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Hears, ' I.:ll;e66 , 6l.iteary bevr,
Nand I.4usV: -
14 bz L
• 66L lialtiraore Plan kw Neeby
T , 181.10 W GLAIII-110 IV 9110;
2.5b0• 00; 75 - 1001;
• 400 10411; •10 'lOllO,
S .zu "-1 1 0 7 1
15 " 11115
5 " 9heelGlasa4 Yor sale by
I.e 1:071 lIONNIIOR9T L co. 33 "
BACO2I--2 ea•ks Nom&
e -do Sokr •
2 do • ddloadder& -•' • •
2 d &Atoned -Pam
box - &
lb/ der by
• Jo! 8 V. VON DONNHOHST & t.:4.1
INrur u n t. boie +
9 Micl - 4, l l2ate ' , Limo. lusltnOz-
IS, , (Or made by Wt R McCUTCHISON
• Ito 169 Liberty meet
FINIII—fd.4I4 No I MaelteTel,
JO alit No '1 do;
03 LLb N. 1 It MO*
lu bblyNO I Shod; SO CO. .fla sok-
Sumiiiiiir.-,44 darks od,,
Ji bas. routoddi
,:d pieces klicoo;
34b1. Mu.;
3 ~ ' Eggs; jdodudg (om on,
ea,heoi, awl 1..‘ ~:e by
Intl J AS DALZKLL,I4 water heat
OILS -4 , 0 A, 0 , .. dl.met.. r d Spmd Oil;
MN •' \ gland Color do
• ,o .. • " ' " Mode d
~ - Illtithnl `diN
...". •• Tannest' Oil, .9triii.,"
i Las 1.5.4 0117 ..
• •
lonseed Oa; just received and far
1.1 v 11111-LER RICKENON
SUN I/RIES— G: Trw.•Fratbers;
- Ike.avax;
1 W Wool: •
lo I,LI • l.aid; uow landing Inca War
Jtit!, Ail, 111 11110 ICS' .A• le q' i)ll.ll.CEr & lam. araterand front Ca
el. &L I Meal;
uslo. Den received and
No 15 From *met
111i1311W **LAS9*-11 b!is
19 " 1011=
,I,l* l'or VO!* ItONSHORST 1. CO
pL i !:Tuit.
I. blight Yellow C,,T. f lp o ln and C ,
T2lloe • J
T OlL —*l blots par, recejved and
..I..a l i r o N ,.. * .lety Ina • .1 C BIDVV ELL
'MOTU V 111C140-111bus. in stare lor rale by
/NO fe peßav
ii, ion pnu,e :41der; ciri'dos FERRY
it c cTS
n PQ
lalgt - t :,. 14itl.V 1 ne• lest ree.,,sdrV.fby rrl ;sAaZi
HEtiRl NO :5 i.blrSo 1 Bali. for sale by .
jrl . ...I NO F PERR Y
B RAZIL roViilß—tl bog i r o l l l4nore 1
8C0 74 1 1 1 :t sal!
by • tE , ,
L-lii24Viyi . o3.- rg
W 1 L do. 'i for sole by
5 , Jr4o F PERRY
---- I,
Fltill -V5 Inn No I 'hon... Z.b.l; .
:( •.•,.. - ..
'to I
~.. - so I Dyrringi for tale by
inD FA" ' oide of the Diamond
A KU :Coniori ,
i ttg c f n e . d u tusallt
11. w, .^"." 4 " . "
h " thP ;IFIRA & OULU N
.171 i • Firm street, belay , Mar tel
A ROILY OE NS-7 lAA. porno. tocelvcd on
101 , olle low to dos , . by
7..Comroorciol Row, Liberty at
liAdlllllllOn AHD 1111A11—
on hid• No I Ilertinct
tdd• No I Shad, junt received and for sale
red by Ic 1311.1.3.F.R.5. 17 Liberty at
ST E BO 1T FOR SALE-Eleven-sweentht
of the :Steam oat lIINGOOI.O for sole. For wrote
an apply at "anyls,l FOReVTII AFUNCAN I,
e hide Order O non
b bloat I latarberecroe Wine-for sale by
E—IIO ha f: s Prirce Rio. pt jk ag i rr l zil D fot
' •
SATHER—WO Side.. N.Y. Sole, far •aly• by
-. • - • .1.& R PLOY D
POTASH—+• cYalgs Pure remelt Coy rate by
fey J &It FLO‘D
rAyOUL-5 aw Lt. 011 commitment, for nate by
V tt, • J.&R 14.011)
I 4u kn. 51,1401:Ling Furnace, fnr •ale .6)
Ib. FLO'iD
bbls hailed= order, for vale 1.1
I 371 . 10-111 note and fOr 3 II . C R % 6.0
Clal.r.b&TUr. -- 60 &as Pure. for vain by
rgIR, .33b.. W. R, prune ablpplng order
dithng and ....ale by
HOOT & CO, Litn•ny II
SI:OAR—SO 1.• prime Wheat Havana;
Wilma, Brasil; far aale bV
Jed E 501.13 12 BliNidET, 18 and :V wand at
F LOIR6-.100 tags In store;
400 do to arfive; for sale by
k CO
C ?rt l-" ;; ;-g*" rtirr i n tI'
y "3inlng
pEg. , -- 7bll b... ...byVal'illgtEV a co
FARE 1111101K-10noto Fire Brtrk far sale ay
fe d J DALZELI, 24 .stern
AHD-17 keg. plane Lard for rale by
CRANBERMES—iu Wtrart Picked. jun reed
ana sale I , y
•• •4 'RI RN I). RII FIX P. O.
...I% Oats lor.a.
FRI Its R111:1 - _lt CO
A 7 .. 1.3.:1* -50 Luuttel• lisrlv a f i v i teig on . a
& HIED APPLES-500 ritle by
EACIS tmobel% prime. Gar sale by
e 4
EN01.1411& 41F.NNEIT
uptiNjeLanTi - Wri7ceored
'DE& NVN—Heeelextre'el eor e tetertnaers, at Om btu..
and tepete Feetal.:7 Fettle lour..
a1111,4F. RADIMiI. grit'ed andp ranks , kr
imrordiate to, c01...8111y htgd it the Mostar. ,
sod ' oce Facitte, . 07 nhb street
COP IVrM—ft nn4 around. for atessoboars,
hotel. and gt..errs. at thr Alosiord sod !tyke Far:
torso?. Plrth rt. to, I — RIKIIJES k ALCORN
/I,ICOUNID (il , 4l,Elt—:A. W.!. and 110 toy o on nand
4.....1n and on sal , I.y ItIIODEI3 & litn.XMN
2 r
)l Nol7 7.11 ame,
G:usl I,:1 .. r.4._ null, legand boP.liwoundl um! .-onLtantij
.LAI4 for glair by
kliOD h AL.I.:ORN
my 14 No 27 Fifth ',men
SPTB. 'I Ultl,l,ll.l•lls.g—ab but. JuZinncsvid
M road order, ..n.l fur ...10.1,
jrn %i11.1.1:fl , h . RICEETiON
r i fil e V i l, /114 - 1 I.-
.. 1 . 7:1? „. I . F:h •• 1y ... , ,r in .. / . 7ln.d v .frn
3.• ) ' 'L! .. ..
Bucia as A:. J 'l I..US—lgt doz for sale by
in .I?dU F PERRY
A LE RATE ap—S ea.k. on Itand and fur Weir
nummisr. —l.9d D.ts insun< and for ask by
ll •
1310 COPPICE -1 3 bats soperior. lamnceiral
• ltaini for lain io ).:1 RICKETAPS
T A ll—'4 hbb. N. C. Tar for sale low by
- - • - -
"Tjr pi a- r,u. 8.. llarno II.m• In ent., for .•I. by
, J e BIDWELL, Ay; Wuter 4,
DO Laa Writ /Dr Pale by
Aril r 0 1. v rel ILWNC a N. IVtlef mod Iran..
T INSEZD OIL—A kW barter In start and (of
la l e y 'ale I) .. .., plOrk B4°3
T Aiiii —in Tr,•s, • pod ankh., fixable by .
.1 , • Jet • J JORDAN & FON
DRIC,APPII•KkiiJ 10114, 'JAM eeeived &IA MI
oa4 hti j. s F VON! ,:ONNIIORST CO
OT AIR —2 c okt primes jus meelved and for min
Plry h. AUI. I 4II & BENNETT
PAINT—I bt.. Igo ~....1 Ruck Vamak Pain,
ufaelkund and 4.4 . .11, 14
SPTO. *TUIt DKniTtsl4-3 W ren for Nile by
j,..5 . _
OTASH-1 , a.k .. r."“aft""l i Vs 6
N J.'s
1007 RIVE 8ALL—1.....a1l airka r _lot
•t , l'ortronored. D
for sole
OPPEEL AS —l2 I.,reiskyr
je.s . "4• J b O r I.IOPGAN
g1yx,...-Co e.
,OTAsn—N,i l'ata4l, wattame j a no; , ;. at rat.
LI. mrlt
gfitOSdY VP—Fresh made, sada firm qua
l '""" . W ' D morioAN,
WIIITE I. I.:II U. —r.oli kegs Ps re, fat sale by
J D 410FtbAN
QALIGRATI .s -..,:. mils, now Irkes it ril : e z
Ohl ..):. bb • now I. edam. (or wale by
LIVViED 011.7 ts Irs , :xle by
RYE FLOV It —5 ben. Is Extra for Pa c y
i.. 0 ~1, . V0N IION: , 1tORIBT A CO
FLOUR-? FL9 ... I. rethlynand. far wile by
stl :4 1.. VON BON NIIORST k. CO
elll NIBIJK —.A. on. lust facrtycal and tor Pale by
.....,.. 1 ,2, . tt... , F: 10:14..F.28.47 wood Pt
Mii•MAI.LIo, loop ConOr.o C. , t. I' y, coyby
W 0 It , Ir , UTC•ICONI
. ' ban b abonufart.p . .o.
r,-„„. - "1 - .; - ,7,; ,-- ..;.;:,„ I %fret, roni-73N
1,00 r;:'sii low ' r
.S .VCITA;YA Nor.-Ess
ft K Wobk&' brand. for
F Ls arb:LnkC LK
.E.LOIL) talorl• Flan, far... aIIS e by
_V . • 114OID. R1111.1._
""9--t"'"Alrar lILVIEYA CO
MILE'S teed and - 10( 11Zit
In t( • by aViCa
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jot , / •
S.CA.llolrtliftl, WIC Al. RILL. 11. IL CRAI
BloramTlesi;.ft the °cur Nommen.
e+eavael, Caluaiva Leave ARM, bare
Cellitl.l Ms/ Jadtiw ,
Carla OaLluvt/e,(Frl- July I
Cuaulusth L Lou, t. July la
al, tAm)
(Be) jiarMen,. •
8 r Wad., (Or) illovepaa,
Orrice rrressonou 447rrte.,
Monday Minting, June Y.l:
There wee 5 feet 6 inches water in the channel at
dusk last evening and rising. Both Rivers are mad•
dr • - Sunday evening, it rained very steadily and
heavily fur some time
lour—Satorday was another extremely flat day in
the'imarket for Fleur. Holders appear to have di.
Meted the market, or ask price. equivalent to the
withdrawal of tbestoek• in for the present. We beard
or sales of meal Into at the long extremes of 54,75
to 5,37 i; bat coo verify very few. The truth re,
the market was jut about as unseuled as ever. We
shall use What tecelay wilrbnog forth. The receipts
contitme e fair p, but very few Cl them are boy
Sales.loo tn. new W. R. (*bee. at siii6c
Groceries moye steadily, and without change in
prices—market dull.
Brovinions—Tho demand for Bacon continurs
brisk at previous priers.
BANK Or ~ TT owe—rati. co riessatdr.-
I'he Albany Bank, reject the notes of this Bank,arni
we are informed that the Comptroller he. sent a sot ,
cial Commissioner to Watertown to investigate its
condition. We believe an injunction will be granted
to clone its doors. In case of its failure. the bill.
holders will have to look to the securities to the
Comptrollers bonds. instead of any thing that may
be to the Bank. Such has invariably been our expo.
nonce. 'rho circulation and securities were, on the
tint of Jumary, as fallow,
• .
donde and reOrla'd • 017.4a9 Probable value•••• 140,000
taunt. noeka••830,000 Probable limb, •41 emao
Illnole sleeks 1,000 PrObable voloc—• • {CO
I Plobsbln value of 'vets
Deficiency ofaccariiim
At this rate, the market value of the notes of the
Batik will be about 60 cent. en the dollar. Thu' is
one of the old tree Bank. which went into operation
before the law wan amendedcprohibiting the deposit
of foreign stocki as meority for circulating notem.—
[ l'hompson's Reporter •
New scum") on. am neer, June 11.—Spenn—
A sale of a cargo of 1209 661. en Tuesday last, un
dergoes] to be at about 924 c, since which the market
ha. been quiet, and we bear only'of saleiOf 100 bbls
at 03c, and 2el bbl. on private terms. Whale—Lit
tle doing slate oar last, the article being, g enemlly
held above the views of buyers. A cargo of 731 bbl.
Snuth Sea war sold at the tint of the week, the price
reported to he 304 or N.ic, since which there ha.
been no transactions worth reportins in this market .
A cargo of about 1800 bbl,, mostly N W Sliest was
sold in Edgartown at 314 e.: Whalebone-31arket
extremely doll, with no sales.—[Shipping Lin.
The following inlormatiou in'selgion to the Dry
Geode bag.° of New York, we copy from the Dry
Good. Reporter. an able paper published in that city.
and devoted entirely to the interests of that -branch
of trade
The trade in 1301111,01C11 the past week had been
more active than usual et,thi. season. The demand
for @spirt has been moderate, and confined to Drill.,
Denim. and Sher tings. 'Mere Nno perceptible an•
cumulation of stocks in nor haaiket. Generally,
there N • confident feeling that . brisk and heavy
demand for the coming.ealsrin will commence earlier
than nasal, and that molt of the products will be
taken at paying µNees.
There is Out little demand far Prints at this time.
The demand frir Pirating Cloths N good. 'rhe
.I.k on hand is light, and prices continue regular
and firm.
'Mere is no materi .1 change in Shirting. and
Sheeting., but holders manifest much d eposition to
sell. The English good. now in the market will for
a limo interlere with the better sjoaritres of oar own
The demand for Drills is good. arid they are held
firmly. Some have been .old fur. t‘polt the pad
The ;ride in Ticks is light, and the market is well
supplied. • .
or Osnaburga the demand is not so great as it
boy been. Lighter gond. ore now beteg used Mr
The stock of Woolens now to the market la very
right. The lactorip are in toll operition working
m the raw material on band.
The quantity of goods imported the omit week his
lean small. There are indications clan early trade
this season.
Wn baresufficient facts upon which is boor tl.e
hedef that • great quantity of good. "oil be wowed
daisaemoo, and the importation will be ample, and
we believe large miannues will be sent out on for
eign aced:mot to beowild for the most they will bring.
rhere is a fur demand for Padding, to work up.
Very little doing in Alpacas.
The quantity of Mesita de Loin., on hand con
tinues the same and the trade is light. •
A. moderate demand for good qualities of Bmwe
Morands continue..
Vesting. of good styles are still in demand.
Marseilles are quite low.
No .amortinent of Gingham', and in active de•
There is a moderate demand for best xryle• of
Fancy Priem to retail. The stork is light.
The dery Id for . Muslin, continues, and the as.
surtment has not improved.
In Woolens there is but little doing. Tile stocki
of cloths are ligtt. and defiers are quite ready to
receive their toll torches .
Many orders for French gross went nut an the
months ol March and Apnl, and we look lon the ar•
rival of comiderable qu imams the latter part al
this month. They are wanted. The market is bare
,uf many di:script...
All Canton Silk. are scarce. •
1 he stock of all kinds is reduced leg low, and
•hat is expected to arrive will have no indoence on
the market.
CINCINNATI—Per Swatara—Wbbla linseed
II Ism starch, Btgsley & Smith-8 sek. wool, 5 cake
was, ack• ginseng, Bdo feathers, Forsyth & my_-
13do sumac. C Raercher—too Imam musket bull..
Cspt E Harding-8 blf bbl. oil. 15 bhls anegm, 10
ties our candles. F Seilen-5 tiu fiddl.J Plunket—
t I bbl. segir..l Laughlin-4 pegs, W J Reed-9 do,
G Ledlit-4 Ws molasses, 4 eo toilet, Curling ;
Robertson & co—l wagon, it Wightman-3 tiltds
tobacco, McFsden & co-6 do, Hutchison & co—
lt do, D Leech & co—lot sundries, A C . :Aeon..—
.! bbls salt, L & J 0 Wick-18 grindsomes, Geo B
Miltenberger-3 sets wool, G Morgan & co—l kg.
Atwood. Jones & co.
010NONGAUEL A CITY—Per Derreatch-3.1)
bo oats, 10 ben glue, 31:10 wager hobs, 15 bu corn, 8
bbl. Boor.
BarawrisviLLE.--P, LoinsLans-5 Qcc•.
55 pa timber, navners—S. kepi nail., I Evans-15
barrel. Boor, r A Koons-$2 .beet iron, &abridge.
Wilson & co.
Per Monterey-GS .eke wool, 13 We glami.
Per Count-141 bbledour,R Watson & en.
MARIETTA-Per Friendship- 4j* bbl. dour. 19
do cornmeal, 238 reka core, FY hit& tobacco, J C
BWweil-SI du, R Ddsell & eo-12 . dn, J A Roe
-33 do,,D Leech & a--6+3 bbls dour, umser-1 be
traeoa,3 etas w001,.10 bbl. wheat, Cunningham &
WARRRNPer Prairie Bird-1335 barrels doer,
Forsyth & no.
BEAVER--Per Lake Erie-1 bbl, W Greer-8
maekt.realbera.J.,f; lagdwell-15 b.ags colt., yam.
Friend, Rhey &to-3 cake potash,
Wick & Weandleaa-3 cake and 1 in hams, Giekey
& eo-11 bap corn, J & R Floyd-9 arks wheat.
S & W Hari:meet-Weeks sonil.Clsrke & Thaw
li &eke d apptes, J F Perry-n boo ebeese,D Bald
win-4n bbl. flour, wester.
GLASGOW—Ver Caleb Cope-450 bag. corn, :SO
bbl, floor. S & W Harboagh-17 bundle, over. L
Loconso-2 by., hen—lot umber. order.
D. LEECH is Co..' PACKET, Phtlailelphia ind
Baltlatore.9 r. r.
BEAVER PACK Exs at 9 and 10a w and 3 r r
MONONGAHELA. Clactonati.lo a. “:-
FINANCIF.II. Louisville, 4 r. wt.
NIAGARA, St Logo, IR •. w.
TALISMAN, St Louis, 4 r. r.
5 /NIT b it. woven IN 7/11 CHAPINIL—NITIN
Beaver. Homo, Beaver.
Consul. Bowman. Brownsville. •
Lake Erie. Hemphill. Beaver.
LOUIS MCLalle. Bennett. Brownsville.
Rambler, Houghton, McKeesport.
Caleb Cope, Stinlee. Glasgow.
Demote/1, Nelson. Monongahela„Cil.
Hibernia. Smith. Wbeeling.
Hibernia Nn g, Klinefelter.
Avalanche. William, NeW (Meet,
Yankee, Kona:. Cm.
Friendship, Davis. Marietta.
Medium. Marietta.
Columbia. O'Neal. Lonieville.
Hudson, Ebben, Sunfish.
• Wellsville. Catlett. Wellsville.
Bird, Mellor, Laainilln
• Beaver, Hoops, Beaver. •
Lake Brier Hemphill. Beaver.
Count. Bowman. Brownevilleg
Lrune McLane, Bennett. Brownsville.
Rambler Houghton, Mani City.
calk! (Nips. Stlle+, ;limns ,
Isan Newton. MaatinMineinnati.
Messenger, Linlord,
Anglo Saxon. Price. St Loots.
Rhode Island. DAWSON. Sunfieb.
Harlem Honker. Bridgeport
Wand racket, Morrison. Wheelie..
• for soli , bY
IP DOT 4 PKAPiitlliiiii.- 7 1 ; hik. r w -
Miary and Practice of Penmanship: in three por.l
intarmediate and final; each port in four
—by M. A. Roo, This work comprises eata;deeigned
illammie th e maim.. of conducting the hand and P.'
prep•tatory proceme.. which thoroughly train the Man
tles employed in writing, a elassifiention of letter , and
word. Recording to their similariiy of (ululation: and
inotruetions aceompanying the 1/1.(1.• exercises in
, .
each hoot. hewhole ar,ranied as to effect great at
economy attune, lab.. a n d
expense, and to enable the
papil to ',tits over each per Neter , Received this day
nd for ante by • JOlll4 H MEItIAIR
NO Itll vrcod sot et'
Tee etearnboa2 LE raw% C.O. 11.
will cmseuenee sunning ha.
:green D
J vnit and Me Paoli the
Merie on une 2.12, snaking hrrehiy, daring the no...leder ul •the
weneon, len2ing Derna every Tureday at 2 reelork.
- - June
A. , 14 I /ivy 4
The I own,' year old, h. • pawerful /ow Nee
are .5 . .1,...,1 I. well ad+pled to the aaolr wade..
For Freighl at par c , 7firava n 43ll l. lr .k rd, t rieveland
J N ELBt:RT, Detroot
The elegant •n.l • aunelt rack. r
jape SNRAN,
Coebran master, wilt leave as alvve
on Tuesday cventng, June tend, Si 4
o'clock, P.N.
For freight or pa..age apply . based ,ell
_ . .. . . .
. • - The elegant light draught Parket
Arc...." .• /aft,'" roaster, !xi II leave a 4 ahove on
.' 7: - -, 7, ,
Monday, Jane glat. at to o'elieg A.
M. or hemnt or pa•age a poly an boa r.l J. 2 11.
gialltilThe very 101,14 dwatt ß atearner
Fairmait; ensaier, .4,11 .... mho.. e
n evenzng. June 2lst. a t 4 tie lor 4.
or freignt or pasrage apply au board.
1 T"'" re.l4llll7lY/k P J:. ""
Mo n a y, 4/4,11 have a. clay
on Monday, Jana •Jlat, at o clock,
board. or to
P " * lf tra.7 . l.!Z. I t t liElt,
C — Wl7eTil
lbe jaelegant • rid fast steamer r
O'Neal, roamer, will leave as .Lor e st
IC/o'clock, Tuesday [opining. June le
Far freight or poising< apruy on bona
The splendid. light draught ar lunar
Conly t 111.1 1 ,1, will leane for the •lore
and Intermediate port.. on WOnea.
day. tan tstrd ,1.1.1111, an/o'clock, P. Al. For freight.
, •raly
The new and elegant meanie,
Ronal. marter. will leave above
on Tuesdayesenour. June 22. al 4
w . e/ock I'.
For (might or paroage•OrOv on rWOrd• jot,
Regular Driver and Glasgow Packet.
Thr new and Cato running ktromhoot
gatCALF:B CO ./•:,
S'ho , ro. mo ' •
ors . , built exprvody for tho•
trade wt:t to t... o Froo!or Pocket to
Ilea vcr 11111 Glosgow—lrermo Poo
burgh dad) at 3 o'clock. e 3d . and ratonoto to Glorgow.
Mouth of Sondy ani Mover Canal )on Nlonda . Wel.
nr.evy. nod Frplav
For trelght or pito., to Rear., New L...1.n.0r thr
towns Weot and Not tit of New I.lrbon, apply on boom
or to je.S 84 WII A 1111Al11iti.21 wood street
fl fine nonuser PALO ALTO. 1
%leDonald, nu•ter, yetil run reguler:
Leo rznod.urelk anal Hewn,. I
o b isee of the mean., Nfirtnou Ilea,
g !leaver every morning no ',o'clock
h e. ' , Ammon ot !I o'cick.
end -v' . r ,.. g a ,. ‘ p r i y to
'''''''' P IZEM.I.I. PA ItliS & CO. AO, fle.arer
. -
04.1 m CAH Winer opal Anuthfiehl 1u I.ItHIAHO
• • The e, double en get passenger
a•eunternor, SW ATAI4 A.
ID•aughl only I. Ineltrv.l
Cain. Cox, oval leave on %todo i the
7.h 1,1 , 1•111. at 4 o'clock r. al. th.
Cinema... and Interatrthato to and ard, perform'
her tr.p. regularly during the luor vs ., ... , vjaetnon.
lil l arLA R b‘ - * C r 1 i r1 a4 .7 , ..171 1Y : 4 4. 1 1 WI Is . rnt hld
n l Ft7L:47l 'j .N . . ''''''"
liat.Wandgeard 1114111rr ortll leave as ahoy.
egain. lv .hroughant - Ihe ...awn Fn.
- 14,41:t 01 pas•age apply 01. ttoant
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The fine and •1•41 t, b hght draught
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Derennry. master. wllt leave o•
ahore throughoutthe ,t , O l l. Fal
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.° - •••••:d - .!.•.',",`,;*:1",,, ° :V...",,,,:":...`:,"" ,, !; 1 .:
larly dur...g 41, 'tea.° liey d.)•
w,ll be aavernaellhareaftar. ma 7t(
RFAirt.Ali LOCIsViI,LI: easa . nr..4
The new,l.ght 41.14111 .ml fn." run
.ng • %comet KU 1i4.101.
c ater,
matter. talll run as a regular
acket ltetweonYtusboran and Lo.,
Till, dortng the ae von She I on Thar...lay ere
tong, hlsy rah. at 4 &Omit
For fratelst or pa ware apply' on 1 .. r ,. .."
The light draught 4,1 taunting
Zit. e ...a.,, t t MlNrill ("IMF.
Moor, [...ler w,ll pt, a• a ' , veto
packet betw,n tr. • place
.rn Za t . 4 For tre.ght or pasaage apply on board r to
'. .... It 4/11, rENinF.RIIVR 4.1
The very Inds draught and Mound.
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AWA I .1.. IPW .
.ner W,lron. snarler. ^Clil run •• alav• da.,
I pa, the ....on. in .:•ng trrnlar wt.'
Tne 'S do rr. only II ntrhe• ..r..ter. for tretaor
Par•lrrl" it P.) on board. n ,.
: Plllabatalrh and Satallah Pwchati
~..: The new and fine meanie.
F.bhert muter, ha. te.omed rer rea
Oar trzpa and wall leave l'ntrburgb
a. abore every Thntrday and MOM.
day al 3 &cloth, I'. NI. For (rent!. Or p•••••ge appl,
on board. net.
SIcKMPORT„ litBA:1•1! AND elONuNtie.
The new Want, . •
rielion own,. will run
vlng Yit'alnargh every Moeda,. d
neaday and Friday, ark o'clock. A. NI. and Munro,..
beta Lity every Tueaday. Themlay and Saturday it k
o'clock. A. M. For fret& or yurasage apply on Weld
11 , L ,
All e a 1.... Trade.
The fore and fa.. Steamboat
Capt. hones Atk.noon, w,u comp
no to .n so • Regular Packet /1..-
ring •
the season between l'itohorrk
and Franthrt. For (might or paootge apply on ...wird.
Ti.e neer steamer
Capt. John lc flays. will commence
her regular tripe to the ribose pen on
Monday, the tnh instant- at to oe!ock,
• or. For freight or pawnor , sooty on hoard or to
molar] I by &lynx& & ILIRM. Am.
Regular Plitobaratt and Zataesettat
saThe new atiMio n d4aught steamer
James F. Boyd, mamer,witicon am •
regular packer between Flostrargh
and Zanesville. Booing had her cabins fitted op and
furnished in superior style, Me Laver offers Use finest
accommodations to passenger.. She will leave oc
Tuesday; Slay (lb, al lo'cloci, P. hl.
For freight or passage apply on trotitd.or to
. arto D WILKINS. Agt
rttrsßilimi AND WIIKKLINti pAcKKr
The iiplendid and fast running aunt
Capia W Men. will commence
gunning •ig abov. on the Sif day of
Match, leak ing Pittrborali sve , Y
Tarsdayi Thursday and Saturday. in o'clock. A.
- and leaving Wheeling every Monday, Wedne.d•y and, at °o'clock. A N.
• The Near Kngland her o been Lentil exprewly fur the
trade. and will lelVe ft(lltri) , 111011.1/ 0. For freight°,
o-ne.PPPI on board or tag
JOHN FLACK, A rtllll.
egaiii The uew. elegem 41 1 1 1 tart 'Packet
C. C. Catlett mart, w.t• lit r t
prrrsly for this trade, and wit make
dady ttlpr Joan( rite ..1... , ' , dr..%
Faubordh ...cry =smog RI 0 ..'cl ~
k, and St rllos e
every a versiog at 'o'clock pis. W. is ivoisiii wilt
ehh,bee , Patti mtetketu . Wiwi' Goule " For 8,10,
or Noway. apply tad hoard I .
V' . A Kent Ikttl. at tor I•di it.
Wharf to receive ireieht.audithe agent airway...v. ltd.
A IsIeR.ANF:. Agent l _
RE/10:1,A Ft PACKK
ru r FOR WEI.
11.1k:1.4V11.1.1 - : AN
MN I/ ,
Mk 11, 11/ VW and liveln &sat , . mar
00 M r4tryrn4. rnaater, Im
R h livery Mnday, Wednr.d
and rooday al 3o'clock, .• M . leas.
Strubenville evrry toradly. linsradly an.lS.ourd
at e o'clock, A. M For frrlaht ok p
board. ,
ate Ihe Steamer ' i
Samuel Smith ntoNet...lll comm.nee
runtung 84 • regular packet 81100 the
15th too , learnng l'at•borais every
Monday, Wednc‘day ar.d Friday, at la noctort, A d .
tearing Wbccllng e veriToesd•y,Thor•dai 1118., Now
day, al P o'clock, A M. For freight or i...age
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on hoard. ' i 4
lINGULAII l'I'ITS1111121:11 ND ilsil.M A, Vi 1.1. 1 -.
?ACM A '. r. ,
. , .
maiTHE new s nl i fo c. .u4n;iir:
will run ae a regular Preeket I,tween
thesboa io e t, 'eaten,' Pitobar•di
Toe•day, rburoday KV rtatordati. al to o'clock,
A. M.; •ud Draw-nor dle ere y Monday. Wedneadak
and Friday, at o'clock.
Poe freight or pasoage •pply n board. dery
Itstivaar Pittsburgh and Ant... Villa. -
Parke •
AMC lIE lied drs tett Bra-totter
urd, Illsitter.lwitt make weekly irtp•
to O&M., re •it during tne *ea. on
orb F"
("11" 7) kr.V.ZN''',..":„'" a d
and ,
'Aeroflot to take the proof
Deed., Leaom,ContrOtte, Ito
to be recorded or !roodin lb
(Moe, Tlotko,ldlnti.l
- THOS. 11. L
VV Id FMCS A nrr, No 50
R a„ u , : 1. Short) &
I. Halt Crewe. a oateldese Mete fur Ike Latent,
Beauty and lELeatoratiOn of the Nair. Coen a, whin
once known, will topersede ill otter ern , . of the
1"..t.1 no. awed. Where the hair te Geld. ketch Duo. u
healthy or taming grey. a few applicant,na will mate
the hair soft sad. dark. and give ft a beautiful ',Tete
spreararre, and will aleomake it retain he 'Ordinals
and healthy color mice long all the prr par..ta
which eregenerally toed: diyery lady •ud gentlemen
who are to the habil of smog oil, on their hair, .hon'd
opeo pore... bottle of the Chine. Ilan Cream, •0
it is ea competed that it will not injure the hair like the
oilier preparations., boa will bestial it. and Vie perfect
satorsettortnit every tost.ce,
n•htFe: teatirtooy tts eery:!e Ike
r fb;eL - R letter (irons Rev. ffr. Cshisreil, .11
Ilesasrsbott & Stretch, Nsahrtalr, General Algerte for
the Western States:
. .sr from the R,
Letter from the Rev. R. tk00.y....„
byterian Church. Pulaski. ,
Messrsliendershon & Stretch—Gentlemen I tote
pleasure in adding my ientitoony (snot ad the
lens preparanon calledyth. Pin:tittle. Connote frau
Cream—for about two yenta ago my hair was eery dry,
briuly, and disposed to come out: bat baying procured
a bottle of the Cream, and used n according in the pre
.riPtiont m 7 hair it no son, elastic and firm to the
head. :Motu balsam• and oils were applied each lea
erne my tare M a worse sum than titling. Cream,
however, bas nuu my expectations
As an article (or she Toilet, my vv.fe gives it prefer
enre over all others. beingdelicarelyperfumed. Sad 14 , 1
disposed to raoeida). The ladle., At. eialty will best
the Climerie Cream to lie • desideratum in their preps.
noon for the soder. lissPeutruii7it t tka i.uwELL
Pul.lll,Jan'y. 7, tbt7.
IrrYtold wholesale and retail, in Pittyburch by John
51. Townsend, No 4b Market sires% and Joel Mohler,
corner of Wood and Fifth las. jrll4ll
A X INSPOIRTANt ILETTglie—The following
(X fetter from Dr. Brigham, of Lowell. Masa, In.
'peaks the undoes language of hundreds of other phy.v.
mans, who have tried, and therefore Imesw lure st ens
prevate /syne's S.:apemen:ls
heard, l'ilasa,Jim. V 7,1614
DDr. David Jaynet-.Dear Slt:' I t
he used your niedi
, unlversally known by tname of ,la'ne's
Fi.P.'“"nni• in my Practice for number of years,
ono can mom truly say, that I have bee" tome success.
NI in the use of that as a mild, safe and very lhomugh
EsneetomM,Vban of any which I hare ever med. It
ra the beat (or the following obvious reason. It d 0,.•
not if give n proper doses, occasion • dsagreeable
nausea. It does not weaken the lungsand prostrate the
system. like rhos other Espectorans in eisterhon use,
nor dory it alone the appetite of the pollen , s like other
Lausealing medicine', which have been used by the
faculty. Ina word nit nearly °eq.le the thing which
has been caught for by sunny of the faculiy for agermii.e
by. I remain yours, respectfully,
For safe in PAtsbutgh at the rEkiN TEA sTortv.
71 Fount anent. near Wod and at the Dru Store of
P schwas, Federal i nte n t, ,
Allegheny Cit g
• DAS Removed Ye the house on Fenn
street, !Agee loon. above Iland imam,
where be may be found from • o'clock
s . Until 5r tr.,
As he is dew... of lima. entpkryed by none but
th mediate ore who will make ignmiate payment without the
neeessit, en his panel' rolleetina•he would invite ger
und. attention to the Ululates term , A WI. left
unpaid at the corms ion in thirty days, will be eharged
at the following Ivies—
r For Fa naming Teeth
is SI
Inc Filling mein 0210 0.1 per cavity.
AR nth, open. n• in the same proponsn.
All cares In which eimagementa are inn cannoned,
bills will lie emisiderml doe accord.. to the aliove7eg
ti Il —Reel. are those indehtel to In n whose .-
.punts if not paid immediately, will 14 placed m the
I minds of a prober ahem for colleetkin: apt Sit bourn"'
Succeed+. to Iloldship & drowns.
The I W.' • cn, demand for American Paper hos odaced
them to enlarge and improve their Factory, and their fa•
mimes for manufacternig are now equal to any in the
...tern vines. Ilavnig adopted the camera reale nt
Doren: they tithe pleasure or inching their friends and
dealer* to ...mine their Oita, which is now !ar g .
than at any former period. and may he round a• follows,
Tranaparetit hl /whoa Shade.,
French. American, eaun,Ghned and Common Pa
per Ilangqigai
Gold, Vein I atol !notation DOrderg,
Land•rape, Suture. and Pter.board Pratt,
Corm'. Paper. y•rd Inlet plain green. and
Waning. Printing. and W wpm, Paper
a. aI .v.
. 111A1 , 4.
l'• .
.1 teknowle dprernis of
-t or Oh, wrilir2g•
N51..4 o KENTUCk v,
•aert. NT. LOUD'
and Anthony Breou
or inr r•eovery of vy°
'anthem, of 1111.0
fkofff or thieve..
01 be promptly attended
`, R. Caldwell, raror of the Pm.
Mawr, Board, Sc
astta.4 Tanner.' Scraps tat en m cachattv at mar
km pr.cra. moltl7.l3a•kairCanT
Un./I.IIADVII MAUALINE 1 , 011 JULI", 51..1
addlttonal new Works, just I erwyed al M..}. MI
Graham% MauLtene Gar Joey- nt... than usually •t
tract; e—kssing •Iron rOnfa.l tiener•l Ta)lor.
}lerrount,.. Jhv Sar.aln Two other eI•SI•w•Irs
ateh are Fanula Fall.. And Nl.ruon
Wn.hington and hia (iener•ls. hr I T ik.ory; in 2
volumes. row Me
Pinar: rte ,Irdola. or the Cr n t Landon; hT the
author tat in Lottdon•
The Inhcnianee. 1.). Mita S. rytrtcr, author of Mat.
11 Ire
The PYeuh 'So, lry' NI A 'rionnodr—*lth
omen.. eligeruing•iin aro, arrow.. hy itre author
A Iliehiry or dm ot Londonderry und ',error e
I Eniorkillen, in IdOnund 16 9, hy the.lten John (Iro
n. NI A
The Truer. or n,, and OT riirondinx•--o isle ni dre
For sale oi . NIINEEPP
, hf,Tar,c,'.l.FdoinAorn S.rood
HAlt fli80:12 SCO LL lit A . 211 IN US; 111:Al2.
SCA RLET, and Om', NI; •—•rt, Iliac k Ink fl..w.
"ore !rre, trum the. re a .tr. rr •rul
,11 - “ .,
ir • •'1.4 p , OO 4,,4.5
other Idown I; is nun , . 101 el. pulp ,vs. •
The Copping Ink. :or the p u rpose of arr.img
or document, of • transfer copy of to be taken.
It arra, treelt gores copy rot perfect as
nal. wid ha , r none of Mat abet, substance-common to
other et pyrletng mks.
The Scat Ink gives • Nett mellow scarlet, anU 110-
proves in brightness on the paper
For permanence of color these Inks fully equal not
surpass all other, for when the cc:aorta 01100 IC on the
paper. a will retort, NCIIA tor ages
fteerored tht• u. 1.1 't.• stile n wry quantity, by
1 0 11E1.1.0R. woad al
Ofja•Thotte whole' rat to try ans Ibk .an here • Bottleln.l:01S
111/KOMOIII )111N . 11:11AL SPRINCIg.
Mlt ANDF:R4ON. !script:en. lespectfully Informs
tbe public. that th.s estaltlisbmsnt will he opened
and prepared for the ry•romososintion of anther, by the
1011, of tb.. coo till
The attract on. 01 10.0 fl.lloolllleit IV &wring Place
re ton well ald tarty known, to require enumerabon
in card to tie pont,
Thc of Sir RIIV, whose art., snee
if arta amt0.110..1101, a. id. manager or such an
establishment. ras t naherm esonstwi.ded him to the
favorable regard of tor patrons or the Springs during
the Iwo last sus...sta. hole been engaged. Exp.. to
ced and attentive Or, ants and • fide bond of mos.c,
hare also 'wen Ora ured
lha mat front Cumberland. theareatern termams of
he Ilstuntnre `and o Rat troad, sriU front Hanoi..
hurgh cn .1119 Pentiestranto endfltaiOlusraburgh.
000.0111,0011L111 of Cumberland Valley Railroad, to
Hs-d'ord bane been much truprogrd . and are t goal or
N V-14111 TO CONTRAI.7TORS'—'..eared pro
pmt.'s will be rece.ved unit! tVIKONESDA V. Ju'Y IS,
.11 , be I{3ln,linf Haw t•hurg h and until W LiAl*
th /
c 0t .,. 1 ' t tl . sb r u o r , a , h , , ,. a g t , l . o d o: n e g l 0c ., 1 , t s M.,70
atmn fifteen miles 01 the l'estosylemtta Irnath
motto) West from Ilatrl•lturtt...lfifteettro.lott of d
Radroad rztendmg 0.0.1 from Pitttburh 11. n. Owl
opect•firationt of the work can he w h en 51 l Me Engineer).
arra, In each` place. for ten flop. presto 0 In , he owe
ar.pntnisa for wet-trot. the Inds. Any turther Informs- .
Min can be bad open krphostion to the Vito for /two
etue Kttlt,m•-r. pflUrtegg at V hIERII•I74.
and tSCSRLET. 11.4 leek has been
already in use by the Pru dentOf the Cooed States, tti
the Departments, and both Mauro, of Congrr.. by the
Governor land Leal•lature retensylvama testa runner
out htgltiy reroute e and
Tot Ink fin
d , mote freely from the pen, ineprove •
the paper, an corrode* semi pens than any other
known. • •
For pertnanevre of eo these I ilk* fully N eal. if wt.
mrpainc ail oth.ra. for when it, color is once
on the
bangrd for ages
pi rrt it rete t' esTraL ' i n oc sate ot quantitica, to au por
ch PP PP by .1 1. NF-AD
}sulk Foowle near Market motel
PUMAS—As the sea
n -ha. now cornmenceelbe nialong Itrich• the
subscribers Mg leave again to call the attention of
betel:makers and others to this very useful machine.—
We will wmraut at equal If nut superior to any other
Dr: k serr, of the same price now its we
We have number of certificates of their perform.
once, which occupy too much apace for adv crowns, but
can be men at our office.
Brick makers a .tally invited to ewe m • call
:Yew ll give Our own guarantee , for the performance
of the Peer. :Rate or Countyalght* for Pale
arta da.vegmb' canal lastn A pc.' at
reralligiligill AND IaiNIVELiriVILLE
Wade. for , re Lvo.g adelinonil subsentitnens to the
WWI of the Pettstifireh mod Coemellmel`a hatimed Co.
willopened at the ° th ee of larva Company to I 4i , city,
013 rarl,l•,. the Wh du) of Jute at IQ • a • med <m.o .
tee per from day a,e day toted the lot of Jail
Book% wit also lec the aurae tray and for
the •aetee taw. or 'lto miter following places. •.:7 ant Mc.
Keespon under do. defeetton of Hugh Rowland and I'
Iluee—nt Weal tllrwmii under the &meter/et of J. t•
intoner and Juin aGmdner-Fat Conuellsevel , %litler th
,hreco. of Geary and Henry W alter--e
cambertetut under dee detect.", at Jon lent - and :sane
Ceettoun let ' CIiROTIII,.II..
uti.74cioniefi: CllAPplanf
lIANTISIORE, atthe aolirowtion of hutrecrone
~ -"fttend• ha• concluded in, locate Indwell vOOO.OOOl.
I, r llowet , y
Ile therefore olf , t• lois prole...Annul eervices to the
pub', and re.pectf•ll, wAlcint • Wmle of patrogage •
.I'u color • , given no Jia 'Wien pecultar wo..
own and elw , tlien.
. Acc:...l.tofr•nar,,,`lannwl Chew. Ilaltonote
Mr 111 , n '
.1), It Cochntit,
Dr II IV Lawrence. •
Derwm: Smnlifirld Awe,. oppantite errltattle lloteL ,
De.tidenew Monottgah'ela Ileum..
attlwerdwr ha. jun, wewed none the rear eel
I elite', r, rote, loom r the Untted • large
awl ennip'we • wortment of rite ,Work• wrvett 1,0
i I, irsee nn the tenet teawm.ble teritv. The
woek entopttne• I•i t Chine,. tirotwhemi , re,
Blue Light., lleng..o• 11.0411. Toilollinnf , Pidgeon,
ROlll.l DoCid t.tall,,lrs. Fire Craekern, olnwer
0110,w. kr 14dern front the comae) promptly at•
tended to
D n 1 frican GIOUnd Ni..u
.1 irk II 1111,011 FIR. 21'. South IV ~,,
1 . 1, Inde:nh.e, lone I' tWls
t;;T:.:e la reo N n?tra t ,l; t hl.t e,%!710"1.0".011'•%'i1nr "Ttw it
• L ii• 1 , 8 , • yr.,l ,ee wed at their renpecr
They wilt •tterel nt the ogler of Dr Drook•,•11,:ril
Park , balifllll... nem 91.11 41 o'ctork, NI • •nd at Wm
eke of Dr. 1.1.1e1, Penn wrerl„froso I ellr ,• • Inc 11.
.e 0 fel &DOI
V . The oul..enbrq teque.g• the non:0001M of al
mounts due on Atm twoto, w tLI • dare
/one 16.1nt: -. 1 OIMIKS.SPE.P.R
Clibe A liegheny Bridge Company, Pittsburgh, /tine 11
ISE —A meriting of the Stockholder. of the 'Company I
fur erecting e Bridge nor the Allegheny River
. app.
rite Pillsbutghp' di! , County of Allegheny, - ill he
holder. In the Foil !Iroise, on Sword.. , the ltitti otstant
at 3 oselock, r for a •preial purpoe.
BM , 11A T ***• aeri e
lol • PA
OR. Murphy • North East corner of Fourdi and Slorket
streets. invites the attention of buYetut to hi. .toek of
the above goods, of most approved make. and being,
Weltered Rom the agent of the manufaetureta, esiVIM
mid at the lowest possible prime.
IrrOcalers will always and a good stock of above
goods. by the piece, in the Wholesale Rooms, up sinus
entrance from 4th at
TAV . inues - Al
thie efficacious and cheep medicine for the cute of
Consumption end other diseases cannot lie too well
known.; Very inlay fives have been •saved by it —IN
V. Vann , . Atlas.
Fer t sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TF A STORE,
72 roach street, near sVccel, and elm at the Drag Alert
p( .1 v. el. hvesua Federal In. A Ilegheny Cur I eID
nr , A it r • RIC A DIU-1 rote ion ....A and foalehy
clb E ti..L rt
,vod extraord;nary Altdieine lVorld
Tha at act pui up a. quart lam Itl6 Us athettp•
it, paltiauttr, and varrnated'eapetior any'sold. It MVO
di.caa• witlaut vogostios pu.ging luckses. or dr•
bidtafing lb . patina
The cent besuty . and soperiot it, of this canvas ills ones
all °the, Medietne ts, .hilt it Era:Lieges DU... /I !wrier.
Meths Body. It is one of the very best SPRING AND
SLIMMER MEDICINES ever hum., it not oil, purges
J. whole 'system and strengthens the person, but tt C'peans
Nev., P. , . and Rich Blond, • power pawned by ma other
Medicine. And in this lies the grand secret of its wcadstful
woes. It has petfornsed within the pesttwo years, more
than cures of Sa,ers Canes of DM.. ; la least 500 ,
of these were considired insurahlr. Alan than
3,00 U eases of Chronic llhrumatism ; •
WM cases of Dyspepua ;
100 ems of General Debility and tint of Etat gy
7.000 cassa of different Female Complaint;
0,100 MCI of Scrofula;
. -
/elk) we . of the Liver Complaint;
2500 cam of Mara. of the L4aey and Dropsy ,
3,100 cum of Consumptian.
•nd Thousand. of memo( Diseue of the Bheal.
Ensipelas, Salt Rheum, Chaplets, the Face, ac y le To
getbes with numerous maws of Sick Headache, Pao in the
side.d Chest, Sprat A tee lions, Ice., ac.
This, we are aware, must appear iacrediVe, but we bate
letters from phyacians and one was from ah parts of the
United Slats, inform:der us of es Mot dater, cunt It Wan
hushiek, h.ay. caueof the sooet easpectsblediuggista In New.
ark, N. J., informs tv that he can Wet to more than 130 w
in that plate aloof. There are thousands of caws in the
ew York , whieh we will refer to with pleasure.
IV 1 0 141 of chaneter. It is the hest medicine fat the
Presentire doe.. known. it undoubtedly tared the lives
of snort than
TOZ Pa. 8R..)!
A• n moored the muss of disme, Led p oparod them kn .
We Summer room.
0. W. 111cCu.n OF Tilt UNITED Snares N. re,
and menthe. or the Ni.e liner Legetkuunr, has sindlg sent
at the Wiowing certificate. II tells its own story •
Ranwes, Jan gS; 047.
A Tor User Inns taken with the liailuesma, midair whole
mitten left i• • debilitated mate. I was induced to thy Dr
:wend% Sarsaparilla, unl idler taking two ur three bot
tle., I Wu eery much relieved, and attribute at entirely la th e
said Sainspanila. I hate continued taking it, and find tha
improve every day I brlien it eared air life, and would
tot be without it usidergny contidirstion.
(I. W. McLean late U. S. N.
This certificate eortelthavely wares that [bit earaaparilla
ltaa paten ewwl otter the aunt obttiaate dire., of the
bk.!. Three pertains cured iv ate bowie is unprecedented.
Tux. Catanaza.
Dr. Town.° —Clem Sir !bale the pleasure to Inform
sou that three of my children hue been rued of the Seso
fob by the use of your excellent medicine.. They were
aleirsd eery .merely with but sores, have Duly taken four
bottles; It sxdi them away, br whirl. I feel myself under
deep obligation. Yours. respectfully,
W DIY Wooster st.
Yew Yea., %larch I, 1817:
toleuseniPsParsitperilla i. •*amts.igo .d speedy
cure fur iuripient COMlmapthOp Ilarrenuess, Leucarr or
White., obstructed or dilleult filenstniation, Incontinueure
of Urine, or toeoluntury ditCharge thereof, and for the gen
eral pratration of the mysteso—sio matter used.. the result
of Inhere.. rause or cases . , produce,' by irregularity, illroto
or accident.
• Nothiq can be more .orpristagthan ittiutigorati. ef
fects on the human frame Persona, all ..'eakaes• .d Use.
lode, from taking it at eonbecone robust and full of energy
under influence . It immediately counteract. the or. yes
Inmates of the Pa.!e frame, which le the great cause of Isar-
It will tit be expected of us, in ewes a an delicate • tu
tu, to eatail cerande• a cures performed, but we casi
assure the afflicted, that hundreds armies hare been /Timor tea
to in Set era! caws where families have been child
ren, sae eating a few bottle of Ibis araluabk medicine,
hare been bleat with healthy offipriug.
Dr. Townerowit My wife being greatly dsiduresed by
witikesesa.,nad general debility, azd suffering continually
fjinist and • 1/.1..i 0 11 a baring down, falling of as
womb, and with other di/Beattie., mid batting known maim
he e 'oar medicme has effected great cures, and abeam,
13.1 '
te Mt dad for such I base described ' I obtain
eda bo o k of your &Wart of Sareaparilla. and fa:kneed
the thrections you pee me a a aim period it nmitem/
her camplan. and restored hei health Being grateful for
We benefits - she received, 1 Mike pletuure m thus acknowledg
in ..
g - P, and recommending it the public. AI. 0 M.ta,
Allay, lug. 17, lat. Coe of Grand and Lyda, sts.
Comacate, Sept. 119, 1545.
De Tenement.' To all wham thio may cowers—This I.
to certify Woo my wire uoed one bottle of your Ramapo-n6
proo too. ho her rotememtot under th. moot a/armio, and
Ache-ate mrtunotaners, betas troubled with the thlnrdly, wed
[tug ,of the bet, ornow affection., and ..y much drbilote.
tea , ..W my perowown awl the roomouttemletion doom
who had we.l It, . ono induced to toy it with Wile w
Wth, wattwe n W my, the morobowe b ' ad tit. happy and
delved •tbet„ sot only io ,he hob. of remboanwat, loot after
tbo rageetwo of one week of its We. the dram and arr
w...erection rma way tuu. as, oruebseg degree. wad We
Wattle mew better 'lbw ti had Wen tter • long time pro-
If Ott, 'tell uty eertute to yont, or apy one who
J...utpt• the ...veva of' vat.flot.tatf, Ton ureettttetely greleyout
14 it
I autmertbe myself your 11%.1 obedient.deblirl sem.
TM , Falai. of Sarsaparilla Majorca ezfors••ly prortnal
sa misstate to amok sompLanaaz No from* labia has seia
um suppor . We i•preimetitag that [tiara paned, a Ile
two of P,' aluakl D. 0,1 to take it, as a a • mstaisa
peso-swim Lis any of th e ausearous and tumble &marl to
whok frearam an sabre, at this time or Va. This period
may lei oislayetl for ...old yeam by using this madame Nor
is a km a1...6 •to Moo • atm are approarlong amriarilma,
ii sao tilatsd to • ..... harass by quislainimr,th• d
ams igaraits, tyasm liamid, this medicare ta itaal•
oat, • Ito all of We masate dasimeo to which woolen art
It y-o.
broom the •liok elacm smears peroasistsay the alai.
ill crarises—hy removing We toiptamo of the tiody—mot
Ear stssaalatiog the system as to producs a sobacq
lation, back a Wit raseam. madames aka. ft* female
ell,11.2) and Maui
You who Lase pole rtunpleatoot,tfull eyes, blotch.= the
fere. moil. ilia, to fr.e.k. auJ are • out of tputte;ft ILO
a bottle at, twu Ile Too Saraperulla. It will
three.. ,oUr Wool. mew, the freckle. end hlotehlrb at el
Cue you extuittatiott, sparklit; eyes, fume epee., and beautiful
eithiptecroot—ale of obeli see of tottitenee value to tumor.
ne4 !bistro
No it aid ur med kme by rawr been throe/rad which a°
marl, rwaranaks the ramie juice or wins ro deacaopoaisti
aaal and rtnngrhro•q• th. urimat of dge•4ou • ar tau pref.
rata. Na
Orr ticraang Alban,, May In, 1•43
Totrwoui.l Sir- I Laie barn *flirted Cur erveral
..... twin ilyeiwpwa ita word brat, att wind leather..-
.sew a etozowhi Inn appetitr. eatreme heartburn, zed •
great are, aim:. to ell kind, of foul. and 4, week* (what I
eat,) I hare been uzable to retain but a wall portico
an my stomach Ward the. natal remedies ? hal they had
lek, or no •Itecr in removing We erunpland I rem in
diwerrert me months SIM,11?•11 . Cztsscirof Sam.
rc nd and the
heartbonr entirely renewed and I w l rre l 14 rimiest!) moot
id the use of •to Oro* who her her.. elfin-tad u I bare
Yuen, .f r., W. W Maw
7.12.1 .
• . •
AI-110ST A btIR CLE.
Read the following, and doubt if you can, that erecoutup
. canaot be toned ho tensity Gale of the several hundred
dal Townacud e s Sareapari la has cured Townsend-Dr. Nr. I war mare a. d or
over a
car ago, with a omen cough and pie to my lode It
o n me very fuse, indeed. I tem prmounmed by
mans to hate the quick consumption I relied la. ge
ties of bad stutter, had night sweats, and einking ,eryfiat
•y elcm-r said he minld do nothing ger me I vent It the
pith Other of being•bcoegt4d but au pronounced there
incurable I eras now greatly dboremed at lb. lungs and
. Id hardly to woke; I mon became emaciated, and capected
o die, was moaned to my bed, and was obleged to ha,
chcre mated I rain.. gore you any dew. iptkin uu
ould do Ru st to my cue I was 'unwed by my friends
o put re uce
marry . I had vied a great number of :treedics,
ail seemed to be to on pu.'pose tread of some most es
moralua y curet performed by your trodki.. and to tell
wu the truth, I suspected there Cl.. my lombog ite them
lot I ass induced to m it.l did to. and am ye, y thatafu
'thel I munot my that lam entirely well, but am No far
reoverrd as ~be abort wy btoinces and hope to be malice
y in a few week.. at, coug h . and pun in the tide,
• od night sweats have 411 me, emirate. but very little, and
m Mat ga i n i ng my usual Wrcugth. I st a eluey ; to give
wu .Mthent-ot of my caw to publish if you plasm.
Parra, Sanwa, al Little it.
Opinions of Phy•ltlosao.
Dr Togroshand is almost doily clog orden Gem phy
nriasss so olifnebt lone of the Von..
This is to certify that we, the end...4.J, Physienne of
ihetiin( of Alb.), here so numerous non prescnbol Dr
Tasnonad's Sernpanlla 'mod beline it toba one of the in,w
B i
'inhabit prepontor of t 16 iv market
m nzlist.
J sus., O,
It B lit 0,
P CEutavtoas,r D.
Alban', April 1,1 M
This I. ro certify that we, the undeceived, ['misfiring
Thosionian Phyairtwis of the City of Albany hare ft-wpm. ,
ly petecribed Dr Townsend'. Compound LW... a Som.
partite, and froweit• known qualities, would recommend
thr ; untie for memorial, weufutuus,and °there ntaneoas di*
rew in pi e fecnce In any of the adeertiwd remedies DOW
A lbws, dprill,l•44 Wt B STANTON ' T r.
Priumpalafire, PAG Fulton di Son Building. _N 1f; Red
ding* Co !Wale at Rohm; Dr Ur. LIJ Nmlit Se,
nod w Philadelplimi B B !Ire!,
0.17.4.,,,Rta10m0re; mid by
' ' •
None genoie,olss polar in the laige wrier< laittley
hot, contain a quart and aired with the writtenaignaltue
of P TOW Pi..t . .nt 11, and losname blown ma the Olaw.
From llie f New York Daily
ew esa a April 9,
A pretty thing appeared in thr e. yeserday. It aria
Th e wwi nib, or Sarsaparilla Et prew of Dr T.. v .1.
Th whole thing is gut up in good tea.: mow a the orna
rape paintings are beauliful,w bath, together with
h, work, cold. glielestog in the sum, made • show
rarity ... f ootled llondway We take this oppocwooty to
say •• belies. this rot lel of the Forsapartlia g e , a ,„
rerun... popularits W has *Noised
l'iorrolos Debill.y.
Nth Metal - 17,1MT
ler Trentend I ha. Ecru labeled more or les. Aar 3
nam wttl, • diradfitl oinking in the ... guldium ha
ead, low of appetite, pain in the limb., and gieneratdebility,
brought on be, doubt by the callow.' hat and cold to which
lam sutquet to to my lonat.a.. • dyer. I haw taken other
medicine., tors teenirau. to melanin, but nigh lilt I. or no Fe,
I' •se I tees Ind.ed by what I raw in the paper to
. Isy • bold.
uf sour laanaptietras fear, which I found great relief I hang
eine. ilk., wand mar boilks, end I an unhest tatingly say
it le the beet mcdteine I hare ever taken—the pain iv
I t is gone, and I fat aditrereni m. a s
I lova taluriss nue Saimswrilla I have now • better appetsta
than eser I hall My wore talten with the nine bard.
eta insult. I would renuntmend as • family inedkine
generally, and I feel cata mad that II ...althea wutikl not
he half the ideates. there s, and consequently not R. many
Doctor , . lull, fur w hile fettures apetite, it
toes to
thy., muter tone;
to the blood
in healthAnb,o that diwsw ie not so likely lo attacklhe
...tem yowl' that who aa not in a healthy otate,l
ay Dr Townsend , Safeperilla.
Maria ' , wan, 31 Aden.
Canker In (be Meath.
Beterr isto sTeoseat anotherehild saved Dr Tuvrt...l's
grill has save - the lives of thous:aids ‘.l"
Th. (.01e.ssing. tesiLlinte is selected Cross a great'
revised this week
New, sprtl4. kW
Dr Townsend: Desesif - —Om of my childem war very
rick with the Cancer to the mouth mil throat. attended with
great debility Devoe amdying: I *Vitriol some of with
sod it coma it directly, for which I not
wink I tea re.? grateful, Toon 1..4w...fu11y,
P.m Toter.. Destircenos n
For wt. L. III.STA.I KW. Dreggirt, No 57 Wood rt,
betwma sad 4t• lAN wilY has hem trimatwi by Dr
T2J!l___VNllyilti 0 role agent far Alkghesy ro jeltdawly! .
F.XYrffirGar `e invite ailention ne t
I is admirable remedy for Pulnwinery strectione.
The rine isle there announced of the morbid charact e r
of obstruYtione—lts tendency to orlginele intimation
of the Dronchta. and consequent visitation of the natee
ref honto•awit s beyond climate. the truth itself. The
only practicable mode of removing each .obstruction
he means of esp.lo.llioll. • r•Pil• I.ltde• we me eon.
wineed eau always tei obtained by • }witch.. elhibi
ilon of the remedy of Dr Jayne —(Phild. Spirit of the
For mle in Pittidaugh it the Pekin Tea •tonie, 714th
nr , near 'ro od, and elite at the Dreg Siore of II P
IiP,WAF•j, F•ei/1111 .1 A Ilmhenv city. arrlldkarT
- -
COLAIITICR PARlS—Stansble Int Land, ke..
snots on nl
6aod and for sale at No 214 Liberts suret,
near Cana. JelOn W W WALLA=
THIS being the day the Spring Fashion .A
liamwsti be inundaerd, by the most flubs
estabbstonents in New York and Philadelphia
the •ndersianed tab. grew pleasure M being enabled
ot umounce a tbeii num row SWIM, and the psblse
cm:roans, that we are prepared to mpply all whoa:tar
wvorus with y ran Alma the(whir:amble HU kw the
season. romans:lig Batters Neut.., and arm fine
Marston silk moo. either urtmiesale or retail.
mutt( ear wood and Sth am
ASWORE, Hu and Cup Manufacturer eireg
as mmorwl to No TO 'Weed street• %bred doom anove
Fourth Greet. His mock conaine of every ninety of
Hats and Cape; made in the latest style: aleo•Panamm
Leghorn and Pedal Straw Hats, anadeside and retail,
as the lowest prose. S MOORE
api G
FaLl thuse Vfifile
4 BEEBE k COSTAR'S Style ikanleames !ism
will be introduced at KEEVILS oa Thataday
Augurt 17th.. Gentlemen within' a cheap hate
tenable Hai of Piusburgh mutat:wave mho* of
ranitionabk Hate Imported nil advertised by memo(
the trade. pleme eall at Cola
wurilk( • L. head or Wood et
Appß. H. PALMER offers for sateen as favor
able term am any home in Philadelphia, •
e=lme assonmeet of Straw. FlMance, Rut
land, uld • great •arlety of fancy bnadilml
eisalio o togl im atallp t al w .= 1.4 . 6 .. ' Ha . ; Axe l,
kcial Flower.. tr.e.ko.
JUST received from New York.** Sot
suer Style for Ilam, co.tmisting of Wbrte
Beaver, Pearl and Waite French Candour.. Hat% with
Ventilators. Those In want of a beast/id light I tat are
remecitully invited torob.„ S MOORP
tnytki 73 wood 4; 3doors above Mk_
• -
4 WILLIA*I — DOUGLAShas juat recanted a
fresh eupply of .Ringeold and Baena Vista *ilk
Claud Cape, river alyter.
Kane fine French Ma!cant Unto. at very low
. fell • No V wood street .
CONTINUE* to ntanulhentor, and Veep*
conatantly on hand, every vaeety of Onto
aed Cap. of the Welt 401 , ... Vine. very tow uN.
78 Wood ta met. raentde naIT
It rime of 0 decree of the i harmer) Court at Nab-
Mlle, made at the May term 1e47 in the C 3.0 of John
Reid, admtnistrator. he. of kt F L'llotamedien. rs
Thayer, Tatum and others. I A shall proceed to sell at
Public Auction, on the Alm of ugust 1e47, el the op,
per end of the Market House in Nashville helnnging
the late firm of It. F. L'llonsmemen it Co.. the Flour
Al ill and Dittillery with hog pens and corn crib attach
ed Said propeCy is situated on the bank of Conga r•
band River, about one mile below
s po t Nisahle.
between six and seven times of land. p which the
budding. are erected, known and deoignated au lota
Nos ICI, tot. 11(1 And ICI. as represeaMd IlleGaccers
plan of addition to Nashville
The above Mill and Dioullery has been erected net
more than ti
co a l nnd ate huilt of die beat material.
The Distillery is pabe of mannfactunnoWbrlswhis.
key per doy. The Floor Mill has only manufactured
4. Oda of Floor aince it was finished, en that the ma
chinery is perfectly new and of the moat modern ud
improved bald The Mill to capable of manufseturing
brisaf Four per day Toe bog pens are caneble or
containing anding
to bogy• and arc well situated
to save latiCir anexpense in feeding. The corn crib is
commediona—Mem are aim three potent parable cotta
ges attached to the concern. I will also receive private
bids for aid property until the day Of sale.
The terms of and tale are IMMO one . in I months
in Bank, tbe balance on • credit of one. two. andithree
years. without Interest.
purchaser is required to
give note. with approyed security payable in Bank,and
a lien will t o
be retained upon the prtipseny further to
secure the puteltare 'stoney. 11 WHITE, C ArM
sulwertber wishing to remove to the West,
will sell his Fame and Mi Is, situated in Greene
County. Pa , on /14 Wnitely Creek, within half a mile
of the klonompthrla River. and about 14 mile. abase
Brownsville. The Farm contains T5O acres of twist
quality Land. with plenty of timber, smut coal and good
springs. The Creek runs more than a mile through the
(earn and by a low dam and tunnel of 150 feet to length
there in 41feet of Pnll. 'be FlourMlll contains thine
ran of French Butes. and the mill is in good order for
merchant or country work. The Saw Mill to new
T/ICIO are 4 Singh. Carding Machines, • turning ahoy
for loaning choir and Indwead stuff.• nig house In com
nlete order for masking an bushels pet day, a large
amt 01. 0 ., 01 , House, two Barn., end all the neer,
wry out hoax, fire gnod bowies for wurkute. art out
orchard. mid une. planted k year. afro. of alai Imes at
ehmee fruit' and one plat.t,l ear,. 'ate. 01 :DUlrre b—
ittern mplemy oilier flu I. peach plum. he.
Hafer to .1 t Iturtaialge. or Allen Kremer. riti.lour.: l, .
or to Otho Minor, near, be ram,.
p tintwitalmn. TrIOIII...WIN
yoll 1•11 C.
THE advertiser oder- for eels a mils/idol Ilvt
on the North Euu earner
ot the Vol.lir Square of VuoligsiOWS, hlshoning
county. OUo 1 u l con.orlows. fuo•heJ rn wr
cellent style, and ill ihe best tiwattoll
eitbee (o r . e.,rrlbutt or pobbr booze; anirehe.l to,:t •
yard, with woo, sod , sic •Il sob, ect.euietree.
54 nand.
This town IS isnpros.rtv very r•pully, t..tiiintell - an
medottely on tbe Conal.nrolwbeti the ,
Rollin, Mill. Ste.. own bring hurt are numUl..teil ill
be the MOM douriiliiig place 'h:• ...stun, 01,it
It will to. sold tow oir ett•ti or ant..., or blogesl
jloo‘and ' 7s:::r
burgh. who .1•111 sive •Il late - mauve , DelishLurtl
V setmenher cyders fur rale the_ Dwellint House. it
aEach be nowre sides, an the Ss sob Ward The I.olt.
CO by 90 feet. frantic/an Coupe. and Allen strreur.
Five lems 'of Ground be'7L Ward„ fronting on
Wetunerstreet-41 by 147 feet deep, In •AA feet ells).
Also, 10 aeres of Ground in Reserve Township. ad
ng the yof Iseghienv..n • high ,ago of color.
lion There me ou the peen , * a large Cl
beArtnj Apple. Pearl.. Pion.b. anf . Cherry 'flee, sn
abundance ti , ape Vines. from wh eh Wine has hem,
madethe lam two yearn
Few he
particular- enquire at the Lomb., Yard
Office of Rowan A ftsvreen.Gin st. between Smithfield
and Guam e7_ls(! CRAP. ROWAN
DEALSffiTA YR IN TOE eaulTvricy— nit eyb.
scribal, offer for mite • home and lot in West Mid
dlesex, Mere...county. The hoose is well eslealated
fora more and dwelling. ,mmedistely on age - Ergo Ea
nst In s tbmrishmg village near by, en
liareatve Ana the tmdst oe a nett
Also. house an county. the floart%hint viler of Or
fore. %tercet The house is well ealedlatrd
for • tavern or store.
.The from properly will be void cheap and on on.
dommodattng terms. lAAIARDICRT & Cot I
apl y water sad front ats Yi
Landefor. so e. I% in. on 81. Raccoon river. inCre.
labia township Metro to. Moo. 130 cleared and an
der ruble abort. There are on the peewee. 4 dwelling 1
haus< s, large barna. 'Penh goodfsneing and never-foil-
rag venter. The whole together will be sold for Miry %I
five hundred donna ar dry ded It, sot or:nehmen. Ti. er
de guaranyredi payments may be made to Pan, and n
possemion green Immerliately. ear further thformsrion
enquire of fifillTll .rear
Jrryl3. wand sneer n.
Thesobaciiher offers ale. Li to eon par.
chapel., four •erep ef Land in Rant.. Toleashio,
adjeowirg tea piopewy of the late Goidarns Sandell.
neon Al tegheor City. The wawa of Stir Mill Rao
pa ihagb the property— and it is well calestand for
Bute her.p,orpi Ly me Koi , ding lute. Title good and tgo
lewd. Ehquire of . PETER BATIO3 ,
_Near Trvy, JOile 10, IF4T. Mao
A BAROAIN—For rile . a reed Steam Engine with
Amin Snilere. The Engtne I. a 1) inch ylinder. and
I fent %irate 'The BeCter. are 30 tnchca.ln diameter hT
ien kin in length. Pelee not) Apply
S CUTtIBER T. (icicle' Agent.
Nil So genithfield inteet
RM .
I RARE CRAMER—Agents wanted to sell .
wierol Patented Init.:Mon Pampa with a capital
of 91110 or EMU man clear from WOO to 61,1130 tel IMP
April immediately to 9 CUTHBERT'.
General Agtoi,so etaithfeld
lat lap Leen story thick Owel
itng llouse on Penn ewer. in the middle of thr
square between Curti.. Alley and Wayne atreet
Peaseesino given inunedistely. }lnquire Cl No 111 lis
eery et lel thhlw W hY WALLACE
f) ERSONS deeiroes of 'purchasing Lots in the. Came
IC tery are referred for tnfnnuation to the ebsperfnuend
Rob on the pounds, or to K. Thorn, Druggist. corner
Penn and Hand meets. Patsburgh.
By order of the twanl. J
deeit-dkvetf fk Superintendent.
Relate tar. Rale.
r II }: unders cned Leine shout to remove hieTannirre
to the country. odttrs for sale SIX UDILDIKII
..OTS on Verona street twtwren Ferry street and Kr
' doel alley. Each lot will lie twenty fret front on
street d
end relay fret in depth The lots twill be sold
stngly or the whole together. For term s .pro , m the
sub-trther on the motley. JOAN C&I.DWEI-L
speoll aro lemon 1.1 sorrel, oess
Sotithrteld cltrectly oppivite Sltorb & Co.
40 CI 6001 by Fe 11 In depth These lot. are well eitaated
c hoones or , oundrtes
Thee witl behitter-td at public ..lean Thur.-lay, e7th
day a Niny nest niWelnelt. St.'
lIRXR V thlrtltl).
ARD OIL -Thr sub-eettet • hat tug culutoett...l
Lobe man...lure to lAN (?-1 •re 11.310, prepared
tern, I tOdel. her , 1,41 ertiele Theo sail it of Ihe
!11.. -0413111, to. e.t mallet tneel
tom , t: tore, i. reap.. o%
r..q~ er uenet l ) JORD • I- Ll*, Cl.
tnylltt , upon to 6.. d of ).noltfiel.l
counirliv, ILK24II)!VIiiE.
II VlNit re ~,,, 1,. the 4.4 J, los ooveoirnee
&Ain 1.rofw•a.olool I.lllllllr, I whir rroll the 11.n . a u too
Ilona, glad ..... !litokte Do the I I
of the Monong.ileer....,, rokl!nl..e,Pvt.ore.
jani at•w,,
13 .
EN %l
ANNIESI V.R FOR ba , e fog •ale
it Radon,. 1..1 134 Oa thr Tr.r.
•9f et haw I.y .leer h
rr ~ ‘ ..nna,dann, 11.••• phonalth
my 19 JAME!. Ih.ot 10 , 1 V. Rel.
OR ..prove.l I acid, a.tusted
F In
Wood Y...ount), 11 a volts, 4 holeg ea. of rather.-
Newln Ai..
AIlo• 94
ny, ,aem.9.:.Prove.l hind
Soll miha tITODEI IT lied Sallie , . from
jel6 Iteulso gcniihlield
- (Mee.
mans a. Mar 17,1 4 47.
T AST Platonist) I gave a warp.. toll of II A rah.
lencsumk,k 11 to Vcrotituce 10 my little gt t. who ot
bectreco loot and fire yrot• nltt. and J117'70(41.. day *be
pleased HO lo it
go worts . at/mot/tog mute lo.n a Ova in
lentS ,
Seeing its effects on thi• 7014. I then p•ve • In moon
611 to bet young...ter. oopeleteila wetland
she parsed 37 MOM, oi ho
t' %V atchmaker. Smithfield street
Prepared and sold by Ilk FAIINk_wI'IICKI CO.
corner lot and wood. and local and Oh MA 7° 5
UTilicity —A ntotee oelecnon of No .
ik, Mr
CProning and nodding Enloe., of various pismire
mutable for oarsety men and gardener.; @No, a • loge
amormont of Pen mad Pocket Koltres,ammernat Arnett*
—jos eceettred sod for *el , IoW, al the Potanoto seed
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oale by
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eel heat of ' glad ware a ' n4 co ' n.7l i ol ' e:l73 j } ): me h nl. " l:l7
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ION3U]iII2ONCaN ix - CURED BY I.liaNo Da:
Csfrolotteui, o,,Marei 344 Ida 1. • ---••
Div 94.-Tnt. i; f errtiff In the pobu44Partitaltril to•
th.:semtlicia teeth • datemo Oth.• ic•••r•.,4 co•••i'f'''' • 1 , 4
m Sr /543 111/143.1ted atithe • wttAW‘ ..4
Ishsch ft., beams mstml notis my Imp, &avow( sal thw •-• •
•••••p••••• c?.....P••••i
tMht sad trootilimme, erxrded with copiet.night retreat. I
spit up daily a' ocanditable •:,uitaty thau.l. Mired with
t t
' hick dark matter When.. teemr itnhouti and alarm- 1 .
ing Darin Aim IN. I wa , mtended Itytwoof.vor tomd
rhyaiemni• they :ad dr ter. they 444 far nag, 1.111111
at length they gave trp a 0 hopecof mJ rwrosent, tai•trening : -
me that wain more tool 4 tie - wane's. - .1
tally dimmed, and keyend ntesin4 I we:ally* parmodisel
...friend of 110111 to make 'trial of /h: rattneitss . t/r.rparse .
tas:t. Remedy whirl my rightly. , pe nailed agthattei•lhall
that Nis 111.11C10. 111•140 .. 1. no gad. as{ .7 , 414 .tIR add
trwoiu sts, steertve: 1 u 43 was my last and only
h0p5',...1 that if I mtiet die of the dtwase, (Witkh
dent m tor,) theeir wbl.l ..thing 'Ra I eta the '
Cturtnnati Odle, awl Obtan.l bog ski of thl.' V te..a.
tb Metheity, and toommenred usimt.arrocding 10 the direr. t •
which,. roared of addiug k stey mgering: ; -
gale tor felie f, at mire a ... tme the tronblesitenr, Cent.
rasing the pin and tight.. in my ehetC: giving toe • wet
and strength. whitecap. enabled tar to be jthend again.
medicine rontlut..l its good week, which it so nobly •
tatunentred, usitil I rm. are •sountl min: I hair doer b. 11
almwst.og le my bosirems, (upwards of 3 yearsl;mtd ice) an ,
health) as I wish. I in. rerocutatuded Dr. DitrietiNEY ,
pennant Remedy lo Man) instant...l.o. i
awl it lm alwas post d surce.hil to (sr u 1.6a7e witneiled
its di.. Aly star is YON dm meditihr at peternt. Curs
/Nsensatt/ Lll,l and M./Iff rdirs *.f td. lunge, which 4.
had' milenot.with Aim% she bat nearly
by the it of dd. medicine, mil 1 satConfoleut the G book. .
that I taknatith toe to.'day stinCotirelyeare her. lam wry
there• tab.:gale pram. tormiihs
•away with this slemdthl desinntr-CONS.UNIPTION.f -
Went it .1) possible /Or Novi m pc:ttore. this osedkins to
time, lwfore it be mu late, 5.1211 y illl/10111110.• pavloiTied and
their families and Wations °P"'-rendered happy. This ;
toed Wine .ill gee illllllil relief. and at the face• Liase arr.:
the hard and Pinful Cough, remove the tight-or. in the Oms
ge.• tp rstigeblcd - :aMI mut4l.l from, and in
most ow. , 1 11116.9thiu, trdl prriutm pal kit cute.
—3liratgotnery,llarnillon County, Ohm. • It
N U.-Thuilelm may not h. irepiainted with mei: rete't
to•the undersigned ciliary* of khmtgamery, roan:,
they ail/ at my time .4.l..mtiste the !gam idwlrthmt , .
C•rs . J. Ellmma.
.brat, ahem gds tab:able 71tdicine always be obtained.
, Pittsburgh. by WM. JA rsa
CK•ON. cornet of
tool When) 60- 5p,11,11,w
TV'. INCIOLDSSIPS Piles Specific'. internal remedy
JJ a nainand cureoilictlier eitermae
bleediraf or blead,also, fin irritation untie kidneys ind
der, pew in 'the back and aidei habitual rod[
Fannin brEara mod eller confuireunit are often troubled
'whb coestipation of the bowels or cplitincas, at well me the
pile. la ell Ouch cams the Specific me br tarn with per
fect wag, and is a certain remedy. The Specific Le mina
prgallie, mils an demurely instable remedy, without a per
title of radar, cokcymee or enc.—Omani to take and pas
redly barmkee in the mon debente mom
Thou ic certify that I know Dr. Isegolddbre hie Spemeitk i :.
to be a certain cure sad side remedy. Haying ren it. race.
iu eeveral rains, aincopt funily nainceiinut wren)
Lam and entre OM, of Ste pike, where it Grade as mina
anemia • cue. IIkINDX WIIISEHEAI7.
New York, Msy, al Birth greet.
I cheerfully tadimemy a. to the certain cud anua
ishing awn of DG 10{0440 rd. Specific, as I ktmer
from my own e.erience and oliwerndsort, to be infallible; ."
basin wean used with swam in corral ewes awake, male
and koala. OF.O.
New York'
New York,May,lSlS.
Me. Info — Do ar hare the pleasure to esy, that
your medicos, Dr. lagolishy's rile, SpeciSc.has made •per
feet cure in the caw army sider,and 1 001•Vg! you my word
Mat I lose been eurpriod al it, as it was' 6 my opiesto
pomible lunar her. Iluweor,l ton now tastily to the add.
aloe asking Infallible,-.1 do adtierall others ob. ore af
Meted in Me like nos. rf to prom. the article,. they may
depend ore a certaiu caw.
You're with respect.
Wen Cheste r . . Y., Slay 15, ISIS.
r Dr. log,-11.4, —lam Sir —ll4l be other.
oho may be,wittertnx,... to etre m my gratitede for
Ow benefit I have derned fowl the tog id your taluableSpe
rite, comply with your iequelb.d tbs,.• doers. my tens--_
u' au yruf it, hevina hem, cur.! of • sne e re r stmele
me rile. alter hmiu4 tanl other remedi. without stereo..
Yours with respect
Fold •holeade and retairaj IYII JACkSON, at hit rat.
elst Medicine Workhouse, Ind that mil Shot Stow, No. 8.1
latorty .treet, I,ed °Mae, rotedirah. Pei, Oft rim,
per We. j.
lONSV MPTION AHD lalaTED—Taa ahoaa
affileted with DI ssssss erG IDs Lunge.
to reroft w thou stitch- it wilt the Got pee•
meni-ory eythinoito of Concompoon, that I have been
laborma rot on. era: yearc with a hrectlki..renes• of
UM` throat and huanetwo.. I 2 ,:ltielaniimed.einre, but
fool no relit: ,n prepat or medicine, WILLI I
t1*%1.. HUNCA ouutt
RhNIX U', I have holt oe,g valuahle medietir
for • I year,. mid alora.e find tat where .1.6.
en!! I male orrof it. My teem:potion as an Auction -
err, a-loch keep. ow alum. roe staotly enauped, eausr•
my d1.r... , at toyer, to heron.- very alanomg. when I
at on, pmeure tide medico,. I therefore take plea
' Imr withMaking' Una pone stawatent, that others
ed a Ji•C•lif of the and expectorant .Mare
may kmw the vinnee of Shia 'all hcalmpt remedy,"
...Id may be cared. I have reemourended Dr. Dune.%
Pap. motant Remedy to many of toy friend., some of
whoa owe their lives m this mediniro.
Somerset,Ohio,Oet IS, ISIS. , JANIS'S lIKWIT
The prtipnohar of Site above medicine would, aloe
refry mike ondersigned perminc, wht. tree de to Petty
county, on whom any pet..oo may mill wt.. , n and be
contained that beer are V 1141.111 1 , A111.1 to the- ahead—
tomlielne-tFrd rsitnot l.e eget-lied
Meld Culla-1,4n Sonoetse., Ili 11. Storm, do; Fran.
eta Honer, Jiselocut 11, !Id Latimer, dot-Geo. Pelbeet,
Att.. k /mud Daviseu, Hopewell tp:
o., freer, Cincinnati. (them.
Sold in Pittabooth by WM. JACKSON, IR I.iberty
h e ad of Wood street.
You. manse te skin Out and y
You who,la dark and nallovr—
You. who, 6.4 in hard. and mercy.
Ituoy,dirty red Or fiery—
.You, whose rile offertaixe breath
. • CupLeanantie acre.. death— '
Von could have—boY, man or girl—
Teeth aa white. an snow_nr pearl. -
Breath a rpicyaweet, and carte&
Pure and-wane and...gab and healthful,
And hair reft,atik.Y. dark. , aloe,
By reading who is
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