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annum: the Weekly• Two Dollars per annum, strode
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poruser Commerval Isdelllkente,.Dom nowc
latA.itver /1••••, Import; Nutley )4 A
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The news cinder our Foreign head, will Lit
theinder some idea of the continued tested cif. 1 ---
Whoa Id Ireland. Famine having done its worm. Co.r. , iwneene •of the Mobutu Casts
Its attendant minister of eVil,, ?cadence, is de- .. Os dear, Z
In fke efeclffernmean. 5
envying many who t waped hunger and nervation
.It iii Sunday —•¢¢• Seth Soday On Want dip.
No wonder first the eyes of Mu wodd see upon
We are its the slediten dna shoe[ 250 miles
Mb unhappy country, and no wonder that the
from Malawian, not very far from the Island of
chunks of all ruabkind, from the Patio to the
Inn (or .Enza) and ascunithere ea the North of
Boltan, of Nandi. civilizekintod uncinliud alike,
Cape 'St. Antonio, on the Spauish coast. If we
are senteo relieve , such Unexampled misery. have • fair wind ere 'half get to Matseilles in a
We mad a paragraph in the London Times• f„., dila. if.
as ii. haa been fora week
with canoe vat, that en intelligent P ' ea. ' " cold head winds, and little squalls, sot all sans
moment Ilk. this, can indulge in • jealousy equal' I 1 of npricious weather (which is very coalman it,
lynncelled for and inijuie. The people of the Coi. I
Vie Mediterranean tea) we may be a week longer
tad eltatee,in money and provilions, Mere catribto i
We have had, with the exception of the delay
Mod half a Million of dollars, for the "offering ewe 1 in the Meditenatitan, • delightful voyage, (bar.
pis of Oren Britain, and never sons sympathy ! ring the children) tine weather and nos maicknese
But I must begin at the beginning and give you
more heartfelt or sincere than fur these suleters.l
wooe cal my sea joinal. So we wilt travel back
Mang our people. The undoes of the American
to when ire left New York at 12 o'clock preciaely.
People in the contribution of three charities. have
`parted with hien, who came damn m th e
been then of pure and dieintereated benevolence. I to we us utf—drined easily down the
cant in
and yet our geed gips , by onech thounnols have I t i let
the hula steamboat, inr , ol o fine , l r ly
,i the
bens saved, em resented. Hear what the Tory , traanidd:.7dPuPemanathaa.:l:::::,;
0 :::,,, , ,
. 1 . 1 ,,,, , :z ;
. m
4 et ildren' the youngest a baby; the ~theta old
Organ vain reed like wild c ds, awing in
1 n
w Ireland, ,
the sister of England , her anthem 1 t
enough to romp
COIrrhUCIVISA still too much er depend io
toe. oranges. te fret, fly and tumble
now beer:dug and receiving the h alms of tbe ent,
whole : donlike est m
el money. lk, ovithant.a keeper. O
earth. No distance. no difference of race or relit. I colored fit name to the se; • lady with one little
ion prevents the inuision of her claims. and. it to ! girl. We call her othe Comno;Jore." She hat
fair to add, their toady- adminion. Hut eau we . ere.sel theAtlentie 24 tune, and looms of having
forel edote , faion in . eesting that our rival.; never been sea sick imbet lily She seem. able
and celumnistat in whose moulhe Ireland has ; to take rularnsuil of . the ship should any accident
ever been the worst opprobrium their jealousy. 1 . befell the c
aptain. Also, a young manbbo nd fur
thole ma lee, or their ignorance could suggest. •re 1 klaseilles. an--ther boy bound for an
e •
now .bestowing their charity on, our unfortunate Print at the Propaganda schatil.
felloieamcts 7 From all puts of the United ' To day I have yeally enjoyed the sr. The
• , Stone ha b v ee e come subectiptions. Mixed with a vem• I wares are glorbrUs. evening. thrugh sick. I
patty neirkerjiaffering nor safe to thlr'nalien. caw the sun we for the firm lid. on a ehareless
At Coostantinople there hod beena edscription horizon. H-oe dark and purple the water was—
to which the Sultan has lamely contributed. The 'Pais oiornincwa watched the stormy Petrels fit-
Pope has ordered prayer. and collections fur Ire.; Inswing the ship—Pronderful birds—never at sat.
land in all the churches acknowledging his autbm. , forever on the wive, coming nue knows nit
ity. 'From the East and West' Indite we an I whence, and going one dows not whither. No•
. better receive each expressions of interest ; but • body knows where their nests are dr - whether in•
we cannot honestly prefer. !unqualified
. pleasure ~ deed they have way. Some think they batch their
at hinting that Marseltleshad Subicribed more fort young under their wing. .
'rebind ohmfur the sufferers by the imuulation its 1 The captainfond is a nice md;vere inciable and
o." enterfaining, of opinning yarn/. • simple,
g i oodheated. honest soul. A regular Yankee in do-
The Times goes on to .ay that there ill not the ;
"'elle" occasion Toe the " "nthhwhle appeal.,' reecOu'lt.ftabbeleegthhinagNs : w bou l lt k im e % h°ls ee f pt ‘ on titer ' don t
and to thrown° entire blame of the sufferings of \of the Ftenck—Gieozoll for Mein. Table doll
Ireland upon the Irish landlord. ' for Table 'd'onte. Gene dee-Cents, rts r. I took a
Now in contrast to thia pictiore. 'rebel the read 1 went en the fereeertie and scupper deehe Saw
e l " look no fhie''rean' the Major of the city n(\ the
eea".dthozengdeeut.cks,twe'er, th ol e . .s cb "ctl e ieke' v s e "t i t
Cork, who in his address to the Health commit-1 fouteMe‘lle'coultitode.F!'*.rhee captain says all the
Ms says: lex • ' . edam ot 4Te been suffering from sea micknett.
"Realty My blood is beginning to curdle at the 1 " '• A warm. atoll day. scarcely any
sights lam coompelled to witness every day. My I , 't. 00 - 00 .....p Went St 0 o.otes pre. 0 ,
1 - whole sod sole empkoyment from morning till I wile 111 •Pfring.' wide doing little. foltenewv do
night Is buryieg the
w i th dead. When a mete, 1 row end eej li.e the "dale, for nienfe We,
creature is send with
a note is given for i anent nn.deck under tbe awnin. looking oar the
has admidon to same hospitel, bet on application ! who ...Wog watt r—" Mother Cary . 'Thicken*"
Miere- is found to be no accummodation,so 'het the! nimmine about and aide chirping. Picking up
`patient has to ietum to his wretched abode, which 1 crumbs dace Corn the ship. The sail. flip idly
' he diwovera is closed aeainet -hid the inmates i egarest the mass, a pink edge nautilus g rota by—
fearing contagion. He i. compelled to die Ws,. , then cods a ...boot" of large black fith, looking
lutely at his own dooriatep! ti. hard and black and smarm axif turned out of
i. ~..
..A man was recently wrested by the police 1, ; e—ny. tuning by in pairs. sticking ,up their sharp
steeling a h orn , an d loi n , en ni an d, e a an d his fits and now audrhen their hips. odious pig heads
wretched family were actually eartaking.of estop and snorting like homes.
mere .(the horse flesh when the min wartaken. ••• • A beautifut morning--wind fair,
He stateal that he boil been without food for-three', comae East,—S knots on hour. The air, when I
dam, and be hid no remurce but horse Ils,to 10 lrwin on deck, wee as soft Soil Surllnteri n. if it
ntisfy the cravings of hs septum and the hunger • rune ever • Woe. held in the green ledend--.
of his starving children " it ,Tie wise' swell, and tos..,atul Meat gloriocs y.
It is rarely a pure deter, for which we canned be
If appeals like throe do not touch tho hearts of
eat grateful Id Heaven that we am wo far favored
the leading ditars,and perhaps people of Ler i with ouch a momentous voyage. I. tilts stern nisi
land, tee thank Heaven that the bean. of our own' ocean. of whom so have heard such grim steriesr
countrymen ate not only grieved by the rece.voy , ll' both no h.... yet — wino end heentdol lie
, r . n „, t,„.. „, i .„,„„i ..0 1,,, patron 11 breast.
of such appeals, but that then-hands are Wl , :e ...1... an .
4!LLy WO I ree d two sills, ono of them we tele.
open' la relieve such it Wren. 5• -. 1 graphed. with our flag. .
We have seen something of society and a
mi n e , 1 • ' Fine. fair wind, rometimis 10 mime,
ion In Iteltond even when there was no famine,l thmne• 6 kn." on
nu h h nd .nnt . a R g loth." 2Y in the gull
and at times we hare not wondered, as we here ; e m "e it e . r ei b i f era. , 1-,e,eadaeliilianc,. : a c h ' i P p " . i n A ; m 7 i n i
seen it, of the alienation of the Irish People from I this time, too, We have awn, . l i •
the British Nation.though we do not believe in the art we have al. fince i•, 11. • 1,,,,,,„”, N o
Panaceas pliged out at Conciliation Hall. by . thie ran versus. ure • iwahie when the
the , pole: are tilled and rod L'., .. ... a the lo ' n. like
old Repeal Association, the new Repeal Coefed. 1 great weetielle, With the mandeght all over ;hem.
• wettest, by the proposed Council of National Ito. c l'he shode. of my:, and ropes lying against them
teem, or in the panaceas of O'Connell, the elder re ; like the shadow. of forest brdches against the
the younger . These organiudions, like most corn. : ... " ." 1 .. n 1 .. T. Joy' 1 feel a. if I had really' co
binations, servo to make countries and men worse! the mii.—the groat, h earing.emiiiig. med .. , ‘iemana sea.
rather than hatter. The money spent for oche 1 A silt!' !worts hat been blowing all day; enrich
R ant . a n d ory. paa jorun t i., would have f e d as many' has ruffled up the weer tremendocs'y —all hands
men dhave!died Of starvation in Ireland. but can ';
" an n g d d e i n ii in a L n g hn tb u n t— aa t i h i e a eh . i i .
o P r i n n i n e n ia n e r i tat tinning
questionablythere ate real, inherent evil. in the i felt it ed. ; The sailoro P h ' ?re had mine brisk wOilt
xylem. Ireland saline hot bole mole now than 1 to‘day, reefing topsails sod polling roper. A ye
arn hnuoired yens gone by, and than who will I ry canons -view. by the way. a parcel of nitres
rend the letters of Bishop Berkley. written to 1 P. fling '?"
on the yard Ol • !Ped
n or helot.. while engaged in
the Caddie Clergy at that Gam. well be ern' d' ' Our adored mato is a queer chick—a ;on t f
at the striking similarity of she condition el the', Marine compound of Sim Tarpertit, Baron
People then and now. Munchauten, • 6,11 and a bird. By looking
The linueof Lords,—.Land.lords, au the Tone.; a " thoca'dhae'phin7iiii:, his ,! ,., Ir c...... i . t i h h i. ... 1 : e t, 1 T
facetiously calls them.—need nut look toward 1 "
t hav e e e no neck behind. :1e is as foll , ofhiS wonder.
for relief without looking backwards to hod ....1. M 1 narration. km an old salt of 60 year.. and tell ,
remedy for the political grievances of the country. ! them with such•
• ',tempter, air thatdrou are nbli.
Poor Laws and Church rates arc an abomineti.u. 1 , *ed to nod .lit. no moo.' how 'trilled the
, story
to live by, and yet they hove become the penis.; om, connate mmeima in
playing .
- sent institutions of the country. In all thie,—an 1 i eshouflde board" on deck; with this, and book.
partieularly the latter,—England needs reforming.; ch. , / to Is back gammon, eating, drinking. Am we
Let Parliament tax the Absent Proprietot* who 1 ;
abejfaLn'inhs_thati",..n'in 41 0 1
iin ot i o d * y t a tr
ii rr a r n e . t a T i n: i t e*:.
live in England or elsewhere, out for what their . men , i Y ii. „ Am it, we etiii awed irt with fn.',
estates earn in Ireland. Their antes have neither weather, though occasionally a calm, when we
the efit of their presence, nor the country' where, would lean over the shill'a aide and watch the
itjoa ,hc n
ate ' of t he ecPecl"we of the ceeccY they ;ocTeitl"tmZ7nVotrodflietette hje.n.eotheinegilmwth:he'en'ee
earn. There is a eatiennes, among the rich as , man g e. like half tiny jelly. with lively little era
well as among the poor, and the only way to put 1 inset., More. er, winning oen it. We had epler.•
an end to the wets between Lendlords and tem did star lights above, and manna nolight below.
ants, Is to bring them nearer logo :lien. Reform the no th e d'ledn'. of th e chip.
We passed neat the
Azorevor Western Wand., but not neat enough
whole system of landed mantes u far as the rights to see them. One day a splendid striped pilot ii,h
of property will admit. Encourage entemrise, 1 play about the vessel, a perfect Harlequin if the
protect the poor, frown upon all combinations,— ocean.
let I.jbor and Capital act jointly together for a
common intemse—let the Lord feel the obligations
he is Under to the Pastel, and let the Church
*schen politic. by discouraging agitations where
there is no remedy; and, therefore, no redress, and
(Hind will NOM be veal, improved. It is not
Orangebd that will do itnor Hemline:46in a new
order of things among all chews and conditinns
of Poople.!. Let men vietk and not beg. Give
them Bread for Labor, end not Bred without L.
bet, and thereby let men feel their independencs
and their ability. This aural is too full of in..
ter•st for the brief space we have to give t o it,
and we must, therefore, leave it for the present.
Niw WILLA? of a superior quality raised at
; Colambia, Routh Carolina is selling at $1,12i
per bushel- The South Carolinian says, "the crops
have improved vastly, and the seasons have con
, tincied favoratle. The wheat harvest is raging
rapidly befotethe reapers, and we cosy soon ex.
t, pert new Four in cur markets." The harvesting
tuts also commenced on the lower J amen River and
with the prospect of a large yield. The Elgin.
- more American gives as good promises of the crops
in Annelid. except .from the one county of
• • Queen Anne's.
Ransom= or a
pestatroars.--Te slam, of the
imports in New York tut creek ful.
Datiable Good., 111 102 850
Free Goods, 03,534.
The ream:Rotas poo,ooo compared with the cor- 4
responding week of last year. The import of
epees last week, in New York was 5193.378
sgainstsls,o3l last year.
Moat Of Tit BtAVllms or w.01.. --Of 910
LEAD attached to the,Gorgis Regiment sad who
left the State to engaged in the was with Mexico ,
and all of whom creased the Chattahoochee, only
about 460 were mustered reaularlynut of Wilco
at New Orleans, the others haring' either died or
been dimmed from the malice on account of stet.
nee or some other MM.
e.Yzilavr 'VIER AT, Nave ORLLANC.—The
report of Tallow Fever ittached to one of our tel.
egreptee letters two days since, should have read
Vera Cruz, suck we are aura being the fart, Bad
no doubt the intention of the wriere. There te
no fever reporttedaaNew Orleans:.
Vocaosoir, eldcA acio of Senator
Sinsgeon, and Millitairtitorektaper at the.Pila•
burgh Arlene. dint %t Uniontown on 114 WEI
• L•tter• from • young Artist •
• lA., tlf • Si• V.. 114011 IS OM NSW LOOS. TO
mj Gdmlll lb to - datai
tires AsrAt4tteris from K.
heart Arskeiplin Artut
tyedeoignni.44 public/;:}' ey arelitV graFtk
fly • littetal vw.i . ihuch •
ilier Ilt u ey -
The seriur is now et films and
. froth this
aorta Witi6e;;;lLJ;i:
et of all that is there attractive Ii the /dump , —
•Ie alga in rxreetetiori of soma It Meta from •
efietbar-AitifericAsh iesilehi 'of
lilt writ•
who w .penthigg • year in Europe,
• .• This 'morning at sunrise we enterer
the - straits of OM.!ter with a fine fresh breeze,
and with hearts bounding with delight. Long be
fore the ran area up we were summoned on deck.
and saw toe first dim blue of he welcome land be
fore us. At fug like a Cloud, then graduary
pending heel( into thorn:it and substantial forms.
There ptood the shorn of the twa great continents
before us. and we about to enter them by a oar.
vier passage of ten miles wide. Right over this
strait,t4se old Clefaie 'raters of the Mediterrane
an, rase the cloudless sun. Spain, , I 3 tubary were
b.fore us'. At night as I retell it all. now
that we have left the land again behind so, it aq
seems like s dream. On the _Tight was Cepa
Spann , and all the rugged African mnnuains.
heaped and crowded one behind another; on th
irk the hight• of Spain, equally floe. some of them
splintered and. jarged at the numwit. Drawing
nearer, homes, cmtles, and the town of Tangiers
on one side--on the other, the strong fortified
tumnoafn d T asriu ff d s d .
ed A ov oe w Itit h th sem hailll so,Cveo wn d as au
trees in rows. Old watch towers peeping out
here and there, squire, jealous and moorish look
tog—and at length the grand heights of Sierra
Bullieel (vugarly Apes hill) and ou the opposite
side farther tie the great rock, town and fortresses
of Oitiralter, lautnirig up gray, g-im, defiant, to,
pregnable, ire' weep side, bristling with guns
cave , and portholes, end before us and behhott us
nthet sewage all Wand the same way with m—
eanie of them t iguresque Spanish feluccas, with
their troingular helot , mils winging along like
la-g.• ir Is over the Jeep All this and much
more I cannot dirlinelly recall, make this one of
the meat delightful morning's of soy life. The
oceistonkmed to Jiffies s sosial feeling through
the whole ip. On the forecastle sailors and pan
usage. all mingled. and seemed to take in the
spectacle as one--at night there was II glorious
But !limn leave the journal for want of room
--besides there is nothing very interesting to tell
you, our ship board life is so-completely monot
onous. Occasionally we have had beautiful
glimpses of the oiountainous shine of Spain. I
had no Idea of seeing such mountains from the
sea. They are. very grand—not green and thick
wooded like ours, hot brown, black, barren, bare.
brigandish looking, great, precipitant, craggy moo
Vela. wttb strong watch on their Aides. and
summits, lit op at night to else warning against
smuggle.. The other day we got • di.eant
glimpse of Majorca. Today, we are becalmed
—which is very hard to bear; bat lately we
have bad so much of this sort of weather, that
we ars q•ite need to it.
There Is the oddest mixture of persons of all
nations at Marseille. , The. Greeks ere the most
completions,. and extremely picturemitle. Into an
old Turk who looks'asetdernet and fearful an
grand Puha himself. It is just the plece for a
lover of the ludicrous soil queer. •'C. P.C.
111 4 1 TOTAL INIOUDi (muted., prolict.
cianati im pal done at F 4,974,033.
.-...- ..._... _....... P _
Thetibte on Capital antelament.
To the &Wore flit
ndbo.frg h G o em ent:
a very.irsporlint questions
as: Hu the *Trine Legislature's.*Vmond Gov,•
error sit.par belield be his own tisaching, or hM
in•Pira.kvApriedia, either annolleifdthis original
. law to With. or any way superman} it by 7. some':
other sad. more modern cub of .4.. 1 When
the answer is clearly made out• this question is I
decidediousill.time. -For though we ,
or is I
Angel from Haven, p-each any other 0 opel
duo that which we have preached unto you,
let him be accursed." The Gospel divensation
...the best for our world, and a perfect model
of equity and mercy. Did the Lad Jews, by
his private Instructions to he. Disciples or hut
more public dimounses to the mulutudes who
heard him, intimate that the law against mur•
dee would be annulled or. changed? His faith.
fed Biographers - nod Apostles. under the teach
log and euneriniendence of the Holy Ghost, who
sense his mod important d Wind and practical
' discouree and crying., mention nothing of the
r kind; nothing but what goes to with men against
I anger, malice. and individual and personal re
venge in all area 01 provocation, and not at
tempt to take the emecution of the law and jua
i tire into our own hands. Hoe of hthin.
• which Jesus enjoined upon him who asked what
i he should do to obtain eternal life, was to abstain
from all murder, "Thou dialt,ilo nu murder"
' The penitent thief on the emu confused that he'
suffered justly, and received but the due reward
of hie dud...And:Jam intimates nothing against
• the punishment, though he promises a full pardon
and the enjoyment of Paradise after death.
, The Apostle Paul affirm. that the Law a good'
. if a man use it law fully. talus add. that is against ' 1
, all dimbedience, against murders and muslayers. I
i This Slime inspired Apostle end Judge of the I
i law. of the Now Testament dispensation, eye,—
. "Ru l ters are not a terror to good wok., but to evil
He that breeds
huh fulfilled the
, •
For tide thou shalt not c sound adultery. Thou
I aim!, :tot kill. Thou +halt not steal, Then Utah
I not bear false witness, Thou shalt not c reel" and
r if there In any , other commandment, it is briefly
comprehended in this uyinte. namely. "Thou shalt
lore thy neighbor a thyself" Tim quotation re
-0 fen to what is commonly (died the Second Table
of the law, or man's duty to his fellow man. But thia
s was to be the standing law of 'hi Coristian dia..
t pensation, unaltered to the end of time. The' .
r original law against murder is here unequivocally
i affirmed by an inspired Apostle; to be ta .taudiog
law of the Gospel dispensation. And concerning
t public 'Magistrates` and Rulers, "that they are
I Mil:dater* et God for good, and bear not the sword
, . in va.n." Thew great truths were written to the
• Christians at Rmef .r their immediate oar, and.
fur the ultimate use of the Church uni Ily.—.
. It will follow, then. as clear as the light of the sun
at mid-day. thatthe laws of elitist enjoining long
• suffering and patience under shye sod ill treat
, meat from enemies, were men intended to pre'
vent the ezecution of the original law against mur
der, but rather to aid in the full administration of
1 law and onler. o .' .
This let unwell:lM or deduction, must appea
• inconteovertable 'to a nil:Ming mind. Far by flit
I. laws of the Gospel dispensation, all persor i .l or
private retaliation or revenge is strictly pr hi
' Will not obedience to this rule of government pre
vent disorder and 'much violence in societyf— LATILIIT mon TIM Cirt or Mitten —We
' Most certainly. For the forbearance and long suf. learn with real plenum that Major Gaines, Bor.
I fenng enjoined by laws of the New Testament .m
land. Lam Slay, Midshipman Rogers, and all
I forbid, under the most solemn unctions, all vio
-1 fence, dulling, butting, *luting, lynching, and the other American prisoner., had been released•
maimir.g of every kind, by the individual who and wen at liberty io it. city.
' \ thinks himself injured by his fellow man. either in
Thermionu in regard to Santa Anna are ez
l , his persm. character or ernee,anil appeal only to . -
the regular earn nisUation of law arid equity.— ceedollflY contradictory. It h. positively ...ft.!
I' So lase, theiefore, from making void law and order, io come of the Vera Cox paper, that he has been
the 9.ePeil P'eceP te e if obeyed , help , and onamin 4l '' superseded by Henan, and in others as positively
'I ly help, in the regular and thorough admbtletre. denied. The following is from the Vera Ctn. cm
, tion of all equitable law and good order inoxiety. . ..• ,
Stand forth now, ye wise men and public ea• lieaPendent of the N. 0 . Time.
; - youiselret valiant for the good of your country in confirmed.
I the great cause of truth. Tell on plainly, erheth. Secood—Santa Anna and Canadian have been
• Cr you admit that the Creator of the worl d ever denounced by the Congress, and orders Iro ned by
I gave laws to men designel for the use soil bone- the Government for their arrest.
• Pm fit i o l f °" th o e f wi n :le en :ace ' : I f t "deoe,rnwhilatwisithd:yl—w , r•ruhair—d—HGenen".:l.ialeelencictioltin •10ppd'ointPwl'"cialm"qandiear
Define them distinctly. If any. of them have been inane( of the army. (when it can be found,
I superseded by other and lat.. rule. of action, at I fancy)
i once to the Statute Book, and comparing all its , Fourth—Senoree Oliagnibel. and are
• i pans wi th the whole, and its manifest design. l appointed ministers to Europe (parts unknown.)
. I make out your case, and let us not grope in dark- 1 . and are to pass through the city in • day or Iwo
i nem, and the light that is in me be darkroom. lon their way, taking passage in tha British M•il
I I My countrymen awl fellow citizens, permit me Burner now lying here, and to nil on the 3d
I i to inquire Into the cam of the topiarian feeling. proximo.
' Fend sentiments which are now so common in • Filth—Not • word about peace
• i reference to stillol murder. All this is to he received, wr think, with many
. y To my min I. the f...sairir are the p.incipal grains of allowance.
• i grottoes of error on thektoportent subject: ...-----------.
In. The opinion which is rapidly spreading in Gas. Tar mott's coma van hos been sadly e a
• nor nod, that the knowledge of Dleina Ri.a.' duced by the return of voleustmrs. A Carnets°,
f tion, amt' of the &Meines of naval obligation it '
correspondent it. the New -Vork Courier give. the ,
not essential, now that toe are all to win. and
, 1 good pofiticians. following estimate of the force effective and deficient
l l
thl. Wrong notion. of law, se though the tent and naturally enough draws the conclusion thatl
I chaittgabbe b nil, of rural o ld i e . ito web , not the Adminietiation devian. tii coop op Gen. Tat- .
Ithe true bents at all law. .
3.1. The groat mistake, viz. that the original lei in th e ' nem:tali ' ntlite ' l "' foe th e PneP'" ' 'l li
law against murder has been sap laded, and be
come obsolete. .• turning public attention to other men and other
divisions of the Army.
ath. Totally Mistaken notions of the result or "The terrier months' men being abut to be
consequences of attempting to reform malicious di,,h,,,,,,j, th e , will remain w i t h G,, Taylor ,i
mittderets, by confining them to labor in a stale and under hie command, the following troop, :
prison. 2300 Volunteer, 300 mounted Tease., and ten
Upon this last mistake I ask the attention .4 ~,,,,,,,,i,,,, of regulars—making t h e whole nu , .
i my renders to the following statement. viz La about 22 the 00
new. There had hem
few of th allotted to.
I From the case of Tiffany. iu Connectrcntontoev him four ofreg and a ese I
than fifty years ago, down to the use of !EOM( troops are daily expected to snivel at kilaturinras.i
Dealt., of Kentucky, only a fee yens *ince, I . Admituntthat these regiments are full and here, I
hare known ettnf • very many one. of murder. in aboutll then only • make the force on this line
which the murderer was. by the plea of °vanity. ‘ 6400 m an, an d you can safely ..., that 30
or partial idiocy, or the infinence of eel &tires, or 1 pet cunt. of the new arrivals will be sick and um
-1 some cause. either pardoned, or had his punish mashie.
meat commuted to lenPriedeld 4 e nt and lab.. or I Deduct fro th ere 64100 troop h e t
number re.'
solitary confinement in jail; mod in every such • go i.d to g . i . t 8., p o i ba m ain .
and Seltillo
instance, the wilful , malicious murderer his mar. I mono , c an ..., c r .,„,,i,0, m oat ...,
dered again. when he could fad an opportunity
and °will not leave General Taylor an avails-
Tiffany =bided his only child. and awn at- We force of '2OOO IMO to make a forward move•
tempted to kill his wife. but .she outran him, and ~,,,t.- • .
made her escape. He was tried and found guilty,
but under plea of partial derangement, hia serf l
wore was commuted to confinement in the coun
ty jail. After livers' months he killed his jail.
or, and attempted to kill himself, and died in pits
on. The Shoe hlakee's Apprentice. in Litchfield
county, killed his mister, and at the earnest peti
tion of • rich man, who gave bail for the lad's
safe keeping. his sentence was commuted on the
plea of mental imbecility; and in sir or eight
• mouths, he killed - hie benefactor while ...king in
hie garden. I could go on with this history, but
it would swell this easy to an unreasonable length.
Meet of my ...cadets recoiled the story of 'young
Dubs. and I need not repeat it.
From such indisputable facts as here referred
to, we must. I think, come to the conclusion, that
the Moral Governor of our world. io his disponi.
non of mercy, does not follow malicious murder•
era with thou tOM.fairOAI and reforming influences
of his grace which keep other sinner. from open
and 'totem transgreedon. What shall we do
then! I grunter the important qoestion without
fear of mistake. I say, Ist OS ss a people retain
to the fountain of true wisdom and freely ac
knowledge that Hs who made
usens best 'hour
to preen, to. That His laws r wise stud goal,
far better thaw the contrivances of abort sighted
morale for the, correction and removal of evil
We need not ender value the labors of philthe
thropy and Christian benevolence in shy fire
while we puninl .legitimate couree.but I. t no 1...
were how we make experiments again.: the poot
tire laws of heaven. If we will ffIIDIV Divine
teachings• we shall find that, to the uptigtd, wis
dom's way. are ways of pleasantness and all her
paths are paths of peace.
BUTLia COUNTY monterriusa.-I'ho Wb•ss
of Butler county met in Convention In the town of
Butler on Monday last, 14th. and nominated t
following ticket:
Aleentb/y.—John R. Harris, unaniamudy.
Tfestsurr,—sSeas. C. Stewart.
Commissions.—Jos. Doutbet.
Audifor.--Bara. D. Chrietry.
Trusters.—yam. A Purviance, Eau, and It,.
Isaiah MeJunkin, unanimously.
After which the following among other tee; u•
were passed.
Regolved. That this Convention entertains t'us
highest confidence in the integrity. ability
etatesinanahip of Hon. /ANTS butts, out an I- I
date for Govemor,and believing twit und-r his
ministration the Commonwealth would be net .r.
ed to her wonted prosperity we will use all h05 , ..-
etileeterlionat., pecan, INS alleCeee, believing I •vt
thereby IVO wit' best promote MU Oven iwer ,
and the interesti of the entire people of Penner l
Resolved, l'hat in Joseph W. Patton. of Coin.
berland County, we recorder &Lathan of undoutit
eil integrity and ability. and one whosa adminis
tration of the affairs relating to our public wort*,
would be dike profitable to the goverment, and
people of this Commonwealth. and that we heirs
by pledge to him our warmest and zealous sup.
Resolved, That this Convention entertains um;
diminlobed confidence la the integrity and ability
of Hen. George Dania of Allegheny county and
that we do most heartly concur in his nomination
r to the Senate of PennaylvagOa, and wornmend
t him to the rapped of the Democratic Whig patty
t of Bulb, County.
ifeseafeed, That Samuel Harebell. Etch be and
he is hereby authorised to communicate the fore..
going resolution to our Whig friends in Allegheny
County. without further conference.
Woos —l.arite quantities of it us Wog ill
in market daily. But there it not quite ea touch
competition in dile as there tau in pain. Priers
sang. from to to Sc. 9 Vpry this specimens bus
barn sold u high im 31 ie. The comusin pries
Gu ibe connzion quality le Us. It le hi goad
wand and !lode madly suttee at these priers.—
clew. Dem.
••- ' -
LATIER /Rill .111111:14:43.
krrla a f a Than of To* 41VtcPeci
,1Y"g°,2:711,..L,....,#=.. -- ' -...:--- , " -, -;",--- r;- 7 ---- -----7_ -- • - ,,....
i f ro I,Vera
. W.olliwied 0 ,,5 , ~,. P,f• Cot TOpmuialte ..o.fllEALid.r . r. °*"" -
W 2, "tija I, l + A al'i l j. cm r . ' rwn i...,.....,. ----- --,. --- r --- ii0...... :...i.
b .c ,f,„,„ .. aims Ni
... • Mt by Captain
.: , , i, - -,-,..,.... 4 .,..•_ ~.,....:
, ~.
~..,_ .
thwtieott4tidt isistrivim thii:ms.l Mt. fur Pal iollat i a l s j " 14
L ''' '
.- F
'its. stifle tiesaid arcade *, a!" 1 "" °4 n"". '-'-- ---- . TWO WEEKS LATER .,
Led sttPeroseivit-ther3th. Nathir from Veni ..,............:. -...-
I Cm:. of the im inst., nye he iii rued*, . ./ ...- jNEWS'Vito . m EUROPE.
Geri. Twigoo, walls fine division, unwed at
Puebla on the f.Mth, and would hum the can oti
I. army in the contemplated advance im ths Cali.'
ital. •
It wu reported that Oen. Scott wettldinDr the
Capital. at lila head ..f this force, on the ISM of
June.? , •
The Delta say: Our ,cerreepondents. ;ohne
letter' ea to the ad ult. horn fillips, all represent
Santa Anna as being engaged in fottifying Rio
Frio with a large force. Gen. Scott is pushing on
to meet him with great haste. Ere this the ha
tie has occurrad, and the last obstacle to the en.
'try of oat arms into the capitol will be removed.
Gen. Shields continua II recover. It was es
' petted that he would leave Jalepa about the 6th
instant, for Vera Crux, on his way to New Or-
Oen. Cadwallader laniard at Vera Cruz on the
to inat., with nearly two thousand troops—he will
start immediately with them to re infarct atm.
Scott. Among three troop are a potion of the
3d Dragoon+. the Voltigeureand the 15th Infantry.
Oen. la Vega is at J slaps, on his parole.
ISLAS,. Stay 21. 1817
Eds. Delia A train of 200 wagon. arrived
yesterday after. m farea.Vere Cr...and proceed
ed this morning, in company with Geo. 'risks
aviator', towards Puebla and the City of Mexicir.
Capt. Walker's gallant hand of mounted men ac '
companied the train. and during the journey bad
two skirmishes with • superior force of Maniac
lincerr, which resulted in the complete route of
the Kleine, over 200 in number, who bad 10 killed
and many wounded.
Out men had several wounded, brit none dan.
gerously. The 2d Dragoons, who were tu;t at.
tacked by the lancers, while reposing in slumber,
had sit killed and eleven wounded. Walker, in
penal, pursued Ike mocha, an fat andirell 'on
the derknms of the occasion would admit, mem ,
ed sit prisiners, who ware banded Deer to the dra
goons, and •Imoist - instantly shot dead.
V,ce.i Cane, May 31. -
Santa Anos was eeen . near Puebla in advance
of W otth, running like a streak of lightning.
A man by the name of Jerks to, one of thom
concerned in killing Joe Smith. the Mormon
prophet, died here of the vomit° a day or two
Mr. Kendall, wafer data of Jalapa, May :It
"Mr. Trist is going on with the army, but in
,what capacity it is be.t known to himself. if, has
censinly bad no personal communication with
Hen. tiott."
There are further itemifrom Gen. Taylor's as.
my, but ees hula of importance•
There had been accent steamboat disunion on
the Rio Grande, above Metamoran, The steam•
lost 0 rAle, laden with Gonemmout storey, was
totally lank The Sabine, Capt. Stant, and the
Rig Hatches were also sank.
- --
The hit. si•aa of deaths In New Tort last
WWI 309.-148 waives of the United bhates and
124 of Ireland. The number of deaths in Bel.'
unarm lad week 82. lo New York. the Ty
..pins and Typhoid fever carried off sixty person.
. A Nos st. Pts• run 'rail's onus an Dos.
TITCTZ IN urues'ta. A correspondent of the
Burma Daily Advertiser, who soma to have peid
no little attention to the outyect, has proposed that
the city government of ' Boston "shook' purchase
• number of acres of land—at government 'Malt
--in sane one of the Western Stain or Tenth,
:en. to which thew persons, owning here to escape
v tan anon. may be removed. tech one with such
(Amity 11 he may have, In to be furnished with
land enough to commence the lii. of • farmer , —
He is to be asked to Fey nothing at find for i r e
situation, but year by year as his Condition i
poses, he he ti be taxed something towards**
penss of the ;snood institution. If he In sues
cessful, he will in five years own a farm, and prob.
ably nothing to the city. The insprottiments
made in a few menthe by each wider would prob.
ably furnish ample security for the advances made
/coos Rase of tho Supreme Court of Ohie,
lately decided that there can be no custom at •
river port which can substitute • delivery of good.
at a wheef boat fur rictus' communkation with a
- con.ignee. In such a case, the boat moat Wand
all lota or damage.
BarC erten —ln 1836. '37, and
'3B, the number of ehipe owned in and nailing
from Charleston wan 17—brigs. 17—end schoon
ers, 18. From July I, 1845, to July 1, 1846,the
number of ships had been reduced to 6—brigs
and schooner. to 8.
43aeca Glastratroan," of magazine notoriety,
(Miss B. J. Clerk) has been recently married, and
An now rejoices in the utilitarian name of Mr..
or Tilt PIILSIDZYT.—Wa underatand
(rim undoubted sorhoririos that the President of
the United States will positively leave Washing.
ton. on his Forthern tour, on nest Friday week.
Ala Pon has sued the New York Mirror for
libel, and laid his damages at 35000.
Road Ilovm•n••
Tex Ruin ROAD co RALTIMOILL.—The Bald
more Patriot, of Tuesiey. has the following refer.
sou of the City Committee appointed to obtain
subscription ,
This Committee will, we understand, enter up.
on their duty at once, and with every prospect oL
obtaining a very large subscription nom our cid.
sera. From the spin in favor of thin road mani
fested in the counties along the route, and from
the handsome subscription to its stock which they
have made, there is an assurance given that li t h e
citizen, of Baltimore scbscr b I the amount whit b
it is tiered they yhould subscribe, the work of
constructing the road will be entered upon at an
early day.
Tea lliascroes of the Patterson , and Rampo
Rlroad (N.. 1.) have advertised for contracts for
the a riaing, bridging and maeonry of their roed.
When completed, this road will furnish • cum.
munimition, in connection with the Patterson
' RaiLood, from a point on the New Turk end Erie
road, eighteen mile. West of Pittman,. and four.
teen and a half miles North of 'Patterton to Jetwy.
City, a distance of thirty
Navarre* -RIITV Roan.—Tbe ep inarield Ra
public of the 1 lth asys-On . Wet oeaday the I
COCOLDIABIODOIO of Clads County sabwribed n e e
brindled thantito the capital stock of the Media
-1 tr. and Loki Ede, Rail Road Compat y, end paid
the same by * transfer of the' County tient in the
Little Mike' Rail Methicompany. It tut tea
amiable to anticipate the entire completion of the
Northern Road; train Sandusky City to Spring.
field, by the opening of Lek. nav gallon next
lipring=ein &kn.
. •
.. •
The .13osion• Iteariar Cktrititie, Ceptiia ilia&
• liine, which kB Liverpool oa the 4th airitent r wu
telesetpbed - «off Boston" Arty , this'll:npins.
I have the per by the Cambria in tuieL—
Flour had declined in England to forty-three
ebiUlop per bbl. .
Wheat hail declined ten Anna's per quarter.
There tuid been. general decline in Bresilitatre
of 41 littiVie. r,.' -
The Money blaiket bad yelp materially fm
proved, and was eur at Medan, of the Cambria'
• ding.
The growing crops were doing exceeding well
od the proap6ct of a full average yield •r ry fa
The sbo•o is all ',lave yet received
Pane.. June 17, 3,4'. M.
We have nevi& from Ole §teseeet arrived et
Boston thti mernlng.
The salvo of Fleur at Liverpool on the 4th
were at 431.
The Money Maiket in England is much easier
Provision Market.
Ltvgarcroa, Jane 4.
The .upply of Provision. is only moderate, but
the denand for some aorta is not lure; The call
for Bola has been languid. Barret aTlearnas
are bringing fair priest. and the consumption hos
beep unusually large.
ItMU have been dull of sale, and those on hand
of cagier so Inferior. quid ity; bat the stock is now
accumulating though with i, disposition to opc
. .
The TINAJCI•L ramoroci of , the'crounity ite
more animated than they have been for tome time
1.. t. •
The Bank of England hes shown both the abil
ity and oisposition to diecount with mote freedom,
and the consequence was veinier buoyancy in the
Money Market. Alt tad. and all kinds of be.
sines. had felt the .due cf dd. impreeeMent.
'f be steamer Caledonia brought out large nr
' dere for manufactured good., which has aleXcrea
ted • goad feeling in the market, and particularly
as the stock of goods •e. light. The shipments
ars large and well supported except on Welsh ac
LITIIIIIOOI., June 4th 1847.
Notsiiihatanding the strange epeculationseuter
mined previously to the departure of the lest
steamer that the . corn market would mental:l au
upward' tendency, the unurnaly fine weather
promising • favorable home hairy at has had the
affect of depressing prices and contracting the cc•
tent of the average transactiona.
The advicea by the Caledonia of light stocks in
America, bed created considerable activity which
wait aided by a: very timely relegation in fhe
London lunacy market. There is now a freer
dieing to speculate and much has bees to
der the better feeling.
Total export of Breadstuffs from the United
I States to Cheat Britain and Ireland,fromliepg 4.
I to May—
Flour, bble. 156.812
Cianmeal, 434.432
Wheat. 1,512.274
Oa* 271.555
Twos had declined. to Ch., but bar rallied
again and is now selling foe 434.. and moy fairly
be quoted at 43e. for the best weetetu
Some ..1 a more uldwary gustily average.r37l
Corso: has maunsuy impromeil. Apprehen• • '
Zoos of Short rxemte with the good Immo to 5
storing Crop caused the advance. .Tha imprrair t s,
sent is likewise attributed to 'greeter elle in the I ,
Moose motet. On the whole the c iodition o'
adton' presents a err) attenuating as t atet.
Upland TKlaSpd to 7d; Orleans Sid to Sid; Al.
'barna and Mobde Sid to 71d, and-Ws Island
l2id to '2OO per lb.
Uritish band Iron ZS Ts id £l2 54.
lo Lead and Tin no alteration ta priors.
American Copper in Bond .Elsloa t0.C.16 104
A.1101LIC•X W.. 1•,. 10. 44 to MI td p 10th..
[swan Case tolerably steady at Ws fee Yellow,
and, owing to increased demand from Orland, while
Cora has commanded to p cleaner above the r.n
rency fur Yellow. •
Meat rouged between tt. and fll• p lAA, with
teedeney to higher quotaticow.
'Ate reports of • ptobahle failure of the Potato
croft in Ireland and Jemey, tan island eu the finish
chaancif had also hod suntraftaueoce.
The market., howeser, hare fallen twenty shils.
per quarter from the highest point by previous ad.
ince% this heing the esteems difference.
'G,rr<.Mbenee of the l'atebargh
• Piiit.A., lane 17..5 P. M
The paw York. Bahama. sad oar own caw.
kat, or. It s btand, on a ccount of t h e
new., which has atonal quits a panic.
Correlumanile.e oir the ['mobWith (Lisette
Ffto3l MEXICO-
Psi 'A, June 17, 1848.
dente Anna but sent a War to the Mexican
11.1cogrsitt threatening to r..iga his position unite.
the Ciottynaltut shall .dopt his plane. The letter
* putliibta and hes created much excitement.—,4
Some bard fighting to expected at the capital; .4
if not with the United States troops perhaps among
[The isbove news would seem to {iodinate that
Genetal Micron Pm not yet been. made Pea=
sivisucson saws.
The L,Orerpool authoiltiee hare established two
Lsaatettalthips in the sister, for the reneption of
person. who shall be found in few oa board any
of the passenger ships from Ireland,—all of which
are to hoist the yellow fig and wait the stamina
. lion of medial officers before landing passengete.
Arrsias in France and Spinal were the subject
of much dtuseion in England. and particularly
so in conotjuence of the remark by Out . sat in the
French Chamber., that the Spanish people will be
daily led to undentind that intimacy with
France in • sound and nationel Policy` for both
England, the moat jeeloue netian iti
the world, it penicularly • jealoue of France, in
nonstguanos cf the recent marriage between two
of the most consplcuoue partici' attached to the
two countries.
Tux ultl.lll of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,
Earl of Deseborough, (Ponionby) bad earl el
deep regret through ell parts of Great Dtitain.—
Lord Bessoorough was, we believe, the Viscount
DUOCILIIOOO MIME Greys sod Durham sdatinistre
tioo, that carried the tetanal 1,111 0 10 1891, and Was
p tiog aotry bel ie uie
i d ied at ein the sonde of Whim, and;
llthe eve of 56, atid wn
Vicoont Melbourne's brothenin•law; hie nista,
Lady Can 1151 Ponsonby, ect deservedly celebrated
lo the literary world, having been married to the I
ex.premier. lion. John Gorge Drabealn P 0111.30.
by (late Mount Duncannon,) who ma rri e d 1 ,
half-eeter of the present Eul of nudism (who in
now in Canada,) bar succeeded to Lba title of the
EatlnnfJevaborough. The Ponaonhyfamdyhave
been steady Whigs in all weathers, often support
inn[ againat the TOTigli.
The mother of the prment 13<cratuy of the Col
was a Poneonhy, his father, the late Earl Grey
having mpoused Macy Elinbeth, only daughter of
W m . D t aluiloo, the first Lord Ponsonby.
ittKl.ANti AND utOTl.Aeitt.
Dr. tlitatxxl• has recommended
property to for the teller of Leland and getiAtaltd
upon allsalues over filly pounds lle
went should "lay no tax fon sny income below
L6O, and then Ist all those this, not laying the p r
tentage on the whole laconic, but only co the az.
eta elace...C6 o . Thus , a yearly tax of hoe ter
cent. would amount to ten shillings on all who
had £6O a yew; to twenty ehlalap on all who
bad £7O f year."
The produce of snub a tax, If wisely admlnt •
rued, might treenforie both Ireland and the Hien
4‘e . kil* Pew lat*ii.C4 4 13, ,
* . refil..m.• A ' •,.;: i. '
'.,',4ie - Poe, tocies@gererelf* for the tediperaneti
open-L . ./. Takdpethe If igh*rds of Illeoliiind, and:
ere 80 0 ona Westkof Irehrid togettoS: sir tbe
illsite.tliiierellesed and reguding the . ti llaln i t y ,
nail chyllp affecting , theee,as imperial.- ttere lo
food sencirigh by stoppurg the durnleries 'and bind.
deriegthe destruction of food for the bodir or, in or
der LC provide pvisvn for the souls: - audimoney
1 ancserbtosneettherdeflciancy orriVeril s, lir bi 6-.
Ming.n. , f ll P4l l9o " ." 1 • . - '
It is not slofie famiOe korai which Inland nor
auffees but the fruits of famine in prevailing and
. .
. . .
. .. , .
inereSthog disease. Ike ,
klayer of Dory and of.
Cork hare issued proclamaffona for clearing the vagrants; to Dublin, deldi liiii . rented for
erecting Ilospitalgand In Belfast they are obliged
to provile increasing (talkies rrr thaw' treatment
by thousands. In am] about Sligo, there was the
appearance of much barium.; bat the return
showers rani deal of sicknew. Lord Palmerston
has there a large property douru.d, from which
ha sent off I.IOD souls, buying up their interests,
clearing them °Auld paying their passage money.
F.telo.tve Correspondence or the Pittsburgh Gazette
, • • low IL 7P M,
This market is all. unmated by the titambries
news. Nothing hashisen ;tone since, and - price.
of Floilf. Wheat, dm.. ate all on the fia t It is
impotsible to quote ptices in such a state of things.
Excluaore Correopondenee of the Potaborrl4 Goteoi
June lOth, P M.
. There isle. activity in the market for Cotton,
but no-variation iwprices.
Sties prime Wheat at 149 c per bu.
pr Chin sale. prime White at 67e, and prime
Yellow at 80c. • ,
EsOomve Corre.pondeneo of the 1.,n0i.0r50 Oazooo.
lune 17 8, P. M. !
The Cambria's news ha upset the Flour war•
ket roost effectually. It is totally Webtettled and
there hair been no.ttales since the news to show
• prim
A few sales of prime Red Wheat at 192 e per
Corn —Sales prime Yellow at 117 err bu.
Groceries are dull and inactive.
Provismua—The market is apparently no way.
affected by the news—tt is simply inactive. •
[From some mishap or other the remainder of
Our Despatches (pled to come on last night.)
PI sneer-re Foram o.—The Mawr. *con, of
N. Y., are nutting an, engine fdr a Steam packed,
the United States, to tun betweet, Nsw 00.14.
and. Liverpool:the - cat of which will be f 115,000.
The United ideates will ne • 300 tons larger than
the George Washington and or greater csprecity
thin the President, Atlantic @trainee 'rig WI, •
lever merino engines of righly.inek cylinder:end
trine fe"st stroke, with iron water -wheels, each of
the power of mom than 1000:horsee be used..
The Tribune says that did Bed Plate employed
60 or 00 men, with three cupola finale., a few
minute. over three bouts in casting. • They melt
ed twenty seven tons, or more. of- . metal, and the
casting will' weigh over 34 tout, or,same34,7oo_
IM. Toe gold air blest formica cuss'-uied-L'ahe
elestee put nf the meta" ems from Irondale in
Peonsylvants, but there. were several tons of
Scotch with it.
This steamer is one of four to be built by pri
vate pubis. The lad plate is the largest and
imprint weak of the kind ever preformed in the
Untied States, weighing forty-three thousand
pounds of metal.
The news in regard to the menaces at Yeti
Crun iq confirmed by the New Orleans Times- ,
the t
dreadful femur, (Yellow Fever,) alkd
'to by lbe Mericans, Ins commenced its
in resume. at Vera Cruz. Some very
le lives here already fallen victims to its
!eas. The moat enargetk mearumn have
domed by Col.VVibion, by the appointmen
natal of Health, the publication of mato
!dons et,. to militate it. e
ToLirn no Mir are egoatipliable la ibe amok*
initionit or Pile, 710 ver.eable I lecitnin..
e e l be (Jr. hat winder , en .1.0
not It 0 naind am an amatdole to this bane of
ily. eoneidered, being
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Tb Copy/mr Ink. for the purpose of vetoing titan
Or d• omen, of arh4.h • tran.fer copy' trio he take r
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011. rod hn• none of that sett) ffub•tance common ;
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Forge rmanence or color these. luta bitty equal it' net
attritss• all oilier. for *ben the color is ones set on ibr
1 ,
pape it ..ahem .0 U Nell A:a 0 k:D for agar. -
It c•riar a dna I t y, and (ot sato in any qatallity, by•
J II kittlrLait, weed et
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LAND, ir rowing duly each way', tarreme
taiOtbs al Dm& •na Nature between above polar.
Derelrmatisehom the Dot M delivered lo Bdtelbreb ne
the night of the tblrd day bun DomberDod--maktor
this tar mow exprditioar mete for ititkal{ oat liaack•
~n the Fauna 7
Agent in Baltimore will etve • receipt at to the,
and cool
'Re only Agent. are J C BIDWELL rlnshorgit
O W CAO3, lkowns•
MelCAlti & &OUIRE, Cunf'd
J fl ROBINSON. Bald-
R• • -- •
00T11 PENIKANICHIP—, Ntik,?vphic.l,Ths•
my and Vreci:a of Pentnemanp I. three plane
pAmary. alter:lied:am and field: eeett par Iu four hook.
ey II A. Root. 'fete sma elm:queue eum, deg
d lustre:a the manner of eandicena the hand and pee
pre midery peneemee. which thereuably train the feu..
odes p
employed nt muting: a etastelkatad of lettere and
worde ogee:ding to their sinulerd Sti y of amerd'on. and
aemoenees aeeempeoyeax thr rou.
each book. The adage 11.,•MON[4,1L•Ulerebt great
time, and CipenorOarafer,radd. - UK,
papil onile over per mice ' ReitAred
and RD: sale by. 'JOHN' Sr• Idtt„Log'
• No tTeezod air, et
11.131.ACK,F.1) and doedillsKT Thi bans laten
ty a•Essiry Ihrel l'asadenn of she linden Nate, tr,
the Departmms. and both lloates al Cantu, ' hs 11
GowernoF and Isegislature nuns.,
ens taibly repatab assnhaSons.eendernr.and indsvid
oats. • •
Ma Ink flows the. freely from the PM
• piper, awl rano.* steel pen. less than any other
Fur pendansace of color these Ink. fully equal If wt
It all envoi. for whin the color is onee art on II e
paper lt 'en! rennin unaliongen for ages_
Ju.t teen sad, and nor ;oath In qoanntors, 10.0 pur
cb eeeee , by 1 1. READ
eta - Vouch near Market street
OR SALIC—Two doe tots of Land, situate In
Oath Too nshtp,Ourontet County. Ohia,nue celeriac.
the Min t'lanse. on I severe from Alma 01) Each of
pese d
I wee there t• • %peaded ant. bee 4te surd dO
et. s t wader efoush tor i ntry six ruse of store—ta mad
place for business, or any hind at manulactureng—for.
matey the proper y of James I'. Lterldwen.
For terms, address Ike subseriaor at Attar Ohio.
fell,r! It. r _ II miimoNn
minll,o: OSLI S'A M MUM( 1.1:11;118
R. Murphy, North Dalt comer of Epoch and Mark ,
stmts. iiisites the attention erimyers to his stock
ebove or insist appsoSed make, andtaint
patshated born the agent of the manufacturer., can be
*bid an the lowest pastible prier
ll,U.Deelert ohne). find • rad absek of above
good. by the piece, in she Wholesale Boom, op stair.,
loLath st IS
59 ,Viimr.mreet. ST. LOUIS
Her, to, Lyon, Shorb & Co, and Anthony Bneen,
EM l!Oiibutsh, Pa. psPhOns•
OR SAL fru-Finit Itots of liroand in lbe7tti Wald,
V Putslisigh, being lots Nos 1:7,1.:9, 1711 and NA in
Cook tr. Casten's
Only 630 U of the purebkw money will be required In
hand, and a long credit will be given lor We balance .
VOtt SALM—A aoory Mick Dwelling, House
r•otooged pft 4ltt stret: ahoy< Catondichl
.04rNTIIBliliT.tal.1•Ntwo CEre.
No 50 Aool66eld moo
VITIGICDS—An 11,MtIment too*
T nerd, o-o
of vannuhadre Of color nod g
Mao. Croton Cloths and Srmoter Own: wren—to Ito had'
low at the Dry Goode Hove ' rltr
. ..
• .
I ABM OIL-11 b/d* No l, Pot rs , ' , ' , " M. , lb ,
Latote by • II A
JelB : l, and wood go•
VXTRACT LOGWOOII-503rei 4anford'a
.12. dam it:delved and for sale low by
OS . - /3 • Ii , , ANNWIX 2I I 3 • it CO •
ICRICL—tco WO. Ne 3 lame. for eale by
j e ts . Fist eldea.Diantona
I,XTY3IIOW Gt. Alll,-100143e* 0110 and IDEIt
V. io.usre vet fo”ale_l2y_
jets I,llllllwe et
---- -
LOUR OLP tiort‘-i,ogo gtri
ioa see by jr415,•••- . ' TAUNPSTQCK Jr: Cl/
01 . 4 . 1.1 C C 011.6.8,4 le., from 1 ur S cents
.tiro.; just received and lti.!py,...Rs,i7 rood s
MIT A RIC ACID—VD) o. in wortam!
jelo by J KIDD & IX/ ••
A B AIIII-4 %be anperier, 'jam reed
V j el l iott jet(' J. KIDD &CD
' -
eseb ra aer i gr a lli e ly ih. fo x i La c % by .
HICADII-. -"— Larye,slee and rresb, fee
y ule by N ;JOS D MORGAN ;
B 1 . 1. 7 ) 3 B . 1" . 1 , 1" . r,"7 1 4,1 1 °"'
QTAILCItio bit FOrieat i lcili t at.M.a44
COTOTI 11T.8.11.111113- 60 boxes fee nee br bble inuilly-Flom
ule TAIMY fr• 91211. P IeDILI 1/DIV D01.4411010T ie OD
. ,
• C 2r W sei 1"
i t tll-93 hr. White Pipes t04 . 1/1 3 gy f k . DE,
ft POC:VT/XE—sblZ: ttNI sad Weide LT
so D. Dant%
Oa 51 mooting, lb. /OM itola,attliiifloei
the Omit tal Auction Rewiti.awastT of stfond •
,flab s wets, ti to sold aan f4te6loll 4120,10.1% of
'.emonaine, sdpl., gad fancy Ofy Mods, to
Aquantly of cops Mad twoCitstaPit“•'.
sod tea sett; en .mbor waft, ft. 4
clocks, looking glut... timpani' , Kr% °a" AP" ,
ono went window blit=lit I'lllMio.T7•-
' mem M g. newiod second Duni
dow sash, • quantity or groceries stoutish Mir; Is.l
cords, otbacm Mara,,nutukose Matettut. , !drowns, .
"At 9DIMCKLP.V.._ 7 _
Latin - and Po e l -Xeil i -if
secoed band wambes,umbiellsmpuMela......7
nada caps, whips. w shiri Wi th iinen U•spau and
lats n 'an assottmeniOl seitiosmblessoull mad* eicatom.!
dip food., mosical imouisieuta te. joUll
Largo iale'of Ditokit - •
OIL Saturday everuag. the IDA mutant, at B olcktelt.'
at the Commercial Yle. Rooms, comer of Woes sad.
Filth streets, will be old without setters., t.". 1 0c 000,
alinement: tame valuably , -eolleelioo:or
neon". Books; embr+eius Abe 'Maul editions of grant,
variety of valuable 'standard work., - fatally kablea,
prayer booksorplandid annuals, de.
At 0 OlCloelt, P. AI. , •
• •
149 quires fon bound Day Books and Ledyyars
supcsibr Decoy LeOtcnn •
ds quantity of half tanyst Wpm, Doy.Booksicirlo.
maim boots, copy boas, ess,l •swmior IL.a on
c•P wtitlng P.P. , . I dossti gold
fancy mimics, de. • pl 9
tositive ti d e Vs,Noble Baal Estsfe.
ON Wednesday evening, the 411insinot, h o'clock.
In the Coonr!eMial.flale.n 0001.11 s, Ofnoeit at ,Wpod and
roh strretr, , rll l bc sold flliat largo oat Vell.deriftt
nlo :three nor)" brick dwelling boo , . With gonnsive
two story back buzidiut, bath bonterite honse,_.tsvostorg
brick stable.
carriage hog., a. 64 iltaltls‘ on Wsnov
below Ferry street, al prioaant a ce by 'the subsea.
her. The Lin is 30 feet flf inches vf J 067160 feet deep,
extendlog front Water to Front Street. Title indiepata.
Ole. Terra, SOW ,eash, tl4Ott pgyableape ),esr,•
rr girl ne lu five, years, la knluiereli, psysiblo . iosLanntfr
ally ; '• •
A t ibat rplendid buildisik La of groan & having •s
fron it ) thirty feet. Dalpteene ay.ncasewrO VII sad
Nay weewonijoining property of llea W. Jackson,
arid extending nack.llo , feet- •
Tenn., one
be a vnildon pavoulo Oat year,
'rah Meru), to be genstroLbS deb andotorlitsal , - ,
jell '
- ---------
HEALS' il, DICS.LTH4,, ..
DR • WOOD '8 Sarsaparilla. owl Wild
Cherry Blilocif‘-Tbis new and eisluable Ni
na. of biansp.Ba. and Wild Chewy bee tiers Used
with sre•t metes. lot the pessatuenttreno,llo( liirl
inch digs's,es as take their !Oa (Mt an impose silos of
the ['toed :--ii p. to a healthy action al the US.—
orrogitiesis the Nerves awl at ow o scenes health and '
vier. le the whole It sirs.
in ell of Juana ...Lunge-Won , D/rnePs . usi loss !
f Appetite, liststust Costiveness, Serofuln,.lieadache,
languor. and that Depression' or S, *Pith is ea,
a complaint in the Spring
. end Summer seasons
of the yisr, this medicine has not tis equal—and a slur
tie trial will convince the most increduloes of its pecni
ire ruiner. l
pot (either particulere the resder is referred to the
Mil till W hid) wilt he furnished by the Agen ts, show
p l
ing the estimation ni which this ealasib)e,weilleibe ie
hold by their who have need b. • • "'—' ' '
Op-Caution to the Public -on •
' Be panicalar and wilt for Ilr ' Wreuee. Sinatra - 61W
and Wild Cherry Bitten, end receive nuothen Thin is
the East. pieparaticin of these art'cles combined ever
curved to the public, and the great success anebding ns
t u a t t e e t.""A induced
e e ' en ' l r' s r inselePith4artruViffe's' hare so te
words “Dr. Wood`. Sersapssille and Wild Cheery Bit
isle' pressed on the glass, siel that calla label au the
genie is signed by the proprietor, I. Thornton: Jr.
POW, wholesale and retail, by IWVATT P. KETCH
- A
Mrgsneral agents, sal Fallon stfoss, Ns. York; Ws
'rouse, Market street, and P. R. &wen. eel
ert.Busbargh, Pa Peter 81—litgebonleas ..
' .. ..ed.
BED VOTE - DBligE)tt .- Mi e n ,l7
R. ANDERSON . Proprietor, rupeettally inform.
/VIALS public that this establishment will-be -overfed
nod pi-spared ast daSsecotanotodadon of vilifier., by tbe
ISthot Me. 6011111. •
The attraction. of this - faahionable Watering Vlsee
'are too well wid widely known, to enquire enumend.on
in a card to th e public.
Thu 'entices' of Mr. MARTIN, whose noti o vity, encl.
ooc6 to
(+voluble tegard of the patrons of Me Sptiniis during
the two lost autualms, have been booteogw. • balladeer
cud and attentive *meant. and • fine band of emit,
have also 'teen set ared.
11 rend from Coadmetanditho.westam merntoos
on and Ohio Rittroacr, and. from Modular
be ,on th•Peansy lv anis Cunal,snd Cbambersbarg.
western 'amino. of Cumberland Volley Railroad,
Efieurd have been much itapnieed and le in good
der. " •
111 &GAVIN/A FORM:MY. ud
mrditional new works, Just recei•ed at M. A.lOl
- . . .
Graham's !Gossett.. for July...more than usually at a tree rentrau Geberlki
rilervbb rugrared F all s.
Skr,lbir TV(
• rqtrAy l . o o .
are Failure!, Falls. awl hliriarn. • •
Washrnison and his Generals; by 1 T Headley, inn,
volumes. complete
G s ures ktedins, or the Crimes of London; by the
author or Life in London• •
The lahectance; by Miss Ferrier, Where( Mat-
'lWe Sketrh Root; by M' A Tionarett—rich
meengrevineon wood. drawl by Ortenthen.
nu A
lb obey, of Oe "'min nf Londonderry. and Defence
of VlnebAnien, in 1695 and le 9, t•y the Rev. John One.
hem. M A
The Trnee. of On ofrotauting.-6 tale of the
memo( ma4.e.
Meretsge. by Mon. Ferrier.
MontelonoL-frean supp!y.
lel;For ode et '- • M A TeI9FM9I
#leitliebt Okor nen &sear
Beaten wad New YeekVtadelles • Jo
.fifftttrs r teeelsed, and en Ramktira.Me
low o
ing neer incitement. •
few elrtti Reeewood Rialto Forte
ineerh ral:e1111 tei b man's tele
lowed Xliiallatteelemesit. I Ws petrel tuneable Weds.
The latest anymeetnem. blade by Names az Clete, N.
le- ' . •
o,we elevaat Rosewood Piano. patort Iron 11mn... 1
new weak. Marto by Clriekor or. Hinton.
Ma 64 ortave Rorewood Plano Pone, of; b
fan by Nunn. tr. Clatt, Z . Y. Y.-. - . • .
For ta les x F.antern priors' al IH' TiOndwojrltr.l'io
PI Tnird 1.e., by 10144 H KL 1,-a
mboenber boo Imo roemeed from the mom eel
elame.l P)folrelmen in the Uoned mole., a large
boo eorm , me amoruslem of Fite Watt. \I/Web be Will
eell h., the trade.. the meal rm....67e 'Fbe
mock comproe. Pin• Chum.. Gflie•hOpp[re.
Ries Lien, liCerile %trete:, Tpd.ittiork..l,,dg.”..
Littman Com Pro, Frlonees;Fltetraebefe , FlomesP om,
ke,,&e. 4/ofeol boa tL country' pfogiolgim•
N. barbel. of •forao Gmonel
-13USSIKR;i7looth Wheriffi'•
Ibbia,Jare . jelbtf
h:Dleal , NDTICE—A profechional arramencen ,
I.9.Lhavwg Yvan evade bet:seta Ora Ypeer and Weeks,
tolls and unteaaagrawni ba reeeiced atkelr talPoOli 9 e
They on!l attend at am office of Dr. BrookihTh.rd at.
from 931119 o'e..k, 41. v , and at Na
office of Dr. 9pees,Yeno wee]. (ton t tin Y cfeloch,
Erne soheerileer redeems the Si.IIICMCIIt d.,. .
amounts due eel hie b00k5,12141. •
Jane 16.1817:- ' ' JAhISS SPEER
PSC r HILL aboveTeraxeranceville, is offered fat
eelc. 713000 ore-atom werecof land. on which Thew
are • count house • *table. an excellent well of win, '
lag inct carer. ahrabttery, ke....rlslinettaord Glom
boat ferries and mod. , matte both titiea vary aceeseible.
Pot Ceram/ rorerotetiort opplx to N. Hampton; Foy; et -
I...burgh. or to S. C: JEM , INGS. on the preeeree.
!Oro. • large Cattier:of Dray Huss for rate.
.el7.lB,wlClf ;•.• : ; • •
- A TTOILNEY AT 1..X.W, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mamie.
•ietter %Irate the proof and acknowledge:wale of
(tee dr, Lemer, Contract... 1,4.0 t i or other errootie
e reconied or tired' in the *me. of ICENTLICKT,
IN - DIANA, TEN NESS psi, ?Mei. )u SU and LIII.CHH
odicr. Hurtle , Ruildiae.4 it el
MiCoSTIN -4. lattice. of
Sthe A Itcgherly Buds? Ccspikay,
It47.—A meeting of tee StoelgtelOers a! tea .C.mei ay
for ereeoug a Undo Oat 'the' Attnyheuf Weer, apPa
lone rottabuegb, in the- County of Mitgoeni,r , ltitt be
holden on the. Toll Haute, an Saturday, thul,kinstant.
at Un'clock;rosteribr a skeisl
inr•lut .10111 k HARPER,Tressurei
1 or the Faunal's Overall. Company, will_bet heW
at, the office of :tamed Goonly, ou Faint, meet, be
tweet, Wood and "tinithfirl4 streets. Pinsbargla i 'on
MorAar. the Sib of July next MV cadet, &c., ..
...II SAWL: GORM LY‘ Secretary:
. _
rro,„„t4,7A ..7,n.fatanb,l; .D.TeHrl rLe6h ward.
RI-hi MU per imam. '
1e 17 SU Srniihie , d Meet
.- •
%.,/ and for a ala at the Drat rare
kid •
fIiILO3IELL-UU ftterlC
aormuor AZEI and ha.
Val.., just received and air sale at the Drug ware
TEA -ell package. V. li . Gunpowder nod !wiper!.
MI6 ICVL•rd and for *ale law by
'els TASSEV a lifaT. 31 wood et
- - -
1711911-30 111. No 3 Lenge aletketel; - • •
I' • 2tl la FIJI , " " " for sale by
1.16 1 TASSFS b. 11M. 33 wood et
TOBACcb—no kyr LLump, So. Ms, lON al
atd D
Innate Plug, on hand nod tor ode by
rele TA!IIIEy to BEST
• " '
CU] A/ISV 111.112 4 triq, Crllj
race bi Jool TASSDLk..BLINE
ACON colisoarted Baran
1 Ohl No I Lod: .
..PoplllFA_lpt tr. CO
L),.. US— 1 . 7.; r :Ant ;,4 ;;11. t and
Rim ,Iklet c jels ' POIN ' UEXTER&
" ! . .7.l rS 'lit Vco
LOUR—svu bbl. Y, nu hand and for lull b•
e I S ' RuKIDGE, t LI)
• --
N. 0.0 LiA K kW. !!' "N,4 3
.0" Devi Aprira, landing
,:td fen by
hr. prime
, ! .. a LI W. •
Ism vat. As..
BEMIIi-9ar;kll h lye. • prime aniele, for We bi -
CO PPlaga S- 7 6 bbLa Ci
d____ _trpek
SO•. for bale by_ • '
s 0," ARFS PAN ACKA —II lai kl . o r [egttfl a l .::.
13 AlTii7 -9 "'" "" ilialt:ClNiiiE:;n
-robw AND FbAli VARN—Foi bifbay.l77:rn
1 rib . WlClibb bIaCANDLFSIS
Curt bolo
fl --;se• P. lied bed for rale by
.r fer sole by "; I ''IItIENWAVIIKYSI , CO 1
No 37 witter.ineau.
R IS 961,LE
n tAPpttv-ino bow' liei•sle by •
1.04 ICtCK & 91123
_ -- PiAILT PACKET LINE.. • .;
15 wen known /ioe of splendid passenger Clean.
P.l.l.o"filkd.V.Ustatllevt, Lein
'b " irked and szni.orea, end went powerful bra •on the
'Mali of tho :West. . Rem aceolonworanoo 004 COM ,
ITAL tr49B=VlT'''l
—wit ed..a gni Moo or people with.ort .te tem
*Theboate MUM us the Mot of
pad Arse ries promo.* stardom cas the
n *
on of lief and. cool of postern as me ee”•
WT. 10 00000 Eno pussawnsatey cum t. pup 4.
The MIGNON a 11ELA: 0.0. Stow, whiles., Plea- .
burgh seery day mooningat 10- n'eek; Wheeling
.eery *Way* eking lV P te
The IWO; la,. AO.lO. OW- 5 . ithatAnwo;
leave Pittston ,ereety Tneeday mooning at s'eloek;
Wheeling every Tavola , evening at in
?heti:BlT ENGLAND, AO.ll, Capt.S., soot
Hale Pfitsbnigh wet,. Wednesday dunning st • In
&aback; Wbeehng newly Wednesday evening at 10 P.
, Tilint E---DAY PACKET.
Mae 150D149,11 4 , amt. R. J. Om x,witt leave Mit;
Wiest everritturoday porelng ealoe.'e lack: Wheeling
every Thereday.evecmag: al 10 P. Id. — --
. . —..... -------
bius Tb l:.. o 14:Tavyn.}36FgidliNTOSK...16Cinrste".b.10 Weloewilk;ll'ZltteriliTi
every Friday evening silt/P.N. -
_ _...--....--.
The MEEISENOER, Ow. Usifirrst. will leave PHI.
bore, every thunrilay gmornm at al/o'clock; Weeeling
every I , atarday evening al 10 P. N. • -
. ___
- -
The ISAAC NEWTON., Ceps - A- Name, vrtl I
leave PALll,orllk evAl7oday morn* aL 10 o'cleek_
Wlieerug every Siudey cremes et 10 r. W. •
At.i D. 1E47. ;
THEl . hia c his c i k t . I=l= :r all Ihr dlforict
Old wool evatchaase, cot Lsbeni M .4 Irr
tot 194*.vnIF.
/AILS—IWO goll IA oohed Sperm 0,1;
V ISO NaturslCoor do,
IWO I• " ' Whale Oil
1400 • ".• Blookbod do;
MI Toone& Od, .&raito;'•
: 5 bbla Lard Oil,
22 0 Lamed Oil; jam received and for
OIISMILIEIL+OInackO Tenn. Feithersi
. • 1• do Bee. ori
I do Wool:
10 4bl. Lind; polo loodlog from stou
J ethics:deo. aid for .alo by '
11112 '1 DICKFI - & CO. -au, and ref 01.
O IL 111919kle:-.1119 Mils Oil Ale
V,J . 1% 3 cut. IL rtveived aed
P VON BoAratuusi a co
I Na 35 revel Ferrel
• LWOW 'GLAlra—mu br. ezlo - ,
\ 13 .f . US;
48 1031 . 4
,nti For oals by , R F VON BONNOORST&OU
bbl. Ciround, in good order, for oak
orti—no bus.brigb, Yellow Com. io nnre and
kiforsale by lei J C BIDWV.I.I.
INIZED 011 L-24 bele pure, }art reeemed and
for •ale by
``)ALT - L Is ellee y~ r 'd and C, ..1 by
b:, 1i JSO F YERRY, Llbe ty+ dl,vin .
;11111ROTIllt 2/16ED—tribin. in wore ler sate by
I. 163 3NO V
tno Lbs prime elde reo'd oud for rale by
bhls Lou: 1 4111o : just rece7l,,vadaf:crins'o,
ILWIIII N O-73 bbl. Io I Balt. ear sal
F e b
je.3 JO PRY
13y. m73l JOHN .sco rr OD
MAP 14119LICL- 1 real: 3—La d tga;
I J Pl•
101 LAD BOXICO dos assorted
lAbbtater's pnceb fo r go
DAY b. Nu 93 west
91,01EMCGO-224xt, Recker'. Lied,26 Tobsee.
:J. mon and for sille •Ity
Jolt 1 .1 DALZELL. 21 water Ft
pow DMI.-1 , 1 k!gs A - o - ttin's r t i o te k rovoecr;
jul4 Fm ale by J DALZELL
C, H o - byrC &MMrCAYUt.K
WILL= CIDEIL—tWICK garrets for sale air
• k. Me le
I 111.1 r PICAOII.IKIb—kO in&blo alvl,,Facks, for
L.ale by jts WICK &
w igACIEIpILILL-3 0 bbls Law No 3, o t
you's main, jou rate ived sad tor sale b
MILLER& RlenET , ol , 4
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