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    IS bhU P»lrerixcdB<iff*n -
ii'lilil* - wall Loaf do;
' 4 bbla CioabcJ der.
; . y lie* Clarified do;
ft tilid* N. O. do;
myW Korule by •J I) WILLIAMS 4CO
» ’ W ♦ ‘-t* WBsji'HjHjn Rcytaha C gara,
' i !-x* La do do.
i‘. * *>i» 1.-i fV'el.rjda Pundnir* Ci«a»».
i ■ 1 Vx* l b K.f, tl (o . do;
i-‘ t i<x« Iji t’r msti'ra do,
l- ; i-r. Ju-ioSho/ Prucre do,
l~ i i.** M.ibrnn .n, do; ‘
»>•!?• ISAIAO piCKEVfcCO
J'OB X< <*o AND ClUAlt*
i• >» J v».«i Principe Cigar*;
i" i'*‘o .ii q'iulax <lo do.
/, ‘<<i da;
.•« ,1 in ijf
\> ICoAtrt'V #» i’lß* Totmcra
• i au-i . io*. Lump do, ;
i l.<i \U S t * » l-n\ri.nj('»double refd Loaf,
i' in ( uk - . cru.litd l-oaf Sugar;
.mm It-fi .nj LoafSuaar, N 0..;
_,i ,c., jn do do No 4;
.u ,i. do Pjlvepwd Sugar,l A*.
. (. >m t <>,t « »•«, Ai do, No 4
, | Jo 00, do;
i,KIIi\KU BffiAHR- „ •
IV 1-. ..*.■• i. ..i.f.i (Viuiiii* Rrfircd Sugar;
•l i.-. « ..i C do;
No -
w. ..m. - No 4
... _ No 4.
1 hand and for * ale by
lymi* M-Jin Susn Refinery
\ IST KKCKlVEn—Anoibcr large invoice oi
») , IVir.'i I.i4*uc and Miirreo Rnipendeu.
i, <i« ji•• • ii;iii u.'w' , iured lif tbe Rouell Manu
i- l'.ini'- I '‘• '"'d loraalo at factory price*,
i ,i - ii Wood .i-ecr. op naita, orholeaale.
“ \ b ■ kuwardtodo.
j(i k £»j ,ve-'H mi Ka4irrt> -Maim fact orer
01& *>• ' •'‘ i * N " >•
I .uwril Oil;
No* 1 si.di; '
I .VIST*, Ac - 1 o«»k Vci.eimn Bed.
J 1 do MiauiMi llrovrn; ' k
•j bt>-t»ruu*d Oiarroai;
2 do l.amn'.iack:. in *iore and foT
ft UO lCCO—so»*x» pound Lump Lynchburg To
1 '..ecu, 7Sbx«»* do <loj
“-“‘’’"'l' s"\VATERMAN
1* ISU—to tr M.:» N.» 1 Tniamrd tftiad;
1 . do c,> co, In»prrteil.
in. • \i. a Larci* Mucketfi; for »3'e i v
|[|V |i, K*« tide of Ihe Diujnood
-K, ../ Hyd
>.«. ir.u7o'c And;
J> xit. l'ru«»;c And;
ion/ iod:dr lion ju«t rccn*e<l.and ibi
J >ciiooNMaKl*K fc CO
No *24 wood »ir«-Pt
m> IV
Acids, *c.-3i>x«Ti»ri. acJ,
J lii« SciJlitz Milturr;
•J t*xn I'uiT. Sal. Rochelle;'
j Leg* rule Sup C«rt». Soil*} jn»>
receive,! .in 1 fit »alr l>»
J »CH< ON'VIAKRRJt CO 84 water «t
K; .Mu-i'liv n •• -u>i r wi-iTed a aopply of a'-ove SO>d'
of «urrn.n hi ik'-’ «i>J -i■. eery tow price* Tot quality, a*
cli> jfoo'lk tmu"-, N K roiucr'of 4th and
VV a>o UNK.N-—W. R. Mo.phy haanowopen a»
eicellem ■•u.r n>cin of above good*. at lowed ca«fc.
. ;.. ’ _ .. ™y'»
OAI.AU OIL-IS 1.1.1 a IlorJraui Salad Oil, )u>-'
* p|>lu‘" ra ' >illC 1,y .iH,1 ERA RICKETSON
UTTUN'i Ai- —i i»*v* Temteaaee Cotton;
C *i»ck* timarnr, received per Rm
Gr-uidr. and Ci.r -■'l- by tot t!» ALLEN ACO
POUCIIONti TKA-al hi cheat* «ChnUa r Fou
i-hniix fra. now binding ahd for *
•2i bbl- Na I lUUimore Herring.
15 Mill No I Shi't, for I*y
M l l,l .KB a. MICKKTSQ.N
*jli ca>L> HotaiAci;
rtt fa«iM Scorched Sail*;
■»\'ISII-I‘4 No l Hrrrtne*;
Jr v Oi lii.l No : Mackerel, for aaleby
~,r i * H.VGaLEY A SMITH
TISSEKD OIL -oti in fir»i-raie order, rec
y-nd w il n- >.,M insvtn !o.v a con«*«wnrni. by R ILALWaV
G 'IIOCXU MI'STAUD —lit krtp JU|*rior En
'glt-11. ju»l f ;i\ imbfor wle by . s„
BACON— 5111*,• I- 1 a«-onr»l City Cored, fora*.*
IT))' l® '**■ 4 Commercial Roar, liberty M
LAHU-4 l?id. an.l I aland, now l*julint from *unr
wTomm-, a...i a*. Mk by I OICKKY A Co
ri il Whirr r nd UC from it*
.Vi * ilo. fur machinery
No IT l.ilipr:y «i?fd
jii*' reeeiceil by
H ERRING AND SHAD—licencing iU.« J>)
from Canal, and for ole by
,nyl7 J DALZKLf.. -M walcr«l
S’VEaMBOAT VUIt BAX.E-EJ«vc!n-»ixieenth*
•f 11-f oai UINGOOLD forMlc. For term*
ie . arjiiy m_ *, r iM FORSYTH A PUNCAN*
EOCK POWDER—t!* ke» Rock Powder.Misuel
fc.Tlicby 1 DICKEY A Co
mylS n. water A from»t«
DI’A NUTS— Hoeau>d tor cuatomera, at the Mcatar
r^s p.«w. «p, w .« sfe)tAljC Q fcp
LEMONS— tncibi* iieih Sicily Lemons, tun rec’<
on cons'anmeni and or ia'e l»y
Jxy\ COFFEE—"-I bag* Old Government Jars.
Coff-e. iu*: recc;ve«J and '«-r talelhy
■\irfllTE HAVANA BCOAR-Wl bxi Wh U
VV Havana Su-ar. Jn*l ircetwittrei 'or .nteLy
m 717 MM.niKIHU-KfrrSON
PIG IKON- A ‘tnail lot of Nd 1 AUeelteny. f 0,4,
,4, by WI2K A MifCANDLESS i
m yi7 . . corner water and wood it*
TA VA COFFEE on and lor rale by
J Qyt7 WICK A McC.\N DuEgS_
0 lit—Lamp «';l on band and for sale by
H' OR*B RADISH, grx-ed and pot up In vinegar for
mrncJime u>e. concantly oa band at the Mallard
and Soice Factory,STFiith meet
COFFEE— Rja-tcd nnd Ground. for etenmboatn.
hotel* and *f •ccrs. at the Moitard and
mrv, 'V Fifth *t. w'H RHODES A ALCORN
HOUND GINGER—SO btlJ and HO ken on bane
and for .ale by RHODES A ALCORN
pyU 'No H 7 Fifth sireat
GROUND PKPPKR; in btl«, beg* and l»Xei, Real
ground and ronnaatly ot band for tale .by
rovH Na« 7 Fifth meet
ROSIN SOAP— Cincinnati maaofaerured
on baud and .or sale by ’ o
RAGS WAXTED-Cui ntry Mixed Sage »»«
wl«h >h, teh.« ’[ir^" s r t *c h oTuN^
BplTtf Pn it »trect, below Market _
pAPKR pii.i. iionis-ui r.pc,., i..ig cv
X and for rale l<) m\:J R L »ELLhKa
B OTTLE CORKS—I bale* jail received anc
m Jr,*- 1 ' " uT^LLr.m
QPH.-M-, >*■> ;°Bi.S.R 3 ‘ le
PIIEESE— «> t<x« noiv landing; for *ale by •.
CODFISH— -, rn«Xi Codfi'b for lale liy
BUTTKK AND BACON, rereivihxand for aale
by rnVJlj JAS UAbZfcLb
„;V-ji cor Liberty nnd St Purity
C’ » VI.CtVkI* 3t AliNE^IA—5 cx*e>, belt quah
, - , , .... r ,> ...J |0( »W|e liV
.r, \:i BRAWN* KWTER_
|() ., j 1 cor «mithfirU and front «ti
O H ANGLIA r.I.MONS—?S bx* Orangea;
HA * aft do Lemon*, in prime
order an I for *tV i- V _ wyl2. : PC M ABflN_
LOUJSVILLi: MME-UO barrel! of the ben
uu ■ earner Lady Byron and for
....Vy ’' mu I rOINPKXTEKtCO
IjVcßonv svjriM.isafc, *
J~IXBRKD na-li Bbl.°°„ b A *S^‘ggj3TKll
L «l.:o n ,c-,^„, ; . ~:i r «
\ RSENIC-t kVa Powd. jost received *nAJor
A-alet y _rti.ri J SCIIOONMAKF-R ACO
IXTOOIi-5 «*r», on eomiititmcnt, forialc by
■\J7AXTKD- A rvunpetenißook-Keeper. Addrea*
V V jy i an.l'o-t office- mysodsi*
OINTMENT— 5 fio*» McAlliiter'i Ointment for
,ale by; r«yl» J SCHOOXMAKKR ACO
1\ nud for «aic b y my 19 MILLER A MICKKTSON
1 ’n/in WWJ, HACKS, »•!* low by'
Miwy i; _ MURPHY &. LF.R
COTTON-3-j Lalfi Tennessee. for sale bjr
llt) l, 1 DICKHV k CO
Cheese ferule by'
l • ICKKV * CO_
niu KSR-
m > _
RICK— *5 t(c« farUe Rice; forsaleby
nivll J h R FLOYD
CORN— sW® bi.» C< m it fore and for sele by
, n ,|3 POINDEXTER it Co
BACON— 1° bid* Shoulders and Side*, just rtc’
and for sale t»v
B yis j c plDW'ELL^Ai^nt,Water street-
POTASH —10 casks I*l lens, just ree'd and fet tale
COFFICB—yH) bags Klo Coffee for safe by
m) ts W CREEK
NEATS-FOOT OlL—lOhhleforaale bv
myia Mvnaa.nuNTPttA c*
t ISkEED OIL—SO bbls in atoro and for sale by
Ji mtfi MYERS, HUNTER k Co
Thursday Morning, May 27. S
There was 5 leel 10 inches water in the channel
at dusk, and apparently at a stand.
The Rivera have not n»en much since Monday
evening—about f. |ncbe* ( —hut from ihe amount of
rain which has fallen above, we hope to »ee it Mill
higher; or. at least, that it will maintain it* present
stage fur some time.
A few feet more would permit the numerous coal
Soau now ready to run, to pan below. We learn
from a gentleman well informed at to the trade. Hut
there <■ now about *■ much Coal afmit, a* ever
there baa been at any one time in put seasons.
l apt Collate or the Circanian. ha* purchased
the Swatara, and ia fitting her oplor
a Piltaburgh and St Loon Pafk*t.
Hour—The market yesterday moat
decidedly. The only caoae Tor U, that «ecao ima
gine. i« ibe fact that one of the heancat operator!
ii absent from the city, and otbera arc not buying ao
freely aa they bate been doing. The rivers will aUo
bring in large supplies. 'The market, pretty much
in the hands of those not inclined to support it fully,
has receded. Th« sales yesterday, were lull 2000
bbls. of which one buyers took TOO in various lots at
5636,124; 800 bbls were also sold at the tame pri
ces, and the remainder from wagon within these
limits. In the afternoon 41 bbls—the quality of
which we do not know—was sold at $5,874. From
store, a sale 300 bbls at $3,374. A sale was effected
by Telegraph, of 500 bbls, deliverable in Boston, in
all June, at bbl.
A bnak demand prevails for Bxlo Glassjnnd 52 50
has been refused in store. 1254 bis sold on the
wharf at 2,40, and, subsequently, 2.45 was offered.
Sates 200 bu Corn from river at 40c. Salea 100 bu
rod Potatoes at 40c. . SaleSi bis (2 bu and I pek)
green Apples at 2,50 each Sales 50 bxs new WK
Cheese at 7c—tome poor at 6}c.
The movements of Flour toward the seaboard are,
just wow. closely watched. The high rangeof prices
eastward has rendered all prudent men cautious,
«nd tbit feeling leads them to scrutinise as', much as
their Blears of information will permit, the stocks
•>n the ■•aboard, receipts there, amounts going for
ward, and the means of transportation, as well as the
urobable requrremenls lor home consumption mid
export. Full and correct inlbrmxtion on these points
would enable operators in Breadstuff* to act know
ingly; but, unfortunately, few specie* «d Com
mercial knowledge are more difficult to obtain accu
Some facta are ascertained, however, ot great
mportance. It is settled that the seaboard is ex
tremelvbare of ordinary supplies; that the supplies
inj nt'rior fir exceed the means of getuog them to
msrset; that the quantities reaching the seaboard
ire not adequate to the present demand; tbit (he
tonnage on the Cauls and cars on the; Railroad*,
cannot be increased sufficiently to accommodate the
trade for some time to come-, and. consequently,
that freights must continue high; that the demand
for cereal grain* I* so great, it cannot be met for a
considerable period. The hulk of train ataorh* a
large proportion of tonnage for iu relative value.
Should the jicwsfrom Europe continue favorable
tor Breadstuff*, it seem* reasonihle that present
prices should be sustained, at least, until so great
ia amount of stock is accumulated in the seaboard
marts as to cause a decline from the excex* of supply
over ihe demand. The position of our own market,
and the means oT transportation at our command,
are well known. We perceive lint Buffalo is in
even a worse positioo. The receipts there from the
West, aitomsbrd every body by their magnitude.
Pbe following comparative table of.tbe imports it
that point from the Weal for the first two weeks in
May lor six tearoos, of a lew of the principal coin
modities.will shows very large increare fur HM7
IH7 SM6 IStJ t*4t lsj.T i-iv
vVbrat -bu JU0543 10T73 UiTUU 1 St.’Sr, 41171 u V2(U .
Flour bid* tlTVSMsurca Gt4|o Tocro nceto otjui
Pork 47M MVS 57*1 S7US :c7*i
Brel' ••• 10(1 {.Elf 19|U 2>SU C7V IJC
Ashes - ck* Mt 3 4544 3&>7 t~M <uvt>
Hides •••no .1100 8913 4144 iITU 57« i 9IVO
•Lake open May 6.
The receipts of Flour and Wheat, ii nil] t>e ob
served, have beta large, and double liie amount last
year. This is owing to the iufloence of the high
prices which have continued to rule for seven!
months, and the increased lacilities for relieving Kir
Wevtol their large stocks. Last year there war .-.
deficiency in the (onnago on the L*|e* —; ufs is no
longer the case, and the receipts there may be cx
peeled to increase largely from the stimulating cau
se* in operation.
The exports ol leading articles by ihe Ene canal,
iq tbo tame lime, were—
lelT I=lB I=s I=H I=l3
Wheal bn 311H75 fotSO VTT3 = pt.
Com • 7W7y 08039 b«l7 075
Flour-' bill* ‘32i3.*3 10:0W IKJ7W &IHOO 3>juai
fork.- KOI COS OHO 6W3 Ji>.>
Beef 3016 WOi Iftti SHa CSO
Aihe* •• • -eskr 1637 ~TK 7CI& 53=0 '^>7n
Vool Ib# 75801 4tOl<i 17974 61789 SHOO
Annexed i* alto the total of Floor, Wheat, and
Ashes', that have gone Eastward from the commence
ment of canal imitation to the loth ol May, lor I
Wheat Fl».rr
•UcU4i7'i i-ti i-t
• tsatiTi
ic3,6to tvtrjo tuioa
8«... I7y,<» M.tno
The Commercial Advertiser •ays—'-Were i'. not
lor the want of facilities to trauship.the immense
amount pi breadslufis and provision*, tint >■ now
pooriog/ta upon us in immeasurable volume, lew
eoald/nave any idea of the eitent oirour trade As
it is nowever,busine*Bi»almo*t brought to a stand,
•ot only in consequence of the greatlseiircity ol ca
nil boats,! means of transhipment thsl;nevcr was
in greater request than at the present time, hut the
want of facilities to reliere the heavy laden vessels
now in port end hourly arriving with grain.
elevator is filled to repletion, ant} a Iqrgn number ni
vstuls are detained to port tor want id storeroom
for their cargoes."
Canal Boats were very scarce, and freights high;
51,18}©] ,25hav6 been obtained on Flour to Albany,
and 51,314©1 1 374 on F'lonr to New York. Wheat
range* (rum 36 to 37c to Albany, and 311 to toe t<>
New York. Corn in the same ratio, deducting the
difference in lolL The extreme difficulty of obis in
mgslDiage sad Canal Boats,deterred operaiorsfrnm
purchasing with any freedom.
Retell Prices la Use City Merkel.
J Wednesday Morning, May V*
Appks,Ppeh 16 037i0»U,P ba- 31 0-
B<«( Wests, F D>— 0 8 ;OnK«», hlf pek <3Vi
Middling - 8 © 7 1 pudding Liter, ? lb C at
—Conad 6 0 7 ,Piirk,b*steut* 6 © 7
Dried-. -••-• 8 010 , Hog*..: 4JO i
—qnHm 4 0 S iPsnaipt, P bunch- • 4 0 I>
Beets, Fhlf sek- •• •&0— : Potatoes, We* ?bi - ©IOO.
Butur, freshpriatlblS ©ttj—B*di Qt'Ji
Do do RoU---13 014 i: ’‘weel 0
Do; Aprk l qt->iaolS|;ptwh«t > F pek 0-
Beand 3& 4 Dried, F ijt*.... 40 9
, Cabbie, p head-4 0 8 [Picklca,? do* 108
i Carrots, pboneh •••3 0 3 iSausarv* Fib 9 010
CelWry 9 0 C \ -.Meat h 0 »
Chicken*, lire, F j»r H710.1U . - pried 70 h
——cleaned 37 OM .'T-wroo.Beef,g.r«o2o 01U
Cheiauti Fqt----- OIS ' 1-Diwd 311037
Corntaeal sifted, bo —o Tuskcyi.lire.carh-'-TS 01Ul
Corn) • • •• 0— cleaned .0—
Cranberries, F <p 0191'Veai be*trni* V lb 6 0 h
Ducks, H»e, F pair— 0— Walnuts F f**k 10 o la
cleaned 0— J FISH-
E{pi F do* 90V Perch. (> buuct, -2T» ®.V>
Gee**, rlesn, each- • 0 ,7i.S»1o)oo it*> ©ISO
lltmi, ci«R», * lb- 7 9 Mucker*'
Smoked H 010 Cat E»h
Hominy,*ftl 5& G ■ FLOUft-
H<»*jComb,*lb- |B|O2Q (Wheat. 100 Hn 04 U)
——(trained,* «il*-J8 090 .Rye ' 4?—
Lard, * lo- 8 010 jßuckwbeal 0
.Motion 30i{
Tke market ia improving every week in (lie quan
tity and qoatiljr of Spring Freili and other article*
of tir aetson. Butler ia plenty—Apple butler i*
tlao quite abundant. PoulUy-cnolinue* very acarre.
Floi r, Oata, dec , are rcarce. -Fi»b are acarcrr
Bother’* meat belli high. Currant* 3«7Gc f*
Gooaeberrie* 10c. Kgga plenty. Aaparagua 3&Ge
* bunch. The market ia well aupplied with Creent
STEUBENVILLE—Per Wilmington—l2o bltla
floor, B Dalxell & co—2l do, 25 bags wheat, owner
—1 ,bbl egg*, Bigaley it Smith—33 bbl* flour, Tas
nj 'it Beat—2 bdlt sheeps pelts, H Mitchell—2l
hags bran, Bdo rye, 80/d it Nelson—3l bxa apple*,
to muter.
ST LOUlS—Per.Talisman—2o bale* and I ba
•kina, A Beeleo—l bi, 50 bales hemp, 29 bit bjcmt.
Sutler it 8r0—72 Ire* do, Barbridge. Wilson A: co
—SO bale* lor*, W B Holae* it Bro—2 bbl* ore, J
McFaden & eo^—2s balea and 1 bi akina, 434 pig*
lead, Allen it co—l 4 hhda tobacco, Atwood, Jonel
it co—4o acka, ownnera.
Per Niagara—lss bbla pork. 98 kega Urd, 575 ba
con hama, Robiaon it c 0—129 bxa aoap, a George
it co-*3 bbda tobacco, Hutchison it co—lB do.
Btnfbtm— ♦ do. H Graft—lo bbla cement, A Laugh
I,»— lire and 1 bag bacon, J Mitchell.
Per Petionlraoia—soo hides, lb balea call akina,
Bingham—9 hbdl bacon. Buibridge, Wilson it co—
-72 bale* fur*, owner—o kegs abot.J—
I bi, Wallingford.
WHEELING—Per Hibernia—ll bbla Urd oil, C
hir do, I HJN JouM—7 bl..Oip, 2do 1
do candles, 4 bbla peaches, J Gner—l bx, W Dom
miek—l bbd bacon, J Dalielf—l bd tubs B A
Sampson k co—l 9 seks seed. 1 bhl butter. R Dal*
sell it c 0—157 bbla flour, 17 bagi corn. 17 da pots*
loes, to muter—73 bbls flour, 50 bu com, owner*
Per H«rtem—66 bbl* floor. Clarke fl& Thaw— I bx.
Diekej it co—7l bbls flatseeil. Church St Csrothers
—65 bdl# paper, Hilt &_Bro*»ne—J bbls flour, Mc-
Clorkau it co—2oo do, uwoers.
Per Hudson—2s bkds tobaeco, J A Roe—3l do,
103 bbla and 64 bags wheat, Bingham—6 bb a fl*b.
A King—l bx.A I Bonnett—so dot brooms, H
MUchell—l bale, Clarke it Thaw—2 bxs, J 11
Melior—l bdl leather, R Hartley—l> bales sktos, I
bx do, Ido wax. 3 bag* sang, Murphy, Wilson it co
—2bbl* fluseed, 2 do peaches. 2 oxi bacon. 3 bales
d akina,2 acka ran, Williams flfc Uilwortb—l bx and
I bbl bacon,H'Grafl—3 pegs, Forsyth it co— 320
bbla flaor, D Leech fltco—l4l do, owner—3 neks
•craps. B ATshneslock it co.
CINCINNATI—Per Triumph—26 bbls nuts, J
•Benny,jr—9 esks scorching*, 373 bbla wbi»ksy.K
8e11—56 do. JA 3 McDsritl—l22 d«,S Wlghtman
—47 bbda bacon, Jordan dt Son—6o bbls Urd oil,
Butler At. Bro—l hhd. bacon. W M’Cully & co—l
do sugar, 23 eases steel, A M Wallingford—Cl pc*
castings, W Sharp—2 bbls, Clarke Ai Thaw—| d 0.5
bxs soap. JK. Hull—l 4 pegu W Philip—l bi,J4l
Per Swallow—l2s kegs butter. Jordan At Son—3*l
bbti lard oil. D l-eech Sc co—22 hhds bacon. 1* do
tobacco. 30 biles bemp, l.lsrke At Thaw—i 2 pcs
and 3 bbls ser >p iron. E Evans—2 pegs. 1 ur«\ ih \
Duncan—l bales mo**. Smith A Sinclair—l bx.J
McFaden Sc co—lll bid* linseed 01I.S A. \V Har
buugb—2 c-iies step', Wallingford—lo bbls scrap
min. 1 bale wool. 2'stoves, L S Wstcman—s old
611*. 1 bx copper. I old still, A 1 ullmi— l.'l pegs.
W W Mailatt—l7 do. C Ledlic—lt hhd* sugar.
Myers, Huhter Ac co—so hags coffee. M't lurkan A;
co—2 hhii* baron. J Laughlin—l bbl blur lick water.
12 bald hemp. Hutchison A- co—lo Midi b •con. 11
Graff—7 sek* tealhtrs. 2 bbl* and 2 bags»nig. Uu<> *>
non A co— 11 4 iJui saddleirecs, 4 bx* bacon. I' (i
OJmrnu—B dm saddletrees KAt W Mackey—l bags
wool. Bingham—22 do rag*. Allen A co— '6 rek*
loathe**. I bx bacon. It A Sampson A co—l (.oil
rigging, Irwin Ai Son
. WELLSVILLE—Per WclUville—Mav 21—17
bbl * flour, McFaden A co—sB do, SAt W Harbaegh
—l5l sc s.corn. 76 bbls flour.(lnch Ur iel) Allen
Ac co—lol l*bl« llojr, S (irecr—2Bl p.*s bacon, My
ers, Hunter At co—27 sek* flax, Bigalcy & Smith—
t bbls apple*.'Robertson Ac Keppert—<2l do floor. .1
M'Cullv —l5 d«,C C Catlett—22 do. s NHsun—
-25th—201 pcs bacon. 226 bbls bnur. S A W Htr
baugh—4 J, l do, E (Leer—3s sek* II »i>r< d. I, s Wj.
terinan— 5 bags’ oil meal, S Wright—!! hhd* b:imn
70 bbls flour, McFaden Ac co—so do.J F Perry—ll
bxs g apples, B Carr—ls do, 2do p«Ul»e» n 2O bills
Hour, owner* aboard—lit do. It Bruce A co—l on",
J C Bidwell.
NEW ORLEANS—Per Avalanche—li bale*
cotton, i\ Vneghtly—3 do. 2 old bells, W W Mar
i' It—f»l d hides, 2 pegs, Smith Sc Sinc air—3b *ck*
feathers, K Watson Ac co—so hhd* bacon. Butler A.
Bro—l csk bacon, I bbl pork, T Myers.
BEAVER—Per Michigan—B9 pcs bacon,*
A: I arothers—l bbl eg"*. J Dxixell—2 scrap*, John
son At Stockton—2s bbls (lour. VV Wilson.
Per Lake Erie—l cskspotaih. |3 «ck* corn, A iihl
eggs, 18 seks oats, W Sc R M’Culcheon—ii'bhl*
rye,(» A Berry—l bx, J A I'aughey—l csks poi.i-ti,
Curling. Robertson A co—4 bbls beef, Wrllum* Ac
Dilworlh—l bbl beans, 3 seks apples. English Ac
Bennett—2o bbls Hour, SAc VV Hnrbaugh—l do
bacon, ) > ooper—l csk potash, Wick Sc M’Cind
IVr Denver—May 23—2 c*ka petigh, 3 do sal
sralus, 3 (wkgs 173 bxsebe*«, WtrkAt Mcl.'snd-
Ic-s—22 marble, 5 bbls scorching*, lot sun
dric', Q M Harten—so kegs powder, 4 csks p<ita»b,
J Djlzcll—332 bx* cheese, J C IJidwell—2l kegs
|H»wder, WAc R Mcf'uicbenn—23 bxs cljijcse. l
cik d<>, Carson and McKoigbt—l bbl (.|J copper,
A Fulton— I br, Lorenz. Bt< rling & Co—2o t his.
flour, VV Wilson—ti sek* d apples, R DaTe 11 At
Co—so pcs bacon, S McClurkan At C.r—2s—s
bbls ffjui; M Leech & Co—so starch, Clarke <V.
Tbaw—2 hhd* bacon, Church Ac Carother*—49
boxes cber*.<, Wick At McOandlrrs—lK)
sseks rags, Reynolds At Shoe—3 bnrrrl
g. apples, J Rhodes—7 bbl* ealrrstu*. fi bxs d»,
Dsgaley At Smith—l* bxs starch, l.nmbert A:
Shipton—7 bbls flour,ownrr, —26—lo bbl* flrur,
MrCKirlan ico—l bx. (• M Hxrion—two u>w*
BROWNSVILLE—Per Louis McLanc—2s
sets wheat. F A Koona —Bobx« plats. R Ujl
sell Ar co—39 do, tu master—l 4 do. Voung, Ihm
s*n Ac Plunket:—l27A do, 315 bbls flour, 47*rks
bailey, 9 do oats,owner* —49 bbls flour Rubens >n
At Reppert. •
Per l-dL iron, E Evans—K» bta
glass, T(1 Odjorne—s |<eg«. JC’ Bidwell—l do,
Hays &. Geltv—2B bbl*flour, A Vaokirk—lU do,
H Mitchell—l 6 do, F A Koon*—l'bbl wheat',
■BRfJWNsVILI.r. PV' at 8 1 * and
r. a.
'BEAVER PACKETS al» and |o * u and .In
'MO.NO V i AIIEf. A CITV PV KET<:; p u
•D. LEECH. »V t\» *..J'A' K FT. I’hdad. I|.hnvn.i
Baltimore !ir u.
NEW F,N(»I.AM>. Wheelii;.'. ! • » .1
•M.AKY ANN. Cincinnati. 10 x. •*
'WISCONSIN. I'incuinuti, 10
■HUDSON. >uciißh. 4 »*. »i
■ROSf-'OE. St Louis, 10 x. »>
’The*.' are reirular Parket*.
5 HIT In IV . lUTHI I■« TII s: . uA N •>) 1
Beaver lluaf*. Boav.r
Mflhignn, .Adam*. Itcaw •
Cnnmi, Buwman. Hruwiiiville
l'.ne. HcpiphiM. Bearer.
Lout. MrUnr. Benueti . Hro-n.v.i,r
M-nterev. .■'edi'Mr* . K-, -j -r,
Swali.rr V,',U..-.. l,e„jv •,r I.*
I'ennar Ivama Crav M
Avzl-ncfcc, Wdluni, N Orir .
Beaver, Hoops, Beaver
Michigan, Adam*. Beaver
Lake Enc. Hemphill, BcavVr.
Cutisul. Bowman. Brownsville.
Louis MrLane, lienncti Brown-ri ir
lldicma. >imth. WJieetmj
VV'ilwirgiun, Met. m ’ 4 ui,i.n.i .«.
\V.ri:jx..,e.K. H l«li. WcSU'l!.!
kiarlcai. Hunker U'i.rch.ip
piew Enzland No 2. I san. ( 'm.cki.i .
Tnumph. Cadre/. <’iu.
Gcrruautown. Maclean, hi Lou>s.
I* 'I! I‘INi'IW A'l 1
CiMn:lf l. lit oV.«V t .?*»!
m ps.«a«-grp'r on bmrd . mw:
Thr new and I’rgam t.-ru.j, J'iklu’
' yfclMßOg Jacobs, maoer. will fouvr at above a,
t oV'oelt r .it , May
Fur treighl or paonge apply un 1 ->aiJ
rl_ .
j, The belli draught anil f*‘t PacV.-t
CLTWraC—S»WPuncan, tr.a*ier. will '-it- m at-m-c
fei»>3gaaF«*gfi?on Tiinra-Jav. -Mat -J7th. ui lOi.vioek.
a.X For frriglM «r_pa»*agr on t*virl, my/7
»t»unc,h IWli-i
ror frc<g!it or pit-age *ipr*r on
board. my/7
Tnc staunch anil -I-sbui nrnniri
J RlN’CitiUi.l*.
par frrrgh or |»a*4igr apply on ■/, 1 '.’7
fk'igilt i.r pe**ape oj:p'y n]] learj
'the fin- mml *iaiin/h > i*hl draught
jMynh simmer TKtL.MI'H, 9
I aft Ujflr»v. miner, will lenvi h» afo ve
nrul»ilv ihrouahnui ih- »ea*fii> Knr
BaßßSS&li'triKhiiir I'l'-ajir mi i.onr.l
k The rl-gant and fn»l Parl. l
fr* Kill o* P»****|* gpplv o:i ImjiJ in, l
Fuß >t l.ut-is-Dißi.trr.
Jiri/Ut or oil 111 »>d
* r.
I'jrrsntiKnu and-st i.oi i> cackkt
. a—‘J 1.-new and •pi-rulicl
Lvon*. .un-tri, *n. bu.U
• n.i 11.Un.1-. *iiul will I.TIV rrgii
Uny ilurrnc ih- >rj*nn. Iln il-n*
My i * I li- mIV-ni«*d li<" rrnfn-r. INV""'
RKut.'i.AK t.oi'isvit.u: fA' Ktrr
'Vl«7m!raV,'. Tli.ird.lJy r, ■
Il.Mjj, May 1..1i, Jl t o'eloek
For fmchtor pa«»nj:r apply on board. myO
— 9— • Bt. I'S'iAdranjrlu anil fa*l ninninp
, (P'TrTa sieanihoal Mt.NI.O ChlKI-.
m—- r'.v >■"
|,i*l, %>*-ii ill • pur- a :«l /.all-**
vile. For freiqhi nr pa“ae* nppl)"*
my 4 (ihO II Mll.l KNUF.RUFR Ai-i _
Rtgular PUtsburctl aud Zauesvltle
liftD'ffltLSilJ Jump* F. Boyd, raanrr. will ran b« n
rYp - ;*rpgu'sr packet b-iwrrn riii'hiirgli
and Zanravilln. Ms*in? had hrr cnl*in» fined up and
furnithed in »uperior *iy!e. the Comet o(tW« lb- lineal
arei'mmodiilion* io pat'eng^fi 1 She tvtll hnvr on
Tuesday, May 4in m/o’eloek, P- M
-1*0,0.151,, o, r 0..0,0 opplr OO W.rt^j* ss>
The eery light draught and .launch
i IITT-CT steamer RWaCLOWJ
kfaSKBSM Wilson, master, will run u« above du
■■BHSßi'ini' the sra«on. making regular trip.,
The S. disw* only 14 inebe* water. For frnghi or
pn»s*ge ap;ily on boards , ; ' a P? I
Regalsr Plttaburgli and Zanes«Ule.
_—THE bahtdreuehl steamer
mHBCTp Hard, Maisier.wili make weekly. It;ip»
(be at<ove poitdunng tbr sea* Oii
- F«r freight or pa»»J*e apply on l-m rd
Ol to *l*l n WILKINS. Acen
Plltsbnrgti and Snallsh Packet:
•Tie new and fine steamer
Ebbert, master, ha* r-suoied her reg
nlar trips and will leave l’itt«lmrgh
as above every Tburrday and Mon*
day at 3 o’clock, P. M. For freight or paassgc apply
onboard. « e J!L
UckE»rußi| ( A cjTy PACKKT
TTie new steamer
Nelson master. wtllniiisaaboyr bm
JKjKßgrmii Pit sborgU every Monday. W.o
nesdav and Friday, at 0* o’eloek. A. M*.»od blcuiruy*.
beta cfny every TucMUjyTburtday
o’clock, A M For fre-fht or ps*»age apply on bond
Tj IDGE BO.\D t above Buttonwood Surat.Phil* IMPORTER and Manufactures of Cutlery, Surgical
1.1/ adelphia. \\ this establishment njay be found -L and Rental In»truir.enix, Saddler* and Tomer*’hand
the greatest variety of Plans and beautiful Patterns . tool ». Taj lon’ Pnient Shrnm. Ac 4 c -Abo manuMc
fur IKON I!AIUN<;S in Uic Untied Staler. to A.-<?m ?i«-ai vanrtv.
which llie aticu'mn ot tbo.e in want of ana dnenp- T a m,iv.n “.'"o'‘ r, .‘,
l-»n..ind Recall) lor Cemetery. particularly ' TooU.Ar,
‘ n !. 4 , l ? d * H 3 W IRID STREET. PitHbuntb. -eronJ door be-
I he principal pari oj nil the handsome Railings 1 i low Diamond Alley,
it Lan el Hill. Monument, and otlfrr celebrated' /Ami h&* late y r»erived a laraea«»omueiit of
• ‘etnelrrtei in the city and counh ol Philadelphia ! Pen t Pocket Knlvt., Unlvct * Porks,
whin, have been so highly extolled by the public ! Al *° ««!*«•’and Whovenholms’
press, were executed at inis I ni,,,,,. ti i Kl m- . l , ..
A u . . i ,c,. . I I bilious. lu>dgfra_\\ adc A Uutrher'sKasors, Scis*or».
A U'pe VVarc'Koom w,ih the cslab- R« or Strop*.**. *nd \Virt~lw.s:
iisnmcnl. where is kept constantly on hand a large L'L’.NS. RIFLES. AND PISTOLS.
sii*ck ot ready-made Iron Railings, Ornamental Iron . Allen'.Colt’. ami Uluin'* Revolver', Powder Fla*k«
Settees, lion Chairs, new style plain and ornauten- ‘ sl ’ ol Belt* Oarar Bug*. Walker'aJfc Cox’s Kura Per
lal Iron Cates, with ap eitensivrassortment of Dot, Borne.Dirk and Huh Ting Kmvrs.
I’Mlnml., Iro.. Arbon. Ac: Al-u. n. c rc.l ,|,U t:’” h « ’-.11.p-t., D-.d-ri. M)cr>. Ni|.pc;<
"’W " 1 n ?" and other nurpoucs. »uiatica’ Instrument*. Ac, m veiv great var.Sy
Ihe subscriber would n!«o state that in ins Pat Oy*Jobtiißg and rrptt.rnig neuily and punctually
tern and Designing Department he has'employed ag*ie._ f __ aptSi
some o| the b«sl talent in the country, whore whole \VM. A. WAiA) DENTIST
attention u oevoted to the business—forming alto- MAS RnrJ>ard in the house on Penn
gcliicr one ol the uio»t complete aud systematic cs- AMMf street, thrr# doors m,uv* llnnd Mieei,
tdiliahmenls ot Uie kind in the Union. wheie he njSy he found from 9 o'clock
ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor. , ~ l "\ r ** . until® ru.
Ridtsw Road, above Buttonwood street. „, *"« '* desirous ot t.flag rmplojed hy none hut
Pliiludelphin, Mnrch IS. m. 7 dG„o,
CHEAP WATCHES. ticu'ar attention to the following tcrmn: AH hills Irfi
JsilK CHEAPEST GOLD AND SILVER WATCH «mp«»id at thi expiration «i ih r:> <).>>*. will be .hiug-d
i. KS IN PHILADELPHIA. '* ,c lo,low,n ß rule*—
(fold Lev ers, lull Jewelled, S4S 00 Pnr I'xuaclins Terlli. »i
'Silver do ‘ Jo *lOO For F.lhng from S 2 in M per cavity.
(•old lupines, dll on AH mill T opeiaUMi# ill llie .nine proporlmn.
S*iivrr do do - 15 INI All t»*r« .li windi em;iigements are noi conimued.
r llu.irticrj, hue (juslay. to HI 11 * Wlll be t on.-rilrr—l due nt curdntK to iheahote rrß
(•old W utebe*. pluin, |5 00 uiioiottr.
S.lvcr Spectacles, l 75 •’ R—There are tho»c indebted to him whore nr
(ioid Pencil.. *j IN) fount*, if net paid immediately, will he placed milic
(•old l!rucrl>-i' 4 ui) hnnd« of a proper officer for coilecnnn. npladtoiwti'K
?,i7o',r;,::: "V fr ”“ , ° * r;fl
All Ir.n.i. i>, Clock, rcp.irol .nd »«- Iw"’hv T'li'T.t '."v 'uTS? J’"'?.''" 1
oM ’ M *" d or l , b“;jkr,.““«
11 eachaiige. the Kreurl, mtlamanoii of llie thrust end r%c». s*s« in
1., .uir. .„hi Juy .„J Clock.. .1 Ac: .ml I ~k. ~l.„,o„ .” y m ,SS ,nS
\V;ii.-|, ,-,„k c' vjj \\ 10 ihc pul.Ur. Hi til in r,r,y ra.c I b.«. I?
.rrr e, . v .? . ' iii . M * r “ sud Ido believe tbut raid Pll.tef po**e**c virtue, of
IE7 I liovr mi slim iJ'. c” lil"” “t'* 1 'l',"' " V'"
N AS .MY Til'S PATENT DIHECT-ACTION nonce an enlighieued roitiinimnv.
'I lIS Ham p o —*•»*. » insny udvsutarc* over all Wooster, 0.. Dec. VO, IM9
A others—among winch in ay he mennonej. Slid t-y It A Fahnestock A Co. corner First A Wood
. Il« Moiiaqi-aMeue-s—The rapid.nty and furreof blow tr«ci-. * inyldAw
iniiy he cmiirolied with the greatc*t ease, while tin
huuinic, ji in operation, and the hammer may he in
»i4in.y arrested, amt *u-peiidrU nt any height
It* l n<vrr»aluy. o' ciipacnv to execute work of all
k.iiil*. Itoiu iheiurs:e»i in ihe ♦m.«lle*t. utder the *uiur
In Coinp.iciiie-. and Clienpne**.
It* Acei-*».ljiiuy u|mn aid «nte», l/. the workmen
Ail i&e haamier* nre muile Sell-Ai tmg. ,
1 in- •uhsenhers . mn.inie tn rxt-i u.e order* for ihe»r
liknnn.-r*. 11l „pou I,•nrocaore term..
• For luttlier pari t-irhii
TTlrr » of Ilir l’.nrM It.r Ibe F tilled Slalr*.
Souiliwiirk Foundry, Pl»ll«d’».
I KIC A WaLKICU /WiW, ... an l Nu»
1 J 'nt JtiiUutiu ii- tHi H'i/>i.rf AiO
ll'tve ju»t pu’iii-.iril. - I’, .-i j-n-j. of Scuif*Olollut
day* luuy lade.
1.1- I’cU.f V ir r 'ui.
I'bl*.* Fr.r-n!, W V \\,S .a.
IW- I .rur. Mareurt
t.Viidatot.jii. \V J I,ric*u
llnc-in Vi«ia Marrli.
Rn.lo'pl, I‘olka, r I* Rudoloh
Kivrl ilr> M KHlrf.
<•••11 Paylm'* Mufeh and IJ'nrk «u-|>. Ac A.
Tfiry ur- con*i<ti;ly n< a::il receiving all lie
new muMc iiom >i-w A ork. Ko«um. Ualnmorr. Ac
.*••*, *-v II Km
Orilrr* rr*prett'ull7 •oip,tr«l, slid aiirndrd i« erilli
Alwj\* nn all lend* oi Mu* cal ln»irutr« ji*
Vioiiii MriiiK-. Turing Fork*. and all article* of Mti*.
p'U Mrrpliaiid'fp, at the lowv*: pn.'p« myldlm
Manilla.-turrr* of
No. UN* Huutb Wroai Street.}, -/T. .i. i\il*ji\K Cabinet Ware Alunufy
Al.l.nrd-r* In ft « ~i S > Moon, al the office nl the
J|p|fL«mS Hoi. i. I'.n.buigh. will be promptly
..u-ndej i.» Tii«»s u. perry
-pR'-dli* A C NICKERSON.
I il I*' r>i W nftic* - W»'ihui»kcr'* T.• ami
1 Wa-i Mater-a- wM,.«,|.1 i,,,,.
• I.u.ici. ini ml u.. a»«of iiji. n: lit" l.ntii-mi. I'air in,
ai..i r.M.n t. JUu.|ir i.*..Uir* Wuiri,
.r r ,a'« ivi(» I,* iilr, wuli a Urge a»«cmo.'-iii
u. Hu,! UII.I ?,.;n l.i-vrf. t.rp.mi. end I'ta n H’a.rl,r.
jit OI Minn He w ~t guaranty u» ‘.(I at ihr ,uwr.i
pi.i r* Ail cidlrr* Hum ilir i-oun'ry panoiual'*
N iJ-t'utj ,iry M. r« li.mii. ar.i) a.r .uvued i«»
1 •* • u,; d '* aai.iir ti ih • vyJ 'li South pour 11,
__ H7U.MV oew; co.ta/ .ixd
/ IUItSHSi, MsIKKR. -XI ,1
w I »‘|- <•» "»» «*d -111 k.ej.
o n.Unli' «.n n»uß and t-r »*!*.» l< m.l—i.:.- «**iftto*iil nf
ulmibaLlc « arrugr. V.Wk- <rf»l|
mad. t.i ird.rat Ihr ihntt*«t fw*nbl* t»4ie«, u;,J «,«o.W i ¥
lb* i«f b*«l macarr, nl ttlcrud maUri.l ftb-illy
’ MlM'i:i,LANElilS.
J). C.
71.SA> 0, Rul;Ui.N>. .Vethan,.-jj Fi>c<t.ei r and
£j Agont for pioeunng l’ii-ui», *■:n prepare me ne
er-rsr*. Diawilu* m-.ri P«p**i» u)r Appbranu for fit*
• :n*. and irsu.-ft « ■ i.i.rr 'ii*.i:i** m ihe lair* of it>«
...on ui t.i- .I'ntent 1 *di* e Mr eas be vousu'ted
'*'■ iiviMit ioUir Pjtre;.;- iu-1 dee:*
■’ ** hi.",in; mad.* ai tin*
Nl, letters on " ,r * * 4 v>ail !*»**• ami f'HiW'ii
Olbrni F *ll -V t ••j;*o*i"c tl.r'j’atrnl OtLec
!*y ;>« rwi.«io„ < n
Hon K.liojihl C,iit-r,f..,i„!i ,*," F ttlr ,„.
11.. H 11 1. Fiu*„rti. Ist.* tin .la
M Kiiotti, <, Ml, tVei.'i'ei •
JuJ-gr b, Wa.biii-y.-.*. t) C '
Hon K Conate, I H.S'mi'**
11-11 " Uh*u. .1.1
. J II Itnwln M r.J’ii.oa
Hon, vt It-ll New Vorb.
Hon. K<>:.-n M f . sli»i:»>*-
lloa J II Xelre, M C. Mi—oor:.
Capi || M rihrere. M:«»ouri;
Kra»iu» Brooks, Enp. Pii’sl-urgh* iu,y I j
/ gl« v.ti
f'.irn .by Re. S.\V:i»eWli', p4»U.f m LibrllT •! M if
tMi*burgh. March 8. 1r47
Mr H K Sellefi It,, frbm a •-n«r nf (lui;. • well
■ • w,th great p!en>jie, that I bear irs.imony u> in- vir
t-c ui your ju»Uy relebißtrd Vennnug.* I pioeured »
’iugb Co r:V aud gave j| to tlurr n: tny i b.lUirn. who bad
!■—Ti dl for H«*vet*i‘ week* The rlc!i>l i-evrii
>■ .r» old, itn* uex! four, and lb- jouri«t*t eitht-en
nuiNili* Th- firti p:u«ed f,'*y*six worm', the »ec**ml
ii.ili»<-ven »-r1 ih- ibinl a en.t»ii!rt,W- iiumbrr urn
.1-l.nrlly «. ; e..:'eel«*d Smr. ih-iuh-y tiavr I e-n do ot
Von/. r *i*,.'rlfiilly. > U'-** t c,"ULU
From :h- 111 v S F.BubwwL - A i t!.« Mo.Uo*lx«t Kpi*co
Mr K i».■,i k .r“. it i* gn ai pbia.uie 1 would
in:or.ii you of the e(Ti*n» produr-i4 on my •>n nf
'onr.y -in* nt Aire. t>> vour jnstlri et-lirm-d Vermifuge.
Anw hi* having CMtitfulsmit*, I gave him tbr— df»e».
ivii* ii lu- parted mu utmost iiio;-j| nuiiu er, Irnin
tvti oli mue l,;** geneia'. beullh lih. b-i*b unproved.
From ibe Rev Cborlc* tV*»l.-,of il.e Methodm Fw«-
Piil.l.iirgii, IV-ceuher 14. l*t4.V
Mr R F. S-lrer* lgtV"ny lii;:.* .ii.ugbier Cietwe-n
Uuee nod fui yeurt oul,tb>ve 00-rs of lour V*rimfuge.
nernf.ling lo iiplion. Wi'h Ihe liappiril unrees*
Tie* p.umber nf r-ipelled I d*. in■ l SHOW |nrei«r
but it wa* large. !<U ,i Hull' u: |*i.*d
her* 111 111.,11k the u.e.t-.-.ur m with
*l-i". .iui.-nfve.lnet« iTnuti
A* if*' V.-niv'iig- i,
sn\ in.ianee. wlr ii worm* 3i*;*i All y eai Vied, p.l frill*
fl.NUii! g.te IN pre In all i.frr*
P/-paied un.l •'■ld by R F..> between lid
ui.d tlb. on Wcn.l *i«el.
•i. r. ii. Wmd
DU TOU'NSEN i. A .nmpoun.l Kin act .n HAR9A
t'ARIt.LA. Wniidtr arrl uf the Age'’
'I bi* l'zirart i« pui • p ijuart t*ci'ib «-i« ‘ix H«ir»
ebeap.-r and uunniin.l sup t or to ho>
w>M 11 eutrs w.itiou' vniim.n>r, purging, si* brill tig, or
dei.ildat jijf lb- poilrnl
I'ne great l.enu y ar,.l »ii|v-riorii» of lhi< Sar>.*p*riiU
n nit ifor.iies she Ixuly Ii .« n«r<i •in in ll.e.
I'niii an iinpine *ltiie of Hie lilool or linb i of ill- sys*
liunk ou: for lmi'*tii* ii*' t*i pimeipled person* bnve
eop « d o*-f lain it und pm up meNie.nt* ui tbr »am-
.l .-inV* See l-Jit Cilif tin* wr.lirn signa
lure of S t' Tl,\vn*elill
for -iiVlyß K Jsole ii-rnt f«ir Allegheny ;
county.l j 7 W.Hid •nee-, briwrcn T'*ird and Fourth
sta _m)l4
ISI7. iSafl
I F.AVF Ueavrr dmly Nt ’/o'clock, r u.. alter the
la arnvnl of Hie >ieaial>oai UKA VKR fnim l'ill«hurgh.
und arrive bi Wnrren n-n morning m <ra*on for the
Siagr* which rrm Ii Cleveland before night.
I’us.tng-rs will l.e recnpird ihreugb. securing berth*
no (be i'arkeis. and seat* in lb- C*iagr, on application
on board ■leainlrftal tt-nv-r. [lenvitig Pillsbuigh ut B
G .\MI ARI ON A Co. Pittsburgh
' CLARKE A Co. Reaver
/E4>F. BALDWIN, \ oiirgsiown j
aplf. M iI_TAY'LOR, Wairctt -
GALLERY, Third sir—l, ailjvlnme PosiUfficc. Puts
burgh. Pa.—. Mb. PORTER (fiom Balurnore) re*
speetfully invite* the ladi* s anil gentlemei'ol Pr.lsb’gh,
and ibe pul.lie generally, to calfand ex.tminr ihe large
collect on olbDagnerreol pe Potitans at Ins Gallery.
The specimens'prod tired by Sir. P., for beauty, htillian*
cy, distiiH-iness, nnd oi' toloring are notsuTfasred
t.y any in this country. A number of lie Portraits of
Citizens can he sn*n ot ihe Gallery. Calf und examine
for youisclver. Likeurstei lakrn in clear or cloudy
N 11—ln*lrurlion*. apporaiu* and all mmeflal* fur
nished Term* moiteinie. W 8 PORTER
Dapn rreoi) p<*>. eidrai.rr Philo Hall Stnmvay. on At
surer aitj-nnipe P«»t tiffire. upvn
Warms: Worms: Worms'. i
LoolrviLtr, Arxn, 12, 164.^*
Messrs J Kidd A (Tn, Gem*:-This 1* lo certify ihst
a child of mine was Afflicted wiih Woxyis. I procured
vnrious kinds of Vermifuge! and'administered ihem,
but with no effect I then purchased * vial of Dr Me
Lane’s celebrated Vcrmifogo, and after giving a few
dose*, the child Uncharged about a quart of large
Worms'. TheTteallb of the child improved icamedi*
aiely 1 would recommend Dr. McLane's Vermifuge io
ih-nobtie. as one of the most safe aud effeciual reme*
• Sold wholesale and retail by i KIDD A CO, corner
wood A fourth p|* 1 C tt P^
WAKRA NTKD aapenor to the best Ensiish “Stour
hridjre." on hand and fof sale at the WtieLouac
“Sloan's Wharf." Canal Basin.
Succeaeor* to lloldshlp & Browne.
Manufacturers and imiionci* or paper
II A N'U I N*t«S. No r 7 Wood ttreel. Piil*burgli.
Tbe i terra*, ng dr mandYor Amriiran Paper ha* induced
ihrin lo enlarge and improve tneir Furiory. and ihrlr la*
eiiinra for mnuufariunng arc now rqual lo any in ll.e
ra*lrni ritie* Unvinf adopted l!ie eastern -tulc ui*. ibry lake pleamtre in inviting ilteir ft icin'* and
dealer* ut eiaimnr ibeir mock, wbirli i* now larger
iban m any former pnirnl, and may be foundu* follow*
Trnn«nnrrni \Vindow Shade*.
I‘rritrli Amrriran. Sntm. (ila/rd and Common !*■-
Hold. \ elv i ajitl lomaiion Rorden;
I.and«csr>e«, Suiuie* and Firedxwid Fruit*.
• 'iinuin I'.iper yard wide plain green, and fig'd.
Wriung. Ft tiling.and Wrapping Paper.
Uonuel Hoard*. Ac.
Rajr* and Tanner*' Scrap* taken m ezebanee ui mar
ket price*. - inchlTdUraftwUmT
.Ulornry, Counullor and General Agent.
\X, T L. PR A LL, inlorm* h* friend* nnd ibe |.uL>-
* < • be that he. ha* coinmenrril Uie liumne** of
Atiriii for i ay mg and filing real cuaie. in ibisciiy. and
will dsvoie a large portion of hi* time aud ulieniioii u>
ibe lelimg aud biting of bou*e*. »u>relMoU*
er building*; in ejlle. ung and dieburting reni^faidoth
er claim* aud demand*.and in alleudmg to Agency bo
•me** geueral l > . HrwillaUo engage in the negoim
non ol losim, eoniraei*, <-« will iuren*k aullieui..-
infotmation ui leimiun to tbe paying ounlme* ami re
*pmi>ub!|iiie* oi teiianit. Ac lor which bi« eilcneiv.-
ai'.juainl.'ince rimurniit ijoalitie* him. He mjv be found
ui hi* re*.dr lire. No 141 Allen *ireei.unul W I .‘J o’clock
.n ibe mnnnug and,aflcr 0 o'clock in ih* evening, and
*i other hour* ai hi* nitc*.. No yn Chamber* *ireei. Vnd
door imtii room. NEW VOHK
HKKKHKV'FS-V..n F A Tallinadge* llmi John It
Seoli. lion Jcilm MeKeuii. Hon o<d>n lloilmun Al
deien*n |te|tw.n. Aid Win V lltady. H*vfo
(•raliar K'i|. Win J Roome, K»«j mi litditiu*
IN the Orphan* Conn of A llrgiirjiy Couniy
iiev-for Fx-rplanle.. ibe l.'our. »pj* nl
c Dariagb, E.iy Atldimr. lo »nite» Ihc uf Hie
Farcumi* lit b- C. lu r;
JOHN Ytil.NG.Jr.Or!, ,
l£r“Frri.>n* • nii*re»ie«l ,u ;b« above Will tak'
ilmi the oii'ier* cned w tl ailcml on Friday, the s»ih oi
Mas ci.4 nui in itloVl'K'k t M . nl h:» o!F;ce. SmiUifieUl
»::<o|l. for the puij-o.r ol In* appoiuimenl
rnyliUim C DAKKAI.II
!/ W STKFHKNSof Whcelirs > F. S:„wi.te f .
l.j. for oi Jur au and J A Slteeklon of P.n»burgh,
and film m Siepne,..*” Snor forr;*-r *A i'o. l ' e |.l ice
An< I, . ■ lii.i U Wt.r-i i.- V.. ~..e iv;v,i i4 . f „
lt.i. u ..u 1 . ... -i. . . ' i-'Cii wwp.,nn.
K F S A SrociTOX
li. W 'rirn.
Wheeling, l'a.
Manufacture nil i ndeof iKidfr. •brer, bar iron and
nail*. All Heel elipt.e tpnng* and ojlr* Ilemg con
nreted wnh Shnenbeteei'a Old Juiliala Work*, we can
offer an artn-Ir of Jitrn.ita ( rnn i'lraml. d Shneimcrkrti
*'|.i»' in i*j:> m.> *e ni tl,.- . i.unify. Al eil w li■. lr vv’!I l.a
»> dalll.e I’m* 1 urgh Wurehoaav of .ha U-rk.
cnriicr >i Monrue ami Wo’rr «:r..*-u ' mill
»o'a bus jov conjinenri-d for mskm; Itni'k* in
sab»Cf.bei» leavr'again in call the . aneniiou ui
bricktuaker* and olbetk in l!ii» very u*etu! m.u tiiiu* -
We will warrant it egusl .( n»i iup-rn.r tii unv oilier
Hr *-k >'re*«. of tbe mu- jn,c- use ui n»r
. Wc have .v miailTlot reriibcute* llieir perlnrn*
. JOHN Mi t'ALKN A cu
- '.k'V ; I.K ‘ .r.1,)11.,.,«,\ 1 ..„..0
llnritxvare mon iuiuuvsri.
"tl 'dll rvuKF .V vVOLFF having removrd from 'lre
> > ,n l.iorliy aud 8t Clair *irrrtv u. Nn 30
•>:■ cl. lli'ne «t>ov<* M Cliiulr* Hoi. I wou.d
1 'jM*i liu-iv »*k ibe u'teillioil Ot buyer* to lbr*r Mock
o: HARDWARE. CL ri.KKY and BADDLF.HY.rer d
per *ln|i» .-'uranuk. Mnnnngaheia and Huxu. d.r.ft
Horn lisc ■•■>,■*• :a c- 1 u r o r * m' i-.iigUnd and Imhu7iii.
Al*o ei Amencu-i Hardware, liom
ipal inaiiulutiu:er- ol ibe Kntt-rn S;-i..*
Their stork tiring entm-ly suit upon
tbe best terms they ircl ureat voukd-nre hi being aide
tocvQMfully tu meet .-“nipctmou any ijuitler,
7vhs:«-rca*t or wen.
The llarowarc bu‘.nc-* will lx cmil'iiueit aiib-i-id
•laud. aph
IS tjFEKNsW.vRF. af- Just receiv d from Pb.'a
lrlp'ptiiN. und now offer, d for mimed.ale *u- aiihr
wa-rhoove of M Wall i, A i\i, on the Cuul La» n
Liirery «tt-ef. Piltsl-urgh An -iirimri* sssorunrnl
nt French China.'Fotwing blue and White
with a tti at vti'teiy o' 1 oiber patterns. Umfr-r Tea und
Chamber.t*ett«. Fr-nch and t.eitnsn Mantel Unnmeni*
The nt-ive goo>l* will be sold a great I *i;ain. ia >o'»
muni ihr puicliaser*
Riorekeepers. Ito.rl Prnpii/tjt* and ojierswhn wmt
io puicha«e will do •,*,*.• i u ;all beiure they buy mid
Uts>i|AUD *r. LCKCII, Jll.,
IMPORTER anl De Her m BuJ.i:-ry lunhnrr and
Carnagr Ti'mrti.Mg* of every d—et jemu. No'lTJ
Wnml nn - 1. lVt*t*utp‘i. otfer* n. -on* ntnei* ami drn'-
cr* a •plnnlnl sipck ui gi.0.1» in In* line. UI easl-ia
pru*-« Hi* •uppiioof Lace*. Bands. Lamps. Knob*.
Ae. Ac. are from sourer* hitbeiin unknown .alb:*
mvik-i sii I ujMirpa*»-J for beauty, quabty. or ebrap-
l.ijilit ami Dark t'uji li, Mtov.ii Japan and t.caiber
Vmpmi«li. nl way <ou band A suppfior article aud war-
N ti.—A loi ol Fly Neils.just received and will I r
.J irinuiii in ‘ln* aitiruiable remedy for Puimotiaiy
aifivinut* I lie priic 'pie'’then- onuoiiiiciit of the tnor*
b:d ebatarter of ob*iiucin>ii«—it*tendenry io originate
intli'ninat'oii llm llroii-hia. and ron»rt]u>‘m vitiation
nf Ui. 1.n.ii../—i.. bryond dixputr, the truth
■ 1.-U, Thi on'y p/ucin-iib!- mode of removing tu< k
..‘i.m-rinm i* i,\ mr.iiif «d rxpccioraiion. a result
wh.i-h «c are nui.-.ii'-rd c:m nliva< • be r.biatDiU by a
ludie o-l* exhibition ol llir leibntv uf Dr. J.ivn- Phil
.«,.IHI af the Time*
I'm .uV 111 P-twlnufh *• the PEKIN TEA VTURK,
~.i IVunh sue.u ucur Wood, ami aDoat the Drug S oic
of H P .•‘oliwaro. Federal »i. Allegheny. myJßdiwF
V 1 -* I tar i-niD' Cap W ruing Taper.
.'ii do t eu-r do do;
asi do S C Straw Wrappmg .*•*.
'.4«> do do do do,
lIS' do D (.* do ‘do d",
inn do Ten Rag do do.
Un ba.ut and fo> .oir bv REYNULDSA SIIF.F
and axle FAoroRY
MANUFA'CTGRKUS of Spnug aud Blister Steel.
Plur-h Meet. Steel Plough Wifig*. Coach and
F.l'pne Springs Hiuntne/rd Inm Axle*, and dealers in
Miillenblr ('a«iings. ami Coach Tummmgs geiieiol'y
corner of Rot* and Front streeH, Pittsburgh, l’a _
CIOAVII TiUAIMINGH—The >uli.tuhfr« ate
j now receiving a large and eitentive of
Coach Trimming* of ilie laie»l riyirt—among
are viriou* uncle* that h'avr never Wen kepi 1 ere—
which they pirch«»ed mr ra»h from ihe Ka*tcrn Manu*
iuctuic'*, and uie uhlr to sell a* low b* any llou*e in
New York or Philadelphia ‘fhei would rctpeeiiiilly
luvite the aliru"o<i of dealer*.
m)'Uil!lni JONES A. 1(11100. cot Roukliim
PEHFDJUKU Y« *c—Mouarel'B Rote and Almond
Shaving Cream, a very aupenor article, with or
withont jar*.
Roo*»'l’* Shaving Compound;
Taylor'* do do;
dn Cryrlullntc Soap;
ilo Kata do,
Hull'* Almond do;
Palm Soap, Lavender
Florida and Cologne Water#; for tale by
mvUI Corner Wood and Filth street*
_ p*ei« i’enkiiivrm Reger'a 1.8, andlbladcdo; Wo*-
leuboim’a Kit:«c», antoned; Kazor.of a *upcrioi rjuali
iy, Razor Strop* and Hone*; Table Cutlery, in »eit* of
pirccr, u »o in linfle dozen! of the beat American
manufacture and ivoiy balance handle*; Steel Key
Rmt», Key*, ic i Steel Twerzetr. Cl**p*. Bag*- * c.
Tor »ale by W \V WILSON
my'Hl Cornet Fourth and MarkuUt*
HAVIN<» received iicrnte a» * DrnyyDl of 'he
Pint 'V anl of ilir e ity of Pitiaborgh, to acll wine*
amt *pimour l'iinoi», “for medicinal and eaeramemal
purposes uml 10 lie u«ed In the art*;*' 1 hereby notify
alt pe mom applying fcr tbe above, that they will be re
quired 10 leave name, retidencr, and'ipecify the pur
parti Article* of superior quality nan be bad at fair
price*, at ihe Drue store of ibe *ub»ceibrr. No 47 wood
•trret m\i! K K SKM.KRX
coamissioNßii of dkkdh
AT CINCINNATI—I am auibonxed by the Governor
of PennrylvanLa to take •rtru>wfr«ffmm/j of all m-
Itromeni* of writing) ol»o affidavits and drvotitioni of
peraona in Ohio, to b r o*e«l or recorded » n Pennsylva
nia. Orator, * door* Ka*i el »h* Mav°r - » Office, Cin
cinnati, (ttiio. EDWARD l* CRaM.II
-rnyvMAwlyvp Attorney at Law
CtIICKEaiSG’S PIANOS—An eleganl iw
wood aix octave, new eca'e Piano Forte, mannfae
luted by Cblt-kerin*. of Do»lon, will be openrd for aals
oaTneaday, May Iltli by J H MEL.LOR •
mylt blwoodttreet
Fourth *t. nearly opposite thr Bank ot IMt«bargit
CURRENT MONEY m.rive-1 on
Checks for rale, and collection* on nearly til!
Ihe principal point* in the United Slate*.
The bigbeelpreinihinpaid Cur foreign ninl Atnercmi
Advance* made on consignment* ot* Produce. shipped
Fj«i. on liberal terra*. a-^~tit A
N. HOLMES & £O3,
Quakers and Dealers In' Exchange, Coin
and Bank Notes.
"Selliue Rate*. Exchange. Buying Rate*. -
New York. 1 pr. Cintmuan. > i dit.
Philadelphia. I do louuville, ido
Baltimore, ± do St Louis, | do
Buying Rate* BANK NOTES. Buying Rule*
Ohio, |di«. Co. A Scrip Order*, i di»
Inuianu. |do Relief Note*. Ido
Kentucky. Ido Pennsylvania Cy. fdo
Virginia, Ido New York do. jdo
do Wheeling, jdo New Orleans,' Ido
Tennessee, - 3do Maryland. Ido
JOSEPH 11. hILL. (late of the firm of Win. A.
Hill A Co ,} and W.M C. CURRY, ilateof Erie. P i )
have e'i,err<] intn Cnparittcrahip. untlr r the name ot
*•11.1. a CURRY, for the purpoie ot carry mg on the
k'ankmr ami Exchange l>u*mc« in all it* branches ut
No 65 Wood Mrirt, three door* below Fourth, west
side—where they *ot,nt the custom of their friends am!
the public generally. JOSEPH II HILL
raclil.i WM 0 CUBBY
No GS Wood street, third door hclov Fouith.' we*t rule
PAR Fund* and Currency rtceivrd'on Deposne au.l
collecnoni madr on all the principal t.'mi* in the
United State*.
Sight Exchange on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
'York. Boston and Cincinnati conttantly tor »ulc
Ohm, Indiana. Kentucky. Wjfiniuund IVnn»ylv.n;;»
Bank Note*, bought mid wold on favorable term*
Exchange on England, Ireland. Germany and ITfltn.r
procared. Ar , Ac. rnclili
JV* 64 Boo«/ Strut out door aborr Four O. Eatt rittr
mrlilej Pittsburgh, Po. JdAwF
OHIO. Indiana. Kentucky. amt I'eiiim. fumi*; ul«
County and City Urdcrx)>ti>i'lia»r<l at reducedr«i»tr
"f t»> N ItOLMKS A S(»N
-lerS* Exclude* H-ok'rr .Vi M», kn «i
Collection* on itiemjiutt. Louisville. Uiun
ftn.l nil acce»i>il<!cpoi >i« in ilie iumle
prnmpllv, onJ upon the lowed term* t>v
N SON, Ki. haiixe nroUr.
rrn h'.’S No Si Market *i
Collections on Cinrinnati. |,oui*Viile'. Si |.oui* nml
J all oilier nrcr»aible ni.tlie I'niied State*,
made mi accommodating term*. HIM. & ('U ItIIV
a|d» Wood *l. nr Ji dnoi in- K.,gli» Saloon
Exchange on Nrw York, I’ii ludrlph.a. ami Wall.-
■norecun*tniit|v ior.ule bv lIII.L A CURRY
op6' W ood «t neil door to Kagle Saloon
Currency of thr Ohio Indiana, and Keutucky
Bunk* wanted at very rule* oi' On-count.-
BpO Wood next door lo Engle S.iloon
r\ 11 lu, Indiana, and Kentucky ttunk
LJ Note* purelm'ed at low raie* by
tticlilG , No S 3 Murkei «t
mTIIE »d vender offer* for Mile a *|i!endul Brink
dwrll'n; llun*e Pituatr ou.tnr North Kay rorncr
o' (be I ’lit*! i r Square m Ynuinr*towr>, Mahoning
raunty, Oh'o li i» I -rgv roirtitiodjnu*. lir.i-hi-d in ei
i-rflrm *1) lr, and m llir !-c»t location In Youngvtow n
r:thei for . J Wel|.n« or public boiler; .aiiaciird 10 il is'a
yard. »itil wulct, stnbluig, and alt oibri rmunimnce.
Tin* iown i* improving vrrv rapidly, i««,turned on
innlniirly on the Canal.and when the vuriou* Furnace*.
Hulling Slill. being turn are completed, will
be ihe ino*l flourishing place .n lln* ‘relinn oi Ohio
11 will lie m>M low for i a>!.. or o:i t.ine, or •• icbangril
for property m iMuhtwqh. For p-imcuiur* mijuirtr of
I, A J l) Wli'K. turner of Wood ami Water *'«. Pitu
butgh. wbo will g,ve all information orM&wril
»crii>ei * offrr fur *al- u hou«e and loi m .Ve,i kj.d
dleacx,-Merer r county. Tlio hou*c i» well calculated
for n «iore and dwelling, iniuiedla'elj on tbe Ki.e Ki
i*n«*on Canal In a floumhtng village near hy, are
rcveial fun ace* and ui the innlM o' n rich fanning d.i*
Aim a house aud lot <n die l( )u;:vinig vdliige at' Or
angeville Meu-r ( ounl) . Tue hours ia well calculated
Tbrut~>ve oritperr) w.l! In: 'old cheap nml OH ac
commodating lertn». ISAI A M-IHCKKY 4 Co
Ohio lands rim itale-k.,.f fi ~ lor -u e. Hn,« on ti.g Hrtecnon liver, .n Co
• uiniit.i mwuHi.p Men* tu, On>o t it'cleared and un
der ruinvttliuu. There are on ine pn-iti »f*. 4 dwelling
house*. M large barn*, vruh good fencing and nevi r-faiU
nigwaier. The whole rogciher trill be *old for thirty
five hundred dollir* or d.v.ded lo su.i nurcb:i»erv. 1 1-
tie guaranteed, payment* may tie made 'o «ult. and
po*«r»«ton giver; imwrdriiici' tfor further tnii.rtt.a'ion
emjoirr of ‘UMPION, SMITH 4 Co
myes* wood street.
r'dft RAI.E-i i.j.Ji .«.., ul I AO m ,r. rmiu'ih.
C Cilv. mill jil/ii iintf JhnM'iiff. *niia‘-ir 'nrtji'i-
On- < A-
Tbr,e" Ql'SAriM^.!.
, W„1 iw (.non.Uni t-r.n- v tf . i,
I S CL'Tlliifcil T. if.-. ! i
>mUt i
-\'At.V ABI.E **AIOI FOR SALE-A F.ntn ui
. V 1.1 J.-IN, . : i.i i—it r, K -,- .■! ie. .lo.nn.- .\i; <■„ U,r
Iran.: * R.a.i. ai-’l o-u- m<:e ivyuml IVn) «vil’ie I |,r
improvement* are 40 acre* in euiti /alio.i. a (»i Cr-fne
bou*c and dor.-, gardrn und orchard. oih.e und barn, oilier out bcu«e», and excellent A-at. r U iii l>f
»ntd lovr and on r.u*y term*, or cicbajjg-d iur Real Hu,.
>-»!«• m I’iu.lioißn or Aliceln-ny City,
rnfdi S t*U TliUKllT, 50 SmilhfirlJ »t
PERSONS dr«irou« of jHtrrha-nng Lou m th;« C>-mt
t«ry are rcrerr.-.I for nir'nniiiiion to die Superintend
apt. un the ciuundr. nr lo K. Thom, Dniggut, corner n
Peon ami Hand Min ts. Pm.iUursli. >n
Uv Older nr the Hoard, J. CHISi / fcT' , Rf«*
Jed |..if. unf Sni-.v.KiendaniV
Itivtiu LUTS. S
F'OU SALK—Snne valuable Loir offiroumU Mla.tird
on the bank or the Allegheny River, etuiUcuou* in
ihp cry Tlirwc inix are mod Advantageously s.iuai.-d
for Iron Work' and mhrr large maiiufueiurine catkin
l.ibmrnu- InnvT-dAwtf] HARMAR DF.NNY.
Valuable Beat KiOtr tor Sale.
r |' IIK under. sued Ur mi* al-out to irmovc hi. Tannery
! n> ue routnry. oSrr* for sale SIX IUTII.Di.Mt
LOTS on Second nrrrt, bciweeu Ferry atrert and Re
doubt Aliev. Kxcli lot will Ur twenty fret front on *.M
>iir.| iui.i fer un depth- The loti* will Un sold
■nuiely i.i i'.c whole loarilier. I'nr trrui nppiv lo the ou the putHism. JOHN CALDWELL
I ''OK Sai.K—Two pood l.ui'iTing lot*. .nuated on
’ Cnußrc*. *t. earhtflibv ft* ft.
Al-o —I lot yi» it by is* corner of Onngre*. M and
IViiii.i ivanm Hveiine. I loihi lit! It on IVlmdl
vatiU amine t lot So by llUft on 1-ociiM *i Trim*
favorable. S OUTIIIIKKT
m>o H» al K*ute (Wire, CO f miUtfinbl M
a very liuud.omr Hnek Cottage House. fiuuhed m
modent itvlr. with about oji» acre of ground, situated
on the road u* the Ar.cnai iii die borough of Lawrence*
v.lie. Term* mode.ate. IIKNRY EAR!,
mvlftllw No CT Market »nerl
\;-AI.OA»I,K rHOn-rft VuK WALK—IS. nfi'i
of valuaMi* Inurt. ju*t atuire liirmmchim, <iiu»li:c]
lif ilir lurnpik- mid ilie Mnnon|(ah«l» rirt r. *uii> lor rouim v rf*'!<Jriirfr For Irrxo* 4»ply tn
w ct thhert
No SO omtiificid »l
LOTS pon SAbK-Two lot* on 111 utrrri, near
Smiihfipl.l *». .Inertly oppoßiie I.yon, t*horb ft Co.
40 ft fioul by A depth Tfce*e lot* are well «ilualcd
lor ilwcilrf h bou»e* or loundiir*
Thrv will lit oifered at pulitu* rale ou Thutrdny, 27. b
Jax ot Mnr nexi ui 12 o'clock, M.i
uriKiid hksrv wood?
HAVINIi remove.l to thr nty. tor roitvrtiirnrt*
to p’ro<V«*’onal l.uniie*“, I wit. mu the Mansion
Honor. und n« immnl ale encloMire. muftie outlie hlotfr
of tlir MonnnrrlieU, uiip mile ttl»uve Pnt«liuran.
j hiill tiiawtt JAMF> ?» GRAFT
Jtfii. muuird on Franklin Sirrei. Allegheny Ony.
I*r i >■ SvtW Trrtn*. Si'll m hand. hulanoe iu five y.vim
AUo.-u porn, r Lot 25 t.y IJ t fret ».tuau-i! near tlit
above SWU. Term*. lump as nl>ove
nix I J H (U’TIIHF.RT. fli s*tn th field m
1 kl II.UIXG LOTS FOR FALL—Four Lot* on
] ljihe llti »t»rpl Road. \4 !•) Wt tecl rath
Ai«o, * l oi» nrni 'hr -till vrret Rood.v4 hy li" iVn
r«rb • l*t;pf ‘Trriur.SClJ in hand,, lalancr in •.!
S CI'THBKItT. t.Vririnl Atfrnl
,nx« hn .'o Sni'llifnl.l *'
■Mg |>«oppr*> t'f "in Ciojlibii. |v«| . rn'; ot'
a convenient liurk Dwelling Moure, with ruitah'i- om
buitdingr yorirfu Ae.. m alt 5 nerr*.
At»o, eight acre* aitjti 11015 the above-
St GUThHKRT. Real tnatrOrlste.
m> t? No CD Sm ihfirid nrrrt
IN MANCHKSU'.K FOR SALK—I Luce for »a!e a
beautiful Huildiiia 1.01 in Ma cht Met.near Uic Km.'.
ITJ fel fion! by l'J*t Irei deep ll will If-nlit low. and
on accommodating ionn». Tr ms tinrir-rpimnablc
niylO JAMKS ItI.AKKI Y. Real K.,u»te A«rn<
V erem iiluat'ona in Pntsbur: h. Alfth* nr f'nv. Man
cnesiee. llirnviigliam. jtii, Pit-edtiju. Freepoit,
N>n ltncluon, Kdenlmrgb. Ac., Ac. l
m>4J S CUTJIBFRT, Krai Eaiale Oil.ce
LET—'He Warehouse on Wood Mferi. no*
1 occupied by lioHmutuA Garnaon. Kuqinrc •><
m\ v4tf _ UA«ALEY i *MITH
"jdirs^ijuNt:\pr p
NO 17 Mallei meet, i» uow recei?ni|l
£i»ck of llou* '-Furnishing Hardware!
coii*i*iiuC in pari a* follows:
el.ii Japanned Warr,' An
4 bx» Bmnnina do , do
a casks Kji*li*li Tmncjl Saucepan*;
t do Oval i'oi*; l 'ease T»ay *am
t do Enamelled Ware, >
I do Pressed Ware- 1 gash Bug
1S«0H*» assorted iVpperi'StiplaiesTi
,-JSOOlb« Juniata Wire; l'
from ttO to *H>O. 9iM t?3rt>, i i
good recorit) for one io bvr yt ujs "**
nietii in stores. wnretou-c*. Act. and in to
couii'ry for a number o| !•«•) J,cleik» am
and form number of laborer* and fanners
kinds of Affenc e» intended It
"'sl'aC 11.,
General Agency and Intelbgc)
I mvW No :w Fif h mecti
OF 'be Inie firm of GUlc-pie A Kent
Glass Mtnulactorer mud dealer in <:
and Vpneiy Goods, keep* coiiMantly i
own manufacture, evert description of G
nod Common Looking Glaatcs; 1,3 X I
Toilets; plain and ornamental portrait fi i
All kind* of Clock*, Trays, and AVail i
doxeui; Combo-Thread*. ami a genera]
Fancy Goodi, wholesale, at a small ad' t
t'eiliar* and otbrrs supplied with Pnel ?
net'* Fruits. and 10 by 14 franc* ai No* r
my*Jotf No fii, cor wwi ii
being ibe day the Spring
Hat* will be uiir.iduced, by the inopi fa»b- ” *
waahle c>iabliabmem* m New York and Philadelphia
the utidei*bmed take great |vra*une uij*elr»ff enabled
in announce la lb>-ir uunieroni ft.citd*. anil tbe fflblic
s<-i.r«;:v» w-e n»v prepared W *u]'ply ail who maj
luvpmin with a cal' with the f.ubnmal.le tbr il.e
•eß**Wi. r onipn«ing Denver*, Neutno*, and extra fine
Molerkin ti.k Hat*, either wholesale or tens!!.
ra REMOVAL. ' " mi
£ Mf ORR Hat and Cap Manufacturer
a* removed to No 75 Wood tireei. three door* anove
I ourih »lretl Hi* Jlock ro<iai*t* of every ,vaiiciy nl
Hati and Cap*, made in the lme*t nyle : a!*o. I'antmi.
I.egliorn and He-lal Straw Haw, wtrotcanle and retail,
ai ihe lowest price. _ b MItOKK
opl6- 73 Wood M. third door above Footib
Fall Faahlou, IM-iGi
k. JtF.KIIK 4 COSTAR'S Style Gentlt-nirn’* llau
JfM will be nilrodurrd nb KKKVIL'S on Thursday
August t>?ib. (■rittlroieu wijbjng arheop, faih
lOimble llaiof I’ltuiburgi'tuaHulai'Urrr ulicad of
fusliionablc Hal* imporred mJ atlveriirrd by aome oi
tbr irude. plrtce chII ai KEKVILkCo’a
Ik Spring Paihlon for IBHi /ffia
AYOI l.l) ni'orni ln.‘trienda and pauotifc”
thtil he-h*< m>*v on hand a large sinck of ihr
Spring Ka*h.on of Hui* and *\ip«. w hieh will beinifo
dure jon Saiuiduy next Thn»« in want of a rupenor
jgj. COSTINUKS 10 miuiufarlurtv and
roiutntitlyon Inml. every varrlv of
"oJ Cup* o: tht Jau-vi »i> it, uiiii* » o tv low at No
' 5 'Vi«‘U fc’.rrti. »Ot \ ySfT
_ Fall Ftmhlo.n for Ilata.^-
No TP Wood meet, Fast side
4 THE *uh>eribet ha« ;u-*i received ly Eipre* k
hi* new Full for Hats. Tho«e nnrelol
uu extra fine Dai will phase call and cxaiuiitr
tin* «p!end:d un.r-ir. S MOORE
**»pl No. CU woo
straw mm m hat wauumTosis,
R. H. PALMER oiler* fortalcon a* favor
term* at any house in Philaielphia, a
complete aj>.-*on:m.-ttt of Straw,’ Florence. Rut
land, umi a great %ar.ety of fancy Oraici ami
gimp Bonnet", ul the tp. :ng iiiylc.
ALSO— Palm l*af. Straw and foghorn. Hat*; A ru
de mi Flower*. 4tr. Ac. inrhS
£‘ Avupcnor article « liemh .\ioie*Vnn Om». Fa I
fa’ltioii. and for «mlrlow • v S MOOIIE
•t-pl ‘ No 93 wra*t «lr- t -
Caroet jtocf Ury’4iooinhU’>i'eht>ute<
ItaiEKT D-..!tn-9NPBON,
I) ESJ*i:«‘StrL 1.1.\ inform*- liTvfiilind.-. t»a*r Ui«- pul.lie
Ik qrncrHlly, that hr it cow receiving'a largo ttml
tplciiuid a*»ontneni ol Nkw SttUR Oaipiiitn;. Or*
Cloth*, Ac . direct from the Importm* and ftlhiidfariu
ter«. compiled input of
Hru**«.-U Carpel*;
Kitmot Tapestry Uro-eel* Carpeting,
Super :jply aud Extra Uo; ■
Superfine Ingiutn. Fine m.d Common Carp-tar,:
j-r*, 3 4 nrid4-4 Plain Oupetm*-
• t L)amask i!<
3 » :M ■mi-1 4 4 Tapestry do do,
Sttax&oot 7Vi mrningt.
Brown Dnliinc*; 44. and I* I Sheeting*; 0 4 7-4
>4 I'ublc l.iruns Linen Napkin*; Crush 'and Diaper;
l!ockul*ui*kTovviU*Oir. Carpet Stripe*; New Style Ta
hir Covet*: Oil t.'nnh* from".!* niche* to :/l ft-r-i wide.
Rich Embroidered .ni l Printed Tal.tei.ii.l Piano cover*
Figured Floor Cloth*;
Chrnieile, Hruttelt, Tufted, amt kV ilton-Rug*;,
Tufted,Chrmelie, and Sheepskin Dour
Manilla and Ora** do. do^
lira** Stair Rod* Flat aud’Oval;
Damait and. Striped Stair Linen;
Carpet Binding*;
4 4. A-4 and 0-4 ('lain and figured Indian Ma ting;
Colored Spanish Mailing, A«-„fcr.
Person* fitting upSicainU’als.Uoiels.or Private Hon
«e«, are requested to rail, an he freUconfident they will
find it to tueir advantage Uiiio *»» before purrhaaing
lie trnaid al*o in vilt*- aitejii'oii in bi* extensive, slock
ot NEW SPRINT* DRV COOL'S, [embracing every
mins in that hue ] nowopening ul ibe above-wand, • "
mart<M& w tinK _ I Hi .Mniltet *irec
\ A.NCKKK A M AYKH. wholesale and rciail dealers
/* hi Eastern Rrady-made Clothing, would respect
lu 1 ! • take Hi.- method of »ulicitit'< Hi* attention of their
e.|-‘toiner« end ihe put-lie generally, to the following
ii«t*nt rtirir *:cck tn trade and a*»urr ih*in b!*o } that
tin-y will *ell u« cheap if not chcuper than Buy other
«-»:alih*tiinent lit the city. Uur I'ociiit‘es of purchasing
uti l'-meiuringg.-od-*, are ruch a* to curdle u« at
all i.tnr* t» keep n lull a».enmem of ready made cloth
ir*:. ul !r»* price* than they can oe obtained elretvhete
lii.- prr»riu amekon bund ronv«t» iupanofibefoL de*cnpi'on of gt*ed«;
j.Vi black c'oih dre*» coat*, fre-in 810 to SCO.
J-.kl do do Freiicft
to l.iourn aud invt*-li!e green do
o*l *arc con.*. *piei.diui> made A o: good material.
I Don p.i-r poiur, of al! »tylc* qcaliiie* and price*.
'.‘-(II) vt * * do do do do
}uu do/.T n Linen plain tmd stitcii-d l>u*om *hirtA. «tock*.
varf*. eravai*; i.oumi*; >*o!lar*; euspender*; aock*.
drawer* and under Ta-tt* oi every -nmriy, nil of
winch have been rrerut lv paiclmaed and adapted to the
prr'-eut Merchant* and others who are in
I vREhS liIN<JH.\2lS—\V. U All’RPllV axt.
1J the ineiHiuii ol boy. r- lo lb-. h...ce ttj le-«uf above
ct>od« ointned ihi» luormug. a* wcil us—
Siik l.uvreT.ucn Unt-hain*;
Parted do;
French 1-awn* nt redact J prteer * -
(i.ughain iHiMit*;
Neat.-f.le l.ralse*.
Crape Shawl-..
Needle work Co 1 :. •
Horne: It:'. L..-. f
Hint.rofi. r d t‘ * • •>- < r»4.-..,-c
'm < i >o i oitir, including man? • v* ot M arco unU Uc-
Ibjr'Tnc whnitsalc 100-iuup eiair*, arc ai»o being
r- pietu-hed wi.b a eupply of new *rd d-»ir.r*-!e
PRICi.S lil'U l i.T'.w—Thomas Calmer, No 17 .Mnr
»f- «• r--ri, beitve« ii ‘t*l nnd lli sirm*. it?-p**ci»u!l)'
4 . r.ji '■r* tn ihf it;.tt lii* life'* i:t S'ocl* Of IVoil
i- • i:,Td-r-. fb - :n mi-i.r'Ui- ;<■ .•«•*? rj.
ibe> n.e aau»lieil—ut new umi »,>iet,d<d punrrr * Abo.
a well averted Muck »i »m‘e* Pe/nr amt JjorJirs.
nrucl- 1, ;an.l u net,. ,u ir» i:i:e, not tuumeiairil.j ho i»
prepared to e-l, :*>r ca*li. Ciit'lEK than any r-übl;»li
men' of me kind, 11a.'I or U <-u oi the tuouuta..,*
apHMDtn '
' TAll.OrfS—JuM received a full a—orimem of .note
Troy made while and tinpetl. front very
fine lo medium qualnir*.
Kasoin* ami Collar*. fnic and medium qualities.
Cravat* -a rplendid assortment. both black and fan
cy. all tpmlnie*.
I'lark ami fancy ?at,n Adjusting stock*.
Hint k und do do How do;
yf OO gross of North Mock* A Fyr»;
liliii Kuipendem. Ac Ac; ior*aie at ibe mamtfacta
rri« pt ilc. by tbr manufacturer’* n*mt. ai No vC wood
•irrcl, op suit*. EDWARD TODD
Aceol for F„i»i<-im Veuufactiaer*
/ pliy-inviie* ibe attention of hou»e ktrpir*io an
'»**ortine'm of 11 —1 anti colnted Chunk tpun*-* A
new nnd In dutiful article, of different eolo** a Im>.Tin
n**otiinem ni while eouriieipane*, front lowe»i to fine
.jtml ty. .tl.ii. L’nrii Ddmu»k TuMe Cloth*, a ftnl us
vjniotetrt of Uewesi patient*.'Also; Towel* amt Towel
in; Diaper—nnlte nor corner of4ih and market
•treen*. '' ritvA
Bonnets, iuuboxs and flower*
-'V ll* jd«t. openedati assortment of
(frai.-l’mppcr, llfaz 1, Vandyke, /China,' Heart, - Split
Straw, «upn. Unhand. and Gimp-Bonnets, Abu. tub
bon* ami Flower*, m great varitty, at the North Knsr
corner ot 4iU ami Mnikctstn. ' tr.vle
G LOVES it. noSIER'Y-A'rre-b uml writ a*-
*orteil «icck of white mid enh red rmton Hosiery,
for (ulii women uml cbldreu. conaiuiiiljim baud—
Also—l.ifle Tbrciiti in urvat vurictv; 3.1 k nnd Linen
do, rpun SiU for children
|D“IJIack mid colored Fun* Kid Glove*, of be*i
quality. , < F It EATON
Dry Oiton* ||pu<e. north en«l corner of 4ib and
Market «!rrei«. Itecmvrii a*«or mtni ol
Linen Table Diaper* from t'-t me 1, inrlitd>u< *<>me
very •uprrtor Dotnu-k' Al*o. Hleachm and noble eh
e<l Linen labt-eloih*. very row for quality. Al-o, Al
paca* and A'pucn l.u*tr* ». * full .<•«*• tutent ftotn rom
inon to vriy superior, •inrluitinj* siiw of very Inch
Laetres. tpcl
SIIACKC.KIT A Wllllr.. No Ml Wood eticet,
I’itU'iuigli, ate new receiving large :i;.iliUoU‘Ol
lute and deMra'ilu riylreof tn »h Spring Ury Good* of
rerem |ni|rf>na;u)i)‘ and in muivciuru mnl aie picpat
e.l U> olTet g:l-:i* .m»acCTr|r-,H• If . H-h or pif.Ulpt paj
Our mocU very foil, nnd eom[.ri«csmany very
•clicc olid rlienp tftKulr in).
Ai—Traj**p*ri Window Shade*, of tothf.lue nnd
Oil prepmation. in great variety of style n’t.l aarorted*; Vrnetian 111.t.d*. of a*«oilcd *.*e* and rotor*, fto
nip on Cornt«i**io».r*Lii* | r Fixture*, including Roller*,
and lllind i'riminTni*.n*.iiiird cn.ur*. at
a,,9 “ * _ FII FAJJO.VS
ipWEKDS-A vets lar«u •n*sorim-*id of 3 4 and
J.R 4 Win. Urn and in.ied I weed*, of u C'c* 1 vaiiety
oi »>) Ic* and i ulor*.*•*«!•• very un quean-l desirable tor
t|ie «tiv ir-Wlr, Hist r« cuivetl for tsilc hy
rav‘ls SIIAi'KI.KI’T A ''VHllßtOwotbl *1
BURLAPS—:! bale*cX,ra lirnvy,4o inch.Uurlnp«.
:or Wool iickjJ.g. ju*t rrce veif nnd for *ale by
in) Id SILiCKI.rrr A WtllTr, Ot wood rt
C CURTAIN MUSLINS, at a great variety of
J njle*. Ktencb Ohintx. for W ndow
Curtain*, lu be lound ut dr) good* l.on»c of
BpCOJiw N K enr 4ili and Market »D
IN nf beau i.ul new *i)le Spring I'riut*—uiu'ong
wb.cii are i.vb Ur-t[c -, Canary, liutl. I’ink*. rurnilute
and late tiyle fmiric* Ju*t receiynl and for sale by
myl SHAOCLKTT a IVMiI I*.tilwnod «i
heavy RuMian Cunva** and I’adiluig*, )urt i
received and for *ale by
my 15 SHACK!.ETTA WIUTP.W weal *t
Mantillas and visiTTPlgfr-AT 'unberl
rupply ju»i uearived, new New
York More. 79 Murket *titcl. .
I my *t , W"H QaURATIP
O grod 111ur Jean*, jd*t'received%td Jrt'jile below
inaiiui'utfiurcr*’price*. by
myl.s . . SHACKI.inT A '.ytfirE^Pgarpqdit
ELECTRO FLATK-nTmirttitia Frm
icc*, Slack KndCoio*edG<adunt*43tlk Uut'trn*,Cro
chet Uugs,&ik l’ut«;*.Ac—jmt rercivril aod for •■!*
by F it EATON
Tied Copper,
TINKCN lIOBBIN KDGINnS; Fiyptfatt Lae-r'Ex*
Jim wMe |jt~**forMd*ohitoNew Linen andCouoa
Dre*« Fiinzc*; HlacV rml Drab Morocco far Skin*,
Reiii big C*p* and Lisle H :*bon«. fjr *afe by •
nijilr t r n r.a i ir.s
TMTOiaUITO NRTTH-W S-» BjrrcdMo»qoiio
IVJ. Not*, a good article and 10-gp;e«a-iu« recetTed
“mS I ‘ y ai?ACKt.CTT»tVHITE.».^j.i
15U>, A iv. on
led, employ
vn and in the
; yuu g wen.
promptly for-
Paper musliws-» cbm vVhi«j„ui*eir.Fiok
Blue and Slate colored Paper Mctrlt.i*, Jnrt epeard
,n -ffi,** lC . by SHACKLRIT ft WHITE. 9) ww*d at
nedy, looking
'’lock*. Comb*,
in hand, of hit
fiblL Mahogany
i antes.
Li3i>o piec#* loMopcn of Uo above food*. *plend'd
new natiein*, ami very cheap, at the New > erg Store
TbNlarkri.treet nty3l W H GaRRABD
B“AHNEtt TRIMMINGS—Crimtcn, Gold and
Blue Banner F<ing«a. with and Cord* to,
niaieb— received by Kipie** and tor rale by
mrw .F 11 EATON
rt. in ten* or
uaemneor of
ance on ro*i*
ft Chart*. Cur
t York price.,
d and *tb in.
DR, INGOLDSIW’B hL Sptofic.'u internalHailf
a cn-tauj mad retie*! cut*, vkcther lateral, (XtUnl
Weeding or blind, also; far irritation of tha ttdaayt tad bMd
der, [was m die back asd aide, habitual coarireasw,
Ikw, Ae. #
f t*aln befare .anil after confinement ar« oAca tioohlad
with conrtipstioa of U)e bowel* or cortrrTß***, a* well as th*
pile*, la «U such caw* Uw SJocifie caa ba takaa with par*
fact safety, and i* a certain remedy.' The Specific is not a
prrgativa, and is an entirely vegetable remedy, wttboataparj
itcle of gamboge, colocyoce or wot*—pfe*»nt loUheaodparf
fectly haralehs in the sort delkale case*. ■
ror wood atadSth »t»
,Tbi* i* la certify that I know Dr. logoUty's Ptk Spared
to he a certain cure and safe remedy. Haring am talftrt, 1
in several cases, aaoegsl my family connexion*, in sever*] eta
firmed and arrert caw* of ibe pile*, where it nude as entire
cure la every case. HENRY WHITEHEAD. .
New York, May, IW. 364 Sixth lUoa*. _
I cheerfully fhe my testimony a* to the'certain and uta
fabieg elfactaof Dr. Files Specific, as I,knew U
from mj own experience and observation, to be iahTGhla;
having wen it usea with »access is several caw* of nil**, sal*
and female. -GEO. MILLER,
New York, May, 1615. 3MBhthhr**t.
New -York, May, ISU. 1
Mr. Beal*—Dear Sir—l hat* the pleasure to tty, that
your medicine, Dr. IneoMsby’t.Pik* Specific, hai made a per-'
feet curt in th* care or my ai*ler l andl now rive yon my word
tint 1 hate bean surprised*! kj a»it wm .u rav opinion hn
puuibl* to cure her. However,! ran bow tastily to the mad-,
iciac as being infallible, and do adriw all others who an af
dieted m thclikfe manner, to procure the article,** theyjaay
depend on'a certain core..
15£, head of Wood n
Youn with-respeet.
Wert Chester, N. Y-, May 15,1M5.
* Dr. Itwoldaby—Dear Bir:j-Thil you may benefit other*
who p»y be sufiering, a* well ai to eaprea* my fratituda be
the benefit I bate denied frush the uw of your ealnaMa Spa
eifie, 1 comply with your reqjirei, and new do grvesry taati
tnuny in favor of it, haring been cured of a acre re attack of
the i’ilr* after haring uwd oljier remedies without tucecaa.
Your* with respect
Sold wholesale and retail by WM. JACKSON, at his Pat
ent Medicine Warehouse, and Boot and Shoe Store, No, 81
Liberty ilreet, head of Wood, Pittsburgh. Price, 50 testa
per hex. '_ . . jaa 14—41y*
a raxasUM sxhTxtncß
THE best article known for cleaning and whitening
•t c Teeth. stieneibemnc the cum*, sweetening the
hrCntfa. Ac. It should he used every night with a. Stiff :
hruah. and the teeth and month willonly reqnireastigh !'
washing id 'be morning. Wet the broah wilhwvm '
water. or cold will answer, and rub il a few timed on 1
the paetc, when enough will adhere for c.eatung the-1
teeth. ItlcfivcaadeliriouMAMeii) the QMUth.eaaiai ;
parts n mr.*t dclighiftil fragrancetothe breath, llitanda
unrivalled a* a plea saw, efficaoioaa, convenient, and ;
talc dcntrifice It i* warranted not to injure the teeth, ’
Aalto prc*ervethem.
Uy using it ti will remove the tartar and
prevent us accuimrlaiion'—prevent the toothache
strengthen the gums, and prevent all diseases of taam
Chemisia. physician*, and the deny recommend.:it a
ihjcidcdly superior to every ihiug of the kind izj.UM.—
A*k lor Sherman’s Oompound Onia Tooth Paste, and
observe hit aignuture ia attached to each pot.
Rceommemird by Dr.“Caxile, 3SrUroadway.oneof
our best Dentists, and by most of the old established
one# in ibe United States, and ever* X(entirely used
by the Nobility ofthigtand and Frr«/-*
A (urge proportion of the disease, t bet afflict mankind
ante from some derangement ofihi i lomacb ot bowreU,
which a timelv'use of the Cntbinte Loxengo* would
entirely obviate. Persona of bilicua habits should Al
ways nave w-hor at hand, and take a dose whenevar
Ibey feel the least derangement in their health. A Judi
cious u*e oAhr-c Ixizenge* would prevent thousands
of eases. : ;
For sale at WM. JACKSON’S, comer of Wood and
Liberty sn dec33
miHlrtetl with DltttMs ef the Luilgl,
—This is to certify to those afflicted with' the irti pre
monitory symptoms of Cotu«.niption,-lbsil hare been
laboring for several years with a bronchi, soreneMOf
the throat and boaraenesß. 1 used many medicittea, bat j
found ii^ any preparation bt medicine, until I 1_
KKMEDY. I have been using this yaloable medicine
for several yean, and always find it to relieve, when
ever I make use of it- My occupation as an Auction
eer. which keep* me almost coastantly engaged, cause*
my ditease, at times, to become very alarming, when I
at once procure this medicine. I therefore take plea- !
.tare in making this pobiic statement, that Others affect-
ed with t disease of the longs and-cxpectoram organ*
«>ay know the virtaea of this *-aU healing remedy,**
and may he cared. I have recommended Dr. Duncan’s
Expectoraoi Remedy to many of my friend*, some of
whom ovro their lives to this medicine
Somerset,Ohio,Oct 13. IMS JAMES HEWIT .
The proprietor of the aliove medicine woold, also'
reier to the undersigned persons, wht. reside in Parry,
ccumy, on whom any person rosy call upon and be
convinced that there ate virtues found in the above
medicine that cannot be excelled :
''David Cultienmn, Somctte', Dr. B. Stone, An: rFrsw.
ciaUoliher, Jaekson tp; Mr. Larimer, do; Geo. Polbert,
Saltlick ip; Jcrrod Davisen, Hopewell Ip
more street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
S>ld in Pittsburgh by WM. SB Liberty
head of Wood street aplPdhwT
You, whose teeth is foul and yellow—
Yon, wbo'eskm is dark ami sallow—
Y*ou, whose Lair is harsh and wircy,
You, whose vile offensive breath
Unpleasant is o» putrid death—
Y’ou could have—boy, manor girl—
Truth as white as snow or pearl., - ,
llreath a spicy sweet, and curricle
Pure and white and smooth aiui beautiful,
Ami bairi oft. silky, dark as slae,
Uy-readinj what is said below.
RKAUKKS.any of you can hive the above by (mind
this i- nothing but truth,) using a 3s bottle of Jones’s Co
'ml Hair Reeiorative'—a Ss box of Jones’s Amlier Tooth
Paste—and 4a cake of the genuine Jones’s Italian
Chemical Soap. The articles cost but little, and yon
are assured that the following are their real qualities:
The tooih parte gives thebreaib* swtei odor, white
tecih, and preserves the teeth, Ac Tito hair stuff all
know tu be the most exquisite thing ever made for dres
sing. beautifying, and causing the growth of hair; and
, ibe eoap, (gel the genuine Joneals.lSoap, mind) wiU cate
all eruption*, freckles, Ac and make dark..-yellow
white, clear and fair. All thesefhings are sola(osly)
nt W JACKSON'S Root dnd Shoe nlore tad Paterit
t>dieme Warehouse t 9 Libeny su . my 7
Consumptive's Oosshlitl
Does sick* e*« weigh upon yoarhea
Or pain* afflict your bitasi?
Try Dr Duncan's Hraiing Art,
And it will «ive you rest.
It clears away the miatv cloud
Pi*ca*e -prenrts o'er the
A ml wbi'prr* tbiough tile gloomy ahrond,
"Your health tuuy yet be whole. n
Fee yonder rose of lovely hue!
rn* wnbermg with decoy;
It scarcely sips the morning dew,
Before it fades away.
The Worm of Death was in the stem, ,
And strengthened ut it grew— j
And when ikbloomed, |n lovely jera,J
It nipped through unil through- j
That Worn: of Death might bt defied;
If Dr. Duncan's art were tried;!
And many lovely damiels saved |
The fate of an untimely grave !
Sycamore street, Cincinnati, Ohio; where hi* valuable
medicine is aoltL • ' *
Sold in Pituliurgh, by \VM. JACKSON, comer of
Wood and Liberty Hi. | apIMAwT
G’aufcs, PrevenliQD and dare or Contumptioo
Asthma, and Diseases or the Heart - On the Llwa
of Longevity, and mode ol preserviffg'tnale and fe
male health, symmetry and beauty; exposingestuea
and cure of those diseases that produce Comotnp
tioo, or aliorien AflecUons oftbeSkin, Spine,
Mtotoacb, Boweja, Kidneys, Liter,'lfe'crolula, Piln,
Ciravel, and Female Complaint*, jlta rule*,tuy,
practical nhlTpiire, mrm a guide tnl perleet health
and long life. tR Engraving*, 321 Ipage*. AO eta.
Hostage 9A ct« By SAMUKL SHELDON
Any person remitting fifty cent*, free.wtl) receive
one copy, by mail, to any part. The trade supplied.
Feb 111, 1047-dlim •
DR. OaDOKR inform* all person* fffllcied with this'
di»irr*»ing complaint, tharhaving become the pur*
'rh4«ci of Dr. >furlbim'spaicnt > 'Oppc!tative Kemedict"
'fof iu corr, W’thoui wearing Tru*»ea be isnowprepa
red to cujo ?ll *ucb a* p>*y offer in a rery 'few days
under thrs trermrtit. Tlie Patentee by article of
jutretinent • warrant* that there remcdiei.when rightly •
-nrphrd. will well sut permanently cure 8 ci«e*uoi of
Id. or old and ynungu.lh<-v may apply, in-30 days time
to each case.' 1 Re»i being enjoliicO. Pariiculaisgirm
un applicntiocf to the rni>*CTiber. and certificates of
cure* »bowu. Otlice. DM. P. n*U’*DjogStory,Faith
field sireci, near Librtty
For-aleilie right of u*e in the following Coontle*,
viz; Beaver, Wa»hingion, Greene, Klk, Kmerset,
I'.iinbriu. Ihini'rgilon Indiana, Clearfield, Armstrong,
Pnner', Cbntou. Lriiir* 1 , and Uedtord 1
NotVJ uiatket «t
Kj'Attention givcninall cases of disease -TTI
inylSittw* '
No Core! No Pay! PUcil.Fllul
DR. Jackron'* Kmiimcatiouia the only medicine that
will cure thi* *o vet) lomuum aad-troublesowe
li not only iromrdiatrl) uliny* pasu and infla
mdiimi, stop* all Weeding, subdue* that intolerable itch
ing. out v/Tectuallv cures, in a very short time persons
ivi.ote bve* have been tendered miserable for years.—
It* application produces oo pain, bat raibcr an agreea
ble ami plcarunt sensation.-Jf-persons afflicted will
mil and bear of the great number of cssea that have
been cured, they will be usioni»h<-<b A gentleman of
tin* city, who had been under the knife of the suigeon
for twoor. thtee times wuhoutiieing by d>-! bottles of the Embrocation been ersdically cored,
h sell* beyond precedent!!—(Phil. Potarday Coarier.
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA
KIuRF.,72 Fourth street, neuVwood, and alwattbo
Drug Store of ii P Rebwank, Federal st Allegheny ci
ty. gptPdAsr
No Coro, Bo Psyl
Dr. Jatiton' PiU% Kmbrotatizn ,Yrro Petit!
THERE are few diseases more common or trou
blcaomc than the Piles, and yet,' noiwithtund*
Png treat cllott* have been mado tu cure by the use
of pills, electuaries, liniments, &c , all were (utile
aod ol little benefit. Now the Embrocation is the
only medic me used. A person who boa been •offer;
mg wlt’i the Plica of the tvorsl kind came from. Sa
lem, New Jersey, almost on purpose to express his
pvititude for the *peedy cure.that thi*
effected in his ea e.—Phils. Sat. Post. _
iCPKorsale in Pittsburgh at the FEkEN TEA
STORE, 74 Foorth *t. and al*o at the Drug Store
H- P Schwartx, Federal »t. Allegheny City. :
feblßT ' '
WHOSE meanness ean equal ycurs? Look at yOtr
fair youne wife, with her brightsunny facid Look
ai your own, pitted with eruption* and blotches! Yet
y ou air too mean to give fifty ceni* for,acakeofthe
great Dalian CnemicJl x>ap, winch would cniirel* free
you from them, make your yellow skin clear Mud
healthy. Go atonee to Jackson’s Store, HD Liberty at.
Pittsburgh and get a cake. . ,
N 0 Jackson's iitheonly place in Pittgborgh where
the GENUINEistobo obtained. Beware of Coantrr
(^7*OBSERVE the Big Boot itands in the doorwsy.
roch3 •
TAYNp*S HAIR TONIC—We corudcm) lo ifae
«J anemiopaf tbosc desirous of restoring their hair of t
improving its b*auty, to this degsm prepsraimn. We
hear it every where highly spoken of and especially by
Bit those who have made use of it, as greatly eScaeious
tnfstimolaiing thegrowihof the hair, and preventing -
am curing jaany aaectinhs of ‘h* *kjn' Jisvirtsesare
wkpiy and aufflcienily pruvcd='*V. Y Sun.
T&Haltfn Pnuburgb ai tWPEKIN TRA' BTORR. -
7i Fourth street, neat Wood, and also at the Drug Rtore
of H Federal st, Allegheay CitT. BtySD
Dr. McLane’i Llv«v Pitta, .
MES3RS J KlDi>ACO.—Geriu; pleaseletmeluia
AUacanf Dr. JdcLanaV(iv«T,PiUs. My. wife
has ned two boxes of the Doctors'Pilla I assara yoa
they hare done her more good than my family physician -
hasty two years attendance. Two additional boxes,
think, will effect a cure. JAMES JONES' 1
'j Wilkins Township ■
I These valuable Pill*.for sale by J KJDDACorBo. ■
j M Wood street, - Piusburgb acU) 1
" 1 ‘*.