The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 24, 1847, Image 3

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TUE highest ptien io eval paid tot all ILe dkeereo
E raora of Cle.a W.taved W 00l Y• .
Old wool vratebnitsa, eat Libenv at and Cl're.lp. alto)
19dkont F -
,FID 01L-11 Obis-No I, Iton rooolved
B A FA II ritliVeß a t•O
77•xTRACT LOGIN 00D-50
.C.C. E‘ISSIfOrd.
IreriVed liod Lr tcyr
MACKEREL—Um bms No 3 Lore, NY ..I by
wde op Illamond
DUN 01./11111-1110 Loxes :exit , Ned 10114
w I.lore sod (Or so, 1.T 1," I. IIUTC111:101, &CO, wale! er
1 re
11.11.P111: —l,ono it. J 4.1
F.arweLyel LI .1L FALIMISIOCI_,./IF__nOu
OTTL.P. OIL/ILK'S— 4 boles, from 141 to fa 1111
wood _
:01T a Ric A CID—LcO ox storfuod for w
r~l. by J MOO a, CO
1 , 1
a ere f
rALXII..I./1 lbs
~.r _
:. tifelglertu
, ee
I.APS-. .Itoove !iybart i 3.. (
. 111,day and
- ben fm, T
Ply,': , —
S co - I . c it -GO box. for Bale
b y ,
Tf F4 . 4, ,„; as k
7i nod. oecored t•-dwy
AAON AlelolloH r
B Jo ,
C CII—ILIA`:::: 1 ;31t . c i lili ),11 .1 '4 . 1 11.V . Z
Fl 6 I "-4"
"1"" V ON
r''y F7e=r (or rak hp
& CO
iA ',',•47C‘nr,l7Niretyti N OLEAS
T.) t/ ItON tv,:r,re.l
16A1.%11itt.14 Al man
.U:aciuler - for . . le by
N It .o
95 . Nil:tr. , / ovec
, " I *.! ‘.`" .
,:..71,....,5:1,.1t,:eityer'. kaatid, 4s Tol.sec ,
jil. • - : 1 Dll.l:El.L: 2l 7saix r.t
p OWL) .. , , 0 0 4Li • A 6 ..:.; se. It do [
For Fie t.y .1 Lk L7I'LL
• . _._
I 1 Ity PE AC UM; —it',0.1.4...n b1.11,..r.d...501g..,
.plll ‘l, lek d 110.40.11 1,1,,
IV. EVi PI AeliKftra.-50 I•1.1 d
s Large No 3, •
IN tr....1,1r, a• ...•1....,. j...... and 101 libie I.
11111,1,V1t d. RICAKT , ON
... . _
• _ . _
a - ge Markorl. of "V-46,"
for*.te by
LI blI.
1.; - t”.I. Ind cc
S e '1"
J et , • ,
P UT %,11
-14‘"‘ t"
B",`,T m-
1 AMU 011. A Prime 'neck of No Lned
" for
.:I'rOhirOAN k SON
of tn•UncturerseNLtnerty Wert
f INTILIENT 5 gro•• AlhA.tAter's (hutment
, wc0,41
A".`,. ( !i n ,
j ARO OIL —lb bbl, !me ordpr. for
e 7 IO42LN.MAK It CO
—rs dozen nire, fur.. low b,
7AN ILL BEAN buidlcs for ealc by
a;:;1 401
I -b
1 , 4
OUISVILLI3 LlDleo-501.116 for sale y
L "dr3r.' A CsOßpisN, orguer st
_ —_
[211.131.T —ll.l. lot to 1.101( and for ante by
I: my
. .
ILA L.--15 bog., 11 r;erni,i,,,,„_,.,,..,,,
k./ my/1 1 RRAI (.11
tiI.CON —4,sts It, bog mood. In obYte ...3 .1 0. ~
by sY3I S & W 11.0111AClill
fIOTTON .0u tiaiet C 0,14,1 .0r role by
kJ goy:9 Fltle.Nll LIMEY &CO
OIL —Sby4f , or, Ica eulc ai 7.)Wit,
1 alr PFLA ( IIIBIS-3 lard, and 1 box. jort tee .1.
If and cut •ale I.y 35 Front Id
CY glilida VLBlidiA-1/-19 bids Fore Cider Vine
‘-' for
1 "r *
0 ' N 1
j.t FONII N, 1 ORsT to Co. IrYFrnot at
PLASTER—Z, bblo Ground. In rod ordr, fo
e r t.
lei ._
_____C . l3 . lo WELL
,/ •
OR.. i.O-1 11,1100 )1 cllow Corn, Kt snore
O ode
tat.. by ,r 9 , / C BIDWELL
1 I:lit:U.K.' , tYIL--.14 ' , ado pose, j. 1., tree,oe
13 d
.l ass
1,101 • ale by ,e 9 . I 1... 1111) , A,_
ALT-sWl,l.loAlleghroy. reed and for sale by
1.-7 ye 3 /NO F I,ll.ll‘,l.sbertland Irw±!o.
r1,11110T111( 13 Ibll3o-30 boo in o'ore 100 wok 5,
J. je3 . /NO F Pr.RILY
AddJYl—..rtrn no . ---- S d • hi and al b.
13 ~ • '""-' " ' 51... no r I ‘ 4:lilt r V .
1 111114-9 bht• Loose be, ~set reeesved
and fisr ••,.
.Lelsy I. V SFI.LFRs
LiEILILIte•-7. b .1. Nu 11N,, :,,r .....e. ny
II je3 _ .INc , F Pr.R RV
la TIAZIL SCOAII.—.S bags ...tore awl Ind. ,
.LL try n.y3l , JOHN SCOFF /e. CO
. ... ---
NI 5u Id ACILLEILE.L-30 oh Is Nol— Ls rge.
1 I. ,le do.
FI SH -131.1... No I Too th , - rhod,.
" .
511 hi bids s.
30 Wits No 1 Ilerring; for sale by
Y. litiAZY3. 7Ol
v_.( side or the Domond
AGIS I.I7A,STED--oontstfy
In Cnr►will fie pa.J
hlthed nog. leapt
eki,lnt'wtdril the Inktte
.f Putt
npOlf Fait SIM., below Martel
CTILAM BO AT VDU BALS-Eleven-hateentb.
6.3' of the ree.tlit Oat ttING6OI.I.I for We. For tern,
ac atErt 12.1 nt 5,1' FONA:1111L/Elyhc l q. 0 6
6 Ahn• Chort tue; •
5 hinl• flout sauterne Wine; for hale by
nIG I RON gubosstug Fut.... I a vale
-r_ R FLOY D
0rde;,:7,7 "...)1.„
.L.cac and k arke il l . ,. py
S• 1' „T 4 &09
tiW It ;fii pale ab PP ordeJ
kllandalg .1.81 or •ale
—I7V I.0:3 p A I.7.PA.L & GO. I,kberty at
~ ; .p S.~c/.. ~4y~~4.
.... ,
SI/CIAO-4o ,a • pr,m,, %Vb.,. 1i.v...;
tit i.ig. lirard: tor axle by
!ii F.NGI.IS • te.!tw:si.:r7.lB,ncl t!P viand ,
E.A i,,u,7, - '`F.l",.''',';,l7tg'. „, e.
, ''"en, at d - 'in" -,
_Ti..,_l -a..ODEs& ni.cußN
• ;, -.• ••• ,- 4: 1 •:÷:..••,:••.
' . :•'„;.:*::::?, • : j ;; - ••41.:.
;;•- , !••; - .,..g•-s..,;
grtred *JO put upaltnth%...sulm"
r lot
on.otedistouto, eonruntlT Ott hand M
60:;:!:10 t.4:floa•ted..nad.l34o.uats
,ary.11146% th
. RIIODES,A,A I . I) . O _ RN
("WU" "'N -"a.-5"
/ and fo , ost.' ,•1" ' So Y 7 l'w.:..lteet
.Tl - 10;
17:.-",? cto hind far .10 )
" 'n.
141101M . 7., k /11,b011:1
:so 17
Har,:_:.o, Are 11..eter IlAra. 17 sterA,For ?Ater
le by
C ro O . at
AVINDOIk ULAti3-11,0 bax.
muy-0 %ewer ' atlfr a o ! ;t
INSRED le* barrel. iv store awl for
T je7 *ale Ay .1 JORDAN FON
Tsup -IA A gcod far sale A
ja7 J .11 /RDA N V k FON
Nay AtP1...100,t, brat. sass receored and 1.1
li - - •-":-..f;""."}1°"1411tWftlIEV & CO
CIA:IIPIbe for *ale by
.' • . . 'i:
11"7-1;g7.1:15" FRIEND, RIMY &CO
I_WI --
i" , . f ig
AD 113111 C. —lOO bz• — Paw
___--..-- , just ree 7 d a — ndicbii
. by WIC4 & bleCti..ql.l.l, I
. _— _
POlt..iirE VAULT STIC MARIE.. iIneDATANT 40TIIN I.A . DItt -, :I' .
Ti..teacutio. I uraurr, C.o. IL I :,*. Cretin. a riir;': . 0 % 1 27 t ,,,,.`'. `,.,: r ."„
cornett...Ll commence mourner ire- Ik-nn'T and nr"lnlnl."ln L (air. ' , 4l,' ~ s.
tercets Detroit and the Saari Ste n•In• k 1..... n n Inn" . . 1
ktoltaMlgrMll'-=I-• of Ib• ocaant-tilseaws ers. ; FjFI. Nrlarm no /one O •
d. oral tog weekly lons rear s,. It he , It , 1ifea.,...,.7. . ..j,,,,„..z , ,,, ,,,, , , ,.,
,sps durtng the rcinamder ot the Irr•Oi l l , " I nn ''' . lri ~,,, ~..., ~,,.„,. n r ,i,...,
I' nnll.lnn ' s
Lon, 1"" Am e r . "" E ; seaso 14av ng ne,,,,,, crew) . Toesdas at I:o'clock. I . 'ar lrnlr Inn non 4, •• n'
Camhrta Ilir) Jima.. Ally I June:4 , n • I r •ppenear re. and win n.c4l Ma. n 4 td 04, l''' ~,,F , ....
ch.,..,,,,..,,„___ l uly, ~,.. 51 •
Calrdonnalarl Lon , , cry 16 The Felted, Is one year old. has a powerful low pre.- and heal•by color tw re a , ...raj I - al. the pv pa none
4.4;n•letott Vim) stew S. 3 1 " ,:1 ' ,/ - " I
' sate s-tigune. and re well adapted to the Vault trade I
Blit•nnot atr) lbarraon. A, w • •
j or ; 4 . For Freight cr I ...... 10:5 . 1 , 37 ,,, ;. ,.,...
CO.c i.:1ty„...,,,: at once purclat, atom. Noble m fuel li arse Ins, Ce....... vs
Sarah Sands, (Brll bompaan, • 1 N EI,III - .R I, Detrtrit an contpoard 111, II WOO not Into, the b al.. l.: V:<
trip 4an
sat FIVLA 'A SON, - 00,1 prep.' , on: Ino w ..I heaut•ly a and gpc
--- ------------ 1 naltafactlon nt r‘er) tiOnahce.
r'rtheCe'reNgewn"lt a N n A d T s I sa aneh l'a, krt Al
Trt ' .ll `i'.l.ll9."l:ni"tll,'l:: :I'l he
• SI, NIIIIA al, , A 111111111111 N 0111,11,, tienetal Agents tor
Cot-loan, maw r. ts tli leave no above i sl, IVestent State ,
hue day, .1 une . 24th. at 4 o'clock. 4 4 111 ' Letter from the Br., R. Caldwell, psmoror the Frrl.
For (night or pamrsee 'PP') no loard• " bytertan Cloillell 1,124.
' Ms Ilendro.boti A stretehFenrli. men I et,
Ipleasure in uddirg tny tem.:non) in fur," ot the exec. I l
ent prep...loon carted Ili Pnrosh r . t lour ,. ten
Cresun-tor atoms.. sears ago my non H. 31 vrry dr).
trnmly. and dorgowd to crane out but Ana., (reran d
a honor of the Crestn. and toed n act Jalllllt . ,'. 1 ,4
'matron. my burr 1. now aoh, erns. e sort Com to ra•
head. :Slatty L e nod ...I. were appned c.v.; •ro
vase in) Otor in worse ht.: ratan oriole II 111/ ItIIt , III.
tol/W(VI, Iltla me. my expr ciarot.•
A. an art•ele for 'he Toil, my or re• tt prefer ,
enee over another, triglebettlell I ern.. d. et! hot I
st,sposed to raneurary The Ind , . • op.cild, old hi,.)
the Chinerc Cream id i.e n drod , room In tura pr. lt,
""n". Inn
I"'in.'"iii''I.CAITALIIM I:I L
irrSold wboleaale niol ret_il. ta l'arrt web D' Lunn
M. Townsend. No 45 Mort.. met 4 tool Joel No tier
cnrnew of Wood and Iro.ll also
UR. SAYNk , ..eI I, A.ll.lLtnanagaincotlC I.II.,IDICINI.ES.p
It is our proor.lle In tor toer
to non ..
notice anything winch wt foul out, i tom persanat at
••treartort, lo be of nolo,' in thr poldtc :bine or Irr
Jaya ers tnedretnee we have toed ot ~nr (mods tor many
ettre. For tomato, the I. XI'hICTORAN r, the t A It-
MINATIVF. and VERNID.UI.:F. all eh are lnow to
to good for the cotnolealit. they prole... to cure. We
alon lake 0-our o ,he puo ',nosier. when several
of our travelling colopantons. form Imams ot Wert, u
New York .dtanll. tor mu,) do) .. the limea•ntre water
ol tnat regton. were bad', Inlet kelt unit r.oient Unit.
rh•ra, and In-ent, ry. NI r
It hull prov•ed hoot li
previous and; In our, Anil -The Cat not ot fir
Jayne:l iwart Clars, of 11°. la, among' lice gentn•
roan, Lt Ws.. aucer•at al or elfrentrg a .1. 4 ' , 4 rtlr •
rho Excectorant ire have (morn used ant ing nor
intonate Irtentla avltit qual nercd , , and m.t. tee, dint
sac ahati tin a good act to lanone• [copeciall, tht ae Id
ollded .4. tl•ey COIIIII,OIIII, n. ,e.• to Inainedlair inctia .d
aktlh) Inv dvlar lln ol to keep on hand Inn h the l', recur.
rant and Cnrointattvo. Toe Kt teetotal. l• In , : total 4
trod ;dr) or ours to 1,. , he Leo res ipe tor l'ulendun
Coll,llllllVe lionplapto..lait Inta ••.,•r yrt 1,....,1 t o,
pounded. Ihe r0.../ir 1., lor lain , .• not I , 1,114‘ L bot
a regulr. sc,lllta l ri, tun. me r e mttle:l. (dad boort inn,
' ' "."
I L ',;„ ' X 'll lV 4 ..a .: .; l"
I'd tnr to I. e I ~.14,13 sato , racy Cro , er
For rale in Ydr.rorel. vl toe 111 /Il l s I'FA sl tilt 1..
7 1 Faurdt attn... neat Wt..' and al-n al the Penn S ,
of II P ~.b.,,t, F,,,..:•._,,1ze,...y_ letn.ll.aT
,k N IDIPORTAN 1.1.: TT nit— la,. ollownre
-1 o-iter (tom Dr 11.1e1...n. or 1.-o en. Mao- , Ito
anti the n,,. guge., I s.,rdt , a... el, prry,
parset o 1,,0, ear .ir I rt••r ,r. I t.l.w low to up
t I a, ue - • •
Dr. Dar ,d la, ire- 1.. v 1 Utt Ito tlr used lour n0..11
ne, o. oat
toot • .• ot o, it, imme co Joy •rel.
14Speeloraut in los . r 11, o. t•lf II number al lent..
Man can Moo truls •ea .11.... t 1 It .. • hre• more urre.a.
Int in the oar ot tha• a• li th,tl - .1. a, se, th,,rouch
Farrecturani. , t 0... ~, ~ ~ ..,..• ••• I 1...e...5r It
not tf ct-e n ..i p.m, •••• • • ore,. on u •I•ragree..t, r.
nausea. 11 mu not .r. .I.e. .... Orins awl ',orate Me
a, 4tctn I, tt.od 0. , t I J. c, ta 11.1. 11 elollloll ot,
St rr dor. ,i at at- the uppe•,he pp , t, , I, mr trr
rauseu•lll4 In ,Jar
ovi bars e 1.., n used 1 , the
taeulty 1., a a ord , -• eo .orln re ,he t' m; . 1, .ll
has been sought 1011 , moos or II 1 14,11-}nr are • go r
by I Irilliooll sour.. Il i.
LL E 11111 111(11./1.4 Si, Il Il
For .s:en , l' Velar, or' at the lIIIKIN TEA 4111111 4 .
7'l Fourth 5tier.1........., nod. and at ilte Ding Store ot
II P rel , www. Federal on et, Allegheny Coy
_ray?erd AA"
I AS Itentnar , i to the !Woo , oo Venn
Irr l sailv so ra t. u see door. leo., Itund soeer,
fillike,„: ve heir Le mvis or -outtd toms !I ole or 4
1 .. • NI .14/1 O:, a
At he is devout. it ~all erupt. , ed Lyn one lie: ,
Ivor who wir , in tlc MIMI. itlll, piOllllll w,.1 out me
tiers ...., od h . plo lo f orollernlor 1c 000, ov.te p,
two us tam noon to Me ha low ,ng I, on- 4r 1, Ir. ,
an, .1 w tbr esp,a 1,1 ..• Uoity ds , ... r ' ... . r.
•: the ro low 'he r ...-
Vnr Jana , ~., T... ,i, si
r.., r,,, L,,, num 1 , , ~. =. 1.- -
.1. tr-rat on.. • ,he -
otne w• 11 be Ariodered due 0r...r0d ttg to the 4 urse ree•
N lt 7 Tbrre vr , tbo.. ,rhtelet ' in It nt 0h... nc
roonta it nOt paal ,nn.ta . . at. t.. o-... , p a. ed .a tat
anntl• di a pron.- , aff•ret or e,,r.erorn nar,l..,artr,
il - lt AR API'S : , 1 AU AZINE FOIL JULI ~..,
Viltedatonal 0.. , .. , non., : ,•.. I -re ,tal at Il .0. 111
t,int,amm's. ,Inc;,., 11. or la ; -mar......1,...1, at
rear. ve -has . og .. 'to , Foe, I or (•••••• ant rat 'or.-
m,,,,,,,,, , , ~ .. .., it, ,•1•.1. FM.. tol'otti r1.g.. ,,,
-, orb arc h'w to 1 , . Fs •• ...Id I. r a.s.
, eshoctot.
F.. 0 ,r, D. %Ira 00l ot
soden or !.lie In l.t,tort
.p, inter ‘,„ , , a i •ss S I ...r , , ay. nr or Mat
01111tIE1 C 1
irAmMITTEE roa /USE.
S.C./11101111'MS. RM. A. BILL. s.
Thursday Mornsng, JuneV. •
Weather continues clear - and pleasant, and Tasty
favorable to out door bovines..
The receipt. of Flour coatinue on a very limited
.rule, both by River and warn. „s 5 appear. to be
the market price for the present, and at that there
have been ammo. mall sale. ; end one of letk blue,
round prime slopping lot.
Sales Corn Irom store at 50c t' Lo
Sale 100 bu Oats at 'l:e.
Sales 50 be, Chet. at 5a05j0, and tome at Go.
Sale 1000 Its Feathers of prime quality at :Ale.
Sslcratna is real min; Gjc In edit
Further srles I'obbsb-10 te, credit.
Sale 5 bble Molaneea rt 36c per gall.
A sale WOlll
Hots of 57 tons b I'm Metal. 1 : 0
roe, frost: Furnace, Mercer Co. ('noel not
A bor 'Pee. iar rale tp; ,
Setluct consumption of the Umtett
Steles cite tile July Mil, to Ist J uly
18S7 tlfl,(1.10.0D0
Surplus fonesportation
01 which there was esporled from let
July 11346, to I June 1641
Leaving on hand for exportation nit,
Ist June 1017 5,0G0,000
Add to thia the crop to be !invested at
ter July 1817•••• •• •.
Deduct for consumption of I. S. from
lot July IW, to IrtJulv 1828
ru-. - , y` al'ilT far role lif lIFA\
•I 4'.an Brom& for P.rilc by
W a a Ale...A.:Ten EUN
vu z A•Prce Conatuon;
6.1 i . VO
MAONif•sa I care Carbonated. formi,e_b7
0 1MR., 1
riIaTIEF, CHALK —k-a"- •
k". l
kjPanAi-1U borrefirfor rale
? bc
" _ L. ..°
°cu. ' I.° °I ' LL -6 " i riaLv co
wttc,ANo____llPb7.-7.,frv:ak wad e n . d o
Po for .ale by
1"7""al—W k'g* D MORWOO
ALEILAT tl4-:5 lons, now lo l nd D ing Y
.6;1 l for
C111,,,,!:0E, WI bx t ',oar (of .I!, by
1 . _______ .. 2:.------ , K" k W
/lllla 11--.IIN I. efo stootorlrd•Yitiaborgb MenureeturT,
Nor lisle ittr : in,. 'W
y insictru- --(iii.l:•irt.Z.,-------.ale
.1.4 ie.._ ~., F VON IiONNHOR i FT kCO
PLO IL-S burro - la Fo,. ( 0 , by
VI, as. pan neer Ined and fOf sale by
an u _ It AT road 61.
I tans Catatdia C.
It H.fdeC PIM fon We by
LL'i.-7..Ll7lZ;pelliur. IL Wattre. brand lot
int 4
B e°N-3'." nd Wr ''""Trd' IVIANTA47.'
1,000‘.,'1,0,'L ra c y' 5'
L 1111 CORD. I
The teacart in tolerably well sorplied with Lead
ad Shot.
...k on let July, 1746 ........
/p ha.reatert alter Ist Jaly lad)
:urplus quastity for exportation (equal
In 9,000,000 W. Flour 45 MOW
By the report of the Secretary of the Trensury
!nr the year ending 30th June, 1846. the experts iy . f,
101,est was 13.0001100 Simnel., including Flour—
Mout Id per cent. of the clop. For tne yea- end
,ng 30th June. 180. I estimate it sti'l bra 18,000,000
!umbels. , r 15 r er cent of the crop!
cosirsnatt" rirrIPTS or untie rruott c. S. To
bbls Flour.bia WheaLlCorn
Fmm 3n'h I " e ' 1545 I DOOOOO 960.0 w 1,.00,nn
t. 30th Jun, Ina
From :10th June, 1045 i l ,nB o oo 9000000 1.2000C10
to Ist lone. ICt7 S
It Is stated in the New York Tribune, frem which
e copy, that the total exports of Wheal do not
exceed 15 per cent of the crops of the United
States; that the export of Indian I loaf does not
exceed 3 per rent. of the mop of the U States iif
this article. It would seem to be most proper,
therelore, for the cultivator to ship ell his anrplus
crops, by supplying, Ira customers at reasonable pri
ces; otherwise. if the harvests of Eurlipe are truit.
nal. England will receive 05 supply trona the Conti'
The roue received on the New 1 ork 'Canals for
the second week in June, was SI 15.1'85.--an in-
create of 506,2.54 over the receipts of last reer
The recallu ore more than double of any previous .
year except the fart.
The azgregate amount received lot tolls from the
commencement m navigation to. the 14th ol
incluvive (45 day.) 0 si.oweln J 5
During the same period in 1015. (GO
in 1116 01
Sr Levis—June 16—On account of rain, very
tile business. Flour further receded buyers at
0, bat at no higher figure, and holders general v
slaved to yell under 5t1, 1 2-5. In Grain. very 10110
I •.ne--nn change in place. Priem Wheat in woke,
rdd at fl lb and sal oh lair and Ounce were at
to $l,lO exclusive of sacks. vale 01 15C0
~thole Corn, in bulk, from flatboat, at IS centrno
sacks reported. Sale ut sobs Ott, at 37
contain imeks 01 40 srka Harley, at V 5 'm.o.,
excluove of sacks A contract was VI 10/ the
delisery ere of 10 tons prime dew rotted 11,14, Ott S7s ts ton, less one I. cent. Sales of . 1 00 Foga
head at gay,of a .mall lot :No I Lad at 76 cents
vale of IRi bitty raw W they, at :44c, a (nether
tdvance--beld at 23c. 0 about SCKI bbls Kanaw
ha Salt, at 30c bu —4l *pub.
D. LEECH 5: Co'.. PACKET. Pnitadelphi, and
114.1timnrr. r ta
I.4IkOWNSVILt.I-1 I'ACKF.TF. at •. PI and 5-
HEAVER . I'AGEEV.,at 9 and 10 It and 3 r
GLA , II()W PACKET, Glsaptts,.l e.
SIINBE . einctnnatt.,.4 r.
NEW ENGLAND. Whe.Slttut. 10 • r.
ROSCOE. tat Louts, IS a. st.
PENNSYLVANIA , Gin., 10 h. PI.
NORTH A'AP.OLINA, St Louts, 10 , u.
Beaver Hoop, Reav•-r.
Consul, Bowman. Brownsville.
Lake Erie, Hemphill, Besier.
Loins McLane. Bennett.
Rambler. Daughtnn. McKeesport
Caleb Dot, Shales. (Barges ,
Wellaville, eaDem Welherille.
Clipper No crook.. ran.
Bennsvlvania. liras St Louis
New England. Ebtierr, Wheeling.
Santresnr. Cochran. tin
Ben Rush, Ranter. L Ile.
Beaver. tiOnps, Bearer.
Lake Erie. Hemphill. Bearer.
Consul. Boviman, Brownsville.
Lows McLane, Bennett. Browns.,die.
Rambler Houghton, Mon. City.
Haley Cope. S h ales, 411vgaw.
Despatch, Nelson. Mon. City. •
Hamm.. Smith• Wheeling.
Wellsville. Catlett. Wellsville.
New Enoland No S. Dean, Cinema,
Avalanche, William. St
Khnde Island. Dawson• :waist,
Ts Traveller••
aglowFOß . moo
1 .relEutiorf y fin Paursgers
eIMIE Canal and Railroad being now m exerllenr
I or4er. the Packets of thin Lioe will:ever with pas
VelVlte n n f lu o ' rt . ; , ' l c e o p r t n . ,"I;.` Monday, c rt e 21.
do Ohio, Craig, 'I acoday, June 22
do 'ethane, Berkey,
We. J sue
do Lournana.Toonalson Marla); lone 21.
do Kentoekr,Truby, Friday. done 25
do Ohio. emote, Satutd Ay, Jane 20.
do Indtanit &obey, estriday,June
do Innis ana,Thompkon. Monday. Jun.
do Kenturky.Trotty,Tues lay. June no.
do Ohm, Cri g. Wednesday, June 31.
di, I,obana, Iterkey.Thursda). July 1
do Lou.s.ana,Thoisps.m.rids y. July 2
do &Wee Ity, Trut,,,,,..urday, Jul. 3.
do Oh a. Crart, Sunday. Jul) 4 comfortable arrant
If yo odesire cheap tratrelnote rod •
=dation, secure your bcket• at the l'acket trace,
Monongahela Bouse. Water street, or of
yell 1 , LEECH & CO, Canal !Win
Von, Nov 1C..1012.
Gentlemen: Come seven Of eight months since. a w3re
cern , upon
the Yonorn of one of my leer, whlce
very painful, I eummenred applying the usual remedies
for were, tut the none continued to et
deeperr and rpr , •d in the sae of Pie paten of my hone.
I not only bud .he 0.15 or e of ph, stelans. but uyell 01l the
ralves and pain es.raMor. I could hear of, and not he
of Meru bad Mr effect m relleve the pain or arreet the
Mgr , . of the sm.. Mere ran pen and
lel it, sada revrre and perpetual pen, and it had seolrd
down into a r egular later we. Mr. Spe'er Stafford
of thin ray. advitted rt, to try your Oto.tornt; I laugh. ,
at the idea. but upon Ina argent la:Rotation. I concluded
to try it, and to my great relief and a•tont•lment,
ineuntaneouely reltve.l the t 'educed Mr
infiarrunation,•nd commenced healing the none, wldelt
now nearly well.
I do confidently and sincerely believe that it walnut
any fever sate. it thotoughly spplied.
Reppretfully )oVe. 9 PARSONS
For oute hy RV: 2.1,11,ER5, 47 Wood st. 1,5
mos siescßA N
NT,,L .
100.. /0, firratt&ra 'VI hart, 'Baltimore.
rk VEER their a, ry ice. •rs Merchant...ld Farmers
sale of Floor. Grain and Produce generally. in
the Baltimore Markeband frnm their esiertsire scow..
lance among purchasers and shoppers. ran earelv war.
runt 611{.0artury fa. Correspondents will eonmantly
It.. kept d,w elate nf Nlielteto, &r
Fhar• w—Memm, Wm IVnanr ußey.
nolds Irsvolkon a ealattieth, Reynold , a elt11(1,
King & !Morey; Rottman e
'Tingley. Co dwell & Engl sb; Philatl4hia
Haggerty, Draper a Jones, New fort.
Rabiatere,June 1:47
waded virrougst.mirx.ri,l7_,..,
sur:rinTats, froon'"V*l.ln'rhe..dmmenet.. Al.n
Piper for Gas. Bewared other purpmeahmte awe
Tul.efor Ilydrsube news, Hollow Pistans for Pump*
of Stearn Engines, &e. ,
7.4°'(""'""arriglTl..ll. 1 4 A SHER & MORRIS,
Warehnere P. cornet Third and MO
- -
'IgtNINNAN PO: liiiioll,l
te the. Stock of the above,Company, ree
ding in or near city, are reque•ma to pry the follow
ing instalments to JOSHUA HANNA, Agent for the
10 per cent on or bekore the.l.sM lone negt.2
20 • •' 1s
15th °
t idly
20 " ". " ..! „.•
Dy order of the Company \II ONIFILLY''
Contractor &ele cordistustinn of said Line
iY2- 413, and on 12,1 u. 1 5 , 22,2 0 . 50, and July 11,
149 e nd 15 _
SONDRIgIa—.I7 rack. Fes!lir ,
3 , sacks Gaol.. Pcas,
ILI,. do:
61.1)1. l , :n I Laid; •
21.a1rc repacked Covoo.
.1 bOl Peacock Fly firoahea and Farm; CO reir 31.1 for We by gal I DICKEY k CO
t)' .s7s-j.
. - Devinnet. It/1W 001 l a t a a , oee
tb , a tnorrung. June Nat. at 10 o'elork,
A. M . For bright or passage apply on board jt ( 4
—_—. _----
u ,a.i...The optendol. Itabl draught Wenner
PEN! , 81 LVANIA, •
Gm). mut., .111 irtivr ~• ta1d.,.111.0
ottling. June VIII, at In ~..r ~n, . A.
pl.—precool). FOr I r rogla or puoa,o upitl, un Wool.
FOR sT iirvis—nr,GULAß I'ACKF:I*
The elegant aria staunch Packet
110,C0f . :,
inaltilaeens, masker, will le .ve a. aliv e. this morning,lane 24,111, at
A. M. Far height or passage apply i.n
mato The elegantAKtitirt.,, .9,:camicr, 11
lea. , a. xiovii,
tins evening. Juno 24ib al 1 ,, 0'c0..1,
A. N. For 'might°, pa•angri apply nn
lini.rd , 3:1,1
.20 IMP*
130 °COMO
"Cirno ma.cer, u.Ol leave ns abov ,
June 2511, ut
o'clock. A Al For !melt or pa•sago apply' on baord
--.... _...
. '
The rlrtaatvesmer -
Nledlor, ma -ter, %all , I..ave a. above,
141. availing. ] +a• Nob. at 1 o cloak,
I . 31.' Eat Iraq/War pat , ., .1'0:
in a
145.000,0 M
Regular Beaver and Glaairosv Vac Ike 1 .
lataiTlie new.attd tis , rutintrig . stranreiat
CALk:U CO ik..
Stio:es, 1i1a..., Inuit exprtltsly for the
trade, wttl rott . a teen at 'Acket to
Heaver end Glasgow-Irue., l',”••
burgh daily aid o'clock. r st . am! slatting to tilatgow,
(mouth or Sandy and Ileu , rr Canal ion Sloitilu,. %, el.
Pcsday. and Fridny
For freight or pas4age Id Beaver New L.shon. or the
nu. Weet and Not , h of New Lisbon. apply on board
orb jel S & W lIA 1111 AUG it. :I I wood street
The fine stentner PALO ALTO J
ailiELNleLkinald. nia•ter. will run regniort ,
between Pittslturli nett Veneer I lt
Ware of , he meauter Nl , 1 leae
tog Resat,' every utorn , ng al - olehtel
and Pittsburgh every afteteigutn nt it olckica
For I re.glat or r , .. , .. i de +WT . , .
RE : J. PAlllsttlik CO. dew. ilea ver
101 IN A CA UtillM , Avec,
let -Inn Car Water and Snothheld sto. 1.11,61,w:tit
The new, dOilttle engtne palwenge•
• gamer SW AT A RA,
(Daught only IS inehrsil
Cape Cog. a illleaveon Sloo
oh ite•Pant , at 4 oiekek , e a tor
Cincinn ttt and interrnedtate pu rr and se , l, peiforin
her lop. regularly dot.. the, l water teueon
For weight nr passage apply on heard le l
neATI A.
spl l ti en L didOCl, Plti:lan
atm The ar and steamer
Wes-Award waster w.ll leave as above
regularlt throughout the ',awn F.,
, freight or plistage attipty on honed
tn• il
FOR C 1.7.0. 1:.• N ATI a i.01.1 , .1L1.
The 6 tie aud .laung h hu h. desurl ,
mai fleArnall THU:MI.Ii.
Gary. anal. svEll least a. als , ve
r,gula,ls throaghouL the ru,
ireigtaut passage apply au imalti
Iny 11
The efrgant and fall Packri
...o3Ata:2l4l:; : gli thrh'r"l
h"ghl or pa.oase appir on Lon rd
YI rl`a:/t! Rtill AND Sl' LOUIS
/74.4,50/ja. The he zah , E l igtit:aw , Arner
14011,5...ter, wa• e spree..
•,:"7.-":::hfr—r....l for th. trade •thl w,;; I,ar, rev
dyttng t ea.," li•t .1•‘•
vat:, herree.
n,tr ruu
thao , t aahh rul ,•
, h.h:h hl.oy thr, I
Yht AN, On tlirn f
-- • •• .10
VIAL Z , S .1.V11.1.....
S .r. 4 .11,
o fil=l'l"";g„nl'l4* . .V''"
More name, d. p , v.• ...g0:."
papket hrterr-n th-. i.....,,41 Zane.•
•s ., e For trrAbi or IIII.1“ . .FTI) "., ' 4 '. 4 °, ‘.•
111,1111.,01 CINCIN , ATI lAt' . 4i7r
.2:n: r ' ''..r.V.i1Y:.V.,.,"" ""'
og .hr h...0n. fool .I,t r•-,ht tr
The 1 , d....rh only 11 Inebro who.; t or Irr•1 1 .• 0 ,
rh•snoe al roy on lemr.l AO._
Pittsburgh arid guisiltsh --- Parket:
c iEg n
oh. fhc
' 1 1:1.1zr rt, lo••trr. ho• 'renown hrt rrg
olnt tr., nod •••• . 1 ...•he 1 1 •11-1.011 1 .
h• ....ore ever. 'lhelr h
el••• od Moo
uay ao 1
n bsoard _ _
j Alck:EF.,oil•Oß g. FIL / AlO7lll A Sl' ,pens l ..i
t v... The new rteormer
Nelron ma • ter. woll run ar %hove. I. s
sing Flo riourglo every :Montan I'.• d
l o ourelar add FrodaYs at Di delnek. A al .10d Mono, a
' helm laty ever) Tecadyburoalay and Saourolay to
f o'clock, A. M. For freoght oo paarage apply on 100 , t d
Allegtomi River Trafte•
=g i
' rho fine no.d fa. Steam,.
Capt lamer Atlonaon, 0r.. , rood,'
ue to run ••• Regular Par art du
r.rtg the sar, brow. , to P.osloureto
and Frank , . For fret& o rep aerage apply on kg/std.
IrFASULAII I'Aext7l - FOR - NASH 4'l 1.1. F .
i llarl .
'roe new ...sooner ,
Caro John F Hay, ar, coorno,nde
tat ',calor Hops t • toe abuse pd. not
Monday . Ihr •drth onmeol, .10 o'rolea r,
• or For freight or par i
ageninly on board or no
°wk.!) SS' i ill.F . it k AEI, An.
Reg-star Plstshargit nu
awl Ze•role .
0 The near an =td.vontl r ot roraznel
Jame. r. Hord, master aroll run as e
reg. packet ketween lslo oo n
an. Zornerrotte Moor, loud her cal.., Sued up and
rarnorlted on rope,' aisle, the Color, offet• the norm
aeronornoclavon• oco porrencer• She a ,on r ev . ...I
'Faraday, May 4111. al 0 n'elsook , P NI .
For fr 'igloo or proton , . apply 0.11....0t, fir tn.. 1
..'.. - • I/ WII.EI :SS. Apt
- pITTADDIGII ALD 1 , V , 1 , 1 ,
, 1 , 1'..L , 1,,,..11i.r.11',.:n1:n15,
rvcisi S it
/.' rriti Captaoto U lo: Khert. 0.111 monomer's e
~.....,,...;i:o;c000.g s• shove. on the VO dolly of
I , leas ong Pintrhareh ellery
Tuesday, Thurrday end Saturday.. 10 o'clock. A. SI 1
and leaving Wheeltng every Monday, %V edelerda, an.
Finlay. al A o'clock. A M.
111 e New Englund ha keen beought r gpresrly for 11,
trade. and woll trove regularly .014010 ror freoght or
' Oesrloge apply on lawn! or on
1 _fetid JOHN FLACK,Agent .
iriat The new. elegant and fart Parket
e c t!..1..., mar., wa• 1.1111 ex
prersiy for tn.• trade, and woll mate
datly toope aut one the rearm , env.,
Fitsburgh every morning. V n'eltal, mud SVelorvolir
every carom, al 3 o'clock Tro. W. to foornosked with
..F•10.r.0 'OOOO 011Lnelac Watet Gouge. .1 - or fre.ght
, y o i•ontli (Airy
or('/2"friteci ' llo o 3 ' r t• cornotoraly at the Pottiongo.
M arf to I....verve freight. and the agent elway• not thr
oput. A AIcILANK. Agent.
flkart . / LA it Pist:a
S . lIEN kara
V11.1,K ,11 FILLS , / 1 1.1. F. AN io I
gatThe. " ZCWr i .41 ;i151 ". 41; ;I : nm
0 M. Steven , 0110.00 . . knees Po.
Imlgh ev•ty Nlontlav, W..te,lay
and Fliday at lutelock, '• M . low , .
Steulocnvolle every Tuerdooy. Tle
pp,yy anJosourday
at So. o'clock. A. SI ' or freoght or pasaage enu
board ","
—__ _
1.01“.11 `lO /1 ~ iii Ir"l I'lo
—'-';i''.I.""'"PACKVFI • '. . '
The So.'rn
akaStra IIIDERIg I A.
Samuelrrh.rnasrcr, will come:nee
..among as a regular packet abaci the
Irdb nisi , leaving Pittsburgh vireo
Monday. Wrdnerday turd Fraley, ai 10 o'clock. A. NI .
leaving Wheeling every Tn esd ay .Th undo
and grata,
day, as h o'clock, A Al. Fur rreight or passage atrial,
on !marl. melt
wait TIIK new and fast mono, rielener
II /11111 , 1{44,
will T. MO • rekulg. l'aric , 1,0 Nt,ll
Ihr above places, leaving I.lorlmprh
every Tuesday. Fharsday and Saturday. at 10 o'clock,
A. Ill.; and Wow:cradle every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, at' &dock
For Ire/slit. , ;rassaac arrolY 00 hoard. d-r"
Regular Pltlabgg,,a.nd I.sure. me.
matoTHE light %Viva,
Hard, Master.vvoli mai, weekly MP.
to Me above port 11113.. the .Ik. on
Fur frerght or passage apply on Lou rd
mm ar I, Wil.hINS. Arm ,
From Rev Charles Mastro, Mini... , of the Ilapnot
Chorea. Wearier. lore of A•Liatralm. 0
Mew. 11 Iluros tr. Co, Proprietors of F. Deser's
Cheriocal Vtarrier, Gentlemen. — Far ..... . 1 r•-• I
Lave from lanntctled me •irmesof F., Pean't C wariest
Floater by using a in my family as a 10111 ed) Inc Illarri.
mart .r e wealth , . othl lethene•• of the bock. pain in •
the breast, red:mom. of Me throat and•eyer. ague in
the i,a•r. A, soda take Measure in arty ng m”."
to Mr Icil , c•O all 'n eve') ease I have mood ri orsclal.
and I do Lettere .bar •aid Plarrler mr •uesre a • Ifitle• 01 •
ITOre than ordicary chrterer. and Mat rt will genral.
7vlr:ff7i "iad
raer7l%ll7.:l; fr
..."""t.7.1,1,7;,` a"'"'"'W,141.7.24 1 7 , N.
„Woolaer.O., Uwe. ail 1,42
Sold by 11 A Fahneslach h Co. corner First h Mir.l
threw • ____ foyidkof
- AN DRErgskiraNCT2Cl aja i r i n..l.oo N , 11
COwiiliC:!,,l.l7.S.ooE:eg I.".vgrntr:, tjraßrßkt,l7.,.'irriritici.r.t.
LF.I", will have the hewn( appealia,, -a
icri.a,vinale chaarne:l:4l:,ly.iri.h
prorZt errThielgelstuailthe door, so 101 coos ea:. cu
yir'ne kv 6ar ........,, b.aja2l_
Li Mr sale loy )03
'l'l.o torso ..1 Sarsupartlla hat bon orrisily potorsd
ut rat:fto to fouide cmplatut.a. .N./ tons, who hat rot ,
.01 ttt sum* do is apttrotrlof tlott.-..1 pi riot. .. fro
ut i/ 11 . 0tuuld urglot tu .alt.d. st 0 0 a o tun'
1 ,
1 Atli Il.r any ttf the Okaarnal. a 44 ani.rase• t..
a I.i. lb S. evll.. ••,,b,c l. al °ILA 1.1.1.nw 11a... Vat pro
oat di u,ra to tot ral ran tr, Luau,. 11.,..,..1..... 5...
.. ; .....,...1,..,,..1.......t.,., .;,,....~ut...,....,
It lusevthr. uholt 01...01 out." yrntsuriatly thr tatu-
A “ SFI:" I'•:lfur'st7:o'4.ll-tl:ild'r:;!t-.,:":.',77,:t:2tt:::.thebot--.
. batty.
,t rr
lost., vol.tali 0 the mit Lama. notion. taken Er tonal.
1.1 wt.., nos std ai.......
.. I %\,o situ. la, fair ounplettuni. dull .to. to. It oat. ot 0..
r c
. .. t. • I . L:;:l. ..r 0.... L
o, L).. •V0.u...1.1... Narsursrals It stal
0 u • o i'-' • . I o , ,ur Its. satsmano.. itorldati. ifts, 4. quote. auul ,uutoul
.., .., / . .:.,..e . tu l i roufarotau-sl. 4 .och ars a tato.' talus tu unatar
1 ft , a laate..
rwls 00 . ...0 - t 0 Ai, ant .0.- , 1
DT...4I I EI I Si It.
01 I No fluid of uu-avalut Las nor lon docutrod .10clt '..
Iltu I marl, redetuttlistlie vatic fake ur alum iu deo :altos,
I.ut .0.4 itolt,thruat, the twouls of di,./.61,, as 1101 popa
1 Fa,. It uf .SCltuistrilla
p., .p k r
Il.•Yral tt,
Mtitortuttla —,
Yee talc ai
I_littiSON% COLU ISt AIS ,
IA,C.kITLET, .tt la, Ni N t
- lit • tt-arit lilt it' •
atort. 1,0) from tr, tt4r , Itttti ut•
nr. . - •
ettt. , k•matt IT .• ••
T.c t
It wt., .trtt•t.
111111•1,1 t wl, trtna N ,Il Nl.l 11 1., /
11!ce,",1 sird (t, • • .”
'I ,LlOll,.
111.111V111(1) MIN Llt I. SPllltil:S.
§R ,rttoto,to• 1411,1:1
V the pot., :tot t t't • r • Ott Ittto I
,to t•r,. loprt
Ain., pre,. tt •,01,11:11i, J. v ttatt, - la
.sth .L
to In•• innnilt •
•re too avot o ttlt t, ,11. A, ILI r•
„. M , •
rh ‘
” ro , ”. • ti.e
A t.siogr A MIRACLE.
: ; -..-
' .:"'". I , It o rad Ilse ailanrns, and douht ;I you ran, ahrn romanopo
1 . .• 0 I non cannot he cuo•d a 1.00,0- nor of the Grores= hundred
. ' '"''''''
' rm.. th•t To.u.h.V.Sarmiara la hmru„.l:
the 1.0. Inn, 1.11.1 Oh // t, Iv oh:. Od 1110...1 . ..y.. ;
.n„,„,,,,,,,,,„. ,
u, .
"r2l. ' " I".. r'''''' , h l; '' . ' ; '', ,, I ,•., ..., wan; • roulh and pa. in my sadr .111
°I ' " I" " r'; " ;.' r"1; ' ' '.; .; I % •ro ju = ..„ faaa, rder& Inu nonnosuced try ph,
u" ' ad ''''' '""''''' " 4""''',' ! '" m ,
"..."'; 'I ' . h the quack cmtumptian i ; rawd la ,r •ro.
der -I; ...yr I , om•us au ate
- • -
' LAIL" A " IL V ' TT" ". . '' '..yn'.'d.oc'cl....s'r sarn'i‘e"En'y'rd.lT,lthauTieg'f'o'r'"uae ",''11,4;
rIN,CID,. UR ACT 01,- ron,d 1.11=1,1:•O /
I "".'"
''''''''''''' '''''
'as 1‘..1.1:r-alAr''' i tr.. ,trVi, isilf r.. 1 ' AI lik[Vlll:Uld
""''''''' I"'''"'
s '"
" ' '''''''." " ""'
' ."
' .u.. 4 1.,41, bOulLe i ..X.Ilb(Cl/.(lt I P.A.S.V.i, X. lIIIK I . I
A SI , of the a: I, .11, 10 1.. I -17. n 0 no , • ..11,. .. . _ .
... ,..n... 4 1.1
n‘• ~.„.
vw. „ ; __ A ,; L __ •11.1 prep omor for •00. ItII!..•Ir !.. • !!!! !!..! !11,1 ! . . I •,.._ ,-__., , ~...,!,
_.,_ „,,„ __,. A __,,,.. -. „, - : 7::
porilsto oi thr ints• lorlWeri, W,. I.? ; • and 41 ty .yA .0 • :
A;;:;,7l;••:„..A•';',..‘o'w:= ,', - .1: - ... 2;17,....r..!
1... , 5 , , , , , , ,
.^,', ," -- • i''.. • ~.' -,-,, '- - ..-> ' - , s"'" ' 1.1, mot 4eotem . [ ' h.! tronl • gre•iLan,r-'nf !ruler.,
.• ' .." "I''' . "I ll'' e''"'''''''' "I ''''' ' n ' t '''.d.' " I ' ; 1 .0.4 m mud anbr to in, p,rom 1 rtad of ~..... .s.
l'''. 11,1 • *:,11, ~,Y '-',,',' ',,' '''' '' `"•*P''''' , ~n.rd‘uay tura rol,rond 11 your =thrift, sod in tell
'.' ''''' A 1""'" T ..'"'"' . 1 ' l." 1' '''
• " "1.4.'.. l.. cl, truth, I .u.p.0. - .1 ther , .•.....sne bomb,. thern
I' . '' . .. 1 - I '' 1 1 ‘ .. " •.''. r .• . 1 1 . 1 ' ! I'4. I, I was indurs .1 LI 1., .1 , 1 .14 . ~...1 ....) lhankfill
C " ""I ' .."' .-."'"'" "" I" " N..' 1; ." ' " ' 11.1" "" I I 1 . 1. t I enhont ~ that . 1 Imo ruorrly ...11, too ammo=
.;'' '' •I '' . '' ; '""'" l ' . I "'
' ".
' ' "'
' 4'
. r ' ''
-.,...-1...„L.,,,....,, 1..40., I; h. In ruhrt
“l ''''`''' ''' ''' ''''.' ". '"'• "" '' ' 11.,110. , non a.„10. .., rmal. ..... ;....... Mr side,
f521:1•., ato.•II I i I I ,i-r • , . •
' • • Rua, noght 0....• loft no, md raoe l to; yrry Ion", •rad
ECLI PAP: .1' Vli ODA I' I.llli Ey' . ' w ;yr,„ r „,,,,,, my ~,„.,, ~,,,,,,,,
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DPT IN I .C. S 111.11 1 V ‘,011.1.. Ah I' ' I. LiII: 11- 1 fa,no•rromot ul m i l rm.., r , ,, , 1 , , u , ... 1
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..... Me Kam , . 1.1 o• ' 1 . 1.1. Is iorartify 000 sre, the undersigned. Phys.... o
'' ‘ ''' ';' ''... 'II C t f 4lna or hose au mown= nes proscribed L/1
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' . "' " ' •• ' I • nil =lose it tuba onauf the mu
sod cosh ' 1 T"'"'"' 6;'*;"" 1 ( . 1. 4 • Ills oaths marker
The only Age.. ale I C BUM ELL l'.- , or, ,,,,i, ~,,,,,..... n , =nay= •
'f,\l' 1.11, 111;..'.t...11,' ' U r Crunch Is O. ~
Mc H Ali: A. 0 11 it ?VP. enanhl ; I SN' 1.101,M n;
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-"l.loatoid New Vairla Planns.
JOHN 11. M1:1.1.0Il Se .., Wt. I e -- .
lw. t. c v...i ~ .41...- I, ...b. - Th.. ~ I. cr....) 11.0 . cc,
_lke unde.iigned, praencmg
'or ~.. lot 1".. , .• ....Al l'A. o .., ~• .11......,. , ... I hy0..... ol the Co. of All any hare Orlon..
ll veal. al ' ~......... Autt 1•411.3.• a. 1.1 new I. 1L0n.p.......t Latract of Sea.
.rale. Al Ada. ha .1. 1.14,114, , .., IA ' Conlia,rand from it.1.....un n' •'• ...old recommend ato
(Ire clegant l: 0.. w00 il'a .0 I 4.lte. W.• 13 6e, t.wc thZ onldsr t...• n.-....na1,ur0t010u.,a,.1 otherc Mammas do
en I Iron Imo, it • y 1.. 0......0 ' ... 0, la ...Af.rrewe to any of the ad.ertoed reinediei nun 0.
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N1nt.,...... I . .ami 1 nor- 11 1.01.• , u..... A W Itrsacm.,t r,
.1. Co Nava A•r 41 , n ISsuty Aprd O, I-41, W. II r.
.r• 'I ' Auld t t 1“.......1.1 1 ••• Aor re' 1 .rrineijaloOtre,AlG Vu"lno st, Sou !holding, 1 1 1 . ,T; Bed.
r Aro:.." l : •'- ‘•‘-' ' ,o % :.'• and Itand 1...0 C., , r. . 1 dm. 4. Lo Stale Al 11.1.1....; Dr Dion k &Irak U 3 Mirth Bee
nod. 5 ib.1...,•%, '.
jell/ lon d at•l hiladelphmt'A 0 Itau.e.d"agg'o. bfill"o`orf •" 11 by
S.,3IEOLII:A"ti URIC ti. pll.E:‘,:l--....50u,t:.”;.:,7; , eirrnr,.1.1,,1n.w5.K1.,,1ht:711.1..."-0481..11 th e VIIIII'd S.A..
..1,...71:,.:11 CVL1erare1.,..,......• Ili' '.lll
nr. ..I I_:Your genuine, ...dam put .. , p .i. the . la , r,e nioarit &Ade.,
' "'"
''''. v'rl ".'" m".
. ' " Z ' f .T"':7!•;-V111.a"11.7.'nte741111.1‘.!w' ronui'll:eT::::'
‘V.• y.. 1 wurront o cool. .1 c A •..t.e.,... to a Iti other ..1 •
... v . _ •
~, r ., „.,_
ttr•ol. l're, uf the ......- ta , . 0 to. c Itt u.e I 5 rom Ole Nee. orlt !fatty r.f p.• .., f , ....•....
%, r
n nona•cr ..1 a, obr .t.•• of me r rerfom. , A ru, ilong,:ppea4ry.l4, lut,,,,l, ve,s
no,. 011.01. wee...., on mu. h alMae.". •1`iv'' ..... . , t '" .'''''''' ".'''. ."
w a Lute. ......W of Illk olio
ran he air.. al 00001 re r'"
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110 r kruakcre nre r•ior.l.l'., .,,. ' din CV , .b. o• 1 Ar'l.l. , Ll. PAIT.Tg;
~,,, 1, 1 . , ...... ~...,
%Vt. anti give out on a autounta. to 1,.,. p• ...moan, the.croll varto. , ,. ,
. eu..0.,.1,ti me...,...‘,....„....zur.tau
'1". I'. a.
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C"'"' ' ' 4L"
' ""9""' U '• f tire I.a ' rsapnrilla deser. „
.I.ltN sIcIIAIWN At .111 tel well o oot the. eat ar{o
or. , 1...1e N oron • ..ry great popularity it hal op.. ad
1-- -- '
Ktr. and YwnM
ne.i •• of l'rnmancop in three pane. , N'''''''' IflfaV i u l itit r. , March'. l'il7
' ;6' 6 R ' ''' ' II"' "rk ".' r."''''''f"''' \ I'. 'll dreatlfolookiug iu the diem, goldmess In the
!t' ""' '''''''' ''''' '''''
Pu" ' 10" I. ra ke' ' TOArsockd -lime. her. afflmted rm . ., or 1 - re; for :1
In .11ualraio ihe manner of condor.... ihe hand on. pan . 1 . 1 .".,.. ' f.. . 0 ,
.. .. (_.. , e
v., _ ,
~ ~,
"""r''''' Pr"' '''' whl-k ", "I ' ol' "'" 'he 6".. 11, '.1.1.7....1."n0 '' ......: ‘ i 4pa
c'on't7n:raTl:ea7L.l rol.Tni'.:l.liCto
le• CIO Ow •I ri, w.. bl.r, II e1...0e...0 •of Once...Hl .0. 1 . A... ‘
..yj....... , ir ...,.
w'"'"""i "I I"
"'"' ''''''''' ""'"0"1"" n ' . l
:e..I.E.e , Ys, tA%. , nwlen ", u. in wee:, bet v...l " l.l„tV „ rnoAnc .
",.". 4""" ''''''' v"' ,t '" ' 'A rr""' '' I .ra. I v... „olurol by what Imo ... the paper to try atm. ,
rm... Wok Inc oho, got ........1...- ...I^ , - A ' A '' Rfcat 01 i....r Aanaparil a, from...loch I found great idol lb.,
.. "*"'Y ' " r'"' ".'`"'' ''' '''f' '''' ,. '''", ' ... ta1t.......f.t.„. foul., ..4 1 ....h,...in0, ..,
ribtl 10 ......I•ov. r enc.. p •gr two,
.11. cloy! , th du I: , 6 . 0 bO. ,
. 041,.. „ . 1 ~..5 ,, ,
v. ..
411.1 far kale b. JIIIIN II .1 i AA." it 1 ~.,,., f .....,....d I feel guile a dllfrreut man altogether Once
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1)1 TVIDUIte II A ND CO N NN'E'll.7:ll:l'L" 1 ' .. ' 11-1 \ ',,,,,::::..k11),,r 'I.:7'1.111'1 ~1 1 2::' , ..t u . k " ,71: ' ....L1e. , , r" :f ,'
I Itell.l.okl, rom I. A ", ' l ' . 'I• 1 nil a.... 11. I oronl.l recommend aas a fatally memen.
li "" " I ''' 1. " ''' l . . '''''''''' ' f'' ""` 11 ' '" 0 I, and I Gel rumoured that if no weather , would u
art 1 11, 1•111•1•11 r,.. 1 ,I 1,......1,• a., e It , 11. road ~,.. Ile way ~,, ....i.„....,,,,.6,...,,A , w ,p k akiuAkaly pl., Jo
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...., bc 'Wenn! fo tto . 4 ... I , f c ' •"" 1. '') t" '"." .."` • 1 1.0,r . ..bi115; for ohtle it re... , atiotf . t ft " 11 " r..! ,
on ruenthr "•th et. , ot 1.....• to lit , ... ml t 0........ ' ilte Monad. amt bowel. their eegular tone: O lo'cl" the.
ee l ore , loom day m d .. ti.l ti, iat ,A Jul , . f. , ito a health, ....te,o. that doraia ii not ao likely to attar
w w.lll .1.1.11 I
r neal,... lbe ••.... • ....) WI, MI , ~, A . ,,d, b e k llbbbwe iblv. are A.A. in • behl.itmle ...... ..he 0 0,.. fr.. am.: owe. a. ....r. at Mr 10, Dr ToWl.ww,•• tbrrla.wriltil )
k( e .w.....1 ulidef Ile• ettrelli.. 01 111•01 /10,100 litlit I , , Tito Tia• Parr., 7 0 JO'
A1u...-ut Wear Nestor molar Ili a10eet,......f Jou t• l --
Homer und Jam •arial , lll,- et t1a0.....-. • 0 and, Mr • C•nkee In the Illooth•
,I,e, ewe , et 11. my IV dr i,o011." 31...; 11,..., V , . oller I , ~,,,,,,„.„,,,,,,...„..0,..d ..,,,,i, ty, r,,„
on, Mood undo r •he .1 , tect 01101 lon Onv an I f.....t ' ~,,m,...,,,, ~,,...;..,, ~,, ~.„ o r th o „,„„„A. „. ...„
cathiont .11l ' J C.‘""P'lllKlll'l.'''.l l The-l'allmig raffia.... . .1,1.1 from a ~..,
lk4 EllleA I. Niel ler.- 5 prof... •
''''' ut me m , . I rac.... 1 thooerb.
Mt.... tag hren made broacco ((Ti Sp , ' ond llnmi , a, I Nair Vona. Aprtlfl, lot:
roll , nod me...lm a ....Oh.. rreaord n. the, rrapccove .
~,Iv/r.Tlo.orarctol• DeniOr -One a ory . choll,dre.n.z•vd
wish' r
ufftera th the Cancer to the mouth and thr it
The, ontlattriol 01 ibe ctn., nf 11. Bronko,lll,ol st. gr.., .1.4.1 , 11 k. a
ll flask near dy I obtained name of Tour
Park, budding. foam a. t li 0 0 , 0.. 1,, u . ullll al 11l 0 ' itrellent medirine, and it caredl'il!'direor,ity,far. 0h .. 1e 0 h . : ran
olio nor It, g i o.., 1.,:0..., ,,, . ~... 11111 2 '.lock. r , b.f.' , 1". 1 Ire! of•Y infcr.b. , b ' 7, 47 . ,,,,,.” ~.1 ' '„
jelOttlon .1 11l tranorp Fowler..
Fur wl. 1:7 It F. f.F.1.1,1i.,11.,..11.r..,,..,,A,.p.rniUb1a1i.::.
U-The au.. 0
t ,, to lIIC Aelllement of "all ~ 1,.....17,71:1;......\1„.:.i,51.1,,t0hdre,;.,
4,i..h., . 3.44.1 yr
amoutn• due on Ina hooka, Unto
.!-" , .1611 . -: ...._,..___ i.'lLt------. TAVNE'S EX PECTORANT-bb o for':. 't_ tr- •1'
. f.t f r
SVDlllU'r'Sph"':':air'iltit'/I r•All'eorFu'o'r:riotrTrlrosl:ri 10;hr,',1,7dINI‘‘,',,,Irn:,4:mfgdro'fr..e.."'d.:relaaraeier
. 1 " .1. .. 1 '''',. ' „,....... ‘ 2 l. ... I _,."'"" ^ " " r frr a t" t'f' . ''tcf , b‘ 1.4 ,of of...cwt.-I. tendency to onginate Inflamanon
the oorr ta- • ". ...At *Proved RIO., and
1 a ,h,..
l c., andronsequent vtaitatton cif tlot .The •
Peill'J'bartcbdll7:mme(a.rim'a'a'l6l..l.."pl ::e ' e '26
u fi""'
''''' can he
''. Crlllyhuptraet7iniebanneleyoetfare'mo"lit. (ghLe"trethbrraeill•
trrl* 4-,.-. ' mw•Y•fi-d -v. , ` , ^l'L °' n• -., 1 by mem. of ekreflOnblloll. I 1 ,, t 1 It 1//1 . 1 Ci . kl.o Ire el..
~,,, by the. pie.". to the AV hnlesale Room, up cstve, v „..,.k ~,,, nluinys be ohnalOrd by O..inedtmous rghiht.
m.o. oro ... 4... I . ' s 1 11.1. of the rertimly of Di Jayne -Wall .Optrtl of the
I\II:iTIGN-The Stneltholderr. 01 the P r inaloire and I Mira
he Wider for moon ` . fin d.< lor Palen. rlttsburghtl.he,
T....t0 . fe,
, 72 .. .11L1
of fa the Allesheny !brit. tram !he rrd of Ilnd , Mr....korai vrnotl. an ala;
, OroZ
.°' to,of . A. r
we hrre'o no , f ffrd 'lto anorial cirri.... fn.. PI,. t lat• 10,101, Fed!. RIO A Ileghrny iy, yna•
A r m, in
Al and *Secretory. win be 1 ---------_iii_.---54;6.---4.--k.,..i .---;,-.
held on .I.< 111 Mande) of July
in LART SEA P• .-- ~
0041.1. No.lh,liiffe thi Ili"' , n ec It. Al• • E way. no hand and for ante •at
x . v a
W Oll l l „ . i theriy a at cs reet.
(.1711 AN Al. MORRISON Pt 1.13.01 i ftcaf Caual. WU , .
31 EDI C
eximordinar.ti Aldicine i; M L e
-.--. -
This em.act is put IT en Qdart le e.
•r, pleasanter, mad %tsar... ware, air to ray sold. It E
disease without newestios.
I r .
wk.,. or de
Thigraat beauty and rupeliority of eliwerarsaim. eels over
MI oohs-, Medmint is, whiten it Eradieatillibromr n Ia egow
Mel... Body. It iscm of the vet, twist SPILIN4 ANIS
SUMMER MEHICINEa ever known not only roman
.hie oyatem ands treogibens the n son: but. o (OW
Nem, Fum and Rich Eiotni cN^e r puma. s .by am other
Medicine. And in thin lam the g,and mete( of ita wand , . ful
success. It has preformed wiWm the past WS* i on, More
than 35.000 cures of Smite Caw. of IM•rmee . at knit:erg:l
of thew were ...tiered &minable)tun than
&001 cues of Chronic Ithesnweet.m ;
2 UM carea of Dyspepsia,
40,e caws of lichen! Deb.., and Waal of lie rgy .
:.00 name of deficient Female Complaints
ceson '''' ,llll3 Sc e7. r es u S . r ' Compla i n t
U.Sibe rams of Disrme of the Medi.) and Heap,. ,
3,0E/D of of Consumpleun.
And Thous:mi. of caftan( DiseaseOf thr ricer.
Sma Rheum, rumple-soothe Fame SE.c., .c
goon, rode gasmen w cues of Sick Headache, ram en the
side and Chest, Fiona! Affection., &c. &c.
Th., we ere swan, muskailwar incredeb e, but sir hate
learn Hum 'Magicians and dor agents from all iamb. of the
fueled States,
in sin as of este-sued...l curry It V.
HAWS, Eue. °two( the moat rispretable druggists in New
ark. N. S.,
us Mat he nos red. tu than lAD
m that piare atm,. hcfr are a eases en the
Citi of New - Vora, which we will refer to VIAL ramer.
and tu :nen of char.., lO ihr twit ...brine fu, the
Fementie• el
&main. It undoubted& saird We lei es
of more than ,
-s,l,oleCtlitm.r;Tie Far:u "
1117 ta , Ear yeare a
Alarrees STA..% Ors ICE..
1:•111,1; W. kictit.a. or and IiNITLO drcers N act',
member of thr Nese Jersey Legisheessre,l,.. wet
us the following et reef.... It tells its Sr. story
A year oinre I was taken with the Influehta, veil in, whole
a v elLlE N il3l . cd . M:l . ei
rr l
Jas, I arm Eery much rel. red, and attribute. entirely teethe
said Harsapantla. I hare continued takiug et, firul elm
I improee mery day I Wiese it saved my .4, and would
not be without et u nder any considration. •
C. W. NlcLaare laid U. ei
Soto, VI, e.t.a ,
Slag ea-rink - ate conclusively priors hat thw Saroliwrilla 1
low 'rut riontoil over the nowt obstinuir daueuati. i iii the i
Wood. Three persons cured in one hon.. uniirteedened i
4, TIME et:mp!wog., i
Dr Tmm:ext.-I).i Sir i I e the pleaeorr th mho,.
ii that three of my children hum been cutril of the Sr,
iolu by the use of )our etrareit aledirtue They w,"
oliloord re.) vocal) with bad rm . ... hare 011 y t.krn four
Luittler i It twik them array, for •Itich I fret ack)tra molt,
Itgation. Your. respectfull
L'"i', ''b
. 1.1 r.• C W nAx ' :los WOO. I' n.
Nev York, !,1ara1r21,1647.
Dr Townerod's Surupardia is aso 'go wd eperily
eure fur tompidd Cdunumptiou Ilarroures, ervrrino, or
Whiter, oteetructed or difficult Nltnetroution, lurotitiouroce
of enne, or unolstster) diecliargr thrrrof, uid fur the gru
ed proisrrtino of thc e)ettro—tto matter ee..elirt the ud ,
iif tetlitrrot run , or eau..., produced by irregularity, illness
Nothiog cut ler more eurprisiug than its iongoratuag
note mill, i m. (mute l'rrease, all dealer,. wd lau
noir, fnm taldog tt at lance bend. roloul full of wrrg,
under 11. todurtir+ immirdiatel, eoutitenacts iliaor tr.
nen,. of the frssale frame, which te the F rt. cause of bre-
.I . llli ”11.
II •• 001 Le ',eeled of 110. rue. of au dirimm a na
tole tii certifier , . a cur. performed, bill we can
um, the aflllic tril, that Lund reds of cuts hare been we
ted I
to everal eves where tamales hare Men without clisld
msalunblenble medicine,
healthy a
a n d e: 'My wife beiag g. greally "totems.' by
...wy sane. and general debility, and auffertng continually
yeun wild a miustion of bearing down, Wi a LI,.
aud i walt other difficullita, and baring known cares
w L.
your tinedsclue has effected great curer , nth! atm Mar
i log st itonsamended fur such cams as I base derewilied,lobtal n-
I eil Louie of your Ettract x.a followed
dweetains you gave me In a short perusal are
I her eimplasuts and rumored her health. Being grateful far
the Murk, die mested, I talie yilesuire in thus ackwowledg
l tug it, and recommendtug It the public. M. LI linitra,
Albany, !mg. I:. Cwr ut Grand and Lydtua ass.
aa.Tdiena.oaf To all 'lowa tho may a...earn—Tito ea
ai. eared, .Lan ens win toed oar bottle a
1, lor confinement under the mud alarautup ana
d•tsbie tersustahree, hep. troubled walla iloapsa, ere•
ol die trot. nervous alfectsms and arra much Jabal.
ti .• wadi pereasaston and the recommendation ol those
wt... bad d. sMI loss Induced ao try it. with little or no
faith . mot gather it to say, the medicaut the happy and
deatreal effect, nut only au .hr tidora of confinement., but after
Ilan req.
ohe week .ar aw usa. the air wad
1 health d now Lance than a. had beau for long mon Fe.
I_ I a t e..
I li doe wtll be: oi au' wits we to yo, or asty boo who
I doubts tbe ware,. of the wdart, yea are roan weleenac
I si.berrito maul( am, mod obedient and obliged ato swat
• sau .11..sua,ay I ,
1,. ;a." Luta utllaore. fur ,caral
w au al; Crum, W.:Wad with ihau,
a . a.... of, /uas su.sne laturlburu, xsul
at to all k.auds of Ewa, ...J t;ar (. 1,0 I
„ taa• been tat.ble ralsau bat • mall phrt. ,
ray au.... ;awl tlur wait rulawalies, but they haul
u, I,n, ribrct 1111 runoving tumid...A. I wt...
duc.;l. ata; ut two ut..tlis taw , tu yam,' k:atract of !la , .
I Must Eli) Alll. War cwatulroce but uftelluvu,
urly • tw ,, b. a I fauutd appatate ruaturral, und
hauriburn ....;•‘. l ucid would came-ally
L.. uaa ht at Vi h.. hate loco aillw-uhl La I hat.
1.,.,n,4,., W. W V.• 7.011,
THIS hhoty Medal the ?pang rashao or
witt he introduced, t.y theorist hub.
wndhr e .mhti , hmenta to New York and s i n g
int u mierdrm . d tote ehent pea .arr In bring enshded
vown th thud eunerouz ftirod• .14.1 the puhl.e
e•h , hut. m.d am pfeparrd to auppt, all who may
ohu• .th u cal. amdt ii.t tor die'
rom;unhne !Stayer, coma.. and extra fine
1 atn. chhe Wholl
- 1
u c l
.o r a r t ;hzi lv
•. ror wmoh end httlsts .
A S Nit ORI' lint aiiit 'Cap Marmite...—. _
e moved tO ND 75 05 nod otreet. three 1.10000 star'
...r o
Fourib soar,' tlis v.iriek consists of erery variety of
ilat• and Co,,'. !node itt Me late,: style: 4 40.1'am:rm.
Leghorn and redo: Nvave Hato, woolesa l e
sod retail,
at the lot pr,r.
%% .
pllwes .3 m ..Moabove Fourth
Fall Fashion. 101 - 6;
i BEgui: & ect4TA ws 5.i.,„d,., , ,}1 ,,,
will be introdared aw ~
t BIIEVIL'S on Tburcilay
August :CM. tiendernen wi•hing a theme! fash
ionable- lint of Pincliargh rnanufarture it cad of
fachionvlile 11010 imported nil advertised by some of
the trade. please cilia, . KEIIVII-k. COI
..06a , 1.71. head of Wood .
kr ,
•• I I il. . fu T r sal TS
e. Rs favor
able Irma ma any . Imo , in Ultila:elphm, •
complete assortment of Straw, Florence. Itin.
land. and a great variety oi fancy braid and
T'Atr2;a7l,loolC th e
I:',PS:l'roao:Walt'd I.e.tibrn Bets; A ni-
Betel Flowers. kr. at. m‘4,..,
A/US I' received inain New Viark.te Sum
mt Ay le for Hats. co uisring of Whoa
Beaver, e
ftar , and Winn. French enceinte, Ilan, willi
V e ntilate, Those in crania o beautiful bid 11, are
rearole y to, ,01.0 to cell. lct AILPORE
ror.b 73 wood .. 3 duo r• above 411 t
itWII.I.I AN C0111:1.AS has just received a
rei , h snooty of Ringgold and llama Visia Silk
Blazed Cap 4. ler.
Kates fine French gluiciimt lints. at very low
priers jell No' Is wood street
CONTINUES m manufacture, it,l retina
,nll,kniiy Zll Land, every ,
n nd ni the late.etyle, 1,11.1 prxet rely ott
11 AND ciTv 7111 lIANCEItY
lly virtue of u der...o of the hattrers Court at Noah
ville. made at the holy term tell. o; the rlnr of John
Reid. wintini.trator. he . of L'llomotediete.
Thu, er, Tunny and other, phi,' proved to .ell tit
o f ball, 011 the )10 of A uaurt 1..11,10 be up
per end of the 51a.kkrt louse ,n n Noel, lie hel4natna to
the !ate flint Tt I.'llornteett u & Co.. the Flour
anJ Don.lloll with hog pe, and corn erth attaelp
rat Sold property wooled on the hank of ,urnln
land Rover. about pne moo below Sari...lle-hewh o'll
between anti ....Yen De. , of land. upon
buildo• PI erected, Iwatt and tleaignated of Isos
No. tot. toll. WI and Ithl a•represetred Met:aw-W.
pia n oh ad,lnton to
`„t halt
The above Mill atol Lbstillery ha. teen erected not
more than It month , rota ale Inuit of the hest material.
The Ihstrilety ts capable of munufactunnet,o wilt.-
key per day 'Fite Flour 71111 ha. only manufactured
41,0 tab, or Flour since war finithed, re that the rn
eitiltery 'reedy new and of 1117 moat tin d er
u nproved 1..,t,t1 'Fhe Nllll tit eapahle of mannfacturom
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but% for rand propetly too ate 0.0. h. 117.
'The te , Vm. ...I -al.. e pm able in nlOlOl,
to Dank, the balhure on o'etedtt of 000.100. 000 three
ears. vvtilsgut itor,e•t
(Prop t• required to
0000'note• watt apprueed •reor per Ode in h onk, and
• ten al.t he td upon the property farther to
reenrr, the 1 ..01,0 , moo J 11: CAM
111242 w
l'fir/PF:ICTY IN tILINGSTOWN, 01110,
Tilt: ad veruser aders tor aale a splendid [lnch
of s, rote on the Sonic Kaat cornet
of lie entAtc Sou , re in oungstown, AlabOning
county, Ohio. It is Intl ,Cootmod.ons. finished in ea.
rellent thy'. and In the best location in Youngstown,'
...her for..,..welttnc or oldie hon..; attached to Ais
yard. with.grater, stab: ug, and all ether convenience.
at hand.
Tlita town o wanton, r g net y rapidly. is souated in)
r owtiately int the Canal and when the variont. Furnace..
, now help; built are completed. wlll
tonst lorthhtn‘ ,In s ' an tins onotton of Ono
on l: he sold low tor ` 'a IF or on Idne. or exeltan,w , l
r %AA P . C‘o'rbn'err Sh!onatdi:gl'Ttirser.tlr. i;::„°4!
I•orah. who will coe at id.forinytmn. aentlicvett
...crib ,Pß,
Yal E e the ' , Te lling Ilouw.t ,
whtch he now lewd,. the thlth-Wunl Toe lot
00 feet, fronttn, on Conkress and Allen sweets.
4 , by
Fine Low of liround .n the 7 12 Ward, troottnv on
'V anew
o faweet try feet deep,to a'4 feet alto
Al, acre.. f Y.:round In .11...eerve Toerh•htp.
'outing r e A hecheity, to a Ingh -tale of cnlttva
Celt 'Foote ar on the wenn., a Write nuntl.; , Tof
beancia Applc. each. 1.0. M., tont Cherry Theis. an
abundance Gape Vitted, Worn ',hie!. Wine has been
nytde.the Iwo year•.
re'farther pnrnentort C.1. - u , at the Lumber Yald
Ott., Rown., lslww.n..tot't •t Smoifield
and tw an 1 - 7 1111, 11.1 S. 11.01 V AN
Merv, rd
,nr dicer
•nn-r on , . n • n A •..f ,he'Vne
I .no-tut tut,
.1,0,4 bad, am. 10.. a Ole II M.i.ine village aO,
ung,:v ,I•••county ilm lici. ,, L...2,e1l calf aluird
for It orwrraur
The art", orvor . rty 7r,lr I, +o!ri rilenp -Anil .n . Oe•
rotanNydat•ne Iv rm 4 1 . ...%1A II Dit,fi EV & Co
apri awl rrimt at•
I. ) 1.41.‘11:!rN"r1 k.:t'vtßon'i
11 ' 0c . 11 4 0r ,-3 : ''7 < t r ' r f ri fl:!..;
.i.•. r,',..c,,,0, , rt....r. elf, re... • 4 ‘,A.,3 .14
og tie 000 osgoto• r
toootr.l do•ltra or to,o 1..
Or gurolloord. rorneroo nor., kr to •..
For toril +worm ,
enqw!ror HANII.TON :-?•111 ti
wood rie,t
~,,c.o, .
'Me o•uhuenhot ode, tor •Mle 10 LULA lo ..,opur•
c 011. ,, foul vere- • f . id to Fteuir,u, T 00,01,..
the 0•,..0, or to oto ~otuvu• Shodull
..... Aocu: ,h, • 1 . Ihr h0..1• t.t ....o.•\ 1 Ruo
,hrrou h o,• uo p•rs-..•.... . tr.
: t ao• O
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orphu l'I:11:It 1 0 1 r.. .
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F v n e S d
o „, hro i . Lll,
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. ,
0-11 1 9 1 ,0°.-',! s 7r , "`i , " , ;` , *
The ro,ter• 0 n ,e701 toebt doonetef 4)
feet:o length I r rory O , UO Apply to
r. General Ap-pt.•
•- • • Sm.thfiritlNutel
HARM ClIASCH—Aeent• wtwted to , sell
I wren , Patented I overtone Person... Pith capital
.(3100 or S , UU cur: oleo r trout &SOP to
poly nrisnedtstel-, to S C6IIIIIE-RT.
roll 1; enerel Agen., WStu.thgeld et
Db:SONS oh-furs..of porebasing LOVI in Come
I wry are retern-d ' annual:on to the: uorrtntend
so t, ran the ground: , or to E. 11. Di, Druggist, cornet o
Ily order ot the Do
--Throliiithle Reel Rat ele for Sete.
1 0",•:,;
LOTS on ....rend ntrret. bete ren Ferry street o D d I
N R I e
Alley. Etch Lot swig be turrnty feet front ould
street end , fset ist depth. Their.. wtll be sold
singly i.r tbe trbo4t together Forapp. to the
sub•eriber on the or , mines JCIIIN CALDWELL
ors2ol , ..
LARD sot,•cr he.. h.., o ,e en ouncu, ,,
'he 'flaunt-A(ln, of - It I ur- now. oepored to.
execute all ordega for th d arnel , . Their (.0 to of the
boo qual.t). und w• 11 he at the loweat market taloa
Toe attention of Druato.ta and Groce,ll re,pi etfully
rripiel.ted. 1 )(JURA': SJN, 19 1.11,er y *l,
torl7tf Oppo•tte head of.Foutkse l . l
.. -
Ai I A V INI: • emovrtl In the rt . ty, for convenience
'to profe..nnal, I wsl tent the NilllAilln
House. and tta itilUltd ate enr!osure. sintaie on the bluff
of the Mononglheln, one ode allo.e l'inoburxh.
lonl4:llaset, JANIE. tx CRAFT
13 t , L LOT •
I.l.eaut.fu I Bluidint lot Malawi...near int Fe Y•
Y.lf nom I.:: I'2" frrt deep. It oral Ire...d low. and
011 nrrnmtnal tiLt; two.. unts!airinionable
Land, o . ittated
Woad County,' mica CilAl 01 Carkeza.
rx h.
.116 Uskelikng ean.
rmi mg rtlorrd id the nth warl:td
..roAllarrx, grwn.
tll Smitte'd oircel
)11. SA LE— A .13, Uncle 13w.11:81g 110
rl. u.nlittF ootqattl nu 1 . 11 /t.l ft. ov,
Pr.!, ..nd trrtn.necnntinna n i'mg .
Crn tut Acr. neat Votnre
Ati.s.llA,viillfiel.ll aut.,
Virr.euituit, M•l'
4r ~ w ardsil I gave a icuopoon lull of II A. Fah
tor.h. C `
~ Venailuce ta ray Mile girl, who
in.,. A
and hve yesi• old. and darrlig Ihe day ah •
10 large W 01, averaging liana than a arta it
iameß. ill 14re , net ellll.l slum gt:v n el , ;Ler
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u t . et yot:eege, ,chow we, +urn. 1 :I
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eq"'' dlmt owl
.. , Ini . .lefieldAtre_
wed .111 A FAIIISII,TUCK a LA ,
r,or;orrl.'d 14
teAd wood. .•d r^t And t:4 .r.
TroaNET AT LAW. I'm.. Ogneais.
oner to !Ala lb. , pre. , and aelgnowledeln• o
Deed., !A.A.,' U n nr.• 14.1.1..pipt or miler ...nog
Id be recorded nr ure.l th. Sum.- liKS'rvoi
INnTAsA,,III~`III: Itl and 1,111.311
6 AN
Wire, linrb. , 1 . 0‘ ,. i.ta, 1 0 •I
C.l;ll'lt'n'lo7t:o.l 1111.1t14.11114;::"12%..-4");10'0",;:vi:r.:11::::;,.:
•Ikil for nar...y to , oi nod CiteierieM Oro, 0. large
.i••••rmeili I'l.ll an.. I . e.c4ct ICovilt,u Suporturnt.ele
--J11(11 , r.rnt .40.1 3, .010 low, ul 410. Patsi..,oo ,, d
00.4 ..r..r cuhutal whim... No 131 Wood alit...our
net u 1 6i 0 , F. N WICKFRSIIAM
'ribs. 11.
) 'LEH 11.51 D OM!
V ' sl ' [% l AT, NO 59 . 5,c ,wseet. Ltni.
5.11 1 : I v.. Shoat Co. and 5 s,ltolii:X.-60:
STOI.RN• ;, 0
AI. I. d the .11,01,140 e ,f,iee
leformet lefl al IL. Cifiell will he promptly I:tt,7olta
Q 11.1P11,111.1011 el'l. tunAcco—
b.) :el Its hoe cut elm..;
111 hi% Hord E l c.t.oralting dp;
Ba. fore da do,
rut le vrry low to r 1,.. ronognm.nt by
03 4. Fll Crieillt a N.. 2.1 wont' ..,
1)17 ATER FlLi.F.Vllt;,tar porn ying Vater no
, , tog and fnnoly um-. rendrrng a a* du
wc r , ,, wmcr, Tbr, liTt Inver)' ellen..
inl34. Eninern r dirt For oale by
liEll I . oCilit A N..1...f1ak
m IkezoaKFaolrFOßSAl.l—Airi!netl:,eroinodiabll
o•for"°1 )
E " '
" ail Liar's.
IARY PCiPIeAR-400,01110 feet Peltier l'lonY,
1/ iloardt, ond Beveling. well smmontd, havinitbeen
more then lye year. in the Yard—for sole at Piottli
Lindy ene.t
e..nY felte.tee• • -Nt .Nll .... Llt.fti•/. 0 1.
S U mn li f ITl.Entile'r•orerllrdte'oreo"frr Xdor.oeSrl•
/leo. Crown Clod. and Sommer Cseree—Mq.,:.d
low ittthellry Geo& Home of `times :11131'11Y
jell . •
• • nussus, tixooA CO.,
L's AISD 1)1:11.17diS IIIi'FOREICLY AND. '
tr. SANK Nur Ariu
roartlihn, hearty oppoaite the Bank of lintsburga.
CIAILEITT MONEY received on .Deivsiteitilaht
'arias for sale, and eolleons nude on neatly all
the principal points in the C ued Stales.
The iiiyhest premium paid for Forearm and Arnett!.
Advances made on consignments of Stodnee.shipPed
Criss. on linerst iron , , Nelda
- .
N. tiOLINES & 503,
Dauleers.apd De ***** In Ezell...age, Coln
'..0.1 flank Notes,
rill. 55.'01/%I6(LT • . rarrsaunGti.
'Senior Haws., I pr m R a t m. c iaHa,s log Rlrs l
N e wTark,
ratla.lelpl..a., , ido louts...lle, • I do .
Ualttraotr, 1 Jo St 1.0{1 . 1.1. i do
‘llaying Italr• lIANIZ NOTES. Ilaymg HMV.
Olpn. I dis. • Co & deep Order.... I di..
114 - ,...... I da. ' Relief Note., I JoKeatueky, iJo Pell.) lawns Cy. Idu
Ido . ew Yea. - du.. Ido
.c. ‘Vl.erling, Ido No w Orlrano. • Ida
T. tuepgre.. 3do Maryland. ' Ido
awls( :.•
--• . -
OSEPII • H. HILL. Owe of the firm of Wm. A.
Hdl A. Co ..and W M C. CURB , dale pi Erm,
11. ore Copartstei•lnp; under the 1.31T1C of
11.1. ACU Mt for lie ram?... or ram mg on Il.e
Yank and Eachange tonnunri in ell h. Itratufbc., al. t
1.3 mg
o.r.n door+ below
re dn., .oln.:t the comom of their Ine,oe.
the pa:plte JOSEPH Ii HII.L
mn.L3 WM. C CUMIN'
Jl. 141 U. Mt, its!. c: runny.
IN FOREIGN AND voNit , ... , ric TIME & SIGHT
Notify-Wood sitert,thinl door below FoLOtb. writ sle.
DAR Funds and Conroe) oriord on Depot). nod
X 00.1 c rUnns mad.. on an thy prioripal C 11.1.10 151 ILo
I: ruled Stateo
Sighl fr.:M.IOIOV 011 Baltimore. lionsdripina, Now
Von Boston and enicinnin conuoinly for sale.
1-11,01, 1101100 n. Kenn t) VmoniontniPronrylvania
Boni r‘ololl.bourbt out! raid y, torofulde town
Ea c hanre on Logien.. Ireland. o.oloo:ind France
por Of Ed, , hr. forbid
CER MICA rt , z; P D
A N .
No 04 Rood Nor. oar door abort Fourth, go. tido,
Inchlrj Pit tsburgh,
_Pa. (d&tiF
ALLEN CRAMER. %Dvrinn Luna
1.1 Fortun sad Dna:tribe LUBA of Ere :bongo, Corti&
010. of 8ri0..., Bonk. Notes mid Coin, comer of 3d
nod .00d over., diforny opposite St Chtuleo Hotel.
"KDlCuctsguery, orri•lts. iunde; el"
0 " f ! .. o :l ' ; d atl ' 6 , ‘) . rTiITaI,N.Z/Vo d rl .'"
"f tr a s ' s * r n' "
etious etnetssoli,-Loul• iltr, Cl i . 1..5a m. 1:
C/Ist ' all mere...rads p01=.,.11ntc..1.1. Sut
"'Pd Vl'dlirattst t. SON, Ex,- h....v.l.Fsc.slrigkot;crrs
iit—nitClto .11.11.0•Loucat7nte. into-to.
ell whet I.e.:amble points the United Ehn
wade on necoutthealating tenor. DILL fa. CURRN
eon ' Weed at. nest &alio Kwyle Saloon
. •
Ezolarunge on New Yeah, rhtladelphin, anti Bain
- an
y .or sale it) 1111{{L &CORRY
attO Wend at nett doer hi FAR r3alaen
- • wereacyt3ithc Ohm IndliTia, and Kentociy
Walk.. vaunted at very leva i lro , v_Tiz , E .tv.
tY, Indiana, &sadlictanclay thank
I`l,loe.purebszed 0 los . rtes
110120E4- I.zON
[No as Nl3olfiet
w','AIL CLOT/.11 • 4 STORE,
A ANCKED Zs NIACE.D. wholesale wild retail dealer.
/1 in F.artern Neal de Clothing, would , respect
fulls take this method or soliciting Ala
to lestiion of their
ontortiers and die politic generall t y,
the follomonS
wt. of their wock in trade. and mourn tbi in otoo, that
they sent sell as eheafi if radtcbenperlhein noir other
eslubliebinent in the coy. Our Mediate. ol purchasing
andfinaroductoriug grab., are such as to enable us at
all iiinesl. o beep a full assortment oil ready made.cloth
nt lem prices Matt they can be obtained elsewhere
the nresrnt aLiek on hand eilatuitS in part e lsewhere
the lot
lustrug dercript inn of goods::_2—,. , ...; ,l" , '
IN , black owls dress coats , fr. da• EAU to &D..
113:1 do do Emrich do •10 " la!
TO blown and invisible greerrtio IS " US .
IVO melt coots, splendidly made A. or goeil material
ilatrpair pante, of 1111 •ty Ns qualities and prices.
\ 041.0 ve• • do , •do dd de
Ida iturelildnen nla iti and 'stitched bosom shirts. suli.k.;
scafs. r ravot.4 linioni.; collnr.;lmPandem; sack.;
Nino'.ts .01 nod, Shirts or user> s
mut[, all of
hit h bane bro“eeibily putelm.ed and adapted to the
preirm 500•0. —.fits iehlthr• end
who ore in
1 w mil iii i toil,. g cannot do bet t o u me ri.,, cu ll .
s, 11Eri11 AIRLINA La—At the eentleinets.: Whole,-
l' rate turnielting:ui are room, No ih.,Wood .treet up
..taiss. Antither nil/owe of Mom fine 1 toy mannioctu
ri a Shirts, stoic 'cry filie, with Dynan arab starding
collar.: —median. onwitie., do de i a few diner new
K., le Vl,oltlll , with hints LI) son and mainline collar. at.
waded L. a .pleunid amonment of cooled and plain
Dm,. or .t.ndtsig collars Ili lint do: Im.otaii 051111
oilars, fine and. ..morn it , • . t . .djaating sucks In
crict tai i• T Oil !it'll.' I • • ...;.nbuside, pltin mt
• n i ce Ei. TOB•11:11.• • .•,... 41 wiilt new VIVI 14.011 -
, ...1,•., ast.
goodg, and .. enabled in•:.i• way to mil as near
IStiern price. s. frrighis wit. *emit Alt elanutratiOn
tar ,he goods .5 rcrtimtfully.olielie if ED .•
tin Agent roe Esoein manufacturer.
. -c,oriitior.l3 Auccacsal
the Week •Prs gensesDa• CO wrged
EiVICIIII MiDlSAillktri i
rPtrfoptielOr a t
•late h. hug frit rid. land
I. t h e puhl,e, that, at the advice 01 11U11.1,01. 1114 • 111111•14
i. r .hu e h e ,. .r a ceil m otter IA their mot...mein a ac
ne. or Ai.
the Orator whtch will take plate ou Wedumulay, /one
nth. eviunieneing It 3 e. W.
Ticket.. 12S tents including a dab of Ice Cream.
11.1CHA11/1 'l .- • 1.3L1‘011, all,
,INIPONTN/orrd Deolor Or traddlery Hardware nod
1 Cortorge TOmoiniro of eVery doselipriort . , No 133
Wood ritlabnot; offers ro roorrorkers and deal-
er* a eplon osupplie•of dol stook or goods In 'bro.ltne, at easter
rawer. lo l.aerr, Donde:Limp& Koolo,
&c . .. troth moron hitherto uulroowo in this
litalke o l onJ are
unaorporsed Cat beauty. goolit), or cheap-
Ltgld and Dark Coach, Ilunern Japan and Leather.
V,ray.h. aladrytori hand. A +Opener rtionrand.av-Y,
N. 'l.—). lot of Fly Neils, jutiteerivad and t he
sold lone- mr22
Ual 1315 . 11.11 10111 Y BIALITNISTS.
T ,,, F,, ,: e1ii, v i r ,..b ::::r gz a .,cm..5,a,..a.:,, ,, ,;,
...,.. by Pluntbets and 51aehinists.ut the Kamen ell
ie.t—for the salr..l their tisanisateintea Sr now prepa
.red In fuestitb• Plunthers with alight...slaloms tad e oft
bra.. anink ured in their baldness.
ata.,every •ntl.ty of linage and Steam Coeks used
hi I.oroluouge •mt atanonaty Engine Builders,
Jinni nt Cocks. Oil Cups. he.Ake , and ....bleb they mill
200 to the Wettest" testis. and Engine lluildets, at EA.
In l'r cc*, exclusive of ifel,lll .. • . . .
1...,GA , :•.r.xt.n.Ni , p%
'tin-artfT " Inn VErou at. Pit...ugh
1 5 Reams assor.ed Glazed 1.1.-dium,loe4. ;
150 do Nears Pr in, . :10197;
50 do .do 00 , ' . Pfaith;
40 do da do ' g4:07,
plit an do do ata3lll
do, do do Ilaat,
50 do' do do' 111.131;
la do Fine Souk. . 24147;
40 do do do • 10514,
-- do do . • V4s3lE
Mooned (Mors, lYstl,
24 do do do 24x20;
10 do ..Yretioal Methuni. . 10224
On hand %mi r ror sale hy .1011: lltreet itltlLLtt.hetweenit
ood s
Disnrrl4l Filth street
JA111:11.145ii:4024 Colt,
by and 2CA.11.1.1`. U nited
hns been
nly "I use by the l'res dont of the United ttlates. in
the Departents. snd train frowns nr.Congress.try the
tad Lear...runts 1.0111,11•11V1i2, and numer
ous lushly it ha.
e ions, eencerne, and indt2.ll
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she p
pctottaneu co of co l or thrte Inks fully equal, tt a - I
ass... for schen th , odor to cue e out on it.
cq it o“. rem... nettsuired tor agro
11.11 faCtillaa and u for sole i., In suit par..
,ssets, by s: J L READ
frillrusyth.siror JO oars street
7 7 - l Ti TA 1 - - - .1 - . .t. /F.9IP rt IL AR 17 HOUDERB.
II]RICI KEDUCELI-'7ltotuatt Palmer, No 97 Pao ,
.I. het street, bets:seen Wand 4h f stets. resPeetfully
utnouttere to the public that his pt .11t stack Or Watt ,
Ilsper and !tinders of his own Mil ufsetare is-sery es-
tooster, and doily additions are iilliag made to,t, at
they,stre fostrhed-of.orw and sole did pat eena t- .9 lio;.
o well assorted stock of Irma P Frond Seders.
tasks,[ tirenify reduerst the ries* 0f.91t• latiose
masks, lantfodtoot. lo,htsliar. no ouuttserateda he is
preparea to fell R3t Vaa., Caltarall than any
.;.' .to et , of this ktudi East Of Waal Of C alantstatna.
el , -
711ITEr GOODS lirOW D1LE111615.11-1`
Morell intel'. the ...aorta or lendees to his ex.
;client netoronr of above pood .et n.zsuns of I
Solt `t e n t r Man blast; e; '
non omen do
Pat Nowak do
elnin a do, .as ter .1' to French leasenv,
ec ry cheep, a nd neweed •erle North
dered al.lerre,
Xer Presto,
....or, prices, at Nora. East corner till
Inel Market...or, _ i: . . jalti .
b ...f.l rcreterd. per
' . f . -BtEr!ctg,',',"'4 I aIR:11•TILE: 4; sits' ItilrlrCetbd l Calit
A; E. 14., tromplo,;lig a 'err 5 nerol orsonme at
Ma:tollit./. u 1 coneunacts generally
;Alf . - ___ ''reo ennod slteet • .
i 101.1) ANL. lone' elt cereed an
X-laddroon to lOy l lever Pat
ted 1.- vet XV of
-of the later) MLitt hand- of the beet
nbenufacture-ertrrorneel ry lore are:
j -in VIL:ON
IX-TINES-C.lre' 01 -___ . __
e or "Ron
V V coo.. -Lend. In
arts; "ti tb n
.nantestrirt,” WO • !Ammo n N n radedel PO.
dheeri. Larbon, pry .no neseet oga XX inee-evrare
Mow., rure-lo cask a nod bottle., 'or ea, by
-14---711:1-5, --kirairirr-v-e-ii-i:iiii;-'aTecT -ii-eii;;;lrd
lisrock or the treallriond• or blend Pen, pet opened
and for sale at the Waxed pricer, try c .._ „, .;,,, •
jalll , v " ....f""•!
1 .. - V K f----MWTR r.--71-aa;:irs, 1,...,t, oaf
.. p
Poona.; Volker, ergat Tong.. Ipar !, tc.. , ...t_..... ,
raanolictared and for sale tie X% %X X IL- tle•
410 . - •. . • .to r Ado and &tante sts
i ittyuNtt AI.I.,PICF:, Cinnamon and ciao.... In
li b ile.boino and fonall polotogna constanily 011 band
Rol for sale sithe Mustard Mul rplreif.Sroja. V' Filth
." : 4 kJ - Ist cwt ."oll' an Ca "::Lr----NV'--lineNnoil
/I.: nob lot of tifoubd C9loto,lit'!Oli,ila: Moab. and
6'.12,..4,din- Ff_e__LiO____ - Ind .._, J "atm o co,
Lire* rilrati,'%7•li;°lroPed; l'air ra 4 :ii '- ,
noarrained nuom Mine, Clisteni Stone Looko-in
<mita and bottles of difereet totoott C dr ooloto-fot
*sic by_ elO : P TIN
cVAINT - gr - 11-TiCtl igElllß-CotlpEkr.
r !IRVIN. pool! arottaleSA loll* . olshOS bnbiON
C.ll boor of good vilifies and <clamant easployamnVOY
on.ili log at tkal 96CC • Jot ',7;
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, -
131.1.1611.11 0 DS. ,
- Cincinnati, Marsh 3 4 1 1 . 1
'Dear Ain- this' is m eertify m the
those eflieted mil. a diseaa of Me tinige,be
Rut in the Spring of 1513 Oran wills a amereeet6
hick &Om tease seated Upcitmflongs, Moeda/ ,
eymploma of ea approwthiag:ComuMPßim :My Imes
tight lad traohimmillostbmided with mapitwitnight weeteil l -
mit up May a emanderable aunititylitbl od, eitifilLwitts
hick dark mom. M 7 situaliAlVeasne
log During: this lime I was Mended : by two . B oar
.11164 Rhyeicitrast they did the hew they nuild tof want
kngth they gem up all Lire
. of neovery ; Valbrosia(
me that main more cadd fin done- thel my lungs were
1,00001, and hood manly. • 1 was Mee perinaded bf -
a frimul of mine to male a trial or Drs Alsi Man's Exparaw
num Remedy, which my rhysiniai: m persisted egaiaet, laying
that this medicine would. do uo good. and would' still
more to toy suffering. I told them 0 wits My only
hop., ...a that if 1 mut die of itia-atwastb pithieh was
dent to ine,) there would b. Mthiag lost. So 1.1;0 M
CincinnatiOffmanad obtained 5 bottles Of this truly Val.-
hle Medici., and cemmeneed Mu" at:canting to elsa
tions,whiels, intend of adding to my seSering, itimediately
gave .00 relief, at once arresung the trovAdeanne Cough'
ruing Mc pain and tight.. oo any Chest; giving nee a war
life and stnegth, which mica enabled ate to be Mo. again.
nu medl<ins matiourdit. good work, which it ro nobly
o isinmeed, uatil I was made emend man. theme siert trews
mundlog to my bantam, (upwardbof 3 yeaes) MU feel.
healthy es I wish: I hem recnamended Dr. Duncan'itit
peetormt Remedy Amway in..scram those wmiary aßlinted
sod it has Own. proved sueenaful so, kir as Itliale witnessed'
in elects. weer wing this niedicioe al prem.. t.
Disramil lams and M. Affettiow f 1 6 / 1 Lungs, which she
I...altered with ear some time; she bar nearly reenvered
by the um of thin medicine, tad f ma confident lb. 6 hanks
that 1 take with am to-day wi6m4retymni her: lam .0.17
to know ilia them are thoinande of valuable penmen wasting
nway with this dreadful desteoyer-CONSUMPTIZIN.-
Were it uoly pusible Mow m pmeare this sakim ia
time, before it be too ilk, telly bees might be prolonged and
their families and relatious agitin readmit happy. : This
medicine *RI give buten! md aieli l e mait Raw arm,
the hanl and painful Congh, ramn the tigbinese in the Chest
gist strength to the rofeebkd and emaciated Mums and he
must ass, I Los certain, will in= i o v r
3 6 . 141 . 1 ta. •
Montgmiltry,lismilton County, Ohio.
N 11. Thus whomay nut be mmainted with ale l refer
to ths undersed, eitizein Alecto...l,llmill= coun
ty, 0 , they wil ign l any tint sulatantie la the shove statement.
Nonsam Ilmentann,
Carr 3. 8011:14.
street, where tlde mlmble Medici. can elways --
Sold in Pittoburgh, by W6l. JACKSON. Foy:nee oi l
Wood mud Idlustty .A. aprjAdkor
~,,'- . No. rffl_DIAhlOND AL
•• • . LEY, a few doers •below
' ,
' - , Wood street, towards Ma
, • , ;,,,
~• market.., ,_
• , ''
.4 ' DR. 1/1101,VNG ,•
'..•:".. .7 i ' u l tlio h !,t o 4VVTT ,d o:
:,*4-.-- ferston,and boon Mr sonic -
% .. '.'..e's tints in general practice,„.„
• now confutes his attention .
A , I .• . ~,—.... to the trentmeinc.of Laws •
• ,' ; private and de lc_ nit •
-,\,. ili --.. , plaints for which his opeor
• • 0 tunnies and eaperienee .
wwirlaiL pc: Malady qu e sJify hlnt.7 , , •
Steven jeers emotions > devoted to to , study and
treatment of those tornel • xtr, (during which time he
has had more pulite and tee Wed more orients than
can ever fell to ihe lot of y Prima. Promott.romol Am
ply qualifies hinter , ofit r ns ,runces off speeny, pe=
nent.and vutieletery i e . t. a ? . al t t limed with
disie;:xensioan.nd al.,olduilyrjormr:h...tha=toowith
diseases which have beeorucchionie hy dmeoraggrava
ted by the use of any of the common Manama of the
da • that their complaints can be radically , and ,fflow
• nog '
day, that
he having given his careful attention to
the treatment of such eases, and succeeded in hondred• _
of instances neerson of inflantatien ache neck •
1 of the bladder, me
nda kindred disease. which often remelt
tom Mose eases where others have conaigned to
hopeless despair. Ile particularly invites such an ye
been long zmd unsuccessfully treated by others M eoto.
salt him, when every satisfaction vein!. given Men! and
their cases treated id a careful. thorough and intelligent
ponted int by long eperience, study mi dint
maturation,estig which ii is impossible for Mose in
general practice of medicine to give any oneaura
disease .
trr Hernia or Rupture—Dr: Brown -Aster tem ,
perwins afflicted with call, U he has paid
" gfi ' t Illi'se"asa"mqUiVildeir, gliy,-etc.. sreedlly eared
-. ;?..r_lzinn,Toleither t . cr. living at a distance ,
by manna their-disease-in witing, giving all the syrup:
toms, can obtain medicines with directions for use, by
addressing T. BROWN, ht. IX post po.I and cock.
'gerclio.a.3 Diamend alley. OKM.O... tit. Wr."l—
Irr No nom. n • ear' „„ _ d....?.._
... ... _
INGOLDSBY'S Piles Spenne, m interned nena_dy
a certain end maid cure nothelter ildereal, animal -
bleeding!. blind,abo, for irranou of the kidneys sad bbsd
der, pure in the back end aide, habiuml cadet:sena, mop
bone, Jet.
Fenialte before end aft. couftereoent irre - ult. mudded
with constipation of die bowels or mutivemesiss ate3l the
piks. In such nixes the Specific ma be taken with per- _
net safety, end is a certain netted . The Spettifie noir
pergaut, and is en mdrely • remedy, wtthout afar
mle of gamboge coiner...or tto la put s
reedy hanole. is the mandeliade cum
This is to certify that I know Dr.i /a dry's Pam Sperif„;
n I
tube a anti:taunt sad wife remedy. Having ma .fie.
in several each amongst my emennieus, in onerslcon
fumed and mere cam of the ',where itTuremiteuefam
- eine in memos.
New York, bitty, ISO. 334 Moth street
I cheerfully gee my teatimony to the ...nand ashen
ishiog clieeta of Dr. logoldby's Pik, Specific, as 1 Mew it
from my . awn experience sad obsimMust, to be infidifitis;
.having ...nit widasucce. resets) mem oriel., laala
and female. OEO. IdU.LIPM, I •
New York, May, IM,S. 334 Shahid
New Tort, May, ISIS.
Mr. Bali-Dear Sir.-I hase Me plume's too y, that
your edicine, Dr. logoktsby'sPiks SpeciAr.,•bas wide epee. 1
km tem Mt. cue ot sate:, 1 I 00•111 11 yam] word
itliatetueere hsearpricilat tie Ina c u
nowi at• i o=i e m a :
re7te b el l. 1:1g Ible,'sniVo advierall aline .lot. of
Sifted in 1.13-111. sumer, to procure the mticht, se they may
&pad os s certain cure.,
Your. with respect.
- Wen Cheater, N.Y., May 15,11345.
P, Dr. Ingoldsby-Deer Sir -That you may benefit others
wbe may be suffering" as mil as to
my gratitude Dr
the benefit Wie
ldsra frogs she me of you eds.& Sp. •
cite, I comply wi your reMeet, and now do give eery toti
mooy Dior of it, ho beg him and of a preen attack of
this Piles after Lanni used Mber remedies without mem.
Yours witk
&Id wholesale end retail by WM. • N, at his Pat.
cot Medi-Ina Wm..., Mail
Store, No. ID
Liberty Mat, heed of Wood, Pittaburgh. Price, 50 cents ,
per boa. jaa 14-dly •
ra011151E71111;TION ARIIILEITICD-Te Lhasa
locustd-fffsith rot. ..... of Ma Luna..
-This is tocestify to those omitted watt the_first pee-
Mcnitofp iiruptoma of Comumption, that I have been
laboring for smienal, )ears with a bronchi, soreness of
the throat and boat-tenete. I used many medicines, but
Aland no relief in any preparation of medicine, until I -
ah..MEDY. I have been using this valuable medicine
fur several year., and always find it to relieve when'
ever I make use of it My occupation ar arK Auction- •
me, which keeps me elmoncomumily enaoged, caux•
my disca., at times, to become very alarming, when I
at once
Doe medicate. I therefOre take plea
sole in making tins public statement, that ether. affect
ed with I. disease of the Imp and expectorant organ.
may know the virtue. of thin `all holing remedy,"
and may be coxed. I have reconmen.ded Dr. Ourscaniti
EX pceseralll Remedy 10 really of my faired', some co
- whom owe their Thereto this medicine,
Somerect,Ohio,Oct lA. 1,41 JAMES HEWIT
The_Proprietor of the -I-bore medicine would, also
refer to the undersigned penons; who MA de in Perry •
coanty, on whom my pelmet may call upon and to
convinspl that there are 'mum found in the above
medicine that cmnothe excelled t
David Culbret.n.Sternerrei, DI D. DlOne, do; Prest.
obi I.3ollbre, Jeck.on tpt Mr. do; Deo. Polben, -
S'PV.VU‘tPlaV't•' Z1r.e.&171.1/74,11.11; - 180 Syc.
more street, Cincinnati, Olito, _
Liber ty teold in by NS M. JACKSON, HI
head of Wood great. . optadailet
ComoustoplPre's Consoleitlams.
Dora sicker. weigh upon your beattl
Or pains affizet your breast?
Try Dr. Dunmn's lfrating Art • -
And it will tire you reel.
Il eleanattyoy the minty elead
Dille.. spread. o`er the mat, •
And erhirpere through the gloomy rhymed,
"Your health may yet be %holm" ,
. ,
Elve.yooder rote of lovely Lee!
lot waering wklb decay
It tearCtly cps the morning, dew,:
Before it fades away.
The Worm of .Denth ors* in the stem,—
rtd strengthened •11
And when it bloomed, to lovel y [ern,] I 1.
ll tripped through and 'th rough. `-•
-- • .
That i% ond er Death might be defletc .
If Dr. Ddnean's art were tried;
Antimany lovely damsels saved, • . '
rho Mtn of an untimely grave.
Sycamore street; Cineinnati3Obio; where hid_ valuta
medico/a mold.
told Le Pinslimih. by Whl: JACKSON.corner
Wood 'and Liberty slit. ... ...__sfeith
1 whinie teeth is icoul;;;17 ITIluv;-- •
You, whore skin is dun and mallow— . .
You, whbse hair is bunk slid witty,
Relty,diny' Any—
, You, whom ile affenin birth
ikle'reto*llVl‘llt.vii VaT;lrst 'or girl.— •
Tedib as *bite as mow or pearl,.
Breaths tinny tice - itid cantle •
A nd and wlittilndmnooth sad bemittli.L
And hairieft. silky, daik m sl&e, .. •
By reading wino or said below. ..• -
Rh:At/KRA. s ni of yeti can have the shore by In
Mi. t. nothing bin moth.) u-ing a ibt lou le ofJoun's
rat Ilan Reiterative—a no W. of Jan.'s Amber T
rine—and la cake of the genuine Jean's 111
Chemical &sm. The %unclad coot brit little,• and
MT assated that the kilo eing Me their odo r, e
The tomb
gives the teet h a sweet odo 1
teeth, and propene& the teeth, le. The hair too
kitiowiel tie the roost exquisite thing ever made lei
ging. btailinfrPg. arid miming the ',WIWI a' ham
Ma soap, (get the genuine/ern./ Pond, mind) will
all eruptioni, freeklop, lie, and m the. dart.).
whim. clear and fair. All Mere i king+ are mild I
W JACKSON'S' Dad and thee Mere and
:. l '
Medici. Warehoude 19 Ldicny vi_,.._. • • - . -- i
ell this efficacious .4) d cheap tordr6ne - Nu the e
Coniumn ala other di PPpp . P cannot be SW
known. Yen many live. have been Pettedly 1 ,
Y. Morning Anna. •
Fm sale in Vitiobdigh al the PEKIN TEAA :i
71 Foorth'street, near Wend, had alto aDre
flf.•_11011.11;FI,d0T111 Si. A Retbesy OM. •
SASIA P rllll. A ' whieb T... 11: LA- 3 . 41 Lollies Dr. - Tow
Oareape die Ikenor ',ransom •
to ether eand'r, Brietorth Or Bateg and it OeSit
the eyeantig bet the stone prier.^-jott wee etyd
sale by R, tott.L.): , wp evertor,
' Sot
rot 40140sesi County. -