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    • - FrOultbs WeeklV Messenger. .
. ••
,Otte-. , Blue.Eiiiel4dary."
Cgriet.e..Colite., tell Me, weeping mourner,
•' • "- siy, whence proceeds thin woe?
• , .. Arttbou of Christ a scorner,
. . Or wooldst thdvito Hint got
• , Alkeirner.—Hiurt.thoi a Wolof -
With:tate to sympathise,
. • Or wonldst thou, fahely dealing !
. . Mock at my miserieil 7
C.—l see thou art a strauger. Wee niy-heart,
• • In search at Wise a ranger,
The world cannot Impart !
N.—l mourn o'er long lest treasure,
O'er beauty's sad decay II
I weep o'er fancied pleasure,
That led my heart astray
.C.--Come, mourner. theae forgettiag,
• • Obey my gentle voice— ,
Forsake:thy doubt. besetting,
And thou triay'et soon rejoice !
N.—Thou seem'st like me a weeper, despair—
: If not thine own reliever,
• • Howeaust thou soothe my care"
. •
C.—Come; let tae tell the story,
The mysery of the Coo.—
For thee I'left my glory,
Accounting it cm lose
• • N.—The foe no more deceiving,
• Thy presence now I feel,
Aud on Thy blood believing,
Would lee,. Thy holy wilt!
C.—My Father's hem.. npacieun,
There still for thee in room— t
- . Give me thy heart, and, gracious.
I will conduct thee lame ! •
N.—l yield thee all. dear Saviour,
And gladly go will, time,
Rejoicing l Thy favor,
• Restow'd from Calvary
C.Aivay, away all nadnew.:
I have laid up in dine
.For each as thee a gladness
'Unknown to man before !
sl Lancaster, Ohio.
f - been indicted in New Orleans forideal
lug an umbrella. His counsel contended stne,
that it is no. offence—that umbrellas are
public property—and pleads, custom to
take it out of the statute against felony. ,
A great interest is excited for the result.
as in caso of the conviction, it is feared I
' thousands of otherwise good citizens m 1111
be suddenly obliged to Ay, to escape the
wrath of the law. It is stated in some
books on insanity that is boce manifested
itself in a patient by Inducing him to re
• I
Win a borrowed umbrella. The doeur,
gave a unaniineus opinion, according to
' .
the authority referred to, that the sytitp
' tows were idecideoly lunatic, showing a
want of prudence in not preparing fur a
.1 —
. rainy iby / ' . and the man was consigned
no the mad house, as the Only proper ,
place for him. It is not known whether e
1 he ever got,out.
Ka ,
eat yfur
Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Arch. ma. ttmerhoiv, 1.. ce r
Complaint, Spltung Wood. Difficulty a. Bit smiam
Pain to the Side and Bream, /*stollen.) 01 the
linarblnilnenm,Oroup,firoken Communion.
Sore Triroat, Nervous Debility, and nil
Metopes of the Throat Breast and •
Longs; the most effectual and
speedy cure ever known for
any of above diseases,
Ammar an meow syti.alas.—Rearl with aston
ishment the wonderful cure performed by Doctor
sw.ret. Cum red Syrup of WILD CHERRY:
j,BUlLADthrifts, fa.llBlMy t 1.5, 1811.
Dr. Saralee—Dear Sir: In justice to yourself and
iinty I owe to suffering humuity, T cheerfully
give my testimony, one declare to the world the
meet sates:tithing effects, and the great core your
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry performed on me,
ceder toe most unfavorable circumstances. I war
• . teken with a violent Cough, Spitting of Blood, se.
vane Prune in the Side and Breast, which some.]
. ,to break down and enfeeble my constitution, ta at
:zrysician thought my easo boyond the power of
• isms., and my friend. all gave me up to die; but
thanks to you and the effects of your great disco , e
eg. I now (gel °quill a well man, and raised trout a
mere skeleton to as fleshy aiul healthy n man as I
have been for pease, and shall be pleased to give at.
Information empee.ting my case, by calling at my
residence, blitchanic alreetthird door below George
street, Northern Liberties. J• 1-11,1 PAINTS/L.
TritiASSol/y is ono neared from' oil porter.,
the Globe: •
• The following leuers.are presented wnha ;slew '
'of more fellyshowing the opinions of l'hysighles
relation to the Medical raise of Dr. StV A YNE'S
• Dr. SwaytimmOcar Sir. Haring used your l
pound Syntilwir Wild Cherry astenairely in m.
• . reties., I was requested by your. Agent. Doctor
;nattier, to expresa my °platen , seriling of 01
properties as t ronamital Agent, 1 11004 cheertutly
comply. as I feel by doing, I will discharg e a
debt 1 owe the community at large, and Phane
ip putlentur. An much as I deteet Quaek Reme
dies and Patent Noatruma, I vow tnduced (mot
a Dilate of the most poteet expectorants. reCol
me',Jed in our maters medics ro sumo caes
Diseased Luau", to try your preparatiou dl tm ,
Virginia or Wild Cherry. It is sufficieut to ',ay tart '
Ittll SO mach pleased with the result of that stut
imessoquent Dille, that I now ercurthe it in pref.,.
once to all other Remedrea where in expectorant
• indicated. In the much dreaded Pneumonia or
Dioesass of the Leer, in the alarming Corm m rabic! ,
it appears in Kentucky, I regard it at 30 invatualite
. Remedy in the treatment ot thatdtecave. ho all
whoknow me I have raid enough. Ind AS thic may
by permute net of the vicinity of Frankfurt.
I will briefle add, that I hove been erglged in in
actire'praetise 01 my profession Di 12 yeare,sed 7101
• Reviler Gradoete of Toinsylvania, and the is the
first Patent Medicine I ever thOoght enough el
expesa an opiaiod i 0 ren
tin . H. Etter.. M. D.
January 7th, 11A7. Franklin County „Kt,
geese/one, Ky., Jan'ry ltk , 101.7.
The above certificate is from one of our I
dins living a few miles from here, be is doing* very i
good practice, and is considered a good Physician, I
' and muds fair; be is, as he ways, a 50101.1141 . 2610010
• Dn. W. L. Cauvre an,
Druggist and Apothecary .
Testimonial , will nester awe.
From the Temperance Pledge.
Now that Winter It upon a. With its SIICII4III
train of Pulmende and Bronchial afiectiona.Cieigh.
Colds, &a. the , we would advise those afflicted .4
• this way to make immediate trial of Dr. ,way
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. it will motet
• tall to perfl tm a.perisaseet cart. The reputation
of this medicine has causal many sputum. nstieles
to be put forth under Its name; hut the prenaro ion
of Dr. Swayne, beside. being the not foe, oared
hk to the public, is the only ono that can d on.
The other mixtures sold for Wild Cherry Syrup,
Balsams, &c., are all spurious and worthiest. and
contain none et the virtues of the original prelim,.
Mon, Or. Swarm's ' Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry. •
• From the Springfield Rupees.
• Of the thourands of purported cyrative otrtro mr
now before the - public, but very few are found to
presets the healing virtues for which they are to.
commended. Among the lacer wo are. pleased to
learn none stand a better test than Dr. Swayne's
Compound Syrup 01 Wild Cherry. The afflicted
in this vicinity are beginning to use it, and to their
joy they find in its use their hopes hued upon its
• recommendations more than realised. The afflicted
steed not despair. hile there is lite, there now he
frpSince the introductuin of my.article to the
seddie,there ham a number of unprincipled nob
" rithials got up nostrums which they auert contain
Wild Cherry, some are called "Balsams," "Bitters,'
' and even Syrup of Wild Cherry, bet mine is the
original and only genuine preparation ever Introdu
• ced to the public, which tall be proven by the Neb.
lie Records of the CoMmenuralth of Peonsylvania.
The only safeguard against imposition is to See that
my signature w on each bottle.
PMpared only by Dr. H. SIVA 17E, at- his Price,.
al Olftee, Centel Of Cleat and Race Streets,
Philadelphia. All Wild Cherry preparations being
fictitious andcoenterfrit ithout hi. aignalure,
For said in.Pittsburgb wholesale and retail It;
W5l. 7 HORN.S3 Market street,
- OGDEN & SNO WDEN, Corner' & Wood its.
S. JONES, 19 0 Libettf , "ct•
Sold also by J Mitchell, Allegheny City; Boyd,
Cars. & Co:, Butler; Weaver & Henderson, Ater
. een Nord., Calendar, Meadville; .1 H A.
Co., Erie; hPfiensie & Koltun, Cleveland; Dente
& Son, Colurnbas; Miller, Browniyille; bland,
Wheeling, VS.; E B Hinman, Cincinnati, Ohio; Dr
E Easterly & Co., St. Louis; 5 S Morn. & Cos h
Loainillei 474 Andrew Oliver & Co., New 0r
... . eprs
w110:5E meant...eWt equei yotout! Look at rout
hir ' ppm 'OM, with Let Lridtd tunny facet Llot
tee your own, pitted with erulniono and Idotchee! Yet'
Ilea are two toewt to (IVO lady to for it cake of tie
Beat !ugh. Chentieal Otoso, witiolt would calmly flee
lrou from them, ti c t nj , al i ty k o w ar w v , elpgr i. aga h cil b e . t i pild .,.
FiUshursh,and get aeake. .
N. 13 ji g ggge. ill the only plowe itt ritioltottwitr re
the ILLINUINE: it to he oldetned. - •Bewere of miter
firOLLSgßVE the Higtoot eland. to tar Mom ay.
Ull , 4l)A44lWM=l2=
R(GCE ROAD, above RuktOnvioodAtreet. Phil.
tphii. At thin eitablishment may be Cooed
greatest variety of Plias sad beautiful Patten',
'for IRON ItAII.IIiGS the .I.leited Sawa to
'iagiche attention ofthinie cc wades( tiny dettrip
tion,and espetially for Cemeteries, Is particularlY
The principal part of all the handeotrie ßailia
at buret Hill, Monument, and other, celebrated
!cemeteries in the city and coolly of Ppiladelphia,
"which have been so highly extolled by the public
press, were executed at this manufactory.
A large WaresKonm is connected with the eatab
liehment. where Is kept constantly on band a Imp
stock of ready-made Iron (tailings, Ornamental loan
Settees, Iron Chain, new style plain and ornamen
.tal IMP Oates. with an extensive amortment of loam
Poets, Pedestals, Iron Arbors, diet Also, in great
variety, Nironght and Cast IronOrethamats,auitablit
(or hail i ngn:and other
The eubacriher wont 17I:r ' o7t . .ath that in hie Pat
tern and Designing Department be has employed
some of the best talent in the country, whose whole
attention is ueroted tothe oesiness—forating alto•
tether one of the most complete and alitematie es.
,Itabliahnten 7 of the kind in the Union.
ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor.
Rehm Road, above Buttonwood stseeL •
Philadelphia, March 12. 1841d6mo•
Gold Levers, roll Jewelled,
Saver do 63
I -
Gold Leptnes, Jewelled, t 2/ lat
1 Surer d . do
Sayer Qua o
rners, fine qualoy, ,13 WI
10 0.41
Gold Watches. plant, 13 tal
Saver Spectacles. 1 i 3
I Gold Penedo. a 1.111
l Gold llrocelrts, 4 W
Alro,on hand. a large asrArtment of Gold and Ilin
Gnmclels, huger rug., hreo.l plp.s, hoop ex, ring., gold
Ipelts. ralver rpoons, pupa tango, thouble., gold net k,
earl, and fiat chants. guard keys and lewflrY Of every
de.errplant. at equally low prices. All I want is a call
I la vont/urea customer..
All k0..1. of Watches and Clock• repotted sod ar.
mord to keep good
. tone for one) ear; old gold and .11.
,er bought or takett :It eachange.
For .ate, eight day god Ilurty boor bras* Clock. at
I.F.WIS I.AIX/311.1
Watrh. Clock, and Jefirelry Store. No 41.11 ?Stake
.treet, mho... Easentk. North •ole, Ilhaladelphak
Er I have came Gold and Saver Levers still chv...3fiat eaper
IL the oho , . poet",
Pil AFIDIVT lI'S PATifillfT DilLlCGlCAGlifillfil
.......... , .... .....
- •
is I larromer lastly advantager over 01l
mu) Le ineuhooted,
It. 11;o:ageoldeitess--Tlic rspolatiy atiVarce of blow
nes, vonintlied lit protest vsise. while the
bworaer oi operitoott, and - the hammier was be m
nT orreatekl, and s,preidrd au)
Im. CitiversAlity, or cutpuoiv rxertne walk of all
I 14110...001 the to ia,der the ,patar
lt• Cotopseine- , nod Chromic... •, Upon all lode., L. the seortiorii
All the hammer• are io.t.le *ll-ALloig.
The Kulo.ciil,r, too.ur w rxeCute ooler. foi. the,
Of ill size , . t.pon
For fenher parto.olur,2ll4Okre of
A.,grar. of the Patent teethe United Stales.
t`ortthwark Foultdr),Philad'a.
• Mauunanorer.. of
N 0.304 South Fro '
Back of T. A. Wilsoleseabiimt Ware Manufy
A LI. ord,s with S. Moon, at An °dice of (Le
MerchaneyluLet. l'.l4sbursh, will be protoPtlY
atteuded to. t SIIEI3. G. DERRY
ininnalv A. C. NICULD.SON
-. II'OI(TER of Wzoobes. Walchroaker.o Tool. owl
1 ND
I. Watch Alatertal, wholceale and retall,and con.
eI randy ots land a lunge aarortror ntof lamella, Patent,
and Ilattl Glass. Matur.phug.i. Verse Pule, Watch
rtanda, and a complete anruncerul or allteole and Ma
rhelongtmg to Me trade; otth a luise
ut' t.old end Sneer Lever, 14. pm, and Plata Watcher;
all nt wloch Lcwrlt g my to sell al the lowest New
' Vort. pike.. All order. tiom the Coiner; panctuatly
e cernned.
N a.--Country Merchant , . and albeit are tartlet! In
call and exams. al the Ohl Stand, N 0.33 South Fourth
rat eh Philadelphia An:team
de HARNESS dILMER,a . O Chem.. et ,
a;d::41.,,t Pk.lmfdpitio, We af We firm o! Ogle 4 ,
arr izrg,f + V.
coadaady ,a Ladd aud toe
a Wadeocar &donne of
aeldoaable Carraegra Velma:. aril! etylea and dmerltit.
made to order al We abortrat We notice, and to lO
tht erre beat nedmer.oferteeted ma:trial teLdV,I,
, tiTrcitt P7Cirkftir
Waihhigfau, D. C.
, /I:NAS C. 110L311lNS, Mechanical Engineer end
Li Agent lot procuringNiepare the
resran Ortoortnei an Papers for Appbeano for at
rut., ILIA Ital./et all other nosiness to the line of het
took won at the Patent Office. lie CAA be consuited
nu all quermons tclut-op tbe Patent laws and der:-
.nor. lit the I.littol Azatea et - BUMP. Pe .on or •
of basinc raambuYwu. Made lax
r.. 1•11 1 13,11 ,, pt,or to testing appiu-ot.t
fi Xi:e./011.
rrl ' af d cia i i r et: t o p i o th t e(r ' c 'h'" ase,Uro ic i ' lit &Ilea . -
ban will be gore, to it. and all the infers:tenon that
coul.l he obtnined by a sisal of the applicant in pelmet]
Al; letters no business lease be roil pal:. npd contain
a suitable fee. where a written Opin i on ir requar.l.
Moe on F. street, opposite the Patent Witt-
Ile but the honer or rearrroor. by pertrouton. to
I lion. Edrnund Burke. Co-,. -uourr of Patents:
/Inn /1 I. l':;:krosth ark • to,
. II Anursles. Maeltin.rt, _ • Offieui
Judge Creech, Sr CI
1100 R Cboue, ornate;
lion. Of Allen. Ohio. do;
I lion. J B itowlall. hi C, 51,ssourz;
i lion. With. Hall. New York;
I lion. Robert Smolt, Si C. Illinois,
800 8 Brrcre,U $ Stnate;
I 800 SIC. 511ssouri;
i Capt. 14 11 Jamas. 51osourt:
Ersstas Beunge, Lou..t Pittsburgh. myl9
NEW IaOLLIC sroax--rs. attotx NT MT
A.Oar Int
tkunater Good.,
t! 511.11,
te ew; plant
and prosted
nted and n
`,rel'od MEV;
Duch A. .o‘ca
lin and pat0...1
ma de Loma.;
few nab Drab
tt , atat Striped
%it'd saw ANo,
iail at.aradmen!
el* , Vora alade
Etat, ke
Flown. aka! , ,
- '-- •
at bdc..rle I
tame.. W II OA liRARD
Attorney, COnntellOr nod General Agent.
IAT L. PALL. carom* his (nand, and the nub
.? be that he lint etonmenced tbr banned.
A ems, its,: I,ying and mining real ec 111ibt• ,n).•nd
ma m t doo a larac nrption et It. tune and. avenue. to
Irtutat a - rba nom, el, corr. and tab
, barb:ogs, in collecting tarsdanas.,.. ,lbare renif.and nth.
.11.1 denernde, and an attend* t.. 4 Vncy bar
annum abb.aralty Ile atm empire in lb.
ag tabu.,
rte. and artl I furnish at/Menne
.1/Cantata. In telatron Ldlhe ?at um qualifier and se
-4antMlL.lttera al Mosul., cloth hi.
acquaintance cucnently qualttle. ban Il me v be found
at hi. rnotdence. bin 111 Allen .4,4. maul a t.4l.`clock
to themart., and sae, 6 riclork ia the evening, and
1•101JK, boors at Inv on,. No VI) Chambers riteet. 211 d
door (nine room. NEW YORK.
F.A Tallataase; 111... John Il
Senn, Oen Jahn bleßcon, 11. Orden final.. Al
derman Ea-hest 'Wm V Brady. Devtd
Grahan J Roams. ray. mylrldamo
I)l4oPfildA Lts will be reeeteed •: the Offtee of ho
James , Wye, an d
Kanawha C•napanys
Rtellmoud, Va., oyul the 15th Julydem, for the cult
enaction of three stone dame across Jame. River ou
the line of the Company's Canal brivsert Lynchburg
and the mouth of I. e 'North neer. The i4Cof said
owes will he about 31 ft high nno 400 feet Ror, stod
tutted shoot 4 miles alma. , Lynchburg: The weond will
be about 15 (t Rah ned 300 ft long, undnitunted •Iwut 9
tulles wesror Lynehbugglt t the third wlll be about 22
high and 300 It tong, about 13 eudeu
of Lyurbhu , g The foundat i on of thug.: ;hens are of
reek. anti th e superattheture• will be 'Nutted to bo rd
see as high as low water Meel. during the present re..
on. Clues, said work. may be tee, and • p..micattoos
obtained. nt the Company's Moe fh Itteh o93l9l m 9 1
the suusterther's Mee ou said line above Lynchburg,
uo and after dun In of July steer.
NVALTRR OW YNN,L'hief E.,r,ioscer
Maws RI•CT & Kanawha Co
Rtehmand 04th Tdsg,l449. Inyaa atawayl2
before—madded die Meat aPPIO.ed Bird" —
and wet farbiuttabla Eameto patierns and rotors. Also
ellEeP BOLL, or BUS [UN BLIND, on hand
or roade to:reefer of all toi•es. mid at allprcts.
'Country ?defoliants and oilier. are it to call and
rim atom for Ltiemwdrea,nd bale d will be sold
wilote , ale It( road, and • liberal Addle:den made te
wholewle porrbaaors.
Hardware /taro Rewiewall.
W htITSIURE & WOLF? having removed Own the
O V street,
of Litletty and &Clair street., to No SO
Wood street, three dooreatane yt Chsties Hotel, would
oTrV'k de a .(b.; k t t l r i a d :::
IIlt • /UCuvrv..dv„D6g, ,1
R e, ships d and Jas,,/rect
Al., Kipp ilellll4 A Ilflarititll Iltwiwayn. from the prin.
etpal wansfaetWor. of the Ea.' 111 Stator.
Thar stook being suttrely new. and postdated awn
the bad twat they &el sota confidenre in bang able
sucassfully to tart rompaitton (root any tisanes,
uthettlar eats or west.
Tao Hard... babas* will be ...Usual at Ste old
tend. apt/
A 1
S — ------------
?M V L A.
For about one year. prestoaa in tataktng pre of Mr.
Sear , Renovating Villa. I bare suffered extremely fir.
acid Stonmeh 1 nave made use of
ngreat sanely of usslicine seals:tut receiving mate”ai
benefit About Mom sancta.. sums 1 commenced sting
Mr. ewer's Modieme, erbielt bas stintelf relieSed
4010 rtoensep. sad renarest 11111 GOILIrOP
table health. Several of my friends asd a
burr made u.e ev cquaintances
the. Nils, and received much benefit
(Matt cm. I can wt lb confidence reeornmend Meta
JANE A LEE.9I7 Madsen itt
Sold. wholesale and ry Wand UN relTOCli
er. CO, comer of tat and Wood ..a undrlib etc
ll_ A Irameam - STOChr. R CO e
emoted-an extensive ward:masa on the cornet
Il of Woos and nary meets, to *bids they bare
removed died Wholesale bastaem, wbere they arid
tderaya braves hand an ,011elleiVa 111111101110011 et ad
the wuries is Stair tine, to which Leer WWII< the even,
:ma of tbe pablia.
Tba Wei Wuhan* yelll lel cannel:ed loathe .1.13 IRMA
COTSXt of %baud Woodas. .
-1L111) IC -
. .
YERSONN'stected with Serrifula, King's End
Cane's, Eryitipelas, Old Stites, 111cera,Tetter
Mercurial Disemma, or any other,complaints elision
Dein imputities of the blood, ate requested to read
thWlollowmg Mtimoniali, to proof of the wonder
fel properties alba above named medicine.
We the , usulasigned, having visited Mr. biaac
Brooks, Jr: at thb office of Mesa,. Rowand and
Walton, 376 Market street, Philadelphia, comder
him came the mast remarkable one we have ever we
sewed or heat , . or
His disease ma SCROFULA, and terrible most
bare keen h - I twelve•yeara' conflict with the de
Rut Palatet e entire =for hi. mouth, Mae, Up.
per Lip, andiower Lid el the Right Eye hare been
destroyed, hi. Face nearly eaten up, and part of the
Jaw Bone carried away. Pied yet we can give o.
description of his case.
- Mr. B. not ennui us that in January lout, the whole
interior of his mouth, as well am most of his far.
was • mu of deep and painful ulcers!
On the 14th ofJanuary last,he commenced Main,
CEA, which chocked the disease in s lee days, a,
rom that time the Cure has progreseed without in
New flesh has awned the place of the deep ul
seri, and though badly 'disfigured, his face is sound,
and bis general health is restored. •
We are smeared that, to the treatment of Mr.
Bosollp' pee, no Iderenriale,Ointmentn, or Caustic
applestiow. havelteen used&-in fact, the PAN.% -
LEA ALONE,baI wrought this wonderful change
David Smith Becks county, Pa. '
Charles L. Rewind, Meadville, Crawford coi'a..
J%V done.. D Sniith,,!...;econd atiect, Pinta
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, N .1.
E W„Carr, 610 N Fourth, above Poplar st, N. L.
S M'Cullesigh, Lancaster, P 2.
Maddeck,36 North Eleventh st. Phila.
C W Applethn, el D 46 South at. do •
Timothy Caldwell, blanon co. Mincer..
Daniel Y e ager, Chesnut 1141, Phil.del plo a co. Pa.
John Ilarned,3 , A) High street,
William Steeling. M D, Camden, N. J.
William Hale, 378 High st r eet, Phila.
.1 H Potter, Manataeturer of Msuerat 'froth, 10. IS
Ninth street, Phila.
L'A Wollenweber, Ed. Phila. Democrat ,rnS 3,t
street, du
George %%' Mentz, Brush Maker, 311 Market St.
Enee Carr, 169 Chesnut street, Phila.
A El Gillette, Pastor al Eleventh Baptist Church,
John Bell, Erie Street, Philadelphia, (North AMC,
can office.i
A2IOO Sand., 16t Cathanne 4reet. Phda
Daniel. McGinley, kessler's Allen, di.
Andrew Sweaton, Camden, N J.
It 18 Evans, West Phila.
Richard R. Young. Gilder. 4011 Market it Plota
John W Ashland. 60 South rstath atroet. .1u
'l'l4 Wagner, Lithographer, 114 Chestnut street, do
U J Keomtl, in Eleventh street. tia
Peter Skye Sada E.l ' Jitor Native Eagle, do
-Joel Bodine, ttrass utatitilactlacr,
Widisot Steely, Faimitooo, Vail Buren co. to
1. M 11, Girton, Mass.
Russel Canfield, Phasiologist, Philadelphia.
'Phomas P S Ruby M U, Harriaborgli, Pa.
Peter WrtghtslX Market street., Phila.
Jam., W 153 Filbert .4. qt..
John Illand, 174 Space st. do
WilliantUne, Pastor St. Paul'. NI K. Ch.( 'alhartne
St. PUT',
"Joht, Chaftibers, pastor let lndep. Church, IStua•
st, do
L Sanders, PObhsher of Pledge and Stsodard. ; PORTALILN
F P Seller.. Editor Oboe it 1., oh, Doylestown; 1 s o
Bucks co, Pa. ;
Wholesale and Seth by Rostand Wilton, 1t... i Folt riwiIte.NSPORTATION OF PRODUCE
prietors, 375 Market S i
t. Philadelphia. E Seller-, 4,11 .
57 Wood at. Pittsburgh, Pa.; Wm . 5.7 Mar. DU ROIL YIIII,ADI-3.1 . 111A AND
bet st do.; E Perinea 51arietia, Ohio; eston ,r;T:;
Sharp, Mysville, K v; w er ; t'lt, , no
Side Reeve., blatlizun tc;t slobte.Louo p
Ville, 1:/•yerpock & Pelluus, St. Louts, 51,.6.4 :ram soy ,Dra hergr cot Alora7.
Pll Metanaui, Tistcho4. Mimi Dudes,. Jul • address. or to I: A Men S. Co
ewe Ficksiburgh,do: Charles J cnkins, Nes, orlem,, t;tanal If 2.1,1`.11.burg1.
La, ocs
-.- , STORM ir.
. .
STANTON% lIXTICRNAL. RICal liflV. Ilavote a very large and cointnod;qun Avarrlnnl..
CALLeD ..-. ~r.- pr,pamd to reeevre O. addinett to 6..,01 tan.•
' •HUNT'S.LINIMENT • . oa.on.ent, :rope amonot of Yfoilace. &e, on Stoa,e ~,
I lo* I ,i., 'own] . C A Sle,lLlSeury tc.
Ts now universally nekhowledged to he the IN ;
I t'ALLIBLE REMEDY for itllcausausti p, op t . I•ICKWORTILI &CO 'S LINE.
nal Atlectious, Coutrattons of the hluseles, Se re I 7gl=,,,k a s 1 84 7 .
TSroat and (Inlay, (swami/Id Ulcers. Eate. In the'
tisyk lied beat, Ague in the Breast and F.MY ' 1, , Xer.t . ste a Lk' for the unospnrothou of WAV
T,, or h A c h e. , 0r; i,.. , u r t o ,,,, s a l t yu,,,,,,,. ir,,,,„,. : us Elteltdrr t..tween larburah. lit:braille, John.. •
ei.,4 , pia,, r,, i 3 ,,,,
, N,,,,.. 0 . D .....„.. . morn, ilto eats with. Watt, Stet . .. i . t00.000,11 ;
Ttle TitiumrHANT succEt,s .h,rh h.... ';;;;=':;, r.. - ::,
_ ae vrarelloone nn , 1 IleAntah
leleAted the n4:ifiliC &Lon or ti.,, moat won w . :Kvi. , L j ,k.i, I, ' it..t.o ' ,el: evr ‘ ry day, la zeept ~:nd' a s • 1 an ' d .
ME,OlttlNLin goring the most severe rants ill the • th.recr.. as .• a :o • :'sr , t, na oe hne.ton the I , R..." , r . ;
ddfneent Me, ee abolte named,—and the 1111;11 I ... ,, ... 1 . 00, e. , ' , 1 a i" 1. .. ,, ~"
k:NCONIII:IIS tat Lae hewn hi-stowed upon n,' Th • Loot v..... , a , n - . 1 tor the ' al ,, eial areononoda , ..t.
wherever sl 11. been Int r oduced. pees me 1,1. n,e,/,t , , ee 2 , ~,,...,.. 51 1 0 lbe proprietors trot:crow c
to call on tl:e ,AIELIC rgu to rt,B,iri. at once to ``' r ` 4 '•'".' ' e "" 0 , 0 .,." .. ,.." °, '
the ONLY IIBMEL)1"11IAT C.l NBE KELIE:O ' I t o, A pitti.ut ttliitr "-" MIiIN MILLER
ON. ItA Al. it 11l t I VESA
,rrrhe faculty unite in rernmetenoig the eels- .115 t LL
ated katelso Remedy. Mot'. I. ntuent t,.t
The iollow.tan letter troth L,;; htghly anent t It it : AN A 5 Johntat.. a
COMs ANBI.Ci a. i'o. l'attabargh )
Physktiens who have been attached to the M ount i !Mei it [Nu lA.
Bleasaid Stets preen for many years, if the best j ,'
, 1 ., ,1e1 , w•nt, John hitter, Ruten ?more, lisalci
ersdence of the vitae nt 44 celebrated Lmoneat. t
Star: Sum, Dm:tuna 1;.5, ne.s. ; ' .." I r. . " ..0 . . lath
My Cfcar Sir—l received your note of yesthida l.t lili ERIE AND RICIIIRAN LINE.
asking my opinion in relation to Hunt's Liniment ,: •••
..&. :. 7' rt 1 8.47 ., . . 4
as prepared by Mr George E :Salton. fillowill i '4 , '.' 4 •
iu epanpn.ntiun, and harteg Irequently osed it. 1 , , 1 , Ille too 1,,,10 com,Eme.:o( A enothnet• Lek , I'd..-
.. renonttnr.nd It 1 , . ytol as a a.tft. , En ,ti Rrtn, I 1 , 0 11; , ea, r;::., na , . ~t... • t• , er a ;.
ay, an d in nay opiotpn, the beat Liniment nun t r . 0 , 4 i, , ...r ~., 1, , .4 , 1 .” 1 p.....,,, Co,. M.lO
rta11....1g 101 over,, It,,rer and Pr.. na.l....nn,r,n ;: n tw..a
was. Ye rY truly sad rospectlully tours,
Ah: MOFENiAIk. COO Remits Line ore eantbont Propeilera and 1. tlr, , •
on th e I..ak ex. avail pr. pared a;.:1 the earl,. open.
Col hare Van Vortlandt. Croton Manor. /11g 01 Natant: on to ears Erenht and I . nagengers to
i fully Concur in the nlnne opinion. ' *lt pants on the /Lyer. Canal and Lakes
W N BELCHER. 11ne.on ' ' fned , ii ear eonve . pna rwaht nod pot.
yeimeoves, J 4 ,4 14 , 1816, .eaten wilii p.o.uptoa, aro! dtspaleb, tita..po., -, fteu”
.50—In reply le your letter, I would say that I •.., •=... ..p ., .... -0 ,, .. ~. ...1., , frirnee and
have tined your External Remedy, called tiuht..• . ..' l''''' .. " n ' T ' d /. L h"r.`: r. " . ."'
L' el Rat:EMI-AP _rrop,tor ',
Liniment, id my practice Once you made me tie BEElve. I'AIIKS &Co. Ilene, ne ,
quuinted with it. comps:lion. and unhaitatingly . 10.i\ A MaCtilllT. Pin.tora co'
say that I believe It to be the best Eaternal iteme Co, .Zotothar.i , toil Water •0. 0,1004.10 00 ii......0,p
dy now in use for the complalnts I r whtch you re exam lion.,
commend it. Yours twspeetlultr,
Geo E kitudon.Eart.
Among the ma.4l of wurthlese articles and
humbuts that are pouted forth it the pr...coGl day
upon the coentry it is really refreshing to Lod
something of real practical aunty, something &no
pie, speedy and ellectual In its onerahon, and rt
the same tame tree from thou, injuniiits dicets
which generally attend powerful remedies. Muni.
pmpared by Geo: E :mango°, of Slog
Sing, thoughft has den bet a short time before
the public, has already obtained the cuntidence, riot
only of our most wealthy sod selluential ettis,os.
but one moat eminent plqamtans. All acknon I.
edge it to be a autereign baler for man) of the ills
that flea a heir to,aoothing the aching ion and
ifs genuine stoptilhting influence, banishing d,a
ease from the system.
Mr. .Stantou—Sir—,S. eine your adscritscuient
of Hunt'. Liniment, I eras induced to try its effects
on my suo; who - bad been crippled with a lame
tact front to talent; and it is wilt) gratitude I bear
its wonderful !mating properftec Sty
child, who is now lire ytnri Id age. is note tar a 1 . .1,r
wily of recovery, • Yours, ,
Posl,OrfiCll,ToWnls eta, l'illnais to,
I certify 'that I am personall) acquaint/41 wah
the above named ch id. and think the lather would
be life to .yiug that Ins ant is &linnet %sell.
Deputy M ce
I NOtliti Alan 'Awe that I have been 1,,, a
number of yeaaa nuktect to frequent otnrk. n 1 11..
Rheumatism, which in many instancea prevented
my attending to my buvine.. or three split,
nations of the Liniment invariably remove ell a..
feelings of the kind. I:tenses of
and Sleet, LOCI LILILLICIOWI LO mention, has in tlor
vicinity itto7od aportain reined.. It. value too
only be estimated by thy. who pare r .wro it lair
This Liniment is told at 1,5 and 50 recital per hot•
tle, by all the Principal Druggiste m,d Moral, inn
throughout the country.
Whoksak Age, nle in New York. •
IHOADLkY, PIVELPS & t:o. 141 Ware,
KU - SH'iON & Co, lit! ..roadway.
&If & D SA rit)S, corner Fniton and Willt4n
ASPINWALL,'Or William street.
Ordeis whiner:TO to me at Sing Stag, N nisi,
be Offended to. cpxotcE ST ‘NTON,
For sale io Pittsburgh by I. n 4
KIDD Ar. Co. Allegheny City,JOONI
Birmingham, JOHN SMITH.
ilk Too, Posh u'a culnyoulid t. 2.1. act t -A , I
11 PARILLA. Wonder ani 111-.. hie of the a ,Je .
his Extract pm op to quart boar e- etc estr.
cheaper. pleasanter and Warranted sup
nor o
sold. Ileums wahoht vomiting, purett.7, t.ekenit J. or
debilitating too pattetit•
Thegreat twenty and super,or tie of charter.
OlFer all other rented...,. while it eninote• L..e.
it Me
eteors:es the body. it is used sor,vnitty I. the
rallNltral and permanent cure of tall dis , etwo .• lilt I
from an sinpare mate of the Wood. Or es b.l at th •vit
'Lookout for Ibut.tinnsi—th prittem,c3 poroon• •,.••..
copied Der labels. and put up reedieter tt”he tam -1”.
pad Sloe il,at nob bode ha. roc wo_urn 4 1:a
tore of 8 Townietur
For Bile by R E SELLERS, (tole 4 lie , ' y
couuty,l, 37 Wood street, between end sun
OgY/gis ABLY YAIII.Y COX P4lllll.
SIX I.EcTI.I3F-'s on the USES 01 THE LIJ
Caere., PreveotiOit marl Cure of I :dement t on
A* throe, and Ditreasiss of tt Heart. On the
of Longeetty, and mode of preserving male at ce•
Male health, Nylon:retry and beauty; el rotting r :dem
and pore of thin dlsemcs then produce :onsautp.•
tine, or shorten life,ss Afiaztron. of the Skin, netne,
,Steltutch, Bowel', Kidney., I..tver, houlula.
Gravel, and Female Liomplaiste , Its mile,. nay,
pran , taal and pore, nna a guide to yelled health
and long lila. 4tl Rngrayingn, 324 pages. NI eta.
Pootago 96 eta. 137 S4filllEL ti 11 ELI/ N
FITCH, A. td., nt7o7 BOA I/.y;AY, AFAY
Any person revelling filly cent . z, li f e e
t ne , ' ,N d vill receive
one tayplied.
tallmsrlailL. to
n ne!P.'L
No Pay I Pilot Piles t
I DtiJac o ltacm's Eutbrocation i) utedirtat, that
Ii ra this re ver y. ammo end troubOemne
disease. It not only unmdtmeic alizi • ruin and oila.
=am, Dope all bleeding,yebdoes t 41.101pr11111, at:fl
int. bp, afectually came, in very, short nice p (3.118
Lead IIVo• bite been rendered nurcrible for years
la a p Pl.GtiuA pre4ths Da pate. ha; lather an Recces.
Lie end plesrent eeptiatiou /I • nitrates MAleted will
call and hear of the great emelt.' of e,tto, Hamanr
b ee n they twill Le amontshed. A gen nr
hi. who had been under the knits. of the •Illiteati
for moor trues times glamor bring cured. has by us
ing bottles or the Embrwserunt• been aradically eared.
It mils beyond preeedentl—{rhil. Saturday CourTr.
M....F0r wale in Pittllnenth it be PEKIN TEA
81VRE,.74 Fourth greet, near wood, and alto at the.
Deng Moro of II P Schwartz, Federal at Allegheny ei
:1. - Ire. ladies, a.woi.hosit •
•Whea you know that DI eropmmived
•-• A natant!, fife:like, snowy white,
. That you will will nee soontan chalk,
And look a deathly yellow fright,
The theme of laughter and of talk.
'.lf yea would trae a 'Lai of /ONE'S :Ally-white, it
*veld give pave atm MI alabaster yet natural while,
hoot at to. mane doe clear and improve it.' Sold at
jAcgsows, Liberty IL Pvcc Y. 3 cen. par bor.
SUIIAK7-IK , hada N. t.). Sugar, lamore and for sale
Malt 1647;
ItXPRISIS3 ran ri„eici-r.
Excialsimly fur AustAiten.
Tug public ate respectfully tofettUri that tbi,ollsins
1 ti commence runway on... Shout the Kith insiaut.
and coolish, ll:rough*at the season. The prof:metan
have now plated a sopertorelarA of Packets and Rail
road Can on themw, with <Stu, arromnaridshons,
*bleb will give rester comGint to travelers
, A Packet float wilt altrari Ile in port, and the vise
cling psiAic arr requested tit call and eternise them,
prev , ous to ensured patrnge'cirescliete
- - _
One of the Packets will (erre the lamhng, (opposite
the United Sires Hotel., carper Penn *Met and the
TiT. ' ; ' lrtA V
For (olonnallun appte at he office Monongahela
Dore. Water si reel, or totAirg:ll &
orbit ear Penn street and Canal
Ercdi 18 4 i•
• D. LEECH tr. CO'S.
Tl i dUe ' rVllVreta th altUar ' l ° . 70 ' „ " t ‘ trr14 ‘ . 117r h' ::
which are in good owl,. "elle eul•pertber. arc prerw.
red to forward o targe quantity of Alflell.dllC and
Prod. , with eettandy and diepatch.
Pwwluce or It.rehoodire cons:goad to 1,1111: of the un
der-61w,, no forwarded tree of any charge tor cornrow
won or
I.l.ada,g transmitted and oil inatracuoft.pronartly
lttt mini to
The home.. a this Line is enodocted on rosetly
.. A II I.HhAJII :nstr4onre,oopg:ly
Canal Un.tu—Patst.orgh
II A RRIA &LERCll,Proprtrion,
No I:lSouth Thud clreet.PhLtudelphi•
JO!!. 'IrSVLOI4 Itr. SONS. Agent..
No 114 North Itoword street. Llnhonore
W It WII.SUN, Agent„
Nal' West Karel. Nom York
PliTtatUltlal PCRTADLEI3.IiNE.
1847- iiigiff!ffi_.
the w,)'. 31,1 lite runArquent ttek t!fdrmy, tlntrne,
aulAuuttou u(
. ...71Nlarket ore, 1 . 11.44p11.). a
- - -
Cot rout and Wu) tot SO, 1 . 111•1•111g11
O'CONNOR & Co, Nroth Street. Ualtintore
& N Y. $
Eheouragml owtstomf lootrmss the Proprietor.
La ve mltted to Mot 0.0 tool sltemled them tor
oat. -due Atg I wooer. tiod Ars LON prepared to tor.
wool ire g %roll le).111•01) Mud dtepatett unsurpass..l
10 Ott solo, tote The.r long 01"0tence 111) canter-,
superiority of 11. rooattle Boot S, slem.
nod the grro caparits told ranven.nucr at the 0 lit
houses of each end 01 the ,Ilite.arr pr:ultat calcola•
e.I to sualtle the prop/hoots _
their etmagerstoto.
mol accommodate Otto. eti..1111.1,—e.)1/ M ll s
4. 11 1 1). , 0 , ..,
the pasta t. guaranty tor, Me lutate. sPecttall ,
solo, a motontomer 11.4.1 patomage they non
gratefully ttet.numledge
eotoognitertm to Rua& & 01` .... :am will be tetAl
lormardmi Sleamtval chargcs plod tod !idle m
I.adlng tran-ruiord tree of any charge for Cononmsodt,
advancurg Or •torags (liming no otterest .I.tecti)
indterctly to stcont.ots. the interest of the consignors
most nertsmols he their primal y °Wert ato smptiom
me.t thry pledge themselves to forwpol all 00041.
eottrogord . than promplls and ott dm most odv.atto
goom terms to Mr mallet*.
March I 1 , 47 mar,
"rt.ti Trr•
Wheeler& Cu. Nesi , Vork
,to Day., BuffCu
N Patt• & Ck vr!..A
JA. A A rm.Noitg & Cu. Drtrud
NlrClu're k Wtlltkoo, Milurauk,
Cr1.t. , 1 A Purim Cllicago
lV to row , r, Porrernown:Crut.
Cen Mschelin,re. Evat.,glt,
John Ale 4,0,u1. Ilumcown, In
tr'tet & Acker, l•recnvall?. In
Crag & Friorspin.s. do
Ilay• I'M. ,aarpstourgh. Pa
W C Nlu•nn, Shavan,
W Cu .u.3.lo.etti . %eve t'ort'e. d" 1.15
15-17. ARAM@
1 1 1 11110nanytt d of catr+lttj herd 10 1131+ laoj
J. Km3+l3lolol I.tne. now o+ll Ynnwa 1,1 O
t/01.10ton to onwecaentry. 63.+ are not unplard oo
I 00,1100 1311 transh,Fiment or ocra I,oollolg aa.e3l
The Roan are of 13gto drauglo i“.l form tar', tiql•
0.01.1 a tevrn .1411 3
Tu , rapaooy of tour Watrhou•ro 00. 0 3 0 0 10110
000 11010
•to 0003tgrantios 1.3 tout Here ronj.ttortot, 10.31
advuorra itrr of tharjett
Ik oj 1303,03tr.1 to 00+103 5.31.0 l'n+.l3ll ta,
.pry silly .0316,1 30130j 1 01, 31 • 01 0,0 1 , 10 Flout.
Itaton.l,•ol Iluitet. l l,4 o+, W. 31, F04000+,10,1.0130,
00•10. lor tale. Olt 0-140•13 Auk +.Oll +•••
1,03310 sod tolitt usual 110111110, •truntral, plo3lgtog outt
vtwo 33 11,11 Ear rtortmed u• thull hi; a
• toinpliy +.0333001 .3.01 upon 103 Imo 10010 , at. by +lO
othur /too , . J Nl+ Mer. 1 11)1.11:N
Canal Hutto, l'at+turgh
1.1 DAVIS I`a+
'2ll/ and 251 Market +I. 1 . 101k,14
f tOCWARDING h .00,1131158101 MERCHANT,
Evil gums P nt and Bridgewater,
Propticlot Ind Ar , nl of •tt.tmeTs,
Until urrvrr.t•' VErt•IIIIIIN AID
WILL be p.epariti on earl.. ape oilig of canal
V V irllloll rerelee propert E y et tits .heat. ..t or
ttt Yran..pum, for .sirreonot onlnto Etrien,op. ewe,
C ur, and Ottio tlnnale; Int all p , Prts ., Et le end
oppor I Jac , . Re el., to 11.KWAIrES prwltsce, ke .by Prolix
I.provernents Apply to or otldree s
JAS rl!e1:11.W.
PllllBBURfill & dLEVPI,ANU 1.1\F..
.4iggig, 18 4 6. KUM
11 Clarke. I Ileopm T. In elimond kco
forwarding A ICularals•lon Merchants,
•Viir. Arcing and jLonnetortt of tine Line tau (tient
/ tatty linown to the pahltzloaill be prepurett 0 4-.0
earllein opening of Canal nnelitatton . l4 rrca•e prop
eny at Pat•lturan and nearer , deliver the alma at
any point on the Ono canal., and .11P0 on Lake, F:ne
and Michigan, with the greoteat delpatch and' at rt...
"*ale me*
the proprietor.a( tip. tole elicit. twolnea. id
their former euxkonwir. with ..confidence, knowing thattheir• am ...fond to hone.
Apply U, or nyldryo
;11 lIARTICV, Put , ore.
CLARKE & Co. Bearer. ,
ILICIIMOND *Ce ^.land.
r~v 11E lloaren's r./ , /table rat Company being dA.
„ o i,,d. ‘ b. ,ny ague went or arbelei of Co- '
partner.hip under t e name of the "Mennen'. Lin. , '
sod Itkewtse agreed to refit the Stock .0.. to have •
numDer of Ikons flr the purpo. of currying goods
th tough in fo o enght days, with certainty—and
feel en r era
by the liberality of Iwo year'. patron
age, in make Inure OXIGIOnne arrangement. for Itir en
suing year.
kV/. would tberelore re.peetfully wheat • cumbr
ance of our
ose we have forme do r patroniLbu.inas. nd rta.efer all new eucustomersto thr
ailaMi l 1 84 7.
Fog the transportation of
ALL Kraus or is Litt-sant/18t. TO MOP LAWS
I.IOLOOILLPIIOi, C4TlllOnn.. New Vona, ono llotroa
Corner lobetty mitre. suit Canal Bantu Pombuigh
I A I. GERHART /a Ca,:
No lIAS Plat kesstreet, Pletladelpitin_
ELDER, UELS FUN A Co. Agent.,l
PITTSUURUII—JA I ' MeGgy. (ten. Morgan & Co.
W McCully A Co. II A Sampson* Cu. hi Co.
PIIILAISELPIII Pattet.on &Co, lisyruid.
McFarland & Cu. Illetone & Cosby. pets, Wr,got A'
Sou. JUS.pliato.dratsPh
NEW VORA --sdoodra a. Co, lleo Perry & Co
BURTON—Recd) Nord 'i.e.
CI Mit
NCINNATI—.* Cteagh, W W ricarbor.
Vl'. PLEASANT. VA—l' A Muer,.
Non—All merehirbse from New 'York and Ilisvon,
consigoed to AI. Gerhart A Co, phllndelphia, w-dl Lc
premplly p ara aardedtp of tors...nn (.145
EE re C t i t a l aelsAls.
fIIE Canal being now open. Ihe
Wyo . F:Spiwinwluet 14n4' In. e.
co of valuable ck/we of
e. bank note., S rjewelr, Re , nom.
Ileondor. Mont
11 be el wp.nehr4 (Any min,
Package IC
inier;biii tut tun
Inerebandtse, open
ineocuil running ow
A n
d we runiling rex
Apply in
The new 1104)1.111rnaid meaner
, . GE A YELL, ,
Capt.CLarlev lIIA,P, CLM.l.llerf ll< t
regular 'rips toi• day. leas leg Pita
barer at 9 oiehrel. n. n ,me Beaver al 2 o'cloea, r n.,-
connecting math rdrabureh and Cleveland lane of Cad
nal' Boer. daily to Cleveland, Cr i Beaver, Warren and
Cleland !doe of Coral Packets and Silage Coaches
dady to arid Cievelanit Canal Packet 1.121. r ID
New Cantle and r.rcenville. Pa: Bire Extecorion Line
to 'Meadville J Erie Neil. Moore & CV* Linos of
race Coaches or Clevelanil and IA owner. leave Bea
ver dad) on he arrival of 'scandal. Beaver front
1 . :L.6.1.0 A .ply a,
ri M RAWSON & Co, Parabargh
CLARKS: & Co. Deaver
friEffka/ 1847
THY 11,.•115TLVANI% /11.1, 01110 CUIALt,
UErWEEN PI rrrqa , Rtill :NM) CLEVELAND.
E N PARES & Co. Cleveland, 0 ).
IL 13 PARES, B•tn yet. Pa 1 Proprietor.
T ;BATHER, Pttodeurati, It )
rpii E above Ltoe et now fatty prepared tp transportl. Emirlo andPasaengers trout Penaburgh and
land, to any µnt on the Pennety loanea & oltio and Otuo
Canal ,
Tan taetlitief of t.atd Ijne are not equalled by amen
ale! Cana!, in nutnhe tee and ea,tetett) nape.-
..ace eat
Coepta/. and pruntotteeze. ol Agent.. & et.
thn• Boat ~,,, . Pdtsbue ale and Cleveland thtl). run.
ition /II Collllre.ll Ilk the Steamert..
Nliehtran und Lake Er:, bt.tween Pill.llrx 0 and
Beaver, and a Liao vi firm elute, oicataataß, Propel
tem Brtgt , seed t‘ehnoner, Lal,en Urn,r. Baron, Ni.
chitran andthitarto
Proporß forwarded to any porn of the Union With
despatch N PAR BSA Co, Cleveltmd, Ague
REED. PAR ES & Co, Beaver, Attu,
11" P MATHER. Pittsburgh,
Water and Smithfield street..
. .
PION ONO A lIEL A 11.01.1 TE,
Timm*: AND 11111.ADEL1.111A
' Tour to BoOlolelittint
lOnlyrl hl,lra tqagto,g.l
rr111F . :vt i 1 . t:T .. 1t: ,.. 11 , 11 .„ nt .: r , i r t , n , ol h l . l¢ ,. :lo e tt o t n. r . i :I;ida to kl.ts
ul. loin
doutdo dady Iripa. Otte boat WO/ ICAVV Monoriga•
belt. whorl ova, ttttt onto, ntral,ly tit n o'clock.—
Bna.annet, In tit • omong Into to Baltimore
nezi even tog mume ter the Blotastelpinn Matt Boul, or
Itta/1 Rood 0411144 Tlto •-vristtiw ,
thott will leave
whirl dad, at 4..c10rk, ext. I Sunday. Boattrogcr
ha it, loon toll .so lott.l to coinfortditte Plate
room.; loos, 'Boanos•attle auxi oamitog nib tdrlock,
rtot• 1111111111441111 1111111 tort, -up and lodge l'unt•
Boland. Tht” asotota, tocto 111,141 oltuguilter The
,11.14.1D1111111.4t, 1414111 e 11144 11111114, 111111111(1 C 0,11114134011
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know, x. ni•
Varrotteera 1.1.1 •141111 1141 the
and reautor floor
ai ph, rue. BO hurt - clorer of R4lll itLl4l.l
or Swanton. Itotweer Button... nod l'lolutielphia
Cad" ettnrtotrd to narto tto trarrt 4144 r dear
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to ait Oho Ora J SIBSKINIBN
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yr, dad,' at la erat r, air r arraral thr
aaaratar ILoar . trora 1,11.1arrIal.:111 I rat.v r :a Wurt.ri
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seinal 111 to rn nl.l
Thar mat. are arraa c,,rral.l or, rya rartakararra
CUI4L k I.F.FFINI.W ELI. AV uvnu l'arrer
ItEED.J'AItIiS rt l'o Arrra,
JIIIIN A l'AI:0:111i.:.romer Ills t St.
irpray aro ,Irratarg:ort , l'ar.larrgh
16 '71 17.
• ik,:kys ritEnotr I.IN
al he chi Ihdp w
I aur,tw •rit*on
Waver and I. wh I
the Iwo po whll lrc c.rwaiwwol,
CHAV.A. HANIPTON, Clov,ovtitv. •
Alt-FA aI.AND A KIM, lit, ilertd.
`. rIA'3II4
4 1 NI A I.A N
Al AI 111•:W”,
H 1•3,1/, VA IIK , A Co. Vert.. P.
loiCts Al• t1;1•111:1 vt.r , ter %V.., .IStlt 11./. , 11
7,1,, 1AN..., Om Alt..ttng V.
- "
Ma= 18-17 . .. z .: 4 " 715 74-
Philadelphia, Bahl...Drs. New York
eneouragetupot ih. It:, I, n,cet.,l .
s twin et:remelt , . tndut eat The propr
Lon, to t, the sr , c V,. I, v n.ber nl fi
rldin b• at.; of 1.1,112 receipts a. here
tore 44 .4;euta.4.4e our OWL recepts
.toped by
thrrby prrycntagll.lUl4, f•
'tom In,ptat I.4ndlttiv,
, on-the route, ich Irut r,,vord try it.
Captain utto ,: thro it; n, ,urti a •utrinient golf
;'%utre tlut thre run e. a 0 to u delay "Ei th ,, route.
Mrrrtlanuter •-,,L7nrd to thc
unde.r.ped N,LII to: lerv,rdc‘l Frair. 01 (0 t 1
1tt(PIO? nor - tdvnncing and for"rinling. and t
br• Dtitprod w,t!visit at V, lowest rate. o
11, %lAA Al:kill:II& Co
1'.1,t1 l'ill.burgh
I It U. & Ag ,
I , MIL, Agent
IL , . Wharll Baltimore.
.Q 47
A,NU -
r i'll V. Len/1, 14 4 ,1, 1 am two, fir -pared lo no ward pro.
I. 'lure. k' 4.3 14c . Ea , n tl.r
tng 1!$1.
dit.ll .ou. too,.
privv<Tir 011 4 ,11 fit lorwrirled At to
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at Ow Ittl.ttsat
ts. I et• r it..
ion it..
V.... FR KII.LI I I.IIn nun ~“....o. wl-I,,rn
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4, to boy, Fn . .. Ilrtet. Pnnloce, &c..
610.40110 IL. ',WI' 11 - 0111,1 , 111 1 ,1 V tile
Witi 111,..1111G1i.ai1 , I.nlony., nun owl,
.. ntinonl , meat- I.y rnlling on in, al• I
linvo • Vont ionnotg sraul.o/ I, treiNne'l l'ano.u/gl, land
1:1:11. 11 stiurfAim:lwiix,
y .44 3,...nn1nAl Aecni, SI Vl"nonr .1
THE:Sic:out.. II A R1.1 , -11 rep oned
Rod refitted ,n Itoptdoonte ot) Pe mid
at ape Monougahrla whar. A•
she to no:stored the Is well oPlop ed for
carry PnC ight nod papporogroo. or for tuortier, oh lino
g.tral caphoity and 1/IlINel A lIV proton ilespont. d
putchnee win of rotas , oni.ent her
I al.° prom, a tense. furoar or morel ror• son/
Woris, owl u onto alelpern) oun , PusPheo- hobo. thy
oder vent oplvoniugeo ) foronsh the looser. either
no oak. or dixrier .rtn"rw, Now “NII N " oun
•leo have oh Ns, termsant. nail twu
Inumn, sps. n ili a
,n,pes,' fp vipers A...
mode for' full d oper A n r amt .111.011 oft he ds.
lento hnient potovar.l l'elsotpo d ponnsed to 11.,03:
.0111. Mo. 111 reference to 11, pe r
may colplrroo roe at op ,tunreo 134114,11 4.
,orent.l . ntsonrolt.or ut II adepo. nen, Spinhoorroloq , en j.
.es. In lAA lIID
110 \
gle vial ploa.).,ng wmtder..—Hrn,l the 14,1,m,.
(mu. rl. Rev :4. %Valet/rill, V. 1../ "I I.ll,erly •1 11 E
I!,, , ,harrh. March t+
Mr E from a +wt., tn duty, ll+ well
w a++ ide.r.ure.lhat I hear re• ir...0c.). 10 Ihe vtr
nf )0 or ,Es•I) reSlaM4-41 Veraniseg. ..... are. ,
rinerbutt, and gave it tath++ , 04 to, • lohlten. who had
he ttt ( 0 , w +,+k• wan *even
tstrf+ tald, the nes.; (cur, and the )00tmeng cleaner.
inool4 , '"The pete+rd hay—. wrm, the secnd ond
lisav +even, th.rd con•aleral.le Illllloi/Cf
chstitictl) reeolleord. Sineqeheo Siry hay.c
Well. anti are 00-Ar 10 goad Lralth
Voar• S \‘'WVI(I/I[l.ll
Trott the Ile v. S U Babcock, of thellctho.h.l.:pinn
p.B Church.
Ir. It F. , 4 enct, w with groai pleanwe I woo!,
otfoon you of the good etfero produced on toy ron,
four 'nut.. of age, ,our celrlorated
Alto F. loavoth cot, ut0,0,0, I Kaye Lon throe dew,
wilco he pooled on billlo.l oleo:doable nutoLor, ino
Willth {lint 111. KCll,llllllle Oda ha. Leers
SF. BA rico".
From Lt. Ile v Cherie,. CookO, of the Mention. Ipt.
ni,hl„ Church
l'itt.lourgh, Dem:doer 14 41.45,
Mr. 11. 11 Seller:: I gave It Intie daughter Ibetw,
three nod for years n 1.9 three do•c• of )our Virruitugi
geentdnig to prc.triptinnrwob rLc Lnppl.n-
The weaker of worrniitipt.lled - 1 do net know no eet.,l
ly. log 11 wag large. :The is now in riAseiv,ion of env
braph I think the medicatei) he confided ,n wl
great uare•ervedgiets C Cools
As iloseritoiuge 1.14 itevrr l.rro known to fail in
• n V
y hau l worm. itcota rateto.d, patents
Wok! rive' it to pi rent,. to all oiltr,a
l'ffooletrund .old l'y It. SEI.14:11:1, between ral
CO. on Wood 'tree,
rny 5..11. by Dr. ena•el, Fifth Wiwi' . owl
Fit(rat the very liberal encrinnav
hethe subscriber has received once
he has faceted himself in Allegheny,
%gaol. hom !minced bier to take A lease. (or a
. helm of years. on the property hero" ,
veupree, In Benue, street, immediately betide ilia
Presbyterian Church. From the long eaperie nee In
olove business and a ilcsire tiv please, he hopes to mer
it rind receive a !Mare of public patronage.
Now on hand and finishing to order, w hoe
open arid tap Buggies, and every n
description ol
Mayes wide to order from seeenly.five dollar. to
light hunarrd. .11 , 11 N sown,
I 1111Ati 41 MAAS& Via moor
ving Gleam, orlolo, Forms, or Marks (hen. Cloilies,
Woollerr, Carpets, ree., he.. bud rendering sp..n
where it,is applied clear, lit,rbr. new. rind rporle.s.
Fold with full directions. Price
oFuld by WS! J A43;• , . l.rher ir. ,le er,
Boot. Wend, al Ins Boot and owe, oar.
1.E1A211 h
co: e‘l3ll a soci ear al
INearthe Upper Bridge, AJleghtcy Cap I
Cotton E proprildas of the Star Coon Factory f CAM , . -
fully itsonsu tt,e pal,lie thattheY Arelvvs.
ful operation. Havana etoplojed the services of 0. IV
Barnes.. Manager, who has had as eApenenen of IS
years in the onneipal tattoo. of Allegheny Coy.
they would tnfann Metehuns and Deniers to general
that eley swill always have oo hand antlerio
slf •rs of all Nos s flatungs, Warps. and HMS. M u st...
of sorrilor make. YOUtiTLY A tln
N. 8.--OrderS len atthe Mill. or at 11.0 stole of My.
or., Hunter &Co., If& Liberty street. seal pronspol
attepdcd us. Atettlist3m N V A.Co
CandlonWlek, Betting, Twine Coverlet
RlNt.i, PENtiOcKk Co
(Rateeemors of A,huekles &Avery.)
jung Proptietots
above eetablichment being now in enceestfal
operation. we are manufacturing. eery eXtensteeiy.
on eniele . of heavy Sheeting', well adapted to the retail
tritilc. which for beauty and quality .1111171 t be excelled
by any oilier make to the eaaatry. The alto on of
patchy,. icisolicited to an examination.
ir EN NEI.t!llt!.l:a&ro
. -
CHRlZ.;Tir_ , s‘
-., ---..
.-, --- T ,
0 0 0 , 110
, • , ...... ' ...7 , 1111:
"Who though the MY. tzar not be exploited,
Solve their ore July oncentained,
Let not delucon. presltne, or pride,
Ittluee rnonktud to set the means wide;
Mean. whielt. Om' ample, are by Heaven deorgnM
To annotate the ills of human Irtuho
rr lIIS ter/lurk - able Invent on. which has received the
unicersul approbation of the medical profession m Great Britaiti.cotethrtaes an entirely new & 01
tthlvaitism, as • remedial agent. hymn*na of which the
111,11116ty Galvanic Batteries, Electric , and Magnetic Ma
chines. he . use entirely &avenged with, and the layme
n...wet at Gutman.. applied wnhout aay of the
objection which are ii.eparuble from the general mode
now use. The strong doors. and irregular interval,
in . which Colrain, is applied by the filachme., b.
been pruisonnved, sitter it Pitt mid demential triad, to be
deralally injariaa% and it was to rentedythis Bethnal de.
thrt that this tit,'" applartnionwas projected, which, 3i.
ter ithrenoing
preresCreStinCe. 1101. been brought
it• Worm state al rll,llOO '('i.e (taken' , Etats
unswcr al , the purposes fif the moat expensive Ma.
clime% mid la 11.1.1 y miter reln.e. are Mere safe and
rerthin accomplishing the desired effect.
The Galt-arta. King. used I,ollneetion with the drag
nsair r011tillen11) recuaanesuled in all ditr,
Jeri arhkA arise from an cafaeldad Do amis.., stare of
nerroa,,ar rad spoon,
these complainta are
'toning the most pastind and universal to which we ate
They u WllllOlll exception, from one sn
plecause —n derangement of the Nerve. SyMent—
and it Wlll I/1 lkienr raw. that other 'remedies' baying
een failed. a new agent was greatly needed, which
tt is confidently helteved, has been tau,
sired i.t.tous appitration of Galvanise].
The Galvanic litlnKs have been used with enbre suc
cess in all rases of Rnacatarast, &cote 03 ChM.. ap.
plying to Ow head. fa. or limb.; Gaut. T.e.Dolann.,
Tormlathe, Bronchi.. Irwrigra.Nemouter SUS,
indigestion, Paralysis, Patty, Spacpsy, Fat, Cramp,
Patna.. of Me Hat, Apopleo, Sad a qf
Spied Corny:tan.. Lassbaga, Ninontgia, Nervosa 2Va•
nave. Maxine. Of the Hmd, ra i n in Oa elaal and Side,
kfir.raty of Norman. and Physical En.
erg, and all NERVOLTs DISORIO.:11S. In cwten of
e.,,,firmed i r op e psia. winch to simply nervous de
ealigenient ea the digestive organs,the y have.. found
equally successful liter exti.rdinary *berm upon
we system roan Vllllo.l.ed 10 he loclieced. and ear •
00 010111 °sermonic for the preceding complaints they
are equally recommended. The Rings axe of different
0110,1, Lame made of all"airea..4 of VglsOill Orna
mvitial miner., and can be worn by die anew delicate
ternale wallow the stockmen theonvonience. In 1.4
the ....anon ai rather Artemide than otherwise,
The Galvanic Belts, Bracelets Bands,
Garter's Neeklaceis &c.
In soar rascal:4a sere severe charaelahand along
...tending the power applied by the Galante Rings
inat sufficient in /11,151 the progre. of disease and
ultimately moo, health. The improved modification
in the Galvanic Belt. Bracelets, he.. entirely are
die. this objection, any degree of power that Is renal.
red cllt readily he obtained, and no comp:aim which
the thyme:nous agent of Galvanism can effect will fail
to be perritaneutlj relined. These ankles are wilt,
le4 arm.. wan., Latha armies. or toy pan
01 the body, with perfect convenience. The Galvanic
Neal.. are used walla:eater benefit in eases 01
Bronchi. or affections of the throat ge.nerally; oleo In
e ases of Nemo,. Deafness, and with almost uniterna
•twee.. A• preventive for Apoplexy, Emlepite Fits,
mi d Similar complaints
Christie'' Magnetic Fluid
wcd,n connection with the Galvanic Rings and el;
their motbEentions. Thu reneges..nn has b, eu pen
nonneed by the FrenchChent sit to tonne of the mom
no cl than d.,,,,ner of rundeni set rut, It ,• he
her. ltr pa^ ..•• 11, r•en4.a.rp uuret of r•ndea , ,
d e
• gatem.o ethers Wirth mean.
roneentration of the ;ult.., as the' sem of &se aoe,
thus giving amd and permanent w-lief. No other
,otopo..1:on in ehrinlstr knowinoproduce the same
effect. or to impart. •ialilar property to the nervous tocanisof an out sear,' local Notification The
sancta: Faint contain• nothing capable of the sligh_-
eta outlay. its appltcatlon is lineable, and it to s o
harmless 1.1 . acn as it is beneficial in its resat.
F a it Int On• a,, , 1 direction. accompany i The
• , ,ty ton, perfesd y hone
,• aa, pr.tre• within the reach an a win
the 'a araveaq only wipes. a fair wthl a•nod
•orpnwing etricarr ••:141 permanent hortefit
Christie'. Galiunic Strengthening PIA,.
arneles farm another valuable eroticu nn of
We myster,o. Induenee 01 Galtranthin They ate tit
.mporthnt athafith to the genuthe Galvanic Range and
itie.r demon., aci ny main the same pt limn 'O. but
haring the antra:nag- Mthorr local applic.on. they
ere thinfaYitity rermamended as a valuable_ adds on in
the speed, ar• U Rheriman•m. acute arch:noir% alt
orto, eomplx.rtt., and in putitti re meanly Mr
ol Pain arid Mainw in the Amstar Sack, Paso. In Mr
Side.. .4ffaaans, and in Prosiness or Gyro.
ncy Raaumary Cfrram In Spinal Complain.
Jiro eto arc of the most decided, and they
haw e'atien been used Watt complete
t. They •r ,
also of the greatest &drainage in Pruns and Weakness
of ,tie Breast. and are highly recommended' for many 0/
those ,onthimaita In which bemires are especially liable..
As an e ffectual means fors rengthening the eyelet&
when debilitated with direaft or olher ea.rin as a eel.
aid in Co.tintuanal Wealth.. as • Preventive
far toots. and all In affectmn• of the Cheat, generally
Galvanic Strengthening Plaster vent be found or
great end permanent adv.tmec. It a few words; it
...theatres all the virtues of die beet lonic preparation.
%rah tlth ,triperiant addason of the galvanic influence,
V(1,0 In ieither tinpitirett nor exhausted, while the..
non continues. These articles will be found entirely
free from those °bleep°. which are 4onstant won,
of carnal.. with the °arbitrary plasters in efuninon use,.
113 Thepeat eeletainy and coot., of them articles
sed theca to he counterfeited by unpr,ncipleA:
Perron. 'Io provtdeagainst impoaltionT Dr. Cuadraa
has but one authorized agent in each eity of the Unit..
The only aaetii in Pittsburgh, W. W WILWON.
ill the btit hest dud most revnectable character; ta re MM.
steady received. regarding the extr.rthriary value
and NUCI . CII 4 of the 0 1 .01 , e.alqie/et , 111 bettered that
th' city' of Nen . rthit !,la e, upwards "of EIGHT
THOUSAND PERSONS during • POW le , • 'h.,,
a year, have theth entirely r.a...a
t - 111 - 011,i' disorder. some at which have completely bat
.11/ former efforts of medical art. Indeed-many ul
the (4,1 I,llm nuns of thi. oily, who diclpprOire tin
Galva to and Magnetic Machin., constantly aeon
110 . 0 1 1 /131• [64watt On os their practice. Watt. the ea
to dm., who.., are prejtitliCed let give le n 111
r•J 111 , 110,11110 R b rece.ved wig:mono. favor wail ,
nth ,Jllnll l ,nl ununurt the American Faculty It.
Clii,sue ai all thnes any
n.. 1 aad moot hippy ta
y frethiy phy er
all inthrested. test
nog the truth of hie .sertian+ and the efficacy of li,•
Only agency id Pittsburgh, corner Ith and Market si
sent Silly
, 414 . , 1:IT• urcomp:l; for
J 11101 V F:1.1..
FEECTI:ALLV nod •peedily cured by the wren
the Great Remedy of Nature, AMERICAN. OIL
It almost toiraitutously reduce. Iffgartunaion, and eon
aequently is warranted in all CllOOO W leave no ream or
or sr
In the 11,h.
Sold wholcaale and retail by WM. 4ACKSON, at hot
Ikon and Shoe Store and Patrol Medicine Warehouse.
ea Liberty an eel. heatlV Woad . Pillehurgh fetes
canto aud a l per bottle.
IV Jaekron being ttot Evel,tee Agent for Western
Pentotel van, npne genuine but what is land by HIM
or HIS appotitted,Agent ,
SI It. A Pamphlet contnintog ample d.reetiona de.
with .he names and addre, of the Vroprietor and Prin
etpal Agent. la env loped with wrapper of eaMt 1 , 01(0
Ae or eminent, eon he actual the Store.
INGS.—ScrotuIa in all its multiplied dorms
whether in that of King's Evil, enlargements tht
glands or bones, Uoitre, Wharf Ywelllegs, i :mon
Ii heurnatiern, Cromer, disc:wee of the Stan or tiptne
or of Pulmonary' Consumption, emanate from on
and the IMMO rause, which is a poisonous prinerp r
more or Ina. inherent In the human system. Ther
Eire. unless this principle con he destroyed, no rad'
cal cure can be °Heeled, but if the 'principle um;
which the disease depends, is removed, a cur •
MOO Or uecessily no output nor ti hat Imo
the disease should manliest s. therefor
i. Co reason why; J AVM'S ALTERATIVE. is so uti
trustily successlul in removing so Many malignan
'diseases. It destroys the •iros or principle rena
whir t those diseases hoed their origin, by enterin
into the circulation, and with the blood is conveys
td the onnUtert Rao, removing eeery p.thrle r
thseare hum the system Prepared end sold at kr
II South Third Street. Philadelphia.
Sold at the Pekin Tea Store, Nh. 75 Fourth etre@
Pittsburgh. mch3l.
- - -
(From me Spirit of the Tittles j
A gentlean of Scrofulo hohm from Indiscretion
in los youn m ger days became us
affected with Ulceration.
of the Threat •od Kit e. and a disagreeable and iron-,
blesninc erupbon of the Skin. Indeed, In. whole as,.
tem Imre the marks of being ram wed with di.ease
one band and wrist were so much greeted that he bad
lust the me of die hand, every part beingrevered wilt
deep. painful, and °lenitive Ulcer, , and were as h 0...
low and porous as 4 honey-comb It was at this stage
01 his complaint.when death appeared inevitable. item
Imillsomv d,aeaor, that he commeneed the Yee of
JAN' NE'S ALTFRNATIVE, and having taken st.
tern kitties, i• now perfectly cured.
_Tim ALTERNATIVE opermrs throne) the circalas
fromand purifies the Mood and eradicates disease
from the .y .um, wherever located, and the n u m e ,ppg
cure. it has performed in diseases of Skin, Cancer,
Sittofitta, Goner, Litre Comphont, Dyspepsta, nod other
Chreinic dower, Is truipalitOnishing.
For tale in Pittsburgh or the Pekin Tea Store, Pllib
street, near wood. sad .alra at rho Drug Store of 11 P
Sc h wares, retired to Alle•beny city
Dr. Methane's Worm Illpectglo
THIS is 10 Gera) . that. by taking OM vial of Doctor
al g ae. ets Worm Specific. a child of James Showts
passed upwards of IV 'arorom, and by the use of .add
medicine a staid of my own passed Marge worms.—
li truly die most sijnlriatng worm medicine I ever
omit. 1 must have two more vial.
Wilkins Towoship
For se's by J baDD 6. Co, No 60 Wood stresi, Pitts
burgh. - orsh6o
iiiiit - Trolifc commendto 11.0
atiention of those desirous of restoring their hue or
...Manta its beauty, to this elegant prepsnatton
hear it every where htghly spoken M,
and eepeelaiir It)
oil thump who have Made nee of it, on greatly eibeatuous
1.m6 the growth of the hair, anti preventing
nod coring many atleminua of Km in It, virtues are
torte uud t,Vrinnlp prrlVPai—Pr Saw
bur sale it% Patilturgli at the PKK m e nuA SIONE,
TI roan'. a, nr • r Wong, one atth at ag :float us
II P etchvetati, Kedetal to, Alleglicti) city. 4e4
For tan reasestal. fad I ermattem can otall dise•sei
, gr is r imtaka impweatate of the blood
, 1 1
ertabs• of the awn. it.:
C ir s 4ph.„.1../..,...rom,raliatrwass.Culstessous
s or flo,olts et tAa Fan. Blarekra,
Baer. Cles , sa% &Ws Pwa, liin'Werst or Take, cat s I
lima, Raiargemost and pain stf Me Ant., i
Shaten, V",Svphilirte Sir.jq....!lbtialto yr Le*.
boo. anif Awn.aririagfrossan aigudiriaas.stss
Ale/vary, Amasser Dwpry, Sart.. hajaas4Wssa sa
Life. Abe, Chronic Cenrnsturnal Disaeden.
TS timely administrationnas been alb:tided *.• I M
happiest resultsresults In many anomalous affeender s
e.. chiefly intended to fill th e void tablet, wise between
athartic and aperient medietnes; knee its_madvs Op- j
roodj ia thet of an alterative directly —indirt - ctly, pro
ring a tatting tonic to the et mem.
It is highly concentrated tar convenience and posit-
bility, conmining - undone 1.. the expressed euente,
and is the rep. wentative of the Sarsaparilla Rath)*
the sante manner as
i tusne i.e.( Peruvian Ilarki or
filorphum of Opthm. It an established, Meta that a
few grains of either Quinine or Morphine cl'atains all
the comeinal value of a large quvutity of the evade
sabwances; haste the superiors) of those preparavoita
—and no invalid would desire to drink a gallon miatare
taken a half pint contained thel/Me medlntual value.
The Sarsaparilla can he diluted when taken agreeable
to the direction!, and made to suit the taste of the pa
The following t en:theme addressed to the Agent. at
Chicago, furnishes conclusive ptoof of he great value
In cues of Fever Sores.
CIIICAG. all. :apt I:A.lslft,
filessrs.SlelddaS & Recd—nett: In May, 1115,1 oh
tamed at you, store a mule of standfs Sarsepaillli.aud. I
was then confined to my' beef, Wish°. sleep fora Meek.
occasioned by violent pain tram a regal to fever soreof
longstanding, on my-right leg. Sly physicianeatlXived
me In have the limb amputated, saying It was thebnly
r.ealie likely to preserve guy life. After using half the
bottle the Fain begin to ruin., and by the Ism I lied
used nearly three brittlea, I wettable to transact my reg
ular bu.tnew, and before 1 bad finished the lath bet
Ile. !we sas well and sound as evert had been. I babe
no tit saying that Sand's Sarsaparilla was the
Me na/. under l'roVitlence, of saving my limb 'and I
doubt not ety life. I must cheerfully recommend; It on
the hest article errant for the parification of the blwail
Tours, Mow respectfully,
The following, certificate in only another link in the
great chain of tesliMany to no men.:
Soo. Boxsok,Caneda Easa, April 18,10 0 .
kle/Ms. Sands—lleallernen: Exposed at we are to
the attacks - of dlMaxe, and so frequently 'ditmppeatited
in imposed remedies, we cannot but look on the MIMI*
of suceesslul pmentiturees with interest aid gratitude
Thais is true respec,ing lour valuable prepansiiin of
Samaport lit,. I have been sevetely elfin:led tor Tsltean
with a distant. about which di/agte,'' add
their prescription! were sun more direr-ev. 1
SOUR relnedits. but found no relief until I contort cad
using your excellent medic lie, al which time 1101/0
when) confined lo my bed -Alter 'wing it a few month.
I ion now able to want shunt I di/ WO, and ea:ay/dyads
linkable degree of health, which I aunt... mitirgly to
eow of !_.auds Saw:marina. Plea.. tires pt tor a s .
meal. grutitade and regard
jotiN tl NORIIIS
r ls , ;:
REV. 1 . N M AN
• Facture Tx.rthosv,—The 1/1 3 mylng it an saran
letnu a letter tdrelsed IrOal Rev. William tmluslotg
llmwsinsix, Vt., Oct :11.1e43.
Mawr., Sands: I havethcen alit mid with a Wiiere
- pmn in my tide, or easiotteil by a diwaw.a.liver,.tbr tits.
I rt. eis duly I mar , .ffersig t toes a but 1411klide
cannot minvey, 1.1 %love taking )oui Sur.uparithi,
have been greatly relievi-d.wi much sothat I Iniesilicen
able to anent to my bunlnc+s. and preach okeadiallially
Coelho last Gate. month.. I wholly disearited all Other
medicine, and thoroughly tried the Sarsapariila. which
I can recominold lit tit:Maud sincerity to all thow
are In any way afflicted with any species of sic - random ,
complaints. There have been two.. rernartableware.
effected by Its a... in Mi. vicinity. Mel. I..Shaw;b)
the use of We bottles. with restated toletter him Ith than
the Lad benne enjoyed for mu years, end Sire. IV. tie
,who had beenAcvercly Millen:it with the Eijsiti.
clan, wet entirely cured by the tin, of a Few bottles
Yours truly, WM. SIALESIIA
For !unit er particulars and conclusive evidence of its
eopetiot value nod efficacy. see pamphlets, which Mai
be obtained of Agents grans,
repared awl sod by A U. ft EfSandi..f.huggtsts,
Puborrst, corner of William, New Voris. _
Sold also by L. WILCOX, Pittsburgh . , Har
weal, Beaver, Wm. Watson, New Cattle, U. N. Rob.
!ton. Brownsville: A. Crcigh, Wmllington; and by
Drumst generally through!. tit United States.
Pnee $1 per bottle—six bottles for LS.
The üblic ale respectfully...qtMsted to remember
Mat it i s Sand's:sarsaparilla Wald /eaux.o , lY asfitea -
Mg sorb remark able cares of. the most difficult class of
dire sses to which the human frame is sal/leen there
fore ask for Satan/ Sawaparilla. and take no alkef.
- 110.117N1S - /1-11101-10711D716
- NED If Al,
whist has relieved him ;such • elm. time from his di!.
Scotty of brwithitig, Cough sadsufroculiou? Ile
willtell you it was "the Olosiouist, or All-
Ifesliog Baliam." Ask Me consumptive
what 1.0 alkiyed his Cougl4 meowed
the ram ni his Side and Chest, -
slacked his night ewitiis, mid
placed the woe of hank
up. his cheek! and _
he will tell you
Ask your friends if they - know of mythitig that so epee
dill curt a lung and tedsous Cough, Raising of Blood, Bros tlyipectie etinsutoption, Roarseum
s, inductee, and
dist... of :he Thowl, u the Olosaoniaa? ead they will till
you—No. There never yet has been* remedy introduced to
?alit notice which has been productive of to much good in
so short a space of time. Read the ganging
Astonishing Cures:
Wit. Bono, the relebytted Bono cracker Laker, Ikf ISa
st I
sac rut, Biuoklyni states tyzat his wife has Lent willimed
with &Album for 30 year., muPcoolderui find per:usu. re- •
lief from dm but medi cal advice which New Tuck soli
Brooklyn could prodoce, leas ioduced to try this gnat resse
dy She is now nearly well His daughter alto was suffer ,
log from the same disease, tried it, and was also cured by it.
Mrs Bond is mow 'so well that she is able to direfrom her
bed mot in the morning and attend killer usual dont, through
the day without any anyoyance from Ler distr../ =My.
Hen., Justine, 17th street, 000 r the Catholic Cernetry,
came to the store for the purse of obtaining bottle of the
Olosomoisin, having been alikted wit. the Afthinalor more
then 30 years and ITU I. islumoad on hii",arried Rat Li
could not spe ak. Ile purchased elsnlir tad rods ha:Me--
Four days afterward he sidled from hid residence to the of
• without fang., • distance °rover two
the wonderful relief which he had upi.eicoced bola swing.
about one half of one bottle. •
Consumption of the Leinp..
Mr. Coorrior, 35 White street, Ina as low in the Month
f Dexembq Wt. Out he was given op by his phyrienat. His friends entertained no hope of Lis mummy. Flo wag persua
ded to try the Olamonian, an& lais 'surprise it has re 4r
restomd him to heal th that he is now able to walk about the
Arum ,
Mrs Aware. the wife offilp H. Allree,J•mes Harman,
Wand Geo. W. Hap, Bar ean all haw testimony from
eer own septet c:we of the healing properties of Rh Great
Remedy in Consumption of the Lungs.
Splttlasyr Blood.
Mr. Twoustorthut, 3:B Monroe strut, who had been
troubled for s geed length of time be a nun seayb, and
raised ilia:intim of blood, war relieved by mac bottle of the
° l ' 7= n" at.tl7ll.:s'i t te lb. rate r : L et ' ,. " r" reo T t&e.77 M'
dm same complaint, although - he was very much_ reduced
when he comm.:wed taking it, having been under the my of
his physician dormg the put winter. Although he moth
[0..11110, nu very much Mudded with eight sweets,
bunk, of the remedy
,enalsktt hiniqo retort, to be Bast-.
work. Ile vv. erlievrd. • -.
tool. Ilsvocuolo, Laight stem ,. w. W. Butnett,•
ginneely of Newark, N. J., Hums Lisle . 199 Airington
sweet, and numerous other rervous - hase been e1•ye•11 , 4.1
pervavorolly cured of the same emendaint by this rune y.
The Array or
which could he praduonl of person oho have mod "ow_ grij,
-rtinidY'VouLl. more Rao All a'oolunan. Among the randier
- are permiteed refer to A. M. Untie:ger, Borcliy
Mr. WILD of lloboker Mrs. Bell of bleirristown, ..14
r Jaws Il Devoe. lOilleaae st.; M'Calfne,so Albonvv
.1.; Smith, Ann., Sin Wm IL Ailment ibis
City, mad Mn Architiod,3s White st • •
gold wholemle sad retail by We Jackson, at his Banal
alesheine•Wurehouse and Boot and Shoe Blurt, No ID Lilac...
lreel, hesettlf. Wood slut, Filtsbagh (rice ier but •
For Cough Colds, asthma, and Consumption:'
011 X RESIEDV he Coble,
bawd Dr. Mean. nfEngland, and mandated
isne the lanDed States unde r the immediate sumahnend-•
snoe of tilt Inventor.
TI. extnuanitriery enemas Cif this medicine, in the
care of Pulmonary diseases, 'warming the American
Agent so/kiting Mr treatment the WORST POS.
CELE CASES that can be hand in the communtlyi
rams that seek relief In rain train tiny of the commit,
remedies of the day. and . rare been given up by the
mart distingaished Phi-salami as CONFIRMED ANT
lIRMILABLE. The Hungarian itaimm has clued, and
will ewe, the MOST DESPERATE'OP CASES. It is
go quack nostrum. but a stiodatd English triedkine, of
gnomeand estebtished wheal-v.
Every tunny In the United Smite Mould be stip
With IlinetmtPs Hungarian lialmuned Life, out only•da - ,
eaustMened the consumptive tendencies of the climate. I
MAW ba usedßS preVentive medicine In all came at
Culds, /its, Spitting of Mood. Pain in the Side and
Damn. IMMO. and Sineneva of the Lang.. 0..114
DiMoulty Erealtdng. 'nestle Freer. rilel FAWOW. :
Emaciation and General Debility, Asthma, Influenza.
end Croup.
IS Bad In tar ,
a II per bottle, with PM Here.
Roam ihr the restoration at Health.
Pemphiets.containtng a mass of English and Ameri
can cmailamiles, and other evidence, aliowlfig the tar
equalled merits or Great Emilleh Fterned/Ortay rdt
atned of the Agents, gratuitously.
DAVID P. DRADLER, pale Agent gar the Untied
States, ll L l: v Dtai r t taa• ww...0. A
i.T...t . X01t6 Second area, Pnadelphia.
Fut vale by It A PAIINESPOCK te. Co. earner of
wood and front sweet.
llaaCiaa—niTurlN-7.-Piareal Mud ere
often not aware how frig-bunny injurious. is to
the skin! bow coarse. how rough, how sallow
and unhaalitly the eitin arta.. tater using prepared
chalk! Liceirics , it i:. injurious, coma:Moen Int aetrums
lity O f lead. We have prepared hticaitilful viiretabte
article. which we call
W MTV. i l is perfectly innocent. treingmariGed of an
deleterious qualities; and it impane to the akin • none
ral, healthy, alaintater. cleat, living al it! time
unit, acting ae emanate on the skirt, making it eon
and month.
Dr. James AttoCl7ol, Practical Chemist of Mame
chumussaym "A net unelyeing Jones's Spain - eh lath
White.' find it prmamarm the snood beautiful and !tato-
MI, al We /Me lime al/meant wine I !Te filar. I
certainly can consetennowty tecommcnd its tree mail
whose Min requires beautifying"
IF4,.:lrbf"WgnrarioN, at Ins Dam' and Shoe
Some. St Liberty meet, bead at Woad, at the Mgt. of
0.1- Me /toot ida
ithituati.s votraiiktraUP—.lf
. olteuld ne
he and made Ill!OVan to the public." Tint
was the expreamon of an old man alto tried the Syrup
P1TT730.11, February I, lea
'Mr. Moment—Tine may certify the 'being mattered
with a tranhicsome - cougb ratan lira!, 1 hough) a bottle
a t Montana Cough•Syrop: and gm happy to my, alter
mg it, nor e1:4104e malady :urea. I pronoUnce y
pin Syrup the heat medicine I have eget used_ Pid
Manly elated be without ai.rvalnabl e nasidi6ne.
Irr•Tisie medicine is prepared wholesale and triad
at the Dreg Store of • JCIIIN D lIORCAN
Vitood Elect, one door below Diamond Allity
Prieriga rents lier hettie• I f e w
JRISII 11AIIt 'DIM—Far arenna
nearly dyeing Idsht. Red or Gray' flair a Dare
grown or Glaek color. dyeing leourine the
akin. ' Sold wins fell elm none Nita SO year, or 1111
a Ironic.
1.1 Wlkl. 1 ACK St , N. Lt. Patem 11. tlic
IVstebutow, w I.Apetty attreh head otAVh.d, at the
of Oat 14 Loot.
. . .
'. DR,
LL SIIERIte NJ.. a0c0....0 o'.oi )mask. Ow, - . oo.“.
oo %hos down. vat Ilk, is rcodaty mail
mew le. i4 tat lc are simile i aeon" ark by at L......
rs• Pol otTask Paste on the heck of rack 1i....., ......
'met Ball or Dint:ham 1010 . - _
L . -
e Learn. are the safee, ani Ma mud effectml rem•
.4 1 ....ghh .d.h r.......4.....,"h0.1aw , ..0., ~
ore, tighten* of the /mane cheataw, de. The purer,. '
bury koowa an imam when they did sot gut psi bre
ruisfaction. Se m! themend bons have Men MI aria. i
. iite We year, myna Ml:math rims b. aye en i) mc
of ounstanuon,"ead am laboring min the mow d warms •
fad, and mg:4. They do ws maii red dry up the autot,
to ender ii airy, promote mpsekosteas, idly Um team s ur
letson, end . rm. , the proem., or wailin g mime.-= -
'try are made from • tombitwOon of • am Temkin sem
t r,
not, or met malicines, atel ere utedoebtaliy earn., ea
Way Main me for 0190.1%2111phi1d., Nimilnele aro -
.:Reds °feuMW have been oared of Mr mental , te
tra, from those oho ben Mayne from ea mtmaii,,,,,,,,
and Mead to :.epee health by magi Om.
Where Me . mock pain M the breast areide, eat of Sher
wee. Poor Nees Mean (price 00/7 1.1" amyl sh o w it.
er Ned over the fart, and mu tilt relined. If attewin
welt mama, a few cathartic ce Main limes, `,,, ~,,,
wild embank =dieing, should be used cw amen MUIR,
• The., worm Range. ban bon paired la me Mt 1,400
, Nil cure to be infellitde; the rely men meat dram.,
1 medwon tat
du biota dianam arises Goas a urn
laud occasion long awl beton saying, end nen dean, with
oat their ever Mg suspected: growl permare inn Win
yilierd with them, and are doctored fur 1,11.10. eantreints ,
without any Merit; who:hope dry of then Lamm. woo"
speedily ma than. • • '
Sea porsuef morns.—rains in Mt Jobe* or liter, DIN.
sin broith,picking al the oar, grindiog of lir Wen china,
aleepdoed at ticampilmseabout the lipe,with dueled Min
bleediugel the met,emaiwing setwalian et the sormalt,ll44.-
mof Mt over the mare at the body, slight chills re esit
.ring, Inmelecht, Myna., vertigo,. tar., ' , Seethed
dresses, madden ataling in sleep, with (nes end areiretieg,
wartime* • tronlikame rough, inerielesese, tbireptillitt
law, fits, Imd taste in the mouth, dills-ell brtalliag, tam iit
lite stoma or booth, fatigue, nausn, meatonlem, eati
oleos appetite, Icennese, blamed sumach or limb., Oreg.
MIMI juin. et Moos fell of lb. body, • .me of .. y Mita rwmg in the thomt, ethnic GM. awe loran. night, •
frmatat run to pea amnia, franttr boweb, awl war
time*. discharges Yellen and mow
Fry gil haraediat e re li ef in ItiellOW or itick headache.
pelpitatit. l'i the heart, lowness of the spirits, despuwinn,
,fetimunatorp,or putrid son throat, bowel or mart cm,
rent, litionnoopremisiou or • awe of sinking of der , Mee,
abatis, slam, my of the Noinar.h or booth, 19 steriell
effecter., and ell nervous Comm, drovnieme through the
day, and: walmfulans through lite oighli Mina u, Mal,
ma morbus, diarrhom, Mind. or •me of fatigue. ?et
travels% or weeding her partial, will falli the Limn
,. evilly mei:egg to ll narnag the buorusn'of 'oath; wed__
slier :Mir ..., wi mon the tom of the memos pal
yell', an demure the unpkaant symptoms meta mu
wo Gee living, Person. who bete been tat high lain, and
abandoned their dinirted habil., will Gad Mt Images id.
mire& toomen of the 1.11.13.
The Leit - stenigneeingplester is Me weal, aml• eareeeign
ego, 1. , nowt or setanem in the
.. coiai, side, owl,
tions,ptiate, ritemaliwa, lumber, R Stritue millien a
icy wilier& supply the Monad. 1 ticy maim 'link inns- '
tug base appbeetma. Wyman] earner to allot bers,mti
fur one mime the and price, Meng out may the terst, but
the Chente plaster in Mt worLL It alga& relief in a feer
Imes, and snakes Writhing eases.
In liver eampinio 1 and drpiptiai it Mould be worn over
the arm of the leveraretuensch, end it will aford re - 4istut
astouisltiog relict la coughs, colds, asthma, daintily of
breathing, uppetssin of the cheat of warns Owl wiil isi
romitately both and greatly benefit dr piney moos of--
sedentary Mils, ashen. obliged to Mil much, will freehe
,deified saran Rom an of kale stretigthenierg Pty.
Ur. rhyllClZMlgtoreally recommend 1111122,ut prekrrims to
al uthers,benace they stie-k or adhere bette,andadoed great
lief: In llicir operation, they ar ebullient, tuoie mal
mayor. They are cm reed of meetly dillicetu Mg:edi
ctal tram aerially, end known from the terrine. co mi I
lions who ham teed theat, as well as the ungell if•lidill of
all the celebrated end dheingulehed elagy aod physic, to
he the most mefulead highly medicated plata. physician,
&gent periom hate naffed II lb. imbues. It tn..
, their eurprmind linuake, et dr alma miraculous sores Mess
. pLid[l2 Me firmed. •
Dimly* fir me are - oit the beck °teach Flyer, with a
Er tiMile of Dr. Sherman num. It in insporteet)uu dyed
always an kr Shermeals Poor AWN • Ptaistrormil on let
:t u "Tltl in ter . ''' worhe
n imitithesr:l 50uaa71...11.,.. s
fluters, by
mpriMipied dale, ,L.
I Sod :OM* and rebut. by W. JACKSON at hi. Pain
Medicine Waselonse, No, Eli, Liberty me, d
ll—Oly.ip a G.
' RS'
•ONSASTIIiti of his Prophylactic Syrup, • nor
lain remedy for all Caimgorms. and I•crofu
lou. ailectionr, Cough Syrup, Croup Syrup. Con
centrated estract of Saraaparilla, decidedly
superior to all other extracts having ghat. rekeL
when all others have failed, bales throuah a new
promos more concentrated then - any other niter. .
altered to
the public. ASTHMATIC ELIXIR ;
having efkated port:mom mites of that stubborn .
disease, when of more than Pi•years o boding,
hence it stands without a rival in that much dgeaded
Dr. Core's LINIMENT , for all essn of weak
ness or pain, and a complete substitute fOr blisters.
Dr Rose's TONIC MIXTURE, an isisilibia
cure for cbiln saf fevers, and indeed is more of a
specific for fevers of all kinds than bask or qui
nine. •
hereknowd. is used in preference to ant other
Dr. Rose's lONIC ANTI-DIsPEYTIC, for 6lh
diseases of the Stomach and bowels, . Ch.lers row
fectione, die Too high as encemium conaot be
Ipassed clothe merits of this medicine, in cure of
ispepsis, sad all diseases that result from weak
ness offsstomien el bed digestion:
Dr. Rose's FENIALE I ILI S,. most. valuable
remedyler those general compla ints to which fe
males ere subject. ,s
,No pill ever before offered the public so happily
cemomes the_ qualities id a raluame niedieine,se an
'anti-dispeptie, LIVER or Stomachic pill, correct.
rig those diseases, and thereby, ,preventing'cons
eumption. - A young Lady "16" years of ago, baring
'adiseased liver for some time, _ her strength pros.
tinted sad appetite gone, was completely restored
In sts weeks by the use of the Ano-dispeptie
toeesod these pills alone. -
ENINU` PLASTER, for weakness of the back,eide,
breast, dm.
Dr. klime's SPECIFIC EP I LEPSY,the most ens.
tel. :remedy for all teen of fits or convulsions,
whetberin Intut. or &dolt. So certain a specific
m it for this formidable diminie that the most obi
etiolate cum, and those too of long staoding, have
yielded at once.
Dr.ftmes RHEUMATIC MIXTURE -Aftermany
cyears of diligent research this compound was discov
ered, lend ii. never failing efficac_y place. its efficiency
abovel others for Mc co re of nneurtiatime.
Dr. Rose's ASTRINGENT COMPOUND. a certain
remedy for spitting 'blood, indeed for discharges of
blood whetherfromLongs,howels or other parts of the
Dr y .
Dr. Romes twat!? Mr Cholera and Dowel complaints
--This mixture will effectually tore bowel complaints,.
r Dysemerhasoleia Martine, and Cholera. •At Me rime
:the Astute Cholera was raging in Philadelphia Dimas
found to be the most eueceseful in arresting it, erolog
nine ninths of all those who used it. • - - •
- IVbei may be said of one of these remedies way hr
said of all; their: value will only be appreciated lie
Mow who try them... Letters form those Wile bate been
eared of the various maladies that alnico the broom
tiodj might be given, bit w are twined to rest the
matter on the merits of the co e
mpounds. We hue a
Fineries for Pientfula, in Its various datime.wi roudrused
and <identities that its healing power has'estonished
many: A tamer Coneer,occurring in the-wife of the
late Governor of Delaware.lias completely eared in n
few months. The caster ben been twice ten oat by
pnitnittent Pintoes. and renewed'ilmlf with increased
mat:teeth, yet notwithstanding the debility of Constitu
tion itingiennelflor the son parts, the use of the
of d
PhY/aetie completely rtroosed i _esery vestige the
Caws innumerable niche. various mars that Dive
. 7
followed the ale of their remedies m sew
e i oar
sins, hut it is not deemed necessary to cnsmere Mesa
asthe ascot them will ice... mend them to all.. .
J. tia IUONDAKEIry & Cos, Na 01 •Wesul,..l Imet
Agents for Pittsburgh I I - sallii
I.iii.llos4 ---- sal'olLiftifiitiG - 017iiiiii - ; --
A ERY—Alllessini,! AAI frock tl. A Wedded ! '
—To cure Etoptions and Disagu temente of tha Cato,
Piwplrs. Fieekles, Sunburn, Pall Rheum. Sew rYt Sow '
Heads, &e., /W. - 1 •
Four lens ago last 'August, the capital of France
was astonished in eonseintenee oft discovery made by
tut Dolma Chemrst. Many doubted—lt seemed almost_
en impossibility that anything made by thet sof
man. could have sorb singular powets as that e aimed
by AntoniatVesprini for 10.,s invention. Many Jawed
hint end his it:MC.I4OO •I!• humbug, (and. slas,l many
foolish ponces 1•••OUS Eying do she seam vr,l at
letteM, piles testing it in din hospiyals, the aisut ales.
rim of Pane (the best chemists In the wortu)delivered
the following repoty to IsignoiNesprttsit •
YtWattave now Mal otely end caiefully raemined the
singular Invention of Vesprini. We hive analysed its
component parts—we have used is lowe vet al eases,and
we hesitate not to pronounce it (the Dalton tlientical
:tenni as a great blessing, and a truly wonder ftt sente•
dr for any emu:woos eruption or eltoftgartawn of tite
skin. Its 111VentOr we consider true &Allan ropist
of suffering mankind. . _ •
(Signed) 1 -- LEOI OLD. DUPE ,
President" '
. READ 7111:j :-
From the inventor himself to thit reit,. Yropri/Ww.
sits. Nov. 4, YEW
hs consideration of the, rum of 14,0011. I have Meals
. .
teed to
!dr. /cum, reaidingin the city of New 'att.
IN. A., the whole maces!, of utanufamentm, lob tber
with ISMlltelnelil at the logrednottatcomrotosa toy
n Chemical Soap. Ile is to manatacto re, tt lor-oae m
the United :Mit{ only, and to have the povtlega Oto•
mina it -Jtineel Italian Chemical Map.
r Hemp J. lloldtwordt.
Innettern ANTONIA Vll 4. PIO
(A50:.01d by W JACKSON, at pia Patent Netthetne
a‘ehoiiee, - Efr Liberty
,street, head of .1% nod, at tie
aim, a the Dia Root. j 26
Ilia only. plane in Plnaberes where the GENICIN
coo ebouned. All others me CaanterfrA • •
At As Gs B oior Poo
One insertion of 15,10 res or len - SO LO
Two insertion. without siterntioui 075,
One Week " " •
\ • ...... W
Too Weeks ," ... ... . . 50
Three " ..... s_t o
. _
oOe :4onth, ;
T a m • " .... 6'oo
Three " • " ..... 760
Tr Longer advertisement. rs 11•011e'ropoNti011:
Ona sqoare,6 mantis, without altemtioo,..., 10 00
"- _ 12.." . • " 44 \ 15 CO
L'ach additionaal square for 6 month. 500
". " . " 12 " 10 00
One square ,6 months, renewable at pl.siure 15 CO
" " 12 " 4 , ' 93 00
Each additional nave for 12 month. 1000
Two aquares,6 months re'vrableat ple.unrei 30 CM)
Each additional aquare;6 months, 11 00
WIZILLT Oa 411-1111.1.11.17 111 DAILT
One Koare.3 insertions, $1 50
" 4. each addition.' inserti 37
Five lines or IVO, one year. 6 00
" n• 0 sit months 500
one year, daily & weekly, 10
" sin months 0 " 00;
For 'A/ — liom, or leis, One insertion, ' tab 0
• ~ at • T wo. .4 0 '75
Three, I 00
Three months, ... ..3 50
Sin • it 6 00
. • . ". Twelve " 10 OD
Emit advertisements to be chartmdhy the algae.
solda diaconal orls per mot to be given where the
amount of advertising exceeds 50 dollars per y_
• 110112 MAS towns,
rive linen or lw, One year.
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