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-MONDAY MOEMNO, MAY 31, -18*7.
rrr To* rimuHa D*tur Oticns t> poMt»hed
Suit, Tu-Wccmj, and Weekly.—The Daily i»S«»en
ilolru • per annum; U»e l'ri-\V eehly i» Fita'DoUara pec
4jUubH. Uk Weekly !• Two Dollar* per mornim, itneuy
in mdr*tnrr.
hauct to AdvcrtiMf*'
fT~y AdTeiuaemeau. jn »eeure *n*eruoo. abOßta t«
handed ihby £t« o'clock ia the •tlrrnoort- Auentian
M Uu«, on its pan of our euawmere,would he prouuc
live or maimai benefit- __
ois, ja„i lavs*.
(Of coni COPWTY.)
tor coaaaataf® coc.-rrr)
tPor laTX*t CuniLereial Intelligence, Dorettue Maf
ia, ttleeT flew*, Isnpona, AJwuey Market, Ac, *ce
ihiid page- mm
laifoarth P«c« for JttUeellaneoua Haw*.
Masting «f i)>« Sl'Kkholderi of the PUta
bntgte and CoauclUrillc U*H Ho*d
At twee o’clock on Saturday cveoing tut, the
S9Ji loat, a full meeting of the Stockholder of
tha Pittsburgh anil ConnellaviUe Rail Road Com
pany was held, pursuant to adjournment. We
seldom have seen a meeting in which there wee
more apparent intercet and deep feeling evinced.
A. Committee from Baltimore were present.
At the hour designated, Wnu Eichbaum, Eeq
took the chair, and E* D. Gaaim and Wm. M.
Darliofton, Eaqnt, were appointed Secreiarits.
The minutes of the la»t meeting were read and
The Preudent of the Company then read iho
Allowing Heport of the Dtrcctora to the meeting:
JB>. Chairman,— At a meeting on th* 19th
ifttt, all the correspondence and official eommu
creations to reference to wo pending negotiation*
wnh'ba Ball-® ire and Oiuo Rail Company.
Up lo that period, WrM submitted to the Stock
hold If*; the B wrJ, therefore, ha« but a very brief j
reuurt to make on the present occaaiou. It
proper, however, to leaurfc* that the. reason* for
adjwromentimr to this day were two fold. 1“
the first'place, to giro the requisite time to ascer.
Hjn m ao •Qihcncic form tho action of the Balu
more Comp iny upon the propositions submitted
by tbe aumotit-d Ounuiine of th's Board; amt
In We 2d place, to conform t > the earnest rrquot
of ouo of the D-rectoss «i that Uompany, «l*sj»
regarded by u* a* the 'uniform friend of a Hail
B ad connrction with this city- I
The proceeding* of that Company on the mat
ter referred to, have been rtceiveo, and a* tho
Bt«cknold«r* ate probably *ll aware, our propofK
done under a maulfett miiconatructiou or mua;-
pr<hen*ion of their purport, have hero rejected-
Unwilling tha* * qui* ion of so much magnitude
ah mid be dirpoaad of .through mete nmcvncepiion
of the term* pioposed, our Oi-mmitiee proropVy
pioceeded to explain *nd correct the erronrou*
instructions placid upon our projWitions ihus
far w.ta regard to our affiirs with rh*i Company
It l* due, however, to the interest* involved in
tbiagieit question, to remind the Stockholders
ihit wbiUt all cur effort* tnsffccting a sati-tecUHV
arrangtment.wj'h theauthmtiea of tbe Baltimore
Company have pr .*ed unavailing, we haveenj-y
ad tbe aympatbte* and untiring aid of the huger
portion bl toe intelligence of thatcily. and the «U
most united ii.floence o! the commercial and bu*t
Oftvv data** in favor «.fthe connection. In thiscil
li, of Ite.ubj-cl. B.IJ fi.lOc.lJ ltl»t out IMI o.or.
ions U tbpir .ret oitb »n
respoose, a la.g. .'..1 bishlj napsclabl. nmlliii:
of thecitizeos ef Biltiinon contened to 0.nei.1.-.
,b. of beWn-o Biltiolor.' and
Pl’tsburgb a* enmmertial ct.mrhuntiit*.
At lais meting a Committee cqr,n*tmg of I
gentlemtirr-pf the highest personal prole.eion&l j
and tiu»ine« reputation, have Veen deputed to 1
coaler w tn this-Company at their weetiog
respeciing the general inures - * of the two cities |
as involved in carrying out tho original purple* .
and oiy c * of the Cnarter, by which we are con- |
Oituted a body politic and corporate. • i
We beg leave, therefore, to mtr.duce them, and j
need mu to their behalf that which wc ,
ars paitutded will he spontaneously accordcJ u
kind reception, and courteous copatderauon
*och saggetioos fti they may deem proper to [*<-
I sent to your notice.
Tne wb-lo subject, so far as tho action of the
Board is concerned, being now open to the Stock
holders, we forbear to recommend any preebe
msaauree for.tbeir adoption. |
WM. ROBINSON. Pcest. ,
Xt being annou tread that * delegation from Bal-,
timorewa* present, they wero Introduced and re
quested by the unanimous vole of the Stock
holders, to favor the mset'mg'wUh their view*.
Whereupon John Glenn, Esq., of that city, on
behalf of the delegation, addressed the meeting,
in a speech bt sotno length, in favor of a Rail
Road connection between tho two cities, the im
portioee of whTcb to both cities, he remarked,
could not be over estimated, and-he most furnrstly
deprecated any hasty oction on the part of the
Pittsburgh Compiny. He begged tbe Stockhold
ers to pause and reflect well before they forever
cut aiunder the chords nf,ipUK«A*ad of mutual
beutJl', which would result from tho connection.
A,U that tbe delegation asked was time, to affjrd
to ihi Biltimore and Ohio Rail Ro*d Company
en‘-tber opportunity to prufit by the charter now
offtfed them by Pituburgh,—and In case of their
ajaih refu»ing to evail themselves of it* advanta
ges, then to give to tho Basinets Inteiesu of B*l- |
timore—whom he weU knew most anxtoasly xJe
tired the road to terminate bere^—sufficient time to
accomplish this connection independently of that
Jai. 8. Craft, Esq., tbeu stated that the Direct
-tors of theOonnelisviUe Company having declined
to preaent any business to the meeting, be would
oft*r a series of resolutions, which ha then read.
They were in favor cf Piiuburgb commencing
and building the Cunnellsvilleßul Road ber.elf.
J. Carotbera, E-q .offered a series of resolutions
in favoriof adopting the Supplement to the chu v
ter, and commencing a Western road.
WilsJn MeCahdlesi, taen addressed the
meetioglat tome length io favor of terminating atl
further negotiation* with Baltimore, and of uni
ting ourjenergio* and msan* with Pbiladelphii in
Central Rul Rjad.
B. D. Giixsm, E q, addrcsied roeet .
log io(a*or of holding on toour charter, and giv.
log further time to again titempt arrangement
with tbe Bsltimore- In the course of
his remtiks, Mr. Oibisj stated as b'u belief, that
If tbe book* Of (he Compaoy bad been kept opm
. a sufficient length of time, $750,000 would have
been taken. Hon. JLohn C. Plumer, of West
moreland, interrupted bins to tiy, that if tho hooka
were note opened, be pledged himself ihrt rhe
#?50,000 would b# taken. Mr. Gauam’s ie
m*ru were somewhat warm, and excited a goed |
deal’of feeling fromwmor.fiectioov opon tbe Board
of Direelore. In euncliitim, he rend a wm* of
rreoiouona in favor of deferring action until next
November. .
The Hon. Andrew Stewart, of Fayette, next
cddieaspd the meeting. He was tired ofnegocia-
bad resulted in nothing—hs west for
action—prompt and efficient action—what was
wanted was money—money was the great cle
m«t—money made Rad Roads, not speeches and
resolution*- How waa the money to be obtained*
' By opening the book*, open the book* here, ia
Baltimore aod the intermediate towns, acd he
believed the required amount would be reired \
W ttobt difficulty. If not, he eonaidcred ih. in- |
verment to templing, lhcjt thedeficit would bn
*•:. obtained from the capiUluts of Boston or
* NeW Yotk—WsO.OoO in additioo to iho preaen*
jabscrip'ion, of and the amount offrred
by the Baiumire Ohio Rail Rred Company;
ftOU.OOQ. gava all that we* necessary to make
op. $1,000,000 to complete tbe connexion with
the Cumberland Road near Turkey Fool, forty
1 ftom Cumbetlsnd, from, that point tho road
would fioiah itaslf. Lot aod the W o»t
then locreaaetheit subscription, $450,000, at» J bis
Word trt At, the object would be accomplished—
the work coustQenced and apeedity finuhed. Open
yav and you will get this money. The
took* had been opened a few days only, to gel tho
fwQmnt -1° areora the Charter, and then hastily
\ Ant up knd kept abut. Open the book* again,
and five those Interested * ebanc.a to raise tbe
j * Do this, and if they fail, then go to Hu
j gdalphia—go Wert * Sbrread#r J° Qr
I • Ctatur, io u joa pluu, bulfii.t ,m Uxm .
I *»!«•. Mf. 8- relen«l w lh« nra«t,
{ of1 M. .i». n .zioa t) ««nd tin pr.-
I 4tt»,nowl»i.
f■' ‘ .. gut—ii, gr«t impjilMC. to Mil Hi.
- ‘MfOUttoMt .11 olher* to.
tween the Atlantic and lh« JW e»t~iu ad*fntajea,
££ vkuStmai of mooey/and concluded by ofj
fatiDß the following i eolation in aoJutitatibn of
gQ those pretioa»ly cfErwi: '
:• ‘be bo# ®f the. iLttsimrtfi
•nil OouiHrli'iHe Rail Ro«d Company be opened .
for o.® sub*enptioo of atocks' st Pituourgb, Me*
Keerport, We*t Newton, ConoelUville, Camber*
Und, Baltimore and radi ether towa* and plaee*
aa may be deemed ad*i»«blt; and tfterwarJa, if
necessary, at New York aod*Bortor>, until a aua),
.'which with ihs amount already subscribed, aboil
be sufficient to aecare the exteoaiou of said Rt-ad
to the Maryland lice, and the ultimate connexion
ol »aid road between the eitiee of Baltimore and
Pittsburgh, and that when an amount shall be
aubacnbtd. which, in tho opinion cf the direc
ts#, shall be adequate to the completion of the
road to Ttukey Foot, then the Dueclor* be and
are hereby aoihonied to put a portion of the road
under c titract, aud to proceed to the construction
of the same.
The Hon. Hartnar Denny then rose, and top-
potted in a vigorous speech the resolution of Mr.
Stewart. He had, until within a few day*, been
in favor of adopting the supplement appended to
the Connellavillo Chatter U*t winter, and to pro
ceed immediately WeaVbul opon reflecting mote
deliberately upon the subject, be had been forced
to change hi* view*. If we adopted at the J>re
unt time thi* bill, our chances of communica
tion with Baltimore were gone forever. He
was nut prepared, therefore, thu* hastily to com
mit on act ao compjelcly suicidal to the inter
est of Pitiabargh. As to goiug VVrst, there was
a Charter mw exit-tin,?, and which could bo
at any moment used to make a Road to the
Ohio Stile Line—he alluded to tho Charter of
the Road to Erie. Tbi* Road ha* power to
make branebea to the Ohio Line wherever it is
deemed proper to do so. Ho chuuld. therefore,
vote for Mr. Surratt* ’resolution. Neville B.
Craig, Esq., t. plied to Mr- D.. aud ip uppoai*
lion to the Resolution of Mr. Siqvrart. He was
not willing to have the b.volta opened until the
Ualiim re Company »boulJ have come into an
arrangement with us. He denied that there wa*
any other Chatter- which could be uwd tu carry
us to the Ohm Line—and that thr, gentleman
who had t-r.'Crdrd hint, intdo a mi**lalc«ueut
when lie said so.
Mr. l).*nny rrwe in explanation aud replied with
comiderable warmth to the remark* of Mr. Craig.
Mr. Denny wn fallowed by tho Hon. J- C. Plum
cr.of Westmoreland. in n few brief observations
explaining why more stork had nut heen subscri
bed fur at thu firmer opening ol the .books. He
desired mast earnestly for another opportunity for
himself and many friend* to subscribe to tfcetlock.
Wm. iL»bin»on. jr.. E*q., then made a few cxpla
tittious, and concluded with *omc pertinent te'
mark* in favor of the rwjlutifcn. He wa? sue.
reeded by Mr. McCarullcsa, who, in areiy anima
ted •percb. opposed the resolution offered by Mr. |
Stewart, which he regarded as monstrous. ar.d
marked with insanity. He woulJ oppose thi*
proposition of Mr. S. to the uttermost. _
Mr McC. wa* r« plied to by Mr. Cia t who .in
the course «1* hi>» somewhat witty re
marks made a very happy allusion to the celebra
ted Clarion letter of which Mr. MeC. is the fept>
tod author, which excited much applause and
laughter. - I
The H in. Walter Forward then arose, and in a -
very warm aud eloquent speech, opposed the ,
adoption at the present lime of tho Supplement
The speech of this gentleman was listened to with
profound attention, and had a very great beating
upon the subsequent actions of the meeting. On I
*h n coucluslcm of Li* remirks, a demand was l
made for tbs question, upon the adoption of the
resolution offered by Mr. Stewart, and it was car
ried hr a large vote. The meeting then adjourned
sini die. There was a good deal of excitament
displayed throughout the mealing, aud a coastd* r
adc expression of disSilnfictiou evinced by a
portion ol tie Stockholders at the malt We
understand that xsveral Committees from the
towns and counties West of us, were present at
the metting.
Grotvtb of PlitabATßb.
One of the most gratifying evidence of the rap
id growth of this city,-—spvt from lb* oume rous
buildings uf all Linds whul .r« at prcseot lx iog
erected —is the fact (tat a wry Urge combs r of
vacant lots in the environs of the city, are nos.* be*
tng brought into the market, and God ready pur*
chasers at good prices. Pittsburgh in.afew years,
when her several contemplated Kail Koad improve*
menti shall have been perfected, trill be the first
City in [viat of wea’tb and population Wert of tho
Alleghenies. Nothing can impede her onward
march, if she is only true to hsitalf. But two short
years bare parted away since the was completely
prortntrd, by one of the trust dreadful visitations
ever ieeorded~and yet at the present timo bald
ly any evidences of that calamity are remaining.
Without ashing aid from others, she has by the
force of her own indomitable energies, ruun Phcc*
nix like from her ashes, into the full enjoyment of a.
betUhy and vigorous state of prosperity. Judg
ing fur then, by what she bav accomplished In
so brief a period; end looking at ibe.yast and in*
exhaustible resources of Coel and Ir on, by which
she is surround«)—-apert from hery geographical
posit&t’ as the entering door into t he mighty val
ley of lbs West. Who can for a moment doubt,
what her future ie to be! The stuokeof her thou
sand factories, which darkens her sun light; ,tbo
numerous steamers which crowd her wharves; itu*
countless number of Canal and other bust's, poor* ;
:ng into her lap thv products and wraith of all
lt»d*~-and stove all the remarkable spirit of in
dustry, energy, and perseverance, which so enii*
nenlly her citmena, tells that at do
distant period she is'd',uned to become the -Kar
pin? City of the jieat West.
Pusan-vasia Rail Roau Co*i-aht —By
tferenc* to oor airrrtiaing column*, il will be
perceived that ■ Committee of our meat r/*ffpeeta
bJr citizeorba’f been appointed to re .Vite sub
•crip'.ion* to this great work, the im porlance i*f
which lo Pittsburgh cannot be over eatunateil,
a„d we sioccrely hope that out citix/oa wiU come
forward liberally and subscribe t ■ ,t. Aa regarda
the a aloe of the stock, a* a *jiere investment,
alone and apart, from any advantage* growing out
of it. to those owniog property , and doing bu*ine*a
here, ibero cannot for mordent be a single doubt
It will be the connecting chain in the great line
of Rail Road irom Uostoa. to 8t Louis, and. nj
our humble opinion, ia destined to bathe tcry
best stock of the kiod in the country. Our citi
xena heretofore have not ahown that warmth to
warda this Road, which a careful regard to their
owa interest* would seem to demind, r\nd this ha*
been a e»o« ol unplcaaar.t feeling to wards Pitta
burgh r>your Philadelphia friends. We sincere
ly trual that our future action may bare a ten
dency to do away with. this. Lit u* show our aia
ter city, by ® libera', subscription on the part ol
the ettixetu to thia mock, that we are icady to give
©or haarty toward* it* construction
' An exploaioo of fir. .lamp ocootrnl in Ih. col.
lent, of Mown,. Roger*. Sinniduon. & Co„ ml
Pollnillf, a few day. ainc. by which Krancia
Kinky waa ...only, prbap* fatally burned, and
Daniel and .I'oler icr] aa.eraly tn
jumL Connderabla datnaje wan dona to Ibc
gurjw.y.cia, Rail Road, ftc. Tb. ua. of Dr
ay’a Safely lamp abould bo dupanaed Wllb,
in working below Iba wafer lent The compat
tui infrequency of ciploaiona <-.ufe« muci
carelestnet* in this particular.
Tb* wax to Aov*»tis*.— We.jwereabowo : *
Receipt fot nine hundred and eighteen dollar*
andieventV Jive o.nlh, the amount ,*uf in edeona
fui one year’* adrertiaing, by Dr;
a Philadelphia paper. The Dr. £id one of the
\cw Volk paper* ro>ro than double that amount
laat year and tbi* It i» not aatoniahing that lit*
maifrine hae MineO the great popularity it haa
how and U DOl afraiJ fo Y. Ex
preu. __ ‘
; Morcmaii ./ tU feoqpn—Rd"™
"ear*.—Tba lal P«nn»jhr«ni.. South Carina
and New Turk re,imam., nnder
made a movement, on Friday for.»the *
The twelve month*’ men, With the exception
few Mill remaining In the Hoapilal, are now m
route for their respective home*.' The Uat took
their departure oc Friday.
Editorial Corrsrpondence of i*>o Piustiorgh C**-
; EVoa WasbiflflOß.^
''?• Wi»ai>aTo«,Miy4Bi IM7.
have conversed with |
ouot uaein««r*tnen. *t tfaft seat
of bJth pirtiesj andst*glsd to h>»e *>me v'teencO.j
tbtt there ere many distinguished peisonsin the
dominant party, who *re weary of the w«.»«h
Mexico, and who would, if they coold, bring
Uto a speed; close. The president of the United
States gate assurance* to man; who tinted him
on the 3d of March last, that the war would eod
in the epsee of sixty day* t Such waa hi* con-
Tictiona then, or each many were told they were.
U is nearly ninety day* since Congreas adjourned
t fwi oar apprehensions are that we are, if not aa
far removed from Peace aa ever, lh*t it la not only
’because that it must end sometime, and we may
•uppoee, therefore, that it U something nearer us
, eod than it waa when the war commenced some,
i thirteen month* since- We never that
| Mr. Polk would insist upon th*t “vigorous proae*
cution of the war," of which wo have heard ao
much and seen *o little. We have never believed
that it would be “a *hort war,” though often aa
gored that U would be such,by those whom it or
iginated with, and who wete responsible both for
the war and the manner of its prosecution; nor
did we believe it, though the President claimed it
for a truth, that “the annexation of Texas" would
prove “a bloodless achievement-" Dreading Mex
ico from the start, more than a civilixtd nation,
and ashamed of the Administration for turning the
Udo of war against Mexico which it had commenc
ed against England; wo feared im duration from
.the stait.
The President *ay» he expects a speedy peace
e»en now, while pushing two powerful armies to
the Mexican Capitol. We do not pretend lo.aay
just now fvhethu it would be good policy or not
to withdraw our armies from Mexico, though, U in
a position'to gi*° advice, we should certainly ad
vise a withdrawal, at kaa; to *»uch hue as the C*t>-
▼crnnicnt means to maintain. A peace* made at
the capital of Mexico would be a forced peace at
best, and that is the worst possible peaco a nation
esn littc. f lt would last us ahoct as long as our
armies were on their way home, and no l >nger.
It would have the sanction neither of the judgment
nor heart of the Mexican people, would, there
fore. he broken at the earliest powible momeri*.
Our belief is that some men. and wiser p ‘hey,
must prevail a! the seat of Government, before
can hope for a permanent peace with the Mexican
Republic. a
Wnhavehestd i f a war upon Mexican Church*
ea nn «ell as Mexican Palaees, and this,,too,fiom
the organ nflho Government. A people who feel
that their religion is at slat** will roonerdie, a
thousand deaths, if they could, than turrender
their altars to the enemy. Mtaiyv too, feel relue
tint to yield up their soil; the hoc res of their fath
er*. and what they hrped would prove such to
their children and children’s children, for all time
to coma. If then this Government expects ao ear*
ly peace it muat either ahato soUiclhing of its de
mands, or send a hundred tbwnsar-d men into Mex
ico u gunrd every exposed place, by aea and land
and to overawe ibo whole population.' Aa lor af
fection loward* ua, or confidence in ua, the Man*
>c*ns i are none, and whenever they fed slroog
eoouy h they will treat ub something worsa thxu
the Fiua.iana treated the French, in their Invasion
of l'oe Ruaiian country. In many respects, indeed,
w' are engaged io jo«t «ch a war, aud the sooner
v.e gtl out of it the belter for national honor, ns
tional strength, and the gtoeral good of man
kind. _
f>rt*ipo'ameeof ib-i pittn'iamb Uszstte-
MUte of the Crop*. Market*, &c. 5
WiantHGTox, M»y 27ih, 1847.
W e are ble««d with more ibjwer* here aocJ
the neighborhood, which will add mslcrtally I r
the improsement of the crops. Iho druught
which prevailed for some weeka in Ihe neighbor
hood of Pituburgh, haa been geneial through the
eat’, but Ihe ehowera will pot a new appearance
upon the face of nature, and restore mud! which
aeemerl to'bo luat. There is no. occasion, fhare*
fofe, for etching at this .ally season oh.nfnell
year'- crops, and I am. therefore, sorry lo ace a>
many panic makers busy in predicting erril. Suf
ficient to the day is the ceil thereof, and I base
much more faith in the great protniaea that “Seed
time and bareest shall ntser fail,", and that the
•*Lori will provide" than in anyjjaithleasmirgis
ings about ihe future. -
In regard to ibe present Mason. ibe cud will
probably show the following Important results:
Wt "J'hsi tben'tw land* pot under caUi»»ti-m
lha preaent year will oaer and oaar again make
up for any deficiency in crops.
3J. That tbe Goto planted and brought lo mar*
bet wiU nearly double the •mount produced the
put year
N<»r is it tine that lbe Wheal, or evrn the
winter Wheat, about which so many prediction*
have been uttered, will prove altogether a defi
cient crop, or eveu a short one. W’e *h*U have
enough, not only for the lergeat possible home
coiuomption, hot for a foreign export, quite equal
to Ihe probable demand abroad. la no year of
our national. egialeoee hav *o much attention t>ern
paid to Agriculture, a* faring the preeent aeeeoo.
The preeent price* have given e new impale* to
the whole buiince* of Agriculture, end Ihe gene
ra) inquiry is bow, regardi'es* of the expenrf, the
I largest yield can beprodoced. Nor do ihe field*
j,of Wheat planted the lest autumn by any mean*
! look es badly as ha* been irepresented. I have
lawn many giving promise • of the moat bountiful
[harvest, and the new planting.: gunerafly promise
well. Of course there aro putieutar exceptions,
and to the owners these offer sadenoegb prospecta
for the future, but ea exceptions are Dot roles, it
is wrong to present a Mattered or barren field >e
% cample of the appearance of a whol* country.
I that many old tobacco fiildu in Virginia and
Maryland have ibis year been turned into Corn,
and probably the world would not suffer much if
there should be a general metamorphose .»f the
la»t=r weed into fields of meixe. There are. in
deed, a score of reasons which will readily suggest
themselves to almost any man’s miud while the
hsrvcsl will be a good one. and I rely, therefor.
upon "a speedy aod milked reduction in U.« pres
ent rates of Breadstuff*. Choice flour i* retailing
here at the enormous price of $ 11,60 a barrel, a.d
other things in proportion, which i* almost equiv
alent against giving bread lo the poor. P.»!alo <*.
too. have been retailing its(,7s and $2.00 a bu h
cl. butler at 50 and 40 coots, and sometime ifni ■
choice article, 60 cent*ha* been paid fora *in-’e
pound, but a good article is selling this morn tig
at 31 cents,*which is a promise that _it will -i-tl
next week for 25 cents. Beef, too, has been * fl
ing for 12J and 15 cents a pound f«r rh«nv |
ces, but those who rely upoo any eiihancemi-nt -d
present prices, or even upon maintaining prea. nl
prices, will ere long find themselves wofully aU
Bo*ai> or Trad*—At a regular meeting of
the BoarJ of Trade, held on the *7lh tn*L, ibe
following namtd gentloroen were elected intin*
bera of the lomtitutton,
Joseph Knox, J H Pttfato
Edmund Snowden, C A MeAnolty
Geo L Seldeo, R » Haje
A A Hardy. A B McQoewan
J D Wrck, B A Hampton
F G R*J. FrancU Seller*
Jonathan KidJ Walter C Roe
Thoa R While P B Griteemer
WSAlbree Wm Raa
John Jack B Herron
E W Lynd John L Miller
H F Sebweppe Edward Faber
Wm Bingham D Reinhart
John MeQoean Wm A Herron
R Wataon hi 0 McGill
Luka Taafe J F Pe»'J
J Youngaon Ja* Benny, jr
II Coulter Robt McUotchaon
B Oirde J Kirkpatrick
L A Hatchlaoo P H Leofman
Clbmaen T Braun
J Grier D£ Bayrd
R Dalzell John Black
Geo W Bmtib . Ja» D Vainer
John Scott Wm O Curry
• Geo E Arnold -Joe H Hilt
Bamuel WigbUnan .WnSßtaaell
- r J. HARPER. Clerk of the Board.
Contfiuo&al Coarentkm ol Illinois, the
mta&ta of which hare been just elected; is to
neet on the firat Monday of June.
Bcafoaa Offlelal aeeoMt af Battle of
" Cerro Qonl*>
This mwnd f w/uint of the late fight,
waadeepatcbadtotbe Central Government in the
city of; Mexico, by General Jarero, after be be*
canx.ia inmate ot tha Castb* of San Juan
d’Ui&a. it {fan tolerating document, which wHI
be .read, po doubt, with avidity, by all daises of
oar fellow citizens
Ba.« JcU d'Cuoi, 33d April, IM**
Mott Excellent Sir.- .
Made prisoner* of war, together with Briga
dier Geo. Bomulaa de la Vega, who is with me tn
this foitress, where we hvrebeen placed by the
unfortunate event* of the morning of the lBih
instaot, at Geno Gordo; end separated from Brig.
General Don Loois Pmzon, I conceive it to be my
duty to report to youi Excellency the occurrence*
of that day, the bitter results of which have plac
ed me in the power of the United States of the
HU Excellency tbe President of the Republic,
end General-in-chief of the army, directed Cerro
Gordo l*> be fortified, oo ihe left of the National
toed, or carriage way from /Jalapa. The road
cruties the brow of the mountain, and along it
were placed our infantry, together with the head
quarters, believing that our cavalry were stationed
near the Corral Falsa, and the Encerro.
The broad mountain, called the Telegraph, w
the high* at of the eminences of that ebaio, on
the Vers Crut side. Beyond the Cerro. on the
right of the present road, and at the point of in
tersection of the old n»d, the Gencial in-chief or
dered a battery to bo placed, which would overlook
the wagon road, the deepest and narrowest place
in the glen. The old rivej road was commanded
effectively by the heights, which were designated
Iby the names of the advanced lines of tbe right,
left, and centra. Tbe first, and lari named, had
the river m front, along which the enemy were
stationed; the second, commanded upon iu left.
I the national road, at tbe point mentioned Icfjre,
I as the deepest ic tho glen, in such a manner as to
I enable it to defend the passage from tbe old river
1 road. The command of these lines was assigned
|by tbe General in chief aafotlows: The right to
Gen. I>uis Peer m; the left, from the battery on-tbe
1 National road, to Gen. Roraula* do la Vega, and
I the centre, to mo.
We woio in oor position on the I7ih, when,
about noon, we ssy the enemy advancing in col
unm by the le f t of our vanguard, putting direct-
Jy forward forth* height*, near the Telegraph.—
The battery of the advanced, line of the left open
ed iisfne nf round shot upon.them,from our Urg
c*t pieces and with tbe beat effect.
Soon after, the cuemv was discovered from the |
salient angle, upon which anotbor battery of the
tame advanced lino had been placed, which also 1
opened its fire together with tho, hotter} of tho ;
i-entre, both acting with »uch effect that the me
mv were driven from bis position in lew than half
an h-.ut. Tho men*)'.compelled to abandon that
p-iiul ly the injury received from our. fire, com
menced* a movement, by the right, upon the Tele
graph height, whew he.'was also received with
by our troops, and rttiieJ ih great di*urJer, with
cnnridtraMe loss.
The following day (unfortans'.o for the Repub
lic,) the l*th April, the enemy presented himself
to renew tbcetuck upon tho Telegraph, and open-,
p j a fi r « upon all our fortified positions. The
height after a «vcrc and bloody combat was taken
by main force, at tbe moment when my advanced :
hue of the centre was attacked by another column
at the point dirrctly.under the command of Pori
captain (ratal) Dan Buenaventura Arar-ji. The
battalions of Zacapuestla and Hatanqur, the At-
Ulcry and Piektt* of Matamora* and Libeiad,
covered themselves with glory, and effectively su»- ,
iiimd the right wing ef the left line, putting t. ,
flight the enemy's the ahoit space of
five or six minutes, which formed again on out !
right among sunounding thicket* and ridgrs.
The height of the Telegraph bring taken, the .
enemy became master of our rcar-guard on tho '
left. andJo receive orders or instructions from his j
Exerifttoey, the gerural-in-ctirf, I sent my sdju- I
lairt, Ltcut. D. Fran.isco Ruix, with orders to we j
him or the senior General, (providing Santa An
na had run—we xuppote)— but he returned with
the information that be found no one there—in
our camp and Head-quarters—and that a llsg of*j
truce was flying at a »bed. a fact whica was sub- |
sequently <wnfi»me«l by my own observation. j
• U'ider these circumstances Gena. Pruzon, Ve- t
ga. Noriega, Osando and myself hebl a consults J
tioo, and considering that, our position having j
been changed by the capture of tbe Teh graph
beigl t; that our real-guard was hemmed m by j
the t.iemy in front and rear, and that otir “ipjly .
ofwuler, which had btfoie been scantily furnished |
in barrels, was now entirely cut off—that ihefgen-
eral in chief bad previoudv withdrawn the battal- ;
ion Of grenadiers which bad covered our rear guard.,
in the woods, the enemy, were thus masters of our
fate—and although some of us, by our knowledge \
of tho hollow* and ridges might ba*e saved our
veins we pvp'orwl lo be pierce rr, to the farther j
sacrifice of tbe line of tr.-op*.
In giving myself up to tbe generals of the enc
my I give them to umleratand that no opprobrium
to oor honor or to our country, belooged to the
ac% and although they were the conqoerori, I
could nevrr in any form palliate the war which
they bad made against my country.
In these expressions I was joined by Gen. R
D. de la Vega, whose aervievs in and not of the
K-.public have before *hi* redacted so’much honor
upon the Mexican name. Col. Jose Maria Psvon.
Post Captain Pedro Rail. Msj»r Jo*e Maria Mna.
Captains V. Arguelles, Gieguria del Csltejo, Jose
M. Mantx, Jose Maria Moreno, Silveria Velex, A
M. Gallegos, Adjutant M Camacho (Lieutenant
of the Navy) Fr’co Fernandr*, *ab-l»ulecanls
R. Amal.le, J. H. C**arubia». and Joee Laatoilae.
all of whom wire brought to this place, and as
prisoner* of war will be conducted to such place
to the United Slate* aa the present government
of Vera Crux may direct.'
1 beg your Excellency to lay this narrative be
fore bis Excellency the President of the Republic
' and to rematk to him and tothe nation, whom
we should til serve to the list, tbit this mull i*
an instance ol ihe capnce of fortune, a* at- tbe
same instant that our three lines of the van-guard
had achieved a victory, driving our assailants be
fore us, we found ourselves under the imperioo*
necessity of surrendering ourselves to those who
on the height of the Telegraph, the National road
and in our bead-quarter*, bad made themselve*
masters of the Geld. In number thsre were more
than 12,»00. against leu th*n 2.000 Mexicans,
who were surrounded by their advanced line*.
1 have the honor, See., Jo** Masts Jasxao.
To hi* Excellency, the Minuter of War.
From >i»- N'rwOrlean* Commercial Ti«e«. May 1”
The U. S. S:eamahip Kingtland . Uapt,
Davit, arrived yestetday afieniooo from Vera
Cruz, baviug sailed on tte I3:h Inst. Too .Vary
King*Land, it will be remembered, look down
Coptain Walker and tii* mounted company, who,
ere ihii, arc doubtless doing good service to ibeit
.The Mary K'mgtland brought over a large,
□umberof paMeogors, whore names are subjoioeJ,
together with 347 discharged volunteers. Private
Joseph Harney, of the Mount Vernon (Illinois)
Regiment, felt overboard on tbo night of the 13th
inst* and was drr-woed.
By this arrival we have received the American
Eagle of the 13th. besides letters from our valued
coi respondent, Indiealur•
The Euglt, in noticing the arrival of Major
General Patterson, at Vera Cruz, accompanied t>y
the Tennessee Cavalry; lit and 2d Tennc**re
Infantry; 3J and 4tb Illinois; the Georgia and Ala*
bama, Regiment*. and one Independent Company,
of Kentucky Volunteiri—pays the following well’
merited tribute U thii diatinguisbcd officer :
General, Patterson accompanies them to the
United Slates, but will return, we Icafh, to ahara
in tbe perils and glonoa yet to be encountered.—
( Thia gallant General deserves more gratitude per*;
hapa than any other commander who has been in
tbo service during tbo present war. He hfli been
a cripple for month*, most of which time bis only
means of gelling about, was by the aid of crutches.
During the fiercest of tbo bombardment of this city,
hewas baiy hobbling about fiom one ( point to an
other closely observing; giving directions where it
was-necessary, and performing all the duti< a ap
pertaining to bis office with as much despatch as
r if attending to the commonest affairs of life. Tbe
i fust day after the opening of the navy battery,
. wbeo the fire of all the furls of tbUcity wa« con
centrated upon it, and when balls and shells fell
in its vicinity like * buil itor ». Gen. Patterson
mounted his horse and rode to the spot where it
was planted, and after catefully observing that tbe
guns were properly worked, ascended a Utile emi
nence close by. with tbo aid of his erutchrs, and
watched the effect cf our siity-eight pound shot
and sheila upon the city, with sa much coolnrsi I
aa if only prevent at a simple pyrotechnic eibib
"'w'ccan testify to'these facts; reader, for wo
were there and candidly confess that we found it
u hot a place es we desire ever to be in again.—
At Cevro Gordo, although laboring under a severe
illness, in addition to iiis continued laments*, and
against the urgent soldutions of his friend* and
the advice of his physicions, he insisted upon be
ing present at tbe battle—mounted liis horse, re
paired to the field, and immediately assamed tbe
command be was entitled to. Soch men are worthy
of a nation’* gratitude, and we feel certain that
it await* Gen. Patterson.
PasKngtrr bg the Mary Kingtland— Major
Count de Btumgatdt, Q ®o* Shield*: Lieot,
RT How, Alabimi Regiment; Col, Formao;
C.«t HtckUlo". A Djctor D A D, ““' Bur
,Z; 3d 111. Be,'llC|*2° W Paiker, A*s i
Qo,rt»rm,ilet; Adjutant O Ewrett; Ciptc Bwbop,
L,«lar Hicki, Harfjf. Campbell, Siller*: I.ieuU.
Bon. AJmm. Proctor. Tbomn. L*n.ler, Lirlnp.
■too Hooper, M'Adam*. Dunbar. ReardonJlitrhi,
Barbe Bodleron t and 347 rank end file.
Correspondence of Piusborgb Gaxeite- t Bc*f*i*t or A D«TAC*jUHT.--“A:'par*«if*t : >
PaitiDtLMJ*, May S6th. 1847. too lha MaryKingtland h*J forolahedo* with .* __
—i . . . , .ji,,- #fW »__ in !*.#• the following iofomuliunJast a* the T***el
raa«of ihU U tha felr which*ometiinew stxrtaup thmt a deUchrt-r.t- r.f oar tr£Xips«t»nonrdat rfaoia p f) - wiich bretern *Uccicd
after* Mawrn of aetmlf ia oar busmca* ctrde*. Fe,> pratiboutoxtcen mileeoff. had bteoscdJeu jeans, «jmn»er
l ■ • f,K- i, M i,h; IV attached by a band of ladronea, or guerilla iob- ..—A.,.. .. auwtiay
cpemlly when that acuity .. not of the health,. TJ|f## J f M|rf . fjQr wound . hostery. !*»«.
««t character. It is p?«iblc that the latest ad*i- ; #m j one uken piisoorr. Capt. Walker, the j nik. ihread, *c. j
ct * from Mexico, which are uufavoiable to a apeetly j renowDed Texan Ranger, iratnedialrlj ec: off for ; At S.O’Ctock, P. l- -., MW4re ' I
peace, may bare some effect in checking ba.inesr. that spot. to learn particular. and try '
C ;« «n th-- contrarr auitc tba feroaeua awatlanU. The Mary Kingtland f » (1 , Vi!tobaec£lObxsebi and dry. shovels.i** o *”?*
Money u not hard, H .a, on Um contrary, quite Jowq Wq bumlreJ neQ Md ooe baD j rctl rcuM . on bpd *>*,, i keg powder, bind ,
...bandulH ««>; bul ■> «° 1 ? P» rt * J ” ,,h xnd tlm. h 0...; .he ..or. HntW wilhc. «. M d taoj |
on the best securities. Good s olid, bum,an,, it tbe slight**! abrasion of the akin even-—tu splen- household and kitchen farm .ore, mantel clock., looking :
MW r i. taken teadilj, bul kne nolo, and draft. ! did eondilion. She made the pun in eijtt.
ate hard It paai The .apply ol Flour hole i, i hourt'tuoniof.ttme.ol£lnM™of «<>Pl>»S?j.'“« l ‘; w„, Lu . ,a Jcd , Uc J DD»vi»’. Aaenoo |
unuaoaily and t think ,h. dent.nd hM in. I£ "» *-*■"- P *“ * l 6 « ’•
attui a trifle. r . srt.ixw Vrne Hall* Bpan ah Cigar*. my3l j
The no»a of the tit, ia moderato in qaanity.^— in Queen Anne', time drunk-; At s trci iek, P. M. .
ThVtown »M..hoeked 1.. t night by the annonnti. | enne. ... ftharFopnlm |b«j iher-tj.. In lb. ” d.“'S.ev |
ment of the dreadful death of Mr. Robert Scott,! taanujcripts of the Ontish Museum h i s r *i# hue shirrs, with hnei bosons and i-olJars; faue • |
mho was thrown from the cars on the Rail Road j le«« tha Pffeate Secretary of the celebiated rrovol *. new and second hindgoUl and •i'rer watebe*.
ta«'n .hi. city and B.ltimote. He ... picked Do.iu*. of M.tlbofongh, add,.»od to th. I ope S .. onb-nt. t 00... Ac Ac.
np in the town of Fei.y, (Md.) and ftom the | began tbo., ' S,r. my lady tb. Dncbeu -A-T_je.-~=kr^===.— ——j.. !
dieadfol eondilion of bUbody, out have been j being drank. ».'„»n.ble to .00 you -hen , on . KKtVANU MO "£™™lU«^2dW'Ud
droeged some durance. He ... on excellent , called yt.lerday. Temperance aocrctrea e , cherry BlueraJfor the euro of to* fotlowuig
man, and .he bro.he, of Mr. A. Scot,, publiahe, i »tk»..«n ro rho^ ; ,
Uf Wkfe •»- *»«•*»“»«' ****«»■ i
„h. U .abject to 6U of .amnambuliam. and .ho , SSTTriV fncod. th, j
sleeps on the second story of her father * hoiiae, c j ;f , ~n d coumy. b notnijiaiion tor ihi* odicc nt ( Scrofula liwpuriues of ibe ftlcod, 1 •
cot up at 3 o’clock this morning, opened Ihe win-1 n pi>roacii.nß and Whic Cuuvtiiium. Tue j p aMU | e * on the Pace, Herediurj Humor*, Cold rts,
do. U and fell out upon the pa.emennl.rdging noon L.-idi-mra^p*--"*"”-*"**''*"-.
a cellar door. She nai ahockingly bruin d. This |,. i | |f !; l i. i.y myas M u LOWlkiK cu T^e a ,i Pnl ion of the invalid pnblic, and of all U»*«
should lw a warning to parenla not to leave chil- -- “ r ! al&icted hr any of the ibovo m»su nreeari
buuuiu » i s- - •_i'|« a«e aiinounce ihe uame of tiisjoi , .. D ( a new and mvalnaoie prepara
dren subject to night-waJking in roams with un- } lf ..^j ß y bkaRS. of Allegheny City, a* a •unable cun-1 • [, nmtn oniiu»i recHpeofadistingutaheslpbysrerani
barred window* J.tlaie Kir ihe oltecoi Cou.iiy Coinmissioiier. subject to j com bi„inc u, iuelf the most acuve I rc “* dial l P r ?Pf. r >‘.
Oor .ttcot. ... filled orirh emigmn.a The, Ore dee.-ornyf -be■ Anu-»1...,e« ; j»„. I S
go about m squads, end arc mostly Germans. A >“ , .. ... , , I to ibe public about-twolve months ago. and
body of Ihe ••gentle, .ex” pxued me ye.mrda, a. , “I,"' Aon-Majune o,“j j d«>i"« '““.T^Sr'ilX'them’.iS’Ja'lT^c^fi”
noon-d.y, .hen the .un ponnng do.n a ter. cornm.-unr. ; The d,...... .0 .hi.h be indnee ibap.op..eim»Mar ttem no.eex
,l6c amiunt of h 0.., and I ... pot iolo . aplen- ... h„ ».v,, ,«e,„d . c.oi.d..e den... I” me nd «* “SeSVble-iSg .0 .1, d«.e
iid perspiration by the very sightof their cum- wLn"an> ! W V^TTfc'KETCH •
bersome wadded petticoat, and pincushion caps. 3, Mwhrw . PKKULM TOW NoJllF 1 . * rß , * I*l New York; W».
Mr. Pahenharo, the British Minister, has been iny-rtdiwic* __ i Tho/s Market street, and P. R- Sawraa. &aithfijsW
slaying some days at Jones’ Hotel. Ho left this. Mr KD . Tali: ln’ < .a«e Announce ibe uameof JOUN | sireetl Vinshurgh, Pa- Price«l— large I
morning for New York aod Osnada. from whence Mn.i.Efc.'oC ,hr Itoroupi.w' Simrjuiiurpu, a«u ■unable .
bo e.ies t» England upon a short visit. General 1 ce,.d.d«i-«« r. T re-..t thi»co u .,-> ... u.* ; TO COHTRACTOOS.—
Leslie Combs Uat Jones's, and the Hon. Louis | m >' ,9d * Vw ’ -- - pKUPOS.VLS wUI ber.ecei^ved al ibigSSSwSfJi*
Mcl.nne»nd Gen. Hendcon .. Ha.l.eli'e, ! .»>■; SeWlk I. K^hTmld.'U*h”:”o=a. J.’;
Tbo lato rain bat been of great service tt the . ol %1 k a . a raud dAU- .uuft.oo oi unce none oum* aerbss James Hiper, on
e.ophe.c.H3uM, while iho grata, lihrubs and tree, ■ ..Nl'g" »»»* t.-,r, Z K.xs &,*»
iu thu city wear a new vesture. The old one was I mu'» j, m i« win iir about :jl ft hi*b «n<t 401 feet long, aad]»u
velicw and sickly, tbe present ono exquisitely I "m, l Khiioi - Iwkr ..i rerommeuding .. • untrJ a^ou t 1 miles -love Lynchburg: lh «
r b J ’ r* of the Ann Mason e and Whig Cout»> , b(J abc it high und «K) ft long,,and stuaiJd atom»
frch and healthy. . convn.i.o.,. M.tlt-ilAl.l. svVAHTZWKI.DrIK. • ....u. WP «, of Lynchi.urgl,: the third will bo about ihi
Brown, tbe fagitive slave is gone, as you know. K-lUJPinlill w ..,i ,, uglified lo r>*pres«-iii ihn co<,.i- ft bil]l nn juuo ii loug, and sUuaieJ aboutumiles.west
He cot off on the wril Hi hnmine repleginndo, is- .> m lt , P alc **»« u-junnaiuiu would eru’ -, of i. y „rl»:»u.g. The fouudoUon of there «««•« or
“ C ” , n . . t,• q. n 1 k ,iti.ii-M)i.. iiv id-in the C.iy ajul Cauniy ai( j ihe superstructuies will pe required to be ,r»*
sued by the Prothonotary of tne .Supreme Court. .i>na » o\K (IF THU I*aUT\ ■ aa h ,-i, ». jjw wa.erlrvrl. dunng ihe present »ea-
Judge Person's anger was. os hir.ttd'to you. tern. : ‘ . « on Pinuioi -aid work^m«>M»e*een,andspeCtficailoiis
P««>- Freed, thn teepee .f the p.Uon.,Hand, j
haundoaar in lha ... of $lOOO ,o appear and £“>•.. Uc. ™ ~,'d a" . .be l“ of July na... . .
. Q . nWFBtoON ; «TaLTSK mvVN».CtofEaiP»e«_
- | j JuQfib River & Kanawha
—1 JOHN \IORH!>ON, of Allegheny, will be tcppori- , . ’ . h Mav.tHJ. myitMawtJyld
Uaa.'pAal .parted ,/ J ! £! -
[ General Taylor. 1 iui..».. ot me Wh g and .smi-Misojuc |
: Puitanatru.,. May 00. ,847. | „ , LLUCK „„ u , ipo „rf haht.a .be ■ “"V“ SSli'S^TkfiOA
B, an ar,i..l from ,be B.axo. S„,U,go a, ; f■...«»»■■ ] ; lhr ..h.e.d.a.a, of Piutambtiny, do
New Orleans, there is an apparently authentic ; co '“ ,l > * f ; > er nv thalihe aborr peuiiocers are of good repntefor thx. Cnl. Doniphan had bran def ~..1 |o> Map,, J KTi.*!." S?JS2SS&£I
by"# strong Mexican firce from Durango, wilh tbe M smsuolla?.** o, .Mifflin ’“^ir'ofuavellersandnfflersjajtdtbetaaidiaveroisoree*-
loss of ell his artillery. and a considerable number CQ n,’ JS T ,r! rC l.uiilOW 1 MrV cUnrch Jc Caro,hers Alorri* Jones'•
jf men. Later accounta do not give qude so MR KI , Ir am.oh..e e the name of.JJ»HN J ' Co°
plausible a Lee to the story. It was brought b, ;
t Mexican runner, and is stid to have, occurred si , FaU.MKK. Ks,. bu® b««. *l>o- _JVsy.h i Dutieau 0 \Yravrr_ mytS-iii
' -tween Cerro Gordo and Chib u thus. ejl lj( h ,. fP a 4 81 , r t <- r i.e-m and baiiahln candidal* tor i f - X q - be u ol) orableihs Judges of the Oourtof Oeneral I
jculat" given lead many t, fear i«. Uuth 1 “df°rUleCOttn
lav lor, it it slated, about to commence im.Vl.V.w - . ,COl NTU\ Vb* Pcuuo.. of IL.iiain.a Ueaver, Sd wwd.^itu-
L-allade, had been ordered .id. h,. 1 ST“”^“«”l*S!iSf.»?'|S,“th..
1 Vera Cruz. * I
ijaaaaehtlacua ' olnu'ee... nude, l.rav.oi- T11 „« A * IT-.ItKI.NS. ol [•• » *»T ‘"“’’UK f JAXIIN^AVEAVEB
tUc arrived at New Orlfanß from Wia . h •••md.dAi* i-r,.0 ' , IlV ,u.iiw
fapt. Webate. came w..h them. Fathe, r .„, .appa.u-d J> I a7^/S»
ono of ihe Catholic Cbaplains to the many VVh g. ..t die, my and rouoiy mr uoin.i.aiinu by | L , . nn j letuprmuce, sud is well provided with
0n * „ 1P U.„A*..l:oi. »• V ea«dW «w »'*r lire Leg:s.iiu«re ami convenience* for the accommodauonof
imr.Uwl 5,11 travplter* and Others; and that *«'d uveru is necessary.
iwnivrcu ”,f V,- Pltv w.nt.e supiionrd b-ftirv ■ Ccurch A Cumbers or,l f J S?“ a
“‘"'"JraS'SAM, tSi A,“.™ tVilliant tVil.oa, J, '
i„k...' ( .I ou . | ,ixvard l'« i.ructi John Ander»on
. w u» -r 0., . »•■:• •'•■ F«..y,A A laann _W.Ca»M »l»» i
ianr'Vmga and Anuma™.. »■ Ja he- PItE S H ASSOKTMBIIT OP BOOKS
L .miorc. niylidAwt Jr.tFUR.ON • Kece j rrt at M A MINtIPS: ,
h II.|; side and EJorder tfkeichcs, wilh legends of the |
-- a”w\ Chev oisnnd the Lammeimuir; by W. ll,Maxweu. .
£;> 00 BOOIb O,Ui.L ! ,’iqti 110 Alliaga.or the Moorsuo^r PhilipiheThird
* j, yi6. o® KOURTII STRKKTi of Spa .an hi-Vicalromance, by Eugene Scribe. .
CORnVk OF post OFPICE a I.IaFV j Caambcrr' (JycLpmtia of Li.era.nre, Nu 10.
, ±Tn“frtl® *? : »l booad, and^
I Fsuwk.o.,', Ui RCOtl nin-. f-al n.ui v.-Qf».n,»ii-i;.V , nntXL>n l. i
1 .... ~ i wa/ru*aisivi»w>» wis.iv Ueai t p«'t nv’ur : My«*-ncs of laondon. •
I V.r,. •, lor ihc nr ce Ti-r-e haiKHonr l.'rui i ( o am of Monte Christo; by Dumaa-freth supply.
«. ■ lar io meHSure. nnd warraiu them us feprr ■ KuiT attd Bine,or the rnvaieersof the Bevolulton—
..tne-.i ■•'!.<• virv low nrtce of KIVK I^ol.l.Alt?* ' |ft-»h supply- . ~ ,
t CASH' i'vmlemen ar* rrguested ,o call and All the Eastern Magazine* received for June
.x-jA WUKIWKINt For sale at . .. MINER’S^
n,: • m j.js Smtthfield su 3d door from gtl _
i CO- Suiter's Ginseng i»nuncen. —Mxdua,. q R AH'S A ®
by, S
| th* lo'iinv 0?. from Hr Mm of Y\ uham't i* R.„ ov atmg Pills, t have suffered extremely from
(•Irrrmj iCo at..! on* if :!iv vrr.' tn*t jir.tcuu.mer* t., .n P n»m.and o«> “cul Stomach I have made use of
. i, i , *- , 3IO r .. in- . ~PM »tn:tT of ni'd.cme without receiving materia!
UP ...uti ; ::i .r:rrh h* r*» .Ir- and Ute .A I .. 1 * Ai.out three months since leomroeneed nauig
?;s:* i.--gfUtuie. it.« cl.*< ring thus to see the Irsd- . M e dl Cine, which has entirely relieved rae
’ IIC , n . T, of ihf it.hVis-00. hursung .he l.oiuU of prov- rom aP ditv at m,* ‘t >iaac}>. uud restored me to comfor
: .A„apP,.d,e..:.nd,nH., TO m,»d«: ..'
-•Fir I luv* di m> prac; « e li«‘ » using some of > >u. ; Uem . j can with confidence recommend them
j Umscttg Pmnacrji. and. so far. an. well pleased in if - . J ANK A E j . E ’i!. 7 „N U pS?fv;ir
1 edee- - f r "“ »d'
• .end Die hail ajW-ii t'OUi*—|-ul them a» low amw . * . '
. an; - l -*!*«, tf '« ro.u.m.-s to re/ulcr as general sat > . K oat Tpi le ’»t S«lf-kxcrclaln|'Bwlnß.
~I'jci'O.i j* it tin* herb lofiirc to keep u constantly .»» > ho »|KFt IC <• N MNaSIU M—The Swing ha* been
• i a.,.- ]<i-»i>b.-rtfuilv. o*t7 Wia Doan. a. f : a remedial agent m disease, and as a source
W ;ol nicastiio m health forages Thitonehasonly lobe
l seen to t>c purchased. They are or different sixes for
IT/-Z. C. Robbins,. Engineer, and At ; pu hne or private hooses or ganlea*. Ono, two, or foui
S ~,». a„„ g P.,.m. tVa.hmglDn, D. tl.. «a, ;
1 err. ve .n Piiishurch next Wednesday morning, and wii‘ ; Tlie _ {, a7C received the patronage of the first Pbyst
! , Pma ui hi the city three days. He can be consulted on I clans and oiher gentlemen, of tbejwtft, where they are
i all ai1...,0n- r.l.uns If bit profa.-aa. or'u improxc' j * ”, ua a«d at Uia Caipaate. Shop at
! mriue m id* rueebau c aru. at the counting room ot ibr Xlr FI.OVD, comer of 4ih and Boss streets,
! iMui-urgli Gaxeu*. next dour to Post Office, between ; who wilt attend to all orders far ‘^“pQg— A qq
• the hours of 0 aoJ I o-e!oek, and nt the Momutgnlieln • {City Capers copy] ' .
I Hou-eduring thp icm.iimlcr of rseh day. rayUl l.v ADDITIONAIs~ACC6aiMdC»XTIO!V'*~"
-- /-vMNUiUFEVKNtNGLINE— Oa*ad*AerMond»y
MARRIED. i L/tUe 31st of May, thesubKnberwill mnan Evemug
{ ,|lUt owns up !anJ at the same beur. - . ..
• Oiaiefal for past favoraand anxtons U» ««"*»«-
VALUABLE FARM FOR BALK. | f<cuoo w n il. the subscriber hope* thi* new affortto
T.-HX he offe.ed .1 fiul.lie sale on Friday, the dbh of accommodate will be approved and uiuiaed by a l»b-
V\ June next, at It! o'clock. M, a Valuable Tru> t ■•' era! public. »rr>n r.tnnVF.B *■
1 Land l.cloi’j.'tiH la it.a hair, of ia*. Bpnix.e». d-.rfl --a ■>««-. IKW bITOW
I « moied on me Winer* of Little Raccoon Greek, Ro .ii- Co-P4ttner»nlP*
Toviirh p. Washingion Gtiuniy. Pit.. a<Jjo.-,::ig • « IJ.F.N *• RaMEK baring taken rJward Rnht
| Un.!« of \Vu». tiiihreaih, K D (Jedry.T Johnston, mid ' j\. 0 partnership, the Exchange holiness will be c
i ni'irrs. and on tb* road leading from Candor to*- , rie j 4lt m future under the firm of Kramer* Kahm.
] hurgh. The .Faun comamr ij? acres, lie* fac nc'he j j»m.burgh. May V», IH7- d;n
1 South and East, and is well wnt-rrd. and of exceii.-m —.j -
..usIHT fiirproducingßriinorgrn»s: it is particular!) ! . lLt ' s ftBaWERt EOWAHD UAB**-
cnleDlst.-d for a ihrrp or stock faim. . Person* from n ; KRAOER * RAHM.
di«tan<— wishing n Call d*«cr>pTion of said propertyi-an j_ . VKF nu »xj) EXCHANGE BROKERS,dealers
call With sonic nf the heir, ut Candor, or exsmluv U|* I IV,,^> oklk h and Domestic Bills of Exchange, Certifi
proprrty, which is now occupied t»y G. Hildeibiiek, , ca ,of Ueponte,- Bank Note* and Coin, corner of 3d
mail- l™ «. d.t of ..1., by 1 "* «~U.O«*>*»*l*W»#LCl».ta.l*Wl.
■if IF iff/‘J.'ff .jif-ff'/f :b. ■- ‘ .'oi'tCK it-.r. Vir wrt. ippoimed by tha "Co*rt of
„ V .K.7,F tt M I.IJ.m.ExTH. ( ofd.rn.r~
AT a Primary Meeting of the Whig* of the i»t wnrd 01 , ,h* opening of street* in th* new wards.are bejeby
city of Pittsburgh..-held ■m-.tfaiurday c* the j notified to meet at the office of tbo subscriber oti Mon
-23 n tn-taiir, Allen. Cordell in the Cnair. JOeEl’ll j 4* y the 7th day of June next at 100 clock, A. AJ , fer
LONG. Sr; wn« cbo*en one of the Delegate* • lflP pyrpoies of their appointment '
In coijtequence of their being a tie between ilu two Names of V cw*it.— It. E- •AlcGowio,
nelihl*li-*t esnd dates,jit nfa*. on motion. ! . -John .Caldwell,
Resolve t That th* U'htgs-of. th* First Ward in- c; ' James Alarshall,
again on Monday evenipg the m*t- »l “I o’e!-* k. : James Chamber*,
at th* u»itnl ploc*. for the purpose of rliooiin; on* d*.e- David Irwin,
«.it* io represent ilirm m th- Gonvemioii - every Wl ig ; 1 ho*. Btekson. ,_ U>IV
in the ytmrA h*mg requested ft. attend. j R. E. M«C.OW IN,
On motion, tlie meriing adjourned. i uiyVWt _ One of ibe Viewers
,,V • ALLEN CORDF.LU Ohainn:.. nKOULATIONR-Thc new editionof
t, I. R-l-<>tieni.Ji>. .evrvtary u>. - tiei.eral Regulation* ter the Army,” pobh*hed
• t) authnmy of ,h<- War Department, tsnowautanii
re -n, P work can be transmuted through the mail to any
pnn of the country for 13'cant*postage. Order»ac
cti.i.nasi.rd by the cash, post pant, will be promptly
fi-l-u Price t<l per enpy. JA-GSCfDEON
! inf.P-fh-s NinlFst, Washington, DC_
1 rTMIG Annual .Mcriing of me Corporator* for the A)-
i 1 Icglciiy Cerarttv will takt place at the office, on.
i the gioiimi*, on Ssmrday. ihe stl> day ot Jane, at 3
’ d’clock. e. it, tit which tune a Board of Mannggr* will
lie rl.icied forth* ensuing year '
m)27..1 J CaROTIIERS, Secretary.
Correspondence of Plu.bnreh Osniir
me in the fame craacl.
later report ‘it* reference to Doniphan
compelled in return to Chihnahua—
i*t>W gave ti*r i>j 'ho report of •Wea'.
rtif'al ;r. sn V«- a C.L2 triug* tlaV t.i the
L .Nothing later from lien. Scott.
•xican force had captured Hertedia, who
ided at the battle <-f Sacramento, and car.
oto Durango as a prisoner. He
a treaaon—bring fond of American gold.
rifii bii
ed wit
See-. &•<
e Cr.rrr»t»"r.<!* : nee >'{ *.a« fan—or«!i t*«i«t «
MayS9tb 9 P. M.
The market ha* been very quiet alter the
Q d tlo.wufAll oi prices yesterday. kw buy*
e route tor a anl to .t ty, nml ttie burner* ■-
I to'ortly about IUO bt»m West aml I'a brands
B r bbl. winch holders .'npnsrd to sell are de
s . Manv. however, have withdrawn their
ml!rely lor the prr*“*.t. Thousands nl hbls
id to arrive, will have co.t ihe owner*
-nore linn that. All arc deposed now 1»
tc steamer's newt.
panic i
era hav
al sBp
; mandir
here, n
await t
IB - ........
■him— The market ta rather dull to day. and ;
»• are toa limited extent The buameta done :
ri6 59i/ tor new Me.‘« Pork, and 5> I -
iO for Prune, mostly at 5* LSi. Old Mesa is i
CIS/Uu. IS AO. Operatora quote a lew suler
eel at 511-
rd not much doing—aalca Wes.t No I at !'4
for bMs and keg*.
of 50 tuba Butler, good, al UJr.
; :ee»e IMJ baa at Bjtj9c.
. . r , e4 _*riie market baa 'been quiet for rumr
the tali
wai at
OOVi 14,
held at
Meta t
f box sugars there is a‘largo stuck in !»t
nd sale* to dar 100 bx* Havana, brown *t
id fle lor whitt; a»«ne white Braid at “|c
le duno to day i» Muscovados ul an? kind
am but a limited business done The mar
•cs with some steadiness, hates Yellow
prime quality at SLI3 per bo.
continue scarce—to day 1000 bn Pa broughi
In (si
ket rac
Corn ol
15C0 lb
per lb.
ra sold toa moderate extent t«»diy—say
.good to Western at cent*
rorrc‘POU‘!cnr rof the I’nialnirgh (.airtii
May 29, 9 P. M.
fj otr Thn tnsrkel i* *l*ll Irom the eticdn
o r, e , enlay'a bovine**, and though*alc» worn madi
thluy at itu* finning rato* recovered !a»t evening—
eg oo 1 0,19} tor Ciofiev*ce—it ta not firm. Thorn im
*lao a considerable tailing oH in thn hutinr** doiug
Inr fa ore deliver*. The Hibernia t* now M.on due
■niMlerstur* arc’lo king forward t*» her arrival with
great anmly- ... • . .
Th » movement tn Provisions in Provision* is mu
■ u j< i»c tn day, bit the market ia tirm and sale*
free Fork has been eliosper than-Flour. Tire *alc»
are nceU' much at the range of price* quoicd yes
terJa? —n«w Meat Pork at SIC 37£vr alt'. 60—most
|* the lat'er; Prime at 513.76 ami sl-MXi Old at
J 1.1,30 and $15,50. Some »ale>j at a alight variati- n
irom Ihrsc. the current rales. Sornn »jlrs Lanl at
Salea 1009 bbls P'orntnoal at $3,23^3,31i per
In (»win there i* mi material change, and sales
arc nuking at yesterdays prices.
Ulhcrwuc ihemarket is without material altera*
i« quoted at 7c fur prime Ohio.
Sales tO 000 lbs prime Rendered TaIlo\» at !< cts
new iu the market for Cotton.
f»plo«ive Curie'poinlrnre of the t’'rßti Oarri'e.
Msv *9. 8 P. M.
F lour—Our market has been unfavorably el'ccted
and price* hare declined The general demand is
also lc*« active tn day. The sa't-s arc of Michigan
at 58 02$ n 8.75, and ol Southern at $9 per 1 In
Receipt* increasing.
The demand for Corn i« not »n and prices
are lower. Sales prime White 1 Ifle, and Yellow at
111 ir ll'>c per bo.
Provisions —The sales of new Ws«t pkd Pork are
as lollowa —Mess at §l7 M-u Ul.m, Prune at>*ll.s
60tr 15.C0 per bbl. Ol Men Beef silcs at
per Uhl. _
- itorre*poiuJenep of ih«* I’lUsi.iirnlt t.airH
May 29ib, 8 o’c. P. M.
Oor ffarket for Flour has been little effect* !
ed by tbo declino in New Y*»k and Philadel
pbis* Prices sre 25*37Jc lower, however, and
to*doy very moderate sales were effected at $B,»
C2j*sB,7s for Howard el ret t. Holders of City
Mills clauu $8,87$ without finding purchasers.
Cornmcal ia steady at $5.25 j-er bbl, with
moderate transactions
Of Wheat sales of some ptime Red Samples
at 200 c |x-r bu.
The prices current for Cora are pretty .well
maintained—'sales SUOO bu White at I00al(12r, .
oud Yellow at 107alU‘Jc per bu.
Provision*—There is a fair demand for Pro
visions, and sales—Mesa Pork al $16,60, and
Primo at‘s!4. Hals ISO bbla Beef—Prime ut
sLoalQ.37s; No 1 at $l3.
la Lard a moderate busines at 9s*lo for No
lln bbls and kegs. Occasionally a small lot
of the Utter st lOjc.
Fair sales Bacon at 7jsBc ‘for Shoulders, 9$
a loc (or Sides and Hams 9jslosc.
No local news of-importance.
Correspondence of the IV'sbiush liaaeiie. 1
May Slot—P. M. 1
The Cotton market remains in the same condi
tion as previously noted—without change. No
•ales of consequence-
Flour has advanced under the favorable news
from the North, and Ohio, Illinois, and good Mis
souri brands am selling at SG,SO per bbl.
The large demand < continues to prevail for
Wheat. Sales 60,000 bu at 126a128c per ba for
good to prime—a slight concession.
Corn has declined—sales of prune Yellow at
68c per bu.
In Provisions there is no change—sales to a
moderate extent only.
OAW WILL FOR SALE—Situalrri in Ufoi.if
Oi.'ounty. Virginia, on iK<* Oli.o «• niil*-» >•«•!
I'auliurßti nno 4 mile« above U>:i<vil!e. ami i*«n. of
ih<! »►«•*! *uu»d« for Uii*tiie-». The r.iume U new. wih
SJ inch cylinder, a dm*M-flue Roller 4'i nirner dianit-
Irr by 'fi frri in Irttg'li; together wnh nit ihr ftxiuri?*
\iiwdi'ul for earn m< n-i ilo- l>u«ine.*'
Alto. 31 «err« m good l.ami. and a Rood Frame llou«e
not qunr iiniiiicd. a toad well on the piemi*e«. and coni
|> ivilrif*'
For further information apply l’f by mall, iuum It
pos! jva'd I lo
S CUTIIBKttT, Real Kmatr Office.
No 50 Stn'lbScM rtrrel
Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
rpHK following <*n tens bare been appointed Com
1. miMinricri lo nub*cripiiuna lo ibe Slock oi
ti,f IVnnsvlvanu* lUi*rnad Company and are requeued
10 in<*ri ni I.IC Office of Mrw>. McCandleitA McClure,
ni i o'clock, r. a., n» .Mommy, 31*« mtiant.
ThftinK Hak-acll Oballr* Avery
Wilton MrCandlett Jm. A SWnberger
NVm 11. I.yon J K Moirbeud
Win l'icliliaum <!«•• " kwn
ttiy 31 -11 [Cny I’aptri copy _
LIGHT Colored Satin Adjusting Stock*— A 'mill in
invoice ju«t received from the manufactory, mmc
very narrow ciprcmH for Summer wear, for rale t.y
,h, d.«n. at No 2fi U 00.,
ll( y3l A«cnt for Kaitern Manufacturer*
rpEAS-AomiK H>»on Ten;
i Jinprnul io,
Gunpowdi r do.
Black do; ror *ale by
ARBIY BEANS—7 bbl* priinn, received on con
tirnmentaitd for tale low io dote, by
.ignrpen.a JOIIWSCOIT k CO
m „3j No 7 Row. Liberty tt
HERRINGS— inObhliNo l Herriny*;
SS bblt No 3 Halifax Mackerel;
In ttore and lor «ate by JOHN BCOIT k CO
myiit _No 7 Commercial Row. Liberty it
BRAZIL SOOAR-W Lara in tiore and for rale
LINSEED OIL— 21 bbli; Jo»l received and foi
• ate by my3l J 0 BtPWF.LL, Agent
QUININE— 27 oi. Sulpb. Quiutna for ails by
VANILLA' BEANS—Large aixr and fretb. for
tale by • my"l J D MORGAN
LARD OlL—Superior, for sale at retail, by
my3l ~ J P MORGAN;
POTASH— No 1 Potatb, warranted rood, at retail
bv my3l J. fi MORGAN
| EMON SYHUP—Fretb made, andoffiraujual-
Wf..“i*u,. j b (?[|N p HOEBAN^, , OOJ „
AATHITE I»BAD—dOkep Purs, for tile by
[Chronicle copy]
.uttum Bolt* _
iy~ Jvom p. iwrtoi Aictipwr
GARDNER, Proprietor
\ 1 I‘Mi ream* Medium Wrapping Taper,
ISO do Common do do;
100 d» Teu do do;
Juit recnveii'ttml Tot by Hll.L A BROWNE
m , oy No w urcoa street
HIO MET AL—i-liTToni Ho.* Blast
i u t >n!t Uv FRIEND, RUBY A CO
myfi* NoiTw.jrr »trcel_
\\riifDO\V GU»i-d» i.«'ax^
\ > ISO bxt lOxlX; for sale by
u«y27 FORAYHI A DUNCAN, water and front its
BACON— 3UW lbs prime Country Cure. jo«t rec’d
and for sale by ENGLISH A UFINNEIT
»n\ i’7 No 57 wood «t cel
J ton Yam Candle Wick, Carpet Cham and Batting,
al mai,UfaCtUrertl °VHl£A C g BHEY>CO^
situation by a >««£ m i“twnL
dy, sober bablw, to take ebantßor a »e«"“«*°^j.
either on water ot land. 1 he bejt of referencofieen it
wanted. Please applyat thmotfiee. myjte^t_
.in., ‘rIT&V-i to!
C U ws® K^I '“ ii "- 11 ° W "“"‘'"f'picLlV’ico'
/HTbiibiSk—So o*. just received and tor sale by
Q to™ R B SELLERS. ST wood tt
,“I LCOHOL-6 kids just received and for tale by
A. myga R E SELLERS. 37 woo.) ,t
FOUND— A Lady's BRACELET, wbteb the owner
eHn hi»vn by psymg for tbisadtettisanem. ayd •>
OTASII—d calks prime, just received and for sale
SCORCUI9GS-11 casks fim quality, far aale by
COTTOK— 100 bale* Cotton for sale by
tayto • y , ; PBiBNP. BUEV ACO
I OUISYILLK LIWE.-Sobb!s for aale »y
XJ ayt» A GORDON, water at
ERUIT— 100 btu, in. store and for sale by •
Bf r CO,, " V S“,S-' ta ‘ •
jSSL i£S3L.
THIS well known bne of aptendu) pattenger Meam*
eta la now competed largeil, »»ulc*i,,be<H
fiaiahed anti farniftbod, and n»*t powerful Ina • na the
water* of ibe Wetl. Every accommod&uoo ami com
Ton that money can, procare, Bu been provided iur p«»-
•eagera. The Llooba* been in operation for fire year,
—bare earned a million of people |«bm
injury to their peraoua. The boau will-hc at (be idoi et
Wood alreettbe day previou* to *tariing. for itir recep
tion of freight and the entiy of paatenger* on u.e regi».
ter. In all ca*ea the pattage money nan u paid in
The WONONOAlltXA.Capl.'&«ie,«eilllrarel*uu.
bor*h every Monday morning at 10 o'rlock;-\Vhceling
every Monday evening at 10 t*.M j
The HIBERNIA, JiO. 9, Capt. J. AWilic. w ;;i
•ava PiOtbnrgh every Tueaday morning at 10 o'clock,
Vbeeliog every Tuerilay evening at 10 P. \i.
The NEW ENGLAND, NO.», Capi. 5. w,;i
Jeave*P«tiabar*h every Wednesday moni;i:g at to *,
o’clock; Wheelingeve.y Wednesday evening >•. 10 P
The WISCONSIN, Capt. R. J. Graft, will
burgh every Thuraday morning at lOo’elock; Whrekiig
every Thuraday evening at 10 l*. M.
The.CUPPKR.'NO. a, Capt. Cwh, will Iruye Pm*-
burgh every Friday morning at 10 o'clock; N heeling
every Friday evening at 10 P.M.
The MESSENGER, Capi. will leave Pm«-
borgh every Saturday morning ailOo’dock; Wheeling
every Saturday evening at 10 P. M. I
The ISAAC NEWTON, Capt A. G. Mootu will
leave Pituburgb every Sunday morning ai in o'clock;
Wheeliug every Sunday evening at IO’P. M
Miy», IJW7.
wool B&GQinai
A(\ ISCH Burlaps, callable (orWool Aim
*±l/ Grain bajtgmg. [•lnin and twilled, in gicui va j le
ty, constantly on band and (or »al* by if>e title. \
35 Market it, Philadelphia
THE bigbeii pilee in cash paid iDi-al! ih* different
grades of clean Washed Wool, by
Old wool warehouse, cor Ltbernr ti and Cvcil'* alley—
ciylOdAwtl F •
SUNDRIES— *J Mila No 3 Large Mackerel;
10 bf bbli do do;
, iu bxa Chocolate; '
20 qt bxa Ramus; I
) lib) Nutmegs; '
l ccroon S F. Indiro;
30 bf bbls N. O. Mo)a*«rt, .<m rrc'd
Corner Venn a:-o l»wii'i -/i.*tM ‘‘
id Tor sale by
tny\G __
CASSIAt Ac —liw maas-Camuaj
5 bale* Cloves;
I2D bffgv Pcfptr,-
F-Caik Nutmegs; i u *t rre’d ood
tryaa "(■ UAGaIKV A tSMiTH
• Cro«Ued and Pulverized, extra fine, to Iwrcl^;
Loaf Sugarinesses,best qualiij, j u * t ircrircdaoJ
forsalcby wy27 • ,HAUALt.V A SMITH""
ALMONDS— lOboje* J&etled. ' T
•JtWlba PaprrSbell; '1
&U lb* Marsctlfcj; ibi tale f.yfc '
myS7 J D WiLUAiUgfcCO, unvtftoj M "
WISDOM GLASS-231 bx« '
20 bis 7xb, ’
3O bll 10x12;
i 12 hx* 10X13. or sale by
myB7 POINDEXTER A CO. <1 wuer n }
Letter copying presses- A
of superior Copying »*rtsiet • Also Copying Hocks,
Uti Paper, and Copying Ink*—iast reeetvea «n>s for sale
t Market a>d :id|!««
LEAD-300pirt, “Vpper Mlnea received
Talisman and-ibr able by Al ALLEN fc'CO
CIIEBBE— 38 boxes large fine IV. R. Ch -*«, bn
band anil for sale by- PC'MARTiN ■>
J cof smilbGetd and irtinj sis
C OTTOS—£6 bags repacked, now Jamlti.rfrom
steamer Mary Ann, and for sale by
LEAD —300 pigs Galena Lcail.reeeivi-d tin* day
ami for sale by L HUTCHISON & CO
jnytt _ . . i ; No 43 water «ireei
'IOBACCO COTTERS—I dotrn BuMineiri,on
l hand ana for sale by
nytfg 8 F VON BONNHORST A C 0.33 Vr> nl M
I7RUIT— 3UO bus. Dried Feacbev, halves- ,
50 bn*. “ Apples; In store, for *Ale by
g>T*d J C BIDWKI.I.. «»-Atrrn/
U LASTER—(u bbls Ground Fiusier. in eoouoider,
I just received and for sale by ]
oy»C K DIDWKLI..wMcr *t
LISSEED OlL—m bbls just received p ri-One
ota,” and for dale by
LARD OIL—H bbls sad 3? Leg* No I Lai.!;:
2t) tilllo Grease Lard; for sale l,v
_ray2S CARSON A McKMO'IIT, Gib .t
HERRINGS AND SHAD resale by ‘ 1
B OTTER—3 bbls Fresh Roll, received i.-dity
CtIiEKSB— 50bxs prime quality, received to day.
' _my*>__ CARSON AMcK.MDH r
C OTTOS—2OO bales in store and for sale by
reams heavy Oat Cap Paper, just rec'd
sad for sale by my«S REYNOLDS A SHEK
'BAS—6S packages Y. 11. Tea, a pan extra fine,
. far aale by mydfi REYNOLD* fa 3HKK
RICE— 47 tierces Fresh Rice for tale by i
ROCK POWDER—SO Lags received per steam
cr Lake Erie, far aale by my» JPAjLZELL
BUGOY FOR SALE—A new one horse Baggy
far sale by S F VON BONN HORST A CO
my« 7 ; No 35 Front street
/IPRBABTS-I bbls Fresh Zante, for sale by
\J my ti J D WILLIAM-** ACO
OLIVE OIL-4 doiin bottle*,for sale by
_ _ myW J ACO
FLOOR OF RICE—2 cases superfine,! far sate
by - myff i P A CO
BRAZIL SUGAR—IO bags far sata by i
fit BA—lOO Hf Chests Fresh Glees Teas fat sale by
MACKEREL— 50 bblsNo 3 Soothe arriving and
far sale by myS7 POINDEXTER ACO
LIRE— 30 Lime for sale by
TOBACCO—IO hhds Ky. Leaf, far aale by
CIDER— SO bbls Cider far aale hV : j
SALERATUS— far sale by I
MUSTARD-20 keg* English, tor sale by
myS6 8 F VON BONNHUK?f A£o_
PEPPER— 111 bags Proper far sale by I
CHEESE— 100 bx* prime large W. R., ju«t tee’d
and far »aie by J C 1110 WELL
BACON— IXOO lo*, bog round, in stem and far stlo
by mytd I J C bl DWELL
tOTASH—lOeasks.lst sonirjasr-reeeiTrd and far
sale by m>ao J C HtDWELL
BACON— A lot Bacon Side a, in store and far sale try
my« , a A w IIARBAL' wood st
DRV PEACHES, in-store and fat fate by
LARD OIL—A fine article, on consignment arid
farjajeby my*s ' SAW HAKtUCGH
07*6 CABsON A McKNIfiHT, Ctb W
FLAXSEED OIL on hand and far sale by I
COFFEE— 500 bags prime Rio. hmiliffe and for
sale by my 26 UARSON.A McKNKiHT
SUGAR— 23 bhda N. U-, landing and far sale i>y
BACON— Hams, Sides tad Bboalden, for sale bv
mytd CARSON AMc tCNt(*HT_
fpOBACCO—2O kegs Va. Twist Tobkero. jurt tecM
X and far *ale by GEO MOKGA N A CO
m>-35 No KB Mteet
FRUIT— 100 bus Dry Peache*;.
60 bus Dry Apptes; for sale by
BUOKETS~AND TUBS—2S doz iLekit* and
Odox- Tab*,receiving and farsale by |
. BfD . J_DALZKLL,2t ■vaiftrst
WILLOW BASKETS—luNesis.r-eervedper
CanaLaod far sale by. JAR DaLZKLL
niyqj r~- No 24 Water street
Mackerel— to t>u:» No s, far taie by ~
East >id' of thamotu)
I'OBACCO— 50 keg* No 1 OTwirtT® 3 ■ceo
inr from steamer Germantown, and fat ?ale by •
m>« JAMES DALZELCstwairrn
FISH— 10 bbls No l u»li. Hemng;
IS bbU No 3 Mackerel;
10 bf bbls No 1 dOi „
10 kilt* No 2 do; For sale by
lusms.o j p WILLIAMS A CO
CHEESE— 50011* Superior W. R.;
sti lbs Sap Sago; for sale by
mrSi J P WILLIAMS A CO, HR \rood_st_
LINSEED OIL—4U tuu l.injeed Oil for <Mle by
MAPLE SUOAR—lsbblsSugarfa**jle by'
tarii K\V HTJIKA zEI.■ r 6 N
MADDER— For rule by ca*k or krx li«
FLAXSEED OlL—2obM* in siore-and for sah*
jcc’U tin] tor tale by
MACKKREI*-*ID3 MjU Hq3, Latg<f; ; '
190 hf bbli. do; to arrive, uA lor
*»tc by raySl _ P_PKRRY
Dtß—Soo bos Penn*ylve,nla Rye ftHnle l.vj! ■'
IV myil A iF PKrtRY
DHY APPLES—OO bo*, in eture aiii) ur *ala br~
BEAKS—) bbla amaU Wh : te, in aioij* and foraate
by raySl. _ JOIINjF TKKEY
SAI4T— CUObMi No l Alleahrayi ! ' *• I
00 NoS ; j do; tor sale by l
GHEES APRltKS—ilrbbl*,.fair received ud
far ial«_bjr s.-taytl JOh.V F PKRRV
rBACCO —(0 keg*G-iwiiiTobacco for.tale by
mytl . • r corwood *od wtcrau
TAA— SO barrds for sale by ,■ J . f
dcr foraale by [myBIIWICK A ATCANDIESS
SISK’S AROMATIC SALTS, alwaja on band nod
for talc by artl . BRADS A BETTER
SCORCHUGI— 4 lona prise. Jut tretitei and
forialaby nr3? ENGLISH ABKNNKTT.
PLOUGHS —3 of ThoAibr’a Pmiria Ploughs, for
•ala by »yS7 8 P TON BONNHORSTA