The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 11, 1847, Image 1

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A L , KxAftuicit utrautni, Commission mad
l'r•rusling bleretaut,bl.Waler and 14 Frotusts,
T WOOD, JONSIII.4I. Co.. Commission' sod
13. I . ..rwanlin .%I.qxbants, biro, - reamed la their old
cand Wnier end Front'streeig, Pttinburgtf. °eel
• - -
7JI WINCIIESTICIL• dealer in all kind* of Ins
-1-a• roned end umr..4 Megan. Spuosh Leaf, and
Le eir0.1•14.1 Lindiman rbssiag ToiAsee,..rpoksale and
e,eel Nn 50. Tb. rd Sireal,Partabraird /en -
)LL nU P.n.. • esated
& It FiITER, Whelesafe and Retell
.1. , In 11Kp1.1., caner o. tibcfT and ti 4 4.11•11 Meets,
In.' A0.15114L.
f )A ItlttilVer Wholedale sad Re
.l3 dent,. in 1 , 00 , 1 of ynpla Dr 7 Gond% Na
4. 51..1krt .1 3 am, 4 oerrni. az74
a , • nr , ad 'herrn.. omer %%cod IYI
.A.i..4Ir;VIC l! ' :::l 4 ll2 6 Pitufginch Manta : U . -
to red So. , le Librapstmel:Pilt&umb oeff7
13 A e,,d W E .KKi UALY & 'ffiSl rrns Wholesale Gnx,..
mt., I^ I.l.urgh.
NDIITII. lIIMA tact & CO. %V hol.ale
eegto oild'Vroader , dedleil, No. =I Market meet. bo
wer. san and "Or. North f 4.. Thibutelphio. • novB
- • •.
GA. McANULTY eA. CO., Forgrartheig
.onniste•noan Memltu rt., Canal Clain, l'Atsb
"ftl."l3° LOOIIISi Anorxr At tosw, 06
id. v.: eutitharld.
. lie.: .hit rre 1.
.. W. Illattionn.
Csinugr Sij"h" .
/101.EHAN, HAMM A a
~ A 4
ntnr.a.'d of e very dn.
and drsluni tinarh
..0.0“,,u..ut.0.y on t 4. t.l w..b....43
Charles Howl. janti
' i 'l.: l nn it. , l;i l N 4t lN ?l /.1 . 114A n" 11 4 UlNgilling,: t e
ho_ m..
r..ts, l'unninisson inn! o
deal., in Prink., snd .. Pittsburgh , 10000, No
111 1,6,...nt •1.1 . “1-1,
a NICISON &(ineeesoors to'li.
‘Vliolemle Gratis, Conansia•lon
nd Poro anion: airolionia.iloalera in Product and
Ptudiurgla Nlnattaolvturrs. Sixth atfrot;tieticaeo Wood
and 'iv.
AV EA t: Iniporier and arliolciode . and pull
y and tits* Variety Goods, awl of
('raid.ll, :gadget street, near Utterly, 21.-
burgh. goal
VIc.AL ICII. Dealer in 1' none and Family
L.• He r, 4.; Li%Any at, next dem la cav
iler oi en
Jo n+ . J. Ilarrlaon BewrlL
lltal.ol* Attorney* at Law,
IJ Intitt, on ratabGettl, betwera 3d and Ith.ats.
_ _
D i) 11,4 AZIG TON, W Wales Urocer.
J'A vac •010 gar. 0.0 noud, *mond door (roar Lir
ants. I A
_{.l, • . sous amuse.
EWALT, & 1116.1311 ART. Wholesale Oro-
re is, al •ni.-1-• proalure and Possbergh manufac
ture.. corner of I.owrty and Hanoi sua., Plusbank, ra
latent scrs.r.
1171liGLISI1 S 'SENNETT, (late &Wilda OM
r.4 tllngranielDrorers,CarßmaSpn and
Memlnoin, and Dealers In Prodgee and
l'ittelwrg Alunlgo , u..turcs, 10. 37 'Mood attoa,
5er0...1 mad Mot net/
Cif LL A W ♦ AlalfallOtlTs Attorneys at Laor,
Suitor tensored• dor. rasto4Osasasltest.
Foutth 10 Itaktprell• Old Ort•se. "•pddlso
. _ .
ROIL Atli) ic r JLILLTZW ELDER., All.,
I. or,- lar. hove removed their office to the milli
otitlr tot 'mot, betoreelt Cherry Alley and(lrma
Street. dna(
Criel..l ti,a. 'they. , Oanaot Woad.
01111.EX13. 11.11ILY £ Cu.e Wholesiela . Um , rt,
.11,117o.uum , uT, Merchant*, and ASc las or Brighton
rqtto.t Va,ar, Nols7 Wnict Ina He
f be '
"1 4 , EL ME. nano Fotut Manufacturer and dual
1 r Mu.tcul imarnlnseuta, Mt Wpodatreet,near
roltxrro. lOW. 4. VOMIllt.
I, , ORNYTII 4, Co, C. 444011144 and Fur..rding
F N. , au Water st.;Plsbargh. =yl4
1211.ANCIS SELLE3,OI, . Grocer, Commiuioo
Slerebant sad dealer so Croduce, , ftrd.usts,
kr, &1., No 17 Liberty at, oeit Canal Halal, Pittsburgh,
N. it. OuLual, Vaal, Manilla Rope, 4e, lirayso
1.; it. EATON. Dealer in cito,., Ip.iery, and
FalIC) ample Trinssutags, (13 /itnrket strnnii
Uf.11:1110.11,11. WATIMXIS" vizir 1..
(MGM. AO ROAN & pa., wbot.ait Oro
and lkanutifiliOU Merchant; ICS WOOdst
gl rgal
190. A. 1.11911.99. Y Wesleak Grocer and Coe.
Merchant, and Dealer he Prodoce and
Pao. , argh hloodernaree Ajo 11 Wood It. l'oteborgh.
W Smith.M• U. Urown.
£O. W. SMITII h CqM firmer., Mainers,
G linos; Pinsi+Kinaa PoinVUrew
er,e4, Penn and Vitt Wert. • jowl
ir EOILUIG COCITBAN, Caet2.1121.13 aid kat
rrhllnt, No. BAY al area, Piusbzugh.
• Saud. C. LIM. treo. tr. IStowne
BILOWPiIar laiheeeworri w llaldrhi
11 Ltrowne,l lorporteri and oranufailarers or Wail
Piper and treunral Paper Warehouse, rso. 87 Wood
sheer. Pittsburgh.
A nrc l ito ß°C w, n rtZe A e V agi 'a'u ', r* ltt:b e ltarg
irS i tatTetu a rr a t.gffit;j l.4l2 iftZ l Z /fte.
ett tlel O'Hara .4.. litillagre. feblS
lelat•it Meg., ImollitaT, 35.
ISAIAH DICICRY ), Co, 04'60(0,41 Goacep,
C..lamoooo 7.lerclatuts anidealers 0114000011, Noe
Wecer 00.1 107 Front .recto 1.110400gh.
lOSEPti liNUi, A ttorney at Law, Vinid.dgh.
Pa., has rclumwd the pradnFC of hill prolasion
hill 11610 e. :Yu 7, !tat c Itulldine., Grant ttreet.oe
uwia..4 absai, hr T. J. Ilighin and /.
Chn•lid, Itdd/a.IIV
1011 M V. 3101WAIS, Wholesale Druggist, 8,4
d • dealer to 'Dye Stuff., Paints, Oda, Vl Was,&.
No Oil Wood street, uno door .sota6 of Diamond Alley,
_ janl
TAMEN Klatit, la. & Co. isoceessoos to Joseph
a/ 6. Dav is) Ship Chowltem :14 Water aL arM
" •
1011 N 11. DIEL LOll, Wltotesaloandltetsil &tal
e/ er in hlusteanil !loaned Instruments, *boot Rook
Pap e., Steel Pens. Quills, hinters' Cards, and
Histinitrry genervilly, , No. nt Wood rinsbdrgli. •
rr-Itne. bought or taken in tilde.
• 1 SC110031111.111,11:111. is CO. whole/rade Crud..
N 0.21 Wood .1. Iliusborgb. • sepls
JOSKPII JOUDAN h. EON, Cararnhnion and
Cot-warding NrrcS,n Nob Libeny sr, (oppoli
11.1..146/,,rum-on,• lann
. ,
. .
1011.‘ L. OA LLATlfis A uoiam- at Law. Udine
al AIM el, tetiveni Grant and noinhatld, soath side,
Panelling', Va. trill alw annul pmeaptly labium. ,
ntlie adatipinr, partly_
_____ _
- 1011 N Lli.lsA VIS, AUC7IONLTE, Soma Fla
J and Waist streets. l'inslairch . oe6
Willa C. CIIDW ELL, Agent, Wholesale Or
err anil Culanorsiou Stereloint, Wraer caret, tad
door armee the itasincaliela Hodge. l'insbitrith.
Li— Iron, Nail, tilam, am. at manufacturer,' privet.
. .
STOCKTON, klookoollori
Ittimera and I•+per Inandatlatera, No. 44 bloat
TL. ILEA D'S Book Sere,ltb, gear btaritct o.
J .Historical, School. Missel-
Mtql...dt. Hooka and Summery. apll6 ' •
M I.I.OEILTON it CO., 'Rinker. and Kr.
.J eh r.
.g 11
a, u S rraer of Wood and Third attnatat
Ott-n.6.1'5 noun Cal4lga Pittatiargh, Pa.
RTCarreacy purch a sed or the SIMII rates. nail
yOIIN Khoksale Grocer, denier in Pro.
J. Mum, P,ilshur,l, manufacture., Tin Plain, a.. Pty
1.:1!•11.1 Lihrety .t Pimdmiele
John Floyd. Rmhard
It. FLO): 0, limn J. Floyd k Co.] Wholtsille
. Grooms. No net Lelmny wen. sops
TAXES DALZELL, WholessloGrocer,Lbamisis
elun Merchant, and dea erml'mdace and Pituburgh
manufacia,,a, tV awr gt. husband. *all
24. WATIr.RNIAN. Urocit, For-
XJ. .ardlna ••..1 ibtainitdon 111erchint,'Deal. is
l'Ai.l.uqb !Harm:m..lre. awl Produce, Nut. 31 Watei
04 .2 Front St. 427
r NW'S UUTCUISON 43 Co., %Maintain
oh-acct., and Connatsion.littetchautt,
and analera m l'citburch Manufacture., . lc., Na.
Wale,. and at f rnai aV. aadi
henry Lai aont. 'AAA Dlopae.
ADIBERT & Wholcoaloti mem,
• roTwanDnd Comatssion Nertkosao,lDeolors
a r miners ad rat
C a oolorgl. alaaufootores, No. 13 and
John 111 , 111. Y. li. Bashfield. Jas. D. 31'6111
A 'GILLS & 13131111 FIELD, Grocers and Coca
in Metebants, No 11/4 Lawny street,
Lomb. • jowl IT
M Miro Alex. N 'muck. w.. K Niadok
ar ALLEM .n Co., Conunitrion and Forward°.
Mornhant, Wow.. and From ots,between Wood
111.121TXR. &Co, Wholesale Grocers
No. I te loberly rt.
Ira. sauna.
MtLKII er ILICKILTSON, Wholesale Gro•
n and CfllllT.Si. Merchant*, N 0179 LihenY
ono, Pownnah. P. lonia
MecOILD & KING, wholesale and read Eat
gold Cap monoi"artarera. and denim In Fanny
Funk rotator of %% ”odand WO. Jan 11
Wholesale 4 mem, Dealer ln
4:147 , 144 . 7 t 0 . aad . r.11. and Forwarding and
1.11..• ny and 2 - 4 Wino! strms,
NIIOLDIES NON, Na Market street, ato
ll ond door (non room of VOank•
rnAnd Dome,qc Mlle of Eseitange, Certificates of
Deo•tl. (lank Nov, and t.pe6...
made an ea sAg principal cilia Mash'
0. , 110 Mi.( Sta. doel7
Mun.pity, wil.soMl &. CO., Wholesale. Drp
ti..ds Dad" ~ b Wood assets, ihsahoszh
R — W — Coii . d - si ire a' Clebettson. C (Arent
DOINDEXTI2II & Ca, Wholesale, WIWI.
u.d Comas tssson end Forwarding Mesebants, NO4I
RrtawkiNs. A.. .. .."ft Law.lirlikOst,
n. lukoverll", urarly opienUe
Jr% ets and COlllOllll.lll merchant., No 109 Second st,
ritteharch. : Seple
ICIIAND T. I,ENCIL. Jr,. fawner 'and
laaalrr m relearn and Dornowe Saddlega Hard
...m.2nd Carnage Tloaloinga, a( all elm/vcua; No
447 .Itrrtl'lmburicit. apt/
11:ixcer. j r._
D BRUCE & C ha
11. con Sferebn °' 11.—A"1.,* Gr . ' " 0,.. 0 , 1".".
I!..i_rb.tirgh. 3.lon.aancru.M.,tatllet`ri. r" . ''P-4 - c , ...d .
k,!!...lelstArgl!, ra: v". °Pl..i. 886111-
R i Ti i -V. ", I'D''' . idw." -- ; -- " --4 :1 11.
'ads. Tan rk, rs owl CJirtfe 4. 4:7 7*" .-"*r
{urn ood .i, nu ',burst.. ''''''''''''''"'"' °41312:
.. 400,
.........,,, • . ....
. . . .
. . .
• ' ' .
•. . .
' ' • , .
• • • .
. .
.• , .
' . *• . -•.. ,
..... _
1 ........—. • .... . _ . ,
.. . . .... . .
. .
. .. •
', • •
•.• , .
.-........ . ~._
- a
- lIS - ~ . . ~. —. • ..,.....,
.t. ,• :T. i. . . ..,
' ..
. 1 .. ...''. -- ''.':,l .'. .1. -f . ... . . . .. .. •
p ...
. •. .
_ .. .
... ... ... ..... .
. ,
:. .• ~. . • -•-••., . : ..•. --.. .. :-.-.. i ,•-.• J .--,7•2..,•••.77.----,,,,,,,-,„,,....„7,„„,„„,,....,
\.• _ _
. , ...
.. .
. _
. • . • ............__..__,
_ .. ~.......,.... ,
. . , • .
. ,
. • •
• _..4_ ......„......„.....„.,..„„.„.„,,,,,,,,„. .
.. • .....,................ .
RouizaT DiLLZELL d. Co, WOoluole Sloe
Costruiscon and Forwarding Merchant*, dea
ler. in Produce and Pitubargh Manufacture., Libeny
Pau Pa. 2431
1110•16011. IL/INCL. a. IlOUI•OII.
Co., Wholesale Grocers, Pro
. dace until Commission slc reboots, end Dealer* in
Pitobargb Manufacture., No. IPO Liberty str e et, Prie
be . Pa. • • innlo
DOBEWT 11100a$. Ilfhalcssle Grocer, Rectify
ing Distiller, dealer in Pnalnee, rinshargh Memn
factitnes,amil all kinds of Foreign and Domestic
anl Liquors, N• II Liberty street, PitolnitgLi
Ur N. D. On hand a serf late" stork or sanction
Old blooonnhela Illtialter, which arill l.e .old losefor
cash.. marl).
L. O. Exeyoadds.
R 34730141! 811EE s Forwarding and . Coo
, miasma himenvort, for the Allegheny Riser node,
dealers i• Groceries. Itroduct, Pittsburgh NI anufartares
and Chloride of Lime.
Tbe bighest prices, In eash. paid at all times for
Cothory Rags Comer of Penn and Irwin wen
LI 17 Shacklett Them IY-White.
ell /WILLETT & WHITE, Wholesale Dea
l., lets in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, No 99
Wood meet, Pillanugh •
SA HAREM:IOII, t, Wool Merchan deal.
era I n Flour and Prod hee genemlly and Forward
rl and 001{11916.104 Merchants, No MI IVood,ecrcei,
ittabare, •
SMIIVE.I• PALMER, Anoicity at Low. Office
In Breed% !madam, No It Evanh *met. betwren
Wood and Smithfield, - • nov3d3A•le
IS T c 4 i Ent A N nA ß S t fre E tZi:YiTi r :regr;n i t " .lr n r
prcised )it lee . No 17 'oilk la Lemma Wood
and lilarkv l'inaborgh. Ca. °eat
I.3.4)rocery ..orwarding and COGIMi.IOII Merchant.,
Lteak-r• In P.n.tuargh Manua...tares and Western Pro.
duct, have removed to thew new wrtrehooae, (old nand)
No 35, GUM, of Prom at and Chancery Lane. n
SANCVEL M. /IEI4 Forwarthng and Commas
Dl *ion Merchant Dealer in Salt Produce and ins
numb =natio:lured article., Canal' Dario , (leaf 7th Id.
dxr. .
dI• . IVICKKIISUAII. Mater in :add., FLOW
q t . ! . Fruit Traea, and Agneultu In,renier et iZo
I q.l ”00 , 1 Kreet Fmehanah.
• VASSICY & BElST—Wholcsale Grrnein k
COrnenrintion Merchants, rind deniers in Prod.,
7, 023, Wood street. Pittsburgh.
ICEININEDY,Jr.,I"Ang Gluu Alanufaetu
1. net, and Dealer in Clock., Comb., and Variety
Goods.eazner of Wood•nd Vannh+nrects )19
T P 1 , o . •116. R J Forsyth.
rrP. FORBYTiI &Co, Commission Merchants.
.dealers In Coil, Lumber, Groceries, Produce - and
Pittsburgh Manufactures, Canal Basin, Liberty street,
Pittihmh fehlh
sous ID. WICK. naran nor CLIIDLILS•
lATICH &lIIVANDLESS, Itheresoors to Lk
.111 J D Wick) Wholesale Grocers. Forwarding'and
C 00.64114011 Merchants. dealers in iron, GM,
astral rants and Plit.burgh hlanalliature. generaily,
comerid Wood and Water ins, Pittsburgh. mehls
WII.IIIVIIPIIV ;ov to the laews to call and
...egamime his mocha Frkneh Worked Collars.
some as lot as ati cents. mehl3
QUEER, Wholemle Grocer.Formarthug and
CV a CoMmission Merelmnh and Dealer m Product.
and Pittatiargh Manufac canter of Water and
matthfield at.. Pumburab. tures,
Pa. ' ti In
W& WOLFF, I lidoners add
lir V Wholesale Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery Soil.
VinrY, &e,eorner Liberty and St. Clair streets, Cutlery,
llookbander, has removed to the
V rooter or Wood and, Above C. H. Kay,
arliere . he is ptr-pared to do evety desenpoon of Ruling
and Binding. ma!
WMN WALLACY.:, Mill •101 c and nelll furnish.
. Mg establishment, h 0.7.14 Liberty stet, neni the
anal. near
WXL /111 - ITCHIXIsTRIGE • Wholesale Grev
.1 AO •
ecru, Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Loom
rgh. nts, No. 100 Lilacs) towel, (opposite Sixtb 4,)
O. th ROMINSON, Attorney at Law, has
a a removed his o ffi ce to 111, Evehange
*Clair •Itett, next door to Aldetman Johns.
V rn. wurutAitn, Daalcr in Fancy agn — Trcruple
• Dry Goods, Noy Market meet, Pntabuttla
Mu= Ole burnt
t thanes) Wholesale rintocers. are now located at
lit Wood at, wham they offer Russia a lame &slot I
ntent orGroeenee and Piiutburgh Manufacturea. at low
prtres and Ort favorable tertna ontyln
A/ Si l verlLN, Dealer to leweiry
Y Y .Ware, !glittery Goods, ere, No 57 Mar.
eel street. nor.
vvitritv, wholesale and retnildenlei in
V Foreign and Dornestsc Ury Goods, north ens, nor
nerothlarketand Fourth am ! aural
I A7M. F. IIIt.WIN, Jr.. bre ng ~pitrehesed Jar
V Drug or of Edgar Thorn, corner of Penn and
.land meets, swill seep a constant supply of the best
ntedicinee, perfumery.&e.
Fitylnaten`s preseripttnns rerceully compounded.—
Methelnes can be bad at kii nouns of the n, ht.
A 1.1 WallinACopt. John Sincrt.
TALLINU FORT & Co., Conan.•-ion And i or
V ard/ax Alerthao., Second, 1,2/ 1V(41/i
Vittsburch, Pa.
Wi• DAILLINGTOiIII• Attorney at Law
Patsburgh, Pa, • oanmisauttner to take the t
trurerledgment and pro of Iteedrt, (.ease., Conract..
Itepoatuona, or any °the- onion! (under seal or not.t
Ise used or recorded In the IF.tate of Ohio. Office on
third alreet t abover , tan Laid. .
'VV.FilltstrVi ll %re! A ZAW A . wren
and other m!:tended to with punrmalily
klasell• & :fent. Wm Cronhan.
H A Fahmemor k Co, John Ifrrron,
Graf, Liodaay &Co, John Wlnght, Esq . ,
James McCully, Eap, Maj. illtam Larnot.
No. 114 Liberiy and 53 Diamond aiky,
Minket, Dada, in Bandsman, Hank Mini and. Coin
Corner of Thinl and Wocninacco,
I Swam m Lennie 4. Inflow:LI
00-of6oe Nord! sole of Foonh et, above Southfield -44
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, CINCINNATI.
01110. Collections in Souihetn Ohio and in Inibatte
and in Kentucky, promptly and carefully attended to.
REFER. TO—llan. Richard Biddle. %Vo gell & Son.
C ants, Wm MlKnight,Crturch &Carothers, Wm flare.
Eau. Same. P. Foam Willock & Dame. /rtti_
Oliver Blackburn itteurav Jour,
I TsorLSALPi ttsburgh
s A a la n n d
u G a i u t erresd Oi float
un hand at all bow a tail and general •ssortinelo ot
goods In their line, Water street, near Cherry Alley,
Pitishatrab.. Aida
FOR TOll 07
Montag Wren the Warehouse formerly occupied op
M. U. Ithey & Co.
Witer. Street. near Evan , . Steam 211111,
Will keep on hand *full supply or all ewes or bier
Iron and Heads, Flue and Itirettled Iron; made from
llWbalastatient Swionn which will he sold at the lowest
market rates. Engine Bonder. and others, are Invited
o tall and examine hi. stork. Orders promptly rat•
c toted to. ; .
j 01124 n TOMMASIEND s Milgrim and Apothe•
•al earl, No 4,5 Market st, three door. above ?turd
Potsbargh.artill lume constantly an hand a well select
ed astromment of the best and freshest Stedirislee.mbteb
he wilt left an the meet rearonabie terms. Pbysteives
trendine olden will be promptly attended in, and eop•
plied with aniele. they may rely upon a. genui n e.
~,V ei l p l gp am eianer n% aLe:rately and
tr, any 10. tul
the day or ntaht. • tl•" ,
Also for Bale, a large etc, k of fresh maligned Perris
Ww. Vlf Nt ILSO _Watch maker Jeweller,
• corner eth and Market sal. A large and well
detected mock of enterer, Jewelry, : , ilre• ware and
Pittnary Goals. Alway• on band and at regular a.-
tern pieces, VOW Ilateot Lever, fall Jewelled "ratchet,
as low as 1140, : 4 1Iver do watehes,l4 low a. slo.
Genume Cooper, fobia•,Johtpon.d other approved
makeof watches may Le had at a anal satlvnn , e and
ETTine witch work done in the very Vert manner.
P. hlobvstiv. .1•14 x. K I Maar-
MULVANV & LEDI.II.: inanonteture and Irkim eon
stantiy on Yam/ Cot, Moulded and OAST Fbni
Glassware, in all Ite rosettes, 01 their NVoretamie cor
ner of Harken and Water - Streets, Pittsburgh.
, Out'llVatlts continue ingfiell
w °heroism and we sir
coact. ly adding to our 51021. hich enablit. us to WI
order. with promptnerec Porehwers /11C re.pectioby
solicited to tall and examine prices and terms.
orac. 3d Si, opposite 81. Charlet. Hotel,
ILI. a No attend promptly to Col Iretme., In SY ash
II V incton, Fayette •ndlireen Coantiet,
Rout m
Illackatock, Bell &Co
Church & Lasothers Potatarett
D. T. hlorgen 1 0e13.11y
j. 1011211.
. -
MJINVFACTL: &EH of Tltutiopprr, and Nhect Iran
. Want, And dealer !Intestine and Japanned
Warn, No 17 Ala.:tat street. The subrerober Ferrer,
tally cells the auction at the .ttiertern Aletchama
c or ouy dealeca•nd others. to hot tat autek of mnn
s factored Ti. and .Copps' nrnne. oroh er a
large n....5t
mod of inputted See. Furnishing Barden',
Wholesale buyers and Ibe pobbe generally, n re mei
I=l4 tn
0 eOll. ad
. L
.080; W. SWITII
PIA n 1101' ItFALF:Ra
enra, nether. Altal , y anJ Penn St_ nll.l (Juli of 1... :4:
• • Pittsburgh. P..
N 7l3 AN inT l ah C
& EE nn F t o-A S TARCH,
WAR 2 AP. -413 .1.4, if tun ruprcior. to any made
same *honed 1 , 01... and which thcy wJI dirpow
of at low Purrs sad on soca Tering.
tyr Braver Pa
11.. " 3.5* X. foW1.411•
R. P. it 11:2171CLiONF A lAA
INANUFACTURERs or II lammed B%w/elf and
in Spada., Ilona, Nay and ?Innate Pork, A. , he.
Warrban., No I..n.hor a b marli
Na F... 1 tact , no. Wood
fl 7 All qualnier of lit.. and look T,r. ,
dm. apin quarlrf, ball: And oar mood k ay. ran
(lag Inala:al pArpoluAli•ll.6o A nar
A. M. W3l.dlgtord. Jna F Singer.
11 I
I . : AV V II A R tV N
TAKEtiGing..S Second racrl, near Woad, nod
V V Canal Ua.rn. Liberry,•on !mad and :or
sale 100,000 lb. An-Cried : 4 :eel vin
Naylor Clinier and Geranui
Jones &Quin, Am Milder Spr,ng and Fork
:Vadat 2...borets, Spade. nod Isorls;
• •
Carratg. 'lam , . and Axle.;
AIiVII, Onou.Aolel V.0.r,, (parent mud roanor,)
Sledges, Sirelae Meald..Crovenar.;
emu. Irma.'
Alimoek a, Clay and Cool Pia la.
A sr.... , k , ythe, ra, 01411 A r.. Ara
fCrealentatider Sekt
l'ire Yn,of Safes, I 13,
and other l'aa.burg4 Mataauctu,s .01,1 at Ifir Imar,
Kerr, fell,
C II ilaucellovvrT, J Itranlalu Sank.
Ne. hi South Wharves- and No 117 Water at
DEG to In the trade and
generally of
1.3 Pittsburgh, they hay., made Koch arrangements
With the Virginia tnanufacturrra and the Grower. of
the We, 11 est Indies, and other placer , ar will I.llf t•
a large hod constant supply or dm Colhrwing de wilt,-
turna of Tolsoceu Mlo 1, .ill hr..vll tmon n amlom
...Wing tennis. any other house in thatcoy or els,
where, and ell goods ordered tutor them will I.e war
ranted equal to repre,oltulam:—
I lavana, St. Waring., Conn.,
1 . 21,1; Porto Rico; ,I dLeif To
CON,; lquo., and Mosul. bare°,
I.SO-11rancli's celebrated AMULILIC Slag Caven
dish, with a large assortment of other popular brand.,
pod qualtnes of pounda.s. I. Its and 11ht Lump,
Gv 00 and In. l'iug; Two; Vll,lll/4
o,' oreekt and plata, 0, whole and hull lames, wood
sod tin, together with every voroty or article belong
ing to the trade. _
I.h.ustax, C tV Annan.,
lane of Pittsburgh, PA. 1.-ate of Nadiville, Tenn,
EIERIEIi & ANDEILSON. Ikalen , to Volum
Forwarding and 1201{11111.0 , 1011 Ale:omm, No
Front 'lltrect, above Itruarlway,Ctor omen, t Ono.
Itzr. TO
M Allen &
Bagaley & Smth, Potthos
Writ. Bingham. •
Seny & Shepherd,
Man.] & MeA toner, Na.• 11,11,.. Term.
Yeatutan & Arinoerad
r Latte Co., NY•
• •
PN.l‘", C.,,Not,a, 0
Jumex Juloroon .2 Co.
Newell. Henn a. Co., New Orlcanc
Ikt•ggreKgor Blorri,, New lurk.
Duvall keighter A. Co.. Lt.tli,e,kurt.
Fini.h.llngatcy h Nladviplim.
_ Daniel Deshon, Uocon banll
J . W. Leawlcb. W. C. %Vil•on
J. G. W. LEFTWICH & Co.,
- . .
And Commission Merchants,
D ARTICULAR WIC 1111011 itat.l to coottomcnt, of
1 :Sugar Alai, Enpors, or mite, artieFee for Opelousas
and Attakarta..
REFER Tlt—Met.sre e.ttellie4tlA.l.lsltilow, MI Iha.
rOns Lairteriek; Net. Odour,
t,l l , l : h ot t s m rL , HL , il .. .t in l7 , e k r, N N „ ll. 4,, N . Lin :
i f:; , l ; za u r , z . :„ Robeel
lirvun, T ugs A Co ; C”ir ra..
Messrs. Ilyncs Cratvicad, Nlesor.. UWII(6 A
Hon. Zeno, Lnimuve, Hun John Dutton;
LIBER I. e w suivoner.a ma, on rarr.rt of von..
ongusurnta. nog. sbutpaig to our &adzes, avtll be
,a in thret ,: fourths vulne to advance in CAE, by appl)
into our friends,
Mesa.. Walltn,funl & Taylor. Pauburgl,.
Moor.. 'lll . os. & Co . 0100
lay 3, 1t.45 rou}27-tf
N. H. All proJur, a. a. insand when
413 the ararollutue Wall.ngford 3, 'Fay., rat. , l,or,h,
or ,n our mote to Ithiludelplou. C. 11. & n.
••- • •
IMP , /UTERI. , OF AN I, W 110I.Es:A lA.: DEALER: ,
No. IS Wood Street. -
F , ..1 !cry, n-turh ha' olg brcn purclaa.n Ibe
mo. ndrantagron% EllOl.lllll. and rret irdue
the , Innufnetorcro ni dos country, ennb!es thrrn
frr and, on tertna iturpa•Zl by .our and egunllnd Cy
few l' nrn rnpre,(ully invned la enil.
M: tvi
GfEolttilti COC , I I ItAN,
No `hi Moo, Stamm, 1 . 111,111 . N.1,
GONT I Nl'Es In transact a general Commis, 1011
Human., especially in the purchase and sale
of Atorrican Alauulattu-e, and Produce. and in
receiving and forwarding (info. consigned to his
tare. As Agent for the Manillacturcro. be will be
constantly supplied with the principal .110.1 of
Pittsburgh Manufacture at the leweat wholesale.
toter% Orders and co: rignnicht, arc re...poi:tinily
It I , eutlivAy I. I e.0.i.0.0n
o, 1`.,QQ10,•••,‘ t' , Qt waromn
1 Meretautt, and Prouut... •
WWI. In Inv
Pur..ltwc. Sale 4,1 Snopment Q.l P.g 1 en. Con I.
Atwoott Jane & C. & Co & ll..nry
tiraff,Eider, a Co
Lyon Shofir & Co
401.11!: I. 1•1,11.1[1.
IL.:11[ 01 11. (mu of .11..1. N
Who'<vole Grocer. C 00111.1•10.1 & Flour
nIiALER. all Pr...ire.
per, Tin, T.:, PM'. row, Z
Ro.na4 shrei Irott
Dyr, SouliCotton Yarn. S. and 1 , ,,, , urgt,
ALEXANDER .I.EVY & lllttki.
OFFF:It to .ell al caller r.tahi:•tmnl, ull Laub, of
Merchalaliva• Me loarem ol l'onant , a4m. and
rr. alway• prepared to oral, vacree, The la..t of
refemnee. gotta, reomi,d. Len," mliltea.r,l to
eithar !loua. w,ll be promptly all.-tale.l to, j,!PLIIy
%VATEII +'r. 1'111:APS11,1
Drool Frost, Itt 0..
Advance+ modeon gnownot Sooifor:ory rel.
error. io Ow, cowo
1., 111:1.1
:41116. W. 11.. r • 'molt..
And Hanufartu of Linseed Oil,
No. .20 Colarnbia Strrei.
(0 -- cmcn PAID /OR rt.•.E......a)
Second Street, near . Wood.
DEALERS rovennen Momulat go, and
dattlwage—o di keep c• ,y a
of . lome , and
len, for prong *ales, wool.. vscce I.lack.uadis'
fledges. ac.. ete
MALCuI.III LEECH. JurY.wll x. 1.1.1.(
T TE m I.E.ECIth CO , holes/11r (intro,. t 'ton
1.4 A nottOon OttJ Flour Mon:ho r• tet rO! loot,
Country Pt odurr, Copitor, Tot, To Poor., Tomer:
Irtot Told S:IJI4, zoo Lona Die Stud,
Itu•Ata skert 1,.,.,. Loud, Cotton 1 at ott, ,1:1 . :411,1
l'i•OtlAurgh Alonulacturr 4 (r'e'ally: No• Olt owl 94
I.4ltrrty torrett,ottedoot n.....• Ott otottl Wtritl stet- et,
I.oterol ad. moor, ra.l. or g0n414. ovule on rote
'.(' , memo of pooh:cr. he , So. melt lit
for Om pal.. or r.o grocralty,
lii Divant.:•;rl;ltli. cut
It• lolldie t I 4.erDslw• W. ADD]
No. VI W.lcr N eeeee -
ST 1.0(7153 - 311,
IR:•e prriticulAr .mllllOll to the rvlllng l'rt
du re , and to il: fur purch. , og
To•-1;,•orze Morg..4. r. 1,, I . a.
1.1”.111'1:11:Inu,h J
CananiJah.a and Forwarding Merchants,
NOS. 93 & 95 YT.
, 13n`271v• 110 W lAIt•
TERM. J. (JANSON. & Co -
, Non. El and 9 Light St.,
LIALTIZIOILX. advancrs wdl I,r mad*, nn row igun,rni to
1,.. Above Adam, by
/T 2 ,. I Y & 51,KNIG HT. SiAlh
PRonurt: At SIEReIIANDISE 116(61:5,
.09 Oltter. No 56 Woo, S 4 treet, l'ot.toorlt
Pitt•burgh. Pa
l• LIU.) WORKS.—Tho undersigned have
completed their new works, hinged no the bank 01
the river alone the Aqueduct, in Allegheny City,
opptottle bin the nimiulaciure ill a Sups.
Ow quality 01 white lead. both dry and pound in
nil; also. rml lead and litherage. Having avadrd
thorn-elves of nll the ter.' onpro..ittentt in Or
novitibirturo, and rrrrie,lti. huoilingv i.n a very
extenstre scale. sod wllh rap will , to make lead in
large quantilies, they will he able to snip!) , orders
In ahnosi 'my extent:. at
lAI,Porr. Pam rn hlatcr. Allr e llclty City' 'hi Mal.
1,., Ihe nrwr•l Patterns Mr SIAIV•11 on hnort either
ererninr oron. ll.lll,ires tog col nll other pattern. noade
O AO lLR—Kegolimpr .11,
I , du N. FFF I C , rirrmdSperm 111.
[l.O Illmlehml Wemer WIITIr
tr MIN Lard osl.rri trr . d mir I.r
myl9 1111:ki;I'MIN
(CI (TEAM ritKEZF:Its-• 11.1 rrt d. a la c e avAo r s.
Iwe'd of lolar.on'o rrctllcra Patern lee l:rr.ain
err, rateable tot Ilale:e.:3learaloadis and ',Neale faun
ae..* .
'my? Na 171neeket %t:"
c.t.. A l• A HU /toad splendid ,
suitaastortent of Furnnuic,
ble ''''
itable m for Ste.smboats,
Hotels, and prorate Drerl.
Ro c s, eonstankly on hand and made trio:der.
The present.lot k on hand cannot be excelled hp .T
roanufactory In We western country. Pcnoons
to parchare would do well by givo.g me a roll. as I am
do:enrolled ray prices shall please. Part: of the, frock
consists irt.
Ssrotuf,trith Flush and Ilair-cloth covers;
2.luz Mahogany Nurto. Limns,
14 pate Deana; .
Cl dot line mahogany Chair.:
10 mahogany Work ;bands,
3 (107 mahogany Rocking linos;
If mashie top Dregotng llurrate.t
pair Ottomans; •
I marble lop Work. Stands;
1- cherry /yuck rttandt
Mahogany, Moyle, Cherry and Poplar Iltdsteads of
of tit...umbel.; and u large asoartiaent of Common
Furniture and Charm... numerous to mention.
C of Wood •isd dls
21a, ,
H A , V . ..llizi i thd n r n attr h t.fft; , ..tpc
itf.l.l4LT of Walker lt
VP, I ink..
plranum in nnotinuctug to soy frretula nt the city and
country, that I Lave opened my new Core at Mr above
nmed place. !laving poreliased my good. fur rash,
an a d made arrangements with ma nal...tern iu this
country and in F:oropc hd constantly supplied, I am
fully,prenared . turnt:,ll ard ware of all fond, au as
good let.+ and u. low on any bon, Ea.t or Wert.—
Merchants and others ore respectfully invsted to cat
11111 i crumille my stock, before purehasin4 elsewhere.
Ti,, following rompriN, apart of TO stock.
Steamboat and Saddlery Hardware, Galt Truatinines
rtles Na, he steal, Codery. Edge Tow.. -Anvil, Vi
ces, backs. Latrhe, Sickle, Scythes, full. Mogen.,
Serewn, IJount Factory Claner.Saws Mullogranv boards
and veneers. and all other articles co.inected with the
Hardware hu•iness meta lif
_ .
RN TUX t: •,
att in.rota opposit:on to this invert:
hall of a l'uttiliorKh Mechanic, a ma•
meaty of the Cabinet makers el dna
and Allegheny city. mid their ninnet
u , imoinniterii have rhowntherriselscs
above the vulgar plemilive rig:ann hams uml
they give Giirrai , da , erel . erreeei"itaP , Y
her it doer," 11. hrtug 11... Ce.t stiongur, and marl
eunrenieni Ituiliiitead us.: the following teminuanial
iiii e hks for
c. the sulocrilierii practical caliiiirt makers of0i:
Pittsburgh arid Allegheny, Pm., do hereby cr.
my that we hare IwughL the right to manufacture bed.
rtrad• wathr:aytam'ii ode nnside'r
the nine superior to any la,•tiltingii wa nt a loch we are
J.rrn , r.... Jolp M`Greve
T aloung & Cr) lloLcit Enirtnan
J II Malley /ono, 11 Ilan.
John I..nnot• Jr. Jar. Lists.r) &, ;on
Lovrrpe & a11..n 11:ddle & Pl.:mato
David Luker Ramsey A Art:holland
Hugh Wallace Muses Itollurk
David lmkey
For Fllal.ts to 'crake nod sell the move Bedsteads
apply td
decll EDEN relF FR GAZZAIkI,
'1..1 solisenbere having di timed o patent. May I G
tr 113.1 rd rigs. flock Nlnchittc, mid haying since then
thorn Kitty 1,1,1 hi abildy, ate uow prepared to sell
rigid. and contract tti deliy, machine* to airy pan of
the t 01,1 Suttee The machine is deigned 10 make
llnck ton mole elny, nod will make IMMO good
sera.. rot per da);stdricieutly bard to stack rip
.n the 0,11. thee avoiding llar expellee and labor U/ pre•
print , clot dry .00 add hatidllog Luck niter
ing 116014011 It ieeimple. nrong.i n Wane 1.1 iced,.
pe at
epair, and eonstracted LI. it can be Llaell to
piece. and put tu,ihergreat farility,ihus render
ing it. iolkable. We orr htiiw buildingmac,hines. and
lallitirl4.htl!ern on .hoot armee Fur a lull deveripbon
we w 4,1 reter to n nmehme now in sureessfal opera.
lon .1 Alin creek bottom. near Ihr West end ol Eighth
strt 1. ddiere we shall be happy :o rridarit everything
connected wok tt to all who may tall We bare at
pre eent ha a ailterized Agent All I,te a moor odd re a l
will be promp tly ....tided to
I.111:11 COON, k Co.
InotAvnic vllll
XTI SI Ii FL I icoe.l ace uP.p.ored dacoir the pan
,i two., eOl. ny iron inuo.daelories.a
rower,. throughout mienor 0 1 I
Penn, I Innia. will 1. , fur delivery on the operittig
el Na v bon The rawer.: on hich r di/rabbit(
nod •opeiirionly depend-, it leered If raper: rocul mo
ner., litought dont 01a/11:did, ivbere dircovel
abolc.--, he io•.lile matter, wait whirls it to oohed.
dt eirerully ',park ir4 They will be thoroughly
burried amt cortipbeti, r , :e-•ed I,y timelcurry, and 101.
ton. tidenbon !le••6 iladey re the pro.
deem,- v-eper .• nulotam thror acknowledge-a
app.. nt will be prord'y exem.•
ii 1.• J eIIAW k.ACIA
roard t,k
MW FOURTH 611 . 1ttiKT liAZlTaar,
11 CONFECTION Attl . VIM I . hil'ORE, avill
open 011 A po 21,. fa., door+ rerun Wood.,
and imit door to A
. 1 , .k.0 Ten Slur,
A nplet,,Ed u•,,ronoolot l'ahr., Like, Confecttrmaxr.
d.t7„, (sr •hon the rount , r every day; uoton,vrt,,,k,
nre the following :
Mac4ria.n•, Pootol
Ifni,* tor Ire errotn,
, t• locoorootor one.
t,uattotl to y nod neat.) Of tIIIV 0111 C, r•ttaitit•h•
moot to do. tty
if ••Is itu4t, 8r . tnufnctured ‘nl•ly
trout 'lme he. !lour. emi arc fro nl m .1d rtrg., r vrry
I• ,
rm,t. n •
mor,rte np:l 1,14:wm"
7, 041,000110.•11, 0 ,.,, , 1ia5i0e 1, 0 1, 1 00 00./ 1 0 11, 11 1 1
I 4. e 40 wOO eooll.lrnee $4) . lhat 11 .
pott of 0.11 %%0.0 h.,.• Wed 0 p 20,000, 0 ale ilOll l l
plea n!
1,41 oJey h3 , e re, owal
o•Jer ,v 011•0 ii..• ee, I. 01 111. 1 11. Ave re:loced
the . prier lear • 00,0. 0. afro, 1 / 1 16/ 1 11011t111 . 11y 111 evrry
v.-Toon 10 a 4011,00 Juor,o •,.0,
le•011,0••11 0 ,1171 Vl l l l ll/ 611 M 11 1 ,1.111‘111 . 11.1 1 1•
yi . pyr 1.11., 4,1, duo', oe w 0 01 I 0.1
rnuehlo 41111,in 004..130 0 or. - 100 •111•111 . .1. 110 1 /1•
I`, Wl.l I, re.urned ISA
I IMI\ , wri:n A\l/ DE 1.1.:11 Fo.nnGn an..l
n• ' 1:.1 rc.vconto) atfolln ht•
And ilk, p 11,1,0 I,II , PIHy. Iltni F r • nnw renr.vlng 1...
Syr tog,upply ul 11ardwntr, at ten
?in 1,5 M. 0.! mrci,ll-I,r 4 he
al on Hienin.l rea.onnbie
I hi wat reerivlng
trxm All/11“1121.1110,2 Euro, auiti.),
will wan any ciitabl
eirlirt i.n.Lnf
, Copartnerbillp.
VNLootrr,orrl. havor.% otrool oon Corot Mr,
lop for the of zo•uroog a l'ordoco
il.rronomon and rorw•rrhog M•
oi • OILUDI, Pla/ILEW et CO.,
31.4 too, the otttrrhou.r. No tt Cononertont Row.
to , torty .torrt. t ottirtltt otttot.t..l to W II atttry—
olt• .att tot..,ttott rottroo •I to nor chant , .111 tot
totootalt; atol otalmittllN attrettlttt to.
0111;SI. haug•tly of 11..1pdelphia •
'1 . 111)... 1; 1.14.6R1.:W, • Satill,Gold,
riNid.c., 11 mcGrum.-
r , t , urgh. Al welt 1.17.
11 , 1 few dozen
una 11$$$$$$$$$ . :%10$eral Reg•on.accomplotedlsy the mar
of the root,. roomer, and 104 , 411011 of every
persllsl s nom.. owl capital sllocli 01 Ike fuming tom,
ouoiem re.s6ls CI the gootog.eol 4 0,, II P ° S . ..rb' . "
yr y, together ..111, ull the Ittattoural Worm:n.oo reit,
Isss the rn . s•seral trgson of I.4ks cootAni
ed sss 11$$$ w.s4. For Kilt' Ity
lIAVC k lIIIOCK WAY. Drat: 01.1.
$ll, Ssll $0 No 2 emornetoiol row lawny
• .
101: , . N 1 1 ,111.1,31, Drapg,t Lind A1. , 0•.c."),
or w.. 1 1. , •••P
D,l..lstil:y (.11 tran.l. Drop, I . 4Lan•, 0.i., 11,-..tulTi
N ttxtatett pretwrlptintilwtrefitl mlmnnd•
wf 11. w Itettl matrt 441.t.1.1 I.ot/I 01 tiw .10} Of
wt4lll Alut, tot o...twiltww 1.0 rerrtmwt, ling 'l'lnltl~
11.1.. ttatdCwsll Urti•lw.. witicia•he
NO. 141 /.113M1LT5' 5T . 11.1 , 16.T.
DENJ N ItOWN wmos , d rvopro fully otoorin b.
I and the lath!, ,nprally, titAl lir lin,
ewmneno,•l In the at.v, brunrimo, oral
door to I, o!d wl,re tw bow., keriting
apply arhele, r low lmca+ti and pa)
utlent.oft to his ',altar., WI ihnrr nl
emsF • ..17j
VW. rrrrx
eII ANGER now inn
ter.] to undortnLe the min... Itt.n..• 10 RH V 0,100%
itr.enolt, :nut tyntrunt. I. tVr • 1. 111 . 10 , 11 10 every
Stantlttni Munn., Flan•
It paint
ott Itt nttier Odd Itenn. and slntunte rotl
ott 1.1111. Instutuntot wood, and intetlllen done nt
•Lir• 'Mt 011-001,
of II kdola •tro. ohnrit nooto.
.4.1,11 to N$ 41 !1 . 1 . 10ir l'a
(1 - 11i . N ray MIXED 11;6s
for which the pm, J. 3 11A,11 ,s,l) I.e
A In•y. nn tr. nd. rvery dr.criimon of WrtM g and
W e upping l'aper and Chlaridnhinie
meld , nrnee l'rnn and Imam rm. I'lii-ierth
WAS7'IW—For 1511 nom .
York. In m.arr nt ear. I. 10 omen. ermine..
aide 110 ~,,,, .rreai F:riatel,leenren the eh, A. ii
,b..,lerm. a In` Par iti• Ow lie. hnu'el tempi.. lin,
Im•mm• a atuall reneuncrunon would ouly 1,0
reemmed far Me time year Ilemmtere may he had In
lA - moral linzette. tinter
INIPORTERS nool Deal,"
'TOION! in 1113,11V•31n•. Cullen.. and
ry. No 50 Wood orrot,
- Wad.
GOLD PENS—A laree varwry Pell.. of
the rant. approved hrand• The., at.. carefully
.elected. and adapted to every vartely of hand. Tim
elerninan. ihr latryrr. gm merchant and every clues
anion flurry 1111,11/1, uniform nod enmarerei.ll
pro. ean lie anima. Their claotFc2ty and Goo ' , tont ,
f ur oval in wr el., nod making eithrr
ladd 1113Ik or Lenin.till lon.. 01 pleanste of
11. , •ut.:er pet, are ill warn...O.:end .r Mad
at it prier, rid ['en teen.,rntoePot Jrh,,d
Al.e.Yrt I iv It SON •
IA 'ANTED SOON— [`lure. in wafehowe
V V &t.,Mur go.d book' torriwea. eniex-Inen
. 1 ,12,11, 1 1,11, I ,borrrs nnd• of ,I,derent
wqr,dl fnr grreptl nwee.lo:e privale
howl, &c •• r.l good cook., t•hombrr
maid. aaril
AB ',tots el ...tgen,les anemic.' to Plc., rall at
n.yl2 No nit rt
n A Trontroor, tool Ye 'wry Coth!.. Thrtheth
Ivory and llorn runh., Woollen Yarns .d
Wr ~, , •th, Moon., Needle, T.,,ex, tax..
No MI Martet keitarets INthoond and 4th ornels
hothisrah. • 02S1.
13 ROOM -1 1,1 ' o o p 4 no U n ' ! ‘ for • ale bT
mr.r.l J D WILI,IIAMS tr. WI,
& U F James, Walnut street, between Fourth
and' Filth, Clnclnn IL
GuisoVo Gibbon—The history of the decline and
of the Roman Empire BY
,Edward Gibbon,
Eoq A new Edition, revised and corrected throngh•
'Out,preceiled by a preface, and accompanied by
ores critical and historical, relating principally to
she pnpagetiorr of Christianity: by M. F. Gioata,
Minister of Public Instruction for the kingdom of
'France. The preface. no tor and corrections; trans.
Intel from the French espressly fur dui edition.
With a notice of the Lilt and character of Gibbon,
and %Yawn's Reply to Gibbon. 111.2 vols. imp.
Ivo. 1013 page*.
Napier'. Peninsula War—Complete. 1 vol. imp.
Bro. 000 pages.
Ilallam's Middle Age., Chamber'. Rebellion in
Scotland, Robertson's Virginia and New England,
Itiersall'a French and English War in America, 26d
Ranoray's American Revolution. 1 - rol Ito.
Lir.rasy ol American History--Containing melee
lions from the best authors on American Illstory,
Biography, Travels, Commerce, Statistic., Indian.,
Revolutionary Battles, Ate. don. Ace. Also, Anec
dote., Poetry and Miscellaneous articles, Illustra
led with more than 500 engravings. I vial, imp Ono
640 pages.
Univarsal Pictorial Library—Containing valua,ble
rh'ap on various subjects, comprising Natural
tenigry,N4Liraltirie nces, Agriculture, Rural Ikon-
,Bingrafiliy. rine Arts, the_ Orientils, Travels,
Geography, Botany, (Unice:lane°. reading,
' he.. vol imp Inc 6.10 pp, fell Shef
' llls Family Medical- Library—A.l realise on the
Prvicntion'”d Cure ul Unmans, by regimen and
ample medicines. New edition, revised and cedar
.gatl with the -addition el a Vegetable Materia Med.
ma, pointing oat the Wince, preparations and-doses
of pur mosuraluable Insure medical plantri;and an
ouiline of Anatomy and Phyaiulogy. Illustrated
with one hundred Engravings, .ia of which ate
colored. By J G Norwood, 51 0-864 pages leo. I
- American ' , Wrier Garden tomparnaa—Adapted ,
to the United SM.; by Edward Sayers, Landscape
and Ornamental Gardener. mo, thrid edition,
revised. enlarged and illustrated.
Palmer's Oragen, Rocky MouaLarea, der.. &n.
Family Testamei t, 0 , 1.3,t, with and without
Polyglot note., and Psalms in metre.
Rice and Forgive). Debate_ Burn's Works Lady I
of the Lake Lalla Ilirokli. .Mire'. Innate Dena
•tion. Juvenile Beds. Cheap edition of .I . lous
works in pamplitat form. . nicht)
tiW BOOBS—Thc time Donee anrn. Froth,
LI Hope and Charley.
I Leaven: or a direction to !leaven By flee
l'hoina‘ Adam. moll nn 11mnd...on t.l lien. W. 11.
Alemnr.4 of hi Mary Jane Graham 14 Roy.
Clotrina AL Author of clono.un !kiln
Sh ' o„ ' er '
14 1 11 . :v ° . ' aa ' n ' rkl ‘ e " rIt ' n...111
..on, A 31.
lAmer.ean 111.1ory comp/ dung id.ormal skctelmo of
thr Imbed trda-.. u dr.erlpi.on 01 Ararnean Anuqui
td, wall m dopory dam died array and the origm of
the Indian Inl-a.
. •
Ilistor) of the United States: with appenpti showinf
it• eatouretJon with Eumpran 11,.u) . of the
p, rent Walsh Pmeuvea. Itiatory of Mex:co .d
're., by 1111trm,
I,tstrn f:,.
It t alttr
5e,,,,e-d ur ibi• and
-, 1 , 411,17 X F:NI:LISII
etret9 re: mark. I
N w PI 4 , N0
Are the Lenk. That lanund u• lemken'
ved and tot sale by J L LIGAD,4III weer.
rt. Ik recei luiket
Ibtro, it toorratrve of ad, enture• rn the wrath Seas.
By I lerman rdceville sa.bor of •• ty rice
Foot and Second Vol. Lire and %Vritings of Wa.ll
- by J. Sparks.
Munroe. Univercsl !hooey from the ...Ile. per.o4
10 the ear of out Lonl 13,1.
S.rc•cd rbilo.ophy of the Sra.oria. I vol.
Lives of Enument Ind.vtduale, cetebrated in Amer,
enq 111.1ory.
Ter Vurrott of goowle.lee tender do,11111'...1"a1•11.-
ted by Arreedore, with ' , art..: rev rl ised, rte., by F.
Ws) land, II D
Natural Theology, with oupp l emenlary
trerbations, he.. he
Iltotorreal Toles for Youth'.
Serrpture II nstr.rtril I.y
n g fart,. Incident..
and' aneedotre. b R
y .v. Che•trt eld, ‘‘rtlt 1111 inter.
Jumbo try Rev I Todd D D.
'rite Friend.
I.ley's A terlin. Ows. e./. ion.
Geometry Klerneiit. 01. and Conte Seeman, by }nu..
',wove. A. M.
Story on the C011.111“1/011.
• llorper'o Virestale Library. Alice Gordon, and Arthur
Martin. • ' royal
.E Medical Cortipanton,or ireatong
011 11, docases of the Fimetll,!loo,.. with the" r inp•
um, ea ses, co re* +ad of eve:nation, canon.
sow ry,•. fractures, tnaloenbons, Ac.
Tao r nOtongetirein sod diaraso• of women and elid.
dr,.n. A 4,•pc.4atory for pi/Daring imedicines,
and a Wowsry,riplain3ll lechmeal tcrins. Tu
am added, L,rlef anatomy and physiology of the bu
mln Ivly showing.. on ranonal principles, the can,
soden:l.oi doter..., on 050 a) on ily goose, on the art
of pre., , ,og health without Mc aid of tncil.emc. an
Atneri,att :Helena Mr4leu. potoling 010 the virtu, nod
do.r• of our roedlcooni plant.. Of J 3101,. Ewell, Pill -
nn ,
W ;on. iornierly of Savlncul, Troth
eolord,od rrry eon.htenalely , trt.
proved. crokruelog a itratine rn Hydtopnthy. Hama,-
iotthy.Kot4 the 1- hruno Thera; II Svoitn Suet received
and for .ale by JOHN,I'ON k riVelat/N
olylll .orner Nlatket nod IS •to
ROOKS, PA p E te rec'or. large lin w
UPaper mold ~ nary, cure.rsimg .11 al the
different }oink of bunko. treed in robin: School., eta",
eel bootie of all Bede; oar, al carer): or rap Arl/1111,
paler and quarto poet ruled and plain: W 151,1,111, paper
(Wil sites, well raper, bootie. Goiania, Monk Woke, a.c.
Merril.. and oilier, %lilting to purchase will tied
0 complete amiortonerti of eve, a.nrle generally kr pl
in lowa Wlllch tee will eel! low foe cosh, or ou
exchange furrag,
1,01.1;,l11011s of the ASSICTICLIO
:reined Union, nod the Arnertron Twirl Society, alma).
on hand and fur sale at the Society? pewee
• • •
myti meat. rateet
EW. IVO RIC-111 Prep.-11.40 , y or Al can
11 en, 'her Cent Wars and 1:111 , 41131 and Enrol
linnet, Annals, front the period of the Spanivh
Conquest, 15.11, to the torment time,llll7; includaig
au accOunt tit the Existing War with the United
States, its looter and Military Acltteventents. By
Yrtm g, MD. J A 4/ I' JAMES,
rt. 29 Pub/tabors, Cinclannti.
lii FOY MUSIC BOOK—Pamphlet Form.
11 —rho Melodeon: a choice selection of Songs,
Duette, Quartette, Rounds, D'altser, and Marcher;
with a litstort of Music. Illustrated with nun.,
nun en g ravings, Imperial octavo. Price Sd cent,
VI/Wished and formic by .1 A & JAM r.S,
Walnut ~reel, het. Fourth and Fitlo.
Cincinnal March 1E147.
run; may here ainiited at nit hours, and the sultrett•
Lee will be there from a to Eh A. 61, and front 4 tor,
'. AI etch 'day. PAoth/g, October In, '46
q , lllB Institution, under the care of Ilea. I. fil
Uottio. no L., in which all the sotol and or
nomerual branches of a finished education are taught
is 1111 W open for the reception of pupil. at
No. 62, 'twists Row, Liberty Street,
between fid and 4th streets. The ...atm:tad &waive will
innumence on Montloy the fith of Feheuary, and it is
enportant that any who may design
he prevent as for as proctitable either before or at that
They have secured the nenteem.of Professor
ROtills as teacher of Mune on the Plano and Caton.,
who Is ion well-known ovneett recommendation Also
the screws, of Mons. CASIMIR LA DREVT, author co
o Chrestatuadata de la lau.rature Franca.," and other
valuable Belton! books In his native language. Mons.
Ia is a graduate 'of the Untiersity and Norma! School
of Pang, and stands high as n teacher, 'nose who de•
sire loobmtn an accurate and thorough knowledge of
the French I.afiguage scout,' do well to place themselves
under his Instruct ton.
For ton., taco Cireulnt or apply toThe Prtncipal
1271 r
THIS Institution has bat recently teen npeurdiander
the tuttion of Mr N. W . :Metcalf, rattle
I Corner of Sandueky and Strawberry ale.
The racers. which ha. thus far attended thin :School,
iu its establishment and proiress, has rally eqnalled the
expectations of its Instructor and Proprietor, and war
rants Mc hope that he will be sustained in his editH. to
render it a desirable Inatitution (or the odorant.; of
Young bulies it Allegheny 'and vicinity.'
Tile First Set.towoi he next ACOthcatie year, will
comment, on Monday, Feb, Hit.
Where arc yet a few vacancies to be filled, but as the
number of omits ia an eat ly application is de.
airafile. Fur particulars, relative to tertar,,tc., consuh
Circulars or apply In the Intitruetor. febtof
Whree WY DOW the Ilepee.l Cberkshed
Harr in the A lr.
Ile doeth all Ovate well
Dreama of th, past
The Ito, of Alabama.
Vary of Argyle The Ihnher
r meet a. , trene,a.
lb:we,. ,a; h
Vera u ibrie
‘S a Ite
All4lll, do
?dorm, d.
Fairy • do
The juq tr.: 0 and for na , e I.y
.1 it MEM, /11. 4 wood.:
W., the untlemigned, would inform the churns of
nod irietotryMar rim hare oppotnird Mr. li.
Ktrlior mlit - AF for Wo.tern Pentio)lvortio, for the
rale of nor Plano Forte,. from whom they may he oh.
tamed moor Orrn [New Voritlpf,C,
New York, Seri. 1. 1 0 4C-milthlff
Nev Pianos.
usr Rceeiv.ii sod mooted by the Lr aubscriber, the
J Onlowing tics, lbsnosi--
lbw ele gant Roca owl, o octave Piano Forte. [French
etrannt Itno.wond. GI octave Piano Folic, with
carved Tal,b4s—a ussuument.
Alm One vnis good accond hand made by
Loud k Co, Plinada. HENRY KLEIII.III
moldl4J W Woostwell , ,aaSThitd at
. .
illi4lllllA I.Abrri;.a "* ni . spletidid assortment
of mahogany and rosewood grand ac•
tion halms, with metallic frames and
vrOh all trd• Intern improvements, which for durability,
lone and tduclhaire wornanted to be espial to any made
is, the country. Portals low for C . 1.0 by
'd a - -
No Ilfwonfl at 1.1 divr. Move sth
M 001411 3 CIIIVALITY , of the Adventure. of
Captant Farragatand Teague U'Regan; by II II
Itruckenridge. aecond edition since the author's death.
with • biographleal entire, a critiral disquiaiti.On the
work. and egplauntory note., with e Haw ne nom
Dafkr.frouatt in cloth and mem
orita : tog hbutet .34 sin
C ULF:MAN. iIAILMAYI.Ic Co., busing competed
their New works, are now preyarrd to moonrise
two evcry description of Coach and Eltptic springs
Iron axle, Am Lilviter,spring mid pooh
and nil sizes of total/ sonerc tail and Iron, which
they oder for sale on filmset tern, of the,t Wan/lows
No. adiVood atreer•, whose they, also keep on band •
complete and handsome asoarin , cnt of toaelt mon.
ming, Carriage laardornre, mollentile rostinea, Notts
and Iron,
C. H.& CO. bare made at ruagemem* w m Me•,e..
Day tr. Crone. cannufaciatero .01 Shovels, spade Folks, end will keep eongiantly on hand ev,.
article made hvahem. • Dealers .aye rorecually
cued la ea ll.a. and tenet. w in I.r Footle I.bryal.
. •
sth umant by mutual con , ent. The Inemuegs of the
Wehrle he 4ettled Wallace ttle•
Wtn, W W.ALL - ACE
W rteraundrr the firm of Nn nball
eDace /t. Co., to all Its variety, loonchr, au:
Hollow Ware " Mtn Gearing
Suoves and S.tove Plates Light& Heavy Marh'ny
Wagon Razes niquies
Grub, &Sad Irons Edaine Castings
Ploughs Plough Cosines, d he
blade of the best materials. end at the lower
Purchasers are ilrytied to roll and examine our 'soak
or the ‘l archon. in Liberty tnlect
head of Wood street. JANIE. , MA RSIIA
JOHN tylTlOll7. & CO., '
ARE prepared. to build Cotton nod Woo Jinn Machin
ery, of evety dencription,sofilt as—Canting nila
tvianing rrames Speeder., Drar-sig rtatnen,
Itailwnr linnita. Warrteni. Twillcrl,Spont • iijltre”ing
Frame, Loom., Card Grinder., Inc.. )V.o ii iron
Shafting tufted all aines of Coil Iron, nod
linngers, of the pattnrnA, .tide nod Intitil lull ,
and tool, or all kind.
Cannles of every dei.e.riptxon (unto:lied on alonrl n
Lee. Patterns mode ta order I - or 1 . 61111 Gearing, Iron
&e. Steam Pipe for !writing Fnetorie4,
Iron W.niow asol leney eenerolly.—
(Jrders lett atthe W.trebouse of J. Palmer a. co,
en) , meet, will Lave prompt, attenazoh.
131sekator k. ISell & Co, J.K Nlonrbeall &Co, f:
Warner, John Irwin & Som.; Pittsburgh.
C & J II %Varner; :iteubenvillr. janl9
1./ Fornlrlun Warehouso.Ao 1111 Wood gOect, near
fifth. harburgh. ; Wholesale and
. .
lingliab and French Karavlng.;
Japanned Waite. and 'fray.,
Looking Gla..• Plate., by the hoz or single light;
Table CM.. yi
Picture .dogs of all suer;
Britannia Teo Warr, in setts or..ingle Neer.;
Fortran and ri note Frames;
F . / tr hot. and Frndar.;
Nlallog - Any To.l,..l.lasses.w . nh I.Y. and ldrates;
I:erman: l .l,, and Ihnauma Tea 1 1 2 Table ~ ; Dnons;
Ilsod Magnifylog Mlrmrft:
CandlesLeka, Smdre. and Trays,
(;111. Picr, and Mnalel Glasses;
6.ilemen's :31.1aelm,Caaes;
CO-Metrhani, Ilo•rl., •ud 4eninlica. wpphrd on
!illegal terms, •nd park:ng r rciullp :mended lo I.,ti
aithapouol for en.h
. -
TAKF:S itna method to inform his triends
and the pul he at large that lo• Facto.l
':now u full opemoon. on Me F.a.t
of the Diatnond. Alleghcnv, where a cos
stool .apply of Molds. at' cation. enter,
andqualitiec, are conatantly kept on loond,
l. at No. SlVocol at, l'lttilittrgh.nt &
etiman Sh l n l t . trTa n nto"ote'atrmnm
- Winds re aired
at Ifio.horteet rotten.
to the Le•t rtyle
N. li. Illtudc ne put up, wi,lntut oat add -
itonal•eZopme .11 that they can he removed a 1.10-
em an ea., of fire nr for aviodling, and was h out aid
of u crew e Otw I nod v
A. Pl./L , TiIN, Belt and lira.. Found.
Cr. ha. rebuilt and commenced 1.0. M.,. tot
his old otood, where he will Le pleured to
ree ha• old cm - matter. nod (r:radn.
, Church. Steamboat. and hello of every
Fire, from ID to Wool) pound, c a r t
, pattern. of the mom approvcd models. and
warranted to he of the I,itaterials•
Mtneral Water Pump., Counter...Ha:ling.
earth, emth owely . vartely ofltra...l,...urte n it
ed. turned and fouthr.l in Me nezemd ni.onter.
IL) -'r pr . .NNIO
:TUITION 311.1,1,. OOl.y ne - n-I,ratt.,l for Ow n-dun
, con hon., In tunelnunr) •11n, Muir % and Camp
nion ran be trad of linn nt nil Innen. /nni-3
11AVING raeatly made very auportant marl,
.1-1. "mama, the Inantaisrlare of da Jrta•le. and
chlopte tre I atevt anpmvral earl, a.Seel oven for !La
train, tee enar onavreparral fortra. an amele of t
Arne tria, egin.l..l ant •uper.or to any Cylm.•er
made tn the I•r.t•te.: ..Iva.. i.ta 1,::!
We ar, arra very ,tearn..:,. ra a.
rirrsumni srEAmomAni:LE
•... . . . .
No , 114 and ...tIG liMrly strreg. marCuanl
1.55' AI'S on hand and won., r. •
Tatesl. S.t.n.g.Ninnanr h
ntg made of the elm.c.r..t marble. nn.l
ht'machinery. wt . .] be .1.1 tut
N. It. l'cr.o.• arl..b.otg pueeha, aer
Infornird that n isitmtretorth
go Kam, us I r an Ininish thrtn with an anitlr 11. all
' , Teat.. at pond, whitiimeht,,nsurance, Re, cult,drr
rd l as cheap am they ran ~.rehat... them ror ~. the
F',ltt Cal: and tee
WARE NU EAl'llf It V,
No N Market strect. rathotrgh, Pennaf •
ttutteortlter, Itavtng node profit noproveturtga
I to the rottotfut von thotr COOKING STOVI.:S,
irvcrtGlly Invoc N raft.. Inglfltetg Stoughton. to ttah
I.llli evolitne before purrhothnd u• wet ran 'Apply thorn
wolf Devil Stove., row, atth cm) nth,- knot of
Capport Tin and Short Iron work orerttua ry to furnhlt
toy • Strarnteatat. -
Wr al. omit 0 to obi, . the shone. :totter Sal
Totter and Ch 0..., Cop .r
u-ntk lur btrunt Engater
total every variety el work toour hoe
(.1,0 .+IIERIFF .14. 0111110
. -
Birmingham. !near Pittobnrgh,l Pa.
liarehulass, Nu. 137, Wood street, Pittsburg h .
wil.l.roekmaloly keep on hand • yowl umeort..
int. al Ware, al our awn ...lecture, and
supettor quota) .Wholeyale ,leto ountry Met.
ettato• err rr-pet. trolly mooed to cull Astor.,
attune for !I...nett tress or sve e drterrnoted asell
chenprr Illbar r vet betbry :we ar n alArd in 11,. pub.
ir,- Orders cent by treol.tteroropatroe4l by the rayltlll
C.' rcfennee-. wtll ir. ototoutly aortbletl to lett2s
ill i•• ghoircl. Spade and Fork Man arm
tory. -
HiCVING commenced the manufacture of ;made.,
:alvT:10. Ilay and Manure Fork*. Cco,nn an eaten.
mre rate, are prepared la fal all ordom tor , usrli urtt•
deo at Eauern pct
' For the ronvcomoreof their mmtmorm and dualom
such article. they hare appointed George Cochran,
be Me rehttirt, Nn A; Wood rot Met, them Agent,
Mt the 'Mc of the, nsanutacture All order. add”....
ed to him will rove", prompt laticnilou, 011 Ihr ?nol ad
yantageotm Inms XON
ualuirch, Jut, y •
Great IVratrrn Bu Manufactory,
t;ARDNI:It & woul.l 1101.1/ the tr.tdo
ri • at, ore moo ittoottiatourstito [Lot 11,r,
yr, sonde to tr ipe Votted ±,tiott t• (Alf pol
rk Ituttiort•• wr Introit On 14,
trlr n• PtPtotittY .to VILI Ir. V“):1,4 I/I Ilx
Ito rd watt: Inole,wo dank. witt God nto the. tuttttottl
.re gni r Hutt. Att totter. orottoolt, etkotleol
nt4rt A G., lIDN'En & nit Lt noon ..a
No 26 V,Kol
M 7 1., r , 1 , : x 11 . 1. „ : . 1 , T . 0 n t . :
Haw, Ac,ordrou, I , rei,•;un Cap, cl,.uks,
Jewelry and ru.,ey Goods erwrally.
he ndr. in:it:lig roam. iinprov!nointri 1/1
thew Inisini r, with iliercrired riiciittirs to thei porclowc
of liomwore. nod tlio itoptiriation row,. Fooriigit
Good, ihry will hide to hell Knorr d Thor
rtirprcifully r 'mention of purchirwirri
„„d ,lochatt rT. on reu.onnl.n•lnnot
Ordernildrr-rrd to to , ntnen wnh pr
Ii nor nOon
Wlllll rmAN/1
I ar0..1. •trret, A 11,1...ny City
N U.—II %V Lglolnit, 001, 1.3 , a loAellt I, a very
ttoporlara iMprovetrt”.., un the Cald, and wl,o ber n
eocogril for Om la-I fife..,-II f rur.of ihr int , l
and vueee•ri.l l Fa.: ten. • of ‘•
will woe I, . prr.onal 12.100.1011 to plume. op. 11. the •st
igfarooot or Chore ronorzsted, all mach., emote ut
• • •• JOIFIN
-1 •
T..: mu.. of t'sr• I
front the warm ,a'plovvil wet
r'. and wrrant,' row.' to
tnt Alto, Want
bp pralipll) :1,1.1
10,0.1dr tent,
Woo .1' liouttg. C
AT ARI:UM:SF:Nes 53 Water mod 101 l'as: Forst
Pittsburgh. The Glass memo's...tool 1/0 u\,ill s 1.
twartanted equal to any le the country' AU soder.
rece,ve prompt twee:ion nod filled elt
leans. Merebants Mid tober•tsmtrest die elty are In
yard to call before parchasetu lull
TRON and Nada, Shovels, Ae. for Imre at and new
Warehouse, No 111/ Wale, oreat, near Wood. run
lng us Front. •
Also,an arroomont at the old stand, McMaster's
Raw, I.tbetly sireel. •
Having' made great adduinm m d.n &dims Mill, all
°Neese. be filled promptly.
norm GRAFF. i.plusror &
MAR9II/1091711064 09
Iron arid .Copper Tacks.
Pattern Makers' Pointe, of awry draesiption
N. 2 St. Chatles llotd, Third street,
(..41 Plttshgrflh.
OP/SAINT 41111TARIA new anti info nswn
orient of very superior Spanish Guitars. I.y ihe sea
or is inanunielatel,Onll revolved and tor *sin by
. FOGG & THURSTON, Proprietor*.
, pilisestabln.L ctal long and wnicl) known hero(l one
of Mr most vonnnodions tn ;Itetry o):(1,1un.e,
ha. recently' undergone very exotimve olteml:ono rod
improvements. An rut.rr g.vw wing,
toolaining . nnlTl,oll. ol,m ts
pg apartmen, and
, the Lathe,i' &patina nt fi a. al.o been eon t rb,,, , ,i,
orgatosed and fitted up in a Ino. - 4 want.. and Leanuful
‘,, le. In (act tl.e whole arrongrtneen of ay. I 10u , e,,,a,
been rentoilel,l, with a +male rye oa :Le pail of
propra, We ron.rt and ple4MlLlff 111,3
31111 whali they eon (Orally tt,ert rind.
lenge rotop.moon ail). any Hotel in tLe Union. - •
Their :41,1e will alWuy• I,e oupp:ird every not
man./ and luxury whirl. th•tuttrict naord, •erved
ia ..operior 001 e, while to the way of Wino., o,
airy will not he aurpag.rd.
lie eomlo<lon at • psoprieter• log to rap, that nothing
will be Irfi otolon an their part, aLd on the part of thew
.1.5 ,,, tant0, to o 3d~r thi, lloiel worthy the continul.d ot Ow, (nen& on.) the getictally
The pr for board Lave al.o, been reduced to the
following late,—
Lathe.' 0.111.1117.. per day.
t , 'Weiner],lSn
N. It rh, Wncgon of the I:ou , e will
ways be found at the Car and ',enial.,,,tt Landing!,
winch trill convey 1.1,0%. w nn.l flout the Ilowl, fire
of chorge. • nev,!ltt
STILKICT 110IISIC, Cincinnati,
I. (Mill—The lunnef het, having porrhan-d the
t".re nte rem at C.I . Wtll:nro,ad. late of Mar. nril
known enal.h.ldn..nt Isec leave..n.
to .ate ho the tron•
nod 11.. pulite gesterno thae have I.nrrt tine
nontooditopi.itottLiar, Tin of ) run. and' will c te •
thrir beat energies io wake st a denralde home for Trne.
citen nod Co hay ii.,.
The I lalet n Fparaao% and n.lin . stsl.l, pi:nand for eon.
vesdioner, I.ght and in, Itaptrg nhumid, of Niacin
adhissang ehnobet, prep.:song ipta.toll etude... 'so
Tito pre., tit proprii tor- bosn, boil the szrs riettreOf
ycn riLi. •it} mow loisrc. 10.. they Will lir slits.
to g•OlinM11 oalisfin,oll actruninc, to gi•t.
undivided onto:him to Ow 101. II•• •
The loc.twool'erts I Strrot I 100, t.tiorot
havi" Crow m. on Pe I, lVol. 1001 Th,,d
•nthat g
i.. e,tialty dostruhl,. In roes,. or 001 00 . 47C10-
1 . 1/C0 bwitw... tn,ur ',metro,. (,Cr prontie
It I. near toy the flank, the Poo the fila•onit
I lall,(1dd Fellow, !lull tlll but .C.4llllre foottt
Main er . ct
and two •cida (tool' do. City (V hutf.tho•
oth.rfog the gretment in , Weettant... r‘ to cou , ntry
to , rehante nod ~,..11011y 10 00 041 , 011• viaoo.G elnetre•
.rtteh27 )OIIN DVIII.I.:
Formerly Fuller'sllulel, Waxhineloo,
'I , IIE ['runt...tor formerly lIIIIK/Cl.Ol 0111 the well
kitowlitirtt of Fuller Ir. C.., liep leave .10 rOll the
anent,. of perk," 0101 1 / 1 0 111., Caphol, whether on
plea, tare or hu.ters., to lie newly opened eqat.ld n , o ,
oho .. .111.1iiiiI/ii'llou.o.".wlueit ho, fit ed up m
It, 1,4 W tontfort riha elegant, unsurpassed . any
, Inver Hotel in the Nty. It is !Wanted Sr the western
end of Peactrylvmsta —Avenue. and in the ionnedtate
mentay of Iht, Var/1/0• Departu,ittn of Greramentand
the r'reoldetst'a !louse.
flit table will always he supplied with allhe com
forts and luxuro, to he found I,llle 010filli, and rio
esp., or elf.. will be oparml to render the 51011. ten
I 10u..e an unrartive re•idenre to all who ran Ire fit to
honor it with their patronage.
The proprietor would porneutarly mat the .notation of
Odo.era of the Army and Navy tol11• Hotel to • ham
n ever been a favorno place of tr.ort.
- ! , 1 11 Porters alway. On o 11.daner. on *he arrival
to theear, to cony, Imegnere freroichhage.
EUTAW 1106:4E,
Corner of -Baltimore nod Bulaw Studs
4IEN:fly /Atli: ON. vitorflltnylft
d {O u t e th c lr u gat. ce o 11,,V116u11.e .l
tJnorOtl/Pn o, otur 1(1Ie
w .I,•oor:mm.lwa.<:t.lleamm
l df n .. scv e , .fheareotntdton ralaator g..r., u rtol 1
.11re ray will find ILr 1 - .inAtv Ilotnr. f fnns,
I.y na.y Hotel “. •
The lortmon •aluhriou• 201 iaj•l , o
ent. went In Metott nnil the 1,..n.1tng4 of Much the
Coaclo• and Porter. oz Hutt. no. :u JOI 11111Cn 1/1
o. and ibeir I aggoge. hre
l.a yo•lo 0e Hotel
Tooxv.—Geallesun... ()ohs.. y, .r7l r.. 0 per tiny
Fo e.
rl7 do. aid Y!
hurlep Street, brfween Market-mid Lombard
• •
Tote ha iug takro , ove e•tat ,
vtret , lervlcr, to ihe ra:/rog steal
iiOLpublic - ernerally. It s. ronvvo,ral, ..kratrJ tot'
ret,..ntl.. the SIC:II{I,.. nnJ Itnitronel Ile the—tx in the
nitd, of the more t• .ct,ve Ittnetrt•ng
eel. the iof.loll nth,. 4, shoal. ntsatint the ray, n..tyt.
ny ennven ever. wt.l etnntornt thy whet' inlyetital
:tt cent) t tne. nt oyie. ntn! ne. e I,lh , pu e.
tn the tley of Apnt. 1 , 11 The pro, t•t rl trt.c. elan
uttrenr mutt rahr•• to vlett.e, wttl.eettre n
tnntton of thy pulttne yturont,e, re.sdent as Well rts
I. Glc or Jo• him of 1/Jr It Fog
April ini
Corncr Plain nod Fir
dep.l • •••• r.a. all 'vat I.c
TI:•• :-.• entio I, commo.i.Ln”
r 1•1 pleao:011. Fare xl ,•er dor.
1 . ..c.aat1, Marclt 13 1 , 47. W E Ft 11
N 11 —.llthoud n,I rzletlx a r..rc 11room. a a ibe
atta• = .llcar Wh,trt the 01.1 hl
Ilirsnat .Nller!, •Pliilndelpliin.
rota men: y Ind
nu .1 111 lII.' fnahrottrat•le part of he,nn wee,
1111.1 in the ingnedtate v cum,' of the pnitltt. irlareZor
nosentenr progrietnr, grateful tor 'he very Woe
ieurnnge hr rc he wed. .pore no effi.rts
r. ntler leno, e vire y wag agreeable to het gne.ia
and svrelby nt lII.' rnatinurd •ntypin I.
Louldville, .
,+Rt T 1101 , K ORToN ta.g.:n voqurant to;
mf. that la. IA riaaoi of the 1: A I.T
11 frw
) Ky-where he hope. to meet nll
1., faaatda.l..oring c
ibrin nod Ilic !natltc. that no.
error: la...oared to make nit who favor
Loin sr& their I a rontige.- ' jnnlldif
4:ILIK AT lI.L it 011 4` FIKIL F. Ur
NE-F.IR till or 01 .
N.-11.11.1 , of a now. lVrtior
Vonore, thal rut, ll.c Ilr-rormln Irr
pror.lred lor war,' rolorrr — tror Irroirlo Slornougorro
Courer V, a, wirlorr 0' Morrrantower trq
.ruat.ort w.tlorr :roo rarr• t.vt,t
isfool for rloter r . rrl ro rlo or • rot,
or gr. I aroJ rpotorrrll l•"olOrr floor oror roar , . of
a nolo to No .10
esuilr)—.upplarr mit:cheap. I, Lrrluuti
sly arr., Irsll,l any .rmotity wore a Irontts, rJal j
witl fop per ..Le,!ttre I.) the
H run.l pa, eon. , t I
Tvrtqc y lat•tr-
A..... A e. wrosner
l/ift...., Ifirt Snop
'I'D, .nst reu.l) - 101 . 1.11•1 Ly (lir I -101 (1e. , .
Ir.r. next:Ar “o-lloris,i the
wdl s'skein us. th.b.l 611
a:h. u, Ih.wock progt,.. f ht of, p-ar the
v. 01 ~.:y e,t•lA 1,11,,,e1“.1,.1
r ll.l w.lll,clcl
Ito pr eott 1.1,7111-o,n
to ri,st /to, dissitimotted ttt thrle,
•th, traststt eos setitits, htosttl •It” perou buytte: t‘.ll'
part o; the ss 4' 1,411 11•1•1., r•Tr . .t71 , 1 Daer's srtSl
mkt. a. anti all Ittly pestcsitt. It. the eort. It otwith
relustiottr e tbr owns,' ssou Id st.:l the wurtle, but if with
.1,4; ets, till i .ttber that, res.; dthe Latitlong
the mist:lce they sy.t; t:o rot, rtt..b it At.stotttl. ywill
b.t1J411,1 btu,. ; lu. fdr.tsrtt ,••••. ~..• k•• 0.•:, • tg.• 1•11:i.1
sr etst-t.jrr th .tt prortete4.l tit
tht. t it, tt•••• torn •tots , .buts ,ssottq ot
It:trite Oft al watt.. Itt ttt. tit • t t rt A I . .tt . tt dir ri t trtl
to tt . AF. tt.'tt /1 :111.11,41.1t, ,tte.t.l , t d y.. Lttrt:ei
\ It t tst n.
I . lg Iron .un I. fro:9 ..15
• t , tti per tnn. wo.nn ,o
I: S.
jrpSwilt• u rid tior
I 'l
' , cot ,Vornufur uro .oi o'loCury. Sur:: unl
1 und v.l out. or•itottul
Proo tti ,hutur. Nu S :11:1111.1 . ,-
Illr, 1 . 111•••'11, r, &to oot Krum :trouts,
ttttottyt•tt to
And Im• y A /.11,,I.11:1:111.1, •.1 "
Pen Porkrtlvrs Pollan
A I.latehvr'n
• •e: vr. 'I w
All,: 0- Colt, azlll 1 7 1,i
Shot 11,1:. Gursie 1135, 1:%13 - 3
c.1),rl and
ru.•lms C 2,14.
s .Llhp, ul.r- r""i`i , r`
Ihrn.l Ntiare, I:tarrq.ll `lvy
Shave, S.oel, and 1). • 1 , 1,2 . th
ottoritra. In.troonent, ‘rg !rem v:oortF
CV- Itati
nnl :4129
(ZMR.I/LEY'S clack PItESS—.%4 tue y,il-
1.._71 eon La. ilow 1,1111,111,1 i for Nticks the be, lea ve ullvent.On
brlcktituker.i whet very ru
We tvill veure,et .1 ti.“ ..uporit.r other
Ilr.rk Pre—, of Ow 3101. prt, 110,' 111
Wr I,ave a r. 1.1 lltete
,vinrlln •, for n.lverie..”4.
•eco. at nee tutu,
r• .• :gt 1 gal
:gill goo: MI, WA, go.ora:.r the 10 - Plorin.ogre
of tl. l'r:••••• SID.t.••I ~,,,,, 4:0:.
NI..I , ADEN 2. CO
low In'h
Po Eli 911 IP NOTICE.
I .
W. ,TEl.iwNs cot I- E.
c, or Jllllllll.l /1•11 t .1 A. 5t...100t Plo.lJor,l,
lo•vt. tale day . et11,,,1 111111 ,. ..p.qint.”.I t tp lurntyle
roal firm SLrfliee.'s rger C(,• ili r
Aorhor Iron Works, purrow of
Iron und,oit I:4 of ofondroctiptool:.
E R'!-?ern , 0.. F '11011111(110i.11. A. sI,C I II I III I I
ANetir.ic II: )N
• ,
11-7tre(mg, Va.
Sleoufacture , nll Loa , ur bar quo and
naik, A It rierl cltpue 'rung. and ullr• rent
offelcd With r , hoeulorrgtri frld lanuta Wo , k , "rr can
er an *ramie of Juniata Iron
*qua' to say mad< in Cu! reamirv. An
raid of the l'l“Ourghimces Warclidow of the Worth
coiner Jr Monroe and Wurer Tyl I
Gr.l rata g.TI
hk.s FAre King ed II throve two aide and one
gallery stnatinv avdll tapes mod every thing ready r.
Acre . ... She *di vold love—for further partleulatv
inquire of ‘ll GORMAN,
• (11.11.1 1V111,141N1
olvd 'Committee .
FColgo OAND PIA NOS—An 'execllent
Ind Piano Font, um& by Dolan & Boron, -
N..... York, wok eir Count., :ron pt..% and In rtmlnr.
A .1. ...eve ...owl Ilan& made by Clememb
& Loudon. For sale low for ....h by
- --_•••-•.;• . -1- ---
RUST PLIO9P IRON/ : - ... 5 ..:.,"
, I , IIC autmeettvre beg IC. eAIII.- -.5..e ,.1.-•
~ .
A interested to setoGng to IhetrUALVASSAROIMN `,-,,,.
PI. %TV,. und to the. many adanntaret arlticlelhay.4., ~
po.rers over enetalse 11,1121 *the, DeadaiieWbldlollo2. %,,
enhdiat th i s hue, Ose,postredatng. they deviddialtaanigta -4,2,-,
An I Irdltt.tees of don ayttbOttl naltalnitly to , rest, has ft, fi_ In . e ~_
is, i • t een lealnt reveral tenet, both In due e•WWjhaW An- .- I
in Curope They ore also le.-aabjeet VA adtpikenlata, .., 1
end enntroen c o ter. sudden erhaneeAf IldlLAlDadildlane 4 ,
rtart rroon.on Esi Pla.e. Iron. hoc, se..oo.losladaer-.. - ;
la a o, to
line ftlidiag. arld can, ...5.A1it allahra 1 • , 5
nal. In-tter snd 1..1er vtafreattirots sat halaßrainalildil,
i 1 r, a la bd 1110 Bra: coo to MR a Indetalalaadre - 1 , , , , ,....,,r
lor sob., ed.e. would alsO roll We atteil o aradisd . :
d el. a .... a orkers to Metals, lo thd rush)
. E . :
pee —, . .h,, , , Item thus f roterterl. e.t.a Ift - - ... e
In re 3eral terms in a .plaahle So salad id ~_
.100%0 , q„: -:. 4
~ hi dl Ills desirable to ptent et frtm t
oy weeekokatildr,. il - ...2:1
annor,d trre And they at oold especily coil
t. Itliail of those ottetee.ed la TLI.ISGRAPHYR .--...-,,. ...1
in u, , I, I haulm
. t Wt.. teduch 1S Iny.alerstisetuttntoo-L
i, wail n t Ilneopt endaelnelt ...reed eSev=s T, 1.
. a tondo... of elearteny unsung ong ~_
II If a o lalleh ste copper, and pass...tog 6.2ll2lllll4ltßlitles, . 2.'
ti will that rnetuL
...t.R. 4, :1 0 -.."..... 1
'flavo r 1.15 ell sled workout this city fbrEektuel a .
post. of pi... Frog nips, apitec bolt - were .tess-ohilr ''e ,
.11 t i able to lanes SW) anICIO .1... mayllerlleilto -.).. ,
,1 .k ...poly of I . ASA Im.ufneauted la Akalltha::&_,
..:,, j ..
constantly on Lamy, from !Sion wire ladle- •'''' .31. '
..d, ,
, ls. rte.lf lnd IG Ihaverat, NEW Ittl •,'"..";
fl i ... it Richt tor this &Meal b. • beta -tr e4 e. ,
14,1 die I , 4lll2llblalra as wrl/ or Meal NrlTlSt,litti/lAr i g„..
1,4, opeall connar.., nnd all leant meadows arm
k. n to pre vent .y ininngement ley ItOpottntallsOMNlKt.)..4
PRINTS ON LY — SPRM-O—.S . M/1* 'd - ,
1,...17. ' • '
t --- .." - -, , , , ,..):.
lIIrEIVSTEIk y a 2 If_ 4-1 . >
No. 44 Cedar Sereel s New I WON/ .....t't 1
DEG Ira. to inborn Drake. en Dry Dm* that Weillantrare'"ois -
I Y.......... 1, arol are arse tatotam.y,at thoWARLIIIIIEWS.ZI" . - 'lll
I. A LLUSIVELI for Pr enud e64147#0, $OO C ''''',..j...3":;li
'Prome AI 80. New Spring IstyleeMl ct. .ae
I. semi, and Manna ; Marotteturi e aturd, as ADD S ..., 1 qu't
to Med usual stoek,....ders elate wortmeatems or UN I '4,21
seautard.dattraettre to the city, and 1121.111rjost 1ata 4 45 , , 5.'",,
domed for CASH AND rHORT USTI/IF we nee „,lir, V. 1 .,
the psr. or pa. halt on /be same mom, at via below
~ ,,,/,,..„3.,,
roomers pr." •
Latahats. of pram (corrected daily,) are p t ca d NOIR, '-`:,,
ll x
hard. of bop.. \ A ~.: ' i
Cordiasen will sugaval themselves of the Otis of theleery e : .... I
krt, awl be well repaid Cm so SiSialardiblis SSad d l4ll 7l,l l, ' ll` .1 i:"
nil pa I
L. A. 8 bli - e pwolser sitronares km ensulsog ordstakis s s a ,_ - " , I, r
wins, obi& are rearelftilly abetted. , tp - ...1, - ..1.-„ . ./ _
ruche! LEE to BREWSTER. 44 Cedar Storear4.} --:5--",
Wholosale Drag Warelonse. .I_,-131
IN THECITY His NEW YOH= -.....,!7
111 A FAIL\ ESTOCK & Co., No. 49, John 5t...- 7 ; i i- "...t
.1.1• Teo York. offer for tree a large and gettelliE ,yU,..1-;
assortment or • Drugs and Aledicines, Dye ,,l3
Paints and Ode of every desenptsou , wkwhibly , --w,,1.,
are prepared and determined to tell 10w._ . ..:
Country Merchant. and Druggist* are r s
ellotaft) , .A . F.,, '- 1
to call untie:amino their articles. Orders a:pentad . ":13;!':X '
with faithfulness nod deopatch It A.Faboestoclthr:.... - .1.:t
I c l on A sta i n ., tl h y . :n .t. h c a k od . . , } - .t t,7 4 ,, ; ,. ..7- ,0 .
BL. I. almano,k, Pittsburgh. ', .41 - 4 1 i
G. W. Fahnestoek, -'. ^ i4,-ii'
Alt a , i Ball, New York, *p ""-.4...1.--'
PAPER WAREI4OUSE-, ,- ' - • .,, `•,1
NO. 0 BURLING SLIP, NEW' 110111r..•' : ':.'....1"
1Y FLU& W. FIELD hirers for sale al. Rio, /owinti
~- , '....,,,1:1l
%• , ant:Newer'', prices. n very extensive, WOG., :',.. x '
nwot ; f PAPER. compriring nvery possible' Intriely :- ~....t.'t
ad pl dip the warns of eoit.otne rs 'nation-el°. of theN t .
roma y. Piper of all kinds wide. - td. ordet or ShOttl , '--t
not ,Ct
I ..estork of PRINTING PAPER in inmost* large ',.; . f1.. = 4. 4 !
a patio( winch ix of v ert' n ordridn'fliil o 7, - ' ' ,-;'/..''',.,....': I
!..I.TEIi ' II .SIZEIC.II•ISIATERTALS •,' ..,-„:. , .;•!2; ~
of ... t ry description. impanel] and kephoonatantli , 011 - t,:1..,:h.'1f,2
hail ,Iris: Felling,. Wire Cloth, Pourdrinier %Ytrisoi" , . - . i1.;,...!,'
Inniwhing Powder, Blue Gltranutiine, Twine, /F.0.,b0,.':?.', ''',"
I•,. 0t......, 'tale Rope, Era.. Rope.; Ilticging, a.n..,/k0.V.'1'T.':7!.; 3 0
powl..i,ed, for which the higlielt prier in Gish wine::: _
~, , T,',...-%
paid i jy..oy , • New York . irdY40411... ; f'Shi....„-.':.'
N S lilt A N GE!
Indemnify against Leas iscDanange =
add, nerunly of n Sinen.Cnintal.
The Reliance Mutual Inzurance Co., of
climertn vtutignirm., •
lt ' - -
rienine W. TolnittL John M. Atwood,
Thomas C Roclibill, Lewis H. dakibust,
Win. IL tiringe N. Baker,
George N. Stroud, John d. Vnaderkensp,
linorge W. Cailienter.
Wi l ,y .L F Trn . i o nm i ! , r;n n ee , zn o tir
nd voe ait
liounes, Rtorc; and other Buildings, end on k and vieini Orals
tem, floods. Wares and Merchandise; on the most
favorable terms. •'
The Mortal Principle, combined with w Stack
Capital, and the other provision, of the Charter 'or
this Company. hold out
,unental Inducements, both
of profit and safety, to those desirous of canting'
insurance, towhich the Company ask the attention ,
end c min in atinn,of those interested.
chheting insurance with this Company
the usual protection against lOU, by.•
tSc urdinn y method of insurance, the additional r
athautageul a direct nartieipation in the .rnofilaor
the Cunipeny, without any .inbility.
t; \V. "IYILAND. President. :::j
- The subscriber, who is the duly authorised Agent
or the above named Company. is prepared to make
erne or ow Agency, to the •
to„ r . 1 - I e 11....,'CLInfst.. third door from Wood
street, and nil] give all timber thisrmatios desired•vyi_ A
myt ;*;10S. J. CAIIIIIIE.LL.
Safety Insurance CompOw of Plilladella.
LIME RISKS upon buildings and, merchandise
of event Covet - 31ton, end MARINE 121WiS
upon hull, oicargnee or vessels, taken 'upon the '•-t
most tavorable terms.
. •
43 Office in the Warehouse of IV. B. Holmes ~.•
st. Bro., No. 37 Water, near Market street, Fitts- ' -
burgh. •
.N. It. Pis sucress of th', CottOmtS tni netit.O.t4l. - 1.1
liNittnentte the Agency in [hit. t Iv. w i th the proved.. • ' .. - ,ts
and literality well which every chola .un theta for . .;:t
to., hoe been adtuq...l. (Lily Warrant t itgent in tn. • ••.. t :
vtbug :be coufulente and puronanc of los Wends dud • 7,1
nic t ornuminty 01 Lange to the Pclaware Ai tt. low. ~-,..
ranee Company, %Idle a has the additional advantages - ".;:','
a. an Institution atnoug tun meat nounithing in . • '-.4'
Phi I.l%a—to hating an ample gib' iir capi al, which . • -4
by the opt ration at latltlr terra colastatt 1.17 inerening
0A 7 tekling to . arth person insured his dbe slim of -- .
tits profits of the contony without involving him- . .c•,,
to any responsibility is hatcrer; and - therefore as . ' --,,,.
po,scsing the Mutual principle divested of teeny
obnoxious reatu re, an 1 in its melt attractive form.•
Near York.
svell knownandaeraverable company Is e re- •
1. pared, IhrotIOS.14:1 Prrnsiltqua I AGENCi a ra a
make iilaurance of orcry Lind coonve:val SOU/ risk. or
~,,,,rarauon and tolatol).arsation us insure/against
lora or damage by . fie, bar, , ll,o,,eiliralts. Arorehouser,
Coralrare I, O.lods, Wares, and Merchandise,
rave, deverrainmoi Iry ourild.propcny on the most
favorable farms.
A p01i0...40(yr ll•urance ati? nded ro.wvLout dolav
at the office. No = Wood Atreet. • •
AT On ElectinaJleld at the oaice 'ln N. Y., May 17.i1t,
,h:. ~ 10* , ,,, Ft .... ,, i gentlemen were chosen_Directors
~, Eln• Company, for the ca , umg year, eh:
Ju+ epla W.,aeace, Stephen llolt,
J•;,...n 11,0,1,er. 'John Nlnehatn,
w‘lhani G. 00 urd, William AV.Camptioll,
John Nawhouar, . Jacob Milne,..
11l /hum S. `locum, Marcus Spring, :
John P. 31aeLte,. Joseph `.Lake, .... .
John J. Merrick.
'And al a aulmentlent mooring of the Boatel, JOSEPII
0 , SAVAGt, h.q.. an. tin.inimo,ly re.ekettal Prea•
:4 , , o , the en.nnig year. Wm.JANIESTIOGGI, '
nee 1 . 4..., t. Journal copy Sccretary.
.. . . .
r 4111 E Insurance Vompany Of North America,
through its duly anthorizedA;ent, the subneri
.ber, °Hera to make permanent and limited Irreltr
anee on prui erty, in this ctly:und its vieinity,.hod
on shipments by the Canal anil hirers.•
John C. South free t., Samuel' Brooki,. :
Alex. Henry. Charles Taylor,
arm!. W. Jones. Sand. F.
Edward Smith, Ambrose White,
John A. Brown, Jacob M. l'homas,
John %Vhite, John It. Nell,
Thor. I'. Cope, Richard
Wm. \yelsh, Arthur(;. Colfm,Sec.
This is the oldest Inrurance Compaq. In the .
United Staten, having, been chartered in t,94.' Its .
Charter Id perpetual, and front its high standipc- -
Crpertelle., am menus, and aSofding all
r•st's of an extra hazardous character,' it wry be
cousidered an offering ample seep rity to the public. 1
At Counting Room of .Alssosid,-Jones & . - l•
ater and Frost streets, Pittsburgh..'npd&tf
• „
inst Loss by Fire—The FRANKLIN Fire Insu
rance Company of Pl.iladelphia, •
lair ILL mac ln niTtore, permanent voilDmited,
V♦ on every deareptem of , proporty : in!' I R.
on Favorable terms. This company has - a perpetual
nbarter. • , . .
offer envier of 'Vane out Market ats„ Fittnb'gh.
Amerlean Flee .Isssuranee Conspatte
07 , PHILADELPHIA. • - •'
eg..Mre Fr.rrlett.. t.,iITAL 6500,00 ram tn.
Offer in Philadelphia, Nu. 72 nainuu Sow.
• wm.nAviDsoN,i4 s ",.
Paamenra KALKTi —•
, 1 , 11124 old and vreßestableardbompani
I ileum
n alerthandism Forswore and prop.
rey r o o f n ratrabaartelotts diameter, gains( or
. ,
Application. for • in...oFr. in. l'lttsburxli and it,
iteiglaiorhobl, Ovalle received, unit rival. .-`- - ..
perpetually or for lining* rieringle, or.
A. LEDolnk.
NO 77 C %NM, sTREE-r,
)1k 1; RNTSry. for J Arinatil'a
Refine Alwa ligr
Powdered, Crnahiol,ys lin
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