The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 05, 1847, Image 1

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1 WOOD, JONES & Go » Commission •nd
/-nurau s.; hn.rnhants, hare returned to their old
•nn&LI o.lonr and F19111.1.!ty!.
WiNCIIESTE.Itt dealer in all trod. of Inc.
puled and to se{ata. Spanish Leaf, and
hr rl..Cffi Lnirlsoof ehusang •rhrde:DD • n d
I'll., ND 'Du ra Turret. t:aktatiglt.,...
.131 t N & REITER, Wholesale and Ruati
Durtenor. ebtAlS.
earner of Lawny and St. Clan stree 4 ts,
Putrt.drub mayl
I} . A.O.ItOWS TCRNEIL, Wholuale and Re
/./ deulzr• , t. r..qcy and Staple Dry Good., No.
.46 uy4
. _ _ • _
A. PA 141,TOCK & Wtr , loCe
nta "Inter Wood iyl
BA. SAMP.SON c Grocers , Cornmmion
. &kale. Co., an l'amburnti Mulofve•
turv, No IG t.inery itrvet. P.n./burgh. onny7
&µMlTti, lYholeaale Grotto 15
• "r! , :_"'F'":
8:11TO. 111A.GAI!.E & Whaleno Gra. 223 Nlarket alft al let, be.
Plallallelphix. nova
JicATITI: d. CO., Forward-mg *Ad
U. atattl.ron ..s. Canal Brum, Pittsburgl 4
Pa. meld.
—-- ,
a °OLAND , / 1.0031115 s Attorney at Law. of-
I . tA Ith ...zrre I .1. nr. 5.1114141.. apqlr_
John F. JruuturA, Jac W. Hallman.
/ 10 AF, 11AILMAN &CO, Alataufaeturrre
\I Currsk, I:op and Ailes, A' 0. and epring
and deo," n Coed] Tramniny of every dr.
0. tunaufuetoty on SL. Clair et. Warehouse 43
.2yyd_.l.r_tTLCbartreliotel jaa_stl
N.N l; ITATI & lIONNER. hole•ate Go,
IVI rOrstrnir , an and Forwarding AlesehOn l s,
deal , to - Prod.. c and pillibusan manufactures, No
144 1- .rerty Pm-4.ldb Md.
100 • 1,40,1 14 J. sscaatolii.
, • AUSSIN (cue awn to 11.
%Tholes/ale (Inman, Comuldminn
and lora Mee Aante, Destro , 111 . Produce and
Illttaburen lutes. 0.110 insert, between Wood
and tt2 Pa__ octl4
/ o FAO CO, Importer and wholesale and retail , rant y and Staple' V•tzely Goods, iign of
the (.‘o Chdol, 10- Market street, near Ltbeny, Pius
burg 1 . 11 • .
I 11. it, Prater on Produce and yanally
1./ t. terr, Liberty et, lanai 11001 . 10 eor
nes at -- 11-9 IT
J. liarrisan SenrelL
1) V fq LAW , IfAVELL, Attonmeye all Law,
• ,n,tl,:iod, bctweem 34 and 41h sta.
.1 fII tIAZse-I.TOS, Plbolosala Ci3ocer,
..a cast •. socond door fnum
/011,1 ttaanaar: .
(PINAL'es., UPIDILAAT, Wholesaki (Ira
EA cen, lirodnte and laburgh ruariulac•
mrc•, and Hand sta., Pittsburgh, Pa
• 11121 l. IBC.C.T.
IIENNETT, Uwe Entslitty
t'.. \ Itole.nle Gwen, Cotusamion nod
F01,,ra.0, NI, .• nod. Deafen InPloduee end
dur,..tur , v, No 77 Wood areel, bctween
Seeond nhd eeti
LEN(OIIT. Auorae7• at Law,
;Ateo tetoored a iew eoore nearer Groot street.
% ri,ilth Old Ronan. •phdlor
co :LW A %JD & RWARTZIN ~ ELDER A ttot
ii• t .it liave lettiored their Whew to the hamlet
a on it Fun Ito mt. of. l i etweeniCherry alley aad Grant
P It Friend. Gro Rtinp. June. Otooti.
N 0
lii E, RII & CO.. Whole...le Cowers.
own Collgant..,m -Merchants, and Ageonnfor thrghton
Oita. N 0..-7 K Kier and Im Front stn.,. Pius-
Lurch t frbe
L U 31E, ihaton Fate hlanufoetoror arel deal-
' • •rno Nltia•entl InStrUlAri.,lll. WOOll arreet, near
Fhb mehtO
laptsa 10.11,r71 i
ail 1.
& onioursion and Forwardtag
17 • fernhunta No Po Co. \yeterht. Pittsburgh. mare _
• PILL ABICIS SkILLICILS, Bracer. Comatne.ion
1.! Merchant and dealer to rtoduee, Coulage, Oda.
c. A,, No 17 I.l:•erty aL near Coital Hatto n Poteharet,
Pi 11 ttaium, ,eh, Manilla Rope, ke, always oat
hand. lay-21)
11.•EATO h, Dealer at Gloves. Hosiery, •04
1 1 . • Fattoy Kid niaple'rriotainage, WI Market urre p9 t,
Pratt, get
61.01. 1.1011.0•31. WATT...MAN ears Z.
I 1 1.:0ROE MORGAN di CO:,105 Wliotesida Uta
h./ and Conaitirsion More hams, Wood wort
Piit-.urith Pa .01
(!EO. A. BE IVRY Wbaltwale Grocer and Com-
V filia.o.l hlercliant,and Denier in Produce and
Psitta fa
urah Manuctures. No lii Wood at.,Pituburirb
tiro. W tl , Tllkt. _—l
Al. B. Brown.
UEI). W. •13.11.1T11 k: Co., Brewer.. Mai....
and desicr. o ,lops, Paisiairgh and Point Brew
r 1, -
i, Pat Penn and P sweets.
tOROE COCWtAN, Cot:miasma end For.
Merchant, No. W odstreehritisbarzth
inn; /7
ILL re. BROWSE, tweet.... to Boldanm
H N. Browned Imponera
,Wa manfseSoen ai
rsper and General.rapa
wee:. Pittaturen. 'Mgr
ra Y ere S i ' al rot, near tg. I[m A :einel bes'in''' reutt,CZ;:
Li Manufacturer. Paint &Oil Maxima, mil Mis
sr. una rebll , I
I SA 1.111 DICKEY //,. Co, W !Wawa litocens.
Commission Morahan. and dealers in YOditea, Ni.
and le"! From atreeta, Ibtoburgh. novb!
OSILPFI, KNOX, Allot.) . at Law, Pittsburgh,
.1 In., harresnirted We practise of has profession In.
h... ogles No 7, ilatcarell's Buildings, (Irani ...ITTLDT .
cup , ...1 during Lis absence by 1. Ingham end /•:.
Cit•,•tio. AM/Lsnfl
101 IN D. DIWROAN, Wholesale Druggist. and
Jaraier in 13)e Snuffs, Pamu, Oils, Vanuatu., ae.
No I) g Wood 4..1, tow dow Soul/so/Dian/and Al Day,
A.,LICS HAGAR, Ja. It Co.. [softeners to Jomplt
el G. Uav,.l Slop Water se ant ,
TGIIN BLEILLOIt, Wholesale and Petal! deed-,
Jes . ill Music...sod Mosiesd Instrumento, School 800
Pape, Slater, Steel Pros. quills. PrintarsVCards, add
Smuonery generally. No. hl Wood at, Pittsburgh. ,
Irs - Haes Imagist or taken m node.
SCIICSON:OAKF:II & CO. asbolemle Droes
al . adds. No. al Wood st. Patsburstsdp 15
LOOP:Pig JOILDA -a &71303. Commission and
J FOramrdsog Members., No 13 Libenydo, (*prole
.torestield 14
L.. GNI:LATIN, Attorney ai Ogee
Ito .t, betweett o mud Sotabactd, moth sld),
Psoshorgls. Pa. th",ti on. ottrod promptly to hostori ,
'mho ...Ltastrosia malt-1y
~,d Wood .trot..
1011 N C. ViOnhillgLL, Ag Wholculle Ora,
at re, and Cr05,..... , 01s Misch a / 1 u Water street, tad
door above the Pl..r LtrAC,
tErlron, Na:., manoramorere Pries&
rtittlef. and
. (11. Alcoa, 113
o.c6Ange Wok,
eilemilane• Ilotri
. SW:Curretly
101111 F 081 K
Nice, Piit.bu
Na L L.6-rty
John Floyd Richard floyll.
JuK It. FLO D.11. 1 c J.FlopJ & Co.)
• No. 01 Lamly rlnza., • naps}
Al9llOl 13A1S.ELL, Wholeaate Groom Conm
al 000 Nlerc t 13211. and dew .4 . 10 Noduce and Pittsburg
samearturem No 21 Walnr rl. Pitollurgh. Stale
K S. WAT 1111 AN. Wholesale iinneer,: For
-14. e.t.a k 1 kloonoustios Merchant, Dante, to,
rals•burFl. Manni ,lure' and lhoduer, Noe. 31 Woo
and IN rom st
ILICWIS 11 TCUISON 49, Co., Whole
,j,,,• 7 F.. ,rimi•o, and Columns,. Merchant&
and dealer. iu 1-. I.hurah M tnesetures, af., No. 40
%Val, and 915 ,
Senry latthe John Shrputn..
AM - 911:1/-T t SIIIPTON, WholesaleCtonera,
L Foram& ote. 1.4 Commomiert Merchants, - Dealers
rroduee an 4 1 Luitatralt mannfaestres, N. 13 and
135 Wood st. Ehti. mod,
John hllllll. S t S. Ilushfletd. Jan:D. - WOW
/Vl . G o
31 1 ,1 o L o n g e n h U a " I ft 1
_ _ " ,Oro
M Allra airs. Nome), Wen. K Nioads
MAL.L.I9III k mmersion and Forarard;
.Alcrehn m,- not. W and Fronms,heniretll l o/
and Market. WA,
its 11714.11.11, IIUNTKX k Co, Wholenale
Ja 1. No. 1 1 m I.llorty N. • • lab
• • • • • • • •
.131. ce t a and Conn nttainn .terchanta,' Ne In Taal,
attoou Polohunth. P. ALIII,L
1\ A&COAD & KING. wholesale , and' 11a1
01 and Cap '7:maniac...era. and dealers In Panay
corner nfn'aod and Filth
and t)A Wh o ksairjooFers,',Dealerspi
I% T llOLltitit & lON. No di Market at m; see.
. ond door roan renter of Fourth, Deniers in Eon
ciao and Mille/1M Iltlls or F.sebaore, Certneston of
D r oosiu Dm/ Notes and Spook. ' .1
Dr Ca:Moroni mfrs n an shoriatipalortiot faroireti
oad iho rairad Nazi deteli
WILSON • co.; 18184888,18 Dry
Gonda Dente., Ne.B Wad stnet., Patabargh
.e. 73 & C.,
eutle Oteetri
&&& comnrimmetrne Forwardatederchult, No4I
It . I tr.w A r7 . i l tri l d 6 :l;;; A'' .l7:y e ' pftat . tegt:l4t
Coon Rot., • •aplftiam• •
1.. s and Coinanss;on merchants, No 1 deem! st,
Pinsburah. •
ICUARD T. LICECII, Jr., linpotiOr and
11. Dealer in foreign and Inonestie Baddleily•Hard.
ware. and Cot noire Trlnininip, oral! dont-Ns/ono, .No
•Iteel. Yill.herah.
& eared. 1r. , . gOetnion:
IMUC* & CO, Wt.lesala Orneeni,,Ciegunis
awn Merchant', 100 dealers In • Prodneeand
Pittsburgh Mina l'actu(es, Liberty it. opposite &OU T
held rt.. Pittsburgh. Pre • •
LILLTLD. arboleaalc and retail dealoi
Moan.., shoemakers , Tools and Plod.
mg& Tanners and Can Tool& and Tanner. No!
301 Wood st, Pittsburgh.
A. 51. Wa!petard. lio F S.,igar JAILED W. WOOOWELL,
comsll3sloN & ...01{... AR DING - SIERCIIA NTS N 11.8.1 'mato STREET, r is
near.l,l.. IN
E: W a • .. ALA RC:4.lnd splebilid-
II RA V k• 11 A It 1 , W A R E A N It . awortment of Pannier,
PITTSBURGH DIANUIPACI`VIIRS, •un.ilite ior Swami...,
IVCamel ßi'i V i a irl S .ll '. .. ' e:l7s ' are " ,f,7 " l:n 0 ' ,.. ' n7, li s o t. :l,: ' ,nit, la w ., eon ' , ' ,:;:i ' l ' l. " l " r t i m p ir r iTa l i t ;:l i m s ol ' e . 10 a '
wile 160,000 Ma a.-uned Sam! ~.. Itie presrin , Incli on hand,rannot he et " ;:ltrd by any
Naylar 1. Co's C0n,511.1.1111.5er n in, lii 11111.1 I• .. , IflailltllArloo 111 PIV wr.icrli country. Vernon. wishing
ROBERT 211001 LE, Wholesale Grocer, ReeDlY i Jmies fa quigsk , Am Blister npring vitt! rtlll ' lit purelinse n-ouiil ,In well by giVit gme a eon, . lum
„ ing Distiller, dealer in Produce, Pntaburgh 51snur i 'AS , d. , similes rind Fm.. i .lermiited my :pm. ohall plea., Part n( me stork
(Retorts, and all hinds of Foreign and Dornesite WIIIC3 I Coinage r.prine• and A V,: ,„„,,,,, m _
nal Ligon. ,Noll Liberty street, Pittsburgh. ! Anvils, 1m0... howl Vie., rpm., and common,- 511SORt• V;IIIII rla.hondllni.cloili envy.,
Olgo A nOtrialt?l n a I. \
' l l VniZe v , rl Lh ' ,7.7irtt so " ldT,Vo r , 1 ' V.`,dif.T,V3;,*:.'" ( .;',,11,1°,;,`„':;r„17, 2,10 t N.Ditigna) Nur. Ch..,
Ilea, Invons, ,
a ,,,h. , marZ.l-1 y' I Ilatinel . , ri, Clay and Coal Ine Is. 12 dos fins a/alms:my Cl.tors;
:tans m.Dingsnyßneking Choir, -
L. 0. Reynolds. — ...-.. 1. ~.,,tress , i Axel. Seytim., Fink(... Log Chun, f, e. A i,!. 12 ntslasste,) ~ ark Salia,
113 E s lirlSOLOP k lIIIICE, Forwardin g'nd . cum- I I EfT .' :r. 0 :!1 e j,,, 1 ,,T, , P ,:r;... , 7 . ~,:',.::,
50 h.a.,,: . , , ,, , , ; , , ,,(:,,, , : , .-:,
At mission Meteballl4 for the Allegheny /tater I rude. : ~,, .' '' ' ' IS inarl.l,ol, Ur, win,: Duteous,
. whin ,
~ pk.r tn....
dralef• ist Gmeenen. Produce, nuabur g h AlsusfacturtS , ' ' •
and Chloride °Chime. 1 C R Darien bower, J Renni.l.. S.ll. , k mush(,; me Work trinads,
The highest prices, in 'cash, plaid at All Lima for i CHARLES a 4 nAstenalowEat s .co. ' I. rh.....5, ‘‘ork Mailds, •
rOttIMY RR's. Cotner of Penn ood Irwin sm. jan23 i i TOBACCO Nlahemiy. klispie imo . and l'oplar Bedsteads of
11./ dm, , imions. ands large, of Common
LI C obacklett
. .r; R wp... ! CO.IIIIINB lON 1111IliCII A NIN, t'nrmlere ~,aeL.,,,,..,,„,„,,,,„ ..„,,,,,,,,,,
DOLIERT DAIZELL a Co., Vettolectir bro.
,11. ears, Commisroa and Forwarding tilerehunit, dea
lers In Produce and Pittsburgh Manufacture., Liberty
oyeet, Pnisb li
orth, Pa. tethl
; aost, 1001101. 1•11 . 1. 1. 1101111100.
n ROBISON & Co., Wholesale Cintweta. Pm-
IL. duo. and Commission Merchants, and Denims in
Pool omh Manufactures, No that Liberty •Irfel.1 . 111).
bomb. Pa. taut°
• • •
VIII&CKLETT & WHITE, Whole.a& Dra.
Leta to Foreign and tkaneatte Dry Good, Na
‘Vood Greet, Pauburgh
S& W. lIARBAIIOII, WoOl Merehanta.
• deal
er t a Rear and Ptrodude generally and Forward.
in; an Colanilaßun Illerehuaa, :D al bad street,
Diaalugh. Mal
SAIIVEL PALMER.. /mental a' 1.. w. Other
Breed's aa Fauna greet. between
;Waal and Smithfield. nor3d&wlv
T c f .. RILEN AB.RETT. Muntfacturerof Van
ing:d Toilet Roar Ws. inter. and Summer
pressed Laid OP, fr.e. No 17 Ptah at, between Wood
and Market sts: Pittsburgh. Pa. • oc:11
, I•JvOntoccra s'orwarding and Conunimion . Merchmus,
ilvalens Patvburgb bianufacturts until\ kotem Pro
slums, !lava mai:wed to Weir new warehouse..(old Mandl
;Net St, corner of Frontn and Chancery Lane. nov7
CA/1117EL Et. Halaft. Torm,
Produarduag and Comotts
'l.,Merchant, Dealer in Salt and r
burgh manufactured atttcle.i, Canal Davin, firm rib st.
_ _
N. N. wicKunsnem, Dealer tu Sords, Moor
cr., Fruit Tree., end Aplcultutal Ika,p:otornt., No
I of Wood street l'imbuogh. - reb2
TAIIIIIGT lIIESIT—W bole. le Genera •S.
Commiecon fklerchania. and dean,* In l'nninve
No 33 Wood xtieet. PittiOntegb.
uvads, eatnetof Wood anti Foatib ..treoLo JO;
T I' FoMds. • J Fur,yth.
rr P. FORSYTH. & Co, Commas.. Alc4hatr,
. dealers in Salt, Inmbrr, Groceries, Prbiluce and
Pittsburgh Manufactures, Canal 11.iti,1414cly.strret,
t C_LAu_g t ••febl,r
n. nrzcx. DAVID CANDLE.
ConanthOon Merchant, dealers in Iron, Na lila,
Cotton Yarns and Pittsburgh hlannfacture• generally.
cornered' Wood and Wat,r els, Pinsberah.
x B..IIURPLIY invites th e ladies to call and
V . rearainto him etock of French Worked Collars,
uncle as lore as OS rent.. .tneld3
ws. , ,
. — CotnroTa;tign itt - e - rit e h tin ' t. - antf ' kte F t7t t tr w irl' n ettl ' r d e
and Pittatturgh Manufacture, rorncr of Water awl
senttltfittld na Patt.l.orah. Pa. 2,05
VWILITMORF. & WOLFF , Imp ort er. and
Wholesale Dealers In i Jaen, Cutlery. Sad
dlery. ke, career I, /F
berty and :st. Chia atteets,
Lurgh. _
WIC GLENN, lioaktnnde, he. ~,,ed
VW an.l Thad PIA, al,ove I . li Kay,
where ttc ts prepared In do every de..npnu,s ui Kuhn',
and Binding. W. 3
W av
sor and furnol,
. ingenabLsesac., No. Lamely met. ne Oar
' mann
lAT ar,, n. MITCIIELTREE, Wholesale Gm
. and Wtoo and Liquor
111, . .11 Lawn) sue., loppostie Szth
II 0. D. ROBINSON, Amireey at
VI . removed hi. office to the Eichenee
Mt vet, Drat door to .i.lldes man Johii..
malam . .
GAJAILABLD, Dealer ih num)
. Dry Goal.: No Market mreet, rittalmrich
r ILLLISLEIS s DILWOH.TII..,from burnt
Distriet.i Wholesale Groceis.are now loeesed at
N•• 118 Wood et. where they offer for yule e large
Mof Groeenesand Pittsburgh Manufactures, et low
and so favorable terms ,• ouryli
i • W. WlLSONy.Deafei to Welshes, rewefry,
I V . Silver Ware, httlitary Goods, ke, No. t 7 Me,
ket Street nnv:
\; - 11 1 7 -- aZDIVILPLiIit, wholesale. and rvtati dealen in
.Forcian and Domeene Dry Goode. norhca.leor-
IXIDL F. IR.Wall , e11e... hay ne,p.irenn.e.t die
VT Drag Stereo( Edger Thorn, corner of Pen . , and
llnn,i wreete. will Keep a constant aupply of the be , q
medicines, perfumery, B.e.
Phyaiciay's prewripiloce easefully compounded.—
Medicines eon be hod al all Lours of the night.
A M Wallmsford. John F Singer.
A. Co., Comm:scon and For•
Awarding Merrhams, Second. oar Wood trret,
Pin.hurgh. Pa. fei.
T Pinataitithr Pa, i.orrimisaiouer to take the a,
knowledgment and ginxii of Ikeda, Lower., Contracts.
Depoititiona, or any tithe, writing lona, real °maid io
he used or retarded in the Elate of Ohio. Otte on
• Fifth strem, near Smithfield. C r 'olleming, agen.
men and other busmen attended to with punctuality
. -
13 , 1Pells & :Semple, Wgn Croylm.g.
UA Falgueslock & Co, John 11... r, , , ,, L-c,,
Graf, Lindsay & Co, Join Wrtglz,,
James McCully, EN, Mal. %Ydh. Larins,r.
No. 114 Liberty .1, mui 53 Diamond btley,
prrrsuußGll, PA.
-- -
Baftken, Paden M Ezehantr, Bond Novi and Core,
Comer of Third and Ward street.,
to:MO-dry , Pittsburgh Pa._
111 W Wininom Wto. M Shot.
(Successor lo 104,11* IMUOtoon
Xi-Offlico Nori aide of Fourth in, Mauve atuahlSehL-00
febOdk.slyF . .
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Las, CINCINNATI.
OHIO. colleen°. in Sombetn Ohioland in Indiana
and in Renlucky, promptly and carefully attended to.
REFER TO—llon. Richard Riddle, %Yin Bell & Pon,
C bllKaight,Chorch & Carothers , NM Has,
East., JIM. P. ?Imam Wil lon k & Davis. JrN
Viires Washburn. George - .U. June.
.VIVOOLEZI•LE Orocem and pesters lst Oils float
T a lane... Lad Pittsburgh M•nuiacturd articles. have
i on hand at all lime. a NII and general imonnicui of
goods ln their line, %'nler 1104,1, near Merry Alley,
I.Piitsbargh. laoll
5r0cKT0580.'4 4 4 11444
<I manufacißters, ' No. 44'14alliz
TOR Tat ILL! Of i
liken She Wanebouse facrocrly oceopied ny
M. S. alloy & C.
Water , wear Evan's Steam 31111 r,
Will keep on hand • fall pply of all ones of Boiler
Iron .3.1 Heads, Floe and Fire-Red Iron, made from
hisburAmi•lo Womanwhich will be aold,m knorm
market nu.. l'Agum On Were and others, are in• lmd
0 ec 1 . and examine his sleek. Orden promptly nt•
e need tn.
flook Store, Vb,
of 'Look. and Sta.nery. ..apl62
Ti ( Noel lionkern and Es
corner o andlltird oniele4,
tildttv,) li.tturbugtb;,Plt. at tbe toitul MeV itgt
Wbolcsak Grocer, !Wake itt Prtit
itts,turith.laei 1.
Tam ix M TOWIIIEND s Eh again and Apothe
m' tan, No 41 at, nude doors abo*d Thud
Pinthorshi will have conotantly on hand a Well fitter,
odILIAC/dor the Loot & leiltritlem winch
hd will sell on the 0304 t. reagent.. ten.. Pin Mats.
scodinit.nders will Lei prouthil, attended to, and Cal--
plied with 'nights:hey may rely upon at genuine.
tErPhywtano t Pr...notions arta be areurandy and
nemly prepartd (rim tint lie•I materna., at .y hour of
the day or welt
MILO for sale, a large stork of freak and good NW,
ii•SON, Waech Maker e. Jeweller.
~♦ cotter 4 . 1 l i t
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J. G. W. LEFTWICH & CO., 1 It Ilmrt,,, .1 Arne , II Itarr
lON•EIVIND, Wit II & tit tINt.. , John I.&Vrtl• J,,la. Lover) & Son
' And C o ma, on Plerchante, I rci, n•l. n Itfilitle .k.
PLAQUE:MI:SR, 1.0. 'I lionta• 1 'elle, I legit II Wallace l
DA ItTICULA It ant tt , ,,,,, tea .I :,, con•.4otaent. of ' r f i t e„t I ti t, itentstt h. NlV.ell.tod
I Sugar Millr. Ear,itte•, or du., art , ,, , .. for Opelot,,, .rued IN •;:ave Maw. Itylluck
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IIF.F1:11 To—Nitor. Sheffield,: I..ehllow. 111 I,r•- i For Ffifilae .th male aod uell Ile. above guava..
mat Lanerock; New Or'eart-. nitinN to ' ' EDE.NEZI:It F tIAZZANI,
Mesa". Lorton& Ilettenun. Mr I. Si !hen,. I.°, I &TN I Patentee
'settle I 0 ATENTI P/1.8.1114 BRICK RACIIINIr.
•Aleinr. Pall & Speer. SiH I , at Co Leary. Ilte,ett i ~ ~,,,, , ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,v , ,,,.„,,,,, ~. m„, ,
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LIBERAI. advance: 010.1 t. on ~,te.g., of eon "tos eet , a.r. •It„I .......,..truete'rt 11,0 . 1 Aran 10 tales to
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N. B. All prattler C011 , •(111 - 11 to to , ,• rosund N.,en eotuteeted wah It to all who may Call. We hart at
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or in our more in Philadelp&a. C. II & Co ' tx,!l promptly attended to
ISB , RTEBS or AND WIIrtI.I:SA LE DEALER. XTENSI I'll.. N I,••nd lad utptoved during the ram
IN HARDWARE, CU I TI.EItT, &c. 4 two yea, I by tfid pt , a ,- 4 , 11 'v, Inartufit.fiorie•in
No. 1,, Wood S . oh , - we," t, ,0u, ,, ,. tool throughout Me tolerate of
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of "mane. Nlanulantu•e.. and hotillre. hod In ,'„„ ,„ fuse duo ,. m st,
receiving and forwardy, conal,p.od Ins 1
aid n nTs; do!:r 6 lii ' , Lyn , : Trs Stare.
care. As Arent lor the ' NI mil...tutor, c wilt i...ortnient rso:r y Con r".c.uonary.
constantly supplied 'wilt, thy prtnripi, .uncle. of &e. • bel.h on ClItIlilt•z y day, a:long. - Ich
Vtitshurgii Manufacture at the lowest wholesale fuhumng
pie.. Orders and consignmenLi Jr.. respectfully :
Pa•try . ,p.m,c-• 1 , 4: Pepper Nuts;
solicited. • • / 1 11•411•• •I. Cal.,
„„ ,„,
. . _
... . . ...
. . • - ... • •.. • .
U. F. CONIX AV a co. .
F. dre; Cake: A. 1".; ' -..terrr .1.... 1:.l'el, Ulu, CogIOIO-Ogrg and Fe, o or.l.tre . o r d.,. f o r Ile, Coraria. Jetty, llrttle.' t7al., Fen,
1. Merrhani, aud Prodare Iteater..—ut-0u.ter.0...1,., . - o :v; A t ., ~, , ex..roty.i .I, o ma ggiler WV,
P Sate and! , otroneut or 1,,, loot, Coat. . 0 ~,,,,,, , b ~,,i; .„d ~..b , y by ab y ~,,, ror l o pri o ,
11.1,11. To. men: to Mitt el,
Atwood, Jone• tr. Co t 11.nw,. Batley ACo Fretth Dorm. The., 1.1,6, Ar . room:factored eolely
Laren.. Sterling & Co Derry _Fret! • from W tote Wheat Hour, end tree ,routte:ltlrmrs.evr.y
Greif, Lindsey ACo I , I: cell A. CO , rigOng OM ' optl ANDREWS
Lyon Short, t
h Co Clark.. A (thaw SKATING ' CREAM—P/110E lIEBUCED
inaelOdt, etnroteMow.. -
' lO. 0:11Ito.ti no,, Shove whor Shared hero:,
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. Jons F. PEERY. . AIA tho•ff d.ho 4. iv- ...hove now Straw no. more.
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Merchant, ~,,,,, 0, nit v,..,0 have tried 0 portgOrner. It Me re,:
nICALEIL trt , nil ittmia 01 Coo no. Pr-rattle, Cop. It'eo.•nt ti n, oraratrtont 11.01 he
havirver uod: ru
.I_, pro, Ti,,. T o , ri„,,,,, i.,,,,,,,, ~,,,, z.„,..i.,,,,, . ordemoprere,ll waittn me reoeh cd all. I have 'enured Sheet Iron, Iron and No 1, I, Itre loud, ' Me Vire lowt , trto& to ado , len 0rP , ...” 1 ‘ , to ever/ .
D)e t‘talls. Cotton Varna s., 1. Ar anti Ittrot turzls [ter , . . O. I Y tt o or' , 'oo , P. , . t ot 51,..0w"- no.
N(anufo ore. general, ._ettrorr u; I.tlo-r ty hod learnt "troth.. Yr. •rt so. w.`tt rot o 'tvn . ...rt.." ttlte^e• on
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rigtonent• at l'rodure. he :11,3 r • WIII Igr Plumed. 5Tr.1.111 , .N walla:Fr
Iroo r'tt) 1.10 Ull rhttror) and Furry SO., Wort,
AUCTIONEERS 11t12 t .ith .i. °pont hr Iron Cnv line(
Ilardvaare Cutlery, Saddlery, se.
I M pot - I:it AND DEALER to,Foretro att.' Danhtpe
" ALEXANDER LEVY Ac BILL)8. .- 1 .tt 1100.airot , teout.l rertorttrfolt, !Immo Ina fro.ndrt
CI IVO I N NAT I e. ST. LOUIS , ':',', ' , ' ,t''','„,", ` , " ' ` ,f,r " ;;;;7, ' , 1 ,2:',;,.,, ' ,71,:,„ ` , ' , ' ,, '' ,V, ' , ',.'',
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Alerchandroe et the !over, rate, of Chump...ton. and ,
~,, „,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!
." . 1... Y . P r q'' ..1 W ."` ... k.... " . Tb ` '''''. 0, ' Ile Ill ,wit tot 'continually reetavron ((tett eonitlt;ed ,, r'
''''''..'" r oe n. ii "."'"'' l ''''' . ''''' L ' 1 ..'' ' front 111 c Nlareunacturerir in-Komp., trod Ow ruoniry,,
et thee Don ,. wtH hY Ittomltr l ) attended ttt. I, ' O,l Y I wh.rh writ Frraltle tom to'compr re tetth arty egmbl 0.
JOHN M.'IIICHA HOS, meta, maw, Flat or Wen. .
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COMMISSION MERCHANT, ' I .._•Ltoett “eatrr_Orrrehot'r , thkewite o
NO. :10 WcATER ,T F. ovi., , ITY. 17111'..51•01lit: , , Copartnership.
BALTISIOILE, , iAry the t radero,or.l. he, entered into Copartner.
ULTINIIDW (awry, (Otto. Ware, Dried trot, Ile,. . , . 1, 1 1 rol the l'a'Po'n of leentartroK t a. Feodnee.
l'' V wax, and Country. l'rodner Goon...sort and Forwardorelort , tora, goolrl the .gy.e
Adranera rondo on conaientnent• Swhfaelory , ref.:l 0 . 0 0111.7 M, Id el/I ( F.W a Co.,
• red have Olken the swarehthoo. No 0 Corame.eiol Row.
'''''"!' '''''` . " l4 'lh..."Vs.''' n '''' ' " Pl 7 ' . 1.,,,i) Amer. fordotrly re:emoted It) Mr WII Pottcy—
Ourea 01113,114.03. ` g • .'• 0. '"” ... '"' ' oh., r all Igio•ncgot en :roared ro oar chant , wtt , he
! poor ,pgly rood No/Alt, attend. d to
COMMISSION MERCHANTS MORRIS lIIIIINI. forrn.trly .4 1...11.1,11.1,t%
And Manafactsrera of Linseed Oil, . TM tti I: NIer.REIV. - Siii.thfreld. Ont.
No. 2iiiroh,mbio Street, : risOLl:v II McGREW,-
CINcrNNATI, 01110. ' I... '' . " o'. '" urh ''', 1,4'. metal
r:1,1211 rLID run rt.k . z.nn..o)
1 .
11 1 kIIOR, tow dozen here., edtrtuot o 0 I larrehmo '
i eePilf , lY_ ;ad Ilrt,tol'i Morreol Reg on- aevompanted by the mar
WALLINUFOILD A CO., ' ,/the In ,0 rhootry; tool location of (
( very
COMMISSION A FOR WA it 11l No i MEIWIIA VI s. 1 Itt , 'n , 000 e 101,1 r.1” 1 . 1 . I ^ , k a 01l the mtmor on'.
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nEALERS or l'aratturgh :.,14.tra Ito rune. hod Ilea vv ' re), Imp 111 , . nil nil the hthOoteal Triot
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jle, fare,proot sores, anett, a...ea 'n.04.111.1,4: tottrow•, 1 . HAN'S h 111:00R WAY. Dreegit'l''
1 sledge•Ohe . hr. ,„,,,,.., nitz4l on . , No 2 1.11,11.11 ere n I row liberty 0
MALCOLM 1.11111. .1.111,11 n. 1..1.( 11.
- '-.
, 0111.415. DIMES, '-
MALCOLM LIEFCII a SON, Vc?.. :' ,.., '(j 1 ) V,S t i ' d . u " „N ' l= l l .' Z ' i l a e . ' in . ..l .‘ i. ,‘. .. V l ,
1 1 4 4 .7,,,', 1 1LTiTL . , t x . i ' ,. " ,,',„ " r. ,„ ' ,! 1 .7,,, 1 ,7,. ' , ' . “ , " ;,..„ r !.',, e ., ". .7. 1 , :.,,,,camii on 1.00.1 1i,,,c., 1..,,,....., Olt, .11y.t..tutl.
Country Produce, Copper, Tot, Tot Ittat•-• 1 totter , I ' S t..., „ „,i
.., .
Tool.; Into end Nall, lore, 11 oil , 1,1,1. lii.' Stun, • ' ''9 tt't t.o. • lo• ...rtltront• r.r"rfo l :),Ytorn . ...rOti
Ruore Sheet Iron. 1,0,1, Canon Yarn, Sat, Cr,. ; '' r"tt tb^ t l '.. , nom ., 'eot• or on , lam, of the
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Pro•horgit 31101, Olio' , go.TO, Cry No• .11. tr.. hod .41 , ”, 0 ;' A , l r. ' ,' ",",, " "" r' '' . %.. ' P ' .. ," . "; 1111 , 1 ' ' ',.‘„ . ',l
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Ptamorgh, l'a . 1te..0 Inr ttohli.
.._ r°tOr I ._
1 Liberal advance, in 1041 i 01 g0...ti•.11.3.1e na rim Tea, C. v. Fruit - and Provlslon siture.
t ttlgnmente of produce, Art . hr. nothln i WIItrI,KAALE 0011 111:1'011.
ItNi A YIIN Itr I, N otgaltl OrAperlroglly tortoni htit
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, , B old frtetul• ..I d the publtr generally, Mar he Ito•
For the !ae or P ( :norms vs., ort) , .... t .thot romint t0....1 Ito -tin, .11 Ole abr....1,0..10, next
I I'll I I. A DEP II 1 AA. 1 door to In, old . and. where he hone, by keelnna a
11.7 . 1.11teral advarrt e• HOW, Ogg g goltg•Vgo ,lo - , .11 . "Pl•') "I Mid ...He, 4.ltote low for ; nil, nod pal
Phil da Preen:het T.! chtor l ona otter alternator to hot patron., to ['tern a rthore or
t t o . gall Ora, • r0tt1,2 , 1
, 0. W. PLATIIP.Ws. , A. T. 1,1,11. ! 1 ...Y. ' 1 -
• C 0 MAKI SA 11l N 61E DC HA 1 TN, 1 I t,I'SE.: SIGN AND DEconATlvi.: pAiNrEtt._
. 1.1, GLAZIER AND PATER lIANtil:l2, t• now lot
' No. IS Water S ' ~,,,-.1 to uti.b.rto kr the above Itomotit.r. In all tot yhromot
-- - ' -- - --- -----•
' Si*. LOUIS, MO. brohrin, nrol warrant. to tyre .I.• , .hrelieu to .-r)
MID par purbenlar an - etyma to thr .elbor: of Pr.' i...pert ablaut, SianJard Buttner, I'lue.. &e •
. pat,
due, and A order. tur parehaana ...1 io oohs Odd Cribs,: and \lassoe apron. 010 a).
Rota 7.o—tiOoW. Mown & l'o . Pioabureb, Po. ;bo h - sol., Imitation. of pood. and marble. done to a
oiall . i ' •i• 11,1111
• I: rs,e.ot t.ll kind.. done at tl, ol.orle.t untie,
J,.h.t Nl , u:.nugh. 1 1'iCe....14:111. C Dealt,rn.on. I I No al Si Clair n. lb:Wagh Pa
Corr/Mimi. and Pihiarding Merrhardx, ' P AG S WANTED.
NOS. 99,& 951;01 iTII ST. Lits COUNI•Hv mlxEi) IiAUS worms],
fur who.h the highest ',nee 40 CA till 000 be
I•ii171v• HOWLING'S IVII a RV. Eloklatunore ' 1( . 1I j ,000
..,.. . . . . .-- _
TOOL J. GAMMON, 6 Co. Alanys... ht al every 61.,.eilplion of Wntir a and
CONIMISsIoN MERCH A NTs, ,V,uppinge Pap, al d Chloride Lime
No ' B "' d 9 Li1 1:2,7 . 1,1mm", . Illeh i , f/f Of I' Proo and Irwin Am I , ...b.irrth
11 — „EComl, advances wsll br made on camp:mei. In , LKILICSIIIP WANTED—For A Mit nom h
bet above midi, .1,1,y % . 1 ark; In yrnm at um a saw..wa in seine rropeei
name! I y CAILSON & MeIC NIG lII', Sis;l, Colurocretal 4.7.(nhitelunent in Me fitT M 0 O.
liEO. 13. MILTENBEIWEII, the de3,re id 1,.• imrenb , ilmt be should deriture,nloow.
I mire of bli•mm. n am it renameralion venni,' °ley be
F. 7 Y. A M It 0A T Ar;F. N T .rrnit,re4 Mr Ine'first year, Ileirrenre may be had M
COMMISSION it FORWARDING MERCHANT, : hilumnf 6mette. ;lia
soKI9 Office. Nu 50 Wnter Street, I . ...burgh l'ik. „
~.- ~ nivoturEits , and Dente,
11l liartiwarr. t'unem, and
, .
!,,ii..,,,, ..•. Saddlery, No 5u 'Wood mire,
r .
..!.., (.... three dams slormr St Charle.
~ ... , - lirM i. PombuMb Po."
MO NO NO All EI,A 110 U SE.
PHOburgh, P►. j
• • !IT' , IG.
11 A. FA UN ESTOCK Co s. I . 'OLD PENS—A lame variety of Gold Eco., of
.11-111• LEAD WORKS.—The undersigned have
completed their new work', located On the b ink 01 ! err -Inman, the lawyer. the merchant and every dare
the river chore the• Aqueduct, In Allegheny eit.V„' amen requa,na n durilde, uniform and commercial
°ppm. PAW:iamb, for the manufacture el a sup.- pen. eunibe rutted Their elnoi , eny ‘ a . m! .. "7 , priX.
or quality or white leml, both dry mid ground in give
. e . re r at
hrmutiful hair line, .t Iha p od
iii; also. red lead and litherage. Ilantig smiled ,
[lre. , pen. Cu'r nil wutrunted, and reline
thennelvesa of nll the recent improvements In im pr,r, „ • (laid
nixnuroqute. and erected thr borldinge ri
at•xertr , ! m r ,a ut si ta rt' etgi
!!! : " 41 , ,..,:: ! „ 4 1 '. . ! , •' ,.. i v w . " .. 1 , ' ,... !'1' . 1 . 1.. " (I:u itnecfl,arpi..u.zr;_,ho,n:en!
to almout-Inir extent: e vi t eehner, nom, laborers and buy. at diffeientager—
C 2 TOY& PA TTER ;IN YOH. SA I.&—Cale , 1 AI , ..o.trAAAA (or .eyorai ,
a. 3 I.l.i.te•r, ran,. Maker Allegheny (Ay 0.1 11s11. ' holc,Ac nareral Aood cook.
ha. ihe new., l'aocro. for sa,ae. nn hand ezther In 1 maid!. and ulnae , . . ,
wood ne Iron. IR111(a•allna and all tithrt palter," 111.1, All k , nda of A Itene , e. ...rd.) .o. gall al
to order. 'Tim!. 1
1 HARRIS'S Agency ,
• No al LAO at
OILS—SOO intim. 114.ach...1 a, m , F.., i ....5), •
1,0 , r , do :Valera i o,loged Spawn (01. F. H. EATON.
' KM do Illenghad W,nTer, : TFAIIER in TrTinmlng. end Variety Com!, Tortotse
''' .l ''' I. "' th ' ''" ``'` i .." i"' '" 1 " 1 1 .i I/ Thall. Ivory •Lnd i 0n,t,.. Woollen Yarn. end
myl9,_. , MCI 1.U.11 A. RICK 1.:I•aa Va , w,,,,,.da. Hanonr, Needles, P;or,-Tnima, Mani, Ac..
Nark. Sa between DiaulondAnd 4dl slaoci4
• J011ia ,, ,,10 , • exce a
ler. CREAM FIII . ...EZER i 7 - 21 . ...t ,
, a ., c ,, ci. , 1.: , 2 r 2 , , ,. ... r i co , c . ,.. i 1...N.7,11,,,0. t
~,,n , 7l%hia Ilote....Strandwas• and pr..... fansi• ' Blll2ollifl-150 do, Patna my'. Ralra Hilt:
1 , e., al • JOIIN DUNLAP DO doz. do CO cnon; for anla br
Noll market . .l . 7 /. -,,Aji J D WILLIAMS* 00
Tlikl Institution, under the rare of Rev. J. M
Gamma AND lanr. In winch all the solid and or
itantal brunches of Guilin d education are naught
Is a
n rm Open For the reception of mita at
No. 52, Ivens" Row. Liberty Street.
between 3d and ith creell. The taecond Sersion will
commence DU Monday the Rh of Fer-uary. and it r br a
important that 'arty who may dexign or
preaent a. far as pramirstile either before or at that
They have setatod the nerviedt or Profesoo
ROCK as leacher of Mow on dm Piano and Guitar,
whoiv too well known to need reeannneddation Also
the Metric,. of Mona CASIMIR LADIt Err, author on
. - .
- Chrebtotomilon de do I.ttcrature Francs." and other
volunlite broke ln hie native Inneunge. - Mona.
graduate of the olversoy and Normal Schaal
a rot, and panda high en a leached'. Thow who do .
sire toolown on accurate and thorough knowledge of
the French Longo:lee would do well to place thonoelves
utoler hos intonletlon
For tartar, arc Circular or apply to the Yrtocipal
'PIUS Inainution tt. but recently been opened under
the tuition of Mr. N. W. Metca¢ at the
Corner of Bandstaky .tad Strawberry sta.
The tercets which ha. thin far attended rho. Pc.h.l,
io at. esialshehtnent and progreaa, has frilly equalled the
expect:l.ns of to Inatructor and Proprietor. and war.
runt* the hope that he Will tie *ordained in hi. effort. to
muter it • druitable Institution for the C 11.... of
Young Ladle. In Allegheny and vicinity.
Thu First *cation of the neat Academic tear, will
C ommence on Monday, Fah My.
There ore yet law vacancies to be filled, but aulhe
norther of popes !nutted an early application it de.
aired, "For particular., relative to terntr,?sca eonsult
Mu-olio" or apply to the Instructor. feller(
VLIIABLE BOOKSw.Publiehed by J, A
S. U P Joules, Walnut street, between Fourth
and Ftrill.cincinnnti.
G. ... . .
uinn'. Gibbon-I'hr !near/ 01 :he decline and
fall of thel.lininan Empire By Edward ,thlibtan,
Earl A new Edition, renied and coirectedlhrnegb.
nut, preceded by • preface, and accompanied by
antra critical and hiitorical, relating principally to
the prepagation or Christianity: by M. F.' Gnaut,
Blintiter'of Public Inairuction for the kingdom or
France. The preface, notes and correction., trans.
lat. Bout the French expressly for Ibis edition
With a notice ill the late and diameter of Gibbon,
and Watson'. Reply to Gibbon. In 2 rola. imp.
8., 101.1 rage..
Napier'. Peninsula War—Compleic. I vol. imp
lint .3....1 pages.
IlillanCsiddle Agra, Chamber'. Rebellion in
Scotland, renson's Vtrginli and New England,
Kindle i eh and klnglah War in Antenna, and
Manny . ) A InCrienla 114101111.100. I •01 410.
Li rary ni American Iliatory--Cnntaining melee
bons from the beat audio,. on Anievican Illstory,
1 Biography, 'l' ravels, t :poor eren, Statistic., Indiana,
Revolutionary Battles. Ike. &e. the. Also, Anec•
dote., Poetry and Miscellaneou• article.. x fllo.tra
I led with more than LOU engravings. I rot, imp am
Gin pages.
. Universal Pictorial Library--Containing valuable
papers on various subjects, compliaing Natural
1 History, Natural Se loners, Agriculture, Rural Econ•
only, Biography. Fine Arts, the Orientals, Travel.,
I Geography, Botany, Miscrulanewin -reading, the.
&r. 1.1 imp :Ivo CAU pp. ro .I.p.
1 The Family Medical Library—A Treatise nn the
1 Prevention and t'one'd Disinter, by regimen and
simple medicines. New edition, revised .11 cola,
ged with the addition of a Vegetable M ateria Med.
ado. poisitina nut the virtues, preparations and dose.
of our omit valuahle native medical FILM., and an
outline of Anatomy and Physiology. Illuminated
with one hundred Flogravings, six of which me
colored. By J G Norwood, M D-116.4 page. Bro.
American Flower Garden—Adapted
to the United States; by Edward Sayer., Landscape
and Ornanaental Gardener. 1; mo, third edition,
revioed, enlaiged and illustrated.
I , Palmer. Oregon, Rocky Mountami, &e. &e.
Family Testalpert, uetavu, with and without
Polyglot noics.and Psalm in metre.
Rice, and l'ingree's Debate 'Barn's Works Lady
of the Cake. Lalla Rookh. More's Reivate (teen.
non. Juvenile Koala. Cheap edamn of various
work. in pamphlet form. meta!?
- - -
NIKO? BOOKS—The Rate DI:10G eiiiterii. Faith,
.1.11 Hope and Chanty.
I atm Leaven: or .t direction to 'heaven. By Rev
thorn. Attains. with an introdoetton by Rev. W *I.
Stowell. '
Mentor. of Miss Mory Jane Graham Ely Rev.
et. vlea Sedges, AI. , Author. of Outrun,. Min
:col, ht.
A Conci•e Si.irm of Tbrolony. on the lin,. of the
Vrehollt It Rev. hi•inoder ..411111/1 Fatter.
not, A r Al.
'Mo-fa:an 11,,40ry. comp rang biworical elkciebe. 01
the InJlan 1a.,: • drrer,ption of Amcriui.
lb an :wintry into Ulan' orqpn, and We ortging.n Antiq
the lathan
ILawry of the United Elates: wall otrpenp,x showing
enoneebon vrlth Europeau II tetoty. Iltstory of the
preSent tirttish Provoiree Ilientory of Meemo end
result by Alamos
The above Net received at the 11... k and' Paper more
of Liurr S ENt:1.1,41
57 nok.
..I Are the bound us beckeu.
• Where tlfe now the 'Wes I Chcrwhrtl!
Tie The Harp In The Arr.
Ile doeth ell Illing• well.
Dream. of ihept.
The Rose of Alebetnn.
Alary of Argyle. The &Lather.
We meet es mianerre.
Alldittughl !lour
• officres F.oneral. , The Old Cnorrh
0 ant
Moriong Star
Lindro do
Fu.ry uc
11 Pen er,de do
TLe , thos , d acid for itainl.y
mliJ J , I 7I ELLOR. fl wood al
treetvrtl un,l 101 rntel J RE:lll,4th wee,.
Oratu, a narrative of 0der:111..4 in the Routh Seal
Hy Holman Nieman. u u hot ofl'ypec.:'
Pte. and Second Vol* Life and Wralng. of %Ca -
In Mi.e b ra ' L. , t7t P v 4 c . rtl Alm the •arlie , t peeled
to the year of our Lord try
Sac. rd Phdooophy of lbe ttemona,lvole
I. .of of Entinent, celebrated 111 Ante .•
can Iltabary..
The roma of hstowledge under Jateuldea,
red by Anccdute , , with puritan.. reviard. Av.. by F.
Wayland. I) I)
l'alen'a Natural Theology. widt rupp'ementary
aertalion, kr.. ili
Iln.toreern!e• for Venal' ,
Set ipture II rrrr 11. y intrrestinr fart, nenlent..
and ancrddies, y T odd. Clte.trr neld. with an Irmo
ltuction by Rev I Todd, I) I).
That Chdcht Friend.
Aleet,a, cheap eda.n.
Geomelry. Elenwntr. of. and Von, Seet,,n, hy
co ot.
A. NI.
Story on the Con.toubon. •
Harper'. Fireanle L.totary. Ahre Guidon, mid A nhur
C081r.1 , 011. or. Firolly Physician: treating
nit ils th.cuse. of the C toted :nate.. WWI then spas.
ion, ap, s, cur, and ninins of ',invent:mina. common
.. 111 aurgL sn isy, a* frauturen,thslocations, An.
ins innongeantnml dionarn• of women and chit.
tirrii A dn.pcstoktnry tor plepornsg i - 411/1 l)
and ttg,i• I[llll, wineh
on- adde O d. a hoer anatomy and physiology of the hu
t hody stanotog. un remittal prsuriples, the eau,
and ‘qtre , of diara•es; an eSos) on IlYannse, on Ihf art
of uft•eivulg health without the. aid of medical, an
Amrsi,no Ma.coa Nlehroi punning a n t the virtue, ninf
dos,. at our sued. mal planw. lIV Jonsei Phl •
oir 130 V541.411114111/11. lunacO 1 ,
yof .•1 . 1 tal lit,
Minnrentoed:e..torg-d, l and very ronsideroht, on
,onina,na n or ottle tis Il ydsopai hy. Ilat o.
iolltly.alsei the Therm ..l II gy•lcus Just ore vett
and on sale by JOIINr.noN t errocivro
myln ..orner llsobcjoud,.:ll !in
1300 E, .PAPlClCe.e—Tirgliteci. 11111 C 11;i of
Walk, Paper and t‘tanonary, conatoloK of 011 the
darrent Linda of hook* u.ed sa Public . !?chouls; clam
ant 6.6 it of 01l kinds; a arras varory al top wining
und ushers ahohing to purchase. will find
I complete swam ...In aviary agnate generally kept
sn hnok von.. arnich we will sell-linv fur rush, of MI
csettonge 'or toe.
of the A oprlcan Sunday
Fclinnl Union. a n d the American Tract Sammy, nlvra,
on hood and for rule at the Soriety , sprsera
,yl'l mos het street
I~E WORK—In Prcits—llistery of Ales n.
11 on, her Ciro Wars and Colonial and Iterate
Annalo, froni the penod of (lie Spameh
Conquest, 1310. to the present tone, lore; including
an account LI the Existing War. with the United
States, its Cause* end Military Achievement.. By
Philip Youi.g, Id U. JA &UP JAMBS,o
009 Pulthshers
IV KW MUSIC BOOK—Pamphlet Form.
I —The eludeon: n choice selection of Songs,
IMetts, Quartetni, Rounds, Waltzer, and Marche.;
will, a History' of Music: Illustrated with newer.
entice:tracings. I esperiai iiciavo. (rice's cent.
Published and for sale by JA &U P JAM '.S,
Walnut .{rent, bet. Fourth and Fifth.
Cincinnati, March .19, 1847
HENRY KLKUER, Msler In eAttent Piano Fortes,
ot J W ‘V ondwelre,tio. 145 Street. The
wig. may I,e ea a oinrdot ell boors nnd'the rohecrt
her will Le there Itam It m IS. A. M and Imo 4to 3.
1.. M ea.ch4Joy. PtioirTg, October 'V, WI
. We, the undemlgned, Would intorm the citizen. of
Pitt.litogh and vicinity that we have appointed Alr.
sole Agent for Wc.tern Pennsylvania, or the
.ale of our Piann P.m.. from whom they may he olc
tamed at our own [New York] once..
New York. net. 1.1616-oceAtif
URT Reeeivid wid•epened by the enbeenher, the
J fulinalog era, Ihastoe: 7 —
Y O '
ne elrgent Rosewood, aware Piano Forte ; [French
One elegant Rosettroted,l4 0.8•0 Plllllo Forte, with
saran! Ger Tablote—a splendid Inetrument.
Also one arty toad second bend Plano, mode by
lout k Co, rlideda 11F.SIt1 KI.1:11ER
rerlat4. at 4 W Woody/tell,. ed:rbled et
A LABGE: and oplendid esoci .n rtm . ent
of neabop,anyontleolcurcei U.
ranoe with metallic (ere
with at the . lalgifino ' rovem ' ems which for durability.
lone and unveil are wearittited to Le e q ual to any made
in the country. For sole iper for cosh ot .
A 40D141,1111 CIIIVALRY , of the Adventure* of.
I Captain Ferree. and Teague 04teran; by If II
flreelrfearidge. weend Odition since the author'. death,
with a biographical notice, e. critical disqui. Wan on tie
work. end explanatory note., with illuairanous from
onefnel dnaiXns by parley, hound le cloth and odder.
tot of Market w BdN
E 1 S
.- &ARO E N
CLEM AN. II ALLOIAN, &Co., having emapleted
their New worts, are now prorated tortimmfae.
tete every description or Coach and Ulric springs'
Iron axle., American Blister, spring rout Women &yet -
and allsmes of mall 1.4.1,11r0 mud: round Iron. which
they oder tot aple on liberal terms, of their Wanhous.
N 0.43 Wood swell whew, they also keep MI hand s'
complete and handsome •Wortment or Coach trim
mings, Carriage hardware, malleable castings, Nail,
and Iran,
C. 11. Aron, have made' arrangement , with Moss.
Day & Crone, mannfacturers or Shovels, Sp eds.!
Fork, &c., and will keep cona
tantly on hand
i t
article made hr them. Dealer. are respectfully
cited to cu thee prices and terms w ill I.e made
Dissolution. -
TIIE Parole'slop heretofore existing under the firm
of 51..he11, Bradley, & was dissolved on the
sth instant by mutest! consent. The basin.. of the
talcums will he settled it Marshall. W. 11.00 h Me •
rill.: business of the alutee Foundry will he condo
ecLky_the subscribers under the firm of !la 'shall
Wallace** Co, tu oil its various branches. via:
• . .
Iloilo." Ware Mill Gearing
Moves and Ssove Plates Light & Heavy Mach's;
Wagon Coxes k:ngines
Grates &Sad Irons Engine Gassings
Ploughs Plough Cutigs, tee Ac.
Made of the but material, and at the I*eei prives
Purchasers are Invited to call end examine nur Stock
at the Vl at [11011•C in Liberty street SI, neat the
head of Wood street. JAMF-4 MA RSI I A LL
_Pirr•Antan, P•.
JO It DI Wlt.lo /IT dt. 00
k RE prepared 111 built/ Cotton and Woollen Mocha,-
21. cry' oftvery description such I.—Carding
coiner,Spi Frames Speeders, Dray Frames,
Itniloray Wail.. Warner., Torino ~Spooi • Ilreaslng
Froure, Istorn., Card Booster.. Kr.. tVintiant loot
Banfong tun erl.all rises of Ca.l Bon, Polio, and
Hangers. or the late,. panern., .tide and hand Lathe..
and took or unkind.
Cationea of entry description furnt,herl on than no•
tire. Pattern, rouge inwrier fur Mill Iteariii. Iron
nolinat, a e Stearn Pipe for heating F'aetorirst COM
Iron Window earla, mint fancy Croons* geneiall,
thee. len or .the Warehouse of J. Palmer di Co., l.tie
rely orert,',v 111 hove Prompt &newton.
- • 1t,,,. to
Blaektnoek. Bell & Co., J K Alunthead & Co..
Warner, Julio login Jr Pons; Plu,bursh.
li C & .1 II Werner; Sieubenvillr. jauln,
. . . _
Furnikun Warehouse.
:LASS hIANUFACTI.:I L tFIiI. Rad faney
‘l, No BM Wood wicei, near
Fitt!, Piti.liurg . Pet ; Wholesale apt Retail:
Crigligh an French Engraving.,
Japanned Waiter. and Pram
Legating Glos. Plates, by the box or ..ogle Intbt;
Tattle CuPery;
Picture Wass of a:I Sixes;
Britannia Tea Ware. in wits or .ingle pieces;
Portrait and Motto., Franc.;
Fire Iran. and Fenders;
Mahogany Toilet Glossel, with I. .0., and 1 drawn
German Silver and Bratinma Tea & Tattle Spoon.;
Iland Slegnifying al Irrom; •
CandlesLclis, Snuffer.. and Tray., !
Gth; Pier, and Mantel Glarus;
Gentlemen'. Shaving Case.;
Combs. Ilene Brush... An •
Prpsfilerebants, Hotels, and .Steumbosts xupplied on
lihet•l Wm, and ;meting ruefully ineniled to Usu
al diorama for cub. felil7
--=-- 1 T an l iVp M et:ll7 th attr a ge i ttar ht.
-='--- 's:navir in full operation, on lb. Emit side
-.,----- of the Diamond, Allegheny, where a cm I
—.------- ', stunt supply of Illitt of various color.
' and quilt iie.,sre constantly kept on hand,
also at N 0.5 Wood at. Pittsburgh, al J.&
,----- 11. Phillip.' oil
oral eroom.
'coition Shatters made to order in the Lest style
Blinds repaired at the .honor notice.
N. IL W. Blind. will be put up, without any addle
000.1 elepowvo that they ran Le removed in • mo
ment in eet.c of fire la tor wubing, and without the aid
of • crew 'dr e netaill FARO nail y
- . - , A h . - .. p r y b - tro an Al d , c lLec rw l Behind
pleasede tunda.,
a . ,
his old sumil, where he will Le and to
ate his old ctoment and friends.
Ch h, Steamboat, and Bells of every,
sae, from 10 u:i JOAO pound., eat from
potter. of the most approvcd model, and
warranted to be of the best material..
Mineral Walei ramp, Counter., Railing, &c. &c.
ogether writh every •oriety of Brans wigs, dresquir.
ed. turned and finished in the neutept manner.
[rrA. F is the sole proprietor of Mann'. Ant-
Anonloo Mies,.. so minty mdelitareil for the miter.
of fi Whoa in oweinmer,- The Bors and Coml.
admit min Lc Lula all nines. Jour-I. y
WlllettleCULLY & Co•
HAVING recently Lade very important improve
en in the manufacture of the otioreartiele, and
adopt.- ha latest improves] camera wheel oven for llat.
tennis we ate nowprepared to furnish an uncle.' Wirt.
dew Glu s. equal. if not superior to any Ct linden Glut
made in the Gaited States, and but little inferior lo the
Kneltolt Crown.
We are also very extensively engaged in the mann.
facture of Common Window Glass sail Druggist.' Pis!.
and Budd of e.ery dewripuost. Dealer. generally hie
hoe/led to call at Ile:amine for our ware
use, N 0.132 Wood street. Paniburgh, I'm
.. .
W. tV7, 1 11VA1;1671
NO. 1:11 'and 110 Liberty 1.84 rr Shs Caaal
ALWAYS On hand and mode to ordrr oa , large varie.
ty of Marble Mantels. Pier,Centre Tutoes. and
MUG. To i .• , Tomb Smuts, Monuments. ; all wt.+.
Ectoo mode. of thr choicest marble, and too flusoculco
pr mCipally by mach:net), veal be'soid Into for c not
N. U. Persona wishing in purchase 'Mantels. me
:of - armed that it is henceforth unnecessary for them
go Elul, as I can furnish them with un urncle to all
respects as good, and (freight, insurance, Ae, eons:Lim
ed.) a. cheap at they can purchase them for to the
•Inu Coll and seo icYa
So fr )letter tare., Pitt.bursh, Penna.
su , scribera haring, made great Improvements
I. to the construction of thew COOKING STOVES,.
renwritully i 3V/Ic pc mos buildinNSteamboats to call
and exanotte before purchasing.., can 'apply than
with Deck Stove, Forges, and every odor ktnd of
Copper . , Tot and Skeet Iron work neeetwary to tarnish.
a Stentllboll.
We also cake ro-onler on the shortest notice SAI
Talon and Chasnlier, Copper work far Stearn Engine,
and retry variety r`t work .noun
fel,9 ' SHERIFF k 511111 K
Birmingham, [near Pittabargh,) Pa.
15arthotso, No. 137, Wood sired. Pittsburgh.
tipWlLLeonstantly keen On Imnd a amid assort•
mot of %Yam, of our own mann:annum,' and
.upetiorqualtiy. Wholesale and eoutimy Mer
chants ar ere.pectfully Invited to mall and ex
ammo for illientselves.. a. me are drummed! to PC ii
cheaper than bs. ever berme been offered to. the pun.
i.e. .
f Ord,iilient I.y mail, ercompnnwil Iy thi. ts.h
etiv vrferrner.w,ll 1w proinnilv nitettoleil W,. fe42.3
New Sliovei. •pada wad 'F•ariC/tiaiiaiae
tory. , •
HAVINII enintitenced We tnernahrtare o( Spade
Shore's:Hay and Manure Forte. anc, on ammaten
etve scale, are prepare 110 fill all order, for rack ern
des si Carrera prlces.
For the COD yenlem , of their eustotnera and dealers
ouch artielea, they have appointed George Cochran
Cartimi.4oll Mere haat. No 00 Wneral etre.. their Age.
lot the rain of their Inanutar tor... onleritufdrear
ed to hi. will Mfr., prusnint attention,. the stool ad
Pnisborgh, J nay ar—dly
GreaftTcaterii Butt Hinge 4-Muourarlory,
k GARDNER & CA. would infonn the trade Ma
• zney ern now tonstunterunne the tor•i Dun thug.
ve• made in the Dritord Putt.. A, lbi• m.oar on.,
pl. bum.. we intend •-tl nut aff complete all at
tiole . man p.mbly 1.0 Inude. Thmte ....turd inlh
hurdwato node, we 141., will had n to their fuser.
to -ro our Rut. All utter ..irony Intruded to.
nly.s A GARDNER et C 0.10,11 Sth • maio
- -
ALAM, FACTGREIGS of Gilt and Mahogany Looking
'Glasses, Importer. sold Dealer. tu Lookoto Glass
Ateurdront, Prrcu.siott Cap, Clocks, Can,
Jewelry and — Furey Good. reverally.
lbe advertiser. Un making some Improvumenta ht
their bu•aar as, watt tacrenoted fact:tura 10 the purchase
oi Domestm, and the imp...lotion et many Fatelgn
Goods, they will he able to sell at Eastern priers The,
respectfully • dtea the attention of purchasers.
junNilti . _ ,
The outweribew. arc now r•ntargme then estalsliet,
rtirlll. and ate prepared to make oil Lind, of Cotton
and Wonllen ochonery .on dremost rmssonahle terms
Orders addrewnl to ma will locowith prompt alwinwn
Lacock street, Allegheny thin
N n.—il Wwhttnan, who has a pment for a very
mporiant improvetot, on the Card, and who has been
qmpeed for the law fifteen years in , ymt 01 Ow must
•stettenve and sureessful Coital% Porton. , of the weft,
give hla peisonal mammon to putting up. to the
aat those concerned, all machinee made at this
loath! I v
Wm P C lhmun. F Plunkett
WA RtillOUSE.Nos. 53 Water and 101 First skeet.
Pittsburgh. The Glass manufacturedus Is
warranted equal to any to the reentry. Alt eiders
will receive &wept attention and filled on reasonable
terms. Merchants and others atoning the city nre in
cited mean befdre purcheaingePewhere
RON and Nails, Shovels, &e. for sate at nor new
I Waretton..,.No.R9 Water street, near Wood, tan
ning to Front
Al., an assortment at the old Gond, MeMaster's
Row. Idlseny stow,.
Having made great additions to On Rollng . Mill, all
orders can be filled promptly.
novln GRAFF, LINDSAY & Co.
Nunn Makers' Points, of every slcuription.
Office No. 2 St. Charles lloee.4Thira street. -
feel_Far b.—
S _
PANTS!! GUITARS—A new and lam toson•
mem of very •operior Spanirh MAWS, by the Lai
.11 U211114.1.61N, hot and IM tale by
ny3 J 11 MELLOR
' No 70 Wt.' etrert
Co., Not. to And
Ban.. Focnottn• owl GAS Fix
nas. of all Mu. cum
from the lomat Imptorrel
terns atol warntmetl equal to
soy Alno,
fortebnd otrierrd, I.‘tt.
Ouse pot up promptly and on
mamoultle tern.. •
Iron wad Copper Tack.,
FOGG & TAGGBTON, floprielon. ,
malt h• 11 .•ent bong end widely known as being
one of the moor Coolll,o4llalla in them ty of !Ultimate,
hat teceittly undergone very exienilve alterations end
improvement.. An entire new wing has been lidded
CULIIIIIIIingIII2IIICrous and any sleeping enactment, an d
extensive but• ing moms. .
The Ladieol depethme nt bar alto heen comnletely e
orgatiired and fitted up in a moth uniqueand beautiful
In feet the whole arrangement of the Roue has
been remodeled, with a ablate eye on the part of the
proprietors toward , the eninfert and pleomie o f
blue., and which they confidently ...all will ebal•
Icnocarotnparaton with Any Ilotelln the Omen..
Their table twill atom) i be amithied venit every sub
stantial and luxury which thematic! afford.. !creed up
in a
ups rior style, while in the way of IV topi,
they will not be surtimmed.
t el l [oll ucon the pmprimerotteg to my, that nothing
mill be ef undone on their pan, and.. the part to( their
assistant, to render bit Hotel' worthy the continued
patron thei attend' , and the. public generally.
prxes for board have also been reduced to the
following retro:—
. I.adles' Ordinary, 31 TS per do),
t themens' ' •• • • ..... •• 1 GU N. o—The Bawler. %%lagoon of the Howe will al.
ways be found at the Car and Steamboat Landtegat
which will roily ey baggage to and fjom the lintel, free
of charge. ! my24tf
Iolllo—The subscriber& having purehosd Wean
tire interest of Col. t• Williams., late of dos well
known ertablislamnt. beg lease to sato to their Steads
and the public generally. that they have taken this
commodious Hotel fur a urfm a yrs!and will exert
their bent energies to make it a deniable home for Trav
ellers and City Hoarders.
The Hotel is spacious and admirably planned for con
advenience, light alai au, having a Ituuther of patois
joiningchambers, p . tcoenting annual attract.. to
The present providers bar ing - Lad the experience of
years to this tiny anti elsewhere, hope they will l e able
to give gebeithl othithiettott hong determined= to giet
undivolall attention to the house alone.
The lociabongst the Pearl St that House is uneab.saithlY
haying thoubs on Pearl, Walout and ate.
so dot •it is North) iii view 01 the VOll
row or business unseats retiree - trot for ' , statue balmier , .
It Is near by the Hanks, the lost Office, the idasoutc'
I lal I, Odd Fellows Hull. and butonsguaredistant (rota-
Slain street and two squares froth the City It host. b oo
°Tering the greatest itotheements, especially to colentry .
merchants amd generally to all persuns visiting einem.
tnehtY7 JOHN'. 111;01.}:
Formerly Faller'r Rotel, Washinglon, D. C
IIE proprietor fotmerly associated with the well
known fir" of Fuller & C. brier leave to call We
all(ta.011 of perwans visiting ttra Capitol, virlittru,
rleet.utt. or buelnesa, to Is, newt y opened eittablishusent
ihe .. .11apolon Howe," 'which hos Wen tined up in
stale of comfort and elegance unturpaseed by any
other Hotel in the, .city. It is situated at the western
red of . Yerdisyli/ante Avenue, and in the imotteglate
vicinity of the vertu. Departments of Cove rnmentand
We President's l louse.
• •
Hatable wtil always be aappited with aibtheeon.-
'fOrtlt and Inmate% to be found i'n.the Markets, and no
expense or eons-Will he .pared in render the Menai.
!louse an attractive rendence to all who may tee fit to
honor tt with their patronage. •
The proptictotWoold parocularly roll tilt attention of
the Officers ofthe Army and Navy to hi• Itotel to whom
it be. ever been a favorite Warm of refort.. ~-
N B Porter. always in attendance. on_ the arrival
of the rem to convey baegerte Becof_charite. myealf,
Corner of Baltimore and Eutaw Streets,
L " ll leodan spi.
o u s,
el y
&wird is to conalnt tritn the oral
with elrgance •nd conifott
Choice 'odorant apartments•re at all season. reserved
accommodation of transient p.m.. nod families,
ting the nit will find the ticraw !louse a Horne,
ansurpatried by any lowl in the Union
The location is cierated rind salubrious. and it albo
co:tr.-sent to Urpots and the Landing., of which thh
Coaches and Portera al the Ilousetarn at all 11111,0 In
scatting to convey psittengrirri and their baggage, free
of eta ge to tie lintel
'fear•--Pnttllemena'Ordicaty, sihn per day.
tnvt7 Ludt,' do. SW* do irate-411
Charter streei,brlision Markit and Lombard
Streets, Baltimore.
Tiomothseriber havinK taken the shove ...tali-
offere hie +entices to the citizens and
iii paidic renenAly. It ti conveniently situated as
repots the 24teanalmam and Railroad Depot—is 111 Me
mid. of the more ettensme Importing tlotmes—and in
fact, the location etre. to those visiting Me city, a. Mae
11V conveniences and Co+lll - 011 , 1 at the other principal
The houe< ts no. nq Gated op mitt neer furniture.
to g00..1 t .• , e a, .1 and will hi opt n to the Vin:
a t
On Mr 21 OA; ut At.r,:. 1,1 'file prrynet tru•tn . that.
Ist. unrenvitinst rtfo,. to please, ot core to tool •
pnriton of the pahlie pairosiegr, re.tdent an well as
Lot of the firm of Din A Fog
rodurnore, April 2, 1647. myle4ll6
Corner Main . and Sixth atm, Cincinnati.
eriobilehnient It now In the best crier for the
[mention cr . nu:Trove+ , •••0 'ie. Having under
gone a thorough repair... • • past winter, and
boring the tuner enact t, vet. “, the
ration" department, 1 that Ott 'lnn be
pleased who call. Ma lu,ate.........e.orahoamntodgm ,
and 'pleasant. Fare It per odtt.
Cinetnuash March 13,1e47. W F.. MARII
N. 13.—Although not exactly a new Broom, it to the
..te—a new Whistoo the old bundle. up.ttt ,
Chesnut Street, .Philadelphia.
AA ROVE ZFeventh at rect. next door to '• %le aonie lfalla
LATIva a all town owiticiahriert bar reratit•y twee
styenr Ihy Ind co.tiyfaroi.4e d. It I.
ituutcd in the mow (ugh ionaldellart 01 ebeetALlptrev,
and in the Immediate vicinity of the ywlibr plarea or
amusement .The proprietor, grateful tor the very taw.
rat patronage heteiolcbi bestowed, will spare no etrarts
reader his house every way agreeable to his guests
and worthy of their enannuedvapport. rocl2l.3lawlha
Loulinrille, Ky.
A lus TII ROI:KMOR'rtI C 1 her. to acquaint' los
Ll friends that he is assin lessee of the GALT
H 0 11.1 S Lotlit.Ville..l:yr.sehere he hopes to meet all:
hot old. friends, assuring them sod the public. that no
effort shall he spared to make ISt otoronable who Ins.,
Imo with their la rom p.. }solidly
11. S. Mod Lint 'Coma, &unkempt. and Swaim;
TIII tiralendid neeaxmam•hin WASHING
TUN, I.Sttnn• tionhen., Frederick Hewitt:
commander, will iitkit front New rink on the
Jude next, tarry ma the United Stan, mail.
klie will week at Cuero and Sontiniinpion to land
pitti•riterra and freight, and deliver do mml• for Om
nod. Fiance and lielgitim, and will that piewced in
We me/haven
• • .
Returning will leave Itiemerhaven on the 2501 of;
June, and Southampton,. the Ist of July, when oho
wit! embark pa•seogers and fielght from, Englatth,
Frani,. and Me 10. A - ee ap:wen. have been made f
to 111(woad good• from Raver op to tha Iwo nuttoria. for
which. if tle•trad, hill, of ladorg will he ...zed by the
uorn 1.1 thvre.
Smithtown. connect" lily Rail mods with all parts of
England, and b) steamboat. with all the Ala.:sent
(am them , . nem , . may be had to all Liet gunny, Awl
tith. !lowa Italy, Swasertood. he:
'rite throthlugton IP boot in the strouges. moons r. wit's
a view of !wing costverted into a •lito•oftwar• and 501 , "
lent at any Inn to iii•reonn , by offir , r"
the President. lin. during and urger eunsilinn• She
ha. two engines ot IMO horse poveltri noel, ants seem., 6r Mt first clan., audit second, close pa.-
..e Pa nem
g a•oge from New York to Soothanytonor Bremen,
Ftrst class 'SP.:O
Second elms. GO •
Patorage front firemen or Southampton to New York,
' Firth ciao 13 :SO
Seeniitt rt.& kill
dl ratty about nun b•
in' freight. 'ill bet
churned neroolTha to the natureof the ttod• n erica,.
Alt letters man thlottgli illy Not ,doe. Prtreeln,.
for which bal•ol ludtug ts ill be soured, wit La taken,
ni fill each.
. .
For 1, .go or freiqh. apply :it the ottee otlhet - Woo .
Stettin Navigantsri 11 street, Ncw .
York, or In the Ag'ent.. at Southimtlfloo.
ItAy.1:110,1a.:li k 110, , ,A,
Illretnett C A i ICINEKEN h CO;
The Waohinelon io Intended to leave New York on'
[eirctiitt top on the ft. of Auguht next.
Tilt oecond ot of the 1111.. i 3• In due course of
cointhruction, and will
ll le in in the tinning
full. _ in Idiot
O:07,-1 , 01111T11 or ONE:iim.r of n new, %ratan
! Elam Fume.: that N to slay, the Bellows in be,
°repelled by water power.-I/OW buddn•gm Mortoogslia
County, Virgo., within 8 mile, ot :Morgantown. 111".!
County Sent. and roily rui'es from dm river. Them [el
no such eituttiou Swint:lee of l i ittaltutX o • ran be!
had for doulde the AIIIP 11.4“1 Them is Urn b.nkn
of good quality and maidity wuho, from one Munn of:
la mile to two mile., end emal made, m a O. farming
country..a plenry seal cheap. hoTimlier
LW antes, [and auy quantity liellte adjoining that
rut Ind cattle. saved per ; acre, close to the luc
ent! One fouchonie teem mitt a pair of rattle will
sunk the Tiventy'nerca Meat land, meadow,
he., hm llontee, Office, Cm. C h op he . he.
'rue formica. can't, ready for Ida.‘ by the 1.1 cif 0.,
bee next if appliean. be made uni—two.thirenal die
price will h e t a gen Ale tkanla—one third in
mob, ma Me pregte•iire lnducer ur the PrOPV
wil l,,
pay reel y cent expended, and •fier that will yield
100 per cent profit—that will be given by the pore..
proprietor. Application. s.n wade will attended
to The carnet. tieing dmappreided sit fund. due them,
jejhr reason 110 sensi •Ite person buy mg any
part or the wlttie iah.l,t the pitmen, °WIWI t will
take it. aitd add Tiny per cent. ta the roll. It is with
reluctance the ovnici• would aell the went, but if no-4
ih l else will 80, rather than retn gibe foildlting of
rued they woo do wanted. they will
buiand blow the farm. nee )eactaisthey ran build
holellen,. than nn. e ge, being proficient Si
, e
Loll for a long ti!ne. Ally quantity 01 the peed
pmt na hy Me rm.... A line directed
to EE. will be immediately a/141144 113. threct
to Morgantown,
.Pty Iron cart
' tauntNede/ at P!ltgburglefor from 8111
city/per trt, whets is worth frota tadtreS.W. &E. S.
materials . 0 build On the spot.
myledtro •
Proitoisla for Pittsburgh
PR0P0 , 41..8 will It' reretveaby the anderwiened.
I - until the fir.t dap of June, for the. delivery ad If.'
OM lathe!. of Ihtithurah Cgal t of the belt fo day fa/
the fohrieattan of Ga., to Le foroirhed on or before the
arm Joy of OttOlmr noat, at the 11. Lout. Gm Went..
Nllll.lllO be male 0;1. delivery.
For (antler paiveuhrs apply to ,he underelrntil
o • KKalhillTtl mACKEtiziEs
Ctwinhen of the foetal nommotre
PIK& ENGINE. rant LlA.L.—Ahl , ..r o %
eau Poo Engine tpat will throw toruei n
gallery memos, sigh pireeigged ewes) , Thing ,
lead) for
serriee. Stge be recd /07 -4 0 in
,sra C.l. "
ioquige ADAMS orrrar,
• Gr.° wit.sox;
- • Canguitlee
0 ECOND lIANCEPIANOS—An egeebent se
coed hawl-Pialw FOrcaralade by . Dabers &
Nara Ywrk, with sta. ovum., :too pbue, and in good or
,der.A • .
sir otiave reeond hand Piano, OwailbY Clemeni
aCo.l.waten. For sale low for each by •
VOL. XIV:----NO. 257
. •
ri 'lir; subscriber. beg to call the atteut of all those
1 - interested - in roofing, to theic . GALVANIZRD TIN
PLATP-sli, and to the finny advantages which they
posses., oner all aketalse and other sulastancen hitheno
used rot MI6 purbow,poasesaing al. they do, the strength
and lightness of moo mahout its lialc lily to maw baying tested revers! )ears, both in this country and
La Estrupc They are also less expansion
and contraetion faun sudden chances of OM atmosphere
than common Tin Plate, Iron, Znic i ho r oe any other
metal now used fin roofing, and consequently sarm-a
much better mu' tighter toofinequiring tor less frequent
rep., whilst the first cost Is lint a trifle mote.
yhr subwribers would also cult the attest:on of all
dealers and markets in metals, to the many , other par- -
poscs mhsch - Iron thus protected, can
e• e sal terms it Is applicabie to nil articles of Mon
, Vlll . Ol is desirable to motrci from the action of the
atmosphere. And they 'Would esplectally call the at•
minion of thaw interested in TlR, RAP BIC LINRS,
to the. Galvanised Wire, which is now. aidarst entire
ly used in Enloe. and whidi answers very purpose
o e
f electricity, misting only-lab., nuo
101 l as much ucopper, and pecasessing cqUalslarabill- -
ty with that metal.
Ilaning lately erected works in this, city for.she pur
pose of gal.:using ntls, spikes, bolas. mayci, they
will be able in farms! .y article which be desi
red. A supply of P ea Inianufactared_ln Puiopea
constantly au hand,from 16 toll wire gulags. • /
1 , 1 and 16 Beaver. NEW •YOILE.
The, Patent Right for this article has been secured
Mr the r,.d States name)). Great Britain. and other
Europeu connate!, and all legal measures will be ta
ken to prevent isinikTringeinelit by itnporintatt or oth•
1847. • -
. L L .11 1E: S T-Ell., •
N 0.44 Cedar Street Neer Iraik.
j)EU Irate to lama Dealers to Dry OLds, that they hare
1) receien!,ail aro now eshibitiog,at the WAREHOUSE
EXCLUSIVELY for 'Priner4 Calk< 500 CASES,
1.. ;sing all the New Spritad Hlyles, of British,
Fmtc .' h sud Aniericto 'Manutacturr; - which, to ADDITION
to their usual stock, readers their aseoetalist 'IC of the most
Ismaili and attracts,. ht the city; and haring jail been p us
chased Or CASH AND SHORT CREDIT, are offered by
the Piece or pwkagl\ou the silos terms, eland Whole atm,
fattittnotta prices. ' -
— .C.Oksues of prices (corrected-daily,) ais placed la the
Intattrof buyers.
Ptuchaters itawat themselves hr the 'state of the
and be well repaid Le an "at:el:tali., mu if they, do
me purcase.
& B. Mire peculiar advantagees for esecuting pedereGn
print's, whittles,. respectfully snitched.
mchtl LEE I. BREWSTER. 44 Cedar Saver.
n'VI I IN f , ‘-oik
BA. FANNY...WM(i & Co., No. 49; John at.
Nan York. older for sale a large and general
assortment or Drags and Medicines, Dye Stars
Faints and Oils of every description. which th•y
are prepared'and determined to cell Jaw..
Country Merchants and Druggists' are requested
to call andeiaminitheir articles. Orders esecuted
with fsithfulness'and despatch., B.A. Fahneatock'•
Vermiluge constantly an hand.
H. A: Yahneatock,
B. L. F'ahnesto•k, ..k . ittabargh.
0: W. FiAnestock,
A. H. Hall, New York, 5.115
g- *FRES tV. FIELD offers On sale at the lowest
' klanufactorers' prices. a very ostensive arson.
Oof PAPER, comprising every possible . variety,
adopted to the Wants of Comintoors m allfec irons of the
cowltry. Paper of all kinds made to miler at short
not :e• .
cock or PRINTING PAP ER is 41uctll y large
of etery description, impatted and kept constantly on
halt., viz: Felimp. W tre'Cloth, Fourdrinier Wires,
,illeadhing Powder, Bine Ultramarine, Twine, dc., Ice.
Colsortra. Bale Rope, Gra. Rope, BarAi og, &e.ti.„
purolaaood, for which the highern price in Corb will be
paid ' fray New York, .IT2yjISI6. .
Indemnity against Loss or—Da.nxage b 4.
Wish the rithlitionkLseenrity or a Seek Csienal.
The Reliance Mutniil Insurance Co., of Nita.
George W. Toland, John M. Aimood. ,
Thomas C-Roekhill, Leseis R. Aelilturat i
Win. R. Thompson, George N. Baker,
George SI. Stroud, John J. Vanderkemp,
George W. Carpenies
WILL. mike insurance a gamst Loss or Damage
by Fire, in PITTSBURGH and vicinity, •on
Heusei, Stores and other Buildings, and on Furni
ture, Goods, Wares and Merchandise, on the meat
• The Mutual Principle, combined with a Stock
Capital, and the other provisions ot. the Charter of
this Company, hold out unusual inducements, both
of profit and safety, to those desirous of effecting
insurance, towhich the erilmpany ask the attention
and examination of those interested.
Those effecting insurante with this Company
have, besidei the usual protection against lota, by
the ordinary
method of insurance, the additional
adraotageof a direct participation in the polls of
the Comment'. without on.a.tabiliry.
tirEORGE W. 'POLAND, President.
8.111. Hincuiwr, Secretary. ; •
The Bebamiber, who ia the duly atitboriaed
or the above named Company, is prepared to make
insurance, at the Office of the Agency, in the
fit. Cho lee lime". Third at,. third deur from Wood
.tri el. and will gr , d all rtirll.,,r int.rmation desired
• ty. J. CAMPBELL.
AOILNT AT evtranaLu rost ttic
Safety Issearance Company otrtillado;fas
FIRE. RISKS upon buildings and merchandise
,ofievery descriptlen,- and MARINE RISKS
upon hulleor cargoes of taken: upon ,the
mo.tlaeorable terms.
[l7 Office in the Warehouse ni W. B. 'Holmes
& liana., No. 37. Water, near Maiket strept, Fifth
I U. The success or this Company since' the estab.
ligament o' the Agency in this city. with the pompoms
soutlibersdiry with which every claim upon them fur
10110 . has been adjusted, folly warrant th, agent in en
theins dier eqiidenee and pthronsge of hth trends and
community at lunge to the Delaware Al. Pl. 1n . .-
ranee Company, while it ha the additional adverting!.
, as an Iniatitutinn atnon toe moat •flouristong 111
Philad'ia—as banns to apple paid in capital, - which
by the operationofitschatterniconstantlyiircruthing
as yielding to. och person tenured his due share
th.a profits of the company is Ithoduranroluirit him
to any reaporthibilitf l a w l i ndavera and therelore as
pothesing the Melee neiple divested of every
obnoxious rectum, an in its most attractive form.
• Near Torte.
ma E l
q , 111. will known and remeetnlde company ts ere
pa ed.thWatiglgghglt PITTSBURGH AD.NCI. to
make it aranen of gem kind connected with reeks of
tronspo anon and inland norigation . ; to insure against
lons o smage II fim, Dwelling Hons., Woreboosem,
Iluildis.g. in general, l'iwxls, Waire, and,
and eve.. r description of peva.' property bathe most
favorable terms..
A . .
pp lira tion. dte Insurance attended to wlthoitt detav
at the offieth No 33 Wood Nirret ,••
AT an Flection held at the <Zee in N. V, May -
the following named p,entleineti were chorea Unman. f
of this Company, ter the ensuing year, rim; • • '
JoAeph W. Savage, Stephen Holt,
•John Brouvier, John MeChatth
William 0. Ward, a %Vali., %V,
John Nendinave. ' ! Jacolijliner,
Witham $. Slocum, Marcus Spring, •
Jahn F. Mackie, Joreph S. Lake,
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This is the oldest Insurance Company in the
United States, having been chartered in 1794. Its
charter is Perpetual, and front its-high standing,
long eiperience, ample means, and avoiding all
wyks of an extra haserileu, character; it may be
considered as.ollering ample security to the public.
At, Counting Doom or Atwood, jones & Un.,
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Office corner of Third and Market ata., r ittalfgh.
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