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(or curraa cocm.j
tor coMssauAko codstv )
Prrr»si mb Osmtts it published
Deny, Tri-Wresty, «j;0 Weekly—lTte Uaily itHeeui
Dollaisper annum, ute I n*W erkly it Fivtf Dollar* per
annum. tbe Weekly tt Twu bolter* perJinnum. unulg
fa n.lmirt • .
Atttict lu Adveriber*.
\\' f~ AlltelUieur-ulb, u> eevure mteruon, thAoid be
handed id by live o’clock in the attcruoon. Attention
10 ibie.on ibe pirtoi our cusietaete. would be produe
tiVeof muuiei benefit:
1 TIIUSIAA K FuaNKLJN, Leuiaalcr Cuy
> JOHN C KUMtKL Uaupbin county.
Thomas ih.Wcan,
Thomas c hambly, York. $
Wll.t.lAM M Waits,Cumberland.
UaKIU M SMNshR. Adum*.
i JOtf V WKTiiKRILL. t-iiiludelnhiaCity
| . humeri* *r conrad,
} TllO)IAS McOKATiI. Philadelphia Coomr
! OH.LKK LUTUKK, Berk a.
ROBERT M oaßl>. Frunklm. -
THOMAS M T M’KENNaN, Washington
J UIiLIC. Soniertei.
HARM ah DEN »Y, AUernrny.
* JOSr.fii II KLIiAsL Wetuooreland.
I v O J UALUKrie.
i * H U'M-»Xv\ fci.L, Northampton.
< J U SALISULKY. Sutquco-im*.
__ .EMIANaN S I 111, Wyoming
.-SAMUKI, A PURVIaNCk, Butler.
IIKNRY S KVaNs, Cbetur
ROBERT T rOriS, hSontetirrery.
In paVtnaneeet the established u»tgftof the party,
the brUKrunc Amnnatont and W higi> of Allcgbe
ay county wilt a»»e.atjle m p.ituury meeting*, m then
Several *-lection Di»uici* on Sutuiday the 29jt day 01
£U), ibt?, U> elect lW©pei*on» from each district, a*
Dalegaie to a County Convention, to meciai the Court
bea-eoa Wednesday the 2nd day of June, at 10 o’clock
A. Al to put iu ooiiiinaiioii suitable candidaiet to lie
mppruteduv the |ian]r at the general Kicenon in Oco
out nut Ibe auiiuu-oh* anil \V bigt of the iown«mp»
(PiU axccpied) will meei ai the utual piac< a fur bolding
piiraaty et line*. I.eiwr m -be i our> oi *J and 5, P. M ,
And those of ibe ward* ano boroughs and Put township,
beiwetn the bouts ol 7 aud 0, P. M
For LkTXrr Commercial Intelligence, Domestic Mar*
kctl. H-vt-r New*, Import*. Aiuitey Market, Ac, tee
third page.
The Rail Road Question Once More.
The nearness atui importance oij the meeting ol
tilt Btockbo d tiof tho Pittsburgh and Connell*
▼ill* Bill Rrad Company, to be beldon Saturday,
moil bo our excuse for again introducing this mat*
Aa there teem* to be a settled determination.
, tnd wa think properly, among the Stockholders
to adopt aucb measures at that meeting aa will put
to real any fuither fruilleaa negotiation with the
Biltimoie Company, it may be proper in us to *»y
a tew word* aa to what we believe to be the view*
or lha BiockholJers holding the largest portion ol
tb* ahaie*—each tbare counting one 1 vote.
We are informed that a maj >rity ol the Urge
8t ckhuldert are in favor of accepting tbe Sup
plement to the CoQQrllawlle charter, which wr
ptlSliah toi'ay.and as it i> understood that ibe
Central Rail R tad Company are able ty c ample e
their road to Pittsburgh, the Stockholders of ibe
CocneUdville Company mil, without doubt, de-
Alda to commence a We.tjrn road at oncj, and
ptoaecute it to tbe State line, where the Cituens o'
Ohio will meet us, and extend tbe road to Clete*
land and Cincinnati.
It Is important that this Supplement should be
ad -pied at once, as it gives P.t shurgb tbe control
of Rail Road communicitions weal of us, on a
non liberal charter. If ne let the opportunity pas*,
the Central R*il Run • Company may apply to the
Legislature next winter for an extension of tb* ir
"‘theiter to Ibe Obi* Sutn line. If their applies,
tion should be successful, of which there is no
room to doubt, a very litilu n flection would show
Its disastrous consequences to Pittsburgh.
There is. therefore, much, in our »iew, to in
duce the Stockholders to accept the Supplement*
and commence tbe Weitern roaJ, and no sound
argument can be urged in favor of further delay,
unless it ran he shown that the friends of Pitts
burgh in Balimore have power to remove Mr.
McLeue aud the Director* opposed to us. Thi*
tbeleis no rest m to-hope lor, and it is folly, if r ot
worse, longer to attempt negotiations with those
who have given us plainly to understand thatlhey
think us very “small pnUloes.”
But in lookiog Weal, we have every thing to
eneouNga us. The citix-nrol Ohio we know
are wtlitng ti unite with u* at once, and to furnish
the nece»airy amount of luids li complete the vs.
riour branebre of eynntctton in their ownSute—
thus in a It tit time we secure s continuous line
Of R«tlway from the city of Pntladdphia, by way
of. Pittsburgh, 11 Cleveland and Ssi.dntky, on ibe
Lek<s. and ite cities of Cincinnati end St Louis
lathe West and Sooth, thereby wearing slm«t
t~e whole trade tod travel of the North and West
through lh a point.
Let oar cibS'nt then ebow that they can and
VliU act fpt throtelfea. Let u> commence the
t Wet tern n al, end a now era will dawn upon oar
kitfto*j. Wrthtll have commenced a courae of
•etiou which »i i place our city on apar with thu
Boat proaperoua citiee in the Union.
Diin« BOKOLA&r aj»d mumo **.
■amimatioh.—pa Wednesday night at a Ut«
hoar, two burglar*, one named Eilertoo, end the
other said to be earned Higgins, went to tbe
dwelling of-Bqaire Niwport, in Sharpaburgh,five
mßes above the city, on tie canal, and attempted
to eff-ct an entrance into hia back door. _ Thu
awakened that gentleman, who gave the alarm
from a front window. Two men emplbyetf in tbe
Guttata Iron Work*, -who were-pasting at the
.time, immediately ran to the rear of tbo hooae.—
One of the raacale fled, when Mr. Humphrey
eiaeped’Edertoo aroood tbe body. He bad a lll
tie play of hi* arm* and. reaching over bis about
dcr that H. in tbe jaw, who fell. Hu comrade
knocked tbe burglar down and kept kicking and
knocking him, allhoagb be had another piatol ag)
repeated attempted t» tboul, until asaulance came
tod the raacal was aecured. He waa committed*
Humphrey.! waa brought down to the Hcspiial
and the ball extracted. He ia ddtigerotuiy woun
The revert! comma u<a.i->n* which crowd-our
eolumna to-day, upon tbe aji j-rct of oar conu-m
-plated Rati R-/*d improvement*, just now atf exc»-
tlng topic with out c-tzeua, compel*, q* to abre
viate tbe Editorial matter prepared for thia morti
log*a pajrer. We are also obliged to defer until
tomorrow, tbe communication of ‘•Wwt” upon
lb* same suljeet, a'sr that of Howard, relating to
tba Hospital site. We beg our correspondents to
Stake tbeir favor* a* abort a* the importance of
{hesu’jce discussed will admit of, remembering
sat "brevity is the tool both of wit and of argu
Wxiraas jtsoaxnc Tiuoiin cjs*. Mr
O’Rfilly, the active contractor of the Western
Telegraph line, pacied through tbia city yesterday,
we Isara from him that active operation* towards
tbs completion of tbe entire line will now be com.
tttqcsd. Tne wire, posts, ami oib-r fixtures are
tU ready Sot being pat op, and it ia confidently ex
peeled that it will be in lull operaticn to Cmcin
sarty and Louisville in sixty days. The line to
Cleveland, w!(| also be immediately commenced,
tod Aoisbcd, daring tbe month of July.
At£»«ting of tbe Scotch Committee of Al-
IsgbfOjr Cnaoty, held yeiterday, it was resolved
to sl4oo to the Scotch Committee in Pni •
tdslphia, to invra: io ktla dried Cornmeal, far the
lalsil <4 the suffering in Bcbtlnnd.
we<o four thousand bushels of straw*
benlea aold io the public markot of Cincinnati in
twentjltwo days of the strawberry season oflist
J»«x, and »h a does not include what was left at
;psUk booses Ae.
: ! I
■* |
I Three brothers, baaed Glover, woolen m a nu
ffatererr, have a brooded from Leeds, England
•hsrgeJ with fergniee. Tbe'Briiiah Consul at
2faw York baa offired a reward of $l5OO far their
la tba same proportion for either.
Tbo Governor and Council of New Hampablre
boe# . ordered a special election for Res presents*
(leas to Coogrsii io two vacant dntric’a, 09 ibe’
fib of July sags.
Audi aiterem partem. •
To the Editor of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Your p»per of | ihe 26itj ins'., co-jtaita a long
■ad vigorous article xgaiust the alledged conduct
of Baltimore, oi rather of the Baltimore and Ohio
Rail Road I will not undertake to re.
fulayoor argument* in favor of a Western Rail
Road, having po objection to the construction,
when we are able, o( suih g r rad. But ti correct
misrepresentations, respecting the Baltimore Road.
I respectfully ask the uso of your columns fur a
few remarks, and room for a f-w extracts from an
address published in Pittsburgh, under the sanc
tion of two large cooveutiuos of delegates from
several counties of Western Pennsylvania. Some
»f our clineos in their ardent oppositipn to the
extension of the Baltimore Road to a point below
this city, have errdoeousty assumed that tbo Bal
timore Company are Under some kind of pledge
expressed or implied to mske the main stem of
their road to Pittsburgh, and to no point bel >w us;
while others believe that Baltimore nsver had (be
least shadow of teaaon to expect from, us a larger
subscription than three hundred and nhy thou*
raud dollars. Such persons entirely overlook the
fact that tne several Pennsylvania laws which firs;
granted to the Baltimore Company the right of l
way through this Slate, expressly require ibit-j
Company to make a lateral or branch road' to j
Piusourgti—and forgetful ol the repeated and r on- j
utant declaration* of the Baltimoreans, that they
uitondvd. if abir, in c*iry the main stem of tltir
Road to a poml below Pittsburgh; the over xHalou* I
Meeds of a We*t>ru Rail R rad cry out ‘bad faith,’ I
becaus) the Baltimore and Ohio Rill Road Com- j
puny does continue to consul’, in this respect,what |
they beUeve to be the mieiest. of Ualouiore.
l.i our fiery indignation agauiti what we may
consider the infatuation of Baltimore, let us not j
do even Mr. McLane injustice, nor blindly rhut '
our eyes to the fact, that here i *rn in Pittsburgh, '
■ here are persona said lo bo mU-iesltd in forcing
„|ii* Ran R»ad to Pa-krr.buig, and others in aresied
lU keej iug such an improvement as a Rail R.iad |
from the banks of the Mouungibela SUtkwaicr*. |
While all paities jjt Bsfiimore profess to disire a I
Rail Road to Pittsburgh, let it be remembeied that 1
in Pittsburgh, and only in Pittsburgh, are to be
found peiams who openly denounce the pr.juci,
and by deii.ion and denunciation of the Ualtmio
n an’s attempt to defeat this mod invaluable lie- I
provemcnl. Tbeaddris* referred to will show j
not only that we were fully notified, and oxpecl- j
e-l the main stem of the Baltimore roa l to go be
low Pittsburgh, and that we acquiesced in such an
expected (crminalion of it. but the language of the
address further demonstrates the fact, that at one
time Baltimore bad some reason to expect that
Pittsburgh would contribute to the construction i f
the Pittsburgh branch at least n million of dollars
And now, when Baltimore fiuda that our subsciip
ttnn retches only to three hundred and fify ihou*
s & I dolla's, oughi w; not to make large allowance
for ihoir disappointment.
Il there were in Baltimore any opponents of our
Conuellsvide Riafi, would not the present be an
occasion for them to show their opposiiiin. Bui
do any in Baltimore oppose it! 1 anawei no
They think our terms too hard for Ba'tunore, and
our subscription too small, considering the large
ocuifiis which our city will reap from (he under
taking. Fiom all ihst >et aj<| fiis Baltimore and
the Rail Road Company of Baltimore, appear di
vided into two partita, the one partry headed by
Mi. McLane have rejected our terms aid have,
not y« t made knowit to us the terms which would
be acceptable lo them- The other party, consist
ing ;>( a mmoiity of the Board of Diwctom and
•il what is believed lo be a large msj nty of the
ciitzene, express lh»m«e|v«-B anxious to clo-e ihe
negotiations anj tx-gm the work. If ibis Utter par.
1) should iti ibe course of this summer gaiu the'
control of the company, tbero is great prubjluiitv
ihat the negotiation would be brought l> a close
*ith»ut further deUy on terms satisfactory ti
The practical question for us to di cid«*‘isthis—
shall we by destroying the privileges «.f our pres
ent charier defeat at once and roue vkr the x-al
ous efforts of out friends in Baltimore 1 Are we
, ><> b'indtd by the vexations of past delay* t'at w>
cann >t reviaw'dispassionately over our past coutso!
On.’say ths fri-njs of a \V»»t-*rn R«ilr< ad. ‘Mr it t» laivr.r ol Pie Rot 1 i.i Pj*.
• ke:»l»uigb, and, therefore, they n.f.r ih.t :i>- n.,p.
paseti to a Rail Road to Pittsburgh. Mr. McLain
distinctly dekiatts hia desire to we tbc Pittsburgh
branch of the mad constructed, but he is not v« I
prepared to coma up to oar terms. He wan'd no
doubt a belter so.acription from at. But f.-r o
moment admit that Mr. McLane is opposed to oui
Road, ar>d what 1 salt is 'be m-ibi propj-seil In
gei»tii-me« to del- ' D-lbeya-ku
lo co-op.-late with Mr. W. > -i effuti io bill g
about an agreement ac-Vy/iab.o .< Pitisburgh and
Baltimore ? Not at all! Tbos<i gentlemen who
declaim the loudest against die ailedged hostihtv
of Mr. McLane, are the most active in giving '“aid
and comfort” to the enemy. Mr. McLane cannot
kill off tie Baltimore and Pittsburgh Road fa«i
•Dough and these gentlemen propose to relieve him
ol the Visit, and Save him the grave n spnntibiliiv.
by destroying it in Pittsburgh. Far l>e ii.-ttooi
me, to recommend any courtingoiaxjutUing with
Biliimorc. Bi/t we Lave a charter which il me
cxssfully uaej will w-lhout any -c>*t of td.sxl w
triasute,” yield, in time, an abundant harvest <>i
piosjierity to Baltimore and Let u*
keep that charter, at leaat during this summer, for
the uao nf the two ci'iea, and il those in Baltimoie
who oppose Mr. McLaoe's Lardy action should Ixr
come the dominant party, success at once will re
ward, not our urgency, tu: our forbearance 2a n
too la e to adopt the suggestion of the Hon. An
drew Stewart! 'The twoCompanica being uaahir
ti come to terms by separate action, and lingering
fcorrespoodence lit each appoint one or moie agents
to confer, personally, on the subject, and report to
their respective constituents, the result of then if
fori* to harmonize conflicting interests.* j
Whocould-be mire suitable, I might ask. tr*
represent oar company than Mr. Stewart himself!
Cli’m of the Comef Cor.
“A committee from tbe Baltimore and Ohio Rsi;
R-tadCompaoy.cumpoeedof ibe Hon Louis M'-
Lane. Preeidmt, and Mraeis. Swan,’ M’CoJloogb.
and Moore, Directors, vinted Pittsburgh on tbe oc
caiion, in compliance w>tb the wishes and invita
tion* of those wbo nsd called Ibe convention; arid
a committer, conswtingof Mrssr*. Lewis Peteiaon,
H. M. Walts George W. Jackson, and J. 11. Oli
ver, were appointed by (be convention to confer
with ihe committee of tbe Baltimore sod Ohio Rail
Rail Company, and with a joint committee of tbo
Councils of tbe city of Pittsburgh.”
Tbe report of the committee of confrience set
fortl.tbal tie President oftbe Baltimore and Obi<>
Rail Hoad Company, bad statrd that tbe comps
nr *ers willing, upon a subscription of a million
of doilais. to pul this end of tbe road under con
tract to Conm-llsville, and to locate tbe road where
the city of Pittsburgh should designate; and tha<
tbe company should expect tbe release* for the
right of way obtained frve for tbe road from Puts
burgh to CunoelUvilli*. and that with ao addition
of about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars,
for which tie company would rely on ibe inhabi
tants along the line, they would have the moan* t»
accomplish the entiie connection be ween this ci*y
and Baltimore, and that they were of opinion that
the distance to Coinelisvtlle could be competed
w Jilin twe yeaim”
“The commutes of conference concluded tbeir
Report, by r«commending a subtc/ipuoo by the
city of Pittsburgh of one m.llion of d >ilar* to lh*-
capital stock of (be Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road ;
Company, with as f-w restriction* as possible.”
( Oar Fames Connection with Oaltlmort.
j. 7 o the Editor of ike Pittsburgh Gazette.
, We have often beard it intimated (bat even if
’ tbe Baltimore Company declined accepting'the
liberal provisions of the Conocllaville charter, Ba|.
timore would still enjoy a valuable trade with the
Wcat through tbe Pennsylvania works and the
Rail Road from Baltimore to York and Harris
burgh. When this calculation iwaa first mention
ed to tbe writer of this article, he could scarcely
believe that any intelligent man could be so - blind
to the jealous spirit of trade as to place a mo
ment * reliance upon aucb reasoning.
Wbal ground bave tbo Battimore&ns ;» rest *
hope upon that, Philadelphians willpermil trade
u U ? Tel 10 Harriiburgb by tbeir Central
Koad, and then urnj South and go to Baniraor c >
The It,in, „ ,b.u,d. Wjll U-Uimore mmK .
, B-«d ftoo. PraN.,|..oia ioN-i.ccl Uieir
'°* J “V 1 >**« WeJe to Philadelphia! We
Wh »,' b '". -ouLl .ho „pae,
Phil.dalphu to be core bhet.l that, .ha hat
I. thate anjlbio, the pill „ f
phta to juaufjr cap.ct.tlon of Uhamlit. to
’*'V r* 1 C "’'- S--IJ nthha, PBlWalpht
Na. York,or an, other e„,.»,|| o „ P j„*'
laPa worth of or t,.J. s „,„ . , '
• hen it can ha preTcnleJ. R.r. it,, chtaat,. of
Baltirn >r« forgotten that more uiar, f,i\y t
the Ug .iaiure of Pentuylvaow. under ■phiUdSl*
phis influence, passed a taw making it t grave pe ’
nal tfienoe tj removo i icka and other
from, the channel of tbe Sosquebanna below Co*
lumbis. leal trade might detcend the river t„
. Baltimore. Does that look like magnahimou</
cairying ptoduco to Harriabarg on tbe Cernril
Road, in order that it may go by York to Balti
more! Have (ho Baltimorean* forgotten bow des.
peratdy Philadelphia fought agiiosl tbe Bosque.
haona Rail Road and tbe Tide yvater Canal, that
they thus expect liberality or magoinimr*
trade from Pnlledelphitoa! Do Baltiaoreene r*.
ally euppoea that are a aoperior or
der of beings to ibemaelvea, that they tfcneeipect
them to boildthe Central Rat! Road, at to im
mfioae expense, in ordrr to aggrandize Baltimore!
Sorely oar OieaJs io Baltimore cannot be •> am»-
pie, end yet we perceive that Col. Nicholas acta
oily bates bis aig'arceot in favor of the Wheeling
t rrminc* up jo tbe pic*u avd magnanimity of Phil*
Coi. Nicbolaa is probably not a baaioeai mao,
and nut aware that ibe York Rail Rjad and the
Tide water Canal were carried against the Phils
delphia influence by tbe aid ol Pittsburgh votes.
At tbia very lime, too, flour, tobacco, bacon, 6tc,
sent from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia pay It as to
the State 'ban tbe aame artichs d>» when sent to
Columbia. This does not look like the magnu.
nf mity which Col. Nicholas expects from the
owners of the Central Kail K rad.and yet the dis
crimination against Baltimore would ha*u been
much greater, bad not the Pittsburgh Board of
Trade counteracted the influence of Philadel
But the Central Rail Road will be a Philadel
phia Work, I uitf by Philadelphia capital, anil con
trolled entuely by Philadelphian*- What favor,
then, we would ask can Baltimore expect from
Suppose, too, the Baltimoreans shoulJ reject
tbe' liberal terms held not-to them by the Pitts
burgh and Counellsville charter, and UmJ- their
means and influence to build up u rival ci y un
ibe Ohio, can they expect Pittsburgh to set h-r iu
ftuencu against Ph lade'phia influence in lavoi of
Baliimorel' Surely not.
If Baltimore devotes herself to building up a
rival to Pittsburgh, it would reitninly bo natural,
aqd perhaps the duty of Pnlsbuightis, to use ev
ery exertion to promote tic ptuSfjcruy of Phils*
delphia, to weaken and eisarm Baltimore, and
thus cripple her exertions in f»v..r of Wheeling
or Paikcrsburgh.
If Pittsburgh had not interposed her 1 influence
with ibe, Canal C jmm'ssiom ra, but pci milled tbe
Philadelphians •> dictate the charges on our put~
lie Works, not one hogshead of-tobacco, or barrel
of flour, or of bacon, would ever have found an>
way to Baltimore over I how work*. 1.0 l Balti
more, then, reject thu pn.Jle.ied alliance i f Pills
burgh, and she, at once produces an idcnu y of
loteiests and feelings helwct n the twol'uiui-vl
vanta cities, and converts her own a'ly into au in
wteraio opfuinent. From lhat lime Pittsburgh
iWill bo as eager to promote (he prosperity of PmJ
adrlphia amt t » cnpplu tho bu»im hi <>| Baltimore,
as Philadelphia herself has beret- fire been, or can
be. Every blow stru-tk at l'ie hu-me.s of Balti
more, wilt also lx- a blow infl cU-J upon the pro
jectrd Kill Rud t) theOhi.) bel.-w. Melt liitiTLwl,
mid w.iundtil belings'will both c untune to e::'nl
Pntshurgb as ttc sense opjHin nt ot Baltimore,
from the moment our liberal charter Is rcj'Cud.
A Pi-rrsßcauuxn.
Werc-|Ubbsh the foil nyiog at tic r»»*| nst of
several subscribers:
To “.in acf tu incorporate the Pittsburgh and
('i)ilntU.yfiilt Rail Ruad Campanypositd
April '•id, 1837.
Wecti->fy 1. He tl enacted by the Senate and
Hoase of R-presenti'ive* of the Commonwealth,
of Pennsylvania in General AiSc-mldy m-t, and !
it is hereby enacted by thi* authmuy „f the uice,
I'hat the i’lttsbuiah and Connellsnlto Rsilro.'J
company, be, and they are hereby authorized t.i
make and construct aHadriaJ. with one or 1 more -
track* front ihe city of Pittsburgh, to ony pnnt
wit in this S ali', tunable to lorm a connection j
with the Penn-ylvann* Railroad c.m {'any, at aurh
point or pla-e a* rnty be mutu.lly agreed up.-n by
the President and Director-* of the tin! Pctinsyi
van u Rnlnsd Company, and the President and
Dirrctois ol the Pm.bjr*h and C"ni.'ells*llle Rail
road Company. And be it forth-r enacted, that
the Pittsburgh and ConrnlliMlie railroad company
he, and they am hereby »uiimrnc.i t-» construct a
railroad, wub one or more Hacks. Irmn any point
at or near the city of PitUl'mgn, 11 tuch point on
the line of lit stt'e ».!', as may l>e det»-R«ri.
•d Upon by th- Pi«»ideM nod D.roc'ors of said
company; and tl.c c -imu oc.iinnt ..1 the c rnstiuc
| tion of said road, t i the dir.*c;i m of the state of
Ohio, withiu two years after i|i-» parage of thii
i act. shall be construed to b.» a compliance with
; the conditions contained in t e seventeenth sec
tion ol thg-an t > ivl.nh this i» a supplement Pr->-
sidl’d, I hat if u cniiin c'.i >n shall I c agreed up >n.
I as provided f r in this m, (.►tween the said Pitta
| bngli aud C n.nell.vile railr->id company, and lh>
| Pennsylvania rwj-a.l ». mpjry. then ihe said
Pennsylvania u lr,.»d e .mpmv shall he M.-a-nd
fro.u ei;v ..l.ligition t *c- rnmcmv i -ad atlhc
city o' Pitt b-i'o ...i i| r-.trij .--.n, ructuig por
tion . I t... ,r
c<>rH.ocum r.vJ til.- s.inl city ol >urg;x Bgi
if «be >it<J compamt «do n >i mircatly »gvee to v >n
rifct tbf»r SihJ railroads as akritm*n .m.i m
tbai C3»r tbo said Prurmltiii-a r company
(D3V Citnnrc: t'lnr rjjffi a) or a* y branch ttwr
o', at. or near the r«t» o: PiU-buf|’!i o’ o »jHa de
p -ml or pomta in the r~U'.:y of |ip C tvny. wild
«n . M’T .1 ! rn. U! V t‘\. sr| IP,• >- rjJ, , U -tl (.0 .
pllii UJIiH C'l'Xl* IDlOc IU MJch IOUp
c 'tl«MlUltf a iMII'IIIU >tl< ...J U.llfllrf(UJ'lrJ line 1-1
railroad. And tr.>- t«»l*», tn.iitc -.ower. a„J ~ih«r r i .
... , - „ , , e i, . In Riving p lace \(\ the following communication
c large. i ii any railruvl made a* afo't »ud by tie
Pi U- Ut t h and Cnmi«-lu»tlle railroad company.— Wls " ’' !l ,l 1 ' d,, ‘ llQ underatood that we take
-«hfn Un- car* <>r n'.lrtr »»hud-a u*ed thereon art* 110 part >n the matter (herein referred to—arid
>U':n«h»-d by n'lirr*. 'lull not exert-d ib* rsi«« .ball f«-rl bound <> publ *h any proper reply which
« ; b n-<l l. In- c!ii'u- l tn lik.• raa » by tin* , lf ;, kr r r i.» <-*ll f,rt‘i
'.t'jizj ' tuk’hospitil site.
three crr.ta per mil-: f n . .u tj thr.iug*.>3er, ; article* hate apptarrd. within a few
and three and -i.r; half ci-ui* jtr mile lor ram >''***’ ttJJ “P’f 1 * -Chromi-le." aad other p*.
way pi set,get. -PAn.i pr„*ijej 1l: hr. I h.t :l t>r ;* )f lh< * ‘f 1 ,h ' of » ute f.»r the
ttie pr .visions of lb tract a nti Ik* accepted by the ! i’rtiijaf Irania Hwpllal, calculated to
•aid Pittsburgh and ConriciUrille ra Ir uJ nmpt- ; not -oly deep diaguti at, and contempt
ny.and they shall commence either of if, n road* j laf but likewise to shake, in t-itne
•uihonred hen by fn-y tnry within «nty d*v« af- , *be ponilence of the public to the benevo
t**r due public notice a*uH have been given of *■*"' ,chem ' ,t,c ' •
tbe.ane, permit any it who .ball c d»«- " th '*' vrnlp, » think and believe, that a que*.
■ ttbfled thereby, to wiihdraw lm •üb«cnj.T|on and j llun * a»cted a truit at isr«p<Med Iti the
refund l > such wiihdraaing »u' the amount “* the c immiaaioncoa, t< to be determined
of bisinralmeat he may hi«e paid, af i r d.doci- or tlTclrd by the selfish ebulldtor.s
hit pro rata ahare of the t xpenaet hern-foie in ' ,h,c>l how from luch m dugutaediy Tcnnojua
COired, and they shall hive ihe power at ary gen- ; * * u,^f *• nr *bat gentlemen who, by almost onani*
ertl meeting of t-e ttockholdcra, to change Ihe ! ®->u» conaent, ba*o lurii charg'd w,th per
corporate nyrac of the c.rnpany tn any ntm® ther f 'froauce ol a high duty, are to be moved or op».
may onaider appropriate. Provided further, j upon by the smi.ier motive* which diattn*
That if the Pi'ttrmrgh and Cotmrltaville radroad ' * u “ h ,hle B,,| tlc» rrf-rred t t.ibe whole pn ject bad
company commence the con-trurtion of a ra-troail ; l,r,l * r ** ahaitdnned at once,
under the authority of thi*act. Ir«>m the city of j " p w ." f * ,p iy ir«piire<t all emreroed.
Pi-t.burgh to the Ohio .tate lu.e. t‘ en. the' 6th ! "e« rrn Pmnaylvania i» coocnrnrd in an
•ectioti of the act »f the a i ot' April. l»»6, i-n'i- \ m * ,l,u:i ‘ ,n af «uch expanded benevolence, of what
tied-an Act to authorize the l.'ouri of ! tn,un . cr ‘•fcorn-qijrure l* it whether tb«r Hospital
Seaaion* of. Allegheny county, to-tacate D-le*ate ! b'tween the rivera.or on the .North aide
lare in said county and oih/r paipoar.ha l be J !> * Allegheny, or South of the Monongaht-b,
null and v.»id, conferring no right* or privi'egrs j P r '" ,,^r ‘i • ■uitablo site can be obtained. Am
upjn said Piltibuiq'i anJ ConncliaviUe raiirioj ; R' M,t in wa.-a* judgment haa been CJt.fiJ.d
C.rnpany. And Provdcl further. Ih.l i? the ; •f a *pol. ti be this rutU.nly an.l
Pennsylvauia railroad company shall 6ml it to >heit
inlpreat to commence the r.,rMioclt.*n «{then road
from a.ime |Hiit4 nn the Valley Rai 1 -
rosd, then tbe said Peiin«ylvjnu lailroaJ Ci-mpa
ny »ball he rele«*ej t'-om tbe ftihgatiori ime-rved
by the art of incorporation, to commence tbeir
work at Harrisburg.
I rura thr U«l„ mtjr ,
Pursuant to a caU contained in th-* Am*f <:i
Ctf yesterday, rnr*'tini» nf men “isn
and other* interested m ihe i/a !e tcfiwron li,l
mure and Pittsburgh.'' t,j.,k place ye«n rtl,iy s'tr
n<»on at 4 o’clock, to lake u.itj ron«iderati -n n<
adopt mcatures for (he prom oion of milroa 1
iiexinri tietween tbo two cilim. Atab«: Ik.
pint 4 o'clock, on moinni. Thomas i;.,
wfis called to tbe chair, ond Mr, tfjt-.eria i I a
pointed Hccrctary
On taking the chair, Mr. Wd«ori introJu •••! tl -
• object of lbemc«tn:g with some appropr: ti<* 1 .
nmkJ. at the aarnr n il- hurg stme tbit in ( ~j« .
; queoce of the bnel p-ri.«l ,1 M .,n c ,.. u C i:;i|..r„-
lively lim led number waa in a'Ujtnlintr, that mu ..
ber. however, it must l>« mlinitUi.l wi, hig‘.:.
ap-ctable, and h« hop-d that tlio pr.,c< 1 > ■
would be'of such I fhsfacl- r a* duly n> .
*he community with fEe importance, uf tho - u } •
Mr. Bow then roue anJ oli«»r«c.|. ttia' u w •
generally underauiod that a iMcg-in.m of ■
mnn were present from the West, and ho c.l 1
not doubt but it would atr.rd cr?at sittsfaction ■
the meeting to boar from them.
, The Chair then introduced Ibe Hon. An In t
Hlewart, of Pennsylvania, who. upon ri*itt|>.
marked, that bn had recently uttonded a ni>, t; •
of the citizens of Pittsburgh, where it wass arr.e •
ly propo.ed Ui sutrendcr 111- Connollsville char r
aiid rrfufii. Hie m *ney which had been Hubarn. 1 ,
or bi apply it to the Pailadi'ljdiia road. A virit ,•
of sugges'.iotiH weie made, some proposing to j
West, but finally nil n>lj'urnment for ten ila *
was agreed up-m. to enable a commitleo to vn t
Baltimore. In this stale of (he raw. he I,id n,
inform this mee]ing that bo was stlisfied that u f
less something waa done by Baltimom l>-lore
next Saturday, tbo charter would hesorron l re I.
He bod prevailed upon hm friend, Mr BLck-t- n-*.
tu accompany him, who ws* present at ihe l‘iti*-
hurgb tneetiog, to Hodeav.r tiget,ti cxutmnc
from.lJsltimom to visit Piltaburgh, wiih u ptir-'
pr-ffCyand a will to art, u«thc only means to pr-*.
vent Ihe surrender ef ihe churl r.
He stated that Pituburiih ws* willing to sivo
the charter to Bshimorp. mid t<i hlF.ftl t > her c/'i.
ZOfl* the ni-ana<d contndhng tha rojJ Uy
p e.«>t«ioo of 4 iQijoMty i.f tho stock, 'i'be pen
p'.e of Pittsburgh am willing at once to ■uneudi'r
to the people uf Baltimore the ('ounrllsville char
t«. and wth it as .b*cnpti<m of J*7fio,ooo towards
the coQstruc.tian of the road, or a* much of that
sum as she was able to sutucrlbe, J 350.000 licmg
already Kubscrihcd. Mr. 8. urged with much en
ergy the appointment of the enmmifee, and then
proceeded tu a general, notice of the inducement*
and advantages poaytwd , n a connexion wiib
t ituburgh, in comparison with Wheeling, Tho
brie of route wu noticed as highly favorable, the
eOMpoes* of the construction wav s>-t forth in a
general practical view of the ma'trr: and th<* *a.*t
aroount of commerce to hegtrrived at through the
Pittsburgh connexion, pres**! upon the attention
of the m•» t-ng. A« a meant of swtlre and high-"i
ly profitable iaveatmrnt the work w*« also highly ;
commended. I
After Ur. Btewart bad cloaed, Ur. Ju. George
of ta*t aty rote, tad' submitted a motion tbit a
committer nf seven be appointed by (hr Chair.
visit Pit and cnuf-r with (be Dircilrrs if
the Pittsburgh Company, with a view to deterring
final action upon the •object of a anion between
the two citus, by railroad, which motion waa
adopted, and tbe chair appointed tfie following
gentlemen:—*John Glenn, Robt. Garrett. John L.
Carry, P. H. Sutberlaud, Chauney Urooka, Wm.
Hrald, John Hewlett, Esq*.
A gentleman preernt then rote, whoae name
w«undtr>t>od to tic Cruae, and addressed the
meeting in some plain, piactical and energetic
reu.a>k«, spiced with a good deal of quiet humor.
As be closed, Mr; Sutherland iHered the follow*
mg resolution, which wu unantmoualy adopted.
Resolved, ('bat the thanks of this meeting be
extended to the delegation from the West,'and to
tbe Hon. Andrew Stewart, for bia able address on
tbo importance of a railroad connrciion with
Pittsburgh. ‘
Tbo meeting then, on raolioa of Mr. Bose. id
Correspondence of- the PiusLmrgb (iazeite
Puiisnxipnia, May 24, 1647.
We hare jus', had s fine rain, and I doubt nr-l
tb« crop* will be decidedly rtfreabetl by it. (t
Mas very much wan'ed, indeed, had it nutenom
the gram throughout this whole teclion of the
country would have been cut ot£—as it is I am
ftarful tbe relief is too late to : do-cny very great
The Trlegiapb lines between ycur city and us,
have not been in operation today and therefore
we arc wjih'-ut <’Ur regular ad»icis of your bu»i
ne*s aud markets. Toe deprivation m sertcusly
<>lt by our merchants, and by many o her classes
of oui c immunity. Tbe fact uwe have got Into
tbe“babit oi iak ng a glimps* at you, at u!l hours < f
ibn d*v. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are mutual
ty beu< tilted by th«i chain of lightning which u»w
plays between them, and when tbe great Central
Kail K< a i is complete I. though'nearly three hun
dred miles apart, will be almost as one city.
.The cornci stone of St. church waa
Uni ysurduy, in the prtseoce of a la'ge tolli-c
-ii.rn uf pro|.lf—three yeira ago this church
was ib siMycd by a mob—now souie five nr sii
thousand jienpte get together t> sec the corner
•tone laid towards its re-budding. How lung will
i it be before the people wdl again apply thp torch,
■ who can say ?
There hts been a great ciowj ill the morning
around the Criminal Couti, further procedtngn
were taken in the case of ihe slave. Brown. He
was ari«*»Uhl. you will recollect, as a fu
gilive from justice, m Manlmd, on a warrant is
sued by Ju igePaisons, at the instance of a war.
lant from-iynv. Sdur.k. he acting on a rrqusition
made by the Governor <f Maryland. By advice
of tbe alt rney General of the Slate, Gov. Shuuk
revoked his first warrant and issued a second one
in ac'*oidance with a second nquisition from the
G .vi rnor of Maryland—which revocation on the
part c-f his Excellency, rendered null ami void
Jo.lge Parsons' warrant of arrest, and of ci urtta
tb.r.i was no authority t> hold Biown. unless an
other warrant of arrest was got out on the strength
of ihe recond requisition—a precaution, which 'be
(ist-er of the slave did not not take.’ Meantime
the fricr.ds of the slave were in motion, and <>tr
j Saturday got a writ of de htmine replegiand",
i which writ was issued by the Prothmiul >ry. n'-d
I'i r.cieil to the k«ep«r of the prison to nl e j,o
Ufo*h; security being given that he should ap
pear and answer any charge whtch might be
made against him. On the strength of this writ
the | risonrr waa released.
This morning, by order of Judge Parson*, and
ou the atrengib of the scaind requisition, Brown
I SU< sent for.- On going to the prison, however,it
| waa f»jm! be had been set at liberty, as above
j shown, and is now in all probability far away t. -
ward* Cahada, This fact discovered, tbe jtilor
was oidr-rcd into Court, witli directions tn show i
cau»e why he gave up Brown. He had a hearing j
this afternoon, and was bound over in the. sum of :
? lODO to answer. It is said Judge Parson* show. i
| i»d conaiderah'e temper at ihe curs* which (
be-n trkenbv thr* Supreme- Court. for it was on.
d. r 'b • au’lio'ity of the same that the pr.-ceeJings | ‘ vd which twik Brown out of tbn bands of
toe J 1 O' What will become of tht* latter ofli
I cial »e min* to be seen. AUogethrr'tbe care pre- 1
1 senta . ve'v pnttily nmed rom-s.
I.eo . |d dc M» yer ihe "Imo pianist," ha* r*-
t-ir e- 4 t.ioi rci y. nlit-r a sure pf .1 tour i. G-
South .in ! Wei. He i-i •rn :k-hu fir»i apjoar
snee at tha PmlbarnKD c Concert. His soirees
ha<e aiwiy* Uen well attended.
Th- Gambling debate* are all otei. aad l now j,
hear'that Frtemrrj, who appeared in dtfaneeof j
gaming, has n-anuoccd the profession, and means <
•i> join Green in the gi»l work of putting it dowo. '
His argn. net,ts have it iVouid seem, failnlto cju
» :• n- b nn !) *
The real e»t,l» uf the city r* valued at $103.-
*l4ll :n»-_.he prr?on#l at $28,920,1H>5. Total
#t3l. 960.385. O.
wantonly assailed, and their fsir and impartial
clisraeirr* impugoed by anonymouv and other.
iTfihbliis, for tbe honest exercise ofthrir.'poii >ns
U.» they aappons there 1* not discernm-nl euvugh
ui tbs public, or amongst thn Coraans.ioneis, t>
* *e through tber s'mllow arts, and if needs be. to
put their finger* on tbe author* a* well as hold up
10 s-.irnJhr * >iJ:d *rlf iDtrre.t which ha* catlod
forth tbi* ooibroak and msull to public decency at
the manner ia which they attempt to diseuev such
a ipuslmi. l
D 1 they expect to escape a just rebuke for the
impbed idandrr* upon the C.>mm:»»ioncr«, in their
oi'crapt* to cast a shade upon'their iaipartia ity,
I aaaaolt the- w.|| earned reputation 4 .f an olj
and estimable an I brnt-v.dcnt ci'iz-m » We
’ shi u'd not have deigned to initice thesD articles
tut for (be unjust attack upon Col. At.derson,
whose whole litu and ch trader, and hi* muhipiu
. ed acts ol l>encv.dcnce giv o tho lie to the insinu*.
tiun* contammi m one o! thrse artirlrs in the
-Chfimcle" of lidiy. Tho writer of this com
munication is perhap* <piile a* well acquainted
j wiih the preati.e* idiored by Col. Andcrwm,
| ihe value and price at winch he ha« estimated
[ it for years, a* the infnrinurtt , f. the aruh’ir of tt e
1 obull tinn in the Chronicle, and he undeilnkc* t>
J contradict flally that any •tn-h offer was ever ma.'e
; by Col. Andcrsou comprising more than half ol
j the ground now offered for tin* Hospital. 1/ , 0
1 much, and no one, n >1 Minded hy sheer prejudice,
• or having purpose* and objs-ct« of hiv own to an
swer, but must admit that it i* a place of unsur
, passed beauty and convenience, ami adaptation
, 1 > the object contemplated, and thnt the offer it
! :uo<t libirri ami munifi.'cnt. .
, Our purpose, however, is not to advance tbo
j claims of Col. Andetn.mV property, it must speak
for itself, and wo can confide'in the judgement
sod good la*t» of tbe t'omiaiasionera an that
hoad. But fru'h and justice demand that-the
public mmd'shuuld be duabiacd of anv influence
tbe publications'referred to may prupaMy have
rausid, t/uating that every honorable 1 ight minded
and right hearted gentleman will scout them from
tbeir pretence.
Now s*e bow a plain tale will put tbcaa slan
down di.wu. it ts known that Mr. Ander
hin previously to offering bis Mansion property
hid ntLrtd to tho li»*piul concern a lot ofgrouml
in Allegheny, this lot was too small, hut hat since
••<'**r* soli! for f.'ioUo—w«s there no liberality in
this. But finibermorc, and in direct contradie
lion nf tbe allegation iu tbo Chronicle, tho lot
offered with the mansion some years ago at $! 1,.
000, ifever offered at all, contained, if we ars
rigb'ly infoimed, but two acres; the prevent iffer
ruibrjci* aavjn t»r therealuuts. Thi« atatement
inu<t aetile the question ol Mi. A’a.
Wo forbear to enlarge upon the Ucaddle as (o'
tbe relative claims of Pittsburgh aid Allegheny,
it it too bald and eontrmptibleilo merit notice
We arc sure noue wbo read thia will envy tbe
head that eould engcnJer.’oi tbe heart that would
fo/* k moment, bsriwr tbe desire to create local
jealousy and prejudice in a eommuoitytbat in all I
essential particular* are perfectly and inseparably I
identified inintcicgi. We, therefjre.diimus these
gentiy and tbeir scribbling, leaving them aa a
certain distinguished statesman observed of his I
convicted slanderer, and where they are sure tote j
main, in (he worst possible company, that is their !
own. , VINDEX. j
:oiTesponden>c of PUc«)mr«h Gttciu.
Slaughter of Drugoonn.
By au arrival at New Oihaos from’• Vera
Crux, dates from t> the I *tb have been
received, being one day later. The newt is not of
mucb importance.
The principal item is that a pirly oflOor 11
Dragoon*, who werp encamped at Sauta Fe. had
been surprised. It appeal* they were oil aulrtp
ercept the Sentinel. Ladrones, a noted kadc,
had crept upon them with hi* hand so secretly, the
Sentinel was surprised. After making an mef j
fectual attempt to fire his gufi, he attempted to \
arouse bis commits, hut it teas too lato. The
enemy rusbtd upon them and mstantly killed see
en, wounded three, and made one a prisoner.
Capt. Walker, with a company of his men, started i
in pursuit of (be assailants. 1
Santa Feis hutB miles from Vera Cruz, and j • Xilt Ko, * tw -1 lake pleasure m rerotninending to
thia'Vrill give somo idea of the l»lJnets of La- j iVinvcmo.i. Maßsham!'
drones. j —J enut-man «‘r,i «iuaiiiiet} 10 represent ihn co^n
.,,!)• m ilir Suie ll:« humiliation would jtrau
.Nolbtng later had been heard from Gen. Scott. I *>' ' «»as luend!* m Uie Cuv nud Coun'iv.
Seven companies of Illinois volunteers came over j K 01 ~ Ti,K 1 ART '
in this ««d. ,nJ .iU I, dirchargerl S . w Or I
leans. ’ “tlier hi * ounij Ctiumixsiontr.
Dates to May Ist had boon received froru the , ~,7, , !
r .... J'MI.N MUfIttIMI.V ol:Allegheny. will l>e aupport-
Cty of Mexico. rhe City was under Martial >‘d t.y mu.) Whigi'and » mima«ins lor nuinma'.on l»)
I __ ' in- li.nvrinion a« a eondidnie for County Trru«urer.
lj * W ‘ >u>l l.ltxvl KAVKfIK
,Tbc leading Ismilies aud citizens were remov- j M« »-ouoh.-Pic ~<• announco the name of CAt.Ktt
ina into the country. . I no* <*uy u«» per«m to rep esmi
* • ~ , J , ! »'COUI 1.-mine Ug.sUiure. (my U.tarvv) .MUO.N
At V era Cru* but few casrs of the Voiuilo.
The city, was tolerably healthy. j »
Nolhins Uter lion. Ann., or hi. where- | "ST
BboUU. M»jot JOHN WlU.OCKw\.li.«;»upp«me(i before the
, t , ... W h.< «m»iJ .inliin<t>«ouT I'oiisvui on lor ibe otLce 01 ni ihe I itMt.urgli liaxetie | room) rr-a«urvr. 11KM' \VaKI>
Ma?27th7P. M. .Mb Kpuor—Hra.r nm.nmie ? U.<- ol Major J
The closing price of Flour yc.terdcy <9. | cL,?.Jc" U 0,^r..”0' l u'".'™moro'. P iic I
but buyer* were purchasing veiy moJerately at.d : »•> M*.w«T J.hi.loN
contending fur a reduction this morning, holder*
gave w*y a little and brought them f.irwarJ. The
r.FUIt ha* been an increase of busint-s*. Sale*
“000 bbl* at $8,87$
Wheat—The mailrit'bas been quid'uy,
and previoua prices are hardly suet lined. The
silica were at §2,05c far lied, and $2,12a2,15 for
W ir . „ . , Ji'-t I’ll !l,;:ULO, II |„™ -pok.ll of 1,,
The market tir l orti uw. ll f.iij.portcd. :100!) w-i-ru. eriii/m •>. a » * eai.-l.ilnr..- :m County C,,.nmn
bur* < f prime Yellow solJ at II Gc j.ur bu i-t. unit h- .m • I cveiy tr»;i--ct lione»i and r«,iat>te
rj- *•» »• »«.7s f " i-m.
Odt , ‘ fealiloJ 63,G50 [*‘T I’u qoirk. TumU* Clo,
(,orntneai \* h.ldat J5.J7 Jim without silm to *.,.i i. r „ canJf.uie fm ihe oflice olmuu
establish that price. i/vi.'ommi-i.omr rn> Hkl&w
Holder* of Whifkty n..w demand tiSe lor h'A- ions o ih« city.'wiTr n<-.iiriwird by
—buyers refuse to pay it. m in> Wi, •»« <>r >!■« r,tv and county for nom ■.■ con t»\
There is no change whatever in Urocori.’s. f'r.~ '"iin*w r*’ 11 ** * ra,ul Ju “' ,of lhe
Ti*ioiiri or <’ >!t >n. A m (derate |iu*ii)ck« duinp
Freight*—Th- r»l>nrid:iK«* of f,, p f r,
and f.-i European tiriahu has raux> «l
decline. V»«a-ls are loading to Liverpool at -»
pel bbl f->r Flour
Sales »f Kite In a lair extent at s;i,l‘.2}aS.37}
per 19Q-Ib*._ j
Sales* ISO hhd« KUgar, IV U, at fijafijc, and
Porto Rim sjas^r—all al auction ami showing a
low range ol price«. ['anal terms- •
UALi'iMoliF, market/
May tifiih. 8 oV. P. M
Howard Fh ur i» £9. A f.-w weak bidd
er* ba«<t parted with their nt-cks al a dia le !>■-».
but generally lart .rr are firm. ud refuse In iu-'
ccpl le»*. Nothing duing in I'ity Mills. r
Somfl tmn»nt tioim m Whu » to- lav at tiOfu
t*o7c f. f While, and K'd aiatUla'iOSo per 1.. f
<'orn,continues in nqurst—»alm VVfare at ln:i
all»4 t and Yellow at lUBc per bu; but i!,e l u-i
tier* is col rltrnsivo. Tbrao figure* show adi •
iliun within Uvo day*. and tu'-.!ay the market is
Siam sole* I.jird this afternoon at 9siln<* /.**■
Xu l m Idd* and kegs. * *"j
A sale cl Haras of soma extent al loj per lb
Of Sides a sila of fair at He, and if fAnut
decs transaction* at 7sa72c-pn lb.
May 17.. M I’M.
'!’*)•• Fl«'ur rotiki't u< ?«rv inirtiw? t.Way
H .I.Vr* <• i.l i r Hmv.r.t ~tr.
i>uy rl» r. f i.*r lo c. iiif li-i . cT>’, , l.d r ■, h i| r, i-t
Ibeie ha»o been li«> an* «r v «i;.
ling s'. #'J. In ‘ijr* niching d«itii\ I tin-
Lolquuie a prscr.
: Pri>»ifion»—The innk-i atTud* It>t|r,»\rn f-T
c»mcr.eQt. The ash* of ivrrr t
Me*a, ami $l4 fw I'm no toi'nj>d.M
»blpi* J’nir.' U-1 faj $ I (1.2 A p
01 «;„on. .a'. < Sv a ?$•
9J«9£c —«U Wt.i.m H»ni*
Ifljc. Thu t» » *ltgM a<)vanrr on ?*l
Tiir intrbi'l »Lo *■ a dc-ci t
oxet tbo fn»t of the ewk. aii ! the }•
tho trade i* tnujh t**iu r. Cormpondrncr of t!-p P ti«}>
May r
There ha* h*en •- uuv
Flour market to-day. and |.iicr* ure :
tales are to a mod- rate eaten', the d< i
fallen iIT wjth the m irkot C inm<'n
esare on the spot realized ?8.5t)i8
}8 75 per bbl. Of Michigan, rales Ij:
■cry at $6,18$
i There were torn; sale* of l)!.i i
for July si 190 s per bu-
Of Corn there hi*e Ivon «»!«-* t.
(be rime m mih at a decline if fir (r,
tn simjUt iru • tcci-xi• »< sier,)»j',
Vellitw'on the spot st 1 12c jer bu.
IJott/mral —'! h-* ln>i. is< t,f »{.»•
at $5.25 (wi L>‘»L. ami ml-* u t
Kya !)•« circling— a to-ilav at
ing a mitrrial fallii’g ( IT.
| Pro*tmn«—Duilug the faHj part
: Po«k w|« languid an.l dull, ami pri
: tiut yratarday and «u-day lh« markrt
I ed. Tbfrc ia an demand, i
$l6 new Mmi a (id $l3 for old
; bttn male (o • rormJarablo extriii
. jectrd.
For net thine, .wfa'iieVr this h«art U
F. r e««r »’her«*\ r ou» l»i b- <
Fate, that may rob u« wraith bet
Shall lea*a us lore till life n«; If bo
The wjrlJ may wrjng u«—ne w
Fal*« friend* may change, and
ThpOgh b»wed by cinketiug caie, wt'li >ini
nt fate,
Since thou art rnint„beloT<i-], and 1 am tlwue
For ever thine—when circling yeai» have apron.
Time’a an »wy' blrtMom* oVr thy plicul brow
NV'hro youth’* rich glow, it* purpln light hottK!
And bloom where rote* flourish now.
Say. thill I lore the fa ting hnu'y lent.
When tpriug-tid.’ radiance hat been wholly jbiuc
\«>* come what will thy strHidfxt tru’h I’ll l lta«,
In youth, in age, thine own, forever ihine’
For e?ir thine, al evening's dewy hour.
When gentle hearU lot-nd. rent ihomjht* tm-lin.
Wb-n hilmtest odor* from each d Ming 11 iw.m,
Are Ireaihing round me—thine, f never thtm
Kui I,wt—A Uueh cf s Ke)« —« unUbV
rruQrJ will lie paid for their return at thin ..I
Hlxllt Wmrtl.
| tp-T*.# tVluft •«n»l Hii:onn«oiM of Hi- V, ;, f ,i
i>rd.i\. me Mi.inni. al T| o'clock, P M ".""he ,'."r
put* 01 rb >..*nit{ two Deleptie* 10 represeni U aril
Ward Notice,
Uy-The. AnlL-Meomr 4i..|\V|. * Pt.iiii.m \1en..,..
for ihr P,|,| Wani.t'iry of A lleghc 11). wII be hr.,l ,xn
Saur.biy evening lh- VKlh ni*luiii 111 111«• luui-r Alrh
of tderiio* lor «*.<l W.-nd - nij'.’l
K?-tV* are non prepare.! 10 cx.-eiHr .rr a supejinr
ami exp .| I,>u. manner, nil kind* nl Job t’wsnms.
•lid, "* la*Re Poster.. Snainhoul H.IU, li.l:. .11 l.u |.n K . tl.reuUft. Iliin.lh.lK Cuf.lo. .\r ,
M.«IS awn F A MmLxt FHIMTIftO
li» any cslriil i-xmii-d ... the h. m’limiinci. ani | .HI
kimtarif Prim 'll* Untie with irmrary ami al the lu^en
t.llf »
117- « e niv.ic 1 lie nl out reuUeii u> the n
iruordnint y etire* of SruinN Dr (”r.:7r..i‘i
Indian Ytrttablt t'a-urna, « h.rti they will find
eil .11 unoiher eolinnii uflodni'* paper Thn -re
m-iilio-ii douU the inool Irrliit 011 record. mid li.iv
** been pronounced by many of oui mo«i
pliyorian* The iitfl.eied and oilier. iiiierr.ic.V n.r re
«tue»ie.l lo vtati iliem al ii.«*.r oeveraJ plui of nt,«>dr.
and leant/ttun ilie ro« « |.p< il,r womteifi.l . i oi
the mediei ne. The first one nain.-.l 1. Mr I-mar (book*,
who may be seen daily. between ihe limir. ol !» A m'
•1.(14 I’. ,M lit 1 lie nflieeof Kpwand h Wutinii \o .'fTli
Market si. I’hHa.f:..
QJ“Im port nut tqj Advertisers.—The advrr
tiiement* which appear >n the Daily Morning tia/.y.r
also appear m the Tn-Workl), ihuo rernvuiK th<- hm
rfii of the circulation of at), without any UIIJIIIOII.II
charge Thi< is an advtwinge 10our •■lvrrnoei*. wuhnu*
any extra expen«c. Advertisement* are »>■<■ .n.erir.t
111 Ihe country paper upon reasonable term*
oldest inhabitan! in the llmied Mate* rnnnoi
rccal 10 bt»or her memory, ih u any medirul pn><e-uor
e?er compounded a rerard v. *o«*l.iiary mu* naiurr lot
ihe cine of Pile», «1 Pr Upliatn’. Vrgeubir Kiecm m
Iteing üben internalty. u mikes at the >OOlOl ihr di*-
eaie, and eompleiely eoial.luhrs the fallacy of .-xunul
applications (l is. indeed
in“?*nm, Wholesale b..i ttriail. by 'VVATT A
h’t-TniAM. DU Kubon »ireei. N- w York. VV u Thom.
M»r'»e|'«|reet,.and P R. Mn.tuhie'd ..rrrt*
Pittsburgh*Pa. Price ft per box myifT lw
Wdi* autl AaiMlaionte Candid&lei. *
County Treasurer.
oijii tr«p«cuu;iy from mv friend* jp the'
e*tifa nml county, a nomination for thi* office at the.
appioachutr Aiiumatonlr and Wbi(jConvm»ion. The
hr-ry 1-h. I ‘twamed i V il.ntrein ftre would make »'
tmnpliaiH r with <'i « re<;n-*i hi? crate kt:v netiiotr-'
ledgej.lM nrj-* MATHKW B LOARIK
Ma k ntioa I’lra**- announce the name of Main*
lIENKV PKaRS. of AUetheny City, a* a.-uiuble can
didate for the oifiec nt Cou-ity Commissioner: subject to
Ui»* iiCci*<OP of the Whig and Amt-Mawnrr Co ivention.
W.U. A. BL'RCflt |RLD< of Kail Liberty. will be
supported .n me and W'htjj Convent on
<>r County Com!iii<«'ut)»r The diMnei m be
fr*;i!e« r. nnrwhifb b»s hc*tT receiVcd a candi latt
iidtn: i;ilrO l>> || t * party for said office. In ie»|)r.rl U>
ijual briii.on* our candidate will rom>.vr w«;n an>
Mr' b'u.'Tnß riro«e announce the name of JOHN
M ll.i.liK, of iiir Rorouftb of S.-iarpsbnrgh. a* a suitable
i mxl.dair io ri |.je»ent tin* c unity hi the'eli'urtt.
Mk Kuiroa -Pien.. an iou .ee ihnt (\ SNIVKLY,
ni rown*h p. will be supported in ihe Wbijc
-•ti 1 \iiii'.M3>oinr on. a* a suitable candidate'
lor ii^l.eß : «liiiure, and oblijje -MANY CITIZKNS
Alleshkst Coc.tti, May 25,1947.
I'O all Wholesale and Retail Dealer*’ in Goodts
Ware*, and Merchandise, being “Foreign, or the
growth, product, or manitfacore of the United State*,"
That in uccordunne with the provisions of the several
Act* of ihe A«aemblyof this Commonwealth, classify,
mg such Sealer*, m order to adjust their license fee,
together with the special provisions of the Acts of 19t5
and '4O. ibe druleisa* aforesaidm th-severalßorougba
and Township* exterior to the two Cities of Pittsburgh
■ni the County of Allegheny, aiehercb>
notified. o( rkrir ftvrral clajses, t (fixed secording to
law: and that an Appeal will bo held at theCoramis
».onr r’» Other m Pittsburgh, upon the |6tfa day of Jane
urii-ji it o'rtack, a. js ; when any such dealer will be
heard. T L McMILLAN
Appraiser of Mercantile Taxes
Borough Birmingham. Mifflin Tp.
Sjiimcl i\lelnio>h 14 Adam lleniliorn 14
J A (ie<> Weighbreighi 14 J O’Neal ACo 14
t\ iltiuni KiJiloo 14 Asaph Atwakrr 14
Adnrn Twuiman M Jsme* Riehe«on 14
Clin»n,,n lbm*eti t-I.Archibatd MeAlee* ' 14
Robert Hnline* 14 Joseph flewar. ACo 14
J unr« I mvrrii 14 ara** Mcoer h
.Vml.jjo Kaw. t.. 14 J Haley A R Whigbaa 14
(•eorgr F awceu. 14 Solomon Lenhart 14
J M -'Elroy fj Moon Tp
?* MrKteA i'(i 14 Firta'Porter 14
John Mil.Vr 14 John Hamilton , 13
Peter Muipti* 14 John MeCleater ' 14.
tjaruel Uerg H James Aten 14
Vomit iiun*er>A I luiikriiJ3 Robert Simpson 14
J ?*miih. firug 1 14 Joseph Cooper 14
Mux wet I A M.ilj'dtand .14 Ohio Tp
Jame* Harr U David Shields 14
Julius Sws'ri/ 14 Geo. H Starr 14
UiMd I’ms-ri , 14 John MeCardcll 14
l-uac Grrgg 14 James Laird 14
J Steel 14 ' PeeblesTp.
Samuel Reynold* 14 Daniel'Negley 1.1
tViilmm Cra g 14 Phinear Reynolds ,i;i
rf u,UNrl Neal 14 Tijfmgs DaVison 14
Conrad Kraver i 4 Tlumti Kirby - 14
fiailsi'ber A Roujiji 14 PluinTp
w, 11,, .„nn rt,« , Hinirl Dm«moir 14 Henri' Clialfam 14
! "upponru O .y.; , Ch;ir , c , Hit.k'e ,4 || e ' nry Rpjler ’|4
f I fivmrod ft. Dei'rotli 'l4 UughLo<an 14
I J Jacques ACo _ 14 John Summerville • 14
Borough l.uwrenccviiie, Abraham Taylor 14
James fc>lei 14 Joel Munroe 14
Jrn-miah Fleming 14 Pine Tp .
1; llhev, or Uhlry 14 John Shaeffer 14
John fraught 14 Joshua Hanks 14
Mrs Fowler, (widow) 14 Ross Tp.
Unio.-gb Klizapeili J Shaw 14
Samuel talker 12 \V Ray 14
John Walker 13 Robert Dodd 14
C F Diehl - 13 . Robinson Tp
till Tower 13 William Gribben 14
lolm McDonough 13 lIK, Palmer 14
Robert Gil'awny 44 Snowden Tp.
Koirr.Smi h . 14 W W Morgan 14
*>tp« art tiibnrr H John Moore |4
Jiime. Flatk M Uppor Si. Clair Tp.
IldiiHi n Tp. Aaron Riawdy 14
Joioi t'uninagiioin II Isaac Banimon 14
riionia* Uu«» 14 Andrew Borland 14
Ka*i)Dr«rr TjV John Sevi'i 14
Jo—i-ti Mnler 14 VeraaillesTp.
'oh 11 .'furras- 14 Jacob Keener 14
Jacob Remati-y 14 Hughßobens 14
John Ab<?r - 14‘Samael Siacy 14
Kol>< rt Hare 14 Jacob Dausin 14
Ja ie« Clark 11 J D Crawford 14
James frnhon 14 Sinclair A Penny ' 14
hhiji.tliTp StacyAUaker 14
Jam** ,I’i'hher n Robert Whigbam 14
Mit-lmi I Dram 14 A l. Crsin 14
/Franklin Tp. John lleoeii A Co II
John r-i ilt*r 14 James Stewart 14
, Da.T 14 John Speer ' " 14
Nonl. and Sou-h Fayette. ' WilkmsTp.
<ir</rg* f* Head 11 J Black H
Alyxmder Major 14 F.Therapron 14
Wiliam Ctvtt 14 li 7. Mitchell .14
ti/A A McFarland 14 A Ifortiaeh 14
/ •Imliana Tp. Mr. Mill 14
/pure A Co 12 Wet Deer Tp.
ee-.ii —U Joseph Blackwood 14
_ ./ Io— 1- - « sT u.-h 11 John MrWh nney ](
. *& • / *4 W.llium Porter 14
jjj, j, Jeif*r*ou I'p. ' James McKlDowuey 14
PITTSUUHGII AND CINCINNATI / ' , Kf *' ? ,‘i CU,fl >- ~ ,rl ?“ <lcr AsdaPe - 14
..... . .... ... / V ’’ t{u '»" !l *4 David Cooper 14
DAUA LINK OF / , John n'Reiily MBoydAGoy 14
•Jl.n* ey 14 Uoraesh Shamsbarg.
; Thomi'fieog'icgan •. 14 U W* Lewis 13
ms I Mrs Wiilman ’ ' 14 .
jti I Krederek larrer.z 13
nl: 1 Nailinoie! I'tt!!rnti<i* M
• it Ugh rfnbeiO 14
11J | Ft 10J-1 rk 1 lei! ill
of j Wilt,«m P Applegate ’4
ri> I WiHiam I Smnh 14
m» i Coictan 14
ips John v tiifer 14
ily J nithly A> Hay 14
James McDonald 14
VWJ'iini McDonald 14
J Green 14
H- lame* HUckmore 4 14
li* , Adnm Rmb 14
• T . ; Daror! Si:v«-y 14 mygH
A X 151 PORT ANT L K TTEH—TTie following
•A iciief front Dr tirtrliain, of Uowell. Mass., but
~ c j : ‘peak, ite uniform language of bundrtdaofolher ptiysi
... : c'.an*. who have tried, and therelora know now 10 sp>
ind 1 l lf * c ' a ' r 4-yne's Kxpeeioiani:
Lowxll. Ma5a.,Jan.37,1044
Dr. David Javne—Dear Sir: I have used yoor tnedi
* lie, »o umveriaily known by the name of Jayne's
r htper ofipt. m my practice for a Dumber of years,
,n, l rr ' f i ******* iruly asy, that 1 have bee* more enccets*
, j, • ui m Mil- u«e 01 mat ata mild. *afe and very thorough
M. I .xpretorant. tain of any which I have ever used. It
i< tt«r i>e*t lor ih* tollowing obvioua reasoaa It does
m>i ii g.v« nut properdo-e*. occasion a disagreeable
nau'rj, It lot* not wea-ken the luogsand prostrate the
• ytein like nxm oiber Kxpecioranis in common use,
"S i.r line* ir übaieUie appetne of the patiem, like other
1 *u*ru nit toediciura. which Jiavebeen used by the’
; «rult> In a word. iu« oeailvof qp.te the thing which
•ta* oeen sought for by manyof tlieiaculiy for ages gong
t*y 1 remain your*, respectfully.
'« ! For sale m P ti«t.utgh at ihe PEKIN TEA STORE.
72 Fount, street, near Wood, and at the Drug Store of
il P I’chwAnx, Federal street, Allegheny City*
MR Kl)intß:-i>l.»*e announce ih • name of JOHN
J Mt.SK. nl V» r«uiile*‘f ow.i' hip..a candidate
tor Uie l.esi«i.ii uf e niyidiwT WU.KIN*
Mr Koirow —SA.M l. J'Al.MKll. K*q Uen »p»-
K>-!i nl lirtr u* :nl •■ii'eNrii! nnd *gilalilp candidate lor m-ir. 'VI* 01 the city
J W IUXTKtI. of tnr < iy nuppurtrd !>• forr
a* the . i .r iiir o&cr of <• juniy Trca»'.'i r
lA.i W i>|"V oi |.o«ver? ( c Cla f-io«n»! i|> jvill be
••il : ■}• inni:\ Wing* Bin! Alininu»un« loi ll.c- l«e*
-i nan m>lnl\»l , J>:FFKJIyUX
sj,uo. boots ;>,o().
I i I!: -n.i -.-r I-t rt *| ■•i-ifutiy iafnnn« ifir jml.: <• bni
t BfH't «. (>; Ku.-il mircnnl aml wnr rfi:im»n.ji
■' n i-ii in- .11 urnrrai.: •t-i.i io an\ Uuoi i \cr niuilr
» I*.', •"uiat, lor ill', pi.lf. Tbr*r buililMiine Lool
«?’»■■ V.'r) o«-' pr Wf 7'!VK 7)< ILL.WI*
f*i~H r.'.ii -m.-ii ««- in,«, »ir.!lorn:i mnlrxun.
Saller'a (iliiMUf I’maccn.- MkOU'AL
.;ii£o»', -’.V,. i ,- K .cave m r-ail public u"«>H.ei» lu
.. v «•:, •rom In Win Dnun. of Wnnam*v.!.r
n:> hi wn.cli hr rr» de*. nn<3 laic Senior in ihc
•:£ - .iljic |i u cheering lhu> io ‘fi- lli-
and eit.iiß merit ns due
rraciice I.rrii u«>ii< Fojie or your
<1 m> !dr <ni wrl! plra-rJ m- ii.
<! iVjm(>lai !« I’icakc
ri«*rl* : m Cal illtiai
Ij»» brrrioHi'c 10 ici j> it roiKUMly on
U M. Do*.s, v
1 NEW AND most effective kkmkd\ .
"f. : nn. WOOD’S StruparUU and WUd
u Cherry BlUere, forth# core of the following
; di*eii*e*- Jaundice-,-Liver Complaint. all B']lioatCtom>
u p!a:»i». tick Headache, Mean Darn, Indigeitibr, habit*
• u« Co«:iV”ne»*, Pile*, Palpitation* of the Heart, Lfr««
' ' . "f App<-mr-.l>y»pe|>*ia,Nereoailmtaiion*,OebiHtaud
■*i/Mtiachi Languor. IVpression of Spirits, Chrcnie Rbeo*
inati-m, Cu’nneou* Di*ea*e«, Canker. Syphiloid Ditea.
~, 1 *e» Scrofula ln<i>uriiict pf the Blood,-pimple* and
Pustule* on the Face, Hereditary Humor*, ColdSoiet,
*•, «'ul all\li*ea*r* arising from an irijualeion* tueofMer*
cuiy. '
* . Inn attention of ibe invalid public! and of allthoro
, ' «tfl.cieil by any of the above diseases, it tcspecifnlly
: raiieM lo the mcriKcfa new and invaluable prepara
- . _.. . , inin iiouianongjnalrecipeofidiaiingimbedpbytician
EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK ; combimoß m i»«lftio most active remedial propenie*
- C,.»ui I'u *n- ivi ,i. vvlu.h i. the only cba.a-' of i wo OI 1,,e Sru articles to ibe Materia Medici
KAQI.K H ALOON,° Y V ru«-sarsaparilla and Wild-Cherry Biuera were in*
D'n.mmrnr,;i. TV* Kcerf.„g. May ««ifa,|?|? ' t ,' oJucea 10 ,he P"*** •*"« momh » •*». »Od
ran. k «vmh * : during ingt period their xirre*a La* been to great a*to
I'ueiu- P ano F.»rte» Me., r » Kueat* A Humtet ! ‘.‘^ u ‘ r ‘bejiropiirtoriooferthem with still moie cottfi
* Ihe E.i.rrmun.' t t v the Comnnui ! dem ‘ c ' l “ lhc '.““•h* 3 * 1 Uwl b > entering into more e*.
-Oug-Woodman -nnie that IV.-e .Air linen.i 1 le “’“ v ' ! “*■ they wUI prove a bleating to all lbb»C
«*»»,. c nunc. I don't ;,ke io r>ir I » uir,:r " , R> ‘be diteate* above enumeraied..
Solo-0,, ,5, Arc.rrj'oo T * ttr *'*■ and re.. y WYATT A KETCH*
I,TI M |,„ U , > ' AM. general agent*. Itll Fulton street, New York; W*.
I'uofu. -Away to if,e By the Comnniv : r " OK "'_ M » rkp ' and P. R. SaWTUU SmitbfieW
Jta-lad—l've wanJrrrd l>y the Brook *‘ P * •"eel. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pnee *l—large bottle*.
5.d... , Mi.Ki.ea.* : . o,rh *: U H m _ ' tfdp <
S; m, l u o ?T°i?,t,?“y r vonaruNd'Foire*.
5.,1„ B,„M n .ru*—iKmj tu lil imn ' » Jo ‘l l . » Me'-or, No SI Wood street, baa on hand
s 1,,.,.,/,. “> “ ,p . WTareale at manufacmrer»'price#:
s.ue-l.u u l-'.in Mr MdroK 1 p o "*/ 83 ***? •'*«• l»»e Piano Forte, with
|.|. A.-eurd-m. \t, 11,“, y ! Prr'u bKtftitilaettui., ainluoa Iramr. made by CIIICK
’ ‘ 'ir Muniir. ( LKlNti.ol l.'o*ion-
Ann i j'i r- e . S ‘ T ‘ ,, A , .eV*ro. Kueti** an.) Murrl.t i Forte, made by
If. *.l4t ki.oekine at ilediwr' Mr. Kura-.’ i , ”‘ ,c A '« ; nrlt mytf7
rnlj.l i tic in ,u t-more lay. Mr. Mury-v 1 MO CO A AND CUOCObATE
b iij.i—l'timr l)'<rkn *. l.«ien u> ibe S'ol) ‘ » l»a* Fell’* Prepared Cocoa:
I h>-r i ren» »i*i.ur|{ii, we led a«*ured, will m-' ' 'Hit* d<» Kura No 1 Chocolate;
’n n it* ,n ottr rtlo-t* lo c»(n'-li*h I*, re t’oi o-Tiv u plan . t! tiS* linker'* Cocoa Paste;
'inn’ll ••iliu're.l ,u theeu-irni pitie*. | •-* l'X« do ' Uroma; fit *>«|e by
i; rw liav a» U_i * m. I m\ j: J D WII.LIaMS kCO
ADDITIONAL \ (COM 910DATI0N. | C I, N'OIIIMS—-.tM.M*No3UreeMacktrei-
M'lNlHl > i V.’MMi l.fs-K-Ou and after Monday I & ' 10 hf b‘.l* do do, ’
V/itn lae .<iii«e/i!<rr will iun an Kmiung i I" h l* Chocolate;
I, 'iit' l '-"T , i n l'e|in»j Ivsnii Ayenue, he)ween i -0 yr bi* Rai.ii>*;
I .n-Ini mil iin.i On kin m!— irn» i t:e the City (tom tlir 4-h i I hid Nutm»e«;
*tr<-« i .iui.ll n: j. ,|; ;,a,: i> o'clock every ii'ghi and Oak- I I i:« roon S K. Indigo;
laiiil ill Ijr .Jinr |> nt j uJ tif tibl* N. O. Mol«**r*: joalrecM
‘.Tiu- mi n., J.H.I tu.-or. ni;.l nrtiinu* >o ..iTonl »“•' '«>•; ‘-‘lc by UKV .NULLS A StIKK
1 " 'A' l ad fie ••itiM’i.t.rr hope* liiiv nrw etfort lo ! '"V-O . ‘ ofner I’enn and Irwin »li-tt»
'**; |''»<“>''diOr 'V.h.ln- approved and Mi.tam-d by a hb- j / «ASSIA, * c —twi mans Uasaia;
r pu ‘ e (■ Clove*:
“ H I,v JAfrOU <J AUO.NKH, I’topfietof ; JVO bag* Pepper,
Co»l*avtneruhtp. • I cask Nuiraec*; iu»t ree’d and
IL'l\ : R A MKll bLVn g take,, Kdwur.l/lUbm :n- ; ,0 ' ‘‘LT . ,n r*’ , ‘ _ . HAIJ.M.KV fc S.MITII
f.Vmf‘rrrfrll'Sn L' 'v!ll hr ear : T OVKUISG’S VIIOAR- ' !
f • inn .1 i,i,t re under tue brns of Kramer A tiuniti. L i',n.h.i .j V e . . •
J’.n -burgh. .Mny «s jj-yy . aj ru h d ami 1 u>ven*ed, extra fine, in barrel*:
i . *‘ o, 7 ,f ""-'"H'*. be*ujualiiy: j<m receivudand
alliv kiUMKR, xt)W*«t, Hi.nt ; haHAI.KV A SMITH
Kit AM Kit A RAIISI, l UIONDS-Hi base* Shelled;
J> VN'KKUs AM» KNi.'iiaM.K lIKOKI'.RS •-‘txilb* Pape*Shell;
*J in Koreigti null Dnme e tic Bills m I'.ir Umicc. Certifi- « •’i 1 ib * Maraeibea; foi tale by
eai.-a m Dcpotin-, Bank Note* and loin, corner of :l,t 1 J "D \V ILL.I A.MS k CO, 110 woo<l *(
* "m V , J“dJy * ,r<cl "' <l ‘ rccl *y npl’ortie St Cliatle* Hole]. ] GLASS-k’ilbx. PHO;
[s] StMJIKH FASHION KOII HATS , 30 bx» I0x?a
Jl s T ree-: veil ■■.. in New York, the Sum JW- IS !>x» tOxtS. for tale by
m-r M'le -I.r llai., o. i.itimg of©^ 1 POINDKXI’KR kCO. 41 water it
H'-av, r, rear'nnd AVi„i.- frenrh i , n..imrre |lai«. wih - ’
Vcmilauir* Tt.n.e a beautiful brill Hat are i Y\ r ISSDOW OI.ASS—I3O In*
rcpenmi!, uiv, led ;o e-. 11. SMoORV ? * ISO b'x* tOxltf: for *ale by
■">•*“• ?i wood «I, 3door* alHivc 4.1, • »nr.*7 FtMSY TH k DUNCAN, water and, front ««
UANTED-.k i.iunbon bv a yuung nian of *ted* i Iba prime Country* Cure jun recNl
di. tobrr babiu. n* lake eltarxe of a Sieam Fneme.' I for »«le by ENGLISH k BhN NEIT
•••Ilier on water or land ’1 h" be-tof reference given ii »ny«7 No 37 wood tt eet
» leu.e apply at tin* «.ilior i COTTON VAIINS—4S.IHAMI'* a»»rteJ Noa Cot-
O S-a ton*, now landing and for «a'e ' v «rt Candle Wiek, Carpet Cham ond BtUlng;
V.Z ‘"^ES'amiKYtCl.
/ AIIL.ESK—t<W tu« miw landing, for r«!e t»y • * ' '
fniwKyico ;
O .‘.M*"--' '"Stt""'? 11l- i
- " M ‘. K _»-SKU.KIIS.S7 wood M I -•
A . . (J l ““ ; -‘ ST
rm' vo I , -si’*yi!s»'ym : ««iji_ 1 . VkivK j«. iio,u..,ib,ui o i, y
l'"‘ 1 A,:l;l ' Kr ' " lic, ‘""“”' ,rr ' J u VVILUAMStCO
. r<-v'rii K ! L-I.UOB op KIOK-S ..v-l .up.,!!.,, f„ „1,
S'|',.'„S““ M r—r,v-I mm Hr] fh, ,n>vr J D >VII.UAM*Yc'i
iOdor Poirnt Scythe Sneailiv with -> rcuclic*. |li IIA * ,L 10 hug* fer«al« by
•'odo*. do fair* d.. m > v7 _ j J_L_)V|LLIAMBk CO
kr eh ' ; “ . c «»»
i„;'.‘'." k ;'" ' lo T' , ;;' i „D'iSHN ? ;r.S,V-„- i a " a 1 u viu.i»»»*co.m^«
injB-It .M<>nntigali*la ilou*e Smnl.field *t VTACKilClißXa—Aibbla No 3 South, arriving and
pOPPKK-- |., line 11,0,-cti... ' Yifrf « al ? by myig POINDEXTER kCO
1.u.-yura d,». |* IBXE—fO bblt Igioitvißel ime for tale by
•’ J, _ ,:u * 1-* nnariot fOltuyni » DUNCAN
m v.i HKVNULDik.SHi.E f | ODACCO-IO hhdt Ky. Leaf, for :
Uy Johh D. Davis, Aattioaatr
Po«.».vf Sale of 50 Building I«ots, in tbrVthWard of
th-,Cuy, near (he New. Court House.
ON autrnooti. the tf*«b instant. at 3 o'clock
"•ill he *o!d, on >lie premises: 50 beautifully- located
building loi* on RlVa's Mi|l. or the Ponth ideal Penn
sylvania A venue, according to a diagram'which may
Ik- »rrn at .be Auction Kooot.
Terms; Uae-fifth cash; residue in four equaJ annual
piyincui*. with interest. Title indisputable.
tnjS- J D OAViS, Auet'r
OX Saturday evening. Ute *shh instant,at d o'clock,at
the ComniciciaJ Auction Rooms, corner of Wood and
Filth street*, will be sold, wt bout reserve, to dose a
consignment A large collection of valuable Books,
embracing standaid work* tn various departments ot
Also, family biblr#, blank books, letter and cap vre
uug tiaprr, g-ilil pros, Ac. rajnfS
Valuable I and*, within 41 miles of Pnuburgi, at Ant
nun—ON Thuj«da> evening, the 271 b indent, at 6o’-
clock, at the Commercial Auction Boom, corner of
Wood and Fifth street*, will be sold six beautiful lot*'
or pieces of lonil, situate in Rots Township, On the
Krutiklin Road. tnur miles from the city of Allegheny,
suitable for country seat* or gardening purposes; a plan
o which may t>e seen at the Auction Room.
1 lie i shove property i» very desirable, and may be
cxauirocdnt any time previon* to sale. Title indisputa
ble and free tromailinearobtenees. 1
Al*o. that valuable lot of ground, situate on the north
ea-d side of Sixth st'eeL near (Jrant, havingtf feet
front. Qnd extending baek 100 feet, on which it elected
a three »iory Imck Dwelling llouae and a small frame
building. Terms at ia’e, JAS- BI.AKKLY,
Attorney in fact of 1.-'Mitebiel.
ui>!9_ i JOHN D DAVIS, Auet’r
?k:i),\'o v. a :<r>
a. I.ur«:.n* ;lir boml* o. j.roi'e*-
■t ;» ri-n-ief sl« p-iirral *nl
Cbution Sates
Book* at Auction.
Land for Sale,
1 Hi*!,* IV-b Zame. for »ale4«r
IKCH Burlap*, auilable for Wool Sack*, Al*»
lv drain bagging. Wain and twilled, to great rarie
ty, cerutantly etrbano and for *ale by the bale.''
35 Market at, Philadelphia
higbett price in ca»b paid Tor ail ihc d.ffr-eni
X grace* of clean Withed Wool, by
Old wool warrhcure, cor-Libenv ti and CeeiP* a.tev
TOBACCOS— 10 hr hz» Con«Te«» fti;
. id <*o OtbomhUraifi'iv
JO do MeUonald*' &*; ,
- 5 do J.TV>mp«on'»s»; '
SO do Canno'4 ib Lerap, - r
Jo« received and for aatcvery low bp _ I
royaa-. SUL'I9 V BONNiIORSTi ro
BACON— 9 caika Side*; ”
< do 'Ham*: \
n do Shoulder*;
A do A**oned: ju«t received in.l i,ir
»a'e by my¥6 i 8 F VON BO.NNHORsp A ('O
SCNDRIKB— I bbl* No l Laid, in P r:m>
order, . 1 lack D.y Apple*; * i” *
’ 1 do Dry I'caehcs V
>»// I do Financed;
I do Beecwax;
la do Feather*.
Now landing from neitncf N«»hville, and for..»v t.v
’ tayXX water and train m*
WIBDOW GLASS— too bx» SxU;
100 boxe*loxl*
10x Hi
-14 'uo IS*IS and UxlO,
8 do l*xlo amlltfxlS. rrr*iti r *
and for talc b»
and Sacramental purpose*, and 10 bc 'oird mibe
Art*” Jott received from New York, and for reV I v
»rW_ H K SKLLKK.-, 37 wooo .1
Letter copyingpixicssßs-AiWpiy
of eurenor Copying Treite* a>m> Copying Un k*.
Oil Taper, and Copyiut Ink*—jatt received add tor **!n
my*3 Corner Maikrt and *1 *u
T- KAD—sOopifr, “Upper Mine*.’-'received tier »trar
lU Taloman and for ule by ,M ALLK»N A. CO
CHEESE— 08 boiee lante 6uc W. tL.Ch -«e l0 u
hand and for tale by TCMARTKV
mV’jfl cor unithSeld and from n»
C'»OTTOW-W bags re packed, now landing irom
/•learner Alary Ann, and for aale by
TEaD—4OO pig* Galena Dead, received tbi* day
AJand foriale by L’IIUTCHfSON & Co
wy<o _ _ No 44-wnter mrert
rpOBACCO CUTTERS—I dozen BmhuellV, on
1 band ana for aale by
my« 9 P VON BO.VNHOR3T k CO, 34 Fropi «
F S &UIT—300 Lna. Dried Peachr*, halve*'
50 bit*. "* Apple*; m »tore. foi *a!n by
J 0 UIDWKM.. water *1
pLAMTKB—io Ground Pi&tier.iu good older,
l j««» receded aud Cor cate by .
_ n _y*C S'C RIDWF.U.. K-WN
Olfc-ij tbts ju%t received s-r' "'une.
ota,” and lor sale by
..HTi 6 . .*>_WIiA»BACCH.-31 wood u
LARD OIL—I 4 bbl* and 3? IcrgTNo I I aiJ
j 20 Mils Grei«o Lurd. for *a|- i, k
J»J*> i. .. CAKsgft A >lckNihiliTfou u
HERRINGS AND SHAD for * tie ti> .
BUTT.RR— S bbl* Fre»h Roll, received I • dav
my«o CARSON A McKM-.itT
C' HE BSE— 2O bit prime no tiny, received to dav
• myiv* CARSOX&.McKMfiu v
CbTTOar-SOO bale* in note and for.nß l.v
«nyi« I. HUTOul>o.\ A CO
PAPER— 32ream* heavyda!Cap Paper, jut; ice d
and for ealc by mys 6 REYNOLDS A >|UJK
I'EAS— 62 packages Y. 11. Tea, a pari extra finr.
foraale by royal REVNOLt >A
U ICE—47 tierce* Fre«b Mice for rale by
ROCK POWDER-SOU** rece.v-J.p-r *"
er for tale by uij'ift J L).\1.?.K1.(.
pASUtIERETTBS—I ca*< beautiful lilafi,
just opened and t >r tale by
ntytd) SiIaCKLCTT A .,.1 k |
HBXUUNGS-3Q bbl* N’o I. la*pecn*d: lor »n'p |,\
, Ea,t »jdr of 'be Dunv.nd
SUPERFINE SHIRTS,of la e,t n, v oi
regular *lze«, frtanNo I to No tl—ju»t recciv,.) and
fot»«’eby_ DipO FIIKAItiN.
PANT STUFFS—A very large wvonmi n> good,
hi w style Summer Pantaloon Muff*, cm hand -r'.d fur
myai SHACKLI-TT A Wi | j>;_
SUDSIER BHAWL,S-NW open a fmfu.-on-'
meot ot Rich Summer Shawl*, ut theNVu t ork
Store,7P Mattel Streep m)2i ‘ WII (iAKFAHD
OSNABURGB— i hale'very heavy Vi gum Oinn
burga, j itt re- eive i and for *nle by
myta SHACKLKTTA WHITE,im wo.ul «i,
FIBH- 40 bbl* Nr 3 Mackerel: " L
jSOkittNoS do;
SO bx* Herring; for tale by
my« WICK A McCAN DI.ESA. cor vih din at. r *!»
TU»T received from the Manufacturer, a few dwen of
it those fine Wilton ami Uruatel Carpet Rag- <rt «ale
by the doxea at factory price* by ibeugem. a? Noi«
Wood tuee», up ttair* KDIVaHU lot»D
j Agent for Eartem u.rer
CIDBII— jx» i,hla Cider fir *a> ty
SALBRATUg-iiotifb* fortafe by “V
VjUBTARD-VC keg* Engh.h, tor tale by
k—lo bag. Pepper for «ale by
CHEESE— too bx» prime large W. R., j u »t rce’d
and for ta*c by tnyt» J C Bl DWELL
BACON— 1,603 Ir>», bog round, in *:ore ami for tale
gy tny« J'C lllinVKl.l.
POTASH-lOeatka, let torn, juat irricived and for
»*le by m> aa . J C KID WELL
BACON— A lot Bacon Side*, in tiore and for tale hr
.J*_ A W H aRUAUQH.3I wood »t
DRY PEACHES, in .tore and for tale by
Btff ||ARliAi;ou
LARD OH*—A fine-article, on contignmrnt and
my» CAR»ON A McKNIOHT.G;h *1
OLAXSEED OIL oa hand and for tale by
pOFFEE-600 bag. prime Kin. landm< and for
QUO AR—23 hbdi N. O, laoding and for rale i.y ■
DACON—llama, Side, and Shoulder*, for tale br
u «y*« Mcknioht
811 k *«» v*. Twi«tToliaccori3«t ree’d
and for rale by UEO AIOrtOAN A CO
mv *3 • jio IM woud iireei
pRUIT—too but Dry Peaehetj ’ r “
*■ . 30 bos Ory Applet; for .ale hv
Qko Mohoan aco
ASD 11-riti* and
136 dox. Tub*,receiving uml forttleby
d-yaJ j DAI,ZKI.t N 21 v*ii>t n
BA.*KJET»-!(J S'«,.r~cc~v7dZr
d£b r*aleti>- JAB DaLZEM, .
JSC5__. L _.VaSljr„ e r ijp-rL
\fACKEaBL-|U l»w* Np *. for *i'e «.v
—SIH £ Kan ni<g of i>intiipnd
' I 'PBACCO—SO kef* No i 6>wi». Tobocro, ten.!.
A in* inn mieamer Gerra*atp«‘ i. and foi •air (,«
"»r« JA.MK* DALZBI.b, ix water »t
Fish— io» No i u*h. » em nr. ’ '.
IS l>bl» No 3 Large Mackerel)
10bfbbU>ol do; !
10 kitU N 0.3 do; For nle l.v
_ J D WILt.IA.M3 A: CO
:-r6OO Iba Superior W.;*.; ’
flj» Iba llap Sago; for rale by.
J U WIUJ AMS i CO, Hu wood gt
VAWSB— A good ftfraruari.i of deai
m'gl SHACKLfcTT & WHITE » wo oJ „
Pigt (;«>::» Lead, jult rrai vr d and
_i2X*®. I __No 41 wotec .Ire«t
\\r»XAT AMO cOirw'ANfKD^TT fl
* I S*H ?•/ > be *>'**"•*! mark.-i price (or
prime \% hue and Red wheat and Yei>-w Toro
«nyH BURBHlO.f;\v||_ci<)N A(X) Wl ,.rr « (
BApO.N— 4LOO Ilia aaaorte J, in atari and fur «■<« bv~
-■a*. - .. i I L a 'Vtl l II'UN
•K 1 ’’** n<Tfor •*■
—4O bsf *,ln-store and Tor Mir Ijv
.. - __ L s;\vaTkr.m an
MOLASSES-50 bit. N. 0r1e.n..;
bblt S. Jlou*e; for *m!e l<v '•
-..•"i*? . J i) WILLIAMS A CO
VI7 H£J?k LKaD—5O kegs Pure;
„ o> . 50 d» ! \ol; for sale by
_m)3r- i J D WILLIAMS
S Su?*^i 1 ' ASBKB—A few bliU on btad and for
•*'« <*>« a eoangnrami. bj£_-
R® tA * T ***fi MULTI FLORA
3 cases of ihr« rare Sbrub. jusi received for uli
b -> roy~J HAJAH * CO
IW bxs Laree Cbccse intmreaud for
n RANS-50 bblrf in good order’ for jale l.y
I EKONS—SO bxi in stnre'and for »ale by
T HKSBED'OIL—4O bbl* Linreed Oil for avle by
ALUM— -ao Lbl* Alum we -ale low by
'PEA-ltti Ilf Che»u UreenTcaa for aaloby
-15 kiJUIa Sugar for title Uv
M a £m* *'
YfADDKH-For rule b)i ca>k or kre hv
I*4 .!*?:* MILLER A KICKEt yo.\
Kp“ I “ K “w Ol, ‘~'Sn l, , l Vli I"" forls
,C T ... w ILI.EH a Hl^if
O mj?f recMn.m ioi'.Ju*
-P 7 * 1 L_. JHII.N F I'KitRY •
Lbi,N„ 3, La „ r; -
R T M 600 b -£* an ' r,,, * aim R ? c
-J"* 31 Joiiy k pk'kry
D R nvBr PPLE9 ' f '° bu *' m , ' u ’ rft » nd fjr*t>"by’
— — . . _ JJO»tN F pk«RV
BS Aat *' 3bbU !,? lM Wh'i t iniio»iMdf..f*«le
■ K^Dy »nyat John p jm:kRY
QAl*T—2Uu|>t»!« No"t AHegb'ityr I '
P wrtl "MX"* ** /oA.leby.- _
joiln F PEARY
G £SV “^j**™**^
rpODACCO-40 keg. « min'foM.le by
—TV_* ' . cor wood «pd w»|gr «t»
f PAa-ai barrel* (at ule by’
-*• mr<l WfC
CHE > *SD APPtBk in «oodor-
AROMATIC SAtTd. alway* on hiari and
- lo . r^*le b T nytl BRaUN* RF.tTKR
S2l5 C l“* aO, tm ' P»««. J«» »«ei*ed and
kJfaraaU by mrO? . * BKS'NFTT
ILOrOHI-3 of Tloujil.v'* Prair.a or
•aleb/ ■>•«? '8 p VOS BONNHORSY A CtJ