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DR. ROSt’S .
(xONSISTING of hit Prophylactic Syrup, a cer-
J taut retncdylorall CorJstmrTtVE and Serofu.
lout affections; Cough. Syrup, Croup Synip.Cun
‘ceatnteU extract or Sarsaparilla, decidedly
.superior to all other extracts, hating given reliel
when allollters have failed!,being through a new!
process more concentrated than any other ever
offered to the public. 4 ASTHMATIC ELIXIR,
hiving efleeted permanentjrures ol that stubborn
disease; when of more than It jears standing,
beneeil stands without a in that tuueh dreaded
«disease. I
Dr. Rose's LINIMENT. for all cases of weak
ness or pain, sod a complete substitute for blisters.
Dr Rose’s TONI*-' MIXTURE,.an inlallibia
cure for chills and fevers, [and indeed is more of a
- specific for fevers of all kinds than bark or Qui
n*Dr. Rose's INCOMPARABLE VERMIFUGE; used in ijreference to any other
Ve i)l“ l llS f ." : foNl°“AS 'l-DlSl'El'riC, lor oil
diseases ol the Stomach and bowels, Cholera in
fectioiw, dec. Too high ai encomium cannot be
ou the merit* ol ll is medicine, in care ol
uiepepm, and «H-diseases tiiat-reaull fnun weak
ness of stomseh or bsd dij esiion.
Dr. Rose’s FEMAI.E i 11.1 S, a most valuable
remedy lor those general -omplatnls to.whicb fe
males ire subject.
No pill ever before oll'ei ed the public so happily
combines the qualities ol k valaaule medicineman
anti-dlspeptic, LIVKK of Stomachic pill, correct
ing those diseases, and thereby preventing con
sumption. A young years of age. Having
a diseased liver lor some [time, her strength pros
trated and appetite gone, was completely restored
in tix weeks by the usf ol! the Anti-dispeptic mlx
toreindihesepillsalone, j ~L„,
ENING PLASTER,|or if eakncssol the back,side,
breast, 6tc. ...
Dr Rose's SPECIFIC EPlLEl'Sk,the most cer
tain remedy for all cases of fits or convulsions,
whether in infants or adulls. So certain a specific,
is it lor this formidable disease that the most ob
stinate cases, and those tboof long standing, hare
yielded at once. _ .
3 Dr. Rose's RHEUMATIC MIXTURE—After many
yean of diligent research ib.s compound was discov
ered, and its never failing efficacy places its efficiency I
above all other* for the curd of Rheumatism.
Dr. Roie’s ASTRINGENT COMPOUND, a certain
remedy lor spilling blood] indeed for discharges of
blood whether from Lungs, Lowe!# or other pan* of the
b 0 Rosea SYRUP for Choleraand Dowel complaints
riii*mixture will effectually tute bowel complaints.
Dysentery, and Cholera. At the time
ihe Asiatic Cliolora wa* raging i l Philadelphia a w«»
found to he the most successful in airesiing il, caring
' nine tenths of all those whi> used »t.
What may be said of onbef there remedies may l>*
said of, all; their value will only be appreciated be
. those who try them, letters from those wno have been
' cured of the various muladies that a®i« ihe humau
body might be given, but we are w.ltingto rest llie
matter an the merits of the compounds, we have a
panarea for Scrofula, in iri various forms, so condensed
and efficacious that it* bfalmg power has astonished
many A cateof Cancer,Occurring in the Wife of the
late Governor of Delswaic, ura» completely currd in s
few months The cancer |»ad been twice cut pul by
prominent Surgeons, and renewed itself with increased
malignity, yet noiw.thkbunliug 'the debility of Couslihi-
ItOD and removal ot the ufl parts, the use of the Pro
.phylacuc coinplrtel) r> moved every ve.ny* of the
• disease. \ .
Case* itinumershle ol the varuiui* pure* that have
followed the use of tbes* jteiuedie# are i» onrpo«*r*
eion, but It is not deenns.l rtecevsaiy loenuoteisie them
a« the use of them will rrrommeml them to all.
J. SqiIOONMAKER. 4 «’u.. No el Wood Street
Agents for Pitrsbursb sogßdly
«I HAVE FOUND IT.”-Ewmto. .
(ionsumptio.VTan be cured uy usinu nn.
Cincinnati. O , March It-*'
Dw SnThis is to certify, U O.'f public, particularly to
tboscndicud with s disease: of the Langs,or Consumption.
»hat in tlit Spring of IW3 I was attacked with a*e*ere «>d
which soou Ueum* seated Spun mj lungs, showing kit U.t
symptoms ot an approaching Caaiumptiua. Mj cough »»
light and troublesome, attended with « «.piou» pighl I
•pit up duly a cbusidtrttLlr qnsuiilj of 1/Laml, oiurd »•'!>
thick dark nailer Mj .iiluu.n b'csuw *eriou« and ilun
inj. During this lm.» I «*» sihuded Lj two-f-»r o»-'
skilfulFhysiesaas; they d.J tU ten ih*y rouUbt
at length they gate up »l( -f my reeorery, uCmnibg
or tUt nothing more couM U Joor-iUt aij lungi were ti
tally diseased, and beyend fmwdj I »»* IU» |*r»u*Jed b*
* tnnd lifeline to make a iiul »f lh. Duncan *
rani R*m*d*. which toy phyunaut persisted against, ssyiug
tut utediriu* would 1 d» ua gwul, and would itill add
■wtt to a) itt&ribg.- I Md ‘h*ui ii «*» mj tm at*l oul>
Up«, and that <1 l luull itir 1-f the disease, (which Was n.
Urut to me,) there would U boilnugUal. Wo I *n»f to the
Cincinnati OiLre and ohtaiord !> UJtlctjif lli“ tftly Viltu
hie Madicise, and ruomiurhl using to the dirre
ttuw, which, instead of adding to uiy liiffering, immediately
gate sac relief, at tore ane.iiug the ln».Uttoc»e Cough
eating the pain and lightness iu ay Clicti; gif iog w* a new
life east Mrenglb, which sen snablrd Bf to be about »ja»U.
*fH> imili • - In. -—.l wuxko. »b«ch_it to nobly
bmaenced, until I war thade ax/iind nan. I hiuiuactiw'iW
attending to uij bu.incsf, (upwards of 3 yean) aud feel at
healthy *1 I with. ] hair* r«-.»uiiwu«Ud Dr. Danean’s E»-
l«ertoraul Remedy iutnaJy initioccslu those similarly afflicted
aud it hat alway» pro*edjtuceessful so Ctr as I hate witnessed
it*effects. My sitter »[nti£ this medicine at pnracot. Cir a
• DiuasoJ IJrtr anJ au [ Affection of the Lung*, which the
had suffered with tir stoic time; the hat nearly rtmtrrtd
by the use of this medicine, and ( an confident the C bottle*
lUt I take with nr will rati rely cure her. lamsorrj
' to Loowthw there are thousands of taluabla perns wailing
away with this dreadful Ideslroyer—CONSUMPTlON.
Were it only potable for 'those to procure this medicine in
tune, l>< £>re it be 100 Ule, many lint night be prolonged and
their families and relation* again rendered happy. This
ineJkiuc will gjic instant relief, and at the tame time arret
the hard and (aioful Cough, remote the tightness in the Cbr*t
gilt streugih to the enfeebled and t mart* ted frame, and in
most eases, I am certain, will |>rrfcnn a perfect cure.
Montgomery, Hamillrm (lowly, Ohio
N- D.—Those who may not he acquainted with me 1 refer
to the undersigned, ritixens of Montgomery, Hamilton couii
tv, o.,lhey will at any lime «üb*t*nu»lc the abort statements
' Nouiax BaowattC,
' Carri. Sdioan.
4tr*eU where this ra!liable Medicine can always be obtained.
Raid in riun'jurgb, by \VM. JAChSU.N, corner of
Wood and L»l»cny at*. ; • aprM-dAvr .
FILLS, Tor the cure of Liter Complaint,
nil Queues arising from the Liter. In sick, head
ache and a* a purgative;and Aati»Biliooa rill,*ui'»
passed by none.
• Symptoms or a Diseasid Litaa.-Cwi.bit.
inflamaiion ol the Liter, when not the consequence
ol an acute aiUck or the disease, begins generally
with symptoms of a iunctiooal disorder of the dijc«
tite and biliary organs, and dyspepsia frequently
oeernt to be-the only affection present. Jhe paUent
complains of irregular appetite and \a. paired powers
' of digestion, acidity, flatulence, slight cholic pains,
occasional nausea and vomiting, and a alight dull
natn and weight are tell iu the right side, accompa
nied in some cases with a dragging pain in the right
shoulder. Most commonly, however, ao-dxstioct
pain is eiperirneed in the region ot the Liter,
*i»ieept when firm pressure is made on this part.—
*l*he bowels are always tery irregular. costivenesi
heiiur ccmmon intone instances with diarrhoea, the
dischargee scanty, dark'colored, offensive, -alimy.
greenish or muddy. One ol? the oust coolant and
characteristic symptoms oi\Chronie Lifer Com
plaint is a dry, harsh.cooslneted state of the *im,
a short dryfcougb, with slight difficulty in breathing*
is a frequent .attendant on this disease, lot lie
phrenic as' in the acute form olthts disease, the |«i.
(ient can seldom rest a* eaty *<* the left as the
right side. As the disease advances, slight fevers
come on lOwirdsTrtenine. aUcpded with a burning
heat in the palms orthe hands and soles ol l tie Tret;
the nights are-restless. and when the inflammation
terminates in suppnration. hectic arid rapid emana
tion conrume the vital powers.
Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by
JOHN D- MORGAN, Diuggist.
Wood street, Pittsburgh.
A fYKVira owrrairic*.
mjlE belt article S-own for elcawngand whiietung
1 fce Teeth, MrengSbww*** wm ** S
Ueaih.fte. It •houMWU'W/■»«/! ft'gbiwiili a «|<
briub, dud the teeth and mooTh wtUty?!y n*i»irea»ligii
iufeng in Hie morning. Wet ■J™"
T .i cr , or cold will answer. and nib H. * “
na .,. when enough will adhere l«r e/eamng ihf
leetlj! It leer e* a cMicfoui lane ,a the w“'h
part* a nvon delightful fraeianee in the birsj* J‘ L “
unrivalled a* a pleasant, edi C aru.u«, <<wee/.euL*d
tafedenui&ce. It ■ * noim mjuw the
bdltoptcscivelUeoi- .
Uf ouugit regularly, <i r.-nwve »he iana« a «1
prevent its iweiuiiuliuum- -i.inrem ihe luoihacb'
strengthen the gurus, aud |.n*vm« all di<va»rs
t‘hemi*>a, phyairsan-c. and U.e * terouiueiuy u J
tffeidedlr superior u> every ibing ni Hie bind *n u>e -
Atk fornberman** Cmnpouiul Orriy Tooth PaMe, and
obvsrve ht» aigwaiure »• attached id ra«U pot.
Recommended by l»r. dal Broadway, one of
our Le*» Pentiat*. and by «aoM of ihe old established
anea in the United Ruins, und even menviveiy u«ed
ay the England *“<l P«''• ' , .
A large proportion of ilw? iltorai*. i hataßhet mankind
• fIW f r oia mmim* derangement of iht
which a timrlv ««e of ihe Cuibat Me lumenge* would
entirely ohtiaie. Persona of hilicua habita abosM al
waya havt a box at hand, and take a doae whenever
they feel lb* lru»i derangement in their health. Ajudi
ooittu«« of tlieiuj Imreitgea would pfevent iliouwndi
° f Formate a: \VM. JACtCW>N*S, earner of Wood and
Liberty »t« _ declO .
INGS.-—Serolala in ali'iu multiplied forma,
whether in Out «f King’s Evil, enlargement* r» dm
I olamla or honta, Goitre, White, Swelli'ga. Coron:«
Kbcuuatiain, Censer. d»*ea»ea of Ibe Skin or Spine,
or of I'ulruonary Consumption, emaoite ftnm one
1 and the same came, wtfcl. « a poisonwu®
I mots or lew. inherent in the hnine. >X>teo fhere.
I fore, onlen Uri, principle enn ndl
) cal ear. can he ellccted, hot if U.e open
which the rliteiae Jependa, M. ,e "?' c l’ | *.JJJ™
thuetot neccorit, follow, no mailer oodcr whatlom
the rlireaac alnmhl manilest lUell. , 1 ht», therefore
1, the raaaon why Jam o’, ALTrthTITI « «o om
vcrmtly sueeesaiul in removing fo many malip>*nl
dticaae*. It ilealmya tho virna or principle'from
wbic'i those diaeaaea have their origin, by entenßt
into the circulation, and with the blood la conveyed
to the minuteat fibre, removing every partlcleof
diaesie from the syatem. Prepared arul aold at No.
11 South 'J-hird Street. Philadelphia.
’ Sold at tbc Pekin Tea Store, No. 72 hourtb street
■ PiiUburgbi : mcbgl.
■ _ *~ r 'DfTilthsna , a Warm Rpeelfle.
•■'mills i*«o certify ihsi, by inklngone vlsl of Doetor
I Mef mne 1 * Worm Speeihe, a child of Jane* Sbtw a
nmVaed upWarda of 70 wnrma, and liyaheweofaaid
-ffidnc P a child of my own H
Ii ia duly the u»»t aurpri«ing worm afeaiCine I ever
aeeo. liowo hi«. two «»><= GILMORR
1 Wilkma Townahip
■ For.ale by J KIDD A Co, No« 0 Wpol FreeuPlll.
hargh. i ■ ■—
: V n?r C T “ V X <V ' '
**ipl* r cor Ut and wood »l* and wood and «iha
RIDGE ROAD. above 9u*et. PhU^
adejphia. AttMACTlablUhmeat may be Toeod
the greatest variety of Plans and beantifsl Patters*
for IKON RAILINGS in tbe Doited Mates, to
which the attention ©I those inwantof any descrip
lion.and especiallyfor Cemeteries, is particularly
invited. .
The principal pari ol all the handsome Railings
a t Lae el HUI, Monument, and other celebrated
rieurftrries in tbe ciiyjand cooaty ol Philadelphia,
irlfirh hare been so highly' extolled by (he piMie
press, were executed at this manufactory.
A large WarevKoom is connected with tbe estab
lishment, where is kept constantly on band a large
stock of ready-made Iron Railings. Ornamental Iron
.Settees. Iron Chairs, new style plain and ornamen
tal Irou Gates, with so extensive assortment of Iron
Poets, Pedektals, Iron Arbors, Ate: Al«o, in great
variety, WroagtH and Cast IrtmOrntments, suitable
for Railings, and other purposes.
Tbe subscriber would also slate that in his Pal
tern and Designing Department lie has employed,
some of the best talent in tbe coobtry, whose whotr
attention is devoted to the bttsiness^-fonmngalUr
ge tberone of tbe most complete sad iystematic es
ublishraenls of thekiod in the Union.
ROBERT WOOD, proprietor.
Ridoe Road, above Buttonwood-street.
IS, 1847 JSmoy
Gold lasers, full Jewelled, Ml 00 I
Hilrer do do
Gold Lepines, Jewelled, 30 00
Silver do do ISW-
Silver Cloaniers, fine quality, 1U tO
'Gold Watches.plsin, IS 00
Pilver Spectacles, t “5 _
Gold Pencils, U 00
Gold Bracelets, v ~
Also,on hand. ■ large assortment of Gold and'Hair
Bracelets, finger rings, breast pins,hoop eat rings, gold
pen*, silver spoons, sugar longs, thimbles, gold neck,
curb and lob chains, gusrd keys and jewelry of every
description, at equally low prices. All 1 want is a esil
to convince eustomcr*.
All kinds of Waichet ami Clocks repaired and War-;
ranted to keep good time for one year; old gold And St I
verbought or taken in exchange. f 1 . \
For sale, eight day and thiny-boor brass Clocks, at ,
Wsteh, Clock, and Jewelry Store. No dli|, N*rkei
street, above Eleventh, North side, Philadelphia. *
117 I have some Gold and Silver LererstlsUeheaper
ihaiTilic above price*.
'T'IUK Hammer possesses many advantagti over tl
1 other* —among which may lie
lu Manageublenesa—Tbermpid'uhy end force of blpo
mar be caniroiicd. aritfcibc-grcatcst-.cMCiiwhiie .tb«
hammer t» in operation, and the hammer,may .be io
stonily amstinLand suspended at any height
Iti Universality, or capacity to execute work of al
kinds, ftotn the largest 10 the smallest, aider the *«m.
hammer- _*' |
lit Simplicity, Compacinet't and Cheapness.
Il» Accessibility opou all aide*. l>> the workmen
Allthe hammer* arc made Self-Acting. ,
The subscriber* eontinne to execute order* for ihes
hammers. of all aizea, upon reasonable terms.
For fuitber particulars, inquire of
Assignees of the Patent for the United Stairs,
deelS-ly _ Southwark Foundry, Phllsd'a
music: music: music:
f ER M. WALKER, Drobrri* Utah mnd Muu*
1 j roi Instrument!, P.JO Walnut street, FAUaiMyAta
llawe Just published, or Sccnesof other
days may Fade.
Lc Petite Uanseuse* Viennoises. by II Kent
Kti*t Friend, W V Wallace.
Pasde Fleur, Mareixek.
Olendatoufb, W J Leman
linens Vitta March.
Kudolph Polka,OF Rudolph.
Havel do' Al Keller. < 1
G*n Taylor's March aud Quick trtep.4c.Ac.
Thry are constantly puMbbing and receiving all th*
new music (tom New \ ork. Boston, Baltimore, 4c. !
Order* respectfully toliened, and attended to with
Always on hand, all kinds of Musical Instruments
Violin Hiring*,Tuning Forks, and all articles of Musi
cal Merchandize, at the lowest price* : my3ditn
Manufacturer* of
or ali. dksckiptioiis
No, 3kl South Front Street*
Hath of T. A. Wi/mn'aCabtnd Wart Manufy
ALL order* left withS. H. Moon, al thebftee of the
Merchants llnirl, Pitt-burgh, will lie piornpiij
attended to TlltiH. G. DERRY
wplbdlv . A. e..NICKERSON ;
IM PORTER of Waichcm. Watchmaker'* Tool*, and
Watch Material*, wholesale and retail,and eon*
stantly on hand a Urge aasoruerntof Lunette, Patent,
and Plain Glass, Mainspring*. Verges, Dial*. Watch
Hands, and u complete asternarni ofall Tool* and Ma
tf Mali belonging to the trade; with • large assortment
oi <>v>|dand Silver l-erer, l«pine,and Platu Watches,’
all ot whi<-]t he will guaranty to sell at the lowest New
York*. All order* from the country: punctually
N. U—Country Merchants andotheia are invited to
call and examine at the OIJ Stand* No. XI South Fourth
wieei, Philadelphia- jantfm
- MTt g V HARNESS AMteER, 9UQ Chcoot *i ,
Watson. mtntUoift inform**£»»
and lit* public, ttsfbr has. rod win harp
constantly ou hand and tie ask, a bsndscn* aiwrtmrat of
aihionahtr Carriages , Vehicles of ali Myles and description*
made to order at the shortest poswbkaouee, tod escorted it
the very best manner, ofselccted material. . fidzß-ly
I R Smnh. W liasaley." " Wll Woodward
SMITfI, BAQALEY * CO., wholesale deal
er* in Groceries. Teas, Indigo. Ac..'No :NI Market
«irrei.l«*low Sixth, North *hle. Vtt'adelphia. . lift
G< ALLFRV, fhlrd street, adjoining PpctOfiee. PitU
r burgh, Pa.—Ma. PORTER XUpfa Bflunore) re
spectfully invites (be ladies {tndgentfcsperiofFiufVgh,
«anJ (lie public een<iralljr t '(o call ud exaxpine the terse
Collection oi* Dagoerrcot pe Pertiaiu at tua Caller/.
The specimens produced b/ Mr. P.. for beauty, brilliaiK
cy, distinctness, end tone of coloring are Mt surpassed
by any iu ihi* country. A number of the Portraits of
Cniien# can-ta seen at the Gallery. Call and eiamiue
for ynanelee*. Likeneraea taken in clear or cloudy
X. appamna and all matcriala fur
aiahed. W S PORTER
Dagucrreotypiat; enlrunce Philo lUII Suirway. on 3d
aurel, adjoining Poal ORce. *p*jo ,
NOTICE— Application h*a li«pu uude for the re
newal of Certificate No ITS, dated January H
fHJ; Ibr tbury-ais aharca of the capiul aiock ot the
cofflpauy for erecung a Bridge over the River Monoii
gabela. oppoeita Piit«burgn—which said Certificate baa
been dealroyed by fire or loft.
liuxber lot tieb
Warner Good*,
Bicb Sprint
lIA \V LS,
' newt plus
4 primed
ed and easb
li’rd Boast;
1 and printed
ie Ltina;
' nch Drab
an Striped
lew. Alto,
A V A T H;
York made
tars. Ac
•cual at wboleaale
W II oabkakp
prices __ _apU
It.'INRSt-tijr eolw treble Pori WJar;
TV J do of'lie crtcbhliea brand
1 do |,ondon Pori, *er7 old;
10 do digerent biandeaod vintage*
3 or cktksLiabon wine;
9 do do dry Urligt;
9 hbdtaap Cfsrei p-iiie;
Id bakts sup ciown brand Cham a*me
2 Y ctJts tap L M Madeira wine;
2 do do PaV SJieiry;
3 do Madeira vintage, IHdj
>3 do diderent brands and vintage*;
t do ctkeawee! Malaga;
S do do Bed wine;
P«il of the above wine* haveju«( arrived from under
Curuxn Ifouae Lock*, m New York; per«M< Wiab'ng
lopurtbaae, rosy rely on gening ■ pure article, in
quantities to »uit. Koranic by P C MARTIN
aptti coraaithScld tod front m
—; * T« PHutm. '
4 4 JVS T Halved u4(xi«l!
(tom lb* Fomtirjof (»eo. Brw< e
, fc Cto., New York, lb* followii*
8 . font*of Type:
■ w m j6o{ !bt Dour*epJ»;
I7| Ibtfttio ion TUtc;
. S7I lb* Minion; *
5 ibiTwo Line Minion Cap i;
Mftee rnlM, elc.
Af£o—Yor uW» pett rtr'i
ety of B«road band Type, from Naapvptl lo U lineft
c«.Flower*,Ornament*,ere.{Which will be >oU lo
r ® r _ c fi- JOHNSTON h HTOCKTON
• FROM the vary liberal encourage
h- has located (umsou ip 4U*fbeair t
WW or has indued him to taka a lease. Air is
“■""“wim*f year*. on the property ha new
ocesiues, la Bearer street, Immediately beside toe
PresbylenaaChuch. From the leaf experience in the
above basinets and a desire te jtleue, be hopes to mer
it and receive a share of public patronage.
Nowon band and finishing to order, Koekaway Bag
gies, open and top Baggies, and every description of
Carnages made to order, from seventy-five dollars tp
e'chthsfMnt ti.nWin * JOHN ROUTW.T
, ViNINO HOSES. Monthly floses-and fcve£
ke , suitable for planting in Cemetry**
be famished on application at the rood store,
from NdnenesofJa*.Wartrop. Manchester. i
n-wwtf. ~ • NolJa. cor wood aod 6th sis ;
e ROUND ALLBFICfey Ciiuawi aod CieVss m
bbls, boxes and small packages, constantly oo hand
and fer sale ttUroMostard and
stroet ? '>!>-• ■- , RHODES* A LOOBNi
W lifid.e,"on litfld «n<l for ule U Hi! W.,ct<nK
A BOV WANTED—vVwwJViaJuidwinoM boy
id attend ro a Oteoery Store- 1h» best of ton
eneo required. Apply o •
apOtT FSEiTZ, tMLibsnynrost
Ezrltartdf far hwaim. •
THE pablie are respectfully Informed that this Line:
will commence running on or about ihelOih iostanL,
and continue throughout Ue season. The proprietors
have now placed a superior class of Paekets and Rail
road Can on the route, with extra accomtoodatlboa,
wbieh will five greater comfort to traveler*.
' A Packet Boat will ahraya be in port, and the t*av
eliog publie are requeued to .call and examine them,:'
One of the Packet* will leave the landtng, (opposite
the United State* Hotel,! corner Penn airtet and the
Canal, every night atPofoloek.
For information apply at the office. Mcnohgahela
Hoose, Water street, or to D LEECH 41 Co
; mebtf ’ cor Penn atreet and Canal.
rank. j&&4
ion 199 198
154 f * njjHiP timyl'
THE stock, of.this line consist* of a double daily
Line of Boat* aod pars, (owned by themsrlvea.]
which are in good order. The a übsenbera are prepa
red to forward a Urge quantity of Merchandize and
Produce with certainty aud dispatch;
Produce or Merchandise consigned to any of the un
dersigned. is forwarded free ot any charge for commis
sion or storage.
Bills Lading tratumitted and all instruction* promptly
attended to.
The business of this Line ia conducted on strictly
Sabbath-keeping principles. Address, or apply to
. D LEECH 4 Co, Proprietors.
Canal Batin, Pittsburgh
HARRIS A LEECH, Proprietor*,
Nol3SouthThirdftreet. Philadelphia
No 114 North Howard street, Baltimore
W b WILSON, Agent,
ntchld No 7 West street, New York
1847. fijjSBPMF
_Ii*OK tWtranaportaiion of Freight between Pittsburgh
F and the Atlantic Cities, avoidjng transhipments on
the.way, and the -consequent risk of delay, damage,
breakage and separation of good*.
No 3?8 Market street. Philadelphia
1 Car'Pcnn aud Wayne »t*, Pittsburgh
O'CONNOR ACo, North street, Baltimore } .•
W 4 J TTAJ*SCOTT, <SSouth si, N- Y. S AF^
Encouraged by increased business tho Proprietors
have added to.iheir stock and extended their arrange
ments during the winter, and are now prepared to for
ward freight with regularity and dispatch unsurpassed
by any other line. Their long experience as carriers,
the palpable superiority of the Portable Boat System,
and the great capacity aud conveulencp of the ware
house* at each end of the line, are peculiarly calcula
ted to enable the proprietor* to fulfil ibeir engagements
add accommodate theif Customers—confidently offering
the past aa a guaranty for the fature, Ahey respectfully
solicit a continuance of that patronage which they now
grateAilly acknowledge.
AlkeoaaigiuDeutstoTaaSe 4 O'Connor will be rec’d
and forwarded Steamboat charges paid ar.d Bill* of
Lading transmitted free of any charge for Conndiiston,
advancing or storage.' Having no interest directly or
indirectly in steamboats, the imprest of the consignors
must necessarily be thpir primaryobjeclin shipping
west, and they pledge themselves to forward, all goods
consigned to them promptly and bn the most advania
geoos terms to the owners.
March 1.1M7 marS _
&b| a 1847. flßtaaS
BURGH, piiiMDKLPiiiA and Baltimore.
(tT'Withom Tratuhipment-«QJ
Goods coosigned toouresrr will tie forwarded with
out delay,at iba lowest eurrent rates. [Uills of 1-aiting
transmitted, and all mstrucuoua promptly atfciwkd to
fiec from any ntrm charge.for storage or commission
Address, or apply to C A .McANULTk’ft Co
Cans! Ua<in, Pitisbutgb
Having a 'very large'anJ commodmus warehouse,
we are prepared to receive Ini addition to height for
shipmenil a targe sunoant of Produce, Ac. on Storage al
low rates. * (mat*! C A McANULTV4Co
for the
FREIGHT between Pittsburgh, Bisirsville, Johns
town, Hollidsysbuigh, Water Street, Petersburgb and
a{l loteimedUio places.
,One Boat will leyve die warehouse of C A McAoulty
4 Co., Pittsburgh, every dsy, (except Sunday*,] and
shipperican always depend on their goods for
warded without deiay and at fsjr rates.
,This tune was formed for the special accommodation
of the way business, and the prsp/irtors respectfully
solicit a liberal share of patronage.
JOHN MILLER, Itollidaysburgli 1
’@>‘ll CANAN. Jolni-town ] Ageni
CA A Co. lMtsburgb)
J S MeDeyiti, Jojta Parker, Robert Moore, Bagalry
4 Smith. Puuburgn. J_ garf
lUB S|Cjfllii* LUK. ■
f 1847. tfgted
riiHis Laic being composedof SiearaboaisLakeF-rie
X ami Michigan, running daily between Piuvbuigb
and Beaver, sod freight and pa»«en;er Cun si Ifoai*,
nuiuiog beiweeu Beaver and Hne and ennocciing With
C M Reed’s tune of Hirambom Propellers and Vessels
on the Lakes, will be prepared upon tho earliest open
ing of Navigation to carry Freight and passeogezi to
all points on the River. Canal and Lake*.
. Having every facility for conveying freight and pa**
-aengen wnh'pn»sptneu and diipaicb, the propiietor
and agent* respectfully aotieit frocs tbeii friends and
be pobhe generally their patronage. • ,•
C M BIKD, Erie, Proprietor
DEEDS, PARKS * Co, Beaver,A*i»
JUU# A CAUOHEY, FitlibvVdo
Coi.Smilhßeld *nn W ater *u'opp;rie ;be Mononga
gakela House.
uni to
Wbeeler, Crocker 4 Co, New V«wk
Oto D»*t», llaffklo i
KN Peril 4 Co,C3evrUnd j
]u A Anniuonf 4 Co. Detro.t (
McClure 4 WDliem*. Mtlwsukic i
U'iool 4 Porter, QuufO i
Wa Power*, Powerttowo, PeimW
Geo MacbeUayre. Evatulmrgb, I't
John MeAiihar, llaautown,
Wjek 4 Acker, Greeu»ilte,
Creif 4 Fi'empion, C!=rk»Til)e.
Iler* k H«4b. Wiirpslittfri, Ps. I
W C ~ *
R W Caontayhein. New Ce«tle, I
BfejjHßß 1847. £y l
Will uU.*«PORTfNU MEkTiiT
TIIE improved method of carrying a*:
Eetabltabed .Line, ie now to well lii
aciiptionunooceeMary, Good* are no
mate, tha* all iraaahipment or extra hai
The Boat* ate of linn draught and pci
in (na ti; to «e«cn dava.
Tie capacity ©,' c zr WmieUoiwe* ena
any eotuigiiineiits ttatle toua i L
advance* free of charge*.
Being felly prepared to nuke aalei c f Produce, we
reepectfolly aoficit consignment* of 'reiicru Hour,
Bacon, Lard, Batter, Cbceae, Wool,Fee ben, andoibcr
article* for ulu, pn which liberal ad< ancee will L-e
roado and ol&er atiial Ca»Jit:e* afforded pledging <*ir
aclvc* that any tuiinet* entrusted u «* •lull <>« »•
promptly executed and upon a* fair t riot at bjr ar.v
otixr bouse. JNO UcfApt EN b Co
Caual Baa n, Pittsburgh
mehltf 80 *ud USf Mark et at, Pbilada
: arr«;tnoukr:
East Beaver Point and Brit geioeter, /
•sets* cocxti, fa., I
Proprietor and Agent of atei men J
sJS£b£l !Jsh£
t3y*EaiB iso Hiciiuair,
dailv arrwxiW 'nrruuaao exp fSAt*»,
IE7ILL be ptepared on earfierf d#enn gof cabal oa»-
TT igation to receive property at hir wharf boat 6r
in warehouse, for all point* on Erie Kxien*ioa, t.*ro»«
Cat, and'Qaio 'CanpJ*; for ell poneonjLake Erie and
Upper Lakea.aiaTab tdlo.rwanl prodacej, ftedry Penn'a
Improvement*. Apply to or audreae >
<eb«-dtf JAb BltoV, Beaver
' 1846. Ittaw
11. Clarke.' 11. Hoop*. T. fc/ckaoad k Co.
Farwardlag k Cooualaaloia Bcrcbaata,
r|i|lß Agents and Proprietor* of tbia Line (to favor*
1 al4y to the public), prepared on the
earlieti opdnlh* of etr,al navlgitiob to receiveproji
ertjr at Pmahurgh and Beaver, aud di)iver the tame at
any point on the l>hfo canal*, and station Labus E,-.e
and Michigan, with the greatest despatch and afrea*
’ onable rate*- \
* ' Tl}* proprietors of tbialine aolicilltbe businesa of
' j Ibcir fbm**r customers with confident*, knowing that
10 their facilities are aecotj to none. I
, Apply to or addreAk
G M lIARTON, Agt, Piusbargh.
’ « CLARKE k Co, Beaver.
° Jang T RICHMOND kCr :<* veland.
- "rFSBTHiiIIs;
TUB Boaimen’a Foitable Dost Company being di»-
aolted, the again went imp article* of Co
partnenhJp under the name of the “Boatmen’* Line;''
hod lijrewiaa agreed Ut refit the Block: »o a* to bate ■
number p{ Dgau for the parpoae of tarrying tool*
thioagfc fnw •«> ip eight daya withioerfiniy—and
feel eneoeragwl by the llperaw pf la*l year’* patron
age,to Ja*|e more attentive arrangement* for the en
suing ytrj,
We troald therefore ratpeot/ulljr aollplt a ronjttno
toeeof oar former patron*.and refer all new customer*
to thoae we hate done bualnea* for. '
forlhe transportaikm of
30 Markets! |
PniLesomu. BaLtnton. New Vou. add Boarea.
Corner Libeity aireet and Canal Bum. Pittabargh.
No 963 Market atreet, Philadelphia.
EfcBER,OKLBTONtOg*ijn» d
PHTBBUBOH—Jm- McCpUy, Geo. Morgan * Ca
W MeCelTyACo. B A BaapaeoACo, M Allen A Co.
PHILAOTXFHf A—Morrii Patter«on k Co. Reynold*
McFarland A Co, Flaming * Ruby. Peter Wright*
*m. J B lap ham, Joseph Gittx.
NEW Y?)g|?-«ocdhse * Co, Tbeo. Perry * Co.
CINCINNATI—Adam* * Creagh, W W Bcarbor*
"B. PLEASANT, VA-P A Msebier.
NASHVILLE—P Flaming. . • _ ,
Nor*—AH merch indite from New York and Deaton*
consigned to A L Gerhart*Co, Philadelphia, will be
promptly forararded /haeof cornmlaaioa. ' gb >*
• • - LBCCH * coni
Packan Knrm U Phlladilphla
TWE Canal befog now open, the
Expram which baa beat ca
mwlSßTofTSe eooteyanee of valuable package* of
merthAfadHe.-anacle, bank note*, Jewelry, kt, «ont
«anee4numla*oaThßraday, March 18. .. .
An lUKCruv will be dispatched daily *nlll tb« elom
of thacZiuUfif aeaaon.
Apply IP . D LEECH *Co ,
tSeUP cor petin at aad Car'd!
! PITTS boro u iiDcnaum
•j . daily line of i
THIS well known and popoinrUoc of Steamers has
been greatly improved the paitWinter.bythead
f4itioQ Pf:geyera) oew and magnificent., boats, built
expressly for the Packet Line;.and lhe[enars line is
•how cwapofcd of eight of the largest,best finished and
furnished, ,and most powerful l<oais on the Waters of
iiheWest. Every accommoduian that money will pro
cure baa been provide*] for Passenger*, and no pains
will he spared to reader them comfortable and the (zips
/agreeable. leave Pittsburgh aed Cincinnati daily
j positively at ID o’clock, A. AL
! noiDlT PACKET.
' The MONONGAIIELA,CapL Sissr, wiUleave Pius*
bnrgh every. Monday monjin* tt 10 o’clock; Wheiding
evprv Monday evening at 10 P. M ; and Cincinnati ev
eryiThunday at 10 o'clock. A. M. ’!
T>e HIBERNIA; NO. 9, CapL A KUneftUtr, will
leave Pittsburgh every Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock;
Wheeling every Tnordav evening pt 10 P. M.; and
Cincinnati every Friday at 10 o’clock; A. M.
The NEW ENGLAND, NO. a, Capt. S. Dan, will
leave PuUburgb every Wednesday morning at 10
o’clock; Wlipcbng eveiy Wednesday evening at 10 P.
M ; ami Cim innetl every Saturday at lOo’eloek, A. M.
The WISCONSIN,Capu ft./. Grow,will leave Pitts
burgh every Thursday morning at lOo’elock; Wheeling
every Th'dr*dayevrnmg at to P. end Cincinnati
even Sunday at lOo’ctock, A. M ■
The CLIPPER, NO. 9, Cspu CroeAi.witi leave Pitts
burgh every* Friday morning at tu o’clock; Wheeling
every Friday evening atIOP.M.; and Cmeiunst} every
Monday e ; 10 o’clock, A. M j
The MTSSENGER, Capt. Linford. Will leave Pm*}
burgh every Saturday morning at 10o’clock: Wheeling
every Hanirduy evening at 10 P. M.; and Cincinnati
every Tuesday at lOo’clock, A. M. ’
The ISAAC NEWTON, C«PI A. «. Mason, will
leave even-Holiday morning at 10 o'cfock;
Wheeliapf every Sunday evening at 10 P. M.; and Cin
ctinali every Wednesday at 10 o'clock, A M-
Packets will be at their berth* at Piitsbutgh
and Cineiiinati, rrgulsrly.'lbe day previous to leaving
each port;] for the rrceptiou of freight, and enir? of Pas
sengers ot» the Register.
No Be nil or Htaie Room considered engaged arfGl paid
for. .] ' L ' fchS .
RKGULAH morning packet for
4WM9* K The new aud splendid steamer
1 fib If 1 fl J BEAVER,
Charles Hoops, commencet her
inns (his day, leaving Pius
burgh*al li'o'clock, *. u , snlßeaver at d o'cfock, t w.,-
counscim'pwidi Pithburgh and Cleveland Cad
ml Boat*!dail> to Cleveland. O ; Beaver, W«ireu and
Cleveland. Line of Canal Packets and Huge [Cooehe*
daily io Warren and Cleveland; Canal Packet!Lines'to
New Caslle and Greenville, Pa.;. Erie Line
to Meadyitle and Erie. Neil. Moore 4 Co’s Litres of
Htnge Coaches for Cleveland and Wooilir. leave. Be
aver diulji on the arrival of iteamlioai Besvet' fioin
Piinliareh Applytn
GSI IIARTON 4 Co, Piuiburgh
spH: CLARKE 4 Co. Beaver / '
; “ UNION LINKI ! ' -
YY IT 1 "! 1847.
*nv OHIO ckhau,:
K N|PARKS4Co,Cleveland, O. 1 i-r ,
R O 'PARKS. Beaver,Pa. [ Proprietor*^
W T MATHER, Pittsburgh, Pa. ) "'f),
THE above Line i* now fully prepared io_tr*n*ppn
Freight and Passenger* from riusburghand.devr>
land, many point on ibv Pennsylvania 4 Ohioand Ohio
Canal* . *-<
The faeihues of said Line are not equalled by-aitToa
said Conk's, iri numb;pi *nd eapaeity of Boats, expe
rience of Captains, and promptness of Ags-ntl, 4e. .'
One Boat lesvev
nine in bonneetion with ibe Steamers.
Michigan and Lake Erie, 1 between Piusliursh mnd
Beaver, and a Line of first clast tHeamboai*, Propel
leu. Brig* and Hchooner*, on Lakes Erie, Huron', Mi
chigan and Ontario _
I'ropenv forwarded io any part of ibe .'Union' with
dcspiirh K N PAkKH 4 Co, Cleveland, Agis
KRED. PARKS 4 Coiltcaver, Agts
o' W T MATHER. PituUrgh, Agl,
apJl Cor. Waier aud streets
1S 47. ffiffllflifll
noaoiroAiiKLA roctbv/
v ni. '•e /
Time to Ualumorr • bouf» 5
Time lo Philadelphia ' --(6 *//'
(Only 71 Mile* Staging.) , ‘
Till!? splendid anu fa«tnmliin*s»e*iirrTy Consul, I.ou»
i* Mct.ane and Swatars, hoVe commenced making
double daily tnp*. One boat will leave the Monnrgn
beta whan every precisely at
Pa*aeuger«by ti»« morning bus willarrive mtWumo re
cell evening in iUqc Cut the Philadelphia Maiflloat, or
Rail Kdadvar*. The evening Boat will leave the
wharf daily at 4 o'eloekreibept Sundays; iPSssciißcrv
by ibi» : booi will InJgr on'.U'iarii. in
mom*; Iruve UrownrviU** morning at b/fcluek,
cru»« ine inouiUa.ii* m Jay I jrHil -up and
hcilanJ. Thus avoiding night navel altpgejbgs;; The
1-jown jipon it- ‘ 1 **
I‘ni.Jnj.nfin mpon the fouie and resume tnerr
aeaia again at pleasure, andliive of Bail Road
or Steamboat brtweeo Baltimore and Philadelphia.
Coachca'ctartelfd to panics to travel a* they destrty
Seeuievuvr'lifieo at (he office. Monohrahelalloeae,
or St l'hbrlr«-Ho:r! •' J MESKIMpN
feblGj-, ■~T-. ..
TotciiKVilLASD y|a. WAOBES.
cJ&> ; iB47. aakrtca
PACKET Boh* tfwaliovr and Telegraph leave Bea
vek'daily at 3 o’clock r u , after the amy»l of tht
monitor Boa* from Pltisburfb. and arrive ePWarrep it
time foi the Mail J,ioc of Stage*,'which leave itomedi
•tely thereafter. and arrive at Cleveland at So’clock, r
* Tin* route n ibe ruosi expeditious am! eorafonabl
one io the Lake*.
OOTKS-fc-LEFFINGWEGL, Warren Propr’s
REEU. rABKS A Co, Reaver, Agent*
JOHN A C4p;HpY. copjrt Waicr and Smitbfield »i
■p*ly Oppo*it»t thejdonongaheia Hoove Pittsburgh
lJne consisting of freight and passenger Back-
A eta, will n»«- regularly daring the season between
Uearcr and Greenville, I*4 . b> which freight an-l pn»
sengcr* between the twopomts, will b{ carried proinpih
■ud at (lie lowest rates
WICK fc ABC)lKR.(imorill«, Arts
COAIO ft PR&MFTON, Clarksville,
McPAKLAftD ft KINO. U<( Ht-ud. do;
HAYttft PLI/MB, Stharpshurgh. do.
W C Mftl.AV. Huron, do.
Wil. WAI UKWtS Pal Mai. ' do, *
v BfclKD, t*AKK3ft Co, Ueavri. do,
JOHN a CA UtillKV, corner Whler and SoMb&eld sts,
iffily Opposite (h« Motwugabeia llogic, I'itul.ofgti
IDt»V ttf
fd by tbia lanf
uown iL»t de
touched o» the
dling is M'cil.
fora tbcirtnp*
s&asi )547. afflwp
J4cj ut ttriiere
Philadelphia, Baltlsaovo. Sew York
aud Bmloi.
THE eneaurjgentdhFOi* line bat received since
its comoionceuieol.baa ladaced the proprie
tom to increase the stoek by adding s number oi first
ciaas boats; and instead ofgirmg receipts as hereto
fore as agent*, we will give our own receipts lor
freight shipped by this lin^.
'1 he boats are all portable, consequently freight
is taken the whole distance without transhipment,
thereby preventing damage from frfecaent handling
on the roptp, gods* eaep jfpoa! ip twned by the
Captain who runs ibejp, wlnefi jg A sufficient guar*
ante* that there will ba nn delay oo Ui'o route.
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to the*
umJersigred will be forwarded KKKE OF COM
MISSION.for advancing and Forwarding,and will
be shipped without delay at the lowest rates of
freight. t
We respectfully solicit a share of public patro
nage. WAM.INUPOKDdc Co.,
Cancl Basin, Pittsburgh.
CKAflj, BKtLAS * Co.. Agt.
, Broad street, Philadelphia.
Uowley’a Wharf. Baltimore.
Pittsburgh, Feb. IS. IHJ7.
184 G *»p ’■ |847
' PIIK undersigned arc now prepared io forward pro
i- dure, 4c , io the Pastern Marinis during the ensu
ing Winiri.on iho in<>»i faro table terms, by Ibis expe
ditious route.
All property r-oDiigned ions Willie forwarded attht
lowert rates and vitU dr snatch..
Meirh»mli*e rtceirrd' lor *ii«* rcu:? promptly for
wmnliHl. J C UIUWKMi, X*n, Pliuu««h
U rv CASH, UrownaTiilfli
E EfiKm ON 4 Co,Cumberland
j£££ ftftM
TUB aobacribera will yecelpt fortli« delivery of Pro
dace 10 Baltimore try ibc ManenfihWa Slackwatrr
at ibe fallowing pneet.— *
A the*, Baron, Butler, Lead, Lard, Pork. Tallow
WUtkey. Cfceej.c, ard Otai*— b?| cti per IOU lb« • '
Tobacco, lleojp, rUfjnjl \yhefi-W eta per 100 Iba
Aahea, (Pol) ApplfliJCheere, flaj-»c-d, Ola.*, and
Leather—loo eta per fOO Iba •
Oil*, Skint. Seed*, Wool—HO eta per Itt) Iba
Beeawax,Pealhert, Fur*, Gotten*, and Bnake-Rooi
—lWcitper lOOlba.
All property couaianed to either of the utderaicned
will be forwarded »iihout deUy J free of Coomitiion,
at above rate*. WII CLARE,Brawnaville
roEJOMTERfIind others wishing
bsre Fire Brick. Produce. Ac!
JMHV brought to IhU piece from Steubenville
|MH|HBhead Unenocdiete landings, can make
arrangements, by calling on me, as I
bare a Boat riming regularly between PiUsburckand
SteaurnVillr. GKO. B. MILTBNBKROtffe.
Jan< Btcsmbft ? j4 C nt, M Water st
FOR lAbK.' ~r—
a THKHteamboiUlAßLEMrej ai.rd
,n * «Citodlarbasdioma style and
Jfflß. a ° w . *f th ® Moeongabela wharf As
she is improved sbe a well adapted for
carrying frcightand ftir towing-, sh • bas
great capacity and power. .Aar person divpos, d to
parebaae will ofcourse inspect her,
1 also propose ip teaae, toyono or mors years' mi esaf
Wtrkr, and to a man of business habits'they
offer groat adv»fiUf es. I can famirh the lessee, either
on tale, or charter, my low boai u AJINEB. n He can
alaoheteonblr terms six barges, three fiats, and two
coal bottoms sixteen; ears with- ropsa, fixtures. kt
mads far fail oMyatfaniL Anegowpatioo oftbi es
tablishment l* tdviude rerami* shipand to -negotiate
With Wainrefereneefa any of tbs above particular*,
may addresa tma at iwpOAca to BUkaa’s Bufldin. s 4s
sum, MonoogsheUciiy,'
O Valuable Medicinu,thotuaud» have been resto
red to perfect hniith who bat by its iim woold sow
be io u» silent grave.
Asotbcr UTtao witxisi.—Read with aston
ishment the w.ondertul care performed by Doctor
Ssrsyne’s Compound syrop of WILD CHERRY:
PaitADtLPHu, January iS, IBd7.
Dr. Swaync—-Dear Sir lo jatlicc to voanelfiad
a doty I owe to suffering humanity, 1 chcerfaJty
give my testimony, and declare to- the world the
most astonishing eflecU, and the gnat core your
Compoond Syrup of Wild Cherry performed oo me.
uoder toe most unfavorable circumstances.* 1 was
ttken with a riolent Cough, Spitting of Blood, se
vere Pains in the Side and Breast, which seemed
to breakdown and enfeeble my constitution, su that
my physician thought my case boyond Hie power of
medicine, and djr friends all gave me up Lo die; but
Uunks to you and the effect* oi your great discove
ry, I now feel mjseJl a. well man, and raised (rum a
mere skeleton to as fleshy and healthy a man as 1
have been for and shall be pleased to give any
informatioo respecting my case, by calling at my
residence,Mechanic street,third dour below George
street, NonhernjLiberties. Jacob Fainter.
Testimony is rjoic received from all quarters oj
Tbe following teller* are presented with t view
or more fatly ahowiogthe opinions oT Physicians in
relation to the Medical value or Dr. SVVAY.N'K’S
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir: Hating used your'Com
poond Sjrrap ol Wild Cherry extensively in my
fractice, l waa requested by your Ageal, Doctor
Iroteher to ex trie** my Opinion ia writing of it*
properties at a remedial agent, 1 moat cbeerlully
comply, ■■ I feel by so doing, 1 will dubharge a
debt 1 owe (he community at large, and Physician*
in particolar. Jumuehaa I detest Quack Herne
diet and Pater t Noatnima, i was? induced from
a lailure of the most potent expectorants, recom
mended in oar matena medlca in some cate* ol
Diseased Lungi
Virginia or Wtl
I waa .so much
aubsequent trie
ence to ail o'lbe
indicated. In
Disease of the 1
it appears in K<
Remedy in the
who know- me
be seen by pen
i will briefly a i
active practice <
a Regular Unit i
Brat Patent Mi <
express an opii
January 7th,
The above ce
ciatis living ali
good practice,
and stands fair;
Now that \\
train of Pulmo
Colds, &c &c
this wsy to m. ke immediate trial of Ur. Swayne’t
Compound Sytop ol Wild Cherry. It will never
(ail to perfi rm a permanent euro. The reputation
of this medicirie has caused many spurious articles
to be pul lonh! under its name; but the preparation
of Ur. Swayne, besides being the tint ever oflered
to the public, is the only one that can be rclud on.
The other mixtures sole! (or Wild Cnprry Syrup,
Balsams, A:c.,[are all spurious and (worthies/, and
contain none dl the virtues of the original preparas
boo, Ur. Swayne's Compound Syrup ol Wild
Cherry. |
„ Krom the Springfield Kiprcts. .
Of the of purported curative nostruuti
now before ibe public, but very few are lound to
possess the healing virtues lor which.tliey are if.
commended. Among the latter we-are pleased in
tearn none stand a belter lest than u/swaynii'k
Compound Syrup ol Wild Cheiry. The alilicled
in thii vicinity are beginning to use itjnd to their
joy they Sod i i its use their hopes, baaed opon ils
recommeodtinns more than realized. The slfhcled
need notdeap: ir. While there is liie, there now u
o*Since Use introduction of toy article to the
public, there iiave a number of unprincipled indi- j
viduals got .ufi nostrums which they assert conUin !
Wild Cherry, some are called “Balsams,” “Bitters,' I
and even byrhpof Wild Cherry,'but mine is the]
original and 01 |y genuioe preparation ever introdu j
ce« to the put lie. which can be proven by the pub- I
hr. Records ol the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. '
The only safeguard against imposition is to see that
my signature Is on each bottle. v
ohly by Ur. H. Swats*, at las I'noci
‘orner of Eight and Rack Sliced.
All Wild Cherry preparations tieiDg
epunteffeit without his kigealure,'*
Pittsburgh ntiojevaje and retail liv
’..VrA3 Market street.
SMJWDLN. corner JiiJ-A. Wt-od .u.
I BO Liberty street.
by J Mitchell,'Allegheny City; Boyd,
i., Butlerj Wcsvcrdt Hecd<?rflne(|fc}t-r
-rt’Kensiedc Kaskeii]Tlle*elard; Denis
> lumbar, Miller, Brownsville; Manh,
s ; K B llinmsn, Cincinnati, Uhio; Dr
& Cu., St. Louis; J S Mums & Co.,
Ay ; Andrew Oiivrr A. Co., New Or
»t r 5
Prepared <
pat Office,
fictitious an
For tale it
Sold also
Care* St C
Co., F.rie;
St Son, C<
*E Easterly
leant. I
IS now t niversaJly acknowledged to be' the I ,\\
FALLIBLE REMEDY for Rheumatism, Sj>i
nal Affections, Contractions of the Muscles, Sore
Throat an 1 Quinsy, Issues,Old Ulcers, Rains fu the
Bsck and (.'heat, Ague in the Breast and Face
Tooth Ac ir, Sprains, Bruises, Salt Itlirum, Hums,
l.'roap. Fr wled Fuel and all Nervous Diseases
fbe TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS which ha« si
tended th< application of tins most WONDERFUL
: MEDICI HE in euring the most severe cates of the
different Kncstt above named,—and the HIGH
ENCOMIUMS that have been bestowed updn it,
wherever l has been intmdoced, gives me the right
to call on the resort at onre to
ON. , [
JEJThelacultr unite in recommending the ccle
ated Ksternal Remedy, Hunts Liniment.
The following letter rrotp the highly emine/t
I’hyaicuns wbo hare been attached to the Mouhi
I’leaaant Stale I’nson lor many yean, is ibe bcii
ertdeni'e of the talon of this celebrated Liniment.
Sisc. Nso, peeeuoer tb,
My'Dear Sir—l recetted tour note ol ycsierdat,
asking.uiy opinion in relation to Hunt'* Liniment
a* prepared by Mr lieorje £ bunion. Kaowinq
its competition, ami bating frequently used it. I
ran recommend ii to you as a ' ’ ~~
dj.iod >n iujt opimpn, the bpit Liniment noj* u.
oat. V'cr/ Uni/ and r£*ja:cirully yuua.
A K tiOFt'MAft.
Col I’terro Via CortUmJt, ("rolon Manor. %
i ftilljr cuncur in the atove opinion.
Yore town , Jan. 14, 1840.
Sir—lo reply l«» jour letter, Iwooldsay that I
have uaedjonr External Remedy, called Hnnt’a
Liotmeut, in my practice aince jog made me ac
quainted with ila composition. and unlieaitaUnglj
a*y that I believe it to be Uio beat External Heme
dy now in uae (or the complaint* for which yen rr
"commend ». Voura rdapectluliy,
(»co E Stanton, Eaq
O’Auong the ma\» or worthiest articles and
huinbun that are poured forth at Uie preiem dai
upon the country, it * real!; refreshing to bud
something or rpaf practical utility; something aim
pie, speedy end effectual in its operation, and it
the name time free from those injufiou»-«a«i»
which generally aUeud powerful remedies. Hunt'»
Liniment, prepared try Geo. K Stanton, of Sine
•Sing, thouffb it has been beta abort time before
the public, has already obtained the coutidooee,!)"!
only of our tubel wealthy and influential cilsaens,
but oar most eminent physician* All acknowl
edge it to be a sovereign balm for many of the ill*
that nesh is heir t«, soothing the aching Jimb, and
by its genuine stimulating iftHueiir*,banishing dis
ease from thesyMfcm.
Mr. Stanton—Sir—S. eing your advertisement
of Hoot's Liniment, I was induced to try its cflecu
on my son. who had been Crippled with a lame
back from an intent; and it u with gratitude I,bear
testimony to its wonderful heating properties.' M »
child, who SB now five ytarsdl bge; is now m a fait
way of recovery, ” Yours, fitc.
Post o>ril»:,To»n.» lit, I'uinaml.V
I certify, that I am personally acquaint, d with
the above named child, and think the father would
be sale in saying that his son i» almost well
Nov 5,1815. t Deputy Post Master.
I*. S. 1 would also state that» have been for a
number of years subject to frequent altackaif (he
Rheuoutijtp, wldch in many instances prevented
my attending to my business, Two or three appli
cations of the Liniment invariably remove all af
fections of the'kind. In cases o| bruises, sprain*
and sure*, too numerous to mention, it has in Uut
vicinity proved ■ certain remedv. Its value ran
only be fjlinulcd by tliose who have.given it a fair
This Liniment is sold at sA and SO cents per bot
tle, by all the Principal Druggieuiand Merchants
throughout the country. 1
. Wholesale Agents in fieto York .
HOADLKY. PHELPS & Co, 14£ Water
ABkD SANDS, corner I'ultanahd William
ASPINWALL, Hfi William street. ?
Orders addressed to me at Singling,*N Y, win
be aitf nflctf Jo. GgpfttiK ANTON,
For sale in Pittsburgh by L WILCOX, Jr, and J
KIDD & Co. Allegheny City, JOHN SARGENT
Birmingham,JOHN SMITH. febli)
THIS medicine is last Uking the piece of every
prctnralio'n'beretorore used forjiseasea arising
Bom Weaknesg or otbpy capaea. /AH thstis necea
aary to secure this medicine a piece in the Domes*
tic Practice of every family, when such a medicine
it needed, is a trial, •
It speaks for itael}—is innocent in its operation,
aotbto injury can arise liom its use at any time.
Wholesale and Retail by ROWAND L WAL*
TON, Proprietors 576 Market Sheet, Pbilad'a.
, For aale in Pittabn«h by R E Sdlers, 67 Wood
*y*m._Thsrn,WMarketsL oc£dw T
Lncntly dyeing Light, Red or Gray Uair a Dark
town or s*l.aek color, without dyeibg or injuring the
shin. Sold 94b fall direction*. Price 60 cents, or VI
a. bottle.
ErSold by WM. JACKBON, el hii Patent Medicine
Warehouse, to Libeuyatreei, head of Wood, at the
tiyn of the Big Beet. ' 1 ’ . . j~JS
BALIAJH-1S dos Wistaria Balsam of Wild Che try
Just recoiled and for sate by , J KJDDEQo
NoW wood st ree .
(KTiIAN ÜBD-7 bbls best Kuglisb;
f , • , . a ' do- -American;
,„ v Fpr sale b i sjCHOONhrAKICajtC*, i
ap£ No aM wood sues l c
the Globe.
,lo try your preparation o| Prunus
Cherry. It is sufficient tosay that
ileased with the result or Hist and
i, that I now prescribe it in prefer*
Remedies where so expectorant is
Ihe much dre<ded (Pneumonia nr
ings, iu the alarming form in which
nliTcky, I regard it a* an invaluable
treatment ot that duca»c. To all
I have eaui enough, hut oa Uii* may
onfc out of the vicinity ol I‘rankfori,
Jd.that i have been an
ol m y profcsiion ol l-ytar»,and am
uale of Traniylvauia, and this i* the
dicine I ever thought couigh-01-tu-
ion io writing.
J. 11. Ellisdx, M. D.
18-17. Franklin County, Ky.
KANKronT, Ky., Jln’rjrlib, 1847.
irtificatc is Nm one of our I'hysi
■w miles from bere, lie is doing g very
ind is considered s good Flijiidian,
be is, os lie says, aregulargudusle
Dn. \v. L. Ckutchkr,
Druggist and Apothecary,
'niorzlfaii trill never cease.
From the Temperance Fledge,
inter is upon us with its alteodan
lie and Bronchialafleciiont.Coughs
. wo would advise those afflicted m
cquv .
tare Literaa] (letoc-
From the N Y i>ua.
[Near the Upper Bridge, Allegheny CftjfJ
THE proprietor* of ibe Star fegpe'rt*
full) inform the public ibatibry Sfanow
ful operation. Having employed the service*or ti \V.
Bantei as Manager. who ha* bad an experience of tv
yews in the principal tactoties of Allegheny City.
they would inform Jtfeicbont* end Dealer* in general
that they will-aisvay# have oo band superiorComou
Yarns or alt Baitings, Warp«. and Uronn Afu«i
of superior make. N VoSGTLYA t’n ,
N. B.—Orders left at the 3/iJI, or at the uoto of MV
era, Hunter &Co ~18S Liberty street, will be prompt!)
attended to. rachvtSdSni X V & Co
pTtt cotton mill.
PnTBBUKT.iI. PA. . : /-V
r I*HIS Manufactory being in full and cnmplci* opcra
i non, (bavin* received and replaced ail ihe.:r Ma
ebinrry by the latest improv, ranus.) are now making
a very hearv aiticle of 4-t Brown b.iri
twisted,handsome goods, (branded Allegheny D..} and
surpassed by none, of the same style, in the country,
intended exclusively tor the Wc*ters and Bmrrnsa'
trade. Merchsma visaing our city are Invited lo cal
and examine previous to making purchases Orter*
from n distance promptly attended to. an-i goods carc
ftUly shipped when ordered. fehl3d&w3tr|T
Candle-Wick, Batting, Txrlne, Coverlet
(?ttcceay>r» of Aj buckle? A As.-py.)
jan2 Proprietors
Hittsbcmigii, Pa.
THK above establishment being now in aocceasf'il
operation, we are manufacturing. \ rry ciicnsiVcfy.
an anirle of heavy Sheetings, well adapted to the reta l
trade, which for beauty and quality cannot Ikj c ic-lled
by any other make in (be country, fix- attention of?
purchaser* is solicited to an exara>iiHi-no.
fcblliHm&wlt KHNNb I) ■ HiH.nS A/V?
«C'HRls^if-5 ■>•
A I'OSITIVE & FEKMAsInt litlflß-Fon,
s— ILIlKt£6l ATfIS AJ . +
Since their aaecrtifcfiSd, -T.. '
Let m>t or fvtjiiL 'ZV
Induce inankiii(£kaset4ii: ; 4if *
Mean* whiti:-iliu v «imp!ct?rr hyrHrijvrn i!c<ii££',K
ToallrvialcWUL of human ktuyL'i*" 4/
. Mtnc ;
THIS remarkable
universal approbation ir.tfifcpl profea*ion ol
(•real llnntm, comprise* an epiire|)^ti£rft.application o>
Galvanism. a* a remedial agdnt, by ii&ni* ot winch the
online ry Galvanic Badertfti, Electric rfudjiiagneijt; .Ma
chine*. Ae., are entirely di«pett*eil with,'Arid thciqyste
iiou» power of Galvaifyn-'ajijniegferitliQyr any ot' ilie
objection which are in'enambpj-front to-Vritr rat mode
now in ute. The tm»npdp*e*iiiit3 trpgpiliir interval*,
m which Galvanism letalKi Meri.ii.ei, La*
been pronounced, after a fair trial, to be
dteidtdly tiyun'oui, aud it wa« to de-'“
fed that tin* new application lt, af
ter unteu»iug mil and r-er<cveru'icr.ihju Ukyu brouglrt
ion* present (talc of perfection., ‘ntpX/a/partie /Urtgi
answer all the pn rjio»e* r . of-t(ic.ino*! expensive Ala-,
chute*, and in utaiiyotUcr re*i>eei* are more «*/« arid
attain hi accomplishing tfic tlc»ire<l eject. /
The (ialcunit Kinf* used ui cqiim-cnou with the Mag
nate Fluid, me confidently recommended in all disor
der! t thick ariit /rent an fnjafyltd or vnhtaUhyJtau oj
|A< nemmi or eital tytUmA uiF>i these cnmpl.iijit.* arc
among the ino*i pumlul unj} mill'eft aI to which \vc ate' -
*ubjcri They ari.<t. witbfnll;.«!'£cepi>on,_m>in Jll5 mrt
.ple eau*e—a deraugetnerit-'i|l tiic Nrrvoti»"Sy *tj{rt-7
9nul it wa* in tbe*e case* Jtliat oilier 'rttmedie*’
.>0 often failed, a new agim'UaSgn-.uly iicedcdl %?freb
-tt i» I'Oltßdctill) hi* bien found HMiio'l>rujK (
and judViou* * - 1
The Galvanic Kmp iiavu*(<<?eii used with entire me
cr*« in allea*e< of mtKH**i|*Si. oeuie ot cjifbuic. ap -
plying in the head, turn »r 3iodi.v (ioi/(~7V-lv.Vtux,
TuuOtaehr, Bronchitis. Tttttgc'Nfprotti cr Hitk Umidthf,
lnd.(e'Uan, Puralyiit, J , ul*’j,' l ilpitq/it ) i-VbWf'rSmj'.
Palpitation of On Heart, 'A}‘Jplixy,tid>Jfi\til3j£ Joint'
Spmali'-ompUiinU. jr», KtrSoufTfr
•non. Vuxtnt*s 0/Oit llead’, pain in tie C/t<3l '4ndFulf.
Central litbilily. Dtjutenry of iVtrmu uini'AAyjifaf tvn
rrgy.and ail NKKVOUS DISfJRDKItS n<
(oufinnehD)"pep**a. which 1* simply a ii*rniu« -It
rangrinriiTlJl the digestive organ*, the) Slave liicn found -
equally succenfu!. Their cinaurdmiity t,ireei* upon
the system must be witnessed to he I.ellcVcd, uud a- j
certain preventive for the they
areeqtiall) recommended- The King! are
price*, being made of nil «iir». ami o:,varil)u» orna
mental pattern', aid can he worn hy Ihcrpofi deficJh
femaJr tv-thout the
Ihc rrnution it rather agrcaal-h' than o<heray].*e,
The (inUonic BcUnj IlraceleDtj^Baods,
barter*, Necklace*, icf
1* *ocne C4»c» of a,vef<irvcrr rlianietivCaud of tour,
•landing. ihe powc'j a*. aj [.!ieO i.y Hie (iu'vumc
‘iifficicin: iirujir** of d;»ra*o am. 1
utiirtiilrJv re*liirf'sii*ii!i)i.'-Tluk miirofriJ modifies.:**!.
.n.n.r Craivjn r It-' .. n.'X, , , !r iy
•Xir.iij- ut.;- • -iiun .-;n >• »:i »*■ i:i.l * t
rua can readily be obUpifed, ju tilO q»n>i>iiiuil ivii.cli
the ray«»tiou*.acriit of fl'alvaiu«nieffect will tail
to l>c permanently' relic vjth arc aJsip
ted to the wjftli. o»auy port
Hrouchili* 01 affection* of the llitMji,Rtffi:rutl) ; a'.n> n.
caie» of Nrtvou* Dcafne**; and flJltfclißost auUnttn
■ucer** a« a preventive for Apop)ijjFy,,Kjn!rpti«.' K.;>
amt‘.m.iur coraploint* _ \ v
Christie** Ffoiti
u ci»riiii.-r;~»iT wi.h ;l*e t/wiymiTp ltin£Tand\v.i
their modiGcation*. 1 In* rrii fhi"l nn J.o« !'<>n pro
nounced by ihr I'rencfi Cheat »:*'tn_tjje one of the tnoM
extraordinary discoveries of modeni<jteience It Is be
lievrd topo»se»? the rcnvarkaltlep o;ver.of rentfin'n* C*
mrrr* »*j<rtctt o f oinnti oditn t t y thi* means csuftin
* canceiiiraiioit of >vt the' »eat of di*ca»e,
thu* jpvinff iapid.aml ytci.iTMurlilt>-l : ef No oi*t«r
competition ;n cbeni-«ir*» "krijiurtio produce the turn
effect, or To imparts tiiaiiar-properiy to the nervou'
• mean* of mi oiiu\ ardifooat application The
agnrtic Huid cDiilaitu aotli nc'ccpalile of fue align •
e«t .njury. it', application i» ußrcuu'e. uml it la
liarmle** n it! action atlit i~ heucljciul in ,i« rcft'lltn
Full explanation* and directions accompany u Tht
combined invention! are in every wav perfectly harm.
Ie«; they are »»id at pricfcs wi|||:m the reach ot all'and
tbe’diK.oyerer only rrcjurnu a fair a» a leu 0 i
their Mirprifinit efficacy ajid permanent benefit
Christie's Galvanic Strengthening Plan-
Tbe*e anirlesTorm aAnrtitr valuable anplieatio'noi
(be mjricriou* uiQucnrcjui ( They ate an
important adjuun in the 3jrumn(. C*lvnn!Kßin£t'ai«l
ibeir modification*, act tin, »arae piincipic, t<u>
bavin* Ihe advantage oi niorc iocal application The)
arc cimfidrully iccoiotucntird u» a valuable addition in
lie speedy cure of Rheumatism, acute or chrome; , n ai:
neivoui complaints, ami a po*n>vc remedy m ciwr
ol Pam ami BYahnat in ti&H'Mrxier Back , Pain in On
SuU,i* Ankmmac Affrtdrm. nn<t in BVahneu of Onto
tian if lie Pulatonarf Organ* In Sp.iui ComrHainu
their off*, cl* arc of the most dretried character, and ihcy
have often been oseil with complete »ucce*«. The) mi*
alsopf the gr eaten advantage iu IVu* Biid,\Vcatnr»v
of the Breast, and are hiclit) recommended Tor canny m
those comjilamik to which female* ur especially lial>tr
A» an eflecluat mean* lor Mrrngtlwiting the syrlrm
when debilitated with disease. or oilier '•■use*; *»a eei
lam aid in Constitutional Wealners. as a I’reventivi
lor Colds, and alt iu affection*<il the Chen, generally,
the Onlvainc Strengthening l’lanier will be lound of
great and permanent advantage lu a fen- word*; n
embrace* all the virtue* of the l>c*t touie preparation
with the important addition of Ue galvanic influence
which i* neither impaired nor cxh«o*ied. while the or
noncontnmr*. Tbe*e articles fog ml entirely
free from those objection* which are a Cottltam source
of complaint with theoidinary piaster* in common u»r
ETTtac great celebrity and <cee*s of ih«e article*
ba» cauied them to be roanltficilcd by unprincipled
person*. Tuj>ro«ulc tt*ain<: unpotnipii, Dr CuauTit.
has but one authorised agent Io each city otUie Union.
Tbe only agent >» Pittsburgh, ’VV w
Ol ihr highest «inl moil n**!>«•<• mi.-.'e character, are con
stantly received. rreardmg the t-xiraorduiary value
and sucres* of the #love arnclc,. |(it believed that
in ibe city of New York alone, upward! ofKIOIIT
THOUSAND PERSONS dam* ■ period of lew than
a year, have Ik-cii entirely relieved of the most painful
chronic disorder*. same of whlebhave romplctely baf
fird all former olixii of medical art. Indeed rnaiiv of
the fim pkysieian* of ih<« city, who disapprove of iln
tialTanio and Magnetic .Marlnne*; cotiMantlf f.'ertm'-
mend this applicmioii in Hum r pntciice, and witbibeex*
ccpiion of ilu>«e wb'i ate u*> prejudiced n> ve u B In
al, the invention has received uuaounim* i:iv ( u with
the moil intelligent among the Amrncan Furuliy. Hi
Christie I! at alt tunes ready aud_tiio*t happy in jjivr.
eve'ty facility to physicians. and all ntirtencd. for leaf
ing Ibn intib uf bis I'lmmin aud the efficacy of bn
Only ugcnc) in Piiitburgh. corner lilt and Market «i
Mreel, toward' ll«
du, mioAy.^L
U> Lite treatment of ibote
plainia for which hit nppur
Eleven yeatr^a*»iditloua t devoted 10 Sic study and
treatment of those compli ntL (during which tunc he
baa had more practice and« cured more patient* than
can ever fall to the tot uf a y pfivijlc practitioner) am
ply quali&ca him to offer a* urnnee* or speody. perma
nent and satisfactory cure '.>aU-.u!Hi«'ied with Itlienu
disease'. aud all diseases attains therefrom.
Dr. Drown, would inform those nlfilcieri with pmmb
‘diseases which have become chronic Uy limeor ugdrivti.
ted by the ute of any of the common; nostrums of the'
day, that their complaint! can tic raflirally mid ihor
ougbly bavin*given hi; careful mirnnop. to
the treatment of.suchcascs, and succeeded m hundred*
of instance! in curinf perrons of inSainulUm i>fhe neck
of tbe bladder, and. kindicd di«en*es winch aiii-ii rrsuli
rom those carer where olhetr bays consigned them to
hopeleaa derpmr. He patticularly invites such u« have
bcenlnitganu unsaccernrully treated byoihci* io con
sult him, when every ratisfaetjon will be Riven
tbeir cares treated in a careful, thorough and tntclligetv
tnunnet, pointed cal by long experience, rtody and
vestigitian, which it is impossible for those rngajvd $•
general pntctipr of medicine to give any otic dlaMjb
disease. A I
[£7“ Hernia or Rupture—Ur. Brown also fcy/et
person* afflicted with 11 emu to call, .as ha ha» v paid
particular attention this disease- V
Skis Disease!)also Piles, Palsy, etc- speemfy cured
N. B.—Patients of either living at a distance
by stating their -disease ib writing,giving all the aytnp-’
toms, can obtain medicines with directions ibf use, hi'
addressing T. BROWN, M. D. post pa i ami enclo
sing a to*. '
Office No. W Diamond alley, opposite the YYsTeii*
CTT **" rut*, n naV dHB
EFFkXTTUAI.LY and speedily Lured by the use o
the Ureai Remedy of Nature. AMERICAN OIL
it almost miraculously reduce* luQammaiion, and con
sequently is warranted-in all cases to leave no seam or
scar in the flesh.
Add wholesale and retail by.WM. JACKSON, at hi»
800 l and B«te Store and Patent Medicine Warehouse.
& Liberty of Wood, Piiuburgh. Pcice 60
cr {U* ~ n” ** P* r ksottle.
W Jaekaon being tiro Exclusive Agent for Western
Pe £Us r,,fllßU « DCn ® I* genuine but wbalis sold by HIM
or appointed Agtnii.
N. n. A PamphlßtconuiningamplodiiecuousJke.
with the names and addrfes* of the Proprietor.sad Pnn
clpal Agent) ia enveloped with wrapper of each bottle
Abondtnceof 4ertiftcaU*can be »eenat the Store.
, foh»7«Mm . . ■ •. • r.,
kV<a» tL<lslA ugAJts-prime and Keihrjar teeM
iV Uy - ~ R K SELLERS ,
rayC - 5? wood i* t
Sm/wU. Ejkfl C*£akna jyCaitmVlX UwfelroJ , jirteTpa.
- "~.-4 .
t,a{v,and Datata arisinfjrvma* inpldlcwa wtf ... . SHERMAN'S COUCH LOZEKnra
lltrnrrr. Axiom Dnptf, &rwnrrr WJmrnUmmt* Them lunges «r*ti* n&st. meat tart nadTrL., ,
Lift. A'so. Cknnie Coru;ttut£n*lJ)mrita*~ • ; '.. ' «Jy fcl»—~ a - > - | —nrnantaaii rec ~
r'Sumely milmininriiion baa been attended w. .uhe ma, tightness afrfcelsiqpor thtsLue: “ JJl ' ’
happiest results nt many aooonlaet »fiecti*a*; ba t hasesur known no iansoe* -«u—t*
ai* chiefly intended to fill the void which txuta btwetD satisfaction. * * “tiimiil *"* . * " r,c ""
cathartic and aperient medielne*} beneotita *«<«**?• theUMrrer.restariat to health bwm. ■•- * > * tbta
randi :a that o( aitaltenuivo drTeelly-M*dlrtetlF, pn> ofc«Uiam{**cm,si>d Umm laboring aadcr them!!* u? ***** ’
ving 4 lasting tonic to Ihe iTSiem. ■ j It. . tuUa«adcwach*.-TfccT<ioitot«a*ri f .^ lirT
)i >» Uglily coucemrated lor convenience and porn* but raider it t*sy, promote tipeclaraaco mlbroS.-
htlity, containing nothing bat tiff cxpmMd'eaaenee, irritation, sad rtaim the prokußst* «• mL-hi^T' ■** wr ’
atu! i< tlie rep, ereutaflve- •( the SawuJrilla Boot, ix They art Bad* from a combination «f. r^JTTT B *.
the »aioe maimer ST Quinine !* ofTenirian Bark,or toraat,'«r cough medicines, and are
Storphm» of Op-urn.- It Uan establish-ea fact,' that a every thingiause forthoseeomplaiat*. ■ Ml i* f>or tj
few grain* of either Quinine or Morphia* contaiaa-all dracs cfrertifieaUs bare been offered of V* 1 *
tho medicinal value of a large quantity* of the erode tues, from those who hart brea sated frr»» ~, ,*^ t> '' , 1 rl ' jl * ir '
rebalance*; brace the »ap«r:omy of ibow preparations arid restored to perfect health bvldlUnl!!^ 1 unlt * lrl .’rretr.
—tuulnQinyaluJxvotiWde«ireto4fißk**a|jqami*tare, ? WherethcrtMmathpalaintllTw.^._■ ■ - . \
wlitrti a halt pint contained the Une medicinal value, man's Poor Mao’* Pla*t«M(prke «dr lit
The Ssttr»apar.lla can he diluted when taken agreeable ajmlkd oW lh« jurt, and .ore tiU reli£d’ , , l --’
direetmus,and made to urn the taste of ihopa- wiLh costircnres,* few eaUurtir.of I <mirli
t-The followingcertificate addressed to the Agent* at >. WIQ
-Chicago, furQ)*he* coneltmve proof of tuareat value _ ’ B U*ftMAfly WORM LO2EKQ£y
of FeVer Store*/ ‘ *.
Cmcaao, lll.Bept. lt, 18». »»■<*«« to t*,u>&llibkt the odr rertala .
~ A. Reed—Oenta: In May, 160,1 ©b- trtrimcortrti. Many
at youi Alore a botile of SaniTaSartapaxilla.and andoccauool»jaodiolaiwinflcring, and»t«jdeath ■»,h,
w'4»ibcn confined toray bet|,witbottv atceplbra week, '7.?,r“S rtapectrd;grown prrxxii arx»tr»u/v
-occaaioaed by viplentpain trom a rvculirfeyerarneof *_7* l * < ! rnUiti«m,aadare docuavd k# vanuu*cue>iii*ii,i,
long standing, on my right leg. Njr pßyviqianaadvlaed “f h««£t; whta co« dap of ihe*e *uujj
nje to have the limb amputated, aaytnf tt-vraa tbeonly **”*“??;
mean* likely to preterve my life. AAersaisf half the . a iviptoatr Ifomr.—rainr in the joint* «limlw, o jjt n
-bottle the ro‘nl»cfft*tj to aubridi, and by the lime 1 had _wvath f piehing at thencue, grind iac of the teeth doru»» -
used nearly three bottles, I wee able to tranaaetrayreg- £y*P’* ad “. Uae * ■ paleae* about the lip*, with fliubd rW,CT
ular busiucss, and before 1 had finished thefbimhbot "“?!"*« thee(omad>.Oath’
Ue;l vras aa well andeoond at ever! had been, lhave ory Meeurflfaolthe body, slkhtchin* it «hir
m> hesitation in saying that Sand’s Sariapariile waa the Y"*** Jt"f wn f»» ; torpor, o>ttoH»d
i, means, under Providence, cf Mving my limb and l mslesft with friahl and
f^.^^sssssws^as ftSSSSSf®Sfitessf^jsito
MU.I.ER. ®
; Tltc following certificate is only another lint In the '
.rrcatchhmoftestimonyioiuinenis; -A-I^SlLSL7.^**’‘^tnrfftheMu*lomnhnifh! a
- jfc Homos. Canada Kast, April 18, lf4®,. faa the bowels. an+SjLV- ‘
“iwpsgrib Sand*—Gentlemen: Exposed as vje ““v o **™'*** o *““««admucus. '
liieiitaCXsitdiscasc, and so frequently disappointed i SHERMAN’S CAMPHOR inrrvm-c
remedies,wo cannot but look on j|ie efforu ; Thcy.pre uamedtua relief b >j.
practitioner* with palpitauoo of the brmrt, kiirseis hsadschr, .
fuO'tMtrUe respvciing jour valuable preparation of inflemmelory or putrid tore thnwL bnJ?Fz! ° c "l x «“ j l? c 7i
rfarsutjfljjjo- I have been severely ufflic led locllyear* riaial./atoltt*, oppressiou orTeS T°T
with «ytbVWne ahoni which •‘doetor’a disagree,® and tparws, cramp of the ft. .V
Uieir were sidl more diverse. _1; tried v«* Affections,and all nerrous ,f
found no relief until I commenced ,day,.and-wakdalnem thrmvti th« dsh l^', e
urtnr medicine, at-which time I waa era morbus, darriwea, lassimdeoe »!Li 7?7?™ V J c ~ ol
Svvnvty ronCjtcd a> tuy bed. Alter upmg il a few months *»s atleadiug lam parties. «tt» V ?rr *
Xtmi now übie to w.ttK about, ride out, and enjbyaeew- uapamngthebu^Ten^nf^.rT^
' tunable degree of health, which 1 attribute entirely to AfUr dmipaikm, they wilfmiore tbs toubfth. ,ta *i
tl c use of Munir* barsapariUa. rica»e accept *»*:■* :mljy, amlrtmoTe all U>« uupkuut symptom
suranuc nf gratitude and repaid. too fiee Persons wb£fca TC
- ; • :• JOHN M NORIUS 'sWanedthSirdmirw^dw>i^wiU^d^K™*iil"™’
• Ueing persodnlly ac»nnintcd withlihe above state- mireUt ccaposereoftba berrea • Loreagesad
-theni, I licreby i-rfiiiv tliot ihc same is true. SHERMAN’S POOR MANre or 10-n-n
V * REV. TM- MKRRIMAN Thebrti.irtngtlaaiiHr rdastVb, ih™w . /
Faj;tu£B Tqmstoxt.—'The foliowing.ta ad extract remedy (or paias,or wtlkMm ia theWK
? tfoot d'Jnirr ttreived from Rev. WilliamGalusha: limbs,joints,rUomatiua, htmbam.' Ac a, r? , ,, n- ’
Messrs, Samis: 1 havetern afllcted with asevetr mg before afpUnQoa. Wwrutrd Wmf ™j
pam in my sidf. occasioned by a diseased liver, for the for ooe quarter the usual pi-ice
I st suffering at l-mea wltal language Iheeheaput phster in theworffjßSgfKK
cannot convey, but siucetaking tourbarsapartlla, I hours.aad makestitooiihior cures 1 * ,cw ,
have becregreatly relieved, so mucbsotbat I have been In iiTereenphmt and dnwnu ii.Li.u u_
able to attend to my business, and preaett dceUlonally the region oftbc liter ur
months. I wholly discarded all other astouiSiiag reliet In cou»h«. T!. I **!*? 11 .
thoroughly tried the tiarsaparilla, whirb breathing, of th« S‘,i - l?- 0^
lean recqpurmltnuuthandsincerity wallUmre who mSB bu2fiiW3£2l
a/rJniiiypAVflV afflicted -with atjy tpeeies of scrofulous sedrataryhabits, or tbeS%li«.d u> sUni^St
crtiuplarnsr, There have been <6me remarkable cures decided suraort from oes oftSesettai* t* ■
mth.-diclnity: Mrs. I. Shaw,by Ur; PbyiSimgnw«%!S£S{ h^ , SS ,
tbe ate et*fex boiites, waa restored to betterhralththan VI utbers.because tlwy «*fi^ ftfK «i. rrth tf^“ , <t> J tf y cr s aCTt . u
sbeflatifefore rmnyed for ten years, and Mrs. W. Sto- *r relie£ la tbeiropemioo. UieTare ~ ,i Vk™ l :
badWteverely afaictedvrtth the'Erytip. aaodyw.. Tlwyart
by tba use of a few bftUli eau from any otbre,
• . WM. GALUSHA. Ucm who to*
RpmmherpeTOclalar* and conclusive erldenee of it* all tbe cekbrtted spd dWißrnkhtd rb ■, , lc *V l P o>, y °j
| whiebmm/ be tbs most uwfolimdl^hßnXall3^X^ , ‘
I be oWarned-of'Ageiah gratl*. f . ! Srrtrel persons hats called *1 ik« , r.-
hairedaniMJfijy A-B.iDSandl.Dlßgai*U,loo theirsurpraeandthinkaf»iih> . lj “{f®**
New York. plaaUrs Gre ib»«
Jr-, Pittsburgh: I!.' liar- Plrecifasu for m ... «« .i. i u , .
w^?B«wJ?rr. , Wta. Waupn. New Castle; fc.N. Rob- &c simile ofpr. Shetmaa « amne llk f l2^^ a i ,,t,, l ,,h M‘
iHd?;-HroW7i*sAU*»; A. Crcigh, Washington; and by always ask fof Aheinaa’i Pcwr M»a».
'hnmgbounht United Stairs. you rrt the there are iSA ? *■?
SI per Lotllc—«, ooulc. .for JS. . U.lrf J«sLijiu «XW|'S'”.r,' U 'T
aXtie public ate respectfully requested to remember aapnacipled dealers. ierman > flaum, bj
UiujU is Sand's Sarsaparilla that ilia constantly .achietr- r Bold wboUwkud retail bv W J»nisn*.,i- - .
remarkable cures of the most difficult class ot 'Mrdieioe Warehouse No » r’iw, **• »
d.«eases _ to which the human Innne is subject; ibfcre- 810 BOOT.; ’ * U6,rt y
fore ai»k for Sand'sSarsapariHa. mad take no other. • i» l+—
whsl hu ielietcd liim ia ujek • *bort time frees his dif
ficulty of breathing, Cough and auSbemtian? II«
nil] irll you it wa* “Ure Olomaotan, or All-
Healing" BaJiam.” Aik Uu ecosuaptire
what bu albyfd hw Dough, removed
the Pain ia hi* Side and Chest,
checked bit night sweats, and
placed the ruse of hearth
upon hi* cheek? tad
he will Ull yon
Atk your friend* if they kucw of anything that will to epee
dily core • long and trdiou* Cough. of Blood, Btoo
chut*, Dyipeclsc Consumption, lioanenrt*, lollartwa. and
Jiteve* of the Throat, a* the Olraaneiian? tad they will tell
you— No. There never jet ha* beta a remedy intranecd to
(■uUlirHiotire which hi* bees productive of *o much good in
t.i ,lmrt a 'poet of time. Read the following
Aitontahtnff Cam.
Wi. Bn*n, the celebreted Bostoncracker baker, 9S Nw
•ju tUetC, Uraoklyu, »tale* that hie wile lta* been aflkted
milt A.thma ioc la) yean, and could not find permanent, re
lief from the beat medical advice which Ji«w York and
Urouklyn could prjdact, «u induced to try thi* gteat reme
dy. Site i» now nearly wclt._ Hit daughter who was reflrr.
»Ljftrmtlte war di*c*«c. tried ■ .Wcnred bt lt.
bed »arly in Lbe morning and attend toherrm
the day without any annoyance from her distressing BtOUJy.
Hekrx Jscgsox, 13th street, near the Catholic Ceaetnr,
nun. to the ;tore for the purpose of obtamiag a bottle of the
hating beets afflicted with the Aithma fegmotr
than in yean, and wa* h exhausted on hi* arrival that he
eoold not apeak. He purchased a bottle and rode home.—
Four day* afterward ha walked from hh retidence to the of
fice without fatoue, a thsianco of ertr two nilem to.ttU. of
tlic wonderful relief which he had experienced ra oia{
about one half of one bottle.
Conatuuptlon of th« Xujp.- 1
Mr. Con roar, S White ttteet, wai ao lew tntbe mdxUi
of December last. that he an eilen hp by hiipkyaieiaA. Hi*
friend* entertained no hpje of hi* peoyery. H* Wat perxtsa-'
ded to 'try the Olotaonian, and to hi* surprise it baa ao far
restored him toLealih that he know able to walkabout lb*
Mr* Attru. the wife ofWm il. Attire,James Ilarmah,
Fjcj and Oral W. Hay*, E*t{. can ail bear frMiaxnwy lha
their odh experience of tha Healing pvopertie* of thmOrin)
Remedy to Consunption of the Lung*. ,
kpitUMf Bltod.
Mr*. Tiiocaocuts, 323 bloom atmt, who bad beta
troubled for a great length of time by a amn cough, and
raised quantities of blood, was relieved by onr bottle or the
declares it the point remedy in the world.
Damns Kctxr, 9ft Water *treet,wia also relieved irces
the mine complaint, although he ww very aneh-ttdwcd :
•lira lie eommeneext taking it, lurviif bees under tba cart of ]
hi* physician daring the past winter. Although be coughed
cotnlantlv and wm very much troubled with ught sweat*, 3
boltlesor the rtmedy enabled bun to rtlnra to hisdafly
work.' Hr wai'cntirely relieved.' ; '.
'Divio HvnniKos.M Lairht itnret,GeoW. Baraelt,
formerly of Newark, N. J.,. Henry Litbun, 199 Rrvfngtoa
•trrct,sad numerous other [>erwo«have been Speedily and
permanently cured of thesame complain! by this remedy.
The Array of Namti •
w Inch could be produced ilf i*r*oa* wbv hata used this great
remedy would mere than fill a column. Imnor the number
we are permitted to refer to At M. Biningar, IQdßtftbyst,
Mr Wilma of Hoboken; Mr*. Dell of Morristown, W- J.;
Jsmr* B Drvoc, 101 Read*kt; Mrs; M’Caffree,® Attor*«r
*(.; F. Smith, 3d Third Avenue, Mrs
citv, mud Mr* Archibald,3s Whslg it
S..IJ wholesale tad ntlail by \y« Jaekioa,tt' hirjfatant
Mrdkiac WnrcEotue and Boot and Shoe Store, Wo ED Llber
tt itreel, head of Wood itreet, Pittebugh. Pnca^l^wbot
Oxicbs. Asthma, and CONSUMPTION, tattmUVN
OAHr.VN BALAAM OF LIFE; discovered bvtha e*fe
united Dr. Ilnchnn, of Ismdon, England, and IntfoduKd
tnao the-Unbsd states under the immediate topcTifttend
anoa of the Inventor.
Ths eitraoriUnary o< |||la atedjdne. In tbe
cure of I‘ultunuary diseases, warranu toe Amarican
Agsiit In sotldtins ftir treatment tbe WORST POS
SIBLE CASEA that can be found In the community—,
cases that' seek relief In vain -frata any of the counnvii
remedies of the day, and lave been given Qa by tbs'
most 'dlstlngulihcd Physicians as CONFIRMED AND
INCUUAiILE. The Hungarian Ualsant bay eared, and
will cure,the MOST ULAPEBATE OF CAfßd.
aa quack hnstruui. hut a standard English badlcrod, of
known atid urtubUslied-cflkaey. - •
Every (jtqiily.ln the United States should bn •waprilad
with Oqehan's lluroptinh Ualsaw hot oc|fy tit
counteract tbe consumptive tendeaewa of tha ycUaOtf.
out to be used as a prsvenlif e niedidae In ah coses of
Colds, Cohghs, Spitting of Blood, Pain In tbt Blds and
Chek, trrluilnn and dunums of tbe Lungs, DrvactittK
Dlfficalty cW UreMblng. Uecllc Fever, Night Iweats,
Emaciation femt'Oenaral DeUllty, Asthma, Ladaensa,
Uoaphis Oouglvand Croup.
s>H<Jd in luge bottles, at 81 per bottle, wUb Aill dlruc-
Ucai fitr the rastonUon of llavtb. • >
Pactphtau, eonuJalnx a maas of English tad Ameri
can ccrtl[kalis, and otbcLevldance, showing the ttn
equalled tniriu of this Uraat Bnflhb may to
obulnad of Iba Arenta, grataltMtuy. ■ ’• -: »'A
States, 119 Quart street, Boston. . -
T, W. UYOTT A SONS, Oenml Wbolmlt Agenu,
No. m North Second street,.Philadelphia.
ft> «leby U A hAIINEsrOCK A Cunnio
wood and front streets • ,
Ladies Who vtv€mtmTtniHsissgi r kxt
often not aware.bow 'fnghtftilly . Jt Is lo
•notlnnLhodr«o*rse.boufropgb,]»w a»llo*r Jj jeJlow,
and unhealthy the after uiing prrparril
chalk. Besides, it it injurious, coituunirt* aTarge quu
tity of. lead. W» bavb eriparod a beanmul vegetable
»> lUTL., it is perfectly innocent, being purified of all
urletcnoits qualities) ana Uintpana to tnoskiaansto
tal,*healiay, alabaster, fiving white, at tbe same
time acting as a cosmchcon the skin, making it sort
and smooth. '
Dr. James Anacreon, Practice! Chemist of Masia
chased* «arK “After aualysing J’ones'aPpaniab Llllt
'Vhiie, I find it possesses the meet beautiful and aato
rat. at the same lime innocent white I everaaw. I
certainly can conscientiously, recommend iu aae to all
wbate ssln requires beauofj'ing,.' 1 .,
JCJ* Price ti cent* a box •
[j3"ttold by \VM. JACKBoN,alblißoot and Shoe
Store. W Liberty street,, bead of Wood) at (be tin of
the Big Boot-
ey returned. This medicine tstwepared IWaa In
dian Receipt | obtained from one olAhflmjtiUte Far
,at great upeDse. nrbo bam bMi
n>nuliar wilW Ul.tlht,
or.Ue kioj. The tt
-I‘iiSiJ. t *;° »0* cored
Ererth^ 1, r-W -I 21 -®' tlMi oo «oc.u<>o the
liyitoAta) i WAtTOlfci&
* h °loMlo o,jl rcUil, b,: J. T: Row«kl^s^iu»et;
■ireel, rnilaq a. . 'r
Foraale in PtlUburgh by R E Seller*; STkood
tlreet.and bj| Win Thorn,st Market it ocfidwT-
t —-Ikff
■ JtRSONS afflicted wilt Scrofula, Kina’*. Evil!
k'j.jpeKOld Sorw, UJcen.. Tetter
Mercurial Diseases, or any other complaints arising
from inipunUes of the Wood, are mqicstr d u, reed
tfaa Joliowing testimonials, in prooVafHW ni»nUcr-'
Tbl properties ol the ahoye twined medicine: .*!
w .n B £ Ali!J HKAfHH -i
-i U^s^' b3?m g »i»»ted MrMiaap
?v??.if«:‘fer*ii U, L °rMw«rs.;Ho«r 3l ,d aud
Walton, 57G Market street, PhiladelaM?, ( unaidet
’?* ten*!, owt
hate been fa , twelve yoars’ conflict with the dc
?tfnPalate,V eentire roof of Ms mouth, No«, Up-
S!^ o ht ,^ ,erL,d °, ( lhe Bighl tje b«e been
jfSfW* nearljr eal e«> »P, and pet ofthe
Jaw Bone carned awajr. And jet we t[u t ire nt
description of hit ea*e. L
" *■* taat, iln. «hol»
; mtcnor ° r fa'« ®oolh, 3* well as wo*: Ot iih Tace
I wasa n»a or deep and painrol ulcen<!
!n, /m??i wST J ™?w * . h «ebounenced-iakin.
LEA, which checked IhedUeaie'ia a ley days,
| tSmiSm2 Un * cart' ha* progressedwillful ii,|
land his genersf healtluj restored
_Wc are assured that in the treatment-of Mr.
Brooks case,no Mercurials,Ointments, orCatistlc
?^A C lV^ ! a^ ebee ° JhePANA
p-ha f wnwghl this wonderful charge
David smith: Bocks county,'Pa. 6
ISiiliiSW Mead.Ule. Crawford coHa..
. ” PSoathSecond street,'Pltila
Jacob Lee, Pcthtenan.NJ." - ‘••
«ab?T e Poplar at. &. L,
S M'LBliougb, Lancaster,-Po. • ?- ■ • t-. e
R M MaddJcl, MWonl, Elfrenli .L Pi.Ua.
CW Appleton, «; Sooth «. do
TirJo!h»<,aid»cli. Manoo CO. Miucuri. i
Hill,Phil.delpMa co. Pa.
John Harned II S9O High street, Phifa. ~'• -
William Steeling MD, Camden, N.J. . ’
WiiliamHale, 3TO High atHwrt,Pftj|i, ]••
? H l’oUer.Mnroractnrerol Mineral Teeth. 109 «.
r Ninth atreet, Pbila. .1 1
L A. lVoileaweber, Ed. phila.Democrat 277 N 3d
i atreet, do
Alette, Pastor‘of £leyc&tV Baptist Lturd-,
jWflftjgb Street, Philadelphia, {NfuiWAmerJ ‘
Aa>ph Sand*, 164 CalharineStreet.i’biJal
Dame wJcOini*jf,dtea« let's Aller, do
Andrew sweaton, Camlea, A J'
R Wert Pbila. J . - ,
PelerSkeaSniiih. Editor Native Eacii • da -
‘Pf o PWWPr7‘%ia|patp«?
• sr ~ r "
S^^ B rbUadelpMa.
pmmaa P.SRobr M D,mnWwrgb, KT
Peter Whfflit. 23 Market street, Phils.
JaibesWNewUn, K&Fllberttt. -do
John Cood, 174 Spruce str- do
iWUhff'^Urte,ttoiorlSt.rtol>M. E. Or. Catharine
; at. rnila. • ■ ;
JoßoChaMbctl, Paatot l.t Indcp. Chila,, Broad
iiljftr -"do.-' •• •
. i-TL Sandef»,Pnbli«her of Pledge and Standard,
Pbila. • ... „. . .
FJ» BeQen, EditorDtive B.incb, Dnjleatown;
tad Retail bj Rowand \ IValton, pr«w
MarketSL PHibaelphU- Tt E SelWs
WWood aLPitttboriib,fa.- Wp».‘Thr^, •# Rja,:
:k®» do.j E B Perkins. Marietta, Ohio;— ratnn i
{t Vjiohn \VpanenhpWer.Cin.,
<«roj SMeir* Reeves, Madison fa; C £o«i*.
vilie, K YiDeveroapk APellpuk, St. Lpoia. Mn.
-*Tf* Hardewat 3t 3ollp
•ton Vtcksbargh,do; Lharlesjfnjiins; Nc«.o{lp|n
. - ' r»cs
4 m»cuv
' WeesingJ A Miracle!! A Wonder*'
D‘ , fiffnremems of theb'kin.
Kb™®, Scurvy, Sari .
Four, yegra. ago Inst August, lie capital of France
wajastentibedmpontequcnceof a disrovert ciiadebv '
an Italian Chemist. Many doubted-.t iee,pcd alouKt .
Utatnuythiag-midel.y tl!eh»adilf
mag, could bayo aoeh slniuiaV poweis as’u,*, erdum'd
hjjAmonia Veaprml fcfhfa invention. M ohj clai.ed
inveajion ak a {{utpbug, I«nd;-alav' mafiy -
trying do tie same now.) at
U ia the'boVialv, lhe l Mr.We*fk>-
C £S irtilie wpndjdWlfcred
.iv®“ Te TO? quppipTy.apdfurafuljy tip
IWWWfiliiWSli yevpfini. »Vy have mgryaitl ,l »
component pans—we nave used it in several rises, aud
w* hesitate-Dot 'to-pronounce it lthe liaiisnr&enLieal
Po*fl a* a great bleaslng, andatiely woodsrful reme
dy!mr any cotapeonaeruption or di>figuniarmofihe
skm. (la inventor tare consider the truophilßnibropist t
of kaflhring mankind.
; (Signed)' LEOPOLD DL’PREV..
i Prcsulent”
A - : . : . Tills .
Frarataonranipr hnoaelf to.Uie preaent Proprietor.
J. c . v P**jh, Nor. 4,1H0
fa conaiderarion of ih* »otn of I have dial
led to Mr.T. Jo«»a,re»»i«jf rnibo city of nVa-
N.l A.) thewbcte proeeatof btutafacturiiig; ipgeuier
with a atatenentof iho irtfredianu cotnpo»m* my h*l
tan Chemical tfoap. lie ia to manufacture u k»i ule in
(lid United *Ute> only, Md to have the privilege oTna
aibf umoaea* Italian Chemical Soap.”
: wtniaar Hanry J*-UoWawprth.
KWi!S!S£ b *^3f 41 *£■* w * ,ieh wouW* wiwtT frte
K&SETnXi:* -4 mkeyoar yeltowr »kiir«lrtr *iml
w»Jtty. »Jickto n *« Siore, f* Ltt-«iy. f J-
Dost aland* is the doorway, •
J.TX Mbiltfced and made known to the pcblir"?. This
Wta the cxprcMieaof an old. nan who tried UjeSrntp.
L •' i*nT<*ctaß,February 1, 1M7.
• Mr. Morgan;—Thi* may certify that being afflicted
»iih a. UOBble»aje coegh aocaa tine. I bonghi a Louie
pfjliorfaajaConghSyrup, and ala happy toaajr,alter
fa entirely ;are& I pronounce your 5
Gdeghpyrvp the beu medicine f havecreramd. Mo
iaauly aboeM be witbeot this saleable medieme. 1
:: OAyiD McROBEKTS, Allegheny City
CyTbi* medicine t« prepared wholesale aad retail
atTbtDrajrShoraor . JOUN D MOBCAJf ;
' L, 4 J° #d * ue * t > oa * door below Diamond Alley
Prieo;» eeata per houle. faM
JfevuVGreaaaepou, Staiaaor Marks from Clothe*,
Woolka»,Carpei», 4c., he., tad rendering, the ypou
eiear, briAfc Hhv.-e*i *potl«H«;
'‘fold wtahAtirdiraeiloei Beeinaaeake l •..
jCTfloldbr WM. JACKSON, 69 Liberty *lie cathead
of Wood, at aia B>«i and Shoe More, Man <ST the Big
-Boot ’ _ 7 •«»*
-i • .