccetecully in the
renewal and permanent cure or, all at r i ...
nem Impute .tale uf the hloor, or 'habit of the spi
leant( out for hn,tate or!—ttt principled remon•hece
,ed ocr labels. and put up medicine in the Sem t abet
p.ll toot r• See the% each botre hot the vretten stoma.
ha P Town.eruL
tot au', t.y R F SELLERS, ftolr sieht. for Alle3ltooy
routey.j Al Wood street, lietterett lard end Fraurtio
'1,:.1 li~9Ki TCXA v cuIGzTE
S ID. UVI.TIN(. ru.i.s. .
pa. )eat, area Inea m anattla Inn of Mr.
s e .,, IL...trinity Villa, I harm watitedratrrawly from
U) ape r•iii.,•o.l an scat ',Noumea blob bade nta ni I •
latest catioly Of . Man:eine without mato. ing.materiat
irestent Ahead Infra Mandl. store I eutataeurett antbat
SI, Saar • alanteine, Which lima vaunt', relieved me
from neittily al tar tlatilafri. lid lt,lured,lSle .
table henna earn/ant my (neat. and strquitatanera
nava made We n' the P,Ua, tad received moth lurnern.
nom u rot. 1 can web nonrietnee n - coomentlikein
SINK 4./IViVell:
Meld, isitedevale cad e1t1i, , 1114 - 14 1 FAILNY.STOCR - .
I.:(keciitre Or It, WlTletLiatidi.tVOndintioillibittt