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. . .
wo for Somebodf.—ln 'I thra.
v ,• the Grand Jury recently, hod
lousideraiion bills of indictment
~it sundry persons, members ofvihe
ycb Reformed sod Episcopal
4 “for being engaged in geuingopjsnd'
earning on loueries, connected with! the
fairs held, by ladies of ihose Churches.”
The bills were not actodon finally, but
< the parties concerned seem to have had
a good fright.
We are not aware, says an exchange
! paper, of lotteries having been got
1 op;at any of opr benevolent fairs, but
raffles are abundant aIL over town. In
fact, liiat'piano of Mr. Worcester’s was
1 disposed of, we believe, by something
like a raffle. It is to be presumed, bow
ever, that when private raffles, for mere
gain, are winked at by Dame Justice
with both her eyes, she will not look
too sharply at one originating in benevo
. lence.
‘ ... Wc are more and more convinced
that the sysiorn of “fairs” for benevolent
purposes is fraught with evil; that it
tends to the encouragement of extortion,
- deceit,, and ,vain display that ill sets
young and indiscreet females to banter*
ing and bargaining with youog men in a
way that is not favorable to the style of
character most lovely ; that it does not
'encourage iho spirit of benevolence bul
of gain , and for these and other reasons
r-.{ wo believe that a more excellent wny
should be adopted fgr the purpose of col*
lecting funds for religious objects.— Gen.
Gen. Jackson Reproved at Church.
•—The following anecdote of Gen. Jack
son, was communicated by Mrs. Polk.—
There is no denying that the General
was a duelist—that he was so educated,
and so practised. At a period of his life
quite anterior to his elevation to civil
.■{ honors, he happened to* be at church on
' Sunday, when Rev. Dr. HT preached a
very pointed sermon on the practice o!
dueling. Every body was making-Mhe
application to General Jackson, and the
good friends of the Church were trem
bling, not only for the preacher, -but lest
the old hero should bu so offended as
, never to “darken their doors again.”—
The sermon, delivered by a faithful and
- conscientious preachy as the inessen
-1 rger of God, not particularly solicitous
about individual bearers, but resolved'to
- strike boldly at a prevalent and damning
sin, left a.strong, and, if 1 mttylso say,
;* a tremulous impression. All were eager
. to know, as if they had been hearing for
the General, how he had received it. —
Now, whether he had been hearing for
. himself or for duelists in general, the
i result was, he was .so much pleased with
the fidelity of the man of God, that on
Monday morning he sent an order to ibe
tailor to fit Dr. 11., with a new suit of
clothes. Mrs. P. asserted the anecdote
was authentic, and it is in keeping with
the whole deportment of that strange
man towards the ministers of the gospel.
Ho seemed lo haye a sympathy with in
trepidity, wherever he found it, whether
in the field,.the forum, or the pulpit.
The Rev. Mr. P. of P., preached once
in his presence during his Presidency,
and never did a servant of the Most High
acquit himself more faithfully to his high
trust. He in fact individualized the Pre
sident and his Socretucy of State in so
appropriate and masterly a manner, ah
not only to disarm prejudice, but to leave
a happy impression on the minds of bis
distinguished Oearers, whurn he address
ed as in one respect ou the same footing
with the rest of the congregation, in oth
er respects incalculably more responsi
ble. In church going matters our Presi-
are in these days setting the peo
pie a better uxample than soruo of their
predecessors, particularly those that suc
ceeded Washington and Adams.
State of the .Union*.—The English
.papers say lhat all the Slates of (he
Union have a public debt in England,
except Maino, New Hampshire, Vtr
, room. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Dela
ware, New Jersey, North Carolina and
> Missouri—nine. Tho following nine—
Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Virgi
nia, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky,
Tennessee and Alabama—have paid their
. interest without interruption, Pennsyl
-• vania suspended in 1842 and resumed in
' 1845. Eight have failed, and me still
in default; Mississippi, Indiana and Ar
kansas failed'in 1841 ; Illinois, Michi
gan, Florida, Maryland and Louisiana in
1842.— 1 b.
Missions in Africa.—ln consequence
of the peculiarly trying nature of the cli
mate in Western Africa, the Protestant
Episcopal Foreign Missionary Comrait
teo havo resolved to allow their mission
aries to return on a visit to the United
States every fourth year, for the purpose
of recruiting their health. A i similar
rule has been adopted by the London
Church Missionary Society, in reference
to the missionaries at Sierra Leone.—
This is a bad necessity—very expensive,
and a great interference with the Mis
sionary work. Our plan of sending our
colored men, chiefly, is the only remedy.
. — Zion's Herald.
Education of Freb Persons of Col
or.—The Journal of Commerce has been
shown the will of the lulu John Wood-!
ward, Esq., late of New York, Consul
* General of the Republic of Texas, by
which it appears that the entire estate of
thiVgentlcrnan is left in trust to the May
or of city, to be applied ex
clusively lollic education of free persons
of color: Mr. Woodward expresses his
preference that they should bp educated
in Africa. At the time of his decease,
i Mr. Woodward held titles to vast bodies
1 of land (some 2,500,000 acres) in Texas,
and the value of the estate will depend
upon the validity of these claims.— lb.
| Tho 'venerable Elder” Harvey, who
I preached in New York, within a year.
Iwbo was much respected for his pictv
and worth, arid who has long been' re
vered for his-great age.died at Herkimer,
Franklin Co., N. Y., March 18th, in the
one hundred and twelfth year of his age.
He was a soldier in the revolutionary
s war in New England, but commenced
I preaching, after peace, and continued a
£ faithful and pious lecturer of the Baptist
v. persuasion, until the day of his death.—
i rb. .
Paper Shingles.—Mr. Charles Hum
phreys, of Camden, New Jersey, has a
prepared paperto take tho place of wood
on shingles for roofs. After a year's test
of this description of shingle upon a
small houso at Kaighn's Point, it has
been found to answer all the,,purposes
of the common shingle, and at a reduced
if .
Plant. Trees.—Gerard, a quaint, but
earnest writer, who flourished long since,
gave his fellow nten the following good
advice. It is as good and applicable now
“Forward," says he, “in the name of
‘God, graft, set, plant, and nourish up
trees in erery,corner of your ground.
.The labor is small, tho cost is nothing;
the commodity is great; yourselves shall
have plenty; the poor shall have some
what in time sof want, to relieve their ne
cessity, aud God shall reward your good
minds and diligence.* 1 . • * .... j
, . An occasional hearty faugh is oft on an
act of wisdom. j
. T
--DIDGE BOAD, above
lb k&iphiir At this establishment may be foara
the grcftteii variety oTPUa*stuLbeattUfid Palters^
; for IKON RAILINGS ia the foiled States.lo
which the attea'ion oEtbose is wastofan; descrip
tion,and especially foe Cemeteries, is. particularly
inviledJ ."'I
The principal past ol at! the handsome Railing!
-t Las'ol Hill, Monument, and other celebrated
cemeteries io the cily’iad county ot FhiladdpbiaJ
which have been so highly extolled,by ; the p«Uid
press, were executed at Una pjjtmfictorj. ]
A targe WsresKoom is connected with the estab
lishment, where is kept eonsunUy on bands largq
stock oFready-made Iron Railings, Ornamental iroq
settees, Iron Chairs, new style plain and*ornament
ul iron Gales, with an extensive assortment of !rou
Pa&, Pedestals, iroa Arbors,.die: Al*o, in great
variety, Wrought snd Cast lro3ornsmenls,»ulU]£lQ
for Knllines, and olher purposes- J
.The buncriber would aiso stale that in his Fat t
tern and Designing -Department he has employed
socle of ihe but talent in the country, whose whole
attention is devoted to the business—formingalto
gethcr one of the most complete aud systematises*
Übljsliinent* of the kind In the Union.
x ROBERT WOOD, Proprietor.
' Ridge Road, above Buttonwood street.
Philadelphia, March i£. 1847 d6mos
The cheapest gold and silver watch
(('old Lever*, fu" Jewelled,
Silver do do
Gold Lepme*, Jewelled-. 30 00
Silver do dp 19 00
Silver Quarters, fine qnality, 10 CO
Gold Waichet.plain, 19 00
Silver Spectacles, • l 75
Gold Pencil*, ■ a 00 .
Gold Bracelets, . 4 OO n^
Al*o,oiihand, a large assortment of Gold and" lim
it race let*, finger ring*, breau pint, hoop ear ring*,gold
pen*, silver rpoott*, vugar. long*, thimble*. gold neck,
curb and s>b chain*. guard key*and jewelry of every
description, at equally low price*. AH I want it a call
to convince customer*.
iULVItIIU*. 1 ;
AH kinds oMVutche* slid Clock* reparfed ana war*
ranted to keep good time for one.yearV'hld
verbought or taken in exchange. - ~1
For sate, eight duy and ihirty-honr brat* Clock*, at
Watch. Clock, and Jewelry Store. No <l3l Marke
otrt eu ui*o»e Eleventh. North side, Philadelpnia
lp* 1 have tome Gold aod Silver Levera suy.cheaper
Ihnn the above pnees. t’ ja£jflm
THIS Hammer po*»<»*Xs many udvanlagei’over all
other*—among, which may be mentioned,
Its Man;igeabte«e*s—Tberapiditityand forceof blow
ranyi be coeirolled wiib th*~yrcai<zr.ctt*c,~whitetht
homUei t» in operation, and the hammer, may be in
• tandy arret led, and suspended at any height
It' Universality, arcajiachvto,,eieculB work of aO
kinds, from the largest to the smallest, under the same
hauuncr. ;
hi Simplicity, Compactness and Cheapness.
Its Accessibility upou all aides, by the workmen.
A Il'ihr htuninrrs are made Self-Acting.
The subscribers continue to exceute order* for the*
tieiiii|i<-r». of allme*. upon reasonable lerma.
Fol timber particulars,inquire of
Aikrbick atowne,
Assignees of the Patent forlheUnilcd Stair*.
UriMMy Smthwark Foundry, PhUwd’a-
music i music t 'music i
IKK A WALKKIt, Dfdlerj in Afunc anJ jtful
j cal Instrumtntt, 120 IPafutil Jtrrrt, Pkiladttphia •
Hav* ju«l published,*—Friendship: or Scenes of othi
day* rauy Fade.
f.e Petite Uan*eu*e* Viennoises, by II Kertz.
Fh)»r Friend. W.V Wallace.
Pas dc I tcur, Maretzek.
(ileiidaloitgh, \V J Leman
Hunts Vista March.
Kti.lolph Polka, C F Rudolph.
<m-h Taylot's March ami Quick Step, Ac. Ac.
They are constantly publishing and receiving all the
urw mu..,- Horn New Vork. Boston. Baltimore, Ae.
Orders respectfully solicited, or.d attended io with
Always on band, all kinds of Moaica] Instrument*,
Violin Siring*, Tuning Forks, and all articles of Musi*
i-ai Merchandize. at the lowesi-pnees.. rayOdla _
Manufacturer* of ,
k\mm, sacking bottoms,
nr ALL DKSCKtrTtoaa
Ko. 384 SoaUs Front Street,
Hack of T A. IWWj Cabinet Ware Manufy
A I.borders left with S. S; Moon, at tbeoSc* Hje
Merchant'* Hotel, Pittsburgh, will be promptly
attended tn. THUS. G. DKRRY
►rpimdlT A. C. NICKERSON
IMPORTER of Watches. Watchmaker's Tools, and
Watch Material*, wholesale-and retail,and eon*
stamly on hand a large assortmtatof Lunette, Patent,
and Putin Glass, Mainsprings.'Verges. Dials; Watch
Hands, and a complete assortment or allTooiaTand Ms
serial* belonging to the trade; with! large assortment
of Gold and Silver Lever, Lepine, and Plain Watches;
all of which be will guaranty to sell at the lowest New
Vork pncea. All orders from die country punctually
ex*-cuteil. '
N. it—Country Merchants and otheis are invited to
call and examine at the Old Stand, No. 3J South Fourth
stieei. Philadelphia jarnttgrn
-■OBr It.IR.VESS MAKER, 2so Cbesnut ,1,
JfijCjßgcs PhUartrlpMtaj Lie of the tiro of Oglt'A
V */" Ww WaUoo. 1 esrptetfollv inform* his frieua,
the public, that be has sod will keep
constantly uo hand and (or sale, a haadmow assortment of
athu-onble Csrrttees Vehicle* of *ll styles Bad descriptions
made to order si the shortest possible notice, and executed in
the iffy best manner, of selected material.' feteS-lv
1 R Smuh. • \V Bagnley. W 11 Woodward
SmiTII, BAOALBT A CO., wholesale drab
• r*- in Groceries, Tea*. Indigo- Ac . No *2l Market
,-.r-*ei. Noi lb *:de, J l'e tadelpbia. f*o
T^OTICE— Application hn» been mule tor the re
,ll newal of Certificate Wo ITS, dated Jsrioary 19,
IMS-, for ihiriy-six shares of the capital %tock pr;th«
company for ereeunjr a Bridge over ihe River Mboon
faheln, opposite I'mVbargh—which sard Certificate lia>
e*n destroyed liy fire or lost
jther to; rich
not' Good*,
new; plmin
A primed
:<1 anderab
Di’nl Roan;
eb fc Scotch
and printed
> de Laura;
r neb Drab
in Striped
new. Alto,
rVork made
irar*, Ac
sr*, cheaper
Wtn P Younff- Ibm*en. F Plunkett.
WAREHOUSE Xta. 53 Water and 104
i'itt-'burgb. Ts»Gltt*B manufactured by ui U
warranted rqoaj to kny in the country- All oideri
will receive prompt attention and filled on rek&onabte
terras. .MfrebauU and other* vialtin* tbs city are in
vited to call before purrtmlagelaewoere.. . febli:
* r H py yyy, y.y, ...,_.• City
' X before—made on the raost approved Kaitern'ptani—
. mid most fashionable Rattera patterns and color*. Also
THI-: CMKAP ROLL, or BUSrON BLIND, on. bafid
or made to order of all sizes, and at alt prices. }
» Country Merchants and others are invited to call sad
>-ioniin< the above for themselves, ss all will be So)d
■ wholesale or retail, and a liberal deduction 1 made lo
wholesale purchasers. I
4 JUST Received end for h|e
UH|| from the Foundry of Ceo. Brute
A York, (be followiag
Mfe| ' 171 lb* Minion Title;
3 IbsTwoLine Minion Caps;
QMufaßßMMk| Bpaeo ml**, etc.
ALSO—For ule, a peat vari
ety of Second hand Type, from Nonpareil to 33 line Pi
ea. Flower*, Ornament*. etc , which will be cold low
FROM tbe very liberal encourage
mem (be subscriber has received since
be hasloeaird Mmself in Allegheny,
V haa indaced him to take a lease, fora
~3fc* "**“**~tenn of yearn, on the he now
occupies, in Beaver street, immediately 'Beside -the
»Presbyterian Church. Prom the long experience in the
above business and a deeiretapleaae, he hope!* to mer
it and receive a there of public patronage. I
. Now on band and finishing to order, Koekaway Bag
gie*, open and top Buggies, and every description of
Carriage* made to enter, from seventy-five dollars to
eirhihunarei faenMtfl JOHN SOUTH.
ARJS THROCKMORTON begs to acquaint Ins
friends that he if again leatee-of the ,OALT
UO USE, Louisville, Ky'.,where he hopea to meet all
h>» old friend*, assuring them and the pobljc. that o©
effort ibait be *pared to make all comfortable yrho favor
him with their, patronage. janlldty
|A VltflNG RUSKS. Monthly Rotea and Ever-
green*, Ac. suitable for planting in Cemetry’f
can be furnished on application at the aieed store,
from Nurseries of Jaa. Wardrop, Alanebeater.
mehiuf _ Nolfth eor wood andSih sis
_ „.**>*'• BOAT VV RNrpUBE: • ~
T lIAVK In store and for rule low—
X Dunk Frame*; Mattresses; t
Cotta; ’ 1
■ Pdlowr, Qoiluj
j »be«ta; and Trimmings of all kind*';'
And all o'ber article* m my line, which <> shall sell
low and on accommodating trim*. \VM NOBLE
mt.ltf Siore, oppoiite the Rank of INtubatili, 3d at
/i HOUND ALLSPICE, and Clovea~Ts
V.T b‘»ls, boxes and.roaljnaekiges, constantly on hand
and for aale at the Musurdand SpieeFactoiv 27 Filth
«U«t_ _ -P a RIIODE3AA&OBN
T AM prepared to dp,a]l,kimU of Cabinet BtaJßht
X Sofa*. Divans. Chairs, Chair Seats, at ibott nolict?
Order* left at Mr. Noble’* on Third at, promptly
ed u» . -' I ' 'l
ICTRepairingof all kino*. J T STUART. '
• |
WARRANTED superior to the beat Euvfiah ‘’Stoar
b ridge,” on hand and for aale at the We i ebtnuo
“Sloan’* wharf,’’Canal Basin. j
ocW; _1 '• '• J-BHAW MACLARKN 1
A DOV WANTED-Wantedagoodindaatrtoog|foy
to attend in a Gtocery Store. The beat of- refer
ence mniired, :Applf.;« .
npW F SEITZ, I*4 Liberty afreet
Kztlusinxil f»r PtiitKgm.
THE public are respectfully informed that this Lino
will commence running on or about the ICih m«utut,
and continue throughout the reason. The proprietor*
bare now placed ft strperidhelai* of Packets and Rail
road Cara on the route, with extra accommodation*,
which will give greater comfort to trawlers.
A Packet Boat will always be in port, and the trav
eling'publie are requested to call and examine them,
previous to engaging passage elsewhere.
One of the Packets will leave the landing,(oppWic
the United Stale* Hotel.) comer Penn street and Uie
Canal, every night at 9 o’clock
For information apply at the other. Monongaiiola
lloa*e, Water street, or to I) I.KF.OIt A Co
mcbl3 ' ’ cor Penn succt and Canal '
JBteaEl-ih IS-17-
THE stock of this line consist* of u double daily
l.twi» Ot Ho*is and Cars, [owned tlitui*»lve*.j
which are in gopd order. The subscriber* are prepa
red to forward a large quantity of Merchandize and
Produce with certainty and disputed: ,
Produce or Merchandise consigned to any of the un
dersigned, is forwarded tree ol any charge lor commis-
sion or storage.
Bills Lading transmitted and all .nstruci.ori* promptly
wended to.
The business of this Line i* conducted on I'.ritily
Sabbath-keeping principles. Address, or uppl) to
. D LEh'.Cll & Co. Proprietors.
Canal liasin, PitisLurgli
lIARRIS & LKECM, Proprietors.
No 13South Third meet. Philadelphia
No 114 North Howard street. Baltimore -
W H WILSON, Agent, -
No 7 .West street, New York
KggggHa 1847.
-T3QII itc transportation of Freight between Pittsburgh
1> indthe Atlantic Citici. avoidiug ir*n*hipmeoi* on
the way, and the consequent risk of delay, damage,
breakage and separation 01' good*.
BOnßklDfiF. & CASH
No *76? Market *ireet. Philadelphia
Cor Peun and Wayne in, Pnuhttrgh
O’CONNOR ACo. Nonli street, Baltimore )
WA J TTAP3COTT, "SSouth »t, NV. \ ARenu
Encouraged by increased business the Proprietor*
have added to their stock and extended their arrange
menli during the winter, dud are non prepared to for
ward arilli regularity and dispatch unsurpa**<d
by auy otnei jine. Their long experience a* carrier*,
the palpable iiiperioniy of the Portable Boat System,
and the great dnparity and convenience of the ware
house* at each;end of the line, are peculiarly calcula
ted to enable the proprietor* to fulfil their engagement*
and accommodate their ruiiorncf* —confidently offering
the past as a guaranty for the futore. they respectfully
•olicit a conttnnaiieeof ihm patronage which they now
gratefully acknowledge.'
AH consignment* to TaatTc A O’l’otmor will be rec'd
and iorwarued. Steamboat charge* paid ai d Kill* ol
Ladingiranstaitted free of any charge for Commission,
advantßrg or storage. Uaving no interest directly or
indirectly m steamboats, the interest of the consignors
mun neeesiafily be their primary object in snipping
west, and they pledge themselves to forvrsrd *JI goods
consigned to them promptly and on the most advanta
geous terms to (be owner*.
March 1.15t7 marc_
Seagal 18 47.
JJs*\Vithout Tranrlnptaeni—Hl
Good* consigned tonurcare wilt he forwarded wall
outdetsy.ailhe lowest current rate*. Bill* of Lading
transmitted, and all instruction* promptly attended to
flee from any extra charge for storage or commission
Address,orapply to C A MeANULT-Y ACo
Canal Ba*iu, Pittsburgh
Having a very large and commodious warehou*r,
we are prepared to receive (in addition io freight for
shipment; alargearaoam of Produce, Ae .onStorage at
low rotes. ' (mare) C a Me AN f LTV A Co
EXCLUSIVELY for the liansporiation ol \\ A\
FREIGHT between Pittsburgh, Blntrsville, Johns
town, Hollidaytburgh, Water Street, Petcrsbutgli and
glluneimcdiote place*
One Boat will leave the warehouse ofC A MeArtuity
A Op., Pittsburgh, every drfy, [except Sunday*,} amt
ihipperVcan always depend on having their goods fur
warded without delay and at fair rates.
‘nils Line was foimed for the ipeciul accommodation
of the way business, and the proprietor*, respectfully
solicit a liberal share of patronage.
f’rej’rirtc*!. .
JOHN MILLER. Ilf>:: <!»v*buri:h )
R II CANAN, Joun-Uiivtt { Xitem-
C A McANULTY A Co. P.treburgi, )
J J MeDcvitt, JohnPaikcr, Robcn Moore, JLgalry
A Smith, Pittsburgh. _ tiwrfi
LAEK £klK AID flftlllilS LIXE.
r |'HIS Line being composed of Steamboat* Lake Km-
J. and Michigan, running d»ly betwrrit Pnu'-i’ridi
and Beaver,and Height miJ p*»«e, i; ;,- r; |l»b «.
running between Hcavcraud Erie and ('•mur rung wab
C M Heed’* Line of S.eamboat Propeller* and Vessel*
ondho Lakes, will be prepared upon the earliest open
ing of Navigation to carry Freight and Cssvcugris to
alFpoioUon the River. Canal and Lakes-
Ifaving cverT facility for conveying freight and pas
senger* with-promptness and dispatch, the propnetor
ana agenu reipectfully solicit fretn then friend* and
he public generally their paiionsge.
C M RrIED, Erie, Propneior
REEDS, PARKS A Co, Reaver. Act*
JOHN A CAUGMEY! Pimb’gh no
Cot. Smithfield and Water s;«. re the Monong.i
gabela House.
axrxK to
Wheeler, Crocker A Co, New York •
Geo Davn, Buffalo
E N Parks A Co, Cleveland
Jaa A AnnsuongA Co, Detroit
McClure A Wilhama, Milwaukie
llriatol A Porter, Chicago
Wm Power*, Power*town, Penna
Geo Macbelmyre, Kvatishurgh, Penna
John MeArthut, Hunl*iown, do
Wick At Aeker,-Greenville. do
Craig A Frampton, Clarksville, do
Hays A Plumb, Sharpsbuigb, Pa.
W C Mnlan, gbaron, do.
' R W Cumiogbsm. NewCaitlp. do mar 3
THE improved method of carrying used l-y tbi* Inns
Established is now so well known that de
scription if unnecessary. Goods are not touched on the
tome, thus all transhipment or extra handling i« saved:
The Boats are of light draught and perform their trip*
in from six to seven days.
The capacity of our Warehouses enables o« to «u>rc
any consignments made tout. Receiving.storing, and
advances free of charges.
Being fally prepared to make sales of Produce, we
respectfully solicit consignments of western Flour,
Bacon, Lard, Batter, Cheese, Wool, Feathers, and other
article* for sale,.on wbicb liberal advance* will be
made and other asual facilities afforded, pledging our
selvea-tbat any business entrusted to a* shall be a*
promptly executed and upon a* fair term* a* by any
other bouse. JNO McFaDDKN 4 <k>
Cano) Basin. Pittsburgh
mcbttf 849 and 331 Market si, Pbiladu
arn»; dickey,
East Beaver Point and Bridgewater,
j Bkavxm cocxtt, •«.,
' Proprietor and Agent of steamers
TXT ILL bepiepared on earliest openingof canal nav
vv {ration to receive property at Ins wharf lout or
in warenouse ; for oil points on Erie Extension, Ciom
Cot, and Onto Canals; for all ponton Lake Erie urn!
Upper Lakes, as alio to forward produce, Penn's.
Improvements. Apply to or address
febM-dtf JAS RJCCTTV. Braver
184(5. jgyg
T. h chmond 4 Co.
Forwarding 4 Commisalon Merchunta.
BKAVEIt. pa.
THE Agent* and Proonetors of this Line (so favor
ably known to the public), will be prepared on the
earliest opening of canal navigation to rrenvenrop
till at Pittsburgh and Beaver, and deliver the *atne ai
tnv point on the Ohio canals, ami also on Lake* Kn.
ana Michigan, with tbe greatest despatch and at reas
onable rates.
The proprietors of this line solicit the liunine** of
their former customers with confidence, knowing iluu
their facilities are second to none.
Apply to or address
« M HARTON. Agi. Pimburfl,.
CLARKE 4 Co. Braver.
JanSC T RICHMOND 4 Cr ‘ •■'-land.
THE Boa'men’e Poitable Boat t'onipany being dis
solved, the Company again went mio nrticlrs of i.'o
partnersbip under the name of ihc “BoatmrnS I.W, M
and likewise agreed in refit the *<ioek mj as to libvh u
iHUßber of Boats for tbe purpose of carrying grind*
through in from six «o eight day*, with cvriemiy—anil
feel eneoaragrd by the liberality of !a«i year’s patron
age, to make more exicnsive arrangeraeutsdor the i-n-
Wo would therefore respectfully solipitA continu
ance of our Conner patrons, and refer oLMic/v customers
to those We have done busincs^for^^^^^^^^^^^
For tbe transportation of
PuiLADXLPBti, Baltimoxb, Naw Vo*i. Bosro.v.
Corner Libetty street and Canal Basin. Pittsburgh
No 3M Market street, Philadeiplna.
ELDER, GELSTON 4 Co. Agents,
Baltimore. Md
PITTSBURGH—Jas. McCuliy, Geo. Morgan 4 Co.
W McCuliy 4 Co. II A Sampson 4 Co. M Allen 4 On.
PHILADELPHIA—Morris Patterson 4 Co, Reynold*
McF*rland'4 Co, Fleming 4 Buzby. Peter Wngln4
Sod. J Bispbaro, Joseph Gratz.
NEW YORK—Goodhne 4 Co, Tltro Perry 4 Co.
BOSTON—Reed. Hurd 4 Co
aNCINNATI—Adams 4 Creagb, W W Bcarlwr
"ft. PLNASANT, VA—P A Machier.
Nora—All merchandise from New York and Boron,
consigned fo A L Gerhart 4 Co, Philadelphia, will he
promptly forwarded fth of commission. fcli|_3
Patkags Expreaa to' Phllad«l|.kH,
■ ■jmna THE Canal being now open, the
■ Express which has been r*-
b f**“**7<or toe conveyance of valuable packages of
merchandise, specie, bank notes, jewelry, Ac , com
“’ton-Thursday, March 19.
,b *
«A 1 S ,T “ * D I.KKpH 4 t'o
“ eßl * cor Penn at and CaraJ
IiCT " 1847.
THIS well known and popular Lice of Steamer* lias
been greatly improved the jiA*t \Vinter, by the ad
dtiion of several new and magnificent b<nu*, built
expressly fur the Packet Line; and the entire hue ;s
now ruin posed of eight of ihe largest, !*« finished und
furnished, and most powerful boat* on the t\ stcis* of.
iheWest. Every areommodaf.on that nsonry will pro*
cure bxn been provided for Passengers, and no pain*
will br 'pared in rreder them comfonalde and-the trip*
agreeuble They leave Pittsburgh anil Cincinnati daily
1 and positively nt Iti o'clock, A St.
Toe MOSONtLMIELA.Cnpt. Slant, will leave Pitta
burgh every Monday morning ut U) o’clock. Wheeling
every Monday evening at 10 P. M ; aud Cincinnati ev
ery 'ttiur-day ut 10 o’clock- A. M.
The IHBEKNIa, NO. 4, Capt J. Kltnt/.Ler, will
leave Pi’ub’irgh every Tu««duy morning at lUo'clo.-k;
Wheeling every Tur-dav evening at- 10 P. M.; and-
Ciucimiati every Friday at 1U o’clock; A. M.
The NEW ENGLAND. NO 3, C«pi. S. Dain, will
leave i'ltt-huiuh every Wednesday,morning ul Ul
o'clock; WUcr'mg cvei y Wednesday evening ot-|0 P.
M.; BitdCmcimiati riciy Bniurduy'ut lb o'clock, A. M.
The W ISt’oNSl N. Capt H ./. Grow, will Icove Ptim
bnrgh rvriy Thursday ir.trrmngat lUu’clnck; Wheeling
rvciy ‘i'liur*dny ev.itiu,"! at HI I*. M.; And Cincinnati
every Sunday ut lllo'clock, A. M
I he CLIPPER, NO. 3, t>pt. tVoois.wilHcnvc l\u,~
iMiigli every I'rmny tnorntng ut UtoTlock; Wheeling
every Friday evening at 10 P. M.; and Cincinnati c»cry.
Moniln|;’ et JOoVlock, A. M
rrhe MiiSSKNGF.R. Capt
Injrgli rvirt Saturday mormr
•every Saturday.evening ut
every T'i«*»biv nt,lOo'elc»ck,
l lAf/ord, will Irnve rm*s
mg ut lOo'c’ock; Wheeling
t 10 P. M-, mnl Cincinnati
, A M.
The ISAAC NEWTON, Capt A. «. AJ<i»«n. will
leave Pittsburgh every Sunday." morning ul lu o'clock;
Wberimg every Sui day eveumg at 10 P. M.; and Cm*
Rtn-iuii everv Weilnesdny ut It) o’clock. A M.
KPliese Paekcix vti'Hir ul ilicir berth • ul Pntsburgh
liiicinimii, irgularly. the day previous to leaving
e*rb port, for tin- reception of freight, and entry of Pa**
the Register.
I No Berth or Stau- Room considered engaged until paid
for. febS^
The new and splendid *ieaKer
iJbfoLhrK*? BE AVER,
Cltnrle* Hoop*, loiriiucnre* her
■BB®“*®®regu;nr trio* tin* day. leaving Pm*
blirgh it 9 o'clock, a. s» ,onu Heaver ut 8 o’clock, r v.,-
cinnrrimc with Pni'burgh and Clevebtnd Line of Cad
up! Ram* daily in Cleveland. O; llenver, Woiren and
Cleveland Line of C.mitl Packet* amt Stage Coaches
dhily io Wurren und Cicvelniin. Canal Packet Line* to
N rw Cu.ite and lifeenville. Pit ; Erie Extension Line
til Mewdvtlle and Erie Ned. Moore A Co’* Line* of
Stage Coael.e* for Cleveland and Wooster, leave Hea
ver dmly on the arrival of steamboat Beaver from
Pittsburgh Applv m _
<; M lIARTON A Co, Pimhurg’.
japH ' CLARKE A Co. Reaver
is 47.
i E N PARKS A Co, Cleveland, O 1
R U PARKS, Beavci, Pa. ! Proprietor*.
W T MATHER, Pittsburgh, Pa. J
THE above Liue i» now fully prepared to transport
Freight and Pusrcnger* from Pittsburgh and Cleve
land, to any pomuwi th* Pcnnsylvama A Ohio utu! Oh.o
Tbe'facibtiesxtf *aiJ Line ufe notequallcd by any on
*aid CaJiai*. iu number* untl capacity of Bukts. expe
rienec of Captain*, otid |irv<mptne** of Agejn*, Ac.
- One Boat le*vr* Pitt'bti'gli and Cleveland daily run
nine in roniieciioi, with ihe Steamer*.
Michigan and Lake Ena, between IMcbureli and
Ib over and a Line of first clus* Stramlmais, i’nipel
leis. Hng* and Schooner*, on Lnkr« Fne, Huron, Mi
eliigau and Ontario
Property forwarded io any panel the Union with
despatch E N PAKKS A Co, Cleveland, Agt*
REED. PARKS A Co, Denver, Aji*
\v T MATHER, Pittuborgh, Agt ,
»p2t Cor Waier and Smithbeld street*
itsa nm.-omaa
Time to Halnmofc TJ heur*.
Tune to Philadelphia
[Only 71 Miles Staging.]
fT*HK splendid andfriM njntung»ic»tmet'C«n«ul. Lott
1. i« McLaue and Swatora. have roininvneed making
douMr dxilr-inp* Our ’bout will leave the .Monongd
bcla willin' everv innmieg preersely ill > o'clock.—
Passenger, by th.' morning tine will arrive in Baltimore
next evening in time for me PhU*dHpti>u Mad Hoai, or
Kail Road ear*. Tho W:U leave Ihr
’ whan daily ut 4 oVfoeY. elf.epi Sondjt t Pn«*r ngvr*
by t". - !»oai iv.■! naj.'iar.l. *n ■ I'Utfirti'bli* “lute
ri'-nm-, Is !•:-w it*-.. ’ • i'>. it n,.-ri m l> k
tieiiand. Thu'avindins'u-isht txaicl" i.luigvlher The.
preparation* on ;hi- mule urv nmple. and the co-inect.orr
eorop’eir. •« ’hat dwippo.ntinet.i> or delays wni i.e un
known upon it.
Pa-iciiger'rna *lop on the mate anil resume their
seat* again ol plrnrufc and buvr eho:ce of Unit Road
or Siraiut-oat betwerr. DaUnnure ojhl Pli.ladclpt.ia
Coaehe* ehai’eied 10 puibe* to travel a* they drtirry
Secure vonr Tirkei* At theotfit'i'.Mor.ongahelß llou«c.
or S; fhaiic* Haul. J .'ll-^KIMEN
PACKI-jr Rom* Swallow and Telegnph leave Ilea
ver daily. »’1«»■ lock r the arrival of tht
nior*i.i:/ lioa- nom au-l arrive nt Wnrrea i:
t:u»g tui Hie Mad Lme ol Stage*,* which leave irnnird;
ately thereafter and urnve-at Cleveland ut 3o ctoeki'P
Tb.« rout.- most eiped.tmus and coml.'rtabli
DU'.' to the I.Aki
COTKS k LKFFINO WIXL Warteti, frupr’
RKKI), PARKS A Co. Reaver, Agent*
JOHN A t*AU(»liEV.cornet AVn'ct un»! SmiihfielJ '
Opposite the Aloiumgsttq'a Hnu«c Puirburfil
packet and freight link
riMH3 cou*iriiiig of freight and passenger Pack'
A ei», will ran regularly during the season between
Beaver and Greenville, J*a . by wn,ch freight and p*«
senger* between the two point*, will be corned proiupil*
and at ihr lowest rat*\a. i
WICK k ARCHER, Greenville, Agl*
CRAIG A FRAMPTON, Clarksville. Ui
.McFarlanda kino. h,* iiemi. d<
IIAVSi i'l.L'MB. Sharps!,urgh. dr
W C MALAN. Sharon, J.
WM. MATHEWS, Pula**, di
REED, PARKS A Co. Itchv. i. do!
JOHN A CaUGHKV, corner Water and JjiU'ihGclil »i«,
apfily • Opposite the Mnnoiigabeia House,-Pitisburgh
1S 17,
roR Ttir. transportation or
Philadelphia, Ualttatore, New York
and Boston.
TIME encnoragcmelit Ih'i line hat received since
its commencement, has induced tho proprie
tors to increase the sttjck by adding o number ol first
class boats; and instead of giving receipts as hereto
fore as agents, wewillgivo our own receipts lor
freight shipped by thii line.
'1 he boats aro ajljortablr, consequently freight
is laken.the whole du tanen without transhipment,
thereby preventing da toage from frequent handling
on the route, and a* each boat is owned by the
Lapoin who runs the :n, winch is a sulticienl guar
antee that there wilt i; an delay on the route
All Produce or Merchandise consigned to the
umlersigr.ed will be forwarded FRKF. OF COM*
M ISSION.for ad van* ing and’ forwarding, and w ill
be shipped without delay at the lowest rates of
We respectfully sc licit a share of public patro
nage. W VLUiNUFORDA, Co.,
I Canal damn. I'ilUburgh.
Broad Strvoi, Philadelphia.
MILLKK, Agent *
iowlej'a Wharf, Baltimore.
, 8147.
Pittsburgh, Feb. II
rPH»i umler»i«ned ore now prepared 10 forward pro-
A dm.-r.Ae.. to the KaMern .tlrfrkrtu during the pimu
mc Wimer. on the ihom favorable ternu, l»v tin* e *pr.
diuou* route. ,
All property rmiMgnrd tout will he forwarded at the
lower) rate* .uni with de«|ratr|i.
Mcrchandne received t.y route promptly for
J <• ISIDU’ri.l.. A«’i . I'ltt.tiurch
ti W *:a>S llron-ntville ’
K KIi'KKTON A ('o.Cuml.rrluml
r PHK «üb*cnl>erK will receiptSkTilin delivery of I'm
t dure 10 Haliimoii by the .MonoiigahHii Hluekwnicr
ut the following price*.— i
A*lir«, ll.irini. llulirr, Lead. Lard, Pork, Tallow
Wh»»kry. Cheese, ai.d ct* per IVO ||,» '
Tobacco, Hemp, Plus am) Wheal— W ci* per LUO ll,* r
A*h<!*, (Pol) Apple*. Cheerc, Flax-Seed, (lias* ani
leather—loo cl» per 100 ll,* ’
Oil*. Skin*. Seed*. Wool—III! el* per |()0 ll,* j
_»re*w*x, Prathers. Fur*. Um*cn R , autl Sunke-Rooii
All property consigned to either of the undersigned
will I* forwarded without fllt-Uy. free of Ornimiutait
at above rate*. W II CLARK. Hrowitinlle ’
novtlSdif l *
Angßkh FRKKiIUERS and other* wishing
ifL*** .A »o faa»c l‘fc Hriek. Produce: 4r‘
MBWBWB Lioughl to ill** place from Steubenville
ftcnneiliaie landing*, can muke
uirniigrmcni*. by railing on me. u* |
have a Iloaijunning regularly between I'iiuburgh and
jsnt Steamboat Agent, Sfl W.nierst
**yia* THE Steamboat lIA RL£M re| nurd
f H- *nd refilled m handsome style and
ygsagga now »l ih« Monongabcla wharf • A.
WBEBI *he 1* improved »he n wrlladapied for
carrying freight and passengcra,or for towing: *h ha*
great capacity and power. Any person di«po*d to
l>urchu*c will ofcoura* uupeetber.
I al*o proposeto leasev lor one or more year* m>
ITerti; a man of energy and husmeu habit* they
offer great advantages. J can furnish the jesace either
on sale or charter, my |low lioat “MINKR.” He can
l also have on fairterm* six barees, three fiats, and two
coal bottoms, sixteen cars with ropes, fixtures. Ac
made for full operations. An examination oftbee*
tablishmenti»invited, persons diiposedto negotiate
with me in reference to any of the above particular >
■nay address me at my Office in Smart's Ruitdiir. at*
meet, Pittsburgh; or at Harlem,near Monougaheln eitv
angtft Til 03. II DaJRD
Valuable Medicine,thousands have been reato- i
red to perfect health Who bot W its use would now
l»c in tiie silent gravei i
Asuthcii living IwiTsm-Read with aslop. '
ishmeat the wonderful care performed by Doctor
Swaync's Couipound|S;rup of WILD CHKRRY
PHIt.spELPim, January “J' UJlj.
, Dr. Swayne—DearSir: In justice tovouraclfand
a doty I owe to suffering humanity, 1 cheerfully
give toy .testimony, and declare to the world the
most astonishing tflccU, and the great cure your
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry performed pn me,
under tne most unfavorable circumstance*. I was
token with a violent Cough, Spitting of Blood, se
vcrc Pams in the Side and Breast, which seemed
to break down and enfeeble my constitution,)., that
my physician thought my case hoyobd the power ol
medicine, and my friends all gave me .up to die; but
thanks to you and tho effects ol your great mscovc
ry, 1 now feel mysdl a well man, and raised from a
mere skeleton to ns fleshy and. healthy a man as 1
have been for years, and shall be pleased to give any
information inspecting my ease, by calling at my
residence, Mechanic sl/cel,third door below George
street, Northern Liberties. Jscnn Painter.
Testimony is now received from all quarters of
the Globe.
The (ollowiiig letters are presented with a view
of more fully showing the opinions of Physicians in
relation to the Medical value of Dr SWAYNE’S
Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir: Having used your Coro
tmur.d Syrup or Wild Cherry extensively m my
/practice, 1 was requested by your Agent, Doctor
Crutcher to express my opinion in writing of its
properties as a remedial agent, I most .chocrluily
‘comply, i feel by *o doing, 1 will .discharge a
debt I owe the community at large, and Physic>aue
in particular. As much as I detest Quack Reme
dies and I'.iUnt Nostrums, I was induced from
alnilureof the moat potent expectorants, rocom
mc’idcd'iif our matena inedlta in some cases ot
“Diseased Luugs, to try your preparation of Frunus
Virginia or Wild Cherry. It is sufficient totay that
i was so much pleased with the result of that and
subsequent trials, that I now prescribe it in prefer
ence to all other Remedies where an expectorant is
indicated. In the mach dreaded Pneumonia or
Disease of the Lungs, in tho alarming loan in phich
it appears in Kentucky, I regard it as an invaluable
Remedy in the treatment oi thnt disease. To all
who know me 1 have said, enough, but os this may
be soen by persons out of the vicinity of Frankfort,
I wilt bricßy.add, that I have been ergaged in an
active practice ol my profession ol LS yearn,and am
a Regular Graduate of Tnn«ylvania,' and this u the !
first Patent Medicine 1 ever, thought enough ol to
eipresa an opinion in writing.
J. 11. Ellison, M. D.
Jana try 7th, 18-17. Krinklin County, Ky.
Frankfort, Ky., Jan’ry 7th, ltfi7.
Tho above certificate is f*om one of our Pbysi*
ciahs living a few mileafrom-here, he udoingg very
good practice, and is considered a gbod Physician,
and stands fair, he is, as he says, a regulargradoale.
Du. \v. L. Crutcher,
1 Druggist ad;l Apothecary.
Testimonials will never cease.
. from the'Temperance Pledge.
.Now that Winter it upoa is with its sttendan
train of Pulmonic aud Bronchial aflcctioos,Coughs
Colds,Arc . we would advise those afflicted m
this way uriuako immediate trial or Dr. Swaync’s
Compound Syrup ol Wild -Cherry. It will never
tail in perfi rfn a permanent cure. The reputation
of tins medicine has caused many spurious articles
to lie pul lort'h under its name; bul the preparation
of Dr. .swayne, besides being the first ever offered
to the public, is ile only one that can be relitd on.
The other fniitorei sold lor. Wild Cherry Syrup,
Balsams, Are.; archil spurious and worthless, and
cootain mine ol the virtues of the original prepara
tion, Dr. Swayne’i Compound Syrup oi Wild
From the Springfield .Express.
Of the thousands of purported curative nostrum*
now before the public, bfit very few are lound to
possess the healing virtues lor which they are ie
commended. Among the latter pleased to
learn none stand u better test than DriSwayne's
Compound Syrup ot Wild Cherry. The afflicted
in this vicinity are beginning to use it, and to their
joy they tind in its use.their hopes baaed upon it*
recommendations more than reahacd. The afflicted
need not despair. While there is tile, there now is
U’Sinec the introduction of my article to the
public, there hate a number of unprincipled indi
viduals col up nostrums which they assert contain
Wild Cherry, some are coiled "Balsams,”-* Bitters,'
and even Syrup of Wild Cherry, but mine is the
original and only genuine preparation ever introdn
ce-t to the public, which can be proven hv the pob
lie Record* ol the Common wealth of Pennsylvania.
The only Isalcgnard against imposition u to see that
my signature is or; each bottle.
Prepared only by Dr. HySwavtfi:, it bis Princi
pal Office, corner of lyfoHT and Rjfc.t Streets.
Philadelphia. All Wild-Cherry preparitions being
tictitiuua Olid counterfeit without his sigt-alurc,
t'or iuk> in Pitttbursjl.AvSlHilctalc iiml'ietaii by
'i iJOiTN, id MarkV.U'.tt, .5.'
/OllVtiti £c S.\OWDfcN, Coinerririu Wood »ts.
S. JUAiE’s, ICO Liberty street.
Sold also by J Mitchell. Allegheny City; Bovd,
Cams A: jt.o.,.Butler; Weaver & Henderson, Mer
cer; Mortpan-Calendar, Meadvillc; J H Burton &
Co., Erie; M’Kcnsic \ Kaskcll, Cleveland; I)enia
A; Son, potumbus; Miller, Urownsvili.; Marsh,
Wheeling, Vai*B Hmman, Cincinnati, Ohio; Dr
E fa-HiertV A M. Louis; J S Morris &. Co.,
Louisville, A> ; And«;w Oliver A. Co., New Or
leans. f a - r 5
I S now uniwr.ially acknowledged to be the IN*
1 FALLIBLE REMEDY for Rheumatism, >pi
uin Attcctipcs, Contractionsof the Muscles, Sere
Throat and Quinsy. Issues, Old Ulcers, J ains in the
Hark and Chest, Ague in the Breast and Face
To-jlfi Ache, >|>r.iin». llrimes, Salt Rheum, Burns,
Cropn. Frosted Feel and all Nervous Diseases
•JM TRIUMPHANT SUCCKs'S which has at
tended the application of this most WONDERFUL
MEDICINE in curing the most severe cases of the
different l>i*ca.e* above named, —and the HIGH
ENCUMIUM.S that have been bestowed upon it,
wherever it has been introduced, gives mo the right
to calf on the AFFLICTED to resort at once to
O’Tlie (acuity unite io recommending the ecle
nted External Remedy, Hum's Liniment.
The following letter from the highly. emtnrr i
Physicians who have been attached to the Mount
I’ieasaat State I'rison Tor many years. is the best
evidence of the value of this celebrated Liniment.
Sine Sine, December S£, 1345.
My Dear Sir—l received your note of yesterday,
asking my opinion in relation to Hunt’s Liniment,’
as prepared by Mr George E Stanton. Knowing,
its composition, and having frequently used itsT*
can rccoinmcndil In you as a sate Kateroal Reme
dy, anil in tny opinion, the .best Liniment now in
use. Very truly and respeciful|v voura, <>
Col Pierre V an Corllandt, Croton Manor.
I fully concur in ihc-above opinion.
* Yorktowji, Jan. 14, 1845.
Sir—ln reply to your letter, i would say that I
have used your External Remedy, called Hunt's
Liniment, in my practice since you made me ac
•jufiinti-d with its composition, and unhesitatingly .
say.that I believe it to be the best External Heme
dy now in use lor the complaints for which you re
commend i<. Yours rowpcrtfully,
Geo E StJfntnn.Rsq.
From the N Y Sun.
H.7*Among the of worthiest articles and
humbugs that aro poured forth at the present day
upon the country, it is really refreshf&g to find
miuictliinpuf real practical utility, something sim
pie, speedy and cUcctoal in its operation, and rl
the same ;time Iree from those 'injurious cticcls
which generally attend powerful remedies. Hunt's
Linitncnt, prepared by Geo. E Stanton, of Sing
Sing, though it has been but a short time before
the public, baa already obtained the confidence, not
only oi our most wealthy and influential citizens,
but our most eminent physicians. All acknowl
edge it to be a sovereign balm for many of the ills
that flesh is heir to, soothing the aching limb, and
by its genuine stimulating influence, banishing dis
case from the system.
Mr. Stanton—Sir—Seeing your advertisement
of Hunt’s Liniment, 1 was induced to try its cßects
on my son, who hod been crippled with a lame
back from an infant} aud it is w ith gratitude I bear
'testimony to its wonderful healing properties. My
child, who it now live years ol age, is now in a fair
way of recovery, Vours, die.
E'ost Orricn, Tovrm hs, Putnam Co. .
I certify that I am personally acquaint* d with
the abov e named child, and think the father would
bo sale in saying that his son is almost well.
Nov 5, IBL>. Deputy Port Master.
- l*. S. I would also slate that f have been for a
humber of years subject'to frequent attacks of the
-Rheumatism, which in many instances prevented
my atteuding to my bnsinevs. Two or three appli
cation* of tho Liniment invariably remove nil af
fection* of Uic kind. In cases of bruises, sprains
and sores, ton numerous to mention, it has in this
vicinity proved a certain rrmed*. lu value can
only be estimated by those who have given it a fair
This Liniment is sold at '25 and 50 cents per bot
tle, by all 1 the Principal Druggist* and Merchants
throughout thexnunlry.
Wholesale Agents in New York.
HOADLKY, PHELPS Sl Co, 142 Water.
RUSH lON it Co, 110 i.roadway.
A 11 A: D SANDS, corner Fulton and William
ASPIN WALL, ft! William street.
Order# addressed to lao at Siug Sing, N Y,
be atfcridcd to. GEORGE E STANTON, :
I-or sale in Pittsburgh by L WILCOX, Jr, and J
KIDD Si Co. Allegheny City, JOHN SARGENT
Birmingham,JOHN SMITH. febiy
THIS medicine is last taking the place ol every
p/eparation heretofore used,fordiseases arising
from Weakness or other causes. AiUhalii necei
sary to secure this mcdicino a place in the Dome*-
lie Practice of every lamily,when such a medicine
is ncedtd, is a trial.
It speaks for itscll— is innocent in its operation,
and no 1 injury can arise lioui itp use at any lime.
Wholesale and Retail by ROVVAND &. WM„.
TON, Proprietors 576 MarketSUeet, Philad’a.
For sale in Pittsburgh by R Sellers, 57 Wood
lVro - Thorn,s2 Mirket sL ocfidw T
I'lIEfllOOItlSH ilAiaT DYB3FoTper ida
iicmly dyeing Light, Red or Gray Hair a Dark
brown or iMack color, without dyeing or injuring the
skin. Sold with full directions'. Price 60 cents, orfl
a bottlo.
[ETSoId by WM. JACKSON, at his Patent Medicine
Warehouse. Lihetry street, bead of Wood, at the
sign of the llir Boot. J-J9
BAIIBAM— HI do* Wiitar’s Balsam of Wild Cheiry
jort received and for sale by J
up* No 60 wood «ree .
-\7JeiVICTIAft fUfiO—? bblv best English;
V 9 do American;
Tor vale by J 3CHOONMAKKR A Co
apS No 34 wood stresi
[Near the Uppei Bridge/Allegheny City ]
THE proprietor* of tie Star Cot’on Factory respect
fully inform the politic that they are now in surce**-
fol operation. Having Employed the services of G. W.
Barnes os Manager, who haa had on expcncncc-of 19
years in the principal! laetotte* of Allegheny City,
they would inform Merchants and Dealers in general
thai they will alwmysjhavc on hand superior Cation
Yams of ail Nos., Battings, Warp*, and Drown Va*ini»
of .upenormake- 5 ‘ N VOEGTI.Y ACo
N U —Orders (eft atjhe Mill, or at Hie ‘tore of 'My
ers. Hunier A Co , IBS Liberty street, will be proirpiiy
• nrii lci) in. mcjrJsd3oi N. V.iCn
r |MIIS Manufactory being in full andrompleta opera
-1 non, (having received and replaced all iheir Ma
ehuiery l>v the latest improvement*.) are no* making
a very heavy utlitle of*-* Brown Shertirre*, hard
lamed, handfoioe goods, (branded Allegheny D.] and
*urpK«*ed by iipne.ofthe same stvle, in the country;
linen-led exclusively for the Wistees and Somix**
trade. .Merebonis visiting onrlcity aic inviml torall
■ml examine previousito making purchases. Orders
from a dikisuee promptly attended to. and good* care
fully shipped when ordered. febl3d£w3mT
Caudle-Wick, Batting, Twine, Coverlet
(Succekeorsof Ai buckle* A Avery.)
]an9 Proprietors
I’tTTsßtmuH, Pa.
THE aboTe'estab>i»h(uem being nowin successful
operation,wo are mauufaclitrittg. very extensively,
an amele of heavy Sheetings, well adapted to the retail
trudr. which for beauty and quality cannot be excelled
by any other make in the country'- The aiU-ntion of
puirhasers is solicited to uti examination.
feblldtniAwlt KKNNKT) ■ CHILDS ACo
“AVha tihongh the causa may not be explained,
Since their effects are duly ascertained,
1-ei not delusion, prejudice, or pride,
induce mankind to set the means aside;
Mean* which, tho’ siiunie, arc by Heaven design'd
To alleviate tbe ills ofiiutDan kind.' 1
THIS remarkable invention, which has received the
universal approbation of the medieal profession of
Great Britain.comprises an enlireiynew application of.
Galvanism, at a remedial agent, by means of which the
ordinary Galvanic llatieries, Electric and Magnciic Ma
chines, Ac., are entirely dispensed with, and the myste
rious power of Galvanism applied without any of the
objection which are inseparable from the general mode
uow in use. The strung doses, and-irregtilar intervals,
in which Galvanism is applied by the Machines, has
bejen pronounced, after a lair and impartial trial; to be
decidedly injur lout, and it was to remedy this tad >ckl de
fect ihut this new application wus projected, which, af*
tek unceasing mil and perseverance, hat been brought
lo'its present stale of perfection. The Galvanic Rings
answer all tbe purposes of the most expensive Ma
chines, snd in manyoUier respects are ruoresgfii and
esnafn in accomplishing the desired effect.
The Galvanic Kings used in connection with the Mag
netic Ffuid, are confidently recommended in alldisor
den trkteh arise from an enfeebled or unhealthy note oj
lAs rurceui or vital systmi, api] these complaint* are
among the most painful and universal to which we are
•übjecL They arise, without exception, from one sim
ple cause—a derangement of the Nervous,.Sysieni—
and it was in these eases that other ‘remedies* having
so often failed, a new agent was greatly needed, which
it is eonfidcmly believed, has been found in the proper
and judicious applicaucn of Galvanism.
The Galvanic Rings have been used with entire sne
er** in all eases of RnccitAT!sx l 'aeuie oi chronic, ap
plying to the head, face or limbs; Gout. TuuDolortstz,
TooViatkt, Bronchitis, Vertigo, Ntfvousjr BUh'Headache,
Indigestion, Parai/tis, Fairy, Epilepsy, Pitt, Cltunp,
Palpstatien of the Heart. Apoplexy, Stiffness oj Joints,
Spinal Complaints, Lumbago, Neuralgia, iV«WW 7W
mon, Dizxtnar of Ike Head, pain in Ike Chest and Side,
General Debility, Deficiency of Nervous +nd Pkyeieal En
ergy, and all NERVOUS DISORDERS. Jn cases -of
confirmed Dyspepsia, which Is simply a nervous de
rangement of the digestive organs, they have been found
equally successful. Their cxuoordinary efferts upon
the tvsu-m must be witnessed lobe believed, and as a
certain preventive for ibe pcecedlng complaints they
arc equally recommended. The Rings are of different
puce*. Using made of all sires, iind of various orna
mental patterns, and can be worn by the most delicate
female without the slightest inconvenience. In fact,
the •ensabon n rathrr Hgrreable than otherwise,
The (iiHfasic Bells, Bracelet*, Dudt t
| (tartem, Ifccklacee, Ac,
Is somr> cases of« verc severe character, and of long
standing Jhe power as applied by the Galvanic Rings
i* not sufficient to arren inr progress of disease and
ulinnalnl? restore hrahh. The improved modification
oi the Galvanic Belt*. Drarrlri*, Ac., enure!)' icmc thi* any degree of power that :s requi
r'tlcan fcadily be obtained, and no complaint which
me mysterious agent ol Galvum«m can effect will fail
in be pcrmitiicnily relieved, There articles are adap
ted to the ivuKi, arms, wrists, limbs, ancle*, or any part
of the body, wnh pi rfcct convenience. 'Hie Galvanic
Necklace* are u»cd with greater benefit in case* ol
Bronchitis or affections of tne ihroat generally; also iu
cases of Nervous Deafness; and with almost uutfotm
*ucce»' as a preventive for Apoplexy, Epileptic Kiwi
autl Maiilnr complaint*
Chtintic’n Magnetic Field
is used mi eonncciioti wiih itie Galvanic Kinge tutd’alD
their modification*. This cvmpnrillon Iras been pro
nounced by ilie French Chcmn-ts to be one of the roost
exiniordtnary discoveries of modern science, 111* be- -
lievt-d lopoMes.* the rental knhlep ower of rendering tk
nerves smsiiirrt o.galvanie action by ibis means causms
a coneemrauon of the influcnc, hi the' seal of disease,
Uiu* giving lapid.and permanent iclief. No other
roinpoMtion iu cbrmiMr is knownio produce the (tune
effect, or io impart® simijar property to the nervous
*y» means of im outwanl local application. The
Mgneiii- Fluid columns nothing rapiibic ofihe sligb •
cm injury, it' upplication is agreable. and it te a "s
liurnrlesA r r itsaction as it m beneficial in its.result*.
Full exploration* and directions accompany it. The
combined inventions are in ever)- way pcrfccily bunu
les»j they ore »old at price* w-iupn the reach ol ail and
the’discoverer only requesis a fair trial a'satestof
ibmr surprising efficacy and permanent beuefiL
Christie's Galvanic Ntrengthcning Pins-
There articles form anoitmr valuable application of
the rnysienouv mfluence ol Galvanism. They are an
important adjanct-to the genmne Galvanic Rings and
tbeir modifications, acting upon the same principle, but
having the advantage of more local application. They
are confidently-recommended as a valuable addition in
the speedy cure of Rhcumaiism.-aculcorchronie; mall
netvous coippUinu, and as a positive remedy tn cases
ot Pam and Vftaknai in t\t Slhtsiyt ißack, Pain in Itu
Sidi,in AJUxitlif Altaians, amj in Vttckntu tt Ofmf
non gf (hr Pwfanonary Or grins fa tvpinal Complaints
their effect* art of the motldecidedcharacterjind they
have oflcit been used with complete recces*. They arr
also of the greatest advantage m Pains and Weakness
rof the Breast, and are highly recommended for many of
those complaint* to which females are especially liable
As an effectual means for strengthening the system
when ilebilil tied with disease, or other enures; as a cer
tain aid in Constitutional Weakness, as a Preventive
for Colds, and ail in affections of tho Chest, generally
the Galvanic Strengthening Plaster will be foand of
great and permanent advantage. In a few wordstiit
embraces all the virtue* of the best tonic preparation,
with the important addition of the galvanic influence]
which i* neither impaired nor exhausted, while the an
lion conunuea. There articles will be found entirety
free from those objections which are a eoasttnt source
of complaint with the ordinary plasters iflcdtßßßoaie.
tD”The jrfil celebrity and secess of these article's
, ha* caused [hem lo be counterteiied by unprincipled
person*. To provide against imposition, DrCntOTii
n«* but one authorized agent in each city of the Union.
The ctnly ogrM in Pittsburgh, W. W. WILSON
OC the highest and most respectaJrie character, are con*
•tandy rrceited, rcrurding the extraordinary value
and success of the above article*: It ii believed that
in the city of New York alone, onwards of ElOfiT
THOUSAND PERSONS, during a period of les* than
a year, have been entirely relieved of the mosrphiafal
chronic disorder*, some of which have completely baf
fled all former efforts of medical art. Indeed many of
the first physicians of this city, who disapprove of the
Galvanic and Magnetic Machine*, constantly recom
tnend this applicalioa in their practice, and with the ex
ception of those who are too prejudiced to give it a tri
al, the Invention has received unanimous favor with
the most intelligent among the American'Faculty. Dr
Christie i* at all times ready and most happy to give
evety faejlity'to physicians, and all interested, ttt test
ing the truth of his assertions and the efficacy of his
in Pittsburgh.comer 4th and Market si
K a few doom below
gla* B market.
Having been regularly ed-
M|Bg3flHnBS&gm ucated to the medieal pto-
BBHHHoHr ferston, and been for some
lime in general practice,
now coniines bis attention
to the treatment of those
\V and delicate com)
v&W Ty Vtlplaints for wbieb his oppor
WCV . lunincs and experience
peculiarly qualify him.—
Eleven yearr assiduous r devoted to* the study ond
treatment of those corapl > cts, (during which time lie*
has had more practice and t as cured more patients than
can evi-r fall to the lot of a y private practitioner) am
ply qualifies hint to offer as ur*nce*of speedy, perma
nent.and satisfactory cure 'nali-ulHieiw with
diseases, and all diseases Arising therefrom
Dr. Drown wnuld inform those afllicted with pritau
diseases winch have become chronic by liraeor aggrsva
ted by the use of any of the common nostrums of the
day, that their complaints can be radically and thor
oughly cured, he having given his careful attention to
the trr.atment'of such cases, and succeeded in bum!reds
of instances in curing persons of inflamation of be neck
of the bladder, and kindled diseases which often resoll
ront those cases where olhets have contigued them to
hopeless despair. Ho pailirularly invites each a* have
boon long and unsuccessfully treated by other* to run.
suit him, when every satisfaction will be given iht-iu and
their cases treated in a careful, thorough and intelligent
manner, pointed out by lougcxperience, study and in
vestigation, which it is impossible for those engaged to
general practice of medicine to give any one class o
|[T Hernia or Rupture—Dt. Drown also invites
persons alDicted with Hernia lo call, as he has paid
particular attention this disease
-Bkm Diseases; alto Fites, Palsy, etc- speedily cured
N. ll.—Patients of cither sex living at a distance
by stating their disease in writing, giving all thesympj
toms, cau obtain medieines with direction* lor use, by
addressing T. DROWN, M. D. post pa l and
•mg a fee.
Office No. AS Diamond alley, opposite*the Wavenv
irr curs, n naV del»
LIVKR COMPLAINT— Another cure perfoniT
ed by using the original; only true and genuine
Liver Fill.
ADKaossit, Brown county, Ohloc >
* March 2t>, IM7. \
Mi. R E Sellerer In April last ray wife wn aitaeki d
with Liver Complaint, and had the advice of two ph>-
ticiuns who tried various remedies with producing any
good effect Having heard of your celebrated Liver
Puls, I concluded to give them a fair trial. 1 purchased
or,e box of Mr. ecotL Aberdeen, nod give them accord
ing to the direction*, by which she was greatly relieved.
I procured a second box, which entirely earedber, and
she now enjoys excellent health. I have used them
myself, and pronounce them the best family medicine I
t,ve ctct Iried- BEABI.Y
Fills stand unequalled by any medieins
known for the core of Liver Cbmplaiot.
Prepared and told by R £ SELLERS
«p 6 No 67 wood strwt
For the removal and (crmabeol euro .of alidiseases
arising ftom to impure itaje of the blood
'• ’orfcaluia?jiesruem vixs -1 - ;
SerefulA, Rksvavauw, Obstinate Cvtanma
or turtults on U# BioUkes.
FHrj cioettic an s*w, Ring Worm ,or Tour, Scald
Head, Enlargement and pain tf lXe Bona andJmnO, i
Suiter* Uletn, Syphilitic Symptom, Scusltea of Lum- 1
bago, and Discises arisingftpatan injudicious use ef
Mercury, Ascites or Dropsy, Bxpaure or Imprudence i* •
I Life. Alta, Chronic Constitutsobal Disorders. .
T» timely admioinration Ukabicn artended w. Jihe I
happiest result* m rantiy 'adothaloi/e affections; bu y
it i*ch«efiy intended » fill ibavoidiwhich exists between
cathartic and aperient medicines; bcnce. iut modus ep~
randi is that of an alterative ijinicily—indirectly, pro
ving a lasting innic to the svsicmf , •
It is highly eouLcutratcd lor convenience aao.porta
briity, containing nothing hut thd expressed essence,
and is the rep.e*eut»tive •! (he baroqparilla' Ront.jin
the *aoic manner as is nf I‘cnivian Bark,ur
Morplnna'uf Op : ura. It itss nubluhrd faet, tb«t a
few grams of either Udimne or Morphine contain* all :
the medicinal value of a large quamity of the crude
substance*; hrucc the *ui>erioriiy of those preparations
—and no invalid yvouid desire io drink a gallon mixture
whan a halfipiut coutaiiuul the same incdicmal value.
The Sarsaparilla can !*c diluted when taken ■greeabte
to tbe directions, and made to suit (he taste ot the pa
tient. 4 ' ' :
The following certificate addtessed to the Agents at'
Chicago, furnishes conclusive proof of its great value
m case* of KcvcrSorts.
- CmcA6o,;lll.SrpL la, ISKL .
Mcs»rs. ; Stel*liins A Reed—Gent*?; Iu May, 1645; > ob
tained at yooi store a bottle of Sand's SarsaparUta.aml ;
wasthcu confined to ray bed. without sleep for a week.-,
occasioned by violent pain-from a rcgulir ftver sore of
kiug standing, on my-ngbilcg. My physicians advised
mu to have the limb amputated, saying it was the only
Wan* likely to preserve my life. After using half the
{joule the r ain began to subside, and by tho tune l bad
tj*cdncarfy three bottles, 1 was able to transact my reg
ular business, nud before 1 had finished tbe foarth hot
tic lwasuswellaiulsoumTaseverl hndbeen. i.tmve
nohesiiulioa in saying that Sand’s Sarsaparilla was lhft :
means, under Providence, et saving my limb and B
doubt nollmylifo. 1 most cheerfully recommend it ar
tho bc*t anicle extant for the punfiestion ol' tba blood
Yours, most respectfully. : ■
< i * James miller
The following certificate it only anothef liuk in the
great chain of testimony to its merits:
ShCTii BoLtoit. Canada East, April IS, IHB
- Sands—Genliemcu: Exposed as we axe to
tlie attacka of disease, and so frequently disappointed
m proposed remedies, w« cannot bat look on the effort*
of succcfstul practitioner* with interest ard gratitude
This i* true respecting jour valuable preparation of
Sarsaparilla. I have been severely afflicted lorSl years
with a dikease about which “doctors disagree, ll and
:jheirprewription« were still more diverge. I tried va
riou* remedies but foiind noTebef until I commenced
using youy excellent medicine, at which time 1 was
wholly confined to my bed After using it a.lew months
I am now ob!c to walk about ride out, and enjoy a com
fortable degree of health, which I attribute entirely to
i) e use of] Sami’* Saisaparilia. Please accept my as
surance of gratitude and rrgard.
Being personally acq iaipled with the above state
ment, I hereby ceriifv thut.iha same fs troe.
Factiixr Testimost.—The‘ following it an extract
from.a letter received from Rev. William (jahiiha:
WS UuKsnixx, Vt.,Oei ‘JJ, IS4A
Messrs, t'and*: I- have becii alll cled with a severe
I, am in uiy side, occasioned by a diseased liver, for the
si-twenty years’ suffering at imics what language
cannot convey, hut since taking your Sarsaparilla, I
have been greailr relieved, so-tftjicu so that I bavebeen
able to attend to tny business, and preach occasionally I
• forUielastfiiteeuiaomb*. 1 wholly discarded all Other;
medicine, and thoroughly tried lbe S?anapariUa, which
lean recommend in truth and sincerity to all th<i*e who
are in any way afflicted with any speeiesof scrofulous 1
complaints. There have been some remarkable cures;
effected by its use in thi* vicinity. Mrs. I. Shaw,by;
the u*e of vix bottles, was restored to better beallhlhan i
she had before enjoyed for ten.years, and Mrs. W. Sle- :
vena, who hod been severely afflicted with the Erjsip-!
el as, was entirely cured by the use of a few baulei.
Yours truly, W.M. GALUSIIA.
Forfurther particulars and cohelnsive evidence ofits
superior value and efficacy, tee pamphlets, which may
be obtained of Agents gratis. - 1
Prepared and so dby A.B. JtDSands,Druggists, 100
Fulton sl corncrof w Uliain, New York.:
'vSoldalsobyL. WILCOX, Jr.. Pnuborgb; H. Hur-'
- wood. Beaver Wm. Watson. New. N. Rob- j
ison. Brownsville; A. Crcigh, Washington;-and by
Druggists generally throughout th< United States.
Price 81 per bottle—six Mules for *s.'
The public are respectfully requested to remember
that it is Sand’s Shrsaptnlln that it is constantly achiev
ing such remarkable cures of (he most difficult clast of
diseases to which the human frame is subject; there
fore ask for Sand's Sarsaparilla, and take no other.
: raoa -
what hat relieved him in such a short lime from hU dif
ficulty or breathing, Cough and suffocation? He
wifi uU you it was ‘•the Oloaaooian r ar All-
Healing Balsamt” Aik the consumptive
what ha* allayed hi* Cough, removed
I the Tain in buSide and Chrit,
cheeked his night sweat*- and
I placed the ruse of health
| upon hi* cheek?, and
i be will till you
Aik your friends if they kuo w nf anything iKat'witlso spee
dily care a long and tedious Cough, Raising-of Blood, 'Bum
chilis, Dyspectic Consumption, Hoarseness', liffluruauahd
diseases of'the Throat, as the Olasaonian? and thcJ"w3Well
yon—No.' Tlwre never yet has been* remedy introduced to
public notice which has Seen pruductiveof to taueh good in
. to short a space of lime. Read Ihr following ..
Astanlshlng Cures. '
Wai Bu.lD, IhceelebreUd Boston cracker baker, 1)3 N«-
|sau.strret, Brooklyn, slates that his wife has been afflicted!
-with Asthma fora) years, and could not find permanent - re*!
lief from the best medical advice Which New York and-
Brooklyn could produce, was induced to try this great rtme-‘
jsy, hire is oow nrvty well. Hia daughter who was seller-;
, ihr from the same dnease, tried it, and was also eured by it.]
Jlfrs Bond it now to well that she ii able to her;
bed early in tbe morning and attend to her rata! Reties through:
The day without any annoyance from her distressing malaoy. 1
Hemat Jscksoh, I3th strtet, near the CathoUeCcmetn',
pause to the store for the purport of obtaining a bottle of the
Oluaoanian,. having been afflicted -with the Asthma, for more'
than ID years, and was so exhausted on lib arrival that he’
eootd not speak. Tie purchased a bottle and rode home.-—'
Your days afterward he walked from his residence to the o&
fice without fatigue, a distance of over two miles, to tell of
the wonderful relief which he had experienced from using
about one half of one bottle.: . .
Consumption of the Lna|ti
Mr. CoaraxT,SG while stmff*anu so lowtn the mcniS
‘of December but. dial bt wu girtn-up by his physician. Hie
friends entertained no hope of hi* recot cry. He was jiersua
ded to try die Olcuaotiias, and to hi* surprise it has so far
restored him to health that he is Bow able to walk about the
streets. I .
Mr* Arrur, the wile of Wm.H. AllreCflamußsraaa,'
Else], and Ueo. W, Ilays, Esq. can all bear tedimoay from
their own emricacc of tbs healing properties of this Ureal
Remedy in Consumption of the Longs. 1
8 pitting Blood*
Mrs. Tiiocrfouuß, 333 Monroe street, who had beer!
troubled for a great length ot time by a severe cough, and
raised quantities of blood, was related by ooe bolds of the
Oloesonian, end declares it the greatest remedy-in the world!
Damns Kiixt, 9S Water street, was also relieved Iron
the same complaint, although he was very roach vtdueei
when be commenced .taking it,having been under (he care o
his physician during the past winter. Although he eoogbci
constantly and was very much troubled with night eweeds, 1
bottles or the remedy enabled him to return to his dail;
work. He waientireiy relieved.
Davro HaasBRSOX, CE> Lairht street, Oeo W.-Boriteit
formerly of Stn&k, 2V. J., iinry Lisbon, 199 lUvingtoi
street, and nuigrroui other persons nave been speedily an
permanently cured of the same complaint by this remedy.'
j The Array of Names
which cfiuld be produced of persons who have used this gets
rosedylwauld men than fills column. Amar the numbe ■
we are Serai tied to refer to A. M. Biainger, 1© Barclay at .
Mr; Wilson of Hoboken; Mrs. Bell ofMomstowh, a Js.
James B) Deroe, 101 Reads *LJ Mrs. M*Caffire,so Attornc
it.; F. Smith,B2Third Avenuc.Mrs. Wo.H. Attreeofth >
city,and;Mrs. Archibald,3s While it
Bold wholesale and retail by Wn. Jackson, at' his Fata I
Medicine Warehouse and Boot tad Shoe Btore,KoB9Libm
street, head of Wood street, FiUsbngh. Pnee^Lyerbc
uloL, 7
ler jb<
Par Coughs, Colds, Ailhma, aniCcnsumptiotr
Ooofbt, Ajthmn, and CONSUMPTION, is the HUNL
OARIAN BALSAM OK LIFE, discovsmd by lbs cAd
kratad Dr. Undue, of London. England, and Introduced
fego lb* United Stale* under Ibc Immediate superintend
im of ou Inventor. •" i , ; !
The extraordinary snctesi of this medijdne, In Urn
car* of Pulmonary diseased, warrant* the American
Agent ta soliciting for treatment tha WORST POS
SIBLE CASES that can be fraud til tiie community-*- v
nia But aeek relief in vaiq from any of tbo common
reseed lee of the day. aud have been given up by ttm
meet distinguished Phralelank ai CONFIRMED AND
DtCURAIILKv The Hungarian Balaam hae cored, art)
vfil cun. the MOST DESPERATE OP OASES. Ufa
■0 qaaek noetrum, but n standard English pwdlelne, qf
known and cmblUbetl efficacy. . " ;
Every frmUy In the United Stales should be aappßftl
With Ateban’e Hungarian llulnam of Lift, hot only to
materaet the consumptive tendencies of Bur cltnialfc
•at to be ueed eea preventive! medicine In all caaea.qr
OoUi, Oougha, Spitting of Wood, Palo in the Side add
Cheat. Irrrtalhm and Soreness of tire Lungs, Drvnchltik
DUficuliy of Breathing. Hectic Fever, Night SwjatJ,
Emactatlon and General Debility, Asthma,- USuenza. •
Ilooptav Cough, and Croup.
«> Sold lnlarje bottles, al#l per bottle, with foil direc
tions for the restoration of Health. 'I
Pamphlets, containing a mase of English and Ameli
as certificates, and other evidence, •bowing Uu ua
ittaHed merits of this Croat English Remedy, nay If
fealnod of the Agents, gratuiUnuTy. j
DAVID F. BRADLEE, aole Agent for the Uolldd
States, 119 Court street, Boston. . 1 1
T. W. DYOTT ft SONS, General Wholesale AftoA
No. I>l North Second meet, ••• • ,
For eule by R A FAIINWrOCK ftiCb. cornerW
wood ami front streets ■ ““ m jrt
LADIES Who Uk Common Prepared-ChalkT”arc
often not aware bow frightfully irynnous it >s *lo
the ekin' how coarse, how.rough, Low sallo a. , cilow,
amlunbcaUby.lhe skin appears after osittc nrenarfcd
chalk. UconJch, it it lujuriout, coiuaiuingaleige «mao
tlty or lead, we have prepared .a btaniiiul vegetable
■fbcle, whtch we call JpNEStt SPANISH LILY
WHITE it is perfectly iunoeens, being purified of all
aolctcnousqualnies; and it imparts lo (lie skis a natu
ral, Uealiby, ulabaMer, clear, living white, at the same
tune Bellas as a cosmetic on the >kin, making it soft
and smooth. !
.Dr. Jatnca Anaemm. Praotical Ch«ni*i 6f Maasa
chuictU. mvb: “Aticr aualytiilft Jo<ie*'*iirnU!»b Lilly
White, I find it poiieftf* the m<>*i beautiful and natu
ral,, at the ramc time innocent white I ever *aw.; 1
certainly can conic lenhouMy recommend it* v*c foal!
wboae drift requirca beautifying-” ■ '
flj*Pricc 23 ccuh a box
l&*Sofd by WM. JACKSON, at hia Coot and Shoe
Store, P 9 Liberty »uccf, head Of Wood, at theiign-'of
the Big Boot •' ft s
REMEDY—Warranted to core, or the mao.
ey returned. This medicine urprepared from aa In
dian Receipt, obtained from one ut them in the Fax
'V*at, at great ispe’Dae. .Thtwe wheMate been
familiar with the Indiana, knowthat tfaejcu wd
EreaS? lWti ' ,Mt * , “' i l T!r'*'“ 0 ,m ' n °" lhe
RO 'VAND t WALTON, nd aold
•bolMale »nd>etiil,b, J. I'. Rowand, 576 Ma,k.l
•tfeel, rhdad’a. .
aale in Pittabargfa by R E Seller*, A 7 wood
•traet, ut4 by Wm.TßontjbS Market at. oefidfT
medical.; Y v:‘ f
DR. £H£liaf ASPS' • ' ' ~tT iS
v. PLASTKHj „ .;•
DIL SHERMAN Usdisfoemd J way to make sedicia
pleasant, so that children will uhc it readilv urJ ers t' r
ofTooth Kesto oa the back lof each fm,.
cacti Bill of Directtoas. j . 1 * 3U \
These we the safest, swat sure aad efliii «i rem
for eoughs, «hD, e«manoUa», whooaag couch,. ££
ma, tightness of foe lungs or ltr ?
has ntyer known an instance where the* cm »*,
MtisflcUca. Several thousand twits tute been Lid w.tbl!
the last year, rwtonoz to .health persona is almost every uan -
of couaumptiun,and thoac laboring under the most dutreamc ‘ I
odds and coughs. They do not cneck and dry un theerna? ! '■
hut reader U easy, promote expectoration, allay the UckJidr or * j
imtaton, and, remove the pruaimate or escitiac cause
They are made from a combination of a-mmt valtmWeeinie'
torMt, or ewigh medicines, and are uadoobtadle lunerm-to
cvervthingww*eforthoswcomphmta. Huadrei.*«*, bun
• dreds ©feertiOcatea hast been ottered of ibeir wonderful vir
tnea, from Uioaewho have been taveA from an ualimclvrrare
and restored tt» perfect health by using tlicm. •* ‘
Where themamueh pain in the brtastor tide, one ofSher
man’s Poor Alto’s Hasten (pnee only lSl'eents,) should be
applied over ill* part, and worn till rtlineJ. If attended
with coatirepessj-n few caihartie or laxative lounres. or an\
mild catharticmeaikiae, used as occasion j squires ___
These warm louimes have, beeti proved in awe than J,too
000 cases to be infaulMe; the onfy certain worm dtsUojuu
med wine ever discovered. Many diseases arises footworn? -
and ixcasion long and iaUuseatUTcring/and even death,with
out their <ter'Being suspected; grown persons are v*ry-ctlp«
afflicted with them, and arc doctored for various couniamu |
.without Biy benefit; wheu cne doM of these Lacences would
speedily chre them. I '
/Seßiftdinref IFerow,—Pains’!in the Joints or limbs, oOba
si ye breath, picking at the oter, grinding of the teeth duKa*
sken,andsUimrtapalcncssabout-thelips,with'Hushed checks,
bidding at the nose, a gnawing sensation at the stomach, flash*
<s of heat over.lhe.surCkce oltbc body, sbghlchilL or shiv
ennga, headache, drawiinew, vertigo,' torrur: T'diiturUiP ■
dreams, snddea starting in sleep, with fright ami screaming;
wu S h > foverishueas, (hint, pallid ‘ ;
hue, fils, bad uata m the mouth, difficult bTeaiW.rifo « • ! j
the stomach or bowdi, fittirue, nausea, socamisltncse vora l :
.hootmgpaiosnimsousparuofihebody, aWsiifsois- tV
llg H°g ofU>eMu * toward*ulght,a ;! j -
i shekmaN’s camphor lozenges, 1 •
They give imaeduu relief innemms or sick he^lacTte.
palpttotiua of the heart, lowness of the ..pints, drsjsmdr JJ
si.zLasßSua.UH7 or putrid sore thrust, bowel or .umV«r c2Z
phuntylainbflg, oppreawm or a adneof sinking of the ehnl,
chobc, spasm*,: crump uf the Wanack or boweU, Uslericsl
affixlww, and all nermui diseases, drowdoet, U,,
day, and wakefuktem through the nigMj eholera;«? rfiol
erumorbus, dwrhma, Lusitudeur asetucoflMitur Per* •
soos truveUing ©P-aUending Urge {arties, will &.d il.e Urnn-'
gesreally revivingiand imi«rtmg the buoyancy of roua.vuied
alter duiinaUou, they will restore tl.a tone of the system rail
,r *Uj,and rcmotelaJl.lhe uopJcamal symptom* arising tnnu '
•too tire bring, j Piiaons wholuie been 100 high biers, and
khasdoned their dissipated habits,‘wilt find these Uaenrestsl
mirable composen'of the nervcsi . '
The best streogl Aning pUsler in Hie world, and a sorrrrirn
remedy for pains, hr wrAness in the back, loins, ,ij fk neck,
hinba, joint*, rheubatism, Ac. Ac. One million a
year will notsupjdy tbedtniand. They rnuini l.tile Warw
'V* franlt >l ‘Ui-erfor to all others, aud .
for ooe quarter frtce, making nol u,l, the best but
the cheapest phslrr lu U, e worU . / Hkf ;
hoots, and makes cure*.
In liver compHinl and it should be worn over
“? , W*. cr,h fA« , '®» , »'‘toaeh,*nd it will affurd treat and
aslonnbiug ld eougH.s, asthma, diSeultv of
breathing, oppression of il* chest or slomwb, thrySrilf*»‘
tnedatrly sooth ind greatly benefit the patient, /irasue'r
mdentory habiujer iW obliged U. .land much, wiU rrcriie
deculcd supporf from « e oftnemtiuly slrtngU.enmg rb.-
‘ , ‘‘J**cuij|gtncraflyrecoo.tnrud them, iitwr&rLice to
a'l ethers, becami they stick or adhere betur.and aFord rteai-
UwT.up.rttmn. lh*y are atiwulcat, tuoic|aiHl
anodyne. Thtyare composed of entirely difflerent iurredi
enu Irtsm toy other, mid known from ths-eajwrkuce of mil
tionv who hare thed them, as sreU as the united UaifanoJ* «f
all thccelefarat<4 «nd distinguished clergy and
tw the most uscfjd and htgliTy medicated piaster." - *
Several peraoc. hare called at th* warehohs© to mms
Dirretions foMje art'bn Urn back of each plaster, with a
facsimile ofDrJSberaan nnw. It is iuporUutvoushould
t^ ap ,^-^. BhcniU1 ‘ , *v Pt "' r A,tn ’» a.!d me that
?•«"» ““J wortbfeaa imiUtkns '
halted about and aotd for the trhc tUierman's Pfastcr* bv
an principled dealers. ’. l
BIO^ boot! ” ’ L,V "IW";. *r^nor u,.
Dr. CD LLEN’ S 'iSßlYi’f'C E'A lilTlfFA SACEJI ’
PERSONS afflicted with Scrofula, King** Enl‘
Lancer, Erysipelai, Old Sore*, Ulcer*; Tetter’
Mercurial Diaea*e*, or any other complaint* arising
from imparities of-lhc Wood, are rwqncstcd to retd
the lollowiDg testimonials,'in proo! of .the wonder,
fal properties ol the above named medicine ’
Wk-tbe nadereigned, having visited ,M/. Isaac
Brooks. Jr. at thb office of Mcsars. Kowand and
Walton, .576 Market street, Philadelphia, consider
his case the tnrst remarkable one wo nave ever wit
nessed or beat a of.
His disease was SCROFULA, and terrible must
have -treen h; i twelve years’ conflict with the de
•slrpycr! .
HisPaJate.l; c entire roof of hirmouth, Nose, Up
. per Ltp, and lower Ltd oUhe Right Eye have been
, dettroved, hi* f ar.c nearly eaten up, and part oflbe
Jaw Bone carried away. And ; yelwc canciveno
description of his cate,
- Mr. B. inlurms us that in January last, the whole
interior of hi* m.oulh, as well as mort of Ms faco
was a mass of deejf and painful ulcers'
w°Vnf‘ti.MrvSff.'O' ,ait * he commenced taking
r^* CU u L u l \ h ‘NIIfAN VEGETABLE FANa!
LEA, which checked the disease ino lewdayi. anil
rom that time the cure has progressed wiUiout irl
termisaion. 1
New flesh has supplied the place of the tlecpTeU
cera,and though badly disligured, bUlace iiMondT
And hts general health is restored. '* 7 -
We are asaur« in tio- treatment or Mr.
Brooks cascj no MercuriaJs.Oiutmcnts, or Caustic
.appltcauons fiawbeen used,-in fact, the J’ANA
n * « • a iA J *K rroß 6 ,u ‘ hi * wonderful
Dana bmtth.'Bocksxounty, Fa.
Charles L. Rewind, Meadvillc, Crawford CoFa..
J W Jones, M D booth Second street, Fhita
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, N J.
E VV Carr,-IION Fourth, above Poplar it N L ■
S M’l-ulloogh, Lancaster, Fa. ■ ■ - *; ..*•
R M Maddock, S 8 North ElcvcnUi *t Phila/-’--
C W Appleton, M D 46 South st. do
Timothy CaJdwelJ, Marion csj. Missouri ■ •«
Dan,clt' c ikcl, Uhc.nut Hill, Philadelphia co. |-'a. -
JohA Harned,s9oHighstreet,Flula. - -
WUliam Steeling. Af D, Camden. N. J. ‘
William Hale, 578 High street, Fbiia. c
J H ol AUneral 'J’celh. 1W S.
Ninth street, Fhiia. , _
L A Wollenweber, Ed. Phila. Democrat 277- N \i
street, , do • .
George W Menu, Brush Market SL
Eira Carr, io9 Chcsnut street, Rbila.
A Pastor oi Elevcnlli Church,
John Bell, Enc Street, Philadelphia, !North AnmrS
can office.') • :i ~ ■
Aaron Sands, IMCatirarineStreet, Phila]: •
DanielMcGmley, Kesslers AUcv, <lo i ;
Andrew Sweaton, Camden, NJ" . • '•
R H Evans, West Phila. ~ ■ .
Itichard K. Young, Gdderr«»: Market k Phila
/nu",,'y Aflhmead.eO street, - do
Wagner,Lithographer, I IC C’hesuul street, do
tnrKensil, 123 Eleventh strtoet,'-- ;
Peter Skcn Smith. Editor Native Eagle, -- do
Joe] Bodine, Glass manufacturer, Williamstown
WjiHaWstecly, Farmington, Van Boren co. lows'
L B Coles, M D, Boston,Maas. ’
Ru»elCanfield, Phisiologist, Philadelphia.
Thomas F S Roby. A| IJ, llarritburgh; Fa.
Peter Wnght; SW Mdrket street, Phiia.
James Wrvewlin, 103 Ftlbcrlst. do
John Good; 111 Spruce st. • do
•William Une,PastorSt,PauPßM.E.Ch.Calharir.e
St. Phila. .. ,
Joim Chambers, Pastor Ist Indep. Church, Broad
st, do
T L Sanders, Publisher of Pledge and Standard/
Pb'ila. ■••':•. •
F-P Sellers. Editor Olive B rneh. Dovlestown;
Buck* co, Pa. ,• ,
Wholesale and Retail by Uowand V gallon, Pro.
nrietots, 576 Market St. Philadelphia- H K Sellers
57 Wood «L PitUburgh, Pa.j Win. Th > ",52'iMarI
ketst. do.j.E B Perkins,'Marietta’ Ohio: .catbo fit
Sharp, Maysvjlle, K John W Danrnhouer. CTn.,
Ohioj Sidell fit Reeves,Madison lajG Noble, lamis
ville, K Y:Deveroock fit Pelkh»*,-St«'-LtHiiV,-Alo.‘
PH MeGraw, Natehcs, Mi*i: A John
ston Vicksburgh,doj Charles Jenkins', New Orlean
I • ' • il-.'r ' ncs
THE object of this establishment u to supply a' wun
*ro«Jy felt by* rtspeetabletrnveacTsoQ vur western
Bijjjwajr*—Ujr residents, without family, sjck—
.and by patient* from the surrounding town* and ciWout
who place for relie f from surgical and Other
-mwa*e*. Sctjh have often suffered froth tbe want of the
various comforts an-f attentions *o necessary ami agree
able to the sick, and front careless and nnfaiiluoi n arses:
and been subjected to heavy ami unreasonable
Invalids wililhere be provided with c-'n#Mrf,|*.iiilul
, and.eomfortablo attendance, and at a ru e much below
, the uitpal charges, ... . , . . .
. While the care ofboth physicians will be caiendeU
every, variety oftdisease, it is intended by Dri Sp> el
givespcctsl attention to all
raancvLAUi to ,
To these branches of his profession he has givm a
lame share of his attention for the last twenty-five years,
and he will continue to devoie to them che experience ■
acquired by a constant practice dorinff that nme.
1 he'.Hotcl for Invatidsis notan experiment. Its estabj
Itshment is suggested not only as necessary to supply an
evident want in this city, in die entire abrcncc of any
special provision for UieTck, but is warranted also by —
the success of similar institutions at Cincinnati and New
Orleans—the former under of Dr*. Taliaferro
Marshnll and Strader—the latter under that of Dr. tjtone
The building selected forthe purpose is pleasantly si>
uatedon the north bank of the Allegheny river, ncurth -
Aqueduct, it is commodious androoory; and foraishol
with nil ncxcmmnriaiions necessary .forthe sick. - -
Application* for admission to be made'toihe subscr
bets, at their ofice On Penn street, Pittsburgh, or a* ih
establishment.' —•
JET No contagious discares will Le admitted.*
J. K- Sl’tlElL M. t>.
•h. kuhnVdw.,
HOdbrneanuea*can equal ycur»? Look aI yoßr
st* hw^i * hl ,BnD y free! took
•* >«*«rown,pUtedwith' eroptioiu and bfoiche,’ Yd
to . !f v * dft T c ' n " tor * enkeof ibe
fl/tw.™ rt C & era ica l. £oa p, w "‘ ch »oolit eniireW tier.
£?,*£2“ *!»«*» ookeyoor yellow;,kin clear:end
w J*ck«in', Huh*, eU Lil*rijr »U
PiWhßrtli,and|r«jac»ke. . • v
.wipnimm ¥s*• Mth« InPiiubaigl.where.
gf u obtained. Beware of footer.
Ig^OßaEaVEthe Bin 800 l sunda in the to&Way.
-VfORGAH* «Ol)OHm'OTC“u’rt,H.Mft’
aniftnade known 10 ib« public.” This
wm the old man who tried iltc Synip.
.. . .‘ V riniicuu, February 1, IMJ'
. «r. BJorganj-TJua-may eeniiy ihaj being afiileied
• Vila » u®gtdc«>aje<ofiftb tome time, I 'beugGi a Soitlc
I orMorgun'tCoojrhSyrup, and am happy-to
u»mg it, my cough.u entirely =U red. J pronoeaee-ynur
Conghtfynip the befl medicine 1-liave.reermed. .N«
family thould be wiihoauhtavalqable medicine? '
„^-_ t David McKUßkrt*. A!Wgbr»yiC>‘7
{D-Thi* medicine U prepared wholesale nnd'tew)!
anho DnyrSwreof JOHN D AIORf»AS
T “Heel, one door below Diamond Alley
•*c?S cema per bottle. ■• .- - > -(cM -
Frit eV
VI lg Greate spot*, Stains, or Mark* ft®« : Cloihe*.
woolen*, Carpet*, tad ROdedas U»« spot*
wper; n it applied elear, btietu, riev, and spot!***.
■ Sol I With fall direction*. Price *5 cents a cake.
ITTpold by WM. JACKSON, WW>«nj ttrm,*ead
oOV aod, athiaßoot and Kmc store, *Jja. :: oftke^Big
T' *