The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 03, 1847, Image 1

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- 115.1.1
r. h. A •l/blar. aiatlt /JON, Comern.raai •rul
lhereL,A..4 Water and lei Ertrotxts,
T V.:01)D, JON V,13 4, Co., (bntrolaiion and
I I .. Aat.ling Merchants, OM! returned so their old
• I, • and Froni l'ittrboTeh
I) I.V C 'LESTER, dealer Id •Il.kmd• of Ito
p.•,tca and bearr-ad
••1 chr xhig TOdaren, ralwleaale and
AI! rdlltrreh Vittablugh. oo r lett
;.• • .. lariat.
1A LIN b. ItrhITE.O.„ %Vb.:dr-sale and Retail.
I..dr•rty nod St. Cleo streets,
11'holc•ale and Re.
. • . •• em.ll,4aplellky Good., No.
A. Alt Nilaral/C4i.. & CO, Wholesale &
, orrJ and 4th tds.
A s Or'
Gcers, Cotrunia.ron
.:.! I,..thra in IhtubliMh
•• So h. I.rhor.y •n. 71, liltatAthsb.
Whole.le Grocers, IC
u suer,
. II A. L,<-' ' S
CO., Wholesale Oro.
• rt. ' novh
Al .LO..
I •
1.1 1 aO, Forwankna and
. Bann, l'in•nurgt,
Da/ LOU al Mi. Auontry al Law, of.
.t sr •.u.tu..tryr ui. a t nahia-Id. .upl7ly
\ loiot F ~,,, UV, Ju.. W. Guttman.
,01,1471 A IV, II 3.IIL.MICai ti. CO, Manufacture , *
‘,/ arr.,,r u.. 3 A.E:ra, AD. mud ayring
C... ltituan;ugs of
of every du*.
rryt, ,, u, De...maim,' 00 ^t. Clair P I arehouse
If . no to at I:11m Imo. itTiM
& Istrarcyr.l2.,Wholesale Gm
N./ ,111111.1•01011 Forwuribug Merchant*,
d , $l,- l•rolara uad Vittaborigh tnanyliclare.,Na
rri, ' ••.•`.
••e Alt!ll):4
' neILNIC&ILT, bocce re
11 uateenie Groeere, Onrotedunan
reJ 11.1111, Dealer. in Prduce and
atti e c ,•c o e,n Wenn :It, Pu neat
tro,:ortex aud wholesale told Fella
.er.tlrr to I-sot an, ~, t ople Vaveiy Goods, sign of
the .4rret, twat Laherty. Yd
bur,. l'a
F l[.\ Lit O. Prole,n toduce and Vau2d
1 to MF
./ • t• %oill't•toertys,. next dooe
• _---
.1.11., i / ~., ~ J. Ilarritaa SevrelL
1 ‘ I%a L.O t• a. ,t.:AVIEILL, *ow - mays at Las, laqumen 26 gad .4th at
-- --
^ODIN t" Ii,..:Lr:L.TON, Wholesale (Irmo!
. r., ~,,, , ~• •. • , . , 0 ., ~,,, 1, .rcond door from Dir
" i . .. r e, _ mtl
U nu: AI IWWI GX1.4.1[1,
1, -, W &LT,
olesale G
..• .rs, 1.1
r ,., 1, ;ordure nod Vmsboret otanorm
ta,.... ort,sy tutil Illumi sm., ramborirt, PI
I,NULI!.. ~ . 1/ . 1•31.:1"..5"FtTT. ilate Enc . list., Gal.
i ~I. . ~. V. Lc,l,•alv time:err, COMMISIIIOI3 /Lad
rOl.lll Ma r..1,14.,-. sad Pr-alers to Yrodace and
P1at,..,...M:..,...A ~.,?; NI 311Vood.. , ree4bei vr ..
5F...,....1 alp,. I - cell
- - _
PL 1 At/UAW A aloblN (WIT, Attorneys at Law,
15.1.• teerov , d ten . dO. ll Ile., Grant alreet,
C. 41 1, I:14 1 1r Wl . 2i . 9iLS Moore.
A lAA? 4. SW Alt TZWULDER, Ann,
11 , •• 1 I IV.. tetnoren tbe , r office to the south
tol• ..treet, betoreort Chem Alley and Grans
l' it I'r yid k.o Awry.
I,' ill aND, 1111 rlle Qr. CO., W Wks.) . e r Grocer
__ ‘o
.I.' tio • C...t0n....t. , !..letch.d.s, and .1.5r000
roam , vmgoe, Nur.:.: ‘V,les and It, F rem 4tre . r
. - -
I BL.O DIV, r ~114. Rill" MIMIAIII.OII.I. lind dtal•
i l ~ m \ lueir,ai „.trkoncott., IN Wood Llrectolear
. _
JOHN •. 71.123,2 11 .
0 it.SY C 91111210.011 CIO Forwarding.
4 „.„„„, N„, Wow 5t.ri 14444411 15 41. . .V 3
VILA.NCIN sra.i.eats, tracer`, COM1211••1011.
M,rchaat awl •Icaler la Prodere, 4!oldag, Oda,
&a, to'. tin 17 y near Canal Pinsbui ,S,
N. 11. Oakum, I,4ch, Malaita Rolle, !cc, always on
nr, ~k•':rl:"‘'°:;.'i*:4V
aLaa , l7: l u 4llfagr m g ,
--- ---
41.. , . 1400.11,1. VIATCRYAS TALK It.
i ' I.9RCE 31011.051A1l &CO . Wholesale lila.
1.3 ..., Aod eoomnoonon Mr re11..‘4, 103 Wood street
I ..1.• .r. I. l'n ' augll
..i1.,:0.!: 1:i!51,!it.,8...1; %.Ir,Msal,oortl,vaoetTe ..alcd,C..d
P.oaoo;ralt 31uouhrtures. No 110.1 Wood ,POoltrgli
1a..0. . :now, • 31. U. Brown. '
•_}.:.o. W. eII.IIIITII k. Co., Ilcovrera adalateri,
‘-.T sod JCA:Crt in U . .el.. and Point - Brew .
Ter. , ,,l'enn and Pi1t....e1.. jaw' !
C.; " O "u. E , ll`Tlre.'ll,.A.ltlt „p
- • --,:.,:, - ,7 . thowsie
/1 1 .
til:rotul3c.ll2polVnN.- ''....:lda'n7u.'t'ura're'; t'estio*lt'hil
l'aEo , andlico. rad Voiar r r Ws., hnto.e, No. 67 Wo4d
o-1. rotaourab. l"a.
H AYS b. BROCK IV AV, Uraggasta, o. .
- ---------
lorveial Iflo.,ltear the e.inal loam, l'oodaasidi
1 1 LLAILIi anurdoT, NvitiTs> a. ItED LEAD
..I/ Nlaollfaelilrfr l'a'l.l & 'l.l lerehoiti.eornesof
.riinto •,,. l'im.bur.h • lol2_ls__
1111 SU PlttLlf.l.ll[4, PICISLT. Ja• DICI{.I4II tr. Co, .W holt...ate Groeuts.
Vkohn...-lou r rchslis , awl dealer/. in Pp:ulnae, Nos
01J1 hod 107 Prom street, M.l.lslourigh
I I.ISEPEI Attolney at
.) pa , huu fcrousul the precut, of
ht plofewoo in
Whet N o „ Lin /screen's Otani street. Oc•
e0n...0 during h.• ahtsescs o, T. J. 'Stegall> and J.
1011 N U. MORGAN, Wholesale Dromput, and
el dealer in IS) e Suds. faun., Oil Vanustiou,
No Oil Wood sit Itch one 1100 f South of Diamood
e St
:L. - 3.1
-1.131 ES ILE UAL J a. . 1 Co. R o
oter ea to J..sph
D av ,• Cliandlers.:lo Wu ortl
I 0 Illtill. gIi;LLOIL, %V holenai7atiel Retail den
e/ Mo.a. no , Slia•ltal I tintrionenu, School Book.,
Puff r .. Slater, Steel Peon Igoitts, Pouters' •
P Cste ittsbu .
rg• and
Statnotery griterstly, .No tt Wood , h.
lyr Rio, bouet or takro at tt.le. st
_....... ospll_
J. ,Tlitol-:21F114OnIplenalnl11r
4..41.;. ~,,g; 'a
_ - 1
JOSEPH S SOS, Cornotontioo nod
For warthognini. Nler , hint., Mt le Liberty et, tappe
teat to
Sr o otru.l.l. , r
-- _
1011 N L. GALL.ATI S r Auoinny at Law. Office
J 40s in.betorr I t•rnn, and Southfield. south tide, P3u.burgh• Ps tt - .11 s'—o nitro , promptly' to buslite.•
o the attp.onig to.inte,
tS oe`-1 y
5.1 and t V .A.: ~ . e•. + •. 1`,....0rett oe
10115 V. LII LI , 1.1; ELL, .%voi. Wt.lesale I;nt
at trr nod tkono•-.not .Iteretinot. Water ioreet, god
door above the. Monongahela Uridne:Pttliburgh.
Ll' 11.011, N i'i-. t.t0... Sr. et manufacturers'
nn‘- -
r r , : d., and 1.,e, mattajakctmerm, No. , 44 Ma ds rl.
at, I`,,t , t.t gh. • sv ' l
JL. ILEAWA lk•ok Store, 4th, near Market Pt.
41. 12:1,..ical,l'imoloxical. Hisioricodi Illebool, idikel
alr.,....n,l V e 11,,,...t Itok• and Pullman). . WSJ
- -- -
] W. KOBICIiTSOBI a co., tiaaaors awl Gx
.) .caange livoilets; corner of Woud and Third street.,
ISterchania llok. , Llui4ikagg,lritubugh, Y.
lErOalrency ruttbaowd et the 'Ivo!! rules. *elk
0 liN CILlEdt. Wlrcilcsale Grocer , dale! at
J Prce
. duce."Pid.burgli
lt,Oslour,a manufac turer, Tin . PIM, it.
No ....erc Leherty sx.
. .. r . _
Jahn Floyd. Richard Floyd
k IL. FLOYD, [late J. Floyd tc. Co.) Wt.k
J ale
. Denten , . No' It. Idheny inrret. neva
TADIES DALZI4LI.- WhiriercleGroner.Conuni,
wl hldrchniat and den er in Pinnace and Plagbarigb
nuatilarnares. No 21 Ws, rt. Pittsburgh. Saila
LS. %V ATEII.AIiN. Wholnrclo U,00.r. For.
Rlktailll, •..1 Merchant, Dealer in
Piti.tiutch Nl.n.aCial es add Froduce, Non. 31 W.ler
and St torn rt. 127
. -_-- _
KWIS li UTCIIISON & CO., WhOlesale
Li r Grocers. r.d.saranor an , Cconsmulteors Merchant,
and dealers .0 1 .1,,,,,11 Tlanulactures, do., No. 45
Water nada/ t ton, os. , a ,
tienry Ida itien, , John Stugdoa.
r APIIIE/LT 5. ISHIPT()N, Wbetesala tirocer ,
L.. Forwariting nod Coimaiseion !Ordinal.; Dealer.
frothier. ti
Piti.bursh nrcusulactures, Nog 13 and
i lsWand nt !itoduirgh.
John M 'Gill. S 11. ItulibLeid. /an. D. M.Gill
kl'a..!,`'.,Long I. It r c h a i n! I s" nltii'',":;b?:„,7lPoll.:
1..01 nt tr
M Alien Alea. ,than Wai. IC Nimick
AI . ALLEN k CO.. thanna.rion and Forwarding
/V Men:hubs, W aid, and Front inn, between Wood
and hlnrked. ~
_______. ja)l42_
X I l'EltS lIUNTEIL .4 Co, Wholesale Grocery
13 I. No Pie; ',tinny rt
.. __- _—
onotTstutx... ~ . •..
"kifILLEH. Whole.ala OM
-01 tem and Cat5.....4.11 &i , rr harlo t Nu 170 rt
-M.cOllD & &LINO, wholesale and retail Rai
•nd Cc' , tuantdArtbrere and dealer. in, Farley .
Fur. reeler .r ,t 0.4 red F.rth,ts. : . ... Pr—'.
• •
k,.,,f;:),L13AN, GrOFers,;rlirnermoil:
nn !SierdiSlll ' ;: Vo.rEt. ‘ l.7ll 'd cri F ) .° l:l7lo 'l .llP 6o . l • 111fittl%
1.41.b4,01. • (2
M s *IMES SON, No. f 4 Market etreo4 •"'"
• ,ond door corner of Fourth, Dealers In Furl
•oen and Dem./or. Itrll. of Fachauge, Ceruhrates of
n igVi•Z:l . l. ' :ne . r i ert S arn ' tl4.4aefpotddeithrobok•
out Ike !bride Stehe &en
,f1C11.P111".GO., Wbleialc Dry
pa 'Goods Iheirrt, No b Woad ;inroad, Poseliorgh
R WOrittliiiri.- (Dem
r sOINDESTER re 'Co., Wholesale Grocers
iud domes...leo •nd rd. call nit Al eteh tolddeelth No 41
. . •
I) 111.11.1,M„Inis sr .o,
ueeily. opowtne Mo. New
COOTS Ilona, aptad.3¢l.•
RIIiRTSON a lIEPPERIC, Proattern•Deol.
0* snit Commotion naexclausUi 1008e..d.t.,
l'lttobouth. 1 ' -seplll_
n D i.o •f e , t.,, L , EEC J t. r.,. e. lorgv li nd:
ware. mut inge T rimmings, or deter! piloas, No
et.html.urgh. nog
atcc.,l, T. O. 10111100.
BIANCAt* CO, Waideaale Gniicens Canna*
Merchant., and dealer. in Prodace aad
Pa...burgh hlatatfattares, Liberty el. opprieite Sasltb•
"h_ old di
Piiadrah• Pa- lays- .
IDICILIanD DAUD; Wholesale awl ;Lad dealer
in Leather. Mame*. ilhoessalteral Taal. awl, Find-
And CI ria Tools, arra
, .
i . .
. , .
. . .
, .
~ • .
i,• . . ,
---",-.... '
vir-d . • '
- '', • ' -- ' ' . '
-'-'---•'-- ' . -
. - ...-,-------2 . -,..- • - , ‘ • - T
-..-1.1, .
. "• - •- -,
--,..---.....2,- ' . , --,---....,,----- .---- --...--,--..,
-p----.7. . .
7.77 ...." r
.: l' . ''' ' ' ',.- ': - T''.' , ... - ' (7-., , ' ,
i. 1.., ; :
';'. ..-'. -'•
--•;".: :: - 1..?:! • . :.-'-,-':"--•. 1..-.,'.-,.') :':: ,7- -- . -..:.
'''•. ----'-` ''''''':'•
'' ,
~.. ..:I',%:__• _.:.-. , .. 5 : - .-..-.. - ,
• ..
. ..
t. . i,-
.. . . -
. . • ; . '
. . .
.A_ ... .... .
- _
A. M. Wal insturd. Jua 1' Singer. JAMES W. WOOEIW FELL,' '
' WALLINGFOILIJ 1 CO.. et rrsactritu rglcresTVOl WOO: Body.,
011“1.4.11 , 1 . : 4 .....,., &LA IDlEund splendid
II E A V T II A It D W A R E A N D OZII.IICOI ot Famous..
PITTSBURG!' MAN CB AC'CUlthl2, . ,n.. 1,10 ior Steamboat.,
lA' A ItEIIGITSI , S Second street, near ood, dud ; Howl., and pr.vate Owe!. .
a a c a ne. 85... I d i,erw street, have on /mod tad .or i ...„. ......motly on 1.101414111 made to order.
dale 100,000 Ilas d•oorted Swel on • Ihe mr..... noel, 01111.1nd.raiturobd ea.:elle.' by any
Naylor &C.'. Cat She Is. Itimter and Gmomrs Teel, inanum dor) in the western country. Pe reons ....Ling
Jones & quotes. en Blister spring and I ...k - to pun ha., would do well by 01111. e Ine s coll.& IWU
WO dos Shovels, stmde. Will V 0 1 ,... , dmenn.....d my pr re "hall plea. Part to ise owl(
Carriage .pring• end Axle, d
Anetl,lmumn• holed Vile., Ipahem Ind .. ....... ma . . Soh.. will, l'lti.l. and IlAir :LA cover..
Sledge.. Sledge Aluublat'TON bar-, 0 M. AI Ming., 'Nurse Chaim -
Furnace Ring. ral.liminia Iron . ' la pair Diem.,
Matlock a B. a. rind Coat P.. k . II doe fine roultodnoy Cmora
Axes Sc)ll,e., Sickle.. Id,s Chain., A.. A: 12 tfashogatt. 11 eel "band..
rry-Sshanaisc.r Fire Proof sate., 1.... .A..,..,...... Jinx maims, 1-y' Kw I.otd Ch. ,
and nolo, Pat.hurgh A10....i o 1....... , ...1 si 11,.. 1.4,r-1 I, rimrt.letop DreSsing 11,11C211.
~.,e• n...r 01,0101,11 • . J .
C R Danctsohwet, J Renehl., Sank "marble um 10, ark stand.;
CIIIAIILES slt. DAN EN 110WICIL A CO. I. cherry Work Said..
Alshog..), Aleph. Cherry and PoPlar Iled•teads of
ell J.-. ',mums no u. large onoritnent of Common
COSI,IIIBkION lifiltUllA Vl' S, Furniture and Chai .100 nunicron. to menon.
N. W South Wharves. nod No IF: youill W ate... toad..
BEG to ',Moon Me t ade and deulr.. gen-roll) of . JOSEPH WOODW ELL.
Posliursb. that they Ilal.llllndr such arrungeinetim 1 Corner or Wood and Ad Ids, Plllsbnrits,
with the Virgo,. manufacturers and Ike tino.m. oil I 1 A VING waltdrawn from the old Ann of Walker In
the ".. 00, We.t 1nd,.., other ld.ees nd will in•u'e 1 Veil; on Om In of January. D4l, I take
• large and round. supply ot Me Culla...rag d.......p. , pi, &is rtunounctil to my fn.& in the etty and
hons of To',neen which ...I Im .old upon s• are ..... - i crmotry, dint I have opened tny near store at the above
on/dating terms nanny other Inume In !tom 4-1117 1.1! elge.. : n ,......, purr. II gy...,,,,,,d my goo d. Co .. e s.h,
where. and all gocals ordered Mom taros well Ito Ws. 1 and made mrangemeno moth manufacturers In Mt.
ranted equal of regrew... nod:- countr, dud i i Europe to ho cormtatilly supplred. I am
Vr;:.''' ' ' j ' ,,, L t n „';,'..,!. ° ' '....'"'.. i .. , I haul prepared to mouth Ilardanre el all Void , on ag
I•enn a serddeal 1 . , mast imam and & law a. any hoe , Ens , . We". - I
Cl 1g0... and Planda. bad... Alerrhatit• ar.d others are respectfully luvard to cal
ALSO -111 al1e11 • 1 , releltratrd Aminal.eSme Ca v , ii t and exam& tn ) nrwk, below porch...le elsewhere.
MO, with a linge n•sortment of nth. Impel& hrdant• , j Ti„. „ m0w ..., ~...,,,,„.,, pan o r ~,, ~„„h
and 4.sio.e• . Imund• In - t l& 1'd... , 'Pd . 1, ...P. i stearrhost and Sodd err Hardware. Gun Tr . ..twins.. •
"". and In , 1. .4: Ladl.' s r..t. `'"ilttla Traor• Files. Nis, Wel Steel, Cutlery. Edge Tool, Ardrth4Vt• 1
Ac, ..veer Oad Idat• • in deb.' , and "'t Ina" , ' , dent CC P. Lucks Latchea Suites, Scythe... Biltt MOS. ,
and tin. together with every sant,. ro . al ~cle ...lung- , a,,,,...., B „ inn I m m o , phm e r.Saas Alahugattr Imanls.l
mg to me trade. 11"...11, end veneers. and nil gruel& ...meted with the
.1 11 /.1[11.,,1... -
I. V. ANLJI.IN.,. 11111,1,r1tre1b1,11144 =MIR*
Lathe( Pittsburgh. Pa
I Ra n k :, , m,,,,,,1,A)".24°.(,..N1:,'!„`;',1:',..r0f,;',.:: tiAZZA3III PATER ' '' . LEDSTIdAD.
1.1 Finwantnig and rim ,n, Ale. chant• :‘,., to' „ , ... „ .4.... .NOTW I r it ...4 rA N 111 NG.
Iliont orvet, alio re 8r0..4 .d.,•.. C. 0 mom tn... ~ -- 1 1. . ff , ssrs'wn. , 3PProwoo . M., mveos
z . . bon of a l'ilthliursh :Reichardt, a me-
AI Allen /..k., mr.ty of the Calnuel tnaketel of tln
Ragaley A. Sunda, 1 1.....i.10gh t nod Allegherq c.t). and theirnumer
Wm linighant. our customer. her mown themselves
& sheph
erd, I , aloe, the en car tit cpulwe it horn, inventions, and
;B ar t.aro &Mc A Imtet. 1 Nmh,..... Fenn Me) It! , "nr.w'n• I!''''''''"` i '''.' 1:!""'" . ''''' . ...... 1 ' 1,
1 ellll6loll & Arm:Mead ./ I,elratlPC 11 dime,. it lie , n; liir hrs. •nrorsra oiw ...,
w r 1.., a. co . v........,r0. ICI ronernornt Ifed.lead in ~ e Th.. i01m.v....t testimonial
Spri..ger 1 Whm tone. c„, . „ II .prak. for &elf:-
Jaine• /ohm.. aCo 1 " "'' W r the go) ..gromr • N .., • ~.i. makerl of the
Beni t, Henn & Co, NV* 08., ...tie... I'd 00(1111 Arid A &do,. Vs do hereby cm.
Alaggreggur& Morris. Newel ork tity Mat we hovel...lh: the rant In umnufacture bed.
Duvall he.gliter & Co.. Baltimore Gar bn..,.. ne. , inul eottnder
en. 1.1., Regale, - & Co.. Phtimleiploa the .smegurenot ........ is. • a er• n dr A hie'. WC ma
Mantel Deal.... Boston mnO u emedunted.
--- • lain,. Lem,th J•• 1, ., NFOrew
1. l•. %V . licit on.
W C W '''''' ' 'l' It loons AC„ Rohe. Fa.ronan
J. G. W. LEFTWICH 81. co., 1 It liiirtio• II Ono
RECEIVING, FORW Alt 01Nr.. la. Lowry & 1 1 00
And. Commhalon Merchants, Lowrie & sib il •It Mlle & Ihriumn
PLACIUIKMIN I", La. Hugh II Willard
)ARTICULA 0 all< mine pant to e.t.a...nem; c.... T iTirv ,', ..r ti lTa r be ': r .:: • Ramsey & AtTlelland
Buser MOIL Engines, or other noble, for Opelou••• Iluch Wallace Mores Bullock
rid Attekapas. I David Luker
REFER To-Mcnrs 5LA1,....1 1 lbehtlins. hli.Tho For Roe.. to mat, nd 1.0 Me shove Ilnlncsdls
ads Ltmertek; New Otte..; apply to ELIENEZER F CiAZZAK
Ale.r...Lurton& Better/on. Mr 7. NI Sherley. Lou. ' deco Patentee
...Ile E.NT 17111605 BEIGE. kiwc it 'kg
Ales., Ilall In ' , peer. Mr Mni O'Leary. Rohen t p 47, .;„ , ~,,.„,,, ~b , ,, ~, r .,,„, Mgr re
1 "„4,.h,:.":,,,n,A.,,r,":„,"3„.",„'.,\1:::7',7,...,!:,',.",',1''''' I ":1.1 ....Pre . ... it e. riek s. 11• e Lit and Lavin niter then
ri m ,,,, Oil) l - led 11. 014.01, ai r saw preithre,l to sell
ATIIT3IO/Ikr. dt , WOLFF. Importers and I perm, 11),/e. & f - .cur ad, Ale.-r. Edward. & 1 ,,,,,,,. ~, . 0 „,,,, „, 4 ,„,., ~,,b,„,... m any Par) , )r
V V M holesale Dealers in klanlWare, Latter). Sad- i M htteall, Don. Zelloll I a,.,... ye, Hon John Dutton,
, the I dtc.l Nut, Th.y mat I. m &oda. to teAke
d ery, &e, corner Liberty and ht. Clair streets, Pro- l p 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L a „..
harsh. ano" " fr " ' ftrmk from crude else, nod will make . 10,M1,0 goal
. ..,, • CRAICI, DELLA& d. Co.. moo. firm pet ea) sprheient Is haul to roc, up
\ V 74.7, - of,iloorf'd'''..,kl.'oZ`4:, rli::::°a:`,; FLouR FACTORB ' AND PRODUCE Ct)M- ,''..*. `;:::....•,'„'', - .;,,v,".,',.:";„',",";',:,5t' , ;' , `!"".' , rr,`:l`,', - ,
Lohere Le•re prepared to do every deserspoon of apt MISSION MERCHANTS. ;....o, ....deo. It .......ple. nrong ....0 l.alelo get out
•nd Kindler. apt/ ( ILIERAL ea•lt a& once. niade 011 err of runt ' out o, fry. r. Aud eroustrarted 'hat .1 .n 1,.' taken to
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VY • „ ii,„, ~,,g b i,,,,,,g „ .., 14 . N% Li,,,,, ~,,,, „,„ the i Pena three-Mast& value 0. ads/nee 10170011,1.) ,411;1 , or i ort,m`e M r ure now buildme machines. nod
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Messrs Wall/umbra & Taylor, Pilt.bursh we w A id sem, to a 1113011 1 11 e 11014 tn . ermtbropero
lAr & /14 MITCIIICLTRK, holemliehro- I Airman. Thor Bell & Co. Ilrbltelbni, ob. ,M. ll r.e.'h b L a tirmi. near the th e.t red nr hahth
VV . ems, Rectifying Donner, and Wine and Liquor Ph.ladelploa. May & 1,15 • ina...C... ..•,.. . where we. I,all be happy io expm. , . everything
env, No. lOU When)' ~,,e g , ~,,,,o . ur fried] st.,) I N. B. All prod. , c0n..,..d to & m .n.sund ...en ' m nimeted wol. tin ..11 who mn. rail IV, 11Are 31
Pullibergh ma) tedly ,to the watch.... W alhogturd & Taylor., I pre.... no no.hoosed Aront A'l homes moor add...
- _ . .
IA .0. 11. ROBINSON, AI/0111Cy DI Law. ha. °' . 000 d ' or ' . Pl ‘ : ' . '" l " . ' . ' I.
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1:: .. 1 ' . ' ) .' 1 ' ..., ' ;N " NI, till.l.ldN ye Co
1-I • removed hi. office re the Eirhanee Buildings, EL Ellli I I hlll mai 110 \ !-: OE II (b. 0 W ,t, ll . ''" CINCINNATI.
: t •Ilalr st..eet, urn door to Alderman John.. .
apthiam LOGAN & liPiNlilll, 10111.11, - 01: 0 , 100 - ia 131,14,14...
V,' . 11 0 •,,TV I tt i qt Markel "Zil,„"t ° , ; ZP l ' 1 "" 'i
;liITI'I7I'I(7)FIN'A‘IiN‘,VVV T F l, ' Viti j . ll :C: ' "''
I : . ‘L.v..,',7. 1 ',1., - ,1....'; .., - :„ - ,:,'," 1 , - ,.", - ,;,`::::',T.:;','!".'
rtddly . No. 1,9 h. ood El .
P TTS Ell'llfr U. Pm,. I a,. , mi., •. ......1, ler der v.', 00 OW Oy., ,11
. 'iLLlTlikini i. - 611.vitoRTU, onoo ,e to, .
e rot • ik it I.; ...... „. ,I, ....,,.... o ( ~...., m g a r m . aid . cid. ;ot l , .. cat .o. Ikr ohs r•of tco o trolls Writ our..h.t 1..
!A r Distant,) W'6 Male ("mem. are now located at i A to their elAc 0., .'m k .•,* 1,0... hr.. Cm . r ; a 0 • ~...• dd 0,.....1. •. .•.d . red 1.1 rn...enc.. , ..•
... :Id Wood st...therethey offer for sath • lame awed. ~....,, o w); a, ; werr , b ~., t.,, ~,, ••d• ~ 0., ~ ne iii hioos'n mon AI 114 , ,”•1, la ar lite wo 0... ods
r!.. ''14.61.1"..,...1.111'.11.b.5rgh / 11 .. 103 r 13 r5 , A. , 13.! In,r I adronlorcour It 0w... larginstd oat/ f. ... ....ofe--.1.e ..wille matter-. id, selOet. it is in.t...1
'1.4- • and On favorable tentrud maYI3 I die slantddrmieomn L . countrt . . mild , . them to ~: i .. , -.1..• carer.. ~. dep..mted I I.ey will I c Moran/00Y
I n W. wiLsoN, Dealer in Watches. &seem, , fer rind, on mous •urpi .. .., .t I, tone ....I ...i....d .., . ~ ....., n.. , ) I.r. ••:, 11 , 10 . 0 ,1 1 1 ,1 ! , • . 4 . 0 0 '
•Y V . Raver Ware, Milnary Gooda &c, No 57 Mar j few re•pc. dul 1,0,1,1 to ..a.: , aro ..o.c.ito At, t. .t, 11.;•:. overt W. ro the pro
'. et street , nov7 se 20 m ~.m. r, ..1.1 i eq., ~....,,,.., ~.i. to ` l, 0 acknowledged
.17 R.I:II.4t.PRY, wholesale and Sethi dealer in I tr PAMPA k. r 01 111 t 5 A,
r 1 -Foreign and Itomewie Dry Goo-1a siontira.tim , COM 1i,1113 .3 10,111 Sr; i 31, Ol I ill .1.. 'l' ' ' "' ' ' • ''-' ' •' • i• ,
nerof Mark et and Fourth St. .octet Ns. .21. Woo., 1. is h. r 1.1,1 f ....Arra Into Work •
I az F. 110WaN, .". . ht. ng I'L'o rm`b th , 'gr rOVI lMr ' r" mogul l r '''" I I ' " I I I ' s -' "' •
\II Drug Store ol Fdger 'I horn, corner of rent n, .1 i , L.. ,. ' - - ' E Si,* IEOI. ll'l'll OTIti:P.2 . 0 ALsithirt
1 ' Buhr,. e1...4-.311v in th.. p0r,.... .1101 Bale I N . ....
H,n4 .... .iii .q. . ~.......I.P, Y e. , the ''`''' •rd Amenedn Alanutarth e. and I . (ndth 1: 141 d 111 I ' 1 i Es, fI r Ili , AItVANUFR t: IT s I Oftr. Lod.
perfumery, &c. . , c.ll 00 A10...ta, Am., 5111 01;r door. tom, Wiaml in,
I neCel.lll.• Phd lorwarding I , .... 17. C 01161410 a ~, hot t ".. . ' .., jr, •,.. i ..1 t . •rrfs for ,
Pb " i '''' ".. r '''''''. ''"T "'''''''''''- ' care. A. .A,,ent for the Alanttlar turerd 1., • 'I I . ' .""
' '''r
" ' - • • • •
Medicines can be had st ali t.OllOll of the night. .. It . i , ,„................e.O of F.,. % . d... t outeetionary.
&handl y• , constatilly supplied oan the prinemal ,tone. of 1 1 . o tt, wr. . f ir th., ilir rani., tsars. dr., ...shawl. , li
1. Al Walling... John E On. I Pittsburgh Manufacture af the loor, obille.. , le I an- the tollowing , -
WALLINGFORD & Co.. Comm...on and For .r. p.m . .. Orders and co, ....,nint a- .re ri ~.n•criCiajli , ' , ..1 , ,,, 5 1 : imii , j I'., I,.!1-:
j ,, .
dvard. ig Merchant, Second, ,'.'err lk mod 'nem. sollcited. I
1.01.4&gh. Pa. . i . le'l" kt I* i 0.,,..,
U. F. t:ONIN A Y A. CO., 1nn ,.,..,, 1 .,,,.. 1 i•••,, ~,
Y V Pirtsbunth. Pa, ..oramissioner to tate the se- I iy,,,.1t-rs,l-1-r.,, 1115.,, • •,•., ,• •••-.,...• I• , -- - 0,, r• thr Ire I• • Aso J.. ,It •de• don
komirledgenent and proo OfDeeda.
Deed, Lease, Contract., , • te.ehant',....d 1 . ..di . ' D',.• - ,' - " l ''''' '" l '''' ' o ' c00h......., &,. A ••• el...en ed •.. a manner one.
Depoelltems, or any othe•
th e Wm, sea l e r no u na i Purr lid.. ~..,e dad :mono,. 0. I ~, trots.. UOl, A. I ~,,, „ ~ , ,,I } ~, ... 1. , 1 ., .„, „ th „ ~,,,,.,
Ae used or recorded in the Emus ofOhm.
Ohm. 1 Othre on htt •1 , 11 Tn. 0.,11 .0 1.1• r: 1, :
rldrel alreeLlibereSintt hetd. rell-tf Atwood. Jon, In C. t; ....,, ita -, A .., i.,..., midi 1 . .., It ok. Al' um& incl... solely.
_ - ' Lorenz. Sten., A la. I len r. .1/.0 ; ou t. ,‘ I) to dV Los , 1 obr. ...rt.. , front all dr,.• rarty
WSl.lltYllatellltirtNr/7/11423.%71:1d/.‘"J"reljrn*;.l'll.7. I ( I ' .:Vi r l ' f1r.'":...k.5..... 11 L. •ch A .'.. ...,,.., AINRE , . B
..'"" I 'd ''''' ' • 4. A it:zu clu EA 31 -r.O Wk.: n apvegb
etes and other besot, & •Itended . end. Ponetuel , lY . 1041:111...11% 1., *
B. 11 b. Semple, Wm. .('roll, ll, n , JOl4 NF. I.:41.1.0.
it a Fahnestock 1 Co, John Herron, Ei.q,
Grad, Lindsay & Co, John Wnght, Hag, Vlrtroles•le La rower. Conarnthion •
ir. Flour I . et. ot toe pulp .;.I t. ol 0.11. r tos 1ee... , .st 11.•. t he
James McCully, lig, Maj. Witham remoter. , Mere haw, .p'ibu'i m all ail , ' 1' , ..1 , t . ..d A n thrums
de-24.1V /A/CALEB...aI. km& ... emir', Pr0d..... .'op. p.......... ...P... io . •od• me) h ie ei•er o .ed. *ed..
Al per, Tin. T,n Pldte• 'I um,. 1,. • F. • • 1....,.. orter to pM cr... , :ma I m rrnrh of oh I two. led.. est
„K...... &1 , . 1.... 1. , .. ...c 1 • • s , 10 , 1,A.1 otr 0,,,...... iOOOO 10 ham . en .., poi:Lowy . r,
RECTIFYING DISTILLER, ole Stuff. Col , . \ ....- "a ere •,.., 1 n ; ....arch li-oo .hiol , it , d .. dud ' . *.'e i o tfie..`..els Secs S 1
•110 wirobtaken 11,11ltall In
og nrects, Piethurch. r, ;:, 1 .,.. thison. a uio do: t Ir. st; i:41 : 1 Vitl4% 10,
NORBIGN k DOMEBTIC WINOS k Liquo.., L . L ,,,<,,,, ~,,,„r, ,„,..„,, ~,.‘,.,,, „,-„...,•.„ ,010•1* 10 hl• Mein. dud. I. .... ao- ma mon.
Na 114 Liberty 01 0 and 53 Diamaid aiky, ..1. ,,,,, a , .. , 1 N0a,, ,, . a., 1ii,.5 ii., , iir 1-in-iii..l ..I:liiii :,. II ARIt ETV
1(4101%1)1,1110.1 1' . .......rd sod Erie , q Snap Mot.,
rrrv_außGll, P& • AUCTIONEERS ....,,, , sib el. ninth, ii. lr.on Cu , I totel
lyl7olly --.-- Hardware, Cutler' . SadlOcry, dc.
Beakers, Lean. in Phrekaiths, Barth N.. •mot Cora, IMP , IIITEP. A `.l. 1.1051.Ln ,it hem el. eml Dow.
Con.: Of Third and Woad, ALEXANDER LEV ii & BRO.. i..' 11ai..... ...,,, I re.rei•t..: ) m 0.... Ini. r,.. ~.:,
...19.4ty rituaargh.y.,_ ~....„, „
CINCINNATI & ST. LOUIS, "'''"l'''' , '",'"T,'"'','• '''''' ';`, • '"'" ";', „„,„ ,
II W Wlllmrot. Wm. M stmt. OFFER to sell . mther mma1.11.1....e.d. all 1 ..d. 0 , :',.P' ‘ ," . .: , ;',' . .:,` , '.',. 1 ,.' '','„,"''" ,"" •'"" r• '
,'„ „. .
. o 3 wtd ...,,, ono! ,I , 01 I 1.0 C
48Yb/0 MI lament Willman , I hlerrhandor al the lowest rums of Cr.1.1111.”..0.1- and
rn ~,
~,,,,,.‘„,,, , ~..,...
WILI. I A 11 1 1 : . 111 N N •nn . .11..T.Isr , Pfw".. n'''‘" "ny" .. `'''' I. "' ''''" ".. ...
Itr will Ist. rolionuat. - re, wing f.r.h .11 , f , s'• An!'
./ETTORNEYS AND COUNOELLOR 2 AT LAW'• refer 4-• e given, ,f rNuord. Itrorr• 0b1re , ..,...1 in „„„ ~,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,'• ~, ~,,, ~,,,,,„„),
CO.Offiee Nor). ride a F.,,,u - a..,.1..5.thic1d. -1 / 0 either House will be pronto) 1111rilded td B, It'd I y . „,. ~,,,,,,, ~„„ ~,.,„„„ ,„, .vet,
~,,, ~,,,,,,,,
--lehl7d&or I yF
lin . lIENRII. JOHN 51. RINIA RUN,- .•.....ther Fan or M e.g.
.mr.. //Iv I .1 , 1 U.. am. ex . .: 4 , 11
ATTORNEY end Courmellor at Law, CiNCINNATI • COMMISSION MERCHANT, ~,• •Osrl. artier Purdhool. rl•nrhrr. ::,
011 Ia c0u.'..... e...a... Oh , . and a r.d1.0 NO 20 W ATER ST . or vo-rn: COLA 1 , 1 DE Coparoseranip.
dtd m Kentucky, promptly and csmfully •itended to. BALTIMORE, 1I• F. Ihe under• g..... 1 have eater. il 0.... Co,. .e.
REFER TO - Mmt. RlehLrd Ulddl. " . &LI& s.. l IX rINDOW Om, room th are. Dried Brill., Ber• , d •1.L.. ior me I ai(m." of iron dm , ig d l'o`dm l
C urus, Wm APEnight,Courch & Carothers, Wm Hap. - ph wag; ow l c oon , ii,odo,, C. ill•Mittiol l a tal rot. ard.he l.onite••.• 1.. , , 1
Esq. James P. bO OO, Willoek & them. Jr.. Advances mode on roongninein. Sat,•(.. , tory ref. ni OW:5l i SIntIILEW it.. CO.,
()User Blatkburn. ' (theme' IL /ones mence . thole addmlthAta Il ..•' septi 1,. lad I. we lake.. the a..triton., Nob emilme , mlll. , .
0. BLACKBURN & CO., 1,...,11 •11-01. i..iiiie. , ) in cup i ,i t.. )I, W It 11... e.
virilot.essix blrocers" and Dealer. in Oda, Boat ms""" T 01 11 0 0 '0 11P 's SON & CAMP W O I LL 'A L ' , '"'LL """ ''' ""'"... e: e.l- ''
n "' . r"'"" "'"
"""'"drht4"gb 1""r"‘"'"""e".'"' • COMMISSION
•• ''" •-" '''" • foil aid ft^ -1 E"-^ -- ' ' And Mannfacto rte. of Llneeed Olt, TllOO It M,,ltedl.
ClL i' rth th . 'lr
"'". near
11"."1APII:;) ' No 30 Columbia Street. .EIN 1.1.1'1' I: 0,6111. , .
ninfiloESE IN THE JUNLWIWORIB, CINCINNATI, OHIO. I` .....erte. !i•srel, V. I -4g
N ! INERAL ltEdlad OM irriC. 7 . - &Jr&
. COVArtil PAID roa FLAII/Ern.4.l) 0' I. 111 , ,& --A le w doi., a 11......) o.l.mott o' "^"e...
701 lin AWL.. Or
BOILER IRON, BOILER HEADS, FLUE & FIRE sep's I y ag.d Ild•ml , It,', dal Reg ..i. sceon.p.....e.lbY de Mhe
RED IRON. XV,ALLI Nit Font) n. co., o. I •.• mai, em.,..c.,. mord., del ..pco to 50..1 r
E. F. SHOENBERGER commissw. a FOR WA It DING NJ Rail LA \ I',. Vdm
•'• 1, ... an' ee'...ta , `I" . d•l l'ie ...-" . " n
PITTSBURG'', PA. Second Street, near Wood. ~.c. re• , ,l, a, we c..,,,,5ax: n.d d pograPMent - do
. g d , ThEALEIIS tu l'iiiitloirps Nu ouiar id.• and 11,.... , 'sr) , Olr dr. *.lfh 1. f ihr•
•111, , .11 oons , ou tea
Havtng taken the Warehouse honrril2 2 esta , 7 v Ilatoware-vrill leep connuldy an hand • stock . ore to the inotera I me , . ot I.sli Sop.. rta• ere
M. lib Riley & Co.
of .0 gi ,. a Lk.„o,, les, Bre proof lone,. Knell., vo r. Lin A.inio. Lem, .
A W V i IlTe r p o il ! ria . n t d ' .tali r ap:9 ls' lr " gl.'".
21"I ' °I.
.r"'" ''''''''''.'"'''''.::::.,..ll.t. ... I ; , I. :;: ." Irl ' A r \
sox'ls4d fr. ' : . .I , r T ,
~,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1,, 7:7 , '‘• ..,
Iron and Head, Fla. and tre.Bed ron, made from 1 al.dge , " • ••"'
hi.Ocat "mints Wenn which will be sold at the lowest nabeor a LL
CO dis.../11 Is 1 0 ..... j OR FOS• 01 . "11; 010. 1 .... ,‘..
market Mee. Eagine BUilders and others, am Irmthed MALCOLM LEKCII & SON, , ' 1 1 . '!:.. n . ..‘,, , ° . 11 , 1 M .
“ 1 ' , 7,, 5 ,......,:' , .....4.r . 1 : 1 1 . . 1 "," `. , ' ,..,.. r .,:,,,
o call and otannue hit stock'. Orders prOmptly ss ub 1 - 4 ATE Al LEECo &CO . Y. 1.01, sr& I,tmera Com. I• . lona
ended to. ' iV3I dl a .1, Roman and Flofir slrrchnuo tic3Or• in iv' 1 in. I ..":“ ... "" 1 ... " 15 0' n 'n-: • . r
: Country riodocr. Copper, 'nu, Tio Viso, 'I too., a..
"C oOis, IMO and Nada Z ere.
111,11,• I.rml. Dye 51011..
, B--p1ie5 .. .. 1 1 1 .1 . 7 . ', , ..1 , „,, ......;.„ „‘ ‘. ,,,
Rum. rho. 111, 'rod, Colson VArtott roo t iar t nod
e' f !.- ' o ',' 1 ' r: ' 01• 7 . s,; ' ! ....:,,, r .
Pit lough Alanutur torr• &n erd!, N... Ut.nt. ao 131 . .1. 1 . ^nth ".. f . "' 0.... w 1 d!“ w.• fin' d
laherlyslrerhotic door Atm, thr head, W o od torrett li'm '." ' "''' " 1 " I:''` ''' An ; "'''. ''n '''' '''''''
; rim. 1_
Yhttrourgit, Pe . In''' . c•' l .
Lila:rat edvance•• in r . mt or gui.t•. ricole no rno Tea, Grocery. Fruit and Provnion Mare.
nitcanun of produce 5e & e wide „Witt tl,l'd A IX. Ad. I) RE I' All.
- REIMER, 13ILOTIIE11,-/cco.." : ,„..,1'1,,t,tii!,,..4,1,01,!:!pc5vi.:.°7,,.; S P T , R . ;;
. 1 , 1 . r. .,;,
no ,
COMMISSION MERCHANTS,: 1.) ,o, friend• “na 0,.• rublie d ' ci .. ;rily . , that far assr
l'or the .111. ril I . .sorra grortalf, upon minimenred Lux,........ tit the above branches. nem
19111. A DEPIII A. : A oor in hl. old nand, Lahr e be base, by kermne a
ITJ - I..heral al vsnces ..“dr on can.ignment. ,L ; 11 ••upply of good article, sebum lox for 01,13 01.11 pay
Phllarla, Itherinoe. • rd ~,,,,, . tot Ortto attroltoti to ht. patine., to inera u •burr of
wr . h . ;! : , l
11, W. ;s1 5ti11...W.. .„,,. ~ ,r, B,'ll ' puld.r °also/hip:
COMMUNION MERCHANTS. ' 1.1T:,',17.,7-T•'''A",n,'.' l ,.'R",'V:."4.'.';` ,l, ::: , " ,n, :
No. l. w....r Street, 1 ,,,,,i to truth-nab ,- 1.,,. 01,,. m. 0.,. 10 111 .1.1 nll.Oll
- 1.01 . 1 . ; If" loa.telirat :oaf ow. slot it. r 1 .r ato •etast. to r vrry
IV.II rose part.rulot .1111 Wool to the •riltng of Port .. t oo , m,j,,,,,, ....,„,,,,, ~,,,„„., bp,„ a, ~,,i.
du. , , and U. orders Or ii.,rehimal , ril • . cadet 0.1.1 . 1, Vow Lend Mason, Amni. • a 1.... a
111111011 TO -Grytke Mole.lll In 10 . P.11..00 0 01. 1'.. 01 . I. 41,1 1/11.18.00. 01 140,11. J Ild MAI II .- .. dOllf 010
1,1110 m r o iltooth IM' lie. ban r• Ir Cul lo onto i
. 1 , 1 : 1 , : t 1 , ,T,,T '''' ,loth '''',,,',., L , 1i , " 1 ., '" , 72, - ' , T, '' 1:,: ' ,..7„. "':'.:; .
JOll.ll td•CULI.00011 d CO `I" '
Commirsion and Forwarding Merchant, , RAGS WANTED.
NOS. 93 & 95 sol; rII sT. mi l t.its. Ml' N 1 RY all Ell It AG. wanted,
100,1111 U for whirb the high,. prom .11 CAS!I will be
o i BOW Li \BA .11A1 , 11! liattlosor. : p,;;, .
• a iwny. on L' b.l . very Writ.. a end
IS • api,,,,c. 1 . ,..1 , , , ..,-.1 MonIlV:& I .....
VN111.1,0 A StIF:E
Comer Penn nod 1,...r, ... 1'1......01h
rtrregi: ts A Pon Z at i ti it.a2171. ge:rl.7.fs:
leis to rrSducs and riUslsufgh Al ...ileum, Li'.
riPtl.solt. fr.
IsOrrt.. noinson. lay's.. a. soma°
Rinouisont Co.,&Wbokoate ellocera.
. dace , and Commisoion Merrbouts, and Deole
flout:oriels Malodor eurra, No. I[o Lawny .ann.L.l
bur 'b. lbo.
77 o6leBT n 001132., Mak..le Grocer, Rue
ling Distiller, dealer me Produce, Pittsburgh lid
fietinea, and .H kinds of Foreign and Domes.. W I
Liivora, N• II laberry street. Pittsburgh
L" N. R. On hand a very large stock of supe
Old Monongahela Whiskey, Ishieh will be sold lo
rod, maga,/
0, Reladtra j. L. tow
R :‘ I4IVISOLDP BFIEE, Forwarding itnd
. Taiwan gretroa. 10, for the A Ileglwny err Tr
dealrf • hi Coverlet: Plaine, Pi othorgh Nq n uiaet
and Chloride of Lime.
I The highest prieeit,rin cash, paid at all lowa
c00n...1 . 11m. coroerof Perm aad Irwin j•
pSlacklett. ThoT. 11
lIACHLETT & WHITE, Wbolemsle
lets to Foretati and Domestic Aty Cask, N•
rood atreei, r,..burgh (air/
& W. HARBAUGII, Wool Aterrhonts, d
Os els, in Flour and Produce generally and Fors .
itt:and Commission Merchants, No Xi Wood 1.10
Q& IttUEL PALILEIL, Attorney aP Law.
Ar Breed's lorilding, t o SI Fourth rime , ete
Wood end Smithfield. novddrew
BARU ETT, hlanufacturcrul •
cp.:4111,111g and Toilet Soap, Wint er and Suo ro
prewed Laud tti do. No 17 Fifth at. wecn • •
and Market an. Pittsburgh. Pa. • 11
F. VON BONNIIORST a. Co., Wiwi *a
Sat: mean Lotwarding and Commistoon hletch t
Dealers in Pot•burgh Manutaetturs and Weal.. Pr.
due, have removed to Mew new antrebouiat.lold a a•
No 113, comer of Front at and Chaucery Lout. •v 7
ARICEL I. ICIER, Forwarding and Co to
13 400 Merchant, Dealer m Salt, Produce and it
burgh manufactun-d articles, Ducal Ilatin, neat 7 •
• dal
151• WIC KERS Hall, basic, to oven*, non:
ers. Prolt Them, and Agricultural iuspicAnrute,No
I a! Wood 'areal Pittablirdn• lebt
q , ASSET tBE ST holesiie (Zell , di
Coninitss.tin Merchants. and dealers in Patinae
; Nat 3d Wood street. Paustargh.
ro d r — an K ir u ra V er in Cloea.. Combs, and Varier)
If soods, corner of Wood and Fourth wrote lit
' T F
, q , P. FORSYTH loCo, C061104•10/1 Merchants.
edealew in Pali, Lumber, Groceries, Produce and
Paisburth itlannfacwies, Canal Stain, Liberty street,
Piltebursl2. feld
0. I; ICI. heel 0 IC C•hel.te.
II7IOK • III'CANDL6III, tructesoros to I.&
Wiek,) Wrealesale Grocers. Forwarding and
Cututniraion hlerchtutte, dealers in Iron, Nick, Wass,
Cotton Varna and Piarburgh Manufactures generally,
dttrner of Wood and %Vatrr w, Psuaburah. ivehlh
wMU:MPhiI' invites the to call and
s‘eilleigelp tee mocha French Worked Collar..
stow ai tow to 00 Cents. metd3
I.GConforM„";lheariehVnl,GoZlF:l c r l u a r rofrlTel
Pittanorgh Alimontetureo, corner of \Varcr and
oinhfield att. ritTslorneb. Po. . Van
J OlOl X TOWNIXAD. Druggist and -Spathe
earl. No tat Market it, three doors mitotic Tlurd hose constantly ern baud a well ftiefl.
ad assortment of the hest and (rashest bledentle. , which
he wil . e.apli with* most fermentable mein., Phyrnians ,
sendirnt Orders will be promptl7 attended And tun,
phed widt ankles they May rely upon as genuine.
I:l7lhYsiciani' Prestriptton• will be accurately and
neatly prepared from the best enstertals, at may hour 01
the day or night
Also for rale, • large stuck of fresh and good. Peril,
rosy,. janl
W. Watch Ma k I Jeweller.
VT W . corner 4th and Marker alt . A la er
rge and well
selected arock or wstrbes, Jewelry. Silver ware and
Military Goods. Always on hand and or media(
tern prices ;Gold Patent Lever, Nil Jewelled watches,
as low as 840, ' , deer do watehes.•s low ar Vitt
Genuine Cooper, rabies. Johnton and other approved
cooked watches may he had at a mail advent , • and
warranU. •
try - Ftn d watch work done in Me eery hest manner
P. M _ Cuss F 11.1totAtt.
u uvlo k LEDLIE manufleturr .ad kr rp con
lvi on baud Cm ? Moulded and Pinto Flito
Gleozware, in aft its vueiettett, at their Warebourc cot•
net of Market and %Voter streets. Pitt!hurgh.
Our Works continue in full operel4 - At end we •le
coattail .ading to our t
stock, stock. which iinuliles us in fill
orderh with promptness. PUreh.ver• ae respectlu4
.iiriteil tonsil *ad eitsn;iie prices and , it row.
toyirkly •
Wiles 3d Et, opposite St. Chkele••
WILL alio attend promptly to Coll nit lo tw.
ingion, end firesoi Corinne
Ltj Iliac'smock, Roll & Co
Church Carothers Pittsburgh.
_ _
A‘ Z.urer t 1 4 Cia71 11 it m ~lI IT ilnl i .A N P 7 ;'l :^.l 9 ;
Ware, o 1 4 7 Markel sneer The suorcriber 7elpe n r ' r
raltilhir astaittioiCof the - Iffestern
Ceninlrydesitrtr,andlithers, to his large mock of moo
r factored Tin and Copper ware, will. large arrow
urea. of iinporied Henna Furnishing Ilardwo
Wbokliale. bayara and din public geoerally, arr
led SAcull.
Co.i: m.
Comes Boners Alley and Peon St, soil foot of Pin dl.
Pittabarigh. Pa.
J. 8. thoubrlght: ; W. Bontoighr.
Jr I. ti W. BONDItiGHT.
WtRANTEq..i, c.cperiar; to apy made
tiagi= e nd d site:, and which they will drip°.
of al lon
good Term.,
oaf VT , Ramiro". Pa
IL T. ' • st.ut. rorILKI.
111. P. A I. NELSON a: . co.,
ANUFACTURERS of Hunmt - l'e4 B.moyels 'and
kbodes. Hoes, Hay and Planate. Forks, Am., Le.
Warranose, No II Wood slmet. Yinskorak Tarn
arial I T SA. 111TOILIT4
No. It Fourth straa, , soar 1/....8
117 All qualitioa of Green and 111. k Tc..•
dorm , op lugii•rler, half, and one p.mad paskays, , •0
gisig from o per poundl• VP 'A YALA
Ag't lot PoVaT ok co
Nos. 8 and 9 Light St ,
IIALTIMOIt8:. 1 Ihrhl .
(cy-‘3•,,,h OliVallr.. Wlll hr made, on 0011.15 time. in ( • LICRICSIIIIP WANTED—For a Psd lump 11
hr uhoiti . 501 d... h) . 1 l • Tort, 11. )tuhr• 01 g re : n sunahon in sornr rearrrl•
Owl I y CA10 , 051 A. MyKNH: HT Siallo, • 10.1 , Caaaawyead Foiallatylaarat al aw ..,w A. II u•
. .
GEO. H. MILT F:N DERV ER, - 11... ile••ru ht 1•.• pnr• tu..• Oust hr •lonihl in.cieUge 3 I .10n ,
h ,I, ~I 11 1 ,111 V.• :a ...tail •• ..... ou•rahnn would ore, 1••
STEA SI HOST AI: ENT, ~,,,,,,rd hn the 500 yemr, liefeleorr nl3y lu• li'ml n,
..09 Offire, No 50 Wmar Plreel, PutsburKh P.
Pittsburgh. Ps
. -
! -
LL EAU WORE-S.—The undcoigned knee I
completed their new erorky, located on the bank of
the river above the Aqueduct. in Allegheny CO.
oppoeite,Pittstrurgh, for the connulactute of n Ila Pr -
nor quality of while lead. both dry and ground in ,
oil; oleo. red lead and lather:too. Ilnyttig avniled
themolere of all bee tecent rinprnertneute in dl
untold ieturr, and erected the bulldog. on n eery
extensive male. rod widi capiesty to snake lead to
I oge quantittee, they will be able to out ply orders
In almond env enteni sorfi
, --------
lhistr, Pattern Mailer, Allegheny coy ! Oil Alin.
b., tile ...,,s; Entinot• for Storr•oli hand either in ,
wood or icon. Mill Gest own nii all other pattern. made
to order.
011,8-80) gallon. lileached Spenn Oil; i3d.
tputt , do Natural Colored Sentit!Oil;
ND do Bleached Winter hale Oil.
b ud, Lard Diu not re `Whale
and fri sole by
tsylg MILLER es IntOkli rail of
ICH CREAM . DaKE.ZERte--Just ree'd , a line axiom-
I mental Johnson's excellent Patent lee Cream Free
oars, suitable for Hotels, ffissruboata end prewar, Duo
No 17neerkst or
,is.lashC Ott•O
11111`3101LIC A win.vv,
land Vcatr , •
Ilartiot ttre. notell , onA
Sudaterv: No Y. Wool .ircel,
• Or "" &Imo üborr Chad.,
• r 4. 110,:1p.'41.1'111.1.1,',
U — .... . -
OLD PICSB A tar, trar,,:tt ..i r..d Pros, or
the moat apploveal brand. Theac are cateldlly
...tented and adapted to eve: y var,rty n( hand. 'ph
elergy moil. the lan yer. the merchant and e eery Oa*
o f men Tel st alterable. mann,. and enmmermat
pen, can .be antical 'tier, elu.tacay anal fine point,
rove ;mat cone in settling, and making retitle.. it
bold 1.1.1, or a benutdut ho.r tine, at Ike pleasure of
thr raierl 1 her, pr are :,II warranted, and Penni;
aI Ill , ' !nal,, fold Ptl Depot. ...n per"( 11l and
Market at. myl.l %V W Wit ent 74
WAkliZolif.D Rol3: Plue
rod 71,,.1;in1,1,4,ar.:71L0.u:r.
warehouse men, I Mort,. and boy. ollititrent •tgea
Alto, wanted for atveral ?roper - able private fannitre,
hotels,lke. %circa!
roolta. house gala, chamber
maid. and now'
All kind. a Agenclei ant ndcil wt. Pinner. cell al
I 11A11t111313 Agency
No , 61111 Pt •
-- irs 11. - EATON,
rtEALNR In Trimmingc ond Varle7ooo2s-Tortot.c
..1.1 Then, Icmy and Horn combs, %Voollrn Yarns and
Wormed, Milano, Nerdirs, P,no, Topes:Brants. a. 0..
No 63 Market SI brtorern Diamond and ddi croon;
. .. _ . .
Blloollls—isn dos. Porneroy , s Falco Gift;
10 doz. do Co omen; foroale. by
, myll • J D WILIJANIS kCO
ilnder the care of Rev: J.
1i0...•‘ A.ND ldkOf. In which all the soli I and of
Pnthethel blanche. of it finwlnd education are taught
woos.. open for the retention of pupil. n
No. 52. loolns Row, I.l6erty
between 9d and Clausen, the Sceood Session will
congruence on Morday the Etk of Vcantary. and it
troportant that anT vane may deso ceterlng should
be present as far 'a. practicable ether before or at that
time. •
TIT/ have secured the services of noreattor
ItOCK a• teacher of Medic on the Piano andpo
whole too well known to need mconneentletion Also
the servwes of 140413.CASIMIR I.A DREVT, mac, or
..Chre,loinath, de hi Ithrtature Franca." end other
velnable Snot. in has nati st
native language. Nona:
1.. is a graduate of the Itatver.tty and Normal School
of Par... and nand. high as n feseher, l Woo who de
eire 1001.0110 aceutaw and thorough' knowledo ea
the Preach Language would do well to place re
under Id. tnriructton
for term, see Cirdalar or apply to the PrinclPelt
1171 f • .
_, . •
'VMS Institution bar b ut rehentl y been opined under
1 the nation or MrN. W. Metcalf. MM.
Cottle.. oftlanduaky and. Stramtbarry att.
, The sumer. whica heathen's far attended Ibis achord s .
to it. eirtatilithroent and pragirso, hoe (Oily enualledthe
expent. cted.. of it. th.trilelOf and Proprietor, and war
the hope that will then
surcd bin atone to
r ender it a deatralaic Institution for the edocation of
Voting I,adtes in AI valet.) . and •ieinity.
The Fifa t•earl• of the next Academie )enr,
commence on Monday. Feb MA
bf c yet * ft no recanci. to be filled, bat .14 th e
number popets is limited eh `earlyapplication la der
rlcable. For particalmi, Maim. to termt,&c., eonrolt
C fen. , " or antil• to the • Inranctor. ft '
AMIABLE ElGOKBY•Publeibed by J A
& U P James, Walnut strect„between Fourth
and Fifth, Clochanntly
Guisat's Gibbon—The Watery of the decline and
fall of the Heinen F.mpire By Edward Gibbon,
Esq. A new Edition, revised sod corrected aweigh
oot,preeelled by a preface, .and accompanied, by
notes critical and hi-torical, relating principally to
the prepagation of Christianity: by Al. F. Guocot,
Minter of Public Instruction for the kingdom of
France. The preface, notr. and Corrections, Wan.-
, !Wed from the French espressly for thi. edition.
With a notice of the I.lle nod character of Gibbon,
and Watson . . Reply to Gibbon. In vol.. imp.
Aro. 1073 pages.
Napiers Peninsula War—Complete. I vol. imp.
Bvo, 800 page.. I
.' Middle Ages, Chamber's Rebellion in
Scotland: Robetmon'sVirkinia and New England!,
Russell'. French and English War in America, and
Ramsay's American klevalation. I vol Ho.
Lirary al American Iliatory--enetaining trier.
hone from the best anthers no American History,
Biography, Travels,t iimireree, Statistic. Indian.,
Revolutionary Battles, he. &e. the. Atop, Anec
dotes, Poetry and Alisrellaneou. articles. 1110stra
led with more than SOU engraving.. 1 vel a imp :Ho
640 pages.
Untvcuol Pictorial Littrary--Containinp, valuable
men on Tarim. iubjects, comprising Natural
Hider., Natural Selene., AgMetillittle, RUM: ECOO
- Biography. Fine Arta, the Otientaly,:rravels,
Geography, •Lietany, Alisceflaneous reading, &c.
Sr. I vol imp Oro 640 pp, 1.11 sheep.
, The Family Medical Library—A realise on the
, Prevention and One ol Diyeasen by regimen nod
ample medicines. New edition, remed and enlar
ged nab the Winne
virtues, el a Vegetable
tuMate a to
ien, pointing mit the preparatns nd
of our most valuatile native medical plants, and an
outline or Anthony and Physiology. Illestrated
with one hundred Engravings, tin of which ans
colored. By J G Nomiteod,M 11-864 pages 13.0.
Numerical , Flower Garden—Adapted
to the United States; by Edward Sayer., Landscape
and Ornament.%, third edition,
ie.i.ed, enlarged and illustrated.
Palmer's, Rocky Alituntaina&e. &c.
Family Testainert. Geo.:. with and without
Polyglot note.,•nd Pyalte• in wetre.
Rier imitating/se'. Debate. Burn's Wort. lady
of Inc Lake. Calla Rooth. More's I . rivate Dew,.
Lion. Juvenile Book.. Cheap edit.... oc o vAr m o.u. to tiampfilet tom,
Ntwerin..110",...:.,;_:n., thic ei *lin., Faith,
,111 c 4. direction mlleaveti R.
3.,:ut. AJnm.. cz,th on inirodisel.iiii t,) Iter. W
no, of NI,. Mary 0.110 firatwit Be
!rh‘r, I:relye., M. Author Piiri-inis
. wry. AC
ti' •
itc.. Air xunart ',soil. rtebo• of
1,,h4-•• or•,ots of Atoerleati
woh Imutry 11110 shrir 2.3n1 the new of
the !attain trroes.
liwory of the Uto:en! yr:V.l appentni .bowing
it• connection nuropran Moor,' If gory of the
rre.ent hnee , it ,o,
ein. by Plarrok. ov.
1 h. 'Ai .vr v0.11.,er
El 1.1.1'1' x EN4.1.1,tt
..•1 Are the Linke that bound 1.. t.rokek•
Where ere sow the !top, I CL, r••••11e.•
•he ihe Air.
Po deed..l ihinga
Dre.eins 4.1 the plat
Fo•e of A I.bnnte.
u,y n( Arvid. The Moder,
St e tuect
v• 'Uvnßer
't'• •lour
Gtwei ,
N , IL/111i itt
pre.• •
Morning St,r
Frunriscra do
ri.ry. do
If Pen,roour do
%V da1d.,,,01, W. 11,4
otre to., rut- d and (or ,vle .)
.1 ,I MELLOR...I woal .o
_ •_
Oatoo. a so rrat,ve. of advt. nthre• 10 the Sauth Scan.
Br Meerdie an horn( y'pec "
.F , Y.I and Scrod VW.... 1.1. and 0; nun!. ol Ws.) ,
nwna 1 Sratk.
Mullw L tbverral front the ratl.e.. , prY•ed
try,ar our
• :•11.1o.ophs of the r.ra.on.. 4 Yob.
loves of Envnant releltmted : Adler.-
a , ..'"q•
1N.,. ander dohcnlncs. LILA°, n•
d Aura a
porali• [e ,N,rd, . by — E.
A a) land. I , Ir
Pak I's Natural Tlieu.ogy aupp.ementary
111AldlealTa e• for Youth.
Sv.:pdare II u•traied bi .ntrresbnx fart, incident..
land anerdine. by flcr Cltemrl rteld. with no lyttiv•
duo.. Ly lire 1 tr.dil, II
'I L. Clebry re:end
I 'ut k•ey'4 A re. mu.
urtly nuLl Elia..
I R 011/1•.•A. St
mr 0/IC.un•sawl ol i.
rires'tl , l.!brury A lisc Gotdou, anti Arthur
%V XIL.W. DIY:Olt; .I.t. COM PAZI —Thr •
,31 1 . 011,••• 1.. 00 r irroting
.11 it, the ord SLatr., oils On, rFlatp•
oo,torhu. tot pi eseniattun, oa..
ry, fractur...l,.!ocaltotob ka,
br sononartuein 311.1113-ESN , of 11.31130 u and dol.
d.pcnobtorj for Nrpurnrg Parody on of
and to elo.rory. r apleinlet laehrucal ierall, To wlreh
are added, o bro. anatomy au.l pliyau.loKy of the ho.
0. nt body rhownta, nattonal llti. eau,
and can• ol allsamer, ra.a) on,llyetitto: the tot
ot pre , r. r.a woltour the aid of raedoesne.
1,,,,,.-an )1411,c... polollea our rim at.oc•
tboara cs bur rardtc.hol plant.. I.) Jam, 1....e11, Ph)-
; lat , In NV u.l,ll , a'alt, torture) . of Saa.snals Truth
km. ‘ra 4e... and very
pear tahrartua 1, attar tlvdroparhy.
I p ouy. tort the l'hrooo Thrrot.ll hlyatern Jo a n received
and tor by JOII..TON oTOCKToN
I .11, renter Mullet •
1000 KS, PAPgla large lot in
nook., l'oprr and tatattonory, roar..fem.( ell the
dAlerent ol hook, uarit in r 0101.1 School.; ela.a..
at ba./....f knal.; v• ro.•y at rap wrnteß
purer on/111.141 , 0 pc/111 ruled and plain. wrappin. paper
of all all., wall roper. loaner hoard., blikaleboaar. he.
Merrhonia end othrto w Pul Ch.. , ' , lli 01 ,
a rumple ,. tot..meal of errery .111010 georrolly krpt
lu Iran( whldh 14.11 101 l low for oath, or on.
cache, or for raga.
1.1 - Th. p.m..... of the Anarrican Sunda)*
l' mon. u lid the. Aterric•o TruelSoc , ety, alava,
au hand loot for 0.. l! at the Socirree.prices
rtmtket 111,C1
TV EW WORK—In Pr Inee—Mtlimq of Mean.
1I to, her l.llfli kV al• and Colonial :Ind Resole
Sonar. Mood.. from the period of the Spanish
Compiest,lsM, an the prevent time. III 47; Including
an fICCOUII% of the Etistang %Vor wild the United
States, Ili! Causes nod blalitary Achievement's. Ry
Vill , lP Y. , . g, :11 U. JA &U in JAMES.
ii ela39 Publuthers.Cineitalliall•
NI LW MUSIC 1100K—ramphlet Form.
I I a choice selection of Songs,
Duette, quartetts, Rounds, Walur,, and Martini.
with in Ilistnry of Music. Illustrated with unmet
nu. engraving.. Imperial octavo. Price 25 teat..
Published and for sale by J A&U PJ AM rIS,
. %Valuut street, bet. Fourth and roll.
ICiotinutti I: M loch Z 1.1847.
HEN RV KI.EIIP.R, Dealer in e:141,11 Piano Vona,
at J %V Woodwellaado. SD 'ltont sorrel Thu
Paann. may he examined iii an Imam, mot the ...hoed
her n ill he there from Ii in It A. 51 and Irma 4to
P NI , each day. llowLalis, October 22, lae
thr unarnogninl. would
inform rhe einem, •
Pittrburgb and tees been upponnen Mr.
glelfrr role Agent for hVrrlrro Pennrylvama, for t
erlr of our Plano Porter. from whore they may bee
mined al uur own f New VorkisriMs CLARK
New York. Sep. 1.1.8411-oefldif
J ;iv - P
ST Received ond open a ed by the Fulitcriber, b.
following iii•ve
eleKoot Roilewood,SOClSTO Piano Fore, (Frdellk
Palltlrrli 1
floc &pont lioirwool,6llxinvo Pomo Foitr, "lent.
csreal Titideu—s opiendid tominerieni.
M. ono vely Good !second bond Piano, made by
LoodLu k Co, Philada. ICLEHKR
1" • ineht4 at J Woodiorollv
• OS Thltd .1
• Pleased..
fieppin . A LARGE and •pleoilid aswirormat
of mahogany and rooewood viii d me
bon Halms, with metallic. frame.. and
with all lbe lawn improvement., which for doribilily,
tone arid roaelvare warranted in be woe I ta anr made
in am country. For sale mw for eaan b ;..
°Lulu , : ..
mnhlh , Nn 114 Wendel .2J door W.V.311.
M °l Captain l 'IN
Parr.,.CHIVALRY , and .. : ; tyit,'..,"°lgeof
Brackenridge. 000004 edillmi lime um aalirell dea th
with a biographical notice.. eride . al Iteitz' itz.4l . div
work, and aiplanalaq Toter, w nil Ulu
original iii digns by Dart . a h lgigiAal . o l,h rr rli r ,M7i
WS 0 cor or ma ttetat 7♦ atm
2,1 -
D. U Q S U N E
VDU:MAN, tnnlOlSt"
their New meal, are: mw Winced to otarosfae•
tote every description of Bowls and -Diann eaLsolla
Into axles, American Blister, spring and reap steel,
•d MGM. of areal, saver!. and . round Irel_m - seasick
they ofer•fee sale :on ;littered tenet at *GI
No. 43 Wood went;
where they keep on hum •
'maple. awl heed'.. arlortmeni of' Meekt`trik ,
asing• Carriage hardware, malleable callings, it
and Aron, .; •
Mai kavecitasle arrangements; with Messrs
• Day kC . Mannfaclneers of Sherds, Ppedm
i Portia,kr, and will keep eonkentir 00 hand
:Mak souk by tlOlll. Ornkr..R.,lo.PPAlfy_ a 7
. then to es Ras '1!
IIE Partnership kAtetOkore exi.ting under are Ana
7 '
a. bilushat I, Bradt 1, it Oa r lesa dissolved on the
bar instant by mutual bortseid. The basiness - or she
lam firiti Will lie Or nled by- RdaratitlL,Vroillnee,k Me-
Cleary. r !AMPS 'WARSHAW. . _
t 4 Pen NDER
Eft "
HENRY blealEAlll%
vI 3 IIF. butler. of the above Foundry will be tondo
ed by the trobseribers under the km of Marshall
Wallace & CO .10 all its various bt tenches. riot
Hollow Ware Mill Gearing'
fintovs and Stove Plater Lights Heavy Matteiry
Wagon Donna EBOO<II
Grates &Sad Irons Engine Cut...
Ploughs Plough Castings, Ate, be.
Madeof the beat materials, god at the lowtot npriees.—
Purchasers are Invited tonsil and examine our Stock
at the R etch.. in Liberty Greet No. BL or., the
head of Wood Great. . JAMES MA RSII ALI.
PrrrAnnottua. P.
CARE prepared to build Cotton and Woollen Machin
.o, ot ivory deacripnon, such ao—Carding bile
chine., Spinning Frames Speeders, Drsts'ing Frame,
Railway Heada, Warner., Twlllets,Spoot • s,Dreashig
Ernmea, Loom., Card (hinders. &ea WtoOglat ItOt
Shafting tarred all ..oea of Cast Iron, Potties and
'tangent., of the West pattetus, .lido and band Lathe.,
and tools of all haul.
Cannot' of every deseriptitm furnished oa abort no
rice. Patterns made to cadet for Mill Geneipg, Iron
ratling,&e. 5.1.1H1 Pipe for heating Factor... Cam
Don WlnJoor Fanth,••nd fanny Caatings generally.—
Orders left ot the Watch..< of J. Painter & Co., Lib.
my Greet, will have prompt &newton.
R..“ ro
Elleckstock , Dell & Co, J K Moorhead Jr. Co.. G E
Warner, John Irwin & Pang Pittsburgh. ,
6CA..111 Warner, S/11111M1•111, janl9
TUOS. A.1111141AR:
Fuonshing Warehouse, No 104
street. near
Filth l'inshorgh, Pa ; Wholesale and Reoili
Englob and Frepeh,F:einteinge;
Japanned Waiters and Trays;
looking Glare Plates, by the boo or single light;
Table Gaety;
Picture talents of tiros;
oPretannia Ta Ware. in setts or stugle pieces;
rt..ait and e Pi Sate Frame.;
Pier Irons and Fender.;
Mahogany Toilet ()lasses, with L., and 3 draws:
r and IltitantnaTea & Table Spoons;
Hand Magnifying Minors .
randiestiells' SainEct. and T ra ys.
Gilt, Pier, an d Alantel Waage*,
Gentlenteo's Sharing Ca..;
Comb.. lids BruntheA be.
liberal - ntt ' p al aVlcti . c ' are d ry ' a t' t I end . en 7 ro P f li , :lU d jo '
far gash.
A. — I - A3l
gITAKES the method to inform his friend
and the pal-boat largo that Faeowl
'Amy, in full operation, on the East side
of the Diamond, Allegheny,where • doll
aunt supply of Blinds, of Cara.. rolora
andgnaliumare emotantly,kepton hand,
also at No. 'I Wood et,Pittsburgb,ai J.&
11. l'hillips' oil emit waneroom.
motnan •Sbutters made In order in the beet style.
Clio& repaired at the 'shortest notice.
N. u. Ilia Blinds will be put up, 'without any . addi.
tonal .exelinie to Mat they run andved in • mo
nem to case o( fire or for leashingthout the aid
1 • emre dr e octldlyawlarnly
A. Pin•T ..ka Beets. Poomta
er. hat rebuilt a n d ,
omncd business at
. hi e stand, where be will be plc
see his old eutosaers and' friends.
Church, Steandmat. and Bells orevery
ere, from 10 to 10" M , curt nds from
• Va"r'rarn':l. t t o " b ' e ' Tf ' gra d mil ' lt d ata '"'
fistneral Water Pomp., Counter, Radine, frs.
*nether with every variety of Cross Catalogs, tirmlitt ,-
ed. l turned and finished in the neatest Manner.
F. is the tole itruprnitor of Vaunt'', Atrtt-
Ansulton , t urny'relettratte. for the redoe
roil of it If t...1:1 tearkotert Coxes and Conrpo
-11.11 can be had of hue at all times. Jont-IY
Ifixt3lll.LlC dc
Lin VINO recently made verytinporu .
nt re
oflmpro/I. ts nn the manufacture of the alio*e and
adopt latest improved ...tern wheel ovatior fiat-
Mom*, rtv-ate tamer repored toforniabonartieloof Win
date Gt.**, equal. if ea superior, to atiy Sly tinder
r ,„ U Sun, and hat lad* i nfcrior to the,
itchati Cm*,
We . r t o es
*. very endo w I,la na il: ttie manu
facture of Common Window I,la. tend. Dru
And Balks of. very description. Dealer* generally ate
invited to call and examln e for the nmely ea. ai r ware
boo.. No. Mg Wood street, Pnmintr'Xiti Pa
W. W. - WI a - a - 6E7 -
1T1T5131.3131111 STEAM MARBLE W O OUKS,
3314 &Ad SU Liberty strew, maw a Can
A I.W Son band and made to order, • large
ty of Marble Mantels. Pier, Ceti... TN11.003 and
Bateau Tops. Ton S ones, Monuments hr, ell wh., h.
Lean. mode of the cbo,cest marble. and utenuinctuied
prnmipally by machinery, will be sold low tor cash. •
N. If. Ptil.Ons gushing to purchafe Mantels, •re
Informed that is is henceforth entice y for them to
go East, as I an furnish theta with au article In all
respects a• good. and (freight, insurance, &e, consider
d ) as cheap as they can ',eschews there for in the
F,llll. Call and see. • iena
No 8 Market street, Patrburgh, Penns:
Tito'Etc,' . ." . .r.', l ',Tv.h".7lb - e,?z€ , z;Vregu'v e g ,
tvoe persons boddang Steamboats to call
' w n tth ' il ' e m r i r
S i r:at " , P ;o r r e g b et7a g iid " ::erTo;t 3P lt Y atro 't
Copprr, Tot usd Sheet Iron work necessary, in furtynth
'nki.fe7lrlirralte in orderon the shortest notice Sdl
Tut', sod Claml•rn Copper work for Steam k:agine.
sad eery e+net{ rl '"o;liaivp k Rum;
Birmingham , (tlest Pittsbargh,) Pa,
narehotsee, N0..137, Wand street. Pittsburgh.
feWILL constantly keep on hand a aced assort
ment et W ate, of our own manutncture, and
Mpetleiyisaltty. Wholesale amleouhtry Mer
hant* am respectfully invited to call and CI
00112,0ibr ,i.....i....-4$ we are invite
to sell
chomps, than has ever before been offered to the pith
117.-Orieca sent by mail, aceompartied by the cub or
r o
. will be themptle smend.d to. • febed
dew Shvel, liwde mod York titoovitie.
LTA TINU cornmenned the manufacture of .a..,
IT Shovel., Ilay and Manure Forim.Ac, on an cc ten
a tve scale. •re prepared to fill all order& car totch.srti.
elite . Ballern price,
For the convenience of their customrs and dealers in
tmeAnsicics, they have appithated George•Oxibrian,
creustmM.,oo Mershon, No IS Wool area...their Agent
fist the sale of them manufacture.. All orders addresa.
ed to film Will IrCetiVc pronaptsuentk.n.on them:4lo4
114.11.11er011. Mfr... GRIFFITHS it DIXON...
Sdithurgb. July e—thly
Great Western Bolt Hinge Manufactory,
A. Itaey N'l:loBvsits'at'ufstisitti'sntirs''l;':[h;el
ever made in the Culled State.. As IlliS is our prior'
pie by wee Intend ta stnd oat as complete after
Orb as can possibly be made. Tbote rogaord in IF.
hisrdwthe shoe, we think. will hod it to their mteres
to sWil OW Itutts All erdemnromptly mended to.
tnys A GARDNER a Co. cora tith • main ma
JNO.'O. 01171. earla CO.,
No TO Wood *peel.
VT ANA , FACTUREIDSot G Otani Mahogany Looking
WI. Glower, Importers and Dealem Looking' thou
Plitle, A ecordCOtt, VOICU.S.OO CAN, ks,
Jewelry and Faticy Goods amorally.
1 he advertisers SIV 13111fitt, name ireprovethen.
their hummer, with tucreased fscilinet in the pirchave
of Dt
neatic. and the impodadon of many Formgd
Goods, they will he altleto sell at Erssuraprwec . Ti.e,
respectfully Modt the atmolion of purchasers.
r a ' i b e ' rre a r r a c r<7l:
and lVaillen Nlnehercr) , on the moat reasoualdr teyms
a ddreased to toWill meet with pop:
lasmek sweet All.ghony Cho
N Wightmatt. who ha! • patent Gs; a very
important imp em toil the Card, and wholtos been
Gllgtlreii for the rov lost filmen tram in some of one most
evamsive and auceewnil Cotton of the wait
will on toe personal attentioo to putting up, to the sat
isiact ton ol those concerned, n'l meclitner made at this
establishment tantht.da
Co" Nof.El and 0i Front Ma,
Bum FormaMand Gm Fu
lentam.; llama of all slam raat
rom the Innen onplovral era
e and warranted rqual'M
One Alm, Brass Canting.,
finished if ordered.. Ga•
fume put up promptly and on
rearonable term, --
Pria P Voting. , 11, Ilonven. F Plunkett.
YOUNG, 1111132113 N & PLUNKETT ,
AvrAREIIOIIBF. Not. 53 'Water and 104 First tweet,
Pittsburgh. The Ulan matudbetured by us it
warranted equal lo to the country. All elders
will receive prompt attention and: filled ou reasonable
terms. Merchants and Olsen .401,1 the thy are
alted Wean before peraftat l rat -
I RON awl Nails, tinovele, de. fer awe at oar new
Wan Loom, No. 52 Wwier mess. near :Wow*, ran-
ao, an ato Front.
A i•aortment at Oe ald nand; 111ctidancea
Raor;Latterty street. •
Having made peat additi o n to the Rolling all.
• " 4
,44? "' , 6 4 ", r ° !IllitEr,•LINIMAY ! m.
TNT ) Cop e rir gaol° rams
IRON . .
Pattern Makers , Tang I, of eveiy . daeription:
Me* Na *IX Malts nazi. Mini wept,
n 4 IPlttab •
SpAlnsu O,IIITANIF4C • Isere Irmo
se le of very Impala Spate& deism; ei 11.0 e
ere UtialifilteS, b
my] Pelit....
• FOGG tc THURSTON, Prbprittors.
v/lIS nehr kohl and arldielytnoern hems
one of Ulf llloleainrodk.ln the etty-at Habitant..
ha. recently nadosonn
b w Cilteratteu• end
improvements. Ito entire b e htg tins been sditrif.
cosualilla* naroerou: and airy sleeping aparuitents, and
, I
antensiveliatntog snow.
Tbe.Ladien'deparinato,haf (wets cam pletrlrsue
organialtd,antfuted up in • most unique Alla bentatful
style. 1171ael the whole in,
House has
been remodeled. *Oh • single eye on bhe part fb the
kelt° ettopannent trithany Hotel In the 1311,01..
tabli tlytiays hesupplied.vrolt every eat,
MI:Hill nod luxury which the martin *ford, revved .P
i " • .tPerinf in the
they will not be sorposted.
yll eotteluslonthitpropriatoo beg I.? say, that itiohleg
will he left undone on their Farb abiLen the part of their
asiestnata, to
thictiotel 'smithy the continued.
patronagi ofriheir friends and the pbblie generally. -
The przea for board have also, been reduced nif ebe
(011.1 . 1 r 111.11••••
Untlempoa`" • •••• •• ,• 50
11—The Ilaggage Waggon of..the Soave mat al
amps be fantod at Me C.e.nd Steamboat I.andicat•
aria cb mill convey baggage intl Inanithe I lotel, free
of elmara - • • myl•ltf
011.10—Tbei subsCribers having parehoord the en
tire interest of Col.° Y Willumma. lath of this well
known establisbnunt , beg leave to nate., th eir fnendn
and the public generally, that they haw- ishen•this I
commodious flowerer a term of yeast and will next
their hem energies to make it a dent sable have firTroy
niters and City Boovierr. e
The Hotel Is sparioue and idatiraLly planned for con
venlence,, light and air, having a umnber of potion ,
adjoining chembetS, Presenting nunsuil attraenorn to
The presensproprielots honing had the
y elti'
years in this city
elsewhFre. hope the will be able
to gtv is ,o rszt . lr t t .i,. b...t.g;te . totter it
The Ineon of the o n
Per vert I loose tk enrol „sandy
are!. horringironth on ri,n 'and 'third sts,
so t h
le equally destrnble in view of the cmtieni
ener of busing. trwror retirement to_rprivate boardern.
Is 'new, by the Hank. the Post.O.ce.the..Msmortte
11a11,0dd Fellows 11•11, and butonesquare distant from
Mont street sod lord square* Atm the City Wholf.tbus
offering the greatest 'adornments, especially)o intent ry
meschonts and g.,:nay to MI persons visiting Zinc: tu•
sots. /MIN NOISI '
osele/7 Jouw.wDlAtrri
Formerly Fuller's Motel; Washington D. C.
JOHN HANDS, ,eacolurroit.
THE prOpnetor framer!) . o.mi:related' WA ta well
known Ern of Palter C....begg leave. torail the
attention of persons visiting the Galata, w titer oo
pleasure orbustruvis,toh.inewly opened estab Airmen ,
the “Hartiion ,Ilouse" which been Enid Win a
at, le of conifer, and McAfee., -Inftrlraslsvl.' by any
tuber Hotel 'in the city. :It it toasted tithe. western
end of Penegyliania Avenue, add in the immediate
vicinity of the caritas Departments of Government and
the Presldeutle House.
Ills table will always be supplied the com
forts and Insures to be found lathe marlets. and no
expense of efforts will be spared to tender the Mansion
I louse an surective residenen to all who may gee fit to
honor it with their patronage. , •
The preprirtor would particularly the attention or
the °Sheers of the Artily and Navy Hotel, to whom
it has ever been a favortta place of retort'.
N Porters Morays in attendance. on the arrival
of the car.. to convey hexane (teen( charge. t Itty.Mif
Corner of Baltimore and Eutaw Streets,
Anew r
:los to t
comb te
ine all tte higur.aa ' the r l:CotTlefcla
with elegance and comfort.
Choice anileaof avant:mono a•e at all union. reserved
for the accommodalson oansient vont, and fainillef
•iphing the city will Pod the Etia,/ taco' a Ilmr,
un•nrpaoted by a top flotel In tke V ntoti
The location t• elevated and saluhtiou• i• alro
convenient to Depot. and the I.Haling., at which the
Coaches and l'orter• of the Ilona* ore at ad brae. In
waiting to conyey b.a.engerti and the!, baggage, free
of elate to ti hotel
Trubi—Ceeitleinete: °edit.. Y. SI ...a‘ J. T.'
mat , ladies !_ do. Ba.oo do titawllin
• coLvmuus: tiovsK,
Charles Street, betwesu Market and Lombard
oi Bali knot,.
,Trica.embt-r baring when the i'ntve ellah•
liMnettl, offer. luo nervlcea to the coltests sold
pahlte aenerollt. It in ronecniently, situated as
reigard• the Steamboats and Delius—ss to she
nudo of themore ertenslye•ltoporpog Houma—lntl in
fact. thelorabon Daiwa M those msanne tar, as ma .
up colleen ...tote. aad comfort , . the_mher rinmpid
Tete holt , te be.s.g fated or teeth new fannoire,
onent s , •as .1 tat le. and wsll op., to Om punts,
on then.] day of A prtlA,l7 Ali! , r tows , 'tat
uormunt.u, etlnt •• to please, % r id C to win a
tonal 1..1 the pablie parionatte, modesst o f well as
lornasent. W W 1/IX,
Lute of the film of Dad: Feet
galomore, Aprfl It-17my
1 -
Corner - idnin and 510111 ate. incinnati.'
r I inlet eatablvalsoteotAto - -.1 r - land ii dee for the
rereption ad the Travel . 'llaysop nder-
Gus., 11.11 rep . , i• • ass,nul
Inc ottot espelms... ne, ot
a.nt.utte departments. I li..ttrr -elf .111 li be.;
oseiwed who tall. ft lovatsou entrnl,eonuttodtoual
snot plestraitt. Pare Pt per day.
Cloesnoati, March 13 W 111 A MI
IL—Altbouth not ointly a new Ilroorn. it it the
.anc—tt new Wlnnon the old handle. ap4if
Chesnut , Street, Philadelphia.
meat enlarged,•nd richly sou furdeilied. t •
in the mom fialtionahle part of Chesnut street,
and to the immediate r a the pe t places of
amusement The proprietor. gralielnpfor the nhe
ral pearmage hCII.IOIO. wowed, iipareno effort.
to render his bowie every way agreeable to his gum.
and worthy of their continued suPrort- inegi - iitarrZnl
._ •
RISTIIROCKhIU KT. t,ega lo aequatat
Afriends that he is .again lesseeof the GA LT
110 U SE, Louise/11, Ky..where he hope. to meet all
hie old (needs, assuring them and the public. that no
eGan shall bantering 4a wake all comfortable whofaror
him with their patrona ge.P.M Idly.
. 5, Alga Line to nitro. SonthothP.'.. 40 1 4 . 13 ' .. "•
TIIE splendid new steamship 4V ASIIINU - ,
TON, j you tore burthert, Frederick 'He W.Oi
commander, will mart frenn New Forkou the
ImJutte nitat,e•roing the United States matt.
"'the will touch at Cower and trlonthatopion to land
passeneem sad freight: and deliver the myna for Fug:
lartd. Flange mud lialgium, and will then praised to
Returning will leave Bremerhaven on the 25th of
June. and tioultiamptdu on the lot of July'. where slit
will embark passengers and height front Englard,
France. and Belgium. Arrangements,hove Item& made
io forward Koodo frorn Havre tip or Me lam moment, for
wh:ch. if desired. bills of laden( veal be singed hi the
agent at Barre.
"douthatupton connects by Railroads with all rill. of
England, and by steamboats with all the Coninient
From Hremen recess way be had to all tintsaany, Aut.
tria, Russia hely, SwitrerlainL.Nc.
The ' , Tot introit I. buid 1110 1,1, ,ma Y I •
a view of being
into n shirmf.vor. and sub
ject at alty time m inspection rip officers appotnied by
the Piestdent. both dialog and after cototrueltnn. She
has two engine, IGOO horse powe each, and ammo,-
Modations for 141 firm Maio, and 4 * aeon/ ciao pas-
tenser ,
Postage holm New York to Soodourforot or Bremen,
nem elites , ,
Second Mars Vi
Pa•tage root f Vremen or Soothatnr.on to Nese York.
l'aet rla•A 81:0
eerond - t,O •
Pb. ill CZT,,I 4 ) , alooot Inn , . fee telt:, or) will he
charge./ arr.:m..lg to th e natUr, Of the guod• offertolt•
All letters mum pas th s ostph the Vo.n Irike
for orhoeh bill. of totingkeatene.t, roll be taken
at 11.3 each.
Foep•••age or freigh• apply the offiee of the Ocean
Steam Naviaatton Compai•y, etreit. Neer
York, or to the Agent.; at Southampton.
DA Y. .t. ROSS,
Bret - nett C A 11P.INEKEN a CO,
Havre %VIE-1.141i ISY:t.IN
The 11'4,11111,t0n 10 intended to leave New York on
'trout.' trip on the fail of rAugnat t.
The eeeorol eteemer of , the line i• IA due rotate of
confthmetion, pod Wal t. in readtura, , at the
y estmol
• voldl_m_
- • ..._.
CkNbl-FOlf lan or Oh 11-1.,k1.1 , of a new, Water
k,../ torsi Fun:meet that is to pay, the Ilenows to be
propelled by water ionwel-no, huthlteg in Monottgatia i
Coun. Varpn.a, within tli vales iir Morealllowo. toe
Count Sent,hilds ult. 3 wilco from di- nye, Tarte is
uh anuabott Pinkie MO miles of Pittstiut Ch. ral , li.. '
bad for double too aunt 1, 'rhete M ea Orthlietth A ;
of good quality and quantity 4iihio (Aim one fourth m I
a mile TO two rtv ler, and good toasts, tit • fine fatnitne
country-*oppllet p mealy WIC easy. The Timber lane,
say SO4 ao rt a, land any quantify wore tifjoipin Mot i
will rut bled nirdraf wood per: acre, &me tote h tor.
cane. One four.horsc trans akd p pad of palate will
muck the furnace. Twen arms Moor Imul, Meadow,
he., he; Itouse•, Odi ty
c, Surly tftsbm. he . dr.
The furoaeacan he ready by the In oflOcto
het. belt, if anpliceilombe tri•detnoll-twwthltdiof the
prise will be taken in AS•011e , 1 Goode-one Mild In
,ay the work promesmor .In one year the prrettr
will pay every emir expended, and after that te.l t mid
100 per cent profit- that will lk gi ven I,t toe pleeept
plopeletbra. Appileattoos soon alc will he attenOe al
to The manes. being sli•aypfilOted in Co hd•
bu dor , 11 thaT
is the rent Mr selling sh ashl Me permit yin ßeny
part or Ms is hole wish to sell. the ptesent sternest will
tate - a. and add hot prr int o ti the tort It is with
reloenenee the °woe,. world tell toe whole, loot if ~... else will do, 'other thin rem d the finishing of
the furnace Ihey w.ll do sii, snit, if teamed, Wry will
build and blow the Gouger one j ear,. they ran build
her I cheaper than ate hotly ewe, 'being peefiCiettl at
the hue mesa fora long tine. Any quantny of the hem
Sane Coal tote by on the pretMhe , .. A low dtrected
to W.. 8 E P. will he immediately attended to. • Direct
to klorgardowhs
p i g 'mu can lie delivered ;It P.ttslwrgh for from Sl5
to SW per inn, when It is wOl t 6 from SW to 11..15:
W.l l S.
frrS i ttge end materials to bulld'on •
Proposals for PitikbOrib COONI• - -
D 8011011.11 wall be received by the underei4neit
J unnltlie first Amy el June; We the riolivery'.ot Is '
000 fabricator Pittsburgh Coel. of Ow beet ea tlity for
the fabrication °CC**, to fie furnished rat or before the
first day of Cktaber nest, at the Bt.
W e
payment to bermade upon delismYs der ...
67tire "'PVYI''''PKV° Irtf culF - . 7ti ,
- • KK '. KT . A - • t,
m•dlier Chairman of the 6..l.teht Or.rath.ttee
Flc V. “i7CINIO Vane SA - fe grata WI
.I.: class Fire-Engine m throw Coat will IWO a ide wad one'
gallerpatreame. with pipveand every Atm ready for
VIVI.. She will be wed lewi-fe farther particulate
tuila of WGORMA M.
,- • stinit
• , . ,
, Committee
• •
boxi POno. Porte; made by DAbors
)•att; ma, ef, :11,
d" A els octeas teroti.l band Piano.
by by e....
Y. Ca: Londoe. Torlate low be cub by
• FOIL 1100F114, , 111111D0W '4IIOTTEIIII, he: - •
lIE sologribera beg to Ilia attention of all
ieremml in roofing, to Weir 1.1 - 1, LiVANIEED TIN
PLATES, Sod to the mull' mhini 11 .7
power. over all motalic aproathir aglislosicas hiLIMMO
userl for this purelso,ponessing ••theT thaCnytk .
stud lightness or ;tern without ,u liab lityto tail, Wm.(
nom ht eu ;riled teveral years, both its this country lad •'
ill Europe They lam slot less subject to alyotastora
and coniraelioll I , llllSod4ollChillflteS of the atnamplaara
than common Tro Plato,'lrsinte &he. • o _, o • ii.J22‘2..nn
m• 101 wily amid roorbag,.'laord•tosoorriensig piss. •
pair,ch Lesser andbottles toot.repairing Mr less
whilst theilint mut is hat Waft man, •,,
,would alga call tha.allealrott Of au
derriere and worksrs met 'll, to this Motu otharpar• -
p0. , 41u which Irbo tlio. protected; can her applied.—
lo ceriorti trims It IS applidahle tis'allarticks of 1000
it - wde•irnble in protect' form- the tolitneor the
oet hen.. Au 4 they would roisimmilly call lb. 51.
1:I ion of those sotTlllrhlt
to nun illalvanisod_Wirc, which Spew unmet asinca•
ty cisorl io Europe: and which answer. Crory '',pwoOs
a• a conductor drefel•trieity, naming On ly' Me
half tauter a5 c0pPe , ,..LE , .....4i.5 equal dmablll=
ty with Mat m0ta1...•
Having lately ,orected wOrkain_this city fro Ih• par-
or spikes,
II be able to - furna nor ammo n may •
Ted A' supply Of E es .Imanallicturod la ,
omi.mlltlY h•Ml,frontli to in wine
Not IA and 16 Mammal, NEW
The 11 . .•••• it Right for thio able hat been .ectial
for the Elio:co:bates as well as Great Dillaist, andelber
European countries, and all legal 61.aSSIIII• will beam
ken to Arose!. any usfringemoot iniporlatablogribri •
. ocl/2•Il7
PRINTS o:vvx-*irtuNG STYLES:
Jiro- 44 Cedar Streets II evor,Yerk
DEO tram to Warm Dealers m Dt7 tioods,Btat they Mora
II received, wad are eabibiling,atthe WAREHOUSX _
' EXCLUSIVEL Y Primed Colkodi 500 CIABICA.
Fr= i n v." Haw
a 2:t ." Tattlfifittroti
to thvir peal stalgomit iivairriartunino 4 tie 4.1#
boraglifel sdirmtim to the city., sod turtling }satellite
assed Car CASH AND'SHOHT CREDIT; me ..01 by
the piece odmieksievta Plasma tame, st bow/suf. ,
b, =ot n. prirat tearmeutt WM, are "heal la Dm
PUMINIStfIi will' Won% *metres of the Mats of the =v
ace p
ire; and
ehe. men repaid he as ematinatioo, ema if do
L. B. have psalm admottee Par , mending ware Per
which are nta teettb ieltetL
prise,; L ' 44 Cedar Street.
Who* ***** :Drag iNareltiosse. ;• ,
BA. FAHNESTOCK Co., No. 49,i John sr.
. New York, offer for sMe a large and panful
assintment 'or Drag. and Medicines, Dye Stu&
Paints end Oil. of , every demiption,' which WI
ula:prepared and determined to sell low.
~. •
Country Mitcham. and Druggists an reqdieted
to call and ciamine their mimics. Ogden
with faithfulness and despatch: B. A.Falimn
Vermiloge constantly on hand. .
A. A. Fahnestock, .
Fahnestrek. , Pittsburgh. ;
GrW. Fshnestock, • '
A. B. Hall, New York, • -
NO. 111151711L1A0 SLIPONEW,YCLEE.:
tVB W. FIELD oder, for sale re Ilto lowest
Mauufaetarers , prices, a *dry citestAive 'IWO*
Or., of PAPER. compering every posiible variety,
•.I..pted to the wat. of corioutoom m all SPCI.IOI. of the
at try. Paper of 0l kinds made fa orderer abort
1 o
stock of PRINTING PAPER la tuntsaalli huge
It pit
of es ery description, =posted and kepi constaally.on
ban via Fliloga„ Wise Cloth, Fourdtioier Wises,
Blood/Ong Powder, Blom Ultramarine, Tortoo, &mike.
ova., Bale Rope, Grin BOP eo Anra . Rt ro e
porehared, for which:the highest prme b mill be
paid ' jrtlyL New; For dtddlibiß
I N C ! ' against Lou of Damage
Wi.h the additsonal 'emit) , of a Sleek Caput.
I'he Renanee Mutual Isteurinice Co.; of -rhea.
at •
George W. Tokod, John M. Atwood,
Thomas G. Itooetall, Levie R. Aahhozat.,...
Wm. R. Thompson, . George Dater - ,
Gratin M....4.tr00d, • John . annostloN4..
• George W. Carpenter- •
Lon or Dsmsgo
Vi r ty LL F7 ' rV " ; i n ' Ti n T a r ' ell. , Urr:
I I notes, Stores nod otboi kluildings,aid of r arnC
tore, G maim , Wares' mod Merehonahon,on th e InNt
Favor-Win tormg.
The Mutual Principle, coretnned tett!' Stec
Capital, mid the other protrinions of the: Charter
Cutone- - hold out vaelonlindaesamPl, 1 0 4 6 9
"• - to these *irons of
thii Company, ...
-- 7
of profit and safety, to thase *irons 0 0.
Insurance,towhinnthe Copperas:AA thsieleshtniii
and etamihnion of those interested. I i
Those effecting
ho. insurance with this Colsipan t i
'e, besides the usual prouiction against' loam,
thordina 7 method of insurance, the addition l
advantageof a direct participiation in the pr Ohl of
the Company, roithoui any .rhann r ii. r
GEORGE W. TOLA D, President.'.
11. M. iilltelitllll, Secretary. . ,e —. .
The subscriber, who is the duly authoriaedAgeit
or the above *rained Compagy; is prepared. ta make
1 ituoirance, at, ilie Mice nil din Agchey, in the
' ,t. h.. 1,. I lott , , Third tt - ,Aliiril door fwasiWnad
i street, arid will give ail further infsruiatioe desired
tztyB4lly- raUS. J. CAMPBELL.
satyr AT cert... fog • .
Safety lumeenattee Company of Phllaidela.
ESIRE ItlSKS,tiyion buildinp and merchandise
of every , dclenption, sod MARINE RISKS
upon hull. or cargoes of .veasels, taken Open the
most favorable terms. • '
Er Office in the Warehonse of W. Holmes
& Bro., No. 37. Water, near Market atreet,titta
•1 N. C. The success of thil;Colinpany. since, lbe ettsl.-
lishment o'• al'
the Agency in this c: w ith
awittiberulttvalb which every e arn. upon them for
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I t siting ihe.confidence' sod Lamont ofhis friends and
thecommultay at large to the Lk !Sa i nte 111. S. Inte
ranee Company, toblle it hy theadditional etlysemps
as an institution among toe moat flourishing in
Phi lad'in—as haat ng an ample paid in espr,which
by th e operationofitscharter tat:muttony amassing
as yielding to ...oh person 'neared d e there of
th,. profits of the company o Shout insetting him
to any responsibility whateieri and ttiereiore as
pommies the Mutual principle divested of - every
oboosiou., feature, an l in its mott attmetive form.
cn.4 •
_ New VOrk.
THIS well known and recoectalale company IS La,
plrt.l,lllrOUghfittif i'IITSUU Ran AcitNct,
inake iII•OrSOCC of every kind connecter! Till Ogre of
tranepoalion and inland navigation NI in onr.lll/116St
kW , or damage by fire. Dwelling Down..
Suiithilxa in general, Good.. Wfirggr .3. l %;lnfgh,
and every description of perrooal proper! 0110OISKIBI
favorable terms.
Applreationa for Insurance attended to Without delay
at the office, No 33 Wood strict -
AT an McMinn held at the office m N. T., Ida Itch,
the following named gentlemen were chosen Bisectors
of this Company, for the ensuing year, vizi
Joseph IV . tarage, Stephen Holt,
John Boomer, John MeCluttn,
tV dliani 0. Ward, William W.Csapball,
John Newhoure, Jacob !Hiller.
William $. 5.11131, : Marna. Sprms,
Johu F. Mackie, Jorph S. Lake,
' ' d John J. Herrick..
And et a subseyrent mckung of the Board, JOSEPH
WV. SAVAGE, Lao.. was enaniumusly eeselectad Pres.
I ident for the eninuag year. Ws...IAUS. BOGGS,
' herd' Pow& Journal copy Seeredstrl,
et HE Insurance Company of NOM, America,
• .11. through its duly authorised Agent, the nheeti
ber, °Pert to make permanent and lnoite44tpnz
ance on iv this ctiy end its
on shipment. by the CECTORS. anal and Rliilll..
• 10'.,n C. Smith Proet., Stmeal Brooks,.
Alex. Hoary, • Cheilai Taylor,
.Saml. W. Jove., . Sarol.F.Sotitll,
Edward . Ambrose Wblie,
John A7tirown, Jacob M. Thomas, ,
lobo White, John R. Nell, .
Thos P.Cope, ~ Richard Wood,
Wm. Welsh, Arthur(); Colhn,See.
Tbin iw the oldest Insurance Company in the
United State having been chartered in 1794. Its
charter is perpetual, •nd: from italhigh standing,
long eaperimace, ample Mean., and avoidlog all
extra haurdous character,it ?be
considered aSoflarin; ample secirity - to the, ie.
At Counting Room of Jones & 'Co.,
Water and Front street., Pitishargh. ' speEhtf
AQ inst Cosby t IN DEMNITY
ranee Company of Philadelphia.
ILL make Insurance, permanent andlunited r
n every desenpuon of proparlyv P MTS.
on favorable terms. This company an pettpetnaj
charter. •
C A VITA L, . ' ..... ... 3400,006 paid In,
I'ON'CINUI NT rtiris; .. - 5500p.0
-Office dorner id Third and Market sts,,Fittab'gh.
:• an : WARRICK MARTIN, Agent.
_ _
American Vice Insurance Company
' _
Cu.sarn PrvrreAA. Carnet. 87 0, 0 0 0 rain ii.
OffifC id Phi/arkkikia, No. 72 Itabnot Street
FarnalCL Fuur,Seey. ' .
Illy old and well•eatabliebed Onsipany Wrujigti
L r .wore gwldivar, MerelmuldstO.FlSlMl4lo Mt prop..
epeotof an extra chant - 14i, SWIM ley or
Application* for is in Pittltnoriliel
ne,ghborbood. edit be received, and rtidla ink. tither
. da
perpetually 4r for limited' periods on favorible terms by
• 43E0:00CINIAN'
A. LEDOOX •At .- CO., •
Powdered,' Craabed, Climbed udlition e ard.P4ce, at
Timeea awl Barrels. "Ai" Sonar. Mena Illolasaes.
Price: liberal and a fair allowance stadia on all amain
ot or above. bo barrels.
/A -
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note ood 4i feet woke; ood ‘...0 71 3 i d Each oirl•
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